I feel sad that after a very well attended Press Conference (see picture) chaired by me as Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Perdana Global Peace Organisation to condemn the visit of the war criminal Tony Blair, almost nothing has appeared in the print and electronic media in this country.

It looks as if Malaysia supports the criminal action of this former British Prime Minister who lied to his Parliament, to the British people and the world that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which could hit Britain in a matter of minutes.

On the basis of this lie he joined George Bush of the United States to launch a massive war against Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroying their cities, the electricity and water supply.

When no WMDs were found in Iraq, this war criminal claimed that he and Bush unleashed their killers against Iraq to rid it of (President) Saddam Hussein and to make Iraq and all the countries in West Asia democratic.

Saddam has been caught together with his Cabinet members and hanged after trial by a kangaroo court.

But the killings in Iraq has not stopped. It is five years plus and the Iraqi people, from babies to old people, the healthy and the sick, are being killed or savagely wounded every day.

Whatever Saddam may have done, nothing that he did can compare with the death and destruction caused by Blair and Bush.

If Saddam is regarded as a criminal for the harsh way he built up his country, if Radovan Karadzic is a criminal because of the thousands of Bosniaks he massacred, then Blair together with Bush must be condemned as worse criminals, for the senseless and pointless war of aggression they launched i.e. for mass killings of innocent people that they ordered to be carried out without an ounce of mercy, with no compassion for the Iraqi people.

Blair is truly a criminal who was rejected even by the British people.

It is disgusting to see this criminal of the highest order being welcomed in Malaysia and worse still to talk on the rule of law when he broke all international laws and the laws of his own country by deliberately lying and sending young British soldiers to die in a war of aggression.

The conspiracy of silence by Malaysia’s media is to be condemned for you are lending support to a War Criminal whose criminal acts must not go unpunished.

Yet you have seen how readily the United States and its cohorts condemn the President of Sudan, Omar Bashir, for alleged war crimes in Darfur when there is no evidence that he deliberately issued orders to war against anyone.


  1. HBT Dec 9,2008 5:56 PM

    Izinkan Tun
    By Larry Jay on November 10, 2008 3:41 AM
    My Dear Ms. Moderato
    Mr Larry Jay, I am not a christian and I will never be one, do you know why? Because I have tried to accept christians as my friends, but I find it very difficult because you guys always say God is awesome only to you christians and I find you guys are selfish and ignorant!!! You guys always push me to become a christian. You guys force me to read bible…. But my muslim and chinese friends never do this, why because we respect and accept each other.
    A person like you can wrote such a rude comment to our Ex-PM, by defending that poodle of George Bush, Tony Blair, in Malaysia, in the name of god, ha…ha…ha…, and you can tell off our Tun what is right and wrong!!!! No respect for our ex-PM and the elder person has disqualified you the “hak asasi” in Malaysia, lu pikir lah sendiri, mengapa?
    Because of che det, I opened up my heart and eyes and I know our Tun has done his best and still working hard today. Also because of Tun, I know and respect our Perlembagaan Negara and Rukun Negara because saya rakyat Malaysia!!!
    As for that Guan Eng, sorry lah I will never vote him anymore because he is just another ahli politik kotor, sama jugak…. Before the Penang Bridge deal was signed by our captain AAB (Aimless, Arrogant, Bonehead) with China (without informing the rakyat), his job is to korek, korek, korek Koh Tsu Koon. But after the deal was signed, oh… diam2 pakat bersama Gerakan, hoo haa… main2 isu perkauman and nama jalan2 di Pinang that against our Perlembagaan..
    The rakyat dah buka mata, we will do what is right and wrong, you can continue dreaming lah with your democracy of the west. If possible, migrate to Singapore if you cannot afford to live in USA.
    Tun, ini lah orang yang tidak bersyukur kerana kejutan budaya (culture shock) yang jatuh cinta pada Raja Petra. Takde mentaliti bangsa, nak fight for bangsa, memang “biadap”.
    By the way, the opposition is scared now, many suprising news are coming out lo…..sabar lah…..

  2. Larry Jay Nov 10,2008 3:41 AM

    My Dear Ms. Moderato,
    Thank you for your feedback on my comments.
    Let me also try to write in Manglish to make you more understand.
    You feel sad, Mahathir feel sad..and I feel pain to see both of you feel sad. To solve both your popblems for being sad, I strongly suggest that you & Mahathir go and climb the highest peak of Mt. Kinabalu & live there forever and become monks for good & I bet that both of you will not feel sad anymore. Popblem solved.
    Am I, a fan of Satan for saying the truth that it’s a great sin for an ex-Chief Minister (Rahim Thamby Chik) to rape a 14 year old child???
    Am I, a fan of Satan for saying the truth that it’s a great sin to use the hard working tax payer’s money to make the ex-PM’s son, Mokhzani Mahathir to become the 20th richest man in Malaysia???
    Am I, a fan of Satan for saying the truth that it’s a great sin for Saddam to kill thousands of his own innocent people just because they don’t agree with his politics???
    Am I, a fan of Satan for saying the truth that it’s a sin for Saddam’s son, Uday to rape so many young Iraqi girls as & when he feels like and to kill the girls family for questioning his terrible act just because he is the son of the President of Iraq???
    Am I, a fan of Satan for saying the truth that Mahathir is the one who have destroyed & tarnished the image of The Judges, The Police , The AG Chambers & created corruption rampantly during his rule in this lovely country to safe guard his interest together for his families & cronies???
    No Ms. Moderato.. I am not a fan of Satan but a true believer of God !!!
    You have to open your eyes & ears more than anyone else (but its painful to see there are so many people like you in this wonderful country)…people like you are blinded by only reading the NST, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Utusan Melayu, Tamil Nesan & watching too much of RTM 1 & RTM 2 news!!! These are all government controlled newspaper & TV maa…they will always write & say good things about the government even though most of what they do is not right.
    Look at what happened to our beloved country… The ISA, The Judges, The Police, The AG Chambers, The Corruptions, etc… The Chinese paper reporter was jailed because what she wrote was true but to cover up her arrest, the stupid dumb Home Minister say that they put her in jail to protect her. What a joke!! Even a 10 year old child will say that this Minister is talking through his “bontot”. The government can easily fool people like you but they can never fool a 10 year old child or people like me.
    What happen to MP Theresa Kok, she was arrested because the stupid former Indon MB of Selangor, Khir Toyol who ate too much of Tempek to look young gave false information to Utusan Melayu to write that she wanted the mosque volume to be lowered but in actual fact she did not & this was confirmed by the mosque officials in Kinrara.
    What happen to a famous blogger, Raja Petra. He was arrested under ISA because they say that he wrote bad things about Islam which is not true. They actually arrested him because he wrote so many true things about Najib, Rosmah, Syed Albar & so many other politicians on murder, scandals, corruptions, lies & many negative things which our government is doing!!! He spent 2 months in jail for saying the truth & at last, our court was brave enough to release him because there is no bukti that he said bad things about Islam. Now, these politicians sudah sakit kepala macam kena “gila babi” because Raja Petra is a free man & he will write more things about our corrupted government.
    Do you know huh, Ms. Moderato, these things can never never happen in US America, Britain or any Europe country because all law & order is properly followed and their government follow the Rule of Law & people can question anytime which can make the country look shame. But in Malaysia, this is normal & people like you are getting so use to it. I love my country like you do but I hate the system. It is against human rights & full of corruption and scandals from top to bottom.
    You know PKNS employed a Chinese lady to be Acting General Manager…you know what happen after that…big hoo haa hoo haa..big haa hoo haa hoo by so many low mentality group because she is Chinese. Why like this can happen??? We are all Malaysian maa..
    60 years ago in US America, a black man cannot sit in a bus which got white man, a black man cannot buy things in shop where there is white man. But today, a black man named Barrack Obama is elected by many white man to be the President of US America. You see, how smart these people’s brains can change for the sake of humanity.
    I listen to God & I believe God made all human because he like all of us. God always wants all human to be fair to each other…not because of our skin colour, race or religion. We are all human and will always breathe & share the same air and the same udara. If I cut my hand, your hand, Indian hand, Iban hand, Malay hand, Sakai hand, Jakun hand…all our blood is Red maa…all our darah is merah maa. So what the big deal…the popblem here is iust that human is destroying human because of skin colour, race & religion!!!
    So my dear Ms. Moderato, for a start you must see things more openly & clearly. I am not angry with you at all. I will be an idiot like most of our government politicians if I am angry with you because you say I am a fan of Satan. No.. I am not angry!!! No popblem!! You can say whatever you like because I believe you are free to speak out your mind.. I believe you are free to express your thoughts.. So don’t worry.. you keep on saying what you feel like.
    In life we must have a balance in all things. The Good Things People Do…. We Follow & We Support BUT The Bad Things People Do… We Condemn & We Reject.
    Thank you Ms. Moderato & have a bootiful day !!

  3. azizi basar (shuttersmaniac) Nov 6,2008 6:00 AM

    saye peminat baru blog tun.baru sebulan, tp alhamdulillah, saye dh nak abes “khatamkan” blog tun.tidak perlu la saye nak bitau how much i appreciated you as my idol. only god knows. i am currently studying in australia and gonna finish my last year now.pretty sad when i’ve been told by my friend that u are coming to melbourne and it’s been cancelled all of the sudden. tun, tun penah ckp tun tak boleh nak buat perubahan seorg diri.saye sentiase di belakang tun! ini name sebenar saye dan saye akan menyokong tun selagi mane perjuangan tun mempunyai kredibiliti untuk menaikkan negare kite.i know you will stick on it till your last breath! I AM AT YOUR BACK!

  4. moderato Oct 28,2008 3:40 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    I agreed!!!! And it was indeed very sad on how Saddam were hanged and forced to be framed by his true cousins and the sufferings of many Iraqis until today.
    Tun this brother here is indeed rude, Tun I cannot stand (tak boleh tahan lah….)
    Dear brother Larry Jay,
    Got to use Manglish lah to argue back your comment, very, very rude lah. Ha, you tell me bush and blair are good and never convicted or proven guilty of criminals, if they can be proved guilty then they must have no money lah. Going into court needs money, right? To spin what was wrong to be right, need the greatest authorithy and wealth, don’t tell me brother you don’t know this. Even Michael Moore, this Bush dare not sue him lah… Justice, you go fly kite lah. If Americans and British soldiers who chosen to die for their countries, we respect. Our Tun indeed does not like wars. Understand? (in Malay- faham ke).
    To judge whether Tony Blair is allowed in Malaysia, it’s up to the people la…. Well, I agreed to Tun’s action, as our ex-PM, our citizen, cannot show his anger and sadness in his own country?.
    Wow, you must belong to those “wild, wild west cowboy”, the so-called democrate and highly favour for feedom of speech of the west. See, got you, cakap tak sama bikin, ha,,, ha….
    Brother, siapa Lim Guan Eng??? He became CM for Penang because I voted him, next PRU 13, no more DAP, understand…….. What were shown on the surface might not be the truth, nak korek2 apa lagi. What Lim Guan Eng has done to destroy the Unity of Malaysia for 52 years will be remembered forever by chinese. By the way, tell your Guan Eng I am a chinese about his age and I am a WOMAN.
    My advice to you is buy the DVD on 9/11, a documentary film edited and directed by Michael Moore (Top US Box Office). This film showed how Americans and Britons were bait and manipulated by Bush Administration and his alliances including this bast…d Blair to invade Iraq which their people have never done harm or anything wrong to American. Even teenagers condemn this war after watching this film. You so dam good ah…. sue Michael Moore lah….
    I feel very sad, in our country, there are people like you who are so brilliant, with dam excellent English and mind, can be so snobbish and inhumanity and do not love your country, Shame on you!!!!!.
    Larry, are you a fan of satan??? I feel so angry for your moribound attitude, if you have listen to God, this comment would not have appeared here.
    Tun, love you and continue your writing.

  5. amir Oct 21,2008 8:47 PM

    Woe to the western leaders and the Zionist who killed our Muslim brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

  6. moktar Sep 10,2008 11:26 PM

    If all Arab leaders are like Tun Mahathir, all muslim countries will be saved.

  7. Larry Jay Sep 1,2008 6:29 PM

    Mahathir!! You are severely suffering from “Western Advanced Mindset Phobia Syndrome” or commonly known as WAMPS & regret to inform that this disease is incurable as far as you are concern being an acute patient for the above illness.
    Allow me to diagnosis your acute illness which mainly caused by insecure ness, overwhelmed by guilt, rejecting reality by being narcissist, obsession of religion ideology, low-self esteem, sense of rejection, self defiance and other guilt feeling mischief’s conducted by yourself over the years as a PM.
    You feel sad!! What a joke,,. you have made your son the 20th richest man in Malaysia & god knows the other amount of amassed wealth & properties you & your family is safekeeping in oversea banks & through proxies. Mr.Blair was invited under the patronage of HRH The Sultan of Perak, an intellectual & a former Lord President on “The Rule of Law & Good Governance” This topic was your least concern during your rule as you were over shadowed with greed & power. You have set your own “Rule of the Jungle” to benefit yourself, your families & your cronies who still exist vastly in this present cabinet. The print and electronic media in this country is now practicing what you have preached & ordered over the years during your rule and they have perfected on it.
    You are talking about the lies of an ex-foreign leader but what about the numerous lies which you have created & blinded the Malaysian people over the years to achieve your selfish and personal goals during your rule???
    This is one of the major symptoms of WAMPS patient who fail miserably in distinguishing between good & evil. Saddam Hussein was ruthless, brutal and a mean man. He and his son’s Uday & Qusay oppressed the Iraqi people with un-forgivable crime’s & sins during his years in rule through massive massacres on the Iraqis who opposes the régimes political ideology. After the Ba’ath Party came to power in 1958, Saddam would more than do his part. He rose through the party ranks to become president in 1979, honing a leadership style of “The Mafia Godfather” , his favorite movie and just to name a few of his atrocities & crimes on the Iraqi people:
    • The 1980 massacre of hundreds of Fayli tribes. Security forces would arrive in Fayli villages, pull people from their beds and loot their houses. Faylies were then herded into trucks and taken to local offices where the men and boys were separated from the women, the young children and the elderly. The men & boys is never to be seen again while the women would be raped by the Iraqis forces
    • The 1982 killing of approximately 160 men and boys in the Shiite town of Dujail, about 35 miles north of Baghdad.
    • In the late 1988 an estimated 5,000 people died in Halabja from the lethal mix of mustard gas, sarin and VX nerve agent dropped on this town on the orders of Saddam. Thousands of others have died from long–term medical complications from the bombings, and the town has seen a huge spike in birth defects, cancer, infertility and miscarriages. The attacks, which were ordered by “Chemical” Ali Hassan al–Majid with the blessing of Saddam, marks the only time since the Holocaust that poison gas has been used to kill women and children.
    • Besides the political atrocities & crimes towards his fellow citizens, Saddam & his son’s were also ruthless and brutal to their own family, friends & relatives. Uday had the tendency to gang rape newly wed brides, beauty pageants & college students as and when he prefers with his bodyguards. Most of the raped victim’s end up committing suicide and their relatives i.e. husband/father/brother were shot to death at point blank for questioning his despicable acts. Saddam even ordered the execution of both his son–in-law’s (Hussein Kamel Hassan al-Majid & Saddam Kamel al-Majid both are brothers & were also Saddam’s couins) for they could not tolerate and bear the crimes and atrocities conducted by Saddam & his son’s on the Iraqi people.
    Saddam & his son’s are burning in hell now for the un-forgivable crimes and atrocities they have done to the Iraqi people and the credit should go to the Westerners.
    It’s disgusting to know that you are defending Saddam’s despicable acts. Opps!! I have forgotten that it takes a bigger Dictator to defend & protect another Dictator as how you have suggested to the Malaysian government to provide political asylum for another Dictator, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe if he were to be thrown out of office.
    However, I am pretty sure that if Pakatan Rakyat comes into power, its leaders would be more than glad to allow you & Mugabe to seek sanctuary in Middle Rocks for good with raised platform built as Middle Rocks is non-visible during high tide to avoid you both from drowning while clinging on to each other.
    You were the greatest creator of an Orang Utan court in history by tarnishing the highest institutions of Judiciary, Police & AG Chambers in Malaysia… and you will always be remembered by the future generations for this legacy you left behind. You might be suffering from amnesia with lapse of memory which is a common symptom among WAMPS patient. However, to refresh your memory & to revitalize your 83 year old diminishing brain, I have taken every effort to compile & please find time to view the following clips before further acquiring Alzerheimer & Parkinson’s Disease at one go:
    Your symptoms of AWAMPS is aggressively consuming you. Mr.Blair & Mr.Bush has given a space for the Iraqis a breath of life & sense of freedom… Unfortunately the sectarian group among the Iraqi Muslims such as the Shites & Sunnis with the emergence of Al-Queda is the main cause for the instability of Iraq at this very present moment.
    Saddam did not built his country.. the Babylonians, Summarians & King Faysal built & prospered the country called Iraq until the Baath Party emerged in 1958 & eventually headed by Saddam Hussein in 1979 who conveniently destroyed & savaged Iraq and the people for his personal glory. As a WAMPS Patient, you have to re-define the terms Intentional & Un-intentional. Saddam Hussein & Radovan Karadzic deliberately targeted the civilians, women & children but Mr.Tony Blair & Mr.George W. Bush was eradicating war criminals that have caused severe misery among Saddam’s & Karadzic’s citizens & along the way innocent lives were lost.
    You are talking about Mercy & Compassion…gosh!! You really amuse me with your good sense of humor & my toes are giggling now… hold on awhile & allow me to remove my shoes to regain back my composure.
    Without a milligram of mercy & compassion, you have swindled the Malaysian‘s tax payers blood & sweat to bailout your son’s failed company, Tongkah Holdings amounting to billions of ringgit, Tajudin Ramli’s MAS payouts, the late Eric Chia’s Perwaja Steel bailouts, the Super Mega Projects with the main contractor’s being your family members & cronies direct or in-directly and the list is just too long to mention.
    You have jailed Mr.Lim Eng Guan (now Chief Minister of Penang) for a noble deed he did by exposing the continuous rape conducted over a period by your ex-Chief Minister of Melaka, Rahim Thamy Chik on a 14 year old child. This poor child’s life was totally ruined because of Rahim’s lustfulness. Just imagine if this child happens to be your daughter or granddaughter. How would you react as a father or grandfather??? With your “kind & thoughtful” blessings to protect Rahim, this case was squashed in court and Rahim was a free man while Mr. Lim Eng Guan was jailed and God knows what have happened to that poor child. Where was justice & what kind of justice was done during your rule?? Yet, you have the bloody cheek to talk about Mercy & Compassion!!! You are a joker of the highest degree!!!
    Wow!! You are condemning Mr. Bush, have you forgotten that you have bribed the Jewish lobbyist, Mr. Jack Abramoff of USD 1.2 million (RM4.5 million of our tax payers) through your another corrupted Malaysia’s Ambassador to US, Ghazali Shiekh Khalid to secure & have an audience with Mr.Bush in Washington in 2002. Mr. Abramoff was investigated, tried and convicted through the US Courts fairly and he is now serving time in the United States. I have to salute you for exporting your corruption culture overseas.
    Mr.Blair & Mr.Bush was never been charged or proven to be criminals. They have liberated countries which were oppressed by their ruthless & brutal leaders. While our Muslim brothers & sisters in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia & Afganistan was being brutalized…where was or what did the Arab world rulers & leaders did or acted?? Nothing, Zero, Nil. -0…all they did was just condemning the regime’s acts in a very low tone behind their wardrobes without lifting a single finger. The Americans & British with the NATO allied nations were the one’s who acted swiftly to eradicate the war criminals in the ill-fated nations caused by the brutal & ruthless leaders of that nation.
    The young British, American & European soldiers who died did not die for a cause… they have sacrificed and allowed their lives to perish for the sake of humanity & for the future of humankind without differentiating Race or Religion….& that is the greatest esteemed human values which is obviously lacking tremendously in most part of Arab & certain part Asia world today.

  8. sa_turn Aug 28,2008 8:00 PM


  9. Shamala Panickar Aug 14,2008 4:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Do you want to know the meaning of Kaydee in one of the languages spoken in Malaysia? It means, prisoner. Only criminals go to prison. So, who is the real criminal here? Well, Prisoner No.59 is facing etiquette deficiency when it comes to rebutt. I have never been interested in Kaydee’s comments but I think Kaydee is very much attracted to mine. Unfortunately, Kaydee is facing another problem too. There is an urgent need in boosting Kaydee’s reading and understanding skill. Spending so much of time in a cell may have contributed to Kaydee’s brutal rebuttal. Tun, please send my regards to Kaydee because when I am able to welcome people regardless friends or foes, I do welcome ‘kaydees’ like Kaydee59. I believe in giving chance to every single human being to correct themselves including ‘kaydee’. But, Tun, you have a task to do here, please advise Kaydee to be more polite because that’s the true Malaysian culture. Be a Malaysian.

  10. Aug 14,2008 11:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    My Dear Tun,
    May I beg upon your indulgence to allow me the space to correct little criminal minds!
    1. It is not been judgemental or linking in a tirade of attacks, as Blair and his cohorts murdered over a million innocent lives, but to state the truth about sympathises.
    2. Shamala declared her stand that she preferred the murderer in her house. This anoints Shamala an accomplice. Like Blair and his cohorts a murdered or rather a rose by any name is still a rose. This applies to the diplomatic, suave claiming buddies too. When teaming up with murderers please be ready for the same dose of facing the.
    3. It is sad to see one is not able to take any rebuttal and good clean banter to one’s folly of sympathising with an international criminal. Anyway, good riddance of bad rubbish!
    Thank you for allowing me this space, Tun
    Take care of your health

  11. muslimah_262 Aug 14,2008 1:06 AM
    The world is ruled by serial killers..don’t invite them in!

  12. muslimah_262 Aug 14,2008 12:57 AM

    What have Tun M. and President Ahmedinejad in common?
    They call a spade a spade, and stand up to what is right.
    What has Blair and Bush have in common?
    They call non-existent weapons as WMD in Iraq. 1.3 millions civilians have died since. Lying is a common trait. Congrats to University Malaya for inviting such characters.

  13. Shamala Panickar Aug 13,2008 10:28 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Referring to Kaydee59 comment. Very judgemental and just waiting to attack others. This blog is not to attack others but only to leave comments based on the topics discussed by Tun. Nobody is an angel here but can at least try to be good. I see Tun Dr. Mahathir as a very diplomatic person that i assume the same with this blog but if this blog is towards on attacking others’ comments, sorry, Tun, I may have to leave. No point but only endless attacks and hurls on others. Peace and good day to you.

  14. Aug 12,2008 8:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Allow me the space to correct little minds Tun!
    As the saying goes birds of a feather flock together, a criminal would back and sympathise another criminal.
    Is this what Shamala is?
    My dear Shamala it is not our culture to welcome criminals to our house. Please do not impose your bigoted views as that of us, Malaysians.
    Which religion or culture that you come from, expounds welcoming a criminal as good manners?
    Welcoming a criminal to your house amounts to abetting with the crime and equates you to having a criminal mind as the accused.
    And you dare sound it loudly
    You sound to be in cohorts with the earlier Mohd Sivakumar Pillai’s naïve comments.
    Thank you Tun
    Take care of your health

  15. Anak Aceh Aug 10,2008 11:49 PM

    Persidangan UMNO cawangan telah diadakan diseluruh negara bagi memilih perwakilan dan undian bagi ketua cawangan, ketua bahagian, calon prisiden, naib dan banyak lagi telah dibuat…tetapi senarionya berbeza dari sebelum ini… pada tahun-tahun yang lepas biasanya undian sebulat suara, tetapi pada undian kali ini terdapat jurang perbezaan dimana, telah nampak berlakunya perpecahan dan politik kepuak-puak walaupun pada aras akar umbi… ini pada pendapat saya..boleh dirumuskan barah perpecahan dalam UMNO sedang merebak dan penyakit ini harus dikawal dengan lebih mendalam sebelum menjadi lebih serius…
    Saya bukanlah seorang ahli politik..tetapi saya sangat sayangkan bangsa dan agama kita….sebagai bangsa dan agama yang dominant di negara ini, kita bangsa melayu perlu menunjukkan contoh terbaik dalam perpaduan seperti yang telah dibuat oleh pemimpin2 sebelum ini…
    Saya masih ingat,,latarbelakang sejarah kita dimana beberapa kaum seperti.. melayu asal, banjar, bugis, aceh, siam islam, india muslim dan banyak lagi bersatu atas nama MELAYU bagi memperjuangkan KEMERDEKAAN KITA dan MALAYAN UNION bukan untuk mereka tetapi KITA (anak cucu mereka) supaya rantau ini harus di puji dan dikenali seluruh dunia….
    Jadi , saya sangat berharap supaya ANAK CUCU INI JANGAN HAMPAKAN HARAPAN DATUK NENEK KITA…
    KITA harus bersatu….dan saya harap..TUN dapat membimbing kami semua ke arah itu seperti yang telah TUN lakukan dahulu…SAYA juga menyeru semua pembaca yang terdiri daripada rakan seperjuangan….BERSATU…untuk memikirkan cara yang terbaik bagi menyelesaikan masaalah ini….
    salam akkhir kata..mohan ampun dan maaf jika berlaku sebarang salah tutur kata.. DAULAT TUANKU.

  16. Shamala Panickar Aug 10,2008 4:39 PM

    Good day,Tun Dr.Mahathir.
    Why should we feel disgusted to see a criminal of the highest order being welcomed in Malaysia? It is our culture to welcome any human beings regardless of whether they are friends or foes as we are people of good manners . In the first place why do we want to think that we have foes around us? Where is the optimistic thinking? The basic principal is we welcome everybody. Even a notorious criminal will come to a point where he is able to think of all his deeds and realise that they were all wrong. My opinion is we should give chance for one to realise of his wrongdoings and learn what life is all about and how to live at peace with the people around. Regarding Blair’s talk on the rule of law when he himself broke all international laws and the laws of his own country…why not? Listen to his talk and have others to talk also. Listen to all types of human. Of course, our brain works at the same time while listening to talks or at least have our brain to work. Hence any deceisive ideas and suggestions imparted during the talk, we know how to rebutt with full of manners. We are in the mission of making crooked paths straight. Be easy.

  17. muslimah_262 Aug 10,2008 12:46 AM

    Careful with Blair and his “interfaith NGO” stuff. The organisation is just a facade for covert intelligence information-gathering in a particular country.
    Blair works hand in glove with Israel since he left office as British PM. The so-called NGO crap that he touts, could be a covert scheme to set up office in countries,in the name of “NGO” without being under surveillance by the local government.
    Through this organisation, the CIA, Mossad and their intelligence officers (plainclothes of course) will extract as much information about all the activities in the country, whilst the unsuspecting volunteers and local staff work hard towards its sustenance.
    One way to determine whether the NGO is a CIA operative subversive element or not, is to research deeply about it, and back-track as far back to the FIRST financial source. Yes, right to the beginning.
    If it is eventually traced to US State Government, rich Jewish family companies, eg. Rothschild,Rocekefeller, etc ; or has direct or indirect connections to Neo-conservative-linked or pro-Israel organisations in USA or UK, then you have the answer.
    Let’s not be fooled by him or his associates.
    BLESSINGS to Tun and family.

  18. ajoiz Aug 9,2008 4:45 PM

    Ya Allah! sejahterakanlah Pahlawan Melayu Terbilang, TDM. Ameen

  19. Jubreel B. Odukoya Aug 9,2008 3:58 PM

    Salam Dr M,
    Whatever Saddam may have done, nothing that he did can compare with the death and destruction caused by Blair and Bush.
    Truly, Blair and Bush deserve to be rejected and trial for causing total (unimaginable) destruction for the Iraqi people or mankind.
    Dr M, I truly share your value and conclusion on the suject matter.

  20. ashmaxwell Aug 9,2008 1:14 AM

    Dear Tun,
    The actual velocity is when this country is being too open to everything and now the calamity represents and speaks clearly for itself.
    Races are having ill feelings within one another and today racial issues are being brought up to the highest margin.Why isn’t there any control of this?
    We condoned too much issues today until to the extend we are made to clean up the mess left by those people.
    I wouldn’t know how far all these all will go on but if we are not careful, then this country itself is staring at the grave. There will no longer be any mutual respect amongst races and religion if this country’s administrative were to lead in such manner.
    Your leadership qualities in the past are much more in control and are well observed than there is today. Everything seem to be out of control.
    Even to the extend that we don’t even know who really is running the country, Is it the people or the Government?
    What use will a country be without a firm and strong Government?
    May God save us all from all these problems and mess today.

  21. Abdas_dtr Aug 7,2008 10:37 PM

    Salam Sejahtera to Tun and all readers,
    I’m not surprise with the act of most Malaysian politicians and reporters. As we could have personally witness how the same people that have cried and persuade Tun not to let go his positions as PM have actually behave the opposite towards Tun once DSAAB became PM. What a joke!!!. And for quite a long time Tun been blocked and difficult for the public to hear any news regarding Tun’s activities and thoughts. But we are very glad that Tun did not give up easily for the good sake of Malaysia that he cares and finally we can actually continue to hear his words and thoughts through this blog. Thank you very much for Tun’s affords.
    I had personally faced bad experience dealings with reporters that made me lost my respect towards most of them. Also have great concern if DSAI truly got the opportunity to be our next PM.
    Back in 1996 when DSAI was our DPM, he was invited by a multinational company to be a key notes speaker during one of the company’s Global Executive Forum event attended only by selected reporters and delegates from around the world. I was one of the organizing committee members. Participants are required to signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) prior to attending the event as we had plan to introduce a new product technology in the market during the event. Our committee member got nervous as the date of the event getting nearer; we still fail to get DSAI office to fax the copy of his speech despite various attempts.
    On the day of the event, about 100 un-invited reporters just turn up and were very rude to us when we were trying to explain in a nicer manner to the reason why they are not allow entering the forum room. When our corporate communication director was asking me who invited those reporters, suddenly DSAI’s secretary came from the back and shouted at us “I, Do You Think DSAI would come if there are no PUBLICITIES” and insists that we let them in.
    I got more embarrassed when I hear DSAI’s speeches as it is totally no connection relating to the event and using this occasion for his own political propaganda platform, by then many delegates were looking at each other in a scenically way and from far I can see our company president looking very uncomfortable.
    Things gets worst as we are made compulsory by DSAI secretary to provide a separate dinner to all reporters that has been invited by his team and insist an apology letter from our corporate communication director to all the respected reporters. Due to this incident the company has made a new policy not to invite politician in future company’s event. The corporate communication director resigned and she told me that she will never step her food into Malaysia…till now she has kept her promise…
    Recently I saw one of the newspaper headlines stating DSAI near to become PM with thousands of people supporting him. It surely brings old memories back of how much this guy love PUBLICITIES too much not to notice the negative impact he has place upon people around him and his own country. Really unbelievable man…

  22. sdahenan Aug 7,2008 9:19 PM

    Anakanda tumpang lalu:
    TO Raheem:Kalau nak di ikutkan nama hang tu baik.Raheem cuma
    salah ejaan nya.sepatut nya RAHIM .
    Aku tak faham apa yang hang cakap tu.Mula2 hang kata
    kesian kat anwar TAPI hang kata pulak LOJIK KA
    Yang hang maksudkan tu SAPA? aku dok baca dalam paper
    tu hanya anwar la yang lari masok ke ambnasador turkey,
    ada orang lain lagi ka?SAH LAH BAGI HANG NI anwar tu
    ADALAH SEORANG PENJENAYAH.awat hang tak habax lagu tu.
    BY ALLAH” Sepanjang aku belajax kat sekolah dulu hanya
    NABI MUHAMMAD saja yang di sebut sebagai RASUL terakhir
    Awat ALLAH SWT ada bagi WAHYU kat hang ka yang hang
    boleh tahu ALLAH SWT akan ampunkan dosa Tun Mahathir.
    Mungkin hang ni RASUL MELAYU KEDUA KOT!
    Tok sah lah dok PIKIAX dosa dan kesalahan orang no!
    OK katakan lah Tun Mahatir buat pengakuan dan minta
    maaf atas kesalahan nya dan semua orang maafkan Tun
    Dr.Mahathir dan ALLAH SWT nak ampunkan dosa Tun Dr
    Mahathir atau tidak itu adalah HAK ALLAH SWT.Katakan
    dosa Tun Dr.Mahathir di ampunkan.
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda selalu berada di dalam limpahan
    rahmat ALLAH SWT

  23. dbaron Aug 7,2008 8:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t TUN M,
    Sikit komen dari saya, apalah sangat Tony Blair tu. Criket team israel pun boleh mai masa zaman Tun M dulu. Just imagine…israel beb. Senang komen pasai orang, diri sendiri kena muhasabah gak beb. Fikir-fikirkan lah. Biar pemerintah membuat kerja…sama gak masa zaman Tun M dulu.

  24. Yunos Aug 7,2008 4:47 PM

    Dear Tun,
    What to do this government is aimless now. Just follow the tide to get some sympathy even at the expense of selling their self pride. During your time you jaga harga diri, just side line the west.
    They are now apple polishing to the west. What to do Tun, just pray for the best. Hope they will realise soon before its too late.
    Salaam to all.

  25. anep Aug 7,2008 3:21 PM

    salam TUN.
    harap sihat sejahtera

  26. Kekanda Kpd Penjaga Pintu Masuk Malaysia Aug 6,2008 1:19 PM

    Facts and history can never be changed. Fact 1. Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found in Iraq. Fact 2. The country of Iraq was demolished by the Weapons of Mass Destruction of America and Britain. Fact 3. Hundred of thousands of the citizens of Iraq are killed. Fact 4. President Bush and Tony Blair lied to the world and their countries. Fact 5. The citizens of Iraq are still being killed. Fact 6. The Americans wants to control the oil in Iraq. Fact 7. The Malaysian Media supports War Criminals Fact 8. AAB has never been considered smart ( You cannot compare a teacher to a doctor). Fact 9. Bush and Blair will never betried by the ICJ.
    Fact 10. Freedom of the Press is a myth.

  27. panjihitamufuktimur Aug 6,2008 12:24 PM

    salam kepada Ayahanda Tun,
    persoalan semua telah dijawab oleh bloggers yang lain knp berita tentang PC Ayahanda Tun tidak keluar didalam surat khabar atau pun media elektronik…tapi kenapa perkara ini terjadi?knp langsung tidak disiarkan?takkan tak der satu pun akhbar yang tulus? ke,kesemuanye tunduk dan taat terhadap poklah(piglah)eemm pelik gak nie…penjenayah2 dunia nie seharusnye di tembak mati mcm mana yg telah mereka lakukan terhadap Saddam bleh kita selit sekali poklah and the gang…knpkah semakin hari Malaysia semakin tunduk kepada kuasa asing…perkara2 nie tidak pernah terjadi sewaktu Ayahanda Tun memerintah dahulu..paklah nie bodoh ke ape?ke pengecut atau pun telah terhutang budi? Malaysia semakin hari nampaknye semakin tergadai…apa yg akan terjadi untuk generasi akan datang???Ayahanda Tun sila beri pandangan atau pun nasihat kepada penduduk Malaysia yg lain bagaimana kita hendak mengatasi masalah yg besar sedang melanda negara kita ini…saya berasa sungguh malu sekarang hendak mengaku sebagai rakyat Malaysia dengan keadaan dinegara kita ini…sebahagian kawan2 berkata Malaysia mempunyai perdana menteri yang lembab dan tidak perpegang kepada janji, memalukan aga Islam dan berbagai tomahan lain serta kritikan telah dikatakan oleh orang lain terhadap negara Malaysia sekarang ini…ramai rakyat2 asing sendiri dapat melihat kerosakkan yang telah dibuat oleh poklah(piglah)…negara2 dunia ke 3 yg lain telah mula mentertawakan kita dan mereka tidak seperti dulu sewaktu pemerintahan Ayahanda Tun, hormat serta kagum dengan Malaysia…Ayahanda Tun, saya percaya bukan saya seorang sahaja yg merayu kepada Ayahanda Tun untuk kembalikan maruah negara yg kita sayangi ini…

  28. ayzex Aug 6,2008 12:20 AM

    Salam buat Ayahanda Tun.
    Moga Tun dan keluarga dalam kesihatan yang baik.
    [Sokong komen Jeng3 yg penuh dgn fakta]
    Saya dah x ambil kisah berita kat tiwi lagi dah.. dan bila perkara ini sampai ke pengetahuan saya hari ini, alangkah terperanjatnya saya. Maaf, tapi saya sudah tidak ada kepercayaan pada edisi kewartawanan di Malaysia ini… Mungkin sesetengah pemilik media yang takut lesen mereka digantung atau ditarik balik.. lalu media terpaksa tunduk kepada kerajaan yang tunduk pulak kat blair dan bush yang x tunduk tapi bertanduk…
    Media oh media…Apa nak buat-tahi kambing bulat-bulat..
    Maaf sekali lg… Ini ikhlas melalui pandangan peribadi saya..

  29. Kampong Boy Aug 6,2008 12:13 AM

    From ABI on August 2, 2008 2:48 PM
    “Just because you hate Tony Blair, you can’t expect others too to toe your line.
    Let’s face it: Tony Blair,is a prominent world leader and currently he has set up some organizations to promote inter-faith understanding. That’s indeed a great and noble deed. You, on the contrary, go about inciting the people to hate the national leaders with whom you have differences of opinion, for reasons only known to you!
    The younger generation, most of whom are ill-informed and lack knowledge of the world, accept your convoluted logic blindly. Where are we heading, my countrymen? Towards moral decline and disaster?”
    Dear Abi,
    You did not get it do you Mr. Abi?
    Your hatred on this guy is beyond our imagination. Your hatred has not enabled you to differentiate between good and evil. Please do not give any comment without any substance. We are getting sick of your nonsense. You are getting very personal and being rude my friend.
    It is general knowledge and with real facts that your Mr. Tony Blair is one of the great leaders of yours who is championing the war against Iraq. This is definitely not convoluted logic that we all accept blindly. It is a true fact and not at all convoluted logic.
    However you are the one who refuses to accept the fact and teh truth. Your main agendas and objectives are so obvious to us that you are just going against Tun for whatever reasons which are unknown to all of us.
    Frankly you should grow up and please do not get so emotional by refusing to admit all the good things that Tun has done.
    Best regards
    Kampong Boy

  30. Kampong Boy Aug 5,2008 11:31 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Well it is obvious that our current management decide to pick and choose the news that they wish to publish.
    It is definitely interesting for us to know what is the real motive for being silence on this matter. Frankly it is a bad decision from our end to be quite on this matter when we have the opportunity to do so.
    What is the any political reason behind all these?
    Sad to say we are losing our teeth.
    Anyway, take care Tun and wish you and your family all the best.
    Kampong Boy

  31. Raheem Aug 5,2008 7:16 PM


  32. kama Aug 5,2008 4:53 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun dan Bloggers;
    Saya setuju supaya ada calon Bebas di Permatang Pauh yang memperjuangkan Dasar2 Ayahanda Tun…
    Teruskan kibar Ribon / Bendera Putih
    Semoga Allah merahmati Ayahanda Tun Sekeluarga

  33. Khairil Aug 5,2008 4:51 PM

    Something can be done to declined Blair visits here if we had a leader who could think wisely & brave to stand for our unfortunate Muslims brother.
    But no.
    Pak Lah accept Blair visits.
    His coward.
    Coward of the war criminal.
    Scared to stand for Muslims rights & sides with the devil.
    Damn him.
    I hope he’ll pay for this one day.

  34. Khairil Aug 5,2008 4:50 PM

    Something can be done to declined Blair visits here if we had a leader who could think wisely & brave to stand for our unfortunate Muslims brother.
    But no.
    Pak Lah accept Blair visits.
    His coward.
    Coward of the war criminal.
    Scared to stand for Muslims rights & sides with the devil.
    Damn him.

  35. azman abdul aziz Aug 5,2008 4:27 PM

    This moron (the organiser)has since forgotten that their guest speaker is the Class 1 War Criminal(together with Bush and Howard) that has killed more than 1.2 million people, majority of them were civilians and maimed tens of thousands of others. Shame on University of Malaya. Another kukus Zahid and Bar Council are in the same boat.

  36. tupailompat Aug 5,2008 2:39 PM

    YAB Tun and all bloggers,
    Cowboy DUBYA,Tony B LIAR and Deputy Sheriff Howard should all be charged with genoside and crime against humanity by the World Court at Haige. As Tun has rightly pointed out the crime these scoundering cold-blooded murderers committed are much more severe that those committed by Radovan Karadzic in terms of loss of innocent human lives, human sufferings,destruction of cities, properties and homes of hundreds of thousands of the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq on the excuse of fighting for so-called freedom & democracy, justice, moral and religious motives.
    And yet these 3 jockers can sleep, eat and shit without any sign of troubled conscience. Well, like everyone else they will meet their Maker soon enough and may their souls, that is if they still have it with them still, rot in hell!

  37. mgpunya Aug 5,2008 11:44 AM

    YAM Tun,
    Talking about silence…. ” DATO ZAHID…..WHERE ARE YOU..??? ”

  38. mgpunya Aug 5,2008 11:23 AM

    YAM Tun,
    We are living in a world where there is only one superpower the United States gone are the USSR.But,where are the promises that with the demise of the USSR the world will be a better place to live in…The Capitalist continue to create enemies, even when there is non so that they will continue to make money from arms and wars.War is big business, has always been and will always be. How conveniently was Islam placed as the next enemy by this superpower after the collapsed of the Communist Russians. Islam is a faith and so cannot be bombed or shoot at.So what did these westerners did….They provoked and make this muslims angry. Some of these muslims responded and are up in arms angry and unwittingly play in the hands of this western powers. Next…, they label this people as terrorist and the rest is history….And, so start the money making machine again. Peace is not good for the economy, not to the capitalist.Blair and Bush although they might be Prime Ministers and President..but, they are mere actors, acting according to the scripts given by their capitalist donors and sponsers.

  39. mckk Aug 5,2008 8:42 AM

    assalamuaaikum Tun,harap Tun sekeluarga sihat tak faham la sikap media Malaysia ni.knp nak bersubahat dgn bnd yg sah2 x elok ni.dah tau betapa kejamnya blair n sekutunya msh nak bagi warm welcome dgn diorang.btl2 tindakan bodoh

  40. cleffairy Aug 4,2008 11:53 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I hate Blair, Bush and Howard. They’re all the same. LIAR, LIAR and they support violence. All are inhumane. Maybe Malaysians government do not object to Blair’s visit because they share the same sentiments as Blair and his friends. Can’t blame all these people, Tun. Birds of a feather, flocks together. What to do?
    It’s sad to reminisce Saddam Husein’s death. I felt that it was unjustified. he went down because of Bush! I wonder what will become of Malaysia when the government is overly friendly with all of this ‘plague’ of the world.

  41. JL Aug 4,2008 10:47 PM

    How in the world did someone with an IQ equivalent of a 2B pencil become our current PM? Well…Tun has explained that in his previous posts. Even more perplexing, why would anyone still support him as our PM esp with his “nevermind lah” mentality? UMNO leaders have long ago became trained dogs to whomever holds the leash, thus the problem we face right now. I’m in no inclination to support the oppositions either, but if they’re the only ones will balls in parliament right now, then what choice do people like me have? The slow awakening within the UMNO ranks is just..too..sloww..
    With all your shortcomings, I always have faith in you Tun, coz you have balls! You’d tackle issues head on and your grip on understanding the masses is impeccable. Iron grip or not, at least you KNOW how to develop visions, set targets & execute with persistence. Compared to you, Pak Lah leaves so much to be desired frm a leader.
    DrPerfect…a pen is indeed mightier than a sword(cliche), but i read that in haste as “A penis mightier…” and immediately Pak Lah & Dato Najib’s faces crossed my mind. Then I thought… appropriate…:-)

  42. oldedwardian Aug 4,2008 10:00 PM

    Salam Tun
    Tumpang lalu nak kommem sikit,
    To “Raheem on Aug 4 12.12 AM
    Apa yang kamu merepek ni,
    Tak tentu hujung pangkal, tak tau biji buah,
    Saya tak pernah baca kommen bagini bodoh sekali,
    You better dont dirty this blog please.
    My advise to you read , read, read and read more,your knowledge is so shallow, not fit to to be here.
    Maaf Tun, dia ni betul betul merepek, memcacau saja, mabok kut,

  43. haaziq Aug 4,2008 6:08 PM

    Dear Tun
    You have not lost touch.Sad to see that we entertain criminals like blair of the blair witch project. Probably the organisers still have the mentality of looking up to the white man as their masters. well done tun.

  44. ezani Aug 4,2008 5:56 PM

    Well said Tun. Now, I’m beginning to understand you better as I never had access to you when you were PM previously.

  45. azura sha Aug 4,2008 4:45 PM

    salam buat ayahanda tun sekeluarga
    ive been to perdana global peace organization : war crimes conference & exhibition @ PWTC Feb last year
    sanggup ambil cuti
    for those who attend this event
    will not be “whatever” against ayahanda tun
    malaysia should have these type of talks
    controversial topics
    (which include q&a sessions with the panelists from all over the world include nonmuslims) open to all malaysians
    pls no censorship but maybe with parental guidance coz audience discretion is needed
    we malaysians need to hear it with an open mind
    no fanatics pls, sceptical is good
    advertise it aggressively just like when we have international artist having concerts here
    whether we are from sunni or shiah
    muslims still believe in the same god
    peace with each other, no war
    with peace we can educate ourselves
    moving forward
    in the case of the jews
    there are 2 types of jews
    but the negative ones who conquer the world
    those who create war with each other
    and emerge as the “so-called peacemaker”
    we all know who’s the puppet
    we all know who’s really running USA
    hope barrack obama can make a change
    we need more ppl like barrack obama
    and also more like Iran’s president
    and also more ppl like you sir
    we, malaysians need to be aware of local news
    as well as foreign news
    knowledge has no limitations/boundaries
    i saw you tun on tv
    pls take care of your health
    you think way too much
    though i dont blame you for thinking too much
    i, myself worry about our next generation
    anyways, looking forward to see you during this raya
    by the way i watched kj in the news last night
    i wish he’s good in implementing whatever he believes for our country (instead of for himself)and not just good in talking…
    sigh….what a waste…same goes with ai

  46. DAP Aug 4,2008 4:07 PM

    Saya sokong TUN 100% yang Tony Blair & George Semak patut diheret dan diadili di mahkamah jenayah antarabangsa. Mereka adalah terorist no. 1 dunia & anjing Israel.

  47. Poh Aug 4,2008 3:30 PM

    Dear Tun,
    The nature of the malays is not to offend the guests and so there is nothing new here. Lying has become a political culture. Our politicians lie all the time. If they do not want to lie, they keep quiet.

  48. Omry Aug 4,2008 2:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun….
    Tak paya cakapla Tun,tak guna semua tu,media dengan Blair lebih kurang aje……..malas da…paper pun kita tak beli da, membajir….
    Jaga kesihatan Tun…….Salam

  49. sdahenan Aug 4,2008 2:28 PM

    Anakanda tumpang lalu
    To pangait lets face it.who are you to tell Tun Dr Mahathir that he’s no longer RELEWVANT.IT’S YOU WHO ARE NOT RELEVANT. Millions of people say Tun Dr Mahathir is still relevant and loves him so much as a leader and you with your TINY BRAIN says he’s not.

  50. SkiLL Aug 4,2008 2:18 PM

    Salam Tun,
    There was a time when Malaysia stood for something. We offered a critique of America and its policies. We rebuffed the British with our buy British last campaign.
    Unfortunately, that time has passed.
    We now see ourselves welcoming with perpetrators of war against other sovereign nations with open arms.
    Sometimes one wonders if we ever discard the shackles of our colonial masters.

  51. Freddie Kevin Aug 4,2008 2:03 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    We respect your very learned insights and views. Comments have come and are welcome from every one from all walks of life. Through this august blog there those who are in disagreement with you good self and their point of view and opinions are respected. However, I have come to my wits end with this guy ABI and it just goes to show how some people who projects to be someone holy and knowledgeable can be so ignorant about current affairs. He has the cheek to dispense advice to your good self!
    “GREAT AND NOBLE”? I do not know whether you are serious or seriously sick and condone he killings of this mass murderer in Iraq.
    Note: The above was googled with a simple “blair lied”
    Thank you TUN for allowing me and best wishes to you and your family.

  52. Ayu Ayek Aug 4,2008 1:48 PM

    to ABI … you are a disease…
    your comment..”Tony Blair,is a prominent world leader and currently he has set up some organizations to promote inter-faith understanding. That’s indeed a great and noble deed…”
    Get real and get some education, dont ignore facts just because you dont like Mahathir.

