proton logo1. The raw hatred for Proton by some members of the media is quite unprecedented. Nothing is right about Proton. It should really be bankrupted and closed down. That will reduce the price of cars so everyone in Malaysia can own a foreign made car.

2. Firstly car prices are high because taxes are high. But the detractors will say the taxes are high to protect Proton.

3. The protection for Proton is minimal. Most of the exemption from tax that Proton gets can also be obtained by foreign cars if they are prepared to have 90% local contents and are made locally which Proton has achieved.

4. But who cares whether the local contents are high or low. I think we should care because the local contents and local car production have created almost 250,000 high-income jobs directly and indirectly. Imported fully-built-up cars create jobs in their own countries. Do we want 250,000 people to lose their jobs so foreign workers will benefit!

5. Then there is the acquisition of technology and engineering knowhow. We were just assembling foreign cars at inflated cost due to very low deletion allowances in 1983 when Proton was launched. Today we have the capacity to design, build prototypes, test and produce our own cars. Acquiring this capacity carries some cost. But because of Proton’s needs we have produced highly qualified engineers and technicians. And we are not penalised by low deletion allowance for high cost parts.

6. Do we need this capacity? We have ambitions to become a developed country. Can a country of consumers of foreign products ever become a developed country? We see some very rich countries with no industrial capacity at all. They buy everything from foreign countries. Can we say they are developed? We need industrial capacities and sophistication if we aim to become a truly developed country. We need scientists, engineers, inventors, innovators, highly skilled workers etc. etc. We will not have them if we cannot create jobs for them. Proton create those jobs.

7. How much has the Government paid to have Proton? Four hundred million Ringgit. Proton borrowed 800 million Ringgit which it had repaid. Compare this with what a Japanese company and the GM in the U.S. spent recently merely to develop and produce electric and hybrid cars – 5 billion US dollars each. They have still not got it right. To start an automotive company in Europe and America at the time we started would require billions of dollars. The Government spent only 120 million US Dollars.

8. The Malaysian Government promised to give 200 million Ringgit a year for Proton’s research in hybrids and electric cars. Hardly a fraction of this fund has been given to Proton. There is no record of 3 billion Ringgit being given to Proton by the Government. On the other hand Proton financed the construction of the Tanjung Malim Plant at 1.8 billion Ringgit using internal funds. Incidentally the Government has collected billions of Ringgit from Proton through various taxes, directly and indirectly. Of course the Government would collect the same or more from imports. But to import, the outflow of funds would be more than the taxes collected.

9. But let us close down Proton and buy foreign cars. The outflow of Malaysian money due to import of cars every year totals 20+ billion Ringgit. Automotive components and cars exported from Malaysia earn us four billion Ringgit. Net outflow is 16+ billion Ringgit. Close down Proton and the outflow would be 20 billion Ringgit or more.

10. Government is subsidising fuel amounting to almost 24 billion Ringgit a year. The tax on cars is high because the Government needs to recoup some of the subsidy money. With or without Proton the taxes are needed by Government. Outflow of funds will increase our trade deficits.

11. The sales of Proton cars has not been good lately. The new management and owners have to do a lot of cleaning up. Proton has now decided not to produce inferior cars for the Malaysian market and then upgrade them for the foreign markets. That was the original policy.

12. Proton now produces cars for domestic and the world market conforming to Euro 5 and other world standards. Go test the Prevé or Suprima S. They are superior to the old Proton cars. Proton intends to keep up with the sophistication of the imports. In fact in many respects they are superior to imports of the same class. Imports were given exemptions from conforming to Malaysian standards. Proton never seek to be exempted.

13. But superiority comes with a cost. Malaysians complain about the performance of Proton cars before but now that we produce better cars Malaysians must be prepared to pay a little bit more. Remember even the best brands have to recall hundreds of thousands because defect cause accidents and deaths.

14. If we look around we see many of the European and American brands have disappeared. But Proton is still around. That in itself is a minor miracle in the automotive world.

15. Proton is determined to not only survive but to do well as an industry and a business. The detractors can say what they like. That will not deter Proton. We in Proton look upon our work as a mission. We think we are contributing to the development of Malaysia as a really developed country. It will take a little time. But we are determined to make a success of this the only car from a developing country.


  1. johnmansfield Dec 22,2015 10:29 PM

    Since you wrote this article, you have received support for Proton from Putrajaya, Proton on par with international rivals, says govt
    Posted on 6 April 2015
    … and more recently, some criticism: Najib’s biggest mistake is Dr M’s Proton, says blog
    It would appear that your political opponents are using Proton as a stick with which to beat you.
    Automotive manufacture is not the most profitable, even successful companies only make money through large volume global sales. That includes Porsche with its SUV.
    So how do you leverage Proton and Lotus in order to raise global awareness, whilst generating a healthy and ethical revenue stream?
    As you know I have a proposal. It needs support.
    Here is a link to Football based University. It will give you a visual of what others are doing.
    I’d like to wish you a peaceful and prosperous New year.
    John Mansfield

  2. tanesh13 Jun 12,2015 12:13 AM


    I am a strong supporter of our national car manufacturer. The reason simply being that Proton was the first car my father owned when I was still in my Tadika days, Proton was the car I owned(second hand) during my college period. And, Proton is the first car(first hand)I owned, and I am a working adult now.

    I owned an Iriz. Which I feel the best of Proton till to date. Yes, it is. However, issues with QC and After Sales Assistance still lack alot. Myself experienced very bad after sales assistance.

    I parked my car in Proton Service Centre with a long list of defects for three working days. When I collected the car none of the defects were fixed. I contacted WE CARE and sent them emails after emails ONLY to learn that they are providing WE DON’T CARE services.

    We the people are ready to extend our support to our National Car Manufacturer but are they ready to commit? Many are still afraid to buy local manufactured cars fearing of after sales nightmare.

    We don’t mind sending our cars to service centre for few days on our working days to get the defects fixed. But, when the car returned not fixed? When the WE CARE team turn into WE DON’T RESPOND team? What’s next?

    I am still hoping I could drive around a defect free national car. I am still hoping for a competent technical team in service centre. I am still hoping for a true WE CARE after sales team. I am still hoping my post here will bring some changes, if not as big as we might want, atleast some small changes that might solve the issue I am facing now.

    Thank you.

  3. dzilhs Mar 25,2015 11:52 PM

    The work done inside Proton, in term of manufacturing efficiency, productivity and technology have greatly pushed Proton forward and helped Malaysia transformation from agricultural to industrial economy. However, internal focus is not sufficient to ensure Proton long-term success. In my opinion, Proton needs to revise the distribution and marketing strategy. It is not wrong to follow but we have to innovate from it. Proton has to control all the dealers and distributors, with proper training for all the sales personnel and equip them with what makes Proton to be the best choice. Marketing savvy personnel and promotion. Those orang kampungs knew about Proton Wira and Iswara but they dont know much about Preve and Suprima, let alone Iriz. Proton is the best car in term of safety. This is the area that we need to focus. Design the financing system so that it is easy for the buyers and segment the market based on the cars under Proton stable.
    Marketing, sales, sales and sales are the key to Proton future success.


  4. mubarakchan May 24,2014 8:08 PM


    Given that the Proton has all the technology it requires from Japan. Optimistically, I dare say Protons success and its potential for the future is assured. And this optimism maybe realised as soon as within 12 months. From then on, financing should be no problem – a brand name with the full complement of a car manufacturer even with a new lisiting on the Bursa.

