1. Malaysia is a truly multiracial country. It is truly so because Malaysians retain their identification with their countries of origin.

2. Multiracial countries are almost never peaceful. More so if the races follow different religions, speak different languages and adhere to different cultures as in Malaysia.

3. But contrary to general expectations, Malaysia is relatively peaceful and stable. It is accordingly more prosperous than can be expected of countries which gained independence recently.

4. The reason for Malaysia’s peace and prosperity is because the people believe in sharing, sharing political power and economic wealth.

5. Unfortunately there are in this country people who wish to end this sharing concept. They see a possibility of dominating not just economic wealth but political power as well.

6. They dangle this bait before the Chinese in the 2013 elections. And this resulted in wholesale desertion of Chinese voters from the BN coalition to basically the DAP.

7. Fortunately the majority of Malays adhered to the sharing concept espoused by the BN. And so, despite this desertion the BN won, but won with a much thinner majority. The fact that the contribution to this victory is largely by Malays and other indigenous people reflects a rejection of the concept of inter-racial sharing by non-Malays.

8. I think the parties in the BN should be reminded that this is a multiracial country and it can only remain peaceful and prosperous if they uphold this ideal of sharing between the races.

9. The Malays must remember that they cannot rule and prosper this country on their own.

10. They need the dynamism and business skills of the Chinese. They need also the professional skills of the Indians.

11. The Chinese and Indians must also realise that they need Malay support if they wish to form a Government in Malaysia. And Malay support will not be forthcoming if the Chinese and Indians are not prepared to share and share fairly political power and economic wealth.

12. In multiracial Malaysia a strong Government is a necessity. We cannot afford a minority Government.

13. Having tried to stop sharing in the 2013 elections, those who deserted the BN should come back. They should return to the status quo ante.

14. Perhaps some adjustments should be made to the sharing formula. But there should be no threat, no holding others to ransom by any race. Any attempt to do so would kill the effort.

15. For more than 50 years the sharing formula brought development and prosperity to Malaysia. The whole world acknowledges this. The opposition will deny this of course but then the opposition needs to denounce all Malaysia’s achievements since they wish to have one dominant race enjoying political power and economic wealth. If they acknowledge the success of Malaysia there would be no ground for their existence.

16. But all others agreed that among the countries which gained independence after the war, Malaysia is the most peaceful, stable and prosperous. Its rate of growth is among the highest in the world. Even when its trading partners in Europe and America face regression, Malaysia is still growing.

17. Only the insane can think that Malaysia should have the kind of upheavals, demonstrations and the like that we see in the countries of the Middle East and elsewhere. Maybe we are not perfect but that is no reason why we should discard something that had largely delivered on its promise.

18. Political parties do not like to lose. But in Malaysia when the Government party lost, it had peacefully surrendered power. That this has not been seen at national level is the people’s will. But at state level it has given up power in six states. I believe it will give up power at national level if the people so wish.

19. But the will of the people must be expressed through elections, not through demonstrations or other means.

20. But they say the BN Government will cheat in elections. If it cheats it would not lose at State levels and it will not see opposition candidates win and take their places in Parliament at national level. But it has never happened that the opposition fail to win at all as happened in countries in which the Government cheats. We don’t have the 99 per cent victories for the ruling party in Malaysia.

21. 2014 will be a difficult year for Malaysia. We need stability in the country more than ever. The racially-based component parties in the BN should return to the sharing principle that had won them support for more than half a century. This will ensure stability. And with stability we can face all challenges and continue to grow the country.


  1. mubarakchan Jan 7,2014 6:47 PM


    Today’s screaming headline ,’ DAP calls for reconciliation summit with Barisaon to discuss national crises. ‘ in multi-racial Malaysia.

