flood1. Every year the east coast states would suffer from floods, with loss of property and lives. In Kuala Lumpur and other cities and towns flash floods following heavy downpours occur regularly several times a year.

2. We accept these floods as a climatic feature of Malaysia, as something which must happen. It is God’s will. There is no way we can stop them. And so we make preparation for the victims – food and evacuation centers. We commiserate with those who lost their loved ones.

3. The architects of Malaysia are not satisfied with just repairing the damage by the floods. In particular they want to prevent motor vehicles parked in underground car parks from being “drowned” as water pours down and fills up the multi-storied underground parking lots.

4. So now they build six-storeyed car parks above the ground. The residences and hotels have their first floor seven storey above the ground.

5. The cars are saved from the flood waters. But the buildings look ugly especially when no attempt is made to decorate architecturally the bare openings around the car parks to the outside.

6. A better and more attractive design would be to maintain the underground car parks but with the first floor of the building, (lobby or entrance hall) raised to about 12 feet or more above the level of the street or the road.

7. The building’s first floor must be about 12 feet plus from the road level with concrete walls surrounding the space below the first floor extending down to surround the car park bellow the building. The space between the wall and the road can be filled with earth and grown with grass and flowering plants.

8. A ramp must be built from the road to the entrance of the building at the first floor. Another ramp must be built for the cars to drive down into the multi-storeyed car park below. The car park must be enclosed by solid walls and floor. There must be good lighting and security.

9. The road or street will become virtual drains during floods due to rain or tide. This will help the flood waters to drain quickly into the canals or rivers as soon as tide goes down or rain stops.

10. On the east coast where floods regularly occur during the monsoon rain, the simplest solution is to go back to building houses on stilts like the old Malay houses. The first floor of the houses must be above the highest flood water mark.

11. The stilts supporting the houses must be sturdy and buried deep in the ground. Concrete should be used.

12. Steps can be built leading up to the first floor as in the old Malay houses. A ramp can be built so that the cars can be driven up for to the first floor during floods. There should of course be an entrance to the house from the raised porch for the car.

13. Government spends quite a substantial amount of money for flood relief. By insisting that houses be built on stilts this money would be saved. Part of the savings can be used to subsidize the cost of the stilts at least initially. The house-owners or occupants too would save money.

14. Architects can design these stilts so as to look attractive. In fact a competition for new styles of houses on stilts should be held if this idea is accepted.

15. In Malaysia the only town which built houses including shop-houses high above the road is Beaufort in Sabah.

16. Incidentally I was born in a house on stilts. The first floor of my Seberang Perak house is 4½ ft above the ground. The land is very low and during springtide river water used to flood the ground under my house and around it by a few inches. It does not do so now because of dams upstream and a barrage downstream.

17. But the northern plains of Kedah get flooded after heavy rains in Southern Thailand and North Kedah. Still the flood waters never reached the raised floor of my Seberang Perak house.

18. When I built my own house in Titi Gajah, I decided to raise the ground by about 2 ft. A concrete wall 2 ft high was built round my land and it was filled with red earth.

19. The ground floor of the house was at a slightly higher lever, about 3 ft. I decided to build a basement about 1½ ft lower. The window of the basement was about 4 ft above the floor. Outside the basement I heaped up earth to a level just below the windows. The kitchen was also at the level of the basement.

20. During springtide tide flood waters did not get into my kitchen or basement. But during big floods water did get into the kitchen and basement but not high enough to damage the hot plates or refrigerator.

21. The new housing estates in Kedah are all built on existing ground level. Where the ground is high they are safe. But those built on the low land areas will get flooded.

22. If we don’t do something, every year thousands will have to be evacuated and a few will lose their lives. And lots of money would be wasted on food, evacuation and repairing flood damage.

17 thoughts on “FLOODS

  1. nayoame Jan 6,2014 10:38 AM

    Flood is not something new to Malaysia. From my school days (late 80s onwards), every year end schools would be closed and news about flood sprung all over. The time frame is usually between November to December and slightly spilling over to early January.

    So why after years of experience going through the flood situation that has become piratically a norm is getting from bad to worse? To add fuel to fire, the way the flood situation is handled in some states is nothing short of the lack of preparedness.