    I am confident the success for Proton is just around the corner.

  5. mubarakchan May 24,2014 7:53 PM


    An aside for those chauvinists (2014) who whoever wanting to down the Malays and the Malaysians on behalf of foreign interlopers.

    From 1975 to 1984, I managed the Folex Industries Berhad textile mill at Kamunting, Perak with a full complement of 1,200 Malays, males and females working in a dusty, noisy and dirty factory on a 24 hour 3 shift basis WITH NO PROBLEM. I treated them just normally like any other normal human being and looked after their complaints and welfare promptly. And I distributed hundreds and hundreds of presents at the annual concerts and sporting days. They were paid according to their productive performance. There was not a single case of indiscipline or malingering. I made unannounced visits around the clock even past midnight – just to show all that I was as keen as they to make their job a success.

    In fact, I found the Malays were quite normal and hard-working even in my factories in Singapore in the 1960s !

    It is very daring of the mischievous trouble-makers to create all sorts of remarks and impressions of the Malays whom I found to perform just like anyone else if not better under trying conditions.

    The key in any management exercise is honesty and sincerity at the very top from the very beginning because good or bad news flow fast in any situation.

    I am confident the success of Proton is just around the corner.

  6. mubarakchan May 24,2014 4:38 PM


    To sum up for Proton :-

    1. Factory supplies prices and volumes can be taken as a CONSTANT FACTOR WITH SMALL VARIATIONS THROUGH TIME.

    2. Factory performance should be a CONSTANT given a normal workforce and Management.


    4. At the bottom of it all, it is still the technical know-how to build the engine which will free Proton dependence on others.

  7. mubarakchan May 24,2014 4:22 PM


    From the very beginning, I offer you my heartiest congratulations and very best wishes to you on your recent appointment as the Chairman of Proton – MALAYSIA’S MOST VALUABLE ASSET AS CREATED BY YOU NEXT TO YOUR CREATION OF THE MALAY MIDDLE-INCOME GROUP 1981-2003.

    With the volumes of comments made by our distinguished Bloggers on the Proton, I now seek your kind indulgence to put my piece across in all sincerity and holitsitcally ( I copy ). And I am duty bound to do so as a loyal citizen of this wonderful land.

    1. In April 1975, I was given the poisoned chalice of Folex Industries Berhad by a Consortium of Banks. This was the biggest ever bankrupt company in Malaysia. No money was forthcoming to bail out this company. I knew nuts about manufacturing textiles. Yet I made millions of ringgits during my tenure of 9 years. The next group which came made it bankrupt again in 3 years. How ?

    2. Please note that any inefficiency (cheating) is out in manufacturing especially for export where prices are razor’s sharp and competition steep. The good thing is if the factory is run normally, it is like printing money with a normal market. This should always be a CONSTANT. There were inefficiencies in Proton’s procuring procedures in plastic wind-shields, radios, wheel-rims, etc. etc. These suppliers could buy acres in Kenny Hill. It is time for a well-paid CEO to go for a transparent and open tender system for all suppliers and maintain REAL BUSINESS ETHICS WITH THEM BY SUPPORTING THEM IN GOOD AND BAD TIMES with a reasonable profit. You will be surprised by this how popular Proton will become. It is quid pro quo in business.

    3. We Malaysians always think of making things (motorcars) for the market. This is absolutely wrong. All became bankrupt this way The brand names have already got an establlished market when they turned up in our FTZs. They make money from Day 1 not Day 2. In other words, Proton with the perceived Government clout should tie up markets around the World especailly in the Middle East, Central Asia, India, China etc.Then, Africa should follow. And should be a stand alone NATIONAL TREASURE and avoid competing with the likes of Mercedes or even Chery. On the Proton, we can forget the Western World

    IT IS THE MARKET WHICH DICTATES THE PROTON’S PRODUCTION. Not the other way round. In other words, price and quality become important for Proton to get its market share where it operates.

    4. In the 1970s, I could run a 3 shift factory staffed entirely of Malays, 1,200. I sacked 14 Taiwanese and replaced them with just 2 Malaysians, a Chinese and a Malay. No problem with my Malay staff who were just as hard-working as anyone else. I MADE SURE THE WELFARE AND COMPLAINTS WERE WELL-LOOKED AFTER AND MORE.

    5. In order to get the best out of Proton, a well-paid and young (not more than 45) CEO who understands workers is important. Not only has he got to keep up the morale of the workers to keep them in line but also reduce negativity thoughts and feelings towards the Management. The focus should be on produciton not emotions.
    Every factory shows its good or ugly face by the toilets they keep. I inspected the Folex toilets on the very first day and found that the walls were full of vulgar graffitti. I ordered the walls painted over and provide a large blackborad with a box of chalk for those who wish to express themselves improperly. From that day, all the toilets were clean as a whistle..

    6. On my first day at Folex, I was told that the loss in waste and garbage ran to hundreds of thousands of ringgits per month. Literally, bales of finished cloth were thrown over the fence as waste. I imposed discipline and after tightening all the loop holes, Folex still produced RM 20,000 per month which went to a BN gangster group. Let us hope that half-assembled Protons are not thrown away as waste !


    7. I read in the media that the Japanese car factories may show interest. Let us sincerely hope that at least one of them would provide the real technology to mix the alloys and cast the engine. As it is known, this is the nub of the manufacture of a motorcar. EVEN WITH 20TH CENTURY KNOW HOW ON MAKING THE ENGINE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR PROTON AND US. Tun, this is where your immense goodwill and friendship with Japan come into play.

    There is no mystery in managing factories making things for export whether motorcars or textiles. I knew nothing about making textiles to this day but I made millions and millions of ringgits for Folex of which I was not a shareholder wtih just COMMONSENSE AND COMPASSION.

    Tun, I am certain Proton will be like a rising phoenix under your visionary leadership based on the above-mentined parameters. Proton is a National Asset without a Peer.

    I am confident success is just around the corner.

  8. mubarakchan Apr 24,2014 2:20 PM


    I was delighted to see you, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and the top Chinese officials at the launch of the Lotus 45 in Beijing. This is the way to go for Proton and Lotus to tap an immense motorcar market and to strengthen the future potential of the motorcar industry in Malaysia which is still not fully developed.

    Proton should be a stand alone national industry and disconnect from the motorcar business.

    As the Proton and the motor car industry is the centre-piece of our industrialization leading to 2020, I foresee the industry can provide employment and for ancillary businesses of up to at least 1.2 million employees. How ?

    With a strong and sincere partner in China, the home base of Proton and its China base can provide the cars. R & D be undertaken in both places. Ultimately, Proton’s market should also be in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

    It is good to have a big partner who can march with Proton into these territories. The models of Proton are already very good. It is no point competing with the likes of Toyota, GM and Volkswagen. Russia still has the Lada and India the Morris Oxford of the 1940s ! Malaysia has the PROTON !

    Despite the host of nay-sayers who are enamoured with the World’s top cars, in order to make a success of the Proton, we should sell the car where there is a multitude of common folk who are not conversant with the likes of Mercedes, BMWs etc. This is business in the national interest without emotions.

