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1. The MCA has decided practically unanimously to rejoin the Government as members of the cabinet. This should be welcomed by Malaysians; not all of course, but a majority.

2. Many have criticized the role played by the MCA in the Malaysian Government. It is obvious that UMNO dominated the Government. But then UMNO has always been and even now is by far the biggest party in the BN coalition. Malay dominance in the political field is due to their numerical strength as voters and as elected members. It is an accepted fact, as much as Chinese dominance in the economic field is a reality we must accept.

3. In Malaysia up till now there cannot be one race dominating both the economic field as well as the political field. The best that can happen is a sharing of political and economic power with one race dominant in one field and another in the other.

4. But what cannot be denied is that the partnership between particularly UMNO and MCA, the second biggest party, kept this country stable and able to develop for over half a century. Even the blind and the deaf must admit the good performance of the country lead by UMNO representing the Malays, MCA representing the Chinese and MIC representing the Indians and later together with the indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak.

5. Of course no one is fully satisfied. But in a partnership you cannot get 100% of what you think you are entitled to. UMNO, MCA and MIC and the other ethnic parties must accept the need to sacrifice some in order to gain some. If no one wants to sacrifice anything, there cannot be a partnership. In the end no one gets anything. The bickering and animosity will cause the country to be unstable and unable to develop. It is the inability to make some concessions and sacrifices that has led to what is happening in the countries of the Middle East.

6. In the 13th General Election, the DAP dangled before the eyes of the Chinese that this time (kali ini) they can grab both political and economic dominance. They point to the Perak model where when Pakatan won the head of Government was a Malay but he was totally subservient to the DAP (Chinese). When the Pakatan Government with Nizar of PAS as the MB was brought down, the DAP told the Chinese that they had lost a Chinese Government. The Chinese in Perak have since become anti-BN.

7. Some Malay politicians are convinced that the Chinese being in the minority cannot ever rule Malaysia as Singapore is ruled by the Chinese. Physically holding office is not necessary. If the Prime Minister is totally under the control of the DAP then it would become a Chinese dominated Government.

8. Today the Malays are divided into three parties. For any party to win, Chinese support is essential. The Malay parties have become dependent on Chinese votes to win.

9. The DAP sees this as an opportunity to choose which Malay party should win. Their choice is PAS and Keadilan which are totally subservient to them. They believed that their Pakatan would win enough seats to form the Government. It would be a DAP subservient Government because if it leaves the Pakatan it will fall. Of course if any of the two Malay-based parties leave Pakatan, the Government would also fall. So none of the Malay-based parties would dare to leave the Pakatan. PAS actually said that it will work with the DAP even if the DAP rejects PAS’s Islamic State.

10. The DAP dangled this possibility of a Chinese dominated Government to the Chinese voters. Supporters of the MCA flocked to the opposition parties so that a Chinese DAP dominated Government would rule Malaysia. There were of course other things about the Government that the Chinese did not like.

11. But the 13th General Election saw PAS and Keadilan, despite DAP support failing to win the required number of seats to form a Pakatan Federal Government together with DAP. PAS did very badly indeed and will play second fiddle in the Pakatan as the opposition.

12. But the DAP is not about to give up. There will be another opportunity in the 14th General Election. If the trend toward declining support for BN continues, it may result in the DAP vision of Chinese dominance in politics as well as the economy being realised. Malaysia will be like Singapore.

13. The MCA leaders will have a tough time persuading the Chinese to once again reject the idea of Chinese dominance and go back to sharing Malaysia fairly between the three major racial groups and the indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak.

14. We are seeing today instability and economic regression in many countries in the Middle East and in Asia. We have not suffered the same fate simply because the founding fathers laid down the basis for racial cooperation in this country. And the basis is that of sharing political and economic dominance. The Malays dominate politics but accept that a substantial share should go to the Chinese and Indians while the Chinese dominate in the economic field but accept the need to share some of it with the Malays and the others.

15. If greed and ego influence us into discarding the sharing formula and go instead for grabbing everything for ourselves, we will lose stability, we may not grow economically, we may regress in terms of development. In the end the race that grabs everything will find little in their grasp. Nor will the other deprived races.

16. This is a truly multiracial country. We retain our racial identities and we object strongly to beng fully Malaysian. We are all racists even as we call others racists. If we want to live together in a prosperous country we must accept making some concessions and sacrifices.

17. The MCA opting to rejoin the Government is a step in the right direction. The Chinese must support the MCA because they cannot deny the benefits they gained during the partnership between the MCA and UMNO. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

18. I will not comment on the current status of race relations. If you think it is good then call me a racist because I speak frankly. But if you think that tensions between the races are worse today than before, then accept the multiracialism of our country and be prepared to concede and make some minimal sacrifices. Be prepared to share political power and economic wealth for the sake of stability and growth. In the end your share of both will be far greater than your lot if you gain total control over the country.

19. This applies not just to the Chinese. This is also what will happen to the Malays, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Melanaus, Orang Ulu and all others should any of them try to grab everything for themselves.

20. Forget the idea of dominating all fields, of dominating both politics and economics. Go back to the idea of sharing. It will not be forever. It will be only for the duration when the Malays through their numbers dominate politics and the Chinese through their business acumen and money dominate the economy. Once the Malays and other indigenous people gain a fair share of the economic wealth of this country, they will lose their fear of Chinese domination. At that stage the Chinese share of political power would be enhanced.

21. It may take years but that is as much as we can expect for as long as we insist on being identified by our racial origins.

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  1. hafizfazillah Jun 1,2018 1:17 PM


    I wonder if these views is still relevant, and would like to see your vision on how could the malays retain political dominion in pakatan harapan.

    secondly, since this article , the malays now have many more party to choose from, pas, umno, pkr, pan. Do see the need for consolidation of these parties to say 2 party max. Maybe ego has to be put aside for a common good.

    what you did was right , to put najib out of the leadership role. Do you think with the current movement there shall be a need for a race based political party. should there be a nationalist party instead.. do you think the malays are ready and obtained their equal standing of economic share.

    do you pkr or ppbm as the new vessel for malays to depend on?

    i would like to hear your thoughts or even a private message would do. as im in need of guidance.

    Hafiz Fazillah

  2. mubarakchan Apr 8,2014 5:53 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Hey 1 You forgot that I have a list of 53 names who thought I had died first. The youngest was 39 who was my son-in-law clutching millions of ringgits belonging to someone else.

    YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY 3 QUESTIONS ON THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 15, YES 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE YET ! And you went ballistics to hope I die standing by putting the lid on. No way, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Talk facts and do not be personal in this most distinguished of forums. I hope you realise you are making a fool of yourself in April by talking aimlessly on every subject under the Sun. Please answer the following questions and do not be personal.

    1. Why did the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew found the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 as the Singaporeans were retreating ?

    2. Why did the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 made the ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus in June 2009 to visit his digits, cohorts, swallows, ducks, tycoons and spies ?

    3. Why did your hero and icon sink down to spying on his abang adeks’ sexual peccadilloes who were normal activities and passed the information to Third Parties since 1972 ? Vide. Wikeleaks – Snowden. 2013.

    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Please talk factually and normally.

  3. HBT456 Apr 6,2014 7:23 AM

    Uncle mubarak chan, when you have made your decision to be what you are today many decades ago, you have closed your lid. If possible, stop wasting time comparing yourself with singapore. Today, due to economic growth to sustain property, plantation, oil & gas and manufacruring sectors, the bn government has to allow import to huge influx of foreign labours to get the economy moving. If your friend, sibotak, thinks this is slavery, then I can safely conclude he is the product of malaysia boleh, cakap pandai, buat tak erti.

  4. mubarakchan Apr 6,2014 12:12 AM


    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. You are reallly halfpastsic. You do not know what you are talking about. You are forever trying to protect the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE. You are trying to white wash your self-appointed brilliant Lee Kuan Yew by disclaiming that Singapore with him has nothing to do with Malaysian Politics.

    Please answer the following questions truthfully and honestly as befits your moniker :-

    1. Why did the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE founded the DAP in 1966 as the Singaporeans were retreating ?

    2. Why did the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew made his ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus in June 2009 visiting his digits, cohorts and spies if he is not obsessed with the control of our beloved Malaysia, at the ripe age of 86 ?

    3. Why did your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew spy on normal Malaysian personalities’ sexual peccadilloes a’ la KGB with swallows, ducks and tycoons since 1972 ? Vide Wikileaks.

    These are just the tip of the iceberg.

    The failure of the DAP was mentioned by you, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. This is your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s failure too which you conveniently not to notice !

  5. HBT456 Apr 5,2014 6:23 PM

    Since MCA, and Gerakan too, give up politically to protect us under Federal Constitution, why get get angry with Singapore? MCA and Gerakan gave up our votes politically, remember, Mubarak Chan?

  6. HBT456 Apr 5,2014 6:16 PM

    Mubarak Chan, why 3 golden rules? Where is MCA, and Gerakan too, when Chinese and Christians are being bullied whenever there is general election?

  7. mubarakchan Apr 5,2014 12:27 AM


    My 3 Golden Attributes to be a Prime Minister is as follows :

    1. Commonsense. It is not recommended that an aspirant should run around the hot and humid streets of Kuala Lumpur or do things which it is assumed the World is asleep ! As a trained professional, the good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a great advantage in this regard..

    2. The Ability to Think out of the Box. The 22 year Administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a record of his many ideas and concepts which we see all over our beloved Malaysia. The key is the emergence of the huge and solid Malay Middle Income Group which pulled up the Non-Malay Income Groups. This is mutually beneficial. One Group cannot exist without the other. There is no such virtue in Singapore which is best illustrated by the diminishing of its indigenous population from 1959 which was 100% down to 62% in 2013 and a projected 45% in 2030. Vide Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population.

    After 2003, nothing happened in our beloved Malaysia of note.

    3. Compassion. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has more than the required quota unlike the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. Thus, the former was let down by his closest aides and the latter remains alone from 1959 to this day.

    If the cap fits wear it !

  8. Hajar Apr 4,2014 11:02 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Allow me Tun,

    Puan HBT45 @,

    Aiyo Ahso…Who are more STUPID??? Me or an Ahso who continues to degrade UMNO and the Malays but still sticks around?

    If you cannot ‘TAHAN’ being ruled by the Malays, you are more than welcomed to ‘angkat kaki’…no one is going to stop you. We do not need ‘Cina biadab and racist’ here.

    Moreover, this country is named MALAYsia for a reason.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  9. mubarakchan Apr 4,2014 7:48 PM


    An effective leader of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese should have the following attributes

    1. A humble person who is cosmpolitan and inclusive and is aware of the histories and differences of the different races since the beginninig of time. The younger the better as it is said we cannot teach an old dog new tricks. And I am not referring to 21 year old latuks either !

    2. He/she should have no bank accounts, condos, working relatives, shares, etc in the Republic of Singapore only.

    3. Commonsense in his/her dealings with others. We have seen some foreign disasters from the University of Cambridge which ended up spying on the sexual peccadilloes of our normal prominent personalities of all things, from 1972 – 2014. And to quote, ‘ no denial, no admission !’
    And he/she leaves office with empty sleeves !

