Kuasa Mutlak 134

1. Sebelum British menakluki negeri-negeri Melayu, sistem pemerintahan adalah Raja berkuasa penuh. Semua perolehan hasil dan cukai adalah milik Raja. Pembiayaan pemerintahan dan pembangunan diperuntukkan oleh Raja.

2. Banyaklah penipuan berlaku semasa cukai dikutip. Yang didapati oleh Raja biasanya sedikit sahaja.

3. Kekurangan kewangan menjadi masalah kepada Raja. Bagi mengatasinya Raja terpaksa jual atau pajak tanah. Dengan itu wilayah negeri-negeri Melayu merosot dan menjadi semakin kecil.

4. Apabila British mengambil alih pemerintahan negeri-negeri Melayu, cukai dipungut dengan lebih tersusun dan dimasukkan ke dalam Perbendaharaan negeri dan persekutuan.

5. Semua perbelanjaan pentadbiran termasuk political pension Raja, gaji dan elaun pegawai dan kakitangan sehingga ke budak pejabat diurus oleh Perbendaharaan. Keperluan untuk berhutang atau jualan tanah tidak lagi timbul.

6. Pegawai pentadbir Melayu yang mengetuai gerakan untuk Kemerdekaan kagum dengan sistem yang diperkenalkan oleh British. Oleh itu, apabila sistem pentadbiran Malaya merdeka dirancang, mereka memilih demokrasi dengan Raja berperlembagaan dan dewan perundangan (Parlimen) yang dipilih oleh rakyat. Pentadbiran di serah kepada sebuah Kabinet yang terdiri dari pemimpin parti yang menang. Raja tidak lagi berkuasa penuh. Namun tandatangan Raja yang memerintah diperlukan bagi mengesahkan undang-undang. Kuasa ini adalah formal kerana Raja dikehendaki terima nasihat daripada Perdana Menteri atau Menteri Besar. Hanya berkenaan perkara yang melibat diri Raja-Raja sahaja yang Raja berperlembagaan berkuasa.

7. Kepimpinan dalam Kerajaan diberi kuasa hanya untuk pentadbiran negara dan bukan untuk diri sendiri. Tetapi budaya Melayu adalah demikian mereka akan akur arahan ketua-ketua tertinggi tanpa mengambil kira samada arahan mengikuti undang-undang atau tidak. Oleh sebab ini, kuasa orang yang berkuasa menjadi mutlak dan ramailah yang mendekati diri dengan yang berkuasa untuk mengguna kuasa itu untuk kepentingan diri. Untuk tujuan ini biasanya orang-orang ini akan membodek dan menawar pemberian sebahagian dari pendapatan mereka dari perniagaan yang mereka dapat hasil pertolongan pihak berkuasa kepada yang berkuasa. Maka berlakulah rasuah oleh yang berkuasa.

8. Kuasa mutlak, sama ada dianugerah oleh undang-undang atau adat budaya keMelayuan amat merbahaya. Ia akan meningkat ke tahap yang tidak dapat diterima oleh rakyat. Sebelum sampai tahap ini, eloklah pihak berkenaan diberitahu. Janganlah orang yang berkuasa mutlak atau tidak melanggar perlembagaan, undang-undang atau dasar-dasar Negara.

134 thoughts on “Kuasa Mutlak

  1. HBT456 Apr 18,2014 6:07 PM

    Does it matter how you see Sir Karpal Singh, karl? Beliau dah dapat State Funeral, and his ashes will be spread in the sea. Only State Government and Penangites will decide what to do.

  2. Karl Apr 18,2014 11:03 AM

    orang yang berfikiran songsang seperti pengamal LGHBT always find a way to do things perversely. In Penang, it is not a secret that Karpal was a fantabulous hero to so many drug traffickers and criminals he defended so diligently.

    Now we know why the lorry driver was under the influence of cannabis. Who let the dog out?

    woof .. woof .. dogs have karma too?


  3. HBT456 Apr 18,2014 5:18 AM

    Hang tipu lah, karl. Only cheap people will do this. Why ibrahim ali always said the wrong things all the time?

    Are you saying that putrajaya not encouraged to use federal taxpayer collections to pay for their operating expenses?