    It is imperative for Malaysia to continue with the Proton as we have put so much time, money and effort in the motorcar industry. For any aspirant to be an industrialised state, I do not think itis advisable to forgo the motorcar industry, Tun. You have rightly pointed out that Proton provides direct and indirect jobs to at least 400,000 persons. And it is the creation of jobs annually through the growth of businesses like Proton’s that the country employs school-leavers every year. Your thinking out of the box which held true in the 1980s still holds true today. To achieve success, we cannot shirk hard work, sweat and disppointments. Emotions should not distract us from our intended goal of industrialization.

    The way forward for Proton is a must with strong and sincere partners at the international level. Eventually, I forsee a third Proton factory to be built in East Africa.

    As a light industry, the production of motor vehicles provides a manifold of opportunites to expand in the light industry business. It is at this level whereby manual workers are employed and eventually these workers would be trained and move on upwards.

    The Proton Car venture is the only meaningful Malaysian industry today. It has endured. Its success will eventually come given the will and determination of the promoters in consonant with the will and determination of our Federal Government.


    The Proton is a very worthwhile project for us now and those who come after us in the future.

  9. sudin Apr 21,2014 5:07 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Positive comments to improve and upgrade Proton must be looked into by its management, and almost all the comments in this entry (except those posted by a nyonya sayur in urgent need of sanity check) are suggesting for the betterment to Proton, especially the ones from “karl” (March 21, 2014 at 10:25 AM ) and mubarakchan.

    Proton must continue its operations.

  10. sudin Apr 21,2014 4:29 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I really don’t understand why there exists so-called Malaysians that oppose Proton!

    These ignorant lot, do they own any shares in Proton and angry because Proton don’t give any returns to their investment?
    If so, they should still be happy when the government provide soft loan to Proton so that Proton can make a turnaround and hence their shares can appreciate, instead of acting like dogs that bark loudly in the dark of the night, disturbing and causing the people to hate them!

    Now if you don’t own any share in Proton, why be a busybody and keep complaining since you don’t lose anything. None of the Proton shareholders ever ask you to complain on their behalf!!

    Please note that everyone in Malaysia is making gain (except probably to the shareholders when Proton is in the red) due to the existence of Proton, either directly or indirectly, or either in big amount or just a pittance.
    The post that any of you are holding could well belong to a Proton employee if there is no Proton.
    The several hundred RMbillion saving in foreign trade exchange due to lesser imports of foreign vehicles over the 30-year period of Proton’s availability in the market have greatly helped liquidity and making Malaysian companies to prosper.
    During its heydays, Proton have paid RMbillions into government coffers as tax, and the money helped to serve the country’s development which encompasses the need of every Malaysian.

    It is so embarrassing to note there are far too many Malaysians still having the nyonya sayur mentality and only complain blindly without considering the overall picture.
    It seems jealousy to the achievement of others is their main issue.

  11. johnmansfield Apr 20,2014 1:23 AM

    Hello Tun,
    I see that Proton still creates a lot of debate. Producing cars is a high investment/risk industry. Many countries steer well clear. Others make a commitment. The Malaysian Government has obviously decided to enter the market. Many will think this is a vanity project. As they feel they are directly or indirectly paying for it, they quite understandably feel they have a right to criticise.
    That is to be expected.
    I have worked in Proton, albeit on behalf of Lotus, I found the people to be welcoming and helpful. Commercially, it is difficult for a small Company to compete in a very global market. Proton has always struggled outside of Malaysia. It is not a Global brand.
    How to address that?
    Find a partner that can give you the exposure. It would be better yet if R&D costs could be shared. You can do this with Vendors and other OEM’s.
    Additionally, as DRB Hicom now have education as one of there ‘Core’ businesses (as does Petronas) perhaps a global educational project that utilises Proton/Lotus hardware on geographically diverse campuses could be a profitable and effective way to promote the brand.
    As you may know, I have such a proposal.
    Proton has a Motorsport Division, I know Djan and presented with his Dad at ASLI 2010. Lotus and Petronas have Motorsport budgets.
    Exploit your intellectual property. Share it in an ethical and commercially sustainable manner. Upgrade your profile locally and internationally. Improve your bottom line.
    It makes sense. Do Proton a favour support this proposal. It will be a positive step forward.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    John Mansfield

  12. HBT456 Apr 16,2014 8:08 AM

    Tppa is an addtional safety raft that miti should consider to allow bilateral trades. It is better off for miti to spend the country taxes in this field to cushion high cost of doing businesses in malaysia to improve our external trade balance to stabilize our ringgit to usd to avoid middle income trap. This trap for sure will make bn loose more votes in the future when middle income didodoikan pembangkang pkr dengan persepsi kerajaan persekutuan hanya membazirkan duit kutipan hasil rakyat di putrajaya.

  13. HBT456 Apr 10,2014 10:17 AM

    Jika miti punya minister berani luluskan 3 billion soft loan to proton, go a head and do it since proton belongs to malaysia. But now, opposition parties have captured votes of 49%, will he dare to do it when bn lost 2/3 majority since 2008 after creating so much anger to other races who are proton buyers?

  14. sudin Apr 6,2014 11:11 AM

    Salam Tun.

    The vege seller has said it, “….The moral story of crying wolves is never tell lies. Once you tell lies, you will be perceived as penipu. (sic)”
    We are currently witnessing a very proud self-declared “penipu” here in chedet!

    There’s no other blogger in chedet who’s been continually telling lies in such great frequency, a vege seller who has written/said umpteen times to

    1. “sign out permanently” from chedet but somehow enjoyed being branded (in its own word) and not ashamed to expose its penipu status, and thus continually wrote lies in chedet,
    2. “I’ll vote for BN” despite continually lambasting concocted and pure slanderous rants to MCA/UMNO,
    3. the sickening tune of “aku memang babi” in response to mubarakchan’s gentlemanly worded comment,
    4. the most obnoxious invitation to all visitors of chedet with this infamous phrase, “come f_c_ my mother’s a_s”.

    The greatest liar chedet and all visitors of chedet has ever seen (comes only next to Anwar maniac).
    The vege seller is now continually trying its best to convince/ensure that everyone is fully aware who is THE PENIPU!

  15. HBT456 Apr 6,2014 10:01 AM

    That include karpal singh who has been working all his life in kuala lumpur to maintain the frederal constitution to keep malaysia going. Indeed, umno baru has made malaysians hate islam mereka.

  16. HBT456 Apr 5,2014 1:55 PM

    Today, the more you play with anti chinese sentiments, the more umno baru exposes their most racist and greedy sides of them. Once bitten, twice shy. The moral story of crying wolves is never tell lies. Once you tell lies, you will be perceived as penipu. Why hukum anwar ibrahim again? Pak lah told his story, tun musa hitam told his story and tengku razaleigh told his story too. They are malaysians who have been in the political arena for all their lives too, and they have the right to express themselves in wrting. Kuantiti atau kualiti, umno baru decides what they want to do politically to cover their failure in managing national projects and security.

  17. HBT456 Apr 3,2014 8:44 AM

    Proton and perodua will loose out in the long run in terms of cost and efficiently. The raw hatred will become skilled hatred in less than 4 years politically, economically and socially by steering up anger from the taxpayers.

  18. BolehBersatu Apr 1,2014 1:37 AM

    1) My I believe most Malaysians/media would love to be proud of Proton, Perodua and every other Malaysian-made products/services. “The people”‘s anger comes from disappointment because they know Malaysia can do better.

