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1. The Simon Weisenthal Centre (Jewish) has published a list of people who are classified as anti-Semitic in 2010. 2. This classification is based on the “slurs” uttered by these people against the Jews or Israel in that year. 3. I am listed among the top 10. I suppose what I had said in 2010 […]


1. There was a time when I thought that peace had come to the world. The Cold War had ended with the forces of the righteous triumphant. 2. But alas, for the small countries of the world, there is now more fear. The great democracies of the world, headed by the United States have decided […]


1. It is reported that Malaysia produces 94,000 tons of rubbish per day or 34,310,000 tons per year. 2. I suppose a substantial portion of this must be produced by Greater Kuala Lumpur (population of about 5.5 million). 3. Population wise Greater KL has about 20 per cent of Malaysia’s population. Therefore Greater KL’s production […]


1. Flight International reports that India may upgrade the Sukhoi-30MKI. 2. The MiG-21 would be retired but the MiG-29 would be upgraded. 3. Malaysia has been working with India on the modification to the Russian-built aircraft. Maybe we should find out what the upgrading of the Sukhoi Su-30 and the MiG-29 is all about. 4. […]


**Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1432** 1. By the time I visited MAHA Show at Serdang Saturday morning, 1.8 million people had been ahead of me. The papers reported today that altogether 2.7 million people visited the show this year. 2. This year’s show is clearly bigger and better. The Ministry of Agriculture and its agencies […]


1. There have been many comments on my blog on Housing. 2. As usual some are for and some against. 3. I don’t have to reply because the comments cancel each other. 4. Nevertheless I think an audit of the occupancy of the buildings completed in the last three years would be useful to validate […]


1. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a great construction boom in Tokyo. Land was sold at USD 3,000 per sq foot. Everyone was rushing to buy expensive land because the market for apartments and office space seem to be forever. 2. Then suddenly the market dried up. The boom became bust. Since […]


1. The Malaysian Ringgit has appreciated after control was removed. It is now stronger against the US Dollar by approximately 20 per cent. 2. What does this mean to the people? It should result in imports becoming cheaper if not by 20 per cent at least by some percentage below that. 3. But I don’t […]


1. We know that we must all leave this life one day. But knowing the inevitabilty of death cannot stop us from grieving over the passage of a great man, no matter how long he may have lived. 2. As a nationalist, as a friend, as a compatriot, I feel saddened by the passage from […]


MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY The Nation newspaper reported on October 18th that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Markel, said “Multikulti (Multicultural) in Germany has not worked” (read here). Her remarks were prompted by the unwillingness of Germany’s non-German population of 16 million, including Turks and Jews to “integrate” with the natives of Germany i.e. the ethnic Germans. […]


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