  53. keisuke Aug 4,2008 1:03 PM

    salam bahagia buat Tun sekeluarga..
    kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku sekarang, lebih2 lagi dalam keadaan Malaysia yang sudah jauh terpinggir, berbeza dari zaman pemerintahan Tun yang tercinta.. Saya sangat sedih, Tun sanggup di hina demi rakyat,brsusah payah berkorban tapi rakyat xpernah menghargai jasa dan pengorbanan Tun lakukan..
    semoga Tun sekeluarga dalam keadaan sihat selalu..
    Salam kasih,
    rakyat yang merasai jasa pengorbananmu, Tun Mahathir…

  54. Dman Aug 4,2008 12:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun. It is always a pleasure to be able to communicate with you and your supporters. Yes indeed Blair is a war criminal, the Bush fan of the century..if ever. What possible miniscule good would his visit bring to Malaysia? Is he coming here to apologise to the Muslim world for the murder of muslims in the middle east…I doubt it. The two B’s have made a coup to topple the Muslim World and they deliberately fabricated the nuclear weapon story on Iraq, hung Saddam Hussein along the way and God knows what devilish scheme they are cooking up together. No truly God fearing Christian would have done what they did.
    What is Pak Lah trying to prove to himself? Controlling the press and denying Malaysians freedom to seek the truth behind Blair’s Mr Goody-Two-Shoes facade. more thing, our PM wants school children and college students to get to know politicians and how the country is run. Ha ha. Maybe he should go to school and get to know himself. Perhaps he would see a few things that he need to improve on. What significance is there in teaching children politics? So that they can start bickering and stamping their feet in school like the politicians do in parliament house? Tsk tsk…shame on you. When will you ever learn? That good government comes from a good leader…leaders can be made but born leaders like Tun..only comes once in a lifetime. If you want to learn, learn from the best.

  55. Anak Jatie Kedah Aug 4,2008 11:59 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun…
    Gd, bravo…Teruskan menulis Tun, yg lain2 kt luar2 tu..asyik angguk2 jerk…tp bila harimau mengaum lari mencicit mcm tikus….kwang.kwang..kwang…huu..huuu ‘ So di mana semangat Melayu ni?..Hilang gi mana?…

  56. ahbe Aug 4,2008 11:52 AM

    What a strange view of the world you have. It is fortunate that the local media have ignored your bitter, narrow minded rantings.
    Your populist chat on this blog is in direct contradiction to your own time as Prime Minister. How quickly the rakyat forget your own iron fist.

  57. angelinajolie Aug 4,2008 11:26 AM

    To all CheDet.Com Bloggers,
    Aleister Crowley was once a British spy and a satanist. He joined in one of the most notorious Freemason Elite Club which is called Studholme Lodge (1591). Now history is being repeated by itself. Tony Blair is also joining the very same Freemasonary Elite Group and as a matter of fact it is also being called Studholme Lodge.

  58. hH love peace Aug 4,2008 11:22 AM

    Asalamualaikum Tun dr.M and bloggers member,
    how week and full of corrupted the goverment nowaday, rakyat should vote for better person. not alim in outside but have full of secret in inside, like smooth-faced u know who. stay peace, openly and honest. may Tun dr.M in good health and the people of malaysia 2. salam.

  59. anakjitra Aug 4,2008 10:47 AM

    Salam tun
    to Raheem

  60. DrPerfect Aug 4,2008 10:02 AM

    I had heard of something like this once upon a time, “A pen is mightier than a sword” or something close to it, I was hoping to see something more independent than reading every same news in different paper, at most with different language and that looks like a crime-update report to me nowadays, guess this phrase would never workout in Malaysia. That’s truly a shame by the way.

  61. pewaris generasi Aug 4,2008 9:54 AM

    The electronic media here in Malaysia afraid to release your press conference against Tony Blair to come to Malaysia, it’s because highest positions on that media are being tie up by government rules i.e Pak Lah rules all press involved your speech must deleted, vanished or cannot release on electronics media….eventhough the reporter urged or intend to do so but they are only a small fish which follow the superior.
    sad indeed when T.Blair the black goat of bush will soon come to Malaysia with no protes or spread news to stop him…vice versa the government of Malaysia welcome him. This international criminal will not be stop to come to Malaysia to talk about Law since Pak Lah also permitted, Pak Lah should know that T. Blair are the highest order of internation criminal which his done to iraqi people until now together with his best brother Bush…So lame

  62. angelinajolie Aug 4,2008 9:53 AM

    Dear CheDet.Com bloggers,
    There are more shocking truth about Blair, he is not only a 33 degree freemason but also a satanic worshipper. This kind of person such as Blair will worship the god called Lucifer. Blair also worship Egyptian Sun God ( Osiris) and also God of the Dead. There is still one more god that is the most powerful one according to Freemason faith and it is called Jah-Bul-On. The Jew also belief in this same god.
    I am just thinking, Pak Lah is the one who asked all of us to have faith in Islam Hadhari but then……………..

  63. rakyatengah Aug 4,2008 9:21 AM

    Dear All,
    Apa yang telah Tun canang kepada dunia seperti tidak lagi di ambil endah, pedih jugak kalau saya berada di tempat Tun. Apa yang Tun perkatakan seperti tidak ada makna apa apa. Sememangnya Tun tidak lagi mempunyai suara emas seperti dulu. Suara insan yang sedang di mamah usia yang cuba menunjukkan kesalahan orang dari kaca mata manusia.
    Memang benar apa yang Tun perkatakan, saya menyokong penuh apa yang dipekatakan. Selaku bekas pemimpin, menyelar tindakan negara yang membenarkan si laknat itu masuk adalah sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku. Tetapi tidakkan islam itu agama yang sentiasa memaafkan.
    Saya ingin simpulkan di sini,
    Apa yang tun perkatakan itu benar tetapi..
    Tun tidak lagi mampu melaungkan sepenuhnya apa yang tun mahukan.
    Sistem yang hanya membenarkan kata-kata si-berkuasa dan menafikan kata kata si-lemah, telah wujud semejak pemerintahan tun lagi. Tun rasa tun berada di sebelah mana? Sebelah benar? benar sahaja tidak cukup.
    Sekian terima kasih.

  64. Ramlax Aug 4,2008 9:12 AM

    Dear Yang Amat Ariff Tun,
    Using some strange reason my comments made on 3rd August at around 10am has been edited out. I hope that in the name of fairness you will reconsider and have it included.

  65. hajiman ibrahim Aug 4,2008 8:40 AM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    Begitulah kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini. Jelas bagaimana pendirian kita dengan Singapura telah hampir sama, juga dengan Parti Pembangkang Negara dan lima buah Parti Pembangkang Negeri dalam isu yang Ybgh Tun bangkitkan. Rakyat diheret menyokong tindakan Blair, Bush . UN didesak membayar kerosakan dan kemusnahan yang telah dilakukan akibat kelulusan UN Iraq wajar diserang.
    Negara kita Malaysia dah jadi batu. DSAAB dan kabinetnya dah layu dan kaku, pembetulan Melayu dibawah pimpinan AAB dah jadi layu dan kaku.

  66. penukul Aug 4,2008 8:17 AM

    dear all,
    Pm ada agenda tesembunyi.
    Agenda utk lemahkan & pecah-belahkan org melayu utk memberi laluan anwar jadi PM.
    fikir fikirkan lah.
    strateji berjaya DR M keluar UMNO tanpa dipaksa.

  67. Abdul Hayee Aug 4,2008 7:23 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Inviting Blair a murderer and a cheater to our country to talk about the rule of law. Think of the thousands of Iraqi children and women and his own soldiers being killed for the war that was not approved by the UN. He should be tried as war criminal.

  68. davC Aug 4,2008 1:10 AM

    Dear TUN
    I’ve been a NST subscriber for a very long long time & have decided to unsubscribe the ‘in denial’ paper six months ago. I’ve now switch randomly to The Star or their website & of course your precious blog for uncensored news. I’ve also noticed about a few months back that there is a lot of unsold NST on the news stand at the mamak restoran where i have my roti canai daily whereas The Star is always sold out. Hmmmm….i think the people is trying to say something…..
    btw, i met a customer recently who is a Saudi Arabian engineering student studying his Masters at iUTM in JB who inform me that you are an Economic Adviser to their current President King Abdullah during one of our conversation. Is that true? I was surprised that he as a foreigner are up-to-date with our current politics & he speaks so highly about TUN & he also knows why the current PM is so unpopular with the people. I was SHOCKED!!!

  69. pakbelalang Aug 4,2008 12:46 AM

    Dear Tun,
    This is a reflection of how “idiotic” the government of a lame duck Pak Lah is by letting this bloody stupid “Mat Saleh” to give lecture on the rule of law.This is the real problem of a haprak and HP6 leader like Pak Lah who is lacking in sensitivity and totally ignorant about world affairs. He must be “khayal and dreaming” !!! What a shame to a Prime Minister who is a nut !!!

  70. Calvin's Tiger Aug 4,2008 12:20 AM

    On this rare occasion I agree with you that it is really an irony to invite Tony Blair or Tori Bliar to speak on human rights while he is one of the biggest criminal on human rights.
    He should not had joined Bush on Iraq war. It is an illegal war that caused pains, sufferings and deaths to many, particularly the people of Iraq.
    Tony Liar has got no credibility in this topic.

  71. Raheem Aug 4,2008 12:12 AM


  72. sdahenan Aug 3,2008 11:38 PM

    To Masceyus: Of all the hundreth of achievements made during the
    the 22 yrs tenure of Tun Dr Mahathir,THE ONLY
    anwar ibrahim . I JUST FELT SORRY FOR YOU BUT
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda selalu berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT

  73. lextcs Aug 3,2008 8:59 PM

    tun, seems that malaysia politics have come to a point where it could be either way. Government is facing attacks from all sides, opposition is trying to be comfortable with each other, anwar as usual is having the publicity of a life time etc etc…. If you are the No Uno now, tell us what will your antidote be?
    The ground is crying out for blood to especially UMNO, MCA and MIC. BN being the best formula of power sharing is seen cracking up. Where do we go from here Tun?

  74. Abdul Hayee Aug 3,2008 8:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Mohon laluan untuk menjawab komen TDMhater Aug.1 Ogos, 2008 8.13pm.
    “But there is one phrase that caught my attention, kanggaroo court..
    Is there a similarity of such court in Malaysia about 10 years ago? And even possibilities of such a court to appear again.”
    Apakah TDMhater merasakan bahawa perbicaraan Anwar 10 tahun lalu sebagai kanggaroo court? Jelas TDMhater tak faham apa dia kanggaroo court. Anwar was defended by 9 lawyers of his choice and the trial ran for 90 days. Is that a kanggaroo court?
    Tapi kalau dah terlalu taksub kepada seseorang maka TDMhater tidak dapat melihat kenyataan.

  75. johndoe Aug 3,2008 8:29 PM

    dear msian,
    very sad that msian media failed to highlight blair’s wrongdoings during his premiership….

  76. BukitSagan Aug 3,2008 7:45 PM

    Apa khabar tun…
    Harap sihat2 seluruh keluarga.
    saya ada cerita yg nak dikongsi bersama tun dan semua kwn2 disini..
    Orang ni memang duduk jauh kawasan pendalaman,satu hari kawan dia ajak la turun ke bandar, saja, bawa dia jalan2. lepas penat jalan2, dia ajak la orang ni makan di KFC. masuk jer, semua org pandang dia, bukan pasal apa, pasal penampilan org ni lain dari yg lain, tau la, org duduk nun jauh di pendalaman, bukan mcm kita, dapat pakai baju yg lawa2.Masuk jer,orang ni berasa pelik dgn gelagat pelayan2 di KFC yg aysik memandang dia.setelah dapat order, seperti biasa la pelayan disitu cakap, Thank you!!!,serta melemparkan senyuman.Sampai je kat kat tempat duduk, orang ni tadi, bertanya la pada kawan dia ni,
    Apa yg orang tu cakap tadi…
    kawan dia ni pun cakap la, Thank You!!,
    orang ni tanya lagi, apa Thank You tu,
    Nak kenakan orang ni,kawan dia ni cakapla,
    Thank you tu maksudnya, muka awak mcm monyet..
    punya la marah orang ni,takpuas hati, dia pergi balik ke kaunter dgn berkata dgn nada suara yg tinggi kepada palayan disitu……
    Apa awak cakap tadi..
    Siapa yg Thank you….
    Awak yg Thank you…..
    Semua-semua Thank you….dgn jarinya ditunjuk-tunjuk pada semua pelanyan disitu…….
    Apalagi, semua org di hairan dgn gelagat orang ni…
    Dengan muka yg tersenggeh-senggeh, kawan dia tadi segera memujuk dgn memberitahu yg dia hanya bergurau.
    Apalagi riuh rendah la KFC tu dgn gelak semua org2 disitu.
    Ini adalah kisah yg benar2 berlaku kira2,4 tahun lepas.
    Diharap la tun juga boleh tergelak baca kisah ni,gelak juga mungkin membuat tun sentiasa sihat….

  77. sdahenan Aug 3,2008 2:51 PM

    TO sivakumar art pillay : AIK tambi ni hidup lagi? after been put
    together with a snake in a gunny sack
    you’re still alive,are you?
    so you did manage to BRIBE the snake
    RIGHT? – or maybe the snake got damned
    SCARED of you because when it show it’s
    tounge,it’s only to forked. when you
    show yours-it’s a THREE FORKED TOUNGE.
    Tun Dr Mahathir is running a COUNTRY
    sivakumar only running a chicken house.
    Did any of the opposition leaders detained DIED? -NO,NO AND NO.
    HOW ABOUT BLAIR? – did all the iraqis survive and stay in a good health

  78. sitinur Aug 3,2008 2:09 PM

    tumpang lalu jap bapak…
    harimau1900…maaf lah yerk..saya tak faham pasai politik nih..
    tapi melayu mudah lupa yg bapak cakap kan tuh ialah melayu lupa pada kesusahan n kesengsaran di jajah oleh penjajah…bapak tak bg gelaran mr clean kat si teloq kecut tuh…hari dah nak senja bukan hari mau siang lagik dah…m’sia makin mundur sbb cteloq kecut tuh..bawak2 lah bangun toksah duk tidoq manjang…dulu senang carik makan… ni pun senang gak…duk kat zoo…sentiasa terhidang kannnnnnnnnnn……
    maaf bapak eh kasaq sket….astagafirullah…..
    ceq hormat bapak sama mcm ceq hormat arwah bapak ceq..
    sayanggggggggg sangat…..dah tentu yg terunggul Nabi muhamad..kang ada plk blogger yg duk kata ceq dewa2kan bapak…kih2…..kih

  79. sitinur Aug 3,2008 1:19 PM

    Asalamualaikum bapak…
    oh…!…my….ada lagik ker anak2 bapak dlm nih yg cayer si teloq kecut tuh nak turunkan rege minyak……
    unbelieveble…3 suku haran ceq tak cayer ckp2 si teloq kecut nih…maaf kalo kasaq sket…kalo betoilah sultan azlan(mcm
    ada sorg blogger kata)yg jemput blair mai…kalo gini gayanyer rasanyer takder sultan pun tak per…kiter susah2 pertahan kesultanan melayu…depa nih sket tak pertahankan kami rakyat depa..nak gadai m’sia lagik ker….kiter nih rakyat gaji tak seberaper pun kena byr cukai itu ini begini begitu tup2 sultan nak buat apa2 ikut2 suker2 ati depa jer…..ker depa nak lawan poplar bapak kut….taksukataksuka…nyampahnyampah…
    ntahaperhaperntah..gamaknyer pemimpin melayu nih cuma ader teloq bila dgn pompuan jer ek….
    maaf bapak…ceq panaspanas hanginhangin badan ceq bila depa perlekeh bapak…hemmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..wacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    go2..go bapak go..yeaaaaaaah….

  80. owlz Aug 3,2008 12:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, Peace on You, Blessed by Allah.
    Sure, the print and electronic media in this country – Malaysia
    seem only worship the corrupted and inefficient government.
    I dont know where’s their KIBLAT in monitoring the important
    and knowledgable issues unless obssessed with “liwat”. How else
    to explain the top two leaders of MALAYSIA which is facing dire
    times due to the uncertain economy do not put in any efforts to
    improve the country’s economy for the sake of the rakyat. All
    they do every hour every day is to think and imagine about
    “liwat”. Not only that, most of the other govt ministers also
    spend their time fantasising “liwat”. – taken from nick “James”.
    And yes, both destruction caused by Blair and Bush mybe is
    really holy for the leaders of Malaysia as they were really
    welcome THE BLAIRwarlord here, in our land and treat him
    like a King even I saw THE BLAIRwarlord was much more like
    a King Kong. Full of hatred!!!
    p/s: Tun, good article. Keep it on. Love it. Salam from
    the Universiti Malaya supporters of Tun. Huueehhuue!! As usual.

  81. Yunus Aug 3,2008 12:50 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Good day to you Sir. Thanks Tun for your views and fully support what you stated
    A silent PM (Pak Lah) = A silent OIC Chairman = a person (and a Muslim at that) who has shown his “true colors” = PM who should humbly vacate as OIC chairman if he cannot make a stand for his fellow Muslim brothers and is (or most likely) keeping silent as he fears that his position will be further impacted in the eyes of the West following the Anwar sodomy case = a PM/OIC chairman who is a just an observer rather than an agent of change (who should rightly be the one at the fore-front to uphold the truth and human rights of fellow Muslims)
    All this makes me wonder if we actually have a leader running this country or just a by-stander PM….as the saying goes “if you cannot take the heat do not go into the kitchen”, so when will the rakyat and Muslims be spared further agony although I have my doubts if DSAI or Najib will be the better alternatives!
    The nation needs a Mahathir-2 !!

  82. mzzainal Aug 3,2008 12:46 PM

    Mohd Sivakumar’s views of history are related to his own. Just like Bush and the other cronies who thought it was just to invade Iraq.
    Just like Sivakumar’s right to orally attack Tun, its Blair’s right to invade Iraq, jumpstarting a hellish waste of lives.
    War and violent clampdown of any members of society is a moral crime. War is reality, and one that we cannot run away from. But what we can do as human beings, is to raise awareness of the slaughter, the crime and the people who started them.
    It is not just a single individual who should be blamed for being involved with the war or starting it. People who decided to keep quiet, pretend nothing can be done and do nothing are equally as bad.
    Our media should provide more equal opportunities to those who need to highlight their issues and concerns. However rather than blame the Govt’s red-tape in blocking the disseminating of true accounts, the media should evaluate their own weaknesses and take a more proactive role in being independant or at least be brave. Why blame the Govt’s red-tape, when the media has a choice in their goals. Why blame anyone other themselves?
    We are who are because we choose to be what we are. Nothing more.

  83. anakjitra Aug 3,2008 12:21 PM

    salam Tun
    TO bubuk @ busuk
    Tun pergi jumpa Bush sebab nak berleter dekat dia sebab
    dia tu kurang pandai macam kau
    yNG tony Belalai datang ke sini tu cuma nak tunjuk pandai
    nak tepuk bahu Abbedebahlah “Pekak” Badakwi kerana ‘pandai’perintah negara macam dia , tapi anyway lebih kurang macam kau juga le

  84. rarunasalam Aug 3,2008 12:07 PM

    On ex-Britain PM Blair’s recent trip to Malaysia to talk on Rule of Law, our ex-PM Mahathir cited grievance and disgust on this invitation to whom Mahathir terms a “War Crimes” personality along with GWBushII and John Howard.
    And on this, I am in full agreement with our former PM, that Blair along with Bush should be subjects to an independant trial by the War Crimes Commission in the Hague to determine their role and misconduct in attacking Iraq on the pretence of harbouring WMD.
    However, I do have some questions to our ex-PM on how he conducted himself during the period of attack as well prior and his communication with these leaders:
    1/ TDM, apart from writing some personal letters, and possibly agreeing to one-two referendums made in the UN, why did you not seek any legal injunction at the time to stop any preemptive strikes against Iraq.
    2/ TDM, what was your official position against Iraq during their unlawful attack and occupation of Kuwait? Since that occupation, how did your administration responsibly conduct dealings with Iraq and Sadamn?
    3/ TDM, don’t you have a personal grudge against Blair, Bush & Howard and during your final years of administration, have no direct contact with any of the above? And neither did they with you? (goes to the point that you’ve never established a relationship where you can constructively criticise them, nor they you)
    4/ Personally (and this is my view), you can criticise all you want about this recent visit but I think Blair’s invitation to talk about “Rule of Law” is a joke as much as you writing about it. Both of you are hypocrites and selfish and out there to look for your own personal interests.

  85. jeng3 Aug 3,2008 11:45 AM

    salam Tun,
    Md. sivakumar art pillay,
    deii…what is wrong with you?You act like you are so full of hatred and spite.Enoughlah,go pray to Allah and beg Him to cure you of your sicknessYou have several containers full of shit stashed in your head.

  86. osane Aug 3,2008 11:37 AM

    Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun (YAB Tun)….
    Semoga YAB Tun dan keluarga sihat dan selamat sejahtera hendakNya..
    Kepada rakyat Malaysia yang setia tuli kpd DS Anwar… kita selalu bercakap mengenai keadilan, kebebasan, ketelusan dan sebagainya… sepatutnya kita telah sedar siapa DS Anwar sebenarnya. Tidak perlu kita melihat terlalu kebelakang sejarahnya (DS Anwar)… kita hanya perlu lihat dan menggunakan sedikit akal tentang apa yang berlaku sejak 8 Mac 08. Belum lagi menjadi PM beliau telah berlagak mengatasi undang-undang negara dan tindakan yang mengelirukan pemikiran rakyat… fikirkanlah perkara-perkara berikut:
    1. sesuka hati mengadakan perhimpunan tanpa permit;
    2. tidak hadir memberi keterangan kepada polis;
    3. enggan membenarkan pemeriksaan DNA;
    4. mengarahkan supaya kerajaan tidak mendakwa beliau ke atas kes liwat;
    5. menjadi agen (talibarut) Amerika;
    6. dan berbagai-bagai lagi tindakan yang sangat angkuh dan bongkak.
    Itu semua belum lagi menjadi PM. Bayangkan jika sudah jadi PM:
    -hakim -hakim pilhan sendiri;
    -tida tindakan kepada peliwat;
    -perogol akan terlepas dari dakwaan;
    -kemungkinan ‘homosex’ dihalalkan;
    -hutang negara bertambah kerana sogokan dari IMF;
    -dan macam-macam lagi.
    Kepada sesiapa yang masih keliru mengenai Gay dan Liwat, dengan ringkas lebih kurang begini maksudnya:
    -gay ialah manusia jijik yang tiada nafsu ke atas wanita dan suka main punggung sama sejenis.
    -liwat ialah manusia jijik yang bernafsu kepada wanita dan sejenis.
    Liwat hanyalah sifat jijik yang menjadi ketagihan seperti DS Anwar sama seperti penagih dadah.
    Sekian.. terima kasih

  87. tigress Aug 3,2008 11:28 AM

    Salam Tun and your family hope you are well,
    Thank GOD for people like you who can actually smell dog poo from a few thousand miles away(6557 miles to be exact for London-Kuala Lumpur).Blair honestly is Bush’s poodle and allowing his presence in this beloved country of ours is lost on me (Thanks to our flip flop government who no STAND whatsoever) I think we should all sign a petition to disallow this scumbag from tainting our country with his presence as I would like to start but dont quite know the workings of online petitions very well.He is one PM who did no s**t (Sorry Tun my bad) for foreigners like myself in his country (for as long as I was there 2001- 2006)during the turbulent times of Islamophobia; nothing to appease our fears or their peoples anger/misunderstanding, and as a result everyone became suspicious the moment the see the likes of me with a tudung crossing a street.
    Life was hell for all of us,even moderate Muslims like us Malaysians, all because he was too chicken and followed Bush’s behind wherever he steered.And now, are we actually expected to applaud and welcome him after his indifferent attitudes towards us when we were in his country?
    I say we do a Guy Fawkes on him!!!Anyone with me??

  88. Pangait Aug 3,2008 11:05 AM


  89. Ramlax Aug 3,2008 10:43 AM

    Yang Amat Ariff Tun,
    In this world today the financial order governs the social and all other orders. In the early 80s we were on our way to achieve developed status. And somewhere along the line we lost the plot and Malaysia now runs the risk of mudling along the middle. Malaysia fits into the classic defination of a developing country. A few individuals (not more than 5% of population) are very rich, the government and the people are poor and luxury goods are selling like hot cakes.. The definition of a developed country is the country is rich a few individuals are rich, the bulk of the population is living well above the poverty line and luxury goods do not see the light of day.
    In the early 80s when a Malaysian Ambassador walks into a reception he or she is greeted warmly by the host and other representatives of developing and developed countries. We were held as the beacon of hope in an era when ethnic and religious conflicts were being phased in as the enemy and communism as the public enemy was being phased out . Many countries had a healthy regard for us and looked up to us as an example. I am sure that you yourself must have experienced this.
    But today all this has changed. In the local diplomatic circles when a group of foreigners engaged in a conversation suddenly stop talking as soon as a Malaysian approaches you know that they do not want you to hear what they are saying because they are guest in this country.You know this rule in a local situation when your friends are engaged in a conversation and they stop talking when you approach you know that they are talking bad things about you.
    With all that is going on in the press and the blogs there is a big question mark on the Rule of Law in this country. Many people think that that we are Ruled by Laws made by the powers that may be.This is confirmed by YAB Prdana Menteri when he referred to the demand by overseas investors that arbitration of disputes over agreements signed with Malaysian companies must be undertaken in third countries. This may not sound much to the man – on – the- street. But it is the thin end of the wedge that will in the long term undermine the confidence in Malaysia. As the English say a swallow does not a summer make but it certainly signals the arrival of summer.
    Frankly, we who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones at others. We must keep or head down and play the poker game of our lives with the hand that has been so generously given to us by GOD. The British have many tools to get people on their side we only have our intergrity and what has been given to us by GOD. We still have time and I hope that the future leaders of this country will wake up and strengthen our strong points and identify our weakeness and strengthen them immediately.

  90. I copy Aug 3,2008 10:16 AM

    Tun yang di hormati,
    Bila baca artikel Tun dan komen-komen dari pembaca, ramai yang menyokong Tun dan ramai juga yang sebalik nya.
    Ada yang mengaitkan isu Mr Blair kepada Iraq dengan apa yang berlaku pada 1998 terhadap DSAI.
    Pada 1998 DSAI telah dituduh meliwat dan pecah amanah. DSAI di tangkap, di hadapkan kemahkamah dan di penjara. Walaupun ramai yang marah, berkata polis tidak adil, mahkamah tidak adil, Tun tidak adil, rasa nya tidak ada rakyat yang yang tidak terlibat secara langsung terbunuh.
    Mungkin DSAI merana, keluarga merana, jadi ramai yang bersimpati, tapi tiada siapa yang mati.
    Tahun 1990’an Mr Saddam dituduh ada senjata merbahaya, membunuh rakyat. Mr Saddam telah ditangkap, dihadapkan kemahkamah dan di gantung sampai mati. Satu dunia kutuk tindakan Amerika Syarikat dan sekutunya, tapi ramai rakyat Iraq yang tidak terlibat secara langsung mati terbunuh.
    Memang Mr Saddam merana, keluarga dia pun merana, satu dunia simpati, dan ramai rakyat yang mati.
    Mr Bush dan Mr Blair memang patut di hukum.
    Tun telah berhenti dengan hukuman yang baik sekali.

  91. Oumono Aug 3,2008 10:12 AM

    kepada semua pembangkang Tun..korang suma ni budak2 hingusan..know allah more apa..mcm hampa tu know more than him..hampa ingat Tun tu xingat tuhan ka..dari awal2 iman dia lagi tebal dari hampa suma ni..nnti kt akhirat hampa tau la..hampa tu sapa nk judge org pnya iman nipis ka tebal, betol ke salah..hampa tu manusia hina sj..sampah..berbeza ngan Tun..
    Tun punya bakti, sampai semua rakyat malaysia mati pn xkn terbalas..ingat2 la budak2 hingusan sekalian..korang suma tu sampah..tak berbakti atau berguna kepada rakyat..balik mengaji btolkan sikap..
    Semoga Tun sentiasa di rahmati Allah

  92. tee kay pee Aug 3,2008 9:43 AM

    what else can we say abt current premier? they are turning this country back to years full of disaster!letting everything goes easily as long as it doesn’t affect their pockets.
    on current issue – why they sees anwar contesting PPauh as ‘more to anwar’s personal political survival’ and condemning azizah?
    its true that they had made voters of PPauh an idiot. but its the only way that they and the rest of the community can do to bring DAAB down.yes, in terms of personal issues, anwar is not a good candidate.but looking at the initiatives taken (taken?really?)by the government to resolve matters arised, its about time to put a notch!
    for me, i don’t care who rules-as long the current team is made vanished.

  93. muslimah_262 Aug 3,2008 9:25 AM

    To MOhd sivakumar,
    Pls get your facts right. Operation Lallang wasn’t on PM’s orders. IN fact he was keen for the massive gathering. It was decided and executed by the police, to avoid another May 13 episode due to a foreseeable riot taking place.
    In hindsight, good thing Operation Lallang was carried out. Nobody died in the streets.
    Look at the situation now. Thanks to Anwaribrahim’s newly acqired culture, there are hooligans, thugs and mobs in the KL streets.
    (No) thanks to the agents that created and incited Hindraf and other newly created associations, to take to the streets and who have Queen Elizabeth pictures on their banners. This is NOT Malaysian culture of behaving like thugs and hooligans in the streets where kids want to go to school, adults want to go to work and make a living, women want to go earn a living and send the kids everywhere, ambulances want to pick up casualties, people want to catch planes, etc.
    We want PEACE and HARMONY and CIVILITY back in our lives. The way we had lived under Tun Dr Mahathir’s tenure.
    On hindsight, if one has to be cruel (to a few dissenting ungrateful minority)in order to be kind (to the silent majority of Malaysia who want peace and prosperity), YES, the ISA should be ON.

  94. truthseeker Aug 3,2008 9:15 AM

    Salam kepada YAB Tun dan rakan2 bloggers,
    Saya tertarik dengan komen Harimau1900 pada 2 Ogos, jam 7.01 semasa mengulas penulisan Tun tentang Blair. Beliau tidak setuju Tun melabelkan Melayu mudah lupa kerana Melayu inilah yang memberi kemenangan kepada BN; menuduh Tun yang mudah lupa kerana jadi pembangkang; kesal kerana Tun menuduh DSAI tanpa bukti; tidak setuju Tun memihak pada Melayu? Kerana beliau mahu Tun neutral, tidak memihak tetapi untuk seluruh rakyat Malaysia (ini tafsiran saya); Tun suka mengutuk; Tun seolah2 tidak berpendirian, sekejap menyokong si anu, kejap lagi orang lain…
    Saya ingin counter pendapat Harimau1900;
    1. Melayu yang menyokong UMNO, yang memastikan bilangan wakil rakyat UMNO lebih ramai daripada YB2 komponen lain dalam BN adalah Melayu yang tidak lupa. Yang Tun maksudkan yang lupa adalah melayu yang menyokong PAS, PKR, DAP dan parti2 lain. Parti2 lain itu tidak sebut langsung dalam manifesto mereka untuk membela orang melayu, kecuali UMNO. PAS dengan assabiyahnya, kononnya tidak boleh buat untuk orang melayu sahaja; PKR mahu jadi jaguh yang mahu buang DEB untuk memuaskan hati bukan melayu (kononnya DEB menguntungkan kroni – sepatutnya hapuskan kroni, bukan DEB); DAP untuk Malaysia Malaysia dan Cina. Melayu yang lupa ini sudah lupa sejarah mereka dijajah, mereka tidak berpengetahuan dahulu, tiada kemahiran tinggi semasa dulu, ketinggalan dalam pelbagai aspek pelajaran, ekonomi (walaupun ada diskriminasi positif spt DEB),tidak bersatu menyebabkan mudah dipermainkan, terlalu mengikut nafsu sehingga logik tidak menjadi pilihan lagi…dan banyak lagi keadaan orang melayu yang merugikan diri dahulu. Mereka yang tidak lupa akan terus berusaha membebaskan diri menjadi lebih berkesan untuk menangani cabaran2 dalam dan luar negara. Itu sebabnya Tun nampak pada 2020, seluruh rakyat Msia, lebih2 melayu campur Bumiputra lain (60% penduduk) menjadi maju dalam semua aspek; kognitif, afektif, psikologi, ekonomi,kerjaya dan lain2. Melayu yang lupa akan terus kekal ditakuk lama.
    2. Kalau ada 1000 pembangkang Melayu seperti PAS, PKR, apa mereka boleh buat? Kuasa yang ada hanyalah menjerit2 dalam parlimen dan keluar dewan. Mana kuasa dan wang untuk menolong orang Melayu? Bagi kaum cina, india, YB dari BN ke, pembangkang ke, NGo ke, mereka bersatu untuk memperjuangkan nasib kaum mereka, cuma cara mencapai matlamat saja berbeza. Cina BN minta cara bersopan, pembangkang cara kurang ajar, NGo guna dua2 cara…tapi kalau dapat semua kenyang!
    3. Tun mudah lupa? kerana keluar UMNO? Jadi pembangkang? Tun keluar dari parti Dollah, bukan UMNO. Apabila ahli2 UMNO akui bahawa Dollah itu UMNO, UMNO itu Dollah (sehinggakan sapa2 melawan Dollah adalah seperti melawan UMNO, tidak setia pada UMNO…ingatkan cakap Dollah?). Saya dan seluruh keluarga pun keluar dari UMNO Dollah, UMNO yang mempertahankan manusia rakus ini…dah jadi penyembah berhala, bukan berjuang mengikut manifesto UMNO lagi. Kami satu famili tahu kamu bukan pelupa. Kami tidak lupa visi, misi, objektif UMNO. Tun lagilah tidak lupa kenapa dia masuk UMNO in the first place. Tapi bila Dollah tafsirkan UMNO mengikut kepala baghal dia sendiri, siapa mahu jadi ahli UMNO? Tak perlu jadi ahli UMNO pun kami boleh memperjuangkan objektifnya. sudah tentulah sesiapa yang membangkang Dollah dipanggil pembangkang. Tun kalau akur dengan Dollah hidupnya lebih senang, tetapi Tun ada prinsip, ada pendirian, konsisten dari dia muda sampailah sekarang. Jadi Tun nampak kehancuran yang bakal tiba, itu sebabnya dia turun padang. Harimau1900 saya rasa pernah memegang jawatan sebagai ketua dan tentu pernah nampak apa yang terbaik untuk pengikut dan apabila ternampak perbuatan yang mengganggu pengikut, Harimau1900 tentu akan bersuara dan mengambil tindakan. Tun akan saya anggap selfish jika beliau tahu tetapi mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan kita hancur dek perbuatan Dollah yang rakus itu. Tun tidak pernah kondem UMNO, Tun kondem ketua UMNO dan ahli UMNO yang mudah lupa kepada perjuangan UMNO sebenarnya.
    4. Jika isteri atau anak perempuan Harimau1900 (kalaulah u lelaki)telah dirogol atau diliwati dan mengadu kepada anda bahawa dia dirogol, atau diliwat, adakah anda akan percaya isteri / anak atau tunggu mahkamah menentukan kebenaran? Kalaulah ada mangsa DSAI yang mengadu kepada Tun, Tun sepatutnya suruh mereka tunggu keputusan mahkamah? Mahkamah lebih sahih dari pengakuan isteri, anak, mangsa? Tenguk kes si Anwar, dari 10 hakim, 2 saja kata masa, tarikh kejadian tidak dapat dipastikan, maka benefit of the doubt diberikan kepada pihak tertuduh, ada keraguan, maka Anwar dilepaskan…tetapi mereka semua setuju ada aktiviti homoseksual. Kalau orang kesayangan Harimau1900 dirogol, diliwati dan penyerangnya dibebaskan kerana orang kesayangan Harimau tidak ingat waktu, tarikh kena rogol, agaknya Harimau1900 bagi pujian kepada hakim ke? DSAI bukan dituduh, ditangkap, didakwa dan disumbat ke penjara oleh Tun tau, dia dengan 9 lawyers dah bertarung dan kalah, maka sahlah kesalahannya.
    5. Tun menjadi ahli UMNO memang untuk perjuangkan nasib orang melayu, begitu juga pemimpin mca, mic, dap, ppp, dan lain2 untuk kaum mereka (diutamakan), jadi ini merupakan satu fakta, kalau tidak, lebih baik Tun masuk parti2 lain daripada UMNO, macam setengah melayu yang sokong dap untuk menindas melayu. Tun pernah dilabel sebagai malay ultra oleh lee kuan yew, tetapi setan lee tu pun kuat perjuangkan nasib kaum cina, sampai dia confident jadi PM Msia, bukan Spore saja. Ini politik. Teguran Harimau tentang sokongan Tun yang berubah2 pada Dollah, Najib dan lain2 jelas menunjukkan Tun terima seseorang itu macam kain putih, bersih, baik…tetapi apbila seseorang itu terkeluar landasan, rasuah, kurang ajar, maka menjadi tanggung jawab Tun untuk membetulkan keadaan, itu tanggung jawab orang Islam tu. Tun jelas percaya ‘you’re innocent until proven guilty’…setengah pemimpin percaya ‘you’re guilty until proven innocent..ini lagi teruk. Mana Tun sangka si Anwar akan disabitkan kesalahan meliwat selepas 16 tahun di groom oleh Tun untuk mengambil alih sebagai PM ? mana Tun sangka Mr.Clean Dollah akan jadi penyamun macam ini? Tetapi yang jelas, Tun cuba mencari yang terbaik untuk orang Melayu, Msia…tetapi kelemahan Tun kerana tidak mempunyai power untuk benar2 tahu hati budi dan karakter sebenar seseorang, macam bomoh kononnya. Harimau1900 selalu buat pemilihan yang tepat? Pasangan hidup you yang terbaik? anak2 you seperti yang you bentuk? Tapi saya yakin Harimau akan membuat pertimbangan yang terbaik, but god lagi tau apa yang terbaik.
    Saya mohonlah Harimau1900 melihat dari pelbagai aspek juga sebelum kondem Tun atas isu2 di atas, seperti pendirian you bahawa perlu ada sintesis, iaitu tesis dan anti tesis, Tun ada yang baik dan ada yang tidak baik.
    Terima kasih Tun dan rakan2 bloggers.

  95. miso_soup Aug 3,2008 8:46 AM

    Quote ABI
    TUN M,
    Just because you hate Tony Blair, you can’t expect others too to toe your line.
    Let’s face it: Tony Blair,is a prominent world leader and currently he has set up some organizations to promote inter-faith understanding. That’s indeed a great and noble deed. You, on the contrary, go about inciting the people to hate the national leaders with whom you have differences of opinion, for reasons only known to you!
    The younger generation, most of whom are ill-informed and lack knowledge of the world, accept your convoluted logic blindly. Where are we heading, my countrymen? Towards moral decline and disaster?

  96. Aug 3,2008 6:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Please allow me to put right some small minds
    It is indeed sad to see rather myopic people being given space to voice their prejudiced notions, which are not even two cents worth of thoughts (if those may be termed as an opinion).
    Firstly Mohd Sivakumar Pillai has to get his facts straight. on Tun Mahathir;
    1. Tun Mahathir’s book, ‘The Malay Dilemma’ written after the May 13 incidents of 1969. Tun Mahathir having been totally disgusted with the unbalanced economic situation of Malaysia came up with an extremely valuable piece of writing in revealing the economic being controlled by one segment of the populace. He spelt out the imbalances found in economic Malaysia. It was the Tun who pointed out what caused May 13th and how it could have been stopped if the Tunku had not gone over-board with his own indulgence in gloat. The naïve, wet under the ears and green owner of the email, writing under Mohd Sivakumar Art Pillai should read some simple primary history books before extending his tongue to lash at anyone.
    2. The Tun wrote the book as a result of May 13th to make Malaysian aware of the imbalances in the Malaysian society.
    3. It is sad that such an adolescent mind in total ignorance of there poor and meager command of the English Language dare venture to criticise others.
    4. Operation Lallang. The Tun was a man of great wisdom for he foresaw the volatile racial situation in Malaysia and what it was leading to. He had to put a stop to the capricious and power-keg situation from exploding into another May 13th. Tun saved Malaysia of another racial clash by making the arrests. The writer I feel wasn’t born then to understand. There was a certain political party backed by a few others which took advantage of an open media to create a explosive racial tension in Malaysia. If it had gone unchecked it could have broiled up into another May 13th.
    Read, Read!
    It is indeed disgusting to see such minds daring to venture to pen their views in their environment of the ‘katak di bawah tempurung.’

  97. mutiara Aug 3,2008 4:45 AM

    Dear Tun and all followers of Chedet’s blog
    I am digressing from the topic which has been commented by most concerned followers. From my observations some commentators are just rude. Those like ABI, Onlooker etc. just don’t seem to have any positive thinking or ideas to share. Whatever Tun posted here is automatically a no no to them. They have to condemn it or condemn Tun for sharing the information and ideas. I just wonder if they have any Good ideas on issues or have any solid, implementable ideas to suggest to the current government as to bring Malaysia out from the doldrum. I for one would like to see these group of people contribute something tangible in this Blog. Whatever tun posts here is his ideas and thought, after all THIS IS TUN’S BLOG.

  98. Mohd SivaKumar Aug 3,2008 3:17 AM

    Tun,What is wrong with you,I feel like.You have already forgotten history.(Awak Mudah Lupa).I remember you arresting all the opposition leaders under ISA in the year 1987 in socalled operations LALLANG.Dont you think,All that are violation of HUMAN RIGHTS and crime too.
    Your writting of provocation in your book MALAY DELIMA has lead to racial crisis in the year 1969 which has swallowed many lives.What do you call this,A favour to a race or crime.(Awak Mudah Lupa).
    Tun,You have no right to call Tony Blair a war crime as you too have done the same but in a different mode.Your action is like the kettle calling the pot black.
    Tun,enoughlah,Now concerntrate on your prayers and get to know ALLAH better and remorse on all your wrong doings.Pls dont accumulate anymore sins at this age,As you have already several containers full.

  99. qhal Aug 3,2008 2:58 AM

    salam TUN..
    saya xkisahkan saya yang terakhir komen pasal this artikel..tapi,apa yang saya lebih nak tahu..bagi pendapat TUN..13 mei akan jadi balik ke??? saya xsuka keadaan macam tu…terima kasih.. semoga ALLAH merahmati TUN dan Keluarga di dunia dan di akhirat.. maas salamatt..

  100. mzzainal Aug 3,2008 1:31 AM

    Maybe with Blair in the country, it would enhance PakLah’s image after all it did wonders for Bush’s persona during the Iraq invasion. Blair should have been PakLah’s public relations consultant.
    After all, PakLah would need it with the decline of order in our country.

  101. arenkoin Aug 3,2008 1:29 AM

    salam tun,
    bila dunia dah nak sampai ke penghujung memang mcm2 perkara buruk akan berlaku di sekeliling kita… apa yg penting skrg ni jaga kita punya agama,bangsa dan tanahair.. jgn sampai layu terkulai. kalau ini kita tak jaga, syaitan yg bermaharajalela… contohnya mcm apa yg berlaku pada negara kita skrg ni laa…

  102. kinding Aug 3,2008 1:23 AM

    Salam buat YBhg Ayahanda Tun
    Kerajaan Malaysia dibawah PM Paklah tidak sepatutnya menyambut kedatangan Tony Blair sipembunuh. Sebagai rakyat yang bertamadun yang bencikan perang, Tony Blair patut dilayan macam sampah. Beliau merupakan sampah dan najis yang paling busuk yang terdapat dalam dunia ini. Tangan beliau penuh dengan kekotoran kerana perilaku zalim dan kezaliman beliau terhadap rakyat Iraq yang tidak punyai apa-apa kesalahan terhadap negara beliau. Zalim sungguh Tony Blair.
    Kedatangan Tony Blair tidak di alu alukan, paklah lansung tidak prihatin. Mungkin selepas besara dari jawatan PM, paklah nak duduk kat England kot, jadi pujilah Tony Blair agar peluang nak duduk England cerah.

  103. Dato Lockmen Aug 3,2008 12:47 AM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    UMNO dan Melayu sekarang menuju kearah kehancuran.Semua ini tidak dapat dilihat oleh Perdana Menteri kita yang “BIJAKSANA DAN MULIA”.
    P/S : Diharap Tun dapat menjelaskan isu “IPP” yang dibangkit oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan Menteri Penerangan di dalam perdebatan tempoh hari.

  104. ANAK-DAMIT Aug 3,2008 12:46 AM

    Macam ni la yg di namakan PM malaysia..berani memperkatakan yg benar..dan memperjuangkan kebenaran..bukan macam pak bodolah..tak taw apa-apa, penakut, xda pendirian langsung..mcm mana nak bawa malaysia ke tahap yg tinggi..pemikiran tahap org kampung je..

  105. Jamal Aug 3,2008 12:36 AM

    Salam Mesra Tun,
    Membunuh adalah dosa pertama yang di lakukan anak cucu Nabi Adam. Terang sudah membunuh bukan amalan Muslim beriman, kecuali untok mempertahankan diri dan orang2 yang lemah.
    Tetapi sepanjang sejarah manusia bunuh membunuh sudah menjadi lumrah. Mengapa?
    Tun telah usulkan apa yang benar; iaitu membunuh adalah salah kecuali untok mempertahankan diri dan orang2 yang lemah. Perang Iraq terbukti tidak tertakluk kepada mempertahankan diri maupun orang2 lemah. Ia terbukti adalah tindakan zalim dan agresif. Sama2 lah kita menyokong Tun dalam memperjuangkan kebenaran, ia itu membuat perperangan satu kesalahan kriminal. Ini yang di tuntut agama Islam.
    Idea dan visi Tun menepati visi Islam sebenar. Visi bagi menjadikan umat Islam sebagai Khalifa di muka Bumi Allah ini. Yang memperjuangkan kebenaran ajaran Allah menerusi Al Quran dan Hadis Nabi Muhammad SAW.
    Di mana letak nya visi OIC yang diketuai Malaysia??? Di mana Visi OIC dan Malaysia yang bertepatan dengan visi Islam???
    Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah umat yang terbaik yang patut menjadi Khalifa (leader) semua manusia – Bukan pula kita (sekarang) separti menjadi dalang dan pengikut umat dan cara (barat) yang ternyata akan membawa manusia ke kancah kehancuran.

  106. AZIF Aug 3,2008 12:16 AM

    Memang amat sedihlah apa yang berlaku sekarang pada Negara kita yang tersayang ini.Bush, Blair & Badawi.The 3 B’S. My thinking is Blair visit is with the intention to annoyed Tun. This act is directly telling us of how efficient is our present goverment, creating us to focus on again of another blunder after the other blunders. AAB as a PM, We Malaysian could not expect anything, which We Malaysian could be proud of. AAB could not even handle Malaysia,as an OIC Chairman AAB has nothing to contribute,AAB existance is as non existance, and we Malaysian are being taken for a ride without a destination. Sorry AAB, Please Step down for you own good, and for the good of all Malaysian.AAB is now playing in injury time, after the extra time. AAB the score now is 5-7. AAB strikers, midfielders,wingers, defenders & goalkeeper are all running out of stamina, game plan & tired. AAB the results will destroy UMNO & BN. Salam Tun, always supporting Tun for the good of the Country we love.

  107. decentfellow Aug 3,2008 12:11 AM

    One of he greatest blessings the Almighty has bestowed on Malaysia is giving us Tun M. May HE prolong his health and life. May Bush and Blair and all those Muslims who worship these criminals rot here and in the hereafter!

  108. JAAFAR Aug 3,2008 12:09 AM

    Takkan pukul 9.22pm semua orang dah tidor. Harimau 1900 ada, ABI ada, antimamak ada, mereka masih terbeliak mata dok baca komen2 dan tunggu masa nak hentam YABHG Tun. Hai heran betul depa ni sbenarnya sapa.
    I wish to tell everyone that I was born and bred in Malaysia(Malaya then) and I live through the Premiership of 5 (five)personalities and of course including the current one, the one and only of the kind, DSAAB. But I hope everyone believe me because as far as I remember I never tell lies. TDM was the best and DSAAB is the WORST. The other ‘one in waiting’ is just useless and hopeless. He is a hypocrite of the highest degree. Who am I? I am just nobody but I personally know three of his brothers, I, R and M. All the same because they came from the same mould. Tak terpakai!
    So, if you Harimau 1900, ABI and antimamak and the rest of the same category, are your credentials as good as mine?
    Frankly my memory is very good, I can still remember the happenings in 1957 (I was a 7 year old then) and now Alhamdulillah, I AM STILL AS STRONG AS A BULL, besides of course, a good memory but I admit I cannot match that of our beloved Tun!
    Semoga Allah s.w.t. selamatkan bumi Malaysia tercinta dan semua RAKYAT MALAYSIA YANG TAK BERDOSA DAN TERANIAYA.