    As predicted that after the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties won the 13th General Elections, there would be no more major issues for the Opposition to gain traction on. There were many minor skirmishes created by them to keep their supporters together since May and no matter how hard the Opposition blowed and puffed, the minor issues just could not be turned into major issues. And now with a certain amount of finality, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has blown up itself to match the Barisan. There are certain cogent points to consider on the question of DAP’s legitimacy before the BN picks up the phone :-

    1. It is important to go back to basics. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was not founded in 1966 on a whim but it had a definite purpose – a sort of wooden Trojan Horse left by the retreating Singaporeans after 1965. The record shows the DAP did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all for 48 long years. Its membership does not reflect the true demographics of Malaysia. According to comments in, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore masked his eventual departure from the Federation rather cleverly because the British was against a stand alone Singapore before Malaysia. The DAP is known to have a thick umbilical cord to Singapore, a sovereign State.
    2. With so much foreign baggage to carry, and coupled to the expose’ of its spiritual homeland spying on the sexual peccadilloes of their friends, WHERE IS THE LEGITIMACY OF THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN DAP to talk to the Barisan. The latter might as well talk to the more qualified and controlling principal, PAP which is the old block from which the chip came from.
    3. And the ding-dong between the DAP and the ROS which has been going on before the 13th General Elections, is still unresolved. In this instance, what is the LEGITIMACY of the DAP in relation to the ROS and the Laws ? The ethics, propriety, standards, morality etc which must pertain to a major honourable political party of any Nation. As the MCA must be seen to be beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife, it is even more so for the DAP for the foreign baggage and inaction for 48 long years in the Opposition since 1966 without lifting a finger for the national development effort.
    4. For 48 long years the DAP did not want to talk to the BN. Why do it now ?
    5. The only important talk which the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP should talk, is its application for the unconditional membership of the BN ! This will bring up the 13 component parties to 14 !


  2. mgpunya Jan 7,2014 4:42 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    Sekiranya UMNO/BN kalah dalam pilihanraya akan datang, ia adalah di sebabkan orang Melayu tidak lagi undi UMNO/BN. Pada pilihanraya lalu MCA/GERAKAN/BN kalah teruk oleh kerana masyarakat Cina tidak lagi undi MCA/GERAKAN/BN dan mereka lari en bloc undi DAP. DAP menang besar.
    Persoalannya, boleh kah orang Melayu berbuat demikian, iaitu mengundi en bloc seperti masyarakat Cina. Bolehkah sekiranya orang Melayu sudah tidak mahu lagi UMNO/BN, lari en bloc undi PAS? Sekiranya ini boleh berlaku…..tidak ada yang perlu orang/pemimpin Melayu risaukan. Orang Melayu hanya pindah kenderaan dan tukar driver, kuasa masih di tangan mereka. Tetapi, ingat bukan semua mahu ini berlaku. Oleh kerana sekiranya perkara ini berlaku, bagi mereka….” back to square one!”

  3. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Jan 7,2014 4:38 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Wow the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are very lucky and privileged!

    We are THE ONLY COUNTRY on earth that let them retain and encourage them to learn their mother languages in the whole wide world.

    The BN government built schools and funded them like nobody’s business but now this contribute to the present predicament. The races are polarised.

    I say we stop all this and build a truly 1Malaysia where EVERYBODY SPEAKS THE SAME LANGUAGE. I say we follow Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand’s example with regards to integration. I am sure Hannah Yeoh will support this as she so badly wanted a 1Malaysia race for her children.

    The sacrifices of the Malays to accommodate other races in this land of milk and honey hold no meaning and importance to the majority of them. So better to review the nation’s future plans and also commission a Royal Inquiry to the awarding of citizenships upon Independence so that the public is better informed what really happened and how unprecedented were the Malays sacrifices to accommodate other races who had nowhere to turn to if we had expelled them.