  4. sudin Apr 17,2014 11:11 AM

    Salam Tun.

    The ever hungry and greedy ikan yu of Singapura is so worried on the possibility of failure by its offspring to continue the family dynasty’s autocratic ways administering the lion city state, it actually thinks aging is ageless, and thus it created a record of sorts when continuously setting new benchmarks yearly in the Guinness Book as the world’s oldest living top executive.

    Now, that’s kuasa mutlak.

    kit siang has always wanted to emulate his grandmaster the ikan yu, unfortunately guan eng’s son started to become mature sooner than the other kids of his age.
    Thus the grandson, probably thinking the family dynasty is well established together with the kuasa mutlak, started grappling the privacy of his opposite sex!
    I’m afraid to imagine what will be his truancy limit if the kuasa mutlak is really bestowed to apek guan eng!

  5. Karl Apr 17,2014 10:14 AM

    Aku dengar orang PAS berbisik, “Jom kita langkah mayat tu … “

  6. HBT456 Apr 17,2014 6:55 AM

    Tok Det,

    I do not have words to describe these people with the hearts of the legend with the fighting spirit of Sir Karpal Singh, please allow me to contribute this song from Mr Bryan Adam, a PETA supporter who are now a vegan for many years to Sir With Love.

    Thank you.

  7. HBT456 Apr 17,2014 6:21 AM

    Goodbye, Sir Karpal Singh and those who were there with you, RIP. Your struggle and national services for ordinary Malaysians will be remembered forever.

  8. sudin Apr 9,2014 3:54 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Referring to the following comment by “ilioni” (April 9, 2014 at 4:37 AM)

    “Totally agree with sibotak & balance. The situation has reached a level that we have never seen before where these labeling others “Jew of the east”, “Pendatang”, etc is just getting more and more ridiculous…..”

    I believe you have forgotten the thousands of unsavoury racist comments made by unscrupulous and ungrateful so-called Malaysians in the likes of ecompute the tongkangman, I’m snake donplaypuks, the glamour andytay, ……and I’m not overstating!

    Somehow we have managed to kill them off, leaving behind the sole survivor, a vege seller that is in urgent need of a sanity check, yang diberi nama timangan HockBengTeohhalfpastsic by tuan Mubarak Chan.

  9. HBT456 Apr 9,2014 5:56 AM

    Gst needs to be implemented if we want to be a developed nation. The trouble that plugging the federal government, the ministers appointed now are based on favoratism and ketuanan melayu of the bn chairman, not base on their experiences and capabilities when pr has captured 49 % of the votes. This langkah can cause bn total lost in next ge if they still go for top down decision….

  10. ilioni Apr 9,2014 4:37 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Totally agree with sibotak & balance. The situation has reached a level that we have never seen before where these labeling others “Jew of the east”, “Pendatang”, etc is just getting more and more ridiculous, it is just counter productive. I’ve seen no issues where different races working together in a multinational private company but why can’t we embrace the same culture everywhere else? Why do we need to label one another? I really hope and urge that those who still think that by being racist, they are defending his own race to think again.
    sibotakApril 8, 2014 at 2:56 PM | Permalink
    balanceApril 7, 2014 at 2:05 PM | Permalink

    When one disagree with the government, then he is not just being difficult and unreasonable.
    When one criticizes the government, then he is not patriotic.
    When one kept on praising and agreeing with the government even though it is very obvious something is very wrong and this is something good for the country, then you are doing a really good job.

    What type of mentality is this? If this is the mentality that we have, it will just drive more and more professionals away from this political party and what’s left will be those of the same kind. Bird of the same feather flock together.

    Tun Perak April 8, 2014 at 5:10 PM | Permalink
    On GST, interesting and refreshing information. I second your idea about GST and lower the income tax paid by the legal income tax payer and return some net income back to the working group. It can be done by increasing the personal allowance and this is what the UK government is doing. Prerequisite before implementing GST is to start from within the government (not just making a peanut allowance cut) but to make the person who is in charge to be accountable for the wastage/mismanagement and start to get some control over the budget mismanagement on the ministry expenditure! GST needs to start at a lower rate and then increased gradually over time so that the effect is not a quantum leap. Some genius who said implementing the GST at 6% to begin with has no effect on increasing the price is something that I have never been able to understand. We will see if that’s true.