    Yes times have changed significantly. I am sure many would agree on the fact that the weather pattern of the world is changing. Natural disasters are getter from bad to worse. The climate change is way different compared to what was it 10 years ago.

    Now, what I have mentioned above is information that are already known to us. We know climates are changing, we can almost accurately predict when the next big rains going to come and we also know the area usually are prone to floods.

    Despite all the above knowledge we still have people getting stuck for days at home, delay in delivering aid to flood victims, relief centres have very poor facilities which I have seen with my own eyes. The way some relieve centres are, as what I would liken to “kandang lembu” where victims are packed together. For the benefit of some who sits high up, talk but no action these victims are humans who had voted you in….

    I agree with you 100% Tun, that we need to relook at the way we build our buildings. Constructions should look into this. But you and I know that construction companies are there to make money. So if we want to have buildings with flood proof made, local laws and regulations need to be changed to force the building of these flood proof building.

    On top of that, we should also have strong enforcement. What good is a fancy low with no enforcement? We have department of irrigation and yet why was Sungai Kajang was left to be polluted to the extend where it caused flash floods in Kajang? What the authorities do? Basically they say what we all already know the send in a team to tell us that rivers were blocked? By what? mostly logs and debries? Looking back, one question looms which Idiot approved the logging company to use the river without consulting department of irrigation to asses the impact of such activity?

    To my utter surprise what did politicians comment on papers? Another round of sweet talk and blame game. Ohh the people at fault for polluting the river. Yes I agree that people especially the citizen of Kajang are at fault to pollute the river. But who dont know this? Don’t we have municipal council, the police, the ministry of environment, town planning unit and God know how many more departments to ensure all this don’t happen. Punish those who go against the law.

    It has become sickening and boring to hear politicians giving press conference but talking rubbish and another year goes by we are at more worse condition that we were. I would like to see the time where politicians stop talking but start walking. Take action. Make sure the related authorities and enforcement units do what they are suppose to do. Action speaks louder than words can. Readers please note, I mentioned politicians. So it is not related to a political party. It is directed to whomever were elected to represent the Rakyat for the particular place.

    A final thought……did the Rakyat made a mistake choosing the wrong wakil rakyat? or did we chose the right wakil Rakyat but the current system does not allow him/her to perform his duties effectively??

    Yoame Nair

  2. wajaperak Jan 6,2014 9:37 AM

    Semoga Tun mengizinkan ruangan..

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.
    You are great like always…:)
    I am offering a perspective from my point of view eventhough it is not very much.
    As you have acutely realize we are the product of our education.
    Rightly or wrongly whom am I to dispute?
    But the whole of my contention will be from an Islamic point of view.
    Even here,especially here we differs to great lenght..
    So one must conceed where opinion are varies which Al Quran,Hadith and Atsar will be the barometer and the benchmark one must adhere to if one claimed self as practicing muslim.
    The basic principle and rudimentary.
    Here I offers a story about Nabi Yusuf a.s which once have been accused of ‘stealing’.
    Nabi Yusuf a.s grandfather whorsipped a gold idol.Nabi Yusuf a.s stole this idol,break it and throws it away.
    In another incidence, it was reported that Nabi Yusuf a.s aunt refused to give it her guardianship over Yusof a.s to his father Nabi Yaakob a.s.
    She devised a scheme that made her the custodian by wrapping a gold waistband or golden belt of a kind on Nabi Yusuf a.s.
    She then raised a ruckus claiming Yusuf a.s. ‘stole’ the golden belt.In those time the rule and regulation demanded that a thief lose his status of a free man and will be subjected to become a slave to one the stolen item belonged.
    This kind of story is very far and very much between.Nevertheless it serves the purpose as a guidance of our daily lives.Islam is a practical and a perfect religion.So..all and sundry can contend this.But to whom it hearts and soul are conscience will find comfort in the history like here..

