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1. Among the cleverest people in the world are the analysts – the people who can see through solids, even see and recognise what lies behind. This gives them power and as we all know power corrupts. Few among the analysts can restrain the corrupting influence of their power.

2. The analyst who works for Malaysian Insider clearly is one who cannot resist the abuse of that power. Given a task by his master he comes up with a fantastic analysis on the recent decision by the court that the word “Allah” is exclusive to Islam and may not be used by the Catholic “Herald”. He saw an opportunity to serve his master like the toady he is.

3. His master had recently demonised me by incorrectly and clearly deliberately translating my statement on corruption. I had said that I was sold by my divisional representatives for RM200/-. The English version was correct. But the Malay translation implied that I bribed my divisional delegates with RM200/-. Why I should bribe them so they would not vote for me is beyond me. But the opportunity to blacken my name in the eyes of the Malays was too good to be missed by his master.

4. When asked to correct and apologise, Malaysian Insider decided to demonise me instead by stating that twenty-five years ago when “Tun Mahathir Mohamad dismantled one of the most respected judicial institutions in the Commonwealth and destroyed the concept of separation of powers in Malaysia rhetorically he asked “how many Malaysians were truly upset with his interference?” In one sentence he made a lie appear to be an indisputable truth, without stating what indeed I had done to deserve the demonisation.

5. The arguments by the great analyst are rather convoluted but the implication is clear. The Malaysian courts (and here Tun Suffian’s words are made use of) will never be able to recover the respect they had before I “destroyed” them.

6. The truth is that the courts often made judgements against me or the government I lead. The classic case is when UMNO, the ruling party was declared illegal because a few branches cheated. Yet recently when the Central Committee of the DAP was found to have basically cheated, it was simply asked to hold another election. But for UMNO, when four out of more than 6000 branches did not follow procedures, the whole party was declared illegal. The judge who made this judgement was then promoted. I did not object.

7. When Anwar sued me for defamation because I repeated to the press the judgement made by the Appeal Court which acquitted him I thought a Malaysian court would decide this in one sitting. If I was wrong, then the appeal court which found that Anwar did not commit sodomy on the day mentioned in the charge but averred that he did commit sodomy on other days must also be wrong. The third appeal judge concurred with the guilty verdict of the High Court. But on the basis of a wrong date, Anwar was acquitted and released. I merely repeated the findings of the Appeal Court when asked at a Press Conference.

8. Apparently the court which heard the defamation case against me, upon hearing the arguments of the fearsome Karpal Singh, Anwar’s lawyer, felt that there was a case for me to answer. That was fine. But Anwar’s lawyers kept asking for postponements after postponements so that the case dragged on for more than four years.

9. During those four years I was deprived of the right to say anything against Anwar as the case was considered to be sub judice. I basically lost my right of free speech and Anwar enjoyed a long period of freedom from my criticisms.

10. If the courts of Malaysia are shackled forever by me, surely the decision would have been reached at the first sitting. I cannot believe that repeating the words of a judge when pronouncing judgement is illegal or constitutes defamation. That the court was forced to delay judgement by the frequent postponements is a denial of justice, for lawyers often repeat, “Justice delayed is justice denied”. In my case the court took four years to find me innocent. Justice was denied me.

11. And there are many cases where the courts of Malaysia find against the Government in my time – including unprecedentedly declaring UMNO, the ruling party to be illegal. At other times despite detentions under the ISA was not open to legal challenges, detainees were released on a writ of habeas corpus. Before I was Prime Minister no one ever challenged the right of the Minister concerned to detain anyone under the ISA.

12. It seems to me that far from the courts being constrained by me, the fearsome personality of Karpal Singh plays a more effective role in the courts. In fact when some UMNO supporters were charged, their preference was to engage Karpal because his fearsome and overbearing personality was considered enough to convince the court.

13. The Malaysian courts are as free as can be even though certain lawyers seem to get away with unruly behaviour in Malaysian courts. The decision of the courts on the use of the word “Allah” is an example of their independence. Whereas the High Court decided that the word can be used by the “Herald” the Appeal Court disagreed. If the courts are in thrall to the former Prime Minister, surely the lower court would decide supposedly according to my wishes and not the higher, three men Appeal Court. But the opposite is the case.