    2) I do not believe Malaysians want to shut down Proton to result in the loss of 250,000jobs and technical capacities. I believe Malaysia wants protectionism to be removed, such that the threat of closure motivates Proton to strive for real improvements.

    3) Development is challenging and difficult. But the rewards of enduring that difficulty is worth it. However, to the public, it appears that Proton has been constantly shielded from having to take challenge. For example, the newest Perdana (Proton’s flagship), is a rebadged Honda. Whereas, as a flagship, it should be the car with the highest % of local-design.

    I comment as a person who would like to see Malaysia grow, as a person who is taking active actions in growing Malaysian technology:

  19. Simple Mind Mar 27,2014 11:03 AM

    Asaalam’kum Tun,
    I cannot help but to give my 5 sen worth of comment on PBS. Since there is no other program to watch, I turn to “Dialog” A program about issues in Malaysia by Second Edc. Minister. By the way, it seems that every department is having a second minister. WHY? Is it because the first minister is so busy, or ignorant about the subject that he needs somebody to shoulder it?
    Anyway, there was question about PBS – its objective and its implementation. I’am very disappointed by the answers given by our Sec. Edc. Min. It seems that he came prepared, by saying what he planned to say and not answer the question that is being asked.
    Next, I’am perplexed by the answer as to the complaints by the teachers. The teachers complainted that, It takes a long time to key in the information required. The answer to that by our Sec. Edc. Min. was to reduce it by 80%. Now I want to ask, “What is the point of spending millions, when you only use 20% of it?” Does he knows how to solve the problem? It seems more like he is running away from the problem than solving it. Furthermore, he keeps repeating it and says that it is reduce by 80% now and it’s back running. I cannot imagine a Minister giving such excuses for, to me, a simple problem. Do you need to be a Doctor to solve this problem?
    However good it’s policies and objectives are in the PBS, if it not properly implemented, it as good as not having the program.
    Next, I’am not surprised now why people are going against the government. It is because of the calibre of the YBs we have. I think Ajib Gor should step in, otherwise it would reflex badly on him. If a person is not fit, than they should not be there.
    There is no place for bench warmers!

    Salam Tun.

  20. mubarakchan Mar 26,2014 3:46 PM


    Our beloved Malaysia has weathered crises before and hopefully the mysterious and tragic disappearance of MH370 will be the last. Other nations have been hit by tragic events through accidents or deliberate acts. This is the nature of life and Humankind. Unexpected events do happen.

    Within this context, all of us the worthy citizens of our beloved Malaysia with our different political and religious creeds or beliefs must stand together, united and strong at this moment of our fellow Humankind loss and bereavement.

    And we extend our deepest heartfelt condolences to their relatives and friends on an altogether unexpected tragedy of modern times.

    As laymen, it is not proper to conjecture or speculate on the causes of this tragic MH370 event. We should leave this to the experts to find out.

    And last and not least, our BN Government should never forget the 26 Governments which extended their hands with kindness to help us in our dire hour of need and also to the 14 Nations who are now participating in searching for the lost MH370 under very difficult weather conditions.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

  21. HBT456 Mar 26,2014 8:38 AM

    MH370 is another unfortunate event that could have been avoided if umno baru spent the budget wisely. Umno baru top guns are clueless. Well, mas can be bankupted, just like proton if umno baru loses out in the next ge. Of course prc chinese have more noises since their people were killed is the highest. As a global aviation player, it is really sad to know that umno baru is more interested to protect their ketuanan melayu again and again. It doesnt matter anymore, life must go on, and malay government can no longer hide their incompetency in the eyes of voters and world.

    May the victims R.I.P, and their familiy members move on with life. GOD BLESS MALAYSIA, and believe in God, we Malaysians.

  22. mubarakchan Mar 23,2014 11:38 PM


    My final analysis of the failure of the Opposition with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to gain power, glory and money, money, money in a straight forward manner at Putrajaya is that they have only themselves to blame.

    The game changer is the sum total of their intellects is not greater than the whole in their leadership especially the DAP which is known to be dull, colourless and obstinate !

    If the Opposition had taken the 3 EASY STEPS ROUTE TO PUTRAJAYA, NO ONE COULD HAVE STOPPED THEM. But to my surprise, the Opposition had no INNOVATION, VISION, MOTIVATION AND CREATIVITY to counter the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties.

    They only know how to quarrel and hurl abuses, insults and name-calling of the worst kind. Their very own actions by paid hacks distracted themselves from the true goal of conquering the Putrajaya of the BN.

    This sort of folksy politics consumed a lot of their time, money, power and human resources because what they have embarked upon is not about political philsophy or against a one-man dictatorship – it is about personalities and their characteristics. They forgot about their own personalities and characteristics. Hence, much money will have to be spent to marshall the masses to no avail becasue of the innate nature of such ineffective strategies.


    There are so many ways to bake a political cake as recorded in the history of Humankind eg. the Long March, Mahatma Gandhi, Soekarno, etc.

    Without a deeper understanding of the local political terrain, the 3 musketeers marched headlong to do battle with their swords drawn to do battle in uncharted terrain against the incumbent BN.

    There is an ancient saying, ‘ Have peace and harmony at home before you do battle and win in the street.’ If the 3 musketeers do not holistically ( I copy ) believe in each other, they cannot win in the streets even in a game of marbles !

    Nearly 20 long years have passed and the Opposition is still at square one engaging fun and games and is quite lost in the Vienna Woods, having missed out power, glory and money, money, money in 3 EASY STEPS.

    They did not realise that time is of the essence in this cyberspace world unlike in the Renaissance when 100 year wars were the norm because the aging nobles can always leave the fighting to the next generation. It is the 21st Century today and time is measure in nano-seconds !

    This is why the navel contemplating Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which fondness to be in the Opposition eternally is the GREAT MYSTERY OF MALAYSIAN POLITICS.


  23. sentinel3 Mar 23,2014 5:31 PM


    Sebenarnya saya berasa malas untuk mengulas lagi mengenai Proton kerana topik ini sudah berkali-kali keluar di blog Tun bagaimanapun tulisan NaimYahaya mengenai masalah kereta Preve nya menarik perhatian saya dan juga sepatutnya mendapat perhatian pihak Proton.

    Saya pernah menulis sebelum ini dalam blog Tun mengenai masalah yang lebih kurang sama saya alami walaupun bukan melibatkan kereta Proton (saya juga pernah memiliki kereta Proton) tetapi Perodua.

    Saya tidak bercadang untuk menghuraikan masalah saya itu lagi kerana telah saya tulis berkali-kali seperti mana topik Tun yang berulang kali mengenai Proton tetapi tulisan NaimYahaya membuatkan saya terkenang kembali mengenai betapa rumitnya sebagai pemilik kereta apabila menghadapi masalah yang dialami Naim.

    Tun, saya memahami luahan Naim mengenai keselamatan pemandu/pemilik kereta terutama seperti kata Naim apabila kerosakan itu melibatkan kerosakan yang besar seperti enjin dan gear box yang seharusnya diberi perhatian dan dititikberatkan oleh pihak Proton.

    Dan saya berasa cadangan Naim yang mahu Proton menukar kereta Preve nya yang bermasalah dengan kereta yang baharu atau dengan model lain seperti inspira seharusnya diberikan pertimbangan sewajarnya oleh pengurusan Proton.

