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Recently the Star reported “Budget to help reduce burden”.

The burden is of course the high cost (40 per cent increase) of oil which has triggered off an inflationary process with increases in the cost of everything.

Since the withdrawal of Government subsidy for oil and the resultant “burden” on the people the Government has been announcing numerous measures to lighten the burden. Mostly they take the form of rebates, reduced taxes and cutbacks.

The idea to withdraw the subsidy is of course to save Government money. But giving money back in one form or another would reduce the savings. If it is really substantial then would it not be better if the Government simply reduce the price increase of oil from 40 per cent to 30 per cent?

Better still, since Petronas’ contribution to Government revenue is so big, why not reduce the price of oil further maybe to a 10 per cent increase and then gradually increase it. This would give people time to make adjustments. And maybe the wages and salaries can be adjusted upwards stage by stage.

If the Government really wants to reduce the burden of the people caused by the price of oil, it should really look at the whole economy and seek ways and means to reduce the burden, not piecemeal but in a comprehensive way.

Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO.

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  1. QIENA Aug 18,2008 5:51 PM

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  2. moli Aug 6,2008 3:13 PM

    Tun, good day to u,What yr comment on Ptg Pauh contest.
    Yr former deputy has not served anyone well not even his wife or himself so what can he offer us. This political game is just a waste of public fund there seem no end to it. pls comments.

  3. clavabella Aug 5,2008 3:47 AM

    salam Tun Dr Mahathir,
    betapa terkejutnya bila 1st time dpt tahu harga minyak naik.ridiculous 40%..hanya dgn alasan mengurangkn beban kerajaan.tapi yang saya xfaham.dengan bagi pengurangan cukai,bagi pampasan sampai beratus tuk setiap kereta yang berdaftar.naikkan subsidi tuk beras wangi??? sangat lah xlogik.bayangkn orang miskin ada ke kereta sampai 2 3 bijik?ade ke cukai pendapatan smp beribu nak rebate pon?makan ke beras wangi tiap hari? tapi harga barang keperluan asas semua naik..i just think it’s’s a poor jugdement to increase oil price to 40%..
    i totally agree with Tun,it’s should be gradually increased.
    semoga Tun sekeluarga sihat selalu.

  4. catwoman Aug 2,2008 9:35 PM

    those who practice ‘piecemeal’ are those who wanted shortcuts.
    in short malas nak fikir or in other words do not want to understand better or comprehensively the current problem thus unable to solve them in a comprehensive way. maybe in short tak understand langsung the mechanism of the problems atau buat2 tak faham.
    Problems on the ground and policy makers must be ‘forged together’ so that the overall strategy and objectives are more aligned by whatever decision to be taken.

  5. Lawrence Jul 31,2008 1:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have same thought with you.
    When the crude oil hit USD 140, the government is so panic until they make rush decision to raise 40% in petrol. They are so irrational. This leads to horrible inflation, a night mare of all of the rakyat Malaysia, especially the poor. They should know that not only petrol, petrol related product will raise price accordingly, but all other things, regardless what material will automatically raise their price.
    Bank Negara said they afraid 2nd round effect will come. In fact, the price hike is already taking place 2nd round and 3rd round.
    To the current government :
    Now, you are taking all measures to lighten the burden. Remember, this is the result of your action in raising petrol 40% and you make the low-medium income group suffered, including me.
    Logically, government should raise the price gradually and specialist/economist should aware that the crude oil might be speculated in short term only.
    Previously, I was informed my grant application to SMIDEC will be processed within 14 days. So glad to hear that they are so efficient. Yet, when I submit application, they said they don’t know how long will be taken to process it since they are so many application. 14 days is before this, there are only a few application. I am so frustrated and disappointed. I see in the newspaper, government is allocating more in SMIDEC to help the SME. I wonder why the SMIDEC is out of manpower to process the application in time and the efficiency drop when there are more application.
    New entrepeuner

  6. eche Jul 29,2008 5:39 PM

    Salam YB Tun,
    Saya amat menyanjungi usaha TUN untuk bersama-sama rakyat agar PM sedar akan segala kesilapannya dalam mentadbir kerajaan skrg…
    You comments give us inspiration and memories what you have done to country for the past 22 years ago….
    Moga panjang umur dan sentiasa dilindungi ALLAH…Amin!!!

  7. zion Jul 28,2008 10:38 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I truly support your idea that changes should be made gradually to ease the pain of the people and provide ample room for them to adjust themselves. Hope the government can take serious thought on this aspect in near future, where critical decision making is needed. Bottomline, we malaysians should be preserved from the impact of rising inflation.

  8. anakteja2 Jul 28,2008 1:53 PM

    Betui tu Tun, ni paklah tak reti main chess le…campur subsidi sana-sani, kot2 dah nak hampir ngan subsudi minyak, kalau naik pun biar lah gradually – jangan hukum rakyat, past the bulk – back tu back, anak saya pun boleh buat. PM soppose to manage and menuever the country, policu ngan kementrian, PTD – strategic, bla…dan…bla…lagi, menguruskan negara, ini yang beza TUN ngan paklah – sorang menang sorang kampung tergadai, apa ertinya, scomi sana -scomi sini, dan bermacam2 scomi, semua joint venture ngan company yang existing operation, guna kuasa untuk tumpang esp oil and gas —–macam ni ke islam ikut had ikut hari, rakyat susah….nanti akhirat jawabla….wasalam
    anakteja sedang marang fasal scomi merapu, semua nak kenen!

  9. Hjebat Jul 27,2008 12:43 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    I hope you don’t mind taking a bullet because I am about to fire one.
    Quote “Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO.”
    The root cause of the whole dire episode that we are in at the moment is the way you stepped down and the way you handed over the leadership.
    You should have transfered the leadership to Najib and you should have not completely cut your power off from the govt. The leadership batton was handed to the wrong person and you got no power whatsoever to interfere in some poor decision makings by the new leadership. And now the damage is done and you are making so much noise and even went to the extend of leaving UMNO, eventhough we all understand that you were trying to undo your mistake. But it is all turmoil and haywire.
    Our only hope and prayer is that Najib will be able to clear the mess from 2010 onwards before some immoral leader trade our country and political control to others.
    But don’t be mistaken that I was and still am indeed a great admirer of your leadership for 22 years. How you were in control and firm with your bold and farsighted moves but yet practical. How what you said and the way you said them making so much sense at local and international levels.
    Part of the problem is that they have such short memory of who you were, your capability and wisdom. You deserve much much more respect than what they are giving you. Perhaps it would be best for you to hold on to your high standard and ignore them all.

  10. Faye Jul 26,2008 4:21 PM

    Dear Tun,
    100% agreed w u, Tun! Not only the poverty suffer, those medium income earner also feel the pitch of inflation. Can u imagine the food price increase 2-3 times within a year. The government shd gv time for us to adjust. Instead of the sudden hike in fuel price, they should do it gradually. I’m not sure of others, but i really can’t see/enjoy any benefit (“budget”) given by the gov to reduce our burden. They shd consider reducing the fuel price. When the world fuel price reduce, why no effect in our country fuel price?!?!

  11. Dizman Jul 25,2008 4:41 PM

    Tun, It is wonderful that you have this blogspot. The state our economy is in right now, it is embarassing to be a Malaysian who had elected the present leadership. It must appear to outsiders that we have suddenly “lost our marbles”. As a move to buffer the recent petrol price hike our PM has decided to get Proton to come up with a battery powered car and he had happily tested one(that looked like a 1970’s James Bond getaway car). Thats not an immediate remedy to our fuel woes..there again, what are we going to do with the millions of petrol driven cars on our roads? Maybe our PM wants to start a scrap metal business for when he finally decide to quit tinkering with our country’s administration.
    We need an immediate remedy to the fuel crisis..even the technologically advanced Japan nor Germany or US has electric cars on their roads, so what is our PM thinking? If we want electric cars as immediate solutions to our petrol crisis, just start selling those golf and beach buggies to the public. Theres ready stock, no extra R&D costs needed.
    We miss you as our PM,Tun. When you were in office we were heading somewhere. Now we are only heading towards economic disaster. Before I take leave, thank you for caring for us Malaysians..May Allah Bless you and your family with all the good things in life.

  12. bananarepublic Jul 25,2008 2:24 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Well said. You are my favourite ex-PM.
    Smart and intelligent. I love your comment on this issue.

  13. Org Baling Jul 25,2008 11:17 AM

    Saya pun tidak berani nak tuduh anuar tu meliwat
    kalu betul lah….adakah penyokong anuar masih menyatakan
    anuar tidak bersalah?
    adakah penyokong anuar hendak tunggu diri diaorang diliwat
    baru nak percaya.. hahahahhahahhahahahahha
    adakah penyokong anuar hendak tunggu diri diaorang diliwat
    baru nak percaya.. hahahahhahahhahahahahha
    adakah penyokong anuar hendak tunggu diri diaorang diliwat
    baru nak percaya.. hahahahhahahhahahahahha
    jangan kerana ke egoan diri sendiri, anda masih tidak dapat memahami …
    Agama Islam menyuruh kita belajar dari masa ke semasa… kalu yang kurang, perlu tambahkan… jangan salah kan TUN, Kita semua pn belum tahu ilmu agama masing2 di tahap aper. Jangan mudah persendakan org lain tanpa melihat diri kita sendiri…
    Terima Kasih TUN kerana masih memikul tanggungjawab sebagai pemimpin & cuba menyelamatkan bangsa walaupun dah bersara.
    MOga TUN dirahmati & diBerkati Allah selalu

  14. larocheguy Jul 25,2008 9:17 AM

    YAB TDM,
    Keadaan politik sekarang sudah memelapasi tahap pemikiran logik….dan bangsa Melayu terus menjadi lemah dan dipermainkan oleh bangsa lain….Adakah kenyataan saya ini dianggap perkauman?Kenapa sekarang iahni jika bercakap tentang Hak dan tuntutan org Melayu dianggap perkauman…..Bahkan UMNO dan PAS berbincang untuk perpaduan orang Melayu pun dianggap perkauman…..Bukankah DAP adalah Bapak segala perkauman….tetapi kenapa UMNO, PKR dan PAS kecut kepada DAP.
    Apabila DAP penang benarkan penggunaan bahasa Cina dan India disemua tanda jalan atas alasan untuk pelancong Cina….PKR & PAS terkunci mulut…..cuba lihat berapa banyak pelancong dari china yang datang ke Penang secara sendirian??? berapa ramai pelancong china yang masuk ke Air Hitam,Jelutong atau kawasan-kawasan perumahan…DAP hanya menggunakan alasan pelancong dari China bagi menghalalkan penggunaan Bahasa Cina di papan tanda…….Kenapa PKR Diam…..Dimana usaha nak menjadikan Rakyat Malaysia jika Bahasa Malaysia dipandang sepi…..ini adalah tindakan perkauman oleh DAP disokong oleh PKR dan PAS….Bukankah ramai pelancong China yg datang secara persendirian di Malaysia adalah terjerumus ke aktiviti kurang sihat……sila dapatkan statik sebenar di jabatan Imigresen…..
    Sudah pasti DAP akan melaungkan hak sama rata kepada semua rakyat Malaysia…adil kepada semua kaum….Tapi fikirkanlah adakah hak sama rata bermakna Keadilan tercapai…….HAK SAMA RATA TAK BERERTI KEADILAN TERCAPAI….Di Selangor…..DAP menyatakan bahawa semua tempat sembahyang bukan islam bebas dibina dimana-mana kawasan dengan tanpa had……pKR & PAS fikirlah adakan ini adil….Apa bezanya Islam sebagai agama rasmi dan majoriti penduduk adalah islam……Kemudian DAP akan meminta supaya kerajaan membiayai rumah ibadat bukan ISlam…..maka ini juga dikira sebagai ADIL….adakah selama 50 tahun sebelum ini…kaum bukan Melayu tertindas dan dinafikan hak mereka…..ADakah mana-mana kaum yang diambil hak mereka untuk diberikan kepada kaum Melayu….Atau kaum Melayu bertolak ansur sehingga sekarang mengelunsor jatuh…..
    Maaf ini bukannya kenyataan Perkauman…cuma terpaksa ditulis sebegini rupa supaya semua sedar bahawa DAP sedang secara halus..mempergunakan selogan “Sama rata” “keadilan untuk semua” dan alasan- alasan tak logik hanya bagi mencapai matlamat parti mereka…disokong oleh PKR & DAP.
    Bangunlah wahai wakil rakyat PKR ku……..janganlah kerana kuasa Bangsa tergadai dan agama diperkecilkan.
    TDM,…kenyataan saya ini adalah perkauman kerana menyetuh tentang kaum Melayu…tapi jika menuntuk hak bangsa lain….bukan perkauman tapi menuntut keadailan…..Itulah politik masa kini.

  15. Qejora Jul 25,2008 12:52 AM

    Dearest Tun
    how I wish that you could still lead the country or at least those imbeciles could at least seek some wisdom and guidance from you.
    We have now a situation of the blind leading the blind and so many of the politicians who are bodoh sombong.
    This political situation is really sickening, at best, saddening.

  16. xmonstrax Jul 25,2008 12:48 AM

    REDUCE THE BURDEN?????? i just got TERMINATED from the company i worked all started from this stupid “so subsidized” oil price raise…REDUCE THE BURDEN????? thats more like reducing my “periuk nasi”…
    With your intelligence and knowledge, is there any chance Malaysian Government can reshuffle everything?

  17. xmonstrax Jul 25,2008 12:47 AM

    REDUCE THE BURDEM?????? i just got TERMINATED from the company i worked all started from this stupid “so subsidized” oil price raise…REDUCE THE BURDEN????? thats more like reducing my “periuk nasi”…
    With your intelligence and knowledge, is there any chance Malaysian Government can reshuffle everything?

  18. xmonstrax Jul 25,2008 12:32 AM

    kita dh ade sumber minyak sendiri pun mahal lagi ke? list time i read,the price for raw oil is USD135 per barrel? didn’t we raised the oil n gas price when the price for raw oil is USD137? is there any chance we can reduce our oil and gas price? noooooooooooooooo……coz the PM is too busy collecting funds for himself.

  19. manhakim Jul 24,2008 11:13 PM

    We want you back . Unless you want to see Malaysia to suffer more and more under Paklah or Anwar Ibrahim.

  20. bulan Jul 24,2008 8:04 PM

    Bagai si kodong mendapat cincin
    Hairan ajaib Dollah jadi pemimpin
    Rakyat runsing bertambah miskin
    Flip Flop PM cakap ta sarupa bikin
    Selama memerentah bena tak bena
    Pak lah bercakap ta samena mena
    Peralehan kuasa tetap ta sempurna
    Semangat Umno hilang entah kemana
    Maseh adakah pemimpin harapan
    Keroni bawa perut maju ke depan
    Kerja siapakah tonggang langgang
    Lagak dan gaya macam si tanggang
    Malaysia banyak permainan Saitan
    Mahu macam Irak juga Afganistan
    Doa ku Dolah mampus dalam hutan
    Tercekek Aljubs mati dalam kejuttan
    Sengaja hendak bercekak pinggang
    Mahu ta mahu beraleh kagelanggang
    Ta mengenal pipit, ta kenal enggang
    Yang rapat kelak menjadi renggang

  21. Sall3hSalam Jul 24,2008 12:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Hari ini harga minyak mentah turun lagi sehingga USD124.37. Rakyat malaysia hari ini membeli minyak petrol tanpa subsidi. mungkin ini yang diperkirakan dan dinantikan Pak Lah.
    Negara pengeluar minyak yang lain inflasi tinggi pertumbuhan ekonomi pun pada kadar yang tinggi(GDP). Tapi Malaysia inflasi tinggi(7.7%) pertumbuhan ekonomi kurang merangsangkan.
    Malaysia consistently achieved more than 7% GDP growth along with low inflation in the 1980s and the 1990s.
    Pertumbuhan 6.3%(GDP) pada tahun 2007, Sudah turun sedikit. Dan sekarang pada kadar inflasi 7.7% sepatutnya kadar pertumbuhan ekonomi melebihi 8%.
    Beginilah jadinya bila dapat jawatan PM bila ekonomi Malaysia tengah sihat wal’afiat(terlalu selesa), Tidak seperti pemimpin yang terdahulu.
    Kepada Paklah…, tak perlu tunggu 2010. nanti bertambah kerosakan…
    Pemimpin yang lemah(Pak Lah) menyababkan ramai pihak mengambil kesempatan(pembangkang, negara jiran, negara barat, etc)
    May Allah Save Us All, Good Day

  22. amir ridzwan Jul 24,2008 11:06 AM

    Tengok hari ni minyak dah turun sikit tetapi dijangka akan naik semula. Saya nak tanya adakah Malaysia menyimpan stockpile minyak? Saya baca berita semasa harga minyak turun sementara ni, negara seperti China berebut2 menambah stockpile masing2. Bagaimana dengan kita?

  23. Riddler Jul 24,2008 10:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda…
    You are absolutely right… people who own motorcycle and car got the rebate to reduce their burden, poor people who doesn’t, got nothing.. I miss the time when you were the PM..

  24. joehenry Jul 23,2008 10:50 PM

    Dear Mr ABI, I notice what you have posted here on 21st July 2008 at 7.38PM the open letter to Mahathir on the Tun Salleh Abas Saga. I remember reading it in one of Professor Art Harun’s blog i.e. the Navel Gazer and I posted my comments there as follows:-
    “Anonymous said…
    Are you insisting that there was absolutely no such letter of complaint by Tun Salleh Abas about the noise made by the Agong’s renovation of his palace? I read your article and I could not determine whether you are arguing that there was this letter or not.
    If you are sure that there was no such letter, why are you not lodging a police report against Tun Mahathir for criminal contempt against the King? or for blasphemy? or for ridiculing the King in the public?
    If you are not sure, tell me which act of Tun Mahathir was wrong, his taking back of the rakyat’s power in matters of legislation so that Agong’s interference was kept to the minimum or his setting up of the tribunal as directed by the King that eventually sacked Tun Salleh Abas?
    I hope you can publish this!
    June 10, 2008 6:43 PM”
    I did not receive any positive reply from Professor Art Harun but in the last comment he posted himself the following:-
    ” art harun said…
    Hi Everyone,
    First of all, thank you for visiting this blog and read my article on Salleh Abas.
    Secondly, I would like to say that I am not a Professor and I really do not know why I am addressed as one in the comment section here. But I must admit it does sound good. 🙂
    Thirdly, my apologies for all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I was writing this article in a hurry and had posted it even without checking them.
    Fourthly, thank you for all the compliments and to those who share my views. To those who criticise me and do not agree with my views, I also wish to thank you all for taking the trouble to read the article and commenting on it. The beauty of a democracy is that everybody could express his or her opinion. We will just have to agree to disagree then. What I value the most is a debate done in civility and for this I shall thank you all again.
    June 12, 2008 9:01 AM”
    So I am still left in the doubt as to whether there was indeed that letter of complaint by Tun Salleh Abas about the renovation work of the Agong. Perhaps you could throw some light in this respect.

  25. Ainaq Jul 23,2008 8:57 PM

    To Onlooker
    Thankyou for talking on Islam
    Actually most Malay at heart is Islam and Very Tolerance
    Many take adavantage of these ” Read Tun Malay Dellema”
    What he express is a typical Malay heart,mind and feeling
    But if people push them to the conner by deciet and cunning move
    and entrap them than some will become like Hang Tuah and Most will become like Hang Jebat espeacially those who has nothing to lose.
    Becoming Hang Jebat is un Islamic but pushing them too hard turn them into madness
    – thus innocent but violent behaviour.
    Even UMNO was born because of British Malayan Union encrouching the right of Malay Rulers and giving citizen to foreign workers which sooner or later will out vote and outwit them.
    Malay is open society that everyone can become Malay as they
    convert to Islam (supercially or with faith) they are such tolerance that they
    give way their daughters to Pakistan,Bangelis,Indian and Chinese as long as you profess Islam like DJ Dave many more.
    Racism or Nationalism in Malay is actually reaction to racism of others
    It is defensive …..what you expect those who lose their motherland
    the right to rule,right to be servant of Majesty the Ruler,strangle by monopoly and keep on loosing by so call logical intelectual argument.Such issue of 1st Class citizen,second class citizen,third class citizen when they are out class to servant and shop assistant,drivers and Jaga.
    Look at you face in the Mirror
    before you prejudge a Malay: Teaching of Islam always emphasise on Spritual bewteen Dunia (materilist) and Akhirat (justice and Pleasure of the Lord,Allah the almighty and wise). That why in poverty Most Malays never sympathise with comunist of robbing the Rich at that time European and Chinese they respect other right but no one respect their right even Entranch in Constitution.
    In Penang road sign board is being written in Chinese……..logic no doubt to make easier for Chinese and China Tourist and Postitutes alike but Malay see as Chinese is pushing them Dasar Bahasa Kebangsaan……..Than Tamil say why not Tamil , Kadazan say why not Kadazan,why not Iban,why not Bahasa Asli what Jawi for Arabian Muslim Tourist
    This is example of Pushing Malay too hard………the tolerate but it boil in their hearts they still act wisely like Hang Tuah (saudara tu Hang Lipo?) but the Hang Jebat in them might burst at that time even Islam cannot tame them as they are Mad.
    I TELL YOU DONT TELL THAT I DONT TELL YOU – THE MALAY MIND always in Dellema for being good equate as weakness as others.
    JUSTICE IN ISLAM doesnot mean everything is Equil but right thing in the right place. ADIL it has nothing to do with Manifesto PKR it broader . Saidina Ali council to his gavenor treat Muslim like your brother and other like Human being. Read Muhamoud Nejad Blog you understand more.

  26. mega Jul 23,2008 7:28 PM

    Tun, Pak Lah does not involved the cabinet when making decision, instead he is refering to JKKK (Jeane,Khairy,Kalimulah and Kamaludin)and make sure JKKK will benefit from any decision made.

  27. Ainaq Jul 23,2008 7:05 PM

    kepada zali lampai on July 21, 2008 1:21 PM
    Idea yang baik bagi menaikkan tangga gaji memang bagus.
    Naik minyak… naik gaji…
    tapi govt servant jer yang selalu naik gaji..perkeja swasta macam kami ni susah nak naik gaji…
    Kalau kerajaan mampun swasta upaya daya saing masih kukuh kita boleh buat index gaji yang di Amal di belgium sejak 1980 Zaman Tun lagi.
    Gaji adalah sara hidup pekerja ia terjejas dengan naik turun harga barangan. Jadi gaji boleh juga di naikan dan di turunkan berdasarkan index barangan terpileh untuk hidup,
    Jika pendekatan ini di ambil rakyat tidak tertekan kecuali yang tak makan gaji.
    Tapi kajian terperinci perlu di buat kerana jangan jadi tikus baiki labu yang di kejar tak dapat yang di kendong berciciran. Dalam ekonomi kita ubah satu faktor akan terjejas satu faktor yang lain.Ada yang untung ada yang rugi. Tapi yang penting daya saing Negara dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi ia akan menjamin semua orang boleh cari makan…….tentu lah ada makan banyak ada makan sikit. Resam dunia.

  28. johndoe Jul 23,2008 6:48 PM

    dear msian,
    there is no holistic approach by the existing govt to tackle economic issues. most done on adhoc basis. pak lah fais to provide a good leadership

  29. I copy Jul 23,2008 6:41 PM

    Tun yang di hormati,
    Tun telah menjadi PM Malaysia selama 22 tahun. Jangkamasa yang panjang.
    Pak Lah menjadi PM Malaysia baru 5 tahun. Jangkamasa yang sederhana.
    DSAI belum jadi PM Malaysia lagi. DSNR pun belum jadi PM Malaysia lagi.
    Mungkin masa Tun menjadi PM, Tun telah melihat semua sudut dan perkiraan. Rakyat di dahulukan, kemudian kepentingan negara di pertimbangkan.
    Mungkin masa Pak Lah menjadi PM, Pak Lah belum melihat dari semua sudut dan perkiraan. Nampak nya macam negara di dulukan, baru hal rakyat di fikirkan.
    DSAI belum jadi PM lagi (kalau jadi lah), tapi dari ucapan dan pandangan, DSAI banyak melihat dari semua sudut dan perkiraan. Selalu hal rakyat di dulukan.
    DSNR pun belum jadi PM lagi (kalau dapat lah). Tak nampak sudut dan perkiraan mana yang di lihat. Yang nampak negara Monggolia di dulukan.
    Terima kasih

  30. Nashwah Zainal Jul 23,2008 6:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Yang Di Sayangi Tun Mahathir
    I believe that Tun has a lot of ideas on how Malaysia should be managed. And I believe that Tun has what it takes to help us – ordinary citizens here. Reading what you had written brings up hope that our economy can actually be directed in a better direction, by someone who has a different angle / way in seeing things, in solving issues – just as you were when you were the Prime Minister. You set us far apart from other countries.
    To be honest Tun, I always believe that you are the smartest of all the Prime Ministers. Your perspective worth a billion. To listen to your opinion is truly – worth every seconds.
    But Tun – all hopes are just hopes if the idea are been written all in this blog and not practised. I love you very much – but I wonder if I would want to know what your opinions are on how matters can be taken care of better, when those great ideas stay HERE ? High hopes .. but just hope lah. I do have opinions on how our current Prime Minister should act or do, but who am I ?
    I am all for you Tun. I wish I can take a more active part in working towards a prosperous Malaysia but I know – politics is not something I can handle well.
    Of course you are no longer our Prime Minister nor in UMNO. But a good leader needs to lead still. I dont know if ideas of forming a new political party is a good idea but something needs to be done.
    Selagi ada nyawa Tun, selagi ada sayang .. as I believe, what we are in right now, what we are facing right now, would affect our next generation – anak, cucu and that worries me.

  31. PCFairForum.Com.My Jul 23,2008 5:58 PM

    Hi Dr.M,
    When first Gov mentioned about the hiking price of oil, what all i was thinking how come the increase was too much and what i heard outside is people being angry to the gov. It was the time when we have to line up for the oil (Some lining up as taking the last cheap oil and some lining up afraid oil might not last for few days) where i think this was not a proper measure taken by gov. They increase the oil price to hike by 40% but giving RM650 compensation to people. The price hike is too much even me my daily travel needs is around RM10 per day increase to RM15 Per day. The compensation money is not enough as it only cover for my 2 months oil usage.But this is for me, what about other people which travel far away from home to work place? they can share cars but some people this is not convenience as maybe they work in different places.
    For example Before this i was thinking why gov give subsidy to upsr, pmr and spm student? In every school there is a lot of student that can pay for the examination fees. Why not just help those who cannot afford to pay the fee? Part of the money goes to them, it is good for their development but don’t gov get that oil is what most people use? when oil increase, the other student which did not get the subsidy also feel the heat of hiking daily expenses.
    Money go to school subsidy, goes to uni subsidy, goes to plantation and much much more but subsidy from oil was taken back. Causing the daily expenses hike to nearly 50 Percent but salary still the same. So when think it back, the subsidy means nothing as it helps too little because the hiking price of oil causing daily needs to increase by 50 percent.
    Its like Ali open a fish stall, every day he gives Abu 1 free fish (RM1 fish). In the beginning Price of 1 kg fish (usually 2 fish make up 1kg) is Rm10, then Ali told Abu he need to increase the price to RM14 per Kg as the wholesale price getting expensive(Which before he buy RM2 per kg and now RM3 per kg) but Abu still get the 1 free fish and the fish ali choose is of different type (cost rm0.50 per fish ali never mention this). As for IDIOT abu, He still buying thinking the free is good enough for him.
    When you calculated back, before the total profit is;
    10-2-1 = RM7
    but now as ali change to other fish and increase the price total profit is;
    14-3-0.5 = RM11.5
    You can see how much the different right??
    Wake up malaysian,
    People get subsidy for education and it was so good, but did you remember your daily expenses? if before gov earn little to save, now they earn more to save. Did they really put this money to country development? Did you really know how many litre is 1 barrel (1 drum, 1 tank)? Why did they put on tv 1 barrel price compared to 1 litre? Do They afraid to show how much they gain from 1 barrel? or they don’t know how much 1 barrel is in litre??
    We in malaysia are not all educated well but at least we know how to calculate something. We know how to manage our money.. For now let the them be ali and us be Abu and we’ll wait and see what more plays they will gone to.
    *I Place no harm to country but i want people to open up their mind..

  32. Sall3hSalam Jul 23,2008 5:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Hari ini harga minyak mentah dah turun sehingga USD126.45. Bila lagi Pak lah nak turunkan harga minyak kat Malaysia ni?? Naik rege nak mengejut bila nak turun mengejut??
    Patutnya Pak Lah turun(letak) jawatan la ni jugak, bukan Julai 2010..
    May Allah Save Us All, Good Day.

  33. IMD Jul 23,2008 5:19 PM

    I strongly disagree with this 40% hike in the petrol price. however i think this is better than 2 x 20% or 4 x 10%. why???
    let see, if now the petrol price increased by 20%, all other stuffs’ price will be increased once. Then another round of 20% hike, there will be another round of prices increment and inflation. so we the consumer will be hurt twice.
    Now with 40% increment in one shot, all the stuffs’s price increase. nowadays, 1 piece of kuih is increased by 10 – 20 sen. chicken rice is increased about 30-50sen a plate. I bet u, if the recent petrol price increment was just 20%, all the merchant will still use the excuse to increase the price with 10-20 sen or 30-50sen. Then when come another round of 20% hike, we will suffer again.

  34. nobody Jul 23,2008 1:35 PM

    is true..if wanted to raise up the petrol..can..but not in a second raise till that very hard for citizen..maybe RM0.20 in a least there is time for us to adjust our financial..i just dont get it..why?? dissapointed to the goverment..really dissappointed..

  35. mod Jul 23,2008 12:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Pak Lah bagi ‘rebate’ tunai kepada pemilik kenderaan yang memperbaharui cukai jalan amatlah baik buat rakyat yang semakin tertekan dengan peningkatan kos sara hidup. Saya rasa Pak Lah cuba mengalihkan perhatian rakyat bahawa dengan pengurangan subsidi bahanapi bermakna pihak kerajaan bolehlah menabung semula bagi membiayai projek gergasi yang telah dicanangkan oleh beliau di serata negara. Jika Pak Lah masih mengekalkan subsidi bahanapi, saya pasti sebahagian besar projek mega beliau tersasar dari jangkaan.
    Memandangkan tempoh hayat beliau semakin berkurangan di dalam kerajaan, maka tindakan drastik perlu dilaksanakan bagi memastikan nama beliau juga terpahat sebagai PM yang boleh dikenang kerana jasanya. Maka rakyat menjadi korban dan dipaksa membantu beliau dengan apacara sekalipun membayar harga bahanapi yang telah ditetapkan. (Padan muka rakyat)
    Satu pakatan terancang antara beliau dan Menteri-Menteri (penyokong kuat)sebagai tok dalang (tukang cerita) agar sama-sama ampuh sebelum tukar PM lain. Tak gitu..
    Beginilah akibatnya apabila suatu perkara itu diuruskan oleh orang yang bukan ahlinya. Hancur..

  36. Sumandak_Ranau Jul 23,2008 11:09 AM

    Dear Tun,
    mm2h is right about the 1997 issue. Everybody is talking about the impact of the Economic Crisis, YET it did not affect much on SABAH. I felt it by myself..BUT now I heard my mom and dad complaining about everything….It screwed up a lot…due to the present govt decision…

  37. mm2h Jul 22,2008 9:28 PM

    Tun, i agreed what u have said about this. i not very know about how the politics is but i know that during 1997 economy crisis, when u are the PM we all didnt fell the impact so much at Sabah.
    to me now the government since u leave is like a group of children which only make decission but always will change it. like recently fuel price i know that the world price for fuel is going up but as Malaysia is a producer for petroleum and compared with current usage of our country it is necessary to increase the price so high by not seeing the rakyat income.
    i know that they are giving the rebate but is only 625, if they really think want to directly given the subsidy to the needed like us they should increase the rebate like 1000.
    they always do like we are so stupid to know that the petronas is a very small company. i hope there is something change with the old one step down just let those really think for rakyat to be the government, dont just be a politician chasing for the rakyat money

  38. natwadee Jul 22,2008 7:30 PM

    Salam Tun dan para bloggers,
    Saya nak tanya lah kpd kawan2 semua,kalau jmbatan kedua P.Pinang tu tak mencukupi akan dollah buat lagi ke jambatan ketiga ? kempat dan kelima?
    Kesian saya kpd mehomilanau yg bangkitkan isu sabah dan sarawak dan memg betul pun.

  39. |iFelessOrdiNary Jul 22,2008 7:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya setuju dengan pendapat Tun dan saya juga setuju dengan pendapat “ZALI LAMPAI” setakat ini sudah 2 kali saya dengar tanga gaji kakitangan kerajaan dinaikkan tapi kakitangan swasta cuma dok melopong..Ye lah Tun even Tun bukan lagi dalam kerajaan tapi nasihat dan pandangan Tun sepatutnya di ambil kira. Bila tiada siapa yang peduli ni baru betul “habis madu sepah dibuang” bila dah dapat jawatan depa dok lupa diri. Hasilnya Malaysia sekarang makin “berantakkan”. Saya tak tau apa yang kerajaan sekarang cuba tunjukkan. Nasib…nasib

  40. ttlebon80 Jul 22,2008 7:00 PM

    Salam Tun dan bloggers
    Dalam kegawatan ekonomi negara, masih ramai rakyat Malaysia yang antara terkaya di dunia. Antaranya Tun sendiri.
    Sekiranya Tun ingin membantu Malaysia saya rasa banyak perkara juga dapat dilakukan. Mungkin Tun dan rakan-rakan yang kayaraya dapat memikirkan suatu projek yang dapat membasmi kemiskinan terutamanya dari segi pertanian atau perusahaan, mungkin…
    Saya berterima kasih di atas maklumat yang Tun berikan. Apa kata kita mulakan pula forum untuk semua berganding bahu dan memberi maklumbalas positive terhadap langkah-langkah di mana semua rakyat dapat bantu membantu dalam kegawatan ekonomi ini. Seperti negara Jepun semasa selepas perang dunia dulu. Mereka akhirnya bangkit dan menjadi negara yang disegani dunia.

  41. pakciktua Jul 22,2008 6:49 PM

    The present administration is like the public works department. gali sini, tampung sini. gali sana, tampung sana. They can” seem to come up with long term solutions. Their policies are merely eye candy. They come out with “ideas” hoping one or two months down the line everyone will forget. Very very sad state of affairs.

  42. impreza3030 Jul 22,2008 6:29 PM

    salam Tun…
    2 all my pren…
    marilah kita pikir secara jauh2, bukannya cepat melatah mcm yg korang selalu pikir skrg !!!
    aku susah nak pcaya bahawa pak lah sebodoh yg korang sangkakan, seburuk yg korang selalu burukkan dan sezalim yg korang selalu gambarkan.
    FOR WHAT???
    it is for his beloved friend (DSAI) to take the leadership of Malaysia BECAUSE :
    if there is no superb topic or issue, how come our malaysians want to support Pakatan Rakyat which their votes has increased for about 400% (measuring to the 4 new state govt.) in these few years.

  43. takretibodek Jul 22,2008 6:26 PM

    tumpang lalu….
    Tun M:
    There you go again!
    Adopting a “smarter than thou” attitude. You had your days of glory and power! You bungled and there were many goofs that you committed during your autocratic rule. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”! Now you condemn others like Pak Lah and gang as if you were an ace ruler!Apa nama ini! At 83, Tun, you must take a back seat and enjoy life. Why are you being hypercritical and make yourself miserable unnecessarily!
    buat ABI: Lama x nmpk anda bgi komen…biarlah Tun nk tulis khas utk anak2 & cucu trsayang..apa guna org tua klu x bagi nasihat dan cerita..takkan lah nak duduk melanguk sesaje tntu boring kan Tun??tak pun kejang tngan sbb dah biasa menulih..
    Corrupt2 Tun(klu itu yg dipersoalkan..), pak cik mak cik, atok nenek kami kat kpg x pernah mengeluh..mereka suka sbb senang nak dapat beras, minyak masak, naik motosikal ke hulu ke hilir bwk rumput nak gi makan kambing lembu x jadi masalah..tpi skarang kena naik basikal sbb minyak mahai!!…lagi seksa bila kena ulang 6, 8 trip..pas tu nak beli brg semua2 mahai..nasib baik tanam ubi kayu ngan keledek..klu x nak angkat guni rumput x larat!!..itulah kenyataan kpg dekat ulu nuun..x dak keta..manalah nak dpt subsidi tuu..dan anda ABI, jgn persoalkan org lain tpi..sumbangan anda bagaimana??..lagi satu klu anda rasa blog Tun ni nyemak saje x yah lah bukak..buang mase je…sya tau anda ni prihatin dan mahukan perhatian..sbb sya kenal anda!!..jagalah diri baik2 tak sopan marah2 orng tua..esok2 kita pun tua jugak, tak anak cucu kita marah..cucu org lain yg akan marah anda..betul daaak?? jgn ingat kat blog org x kenal kita..IP address org boley trace apa..apa2 pun kata omputeh “take care”…buat kerajaan sekarang kuat mana kita menjerit, kuat mana kite melolong mengeluh..depa tak pandang..
    Salam buat semua..

  44. mzzainal Jul 22,2008 6:22 PM

    a flip flop Govt? Oh I wish those politicians wake up and realise that we are lead by a tired, desperate, weak and anxious PM.

  45. Herlina Ab. Aziz Jul 22,2008 5:46 PM

    Sepatutnya sebelum dinaikkan harga minyak, kaji betul-betul dulu, kalau ada cara-cara lain. Ni dah naik mendadak, barang semua dah naik, elektrik tarif pun naik baru nak kaji sana-sini macamana nak kurangkan beban rakyat, tu pun secara adhoc saja.. Macam nak pujuk rakyat, tapi tak berkesan. Apa-apapun, kerajaan BN memang suka buat statement ” Naik tol, naik elektrik .. Kenaikan ini tidak akan membebankan rakyat”.
    Saya pun macam Tun, bukan dalam kerajaan dan bukan juga dalam UMNO. Nampaknya sekarang, siapa yang bukan dalam kerajaan dan bukan dalam UMNO lebih baik. Tun boleh beri pandangan, untuk kebaikan tanpa bias.. Juga bukan untuk PKR.. Jauh sekali!!! Kalau mereka nak dengar nasihat Tun, baguslah. Sekurang-kurangnya berilah peluang kepada Tun untuk terus memberi nasihat yang wajar, buka minda anda, buka hati anda…
    Salam.. semoga Tun terus sihat bersama bonda.

  46. Benderbuzz Jul 22,2008 4:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective PM by Abdullah Badawi.
    1. Be Reactive – Sleep all the time, when people wakes you up, you reacted silly.
    2. Nothing in Mind – Don’t have any plans, everthing based on trial and error.
    3. Family First – Everytime think about son in law’s, brother’s and daughter’s business
    4. Think Win-Lose – I win, you lose
    5. Cannot Convince, confuse them – Always confused the rakyat with fairy tales
    6. Desynergized – Self centered, never listens to rakyat
    7. Burnout – Always out of ideas, can’t even think but stubborn
    ( A Tribute to Steven Covey – Sorry for the inconvenient)

  47. rakyatM Jul 22,2008 3:20 PM

    Saya percaya even rakyat biasa pun faham apa akan terjadi jika harga minyak naik terutamangya sekarang global market tak stabil dan sure akan memberi pengaruh yang besar kepada negara. Tetapi kenapa kerajaan kita yang bijak mahu menaik sebanyak 40% tanpa menapis keburukan atauu akibatnya?
    Selepas minyak naik baru fikir cara -cara yang bodoh untuk reduce “burden”–RM625 boleh buat apa? Ingat inflasi sekarang baru 2%? RM625 amount ini sangat besar ? Pls la…Jangan ingat semua rakyat bodoh dan tak tahu analisis..Kami bukan rakyat yang suka tidur..kami tengah buka mata tengok apa yang akan terjadi kemudian…
    No doubt, global crude oil really increase significantly. Kami faham..Tapi sekaligus naik 40% boleh mati man..Kerajaan selalu suka banding dengan negara asing.For wat?? Berapakah pendapatan mereka ?
    Sekarang isu penting ialah bagaimana memperbaiki keaadan negara yang tak stabil in term of economic, politik, dan keamanan. Hot isu yang berlaku recently sudah menyebabkan pelabur asing berhati-hati dan bimbang.
    Apa yang kita boleh buat?? Tun, sila menyampaikan cara-cara yang dapat menyelesai masalah yang dihadapi oleh rakyat kini.Saya betul-betul risau keadaan seterusnya………

  48. Bollocks Jul 22,2008 2:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Almost the same idea which I posted at MYKMU earlier (19 Jul):
    Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:31 am Post subject:
    1. Kerajaan yg incompetence dan flip flop, tak tau nak manage expectation rakyat, dapat duit lebih (dari petronas?) tabur kat corridor demi corridor, corridor ntah bile nak keluar hasil, gunakan untuk rasuah politik supaya MPs (sabah+sarawak) tak jadi katak, buat macam duit mak bapak dia
    2. Subsidy mmg perlu dikurangkan…kalo bule dihapuskan terus kerana subsidy distorts the real economy – people berbelanja sakan dgn membayar harga murah membeli brg eg. minyak yg kos sebenarnya sangat tinggi dan makin tinggi. Kerajaan tanggung lebihan kos tersebut oleh itu mengurangkan dana untuk kegunaan yg lebih berguna seperti melabur untuk menaikkan hasil masa depan. Perbelanjaan sakan (kesana kemari naik keta, nak naik bas – banyak songel, jalan kaki panas etc.) itu juga menyebabkan demand untuk brg tersebut berterusan naik => kos sebenar yg dah tinggi terusmenerus naik => subsidy berbillion naik berbilion-bilion sampai tak viable lagi ie. banyak programs lain tak bule buat!
    3. Bila harga minyak naik di pasaran dunia dan di pasaran retail domestik – subsidy ada ke takda – harga brg lain eg. beras ikut naik sebab minyak an essential item dlm cost of production/transportation brngan tersebut => larilarau baget harian => sengsara bermula
    4. Subsidy minyak ditarik balik secara tiba-tiba => perbelanjaan harian melonjak sebab tak sempat nak adjust baget….tak bule adjust pun….dah desperate baru nak start naik bas or jalan kaki => sengsara bertambah
    5. Untuk manage expectation rakyat, jgn buat decision yg flip flop. Beritahu awal-awal sebelum implement. Buat kempen media, bagi panduan buat baget berhemah. Bila implement buat berperingkat dan berjadual, supaya rakyat buleh adjust budget harian, mingguan, bulanan mereka…takde le terkejut beruk…tak la tiba-tiba sengsara sebab gaji tak naik tapi kos harian melonjak……berdebat kat parlimen post-implementation wat pe? berdebat dgn si nuar kantoi lepas tarik subsidy wat pe?
    6. Nasib baik rakyat Malaysia tak reti nak berontak…..kalo kat thailand pak dol & kabinet mangkoqnye dah lama kena hayun jejauh dahhh……..

  49. The Finder of Truth Jul 22,2008 2:46 PM

    Salam to Tun,
    I have to (because it’s a fact) totally agree with you on reducing the burden of the people stage by stage. The government promises to repay the so called subsidy claimable when they renew their road tax. But the government must understand, people need the money now not bi-annually, anually when they renew their vehicle road tax. Is the current government so broke now? The government uses the delay technique to get more money and then pay to the people.
    Many think that the scheme is not being practical at all. In fact, it can be abused as well. It’s not practical because relieving the burden is delayed not solved on the spot as in increasing the price of fuel step by step. Why must increase so drastically when the government will later reimburse some as subsidy? The government use this technique also to deceive the people that they are doing something to help the people. By doing this also, the government is saving a lot of money. How? If you are a frequent traveller for e.g. doing sales, marketing, customer support, site visit, you fuel petrol will jump sky high. Especially to small business owners, the amount reimbursed as subsidy cannot compare with the actual cost spend for the whole year in petrol value. This scheme does not take this case into account. For those who work far distance from the home, the reimbursable amount is very insignificant for e.g. I travel 100km++ everyday. And sad to say it’s not even called reducing the burden. Maybe just deceiving the people. To the government, we are not bunch of stupid people here. We’re young and bright scholars of the Tun’s goverment. Can you understand this?
    How about reimbursing the subsidy with dividend? The government is keeping the money to pay later right?
    Talking about abuse, take this scenario. A rich person with maybe 10 cars. Two luxury cars and the rest are rarely used small and fuel saving cars. He’s entitled to claim the subsidy of up to 10 cars that he could use the money to support his 2 frequently used luxury cars. Is this called helping the poor or middle incomer? The rich gets richer!
    Opportunists on the other hand are taking full advantage of the fuel price increase to increase the price of goods. Can you believe a “teh tarik” can increase by 20 cents right after the fuel price announcement? Better believe it, look around you! In the end, the people still suffer from high fuel price + high price of goods + god knows what else.
    The Malaysian are fully of the global fuel price increase. Please do increase if necessary, but not drastically as many people are suffering drastically too from this move. Bear in mid also that public transport too does not solve transport issues for a lot of people to travel to their desired destination.
    In short, the measure taken by the government was not comprehensively well-thought. Is the current always behaving like this all this while? I’m not surprised if Malaysia again become under-developed with all sorts of incompetent people driving the country.
    People, do something!

  50. Mehomelanau Jul 22,2008 1:56 PM

    Salam Tun and all blogger friends,
    Tun, mana perginya duit yang PETRONAS bagi dengan Kerajaan?
    Recently, PETRONAS has given away, as usual without fail, another round of billions of money to the Government of Malaysia (now headed by Pak Lah and crew). The breakdown of payment – royalties amounted to RM4.7 billion, dividends RM30 billion, petroleum income tax RM20.6 billion, corporate income tax RM5.4 billion and export duties, RM2.1 billion. In addition to this normal contribution, there is this SPECIAL DIVIDEND of RM6 billion. Now tell me, isn’t that enough to cover the government’s expenditure to help the rakyat?
    As if this is not enough, Lim Guan Eng and Koh Soo Koon ask some more from PETRONAS – to provide them with buses to ease the burden of the rakyat. Now let me ask, if Penang is given buses, what about other rakyat in other parts of Malaysia, particularly Sabah and Sarawak? It sounds as if only the rakyat in Semenanjung suffer because of the high fuel price. Let me tell you Tun and my friends, Sabah & Sarawak don’t even have good roads like those in Semananjung. Maybe only in the big towns, but look at other places -still using sampan and perahu bermotor bah. Kesian!! So don’t talk about PETRONAS providing goodies just like Santa Claus.
    Keep on asking Pak Lah’s administration on how are they going to use the money from PETRONAS. Let PETRONAS do its business as usual and bring in more money for the Government and the people of Malaysia.
    Now imagine this : Tomorrow PETRONAS is kicked out from those countries where it invests because the governments of those countries decided to handle the oil and gas business totally on their own, no need PETRONAS anymore. So PETRONAS pack their barang and balik kampung. No more income from foreign investments (which makes up 40% of its revenue). So NO MORE BIG MONEY for Malaysia. Kaput, bangkrapsi dah!!
    Ask ourselves : What will happen to us, our children and our children’s future.
    Therefore my friends, always remember, PETRONAS is not a “Santa Claus company” that will go round and send goodies to every door. That job should be done by the Government, using the money that PETRONAS has given. The wakil rakyat should be doing the Santa Claus job. Afterall, they are being paid to do that, using our money (PETRONAS tax and our income tax). Do share this message with the rest of the rakyat around you especially those who have no internet access.
    It breaks my heart to see and hear people still screaming for PETRONAS help for small and big things. PETRONAS can only do so much.
    May Allah Save Us All, Good Day.

  51. osrie Jul 22,2008 1:44 PM

    Sejahtera buat Tun..
    Haii… Apa mau jadi !!!
    Gali lobang, cari lobang,
    Timbus longkang buat kubang,
    Pemimpin luhur rakyat berpegang,
    Pemimpin ‘bengang’… siapa nak pandang !!!
    ( Pembodek wang ? )
    (Minum kopi panas-sambil geleng kepala)
    Tidak apa, besok kami lancarkan roket berpandu !
    dari Puncak Kinabalu..