14. It is ridiculous to suggest that the courts of Malaysia had ever been under the control of the Prime Minister. I am reminded of the Israelis who insist that they are under threat of Arab aggression when in fact they are the aggressors who have seized Palestinian land to build their settlements and who arrested 10,000 Palestinians including children, torture and kill them with impunity. Malaysian Insider will trot out the same old argument against me, as the Israelis do, because it is really bankrupt of ideas to demonise me. You can bet that Malaysian Insider will come up with the same baseless accusation every now and again. It was the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Goebbels, who declared that, lies repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.

17 thoughts on “The Mind of the Analyst

  1. Nazz Abdul Aziz Oct 31,2013 12:10 AM

    Promosi Lagu Baru – AIRMATA SEORANG MAHATHIR – Di ufuk masih mencabar,, wawasan yang kau asaskan… Masih ku ingat,, pesan mu itu… Perjuangan masih panjang… Mahathir kau inspirasi,, pejuang berdedikasi… Engkau berjuang, memimpin bangsa… Ku turut jejak langkah mu… Berlinang airmata mu meratap nasib bangsa mu,, yang masih lagi dijajah oh di minda… oh di minda… Berlinang airmata mu mengalir ke sungai waktu… Waktu yang menelan usia…. Ku tatang airmata mu, Mahathir pemimpin unggul… Berpatah sayap bertongkat paruh,, berjuang terus berjuang…. Berlinang airmata mu meratap nasib bangsa mu,, yang masih lagi dijajah oh di minda… oh di minda… Berlinang airmata mu mengalir ke sungai waktu… Waktu yang menelan usia…. Berlinang airmata mu meratap nasib bangsa mu,, yang masih lagi dijajah oh di minda… oh di minda… Berlinang airmata mu mengalir ke sungai waktu… Waktu yang menelan usia….

  2. rsn_62 Oct 30,2013 11:54 PM

    To Tun Dr Mahathir,

    Missed the old days when you are the PM. How lively Malaysia was then. Keep on going Tun, even if you reach 100 as age is just a number. May Allah bless you, your dearest and remarkable wife Datin Hasmah and your family. May Allah always guide Mukhriz and one day he will excel. Truth will always prevail one day. I always have hope to meet you one fine day and shake your hand as a token of gratitude for your contribution to Malaysia.

  3. hafizkenedelete Oct 30,2013 9:39 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Salam warga chedet..

    Izinkan saya ketawa terbahak bahak…hahahahahahahahakk tuiiiii…

    Dah la aku tak brapa paham omputeh, baca tulisan melayu jadi bertambah tak paham…Pe la salahnya ko pakai Google translate, ok la sikit bahasa die..

    Apa la ko ni AHMAD albab… tulisan dah macam si Dtan sama HBT45678 da aku tengok…

    Saudara DAPshit, sekarang saya dah perasan kesemua barua2 ni ada banyak persamaan dan motif diorang lebih kurang sama, kalau tak hina Islam, diorang hina Melayu, pastu serang UMNO, kalau tak pun, sebok kritik Tun..hehe.

    Agaknya apalah motif diorang menulis dalam blog ni? Mungkin kepuasan Onani seperti HBT4567, atau pun kepuasan logik akal macam SiRahman20121.

    Kalau hati dah busuk memang takde obat, doa je la Allah bagi hidayah kat diorang ni..

    Si Cincai Cincai tulis.
    Terima kasih Tun

  4. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Oct 30,2013 6:28 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I say Inchik Ahmad your written English is very good but your Malay is laughable. Are you really a Malay or just another impostor like Rahman 2012?

    Tulunglah bagitau kami. SAKURANG2NYA kami buleh paham SADIKIT LABIH lagi! hihihi

    “Sekarang,nampaknya Najib boleh lah bernafas sadikit dan menjalankan pemerentehannya tampa ganguan dari Tun.Sakurang2nya Najib tahu bahawa ahli ahli UMNO di belakang nya.”


