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This article appeared in the New Straits Times, Oct 1, 2013


1. Attempts to declare Chin Peng a patriot, nationalist and freedom fighter reflect how far derailed some Malaysians are from what the Communist Party of Malaya represented and what was its real objective.

2. Firstly, it must be pointed out that the CPM continued with their insurgency long after Malaya and then Malaysia had gained independence in 1957.

3. In their fight against the Government of independent Malaysia, the CPM killed civilians and security personnel by the thousands without considering their role as defenders of independence or their innocence. Senior police officers were assassinated and police patrols were ambushed and gunned down.

4. Nationals of an independent country do not kill fellow nationals who were only doing their duty to provide security for the citizens who wanted just to earn a living, who wanted to live a normal life. Yet the CPM ignored the independence of the nation, the democratic rights of the people in its single-minded desire to create a Communist dictatorship in Malaysia. The CPM were prepared to use extreme violence so as to install its leader Chin Peng, as the authoritarian ruler of the country.

5. To make it more horrendous, much of the atrocities and mutilations committed by Chin Peng and the CPM are not only on soldiers but many civilians were their victims.

6. Government records show that the CPM in a classic move infiltrated the trade unions and political parties so as to destabilise the nation and bring down its elected Government.

7. In the 1969 General Elections, the CPM defied the Government by holding a funeral procession to arouse hatred against the Alliance party. This contributed to the inter-racial tension and the subsequent riots.

8. Until the Haadyai agreement of 1990 the CPM guerrillas planted booby traps which caused many policemen and soldiers to lose their legs, arms and eyesight. Many were killed.

9. The agreement was to stop to the mindless killings of members of the security forces even though there was no possibility for the CPM to seize power in Malaysia. The agreement provided for the laying down of arms by the CPM insurgents. Many of the insurgents chose to live in Thailand. A few who wanted to visit relatives in Malaysia were allowed to do so. Those who pleaded that they were forced or were mislead into joining the CPM and wished to reside in the country were allowed to do so. The agreement was a practical solution to the problems faced by the nation and it was a solution also for the CPM which had lost all support in Malaysia following the Government campaign to win the hearts and minds of the people.

10. The CPM would not have entered into the agreement if it still had substantial support of Malaysians. It must be admitted that certain extremist groups in the country still harbour the hope of a CPM-ruled Malaysia. Besides, after the visit of Tun Razak to China in 1974, the Chinese Government stopped supporting the CPM. It stopped radio broadcasts in support of the CPM that year. The nation celebrated this stoppage of China’s support for the CPM by giving the BN party a big majority in the 1974 elections.

11. All these point towards the fact that from the very start the war waged by Chin Peng and the CPM was with the objective of turning Malaya into a dictatorship with the CPM leader as the dictator. There was no intention to give the people the right to choose their Government. The CPM wanted to change British Colonial rule with a Communist dictatorship, not an independent nation.

12. It is important to remember that Chin Peng never made any effort to register as a Malaysian citizen. He has therefore forfeited all rights as a Malaysian citizen. But it is entirely possible for his leftist supporters to try and rally around his burial place as a symbol for the resurgence of the MCP in Malaysia. Already race relations in Malaysia has deteriorated. With Chin Peng as a symbol it is most likely that race relations might explode in violence.

13. The Government is right in not allowing the burial of Chin Peng in Malaysia or bringing his ashes back.

176 thoughts on “Chin Peng

  1. grkumar Oct 17,2013 11:16 AM

    Dear Waja Perak

    There is much about Malaysia and its post colonial history that many people in Malaysia are unaware of because they chose to be unaware and ignorant of it. I am happy to share as much as I can from whatever it is I have learned through research of Malaysia and its history.

    It is sad when people insult and abuse when confronted by information they simply do not wish to explore, research themselves or accept inspite of the overwhelming evidence before it.

    Chin Peng was not the only ingrate and disloyal person in that period who wanted something for his own community at the expense of the majority the Malays.

    Ramani Malaysia’s ambassador to the UN and a well known lawyer during his time between the 1950’s and 1960’s had in fact harboured a very strong desire to be foreign minister of India. Not Malaya as it was then. He simply like many of my parents generation (thank god my parents taught us to be loyal and to adopt Malaysia as our home) used Malaya or Malaysia as a stepping stone to further his loyalty to a country his forefathers had arrived from or were thrown out from.

    Anyway the story of Ramani is for another day, another occasion.
    Lets now celebrate a former leader willing to engage ordinary people like you and me and lets thank the almighty he is willing and able to engage and confront us all inspite of his age.

    First hand history has no alternative or better source. Lets make the best of his writings and be free to criticise or comment on it in a civilized way.

  2. hafizkenedelete Oct 14,2013 8:50 PM

    Salam Tun..
    Izinkan saya menulis sepatah dua kata…

    Saudara Musato, bolehkah saya mencelah??
    Kalau tak boleh pun saya cuba nak mencelah jugak.

    Saya memang kurang arif mengenai tasawuf atau ilmu2 tinggi dalam agama ni, tapi yang saya tahu takda orang yang mengamalkan Ilmunya atau orang2 tasawuf yang saya kenal main ikut naluri je… Dan kalau saudara tak pernah berguru macamana pulak saudara boleh kata saudara ni belajar Ilmu tasawuf???

    Agak pelik dan tak pernah pulak saya dengar cara mengaji yang sebegitu, dan yang paling pelik saudara belajar semua tu hanya berdasarkan satu Surah je, iaitu surah Al-Alaq.Sedangkan Ilmu yang Allah turunkan complete dalam semua surah dalam Al-Quran.

    Dan lagi pelik sepatutnya orang tasawuf menumpukan diri untuk membesarkan Allah, membesarkan penciptanya bukan membesarkan guru2 tarikat Tokku Paloh yang saudara asyik2 ulang dalam comment2 saudara .

    Dan yang paling pening ialah entah apa2 yang ditulis saudara dan saya bimbang boleh menyesatkan aqidah orang yang membaca penerangan saudara, saya nasihatkan saudara Musato bergurulah dengan Guru yang sebenar, dan janganlah taksub dengan hanya seorang guru, Ilmu Allah sangat Luas, tak perlu tunggu tok guru Tokku Paloh habis smayang tarawih, t nunggu habis taraweh, saudara pun sesat ntah kemana.

    Ingat pesan saya ni, Dalam mencari Ilmu Allah kita sebagai Makhluk ni tak ada daya atau naluri, gerak dan daya adalah milik Allah yang mutlak, apa yang terjadi hanyalah dengan izin Allah.

    Terima Kasih Tun.
    Dari hambaAllahyangmemelihara

  3. HBT456 Oct 14,2013 8:29 PM

    Oh, I remember tun dr mm said he does not want to see melayu becomes pengemis in tanah melayu, but many melayu ambil br1m, duit kafir, from dpm jugak. Dont you agree, pashit? All systems fail, umno will fail one day.

  4. Rahman 2012 Oct 14,2013 6:11 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    DAPShit a.k.a PAShit is the one who cannot accept the hard truth and is biting his own tail. I hope he realises now that his racism mind-set is out-dated and won’t be able to stand the trial of time.

    I don’t want to hentam DAPShit a.k.a PAShit a.k.a PERKAShit as a person, but when he posts racist comments that have the potential of creating racial tension and disharmony in our beloved Malaysia, he’ll get it from me and / or other protectors of The Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

    Salam Tun

  5. musato Oct 14,2013 5:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    T.kasih wajaperak.

    Wajaperak mahukan penjelasan lebih lanjut pasal surah al mulk.

    Tapi saya bukan tenaga pengajar. Saya takde guru tasawuf selain dari surah al alaq. Bukan bergurau tapi itulah realitinya.

    Pengetahuan rasmi berkenaan agama pun kurang.Apa yang saya tulis hanyalah pengetahuan tak rasmi.Mengikut naluri.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya atas apa yang saya tulis.

    Baguslah bila orsng awam faham apa yang saya cuba sampaikan.

    Sebab orsng kat US dan Russia juga ada baca tulisan saya walau tak sampsi sepuluh orang.HBT pun baca jugsk.

    Wajaperak minat pada tasawuf, jadi bolehlah saya kongsikan sedikit cerita sambil sambil Tun pun baca.

    Bila saya kata takde guru tasawuf, maka saya pernah jugsk cuba cari seorang bilamana pernah satu ketika saya ketskutan kerana mendapat alamat yang boleh dikatakan seperti melihat wajah makhluk seperti 4D (seperti scan baby).

    Maka saya balik ke kampung untuk berjumpa dengan seorang guru tarekat yang juga keturunan Tok Pulau Manis.Waris tarekat turun temurun.

    Namun, tulisan Syeikh Abdul Kadir yang secara kebetulan saya terbaca menyarankan supaya usahlah mencari guru melainkan kamu bertanggungjawab atas apa yang kamu cari.

    Sebelum itu memang saya sampai ke tempat tujuan tetapi saya batalkan hasrat atas bicara orang kanan belisu yang berkata Tokku mungkin ada kslau kamu berterawih malam ni.

    Dan bukanlsh hasrat saya berterawih untuk bertemu dengsn Tokku.

    Maka saya taklah mencari guru selepas itu. Tetapi jika ada keperluan masa depan saya tahu mana perlu saya tuju.Kepada ahli keluarga jauh saya itu.

    Alamat tadi itu rupanya adslah tanda kepada 100/40 hari dari tarikh kematian ayah saya.

    Saya sempat bercerita pada arwah pasal alamat tersebut tanpa tahu apa maksudnya.

    Begitulah cara saya.Menulis dahulu baru tshu apa pengetshuan yang tersirat.

    Allah Maha Besar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *maaf,tulis guna hp.kekadsng tulisan menjadi ringkas yang amat.

  6. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 14,2013 4:10 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Thank you Puteri Tujuh for exposing the stupid racist for what he is.

    The shameless Chinese impostor Rahman 2012 keeps going in circles trying to bite his own tail. He pretends to be courteous to Tun but we know his true racist nature.


    Time and again we can see how these veiled racists cannot accept the hard truth.
    Time and time again HBT3/4 gives condescending views of Malays and we retaliate back.

    Tit for tat. An eye for an eye. You hentam I hentam you back.


  7. HBT456 Oct 14,2013 3:22 PM

    Rahman 2012, why get angry?

    As Chinese, I am not angry at all.

    Tuntuah mahu macam mana bikin, wa takda masalah since I am not a member of any political party.

    Today, they want to be belittle Chinese ke, atau Indians ke, takda masalah. Besok mereka belittle Bangladesh, Arabs or Pakistan, suka hati mereka.

    Siapakah PM Malaysia, takda masalah if we follow rules and regulations, and most importantly, we must have clear heart of what is right and wrong.

    Suka atau tidak, BN tak akan boleh menang 2/3 majority.

    The family of Chin Peng is doing great in Bangkok, buat apa nak balik sini neh?

  8. wajaperak Oct 14,2013 3:19 PM

    Tun.Semoga sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    [If we all dont like and criticize USA and Chin Peng for imposing their doctrine then we all should also stop imposing our doctrine to others. How can you criticize someone but do the same thing and claim that your opinions are right]

    Dear Mr Balance.
    I would like to point out that USA or America in the name of Matthew Calbraith Perry Commodore of the U.S. Navy used their infamous ‘Gun Boat Diplomacy’ against Japan.
    Now you would ask why should Japan capitulate when officially not a single shot was fired?
    Right mister.The power,cause and effect of intimidation.

    What is a doctrine?
    A principle or body of principles presented for acceptance or belief, as by a religious, political, scientific, or philosophic group; dogma. cannot say ‘we’ imposed ‘our’ doctrine to other where none are forced to do so.

    Chin Peng did indoctrinate his belief on other’s.Very imposing.We the security personnel of past and present have well documented the fact and evidence.

    I would like to contend your imposing statement Mr Balance.
    When one does strongly voiced his opinion like Tun against Tengku Abdul Rahman one can says Tun is very strongly opiniated.Not imposing.

    Everybody can claimed that him or her opinion is right like HBT.It is only how we says otherwise is what matter’s.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  9. wajaperak Oct 14,2013 1:04 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon keizinan.

    [Seperti surah al-mulk yang menceritakan tidakkah kita terfikir kenapa sesuatu alam semulajadi itu dijadikan oleh Allah s.w.t]

    Ayat 3.
    Dia lah yang telah mengaturkan kejadian tujuh petala langit yang berlapis-lapis; engkau tidak dapat melihat pada ciptaan Allah Yang Maha Pemurah itu sebarang keadaan yang tidak seimbang dan tidak munasabah; (jika engkau ragu-ragu) maka ulangilah pandangan – (mu) – dapatkah engkau melihat sebarang kecacatan?

    Adakah ayat ini menceritakan kejadian alam semula jadi?

    Ayat 15.
    Dia lah yang menjadikan bumi bagi kamu: mudah digunakan, maka berjalanlah di merata-rata ceruk rantaunya, serta makanlah dari rezeki yang dikurniakan Allah; dan (ingatlah), kepada Allah jualah (tempat kembali kamu sesudah) dibangkitkan hidup semula; (maka hargailah nikmatNya dan takutilah kemurkaanNya).

    Adakah ayat ini menceritakan kejadian alam semula jadi??

    Ayat 19.
    Patutkah mereka menutup mata dan tidak memerhatikan (kekuasaan Allah pada) burung-burung yang terbang di atas mereka, (siapakah yang menjaganya ketika) burung-burung itu mengembang dan menutupkan sayapnya? Tidak ada yang menahannya (daripada jatuh) melainkan (kekuasaan) Allah Yang Maha Pemurah. Sesungguhnya Ia Maha Melihat serta mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu

    Adakah ayat ini menceritakan kejadian alam semulajadi???

    Musato..anda mungkin benar jika anda orang awam.
    Tetapi jika anda belajar ilmu tasawuf dan kesufian,
    anda silap disini dari ‘contextual’..

    Kecuaian hanya akan membawa padah..

    Terima kasih Tun..

  10. Rahman 2012 Oct 14,2013 1:01 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    The Racist PERKAShit’s new statement is a concrete proof that he or she (or it) is playing racial card and attempt to cause racial tension and disharmony in our beloved nation.

    Demonizing the Chinese and suggest to scrapping the Chinese school is the first and second steps of ethnic cleansing, which is clearly the manifesto of PERKAShit the racist.

    If PERKAShit can belittle the Chinese and the Malay Muslim of PAS (as you can witness here in all his previous posting in the honorable blog, he called the regious PAS members Donkey, I wouldn’t do that in a million year.), he will and can subsequently discriminate the Indian, the other ethics groups in Malaysia. Thus, PERKAShit is indeed, a dangerous being.

    The Racist PERKAShit must be made to understand that Malaysia is a multicultural country; the world is multicultural, multi-race, multi-ethnic. Allah SWT created the world this way and we must accept it. If PERKAShit is not happy, he can leave this world or go back to his s**thole.

    The formula is further fine-tuned: PERKAShit = NAZI = NO LAUGHING MATTER.

    PERKAShit is only moron in da house.

    Salam Tun

    P/S: For the benefit of the new comers to this blog, PERKAShit a.k.a. DAPShit a.k.a PAShit. He or she or it is a RACIST.

  11. Puteri Tujuh Oct 14,2013 12:54 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Rahman 2102,

    I just wondering whether you understood what PAShit meant when he asked you “You have been exposed as a fake and you still got no shame meh?”

    Americans and Westerns have high standards of mentality. They hate it when they discovered that you had manipulated, distorted things and telling lies. Their saying “once beaten twice shy” always in their minds. Whatever things you want to elaborate after that they will just consider them as rubbishes. They wont believe you anymore. They just turned their back on you and didn’t want to look to your face anymore. Inside, they just say “go away, you are in the class”. Don’t meddle here anymore.

    Some many of the Malays here have the same standard of mentality as that Americans and the westerns. Once cheated they wont trust you anymore. They just say “Please go away”. Don’t disturb us anymore. We are not friends. Please don’t accuse us as corrupts. Please dont call us gansters. Don’t call us anjing etc etc. Leave us alone to manage the country.” etc etc

    Salam Tun.

  12. wajaperak Oct 14,2013 12:41 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    Mr Gr Kumar Thank You..:)

    [Ramai geng macam gr kumar ni di dalam gomen kita kerana tok det bersimpati dgn mereka of same skin color]

    Please don’t worry about this rambling old fool.As they says there is no fool like an old fool and the old fool is a complete fool!..:)

    Please write and keep us more informed.Maybe we can share a bit secret time after time.

    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 14,2013 12:08 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Alhamdulillah syukur. Breaking news just in.

    “The Herald dilarang guna kalimah Allah – Mahkamah Rayuan”

    They provoked the Muslims in this country we fought back AND WE WON!


  14. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 14,2013 11:56 AM

    Salam Tun,

    The original racist impostor is back with more weak arguments. Although I must say there is nothing wrong with the statement but I must add a few more sentences to complete it.

    the impostor’s statement which of course sought to twist my original one is:


    So I have to add and this moron should also acknowledge:


    You agree? Wow now we got 2 stubborn morons in da house!

    As we can plainly see these racists will only try personal attacks as they actually cannot deny the facts that are presented here. They cannot accept when we call a spade a spade. Typical opposition tactics to try and discredit those who can fight and make these racists look stupid.

    Nah your tactics dont work meh…try harder next time. It is hereby confirmed that the chinese impostor under the nick of Rahman 2012 and HBT 3/4 are racist bigots trying to blame someone who is just stating the facts because the ugly truth are just to hard to bear.

    Since when did the idea of scrapping Chinese Schools is ethnic cleansing? Isnt it for the betterment of the country? So that the true 1Malaysia that the Chinese crave for will eventually become reality? A nation where all wealth is shared equally amongst the races and where all its citizens speak the same language and the Malay Sultans and YDP Agong is held in esteem as the heads of the country.

    BTW where else in this world can you find Chinese schools outside China? It is in reality the biggest hindrance in building a nation. Of course this is the plain truth.

    So I have come up with a formula for the racist impostor:


    Looking forward to more moronic statements from these racist bigots.

    DAPshit@2 morons in da house!

  15. Rahman 2012 Oct 14,2013 10:36 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    May I deny Racist PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit a.k.a. PERKAShit a.d.k.a WhatkindofS**t’s statement and rephrase it as follow:


    Now, let us see how PERKAShit the RACIST challenge this statement?

    Oh, one more thing, may I have your blessing to quote PERKAShit the RACIST’s other line: ” THE MODERN DAY ZIONISTS ARE THE NEW NAZIS!”

    So, what are some of the characteristics of NAZI?
    1. Fascists, extreme right wing, just like the PERKAShit,
    2. Racist – Ethnic cleansing, starting from scraping the Chinese school and deprive the right of the Chinese in studying their mother-tongue.
    3. Belligerent – inventing common enemies and wage war on them, PERKAShit’ has been belittled and demonised the Malaysian Chinese, trying to portray Malaysian Chinese and the enemy of Malays.

    So may I rephrase: PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit a.k.a. PERKAShit a.d.k.a WhatkindofS**t. is the NEW NAZIS!

    PERKAShit = NEW NAZI. This is not a laughable matter.

    Salam Tun

  16. Tuntuah Oct 14,2013 9:15 AM

    Aso, lu mistress chin peng ka? aso Banyak sayang sama dia.

    Gua suggest ini macam la aso.

    Aso tanam sayor kat great wall punya tipi, aso amik abu cinping, aso taruk dekat aso punyer sayor. Bikin baja. Hehehehe

    Atau aso amik itu abu cinping kasi simen dekat great wall. Aso pun boleh simen jugak aso punya badan dekat itu great wall.

    Atau senang aso balik mainland. Baru srntinel atau pashit tak panggil aso pendatang. Heeee

    Aso biler mau pulang kampung mainland?

    Oh ye…. Cina yand datang mesia ni kelas kedua or 2nd citizen. Sekarang aso mau mintak mau naik class la ni???

    Aiya aso, lu balik mainland pun lu 2nd class citizen gak. So jangan bising bising la kat tanah melayu ni.

    Aso lu sebenarnyer bukan 2nd class tapi tak de class punyer org.

  17. musato Oct 14,2013 8:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bangsa cina dan melayu banyak perbezaannya.Berbeza dari segi cara hidup, termasuk berbeza bagaimana memahami maksud sesuatu penulisan.

    Ini kerana membaca tidak membawa sekali maksud gerak tubuh serta intonasi apa yang cuba disampaikan.

    Tetapi manusia terikat pada satu kejadian Allah s.w.t iaitu mempunyai perasaan atau jiwa. Samada melayu atau cina masing masing punyai perasaan sedih,marah atau sayang.

    Apa HBT fahami pasal lebih sudu tu betul.

    Cuma apabila bertukar pandangan dengan Tun, Tun punyai pengaruh yang kuat.Setimen hero.Hero yang berani.Hero yang makin luka makin kuat ngaumannya.

    Seperti apabila Tun berada di luar UMNO Tun kata UMNO banyak rasuah. Maka orang bersetuju.

    Sedangkan perkataan rasuah itu sendiri dari fahaman bangsa cina dan melayu sudah berbeza.

    Pepatah Melayu berkata, musuh jangan dicari. Orang memberi kita merasa. Buat jahat jangan sekali.

    Saya bukan seorang ‘yes man’ walaupun pada Tun Mahathir. Tapi saya berkongsi karakter yang sama dengan Tun.

    Saya tak suka bagi duit.Mintak resepi roti saya boleh bagi.Tak payah bayar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  18. HBT456 Oct 14,2013 6:06 AM

    Pashit, no need to fool around as bn government has to cut down defisit in order to win next general election.

  19. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 13,2013 9:43 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Moron alert! Moron alert! HBT3/4 in da house! Blablabla no facts as usual haha.

    The Chinese are the biggest givers and takers of bribes. All kinds of bribes and kickbacks take place especially in the private sector. They are never sincere and good at main wayang just like the babbling incoherent ol fart 3/4.

    Man it’s actually quite fun having a moronic clown like this fool around.