    Tun Perak, mind to point me to where you learn about the idea to share 50% of the additional income tax with a private company in Malaysia?

  11. HBT456 Apr 9,2014 4:28 AM

    Tak perlu balik mainland, tuntuah. Tengok bini anwar ibrahim dapat menang di kajang dengan senang saja walaupun bn letak malaysian chinese candidate. Umno baru and bn have spent too much of their authorithy and nation resources in squatting anwar ibrahim, that made rakyat malaysia bersimpati dengan beliau dan keluarganya. Malaysia bukan hak istimewa tuntuah, biar rakyat menentukan segalanya. Habis cerita.

  12. HBT456 Apr 9,2014 4:06 AM

    Suka hati tuntuah nak kata apa2 pun takda masalah, kan pengundi2 got choice to vote either bn or pr. Bn kalah kat kajang with huge population, but menang kat balingan (?) Sabah with low population. Why this happened?

  13. Tuntuah Apr 8,2014 7:48 PM

    Hai ya aso hbt.

    Mau spinned ka? Lu spin sampai lu sindiri pusing….

    Lu mau tukar govt. Itu lu punyer hal lah.
    Gua suruh lu declare lu spin lu kater gua ajak perang? Haiya ini aso memang pining satu kali.

    Apasuka lah aso. One thing confirmed, aso ni pendatang cina yang never grateful dgn aper dier dapat kat tanah MELAYU ni.

    Balik mainland lah…. Ader brani???? Kecut……

  14. mubarakchan Apr 8,2014 5:37 PM


    For Sudin. I support you wholeheartedly and sincerely. I believed in the Alliance in 1954. I believed in the Alliance in 1969. I believed in the BN in 1972. I believed in the BN in 2014. The wonderful thing about our Malaysian democracy is that it is free. It is absurd for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to shout ‘Malaysia for Malaysian’ since 1966 besides it was concocted by their Singaporean spiritual leader, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15, yes 15 Failed Policies for Singapore. Nowadays indigenours Singaporeans shout,’ Singapore for Singaporeans ‘ And the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew keeps shy of his old haunt, HONG LIM GREEN ! What goes round comes around.

    Sudin, I support you because you present facts and not hot air made in Singapore.

    For those who think so highly of Singapore, please note as friends of Singapore, our beloved Malaysia will be able to help out provided it is not POLITICAL IN SUBSTANCE WITH A HIDDEN DAGGER. In other words, real natural resources and human resources will count as opposed to magic shows of broken mirrors or thick white smoke to hide the TRUTH.

  15. Tun Perak Apr 8,2014 5:10 PM

    Salam Tun,

    GST would be good because we will tax illegal money maker in Malaysia, and perhaps later reduce income tax of legal money maker.

    However, I dont like the idea to share 50% of the additional income tax with a private company in Malaysia. This idea should get consensus from the parliament. What do you think ?

  16. sibotak Apr 8,2014 2:56 PM

    Agreed with balance
    Your blog is turning into a race comparing blog. It used to be very interesting to read about people opinions and dreams for a better Malaysia but now it seems that hammering each other and race become the main topic.

    We all did not ask to be born Malay, Indian , Chinese , Hindus ,Christian etc
    Its the acceptance of each Existence with respect & understanding
    That makes our Life more Beautiful

    We need to erase those who have hatred & for wrong doings
    Not just an individual , society even any Govt that as Human they deprives us, human

    Its NOT who is Right that matters
    What is Right that matters
    LKY nor Tun

    But someone here is pulling ours legs that we have to give a kick
    Trying to put sense with no sense
    As if we were born yesterday
    That this blog narrows to non productive conclusion

  17. musato Apr 8,2014 9:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Esok Pemilu di Indonesia.

    Kelihatan orang muda di sana juga berjiwa muda mahukan pembaharuan dalam kehidupan.

    Mahu lebih wang, mahu lebih kehidupan yang selesa. Mungkin pemerintah di sana perlu beri lebih perhatian pada menyediakan peluang pekerjaan.