    1)“Al-Qur’an ini adalah pedoman bagi manusia, petunjuk dan rahmat bagi kaum yang meyakini” (Q.S. Al- Jaatsiyah: 20)

    2)Sesungguhnya pada kisah-kisah mereka itu terdapat pengajaran bagi orang-orang yang mempunyai akal. Alqur’an itu bukanlah cerita yang dibuat-buat, akan tetapi membenarkan kitab-kitab yang sebelumnya dan menjelaskan segala sesuatu dan menjadi petunjuk dan rahmat bagi kaum yang beriman. (Q.S. Yusuf [12]: 111).

    And a few more but I believe the point is succinct.
    We tried to showed something in Tun distinguish blog.We all differs in ability and opinion.
    Mine is simple in telling to whom it may conscience the concept of education in Islam in it’s simplicity.

    I am signing off with this Surah Yusuf 76.

    (Dengan ilmu pengetahuan), Kami tinggikan pangkat kedudukan sesiapa yang Kami kehendaki dan tiap-tiap orang yang berilmu pengetahuan, ada lagi diatasnya yang lebih mengetahui.

    You will see the quite different meaning in English and of course the exact is in Arabic.
    What all these got to do with Tun posting entitled floods?


    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  3. mubarakchan Jan 5,2014 4:23 PM


    I thought my eyes were giving me tricks. I could not believe my eyes when i saw the beloved head tokong of Pulau Pinang was shown in pic after pic caressing his Mercedes Benz limousine which captioned his remarks of getting a huge discount from the seller together with many Camry cars. I suppose this is not …………. AND …………. OF THE WORST KIND. No wonder no BN supporter raised a squeak.

    There was a precedent in squeaky clean Republic of Singapore.

    I recall in it was alleged that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP’s spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore which is the DAP’s spiritual home, was discovered to have purchased a condo unit at the Jade Mansion, Nassim Road, Singapore together with all his family, brothers and sister and in-laws at a HUGE DISCOUNT from Ong Beng Seng’s Hotel Properties Ltd. His brother Dr Lee Suan Yew was on the Board of the Hotel Properties Ltd at the material time. There was a huge public outcry and I believe the condo was returned to the seller.

    Why no person pointed out that DAP is actually Parti Ada Duit for numbskulls like me ?

  4. mubarakchan Jan 5,2014 3:41 PM


    Your original idea of 2000 to support the construction of the Isthmus of Kra Canal and the alleviation of flood prone Kelantan through the reclamation of land from the sea plus what you also intimidated in the Singapore Straits Times on Thursday May 9 2002, ” I AM SURE EVEN IF YOU BUILD THE CANAL, IT DOES NOT MEAN OTHERS WILL HAVE TO CLOSE SHOP. THEY BUILT THE SUEZ CANAL BUT THE CAPE TOWN IS STILL THERE. WHEN THEY BUILT THE PANAMA CANAL, IT DOES NOT MEAN SOUTH AMERICA BECOMES REDUNDANT.” And now if Thailand builds the Isthmus of Kra Canal, she will save the World, the World of Trade and Finance as led by America from the threat of a Great Depression and the World from political turmoil and from poverty. You were spot on as regards the manifold benefits from the construction of the Kra Canal then and now. The Canal serves even a greater purpose as foreseen by you in 2000. Why ?

    Zhen He’s Part 1, analysis of America’s condition in his ‘ Global economy on a spacewalk – Part 1 came to the following conclusions. Courtesy of :-

    1. The FOMC meeting has finally decided to taper its quantitive easing by US10 billion a month BUT IT IS STILL QUANTITATIVE EASING.
    2. The US economy’s recovery has got no legs.
    3. Who knows with any certainty till September 2014, there won’t be a repeat fight with clear risks of the same political blowback torching from another round of budget fight over spending if there is a blowout.
    It is obvious Zhen He will conclude that there is a very high risk of a Great Depression in Part 2 of his analysis. At the end of 2013, China’s manufacturing confidence weakened. And the cost of building the Canal over 10 years is US$20 – 30 billions ! America has been spending US$ 85 billions a month to bolster her economy and the World since 2008 !


    1. Quantitative easing has been on since 2008 inclusive of all the bailouts. The cost has been upwards of over US$ 3 trillions and counting. Unlike the ancient 36 steps, there IS NO EXIT STRATEGY !