  52. TukangCantas Jul 22,2008 1:43 PM

    Salam & hormat kepada semua warganegara Malaysia
    Dear TUN
    teruk betui la skrg ni dgn cara Sultan DSAAB & Co perintah
    1. suke bagi Gula-gula
    2. suke flip flop
    3. suke lari dari isu utama
    4. ramai “kaki spin”
    5. think tank yg bekarat
    Tun, berikut adalah pandangan saya….
    1. jika kerajaan skrg tidak menaikkan harga disel tentu kite dpt kawal harga barangan
    2. bolehkah kalau kerajaan yang ada ni beri Cola(elaun sara hidup) kepada kakitangan swasta sebanyak RM350, daripada memberi subsidi kenderaan
    3. kerajaan perlu buat penyelarasan cukai pendapatan, yakni gaji yg perlu bayar cukai hendaklah RM5000 keatas dan sebaliknya mereka yang mempunyai gaji RM5000 kebawah adalah tidak layak membayar cukai. namun kepada org islam digalakkan membayar zakat tiap2 bulan
    4. kerajaan perlu hapuskan TOL (atau dalam erti kata lain, mengurangkan Tol bagi laluan utama yg melibatkan laluan ekonomi, perkhidmatan dan urusan seharian)
    5. menggunakan duit pendapatan GLC untuk membaikpulih dan mewujudkan jaringan pengangkutan secara bersepadu diatara bandar utama dan sub bandar…
    6. menghapus atau mengurangkan lagi cukai kenderaan dibawah 2.0cc serta kadar insuran yang munasabah
    my question…
    1. Tun, apa pandangan mengenai Plan Pembangunan W2020 yg tergendala dek kerana DSAAB & Co yang suka dan ingin memanipulasi plan tersebut serta ingin menyedut kewangananya…
    2. Jika kalu DSAI menjadi PM Malaysia, adakah beliau boleh punggah semua harta2 Khazanah Malaysia ?
    thanks that all

  53. AZIF Jul 22,2008 1:23 PM

    “REDUCING THE BURDEN”, Your willingness and contribution as always, will be appreciated.Unfortunately you are no more in the Goverment or even an UMNO member.Malaysia is a very cruel country at this moment and time, because of personal gains, selffishness,greediness,and all the lies within the news if we do read them, and is very annoying and disgusting.All praises be on AAB, and DSAI agenda etc.
    Tun news columm must be given within the news and unfortunately this will not occur as long as AAB is in power.AAB would not require Tun to appear in any of this because of ? Yes there are many answer for this, apart from what I have mention above.AAB always now mention the word popularity,and he is not seeking lately.
    AAB now is trying to get sympathy, so as he could be the PM till 2010.We Malaysian would not, and must not have sympathy towards AAB, but stand firm for him to step down now, and apoligise to Tun in public.He being in UMNO again after breaking off to form Semangat 46 before,pardon by Tun,elected as PM by Tun.How do we all analysed this?.Why could not AAB rejected Tun leaving UMNO? Why does AAB still need to be the PM and President of UMNO? I am sure everyone will have the same answer here. The point of the matter here is that we still have Tun, no doubt Tun is no more in the Goverment or UMNO but for the very reason that what Tun has contributed and still contributing for us to realise on what is actually happening now. Tun clearly mention he leaving UMNO is mainly because AAB failed to give up the UMNO President post.Tun will rejoin UMNO again if AAB step down.MT UMNO,UMNO Members what have you to say now.Tun contribution is tremendous for all of us and he has been proven with more rigts, than many wrongs.AAB have failed here, and he has to go now.Sorry for those MT UMNO & UMNO members whom are still supporting AAB,enough is enough, we are all with Tun and matters on abuse will be highlighted in Parlimen soon.I would wonder who would raise this issues.
    AAB need to answer all his wrong doing, as highlighted by Tun on MV Agusta sales, Proton, Khazanah,etc. This matter must be dealt by ACA which is now very serious and using the funds of Rakyat, which AAB have abuse during his premiership.AAB this is the suara Rakyat again which you always said that is supporting you.AAB step down now. Salam Tun yang amat dihormati dan disayangi olih Rakyat Malaysia.

  54. mabib Jul 22,2008 1:06 PM

    Aslmkm ayahnda TDM & bloggers,
    Memang betul kekalahan pr 12 adalah sumbangan dari TDM idimana “majoriti senyap” dan ahli2 UMNO sendiri telah merasakan kepimpinan UMNO telah mnderhaka kpd TDM, bahkan mempunyai niat jahat dan agenda ingin mmalukan Tun, ini terbukti dgn pembatalan semua projek ke arah wawasan 2020.
    (Sebagai contoh saya sendiri dan keluarga (7 undi) x keluar mngundi walau pun kami ahli umno sebagai mmprotes layanan buruk terhadap TDM)
    Situasi ini (Sokongan terhadap TDM) akan menjadi lebih signifikan kearah pr 13 dgn menyedarkan rakyat melalui blog ini.
    Yang Berbahagia Ayahnda Tun,terima kasih yg tidak terhingga di atas sumbangan idea dan menyedarkan anak bangsa, walau pun dlm meniti usia emas dan ternyata TDM adalah seorang insan luar biasa yg tidak dapat ditandingi oleh sesiapa walau pun oleh seratus atau seribu orang seperti ABI.

  55. arr_dean83 Jul 22,2008 12:47 PM

    Salam Tun…senyum sokmo k Tun….
    Setiap kali buka Chedet ni…mesti tangan gatal nak taip pape yang patut..banyak benda nak di bincangkan di chedet ni Tun…mengenai masalah2 negara sekarang..banyak sangatla kes2 yang timbul..hari2 ada jer kes2 baru yang dilaporkan di media cetak dan elekronik…nak jadi apa dengan malaysia sekarang ni ek Tun?….kes DSAI tak setle lagi..timbul pula saman menyaman dengan KPN…apa ni??…bosan r..lawakla diaorang ni…masing2 ingin tegakkan benang yang basah..yang terbaru ni pula kes pembelian kereta Mercedez oleh Menteri Besar Terengganu ni..untuk kegunaan exco2 negeri dan pegawai kanan kerajaan…alasan pula macam budak2..servis perdana V6 yang tinggi..pegawai2 yang tinggi pangkatnya di Malaysia ni pun tak pakai Mercedez ni..exco2 Negeri Terengganu pula yang pakai..fuuhhhhh….hebatttt…tapi kerja???….haprakkkk…cubalah renungkan kembali kami rakyat Terengganu ni…tidak fikir ker???…cubalah amalkan gaya hidup Islam…sederhana…contohi Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Aziz…untuk apa pakai kereta mahal2??….
    Masalahla orang2 BN ni…bagi jadi Menteri pun banyak songeh pula..bagi jadi YB pun banyak masalah pula..apa nak jadi ni??..saya rasa rakyat Malaysia kena buang makhluk2 ni dari sistem pentadbiran negeri dan negara…menjadi nanah yang berkulat…semakin haprak….penat melayan karenah2 makhluk2 ni..macam2 hal…dan yang pastinya adalah rakyat yang sengsara dan menderita….wassalam Tun…

  56. azee72 Jul 22,2008 12:26 PM

    Salam Tun..
    Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin memohon kemaafan dari Tun.
    Ini komen saya:
    1. Setujukah Tun, apa yang terjadi sekarang ini adalah disebabkan ‘snowball effect’ yang Tun mulakan 10 tahun dulu
    2.Adakah Tun ketawa atau sedih melihat kes liwat ini di lakonkan semula?
    3.Kita hidup hanya sementara sahaja di dunia ni.Bila tiba masanya kita dihadapkan kepada Yang Maha ESA.Tun tak rasa takut ke?

  57. sabulite Jul 22,2008 12:25 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Can you just do something to save Malaysia? I think we all rakyat has up to the limit with current gov. do you want to see someone not capable is destroying the baby (Malaysia) you had contribute and built for last twenty years….Please, do something…or tell us what to do…

  58. Puteri Bongsu Jul 22,2008 12:18 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Nie nak cite sikit.
    Dua tiga hari yang lepas, berita kul 8 mlm duk kat depan TV ngan anak2. Tiba2 anak saya yang no 2 tanya: ibu suka tak orang tuh? (Pak Dolah)..saya tanya know apa anak saya jawab…’nyampah la tengok muka dia…tiap2 hari kluar TV’..kuang..kuang..kuang
    budak kecik pun dah tak suka..apa macam..

  59. roskay Jul 22,2008 12:06 PM

    Kalaulah Pak Lah mempunyi pakar-pakar ekonomi yang berkelebar maka idea seperti Tun nyatakan itu akan dilakun oleh beliau. Hata orang ada di sekeling beliau hanya tahu untuk menjaga hati P.M yang … sahaja.
    Please Tun salorkan idea yang boleh mendatangkan kebaikan rakyat kepada anak Tun untuk di bawa ke dalam mesyuarat UMNO dan kerjaan..
    Bantu kami.. tolong kami anak-anak yatim piatu.

  60. roskay Jul 22,2008 11:57 AM

    Salam hormat Tun
    Why Pak Lah and his fellow cabinets have/had the ideas like what you had mention here. Does he have any qulified Finance Minister and Economic experts around him to advise him for the bettement of the rakyat as well as to improve the economy of the nation.
    Please write on how did you do on our currency during economic turmoil downed in the year 98/99. Sir I’m looking forward for article on tackling economic problems in yeras 98/99, Sir.

  61. ajm Jul 22,2008 11:29 AM

    Salam TUN,
    Pak lah danmentri-mentri dlm Kerajaan tidak merasa kesusahan rakyat kerana mereka tidak kepasar membeli-belah,naik kederaan semua free dan eluan utk kerja pun tinggi.
    Kami rakyat semua perlu dibayar dan semuanya naik harga.
    Kami harap selepas Pak lah turun nanti kami nak buat lapuran polis supaya Pak lah dan rakan-rakan akan diambil tindakan sewajarnya.
    Jgn ingat kamu semua boleh lari melainkan kamu pendek umur.
    Saya percaya sekarang mereka sedang mencari jalan untuk menutup segala kesalahan yang mereka lakukan sebelum mereka turun sebab itu perlukan masa 2 tahun.
    Mereka bukan bodoh tapi memperbodohkan rakyat kerana mereka ada kuasa tapi ingat ‘ People’s Power ‘ pun ada.
    Perjalanan yg jauh lagi berliku.
    Semoga sejahtera TUN dan Keluarga

  62. encikdanger Jul 22,2008 11:23 AM

    tun boleh tak tulih 10 article sehari. Seronok la baca artikel tun ni. dah rasa ketagih setiap kali buka PC.

  63. malan3395 Jul 22,2008 11:19 AM

    Dear all..,
    Sy rsa x payah la kta ssah2kn dri kita fkirkan psl apa yg belaku skarg. Bnyak visitor dlm blog Tun ni sumenya ckp idea mcm kompang. Sruh PLah brentilah, tulah, inilah. Tp PLah maintain je. X nmpak trgugat skit pun. Sume bhagian UMNO skog dia. Yg kta ni pnyala melalak mcm anjing salak bukit. Bka blog Chedet kritik PLah tp apa action yg kta ambil xda. Yg Tun plk kasi crah minyak lg utk perangat hati kita. Sbnarnya kta sume nipun jga kpentingan kita jg. Xbrani utk buat lbih2. Jka kat western side derang mmg akn protes jka kjaan slap. Tp kita…..who who who..grrrrr!! mcm anjing salak bukit. Bukit makin tinggi, anjing (kita) yang letih.
    Lu pikirla sendiri…

  64. Azlan Abd Aziz Jul 22,2008 11:18 AM

    Dear Tun,
    After spoken to a lot of people, all seem agreed that the oil subsidy should be gradually decreased or lifted.
    The goverment should also ask engineers and scientists regarding of what will happen if a system is fed with a “step”(sudden) signal(eg.oil price). I am pretty sure an economist too can appreciate the “feedback-control” theory.
    Nevertheless, it seems that the goverment only acted after the system behave undesirably. They should anticipate the output of the system before the fed in “rubbish” signal into it.
    Ironically though I believe the current goverment need a shock therapy -each one of them, especially those in the finance department.
    Perhaps similar to you Tun, I only read newspapers, watch news on TV and internet -don’t even have experience in goverment.

  65. akung long Jul 22,2008 11:17 AM

    My salute,
    Why they don’t want to hear to the old man?
    Something must be done to save Malaysia. I be with you Dr. M.

  66. thaiso Jul 22,2008 11:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Kepada sesiapa yang tidak tahu kenapa berlaku kekalahan dalam PRU ke 12 hari itu,inilah diperturunkan sebab musababnya.
    1. Selangor
    Sebab Lim Keng Yaik kutuk Anwar,Wan Azizah dan anaknya sehari dua sebelum pilihanraya.Ada keluar berita TV3 malam tu.
    2. Kelantan
    Sebab Datuk Seri Abdullah bukan ulama.Penampilan Datuk Seri Abdullah dipengaruhi ahli keluarga beliau.
    3. Kedah.
    Sebab Kerajaan tidak mendengar dan meminta nasihat dari Tun Mahathir Mohamad.Malahan melawan dan menghina Tun.
    4. Perak
    Kerajaan pikirlah sendiri.
    5. Penang
    Sebab Datuk Najib dan kerajaan segan untuk menurunkan Datuk Seri Abdullah.Dahulu Tun Mahathir boleh turunkan Datuk Seri Anwar apa…
    Terima kasih Tun.

  67. Jejaka Sulong Jul 22,2008 11:01 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Pendapat saya, Pak Lah atau Menteri-Menteri Kabinet ada yang melayari dan mengambil buah fikiran daripada Blog Tun ini.
    Setidak-tidaknya Tun sekali lagi telah berjaya dengan misinya memberi kesedaran kepada ahli-ahli politik tentang kepincangan pentadbiran Pak Lah. Arwah ayah saya memberi nasihat agar saya terus setia kepada UMNO dan kini saya masih kekal pada UMNO.
    Tun saya rasa campurtangan Majlis Raja-Raja untuk Pak Lah meletak jawatan dalam masa yang singkat inilah cara paling berkesan sekali demi keharmonian rakyat jelata dan kedaulatan Negara Malaysia. Kalau tidak pun mungkin cukup dengan pernyataan sebahagian Raja-Raja setiap negeri untuk dibahaskan oleh semua pihak termasuk juga di Parlimen.
    Usaha perlu digerakkan untuk menghantar memorandum atas kepincangan pentadbiran Pak Lah perlu dihantar kepada raja-raja setiap negeri. Pernyataan dan keputusan Raja-Raja merupakan keramat dan pasti menjadi tumpuan semua rakyat Malaysia.
    Saya tidak nampak Pak Lah akan kalah dalam pemilihan UMNO akhir tahun ini. Semakin lama Pak Lah tadbir semakin payah saya untuk menyakinkan rakan-rakan saya untuk masuk UMNO.

  68. inthemiddle Jul 22,2008 10:50 AM

    Harap Tun boleh memberikan comment secara jujur tentang pembangunan 5 wilayah koridor yg diilhamkan oleh Pak Lah dari sudut berikut:
    (i) Kebaikan dari sudut ekonomi, sosial, kebajikan rakyat etc..
    (ii) Keburukan dari sudut yg same diatas;
    (iii) Kewangan/pelaburan jangka panjang serta sustainability pendapatan kerajaan dalam menampung perbelanjaan pembangunan berkenaan ;
    (iv) Visi utk mencapai taraf negara maju (wawasan 2020);
    (v) Kesinambungan keatas pembangunan2 sedia ada..
    apapun, cadangan Tun berkenaan dgn harga minyak adalah dikira langkah awal dalam menstabilkan ekonomi negara yg kini terdedah kepada kadar inflasi yg tinggi yg sgt membebankan rakyat..
    in the next page, harap Tun boleh berikan comment Tun tentang 5 pembangunan koridor ini..
    Terima Kasih..

  69. ABI Jul 22,2008 10:49 AM

    Tun M:
    There you go again!
    Adopting a “smarter than thou” attitude. You had your days of glory and power! You bungled and there were many goofs that you committed during your autocratic rule. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”! Now you condemn others like Pak Lah and gang as if you were an ace ruler!Apa nama ini! At 83, Tun, you must take a back seat and enjoy life. Why are you being hypercritical and make yourself miserable unnecessarily!

  70. FAUDZI Jul 22,2008 10:45 AM

    Akum TUN dan bloggers semua
    si dollah ni memang suka buat keputusan berubah ubah dan kalu tersilap suka bagi gula2. dia ingat rakyat bawahan macam menteri beliau yg boleh digula gulakan.
    Kelemahan yg nyata pada dollah ni dia kirang cerdik dan ingin menunjukkan jasa, tapi cara dia seolah olah kita rakyat bawahan ini macam di pergula gulakan(di perbodoh bodohkan). Tidak ada kesungguhan dan keikhlasan.
    pity you dollah.. please go, enough is enough.

  71. ABI Jul 22,2008 10:44 AM

    Your convoluted logic has no place in our society. You are desecrating Islam – our religion- by advocating “values” that are against
    Islam. Onlookers ideas are more rational than your twisted logic. Please repent.

  72. masmelo Jul 22,2008 10:35 AM

    tun, warga bintulu suka ka Tun. Tun pindah ke Bintulu je la. Damai pun damai. Kami akan menerima Tun dgn tangan terbuka. Hehe

  73. masmelo Jul 22,2008 10:33 AM

    Kenapa tuntutan sabah sampai sekarang pun xde feedback dpd kerajaan? sabah liabiliti ke sampai tuntutan sabah pun tak diendahkan. erlu ke kami warga borneo terancam dgn keadaan kerajaan sekarang yang tak peka terhadap nasib rakyat??

  74. jojo51 Jul 22,2008 10:23 AM

    This reminds me of an intelligence tactic when interrogating a suspect. First send in the devil to scare off the suspect, then send in an angel. No different with the present government. Increase the petrol price by at least 41% and this will also cause everything to go up. Rakyat is suffering. Now the government send in the “goodies”, give rebates, reinburse, reduce tax, provide all kinds of subsidies and many other incentives. The objective is to reduce rakyat’s burden. To give the impression that the government is an angel and caring.
    Actually, the government did not do anything. The burden was created by the government and not the rakyat. So why should the rakyat be thankful for the so called “goodies” whereas in the first place the govenment could have avoided the burden.

  75. mahendran Jul 22,2008 10:19 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I been loging to write to you at last today I did. What is happening now to Malaysia tun. All this thing happening really make us more afraid. Oil price had gone up and everything is going up, What Pak Lah dan Pak Najib doing. Killing us Malaysian. Please Tun do something… save us Tun for all this misery. Please.

  76. Tigress Jul 22,2008 10:12 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Rasanya dah bosan nak menyuarakan keperitan rakyat kepada kerajaan yang pekak dan tuli. Seperti anjing menyalak bukit jika diperikan. Takkan ada yang menyahut kecuali gema suara sendiri
    Jika pemilihan presiden UMNO disember ini tiada perubahan, yang pastinya di PRU13 nanti Malaysia akan diperintah oleh bukan BN. Tak sabar rasanya menunggu PRU13.
    Tun jangan risau, bukan salah Tun (sebab mereka semua tak mahu dengar nasihat TUN)

  77. umnodu Jul 22,2008 10:06 AM

    Salam Tun,
    What’s done is done. The fallacy in policies and lack of comprehensiveness in tackling the issue is all too apparent.
    But now that the price has increased, how can the government alleviate our burden?
    And we are not referring to rebates or subsidies, but a comprehensive economic plan that would increase our net worth, thus our salaries, so that we can afford to cope with the inflation.
    Tun, I hope you can enlighten your readers that ultimately, prices WILL go up. Therefore, instead of focusing on keeping it down, the government should find ways to increase our earnings.
    With all due respect,

  78. nmjnh Jul 22,2008 10:03 AM

    You are right… Pak Lah and his cabinets shouldnt increase the fuel price dramatically as he already promised before election. However, since he always sleeping, I feel like he is still dreaming. Someone need to wake him up or else UMNO will berkubur very soon …

  79. zazook Jul 22,2008 9:53 AM

    3 simple words to sum it all up Tun:

  80. Johz Jul 22,2008 9:45 AM

    Salam Tun,
    We just can only wonder if the Abdullah Government understand the complicated terms of micro economy, or maybe they just a bunch of idiots in suit.

  81. khalifah Jul 22,2008 9:40 AM

    assalamualaikum…. DR Tun,
    harap berada keadaan sihat… saya begitu tertarik dengan cerita mengenai Agusta nih… tapi diorang tak endah jer… mungkin BN banyak bangkitkan isu2 liwat, muzakarah dan macam2 lagi untuk alihkan perhatian… Adakah ini satu trend dalam kerajaan untuk alihkan kebodohan yang ditanggung selama ini? saya sangat berharap supaya tun dapat mengeluarkan satu buku mengenai pentadbiran tun selama tun memegang perdana menteri…. mungkin dapat sedikit ilmu bagaimana cara terbaik untuk memegang jawatan no.1 dalam negara…
    saya harap dapat menunggu buku dari tun
    terima kasih

  82. daniel12345 Jul 22,2008 9:40 AM

    salam semua,
    it looks like tun have his way of planning.i might guess why he has pick his sucessor base on what the pepole wanted not knowing the consequnces that malaysian is not prepared to have a new leader for many years to come.everybody has criticised tun for holding on to power too long but as we can see in a short term after a new leadership of ‘mr clean and baruas’have done.they manage to kill the country instantly.baruas became ministers,idiots became the advisers and etc…i proudly can say majority of the ministers should vacate thier current position.ACA/BPR should investigate PM,DPM and so call barua on the abuse gov clean said all gov contracts should be very transparent but looks like nothing is trasparent.DPM…military contracts are all given to his beloved rosmah.public should see majority contracts given which rosmah has a intrest i.e all her me if i m wrong.thats why we as malaysian should see the top leaders here are full with shit and we malaysian should stick as one to kick thier ass out from the really makes me sick when comes to think where is thier sacrifice towards the rakyat..TUN does the best…he throws the oppurnities up the sky so that eveyone has a fair share..if we are intelligent we should see faces in the minister are sitted where should be seated it just randomly put in just to prve tha he aka mr clean is doing his job what an ass—-.on the debate it shows that INFO.MINISTER was talking ‘ayam jantan’instead of what the debat on clearly shows he is out there to impress himself as an ass—-.most of the session it was more on personal attack and looking back in the hang tuah n jebat history minusing the rakyat burden and it clear by example the gov dosent know what they are talking…so pls as malaysian unite as one throw the racial sentiments forget about who is the boss towkays work towards our rights as malaysian…remember UMNO will never be the same as before.perjuangan untuk orang melayu sudah tiada.semua x pakai baju melayu tapi pakai versace.proton x best mercedes good…like i always said BN has lost my votes.UMNO is more on personal gain rather than political party fo the malays…dont be fooled anymore.tun can quit what are we waiting for anymore….tun malaysians needs u..wawasan 2020

  83. cooomas Jul 22,2008 9:39 AM

    Thanks Tun.
    The present government is too much especially increase the price of petrol. It does’t not give time for the rakyat to adjust. It just like the price is shoot up so dramastic. But during your time in the government, you can feel the rakyat. You make the adjustment of the price in stage and lower and not so burden.Guest the next increase be more higher.

  84. Tamingsari Jul 22,2008 9:31 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree with you 200%….these short term rebates does nothing (it is basically that short term) is just a waste of our money..Petronas money…which hole did these guys in government crawl out from.
    Given this task to a Form 3 student and even they can come out with some brilliant ideas.
    We the rakyat are suffering…trying means and ways to survive and we have jokers in UMNO (Terrengganu) buying E200 Mecedes Compressor on the pretext that it save fuel and maintenance….come on…next thing we will find out they want to use EVIAN water to top up thier radiator fluid.

  85. annat Jul 22,2008 9:29 AM

    This is what happen when this country is govern by Flip Flop & Co.
    Tun we miss u.

  86. pewaris generasi Jul 22,2008 9:22 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    What budget can ease rakyat burden Tun?….to little to late when this Pak Lah government anounced 40% hike priced of petrol & consequence frm that all basics things rakyat needed also increased.
    Cheating the rakyat by telling this & that, do this & do that are ‘BIG LIAR’ ever by Pak Lah & his Government.
    Hatred, Guts, Disgust by Pak Lah weakness as a Malaysia PM. Worse PM ever..he should hang himself Or suicide like korean, Japan leader did when they failed to lead.

  87. mcguyver99 Jul 22,2008 9:20 AM

    Morning Tun,
    Agreed with u. There’re so many ways to save money for government. Raising fuel price then reduce other taxes, it’s a flip n flop. Such a stupid method used by our current PM. Petrol price is very very sensative issue to the nations, if I’m were d PM, I wudnt increase the price drastically, I rather increase taxes in other channels to increase government’s income. If government wanted to target the rich ppl, why not increase their personal taxes??? Get their money n put into the petrol subsidies. This way, only the rich ppl will get angry, medium n poor ppl will be very very happy. Nvmd la our government too generous already, taking care all d rich ppl too and they getting richer and richer.
    Do you knw Malaysia have alotz of rich rich ppl? They rather spend RM100k for A luxurious watch than contributing to ppl. Dun believe? Try and ask those luxurious watch shop for their sales. Some very rich ppl’s son go to play ball game at nite, come with Merz-Sports with Ahmad and bodyguards, after game, go back with Red Chilly Ferrari…
    Besides that, wat DSAI debated that day was right also. Given the fact that by reduce spending on inefficiency resources. Tat’s another point on how save money.
    I consider Pak Lah not so efficient, too many of his “sleeping pictures” distributed in d Internet. Can we cut his pay???

  88. pk Jul 22,2008 8:51 AM

    Dear Dr M,
    “Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO”
    Disagreed Dr M, you have gone through the cycle and your knowledge is well ahead of those in the government today ….. RAKYAT will appreciate what you have done till now ….. more knowledge gained through your experience Dr M!

  89. indiana Jul 22,2008 8:31 AM

    Singapore claiming EEZ around Pedra Branca
    SINGAPORE, July 22 — Two months after being awarded its claim over Pedra Branca, Singapore is going ahead to claim an Exclusive Economic Zone around the island.
    Dr Balaji Sadasivan, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, told Parliament the “precise coordinates” would be announced at an appropriate time. According to the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea (Unclos), a state can claim an Exclusive Economic Zone up to 200 nautical miles from its lands and islands, and up to 12 nautical miles of territorial sea.
    If disputes arise with neighbouring countries, Singapore “will negotiate … with the view to arriving at agreed delimitations in accordance with international laws”, he added.
    Balaji also expressed confidence that the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) judgment would not be overturned even if Malaysia produced a letter which the latter claims would prove the islet belonged to it.
    The letter was penned in 1844 by the British Governor of the time, William T Butterworth, seeking permission from the Temenggong and Sultan of Johor to build a lighthouse on Pedra Branca.
    Last month, Malaysian Foreign Minister Rais Yatim said he had ordered the letter tracked down so that Malaysia could appeal the ICJ’s ruling. Said Sadasivan: “In our view, it is unlikely to make a difference to the court’s judgment because it has already ruled that Johor had original title over Pedra Branca.”

  90. daisy Jul 22,2008 8:29 AM

    Salam Tun,
    You don’t have to say sorry for giving an opinion! We really need yours.

  91. kamal ahmad Jul 22,2008 8:24 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,
    ”Menteri Besar Terengganu, Datuk Ahmad Said semalam mendakwa kerajaan negeri terpaksa membuat pembelian tersebut ekoran kos penyenggaraan Proton Perdana terlalu tinggi kerana kereta model itu mudah rosak dan tidak tahan untuk perjalanan jauh.
    Sambil mempertahankan pembelian kereta Mercedes, Ahmad berkata, walaupun kos permulaan pembelian kereta buatan Jerman itu tinggi tetapi kerajaan negeri dapat berjimat dari segi kos penyenggaraan dalam tempoh jangka panjang”
    See Proton, this is your wake up call! The Perdana is over-priced rubbish on wheels and the Menteri Besar is talking rubbish about cheaper cost with the E200. The best euro-luxo hot rod is when you did not spend a cent buying it. All tax payers money. I could afford the same model easily but I am driving a Proton. Why? cause its my money. Mesti takut nak belanja. All bloggers, regardless of beliefs, please wish me luck getting my income tax refunds back from the Johor Bahru IRB. Thank you.

  92. sabahkini Jul 22,2008 8:20 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Mohon Tun dapat menulis tentang jangkaan keadaan ekonomi negara 6 bulan dari sekarang berdasarkan senario ekonomi semasa.Adakah BLR akan meningkat,adakah Malaysaia berdepan dengan kemelesetan ekonomi dan apakah penyelesaian terbaik menanganinya drp perseptif ekonomi.
    1.Buang duit kerajaan saja dia pergi ke Venuzuela untuk tanya harga petrol and kadar inflasi.Tiada benda positif yang dibawa untuk diguna pakai di Malaysia.Cek dalam internetkan boleh.
    2.Kerajaan tidak serius dalam mengawal perbelanjaan negara.Pembelian C200 boleh ditangguh dan dari mana datang RM30 billion untuk tambahan peruntukan RM9
    3.Kenapa rebet mesti dibayar oleh Pos Malaysia bukan CIMB Bank..hehe.

  93. zaman Jul 22,2008 8:07 AM

    Tun Salam sejahtera buat Tun dan keluarga.
    Pak lah undur lah Tun kembalilah.
    Tun jangan marah saya cuma nak tanya sikit. Kenapa Tun pilih Pak Lah
    lihat apa dah jadi?
    Mngkin Tun boleh cerita sikit bagai mana Pak Lah boleh terpilih?
    Apakah dalam pemikiran Tun waktu itu.Sekarang Negara bukan hanya kerugian masa berharga tetapi kita telah mengundur jauh kebelakang,apa nak jadi,apa akan jadi Tun? Perkara begini sungguh memalukan dan menyayat hati.
    Tun kami sentiasa bersamamu.

  94. EMicro Jul 22,2008 7:33 AM

    Pertama: PPP kita sekitar US14,400 setahun, berbanding dgn S,pore US48,900 setahun (i.e 3.4x lebih tinggi dpd kita)….sedangkan harga petrol dema US6.28/gal adalah hanya 2x lebih tinggi dpd kita (US3.12/gal)
    Kedua: Kita ada minyak, S’pore tak ada!! Itupun dema boleh bagi lagi harga ‘patut’ pada rakyat dema.
    Dua fakta ni udah cukup untuk menggamborkan kerajaan kita idak pikio (fikir) panjang sebelum nak naik harga minyak secara mendadak. Kita ngengok le apa kesannya sekarang??
    Adakah ini kita boleh katakan idea/fikiran ‘glocal’……think globally, act locally??
    Senak perut teman dibuatnya!!

  95. zaidi suhaimi gilong Jul 22,2008 7:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Umum mungkin sudah mengetahui yang setong harga minyak di pasaran dunia sudah beransur turun dan kali terakhir pada harga RM138/tong.
    Pernah sekali setong mencecah RM150 yang menyebabkan kerajaan membuat justifikasi harga seperti yang berlaku hari ini maka oleh yang demikian harga pasaran yang dikenakan hingga ke hari ini adalah bagi memudahkan perkiraan secara menyeluruh tanpa perlu membuat ubahsuaian berperingkat yang akan menampakkan kesan-kesan tertentu lagi.
    Projek “CORRIDOR” yang Pak Lah telah umumkan sebelum pilihanraya yang lalu iaitu ECER, SCORE dan SDC adalah perkara yang sangat baik untuk diteruskan.
    Demi mencapai sasaran dalam mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan yang selektif kelak maka adalah wajar untuk memacu pembangunan sedemikian kerana bagi tujuan yang sama sebagai rakyat Malaysia iaitu mahu membangun bersama.
    Krisis sebenar yang masih perlu diberi perhatian dari masa ke semasa adalah berkenaan dengan Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (PATI @ PTI).
    Ianyanya bukan sahaja tertumpu di satu negeri malahan negeri-negeri yang lain juga yang menghadapi masalah yang sama kerana isu yang difokuskan di sini adalah soal keselamatan negara.
    Adalah menjadi cadangan yang bernas apabila diumumkan bahawa maksud PATI atau PTI ini adalah dalam konteks tidak mempunyai dokumen perjalanan yang sah yang melayakkannya bekerja atau menjalankan perniagaan di Malaysia.
    Permasalahan seperti “CORRUPTION” yang tentu bermaksud penyalahgunaan kuasa, rasuah, penipuan, pemalsuan dan sejenisnya adalah menjadi tanggungjawab bersama sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan keamanan, kestablan dan kemakmuran.
    Adalah tidak bertanggungjawabnya saya sekiranya tidak menyuarakan buah fikiran saya dalam usaha membantu kerajaan terus memerintah dan mengetepikan soal-soal peribadi yang sedang berlaku ketika ini dan lebihkan fokus mereka kepada rakyat.
    Terima kasih Tun kerana membuka minda kami Generasi Millenium dengan izin saya mahukan sebuah Malaysia yang berdaya saing di peringkat global dan meletakkan Malaysia sekali lagi di atas peta dunia.
    Syukur kepada ALLAH swt negara kita masih bertahan dan akan terus kekal kukuh sebagai negara yang berdaya saing insyallah.
    Assalamualaikum Tun dan terima kasih berpanjangan dari saya ZaiDi SuhaiMi GilonG.

  96. isahbiazhar Jul 22,2008 5:11 AM

    I think it is too late for the government to revert.Thay have realised their mistakes and now trying to rectify by giving other subsidies.They must be having stupid advisors.They should have thought it out.The norm is acceptance but the norm was not displayed in the recent election.The government had read it wrongly.With Annuar leading the PKR all hell went out of control.People had become bold.Is the government going to arrest all those in the blogs?There would be no places in the detention centres.All those illegals are having their nice time because of the good facilities they are getting from our government. The Indonesians are our brothers and sisters.Your suggestions will not be followed because it would mean a loss of face.The best move will be to call for an early election and then settle the score.Umno and Pas can have their talks but it will never change the reality;one wants to build mosques; the other wants to build flyovers.We have to accept the fact that we have changed; we are thinking well.Reasons of race and religion will never get votes again.

  97. theWitch Jul 22,2008 4:42 AM

    ya, saya pun nak tahu bagaimana pembelian mercedes boleh mengurangkan beban kerajaan ?
    sikap patriotik sudah tidak ada. mengutamakan buatan malaysia pun tak ada lagi. semuanya yang luar negara.

  98. ghaz Jul 22,2008 4:34 AM

    ass’kum Tun,
    Tepat sekali apa yang Tun kata, tapi bagi Pak Lah dah kira ‘terlajak kata bukan terlajak perahu’ macamana nak undur jadi terpaksalah kasi gula gula. Menteri menteri BN pula semua nya pak turut dan kesilapan dalam matematik Pal Lah mereka tetap nak tegakkan ‘benang yang basah’
    Kerajaan sekarang memang boros, sejak 5 tahun memerintah Pak Lah telah ‘enjoyly’ 2x ganda dari Tun memerintah selama 22 tahun dan sekarang nak naik ke 3x ganda sebelum pertengahan tahun 2010 itu pun kalau dia nak lepas jawatan.
    Pak Lah sungguh iri hati dengan kejayaan Tun meletakan nama Malaysia di peta dunia, olih sebab itu dia cuba mengatasi Tun tanpa memperdulikan kepayahan rakyat. Buka koridor sana sini yang hanya menguntungkan kroni kroni nya saja
    Kalau difikirkan lebih baik ditolak kemajuan hanya untuk segelintir saja yang mendapat faedah sedangkan ramai yang rugi terutamanya orang orang miskin. Tanah halaman nenek moyang mereka dibayar pada harga yang rendah sebalik nya orang orang BN yang kaya raya untung atas angin dengan jual/beli tanpa sesen pun. Tanah tanah milik bumiputra ini tak termampu dibeli balik olih mereka semula selepas dimajukan.
    Ini lah akibat ajaran sesat islam hadari daripada islam sejati yang mementingkan ekonomi rakyat lebih utama dari pemimpin.

  99. ray77light Jul 22,2008 4:27 AM

    To the LEARNED Onlooker
    You accuse Tun of playing the racist card. This is a proactive approach for perpetual peace in Malaysia. The Apartheid rule is a formula for riots. The rich minority will not enjoy their riches amidst unhappiness among the majority.
    Bar council’s challenge to the social contract and HINDRAF are provocatively RACIST in nature. This EQUALITY-DEMOCRACY argument are merely concepts that purportedly results in FAIRNESS. This is a fallacy because no one is born equal. Therefore in modern “civilised” countries, there are laws protecting the weak. Women and minors are given special protection.
    13 May 1969 can reoccur. If you were to read between the lines, many commentators are full of “semangat”. Be wary.
    PAS may not play the racist card but they might play the RELIGIOUS card. So Onlooker can go on LOOKING forward to seeing Malaysia becoming a bigger Kelantan.
    Equality for the races but Islam comes first. Pick your choice.
    Onlooker – Please be more rational in order to convince the new MALAY (Tun’s legacy).

  100. tadpoles Jul 22,2008 4:08 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I lost my sleep tonight worrying about the impact of the oil price increase on my life and that of my family members and the way the present government is mis-governing. With the big windfall profits from Petronas, the anwaer is obvious. The government should just revert back to the old price, if not, the PAKATAN could take over.

  101. sitinur Jul 22,2008 3:37 AM

    asalamualaikum bapak tersayang…
    ceq maleh dah ckp pasai aab nih…
    lagik ckp lagik sakit ati je…
    usaha tetap usaha…
    ceq kibar bendera putih kat umah n keta…
    jiran ceq tanya kat ceq(jiran ceq terpaksa jd jurucakap ceq secara tak rasmi pulak bg pihak ceq sbb jiran2 ceq duk tanya kat jiran ceq (duk sowang2 nk bg sewa susah nati mak o sedara mara mai
    sbb umah ceq jd summer camp utk anak2 sedara heheheeee..)yelah duk bising tak puashati kat aab tuh aab wat deq jer..pasang bendera putih
    sejuk gak ati nengoknyer….
    ta tv9 dlm hujah ada 2 org panel nih (tgk dah nak abis pun sori arr)
    secara terusterang menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati ong m’sia terhadap aab tp sahih aab tak tgk sbb program kul 10.30mlm start…kalo mt umno tgk kalo tak rasa pedas mmg kepala batu lah sbb profesor tu kata
    mt umno takut nak cakap sbb takut ilang kepentingan…
    jgn luper kibarkan bendera putih…
    terima kasih bebanyak kerana sentiasa ada di sisi ketika kami perlukan tempat mengadu…..HuwAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
    go2 bapak go…

  102. Sheikh Jul 22,2008 3:24 AM

    Minta maaf kerana lain tajuk.
    Tentang Nik Aziz mengenai perbincangan dengan UMNO.
    Itulah kadangkala orang tidak faham untuk menilai seseorang itu ulamak atau tidak. Ulamak itu adalah orang yang berilmu. Kita dapat lihat ilmunya dari air mukanya, cara hidupnya dan juga tutur bicaranya.
    Cara NIk Aziz menjawab mengenai perbincangan dengan UMNO fasal menyatukan Melayu itu berpusing pusing seumpama Anwar juga. Elok sama sekandang. Ada orang kata Ulamak sekarang umpama Ular Dalam Semak!
    Betul juga kata Al-Ghazali iaitu, “Jauhilah ulamak raja”. Ertinya orang yang berjawatan kerana ugama. Pasti dia tidak akan berlaku adil seadil adilnya untuk menjaga hati raja dalam hal ini adalah menjaga hati penyokong parti yang memberi beliau jawatan.
    Hanya ulama bebas saja yang tidak mencari makan atas dasar ugama malah mempunyai ilmu lainnya untuk mencari rezeki adalah ulamak Allah. Mengajar dengan percuma lagi. Syukur atas berkat Allah memberinya rezeki.
    Tidak kah ugama menuntut supaya umat islam bersatu? Bukankah orang melayu di Malaysia ini islam? Tiada kah ada kejernihan hati untuk menyatu padukan ummah?. Adakah orang PAS bermazahab lain? Adakah jauh di sudut hati ahli PAS mereka lah islam tulin dan orang lain adalah kafir dan darah mereka adalah halal? Sebaliknya beliau was was dengan cadangan itu kerana UMNO. Tidakkah Tok guru tahu was was itu pekerjaan syaitan?
    Takkan lah pula perundingan ini kuat hanya dengan Persatuan Perniagaan, Sejarah atau lain lain. Tentu ia berkaitan politik.
    Saya teringat lagi apabila wartawan bertanya pada Nik Aziz mengenai sesuatu issue oleh kerajaan. Jawapannya ialah, “Itu dia punya pasal lah!”. Bagusnya tutur bicara seorang ulamak. Itu cukup untuk mencerminkan sedalam mana ilmunya atau sekadar menjadi burung yang pandai menghafal. Samada ilmu itu hidup atau hampas belaka hasilnya ialah keperibadian ulamak itu.
    Nabi sendiri apabila di tanya kepada Aishah bagaimanakah tingkah lakunya. Dijawab Aishah kelakuan nabi itu seperti Al-Quran juga. Tidak Nik Aziz, “was was”. Kena belajar lagi nampaknya beliau buat persiapan akhirat sebelum terlambat.

  103. ketam Jul 22,2008 3:07 AM

    Salam Tun Dr M yang di kasihi,
    Memang benar kata kata Tun, biarlah kenaikan minyak secara berperingkat. Malangnya pembuat keputusan sudah lupa bahawa mereka berada di dalam kerajaan untuk membantu rakyat. Mereka sudah lupa diri hingga Pak Lah pernah berkata bahawa BEKERJALAH DENGAN SAYA BUKAN UNTUK SAYA. Seolah olah kerajaan di bawah Tun dulu bekerja untuk Tun dan bukan untuk rakyat. Sekarang, tengok apa yang jadi. Penderitaan rakyat tak langsung di hiraukan. Apa yang Pak Lah tahu ialah cakap Rhetoric saja. Sama dengan AI. Kedua dua orang Penang. Memalukan orang Pulau Pinang saja. Hanya Tun saja yang begitu ambil peduli tentang kami orang kebanyakan.
    Tun, dari online paper AmericanFree Press (kalau tak salah saya) Soros dah mula menyimpan EMAS dengan banyak. Sememangnya Tun dulu dah cetuskan idea DINAR EMAS, adakah ini bermakna Dollar akan runtuh sedikit masa lagi. Kalau benar ini akan berlaku, alamat akan bertambah teruklah Malaysia. Saya juga membaca website Bildenberg (Setelah menbaca Komen dari Blogers Angelina Jolie yang ada menyebut nama tersebut) rasa seram sejuk saja sebaik baik saja saya membuka paper Bildenberg tersebut. Kalau perkara sekecil kecil kenaikan harga minyak dibuat silap oleh Pak Lah, bagaimana pula sebesar besar masalah yang akan datang sekejap masa lagi. Di sebalik Pak Lah yang teruk ini, yang pasti, selepas Pak Lah memerintah, saya lebih kerap melakukan solat tahajjud sebab malam tak tidur lena dek risau akan apa yang akan berlaku seterusnya. Waktu Tun dulu taklah selalu sebab tidur lena dan susah bangun malam.
    Tun, kalau Tengku Razaleigh boleh memberi jaminan yang beliau akan mengambil Tun sebagai Penasihat Kerajaan atau Senior Minister, saya pasti beliau akan menang. Beliau hanya perlu Tun back up dia saja. Juga kalau beliau menang, kembalikan harga minyak ke harga asal. Kemudian kurangkan semua harga barangan serta perketatkan penguatkuasaan harga barang. Buang segala kronisma/nepotisma
    (ini juga perkataan rhetoric) . Sokongan rakyat akan kembali kepada UMNO. Saya juga berharap Tun dan Tengku Razaleigh dah melupakan apa yang berlaku dulu. Apa yang berlaku disebabkan oleh Musa Hitam yang ada di belakang Pak Lah sekarang.
    Maafkan saya Tun, saya tak menggunakan gelaran kepada yang lain kerana sememangnya bagi saya mereka tidak layak menerima apa apa gelaran sebagai kehormatan
    Bagaimanapun, Tun teruslah menulis dan mendidik kami. Hanya Allah saja yang tahu apa yang benar dan apa yang palsu. Kepada Allahlah kita akan kembali.
    Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai Guru Maya

  104. Tun Dr Marvellous Jul 22,2008 3:05 AM

    Saya setuju kata2 Tun sepenuhnya…..
    “Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO” but in

  105. MamatOversea Jul 22,2008 3:01 AM

    Assalamuailaikum Ayahnda TDM..
    1. Bila baca coretan Ayahnda Tun,membara hati ini memikirkan Kerajaan Pak Lah sekarang.Bayangkan saya salah seorang rakyat yang berperasaan begini..mungkin berjuta rakyat juga yang berperasan sebegini.
    2. Bila difikirkan kembali.Kerajaan Pak Lah tidak peduli dan perihatin kesengsaraan rakyat dari akibat tindakan kerajaan beliau.
    3. Bila dengar. rata-rata cakap “Pak Lah sepatutnya letak jawatan” .Orang UMNO apa lagi….kueh Pi laaaa..

  106. omen252 Jul 22,2008 2:20 AM

    saya doakan agar TUN dan keluarga sentiasa dirahmati dan dilindungi ALLAH hendaknye….apa yang saya dengar ialah dengan memberi duit atas kereta dibawah 2000cc…ada manusia yang mendapat durian runtuh lagi besar atas keperitan org lain…kira mudah dimana 8 bilion akan diberi kepada pos malaysia untuk diagih kepada orang ramai yang layak dan dr jumlah itu pos malaysia kenakan cas 1% untuk khidmat ini(kalau tak silap la)..jumlah keseluruhan 80 juta..pos malaysia sapa yang punya…ECM LIBRA????? yang tu sape punya pulak ya….hairan!!!!!dalam kesusahan rakyat ada juga penyagak yang mengambil kesempatan…

  107. ALiza Jul 22,2008 2:10 AM

    Dear respected Tun,
    Thank you for putting your thoughts on this issue.
    This is exactly what most of us are talking about,simple mathematic would reveal that the nett amount of savings that govt gets by increasing fuel by 40% will not result in 40% savings, after taking into account all the rebates and other so called incentives.
    What the govt ended up doing is creating massive headache for the admin group and respective agencies by creating unnecessary workloads. It ends up with the civil servants having to spend more time at the office, more checks and visits to the markets to enforce the so called policies .. nett nett nett more overtime claims, hogher expenses etc etc which again does not make sense under the current situation.
    For the public, these actions are ridiculous, however, to think that govt has ‘smart people’ from Oxford and the like, they must or should have better grasp at the macro and micro economy. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.
    Dear Tun,
    Could I suggest that you take back the helm, the country needs you to save her from this paralysis.
    WIshing you and Tun Dr Siti well and happiness .

  108. Herotamil Jul 22,2008 2:08 AM

    Salam sejahtera buat TUN serta keluarga,
    Issh…. geli pulak bila ada org kata pasai kenaikan harga ni..
    TUN sama pendapat dengan PNAI.
    Maaf kata lah… Ini adalah ISU RAKYAT!!
    Pendapat dan luahan hati RAKYAT!!
    Issue of US the common people..
    Our thoughts our voice
    For PNAI…
    saper yang pernah hidup masa PNAI jadi MENTERI KEWANGAN
    should know better…what he DID to us…
    I am not talking about IMF lah!!
    Tanyer sajer pada yang pernah buat pinjaman, ask those guys that have to pay their loans then
    Brapa banyak syarikat yang bungkus kerana Anwar!!
    …tanya lah pada yang ada credit kad!!
    Yes…having to pay minimun charges of 10%.
    So,To those,saying that Anwar have the RAKYAT in his mind…
    I say, he DID “IT “to you guys!!
    Salam sejahtera, again buat TUN sekeluarga.
    Take good care of your health Sir.
    You are needed, STILL.

  109. K1 Jul 22,2008 1:42 AM

    i would want to suggest to the government to rethink of the oil price strategy against inflations. that’s simple!
    increase petrol to RM3.00/ltr while reduce the diesel price to as low as RM0.80/ltr.
    basically malaysia is mostly powered by diesel.
    a diesel tractor that needed the most for farming works.
    a diesel bus that carries the most passengers.
    a diesel trailer that moves the most goods from A to B.
    a diesel backhoe that removes the earth.
    and so on….

  110. Omry Jul 22,2008 1:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Kerajaan perluh sangat berhati-hati menaikkan harga minyak kerana hampir semua bebanan kesan kenaikan harga minyak adalah ditanggung oleh pekerja swasta,kakitangan kerajaan dan orang miskin sahaja…..
    Peniaga atau orang kaya tidak akan menerima kesan kenaikan harga minyak kerana mereka boleh dan akan menaikkan harga jualan atau perkhidmatan dikenakan kepada pekerja dan orang miskin sebagai pengguna,untuk meningkatkan keuntungan dan menutup atau mengimbangi kos yang meningkat…….sudah tentu mereka tidak merasa gusar……. kalau minyak naik 10%, dia boleh menaikkan harga barang dan perkhgidmatan 10%.
    Salam untuk Tun sekeluarga.