    The above 3 Attributes are what I mean by properly QUALIFIED AND EDUCATED, no need to come from Oxbridge or the Ivy League.

    The many who fitted the above requirements have kept clear of representing the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. This is why we have no political leaderships in the MCA and a colourless, dull and obstinate one in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. Acheh !

  10. HBT456 Apr 4,2014 6:33 AM

    Hafiz, hang nak macam bikin, tu cara hang. Gua kat sini sibuk belajar longhat2 melayu dan bahasa warganegara asing. Sopan santun, itu budaya kebangsaan kita. Unless, you are showing readers here that you are a samseng?

  11. hafizkenedelete Apr 3,2014 3:03 AM

    salam Tun..
    Salam Warga Chedet..
    hallo Ahso HBT123456… I miss u lor..

    haiiyyaa… igt selepas beberapa bulan takda masuk sini chedet blog u sudah hilang… I’m glad u masih ada sini. I sangat boring sampaila i terbaca comment u yang berbau ikan…Masih sama ,ada tulis perkasa, bn, umno, rasis, fasis, SIS??? , hahahhaha… ahso saya cadangkan cari idea fresh kasi tulis sini…

    datok dan nenek mahu bercerai ka tak mau bercerai ka biarla…
    u sudah cari jodoh meh?? nanti bujang smpai tua woo…ubat sudah makan??

    Apa apapun tahniah untuk ahso dan tun untuk kesungguhan u all tulis dalam blog ini…hati wa pun senang baca blog hari2 ada topic baru…Lupa pulak i mahu cerita sama u ahso,sudah bulan2 i hilang diri u takda rindu i ke?>? sekarang takda senang mu tulis2 sini lagi…
    i sekarang hantam orang macam u di luar sini…lagi puas mau confront..nampak muka,kalau marah i kasi pui dia punya muka…hahaha..

    so ahso…keep up the good word(oh my english)
    TQ Tun(oh my English)

    dari si cincai2 Tulis….

  12. sudin Apr 1,2014 5:10 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Saya ingin mengimbas kembali satu drama yang berlaku awal tahun lalu.
    Berikut adalah gambaran yang boleh diterjemahkan untuk mengimbas peristiwa tersebut.

    Gambaran ini adalah paling tepat tentang kejadian konon2 berlaku salahkira undi yang diumumkan oleh Kapal Sink semasa pemilihan Ahli Jawatankuasa Pusat (CEC) DAP:

    “sudin January 8, 2013 at 3:53 PM
    Bertempat di kamar guan eng.
    guan eng: “Berani itu delegate lawan gua punya perintah. Zairil, panggil Kapal sekarang.”
    Zairil: “Baik master.”
    Sebentar kemudian Zairil dan Kapal Sink masuk.
    guan eng: “Kapal, gua mahu itu undi kasi ubah, my puppeteer Zairil no.20″
    Kapal Sink: “Susah tuan, itu Pooi tak mahu tukar.”
    guan eng: “Guna itu ‘liar game’, awak kan expert! Lagi satu, itu Teresa selalu berkoKok, dia mahu Chairman baru, ramai delegate sokong sama dia. Hanya kit siang dan anaknya saja boleh suruh dia henti berkoKok. Awak paham.”
    Kerana takut jawatan Chairman ditentang orang2 Teresa, Kapal Sink terus menjawab,
    Kapal Sink: “Loud and clear tuan.”
    Several hours later, Kapal Sink enters kamar guan eng.
    Kapal Sink: “Semua settle tuan. Pooi saya suruh berhenti, Zairil no. 20, official announcement already made.”
    guan eng: “You dengar Zairil, lu jadi my favourite puppet. All dismissed.”
    Dan seterusnya Kapal Sink mengekalkan jawatan chaiman tanpa bertanding.”

    Aiya guan eng, itu nyonya sayur pun tahu jalan cerita sebenar!

  13. HBT456 Mar 30,2014 8:17 AM

    It is really stupid for pn hajar to ask why they are still in bn, Hahaha. It is akin to asking a simple question macam ini, ‘ Tak paham la, kenapa tuk dan nek tak nak bercerai lagi sampai hari ini’. Stupid is the best word to describe her ignorant and arrogant to blame others, but not herself. Karl, if you cant get a job, go join perkasa dan teruskan permainan bogeyman untuk menjatuhkan imej presiden dan parti umno baru.

  14. Hajar Mar 26,2014 1:48 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. It’s about time BN accept the fact that the sharing concept must be REVISED. The old political sharing concept of giving a seat to MCA/MIC/Gerakan even though the majority in that area are Malays is no longer applicable. It has to be revised. If we stick to this kind of political sharing concept BN/UMNO will lose in PRU-14.

    2. For example, at PRK Kajang, the majority are Malays, but BN decided to put a candidate from MCA. This decision can be disputed by the Malays (in UMNO and also ‘Melayu atas pagar’) who gave BN/UMNO very strong support during PRU-13. BN/UMNO must learn from PRU-13’s results. Please listen to the grassroots.

    3. We need to follow the trend/strategy imposed by DAP/PKR/Pas. If we cannot beat them, join them. Just look at DAP. Berani bertanding di tempat Cina saja.

    4. MCA/MIC/Gerakan are not longer relevant because they failed to attract their own kinds to support them during PRU-13. But, as usual, they keep blaming UMNO for their own failure. MCA/MIC/Gerakan are behaving like those in DAP/PKR, and I wonder why they are still in BN.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  15. HBT456 Mar 26,2014 8:01 AM

    Karl, all component parties in bn no need to bungkus, mereka dah kaya raya already and can choose to invest where they see opportunity. What they need to do now is waited out and watch the political game show of united malay national organization baru vs parti keadilan rakyat dan pas conservative di semenanjung malaysia.

  16. Karl Mar 24,2014 2:31 PM

    Salam Tun,

    thank you Malaysia Bagus. I support your view @

    I hope Tun would also care to read and reconsider : Open letter to Dr Mahathir @

    In the last General election, the DAP did not even have to persuade, they just know that there will be enough MCA members who will join in the rampage at Gelang Patah and many many other places. This is the new political reality that UMNO and Najib need to consider in their future plans for the MCA and the Chinese population. Perhaps, like what Karl suggested, the Chinese are longing for a new political entity to represent them in a robust way like only the DAP knows how, even if it means that they will be required to downgrade to ‘cheaper’.

    “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”
    ~ Warren Buffett

    🙂 MCA can bungkus NOW and take flight MCA370 and never come back !!!

  17. ilioni Mar 23,2014 5:24 PM

    Salam Tun,

    In response to Karl’s posting which I believe that he is supporting, allow me to share my viewpoint in this.

    1. On Western Media Bashing, maybe we are not used to media being critical and I don’t deny that there are some foreign media who took advantage of our shortcomings in handling the Crisis and made it their headlines since every eyes are on this and they need to be reporting something. If the media is reporting the truth (but magnifying our shortcomings) which is the disorganized handling, inconsistent critical data being released which made us look bad and this gives the impression to majority of the people that things are not under control. Is that their fault and we can continue to stay in the state of denial and take things slowly like we used to do? In this situation, there will be lots of speculations and possibilities that needs to be ruled systematically using facts and we need to have a competent teams (National Pride should be put aside and we should seek the most competent to assist us and we put together a local competent team and learn from these foreign experts from day one).

    2. Then comes the argument about the focus exclusively on the families of the Chinese Passengers and their response. The issue that I see here is that why is that every time the question that we asked is why are YOU doing this and why are YOU doing that? We have failed to understand that there will be different reactions when it comes to something bad/unfortunate happening to your closest family member and the way one handles these stress is different from the others and there is no MONOPOLY in grief from one to other! Some will be more rational and some will become totally irrational and we have to understand that and we should not be expecting everyone to be behaving rationally in this stage. One has to understand the policies implemented in China (both society wise – birth control and religion wise – acceptance that this is God’s will). We have no control over how the unfortunates behave and we should not but what we have control over is how we can manage the situation. BUT, we are expecting rational behavior to be forthcoming from others in situation like this. Why kept on blaming others and not look at how we could/should better handle this?

    “While a little “thank you for your concern, support and hospitality” may be beyond these guests of Malaysia Airlines, we didn’t expect a noisy demo in the media briefing hall either. And not least the Malaysia-bashing banner which read: “We protest against the Malaysian government withholding information and wasting time and hampering search efforts.”

    “Still want to bash Malaysia at every turn while you partake in all the free food, 4-star accommodation, counseling and transportation provided by Malaysia Airlines although the bulk of your kin’s tickets were actually purchased from China Southern Airlines in a Code Share? What has China Southern Airlines done? Next to nothing. Zilch.”

    3. The above comments are the most concerning comments that I have! If this is the mentality that we have breed over so many years, we are in bad shape! When reading this comment, what came to my mind is the comment from our beloved PM on “Kangkung price went down, and why there is no praise given to our Government?”. In situation like that, are we expecting “Thank you Malaysia” banner coming from the families of those unfortunate one who are still missing? Well done! In fact, it did come from some. It is heartbreaking watching the interview below.

    4. On the truth, until the blackbox is retrieved. Every speculations is baseless (at least to my point of view). Speculations that help and guide the investigators to rule out possibilities is good though.

    “Sure, I sympathize with your grief. But again, others lost their loved ones too and suffer from the same uncertainty as well. I repeat, Malaysia lost 50 passengers and crew, including some of our best and brightest. And passengers from 13 other countries and territories were also on that flight and suffered the exact same fate as your loved ones. BUT I don’t see Malaysians, Indonesians, Australians, Indians or Americans go berserk and throw bottles at Malaysia Airlines staffers and verbally abuse caregivers.”

    5. This comment doesn’t seem to reflect the sympathy with those grieving. If one is, at the very least, one will be more forgiving to their behavior instead of enforcing the strict mindset that one has upon others. Don’t get me wrong, I do not concur the act of throwing bottles at the official but we have seen even shoe being thrown at the US former President. To the contrary, I do understand why it’s done.

    6. At the very least, it does seem that we are in better control of the communication part at least for now. I have to give some credit to current acting Transport Minister for having the courage to step up and take this on. We totally understand that this is probably one of the toughest task that any minister has taken on. He could have done better if he has put together a team of competent experts on the first day and a better control of the communication.

    7. Once again, I pray for those affected by this.. #PrayForMH370

  18. mubarakchan Mar 22,2014 8:03 PM


    Maybe it is appropriate at the present time to comment on my observation since the 1960s of the genesis of millionaires, mulit-millionaires, billionaires and multi-billionaires on both sides of the revered Causeway. It is a fascinating observation on how these exceptional entrepreneurs appear in our present day firmement.

    I read also that there are nay-sayers or detractors who believe in central command planning like the Communist States of old.

    In fact, one of them turned up at a recent forum to say his piece which was out-of-date if not puerile or juvenile in this 21st Century. Maybe this particular person thinks he is Karl Marx. Even the great Communist States of Russia and China have adopted the capitalistic economic system complete with oligarchs and princelings. Because of the creation of these entrepreneurs by the State, ( the World as dictated by Pax America’s ‘ Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights.’ ) the World had a better zing in the last 20 years ! This particular group also show how ignorant some Malaysians are.

    If we cursorily examine the origins of the multi-billionaires on both sides of the hallowed Causeway, we will come to the conclusion that Malaysia produced more multi-billionaires than Singapore since 1957.