    Ada kalanya pihak pengurusan Proton harus berjiwa besar dan sanggup memikul tanggungjawab terutama apabila kerosakan kereta keluaran Proton itu disebabkan oleh kerja-kerja yang tidak cekap oleh pihak Proton sendiri.

    Pekerja Proton/Perodua juga harus bersikap profesional membaiki dengan segera (tanpa sebarang kerenah yang merumitkan pengguna/pembeli) dan dalam tempoh yang singkat (bukan semua pengguna kaya dan mempunyai lebih daripada sebuah kereta) segala masalah kerosakan dalam setiap model kereta nya yang berpunca dari kilang.

    Saya harap tulisan saya ini tidak akan dipertikaikan pula nanti oleh pemilik-pemilik kereta Proton yang lain sebagai tidak patriotik mahupun sebagai membenci Proton secara keterlaluan.

    Seperti kata Naim, masalah yang dihadapinya itu mungkin agak terpencil iaitu 1 in 10000 kes, namun jika kita yang menjadi 1 (mangsa) daripada 10000 kes itu, Tuhan sahaja yang tahu betapa sukarnya seseorang itu bukan sahaja dari segi masa yang terbuang malah wang juga melayang kerana mahu membetulkan semula kerosakan kereta yang berpunca daripada Proton sendiri.

    Mungkin hari ini nasib Naim memiliki kereta bermasalah, esok saya, hari lain pula mungkin pemilik kereta Proton yang lain.

    Tun, saya perhatikan model kereta Preve yang dikeluarkan Proton menarik dan cantik apabila saya memandu di belakang kereta ini terutama apabila pemandu kereta Preve berhenti di hadapan kereta saya (nasib baik saya bukan macam seorang pemimpin pembangkang itu) di lampu isyarat.

    Setakat ini, ada juga keinginan (kegairahan?) untuk membeli sebuah Preve sebagai kereta kedua bagaimanapun tulisan Naim nampaknya membuat saya terpaksa berfikir semula mengenai hasrat saya itu kerana saya tidak mahu menjadi 1 daripada 10000 kes itu.

    Salam Tun.

  24. mubarakchan Mar 23,2014 4:10 PM


    Further to my comment on the waste of power, money, human resources and time by the Oppostion, my analysis of their strategic planning and thinking leaves much to be desired.

    The first is their poor understanding of the people and political terrain which they had to traverse to win Putrajaya.

    The second is that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is well-known for their contemplation of their navels for over 48 long years without any inclination to rule.


    And yet, their 2 partners seem very comfy with them and had no doubt or suspicion why the DAP behaves so.


  25. mubarakchan Mar 23,2014 3:52 PM


    To me, a more appropriate title to your succinct comment should be ‘ The Raw Hatred for Proton, Tun Daim Zainuddin and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.’

    As i conjectured after the 13th General Elections that if the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties observes the Rule of Law, implements Policies which are fair and transparent, maintains a normal and functioning Bureaucracy, and eschews from making money in the Private Sector using GLCs and Civil Servants with no accountability, there is nothing much the Opposition especially the weak Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, can do.

    With the incessant and increasing personal attacks on leading personalities of the BN, this proved this to be so. The attacks are focussed on the personalities who had done much for our beloved Malaysia and her people in the past and expected to do more in the future – here lies the rub which fits into the Opposition’s raw and naked attacks on apparently perceived weaknesses – the chinks in the BN armour. THIS WILL FAILED. Why ?

    The lack of intellect in the Opposition especially the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ( their supreme leadership were only suitable to be aides to the great and brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with this 15 failed Policies for Singapore and were discarded by their spiritual leader as being more suitable for Ulu Malaysia ) failed to achieve Putrajaya-dom in 3 EASY STEPS in the recent past eg.

    1. In 1997, if the Deputy Prime Minister had taken a bus-man’s holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned in 1998, as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. The events which subsequently followed would not have happened ! And power, glory and money in Putrajaya would have dropped into his lap 17 YEARS AGO. Maybe it was a mistake to rely on kitchen cabinets who are still BN ! ONE EASY STEP !

    2. In 2008, if the Opposition with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, had sorted out the 32 seats BEFORE AND NOT AFTER the 12th General Elections, they would have achieved Putrajayadom long long ago. They FORGOT if they had taken the right step, the Opposition would have controlled the Treasury and this will cost them no money. Where is the intellect of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP who is just an discarded adjunct of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore ? These fellas are just digits or cohorts of their spiritual leader, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew to muck around in the Ulus. ONE EASY STEP !

    3. In 2013, if the Opposition with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP had declared a 100 DAY FAST and ensconced themselves in the KL General Hospital and BOYCOTTED THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS, and permitted the BN to win 100% with 49% votes, the whole World would have supported them. It would have been just a stroll to Putrajayadom by now. See how it is done in Thailand. ONE EASY STEP !

    4. In 2014, the Kajang Bye Election was created out of a whim – it is not even an ego trip. BUT FOR THE LACK OF ANY MAJOR NATIONAL ISSUES THOUGHT OUT BY THE INTELLECT POOR OF THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP, the main issues became hateful personal attacks on national personalities which have nothing to do WITH THE FAILURE OF THE OPPOSITION WITH THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP to ACHIEVE POWER, GLORY AND MONEY AT PUTRAJAYA !

    The absolute failure to implement the 3 EASY STEPS TO ACHIEVE POWER, GLORY AND MONEY AT PUTRAJAYA by the Opposition with the DAP reflects their lack of thinking, strategic thinking which is way, way below, in fact, 88 storeys below that of their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. If at the end of the day which is now, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew has at least 15 failed Policies for Singapore, WE MUST EXPECT THE OPPOSITION WITH THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP TO BE NON-STARTERS !

    Why the Opposition did not take holistic ( I copy ) strategic moves on the above mentioned 3 easy instances in 3 EASTY STEPS, I honestly do not understand !

    The little pin-pricks by paid actors and actresses financed by tons of money for the evening news of the TV world is absurd and a waste of money. THERE ARE SO MANY EASY STEPS TO ACHIEVE POWER, GLORY AND MONEY AT PUTRAJAYA and yet the Opposition seemed to be lost in the VIENNA WOODS so to speak. And this Kajang Bye Election is not only laughable but absurd, APPARENTLY TO DE-THRONE A WORTHY AND CREDITABLE MENTRI BESAR WHO IS DOING HIS UTMOST BEST FOR SELANGOR, THE ROYAL SULTAN AND ALL OF US RAKYAT IN THE LAND !

    After over a decade which the Opposition with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP had poured vitroil and abuse and insults on our beloved Malaysia’s Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a Great Statesman of the Asia and the World, a Malay. the Opposition has now found out that their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore is no Great Statesman, taking only 2 examples amongst many others as follows :

    1. Singapore’s interference in the domestic politics of Thailand through the Temasek/Shinawatra adventure which resulted in the deaths, injuries and maiming of innocent Thai men, women and children. Vide. Thaksin and the Bangkok Riots 2006-2014. There is blood on Singaporean hands.

    2. Singapore’s spying on the sexual peccadilloes of her abang adeks, close friends and neighbours by the swallows, ducks, tycoons and spies which information was passed on to Third Parties since 1972. Vide Wikileaks. Singapore did not foresee the future of hi-tech which would expose their dastardly act. Squeaky clean Singapore ?

    In June 2009, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s ill-advised Grand Ulu tour of Singapore’s hinterland seals his great obsession and intentions – to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of Singapore.