  109. mohamed Aug 2,2008 11:44 PM

    Dearest YBH TUN
    Your artical reminds me of the time when I saw on TV millions off people from all over the world went out on the street to plead and protest bush and blair not to attack Iraq. But they never listen.They attacked Iraq mercilessly using all the weapon they have at their disposal- cruise missiles, laser guided bomb, “smart” bomb, bungker buster. The Iraqi could not fight back. They were defenceless. It was massacare. It was pure arrogant- shock and awe. Dont they know they they are killing human being. How these poor Iraqis suffered and died are well documented. And all these evil deeds were done for what? Just to catch and hang a few people? Give me a break.
    And then I saw this man, tony blair, on our television giving lecture in our country. Was there a protest from PAS, nik aziz, hadi awang, anuar ibrahim or even UMNO, hishamuddin, najib or any body except TUN. I understand if NON muslim parties stay silent.

  110. viosk Aug 2,2008 11:36 PM

    I’m totally agree with you..

  111. Masceyus Aug 2,2008 11:36 PM

    Now you pretend to realize how the truth has been stifled or manipulated or falsified or totally erased from public media as if that it just happens now and after this, after you are no longer in-charge of the country????.
    I remember that in the very late 90s after Anwar suffered injuries around his eyes (after been brutally batterd the then IGP), someone tried to rationalized that Anwar hit himself or caused self afflicted injury although it sounded outlandishly weird and totally ludicrous.
    How far was that fabricated from the truth then and that was the worst lying to the public. If someone was hoodwinked by the media then and died, how long would he waited until the real truth is found and furthermore who shall be held accountable for the trump up story?…..if none other than you.
    Just imagine how frustrated and shameful the people were at that time to have such a downright liar premier.

  112. Yummy mummy Aug 2,2008 11:28 PM

    Dear Tun,
    When we can’t even run our country right, how can we even have a say or an opinion regarding international matters?
    It is again a testament to your strength as a leader and how powerful Malaysia was in the eyes of the international community. Now we are just the laughing stock of the world.
    Tun, on another note – I know that quite a few people had called for you to run against Anwar Ibrahim. Don’t waste your time on this selfish bastard. In fact, I think that BN does not need to even put up a fight against him in the by-elections. Let him have a walk over – that way, he can’t get a chance of gloating and to confirm his strength. And another important reason, at least the BN can save some money and not waste it in a lost cause.
    Lastly Tun,
    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done to the country. I cringe and my stomach turns over at the way you have been treated by the ingrates who are in the government right now. I do not know how to make you feel better but know that you are loved and very much respected by many. My warmest regards to Tun Siti, who is an ispiration and heartfelt thanks to her too for all her contributions, especially as your most solid ‘rock’.

  113. Beh Aug 2,2008 11:09 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I am a person always give motivation to walk of life with my blog’s contents. This is in line with your mission. Feel free to browse my blog with below link:

  114. Pulau Aug 2,2008 10:56 PM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Malaysian have to be more intelligent, united and progressive, only then the country will be a strong nation. Standing proud and respected.
    Being weak, disunited and depressive, allow us to be dictated and manipulated by others.
    Being Muslim is worse. Anywhere we go in the world, we are directed to a seperate lane. “Suspicious” and potential “Terorist”.
    Go back to where you come from, Mr. Blair. Your racism is blaring.

  115. lextcs Aug 2,2008 10:56 PM

    you are right on… bush and blair must be hanged too….i remember claire was to represent anwar the last time….maybe this time she here to discuss something with anwar too…..surely there must be more secrets to be revealed about anwar’s lifestyle….how about standing as independent in the coming by election tun?

  116. kinding Aug 2,2008 10:55 PM

    Salam Ayahanda TDM
    Sidang Akhbar yang dibuat oleh Tun tidak mendapat sambutan dan liputan media. Pihak media lansung tidak prihatin atau sengaja tidak mahu tahu akan penderitaan rakyat Iraq kerana bukan keutamaan kepada mereka. Tidak syak lagi Tony Blair merupakan seorang penjenayah perang yang sangat dikehendaki. Kekejaman yang dilakukan oleh tentera British terhadap rakyat Iraq sangat dahsyat dan menggerikan. Sepatutnya pihak berkuasa negara ini menangkap dan menahan Tony Blair atas kesalahan jenayah perang yang dikepalai nya.
    Kalau Tony Blair bersalah melakukan kezaliman jenayah perang terhadap rakyat Iraq, Pak Lah PM pun sama melakukan kezaliman terhadap rakyatnya sendiri. Paklah membiarkan rakyatnya menderita hari demi hari. Apa tidaknya harga barangan keperluan harian semakin meningkat. Apa saja barangan yang berkaitan dengan minyak semuanya naik, ada yang naik mendadakdan ada yang naik hari-hari. Inilah janayah dan kezaliman Paklah terhadap rakyatnya. Seorang pemimpin yang baik tidak akan sekali-kali membiarkan rakyatnya menderita menanggung kesengsaraan dan kesusahan yang dihadapi oleh rakyanya.
    Sepatutnya Paklah memikirkan dan mencari jalan bagi menjaga kebajikan rakyat mereka. Sebelum membuat tindakan sepatutnya terlebih dahulu Paklah mengkaji sedalam-dalamnya, buruk dan baik akan tindakan-tindakan yang akan di ambil. Kaji segala aspek dari penduduk bandar hingga luar bandar kerana majoriti rakyak tinggal diluar bandar, jadi kenapa rakyat luar bandar seperti di anaktirikan. Saya nak bagi contoh kampung saya Lenggeng, N.S; LANSUNG TIDAK ADA PERKHIDMATAN BAS AWAM. Jadi mana janji paklah untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan Awam yang lebih baik dan efisien kepada rakyat. Ini PENIPUAN namanya. Zalim kerana tidak menunaikan janji. Paklah pernah bercakap subsidi minyak akan digunakan untuk prasarana awam terutamanya pengangkutan. Mana dia orang-orang Paklah yang datang melihat dan mengambil tahu masalah kami.
    Bagi saya Paklah dan Tony Blair sama sahaja acuannya yang membezakan mereka Tony Blair menzalimi rakyat Iraq tetapi Paklah rakyat nya sendiri.

  117. AZIF Aug 2,2008 10:33 PM

    I’m totally in agreement with Tun,T.Blair is a murderer.But what annoyed us is why is he being invited in Malaysia, for the so called speech? He has humilated Muslim around the world,He is the no.1 which agree with G.Bush and started the war in Iraq.Muslim leaders around the world are not like Tun, and its a pity,none has highlighted that they all be tried for what they did. That goes to AAB whom is now the chairman of OIC. We Malaysian are praying for AAB to give up his Premiership ASAP. We hope our prayer will be answered and fulfilled by Allah. BN is being crippled with the Present UMNO Leadership whom is unreliable and useless.
    Tun, Thanks for giving us the courage and strength in your Blog. May Allah blessed you and give you strength and good health. Salam.

  118. hai Aug 2,2008 10:32 PM

    Be afraid. Be very afraid…dearest Malaysians,
    European imperialism wasn’t always inherently racist. The racism seems to have grown and followed in the wake of imperial agression as a form of ‘ideological’ justification or ‘excuse’ for their actions. Once they realized how superior they were in weapons technology and how much economic and strategic advantage imperialism afforded them, they ‘created’ a ‘moral’ ‘religious’ ‘intellectual’ and ‘racial’ justification for their ‘success’. Clearly they couldn’t just be global criminals armed to the teeth, they had to convince themselves they were ‘superior’ as well!
    They used to come armed with carbines, cannons and maxim guns; and the joys of civiliazation and Christianity, wonderous gifts for the natives. Now are dreadful leaders have apparently convinced themselves that they now coming with ‘democracy’ ‘modernity’ and ‘human rights’, and they’re even more heavily armed than before!
    ‘Failed states’ is just an excuse, a web of lies they spin, so they can justify neo-imperialism and re-colonization of states that have resources they want or strategic importance for them.
    Blair was a grotesque clown, a salesman with the morals of a card cheat, a man ready to say absolutely anything, tell any lie, no matter how preposterous, to get his way. He was terribly corrupt, but his tremendous ‘success’ revealed a deeper and profound corruption at the very heart of their society and how their institutions have become truly degenerate and dysfunctional.
    How ridiculous they’ve become in the west, that they presume to lecture other nations on ‘democracy’ at the same time as their version of democracy has so clearly and emphatically failed and become such a parody.
    Mad, bad and dangerous: liar Blair has lost touch with reality.

  119. Abdul Hayee Aug 2,2008 10:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tumpang lalu Tun untuk TDMhater Aug.1 2008 8.13PM.
    Kamu kena faham dulu apa yang dimaksudkan dengan kanggaroo court.Apa yang kamu komen menunjukkan kamu tak faham. Dari nama samaran kamu saja pun dah cukup untuk menunjukkan bahawa kamu adalah seorang yang taksub kepada seseorang yang diketahui umum.
    Semoga Tun dan isteri terus diberkati ALLAH. AMIN!

  120. Quinc Aug 2,2008 10:22 PM

    Salam Tun;
    Memang dah jadi adat dunia ini, semua org hanya mengampu org yang berkuasa. Semasa zaman Tun memerintah, media tempatan hanya menyampaikan apa yang pemerintah (Tun) suka. La ni, media siarkan apa yg pemerintah (Paklah) suka pulak. kalu, ditakdirkan DSAI memerintah, media akan menyiarkan perkara yg dia suka pulak. Selama ini, ini lah apa yg saya pendamkan sebgi rakyat kerdil – hanya mengikut atau telan sahaja apa yg dihidangkan. Dan, lani, Tun mengalami nya sendiri sbgi rakyat biasa. sbb semasa Tun di atas sana, suma perkara dibwh, dihiaskan cantik utk dihidangkan kehadapan Tun, dan, inilah sbb mengapa rakyat menyampah dgn pemerintah yg ada skrg.
    Welcome to the real world.

  121. Liew Aug 2,2008 10:21 PM

    All politicians are the same, they are not wrong or right but they are greatest liars. They have license to kill, destroy, bomb, rape, declare war, steal money, extortion then claim they are doing it for the good of nation or someone or something. The scenario is the same anywhere in the world. The best way around to solve this problem is to shoot all politicians.

  122. mzzainal Aug 2,2008 10:16 PM

    Sadam was a brutal tyrant, however Blair is similar to PakLah. Both Blair and PakLah are people who talks alot but bends under pressure from a superpower or seeks to curry favor.
    BN and Blair are about in the same standards of mentality. They are all Yes Men.
    I believe Blair made a choice of joining the vanguard of Bush to show solidarity towards the axis of evil. But what he failed to understand is that Bush is merely motivated by greed and world domination. A pity that Blair lost faith in his own nation, since he would have made a good advocate to overcome his own country’s shortcomings and economical problems.
    As for PakLah and BN, they will continue to do what they think is best for Malaysia – which is nothing.

  123. kinding Aug 2,2008 10:08 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun
    1. Seluruh dunia telah dibohongi oleh G.W Bush dan Tony Blair bagi melancarkan pembunuhan keatas pemimpin dan rakyat Iraq yang menentang kehendak mereka. Atas dasar kekejaman penceroboh dan jajah maka tentera penakluk dari negara pimpinan Ketua Setan Dunia dan dibantu oleh Timbalan Setan Dunia Tony Blair dan John Howard maka tentera pembunuh telah memulakan penghapusan rakyat Iraq secara sistematik.
    2. Pembunuhan demi pembunuhan rakyat Iraq sehingga hari ini adalah disebarkan dasar SETAN AS terhadap rakyat Iraq yang tidak bersalah dengan apa yang berlaku terhadap situasi dalaman negara AS. Penjajahan AS adalah kerana ketamakan mereka untuk merampas dan memiliki sumber minyak Iraq. Alasan diberi oleh G.W Bush bahawa Iraq mempunyai senjata pemusnah cerita yang direka dan dijaja oleh sekutu Setan AS, rejim Zionis Israel dan kerana kekuatan tentera AS maka tiada negara di dunia ini mampu menahan NIAT jahat AS dan konco konco mereka menyerang, membunuh, memusnah, menjajah, merompak menyamun dan melarikan segala harta dan kekayaan Iraq. Berbillion dan Trillion Dolar harta dan duit kerajaan Iraq dicuri oleh kerajaan Amerika Syarikat. PBB membisu tanpa berbuat apa-apa samada untuk menghalang atau menyelar tindakan AS dan konco-konconya. PBB lansung tidak berguna, patut dibubarkan.
    3. AS terus bermaharaja lela dibawah pimpinan seorang setan yang hidup berwajahkan monyet Chimpazi. Kerana itu G.W Bush tidak tahu membezakan buruk dan baik, maklum saja chimpazi mana ada akal. Maka G.W Bush mengikut undang-undang binatang siapa kuat dia yang berkuasa untuk menerajui kumpulan. Kezaliman G.W Bush tidak terperi lagi, bermacam-macam cara pembunuhan dilaksanakan sungguh sistematik. APa tidaknya BOM PINTAR digunakan untuk mengebom penduduk Iraq yang sedang berlindung menyelamatkan diri, tapi sebenar tidak selamat kerana BOM PINTAR dan muncung senjata sentiasa dihalakan kearah mereka. Bersuara bermakna mencari maut, ramai yang maut dan terbunuh bila memprotes pihak AS di bumi mereka sendiri.
    4. Jelas motif AS adalah menakluk Iraq kerana kekayaan hasil bumi Iraq iaitu minyak. Temberang AS akhirnya diakui oleh dunia tapi semuanya tiada apa-apa lagi yang boleh dibuat negara Iraq telah hancur, musnah dan menjadi huru-hara oleh dasar dan perancang AS bagi membolehkan mereka terus berada dibumi Iraq menjaga kestabilan tetapi sebenarnya untuk menjajah dan mengaut minyak Iraq. PBB jadi bacul kerana tidak mampu menghalang Amerika Syarikat.
    5. Mahkamah Jenayah Perang Dunia sepatutnya mengambil tindakan terhadap G.W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard dan beberapa orang lagi pemimpin dunia yang menyokong pembunuhan BERATUS RATUS RIBU rakyat Iraq. Mereka-mereka ini patut dihukum kerana perbuatan kejam dan kekejaman mereka menjadikan Iraq hancur dan musnah dalam sejarah dunia moden. Pergi MATI, Pergi Jahanam G.W Bush, Tony Blair dan sekutu-sekutunya yang lain. Bush patut dihukum dan diseksa sebagai mana rakyat Iraq yang mereka siksa.
    6. Mahkamah Jenayah Perang Dunia juga MENGAMALKAN DOUBLE STANDARD, ketua negara Sudan mereka ingin DAKWA kerana dituduh berlaku kejam terhadap rakyatnya, tetapi KEKEJAMAN G.W. Bush terhadap PERANG yang dilakukannya lansung tidak diDAKWA. Kerana Omar Bashir Presiden Sudan itu seorang ISLAM maka apa saja yang dibuat oleh seorang Islam adalam menjadi LEBIH SALAH dari salah yang dibuat oleh yang bukan Islam. Segala kesalahan diletak atas nama Islam dan inilah yang dipelopori oleh G.W. Bush agar semua orang bukan Islam membenci orang Islam diseluruh dunia ini. Dasar Setan G. W. Bush ini sangat bahaya dan mengambil masa untuk dipulihkan mungkin 20-30 tahun selepas G.W Bush mati. Pergi Msti G.W Bush.
    7. Seperkara lagi kenapa negara IRAN tidak dibenarkan menggunakan tenaga Nuklear. Kerajaan Iran mengatakan mereka menggunakan Nuklear untuk menjana tenaga. Saya tak kisah apa jua tujuaan Iran tapi kenapa pihak barat tidak membenar Iran menjana tenaga Nuklear. Kenapa Amerika Syarikat, Israel,negara Barat- Eropah, Rusia, Blok Eropah Timur, India, Jepun dan Cina boleh memiliki dan menjadi kuasa nuklear. Jawapannya ialah kerana IRAN adalah negara Islam jadi tidak layak memiliki dan menggunakan tenaga nuklear. Kalau mereka mengatakan IRAN mengancam keselamatan dan kestabilan rantau asia barat dan dunia, lansung tidak masuk akal kerana Israel yang GANAS lagi KEJAM adalah merupakan negara yang mengamcam Asia Barat. Telah bertahun-tahun ratau Asia barat berada dibawah tekanan Israel, kenapa pihak AS tidak bertolak ansur, mereka terus menyokong Israel dan mengatakan keperluan Israel adalah PERLU. Senjata Israel sebenarnya mengugat Rantau Asia Barat kerana sokongan pihak AS dan barat terutama dari kerajaan British tang telah merampas tanag rakyat Palestin lalu diberikan kapada Yahudi ZIONIS Israel yang tidak mempunyai negara. Inilah kerja jahat pihak British merampas dan membahagi-bahagikan negara sesukahati mereka. Secara tak lansung terlahir sudah negara Zionis di rantau Asia Tenggara ini, hasil ciptaan British.
    8. Agak malang apabila YBhg Ayananda Tun membuat sidang akhbar untuk membantah kehadiran Penjenayah Perang Tony Blair tidak mendapat liputan MEDIA. Walau apapun teruskan perjuangan IKHLAS Ayahanda demi kebaikan manusia sejagat. kami bersama berjuang dengan Ayahanda TDM.

  124. acom Aug 2,2008 9:46 PM

    Permisi Tun,
    Saddam dan geng nya dah lenyap angkara Bush,Blair and the geng.
    Tetapi di Iraq masih diancam kemusnahan harta bende dan nyawa manusia.
    Itulah manusia yang memperjuanganken agenda masing2 yang tidak secocok.
    Padahal agama diadakan untuk manusia hidup diatas muka bumi ini dengan cara yang berbaik2 antara satu sama lain.
    mungkin dalam 100 tahun lagi boleh berubah perangai manusia jika sekiranya tok guru dari sekarang memberi penekanan yang betul pada umah dari segi fungsi agama yang sebenar.
    Fungsi agama adalah menyatu padu kan manusia supaya membina masyarakat yang bertamaddun ,bukan bunuh membunuh, bukan berhasad dengki, fitnah,tipu,mengaibkan saudara islam,kafir menkafir,menyusahkan dengan denda wang ringgit ,penjara untuk kesalahan bersangkutan dosa. manusia akan didenda dua kali satu diatas dunia dengan wang ringgit dan satu lagi di akhirat .
    Ini tidak adil, mahkamah atas dunia telah menghukum .
    Apa2 kesalahan manusia yang di anggap berdosa mestilah menerima hukuman nya di akhirat saja.
    Di atas dunia mereka hanya boleh diberitahu mereka telah berdosa dan perlu di beri kaunselling oleh tok guru itu sahaja.
    Segala usaha hendaklah dlakukan untuk memastikan semua umat ada semangat persaudaraan ,kasih sayang tolong menolong, hormat menghormati.
    Walaubagaimana pun mahkamah atas dunia mesti mempunyai segala jenis undang2 yang selalu disemak untuk mengekang segala jenis jenayah yang terfikir dek manusia’
    Perundangan yang ada dalam A Quran tidak lengkap untuk dipraktik diatas dunia kecuali kes zina.
    Itu lah sebab nya ICJ diitiraf oleh semua orang.
    mahkamah ini telah memberi manusia yang bersemangat penyamun siang sabuah pulau kepunyaan sultan Johor.
    Rodovan Karavic sedang dibicarakan, siapa kah agaknya yang membawa bush ,blair kesitu.

  125. suakbadil Aug 2,2008 9:22 PM

    Salam Tun…
    Sekarang, semua orang dah tidur, perut terlampau kenyeng…Itulah masalahnya.
    Penyamun,pembunuh…apa-apa jelah, welcome 2 Malaysia, buat macam rumah sendiri!!!!
    P/s: Makan bila lapar saja….

  126. boz Aug 2,2008 9:06 PM

    If the U.K. intelligent agency knows that Malaysia is an enemy country, they will stop Blair at all cost from coming here. But he did come and he did give a talk on the rule of law and good govenance, at the invitation of the Malaya University. The Sultan of Perak graced the event. Saddam Hussein was not a good leader. There were dungeons where he or his people kept all the prisoners. Some of the prisoners were meant to entertain his family members. If Saddam could be arrested and executed, why can’t they do that to the military junta in Burma ? Of course, the answer is again simple. Oil. But then again, why didn’t the Iraqis remove Saddam themselves ? If the Iraqis do not ask the foreign forces to leave, then the world community should make them to. Iraq is now more like an exercise field for the military using real weapons. What made Bush decide on attacking Iraq ? It was a report. No. It was a lie.
    The world is changing. Blair has stepped down. Howard has stepped down. The next and final one to step down is Bush himself. So, Malaysia has to respond to the changes taking place in other parts of the world.

  127. muslimah_262 Aug 2,2008 9:05 PM

    Salaam Tun.
    May I correct your statement about Iraqi civilian deaths, Tun.
    Blair, Bush and the few allies that illegally invaded a predominantly Muslim-populated country of Iraq, caused the death of OVER 1.3 MILLION citizens of Iraq.(not just hundreds of thousands).
    To “Abi”,do you know that Blair was immediately taken up by Zionist Israel (call it “employed”) the minute he stepped down as UK Prime Minister. He commutes between Tel Aviv and Britain, ever since he stepped down. He has office in ISRAEL. He is “employed” and paid handsomely to go on a globe-trotting mission to talk about whatever that the Likud-ruled ISRAEL wants him to talk about.
    He is NO angel.
    This Malaysian trip is just one of many. It never fails to amaze me how you all simply “gawk” at his “international” credentials. He has NONE that has any moral standing. He is travelling around for Israel, which, only a few of us know, is riding on USA to fight and die for the mere existence of Israel.
    I am equally and bitterly disappointed that Blair’s picture, seated with Raja Azlan Shah during the forum, was flashed in Berita Harian today. Shame on us.
    Bush, Blair and the entire USA Govt. (Neo-con Republican ) machinery (spare the poor American masses) who LIED about the existence of WMD (weapon of massive destruction) in Iraq.
    We Malaysians invited Blair, the LIAR, to talk to us? Are we nuts?Well, the invitation extended to a war criminal like Blair, is one fine example
    No wonder the (Zionist) Jews look down upon Gentiles (or Goyim, they call us) as plain stupid, and regard themselves as a “superior” race. But if there any intelligent outspoken (anti-Zionist) ones, they will annihilate them anyway- psychologically,if not physically. Heard of JFK on NOv. 22nd, 1963? Before 22/11/63, JFK was loudly opposing the expansion the nuclear weapons development in Israel, wanted to control/end CIA activities, and warned the Americans about “secret societies” (a.k.a. Freemasons) al of which, he knew were detrimental to American society.
    We -Muslims- apparently made lots of noise opposing the Iraq invasion back in 2003. Now in 2008, we extend a red carpet to Blair. Something is seriously wrong here.
    They Zionists are laughing at us now. WE also got duped by the September-11 2001 “beautifully orchestrated demolition” inside-job act of the 3 ( yes, three) buildings in New York in 2001. Again they are laughing at us- for knowing too late. Afghanistan was a “prize” worth invading, using 9-11 as an excuse.So, who cares about people finding out the truth later.
    Blessings to all citizens that uphold and spread truth. Blessings to Tun and family.

  128. Onlooker Aug 2,2008 8:31 PM

    During your 22 years’ reign as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the BN Government adopted a Pro-Republican Diplomatic Policy on the international relations with the United States.
    In 1984, one of your sons, Mokhzani Mahathir, while studying at University of Oklahoma at Tulsa, was invited to a house visit at Texas by the then Vice President to President Reagan, namely George Bush, who is the father of present U.S. President, George W. Bush. During George W. Bush’s presidential run against the Democrat candidate Al Gore in year 2000, you deliberately voiced out your support to the Republican candidate because Al Gore already stepped onto your toes in 1998 during his visit to Kuala Lumpur, by praising Anwar’s supporters as the brave people who dared to fight for democracy and freedom of gatherings and come forward to organise massive demonstrations on the street.
    Can you please clarify to us now after the Alliance Troops’ invasion to Iraq shortly after the 911 event, whether you had ever instructed your Foreign Minister to change the diplomatic policy on the United States while you were still holding the post of Prime Minister?
    If you had never initiated a change on the Pro-Republican policy by yourself, you should have no political legitimacy to blame PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for succeeding your legacy and following the old path that had been laid by you – adopting a Pro-Republican Diplomatic Policy which was openly endorsed by you for about 22 years!
    If you are in the opinion that it had been wrong for Malaysians to give support to a Republican President of the United States, would you like to suggest a revert to the wrong policy and turn to give support to a Democrat Presidential Candidate of the U.S.? What is your opinion about Democrats’ political standing of giving marriage rights to the homosexual for marrying partner of the same sex? Do you support the rights of abortion like what Democrats had long since been supporting in the United States?
    We look forward to listening further to your opinion. Thank you!
    Tun’s comment is listed below for reference:
    “On the basis of this lie he (Tony Blair) joined George Bush of the United States to launch a massive war against Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroying their cities, the electricity and water supply.”

  129. Aug 2,2008 8:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Could not agree with you more!
    Both Bush and Blair are barefaced and blatant killers, and are totally guilt as War Criminals. Accusing Saddam of possessing weapons of mass destruction they forced themselves upon the poor defenseless people of Iraq, raping Iraq of its riches. They needed an excuse to plunder the much needed oil so they needed an excuse.
    They became war criminals of the highest degree but the world would not stand to their mighty force except for one man in Malaysia.(he has the support of lots and lots of people in Malaysia as well as the world but have been cowed into the ‘conspiracy of silence’)
    As for the Malaysian press they are but the running dogs of the …..I am sure you know who and whose regime. So blaming them of silence can be futile.
    He and his cohorts in the Government have proven to be the running dogs of Blair-Bush and his gang of Muslim murders, who killed thousands of innocent Muslims. Malaysia was or is still the Chair of the Muslim World but what a wimp who was chosen to lead the Muslim world. No guts to stand or even speak up, but this can be imaginable but to invite a murdered to our doorstep one cannot fathom. In the name of justice and knowledge the other personalities who happily posed for photographs and ‘fanned’ Blair are cohorts of Muslim murders.
    Take care of your health Tun
    I will always pray for you

  130. asoka Aug 2,2008 7:22 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Many Many comments in your blog on the arrival of T.Blair, even the Highest level Person . Tun your vision and comments are falling to all Deaf Ears. I think you should suggest to form Yayasan Orang – orang PEKAK Malaysia and nominate all those to be the BOD’s. If looks joke but thats reality.
    Saddam protected, feed, managed, funded and also killed somepeople in his country. Who are these British & US to sentence Saddam , Its a Bad History to know. During your time you also never fight to the max of the invassion of the Allied group in Iraq. What more can you comment now . Its over Tun.
    In our country , a little girl Sharline – lost to so many month, now they seek international police to help.What is wrong with the Immigration? Cant someone check with the data’s or scanner , if the kid was really smuggled out of malaysia.
    I really felt, a tiny but a very serious issue is the missing girl unfound till todate.What is the police & goverment doing about this.Is it because she is poor mens kid, no body taking any steps.??
    In this country there many many more issues need to be higlighted, If you really care for the Malaysian and the people, you being the previous PM for the last 20 over years, please highlight this kind of issue.You cant be champion again fighting the Goverment. Gain more support by solving the heart to heart issues.
    I am an Malaysia Indian but i can feel the sense and the suffering pain of the Sharline’s parents, why cant you feel this Tun.Please Tun, all this happening after you gave your post to someone not reliable and not relevant to local issues but to personal issues.
    DO SOMETHING NOW SINCE YOU ARE CAPABLE. Sorry if my comments hurts your feeling ,but this a fathers concern. You are our father of succes.

  131. Harimau1900 Aug 2,2008 7:01 PM

    Saudara rodong,
    Mungkin saya tidak berakal sepertimana saudara Rodong komen di atas…Kalau kamu betul-betul hendak jawapan dan kebenaran, kamu tak seharusnya puji sahaja. Kalau kamu tengok komen-komen saya yang lepas, kamu sendiri tahu. Bukan sahaja kita kencam yang salah tapi kita juga puji yang baik…
    Maafkan saya kalau saya keluar dari tajuk dibawah….
    TDM ada komen pasal “Melayu mudah lupa”….Kalau Melayu mudah lupa takkanlah BN boleh tahan selama 51 tahun termasuk TDM 22 tahun???
    Kalau bukan Melayu yang support mana BN boleh tahan…Melayu yang di katakan “Mudah Lupa” inilah majoriti yang membawa BN untuk memrintah selama 51 tahun dan seterusnya…
    TDM lah yang boleh di anggap “Mudah Lupa”….Selepas bersara sahaja, terus menjadi pembangkang….Terus keluar dari UMNO. Siapa mudah lupa kat sini. Kalau nak berjuang untuk rakyat atau parti kena berjuang bersama untuk menegakkan kebenaran bukan keluar parti dan kondem parti yang menjadikan dia jadi PM selama 22 tahun….
    Ini Datuk Seri Anwar pula di tuduh meliwat??? Manaboleh dia seorang yang terhormat di kalangan rakyat Malaysia dan sepatutnya menjadi contoh kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia menuduh DSAI tanpa sebarang bukti?
    TDM sudah 83 tahun dan sepatutnya memberi nasihat baik dan bernas kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia dan bukannya kutuk mengutuk sessorang. Saya tengok ramai antara bloggers memanggil dia ayahnda dan sebagai seorang ayah bukan sahaja kepada anak-anak dia malah kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, sepatutnya tidak boleh berpihak kepada sesiapa. Beliau mesti berpendirian Neutral. Tak kira berkenaan DSAI, DSAAB, Najib, DAP, PAS atau Pakatan Rakyat. Mula-mula di sokong Abdullah dan mengatakan Abdullah lah Mr.Clean dan layak mengganti beliau, kemudian tukar kepada Najib, lepas itu Kuli Tengku Kuli, Muhiddin etc….
    Saya memang akui kecerdikaannya dan kepimpinannya…Saya masih percaya beliau boleh menyumbang kepada negara kita dengan komen-komen yang positif yang boleh membawa kebaikan kepada rakyat. Seperti bagaimana memulihkan ekonomi negara kita, jalan untuk menurun harga minyak, memberi subsidi kepada barang barang seperti beras, minyak masak dll dan juga bagaimana kita boleh meningkat taraf dalam pendidikan dan hidup rakyat. Beliau juga boleh beri pendapat bagaimana kaum Bumiputera yang miskin boleh menikmati NEP atau bagaimana NEP boleh diperbaiki untuk menolong kaum Bumiputera yang miskin bukan untuk orang yang sudah kaya dan berada….
    Saya minta maaf kalau saya menyinggung perasaan saudara dan rakan bloggers yang lain.

  132. 2winT Aug 2,2008 6:38 PM

    Dear Tun & All
    Another sad day for Malaysia. I don’t know what they meant by ‘Press freedom’.
    A PC on a very important issue that definitely have interest in and outside Malaysia should be headlines on every major newspaper, but none reported.
    This is a very dangerous development.
    Why were the government invited Blair? And why were the government are not sensitive to the people?
    They’re simply blind. They can’t see what is in front of them.
    As long as they are up there, Malaysian will continue to suffer and be humiliate by others
    AAB doesn’t have a vision for the country and he doesn’t know how to manage a country, not even a simple task well.
    But he surely knows how to waste billion of dollars.
    Signs of destruction.
    I believed that those who did the wrong thing will be punished eventually.
    But they are buying time at our expense.
    So I hope they will be punished as soon as possible.
    Dear friends, please don’t ask Tun to lead the anti-government movement. Let somebody else do it, give Tun a break, he’s already retired, remember.
    Tun can contribute his brilliant ideas and experiences in speeches and writing in Malaysia and around the world.
    He deserves a better respect. A Truly World Leader
    Truly Asia

  133. MalaysiaNotes Aug 2,2008 6:31 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Malaysians should concern more on this kind of issues rather than cheap political dramas…

  134. rbj Aug 2,2008 6:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are a true world leader, especially for the Muslim and the developing countries.
    To ABI:
    Just because you hate Dr M, you easily recognize Blair a prominent world leader. It just shows you can tolerate with the killings of innocent people. Everyday you can’t wait to criticize Dr. M. Not a single comment of yours provides any useful ideas/info except hatred. Grow up man.

  135. sdahenan Aug 2,2008 6:01 PM

    Yang di hormati lagi di sayangi Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah.
    Anakanda tumpang lalu.
    Saudara Desponang dan sahabat2 lain sekelian nya
    Saya rasa kalau di letakkan Mokhzani atau Marina ,saya setuju sangat tetapi jangan lah kita MINTA Ayahanda Tun Dr.Mahathir untuk bertanding di Permatang Pauh. Ayahanda is TOO GOOD A MAN TO BE PITTED AGAINST THAT OR THOSE BLOODY RASCAL.
    Depa tak tahu membezakan antara POLITIC AND FRIENDSHIP.
    Cerita benar Tun Musa Hitam selepas keluar dari kerajaan
    kerana BERTOJE dengan Ayahanda Mahathir.
    TUN MUSA HITAM: I understand if you do not want to come to my
    daughter’s wedding because of our differences.
    TUN DR.MAHATHIR: Oh that is politics, this is FRIENDSHIP.
    Tak caye tanya Tun Musa sendiri.
    Politician yang lain2 tu agak2 nya reti ke pasai FRIENDSHIP ni?
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah selalu berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT.
    Alif Lam Mim

  136. HasJebat Aug 2,2008 5:06 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun disayangi,
    You’re great. I just had a conversation with a respected Pakistani. We talked about you too. He also said you’re great. He summed up, if only we the people of Pakistan could give him (i.e. you) a contract to be our President, our country should be a better place for us. Talking about Blair I strongly agree with you that he is a criminal of the highest order, second to George W. Bush who was trying to convince the world that his “Iraq Attack” was legitimate, well-founded, and defensible. They both are the greatest liars. Bush believed he could rely on The Big Lie not just about Iraq, for that was the best, the most believable of his lies — but the lies about nearly anything he has promised, stated as fact, or used to make his case about everything from health care to education. The Big Lie theory, promulgated most notably by Hitler, posits that if you tell the masses — who are, according to the theory, undereducated and too busy working to feed themselves — a big enough lie, over and over for a long enough period of time, they’ll buy it.
    Are the leaders in our present government applying The Big Lie theory too?
    Allah peliharakanlah kesejahteraan Tun sekeluarga.

  137. Marhain Sepi Aug 2,2008 5:02 PM

    Tun dan pembaca sekelian,
    Saya bersetuju dengan dakwaan Tun berkenaan Tony Blair sebagai seorang penjenayah yang sangat kejam dan semestinya mengharapkan Kerajaan Malaysia menutup sebelah mata membenarkan akhbar menyiarkan bantahan lawatan dan penyertaan forum oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Britain ini. Malangnya realiti politik dunia hari ini jauh lebih rumit berbanding dengan zaman pentadbiran Tun dulu.
    Pertamanya kerana Amerika dan sekutunya telah berjaya membuktikan kepada dunia bahawa mereka adalah pemerintah mutlak masa kini dengan menyerang Iraq hanya dengan menggunakan alasan-alasan yang direka sendiri. Walaupun akhirnya alasan-alasan mereka ini gagal dibuktikan, Pertubuhan Bangsa-2 Bersatu (PBB) tidak pula mengambil apa-apa tindakan keras terhadap Amerika. Contoh alasan mereka yang langsung tidak berasas itu boleh dilihat melalui siri ceramah yang dibuat oleh Scott Ritter, bekas pemeriksa senjata nuklear PBB.
    Faktor yang kedua ialah kerana adanya bukti-bukti yang semakin jelas tentang kebolehan istimewa Amerika untuk meghasilkan gempa bumi secara buatan dikawasan-kawasan gempa bumi. Semenjak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini, Amerika telah menggunakan kaedah mengugut kuasa-kuasa besar tertentu dengan mengadakan gempa bumi skala besar sekitar 6.8 – 9.5 Skala Ritcher, termasuk yang berlaku di China baru-baru ini. Untuk makluman lanjut, pembaca boleh merujuk kepada satu projek bernama HAARP.
    Berdasarkan dua bukti ini, saya berpendapat bahawa semua kuasa-kuasa besar selain Amerika berada dalam krisis “geopolitical” yang terbesar dalam sejarah peradaban manusia kerana saya yakin semua kuasa-kuasa besar ini telahlah maklum dengan keupayaan terbaru Amerika ini. Saya jangka dunia sekarang berada dalam satu konflik yang sangat kritikal. Jika tidak ada satu tindakan atau kompromi dalam tempoh terdekat ini, kemungkinan meletus perang dunia ketiga (World War 3) sangat besar.
    Berbalik kepada persoalan ekonomi pula, saya berpendapat Malaysia perlu menguatkan usaha kearah Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan (R&D) yang lebih berkesan. Hanya melalui R&D sahajalah satu-satu negara itu boleh membangun dengan lebih pesat. Lihat sahaja Jepun yang tidak mempunyai sumber-sumber alam seperti mana kita berjaya muncul sebagai kuasa ekonomi yang kedua terpenting didunia.
    Antara bidang R&D yang perlu disegerakan ialah teknologi penanaman padi. Pada masa ini kita jauh ketinggalan dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain. Contohnya di Jawa Tengah, purata pengeluaran padi ialah sekitar 10-12 metrik tan bagi setiap hektar tanah sawah, sedangkan kita mempunyai purata sekitar 4-5 metrik tan sahaja. Paling menyedihkan apabila membaca lapuran dari MOA tahun lalu yang mensasarkan purata pengeluaran 4.5 metrik tan sehektar sahaja. Semasa lawatan kesana baru-baru ini, saya dapati bahawa teknik tanaman dan pembajaan yang kita amalkan disini merupakan penyebab utama penghasilan yang sangat rendah. Jika kita dapat membetulkan keadaan ini, Malaysia tidak perlu mengimport beras dalam tempoh 2 tahun lagi dan ini akan menjadikan negara kita “self-sufficient” sebagaimana kebanyakan negara-negara maju yang lain.
    Satu lagi bidang R&D yang harus ditumpukan ialah teknologi penjimatan bahanapi menggunakan gas hydrogen yang dihasilkan melalui pemecahan molekul air. Bukti-bukti terbaru menunjukkan bahawa ada penjimatan yang nyata apabila teknologi ini digabungkan dengan enjin pembakaran dalam (ICE). Jika teknologi ini boleh menjimatkan secara purata sebanyak 30% penggunaan bahanapi, impaknya sangatlah besar terhadap ekonomi dan seterusnya taraf hidup kita. Oleh itu seharusnya kajian-kajian yang lebih intensif perlu dilakukan oleh pusat-pusat penyelidikan kerajaan seperti SIRIM, MIMOS, MARDI atau mana pusat penyelidikan yang lain bagi membaiki aspek-aspek penggunaan dan keselamatan teknologi ini.
    Harapan saya ialah kita sama-sama berusaha membaiki ekonomi diperingkat akar umbi sebelum kita dipaksa menjadi negara pengguna sahaja.

  138. reader Aug 2,2008 5:00 PM

    yours is perhaps one of the worst comments I have read here.
    Tony Blair is a war criminal. Just because he was not dragged to ICJ didn’t mean he is an innocent man. He has supported the policy that broke a nation into a million pieces – sent millions as refugees to foreign countries and have dropped mayhem and tragedy on a nation that didn’t deserve it.
    Dr. M is channeling the same ire that the rest of humanity are feeling.
    It’s not that the younger generation that are ‘ill-informed’,
    it’s people like you who are known for your twisted logic.

  139. webmelayu Aug 2,2008 4:54 PM

    Yg Disayangi Tun
    Kepada orang yang mencerca Tun. Mind your language.
    Pergi cari sapa2 pemimpin sekarang ni
    bukan setakat di Malaysia, malahan di dunia yg boleh
    seperti Tun Mahathir
    Adakah Blair terlalu bagus atau GW BUSH. Semuanya
    berani sebab negara besar.
    Kalaulah England tu sebesar Malaysia, Bush & Blair
    nak cakap sepatah pun tak berani.
    Malaysia sebaliknya negara kecil. Tetapi lantang di mata dunia.
    Cuma itu berlaku di zaman Tun M la
    Pikir2 kan la..

  140. akuyan Aug 2,2008 4:52 PM

    assalamualikum Tun…
    Dibesarkan dibawah pemerintahan Tun cukup indah dan cukup bermakna bg saya tapi setelah paklah menggantikan Tun keindahan dan ketenangan yg dinakmati itu punah sama sekali. Perasaan gundah gulana sering menghantui saya bila memikirkan tentang masa depan rakyat Malaysia terutama orang2 Melayu walaupon saya “hanya mempunyai sesudu darah melayu”
    Bagi saya apa yg Tun katakan Tun gagal mengubah pemikiran org Melayu itu adalah dari segi keseluruhan ( Umno+Pas+melayu Pkr) tp Tun juga perlu ingat bahawa kami2 para blogger inilah yg membuktikan yg Tun berjaya mengubah pemikiran kami dan menjadikan kami yang mana melangkaui kotak pendapat politik dan bersatu hati bersetuju dengan apa yg dipikirkan oleh Tun..
    Tun, ini adalah kejayaan yg besar sebenarnya bagi Tun dimana dapat mengubah pemikiran kami dan berjaya ditanamkan dengan semangat perjuangan Agama Bangsa Dan Negara yg mana dibawa oleh Parti Umno yg bukan parti keluarga.
    Dengan kesatuan ini, Tun sebenarnya menyatukan kesemua rakyat yg berbeza Parti politik menerima Perjuangan Sebenar Umno. Perlu kita paham disini Perjuangan Sebenar Umno adalah Perjuangan Agama Bangsa Negara dan bukanlah perjuangan untuk mengampu pemimpin sebagaimana yg berlaku sekarang.
    Tun, ini adalah kejayaan bagi saya pada Tun.. Usahlah Tun merungut dan berkata yg Tun gagal. Telah terbukti dan diterjemahkan disini bahawa sebenarnya Tun telah berjaya dengan cemerlang sekali.
    Tetapi seperti biasa, kepimpinan Umno yg sedia ada sekarang sebenarnya yg cuba mengelirukan rakyat terutamanya orang2 melayu.
    Tun, teruskan usaha murni Tun. Saya berjanji saya sanggup korbankan segalanya yg ada untuk berjuang demi masa depan Malaysia terutamanya masa depan Agama Bangsa dan negara yg tercinta..
    salam ikhlas
    p/s: jika Tun bertanding di Permatang Pauh ( mungkin x kot ) atau ada calon yg Tun cadangkan untuk bebas, saya akan turun kesana.
    Dah letih kempen utk Umno paklah..
    kita tengok time nak pilihanraya kerah akar umbi.. tp dah menang bukan nak dengar suara akar umbi pon.. pirah paklah..
    Kepada Pak Lah..
    x payah la mimpi nak cucuk hidung kami.. kami dah bosan..dan kami x mau Pak Lah.. kempen la sorang2 kat Permatang Pauh..

  141. nabilla mohamed Aug 2,2008 4:36 PM

    malaysia ni dah merdeka ke belum lg?sekurang2nya masa dulu sebelum merdeka physically, surat khabar dan media berjaya merangsang semangat patriotism dikalangan rakyat tanah melayu. keadaan sekarang menunjukkan yang media dan surat khabar hanya flyers yang di sebarkan sana sini untuk pemberitahuan tentang “teater” yang dipentaskan oleh pelakon yang sangat berbakat.

  142. winnets Aug 2,2008 4:27 PM

    this so called ……….are just there to enjoy themself with the f & b only……………

  143. Melayu Riyadh Aug 2,2008 4:23 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I think I finally got it. We are finished and in decline. No more fighting spirit etc, nothing. Malaysia is joining the pack of developing countries like Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives etc etc, insignificant and weak simply because the leadeship is bodoh sombong. Just hope our future generations have enough to eat.
    Might as well adopt the Phillipines model now, train our people to work overseas as maids, nurses etc. Prospects in the country getting dimmer by the minute and there is no signs of reversing. Worst still, the leadership seems oblivion about this and produly think otherwise – bunch of idiots.
    Dear Abi/Neil and other jokers here,
    Please be logical. Despite your hatred for Tun, what Tun mentioned make sense, not only to us but people everywhere around the world, this Blair guy gambled and lied about the war, thousands died, and the country ruined. Somebody has to be responsible for this. War of of words is one thing, but actual war is no laughing matter, people’s life are ruined and it will take decades to rebuild. I have met a lot of them who has suffered wars in their country – and beleive you me, do not politicise the matter.
    Please tell me who should be responsible for this? Please show your true colours on this. If you feel that you want to win arguments over this, go ahead, makes no difference to me. Just hoping Malaysian decline won’t reach that level.
    Having said that, we can and still needs to fight on. Orang Melayu tak fight, sape lagi. We cannot depend on those people who has no qualms leaving the countries when it is no longer prosperous – robbing its wealth on the way out.

  144. luqman Aug 2,2008 4:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan kawan kawan.(TDMhater, Azri72, Neil, Unlooker serta yang seumpama dengan si ABI boleh blah)
    Saya rasa kita tak boleh letak tanggungjawap 100% pada Tun untuk carikan penyelesaian jatuhkan Pak Lah. Kita semua masih muda lagi ( yang ni assumption saja) Tun dah lakukan yang terdaya. Kita kena bagi motivasi pada Tun juga sekali sekala sebab kalau dengan alam maya ni serupalah dengan cinta internet. Tak jumpa orangnya. Apa yang saya cadangkan ialah salah seorang dari kita dapat buat perkara berikut.
    1. Sesiapa yang pernah lead big group, buat parti baru dan minta nasihat Tun dari pelbagai sudut. What to expect? Masalah penubuhan Parti. Ahlinya? Source of Fund? Strategy?
    2. Minta tentera buat rampasan kuasa.
    3. Buat leaflet dan dihantar dengan tangan pada semua ahli UMNO yang ada. Letak dalam pos box pun cukup. Dalam kandungan leaflet tu, bagi tahu ahli UMNO tentang kelemahan Pak Lah dan seterusnya apa yang akan berlaku jika Pak Lah lebih lama jadi PM. Setahun saja lagi pun akan lebih haru biru. Apa akan berlaku jika UMNO kalah dan digantikan dengan Parti yang hanya ada agenda peribadi seperti PKR @ Anwar Ibrahim. Marah juga dalam leaflet tersebut kalau perlu.
    4. Kalau tak boleh buat jugak, kita sama sama buat TIME MACHINE, tukar balik ke tahun 2003.
    Oh ya, yang perempuan tulis dalam blog ni,tak perlulah tulisan tu macam mengorat Tun. Nanti geli orang baca. Tak pasal pasal Tun Siti marah Tun Dr M. Jangan marah ya. Ini sekadar teguran saja
    Terima kasih

  145. acom Aug 2,2008 4:07 PM

    Permisi Tun,
    Irag telah di demokratikan oleh kuasa barat,dengan helah WMD dsb nya.
    Tujuan mereka baik , niat mereka baik, macam banyak umat manusia yang mati dihujung pedang semasa Islam disebarkan zaman dahulu. Waktu itu tujuan nya baik, niat yang baik!
    Tetapi kenapa masih berlaku kekacauan di Iraq?.
    Berbunuh sesama sendiri, manusia kalau sudah memikir kan bahawa nyawa mereka dikorban kan demi untuk menegak syiar yang songsang untuk kepentingan alam yang selepas mati ,maka peluang untuk menikmati keamanan ,kesejahteraan diatas dunia untuk yang hidup adalah sukar.
    Perkara yang sedih ini akan tetap berlaku selagi maseh ada tok guru ugama, mullah dsbnya menurun kan kefahaman yang mencampur aduk kan dua alam ini. Tok guru yang cuba memerintah dengan bertopengkan ugama.
    Islam itu mudah , ugama dipeturunkan untuk kesejateraan manusia diatas muka bumi supaya boleh hidup dengan aman damai.
    Penekanan yang dilakukan oleh ketua2 agama lebih menjurus kepada menakut2 umat tentang azab kubur, penyeksaan di hari akhirat, dosa dosa dosa.dan ganjaran yang menunggu mereka membuat pahala .
    Macam mana nak buat pahala cara express dsbnya.
    Cara dan gaya penekanan ini telah berlanjutan beratus tahun- sekarang inilah pemikiran umat Islam sehingga mencerminkan tingkah laku mereka, bagai rakus nya mereka mengejar untuk melakukan ibadat
    nyawa mampus dan mampus kan nyawa orang lain yang tak bersalah, yang baru nak lihat dunia.
    Pijak sampai mati manusia lain dalam mengerjakan haji , walhal ugama
    itu kesejahteraan umat.
    Kafir mekafirkan kaum kerabat, mendedahkan perkara mungkar yang lakukan oleh umat.Padahal islam kalau boleh hendak menutup segala keburukan umat.
    Islam bukan menyusahkan umat
    Diatas dunia yang civilise undang2 manusia sahaja yang diterimapakai
    untuk menyelesaikan apa 2 saja yang dipertikaikan tentang tingkah laku antara manusia berbagai mahkamah sehingga ICJ.
    Perbicaraan yang dibuat mestilah mengikut sandiwara aturcara perundangan.
    Saya belum yakin bahawa manusia boleh dikawal , hidup, aman damai
    penuh kaseh sayang diatas dunia dengan semangat penuh dengan attitude win-win

  146. tokapi Aug 2,2008 3:28 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya dengaq cerita, depa nak suroh Tun lawan Anwar kat Permatang Pauh? betoi ka Tun?
    Kalau pada pandangan saya, tak sesuai la kalau Tun bertanding lagi dah… sebab TUN perlukan masa dengan family la ni kan… kalau Tun jadi wakil rakyat balik, hilang la masa dengan family tu..
    Apa pon Tun, saya ada satu soalan, direct kat Tun.. Dalam forum MyKmu.Net, ada forumer kata Ezam dah jumpa Tun sebelum dia masuk UMNO.. betui ka Tun?
    Lagi satu, apa pandangan Tun dalam menghadapi pilihan raya kecik Permatang Pauh… sebab rasanya kita terpaksa pilih satu antara 2 keburukan… atau patut adakah pilihan ke -3?
    Mintak akal fikiran Tun supaya kami generasi muda dapat guna sedikit dari apa yang disampaikan sebagai pedoman..
    Mudah-mudahan Tun dalam keadaan sihat wal-afiat…

  147. khairuddin Aug 2,2008 2:52 PM

    YABhg. Tun,
    Salam hormat. Saya diberitahu ada segelintir mahasiswa menunjuk perasaan atas kehadiran Tony Blair di negara. Sekurang-kurang mahasiswa-mahasiswa ini mengerti siapa Tony Blair ini. Sebaliknya, Pakatan Rakyat yang sering berdemonstrasi tidak menunjukkan pendirian membantah kehadiran Tony Blair. Barangkali mereka bersetuju dengan tindakan Tony Blair bersama Bush membunuh rakyat Iraq. Begitu juga Ketua Pemuda UMNO, kenapa membisu dalam perkara ini.