    Strange to say, Singapore apparently only produced one multi-billionaire indigenous family group in Malaysian Ringgits as at the end of the 20th Century. The rest of the billionaires made good in Malaysia, Indonesia or Hong Kong outside of the Republic of Singapore ! The Republic has to secure instant multibillionaires these days to bolster the GDP.

    7 1/2 Singaporeans made their billions in Malaysian Ringgits in Malaysia during the same period. Whilst these Singaporeans who began very modestly, had Malaysian Overlords, There were the odd Singaporeans who made good with the Indonesian Oil Barons. One Singaporean billionaire became one by just using the phone connected to Malaysia.

    Carelessly, in their irrational exuberance, these ex-Singaporean billionaires of Malaysia boasted of their success at the Singapore Island Golf Club to the ruling elite or passed juicy bits of information about the sexual peccadilloes of prominent Malaysian personalilties across the mah-jong table of the elite, just to please and gain kudos as well. Smart !

    A country cannot have just a mass of people without the hope to better their way of life and increase their wealth. Or can we only have a middle-income group only. Why ?

    Because a proper Government must take the responsibility and duty to govern. This is a 25 hour job, 8 days a week, and 49 weeks a year. It is not for the Government to make money in the Private Sector. The business of turning the general economy is best left to the Private Sector for the entrepreneurs to endeavour to be multibillionaires. This is the way of the World since the beginning of time.

    Of course, there are attendant risks like everything else such as corruption, crony-capitalism etc. But these can be contained. And the important objective is for the rich people to deliver jobs and money to the populace with the support of any Government.

    In our beloved Malaysia, the Government as led by the UMNO with the 15 component parties have delivered through the Private Sector especially during the Tun’s 22 year Administration. This resulted in the creation of the important Malay Middle Income group which up-lifted the Non-Malay Income group as well. This gave rise to the peace, stability and prosperity which we have today.

    But unfortunately, with all things human, some people always want more and more. In Singapore, we see the scenario ( which maybe an experiment in human terms,) which is based on more MONEY MONEY MONEY. As far as we can see now, 99% of the indigenous people have been left behind. A temporary balm to salve the wound is to import more and more rich foreign people which actually confirms the failure of past policies like the 2 Child Family of the 1970s and 1980s !

    As long as all people including the rich people behave normally, our beloved Malaysia will be a success, a great success in human terms !

  19. Karl Mar 22,2014 8:18 AM

    Salam Tun,

    MCA and the Chinese mentality @ cheap people …

    The Western Media, including CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, have been broadcasting again and again, almost in loop tape fashion, the near riot in the MH370 media briefing room yesterday. Malaysia’s portrayal as a villainous state, with evil officials hoarding information and telling untruths with impunity is now complete.

    Malaysia bashing is on overdrive !

    NOW, while the world is gripped by the possible discovery of MH370 debris in the southern Indian Ocean, let me state something:-

    NO country has a monopoly on grief.

    Malaysia lost 50 of its citizens. These are fathers, wives, siblings and children of quietly grieving families across our land. Indonesia lost seven people, Australia six, India five, with others spread over 11 other countries and territories.

    BUT . . .

    The Western Media is focusing almost exclusively on families of Chinese passengers, almost reveling in the dramatic expressions of sorrow and anger by these people. These unbridled emotions have long degenerated into bouts of Malaysia-bashing, with wild and outrageous accusations thrown at our officials and our nation by what has became a rude, noisy, unreasonable and hostile mob bent on venting their personal frustrations at something, somewhere, somehow.

    And Malaysia became this punching bag.

    While a little “thank you for your concern, support and hospitality” may be beyond these guests of Malaysia Airlines, we didn’t expect a noisy demo in the media briefing hall either. And not least the Malaysia-bashing banner which read: “We protest against the Malaysian government withholding information and wasting time and hampering search efforts.”

    NOW . . . you people know what happens if you do THIS in your homeland, China? Yes, I’m sure you do.

    As for the Western Media, the LA Times quoted a typical line — with the same flavor repeated again and again among their compadres — this time purportedly by a grieving family member in Beijing:-

    “I’m angry at Malaysia for not telling the truth. From the start they were buying time, withholding facts, and now they’re distorting the truth.'”


    The truth?

    What then do you call the media briefings of the 12 days? Pack of lies by Malaysia? Untruth? Buying time? Withholding facts?


    So what “truth” do you want?

    That the plane crashed? No, you won’t accept it. The plane was hijacked? No also. The plane landed somewhere? Again No. The plane is lost and will NEVER be found? A big No No.

    Then what do you really want to hear? Do you even know WHAT you want to hear?

    So what is “truth” then?

    NOW, you want the truth? You really want the truth? Ok . . . . .

    The truth is — until about a couple of hours ago with the Australian preliminary interpretation of the commercial satellite imagery — NOBODY KNOWS. Not Malaysia, not China, not America, nobody knows. That’s why everyone and his uncle from almost 30 countries plus millions online worldwide have been searching millions of square km of land and the deep blue ocean.

    Sure, I sympathize with your grief. But again, others lost their loved ones too and suffer from the same uncertainty as well. I repeat, Malaysia lost 50 passengers and crew, including some of our best and brightest. And passengers from 13 other countries and territories were also on that flight and suffered the exact same fate as your loved ones. BUT I don’t see Malaysians, Indonesians, Australians, Indians or Americans go berserk and throw bottles at Malaysia Airlines staffers and verbally abuse caregivers.

    Did grieving Malaysian next-of-kin throw bottles and spit at your embassy officials and representatives in KL over the irrelevant satellite image furnished in the name of your government, which led to the deployment of our SAR assets in the middle of the South China Sea to unravel a lead that turned out to be a sick prank among many untruths and distortions spewed by your country’s social media?

    So why must only you people display this unbridled anger and frustration over something beyond the control of anyone, any airline, any search party, any national leader, any country, even the planet itself?

    Still not satisfied?

    Still want to bash Malaysia at every turn while you partake in all the free food, 4-star accommodation, counseling and transportation provided by Malaysia Airlines although the bulk of your kin’s tickets were actually purchased from China Southern Airlines in a Code Share? What has China Southern Airlines done? Next to nothing. Zilch.

    My message to these people: there is something called Compassion Fatigue. Your antics in Beijing and KLIA beamed over the global media has pushed many genuinely caring Malaysians towards this state of mind.

    AND to the Western Media, remember, there are 239 souls on MH370, not just 152. The world has witnessed the antics of the families of the 152. Why don’t you people now focus on the other 87 families who by and large handled this very difficult times with dignity underlain by brave acceptance of God’s will.


  20. mubarakchan Mar 22,2014 12:02 AM


    The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese who are now in a dilemma concerning their political leaderships which are in disarray. They have only 2 focal points to look to :-

    1. The re-appearance of the bruised and battered MCA after having to confront their comrade in arms in the BN and their brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s proxy the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP.

    2. The colourless, dull and obstinate DAP leadership with its origins in the spiritual homeland Singapore as led by their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore.

    This is the Malaysian Chinese’s Hobson Choice which is partly due to their own lackdaisical creation until the Malaysian Chinese have qualified and educated leaders to represent them. More MCA political convulsions as regards the transfer of power are to be expected if the MCA organisation is treated like a business enterprise by vested interests which by right should perform politically. For example, it is alleged the Star is infested with many DAP supporters whose main job is to be iconoclastic and magnify the centuries-old fault lines between the different communities. For what purpose ?

    I have always said that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is not the main adversary of the MCA. It is the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. AND THE DAP IS AS STRONG AS ITS BACKER.

    Unfortunately, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his dusty brilliant law degree from the University of Cambridge has been found wanting to the nth degree due to his over-emphasis on MONEY MONEY MONEY in a small place.

    At the end of the day which is now, the 99% of its indigenous populations see with their own eyes the elites and foreigners flashing around in their bright red Ferraris or Lamborghinis much to their deep unhappiness and frustration.

    This is the cross of inequality the DAP has to bear to explain why their spiritual homeland and their spiritual leader support crass capitalistic behaviour by the very few at the expense of the many.

    To confirm the above, please read the following :-



    The above survey issued by the respected journal ‘The Economist’ independently confirms my 15 Policy Failures of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. His son, the Prime Minister, is alleged to have said as reported by the media that billionaires help to bolster Singapore’s GDP.

    Facts are facts. No abuse or lies needed.

  21. Simple Mind Mar 21,2014 3:12 PM

    Asalam’kum Tun,
    I noticed that there are some changes going on. Maybe, some of the Chinese has awoken from the PKR promises. If not, they are still blinded by the DAP’s uncle Lim’s chants.
    Comparing, I think the Chinese do not noticed or pretend not to noticed, the difference between the Two candidates for the Kajang By-election. It is without a doubt that Paduka Chew is a true MP, who is there to serve the rakyat with a genuine spirit. The words spoken were real, unlike the opposition “Saya bukan puppet, ah”
    If the chinese are so “brainwashed” by the chants of DSAI and uncle Lims, then the only recourse is to break their chants. Every point made has to be strike back, and strike back hard and be repeaded frequently until they wake up.
    I think, the current batch of MCA leaders lack the a sense of commitment to fight back hard. They are too “soft”
    I must admit that the oratory skills of DSAI and the uncle Lims are far greater than the MCA. In politics, this is very, very, very important.

  22. Terang-terang Mar 20,2014 11:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Malaysia is the only country in the world outside China with Chinese represented by Chinese political party. This is the only country in the world has Chinese medium education starting from primary school up to the higher secondary school. This can’t even happened in the most democracy country in the world, the US or even our Chinese dominated neighbor country Singapore. It is definitely because of MCA who contributed the most in establishing these schools that has made thing happened. Chinese schools will always be there as long as MCA exist. However, there are some Chinese organization under the protection of MCA umbrella tried to claim the credit or for own fame and therefore tarnished the hard work of MCA. These organization are fully and willingly abused by DAP for their own political benefits.
    Is the formation of Barisan Nasional is wrong and no more suitable? After 57 years in power, how many developing countries can do better than Malaysia? It is very surprising that Malaysia and Singapore are the two countries among the most progressive and that their countries had never change a Government. 57 years is a solid proof that this formation is applicable and shall be preserved. However, the communicating mechanism among parties must be improved.

  23. ilioni Mar 20,2014 5:11 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to share this if Tun has not read this today which I think is a fair view and reporting,

    1. Let’s humble ourselves and admit our shortcoming and learn from it. There is something good that we can learn from others even though it means that we have to look at some people that we don’t like. Only by doing that we can become stronger and stand tall with our heads up in future. We might have lost our pride today but if it wakes us up from the denial state, it is not something too bad after all.

    2. Being a good father or teacher doesn’t mean that we have to prevent them from making mistake but showing them that having a courage to admit mistakes and learn from it and become better in the future is a key.

    3. The response from the Aussies is that the head of nation immediately take it on and take control what he sees as important and take the lead. What happen to ours? First day appeared in the press conference and then disappeared from the radar until almost a week later.

    4. I pray for miracles and hope that everyone on board the missing plane is still safe. #prayforMH370

  24. ATMutalib Mar 20,2014 3:35 PM

    As’salam Tun

    I have long admired and supported the collaboration, cooperation and integration of the various parties with each other and within Barisan Nasional.