  111. CSI Malaysia Jul 22,2008 1:20 AM

    Hello, Dr M,
    You are damn right !! Look and Listen the lavish abused of wang ehsan by a new MB under BN rule in oild rich state of Teregganu. Pak Lah told the people to save more money and thrifty but let his hooligans in UMNO leaders like MB Ahmad critised our hopeless national Proton cars are not worth buying as compared with German Benz and he spend lavishly our wang rakyat from Petronas.
    Both new Pakatan Rakyat Chief Minister of Penang and MB of Selangor decided to cut costs for not changing any new cars for exco members and used old cars for official functions.
    Rakyat witnessed how the Terengganu new BN MB are damn “Pemboros” or “Big Spender” going buying spree of 14 BIG MERCEDES BENZ cars and indirectly claimed PROTON PERDANA V6 cars are lousy quality and inferior for BN excos to use them.
    Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said said the state government has defended the purchase of 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials and the (BN) state government had planned to purchase the cars for a long time now to replace its Proton Perdana V6 Executive fleet in a move to “Cut Cost”.
    Ahmad cited the example of the Proton Perdana of state Commerce, Industry and Environment committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw, which has twice undergone expensive repairs to the tune of RM50,000 in the last 36 months. (What a BULLSHIT as mentioned above ? – A Proton engineer claimed the costs of tuning a Proton Perdana is less than RM10,000 each time . )
    Rakyat is able to judge the poor governance of a so called rich oil state with millions of wang ehsan from Petronas was mismanaged and abused to buy 14 Benz cars instead to create more infrastructure development like roads, schools etc and to help many poor Malays who are still damn poor and living in hard core status. UMNO called for Ketuanan Melayu to help the poor Malays in the country but new BN MB Ahmad actions proof otherwise.
    Rakyat was pity with an old lady living in a hardcore poor area in KT town was contesting against BN candidate showed how Ketuanan Malay was damn “MISKIN and POOR” living in a poor condition in the Malay state. BN leaders will continued abusing millions of wang ehsan for their lavish spending without concern about the Malays feeling and crying for HELP from BN Malay leaders in the poor state.
    Last but not least, Malays are getting very poor and living in hardcore kampungs forever if the UMNO Malays continued to discriminate and marginalised their own poor Malays with excuse of fighting the rights of Malays enshrined in the Constitution of Malaysia. New MB Ahmad rampas kuasa from a ligitimate Pak Lah’s candidate and showed his ways how to misused tax payers’ funds and wang ehsan for coming five years. What a pity for poor Malays in KT after suffering for 50 years under BN rule
    Pak Lah claimed that BNM quoted the inflation rate hike from 3% to 6% in 6 months this year 2008. Rakyat never understand the inflation calculation thing. Since Jan 2008 to mid June 2008, rakyat noted the prices hike for the followings:-
    1. Petrol price up more than 40%
    2. Average eggs price up 20%
    3. Meat, Chicken, pork, mutton and beef up more than 30%
    4. Rice up 30%
    5. Average a cup of coffee in the mamak store up 30%. From RM 1.20 to RM1.50
    6. Average “Chap Fan” mixed rice is up 30%.
    7. Even the shaving foam I use is up 20% from the supermarket on sales now.
    8. Electricity up 18%
    9. Cut hair up 20%
    10. Taxi ride up 30%
    11. Rice up 100%
    Unlimited items and groceries in Tesco, Carrefour and Giants have also increased their own branded products by 10% to 20% each item.
    Average a family of 1 kid spending or household usage up easily 30% to 40% now. What the hell is Pak Lah and his half past six Ministers were talking about low inflation at 6% only ?
    Rakyat is suffering daily with many people on the streets will go bankrupt soon. Many people are crying for HELP and very anger with Pak Lah & BN cronies are pemboros pemboros yet corrupt mind, abuse power and misused public funds for their lavish spending spree.
    Malaysia will go Bankrupt if Petronas is to close shop tommorrow. Keep our words cross tonite.

  112. adikassim Jul 22,2008 1:18 AM

    Sudah lebih 5 bulan berakhirnya PRU 12. Tidak ada yang menyatakan secara konklusif kenapa BN begitu teruk pencapaiannya. Pelbagai debat dan faktor-faktor yang kita dengar. Pak Lah lembik, Anwar kuat, KJ dan macam-macam lagi.
    Tetapi tidak ramai yang mahu mengakui bahawa faktor Tun Dr. Mahathir sebagai faktor penting. Diluar kelompok politik ie. UMNO (ahli 3 juta) adalah the silent majority yang masih sangat-sangat menyanjungi TDM yang melihat layanan terhadap beliau sebagai penderhakaan yang sadis. Lebih parah apabila kesemua tindakan menentang TDM akhirnya ‘memakan diri’ kerajaan sekarang baik dari segi ekonomi maupun politik; contoh: batal jambatan bengkok~makan diri, tukar pengurusan Proton~ makan diri(sekarang jadi syarikat rugi!), jual MV Agusta~makan diri, pembebasan Anwar~MAKAN DIRI!!!!
    Semakin hari seolah-olah mata rakyat Malaysia semakin melihat dengan jelas kecuali mereka-mereka yang dibutakan dengan wang ringgit dan kuasa di puncak gunung politik.
    Melihat pencapaian blog CheDet sudah membuktikan betapa suara beliau masih sangat relevan dan blog Chedet adalah lebih penting daripada mana-mana berita yang dibaca, didengar dan ditonton di media cetak dan elektronik negara sekarang ini.
    Sama ada anda setuju atau tidak dengan pendapat saya, saya tau anda terpaksa mengakui kebenaran fakta ini!

  113. davC Jul 22,2008 1:03 AM

    Dear TUN
    LOL!!! Tun really said it quite simply what the rakyat thoughts about the oil hike debacle. Why make a simple decision so problematic for the rakyat & himself. Why did he make almost all his decisions without even thinking about the repercussions. I really think that his brain needs a HUGE jolt of reality. That’s why i think he wasn’t paying attention when you were making BIG decisions for the country during those crisis days. He must have dozed off yet again….zzzzzzzzz…lol
    And now we have another flip-flop decision to contend with…. Immigration Embarkation Forms Flip-Flop case no. 6 of 2008…lol

  114. ajm Jul 22,2008 12:57 AM

    Salam TUN,
    Kepada semua Mentri Malaysia saya nak kurang makan nasi kerana beras mahal ( beras Rm18 takda stok ).Saya nak makan maggi saja tapi Maggi sekarang harganya RM4 ( satu pek 5 bungkus ) Habis nak makan apa yang murah?
    Kepada paklah bagitahu org miskin dtg kedai abg saya dia ada jual beras 10kg gred 15% murah. Dia kata dia jual cuma rm5 tapi STOK HABIS.
    Saya ingat Shahrir dulu pandai tapi saya silap, dia memandai saja.
    Kesian rakyat, masaalah teksi tipu org tak selesai, gores dan menang tipu org hari-hari tak selesai, jual rokok seludup depan mata polis pun tak selesai dan macam2 lagi masaalah rakyat tak selesai sebab kerajaan sibut cari jalan macam mana nak tutup tahi gajah (kesalahan bodoh yg dibuat) dgn daun sirih sehelai.
    Perjalanan bukan saja jauh tapi dah sesat.
    Sambut salam rindu pada TUN n Family.

  115. samuraimelayu Jul 22,2008 12:55 AM

    When Anwar reduced the NPL grace period from six months to three months, the tansport services industry nearly collapsed but for your timely intervention when you returned home from your long leave.But atleast it did not effect the life of the ordinary people.
    but the sharp rise in prices of the petrol and diesel, has effected the life of the ordinary people.
    Just yesterday, we went to buy ‘putih kelapa’ for our ‘kuih kaswi’ (my specialty)the price has risen from rm1 to rm1.20. when asked the reason given was obvious. If a small item like coconut has increase 20% in price, one wonders about other sundry items and one wonders too how the smart elecs figure out the current inflation rate at 6%.
    We thought we heard Hassan Marican suggested a gradual increase for the new prices but AAB(Atas(kepala)Ada Batu) went for the highest figure ie 80sen as the new price hike.(correct me if wrong).
    And the reason if we were to quote the stonehead minister that its better to suffer now than later as the malay proverb ‘.. bersakit dahulu, bersenang kemudian’.
    Betul le Shahril, kalau yang sakitnya ‘toukey dhobi’ ok le tapi kami rakyat kerja kuli bukan sakit je silap2 mati kebulur.. Ayoyo!
    Perhaps, Pak Lah and the stoneheads in the cabinet can lead by example.
    Since you ‘clever, clever’ increase the petrol price by 40%(flip) why not you guys take a 40% cut from your ministerial remunerations(Flop). Hence true to the term FLIP, FLOP!
    As for us whose hobby is making ‘kuih kaswi’, buying the coconut white rm1.20 is no big deal. We would not take the trouble to offer to trouble makers(AAB and kuncu-konco) but we will go all the way to deliver if Ayahanda Tun wants a bite of my ‘kuih Kaswi’
    Larilah kudaku lari
    Larilah sekuat hati
    Specialty kami buat kuih kaswi
    Ayahanda Tun pesan kami ‘guarantee’ saji
    Alfatihah, Amin

  116. kamarul Jul 22,2008 12:53 AM

    Salam Tun dan semua bloggers…
    Semakin hari semakin ramai orag visit blog ni.. boleh kata 98% of visitors, mengutuk current government dan menyuarakan rasa tak puas hati.. Then, WHAT??.. Semua diam.. Bila Tun post blog baru, semua komen tak puas hati dengan current administration.. Then again, WHAT??.. takde ape jugak..
    To me, the best thing to do, is buat Demo.. Serah memorandum kat DYMM Agong, ataupun etc etc.. Or buat Demo kat wisma putra.. Or buat perhimpunan aman kat stadium.. ape2 je la.. asalkan buat benda2 di alam realiti..
    Tah la.. semua banyak komen kecewa, tak puas hati, hidup sempit, hidup tertekan, tak tau anak cucu apa jadi etc etc.. pas tu, tutup PC, tido.. hmmm.. memang melayu…anyway, aku pun melayu jugak.. aku pun sama.. lepas ni tutup PC tido.. esok keje.. hampehhh…
    Salam semua..

  117. nama Jul 22,2008 12:48 AM

    rasa marah meluap2 setiap kali membeli belah untuk keperluan harian, semua barang naik. apa ni.. beras naik, ikan naik, sayur naik, bahan2 makan lain pun naik, roti, biskut semuanya naik, naik, naik, naik.. naik pula antara 30% hingga 200%. siapa tak marah macam ni. kalau jumpa orang yang menyebabkan ini semua, saya akan sepak terajang, tumbuk 100x masa tu juga. dulu dengan pendapatan sekarang boleh lagi menyimpan. tetapi sekarang tak boleh dah, tak cukup pun. dah ubah cara hidup ni.. tapi masih tak cukup. kalau dulu masa membeli paling lama 30 minit dah siap pilih barang, la ni 3 jam masih pusing-pusing di pasaraya, sebab nak pilih barang yang paling murah, sekarang beli barang yang penting murah, bukan lagi kualiti. asal ada.. tapi geram juga tengok tv lcd 32″ harga dia makin turun la.. lepas ni kali nak makan tv pula..
    teringat masa lalu.. hujung bulan masih boleh menyimpan untuk masa depan..

  118. cleffairy Jul 22,2008 12:29 AM

    I’ve been saying almost the same thing about the fuel price increase. The right thing to do is actually strengthening the economy and increase the fuel price gradually so that the citizens can ‘absorb’ the pain better, as fuel price increase cant be avoided due to the global price factor.
    But then again, if those people in UMNO and BN will not even take time to listen to people’s opinion. They never did listen to you, and sadly, there’s nothing the citizens say or do could make them listen to us. If they never listen to you, den they’ll never even bother about us.
    Well, I’m glad you’re outside of UMNO/BN now. That party no longer fight for the citizen’s benefit anymore. It’s a sheer insult if you’re to stay in there any longer.
    God bless you, Tun.

  119. Crazyfool Jul 22,2008 12:28 AM

    Yes I totally agree with you. Hope there is some action and problem solving for this matter..

  120. pakbelalang Jul 22,2008 12:24 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Those people who mention that you are playing racial card are those people who themselves are playing the same game. They are the greatest hypocrite people of the first order. Nothing much can be said about them except to let them continue ranting,ranting and ranting until doomsday! No big deal!! They will never ever achieve their dreams to discredit you.
    Your wisdom is totally at different level, Tun. Your credentials are impeccable and nobody could challenge that. There is no comparison between these people and you. Seperti langit dengan bumi. I am sure you will never stoop that low to even bother to give answer to their rants. They are frustrated lot.Yes Sir,you are a great Malay leader championing for the Malays. Make no mistake about it. That is the reality! There is nothing to hide. Let them hear loud and clear !! No apology whatsoever ! It is your right and your prerogative, Tun!!

  121. matbinggung Jul 22,2008 12:20 AM

    matbinggung said,
    Assalamualaikum Tun sekeluarga dan peminat sekalian,
    SAYA perhatikan apa yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan sekarang iaitu memberi bantuan bulanan kepada golongan petani, nelayan dan lain-lain lagi adalah langkah jangka pendek.
    Paling DITAKUTI, jika Pak Lah berundur kelak, penggantinya akan menghadapi masalah besar jika berlaku krisis ekonomi sehingga bantuan bulanan itu tidak dapat diteruskan oleh bakal PM sehingga akan berlaku protes besar-besaran daripada petani dan nelayan.
    Betul kata Tun, penyelesaian isu minyak dan usaha mengekang inflasi perlu dilakukan secara menyeluruh. Satu lagi saya perhatikan, apa jadi dengan agenda pertanian yang diwar-warkan PM sedangkan sayur-sayuran bukan semakin berlambak tetapi makin kurang di pasaran. Kalau adapun, harganya melambung tinggi. Seksanya hidup sekarang ni.
    Dulu orang bandar kesihan kepada orang kampung bila minyak naik tetapi sekarang kita orang bandar bergaji RM7,000 pun dah jatuh miskin sehingga terpaksa kesian kepada diri dulu SEHINGGA NAK KIRIM DUIT RM150 KAT IBU DI KAMPUNGPUN TAK MAMPU. APA SEMUA INI, MEMANG SEKSA TUN?

  122. esplanade Jul 22,2008 12:17 AM

    1. Bayangkan orang pakai kancil ulang-alik pergi keje 100km sehari mendapat bayaran yang sama dengan orang yang pakai kancil pergi keje 10km sehari. Kedua-duanya layak dapat RM625.
    2. Penduduk Malaysia yang nak beli minyak di Brunei dah kene caj ikut rate tanpa susbidi. Tapi orang Thailand dan Singapore masih dapat subsidi 30sen untuk beli minyak dalam malaysia
    3. Di Sabah, orang kampung yang nak keluar ke pasar tani nak jual hasil tanaman secara kecil-kecilan harus fikir dua tiga kali sebab takut tak balik modal nak cover kos tambang pengangkutan.
    4. Nak berziarah, hadir kenduri kawin, nak balik kampung terpaksa kena fikir dua tiga kali dan tak sekerap dulu sebab nak save cost minyak. Terpaksa kurangkan hubungan silaturahim
    Tak tau nak cakap apa lagi…speechless, waiting for PRU13..
    5. Di sabah (dan juga pastinya sarawak) Pengguna kenderaan diesel 2.5 – 3.0 cc rasa beban sangat sebab diesel naik RM1. lebih buruk dari pengguna petrol sebab rata-ratanya menggunakan 2.0 ke bawah. walaupun guna kuasa diesel tapi enjin menyebabkan penggunaan diesel juga besar.
    6. Guru-guru di Sabah yang mengajar di pedalaman P1, P2 sakit poket sebab takde pilihan, nak guna trak pickup diesel mahal, nak guna kancil tak sesuai dengan jalan perhubungan. Elaun RM500 dan RM1000 takde maknanya.
    7. Apa maknanya RM1500 bagi guru di pedalaman P3 sekiranya harga tambang bot dan caj pengangkutan lain pon naik. Elaun tu sebenarnya insentif tapi terpaksa guna nak cover untuk bende lain. Bukan nak mengeluh tapi elaun tu elaun pengubat hati duka kerana terpaksa betugas di pedalaman. sebagai kos untuk keluar ke bandar jumpa keluarga sekerap-kerapnya. tapi skrg citer dah lain.
    di mana kegeniusan kerajaan?
    tak tauk nak cakap apa waiting for PRU13

  123. smile Jul 22,2008 12:15 AM

    Bagi saya apa pun tindakan atau langkah yg diambil oleh kepimpinan sekarang bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat hanyalah menampakkan lagi kebodohan,kebaculan,keangkuhan,ketamakan,kebiadapan dan … mereka2 yg bergelar pemimpin ini.
    Hanya satu tindakan bermaruah yg perlu mereka lakukan, MENGAMBIL TUN DR.MAHATHIR MOHAMAD SEBAGAI PENASIHAT KERAJAN MALAYSIA.
    Dengan ini, tak perlu parti baru, tak perlu bendera putih, tak perlu demo, tak perlu pertandingan, tak perlu bersengkang mata utk baca blog Tun sampai lewat pagi dan yg paling penting dpt berjimat kerana tak perlu buat semua yg disebutkan tadi.
    Masalahnya, sangupkah pemimpin-pemimpin ini lakukan?
    Ada lagikah pemimpin-pemimpin yg bermaruah?
    Nampaknya rakyat kena bertindak jugalah jawabnya!!!!
    Wahai pemimpin-pemimpin, betindaklah dgn bermaruah, jangan sampai rakyat bertindak. ;o

  124. Ir Emyrulz Jul 22,2008 12:10 AM

    Asslamualaikum …Tun yg dikasihi..
    sy nak taye la….
    Betul ke forum ni Tun yang taip?…
    apapun….semoga Allah merahmati Tun dan keluarga…

  125. lzm Jul 22,2008 12:07 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    I follow up all your advices, criticism etc etc from the first day you stepped down until now.
    I notice that no action and reaction at all from the PM, Ministers, Deputy Minister etc etc.
    Malaysian all know you well, you will never say something that is no basis. It was very true from the GE12. What you claim was reflected.
    Still no action seen from any Real, Sincere & Brave VVIP to restructure and reorganise the country yet.
    I think, Dearest Tun, ony day you have to lower your dignity a bit to use your LAST weapon , “” @#!*& @@^%*&$%$ “”, scold them off cukup cukup.
    I fully respect ST for taking the immediate action recently. Please follow , I salute you Tun.
    Please take good care.

  126. mazlan bin ismail Jul 21,2008 11:58 PM

    you might not be in the govt or umno but you’re still our inspiration

  127. Janggut Jebat Jul 21,2008 11:55 PM

    Apa nak jadi ngan negara kita ni, Tun? Ada PM pun takda kualiti, buat malu kaum Melayu je. Lepas tu bangsa lain tengok bangsa Melayu kita ni asik bergaduh sesama sendiri dan hasad dengki. Tak malukah kita?

  128. ramanphd Jul 21,2008 11:52 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1. Tindakan Kabinet Pak Lah menaikkan harga minyak sehingga 40% tidak ubah seperti `mengeluarkan kita dari mulut naga kemudian menyumbatkan kita ke mulut buaya’…2×5 ..5×2.. Tiada kesudahannya.
    2. Pak Lah menyerahkan bulat-bulat isu minyak ini kepada menteri dan pegawai bawahan untuk diselesaikan. Tugas beliau hanya `mengumumkan’ langkah penyelesaian. Sepatutnya Pak Lah duduk semeja dengan menteri dan pegawai terbabit, bersama-sama mengenal pasti punca yang mendorong kenaikan harga minyak, mengumpulkan beberapa alternatif yang ada, kemudian memilih alternatif terbaik daripada yang terbaik.
    3. Pak Lah mesti mencontohi cara Tun menangani krisis kewangan pada 1998 (iaitu dengan banyak membaca buku-buku berkaitan ekonomi; mengorbankan masa rehat/tidor, dan sebaliknya berbincang hingga larut malam dengan pegawai, dsbnya..). Pak Lah tidak boleh menyerahkan bulat-bulat isu minyak sebagai masalah global. Ingat!!!.. krisis kewangan 1998 dulu juga adalah masalah global tetapi Tun berjaya mengatasinya.
    4. Setakat ini, kita boleh dikatakan masih bernasib baik kerana jika Pak Lah yang menghadapi krisis kewangan seperti yang Tun hadapi, sudah pasti pentadbiran negara akan semakin caca merba dan huru-hara. Apa tidaknya, kalau setakat kenaikan harga minyak, Pak Lah masih boleh memberikan rebat RM625. Tetapi, kalau kejatuhan nilai ringgit, apa yang Pak Lah boleh berikan?. Mungkin Pak Lah akan berkata `Marilah menghadap IMF bersama-sama saya kot..’???
    5. Satu lagi isu yang membebankan rakyat (khususnya orang-orang Melayu) sekarang ialah muzakarah Umno dan Pas. Kita percaya muzakarah Umno – Pas sudah diusahakan semasa Tun masih jadi PM lagi, tetapi semuanya gagal kerana perbezaan idealogi. Pas tidak setuju dengan idealogi Umno yang mengutamakan nasionalisme. Manakala Umno pula menolak idealogi `islamik’ Pas yang ingin menubuhkan sebuah negara Islam. Bagi Umno, negara ini sudah dianggap sebagai negara Islam kerana Islam adalah agama rasmi negara ini. Pentadbiran kerajaan pula adalah secara perkongsian kuasa dengan kafir dzimmi dan bukannya dengan kafir harbi.
    6. Minggu lepas, Tun telah membayangkan bahawa muzakarah ini mustahil dilakukan kerana pendirian Pas yang selalu berubah-ubah. Bagaimanapun, Pak Lah kononnya ingin membuktikan bahawa kenyataan Tun itu adalah salah. Kata Pak Lah kepada media semalam, sudah tiga kali beliau mengadakan pertemuan rahsia dengan pemimpin atasan Pas atas nama muzakarah ini tetapi tanpa kehadiran Tok Guru Nik Aziz.
    7. Bagaimanapun, pada hari ini Nik Aziz menentang muzakarah berkenaan kerana mendakwa itu hanya strategi Umno untuk melemahkan Pas. Lebih hebat lagi, Nik Aziz berkata jika muzakarah itu diteruskan, penyokong Pas akan berpecah, seterusnya menggugat perpaduan dalam PKR. Nampaknya, Pak Lah terpaksalah `menggigit jari’ kerana hasratnya tidak kesampaian.
    8. Mungkin muzakarah Umno – Pas boleh direalisasikan apabila pemimpin-pemimpin utama/ulama Pas meletakkan jawatan atau sudah meninggal dunia. Sekarang, Pas masih boleh berbangga kerana masih mempunyai Nik Aziz. Cuba bayangkan apa akan berlaku jika Nik Aziz tiada lagi. Setakat ini, nampaknya Pas masih belum bersedia untuk mencari pengganti Nik Aziz.
    9. Apakah Melayu Malaysia mahu menjadi seperti bangsa di beberapa negara lain yang sentiasa ditindas kerana kesilapan sendiri? Inilah satu lagi dilema yang menjadi beban kepada bangsa Melayu di negara ini. Fikir-fikirkanlah. Wassalam.

  129. Shaifulizan Jul 21,2008 11:51 PM

    Nasib baik election hari tu aku tak pergi mengundi.
    Kalu tak sampai mati aku menyesal keluarkan RM100 nak balik Selangor, mengundi untuk kerajaan yang ntah apa2. Duduk senyap2 kat umah, tengok orang ngundi dalam tv lagi best. Next election, kalau kerajaan macam ni lagi, jangan harap aku nak ngundi lagi. Siap bagitau suku sakat, jangan ngundi. Yela, nak ngundi pembangkang lagi jahanam negara di buatnya.

  130. tmoz Jul 21,2008 11:38 PM

    Tun yang di hormati.
    Nak tanya sikit. Tun baca ke semua komen-komen dalam ni?
    Macamana tun bagikan masa setiap hari ye?

  131. truthseeker Jul 21,2008 11:34 PM

    Salam kepada YAB Tun dan rakan2 bloggers,
    1. Saya ingin kongsi pemerhatian saya…dulu Menteri Dato Shafie Afdal selalu buat operasi untuk memastikan barang makan cukup, harga berpatutan, tiada penipuan, betul tak? Tapi menteri sekarang tentang perdagangan dalam negeri macam orang tua yang hilang stamina, tak berminat untuk turun ke padang, betul tak?
    2. Saya yakin jika menteri2 main peranan, jentera kerajaan pun bergerak dengan berkesan dan sebaliknya. Sekarang nampaknya kementerian yang mengawal barang2 keperluan macam dah tutup bisnes dan sudah tentulah peniaga2 yang tamak menindas orang ramai.
    3. Zaman Tun dulu Tun berusaha mendapatkan menteri yang paling berkesan bagi setiap portfolio…Kalau menteri tak tahu, Tun tunjuk-ajar. Tapi harini Dollah ambil semua geng2 semangat 46 walaupun dah useless, menyusahkan, no brain, dah tidak berminat tetapi minat dengan ganjaran dan gelaran, dll. Siapa wakil rakyat sekarang?
    4. Bagi saya kesimpulannya, PM dan suku-sakat (termasuklah menteri dan pegawai2 tinggi kerajaan yang menyokong Dollah)tidak berminat untuk Malaysia, rakyatnya, kedaulatannya, kemakmurannya dll tetapi sekumpulan orang yang mahu mengambil kesempatan selagi ada kuasa dan tahu bahawa mereka dilindungi kerana BPR tidak berani ambil tindakan selagi tidak diarahkan.
    Ya Allah selamatkanlah rakyat negara ini daripada kehancuran!

  132. daniel12345 Jul 21,2008 11:33 PM

    salam tun,
    we as malaysian feel the pinch that what the present “mr Clean and all the mr yesman’ trying to do…they are not trying to safe the country but they are here to destroy.they have verbally abuse tun many times especially the views delivered by tun.frankly what i feel as a malay we feel we are being used not for perjuangan bangsa but perjuangan for thier personal gain but at the expense of the malay….actually the polictics from the present gov has no subtances an especially sad to say its from UMNO…why!!!!evrytime the debate is nothing but god and race nothing much infra and economics..everyday fighting for position actually all that is bloody nonsense.they should have spend more time in looking after the welfare of rakyat and the country instead of being a clean is not so clean after all same goes with his deputy a man who has no honour…dpm is another jackass ..i think everybody knows the answer..he cannot run the country becoz he will not b a pm but his other half will be…there is an abuse of power and if i were to tell in details ..all the malaysian will be in shock…i might be in the ISA or even be sued for defamation or maybe ——what i m expressing here as a rakyat bcoz i dont have the confidence in the gov which is lead mr clean and bunch of born losers who all day boast and scandal…etc…for tun we admit he is still the best father of malaysia…sad to say umno has lost my vote…AI is still the best choice at present to be a PM.currently most of the minister is useless.what can i say..seriously tun malaysian missed u very much is asd but dont let this useless ministers make a mess of this country tun hv build…pls do something tun….

  133. tanakwagu Jul 21,2008 11:29 PM

    Due to the recent increase in oil, lots of people who earn salary less than RM 5 k are more prone to using credit card to spend especially refilling their car’s tank. If they can service their debts accordingly, then it would be another story but what if their lives commitment is too heavy thus unable to repay the outstanding amount on time? With the extremely high credit card interest, it will add burden to this group of people.
    Many of these people have very limited options as many other things has become expensive as a result of the sudden increase in oil price. When more people can’t repay their debts, more people will go bankrupt. When many people become bankrupt, financial institutions will have serious problem. When financial institutions have serious problem, it will drastically affect our country’s economy. What will then happen to all of us, Malaysian? Hello…It doesn’t take much ‘brain’ to understand all these, as simple as singing the song ‘bangau oh bangau’.
    My point is, government must help people not to make people suffer because who have given them mandate to rule our country? We did! So we citizens deserve to enjoy better life in our own country. We need change in leadership immediately!!!!

  134. azmany Jul 21,2008 11:21 PM

    One argument put forward to support abolishment/reduction of oil subsidy is that the subsidy money will go to oil companies – some of which is foreign companies e.g. Shell, Esso, etc.
    I may be wrong – but these oil companies will make the same amount of income regardless of whether the subsidy is there or not. If market price is RM4 and the oil price fixed at RM2 – the oil companies will get RM2 by selling to user + another RM2 from subsidy. RM2+RM2=RM4. If no subsidy, the oil company will also get RM4. As far as the oil concerned, it makes no difference.
    It is just where the RM4 comes from – direct from user but partly from Govt money. But the color of the money still the same.
    The main ‘brilliant’ argument to reduce the subsidy is that the subsidy is enjoyed by everyone, rich or poor. But system like rebate can be directed straight to the ‘more deserving’.
    But it does not work that way. In this blog, we’ve seen enough reason
    (a) The poor may not have a car (for sure not five cars). Not everyone owns a car/motorcycle. In a family, mostly have just one car or motorcycle. So the poor may not all benefit this (measly) tax rebate.
    (b) The effect of tax rebate is just RM625 per year per family. But the effect of increased oil price affect food, transport, material cost. This affect each and everyone in the family and will be felt 365 days a year.
    When you have a government that has forgotten about the rakyat like this, socialist form of government starting to look good. Heck… even ABI also seem ‘okay jugak lah’ compared to the arrogant Government of today. Sheeshh…

  135. futurist2300 Jul 21,2008 11:21 PM

    We normal citizen get squeezed like hell,and the so called government spends money like water.
    How to change our life style? Without transport/car how to go to work?

  136. curut Jul 21,2008 11:18 PM

    Tun, saya cadangkan Tun berehat lebih kurang sebulan atau dua, jemputlah sorang dua penulis jemputan untuk menulis di blog Tun semasa ketiadaan, elok Tun ambil angin, buat umrah atau lain lain yang tidak rutin, dapatkan pemikiran yang tenang.
    Lupakanlah puak puak jahiliyah ini sementara waktu, dalam kerehatan pasti Tun mendapat beberapa idea baru untuk dikongsikan nanti. Saya percaya, jika Tun diam, musuh musuh ingatkan Tun dah penat, tapi sebenarnya Tun kumpul tenaga dan buat sikit sebanyak perjumpaan dan pakatan.
    Sesekali jumpa TokGuru Nik Aziz bertukar minda, bermaaf maafan.
    Salam hormat dan doa buat Tun sekeluarga.

  137. cendanawangi Jul 21,2008 11:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    a) Rebet RM 635 tu kira macam gula-gula la…
    b) Banyak cara lain untuk tidak menaikkan 40% harga minyak.
    c) Tapi, jika gunakan cra-cara lain, maka tidaklah dapat kita merasai:
    – kenaikan harga barang keperluan.
    – kesusahan seperti sekarang.
    – kebodohan orang-orang tertentu…
    Hari ini saya tidak jadi membeli cili merah kerana harganya
    RM 1 = 3 biji.

  138. khairuddin Jul 21,2008 11:16 PM

    YABhg. Tun,
    Salam hormat. Kenaikan harga petrol sebanyak 78 sen sudah tentu memberi kesan kewangan dan membebankan kepada pengguna pengguna terutamanya yang mempunyai pendapatan tetap. Tambahan pula kenaikan tersebut dibuat secara mendadak. Sejak Datuk Shahrir menjadi Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna mulai bulan April yang lalu, beliau membayangkan mengenai pengstukturan semula sistem subsidi dan mekanisme penetapan harga runcit petroleum berikutan dengan kenaikan harga minyak mentah dunia yang berterusan. PM sendiri membuat kenyataan tiada kenaikan harga runcit petrol sehingga Ogos tahun ini walaupun harga minyak dunia terus meningkat. Rakyat pada umumnya bersedia dengan kenaikan harga petrol seperti yang dibayangkan oleh Kerajaan. Malangnya, tiada angin, tiada ribut, tak semena-mena PM mengumumkan kenaikan harga sebanyak 78 sen pada 4 Jun yang lalu dan ‘timing’ pengumuman oleh PM lebih kurang pada jam 4.30 petang menyebabkan rakyat ‘caught with their pants down’. Everbody rushing/leaving their offices to fill their tanks causing massive traffic jams all over the country.
    Pelaksanaan Automatic Price Mechanism (APM) untuk harga runcit petrol dan LPG telah dilaksanakan sejak tahun 1984 tanpa menimbulkan masalah kepada Kerajaan dan pengguna. Kenaikan harga sering berlaku, tetapi pengumunan dan pelaksanaan tidak menimbulkan masalah dan huru hara. Kenaikan hrga yang mendadak harga minyak mentah dunia pada tahun 1990an akibat Perang Teluk dapat diuruskan oleh Kerajaan tanpa membebankan rakyat kerana kenaikan harga runcit dibuat secara berperingkat. Pada masa itu Kerajaan juga membayar subsidi yang tinggi disamping kekurang hasil dari pengurangan duti import minyak kerana tiada kenaikan harga runcit petrol.
    Saya percaya sekiranya Kerajaan sekarang mengambil pendekatan yang sama seperti yang berlaku semasa meletusnya Perang Teluk, rakyat tidak akan ‘terkejut’ dengan kenaikan yang mendadak ini. Apa yang dicadangkan oleh Ketua/Penasihat Keadilan ada benarnya. Kenapa naik 78 sen secara mendadak (sebelum itu, telah dinaikkan 30 sen). Rakyat juga bertanya kenapa tidak dinaikkan secara berperingkat.

  139. Racun Penawar Jul 21,2008 11:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    In these trying times, we miss the services of the late Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Nordin Sopiee. May GOD bless his soul.
    Racun Penawar.

  140. sdahenan Jul 21,2008 11:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah.
    Maaf salam nya pendek,nak kata kat orang.
    To jed yoong.
    Mana punya maarop mati sukun ni,orang kata jangan dok kacau, dak dia nak kacau jugak .betui la unta bin baghal.
    Alo kawan aa. gua lagi syok2 baca itu 184 posting manyak babut gua kawan punya ,lu apa pasat bikin kacau. manyak suey,manyak howsiow la lu.Lu kalau tatak suka sama itu Tun aa,gua ingat lu pigi itu kubox cina (i presume you are chinese) dan lu kasi keliau kuat2
    “Wa talak suka sama mahathir”.nanti aa itu antu keluaq mali dan mesti cakap sama lu “WOI lu hamisu” suey siow la lu. Lu kasi cilita sama itu antu lu talak suka sama mahathir, nanti itu antu cakap sama lu “NEVERMIND BRO I GIVE YOU GOOD NUMBER ,50 BIG AND 50 SMALL”
    bila sudah kena itu nombor aa,lu bolih pigi duduk itu taiwan ka,hong kong ka atau kalau lu tak mau olang kacau sama lu ,lu pigi duduk itu NORTH OR SOUTH POLE. sana olang tatak kacau sama lu dan lu pun tak bolih kacau sama lain olang.
    kalau tak mau ,lu duduk tiam tiam.tatak kalu gua nanti kasi CAP TANGAN HITAM SAMA LU (macam cerita che mamat parang tumpul la pulak.)
    maaf ayahanda.yang sekor ni kena kata lagu tu.
    semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda sentiasa berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT.

  141. noor azalina arshad Jul 21,2008 11:08 PM


  142. dospenang Jul 21,2008 11:07 PM

    Banding Kerajaaan Terengganu dengan Kerajaan “MALAYSIA”
    Terus terang saya cakap kerajaaan sekarang lebih boros dan bo%$# plus bo%*&k!!!!!!!!!
    APA pun tak tahu nak buat!!!
    Buat pembangunan pun tak merancang teliti, main rasmi tak tentu arah lepas tu tangguh, tangguh tak pun batal!!!
    Maksudnya KERAJAAN TAK RUJUK ‘ECONOMIC PLANNING UNIT'(EPU) terlebih dahulu tulah kerajaan dan negara tengah melingkup!!!!!!!!

  143. Mas Merah Jul 21,2008 11:06 PM

    Selamat sejahtera Tun yang saya muliakan.
    Ini kali pertama saya menulis di ruangan ini. Ingin saya nyatakan kekaguman saya dengan apa yang Tun tulis, sebahagiannya pengatahuan baru buat saya dan sebahagiannya pula detail drpd apa yang sedia saya tahu.
    1 Pasal minyak- Kerajaan melakukan satu kesilapan besar dengan menaikkan harga minyak dengan begitu mendadak. Saya setuju harga minyak perlu naik, tapi berhematlah. Lihatlah kebodohan mereka yag berkuasa, umum naik harga minyak dan terus umumkan naiknya tarif elektrik. Apa kata kalau naik minyak dan tambah subsidi kepada TNB supaya tarif eletrik tak perli dinaikkan. Barangan lain naik tanpa kawalan lagi. Itu yang mereka mahu, mungkin untung mereka dalam joint venture proksi akan lebih besar barang kali.
    2 Kontrak sosial- Makin saat makin terhakis harga diri orang Melayu kini. Semua perkara yang melibatkan orang Melayu dipersoalkan, dan terpaksa dilepaskan. Ini akibatnya jika parti pemerintah berada dalam keadaan yg lemah.
    3 MV Agusta- Policy maker yang baru, tidak setaraf pemikirannya berbanding mereka pada zaman Tun dulu. Itu sebab mereka(rejim baru) tidak nampak apa yang boleh dikembangkan lagi drpd kepakaran MV Agusta. Lalu dijual sahaja dengan Euro 1, biarpun dibeli dengan ratusan juta ringgit
    Sekian dulu, hingga jumpa lagi

  144. zaki_77 Jul 21,2008 11:06 PM


  145. Imran Jul 21,2008 11:03 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Selagi Kerajaan Sekarang berpegang teguh kepada prinsip dibawah, selagi itu Malaysia akan berada pada keadaan yang menurun.
    1) I am My Position
    – Terlalu berbangga dengan kuasa masing-masing.
    2) The Enemy Is Out There
    – Sentiasa menganggap orang yang membuat teguran sebagai musuh mereka walaupun musuh yang sebenar adalah mereka sendiri kerana gagal berfikir bagaimanan sesuatu sistem itu berjalan secara keseluruhan.
    3) The Illusion of Taking Charge
    – Hendak keputusan walaupun keputusan yang dibuat bukannya keputusan yang bijak.
    4) The Fixation on Events
    – Membuat keputusan yang nampak boleh menyelesaikan masalah asal sahaja tanpa melihat akibatnya secara total dan satu sistem yang berintegrasi.
    5) The Parable of Boiled Frog
    – Sentiasa membuat keputusan yang mendadak tanpa memikirkan gangguan yang diberi kepada sistem sedia ada.
    Walaupun kita mempunyai kekuatan minyak, nampaknya kesan kenaikan harga minyak telah melumpuhkan seluruh ekonomi Malaysia.
    Saya amat berharap agar Tun dapat menjadi penasihat kepada Kerajaan Malaysia agar dapat memperbetulkan balik keadaan yang terjadi sekarang.

  146. Mohd Faried Jul 21,2008 11:02 PM

    Salam Tun
    The price of oil is up…but is good for the Petronas. The Petronas have anounce profit more than 36 Billion to Goverment account.
    They are some Pro and Contra on the price up.
    1. The GLC gets are profit…and can make more business to over sea.
    2. The GLC Petronas can using the money to R&D.
    3. The 36 Billion text can go to the projek Gov…Hopital,up the salery govement wokers.
    1. The Rakyat safer…no up money but up price.
    2. The Rakyat still dont get the good price of living…
    3. More corrup in the ilection UMNO esemble up next… Pak Lah using the money to pancing undi…
    Tun good luck with your fight…i still sepport u.

  147. jennie Jul 21,2008 11:02 PM

    Dear Tun,
    As a citizen residing in Sarawak like the rest of the sarawakians , we have high tolerance to acknowledge that development in our state is real slow despite of our state producing oil. Because of the fuel hike, people in the rural areas are the worst affected.
    The current situation in the government are busy trying to defend themselves about the judicial system, the police investigation ,annuar’s sodomy which is endless and as a citizen I am confused who to believe now. Both government and opposition parties should sit down and discuss what is best for the people and not blaming what has happened in the past.
    YESTERDAY is a CANCELLED CHEQUE. TODAY IS CASH CHEQUE.The ruling government should moved forward.
    I agree with you that the fuel hike should be reviewed down to 30 % rather than giving rebates and subsidies just like giving sweets from time to time everytime the people cried. Business is bad, every one is affected and how do we encourage investors to come and invest when our country is not consistent in their administration nf managing the country. Prices going up is not likely to go down and it is the lower income people that suffered the most. I wonder what is next for dessert ?

  148. JebatRomeo Jul 21,2008 11:00 PM

    Salam Tun
    Kerajaan Bahalulwi tak boleh berfikir, tidak punya perasaan, buta hati dan pekak telinga terhadap nasib bangsa dan rakyat. Islam Hadhari yang di ura urakan, ternyata adalah biri biri semata mata. Sunggoh memalukan. Dia patut sedar diri dan muhasabah, apakah contoh yang nak di berikan kepada bangsa dan generasi akan datang. Apakah contoh yang ada padanya, boleh dijadikan tauladan untuk bangsa dan generasi sekarang? Tarakkk!!! Zero!!! Kosong!!! Dia sendiri tidak faham apa erti sebenarnya Islam Hadhari. Dengan tidak menghormati Raja2, rakyat jelata dan orang yang lebih dewasa dan berjasa kepada beliau dan negara. Dia telah melakukan perkara yang jauh dari ajaran Islam, adat orang melayu, lebih tepat kurang ajar.
    Tapi nak salahkan Bahalulwi sorang2, tak boleh juga. Semua kesilapan yang berlaku adalah dengan izin dan sokongan Najip, semua ahli2 MT, menteri2 besar, ketua2 pemimpin dan daerah, dan semua pemegang jawatan dan ahli2 biasa. Walaupun mereka semua bole berkata yang mereka tak masuk tangan, tapi dengan berdiam diri, mereka merestui apa saja yang Bahalulwi & CO. lakukan. Samalah mereka 2 X 5 bahalul, sekongkol dengan beliau.
    Sedih sungguh saya. Kita lihat sekarang ahli2 UMNO, yang betul wira kepada UMNO, bangsa dan negara, sunggoh kecil bilangannya. Majority ahli2 dalam UMNO, adalah pengecut, bachul, takde kemaluan. Tukang jilat, pembodek, tukang pukul, kuat makan wang haram jadah, kaki togok air sejuk, kaki perempuan – gatal mengenyam, kuat mencarut, Kuat berlagak, kurang ajar, kuat meliwat, durjana2, yang kebanyakan memegang jawatan2 dalam parti. Yang ada mengaku mempunyai darah pahlawan dan wira, tapi pengecut juga. Sedih melihat, ada yang sanggup menjual maruah diri, bangsa, UMNO, anak2 dan isteri, dengan wang ringgit, sekecil RM200 dan kain pelikat cop Pisang sebatang. Kih..kih..kih, sungguh murah maruah ahli2 UMNO.
    Mana pergi wira2 UMNO? Mana pergi wira2 bangsa dan negara? Sanggupkah kamu merelakan durjana2 berleluasa dan sewenang-wenangnya menghancurkan bangsa dan negara kamu? Sanggup kah kamu melihat UMNO diambang kejatuhan? Kenapa kamu dok diam diri, jadi pengecut, tak melakukan sesuatu? Now its the time for action not words!!!
    Kepada abang2, kakak2, adik2, bapa2 dan ibu2 dalam UMNO, lakukan lah yang hak!!! Revamp lah UMNO, menjadi parti yang Dynamic, yang kuat, yang maju, yang excellance. Buang lah jauh2 yang berpenyakit, durjana2, syaitan2 yang bertopeng pantat beruk, sudah tiba masanya UMNO mesti maju 50tahun lagi dan seterusnya. Ayuh ahli2 UMNO, bangsa dan negara, kami memohon kamu lakukan. Berjasalah kepada bangsa dan keturunan kamu. Jangan biarkan bangsa kamu merempat di negeri sendiri. Lakukanlah!!!!

  149. awekranggi Jul 21,2008 10:58 PM

    salam buat tun yg dikasihi,
    saya bersetuju dengan pendapat tun berkaitan bebanan yang dihadapi rakyat sekarang. memang banyak pembaziran yg dilakukan paklah termasuklah membina jambatan p. pinang ke-2 tu. jambatan bengkok yg lebih penting ditolak. tapi padan dgn muka paklah, dalam dok sibuk nak ampu rakyat penang, dah dapat kat pembangkang pun negeri tu. apa cerita ni paklah?

  150. ibnuyusof Jul 21,2008 10:54 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya setuju sangat dengan pendapat Tun kali ini. Untuk selesaikan apa-apa masalah, gunakanlah kaedah yang bersifat berjangka panjang, mudah, berkesan, jimat kos dan memuaskan hati rakyat. Jangan gunakan ‘kaedah kelepet’ untuk selesaikan masalah.
    ‘Kaedah kelepet’ ialah bila ada pihak tertentu yang kaut keuntungan kewangan yang cukup banyak dari keputusan yang diambil dan ianya dilihat sebagai keputusan yang ‘ada udang di sebalik mi’. Ianya mewujudkan kos-kos yang tidak perlu dan merupakan pembaziran wang rakyat. Tentulah cara ini mendukacitakan rakyat dan dianggap sebagai keputusan yang tidak bijak.

  151. noor azalina arshad Jul 21,2008 10:53 PM


  152. Onlooker Jul 21,2008 10:48 PM

    Dear Tun,
    My comment here is not about oil price but it is about your present political position.
    I wish to make a comparison between you and Dato Husam Musa.
    I am really impressed by the recent comments of PAS vice president, Dato Husam Musa, who has chosen to discipline PAS members from taking a racist tactics in achieving the noble goal of PAS’s political cause!
    Let’s examine a bit on what Dato Husam said:
    PAS juga, katanya, hendaklah memastikan kepercayaan dan harapan masyarakat bukan Islam terhadap PAS tidak dikhianati.
    “Islam menekankan kepada kesetian terhadap janji,” tegas Husam.
    How nice is Dato Husam when he said that Islam stresses on honouring the promises and PAS has to ensure that the confidence and the hope being vested by non-Islamic society in PAS will not be betrayed!
    If all PAS members will listen to Dato Husam, I believe there will be quite a significant number of non-Islamic citizens of Malaysia would like to pledge their full support to PAS and eventually help to elect Dato Husam Musa to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia!
    I personally find that Dato Husam is more attractive to me in political charisma than Tun because Dato Husam never talks racist and he talks only mankind!
    Since Tun is no longer an UMNO member now, Tun is not obliged to continue living in the racist burden of UMNO again. Although I am far from being qualified as Tun’s supporter, but I can still find that Tun has already won a strong support among the non-Malay citizens of Malaysia. Therefore there is no legitimate reason for Tun to continue adopting the old political tactics by fighting your cause along a racist line which emphasizes only on the ancient problem of long-lingering Malay dilemma. Don’t you agree that fighting for the overall betterment of all mankinds is a much more noble objective which will give you total satisfaction of self-actualization than fighting along a narrow-minded racist line?
    Congratulations to you since this blog of yours on the oil price hike has been welcome by many as the first step for you to shake down the shadow of Malay racist image and begin to champion yourself as the fighter for the betterment of all Malaysian mankinds!
    Extract from
    Husam menegaskan bahawa perjuangan Islam yang dibawa oleh PAS sudah tentu tidak akan mengkesampingkan perpaduan umat Islam dan tidak pula menjadikan perpaduan nasional agenda kedua selepas perpaduan Islam.
    Perpaduan Islam, tegas beliau, dicapai dalam konteks perpaduan nasional yang semestinya diasaskan bukan di atas asas kaum semata-mata seperti dilakukan oleh Umno selama ini, tetapi di atas asas yang lebih kukuh seperti tiada diskriminasi kaum, tiada diskriminasi berdasarkan fahaman politik dan keadilan untuk semua.
    Kepercayaan bukan Melayu
    “Perpaduan versi Umno sudah lusuh. Umno sesama Umno pun tidak dapat disatukan. Apatah lagi formula itu hendak digunakan bagi ummat Islam dan nasional,” tegas beliau.
    Sehubungan itu, Husam mengingatkan bahawa utama pemimpin PAS pada waktu ini ialah memastikan parti tidak berpecah, bahkan kekal bersatu.
    “PASlah satu-satunya parti yang paling stabil, kukuh dan mantap buat masa ini. Jika jangkitan kuman Umno meresap dan memecahkan PAS, perkongsian kuasa dengan Umno hanyalah ulangan percantuman sementara era Barisan Nasional dulu yang berakhir PAS ditolak ke tepi selepas Umno mencapai kekuatan mereka semula,” katanya.
    PAS juga, katanya, hendaklah memastikan kepercayaan dan harapan masyarakat bukan Islam terhadap PAS tidak dikhianati.
    “Islam menekankan kepada kesetian terhadap janji,” tegas Husam.

  153. gudangaram Jul 21,2008 10:46 PM

    Salam Tun
    Kenaikan harga minyak yg cukup menyiksakan ini adalah satu drp sebab kenapa rakyat CUKUP MARAH kpd kerajaan Paklah sekarang. Kalau dlm PRU12 dulu, masih ada lagi segelintir ahli WMNO yg bersimpati dengan parti terus mengundi untuk kemenangan UMNO, tetapi kini sebahagian besar ahli2 berkenaan telah PATAH HARI DAN KECEWA dgn sikap pemimpin2 yang tidak prihatin dan membelakangkan perasaan rakyat. Kalau diadakan pilihanraya di waktu ini, nescaya UMNO dan pemimpinnya yg bongkak itu akan kecundang dan terlingkup kerana ISU MINYAK sahaja.

  154. cendanawangi Jul 21,2008 10:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Memanglah amat terasa kesusahannya apabila harga minyak naik mendadak!
    S.O.S = “Semua Orang Senang” @ DULU.
    S.O.S = “Semua Orang Susah” @ SEKARANG.

  155. dospenang Jul 21,2008 10:45 PM

    “high cost (40 per cent increase) of oil which has triggered off an inflationary process with increases in the cost of everything”
    Apa yang dikemukakan TUN ada benarnya, kerana kebanyakan barang makanan menghadapi kenaikan mendadak termasuklah beras 70-100%, tepung 50%, tetapi apa yang mampu rakyat lakukan bagi menghalang kerajaan.
    Kenaikan sebanyak 40% adalah tidak relevan sedangkan Indonesia naik sebanyak 30% bersamaan RM 2.10 seliter.
    Bukti kenaikan barang boleh dilihat pada perbezaan harga barang2 makanan bandar2 utama yang disiarkan akhbar BERITA HARIAN atau THE STAR semenjak hari minyak naik sehingga ke hari ini.
    Sekalipun kerajaan berkata mereka akan mengawal harga barang dengan penubuhan MHN tetapi mereka pasti tak akan mampu mengawal kenaikan dari hari ke hari.
    Hari ini mereka boleh bekejaran mencari peniaga yang menaikkan barang secara mendadak, tapi adakah mereka mampu mengawal semua peniaga dan pemborong dalam negara setiap hari? Lagipun selalunya jadual serbuan kepada peniaga atau pemborong yang menaikkan harga barang dilakukan bermusim. Bulan ini buat bulan depan tak buat.
    Peniaga juga tidak dapat dipersalahkan kerana kos pengangkutan dan penghantaran semakin meningkat akibat kenaikan petrol dan diesel.
    “Petronas’ contribution to Government revenue is so big…”
    Setelah mendapat bayaran RM 61 billion dari Petronas, kerajaan sepatutnya bertindak mengurangkan harga minyak semula. Bayangkan semenjak 1970-an Petronas telah membayar cukai berjumlah lebih RM 400 billion. Lebih daripada RM 200 billion(setengah jumlah cukai Petronas) diterima kerajaan Pak Lah yang memimpin dari tahun 2003-sekarang. Jika kerajaan sekarang betul-betul berniat membantu rakyat hasil tersebut patut digunakan membantu rakyat.
    Sebenarnya pendapatan kerajaan adalah lebih daripada cukup untuk membantu semua rakyat di samping melaksanakan perbelanjaan bagi projek pembangunan. Tetapi sehingga ke hari ini kita tidak dapat melihat satu pun projek mega yang siap dan dapat dilihat dengan mata kasar dari pimpinan kerajaan Pak Lah. Hanya dalam sebutan sahaja projek sana sini, koridor sana-sini. Tapi satu pun tidak dibangunkan lagi.
    Ke mana perginya duit cukai dibayar Petronas yang berbilion-billion?