  148. ABI Aug 2,2008 2:48 PM

    TUN M,
    Just because you hate Tony Blair, you can’t expect others too to toe your line.
    Let’s face it: Tony Blair,is a prominent world leader and currently he has set up some organizations to promote inter-faith understanding. That’s indeed a great and noble deed. You, on the contrary, go about inciting the people to hate the national leaders with whom you have differences of opinion, for reasons only known to you!
    The younger generation, most of whom are ill-informed and lack knowledge of the world, accept your convoluted logic blindly. Where are we heading, my countrymen? Towards moral decline and disaster?

  149. Shaharon Salleh Aug 2,2008 2:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You were right that Tony Blair was directly responsibled in the conspiracy which saw massive destruction inflicted upon Iraq and Afghanistan. United States was claiming their status as the only world ‘Superpower’ when they launched brutal war and agressions towards Aghanistan 7 Oct. 2001 and Iraq in March 2003.
    And Britain, plus many other Western nations, out of their ingnorance, were induced to participate in these wars on the pretex of acts against terror, against brutality and agression.
    These wars were actually designed by the US administration in a conspiracy to crucify Muslims all over the world and to grab control upon abundance oil resources in the Muslim countries.
    The fromer US Deputy Secretary of Defence, Paul Wolfowitz, who was also the World Bank’s President (2005-2007), was the prime leader who laid down the Wlofowitze Doctrine, also known as the ‘Bush Doctrine’, a new strategic defence policy of the United States which enforced the ideas of ‘pre-emptive’, ‘unilateralism’ and the so-called ‘war against terrorism’.
    Afghanistan became the first victim of these Wolfowitz Doctrines for reasons that Taliban were harbouring al-Qaeda fighters and Osama Bin Laden, while Iraq became the second on merely created claims that Saddam Hussin as partly involved in the 911 tragedy and to destroy the never found Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.
    And I wonder what has conspired behind the relationship of Anwar Ibrahim and Paul Wolfowitz whom the Newsweek International claims as ‘long time friend’.

  150. dospenang Aug 2,2008 2:30 PM

    Sedang TUN sekarang ini tiada dalam mana-mana parti, apa kata TUN bertanding lawan ANWAR IBRAHIM dekat PERMATANG PAUH atas tiket BEBAS….
    Saya nak tengok juga reaksi Anwar bila TUN buat kenyataan nak bertanding parlimen tu. Kalau acah pun jadilah….
    Mesti gabra punya….
    Saya rasa kalau TUN bertanding baik untuk TUN kerana TUN mungkin boleh masuk PARLIMEN hentam PAK LAH CUKUP22222.

  151. Harimau1900 Aug 2,2008 2:20 PM

    Saudara Rodong,
    Saya bukannya berpihak kepada Bush dan Blair. Sebenarnya saya benci perbuatan mereka dan mengharamkannya….
    Saya lebih khuatir apa yang berlaku di dalam negara kita. Yang bersalah lepas dan yang tak bersalah menghadapi tuduhan dan hukuman.
    Saya percaya sungguh kepada Tuhan yang Mah Esa dan suatu hari nanti setiap orang mesti jawap kepadaNya. Apa yang saya minta di sini adalah kebenaran (Justice)….Banyak perkara hina berlaku dan kita rakyat yang terima balasan daripada perbuatan buruk oleh orang orang yang berkuasa. Orang yang berada takda pun susah tapi rakyat??? Sekarang negara kita Justice maknanya sudah lain.
    Bush dan Blair membunuh manusia secara terbuka tapi kat Malaysia rakyat di bunuh secara halus melalui kuasa dan kroni…

  152. overview Aug 2,2008 2:19 PM

    media sekarang dia agak takut kang nanti kena di gam plak or else kena saman…dia org slalu pikir takut.. ni nak lari jauh kit dari topik.. hari ni kuar newspaper kuota untuk kerajaan malaysia minyak diturunkan 10%,, maknanya kita punya minyak utk dieksport tu lebih lah kan.. harga minyak pun ada turun sikit….tapi musykil jugak apsal harga dia tu boleh naik genap 2.7?…kerajaan bundar ker apa?eventhought budak sekolah darjah 4 pun boleh kesan kemusykillan ni.. sapa nak jawab ni..Mr. chedet…… u bagi smash skit goverment kita sekarang ni.. mau tahap bengang pun ada ni…

  153. Freddie Kevin Aug 2,2008 2:04 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    It pains me to see that all that the country stood for internationally during your leadership is fast diminishing to being a negligible dot on a map. From chairing the Non-Aligned Movement and OIC at the tail-end of your last administration, to being puppet and stooges in the name of a more ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ democracy and in such a short space of time. The polemics advocated towards the criminal regimes of Blair and Bush with their ill conceived lies to legitimise an illegal war with the sacrifice of the lives of hundreds of thousands of men women and children in Iraq have now come full circle. From where you started in vehement opposition and now to a monocratic empty head in subservience. Blair’s presence in our country is a sacrilege. To preach to us their brand of hypocritical democracy in ours implies that we subscribe and adhere to their new world order.
    While once I was proud to be Malaysian, now most oftentimes my head hangs low in shame. All of us here in your venerate blog have lost so much are at sea in the absense of your astute and visionary leadership.
    May god bless you and your family

  154. reza aljunaid post Aug 2,2008 1:51 PM

    Tony Blair sah adalah pembunuh utama rakyat Iraq…di Malaysia dia dapat layanan macam raja….layakkah pembunuh dilayan sebegitu..??
    Bersekongkol dengan Goerge Bush…kini Pak Lah pun dua kali lima….
    Soal umat Islam di Iraq bukan boleh dibuat semberono….Iraq adalah lambang kezaliman dan pembohongan besar Tony Blair, Bush dan Pak Lah..
    Apakah sumbangan Pak Lah untuk menyelamatkan Iraq…??
    Kini agen Tony Blair, Bush, Pak Lah sedang cuba dilahirkan di Permatang Pauh….Anwar Ibrahim….
    Kepada rakyat….jangan ingat Anwar tu pandai buat kerja untuk rakyat..semenjak dia dikeluarkan dari UMNO…dia tiada kerja lain…balas dendam…itulah misi dia…
    Balas dendam pada siapa…???
    Persoalannya apakah rakyat Malaysia termakan dan terperangkap dalam perangkap Anwar Ibrahim nanti … pilihanraya kecil Parlimen Permatang Pauh bakal menentukan nasib malang atau nasib tak malang rakyat Malaysia….
    Bagi saya…Wan Azizah adalah calon terbaik Permatang pauh….tapi dia ni rupanya tak layak jadi pemimpin…kerana hidungnya sudah dicucuk oleh Anwar Ibrahim…
    Maka…kerana mereka suami isteri….mereka tetap menang…berjaya menjerat rakyat dengan agenda kosong mereka….
    Matlamat Anwar…menjadi Perdana Menteri walau apa pun caranya…
    Kalau Anwar menang…mesejnya…rakyat negara ini boleh bersekongkol dengan negara asing untuk memburuk-burukkan Malaysia…sebab rakyat malaysia suka negara mereka dibuat begitu…itulah mesej…
    Kalau Anwar kalah….mesejnya…rakyat Malaysia tidak suka pemimpin yang kotor…penipu…mementingkan diri sendiri…
    Permatang Pauh….rakyat kamu punya tugas yang sangat besar…!!!
    Antara Anwar…Melayu…atau Islam….atau Malaysia…mana satu pilihan mereka…..?????
    Tony Blair….hang tak layak cakap soal keamanan….sebab hang penuh dengan darah rakyat Iraq….
    Pak Lah….adakah hang juga suka dengan Tony Blair..???
    Dan mari kita lihat…siapa calon Pak lah kat Permatang Pauh…pandai tak dia pilih calon kasi hantam sama Anwar…????
    Saya nak tengok dia kempen gila kat Permatang Pauh….yang penting jangan kempen dengan nada bongkak….rakyat tak suka…
    saya rasa…ramai yang nak lawan Anwar ni….sebagai calon bebas…antaranya…barangkali Saiful Bukhari tu kaa….
    Ok Tun….byeeee!!!

  155. amranaris67 Aug 2,2008 1:48 PM

    Salam Tun…
    Petition utk PM Pak Lah telah dilancarkan agak lama. Tapi apa yang dpt kita perhatikan…. Peratusan rakyat M’sia yg menyokong Pak Lah adalah tersangat sedikit.. (Sila link di sini: Buat masa ini hanya 33 orang sahaja. Secara kasarnya kita dapat memahami bahawa Rakyat M’sia tidak bersetuju dgn cara Pak Lah. Tapi.. hingga sekarang keadaan yg ada tidak ada perubahan. Fikir-fikirkan wahai surfer……

  156. sonsofadam Aug 2,2008 1:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Dr.M
    Pertama2nya sy sangat berbesar hati dapat meluahkan pendapat secara ‘online’ kpd Tun yang dihormati.
    1) Saya amat bersetuju dgn pandangan tun ttg kedatangan blair ke Malaysia. Sebagai seorang yang beragama islam, kita sepatutnya mengzahirkan rasa ketidak setujuan kita terhadap apa yang telah Blair dan bush lakukan pada umat dislam diiraq.
    2) Apa yg tun lakukan amat tepat sekali bagi memaklumkan kepada dunia dan menunjukan ikatan persaudaraan yang erat sesama umat islam.
    3) Tun sememangnya seorang Pahlawan islam yang mashur di zaman ini. Pemimpin2 tertamanya yang meminpin parti yg mendokong islam sbg wadah perjuangan seharusnya mengambil contoh Keberanian Tun dalam menegakan maruah Islam. Semaga Allah menganugerahkan tun Kesihatan yang baik untuk tun terus berjuang memertabatkan islam di mukabumi ini. Allahhu akbar

  157. sonsofadam Aug 2,2008 1:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Dr.M
    Pertama2nya sy sangat berbesar hati dapat meluahkan pendapat secara ‘online’ kpd Tun yang dihormati.
    1) Saya amat bersetuju dgn pandangan tun ttg kedatangan blair ke Malaysia. Sebagai seorang yang beragama islam, kita sepatutnya mengzahirkan rasa ketidak setujuan kita terhadap apa yang telah Blair dan bush lakukan pada umat dislam diiraq.
    2) Apa yg tun lakukan amat tepat sekali bagi memaklumkan kepada dunia dan menunjukan ikatan persaudaraan yang erat sesama umat islam.
    3) Tun sememangnya seorang Pahlawan islam yang mashur di zaman ini. Pemimpin2 tertamanya yang meminpin parti yg mendokong islam sbg wadah perjuangan seharusnya mengambil contoh Keberanian Tun dalam menegakan maruah Islam. Semaga Allah menganugerahkan tun Kesihatan yang baik untuk tun terus berjuang memertabatkan islam di mukabumi ini. Allahhu akbar

  158. dash Aug 2,2008 1:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    i too wondered why Blair was invited here, many upset with the things he did to Iraq yet AAB and his ministers simply couldn’t care less.
    Wonder what they’re busy with?
    i would love to have you back as malaysia’s prime minister, is that possible?

  159. joehenry Aug 2,2008 1:06 PM

    Tun, It is ironical that our former Lord President, the former highest legal officer of Malaysia would invite Blair, the liar, who has no qualm about infringing international law to go to war with its ally which is the world’s strongest force and killing thousands of innocent people in one of the weakest countries in the world to speak on the subject of Rule of Law. It is like asking the buaya to speak on the safety of the co-inhabitants.

  160. libzim Aug 2,2008 12:54 PM

    That’s what is known as “press freedom”. Press freedom means freedom for special interest groups (which is very small minorities) to write whatever they want to fulfill their agenda. Press freedom and market forces are something the market dominant minority wants and blindly followed by the present government to be seen as being liberal and to gain popularity.
    War crime committed by the west seems to be acceptable by legal fraternity such as BAR COUNCIL.

  161. reiko Aug 2,2008 12:53 PM

    My God…This is really pissing me off…
    You’re rite Tun.. Every single word of it…
    Mass media in Malaysia is just another stringed dummy of the government…The reports are all candy coated lies…
    What happen to Malaysia now? Scared of the white people and now Pak Lah and his stupid colleagues has become the goons/dog lickers of Tony Blair is it???

  162. Jebat Aug 2,2008 12:49 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Sebodoh-bodoh saya , masih faham apa yang terniat dan penjelasan dari Tun.
    Sepandai-pandai saya , masih tak boleh terima akal cara pemerintahan Pak Lah.
    Saya dibesarkan dizaman Tun, Ketika tunjuk perasaan di ITM 1974, saya darjah 6. Saya melihat bagaimana rusuhan berlaku.Tahun 1981 saya masuk ITM.
    Jadi saya dibesarkan pada zaman TUN. Jadi saya boleh bezakan natara TUN dan Paklah.
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sakit kepala bila kenagkan cara Pak Lah perintah. Paklah buat DEKKKK ajer.
    Semoga Tun terus menulis . Buku Maly delemma masih ada dalam simpanan saya.
    Mungkin Tun kena tulis Malay Delema 2. untuk anak-anak saya pulak.
    you still the best.

  163. acom Aug 2,2008 12:49 PM

    Permisi Tun,
    Ini lah dunia yang dihuni oleh manusia berbagai bangsa, dengan berbagai ugama dan ideology.
    Zaman dulu siapa kuat dari segi fizikal, dia jadi raja jadi taiko ,leh kontrol , ada balaci, hamba etc.
    selepas itu mereka yang kuat , pintar, cerdek .pandai tipu muslihat
    pulak boleh memerintah, saperti raja etc.
    Lepas itu dunia dipenuhi oleh peperangan untuk mengembangkan syiar Ugama terutama islam dan kristian.Ketua negara diberi amaran jika tidak memeluk ugama yang disyorkan akan merima padah akan diserang .Motifnya ada lah untuk membela akidah manusia sejagat.
    Manusia selepas itu sudah tidak suka pada sistem pemerintah feudal sebab ada raja yang perangai gila,bodoh dan diperbodohkan oleh menterinya.
    MAKA TIMBULA SISTEM pemerintahan saperti komunism ,democracy dsb nya yang manusia rasa selesa.
    Dan sekarang Bush , Blair and most of the people of the world go for democrasy.
    Inilah cara hidup yang terbaik untuk manusia sekarang of course campur skit welfare state kind of ideology.
    Mereka memperjuangkan democrasy untuk seluruh dunia, komunism sudah runtuh. Diktator akan disingkir dan sesiapa sahaja yang tidak mahu democrasy akan dianggap musoh yang mesti ditawan dengan berbagai cara sekatan dan tekanan.
    Dari dulu sampai sekarang manusia terkorban dan dikorbankan nyawa mereka untuk memperjuangan cara manusia dikawal hidup mereka,sama ada cara berraja,diktator, ugama,komunism dan sekarang cara democrasy.
    Tetapi ada suatu perjuangan yang saya rasa amat kejam ia lah , manusia meletupkan diri dan pada masa yang sama membunuh nyawa manusia lain untuk mendapatkan ganjaran masuk syurga bersertakan kemewahan yang dijanjikan yang akan dinikmati.
    Siapakah yang boleh mempengaruhi otak manusia begini, padahal mereka ini berasal dari bayi lagi.
    Saya salah kan tok guru ugama mereka. Hanya ugama sahaja yang menjanjikan dosa pahala,hukuman ,ganjaran selepas mati nya sesaorang.
    Guru mereka lah yang brainwash supaya mereka sanggup melakukan September 11,mereka tersenyum apabila tahu mereka akan pergi mati.
    Dalam sanubari mereka , mereka nak ke syurga dengan air sungai yang mengalir, buah anggur , bidadari dengan buah dada yang belum jatuh dsb nya. Untuk mendapatkan ganjaran itu semua tok guru memerintah kan mereka supaya membunuh seberapa banyak nyawa yang ada di atas dunia ini.
    Apa yang berlaku sekarang di Iraq , Palestin, India adalah dari unsur kefahaman ugama itu ,yang ditekan oleh tok guru mereka yang

  164. akhi Aug 2,2008 12:49 PM

    Kepada Semua Bloggers,
    Untuk renungan bersama. Nasyid drpd SOA – 1924
    The truth about the state
    It wasn’t always like this
    Let us look back in time
    History reminds us
    One army
    One land
    One central authority
    Crushing the romans
    Persians put in fear
    The Ummah like a Lion
    No need to shed a tear
    When the village was attacked by the kufar
    The Khalif heard
    The sister cry &
    Prepared for war
    Attacking the city
    Destroying it
    from existence
    Lesson # 1
    Don’t ever
    Mess with Muslims
    The Imam of the Ummah is a shield where he protects the Ummah and where the Ummah fights behind him
    Where is this shield today to protect the
    What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the Ummah???
    In 1917 Prime Minister of Britain after entering Jerusalem stated
    “the crusade war has ended”
    In the same year the french general, goro went to the grave of Salahudeen-Ayubi
    Salahudeen-Ayubi, the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades and liberated Palestine & Syria
    he went to his grave in Damascus and kicked it and said wake up oh Salahudeen we hare here
    How did they do this
    to you and me
    We turn on the TV
    and all we see
    is a world full of casualties
    a generation in agony
    our Ummah is in misery
    let us go back
    to beginning of the century
    and review our history
    from one side
    to the other side of the globe
    the system of Islam
    Ruled over the world
    They went to the Muslims
    for the all their solutions
    from mathematics to biology
    to the advancements in technology
    the kafir women
    use to imitate our women
    they wanted the same respect
    that the Muslims sisters were given while the enemies of Islam
    were trying to twist the Quran
    trying to write a Surah like Allah’s they all
    failed miserably
    & many of them responded with Ashhadu -an la Ilaha Ilallah wa Ashhadu- anna Muhammadun rasullullah
    Allah has challenged the humanity until the day of judgment to produce a Sura or an Aya like the Quran
    And Allah assures that they will never be able to make an Aya like it
    The kufar plan and work to destroy this Deen and Allah affirms that we too are planning
    and if all the people of the world got together they still could not and will never be able to put even a scratch a side of a muster seeds on the throne of almighty Allah (SWT)
    After failing on the battlefield
    they kufar got together
    and they decided to yield
    they said we must change
    the way the Muslims think
    and sure enough
    the Muslim Ummah
    began to sink
    In 1917 john belford
    promised Palestine
    to the jews 31 years later
    his promise went through
    Britain and france
    split the Muslim lands
    3 years later
    Islam worst traitor
    mustafa kamal
    Brought the states fall
    In 1920’s mustafah kammal with the help of the british becomes the hero
    Hmm well this so-called hero cancels the authority of the most powerful system suitable for human beings
    The khilafah!!!
    he abandon all the rulings of Allah he did not stop there.
    He banded the Adan in Arabic, he denied Muslim sister from obeying Allah (SWT) by abandoning the Hijab
    All Islamic calendars and holidays were canceled
    Yes brothers and sisters
    he changes the Arabic alphabet to Latin
    By doing so he made sure the next generation will be lost and have no connection to their Islamic roots
    as they can not read or write all the Islamic culture that was recorded
    This Islamic system sent by the Creator of alameen went from the application in life to be in museums for people to go and see in turkey
    In 1924
    Our state was demolished
    Hundred years of planning And their plans were accomplished
    Kafirs broke our bond
    Contaminated our knowledge
    Better listen up
    because you won’t learn this in college
    Beginning of the end
    and the divisions began
    Step by step
    they divided our lands
    in 1921 saudi arabia & iran
    next year egypt &
    In 32 iraq
    In 1945
    jordan indonesia
    Lebonen & syria
    Two years later
    The division of India
    the Muslims took a stand
    and demanded
    the ruling of Islam
    so they gave them pakistan
    but it was only an illusion
    a false resolution
    far from the solution
    In 1948
    The Jews establish their israeli state
    In 1901 the kufar went to Sultan Abdull Hamid the II and offered to pay tremendous amount of money to the Islamic State for Palestine. Sultan Abdull Hamid the II replied:
    I am not going to give one inch of Palestine to the jews as Palestine is not mine give but it belongs to the Ummah and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land but if one day the Islamic State falls apart then you can have Palestine for free but as long as I am alive I would rather have my flesh be cut up then cut out Palestine from the Muslim land I will not allow any carving up while we are alive!!!!!
    In 1960’s
    somolia & nigaria
    kuwait & algeria
    In 1964 Came the PLO
    yasar arafat
    The us scarecrow
    a great declined
    In 1969
    When the west was training Muslims scholars for hire
    Jews were setting
    Al-Aqsa mosque on fire!
    Let us recall 1970
    For those who don’t remember
    That was the year
    That we had black September
    The king of jorden
    & yaser arafat
    Began their plot
    Shot after shot
    Muslim blood spilled
    As innocent Muslims were killed
    Communism attacked
    but Muslims fought back
    The sincere Mujahideen of Afghanistan fought and pushed back the Russians
    and then They started to fight among themselves
    Khomaine became in power with the promise of ruling and raising the Ummah to a level of dignity
    But his promise never went through
    soon after iran and iraq went to war
    And millions of innocent Muslims died for 10 years Muslims killing Muslims
    Over what!!!??? What else!!! the agenda of the west!!! at the end there were no resolution
    Today iran is very much open to democracy and reformation
    and the Muslims in iraq continue to suffer.
    SubhanAllah!. where is the Amir of the Ummah??!!!
    Another decade gone
    But we still don’t have Islam
    Take a look at the gulf
    And the killings of sadam
    Over million Muslims died
    But no one answered their cries
    In the 1990’s
    The Muslim genocide
    Bring back Islam!
    Bring back Islam!
    Bring back Islam!
    Bring back Islam!
    It’s year 2000
    And nothing has changed
    Past generation has aged
    Let us write the next page
    It’s time for us to change
    It’s up to you & me
    Either we make history
    or we become history

  165. rodong Aug 2,2008 12:05 PM

    Dear YBHG Tun,
    Saya tertarik dengan komen oleh:-
    Malang sekali corak pemikiran anda.Melihat kepada cara anda,nampak macam berpendidikan tapi tak berakal.
    Anda nampak apa yang jurnalist celup tulis sedangkan anda langsung tak tahu siapakah mereka.Apabila anda tak tahu siapakah mereka, maka anda tidak akan tahu apakah niat dan matlamat mereka.
    Anda hanya tahu membaca jurnal mereka tanpa memikir maksud dan tujuannya.
    Nampaknya, anda juga bersetuju dengan Bush dan Blair.
    Lihat hari ini bagaimana Pentagon sedang mempertimbangkan bekalan senjata kepada Iraq yang telah dumusnahkan.Kenapa penjual pula yang mewar-warkan penjualan.Kenapa bukan pembeli.
    Saya nasihatkan anda lebih berfikir dan selebihnya banyakkan bersembahyang memohon dari Allah Taala sebelum menjadi manusia yang turut menjadi sahabat Sheri Prasso,Mark Clifford dengan Joyce Barnathan.

  166. Mis_bah Aug 2,2008 12:00 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I just want to give my opinion on a comment sent by TDMhater. Viewed from your name appeared “TDMhater” I think when you register with Che Det blog your hatred against Tun Dr Mahathir has already occupied you. How you are able to think rationally.
    Don’t let hatred force you to blame others blindly. Don’t judge others based on hearsay.

  167. Mozafar Aug 2,2008 11:58 AM

    Dear Tun.
    What can we expect from our pacifying PM and his entire hp6 cabinet members. If only Anwar has a clean habit we won’t hesitate to rush and support him & Pakatan Rakyat to topple this govt as soon as possible. But our hope in Anwar has waned since 1997 and now he is in turmoil with brand new case.
    I suggest here and all Malaysian especially Chedet fans to immediately cease buying and reading local news print media. We boycott them all. Thats the only punishment for isolating and discriminating you all these years.
    Hidup chedet.

  168. Zack Aug 2,2008 11:47 AM

    My dear Tun, pls comment on Pusrawi’s report on Saiful. You are a doctor!! Aren’t you?

  169. lvbala Aug 2,2008 11:45 AM

    This are the war criminals and suppose to hang for their crime. This goverment still support them as their friend because they are criminals too (Internal).

  170. CSI Malaysia Aug 2,2008 11:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum Readers,
    It is a shame for Dr M to comment about other world leaders like Bush, Blair and their allies because Malaysia economy and financial still depend on the super power countries like US, UK, Europe, Australia and Western countries. The issue of world problems were due to uncomplete conflicts in Middle East for past centuries since Nabi Muhammad s.w.t and Jesus Christ A.D. So it is pointless for Dr M to open his big mouth again critizising the Western powerful countries. His actions and words are detrimental and bad faith to our current economy and financial stabilities in Malaysia.
    We hope Dr M should ceased to comments and talks bad about Blair, Bush and their allies in view that the Western countries are too smart, powerful and strong for Malaysia to defend if they decided to withdraw their investments and impose economy embrago in Malaysia. Dr M is super rich to talk big but many businessmen and workers will suffer and bankrupt as a results of the Western powerful reaction. For instance, Malaysians have suffered enough during the financial crisis in 1997/98 as a result of the Western power punished Dr M past cronies, nepotism, abuse power, mismanaged and corrupt government. Soros took advantages of Dr M poor leadership to attack on RM and weakening the economy in Malaysia. The failure of Commonwealth Games 1998 was a good lesson showed how powerful UK allies influenced their western tourists to stay away from the Games. Malaysia sufferred millions of losses in holding the Games 98. Do BN government announce the actual financial affairs on the Games 98 to the Rakyat ?
    Malaysians are neutral country and have good friendship with all countries regardless of their religions, creeds and cultures. Malaysians do businesses with the democratic, socialis, communist, republican, muslim and other political systems. Therefore, China and India are two major countries help out and save the Malaysia economy from the financial crisis in 1997/98 that Dr M is still silent and admit it. It is wrong for Dr M to question Blair and Bush on their decision to finish Saddam regime who invaded Kuwait and caused many muslims suffered in their own Iraq motherland. Dr M should realised that Saddam actions were against human rights and worst criminal on Iraqis. The world leaders and westerners will think Dr M continued to talk bad about Blair and Bush meant Dr M is alligned to Saddam regime crony and failed to study deeply about the true in Iraq war. Malaysians have enough Dr M bad mouth on both Blair and Bush that will create bad karmas to our nation and destroy the economy stability in Malaysia.
    Malaysians pleaded Dr M to cease his big mouth and bad words on Blair and Bush. Dr M should concentrate to talk big and bad mouth on his owned UMNO Baru after UMNO Lama was destroyed by Dr M regime. It is time Dr M to lecture and teach the new breeds of UMNO baru leaders to behave gentlemen and dont be too sombong, greedy, corrupt and arrogant. 100% Malays are fed up and cried out loud against UMNO baru actions on raising prices, inflation, unemployment, crime hike and political wars among Malay leaders.
    Enough is Enough ! Dr M please stop hurting Blair and Bush and their allies. It is not good and not profitable for Malaysia economy and financial affair in long term. Dr M days are numbered in term of his old age but many young Malaysians and future Malay generations will still need to work, stay and living peacefully in Malaysia. Malays and other Malaysians still need the super power nations like US and UK to invest their billions here and also China and India to buy our huge raw commodities.
    Last but not least, Dr M – PLEASE SHUT UP! Wassalam.
    Kind regards,

  171. ashar Aug 2,2008 11:09 AM

    TUN yang di sanjungi.
    Memang ini semua adalah konspirasi….prtingkat global alias dunia.
    Malangnya Pemimpin Malaysia maikn hari, makin memekakkan telinga mereka, membutkan hati mereka atas apa yang sedang berlaku pada umat Islam dunia.
    Pertanyaan-pertanyaan masih terngiang di kepala:
    Apakah persoalan konspirasi global umat manusia ini oleh New World Oder memang sudah sejauh ini?
    Masih adakah jalan untuk menempatkan manusia kepada nasib yang lebih baik?
    Apa yang dapat dan harus kita lakukan?
    Apapun jawabannya, ini adalah memang saatnya untuk bangun dan menentang semua konspirasi dan ketidak adilan. Rencana dan agenda di balik rencana perang Irak masih menjadi polemik memang, tapi kesunguhan untuk melaksanakannya itu sendiri sudah jelas merupakan sebuah bentuk kesombongan, konspirasi dan ketidakadilan.
    Irak adalah negara yang lemah dalam segala aspek dibandingkan AS dan Britain.
    Irak tidak terbukti memiliki Senjata Pemusnah Massal. Irak dan Saddam tidak menyerang AS atau melakukan aksi terorist. Maka rencana perang itu sendirilah yang dapat dikatakan sebagai bentuk terorist terhadap kemanusiaan, karena akibat buruk dan mengerikan yang telah ditimbulkannya adalah nyata kemusnahan kemanusiaan.
    Sekarangpun Bush dan Blair sudah harus bertanggung jawab terhadap biaya-biaya yang timbul karena isu ini. Berbagai harga komoditi dunia mulai melonjak karena krisis ini dan menjadi tanggungan dari masyarakat businis dan rakyat di seluruh dunia.
    Jika Bush dan Blair memulai perang, lebih jauh mereka harus bertanggungjawab atas jiwa-jiwa yang hilang, anak-anak yang terlantar, jutaan rakyat Irak yang merana akibat keganasan perang, askar-askar Amerika yang tak pulang lagi kepada keluarganya, dan dana luar biasa untuk merehabilitasi askar-askar akibat-akibat perang, termasuk jelas penggunaan uranium dan sejenisnya sebagai alat perang, seperti yang dilakukan pada perang teluk yang lalu.
    Dan kita semua bertanggungjawab karena telah membiarkan hal itu terjadi.
    Boycott Israel, Amerika dan konco mereka:
    Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

  172. leading Aug 2,2008 10:57 AM

    You said “The conspiracy of silence by Malaysia’s media … almost nothing has appeared in the print and electronic media in this country.”

    Next time, please send to us, whatever news that you think are NOT going to be published on the electonic media, we will try to publish for you, on our website.
    I am sure thousands of other popular websites are willing to do the same. And, you will be amazed by the effectiveness. (Since 1994)

  173. alfyaj Aug 2,2008 10:53 AM

    Dear Bloggers
    WHY NOT President of Iran, HE President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to do a speech instead?
    I wonder, why invite Blair (Bush’s longtime poodle)? What are his GOOD credentials that we must emulate as a Muslim Nation?
    He lied to his people (in the face) to his fellow citizen in England about justification on war in Iraq, sent innocent soldiers to be killed there, countless death and misery in Iraq, REJECTED by his own people, and many others.
    I would highly recommend President of Iran, HE President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to do a speech instead.
    He is also a great world leader (just as great as TDM) whom do not weaver under pressure from the lies of the so-called International community, headed by Bush (again) and his cronies.
    Watch a complete video of the SIPA-World Leaders Forum (at University of Columbia, in July 2007) with the President of Iran, HE President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    The whole clip is 1hr and 15mins long, but HE President only speaks on the 16th mins onwards. I strongly recommend you watch the whole clip. Its very informative, witty, insightful, to the point, and his speech and comments are easy to undertand.
    HE touches on the issues about the importance of continuous learning, researce on science (astronomy and nuclear), art, social (including Homosexuality – must watch, funny comment from him) and culture base on Islamic and Iranian perspective.
    Watch, don’t miss it.
    – hamba Allah, from across.

  174. jeng3 Aug 2,2008 10:43 AM

    salam Tun,
    To sdahenan,
    Well written…I fully support you.Seems like these same criticizers keep appearing here and there like sore wounds.

  175. Amar Makruf Aug 2,2008 10:28 AM

    maafkan kami UMNO..
    buat pertama kalinya , aku n geng2 aku tidak akan mengambil bahagian secara langsing dlm kempen p/raya kecil Permatang Pauh kali ini..
    kalau x kerana kesombongan paklah, aku dan geng2 akulah pejuang tulen membantu menggerakkan jentera/kempen dlm mana2 p/raya..
    setiap kali p/raya besar n kecil, kami sebagai ahli akar umbilah yg menggerakkan jentera parti bawahan utk memastikan kemenangan calon BN..kami sbgai ahli bawahan lah yg bersengkang mata memastikan UMNO/bn menang p/raya lepas.
    tapi, malang kali ini …
    jasa kami tidak diiktiraf..
    peranan ahli akar umbi tidak dipeduli..
    suara peringkat bawahan tidak didengari..
    maaf UMNO..
    kali ni (sahaja), aku n saudara2ku tidak dpt mempertahankan mu..
    kami tidak dpt bersama mu memperjuangkan parti keramat kami..
    kami tau apa misi kami, kami tau apa yg kami lakukan..
    kami tahu, seandainya ketika berkempen, kami bertungkus lumus memenangkan calon UMNO(pilihan paklah), kami seolah2 bertungkus lumus menyelamatkan karier politik paklah..seolah2 berusaha mengekalkan paklah dipuncak penguasa..kami tidak sanggup mengambil upah menggantung poster paklah kali ini,..
    kami tahu, andai kemenangan berpihak ditangan calon pilihan paklah,
    paklah n sekutunya akan mendabik dada kononnya paklah sudah dterima kembali rakyat jelata..
    tempoh 2 tahun utk menunggu paklah undur adalah terlalu lama..terlalu lama utk TUN, terlalu lama utk kami rakyat bawahan..
    tika itulah, pelbagai2 musibah akan melanda UMNO..
    pemimpin dan ahli UMNO bawahan akan bergaduhan sesama mereka, mereka akan berpecah belah, akan wujudnya kumpulan2, ada yg cuba jatuh menjatuhkan..dan tidak mustahil ramai yg bertindak keluar dari UMNO..
    sekali lagi, maafkan aku dan rakan2 ku wahai parti UMNO..
    aku akan pastikan tokoh UMNO tun dr UMNO kembali kepada UMNO dan terbuku dsejarah tokoh negara menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya didalam parti UMNO..bukan mati diluar UMNO..
    maafkan kami UMNO..
    suara akar umbi yg kian dilupai.. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

  176. jeng3 Aug 2,2008 10:18 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Hey Neil! Why do you insist on Tun getting back to issues in Malaysia?Helloo…are your brains working?Haven’t you read the countless articles Tun wrote before this?
    Dear Tun,
    please write more on international issues.I pray for your good health everyday and may God continue to bless you with a great and sharp mind.I also pray that God will cure Neil and cohorts of their psychiatric problems..hehehe
    Thank You.

  177. annat Aug 2,2008 9:55 AM

    Tun, I wonder what will happen to Malaysia if Anuar be PM. It’s very scary. It seems like without Tun, outsiders are beginning to seeping into our country. Why our current gov. so lembik?

  178. boonkwee Aug 2,2008 9:55 AM

    Salam Tun
    AAB tau dia sudah buat silap, so how can the newspaper condem this issue. May be AAB was sleeping and he has overlooked or may be AAB is fully suppot what Blair has done.
    Of couse Najib won’t say anything because he “cukup terharu kepada AAB”.
    Ketua Pemuda UMNO won’t say anything as he only know how to take up kris to show to non Malay.
    Wanita UMNO surely got nothing to say because she got no more AP.
    Mana budak tingkat 4? Takda potest ke?

  179. alfyaj Aug 2,2008 9:54 AM

    To All Bloggers
    I wonder, does this mean that the Malaysian Government under Bodowi’s administration supports Blair, his policy and god-forsaken lie on Iraq??
    Blair is well-known to be a poodle to Bush….hence, I hope Bodowi and his team are NOT part of this ‘beautiful relationship’….
    Oh, I have something to something to share….
    A BBC’s FULL-Interview (HARDTALK) with TDM in April 2008.
    (I have watched this clip many many times, never got tired over it). I hope you will enjoy watching it too.
    Maaf jika comment say agak kurang ajar……astagfirullah…
    – hamba Allah, from across

  180. thebigdipper Aug 2,2008 9:46 AM

    Tq Tun again for letting the M’sian public see things in it’s rightful perspective. Blair indeed is the worst sort of war criminal there is and deserves the noose more than Saddam. As for the M’sian media, it is a lame poodle being pulled along miserably all the time.

  181. alpha1 Aug 2,2008 9:43 AM

    Hi Tun,
    It’s always great to see you bashing those out there without fear or favour. You should have stayed on to lead the country instead of passing the baton to this sleeping king! Many wonder what he has been doing all these while. Well, i guess he’s busy siphoning all his ill gotten wealth elsewhere and at the same time sapu more before his term ends. Thats why he always says, “why should i quit.. I have my job to do” now we all know what his job is all about… Mr. Clean All!

  182. zaiton Aug 2,2008 9:39 AM

    Akum Dearest Tun,
    As the saying that goes ‘ BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.
    Mana depa nak expose sb depa pun haprak macam tu juga cuma tak declare physical war on rakyat aje. Tunggu la Persidangan Perwakilan Bahagian nanti ………I DECLARE WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. milshah Aug 2,2008 9:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Its true a wrong has been committed by Bush and Blair. I believe no action has yet been taken against them because they are still in a position of power with Bush still being the president of the most powerful country in the world.
    Give it some time.
    The thing about doing a criminal act is that whether you did it yesterday or you did 10 to 20 years ago, the time will come when you have to pay for the the crimes committed. You cannot erase the criminal act. It will always be there.
    Such cases are normal where criminals are charged in court for criminal deeds done 10-20 years ago. An good example would be those Nazi military officers that had committed the killings of the Jews during World War 2.
    Bush is on the way out of the office by end of this year. Soon he will be a normal person with no power.
    The important things is to continue to remind the people of the world via forums, meetings, events about the tragic things that happen in the Iraq war that is a direct result of Bush and Blair’s action.
    Insya-Allah, justice will prevail and justice will be given to the Iraqi people.

  184. LKC Aug 2,2008 9:36 AM


  185. Zulrahim Aug 2,2008 9:31 AM

    Salam Tun,
    This is my first time i leave a comment since i signing in last week.
    All this bad people (Bush, Blair, Badawi = Bushuk, Ba-Bliar, Bad? Are we?), why cant they just be dead..
    Tun, i have a friend that can tell me all the bad things about you (he is a pembangkang). i dont know whether it is true or not but one thing for sure, now I’m sitting in front of my pc giving comment to you while doing my research for the fulfillment of my Degree of Engineering, now i have money to eat, now i can afford to buy things that i want and now i can walk freely without fear while tasting all the technology that you have brought..
    I dont care what you do because the result of your works has make Malaysia as one of the most peaceful country in the world. (Actually i dont know if there is any other country that as peaceful as Malaysia so i just put it ‘one of’)
    So, for the conclusion, sometimes we have to use poison to kill the poison or like the law of power; we cannot gain something unless we sacrifice something because we are only human.
    Last but not least, I’m always by your side.

  186. azee72 Aug 2,2008 9:08 AM

    Siapa yang menyebabkan Melayu pecah belah.
    Siapa yang paling banyak kroni dan proxy.
    Siapa yang paling banyak mengongkong akhbar
    Masih ingat lagi Memali/Ops Lallang/Judiciary/S46/Anwar/rasuah/bail out/kekebalan Raja?
    It is crystal clear you TUN MAHATHIR – the man behind!!!

  187. shah Aug 2,2008 8:54 AM

    May be how the way Saddam rule his country is wrong, but I personally think that in certain cases he might have to do what he did just to maintain order. In history Iraqis are one of rude and cruel people, even that most of tourist from this country show their rudeness here in Malaysia. We may not know what really happened and why Saddam rule the way happenned, but at least his country is one of the country which the western community are afraid of.This is why the cowboy and pathetic british is eager to eliminate Saddam.

  188. azman abdul aziz Aug 2,2008 8:41 AM

    Apa dah jadi dengan Pemuda UMNO, dah hilang taring kot? Semasa era Tun sekiranya berlaku serangan terhadap negara-negara Islam Pemuda UMNO yang kelihatan lantang mengkritik siap hantar memorandum. Mohon Hero cium Keris beri sedikit komen. Agaknya main stream media pun kong-kali-kong.

  189. Capt Md Ismail Md Noor Aug 2,2008 8:41 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Penafian berita mengenai aktiviti Tun telah dilaksanakan oleh pihak tertentu dengan alasan mereka sendiri. Mereka ditakuti bayangan mereka sendiri. Saya rasa pendirian kerajaan kini susah diramalkan. Kemana dan hendak kemana susah hendak difahami. Akhirnya, rakyat disuap dengan cerita dan berita yang tidak terkini dimana setiap keputusan telah dibuat dan dilaksana baru rakyat dimaklumkan dengan maksud terima sahaja apa yang dijalankan.
    Saya sedih. Saya pilu melihat keadaan negara sekarang. Kesian anak bangsa masakini dan akan datang. Pelbagai isu diperdebatkan tapi masalah dan isu anak bangsa masih dibiarkan tergantung. Orang kebanyakan sudah mula memperlekehkannya. Ketawa terbahak-bahak melihat pemimpin Melayu melalut dan merapu pasai pelbagai perkara, pelbagai isu. Pi mai Pi mai tang tu jugak. Orang jentik sikit, mereka terlompat-lompat macam kera kena belacan.
    Saya kira kalau kita renung sejenak. 2, 3 minit pandang ketepi, kehadapan, kebelakang, kita akan faham keluhan dan suara hati Tun. Sayang, kebanyakan pemimipin sudah jauh mengayung sampan jauh ketengah laut, mengaut semuanya untuk keuntungan sendiri dan kroni. Dimana bahagiannya untuk anak bangsa ?
    Anak bangsa masih tercari – cari pegangan untuk berpaut tapi sayang tangan dipukul agar jatuh hanyut dibawah arus oleh pemimpin kita sendiri.

  190. emir Aug 2,2008 8:26 AM

    Ayahanda TUN,
    Mengapa TUN perlu bertanding di Permatang Pauh,
    1. Orang yang sayangkan negara ini pasti akan undi TUN, kalau tun tidak bertanding mereka terpaksa memilih antara UMNO atau PKR.. yang mana hendak memilih salah satu di antaranya sama seperti hendak memilih antara Buaya dan Anjing. Kedua-duanya akan menggigit dan membaham kembali orang yang mengundi mereka.
    2. Sekiranya TUN tidak bertanding, Anwar pasti menang (tidak ada calon UMNO boleh menewaskan beliau) , dan ini akan membuka jalan untuknya menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia (tidak sukar utk beliau menjanjikan syurga dunia kepada bakal defector, US ada berbilion duit, apalah setakat berbelas juta US x 30 orang sebagai investment). Kami amat khuatir terhadap nasib negara ini jika ini terjadi.. Politik membalas dendam pasti berlaku… Kuasa politik melayu akan terus terhakis… Negara akan huru-hara gamatnya…
    3. Seandainya TUN bertanding dan menang, bukan sahaja TUN akan dapat menyekat kemaraan ANWAR.. TUN juga dapat bersuara kembali di Parlimen… Semua kenyataan TUN akan sampai kepada semua lapisan rakyat… susah kerajaan nak tapis kenyataan TUN lagi.. (bukan semua lapisan masyarakat boleh access blog ayahanda TUN)
    4. Orang tidak akan memberi UNDI kepada UMNO kerana ini akan disifatkan memberi sokongan kepada parti ini yang walaupun telah banyak berjasa..dalam masa yang sama juga terdapat pimpinan yang mengkhianati bangsa sendiri dengan bersikap KORUP, meminda tanah rezab melayu sesuka hati (contohnya selangor), menyita harta-harta peniaga melayu kecil di jalanan (kl & selangor juga), merobohkan semua rumah yang telah diduduki dan diterokai berpuluh tahun dengan hanya diberi compensation seribu ke dua ribu untuk kos pindah rumah (pun selangor & kl)…
    5. Andai UMNO menang (0.1% kemungkinan).. kerajaan Paklah akan lebih bongkak dan akan menggunakan ini utk mengatakan rakyat telah kembali kepada mereka… Jawabnya sampai bebila lah ayahanda TUN tidak akan masuk UMNO balik… sebab Paklah akan kekal sebagai presiden
    6. Justeru saya amat berharap TUN dapat bertanding di Permatang Pauh, tidak ada apa yang boleh merugikan TUN… banyak lagi benefit adalah… mungkin juga TUN boleh compromise dengan BN supaya TUN lawan satu-satu dengan Anwar..

  191. mantoba Aug 2,2008 7:52 AM

    Tun dan sekalian warga
    Amat setuju dengan TUN, kita tak seharus begitu memandang tinggi pada Blair. Orang yang telah bersubahat menghancurkan Iraq.
    Tapi nak buat cam mana, negara kita masa kini berkeadaan lemah.
    Tak berani nak tunjuk kuat(memang tak kuat pun)
    Pehak media pun tak boleh memandai2 nak tulis apa2 kalau tak di persetujui” BIG BOSS”. Konon nya KEBEBASAN MEDIA yang benar2 bebas sebenarnya hanya lah satu slogan sahaja.HIPOKRIT…..
    –Abraham Lincoln.

  192. JEHABAR Aug 2,2008 7:15 AM

    Based on the comments made by ming Aug 2-
    ming, anda kurang matang dalam soal konspirasi barat untuk menaklukui dunia. saya cadang anda -hadir perdana global forum atau baca artikel ttg kekejaman rejim bush dan blair.jangan harap media pariah malaysia yang cuma lapurkan perkara yg kurang mendatangkan faedah kepada kita.
    TDM is a great leader recognised by the world. Saya sentiasa diberi penghargaan di NZ bukan kerana kelayakkan saya ttp kerana saya anak Malaysia – negara yang dimartabatkan oleh TDM. Please check your facts and kindly refrain from judging my great leader.

  193. azmd888 Aug 2,2008 6:52 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Well-said, I totally agree with you. People and the media had forgotten what he had done to the people of Iraq. Until now Iraq is still not safe place to live.
    Shame on Malaysian’s journalists, got no balls to condemn him, or at least have a different thought like you.