    2. Even though the construction of infrastructures in the United States in the Great Depression was not too successful until the advent of 7 December 1941 with Pearl Harbour, the policy stabilised and prepared the next super recovery right through to 2007. And now, every person on the Planet with a head for figures is trying to figure out what is to come from their crystal balls. This shows the uncertainty and the insecurity which are now prevailing.

    It maybe deduced from the commonsense, think out of the box, the compassion of the Tun’s support for the construction of the Kra Canal that the following benefits should take place :-

    1. The construction of the Kra Canal is the last bail-out of the financial foibles of the World and the last iconic structure to be built by Humankind.
    2. The whole World will benefit. To even South America and Africa, the ASEAN countries wil have the fall out of wealth arising from the politics of democracy and freedom with justice which wll accrue from the Kra Canal.
    i. Thailand resolves the unending political strife arising from the purchase of Thaksin’s assets by Singapore in 2003, by forming a coalition government with absolute loyalty to the King. Thailand will shoot up like a rocket overnight.
    ii. Indonesia will laugh all the way to the bank.
    iii. The Philippines with the simmered down Mindanao insurgency and a chance to supply workers, increased tourism, enhancement of infra-structures etc, its GDP becomes meaningful.
    iv. Vietnam, a dynamic nation, will be there right in the fore-front of the gainers. Democracy and justice will bloom.
    v. Laos. My relative’s duck farming with the peasants will take-off.
    vi. Myanmar. This nation will feel most the effects of the logistic or recreational demands from the Canal. Freedom and democracy will gain traction rapidly.

    And the World ? The Region between the Mediterranean and the West Coast of the US is now reckoned to be dynamic filled with dynamic peoples. IF THE KRA CANAL IS APPROVED, THERE WILL BE A BIG SCRAMBLE. This is the vital perception. We can throw away the TPPA which is 19th century stuff as instigated by the Republic of Singapore in 2006 and failed to take off until after the crash of October 2008 !

    The construction of the Kra Canal is a big big push for the ERADICATION OF POVERTY THROUGH FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY EMANATING FROM THE ASEAN AND SWEEP ON TO AFRICA AND SOUTH AMERICA. No one will be left behind in time. This is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s thinking for the Rakyat of Kelantan, Malaysia and the World.


    What say you Washington DC ?

    The Kra Canal not only benefits Thailand at least US$6 billions annually but the economic fall-out benefits are immeasurable and put her onto to a higher plane of endeavour. All the negative thoughts about the Canal are of 19th century origin in this borderless World.

    Our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s COMMONSENSE, ABILITY TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX, COMPASSIONATE underline his strong support not only to benefit the Rakyat of Kelantan, but the World at large also. However, the construction of the Kra Canal should be an ASEAN initiative.

    The Construction of the Kra Canal is definitely good, very good for the United States and the super powers under the protection of the United Nations.

    Thanks to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has commonsense, the ability to think out of the Box, and compassion !

  5. Hajar Jan 5,2014 2:11 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Seperti biasa Tun BERFIKIR dengan memberi pandangan dan cadangan serta ’idea’ bernas untuk menangani masaalah banjir yang saban tahun berlaku.

    Saya bersimpati dengan mereka yang mengalami kerugian dan kehilangan orang tersayang bila banjir besar melanda. Namun demikian, kita sebagai manusia biasa mesti berusaha untuk cuba meminimakan IMPAK/kesan banjir ke atas kehidupan kita terutamanya mereka yang tinggal di kawasan yang memang mengalami banjir setiap tahun tidak kiralah banjir kecil atau besar.

    Langkah pencegahan kesan banjir (rumah) seperti yang Tun cadangkan adalah yang paling baik. Orang (Melayu) dulu-kala di kampong2 sebenarnya sudah fikirkan cara menangani kesan banjir dengan efektif yaitu dengan membina rumah2 yang bertiang yang mampu menghalang rumah dari tenggelam jika air naik. Namun demikian, sesetengah orang kita tidak mahu mengambil ikhtibar dari pengalaman orang dulu2; mungkin mereka fikir rumah bertiang sudah tidak releven atau ’outdated’. Mesti ada sebab mengapa ada rumah kampong yang tiang rumahnya amat tinggi.