  4. safiai7 Jan 7,2014 12:28 PM

    Tun, I beg to differ with you regarding the power sharing formula tah has been proven to work in the early part of our Independent.Yes it ia appropriate at that point of time, but I guest at present circumtances, values,technology,perception,norms etc have indeed changed especially with globalisation.
    yes people want peace and stability but at what price?.
    We continue a corruption as a way of life,extravagant spending by the leaders,non transparency of administration.Criticism is ignore but keep recalcitrant approach.Ill gotten wealth is splashed to the rakyat,while we are trying to make the meets.The Malays felt betrayed by UMNO and yes UMNO has done their respobsiblity but get rid of corrupted leaders and its cronies.When you see Malays driving Mercedes and fancy cars,we are proud of it but where they got money to finance such luxury life styles?..emm..emm from goverment project,open tender..em eem ..negotiated tender.Do they do it themselves by employing malay architect,engineer,or QS.The answer is absolutely no.
    AP car,does it ring the bell to you that causes the downfall of Proton.Even the taxis permit was given to the so called corporate personalities that are connected to the power that can be.
    The country is sucessfully because we Malays trust our leaders and very accomodative to other races.I saw on Mat salleh spit at one Singaporean who try to boast his country.Is’nt Singapore was colonised by the british.You are just fit to be our spy only for south east asia.
    Tun,I can assured the Malays will support UMNO in drove if only UMNO put Malaysia first.Other races are welcome to share Malaysia and please treat Malaysia with respect.Dont bad mouth Malaysia.Let the Malays compete in their respective profession,example be the best medical specialist.Dont worry Tun we will made it with Allah blessing.I rest my case,let hear from other readers

  5. Malaysia Bagus Jan 7,2014 12:05 PM

    Salam Tun,

    allow me to share my uncouth thoughts on your 21 points.

    1. Immigrants to Malaysia will have no sense of gratitude or loyalty if they carry on to identify with their countries of origin. They will soon hop on to another country like the US, UK or Australia when they can afford to do that, however ironically, never going back to reside in their own countries of origin. You hardly hear of Chinese going back to living in Kowloon or a Tamil in Bangalore.

    2. People of different races can live peacefully if only they have sincere leaders from each community who are driven by peaceful ideals and not just on sincere bullshits.

    3. Malaysia is relatively peaceful and stable because the native Malay people are not too critical or demanding on the immigrants. Whereas it’s the immigrants who are hyperventilating asking more for less.

    4. The Malays are not only sharing political power and economic wealth, but also giving away their lots apart from being hoodwinked to lose their rights as natives would. I still remember the lines, Dr Jafri, who wrote here that “Tun had empowered the Chinese economy at the expense of the Malay hegemony”. This peculiar sharing concept seemed to not prosper the Malays, but surely is tilting the political balance.

    5. The greedy ones will never stop. You give them one foot, they want your skull and more. After that, they marry your daughter!

    6. In the recent GE, 97% of the Chinese follow their hearts. And their hearts are with the DAP. You cannot possibly take all of them for repair at IJN. What to do?

    7. Unlike the Chinese voters, the Malays were getting mixed signals and gets idiot-ized from both sides. Luckily for Najib, the less internet savvy ageing kampong and urban folks still have (blind) faith in BN and BR1M. I guess you could say it is the Idiots Victory, which is quite meaningless in every sense an non-sense as manifesto-ed by the “janji di-capati lagi …”

    8. I think the UMNO in particular, must return the stolen goodies back to the Malay population. Likewise, MCA and MIC must act responsibly and not be political cowards. Balls or no balls.

    9. Tun is mistaken, actually the Malays can rule and prosper this country on their own.

    10. The Malays of this age have the dynamism, professionalism and business skills. But they are being held back by their own political oligarchs who play them like.

    11. The Chinese and Indians must also realize that the Malays will not shed tears 40 days and nights if they all decide today to leave Malaysia to another country of their choice.

    12. In multiracial Malaysia a strong Malay leader is a necessity. We cannot afford an incompetent ‘trophy’ PM plus an impostor celebrity first lady.

    13. Tun is asking for the impossible, you do not woo and win your ex-wife back each time she betrays you. Just move on and find a new partner. And more so “If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it.”

    14. Perhaps the filthy rich UMNO beneficiaries and their MCA, MIC cohorts would like to repent?

    15. For more than 50 years in Malaysia, one dominant race is being prostituted for the so-called ‘peace, tolerance and harmony’

    16. Appearance can be deceiving, behind the prosperous KL and Putrajaya skyline, there are hardcore poor whom are being clinically annihilated from the brochures of ‘Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2014’ … poor is not truly Malaysia?

