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  1. farz Dec 4,2013 1:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    (Tumpang lalu Tun)
    Dear Kee Thuan Chye/Hassan Siakap.
    You are utterly rude and despicable. Have you any idea at all how to address a former leader that had led a country for 22 years. If he was such a bad leader or dictator since every one was so scared of Tun, why didn’t you migrate? I don’t believe you were barred from exiting the country. Go to Singapura or Hong Kong or China or Taiwan or even Indonesia! You have so many choices. Normally, when a person is so scared or intimidated by his boss, it’s because he was not prepared. He has not done his homework well. He has not read enough to be able to point out to his boss that there are other ways to do things right etc. There is no way I could spend a single cent to buy your narrow minded selfish book. Yes, I agree that Maths and Science should be taught in English. But I don’t see your point to put the blame on Tun. But I saw that the development in the 80s and 90s could be attributed by those graduates of the 70s and 80s. It’s not difficult to see how Tun could overlooked certain group of rakyat are not fluent in English. Apparently someone did not point it out to him. I believe he would have insisted on teachings Maths and Science in English if it was pointed out to him earlier.

  2. wajaperak Nov 18,2013 10:52 AM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    [Kee Thuan Chye]

    You are a despicable creature in human form.. can say the same thing about me..
    You dares Tun to your despicable level..
    That ain’t happening man..
    I am adressing this to a man about decency if you have even an iota if that criteria..
    In Malay of course because the lack of indepth adequacy of English language in this subject matter..

    Imam Ghazali..
    Anda boleh menyangka ( Zan ) bahawa ukuran matahari itu kecil dengan menutupkan jari mata anda dengan jari..Pada hakikat sebenarnya kenyataan tidaklah sebegitu..

    I can poke fun of your intelligence daring Tun as Psy..It is you who is best catalogued in Mental and Behavioural Disorder in International Classification Of Disease Version 10.


    Sadomasochism is the giving and/or receiving of pleasure—often sexual—from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. A subset of BDSM, practitioners of sadomasochism usually seek out sexual gratification from these acts, but often seek out other forms of pleasure as well. While the terms sadist and masochist specifically refer to one who either enjoys giving pain (sadist), or one who enjoys receiving pain (masochist), many practitioners of sadomasochism describe themselves as at least something of a switch, or someone who can receive pleasure from either inflicting or receiving pain.


    [Hassan Siakap
    Are you schizophrenic or what? Or are you still trying to screw up the minds of the people you once ruled over?]

    Why you want to be a lap dog of a kafirian beyond me..
    But if you have half the ball you claimed you posses..
    Just write to me..

    Terima kasih Tun..

  3. amin tan Nov 17,2013 4:55 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote Saudara Hassan Siakap as below
    [[Hassan Siakap
    November 16, 2013 at 7:13 PM | Permalink
    By Kee Thuan Chye
    Not that I want to knock Mahathir Mohamad, you know, I’ve knocked him so many times before, but I cannot tahan laa when he tries to act innocent and say things should be like this or that now when he never did anything when he was prime minister to do these things right himself. In fact, for some things, he did the opposite.
    Take what he now says about our graduates not being able to get jobs because they fail at interviews – because their English is poor. Now, let me ask him, when he was PM, did he do anything to make Malaysian students learn the language seriously other than learning Maths and Science in English? No, he didn’t!…….]]
    Dear Saudara Hassan Siakap and Mr Kee Thuan Chye,
    Mr Kee gave a direct assault and merciless frontal attack on our beloved Ayahanda Tun. However, I salute Tun for being able to eventually see what is right and better as compared to what was not possible to sustain the English Medium for overwhelming political reasons. I went to the university in 1970. It was the beginning of the push to abolish English Medium in the University of Malaya by PBMUM(Persatuan Bahasa Melayu University Malaya). Anybody could not have withstood against the strong current of popular and united sentiment of the Malay student population to abolish English Medium then. Very respectable Professor Ungku Aziz was even manhandled physically and the office of Vice-Chancellory was splashed with red paint by demonstrators.
    At the end of the day, with hind sight and much wisdom Tun has firmly asserted and declared
    that English should be the Medium to study Maths and Science. Personally I would prefer the government introduces English Medium again besides the Malay Medium. At least it is better late than never. We still have posterity to reckon with.