    For the rest, it’s very simple, in the minds of DAP. PKR and PAS and their “blind, fanatical followers, anything that is good for the country is not good for the country.
    And whatever their leaders do, they can do no wrong.

    If I have my way, I’lll have all these “leaders” castrated and incarcerated in a concentration camp somewhere on this planet.
    We can do WITHOUT them.

  25. mubarakchan Mar 20,2014 12:43 PM


    How many of us including the Chinese, understand the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese of Malaysia ? And what do they want ?

    When it comes to money, I myself is perplexed by their behaviour which is compounded by the different behaviour and beliefs of different clans. There are those which behaved like the Scots of Scotland, conservative and tight fisted. Some clans behave like the Jewish people when it comes to money. Another loves the finer things in life. This list of clan behaviour reaches onto to ad infinitum.

    I believe only the British seemed to understand the Chinese more than other peoples. They took pains to send the British police cadets of Malaya to places like Swat0w, Canton and Xiamen for a period of 6 months on the ground to study these Southern Chinese at work and play and to learn the dialect.

    This is the milieu of a mass of people the Chinese who all look the same at first glance but inwardly all have different dreams. This is the same mass of people the MCA leadership has to deal with in poliitical terms to come to terms with them. A tough job cut out for them.

    Money is believed to be the lubricant for support and co-operation by the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Maybe this was the reason why the British left them alone on a laissez-faire basis and why they support the BN Government as led by the Umno with the 13 component parties when Malaysia’s general economy was humming.

    From my own experience about the Chinese, a wife, a brother, a nephew and a son-in-law can conspire together in illegal terms to do in a person. This is the Chinese for all of us. They were all dirt poor from the start but their characters changed with the greed for money which they stole without any conscience or pity.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

  26. mubarakchan Mar 20,2014 9:57 AM


    My last comment on the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese that they have been DE-TRIBALISED concomitant with the fact the MCA has always been exclusive, are the main causes of the political DILEMMA OF THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE. If the new MCA keeps on practising their ‘funny’ politics of old, I am sorry to say that the MCA is only hitting at the wind even though they may have billions of ringgits in the bank.

    The convulsive transfer of political power unwilling by the leaderships in the MCA since Tun H.S Lee days as extrapolated onto the immense wealth of these leaderships of which I could list 17 instances with certainty, only shows the simplistic politics as practised by the MCA leadership until not too recently.

    Yet, the two main issues of the Mandarin language and the vernacular schools have been left untouched ever since the Alliance. This is unhealthy for real National Development.

    The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore just removed the Chinese Schools and Nantah in the 1960s in Singapore’s National Interest. This is one of his successes which we may applaud him.

    And the fact that in ASEAN, only Malaysia has such vernacular schools which are actually only Mandarin language schools. At the moment, these graduates are limited in their choice of further development and enhancement givning rise to much unhappiness and criticisms by others.

    All in all, such unresolved issues gives the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, a negative image. Of course, this problem can be resolved given the goodwill of all, at the right timing and moment.

    Has the new leadership of the MCA got what it takes to resolve this contentious vernacular education and the straightforward Mandarin language issues once and for all so that we may all march towards our developmental goals unhindered ?

    Man proposes. God disposes.

  27. mubarakchan Mar 19,2014 9:56 AM


    The Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, is a hodge-podge of people from many different tribes and religious or non-religious affiliations. This is the present position.

    The general breakdown is a majority of Mandarin speaking Chinese, a minority of English speaking Chinese which maybe divided again into a majority of agnostics or aethists, some Buddhists and Taoists and a sprinkling of Christians which latter is a new phenomenon due to the astuteness of the Chinese mind to make hay while the sun shines. Then, we micro-sub-divide them into tribes or clans. In Malaysia, we have the most number of the clans next to China. BUT THEY HAVE BEEN DE-TRIBALISED DUE TO URBANISATION AND THE NEP.

    With the above facts in mind, Tun, the MCA with its concepts or precepts of old, will only find its members confined to those Mandarin-speaking Chinese above the age of 40, living in the New Villages and towns. In this Informative Age, the other younger Chinese which represent 60% of the whole would be left out of the MCA equation. This is where the MCA has been left behind and very weakened, with the advent of the Information Age of the last 20 years and compounded by their neglect of Malaysian Chinese political development in relation to Malaysia/Malaya since the beginning of time due to their uneducated and unqualified leadership. How ? Tough ! Very tough !

    It is the decades of man-hours which have been lost through neglect. Each set of leadership left no legacy for the next generation. Even the very careful grooming of the Singaporean PAP by one man, it is difficult to pass on political genes to the next because different variables come into play affecting current events and people. Maybe the answer could be found in the Western democracies. And then, it is not for the reason of the gigantic financial socio-economic mess these Western nations are in.

    In the end it is still Man proposes. God disposes.

    When we analyse further the real support of the MCA, it boils down to those who are Mandarin speaking above the age of 40, living in the towns and New Villages because of the exclusivity as practised by its uneducated and unqualified MCA leadership.

    In terms of the whole population of Malaysia, this support is minuscule. In 1954, the MCA towkays financed the whole General Election campaign with just Straits Dollars four hundred thousands. Now, individuals with billions of ringgits in their pockets are in play for the Prime Ministership to control 30 million souls and their money.

    In keeping with the times, the only sure winner for the ‘new’ MCA is to eschew all those funny practices which they have practised before and revert to a normal stance in current Malaysian politics. They should know what this means. I find it funny that the MCA paper employs the very people who want to get rid of them. This is indeed funny !

    The key to the success of the new MCA is to make not only themselves strong but the BN stronger. Even with a rough survey ofthe constituencies, the new MCA has to rely on their partners in the BN for sometime.

    Small endeavours to serve the general public at the street level will not move political mountains. Efficiency in politics is best served at the very top, the summit in a transparent way. Opacity gives rise to suspicions and unwanted rumours which spread in nano-seconds these days.

    And exclusivity, Tun ? How to do politics being exclusive anywhere in this globalised World ?
    The Chou En Lai taunt of 1956 – an English speaking Chinese is a ‘yellow skinned banana’ perfectly describes why other people find the Chinese brash, abrasive and arrogant.

    For the new MCA leadership, the choice of survival or demise is theirs to choose, given the simplicity or complexity of the Malaysian political scenario at the present time.

    Again, Man proposes. God disposes.

  28. Malaysia Bagus Mar 18,2014 2:37 PM

    Salam Tun,

    as per Karl’s comment @

    4. The MCA (and Gerakan) should disband, and the right moment is when they lose the Kajang election. A new political entity with better leadership and trust must be created to represent “apa Cina mahu”, so that the MCA/Gerakan portion of the 97% votes that went to DAP in the last GE can anonymously if not honestly return to redeem their faith and stop stabbing UMNO in the back like what MCA’s been doing since. Similar to what Warren Buffet noticed, I believe MCA too must stop being cheap people and pay the full price of honesty.

    “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”

    and Mubarakchan’s comment @

    If the uneducated and unqualified MCA leadership does not recognise their true adversary in Malaysian politics – the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THAT THEY THINK THE COMRADE IN ARMS FOR OVER 60 YEARS IS UMNO !

    At 2.30 pm 13 May 1969, the MCA withdrew from the Alliance in a pique after a heavy loss at the polls. By 10 pm 13 May 1969, the MCA rejoined the Alliance.

    and Tun has spoken the truth, about dishonest people …

    13. The MCA leaders will have a tough time persuading the Chinese to once again reject the idea of Chinese dominance and go back to sharing Malaysia fairly between the three major racial groups and the indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak.

    In the last General election, the DAP did not even have to persuade, they just know that there will be enough MCA members who will join in the rampage at Gelang Patah and many many other places. This is the new political reality that UMNO and Najib need to consider in their future plans for the MCA and the Chinese population. Perhaps, like what Karl suggested, the Chinese are longing for a new political entity to represent them in a robust way like only the DAP knows how, even if it means that they will be required to downgrade to ‘cheaper’.

    “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.” ~ Warren Buffett

  29. ilioni Mar 18,2014 6:26 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to link back my earlier post on MH370 to this topic that Tun is writing. I do not believe that it is irrelevant and to my view, it is totally relevant.

    1. I totally appreciate Tun’s view on Power Sharing and maintaining a balance in the equation is necessary.

    2. As I mentioned in some of my comment, I disagree that DAP won in the past two elections because they dangled the opportunity of taking over both economic and political power to the Chinese Community and I maintain my stand on this view and I know that it is hard for me to convince Tun since this is the second time this is mentioned. And, I agree to disagree on this.

    3. Tun mentioned that DAP told the Chinese that the lost of Perak State by Pakatan is a lost of Chinese Government and coming from Perak, I beg to differ; it’s a lost of a Pakatan State Government. And, this is not the root cause for the Chinese being “Anti-BN”. If we still can’t get this right, there is no hope that there will be any change in near future.

    4. As it stands today, MCA stands a very slim chance of winning Kajang. I might be wrong.

    5. Tun mentioned that being a former doctor, you would try to understand the root cause of an illness and this is the only way to find a cure for it. And, I do not think the problem is with DAP or the rejection of the concept of power sharing by the Chinese Community; The power sharing concept has worked for so long and the Chinese community understand the importance of maintaining the balance in the society and therefore, BN has traditionally gotten the support from the Chinese community.

    6. The problem is with the governance by the current government. NO more NO less. If we have someone who is as capable as Tun leading BN, I am pretty sure that the Chinese Support will continue. So, where is the problem? The problem is with poor leadership. Period.

    7. The handling of MH370 is just a reflection of the current governance by the current government. Lots of U-Turns. A lot of the important policies which have not been well-thought out are being announced. Take for example, the education PBS policies which has burdened the teachers with its implementation. And, our Education Minister is in denial of the dropping standards in our Education System and even claimed that we are as good as some of the developed countries. How lame it is. The list just goes on and on.

    8. Some commented that the western is trying to exploit this opportunity and make us look bad. Why do we keep on blaming others? And, not look at what is wrong with ourselves? It is not just the western who is slamming us for the handling of this MH370 crisis. Even the Chinese media are criticizing us as well. Does it mean that they are bought over by the Jews as well? Probably not.

    The crisis is one of the hotest topic discussed in the Chinese twitter-like version “Weibo” and a comment extracted from the above article by the Chinese even mentioned. “I’m really getting more and more disappointed in Malaysia and their unreliable government. I’m not planning on travelling there anytime in the future.”

    Wonder how much money we will be losing because of this mishandling resulted by the lost of these Chinese tourists and maybe others as well. I’ve spoken to some of my other foreigner friends and the comments are quite similar.

    9. Tun kept on urging the Malaysian Chinese to continue to back MCA like before but a good leadership/good governance is not anywhere near (In fact, way too far from meeting expectation). To the Malaysian Chinese, it just does not matter who runs the country as long as he/she is a capable leader who is able of bringing progress and making our OWN country (Malaysia) prosper. Is that too much to ask for?

    10. I agree that the decision of MCA joining the government is a positive step but the critical one lies in the head of the Alliance. Unless a new capable leader is born and a real reform within the biggest party itself to attract more young professional talents, outlook is not looking too healthy. Again, I might be wrong.