  156. solidleong Jul 21,2008 10:38 PM

    Tun is right!!! The goman should increase step by step.
    This would at least lessen the rakyat’s burden. Anyway they won’t learn and won’t budge. They couldn’t care about us…..the rakyat.
    If this continues, the country will go bankrupt before their term ends.

  157. pembaris Jul 21,2008 10:38 PM

    tun dan bloggers semua,
    kesan2 kenaikan harga minyak sudah nyata dirasai dgn naiknya harga2 barangan keperluan.
    walaupun didlm beberapa bulan yg akan datang, katakan kerajaan sedia membuat perubahan, atau dapat mengembalikan, atau berjaya mengurangkan harga jualan minyak petrol dgn apajua tindakan yg nekad sekalipun utk memenuhi permintaan rakyat ke rm 2 seliter , harga barangan yg telah naik tak kan turun keparas dulu.
    saya bukan bolih membuat ramalan pakar2 yg sudah mengaji tinggi, tapi inilah realitinya yg bolih saya paparkan. keadaan tidak akan kembali seperti sediakala.
    bilakala harga minyak seliter sudah dapat dilegakan, rakyat akan terus tersangkut dgn harga2 barangan yg telah naik yg disebabkan olih kenaikan harga minyak petrol sebelumnya. kita akan kepangkal dgn kerumitan yg sama – iaitu duit yg didlm poketsaku – dgn masaalah yg tidak sepatutnya berlaku samasekali.
    kerajaan tetap akan dipersalahkan.
    perkara ini mungkin bolih dielakkan jika faktor2 pandangan jauh diamati olih penggerak ekonomi kerajaan. ‘penyegahan lebih baik dari pemulihan’ – ‘prevention is better than cure’, dan impak teori domino. perkara ini sudah menjadi sejarah.
    pemulihan sekarang bukan terhad kpd ekonomi negara sahaja.
    kerajaan perlu meng’hambat’ hati majoriti rakyat yg sudah luka.
    ‘pucuk dicita ulam mendatang’ – bagi pembangkang, mereka akan mengambil kekancahan suasana ini sebagai satu kesempatan utk menguasai keadaan dan juga mengaut undi atau pengikut, kpd peralihan kuasa seterusnya.
    kerajaan paklah akan menghadapi risiko yg tinggi jika ia masih berpeluk tubuh.
    suasana lebih terharu, sebab ‘faktor’ tun tak ada dalam ‘equation’ utk pemulihan, iaitu:
    [umno + kerajaan + paklah + negara] = [wang saku] – [ekonomi rakyat] – [tun].

  158. mat codet Jul 21,2008 10:36 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Berkenaan rebat tunai, mungkin Pak Lah merasakan orang ramai akan gelap mata bila nampak wang tunai – mcm dia kot. hakikatnya, apa yg diberi tak merubah struktur hidup yang makin payah.
    Sepatutnya Paklah tidak berkelaku “bodoh sombong” dengan menutup ruang untuk berbincang dengan Tun. Apalah salahnya merendahkan diri berjumpa dengan orang yang lebih arif tentang pembangunan negara untuk membentuk satu jalan penyelesaian yang dapat memberi keselesaan kepada semua samada kerajaan mahupun rakyat.
    Ini sebaliknya berlaku apabila dia lebih memilih untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian dengan cara sendiri bersama “budak-budak sekolahnya”. Malah Tun yang berpengalaman ini dibiarkan dan diabaikan seolah-olah Tun dah tak relevan didalam pemerintahan negara dan parti. Kononnya, zaman Tun dah habis. Ia seperti penyakit remaja masa kini. Nasihat ayah tak mahu lagi didengar. kononnya dia dah besar panjang dan dah tahu hidup sendiri.
    Akibat kesombongan yang sebegitu, lihatlah hasilnya kepada rakyat. Kami menderita menanggung kesesakan hidup. Bagi yang berada didalam kerajaan tak apalah sangat kerana kerajaan sentiasa membantu rakyat yang bekerja dengan kerajaan. Tapi yang swasta ni seolah-olah anak tiri. Dibiarkan hidup “berdikari” mencari sesuap nasi.
    Jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit, Pak Lah. Tun dah bagi can untuk masuk UMNO balik dan bagi can untuk jadi perdana menteri. Sementara tok guru dok ada lagi ni, pi la mintak nasihat dan tunjuk ajaq. Jangan nanti menyesai tak sudah.

  159. amaze Jul 21,2008 10:31 PM

    Dear TUN,
    If you were still our PM, this type of petrol price increase to 40% should not be happening because you will consider a lot of linkages before announce to the public.
    TUN, our National Car suppose to be in top most excellent condition. Why the Trengganu MB said that proton’s car engine unable to last long, not so durable and maintenance cost was high, even the mercedes E-series is lower?
    Why this MB so proud of continental car and condemn our country made cars?
    How can this MB lost confident on own national cars?
    Why this MB purchase 14 mercedes, for who? Will it be a waste of monies?

  160. kassim Jul 21,2008 10:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan Tun mengenai kenaikan harga minyak ni tapi masalahnya kerajaan sedia ada bongkak tidak langsung memahami kehendak rakyat. Yang depa reti dok pikiak la ni pasai liwat,dna, mercedes baru(Trengganu),nak muzakarah dengan PAS tapi sepatutnya depa pikiak macam mana nak kawal keaadaan inflasi dan kenaikan harga barangan akibat satu keputusan yang paling bodoh dalam sejarah negara dengan menaikkan harga minyak sebanyak 40%. Dato Bodolah dengan Menteri Uban pandai cakap aja, pasai tak kena kat depa & sekor lagi menteri air liur dok canang merata baguih sebab harga minyak naik. Kami rakyat malaysia tak faham dengan kabinet-kabinet Bodolah ni.

  161. TheReason Jul 21,2008 10:21 PM

    Kepada Bapak Dollah,
    – xsangka dalam masa kurang 10 tahun je, retak sudah negara kita ni..nak hancur bila lagi?23 bulan lagi sepatutnya mencukupi..!
    – Bapak xde hati & perut ke biarkan kami anak² kecil bermain dengan ‘gula²’ yg Bapak beri? Murah sangat ke kami ni?
    – Kurangkan subsidi, tapi beri rebate sana sini..belajar kat mana ni? Nampaknya macam semakin rugi kami ni..kerja 8 pagi – 5 petang semata² nak membeli minyak agar perut kereta terisi..perut kami ni pula apa yg nak diisi klau dh macam ni? Mee Meggie..?!!
    – Minyak global naik..Yaa..betul..xde salahnya Bapak ikuti harga semasa,tapi janganlah sampai ke bahu kami Bapak pun nak bebani..! Bila ramai yang katakan harga masih boleh dinaikkan berperingkat,kenapa Bapak buat dengar x dengar ni? Degil tahap apa Bapak ni?
    – Yang disibukkan Bapak, pi gali tanah buat Koridor² sana sini..memangla boleh memacu ekonomi..tapi bukan ke itu semua lebih menguntungkan KRONI??
    – Yang kami ni nak tumpang untung kat mana lagi dengan semua projek² Koridor ni? Xkan nak biar kami bertenggek je kat balkoni?
    – Bapak..pernah pakai tak ‘kasut’ seperti yg kami pakai hari ni? Dah tentu tidak..sebab rasanya tak selesa & buat kami sentiasa gundah gulana..takkan pula Bapak sanggup sarung ‘kasut’ kami ni semua..maklumla,duit juta² mana biasa sarung ‘kasut’ rakyat jelata..
    – Kami ni tiap² hari baca surat khabar & internet tengok Bapak cerita projek berjuta²..tapi kenapa la agaknya ye kami ni semua tetap sengsara..? Wahai para pembaca semua..mustahil anda sendiri tak sengsara..? Tangan yang menaip ni,menggigil² menahan air mata dari tumpah akibat keadaan sebegini rupa yg langsung tak diduga..boleh ke Bapak yg mempunyai duit juta² memahami apa yg kami rasa? Boleh ke Bapak..? Boleh ke tidak..? Kenapa diam diri membuta?
    – Kami anak² baru nak merasa dunia berniaga, tiba² pula tersekat di ranjau yang Bapak cipta..! Bukan ke Bapak dah menggalakkan kami untuk lebih banyak berdikari seperti berniaga daripada mengharapkan kerja² di kerajaan dan swasta? Tapi kalaulah begini rupanya flip yang Bapak sarankan pada kami..kenapa flop jugak yang Bapak harus beri kepada semua? Bukan ke nampak semacam je perangai sebegini rupa? Dah tua sangat ke Bapak ni sampai terlupa bukan kami anak² saja yang memerhatikan Bapak, Tuhan di atas sana pun turut mengadili Bapak,boleh ke nanti Bapak menjawab semua soalan²Nya?
    – Para Menteri pula janganla terus²an bersandiwara..walaupun sandiwara para Menteri lebih bermakna,takkan nak kami memilih sandiwara Pembangkang yg lebih bahana? Ingatlah,di tangan kami terletak kuasa memilih anda semua. Kenapa nak patuh sangat pada yg terang²an dh menyalahgunakan kuasa? Apa lagi pilihan yg kami ada sekiranya lawan anda yg akan kami pangkah di dalam pilihan raya?
    – Tun Dr. Mahathir sendiri mungkin ada duit berjuta²,tapi kami langsung tak pandang iri pada duit Tun. Beliau bijak membuat keputusan selama 22 tahun untuk diberi gaji yang setimpal dengan usaha. Tapi dengan Bapak yg kalau diberi jugak gelaran Tun bila dh bersara nanti (Mengucap panjang ni..),kenapa kami begitu berminat nak tau dari mana & ke mana duit² tu semua?kenapa kami begitu teruja? Pelik laa..tapi kalau nak suruh Bapak mengaku pun,kucing dah keluar tanduk pun Bapak akan tetap simpan semua rahsia²..teringin nak naik turun mahkamah ke bila dah bersara nanti?banyak rahsia Bapak ni..dari KJ sampaila semua isu² negara..Petronas..Proton..MV Agusta..jual pasir murah²..Jambatan Bengkok..banyak sungguh ni rahsia² tindak tanduk Bapak..sanggup ke
    hadapi semuanya berhakimkan kami semua?
    – Wahai Bapak..LIES will bring more LIES..!
    Selawat dan Salam pada Rasul junjungan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., kepada sahabat dan keluarganya, yang dikasihi Ayahandaku Tn Hj Haron & yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Moga kalian akan terus menjadi 3 lelaki yang aku sanjungi..

  162. Bebas Jul 21,2008 10:16 PM

    kerajaan Pak Lah sana cakap nak jimat…
    tapi sini kerajaan Terengganu pula cukup boros…beli kereta import mewah.
    apa terjadi kepada kereta Proton buatan tempatan??
    alasan yang diberi tak boleh diterima langsung…

  163. tee kay pee Jul 21,2008 10:16 PM

    no matter what are the gov plans to reduce the burden, it won’t make any difference now as the damages has been done by them and there’s no signs of regret because they are not the one sufferred.I do really hope the ‘people of Sabah’ do something to punish these people,not to wait for pru13..its just 30 more seats-that’s all!

  164. Mohamed Jack Jul 21,2008 10:12 PM

    TUN saya amat setuju lah dengan pendapat TUN tentang gradual increment of oil.
    Apa barang saja lah kalau naik begitu ketara sekali sampai 40 peratus sekaligus memang tak munasabah sapa pun tak boleh terima.
    Kalau kat Indonesia dah telungkup kerajaan BN mungkin Parlimen pun dia orang bakar kasi hangus.
    Nasib baik lah Malaysia mempunyai rakyat yang takut pada kerajaan. Kalau tidak saya tak tau lah apa mau jadi.
    Saya percaya lah kalau TUN yang memerintah TUN akan menjalankan R&D untuk mengatasi masaalah minyak saperti mana TUN buat keatas penyangak penyangak mata wang.
    Sori TUN I feel so hurt when this guy made comparison Proton with Mercedes.
    That was greatest advertisement Mercedes has ever had.

  165. boz Jul 21,2008 10:06 PM

    Many people have the same thoughts as yours. It is just like a baby crying away and the mother has to give her a pacifier. It too, does not look good on the account books.

  166. Bendahara Din Jul 21,2008 10:01 PM

    Salam YABhg Tun,
    1) It’s very interesting to note that you some how do not agree with the increase in petrol price. So does Anwar.
    2) The mechanism taken by the present government is inappropriate and it has caused hardship to the people and country.
    3) I would agree with the proposal by Anwar during the recent debate, ie look into the other means, ie IPP, government’s coffer, petronas’ startegies, etc.
    4) Although Anwar gave good suggestions, I think the government, knowing that such proposals are doable, would not wish to implement them due to their arrogant attitude esp Shahril and Najib, towards Anwar.
    5) The government should reducte the price as suggested by Tun and Anwar. If there is really a need to increase it due to unforeseen circumstances (eg not to bankrupt the country), then do it by stages, as Tun’s suggested, and people would appreciate it. The least the government can do is to change the ministers who are mostly “Sembang Kuat” or “Tin Kosong”.
    6) A message to Pak Lah, “Please look into the hike of petrol price immediately as the people, mostly Malays will suffer in the next 6 months.”
    7) I view that Pak Lah who is lacking economy knowlege with Tun and Anwar, has been wrongly advised by the Ministries, Shahril, etc. Can Pak Lah hear another options?

  167. takretichat5000 Jul 21,2008 9:53 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbr,
    Yes, why the current government really to fix the price RM2.70 per liter. I don’t understand the deep reason of it. Then, giving back so many incentives or something to decreased burden. Cash back, extra numerous aids and some most currently is oil subsidy on public transports..example taxis oils subsidy..around 720 liters…right?
    Should it be enough? How about so many types of taxis,long distant taxis etc. Confusing and complex…taxi fares RM8 for in range of subsidy given after that maybe back to RM10. I don’t know how about diesel…First basic things petrol more consumption then diesel right? So, subsidy of petrol for taxis need more than that.
    Why it is so difficult..just fix it to RM2.50 per liter..hahaha(every one knows what I knew) or maybe less than that RM2.49 per liter…hahahaha… Wassalam bwr

  168. webmelayu Jul 21,2008 9:49 PM

    Agak agak tun, apa yang akan jadi kepada Malaysia
    Adakah negara menuju ke arah muflis
    Dengan kebijaksanaan Tun mengatasi krisis kewangan 1998
    Rasanya semuanya akan lesap sekelip mata dgn Paklah
    Tambahan pula recession sudah bermula

  169. sekhkarim Jul 21,2008 9:44 PM

    Salam buat TUN sekeluarga
    Dari apa yang dapat saya lihat untuk kali ini, ianya tak lain dari membuka mata Kerajaan yang mungkin tak nampak cara penyelesaian yang baik. Paling tidak kerajaan menimbang semula keadaan yang sedia ada bagi kesejahteraan takyat jelata. Stage by stage merupakan langkah yang proaktif. Paling tidak masyakat Malaysia dapat bersedia dengan peningkatan yang stage by stage ini. Kenapa mesti rushing, tak nampak ker orang dibawah kita ni?
    Sebenarnya pihak kerajaan tidak mengambil tanggung jawab dengan sungguh2. Sebab dari kesungguhan itulah akan terbit beberapa pandangan sihat dari diri pemimpin itu sendiri. Dan dalam hadis juga menekankan “MAN JADDAH WAJADDAH” “SIAP SUNGGUH PASTI DAPAT” Ini tidak!… pemimpin nampak macam tak tidok tapi sebenarnya tidok… mika tak sedar. Betul lah kata TOK AYAH saya…. tak sedar, makan dia tidor, berjalan dia tidor, bercakap dia tidor, dalam kerja pon dia tidor dan tidor dah tentu dua kali tidor. Dan tambahnya lagi…golongan ini sebenar nya adalah golongan orang yang mati. Kemudian dalam hadis lain pula menyebut ” BACALAH YASIN PADA ORANG MATI”
    Sebenarnya menjelaskan membaca yasin bukan lah kepada orang yang mati kekal tu!…. Yang mati tu tak guna apa pon kalau kita bacakan YASIN. Sebab “APABILA MATINYA ANAK ADAM ITU, MAKA PUTUSLAH HUBUNGAN NYA DENGAN DUNIA, HARTA, PANGKAT, DAN SEBAGAINYA TIDAK DAPAT MEMBANTUNYA MELAIN KAN ATAS TIGA PERKARA, (1) SEDEKAH JARIAH. (2) ILMU YANG MENAFAAT (iaitu ilmu yang baik yang ditunjuk ajarkan nya memenafaatkan kepada manusia lain, selama mana orang mengamalkannya) (3) ANAK YANG SOLEH (anak yang baik yang senantiasa mendoakan nya)
    Menghidupkan Alquran, ertinya menghidupkan atau memprektikkan apa yang dikehendaki olih Quran… Bila disuruh baca yasin…bermaana hidupkanlah ….kehendak ayat itu…. YA SIN (hei manusia) WALQUR A’NIL HAKIM ( jadilah bijaksana).. maaf jadi pak alim pulak saya ni…. tapi begitulah.Bukan dibaca untuk orang lain. Bacalah untuk diri sendiri dahulu. Boleh kat kita, maka bolehlah kat orang pulak.
    Sedikit lagi firman yang bermaasud ” Berpegang teguhlah dengan Tali Allah dan jangan berpecah belah) sila lihat ( nak menghidupkan ayat dari apa yang dibaca.
    Sekian …Maaf TUN. TOK AYAH saya berusaha untuk berjumpa dgn TUN tapi tak sempat. Sebab pada nya ada cara bagaimana menyatukan ummat…. lebih2 lagi bangsa, agama dan negara.

  170. daniel12345 Jul 21,2008 9:37 PM

    salam tun,
    as a support of tun,what tun says make alot of sense.the present gov
    led by ‘mr clean aka ‘pak lah’ ‘pak mentua khairi’ and his ‘aliens n barua in the ministry’ really sucks in my personal votes had always whatever they rare doing it dosent seems to benefit the ‘rakyat’ it seems to benefit all the ‘mr yes’.ever since tun has hand over the power to ‘mr clean’ the country seems to go ‘haywire’.my votes has always been with bn ever since tun was a leader and under tun leadership we have experience what we call the best what ever malaysian could dream of not mentioning idiots who opposed tun leadership.gradually i know deep down what tun have done for the country to be seen in the eyes of the world with modern effort which many ‘aliens n barua’ dosent seems to appreciate.well sincerely i do appreciate what tun have done.’mr clean n barua’frankly dosent know what the hell in thier mind they are doing.its terms as a ruling party they should have focus more to the wealth of the country instead trying to look into wawasan 2057 when wawasan 2020 not even achived.tun has seen what is 2020 as a father to malaysian where as this ‘mr clean n his KJ aka baruas’ tries to better it with 2057 cheating people in the same race (malays)about thier philosophy and perjuangan UMNO
    minusing the fact that dont really bother unlike tun.sad to say all the meeting in UMNO and cabinet is more towards thier personal everybody can evaluate all they say helping ‘kaum melayu’betul ada!! mr clean says he help the malays which malays that he help!!!!!the answer is my son kamaluddin and my lovebale son in law no other then ‘khairi jamaluddin’because they are ‘melayu’…….najib is the best DPM officite ‘tandas pintar’ where as KJ was doing what suppose to be a DPM job by submitting the memorandum to the US embassy about thier displeasure over the war at PALESTINE/IRAQ…HA HA HA it makes the DPM stupid or maybe at that time he was busy having fun with the ‘mongolian’…god knows.ROSMAH is the QUEEN CONTROL of DPM even boycotted thier own daughter wedding to DR ASMARA.she even threatened the tailor and abuse her rights (using her bodyguards to tear the wedding gown)ohhh my god if NAJIB jadi PM habisla bukan dia PM tapi his beloved ROSMAH jadi PM…aniaya nanti sikit salah kena BOM berkecai nanti…then she will say its not ME….as all MALAYSIAN can see this is not democratic.sad to say we tun “MALAYSIAN REALLY MISS U”…pls do something before this ‘ALIENS n BARUAS’will destroy what tun have build…..hidup ‘TUN’ menuju ke wawasan 2020 bukan 2057 itu wawasan ‘MR CLEAN,KJ n BARUAS’….KJ jangan angan angan nk jadi PM walaupun kamu dari ‘THINK TANK’ kamu seperti kacang lupa kulit…to all malaysian dont believe what the PRESENT GOVERNMENT promises its just bunch of ‘LIES’…

  171. hmn Jul 21,2008 9:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum kepada semua warga,
    Ayahanda Tun,
    Untuk makluman,didalam mesy. peringkat cwg pada 20/7/08 semalam,UMNO cawangan Ampang Jaya telah bersetuju membahaskan usul “undi tidak percaya terhadap Presiden UMNO sekarang” berdasarkan kekalahan BN didalam PRU 12 yang lepas.
    Kami masih lagi yakin bahawa hanya UMNO sahaja yang mampu menyelamatkan maruah orang2 Melayu di Malaysia ini dan sesungguhnya kami amatlah berharap agar dapat ayahanda Tun setidak2nya menjadi penasihat kepada pimpinan baru yang lebih berani lagi telus!!
    Hidup Melayu!!Hidup Tun!!

  172. ampang boy Jul 21,2008 9:35 PM

    salam TDM yg di kasihi, ini komen sy yg amat menyanjungi tun.semalam ahad 20julai2008 CAW UMNO AMPANG JAYA di tmpt sy telah selesai mengadakan mesyuarat.kami telah bersetuju sebulat suara membuat usul tidak percaya terhadap kepimpinan paklah dan meminta beliau berundur segera krn beliau perlu bertanggungjawab terhadap kekalahan teruk BN pada pru12.caw kami telah menjalankan kewajipan utk membuat perubahan..tuan2&puan2 bila2 lagi??? jgn kita asyik bcakap di chedet shj..biar perasaan tk puas hati kita sampai ke pemimpin atasan terutama paklah.camne mat taib bleh kata umno di sgor menyokong 100persen paklah..desperate akan berjuang utk pastikan umno bhgn ampang membuat usul yg sama.hidup KETUANAN MELAYU.

  173. observer Jul 21,2008 9:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Totally agreed with you. The oil price increase definitely will have effects on almost everything. The increase is ‘so big’ than normal that people have to ‘suffer’ first before can make proper adjustments to their life. The decision by the government is something that we as normal people will think was badly made. With so many so-called think thank, how is simple calculation like this could not be properly done. We are sure the decision maker knew the consequences to our every day life.
    And why the government cannot even take the initiative to invite Tun in the decision making process.

  174. zamra69 Jul 21,2008 9:31 PM

    Saya tidak mahu menyentuh tentang kenaikan harga minyak dan kesan-kesannya terhadap rakyat..tetapi saya agak tertarik dengan isu kereta nasional di Terengganu.
    Oleh kerana Tun tidak memberi komen mengenai seorang Menteri Besar 5 bulan di Terengganu ini yang dahulunya iaitu ketika kempen pilihanraya yang asyik mengayuh basikal ke sana dan kemari untuk menarik hati pengundi tetapi apa sudah berlaku sekarang @@@???…????..
    Muka nampak macam budak baik tetapi baru beberapa bulan jadi MB dah mula naik tocang. Dia totally telah kondem kereta nasional Proton Perdana V6 atau yang jelasnya kerena nasional keseluruhannya. Alasan yang diberi langsung tidak boleh diterima. Keluarga saya pun memiliki Perdana V6 walaupun bukan Executive dan telah digunakan selama beberapa tahun..tak ada pun masalah. Atau Exco di Terengganu ni bawa Perdana V6 masuk sawah padi kot( itupun kalau ada sawah padi di Terengganu)..
    Langsung tak boleh terima akal jikalau kos penyelenggaraan sebanyak 2 kali menelan belanja sebanyak RM 50 ribu. Sedangkan kalau kos mengganti enjin barupun tidak sebanyak itu. Ini pula jika hanya untuk menyelenggara kereta yang baru beberapa tahun digunakan. BPR patut menyiasat perkara ini..satu pembaziran wang rakyat.
    Kalau benarpun takkanlah semua Perdana V6 Exco di Terengganu menelan kos penyelenggaraan sehingga sebanyak itu. Saya berpendapat ini cuma satu alasan. Sedangkan zaman Tun dahulupun gunakan kereta tempatan..inilah yang dikatakan MELAYU MUDAH LUPA..

  175. malaysiaku Jul 21,2008 9:27 PM

    Salam TDM,
    GOD PLEASE SAVE MALAYSIA,I’m getting sick with Malaysian Politican.
    (SEMUA SATU KAPAL).2×4 satu 4×2 semuanya sama.JOM Rakyat Malaysia
    pergi beli E200 lebih menjimatkan. Tajaan Negeri Terengganu.

  176. che wan Jul 21,2008 9:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum ayahnda…
    Kenaikan harga minyak = kenaikan kos pengangkutan = kenaikan harga bekalan barang metah = kenaikan harga barang makanan = pengurangan kuasa membeli = kenaikan inflasi = kemelesetan ekonomi = penurunan taraf hidup rakyat = membebankan serta menekan kewangan secara langsung mahupun tidak langsung rakyat peringkat sederhana & rendah.
    Cek terpaksa akur sekiranya kenaikan harga minyak mendadak di malaysia kini tidak dapat dielak dengan hanya beralasan kenaikan harga minyak global, memang tidak ada apa yang dapat cek lakukan memandangkan cek hanyalah dari golongan rakyat peringkat sederhana rendah lebih-lebih lagi cek bekerja di sektor swasta. Cuma cek amat berharap kiranya kerajaan ( pada waktu mengumumkan kenaikan harga minyak 40% ) dapat mengawal kesan dari kenaikan tersebut iaitu peningkatan harga bahan mentah dan runcit. Namun kerajaan mungkin terlupa atau sengaja melupakan kesan yang bakal dan sedang ditanggung oleh rakyat akibat dari bahana kenaikan bahan api. Mungkin bagi pak2 menteri walaupun dengan kenaikan bahan bakar tersebut, rakyat masih cukup makan seperti kata Yg bijaksana saudara Sabree Chek.
    Pada pengamatan kurang bijaksana cek ini, rakyat di peringkat bawahan terjejas teruk kehidupan serta belanja harian mereka. Cek lihat ayah2, ibu2, pakcik2, makcik2, abang2, kakak2 serta adik2 yang berada dikawasan sekitar cek yang bergantung sepenuhnya pada hasil pertanian seperti sawah bendang, menoreh getah, bekerja di ladang2 kelapa sawit, nelayan2 kecil pesisir, penternak kecil kecilan serta pesara2 yang berada di kawasan yang agak pendalaman seperti kawasan Penaga, Kuala Muda, Juru, Jawi, Batu Kawan, Sebahagian kawasan Kepala Batas, Padang Serai, Kuala Ketil, Sik, Baling dan lain2 ( sekadar menyebut beberapa nama ) adalah dari mereka yang boleh di kategorikan sebagai kais pagi makan pagi.
    Kehidupan mereka makin terhimpit dengan peningkatan harga runcit berikutan kenaikan harga minyak. Cek amati mereka2 ini hampir 80% tidak mempunyai kereta dan hanya bergantung pada kenderaan anak2 atau saudara untuk ke pekan terdekat itupun hanya dengan kekerapan seminggu atau 2 minggu sekali.
    Jadi apa rasionalnya pemberian subsidi kenderaan oleh kerajaan yang dikatakan untuk rakyat berpendapatan rendah jika dibandingkan dengan kenaikan 40% harga bahan runcit dan mentah kepada golongan ini? Mungkin mereka tidak menikmati sesen pun jika motorsikal yang merupakan satu satunya kenderaan yang mereka miliki digunakan untuk menyelusuri lorong2 kampung untuk mengerah keringat itu tidak mempunyai cukai jalan (memandangkan ianya digunakan hanya untuk ketempat kerja tanpa menggunakan jalan persekutuan). Keputusan kerajaan menaikan harga minyak sekaligus menyaksikan mereka berhadapan dengan mimpi ngeri kenaikan harga barang amat dirasai oleh mereka2 ini. Jika diturunkan 10%, 20% mahupun 30% sekalipun harga bahan api sekarang ini tidak akan mennyenangkan hati dan kehidupan mereka memandangkan sukar untuk kita lihat penurunan harga barang jika ianya telah naik. Golongan2 ini akan terus terhimpit selagi pengawalan tegas dari pihak kerajaan tidak dilakukan berhubung kenaikan harga barang mentah dan runcit.
    Ayahnda, cek rasa kerajaan sedia ada tidak dapat menafsir kehendak serta keperluan asasi rakyat diperingkat ini di dalam mantadbir malaysia. Cek rasa sepatutnya subsidi TIDAK diberikan kepada pengguna kenderaan sebaliknya subsidi perlu di realisasi di dalam bentuk bantuan kerajaan kepada harga barang keperluan merangkumi setiap bahan mentah serta barangan runcit (tidak hanya kepada beras). Ini akan dapat memastikan setiap sen subsidi kerajaan didalam meringankan beban rakyat dapat dinikmati oleh setiap peringkat masyarakat dan rakyat. Tentunya rakyat dari golongan sederhana rendah akan berasa bersyukur sekurang kurangnya bebanan kenaikan harga bahan bakar dapat diimbangi dengan subsidi harga bahan mentah dan runcit.
    Ini hanyalah pandangan peribadi dari cek yang kurang bijaksana serta berkelulusan rendah. Mungkin ayahnda lebih maklum tentang menjana ekonomi serta memakmurkan bumi malaysia seperti yang ayahnda telah buktikan dahulu. Segala silap salah cek pada pandangan diatas cek mohon ampun dan maaf pada ayahnda. Diharap ayahnda terus membuka minda serta menjana pemikiran anak cucu ayahnda disini. Teruskan perjuanganmu ayahnda. Assalamualaikum.

  177. oysterman Jul 21,2008 9:16 PM

    Hello Dr. Mahathir,
    Masa zaman saya kita org panggil Tun, Dr. mahathir. Kekok la panggil Tun. Saya panggil Dr. Mahathir aje laa, ok?.
    Saya nak sangat jumpa you. Tapi waktu tu, semua benci Dr. M, tapi saya fikir tanpa Dr. M saya tak akan dapat pelajaran yg saya ada sekarang ni. Jadi, saya pergi waktu perasmian putrajaya dibuka dan Dr.M buat open house di putrajaya waktu hari raya.
    Saya ingat Tun tinggi dan besar macam dalam TV, jelas you rendah dan buat saya terfikir…org tua ni mempunyai otak yg geliga!..Badan bukan pengukur segalanya. Seorang yg kecil boleh memerintah dgn adil dan memajukan negara!. Hebat !
    Apa pun niat you bersih utk negara! ..Saya nak ucap terima kasih!. Saya banyak berjaya waktu zaman you!.

  178. truthseeker Jul 21,2008 9:16 PM

    Salam kepada YAB Tun dan rakan bloggers,
    1. Saya hargai idea Tun dan kawan2 untuk meringankan beban rakyat.
    2. Malangnya pentadbiran Dollah tidak berminat, bukan kerana tidak ada idea, bukjan kerana ego, tetapi bertindak macam ‘remiser’, jual dapat untung, beli dapat untung. Perhatikan corak penualan dan pembelian, semuanya ada ‘kira-kira’ yang menguntungkan orang tertentu. Rebat melalui Pos Msia, apa hal ini? KJ ada jari kat Pos Msia. Tak jadi jambatan bengkuk, yang lurus ada dealing pasir plak..apa hal ni? Bas2 Rapidkl berlambak tak terjual, tapi Scomi ada dapat pesanan membekalkan bas baru, apa hal ni? Augusta, Proton, Petronas (bakal nak kena telan), EGM Libra – Capital apa?,MTrans yang ditawarkan buat monorail tiba2 kena batal lepas tu Scomi beli syarikat tu…
    3. Nampaknya kita bloggers tertipu, kita ingat Dollah tak pandai, bodoh sombong, dll, tapi sebenarnya dia tahu apa yang dia mahu dan so far dia dapat apa yang dia mahu…
    Solutionnya, get rid of Dollah and his bullies.

  179. mariam Jul 21,2008 9:14 PM

    Assalaamualaikum Tun,
    Wouldn’t adjusting wages and salaries upwards to tackle this problem eventually lead to even higher inflation?

  180. slimgang Jul 21,2008 9:13 PM

    Salam Tun
    Nampaknya idea Anwar boleh di pakai jugalah… AWAS BN!!!
    Semoga Tun sihat selalu.

  181. anzac Jul 21,2008 9:12 PM

    assalammualaikum Tun,
    i totally agree with you Tun. almost everyday the government keep talking about trying their best to reduce the burden. unfortunately ‘their best’ is not working quite well so far.
    actually all this is talk about trying to reduce the burden is nonsense. there will be no burden if the government hadn’t created the burden in the first place. and now DSAB is trying to act like a genius, trying to solve the problem that he created.
    “don’t create no problem, there will be no problem.” you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  182. adi Jul 21,2008 9:01 PM

    Hai Tun, nada Tun berkenaan isu minyak dah memang sama macam nada anwar dan pakatan rakyat.
    Tun janganlah macam tu, nanti semua orang umno akan marah pada Tun kerana orang umno terima bula-bulat kepercayaan bahawa minyak naik adalah kerana isu global.
    Janganlah buat macam tu wahai Tun. Kasihanilah orang-orang umno yang semuanya memang dah jadi pak turut karut marut bahalul.

  183. mulutmelayu Jul 21,2008 9:00 PM

    Salam YABhg. Tun,
    Berita hari ini NGO-NGO Melayu menggesa Kerajaan Pak Lah untuk mengembalikan pengajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Melayu.
    Jika Kerajaan Pak Lah mengikut permintaan NGO-NGO itu, kecewalah anak-anak saya yang suka belajar mata pelajaran tersebut dalam Bahasa Inggeris di sekolah menengah mereka.
    Harap YABhg. Tun dapat membuat catatan mengenai perkara ini.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  184. dospenang Jul 21,2008 8:57 PM

    Kepada PENYOKONG KUAT DS ANWAR !!!!!!!!!!!
    Video menunjukkan pengakuan TUN yang Anwar tidak bersalah telah diedit dan disalahfaham. TUN telah mengakui hal tersebut semasa temubual bersama wartawan ketika TUN berkempen untuk Mukhriz di Jerlun pada PRU 12.(lihat Youtube-taip BONGKAR PUTAR BELIT ‘VIDEO PENGAKUAN MAHATHIR ZALIMI ANWAR’ ada link ke website dan article untuk di baca) ataupun klik link di bawah ini……..
    ataupun baca terus:
    Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at July 4, 2008 12:55 PM
    SEMAK DALAM ARCHIVE bulan JULAI 2008…. atau klik link ini:

  185. cakkuncak Jul 21,2008 8:43 PM

    YAB Tun,
    This Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Government will not listen!
    An overwhelming number of ‘rakyat’ have realised this fact now.
    Therefore, the first and only logical main agenda is getting YAB Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
    He failed miserably and now he is simply being extremely stubborn.
    There is no need to analyse or comment anymore.All efforts and thoughts should be focused in making sure this ‘mistake’ step down as the leader of this country.

  186. sam Jul 21,2008 8:37 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I really miss your speech Tun. I used to listen to your speech especially one that was delivered oversea. Listening to your speech made me felt proud to be Malaysian. The present PM cannot be compared or came close to you.
    Actually what I want to say is I don’t like to listen to his speech. What the Malay called it….. merapu aje.
    Luv U Tun

  187. kuthe2 Jul 21,2008 8:20 PM

    Sa Sa Salams… TUN and fellow bloggers… (terketag- ketag tahan lapag..)
    Sedih yang terAMAT sebab Ekonomi going down.. And the quality of life for Malaysian also DOWN..
    Kena paksa Bersabar.. Ikat perut… untuk cari makan… HUWAAAAAaaaaaaa……!!!!
    Menyumpah Nenek Moyang kita yang memperjuangkan supaya Malaysia dan rakyatnya jadi lebih baik..! Supaya tak payah susah macam depa dulu… Turn in their graves.. I tell you…
    Taktau LAH nak buat apa lagi..
    Projek RMK-9 200b + 30b.. = WOW..!! Banyaks… rm230b for RMK-9 biar BETUL..???
    Tapikan.. Kalo Petronas buat untung.. and bayag Kerajaan 60b++ Tak cukup ka nak tampung SEMUA.
    Mana pi budget dan sumber2 lain..??? RMK-9 ni pula bukan bole siap 1 tahun pun…..
    Dari start sampai sekarang tak da terasa Pun Plojeks RMK-9 niihh… Hampas.. Kosong tak dak ISI…
    Hmmmm…. Management dah lembab nak buat mcam mane ye tak..???? dan hanya mereka dan keluarga mereka.. Kita tengok saja sambil ternganga- nganga.. tak puas Hati..!
    Oka… Tun.. Best of the Best Snippet…
    You really are feeling the pain of the Rakyats..
    Yang ada gaji tu Oka la skit… tambah2 yang berpuluh Ribu sebulan tak la rasa sangat…
    Tapi MAJORITY yang gaji kecil and siputes.. NAYA..
    Majority yang tak dak keja.. NAYA…
    Majority yang tak dak income and hope for economic spilage… NAYA…
    Jangan sampai duit dok banyak tapi taktau nak buat pa… Amal Jariah pun tidak… Hehehe.. NAYA…
    Buat NAYA kat orang BAIK ka..???
    May Allah look after us all and Guide us to the Rightoues and True path…
    To you TUN.. Keep it up.!! Perjuangan ini hanya baru bermula..
    Salam perjuangan,
    Alif Ba Ta

  188. yemm Jul 21,2008 8:17 PM

    Salam’kum TDM, families and all;
    Depa semua ikut telunjuk uncle sam…apa yg uncle sam buat and suruh buat semua depa ikut. Yes man lah katakan…

  189. Pemuda Pembaharuan Jul 21,2008 8:17 PM

    Assalammualaikum TUN yng bijaksana,
    -Saya harapkan apa yang dibincangkan semua disini tidak menjadi satu perkara yang sia-sia malah menjadi satu pemakin perubahan pemikiran rakyat kita kearah akal yang bergiliga seperti Tun.
    -Diharap Tun menjadi telunjuk tentang apa yng harus rakyat buat terutama rakyat yg tiada kuasa pangkat dan wang didalam parti tetapi rakyat yang mempunyai kuasa didalam pilihanraya.
    -Bagaimanakah kami yng tiada kuasa tetapi mempunyai majoriti ingin menunjukkan ketidakpuasan hati terhadap kepimpinan sekarang?

  190. Hang Jebat Jul 21,2008 8:08 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Selama ini saya amat menyanjung tinggi TUN, juga menghormati TUN serta selalu membaca komen2 TUN…kebanyakannya begitu unik dan kena sasarannya.
    Cuma sedikit ‘teguran’ buat TUN yg saya sayangi.. iaitu di kala usia yg semakin senja ini, saya minta TUN berhenti dari bercakap pasal perkara2 yg amat kurang baik, jijik dan belum pasti kesahihannya, iaitu mengenai liwat DSAI.
    Kalaulah TUN memang melihat sendiri DSAI meliwat org atau diliwat, mungkin ada benarnya. Itupun tidak baik melaungkan keburukan saudara seagama, mukmin, muslim, ke seluruh dunia. Kelak Allah akan menayangkan keburukan TUN di akhirat kelak.
    Tapi kalau sekiranya TUN tidak menyaksikannya, dan mungkin punya nawaitu lain, sebab politik, atau harta, atau hear-say, hanya mendengar persaksian/kata2 dari orang yg fasiq, maka janganlah TUN percayai dan segera menghukum DSAI. Saya sayangkan TUN, saya takut Allah akan membalasnya, kalau tidak di dunia mungkin di akhirat.
    Saya sayangkan TUN. Cukuplah TUN dalam politik. Usia TUN yg teramat senja ini sepatutnya digunakan utk beribadat kpdNya, mendekatiNya, memohon keampunan dariNya dan memohon kemaafan rakyat atas segala kesilapan TUN selama 22 tahun memerintah Malaysia. Rasanya itu yg jauh lebih baik buat TUN insyaAllah.
    Esok lusa kita semua akan mati…TUN juga akan mati… Bayangkan setakat mana kezaliman kita, kelemahan kita, kekurangan kita, kesilapan kita terhadap rakyat jelata. Kalau memang tak ada, semuanya baik belaka, alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Allah.
    Tapi TUN fikir2lah, renung2lah, hisab2lah dgn penuh rasa keinsafan…saya pasti kita hambaNya akan terjumpa saat2 dan waktu2 kita ‘menzalimi’ orang lain, lebih2 lagi rakyat dibawah pemerintahan TUN. Pastinya TUN banyak berbakti kepada rakyat dan negara, semua orang tahu. Tapi, pastinya juga, TUN mungkin banyak tersilap, tersalah, terzalim rakyat jelata…tak banyak pun pastinya ada sedikit… Oleh itu, banyakkan istighfar, dan mohon kemaafan rakyat…pastinya rakyat akan tersentuh hati, dan akan memaafkan TUN. Saya yakin!
    Saya memang tidak ada kelayakan untuk memberi kata2 nasihat di atas, sebab TUN jauh lebih bijak, lebih matang, lebih berpengalaman dari saya yg kerdil ini. Saya lakukan sebab saya SAYANGKAN Tun. Kalau tidak buat apa saya bersusah payah mencoret panjang2..
    Maafkan saya TUN..

  191. Pemuda Pembaharuan Jul 21,2008 8:07 PM

    -Idea yg Tun sarankan menaikan harga minyak berperingkat demi berperingkat supaya kadar ekonomi dapat diseratakan dengan kemampuan rakyat malaysia serta pusingan wang negara sentiasa berjalan dan dapat mengelakan inflasi secara tiba meningkat.
    -Apakah kerajaan tidak terfikir dengan kenaikan itu, matlamat DEB yg diperjuangkan akan berpanjangan dan bila akan mencapai hala tujuan nya.
    -Apakah tiada kebijaksanaan kerajaan yg mentabir sekarang tidak memikirkan pelbagai cara lain seperti contoh menaikkan cukai2 lain supaya ia seimbang dengan wang simpanan negara (hanya pandangan saya,maaf jika tersilap) walhal cukai hanya dibayar setahun sekali dan ia hanya mempunyai sedikit kesan sampingan tidak seperti minyak yang kesan nye berantai.
    -Hanya satu yg saya rumuskan iaitu simpanan dan pembelanjaan negara telah dipakai sesuka hati seperti Projek Kota Islam Hadari di Terengganu yang dibina berbilion ringgit tetapi tidak mendapat satu pun faedah untuk rakyat sebaliknya dibiarkan begitu sahaja disimpulkan untuk sebagai tugu peringatan rakyat apa yg Abdullah badawi buat setelah beliau bersara.

  192. natta.chai4 Jul 21,2008 8:06 PM

    assalamualaikum tun.
    i’m 1 of the millions raised under you premiership.heard the good,bad and ugly about tun during your tenure.mr10%,being 1 of many names associated with tun.i always answered if it’s true,my part of 10%,i HALALKAN,because tun managed to bring food to the table.
    when tun announcced retirement and elected pak lah,i was awed at you pak lah will unite the malays and practise good governance.alas all hope are shattered.
    now we’re left with a prime minister who is unable to run the country as we all a lay man,we know raising the price of fuel especially diesel will have an upward spiral efect toward price of when the damage is done,pak lah’s giving us rebates,extra allowance,free this,free that.but the damage is done.not to mention the handling cost of the related agencies.this short term measures will only weaken Malaysia.
    well Malaysians,we’re left with a prime minister whose lead by his beloved son out law and a deputy who is lead by balls.
    MALAYSIA BOLEH during tun’s time and pak lah’s time sure carries different meaning.

  193. TimoYap Jul 21,2008 8:02 PM

    It really hurts to hear the truth but this is our govt. who never think before deciding and than change their mind when the Rakyat make their unhappiness known.
    Yet they keep telling people(in the media) that it is the Rakyat that vote them to run the country. Come on ABB and their ‘YES’man/sir mentality cabinet, wake up and surrender before you all are punish again in the next election.
    Commoner like me will remember for a long time, the suffering you all have put us into and do not expect to receive our vote.
    Tun, how nice it will be if ever you can be back in control which might be a dream but it leave a sweet memory of your capabilities.

  194. ashar Jul 21,2008 8:00 PM

    Yang dihormati dan kasihi,
    Maaf penjelasan buat bloger di bawah:
    Article: sale of Agusta by protom
    By 2c3d on July 20, 2008 3:53 PM
    Dear Tun,
    We’ve lost the Agusta, but let’s not lose next. I’ve a strong reason to turn on the siren. I believe the enemies have resorted to a new tactic to destroy your weblog.
    Please check – posted in here by Ashar Babilah on Jul 19, 2008 3:38PM.
    It contains obscene photos. Not suitable for the innocent viewers.
    (I discovered it by chance. There might be more.)
    If you let them in, will soon be infested with pornographic materials. This will provide the excuse for the Agusta killers to ‘chop-off’ too.
    TQ and pls take care.
    Sila layari :
    Saya mengharapkan mereka yang bertanggung jawab menghentikan link lucah seperti yang di sebut oleh : bloger di atas:
    Cukuplah link yang menghina TUN diblog antimamak, tapi kalau yang berunsur lucah ini adalah pengaruh dari kapitalis-zionist Amerika.
    Salam perjuangan

  195. zaki_77 Jul 21,2008 7:56 PM

    nuriman, the only ‘advisors’ to Bodolah are bodoh like him! I don’t think he has a close circle of friends or advisors because politics in Malaysia is so dirty eveyone is trying to climb to the top by stabbing each other in the back. I do think however that Khairy continues to hold a lof of influence over his father-in-law. Someone should tell Bodolah that leadership is NOT his family affair and he can’t do whatever he likes and get away with it. Sooner or later the rakyat will throw him and his cronies out of office!

  196. ray77light Jul 21,2008 7:53 PM

    Salam Tun
    Could you comment on the latest development where AAB met PAS decision makers 3 times.
    Stay in the pink of health. We need to hear from you. The other sources are quite emotional.

  197. mejlan Jul 21,2008 7:52 PM

    YBhg Tun,
    Apa kata semua rakyat dapatkan wang tambahan untuk menampung keperitan hidup yang semakin menekan ini…dengan cara tonggeng dan jual je bun…….mudah2an laku yekk! ha..ha..
    Rakyat semakin serik dengan kehidupan yang tak menentu dan tak terjamin………macam manalah anak2 generasi masa depan 2020 kita……..
    Maaf kan saya Tun, inilah firasat saya apabila sesuap nasi menjadi perhitungan………
    Tun,kembalilah menyelamatkan kami semua agar tidak diperkotak katikkan.

  198. MeMalaysia Jul 21,2008 7:48 PM

    Langkah tepat. Tingkat pendapatan perkapita rakyat secara beransur-ansur seiring kenaikan harga minyak. Persoalannye apakah langkah2 yg perlu dilakukan oleh kerajaan dan syarikat swasta untuk ikut kriteria tersebut? Langkah ini jika bergerak seiringan dengan pengukuhan matawang ringgit pasti membuahkan hasil yg cemerlang.
    Kenaikan drastik mmg tak dpt diterima.