  194. ashar Aug 2,2008 5:57 AM

    TUN yang di sanjungi.
    Memang ini semua adalah konspirasi….peringkat global alias dunia.
    Malangnya Pemimpin Malaysia maikn hari, makin memekakkan telinga mereka, membutkan hati mereka atas apa yang sedang berlaku pada umat Islam dunia.
    Pertanyaan-pertanyaan masih terngiang di kepala:
    Apakah persoalan konspirasi global umat manusia ini oleh New World Oder memang sudah sejauh ini?
    Masih adakah jalan untuk menempatkan manusia kepada nasib yang lebih baik?
    Apa yang dapat dan harus kita lakukan?
    Apapun jawabannya, ini adalah memang saatnya untuk bangun dan menentang semua konspirasi dan ketidak adilan. Rencana dan agenda di balik rencana perang Irak masih menjadi polemik memang, tapi kesunguhan untuk melaksanakannya itu sendiri sudah jelas merupakan sebuah bentuk kesombongan, konspirasi dan ketidakadilan.
    Irak adalah negara yang lemah dalam segala aspek dibandingkan AS dan Britain.
    Irak tidak terbukti memiliki Senjata Pemusnah Massal. Irak dan Saddam tidak menyerang AS atau melakukan aksi terorist. Maka rencana perang itu sendirilah yang dapat dikatakan sebagai bentuk terorist terhadap kemanusiaan, karena akibat buruk dan mengerikan yang telah ditimbulkannya adalah nyata kemusnahan kemanusiaan.
    Sekarangpun Bush dan Blair sudah harus bertanggung jawab terhadap biaya-biaya yang timbul karena isu ini. Berbagai harga komoditi dunia mulai melonjak karena krisis ini dan menjadi tanggungan dari masyarakat businis dan rakyat di seluruh dunia.
    Jika Bush dan Blair memulai perang, lebih jauh mereka harus bertanggungjawab atas jiwa-jiwa yang hilang, anak-anak yang terlantar, jutaan rakyat Irak yang merana akibat keganasan perang, askar-askar Amerika yang tak pulang lagi kepada keluarganya, dan dana luar biasa untuk merehabilitasi askar-askar akibat-akibat perang, termasuk jelas penggunaan uranium dan sejenisnya sebagai alat perang, seperti yang dilakukan pada perang teluk yang lalu.
    Dan kita semua bertanggungjawab karena telah membiarkan hal itu terjadi.
    Boycott Israel, Amerika dan konco mereka:
    Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

  195. ashar Aug 2,2008 5:55 AM

    TUN yang di sanjungi.
    Memang ini semua adalah konspirasi….peringkat global alias dunia.
    Malangnya Pemimpin Malaysia maikn hari, makin memekakkan telinga mereka, membutkan hati mereka atas apa yang sedang berlaku pada umat Islam dunia.
    Pertanyaan-pertanyaan masih terngiang di kepala:
    Apakah persoalan konspirasi global umat manusia ini oleh New World Oder memang sudah sejauh ini?
    Masih adakah jalan untuk menempatkan manusia kepada nasib yang lebih baik?
    Apa yang dapat dan harus kita lakukan?
    Apapun jawabannya, ini adalah memang saatnya untuk bangun dan menentang semua konspirasi dan ketidak adilan. Rencana dan agenda di balik rencana perang Irak masih menjadi polemik memang, tapi kesunguhan untuk melaksanakannya itu sendiri sudah jelas merupakan sebuah bentuk kesombongan, konspirasi dan ketidakadilan.
    Irak adalah negara yang lemah dalam segala aspek dibandingkan AS dan Britain.
    Irak tidak terbukti memiliki Senjata Pemusnah Massal. Irak dan Saddam tidak menyerang AS atau melakukan aksi terorist. Maka rencana perang itu sendirilah yang dapat dikatakan sebagai bentuk terorist terhadap kemanusiaan, karena akibat buruk dan mengerikan yang telah ditimbulkannya adalah nyata kemusnahan kemanusiaan.
    Sekarangpun Bush dan Blair sudah harus bertanggung jawab terhadap biaya-biaya yang timbul karena isu ini. Berbagai harga komoditi dunia mulai melonjak karena krisis ini dan menjadi tanggungan dari masyarakat businis dan rakyat di seluruh dunia.
    Jika Bush dan Blair memulai perang, lebih jauh mereka harus bertanggungjawab atas jiwa-jiwa yang hilang, anak-anak yang terlantar, jutaan rakyat Irak yang merana akibat keganasan perang, askar-askar Amerika yang tak pulang lagi kepada keluarganya, dan dana luar biasa untuk merehabilitasi askar-askar akibat-akibat perang, termasuk jelas penggunaan uranium dan sejenisnya sebagai alat perang, seperti yang dilakukan pada perang teluk yang lalu.
    Dan kita semua bertanggungjawab karena telah membiarkan hal itu terjadi.
    Boycott Israel, Amerika dan konco mereka:
    Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara

  196. Hang Nadim Jr Aug 2,2008 5:44 AM

    Salam Tun & commentators,
    I don’t think there’s anything personal in voicing our utter disgust at the way the Big Boys have committed their atrocities against helpless Iraqi children, women and men.
    And it is not just in Iraq mind you.
    United Palestine? In the first place, with his much-tainted record, is Mr Blair, the US’s most loyal British brother-in-arm-plus-words an honest broker?
    Secondly is the US really serious about peace in the Middle East? What is so special about Israel that it can have whatever it wants – WMD, nuke, nuke shield – you name it, whilst others like Syria and Iran are treated like Pariah and are not supposed to have equal rights.
    In my view, UM and the local MSM should have been more sensitive, esp given the fact that M’sia, as Tun once put it, is an Islamic state.
    Pity our weak leadership seems to be treating serious issues like this Blair’s lecture, in a very casual ala Hari Raya open house way. We have uncritically created IDR. We have lost Batu Putih. With Pakatan threat looming and the PM-cum-UMNO President bend on overstaying, God knows what’s next…
    Ironically when I watched Blair in action in the House of Commons, on virtually all occasions, he passionately defended the rights and the interests of Britain, US and their allies. Sad to say however, I cannot see the same passion from the current Malaysian leadership when it comes to dealing with foreign nations vis-a-vis Malaysian inalienable rights and strategic interests. Ditto in fundamental issues affecting Islam and the Malays in this country.
    I suspect it could have been much worse if Tun is not around.
    Keep up the good work Tun. God Bless.

  197. joneadam Aug 2,2008 4:42 AM

    Someone ask where is Pak Lah and what is the Malaysian Government stand on the matter.Forget about asking Pak Lah, if you ask you will get so confused and need to ask more questions and still no answers, so forget it.We are simply not bold enough, that’s it!The next Government perhaps, but not this one.

  198. TechTitan Aug 2,2008 4:36 AM

    If I had known about your press conference I’d have attended and give my support.

  199. Nazirul Hazim Aug 2,2008 4:32 AM

    I noticed some people asking what Tun is reading. Here I find on the Perdana Leadership Foundation’s page of its Honorary President’s recent reads ie what Tun is reading.,com_jbook/Itemid,203/catid,77/
    Here are Tun’s recent reads :
    1. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
    2. Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery by Eric Metaxas
    3. As The Future Catches You by Juan Enriquez
    4. Confession of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
    5. Mastering the Infinite Game: How Asian Value are Transforming Business Practices by Charles Hampden-Turner, Fons Trompenaars
    6. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh
    7. The Singapore Dilemma: The Political And Educational Marginality of the Malay Community by Lily Zubaidah Rahim
    8. The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
    9. War Made New – Technology Warfare and The Course of History 1500 to Today by Max Boot
    10. Web of Debt by Ellen Hodgson Brown
    11. Without Mercy by Jack Higgins

  200. Tun Dr Marvellous Aug 2,2008 4:25 AM

    Salam Hormat Tun,
    Bush,Blair, Donald, Cheney dan Howard serta kuncu2 mereka yg menyokong menyerang Iraq semestinya dibawa kpd pengadilan. Jenayah yg dilakukan serta faktanya berputar belit, pembunuhan kejam tanpa peri kemanusian. Dan mengunakan senjata modern utk ujian ketenteraan mereka.
    Blair together with Bush “and their allied” must be condemned as worse criminals, for the senseless and pointless war of aggression they launched i.e. for mass killings of innocent people that they ordered to be carried out without an ounce of mercy, with no compassion for the Iraqi people.

  201. Nazirul Hazim Aug 2,2008 4:22 AM

    Dear Tun,
    What’s the update with your effort in the Criminalization of War?
    I’m sure lots of people in the world are in support of it.
    Tell us what we can do.

  202. Perak Bangkit Aug 2,2008 3:32 AM

    Saya dengan segala sukacitanya ingin mengajak semua rakan siber dan blogger dalam kategori berikut:-
    1. Semua Warganegara & Marhaen
    2. Anti Anwar
    3. Pro BN/UMNO
    4. Anti Pakatan Rakyat
    5. Anti DAP
    6. Anti PKR
    Kita tinggalkan perbedaan kecil antara kita buat sementara. Untuk sama-sama merapatkan barisan dan jurang. Dan bersatu hati dan tenaga. Kita wujudkan satu kesatuan pemikiran dan kesatuan tindakan. Kita ada tugas besar untuk menumpaskan Anwar Ibrahim.
    Demi negara yang tercinta. Petualang bangsa seperti Anwar Ibrahim mesti dibunuh karier politiknya. Biar dia menjadi nisan politik Malaysia dan rakyat biasa yang tiada lagi menganggu ketenteraman politik tanahair.
    Kita akan mulakan perjalanan ini satu demi satu dan Insha Allah kita akan menjadi satu pasukan yang kuat. kami di Perak Bangkit amat yakin usaha murni kita ini akn pasti mendapat keredhaan Illahi.
    Kami nantikan maklum balas daripada kalian sekalian selaku para pejuang yang budiman. Anwar adalah Musuh No.1 kepada Negara Malaysia, Agama Islam & Bangsa Melayu. Beliau mesti dihapuskan. Allahu Akbar!
    E-Mail :

  203. nur_abdul Aug 2,2008 3:01 AM

    Salam ayahanda Tun,
    Saya terkenang pada salah satu cebisan ucapan ayahanda Tun di salah satu perhimpunan UMNO yang saya hadiri dulu (last sekali pi masa 1st year PL berucap as Presiden, tak memberansangkan langsung…. terus tak pi dah). AYahanda Tun masa tu menegur ahli-ahli UMNO, ayahanda kata “saya dah tegur elok-elok, dah marah dah, tapi masih tak berubah. Jadi sekarang saya berdoa pula supaya kita dapat memperbetulkan diri kita”
    In PL punya case ni mcm tu yg anakanda rasa. Tak larat nak kutuk dah. Kalau nak undi PM ni mcm undi Pilihanraya hari tu, saya pasti akan menjalankan tanggung jawab untuk mengundi NO to PL. Saya ni ahli biasa aje, apa yg saya boleh buat la ni cuma “print out” artikel berkaitan, fotostat dan diedarkan untuk bacaan mereka yang tiada fasiliti komputer dan internet. Lepas tu, sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan keberkatan ayahanda Tun dan keluarga; dan mendoakan supaya PL sedar dan insaf atas segala kesilapannya dan letak jawatan secara ikhlas.
    Some people may want him to stay and correct his mistakes, the thing is Sorry to Say… Pak Lah has no vision and is not smart, nor strong enough to do it.
    Before Malaysians grow poorer and stupider for having such PM, he has to go and let somebody who’s able to pinpoint the problems and causes and think of the best solutions.
    Before Malaysians, especially Muslims become more humiliated and ashamed for having such a boneless leader, especially in cases like allowing this Blair to give speeches on such a topic, Pak Lah has to go and let someone with a strong back bone and belief to stand firm for Islam.
    I am also sad to hear that Blair as a war criminal is allowed to come and speak of such topic, and is “revered” by our own people. Sedih…… dan MALU!
    So harapan terakhir saya adalah berdoa supaya rakyat Malaysia sentiasa diberkati Allah swt dan dilindungi dari segala bala bencana, anasir-anasir jahat, dan dari pemimpin-pemimpin kurang pandai yang berkepentingan sendiri dan tidak jujur dan ikhlas dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab mereka dalam membela nasib rakyat.
    Semuga ayahanda Tun dan keluarga sentiasa di dalam keberkatan Yang Maha Esa, dan panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sihat tubuh badan dan minda. Amin.
    Kami masih memerlukan ayahanda.
    We love you, ayahanda Tun.

  204. Maruti Aug 2,2008 2:48 AM

    Tun yang terhormat,
    Saya pun dah lama tak beli surat khabar apa pun sebabnya kalau saya nak tahu semua cerita kat Malaysia ni saya kena beli semua surat khabar di Malaysia; Utusan, Harakah, Roket, Keadilan, NST, etc, etc, sebab tidak ada satu pun yang benar-benar amalkan etika kewartawanan yang betul. Mereka hanya penulis-penulis upahan yang tidak ubah juga macam askar-askar upahan, tidak ada moral! Sekarang zaman IT jadi ada banyak pilihan lain selain dari buang masa membaca propaganda orang. Buang masa dan boreh (beras)!
    Saya memang tidak pernah miss baca blog Tun… You are my source of inspiration!

  205. darthvader Aug 2,2008 2:37 AM

    My comments on the writing by Prascal:
    Why beat so much around the bush, the question is very simple. What is the motive of blasting the poor girl?

  206. ming Aug 2,2008 2:36 AM

    Tun kalau macam ini bagaimana the 911? saya dgr kata krn saddam hussien tu suruh ataupun pakat dgn osama bin laden ileh krn mrk menghapus saddam la senang ma.. Tun jgn hanya selalu kritik org barat la saya tahu Tun memang tak kawan dgn amerika ataupun britain krn mrk sentiasa mengkritik Tun.. Jgnlah tembak Blair dgn memperbodohkan kitalah kita mahu tahu apa sebabnya mrk menyerang iraq ma.. adakah krn petrol atau lain lain..
    Saya penyokong Tun tapi Tun sepatutnya tdk harus kata tiny blair sampai macam ini.. dia mahu melawat malaysia biar dia lawatlah dia memang orang yg sgt cemerlang macam Tun tak boleh jadi kawan ke?!
    Malaysia mahu menjalinkan hubungan baik dgn negara luar utk menjadi sebuah negara yg moden maju dan kuat.. jgn krn masalah peribadi Tun ini lah..

  207. Pok Lelah Aug 2,2008 2:19 AM

    PokLeh mmemang kecut telo bila dengar 2B(Bush+Blair), selamba aje Blair datang Msia siap boleh berucap pasai undang2 di Msia padahal depa dua ekor ni lah perosak undang2 yg boleh kita anggap sebagai penjenayah perang yg tersohor di dunia.Lihat lah kemusnahan dan boneka pimpinan mereka di Iraq tiada kesudahannya sehingga sekarang. Baru-baru ini US condomrice (LIZA) hanya gertak aje tak puas hati cara Msia tangani kes lewat Anwar Ibrahim pon PakLeh tak terkata-kata….apa nak jadi…HIDUP Tun Mahathir

  208. darthvader Aug 2,2008 2:18 AM

    9 May 2008
    Amid continuing political controversy, Badawi’s changes continue
    Malaysian Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi, under increasing attack from his predecessor for his handling of politically disastrous elections in March and other issues, has nonetheless been compiling an impressive record through his appointments of top officials in the civil service and government-linked companies (GLCs) such as the national air carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS).
    Today, Badawi’s hold on power is increasingly tenuous after the cabinet kicked off a rebellion by agreeing to investigate former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on charges of having fixed judicial appointments during his 22-year tenure. In response, Mahathir angrily resigned from the United Malays National Organisation and is seeking to dethrone Badawi. Although so far he has officially lured few UMNO members away from the party, he retains strong support within it.
    Nonetheless, the prime minister’s record as a government administrator stands in vivid contrast to Mahathir’s. In the two decades of Mahathir’s rule, one financial scandal after another beset the country. The Bumiputra Malaysia Finance affair in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit) go down the drain. An attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia, the central bank, another RM30 billion in the 1990s.
    Perwaja Steel, intended by Mahathir to be the cornerstone of Malaysia’s industrialization drive, is estimated to have resulted in losses of US$800 million. Mahathir’s appointee to take over the operation and fix it, Eric Chia, was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million to a Hong Kong-based company and into his own pockets. Brought to trial at Badawi’s insistence, Chia was abruptly freed when the judge ruled that the defense had no case to answer, a case that contributed to widespread disillusionment with Malaysia’s judicial system.
    To say that Badawi inherited a mess is an understatement.
    For example, Malaysia’s state-owned airline was driven to near bankruptcy with RM9.5 billion (US$2.94 billion) in debt under a Mahathir appointee, Tajuddin Ramli. The government bailed out Tajuddin by buying his 29 percent stake in 2001 for RM1.79 billion at RM8 per share when the market price was just RM3.62.
    When Badawi brought in Idris Jala as chief executive officer in 2005, the airline had booked a loss of RM1.3 billion in that year alone. Idris, a former Shell executive, has turned the airline around, bringing it back into the black by increasing both yield and revenue. This was not without resistance from a pampered staff. In mid-2007, there was a silent strike among employees in protest of Idris’s painful policies.
    “What does he (Idris) know about airlines? He is from an oil and gas company. MAS is not just a multi-national, it has plays a role in nation building,” complained an UMNO member and Mahathir loyalist.
    But Idris’s appointment was significant, says a senior analyst with a Kuala Lumpur think tank. “First, Idris Jala is a Kelabit from Sarawak and a Christian. He was the first non-Malay non-Muslim to be appointed to head a GLC. Second, Idris Jala was previously employed by Shell and had an excellent track record. Third, Idris has succeeded in improving MAS, both in operationally and financially,” she told Asia Sentinel in an email interview.
    Besides MAS, other GLCs have been infused with new blood plucked from private industry. In February, Jamaludin Ibrahim, the former chief executive officer of Malaysia’s most successful telecommunications of company, Maxis Communications Bhd, joined Telekom Malaysia (TM), the privatized national telecommunication company, as its new group chief executive officer. Jamaluddin had grown Maxis since its listing in 2002 from RM11 billion to RM40 billion.
    Another major reform by Badawi was renegotiating contracts between the national electricity provider, Tenaga Nasional Bbhd, and independent power producers, many of whom, connected to UMNO, had inflated production contracts. Long-term power purchase agreements required Tenaga to buy a fixed amount of power from the producers regardless of utilization. Under the new terms, leases have been extended to accommodate lower compulsory power purchases, which translates into lower fixed costs for Tenaga.
    Badawi’s appointees have also improved several government departments, particularly immigration, national registration and inland revenue. Applying for passports, compulsory identification cards and paying income taxes is now easier and faster. A sluggish civil service has been a perennial complaint among Malaysians as they plan their visits to government departments around the numerous tea breaks that civil servants are notoriously known to take. It was a problem that confounded Mahathir himself, who famously made civil servants wear name tags to give taxpayers the names of the offending bureaucrats so they could complain about them. Mahathir himself took to wearing a name tag, as did his ministers. It didn’t make government work any faster.
    At one point, the drive to get people to change their old identity cards to the new MyKad, a multipurpose digital smart identification card, turned almost comical. As the deadline for to apply for the new cards approached, the government held a contest to motivate Malaysians. The deadline was extended repeatedly until people queued from as early as 6 am on the last day. In the end, the fine for late application was negligible. The contest was cancelled, leaving participants disappointed.
    Just before the election this year, the government formed Pemudah, a task force comprising top civil servants and private sector officials with the goal of reforming the civil service and GLCs. Among its achievements listed in its website are improvements in the same departments and cutting more red tape for businesses, foreign investors and expatriates.
    Opposition politicians have called Pemudah an election gimmick in response to flak for not doing enough. Nonetheless, governmental procedures are undeniably faster. Passport renewals, for instance, which used to take days, can now be completed in a single day – within two hours for early arrivals — and they can be paid for by credit card.
    Women have also made headway under Badawi, who appointed Rafia Salim as the first woman vice-chancellor of University of Malaya, the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. Another, Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hassan, was appointed vice chancellor in the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in the same year. Other key appointments include Zarinah Anwar, formerly the legal head of Shell Malaysia, as chairman of the Securities Commission, and Nik Ramlah as managing director.
    Badawi’s accomplishments, however, have been compromised in the eyes of United Malays National Organisation stalwarts as one after another Mahathir’s beloved projects, with their money-spinning contracts for rent-seeking party members and cronies, were scaled down or stopped. A second bridge to Singapore, which the government had planned to build halfway and then to destroy Malaysia’s half of the existing bridge for force the island republic to go along with its plans, was scrapped, which infuriated Mahathir. Proton, the national car that Mahathir shepherded into existence against the advice of planners and which has incurred billions of dollars of debt, has been sidelined although it continues in existence. Early on, Badawi vetoed a US$3.8 billion national railroad contract to a consortium controlled by Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, Malaysia’s richest man and a close crony of Mahathir’s.
    Badawi has been forced by political weakness to scale back his plans to kill other Mahathir projects, including the Bakun Dam in Sarawak, which is considered to be a multi-billion dollar white elephant. In addition, he has been personally hampered by allegations that his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, has exerted undue influence on government contracts. An associate, Patrick Lim, has been under fire for his perceived closeness to Abdullah Badawi – so close, in fact, that he was nicknamed Patrick Badawi, raising questions over government land deals.
    Badawi has been perceived as detached. He has occasionally fallen asleep during public meetings, and the sense of drift within the government is undeniable as he has veered from issue to issue without resolving many of them. Today, he is struggling to stay in power while support in within UMNO rallies behind Mahathir. It remains to be seen how the contest will play itself out. But if he goes it appears he will leave a stronger, more efficient government behind him, and more rational GLCs.

  209. gapisman Aug 2,2008 2:17 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Wartawan kita selalunya suka makan free.
    Kalau ada PC, masing2 berebut nak pergi asignment, tapi kalau tak ada makanan sedap dan buah tangan untuk mereka, balik ke pejabat tak payah tulislah.

  210. Hjebat Aug 2,2008 1:56 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Yes it’s nice to be powerful so that you can invade a country like Iraq, set a friendly government, in a land of abundant oil supply. We and the many other muslim countries are so weak that we only good at talking. Nothing we can do when Palestinians and Iraqis are being bullied, with death and destruction by the powerful few. Some of us really wished then that a few Arab countries would send troops to Iraq when the Americans were marching in from Quwait. The same thing when Israel went ravaging Lebanon recently.
    On the other hand I am sure the Americans, with their cowboy mentality, are having problems in Iraq as things do not turn out as scripted. People are being killed every other day for so long, the govt that they hoped to build as an ally does not function as it should and so much money are being pumped to maintain their troops. They are trapped. Unable to move forward or backward.
    As a powerful nation, the Americans act based on their self interest while the British and Australians are merely the sidekicks, trying to gang up with the powerful. Their interests include having friendly allies, security of oil supply, trade, national security and spreading influence and controls. They will not act based on fairness or ‘the right thing to do’ alone when the action does not involve their self interest.
    95% of the Americans do not think like the 5% who are involved in running the govt. They are naive and do not know much about world history, geography and happenings of the world outside their own. But the 5% or so formulate foreign policy based on self interest and for the last few decades have been increasingly influenced by the rich, the powerful and the influential elements within the country, such as the Jews with their own self interest and agenda.
    But don’t forget however unfair we may think they are, at the end of the day, it is the Americans who come to the rescue, by virtue of their power. It may not be perfect but it’s them, the Americans:
    – They stopped the Germans and the Japanese during World War II, or else the world would only consist of 3 countries by now: German, Japan and Italy.
    – They stopped the Serbs in Bosnia, eventhough it was a few years too late.
    – They stiffled communism which was not good for the world economy.
    And don’t forget too that they are our largest trading partner. I guess we hate them and like them at the same time.

  211. jojo51 Aug 2,2008 1:36 AM

    Our main stream media has this feeling of inferiority complex. They are still in awe of the Mat Salleh. They prefer to play safe and wait for instruction from their bosses.

  212. mazmirana Aug 2,2008 1:01 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera dan dilindungi Allah selalu.

  213. heicalmy Aug 2,2008 12:57 AM

    Salam Tun,
    You are true Zahari S , Bush and Blair are war criminals, therefore they should also be tried at the international court of justice for what they have done in Iraq. Sadam Hussein is in fact a HERO and a true patriot towards his country. He is a ‘shahid’.

  214. libzim Aug 2,2008 12:53 AM

    Blair and Bush are war criminals. But, the atrocity they caused in Iraq was assisted by Iraqis who are “proxies” of the neocons. This is typical. It is happening now in some countries, like in Zimbabwe. Mugabe fought hard to improve the life of his people. In doing that, somehow, he had upset the west. So they planted and back an opposition.
    In Malaysia, that too can happen. We know who is the “proxy”. So, if the tragedy happens in Malaysia, somebody will be happy with it.

  215. manhakim Aug 2,2008 12:46 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun;
    We all angry. Blair and Bush should be punished. Because of them million of people were killed. Pity what already happened and still continue in Iraq , Palestine, Bosnia, Sudan,Afghanistan etc. How come we celebrate those two ” Bastards ” that got million of people got killed including their own citizen. A real hero is the one that will stop any killing and prevent any war not the one that create it.
    Media kena control nampaknya.

  216. TunA Aug 2,2008 12:41 AM

    Blair dan Bush adalah orang yang jelas nyata bertanggungjawab melakukan kerosakkan besar di muka bumi. Sudahlah datang di sambut mesra, ramai yang pergi dengar dan bertepuk bila dia bercakap tentang rule of law.
    50 tahun lagi, generasi zaman itu akan membaca tentang kekejaman mereka ini. Gambar PM Pak Lah di tunjuk mesra dengan Blair. Malaysia di tuduh merestui perbuatan Blair.

  217. crazyellysee Aug 2,2008 12:40 AM

    Dear Tun:
    Wars brought bloods and tears to those innocent people on the involving country. I am wondering whether those who declaring wars and like to have wars do been educated or not.
    As we all know, in this modern day…most of us could solved all sort of problems in a very good and propriate way but not war/fight.
    Sometime Im wondering whether they (those violence gangs and armies) did study history in their school time…
    World war 1 and world war 2 were both having the big nightmared enough for everyone of us to avoid war and violence. But it seems like there are still bunch of educated babarians who are still like to use violence to solve problem.
    Perhaps they are cold blooded got no blood and tears.
    Yet ofcourse those who go to the war front aint their family members. Those president/leader/BABARIAN just sit in their office with COOL air conditioner ordering their fellow armies to bet on their own life in the war fronts.
    Do all of the army want to have war?
    Ofcourse not! they have no choice. Once the mission being brought out by their leader….they got no choice but only to follow the lifeless war front.
    PLEASE we are now in 2008!!!! war isnt the best way to solve problem…oh yea their actual reason to set up war is just because $$$$! Please…never ever been invaded by money or getting any attraction by money in your life. Money, yup ofcourse could get anything we want but not our love one and REAL happiness.
    Hui ling.

  218. truthseeker Aug 2,2008 12:24 AM

    Salam YAB Tun dan rakan2 bloggers,
    1. Selama 22+6 tahun Tun cuba bebaskan kita dari penjajahan minda -orang putih jadi tuan, tapi nampaknya masih ada yang mahu bertuankan orang putih seperti si Blair. Tun ajar mat saleh dengan ‘buy British last’ barulah Lord Carrington kelamkabut mau bincang ngan kita. Tun berani berhujah dengan kuasa2 mat saleh yang besar2 seperti US, Britain dan membuat kami yang berjiwa besar rasa bangga, rasa ada harga diri. Tetapi Si Dollah dan majoriti menterinya nampak seperti golongan hamba abdi yang masih perlukan tuan orang putih…ya,ya termasuklah Si Anwar tu. Semua yang berjiwa kecil juga marah kepada Tun kerana marah atau perleceh orang putih, termasuklah si Blair. Bagi mereka Tun sepatutnya respek bekas PM Britain!
    2. Baru2 ni si Dollah tunjukkan kelemahan Tun katanya Tun mengaku tidak berjaya mengubah orang melayu (lebih2 lagi dari segi kognitif, tingkahlaku)dan dia akan fokus untuk mengubah orang melayu. Ya, dia berjaya mengubah orang melayu kerana dia menjadi model sebagai orang yang kowtow kepada bakal penjajah kita. Tidak ada maruah langsung. Awak tu mewakili rakyat Msia, bukannya diri awak sendiri. Kalau kami yang dapat duduk meeting dengan setan2 ni kami tahulah apa yang mahu dicakap, tapi awak sebagai PM yang berpeluang bercakap dengan bakal2 penjajah kita, angkatlah maruah rakyat negara ini sikit!
    3. Anak cucu kita tidak selamat jika model yang ada mengajar mereka untuk tunduk, akur, bagi muka, mengalah, mengemis daripada bakal penjajah. Tun benar2 mengangkat martabat kami walaupun Yahudi-US kata Tun anti-semitic. Tun peduli apa…Tun lagi motivate pemimpin2 negara Arab, Afrika, negara membangun supaya ada kedaulatan. Apabila jiwa kecil, maka anak cucu kita akan selesa dengan penjajah tetapi jiwa besar boleh menguasai dunia. dollah sedang menanam sifat penakut, akur secara buta tuli, ikut nafsu, tidak berfikir dll kepada ‘modal insan’nya. Hanya mereka yang berjiwa besar, ada maruah berani menyatakan pendirian untuk membantah Blair atau sesiapa yang ‘kurang ajar’ dengan agama Islam dan undang2 negara ini. Ini yang saya dapat dari Tun. Kalau betul apa yang diceritakan tentang komen CEO GEC Jack Welsh? terhadap Tun, memanglah kena respek Tun kerana menyatakan pendirian dengan jelas, tidak perlu berkata2 dalam hati. Tun menjadi model kepada saya dan mereka yang mahu bebas pemikiran dari penjajah. Tidak guna mempunyai teknologi tercanggih, ekonomi terhandal, tetapi pemimpin berjiwa kecil, takut kepada orang putih. Saya ingat lagi cerita personnel navy kita mengarahkan kapal selam US supaya timbul dan ikut arahan. Jiwa kecil tentu tidak berani arah orang putih yang kuat tu.
    Teruskan usaha Tun untuk menukar personaliti kita supaya menjadi lebih yakin dan berani tetapi mengikut agama, undang2

  219. zaidi suhaimi gilong Aug 2,2008 12:24 AM

    Salam Tun.
    This is what happening in the world nowadays. We have to think this as clear as we could to seek a way to peacefulness in a way that everyone on this earth can live happily ever after like it use to be.
    In this life only patience can determine where our stepping and progress but have to pray for peace.
    Malaysia loves you Tun. Assalamualaikum.

  220. M.Huzaifah.M Aug 2,2008 12:12 AM

    Salam Tun,
    1. Hmm bias sungguh media kita kat Malaysia ni.
    2. Mcm dh jd boneka je media2 ni. Patutlah ramai yang berpindah kepada info2 di blog.
    3. Tak serik2 lagik kerajaan skrang ni huhu.
    4. keep it up Tun.

  221. is Aug 2,2008 12:03 AM

    Dear Tun,
    My apology that this has nothing to do with Blair.
    I dont know how else to contact you but through this comment space.
    I just want to know if you have read this. Very interesting. You are the father and mentor for majority malaysians and please share us your thoughts. Thank you.
    Monday, July 07, 2008
    Another startling piece on Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim on Najib by another blogger : Must read to be informed!
    Below is an article posted by Jebat Must Die that we must read and digest if we really want to know the truth, it is a logical review of the slander on Dato’ Sri Najib by blogger “Jebat Must Die:-
    on Jebat Must Die
    Tue, 29 Apr 2008 04:28:14 GMT
    e shall start off with this pantun;
    “Angkut angkut terbang ke langit,
    sampai di langit dimakan merbah,
    biar bertangkup bumi dan langit,
    setia hamba tidak berubah.”
    Those were the words of an Umno Deputy President during an Umno General Assembly in the not too distant past. During the good old days some would have reckoned. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim verbalized his undivided loyalty towards his mentor, Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad by reciting this pantun at the end of the Umno General Assembly in 1996. The affection being shown at that time by the PM towards his successor was for all to see. Only the most clairvoyant among us can predict what could have been unfold in the next two years after the pantun was recited and immortalized in the annals of Umno history.
    “The prodigal son and the father figure”
    This fiery pantun, which embodied an absolute and undying loyalty of a man towards his President no matter what may come, had been truly forgotten by Anwar Ibrahim as he became the fiercest critic to the very same person he held in very high regard several years ago.
    In 1996, Anwar was seen as Umno’s heir apparent to Dr Mahathir. Now, in 2008, Anwar is still perceived as heir apparent and prime minister in waiting to the current PM albeit from another political party. Who is Anwar Ibrahim? How did he came about to be what he is today? A political reformer? The people’s saviour? An opportunist? A power hungry extremist?
    In order to know a person, we need to know his character, his current ideology, his belief system, his principles or as some may say it, his ‘centre of being’. We study this, and then we reflect on all his actions through the years we’ve known him during the height of his power, and only then we can gauge what kind of a man he is. As what Abraham Lincoln once said – “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.
    Read the above pantun again.
    From his May 2007 interview in BBC’s Hardtalk, we delve into the man which some touted as the next best thing in Malaysia.
    The issue which was relentlessly hammered on to Anwar towards the end of the interview was his integrity and credibility in leading the fight against the blatant corruption within the Malaysian Government. As the interviewer pointed out, he was in the system itself for nearly 2 decades and did not do anything about it. Although Anwar insisted he fought against the tide, it were only in the forms of words. No actions were done by him. In fact, his tenure as the Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998 was best remembered by his subtle manouevring in forcing Dr Mahathir to resign as Prime Minister in the Umno General Assembly in 1998.
    His message was conveyed in the form of his trusted lieutenant, Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth Chief at the time. Alleging that cronyism and nepotism were prevalent within the Umno top hierarchy, and insinuating to the Umno members that Dr Mahathir had too many cronies, it was time Dr Mahathir to pass on the mantle of power to a cleaner leader. However, the plan backfired. We can read to remember about this revelation in Business Times ( 23 june 1998 );
    DATUK Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth chief, caused more than a bit of a stir when he spoke of `nepotisma and kronisma’ at the Youth assembly last Thursday, forcing the ensuing three-day Umno general assembly to debate issues associated with these alien terms openly.
    The party found itself on the defensive because, as a member of the Umno supreme council, there were questions as to whether Zahid had raised the issues at its meeting.
    Now please read on:-
    A reader of similar kindred spirit sent acouple of comments in my last article which I must share with all readers. The first is the analytical review of the facts and slander on the purported relationship between Ms Altantuya Shaaribuu and Datuk Seri Najib while the second would be the analysis on how the statutory declaration by My Bala was taken place . A million thanks to Lekiu for the fact finding effort. I could not have done it better. But first, lets see what Anwar had said in the press conference on the 3rd of July, slandering Datuk Seri Najib in the process. The video is a must watch so that we can relate to what Lekiu had commented.
    The Government of Malaysia signed an agreement with the French to buy 2 Scorpene boats/submarines in 2002. As early as October 2001 a decision has been made by the Malaysian Govermment to purchase the boats/submarines which was a blow to the Dutch who wanted to sell their Zwaardvis Class.
    According to Bala’s SD, Razak Baginda was supposedly introduced to Altantuyaa in Singapore at a diamond exhibition. The premiere diamond exhibition in Singapore is the Singapore International Jewellery Exhibition which began in 2005.
    Altantuyaa was born in 1978. Altantuya only moved to Hong Kong in 2005 to further her career (some say as an escort). Prior to that date she was married and had a child as late as in 2003.
    It brings to mind several issues :-
    1. Bala alleged that a commission of USD500K was due to Altantuyaa. If Malaysia had signed an agreement with the French in 2002 for the purchase of the boats/submarines, wouldn’t the commission mean that Altantuya was involved in the negotiation for the boats/submarines in 2000-2002? She was 22 in the year 2000. If it is true that Najib agreed for a commission due to her, which means Najib would have to have a seriously intimate relation with her for about a few years. Give and take 2-3 years, she was 19-20 years old when she started dating Najib? Does it make sense that Najib in his need to impress a girl promise her 500 million ? She was 19-20, a 10,000 cash money would be enough!
    We all know that in this kind of arms deal, there would be one local company who actively pursue the Malaysian Government and lobbied hard for the Malaysian Government to purchase the boats. Had it been true that Altantuyaa is involved, wouldn’t it been easier to structure the deal in a way that Altantuyaa sits as a proxy in the local company? (JMD : Anwar previously alleged that Perimekar Sdn Bhd was the recipient for the commision. Was Altantuyaa working for Perimekar Sdn Bhd – a local Malaysian company? I doubt it.)
    2. Bala also alleged that Najib introduced Altantuyaa to Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore. The biggest expo of that nature in Singapore only started in 2005. Razak Baginda and Altantuyaa were married sometime in 2005. If one assumes that Najib and Altantuyaa have had an affair since 1998, it doesn’t make sense for Altantuyaa to agree to marry Razak Baginda after a short introduction now does it?
    3. Again we go back to the theory that Altantuyaa was part of the negotiating party in the sale of the boats/submarines to Malaysia, if that was true and that Najib has had an affair with the Mongolian since way back in the late 90’s, why did Altantuyaa re-marry with a Mongolian and had a second child in 2003? Wouldn’t it be more acceptable if she squeezed Najib for a few thousand dollars and remain in France (where the submarine deal was struck)? A much more nicer place to live than Mongolia especially to a young impressionable girl in her early 20’s ?
    4. Why the need for her to become an escort if she was dating Najib and presumably after the Agreement to purchase the submarines in 2002 was concluded, money would have been disbursed to all interested parties.
    5. Why didn’t she kick up a ruckus after the deal was signed and she was never paid? If the reports are true, she part timed as an escort in 2005 in HK. She needed money, she could have yelled and screamed way back then and yet no such hysterical act.
    6. Why only after the marriage to Razak Baginda in 2005 did she rightfully searched for Razak for money? It would make more sense if she chased Najib for the commission? Right?
    All I am saying is, the poor murdered woman who turned her back on her 20 over years of faith, embraced a new religion, changed her name and married Razak. Then she came down to KL presumably wanting Razak to be financially supportive as any husband should be.
    It wasn’t about commission. It was about Razak’s failure to financially provide as a husband.
    8. Doesn’t an inquiring mind ask a valid question, what benefit does Najib has in murdering Altantuya ? If we take Bala’s allegation at face value that Najib had asked Razak to take care of Altantuyaa, I doubt marriage is something Najib had in mind. Had it been true that Razak was suppose to care for Altantuyaa and instead enamoured as it would seem, Razak married her, Najib would have kidnapped Razak and strapped a C4 on Razak instead of Altantuyaa.
    In 1998 Anwar had all sorts of conspiracy, blaming everyone from Tun Dr Mahathir to Daim. For a brief time, Anwar had massive ego complex that he paralled his fate to that of Napoleon Bonaparte when he claimed that there was a plan to poison him with arsenic.
    The arsenic didn’t kill him, but it does affect his thought process. He has a heightened sense of paranioa. Much like some schizophrenic, he feels that there is a conspiracy to bring him down.
    What little function his brain could perform, he fail to understand that it is he himself who has an inclination to self-sabotage.
    In an age where conspiracy theories thrive, Anwar has a ready listeners in the thousands to subscribe to his paranioa.
    Sometime, it is the simple explanation that is more credible than the outlandish theories which is spun out there.
    As a famous scientist, Enrico Fermi, once concluded…. if there are alien civilisations out there, where are they and why havent they contacted us ?
    But we all love X Files, ET and the like dont we ?
    And as they say, there is a sucker born every minute or is it every day ? Hmm
    (JMD : Just like Mark Twain once said – It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense. In this case, Anwar’s fiction failed to be credible enough)
    Can you see the amount of slander Anwar made in that press conference? All based on the first Statutory Declaration of Bala which even his lawyer had admitted is not a statement of the truth. How can you slander a person based only on hearsay? And based on Lekiu’s comment above, the choronology of events had absolutely lend credibility to Najib’s assertion that he did not know Altantuyaa and had no sexual relationhip with her. And to reveal Anwar’s hypocrisy on this matter, he made a statement today against people who slanders him:
    BUTTERWORTH: Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has denied that he or any of his family members had called on the United States for support amid new allegations that he had sodomised his aide.
    In a ceramah at the Seberang Jaya exposition grounds here, Anwar challenged his detractors in the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition to show proof that he had contacted the US for support when the allegations surfaced.
    “I am prepared to go to court to prove that I did no such thing. I demand an apology from those who do not have the evidence to back their claims.
    “Do not resort to such slander and do not demean me,” Anwar told an audience of more than 30,000 people.
    Basically, it is alright for him to slander Najib. The fact is, Najib never slandered him. In fact, it was Anwar’s own aide who made the police report. Saiful Bukhary was not even slandering Anwar as he had to undergo medical examination and hours of interrogation to determine the truth. At this point, each Malaysian had to ask this question – what kind of a man Anwar Ibrahim is?
    Lekiu’s other comment was with regards to my earlier commentary on the manner Anwar was arrested in 1998. A reader had highlighted the fact that the reason why Anwar hid in the Turkish Embassy was because he did not want a repeat of 1998 incident. He said that Anwar was arrested in 1998 because of the same sodomy allegation back then. Anwar was eventually beaten in custody.
    But the turth was, in 1998, Anwar was arrested not because of a police report was made against him. The police report on sodomy was made by Azizan in 1997. He was arrested on 20th September 1998 because he incited riots in KL. We can still remember the mass rally in Dataran Merdeka and the destruction of public property by the protesters. Due to that, he was arrested using the ISA.
    The notion that he hid in the foreign embassy because he was afraid police will beat him up even though he claim he was innocent (of sodomy) was wrong. In 1998, he WAS the mastermind for inciting public riot and the decision of the police to arrest him was correct. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Games was just around the corner back then. The government would not want any of its citizens to tarnish the image of the country. But Anwar was adamant in tarnishing the country’s image. To him, he comes first.
    It was unfortunate that he was beaten up by Tan Sri Rahim Noor back then. But to say that he hid because he was afraid police will arrest him and beat him up just because somebody filed a police report on charges of sodomy is dead wrong. And currently, we also know by now that the government never made any intention to assassinate him as he claimed about a week ago. Anwar is a political leader who is riddled with sense of paranoia. Is that good for the country?
    Thanks for the refresher on why Anwar was arrested in 1998.
    It does give credence to the theory that Anwar’s run with his pants down at his ankle to the Turkish Embassy shows tacit admission of guilt.
    It becomes a bit interesting now that the military intelligence chief denies that a report on Altantuya exist. Although such denial would not be deemed credible in the eyes of Anwarists. A need for SD by the Chief perhaps?
    I am of the opinion that Bala’s first SD is quite interesting in a stupid Anwar way. There was a declaration by Bala that seem to say that Najib has had anal intercourse with Altantuya. For an SD intended to link Najib to Altantuya, suddenly, in one short paragraph, Altantuya’s alleged sexual predilection comes to the fore.
    It does show the desperation that Anwar is under. Anwar is probably saying through Bala, Najib is doing it through the back door as well, why pick on me alone?
    And somewhere in the SD, Bala alleged that Altantuya is Najib’s girlfriend and that Razak Baginda was charged with taking care of her. Somewhere towards the end of the SD and in a noble gesture, Razak Baginda and Altantuya decided to marry.
    The need to create invisible dots to link Najib and Altantuya seemed never ending in the SD. Anyone who has ever left a woman scorned would know that a woman left high and dry would eventually run back to the bast+#@ who left her.
    Even if it is true that Altantuya was Najib’s ex, surely Altantuya would be crying out and seek Najib for help given the scenario that Najib and Altantuya was alleged to have the most intimate of relatonship.
    In a worst case scenario, Altantuya could easily hold a press conference and allege all sort of stuff against Najib. Why take the difficult route of screaming and shouting in front of Razak Baginda’s house? For the simple reason that Razak Baginda and Altantuya were husband and wife. Najib is a non issue.
    The new revelation that Altantuya is demanding commission from the arms deal is also a desperate attempt to link the poor murdered woman to Najib.
    As was stated in the SD, Altantuya and Razak Baginda were married. The poor woman wanted the husband to be responsible. She may have wanted financial support from her husband but I doubt it would run to hundred of millions from the arms deal.
    It is interesting to note that Anwar has so much hatred towards Najib. Anwar reckons that Najib doesn’t deserve to be Prime Minister in Waiting and that such coveted title belong to him. Anwar’s incessant need to soil Najib’s image seemed bordering paranoia.
    In these sordid episode, Badawi seem to be laughing at the sidelines while mud is thrown at one another from his 2 most formidable challengers, Najib and Anwar.
    In all these fight, I miss the absence of Tun Dr Mahathir. In 1998 it was easier. I was rooting for the obvious choice, Tun Dr Mahathir as opposed to Anwar. The protagonist stood up clear. Now, there are no protagonist. What is obvious the face of evil is very much pronounced.
    This reminds me of a lesson I learned after reading Milton’s Paradise Lost. Some wise old man once told me that evil is seductive. Which is why Adam despite being in the presence of God was beguiled by Satan into eating the forbidden fruit.
    That said and done, it is hard for most Malaysians to believe that Anwar who peppers his speech with injunctions from the Quran could be involved in a sordid tale of sexual impropriety.
    Perhaps it is true after all when Harper Lee wrote in a classic book that “Sometimes the Bible in the hand one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another”
    JMD : A really good analytical review of the SD. Should be highly noted by the public. Thank you. I also like to point out that while Pak Lah can belaughing watching those two battle out each other, he forgot to see the ramifications of this to the Umno party. He should not have left Najib high and dry. To me, any mudslinging towards Najib is also an affront towards the image of Umno as a whole. Pak Lah and KJ failed to realize this.
    Speaking of statutory declaration, I would like to touch a bit on RPK’s SD against Datin Seri Rosmah. In the first paragraph, it basically says that on the night of Altantuya’s murder, only 3 people were present. They are Rosmah, Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife, Norhayati.
    Later, RPK alleged that he was reliably informed that Aziz placed the C4 on Altantuya’s body before blowing her up while being watched by both Rosmah and Norhayati.
    The big question is; if only 4 people were present on that night (Altantuya included) to witness that ungodly act, then WHO had informed RPK? RPK even said ‘he was reliably’ informed. If we rule out Altantuya herself to reveal this in RPK’s dream, could it be Aziz or Norhayati? I am certain Rosmah could never confess such crimes to RPK even IF she ever did it. We can rule out Aziz and Norhayati themselves since both of them had sued RPK for defamation. So how on earth RPK could possibly know what happen that night? Could it have come from RPK’s own highly imaginative mind? Once, RPK himself admitted that he likes to embellish his articles to make it more spicy to read.
    So there, another fiction by RPK perhaps? I once said that eventhough RPK claimed that he did not wish to be a politician, but I presume, with the SD he made (which at most, a hearsay based on another hearsay), he is playing politics all the while. Why? Because like his buddy Anwar Ibrahim, he is good in diverting attention. All know that he has a court case hearing this October. The SD he made was just a diversion to incite the public so that he could at least win in his precious ‘court of public opinion’”
    Posted by Pasquale at 10:03 AM

  222. HangKasturi Aug 2,2008 12:02 AM

    Dear Tun,
    History will definately judge “the Bliars and his allies” for what they have done to the people of Iraq.

  223. sdahenan Aug 1,2008 11:50 PM

    Anakanda tumpang lalu.
    TO TDM hater:
    10 years ago you’re 21
    20 years ago you’re 11
    27 years ago you’re 04
    Haraf Ayahanda jangan perduli JOKER si budak kecik ni.Buat menyemak BLOG saja.
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah selalu berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT

  224. amaze Aug 1,2008 11:48 PM

    Salam TUN,
    From your comment, does it mean that English language is still very important?
    TUN, you possessed a very good English knowledge. You know how to converse. We respect you. But… what a pity that our next younger generation will be facing and struggle to learn English.
    Ilmu is very important, if ilmu not fully gain !!! Ha..Ha.. what can happen to our country??.
    TUN, you are still our best PM, you dare to condemn.
    Do take good care always.

  225. mazlanms Aug 1,2008 11:43 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I’m sure you know very well who is in control of these medias. They are all Pak Lah’s cronies. Whatever comes out from your mouth for the good of the Country, Government, party and the rakyat they will chuck it into the waste basket. But interestingly if you open up your mouth to critic other parties especially PKR & PAS or a man called ANWAR, it will be in the front page in the main newspapers or in their online.
    It’s very sickening and I don’t buy any newspapers no more, I switch to bloggers (thanks guys). I realized that there are more TRUTH coming from the bloggers (but not all yeah, some just like to spin etc)
    Don’t worry Tun there more and more visitors to your blog everyday, your message will get thru somehow.