    17. The KDN has no claws and is already domesticated. It is a very soft and coy pussy to play with.

    18. The idea of the people’s will is a fallacy. As always, behind all the commotions there are billionaires invisible hands pulling the strings or megalomaniacs like Anwar and LeeKuanYew wanking to their own scripts.

    19. But not the will of the people that must be expressed through elections, it is the way that you lure them like did the Pied Piper of Singapore. It happened in Libya and Mesir and Syria.

    20. People get cheated everyday, and they don’t seem to mind. It’s an escape from reality. A matter of perception, which according to Najib & Co. is more important, as per his self-flagellating spirited PAU speech that aroused many drama Melayu fans.

    21. All the powerful billionaires, banks, GLCs and cronies must resist fighting one another and consolidate to squarely face the rakyat. This will ensure stability.

  6. mubarakchan Jan 7,2014 12:03 PM


    With due respect, I would consider the tag ‘ Multi-racial Malaysia ‘ obsolete for the reason that if our beloved country has not been able to be ‘ Multi-Racial’ under the wise leaderships of its Prime Ministers, we would definitely be in a different situation today. A country is either made-up of a homogenous overlay of one type of people, like the Republic of Singapore, or of diverse peoples in different numbers making up the population. We may take it that in the development of our beloved country either its cup is considered either half-full or half-empty depending on which side of the political divide a person is on ! But all will agree that our beloved Malaysia is still an on-going process. Before 1997, Malaysia was considered boring and non-exotic by the international academics and pundits. After this, the country appeared on the radar screens of the Pied Pipers, unemployed academics and very intelligent and wealthy fellows with close Malaysian friends who needed some form of aid. This mish-mash of Humanity was all set to put our beloved Malaysia under their electron microscopes. Fortunately, the decades of learning from our mistakes, the distinguished Civil Servants of old, the superb Malaysian Prime Minister leaderships in 20th Century saved the day for all of us, Rakyat and ‘ Multi-Racial ‘ Malaysia. Otherwise, it would have been ‘ sayonara ‘ for us, MULTI-RACIAL Malaysians. Without clinging to the job of being a Prime Minister, ALL OUR PRIME MINISTERS RETIRED WILLINGLY AND OF THEIR OWN ACCORD even though they had the whole World of money and power at their feet. They should all gain our deepest respect and affection. And why do I say this ?

    I always think about my favourite American President Harry S Truman when I think about leadership and how it translates into something meaningful for the benefit of the people who depend on a wise leader and in the case of the United States, the World. Truman is my favourite not because he dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan but because of his normal and humble behaviour like our Tun. It is said that when he retired, he just walked out of the White House and drove all the way to Missouri with his wife. His famous motto, ‘ THE BUCK STOPS AT MY DESK ‘ is a good motto for those vying for power of Putrajaya !

    It is the leadership, the top political leadership that holds the destiny of the peoples of a Nation. If this person is defective in anyway, we can say ‘ sayonara ‘ to all our hopes and ambitions for a better Malaysia. In a diverse land like ours, because we are living in a small place, it pays to be humble and helpful. We are either related to each other or good friends.

    This brings to my mind 3 Chinese from humble backgrounds whose behaviour was definitely not humble. First, it was alleged that one stood up at the end of one of Tun’s meetings in 2003 and proposed the National Service which brought about some harm to the participants and a scramble to construct, cater and transport the attendees. My view is that this compulsory program should be closed down and modified to house drug addicts, illegals, youth camps, etc. When this gentleman stood up, his children were already safely ensconced in London. And this National Service was already considered as early as 1972 during Tun Razak’s time which concluded it was unsuitable because of the inequitable and unfair treatment of the participants from different backgrounds. It is now timely to close-down all these NS camps as part of a belt-tightening exercise and focus on the schools to meld the young which will be more rewarding and less contentious.

    Second, I walked up to this Chinese at the launch of the new Mercedes Benz E Class in 1984 in the Glenmarie Estate. I tried to chat him up. He just ignored me and walked away. Third, I attended a Hari Raya party hosted by Sime Darby in 1992. I walked up to this Chinese who was standing by the pool. I tried to chat him up by saying, ‘ Are you the Singapore High Commissioner ?’ He turned his face and walked away. All three Chinese gentlemen from humble backgrounds are now Tan Sris.