    amin tan

  4. Hassan Siakap Nov 16,2013 7:13 PM

    By Kee Thuan Chye
    Not that I want to knock Mahathir Mohamad, you know, I’ve knocked him so many times before, but I cannot tahan laa when he tries to act innocent and say things should be like this or that now when he never did anything when he was prime minister to do these things right himself. In fact, for some things, he did the opposite.
    Take what he now says about our graduates not being able to get jobs because they fail at interviews – because their English is poor. Now, let me ask him, when he was PM, did he do anything to make Malaysian students learn the language seriously other than learning Maths and Science in English? No, he didn’t!
    He didn’t have the guts to go one step further and give more emphasis to learning English in schools. He floated the idea of bringing back English-medium schools but that petered out. He was only testing the idea. When it didn’t work, he pulled back, like a tortoise head into its shell.
    He didn’t even make passing English at the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam compulsory. In fact, English ceased to be a must-pass subject in 1974, when he was education minister. He said Malay students might fail the whole SPM if English was a must-pass. Instead of spurring them on to master the language so that they would pass it and SPM as well, he gave them the easy way out. After that, succeeding generations of students couldn’t be bothered with English. He was responsible for that mistake. The National Union of Teachers protested, but did he care?
    Well, Mahathir was education minister from 1974 to 1977, and during that time, Malay neo-nationalism was on the rise. Even Malay creative writers like Muhammad Haji Salleh and Syed Alwi who were originally writing in English were feeling uneasy about writing in the colonial language and decided to switch to writing in Malay. So Mahathir was going with the flow. He promoted Malay to please the nationalistic herd, and he had no qualms about letting our standard of English slide.
    But now he says Malay language nationalists are wrong in thinking that nationalism is about being able to speak the national language well. Now he says, “Nationalism is about becoming successful in all fields of life, being able to contribute towards the growth and the development of your country and your race. Being able to stand tall … that is true nationalism.” And therefore the use of Malay, which is “not yet the language of maths and science”, should not be equated to nationalism.
    Why didn’t he stand up and tell them that in the 1970s? In those days, Malay was even less of a language of maths and science. He was education minister, for crying out loud. He was a leader, he was supposed to lead with the right ideas. Of course lah, he didn’t because he was scared he would lose his position. In those days, if he had tried to champion English, he might have got lynched! And Mahathir must have loved his neck too much.
    We know, however, what he was not scared of doing. In fact, it was one of the first things he did when he became education minister – the sort of thing he does best. Yes, exert control. Mahathir the control freak bulldozed university campuses and forced academia to be subjected to Government control. He kicked aside academics who opposed the move and placed his own men in vice-chancellor positions. I know that he replaced the excellent VC of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Hamzah Sendut, with a civil servant. What did civil servants know about administering universities except how to behave like feudal lords?
    Mahathir took away academic freedom and politics in universities. He emasculated academics and threatened to withdraw the scholarships of students who were politically active. He introduced the culture of fear in campuses.
    I also know for a fact that during his time as education minister, Malay gradually became the medium of instruction in our universities. When I entered university in 1973, students already had to answer exam questions and write essays up to 30 per cent in Malay, but as time went on, the percentage increased, until everything became totally Malay. Although Mahathir believed that English was important, he did nothing to reverse that. But imagine this, I did subjects like Shakespeare – and of course studying his plays in the original English – and still had to write essays and answer exam questions on Shakespeare at least 30 per cent in Malay! Sounds crazy, no?
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for promoting Malay as the national language, but there are also limits and realities, don’t you think? And certainly not at the expense of losing our edge in English in the Asian region.
    When Mahathir became PM, he could still have redeemed himself as far as English was concerned by bringing it back in a big way – to help Malaysian students. After all, he was head honcho now, and everyone was shit scared of him. Remember those bad old days when he was in charge? But he didn’t.
    Late in his premiership – in fact, when he was just about to step down – in 2003, he introduced the teaching of maths and science in English, but what’s the point of having just those subjects taught in English? It’s only a half-measure. It doesn’t help students to gain proficiency in the language. They must use the language a lot of the time to be good at it. I should know. I went to English-medium schools, primary and secondary. We used the language all the time. That’s how to become good at it.
    He should have brought back the English-medium schools, instead of just talk about it. But of course he was scared. We all knew that if he did that, his Umno ultras would have dunked him in English tea. And maybe even chewed him up. Hmmm … like biskut jari.
    So, please, Mahathir, don’t act like you were so great and talk big now. For not laying the foundation when you were education minister and then PM, you are responsible for our graduates’ failure today to get jobs because they can’t speak proper English. You didn’t do your job. You didn’t lead. In fact, you brought down our standard of English. Yes, you! You were more concerned about keeping your position, exerting control over people, making people scared.
    You did that by creating a Frankenstein – Islamisation. Because you were worried about PAS. You wanted Umno to appear more holy than any other body. You politicised not only the issue of race – with your Ketuanan Melayu concept – but also religion. You used religion to get Muslim support. In 2002, you told Parliament that Malaysia was an “Islamic state”. That was a shocker. I guess it must have even shocked the jubah off every PAS member!
    And now you have the cheek to tell Malaysian Muslims to acquire technical and scientific knowledge rather than focus on religious knowledge. What laa? After all that Islamisation, now this? Are you schizophrenic or what? Or are you still trying to screw up the minds of the people you once ruled over?
    OK la, you’ve caused enough damage already laa, old man. Just lay off and go into a quiet corner and roll over. Don’t open your big trap again. You’re grounded.
    * Kee Thuan Chye is the author of the new book The Elections Bullshit, now available in bookstores.