  5. mubarakchan Oct 30,2013 6:12 PM


    It is good that you are still hale and healthy with an active mind. These days, all of us have a chance to touch 100 – not because of the good doctors who are still the same through the Ages but the good and cheap medicines. This is the problem. The problem of this present time and Age, a time of the 21st century, of WATER, AGING, RELIGIONS – WAR. This is the burden Humankind has to bear in the 21st century. Some of us have suggested that retirement would be a good way out while some have stood by you in the defence of democracy, Malaysian Democracy. Let us face the truth. A truth which is better than a thousand accolades. You have brought our beloved Malaysia to the point where we could break-out to a sustainable world of peace, harmony and prosperity of her citizens for all time. Why ? Because at the present time, we only hurl insults and lies or truth at each other or shoot paper arrows too. At least, we Malaysians are not hurling rocks or projectiles or shooting bullets at one another. How ? It is good that talking is free in our beloved Malaysia. Very good. A long long time ago when I gave my short pants for long pants, I learnt the only way to stop people from talking bad about me, was to shoot them dead which I did not want to do. So, I developed a very thick skin and could even say, ‘Thank you very much’ to the chagrin of the nay-sayers. As you are not born yesterday, Tun, you will agree with me that political barbs are very much the part and parcel of the political profession in any part of the World whether these are from self-appointed analysts or those who want to project themselves into the limelight by frivolous comments on famous personalities.

    I am of the view that if a person is not famous, he would not be attacked by certain groups of Humankind. And it is good, very good that you are fit as a fiddle to promote our brand of Democracy, the Malaysian Democracy. And I wish all our commentators here on this Blog well also. The timely invention of the Web and its ancillary functions have kept the minds of all who care active and healthy even though our aging bodies might present otherwise. For myself, and I suggest to my friends here that keeping our minds active is one panacea to living out a full and satisfactory life. As it is, I am exceedingly happy and satisfied like our beloved Tun who only serves our beloved country and her citzens and is not interested in self-glorification at all at the expense of the citizens.

  6. balance Oct 30,2013 5:09 PM


    You can never convince everyone. For those who think you are a great person and you have done a lot for Malaysians you should not feel too happy and for those who think you are not a great person you should not feel sad too. As long as there are people including me that think and feel that you are a great person should be good enough. Let them say whatever they like, nobody live forever and legacy cannot last forever too. Everyone make mistakes and everyone can have their choice to read any type of news and have any type of opinion. You have done your best and no one should deny that, they can judge you whatever way they like but I should like to advise them to judge themselves or look into the mirror before judging others.

    For me currently there is no leader better than you but hope there will be one that can be better than you soon if not we Malaysian will be in big trouble. Thanks for making and leading Malaysia into a great nation and wishing you happiness. Best wishes to your MB son too. He may be that special “ONE” to take Malaysia to the next level. Let wait and see!!!!

  7. amin tan Oct 30,2013 12:08 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, Harakah are all anti government publications. We cannot call them newspapers because they don’t publish any news or news worthy items. Their publications contain rumours, defamations, negative and malicious rumours about BN, umno and the government. They predict doomsday for BN and UMNO.
    They are the mouth piece of Opposition politicians, failed and frustrated politicians. They would not stop publishing false, twisted and manipulated events to provoke and defame their perceived political enemies. They are wicked, malicious, vengeful and unforgiving. They are unislamic. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  8. mnos Oct 30,2013 11:20 AM

    dear tun,
    thanks for everything you had done in your rulling days..some are great, some are good, some are ok and some are not ok (for those who cant accept it). it is normal for human to enjoy the pleasure given and criticize whatever unpleasure they received..its allready written in holy Quran. only the thankful one (which is few) will accept it gracefully.

    i do read some article from malaysian insider (not all) and they always said bad thing about you and our goverment as far as i can see from the first day they were established, maybe they will turn their eyes on the goverment once the pakatan rakyat take over the country, which i hope wont happen! but who knows, malaysia is a democratic country and they keep on slandering today goverment, just like you said..a slander is a truth if repeated everyday without any denied. and many many people will support it because listening to slander is ‘enjoyable’ then the truth.
    not many malaysian today appriciated yours and olders services for theirs and our country welfare, most of them take it for granted and was told and taught that it was just your duty, nothing more or less.

    dont worry Tun,
    ALLAH knows you better and will grant you for what you had done for this country and its people.