    Anwar Ibrahim mungkin menjadi idola pada yang muda di sana juga. Lebih kepada simpati katanya.

    Well, sudah tentu dianya bercakap dengan saya. Orang muda juga. Dan rasanya orang lain dah tahu apa yang perlu saya cakapkan.

    Terima kasih kepada penjual dan wak penjual aiskrim yang sedia membantu memudahkan perjalanan saya sekeluarga tanpa perlu diminta. Ikhlas.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  18. HBT456 Apr 8,2014 7:27 AM

    Pn hajar, I agree with you bahawa duit bukan segalanya, but if no money, makan roti canai. Your greatest enemy is yourself, just like tuntuah, takut kepada bayang-bayang sendiri. Suka2, nak declare peperangan. Why give a damn to people like you tuntuah? You are creating war among your circles of influence, buat diri nampak wicked, ugly and full of vengence. Who will suffer? Malaysians wont suffer, but it will be you, you will be the one to blame for declaring war among races. Also, meritocracy or parentocrasy ala meritocrazy mediocrity lies in the eyes of the beholders, uncle mubarak chan. Cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari, betul atau tidak, malaysians of all races akan bersatu untuk memilih kabinet baru setiap 5 tahun., itu saja. Takut kalah ego dan kemewahan hidup, jangan bertanding, betul tak tuntuah?

  19. sudin Apr 8,2014 12:53 AM

    Salam Tun.

    To nyonya sayur the liar & proud swine (which it repeatedly claims).
    You and all alike have shown unity during PRU13, somehow all the efforts only gave us almost full control of the country, just like the recent Sarawak state elections.

    Just accept the present government or leave the country. Malaysian unity will undoubtedly be greatly enhanced without the presence of your greedy, dirty & ungrateful lot.

    Maybe things might change if you & alike make a better offer to visitors of chedet, perhaps someone else close to you besides your mother. Well the probability of success is still very slim but there’s no harm ln trying. Muka tembok like you, everything is possible.
    Pity the mother.

  20. Tuntuah Apr 7,2014 6:40 PM

    As a malay and muslim, i always respect people. I dont care who you are, pendatang cina, pendatang bangla, pendantang india, pendatang indon, i still respect you with all the heart.

    However if the pendatang never respect the Tuan Rumah dan ngada ngada nak amik alih, then my respect will be gone forever.

    So pendatang, please respect the tuan rumah because we never racist, we are not greedy, we respect your religion. We even dont mind to give tanah for your rumah ibadat. SO PLEASE RESPECT THE TUAN RUMAH.

    Please remember that this is Tanah MELAYU and it is NOT yours.

    If pendatang like kuasa mutlak, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND CHANGE WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CHANGE. over here just RESPECT.
    Or still want the KUASA MUTLAK…..just declare WAR.

    We will take that challangee like a MAN.

  21. mubarakchan Apr 7,2014 5:23 PM


    This is red hot from the spritual home of HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Please read
    This update clearly shows that it was a good thing that our beloved Malaysia never adopted the policy of meritocracy which was formally discarded in Singapore in 2013 as announced by 2 Ministers. Vide Channelnewsasia. This analysis confirm the scarcity of talent in Singapore and this is bolstered by at least 70% foreign staff in all the instituions. Instead of identifying the staff as Singaporeans, the word locals is used. HENCE, MERITOCRATIC SINGAPOREANS ARE LESS THAN 30% of the 1% for the whole of Singapore.

    This meritocratic system of the rule by the less than 1% academically qualified Singaporeans with the smartest on top over the 99% is a clever way of enslaving the rest of the population forever because some of these smart fellow live over the age of 90 !

    As far back as 1970, it was worked out by some pundits that 200 academically qualified persons were required to rule a Singapore of 2 million. This optimum was never achieved as confirmed by the latest update.

  22. mubarakchan Apr 7,2014 4:43 PM


    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. The democratically elected Government of the day should be able to govern the country with their long traditiona of proper governance. We do not need to tell our leaders how to suck eggs. We have crossed swords since 2011 and to this day I do not know whether you are fish or fowl but only to attempt to irritate the unsuspecting blogger. For starters, how many probable leaders have the Opposition been able to present as the future Prime Ministers of Malaysia ? I can only think of one. You guess who ?
    Lastly, why you desecrate a dead person’s soul by frivolously using his name ? If you are not supestitious, never mind. But if you are afraid of the dark and the hantus-hantus, think again what such a hantu act will do to you …..and your family. TEOHHOCKBENG456.