  5. Simple Mind Nov 11,2013 10:45 AM

    Asaalam’kum Tun,
    Actually, I was amazed why our YB Edc. Minister (ED) wants to revert back to teaching Maths and Science in BM? Why did he do so?? Answer??
    A Grear Leader is able to recognize his mistake and make corrections. Indeed, in our quest to be a developed nation, it is imperative that the usage of English is as fundamental as ABC. There are unlimited answers as to why English must be mastered and use as amedium of instructions, afterall if we were to use BM, one cannot helped but to see so many “basterdised” form of BM. There is no BM word for it so it is written to sound like English – “BAJET”

    Recently, our ED was very proud to attend a UNESCO meeting that our education blueprint was recognised. That doesn’t mean anything, if you ask me. Why? We sat the stage not only for our children, but also our children’s children. What the UNESCO said was we were better than the rest (maybe they do not have one). Having said that, not necessary whatever that is portrayed by the west is good. Remember the Asian financial crisis?? What did they recommend? An IMF solution! We are indeed blessed that we have a so called “brain” or grey matter. It is for the very purpose that we weigh all the facts, both for social, economic, political, and all others that we come out with a solutions, not the academicians, experts says. We have to use our grey matter (the job of our ED) to finalised a solution that is functional for our future generations!
    Needless to say, our ED failed miserably in this. His answer was always, the “experts” recommended this. Then, maybe we don’t need a ED, just hire some “experts” to run the country!!
    I know some international companies limit the terms to five years or so. I guess so that the person doing the job is always fresh with a new challenge every five years. Maybe our minister’s function should be rotated every five years. Example, 5 yrs in Education, next 5 years in Health, etc, etc.

    Salam Tun,

  6. Tun Perak Nov 8,2013 6:12 PM


    I think you will support PPSMI if it is implemented on children age 13 and above and it is still called PPSMI, isn’t it ?

    Surprisingly my observation on my children at their age 7 years old varies. One could imitate words and sentences in English automatically when he watches youtube, the other is a bit blur. What surprises me, is their rate of learning is quite high at a very young age and it is not through parent-teacher teaching but through self–learning via the internet. You may be surprised , their slang would follow too and they may use scientific vocabulary that only adult may use . But for the fairness of all, starting at age 13 would be better.