    SIKAP BURUK membuang sampah merata-rata (penguatkuasaan lemah) termasuk ke dalam sungai dan longkang juga menyumbang kepada masaalah banjir di bandar2 kerana air tidak boleh mengalir lancar.

    2. Tun, saya harap Tun boleh ulas tentang sikap pelajar-pelajar IPT berbangsa MELAYU yang suka menyertai DEMONSTRASI yang pada pendapat saya amat tidak wajar & tidak berfaedah. Saya sebagai Melayu berasa amat MALU dengan keadaan ini kerana saya tahu mereka yang suka berdemonstrasi dan memberontak dengan cara yang ganas bukan dalam kategori pelajar2 yang bijak. Saya amat yakin keputusan2 (’grades’/CGPA) peperiksaan mereka ini (jika luluslah; ada yang gagal) tidak memuaskan; cukup makan saja. Bila tidak mendapat kerja kerana kelulusan yang cukup makan, Kerajaan pula yang dipersalahkan.

    Tentang kos sara hidup yang semakin tinggi, kita kenalah cuba untuk lihat kembali perbelanjaan kita sehari-hari. Potong saja mana-mana perbelanjaan yang bukan keperluan. Contohnya, saya lihat di kawasan perumahan saya (serviced apt. with security) boleh dikatakan semua orang ada ‘Astro’ (ini yang saya nampak). Adakah ini satu keperluan? Ini belum lagi mereka yang ada pelbagai jenis ’kemewahan’ lain seperti H/P canggih, kereta canggih, etc. Jika mampu, tidak mengapa.

    Tetapi, ada ramai yang ponteng/mengelak (mereka ada ’Astro’ dan lain2 perkara yang tidak diperlukan) dalam membayar ’yuran penyelenggaraan’; tunggakan setiap seorang beribu ringgit – melalui senarai yang dipamirkan oleh pihak pengurusan. Nanti bila ada masaalah penyelenggaraan kerana tidak membayar yuran, Kerajaan BN juga yang dipersalahkan (saya tinggal di Selangor)…malangnya, orang yang sentiasa membayar ’yuran penyelenggaraan’ akan turut terkesan. Mereka ini tidak fikir yang banyak fasiliti seperti lif, kolam renang, dewan, gim, bilik sampah, koridor, etc. mesti diselenggara. Ini lagi satu mentaliti/sikap buruk (pelbagai bangsa di Malaysia) yang mesti diatasi, kerana jika kita tidak boleh berbuat baik dengan jiran kita, seboleh mungkin, kita jangan menyusahkan mereka dengan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab kita.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  6. Malaysia Bagus Jan 5,2014 11:40 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. It seems every year, people are repeating same mistake or not learning from it. We are lucky and grateful that Tun introduced the SMART tunnel that alleviates flash floods problem in the KL city. As always, Tun’s 2020 vision saves the day!

    2. If we continue with the same old method, we will not progress and find the solution to floods or any other acts of God. Although we commiserate with the victims year after year, I’m of the opinion that the govt also needs to articulate problem-solving and take preemptive measures.

    3. The architects of Malaysia, some of them are heartless. Just look at how atrocious PPRT flats are designed.

    4-10. It is the 3rd world mentality-outlook in design and way of life.

  7. sudin Jan 5,2014 1:15 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Referring to Tun’s statement, “…. In Kuala Lumpur and other cities and towns flash floods following heavy downpours occur regularly several times a year.”

    The NatGeo viewed Tun’s idea on the SMART tunnel as one of the modern engineering marvels. Most interesting experience for all involved during its construction stage.
    The SMART tunnel has indeed been very successful in preventing flash floods KL. Excess upstream water from heavy downpour in the hills is channeled away from KL.

    However if a sudden heavy downpour fall inside KL, flash flood will happen.

    Flash flood is actually people’s flood, “rubbish dams” unwittingly built by KL folks and strangulating the waterways (both natural and man-made) and inundating KL unnecessarily.
    Once the flash flood has receded, much heavier rains in the next few days have never caused flooding in KL, due to the rubbish in the waterways were already swept away and new “rubbish dams” can’t be formed. It has never occurred that flash floods happened more than once in KL within a 2-month period, even though much heavier rains than the one causing the flash flood came down after the flash flood!