  9. 2tired Oct 30,2013 9:17 AM

    Salam, Tun.

    1. I know how hard it is to defend oneself from slander, lies, and scripted words and statements.

    2. I too know that you are stubborn and difficult to appease. However, as a man growing up under your watch for 22 years, we (those who appreciate your stewardship and I) know what you have done and have not done.

    3. I do not want to sound like a preacher but let it all be. The more you are trying to right it, the more your detractors will cause you to be seen as trying to right what is wrong. Just let it go!

    4. Once I had suggested that “you take a rest; a good rest. Let us sort our lives, as how you have taught us to do!”

    5. While you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah are still healthy, I urge you to perform Umrah again; go for a worldwide tour; lay low and prepare yourself to meet your Maker. Insyallah, we will be fine, and you too will be fine.

    6. Your detractors will not quieten down until they see you hung just like Saddam, or die like Marcos, or Gaddafi. They will liken you to Hitler or Idi Amin that died in exile though they know without you as our PM once; we would not be what we are today.

    7. Alas, today is not what we had expected it to be after those golden 22 years of your premiership.

    8. Please, please, please leave us alone; we will be all right.


    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

  10. grkumar Oct 30,2013 6:41 AM

    The scurrilous and unmitigated anti Malay attitude of the Malaysian Insider cannot and must not go unchallenged.

    Its proprietor and managing editor one John Berthelsen has often written to us at our Blog in response to articles published on our blog. He is a reader of our blog who finds articles we publish “amusing”. A man of little personal or professional credibility he writes about and prefers articles about a man he loathes for in his view “threw him out of the country”. And that man is the Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed.That event of 1988 is alleged to have precipitated the judicial crisis in Malaysia. It was in fact a crisis in the minds of certain sectors of the Malaysia Bar. Members who have lofty political aspirations.

    Till today they have failed to rebut the contents of the article “Judicial Crisis of 1988, a Tragedy Staged by the Bar”.

    Getting back to the question of the courts, one must read with circumspection what retired judges and serving legal practitioners write about this claim that Malaysia’s courts were highly regarded institutions in the commonwealth. It wasn’t and neither were any Malaysian lawyers of the past including Mr. Ramani (whose loyalties lay in India and not Malaysia) regarded as highly as is claimed. They had local followers who made these claims on their behalf to raise their public profile locally.

    If this were the case, why is it there are so few decisions if any that serve as a precedent anywhere else in the commonwealth that originate from Malaysian courts and decisions? this is a convenient but embarrassing myth spun by the Malaysian Bar and its opposition parties with little evidence to show for it.

    An example of how political and incorrect Malaysian courts are can be gleaned from the decision of Bee Lian Lau J in the Catholic Herald matter. If the courts of Malaysia are that good, noteworthy, reliable and legally sound why is it that only the flawed decision of Bee Lian Lau J is referred to in glowing terms by the Malaysian legal fraternity? referring to her as that “brave judge” they laud her flawed decision in that matter.

    Now in fairness, why did the lawyers not say the same of a court of judges whose decisions went against Bee Lian Lau’s flawed decision in the lower court? Why do they only applaud decisions that find favour in their causes? is their motto not “without fear or favour?”. If they believed the judges in the court of appeal were not as good or were unreliable or biasd why did they not call for their recusal before the Appeal concluded?

    The fear and loathing of the Berthelsens of this world like the Nutgraph and Lim Kit Siang’s blog is such that they have barred any comment by us on their website. We are barred from registering as readers or commenting on their articles. Such as the credibility of their demand for “greater political freedoms”, for “greater democracy and freedom of expression”. God help us all should they succeed in their quests to overthrow government.