  30. mubarakchan Mar 18,2014 12:12 AM


    Red hot news from the Press. http// I invite all Bloggers to view this INDEPENDENT REPORT which confirms what I said about the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 15 Policy failures for Singapore.

  31. mubarakchan Mar 17,2014 11:42 PM


    Further to my comment on the MCA, I should elaborate on what I meant as a strong UMNO leadership. The latter is best exemplified by Tun Abdul Razak’s Administration which attracted the young Malay intellectuals including yourself with hope and potential arising from the belief of a fair and equitable distribution of wealth and the elimination of poverty, the redoubtable leadership of the Tunku and Tun Hussein Onn and finally your 22 year Administration.

    The MCA leadership during these Administrations being uneducated and unquallified missed out on resolving the key issues of the vernacular schools and the Mandarin language which lingered and became politicised unnecessarily to this day.

    The MCA must recognise their true adversary which is the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. This is proven by the Wikileaks which showed he has a deep interest in the sexual peccadilloes of his adversaries and abang adeks since 1972.

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is only helmed by his digits, cohorts or ex-aides not required by World Class Singapore.

    The paranoid attitude of the MCA leadership towards their political comrades in the BN should be discarded forthwith and re-establish the warm rapport of the past during the Administratrions of the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    With a PROPER MINDSET, the MCA can only be as strong as the goodies they can get as their share of the power and the goodies which they can obtain out of the BN as led by a (strong) UMNO with the 15 component parties. The weaker the BN, the less MCA gets.

    How ? Simple. All Malaysian Chinese vote for the BN at every ELECTION -TO MAKE THE BN STRONGER. The Chinese, Malaysian Chinese have effectively shot themselves in the foot in the last 2 General Elections due to their dysfunctional political leaderships, the MCA and Gerakan and their own DE-TRIBALIZATION. Both parties did not think out options long before the events in a holistic ( I copy ) manner. And these fellows were supposed to be professionals.

    If ambitious politicians in the MCA do not understand what is REALPOLITIK, then, perhaps, they should be in business. I recommend these folks to study the Ukraine caper.

    How can the two straight-forward issues of the Mandarin language and the vernacular schools could be in a political grid-lock for more than 55 years if some vested interests really wanted to resolve these issues and not use it like a political football maybe by the MCA ? Every time the matter cropped up, money was used as a balm to salve the injury which brought no permanent cure. This has been going on ad infinitum. In the National Interest, this should not be so but be resolved in the interests of all parties concerned.

    It is possible without much rancour but logic and commonsense will solve this Gordian Knot once and for all, given the right moment.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

  32. musato Mar 17,2014 12:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya kira saya perlu menulis berkenaan perkara ini.

    Semua orang tahu bahawa Tun Mahathir adalah penyelesai masalah negara pada tahun 1997.

    Dan saya adalah penyelesai masalah negara bagi krisis tahun 2008.Ia adalah melalui ilham ketika berada di kawasan kelahiran Tokku Paloh (1818-1918), di Cabang Tiga Kuala Terengganu.

    Beberapa minggu sebelum berlakunya peristiwa Lahad Datu saya telah menulis di sini berkenaan peperangan ketika era Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh yang menggunakan alat muzik.

    Seboleh bolehnya saya menghindarkan diri dari menulis perkataan mati di blog ini sebelum berlakunya insiden MH370. Namun saya lepaskan juga tulisan menggunakan perkataan mati dalam artikel lepas. Kononnya saya tak mahu menggunakan perkataan itu kerana tak mahu Allah s.w.t mengambil nyawa Tun lagi (ha…ha..perasaan saya Tun…)

    Telah saya ceritakan sebelum ini yang seseorang beritahu saya punyai saka panglima dan ulama.Bagi saya perasaan bagaimana menjadi ulama itu telah digunakan dalam alam blog ini.

    Bagaimana pun,mengenai panglima saya belum mengalaminya lagi.Saya mengambil berat akan perasaan ini.Saya tak nampak bagaimana ia akan menjadi realiti.

    Kelihatan beberapa isu keselamatan negara muncul mula-mula Lahad Datu dan sekarang MH370.

    Dengan izin Allah s.w.t sebelum ini tidak terjadi apa-apa pada Malaysia.Bahkan sekarang Malaysia menjadi ketua kepada pencarian global MH370.Dunia tertumpu pada negara Malaysia.

    Apa yang Allah s.w.t perlakukan? Allah Maha Besar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. sentinel3 Mar 16,2014 9:16 PM


    Memandangkan Ilioni dan Karl ada mengulas mengenai kehilangan misteri pesawat MH370, saya juga ingin memohon izin untuk keluar daripada tajuk memberi pendapat 3 sen (harga yang dibayar oleh kerajaan Malaysia kepada Singapura bagi 4,546.09 liter air setiap hari) berhubung isu itu.

    Tun, pada pendapat saya, inilah masanya untuk kita semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum dan ideologi politik untuk bersatu padu dalam masa kita dilanda bukan sahaja musibah malah krisis kepercayaan atau keyakinan oleh negara luar dan penduduk dunia terhadap tahap kewibawaan negara mengendalikan isu tersebut.

    Di sini saya ingin melahirkan rasa simpati saya bukan sahaja kepada anggota keluarga penumpang terlibat malah anggota keluarga krew pesawat berkenaan.

    Saya juga ingin mengucapkan tahniah terhadap petugas-petugas agensi keselamatan kita yang menjalankan tugas mereka secara profesional dalam usaha mencari pesawat yang hilang tersebut.

    Tun, bagaimanapun satu pelajaran yang perlu kita pelajari daripada misteri kehilangan pesawat MH370 ini ialah berhubung soal komunikasi yang melibatkan kerajaan dan pelbagai agensi dan jabatan kerajaan.

    Daripada apa yang saya amati sejak bermulanya berita kehilangan pesawat MH370, boleh dikatakan hampir semua stesen penyiaran luar negara terutama CNN mengambil kesempatan memburuk-burukkan imej negara ini di kaca mata penduduk dunia dengan membangkitkan isu-isu mengenai kelemahan sistem keselamatan negara ini dan juga kewibawaan kita mengendalikan usaha mencari dan menyelamat termasuk dalam melakukan siasatan terhadap kehilangan pesawat tersebut.

    Dalam akhbar elektronik AS seperti The New York Times, seorang pembaca dengan secara lantang mempersoalkan mengenai kawalan keselamatan di lapangan terbang negara ini yang menurutnya agak longgar.

    Tuduhan-tuduhan melulu oleh wartawan, editor dan pembaca di akhbar-akhbar AS ini kadangkala melucukan kerana jika sistem kawalan keselamatan di lapangan terbang AS begitu ketat dan hebat maka kejadian 11 September yang melibatkan bukan hanya sebuah pesawat malah empat pesawat yang dirampas oleh pengganas tidak akan berlaku.

    Seorang anchorman CNN semasa mengendalikan topik mengenai kehilangan pesawat MH370 bukan sahaja nampak jelas suka memburuk-burukkan kelemahan kerajaan dan agensi-agensi yang terlibat dalam menangani isu itu malah bertindak secara tidak profesional memotong ulasan seorang ahli panel yang cuba mempertahankan Kerajaan Malaysia.

    Tun, nampaknya AS dan kaum yahudi AS kini sedang bergembira kerana mempunyai peluang untuk membantai Kerajaan Malaysia secara global.

    Oh ya, bila bercakap mengenai AS dan yahudi, saya teringat mengenai hubungan rapat pemimpin pembangkang kita atau pemimpin anugerah Tuhan seperti kata isterinya dengan negara tersebut.

    Inilah apa yang dikatakan seperti berkawan dengan syaitan apabila kita berbaik-baik dengan AS. Negara ini seperti kata pemimpin Iran sebagai syaitan terbesar dunia terkenal dengan tindak-tanduknya memecah belahkan dan menghuru-harakan negara lain dan terbaru ialah di Ukraine.

    Berbalik semula mengenai soal komunikasi yang saya sebutkan tadi, inilah masanya bagi kerajaan untuk mengkaji semula sistem komunikasi kita terutama dalam menangani serangan-serangan oleh stesen TV penyiaran negara-negara Barat khususnya AS.

    Untuk berbuat demikian kita memerlukan pasukan dalam bidang komunikasi yang canggih dan profesional supaya tidak berlaku percanggahan fakta dan komunikasi seperti yang berlaku sekarang dalam sidang akhbar. lebih-lebih lagi apabila melilbatkan media massa elektronik dan cetak negara Barat.

    Kejadian seperti wakil-wakil MAS dibaling dengan botol air oleh keluarga penumpang MH370 dalam sidang akhbar di Beijing tidak sepatutnya berlaku jika ada pihak yang lebih profesional mengendalikan sidang akhbat tersebut.

    Saya setuju dengan saranan bekas Ketua Polis Negara iaitu Tan Sri Musa Hassan kepada kerajaan supaya seelok-eloknya biarlah hanya seorang atau dua orang sahaja yang bertindak sebagai jurucakap kerajaan dan semua agensi kerajaan apabila bercakap dalam sidang akhbar bagi mengelakan percanggahan fakta berhubung misteri kehilangan pesawat MH370.

    Diharap kelemahan yang berlaku dalam bidang komunikasi semasa mengendalikan isu pesawat MH370 ini akan menjadi ikhtibar bagi kerajaan untuk mempertingkatkan lagi kecekapan dan kemahirannya dalam bidang tersebut supaya kesilapan tidak berulang lagi pada masa hadapan.

    Salam Tun.

  34. mubarakchan Mar 16,2014 6:22 PM


    The MCA has out-ran its usefulness in the Malaysian Political environment. This actually happened as long ago as the 1960s. Two groups of vested interests enlightened me to this. The first was the most senior Chinese Advisor to the Federal Government on the Communist Insurgency, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too, and the second, my friends in the UMNO Youth. This was to the one-man dictatorship as embodied in the MCA Constitution which was thought out by Tun Tan Cheng Lok, Tun H.S. Lee, Tun Leong Yew Koh, Dato Lau Pak Kuan, etc. The platform was set for the ‘towkay’ period of the MCA 1949-1974. The ‘towkays’ passed the leadership of the MCA to the ‘Mandarin speaking small town boys’ in April 1974 with the resignation of Tun Tan Siew Sin. By waving’ the Malays captured Sime Darby’ banner, the new MCA leaders went into commercial business in a big way – the leaders expanded their business empires right up to the 1980s till the whole caper stopped in its tracks by the infamous Tan Koon Swan Pan El caper of 1985.

    From 1949-1974, it was money making by stealth by the MCA leaders. From 1974-1985, it was overt money making by them with the rallying cry that the Malays were into big business and so the MCA enters big business to protect Chinese business. At the end of the day, 1986, we find it is only the MCA leaders and their ilk became very rich and expanded their empires. The Malays had a zero base of business of 2 percent in 1974 – 1981. The Chinese had 25-30% during the same period. This was the real socio-economic scenario.

    The leadership of the MCA has always been unqualified and uneducated for the immense task of politiking in a diverse environment. To compound this defect, the MCA has been exclusive to all but the Mandarin speaking Chinese, some of whom have a big inferiority complex.