  199. adri hemy Jul 21,2008 7:44 PM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    It was recently reported that the Terengganu Menteri Besar claims that purchasing 14 Mercedes cars for RM3.42 million instead of Proton Perdanas for their executive councillors is a cost cutting measure.
    Let’s do a simple calculation.
    RM3.42 million divided by 14 = RM245k each Mercedes E200 Kompressor
    A Proton Perdana V6 is RM100k and assuming its depreciation is 25% a year.
    Assuming they buy the Proton Perdana and uses it for 4 years, sells off and buys another one and repeats the same thing.
    So after 4 years the car’s value would be RM31,640 and its sold off. Then they buy another Proton Perdana and again sell off for another RM31,640 after 4 years. Over 8 year period, they would have spent RM200k, recouping RM63,280, so the loss would be RM136,720
    Now, compare that to buying that Mercedes and using it for 8 years.
    Assuming they use that Mercedes for 8 years, and the depreciation of the Mercedes is 10% a year (which is a very optimistic figure), the car’s value would be RM105,464 after 8 years. Thus the loss would be RM139,536.
    So, the monetary loss is still higher with the Mercedes, despite the much lower depreciation rate.
    If the Proton Perdana is sold off after 4 years only, the car would not have aged or travelled so much that it would require major repairs.
    Replacement of consumables and spare parts in the Mercedes cost much higher than the Proton Perdana.
    The value of the Mercedes is higher, hence, the insurance premium is also higher.
    Multiply all the above with 14 numbers of cars.
    Despite the above facts, I doubt the councillors are willing to use the Mercedes car for 8 years, because by then, they would consider the car to be too old and run down. Which means the state government would have to purchase a new fleet of Mercedes sooner for their councillors.
    So, in all logic, how could it be that purchasing the Mercedes is cheaper than purchasing a Proton Perdana? And that doesnt even include the fact that they are not supporting our own industry.
    Haven’t the politicians learned anything since the last General Election?
    Adri Hemy Bin Abdul Ghani
    Al Salamah District
    Saudi Arabia

  200. Just A Tot.... Jul 21,2008 7:40 PM

    Salam Tun ..
    Tun askd , why government didnt increase the petrol gradually .Tun asked why increased petrol by 40% then give back the savings by other means , and how its not practical.
    Obviously,Tun has too much things in mind , therefor Tun forget somethg . Tidak apa Tun , Melayu memang mudah lupa.
    Government cant do that . They cannot reduce the 40% increase . They have to think of a way to reduce the burden .Why ? Why cant they reduce it ?Simple.
    Itll be admitting that ,again , the 40% increase is a flip flop decision. How can they take it back , when they know sure they will kena belasah big time.
    Its soooo annoying , when government said they dont have money to continue subsidise , but theyre giving back in terms of rebate , petronas profit breaks top 10 of the most profitble in the world , etc .why not just cut down on the increase in the first place. 40% overnight ??? Is there any other government in the world survived doing tht ?
    Heres a few suggestion one might consider :
    Increase should have been done gradually , 10% every 2 months will be more acceptable. oo late , or is it ? Can somebody still do something about it ? Malaysian , and not Harvard style ?
    How about subsidy is given for the first x litre of petrol purchased by individual every month . So we can plan . Buy only when its necessary .Something like this – first 50 litres a mnth will be @ RM2 , every subsequent litre at RM2.50 etc .
    If nothing else can be done , how about letting us buy a Petrol Debit card using a small portion of our EPF . say RM 1000 a year .Afterall , its our money .
    jusatot .
    By the way , datelines for voting is just around the corner .

  201. reza aljunaid post Jul 21,2008 7:38 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya menyokong mana yang baik. tetapi jika pandangan Tun lebih baik dari kerajaan tikus sekarang….maka saya akan sokong pandangan Tun.
    Beban yang ditanggung oleh rakyat marhain sekarang ini adalah hasil ciptaan kerajaan tikus baiki labu….
    Mula-mula mereka naikkan minyak 30 sen….kemudian setelah kalah lima negeri….mereka naikkan lagi sebanyak 70 sen….!!!!
    Belum pernah berlaku dalam tempoh tak sampai 4 tahun minyak dinaikkan secara kejam oleh Pak Lah ketua kerajaan tikus baiki labu sebanyak RM1…
    Akibatnya….inflasi negara kini dalam keadaan menuju dangerous zone….asalnya naikkan harga minyak….kedekut nak tambah subsidi minyak…
    Saya fikit jika kerajaan meletakkan harga minyak sekitar 2.15 ….rakyat tak terasa sangat beban….barang pun tak naik mendadak…inflasi boleh dikawal…
    Namun…dari aspek ekonomi….jika kerajaan menanggung terlalu tinggi subsidi minyak….kerajaan terpaksa mengurangkan pelan pembangunan….
    Tapi secara logiknya….pembangunan kita dah banyak dah….yang depa pi buat jambatan penang kedua…penang sentral…koridor utara..selatan..timur…semua itu projek yang menambahkan beban rakyat….
    kesimpulannnya…beban yang ditanggung rakyat adalah kern…kerajaan buat kerja tak betul…tidak berhemah…
    kerajaan kena faham…rakyat kita suka berkereta…suka minyak murah..suka beli belah….itupun kerajaan tak faham…kalau minyak mahal…macam mana industri kereta nak berkembang..?? Lambatlah pecutannya…rakyat takut nak beli kereta…sedangkan rakyat kita suka pakai kereta…suka minyak murah…
    Tapi yang peliknya…Pak Lah masih boleh tersenyum meskipun beliau dah naikkan minyak jadi 2.70 sen…
    Sebaliknya rata-rata rakyat mengeluh bila isi minyak…tapi mereka terpaksa isi juga…mereka berasa seperti dianiaya oleh Pak Lah…
    Mereka ingat Pak Lah berjiwa rakyat…jaga rakyat…tapi rupa-rupanya Pak Lah tidak menjiwai keperitan rakyat…
    Dia hanya pandai cakap…contohnya…hydrofuel…ada ka dia rayu syarikat tu supaya turunkan kos hydrofuel tu…kerajaan tanggung separuh ke….kalau betul kerajaan berjiwa rakyat…
    Ni hydrofuel ni….rakyat teringin juga nak pasang…tapi takkanlah Pak Lah setakat promosi benda tu aje…kemudian senyap…
    Paling kurang…ada tindakan lanjut…seperti insentif hydrofuel la…subsidi minyak pun dah kurang tentu pendapatan kerajaan banyak…
    Saya bercakap pasal kereta..minyak..hydrofuel…pasal ramai rakyat yang suka benda ini…
    Itu la…kalau Tengku Razaleigh jadi cabar Pak Lah….jawatan Presiden UMNO…orang lain tak berani…saya sokong Tengku Razaleigh la…saya tengok dia ni ada talent jadi PM yang ke 6..dia berani bercakap…rakyat Malaysia perlu berani tukar pemimpin…
    Nanti kalau TR tak betul juga…harap-harap dia betul…bela rakyat..tradisi bela rakyat…
    Saya pun ada suka sama TR…pasal dia ni ada darah dengan bini saya daa……tapi saya tak kenal sangat dia ni…saya dengar la…lagipun orang kata..dia ni ada bijak..boleh bergaul dengan rakyat bawahan…saya diberitahu dia ni selalu letak rakyat kat depan…dan paling penting…dia ni dari Gua Musang…tentu musangnya lebih bijak dari musang-musang Pak Lah…macam KJ tu…
    Oh ya…Tun setuju tak jika Tengku Razaleigh cabar Pak Lah..????
    Kalau berlaku pertembungan TR dan PL….puh..!!! Meletop berita…”Pak Lah Tumbang Di Kaki Tengku”…!!!…”Istana Kembali terajui UMNO”…!!! Haa…agaknya..begitulah tajuk-tajuk berita utama dalam suratkhabar utama negara bila Pak Lah kalah ke misalannya lah….kih..kih…kih..
    Ok Tun…byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..!!!!!!!

  202. ABI Jul 21,2008 7:38 PM

    Hi Folks,
    This is a marvellous piece of rebuttal by Tun Salleh Abbas to Dr M !
    This is a piece of article every Malaysian MUST read as it uncovers the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Tun Salleh Abbas has in no uncertain terms bare all to read and judge — the character of Tun Dr M is now bared for all to judge. Now he is taking the most unpatriotric and dangerous tactics to play racial politics. Dr M has forgotten he is NOT a Malay, but a mamak, pretending to be a true Malay. His despicable racial card tactics is designed to divert attention for all his misdeeds carried out by him as PM. You be the judge of what Tun Salleh has revealed.
    Subject: Tun Salleh’s reply To Dr M (Must read)
    Tun Salleh reply To Dr M
    Tuesday, June 10, 2008
    The Tun Salleh Saga – an open reply to Dr Mahathir
    Dr Mahathir, I read with considerable interest your
    blog on the Tun Salleh Saga. To a certain degree, I
    must confess, I am happy for you have obviously
    regained your memory after having a momentary lapse of
    the same during the proceeding of the Royal Commission
    on the Lingam tape.
    I must confess that I was not moved to post anything
    about the Tun Salleh issue as everybody and his dog
    has apparently written about it. However, after having
    read your latest boot-leg version, I am compelled to
    write this reply, just to put things on record and in
    proper perspective.
    It is quite obvious that you have mastered the fine
    art of manipulation. When everything else fails, what
    better way than to stoke racial sentiment in order to
    gain support. That was what you were doing in Johore
    Bahru recently when you quite irresponsibly pointed
    out that the Malays are the ones who would lose out if
    the IDR project were to continue. You then quickly
    followed it up in Japan when you again reminded the
    Malays to unite and be strong because, according to
    you, other races are now asking for many things and
    questioning Malay rights. Samuel Johnson’s “patriotism
    is the last refuge of a scoundrel” would normally be a
    cliche to repeat, but in your case, I would make an
    exception. Just change the word “patriotism” to
    “racialism” and you would, hopefully, catch my drift.
    When the issue of an apology to Salleh Abas was
    started by Zaid Ibrahim, I remember you were quoted as
    saying that Salleh Abas was sacked by the tribunal and
    so an apology should be sought from the tribunal. How
    very convenient of you, Dr.M. Of course you had
    conveniently overlooked the fact that the tribunal was
    established at your advice as the then Prime Minister.
    And so now, in your blog, you have revealed the truth.
    The truth, according to you, is that the King had
    wanted Salleh Abas removed because His Majesty was
    angry with Salleh Abas’ letter complaining about His
    Majesty’s renovation work. So, are you now blaming the
    King, may I ask? That is the first question which came
    across my mind while reading your post.
    The second question is this. Since when have you
    become a Royalist so much so that you were almost
    paralysingly subservient to the King? The King had
    wanted Salleh Abas, the Lord President, sacked because
    of a letter over some noises made in a renovation
    work, and you followed it up with a tribunal
    established under our primary law, the Federal
    You wanted us to believe that you, the then Prime
    Minister, the very same Prime Minister who amended the
    Federal Constitution to curb the powers of the King
    and the Malay Rulers, had agreed to establish the
    tribunal at the behest of the King? Since when has Dr
    Mahathir Mohamad, the fearless Prime Minister, who
    took away the necessity for Royal assents to any bill
    of law before it could effectively be the law of the
    country by amending the Federal Constitution, had
    suddenly become so subservient to the King in relation
    to the sacking of Salleh Abas?
    The third question is glaring to people in the know.
    It is, of course, not there for every supporters of
    yours to see, as we could well surmise from the
    majority of the comments made in your blog on the
    issue. The question is this. Why was it that Salleh
    Abas was not charged over THAT letter? If what you
    said was true, why wasn’t Salleh Abas charged for
    writing such a letter to the King and carbon copying
    it to all the Rulers? WHY?
    If the King had wanted Salleh Abas sacked for being
    rude to His Majesty, why is it that Salleh Abas not
    charged for being rude to our King? W.H.Y.??? Why is
    it that only now, 20 years later, suddenly, this
    letter has appeared and becomes an issue? Is it a case
    of you forgetting about that letter in 1988, just as
    you have forgotten about some events during the Lingam
    tape hearing, and suddenly rediscovering your memory
    last week about the same letter? Coincidently, your
    former secretary, Matthias Chang, has spoken about
    this letter in his blog sometime in the past weeks.
    By the way, during the constitutional crisis caused by
    your belligerent attitude towards the King and the
    Malay Rulers, I remember the state mass media, that is
    the newspapers and RTM, had even belittled the King
    and the Malays Rulers. The whole propaganda machine
    was used to smear the King and the Malay Rulers.
    Pictures of their palaces and mansions were shown on
    TV and in the newspapers. Stories about their
    wrongdoings were splashed in newspapers.
    Even Sultan of Kedah’s house in Penang did not escape
    your propaganda machine. RTM would proceed to air old
    Malay movies about how stupid the Malay Rulers in
    ancient days were. Films like Nujum Pak Belalang, Hang
    Tuah and Dang Anum were aired just to shape the
    people’s thoughts about how bad the King and the Malay
    Rulers were or could be.
    And yet, you now want us to believe that you were just
    doing what the King had wanted you to do by
    establishing the tribunal against Salleh Abas?
    Stretching your argument that Salleh Abas had to go
    because the King said so, why didn’t you sack
    yourself, your whole cabinet and everybody else who
    had then partaken in the whole process of smearing the
    good name and dignity of our King and the Malay
    Rulers? Why only Salleh Abas?
    Dr. M, sometimes, one’s stupidity is most glaring in
    one’s thought that everybody else is stupid! You then
    mention in your blog that it was your opinion that
    Salleh Abas had committed wrongdoings and that he was
    not fit to be a Judge. If that was the case, may I
    respectfully ask why is it that you had not deemed it
    fit to establish a tribunal against a certain Lord
    President who was photographed with a certain lawyer
    overseas? Wouldn’t that constitute a wrongdoing?
    That fact was, I am sure, known to you as it was
    widely discussed in the media during your premiership.
    It was even investigated by the ACA. Or how about the
    ACA investigation which showed that a certain lawyer
    had written a certain judgment for a certain Judge?
    Wouldn’t that be a wrongdoing which would, if
    substantiated, render the Judge unfit to continue be a
    Judge? Why only Salleh Abas? Why not these Judges? Or
    is it a case of you having forgotten what they did
    just as you have forgotten several events during the
    Linggam tape proceedings, again?
    You now charge, as you have always charged, that the
    judiciary, had interfered in the administration of the
    country. Your disdain for the law, lawyers and
    judiciary is well documented. Dr M, I remember clearly
    in one speech, you likened the lawyers to vultures.
    But of course, you would now say it was all in jest.
    Your contempt for the law and judiciary, every time
    the judiciary made a decision against you or your
    government is almost peerless. You would deem such
    decision as interference with the administration.
    Although you know that the administration consists of
    3 different, but essential, arms, namely, the
    legislature, executive and judiciary, you failed
    miserably to understand their respective functions and
    duties. The phrase “check and balance” was missing
    from your administrative lexicon which was probably
    reprinted with an express instruction from you to
    delete the same.
    Thus, history will show that you were so upset and
    angry with the judiciary that you had instigated
    another Constitutional amendment to take away
    “judicial powers” from the judiciary! May I point out
    Dr M., that Malaysia would be the only country in the
    whole Commonwealth ( I say Commonwealth because I am
    not accustomed to non-Commonwealth systems) whose
    judiciary does not have judicial powers unless the
    legislature says so. Coincidentally of course, who
    controlled the legislature? That was, and I surmise,
    still is, your idea of a democracy.
    Remember what I said above about stupidity? Let me
    repeat it. One’s stupidity is most glaring in one’s
    thought that everybody else is stupid!
    You somewhat deny that the sacking of Salleh Abas had
    anything to do with the UMNO 11 appeal which was then
    fixed by Salleh Abas to be heard by a full bench of 9
    Judges on 13.6.1988. Events will show, at least on a
    balance of probability, otherwise. Salleh Abas was
    served with a letter of suspension on 27.5.1988. Abdul
    Hamid Omar became the Acting Lord President. I will
    come back to this character later in this post.
    On that very day, namely, 27.5.1988, on which Salleh
    Abas was suspended, Abdul Hamid Omar, as Acting Lord
    President, acting without any application by any party
    named in the UMNO 11 appeal, adjourned the appeal to a
    date to be fixed later. Why? For what reason? Why the
    haste? Nobody knows. That appeal was later fixed for
    hearing on 8.8.1988 before only 5 judges comprising of
    3 Supreme Court Judges, including Abdul Hamid Omar
    himself and 2 High Court Judges. Not 9 as originally
    fixed by Salleh Abas.
    How could a valid decision by a Lord President, which
    was made prior to his suspension, be reversed by an
    Acting Lord President is quite beyond me or my
    intellect to comprehend, let alone answer. And quite
    why the appeal was to be heard by a corum of 3 Supreme
    Court Judges and 2 High Court Judges, instead of all
    Supreme Court Judges, is also beyond my tiny brain’s
    ability to understand. I am sure you wouldn’t remember
    this fact Dr M. Otherwise, I am sure you would have
    stated it in your post.
    If the sacking had nothing to do with the UMNO 11
    appeal, why, may I ask, is that the first official act
    of the Acting Lord President was to postpone the
    hearing of that particular appeal? Why did he then
    proceed to overturn a valid act of the Lord President,
    who was then still a Lord President, albeit the fact
    that he was suspended? Why?
    Salleh Abas made a statement to the press after his
    suspension. In the statement, he alluded to a meeting
    on 25.5.1998 with you, in the presence of the Chief
    Secretary, Salehuddin Mohamad, where you allegedly
    told him (Salleh Abas) that he was to be removed
    because, among others, of his bias in the UMNO 11
    appeal. Salehuddin Mohamad was a witness at the
    tribunal. He said he was taking notes during the said
    meeting. While he could remember writing down only 2
    matters in the note book during the meeting, namely,
    Salleh Abas’ speech and his letter to the King (about
    your attack of the judiciary and not about the
    renovation issue), he only managed to say that he
    cannot remember that you had mentioned the UMNO case
    during the meeting when asked by the tribunal members.
    If he was so sure that he only took down notes about
    the aforesaid 2 matters in his notebook, why then he
    could not EXPRESSLY deny that you had mentioned about
    the UMNO case during the said meeting? Why can’t he
    remember? And, in a show of embarrassing shallowness
    on the part of the tribunal, it FAILED to ask
    Salehuddin to produce the notebook! Why? It would
    appear that your Chief Secretary was clearly suffering
    from the same disease as yours namely, partial and
    momentary lapse of memory.
    On the balance of probability therefore, your
    contention that the sacking of Salleh Abas did not
    have anything to do with the UMNO case under appeal is
    flawed, to say the least. Why don’t you state all
    these facts in your blog Dr M? And let the people who
    read it to judge the matter after having been fed with
    all relevant facts. Not with facts which you think are
    relevant. Not with facts which you choose to remember
    for your own purpose and objectives.
    I have reserved my comment about Abdul Hamid Omar. Now
    is the time for me to say something about him. This
    was the man who was effectively Salleh Abas’
    subordinate. He became Acting Lord President when
    Salleh Abas was suspended. He was also next in line to
    be the Lord President, in the event Salleh Abas was
    sacked. History will show that he did replace Salleh
    Abas after his sacking. How could he then head the
    tribunal? He was obviously conflicted out from being
    in the tribunal. Justice must not only be done, but
    must also be seen to be done. Haven’t you heard of
    that? Or have you forgotten about it? Or is it a case
    that you did not really care?
    Salleh Abas was then charged, among others, for
    writing a letter to the King dated 26.3 1988. For the
    benefit of those readers who don’t really know the
    facts, this was not the letter complaining about the
    renovation. As I had said it, the renovation letter
    was never mentioned in any of the charges. The letter
    dated 26.3.1988 was a letter by Salleh Abas to the
    King to inform the King that Dr M. had been attacking
    the judiciary. I will not touch on the merit or
    demerit of this letter. But what Dr M. had failed to
    realise, or rather, what Dr M. had ignored was the
    fact that this letter was written by Salleh Abas after
    all the Judges had a meeting on 25.3.1988. Even the
    Chairman of the tribunal, the aforesaid Abdul Hamid
    Omar, was present during the said meeting. In more
    ways than one, the said letter was a collective result
    of the Judges’ meeting, including that of Abdul Hamid
    Omar, the Chairman of the tribunal.
    Two questions arise here Dr M. Firstly, stretching
    your contention that Salleh Abas had to be removed
    because of that letter as well as the renovation
    letter to its own logical conclusion, why didn’t you
    suspend all the Judges who attended the meeting of
    25.3.1988 and institute the same proceeding, with a
    view of dismissing all of them? That would be its
    reasonable conclusion as the letter was a collective
    result. Secondly, how could Abdul Hamid Omar, be a
    part of the tribunal, let alone its Chairman when he
    was obviously a potential witness? But then again, the
    2nd question is borne out of a legal point, and so I
    don’t expect you to understand it, let alone grasp it.
    Allow me to also set out the exact facts and events
    around the same time Salleh Abas was charged. In 1986,
    you, as Home Minister cancelled the work permit of 2
    Asian Wall Street Journal journalists in Malaysia.
    They brought the matter to the Court and the Supreme
    Court held that your action was illegal and therefore
    invalid. You were upset. In TIME magazine (issue of
    24.11.1986), you expressed your displeasure. Contempt
    proceedings were brought against you by the
    opposition. You escaped as the proceedings were
    dismissed by the Court. However, the learned Judge
    remarked in his judgment that you were confused at the
    doctrine of separation of powers.
    Later, in a speech to law students, the same Judge
    said that the process of appointing senators should be
    by way of an election. You mistook, as usual, this
    speech as a challenge and interference in politics
    when all the learned Judge was doing was expressing
    his own personal opinion over a matter which was not
    entirely political but also legal as well. Of course
    you then had to accuse “certain Judges” as interfering
    with politics. You then began a series of unwarranted
    attacks against the judiciary at a level and intensity
    as yet unseen in Malaysian history. What would you do
    if you were Salleh Abas, the Lord President? Take all
    the attacks lying down while waiting for pension?
    You failed to appreciate his duty as the Lord
    President. He was the chief of the judiciary, an
    essential branch of the country’s administration
    system. As much as you were the head of the executive,
    so was Salleh Abas the head of the judiciary. He had
    to defend the very institution which he then headed.
    He convened a meeting of Judges on 25.3.1988 and
    collectively they decided to write a letter to the
    King about all the attacks leveled against the
    judiciary. What was so wrong with that? Why, you
    wanted him to lodge a police report over the matter?
    By the way, in the present climate when every other
    Malay politician is trying to be more Islam than every
    other Malay and his pussy cats, you,of course, forgot
    to mention one of the charges against Salleh Abas in
    your blog for obvious reason. The charge was that
    Salleh Abas had advocated the acceptance of the
    Islamic legal system in Malaysia and had re-stated the
    law along Islamic legal principles against the
    multi-racial and multi-religious character of our
    country. Why didn’t you mention this in your blog? You
    forgot? Or is it simply a case of you being afraid of
    losing the Malay support among your Malay readers if
    that was published by you in your blog?
    Dr M., I am not your supporter. Nor am I Anwar
    Ibrahim’s or Abdullah Badawi’s supporter. I am a
    supporter of truth. In this matter, nobody would know
    the truth. But if you are persuading people that your
    version is the truth, I would at least, expect you to
    lay out the whole story. And let the people, and
    history, be the judge.
    Do you know what is the beauty of the Common Law (which
    we practise)? The beauty is that it is a set of laws
    common to all the people. That means, when a matter is
    wrong or right, ultimately, the common people would
    know. The common people. Me, and your readers.
    Kind regards,
    Art Harun

  203. murai77 Jul 21,2008 7:33 PM

    assalammualaikum Tun,
    saya mungkin tidak begitu hebat dalam ekonomi mahupun politik, tetapi hanyalah rakyat biasa yang sekarang ini dibebankan dengan pelbagai kenaikan harga (petrol,makanan etc.) tetapi kami pekerja swasta bertambah sempit dan jatuh lagi kerana nilai gaji kami tidak mengikut standard dan market level. Dengan kenaikan harga minyak rakyat yang kaya masih boleh bernafas, yang sederhana jatuh termenung dan yang miskin apetah lagi…saya menyokong pandangan dan cadangan Tun.
    Seperti yang kita maklum, Petronas adalah hasil kebijakan Tun Abdul Razak dan yang mengembangkan lagi Petronas adalah dari pemandangan jauh Tun yang menebarkan lagi sayap Petronas…terima kasih rakyat Malaysia pada Tun. Sudah tentu kita tidak boleh merampas segala-galanya dari Petronas kerana rakyat bukanlah Sole-owner kepada Petronas,tetapi apa yang harus diingat adalah Petronas menggunakan hasil bumi milik rakyat Malaysia yang kita panggil resources, dan pendapatan yang diperolehi Petronas adalah milik Petronas, itu betul dan Petronas perlu membayar balik Cost resources itu dalam bentuk jualan semula kepada rakyat. Apabila Petronas menjual semula minyak kepada resource contributor apakah kita rakyat harus menanggung cost yang tidak sepatutnya???cadangan Tun memang amat bernas, harga minyak harus diturunkan dan mengikut alteration on proportioned special dividend yang diberikan kepada kerajaan atau apa sahaja bentuk yang sepatutnya Petronas sebagai salah satu pengeksport minyak bagi mengucapkan rasa terima kasih kepada rakyat Malaysia kerana mengizinkan penggunaan minyak-Hasil Bumi Malaysia adalah hak rakyat…Pak Lah buka mata anda dan rasalah keperitan kami di bawah, fikirkan cadangan Tun..wassalam

  204. i-really-care Jul 21,2008 7:31 PM

    Tun also agree to increase the oil price stagnantly and not at once (40%). Why are the current government headed by orang tua itu, Pak Lah can ignore rakyat’s burden totally?? And yet, why still have peoples support his move, may be these peoples have been given “gula gula dan kemanisan and keuntungan yang sungguh galakan”, who knows??
    P/S : DPM Pak Ajib, you quoted “I do not want to destroy the party that my late father founded”. I wanted to remind you that your father founded was “UMNO Lama”. Yang sekarang ini ialah “UMNO Baru” re-registered by YAB TUN Dr. Mahathir.

  205. Sick Development Jul 21,2008 7:29 PM

    Good Evening Tun and all Che Det Fans,
    Just cannot imagine that i will be writing everyday. The daily development really makes one sick.
    Take for example the Merc that the state goverment going to purchase at the price of 3.5Million and the said goverment said that it’s from the state coffer. Money don’t grow by it self. It must be come from some where? I think every Tom, Dick and Harry knows where the source of money is from. Hello state goverment those are the money that contributed by the rakyat from the particular state. Let me remind you that those money are the money that the rakyat pay as tax, i.e. cukai tanah, cukai pintu, lesen dan lain – lain. By using the money from the coffer damn, means you are using the rakyat’s money for your own enjoyment. I believe a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord also do the same job and fuel consumption is low also and maintenance is low also BUT it cost less than half of a Merc. So why chose a Merce????
    To show the status, to show people that you are a so and so? Rakyat is trying to safe whatever they can just to survive and put food on the table for the whole family and yet as a leader you are draining the coffer. Why not the state goverment reduce the rakyat’s burden by lowering the taxes that i just mention built more low cost houses and etc. Don’t you think that it’s a better idea.
    As for the fuel price increase i think we rakyat already shouted enough. It’s way too much that you can see the domino effect on all rakyat. No one is spare (except those that pay by the goverment) not only the fuel increase by 40% at the same time TNB revised their rate also. ( this even worse still, the moment TNB increase their price those kaki make millions through the contra play) How not to make millions, if one know that what the annoucment going to be i believe everyone (bukan rakyat tapi member member) will start to buy TNB and without paying a single cent within 3 days each share gain RM1.00++. Imagine if you buy 1 million share of TNB before the news and three days after the news you are already a millionaire but those have no access to the news (like you and me) we only got millionHAIR and that’s white hair. Need to crack our head to earn enough to survive. But to the member member which got the news, they already make the money to pay for the extra that TNB going to charge and the 40% of the fuel increase. On top of that like what Zahari said we are actually helping the rich to claim more. Imagine if you have 5 cars , how much will that be? Thousand of ringgit my friend.
    It looks like daylight robbery to me rather than helping the rakyat. The flip and flop goverment is not actually doing anything to help the medium class and low income group and on top of that they rob from them and pay the rich.
    If Selangor Goverment can give free water why can’t TNB follow suit? In term of profit TNB made more than what the water company are making. Why is the taxes i.e. cukai tanah, pintu, income tax it’s still at the same rate. Sometime i just wonder this, increase fuel price reduce subsidy. Use the money to built more corridor and member member of flip flop have more side income if there is more project.
    To our Mr Flip Flop if you are sincere in helping the rakyat show it to us in action. Action speaks louder than words.

  206. Braino Jul 21,2008 7:26 PM

    If the present administration were to just consult Tun before making such a burdensome increase to the Rakyat, I am sure Tun will be too willing to give some advice! Still Tun is ever so willing to contribute to this country he loves!

  207. Deni Saren Jul 21,2008 7:26 PM

    When ever this kinds of exercises (subsidy review, etc) take place, the private sectors workers are the least in the policy maker (the Government) mind. In the recent fuel subsidy review and the giving back of assistance in (still) the form of subsidy for various sectors and citizen class, the private sector salaried people get the least subsidy. Only a meager of RM625. Yes they can claim up to five cars, but in the first place, if people can manage to own five cars, they don’t need that subsidy. Really!! How many people in the income bracket of below RM10,000 a month can own five cars. Yet these people are the biggest contributor to the personal income tax collection for the Government. These people are everywhere. They could be teachers, lecturers, accountants, engineers, you name it. These people are neither poor nor rich. But live day by day by the sole salary to meet ends-meet. Please have mercy….

  208. JaYbOnE Jul 21,2008 7:22 PM

    I’m so depressed….After what you’ve done and the glory that we’ve achieved during your time…was ruined…finally disaster…this hatred will be forever put to none other than abdulahap bodoh-wee and his regime..
    Keep it up Tun, tell us more of your precious thoughts.

  209. Alvin Kassim Jul 21,2008 7:20 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Yes they could have increased the prices bit by bit to arrive at 40% but greed is hard to please. They increased the price by 40% then talk about reducing the burden with some lame proposals which only costs them a billion or two. But they made sure that they saved 10 billion or so which they can songlap with all sorts of crappy schemes later on. Watch and see.

  210. Hong Jul 21,2008 7:18 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Tun is pointing it exactly, why provide rebate after reduced the subsidy? Like increase 78 cents and then rebate 20 cents. But, the market or business is judging it as 40%+ increase as the basic. Appropriate method is to increase it stage by stage. Businessmen would be well and properly prepared for the price adjustment. Pity those who got the projects in old costing. They are counting their losses now, and perhaps close shops.
    People can understand the price increase as the global cruel oil is surged to historical price. However, the one-time increase is killing the business and ultimately economic of the country.
    After evaluating in details, it is way higher than 40% increase to consumers or people. The transportation fee is caused by Diesel price and not the Petrol, as the lorries are mostly using diesel. Hence, the increase is 60%+.
    Likely, the above decision is made by Level 4 green horns. Look at their decision making these years. Oxford Graduates don’t mean anything without the appropriate experience. EPU is handicapped nowadays. E.g. of their decisions:
    – National Automotive Policies – the industry was badly hit since 2005.
    – Huge Salary increase of civil servants – Ultimately, no bonus declared at that year. Any viable businessman will allocate the increase into 2 portions – salary and bonus. Salary is payable every month once agreed while Bonus is at discretion of Boss – in this case Government. Perhaps, many civil servants voted for Opposition is caused by this.
    – Withdrawal of major construction projects that approved previously and then re-implement it now at much higher cost, etc.
    Now, look at the rebate, 720 liters petrol at subsidized for taxi. Most taxis are using NGV, so no direct benefits they are enjoyed, perhaps, they can sell at their at RM2.20/liter to normal people.
    Minister said petrol increase only in August, but the final decision on the same day, which was announced by F-F PM. Legally, with such misleading information by the cabinet, can the people take any action for losses arising from this?
    Happy Belated Birthday, Tun.

  211. ibumimi Jul 21,2008 7:12 PM

    Tun…terima kasih diatas pandangan n saranan Tun.
    Diharap pak lah dapat menyegerakan perlaksanaan seperti yg Tun share ni.
    I’m sure he’s reading this n terfikir…”camnelah aku tak pandai cam Mahathir”
    Hakikatnya…itulah PM kita sekarang.
    I’m sure if Tun is still ur PM ..we r not burden this baddd.
    Thanx Tun for sharing this for the sake of rakyat malaysia…

  212. TheReason Jul 21,2008 7:11 PM

    Kepada Bapak Dollah,
    – xsangka dalam masa kurang 10 tahun je, retak sudah negara kita ni..nak hancur bila lagi?23 bulan lagi sepatutnya mencukupi..!
    – Bapak xde hati & perut ke biarkan kami anak² kecil bermain dengan ‘gula²’ yg Bapak beri? Murah sangat ke kami ni?
    – Kurangkan subsidi, tapi beri rebate sana sini..belajar kat mana ni? Nampaknya macam semakin rugi kami ni..kerja 8 pagi – 5 petang semata² nak membeli minyak agar perut kereta terisi..perut kami ni pula apa yg nak diisi klau dh macam ni? Mee Meggie..?!!
    – Minyak global naik..Yaa..betul..xde salahnya Bapak ikuti harga semasa,tapi janganlah sampai ke bahu kami Bapak pun nak bebani..! Bila ramai yang katakan harga masih boleh dinaikkan berperingkat,kenapa Bapak buat dengar x dengar ni? Degil tahap apa Bapak ni?
    – Yang disibukkan Bapak, pi gali tanah buat Koridor² sana sini..memangla boleh memacu ekonomi..tapi bukan ke itu semua lebih menguntungkan KRONI??
    – Yang kami ni nak tumpang untung kat mana lagi dengan semua projek² Koridor ni? Xkan nak biar kami bertenggek je kat balkoni?
    – Bapak..pernah pakai tak ‘kasut’ seperti yg kami pakai hari ni? Dah tentu tidak..sebab rasanya tak selesa & buat kami sentiasa gundah gulana..takkan pula Bapak sanggup sarung ‘kasut’ kami ni semua..maklumla,duit juta² mana biasa sarung ‘kasut’ rakyat jelata..
    – Kami ni tiap² hari baca surat khabar & internet tengok Bapak cerita projek berjuta²..tapi kenapa la agaknya ye kami ni semua tetap sengsara..? Wahai para pembaca semua..mustahil anda sendiri tak sengsara..? Tangan yang menaip ni,menggigil² menahan air mata dari tumpah akibat keadaan sebegini rupa yg langsung tak diduga..boleh ke Bapak yg mempunyai duit juta² memahami apa yg kami rasa? Boleh ke Bapak..? Boleh ke tidak..? Kenapa diam diri membuta?
    – Kami anak² baru nak merasa dunia berniaga, tiba² pula tersekat di ranjau yang Bapak cipta..! Bukan ke Bapak dah menggalakkan kami untuk lebih banyak berdikari seperti berniaga daripada mengharapkan kerja² di kerajaan dan swasta? Tapi kalaulah begini rupanya flip yang Bapak sarankan pada kami..kenapa flop jugak yang Bapak harus beri kepada semua? Bukan ke nampak semacam je perangai sebegini rupa? Dah tua sangat ke Bapak ni sampai terlupa bukan kami anak² saja yang memerhatikan Bapak, Tuhan di atas sana pun turut mengadili Bapak,boleh ke nanti Bapak menjawab semua soalan²Nya?
    – Para Menteri pula janganla terus²an bersandiwara..walaupun sandiwara para Menteri lebih bermakna,takkan nak kami memilih sandiwara Pembangkang yg lebih bahana? Ingatlah,di tangan kami terletak kuasa memilih anda semua. Kenapa nak patuh sangat pada yg terang²an dh menyalahgunakan kuasa? Apa lagi pilihan yg kami ada sekiranya lawan anda yg akan kami pangkah di dalam pilihan raya?
    – Tun Dr. Mahathir sendiri mungkin ada duit berjuta²,tapi kami langsung tak pandang iri pada duit Tun. Beliau bijak membuat keputusan selama 22 tahun untuk diberi gaji yang setimpal dengan usaha. Tapi dengan Bapak yg kalau diberi jugak gelaran Tun bila dh bersara nanti (Mengucap panjang ni..),kenapa kami begitu berminat nak tau dari mana & ke mana duit² tu semua?kenapa kami begitu teruja? Pelik laa..tapi kalau nak suruh Bapak mengaku pun,kucing dah keluar tanduk pun Bapak akan tetap simpan semua rahsia²..teringin nak naik turun mahkamah ke bila dah bersara nanti?banyak rahsia Bapak ni..dari KJ sampaila semua isu² negara..Petronas..Proton..MV Agusta..jual pasir murah²..Jambatan Bengkok..banyak sungguh ni rahsia² tindak tanduk Bapak..sanggup ke
    hadapi semuanya berhakimkan kami semua?
    – Wahai Bapak..LIES will bring more LIES..!
    Selawat dan Salam pada Rasul junjungan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., kepada sahabat dan keluarganya, yang dikasihi Ayahandaku Tn Hj Haron & yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Moga kalian akan terus menjadi 3 lelaki yang aku sanjungi..

  213. PanglimaBajau Jul 21,2008 7:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I’m thinking along the same line all these times.Although Tun is a brilliant thinker but I don’t think this is so difficult an idea not to think or discuss about by AAB and his advisors.After giving so much burden to the rakyat and the rakyat is not happy then they try to give gula-gula here and there.AAB and his advisors mentality is really class KAMBING.
    Tun,how I long the time when you were the PM.Even during kegawatan I could hardly felt the pinch.Now I could hardly breath
    Thank you so much Tun.

  214. badar Jul 21,2008 6:58 PM

    Salam tun,
    It is such a great relief that you still think about rakyat even though you are not in the government and umno anymore. Before this, when the government announced the increase in oil price, i miss somebody who can actually think differently, you. On the day the increase in price was announced, i think to myself that if Dr mahathir still in power this would be a different decision.

  215. M.H puteh Jul 21,2008 6:52 PM

    jangan bicara soal beban rakyat jika jiwa tidak memahami erti kesusahan.

  216. kedah youngster Jul 21,2008 6:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Sebenarnya Tun, kerajaan pimpinan paklah ni EGO & BODOH SOMBONG. Paklah tak mahu langsung menerima pandangan dari orang yang lebih berpengalaman & cerdik terutamanya Tun.
    Oleh itu, mulalah paklah nak tunjuk cara pemerintahannya sendiri. Kononnya lebih kreatif & efisien dari pimpinan terdahulu, Padahal HAMPEH. Akhirnya, rakyat yang menderita.

  217. badukang Jul 21,2008 6:47 PM


  218. nab38 Jul 21,2008 6:45 PM

    dearest Tun ,assalamualaikum
    I’ve been following your blog very closely,and of course we agree with you, anybody with a little bit of education will know the simple math behind all of this.The reason government is giving all the gula-gula because they think the rakyat are all a bunch of one year old or kindergarden kids.I mean AAB should open his eyes and get a real perspective of what is happening in the country.
    Rakyat are sick of all this bickering and nonsense ,the sooner AAB and his cronies go down the better it is for us.
    i think its fair to say that the majority of people in this blog regardless of race are calling out to Tun to do something about all this madness before we pass the point of no return,before it is too late to rectify all of the wroingdoing of the present adminstration.
    DSAI no doubt charismatic but is too controversial and hardly a man to be trusted.The only hope for Malaysia is Tun.
    Please Tun help all of us before we are all doomed.
    Im sure even that you are not in the present government or a member of UMNO, u have ways and means to achieve this,being a man of experience.You should groom your son to be the next sucessor,with you as the adviser.
    Thank You Tun..All of us are behind you..Allahuakbar

  219. ihsan Jul 21,2008 6:38 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun,
    I agree with you Tun, instead of giving rakyat a short term relieve they should focus on a wider vision for a better solution. Thank you and dont stop contributing brilliant ideas.

  220. pandangankritis Jul 21,2008 6:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Do you know why Pak Lah wanted to give back the savings in terms of cash but not subsidy? Well, according to an anti-Khairy weblog, it is said that Pos Malaysia Berhad will earn RM10 of procedure fees for every RM625 taken by car owners. And at the same time, Khairy who owns a company (forgot its name) which is holding a percentage of share of Pos Malaysia Berhad will receive the mass profit indirectly. What a touching real-life story! Blood is thicker than water, no matter what, right?
    The story may be real and may be not, based on how your interpretation is.

  221. Amy Jul 21,2008 6:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Rakyat Msia skrg ni hidup dalam kesusahan sejak harga minyak dinaikkan secara mendadak. Pak Lah ni mcm tak faham lagi…sudah lah keputusan pilihanraya ke-12 menunjukkan beliau tidak popular,dia buat lagi hal yg makin membuatkan dia tidak popular…langsung tdk peka dan prihatin dgn akibat dari keputusannya tu kpd rakyat…Pak Lah sekeluarga senang, rakyat susahhhh…makin lama semakin parah sehingga ramai rakyat yg menyokong DSAI walaupun belum tentu dia tidak bersalah…sekurang2 bagi mereka DSAI faham akan keperitan rakyat dan janji DSAI utk menurunkan harga minyak menjadi idaman rakyat skrg ni…
    Jaga diri Tun.

  222. hai Jul 21,2008 6:25 PM

    In the modern world there are many challenges that cannot be met by some people in power acting alone – and to address those challenges effectively, we need to harness the energy and innovation of front-line professionals, citizens and communities.
    Prime Minister, the Governance of Malaysia to enhance the rights of citizens and to make our institutions more accountable. But we need to build on this by empowering communities and citizens
    and ensuring that power is more fairly distributed across the whole of our Malaysian society.
    Now, we want to move to the next stage in that process – enhancing the power of communities and helping people up and down the Malaysian country to set and meet their own priorities. In this way we strengthen democracy by increasing participation.
    This is not about making people sit in meetings on wet Tuesday nights (conventional), it is about helping citizens to get involved when they want to on their own terms – paving the way for a new style of active politics that not only gives people a greater say but ensures that their voices are heard and that their views will make a difference. And it is an agenda for empowerment that reaches right across the board, from supporting people who want to take an active role in their communities to giving them better access to information and the chance to get more involved in key Government services/projects. These themes lie at the heart of our Malaysian people reform agenda – the transfer of power both to front-line professionals and to users, who we want to be able to play a far greater role in shaping the Malaysian country.
    To help achieve those goals,where both BN and opposition government can devolve more power to citizens – giving Malaysian people the power to drive real improvements in everything from the way their neighbourhoods are policed to the way that Government assets are used. I believe it will help to build the vibrant democracies on which our Malaysian society depend.
    “Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO” but I am a vibrant Malaysian who knows that our current PM, Members of Parliament and Ministers have convinced me that there are few issues so complex, few problems so knotty, that they cannot be tackled and solved by the innate common sense and genius of Malaysian people. With the right support, guidance and advice, community groups and organisations have a huge, largely latent, capacity for good-government and excel-organisation. This should be the hallmark of the modern state: devolved, decentralised, with power diffused throughout our society.
    That Malaysian people should have the maximum influence, control and ownership over the decisions, forces and agencies which shape their lives and environments is the essence of democracy. There are few ideas more powerful, or more challenging. Some People with power are seldom willing to give it up readily; people without power are seldom content to remain enslaved.
    We Malaysian people are committed to greater democracy, devolution and control for communities. We want to see stronger state/local councils, more co-operatives and social enterprises, more people becoming active in their communities as volunteers, advocates, and elected representatives. We want to see Government services and servants in tune with, and accountable to, the people they serve. Democracy is not about a cross in a box every five years, but about a way of life. It should flow around us like oxygen.
    If the Government really wants to reduce the burden of the people caused by the price of oil, it should really look at the whole economy and seek ways and means to reduce the burden, not piecemeal but in a comprehensive way.
    Encouragement for innovative ways to get Malaysian people involved such as participatory budgeting, citizens’ juries and petitions. But there is so much more to be done.
    We will continue to strive for greater reform, devolution and accountability, because that is what people will increasingly want and demand. And because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

  223. Maverick Jul 21,2008 6:14 PM

    Salam hormat buat Tun dan keluarga serta keluarga besar CheDet.Com,
    Pandangan seumpama Tun cadangkan pada kali ini telah pun saya berikan pada hari DSAAB menaikkan harga minyak dahulu. Saya tidak akan mengulas mengenai perkara ini lagi. Cuma saya agak kecewa sehingga ke hari ini dengan tindakan kerajaan. Apa yang menyedihkan ialah, barisan kabinet dan pemimpin kerajaan BN kebanyakkannya terdiri daripada mereka-mereka yang berpelajaran tinggi namun kaedah yang ditunjukkan ini tidak menampakkan intelektual mereka. Keputusan menaikkan harga minyak sehingga 40% dalam satu masa kalau dilihat adalah keputusan yang terdesak dan tanpa berfikir panjang. Sekarang ini kerajaan menganjurkan supaya rakyat berjimat cermat dalam berbelanja untuk hidup. Memang langkah berjimat ini baik dan patut dilakukan, namun dalam hal ini kita berjimat cermat bukanlah untuk menabung pendapatan kita untuk hari hujan kelak. Langkah berjimat ini untuk kita dapat mengurus pendapatan bulanan kita supaya dapat hidup sehingga hujung bulan dan kalau bijak dapatlah kita menyimpan duit dalam RM10-RM50 sebulan.
    Seperti yang kita tahu, kenaikkan harga minyak ini akan membawa chain reaction dalam kenaikkan harga barangan dan perkhidmatan yang lain melalui peningkatan kos bahan bakar dan kos operasi. Bayangkan kenaikkan yang bakal berlaku dengan kenaikkan 40% harga minyak. Sekiranya kerajaan sudah tidak mempunyai jalan lain selain menaikkan harga minyak, kita akan terima keadaan ini. Tapi kaedah kenaikkan itu kenalah lebih baik daripada yang ada sekarang. Saya bagi contoh, seorang budak yang baru masuk ke tahun 1 dan selang beberapa bulan dinaikkan ke tahun 4. Apakah akan berlaku kepada budak itu? Sememangnya dia tidak akan dapat berhadapan dengan perubahan yang mendadak ini. Dalam masa yang sama budak ini akan mengalami tekanan perasaan akibat daripada perubahan yang mendadak dan dalam jangka masa yang singkat mungkin akan memberontak. Kenapa perkara ini berlaku? Budak tadi dinaikkan tahap pelajarannya ke peringkat yang dia sendiri tidak dapat mengangkatnya. Siapa yang membuat keputusan? Guru Besar yang menaikkan budak ini tadi tidak melihat kepada keadaan dalaman budak tadi samada dia dapat menerimanya ataupun tidak. Dalam situasi ini, budak tadi merupakan mangsa akibat daripada keputusan Guru Besar tadi yang membuat keputusan bagi dirinya tanpa bertanyakan kepada budak tersebut. Begitu jugalah yang berlaku kepada masyarakat sekarang. Kaedah yang digunakkan dalam menangani kenaikkan harga minyak global ini tidak memberikan kebaikkan kepada rakyat untuk jangka masa panjang. Kebanyakkan pengusaha, pembekal dan penjual akan menaikkan harga barangan mereka secara berperingkat untuk menutup kerugian mereka dalam kos pengangkutan dan operasi. Perkara ini akan berlaku dan kita hanya perlu tunggu dan lihat sahaja. Kita tidak dapat menyalahkan peniaga kerana adat berdagang adalah untuk mendapat keuntungan.
    Saya tidak mengatakan bahawa kerajaan tidak perlu menaikkan harga minyak, cuma cara dan kaedah yang digunakkan itu tidak sesuai. Dalam hal ini, rakyat tidak diberikan ruang untuk bersedia menghadapi kenaikkan ini dan keputusan ini seperti keputusan orang yang kurang berpendidikan. Dalam masa Tun dahulu juga pernah menaikkan harga minyak, tapi kaedah yang Tun gunakan itu boleh diterima oleh rakyat dan penerangan mengenai kenaikkan ini telah diperjelaskan terlebih dahulu sebelum pelaksanaan dijalankan.
    Saya berasa takut untuk memikirkan apa yang akan berlaku dimasa hadapan sekiranya usaha tidak dijalankan pada hari ini. Seperkara yang ingin saya tekankan disini, kepada ahli-ahli yang berhormat yang duduk di dewan parlimen, kita harap agar mereka ini kurangkan kontreversi dan perlagaan mereka mengenai hal-hal yang remeh. Tolong tumpukan kepada perkara-perkara yang lebih penting kepada rakyat dan bukannya hanya bertikam lidah dan mencaci sesama sendiri semasa dewan bersidang. Masa yang terbuang itu amat berharga dan tolong ingat bahawa rakyat tidak memilih kamu untuk menunjukkan kekuatan suara dalam pertikaman lidah, rakyat memilih kamu untuk melaksanakan tugas menyampaikan suara mereka supaya ada perubahan dalam kawasan yang kamu wakili itu. Ingat, perjuangan itu adalah untuk AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA.

  224. teh Jul 21,2008 6:03 PM

    Good evening Tun,
    With every post on your blog, I really missed you especially your leadership in running the country and turning Malaysia around whenever there is a crisis.
    Your comments are well thought. Our present PM has not learned much from you all those years, sad to say. His policies are ‘Today it is this way and tomorrow the reserve’. In the private sector, this phenomena is performed by someone who don’t have much direction and not much for the future. He’s just trying to keep busy for the sake of being busy. Really unproductive! The scariest part is that he might take Malaysia down if he don’t leave.
    On one hand there is the 40% increase in petrol price to save expenses in subsidy and then on the other have rebates,reduced taxes and cutbacks to ease the Rakyats’ burden. Where is the saving then and how much is saved? The PM and his team are running out of ideas but his cheerleaders gave him standing ovation!

  225. Onlooker Jul 21,2008 5:55 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Biarlah Tun! Kenapa nak buang masa lagi dalam usaha untuk mengajar AAB macam mana boleh menaikkan harga minyak tanpa menyebabkan kebangkitan rakyat? Sekarang harga minyak sudah pun dinaikkan sebanyak 40%. Kalau AAB nak menurunkan harga minyak sebanyak 30% seperti yang dicadangkan oleh Tun, aku berasa AAB akan takut Tun ataupun para penyokong Tun membuat tuduhan bahawa AAB “flip-flop” lagi. Sekarang AAB nampaknya sudah sangkut dalam keadaan jalan buntu tetapi tidak boleh pulang ke pangkal jalan lagi kerana harimau ganas sudah menunggu di sana. Biar mati anak, jangan jatuh maruah! Mana boleh kita harap AAB akan menurunkan harga minyak lagi kerana Tun selalu menuduhkan AAB suka “flip-flop”?
    Pada pendapat aku, adalah lagi berhasil kepada rakyat Malaysia jikalau Tun boleh mengambil sedikit masa untuk memikir sesuatu cara berkesan untuk mencegah kuasa mutlak kerajaan pusat yang mungkin tertumpu di tangan seseorang Perdana Menteri sampai kuasa perintah ini sanggup disalahgunakan dengan secara berleluasa tanpa pengawalan daripada mana-mana pihak dalam sistem kerajaan kita. Nampaknya kebimbangan seperti ini tidak boleh berlaku seandainya AAB masih memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri kerana AAB adalah seorang pemimpin lemah. Walau bagaimanapun, seseorang pemerintah zalim seperti diktator mungkin terwujud pada masa depan.
    Aku berasa kebimbangan yang aku sebutkan di sini bukanlah mustahil.
    Maka, alangkah baiknya jikalau Tun sanggup mencadangkan satu sistem “checks and balances” yang cukup sempurna untuk mencegah penyalahgunaan kuasa pegawai-pegawai tinggi Kerajaan Pusat seperti Perdana Menteri, Attorney-General, Ketua Polis Diraja Malaysia (IGP), Menteri Dalam Negeri, Menteri Pertahanan dan sebagainya!