    THIS AMBITION HAS FAILED DUE TO THE LACK OF INTELLECT OF THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP which could not serve up goodies or cookies or A CONQUERED MALAYSIA to the great man when even 7 1/2 plain ex-Singaporeans (some of them are Singaporeans again or crypto all the time) became Malaysian multi-billionaires in quick time.

    SO MUCH INTELLECT, SO MUCH MONEY MONEY MONEY, SO MANY DIGITS OR COHORTS and yet our beloved Malaysia is still standing proud, united and strong.


    Finally, this is what the great and brilliant Lee Kuan Yew wrote about Tun Daim Zainuddin in his book, ‘ FROM THIRD WORLD TO THE FIRST.’ ( I did not buy the 2nd volume ) :-

    …” He has a quick mind, is good at figures and decisive and had been successful in business BEFORE he became finance minister. As finance minister, Daim initiated the policies that MOVED Malaysia from state-owned enterprises into profit-oriented private enterprises corporations. Without HIS active intervention, Malaysia’s conversion to free-market policies might not have been so BROAD and SO SUCCESSFUL. Daim was a shrewd deal-maker who HONOURED his agreements.”

    There you are, Opposition with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the finest accolade for Tun Daim Zainuddin from your spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore, your spiritual homeland.


    It is good to be the Prime Minister. There is always someone to implement the concepts and policies for him.


  26. grkumar Mar 22,2014 6:48 AM

    There is anther aspect to the issues raised by Mubarak Chan. The fate of MAS as it now faces the world is grounded on the same principles.

    The idea of marketing is not the sole domain of the British or American ad agencies. Unfortunately creative marketing has been sacrificed on the alter of big names to the detriment of each of these two great Malaysian institutions. Proton and MAS.

    As a media consultant in the west and a successful one at that (under a different name of course) I note that readiness of many Malaysian and other Asian institutions to run to the Big Names from the west who languish and struggle in their own home turf.

    There appears to be no planning or vision in the new breed of executives. They are not hungry enough and unlike the old insurance agents who had to sing for their supper, these new breeds study to pass at foreign universities come back and occupy cushy jobs doing nothing but outsourcing their chores to others.

    Both MAS and Proton should be in for a major shakeup and strategic direction. And this can only be achieved by a pro active government, a group of shareholder activists and a visionary board and someone from government possessed of these attributes to give it the direction and push.

  27. Karl Mar 21,2014 10:25 AM

    Salam Tun,

    whoever is running Proton now must take note of the comment by Mubarakchan @

    The general feeling about Proton industry is the “disinterest and neglect”, which I believe is the “tidak apa” attitude that is so infamously attributed to the Malays and correctly so in Proton’s case. What is the contribution of the 250,000 people towards this failure?

    As an example, a high ranking personnel in Proton, an UMNO supporter, told me that most of his staff are Pakatan Riot supporter. I think Proton needs a lot of cleaning up to do before asking more money from Dato Mustapa.

  28. NaimYahaya Mar 21,2014 8:25 AM


    Dear Tun M,

    To bought proton is always in my diary. My dad owned 2 iswara. All my brothers and me bought proton at early of our career. We have few short coming here and there due to quality issues. Most of those problem are solved by proton sc. However I have bad experiences with my Preve. Problems keep coming after one an another. Almost all of my problems were rectified by good people in proton Edar. But when it involves safety issues, engine and gear box I hope proton will look into this matter seriously. As I am writing to you my 1 year 10 months Preve is with proton Edar service centre senawang. Twice engine leaks, replacement of all power windows, gear box, front left head lamp, absorber and the latest the car broke down after 5 days major service. The engine leak again while cruising on highway 110km/hr-120km/hr the engine flush all the engine oil and sprayed in the bonnet, bottom parts and rear parts of the body. Now according to Proton Edar HQ the car is on testing status after engine replacement. You can get all of my problem list from proton Edar. I was delivered perhaps a half cooked unit. The problems start since day one. This might be a remote case and perhaps 1 in 10000. But I am as a buyer wish to receive a sound car. This is a quality and quality control issues. I had requested a replacement car, offer proton to take back the car and I take a fresh loan for new proton car and even I said i willing to change Preve with inspira. I know this demand is very bold and it is an impossible request. I wrote many2 time to proton CEO but none of my email is replied by him. I am still waiting news from proton Edar about my Preve and hope this time they can give me something better and value for money that I am paying every month. Anyway I am still hoping proton can be better in the future.



  29. mubarakchan Mar 21,2014 12:04 AM


    Of all the GLCs now in the Government’s stable, my view is that the Proton is best served by a tri-partite partnership of the Government, Sime Darby (after restructuring) and the existing Private Owner who controls and manages the business. The Government should sell off all the GLCs because a capitalistic Government does not make money from businesses managed by Civil Servants with no accountability.

    The developmental agendas of Malaysia and Singapore are like chalk and cheese. We are different. Our approach has always been to develop infra-structures which employ our Rakyat throughout the social spectrum.

    On this score, the production of the Proton motorcar fits the bill to be the centrepiece of our industrial endeavour. Our country does not need many but just one light industrial undertaking is sufficient in keeping with what the country can provide to sustain its success.

    Unfortunately, the efforts to put Proton on a sound footing met with unexpected hiccups which were not conducive to the success of Proton.

    In other words, there are the nay-sayers who prefer our beloved Malaysia to fail at every turn. This we must contend and succeed in producing a fine car with the name Proton.

    Its record has been ompounded by moments of disinterest and neglect which should not have happened in an industry or any industry for that matter.

    The nay-sayers with their full stomaches and well-ensconced environment in a country which have served them well for their eventual emigration to other pastures, obviously do not regard an important keystone to our beloved Malaysia’s industrialization efforts with much ado..

    The Proton should be the centre-piece of any industrial planning or effort. South Korea, India, Russia, etc have motorcar production as part of their manufacturing component. India and Russia are not ashamed of their own versions of the motorcar.

    The Proton should not compete with the likes of all the foreign brands but develop at its own level based on a low price with quality and roadworthiness. With a commercially minded marketing outfit, surely many countries would accept its intrinsic worth. Both Russia and Indian have their own unique vehicles.

    The Proton should have its own engine which are developed by its own engineers through the purchase of engines discarded by other major car manufacturers. Without its own engine Proton is at a big disadvantage. Money talks to buy an engine and the technical know-how on how to build one from the right mixture of the alloys.

    The Proton should be like the Volkswagen of old by catering to the mass market of the Third World to achieve sufficient volume to make it viable.

    A good partner apart from the Government should be Sime Darby.

    I conceptualised in the early 1970s that Sime Darby should be doing what the Temasek Holdings is doing in the 21st century. But unfortunately, Sime Darby evolved into an elegant British trading house of old without the Empire Preference and it took no risks except for the huge double bankruptcies of 1996 and 2010. It is still not too late for Sime Darby to re-structure and contribute more meaningfully to the National Industrial effort concerning the Proton.

    The nay-sayers or detractors are blind-sided with the well-being and complacency provided by the decades of BN rule as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. They are also blind-sided by the rich endowmnet of natural resources and easy living in our beloved Malaysia so far. But times do change constantly.

    If we have put so much effort and money into the Proton and has developed a huge motor business from scratch concomitant with it,, it is utterly wasteful not to make a real effort to put the marque to survive in the sun.