  20. HBT456 Oct 13,2013 7:22 PM

    Like what musato said, too many sudu, manyak susah. The mentality of this pashit, nama pun tak betul, sure tarak ong lah. They blame their failure on the chinese, but they never blame themselves for being greedy and lupa diri. Melayu tak segan minta rasuah mca kita hutang sama lu. Look at umno election, caught rasuah pun boleh. It means, melayu memang behind other political parties….in terms of integrity.

  21. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 13,2013 4:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Kudos to grkumar for the enlightening piece on the late cruel and untrustworthy Chin Peng.

    Touching on the current political scenario in Malaysia, it seems that the Chinese had given their best shot in the recent GE to topple BN. Well to say that many of them were disappointed at the outcome would be an understatement. Imagine more than 90% Chinese support for DAP and still cannot win?

    This begs the question from me, IT THAT THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO?

    You gave it your best shot and not much changes. You got your donkeys PAS and PKR to split the Malay votes and still lost.

    The Malays have learnt from the experience. Never trust the Chinese. As individuals they can make great friends and business partners but as a community we must always be wary of their sinister ultra kiasu ways.

    Thank God even some of the donkeys in PAS and PKR also have realised their foolish ways and we will see some reconciliations with UMNO in particular soon.

    In fact B.A.B.I. also should have realised by now that DAP were never really serious about appointing him as PM if PR had won the GE. Please refer to Tunku Aziz for proof. Do you really think that Kapal Singh is sincere in his defending B.A.B.I. in the Sodomy II case? He is not called The Twin Headed Lion of Jelutong for nothing you know. Think hard and you will find the REAL reason why. Auto remote control. Typical sinister politicians.

    When LGE attempted to bribe Tunku Aziz with a high paying position in a state owned corporation to prevent him from leaving DAP, no Chinese said anything about it. It seems perfectly allright with them for LGE to do this kind of things. The Chinese will condone whatever LGE do as he is literally their tokong. Even the Chinese media and The Star will support him as they are afraid of the Chinese community backlash if they do not.

    So it looks like the Lim dynasty will continue to lord over DAP for a long time to come.

    DAPshit@ 44 years is a mighty long time to rule!

  22. HBT456 Oct 13,2013 1:30 PM

    Wow, how do you know that what I am thinking, tok det. Ramai geng macam gr kumar ni di dalam gomen kita kerana tok det bersimpati dgn mereka of same skin color. If korean can become us embassy in malaysia to be the role model of meritrocray regardless of skin color, usa can lead the world again and again. In fact, Indians like whites, but indian here are no good keranamu mic.

  23. grkumar Oct 13,2013 12:43 PM

    What is not perhaps widely discussed and known is that Chin Peng was a proxy of Beijing. He was also when convenient an ad hoc mercenary of the Kuomintang and the British in the region at various times.

    He did not “fight for the rights” of “all Malaysians” as some particularly in the “independent” Malaysian Bar and their proxies in the PKR allege. Chin Peng made no bones of China’s intention to dominate all of the vacuum created by the departing colonial powers of Holland and Britain in the region and his desire to act in their interests. The communists also had the Philippines in their sights.

    I briefly met the late Lt. General Peter Walls (who served as Lt. Colonel Peter Walls in Malaya after world war 2 ) in New Zealand in the late 1990’s. As a free lance journalist who at the time had access to the man, I asked him about Chin Peng and the insurgency in Malaya over which he Walls was commander of the counterinsurgency forces there at the time.

    Peter Walls was diplomatic and evasive at first till he became a little more relaxed about my intentions and accepted the fact that whatever I reported (if I did) would not in any way create waves anywhere.

    “Our job was to keep the bugger locked in his sandbox and to keep him and his men on the run. We did a good job till Whitehall asked Salisbury to remove me sideways.”

    As for Chin Peng the man he had this to say: “He was clever, but never to be trusted as far as you could throw him. He never kept to his word and in truth was confused as to his objectives”.

    I learned there were white flag meetings between the two sides on more occasions than has been admitted to in the media. Chin Peng was mercenary and carried out executions, acts of terrorism, beatings, kidnappings and false flag operations on behalf of both sides of the divide.

    He had a special unit that was loyal to him and him alone and not the cause. It was for his personal protection. Chin Peng also owned substantial property through two mistresses he had at the time. One was the wife of an Ipoh businessman, the other a woman from Penang. They were both Chinese and may have pre deceased him.

    Chin Peng carried out executions for the Thai army against the Petani and Yala Malays who were part of the Muslim separatist movement. These acts of violence were blamed by the media on the Yala separatists in order to win the “hearts and minds” of the locals.
    He carried these out these executions and burning of villages in exchange for freedom of movement for his troops when in hot pursuit by Peter Walls’ forces across the Thai Malaysian border. It was also a trade off to keep the Thai’s informed of any attempt against their beloved Royal family the subject of threats from Viet Nam and the Pathet Lao. Both were at the time aligned with China.

    Walls claimed that on a number of occasions he had Chin Peng in his cross hairs, his whereabouts known and the man primed for a “take out”. However as it is now widely known, the orders to “take out Chin Peng” were always denied and frustrated by KL on the orders of GCHQ London.

    The danger according to Walls is that if Chin Peng were “taken out”, any internal leadership struggle may throw up an unknown and the whole exercise of defeating the communists would have placed the non communist forces on the back foot, at a disadvantage and back to the drawing board.

    Chin Peng he said to me during the interview was “a blood thirsty ruthless and uncaring self centered despot”. He killed for profit, personal reasons and for power and not so much for an ideological purpose”.

    When Chin Peng had to go to China on at least two occasions his safe passage was guaranteed and British and US operatives in the region were asked to track but not interdict. It was a case of the devil you know.

    Chin Peng did not have the interests of the Indians or the Malays at heart. He never did and at times never made a secret of his contempt for the two races. He simply shared the vision of a “greater China” that Mao did and treated the area as if it were a franchise of Beijing.

    There was a lot more that Walls said in our conversation. Walls was a charming man with a tough but educated streak in him. He mentioned the names of compromised politicians in Malaya and Singapore some of who may still be alive who also worked both sides of the fence.

    Chin Peng was no citizen of Malaysia either legally or by his allegiance. He owed nothing to Malaysia’s citizens except a section of its population, some of the Chinese. Thankfully not all of them. For the same reasons espoused here by the Tun the murder and mayhem of a looser, he deserves no reward or ‘right of return’. he deserves as much sympathy and respect as that which he showed Malays, Indians and some Chinese, especially the troops who defended the nation then.

  24. Puteri Tujuh Oct 13,2013 12:07 PM

    Salam yg Bhg Tun,

    Salam PAShit aka DAPShit,

    Betul apa yg diperkatakan. Ambiga berperanan cuma sebagai penghasut. Berlagak sebagai hero. Dia dan pengikut dia suka sengaja putar belit fakta. Pengganas dikata sebagai hero mereka. Membela perompak dan penyamun.

    Kita perhatikan sahaja pemimpin2 UMNO itu bertanding Ada yang kata yang ini bagus dan yang itu tak bagus. Ini yang menyebabkan pergeseran berterusan. Bukan DAP sahaja yang ada RBA tetapi Pakatan pun ada RBA mereka disini.


  25. HBT456 Oct 13,2013 10:38 AM

    Hafiz, keep your peanut size brain di kampungmu, jangan lah ko ini memalukan agong, kerabat2, kerajaan bn, menteri2 besar, rakyat malaysia dan tok det mca kita tak tahu ibrahim ali makan rasuah ke? Sibotak, you are the sh.t player that really needs to be hapuskan in civil government, masih cakap yang bukan, I will see your superior directly to complaint that if you think we must buy you lunch or something to make feel u feel bodek, wanna try me? I am flammable, flame me, so that you see with your eyes that in democracy, voters pay your gaji.

  26. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 13,2013 10:01 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I take exception to Tony Pua calling ROS ‘anjing’. If ROS is anjing then Tony Pua is a anak haram.

    Typical DAP racist behaviour. When this anak haram opens his mouth, no Chinese will criticise him. Even the US lackey Datok Ambabiga will keep her mouth shut. As for Ambabiga this I have to say…


    You think she’ll really do it? Nah…she is just full of deceit just like DAP.

    DAPshit@rabbit teeth better apologise

  27. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 13,2013 9:30 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya sokong sibotak! Jangan layan orang 3/4 tuu haha.

    Kepada Calon2 yg menang dalam PAU saya ucapkan tahniah. Jangan lupa diri kerana setiap perbuatan tuan / puan di perhatikan oleh rakyat marhaen dan anda semua juga harus menjawab di akhirat kelak atas tindak tanduk anda di dunia.

    Sekarang ini imej tuan dan parti sedang cuba bermati2an di burukkan oleh anasir2 yg gila kuasa dan berkepentingan politik. Oleh itu buatlah yang terbaik demi negara untuk Umat Islam dan kaum Melayu yang sedang di himpit dan diperlekehkan segala pengorbanan dan usaha kita selama ini untuk membangunkan negara ini.

    Sokongan orang Melayu kepada tuan sekarang lebih kuat dari dulu. Oleh itu pujuklah PAS keldai yang lembik itu untuk sama2 bersatu demi perpaduan umat Islam. Jika ada tok guru penipu mungkir janji yg menentang penyatuan ini maka dia terang2 melanggar hukum Allah demi nafsu politiknya.

    Jangan kita ditipu lagi oleh tok2 guru menjual agama demi politik ini. Penipuan mereka amat terang dan nyata dan boleh dibuktikan satu persatu.

    Saya sarankan agar semua umat Islam dengar dan fahamkan bukti2 penipuan PAS dalam ceramah2 Ustaz Rujihan Abd Rahman. Anda boleh layari Youtube selepas membaca komen saya ini.

    Jika berkesempatan juga carilah buku CN Al Afghani ‘Kafirkah aku’ yg mengupas kezaliman ustaz2 penipu menggelapkan duit derma anak yatim Memali. Sekarang pun saya masih membaca buku tersebut buat kali kedua.

    Anda juga boleh dengar dan amati betul2 pembongkaran yg di buat oleh Ustaz Saidi, bekas ketua keselamatan PAS yg keluar parti kerana N. Ajis mengeluarkan fatwa “Allah dah ampunkan dosa ADUN Selising” yg ditangkap dgn isteri orang dlm keretapi. Juga ada di Youtube.

    Anda juga boleh ikuti ceramah2 Dato Dr Hasan Ali, seorang yg sangat saya hormati, untuk mengupas kemungkaran2 PAS yg bertopengkan agama. Perangai ramai pemimpin PAS lebih teruk dari pemimpin UMNO yg bukannya bagus sangat pun tetapi orang Melayu sekarang tidak ada pilihan lain.


    Bagi saya apa yg paling penting sekali adalan penyatuan umat Islam negara ini yg disarankan dlm Al Quran. Itulah agenda yg harus di pikul oleh UMNO dan PAS mulai sekarang tanpa melengahkan masa lagi.Perpaduan ummah adalah tuntutan agama.




  28. musato Oct 13,2013 8:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setakat hari ni dah dua kali saya baca bagaimana Datuk Mukhruz nak membawa UMNO jika berjaya antara 3 Naib Presien.

    Datuk Mukhriz tiada apa yang special. Low profile,tidak bercakap angkuh,lambat masuk bidang politik.Takde team yang berpengaruh dari segi sikap.

    Mungkin cuma menumpang nama Tun Mahathir.

    Kalau ikut pengalaman interview saya,orang kerajaan tak suka penampilan begitu.Interview gagal.

    Mungkin mereka suka lebih pada cara Khairi.

    Tapi Datuk Mukhriz jangan risau.Saya pun lebih kurang macam tu jugak.Boss saya lagi la kata saya tak pandai memimpin.

    Saya pun baru kenal sikit sikit politik.Tu pun melalui blog ni je….apa la sangat.Umur baru setahun jagung.

    Macam Datuk Paduka, saya pun takde yang special kecuali

    Tiada Tuhan yang disembah selain Allah dan Muhammad adalah Pesuruh Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  29. musato Oct 13,2013 8:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kadangkala terfikir betapa cerdiknya orang Melayu bila teringatkan beratus ratus pepatah Melayu.

    Pepatah terhasil dek kerana mengambil iktibar dari alam semulajadi yang dikurniakan Allah s.w.t

    Seperti bagai aur dengan tebing. Lebih sudu dari kuah.

    Seperti surah al-mulk yang menceritakan tidakkah kita terfikir kenapa sesuatu alam semulajadi itu dijadikan oleh Allah s.w.t

    Terima kasih Tun.

  30. musato Oct 13,2013 7:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Manusia kadangkala terlupa bahawa setiap kesalahan ada hukumannya.

    Seperti Chin Peng menjadi pengkhianat hukumannya adalah dilarang ditanam abunya di tanah yang dikhianati ini.

    Selepas beberapa ketika, saya sedari bahawa sememangnya manusia tidak bersedia dihukum kerana kesalahan sendiri.

    Bercakap bohong tidak dihukum.Melanggar arahan ketua tidak dihukum.Mencintai harta dan dunia tidak dihukum – hanya contoh kiasan.

    Alangkah bertuahnya jika ditegur oleh Allah s.w.t yang Maha Kuasa.

    Mungkin sebab itu juga ada undang undang hudud dalam pentadbiran Islam.

    Bukan sekadar menasihati.Tetapi menghukum.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  31. sibotak Oct 13,2013 1:17 AM

    Salam Semuanya
    Selamat Menyambut Deepavali / Gong Xi Fa Cai
    Apa sangat nak layan si HBT 3/4
    Buang masa saja
    Pulaukan saja dia Lagi layan lagi menjadi

    Tumpukan Blog ini mengarah ke Keberkesanan
    Supaya yg punya blog ini Tun Mahathir dapat buah fikiran kita yg bernas
    Menyampaikan pada Pemimpin UMNO memberi mereka mengarah keberkesanan

    Melayan si HBT 3/4 sampai bila pun tak habis
    Jadi mari kita menuju kedepan kearah kemajuan
    Siapa Setuju Kita Pulaukan Si 3/4 ?
    Kita Laksanakan

  32. hafizkenedelete Oct 12,2013 10:24 PM

    Salam Tun…

    Bersempena Aidiladha yang akan tiba, izinkan saya melapah Ahso Nyanyuk ini..

    Hello ahso…
    Agknya u confuse dengan fakta bodoh yang u kutip dari mana I pun taktau.. ketahuilah ahso yang wang dan kemewahan bukanlah tujuan hidup kami bagi yang beragama islam, yang gilakan wang dan politik wang ni hanyalah segelintir munafik melayu dan kaum kafir cina sahaja.

    Kaya or miskin itu bukan penentu kebahagiaan seseorang, apa guna kaya tapi makan babi?? Babi itu penuh dengan kuman wahai ahso…bacalah laporan saintis kalau otak beku u tu tak percaya, apa guna banyak wang kalau kene buang dari family macam u…Apa guna ada rumah besar kalau hati busuk macam u…

    U memang perlu rawatan segera, sakit u makin menjadi2, u ingat ini blog sama macam blog pembangkang yang suka orang macam u ke??

    Gila ini orang, nanti I ludah muka u baru u tahu langit tinggi atau rendah,, haktuiiiihh.!!

    Terima kasih Tun.
    Dari penulis Cincai boncai

  33. HBT456 Oct 12,2013 9:10 PM

    Pashit, instead of blaming the chinese, save your air liuh to convince your hardcore supporters why they are still poor when these portfolios are hold by umno?

  34. balance Oct 12,2013 7:38 PM


    I agree to your statement “Peranakan is the true multi-cultural 1 Malaysian”. They can dress and speak like Malay but they can be Muslim, Taoist or Buddhist or Christian, their food are campur-campur of Indonesian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Malay, English, Portuguese and Dutch and their features are better too. Think about it, they are the smartest and luckiest Malaysians as they get the best of all world and enjoying it without complain and comparing. They cannot be racist too.

  35. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 12,2013 6:05 PM

    Salam Tun,

    We can see now the typical reaction from racists when they are confronted with facts. For us Muslims the term “All men are created equal’ is already our way of life. And to sacrifice and show compassion towards other races is our trait, something that the Chinese WILL NEVER EVER DO.

    As i stated earlier and I reiterate again THE CHINESE WILL ONLY TAKE BUT WILL NOT GIVE.

    It is time for the Malays to stand up to their racist ways and not back down because they will only grow bolder if we are not resolute. Alhamdulillah some people in Parti Ajaran Songsang have begun to realise their previous stupidity in being a lackey for DAPshit and we are seeing efforts being made to eventually kick these people out. PAS has already learnt their lesson in Gelang Patah during GE13 when LKS won but Salehuddin Ayob lost. The rakyat still harbours hopes of a Kerajaan Perpaduan Ummah.

    Sanity will prevail and Muslims in this country will eventually unite as it is clearly stated in The Holy Quran that Muslims must unite. Of course we will have to wait until the orang tua nyanyuk batu penghalang terbesar perpaduan umat Islam die first for this dream to materialise. Ustaz Nasha and many others have paved the way and we look forward for this dream to come true soon.

    Then and only then can we begin to abolish Chinese schools and be on the road to a true 1Malaysia. After all wasnt that what the Chinese want in the first place? An ideal future for Malaysia will be where everybody studies and speaks the same language, all the nation’s wealth divided equally amongst the races, and everyone accepts the YDP Agong and the Malay Sultans as their kings. Wouldnt you want that too Rahman2012 and HBT3/4?

    DAPshit@dont ever forget Gelang Patah significance

  36. Tun Perak Oct 12,2013 3:56 PM

    Rahman 2012,

    If that is your stand point, that is good. But your stand point is not applicable to the mass Chinese community in Malaysia. You have to take a survey and you need quality survey that could not distort the result. Have you not asked why the Chinese community why they like to use Western name ? Have you ? At least I have asked.

  37. Rahman 2012 Oct 12,2013 1:27 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Dear Tun Perak,
    All men and women are created equal, no one race is more superior to other, and that’s my standpoint.

    Thank you.

    Salam Tun

  38. mubarakchan Oct 12,2013 12:56 PM


    Until the enumerated one liner HockBengTeohhalfpastsicman/woman returns, this one is a fake.

  39. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 12,2013 12:47 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Wah impostor Rahman 2012 you talk lots of bulls**t but no point meh.You have been exposed as a fake and you still got no shame meh? The Chinese community as a whole has been proven as racists as in Gelang Patah GE results and you still want to accuse others? Please give me valid reasons and facts why we should not label you as racists ok. Dont spin grandfather grandmother stories eh you twerp.

    I was raised in a Chinese community and had my fair share of Chinese girlfriends and can beat most Chinese in table tennis.I still know a smattering of Hokkien and I understand Chinese psyche better than you might think. You see we are starting to REACT to your increasingly racists behaviours. Organisations like Dong Zong and DAPshit are the biggest racists of them all but always trying to cover their evil ways by accusing others.


    BTW your comparison with Hitler is laughable as he would have sent you to the gas chambers. And about my identity dont worry Tun knows my full identity as I filled in my full name truthfully when registering for this blog. And I had the wonderful opportunity to be at Tun’s farewell retirement dinner in 2004. Oh and I also had the pleasure of him quoting my lines

    OK twerp looking forward to your reply.

    DApshit@cannot count CEC votes properly

  40. HBT456 Oct 12,2013 12:11 PM

    Mubarak chan, I am not a member of mca or dap, therefore, our wavelenght is different. I prefer usa politics whereby they do the impossible. Over here, I only see bn as a husband shared by many wives, poor bn kerala chairman swallowing all these bitter pills. If south korea can be the 1st country in asia to legalize gay marriage as lgbt have the right to vote, other asia country will follow. 1 malaysia can only be realized when malaysians can marry muslim without converting themselves into muslim. If they cant do that, forget about 1 malaysia and islamic fund. I have forgiven them, but I can never forget them for their sin in forcing us to accept their inferior service ala harem. Can penang be another singapore? I doubt so since many capable penang people have left the island. God bless Malaysia.

  41. Tun Perak Oct 12,2013 11:31 AM

    Some interesting discussion, ya Rahman 2012. Actually, why Chinese place a European name because they think that European is a better class of race than their race. Ask any chinese girl, who they woul like to marry if they are given alternatives ? Even , we have a case here in Malaysia that an Albanian accuses his Chinese wife to get European genetics through their marriage. And why Chinese in Indonesia and Japan adopt Indonesian and Japanese name, because they have to accomodate with Indonesian law and Japanese customs; not because they think that Indonesian nor Japanese are better than them. Why a Chinese dont adopt Malay name in Malaysia is because neither the law requires them to do that nor they think Malay is a superior race than them.

    About our national school, I once used to think that we should have 1 school for every race as a step towards national integration. But the likes of Dong Jiao Zong and so on has made things bitter amongst Malaysian. Well, now I think let us not dwell with them – the Chinese Dong Jiao Zong association but focus on education for the Malay. We should make our national school education match the maturity of student in term of age and quality with respect to O-Level and A-Level in the U.K. Make our children be very excellent in Malay and English language such that they could be easily accepted in the UK and US for top universities education (Harvard, Oxoford, Cambridge, MIT, etc). Let greatly support the initiatives by MRSM (MARA) to push the Malay children for taking up IGCSE at the age of 16 , with that could take up A-Level and Bachelor degree education earlier age. With this type of alignment, Malay will be aligned with “seem to be better” education system ; then other races in Malaysia will be our follower.

  42. Rahman 2012 Oct 12,2013 9:49 AM

    PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit a.k.a. PERKAShit is confirmed a racist.

    Although he claimed he is not a member of the hideous right-wing racist group, he will like to join: “I am not a PERKASA member although I would like to be one. In fact I’ll sign up soonest when I get the chance.”

    PERKAShit also suggested: “SCRAP CHINESE SCHOOLS THEN ONLY CAN WE BECOME 1MALAYSIA.” So what do PERKAShit and Hitler have in common? The attitude and act of racist minded people like PERKAShit is the cause of Malaysia’s racial polarisation.