  226. kedah youngster Aug 1,2008 11:40 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Masya Allah…
    Jika tak kerana pendedahan dari Tun ini, kami tak tau langsung pasal Tony Blair ni dah datang Malaysia. Apa la yang KERAjaan paklah buat sekarang nih.??
    kepada media-media kerajaan,
    You all pun dah takut macam paklah jugak ke? Tony Blair tu dah macam BAPAK SYAITAN tau tak??
    Apa salahnya kalau you all tayangkan press conference yang tun buat nih??
    Kalau dah takut sangat dengan singapura @ dunia barat, tak payah la jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia lagi. MENYUSAHKAN RAKYAT saja!!
    Terbuktilah bahawa Tun seorang pemimpin & pejuang sejati Negara!!
    Tahniah Tun!
    Dato’ Mukhriz,
    Kemukakan isu ini ke parlimen. Biar MELONCAT sikit paklah.

  227. Benderbuzz Aug 1,2008 11:38 PM

    Salam Tun.
    First of all, just to mention here that i have a lot of friends working with the media as journalists or editors. The only thing that keeps bugging my mind is what the hell their doing there?
    In theory, they learned about freedom of the press and being objective. Yet, they loss their balls (or their chief editors kept it in the closet) when covering the events attended by Tun.
    Come on guys, what are you so afraid of? Pak Lah? PMO? OSA? “Kalimurah”? KJ? oh…pleassseee..
    You guys in Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, NST, STAR, TV3 etc…wake up ! Why? Yours already shrunk like peanuts huh?

  228. Tea Dean Aug 1,2008 11:36 PM

    😉 nampaknya semakin hari semakin banyak isu yang ditimbulkan oleh kepimpinan sekarang ni. 😉 sekarang bukan masanya untuk kita menuding jari menyalahkan/mengutuk sesama kita. Kena bangun dan pakat baik-baiklah. Kita bukan siapa-siapa pun, sama saja, negara ini bukan orang lain punya, kita yang punya. Ibu, bapa, datuk, nenek dan moyang kita yang dok pi berjuang, menebas, meneroka hutan belantara dulu nak bagi kita hidup senang macam hari ini 😉
    Jadi apa kita kena buat untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan ini? Seperti kata iklan Celcom, kuasa di tangan anda! Jadilah pengguna yang bijak. 😉 Fikir-fikirkanlah
    ikhlas dari mata hati.

  229. Allen Francis Aug 1,2008 11:36 PM

    Pak Lah undur!

  230. pah nur Aug 1,2008 11:31 PM

    Indeed. Blair and Bush should be dragged into the International Criminal Court, just like Karadzic. But I think that they are just the puppets run by proxy, as you had announced in your last speech before you retired, the Jewish. (It’s no wonder Sadam’s, was it father or grandfather, wrote that book “Why Allah should not have created human, the fly and the Jews” – if my memory served me well that is…)
    Apparently the UN are short of staff to send aid to Darfur. No oil no aid….

  231. Zahari S Aug 1,2008 11:26 PM

    Assalammualaikum YBhg Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    It is really sad to see that the government under Mr Flip Flop has gone down so low as to allow such personality that is well known to be the lieutenant to Bush to set foot onto our beloved country.
    To add insult to injury, the government through its controled media conveniently forgot the astrocities that had befell the Iraqis who were supposed to be deliberated by false reason of WMD and the need to be saved from the late Saddam Hussein.
    And, finally, this war mongering character received an invitation by the Universiti Malaya to give talk, as you mentioned on the rule of law. Why he didn’t invoke the rule of law when the Iraqis were tortured and demeaned in Abu Gharib prison? What law can he quote when a missile that is suppose to “eliminate” the so called terrorist also caused the death of innocent men, women and children?
    Is there such law to address collateral death? Can we as a peace loving rakyat accept such decision and action from a man who is a major contributor to the continuous suffering of Iragis and Afghanistanis?
    However, by the damning silence in the local media on your comment during the press conference at PLF and a front page cover of the arrival of Blair, it can be concluded that the government of Malaysia under the Flip Flop PM and his band of inept bandits is truly being controlled by foreign powers.
    This may be the price that all of Malaysians have to pay since we have a leader that put himself and his family welfare before the well being of the rakyat.
    Shah Alam

  232. mzzainal Aug 1,2008 11:17 PM

    Malaysia’s media demands for greater freedom in highlighting their news. And this has gone for many years now.
    However the flip-flop attitudes of most of the media is expected as regardless of their demands for greater press freedom, they fail to advocate and live up to their own ideals. Maybe they are trying to live up to PakLah’s expectations or those on the 4th floor.
    Some media now have been reduced to depend on their source of revenue – the ads. Maybe thats why they do not want to report fairly as they are worried that their clients would deem them as a destructive force which is fighting the Govt.
    Regardless of their reason, they choose to flip-flop with the Govt.

  233. sitrend Aug 1,2008 11:17 PM

    Though we have gained Independence politically we are still not so mentally. We still cherish to see “Mat Sallehs” and of all to welcome former Britian’s PM and family…..everyone wants to be their friends so then they can boast…I know someone who knows someone who knows someone…..
    There are really very nice Mat Sallehs around. The fact that they are here is either monetary or just disgusted with the life back in their homeland. I know many Aussie people in either Singapore or Malaysia who do not wish to go back home. They do not mind Vietnam but not back home. Then we have Malaysians who migrate to Down Under. It seems a paradox, I always ask myself, if that place is really so great,then why are they here?
    Iraq war is utterly foolish and can only be devised by a scumbag like Bush. Middle east was a better place with Saddam then without him. Nevertheless, some many countries in Mid-east want him dead and have secretly financed US for the war. If Bush and Blair are criminals, then the invisible list is very very long.
    All killings are criminal act including capital punishment that we impose in Malaysia. One may argue, that the convicted deserve such punishment for the sin he/ she has committed………then why do we talk about compassion? Love is psychological but compassion is spiritual. Let us do a bit of housekeeping here. Let us create a paradise here and then extend it elsewhere.

  234. khairuddin Aug 1,2008 11:09 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Salam hormat. Editors surat khabar dan media nak hidup atau masih memuja orang putih hingga tak berani nak menghentam mereka.

  235. zaman Aug 1,2008 11:08 PM


  236. mshafie Aug 1,2008 10:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
    Sepatutnya puak yang dikatakan cendekiawan ini berfikir kembali adakah Tony Blair adalah orang yang layak untuk mengatakan tentang hak dan undang-undang sedangkan beliau sendiri menghina dan menncabuli kedaulatan negara yang dituduh mempunyai WMD untuk semata-mata mendapat nama di mata dunia sebagai pendukung keamanan. Walhal tindakan beliau yang kurang pandai ini telah menyebabkan banyak jiwa telah terkorban bukan sahaja rakyat di Iraq bahkan juga nyawa anggota tentera yang dihantar untuk disembelih ke sana. Akibatnya beliau ditolak oleh rakyat beliau sendiri dan mengapa puak yang bijak pandai ini memilih orang yang kejam ini sebagai jurucakap tentang hak dan undang-undang. Adakah mereka ini semakin banyak belajar tetapi semakin kurang cerdik jadinya!!!!

  237. zebramones Aug 1,2008 10:39 PM

    What’s the matter with the Government now? The PM boasts of his Islam Hadhari but he invited one of the biggest satan to our country…
    Thanks Tun…for bringing up this issue…
    Tun..we Melayu have no one to turn to now…please save us…please

  238. ExcellentThoughts Aug 1,2008 10:39 PM

    Dear Tun
    Couldn’t agree more tony blair is as good as a terrorist a guilty fellow now going round talking about the rule of law.
    His conscience will eat him up slowly the amount of children suffered
    under bush and blairs invasion on Iraq. both are war criminals.
    Take care.

  239. MatDra Aug 1,2008 10:38 PM

    YAB Tun dan All The Bloggers,
    Memang amat menyedihkan bila Kerajaan Dollah mengalu-alukan kedatangan “War Criminals” ke Malaysia & diberi kesempatan “mengajar” rakyat tentang hak asasi Manusia & undang-undang.
    Tapi lebih menyedihkan lagi bila para wartawan kita sendiri yang mewakili media perdana memberi SOKONGAN PENUH pada Kerajaan Dollah yang ternyata “BODOH DAN SOMBONG” hanya kerana “MENJAGA PERIUK NASI”. Patutlah wartawan kita diletakkan “dibawah” oleh para wartawan/pemberita asing. Memang situlah tempat orang yang “PENAKUT & PENGHIANAT BANGSA”.
    Kawan-kawan harus sedar bahawa pada pandangan saya apa yang cuba TDM perkatakan adalah betapa kita rakyat tidak mendapat informasi & juga berita tanpa “SARINGAN” oleh Dollah & Co.
    Bayangkan betapa bodohnya kita rakyat pada anggapan Dollah.
    Saya harap TDM akan memberi pandangan Tun tentang Pilihanraya Kecil bagi Parlimen Permatang Pauh yang akan diadakan tidak lama lagi.
    Pada pandangan saya,
    1. BN memang orang tak mahu.
    2. AI orang was-was akan perjuangannya
    3. BEBAS akan menang kerana ia merupakan pilihan terbaik.
    Fikir-fikirkan wahai pengundi-pengundi Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

  240. Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara Aug 1,2008 10:35 PM

    kempan boycott ISRAEL dan KONCO laknatullah

  241. Onlooker Aug 1,2008 10:33 PM

    Do you know that you are indeed a hollow sham?
    You are just a killer crying foul of another killer!
    Do you still remember that during the second half of 1970s when you were the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, you refused a lot of Vietnamese refugees (the so-called boat people) who sought for political asylum in Malaysia the landing rights at the seashore along East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia or outer islands within the Malaysian territorial water at South China Sea, threatening to “shoot” them if they refused to turn back to the Communist Vietnam?
    No doubt you did manage to escape yourself from intensified attack by international criticism on such an inhumane decision as “trying to shoot off the Vietnemese refugees”, simply by using a cunning approach to manipulate your verbal articulation and by putting the blame on the news reporters for wrongfully reporting your word “shoo” as “shoot”, in order to explain off your callous high-handed measures for curbing the influx of Vietnamese refugees to Malaysia. However, many of the Vietnamese refugees who managed to escape from the tyrannic torture of the Communist Viet-Cong were soon found themselves have to be drowned to death in the deep water of South China Sea after their small boats were to be engulfed by the high tide of the Moonsoon Season due to Malaysian Navy’s refusal to give a helping hand to them at your official order! You were indeed a killer to many of those Vietnamese refugees who died in despair of your denial in giving a merciful rescue!
    Have you ever repented on your such wrongdoing at your old age, Tun? What moral suasion do you possess to accuse other killer for their wrongdoing if you have not repented on your past wrong?

  242. wokyoh Aug 1,2008 10:28 PM

    salam perjuangan buat tun yang dikasihi.
    1)mujur juga nuar nak bertanding…..maka paklah buat taktik menurunkan harga minyak …jadi anwar tak boleh jadikan kenaikan harga minyak sebagai MODAL kempen…harga minyak turun 1 september ni…memberi kelegaan kepada kita rakyat biasa…bijak juga kepala hotak paklah ni ye…jgn-jgn ni flip…esok flop lagi???
    2)apa kata tun jadi calon bebas..lawan anwar kat permatang pauh…tun kalah pun tak apa,sebab kita dah tau tempat tu lubuk anwar berkurun lama…cuma…kalau tun menang….tun akan jadi MP…boleh cakap kat parlimen…jadi regu ibrahim ali…best jugak…kita tengok karpal.lim kit siang,hadi..dan wakil kerajaan lain….terkial-kial nak lawan tun…sifu terunggul di parlimen!!!!AURA TUN MASIH ADA!!!!
    3)jangan la letak ezam….dia tak ada pendirian…
    4)pasal apa yang tun kata tu…akhbar malaysia cari makan…so kalau isu liwat,rogol,nak berbini 4…siti norhaliza,dato k,cepat la habis,laku…..tapi cerita pasal perang,keamanan sejagat,kebuluran…manalah ada nilai komersil tun…..
    5)sila tangkap anwar dan bicarakan secepat mungkin…jangan dok bagi NEGARA kacau bilau…banyak lagi benda penting nak buat….pasal agama.bangsa..ketuanan melayu dan lain-lain…

  243. azmany Aug 1,2008 10:24 PM

    The trend for print media now seems to be :
    The Star, the Edge and Sun is pro opposition – look at the slant and angle of the writing of its editors. These publications will lean towards the prevailing trend and will not want to incur the wrath of ‘friendly foreign opinion’.
    NST is pro-government and will avoid articles that will put govt in the bad light – unless it’s against targeted/campaigned individuals or interest.
    The stand against Bush and Blair requires firm opinion and balls. And these unfortunately are not what we can expect from powers that be nowadays.

  244. Angkatan Lancang Kuning Nusantara Aug 1,2008 10:21 PM

    Semua yang berlaku ini adalah memang konspirasy.
    BUSH dan BLAIR adalah dari ILLUMINATI-ZIONIST laknattulah.
    Mereka akan menyokong pembentukkan NEGARA ISRAEL RAYA yang melibat kan Iraq, Jordan dan syria.
    Ini salat satu matlamat mereka.

  245. anakpaknuih99 Aug 1,2008 10:19 PM

    salam sejahtera tun sekeluarga,
    cekalkan lah semangat tun dalam perjuangan ini.memang cabaran terbesar dalam agenda perjuangan tun ialah untuk MENGUBAH SIKAP ORANG MELAYU!
    tolong teruskan perjuangan mengingatkan dan mengubah sikap bangsa kita agar kami sentiasa tahu tanggung jawab dan amanah yang perlu dipikul disetiap peringkat,sentiasa berusaha untuk progresif dan sedar dan bersedia untuk berundur apabila diperlukan demi untuk kebaikan.

  246. Bubuk Aug 1,2008 10:16 PM

    Yelah Blair dan Bush mmg penipu. Tapi kau Mahathir, bayar berjuta wang rakyat untuk bertemu dgn Bush. Mahathir, you don’t talk cock !

  247. kroolaznizam Aug 1,2008 9:57 PM

    Salam Tokdet…
    To Harimau1900,
    That article is written by westerners, for sure they condemn our beloved Tokdet…
    Tok hari ni dalam berita tadi Abd Dol bukan main eksyen cakap pasal muzakarah dengan Pas..
    Nampaknya Abg Dol dah makin terdesak sampai sanggup berkomplot dengan Pas atas dasar kepentingan Melayu dan Islam…
    Mula-mula kata takde perjumpaan dengan Pas, then rupanya dah 3 kali diaorang meeting…
    Bila dah terdesak sanggup jilat ludah sendiri, cett!!!!
    Hai lah Abg Dol… bila la kau nak bangun dari tido??
    Salam Tok…

  248. suresh Aug 1,2008 9:56 PM

    Conspiracy be it small or big, it remains conspiracy. Like theft, like lie; small or big it remains the same. Blair could have conspired with US to bring Saddam down; he caused a lot of innocent people losing their lives and others to lose their loved ones.
    But you too caused a lot of miseries to innocents in Malaysia. Because of your choice for a corrupt judge and conspiracy of your millionaire friend a journalist was sued for 10million and journalist died as pauper. You sacked your deputy accusing him of sodomy. Later the case was thrown out and driver concerned swore in Kadi’s presence he was not sodomized. What do you call this Tun? Isn’t this a conspiracy to get rid of your opponent?
    To me you and Blair the same! Conspirators of all time.

  249. catwoman Aug 1,2008 9:55 PM

    just to say goodnignt tun…
    have a nice rest…
    saw your line speech on ‘cat and goat…difficult science…’…. i had a satisfactory laugh when reading todays paper this morning…
    tried to open che det yesterday but…haru BIRUUUU.. why aargghh..
    maybe somebody trying to tunjuk kuasa… like the “US” and “BLAIR”
    i only have pity for the ‘haru biru’…cobaannnn…

  250. akulani Aug 1,2008 9:45 PM

    saya rasa tun tak boleh sekadar bercakap atau menulis di blog saya,tun juga perlu turun ke gelanggaNG untuk melawan PAKLAH

  251. JAAFAR Aug 1,2008 9:34 PM

    To Bendahara Din,
    Saya setuju you kata KJ arrogant, tapi tak setuju you kata KJ know nothing. HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES!

  252. abdooleziz Al-Anbar Aug 1,2008 9:27 PM

    salam Tun and Famili…
    Yo lah dah bonar tu….
    Hancur Iraq di buat nye…
    Habis apa kita buat? Orang Islam nak berdamai pun kita
    Hai PAS buat lah seperti perjanjian Hudaibiyah untuk orang Islam
    semua. Kampong dah nak tergadai…
    Minggu depan atau dua minggu lagi ada Forum nak pertikai kuasa Mahkamah Syariah pulak..

  253. JAAFAR Aug 1,2008 9:25 PM

    Salam. Saya setuju 99% dengan cadangan kamimelayubaru August 1,2008 6.10pm iaitu meletakkan calon BEBAS diPRK Parlimen Permatang Pauh. Diantara dua beradek ni yangmana pun takpa, tapi Dato’ Mohzani saya rasa lebih oommh. Kalau on, jum kita ramai2 dari seluruh Malaysia pi kempen diP.Pauh. Insyaallah menang. Padan muka dua2 ekor tu.
    Semoga Allah s.w.t. lindungi semua rakyat Malaysia yang tak berdosa dan teraniaya.

  254. azli Aug 1,2008 9:12 PM

    Aslkm YBhg Tun dn semua warga
    Ala Tun, tak kn tak tau yang tersurat dan yg tersirat.
    Kan semua media cetak skrg di bwh ketiak Pak Lah. Klu keluarkan berita tentang Tun nnt tak popular lak Pak Lah tu. Nnt Tun overshadow lak dia.Lebih2 gi tentang kelantangan Tun yang sentiasa consistence dengan anti dasar Bush dn Blair yg sememangnya pemimpin negara2 arab dan dinia ketiga akui sejak 22thn yang lalu.
    Tun, leh tak Tun komen sikit atau bagi pandangan ura2 Pak Lah nak kempen nak turun harga minyak 1st.September ni.Boleh ke harga minyak turun, harga lain-lain barang keperluan yang lain turun jugak ke?. Dah tak tahan dah ni pergi pasar ujung minggu untuk stock 1 minggu dah tak cukup setakat RM 250.Dulu RM 150 dah lebih dari cukup. Dah tak nampak dah kerajaan tak boleh kawal lansung harga barang2 keperluan dapur.
    Tun,agak2 apalah modal Pak Lah nak kempen lwn AN-WAR di Permatang Pauh ni nnt. nampak kat TV3 mlm ni Pak Lah confidence abis akan menang d Permatang Pauh.
    YB Mahyudin.. ur comment on d by-election at Permatang Pauh is the best and very gentlement. Lain2 menteri yang komen.. very negetive n useless

  255. mod Aug 1,2008 9:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Jelas sekali media massa serta elektronik negara kita adalah di bawah cengkaman Pak Lah. Memang patut pun rakyat bijak mengubah selera mendapatkan maklumat melalui internet yang nyata memiliki hidangan menu yang banyak.
    Mujurlah Tun menerima maklumat berkenaan dan terus menyebarkan bagi pengetahuan rakyat yang amat dahagakan maklumat terkini.
    Pak Lah cuba lari dari sesuatu, sedangkan persembahan penari gelek dicanang berminggu-minggu sebelum persembahan, yang nyata hanya penganjur sahaja yang kecewa tetapi lawatan Mr Tony yang tidak dihebahkan mungkin merentapkan lagi kekecewaan rakyat kepada beliau.
    Pak Lah memang pengecut.

  256. Ahmad Joe Aug 1,2008 9:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t Tun,
    I’m totally agree with you Tun. I felt very upset and sad as well when i saw a picture of a baby died caused by their “democracy bomb”. I think that we should print out that picture and sent it to pak lah and his gangs.

  257. PakMalau Aug 1,2008 9:03 PM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    Jemputan keatas Blair itu untuk menunjukkan yang kerajaan sekarang ini amat terbuka, tidak seperti dizaman Tun.
    Tidak adanya berita tentang PC Tun itu, alasannya ialah Tun juga pernah buat begitu.
    Jadi apa yang mereka buat betul belaka.

  258. Bendahara Din Aug 1,2008 9:03 PM

    Salam YABhg Tun,
    1) I fully support your articles.
    2) Pak Lah-cum-Najib’s administration is pathetic, incompetent and “mudah lupa”.
    3) Studying the Iraq War carefully, Tony Blair (with Bush) are War Criminals of Modern Era.
    4) Rakyat Malaysia, please ponder for awhile and think what has actually happened to the people of Iraq and how Blair has lied to his country to “plan and make” wars with Iraq.
    5) I view most Rakyat Malaysia could not believe why the present government allowed Blair to come to Malaysia. They should chase them out!
    6) To Pak Lah administration and also know-nothing and arrogant KJ, please comment.

  259. ikhwan Aug 1,2008 8:54 PM

    Dear Tun, just nak betulkan apa yang melayubaru tulis tadi. Semua yang beliau tulis betul cuma satu. Tuduhan pada Saddam bukan senjata nuklear tapi senjata kimia. Sekarang pada Iran pula dituduh Senjata Nuklear. Itulah penjahat nama Amerika dan Britain . Bagi saya kalau Iran ada senjata nuklear pun bagus juga. Bom terus Israel. Senang. Lepas tu orang Freemason nak buat tuduhan apa lagi?
    Terima kasih

  260. ikhwan Aug 1,2008 8:47 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Thank you for your post today. If you want to know, your site is the most reliable source of news nowdays. Keep on posting news that all of us need to remember.
    Tun, as I currently work in UK and get to know some news on British issues, I would like to ask you and fellow bloggers to watch this talk given by David Eike. It summarised the connection between Illuminati, IMF, Tony Blair, Bush, Kawan baik Anwar iaitu Paul Wolfowitz, Bilderberg, The dollar meltdown, Barack Obama, New World Order, Sept 911, Osama Bin Laden etc. The talk is 3 hours long. So, just sit, watch and hear. The site is
    Basically, the film tells us on how a group of people control the world and I am very confident that Anwar is used by them. Look at how important he is to them.
    I cannot do much to help Malaysia at the moment, but I hope this film will shed some light on who or what we are against to. I would also like to ask PAS why they are suddently afraid of Anwar and his gang? Why when Israel cricket team came to Malaysia a few years ago PAS orchestra a demonstration. Why when Tony Blair who has helped the US in killing hundreds of Thousand Iraqis people do not get the same treatment when he is in Malaysia to talk about law. For me, it is a total disgust. They make use of Islam only for political milage. Nik Aziz called Tun a Secular, but if being a Secular really care about other Muslim, I would regard that being a Secular like Tun is better than being a hypocrite.
    Thank you Tun Dr Mahathir

  261. alfyaj Aug 1,2008 8:46 PM

    To All Bloggers
    I wonder, does this mean that the Malaysian Government under Bodowi’s administration support Blair and his policy on Iraq??
    Blair is a poodle to Bush….I Bodowi and his team are NOT part of this beautiful relationship….
    Oh, something to share.
    A BBC’s Interview with TDM.
    (I have never feel tired watching this clip many many times.) I hope you will enjoy watching it too.
    Maaf jika comment say agak kurang ajar……astagfirullah…
    – hamba Allah, from across

  262. OrangLama Aug 1,2008 8:36 PM

    Siapa punya idea bawa Tony Blair ke Malaysia ni? Tak fikir kah perasaan rakyat Iraq, Muslim seluruh dunia dan juga pencinta keamanan seluruh dunia? Sepupu dia George Bush dan Paul Wolfowitz.
    Jangan ada misi khas George Bush kat Malaysia cukup lah!
    Asyik2 buat silap saja Malaysia ni.

  263. Mohd Faried Aug 1,2008 8:34 PM

    Salam Tun
    What happen to our media?
    are they blind?
    are they stupid?
    in they country Blair and Bush have been boying buy their own people. They dont respect they PM and President…
    But in Malaysia, our media try to make sure that Blai and Bush is are hero in war anggest Tourist Islam. Kiling anesorn people. kiling, kiling …and bloud all avery place.
    Media in Malaysia have been control by PM , by Goverment, By the Law …bye they interse dan coroni…. this is Pak Lah idea!
    i dont what to say…
    went i see are newS paper METRO in front …is about SEX! KHLAWAT! VIDEO PRONO! NOTHING MORE…WHAT HAPPEN?
    I hope Tun can take action to this news paper…
    Salam Tun …HIDUP TUN

  264. Din Investor Aug 1,2008 8:33 PM

    Salam TUN,
    I am inclined to think that the government wants to maintain very good relations with the West even after great sins that they have committed. Afterall, Malaysians know that current PM is soft and will not dare to confront West. What surprises me further that nothing appear in both The Stars and New Sraits Time about your comment on Blair coming here eventhough your press conference was fulled with journalist. Definetely something is fishy.
    I will no be surprised even if Israel leaders were to visits Malaysia, the government will warm hearthedly accept them on the ground wanting to enhance relationship. Shame to the government.

  265. TDMhater Aug 1,2008 8:13 PM

    it is undeniable, Blair and Bush are one of the worst criminals of this decade, which I might even link them to Hitler. What they did to the Islam world should never be forgived.
    But there is one phrase that caught my attention, kanggaroo court…is there a similarity of such court in malaysia about 10 years ago. And even possibilities of such court to appear again.
    TDM, sometimes we need to see ourselves first. I am not a law student, and I was only 21 years old 10 years ago, but the Kanggaroo court 10 years ago which you master minded was the joke of the year. Even my teachers and lecturers during uni days laughed at it, stating you are one of the worst war criminals in Malaysia.
    Do you still remember ops Lalang. What was the purpose? what right did you have to arrest people without any solid evidence. Do you remember your youth leader, who is the DPM now, who came out with fearce slogans.
    For me, you too are similar to Hitler, it is just that hitler did it openly, you did it silently.

  266. threesixtynine Aug 1,2008 8:11 PM

    bila org islam ikut method org kuffar dlm mentadbir, mengurus & menyelesaikan masalah umat maka secara sendirinya agama itu akan runtuh, & Allah swt tarik rasa gerun org kuffar pada org islam.

  267. cakkuncak Aug 1,2008 7:58 PM

    YAB Tun,
    our local news media are a bunch of jokers too…all they want or try to report is the ‘greatness’ of the Head Joker…

  268. |iFelessOrdiNary Aug 1,2008 7:53 PM

    Salam to our lovely Tun and family,
    Sekarang semua paper semua press di malaysia ni dah kene beli dengan Pak Lah even BPR pon dah kene beli. But i dont blame them…diorang cuma buat kerja. Depan2 semua dok ampu melambung..padahal belakang depa semua press dok kutuk.

  269. truthseeker Aug 1,2008 7:50 PM

    Salam kepada YAB Tun dan rakan2 bloggers,
    1. Ya benar, media kita yang kononnya ada prinsip tetapi sebenarnya sampah masyarakat juga. Bolehlah berdiri sederet dengan mat rempit, kaki dadah, perompak, dll. Mungkin kategori yang lain2 dari media lebih mulia kerana tidak berpura2 ada prinsip. Kenapa tidak laporkan pendirian murni Tun dan AJK Kuala Lumpur Perdana Global Peace Organization yang kondem si Blair, penjenayah perang tu? Mana kebebasan media? Bebas taik kucingla…
    2. Memang sah Blair dengan Bush perancang utama tetapi kerajaan Msia bagi penghormatan lagi kepada mereka. Memang tepat apa yang disuarakan oleh Matthias Chang dalam buku Brainwashed For War Programmed To Kill iaitu kita akan di psiko oleh Yahudi dan US untuk terima pembunuhan sebagai perkara biasa. Lihat, Dollah, Menteri2nya, orang2 berpengaruh Msia sedia maafkan Blair…siap jemput jadi VIP lagi. Memang kita sedang menuju ke arah rancangan Yahudi-US.
    3. Si Dollah membenarkan Dick Cheney (sekor lagi penjenayah) dengan syarikat Halliburton nya melabur di Wilayah Iskandar. Mana maruah orang Islam? Mana maruah orang2 penting Msia? Kenapa tidak membantah?Hanya kerana pelaburan 200 juta USD sudah cukup kita benarkan pembunuh orang Iraq meniaga di sini…wang darah rakyat Iraq dibersihkan di Msia untuk menjadi wang halal.
    4. Kalau kita bloggers atau sesiapa yang kita kenal merasakan Blair, Bush, Cheney tidak bersalah, maka kita sudah berjaya di psiko oleh Yahudi-US. Tun jelas pendiriannya dari dulu lagi. Si Anwar pula jelas sekongkol dengan Yahudi-US. Bayangkan Camdesus, bos IMF yang Yahudi tu disambut Anwar di airport dan Camdesus tido di rumah Anwar, punyalah kamceng…awat hotel semua dah penuh ka? Sekarang dia jadi Pengerusi Foundation for the Future (Washington-based)yang dapat banyak wang tajaan tapi apa fungsi sebenar yayasan ini, wallahuallam. Budak aliran sastera tu apa dia tahu? Kerja high class, jadi barua kepada Yahudi-US untuk menghancurkan kita. Kawan kamceng dia bekas Timbalan Menteri Pertahanan US, si Paul Wolfowitz (juga bekas Presiden World Bank). Bila Anwar sain surat pindahkan girlfriend Wolfowitz ke FFF, world bank kecoh dan Wolfowitz resign. Kawan2 dia high-powered yang terlibat dalam peperangan ke atas orang Islam!
    5. Bangun semua, jangan menjadi lali kepada pembunuh2 dan pembunuhan! Apabila kita kata pembunuhan tu normal, habis…Yahudi-US dah menang. Dan jangan lupa, sekutu dia Spore kat bawah tu. Spore memang sentiasa mencari pasal dengan kita, seperti tuntutan Batu Putih dan tuntutan lain yang dia tahu si Dollah lembik akan bertolak-ansur. Pemimpin Spore macam orang bisnes, demand macam2 tetapi tidak menjangka akan dapat, tetapi knowing this character Dollah yang flip-flop, ever ready to please them, why not? Demand sajalah. They will get something in return, kerana Dolah hatinya baik…sebenarnya baik untuk interest sendiri, tetapi letak maruah Msia di lantai. So Spore leaders puji dia sebagai lebih baik dari Tun, kembang hidung dia, woi, Lee Kuan Yew tu cina batu pahat maaa….at least kalau cina kepala batas puji takpa juga.
    Saya harap semua orang dapat lihat sebagaimana Tun melihat ancaman yang mendatang. Jika penjenayah perang diberi sambutan VIP, apa nak jadi? Jangan sampai berita Yahudi-US bunuh orang Islam sudah jadi berita kecil, tak penting atau mungkin tidak disiarkan langsung. Ini boleh terjadi…lihatlah, berita Blair dan kenyataan organisasi yang Tun jadi pengerusi tidak disiarkan!.Jangan sampai anak2 kita pun lali pasal pembunuhan dan menjadi macam anak2 di zaman Hitler, di mana mereka melaporkan kepada gestapo tentang tingkahlaku ibu bapa mereka yang mengancam rancangan Hitler.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  270. joehoney Aug 1,2008 7:45 PM

    Salam buat Tun serta Keluarga,
    Cerita kezaliman Blair dan Bush tak masuk surat khabar pasal Tun yang cakap, tapi kalau menetri lain yang cakap mesti masuk punya.
    Hidup Tun!

  271. thaiso Aug 1,2008 7:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Something wrong with our PM.Macam mana orang politik macam ni ada dan wujud dalam pentadbiran Tun selama ini.I wonder why?
    Kalau masa dah jadi Menteri mesti kita dah nampak klu yang dia ni langsung tak boleh buat keputusan sendiri.Tapi mungkin masa tu Tun dah buang dia jadi Menteri Luar,jadi semua keputusan dan cadangan datang dari kerajaan.So dia ikut je la semua sekali.Langsung takde kreativiti.
    Ingatkan bagus tapi rupa-rupanya haprak.Mungkin lepas ni patut ada rotation dalam jawatan Menteri.
    Patut bagi dia jadi Menteri Hal Ehwal Perdagangan dulu untuk lihat cara dia menyelesaikan masalah berbangkit.Macam Datuk Sharir…adakala bengong gak cara penyelesaian dia.Tapi dia bersungguh-sungguh nampak dari gayanya.Jadi syabas Datuk Sharir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  272. idar Aug 1,2008 7:43 PM

    Salam Tun
    Dah lama hal ni belaku baru nak heboh.
    Contoh paling baik nak tanya mana pergi Datuk Abdullah Ahmad dgn koloum dalam Akbar Berita Harian Pak Lah naik saja macam-macam hal jadi.Letak jawatan lagi baik leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  273. dospenang Aug 1,2008 7:32 PM

    Sedang TUN sekarang ini tiada dalam mana-mana parti, apa kata TUN bertanding lawan ANWAR IBRAHIM dekat PERMATANG PAUH atas tiket BEBAS….
    Saya nak tengok juga reaksi Anwar bila TUN buat kenyataan nak bertanding parlimen tu. Kalau acah pun jadilah….
    Mesti gabra punya….
    Saya rasa kalau TUN bertanding baik untuk TUN kerana TUN mungkin boleh masuk PARLIMEN hentam PAK LAH CUKUP22222.

  274. malaysiaku Aug 1,2008 7:19 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I think you’re right!.Malaysia must boycott US & UK products,AsK all foreign Companies to close down,Dont use US technologies (ie computer,hp.TV,aircraft,arms and blah…….blahaaaa.
    Because of all these technologies are create by jews and consider anti Islam elements.Think what will happen to Malaysia Next!
    To malaysian people please dont create your enemy inside you.When saddam hussain have been killing thousands of kurdis people and not one single Islam country is willing to help them(Including Malaysia).We only could say that,this is “Internal Matter”.Pls Don’t try to be Hero when you can’t even able to defend yourself.

  275. AnakSaleh Aug 1,2008 7:17 PM

    Saya kasihan dgn orang tua saya di rumah. Pasti mereka tak tahu Tun ade membuat sidang akhbar mengenai kedatangan Blair. Dan juga orang2 di kampung yang menyokong Tun, semua akan ingat Tun senyap sejak letak jawatan. Walhal, saya rasa Tun masih sesibuk dahulu.
    Nasib baik ada Blog. Kalau ada ongkos banyak, Blog Tun ini patut di buat seperti media cetak alternative. Seperti weekly journal, dan diedarkan ke kampung2 seperti zaman sebelum merdeka. Jika itu jalan terbaik untuk salurkan maklumat, maka inilah yang kita kena buat.

  276. TechieSavvie Aug 1,2008 7:13 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wonder what happen to the balls of our media journalists. While the first thing I saw today from Malaysia Google news was about your press conference reported by ‘Xinhua China’, our media people are still busying themselves eating balls of each other. So pathetic. I feel I want to vomit !

  277. suppie kugrimo Aug 1,2008 7:12 PM

    dearest unreplaceble Tun,
    one of the best reccomended book to read to all bloggers is by henry ford ‘the international jew and the protocols of the elders of zion’.
    welcome to the ‘united states of satan’! rupert murdoch’s ideology seems to fit ours (local media) lately.
    dearest Tun, you have so much information to this kind of matters indeed. please share with us. as been said, ‘tidak apa’ and ‘apa boleh buat attitute’ must be cast out. this everything ‘ok’, worries me.
    thank you so very much. we all missed you!

  278. Aboobakar Siddeeque Aug 1,2008 7:11 PM

    Hello Dr.Tun Mahathir Mohammed,
    I am very sorry to know about this site too late. I am an Indian,from Kerala state, residing in Dubai and working as freelance writer. Also I am a special correspondent of Middle East Chandrika, a popular daily news paper in Gulf countries for Keralites. I just came to Malaysia for first time, 2 weeks ago. when I come my first dream was to meet you and pass my salam and regards as well as from your brothers and sisters in Kerala, because I am very much impressed by you and your brave stands and steps against dual standard of America and western countries towards muslim contries and issues related to middle east and muslim world.
    recently I read a book in arabic on you, titled, Mahathir Mohammed, from a rebellian youth to an islamic hero. it was really impressive.
    Actually I am plannig to write a book in malayalam on you and modern visit was also mainly connected to this plan.
    But unfortunately I couldn’t see you these days. because no body was there to guide me in this matter and I was not aware of this site. Now there is only one day left for me to be here. I am thinking of going back to dubai on sunday.
    I will be very glad and fortunate, if you give me an appointment to meet you any time tomorrow or early morning of sunday. if you agree to meet I can even postpone my return by one day. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you sir.
    with warm regards and best wishes from
    Aboobakar Siddeeque Nadvi

  279. libzim Aug 1,2008 7:09 PM

    Just to come back to local scene.
    First Singapore. Then Pulau Batu Puteh. Next Penang.
    Penang demography should be re-structured to reflect the country’s ethnic composition or there may be possibility of claim of independent.

  280. iamhere Aug 1,2008 7:09 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya minta Tun memberi laluan pada saya untuk menyeru pada ahli UMNO.
    Wahai ahli UMNO.
    Lihatlah kelesuan pemimpin kamu.
    Seorang penjahat bertali leher boleh masuk kenegeri kamu dengan penghormatan.
    Seorang yang mengarah pembunuhan orang-orang yang kamu panggil Saudara kamu dalam Islam.
    Tolonglah usaha untuk mendapat pemimpin yang tahu menjaga maruah kamu..
    Terimakasih Tun.

  281. Syahir Aug 1,2008 7:03 PM

    Bring Blair to ICJ!
    Tun WIRA RAKYAT! Kami semua sentiasa menyokong perjuangan Tun untuk memartabatkan Malaysia di persada dunia!
    Hidop Tun!

  282. june Aug 1,2008 6:58 PM

    What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. ~Robert E. Lee, letter to his wife, 1864

  283. Zahar Aug 1,2008 6:52 PM

    as salaamu alaikum Tun dan pembaca,
    Saya rasa kerajaan Abdullah Badawi tiada pilihan lain selain dari menjemput dan menjulang si banduan Blair ini kerana takut di caci dan ditempelak oleh negara Barat. Malang sungguh nasib kita sebagai negara yang berwibawa mempunyai seorang pemimpin yang pengecut.

  284. kuthe2 Aug 1,2008 6:45 PM

    Salams TUN….
    On the right PATH you are…
    Fight for Religion, Race and Country you have…
    May Peace be Upon Us All…
    We are what we make ourselves to be…
    Salam Perjuangan.. White Ribbon Movement.!
    Alif Ba Ta

  285. anak merdeka Aug 1,2008 6:41 PM

    salam TUN
    media pun dah jd kambing tambatan paklah,hari itu sibuk minta kebebasan media,yg benar makin kabur yd dusta makin jelas,sy tak tahu apa akan terjadi sekiranya senario ini beterusan,yg pasti rakyat diperbodohkan,namun disini(blog TUN) adalah perpustakaan kami yg selalu mengharapkan kebenaran,keikhlasan dan yg paling penting berita yg up to date….nak harapkan tv,jwbnya hampeh..
    sy pun hairan kenapa takde rakyat yg memberontak dgn semua pendedahan TUN ini,adakah kita BACUL,btw sekiranya TUN terus menulis dan kita adalah sekadar pembaca sy fikir mesej TUN tidak sampai atau buat2 tidak faham,ini kerana tindakan perlu diambil untu menegakkan maruah tanah melayu bumi yg kita cintai….

  286. peteryap Aug 1,2008 6:39 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    It is indeed shocking to find our local media giving so much space to people like Anwar Ibrahim to attack the government and not to report on what Tun set out to say about Tony Blair. Nevertheless, many of us are in agreement with Tun that justice must be carried out for Tony Blair, George Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the liars and war mongers that invaded Iraq causing the lost of so many innocent lives, and the carnage is still coninuing to this day.
    How could Karadzic be judged as a war criminal when all these others have gone scot free for what they have done to the people of Iraq? It was amusing for me to read recently in the press how Condoleeza Rice was trying to tell us how to use our rule of law with regards the latest sodomy case involving Anwar Ibrahim.What right has she to question our rule of law and what is fair or unfair,when she too is one of the war criminals who played a major role in the wrongful invasion of Iraq?
    Thank God that Tun is speaking out against Tony Blair when our present leadership is too weak to be able to speak their minds.
    Long live Tun and God Bless.As always, our love and support is behind you.

  287. osrie Aug 1,2008 6:37 PM

    Dearest Tun..
    I’m also sad about this one..
    By Kersani on August 1, 2008 3:21 PM
    .. …
    “Obviously the Malaysian media missed the point of the whole PC (press conference)
    … …..
    “Kersani, i totaly agree with you comment..”
    Dear reader :-
    Pls read all “Kersani comments”..
    Any one of you like a cuf of Teh ?.. May be Tun likes a herba drinks ?.
    ..What’s ?!!…The press got fishballs ??, shame on them !!!..

  288. lampu basikal Aug 1,2008 6:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Don’t ever I mean ever let people like blair, bush sr and jr wolforwitz step on our beloved country. Let us all tell these people that what ever is good for them doesn’t necessary is good for us too because we got our own culture and heritage. These people are nothing more than criminals, war mongers and they did it in such a way that will bring them plenty of profits from them killing innocents. Their main target is oil and gas. Iraq, Afghanistan including Iran is rich in oil and gas reserve and for these purpose they will use every method/reason including weapon of mass destruction, al qaeda, and also going after the so called “terrorist”. The thing that I don’t understand is that1 with all the latest technologies and spies equipment, they can’t even find one osama ben laden? I wonder why would they want to still lie to the world?
    Our media fail to see the real “terrorist” that we invited to tell us on how to make our world a better place for us all. They called almost every moslem “terrorist” but they could not even define the meaning of “terrorist” because if they define it would be easier for us to see who fall under the “terrorist” category. I think the leaders of israel would be the first in that category. I sure hope that our media is not control by the pro western because we got our own culture and custom, a friend of mine use to say no matter what we do, what we say or act like, they wouldn’t consider us to be as white as them. If our media want to report the truth then go to the battle field or killing field of Iraq or Afghanistan and report back to us the truth.
    So Tun keep on voicing for the truth and we love you for being just the you are, our hero that is……HIDUP TUN DR MAHATHIR…
    HIDUP DATO MUKHRIZ FOR AMAN MALAYSIA and may Allah bless us all. aminnn………….

  289. straycat's strut Aug 1,2008 6:27 PM

    Tun, gone were the days when we have our own opinion, when we have stands on international issues, when we were not afraid to talk, when we were independent, when we were not cowards and when you called a spade just that.
    Gone were the days when we held our heads high and we were proud to be just what we were – Malaysians.
    There used to be you and I dont have to say again who we have now. I wish when Sheik Muszaphar went to space, he brought him along and leave him there because I still want to live here and proud about it.

  290. Hajar Aug 1,2008 6:27 PM

    Salam Yg diKasihi Tun,
    Another eye-opening article…I agree with Tun.
    About the media, it is now a GENERAL KNOWLEDGE that they are not keen of publishing any good news with regard to Tun. Wonder why? Who’s behind this?
    But, what’s more disgusting is the fact that the coverage about DSAI is really overwhelming, regardless of the type of news – both good and bad. Don’t know what are the objectives of our media nowadays.
    Tun, I agree with bloggers who suggested that you contest in Permatang Pauh – sebagai CALON BEBAS. Kami tahu permintaan ini agak keterlaluan, tapi ini saja cara nak mengajar DSAAB dan DSAI. Jika tidak, calonkan saja Mokhzani untuk bertanding sebagai calon bebas. Saya yakin ramai yg sebenarnya TIDAK mahu mengundi DSAI dan calon BN. Jadi kena ada pilihan ketiga. Harap Tun fikirkan cadangan ini.
    DSAAB, sila letak jawatan. Anda lemah dan sentiasa dibuli oleh orang ramai termasuk bangsa asing.
    Semoga Tun sekeluarga sihat sejahtera dan dirahmati Allah SWT. Saya sokong dan sayang Tun.

  291. amranaris67 Aug 1,2008 6:25 PM

    Salam Tun….
    Para Surfer… teruskan Demi Agama, Negara dan Bangsa…..

  292. zazook Aug 1,2008 6:23 PM

    the post by harimau1900 baffles me a bit.
    the most obvious difference i would think, is that TDM did not approve the killings of thousands and thousands of innocent lives ‘in the name of peace’.
    SO PLEASE, whatever you may think of Tun, DO NOT COMPARE HIM TO THE LIKES OF BUSH AND BLAIR!
    nobody is perfect, but to me TDM is as close to a perfect leader anyone can even HOPE to be.
    at the time of the crisis, and the years following it, i met quite a number of foreigners, most of whom came from developing and third world countries. ALL of them were in awe of TDM and jokingly asked if we would mind loaning TDM to them for them to build a ‘good country with a strong economy’.
    it toook me years before registering the fact that TDM was no longer the PM of Malaysia.
    the article that harimau1900 pasted is so obviously lopsided, that it should not even deserve a read.
    i dread to think what our future will be like, and with no apparent ‘strong’ leader to lead us, only God can help us now….

  293. beforedark Aug 1,2008 6:18 PM

    Salam Tun & Toh Puan & all Che Det fans
    A little bit off topic sorry people
    To Seri Dewi
    I agreed your suggestion for our higher institution of learning to setting up a centre of Jewish studies. In fact I also wondering the same thing since I left school in 1992.
    However, the centre should be an intellectual centre rather than a bashing centre i.e. both the bad and the good qualities of these people should be studied so that we could learn.
    Just feeling great I am not the only one whose been dreaming of the centre.
    Back to topic people
    Blair you r not welcome

  294. mdz5046 Aug 1,2008 6:10 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Sejak bila plak local reporters jadi pengecut ni? Ke mereka dah kene jangkitan pengecut pemimpin negara ni?
    Kalau mcm tu, reporters bagus resign la dan jadi tukang ampu plak.
    Wassalam TUN.

  295. kamimelayubaru Aug 1,2008 6:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya cadangkan kalau kalau BEBAS turut bertanding di Permatang Pauh…Leh tak Marina Mahathir dicalonkan…Yelah, persaingan sengit mesti ader pembahaginya… Anwar bertanding atas tiket popular, BN mesti kena letak calon UMNO…kalau ramai undi UMNO mesti Badawi ingat masih ada orang nak dia jadi pemimpin…jadi kenalah kita letak calon bebas kat situ supaya Anwar dan Badawi tahu siapa yang rakyat pilih dan apa yang rakyat nak….Betul tak? Sapa-sapa pun boleh tanding kan…alah, setakat taruh RM10,000 tu apa nak takut….duit leh cari apa…yang penting apa rakyat mahu…
    Apa kata Tun? sekurang-kurangnya rakyat banyak pilihan….