    For the nay-sayers and detractors, of course, I know what has happened in the Proton business since its inception. This concerned the people. But I cannot object to the continued production of the Proton because it forms one of the classical stepping stones to form an industrial combine.

    I should know because I manufactured textiles successfully in the 1970s under very difficult conditions. This form the first step before light machinery and small arms manufacturing which should lead on to the car production. All successful conglomerates in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan began according to this classical pattern – the sogoshosha.

    This was your vision from the very beginning of your 22 Administration in 1981, Tun !

    It is still not to late to make a success of the Proton but it must be a given that the Government puts its efforts into this essential enterprise which employs hundreds of thousands of people and sell off all its GLCs to the following :-

    1. Sell the GLCs to new Bumiputras and their non-Bumiputra partners.

    2. Sell the GLCs to the former Bumiputra owners if they have not broken the law.

    3. Sell the GLCs to the existing Management and their non-Bumiputra partners.

    This sale will reduce the Government deficit and put a zing into Proton with its concomitant industrial and business support by the Government.

    It is still not too late !

  30. Hang Jebat Derhaka Mar 20,2014 11:50 PM


    Proton has been a lot better than before. I am very proud. The quality of driving my Exora Bold Prima is comparable to imported expensive MPV. Planning to trade my Honda City (second car) to Suprima S soon. Keep up the good work.

    For those who had spent most of their salary for imported cars, please; try it out. It is a lot better and value for money compared to last time. With the same price of honda city 1.5 and suprima S, the quality of Suprima S is way a lot better. I test drove and will make the trade soon enough.

  31. Terang-terang Mar 20,2014 11:07 PM

    Selamat Sejahtera Tun,

    Tun had tried very hard to make Malaysian believed that “Malaysia Boleh” and in fact Tun had proven that Malaysian can do wonders.

    However there are some tried very hard to make Malaysian believed that Malaysian are very incompetent, “Tidak Boleh” and we are not of that standard.

    Thank god they didn’t succeed in GE13.

  32. zahar Mar 20,2014 8:11 PM


    1. Saya amat berbangga dengan PROTON dan memiliki proton dari tahun 1993, malangnya, service centre PROTON amat amat mendukacitakan.

    2. Saya pernah menghubungi PROTON bagi tujuan membawa masuk pakar rekabentuk “styling’ dari Germany, malangnya pihak PROTON langsung tidak menjawab walaupun untuk mengatakan tidak berminat.

    Imej PROTON tercalar bukan kerana dasar kerajaan, tetapi kerana warga kerja PROTON yang tidak professinal.

    Maaf kan saya sekiranya terkasar bahasa, saya bangga dengan Tun dan usaha usaha Tun, belum ada rakyat MALAYSIA cemerlang macam Tun, ALLAH saja dapat membalas budi baik Tun.

  33. grkumar Mar 20,2014 5:02 PM

    This is the latest in Great Foreign Cars like the Aston Martin the pride and joy of Britain courtesy of the legendary though fictitious English spy James Bond.

    It has been discovered that Chinese parts makers have substituted parts for the original specification parts rendering this car a danger to its users. It is not the first in what the Chinese have become renowned for the world over. Imitation and piracy in industry. I am sure like many others there are amongst them those who are honest who defy that generalization.

    More recently the US Defence Department discovered that their very secret stealth bomber was built with parts and metals from China. The contractors to Grumman and McDonald Douglas and General Dynamics all outsourced part of the manufacturing of their aircraft to Chinese companies in search of savings.

    The savings they have achieved it seems will not save them in a war. Greed and these alternatives who are nothing more nothing less than political prostitutes in our midst will drive us all down the same road of selling our dignity, our integrity, our independence and our right to self determination.

    This is what Bersih, MCA, DAP and Anwar wants for this country. These are the alternatives they prefer.

  34. sentinel3 Mar 20,2014 3:54 PM


    Proton have done a splendid job. Keep up the good work, quit stalling and moves on!

    Salam Tun.

  35. ATMutalib Mar 20,2014 3:15 PM

    As’salam Tun

    I don’t give a damn what others say of Proton.

    In addition to the motorcycles and Land Rover and Chevrolet SUVs that I own, all my other sedan and hatchback cars are Proton, the latest being our Preve and Suprima S. We had also owned Perdanas, a Wira, a Waja and a Satria. The Satria served all my 3 children well, from its days with my eldest at UTP, to my daughter’s ACCA and until the youngest worked in GE. We have had no gearbox problems or any other problems with the Perdana inline-4 and later the V6 that my wife used. These are the testimony to the reliability, returns on investments and long-life endurance of our Protons.

    Last year, I could have bought any of the European, American or Korean makes but we settled for the Preve for my younger son and Suprima S for my daughter because these cars represent the best value for money with its features, handling and top-notch safety systems, both passive and active.

    To get another car on par with the Suprima S, those soothsayers will have to fork out some RM 40,000 more or RM 120,000 to get the 2-liter Cerato to get similar HP, torque and features [road-holding and handling NOT included].


  36. cikcyber Mar 20,2014 2:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya bersetuju dengan coretan Tun. Tidak dinafikan memang ada sekelompok warga Malaysia dan luar yang sering memperlekeh usaha kerajaan. Secara peribadi, saya memang menyayangi Proton. Cuma buat masa ini, “saya rasa perlu yakinkan rakyat yang ianya berbaloi untuk menggunakan proton dari segi ketahanan penggunaan sehingga habis bayar pinjaman atau mungkin lebih lagi.
    Contohnya, saya amat berpuas hati dengan M*v* keluaran Pero2. Sebabnya:
    a) Jimat minyak
    b) Tiada masalah besar sepanjang lapan tahun penggunaan (alhamdulillah pinjaman memang buat lapan tahun sahaja). Keadaan kereta masih OK dan saya sangat puas hati.
    c) tahan lasak (pergi balik utara selatan sebulan sekali, kadang2 digunakan untuk bantu pindah barang sahabat / saudara mara)
    d) “After Sales Service” mudah cuma kalau kos dikenakan lebih rendah, memang saya akan setia hantar kepada pusat servis.

    Berbalik kepada Proton, ada beberapa sahabat yang ada masalah selepas empat tahun ke atas penggunaan seperti ada bunyi2, aircond rosak / tak sejuk dan lain2. Penggunaan kereta, leibh kurang macam saya sahaja.

    Tidak dinafikan ada yang pakai kereta proton OK dan tiada masalah. Malangnya golongan ini tidak gigih bersuara mempertahan Proton.

    Sekian, tk.

  37. Hajar Mar 20,2014 1:20 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Saya amat setuju dengan kandungan artikel Tun.

    2. Cukai yang dikenakan ke atas kereta ’import’ bukan semata-mata digunakan untuk memberi kelebihan kepada Proton. Cukai tersebut juga digunakan untuk menanggung kos pelbagai jenis SUBSIDI (minyak/makanan, etc.) yang kita nikmati; dan ditambah pula dengan BR1M 3.0 yang menelan kos sebanyak RM4.5 billion. Tahun depan peruntukan BR1M akan bertambah. Dari mana agaknya duit ini datang? Saya ada bertanya dengan pegawai LHDN baru2 ini dari mana duit BR1M datang & jawapannya agak jelas (yaitu dari cukai).