    Having said that, he did bring up a good point, in a negative way though: “I wonder why the Chinese try their very best to imitate and act like Mat Sallehs when they migrate to Australia or US? Even here in Malaysia they give themselves Mat Salleh sounding names to look classy.“

    The reason why some Chinese adopted Mat Sallehs name was because they were open-minded, accommodating to culture differences. I would not use confrontational word such as: “imitate”, I would say the Chinese blended-in. Just like Pak Lah, Amin Tan and Mubarak Chan, and like Princess Hang Li Po and the Chinese did 600 years ago, adopted the Malay culture and intermarry and settled down. Many Malays with fair complextion are of Chinese or Peranakan descendant. Peranakan is the true multi-cultural 1 Malaysian.

    Talking about names, it is not uncommon that, Australian Chinese have Australian name, Japanese Chinese have Japanese name, Indonesian Chinese have Indonesian name. Indonesian Malays have Indonesian names. In Malaysia, Malays use Arabic names.

    Recently, I was invited by Indonesian Embassy to a dinner celebrating the 68th Indonesian Independence. The cultural performances that we witness are so captivatingly beautiful. The essence of Malay culture is so well preserved in Indonesia; you can’t find them in Malaysia anymore.

    THE HUMANITY OF THE MALAYS IS UNPARALLELED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, I fully agreed, but definitely not from PERKAShit, or from some of the racists in this respectable blog.

    Poor PERKAShit, he or she doesn’t even have a name, or a gender, just: “PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit”. So no one knows what kind of “S**t he is. Hahahaha.

  43. balance Oct 12,2013 9:35 AM

    There are many type of “Baba and Nyonya”. One type is more towards Indonesian and the other type is more towards Thai in their cultural, food, clothing and life-style.
    Then there are also the third type which are immigrant Chinese from China that marry into Baba and Nyonya family and their dressing style again are different.

    From Baba and Nyonya case we can see that all life-form evolve and Malaysian should understand that all are no more pure blood anymore and we all change or evolve due to reasons only God knows. So start to love each other more as somehow or other we all are connected.
    When someone claim that they are more Malay or Chinese or Indian than others, these type of people should be send to Tunjung Rambutan. Bumiputra is not a race, it is a status created by human not God. Malay, Indian, Chinese, Eskimo or many type of white-man are races created by nature and God. Therefore we should respect God and nature creation. Stop comparing but share and love more. Everyone have political opinion and should kept under self-control. If a race or type of people cease to exist or slowly die-off, no one can stop God’s will. In history many leaders (hero of their race) tried to think their race are more superior but all end-up mistaken but we still want to practice the same doctrine and repeat the same mistake. If we all dont like and criticize USA and Chin Peng for imposing their doctrine then we all should also stop imposing our doctrine to others. How can you criticize someone but do the same thing and claim that your opinions are right.

    Humans are so funny but God make us to be like that. That is why the world rotate, there is day and night, tide and seasons. Remember nothing is permanent, change and evolution is nature. No human or race are more superior all are send here for a reason only God knows.
    Love more hate less

  44. mubarakchan Oct 12,2013 9:14 AM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsicman/woman. Where is the original HBT456 ? Big mouth what do you know ? i have been contributing from 1961 ! What did you do in Singapore ?

  45. hafizkenedelete Oct 12,2013 9:12 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Kronik jugak sakit ai Ahso tua ni, lain orang cakap lain yang dia jawab..

    Takpa la ahso, u cakap la apa lu mau cakap, la panggil la wa apa lu mau panggil, japanese imperial ka, apa2 ka, askar sipahi pun lu boleh panggil…

    Itu orang yang syiok otak sendiri ialah u, macam I cakap sebelum ini, u bercakap seperti masturbate sendiri sahaja… Ur purpose bercakap hanya untuk melepaskan kemarahan dan dendam u pada UMNO dan orang melayu….. Itu saja u punya point, hari2 ulang cerita sama…

    U takda kerja lain meh?? Dah makan u punya ubat ka??
    Haiiiyaaaa ahso, baik u pegi ambik vacation panjang , bagi rehat otak u yang stress…

    Dari penulis cincai2

  46. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 12,2013 9:07 AM

    Salam Tun,

    If anyone wants to try to refute the countless hard truths presented here by the likes of amin tan,mubarakchan, puteri tujuh, sudin and many others….


    Dont be babbling incoherent retards like the impostor rahman2012 and hbt3/4 who only expose themselves as utter fools.

    We must strive to expose these sneaky racists especially the ones in DAP for what they truly are.When we present the hard evidence,these cowards will start to offer lame excuses and contradict themselves because the truth is hard for them to swallow.



  47. Puteri Tujuh Oct 12,2013 7:39 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Mubarakchan, your words shall always be the ubats. “As long as the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties observes the rule of the laws, implements fair and transparent policies, maintains a normal and functional bureaucracy, and eschews from making money through the GLCS (which have no accountability and raised a lot of jealousy) and focus on ruling us, there is nothing much for the Opposition can do until the 14th General Elections. And 4-5 years is a long time in Malaysian politics. The best is to avoid giving the Opposition a platform which they sorely need.”

    Thank you.

    Salam Tun.

  48. HBT456 Oct 12,2013 5:28 AM

    Pashit talks like juntai. Dr cincai cincai talks like as if he is japanese imperials in the 40s, ikut kepada otak syiok diri. Let the show begin, pau, to show how racists you umno is. Mubarak chan, instead of migrating, why dont you spend the rest of your life in contributing your efforts to make sure malaysia belongs to all citizens of malaysia ? Amin tan, you can do what you want in cyberjaya and putrajaya.

  49. Puteri Tujuh Oct 11,2013 9:36 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Thank you Amin Tan and PAShit aka DAPshit.


  50. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 11,2013 8:14 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Thank you Puteri Tujuh for explaining that the overwhelming majority of the current Chinese population in Malaysia are not of Peranakan origins which assimilated and integrated into the Nusantara way of life. That shoud have been the case with the latter day pendatangs. These mostly racist minded arrogant people are the main reason why this beloved nation is polarized as it is today.


    To the impostor Rahman 2012, wah you talk cock about Malays and Chinese relations 500 years ago but you neglect the recent attitudes and misguided racist prejudice of the recent pendatangs.

    Why I know you are an impostor? It’s because your stupid baseless comments are exactly what another non Malay commenter posted under a different nick a few articles back. Word for word. You are not even Malay as your name suggests but of course this is typical of sneaky people like you. Either you are one and the same or members of a gang.

    I wonder why the Chinese try their very best to imitate and act like Mat Sallehs when they migrate to Australia or US? Even here in Malaysia they give themselves Mat Salleh sounding names to look classy.

    I challenge this impostor to deny this statement:


    Please name one culture that has been as accommodating, sacrificing and tolerant to the Chinese immigrants as the Malays.The Chinese knew the facts but these ultra kiasus will always try to downplay this fact.

    Lastly, I am not a PERKASA member although I would like to be one. In fact I’ll sign up soonest when I get the chance. The reality is now many Malays are angry and this feeling is widespread although many will not admit it publicly as this is the Malay accommodating nature.


    The Chinese actions during the recent GE proved their racist nature. Dont try to give excuses as we are tired of your antics. Continue your ways at your own peril.

    DAPshit @ RAHMAN2012 is an impostor

  51. amin tan Oct 11,2013 7:55 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to congratulate Puteri Tujuh for such an excellent write up of the Chinese during the Malacca Sultanate. You must be a very good history teacher. May I add the Baba and Nyonya even speak Malay as their mother tongue.

    amin tan

  52. Puteri Tujuh Oct 11,2013 4:57 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Dear PAShit a.k.a DAPshit,

    I like to straighten things up. Before the born of Malacca Sultanates, the region was called the Malay Archipelago which consist of the Sumatra, Malay Peninsular, Sulawesi, Bugis, Jawa, Makassar, Borneo etc etc. During those time all the Malays had their own separate Governments as to which area they were. The Malacca begin when a young prince from Sumatra started (not migrated) a new Government at Malacca. His administration and with the help of Arabs merchants and mubalighs, made Malacca a great trading point. After being a Muslim and also his peoples (rakyat), Malacca became Malacca Sultanate and later became great with high standard of civilisations. Malacca Sultanates became an empire which consisted of Malay Peninsular, Sumatra, part of Jawa and also Champa. Malacca was so good that time all because of it’s own peoples sacrifices and not by others.

    Initially, Chinese came to Malacca to trades and were lead by Admiral Cheng Ho. Admiral Cheng Ho later was very fond and gave very much respects to Malacca. He presented Hang Li Po to the Sultan. In order to protect the good trades, Admiral Cheng Ho later offered to Malacca Sultanates as being the protector of Malacca from Siamese. But they were none of any conflicts happened between Malacca and Siam which lead to killings of any Chinese in order to defend the Malacca Sultanates. If I am not mistaken Admiral Cheng Ho later passed away as a Muslim and was buried at his homeland.

    The Chinese traders and merchants kept on trading with the local peoples. Some settled down there married to the local or among themselves. They adopted the Malay’s lifestyles and cultures in some parts for their daily life. They cooked Asam Pedas, masak Lemak etc etc. They even adopted the Malay’s fashions for the daily wears which was to cover the ‘aurat”. They respect the local peoples. Their decendents now are called Baba and Nyonya. They are good and polite.

    The Portugese came and conquered Malacca Sultanates. The Malay Governments separated and moved to Johor which was the Johor Sultanates and Perak which was the Perak Sultanates.. After through the hell years, Malacca later was handed to Dutch. An later to British. No Sultans to Malacca.

    The British later invaded (they say that they found) Pulau Pinang to be their colony and fought with the Kedah Sultanates. In order to keep the Kedah’s soldiers away, they drew lines and obtained the Seberang Prai as the border line. That was why we came across with two of Kedah’s regions on the PLUS Highway. The British also invaded (they also say that they found) Temasik and be their colony.

    British interested with Perak when Long Jaafar found the tin. They negotiated and made agreement with the Sultan to obtained the tin named Pangkor Agreement in 1874. But the agreement was not straight also same like the Water Agreement with the Singapore 1962.

    In order to obtained those tin, British brought in Chinese from the mainland China. Initially, these Chinese came to Malay Peninsular just to works and get money. Later they will go back to their homeland.

    Because of that they didn’t want to mixed with the local Malays. They didn’t want to get to know the local Malays. And so they even didn’t want to respect the local Malays. Lu Lu, gua gua. But they kept on settling on in this land with the ignorance of the British.

    They kept settling in and their number became bigger, be and support the terrorist communists, etc etc. They were given citizenships and hundreds thousands more quietly migrated in before the 12 o’clock midnight of 31st August 1957. These decendants are now the major populations.

    Some documentaries in History Channel always distorted the facts by potraying that the major Chinese populations now in Malaysia are the decendants from the Malacca Sultanates which are wrong.

    Salam Tun

  53. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 1:41 PM


    For me a Malaysia must have the following ingredients to make it complete with Uncle Chin an anomaly in our short history. The ingredients, the Malays with the Royal Sultanates and the UMNO, the Chinese, the Indians and all, the Islam religion concomitant with the religions of the other communities, the Opposition, the fence-sitters who grow in numbers year by year – these are mainly the urbanites. Our life-styles in this equable climate and the perennial differences between the different communities. This is only natural. The strict rule of the laws and its practice by both the Government and the public. The ability of each type of people to converse in multiple languages as a matter of course. All these little bits and pieces when added up together forms a bigger picture than the total sum of the whole. And what is missing to put us right up with the leading lights of the world is the English language which should be put to good us and wrapped round this wonderful package called “Malaysia”.

    We must know the real World we llive in. Only then, we know how to safeguard and treasure Malaysia created by own dynamism for our children and our children’s children. Is’nt this better than all the money in Oxford Street or the 5th Avenue ?

    If the eponymous Swiss can tough it out amongst their 4 disparate groups up in the high Alps amongst the mountain goats for over 800 years, we have much more going for us amongst the durians and the what-have-you in Malaysia ! And we have only gone 57 years of the way !

  54. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 11:51 AM


    Another gem from the independent Singaporean Blog It is the comments that make these gems so very interesting.

  55. amin tan Oct 11,2013 10:50 AM

    Dear Tun,
    The Opposition would continue to undermine the credibility of the legitimate BN government. They are fear mongering and agitating the populace to cast aspersion on the government with regards to TPPA. Please let us not team up with the Opposition to oppose TPPA. Let us have faith in our government than believe in the claims by the Opposition. Below is the news I pick up from the STAR newspaper,

    [Opposition leaders, NGOs slam TPPA at forum

    [KUALA LUMPUR: Investments from other countries are necessary but trades pacts cannot be at the expense of national security, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said.

    He said Malaysia became a trading nation during the 1970s and the country developed thanks to foreign investments.

    “Now, it’s a complex situation. Our economy has improved and big countries will find ways to tap into it. The Unites States sees the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) as a way of controlling our economy,” he added.

    Anwar was speaking at a forum organised Thursday night by a group of anti-TPPA non-governmental organisations, Bantah TPPA, where he and other Opposition leaders voiced their concerns over the trade agreement.

    The group will hold a protest Friday to pressure the Government against signing the agreement.

    The demonstration to be held at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) also coincides with the visit of United States Secretary of State John Kerry, who is expected to push the Malaysian government to sign the agreement.

    Thursday’s forum, held in Kampung Baru and titled Pentas Perdana: Selamatkan Kedaulatan Negara, Tolak TPPA (Premier Forum: Save the country’s harmony, say No to TPPA), featured Opposition leaders like Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, Subang MP Sivarasa Rasaiah, Batu MP Tian Chua and PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa.

    The event was moderated by Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) coordinator Badrul Hisham Shahrin, better known as Chegubard.

    Some of the panelist in the forum suggested that the TPPA was a new form of colonisation and the US was taking advantage by engaging developed and smaller nations to be part of the agreement.

    “This is a new form of colonisation. Deals are the best way to colonise a country,” said student activist Adam Adli.

    Khalid said signing the TPPA would result in the Government losing the right to protect any business and industry in the country.

    “Ecuador was sued by an American company in the International courts when they implemented a policy which affected the company. This is one of the drawbacks of TPPA,” Khalid added.

    Husam said while Islam encouraged trade as it promoted peace, harmony and property, it shouldn’t be controlled.

    “With the TPPA, big companies will control the economy.

    “When this happens, the people will become poor. When the people become poor, the country will become weak,” said Husam.

    Although Malaysia has yet to sign the agreement, NGOs have claimed that the Government has negotiated 19 times with the US and everything was kept in the dark.

    The TPPA is an initiative to establish a free-trade agreement among the 12 countries of the Asia-Pacific region and is open to other Apec economies.

    The 12 TPP members are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.]

    amin tan

  56. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 10:35 AM


    For Saudara Amin Tan. I appreciate your kind advice and wisdom. But Aiyo, yo ! I have to repeat the long list of financial gains which Singapore overtime had in her dealings with our beloved Malaysia. (And it was a one way street straight to the Esplanade ! ) in order to put the TPPA into context.

    1962 The Water Agreement. If the ringgit appreciated, Malaysia would have made money. But the ringgit depreciated 150% against the Singapore dollar. So, we end up delivering free water and had to pay for the delivery because the Agreement is a Sell and Re-purchase Agreement based on 1962 money values. OK.
    1972. MSA. Malaysia gave all the software except the planes to Singapore. The late Tun Dr Ismail nearly sack the 3 wisemen who negotiated the deal.
    1980. The Palm Oil Tariff with India (included for completeness sake). The Indians were sharp with the nitty gritty.
    1965-2000. When the CLOB was in operation, it was like a Hoover sucking up the Malaysian money for nearly 12 times. All I need do was to read the Straits Times for the hidden signal and could hazard a guess whether the Mart was going up or down. There were about 12 crashes during this period and anotheer 12 recoveries. From 2000-2013, there was NO crashes.
    1. We start with the loss of Pulau Batu Putih. As soon as the Tun retired, we set off to the Hague to hand over the isle to Singapore legally and in reward, all sorts of victorious claims were made by Singapore. No country in the World has done it like this. As a result, Malaysia was further hemmed along the sea border.
    2. Certain blocks of oil exploration were re-arranged (This is included for completeness sake)
    3. Saddam Hussein’s UN sanction yielded 1,000,000 barrels of oil which were re-arranged. (This is include for completeness sake).
    4. The sale and repurchase of Treasury assets to Singapore and others.
    5. A PAP cadre became the Chief Editor of the UMNO owned New Straits Times and a luscious Sime Darby contract was placed on his lap to ease his hardship tenure in KL.
    6. What we do not know, we do not know.
    7. 2013. Suddenly the TPPA dropped out. As the history unfolded, in 2008 the United States took an interest after Singapore urged it to form a larger group from that founded by Singapore in 2005 with 4 dummies to contain China. But actually, Singapore lost big time in October 2008 on Wall Street, US$108 Billions. (RM350 Billions/Malaysia Foreign Reserve 2013 US$140 Billions). TPPA IS NOT A UNITED STATES INITIATIVE. IT IS SINGAPORE’S. So, these secret negotiations had been on-going for 4 years since 2009.

    Why am I against the TPPA ? I can see the fall of the UMNO led BN in the next 14th General Elections if the Government signs this death warrant. I can see civil disorder and chaos arising from retrenched workers from our Malaysian owned factories and businesses. I can see that the Malaysian Democracy complete with the Opposition and all that are connected with it, would evolve into a form which no one can pre-determine. I can see what cannot be seen all sorts of moves to weaken our country whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    Finally, from the above check list, I cannot think of one single instance when Malaysia gained something from Singapore.

    Here is the philosophy of Singapore.

    1. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew said in the late 1960s on trading with the Communists. ‘ In trade, we may also trade with the Devil.’

    2. From his latest book, Page 87, ‘ …..I told him (Nixon) that some nations are like trees, they grow tall and straight, they do not need support. And some nations are like creepers, they depend on a tree (Malaysia) and creep up the tree (Malaysia). ‘…….

  57. Rahman 2012 Oct 11,2013 10:17 AM

    Dear Racist PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit

    History has proven that the Chinese have sacrificed lot to assist the Malays in building this nation since the dawn of Malacca Sultanate, even overwhelmingly large number of Chinese soldiers died defending this country against Siam so that Parameswara a.k.a. Sultan Iskandar Shah and the Malay can build their wealth in a safe environment, this part of our history is deliberately ignored by a racist like your good self PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit a.k.a. PERKAShit.

  58. Rahman 2012 Oct 11,2013 10:02 AM

    I agreed with Tun: Race relations in Malaysia have deteriorated and it is most likely that race relations might explode in violence one day, not by Chen Peng but possibly by the leader of a home-grown race-supremacy right-wing NGO.

  59. Puteri Tujuh Oct 11,2013 10:02 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Mubarakchan, your words were the ubats. “For my friends. As long as the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties observes the rule of the laws, implements fair and transparent policies, maintains a normal and functional bureaucracy, and eschews from making money through the GLCS (which have no accountability and raised a lot of jealousy) and focus on ruling us, there is nothing much for the Opposition can do until the 14th General Elections. And 4-5 years is a long time in Malaysian politics. The best is to avoid giving the Opposition a platform which they sorely need.”

    Thank you.

  60. amin tan Oct 11,2013 9:48 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to address Saudara Mubarakchan.
    Dear Saudara Mubarakchan,
    With due respect and high regard for you and your concern and admonition about TPPA, I am sure the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Razak and the ruling government, must have or would have taken note and move with extra caution. That is why we would not sign the TPPA until the Cabinet has gone through it in small details, the parliament has debated it and the rakyat has pin pointed the unfavourable and offensive terms and conditions of TPPA agreement. We would only sign TPPA that is favourable to us and safe guard our national interests. That is what was reported in the news as i have reproduced in my foregoing comments. Please let us have faith in the wisdom and competency of our beloved Prime Minister and his BN government.

    amin tan

  61. wajaperak Oct 11,2013 9:39 AM

    Tun saya mohon keizinan..

    “You know who”…:)

    Saya sudah makan ubat berkualiti..he..he..
    Now calm down..calm down..
    When you consumed this tablet Artane (trihexyphenidyl HCl) 2mg bd…

    Artane (trihexyphenidyl) is an antispasmodic drug used to treat the stiffness, tremors, spasms, and poor muscle control of Parkinson’s disease. It is also used to treat and prevent the same muscular conditions when they are caused by certain drugs. It is available as tablets and an elixir for oral administration. Possible side effects can include dry mouth, nervousness, drowsiness, large pupils, blurred vision, or upset stomach. Other side effects may also occur.

    Aha..It showed in your writing in Tun blog..:)

    It is not known whether trihexyphenidyl will be harmful to an unborn baby. It is also not known whether this drug is excreted in human milk. Alcohol may increase drowsiness and dizziness while taking trihexyphenidyl.

    This I can safely verify that HBT will nothing to worry about..:)

    Our Artane Side Effects Drug Center provides a comprehensive view of available drug information on the potential side effects when taking this medication.

    Now..we monitor those patient in our community enviroment..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  62. hafizkenedelete Oct 11,2013 9:34 AM

    Slam Tun.
    Izinkan saya lempang lagi muka aso nyanyuk ni.

    Hei ahso sohai…

    Seperti yang selalu I beritahu sama u, pemuda umno ka, pemuda bn ka, atau pemuda2 terencat akal yang pergi demonstrasi jalanan itu bukanlah majoriti pemuda dan kaum muda di Malaysia…

    Dan lawatan John Kerry ataupun ‘orang cina itu hardwork’ takda kaitan dengan kaum muda di Malaysia , u ialah orang penakut yang suka libatkan orang lain untuk backup kata2 u yang busuk dan racist itu..

    Siapa itu Anwar Ibrahim,?! Si apa itu lim Guan Eng atau sapa2 saja hero u?? Sory I dan kawan2 I tak kenal sama mereka, mereka tidak penting, lagi beberapa tahun mereka akan mati nanti sakit tua, jadi ini negara kaum muda akan take over. Ahso macam u lagi cepat mati baik u pergi bakar colok kasi semayang mntak tuhan panjang umur. Sudah tua baik jaga hal sendiri jangan sibuk mau cakap sana sini nanti anak cucu benci sama u… Owh I lupa , u takda family pasal muka buruk, busuk dan mulut berbau cirit berkudis.