    KL residents usually throw rubbish everywhere, thus they can be categorized as ‘dirty’. No wonder the opposition almost did a clean sweep in FT & the Klang valley because they behaved in similar manner, ….he he he.

  8. musato Jan 4,2014 7:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    It is God’s will.

    Atas sebab yang kukuh saya telah menjejakkan kaki ke pejabat agama daerah pada tahun lepas.

    Perkara ini selesai. Tanggungjawab saya juga dikira selesai.

    It is God’s will.

    Semua mangsa telah terbunuh kerana kemalangan ngeri.

    Kematian juga adalah satu jalan penyelesaian. Satu nikmat untuk mangsa didoakan. InsyaAllah.

    It is God’s will.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  9. Puteri Tujuh Jan 4,2014 1:43 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Agree Mubarakchan, the Authorities have many ways among to resolve those annual flood issues. During visit to Saudi years ago, I came acrossed to a huge empty barren concrete structure aquaduct with a long bridge crossings it. A man said that was the aquaduct to flow out those once awhile yearly heavy downpour. Actually the heavy downpours over there were so heavy that tend to wash away everything including cars. USA also has big concrete aquaducts in their cities which are very big for Mini Coopers to escape robbery such as in their films. Tun introduced the Smart tunnel to resolve the Kuala Lumpur’s weekly flood issues.

    The Kra canal was a good idea. But it never materialised as you mentioned among due to the Greek’s bearing gifts to the Malaysian Ulus. The same thing happened to the Crooked Bridge. As the saying said ‘so near and yet so far’ and also the famous ‘a bridge too far’.

    Salam Tun.

  10. mubarak ali Jan 4,2014 12:20 PM
    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,
    very very glad to have here.. and very good idea about the flood …. actually that was malay traditional House. Like one i saw your own kg style Home in alor setar. if builders think about people safety and real malay model house they can. if they want to make money only then no use to tell any thing. thanks Tun! always think about rakyat.. very proud of you.. alhamdulillah.
  11. mubarakchan Jan 4,2014 9:08 AM


    From your life-long care and compassion for the Rakyat that you have chosen the first exciting topic for 2014 on the annual ‘Floods’, it is entirely appropriate. However, the troupes of hangers-on who dogged the Opposition Blogs at every turn with their abusive and vulgar comments on your thoughts and ideas since 2003 are still evident. But their enthusiasm has waned somewhat now that they realise their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 13 failed Policies for Singapore, their spiritual homeland, has the proverbial feet of clay ! As more and more facts are presented to show that the brilliant Lee is just like any other human being if not less !

    Your ideas on flood mitigation and alleviation are practical and applicable to the needs of a populace living in a tropical environment and topography. Maybe the authorities should also consider the following :-

    1. That all future Government buildings in flood prone areas be 4 storeys or more with the ground floor an open space.
    2. That all new developments be situated in hilly areas or away from rivers.
    3. That all new developments upstream have to place a bond until the District Office approves that proper environmental protection measures were followed during construction.
    4. That the District Officer has the priority to prevent flooding in his District by recommending flood mitigating and alleviation measures to the ExCo Town and Country Committee as the first priority in every District.
    5. That the District Officer is responsible for the routine maintenance of river banks and proper dredging of rivers in his District.

    However, what is not publicly known is that you always had a deep interest in the prevention of flooding throughout the country during your 22 year Administration and now. And your approach was commonsense, think out of the Box and compassionate.

    You supported the idea of the Isthmus of Kra Canal which would not only bring immeasurable benefits to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Region but also bring peace, stability and prosperity to Acheh, Southern Thailand, Mindanao where there are insurgencies. Who would want to fight with a full stomach, hopes for himself, his family and children ? Democracy would come to Myanmar earlier. And last but not least, a huge land reclamation of 100,000 hectares, the size of Singapore, off Kota Baru which would solve the problems of land shortage and flooding for the Rakyat of Kelantan – at least 30 percent of the flooding problem is resolved. THIS WAS YOUR CARE AND COMPASSION FOR THE RAKYAT OF KELANTAN AND ALL OF MALAYSIA !