    Perhaps their ideas of law justice, fairness an competence lie in the actions of another judge who awarded Karpal Singh his $2,00,000 then alighted from the bench to embrace the man in an open court.

    Judges of this caliber were appointed by the likes of Badawi Abdullah. A man whose track record is like that of what a hurricane leaves in its wake. But don’t say anything bad about him, it may make Berthelsen cry and the Malaysian Bar take t the streets again claiming to represent the majority of Malaysians.

    We challenged Berthelsen and the Malaysian Bar to rebut our analysis and write up in the Berthlesen affair and the the so called judicial crisis of 1988 and all we have had in response have been insults and abuse.

    Well we can’t complain as this is hall mark of a group of people wanting constitutional government and more freedoms of expression.


  11. mubarakchan Oct 30,2013 12:57 AM


    Analysts are human beings like you and me but of late have acquired more important sounding titles like strategists, etc. I would group them in the same category as fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, futurologists and the like. It is a profession anyone can play. I know a local personality who started out as an analyst and then he formed his own association. Then, he acquired a Datukship and is now consulted ever so often by the journalists for his analyses. This is one way of being a prominent personality if a person began life as an average person. Some of them end up with the august title of Tan Sri as well. It pays to be an analyst. There is another financial analyst who spent a whole career in manipulating the share market without beiing caught. This is a smart one.
    Analysts are connected with journalism and political parties one way or another, Political analysts in Malaysia are still way behind their colleagues in the West. This is another game all can play. As the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore was alleged to have said, ‘ Who pays the Pied Piper, plays the tune.’ The first thing the Singaporean parachutists grabbed in 2005 was the Chief Editorship of the UMNO owned Straits Times. This is now repeated in the MCA owned The Star in which it is now infested with new DAP born again Christians who behave like they are facing the lions in a Roman colosseum.
    The present trial of 8 journalists in London with close political connections to the ruling Conservative Party reveals the nexus between poliitics and the use of inside information which could only be obtained by hacking the victims’ mobile phones. I suppose this is the extreme limit or extent of the reach of a political analyst. Can we rest assured that this has not happened yet in this land or through the machinations of interested foreign parties this form of skullduggery has already happened ? Political analysts unlike financial analysts, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, futurologists and the like, have their profession carved out for them in Malaysia if they are good story-tellers. Why Malaysia ? For years we have either enjoyed the stories of sex and money scandals or viewed murders with disdain through the years since 2003 ! Obviously, our political analysts worked full-time on this glorious cache of ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ stories as enacted by our politicians in recent years. But the political analysts are not satisfied but breached the line of standards, propriety and ethics and went overboard with some dim-witted stories much to the consternation of the victims.
    The good and credible Opposition makes up our Malaysian Democracy because without them, our Democracy is not complete. (Please take note those foreigners who want us to change our Government.). The Opposition suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties at the May General Elections. All manner of issues which are mainly trivial ones are blown up to derail the BN Government, to impress their long suffering financiers and backers and to keep their disappointed supporters together till the 14th General Elections. The twist of the ‘Allah’ issue is no twist at all. A rose is a rose. You may call it by any other name. It is just a question of semantics. Why create such a fuss in 2013 and no squeak from 1954 forward ? Why blame our Prime Ministers, the ISA or the OE ? Why no one spoke out before and prepared to go to jail in the past decades ? Or is this issue purposely used as one of the many issues so raised to topple an incumbent Government ? By political analysts ?

  12. Hang Jebat Derhaka Oct 30,2013 12:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan Semua,

    Malaysian Insider ni memang kaki putar alam kuat. Samalah macam ketua Pembangkang diaorang. Tak apalah Tun, boleh dapat pahala free. Biarkanlah puak songsang ni menyalak tuah. Tak lama sangat der hidup kat dunia nih.

    Tanpa fitnah, siapalah Pembangkang….

    P/s: Malaysia sebuah negara Kristian dalam 10 tahun. Listen to Razali DAP. Mark my word. Nama Allah haruslah dibenarkan dalam bible, it will be more friendly to Malaysian which are largely Muslim.