    Apa u suka menyalak macam itu empat kaki??? Nanti mama u dlam kubur dia bangun menangis tengok u.., Kami orang Islam tak perlu pendapat u berkenaan rezeki dan cari makan, Tuhan ada maa..
    Owh lagi lupa, u kafir mana tau itu semua..

    Lagi satu kali I bgtau sma u, kalau memang u itu bodoh @sohai tak payah cakap, u bikin I mau gelak selalu sma kawan I wajaperak , orang baca comment u semua tahu hal ini, lagi mau tunjuk sama semua rakyat Malaysia yang u bodoh, sebelum meninggal dulu nejek wa ada pesan, kalau bodoh, tinggalkan itu bodoh dekat rumah, takpayah kasi tau sama orang lain, Sekian karangan saya Cikgu.

    Dr penulis Cincai Cincai

  63. HBT456 Oct 11,2013 7:17 AM

    I am glad to know that tun dr mm has learned to move on by turning down the protest organized by samm adam apanama when anwar ibrahim is hitting your kids again and again dengan permainan politik ketuanan melayu macam kita ini takut sangat dengan mereka. Biarlah negeri mereka berhujan berbatu, biarlah kuala lumpur kita hujan beremas. Today, we are mature, bukan childish macam mubarak chan ini yang suka2 merajuk pabika emosi mereka di doidoikan. Saya dah makan ubat bermutu tinggi, wajaperak dah makan ubat yang berqualiti belum? Let the show begins when john kerry is here in malaysia for official visit. Pkr nak mainkan peranan mereka ini memperjuangkan untuk rakyat susah dan miskin, biarlah saja kerana malaysia adalah negara demokratik. Ada tanah, takda pembeli, susah jugak. Well, siapakah mereka yang makan cili, mereka lah yang pasti rasa pedas. Have a pleasant day, yab tun dr mm.

  64. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 6:46 AM


    For Saudara Amin Tan. For myself, a person must make a stand. I could have runaway to Canada, the US (I think I can go there anytime) OZ, India, China and UK anytime before this. I decided I stay and contribute quietly. Because then, I would have run forever and forever. There would be no end to this caper.

  65. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 6:39 AM


    Saudara. I have been a loyal and staunch supporter of the Alliance/BN Government since 1957. And I am related to the brillliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, through my elder brother’s marriage to his only sister in October 1951. The PAP was founded in 1955.


    As citizens, we all have a duty and responsibility towards our beloved Malaysia. The TPPA will finish all of us, no doubt about it. Why is China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and The Philippines out of it ? In fact, the whole thing stinks !

    I appreciate your advice, Saudara.

  66. amin tan Oct 11,2013 1:58 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to address Mr Mubarakchan who vehemently opposes TPPA. I hereby quote the Prime Minister as reported in the Utusan Malaysia as below,

    [[NUSA DUA (BALI) 8 Okt. – Malaysia sama sekali bukan ‘pak turut’ dalam rundingan Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik (TPPA) sebaliknya terlibat memberi input dan pandangan berasaskan kepentingan negara dalam proses untuk menentukan kerangka perdagangan bebas dunia yang baru itu, tegas Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Perdana Menteri turut menekankan sekali lagi bahawa tiada paksaan kepada 12 negara yang merundingi TPPA termasuk Malaysia untuk memuktamadkan perjanjian itu sebelum hujung tahun ini.

    “Kita bukan ‘pak turut’. Dalam rundingan itu, memang saya bersuara tegas menyatakan pendirian kita dalam hal ini. Kita tidak menjadi pak turut sama sekali. Itu tidak benar. Kita masuk dengan kerelaan hati kerana kita merupakan antara negara perdagangan yang terbesar di dunia.

    “Sebab itu kita ada kepentingan masuk sebagai rakan TPPA supaya kita ada peluang untuk menentukan kerangka perdagangan bebas dunia yang baru. Sebab ia dalam proses untuk menggariskan peraturan perdagangan bebas dunia pada masa depan.

    “Kalau kita tidak terlibat dalam rundingan itu maka kita tidak ada peluang untuk memberi input dan pandangan kita dalam kita mencorakkan masa depan perdagangan bebas dunia.

    Jadi sekarang ini, Malaysia adalah sebahagian daripada anggota (TPPA) dan kita ada hak untuk berbuat demikian,” katanya kepada wartawan Malaysia sejurus selesai menghadiri mesyuarat TPPA yang diadakan di luar Sidang Kemuncak Kerjasama Ekonomi Asia Pasifik (APEC) Ke-21 di sini hari ini.

    Perdana Menteri menyangkal dakwaan sesetengah pihak kononnya Malaysia hanya mengikut telunjuk negara lain yang mahukan perjanjian itu dimuktamadkan segera sebaliknya menegaskan kerajaan konsisten dengan pendirian bahawa kepentingan nasional menjadi keutamaan.

    “Bukan bererti kita akan terima segala-galanya. Saya sudah katakan berkali-kali dan Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed pun sudah ulangi bahawa kita tidak akan korbankan kepentingan nasional.

    “Maknanya kita hendak TPPA tetapi TPPA yang tidak mengorbankan kepentingan nasional,” tegasnya.
    Perdana Menteri mengulangi secara prinsipnya Malaysia tidak ada masalah dalam soal perdagangan dan pelaburan kerana mempunyai rekod yang cemerlang dalam dua bidang utama itu namun terdapat sensitiviti dalam aspek-aspek tertentu yang bersangkut paut soal kedaulatan negara dan hak untuk menentukan dasar-dasar tempatan.

    Ini termasuk katanya, soal pemerolehan kerajaan, syarikat milik kerajaan, penyelesaian pertikaian dan harta intelek (IPR).

    “Saya perlu terangkan kepada Kabinet, selepas itu rakyat Malaysia dan disusuli perbahasan di Parlimen. Jadi ini adalah proses domestik yang perlu kita lalui,” katanya.]

    Dear Mr Mubarakchan,
    The Prime Minister and his Cabinet know what they are doing with regards to TPPA. THE ABOVE newspaper report is self explanatory. With regards to Singapore, our current BN government is on friendly terms with them as two sovereign nations with mutual respect. We should support our government of the day as a legally elected government and trust their wisdom and competency in the conduct of international relations and agreement.

    amin tan

  67. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 12:14 AM


    From a general viewpoint, it is clear if a person collates all that happened in our beloved Malaysia after 2003 with the activities of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed 10 Policies for Singapore and the conundrum in our Malaysian democratic politics, a terrible, terrible picture emerges of how this horrible TPPA was orchestrated from the REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE AT THE EXPENSE OF A PERFECTLY INNOCENT AND GOOD NATION AND ALL ITS INHABITANTS AND THEIR LIVES – centuries of it. I sincerely hope HOLISTIC MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSTION TAKE NOTE AND DO NOT BE USED BY FOREIGNERS WITH SMILING FACES AND 19 HOLES OF GOLF – to kill your own people who have done you no harm.

  68. mubarakchan Oct 11,2013 12:03 AM


    Red hot news from Singapore’s independent Blog. 10/10/2013. Yesterday, I was able to provide solid evidence that the TPPA is a SINGAPORE SHOW WHICH BEGAN IN 2005 INITIATED BY SINGAPORE WITH 3 DUMMIES. Quote Tremeritus which furnished this JAPANESE PETITION AGAINST THE TPPA. “The Trans-Pacific Partnership and its Critics. An introduction and a petition.” Sachie Mizohata and the Association of University Faculties. Quote. “Although the TPP negotiations have been held in the name of the public, the draft texts have been shrouded in secrecy not only from the public, but also members of the Diet……REPORTEDLY THE COUNTRIES HAVE SIGNED UP NOT TO REVEAL THE CONTENTS OF THE AGREEMENT FOR FOUR YEARS AFTER THE SIGNING OF THE AGREEMENT.”……..Biizarrely, the TPP makes a special exception to ” a group of some 600 trade ‘advisers’ DOMINATED BY REPRESENTATIVES OF BIG BUSINESS (Singapore Inc. and Temasek ?). The TPP is a Trojan Horse (like the DAP), branded as a “free trade ” agreement BUT HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH FAIR AND EQUITABLE TREATMENT. In reality, it is precisely “a wish list of the 1% – WORLDWIDE CORPORATE POWER (Singapore Inc. and Temasek) “, Only 5 of its 29 chapters cover traditional trade matters, like tariffs or quotas. THE OTHER CHAPTERS ENSHRINE NEW RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES FOR MAJOR CORPORATIONS WHILE WEAKENING THE POWER OF NATION STATES TO OPPOSE THEM.” (I said the TPPA open the floodgate to manufactured goods via Singapore and kill of Malaysian Bumi and non-Bumi businesses previously). As the Japanese people have increasingly become concerned about its potential implications……..some groups have voiced their opposition to the TTP. THE 2005 TRANS-PACIFIC STRATEGIC ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (TESEP or P4) IS A CONTROVERSIAL FREE TRADE AGREEMENT AMONG BRUNEI, CHILE, NEW ZEALAND AND SINGAPORE (the Promoter). It aims to further liberalise the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. (AS CLEAR AS CRYSTAL, THE PHANTOM HAND OF SINGAPORE IN PLAY BUT IT WAS ONLY AFTER THE HORRENDOUS CRASH OF THE LOSS OF US$108 BILLIONS (RM350 BILLIONS) THAT SINGAPORE WAS FORCED TO ACHIEVE THIS DEVIOUS AND CROOKED PLAN TO DO IN AND CONQUER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WITH THE BIGGEST FELLA IN THE WORLD TO SAVE LEE KUAN YEW’S LEGACY in 2010 !)…………These on-going negotiations have drawn criticism and protest from the public, advocacy groups, and elected officials, in part due to the secrecy of the negotiations, the expansive scope of the agreement, AND A NUMBER OF CONTROVERSIAL CLAUSES IN DRAFTS LEAKED TO THE PUBLIC.



    Up front, smiling faces and 19 rounds of golf. Within our jurisdiction, the FULL FORCE OF THEIR COHORTS, DIGITS AND BN DETRACTORS ARE IN VOCIFEROUS PLAY TO DISTRACT AND DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE HOLISTIC AUTHORITIES AWAY FROM THIS TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE KILLER WEAPON, TPPA AGAINST OUR BELOVE MALAYSIA. I am so very certain that by signing this terrible terrible TPPA by the BN Government it is going to be death for all of us, once and for all.


    Inshallah, Tun, for returning fit as a fiddle and saving us from a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH AND DEFINITELY WORSE THAN 1962 ! This TPPA will definitely spell the death knell of the Malays, the non-Malays, the BN Government, the Royal Sultanates, our Life-style, our Malaysian Democracy etc and more.


  69. mubarakchan Oct 10,2013 6:25 PM


    For my friends. As long as the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties observes the rule of the laws, implements fair and transparent policies, maintains a normal and functional bureaucracy, and eschews from making money through the GLCS (which have no accountability and raised a lot of jealousy) and focus on ruling us, there is nothing much for the Opposition can do until the 14th General Elections. And 4-5 years is a long time in Malaysian politics. The best is to avoid giving the Opposition a platform which they sorely need.

  70. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 10,2013 4:23 PM

    Salam Tun,

    One very clever Chinaman is Zairil Khir Johari. Not a single drop of Malay blood in his veins yet DAP wants to convince the rakyat they are multiracial. Pity how his REAL father must feel as his own flesh and blood uses another man’s name. Drop his father’s water face man!

    These DAP shitheads who cannot even count CEC votes properly trying to hoodwink Malays are ample proof of their deceitful and conniving nature. Just ask Tunku Aziz what he thinks of LGE attempted bribery to keep Tunku from leaving the party.

    One very clever Benggali is Kapal Singh. In 1997 he was the first person to call Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim (B.A.B.I) ‘peliwat’ in Parliament but defended B.A.B.I. in the Saiful liwat case. Hahaha talk about the double headed lion of Jelutong!

    The Chinese are the real racists. Point proven in Gelang Patah. No use denying or trying to spin grandmother tales.

    Even when history has proven that the Malays have sacrificed a lot to accommodate the Chinese in building this nation, even when overwhelmingly Malay soldiers died defending this country so that the Chinese can build their wealth in a safe environment, this part of our history is deliberately ignored by the Chinese.

    Do you know the term for ‘melayu’ in Hokkien? It is degrading and just reflects the Chinese mentality.



  71. mubarakchan Oct 10,2013 1:36 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman/, The On, mnmn, yusof12, saxykorma, the rocket scientist from Singapore and those who wish to create dissension, disorder, chaos amongst us peace-loving Malaysians. The Malays are Malays, they are not Chinese. The Chinese are Chinese, they are not Malays. The Indians are Indians. They are Indians. etc. As long as we in our mindsets think like-wise, we should not fit anybody into our mind-sets. Every one is different from each other. Once we understand this, there is no problem.

    The Swiss Confederation is over 800 years old. There is the German Swiss, the French Swiss, the Italian Swiss and the Romansch Swiss (descendants of the Roman Legions which deserted Rome 2,000 years ago and holed up in the high Swiss Alps). To this day, they stlll quarrel amongst themselves and say bad things behind each others backs. This is why they have National Referendums on issues no matter how small it is. This is cheaper than having the Swiss Parliament to dissolve every time the Government is defeated on controversial issues.

    What say you all you Singaporeans ? I thought in the early 1970s, your hero tried to turn the Republic into a Swiss enclave, turning Ang Mo Kio into the Bernese Oberland etc and found your one street town would just fit into the largest Swiss lake, Lake Geneva or 1/3 of Lake Baikal, Siberia !

  72. maitangni Oct 10,2013 11:44 AM

    Yang dikasihi Tun,
    Recently I was at Masjid Puchong Perdana for Isha prayers. It was most heartening to see that among the jemaah was a Chinese Muslim family bringing along even their grand daughter, praying together with us in unison. In this respect, I am of the opinion that some of the chauvinistic and kiasu comments here does not reflect the characters of most Chinese Muslims, Christians and Buddhists in Malaysia. I hope comments in your distinguished blog remain ‘distinguished’ and should strictly adhere towards solving nation building instead of race rhetoric. Wassalam.

  73. Puteri Tujuh Oct 10,2013 11:41 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Mubarakchan, It seems that they really scared to Zahid Hamidi and Ali Rustam. Everyday they tried to put all sort of such bad things to them especially in their media news and RBAs here. They put Zahid such as ganster etc etc. Ambiga persuaded MCA and MIC to quit from BN because of that. But it was ok for them to call other peoples as “anjing”. When we call them “monyet” they marah pula. And yet they yelled about fairness.

    They will attacked Zahid and Ali Rustam until the end of UMNO Election.

    Salam Tun.

  74. mubarakchan Oct 10,2013 11:36 AM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. You are not the original with the enumerated one-liners which confirms you are a plant here to create dissension on sensitive topics. However, since you did not insult me personally this time and this does not mean I have forgiven you as an uncouth animal from Singapore, I will answer to your intimidating and racist comment which does not do us Malaysians any good. Here goes.

    I asked my friends, ‘Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ? They are all very clever. are’nt they ?’ My friends would nod their heads in agreement. I continued, ‘However, you have met some Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid ?’ They would all look in bewilderment. Then. I would roll out a few household names. Then, they would all laugh with a roar.

    Of course, a very clever Chinaman who is stupid is your very own hero whom you love to kiss both his feet.

  75. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 10,2013 11:21 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I would just like to highlight a personal experience where one company I encountered was 100% Malays of about 130 staff and subsidiary of a Public Listed company belonging to a wealthy Chinese family. Proof can be given upon request.
    This 100% Malay run company is literally the cash cow for the parent company year in year out for 9 straight years till now. While other Chinese run subsidiaries are barely keeping afloat, the Malay run company is doing well and in fact covering up for the losses incurred by the others.
    There are many cases of competent Malay managers working for Chinese companies who are actually better than their counterparts. It is only the ugly Chinese trickery and play of perceptions mindset that sought to portray Malays as incompetent.
    Just like that certain incoherent babbling fool that infests this esteemed blog. You know who you are.

    DAPshit @ Wow Anwar’s new cosmetic surgery look!

  76. HBT456 Oct 10,2013 4:13 AM

    Mubarak chan, all these years chinese do not anti policies bn by hiring only malays in the government sector because we know they are slow and god fearing. But the awareness built by bersih made us understand that umno/bn can play dirty via rasuah in the past by promising these culprits good positions or projects in government. Kerajaan bn is aging, therefore, those who take anti-tppa in the streets are non other than young melayu, thanks to agenda bumiputra nationalisma. To the malays, they said chinese is kommunis, but in bn only umno and mic have puteri and putera wings ala red bean army. Who is the master mind, mubarak? Yang rugi punya adalah bn, kaum indian dan melayu, chinese like us have nothing to loose because we are willing to work hard and smart by doing things that melayu cant do.

  77. mubarakchan Oct 9,2013 11:47 PM


    How many of us, Malaysians, realize that our beloved Malaysia has an enduring and resilient democracy which we developed from zero base after Merdeka in 1957 just 56 short years ago or when the British left us to our own devices. When the British left politically, they were still very much around economically, controlling 70% of our best assets in rubber, tin, finance, trade and real property etc.
    Through yourself, Tun and the returned Malay students in the 1960s it was soon realised that the Malays were not the owners of their own country. And compounded by the brash and raucous PAP led by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore after the establishment of Malaysia, which wanted control of the Government as well under the guise of their slogan, “Malaysia for Malaysians.” We would have ended up Malays owning assets 5% and Malays with political power of less than 50%. The NEP had to come sometime and it did through the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. And eventually, all the British commercial interests were bought up at market prices by Government led agencies especially this gained momentum at the beginning of your Prime Ministership, Tun.
    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP founded in 1966 by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s proxies had always in the Opposition. Strangely, the DAP wallows in Opposition in direct contradiction to any political party which is normally founded to rule a country. The DAP is now over 47 long years in the Opposition together with the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS.
    The whole Malaysian democratic fabric is more or less complete with a ruling incumbent group of parties being opposed by another group of well-established parties of different ilk in their radical beliefs.
    Apart from the authoritarian States of Asia, where else can we find such a complete political scenario of two evenly matched groupings battling for Putrajaya through the democratic electoral process. If any foreigner wants an explanation. they do not need to go to Singapore but come to the Kuala Lumpur Office of the BN to know more about our Malaysian Democracy in action and in practice.
    The Tail Wags the Dog Strategy of Singapore has failed as the years go by without any tangible result except for a short spell after 2003. Through this undesirable experience of sleeping with an uninvited guest, it is time we Malaysians grow up and know about what city-slickers can do to us especially after 19 holes of golf.
    How true is the hackneyed saying, ‘ BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS ‘ !


  78. Puteri Tujuh Oct 9,2013 9:27 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Salam Tuan Amin Tan,

    Tiada lah puji-pujian itu. Terima kasih diatas doa Tuan itu untuk negara ini. Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah.


  79. amin tan Oct 9,2013 6:15 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Izinkan saya petik daripada utusan Malaysia satu berita menarik seperti di bawah,

    [NUSA DUA (BALI) 8 Okt. – Malaysia sama sekali bukan ‘pak turut’ dalam rundingan Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik (TPPA) sebaliknya terlibat memberi input dan pandangan berasaskan kepentingan negara dalam proses untuk menentukan kerangka perdagangan bebas dunia yang baru itu, tegas Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Perdana Menteri turut menekankan sekali lagi bahawa tiada paksaan kepada 12 negara yang merundingi TPPA termasuk Malaysia untuk memuktamadkan perjanjian itu sebelum hujung tahun ini.

    “Kita bukan ‘pak turut’. Dalam rundingan itu, memang saya bersuara tegas menyatakan pendirian kita dalam hal ini. Kita tidak menjadi pak turut sama sekali. Itu tidak benar. Kita masuk dengan kerelaan hati kerana kita merupakan antara negara perdagangan yang terbesar di dunia.

    “Sebab itu kita ada kepentingan masuk sebagai rakan TPPA supaya kita ada peluang untuk menentukan kerangka perdagangan bebas dunia yang baru. Sebab ia dalam proses untuk menggariskan peraturan perdagangan bebas dunia pada masa depan.

    “Kalau kita tidak terlibat dalam rundingan itu maka kita tidak ada peluang untuk memberi input dan pandangan kita dalam kita mencorakkan masa depan perdagangan bebas dunia.

    Jadi sekarang ini, Malaysia adalah sebahagian daripada anggota (TPPA) dan kita ada hak untuk berbuat demikian,” katanya kepada wartawan Malaysia sejurus selesai menghadiri mesyuarat TPPA yang diadakan di luar Sidang Kemuncak Kerjasama Ekonomi Asia Pasifik (APEC) Ke-21 di sini hari ini.

    Perdana Menteri menyangkal dakwaan sesetengah pihak kononnya Malaysia hanya mengikut telunjuk negara lain yang mahukan perjanjian itu dimuktamadkan segera sebaliknya menegaskan kerajaan konsisten dengan pendirian bahawa kepentingan nasional menjadi keutamaan.

    “Bukan bererti kita akan terima segala-galanya. Saya sudah katakan berkali-kali dan Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed pun sudah ulangi bahawa kita tidak akan korbankan kepentingan nasional.

    “Maknanya kita hendak TPPA tetapi TPPA yang tidak mengorbankan kepentingan nasional,” tegasnya.

    Justeru Najib menjelaskan walaupun TPPA menetapkan objektif pada hujung tahun ini, sasaran itu tidak semestinya dicapai sebaliknya mungkin dilanjutkan sekiranya ada isu-isu tertentu yang penting yang tidak dapat diputuskan dalam tempoh masa tersebut.

    Perdana Menteri mengulangi secara prinsipnya Malaysia tidak ada masalah dalam soal perdagangan dan pelaburan kerana mempunyai rekod yang cemerlang dalam dua bidang utama itu namun terdapat sensitiviti dalam aspek-aspek tertentu yang bersangkut paut soal kedaulatan negara dan hak untuk menentukan dasar-dasar tempatan.

    Ini termasuk katanya, soal pemerolehan kerajaan, syarikat milik kerajaan, penyelesaian pertikaian dan harta intelek (IPR).