    A land reclaimed for the Royal and State institutions, airport, harbour, oil refineries, affordable accommodation etc – a new METROPOLIS – like Dubai and all for the Rakyat of Kelantan ! A mega project which was proposed and initiated by you for the Rakyat of Kelantan and Malaysia.

    Not only that the Northern States of Pulau Pinang, Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Tregganu, Pahang, Perak and the East Malaysian States would boom for the increased socio-economic activities and tourism related to the construction of the Kra Canal.

    The Kra Canal was a 17th century idea. But in 2001, Thaksin who was much respected by the Tun as a capable and fine leader, became the Prime Minister, it was discerned that he could bring about the ‘Pipe Dream’ of the Canal into reality. I remember Tun mentioned that he would speak personally to Thaksin about this. This clearly showed the Tun’s constant care and consideration for the Rakyat especially those in Kelantan which lags behind the other States. NOT FOR HIMSELF BUT FOR THE RAKYAT ESPECIALLY THE KELANTANESE RAKYAT !

    America had no objection. Japan, South Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia etc were for the Kra Canal. Thailand would gain US$ 6 Billions annually, Malaysia gains but Singapore would benefit from her fine logistics, management, finance, engineering know how, employment of new graduates, etc. When the Canal is announced to be built today, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT WILL BE READY TOMORROW. It takes 10 years or more to complete. THE TIME FACTOR WOULD HAVE GIVEN ALL THE ASEAN NATIONS TIME TO RE-INVENT THEMSELVES IN THE FACE OF THE NEW AMERICAN POLICY OF ‘ GLOBALISATION, FREE TRADE, HUMAN RIGHTS’. All of these virtues are ANATHEMA TO THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE ! But the construction of the Kra Canal was not to be at the turn of the 21st Century for the reason that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 13 failed Policies for Singapore (14 with the Kra ) adamantly commented that the Kra Canal would turn Singapore Harbour into a second Palembang. I disagree. This was a 19th Century idea in the 21st Century borderless World in which massive trading would take place on another plane of economic activity. And also the Singaporeans would have been gainfully and profitably employed in Kra Canal activities. Dr Alfred Winsemius where are you ?

    The brilliant Lee permitted the last article ‘ S’pore will gain from Thailand’s Kra Canal ‘ Singapore Business Times, Thursday May 9, 2002, in which the Tun was quoted,’ THE KRA CANAL PROJECT WILL NOT SPELL THE END OF MALAYSIAN PORTS. I AM SURE EVEN IF YOU BUILD THE CANAL, IT WILL NOT MEAN OTHERS WILL HAVE TO CLOSE SHOP. THEY BUILT THE SUEZ CANAL BUT CAPE TOWN IS STILL THERE. WHEN THEY BUILT THE PANAMA CANAL, IT DID NOT MEAN SOUTH AMERICA BECOMES RE-DUNDANT.’ he said on Monday. SEE THE VISION. SEE THE CARING NATURE FOR THE RAKYAT BY THE TUN. And yet, there are people who gained much from him, try to demolish his stature and his achievements.

    And who like a dog in the manger, adamantly blocked and corked up all benefits to raise the standard of living and reduce poverty in the Region ? Definitely not the good Tun !

    AND BEFORE ANY ONE COULD SAY TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD, THAKSIN’S BUSINESS WAS BOUGHT UP LOCK STOCK AND BARREL THROUGH A SPECIAL FORMULA BY SINGAPORE IN 2003 ! From 2003 to 2014, riots, deaths, injuries and the maiming of the innocent men, women and children occurred in Thailand, the land of some of my best friends, the land of smiles ! Malaysia has no such blood on her hands !

    Fast trek to June 2009. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore paid an ill-advised Grand Tour of Singapore’s hinterlands, the Malaysian Ulus, to pat the shoulders and butter-up the digits and cohorts of the Republic of Singapore. One of Malaysia’s finest Statesmen, the Head of PAS, was his target who did not know what the brilliant Lee (DAP) was up to behind his back – effectively put a CAP ON THE ALLEVIATION OF POVERTY IN KELANTAN through his objection to the construction of the Kra Canal. Beware of Singaporeans (DAP) bearing gifts ! sic ‘ Beware of Greeks bearing gifts !’