  7. HBT456 Nov 8,2013 7:21 AM

    Help, north korea? What you see in the pictures edited, filtered and touch up via online today by north korea military government is what I saw in the 70s of china. You never been to china, but I hv been there, so I know the sentiments of the young generation. Cruel, barbaric, uncivilizedvand indespicable form of worshiping by punishing those young people who cant sell their souls to you blindly, that is communist. Today, china has premier, the pm to deal with economy and reform since china does not have voting system as the second largest economy in the world.

  8. Tuntuah Nov 7,2013 10:37 PM

    Well. Learn in english is good.

    Well. Learn in bahasa ibunda also good.

    Well. Learn in bahasa rojak is also good.

    As long as you learn.

    Last time around i support ppsmi. Now no mo.

    As a lesson learn, please teach student that student can easily understand.

    If u have to teach in chinese so that the student understand, than go ahead.

    My point, children from 7 to 12 years old, this period they try to understand things, and they only remember the things that they only undertsand.

    Tell u this, belajar bahasa is more difficult than add math. I am not joking. Those who things that i am bluffing are really stupid. Yup like hbt

  9. Tun Perak Nov 7,2013 3:10 PM

    Salam again,

    Maybe behind the article, what Tun is trying to hint is the need to have the teaching of Science and Mathematics using English language. I surely agree if that is so; only that I hope the implementation is done in gradual manner and not radical manner.

    Current matriculation syllabus for university entrance is being taught in English (the Ministry of Education in recent years has tried to change this but not succesful). What more can be done is to incorporate the learning of science and mathematics in English stage by stage.

    Students in the secondary school are matured and assumed to have sufficient English language skills and they should be the first group of students that is be given the chance to change. If lower secondary school students found it difficult, then start with form four and form five. During the implementation process, fine tune the implementation taking into account the inputs from teachers , students and parents. Once a good model is designed and proven succesful, replicate the model to lower secondary school children.

    Learning Science and Mathematics in English should be fun. Moreso, it should be done in group studies and not a teacher sitting in front directing the students from afar. I like to quote this article . It is not about English but about teaching method which has proven some result.

    In asking a group of students to discuss and think about something scientifically is more motivating than listening to a teacher babbling about something which the students found difficult. The students may think their group effort uncover the solution to some scientific phenomena , and proud with their effort; and once this scenario is established, lots of work should be given to them to ensure their mastery of the “new found solution”.

    Finally, it is all about motivation and I define motivation as making someone doing something without verbally asking them to do it.

  10. mubarakchan Nov 7,2013 1:32 PM


    Please see the power of English in the hands of a Malaysian. It is alleged that one Malaysian is able to sink the mighty US Navy ! Anchors Aweigh !

  11. saffanskot22 Nov 6,2013 4:42 PM

    Salaaman Tun,

    Rintihan orang Sayong Lembah dalam subject : Hijraan Mahjuuraa.
    Sila layari or


  12. mohammad kecil Nov 6,2013 1:50 PM

    i like short answer. “every one got mad in german”

    nobody give more,be smart get power

  13. Rahman 2012 Nov 6,2013 9:17 AM

    Salam Yg. Bhg. Tun,

    Dear PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit

    I cannot be disagreeing with you for the sake of disagreeing…especially when your view point make sense to me.

    Gelang Patah’s case is none of my concern. I am from KL and have voted BN in GE13.
    PKR lost the election, let them suffer lah, it’s their choice.

    Salam Tun

  14. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Nov 5,2013 3:22 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Wah thank you impostor Rahman for agreeing with me haha.

    I hope that you will also agree with me the indisputable fact that the Chinese in Gelang Patah were proven to be racists in the recent GE13 when they voted along racial lines and not based on the track record of the candidates.


  15. Hajar Nov 5,2013 1:30 PM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,


    Semoga umat Islam/Melayu di Malaysia mahu ‘berhijrah’ (‘Berani Berhijrah’) dari segi minda terutamanya dari segi sikap dalam menimba ilmu; alasan tidak pandai ‘English’ atau kerana ingin memartabat BM tidak boleh diterima; ramai yang pandai kedua-dua BI dan BM, dan mereka amat berjaya.

    Umat Islam/Melayu mesti mempunyai sikap yang sentiasa mahu memajukan diri untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup supaya tidak dipandang rendah/hina oleh kaum lain dan dilabel sebagai kaum yang suka meminta-minta.