    Menurut Najib, beliau juga telah memaklumkan pada mesyuarat TPPA tentang proses domestik yang perlu dilalui oleh Malaysia sejajar dengan pendirian kerajaan untuk bersikap telus dalam isu itu.

    “Saya perlu terangkan kepada Kabinet, selepas itu rakyat Malaysia dan disusuli perbahasan di Parlimen. Jadi ini adalah proses domestik yang perlu kita lalui,” katanya.

    Menurutnya, anggota TPPA lain memahami pendirian Malaysia itu walaupun kebanyakan negara terlibat mahu ia dimuktamadkan secepat mungkin kerana tidak mahu menyekat momentum tambahan pula mereka tidak ada cabaran dan sensitiviti seperti Malaysia.

    “Kita di Malaysia ada sensitiviti tertentu. Mereka faham dan saya sudah minta Tok Pa (Mustapa) dan pegawai-pegawai yang terlibat dalam proses ini untuk merundingkan perkara ini berdasarkan kepentingan Malaysia,” jelasnya.

    TPPA menjadi isu yang cukup kontroversi sejak idea pembentukannya yang ketika itu dikenali sebagai Perjanjian Perkongsian Strategik Ekonomi Trans-Pasifik atau P4 bermatlamat meliberalisasi ekonomi rantau Asia Pasifik digerakkan oleh Brunei, Chile, New Zealand dan Singapura pada 2005.

    Malaysia menyertai rundingan TPPA pada 2010. Rundingan tersebut kini diperluaskan meliputi 12 anggota.

    Negara lain yang turut menyertai rundingan TPPA ialah Australia, Vietnam, Mexico, Kanada, Peru, Amerika Syarikat dan Jepun. – UTUSAN]

    Jangan kita pertikai kewibawaan dan kaliber YAB Perdana Menteri kita, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dalam urusan perundingan perjanjian antara bangsa TPPA. Jangan pula kita yang kurang arif bermuka2 seolah2 kita serba tahu. Wallahu alam bisawab.

    amin tan

  80. amin tan Oct 9,2013 3:54 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Izinkan saya petik comment Puteri Tujuh seperti di bawah,

    [Puteri Tujuh
    October 9, 2013 at 10:38 AM | Permalink
    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Salam Sibotak, izinkan saya.

    Sibotak, Zahid tidak berkawan dengan ganster tetapi Hock Beng Teoh melompat terjun tingkap kerana takut dengan ganster. Tuduh SPRM pula ganster ( the right spelling actually is gangster. Saya pakai tablet). Ali Rostam kalah kerana memfitnah Cina. Cina disana sebenarnya adalah kaum yang sangat baik dan tidak pernah berjudi pun.

    Sibotak, sebenarnya kerajaan Malaysia tidak pernah pun bankrupt samada dahulu atau sekarang. Berbagai projek besar telah dan sedang berjalan seperti projek double tracks, MRT, Pan Borneo highway, etc etc dan gaji pun dengar prompt tiada masalah. Siap kata kerajaan Malaysia bankrupt? Pak Lah kata? Melayu lagi…

    Saya setuju dengan komrad Mubarakchan “By making a lot of noise about the incumbent BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties by Singapore’s cohorts, AN ATTEMPT IS MADE TO SHOW TO FOREIGNERS THAT ALL IS NOT WELL IN MALAYSIA. In fact, this is far far from the truth. THAT IS THE INCUMBENT BN GOVERNMENT AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES IS DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB.”

    Salam Tun]

    Saya ucapkan tahniah kepada Puteri Tujuh kerana kesetiaan kepada negara dan paling penting tidak bersifat perkauman iaitu tidak membenci kaum lain. Anda ialah seorang insan islam yang sungguh mulia dan baik hati. Saya berdoa semoga Allah melindungi Melayu Islam sejati lagi mulia seperti anda dan Malaysia senantiasa aman, damai harmoni di kalangan rakyat yang berbilang kaum tanpa sengketa dan permusuhan.

    amin tan

  81. mubarakchan Oct 9,2013 1:00 PM


    Reflecting on the present conundrum of super powers tussling for influence in the Asia Pacific, this also confirms the enduring nature of your ‘Look East’ Policy to be friends with all the nations with a Japan bias. We do not want to be caught up with the giants neither do we want to be left out of proper and holistic decisions which concern our destiny. This is where your promotion of the ‘Look East’ Policy still holds sway to this day if not more so. And this Policy fits in nicely with the diverse nature of our populace with a dash of neutral Switzerland too.

  82. wajaperak Oct 9,2013 12:08 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.Moga diizinkan ruangan.

    Sebenarnya saya ini seorang yang bodoh.Oleh itu jika cerita saya ini tidak menepati tajuk posting Chin Peng ini maka maafkanlah sahaja saya..

    Pada suatu masa dahulu kawan saya Encik M ( Pesara Pegawai Waran ) pernah masuk hutan RAMD ( Rejimen Askar Melayu Di Raja ) untuk memburu pengganas kominis yang membunuh ‘sepasukan tentera kita’.Mereka begitu bersemangat untuk menuntut bela sehingga di panggil CO ( Commanding Officer ) pun mereka tak mahu keluar hutan.

    Saya menceritakan kepada Encik M bahawa dengan pandangan mata hati kita dapat melihat beberapa perkara yang tersirat.Ini adalah sebagaimana yang di maksudkan oleh Imam Ghazali bahawa mereka yang tidak dapat melihat dengan mata hati adalah memegang iman seperti kulit sahaja.

    Satu contoh yang saya dapat buktikan kepada dia bahawa di suatu pagi Jumaat beliau menggunakan jalan ‘bendang’ iaitu sawah padi.Saya dapat merasakan dari getaran udara bahawa bahawa beliaulah orangnya.Jarak di antara kami subuh itu ialah kira-kira 50 meter.
    Beliau menyangka ilmu ini biasa sahaja berbanding apa yang saya telah tunjukkan dengan ‘membaca’ hasrat hatinya.

    Saya terangkan kepadanya ilmu ini adalah lebih tinggi dari ilmu-ilmu yang lain yang pernah saya terangkan kepada beliau.Oleh itu apabila saya cuba pergi kepada tahap seterusnya
    ( Hikmat Iman Peringkat ke 2 ) dengan memberitahu bahawa PAS adalah pendusta agama beliau terus melenting..

    Mike ni penyokong kerajaan..PAS adalah mereka yang mahukan Islam ( Hakkptui ) bla..bla..

    Saya amat marah kerana Encik M telah menunjukkan bakat yang membolehkan ilmu yang seterusnya boleh di ajar kepada beliau.Contohnya di mana ayat-ayat Fatihah yang di bacakan beliau lalu di sapukan ke lututnya melegakan beliau dari penyakit Gout selama seminggu sahaja.Pencapaian ini adalah hebat kerana ianya di ajar oleh seorang Hafiz kepada saya di mana beliau berjaya melegakan kesakitan hanya setelah mengamalkan 3 bulan!..

    Saya tertanya-tanya mengapa?
    Rupanya-rupanya Allah Maha Pemurah lagi Amat Penyayang.
    Mereka yang beramal mengikut kemampuan abid di berikan kefahaman abid tetapi mereka yang mengamalkan kefahaman alim ( ilmu ) diberikan kefahaman ilmu..

    Sebab itu Tun jangan hairan jika orang-orang seperti dtan boleh mendakwa mereka hafal ayat-ayat Al Quran.Kefahaman ini kerana takdir yang mengikut abid..Kesucian kefahaman ilmu adalah di nafikan bagi mereka-mereka ini seperti yang di maklumkan kepada kita di dalam Surah Al Waqiah..

    Tun..Dalam kisah itu pasukan tentera kita di serang pengganas kominis.Dua orang berjaya melarikan diri dan bersembunyi di dalam ‘kelubung’ di dalam sebuat parit.Pihak pengganas menghujani kelubung itu dengan tembakan-tembakan dan seorang pengganas menyatakan “ mati tu”..Saksi hidup tentera inilah yang menceritakan kepada kita apa yang telah berlaku..

    Dari penceritaan ini saya dapat menelah dan menaakul bahawa dendam adalah punca utama serangan ini.Encik M bertanya “Mana saya tahu?”..

    Ini adalah asas kefahaman ilmu dengan melihat kesan-kesan “cause and effect” seperti yang di sebutkan di dalam Al Quran..

    Muhammad 30.
    Dan sekiranya Kami kehendaki, tentulah Kami akan memperkenalkan mereka kepadamu (wahai Muhammad), lalu engkau tetap mengenalinya dengan tanda-tanda (yang menjadi sifat) mereka; dan demi sesungguhnya, engkau akan mengenali mereka dari gaya dan tutur katanya. Dan (ingatlah kamu masing-masing), Allah mengetahui segala yang kamu lakukan.

    Tun..tepatlah apa yang di perkatakan oleh Al Quran cuma kita mesti sabar dan tetap memberi peringatan kerana

    Az Zariyat 55.
    “Dan tetaplah memberi peringatan, karena sesungguhnya peringatan itu bermanfaat bagi orang-orang yang beriman”

    Terima kasih Tun.

  83. mubarakchan Oct 9,2013 11:15 AM


    To further confirm your comments on the TPPA and for all Bloggers especially The On, Dont Be Small Minded, the rocket scientist from Singapore, mnmn, yusof12. saxykumar, HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. HERE IS THE SECOND REAL CONFIRMATION OF SINGAPORE’S INTENTION WITH THE TPPA to conquer our beloved Malaysia.

    Channelnewsasia 6posted. 7 October 2013 ” TITLE. US must stay engaged in region. PM Lee.” His Excellency the Prime Minister of Singapore was all for the Americans in front of the President of China. Quote. ……’China cannot be the only story in Asia…….” There we have the encouragement for the United States to actively participate in Asia-Pacific through the TPPA from the horse’s mouth so to speak. And in so doing with subtle pressure, OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ,HIS EXCELLENCY HOPES, WILL BE DRAGGED INTO SIGNING HER OWN DEATH WARRANT.



  84. Puteri Tujuh Oct 9,2013 10:38 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Salam Sibotak, izinkan saya.

    Maksud komen cik Menara Kuala Lumpur ialah ianya halal apabila Singapura mengenakan berbagai cukai kepada rakyat Johor yg masuk negeri itu bagi memperkayakan kerajaan dan rakyat Cina, Melayu Singapura. Tetapi ianya bangsat pula jika mengenakan cukai pada rakyat Singapura yang memasuki Johor untuk memberi sekarung beras kepada Melayu Johor. Alas, Melayu Johor tak hingin pun duit rakyat Singapore tu.

    Sibotak, Zahid tidak berkawan dengan ganster tetapi Hock Beng Teoh melompat terjun tingkap kerana takut dengan ganster. Tuduh SPRM pula ganster ( the right spelling actually is gangster. Saya pakai tablet). Ali Rostam kalah kerana memfitnah Cina. Cina disana sebenarnya adalah kaum yang sangat baik dan tidak pernah berjudi pun.

    Sibotak, sebenarnya kerajaan Malaysia tidak pernah pun bankrupt samada dahulu atau sekarang. Berbagai projek besar telah dan sedang berjalan seperti projek double tracks, MRT, Pan Borneo highway, etc etc dan gaji pun dengar prompt tiada masalah. Siap kata kerajaan Malaysia bankrupt? Pak Lah kata? Melayu lagi…

    Saya setuju dengan komrad Mubarakchan “By making a lot of noise about the incumbent BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties by Singapore’s cohorts, AN ATTEMPT IS MADE TO SHOW TO FOREIGNERS THAT ALL IS NOT WELL IN MALAYSIA. In fact, this is far far from the truth. THAT IS THE INCUMBENT BN GOVERNMENT AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES IS DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB.”

    Salam Tun

  85. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 9,2013 10:35 AM

    Salam Tun,

    For friends and foe alike on this esteemed blog,

    No need for us to entertain that certain incoherent meaningless babbling ol fart pretending to support BN one time then PR the other.
    As we can clearly ascertain from this fool’s writings which consist of ambigious ramblings at best and downright confusing at worst, it is better just to ignore HBT456 hehehe.

    BTW for the conniving Datok Ambabiga, any comments on the DAP CEC fiasco? How come 851 delegates did not get invitations for the voting?

    DAPshit @ The twin headed lion of Jelutong

  86. mubarakchan Oct 9,2013 9:50 AM


    THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TPPA IS NOW OUT. IT IS A SINGAPORE SHOW NOT A UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SHOW. See how secret diplomatic moves were made by Singapore in their own devious interest but hyped as ‘ A UNITED STATES CONTAINMENT OF CHINA POLICY ‘ forcing the Americans to TAKE UP THEIR CUDGEL in Singapore’s interest but actually to KILL OFF THE MALAYS, UMNO, THE NON-MALAYS, MALAYSIAN DEMOCRACY AND THE ROYAL SULTANATES AND OUR WAY OF LIFE. ‘ to save the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore legacy of a lifetime. Stupid. Please don’t do it.

  87. mubarakchan Oct 9,2013 9:41 AM


    For all Bloggers especially for the pro-Lee Kuan Yew The On, Do Not Be Small Minded, MNMN, yusof12, saxykumar, the rocket scientist from Singapore, HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. Sorry this comment is not in the TPPA as there are so many comments there.

    SCREAMING HEADLINES FROM THE STAR 9TH OCTOBER 2013 PAGE 4 under ‘TPP to be debated…..’ Column 4, Para 2. Quote in full. ” THE TPP PROPOSED BY SINGAPORE, BRUNEI, CHILE AND NEW ZEALAND IN 2005 GAINED A STRONG MOMENTUM AFTER THE UNITED STATES GAVE SUPPORT THREE YEARS LATER. ” As I suspect all along that such a brazen move to kill off the Malays, the UMNO, the non-Malays, the way of life-style we all love, and our Malaysian Democracy with its Royal Sultanates etc and conquer our beloved Malaysia. THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR BY AN APPARENT INNOCENT TRADE AGREEMENT CAN ONLY COME FROM THE DEPTHS OF A DEVIOUS MIND IN SINGAPORE. Why ? Because Singapore has the MOTIVE, like in a murder mystery. NONE OF THE OTHER 11 COUNTRIES HAS THE MOTIVE TO CONQUER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA THE CHEAPEST WAY POSSIBLE WITH THE MAXIMUM GAIN TO HERSELF.
    The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore did not expect the following when he NEARLY HAD THE CONQUERED MALAYSIA WITHIN HIS GRASP TO SAVE HIS FAILED LEGACY OF A LIFE-TIME !!!





    Tun you are absolutely correct and justified on the motives of the TPPA in view of the latest revelations on the sinister moves by Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore as early as 2005. If you may recall, the Singaporeans came into town before 2005 looking for low hanging fruits and by 2006, a PAP cadre was the Chief Editor of the UMNO owned New Straits Times without paying a single sen.


    REMEMBER 1962. Let us all not be stupid enough to commit hara kiri WITH THE TPPA – a Singaporean inspired KILLER FOR ALL OF US RAKYAT OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA.
    In 1962, we Malaysians were made fools and laughed at for generations. DO NOT LET THIS SINGAPORE INSPIRED TTPA KILL US IN SINGAPORE’S INTEREST AT ALL.

    I sense there are moles in the Malaysian woodwork, created by the Singapore Government’s brainwashing machine of flattering Malaysian EGOS. DO NOT ALLOW THESE TIME-BOMBS TO GO OFF. We want others to leave us alone with our own life-style and stop their trouble-makers from doing so also.

  88. sibotak Oct 9,2013 8:34 AM

    HBT 3/4
    Dah makan ubat belum ? Kesian Sakit Budak ni
    Satu tandan pisang tidak semua yg busuk
    ada kecill , ada besar , ada juga yg baik
    Begitu juga UMNO
    Begitu juga DAP

  89. HBT456 Oct 9,2013 5:58 AM

    Sibotak, lu ingat hanya negerimu saja yang mahu foreign investors apabila rakyat negeri2 melayu suka sangat benda percuma ala br1m? Lu tax foreign investors ini dan itu, mereka ada hak memilih negeri dan / atau negara yang lebih tax friendly dan efisien di mana rakyat dan kerajaan mereka lebih tekun dan jujur. Tengok lah dengan matamu sendiri apabila ali rustam fitnah kaum cina legalized gambling business kerana kalah teruk di melaka. Tengoklah tu zahid boleh berkawan dengan gansters yang friendly kepada mereka. Tiap2 kali pun macam tu berbau hasutan pabila nak menang padahal mereka sendiri mungkin tak bayar tax negeri2 mereka dan/atau hutang federal government. Lu panggil cina dan india balik negara asal, jadi kita pun balik negara asal lah, buat apa nak kerja keras dan bayar tax untuk melayu macam ko ini? Umnoputras only interested to blame others for their failed projects so that they can lepas tangan. Hmm unless tun dr mm is bodoh dan buta and be responsible to pak lah’s claim that its tun dr mm yang buat negara bankrupt. Sudin, wa pakai tablet untuk blog ini, pakai atau tidak huruf besar, itu hak saya kerana blog adalah untuk personal, bukan untuk surat menyurat rasmi, bengong ni sudin.

  90. sibotak Oct 9,2013 2:28 AM

    When Govt bring in Investors
    It should benefits Rakyat & Revenue for Malaysia Govt
    Malaysia Govt Ignorant of collecting Relevant Taxes / Levy
    Fail to monitor foreign investors work permit levy
    Fail to take vehicle permit levy
    Fail to tax Foreign Investors Taxes as most undeclared Income
    So What is the purpose of getting Investors when Malaysia Govt don,t know
    The difference of Revenue & RASUAH
    Selling Land is Not Revenue
    Its selling out our Diminishing Product like once you sell yr house & the next house
    untill you are homeless
    With land as a platform We create Income
    Selling Land to get Income In a matter of time All will be gone
    We sell Padi But We cannot sell our Padi field
    We have to work on it
    But very sad again our Govt Not only does not see this
    See also ( Dayus ) Not able to look into matters

  91. mubarakchan Oct 8,2013 7:00 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh. No one has mentioned that when you gaze across the Straits of Johor towards the Singapore CIQComplex, your eyes are suddenly hit by this black and hideous looking building which is designed to counter the bad feng shui emanating from Malaysia. The bengkok bridge would have neutralized this absurdity. There were alleged rumours many years past that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore had the head priest of a temple in tow to read good and bad feng shui. Believe it or not ! With all the high rise buildings popping up on the Johor Baru side of the Causeway, the once placid view of the city from the Singapore side is gone forever. Development of any property will enhance quit rent and property assessment rates for the Government.

  92. sudin Oct 8,2013 3:00 PM

    Salam Tun.

    chin peng laknat -manusia yang di beri tauliah oleh Mao Tze Tong untuk menjadikan Malaya sebuah negara satelit komunis China.

    chin peng malaun -pembunuh kejam yang tak berhati perut serta tiada belas kesian.

    chin peng keparat -orang yang tak sepatutnya menjejakkan kaki dibumi Melayu ini saperti juga HBT yang amat megah bila mengakui diri “aku memang babi”.

    Nama chin peng memang sengaja dieja menggunakan huruf kecil, sama saperti setiap kali saya menulis yahudi, guan eng, kuan yew, kerana mereka semua lebih dahsyat dari binawe!

  93. Puteri Tujuh Oct 8,2013 12:47 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Mubarakchan, I believe you. I once heard that the Iskandar is actually the Singapore Extension Phase 2. It maybe good but it also maybe not good to Malaysia because as grumbled by friend Sibotak. We always lose to them. Even to carry out the Jambatan Bengkok also problem. And yet they greedily took whatever available in that region before it’s to late. They always say that the Malays will be prosperous etc etc but quietly they built surau to be tokong.

  94. mubarakchan Oct 8,2013 10:19 AM


    For sibotak. It is alleged that one Tan Sri promoter is also the promoter of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. Believe it or not ? This is the reason why I have always said that the GLCs should be released by the Government which should not impinge on the Bumiputra private sector by the following :-

    1. Sell back the GLCs to the original Bumiputra owners if they did not break the laws.

    2. Sell the GLCs to new Bumiputra owners and their non-Bumiputra partners

    3. Sell the GLCs to the Management and their non-Bumiputra partners.

    The Government should not be in private business managed by civil servants with no accountability which raised a lot of jealousy and unhappiness in the Civil Service and the private sector. By selling all, the Federal Budget is balanced and the Bumiputra business quantum rises. Dynamism in private entreprenuerial endeavours re-kindle in our free economy.

  95. sibotak Oct 8,2013 7:44 AM






  96. sentinel3 Oct 7,2013 11:04 PM


    Mohon izin diberikan ruangan,

    Aiiya aso, itu kdn minister said shoot first if they are not friends, manyak betoi lo!Saya sukak kdn tembak lebih banyak bukan kawan kepada negala saya (gengster termasuk pengkhianat negara seperti asso) , dia olang bukan saya punya kawan lo macam asso sukak kawan dengan itu terrorist, Chin Peng.

    Ini hari asso dan asso punya family mungkin nasib baik tidak pernah kena lompak oleh gengster atau asso punya latuk tak kena tembak oleh Chin Peng, tapi satu hari nanti tatak tau lo!

    Kalau asso kena lompak nanti jangan salahkan polis kerana lambat tembak pelompak dan tuduh polis ada diskriminasi terhadap asso dan kaum cina.

    Aiyaa asso, soal ramai Melayu tak suka UMNO bukan isu lo, kalau Melayu kena pilih antara parti asso dengan UMNO, mereka tetap pilih UMNO lo!

    Cuma olang Melayu yang lupa diri dan ada venom ular seperti asso saja akan sokong itu tokong busat dan itu chameleon.he…he…he.

    Aiiya, asso, semua olang ada buat salah lo, pembangkang pun ada buat banyak masalah di Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan dulu di Kedah.

    Itu DAP dulu ada Dapsy tolong olang miskin tapi kini sudah talak pandang orang miskin kelana sudah ada kuasa dan cuma nampak dan tolong olang kaya saja.