    Plus all the spying with Singapore’s Trust funds on the sexual peccadilloes of the friends of Singapore since 1972, we have a heady mix of Macchiavellian (16th Century) performance in the tropical humid clime of South East Asia in the 21st Century.


    And the situation of Singapore today ? The 2013 GDP is a limpid 4.2% only 7% will give her a fizz. The GDP dropped below 7% since 2001. A large population of disgruntle and unemployed indigenous Singaporeans. Two 20th Century dysfunctional casinos. A full fledged military of 300,000 reservists, aging Gurkha brigades, F-35s, 9 submarines, corvettes, AWACS, Apaches, very long range artillery, rusting tanks, spies complete with swallows and ducks, a strategic water reserve of S$ 2 Billions, secret caverns, bomb proof buildings and free water from Malaysia. And a population of 1.8 million foreign workers, 2.2 million indigenous Singaporeans and 1 million multi-millionaires of unknown origin. A sort of retrogressive mix !

    A policy of dog in the manger does not pay. History will be an unforgiving and harsh arbiter in time. It pays to share like our good Tun. As a Kuala Lumpur Chinese taxi-driver said to me recently, ‘ Give us TDM anytime. He gave us a chance to make money !’

    Man proposes. God disposes.

  12. Puteri Tujuh Jan 3,2014 12:19 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    When they construct expressways, bridges, roadways, or double tracks etc, the engineers always took considerations of what they called the 100 years design or 50 years design or 25 years design etc. The meant of these are what are the highest level (data) of water level within that period of years. For example, the Peninsular had its highest water level in the years of 1926 and 1971 when the big floods occurred within the last previous century. The expressways, bridges, train tracks took considerations of these 100 years highest water levels. The JPS has all the data right up to those British times. LPT1 and LEKAS highway has high elevation profile with some people jokes that when big flood occurred so just run to the expressways. But it occurred once on a section of a highway which was flooded and vehicles had to be detoured.

    May be these design considerations were not taken into considerations for the developments of housings etc. Normally the considerations taken was the good accesses and the good connections to the existing roadways. All surface run-offs are to be discharged to nearby rivers.

    Maybe, the flood water levels must be taken into consideration in the housing, residentials proposals especially in the flood prone areas.

    Salam Tun.

  13. rasputino Jan 2,2014 11:22 PM

    Najib got so many con-man to advise him on flood mitigation. Just pay them billions and they will come out with a so called ‘PLAN’

  14. Tadika Photoshop WKK Jan 2,2014 9:15 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Saya bukan orang Kedah.Saya nak tanya,kat Kedah tiada syarat untuk reserve longkang masa nak buat permohonan pelan rumah oleh PBT?

  15. vijay.singam Jan 2,2014 4:34 PM

    Hi Tun,

    Happy new year to you and your family.
    Not sure if the goverment will use these ideas but rest assured that I will when I’m ready for my own kampung house. Thanks.

  16. azurajalal Jan 2,2014 4:13 PM
    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad
    Assalamualaikum wbt

    For some unknown reason, your blog has produced a “Mal/HTMLGen-A”. Maybe it’s just a cautionary note by Sophos the antivirus system I am using.
    Anyway, the wooden house of my (allahyarhamah) grandmother was on stilts. As a kid I used to awe at how high I was compared to the ground. Our first house in the city was on the ground and nothing was as exciting except for the many cars on the roads.
    Last December I experienced the flood firsthand at my own house in Kuantan. Cleaning up was very tiring and the house was just slightly hit, not ‘drowned’ entirely, Alhamdulillah. Still, my family and I was certain that the flood was caused by the water runoff on the Beserah side of Bukit Pelindung and clogged up drains, not overflowing of rivers as there is only Telok Chempedak nearby. Kuantan is experiencing a very aggressive housing development at the moment and real estate values are escalating.
    I feel so sorry to those who have lost a lot more. Rebuilding sure takes a lot of time, and effort. The ideas above (pile dwellings) are all well and good as city houses will be a lot cooler too due to better air flow beneath the floor, but what to do with the existing houses and hotels?


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