  226. rakyatengah Jul 21,2008 5:50 PM

    Dear All,
    Saya rasa semua org terlalu mengharapkan Tun dan terlalu mengagungkan Tun. Malah dulu masa sekolah dulu saya sendiri bercita-cita nak jadi PM. Even worse skang ramai nak jadi penjual roti(joke).
    Tak salah cuma bila besar bagi saya sedar tak semua org tu sempurna. Even Tun pun dah menjangkau hujung usia. Banyak kekurangan manusia ni. Semua benda kita nak buat kene ramai-ramai. Tak de benda yang kita buat sorang sorang. Masa Tun Jadi PM dulu ramai keliling Tun yang memacu negara. Mustahil hanya tun seorang diri. Jadi jgn terlampau agongkan sgt individu tertentu.
    Seperkara lagi, buat semua yang bagi comment. Takde masalahnya dgn komen. Tapi jgn hina org, jgan cemuh org. Nie “Org Tua” yang baca komen ko nie, sakit hati die. Korang nie semua rakyat yang hasil zaman die, korang belajar bawah sistem die. Kalau korang semua cakap macam org takda otak. Kecewa yang amat sangat Tun nanti lihat rakyat die macam nie. Tak kisah salah apa diorang buat, teruk mana perangai orang lain. Komen biar macam org berilmu. Meluat nanti org baca blog che det tgk takda beza dgn blog org lain. main sapu ja semua komen.

  227. adykasyah Jul 21,2008 5:49 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I’m one of your fans and I hope you can influence somebody to replace the existing leaders. I hope it’s not Najib or people that we know their background and capability.
    Your blog and ideas are really meaningful and enjoy to read but..
    Is there any action taken based on the facts given from you?
    We are the middle class people with nothing to offer.
    We go to work and only think about our family.
    Please Tun, what is the solutions?
    Best regards,

  228. sangsetia Jul 21,2008 5:48 PM

    Salam Tun,
    PakLah tahu mungkin Najib akan bertanding juga pada bulan 12 ni sebab akan ada cukup bilangan Bahagian yg akan mencalonkan Najib utk bertanding Presiden.
    Maka PakLah pun menjalankan strateginya utk terus kekal menjadi PM iaitu dengan mengajak PAS keluar dari PR. Dengan kejayaan membawa PAS menyertai BN dan kejatuhan PR di Selangor dan Perak akan naiklah lagi saham PakLah. Cuma yang bengong saya dibuat, keputusan PakLah berunding dengan PAS tu dah dibawa dan dipersetujui oleh MT UMNO atau BN ke. Sah satu lagi usaha bersendirian PakLah utk menyelamatkan kedudukannya sepertimana keputusan PakLah utk menerima Ezam menyertai semual UMNO.
    Dengar cerita Majlis Raja-Raja telah pun mengeluarkan ketetapan meminta PakLah melepaskan jawatan … tak tahulah betul atau tidak … apa komen Tun dalam hal ini.

  229. zaki_77 Jul 21,2008 5:47 PM

    By reducing the price increase of oil from 40 per cent to 30 per cent, the government would be depriving itself of pocketing millions :^)

  230. mzzainal Jul 21,2008 5:47 PM

    Govt has the means and ways to reduce the burden of the Rakyat. However the Govt refuses to do so. They say that the burden is not their doing and beyond their control.
    All I know is that I and many others are not able to taste the fruits of the Govt’s projects, unless one is related to the 4th Floor or a kin to someone high in UMNO.
    Feeling frust about what the Govt can achieve but chooses not to.

  231. Croup Jul 21,2008 5:45 PM

    AAB ni naik sebab Tun yang lantik dia sebab masa tu Tun yakin bahawa dia akan menyambung apa yang Tun dah buat. Now sekarang ni macam mana? Saya fikir cara yang terbaik ialah Tun kembali semula ke dalam govt sekarang dan jadi PM dan betul kan balik apa yang AAB dah buat. Miss you a lot Tun.

  232. Pak Din Jul 21,2008 5:37 PM

    Salam Hormat Tun,
    Biar pun Tun tidak lagi memegang jawatan didalam kerajaan ataupun UMNO tetapi kami rakyat amat memerlukan Pejuang Bangsa dan Pemimpin untuk menyelamatkan bangsa melayu pada masa ini.
    Sesiapa pun boleh pegang jawatan tinggi and memerintah. But they can’t Lead! Stop fooling yourself Pak Lah! You are not a leader. Dok rumah bela Jin sudahlah!

  233. thaiso Jul 21,2008 5:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Sorry.Tun dah keluar UMNO.Cadangan Tun ditolak.Tapi itu kata Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak la.
    Naikkan lagi harga petrol baru okay.Naikkan harga barangan lagi baru okay.Biar inflasi naik tinggi lagi.Baru ada rusuhan.
    Bila ada rusuhan kaum baru ada peralihan kuasa dalam UMNO.Macam dulu-dulu.Saya tak tahu sebab muda lagi.Tapi pengarang akhbar SAHSIAH cerita jugak pasal bagaimana peralihan kuasa berlaku antara Tunku Abdul Rahman kepada Tun Razak dulu.
    Betullah dulu PM turun dengan rela hati macam yang nak buat sekarang ni.Jadi cadangan saya naikkan harga minyak.Naikkan harga barangan.
    Sorry.Saya juga bukan ahli UMNO.

  234. GOMO Jul 21,2008 5:31 PM


  235. YapAhLoy Jul 21,2008 5:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are right and very good in numbers too.
    The current government failed to realised the compounded effect of the oil price increased. Maybe they don’t have a proper mathematical model to work on.
    The recent Terengganu Government purchased of 14 Mercedes is a good example. Spending a whooping RM 3,430,000 to offset a RM50,000 repair in 3 years is quite a ridiculous excuse to give.
    The Maths
    RM 3,430,000 x 4% interest = RM 137200 per annum
    They can even keep the principal sum and use the interest to offset the maintenance with some surplus too !
    Remember, car value can depreciate too. Can someone tell me the actual cost to maintain a E 200 ? I dun think is cheaper than Perdana V6 by looking at the Perdana vehicle on the road vs E 200.
    Another project by BN using Public Money.
    So sad,

  236. zuby Jul 21,2008 5:24 PM

    Salam Tun,
    This is the problem when the person incharge of the nation’s economics has no clue on economics/finance/common sense. It is amazing that even his advisers fail to advise him or they are also clueless.
    I wish you good health and hope that you can and will continue to contribute towards the nation with your wisdom. I dread to think that one day we will go back to the jungle and live on trees given the current state of politics and economy.

  237. fawz Jul 21,2008 5:24 PM

    Congratulation! Over 4 million hits already! Bravo!

  238. crazyidiot Jul 21,2008 5:23 PM

    The current government is stealing the people’s money from our pockets. We, Malaysians own our oil and we should not pay for what we own. 400,000 barels should be free for Malaysians ! It is dumb to pay for what you own. If you own a pen, and the shop keeper asks you to pay for the pen that is alredy yours, isn’t that daylight robbery?

  239. fawz Jul 21,2008 5:22 PM

    Respected Tun Dr. Mahathir & Friends,
    Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.
    1. It is time to cut our dependant on fossil fuels. Sustainable renewal energy is the way to go. Have to do it now! (long term solution)
    2. Meanwhile can we do something to curb the activities of the oil & gas market speculators? (short term solution)
    3. Rising food prices is another problem, the most suitable and efficient technology must be used to beef up the agricultural sector. (long term solution)
    4. The Government should focus and act on these problems now. Stop wasting time and money on this power struggle game. (and the promotion of ideology, i.e. HADHARI)
    Thank you,

  240. azlela Jul 21,2008 5:18 PM

    Salam Tun and fellow bloggers,
    We are all confused with the current government’s policy/ methods on supposedly reducing the people’s burden. Increase the fuel price by 40% and give back rebates of RM625. What was the basis of coming up with that figure?? Instead of giving the rebates, why don’t they use the money to offset against the increase in fuel price?? It doesn’t make sense at all.
    I suppose many of you will agree with me that up until now, the Flip Flop Folly government has NOT come up with concrete plans to deal with the economic crisis.. in the mean time, WE the people are the ones who suffer…

  241. Jed Yoong Jul 21,2008 5:16 PM

    Pak Lah + advisors are dumb. That’s now a statement of FACT.
    Instead of taking 1 step to solve the problem, it takes 5 steps and fails to solve it.
    But Tun is the one who
    1. Appointed Dumbo + Actor No.1 “Saya Tak Tau” Pak Lah
    2. Made the UMNO president so powerful
    3. Killed our judiciary
    So who is to blame now? ONLY Barisan Nasional and its five decades of racist politics.

  242. abs Jul 21,2008 5:15 PM

    Salam Hormat kepada Tun yang dikasihi,
    Saya memang setuju dengan kenaikan harga minyak 40% memang membebankan rakyat yang puratanya berpendapatan rendah. Kerajaan Pak Lah memang terasa dia orang sudah buat kesilapan besar dengan menaikan harga bahan bakar dengan begitu mendadak. Jadi dia orang jadi ahli bombalah buat ‘Fire Fighting’ dengan memberi gula2 pada rakyat dalam bentuk ‘rebate’ dan lain-lain cara dengan menabur wang kesana kesini. Betul2 membazir tapi masaalah pokok tetap tak dapat diselesai dan ‘chain reaction’ menjadi berantai2 tak ada kesudahannya. Saya rasalah, penasihat ekonomi kerajaan sekarang ni macam tak habis belajarlah…half cook economist. Tak macam zaman Tun dulu, penasihat Tun hebat2 macam the late Dr Nordin Sopie dan lain-lain. Mereka telus dan pandai untuk menjaga hati dan poke rakyat. Ini tidak main hentam saja. Masa kempen pilihan raya janji tak naikkan harga minyak, bila menang saja terus buli rakyak. Lepas tu marahkan rakyat tak sokong kerajaan. Naive betul geng2 Pak Lah ni.Untung yang Petronas bagi berbillion2, sampai jagi kera dapat bunga dibuatnya, sampai tak tahu nak buat apa dengan duit tu. DiTrengganu pula, baru dengar nak dapat balik duit Royalty minyak dak beli Mercedes Benz sorang satu..betul2 macam kera ..pelahap betul. Tun, macam mana nak disiplin budak2 ni..tolong bagi tips sikit.

  243. m-faizal-san Jul 21,2008 5:12 PM

    Mcmana ni Tun, mmg flip-flop nih..
    Tak lama dahulu (baru je sangat) – “Rakyat Diminta Ubah Cara Hidup”
    Semalam – “EXCO Terengganu dapat Mercedes Kompressor ganti Proton Perdana”
    Apa lagi Dolah nak komen? Jgn harap la nak menang PRU13. To Najib, sedarlah..kamu akan pikul beban yg amat sgt kalau keadaan tidak berubah SEKARANG!

  244. esplanade Jul 21,2008 5:11 PM

    Pak Lah melakukan kesilapan besar yang sukar dimaafkan oleh rakyat pedalaman Sabah dan Sarawak. Kenaikan harga diesel banyak membunuh aktiviti sosial dan ekonomi di kawasan ini.
    Kekerapan mengunjungi keluarga, saudara dan sahabat handai terpaksa dibataskan. Orang kampung terpaksa berfikir panjang untuk menjual hasil tanaman ke pekan sehari kerana pendapatan hasil jualan belum tentu dapat menampung kos pengangkutan.
    Pendapatan orang kampung hanya habis untuk membayar kos tambang dan belum lagi termasuk kenaikan harga barang.
    Guru-guru keperitan memandu kereta berenjin diesel berkuasa sebesar 2.5 cc hingga 3.0cc kerana menggunakan minyak yang sangat banyak seolah-olah memandu kereta camry 2.4 cc. sedangkan untuk masuk mengajar di pedalaman hanya kereta enjin diesel yang sesuai digunakan terutama di pedalaman bertaraf P1, P2 dan P3.
    Dulu perbezaan antara petrol dan diesel 40 sen tapi sekarang 10 sen. Itu belum lagi dilihat dari kenaikan sebenar diesel sebanyak RM1.00. Apakah Pak Lah fikir kami pakai kereta diesel berenjin diesel besar itu kerana kami kaya! Secara peribadi saya lebih suka memilih untuk memakai kancil sekiranya pengangkutan di sini sempurna. Ini tidak termsuk dengan beban minyak untuk generator dan enjin bot di pedalaman? Tidakkah Pak Lah terfikir akan semua ini?
    Apakah Pak Lah ingat 1 bilion yang ditabur baru-baru ini dapat mengubati hati rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak. Mungkin taktik ini berkesan untuk menutup mulut pemimpin Sabah dan Sarawak dan menjadikan mereka setia. Kerana 1 bilion itu boleh boleh dibuat pelbagai projek yang memberikan keuntungan kepada golongan tertentu. Tetapi hingga kini rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak masih belum merasa faedah RM1 Bilion itu.
    Idea Rebat Tunai untuk mengimbangi kenaikan minyak ini hanyalah suatu idea kebodohan. Ia tidak lebih sebagai eksperimen yang gagal. Mungkin Pak Lah cuba mencipta suatu jenama untuk diingati oleh rakyat. Mungkin Pak Lah mahu dilihat bijak dengan idea hebatnya. Mungkin Pak Lah mahu meninggalkan suatu konsep yang julung-julung kali diperkenalkan di dunia. Mungkin Pak Lah mahu pujian dari negara-negara sekeliling kerana kegeniusan ideanya. (Ataupun sekiranya idea ini datang dari pentadbiran Pak Lah maka mungkin pentadbiran Pak Lah sengaja memberikan idea ini supaya karier Pak Lah cepat hancur?)
    Kononnya idea rebat tunai itu praktikal dan bersifat tiada diskriminasi. Namun usaha pemberian rebat tunai sama rata itu membuat Pak Lah kelihatan bodoh. Seseorang yang menggunakan kancil untuk perjalanan 100km sehari dibayar sama rata dengan mereka yang menggunakan kancil untuk perjalanan 10km sehari! Sebuah keluarga yang ada 2 kereta untung kerana dibayar untuk kedua-dua kereta walau penggunaaanya masih 10km sehari berbanding keluarga yang memiliki sebuah kereta tetapi penggunaannya 100km sehari. Apakah ini bukan bodoh namanya. Sistem asal ialah subsidi diberikan berdasarkan nisbah keperluan perjalanan. Mereka yang berjalan sejauh 100km mendapat nilai nisbah yang sama dengan perjalanan 10km
    Beberapa minggu lepas Brunei yang terkenal negeri yang kaya dengan hasil minyak mula menjual minyak kepada pengguna luar lebih mahal daripada harga pasaran negara itu sendiri. Sekiranya harga petrol di Malaysia berharga RM2.70 maka harga yang perlu dibayar oleh rakyat malaysia ialah RM2.80!
    Berapakah harga yang perlu di bayar oleh rakyat Singapura dan Thailand? Kenapakah Malaysia masih memberikan rakyat Singapura dan Thailand subsidi minyak sebanyak 30 sen? Mengapakah ketika peraturan pembelian minyak jarak 30-50 km menjadi isu, tiba-tiba peraturan itu dibatalkan? Megapakah ketika itu hanya Thailand sahaja difokuskan dan singapura didiamkan? Seolah-olah apabila peraturan dibatalkan kita hanya melihat ia memberi keuntungan kepada stesen minyak malaysia di utara dan kita dikelabui untuk tidak melihat keuntungan rakyat singapura membeli minyak murah malaysia! Adakah kerana kita ingin menjaga hati singapura?
    Saya semakin faham kenapa Pak Lah harus bersara awal. Pak Lah amat lemah dan tidak mampu mengawal pentadbiran kerajaan. Saya setuju Pak Lah harus bersara hari ini juga.

  245. edmund chua Jul 21,2008 5:11 PM

    Dear All,
    Sometimes i just wondering,
    1. Why Pak Lah increase the salary of the goverment sector. This will means higher purchase power for goverment servan and then the private sector will suffer. We already see increase of foods and other goods in our market even before the oil price increase.
    2. Where did the increment of the salary of the goverment sector come from. Will it be due to economy slow down they have no choice but to cut the susidy which in turn to churn out goverment servant salary?
    3. If this is hard to cope up do you think Pak LAh will come out with the idea to cut down goverment servant salary since purchase power will reduce? by a mere 10%?
    4. We know due to economy slow down, i dont see anyone will receive any increment end of this year and worst hit next year. EXCEPt for the goverment sector.
    5. Why Pak Lah did mentioned that he are not able to increase the private sector due to the damages cause by increasin goverment servant salary. But he did nothing to solve the private sector. I believe he still can reduce goverment servant salary in order to reduce their purchase power.B
    5. Maybe Petronas worker is the only company which will received high bonus and increment this year.
    6. I believe even the RM 625 given in 2 times a year still wont be sufficient enough to cover for those who use. Goverment claim that only those who use more petrol will benefits from the susidy. Will it be fair to say that we as a driver pay more tolls as well. Since the goverment already benefit from us on the toll money why r they still hunting our other parts of money. Even they have tax us high on the tax for a purchase of the foreign car. How can you compare a Honda City/Toyota Vios which is actually cost cheaper than Proton Persona yet price are higher so much compare to Proton Car. Aren’t collecting 20k additional from the car is enough for them and by giving some susidy of the petrol will be fair enough to all of us. We now the price of Honday/Toyota without tax or other country it will cost only RM 45k. But due to our country tax structure, it becomes expensive. Do you think Persona are much better than the 2 car in terms of reliable,stability,confortability, good performance. If yes no one care to buy it.
    6. Or perhaps implement COLA, or transport allowance for us who work city area or industrial area will help to reduce our burden

  246. worldwide Jul 21,2008 5:07 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Pasal MB ganu ni p tukaq keta Perdana beli Merz alasan nak jimat kos tu..alasan yg paling “lucu” sy penah dgr..lagi-lagi dr seorang yang berjawatan MB..uhuhuhu..mcmla orang tak tau keta Merz tu harga baper, maintenance dia ingat tak tinggi ke..nak blagakla tu, tak nak pakai keta buatan Malaysia.Hishhh..Plzzzzz..

  247. walao Jul 21,2008 5:05 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Just like to say thank you. At least you are the only respectable UMNO and BN politician (although you are not right now) to acknowledge that this oil price hike is hurting all of us. Construction side is showing slow progress, materials cost all gone up, staff demand higher petrol allownce, contractors pulling out due to cannot cope with current material cost …. all these the government now refuse to understand the ripple effects they just throw to us. I bet they are enjoying their dinner with their ears and eyes closed while the whole nation is striving hard to overcome the sudden oil price hike. Pls help us all.

  248. Mohd Naim Jul 21,2008 5:01 PM

    Yg. Dikasihi Tun,
    Fact. The government do not listen to your good suggestions and views no matter that many of us agreed with them. They‘d rather let DSAI and his gung-ho buddies in PR instead to gain popularity.
    The recent debate telecast live on TV made great impact on many especially the rural Malays. A friend who was then in Johore visiting relatives related to me that he was shocked to see many turncoats among the folks since the debate and arrest of DSAI. They spoke openly why DSAI should be given the chance to be PM as there were no other prospects among the current leaders in UMNO to be the one championing the Rakyat’s cause. To them the accusations against DSAI were mere slanders attempting to shame him and his family. Being pious, they despised the move.
    Tun, I am sure you’d realized too that many among your fans here are sympathetic towards DSAI ever since the incidents. He seems to have the non-Malays in his pocket and gaining on the Malays each time UMNO or the government blundered which is often nowadays. The numbers are sliding south quite rapidly and with due respect to you Tun, your inability to make the government listen to you has made DSAI the man they are relying on for good or for worse.
    Dig deep into your arsenal and deploy your best weapon Tun for the chance to right the wrongs is quickly diminishing.

  249. webman511 Jul 21,2008 4:59 PM

    The REAL REASON why the current administration hike up the price by 40% can be found in the debate between Anwar and Shabery.
    When Shabery accused Anwar of kowtowing to IMF during the financial crisis of 1997, Anwer struck back by saying that the current oil price hike is also an IMF agenda. Tak percaya? Listen back to the debate. Anyone knows the link to YouTube?
    I guess Anwar must be telling the truth as he has many close friends in IMF.
    As to why it is an IMF agenda, I can explain but at another more appropriate time.

  250. sabahkini Jul 21,2008 4:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Pemberian rebet minyak bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat pada pendapat saya tidak masuk akal sama sekali.Dengan pengiraan mudah seperti berikut:
    Jumlah pengunaan minyak 1 bulan = 200 litre
    Jumlah kos: 200*2.70 = RM540
    Jumlah rebet diterima: RM635.00
    Jumlah rebet sebulan:RM52.90
    Kos sebenar sebulan:RM540-52.90=RM487.10
    Oleh itu harga sebenar: RM487.10/200 litre =RM2.45
    Dengan maksud lain rebet yang diberi adalah duit kita juga atau ringkasnya setiap litre petrol yang kita beli sebanyak 0.25 sen adalah wang yang kita dahulukan (tabaruk..hehe)supaya kerajaan mampu membayar rebet masa kita renewal road tax nanti.
    Adalah lebih mudah sekiranya harga minyak ditetapkan pada RM2.45 berbanding rebet yang digunapakai.Ini kerana kenaikan yang keterlaluan telah memberi kesan domino kepada ekomomi keseluruhannya.

  251. Jamil Jul 21,2008 4:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree with you completely – the rise in the fuel price should have been gradual – it would not only allow time for people to adjust to this and also give time for the opportunity for the price of world oil to come down. Recently, you may noticed that the price of oil has decrease by US$12. Hope that I will have time to get my rebate of RM625 before it is taken away.
    Look at the stupid UMNO MB of Terengganu – the rakyat are suffering and yet he spent RM3.4 million to purchase Mercedeses for the Exco (aka cronies). It is payback for their support in the recent MB case in that backward thinking state!!! A Proton Perdana is not good enough for the politicians from that state. What a waste and misuse of public money!!! What the non-Malays are saying about UMNO robbing the Malays blind, in this case is proven to be true! I am so fed up of this abuse of power and financial mismanagement by the UMNOputra.
    Harap orang Terengganu membantah tindakan MB yang tidak bermoral ini.

  252. worldwide Jul 21,2008 4:54 PM

    To all Bloggers..
    alaa..kite ckp mcm mana pun kat PM la ni suh resign, dia takkan dgr punya..dia akan kata, “rakyat mahukan dia dan dia dapat sokongan dr akar umbi supaya kekal jwtn presiden sampaila 2010” .Ni la namanya syok sendiri, pdhl tnyla sapa2 pun, smua dh tak nak dh ngn PM la ni..klu ikut hati, nak je pegi jumpa dia bgtau mintak letak jawatan skrg jugak, susah nak ckp ngn org tak faham bahasa ni!

  253. JUJUR Jul 21,2008 4:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya pun pikir benda yang sama.Daripada umumkan macam2 cara atau penyelesaian yang akhirnya keluar duit banyak gak, baik ‘reduce’ sikit harga minyak tu at least 10%….Bila dikira jadi sama gak jumlah duit belanjanye..Silap2 lebih lagi…
    Kalau keraajan berikan bantuan atau pelan terus kepada individu/rakyat kalau PELAKSANAANNYA tak telus takut banyak yang tak merasa….’
    Orang selalu cakap, bila kat sekolah hormat kat cikgu, dengar cakap cikgu, jangan kurang ajar dengan cikgu, jangan melawan cikgu, insya’Allah kita akan dapat ilmu tu dan mudah masuk dalam kepala.
    Bila dah berjaya pulak ingat pesan cikgu, gunakan apa yang telah diajar oleh cikgu, jangan lupa diri dan bila berselisih tegurlah cikgu, jangan sombong.Sebab apa, tanpa cikgu ni tak mungkin kita boleh berjaya.Dan cikgu nilah yang dah banyak bagi ilmu kat kita…Niat cikgu ni ajar kita dulu pun ikhlas sebab nak kita berjaya.
    Apa kene mengengena dengan cikgu ni kan?
    Ini lah kesannya kepada Pak Lah….sebab lupa yang beliau mempunyai guru yang sangat baik & bijak yang masih ingin memberi & mencurahkan ilmu itu (walaupun bukan lagi dalam kerajaan & UMNO)….sepatutnya dulu bila Pak Lah menghadapi kesulitan, rujuklah kat gurunya itu.Kerana gurunya banyak pengalaman dan orang lain (kalau dapat peluang pun mesti tak lepaskan untuk dapat nasihat dan tunjuk ajar).
    Mungkin bila dah jadi PM dan ada kuasa kita nak letakkan diri kita ni juga mencapai sesuatu kejayaan dalam mentadbir negara mengikut idea2 & dasar2 yg datang dari kita sendiri…
    Saya tak salah kan Pak Lah untuk membuat dasar2 baru tapi saya kesal sebab dasar2 atau pelannya tak dikaji dan diteliti dan mudah menukar pelan atau perancangan yang terdahulu yang rasanya kalau dikekalkan ada yang lebih bagus..
    Ingatlah Pak Lah bahawa tiada pertandingan siapa Perdana Menteri paling hebat di Malaysia ini sebab semua menuju kepada matlamat yang sama membangunkan negara & menaikkan taraf hidup rakyat juga menegak & mempertahankan agama Islam….

  254. wokyoh Jul 21,2008 4:51 PM

    Salam perjuangan buat Tun yang dikasihi
    1)Memang kena ikut apa yang tun cadang…baru betul…harga minyak kena naik sikit-sikit janganlah terlalu drastik hingga membebankan rakyat.
    2)Ramai yang komen pasal pembelian kereta mercs 14 bijik.oleh k’jaan T-Ganu…berlagaknya kamu semua ye..kononnya V6 yang dah pakai 4 tahun banyak masalah…..aiikkk…nenek saya pakai v6 thn 2003 (dah 5 thn ) ok lagi apa……paklah pun pakai V6 lagi…kamu lawan tokey lah….tu sebab tahun ni keputeraan sultan mizan tak ada anugerah atau pingat….maybe dah murka la tu….ahmad said 2×5 dgn deris je la…
    3)paklah….cerdik juga bila paklah buat perjumpaan dgn PAS…betul ke untuk melayu dan islam…atau untuk kepentingan peribadi?.

  255. nookvillage Jul 21,2008 4:50 PM

    I supposed all the “Big Ministers” have their “think-tanks” to assist them in deriving to sound decisions. Rather unfortunate they actually turned to be “thing-tanks” considering how to enrich them. You can look around, most of them are exceptionally rich. It is nothing wrong to be rich but again not on the sufferings of the ordinary folks.

  256. pakbelalang Jul 21,2008 4:49 PM

    Dear Tun,
    While the rakyat are really feeling the pinch of increasing prices and yet the Excos in the UMNO state government of Trengganu can enjoy the luxury of driving 14 brand new Mercedes using public fund at a total cost of more than RM3 million. Is this logical decision? It is very irresponsible indeed. Why can’t they think of buying cheaper brand like Toyota Camry, Honda or Hyundai which are of equivalent to Mercedes C class. And the worse is that they don’t even want to think of buying Proton by giving all sort of excuses saying that it is much heavier to maintain Proton than Mercedes !! Inilah yang boleh dikatakan kerajaan haprak dan HP6 !!

  257. mantoba Jul 21,2008 4:48 PM

    Salam buat Tun yang dikasehi dan sekalian bloggers.
    Dah tak tau nak komen apa lagi degan kelemahan Si DOLLARlah ni. Dia buak dek jer…..
    Teringat kata dia dulu masa lepas lepas pru12. saya bukan PEKAK, saya dengak suara rakyat.Saya dengak apa depa cakap…..
    Apa lagi hang dok tunggu , la ni rakyat dah ramai cakap tak nak hang jadi PM,bila nak lepaskan jawatan. Tak payah la tunggu 2010, nanti kempunan DSNTR. Hang DOLLARlah jangan lah nak buat derama.
    Dah cukup lar dollar tu pi rehat kat Instanbul ajak menhantu hang tu gi sekali , leh lah gi mancing kat laut Meditranian tu, hang kan ada kapai layak……buat apa pening2 kepala dok pikir pasai negara dan rakyat…..Najib ada, MY ada, RY ada ramai lagi yang ada boleh ambik aleh tempat hang….
    Rakyat dah jemu dengan cerita wayang kulit hang tu….bayang2 ja…
    Tun, saya rasa Tun tak yah la perturunkan petua ka formula ka ilmu ka kat blog TUN nanti depa tiru, depa cakap ini idea depa….
    Tun bagi ulasan dan dedahkan kelemahan dan korup depa dah cukup,biar rakyat nilai sendiri, dan cari jawapan nya.
    Kalu hang DOLLARlah sayang kan rakyat saya cabar turunkan harga minyak segera, harga minyak dunia dah pun turun sampai paras bawah 130 USD, janji nak ikut harga pasaran.OP…..Nanti depa kata Flip Flop lak….kejap naik dah tu turun lak…..Susah nak jadi PM …..
    Saya nak jadi PeMbodek lah senang sikit…..dapat makan kuah jadi la….Tk apa depa makan isi….
    TUN selamatkan negara ni yang TUN dah bena dengan jaya nya dan kini menuju kehancuran……..

  258. sjankan Jul 21,2008 4:47 PM

    seoarang yang bodoh je akan lantik seoarng lagi bangang sebagai penganti!!!!!!!!!!
    Sekarang cakaplah apa gunanya? kau takutkan semua
    kau guna isa …hari ini rakyat semua dah kecut!!! sebab kaulah mahathir~!!!!
    dahlah harga minyak mahal keta bodoh hang tu tak dapat hidup sendiri walaupun dah 20 tahun proton me,ang tak dapat idup baik mati je dr hidup terhina industri automabil negara! ceh! sbb kaulah harga2 keta yang lain jadi mahal. Baik tutup je blog ini orang tak perlukan pandanga poyo-poyo baik sangat!
    Artikel ini boleh dikomen di

  259. dospenang Jul 21,2008 4:47 PM

    Kepada PENYOKONG KUAT DS ANWAR !!!!!!!!!!!
    Video menunjukkan pengakuan TUN yang Anwar tidak bersalah telah diedit dan disalahfaham. TUN telah mengakui hal tersebut semasa temubual bersama wartawan ketika TUN berkempen untuk Mukhriz di Jerlun pada PRU 12.(lihat Youtube-taip BONGKAR PUTAR BELIT ‘VIDEO PENGAKUAN MAHATHIR ZALIMI ANWAR’ ada link ke website dan article untuk di baca) ataupun klik link di bawah ini……..
    ataupun baca terus:
    Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at July 4, 2008 12:55 PM
    SEMAK DALAM ARCHIVE bulan JULAI 2008…. atau klik link ini:

  260. emville Jul 21,2008 4:45 PM

    Inilah dia kerajaan Pak Lah. Nak kata bodoh, semua minister tu bijak pandai. Nak kata baru, kebanyakannya ada masa zaman Tun lagi. Ramai yg ada dlm kabinet Tun. Tapi agaknya ini penyakit angguk2 geleng2 la kot. Apa bos cakap kena setuju, apa bos tak suka kena geleng2 kepala. Benda yg simple economics pun tak boleh nak buat perkiraan ke? Selepas harga minyak naik, mcm2 gula2 yg Pak Lah bagi pada kumpulan2 tertentu. Semua tu tak kira ke? Yg dok dengar peruntukan itu, peruntukan ini. Kita ni ada karung magik ke? Bila nak duit je boleh menjelma? Tak pernah dengar pun kerajaan Pak Lah ni cakap pasal ekonomi negara/dunia secara serious. Yg ada cuma sibuk berebut jawatan dlm UMNO, kes liwat, saman menyaman, road block.
    Berita pukul 8pm pun dah tak ceria dulu bila Tun M jadi pm…….

  261. julisma Jul 21,2008 4:43 PM

    Our dearest Tun,
    Malaysia is now in a mess, and we are obviously uncertain about things are now…The PKR is taking advantage of the situation now, and the government seems to be at a losing end…We really hoped that they will go to you and seek your advice as you are a very wise man indeed. We do not understand why they are ignoring you all this while..we can say that they are very arrogant bunch of government leaders! They should at least appoint you to be an advisor as you have make our country prosperous and respected by the others. Some of them are very snobbish too.
    Tun, the country now is really in need of a great leader like you…and we really hoped that they realised this before the situation is getting out of hand and regretted it later…and the victims would be the helpless rakyat here….

  262. johanarif21 Jul 21,2008 4:38 PM

    salam tun
    iam now working at UAE dan pernah ikuti training di USA. Saya bekerja dengan firma IT terbesar di USA.
    Tidak ada bezanya di kedua-dua negara sekular dan negara Islam itu dari segi kemudahan beramal ibadat. Yang membezakannya ialah mungkin makanan halal haram atau budaya yang agak “shock”..atau ”syok”!
    Yang paling shock ialah memikirkan negara dari rantau orang. Yang syok ialah membaca kes anwar ibrahim. sewaktu di USA, saya membaca kes anwar ibrahim yang mendapat liputan yang agak `syok” Tapi yang pastinya, di Malaysia pada hari ini sudah kurang aura keintelektualannya (atau kepintarannya barangkali) – tidak seperti di zaman Tun Dr. Mahathir.
    Bukan nak kata semua baik pada zaman Tun..tapi ada “up” sikitlah kata org Selangor.
    salam perantauan

  263. mistaken identity Jul 21,2008 4:36 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum dan Salam Perjuangan buat Tun,
    Petang ni tengah syok dok baca cetusan idea Tun ni, saya dok terpikir nak makan apa la malam ni .. ubi kayu ka, bubur kacang ataupun ubi keledek je.
    Tak pernah terpikir yang saya kena mengadap menu yang sama masa saya kecik-kecik dulu. Kalau dulu orang tua saya susah, kena paham la bila dah kerja kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, jadinya tak boleh la nak memilih sangat .. hadap je.
    Bila dah besar dan dah boleh cari makan sendiri masa zaman jajahan takluk Tun dulu selera makan dah berubah, nak makan kfc ke, mcdonald ke atau apa sahaja benda yang halal semuanya pun boleh .. hadap je. Bila pergi pasarpun gitu jugak main tunjuk je lepas tu baru bayar, tu dia penuh bakul.
    Nampaknya sekarang ni sejarah berulang kembali, makan dah tak boleh nak memilih sangat, bila pergi pasar nak tunjuk itu nak tunjuk ini boleh, tapi kena ada calculator kena kira dulu la. Kalau malu nampak kat orang pakai calculator besar, sekarang ni dah tak kisah sebabnya handphone pun ada calculator, kira dulu barulah tunjuk, dah bayar mengeluh pulak tu sebab barang separuh bakul je.
    Kenapalah benda macam ni pemimpin kita tak nampak. Nampak sangat pemimpin sekarang tidak berjiwa rakyat. Dah tahu kalau harga minyak tu naik akan menyebabkan harga benda lain pun naik, dibantainya jugak tinggi-tinggi, dah macam tak ada hari esok dah. Tak reti dah nak naikkan sikit-sikit. Gamaknya bagi diorang ni, apa-apa hal pun rakyat marah kejap tu, lama-lama diam lah mereka. Apa-apa hal pun rakyat ni kena hadap je.
    Bila dipikir-pikirkan balik kehidupan masa kecik dengan sekarang bila dah besar panjang ni tak berubah manapun, serupa je, kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang, tak ada bezanya dengan susah orang tua saya dulu. Betul sangat kata pepatah mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi …
    Tepuk dada tanya selera.

  264. FaizalRizwan Jul 21,2008 4:35 PM

    Salam Tun!!!
    It really hurt many people including me as the result of increasing the oil prices…oh incompetent Pak Lah sad..

  265. abdooleziz Al-Anbar Jul 21,2008 4:34 PM

    Salam Tun dan famili…
    Tu lah Tun naik minyak naik la semua harga barangan dan yang sewaktu dengan nya…
    Jangan tunggu pulak rakyat naik minyak…

  266. steven Jul 21,2008 4:34 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,
    I would like to give some of opinion in the recent economic and development situation in our country.
    Subsidy, I agree should be given if we could afford it. The thing is I don’t know whether our country really can afford it as only the government has the correct information in doing so or otherwise.
    However, there is one thing that the government should do now that is to implement a realistic minimum wage of the country. 10 years ago our country’s salary range is the same with many countries like Singapore and Taiwan, just to name a few. However, 10 years later today, our salary range is still the same and the rest of the countries had increased their salary range. Dont’ you think by increasing the salary range, people’s burden will be eased and able to curb the inflation?
    at the same time. We should develop. we should not be a forever “African” Malaysia but move towards and become “European Union” Malaysia.
    Instead, the government should lead us to a new economy. The government should give us direction where we are heading to. I think you have said before
    The rich don’t have to worry about increase in fuel price as the increase is way from eating up their large portion of income. Only the working class is real affected. We should not talk about remaining competitive in lowering the country’s wages as we are not competitive anymore compared to China, India and many other countries in which they have large population (many times more than us). How many years more we should remain as cheap labour when we ourselves are employing cheap labour that we should go towards the direction of K-economy. But, how the government now giving us any clue in achieving this so called k-economy?
    I think all of us Malaysian should put the issue of race to rest even though the race issue do exist since the beginning of history. We should progress as one race one country that is Bangsa Malaysia in order to compete with the rest of the world effectively. I think we should not jeopardize the livelihood of the rakyat by politicising on racial issue just to the gain of a few.
    May be we should ponder what our real purpose of life are. You are 83 years old now and I am 34 years old. How many years do I still have and you have? What is the real purpose of life is? What is mine? What is yours? Where do I go after I die. Where will be yours. Let us think deeply. Think about it. Let us be constructive.
    Thank you.

  267. rakyat msia Jul 21,2008 4:34 PM

    mula-mula kjaan tarik subsidi minyak kemudian bagi semula dlm bentuk rebate, bayaran kpd nelayan dll. maknanya gali lubang tutup lubang. memang itulah cara kjaan bn kerja. cara ni dibuat supaya rakyat sentiasa terus bergantung kpd kjaan. makna rakyat terus jadi hamba kpd mereka untuk mengundi mereka.ini bodoh punya kerja…zaman dulu bolehla…
    sebab itu masa debat shaberi asyik kata ‘percayalah..negara kita masih terbaik..rakyat msia cukup makan’. memang rakyat cukup makan tapi tindakan yg dibuat jelas mengenepikan kepentingan rakyat sebaliknya hanya melepaskan batuk ditangga. mesti ada beberapa langkah untuk meringankan dan menaikkan taraf hidup rakyat; kjaan sepatutnya menunjukkan kesungguhan dengan memilih cara yang terbaik. mengurangkan subsidi mendadak dengan menaikkan harga minyak sebanyak 40% jelas bukan cara terbaik……

  268. Zakaria Jul 21,2008 4:31 PM

    Assallammuallaikum Tun,
    Sometimes I wonder why the present government withdrew the petrol subsidy and start the rebates. Can somebody please tell me who is ultimately benefiting from the implementation of these rebates (systems cost money). An IT system must be developed to implement the rebates. The company implementing these rebates, who is the owner? Very strong feeling the ultimate beneficiaries of the implelementation are the 4th floor characters and their cronies. Please enlighten the masses, anybody has the answer?

  269. Zahari S Jul 21,2008 4:25 PM

    Assalammualaikum YBhg Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    As of all rakyat, the government decision to raise the price of petrol by 40% came as a surprise to everybody as there was indication from the inept minister of domestic consumer that the government is looking into eliminating the petrol subsidy by August 2008.
    As far as I’m concern, the sudden spike in the fuel price and the decision to do away with fuel subsidy is a self serving policy on behalf of Pal Lah and his band of cabinets. As you’ve mentioned, the price hike in petrol and subsidy will definitely have a major impact on all elements of production and distribution of goods and services.
    The government, through its dungu minister of domestic consumer said that the prices of all other goods and services should remain the same as transportation companies would still enjoy subsidised diesel under the fleet card program. However, less than 48 hours later, the association of transportation services in Selangor announced the increase in their rates of up to 40%. Bus companies were told not to increase their fares or face the consequences of their permits being revoked. Still, prices of transportation have increased which led to increase in the prices of finished goods.
    I’m bewildered on why the government still believe that the increase in the price of petrol will have zero impact on prices of goods and services. Don’t they know that we need petrol and diesel to move goods; raw materials, intermediate goods and finish products, to the user or customers. This is very basic. This is something that you would’ve learnt even in school, not to mention in university.
    Anyway, there is no point of crying over the milk that was spilled by the government. It is already done.
    On the rebates, I’m one of them that did not qualify to claim RM625.00, not because I’m super rich but because I’m driving Naza Ria that have an engine capacity of 2.5 liter, exceeding the 2.0 liter limit set by the government. The Naza Ria is a my family car as I have five children. A normal car did not meet my requirement and something smaller like Naza Citra just did not enough space for my family.
    On the rebate of RM625.00, initially there was no limit on how many times that you can claim the rebate as mentioned by the dungu minister of domestic consumer but now it is capped to up to five cars only. Just imagine, what kind of people have five or more cars registered to their names? Poor? Middle income? Rich? Super rich? In addition, these type of people will not be driving all fice cars simultaneously. So, essentially, with the rebate of RM625 per car, they can claim RM3,125 per year or equivalent to 1,157 liters of petrol. This is where the poor rakyat is subsidising the super rich people that have up to five cars.
    The stupidity of the petrol hike did not end there. Sometime after that the equally dungu PM said that he has no intention to hurt the rakyat. What kind of a PM is this, on one hand he dicided that there is no more subsidy and raised the price of petrol and then turned around and said that it was not his intention.
    Such statement really made me angry because the decision was made with their eyes wide open and with able minds. It is not made with someone holding a gun in their heads. It was a calculated decision and their calculation was wrong. It is wrong because they took away the subsidy which benefit all rakyat and channel the money into RMK9 projects which would mostly benefits the contractors that are awarded such projects as about a week or so later, the parliament passed an additonal budget of RM30 billion for RMK9.
    Economically, I’ve lost all hope with Pak Lah as PM and all the dungus as ministers. They are really practising the Murphy’s Law, in this case making all the wrong decisions all the time.

  270. akurakyatbiasa Jul 21,2008 4:24 PM

    Assalammualikum dan salam sejahtera ke atas Tun yg saya sangat hormati dan sanjungi.
    Krisis kenaikan harga minyak di negara kita kini telah banyak mebebankan rakyat. Tidakkah pemerintah sekarang tahu (atau buat tak tahu) akan kesannya kepada rakyat yang perpendapatan rendah. Sebagai contoh sya dan kawan saya yang lain amat terasa dengan keadaan sekarang. purata gaji kami hanya RM3,500 sebulan, itu pun setelah di gabungkan gaji suami isteri. di sebabkan dek kenaikan harga minyak, impaknya ke atas barang-barang di pasaran meningkat naik mendadak. Semuanya atas alasan harga minyak naik. Dengan hidup di kuala lumpur yang serba serbi memerlukan wang, apa lgi yg tinggal utk kami. hujung bulan dapat gaji, bayar utiliti, bayar kereta, rumah, pengasuh, susu anak, dan benda-benda atau masalah lain yg kadang-kadang tiba-tiba datang. apa lgi yg tinggal utk kami.
    Cadangan Tun itu amatlah baik dan bernas sekali. Mengapa pemerintah sekarang atau menteri yang ada sekarang ini tidak dpt memikirkan cadangan dari pada Tun ini? Wang yg diterima dari PETRONAS, kemana arahnya wang itu? Usahlah sebut tentang pembangunan..tak cukup membangun kah negara kita ini sekarang? Gunakanlah untuk mengimbangi kesusahan rakyat..bukan minta diberi semua…tapi memadailah kami dari golongan berpendapatan rendah ini “bernafas dengan sedikit selesa”. Saya pernah mendengar Bahawa PETRONAS adalh milik dan kebangaan rakyat Malaysia. Jadi kongsikanlah apa yang petronas perolehi bersama rakyat…bukan hanya pada segelintir individu yg mempunyai kepentingan.
    Akhir kata, saya hanya rakyat biasa..yang tidak tahu tentang politik, tidak berapa paham tentang ekonomi tetapi apa yang saya tahu, saya telah memberikan undi saya kepada orang yang tahu politik, yang tahu ttg ekonomi untuk menguruskan negara dan rakyat seperti saya dan yang lain-lain untuk menikmati hidup yang selesa dari segala aspek melalui pemerintah.
    Kepada ayahnda Tun, saya amat mengagumi ayahnda Tun dalam segala aspek. Bagi saya ayahnda Tun adalah seorang pempin yang paling berjaya dalam sejarah Malaysia. Kalaulah ayahnda Tun masih lagi PM sekarang ini…semua ini mungkin tidak akan berlaku.

  271. mankapak Jul 21,2008 4:23 PM

    A’kum Tun,
    Saya tertanya-tanya apasalahnya kalau pentadbiran sekarang hanya meneruskan wawasan 2020, tak perlu nak buat koridor selatan, timur barat, segala dah tersusun dan terancang.MSC, K ekonomi semua mereka lupakan. Ntahapahapatah

  272. CheWal Jul 21,2008 4:23 PM

    My dearest Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
    Even though you are not an economist,nobody can argue with you about economy.
    Even though you are not an engineer,nobody can argue with you about engineering.
    Even though you are not a lawyer,nobody can argue with you about law.
    Your remedy and hardworking regarding 1997 economy crisis is outstanding. I’ve posted an article by Nor Mohamed Yaacop detailing the 1997 economy crisis.
    You are the only leader that knows in and out on what you’re doing.
    the article can be read in under the tittle `a good leader is like a tea ‘

  273. greenian2008 Jul 21,2008 4:23 PM

    Thanks Tun for allowing me to join your blog. Idea Tun memang masih bernas dan terima kasih kerana masih boleh berbakti kpd negara. God Bless you and your family.

  274. nuriman Jul 21,2008 4:23 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I really would like to know who the personal advisers to the present PM are? Do they really know the stuffs that they proposed to the PM?
    I have to admit that during Tun’s leadership, things were laid down beutifully, like that of an art in the hands of a highly skilled artist. International recognitions is hard to get, but then, during your time, international recognitions were pouring in. Accolades gained made us proud.
    Tun, you shouldn’t have stepped down.

  275. white Jul 21,2008 4:22 PM

    Most respected Tun,
    Dr M, the greatest visionary of all time
    inspired with ideas simple and true
    who will ever be able to wear your shoes?
    men who have eyes but do not see
    that’s typical of badawi
    wake up, wake up, for heaven’s sake!
    listen to our beloved mahathir before it’s too late!
    we will always love you Tun….

  276. AZIF Jul 21,2008 4:21 PM

    Thanks for the info being received so far, very interesting so far. We have put in more efforts to digest and message that your have highlighted.”Sorry, I Know I am not in the Goverment, not even in UMNO”.
    Sir, I was told to respect old man, and seek for advise before any action is required.Sometimes seek guidance from Allah the Almighty if in further doubts. I remember a quote that say ” Living is a journey, of discovery often offset by Hazard”.We have to take risk in life, and few other guidance etc.Tun it,s a real pity for Tun,none of Tun achievement is being remembered.All have gone into the drains and flush away for the sake of AAB.Kesian kat UMNO,Tun yang masih hidup, waras telah diketepikan begitu saja kerana AAB saorang.
    Siapa kah pengkhianat sebenarnya? Saya rasa kesemua ahli MT UMNO yang ada sekarang ini? Anak saya pun tahu, yang benar dengan yang salah. Anak saya ada bertanya kenapa Baba gi kerja sekarang naik Bas dan LRT?Baba jawab nak jimat.Kenapa Jimat Baba? dulu bolih sekarang tak bolih?Susah nak jawab.Inilah tejadi pada keseluruhan Rakyat Jelata yang AAB masih cakap dia mendapat sokongan sepenuhnya bagi AAB memerintah hingga 2010.
    Saya rasa bukan hanya AAB yang sedang tidur tetapi kesemua ahli MT dan menteri cabinet AAB juga terlena.”Bapak borek anak rintik” Kesian UMNO buat selama lama nya atas perbuatan AAB dan sokongan MT nya.Tak apa jaga periuk nasi masing masing itu pun ungkapan yang bolih di gunakan, tetapi buat masa ini nasi Rakyat telah dicampuri pasir.Wujudnya Tun, dan selamanya Tun memerintah telah mendapat buah yang menghasilkan kejayaan yang memang tidak dapat Rakyat membalsnya dengan wnag ringgit tetapi hanya dapat mengucapkan Terima Kasih saja.Yang Memalukan adalah sifat AAB, MT UMNO yang langsung tdak menghormati Tun tidak mengikuti nasihat,seakan Tun tidak wujud dan paling teruk menfitnah kan Tun.Kita dapat ingat cerita singapura di langgar Todak, di mana budak yang memberikan idea di bunuh,kerana tdak mahu dimalukan.
    Wise brotthers in this Blog’s.2010 will be to late to save UMNO, BN & Malaysia.Thanks Tun. May Allah Blessed You and Family for saving us till now.My previously said statemeent AAB or UMNO? AAB or the voice of 3 Million UMNO members?It’s now or Never.We are now in an almost critical situation and as the saying goes” In an Emergency, everyone has got to save their own life, even has got no time tos safe their family members.Are we all going to wait till we really experience such a situation. Please Think wisely.UMNO must call for an open vote this time from all it’s grass root to elect it’s President, DPM for the good of UMNO or UMNO will be made history by AAB if we wait till 2010. Thanks.