    Rasuah pun sudah manyak di Selangor, DAP buat apa meh?DAP pun abang alik, sekarang sudah mampu beli hotel lo! Aiiyaa, mana ini parti asso dapat manyak luit lo? Ada kawan baik asso nama seperti asso pun sudah bunuh diri kelana rasuah lo.he…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  97. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 9:47 PM

    Well, kdn minister said shoot first if they are not friends? If non umno members do not support them, shoot them? Sentinel3, suka hati ko nak kata apa since ramai melayu tak suka umno. Pas ambil 30%, pkr ambil 30%. Also, projects run by umno tutup kedai, including monorail in melaka, salah cina, dap? Hmm, mca and gerakan okay aje, mereka bukan cina meh?

  98. sentinel3 Oct 7,2013 7:46 PM


    Mohon izin lagi menjawab soalan HockbengTeoh456 aka asso.

    Aiyaa asso, lu punya abang, Anwar mana ada hansem?Pelempuan Melayu pun tak mau dia lo, asso patut baca sikit celita bagaimana you punya abang cuba tackle pelempuan Melayu tetapi itu pelempuan beritahu dia (asso punya abang) “Soli saya olang Pas, saya sudah nampak itu lambang bulan, itu bulan sudah datang sama saya lo,”.he…he…he.

    Ini pelempuan Melayu pun lebih banyak pandai daripada asso, kalau asso ada syok pada abang asso jangan kata pelempuan Melayu kata abang asso hansem la…cuma abang asso (syok sendiri) mungkin tarak steam pada asso sebab sudah tua.he…he…he.

    Aiyaa asso, macam mana ini negala mahu maju kalau olang seperti asso yang mengong dan boloh talak tau ekonomi dan sistem kewangan negala macam asso punya abang mahu cakap mengenai de-peg ringgit to us dollar?

    Jangan cakaplah asso mengenai ini pekala, nanti pelajar-pelajar sekolah pening kepala fail di sekolah disebabkan asso.

    Lagi satu asso, apa so great quote ” Tetapi, to some women especially when they holding some political positions???

    Saya talak peduli lo (kalau asso pun holding political position), mana-mana pelempuan politik cakap macam asso pun saya tetap panggil dia ‘geng asso’. he…he…he.

    Saya non partisan dan bukan ahli politik dan tarak rugi apa-apa bukan macam asso seorang cauvinis Cina yang memihak kepada parti perkauman.

    Last sekali asso, jangan cakap itu macam la lu tak perlu tongkat MCA, mungkin lu sudah banyak guna itu tongkat dan sekalang tidak perlu lagi itu tongkat.he…he…he.

    Haiya…asso sikalang mungkin sudah kenyang makan nasi lemak, resipi makanan olang Melayu walaupun makan menggunakan chopsticks.he…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  99. mubarakchan Oct 7,2013 6:53 PM


    For mgpunya, wajaperak and pashit aka dapshit. I agree wholeheartedly with all your comments which are wise and with a foresight. The poor political leadership of the non-Malays have led the non-Malays along the wrong path after 57 years of Merdeka. It is a sorry sight that some non-Malays political leaders only know how to bark. There was so much going for all as has been shown by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his 22 year Administrative stewardship and yet at a blink of an eye, the normally calm and collected non-Malays were instigated into all sorts of actions without much thought. The worst was the 90% Chinamen and women voting against an incumbent Government. No Chinese worth their salt would do this anywhere in the World even in China. Without any doubt, the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in Malaysia – better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. De-tribalization and urbanization of the Malaysian Chinese made these people feel insecure without a proper leadership. What political leadership these Chinese support told them the wrong icons and things to worship – we have really a heady mix here with these below 40 years Chinese prancing about full of verbosity as if they own the word ‘eternity!’ The ruckus raised by the Malaysian Chinese of late through the Opposition’s Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP will do them no good as the issues were common garden issues but not major issues which could only be resolved by the broad strokes of a paint brush. Are these vociferous types missing the wood from the trees, like what they did for over 47 long years doing nothing ?
    As I said many times before, as long as the BN led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties observes the norms in administration and stewardship and avoid impinging on the private sector making money but only to rule over us, there is nothing much this raucous band of instant politicians can do. However, the Malaysian Opposition fulfils a function in Democracy, Malaysian Democracy – without them our Malaysian Democracy is not complete. Please take note Uncle Sam and Britannia ! Lastly, 4-5 years is a long time in Malaysian Politics.

  100. mgpunya Oct 7,2013 4:50 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    Communism might have failed in Malaysia. Chen Peng might be dead and buried. But, it would be naive for us to think it is all over…

  101. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 7,2013 3:41 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Long time no comment here.


    Truth is most soldiers who died fighting the communists are Malays. Since one race in particular have always tried to look down on the Malays despite what we have done to accomodate their race throughout history, this Chin Peng case is just the perfect excuse
    for these communist mentality types to exploit.

    Never forget what the Malays have sacrificed to accomodate other races since Merdeka. Drill this fact into the young Ah Bengs and Ah Mois minds as they prepare to take Sejarah Tanah Melayu in upcoming SPM exams!

    DAPshit@ CEC fiasco

  102. wajaperak Oct 7,2013 12:32 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.Saya memohon kesudian Tun untuk ruangan.

    [The Americans always said in their nationalistic moments, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOUR]

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.

    An excellent discussion of Japanese attitudes about and historical interpretation of the atomic bomb is Asada Sadao’s Japanese perceptions of the A Bomb decision 1945 1980 in Joe C.Dixon ed.The American Military and the Far East ( Washington,D.C.GPO,1980 ) pp 199-217.Asada notes that there are ‘striking differences between Japanese and American perceptions of the A Bomb decision’ and that the Japanese feels that for the mistake of starting the Pacific War they ( the Japanese ) have already taken their punishment and thus absolved while the American side remains unrepetant for the atomic holocaust.From the American war with Japan and other war we can safely concluded that the better industrial resources will prevail at the end.They stamped their authorities by overwhelming and whittle down the opposition.Nevertheless enemity can only be overcome by integrity.

    Something you cannot achieve by hatred or even in your life time.But this will paved the ways for the eventual peace..

    So..remember it is integrity who will last at the end..Something the American and the Singaporean have yet to fully comprehend..

    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  103. wajaperak Oct 7,2013 11:57 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Hafiz apanama, aku ada kawan nama hafiz, dah jadi atuk. Muka kawan aku ini baik kerana beriman]

    Saudara Hafiz..sudikah sekiranya saudara membenarkan saya?..
    Untuk ketawa sekuat-kuat hati…

    Begitulah saudara Hafiz..Mengikut kepala otak “Ass”..oooo..ini..beliau layak menilai siapakah yang beriman dan tidak beriman..Tidakkah cukup menghairankan apabila orang yang tidak beriman mempertikaikan keimanan orang yang beriman?…:)

    Begitulah tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekelian.
    HBT ini adalah contoh manusia ‘pervert’ di dalam kepercayaan dan penilaian.
    Mengapa kami masih lagi tetap berterusan memberikan rawatan kepada beliau dan mereka-mereka yang sekonco dengan HBT?..

    Bukankah Hindun dulu amat ganas?Dia melapah hati Saidina Hamzah r.a untuk di makan sehingga Rasullulah s.a.w bersaba ” JIka Hindun sanggup makan hati Hamzah nescaya terselamatlah dia daripada neraka ” ( mengikut satu kaul ).

    Oleh itu janganlah kita keterlaluan membenci seseorang sehingga kita berlaku tidak adil kepada mereka..Berlaku adillah seperti Allah memerintahkan kita di dalam Al Quran..

    Ingatlah kita pada pesan Rasullulah s.a.w. “Mereka yang tidak mengasihi tidak akan di kasihi”..

    Oleh itu marilah kita bertanya sama-sama setiap kali HBT masuk ke dalam blog Tun ini..

    Ass..oooo.. sudah makan ubat ke?…:)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  104. mubarakchan Oct 7,2013 11:49 AM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘ If you are a fool, do not open your mouth !’ Your bee in your bonnet is the MCA, maybe they did not give your illegitimate kids a scholarship since you are born out of a rock. Right ? Your pea-nut brain assumes this and assumes that. I have nothing to do with the MCA. And even though you have nothing to do with the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, you want to kiss both his cheeks. Right ? By reading your psyche, you are deeply involved with the failed one street State of Singapore one way or another. Right ? By praising our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the stalwart of the UMNO, you do not want to be deleted from this Blog. Right ? But you hate the Malays, the UMNO, MCA, MIC and me all the same. Right ? You thought you backed the winners in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS. Right ? And the trio lost big at the General Elections. Right ? You cannot believe it. Right ? You asked yourselves how could the Saints lose and the Devils win. Right ? NOW YOU KNOW WHO ARE THE SAINTS AND WHO ARE THE DEVILS, HOCKBENGTEOHhalfpast6man/woman ! Right ?

  105. hafizkenedelete Oct 7,2013 11:04 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Haa, sekarang sudah nampak ini ahso betul ada mental problem…

    U orang kafir mana tau orang beriman atau tidak, suka2 cakap, suka2 tulis, seperti syok onani idea sendiri….hmmm…

    Ahso, itu nama tidak penting, apa yang ada dalam hati baru penting, mama u tak ajar meh?? Owh lupa, mungkin sejak lahir u punya mama sama papa sudah buang u dalam tong sampah meh, thats why u dalam hati dendam sangat kuat.. ataupun dulu family u ada yang sudah noda u sampai hati u sudah dendam tebal macam taik telinga u yang tebal itu.

    Suka2 tuduh orang tapi bila orang cakap sama u , u tak boleh terima, I berani cakap kalau u lawan cakap depan2 sama i, mesti u sudah menggigil takut, dats y u menyalak kuat saja dalam blog..

    Takpa, u teruskan saja tulis2 macam cos semua orang tahu u mekang sakit otak, kalau perlu bantuan I untuk lempang muka u, do not hesitate to contact us, the malay, sebab kami punya lempang da bisa.. huhuhu

    Minta maaf Tun atas bahasa yg buruk ni,
    Tapi saya yakin muka dan perangai buruk,
    Hanya layak dilayan penulisan buruk,
    Penulis Cincai cincai

  106. mubarakchan Oct 7,2013 8:54 AM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. Where are your one-liners ? Hey ! Shame on you Singaporean who uses personal insults when you are faced with facts presented by me on your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore. Your insults do not affect me one wee bit because you are inferior to me. And I have a very thick skin. Try better next time. Pour le vous Francais HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman ?

    And to make you more inferior, I now quote the 3 Golden Atrributes why our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was so successful as a Prime Minister ?

    1. Commonsense. The Tun did not run around the hot streets of KL nor he did anything silly in public nor has he got 10 failed Policies for us the Rakyat.

    2. Ability to Think out of the Box. The Tun only thought of the Rakyat with his Highways, Putrajaya, Twin Towers, Middle Income Group, etc.etc. Oxford Street nor the 5th Avenue was never ever in his mind.

    3. Compassion. The Tun never think of his own pocket. His thoughts are always with the Rakyat. I bumped into him and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah with one aide and no shopping bag many a-time in the evenings in the Malls.

    The best you can do to me HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman is to insult me since you are born out of a rock.

  107. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 8:37 AM

    Hafiz apanama, aku ada kawan nama hafiz, dah jadi atuk. Muka kawan aku ini baik kerana beriman. Kawan ku dari uae pun baik dan ada kelas, tak macam ko ini….hmm, I am wondering do you have wife or not?

  108. hafizkenedelete Oct 7,2013 7:36 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Mintak laluan,
    Izinkan saya lempang muka Ahso HBT ni berkali2..

    Hei ahso nyanyuk, apa lagi u tak puas hati sama malaysia dan orang melayu??

    Nasib baik u bukan duduk depan mata i, kalau tak i mesti sudah lempang mulut racis dan busuk berbau mulut kh***i r tu banyak2 kali.

    U ni sudah ada mental problem tapi I pelik family u masih bg u berkeliaran sana sini, atau anak2 or family sudah abai sama u.Kesian, ataupun u ni bujang tua yang takda kerja mau buat cos muka hodoh macam **b* takda orang mau kawen sama u.

    U boleh tulis macam2 yang u suka hari2 tapi takda orang mau dengar cerita u.. Orang macam u harap2 Tuhan bagi hidayah biar hati gelap tu bagi terang seperti lampu LED.

    Dan I harap u takkan berjumpa I di luar sana sebab kalau I recognize u mesti I lempang u dan ajak orang2 kampung yang u selalu hina l lempang muka u jugak.

    T.kasih Tun

    Dari penulis cincai2

  109. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 7:18 AM

    Datuk seri sentinel3 can says what he wants, and I thank him for addressing me ss aso. Tetapi, to some women especially when they holding some political positions, lu panggil mereka aso lu mahu tahi mu didendangkan lagi ke, ds sentinel3? Tak suka aso macam saya ini is a lost to bn since I do not need tongkat mca, ds sentinel3 ini. Aso sekarang lapar, hmm, aku nak tapau nasi lemak as my breakfast, makan dengan chopsticks pun boleh ler.

  110. mubarakchan Oct 7,2013 6:36 AM


    Sorry Puteri Tujuh. I left out one vital sentence in my previous comment at the end.


  111. mubarakchan Oct 7,2013 6:34 AM


    For a great friend Puteri Tujuh. No problem with me on any of your comments. Suddenly I had this idea.

    The Americans always said in their nationalistic moments, ‘ REMEMBER PEARL HARBOUR ‘. Maybe it is a good idea to teach our school children, civil servants and politicians, ‘ REMEMBER 1962 !’- so we would not be conned again and then sneered with snide remarks for DECADES. 1962 was the year of the Water Agreement with Singapore. This inequitable Agreement now make us deliver not only free water but also we had to pay to deliver to Singapore because of the depreciation of our Ringgit.

    However, the only saving grace by honouring this most inequitable of Agreements is to see the brillilant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore. He failed resulting in a failed one street State EVEN WITH THE FREE WATER FROM OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA since 1962.

    REMEMBER 1962 ALL MALAYSIANS. Like the democratic Americans who REMEMBER PEARL HARBOUR !

  112. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 4:57 AM

    It will be interesting for us, the business savy type that is the economic backbone of the country that contribute taxes to the government all these years, malaysians, to watch the protest organizes by anwar ibrahim. Because of him and his look that is consider handsome to malay women, tun dr mm has no choice but de-peg ringgit to us dollar. Well, pisang maverick like mubarak chan can do things like that, oh so wrong without realizing because to them, be a successful politicians in malaysia you must cheat aka pak man telo, using people’s money to make their own short term profit, janjI menang, :0

  113. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 4:03 AM

    Oh one more thing, singaporeans like hongkongers rather be the clown to british than to pisang clowns like you mca, mubarak chan, so that our standard will not go down further. As chinese, I thank tun dr mm and ds najib tun razak for allowing university of xiamen to be operated in sepang after we been down graded by people like this stupid old man, maverick mubarak chan.

  114. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 3:44 AM

    Mca has never win any general elections in constituencies hold by dap for the past 55 years, and at the age of 80 years old, mubarak chan still dare to talk big kerana melayu senang kow tim ma dengan rasuah…this is malaysia, and our founding father is tunku abdul rahman, bukan nabi muhammad, puteri tujuh, and anda bukan puteri kepada nabi muhammad.

  115. HBT456 Oct 7,2013 3:34 AM

    Mubarak chan, pap can stand alone without dap, but mca cannot stand alone without umno. The difference here is pap spent in national service because the founding father believes singapore is a small country that is vulnerable to threats from the neighbours like you who would rather see Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his party died without water. As a chinese politician who can be revengeful and heartless when comes to this issue makes me vomit. Without chinese support, mca is nothing.

  116. sentinel3 Oct 6,2013 11:38 PM


    Mohon izin bertanya HockbengTeoh456 aka aso,

    Aso, why not a Pas President to becomes PM? And who is aso best person and team to run this country?

    Aso hero, Chin Peng? Soli dia sudah mampus. Tokong busat (LGE)? Anwar Ibrahim The Gate Keeper? he…he…he. Soli manyak-manyaklah aso, tokong busat dan Anwar Ibrahim pandai cakap saja macam aso jugak, dua-dua kira-kira pun fail, seorang talak tau kira semasa CEC, solang lagi talak tahu cara menyelesaikan problem negala, silap-silap kalau dia jadi PM, aso pun turut bangkrap, jual sayur orang tak mau beli, sebab semua orang sudah bangkrap tak dak duit mahu beli aso punya sayur.

    Aiyaa aso, belapa kali orang mesti beritahu sama lu, no one wants your vote lah aso and no one ask you to vote for UMNO/BN. Tanpa undi aso pun BN masih boleh menang, sebagai contoh GE-13 yang lalu. Lagi tua umur aso, lagi tak laku undi aso suatu hari nanti. He…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  117. Puteri Tujuh Oct 6,2013 10:41 PM


    I agree with that they resort to ‘wet market’ name callings and quarrels. Sorry dragged you along in my comments.

    Tonight’s phrase by the Buletin 3 presenters;
    “Orang memberi kita merasa, orang berbudi kita berbahasa”.

  118. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 10:40 PM


    For Wajaperak. Salam. You are right.

    For Puteri Tujuh. If we note the utterances of the Opposition leadership of the Singaporean Trojan DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS, those that emanated from the DAP were of a trivial nature concerning matters of a trivial nature which illustrates the extent of their frustrations at losing BIG TIME at the May 13th General Elections. Lest we forget, they hyped up to themselves, their supporters, their financiers, their fence sitters, over 80% of the chinamen and women etc. the weak Opposition leadership was sure to take Putrajaya. Now, one of them said it is not this time, it is the next 14th General Elections ! Oops ! Why are these fellows so frustrated by calling others names and being difficult at every turn ? Here are the 3 EASY STEPS TO POWER IN PUTRAJAYA WHICH THEY MISSED ( to deliver a conquered Malaysia to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore to save his legacy of a life-time ) :-

    1997. If the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister took a holiday to Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. JUST ONE EASY STEP. He did not otherwise the events which followed would not have happened.

    2008. If the Opposition sort out the 32 BN seats BEFORE THE 12TH GENERAL ELECTIONS, they would have been in Putrajaya at no cost at all. JUST ONE EASY STEP. They did not and tried to sort the 32 BN seats after the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties were returned to power. How after the BN is back in power ?

    2013. If the Opposition boycotted the 13th General Elections and booked into the lst Class Ward KLGH for a 100 day fast ( no one has done this, not even Mahatma Gandhi ) and maximum world media coverage, the BN would have won 100% of the seats with 49% of the votes. There would have been world-wide condemnation. The Opposition trio would have been at Putrajaya. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    Now you understand Puteri Tujuh how frustrating and heart-breaking to be a SECOND TIER OPPOSITION MEMBER with a weak leadership at the top which could miss the ULTIMATE POWER IN ONE EASY STEP in 1997, 2008, and 2013. Like this, the certainty of winning in the 14th General Elections is as dead as a dodo. Hence, the name calling and all sorts of vulgarities coming out of the sub-conscious minds. Please read the lips !

  119. wajaperak Oct 6,2013 8:06 PM

    Mohon ruangan Tun..

    [HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. This Blogger is a plant]

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan..
    The way I see it, no any ‘agencies’ worth it salt wants to plant anything inside HBT..oops..
    Let me rephrase that..
    No agencies wort it salt wants to put up HBT as their stooge..
    Too sick?..oops..My mistake again..
    I mean too slick?..
    You must give credit where credit dues..
    Qouting HBT one meaning to another..
    “I have worked with diplomat”

    Diplomat meaning
    One who uses skill and tact in dealing with others.

    Maybe just maybe HBT have forgotten what she said and done..
    So one does not have to wonder which ‘diplomat’ she referred to..
    On the other hand..
    Maybe it is true her brag about diplomat ring’s certain bell.
    Do you want to tell us about..


    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  120. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 8:00 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh and all Bloggers. Please note that our beloved Malaysia can stand alone without Singapore. But Singapore cannot stand alone without Malayia.
    Hence the enduring interest to control and conquer our beloved Malaysia from down South, a one street town. I can literally surmise that secret talks in Washingtion DC would like that the tail (Singapore) wags the dog (Malaysia). By making a lot of noise about the incumbent BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties by Singapore’s cohorts, AN ATTEMPT IS MADE TO SHOW TO FOREIGNERS THAT ALL IS NOT WELL IN MALAYSIA. In fact, this is far far from the truth. THAT IS THE INCUMBENT BN GOVERNMENT AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES IS DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB.

    It is due to the statesmanship and strength of character of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that we still have a beloved Malaysia which we had known always and forever !

  121. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 7:30 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh

    It is alright for the leaders of the Opposition to wait another 4 years to the next General Elections. But really their supporters had joined the fray from the very first day after the 12th General Elections. This is 8 years from end to end in this Age of Cyberspace when time is measured in the flash of an eye.

    If the Opposition joins the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, their leaders and supporters can take part in full the development and their valued contribution to our beloved Malaysia NOW and not wish for some pie in the sky which might again not happen 4 years down the road (8 years by any reckoning) ! That is if the Opposition is sincere in what they have been saying. Actually, only personal issues divide the Opposition from making the vital move. What say you Puteri Tujuh ?

  122. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 7:21 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh

    Please note that the Opposition apart from their ‘brand’ of rallies and street demonstrations by the thousands of well-fed participants who benefitted from the excellent rule of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, has run out of major issues and have resorted to ‘wet market’ name calling and quarrels.

    As long as the BN Government observes the rule of the Laws, implements policies which are fair and transparent (the ISA and EO should have remained), maintains a normal and functioninig bureacracy and eschews from making money through the GLCs (which have no accountability and raised a lot of jealousies and risks) but only to rule us, THERE IS NOTHING MUCH THE OPPOSITION CAN DO UNTIL THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS. Let us see who blinks first !

  123. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 7:13 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh.

    Tony Pua and his colleagues will be good guys and gals if they join the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. We need all to take part in our Nation building and development. It is such an exciting World. My job is to present the facts at the very top.

    Hidup UMNO ! Hidup BN ! Hidup Malaysia ! Hidup the Yang Di Pertuan Agong !