  23. balance Apr 7,2014 2:05 PM


    Your blog is turning into a race comparing blog. It used to be very interesting to read about people opinions and dreams for a better Malaysia but now it seems that hammering each other and race become the main topic. Why cannot people see that each and every Malaysians need each other and there is no better or worst Malaysians except for criminals. Every type of people have their pro and con and there is no need to say that a particular type of person is bad or good. Like I mentioned I am Chinese, I support BN and you, I dont do housing development business, I dont eat pork and beef, I prefer Malay and Indian food, I dont speak, write and understand Mandarin, my Bahasa Malaysia is below average, my English is average and my great great grandfather (many like to use the word “pendatang”) arrived/landed on Malaysia soil 350 hundred years ago. So what make me into?

    It is childish, self-degrading and unthinkably stupid to those that are unmindful of their words or write/talk that create racial tension. It is ok to debate and argue or even quarrel over political view but using race as a subject is very unnecessary as it long term damaging and dangerous. We cannot stop people from migrating to or from Malaysia, we have to accept that in the modern world people will move and travel. For people that are leaving Malaysia, we wish them well and for those arriving we welcome them except for criminals. Lastly there cannot be only only race or type of people in this world as it is God’s will. So except and dont compare then Peace will come into your life. Only death and getting old is certain, hating or paying attention on things that are uncertain is foolish and waste of time.

  24. sibotak Apr 7,2014 1:23 PM

    Lets Gets Straight
    DAP ,Lim Kit Siang Dynasty
    Anuar the Scapegoat
    Arbiga , Kapal Singh the Barking Black Dogs


    Or Just making Remarks on the Slightest Idea
    Slightest Faults to Discredit the Govt
    Trying their ever means to bring themselves up
    Making A Fool of Malaysians risking others Safety
    Protecting Theirs

  25. azlan95 Apr 7,2014 12:48 PM

    An article by Jill Reilly on problems with Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. Interesting to see a huge hole in the Boeing 777 of 2011 EgyptAir incident.


  26. Hajar Apr 7,2014 12:21 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Puan HBT456,

    I thought you were one of those ‘batu api ‘ (along with Anwar, Karpal, Kit Siang, Hj. Hadi, etc). You like to tell lies about UMNO/BN – “batu api yang kerja nya menghasut rakyat supaya membenci BN dengan fitnah kotor.”

    Please support your allegations with facts. In my entire life, no one (not even the police) ever asked bribes from me. If you encounter such cases (corruption/bribery), please report to SPRM. There were cases where BN/UMNO leaders and supporters were charged and found guilty of corruption. Tolong lah jangan kata Anwar difitnah. He’s guilty as charged. Anwar is ‘Ketua Penipu’ for parti ‘Penipu Rakyat’.

    BTW, I can sell my house (currently empty) and make at least RM200,000 (profit) but I am not as GREEDY as you….duit bukan segala-galanya.

    Sikap tamak anda akan memakan diri. Kaum Cina di MALAYsia tidak akan berpuas hati selagi tidak mendapat kuasa mutlak dalam politik dan ekonomi – memang dasar kaum yang tamak haloba dan tidak tahu berterima kasih.

    ALLAH will protect Malaysia forever, Insya ALLAH.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  27. HBT456 Apr 7,2014 10:31 AM

    Dear uncle Mubarak Chan, laughing is the best medicine when we read “benda” macam ini:-

    Copycat is a copycat no matter what they do, fikir pun malas, tukar kepada Bahasa Melayu and claimed this belong to them. All these years, I think UMNO Baru and BN component parties have been too comfortable that they forgot who they are. Nevertheless, time has changed over the years since BN lost 2/3 majority since 2008.