  13. ahmad Oct 30,2013 12:03 AM

    The Constitution does not provide for the removal of a Lord President. While the Tribunal need not be an inappropriate means, its composition was to say the least, disgraceful. It was composed of six acting and retired judges, although the Constitution required an odd number to prevent deadlock. Of these -four from Malaysia, one from Sri Lanka and one from Singapore -only the Sri Lankan enjoyed a rank comparable to Tun Salleh’s.

    This was contrary to the very reasonable dictum that one should be tried by one’s peers rather than one’s juniors. The fact that two retired Lord Presidents of Malaysia were available but not invited was glaring.

    There were grave conflicts of interest with three of the Malaysian judges that should have disqualified them from sitting: Tan Sri Abdul Hamid who was next in line to succeed as Lord President and who had also participated in the conference of 20 judges which resulted in the letter to the King; Tan Sri Zahir who, being also the Speaker of the Lower House, was beholden to Mahathir, the principal complainant in the matter at hand; and Tan Sri Abdul Aziz who, although a former judge, was then a practising lawyer and, more incredibly, had two suits pending against him at that time.

    But Tun Salleh’s objections were ignored and when the Bar Council issued a statement calling for the Tribunal to be re-constituted, both the New Straits Times and The Star refused to
    publish it. Further, it was decided that the Tribunal would sit in closed sessions although Tun Salleh had requested a public hearing.

    The charges, when finally published, were manifestly absurd. Running over 12 sheets of paper, it was clear that quantity had been substituted where quality was lacking, and some of them actually related to Tun Salleh’s behaviour after suspension. Many of them related to his speeches and press interviews, whereby sinister meanings were imputed to various innocuous comments that he had made.

    To cite an instance, in a speech at the University of Malaya, he had said: “The role of the courts is very important to bring about public order. If there is no public order there will be chaos in this country and if there is chaos, no one can feel safe” .

    On this basis, Tun Salleh was charged with making statements criticizing the Government which displayed prejudice and bias against the latter.

    Another statement of his, “In a democratic system, the courts play a prominent role as agent of stability but they can perform this function only if judges are trusted,” resulted in the charge that he had ridiculed the Government by imputing that it did not trust the judges. These charges were doubly ludicrous in the light of Mahathir’s many poisonous attacks against the Judiciary.

    It is not surprising that Tun Salleh, after reading this catalogue of fantasy crimes, refused to appear before what was so evidently a kangaroo court.

    The Tribunal, after refusing representations made by Raja Aziz, Tun Salleh’s leading counsel, that it had no constitutional validity to sit, chose instead to proceed so hastily that it wound up deliberations, including the examination of witnesses with just four hours work.

    As it prepared to issue its Report, Tun Salleh’s lawyers sought an urgent stay of proceedings in the High Court. This would normally be granted immediately at the least possibility that an
    injustice may be about to be done but, here, events turned into utter farce.

    Instead of immediately reaching a decision as expected, the presiding judge, Datuk Ajaib Singh, after the court had been in languorous session the whole day that Friday, adjourned hearings for 9.30 am the next day. On Saturday however, the judge emerged in court only at 11.50 am and, even then, postponed hearings again for the Monday!

    In desperation, Tun Salleh’s lawyers, knowing that the Tribunal could easily release its Report before then, sought the assistance of Supreme Court judge, Tan Sri Wan Suleiman, in his Chambers.

    The latter agreed to hear them in open court in half an hour’s time and called a coram of all remaining Supreme Court, one of whom, Tan Sri Hashim Yeop, refused to sit.

    The soap opera reached an apogee of ridiculousness when Tan Sri Abdul Hamid, head of the Tribunal and Acting Lord President, gave orders for the doors of Supreme Court to be locked and for the seal of the Supreme Court to be secreted away!

    Undeterred, the five Supreme Court judges ordered the policeman on duty to open the door forthwith. After less than half an hour, the Court ordered the Tribunal not to submit any recommendation, report or advice to the King.