  296. sujini Aug 1,2008 6:10 PM

    Salam Dr Mahathir,
    The day that you stepped down as the UMNO President,
    it was also the day whereby everything that you’d build
    for Malaysia went out the door behind you.
    Winds of change has made Malaysia, what it is today.
    No more leaders with compassion to lead.
    Leaders in Malaysia are kiasi.
    Malaysia will soon lose her glory that you had help
    build during your 22 years tenure as the
    Prime Minister.
    The Star paper ran a pic of the Blair couple
    on its front page on Wednesday, 30 July, 2008.
    Obviously the paper does not give a damn who
    and what is Tony Blair to the Malaysian govt.
    or to the Muslim world in particular.
    The Malaysian govt. too has no opinion of this
    Mat Salleh.
    The paper conveniently left out the name of the
    organiser to this law lecture series.
    The organiser or whoever is responsible in
    inviting this Mat Salleh should be put on the noose.
    Currently the media is more interested in reporting
    where Anwar is running in the by-election.
    Who is Anwar’s running mate?
    Whether the sodomy allegation is going to stick.
    Looks like Anwar is the media’s darling rather
    than reporting some significant going-ons in the

  297. kamimelayubaru Aug 1,2008 6:09 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya cadangkan kalau kalau BEBAS turut bertanding di Permatang Pauh…Leh tak Marina Mahathir dicalonkan…Yelah, persaingan sengit mesti ader pembahaginya… Anwar bertanding atas tiket popular, BN mesti kena letak calon UMNO…kalau ramai undi UMNO mesti Badawi ingat masih ada orang nak dia jadi pemimpin…jadi kenalah kita letak calon bebas kat situ supaya Anwar dan Badawi tahu siapa yang rakyat pilih dan apa yang rakyat nak….Betul tak? Sapa-sapa pun boleh tanding kan…alah, setakat taruh RM10,000 tu apa nak takut….duit leh cari apa…yang penting apa rakyat mahu…

  298. kamimelayubaru Aug 1,2008 6:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya cadangkan kalau kalau BEBAS turut bertanding di Permatang Pauh…Leh tak Marina Mahathir dicalonkan…Yelah, persaingan sengit mesti ader pembahaginya… Anwar bertanding atas tiket popular, BN mesti kena letak calon UMNO…kalau ramai undi UMNO mesti Badawi ingat masih ada orang nak dia jadi pemimpin…jadi kenalah kita letak calon bebas kat situ supaya Anwar dan Badawi tahu siapa yang rakyat pilih dan apa yang rakyat nak….Betul tak? Sapa-sapa pun boleh tanding kan…alah, setakat taruh RM10,000 tu apa nak takut….duit leh cari apa…yang penting apa rakyat mahu…

  299. Mis_bah Aug 1,2008 6:06 PM

    Assalamu Alaikum Tun,
    Memang menghairankan Tun, Tony Blair, penjenayah perang dan anti Islam ini dijemput memberi ceramah tentang the Rule of Law. Lebih menyedihkan yang menjemput mereka ialah Istitusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam terawal negara. Buta kah universiti ini sehingga tak kenal jenis manusia mana yang hendak dijadikan “Imam”. Tak taukah pentadbir universiti ini that Tony Blair is the “Imam Of Satan”. Blair dan Bush sepatutnya dihadapkan ke mahkamah keadilan jenayah perang sebab mereka lebih ganas daripada Saddam Hussin.
    Tahniah Tun.

  300. hayy_abidin Aug 1,2008 6:03 PM

    Salam sejahtera buat Tun sekeluarga semuga dikurniakan Allah kesihatan dan kewarasan berpanjangan untuk membetulkan umat melayu yang sudah jauh tersasul
    Tak terbayang olih saya Tun yang mentadbir negara selama 22 tahun, mengangkat martabat negara kemata dunia, pejuang sejagat, hinggakan dah tiada kata dan pujian buat Tun, dipakaikan seketika lagak pahlawan melayu siap dengan sejata kerisnya. Setelah Tun tidak berkuasa, segalanya tak eluk tentang Tun, sampaikan hendak jadi perwakilan umno pun Tun tak terpilih. Pada saya inilah lawak yang paling melucukan, orang umno meletakkan akal bukan kat lutut tetapi kat buntut, orang umno bukan makan nasi, tapi makan taik, orang umno bukan lagi manusia tapi dah jadi mawas(istilah mawas dalam perbendaharan melayu, ialah sejenis binatang yang hidungnya mendongak keatas, dia takut pada hujan, berjalan dengan tumit menghala kedepan dan yang paling teruknya tidak mempunyai naluri kasih-sayang dan belas-kasihan. Orang tua-tua dahulu menggelar memarahi orang yang tak, berperasaan “hati kau ni macam hati mawas”. Konon kisahnya seorang renjer perhutanan mendapat kemalangan bersaorangan didalam hutan diselamatkan olih seekor mawas betina lalu diambilnya sebagai lakinya(naluri ni dia ada),mawas ni tinggal diatas pokok, tiap hari, mawas ni sebelum turun ketanah mencari makan, dicubit2nya tapak kaki renjer tu hingga cedera, tak dapatlah nak turun dari pokok, lama kelamaan dah kata buat laki, kononnya mawas tu bunting dan beranaklah. `Menjangkakan` kerana dan ada anak lakinya takkan lari, dia tidak lagi mencubit tapak kaki lakinya lagi, pendekkan cerita, lakinya pun larilah. Menyedari lakinya telah lari, `sibini` dengan mengendung anak maka dicarinya lakinya pada serata tempat, dan dijumpainya. Dari jauh sibini memegang kedua kaki sianak mengadap lakinya, disiatnya anak itu kepada dua bahagian, satu bahagian dilempar kearah lakinya dan yang satu lagi dibawanya masuk kehutan semula, itulah mawas)
    Berbalik kepada bush dan blair tadi, dari segi prinsip mereka ni tak salah, sebab mereka ni adalah pejuang bangsa dan agama mereka, malah mereka ini disanjung olih kaum mereka. Persoalannya dimanakah pejuang islam kita. Sekalipun seluruh umat islam bersatu menyumbang harta benda untuk membeli kelengkapan perang yang canggih, kita tidak akan mampu mengalahkan mereka, sebab kita beli dari mereka dan kalau mereka tidak ada jamming devicenya mereka pasti tahu kelemahannya. Umat islam tidak akan dan mustahil dapat menandingi mereka selagi mereka tidak kembali berpegang kepada hak Allah dan RasulNya. Apakah dalam perang Badar islam yang hanya 313 orang dapat mengalah musyrikin yang 1000 dengan kekuatan yang ada?
    Amat malang sekali, kita perhati beberapa minggu lepas, dinegara yang agama rasminya islam, akhbarnya membuat liputan muka depan dengan menghalalkan anak haram(bratt dan anglina mendapat bayi kembar)dengan erti kata lain bolih buat macam tu.
    Perhatikan saja pada kes liwat tu, sanggup mengeluarkan belanja untuk mendapatkan peguam.Orang tuduh dia, dia tuduh orang pulak(qazaf), sebab dia arif benar, dizaman ni mana nak cari 4 orang saksi yang adil, padahal sumpah bukan kena duit pun. Jawapannya mudah saja. Takut pada kebenaran. Dah jadi macam kisah Abu Nuwas.
    Hanya disini sahaja, sehingga kelain kali insyaAllah, sekali lagi salam hormat saya pada Tun sekeluarga. Wasallam

  301. resaksegorgonite Aug 1,2008 5:56 PM

    PL and the rest are still in their colonised mindset….
    that is why Malaysia have lost the spot on the world map… we are no longer recognized or even notified by the world… we are currently known as …. the nation who lost its territory… stupid PL….
    we can only dream that our vision 2020 inspired by our dear Tun to be fully achived… what make me really sad is to see the vision being tormented day by day… we age going back to the stone age culture…. sakit jiwa…
    As for one of the article posted… my advise would be next time you have to read from many resources before you want to conclude..

  302. sdahenan Aug 1,2008 5:48 PM

    Yang di hormati lagi di sayangi Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah
    Direct to the point. Media di Malaysia ni bukan kah *PART N PARCEL
    OF THE 21 PROTOCOLS OF THE JEWS” Kalau yang datang tu dari kelomp[ok YAHUDI, mana pihak media ada BALLS TO CRITICIZE THEM .
    Di Malaysia ini pun sudah banyak orang2 yang terpengaruh dengan FREEMASONS terutama nya ORANG BESAR2/PEMIMPIN2.Dalam FREEMASONS ,orang2 ISLAM yang mengikuti kumpulan itu di benarkan untuk terus dengan agama islam nya tetapi bila sudah di SUA kan/DI JAMU kan dengan WANG RINGGIT,ARAK,PEREMPUAN MAKA jadilah AGAMA NYA KEMANA -DIA PUN KEMANA -CONCLUSION NYA JADI LAH ORANG MUNAFIK,MUNAFIK DAN MUNAFIK.
    untuk mereka 2 ini maka jatuh lah pada FIRMAN ALLAH SWT DALAM AL QUR’AN:
    (Q.S:An Nisa:140)
    BN CONTROLLED MEDIA – dah tentu tak akan cerita apa2 punya terutama nya olih KALIMULLAH THE KALIHAMPUT.YAHUDI PUNGKOK HITAM.
    Bila Blair datang ke sini kan main lagi depa sambut.Adala macam kata Allahyarham P.Ramlee dalam cerita TIGA ABDUL ” PENYAMUN JUMPA SI PENYANGAK- BIAR LAH”.MEDIA YANG LAIN NYA “CHICKEN out”
    Haraf dapat Ayahanda teruskan dengan pendedahan2 begini agar rakyat dapat baca apa yang telah berlaku “BETWEEN THE LINES”
    Semoga Ayahanda dan Bonda selalu berada di dalam limpahan rahmat Allah SWT sepanjang masa.
    Alif Lam Mim

  303. kamimelayubaru Aug 1,2008 5:47 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tony Blair dan Bush ni orang-orang suruhan Yahudi. Kalau kita nak bawa dorang pegi Mahkamah Antarabangsa untuk dakwaan seperti yang Tun nyatakan pun, bukan ada orang nak layan. Biar kita mati-matian tentang. Kalau nak dilihat semua yang ditangkap dan didakwa majoriti orang Islam….nyata jelas lagi terang kedua-duanya proxies Yahudi….
    Dalam negara kita pun ada proxi Yahudi, cuma tinggal lagi nak tunggu berkuasa macam Radowan Karadzic dan Slobodan Milosevic…tapi akhirnya dorang didakwa dan mengaku pula Amerika lindungi…Amerika pula cakap tak tahu apa2….masa tu mana ada bukti Yahudi pengaruh Amerika…Hah, pening kepala tak?
    Bagi Yahudi, Islam adalah musuhnya. Kita sebagai Islam kena berhati-hati cara Yahudi sebab dorang selalu guna cara halus untuk jatuhkan Islam dan salah satu caranya bermula dengan FITNAH!!!
    Tony Blair dan Bush pun antara mereka yang mendengar FITNAH…sebab tu berlaku peperangan di Iraq dan mereka kata Iraq ada bom nuklear….sampai hari ni pun tak jumpa….

  304. MamatOversea Aug 1,2008 5:37 PM

    Ayahnda Tun..Salam sejahtera
    Sudah menjadi lumrah manusia,Orang lemah mental tetap akan dijajah mentalnya dengan orang yang kuat mentalnya..Dimanakah pendirian Pak Lah..

  305. crazyidiot Aug 1,2008 5:37 PM

    This is what has been said all along. The press in this country cannot be trusted. They will do whatever they can to get more money i.e support who ever rules the country. It may sound familiar to the rythm of the umno members’s song.. but sung an octave higher.

  306. salizatula Aug 1,2008 5:34 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    I’m sick with nowadays’s political scenario. Could someone please take the iniative to put a stop on this? Or do they have nothing better to do rather than just cari kesalahan orang and give a condemn statement?
    Want to have a piece of mind, visit:

  307. dospenang Aug 1,2008 5:32 PM

    ARTICLE BERTAJUK “Why I would not want Najib as my PM” DITULIS OLEH
    Peter De Silva | Jul 31, 08 4:57pm dalam MALAYSIAKINI
    DIPOSTKAN DIATAS OLEH awsc on August 1, 2008 5:03 PM.

  308. khattab Aug 1,2008 5:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun!

  309. like u i am a malaysian too. Aug 1,2008 5:28 PM

    i do hope you are in good health.
    not too far back, u shared with all of us a quote which changed my whole perspective on life n politics itself. u quoted that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” & truely thats one of the most wisest thing u ever said that struck me deep.
    now in reponse to this post of yours kindly allow me to share something with you something in return;
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”
    Take good care Tun, & take it easy.
    God bless you~

  310. kota kemuning Aug 1,2008 5:25 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Iam 110% agree with you,
    110% disagree with Bush and Blair,
    220% disagree with present government.
    Best regards.

  311. AZIF Aug 1,2008 5:25 PM

    What ever Tun is not in agreeing, AAB would do otherwise.
    As what I have said before I Islam Hadahari is only understood by George Bush. AAB has explained this to George Bush.

  312. HussienLempoyang Aug 1,2008 5:16 PM

    I love u soooo much. I really hope u could comeback and safe us….please.

  313. moyabira Aug 1,2008 5:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Cadangan saya satu cara untuk menjatuhkan pemerintahan pak lah ni dengan menggunakkan pemerintahan tentera, itu aje yang nampak cepat sikit. Macam Thailand..
    Cuma takut rakyat pulak kelam kelibut sebab tak biasa tentera pemerintah.
    Semakin hari, semakin dah rasa muak dgn pemerintahan sekarang.

  314. Benderbuzz Aug 1,2008 5:10 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Kerajaan Malaysia kini bersubahat dan bersekongkol dengan penjenayah perang seperti Blair, Bush, Howard, Karadzic & PM-PM Israel. Sungguh memalukan bagi negara bekas pengerusi OIC dan NAM.
    Sepatutnya penjenayah-penjenayah perang ini dihadapkan ke ICC sepertimana Kardzic. Yang menarik pada hari pertama di mahkamah, Karadzic mendedahkan penglibatan US dalam konspirasi untuk menghilangkan diri selama 13 tahun.
    Penjenayah perang hidup atau mati mesti diadili agar nama mereka diingati dalam sejarah sebagai “convicted war criminals”.

  315. miso_soup Aug 1,2008 5:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Pertama kali saya terbaca tentang kedatangan Tony Blair untuk berucap tentang “RULE OF LAW AND GOOD GOVERNANCE”, saya teramat terkejut sekali. Bagi saya, bagaimanakah orang yang dibenci ramai di seluruh dunia ini dapat berucap di Malaysia dan sungguh ironik sekali tajuk yang akan dikatakan. (Beberapa hari lepas daripada sebuah suratkhabar. saya tak ingat yang mana kerana saya membaca 3 suratkhabar secara online setiap hari)
    Semalam, di TV3 langsung tiada berita langsung tentang press conference dari Tun.
    Tetapi, pada pagi ini, saya membaca tentang adanya Press conference tersebut dari The Star dan NST. baru saya tahu. Tapi sungguh kecil dan bukan di mukasurat depan.
    maka, membuatkan saya terkejut. mengapa tidak disiarkan di TV3???? Adakah sebab penyampainya ialah Tun? Terbukti mereka memang sedang menutup langsung Tun dari khalayak ramai.
    saya sentiasa ternanti-nanti tentang Tun dikaca TV. semasa Tun di Jepun, saya menantikan liputan berita tentang cadangan Tun. Langsung tiada di TV3. Hanya pasal Abdullah (sedihnya saya). Hanya berita-berita buruk tentang Tun sahaja akan mereka siarkan. Perkara tentang cadangan dan lain-lain mereka akan diamkan sahaja.
    Untuk mereka yang mencadangkan parti baru… selain parti… adakah patut kita membuat media baru???? supaya rakyat lebih terbuka minda dan bukan katak di bawah tempurung???
    Wahai pihak media semua. I know that you guys read Please do you job respectfully and responsibly. Please. Pihak media elektronik dan cetakan amat berjasa dalam mencapai kemerdekaan. Sedihnya sekali, mereka telah menjadi ‘joker’ untuk menggembirakan ‘raja abdullah dan kerajaan’. Please. Where is your credibility???? ANDA TAK RASA MALUKAH????
    Untuk NEIL yang bertanya tentang DSAI dan Permatang Pauh, benar hal dalam negeri penting. tetapi hal dalam luar negara juga penting!!! bukan mata dan minda anda. Jangan kata ini tak releven itu tak releven sahaja. Mula berfikir!!!!

  316. Jan Aug 1,2008 5:06 PM

    Truely, Malaysia should not welcome Blair because of what he has done to Iraq. Anyway, who is inviting him? Is it the silent Bodowi? Pak Lah occasionally pop up in TV, may be once in 3-4 days to announce only goodies. Pak Lah has no stand and let loose everthings. He is not in control but being remotely control by others. As Murphy Law says, “..everthing will be in chaos if you do not exert/put enery on it.” Pls think.

  317. azlash Aug 1,2008 5:05 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Only frustration and disappointment having leader like AAB. Things are getting more complicated and everything is in a mess. We see no future ahead, nothing is promising, and we cannot plan for our children. Where will Malaysia be in the next 20 years….what are the best course for our children to take, what are the healthy challenges to set for them at the right track. It looks like we have to send our children to the military course to face the next challenges. To instill hardship and no fear, like the commandos so that they can survive in the adverse conditions. That is likely what Malaysia will be if the current principles and philosophy persists…by AAB.
    Take care, Tun.

  318. babwahid Aug 1,2008 5:04 PM

    Salam to you Tun,
    perhaps they though they are the world power . all the judiciary and the dicision is under their control, They make use their Veto power as to uphold all their desire, beside to press up muslim countries as they though could interuppt their stability in the near future, since the muslim world is getting powerful and bravery to critize them . Similarly , as how they threat to Iran right now. to withdraw the nuclear programme . Although , Iran denied it, instead of for the energy requirement . Looking toward it and how they had done to Iraq, Afghanistan , and now Iran , we may judge that they really wanted to tarnist the muslim countries so as to succeed their interest. Unfortunetly , we are in the muslim country keep on fighting to get power and wealthy …………

  319. awsc Aug 1,2008 5:03 PM

    Hello Dr M
    Read an interesting letter in Malaysiakini and thought I would paste it here. by the way i totally agree with the writer, especially the last bit.
    Have a good weekend.
    Why I would not want Najib as my PM
    Peter De Silva | Jul 31, 08 4:57pm
    Does Najib Tun Razak deserve to be the prime minister of Malaysia? Well let’s ponder…
    MCPXHe graduated from the University of Nottingham, a town known only for the legendary Robin Hood. The university itself is not known for producing achievers, far from the likes of Oxford or Cambridge. At university, he was a mediocre student. If you visit Nottingham University, you wouldn’t find his name crafted on the campus walls or hanging plaques.
    He spent most of his teenage life studying in the UK because unlike most of us, his family could afford the luxury.
    Najib is not a fighter. He would rather back out of competition than take on his challengers.
    Politically, Najib has not ‘earned’ a single post by putting up a good fight. All his political positions were handed to him on a silver platter only because people felt grateful for his father’s contributions to Umno and the nation.
    He has never really fought and won a single Umno position. He has always been a fence-sitter, refusing to take sides, until perhaps the very last minute when he is very certain that his position is secured.
    This was exactly what he did when Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah mounted a challenge against Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the Umno presidency in 1987. He joined Mahathir’s camp at the11th hour, only after knowing for certain that Mahathir was going to win the election, albeit narrowly.
    Najib lacks the backbone to rise to a challenge and take on his challengers, perhaps afraid that the mudslinging would unearth skeletons in the closet. If there was a challenge, he would back out.
    The only challenge he faces is the general election where he defends his Pekan constituency once in four or five years.
    The Umno Youth position was given to Najib on a silver platter by Anwar Ibrahim when the latter decided to move up and vie for the post of vice-president. Najib took over from Anwar on an acting capacity in 1987 when the latter contested and won the vice-president post. Najib was returned unopposed in 1990. Again there was no contest.
    In 1993, Najib teamed up with Rahim Tamby Chik, Muhyiddin Yassin and Muhammad Muhammad Taib to form the ‘Wawasan’ team. He was elected as one of the three vice- presidents. He only vied for the vice-presidency because there was no clear challenge, knowing very well that there were three VP positions available and not just one. If there was only one VP post, he may have backed out too.
    His recent decision not to take on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the party presidency is again proof that Najib is afraid of challengers. Although there is now a groundswell urging Najib to challenge the Umno president’s post in the December Umno elections, Najib has refused, risking the fact that his long-time supporters may simply give up and isolate him.
    The entire Najib political machinery wants him to take on Abdullah, the weakest prime minister and Umno president that Malaysia has ever had, and yet Najib backs out, hoping that Abdullah would retire as promised in 2010.
    His decision comes as a disappointment to a vast majority of Umno members who are just waiting for Najib to announce his decision to take on the president. But not everyone is convinced that Abdullah will keep his promise. Two years is more than enough for Najib to be politically-assassinated.
    So why doesn’t Najib rise to the occasion at least once in his life and take on his challenger? Does Najib secretly suffer from some form of inferiority complex which makes him feel far inferior to his challenger?
    But the question is, can there be anyone less inferior than Abdullah?
    So do we really want Najib, a man who does not rise to the occasion, lacking the gumption to face his competition and take challenges in his stride, to become our prime minister?
    My vote is a ‘no’. I don’t need a ‘yes man’ like Najib. I want a fighter like Mahathir who, as a political novice in the 60s, had the guts to even go against prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    Mahathir took on many challenges in his political career and won. And that is why he became the most successful prime minister the country ever had.
    I want a prime minister who has ‘gone through the mill’, so to speak, and not one who gets the post handed to him on a silver platter

  320. emir Aug 1,2008 5:03 PM

    assalamualaikum ayahanda tun,
    saya amat berharap tun dapat bertanding pilihanraya permatang pauh… tun saja lah yg boleh mengalahkan anwar di sana..

  321. asam jawa Aug 1,2008 5:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum YABhg. Tun
    Tahniah diatas usaha YABhg. Tun mengadakan persidangan anti perang yang mendedahkan penderitaan akibat peperangan. Diakhir persidangan para deligasi menuntut penjenayah perang dibawa kemuka pengadilan.
    Malangnya kerajaan bukan saja tidak hantar wakil, malahan berkata kerajaan tidak masuk campur kerana itu suara daripada NGO, tidak ada kena mengena dengan kerajaan.
    Mereka berasa angkuh mungkin mereka rasa terselamat dari perang.
    Sekarang terbukti mereka juga bersekongkol dengan penjenayah perang. DSAAB difahamkan dapat kontrak makanan untuk minyak daripada penjajah di Iraq.
    Marilah kita berdoa semoga dijauhkan daripada kemurkaan Allah kerana ada dikalangan pemimpin kita bersekongkol dengan kaum yang telah membinasakan umat Islam di Iraq.
    Semoga YABhg. Tun sekeluarga dirahmati Allah.

  322. Cucu Tok Janggut Aug 1,2008 5:01 PM

    salam yang dihormati Tun,
    Sesungguhnya saya ingin menyatakan kepada Tun yang saya amat-amat merasa bangga dengan segala pencapaian dan kejayaan yang telah dilakukan oleh Tun terhadap Malaysia dan juga kepada bangsa Melayu.
    Tapi apa yang berlaku sekarang ini sungguh menyedihkan Melayu bercakaran sesama sendiri. Pemimpin Melayu hilang taringnya betul seperti kata Tun MELAYU MUDAH LUPA.
    Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera selalu dan dilindungi Allah SWT

  323. Amar Makruf Aug 1,2008 5:00 PM

    Betapa BODOHnya pemimpin2 Malaysia yang membenarkan Blair berada sini. aAB adalah terlalu pengecut untuk menegur Blair atau Bush. aAB hanya pandai mengUGUT pemimpin2 dan ahli2 Umno sahaja. Umno yang sekarang tinggal nyawa2 ikan sahaja apabila AAb enggan berundur sekarang, sedangkan pemimpin2 Umno dengan bangganya memuji2 aAB sebagai PM teragong di Malaysia ini.

  324. fawz Aug 1,2008 4:53 PM

    Good Afternoon Tun,
    Sad! No more idependent media, Only media circus!
    All the best Tun,

  325. senjakala Aug 1,2008 4:49 PM

    Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun,
    Assalamua’alaikum may Allah bless you and your family,
    I will not touched the two personalities that you mentioned above.Admitting I don’t know them and why they took such inhuman action,though I can guess.
    What I perceived critical here are the dilemma faced by the rakyat.
    It seems noting can be relied upon,the main stream media too pro government,the alternative media to much inclination which sometime
    perceived bias towards every government policies an actions.
    After following for quite awhile the situation in our country I sincerely concluded, Malaysia today is very unfortunate to have a weak,insensitive,incompetent and selfish leaders.
    What are the remedies?
    1. The present prudent and far sighted leaders must be bold enough
    to present their case professionally why the current leaders
    need to be changed which I observed a handful of UMNO branches
    did have a resolution to contest the top two post. But the
    number is not adequate to meet the quota required.
    2. Members of UMNO not through demostration or mutiny but
    sacrifices ie. all monetary gain interest must be put aside and
    put the dignity of UMNO and Barisan as the highest priority if
    the members wish these organisation revived and relevant.
    3. Nobody is clean as a human but must be reasonably clean and
    sincere and bow out with dignity if failed to meet the
    expectation.I quote you contention before you draw the curtain
    as PM,”Ibu saya pesan berhenti makan semasa tengah sedap” and ”
    I have failed to change the malay mind set”,resulting “Melayu
    Mudah Lupa.”
    4. Pak Lah was initially perceived as a pious person,taking into
    consideration he came from a family of religious back
    ground.Again this was another mistake as we all are aware
    piousness is not hereditary.Talking about this I remembered one
    of Tan Sri P.Ramlee’s song “Kalau depan ister pijak semut pun
    tak mati,bila dibelakang isteri joli sana joli sini.” So do not
    judged a book by its cover.
    5. Potential leaders must be charismatic and always placed the
    rakyat well being above everything and don’t emulatethe present
    Trengganu MB, sitting on a Proton Perdana from Kemaman to Kuala
    Trengganu resulting in backache and to justify the purchase of
    Mercedes Benz. He had forgotten he who chose to be “wakil
    Rakyat” and nobody forced him and make do with what is
    reasonable. Sometime human are like the malay proverb that I
    came across,”Kadok naik Junjung.” Earned your respect and do
    not demand your respect.
    I will pen off for now and for you TUN, you are a gifted leader
    and with your vast experience and exposure do explore. May be you
    can start with Mukhriz and Mokhzani.
    Regard ans Assalamua’alaikum

  326. dospenang Aug 1,2008 4:47 PM

    The Lancet study showed that
    As of July 2006, a scientific study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins found that 650,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the U.S.-led invasion. Unfortunately, the death toll has continued to mount since then.
    It is likely that about one million Iraqis have been killed, according to an updated estimate from the organization Just Foreign Policy. That’s more than were killed in the Rwandan genocide and far more than were killed under Saddam.
    You can find more information, a frequently updated counter of Iraqi deaths, and a petition to Congress urging them to end this war here:

  327. cendanawangi Aug 1,2008 4:46 PM

    Salam Tun:
    Tun, this is our new generations’ attitude. Tun pernah kata” Melayu mudah lupa”. It’s true. Even what we do is because we love our country.
    There are many “ungsung heroes” out there, Tun.
    Thank you.

  328. inthemiddle Aug 1,2008 4:41 PM

    Sejak zaman Tun no longer PM, sy tak dgr lagi suara2 lantang Malaysia memperjuangkan isu2 antarabangsa..tak sure kerajaan Malaysia skrg mengambil berat isu2 antarabangsa dan pada pendapat sy, Malaysia mengambil sikap sekadar lihat dan dengar..bila soal2 antarabangsa ini memberikan kesan yg buruk kepada Malaysia dari sudut ekonomi contohnya, kerajaan hanya menerima shj dan memberitahu rakyat malaysia, ia berada diluar kawalan kerajaan..dan dgn ini, kerajaan berada pada belanjawan defisit, so kerajaan kena kurangkan subsidy kepda rakyat..kerajaan yg memberi less subsidy adalah kerajaan yg efisien dan effective..spt negara2 maju lain..”..
    (tp agaknye kerajaan kita tak sedar yg negara2 maju ada elaun pengangguran tidak spt malaysia..)..Malaysia spt biasa, negara yg menjadi mangsa penjajahan era baru..
    belum masuk lagi soal kemanusiaan, spt ini..sape Tony Blair skrg?..nape nak welcome org ini, yg menyebabkan kemusnahan kpd negara2 yg lemah..tony blair telah diketepikan oleh negara menyokong usul membantah Tony Blair ke Malaysia..

  329. zeti Aug 1,2008 4:39 PM

    Semoga Tun seisi keluarga sejahtera, dilimpahi kemudahan dalam setiap urusan dan keselamatan diri sentiasa dilindungi …
    Tun, kalau tengok gambar bukan main ramai press hadir tapi satu paper pun tak siarkan.
    Kalau tak silap saya member beritahu Blair datang ke Malaysia atas jemputan Sultan Azlan Shah. Saya pun tak faham kenapa pihak media boleh pejam mata dengan kedatangan penjenayah perang…
    Tun, dalam dok hangat Pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh,
    rumours – Harga Minyak Nak Turun 20 sen…
    – kakitangan awam dapat bonus sebulan…
    kalau bagi kita ambil tapi jangan harap nak undi simpati
    – katakan tidak pada Pak Lah….

  330. moorish Aug 1,2008 4:38 PM

    Tun, before the war was Iraq a peaceful country? I’m not sure coz I’ve never follow thier progress b4 operation desert storm.

  331. mistikana Aug 1,2008 4:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya ada terbaca dalam suratkhabar tentang Blair datang melawat Taman Rama-rama sebelum hadir untuk ucapan tentang undang2 di universiti berkenaan. Memang bodoh! Orang yang terang2 melanggar undang2 boleh diberi penghormatan berucap tentang undang2. Memang Universiti ni dah jatuh martabatnya. Maybe nak dapat balik rangking universiti terbaik dalam dunia kot!
    Mana pergi penyokong pembangkang yang suka melalak tepi jalan tu! Bila Blair datang kat sini apa yang korang buat, mana pergi Karpal Singh, Tian Chua, Hishamudin Rais, dan nama-nama yang sewaktu dengannya? Demokrasi konon, ni orang PAS yang konon islam sangat tu mana pegi? Kalau Tun buat silap sikit, satu kampung di kompangkannya!

  332. Cucu Tok Det Aug 1,2008 4:36 PM


  333. zainnan Aug 1,2008 4:35 PM

    This is the Bolehland of Dolah Bedewi. Everything is vested in the name of THE Prime Minister and UMNO President, Dolah Bedewi.
    If Dolah Bedewi sleeps, all his lieutenants and captains shall sleep. Dolah is so shallow in knowledge and experience which makes his teams readily and effortlessly agreeable to his level of wising.
    No others’ wiser ideas can match Dolah’s veto power.
    Having lost 5 states including his home state to the opposition “is no big deal as I’m still the PM”
    Proton’s fortune worth hundred million of Ringgit in MV Augusta is senselessly dumped for 4 Ringgit only.
    Dolah senselessly equates his thinking with all others that his offer for deputy minister is a sure grasp to any desperate BN parliamentarian.
    Dolah senselessly equates East Malaysian BN parliamentarians like desperate kids who can be bribed with sweets.
    Dolah senselessly slap a 40% increase in auto fuel that opens the flood gate in pushing up the cost of all other goods and services.
    Dolah senselessly hangs the Mercedes fleet rather than hanging Said for breaching the procurement instruction.
    Dolah fears so much the mighty of Lee Kuan Yew that he senselessly cancelled Tun’s bridge to replace the causeway and instead paid out million of Ringgit as abortive fees to the contractors.
    Dolah has no sense of credibility as a leader when he refused to attend the ceremony of handing over to the new head of OIC. One source quoted that in the absence of leadership traits Dolah was too happy to dump the post of head of OIC.
    Dolah senselessly requests Anwar to hand over the latter blood sample for speedily police investigation.
    Dolah senselessly announces his purported intention of handing over the power to Najib in 2010. He would have suck all the juices and it’s suicidal for Najib to face the approaching 13th. general election. Good luck to Najib.

  334. misspeace Aug 1,2008 4:35 PM

    firstly i’m so proud to be part of Tun’s blog…
    Tun adlh idola saya semenjak di bangku sekolah lagi…
    saya kagum dgn idea, kritikan semasa tun mentadbir negara sehingga kini…
    it’s sad coz byk org yg tlh mgkritik Tun yg tlh byk berjasa kpd malaysia…semua manusia membuat kesilapan and nobody is perfect
    Thanks Tun for everything…

  335. samuraimelayu Aug 1,2008 4:35 PM

    On Blair,(by the Tun)
    ..On the basis of this lie he joined George Bush of the United States launch a massive war against Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroying their cities, the electricity and water supply..
    On Dollair, ( Dollah’s pet name by the Rakyat)
    ..On the basis of his lies, launch a massive ‘war’ against the Rakyat, ‘starving’ hundreds of thousands of poor malaysians and destroying their livelihoods and well being, with his hikes on petrol and electricity causing foodstuffs and public transports and.., and.., and.., and.., … bila mahu behenti dah!
    To AAB(Atas(kepala) Ada Batu, ‘SILENCE MEANS GOLD’
    To Us(the Rakyat) yang teraniaya, ‘ SILENCE MEANS DEAD’
    Alfatihah, Amin

  336. swotworld Aug 1,2008 4:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree with you. There is no doubt that Tony Blair and George Bush are far more worse.
    But we as Muslims did nothing about it, not even considering to unite..
    And our PM as the chairman of OIC did not done his job..wether he is too scared to make a statement or ….
    Well what can we expect from him if this country also “caca-merba”!!

  337. iffycoo Aug 1,2008 4:33 PM

    Yet you eagerly give support to Zimbabwe’s Mugabe? Please be a little bit more consistent in your views, Blair may have wronged the Iraqis but at least he took care of his own citizens.

  338. wywy Aug 1,2008 4:32 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Salam buat Tun sekeluarga.
    I am quite disappointed that the media choose to highlight your comments on AA (azizah/anwar ) & possibility of PAS/UMNO marriage :)rather than condemnation of Blair’s visit. However, I salute your witty comments on the AA & PAS/UMNO thingy.
    What made me very furious today is when I read about MR. FLIP FLOP’s answer in one of the local paper about government (if I may used the extract) sedang meneliti beberapa perkara sebelum membuat keputusan mengenai harga minyak di negara ini.Beliau berkata Kabinet sudah berbincang mengenai perkara itu dan kerajaan masih meneliti beberapa perkara secara terperinci sebelum membuat pengumuman.“Kalau boleh la ni (sekarang ini) saya nak turunkan harga minyak. Sabarlah nanti kerajaan akan umumkan. Kerajaan sedang meneliti beberapa perkara sebelum buat pengumuman,” katanya kepada pemberita di pejabatnya di sini ketika ditanya bila ia akan diturunkan.
    The dumbo never ever thought things carefully before making decisions. Damages have been done with the inflation goes up like nobody’s business & now he’s thinking about “meneliti”? Does it ever occur in that thick head of his, that prices of goods usually don’t go down even though if he may/may not decide later to reduce the petrol’s price?
    Having said that, I don’t believe that price of consumer’s goods will be reduced no matter whoever is in power. Anwar is making fool of rakyat by dangling carrots in front of the donkeys who believed him.
    Having Mr. big mouth as consumer’s minister doesn’t even helped.I don’t see enforcement officers doing their rounds to curb price increase. I clearly remembered when Shafiee Afdal and even Muhyiddin while in office, they actually went & dirtied their hands and shoes doing rounds with the enforcement officers checking on prices of controlled goods.
    There’s a lot off profiteering going around and with such a weak governance, the lower & middle income Malaysian are now suffering.
    All was highlighted in the media was about stupid scandals, whodunnit, does he or doesn’t he commit the act & squabbles between state & federal government (of the same party) & anwar ,anwar anwar like this country resolve around his issues. Very sickening.
    It is very sad that Malaysia has come to this stage.
    Take care & Allah blessed you and family. Keep on writing Tun.

  339. angelinajolie Aug 1,2008 4:30 PM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
    Tony Blair is also a 33 degrees Freemason. He always perform secret rituals there with the other Freemason. He used to have secret tunnels that will link him from the Duke Street to Downing Street.
    You might have been to no 10 Downing Street previously Tun, but Tony Blair will never reveals his secret to you regarding the other Street which is called “Duke”.

  340. snowbite8281 Aug 1,2008 4:28 PM

    I heard from a political analyst forum overseas. He said the WMD in Iraq is zilch, zero. Bush piggy-backed on WMD-excuse to take over Iraq because of:-
    a. Black gold – oil
    b. Control the all important water way Persiaran Gulf
    c. Set up a influential role of ‘calming the Middle East’ when actually it is trying to channel businesses (o & g related ) boost economy for the business parched and dollar parched American people.
    The Political Analyst lectured this when the Americans started sending troops into Iraq.
    Fortunately, the victim-countries have a lot of GENUINE heroes who died fighting against the western invaders. Sadly the young and old, the ladies and the gentlemen of the countries, the innocent and the despair citizens died together. Hence I totally abhor Bush, Blair and Howard.
    I hope we Malaysian can live happily together. Lets get rid of AAB FFHP6C4 morons and together we work to achieve our Wawasan 2020. TOGETHER the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan,Dayak, Punjabi etc … all people who hold Mykad work to rescue Malaysia back to its glory! Not invited : those destructive morons in the formula of AAB FFHP6C4 !!!

  341. lord musan Aug 1,2008 4:26 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Sedih teramat sedih bila tengok layanan yang diberikan kepada Tony Blair oleh kerajaan kita! They should have not allow him to be here at all..they can even bring him to visit one of the botanical gardens(..if i am not mistaken!)
    Inilah jadinya apabila kita memiliki seorang pemimpin yang agenda pertamanya kekayaan utk diri dan keluarga dan agenda keduanya menggadaikan maruah bangsa dan tanah air! Tak cukup dengan Singapore semua negara penindas nak diberi muka oleh Pak Lah ni!Sungguh2 saya tak faham apa sebenarnya yang dia mahu…
    Tolonglah Tun hentikan Pak Lah ni..atau sesiapa sahaja yang boleh!
    lord musan

  342. Han Solo Aug 1,2008 4:23 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    When Iraq was invaded, our Government was so collectively vocal against the invasion.
    Now they are collectively being ignorance of Blair visiting Malaysia.
    Are they so afraid of a Mat Salleh or is it the ‘tidak apa’ attitude is rearing its ugly head again?

  343. nookvillage Aug 1,2008 4:22 PM

    The killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and plundering of Iraq ‘s wealth and artefacts by George Bush and Blair seems to receive kind reception by some of our leaders. We should take note on this and abhorred them. Thank you for notifying us.

  344. Pointman Aug 1,2008 4:22 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I blame it on Bollywood movies. Somehow the Malays are just too enamoured with Bollywood movies. When the Bollywood Film Fest was held here, we saw our Deputy Prime Minister and half the Cabinet playing football with the Bollywood ‘stars’. Most of these Bollywood stars are actually kids from the streets of Bombay who made it in the movies. Neither intellect nor higher values are needed to become a Bollywood star.
    The same adulation for the Mat Salleh also made our Prime Minister wiggle with excitement when Bush agreed to meet him. He wanted his picture taken with George Bush at all costs. So I am not surprised now that the same group of people are awed by Tony Blair. Not only is Tony a liar but he is no great intellect or even a good orator. He sounds rather dull. His greatest achievement was that he was extremely happy to be George Bush’s pet poodle.
    It would have been better to invite Barack Obama – the Democratic presidential candidate. I am sure Obama would have come to address the forum (which one is it anyway). However Obama is ‘black’ and not blue eyed and blonde (or Bollywood). Hence he may not be a popular choice. Ambil gambar pun tak seronok.
    Yes I have reduced the level of our local creme de la creme to just that – Bollywood actors, blondes and Mat Sallehs.
    Which brings me to the crux of my point. Lets wind up Finas. They interefere too much in our local film industry. Our local movies are of such terrible quality. If we wind up Finas, we may get the P Ramlee type Malay movies which were so realistic. Then maybe our young Malays will not be so taken up with Bollywood.
    Then Blair may not be so highly regarded anymore.

  345. gadismelayu Aug 1,2008 4:19 PM

    salam tun tersayang..
    wow! your comments and opinions about all issues are really amazing.. seriously, there are no other world leaders that are better than you.. but sadly, some of our leaders nowdays seem to forget what have you contributed to the country…
    since i was a kid, i always wanted to be like you. you are my idol. now, i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for always inspiring me. walaupun saya akan ke tanah asing tidak lama lagi, jasa-jasa Tun tak pernah saya lupa. mungkin Tun tidak sedar yang selama ini Tun telah memberi semangat kepada saya untuk berjaya, tetapi saya akan mengenangnya untuk selama-lamanya.
    p/s: really hope to meet you in person..
    terima kasih.

  346. lynn7676 Aug 1,2008 4:17 PM

    gila..kerajaan sekarang kalo bersekongkol dengan omputih tuhh…
    camnerr nakk lempang diorang nihh nk bagii sedarr??

  347. angelinajolie Aug 1,2008 4:17 PM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
    Tony Blair is not only a war criminal but also a Bilderberger. He also joins in the elite groups such as The Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Tun these people are called the SECRET SOCIETIES. Tony Blair should explains himself at The Hague regarding his war crimes and the cause of humanitarian crises in Iraq, Darfur, Palestine, etc….etc…etc….

  348. Abi.Ayyub Aug 1,2008 4:17 PM

    Well Tun, 1st point of order is not to report the news, but rather to report what should be in the news. Therefore, we the people of Malaysia will know the truth as wanted by those in power.
    By the way, when you were in power, did you do such a thing ???
    Anyway, the issue is and as always, we got no choice but tofind our own news, our own information, because we cannot trust the MSM any longer.

  349. Shahidir Aug 1,2008 4:14 PM

    Asslamualaikum Tun,
    It is sad when this kind of things happen again!!!!. But I’m not supprise. We lost the “Jambatan Bengkok” and the “Batu Putih” because our government is our government lah…
    I think this one also he fell asleep again and when wake up… BLURRRRR. Now match.. the BLUR meet BLAIR.
    By the way Tun I hope you dont mind I use some of your pictures for my Blog.
    Take care Tun, may allah bless you.

  350. dospenang Aug 1,2008 4:11 PM


  351. Captain Aug 1,2008 4:10 PM

    Salam Tuan tuan cuma nak berkongsi sedikit ilmu,
    “Dan (Kami juga telah mengutus) Luth (kepada kaumnya). (Ingatlah) tatkala dia berkata kepada kaumnya: ‘Mengapa kamu mengerjakan perbuatan keji itu, yang belum pernah dikerjakan oleh seorang pun sebelum kamu. Sesungguhnya kamu mendatangi lelaki untuk melepaskan syahwat, bukan kepada wanita; malah kamu ini kaum yang melampaui batas’.
    “Jawab kaumnya tidak lain hanya mengatakan: ‘Usirlah mereka dari kotamu ini, sesungguhnya mereka adalah orang-orang yang berpura-pura mensucikan diri”.
    “Kemudian Kami selamatkan dia dan pengikut-pengikutnya kecuali isterinya; dia termasuk orang-orang yang tertinggal (dibinasakan). Dan Kami turunkan kepada mereka hujan (batu); maka perhatikanlah bagaimana kesudahan orang-orang yang berdosa itu.” (Al-A’raf: 80-84).
    Homoseksual bukan fitrah tetapi barah dan penyakit. Sesungguhnya manusia tidak mampu membuat penafsiran sendiri terhadap hukum alam.
    Manusia tidak dapat lari daripda fitrah rasa bertuhan. Tepuk dada tanyalah hati kecil anda. Adakah anda benar di landasan fitrah.

  352. Non-Bumi Aug 1,2008 4:09 PM

    they din cover tun chaired conference because scared of pak lah..after all the former premier is in the same league as pak lah today..hahaha

  353. JAAFAR Aug 1,2008 4:06 PM

    Salam. I am not sure whether I am the first. Anyway what do you expect from a person who has got no principals or no balls. Look at what’s going on in the country(Malaysia), during this time whoever pressured or ask for anything they will get it, except you Tun and people like us. Some people wants to be popular this way. He and his elite advisors doesn’t realise the implications. Since they have no mirrors they cannot see the reflections.
    Semoga Allah s.w.t selamatkan bumi Malaysia dan Rakyatnya yang tak berdosa.
    p.s. kita tengok apa orang PAS, PKR, DAP dan NGO yang suka buat tunjuk perasaan, depa nak buat dak. Atau pun orang2 yang bersemangat kebangsaan yang berucap kena hunus Keris dulu, pahLahwan terbilang.

  354. LeongCW Aug 1,2008 4:06 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I, as an ordinary rakyat cannot see the rational of Tony Blair’s visit and him giving talks on the rule of law.
    There must be a hidden agenda from him or maybe from our PM.
    Also, there seems nothing else to read except for politics in the mainstream media let alone a tiny section for your press conference.
    Screen through everyday’s headlines of TheStar since elections, you’ll be surprised that it has nothing but politics.
    FED UP of our mainstream media.

  355. yz Aug 1,2008 4:06 PM

    memanglah takder orang, sume reporter busy kes anwar ngan c saiful…
    lagipun Pak Lah tgh bzmemikirkan masalah yang satu nih, tgk lah dialog afrika hantar timbalan ttp sidang NAM makin hantar Rais level menteri lapuk,
    sah memang takde sense nak membantu lgsg, busy nak naikkan nama malaysia nak tarik FDI tu yg mmg tak nak pg ke Iran tuh, yang kat Zambia tuh jauh sekali, tp kalo Pulau kecil kat selatan tuh rajin plak…
    mungkin dah ada ketapi letrik laju sket, sedey betol….
    tindakan mencerminkan kredibiliti. mungkin ia kelihatan untuk mengelakkan rampasan kuasa seperti di Thailand.
    sadly with attachment of best regard. 🙁
    saya sokong Malaysia

  356. Frankie Cock Aug 1,2008 4:05 PM

    Looks like fellow viewers are not so interested in such a serious and heavy topic far away. Otherwise why there is still no response yet whereas under normal circumstances the page would have been flooded with loads and loads of comments by now already. It goes to show that to most Malaysian what is happening in the country which will directly affect their livelihood and future is the most urgent and important thing to them. If you are living from hand to mouth, you will not have the strength and leisure to even want to know what is happening beyond your own doorstep. I suggest Tun to hold a conference on the future of our country with constructive views on how to improve it to the present government. Sure we would be better benefited from it.

  357. donosepataharam Aug 1,2008 4:04 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Dalam kita berbalah sesama sendiri, kita terlupa bahawa musuh Malaysia dan Islam sebenarnya adalah Yahudi, Amerika dan sekutunya2 saperti Britain, Singapore dll. Mereka akan mengambil kesempatan melalui pembangkang2 kerajaan, tanpa disedari atau tidak, untuk membuat kucar kacir dalam negara kita untuk matlamat jahat mereka. Saya syorkan Petronas secara rahsia sponsor saintis-saintis kita mendalami ilmu WMD kenegara2 saperti N Korea, China, Iran, Pakistan dan India kerana pertahanan jangka panjang negara kita. Terima kasih, semoga tun sekeluarga selamat sejahtra.

  358. masterpiece Aug 1,2008 4:01 PM

    depa-depa nie sume pengecut…
    duk ikut telunjuk barat….
    duk sokong blair dan kroni2 depa…
    pak lah mmg dah nak jual malaysia….
    apa depa takut…duit dah banyak,jual malaysia depa x rugi apa2…sume khazanah dan harta negara depa dah sapu…

  359. samuraimelayu Aug 1,2008 4:01 PM

    ‘Blair and the Conspiracy of Silence’ posted by Ayahanda Tun.
    ‘Dollair and the Conspiracy of Sleep’ posted by Anakanda Rakyat.
    nothing new and nothing surprising..and the world remains ‘silenced’ except for sporadic sounds of the guns yonder!
    Was ‘samuraimelayu’ the Ist blog?
    Alfatihah, Amin

  360. nuriman Aug 1,2008 4:00 PM

    Salam Tun
    I definitely agree with you on the fact that Blair is as guilty as any war criminals. Though his hands are not tainted with blood of the Iraqis, mainly civilians (not to dismiss women and kids) but his approval of sending the British army into Iraq is as good as he himself pulling the trigger of the guns. Isn’t that a strong enough basis to deny him of entry into our country or is it that we are now blessing his radical policy during his term of office?
    I am of the opinion that such an individual should not be accorded a warm welcome as we are against oppression, suppression and killings of innocent lives. We used to air the hardships encountered by those in war hit Iraq. We used to raise fund to aid them, but why are we according a warm welcome to an indiviudal who, with its ally, caused all these? Funny ain’t it.
    What are we going to do next? Reward him with the highest honour of the nation? God knows.

  361. azlan Aug 1,2008 4:00 PM

    Kenapa kerajaan malaysia menyambut baik penjenayah ni dan tiada berita dikeluarkan mengutuk penjenayah ni…..????
    Pemimpin malaysia takut ke?
    Nak jaga perhubungan dengan negara lain ke? terutama Amerika kot.
    Takkan semua media dikawal oleh pihak tertentu?

  362. amydala Aug 1,2008 3:59 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Sy tau Tony Blair tu mai…tekejut jugak psal UM yg jemput. Kenapa laa chanslor & naib chanslor dia invite hipokrit mcm tu…malu sy jadi org yg peliknya sy x tau pon tun ada chaired dkt Kuala Lumpur Perdana Global Peace Organisation…mmg pengecut sungguh kerajaan Pak Lah skarang ni!!!