    How are the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese going to interact socially if all they think is their status and money ? How would the other communities going to think about them when they were so proud even before they were ennobled ? What was it that made them so ? Their behaviour intrigued me since the 1980s until recently I discovered that these fellows were DETRIBALISED AND HOLLOW. It seems to me that those Chinese below the age of 40 today only look like Chinese with no spiritual or cultural ballast. To compound the whole issue, Malaysia has the most number of Chinese tribes or clans outside of China ! With this fact in mind, how are the Chinese going to look up to a leader who is creditable and trustworthy in the eyes of all in Malaysia. Their political leadership record has been wanting through the years to say the least. How to satisfy the demands of a group of people who plays an important role in the country as the Tun rightly says ? At best, we can only surmise from past records how the British governed them and the history of post-Merdeka Administrations which seemed to pacify them.

    The Tun has the best record in the governance of the country for 22 years with his COMMONSENSE, THE ABILITY TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX AND COMPASSION. The general economy was good and all had a chance to make money. This urge to make money was expressed by a Kuala Lumpur taxi driver in a decrepit Proton in the last days of 2013, ‘ Give us back TDM anytime because he gave us all a chance to make money!’

    The Tun’s application of the proverbial power pyramid to permit the flow of the goodies to the bottom for the proletariat was the key to a peaceful, stable and prosperous Malaysia consisting of Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all. His magic formula still applies today ! But if the goodies are seen by the intelligent Malaysians to flow upwards defying gravity, we have trouble aplenty !

    Developing and building up a country is an on-going exercise in human endeavour. The word ‘SACRIFICE’ which I heard coming out of the UMNO now and then seemed to be the ambition of some leaders who probably were quite sincere in front of 3,000 delegates. We have many examples to follow :- India, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc. But after comparing our beloved Malaysia with the best, we may observe that we are right up in the league table and needs only ‘ FINE TWEAKING ‘ as suggested by the Tun. In the case of nearly homogenous Republic of Singapore at present, with the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 14 failed Policies for Singapore and the 2013 dismantled Meritocratic Policy we observe the human endeavour of an ‘ over-kill ‘ was applied to a tiny society. Even in Switzerland with its Confederation of 800 years, 4 tribes of peoples, Germans, French, Italians and the Romansch ( Those Roman Legions which deserted Rome 2,000 years ago and holed up in the high Alps ) still pass snide remarks about each other to this day. And on any small issue, Switzerland has a National Referendum which is considered cheaper than a General Election. This is how the Swiss view the cost of Government ! Instead of brand new jets, their elected representatives bicycle to Parliament !

    But there is no necessity to ape other countries especially the Republic of Singapore which has nothing to offer us and proven by the 14 failed Polcies of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. Vide.

    Yes ! As the Tun has rightly pointed out that it is time for all of us Malaysians to put our shoulders to the wheel as we have been twiddling our thumbs and contemplating our navels for too long (since 2003). We will eventually diminish our differences which can only be done as exhorted by the Tun, through the promotion of a holistic (I copy) education system with Bahasa Melayu and English and a choice of Mandarin/Tamil or any other language, at heart. I sent all my children to National Schools and my grandchildren too. They all returned to Malaysia to live and work.

    Ii is so important that a Malaysian Prime Minister understands that even though Islam is the official religion and others are permitted, he has to have a huge store of wisdom to decide and implement what has been stated in black and white in Malaysia’s Constitution. This is why I always said it is easier to practise Medicine than Law. In the former, I get a conclusion either dead or alive. Common diseases are common. But in the latter, each legal problem is a different living problem every day !

    As the Tun has shown, a fair and creditable Government, a functioning education system to produce enlightened and sociable young Malaysians instead of NS camps and a durable and sound economy (which is overseered by a capable Minister of Finance) are musts for the success of the good ship. ‘ Malaysia ‘ in its journey of a thousand lei. And we are already half the way there !