    How to operate successfully in a compartmentalised environment of post colonial Malaya and to deal with the Malays and other races and the English speaking Chinese ? My close observation of UMNO since the early 1950s was that all Malays were welcomed into its bosom whereas the MCA leadership made hay while the sun shone.

    With an unqualified and uneducated political leadership, the MCA did not establish the relevant political units to provide an umbrella to gather information and statistics for future use. Hence, the MCA to my knowledge depended on Official Statistics since the beginning of time. The leadership being uneducated and unqualified did not understand the iimportance of information gathering which their unnamed adversary the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore, loved since he embarked on his political odyssey especially the sexual peccadilloes of his adversaries and abang adeks.

    We can conclude that the MCA leaders of yore kept all information in their heads. This alone shows that they are at a loss either to fight or to defend or to assist.

    Without a legacy of a store of important information and statistics in a diverse environment, the MCA is just a name bolstered by the quality of leadership who happened to be in power at the relevant time. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew has always considered the MCA as corrupt and ineffective. The MCA leadership has never considered this guy as their main adversary in the battle for the minds and hearts of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. We all know why. When it came to the crunch in the 2008 and the 2013 General Elections, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese thought by voting for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP they would get the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. This was simpliciy at its worst. All the Chinese got was the colourless, dull and obstinate DAP leadership which had been proudly in the Opposition for over 47 years. If these guys were just ordinary aides of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew, how could they be any better than him ? IT COULD ONLY BE WORSE. History has shown this to be true.

    If the uneducated and unqualified MCA leadership does not recognise their true adversary in Malaysian politics – the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THAT THEY THINK THE COMRADE IN ARMS FOR OVER 60 YEARS IS UMNO ! THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS SAID THAT THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE is no benign Santa Claus. This is why I always said that the MCA leadership has always been uneducated and unqualified.


    When the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew did his ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus in June 2009 to exhort his digits, cohorts, tycoons, and spies, the leader of the MCA decked out in his finest red Mandarin silks to welcome him !

    The aforementioned was based on the lack of intelligence, perception, vision and hard work of the MCA leadership because their leaders were uneducated and unqualified. And please remember we do not require them to sacrifice themselves in the general interest.

    Due to neglect for decades, the understanding of the existence and the wherewithal of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese have been much misunderstood. This was the failing of the MCA leadership to establish a rapport with the other communities at all times and not only on festive or crises days. To be a holistic ( I copy ) politician in our beloved Malaysia, it is very hard work from a young age. Parachuting into cosy jobs is to be eschewed. And now with all the quarrelling as instigated by the MCA adversaries, how to explain to others after over 55 years of neglect since Merdeka ? This job of community development by MCA is one huge job cut out for them right now. It is tough. Very tough.

    Apart of community development, there is the important job of guiding MCA’s partners through daily political events which most times might not be important. But a crunch time will come sometime. This is where trustworthiness and credibility hold sway with the MCA’s partners. This can only be achieved with longstanding friendships and relationships. Again this is hardwork generally with not much credits to the task. Here is one instance.

    At 2.30 pm 13 May 1969, the MCA withdrew from the Alliance in a pique after a heavy loss at the polls. By 10 pm 13 May 1969, the MCA rejoined the Alliance. The riots had started at 5 pm 13 May 1969 leading to unwarranted deaths and injuries of many innocents, men, women and children.

    I would be the first to admit that to practise as a politician in the exclusive MCA is not easy. There are so many variable factors to make the sum greater than the sum of the whole or to magnify a failure. The following is only a skeletal sketch of how an inclusive MCA maybe a success within the BN

    1. A strong UMNO leadership
    2. Properly qualified and educated and dedicated leaders from young to the BN cause.
    3. A second and third tier of young and dynamic leaders who must reach out to the other communities outside of festivities and crises. It is a daily job – 365 days a year for a life-time.
    4. Professionally administered information, statistics, PR, social welfare, educational assistance, old folks homes for all races, etc to be established for all time. No lip service just for the polls.
    5. Recognise your true enemies and not your comrades in arms. Singaporean bank balances, condos etc might have to be given up as a holistic ( I copy ) MCA pol
    6. The goodies which will attract the DETRIBALIZED CHINESE, Malaysian Chinese back to the fold. During the NEP, the MCA lost the support of the towkays, guilds, etc due to demise and the game changer of a new generation of urbanised Chinese who are hollow and lack the cultural ballast of their forefathers.

    Anyone who controls the MCA and observes the above-mentioned rules, will have a chance of success conditional upon matching the varialbes in the right slots.


  35. musato Mar 16,2014 1:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tak fikir orang Melayu nak bolot semua.

    Masalahnya chinese tak memangkah MCA untuk berkongsi kuasa dengan semangat BN. Dan ia bukan masalah orang Melayu sebenarnya. Ia masalah orang cina.

    Chinese terpengaruh dengan internet. Red Bean Army perlu diambil berat.

    Saya ada pengalaman dikata di depan my face “orang melayu jahat!” ; pengalaman sebelum 2007. Tapi tak sampai 5 minit kemudian 2 orang amoi ajak saya temankan diaorang jalan jalan sebab takut gelap dan di kawasan asing ketika rombongan. Maka terloponglah chinese tadi.

    Dan ketika mengundi PRU13 chinese lady dari KL turun mengundi dan beratur di depan saya.

    Very friendly, dia excited dan bercerita bahawa dia gembira kerana dapat kenal perangai dan kehidupan VIP dengan adanya kemudahan internet.

    Yang baik mahupun tak baik.

    Tapi saya beritahu dia lebih baik tak tahu dari tahu.

    Dalam kehidupan kita ada subjek sivik, protokol, sopan santun, adab.

    Adab kita dengan ibubapa, dengan guru, dengan orang tua dan juga dengan pemimpin. Internet mempermudahkan semua ini tanpa adab mahupun protokol.

    Chinese kekurangan ini. Saya mintak maaf, chinese auntie dlm umur 50 tahun pernah beritahu saya tak mahu komplen la anak perempuan dia bagi rm500je setahun, tu pun kalau balik, bila saya tanya berapa banyak anak dia bagi duit bulan bulan.

    Sebab katanya kalau komplen dan tak bagi terus lagi teruk.

    Chinese perlu di disiplinkan.

    Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  36. sibotak Mar 16,2014 11:36 AM

    Saya adalah Jejaka Idaman Melayu Terakhir di Bumi ini
    Melayu akan Pupus seperti Pupusnya Dinosor
    Jika Melayu , Kerajaan Melayu , KeSultanan Melayu tidak Bangkit sekarang
    Bangkit berkerjasama , Bersepadu demi Ummah Kunci segalanya
    Banyak kesabaran ,Tolenransi ,Berjiwa Perjuang

    Yg menzalim Bangsa perlu di Hukum

  37. Karl Mar 16,2014 10:39 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. The disappearance of MH370 will eventually prove that the US military, media and intel are far more powerful, cunning and advanced than the Chinese.

    2. With the heavy presence of the US Navy in the disputed South China Sea, the Chinese who claims 80% of SCS as theirs felt sodomised and made to look like running fools by the US, of course with a little help and a lot of “bloopers” from various Malaysian operatives. Congrats to all involved.

    3. In one go, it has been a fruitful military exercise and political circus enveloped in mass hypnotism that the world has never seen before. Case close, and the rest is just emotional drama from the media, feeding the curiosity of the people off their fingers. As usual and very unfortunately, the real victims will be classified as collateral damage – our hearts go to them and their families. But the other victim, the Chinese government, will just have to eat humble pie and shut up. Better luck next time !

    4. The MCA (and Gerakan) should disband, and the right moment is when they lose the Kajang election. A new political entity with better leadership and trust must be created to represent “apa Cina mahu”, so that the MCA/Gerakan portion of the 97% votes that went to DAP in the last GE can anonymously if not honestly return to redeem their faith and stop stabbing UMNO in the back like what MCA’s been doing since. Similar to what Warren Buffet noticed, I believe MCA too must stop being cheap people and pay the full price of honesty.

    “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”


  38. ilioni Mar 15,2014 9:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Still on the MH370 incident.

    1. Hats off to all the brave personnel both locally as well as the other foreign countries personnel who are still out there in the suspected area doing the searching effort.

    2. Well done to all our fellow Malaysians for their pouring response and heart-warming response for their show of support and concern for this. This goes to Tun’s daughter (Marina) who has been actively encouraging all the big shopping malls to put up support messages to pray for those are still missing.

    3. Well done to our beloved current PM for passing the balls to his cousin and then went off to do some bargain hunting and he surprised us by finding RM1 for a chicken. How caring he is. And, how out of touch he is. Everyone who visits a market nowadays will know how much things will cost and you don’t need to tell them what to think. RM1 for a chicken is probably something that is near to impossible.

  39. ilioni Mar 15,2014 6:37 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to use this platform to convey my worry that is bigger than just the survival of MCA/BN but the survival of our beloved country Malaysia – the credibility of Malaysia in the eyes of the world. While we are managing a catastrophic crisis (MH370 crisis), the whole world’s eyes is on us. Let’s take a look back at what has happened.

    1. Managing a multi-country search and rescue is not an easy task. I believe majority of the people acknowledge and understand this. And, there will be restrictions and constraints in getting the necessary information (be it from our neighboring country and etc) to build a more complete picture of what is happening.

    2. The timing and progress of the search and rescue might change over time due to the timing of the availability of these information. BUT, there should not be any delay in analyzing the information that we have access to.

    3. The problem is with so many conflicting and u-turn in information being released (either officially or unofficially). Shouldn’t everyone involved in the investigation sign an agreement not to discuss or talk about the progress and only one COMPETENT person will release relevant information.

    4. What we have seen so far is that so many conflicting information released! MAS said 5 person didn’t board and then the chief of police said that is not the case. One day, chief of navy/army quoted by the media that our military radar detected the plane and then the next day, another U-turn – he said that it is unconfirmed and he got misquoted.

    5. Then, here comes the 1-Bomoh doing the three man on the magic carpet stunt who got authorization to perform all this stupid ritual officially in the airport. And, as a result of that, we (Malaysia) have just become so popular for it (bad publicity!). A lot of our fellow Malaysians both locally and overseas are now being laughed at and ridiculed by others. Really ashamed that.

    6. Today, let’s look at what is released. How do we know which one is right and which one is wrong?

    Plane hijacked (reported today)

    No confirmation that it is hijacked: (reported on the same day by our prime minister):

    7. Shouldn’t we get all the chief in a operation room and get agreement on who should be the media facing / information releasing point of contact for everything instead of one person say their own version of story? Only the assigned spoke person be allowed to release information and ALL others should just be tight-lipped.

    8. Do we continue to blame the foreign media of misquoting us of our incapability? It make me wonder when do we want to start to be critical of ourselves? Or, it just doesn’t matter what other think and say and we can live in our own “world”.

    9. Sad to say. Whatever credibility and good name/branding that Tun has built over the so many years has just been badly tainted over the management of this crisis.

    10. We can continue to argue that we are managing the crisis pretty well since this is one of the most puzzling aviation incident in the history.

    11. We can continue to tell ourselves that we are doing very well in managing this crisis considering the magnitude of this crisis. BUT, does it matter what you think and what you are trying to convince others what you think? AND, we can just ignore what others think and these people just being difficult and irrational.