  28. mubarakchan Apr 7,2014 10:14 AM


    For day dreaming HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Please be rational with your comments. I do not know whether I should laugh or cry. How to vote by anyone for the Opposition when they have no leaders, shadow cabinet ministers or policies to fight the next 14th General Elections ? Please also note that hatred or dislike is not a political philosophy.

  29. HBT456 Apr 7,2014 6:17 AM

    Batu-batu kecil ini telah membuat umno baru hilang undi kepada pembangkang, the ratio of bn to pr as per last ge is 51:49. Who will be the next President of the USA? It will be the white. Why? The huge influx of black africans ala bumiputra made Americans upset because most of the domestic crimes were made by them.

  30. HBT456 Apr 7,2014 5:52 AM

    Maka, KAMI rakyat Malaysia, akan menumpukan…. to change, or be changed, the result will be know in next ge. Good luck, Mr Mukhriz Mahathir. Batu-batu api kecil ini jika tidak terkawal sekarang, lama kelamaan, malaysians, the cash cows, will give their votes to opposition parties.

  31. sibotak Apr 6,2014 11:37 PM

    Ringgit is Weakening
    So ………………..?
    That,s not the end of Malaysia
    US dollar is weakening also & quite sometime before us
    That,s Not the end of United States also
    Nothing to Fear

    What most important we have a quality good live
    We are not SLAVES to the word we call Ringgit nor Dollar

    That where u Chinese like HBT , Cinchiaporean are so Kancung & so Kiasu & very Wrong
    U work as if there is no tomorrow
    as if its the end of the World

    Wake up
    Money work for us , money are our Slaves
    In Singapore be it, Hindu, Christian , Buddists , Islam
    Money is now God
    The Govt are God of No Mercy
    The only country in the Universe that has Night Court

    You destroy the zones
    You cannot mend it , You must not break it

    You dig here , dig there , mass production to compete & kill one another
    Cannot sell , then sell cheap , cheap cannot sell goes to the Bins
    You can see much mass production has results to a waste
    which has destroy the ozone

    Remember the next floor to the highest is
    That,s what we seen in most Suicidal cases
    Its all to the ground

  32. sudin Apr 6,2014 10:57 PM

    Salam Tun.

    The Malaysian Chinese can easily be categorised into 2 distinct groupings, in a more appropriate & accurate LOYAL grounds:
    1. Those who are proud and happy to be Malaysian
    2. The opposite to the above, called “Cina Bukit”.
    Of course there are the fence sitters, those that don’t seem to know and/or undecided which category they belong, and lately they seem to sway closer towards grouping 2.

    When those tongkangs loaded to the brim with the special species of Chinaman called “Cina Bukit people” arrived on the Malay Archipelago, they were astounded to see the easygoing & hospitality of the Malays. Later on, these Cina Bukit people accused the ‘easygoing attitude’ (which enabled them to grab the riches unchallenged) of the Malays as being lazy!!

    These Cina Bukit species were renowned for their ruckus greed, and quickly took full advantage of the readily available unlimited richness of their self-proclaimed adopted/new motherland, never imagined such utopia really existed in comparison to their godforsaken former motherland.

    Now the Cina Bukit people are successful and rich and …….unhappy!

    After being in the doldrums of everything that life has on offer and squeezed out in almost every economic sector by those uninvited and ungrateful Cina Bukit louts, the Malays finally know the importance & value of money. But they don’t have them, and the greedy Cina Bukit people certainly won’t help.

    The government slowly realised the importance of the never ending support given by the Malays, and finally decided to allow the constitutional special Malay rights & privileges be implemented, evoking the wrath of the Cina Bukit racists!
    “Change the government”, said them!
    The same government which has previously benefited and enriched them way beyond their imagination in comparison to their simple desire/motto of survive and live, and most of all allowed them to become citizens, but now the Cina Bukit people are very determined to remove that government.
    They want to rule the country by whatever means, even by proxy!

    Just like the greedy and ever-hungry little shark called ikan yu from Singapura, the Cina Bukit species will definitely ensure the power, if given one, will become “kuasa mutlak”.
    All they care is the end justifies the means.
    Just look at that most typical Cina Bukit, the vege seller, willing to call itself swine, offer its mother, proudly announced being a penipu, ……

  33. sentinel3 Apr 6,2014 7:24 PM


    Mohon Izin,

    To ahso HBT456,

    So its true HBT456 is an old ahso! He…he…he.This ahso is a joker and never cease to amaze me.