    With a good and wise BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, our beloved Malaysia will join the topmost rank of successful Nations in time, sooner rather than later.

  7. Hajar Jan 7,2014 11:17 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. In general, I agree with Tun’s opinion on handling multi-racial issues/matters in Malaysia. We must share political power and wealth accordingly in order to maintain peace and stability. We must also respect each others’ set of beliefs.

    2. What bothers me is the fact that we have Muslims (for example, Dato’ Marina Mahathir) who are keen of supporting those Christians (not all) who do not respect Islam and Muslims in Malaysia by playing (‘mempermainkan’) with the word ‘ALLAH’. This is really an INSULT to the Muslims & Malays in Malaysia since we are the majority. We must be sensitive towards others’ belief. ALLAH is ‘Esa’ and we cannot simply equate ALLAH with the general term ‘God’ (in other religions). Saya bimbang ada yang mungkin jatuh “kufur /murtad / syirik” kerana menyekutukan ALLAH SWT (saya bukan menjatuhkan hukum, sekadar saling mengingatkan sesama Islam).

    3. The Government must take stern actions against those who violate laws regarding (using) the word ‘ALLAH’.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  8. Puteri Tujuh Jan 7,2014 11:07 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Mereka mencerca bangsa Melayu sebagai anjing. Tidak lama selepas itu mereka mencerca lagi bangsa Melayu sebagai kucing kurap. Kini mereka mendesak mahu meneruskan penggunaan kalimah Allah sebagai tuhan mereka walaupun telah ditegah oleh mahkamah dan Sultan.

    Apakah sebenarnya mereka mahukan?

  9. wajaperak Jan 7,2014 8:18 AM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    Example in Pangkor, the one who won the past election was rejected by his own people in Pangkor and he won is because of Navy’s votes. It is just an example and we know elsewhere how and why]

    Tell me why?
    Do not strike with the broadsword without the elaboration.In Tun blog there are people who ‘sing rap’ because they simply could not sing straight!
    I sincerely hope you are not them..

    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  10. musato Jan 7,2014 1:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tadi saya tengok cerita Conman lakonan Andy Lau.

    Katanya ada 8 jenis pengelat. Antaranya,tukang gossip untuk mengada adakan cerita serta tukang satria untuk bertarung.

    Semua orang kat sini tahu yang negara Malaysia sebenarnya diserang secara tersusun oleh musuh politik kerajaan.

    Tentera siber diwujudkan untuk menyebar fitnah. Pemuda melayu dijadikan tukang satria.

    Juga cara Lim Kok Wing digunakan seperti yang Tun pernah hantar untuk Nelson Mandela.

    Maklumat sebegini sepatutnya pihak perisikan sudah sedia maklum. Tetapi isunya bagaimana kerajaan menangani dan bertindak secara politik apabila menerima maklumat sebegini.

    Kerajaan perlu cepat menangani perkara sebegini secara politik bukan melalui undang undang yang mengundang persepsi negatif rakyat.

    Yang Dipertuan Agong Sultan Mizan pernah menegur tentang cara sebegini. Masih ingatkah kita?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  11. fandi.othman Jan 7,2014 12:29 AM
    Salam Tun,
    Agree with all your points except on No.6. My opinion is that DAP benefited from the Pakatan coalition platform that translates their good performance in the GE. The chinese as being mentioned happened to be majority in the place where DAP is contesting. Perhaps if this is swapped with PKR for them to contest, similar result can be expected. Additionally, Pakatan decisions in seat allocation between all the party was thought out properly thus contributes to their good performance.

    One point to highlight here is for BN to perform better next GE is to be consistent with their policy and ideals. Recent hooha with regards to price increase (going totally against their own manifesto) and Allah issue (what has been agreed) will stick to people`s memories and how the BN leaders responds now. If you can advise Mr. Najib to request his BN leaders to be more sensitive and sensible while making statements and do not be driven by political mileage when doing so. All the BN leaders should be on the same wavelengths and explaining Mr. Najib’s view and aspiration. If Mr. Najib cannot keep his men in line, then he is not a good leader. And just to finish, MCA show some promise by closing leadership issue. Time to move on and start gaining back the grounds.