    12. Do we want to wait till we have lost the last drop of credibility before we start to wake up?

  40. andyizally Mar 14,2014 10:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    For me you still the best and no 1 among the Malaysian PM.

    Hoping for sincerity from the government leader. Insyallah.


  41. sentinel3 Mar 14,2014 5:13 PM


    Mohon izin untuk mengulas tulisan Tuntuah.

    Saya petik tulisan beliau, “My wife is a cool customer and she waited almost an hour. The chinese salegirl not even care but bz with something or with other chinese customer. What a sad scene we have here. Lucky i am not around. If not i will yell and ask the girl to go back to mainland. She is damn racist and not belongs here.”

    Kalau saya (mohon maaf Tuntuah, saya tiada berniat langsung untuk mengkritik isteri anda), saya akan tinggalkan jurujual cina tersebut dan juga metrojaya.

    After all, kuasa membeli dan wang di tangan kita bukan di tangan jurujual cina tersebut dan jika metrojaya mahu bangkrap, pihak pengurusannya boleh terus mengekalkan jurujual cina yang rasis itu di pusat perniagaan mereka.

    Bagi saya, prinsip yang saya selalu guna pakai, selain terhadap peniaga rasis termasuk yang menipu pelanggan sama ada peniaga cina atau Melayu, saya tidak akan melanggani premis mereka atau berurusan dengan mereka lagi buat selama-lamanya.

    Kadangkala, salah orang Melayu sendiri sebagai contoh syarikat-syarikat bumiputera dan GLC yang masih mempunyai mentaliti bahawa orang cina mempunyai kuasa membeli yang lebih berbanding orang Melayu menyebabkan kaum cina besar kepala di negara ini.

    Sebagai contoh ialah dalam pemberian iklan kepada surat-surat khabar berbahasa Melayu, Cina dan Inggeris yang sungguh menyedihkan dan menyayat hati kerana berlaku diskriminasi ketara di kalangan syarikat-syarikat swasta termasuk bumiputera dan GLC.

    Seperti yang diketahui, bayaran tempahan iklan oleh syarikat-syarikat swasta kebiasaannya akan lebih tinggi atau mahal kepada suratkhabar berbahasa cina kemudian diikuti oleh akhbar berbahasa Inggeris dan terendah sekali akhbar bahasa Melayu.

    Walaupun akhbar bahasa Melayu lebih tinggi edaran dan pembacanya daripada edaran akhbar cina tetapi dalam bab bayaran iklan, akhbar Melayu terpaksa merintih menerima bayaran iklan yang paling murah.

    Apabila soalan ditujukan kepada syarikat-syarikat swasta mengapa ada diskriminasi dalam soal harga iklan terhadap akhbar-akhbar berbahasa Melayu, jawapan yang diberikan sungguh menyedihkan, “terpulang kepada kami (syarikat swasta) untuk menentukan harganya,”.

    Itu belum lagi syarikat-syarikat gergasi seperti Petronas sebagai contoh dalam kempen syarikat itu untuk melariskan jualan minyaknya baru-baru ini menyediakan artis-artis untuk menyertai para pemenang cabutan bertuah mengelilingi negara ini.

    Artis cina walaupun tidak dikenali oleh majoriti orang Melayu di negara ini mengatasi jumlah artis Melayu yang menyertai atau menjayakan kempen Petronas itu.

    Mengapakah artis cina lebih ramai daripada artis Melayu? Adakah sebab pembeli minyak Petronas lebih ramai daripada kalangan orang cina berbanding Melayu?Adakah kuasa membeli orang cina (mengisi minyak kereta) lebih tinggi daripada orang Melayu?

    Kadangkala sikap syarikat-syarikat swasta Melayu, GLC dan sebagainya termasuklah Petronas boleh membuat orang kerdil seperti saya hilang semangat begitu juga semangat patriotik untuk melanggani stesen minyak syarikat minyak gergasi negara kita.

    Selepas PRU-13, ada cadangan daripada NGO Melayu supaya orang Melayu memboikot barangan jualan peniaga-peniaga cina. Saya dengar ada peniaga-peniaga cina yang bimbang dan resah dengan ugutan NGO tersebut.

    Saya berpendapat, ugutan ini harus dilakukan dengan secara berkesan oleh orang Melayu dengan mengenal pasti syarikat-syarikat swasta yang rasis termasuk premis-premis perniagaan yang mengupah pekerja-pekerja rasis seperti yang berlaku di metrojaya tersebut dengan memulaukan barangan dan premis-premis tersebut.

    Langkah ini juga harus direalisasikan terhadap peniaga-peniaga cina jika mereka masih tidak berubah selepas PRU-14 nanti.

    Salam Tun.

  42. Areen Mar 14,2014 3:44 PM



    Untuk entry kali ni, saya tak nak komen apa-apa. Tak ada apa yang saya nak komen. Saya hanya mampu berharap, Malaysia akan terus aman, hidup bersatu padu, dan mencapai wawasan 2020…..amin…

    Saya ada 1 kenyataan, “Adakah kita perlu menangkap orang yang kita tahu dan kenalpasti dia hendak membunuh atau melakukan sesuatu yang merbahaya, ataupun kita tunggu dia bunuh atau dah buat sesuatu dulu, baru kita tangkap orang tu?”

    Mungkin Tun boleh huraikan. Saya sangat berbesar hati, andai Tun dapat menghurai & menjawab persoalan saya. Saya orang biasa yang suka dengan idea & penulisan Tun.

    Terima kasih.

  43. Hajar Mar 14,2014 12:21 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I agree that all of us are racists. But, some people are in denial, labeling others as racists, but they are the real hardcore racists. Amazingly, those who cannot even converse properly in BM are the ones who are calling themselves ‘Malaysians’. Remember that the woord ‘Malay’ is the main component in ‘Malaysia’. I feel ashamed listening/watching those on television, who are supposed to be ‘Malaysians’, but failed to speak proper ‘Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu’.

    2. As long as we have ‘Chinese Schools’ and ‘Indian/Tamil Schools’, then we can forget about 1Malaysia or ‘Malaysian Malaysia’. Both slogans are from hypocrites who are in denial about the actual situation in Malaysia.

    3. UMNO/BN must not fall into the same trap when dealing with MCA. MCA made the decision to not join the Cabinet, and now they also unanimously agreed to join the Cabinet (‘dah macam lalang – tidak ada pendirian’) even though they failed big time during PRU-13. Since end of 2003, MCA has been acting like an opposition party (similar to DAP) even though they are in BN. There were many incidents where MCA clearly tried to emulate what DAP has been doing, and their actions explained why most of their supporters voted DAP/PKR/PAS during PRU-13.

    4. I really hope MCA revert to their original struggle. If they still want to emulate DAP but still remain in BN, then they can forget about getting support from Chinese voters.

    5. In my opinion, Dr. Chua Soi Lek has failed as MCA President (luckily he is no longer the president), and I suggest he stops blaming UMNO for his failure.

    6. I hope Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun wins PRK Kajang as I cannot imagine having someone who is a liar/hypocrite to be Kajang’s ADUN.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  44. balance Mar 14,2014 11:19 AM


    The theory of “an eye for an eye” is not a very good theory as the end result is everyone lose at least one eye. Tun, while you were in power and leading the nation, one of you priority is encourage the Malays to excel in business or take more active role in Malaysian economy or even totally dominate the big business. If you can encourage such thing, dont you think others will also do the same in the political arena. You mentioned and believed that greed is the main cause of many problems. Can i ask whether what you mentioned is one of the best example of greed, jealously and “the other side of the grass is greener”? Isn’t holding political power is about money and holding economical power is also about money. Do the common Malays (man-on-the-street) enjoying any special privileges or money when UMNO become the dominating party or a Malay PM. All citizens enjoy and suffer the same when we have a so good economy. When the cake is bigger no one will complain but when the cake become small due to a few taking most of the cake, people will jump and complain. If the Govt can convince all rakyat to be contented to be poor and bodoh bodoh then all problems will go away. The problem here is that Malaysiana are educated and well informed people because of your MSC project and the Govt have to /must be aware of that.

  45. sibotak Mar 14,2014 11:09 AM

    Racists Nyata , Racists Wujud
    Tapi Racist BUKAN alasan tumpah darah
    Sedang kan Binatang si Tikus ada pelbagai jenis
    Tidak semsetinya bersengketa untuk hidup
    Yg perlu Huraian untuk hidup

    Racist di Malaysia dimana mana wujud
    Sedang anak tadika pun bersekutu sesama kaum
    Apakan lagi si tua bangka macam kita kita

    Di Singapore Racists Jelas & Nyata
    Di perlihat sebagai multiracial , meritocracy TETAPI
    sebenarnya Racist di sebalik Tabir

    Malaysia bukan saja di gugat masalah Racist
    TETAPI ianya di gombar gambir dari Pembangkang DAP
    Malah di Hasut olih Kerajaan Singapura PAP
    Bertujuan melemahkan Kerajaan UMNO walau mereka
    perlu berbaik dengan PAS , Anuar hanya untuk menuju pada tujuan mereka

    Kelihatan di Pasir Gudang Johor , DAP sudah banyak membawa masuk
    pendatang dari negeri China , tak haiaran didukung olih PAP

    Kenapa tidak masuk Cina Islam dari China
    Jika Melayu Dayus Tidak mampu membangunkan Tanah Air sendiri


    Kelemahan Kerajaan UMNO yg begitu tunduk pada Pembangkang
    Pembangkang membawa hasutan luar
    Kelemahan tindak tanduk Sultan memberi ruang pada Pendatang
    Hanya melemahkan , mengugat kedudukan anak Bumi
    Bahkan Nasib Kerajaan ,Nasib anak cucu keSultanan akan di gugat kelak

    Sekali lagi Titah Si Botak





  46. Karl Mar 14,2014 10:31 AM

    Salam Tun,

    97% Chinese voters, including those in MCA voted resoundingly for DAP in the last General Election, out of greed for power. The message is ultra clear.

    Tun must be disillusioned or under some heavy medication to think that the sharing formula still works. Tun please wake up !

    Warren Buffett said it right:
    “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”


  47. sudin Mar 14,2014 4:09 AM

    Salam Tun.

    As mentioned by sentinel3 (March 13, 2014 at 5:56 PM), BAR Council commented that Anwar maniac shouldn’t be penalised for sodomy since it was a case of “suka sama suka”.
    Well well well, alas BAR Council has finally accepted/agreed/acknowledged the maniac who is well known universally as “king liar Anwar” truly did the sodomy act with Saiful!!

    What say you Kak Wan?
    How can you continue campaigning in Kajang without the slightest of shame knowing fully well your adorable abang Non has been sleeping with all sorts of men? Not to mention those China dolls and whatnot dolls, and Shamsidar, and ……, the long list.
    Probably Kak Wan is so accustomed with abang Non’s habitual longings & naughtiness, it has transformed Kak Wan to become another great liar. I have always believed doctors don’t lie, but Kak Wan is definitely an exception.

    Kak Wan don’t worry, since most Kajang Chinese will still vote Kak Wan because they are also liars just like Kak Wan and abang Non (unless I’m to be proven wrong).