    Ingatlah, ’tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari tangan yang menerima’. Jadilah pemberi zakat/sedekah dan bukan golongan yang perlu diberi zakat/sedekah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  16. Rahman 2012 Nov 4,2013 5:22 PM

    Salam Yg. Bhg. Tun,

    Dear PAShit a.k.a. DAPShit

    You wrote something that makes sense.

    We disagreed with many things, but I agreed with you on this one; PPSMI should be reintroduced in order to put Malaysia’s higher institutions back into the forefront of world’s university listing.

    Although China, Japan and Korea are more advance in science and their universities use their national languages as lingua franca, they do suffer some setbacks; degrees obtained from these universities are not recognized by Malaysia, graduates are required to undergo special accreditation process before they can practice in Malaysia. We cannot learn from these countries on this particular subject.

    Also, papers intended for international journals from these countries need to be translated. I have read some of those; the translations are as horrendous as UHTM’s advertorial.

    Salam Tun

  17. mubarakchan Nov 4,2013 6:33 AM


    Why is the 98% scientific research papers are published in English ? And German was the language of choice in the 19th century ? It is very obvious that the Germany lost two World Wars because of their cumbersome language and the victors prevailed. Or else, we will all be studying German. And if our Malaysian researchers write their papers in Bahasa M, these will not be read by the mainstream scientific world which are in the 98% of the publications in English.
    I have not known a country which population turned into something else by studying English, not yet anyway.
    I am a believer that a language cannot turn a person into something else. My own experience says so. I studied in the English medium at the age of 7. In the first year annual test, I was placed 2nd last. My grandchildren at the age of 7 now play games with their parent’s computers through the knowledge of English. A year later, I was studying Urdu and Hindi in the high Himalayas at Mussoorie, India and spoke not only Urdu and Hindi but also Anglo-Indian English. At the end of the War, I was back in my old school which was bombed out in terms of facilities and teachers. English was the medium. And studied Classical Cantonese in my spare time. Soon I found myself studying for the entrance examination into an English university which insisted i had to pass Latin or Greek. It was the Latin language which got me into this university. My English was not that good. By the end of the 1960s, I was studying Mandarin and Bahasa M with the ambition of being a politician. This lofty ambition was stopped in its tracks by the most Senior Chinese Advisor on Communist Insurgency to the Federal Government, Tan Sri C.C. Too and friends in the UMNO Youth. Both thought I had better things to do than get involved with politics of the Malaysian kind. And now, I am here spilling out all sorts of worldly comments to the delight of friends and the angst of my enemies. My odyssey in the wonderful World of many languages has not changed me one bit as a Chinaman and a Malaysian, I believe.
    As long as the English language is treated as a language and is not politicised, the socio-economic benefits of this language is not only tremendous but essential in the 21st century. Unfortunately, the Mandarin language became a casualty of politics and its proponents were weak and now it is up a pole to the chagrin of those who understand the importance of this language in socio-economic terms in the years to come.
    To sum up, the place where I studied as a child, Mussoorie and Dehra Dun, is now the Silicon Valley for Education in India. The English was left untouched by the Indian Government since their Independence in 1947 even though they were all against the British presence in India since the 19th century. The 350 millions English speaking Indians form the bulwark of enterprise and endeavour in all fields for Mother India. And it is this lot of Indians who lead the forefront of things India in this globalised World.
    All the schools and colleges in the Mussoorie and Dehra Dun area and elsewhere were not only left untouched but expanded since 1947 so much so that young Indians are seldom studying overseas except for higher degrees. and saved much needed foreign exchange. My university contemporary who is an Indian Muslim became a multi-billionaire through his knowledge of the English language which he began to study in Bombay. This did not make him one bit less as an Indian.
    However, as an aside, I read that the Association of Tour Agents was up in arms to find that the money allotted in the Budget for the 2014 Visit Malaysia Year, will only materialise at the end of 2014. Is this the fault of English or something else ?