  124. HBT456 Oct 6,2013 6:55 PM

    Hajar, to me whoever becomes pm, I am ok but defintely not pas president. In the past, its considered cool to be served by others. But this wont happen anymore due to competition and more liberalized and democratic voters, thanks to globalization. We are voters, we are not umno/bn slaves or atm and we definitely have the honor to choose the best person and his team to run the country, maka kami, rakyat malaysia….you do not want our votes, but your opponents want our voters to have the opportunity to serve us and run the economy. But seing umno baru is so sombong aka bully as if we must vote them really embarrasing being a malaysia just because they are muslim….

  125. Puteri Tujuh Oct 6,2013 4:09 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,


    Tony Pua of DAP called ROS as the anjing UMNO. Maybe we can call them back those RBAs in this blog and in the Malaysia Kini as monyet DAP. There are a lot of monyets around nowadays especially in the nearby jungle around Menara Kuala Lumpur. During daytime they will jump from one tree to one tree and hook around nearby Bukit Bintang during nightime.

  126. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 10:08 AM


    For all Bloggers. Red hot news from the pro-Singapore Blog Malaysian Insider. The promoters of the TPPA are prepared to soften the rules for Malaysia, Vietnam, Peru and Brunei. After 19 rounds of fervent negotiations by the friendly and hospitable Malaysians in the lushiest spots of the World, Malaysia is now being sold a dummy. Why ? Just look at ourselves and around us that we are a country with natural resources and our people have the purchasing power BUT NO WHEREWITHAL TO PRODUCE MANUFACTURES GOODS AS YET at a time when our BN Government tries their level best to uplift the Malaysian SMEs especially the Bumiputras to be on par with the World. We are still very far behind in practice.


  127. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 9:21 AM


    For the new edition HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. Hey ! Hey ! Please do not get me wrong. I am like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We are friends of the Singaporeans and their leadership. We are friends with everybody. But when after decades of being done down by all and sundry with the lead taken by those who should know better in the neighbourhood, I am of the opinion that we should all stand up and be counted. And by Jove, we do the counting by starting with the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership first. To our amazement, we Malaysians stand out quite well from the madding crowd BY BEING NORMAL. Once we became not normal since 2003, we kena ! And tried to fly to the Sun llike Icarus or like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore. (Double Star First in Law at the University of Cambridge, 1947)

    What say you all those Evangelistas of Subang Jaya (the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupe) who think all people above your age die first ?

  128. Hajar Oct 6,2013 8:48 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    For ‘Puteri Tujuh’ – October 5, 2013 at 7:58 PM:

    // Salam Hajar,
    Just to remind. Dont downgrade yourself to answer that question. It is like the P.Ramlee’s film Tiga Abdul. Siapa marah dulu. Siapa marah akan kena jual. Batu api mendapat 25%…//

    W’salam, Thanks for your advice. This HBT456 is a gone case… She used to tell the whole world that she would vote BN in the 13th GE, but a few days before election day she started campaigning for the Opposition, and later told the whole world that she voted for the Opposition. She also hates the Malays, Muslims and UMNO; from here we can see that she is a racist; so I did not believe her when she said that she was with BN, and I was right. Furthermore, she has been trying to sign off/out permanently countless number of times from this blog…but still around.

    For ‘HBT456’ – October 5, 2013 at 4:56 PM

    // Hajar, anwar ibrahim no longer stupid, and degil, after what he has gone through since he is more mature today.//

    Anwar is still the same, except for his looks; he did something to his face – MAKEOVER???…You and Anwar have something in common…kaki penipu, kaki putar belit, batu api.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  129. mubarakchan Oct 6,2013 5:33 AM


    For all Bloggers.

    It is slowly becoming obvious what had brought the eventual downfall of the failed State of the Republic of Singapore is due to just a common weakness of Humankind. As we common people know, we are not born perfect. This is where God is great.

    It is also becoming clearer that it was not the shortage of water which caused the difficulties of so many unhappy happenings in the Republic of Singapore, a one street town today. It was the behaviour of Humankind who thought there is no God.

    It is the accumulation of the total sum of the weakness of Humankind congested in this one street town which added up to money, money, money. And this MONEY INDEX was shot down in ONE SINGLE SENTENCE by Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Laureate for Peace. ‘ I think we have much to offer you, come and find out.’ The good lady is from a country with a strong national religion so is Malaysia which has Islam enshrined in her Constitution.

    It is the human problems in the failed State of the Republic of Singapore which were created by Humankind which will forever grow bigger as these are based on money, money, money. With the post-Cold War World Pax America’s promotion of Globalisation, Free Trade and Human Rights which already put the Republic of Singapore between a rock and a hard place, then followed by 2 not 1, hard-knocks eg. i) the horrendous loss of
    US$ 108 Billions (RM$ 350 Billions/Malaysia’s Foreign Reserves 2013 = US$ 140 Billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street. ii) the 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s and the 1980s – the real killer, we can surmise that the Wonderland of the Republic of Singapore Bubble has burst beyond repair because the fat of the profitable Cold War years has gone forever and ever.

    We now see for ourselves our beloved Malaysia which did what was normal until 2003 under successive distinguished and honourable Prime Ministers, each followed the age old precepts of proper governing of a diverse set of people, the Malaysians and despite determined outside interference in recent years with big big bucks to upset our Malaysian Democracy and possible hurt to us, the innocent common folk, that our beloved Malaysia has all the ingredients of a SUCCESSFUL STATE with our Malaysian Democracy complete with a dysfunctioning Opposition, good citizens, natural resources located in a country with a normal climate. WHAT MORE DO WE WANT BUT TO REFINE AND PUSH TOWARDS WAWASAN 2020 NORMALLY ? I am confident UMNO with good and honourable leaders will lead us there soon enought.

    WHAT SAY YOU THE ON, DONT BE SMALL MINDED, MNMN, YUSOF12, SAXYKUMAR, HOCKBENGTEOHhalfpast6man/woman and those of the same ilk ? It is because at the end of the day within 50 years, Singapore has the following choices to determine her DESTINY :-

    1. Become the 53rd State of the Union of the United States of America.

    2. Revert back to become a British Crown Colony.

    3. Merge with Malaysia again.

    4. Maintains her Status Quo with a larger more demanding population, faltering GDP and a huge Military Bill to pay. How ?

  130. HBT456 Oct 6,2013 5:08 AM

    Soli ar pak man mubarak chan, singaporeans pay taxes and are multi-lingual and trained to be hardworking since young. Malays do not do that, henceforth, being malaysians, we are happy bcos we have many public holidays since we do not pay personal income taxes. Well, if bn burden the rakyat, no problem, since pr is so much stronger today. Malaysians no longer katak di bawah tempurung, you think money can buy votes all the time? Lu kasi luit, gua lang ambik, tapi ar gua lang bagi undi kat pr untuk lepaskan geram gua lang punya tarak syiok. Mca mau macam mana bikin, no problem since they are fighting among themselves to be appointed to be in the ministry. Lu mahu tax gua lang, gua lang tak happy dgn servis bn, gua lang bagi undi kat dap, simple and straight forward.

  131. HBT456 Oct 6,2013 4:41 AM

    Tuntuah, hanya orang bodoh mca kau ni will claim the land belong to tanah orang. Lu sudah nyanyuk tun tuah? Lupa tu bukan tanah orang selepas jual dekat pembeli? Gi bakar lah, orang muslim, takpa, kalu mca support…gua tarak masalah kerana gua bukan muslim.

  132. Tuntuah Oct 5,2013 11:37 PM

    Hi sentinel
    Lu sudah kasi itu aso manyak marah satu kali. Hehehe
    Kesian itu aso. Baru mau bikin kebun lu sudah bakar kebun dier. Hehehe
    Itu aso sudah salah satu kali sbb suruh lu balik kampung. Sepatutnyer dier balik kampung kat mainland tu tanam sayur.. Hehehe

    Aso jangan marah marah la. Lu balik lu punya kampung lu tanam la sayur kat saner yer. Jangan tanam sayur sini. Ini tanah orang.

    So aso biler mau balik kampung tanam sayur???? Hehehe

    Nanti sentinel bakar lagi kalu aso bikin kebun kat sini.

    Aso balik kampung yer. Hehehe

  133. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 10:40 PM


    Now facts are beginning to hurt HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman.
    I respond to his Singaporean PAP Blog with‘s-trip-to-SG/ Without the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, China would not be great today. At the expense of 2 generations of Singaporeans.

  134. wajaperak Oct 5,2013 10:00 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun..
    Mohon ruangan..

    Saudara Sentinel3..

    Di antara tugas-tugas saya adalah membantu Pegawai-Pegawai Perubatan merawat pesakit mental.Bila mereka datang ke Insitusi Perubatan dan Kesihatan di seluruh Malaysia,perkara pertama yang kita tak boleh buat ( Cardinal Sin ) ialah marah mereka.

    Mereka seperti HBT adalah sakit dan kita mesti menolong mereka-mereka ini.Sebab itu Tun membenarkan HBT masuk sini seperti kata Jason Bourne..

    “Better a situation that you have certain control than any element that you have no control”..

    Jadi HBT ini adalah ‘terkawal’ di sini.HBT is a gone case tetapi mereka-mereka yang seberpenyakit seperti dia mungkin masih dapat di selamatkan..



    Terima kasih Tun.

  135. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 8:53 PM


    Wow ! Thanks to your comments on the TPPA, our beloved Malaysia was nearly entrapped and delivered all wrapped up in a nice birthday package to Singapore the ever avaricous one-street predator !

    From all points on the Web and especially those comments in support of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, this TPPA thing is a creature which has been thought out and planned for sometime to EAT UP MALAYSIA THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR AND GIVE A NEW LEASE OF LIFE TO A FAILED STATE, SINGAPORE AFTER THE BRILLIANT FELLA BUNGLED WITH HIS SELF-SERVING POLICIES ! If we collate what has happened since 2003, it was a CERTAINTY THAT THE OUTCOME OF THIS DIABOLICAL AND SINISTER PLAN TO CONQUER MALAYSIA LOCK STOCK AND BARREL WOULD SUCCEED WITHOUT ANY DOUBT. But these unseen hands underestimated YOUR RETURN AND YOUR CHARACTER which saved us Malaysians and those who built up the present day Malaysia and our beloved Malaysia. THE ATTEMPT BY USING THE TPPA WAS A CLOSE CALL. Let us hope all Malaysians especially the UMNO to wake up to the ever present danger of outsiders who UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE MALAYS TO EXERCISE THEIR HEREDITARY RIGHTS AND LEGACY. With one danger gone, another will appear to seduce, entice or win over by flattery those who HAVE THE POWER TO RULE WHICH IS UMNO and sell our grandmothers down river.


  136. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 8:35 PM


    HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. This Blogger is a plant, without any doubt. The last few comments were not the typical one-liners of the original HBT456. The latest shows the introduction of official/unofficial PAP material into the debates here. A sly, cunning and stupid move to create dissension amongst unwary Malaysian bloggers and to show to foreigners that all is not well in Malaysia which is far from the truth. OK. Then it is time for me to say why the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew has 10 failed Policies for Singapore.

    1. Money was used as an investment of Foreign Policy which killed innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin, Shinawatra and the Bangkok riots 2003-2013.
    2. The dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top lost US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions/Malaysia’s Foreign Reserves 2013 =US$140 Billions) in October 2008. Vide. Channelnewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009-2013.(You sense the choking feeling amongst these Blogs). Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. Singapore’s Harvard Investment Model. April 2010. Power was abdicated to outsiders.
    3. The 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s and 1980s. This is the real killer. In 1959, when Lee Kuan Yew assumed power, the indigenous population was 100%, in 2013, 62% and in 2030, 45%. Only Hitler tinkered with the demographics. Vide. The Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013.
    4. Humanity and Multiculturalism were never practised in Singapore. Vide. Channelnewsasia. 2011. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 2012. The 188 bus drivers strike. The toilet fights. In the early 1970s, places of worship were destroyed at such a rate that someone asked the Boss to stop.
    5. A perfunctory Judiciary well-known the world over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw. If the Police stopped at 1, he would not have been in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl ! etc.etc.
    6. The daily importation of 5,000 pigs. The flower nurseries contracts. King of the Road. My friend complained why in Singapore 6′ wide retaining walls were built when in KL 3′ ones were the norm. His wife was threatened in a wet market. etc. etc.
    7. The failure to establish a World class transportation system in a one-street town. Vide. The comments by a well-known Singaporean diplomat and academician.
    8. The most higly paid Government Cabinet in the World in a one street town which could be easily run by a Mayor and a Town Hall clerk like countless of towns in the West.
    9. The failure of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP founded in 1966. The leadership lost their way by only contemplating their navels and did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all for 47 long years. And it missed capturing power in Putrajaya in 1997, 2008 and 2013 to deliver a conquered Malaysia to save the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the failed 10 Policies for Singapore legacy of a lifetime. Not only that, there is an attempt to use the TPPA to finish off Malaysia by the front door using the biggest fella in the firmament. Smart !
    10. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore as enumerated here, is still with the Singapore Parliament. I expect him to live up to 101 at least. His vocal and vulgar supporters are Bloggers like The On, Dont Be Small Minded, yusof12, saxykumar, MNMN, the rocket scientist from Singapore, HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman who is now for real etc.etc. Go home to Daddy in Singapore, boys !

  137. Puteri Tujuh Oct 5,2013 7:58 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Salam Hajar,

    Just to remind. Dont downgrade yourself to answer that question. It is like the P.Ramlee’s film Tiga Abdul. Siapa marah dulu. Siapa marah akan kena jual. Batu api mendapat 25%. The moment you elaborate, it may be uncomfortable to some Malay youths and Malays be it from UMNO, PAS or PKR. These will prolonged the hatred among the Malay youths parties. Malays shall always be kept divided. They gained 25%.

    Average daily about more 8,000 viewers of this chedet blog.

    I always came across with their election pamphlet saying that Melayu ini bodoh and mudah diperbodohkan.

    Salam. Peace

  138. HBT456 Oct 5,2013 5:56 PM

    Read it pak mubarak chan on what is the stand of singapore first. Will
    un members uses singapore as emerging model, only the members know, no need to show off. When you are good, members will know, but when you are ugly and greedy, semua orang tahu….

  139. HBT456 Oct 5,2013 4:56 PM

    Hajar, anwar ibrahim no longer stupid, and degil, after what he has gone through since he is more mature today. It will be interesting for pakatan rakyat and non-muslim to watch the power struggling of muslim brotherhood within umno first just to show they are holier than thou that they are above the rule of the constitution via arab spring, will umno youth pakat with youths from pas and pkr again to shame the current and past umno baru?

  140. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 4:12 PM


    Sorry. Small amendment. Why the United Nations did not cite Singapore as a development model for less developed countries…….?

  141. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 4:01 PM


    For The On, Dont be Small Minded, MNMN, yusof12, saxykumar, the rocket scientist from Singapore, HockBengTeohalfpast6man/woman and those of the same ilk who say the Sun rises from Singapore !

    The screaming headline today in the Star Seah Chiang Nee’s column, ‘Learning from Myanmar.’ Aung San Suu Kyi was quoted as saying to the world class Singaporeans, ” I think we have much to offer you, come and find out.’ and his further comment. ‘ Her departing words shook Singaporeans who had been LED TO BELIEVE in the SUPERIORITY of the Singaporean development model for less developed countries. Willi-nilly, step by step, leaf by leaf, droplet by droplet etc, the brainwashed Singaporean will find out eventually from where did ALL THE MONEY WHICH BUILT ALL THOSE SHINING TOWERS, ROADS, THE MILITARY ETC ETC COME FROM IN A ONE STREET-TOWN which has only the natural resource of BLUFFOLOGY ? And the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top lost an official minimum of US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions/Malaysia’s 2013 Foreign Reserve – US$140 Billions) in October 2008. Within a year, it was claimed the horrendous loss was made good. Why the United Nations cite the Republic of Singapore as a development model for all the less developed countries. Something is amiss somewhere !

  142. mubarakchan Oct 5,2013 3:44 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. You are here just to be a troublemaker of no value. How do you know that I do not know how to read and write Chinese characters ? The fact that you said that I do not know Chinese reveals the fact that you are of the same ilk as your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singaporeans. The so-called Straits Chinese. No one studies Chinese. It is either Mandarin or classical Cantonese. Stupid ! Did your father build a school in his garden to house a teacher to teach Classical Chinese to you, HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman ? The moment you open your big mouth, you make fools of yourself. You picked the wrong Chinaman to attack personally, stupid ! Try better next time.

  143. Hajar Oct 5,2013 1:17 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Chin Peng was a TERRORIST (‘Pengganas Komunis’) and will always be remembered as a terrorist.

    He did not make any effort to apply for citizenship when he was given the opportunity to do so because he knew that he would not be accepted by the majority (ramai yang berdendam di atas keganasan yang beliau dan PKM telah lakukan – beliau takut mati katak…).

    Kerajaan tidak perlu melayan kerenah Pembangkang dan mereka yang bersimpati dengan Chin Peng, kerana Chin Peng dan PKM memang tidak berperikemanusiaan bila membunuh anggota keselamatan Malaysia dan orang awam.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  144. HBT456 Oct 5,2013 10:32 AM

    Mubarak chan, you are not qualified to be a chinaman bcos you cant read and write chinese. Who is the main exporter/cartel in malaysia that earned most us dollar? Islamic fund can survive in asean? I doubt so because it has violated our federal constitution, and also the money market. The only thing that made me proud of being a malaysian is generally we are well accepted in the world, not because of bn, but because of our deep rooted traditions that we will pass them to our next generation. Can you eat with one hand, ah pek mubarak chan? If you cant, I will teach you. Have a present day, ah pek mubarak chan.

  145. hafizkenedelete Oct 5,2013 9:55 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Dear shit head aso mulut longkang…

    Kenapa sampai sekarang u dan leader2 pembangkang sangat hormat ini Chin Peng?

    Xperlu u jawab, I tolong sama u,

    1. Chinpeng suka bikin jenayah- u orang pun sama
    2. Chinpeng ialah God of Kongsi Gelap – Thats y urusan jenayah, dadah , senjata api dan pelacur senang masuk Malaysia
    3. Chin Peng nak jatuhkan kerajaan Malaysia- u orang pun sama

    So thats y diorang sokong ini Chin Peng, mau abu mayat masuk Malaysia cos bagi semangat untuk ahli2 kongsi gelap dan penentang kerajaan untuk berjuang dan cari pasal. Ini Aso punya dato dan nenek ialah keturunan komunis, juga beberapa leaders parti pembangkang, thats y beriya2 support ini Chin Peng, bermacam sebab u orang bagi untuk menghalalkan ini Chin Peng tapi Malaysia punya orang bukan bodoh.

    Minta jasa Tun cadangkan kat kerajaan batalkan je kewarganegaraan penyokong2 Komunis ni, mereka ni nyata pengkhianat negara, ramai yang menyorok macam aso ni di luar sana.

    Sekian, Terima kasih Tun bagi laluan

  146. mubarakchan Oct 4,2013 10:34 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. The one liners from this fake blogger have stopped for sometime. How do you know I am filthy rich so on and so forth ? The truth my dear ignoramus is that I was around when your precious S$1 Dollar was cheaper than the RM ringgit. To be precise, S$1.03 to RM1.00. Go and ask your hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore to confirm. The problem with you man or woman who is here to entertain us with your lies ans so forth is that you just want to upset the apple-cart. I am sorry to tell you of all the Chinamen, you got the wrong one. Try again better next time. Mickey Mouse from Singapore Disneyland !

  147. mubarakchan Oct 4,2013 10:05 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh

    I strongly believe that the Malays through UMNO with the 13 component parties can really provide the leadership to lead our beloved Malaysia and all the Malaysians beyond Wawasan 2020 as long as they keep to being normal and not be seduced by Greeks bearing gifts and Singaporean parachutists looking for low hanging fruits. As long as the UMNO leadership is cognizant of our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND SELF-ESTEEM and through the BN observes the rule of the Laws, implements fair and transparent policies, maintains a normal and functioning bureaucracy and eschews from doing business through the GLCs, I can see the Bumiputra-led BN progressing past Wawasan 2020. The key is that we must have self-confidence in ourselves and have a leadership which is young and dynamic with the word ‘sacrifice’ a common denominator for all.
    Malaysia has reached very far comparatively. Those who sneered or make fun of us, are now struggling to keep up their GDPs. To achieve a solid success, a young and dynamic leadership must also recognise the contributions of those went before them and are still able to contribute. The World has not changed very much. It is only the mind-set. The Wars of the 1920s, 1930s etc are still very much with us. In the past, people were also killed all over the World when mega-powers were in play.
    There should be no self-doubt amongst the Malays to govern Malaysia at all. It is the brainwashing by outsiders to garner business which encouraged these interlopers to display their wares. If these fellows are any good, they would not be languishing here in the Equator a good 12,000 miles from their homeland. They would be in the Bahamas.
    Of course, we must keep up with the World. This is why we send our scholars and students overseas to acquire knowledge. I am certainly surprised that after 56 years of Merdeka, the Government still has not got the gumption to write a project paper even though our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his magnificent 22 year Adminsitration had done wonders with only a Unit called the EPU ! It is good if some pundits put up an Index of a country’s number of golf courses as a ratio of productive efficiency/number of golfers in or out of the Civil Service.
    As long as the political leadership is normal and has a feel of the pulse of the Rakyat, not only before a General Election, but all the time, the Malaysian voters are more than likely to support an incumbent Government. No one likes to be shocked by the sudden introduction of any new pricing policy, up or down.
    Yes ! The Malays have a great responsibility and duty to support the UMNO in view of all that it means, the history, the relligion, the culture, the heritage, the legacy, the Sultanates and more. And surprisingly, an Oppositon as befits a Malaysian Democracy without which it is not complete ! The very nature of the Constitutional structure and historical convention of Malaysia nudge the non-Malays to support the Malays for their own well-being and vice-versa. This political formula which is peculiar to Malaya/Malaysia has proven to be very successful until some folks want MORE from a slowly growing pie and a fast growing population. This is where the skills and sincerity in leadership by a good leader counts most.
    MALAYSIA IS QUITE EASY TO GOVERN IF YOU KNOW HOW ! Ask our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. IF NOT, MALAYSIA IS LIKE A SEVEN-HEADED SERPENT. You really do not know where to start !
    The World also looks to how Malaysia thrives in an environment of outside interference from busy-bodies with tons of cash floating from country to country under the guise of different names. It is just the old story of human behaviour through the Ages. Chaps want to be great at all cost. And at the end of the day, these great folks are just like you and me. Getting married at 80 ! or publishing volumes and volumes in the hope of nailing down their legacies. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

    I have every confidence that the Malays and the Bumiputras and the non-Malays will enable Malaysia to move to a higher level NORMALLY. No need to fly to the Sun like Icarus or the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore.