  12. musato Jan 6,2014 9:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bila menyebut pasal merbahayanya alam siber seperti blog,facebook,instagram,twitter dll….

    Kita akan dapat menilainya melalui perumpamaan ini.

    Saya belum lagi mencapai umur 40 tahun tetapi tulisan saya ‘hanya’ dapat difahami oleh Tun yang berumur 83 tahun (2008).

    Itu pun dengan berpengalaman 22 tahun sebagai Perdana Menteri, 50 tahun berpolitik serta setelah tiada kuasa dunia, malahan dihina sehabisnya.

    Itulah perbandingan setakat yang boleh diperjelaskan antara alam siber dan realiti.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. shahrulnizam Jan 6,2014 7:44 PM

    people went for demonstration because they are feared of uncertainties of their beloved country. Politicians have never dared to walk the talk, and if they walked, it was only the half way truth. Preaching to people to save here and there, asking people to leave the country if people do not like the Government “unfriendly” policies… why don’t the politicians leave the country if they failed to govern the country honestly and make people live happily?
    Throwing an expensive and unnecessary birthday party, buying a expensive import car than National Limo car, talked non-sense in Parliament… what are the politicians tying to prove? Being elected in General Election does not give them the license to do whatever they or their families want… Example in Pangkor, the one who won the past election was rejected by his own people in Pangkor and he won is because of Navy’s votes. It is just an example and we know elsewhere how and why.
    If the politician can share the burden of 2014/15 price hike sincerely, am sure people would happy about it. It is not people cannot accept the price hike, but not too sudden all-at-once with higher rates. 1 to 2 percent for each quarter is better than lump sum hike.
    Please think! 4-5 years are not too long!

  14. musato Jan 6,2014 6:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Walau bagaimanapun, saya tak pasti samada kerjaan dapat mengatasi masalah dunia siber ini kerana blog sendiri ‘berbau’ politik yang amat.

    Itulah kebenarannya Datuk Seri Najib, sayakan pernah aktif menulis pada Datuk Seri….memang kuat politiknya.

    Entahkan Tun pun begitu jugak agaknya masa berkuasa Perdana Menteri…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. musato Jan 6,2014 6:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Wujudnya zaman media Internet sebenarnya amat merbahaya. Kerajaan perlu dengan cepat menguasai keadaan ini.

    Internet seperti yang saya pernah katakan ia merupakan sebahagian yang kita boleh panggil ‘alam ghaib’.

    Alam ini saya maksudkan adalah ia mempengaruhi sikap, emosi, pegangan dan keyakinan kita. Sedangkan pada mata kasar ia tiada apa apa untuk dirasakan.

    Untuk berada pada alam maya ini, intergriti dan tingkah laku yang positif diperlukan. Tiada yang dapat menentukan semua itu melainkan dalaman diri sendiri.

    Memandangkan ia berlaku secara meluas tanpa sempadan, maka ia menjadi satu bebanan apabila orang yang menerimanya terima secara total.

    Seperti gangguan jin. Jin sememangnya mendesak manusia supaya rosak. Tetapi manusia yang diganggu itu perlu punyai piawaan bagi menangani desakan jin tersebut.

    Di situ kita memerlukan pengukuhan asas agama seperti kawal kemarahan, jangan malas, gunakan telinga untuk mendengar…bukan gunakan lidah untuk bercakap- tanda tanda gangguan jin.

    Saya telah dilatih untuk menulis dalam alam maya (belum tiba masanya menampilkan diri ke alam nyata). Benda yang tak nampak, tapi dirasai.

    Dan saya kira itulah penyelesaian kepada masalah kerajaan berkenaan internet. Bukannya menyediakan tentera siber yang turut menyebarkan perkara perkara negatif dan kata mengata.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  16. tebuan Jan 6,2014 5:57 PM
    Salam Tun ,until today I am still wondering why Kit Siang cannot change him self and be a truthful and responsible member of opposition. He keep on opposed to almost everything that the government is doing including formation of Sekolah Wawasan for the sake of unity.

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