    3. Apa yang Proton dapat (sepatutnya) ialah wang peruntukan untuk melakukan penyelidikan dan biasanya KOS penyelidikan amat tinggi & yang lain2 pengecualian cukai (seperti kata Tun), kereta ’import’ pun boleh dapat asalkan memenuhi kriteria kelayakan. Rakyat Malaysia yang asyik mengutuk dengan kadar kebencian yang tinggi terhadap Proton patut sedar tentang hakikat ini. Jika tidak mahu memiliki kereta Proton dan tidak memiliki Proton, lebih baik diam. Jika ingin mengkritik pun biarlah berpada-pada. Rakyat Malaysia kena ada semangat patriotik. Lupakan saja kelemahan2 kereta Proton yang lalu dan beri peluang kepada Proton; saya pernah naik kereta Prevé ibu saya (sebagai penumpang) dan kualitinya setaraf dengan kualiti kereta import lain yang saya pernah naik (sebagai penumpang).

    4. Rakyat Malaysia yang amat membenci Proton kena ambil kira peluang2 pekerjaan yang Proton telah sediakan kepada ramai rakyat Malaysia. Proton juga membantu menghasilkan tenaga kerja mahir di kalangan rakyat Malaysia (saya cuma rumuskan apa yang Tun nyatakan dalam artikel ini).

    5. Cuma mereka yang berfikiran singkat/dangkal dan tidak bervisi saja yang masih lagi berpandangan negatif terhadap Proton.

    6. Tun usah bimbang sangat (jaga kesihatan Tun) dengan prestasi Proton pada masa ini. Saya yakin lambat laun prestasi Proton akan meningkat kerana kualiti model2 Proton yang baru sudah setara dengan kereta2 ’import’.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ********

  38. namzaMN Mar 20,2014 1:08 PM


    Ramai dalam kalangan masyarakat kita yang cara mereka memikir dan menilai sesuatu lebih melihat sesuatu yang hadir dari luar (import) itu lebih baik dari apa yang diusahakan oleh negara sendiri. Kita masih lagi melihat jenama yang jika bunyinya agak sedikit antarabangsa itu lebih hebat. Dalam hal Proton ramai dalam kalangan kita yang masih beranggapan bahawa Proton itu sebagai pengeluar dan penjual kereta. Kita masih tidak melihat fungsi Proton itu sebagai salah satu kompnen dalam negara ini yang terlibat dalam pembangunan kejuruteraan. Benar kata Tun mana ada negara maju yang hanya menjadi negara pengguna, negara maju adalah negara sebuah negara produktif dan menerajui dalam asek inovasi dan kreativiti. Masalah sikap dalam kalangan rakyat juga harus dilihat. Saya masih ingat “Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia” yang dilancarkan dahulu yang kini sepi dan rakyat juga tidak menunjukkan minatnya. Sudah tiba rakyat difahamkan bezaan antara FDI dan DDI demi kelangsungan ekonomi negara dan juga kedaulatan negara.

    Sekian, wasalam.

  39. grkumar Mar 20,2014 12:46 PM

    Top Gear, the top rated Motor show by three British drunks write spectacular reviews on cars they critique on their shows. In fact they pep up the tempo of the show and commentary with equally spectacular props (like a British fighter Jet from the RAF) to race a motor car of their choice on review on the tarmac of a British Royal Airforce base. Very clever these Englishmen.

    There are amongst us those who buy this hype. They once ripped through the Proton making it out to be one of the worst cars ever produced. What they did not tell their audience is that they do get paid and receive perks from motor car manufacturers via various devices for their reviews. And often they get more than what their producers are allowed to receive for their so called independent reviews of motor cars and their performances. These are never quite openly disclosed though.

    Nobody reviews the reviewers or their credentials to make adverse comments or to compliment favourably a motor cars performance. It is their individual views and not the result of scientific investigation and testing. It is paid for garbage.

    Today it has been revealed that Toyota has been ordered by a court in the US to pay the largest fine ever paid by a motor corporation in history for its safety breaches. Toyota was ordered to pay US$1.5 billion paving the way for further individual and class actions against them and their “world class cars” as reviewed by Top Gear and the British Drunks that host that programme.

    It is time that such “reviewers” all independent of course were also taken to court for promoting as safe and “incredibly advanced” these vehicles as the Toyota. Their website a link of which I provide will reveal the praise and the over zealous attributes they heaped on this criminal motor vehicle manufacturer over the years. They ought to be exposed for the frauds they are. So too with media men and women. They ought to be made responsible for false information they spread.

    Top Gear has now opened itself to legal action over their comments upon which many people have relied upon to purchase their cars. Especially on the Toyotas.

    As to the economic benefits of an indigenous car industry Tun I cannot fault your arguments except that it is perhaps too short.

    Malaysians and their government have to learn to be more pro active and aggressive with their PR and media which is seriously lacking. It is the conveyance by which everything about the nation is taken to the world. And if Malaysia continues to give this particular service little attention it will never reach its 20/20 vision in time. It will always be 10 steps forward 5 steps back.

  40. wajaperak Mar 19,2014 6:31 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.

    I am truly wondering wether the title of the posting is just Anti Proton and the other title of posting is


    Thank you Tun..:)

  41. ayahchor Mar 19,2014 5:55 PM

    YABhg Tun,
    Sudah menjadi tabi’at orang Malaysia setiap yang diimport itu baik. Ada sedikit golongan pula yang ada kepentingan lalu memburuh-burukkan barang buatan Malaysia. Ada bank menawarkan kadar rendah sehingga 1.3% jika membeli kereta selain kereta nasional (Proton)

    Dalam kerja-kerja menanam pokok atau landscaping hampir 90% pokok yang tanam di bandar-bandar seperti Putrajaya, K.L. P.J. dan lain-lain terdiri daripada pokok yang diimport. Floria juga bunga-bungaan yang diimport. Ramai juga yang tidak suka makan buah tempatan, buah yang diimport juga digemari. Begitu juga sayuran, kini banyak yang diimport.

    Dalam hal Proton dan Produa banyak kegiatan researches dilakukan. Pengurusan yang cukup baik. Dalam hal-hal lain seperti kemajuan pertanian, pembangunan luar bandar, tanah rezab Melayu, perkampungan Melayu hancur lebur. Ramai yang suka melihat keadaan ini hancur.

    Tun, lawatilah kampung-kampung Melayu. Tak usah jauh Kampung Sungai Merab sahaja yang bersebelahan dengan Putrajaya.

  42. sitinur Mar 18,2014 9:05 PM

    mmm…kalaulah betoi kerajaan m’sia melindungi proton..dah tentu2 takder kereta lain selain proton….dh tabi’at org m’sia lebih berbangga dgn barangan dan orangan luar negara..janji barangan dan orangan luar m’sia mesti beeeeeeees….kuh kuh kuh…batok2…

  43. shahrulnizam Mar 18,2014 7:40 PM

    people with high income usually do not buy Proton. Yes, may be Preve and Suprima S are equipped with better features compared to its price positioning competitors – but to some enough is enough. Problems in Waja, Gen-2 and et cetera have not made Proton become a better service provider. They are just not ready yet – not a customer centric car maker. Look at JD Power rating on SSI, CSI and IQS. Those who carry national brands are worst! Then look at Proton market share for passenger car vs TIV. Since 2006 it drops from 29% to 21% last year. Both past and current management have failed to improve Proton. People – Culture – Method – Vendors – others; are still the same. Only market share and numbers are difference.

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