  18. Hajar Nov 3,2013 10:35 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Yes, “publishing in English is no longer a choice…it’s a must…

    Nowadays, those who want to publish scientific papers are required to write in English; at least the ‘Abstract’ must be written in English. In addition, for international conferences / seminars / symposiums, presentations are in English.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  19. hafizkenedelete Nov 3,2013 6:49 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Salam warga Chedet.

    Maafkan saya mencelah, Saudara Amin Tan dan Saudara DAPshit tak payah kesah pasal Ahso ni, biarlah si cincai2 yang uruskan mulut busuk berbau longkang beliau.Biarlah saya buru dia dan tulisannya di ruang manapun dalam blog ni.

    Teruskanlah saudara menulis sesuatu yang berilmu untuk saya baca, abaikan saja ahso ni.Dan saya bersetuju dengan saudara semua bahawa belajar English bukanlah sebab kita mengagungkan bahasa tersebut, yang penting Ilmu yang akan kita peroleh yang hanya boleh didapati dalam versi bahasa tersebut. Tak rugi pun kita menambahkan ilmu yang bermenfaat pada diri dan bangsa kita.

    Lihatlah Ahso yang bingai ni pun cuba nak berbahasa Inggeris, dia yang bingai sedar akan kepentingannya (walaupun berterabur macam YB2 pembangkang macam theressa cock, hehe)

    Saya pun dah daftar utk mengikuti kelas jangkamasa pendek Bahasa Inggeris (taknak kalah sama Ahso bingai). Lagipun bila boleh berbahasa Inggeris keyakinan diri akan bertambah.

    Terima Kasih Tun,
    Dari peminat Oh my English.

  20. sibotak Nov 3,2013 6:04 PM

    Nak mencuri cari Guru Pencuri
    Nak merompak cari Guru Perompak
    Nak Menipu carilah Guru Penipu macam HBT 3/4

    Ilmu Dunia lebih pada kepandaian dari Negara Barat
    China juga belajar dari negara Barat
    Ilmu Sains, Teknology,Pembangunan & hampir kesemuanya adalah dari negara Barat

    Nak belajar Ilmunya Harus Kuasi Bahasanya
    Bahasa adalah Kulit Luar sahaja
    Yg perlu adalah Isi nya

    Jangan Belajar Ilmu Melayu ( tersenyum HBT 3/4 ) betul bro
    Melayu hanya menang Sorak saja
    Bila Gagal suka menyalahkan orang lain
    Kena Buat Oranglah , kena Sihir lah
    Ini ternyata hanya alasan Kegagalan bukan Kenyataan

    Harimau Mati Tinggalkan Belang
    Orang Putih Mati Tinggalkan Nama
    Cina Mati Tinggalkan Harta
    Melayu Mati Tinggalkan Angan Angan

  21. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Nov 3,2013 1:41 PM

    Salam Tun,

    to Sdr Amin Tan,

    Your comments on HBT3/4 is spot-on. This confusing blabbering fool is incomprehensible and much worse than the two phony impostors Rahman 2012 and Ahmad.

    PPSMI was a wise move on Tun’s part and it had nothing to do with becoming less Malay or less nationalistic.This policy should be reintroduced as we need to keep up with the rest of the world especially in the fields of Science and Mathematics.

    Overall the rate of English has steeply declined in this country.

    Case in point, the unforgettable embarrassing fiasco by UTHM a few years back in it’s conferring of an honorary degree award to YAM Sultanah Raja Zarith Sofiah.

    Even some PR leaders have terrible English. Someday I would like to have LAUNCH together with Mahfuz Omar! hahaha


  22. amin tan Nov 3,2013 12:26 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote HBT456 as below,
    [[Amin tan, if the top echelons in umno baru sticks to the war strategy of bahasa baku, and in bahasa chinese, its called bahasa umno baru, a bahasa pushed by umno baru via vote buying. They are inviting the skilled force not to vote them.]]