  363. dospenang Aug 1,2008 3:59 PM


  364. idairman Aug 1,2008 3:58 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tun jangan lupa, Tun sekarang bukan lagi pro kera-jaan. No space for you in prime media. Nasib baik teknologi sekarang canggih, buleh develop blog ni.
    Kenapa Pak Lah welcome depa? Biasalah, malaysians kan are very well known for their sopan santun dan berbudi bahasa.. tak kan tetamu datang, depa nak perambat keluaq.. or memang Pak Lah ni spesies yang x de pendirian. Macam mana la dunia kat luar sana nak respect kita dunia Islam? Depa kat Iraq sana membunuh saudara2 Islam kita, tapi saudara Islam kita yang sorang ni jadi penglipur lara pulak utk Blair masa dia mai sini. Dia dah lupa kot apa si dajal ni pernah buat.. ishh..ishh..ishh.. betul la, Melayu mudah lupa.

  365. pt3 Aug 1,2008 3:56 PM

    salam tun
    semoga sihat n terus memberi info kepada kami semua.
    semoga membuka minda pihak2 tertentu.
    saya terus menyokong perjuangan tun.

  366. rakyat msia Aug 1,2008 3:56 PM

    I think if right now you’re the prime minister of malaysia, you will also keep your mouth shut. instead the opposition will do what you’re doing now..

  367. Nor Aug 1,2008 3:56 PM

    This reminded me of Pak Lah Oil for Food scandal. What do you think of that? Is there truth behind it? Do you think that it is relevant to this issue here?

  368. Zulka9 Aug 1,2008 3:56 PM

    The media silence shown a very lack of Pak Lah goverment responsiblity & integrity

  369. Dr. Rezuan Che Mat Aug 1,2008 3:55 PM

    Salams Tun,
    Tindakkan kerajaan DSAAB membenarkan penjenayah perang dan penipu besar dunia Tony Blair untuk memberi ceramah tentang undang-undang amatlah memalukan. Ini menunjukkan kerajaan DSAAB mempunyai agenda tersendiri.
    Lebih amat memalukan apabila pihak media juga turut serta bersubahat dan sanggup meneriba aib yang sungguh hina dengan mengambil tindakan untuk berdiam diri. Sungguh memalukan.

  370. hanglekiu Aug 1,2008 3:54 PM

    another conspiracy from media arus perdana….
    hidup TUN

  371. Melancholy Aug 1,2008 3:54 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I truly agree with you. Bush and Blair are the worse criminal ever in this whole wide world. They are not only criminal, they are also playing GOD. Both think they can shape and rule the world their way.
    I’m also surprised that there was no coverage by our local media on your PC on such a wise and bold move (to condemn Blair’s visit and such welcoming invitation by our govt).
    I’m glad that you have made such move. Thank you Tun for keeping us well informed.
    May you be blessed with good health.

  372. takkecekbyk Aug 1,2008 3:53 PM

    YABhg Tun yang dikasihi,
    Mungkin pemimpin2 UMNO sekarang sanggup buat apa saja untuk kekal berkuasa.

  373. masjuer Aug 1,2008 3:53 PM

    ha haaaa.. this time I am the first. Dan Tun, rasanya media kita sekarang sememangnya tidak sebebas waktu Tun dahulu.

  374. suffianr Aug 1,2008 3:52 PM

    i guess the current government is somehow not aware that blair is a war criminal despite everything that has been displayed in the international media.. even in the british media too..
    i agree with you that he is a war criminal.. and must be brought to justice… for all that he has done.. he should be tried in the Hague.. like karadzic.

  375. Gaban Aug 1,2008 3:50 PM

    Post article pasai pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pauh pulak.

  376. Tea Dean Aug 1,2008 3:50 PM

    Sometimes I really don’t know if Malaysians really love Malaysia. Sincerity is hard to find nowadays, I don’t know if people did something because of other people did it or to save their backs or because they really believe in whatever they do. Even if people don’t believe anymore, I still believe and will believe because I’ve seen the miracles… Do always remember, HE always see you, even you are in silence.

  377. mak enon Aug 1,2008 3:49 PM

    Sad to say….Malaysia dah hilang taring di mata dunia sejak Pak Lah take over the country….zzzzz

  378. mah Aug 1,2008 3:48 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Why oh why?
    dah la yg patut bersuara tak berani nak bersuara. tak de telor. bila dah ada org lain bersuara, pun tak berani nak siarkan pulak. takut sangat.
    us and england memang negara double standard. dia suruh org buat lain, dia sendiri buat yg lain. kalau org lain buat macam dia buat, kena cop terrorist la, undemocratic la. org lain kena dakwa kat mahkamah dia, dia tak kena pulak. macam dia je ada alasan.
    tu pun kita nak ikut jugak telunjuk org macam tu. ah.. kalau dgn singapore pun tunduk. ini pulak dgn us dan england. masih lagi bertuankan omputih.
    kita kat malaysia pun dah jadi macam tu jugak. semua double standard. rakyat lain, kerajaan lain. rakyat kena ubah ke lebih sengsara. kerajaan kena makin mewah.

  379. raizul Aug 1,2008 3:46 PM

    Kononnya Pada waktu ini, media Malaysia telah dikatakan boleh bersuara bebas, jika dibandingkan zaman Tun jadi PM. Kenyataan ini semestinya disokong oleh kononnya seorang sarjana Islam terkemuka Malaysia, iaitu Mufti Perlis.
    Ternyata sekali kebebasan media yang diminta adalah berdasarkan persepsi Barat dan bukannya kebebasan dari persepsi Islam. Antara punca yang membawa kepada kerosakan remaja dan rakyat Malaysia ialah Media yang diketuai oleh salah seorang Penasihat Pak Lah di BERNAMA.
    Walau bagaimana, sebagai muslim sejati, kita tidak boleh berputus asa, Tindakan Tun mendedahkan pelbagai masalah dan kemusnahan empayar Melayu bawah Pak Lah amatlah dihargai.
    Rasanya rakyat Malaysia seperti berada di saat-saat keruntuhan kerajaan Melaka.

  380. cruz9 Aug 1,2008 3:46 PM

    well said Tun…pity american and british people….
    US always the greatest lier ever…even moon landing is a hoax.

  381. chickenfeet Aug 1,2008 3:46 PM

    Salaam buat Tun N think my so called ‘so clean’ n ‘so reputable’ government also bought the pathetic excuse of bush n his war mongers to destroy iraq..when the truth are out,..they diverted to attack the late Saddam’s character…that is their traits..Why oh why the price of water is a mere 3cents Tun?

  382. Alang Mat Yasin Aug 1,2008 3:45 PM

    Well…Malaysia now ontheir site…

  383. kikihigh Aug 1,2008 3:45 PM

    assalamualaikum buat Tun sekeluarga semoga di bawah lindungan Allah SWT….

  384. kamal Aug 1,2008 3:44 PM

    truly the malaysian media ‘news’ is only about nothing….there are liwats everywhere with spats of other sexual and party politics bickerings here and there. news worthy of mention with history and information is definitely not there….there is a bold headline on lt adnan heroic actions in todays print, but no mentioned of what they were, when and why…? no wonder papers today, turned thrash not tomorrow but today.

  385. Sahak Aug 1,2008 3:44 PM

    eden no 1 ko kali ni?

  386. athena Aug 1,2008 3:43 PM

    Ur blog is so enlightening….and refreshing…to me, ur pen is alwyas mightier than the sword.

  387. renee Aug 1,2008 3:43 PM

    To My Dearest Tun,
    I alwiz support u and ur truly vision for malaysian.
    Just take care of ur health. Hidup melayu.

  388. mnmj Aug 1,2008 3:43 PM

    Kehadapan Tun yang dihormati.
    DSAI akan bertanding di Permatang Pauh, apa pendapat Tun tentang pilihanraya kecil ini.
    Next step setelah DSAI (sekiranya) menang di kawasan ini.
    Maaf sekirnya lari daripada topik ini.

  389. xplora Aug 1,2008 3:43 PM

    Tun Mahathir,
    I have the same feelings with you, it is such shameful that the innocent Iraqis have to suffer war just because of the lies created by both of them.
    However, our current government is afraid of even Singapore, I doubt that they will ask him to get out from this country right now.

  390. Sahak Aug 1,2008 3:41 PM

    eden no 1 ko kali ni?

  391. rakusman Aug 1,2008 3:41 PM

    Y Bhg Tun,
    AAB dan Kabinetnya memang menyangjung tinggi Blair. Nak jaga hati tetamu. Tapi yang condemn Tun bukan kerajaan AAB,Tun dah keluar pun dari parti. Jadi dah terang lagi bersuluh bahawa ketelusan yang dilaungkan hanyalah hipokret sahaja. Begitulah sehingga 2010. Ada banyak lagi lakunan seperti ini.
    Karektor seseorang TIDAK bolih diubah. Percayalah wawasan 2020 patut ditukar ke wawasan 2200 jika nak berjaya. Malu nanti bila sampai 2020 sebab tak capai baik tukar sekarang.
    Mulai saat ini JANGANLAH laungkan ketelusan lagi sebab anda penyokong AAB adalah hipokret,dayus dan pengampu berdaulat.

  392. bib Aug 1,2008 3:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dear Tun,
    I’m all for you. Will always and never stop supporting you. You are one of the greatest leader I’ve ever known. No matter what happens you always fight for the good course of muslim nation, although sometimes you have to go against other world leaders opinion. You are not hypocrate like some of our present ministers now esp. their boss…..
    Good day Tun!

  393. fadhil Aug 1,2008 3:38 PM

    Yeah! Another conspiracy to live with!

  394. seridewi Aug 1,2008 3:38 PM

    Ayahanda Tun ,
    I disagree when UM invite the war criminal to give a lecture. As one of the person who’s responsible for the bloodshed in Iraq , he should be hanged .
    Regarding the President Sudan , it’s just the cowboy’s country (USA) trick to get their hands on the Sudan’s oil .So , beware all Muslims in the world ! This is the latest Jewish psycho attack for them to invade Sudan.
    Ayahanda , though the Jews is the most cruel and evil nation in the world , they do have good traits in them , such as hardworking , their thirst for knowledge and unity. I wonder why there’s no university in M’sia which has done a research on the Jews . For the Jewish they have the predilection to do research on other races like Malay and Arabs . In fact , I’d heard that most of the Israelians can understand Arabic and read the Quran .Do you think we should set up a faculty especially for this ?

  395. fadhil Aug 1,2008 3:37 PM

    Yeah! another conspiracy to live with!

  396. Khairul Azni Bin Zainol Aug 1,2008 3:36 PM

    Malaysia goverment is chicken.

  397. hussin Aug 1,2008 3:36 PM

    Kami tunggu tun di Pmtg Pauh sebagai calon bebas.

  398. Juice_up Aug 1,2008 3:36 PM

    You’re absolute right. I guess this is the sickening thing about our media being “press by the throat”. Plus being a “yes man” for the Government.
    On top of that, “Melayu mudah lupa” goes well with the non-Melayu too.

  399. hussin Aug 1,2008 3:36 PM

    Kami tunggu tun di Pmtg Pauh sebagai calon bebas.

  400. jeggy Aug 1,2008 3:36 PM

    God is great. All those who are unjust, unfair, ruthless, highly egoistic, wth vicious intentions, forever lying and hurting others through barbaric acts will be punished. It is just a matter of time.
    My prayers are with you that all commiting such crimes (including corruption)be severely punished as soon as possible. Then only will they change over for a better and decent life. TIME IS THE BEST HEALER.

  401. Joel C Aug 1,2008 3:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    In my humble opinion, the only force that can go against George Bush and his goons is the force of unity – the unity of the people of the world. Peace lovers. Being the self-appointed ‘police of the world’, the reek of their hubris is beginning to prove abnobxious to the rest of the world. We can smell it way from here. But if no one dares to speak up, the big bullies will continue terrorizing the world in the name of ‘peace’. Let’s be united and be strong in voicing our dissention in the name of justice and peace.

  402. anakjatipilah Aug 1,2008 3:34 PM

    Salam sejahtera TUN dan keluarga,
    Ya saya juga merasa sedih apa yg terjadi di Iraq dan negara Islam yang lain. Nampaknya mat salleh ni memang pembunuh yg kejam tetapi mereka tak perasan yang mereka tu sebegitu rupa. Yang mereka nampak pemimpin2 islam saja yg berlaku kejam dan mereka lah yang jadi hakim atas perbuatan itu. I hope one fine day these two creatures will get their balasan dari Allah Subhanahuwataala. Ya Allah tunjukkan lah kebesaran mu dan hukum manusia manusia seperti Bush dan Blair ini.
    Dalam pada itu juga mereka cuba nak menentang undang2 negara kita just because of ‘orang perseorangan ini’. Apa kah maksud dan tujuan mereka ini?

  403. antuport Aug 1,2008 3:33 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    Proud of you for your brave move against these selfish people.
    To Malaysian media,
    Shame on you for no longer having the true reporter spirit.

  404. mohara Aug 1,2008 3:32 PM

    Salam YABhg TUN,
    Is is sad, very sad indeed. But what do you expect… they can even see whats right and wrong with themselves and our country … let alone this “zalim” people. Perhaps most of our politicians nowadays are in the same category… I wonder… how sad, very sad indeed.

  405. jimmybong Aug 1,2008 3:32 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Good day to you. Wish you are in excellent health!
    This is really a joke. Looking at the crowd, I would presume that most of the reporters who attended the press conference were from the mainstream media. Then, why on earth did they attend without reporting or without reporting it boldly? Just to listen to some nice stories? I used to buy The Star daily but not anymore. The reason is pretty obvious…..

  406. samuraimelayu Aug 1,2008 3:31 PM

    Cud We be the first to serve you our ‘kuih kaswi’ specialty!
    Love Ayanhanda dan Bonda always!
    Alfatihah, Amin

  407. encikdanger Aug 1,2008 3:30 PM

    one of tun’s best articles..bravo

  408. mubarak Aug 1,2008 3:29 PM

    Hie Tun,
    Our PM doesn’t have a guts & brave enough to object Blair arrival. He might thought to stop Blair arrival unfortunate he frightened enough to prevent Blair arrival. He is not charismatic enough and PM with no ambitious. I worried in his lead my lovely country will drag to further deep sh*t.
    God pls bless my country.

  409. vira Aug 1,2008 3:29 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I admire your guts and out spokenness against such “super powers”.
    Fully agreed with your points. Its a pity you didn’t stay longer in office.
    Keep up the good deeds, dear Tun. Critics like you keep the “guys” on their toes.

  410. taurus Aug 1,2008 3:29 PM

    salam, tun…
    The West….. created a war in the name of justice…but actually….a new way of invaded a country….and the same can happen to Malaysia….

  411. kedah_kbg pasu Aug 1,2008 3:27 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Hanya Tun sorang yg berani menentang Bush and gangs. Yang lain tak der teloq (Paklah and gang)
    Selama Paklah menjadi Pengerusi NAM and OIC, tak ada perubahan/kemajuan langsung dalam pertubuhan itu. Paklah langsung tak menempelak Bush and gangs….cakap kosong adalah.

  412. zali lampai Aug 1,2008 3:26 PM


  413. Timur Waja Aug 1,2008 3:25 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Agree with your comment – Blair should not be welcomed here in Malaysia. The NGOs, political parties like PAS and others should have protested about his visit. The main stream media should also highlight this ‘war’ criminal as always mentioned by Tv3 (tentera penceroboh dari US and UK yang sewenang2nya membunuh ramai yang tidak berdosa)
    As usual, the press conference held by you are blocked by the ruthless invisible hand of Pak Lah and cronies.

  414. Joe Kentoi Aug 1,2008 3:25 PM

    Y.A. Bhg Tun,
    May the force be with you! Let’s set our own “Blog Court” and charge this agents of war (Bushy and Blairy). Lets label them CRIMINALS or better COW (criminal of war)!

  415. eyew Aug 1,2008 3:24 PM

    101%agree. tun mahathir,you rocks. this is the best article i have ever read.

  416. ixora Aug 1,2008 3:24 PM

    Peace be upon you Tun.
    It is right that you point out what Blair has done and why he should not be here talking about the rule of law when he himself broke the laws. He is a ‘munafik’ and the people who called him here knowing what he has done has a lot to answer for in the hereafter where they can’t lie and they be witness to what they have done on Earth.

  417. AMiN Aug 1,2008 3:24 PM

    Blair is a liar.. Same habit as our present PM..

  418. d'soul Aug 1,2008 3:23 PM

    Salam Tun n fan…
    Media hanya menurut perintah,
    kalau tak ikut, padah mendatang…
    Sidang media ni pula dipengerusikan oleh Tun…
    Kerajaan Pak Lah takut dengan Tun, so mestilah media tidak dibenar menyiarkan apa2 sahaja kebaikan yang dibuat oleh Tun…
    Media-massa zaman Pak Lah ni, yang boleh dipercayai hanya sukan dan nombor ekor!!!!
    Keep up d good work Tun…
    Blair melawat Malaysia????
    Mungkin untuk memberi sokongan kepada ‘Islam Hadhari’ kot…
    Tun, Perjuanganmu Belum Selsai…
    Semoga Allah merahmati Tun… Amin.

  419. Fazrulls Aug 1,2008 3:22 PM

    Hmm so sad.. why it can happen …?? apa dah jadi dengan media di Malaysia ni… kalau kes liwat ka apa ka cepat ja masuk paper or TV.. ish2.. ish2..

  420. Metal Militia Aug 1,2008 3:22 PM

    Alhamdulillah..i’m the first..
    I agree with you, Tun. Satu satunya pemimpin melayu yang digeruni kerana lantang mnentang arus.
    Moga Allah melimpahkan rahmatnya ke atas Tun.
    -berharap bile la Pak Lah nak mencontohi peribadi Tun ek-

  421. Kersani Aug 1,2008 3:21 PM

    Dearest Sir,
    When I read news reports of your comments about Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah, they mentioned that the comments were made at a press conference that was called for a specific reason. Only the Star and no other paper mentioned that the PC was called to condemn Blair’s visit.
    Obviously the Malaysian media missed the point of the whole PC.
    But really Sir, are you surprised?
    This is Malaysia under the Badawi Regime. It’s a Malaysia that is ever willing to bend over(no reference to any on going sodomy case) to please the Americans and the brits. [Just wait and see how they will SELL MALAYSIA with the on-going US-Malaysia FTA negotiations. Incidentally Sir, I wonder if you could highlight this subject so that your readers know how dangerous FTAs can be and how far Malaysia has veered from the stand we took while you were at the helm. The government is keeping quiet about the on-going negotiations, but from what I hear, something nasty is afoot]
    Anyway, as i was saying, this is a Malaysia that allows American warships to dock in our ports; it’s a Malaysia that is like a doormat, allowing other people to walk all over it and humiliate it as seen in the Batu Putih case; It is a Malaysia that said nothing of significance in condemning the West, even while it was chairman of the OIC. It’s a Malaysia that has lost much of its dignity, sense of pride and respect from it’s contemporaries.
    It is not the Malaysia we knew before the sad day of 31st October 2003.
    Perjalanan masih jauh, rupanya. Perjuangan belum selesai.

  422. cool80 Aug 1,2008 3:21 PM

    Napa lah media massa kat negara kita tak de kebebasan untuk menyiarkan isux2 semasa sampai media masa pun dipolitikkan. Hampir semua media sekarang terpaksa berdendang mengikut rentak yang ditetapkan oleh pemerintah sekarang…Nampak gaya rakyat Malaysia sekarang diperbodohkan dengan ceritax2 yang diputar belitkan dan berat sebelah… Apa yang mereka perlu sedar sekarang rakyat sudah celik bukan macam dulu. Sekarang sudah ada banyak saluran untuk dapatkan cerita and berita semasa yang sahih dan benar….Selagi kami diperbodohkan selagi itu kami akan membenci tampuk kerajaan yang memerintah……..We miss u very much TUN M…I love u….I respect u…..

  423. Noor Faiza Aug 1,2008 3:20 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Blair and The Conspiracy of Silence.
    I, hereby condemn
    1. The government for allowing Blair, the murderer to enter our beloved country,
    2.The Malaysian media for the conspiracy of silent for you are lending support to a War Criminal,
    3. To UM for the invitation which made no sense at all.
    With that, I share the disgusting feeling with all peace loving Malaysian.
    Blair Boleh Blah!!

  424. muru Aug 1,2008 3:20 PM

    ya bush dan blair adalah pembunuh nombor satu.saya tidak menafikannya.tetapi jika wujud nombor satu, mesti diikuti dengan nombor dua, tiga dan seterusnya.orang-orang yang telah dihukum adalah org ranking bawahan.kita tunggu masa untuk menangkap ikan besar.tetapi saya tidak faham satu perkara.kita kata blair dan bush pembunuh tetapi kita masih mengagung-agungkan barangan dan ekonomi negara mereka.ringgit kita setiap hari dibandingkan dengan mata wang us.kenapa pula ini berlaku.lebih baik banding dengan jepun.adakah kita takut untuk membuat pembaruan.setiap standard yang digunakan adalah american standard dan british standard.mana ada malaysian standard. lama lama malaysia jadi tiada standard pula.sedangkan kpm pula mewujudkan dasar pengajaran matapelajaran bi dan maths dalam bahasa pembunuh walaupun kajian menunjukkan penggunaan bahasa ibunda adalah penting dalam membuka minda pelajar.sampai bila kita nak mengagung-agungkan negara pembunuh itu.adakah kita berani dan perkasa untuk menjadi perintis dalam membuat pembaruan.jika tidak lebih baik kita diamkan diri sahaja walaupun pembunuh bermaharajalela kerana kita hidup bergantung dengan negara pembunuh.betul tak?

  425. BalikPulau Aug 1,2008 3:19 PM

    Tun, kami sokong Tun. Hidup Tun. Blair sekutu Bush. Tak kan Malaysia pun jadi sekutu Bush?

  426. Harimau1900 Aug 1,2008 3:19 PM

    Dear YAB Tun Dr.M,
    We totally agree with above article and comments by you…Yes the American and the British did something very bad to human kind to benefit themselves…
    What about the article below that was published sometime in 1998 about you and Anwar Ibrahim? If the below article is true than I believe you and Bush/Blair are on the same boat…Only thing Bush and Blair done that openly but you?????….
    How Mahathir and Anwar became embroiled in a clash that threatens to send Malaysia into upheaval
    To Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has a passion for flying and sailing, Malaysia’s annual air and boat show on the island of Langkawi was an event he hated to miss–even as his nation stumbled through an economic crisis. So Mahathir decided to hold the Dec. 3, 1997, meeting of the Malaysian Cabinet on the island, instead of in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.
    But by the time he arrived at the elegant Gunung Raya hilltop retreat, Mahathir was in for a jolt. His next-in-command–Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim–had virtually concluded business without him, according to sources knowledgeable about the meeting. In what amounted to an economic coup, the cabinet had decided to adopt an austerity plan similar to those imposed on neighboring Thailand and Indonesia by the International Monetary Fund. The plan would slash public spending and halt infrastructure projects championed by Mahathir.
    The new policy was a stunning rebuke to Mahathir. Since the onset of the Asian crisis five months earlier, he had been railing against a perceived Western conspiracy and insisting Malaysia could maintain its breakneck growth. Mahathir’s reaction: He humbly agreed to go along with his Cabinet’s decision–but on the very next day undermined it by announcing Malaysia would proceed with a controversial $2.7 billion rail and pipeline project. Alarmed investors immediately sent the ringgit to a new low.
    Those intrigue-filled days in December were a prelude to what has become Malaysia’s worst political crisis in nearly three decades. Although Mahathir and Anwar had long had differences over economic stewardship and management of political spoils, that rift widened as Asia’s financial crisis wore on and the two leaders worked increasingly at cross purposes. Ultimately, the dispute led Mahathir to clamp controls on the currency and jail his deputy, casting himself as an international rogue.
    Today, the clash threatens to send Malaysia into upheaval. Anwar, a central player in the old patronage system, has now emerged as a hero of the swelling reformasi movement, which advocates a more open society and economy. He goes on trial Nov. 2 on 10 charges of sodomy and corruption. A conviction could turn the protests into an ugly confrontation.
    How did the two men end up so militantly opposed to each other? Over the past month, BUSINESS WEEK interviewed dozens of Malaysians from both camps, including Anwar prior to his arrest, prominent pro-Mahathir businessmen, informed academics, and Anwar associates. Together, they draw portraits of the one-time allies and their battle to control the future of Malaysia Inc., an economic model that uses patronage to speed economic development.
    HEIR APPARENT. It is a tragic spectacle. Just a few years ago, Mahathir was poised to retire from politics as the prickly but nonetheless brilliant and erudite architect of a model developing nation. And Anwar, the anointed successor, would smoothly take the helm of the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and lead a modern, politically stable 21st-century economy. Former Islamic radical Anwar, 51, was the more Western-friendly of the two, often quoting Shakespeare and hobnobbing with the moguls of international finance. Mahathir, 72, has long taken a confrontational stance toward the West. But like Anwar, he viewed foreign investment as key to Malaysia’s economy and advocated freer trade within Asia.
    Both also were savvy politicians who steered choice deals to their allies in the business community. Just last year, foreign investors criticized the government’s handling of insider deals by Malaysia Resources Corp., a media and infrastructure company controlled by Anwar allies.
    Still, Anwar had a reform agenda. In recent years, he increasingly advocated the rule of law and more transparency. But until the crisis erupted, he was willing to bide his time until it was his turn to run the country. ”He was that close to power,” says Anwar’s wife, Azizah Ismail, holding her thumb and forefinger close together. ”He was tolerating a lot.”
    Perhaps the key difference between the two leaders was their outlook on the world. Anwar quickly realized that the meltdowns of Thailand and Indonesia were caused by excessive borrowing, overbuilding, and big trade imbalances–and that Malaysia’s situation was similar. Malaysia didn’t yet need an IMF bailout, but he feared its economy would implode without swift action. While this surely would hurt his business allies, Anwar was willing to have Malaysia absorb economic pain first and rebuild for the future.
    Mahathir looked at it differently. Unlike the ascendant Anwar, he was in the twilight of his career–and feared for his legacy. While Anwar hinted he wanted to end patronage, Mahathir genuinely thought the system he proudly calls ”Malaysia Incorporated” was a legitimate model for developing nations. A handful of wealthy businessmen are singled out for privileges and given the role of creating jobs, implementing big projects, and keeping the economy and the ruling party humming. Then wealth trickles down from Mahathir’s chosen few to the many. ”We view Malaysia as a corporation, and the shareholders in the government are companies,” says Mustapha Mohamed, the new No.2 at the Finance Ministry. ”To the extent you help the bigger guys, the smaller guys benefit.” When Western agencies attacked his system as institutionalized corruption, Mahathir ”was quite angry,” says Francis Yeoh, managing director of YTL Corp. and a longtime Mahathir ally. ”He found it incredibly hypocritical and unfair.” Mahathir declined to be interviewed.
    When Malaysia was growing 8% to 10% annually, the uneasy alliance worked. But the crisis in Malaysia’s financial markets provoked a fury in Mahathir toward the outside world. The feud broke out two days after Mahathir returned from a two-month globe-trotting sabbatical in July, 1997, just as the crisis hit. He began blasting foreigners–and he kept it up for months. He blamed ”international manipulators” such as financier George Soros and Jewish traders for trying to undo the success of the Muslim Malaysians.
    Malaysian officials grew weary of the Mahathir effect on the currency and stock markets. The central Bank Negara tracked the plunges in the ringgit every time Mahathir lashed out, and officials showed him the data. If Mahathir would tone it down, they suggested, the ringgit might stabilize. For a while, he complied.
    Meanwhile, Anwar tightened up on money and began urging Mahathir to suspend big infrastructure projects. When Mahathir agreed on Sept. 5 to postpone the $5.3 billion Bakun Dam, a new airport, and plans to build the world’s longest building, the market enjoyed the largest one-day surge in over three years. But it fizzled as the crisis deepened.
    Mahathir’s patience ran out. On Nov. 21, he set up the National Economic Action Council to devise remedies. It included Mahathir, Anwar, economic adviser Daim Zainuddin, and prominent economists and business leaders. Council members quickly squared off over the best cure for the crisis: the IMF’s austerity medicine or the easy money and massive government spending Mahathir preferred. ”We argued back and forth, back and forth,” recalls Zainal Aznam Yusof, deputy director of the Institute for Strategic & International Studies, a government think tank. But as the months wore on, ”we became convinced that you cannot go on with tightening monetary policy. You might push the economy over the edge.”
    Then came a move that rocked market confidence and drove a deeper wedge between Anwar and Mahathir: the bailout of big infrastructure developer Renong. Headed by longtime Mahathir associate Halim Saad, it was precisely the sort of company Mahathir was determined to save. Renong had built some of Malaysia’s biggest projects but was choking under a pile of debt. In a complex transaction that left minority shareholders in the cold, Renong subsidiary United Engineers Malaysia (UEM) paid a stiff premium to buy out the parent company. Analysts suspected that Mahathir allies benefited, a charge Renong denied.
    Anwar, miffed at the way the bailout was handled, ordered regulators to investigate. UEM was found to have broken disclosure rules, but the punishment was light. ”Within two weeks of the Renong-UEM deal being announced, it was all over” for Malaysia’s stock market, says a local securities trader.
    Five days after the Renong bailout came the meeting on Langkawi. Anwar, having just met with IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus and acting on the advice of his central bank governor, Ahmad Don, had concluded that the IMF formula of tight monetary policy and government austerity was right. The Cabinet agreed. When Mahathir arrived, the virtual IMF program was a fait accompli.
    ”MORAL OBJECTION.” But local business leaders were growing unhappy with the effects of Anwar’s policies. So was Mahathir. ”The intensity of business collapses and bank collapses was like tenpins falling every day,” says YTL’s Yeoh. ”He couldn’t stand it.” Adds another prominent businessman: ”He doesn’t believe in bankruptcies. He has a moral objection to them.”
    The attempts to get around Anwar’s IMF-style budget grew. According to Anwar associates, Daim called the CEO of Bank Bumiputra, Abdul Aziz Othman, and asked him to lend $20 million to a company in trouble. After checking with Anwar, these sources say, Aziz told Daim no. Tensions between Daim and Anwar rose. Daim declines to comment on the allegation or other matters related to Anwar. Bank Bumi did not respond to requests for comment.
    By February, Mahathir was pushing for more bailouts. Anwar aides contend that the Prime Minister had broached the idea of using Petroliam Nasional (Petronas) to bail out his son Mirzan Mahathir’s shipping company, Konsortium Perkapalan, which had trouble servicing its $490 million debt. Both Mirzan and Petronas deny the Prime Minister had anything to do with the $220 million purchase of KP’s assets by a Petronas unit. ”I didn’t ask him to intervene. I just told him that any businessman faced with this situation will have to sell and pay down the debt,” says Mirzan, who holds a Wharton MBA. ”We believe we are a viable company.”
    But the deal reminded many Malaysians of Indonesia’s Suharto, who fell partly because of his family’s greed. In 1994, opposition politicians criticized the stakes Mahathir’s sons had in over 200 companies. Now, those concerns were resurfacing. Comparisons with Suharto ”must have upset Dr. Mahathir, even though there are important differences between the two,” says University of Malaya economist K.S. Jomo.
    In April, the Anwar-Mahathir rift grew wider. Speaking in New York at the elite Council on Foreign Relations, Anwar lauded the virtues of ”creative destruction.” Mahathir would deride that term time and again in speeches months later. Anwar later told Mahathir he was trying to push Malaysia’s agenda by calling for reform of the international monetary system. But he did not mince his words in New York about what was going on back home. ”What are meant to be mere crutches often become permanent appendages, spawning a dependency mentality and rendering the public purse a rich feeding ground for all kinds of parasites,” he said to applause.
    Yet while he was away, Anwar got wind of another attempted bailout, this time for Daim pal Tajudin Ramli at Malaysia Airlines. ”The moment my back is turned, they push through this nonsense,” he told his aides. ”How am I supposed to explain this over here?” Mahathir denied he was involved. Anwar suggested the Finance Ministry would veto the deal, and it was never done.
    Shortly after Anwar returned home, Suharto fell. Mahathir had met with the aging strongman in Cairo on May 14 at the G-15 summit. Mahathir left the meeting speaking of ”foreign parties trying to unseat us both.” The new Indonesian President, B.J. Habibie, was a friend of Anwar.
    ESPIONAGE CHARGES. So was Indonesian newspaper editor Nasir Tamara, who caused a flap on June 2 when he addressed Malaysian scholars, businessmen, and social activists assembled by Anwar’s think tank. While he didn’t mention Malaysia, Nasir spoke of cronyism and explained how the reformasi movement toppled Suharto. An Anwar aide says Mahathir questioned his deputy about the speech.
    By the time the UMNO General Assembly meeting began on June 20, Mahathir had decided to get rid of Anwar–and the open battle began. Information packets given to the 1,900 conference attendees all contained a book alleging homosexual and heterosexual affairs by Anwar. The book, Fifty Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Be Prime Minister, also charged him with spying for a foreign power. Diplomats and other sources say the book could not have been distributed without Mahathir’s knowledge.
    Anwar’s camp returned fire. The leader of the UMNO Youth league, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, criticized the government for ”corruption, collusion, and nepotism.” Mahathir blasted back the next day, saying that everyone, including Anwar and his allies, had benefited from the state’s largesse. Days later, Mahathir announced that Daim would take over management of the economy. Anwar’s role was sharply curtailed. At a mention of Daim during an interview with BUSINESS WEEK on June 30, Anwar crossed his arms and visibly stiffened.
    By the end of August, Malaysian stocks were down 80% from the previous year. On Sept. 1, Mahathir shocked the world by imposing currency controls. He told Anwar to resign by 5:30 p.m. the following day ”or I’ll humiliate you tomorrow,” according to former Anwar aides. He refused. ”I told him, ‘If you resign it’s like an admission of guilt,”’ Anwar’s wife Azizah recalls saying the next day over a lunch where the food went uneaten. Anwar then went to his Finance Ministry office. At 5:30, the power went off at his official residence. At 7, Anwar received a letter from Mahathir saying he had been dismissed.
    ”I tried to work within the system,” Anwar told BUSINESS WEEK three days after his ouster. But now, Anwar acted like the outsider. He organized the biggest protest in Malaysia’s history on Sept. 20, attended by up to 50,000 people, to call for reform. That day, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was in town for the Commonwealth Games. Mahathir ordered Anwar’s arrest that night. A week later, Anwar appeared in court, bruised from what he said was a police beating.
    Whatever the verdict in Anwar’s trial, it is unlikely to end the momentum for reform kindled by his ouster. Clearly Malaysia’s reform movement has legs, although no one wants a repeat of the violence that devastated Indonesia during Suharto’s fall. It looks like the transition won’t be easy. Mahathir seems intent on staying in power to safeguard the economic structure he spent 17 years building. But even if Anwar vanishes from power, the questions he posed in this turbulent year will haunt his stern mentor for years to come.
    By Sheri Prasso and Mark Clifford in Kuala Lumpur, with Joyce Barnathan in Hong Kong

  427. mlss Aug 1,2008 3:18 PM

    nowadays… everything ok ok ok ok.
    1) war criminal want come to m’sia – ok
    2) singapore want our land – also ok
    3) increase bus fare – double ok
    4) increase tol – definitely ok
    and a lot more ok nowadays…

  428. JukiShanley Aug 1,2008 3:16 PM

    Semoga Malaysia sentiasa berada dalam keadaan “SELAMAT AMAN MAKMUR”

  429. GOMO Aug 1,2008 3:15 PM

    WE ALL LOVE U…..

  430. forever young Aug 1,2008 3:15 PM

    My dearest Tun M,
    I’m perplex with our existing government – allowing Tony Blair to address the said topic in our country. He has no right whatsoever to talk about the issue as he himself fails to adopt good governance and international laws. Why on earth our government permits such event occured right in front of our noses? I just can’t comprehend!
    I’m also very much concern with the latest development of our politics and economy. Many are suffering due to uncertainties. I was very proud of myself under your leadership due to high respect given by others, especially when I was abroad. They would say – Mahathir / Malaysia. Now, only Allah knows…
    Such event chaired by you is very essential for us to subscribe. Too bad…, our medias do not give any coverage about it except your comments on DSA and PKR latest news. Anyway, u and your TSH look forever young and vibrant.
    I really miss u as our dear PM and wish u and family – all the best…

  431. aaj Aug 1,2008 3:14 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Paklah ‘no balls’ policy has kills our strong voice against British and USA.

  432. Zakaria Aug 1,2008 3:10 PM

    Assallammuallaikum YBhg Tun,
    Speaking as a lay person, one cannot talk much when one’s arm is being twisted. The current PM is in that kind of situation. Can he comment on Blair when Blair is being patronised by another world bully who is still in power? Dear Tun, is it true that the US government has a dossier on SCOMI for illegally supplying nuclear components to another country? Please enlighten us on this matter.Wishing you the best of health. Wassalam.

  433. emma49 Aug 1,2008 3:10 PM

    yupss… tony blair should just be Flush in toilet bowll!!!!!

  434. anakjohor Aug 1,2008 3:10 PM

    off topic, but relevant to our country mess!
    shall we see our government rule by other than UMNO led BN in our lifetime?
    I guess this is the right moment !!
    Rentetan Permatang Pauh
    Khairy mess again
    and click here too

  435. dreamers Aug 1,2008 3:09 PM

    That’s the way Malaysia media act all the time.. maybe they cannot sell papers with this issue.. or maybe someone directed them not to do so… I wonder who???… What a shame to all the Chief editors of all local medias..

  436. scor Aug 1,2008 3:08 PM

    Good afternoon, Tun Dr,
    I am indeed glad to be able to send a note to you, Tun. I wish you all the best and do hope you are always here with us, Bangsa Malaysia and guide us for a better future. Best wishes from me.

  437. jaysean Aug 1,2008 3:08 PM

    salam tun, semoga sihat selalu

  438. azlela Aug 1,2008 3:07 PM

    Salam Tun and fellow bloggers,
    Isn’t it ironic that the person who is not even accepted in his own country is welcome to talk about law in our country.. I wonder who sent him the invitations in the first place???
    I totally agree with TDM that Tony Blair and Bush are the worst criminals for the war they caused in Iraq.. they should be convicted of mass murder and genocide..

  439. Zulkifli Hamdan Aug 1,2008 3:07 PM

    i’m totally agree with you Tun

  440. sygchedet Aug 1,2008 3:07 PM

    Dear beloved Tun,
    Semoga Tun sihat sejahtera di samping keluarga.
    Hairan ye, bagaimana tiada langsung liputan dikeluarkan tentang press conference tu, padahal wartawan yang datang berpuluh-puluh orang. Something fishy is goin on…
    Macam semua pun ‘bagi blessings je’ kehadiran Tony Blair tu ke sini..
    (Semalam, adik saya seorang nurse beritahu dia terserempak dgn Tun di satu pusat kesihatan di ibukota. Seronok sungguh dia sbb memang peminat Tun. Tapi sebab tergamam, tak sempat nak menyapa Tun katanye… You really make her day. 🙂

  441. hattourie Aug 1,2008 3:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,..
    Well TUN, the muslims nowadays didn’t stand up and stay unite like before. Bush and Blair indeed a war criminal but NO ONE dare to judge them. May Allah cursed them well in their afterlife.
    Stay COOL and Healthy TUN. And have a nice weekend.

  442. sekutz Aug 1,2008 3:06 PM

    Salam Ayah Det,
    This is the first time i pen down my comment though i’ve been reading your blog like an addicted ‘mat pit’ 🙂
    btw…who are these so called journalist ‘yang beretika’? went for a conference then go back to the office doing nothing? HEBAT! Ayah Det, you should put pictures of them with a frontal view to show us who they are? Is this what they called… OPENESS? WAH! HEBAT! SANGAT HEBAT!
    I came from a media stream too tho maybe not as journalist but knowing and seeing this… FOR HEAVEN SAKE! I am so disgusted! Mana perginya semangat juang para wartawan kita dahulu yang sanggup di tangkap semata-mata atas tiket BERKATA BENAR? Bila dahulu di kata suara mereka disekat, dan sekarang terkinja-kinja berkata mereka semakin diberi ruang bersuara, KENAPA SEKARANG ANDA BISU, PEKAK DAN BUTA?

  443. AMAR Aug 1,2008 3:06 PM

    Ybhg Tun,
    it is indeed sad to see a media blackout on the protest against Blair’s talk and visit to our country.
    The war crimes by Blair and Bush cannot be compared to any war criminals of yesteryears, for these 2 are the worst of the lot.
    The British people are also disgusted with the lie of WMD and the likes, just so that they can wage war on Iraq. Even in USA the public has seen through the lie of these 2 criminals.Many hundreds of thousands of innocent lives were lost and yet they managed to potray that their evil deeds were justified.
    The west are so quick in branding other leaders as war criminals. As you rightly pointed out, Pres Omar Bashir of Sudan has never instructed his army to wage war in Darfur. The west are keen on controlling Sudan because of it’s huge resources in oil, uranium and other minerals. Luckily China, who has been in that country for more than 40 years, will remain as the biggest stumbling block for the west to wage an attack on Sudan.
    I wonder why our present govt. and the media it controls choose to say nothing about Blair’s visit and talk. Perhaps it’s just another showing of weakness, somehow has been intimidated by the western powers.
    We cannot afford to let such situation continue. For the sake of the wellbeing and prosperity of our beloved country we need to do something to stop the rot at the top. As you have said in your previous article, it smells…like a dead fish.
    All the best to you Tun. May Allah bless you with good health and a healthy life.

  444. Ja'a Aug 1,2008 3:06 PM

    Now we know who support the real war crimal. Hmmm ?? Clearly there is something wrong with the Government.

  445. malaysiawati Aug 1,2008 3:05 PM

    dearest tun,
    Congratulation on ur success as Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Perdana Global Peace Organisation. It really aspiring to me to know that Malaysia still have agreat Malaysian Leader like u r.
    Your contribution to Country and Nation is beyond any gift that any Malaysian could ever give.And even a thank you is never enaugh to express how greatfull i am to be ur fellowship.
    nampaknya its what kejaan Pak Lah call ‘Kebebasan Media’.pity of us as malaysian citizen that we are not a caring society anymore.maybe wat pak lah try to achieve as he govern dis pityfull goverment is to be the BALACI BARAT.maybe he is not as ‘alim’ as he appear to be. or maybe he already forget his grassroot.
    and even its to much for me to ask, i really hope u can still do the last honour as contribution to my generation to lead us or give an idea to bring down that lunatic old man and his corrupt goverment.hope to read from u s soon as posible.

  446. (MFMS)d Aug 1,2008 3:04 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Double standard, that’s it!

  447. wewant Aug 1,2008 3:03 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun..
    ye betul Tun..sunyi je..takde sebarang berita
    mengenai Tony Blair tuh.. apa media malaysia nih..
    berita pasal liwat bukan main cepat lagi…

  448. athena Aug 1,2008 3:03 PM

    in spite of what he and his partner have done directly and indirectly to the iraqis, sadly all those were overlooked…i supposed it is far less mind numbing than looking our for the wof in sheep clothing

  449. Redzwan Abdullah Aug 1,2008 3:03 PM

    Salam Alaik Tun…
    I hope I’m the first,..
    I think Malaysia’s Media are forgetting about the crime by Blair… I think the media also boycotting your opinion… However, I still respect your opinion and hope that our Media will be more independent after this…
    May god bless You…

  450. zzemy Aug 1,2008 3:02 PM

    Allah selamatkan Allahyarham Saddam Hussein!
    Sepatutnya Tony Blair dibawa bersama-sama Radovan Karadzic di The Hague. Bawa sama GW Bush dan bapanya GW Bush Sr.
    Saya tidak tahu yang Tun adakan sidang tersebut kerana tidak pernah disiarkan di mana-mana media….Reporter banyak yang hadir, berita hilang.
    Apa yang ditakutkan sangat dengan seorang lelaki 80an umurnya? Apa yang kerajaan takutkan sangat? Nak jaga hati Tony Blair ke?
    A murderer still a murderer. Lihat saja hasil misi keamanan dunia unilateral Amerika…none~
    Itu pun jangan…ada juga orang Malaysia yang mahu Amerika masuk dan mencampuri urusan dalaman negara. Semua rahsia dalam kain Malaysia diungkit diungkap!
    Britain telah menolak Blair akibat sokongan terhadap perang Iraq tetapi penggantinya pun sama saja. Boeh katakan mana-mana pemimpin Barat dah kena penyakit Islamofobia. cakap saja yang depa semua tuh faham Islam tetapi dibelakang depa semua dok cadang cara macam mana nk naikkan pemimpin Islam yang Pro-Barat dan menjadi kerajaan Pro-Sekular macam Turki.
    Kat Malaysia ni dah nampak dah calon2 pemimpian terbaik untuk Amerika nak masuk jarum…..
    apalah nasib kita lepas ni?

  451. Jue Aug 1,2008 3:02 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Well said Tun.

  452. protunmahathir Aug 1,2008 3:01 PM

    kami sangat kecewa ngan pak Lah.. ade ke patut kabinet tak bincang berkenaan tuntutan singapura terhadap perairan pulau batu putih.. macamana la pak lah boleh ambik senang perkara ni..

  453. "My Way" Aug 1,2008 3:01 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Don’t feel down about this. I’m sure you know that the media is totally controlled by ‘someone’. So of course not to offend Tony Blair and his entourage, our ‘good’ media wiz the direction from our ‘flip-flop’ government just don’t want to publish it.
    Tun, your blog page has become one of the popular and most visited sites on this planet, so don’t worry we are glad that there is other source of ‘alternative’ media for us to depend on.
    Keep up the fight, Tun.

  454. Amry Aug 1,2008 2:59 PM

    its all bodolah fault,,, blame him the stupid one….

  455. cool80 Aug 1,2008 2:57 PM

    I am the fisrt!!!!!!!! Yahoooo… I luv u Dr M.

  456. dayanganita Aug 1,2008 2:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Indeed it is disgusting.. This is the sort of news that malaysians should read about rather than some sensational news about sodomy and wife who took pity on her husband.

  457. justdoit Aug 1,2008 2:57 PM

    A word we might use a lot in the future……..
    There are possible plans underway to apply to the Oxford and Webster to include a new word for their 2009 dictionary:
    *badawi* [baa-daa-wee] (/noun/): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
    Eg: ‘I’m trusting you to perform this task well; don’t do a badawi,ok?’
    ‘Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.’
    Take care always Tun
    I KNOW !

  458. PerantauDariTawau Aug 1,2008 2:56 PM

    me 1st??
    hai Tun..
    u r my idol..
    we loved u much

  459. iamagoodmalaysian Aug 1,2008 2:55 PM

    as u said before Tun,
    the media is controlled by the…
    nothing more we can do!
    i love peace & i hate people who created war!

  460. matpokok Aug 1,2008 2:54 PM

    tu la BETAPA BEBAL NYA DS LAH…menikus tak tentu pasal…mengaum juga tak tentu pasal…tapi bila BLAIR mai senyap…takuttt

  461. ThienWu Aug 1,2008 2:54 PM

    Salam Tun…
    I think now days… all paper are “blind”…

  462. bzz Aug 1,2008 2:54 PM

    Nak buat macam mana Tun. Kalau dah Malaysia ni mempunyai pemimpin yg dipimpin oleh idola mereka yg suka pada peperangan. Kapal pengangkut ke kawasan perang dibenarkan singgah di Malaysia. Pemimpin yg melancarkan perang dibenarkan berucap tentang undang-undang.
    Yg pemimpin kita. Tak cakap apa-apa.

  463. kulaaga Aug 1,2008 2:53 PM

    Tun yang dihormati.
    Apa yang dikatakan oleh Tun memang benar. Sekarang ini berita yang berunsur maksiat dan seks lebih utama sehingga terpampang di muka surat hadapan surat kabar kita. Apakah kita ini sudah menjadi manusia yang tidak boleh berfikir atau masih menjadi hamba dengan apa yag disajikan di hadapan kita??? Bangunlah semua rakyat Malaysia. Terima Kasih Tun yang disanjungi..

  464. nadzri Aug 1,2008 2:49 PM

    Where is Pak Lah?
    Don’t we have any stand on this?
    Why we invite a liar to talk about rule of law?

  465. Neil Aug 1,2008 2:47 PM

    Tun,ya that sound convincing enough but let get bact to our own issue here in malaysia.

  466. abangchiq Aug 1,2008 2:44 PM

    Blair,Bush and gangs…..they all are war criminal.Should bring them to ICJ

  467. sang_tawal Aug 1,2008 2:43 PM

    Si B. Liar ni sepatunya menjadi roomate Radozan Karadzic di ICC

  468. protunmahathir Aug 1,2008 2:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN,
    harap2 saya 1st.. harap Tun dapat beri komen berkenaan pilihan raya kecil permatang pauh yang akan datang..

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