  48. Tuntuah Mar 13,2014 8:56 PM

    I become racist when meeting racist people. Everyone is like that. Couple of months ago, my wife went to metrojaya to buy something. It is unfortunate that the salegirl did not entertain my wife because she is a malay. When any chinese customer came the salegirl served them eventhough the chinese customer do not have intention to buy.

    My wife is a cool customer and she waited almost an hour. The chinese salegirl not even care but bz with something or with other chinese customer. What a sad scene we have here. Lucky i am not around. If not i will yell and ask the girl to go back to mainland. She is damn racist and not belongs here.

    It is not surprise because the supervisor acknowledge that the salegirl is really a racist salegirl.

    What i am not understand why metrojaya still want to employ racist people.

    Pity pity pity

  49. sentinel3 Mar 13,2014 5:56 PM


    Doktrin perkongsian kuasa iaitu Melayu dan bumiputera mendominasi bidang politik manakala cina mendominasi ekonomi tidak akan berjaya di negara ini.

    Seperti yang kita ketahui dan berlaku sekarang, bangsa Melayu dan bumiputera tidak akan berpuas hati hanya mendominasi bidang politik semata-mata begitu juga kaum cina tidak akan berpuas hati menguasai bidang ekonomi sahaja selama-lamanya.

    Bagi kaum cina percubaan akan dibuat bagi menguasai kedua-dua bidang tersebut sehingga mereka menjadi tuan di negara ini seperti mana yang berlaku di Singapura.

    Mereka yang melaungkan slogan mahu dipanggil Malaysian adalah bermimpi semata-mata dan hipokrit, kerana ia tidak akan berlaku selagi kaum lain di negara ini masih mahu mengekalkan budaya dan bahasa ibunda masing-masing di negara ini.

    Kaum cina di negara ini masih tidak tahu bertutur dengan fasih dalam bahasa Malaysia dan lebih selesa dan mudah menguasai serta bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris walaupun sudah 56 tahun negara merdeka.

    Oleh itu Tun, apakah jawapan atau jalan penyelesaian bagi mengatasi kebuntuan politik yang berlaku di negara ini sekarang?

    Bekas Presiden Syria, Allahyarham Hafez Al Assad apabila ditanya oleh wartawan Barat mengenai jalan penyelesaian di Asia Barat, pernah dipetik sebagai berkata, “keamanan berkekalan akan hanya berlaku di Asia Barat apabila negara-negara Arab mendominasi bidang ketenteraan di rantau itu.

    Sehubungan itu Tun, kestabilan politik di Malaysia akan hanya berlaku apabila orang Melayu menguasai kedua-dua bidang politik dan ekonomi di negara ini.

    Sebab saya berkata demikian Tun? ialah kerana orang Melayu terkenal sebagai bangsa yang baik budi pekerti mereka dan orang Melayu yang menguasai bidang politik dan ekonomi akan turut memberi kemakmuran kepada kaum-kaum minoriti di negara ini sama ada dari segi kebajikan dan sebagainya.

    Perkara sebaliknya akan berlaku jika kaum cina mendominasi bidang politik dan ekonomi kerana telah terbukti seperti mana yang telah berlaku di Singapura.

    Jika orang Melayu menguasai kedua-dua bidang politik dan ekonomi barulah orang Melayu tidak perlu ambil tahu jika kaum minoriti di negara ini lebih selesa dan mahu terus berkekalan buat selama-lamanya (selagi ada bintang dan matahari) bertutur dalam bahasa ibunda mereka dan mengekalkan kebudayaan negara asal mereka di negara ini.

    Oh ya, Tun, Majlis Peguam berkata, mahkamah tidak sewajarnya menjatuhkan hukuman ke atas pemimpin anugerah Tuhan, Anwar Ibrahim kerana kejadian liwat berlaku atas dasar suka sama suka.

    Apa yang orang Melayu boleh baca daripada kenyataan Majlis Peguam Malaysia ini? Seperti yang saya katakan tadi, orang Melayu adalah bangsa yang baik budi pekerti mereka di negara ini mungkin di dunia, kalau mereka sayang seseorang itu mereka tidak akan mempercayai keburukan pemimpin mereka apatah lagi jika pemimpin mereka itu digelar sebagai pemimpin anugerah Tuhan.

    Ini lebih-lebih lagi jika mendapat restu daripada “ulama terompah” istilah yang digunakan sendiri oleh pemimpin anugerah Tuhan itu terhadap ulama di negara ini.

    Bagi orang Melayu, keburukan nampaknya hanya boleh dilihat terhadap insan kerdil seperti Saiful dan sebagainya.

    Sebab itulah Tun seperti yang saya katakan tadi, kemakmuran dan kestabilan politik berterusan akan hanya berlaku di negara ini apabila orang Melayu menguasai kedua-dua bidang politik dan ekonomi kerana orang Melayu terkenal dengan sikap baik budi pekerti mereka.

    Orang Melayu yang menguasai kedua-dua bidang politik dan ekonomi negara ini akan menjadi payung kepada kaum minoriti lain untuk hidup bahagia dengan mengekalkan bahasa ibunda dan budaya mereka di negara ini.

    Salam Tun.

    P.s Tun, Jangan lupa membuat komen mengenai MH370 kerana saya percaya ramai yang mahu memberi ulasan berhubung tragedi itu.

  50. Hang Jebat Derhaka Mar 13,2014 3:35 PM


    I have long understood and totally support the sharing concept of BN. I have also understood that PR is a political ploy to gain political dominance which is largely to materialize the vision of Malaysia being like Singapore. Political and Economic dominance by the Chinese under the expense of desperate Malay opposition.

    Keadilan and PAS was a like a rare opportunity they cannot miss. For once I told myself, I would be an idiot not to vote for PR if I am a Chinese. I may to some extent be called traitor to my own race.

    A lot of Malays never really understand what they are going to miss until it is really happening before their eyes. Their hearts and minds are filled with hatred and anger in line with continuous politicking by PR. Anwar is a real talker. Even when there is solid proof of his wrongdoing, people will still roll themselves on the street to defend his wrongdoing.

    But what really makes it more difficult is the performance of Pak Lah and Najib was really way below your par Tun. Malaysian who use to enjoy your exemplary leadership, was replaced with someone not even half a man you are. Some people say ‘no eggs’ but I would say only a ‘half boiled eggs’. But again, who can be effective with such harsh environment that we have today?

    In today’s country instability and regression in economics, everybody is at fault. BN, PR and rakyat are all at fault. If we are still continue with our greed, hate, ego, cavalier attitude, never for once think how much we can contribute to this beloved nation, whatever wawasan will not going to happen.

    In economics, reducing price tag would actually gets you further rather than increasing your price. You’ll be more prosper when you give more rather than taking more. If this country is unstable, no body will win be it Malays, Chinese, Indian, Sabahan, Sarawakian, etc.

    Stop condemning. Start contributing.

  51. AyamHere Mar 13,2014 2:05 PM


    Apa yang berlaku di Perak pada tahun 2008 boleh berlaku di Pusat. MB PAS Nizar(baru berapa hari jd MB dah jual tanah sampai kiamat dekat siapa tak tahulah fikir sendiri) menjadi suruhan DAP. Seperti diketahui ramai, Anwar Ibrahim berkata, Pakatan Rakyat sepatutnya sudah menawan Putrajaya. Betul ke? Yang menawan Putrajaya orang Cina atau Pakatan Rakyat?? Orang Melayu yang mengundi Pakatan Rakyat harus berfikir 51% undi Melayu mewakili berapa peratus?? Jika undi mereka (20%) bermakna baki (31%) ialah menjadi milik Org Cina. Jadi? Anwar Ibrahim melalui ucapannya berdegar-degar berkata dapat tawan Putrajaya, betul ke?? Betul dia boleh jd PM tapi lihat kerusi Melayu dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Berapa Melayu, berapa Cina? Kamu Melayu yang menyokong Pakatan Rakyat tidak perlu berbangga diri dan radikal. Lihat statistik data, Melayu majoriti masih menyokong UMNO walaupun mereka kelihatan serba salah.

    Sekiranya, betul Pakatan Rakyat memenangi Putrajaya pada PRU13 kelmarin, maka Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM dan menjadi boneka DAP! Sebab apa?? Lihat kerusi Melayu kamu(PAS&PKR) dalam Parlimen berbanding Cina(DAP)!

  52. CST Mar 13,2014 2:03 PM

    Dear Tun,

    The blog is an interesting medium of communication, but I am not too sure how far it goes. On this matter of political and economic dominance (and the zero sum game implied by others), let me put it this way.

    If we accept that the Malays need political dominance to balance the economic dominance of the Chinese, then what happens when the Chinese is losing their presumptive economic dominance? If one is to accept the balance narrative, we must also consider the fact that all Malaysians, as evident in the rise of the affluent and middle-class Malays, have enjoyed the fruits of half a decade of economic growth.

    The wealth of the Malays, Chinese, Indians and whatever ethnic groups in this country is still OUR wealth – we are all Malaysians, no?

    If Tun understands the fears of the Malays about the economic dominance of the Chinese, then you would also understand the fears of the Chinese of the political dominance of the Malays. If the Chinese are losing their grip on economic dominance, wouldn’t they feel less secure when there is no sign of any improvements on the political front?

    To quote Shakespeare and the words of Shylock “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that.”

    Malays or Chinese, to each their own insecurities and fears. If the balance was struck over 50 years ago, it is fraying today because things have changed. You clearly understood the need to share and the significance of the matter. However, if the Chinese cannot see a sharing of political power (or how that can be achieved, even), MCA will not be able to find a way out of its current predicament.

    “Be prepared to share political power and economic wealth for the sake of stability and growth. In the end your share of both will be far greater than your lot if you gain total control over the country.”
    – Tun Dr. Mahathir

    This statement applies to all Malaysians, not just the Malays and the Chinese. The trick for BN is to figure out how this notion of political and economic balance (or dominance) can be effectively addressed. As it is, it is a fact that numerically the Malays are superior and the Constitution has entrenched its special position. The question here is how to move ahead when the old narrative no longer holds.

  53. balance Mar 13,2014 1:00 PM


    What a wonderful comment and you are still the greatest. Your noble idea of sharing is the most logical way for Malaysia but sadly it is not happening. Anyway the current situation is that the public or most raykat want/demand accountability from Govt. employees and leadership, reduce corruption and wastage, remove monopoly of goods and services and spend Malaysian’s money wisely on project that benefit the raykat not individual. Talking about Arab Spring and other country problems, look properly what cause the people to go against their Govt? I think it is the monopoly of goods and services, difficult to earn a decent living, the Govt are not accountable and etc that causes the people to rebel.

    I think most common people dont really care which type of people become Malaysia PM, for most the importance is food on the table and a clearer path for their children future in education and earning a living. In your era, i think not much people take real notice that you are a Malay, all they care is that in Dr. M era life is better and happier. Those happier times are over and hope it will come back. MCA or DAP or UMNO or PAS does it matter? What matters is they do a good job and they can be in any skin colors or party logo. Malaysia is a rich country there should be more than enough to divide and share among the 30 million or so population. If everyone is become a millionaire there will be still enough to go around but if you share equally then no one will work so we will have another problem to address. So life goes on and on, look forward and be happy is all there is.

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