    Dear HBT456,
    I can see that you do not understand what I wrote about Bahasa Baku, English Medium and Malay Medium. As a result, you wrote rubbish and toxic junk in your comment. I do not understand why Tun do not censure such horrible, atrocious and pariah low down comment.
    For your information, Bahasa Baku was introduced by Pakatan Rakyat’s beloved Prime Minister-in-waiting, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, your idol, when he was the Minister of Education. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  23. HBT456 Nov 2,2013 6:27 AM

    Amin tan, if the top echelons in umno baru sticks to the war strategy of bahasa baku, and in bahasa chinese, its called bahasa umno baru, a bahasa pushed by umno baru via vote buying. They are inviting the skilled force not to vote them. The chinese and tamil scholars are more than willing to say no to bahasa parti umno baru that was implemented out of satu undi rm200, kini mutated to br1m. Hajar asked, why br1m. Well, this is a strategy agreed by bn components behind back door, and bn won 90 percent in 11th general election. Umno baru is only interested to win general election by marginalizing other races that caused massive fund and talents left the country by appointing yes men saja. Today, umno baru masih tak sedar diri by banning allah to be used by herald. I am not a catholic, or christian, but when I know umno baru used religion to dodoikan emosi kaum melayu, I said, hey, give my votes to opposition parti to do the check and balance to make sure the weath of the country to be well distributed. Sorry, I cant support islamic fund because its a fund that was pushed to protect kroni umno baru saja through power abuse. To be or not to be, mca and gerakan no longer relevant to fight for chinese and other minority races in peninsula, sabah and sarawak. I can forgive, but I will never forget the incident in 1998 that caused so many innocent businessmen including umno bankrupt. Today, private sector is doing better than umno baru because they stick to the world standard.

  24. amin tan Nov 1,2013 10:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    In the ranking of world universities 2013, Malaysian best University was placed at 341, Thailand 217 and Singapore at 54. Our country’s educational quality started to deteriorate when we tried to accommodate the Malay Medium students at the expense of the English Medium by abolishing totally English medium. We aggravated it further by introducing a totally new language called Bahasa Baku. Many were dumb founded and shocked beyond recovery until today. Only the then honourable education minister had any knowledge of Bahasa Baku. I would say the Bahasa Baku was Bahasa sesat, just like the Minister himself. We never actually recover from the trauma and hardship of the Bahasa Baku era, the language genocide equivalence of the Khmer Rogue era in Cambodia. Let us not dwell on the horror and devastation of Bahasa Baku lest we have recurring nightmares.
    Even now there is no guarantee that the Opposition may not reintroduce bahasa baku should they come to power in Malaysia. Our struggle must be based on truth, justice and sincerity. Yang baik dijadikan tauladan, yang keruh dijadikan sempadan. Walllahu alam.

    amin tan

  25. Puteri Tujuh Nov 1,2013 12:27 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Peoples say by hooks or by crooks, Malay generations must well verse in English. A lots of opportunities ahead for those who are well verse in English i.e in job opportunities, job carriers, etc.

    Other than English, science and mathematics are also important knowledge to be gained. Not only for the professionals but to everybody be it to the politicians, Ministers, Yg Berhormats, supervisors, clerk of works, boutique owners, artists etc. This is because today we live with sciences and mathematics. Science and mathematics are daily chores.

    Once asked a Malay youth a quite simple question why does an airplane able to fly? Some say it because of the aerodynamics shape, some say because it has wings, some says the plane moves very fast, etc but could not elaborate the factual. The word such as Bernoulli’s Theorem is very odd to them. The Bernoulli’s theorem also used in refrigerator. Even though the subject been taught in school but not to all.

    Salam Tun

  26. Tun Perak Nov 1,2013 11:48 AM

    Salam Yg. Bhg. Tun,

    Thanks for the article. The last statement “Publishing in English is almost not a choice”. Especially true for students of Malaysia who are pursuing Doctorate Degree (non-medical). The rule of graduation is such that an idea or research work or equivalent, would have to be novel. To prove that it is novel, it has to be published in a journal. Journal has some pre-conditions for paper acceptance. One of them is – “never has been published before” by anyone. But high quality journal, those indexed in SJR and ISI are mostly in English.

    So, how could any article be accepted , even how novel the new work is , if the authors fail to explain it in clear and concise English language ?

    Of course some universities may not require publication of journal paper for graduation. I think these universities lack Doctorate Degree quality.

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