  277. kroolaznizam Jul 21,2008 4:20 PM

    Salam Tokdet…

  278. ezineartikel Jul 21,2008 4:19 PM

    Malaysia is a rich country .
    If properly managed, Malaysia is better than Brunei BUT sadly , Brunei’s economy is booming and they have a lot of contruction plan next year .Brunei’s retail price is still Rm1.20 per litre and they depends 100% on oil but Malaysia is so blessed that not only we have oil but also gas, rubber, oil palm , rubber and not to forget we are industrial country . Thats why Tun had set up HICOM and PROTON.
    Please someone, let us know whats wrong with us and appreciate if you can post few malay articles at

  279. Al-Khattab Jul 21,2008 4:19 PM

    Kalau pun harga minyak dapat diturunkan tetapi bagaimana tentang harga barangan yang telah dinaikkan harganya ? Adakah ianya dapat diturunkan juga ?
    Pemimpin yang gagal mengatasi masalah ekonomi/politik wajib letak jawatan. Tidak guna duduk di atas kerusi yang di laknat oleh rakyat.

  280. Timbangtara Jul 21,2008 4:19 PM

    Y.A. Bhg Tun,
    Rakyat sekarang sebenarnya tidak mudah dibohongi tentang keadaan
    global terutamanya alasan-alasan basi pemerintah yang amat memuakkan.
    Tidak lain tidak bukan sebahagian besar penyumbang kepada kemelaratan
    yang rakyat alami sekarang ini adalah kerana wang rakyat dirompak
    oleh si durjana – si durjana yang bertopeng pemimpin tetapi perah
    darah rakyat. Mereka telah diajar pada Pilihanraya Umum ke – 12
    namun masih terdapat segelintir yang tidak serik-serik dengan
    kekalahan mengejut tersebut. Hakikatnya mereka kehilangan sokongan
    hari demi hari dan mereka memang menghitung hari di ambang
    ketumbangan yang akan menjadi sejarah sedikit masa lagi.

  281. autaman Jul 21,2008 4:19 PM

    Dear Tun ,
    Totally agreed with this view. In fact , I believe it will cost the goverment more in administrating and implementing the ” gula gula” rebate. What a waste of time and money.
    Can the government stop thinking that the rakyat now are so naive and gullible on what they said. This , I refer to the Trengganu Menteri Besar on the purchase of Mercedez compressor will safe more in term of maintanence cost. I almost vomit when I read his stupid statement in the news paper.
    First… a merz will cost at Rm 245,000 per car. You can use this money to maintain your old perdana car. Taking the eg. given by himself , the worst case scenario as he mentioned is that the maintanence cost used are RM 50,000 for past 3 years. So dividing a new car Rm 245,000/50000 = approx 5 times x 3 years = 15 years!I am very and 100% sure that the example given by him is a one in a million case scenario. This mean it takes 15 years of maintanence cost to equal a new merz compressor.Wow!How is this call cost saving?
    Second …Mercedez car also faces the wear and tear and their maintanence cost are definately higher than the proton perdana!
    Third …. Why buy merz compressor if you really want to save cost ? Although I do not agree with this option , there is other cars like the new honda 2.4 or Toyota Camry which cause only around RM 180,000 per car as opposed to Rm 245,000.In fact , to save fuel cost ( as he mentioned ) .. a 2 liter car is also sufficient.Better still , buy a new perdana againlah.This will still lower your maintanence cost and also the outright purchase cost.
    Aduhai…… farsighted konon.To the Trengganu MB , by giving this kind statement just ridicule yourself only and insult the ” rakyat” as whole .
    Totally disgusted citizen.

  282. ariPP_ehh Jul 21,2008 4:08 PM

    to all dearest msian..its been my pleasure to write a word or two here..
    I admire half of u..n im still in delema wif sumthg u done in da past..but..nvm!! ppl tend to make odd mistake dats wat make us more human..wat i do admire bout u is u r a truely economist..nuthg missg n u read number as is we read a comic book full of exciting drawing..huhu..impossible for politician((esp paklah ppl)) to do exactly as wat u done in da past..thanks!! for giving us pride n joy!! n thanks for preparing a huge economic platform to me; to us all msian..i do learn sumthg from u n ill be better than u!! i`ll!! dats my promise!!
    u r so erogant n cant listen to others make ur mistake worst..n to make the thg even weird worst is dat u cant admit ur fault..weird!! is it because u never learn hw to count or u js act as if we rakyat need to hear only da good part of the story??i admire da part u plan for msian sucess in js a page of newsppr..hey come on la!! planng is important..dont wastd my money..i pay income tax so i deserve a better living.. WORK BETTER N STOP DAY DREAMG!!
    thanks to u cz making me realise dat politic in msia need sum1 wif carisma; sum1 wif brain; n sum1 wif lots of love..u teach me dat thg when u hv none of all!! BRAVO!!
    cant say much!! from 5 stars i only give u 3..y???
    1. u nt yet prove anythg..i know u r good wif economy n good at giving instruction..atleast u better than u know who..huhu..but da point is; u r nuthg to prove work da hard way n climb dat steps faster..we r doom if u walks slow..hey????????u on which side huh??as i say before..better than u know who..DO I HV ANY CHOICES?? gawat sihhhhhhhhh!!
    2. i lyk u as much as i lyk please stop quarellg cz we r msian n wat most important is we r malay!!! i repeat malayyy!!
    3. u learn alot from mahathir then y must u act 1 lyk dis??atleast say thaks to ur sifu!!
    back to da main topic..
    i forgot da topic alredy..hahaha..LOL!!
    subsidi??oil??food?? causing inflation to rise??global demand??yes we know oil hit da ceiling price evrymonth dis cant fed da demand..wat???global crisis??yes we also aware of it..
    wat we dont know is hw n wat is the best solution to help rakyat in this hard time..earning still da same ringgit but inflation grow faster than asb dividen..haiyyoo!! my ringgit gv no value in da next 5 years or maybe 3 years if da situation continue..if u STILL hv ringgit to do saving for the future..FUTURE?? my son!! my daughter!! hermss..”he” says dat oil sells using global price..if global price hike until rm5.00 per liter..hw??hw r we gonna survive??goin to work n eat da crap out of he??wake up la old ppl!! if dats wat he call saving for future; hw r we save a penny or two if buying petrol consume half or more than salary??our hard earn money is nuthg compare to hes future..which future is he reffering too??i dont ask for govern money to settle my future sons n daughter schooling..or ll i get some subsidi in the future cz saving in this hard era??will i??darn!!
    buying rm2.68 per liter oil make me sick to da wira use rm20 or minimum rm10 easily evryday just to transport me to work..n then govern said that we rakyat must know hw to do calculation n berjimat2..teach me hw paklah..teach me till i laugh to death!!
    speak da truth..speak no evil..speak for my future!! for my generation n for all msian..i cn make dis hard tym bt hw ll da low income react to dis hard time??thanks to paklah cz i gt more fuel subsidi than my workers..((i gt 2 cars,2 company cars,a van, lorry and a motorcycle))..hahaha..if dats da way he try to help da low income..fooD??agriculture??if u want to do it!! buat lah btl2 paklah..dont come in front of da tv n said : hey rakyat; theres still lot of tanah to use for agriculture..but he doesnt mention da proper step n where n how to get dat land..weird??evry1 cn mention n plan dat unplan strategy..huhu..he know hw to make ppl laugh..LOL!!
    planng is essential!! plan short n long term!! plans for da worst tym!! n plans for all is important..
    please forgive my writtg..i mean none n no rude to make sum1 or sum organisation feels da pains..js to make my point clear..i know im nobody hey!! evry1 start frm small step..
    jgn sbb nila setitik rosak susu sebelangga..jgn sbb dek srg rosak masadepan negara semuanya..
    bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh!! xkn dah roboh baru nk bersatu??
    MELAYU MUDAH LUPA??lupa pada yg silap n memperbetulkn keadaan adalah sgt2 d kn??
    biar maju bangsa serumpun jgn hilang dek leka terlalai..masa depan hancur maruah tergadai..bersakit2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian..berakit2 kehulu berenang2 ketepian..renung2knlah..
    akhir kata dari saya; majulah politik utk negara..

  283. petunjuk Jul 21,2008 4:06 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Administrative decision that would affect the routine life of citizens and the future of the country’s economy should be based on clear insight and foresight and not according to the whim of those in power. In general, there is a correlation between oil prices and inflation and as oil prices increase or decrease, inflation follows in the same direction. Does this imply that the economy in Malaysia will plunge when the inflation rate increases? Will the rakyat suffer from such impact? The rakyat would like to hear from the government what brilliant ideas it had in store to control the present situation and thwart inflation from attaining an exceedingly high rate?
    May we enlighten ourselves with the following translated verse from the Quran “Not equal are the blind and those who (clearly) see: nor are (equal) those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and those who do evil. Little do ye learn by admonition!” (Surah Gafir, verse 58).

  284. hazou Jul 21,2008 4:02 PM

    kita asyik sangat mendengar bantahan terhadap kerajan tentang kenanikan minyak di dunia dewasa ini. Protes di sana sini, kita asyik dengan sikap melayu mengkritik tanpa mengetahui asas pendirian kita. Saya akui kerajaan sekarang seperti tidak mencapai tahap kematangan terhadap cara mengendalikan isu kenaikan harga minyak. Cara penyelesaian yang terlalu lemah membuatkan rakyat kurang berminat dengan kepimpinan sekarang. Cara pemberian subsidi minyak kepada rakyat adaalah penting dan tidak harus di hapuskan kerana kita harus sedar yang terdapat berjuta lagi rakyat di malaysia yang mengharapkan subsidi ini..Sebaliknya cara pemberian subsidi itu haruslah diperhalusi..terdapat banyak contoh-contoh yang dapat kita aplikasikan seperti penggunaan kad subsidi untuk diesel,mungkin dengan cara harga minyak mengikut tahap penggunaan purata rakyat.kad pintar boleh digunakan untuk merekodkan penggunaan minyak individu dan harga minyak boleh ditentukan.sebagai contoh..2.50 sen setiap liter utk penggunaan dibawah 100liter atau dibawah 50 liter.2.70 sen bagi setiap penggunaan diantara 100-200liter..dan sebagainya.
    pemberian subsidi kepada rakyat boleh dikawal dengan kad pintar sedia ada dan rakyat asing tidak akan dapat menikmati subsidi minyak negara.bagi saya tindakan memberi duit poket dan sebagainya kepada rakyat adalah tidak wajar dan ia membuat rakyat terlalu bergantung kepada kerajaan dan secara tidak langsung akan melemahkan minda melayu akan datang..

  285. che set Jul 21,2008 4:02 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun dan seisi keluarga yang dikasihi,
    Buat semua rakan-rakan sekelian,blog ini kita jadikan tempat mengadu,melepaskan perasaan kecewa kepada pemerintahan semasa,mengambil semangat perjuangan Tun dan pelbagai lagi.Saya seperti anda juga.Majoriti kita di sini sayangkan Tun kerana kita memiliki jiwa pembangunan.Kita suka melihat bangsa menjadi maju dan hebat.Kasihan,mereka yang anti Tun.Perkara yang perlu ada pada seorang pemimpin ialah:
    Soalnya,secara tidak disedari kita menjadikan blog ini sebagai satu bentuk hiburan(saya juga termasuk).Tun ada menyatakan di Port Dickson tempoh hari yang beliau dijemput ke sana ke mari sebagai seorang penghibur.Apabila pulang semua orang lupa untuk bertindak.Oleh itu saya ingin mengingatkan diri saya dan semua kita di sini supaya terus berkempen menyebarkan kepada sanak saudara rakan taulan yang satu aliran yang tidak berpeluang melayari blog ini agar jangan lupa mengibarkan bendera Malaysia dan juga bendera putih pada kempen kibar Jalur Gemilang nanti.Sesuatu pasti dilakukan demi untuk menyelamatkan bangsa Melayu.Ayuh majoriti senyap,bersedia untuk bertindak!

  286. Noor Faiza Jul 21,2008 4:02 PM

    Salam Tun,
    KuLi dapat lagi 6 pencalonan Tun. Sekarang dah jadi 38 pencalonan. Nampaknya KuLi bakal lawan Pak Lah 1 lawan 1 kalau Najib terus takut tak tentu pasal.
    KuLi ni bukanlah favorite rakyat sebenarnya, Tetapi jika banding je dgn Abdullah Badawi terus pilih KuLi.
    Dengan syarat jangan RASUAH!

  287. OneEyeSleepy Jul 21,2008 4:01 PM

    Dear Che Det,
    Don’t you think we all had agreed on that ever since you have left and then have Pak Lah take over the office?

  288. zmars75 Jul 21,2008 3:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum Yang Amat Berhormat Tun,
    Tun, sudilah kiranya dapat Tun coretkan pendapat Tun dan idea-idea bernas Tun dalam menghadapi krisis global masakini. Seperti yang dipinta oleh karlor~hiuno on July 21, 2008 1:21 PM, mungkin kita sebagai rakyat bawahan ini dapat membezakan yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk.

  289. artmart Jul 21,2008 3:55 PM

    Masa Tun keluar UMNO saya pun bagitau famili members akan keluar jugak tapi rasanya org kerdil mcm saya pucuk pimpinan tak pandang pun. This weekend saya akan balik Penang untuk mesyuarat cawangan. Saya dah bagitau kawan2 yang saya akan pastikan cawangan saya bawa usul ‘Pak Lah kena letak jawatan’. Saya tau saya tak sehaluan dengan Ketua Bahagian (depa naik zaman Pak Lah) tapi saya tetap `lawan’. Calon Presiden biarlah Muhyiddin sebab dia ada `teloq’.
    Untuk pengetahuan Tun, elok juga kalau Tun tubuh parti baru supaya kita boleh humban orang macam KJ (budak tingkat 4), Nazri (si kurang ajaq), Johari Baharum (ulaq ayaq) dan mereka2 yang pentingkan temoloq sendiri…
    Kawan2 saya ramai setuju dgn cadangan saya. Now saya dok ajak penyokong2 anwar yg hanya mengenali anwar dari jauh supaya baca chedet blog…

  290. babwahid Jul 21,2008 3:52 PM

    Salam to you Tun,
    I agree with your suggestion Tun, Should the present Gov’t reduce the oil prize immediately , due to the prize of oil in the market
    now is getting lower from $143. a week ago now down to $130. may be in weeks later we shall witness more oil prize lower in the global market .
    Semoga tuhan merahmati negara kita

  291. owatoman Jul 21,2008 3:51 PM

    Hahahha!!! Nice one!!!

  292. DiLL Langkawi Jul 21,2008 3:49 PM

    Tun yang dihormati,
    Pertama, saya hairan sangat di bawah kepimpinan Pak Lah skrg, banyak GLC semakin mundur. Yang dok asyik tgk hanya Petronas jer. Skrg ni sapa rakyat nak minta simpati, kat petronas ke kat kerajaan BN? setahu sy rakyat ada wakil kt kerajaan BN jer,bukan kt BOD Petronas? Sy amat tidak setuju jika kepentingan & hala tuju petronas ditentukan oleh politikus-politikus BN skrg ni. GLC lain mcm Khazanah, Telekom, TNB, Sime Darby, Proton etc apa depa buat semua? janganlah sampai syrkt minyak kesayangan kita tu papa kedana disebabkan oleh pemerintah yang terlalu bergantung sumber kewangan drp nya tanpa memikirkan bagaimana utk dapatkan hasil negara lagi.
    Kedua, saya tidak halalkan duit cukai yang sy bayar kpd kerajaan digunakan utk bayar ex-gratia kpd hakim2 yang kononnya dianiaya di bwh pemerintahan Tun. Saya minta Tun bgtau kt kerajaan BN, SILA UMUMKAN BERAPA JUMLAH EX-GRATIA yang diberikan kpd hakim2 itu. Yang duit bayar tu ialah duit rakyat, bukan duit Datuk Zaid atau Pak Lah. Jika BN ini telus, sy cabar declare amaun sebenar.
    thanks TUN. moga sihat selalu.

  293. Han Solo Jul 21,2008 3:47 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    I’m very sure the Government don’t even know how to count, let alone economics.
    The ministers have no right to teach how to manage financial savings when they don’t even know the financial stress they had burdened the rakyat, like myself, in the first place.
    I can’t even get the RM625 cos my car road tax was on January. Can’t the nonsensical PM just set the freeking date from 1st Jan till 31st December? That would be fair to all.
    Can we have another General Election soon? I want those jokers kicked out of Government NOW!!!!

  294. malaysianfreakster Jul 21,2008 3:47 PM

    Asm Tun,
    The near sighted economic decision by the government should not be pointed to Pak Lah only but also to the Cabinet ministers as well. It is not a populist decision to rise fuel price drastically but it is not the right move also. With all the government machinery in his disposal, it is suprising that Pak Lah choose to hear the political motivated minister’s advise who may have bad intention of bringing down Pak Lah by announcing a non-populist approach. During your time Tun, you have advisors who do not have political motive but purely to advise you on a neutral basis within their expertise. Pak Lah should emulate the way you do things before.

  295. twocents02 Jul 21,2008 3:47 PM

    Dearest Tun
    Cara mereka ambil tindakan memberi gambaran seperti orang terdesak. Mereka ini mungkin kurang pengalaman walaupun menganggap dirinya bijak.
    Kenaikkan 40% amatlah tinggi dengan cara mendadak. Hairan jika mereka tidak terlintas difikiran bahawa rakyat akan terkejut dan terus protes.
    Adakah pertalian antara UMNOputra dengan rakyat semakin renggang? Seharusnya diadakan lebih banyak “turun kepadang”.
    Semoga Tun terus menulis didalam keadaan sehat walafiat.

  296. T Jul 21,2008 3:46 PM

    The real problem is that Malaysians have been enjoying subsidized fuels for far too long. The 40% increase was in fact only the first step. It is gradual. The price of petrol still has a long way to go before reaching market rate. We need another two hikes of 40% each to reach RM4.90 per litre and this is still before market rate.
    To have a 10% increase each time, it will take 11 times of price hikes of 10% each to reach market rate.

  297. aceteam Jul 21,2008 3:43 PM

    A’kum Tun sekeluarga,
    makin hari makin sayu je rasa nye…sedih Tun!!
    Dia orang kutuk Proton pasai nak pakai Merc dan nak jimat duit rakyat…..tengah dok teroq ni..dia orang dok surguh kita makan ubi kayu..ubi kentang,,,tetiba dia orang nak beli merc…tu kat t’ganu..Sekolah mana depa belajaq tun… Patut la ni pakat pakai Proton WAJA je!!!
    Tengok Najib macam kena bomoh ngan Pak Lah,..aduhhh lagi sakit jiwa ..Tun Oii!!!
    Tengok Pak Lah dok masuh bakoi..dok angkat sendiri…nyilu rase nya Tun.
    Serabut ni sebelum PAU..Tun tolong peturun sikit ilmu2 Tun..macam mana nak buat…kita rempuh saja Tun..saya tak mahu bila Tun pergi meninggalkan kami Tun berpuashati walau pun gagal dari dibiar setiap hari Pak Lah dan orang2nya menghiris perasaan rakyat.
    Wasaalam Tun

  298. Oumono Jul 21,2008 3:41 PM

    walaupun Tun bukan dalam government, rakyat masih lagi perlu kan Tun untk menegur pemerintahan idiotic ni..ingat senang2 ka nk tipu rakyat..
    Hidup TUN!!

  299. Nor Jul 21,2008 3:40 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Our local oil mining is not only benefitted Petronas but also other oil giant such Shell. I am interested to know how much Shell actually contributed to our economy. It should be a fairly big chunk of revenue pouring in especially with subsidy removal.
    Government failures to the local is not by removing the subsidies but failure to raise living standard prior to price hike. Inflation is not only driven by this fuel price increase but also people habits. For instance, it will cost me RM10 for a lunch menu at KLCC, it is ridiculuosly expensive but people still queing. As a chain effect, surrounding area could charge RM8 per meal, still expensive but more exceptable relative to KLCC meal price. You see what I am saying. We have not been practising our consumer says to the fullest, not even at bare minimum.
    I am not entirely against the subsidy removal. In fact, I rather we are not subsidized at all. Thus there will be less crime such smuggling and black market. The cost to prevent that is taken into account is quite big and can be channel to other development to raise public living standard. However, I do not have sufficient income to accomodate such fuel hike because of my living standard does not allow me to.
    With this fuel hike, transporter business line were screaming for a form of subsidy. I am just tired of reading it. All of us know that there are making lots of money more that they should. Cause of losses more likely relate to ‘air’ passenger because of their poor customer services, rude and punctuality is not part of their vocab. Increase the efficiency before even mourn about the higher cost. All this transport have some sort of incentive on tolls. I don’t like cab driver and I don’t like bus driver. If komuter have driver, I will dislike him too. Most of MAS domestic flight that I took was delayed or some sort. It is not cheap for everthng in Malaysia in we made peace with this inefficiency and rudeness. It has got to stop.
    Whatever handout that the government want to give out is merely make it a tiny bit less expensive, not cheap. Waste of funding and cost a lot to manage it too.

  300. tupailompat Jul 21,2008 3:39 PM

    YAB Tun,
    The challenge for the government and to a certain extent the opposition is to come up with some innovative plan on how to bring down the price of oil, minimize inflation and increase the quantity and quality of essential food stuff in this country.It was just announced to-day that the Minister of Agriculture will be coming up with a blue-print on developing the agriculture industry. It is agood start by the government. Then the government should ask for comments by the public nand put it for debates for the opposition to input their ideas in order to improve the plan. I am sure this methodolgy will result in the country being successful in compiling an excellent blueprint in agriculture, in price control of oil, food items and inflation. Afterall there is no lack of experts in these fields in the government, opposition, public and corporate sectors. All must join hands to meet these challenges of the rakyat and put their self-interest in the back-burners!
    Why can’t we do that?

  301. Pemuda Pelapis Jul 21,2008 3:35 PM

    Salam Tun yang dikasehi dan dihormati,
    Terima kasih atas pandangan Tun dengan topik ini. Di satu sudut lain saya nampak ianya sebagai satu gimik politik DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sahaja. Dengan banyak kaedah subsidi yang disediakan kerajaan pimpinan beliau maka dapat meraih semula populariti bagi mendapatkan semula sokongan. Bagi golongan berpemikiran cetek dan dangkal mungkin mudah dipengaruhi tetapi kepada golongan yang berpemikiran matang serta jauh ke hadapan, tidak mungkin mudah digimikkan dengan taktik yang tidak bertanggungjawab seperti yang dilakukan DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
    Baca seterusnya pandangan ringkas Pemuda Pelapis di sini

  302. ezani Jul 21,2008 3:34 PM

    A very good idea Tun. Obviously you have the experience to back it. Thank you!

  303. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jul 21,2008 3:34 PM

    Memang ramai antara rakyat tak percayakan akan kekuatan suara rakyat….
    Bayangkan Pak Lah itu Gajah,
    Kita ini hanya lalat biasa…
    Bila Gajah yang suka tidur….ZZzz..Z.
    Lalat yang ribuan malah jutaan berdengung aja di telinga Gajah..!!
    Pecahlah gendang telinganya….naik minyak dan sawan lah Gajah
    Lalu …Mati beragan…..

  304. Rumah Kebun Jul 21,2008 3:31 PM

    Betul coretan Tun itu. Pandangan tersebut adalah pandangan rakyat biasa dan ianya sepatut difahami pihak Pak Lah.
    Mengapa memberi rebate itu subsidi ini dan lain-lain?
    1.Keputusan kerajaan yang salah menaikkan harga minyak tanpa mengambil kira kesan ke atas rakyat. Peranan wakil-wakil rakyat kerajaan tidak dirujuk sebelum satu-satu keputusan di buat. Rebate dan subsidi seolah menebus kesilapan menaikkan harga minyak.
    2.Suatu keputusan menaikkan minyak lebih 40% di buat hasil dari idea andaian bahawa rakyat Malaysia tidak akan memberontak, bertolak ansur dan lembut hati.
    3.Rebate ke atas kenderaan juga mungkin ada udang sebalik batu. Mungkin peruntukan kerajaan dapat melalui akaun syarikat-syarikat tertentu dan kesempatan di ambil hasil laluan tersebut. Wallahualam.
    4.Rebate kenderaan itu tak adil. Saya guna kenderaan 2500 cc ke atas tapi semasa saya beli kenderaan tersebut kenderaan umur 12 tahun second-hand harga RM11,000.00 saja.Orang susah saja pakai kereta itu.
    Kesimpulannya kerajaan sekarang tidak cekap pengurus negara dan tiada pemahaman terhadap kehidupan sebenar rakyat.
    Wasalam. Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera.

  305. Sheikh Jul 21,2008 3:28 PM

    Sebelum sibuk dengan kenaikan harga minyak, kita di Malaysia menghadapi kenaikan harga barangan makanan perlu seperti tepung dan beras.
    Kononnya di sebabkan cuaca dunia yang tidak menentu menyebabkan banyak hasil pertanian tidak menjadi. Kedua pula ialah kerana kesibukan dunia untuk bio fuel atau minyak dari bahan pertanian.
    Dalam jangkapendek penyelesaian mengenai penurunan harga minyak boleh juga di terima tetapi umpama nasi menjadi bubur sebab harga barang keperluan telah meningkat sesuai dengan harga minyak kini.
    Langkah terhampir ialah dengan cara kerajaan memperelokkan sistem keenderaan awam dengan lebih teratur dan murah. Di sini subsidi di perlukan. Dengan cara ini tidak membebankan orang yang mempunyai kereta.
    Langkah jangkapendek kedua ialah memberi subsidi disel untuk mengurangkan kos barangan keperluan. Bagaimana? Kerajaan fikirkan.
    Langkah seterusnya saya rasa ialah teknologi. Kita perlu menguasai teknologi. Teknologi yang boleh di jual. Yang penting ialah idea untuk sesuatu perkara dan ianya boleh di guna pakai dan perlu pula dalam kehidupan sehari hari.
    Keadaan dunia sekarang dengan harga minyak di jangka US200 setong dalam 10 tahun lagi. Tidak akan menurunkan apa saja kos di seluruh dunia.
    Kita tidak boleh bermimpi. Kehidupan akan menjadi lebih teruk. Soalnya apakah yang kita akan buat? Kebuluran untuk negara miskin sudah semakin hampir. Adakah dunia akan masuk kekancah peperangan pula?

  306. TDM Admirer Jul 21,2008 3:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, tolonglah kembali menjadi PM Malaysia..
    kami dah x tertahan dgn segala “bencana” ini..
    semakin di fikirkan, semakin takut.
    apa yg akan terjadi kepada bumi yg bertuah ini pada masa akan datang?
    tolonglah kami.
    *Tun pn kena jaga kesihatan diri, semoga boleh mendidik kami.

  307. pakmang Jul 21,2008 3:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I believed not many people would consider the pain of the people especially those high level ministers. If I am not mistaken, one or two ministers did ever said that our people could not contineous to have subsidized fuel for the people or else the present government will goes into bankcrupcy soon. What’s a joke??? That is why DSAI has ample apportunities in making used of this issue as his political weopons.
    Tun, such a sudden and drastic increases of fuel prices is indeed quite difficult for the medium and low level class citizens to maintain their living standard as at the same time they are also facing the direct impact on the increase of other consumable goods, electricity etc…caused by the hike of fuel price. Neverthless, small and medium production companies, manufacturers and transporters are inevitable to feel the pitch as well. What will be the consequences they are going to face? Many of them feel incompetent to continue running their companies and if so they are making losses. What would be the current government advice? Go to seek for bankers supports again like our DPM said yesterday??? Eventually, the banks is still survive but all the companies will die…..
    The present government should study,plan and evaluate whatever policies is being enforcing or implementing to the country. They should seriously forsee and consider the consequences before they are implementing it. AS A GOOD GOVERNMENT, IT IS UNFAIR TO SOLVE THEIR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS BY REDUCING SUBSIDIZING THE FUEL & YET TO CREAT AND LEAVE A BIG PROBLEM FOR THEIR OWN PEOPLE TO FACE!!!!Macam mana, Tun???

  308. dospenang Jul 21,2008 3:27 PM

    Kepada PENYOKONG KUAT DS ANWAR !!!!!!!!!!!
    Video menunjukkan pengakuan TUN yang Anwar tidak bersalah telah diedit dan disalahfaham. TUN telah mengakui hal tersebut semasa temubual bersama wartawan ketika TUN berkempen untuk Mukhriz di Jerlun pada PRU 12.(lihat Youtube-taip BONGKAR PUTAR BELIT ‘VIDEO PENGAKUAN MAHATHIR ZALIMI ANWAR’ ada link ke website dan article untuk di baca) ataupun klik link di bawah ini……..
    ataupun baca terus:
    Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at July 4, 2008 12:55 PM
    SEMAK DALAM ARCHIVE bulan JULAI 2008…. atau klik link ini:

  309. suppie kugrimo Jul 21,2008 3:20 PM

    dearest unreplaceable Tun,
    critical thinking in this congested time, fire burns inside me with a true believe in mahathirism. sooner or later, a rebelious spark will appear for this cruel and wicked unbalanced nature by the present government or any parties for that matter.
    as for the wannabe power crazed so called ‘bumiputra’ politician in post, will do anything and everything not to help, but to ‘kill us all’ and making sure that they will retain their power and seat.
    and as for the newcomers that simply being oppotunist to present themselves in this ‘glamorous’ heroic spanking, regardless in the government, the the opposition or wherever, if they are uselesss to us, tell them to go in hell.. i have seen ‘so many’ melayu tak guna dan bodoh yg menghancurkan negara…
    there will be time that comes that i will take any possible measures to protect my beloved family, my believe, my religion and my country and my race at all cost..
    ask yourself are you ready for this?
    i may not be the brain, but i don’t mind being a ‘soldato’..
    sorry Tun for me being off topic. petrol chaos is only a little part of it, there will more to follow and anger us all.. malays must change and this has to stop!
    awaiting for your orders sir..

  310. Mohd Khaidir Jul 21,2008 3:20 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Yes i’m agree with you,
    Daripada bagi rebet, potongan cukai dan insentif adalah lebih baik dikurangan kenaikkan harga minyak yang ada sekarang, kalau tidak silap saya petronas ada memberi lebihan dividen 5-6 billion kepada kerajaan, mengapa tidak digunakan 2-4 billion yg ada . Seandainya matlamat utama pemberian subsidi hanya untuk rakyat malaysia, adalah lebih molek seandainya di implemen menggunakan “fleet card(petronas) atau mykad. Pemberian duit bagi meringankan beban pada saya tidak efektif utk jangka masa panjang. ini kerana sudah pastinya duit akan habis dengan cepat dan jika duit yang dapat, dibahagikan dengan jumlah hari, berapa sen sangat yg boleh dijimatkan.

  311. ISTERI ANTIMAMAK Jul 21,2008 3:19 PM

    AKU TAK SABAR ingin cepat cepat kaya
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin cepat melihat kemakmuran bangsa ini
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin segera melihat bukti dari janji pemimpinnya
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin pertama sampai ditempat tujuan
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin terdepan dalam barisan
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin menjadi pemimpin
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin memiliki kekuasaan
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin masuk dewan, LALU nanti TAK SABAR pula berebut keluar
    Bila rasa sabar sudah tiada
    Maka kecewalah yang berkuasa
    Ada jarak yang harus ditempuh
    Ada waktu yang harus dilalui
    Sebelum saatnya tiba
    Upaya yang kita jalankan
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin Pak Lah turun
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin kes Anuar selesai
    AKU TAK SABAR ingin TUN kembali
    Lalu mengapa kita harus BERSABAR…

  312. nazrin Jul 21,2008 3:17 PM

    salam tun
    i cudnt agree more. i am amazed at this age ur way of thinking is greater than of the so called young current leaders.
    i am wondering if the present government is ready to debate with u concerning the current economy condition like wut they did with anwar ibrahim. i guess u’r far better than that anwar…

  313. penukul Jul 21,2008 3:14 PM

    dear all,
    Tun-kami yg taraf mcm rumah sederhana rendah kebawah dah buntu nk berpikir.
    Orang orang kaya mereka tak pikir hal hal barang naik.
    orang orang berniaga kalau barang naik mereka naik harga.
    orang politik mereka pandai cakap aje.
    BUNTU..kami buntu

  314. Seti Jul 21,2008 3:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum untuk Tun sekeluarga!
    Rakyat keseluruhannya tertekan dengan kenaikkan mendadak harga minyak dan ditambah dengan krisis harga makanan. Walaupun kerajaan cuba memberi penerangan melalui Menteri Penerangannya, message yang disampaikan terlalu general, dan tak faham mungkin juga seperti kata Tun “keluar poket kiri masuk poket kanan”. yang pastinya rakyat tak mendapat faedah. Dimasa zaman Tun dulu , kerajaan dapat menangani tanpa terlalu membeban kepada rakyat. Kerajaan DSAAB tak pandai, tapi nak tunjuk pandai dan telus konon. Kini makan diri, tetapi masih tak faham-faham lagi.
    Semoga DSAAB berfikir bahawa dia sebenarnya gagal dan sedang kecundang. Rakyat juga yang terima padahnya!!! !!!

  315. ashar Jul 21,2008 3:04 PM

    Satu sudut pandang yang ikhlas dari TUN,
    walau pun tun bukan kerajaan dan UMNO lagi.
    Sebagaimana yang pernah diketahu ramai:
    Seperti sudah di jangkakan ini adalah konspiracy
    oleh mereka yang di gelar “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” dalam
    doktrine meraka NWO(NEW WORLD ODER).
    Semasa krisis mata wang, mereka telah menggunakan Gorge Soros sebagai “belachi” melaksanakan tugas mereka. Di belakang mereka , elite-elite jews yang menguasai bank-bank dunia terdiri dari jews ultra kaya seperti Jacob Rothschild dan Baron dll,wang mereka ratusan trilliun. Tindakan mereka bagi mendapatkan wang sekelip mata tak payah dibincangkan sekarang.
    Sekarang krisis minyak dunia. Mereka ini juga yang telah memainkan peranan mereka dalam cara yang berbeda. Mereka akan memperolehi semua keuntungan dari semua masalah yang mereka ujudkan. Mereka tidak memperdulikan apakan kesan pada negara dan penduduk dunia. Apa yang mereka pentingkan adalah keuntungan kepada kumpulan mereka, society mereka.
    Mereka menghalalkan apa saja kejahatan pada manusia selain dari society mereka. Mereka mendakwa mereka adalah “masyarakat pilihan Tuhan”(the chosen one), iaitu Zionist. Oleh itu mendakwa mereka berhak memerintah dunia, mengusai ekonomi dan politik dunia.
    Alhamdulilah, Malaysia terlepas dari mereka dalam isu minyak ini kerana Malaysia pengekseport minyak, untung PETRONAS telah menyelamatkan kita. Bayangkan negara lain, apa kesan yang berlaku pada mereka? lebih dahsyat dari apa yang boleh kita fikirkan.Mereka terpaksa berhutang dengan bank-bank dunia milik mereka ini.
    Dengan krisis minyak, wang dollar yang bertimbun dalam perdaganagan antara bangsa, timbul pula masaalah penurunan USD. Apakah kesannya pada dunia amnya dan Malaysia khususnya dalam masalah penurunan USD ini?. Ini semua sudah di rancang dalam teori konspiracy mereka.
    Dengan konspirasy kejatuhan USD terjadi,
    Pasti, Ada kesan yang dahsyat pada Amerika sendiri…kajilah sendiri.
    Tapi, Apakan kesan pada Malaysia?
    Apakah Malaysia akan menyerah kali ini kepada bank-bank milik mereka..?
    Mereka sentiasa sedia membantu untuk unity dunia kononnya, kerana itu lah niat mereka. Membantu dalam ertikata membunuh secara perlahan ekonomi negara dan ketergantungan pada mereka kekal untuk waktu yang begitu lama. Bukan anak cucu kita saja yang menangungnya, malah bergenarasi.
    Seperti Amerika, hutang mereka tak terbayar kepada mereka ini. Akhirnya manjadi proksi mereka. Mereka yang menguasai pemimpin dan dasar Amerika.Bayangkan kemusnahan oleh Amerika sekarang, jadi tahulah kita siapa di belakang mereka.
    Apakah kerajan kita pernah terfikir akan kesan-kesan ini sekiranya berlaku.? Apakah kerajaan Malaysia tahu akan signal ini dan apakah langkah yang kerajaan ambil.?
    Semasa pemerintahan TUN dulu isu krisis mata wang di tangani dengan berkhemah dan bijaksana oleh TUN, walaupun TUN terpaksa melawan arus. Bantahan idea TUN hampir dari merata dunia. Alhamdulilah, idea TUN di terima dan di puji setelahnya.
    Mereka ini walaupun nampak begitu besar, tak terlawan oleh kita dengan perancangan yang begitu rapi untuk matlamat jangka panjang mereka. Namun senjatanya pada kita. Perpaduan kita. Perpaduan bangsa kita dengan nilai kita tersendiri dan bukan dari pengaruh mereka, pengaruh kapitalis seperti dalam doktrine mereka.
    TUN pernah berjaya melawan kehendak mereka dalam krisis mata wang. dan kini saya merasakan TUN dan Co sudah mengenali meraka dan muslihat mereka dan mampu berfikir melawan kehendak mereka ini. Idea TUN memang saya puji, sepujinya.
    Saya amat kurang yakin dengan pemimpin yang ada sekarang dengan barmacam-macam isu yang tak sepatut.
    Dengan limpahan keuntungan Petronas pun semuanya nampak kucar kacir. Apatah lagi masalah yang lebih serius tanpa ada bantuan dari sumber kita sendiri.
    Oleh itu saya merasakan penting di di lakukan perubahan segera dan medesak.
    SEHINGGA 31HB 0GOS 2008.
    Berikan impak yang hebat dari suara rakyat kepada:
    1.wakil pemimpin
    2.wakil bahagian
    3.wakil rakyat
    4.AP dan ADUN
    5.Pak Lah terutamanya…

  316. threesixtynine Jul 21,2008 3:04 PM

    salam che det
    k lowercase bercita-cita nk menang piala PM, tapi cita-citanya terhalang kerana terdapat terlalu banyak uppercase lama yang masih berkuasa & kelihatan seolah-olah mustahil bagi k lowercase untuk memenuhi impiannya. ada uppercase N, uppercase H, even M & M yang k lowercase fikirkan menjadi penghalang besar cita-citanya. k lowercase perlu lakukan sesuatu. sebagaimana k lowercase bijak merancang strategi sehingga berjaya menawan anak uppercase A, sebegitulah k lowercase merancang strategi untuk menggondol piala PM pula. k lowercase bercita-cita besar, silap-silap padang MY pun nak digabungkan semula dengan padang S yang hanya sebesar noktah di peta dunia itu.
    lowercase k melihat, hanya uppercased AI mampu membantunya mencapai cita-cita menggondol piala PM. uppercase lain bukan sahaja tak mampu, malah tidak dan sama sekali tidak akan mendatangkan hasil, malahan silap-silap lowercase k ini akan terpadam selama-lamanya & hanyut dengan angan-angannya untuk membolot piala PM. uppercased AI pernah dipadamkan dahulu apabila uppercase D realise uppercased AI banyak masalah. Lain yang ditekan lain yang keluar. namun lowercase k melihat uppercased AI adalah satu-satunya peluang untuk menempah tiket awal membolot piala PM. hanya dengan uppercased AI lah ‘win-win’ situation dapat dicapai, apatah lagi uppercased AI mempunyai pengaruh yang besar di masa kini. Bahan mentah dinaikkan harga, isu-isu padang & peribadi uppercase yang bermasalah ditimbulkan,uppercased AI dibiarkan bermaharajalela & bermacam-macam lagi dilakukan agar imej pihak penaja dipandang buruk & penonton akan mula mengalihkan perhatian pada uppercased AI yang lebih menekankan keselesaan & kesejahteraan penonton, “suara penonton” katanya. lowercase k pula akan membuat deal dgn uppercased AI, selepas AI, lowercase k nak naik taraf uppercase pula, & seterusnya membolot piala PM & pulang dengan piala tersebut sambil tersenyum sampai ke telinga.
    tak caya tunggu & lihat. in the 1st place, uppercase D terlepas pandang lowercase k!!

  317. Fauzi Hussein Jul 21,2008 3:00 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I’m totally agreed with you. Our government suppose to increase fuel price in staggered manner. Example: 15% in 1st year, 29% for 2nd years & etc & no need to pay for fuel rebate. This is important to peoples to prepare and adjust their financial.
    To me, our government increased fuel price 40% in one short just to make our economy halted and consumers are totally drop their buying power. Another stupid solution from our government was the fuel rebate , government said they can saved RM13billion from the fuel subsidies but at the same time spend for fuel rebate. To me, this is a stupid solution.
    We as a Malaysian people want to see our government take long term planning and strategy for our economy.
    Based on the above, our PM, AAB has failed to manage Malaysia’s economic and advice to step down immediately.

  318. mredz Jul 21,2008 2:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Keep up posting your great ideas… I always supporting you every time..
    Allah hu akbar…

  319. kaychin Jul 21,2008 2:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are right.
    In past when being UMNO = “demi bangsa dan negara”;
    at present UMNO = “untuk siapa??”, tak tentu hala..
    So it is strange when someone is still in UMNO now.
    Finally the joke of the week: UMNO+PAS = ….? (HEHEHE)

  320. Melayu Nusantara Jul 21,2008 2:54 PM


  321. dospenang Jul 21,2008 2:52 PM

    “high cost (40 per cent increase) of oil which has triggered off an inflationary process with increases in the cost of everything”
    Apa yang dikemukakan TUN ada benarnya, kerana kebanyakan barang makanan menghadapi kenaikan mendadak termasuklah beras 70-100%, tepung 50%, tetapi apa yang mampu rakyat lakukan bagi menghalang kerajaan. Buktinya kenaikan boleh dilihat pada perbezaan harga barang2 makanan bandar2 utama yang disiarkan akhbar BERITA HARIAN atau THE STAR semenjak hari minyak naik sehingga ke hari ini.
    Sekalipun kerajaan berkata mereka akan mengawal harga barang dengan penubuhan MHN tetapi mereka pasti tak akan mampu mengawal kenaikan dari hari ke hari.
    Hari ini mereka boleh bekejaran mencari peniaga yang menaikkan barang secara mendadak, tapi adakah mereka mampu mengawal semua peniaga dan pemborong dalam negara setiap hari? Lagipun selalunya jadual serbuan kepada peniaga atau pemborong yang menaikkan harga barang dilakukan bermusim. Bulan ini buat bulan depan tak buat.
    Peniaga juga tidak dapat dipersalahkan kerana kos pengangkutan dan penghantaran semakin meningkat akibat kenaikan petrol dan diesel.
    “Petronas’ contribution to Government revenue is so big…”
    Setelah mendapat bayaran RM 61 billion dari Petronas, kerajaan sepatutnya bertindak mengurangkan harga minyak semula. Bayangkan semenjak 1970-an Petronas telah membayar cukai berjumlah lebih RM 400 billion. Lebih daripada RM 200 billion(setengah jumlah cukai Petronas) diterima kerajaan Pak Lah yang memimpin dari tahun 2003-sekarang. Jika kerajaan sekarang betul-betul berniat membantu rakyat hasil tersebut patut digunakan membantu rakyat.
    Sebenarnya pendapatan kerajaan adalah lebih daripada cukup untuk membantu semua rakyat di samping melaksanakan perbelanjaan bagi projek pembangunan. Tetapi sehingga ke hari ini kita tidak dapat melihat satu pun projek mega yang siap dan dapat dilihat dengan mata kasar dari pimpinan kerajaan Pak Lah. Hanya dalam sebutan sahaja projek sana sini, koridor sana-sini. Tapi satu pun tidak dibangunkan lagi.
    Ke mana perginya duit cukai dibayar Petronas yang berbilion-billion?

  322. d'soul Jul 21,2008 2:48 PM

    Salam Tun n fan.
    Kenaikan minyak yang terlalu tinggi pada satu2 masa amatlah membebankan seluruh rakyat, inikan pula dibuat secara mengejut… Just one word for that… GILA!!!
    Pembayaran rebet melalui Pos Malaysia,
    Sambil menyelam minum air…
    Untuk menambahkan kekayaan ahli keluarga sendiri,
    yang sememangnya dah kaya…
    Kerajaan sekarang hanya pentingkan poket ahli keluarga sendiri je…
    Kerajaan sekarang tak peduli apa nak jadi pada rakyat…
    Kerajaan sekarang ni BAGHAL!!!

  323. Jejaka Sulong Jul 21,2008 2:48 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Maaf sekiranya coretan ini keluar dari tajuk di atas, cuma sekadar meluahkan perasaan betapa saya kehilangan corak pentadbiran Tun.
    Saya belia yang dilahir pada zaman Tun dan mempunyai pengalaman selama 16 tahun dalam bidang pentadbiran korporat di syarikat swasta milikan bukan bumiputra dan sedikit sebanyak mengetahui bagaimana budaya niaga dikalangan mereka. Cetusan itu saya terjemahkan untuk menceburi bidang perniagaan sendiri berbekalkan modal RM10k.
    Kini hampir 2 tahun dan memiliki kedai sendiri, konsep perniagaan secara jualan tunai dan kredit. Saya ingin menyahut cabaran daripada Tun dan rakan-rakan bukan bumiputra bahawa kita juga mampu bersaing dengan mereka. Baru-baru ini saya diberi peluang membekalkan barangan industri ke anak syarikatnya di Brunei dan Kombaja dengan jumlahnya yang agak besar dengan modal RM 10K sudah pasti tidak cukup. (Perniagaan membekalkan barangan industri seperti “Strapping Belt’, “OPP tape” dan lain-lain)
    Untuk pengetahuan Tun 100% pelanggan saya terdiri dari syarikat swasta milikan bukan bumiputra.
    Skim peruncitan “PROSPER” yang diasakan oleh Tun dengan matlamat utama membantu usahawan bumiputera sangat baik dan bertepatan sekali. Justeru saya kemukakan kerta kerja dengan lengkap dan telahpun mengadakan sesi temuduga dengan wakil PUNB selaku badan yang ditanggugjawab mengendalikan skim ini.
    Namun keputusannya permohonan pembiyaan saya telah ditolak, bukan berdasarkan kepada tidak lengkap dokumen, berkemungkinan kurang percaya kemampuan saya dalam menjalankan operasi perniagaan secara retail dan kredit walapun saya telah mengemukakan kontrak jualan dan sebagainya.
    Namun saya tak putus asa, saya membuat cadangan kali ke dua kepada PUNB dengan menggunakan konsep bank saudagar “Bank Acceptance” untuk diterjemhkan dalam urusan perniagaan saya. Sekali lagi ditolak atas alasan yang sama.
    Pembiayaan skim PROSPER penting memadangkan skim ini tidak melibatkan cagaran seperti mana institusi kewangan lain. Maklumlah saya ini bukan dikalangan keluarga yang kaya raya atau sejarah dalam peniagaan, namun saya redha dan tak putus asa apa yang sudah berlaku.
    Walaupun lari dari tajuk asal, saya ingin menarik perhatian semua bahawa kenapa dan mengapa usahawan bumiputra tidak berkemampuan menyaingi perniagaan Bukan Bumiputra. Ketidakupayaan mempelbagaikan konsep pembiayaan urusniaga semasa menyebabkan usahawan Bumiputra dalam dilema.
    Saya rasa betul-betul kehilangan dan rindukan corak pentadbiran Tun. Bantulah kami Tun.

  324. joehoney Jul 21,2008 2:46 PM

    Salam Tun serta Keluarga
    Malas la nak komen banyak2 sebab orang bodoh yang tak sekolah pun tau mereka diperbodoh2kan dan dah malas nak cakap lagi. Yang pelik lagi hairan kita semua asyik komen aja….. Hari2 komen dan bincang aja. Sampai bila agaknya?? Yang dapat hanyalah sakit hati dan penat aja. Apa kata mulai sekarang kita ramai2 beranikan diri BERTINDAK! Tubuhkan Parti BERTINDAK Malaysia. Hehehehe
    Hidup Tun!
    Mungkin 11 Ogos ne dapat jumpa Tun kat konverkesen MMU di Cyber Jaya.
    Harap2 Tun hadir bersama Siti Hasmah.

  325. anakmelaka Jul 21,2008 2:46 PM

    Y,Bhg Tun,
    Saya SANGAT tertarik your PERMANENT STYLE yang sarcastic.
    For That I nak cakap gak kat Tun yang Ayahanda Tun memang NAKAL..
    mungkin sebab itulah Bapak George Bush terpaksa tunggu Tun B/Fast dulu sebelum managed to talk to you semasa Tun di Jepun.
    Kesian pada kroni Pak Lah dan Abng KJ yang terpaksa baca your blog and report to Pak Lah.
    The only way to FEEL NOTHING dengan apa yang Tun tulis ialah.. go and get the treatment “PUTUSKAN URAT MALU and URAT SAKIT HATI..”. Or they are already done all this..
    Take care Tun.