    NORMAL is a powerful word !

  148. HBT456 Oct 4,2013 9:12 PM

    I am not going to argue anymore since I do not intend to be the politician. Reading news on how umno politicians gave reasons really made me laughed. Sayonara, dok det, and all the best to you.

  149. Puteri Tujuh Oct 4,2013 8:17 PM

    Mubarakchan, I agree. It is up to the Malays whether they can play the chess well or not. Be it the leaders or the youngsters. If the plays is good, than long live the King.

    Thank you.

  150. maitangni Oct 4,2013 6:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I remember when UMNO was deregistered, all BN components went all out to be by your side to comfort you and provide any assistance required. In fact, the MCA President was appointed the interim BN Chairman. TRUST was the order of the day. At one time in 1970s, the Purchasing Manager of a Chinese public listed company was a Malay and I was head of Design & Packaging Dept. Back then 80% of my friends were Chinese and some still keep in touch with me. In terms of race relations, what went wrong now? Perhaps we should back track to identify the positives of that era and apply them now.

  151. HBT456 Oct 4,2013 6:09 PM

    Mubarak chan, wicked or not, we will be judged one day. MYR depreciated and property prices went up crazy. I told my young Malay colleagues that their children will take MRT to work when they grow up, and my grand children will do that too when they grow up. Who’s fault is this? It really pissed me off with people like you got filthy rich by manipulating the catur and sent talents out from the country, now you blamed Lee Kuan Yew? Patriotism is tipu when BN decided to push for “pemodenan” via satu undi RM200, BR1M RM500 blah and blah.

  152. sentinel3 Oct 4,2013 4:40 PM


    Mohon ruang lagi menjawab HockbengTeoh456,

    Aiiya aso, negeri (negara) you datang mana ada undi. Macam you punya hero Chin Peng cuma main angkat tangan sahaja.(Serupa macam you punya parti DAP pilih CEC main angkat tangan secara tersembunyi atas arahan tokong busat).he…he…he.

    Kalau you punya hero, Chin Peng kata, you cuma layak jadi penanam sayur kerana hanya pandai merungut dan salahkan orang lain sahaja, you tanam sayur lo.

    Aiiya aso, saya tarak makan pencen lo, olang Melayu pun boleh kerja di private sector lo, bukan kaum cina sayur saja lo.

    Kalau aso kerja di private sector (bukan jual sayur), saya boleh lawan dan kalahkan aso lo, sama ada dari segi kerajinan dan kualiti lo (bukan eksyen.he…he…he tapi benar lo) dengan syarat tanpa diskriminasi oleh tauke-tauke cina tolong sama aso lo.he…he…he.

    Kalau saya punya masjid kotor, tarak salah kerajaan tolong bagi duit kasi olang bersihkan lo, sama juga seperti kerajaan tolong bagi duit tolong bersihkan tokong (bukan LGE) dan (besarkan) kuil lo.

    Aha…aso jangan cakap aso solang bayar income tax lo. Olang Melayu sama ada di private sector atau kerajaan juga bayar tax lo.

    Last sekali aso, terima kasih suruh saya balik kampung, kelana sama ada saya sukak atau tarak sukak, mana-mana saya peligi, sama ada di bandar ka atau ke hutan ka (cari petai) adalah kampung saya, ini negala saya lo. he…he…he.

    Cuma aso menumpang di negala saya, ada olang boloh bagi lesen kepada aso tinggal di kampung saya tanam sayur. he…he…he.

    Salam dan terima kasih Tun.

    PS. Tun, saya suka dengan jawapan anakanda Tun, Datuk Mukhriz berhubung soalan berbentuk perkauman yang ditujukan terhadap pentadbirannya baru-baru ini.

    Tahniah Datuk Mukhriz, anda telah menunjukkan bahawa anda seorang lelaki sejati seperti ayahanda Datuk, ada prinsip dalam perjuangan politik membela bangsa, agama dan negara dan bukan seperti menantu bekas PM yang suka mengantuk itu, takut kehilangan undi dan sanggup mencerca akhbar yang memperjuangkan nasib bangsa, agama dan negara sendiri.

    Terima kasih lagi Tun.

  153. mubarakchan Oct 4,2013 2:58 PM


    For Puteri Tujuh. I have lived and worked with the Malays for a life-time. I asked one friend of long-standing why he liked me. He replied that he felt comfortable with me – meaning i did not have a threatening attitude of others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Malays except the nasty comments by those with a wicked heart and ill-intentions because of the bountiful resources of our beloved Malaysia compared with the paucity of their own and their realization that the Malays have a first class religion and lived in a land which has become a strategic choke point of the World. No wonder the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies had to take the high horse with legs of clay !

  154. Puteri Tujuh Oct 4,2013 9:46 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Thank you mubarakchan and also to Barrie. I like the facts when he/she said that it was
    the Malay Regiments together with the British who fought the Japanese until death while the MPAJA (later being the CPM) ran and hid into the jungle like cowards and pimps protected by the villagers and later declare themselves as the hero. That PAS MP maybe loves these.

    Salam Tun.

  155. HBT456 Oct 4,2013 6:24 AM

    Sentinel3, makcik indonesia kat malaysia pun jual sayur jugak seperti saya, tekun dan jujur. You ni melayu makan pencen saja, you nak cakap apa pun takda masalah. Jika masjid kotor, either you clean it with your state coffer atau duit sendiri. Melayu tua mca kau ni memang low kelas, uncivilized and there are plenty in the government sectors. Go a head and say what you like, I am thick skin who knows how to deal with melayu macam kau ini yang biadap dan bodoh bagai katak di bawah temperung, In all my life, I thank God for not choosing me to deal with melayu bodoh mca kau ini. Tarak suka, balik kampung, jangan datang negeri di mana saya undi.

  156. mubarakchan Oct 4,2013 1:31 AM


    Speciaally for HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman. Hey ! Do not put words into my word even though you put your foot into yours. I never said Malaysia contains China by signing the TPPA. I said it was an economist of long-standing. This is no way ‘halfpast6man/woman to emphazie your point by a BARE FACED LIE by you.
    I SAY AGAIN, ‘ THE TPPA IS A DEATH WARRANT FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BUT A BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR A RE-BORN SINGAPORE.’ No more. No less. All the arguments for the TPPA which ran into volumes, maybe said in ONE SENTENCE.

  157. Cheow Oct 3,2013 11:41 PM

    If we want to make CPM a hero despite all the violence caused by them,
    then we should make the Empire of Japan as hero as well because they fought the British despite all the violence caused by them.

  158. mubarakchan Oct 3,2013 11:00 PM


    Red hot for the likes of The On, Dont Be Small Minded, the rocket scientist from Singapore, MNMN, saxykumar, yusof12, HockBengTeohhalfpast6man/woman etc.
    On the terrorist Chin Peng
    On the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore
    Read the interesting comments on both.
    From the above facts, the Singaporeans were caught between the Devil and the deep Blue Sea or between a Rock and a Hard place, until our beloved Tunku sent Tan Sri C.C. Too to cut the Gordian knot in 1962 for you know who !

  159. sentinel3 Oct 3,2013 10:41 PM


    Mohon izin diberikan ruangan.

    Aiyaa…Aso HockbengTeoh456, why so angry to UMNO ma? Instead you should be grateful and kiss the feet of Tunku Abdul Rahman and UMNO flag for granting citizenship to your grandfather to be a citizen of this country.

    Without Tunku generosity, you may be still toiling the soil in China growing vegetable to sell in the market.

    If your hero, Chin Peng succeeded to become a dictator in this country, i’m sure even he doesnt want you who only knows to nags to be his comrades.

    He might send you back to China growing vegetable as your grandfather used to be.he…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

    PS sdra wajaperak, maaf terpaksa tarik balik nasihat dahulu kepada sdra mengenai aso ini dan terpaksa join the wagon hantam betol-betol ibu segala devil seperti aso ini.he…he…he.

  160. HBT456 Oct 3,2013 8:36 PM

    Mubarak chan, by signing tppa, malaysia government contains china? Can you explain how when 80% of malaysians cant even read and write chinese? Like what were said down there, mca is no longer relevant because they only fight for their own survival, lol.

  161. HBT456 Oct 3,2013 5:00 PM

    mokhtar, it means UMNO/BN failed to unite all races under Malaysia, and opposition denied BN 2/3 majority. It does not matter how we think anymore, let the ball rolling in every 5 years. Anak2 VIP pun masuk international schools, you pun mahu jeles, susah kalau macam tu…berani ke hang suruh anak2 VIP masuk sekolah matrikulasi? Jika berani, saya pasti akan vote UMNO, kalau tak, lebih baik diam2 ubi.

  162. maruan Oct 3,2013 4:45 PM


    I may born after the darkest era WWII & after the independence… but what about MPAJA, MCP?, is there a differential between patriotism with ideologist?.

  163. sham1966 Oct 3,2013 4:24 PM

    salam Tun,what u have wrote is facts of history…there might be a time when those histories will be twisted and told in a different version which it may promote chin peng…especially when there is a monument for him should malaysia allowed his ashes be brought back here…some people foresee those opportunity to twist the fact..but leader like you predicted those ideas. whatever reason it might be under the humanitarian ground , we should also think on humanitarian ground what he had done to many…how he betray tanah melayu…how he betray malays…well wishes TUN….moga ALLAH merahmati perjuangan mu TUN..amin

  164. mokhtar Oct 3,2013 3:20 PM

    dear Tun,

    – to pay respect to the late Chin Peng by some personatilies from opposition reflects their
    thru colour of hating the establisment ( the malay establishment ) which they failed to topple during PRU 13.
    – they hate anything, everything that associates with the Malay, so a timely reminder for the Malay to be wary of these politicians and individuals. Sadly we have some Malay polticains and individuals cohort with them especially from so call Islamic (syiah?) party.
    – the goverment should expediate and making Tanah Melayu/ Malaya/ Malaysia’s History as compulsory subject for all examinations in schools especially in SM(J)C and those rich Malaysian children studying in International schools.
    – after Chin Peng, who is next, LKY?

  165. Che Pak Oct 3,2013 1:16 PM

    Then, why you signed the peace agreement with CPM on behalf of Msia government ?

  166. mubarakchan Oct 3,2013 11:31 AM


    Apologies. I could not comment on TPPA as there were so many comments there. Today an Malaysian economist of longstanding for the very first time said something meaningful in the Opposition blogs, ‘ Malaysia should not sign the TPPA which contains China ‘.

    I say, ‘The TPPA is the death warrant for independent and free Malaysia and the birth certificate for a re-born Singapore !’

  167. wajaperak Oct 3,2013 10:52 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun..
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    OCD ( Obssessive Compulsive Disorder )..:)
    [Unless melayu bodoh kerana hanya kaum bodoh suka free stuffs, takda kelas]

    Definition class..

    A set, collection, group, or configuration containing members regarded as having certain attributes or traits in common; a kind or category.

    Definition of crap

    1. Excrement.
    2. An act of defecating.
    3. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
    4. Cheap or shoddy material.
    5. Miscellaneous or disorganized items; clutter.
    6. Insolent talk or behavior.

    Tun,Tun Tuah and Sentinel3 and to whom it may conscience..
    Methink OCD wants to say that she is full of crap..
    Mistaken them as class…:)

    As they say..


    Terima kasih Tun..

  168. Karl Oct 3,2013 10:40 AM

    Salam Tun,

    ada pihak yang sengaja selektif dan mahu memberi penghormatan kepada Chin Peng kerana usaha dia menentang kolonial British, sebelum negara kita merdeka.

    Tapi mereka ini buat-buat lupa perihal kekejaman pengganas komunis yang berperang dengan kerajaan Malaysia pasca-1957 hingga menyebabkan ramai anggota keselamatan, yang majoriti Melayu, cacat atau mati. Oleh kerana hampir semua anggota bersenjata komunis adalah dari bangsa Cina dan mendapat sokongan kewangan dan senjata dari kerajaan China komunis, maka tidak mengejutkan jika orang Cina menunjukkan simpati yang berlebihan terhadap perjuangan Chin Peng. Mereka ini mungkin tebal dengan sikap perkauman, hingga sanggup tutup sebelah mata terhadap realiti kekejaman pengganas komunis terhadap askar Melayu.

    Kita jarang sekali dengar orang Melayu menunjuk simpati terhadap Rashid Maidin, kecuali mereka yang jahil sejarah atau sengaja memilih untuk menongkah arus, terutama golongan muda yang tidak merasa keperitan hidup Zaman Darurat atau ‘Emergency’.

    Saya ada baca buku yang ditulis Rashid Maidin, yang menceritakan bagaimana Tan Sri Rahim Noor malahan enggan bersalam dengannya walaupun tangannya telah lama dihulur! Walaupun Rashid menulis untuk menimba simpati pembaca, saya lebih ketimbang menyokong tindakan TS Rahim. Ini menunjukkan betapa benci polis terhadap pengganas komunis yang telah membunuh dan menyiksa dengan kejam ramai anggota keselamatan dari 1957 hingga 1980.

    Saya cuma speed reading buku yang ditulis Rashid itu di MPH kerana untuk membayar harga buku itu saya rasakan seperti satu pengkhianatan terhadap negara, terutama terhadap keluarha anggota keselamatan yang telah dibunuh dan diseksa dengan kejam oleh pengganas komunis …

  169. Tun Perak Oct 3,2013 6:52 AM

    Spot on ! Chin Peng should not be forgiven for the crimes that he has done to the Malaysia civilian and armed forces.

    Only heartless group of people will quote that Chin Peng is a non-terrorist. These people should be labelled as communist sympathisers because they chose to ignore the suffering of civillian through the hand of the guerilla who demanded – revenge, blood, scarce food and money; and power. Satan reside within the blood vein of people who wanted to kill.

  170. mubarakchan Oct 3,2013 6:35 AM


    Frankly, I do not see how a dead terrorist is worth more than a living one according to the precepts of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. There were no beating of the war drums for 47 years since its deliberate inception in 1966. For those who think that an organisation which indulged in killing and injuring Malayans and Malaysians from 1948 to 1989 is like a RM2 incorporated church in Subang Jaya, must be in Alice in Wonderland. I invite such people who are financed by foreigners to visit the War Cemetries at Taiping, Batu Gajah and Kuala Lumpur that the untimely deaths of our heroes are engraved in stone.
    If our beloved Malaysia has no principles of the right kind, we are all as dead as a dodo.
    Communism is as dead as a dodo. It ran its full course for only about 70 years and was stopped dead in its tracks due to the suppression of freedom to convert all humankind to be faceless and colourless digits.
    And yet, we have fully grown adults who not only kow-tow to a dead terrorist but think that a dead terrorist is worth more than a living one ! With a care for those who died or were injured in the name of Freedom defending us – our Sovereignty, National Interest and Self-esteem.
    A terrorist is one person who kills to create terror for his own ends for the bigger political objective of unseating an incumbent Government at all or any cost. This we all must deny to maintain our much treasured Freedom and Malaysian way of life. We must never forget that our smiling and jealous enemies want to do us in all the time. The moment we lose our guard like after 2003, the whole country would be in turmoil at our own expense and self-proclaimed superior types in the neighbourhood would sneed or say uncomplimentary things at us making us like stupid fools which we are not ! THIS SORT OF FOREIGN ANTICS HAS HAPPENED FOR SO VERY LONG AND YET SOME GULLIBLE MALAYSIANS LAPPED IT ALL UP AS IF IN RESPONSE TO SOME SINSITER SIGNAL FROM THE MASTER. It is time all Malaysians wake up and see the real values put in by our Prime Ministers in our own interests.
    All countries in the World hang their traitors.
    Hidup Malaysia ! Hidup the Yang Di Pertuan Agong !

  171. Puteri Tujuh Oct 2,2013 11:01 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    I believe Chin Peng had done wrong acts and he had to pay the price now, later or whatever.

    Father of a friend of mine was shot cold blooded by communist terrorist in front of him while sending him to school at Ulu Yam in one early morning in the mid-60’s. The conversation was short. “Lu Kassim ka…”. His father replied yes. Instantly he was shot at the head.

    Salam Tun

  172. HBT456 Oct 2,2013 8:35 PM

    Inflation naik takda masalah, but will rakyat vote bn after the report of auditor that left unanswered all these years? Unless melayu bodoh kerana hanya kaum bodoh suka free stuffs, takda kelas. Those malay who work in city, they wont take free stuffs kerana maruah.

  173. HBT456 Oct 2,2013 7:29 PM

    Tun dr mm has the right not to post my comments. I have the right to vote any party to be the pm. Chin peng is an old man, but putting him as terrorist is too much. I believe whoever done wrong acts its either we pay the price now, or our children will pay the price later.

  174. Tuntuah Oct 2,2013 6:39 PM

    Inflation rate is going up…

    But itu nyonya tua mau tinggalkan blog tun still around. And she love chin peng fondly.

    As usual chinese is still chinese. They will not leaving the word chinese xcept taiwanese and hong kees. American chinese, canadian chinese, malaysian chinese, singaporean chinese, indian chinese?????? What ever la

    So chin peng was chinese. Dap love him becoz they the comunist will dismantle keistimewaan orang melayu. So can be replace with keistimewaan org cina like wat singapork are doing. Penang next. But wat the hell….

    We should allow chin peng ashes to be brought back here.

    We built a monument for it.
    We put a banner stated

    ” petualang jahanam. Bangsat kepada negara. Pendatang celaka yang mahu memerintah di tanah melayu”

    Let it be a reminder to those pendatang yang masih tak sedar diri macam nyonya tua yang selalu lupa tu…

  175. mubarakchan Oct 2,2013 5:40 PM


    For want of a better issue event the death of a wanted terrorist is an event of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. How can the DAP be believed when in the very first instance, they spent 47 years since 1966 doing nothing to help the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all and also missed 3 EASY STEPS to Power in 1997, 2008 and 2013 ? An the anachronism is the leadership is the protege of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is on kissing terms of the great and mighty of Washington DC for a lifetime. Through the process of self-glorification he now claims if not for him, China would not have been great. Thank God for Singapore and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore ! Did’nt I said before that Singapore has one natural resource which is BLUFFOLOGY !
    In addition, it was our beloved Tunku who sent Tan Sri C. C. Too the most Senior Chinese Adviser to the Federal Government and a world expert on Communist insurgency in 1962 to help the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore and his conundrum with the Communistis in his PAP. Tan Sri C. C. Too was in conference with only the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew and his Police Chief, George Bogaars for 2 full days. Operation Cold Store came after this and all the Communists were locked-up for life ! The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew assumed power to this day !
    I had the privilege to be briefed by Tan Sri C. C. Too at 8 pm once a month from 1961 to 1992 on Malaysia/Singapore Politics and the Communist Insurgency. He was my relative.
    DAP members and others have been making a big fuss out of the death of a terrorist. It was during this period that the Federation of Malaya and Malaysia was close to the Americans. Let us not forget this and those who died or injured by the acts of Communist terrorism in those early days. Our people have not given their lives in vain. We shall honour and remember them always and forever.
    Tan Sri C. C. Too with the permission of the Federal Government and his immediate superior Tun Ghazali Shafi, lectured and advised in Vietnam and Fort Benning. GA. He predicted that Communism will return in another form and lamented the running down of the Special Branch of the PDRM in the early 1980s. His most important job was to deciphere the Marxist jargon which were hidden in the messages as broadcast by the VOICE OF MALAYA from Yunnan every night at 8 pm. to the terrorists in the deep jungle. It was like reading leaves in a tea-cup to predict what the Communists would do next.
    And now the DAP the protege of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore seemingly turned RED whilst its protaganist the MCA turned RED from KMT BLUE. This is either a pipe-dream by the ambitious of the nay-sayers or something else which is out of this World.
    How can a No. 1 terrorist is not a terrorist ? This line of logic is beyond my imagination.
    And no democracy worth its salt has ever elected a Communist Government into power. Communist Governments around the World came into power through revolutions. And Tan Sri C. C. Too predicted that when Communism comes into contact with Capitalism, it is the Communism which is corrupted. You this all over the World today. And nearer home, the early brilliant zeal of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore at the end of the day is all money, money and money !

    And the following facts that Uncle Chin did not pull the trigger :-

    1949 – A Chinese rubber tapper in my family estate in North Johore was murdered by the Communist terrorist. He was innocent and died young. Uncle Chin did not pull the trigger.

    1951 – I was seating in front of my classmate who was a recruit of the Auxilliary Police. He fondled his revolver and it discharged with a loud bang. The bullet passed through my desk. An inch or two from its trajectory, I would not be here to tell this true tale of the Communist Insurgency. I began to read the Straits Times and the Malay Mail. I was really frightened by their reports which made me study really hard to go overseas. It was no joke. And Uncle Chin did not pull the trigger.

    I believe the decades and decades of easy livinig and complacency as provided by the Alliance and the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties have numbed the brains of some of our compatriots.

    In any successful country, the danger of being done down by jealous outsiders with the help of ambitious insiders is always there. Hidup Malaysia ! Hidup the Yang Di Pertuan Agong !

  176. wherebears Oct 2,2013 3:10 PM

    Chin Peng was a terrorist because of what he did. Not because of his ideals. His supporters should stop glorifying him. That’s like glorifying Hitler.
    Glorifying the death of an ex-terrorist called Chin Peng

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