    Tun Salleh’s lawyers were typing the Order to serve personally to the Tribunal at Parliament House when news arrived that the gates of Parliament House had been locked!

    At this point, Justice Wan Suleiman rose to the occasion and, calling the office of the Inspector General of Police, told a senior officer that any impediment to serving the Order would constitute contempt of court. The gates of Parliament swung open and, at 4 pm, Raja Aziz and his team served the Order to the Tribunal members who were found to be still hard at work on a word-processor that Saturday afternoon. All six members accepted service without complaint.

    It would appear that justice had at last prevailed but, four days later, all five Supreme Court judges were suspended.

    Almost every rule that was broken to suspend Tun Salleh was broken again to suspend them.

    The prohibition order they had made were revoked within days. A second Tribunal eventually reinstated three of the judge: Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Eusoff Abdoolcader and Tan Sri Wan Hamzah but Tan Sri Wan Suleiman and Datuk George Edward Seah were removed from office.

    The UMNO Eleven case was quickly dismissed. The removal of Tun Salleh also saw the resignation of Deputy PM Datuk Musa Hitam who, according to popular wisdom, could no longer stomach Mahathir’s ways.

  14. Toknyang Oct 29,2013 11:30 PM

    Salam Tun

    It’s common daily practice now esp. by those who claimed themselves as ‘marginalised or racially discriminated against’ to any play up issues and associate them subtly or bluntly with stupidity of the BN govt(read Malay) and Islam(read Malay also) publically. Just like your experience with the Insider.. Just try any media especially those which claimed “fair and balanced reporting, quality reporting or upholding human right” bla.. bla..bla) for the spin. Malaysiakini and Msian Insider may be a little too fair in their reporting… why not try Malay Mail, the star or BFM89.9 FM..

    Already only small % of non bumis send their children to national school. In the next generation Msian will have little in common but mistrusts. Add to animosity and constantly fed by disinformation it’s not entirely impossible that one day the country will bleed like the middle east or be partitioned like Sudan etc.

    Tq Tun.

  15. ahmad Oct 29,2013 11:14 PM

    Susah hendak percaya bahawa Tun tidak terlibat dalam mencampori keputusan Mahkaman samasa pechatan Tun Salleh Abbas sabagai Lord President.

    Segala proses yang berlaku pada masa itu dan juga perlantekan Tun Hamid Omar,Orang Kedah menggantikan Sallaeh Abbas,amat jelas menunjokkan campor tangan dari Tun,melalui orang kanan Tun iaitu Daim Zainuddin.

    Saya tidak faham kenapa Tun amat upset dengan analyst Malaysian Insider.Bukan kah kita mengamalkan kebebasan Akhbar.
    Saya ingat Tun maseh lagi upset kerana kekalahan Mukriz dalam pertandingan VP UMNO.,kerana Khairy dan seluroh jentera Pemuda nya tidak menyokong Mukriz.Saya juga tidak faham kenapa di Negeri Pahang,Negeri Najib ,tidak satu bahagian pun memberi undi kapada Mukriz.
    Tidak mungkin ini boleh berlaku jika tiada arahan dari orang orang tertentu,.

    Sekarang,nampaknya Najib boleh lah bernafas sadikit dan menjalankan pemerentehannya tampa ganguan dari Tun.Sakurang2nya Najib tahu bahawa ahli ahli UMNO di belakang nya.

  16. shahrulnizam Oct 29,2013 10:43 PM

    time will tell the truth..
    people are less racist when they are in kindergarden and primary school..

  17. musato Oct 29,2013 9:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ha…ha…mungkin Tun perlu keluar UMNO pastu duk di belah pembangkang.

    Kemudian baru Malaysian Insider jadi kawan Tun.Sebab Tun hebat, mesti diaorang nak sangat.

    Kemudian barulah penipuan yang berterusan itu akan menjadi benar benar penipuan.

    Macam Karpal Sigh jadi penguambela Anwar Ibrahim.

    Yang penting Tun ada di belah pembangkang kot.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    * ni bkn nasihat serius

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