  326. G-Nott Jul 21,2008 2:45 PM

    Keep up posting ur great ideas!!

  327. ingintahu Jul 21,2008 2:44 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I was never really interested in the country’s political issues before. But now, the current flip-flop government has definitely caught my attention!! To the flip-flop government, PLEASE do something more intelligent to the benefit of the rakyat… STOP TORTURING US!!!

  328. inthemiddle Jul 21,2008 2:41 PM

    the idea is to ensure that only our rakyat benefited from the rebate, partial subsidy, and cut-taxes..also to educate the rakyat that they might facing oil price which directly referring to world price once Malaysia become net oil importer..
    with current food crisis, our G has to ensure that there is portion allocated to source imported foods ie. rice, flour, sugar, oil etc as Malaysia’s production of food are not sufficient to cover Malaysian’s needs. These price are not within our G’s control. Nothwithstanding the price that our G has to pay, Malaysia needs to ensure that our food supply are sufficient/available first, and think about the price thereafter..the funds to realise this is from the withdrawal of partial oil subsidy..
    With regard to Tun’s suggestion, its involves mathematic calculation, which one gives better results for everyone..Tun’s suggestion also may ease administrative, and controlling costs in relation to processing cash rebate etc..given current household income against current price hike for comodity prices that in average, unable to absorb the fuel price, our G should re-look into this COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS..
    Its incompetence management if our G didnt consider this idea before implementing current option..where all our acedemicians, economicians, majlis tindakan ekonomi negara, inflasi committee..takkan Pak Lah alone can decide all these without obtaining advise from these fella?..
    again, i wonder..

  329. mr_ijal Jul 21,2008 2:38 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya ada lah pengguna blog Tun yg baru.
    Terima Kasih atas komen2 Tun yg bernas.
    Semoga tun terus dpt menghangatkan dan memberikan buah
    fikiran yg bernas kepada kami.
    Terima kasih.

  330. Malik Malbari Jul 21,2008 2:37 PM

    The goverment should look into ways not increse the petrol price 1st….. not increse the price let people suffer then introduce al sorts of budjects and plans. what were they thinking before the increse the price. this clearly show the goverment doest not analise 1st befor they make any decision. That way they are call the flip flop goverment…….You can almost hear the flip flops……
    Go on writing tun.
    My whole family support you. Especially my farther is your hard core supporter since you were the Menteri pendidkan…..
    Take care Tun.

  331. seridewi Jul 21,2008 2:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum WBT Tun ,
    I agree that the petrol should be increased gradually . Besides not only Petronas who recorded billions of revenue but also the planatation company and the banking sectors . I do believe that not only Petronas who should contribute but also these companies .
    Another way is to reduce the EPF monthly contrbution and income . Let the companies who gained billions contribute more . Therefore , people will have lots of cash in hand .
    Tun , what about the WTO and the USTFA ? There’s rumours that PM will sign the agreement with USA . What are the pro and cons? Before this Dato’ Seri Rafidah manage to delay the consensus of WTO which clearly to be one sided . Sir , can you please elaborate more about this USTFA and WTO ? I had came across the rumour in .
    Wassalam .

  332. sabirin Jul 21,2008 2:31 PM

    Salam Tun,
    In current situation, the government is in lost, they don’t have brilliant idea how to cope with the economic environment. They should focus in helping the public. PKR selangor idea for free usage of 20m3 water is a good example. At least they have something to show. Therefore the government must “open minded” for any suggestion from opposition or from Tun.
    The state government also had to play their roll here. Such as rent out land for agriculture in big scale. Easier and faster process of application approval in govt sector. (I have submit application for billboard on 30 jun 08, but till now nothing action taken by person in charge, the reason given only one person doing this job, course, mc and other excuses. NOT EFFICIENT. How people going to do their business, and how to improved their income, that’s why “selalu ada duit kopi”) Who to blame.

  333. Hajar Jul 21,2008 2:31 PM

    Dearest Yg diKasihi Tun,
    I agree 100% with Tun. The government should have performed a thorough study before increasing the oil price. Now what they are actually doing is like what Tun said before: “Keluar duit dari poket kiri, masukkan ke poket kanan..”. And, this actually increases the work load – WHAT AN INEFFICIENT AND WEAK GOVERNMENT! No wonder DSAAB has a lot of work to do…and claimed : ”MASIH ADA BANYAK KERJA YG NAK DIBUAT..” MANA TAKNYA, TAK ADA KERJA CARI KERJA. LINTANG-PUKANG & MUSNAH NEGARA DIBUATNYA.
    Tun said: “Sorry. I know I am not in the Government, not even in UMNO.”
    – It’s okay Tun, freedom of speech. In addition, your idea is still the best. Biaq pi lah apapun org2 DSAAB nak kata.
    Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. Saya sokong & sayang Tun. Teruskan perjuangan murni Tun.

  334. bob Jul 21,2008 2:28 PM

    Its a flip flop government. What do you expect?
    Anything better, its going to be too good to be true.

  335. vin_ann Jul 21,2008 2:27 PM

    ya ya,
    why not govt increase gradually.

  336. siam kedah Jul 21,2008 2:27 PM

    We are all not in the government and that is why we have to disagree with Dollah. Dollah dont give a damn what you or me think. He just want to keep as much money as he possibly could in his control (i.e Government) and thereafter he can use it to bribe UMNO people to vote him. Imagine 30 billions can buy how many vote for him. Ku Li and others cannot fight Dollah because he is the only man can control the money from Petronas. Unfortunately Md Nor Yaakob is also his geng and he is part of Dollah team. Now they have a great days bribing the voters. What can you do Tun?. You are not Prime Minister and not even UMNO member even. You can write but who what to read now. All UMNO leaders are happy to nominate Dollah and Najib. They are willing to prostitute this nation for their own pockets. The rest of the poor people who support UMNO all I can say is PADAN MUKA HANG PA.

  337. SYAMiLLiON Jul 21,2008 2:26 PM

    i’m sick of current goverment…can’t wait for next election

  338. kapt_KOBRA Jul 21,2008 2:26 PM

    I believe from day 1 of Pak Lah admin, this guys didn’t not come up with whatever policy we see until today. Especially the damage control policies post-election. Because all of them are rubbish! Believe me, Pak Lah is so dumb to even think! So who’s the joker who’s been writting up speeches and setting up Pak Lah on what to do in parliament?

  339. Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd Rahim Jul 21,2008 2:25 PM

    Arigato Ghozaimas Che Det san…
    Ditto… i agree with you, the current mechanism of subvention (Subsidy or should it be called as Sumbangan dari Daddy) doesn’t really being effective. A good moderator in governing, should simplifies nor being an easer.
    The mechanism method of “giving back money” as to eases burden of the subsidy withdraw would just wasting time of productivity. I agreed upon You @ Che Det on the term for “why not simply reduce 40% to 30%” of the oil price. Better instead…
    And i totally agreed with your views, it would allows people to re-adjust to adjustcent differences in cost of living nor to suits owns financial capasity to the present situation, due to oil & gas price rocketed sky-high.
    Bitter and Sweet” (pros and cons) terminalogy should be in consideration in every decisions to make, every scope of perspectives to be look into. A good leader nor government moderator should looks deeper in the deep blue rather than it surface. From short-term to medium-term to long-term, cause and effect, remember ??
    “ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way
    John C. Maxwell
    Indeed… there are many people with typical minded, would want things to be easy nor taking things for granted. This is what happened when those “non-brainy” sits in the government, especially at the top-level. Not doing things according to a wise thinking and thoughts, but more to an instant of short-term results due to desperations in scenarios.
    Governance nor Governing is a such a business, a big business. It requires wisdom to manage it to glory.
    The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows
    The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows
    Aristotle Onassis
    I wished that you are still the Prime Minister of Malaysia still. I miss you alot… how i wish.
    Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd Rahim bin Abd Rahim

  340. kochebin Jul 21,2008 2:23 PM

    Salam Bahagia TUN,
    Congratulation on your 4 million visitors to your blog.Looks like your blog is more popular than the present govt.I am rather lucky,that I moved my family to the kampung.Now i do not feel the pinch so much as a result of the haphazard administration of the govt machinery.My wife and I gave up city job and concentrate on the rearing of Ikan Keli and tanam Cili api. We realised that the cost of going to work and maintaining the life style of city living is not to our means anymore.Now we have 10 cement ponds of ikan keli (52,000 fish)by next 2 weeks we hope to sell it.We are now embarking on growing Cili Api,since i find that the water from the pond is good for watering the plants thus reduce our cost on fertilizers.
    I really really really hope that TUN can do something to bring back Malaysian Economy on the right path again.During your time my family were quite well off,as a result of your good governance and vision.
    I just cannot think whats going to happen to our next generation with the economy has slipped 10 years behind.

  341. lordmusan Jul 21,2008 2:22 PM

    By jeng3 on July 21, 2008 1:24 PM
    Salam Tun,
    To the present government,
    Salam Tun,
    i totally agree with the blogger above.The current government now should go and seek ur advice on economic matters pertaining to the current situation in the country.What the governmentis doing now is basically just like the old malay saying…”gali Lubang and kambus Lubang’.Tak ada faedah langsung.
    The other thing is why the corruption commission is sobusy with cases involving people whom are reported by Anwar but not digging any information form pak lah and his family members?Are they doing this to ensure Pak Lah’s popularity with the government?ye lah..pi tolong anwar mesti dia ingat ramai orang sokong dia nanti.
    Why no inquiries were made to cases like ECM Libra, Pos Malaysia Rebate issue, MV Agusta sell off and many more!
    Did u notice Tun,last time it was batik all the way and the government issued a directive all government officers must wear batik on mondays and saturdays(..guess who made money from that?),now it is edible garden!Guess what will happen next?I bet Pak Lah will push for this thing in the cabinet and will surely announce some program that will have links to edible garden.
    i rasa daripada they promote edible garden might as well they promote edible panties!!With pak Lah as the role model wearing theedible underwear and jeanne wearing the edible panty…they can then sell it at khairy’s boutique…Cepat je sampai your 70million target!
    lord musan
    SAYA BENCI DADAH..tapi saya tetap benci Pak Lah!

  342. rakyatengah Jul 21,2008 2:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun & all,
    Bila memperkatakan ttg ekonomi yang berlaku sekarang jelas semua cuba menjana idea atau jalan penyelesaian yang sesuai. Malah ramai menganggap Tun antara yang mampu mencari jalan penyelesaian yang sesuai.
    Malah kita pernah dengar dari debat anwar juga mempunyai idea yang tersendiri.
    Apakata Tun berdebat dengan DS Anwar Ibrahim untuk berbicara
    mengenai pengukuhan ekonomi sebagai contoh tajuk “Antara ekonomi 1997 & 2008”
    sekaligus menyahut cabaran beliau pada debat yang lalu untuk mebicarakan tentang “ekonomi 1997”.
    Dan menyatakan secara terbuka apa yang dilakukan oleh beliau ketika ekonomi merundum ketika tahun 1997 yang sehingga hari ini terlalu banyak cerita yang pelbagai mengenai beliau( bukan untuk menyerang secara peribadi tetapi lebih kepada implikasi daripada rancangan dan tindakan beliau ketika itu).
    Saya membaca Tun menyatakan debat yang lalu seperti tidak adil. Disini wujud ruang untuk sesuatu yang adil. Kami rakyat telah lama menunggu Tun berdiri untuk semua setidak tidak nya bagi pihak rakyat
    (since u r no longer BN. Bagi mencari jalan penyelesaian yang sebaik baik nya.
    Thanks & Regards

  343. Bey Jul 21,2008 2:21 PM

    My Dear Tun,
    Im agree with you. Since DSAAB took over PM office, fuel price had incresed substantially. The idea brought up by you is good. Im fully support it.

  344. kamal ahmad Jul 21,2008 2:18 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun. Yang penting sekali adalah untuk kita sebagai rakyat yang tertekan dengan tindakan sebegini- untuk mengenal dengan pasti darimana kah datangnya nasihat untuk menaikkan harga minyak dengan begitu mendadak. Nasihat dari dalam negara atau luar negara? Australia adalah diantara salah sebuah daripada negara rantau ini yang mempercayai bahawa salah satu penyebab kenaikkan harga minyak dunia ada juga kena mengena dengan subsidi-subsidi yang diberikan oleh sesetengah negara (artificial pricing). Apa yang ditulis oleh Tun adalah satu analisis yang begitu tepat.

  345. cicit panglima Jul 21,2008 2:15 PM

    Economy ZERO…!!! Siapa makan cili, dialah terasa pedasnya…!

  346. (MFMS)d Jul 21,2008 2:15 PM

    Salam Tun.
    eventhough you are no longer in the government and umno member, doesnot mean that you cannot express your opinions or anything, which i guess, same opinions from the rest of malaysians.
    today’s government is fake and full of lies.
    just wait and see for GE13 to come for sure.
    the burden of malaysians can be hold no more!

  347. Lahm Jul 21,2008 2:15 PM

    The STAR is a one sided media. They report your blog only on issues that will favor opposition.
    Anyway, we all know that the rebate is a way for government to show the rakyat that they care, as it directly gives money to rakyat, but it doesn’t solve overall economic problem. In fact it makes it worse since immediate hype increase of petrol will lead to immediate price increase of of other goods and service and inflation spiraling upward too fast. It causes major difficulty for businesses to adjust and turn the economy to be on track again.

  348. Kersani Jul 21,2008 2:14 PM

    Dearest Ayahanda Tun,
    I remember a while back, a heavyweight royal I had a conversation with, was lamenting about the loss of power of Royal Families in Malaysia. I vociferously defended the government and steadfastly held to the principle of constitutional monarchy.
    That was before you stepped down Sir. That was when I believed in Malaysia’s leadership.
    A few weeks ago the same high ranking royal met me again, and he was lamenting yet again… only this time it wasnt about the royals…it was about the whole country.
    Then he asked me: “Seriously now, the way the government is run by Badawi, do you think any of the Sultans could do any worse if THEY ran the country instead?”
    I found myself unable to answer. Because honestly, I think any idiot can do better than the current captain, never mind the Sultans.
    I wish you well Tun Dad, and pray for your continued good health and strength in continuing this struggle. Your children are with you, Sir.
    Sembah salam pada bonda Tun Hasmah.

  349. azfarhan Jul 21,2008 2:14 PM

    Simply baffling the way government acting.

  350. entahlah Jul 21,2008 2:13 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    “If the Government really wants to reduce the burden of the people caused by the price of oil, it should really look at the whole economy and seek ways and means to reduce the burden, not piecemeal but in a comprehensive way”
    Agreed 200%!!
    1. AAB thought that by cutting down the fuel subsidy it will save him some money so that he can use the money for the country development projects.
    2. After cutting down the subsidy, he found out the inflation has gone up like crazy. Thus, AAB has found out that the amount he has saved is not sufficient to fully implement the projects because the construction costs have gone up. The situation on the government ability to spend might be worse then before the subsidy was cut.
    3. Now he is trying to cut down the inflation by introducing piecemeal measures to improve the situation in item 2 above.
    4. But of course lah he can always increase again the subsidy so that the petrol price will reduce. But don’t know lah whether it will help as the damages have been done. However, he has to think twice now to do that, as our dearest TDM and the rest of the rakyat will say he is doing the flip flop thing again!! hahaha..
    5. Now I’m writing like TDM…huhuhu
    Best regards to Tun and family.

  351. ammar-chep Jul 21,2008 2:12 PM

    Tun, Bahasa Melayu sekarang ni dah hampir menjadi Bahasa ketiga..kebanyakan iklan, poster dll meletakkan bahasa inggeris diatas, diikuti mandarin dan barulah bahasa melayu. saya amat berharap agar tun boleh meletakkan artikel bahasa melayu dahulu barulah diikuti bahasa inggeris. sebagai seorang yang sangat kuat memperjuangkan bangsa melayu, saya harap tun dapat juga berjuang untuk bahasa melayu. sekian,semoga Allah rahmati kita semua.

  352. XBB Jul 21,2008 2:12 PM

    The people choose the government, and the government reserve their right not to announce their plan/meeting/report/contract/spending to the people. Are we democratic?

  353. WanJ Peraksi Jul 21,2008 2:12 PM

    Ybg Tun,
    Pls advise Tan Sri Noor, (2nd Finance Menister) on this issue),saya tahu Tun kenal benar orang ini semasa crisis 1997, yang beri tahun Tun dulu berkenaan kerugian matawang dulu, pasal dia habak kita tak rugi duit, cuma rugi atas kertas saja, saya masih ingat nasihat yang dia habak kak Tun dulu,La ni ni dia pegang Jawatan menteri pula macam tadak orag lain saja.
    Dia tahu ke sekarang rakyat cukup terteka dan tertidas dalam hal ini, kalau ya pun nak tarik balik subsidi dari rakyat, naik l pelan2 jangan naik macam kerang? kalau depa dok di tan kita depa tau la macamana susah dan perik kehidupan rakyat malaysia sekarang.
    Minta tulong Tun pg jumpa Agong,agar YM Agung nasihatkan memanda Perdana Menteri lepaskan jawatan dan Tun pengang sepenggal, sebelum kita semua hancur dan menanggung akibat inflasi sekarang.
    Org kata” kalau mati, tutup mata rapat”
    Hidup Tun.

  354. Captain Jul 21,2008 2:11 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,
    Fantastic! I agree with you sir that the oil price should be increased 10% last June, and it wont burden peolple so much and we the rakyat may adjust ourselves to the situation accordingly.
    This is where I really missed you ayahanda Tun, if you were there, we wont face this kind of situation, please save us from this uncertainty Ayahanda Tun. Tell us what to do…..
    May Allah Bless you and your family Ayahanda Tun.
    We love you and we need you you.

  355. aad Jul 21,2008 2:10 PM

    It’s all blame, blame and blame over past issues. Yesterday is dead and gone and nothing can bring it back. One has to be visionary and look ahead,not backwards.
    Tun, you are one person who fits the bill. You planned way ahead and made sure the plans go according to plans.
    The current scenario is chaotic, badly planned and haphazard in many ways.
    The opposition is not making it any better. They only harp on the past, are on a fault finding mission and are experts in street demonstrations. They look more like demons who cannot administrate.
    I’d give my vote to you anytime, Tun, should you decide to make a comeback.

  356. Mozafar Jul 21,2008 2:10 PM

    To tell you the truth sir, Tun, we rakyat no more bother to listen or even see that face on TV anymore. We are fed up and our heart grumbles each time his face come out on TV. Hope Allah listen to our prayers so as to relieve us of this burden done by this man.

  357. gohhoehoe Jul 21,2008 2:09 PM

    Good day Tun
    Would you think that the purpose of increasing the oil price drastically is to stop smuggling of diesel and petroleum a very
    good reason.
    Awaiting answer

  358. asam jawa Jul 21,2008 2:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum YABhg. Tun
    YABhg Tun amat berpandangan luas dan mengaplikasikan sikap tersebut apabila membuat sesuatu keputusan lebih-lebih lagi apabila menyentuh isu kelangsungan hidup rakyat.
    Malangnya keputusan yang dibuat sekarang membebankan masyarakat umum, pada waktu yang sama menguntungkan sebahagian kecil. Sebagai contoh semua rakyat menanggung beban kenaikan harga minyak tetapi pada waktu yang sama peniaga ambil kesempatan menaikkan harga barang tanpa had manakala ECM Libra dapat untung komisyen pembayaran rebet melalui Pos Malaysia Berhad.
    Semoga YABhg. Tun sekeluarga dirahmati Allah

  359. HSMJ Jul 21,2008 2:09 PM

    Itulah kalau kerajaan tidak mampu fikirkan nasib rakyat bawahan ni. Sepatutnya naik sikit2 bukan sekali harung macam ni. Dah tu buat pengumuman mengejut. Parah la beratur beli minyak murah terakhir. Menyusahkan rakyat. PakLah patut resign secara terhormat sebelum Disember ni! Sungguh malang rakyat Malaysia perlu menunggu 23 bulan lagi ni.

  360. XBB Jul 21,2008 2:08 PM

    The government has lost their core value to serve the people. Only know how to secure their seat and fight to higher position. Non has interest to bring Malaysia to the next level. They have forgotten vision 2020. I can’t see the vision of the country, what’s next? What’s our future host? I’m worry about our next generation.

  361. Satriya Jul 21,2008 2:08 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Once in a while, you and DS Anwar Ibrahim are on the same wavelength, with regard to how the government should handle the increase in oil prices. The sudden increase of 40% is just too burdensome for the masses, and the ripple effect of that can be quite crippling.
    While we cannot do much to contain the eventual rise of global oil prices, I believe the public at large is more concerned about our state of economy – our loss of competitiveness, our declining productivity, our inability to attract FDI (we are seen as a good Islamic country in the Middle East but yet investments are still not encouraging), our increasing unemployment, our brain drain to other countries, everlasting corruption, etc. If we have a strong and vibrant economy, then we will also have a good ability to absorp any shocks without much repercussion.
    I do hope Tun can contribute your ideas on how we can resuscitate our economy in light of the challenging times we have ahead. You may not be in the government or UMNO, but I am certain that somewhere out there you will be heard. We will listen.

  362. Raj Jul 21,2008 2:07 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Memang betul apa yang Tun kata, kenaikan harga minyak secara mendadak akan menyusahkan rakyat. Kenaikan harga minyak seprtimana Tun buat ketika dulu adalah yang paling sesuai.
    Saya rasa Dato ABB dan penasihatnya sangat bodoh dalam menangani isu kenaikan harga petrol dan terus letakkan beban diatas bahu rakyat.

  363. SkiLL Jul 21,2008 2:07 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Your thoughts are in unison with the vast majority of the rakyat.
    It was shocking to witness such a catalog of decision-making blunders. The government must be on a ‘roll’. Must be a new record by now….
    When Petronas announced its profits, another shock ensued. One word, disbelief.
    Well, the greater part of the public is in agreement with you on this. The flip-flopping must stop….soon… well one can only hope.

  364. leading Jul 21,2008 2:05 PM

    We agree.
    The price increase should be gradual, not drastic.
    Now, in view of the huge profit that Petronas make and give to the government, I think a 20% deduction in oil price should be made to ease people burden.

  365. cyberdroxxx Jul 21,2008 2:05 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Like it or not we are taking the day one at a time. Hopefully we can survive through.

  366. cedric Jul 21,2008 2:05 PM

    Salem Tun,
    Current system of reducing burden to the ciitizen is not so much visible thus leakage is better able to be concealed. That is what we call not so transparent. Don’t you all think so??????

  367. ixora Jul 21,2008 2:05 PM

    Salams Tun.
    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on another million hits.
    I agree with you Tun about reducing the cost of the petrol instead of giving out subsidies because it incurs cost eg. manpower,commision to the postal dept. and also time taken by consumers to go and get the money. I guess they do it so that people are happy to get money…and sad to say, people do get a short term happiness seeing the money in their hands. What about the other side effects of the petrol hike?

  368. cheyem Jul 21,2008 2:04 PM

    Salam untuk semua,
    1.I am agreed with what Tun suggested.There are many alternative to lessen people burden due to the increase of oil price .There are three categories of petrolieum product :-
    i. Petrol which mainly consumed by private vehicles .
    ii. Diesel which mainly consumed by commercial vehicles.
    iii. NGV which not effected by price hike and has been subsidised by Petronas.
    2.From these three categories Goverment should avoid to increase diesel price drastically because of direct impact on price of others goods.
    3.Why should Goverment subsidised vehicle owner when the amount given could be allocated to maintain diesel price in order to control price of goods and services offered by private sector.
    4.Cash rebate received by vehicle owner is around just RM50.00 per month(RM625/12) . I don’t feel this amount could compensate the impact of inflation due oil price hike.I believe this measure taken to shut our mouth….
    5.Please help us dear BN Goverment…please look into impact on overall economy .Last 22 years this Goverment has produce many Middle Class and they can judge your decision..wake up please and come up with more concrete proposal

  369. jeggy Jul 21,2008 2:04 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Youe are absolutely right. The Rakyat cannot and should not be burdoned by such a hefty rise in the price of petrol.The thinking ability of the present Cabinet members is definitely questionable.
    I pray that justice prevails and most of the present cabinet members are forced to resign. The cabinet needs intelligent and shrewd persons, like you Tun. You have proven to the whole world during the currency crisis that you knew exactly what was good for the Rakyat and the nation.
    Please do make a comeback and teach the present cabinet how to make intelligent decisions.
    I wish you and the family the very best in life. May Allah bestow upon you and family happiness and prosperity.

  370. meyoniece Jul 21,2008 2:03 PM

    Tun yang diingati,
    Memang gelihati juga kalau difikir2kan Paklah n langkah2 yg diambilnya ni. Dia mengingatkan saya pada tindak tanduk Pak Pandir yang didakwa takde kerje oleh Mak Andeh; lantas untuk menunjukkan yg dia banyak kerje, dia pun menggali satu lubang yg besar yg menyebabkan bahaya bagi org ramai nak lalu lintas (menaikkan kemarahan ramai orang!) lepas tu dia menyibukkan diri dia dengan menimbus lubang besar yang dia gali tu dengan alasan untuk mengurangkan beban orangramai (yg berpunca dari kebodohan diri dia sendiri). Ironic nye kalau dia tak gali lubang yg besar tu (naikkan harga minyak) tentulah dia tak perlu nak buat kerja2 menimbus lubang yg tak berapa perlu tu, dan bolehla dia fokus kat hal2 lain yg lebih penting untuk kesejahteraan sejagat dan bersifat jangka panjang!!…Pak Lah is a true clown indeed!!!!!!!. The real place for a clown is definitely in circus! am I not right???

  371. sdahenan Jul 21,2008 1:58 PM

    Yang di hormati lagi di sayangi Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah.
    Satu penjelasan dan nasihat yang baik untuk rakyat dan kerajaan tetapi malang nya kerajaan sekarang dah huruhara.Kalau dulu kita nak pergi kemana pun terus ke tempat yang hendak kita tuju tanpa ada gangguan di tengah jalan tapi sekarang ini kena bayax TOLL.
    Sekarang ini apa2 saja yang melibatkan duit kerajaan untuk rakyat mesti ke bayax TOLL dulu kat tingkat 4 dan seterus kepada QARUN2 yang di atas tu.
    Anakanda ada satu hadis Rasulullah SAW untuk QARUN2 yang di stas tu:
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda selalu berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT.
    Alif Lam Mim

  372. JN13 Jul 21,2008 1:57 PM

    Dear Sir, I have always tell people that you are a great person and a good leader, “WHO” comes once in a life time. But people always think of themselves and not for the country and people, that is why people said bad things or criticize you. Good leader always look at the bigger picture, analyse , look at all side before making a decision. They just do not understand your good deed.
    I just thank God that you are a Malaysian. You have make Malaysia a well know place and people in the world respect us malaysian.Thank you for that.
    I just hope one day I can meet you face to face and shake your hand and say thank you.
    May God continue give you good health and protect you and your family.

  373. rakusman Jul 21,2008 1:56 PM

    Salam Tun and others,
    1. Pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak. Semua orang tau. Esok lusa umum lagi macam macam rebate nak bagi. Begitulah seterusnya sampai bila bila jika orang yang sama memimpin negara. Karisma seseorang itu tidak akan berubah sampai mati sama ada lembab atau sebaliknya.
    2. Dalam tempuh 2 tahun ini tak ada satu pun langkah yang tetap atau kosisten sebab sikap pemimpin itu sendiri dan orang orang disekelilingnya. Apa istimewanya ada dua jambatan P Pinang? Ada emas untuk rakyat melombongkah? Projek yang TDM atur tak tahu pakai sebab `ego`AAB. Diasak olih family agar mencari satu mercu tanda sendiri untuk ditinggal sebagai kenangan, itu namanya mementingkan diri sendiri,akibatnya wawasan 2020 kena tukar ke wawasan 2200..kita tunggu dan lihat .
    3. Penjelasan kerajaan sekarang dalam satu satu issue tak sama dengan apa yang rakyat nampak. Sebagai contoh kes Anuar Ibrahim. Apa kerajaan buat/beri penjelasan bila Pegawai tinggi kerajaan dilempar dengan tuduhan tuduhan AI? Rakyat kat kampung tak dapat berita terkini sebab apabila AI menjelajah kampung.menteri menteri sebuk dengan politik sendiri. Surat khabar asyik mencari kesalahan kerajaan lama di bawah TDM.
    4. Apa plan ekonomi untuk jangka masa terdekat dan panjang yang rakyat harapkan? Bayar gaji 2 kali sebulan? Habis orang kampung macam mana pula? Suruh penduduk Putrajaya bercucuk tanam? Bangunlah Menteri Menteri semua. Tolong fokuskan kali ini. Kalau semua tak tahu jangan salahkan rakyat mencuba menukar kerajaan walau pun mereka sedar janji AI bohong belaka,dayus,dasar pembelit,penakut kerana baru minta DNA dah bersilat apatah lagi bila berkuasa !! apa yang kami mdapat??Tapi apa pilihan yang kami ada???
    fikirkan semua rakyat Malaysia

  374. nyabor Jul 21,2008 1:56 PM

    Dear Tun
    All these are part of the many ill thought decisions – typical of Flip Flops. So many bad decisions to worry about. I’m still having trouble to get over the fact that so few ministers were appointed from Sabah and Sarawak Versus so many Senators who became full ministers. I wonder which menteri senator gave the recommendation to increase the petrol price by 40%? or to pay ex-judges huge extra gratia? – Pak Lah so appoint more MPs to become menteri instead.

  375. nuriman Jul 21,2008 1:55 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Malaysia used to be described or seen as another emerging power house in this region. That unarguably was during your term of office. Now it seems that our nation is at the brink of downfall. Its sad to note that the present govt is not able to continue with the great success that once all Malaysians was proud of.
    Where are we heading for actually. Our leaders are so much so engrossed in power struggle that they tend to forget about why they are chosen to rule. The welfare of the people are being neglected, so to say.

  376. karlor~hiuno Jul 21,2008 1:55 PM

    saya rasa harga petrol tu boleh di naikkan walau pun ke tahap maximum. ikut pasaran..
    tapi harga diesel harus di subsidi hingga tinggal rm1 or rm1.5 mungkin. dengan itu tiada alasan utk harga barang dll melonjak. inflasi tak mendadak. kos utk hasil n proses diesel lebih murah berbanding petrol. caj elektrik juga tak akan naik.
    alternatif kepada petrol kalau tak dapat dlm masa terkini pun, rakyat masih berbelanja seperti biasa, beralih ke motorsikal, kereta cc kecil, tumpang kereta, public transport etc.

  377. reader Jul 21,2008 1:54 PM

    Dr. M,
    Why don’t you join as the adviser to the current ruling government? This is not for BN per se,but for the people. You see we need to maintain a 8% growth every year to be a developed nation by 2020. We need savvy minds to run the country.
    I don’t care who will be in charge of Malaysia in 2020,but our future should not be destroyed because of our current bickering.

  378. molongkolong Jul 21,2008 1:54 PM

    I think the government was not thinking when they announce the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy. They don’t even consider the effects on inflation and the burden that we have to face by the sudden announcement.
    I wonder whether the government has any inkling of the problems we faced or not? I really think the government is cruel.
    Isn’t there a single thinker who cares for us in the Malaysian Cabinet? We are doomed.
    Resign Lah!!!!!

  379. falling66 Jul 21,2008 1:53 PM

    salam Tun,
    Kecik hati rakyat Tun…dalam rakyat diajak makan ubi,tanam sayur,dan segala usaha ke arah penjimatan..tapi “mereka” beli kereta Mercedes, dah la tu dengan alasan kereta Nasional kos penyelenggaraan tinggi berbanding Mercedes.Apakah kos membeli Mercedes dapat mengurangkan kos penyelenggaraan yg dimaksudkan?Mereka kaburi rakyat dengan kenyataan seolah-olah kita ini darjah 1.Bak kata org depa ni tak kena time la nak begaya….cari pasai.

  380. SokongTundanPAS Jul 21,2008 1:51 PM

    Salam Tun dan keluarga,
    Saya paling suka baca ayat terakhir tu.
    Ramai penyokong-penyokong Tun sebenarnya masih beranggapan Tun masih berada dalam UMNO. Tidak kurang juga ramai yang meminta Tun membetulkan UMNO. Macam mana Tun nak membetulkan UMNO sekiranya Tun tidak lagi berada dalam UMNO? Sebelum ini pun Tun berada dalam UMNO tapi kenapa Tun keluar UMNO? Sebab Tun sendiri pun sudah tidak berdaya lagi untuk menyelamatkan UMNO. Bukankah begitu ayahanda Tun?
    Sekiranya Tun mengumpul semua penyokong2 Tun di didalam sebuah parti baru, mungkin UMNO boleh diselamatkan. Sekadar pendapat peribadi saya….

  381. awong Jul 21,2008 1:51 PM

    dear tun,
    terengganu gov still spent so much money on mercedes, katanya lebih jimat?? i also change to mercedes to jimat lah…

  382. zeti Jul 21,2008 1:50 PM

    Moga kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun sekeluarga sentiasa dilindungi oleh Allah…
    Tun, reduce budget… nak buek camno…ada angin dah goyang pokok kononnya nak reduce bajet tahun ni… kakitangan awam tak dapat bonus…kita tunggu betul ke kabar angin tu…
    Kalau tak dapat bonus saya dan hubby dah plan nak apply permit jual pasir kat pej tanah hulu langat sebab kebun datuk saya ada sungai kalau korek banyak boleh dapat pasir… boleh lah tampung belanja hujung tahunn…anak ramai..
    tapi semalam baca paper – RENCANA UTAMA –
    8,000 tan pasir dicuri sehari – Aktivis rayu gubal akta khusus perlombongan galian ini… ekonomi makin teruk hari ini jual pasir esok jual negara… salah sape?

  383. ad Jul 21,2008 1:50 PM

    Assamualaikum YBgh Tun,
    Saya sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan Tun. Saya adalah seorang peniaga yang lahir pada zaman Tun. Saya berbangga dengan nasihat dan dorongan serta perkembangan Ekonomi yang memberansangkan dizaman Tun dapat memberi pulangan yang baik kepada syarikat saya.
    Pada pandangan saya ekonomi negara sekarang telah menguncup dan kami yang berniaga dalam bidang peruncitan telah menerima akibatnya.
    Dengan saranan PM supaya rakyat Malaysia supaya rakyat Malaysia berjimat dan menabung membuatkan kami lebih tertekan. Pendapatan semakin berkurangan dan perbelanjaan semakin meningkat.Kalau beginilah keadaannya kami akan gulung tikar.
    Kerajaan sekarang suka memberi gula-gula kepada rakyat, kalau rakyat bising beliau akan membuat sesuatu untuk menghiburkan hati rakya. Wahai Pak Lah itu bukan apa yang kami pinta, kami minta supaya dapat kerajaan memberikan kami Ekonomi yang baik dan memberansangkan. Dengan ekonomi yang memberansangkan saya dapat menjayakan dan dapat menjana pendapatan bagi rakyat.
    Kami faham kita tidak dapat mengawal harga minyak tetapi tolong lah kami supaya kerajaan dapat mempertingkatkan ekonomi negara supaya pendapat rakyat bertambah bagi menampung kenaikan harga minyak.
    P/S Pada PM Malaysia sekarang bangun lah dari tidur dan perbanyakan membaca supaya faham bagaimana hendak mentadbir negara dengan baik kerana selama ini kami hanya mengangap Pak Lah layak sebagai PENGULU KAMPUNG sahaja.
    Saya sekeluarga mengucapkan syukur kepada Allah kerana mendapat seorang pemimpin dan bapa yang selalu memberi nasihat utk kebaikan kami semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada TUN SEKELUARGA.

  384. june Jul 21,2008 1:50 PM

    I totoally agree with you. The government should increase the petrol price gradually since goverment make so much profit from Petronas.

  385. karlor~hiuno Jul 21,2008 1:48 PM

    teori evolusi yg mengatakan jika satu2 populasi itu gagal bermandiri n bersaing dgn kehendak persekitaran semasa, lama kelamaan akan terpinggir n pupus. ini tidak mustahil terjadi pada bangsa melayu khususnya yg masih lagi mengharapkan bantuan kerajaan n mentaliti tongkat. tidak mustahil…
    tidak mustahil juga jika suatu hari kita gagal kuasai ekonomi n akademik, sains n tech, bangsa kita akan d jajah. mungkin di jajah sendiri oleh warganegara yng bukan melayu. hari ini kita lihat org melayu cukup berlembut atas dasar toleransi. sedia memberi n berkongsi dgn yg lain. tapi apa yg kita dapat? kalau d minta balik, sampai kiamat hatta bertumpah darah sekalipun tak akan d beri semula oleh mereka. kita aja yang rasa nak kongsi, tapi mereka tidak. licik… sejarah telah berlaku dan tak mustahil akan BERULANG…
    kelak yg tinggal hanya melayu yg mampu bersaing di bumi yg adil.
    bangsa melayu yg lain melarat, pengemis. sama seperti di indonesia n india. rakyat peribumi ramai tapi tak berkuasa.
    di dlm dunia ini hanya malaysia satu2nya negara yg pemerintahan politik di kuasai oleh golonhan yg tidak menguasai ekonomi. unik n pelik… tapi sampai berapa lamakah ia mampu bertahan.
    org melayu bukan hanya berhadapan dgn bangsanya yg berpecah, tapi juga dgn desakan bangsa2 yg hidup bersama di TANAH MELAYU ini. termasuklah juga golongan pendatang dgn izin or tanpa izin.
    keselamatan negara juga waspada terhadap negara jiran serantau. bolehkah kita harap n percaya pada singapura, indonesia, thailand, filipina. australia pun anggota baru. di wilayah islam seperti selatan thai, selatan filipina, acheh semua bergolak n beri ruang n alasan utk polis dunia si AMERIKA utk masuk. malaysia d katakan sarang latihan pengganas.
    tekanan yg cukup besar sebenarnya.

  386. tanakwagu Jul 21,2008 1:48 PM

    I agree with you Tun. Why didn’t the government make it simple? If the increase in petrol price was inevitable, it should’ve been done gradually, it’s too burdening now. I wonder if the cabinet have tried to put themselves in our shoe? I don’t think so, how can we expect them to feel the burden when they themselves can afford on the increase in petrol price? But what about those earning below RM 5 k a month?
    Now the government is just doing extra works by implementing that subsidy, this rebate, etc. It just makes them to have lots of work to do. Wouldn’t it be much easier if they had increased the petrol price gradually?

  387. anakjohor Jul 21,2008 1:47 PM

    Saya begitu hairan, mereka melaungkan penjimatan sambil membeli kompresser e200
    Dan jangan lupa, Anwar kembali lagi bersama bukti !
    Di samping cubaan paklah untuk memecahbelahkan Pakatan Rakyat…

  388. cucuajiakil Jul 21,2008 1:44 PM

    Another glowing example of reactive decision-making process and the woeful dearth of indepth policy analysis….which shamefully seems to be the trademark of the present government. If a general election were to be held today, I fear, the BN will lose hands down!

  389. far8 Jul 21,2008 1:43 PM

    I’m an engineer by qualification. But, costing is part of my daily function.
    Cost is to manage not to pass it thru the chain. In my opinion what the current government is doing passing it thru hence the decision after decision implemented to rectify the announced and implemented increased in the cost of fuel.
    This is bad!!

  390. adibuana Jul 21,2008 1:40 PM

    Aslkm Tun.
    That was what I thought when the government reduce the fuel subsidy i.e increasing the oil price. Why increase so much ? What me mad even further is after that the government has to also spend some more money to the people in order to ease their burden in term of rebate or others.
    But may be the government just does not want the subsidy goes to the outsiders or to the rich people who should not receive it. If the subsidy is done through the fuel, it goes to everybody even to the non malaysians.
    Still, there must be better ways than the sudden increase in fuel.

  391. ubi kayu Jul 21,2008 1:39 PM

    Salam ayahanda tun,
    Biasa lah tu with our current government – flip flop, piecemeal solutions lepas tu mungkin flip flop lagi!
    Sebagai rakyat yang menerima padah kenaikan harga minyak, kita kena ‘live with it’ for now!
    Try adjusting (now and then kita dengar phrase ni!) our current spendings!
    Ayahanda tun, walaupun tun tak ada dalam kerajaan & UMNO lagi, your voice is still wanted now and then, ialah, boleh kasi bangunkan yang ‘lelap’ dalam kerajaan sekarang!
    p.s. ubi kayu dah terminate magazine subscription utk tambah peruntukan belanja minyak kereta!

  392. mohdamni Jul 21,2008 1:38 PM

    Salam Tun,
    pity to our present gov for not consulting you in many issues !

  393. mamamaz Jul 21,2008 1:36 PM

    Salam Tun. Saya doakan Tun dalam keadaan yang sihat walafiat.
    Thank you for all the good readings, very informative indeed.
    BURDEN, BURDEN, BURDEN…. whats else can me, the rakyat say?
    Hidup sekarang memang tertekan, ditekan dan menekan 🙁
    I believe your comment is exactly what we the rakyat feels, but seems like nobody in the government is listening. All the ‘so called plan’ the pm promise to lightened the rakyat burden does not help us at all.
    The drastic sudden changes in oil price have effected our daily life tremendously. No way can we change our life style in a day!!

  394. alif yip Jul 21,2008 1:35 PM

    Aslm Tun yang amat dihormati,
    Bukan masalah 10%, 20%, 30% atau 40%, tetapi masalah tumpuan tidak diberi terhadap kepentingan rakyat ,nampak sangat kerajaan “Add-dollah pada-we” terlalu sibuk mengaut kepentingan$$$ untuk keluarganya sehingga lalai untuk mentakbir atau menguruskan kerajaan dengan baik, semua masalah yang timbul akan diselesaikan dengan cara “bodoh” yang cuma kepala otak yang tak sekolah akan gunapakai, lihatlah semua kaedah yang digunakan nampaknya kelam-kabut tanpa penelitian, contohnya rebet duit cukai jalan, ramai yang dapat duit, tetapi tak ada yang berterima kasih…
    alif yip

  395. Ide Jul 21,2008 1:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Amat bersetuju dengan Ayahnda Tun…
    Ketika zaman reformasi..saya terpengaruh dengan Anwar… saya menyesal kerana tidak bersalam dengan Tun di stadium Kangar..walaupun Tun ada di depan mata ketika itu..zaman pelajar..darah muda..sekarang amat berharap dapat berjumpa dengan Tun…
    Semoga Tun panjang umur dan sihat wal-afiat ….saya juga berharap harap Tun dapat berkongsi tips kesihatan dan pengurusan masa Tun…
    Ya Allah selamatkan negaraku..amin

  396. mike Jul 21,2008 1:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Fully agree with you. It simply a common sense that should be in every leader’s mind. What a flop from floppy mind of leaders. They should know about it as the basic rules. How they want to reach to the right people/citizen with this kind of incentives. All these fire fighting and populist efforts are really crazy. We are about to lose our credibility as a role model country.

  397. Min Jul 21,2008 1:34 PM

    The current government does not really study on any decision they make… it’s like try A, rakyat make noise, they give us some sweets (rebates upon renew road tax)…. macam nak pujuk budak2. This is not professionally handled.

  398. zaiton Jul 21,2008 1:33 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,
    You’re right again. Even insignificant people like me and thousand others agree with what you had commented. Why don’t they just retain the subsidy instead of the’numerous measures to lighten the burden’. All the paper works and time incurred would be wasted on such stupid idea.
    By the way, I’ve had my say in the Persidang Tahunan UMNO Cawangan yesterday and feeling good about it.
    My promise……..I WILL FIGHT WITHIN

  399. lynehamid Jul 21,2008 1:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    As always Tun, you hit the bulls eye again.
    What more can I say about the current government? I couldn’t be more confused about the current oil price hike. On one hand, they increase the price to reduce the subsidy. Then on the other hand, they give out rebates and what nots to reduce the burden on the people.
    As far as my maths is concerned, when you minus two from zero then add another two the answer still remains zero.
    That is why in my last comment in the Anwar Debate I questioned the rationale of the oil price increase and further questioned why can’t the increase be staggered?
    I suppose I can’t really blame the government for living to its reputation, i.e. being a flip flop government!
    Till then Tun, do take care for you are an inspiration to us all.

  400. arr_dean83 Jul 21,2008 1:32 PM

    Salam Tun…..senyum sokmo…
    Wahai penyangak2 dalam kerajaan…bos2 penyangak….kroni2 yang langsung tak berguna…..dan makhluk2 yang bertopengkan manusia…korang bacalah komen Tun ni…biar korang pandai nak mentadbir…mengurus….menyimpan…korang x payahla nak kelirukan rakyat lagi…rakyat dah tau betapa lembapnya pemerintahan sekarang….yang duk belakang tu…yang tengah bodek2 tu…korang tak kan lamanya…nati2 korang kena pecatla tu…
    Memang kerajaan bukan nak tolong ringankan beban rakyat…tapi nak nyusahkan rakyat…saya sokong Tun…alaaaa…kerajaan sekarang pandai bersandiwara..dari bawah2 sampailah ke atas2…rakyat ni apa yang dapat??…lagi lah merana jadinya…minyak…minyak…minyak…nati2 kita guna ciptaan terbaru yang menggunakan air..biar minyak menjadi pilihan ke-2 …kan senang…wassaalam………….

  401. Amry Jul 21,2008 1:32 PM

    The Goverment is just want to show they are good.. and yes its just a Show only….
    Just cakap2 no work…

  402. blackhillman Jul 21,2008 1:31 PM

    Salam hormat buat Tun sekeluarga,
    Mereka ini hanya tahu perakaunan tetapi tidak faham rantaian ekonomi…angka serta perbangdingan juga tidak tepat untuk menunjukkan kadar inflasi terhadap barangan keperluan dan kesemua barangan di pasaran. Inflasi pasaran mungkin 40% iaitu secara purata semua barangan di pasaran, akan tetapi inflasi barang keperluan dan makanan adalah lebih tinggi dari kadar tersebut. Analisa ekonomi yang dibuat hanya mengambil keputusan yang hanya menyokong tindakan mereka…tetapi sama-sama kita ubah cara hidup, kurangkan belanja, kurangkan keuntungan orang tengah, berjimat cermat & menabung, berbelanja untuk keperluan sahaja, akan membantu kurangkan inflasi..let’s try out..

  403. Amry Jul 21,2008 1:31 PM

    Im with u tun…..
    Im not in the Goverment. Im also not in UMNO either.

  404. bg Jul 21,2008 1:30 PM

    Salam kasih buat Tun dan Famili,semuga diberkati Allah sentiasa.
    Kerajaan BN hari ni dah buat negara dalam keaadaan “rojak” dan tak tentu hala tuju.
    Apa yang Pak Lah (lembik) ni dok buat ??Terang terang tindakan pemulihan ekonomi yang buruk dan dah tentu boleh diambil iktibar oleh golongan pelajar kita terutamanya dalam bidang ekonomi supaya tak ikut dibelakang ari.
    Dari penjualan MV Agusta(1 euro)ke isu minyak semuanya membawa negara kerah kebangrapan (mungkin tak lama lagi kot),nanti kita terdengar pulak cerita KWSP pun jadi pokai…time tu mungkin semua dah terlambat…

  405. Noor Faiza Jul 21,2008 1:27 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Boleh tak Tun komen tentang Terengganu yang beli Merc baru ganti Perdana V6 atas alasan nak jimat kos.
    Apa yang paling jelas ialah bagaimana manusia boleh berubah dengan kuasa dan wang. Ini kerana saya teringat bagaimana TV3 menyiarkan bagaimana Ahmad Said pergi ke sana ke mari dengan basikal hitam utk berkhidmat pada rakyat sebelum menjadi MB.
    Agaknya kerana itulah Sultan begity terpikat nak lantik beliau sebagai MB Terengganu.
    Saya sebagai rakyat biasa yang menggunakan Perdana V6 sebagai kenderaan berasa terhina dengan keputusan Terengganu.

  406. jeng3 Jul 21,2008 1:24 PM

    Salam Tun,
    To the present government,

  407. Melayu Riyadh Jul 21,2008 1:23 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Our thoughts exactly – in fact we were just talking about it about the idiocy the government in problem solving.
    This government made ordinary people like myself feels that we cannot do any worse in administrating the country – even simple things they cannot figure out.
    During Tun’s time, everything is in cruise-control – we just read the paper and saw the solutions that government going to implement- solutions that we can comprehend and appreciate.
    Please step down. We are asking nicely.
    With Sincere Thanks,

  408. Noor Faiza Jul 21,2008 1:22 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I agree with Tun. Why not reduce the fuel price to a reasonable 10% reduction of the current price.
    What ever cutting measure by the goverment now is like a bed-time tales to the rakyat. Rakyat just want Pak Lah to step down. Let other people take care of the rakyat. Not Abdullah Badawi!!!

  409. karlor~hiuno Jul 21,2008 1:21 PM

    akum tun… di takdirkan kalau tun masih menjadi pm sampai hari ini. macam mana tun nak corakkan malaysia dgn idea tun terbaru etc. antaranya krisis makanan n krisis minyak.. adakah tun akan naikan minyak sebegini mendadak? cara tun utk atasi semua kemelut dunia serantau. adakah anwar akan d bebaskan jika tun masih jadi pm? cara tun untuk ambil kembali hati rakyat n pengundi? jambatan bengkok? batu puteh?
    boleh tun tlg bagi gambaran plan tun jika terus memerintah?

  410. zali lampai Jul 21,2008 1:21 PM
    Idea yang baik bagi menaikkan tangga gaji memang bagus.
    Naik minyak… naik gaji…
    tapi govt servant jer yang selalu naik gaji..
    perkeja swasta macam kami ni susah nak naik gaji…

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