    Quote:- “Jantan Melayu yang suka maki ahso ini, aku tak kisah kerana itu bukan budaya kebangsaan tanahair negaraku.”

    Haiya ahso, mana ada jantan Melayu maki ahso? cuma tegur (sikap rasis) ahso baik-baik.He…he…he.dan ahso mana ada budaya kebangsaan (lebih mirip kepada budaya kecinaan) mahupun tanahair (hanya menumpang tanam sayur di ini negarai)(Itu UMNO baru tolong ahso tanam sayur secara free di mana-mana tanah milik kerajaan meh).Itu pun ahso masih tak mau berterima kasih kepada UMNO baru dan tuduh UMNO baru makan rasuah. He…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  34. mubarakchan Apr 6,2014 3:44 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. For your record, I have a list of 53 names (Tengkus to Enciks) from top to bottom or bottom to top who thought I would die first. They all did. The youngest was 39 yars old.

    Man propose. God disposes.

  35. HBT456 Apr 6,2014 12:20 PM

    I am not against anyone personally, but since tok det created this blog to unblog, I just said what is in my mind since i am just a voter because I believe tok det is a kind hearted man who has worked hard for all his life in making what Malaysia is today. Thank you Mr Prime Minister, for giving me the opportunity to contribute my tiny little voice in here. Jantan Melayu yang suka maki ahso ini, aku tak kisah kerana itu bukan budaya kebangsaan tanahair negaraku. Bagi pn hajar yang ada rumah, I wish her property value continue to increase to hedge against future inflation. To Mr Tired, do what you think is right as Malaysian to raise your children. As for uncld mubarak chan, I wish you all the best of health and maintain that tiny little fire in your heart to keep going as malaysians. Over here, I said welcome to kuala lumpur, malaysia, to all malaysians and foreigners.

  36. HBT456 Apr 6,2014 11:31 AM

    Sibotak, ringgit is weakening lagi. Jadi suara rakyat dan pembangkang akan jadi lebih kuat lagi wor. Kuasa muklat adalah diberikan rakyat di seluruh negara. Kini kita di post internet era, kita bukan di post ww2 era. Dictatorship is no longer a hak istimewa kepada ahli2 bn saja, betul tak pakcik mubarak chan since the government is elected by the people to work for the country to earn tax revenue to run the government and welfare systematically, not to get rich nor get projects behind close door of bn.

  37. sibotak Apr 6,2014 10:20 AM

    Kerajaan UMNO mesti berubah
    Mesti Berdiri Tegak Bukan Menunduk

    Kerajaan PAP berdiri 99 percent
    Rakyat berdiri 1 percent…..Tiada Hak Bersuara TIDAK SEHAT

    Kerajaan UMNO BERDIRI 40 percent
    Suara Rakyat 60 percent…………… PUN TIDAK SEHAT

    Seharusnya sebagai Bapa kepada negara berdiri 60 percent
    Suara rakyak 40 percent
    Ini percentage yg pada saya kedudukan yg seharusnya, SEHAT

    Menggunakan Kuasa , Tegas dalam undang undang
    Bukan saja membendung Malaysia pada Kejayaan
    Malah berjaya juga mendisplin Rakyat ke Malaysia sejahtera

    Kerajaan UMNO sudah banyak menghabiskan wang dari
    hasil Petronas , Felda dan sebagainya
    TETAPI Kurang dari mendapat Hasil dari Cukai Perniagaan Asing
    Cukai Perniagaan yg banyak menipu assesmentnya
    Cukai Levy Perniaga Asing yg TIDAK ada professional permit
    Cukai Levy Kenderaan Asing , Levy yg sempadan penjualan Tanah
    Mengaup Saman pada persalah seperti membuang sampah dan sebagainya


  38. mubarakchan Apr 5,2014 11:54 PM


    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. For your edification, the Malaysian Police or the Singapore Police did not ask me for any bribe from 1960 to 2014. Who told you that these Police forces accept bribes ? Just tell me one true instance to back up your frivolous, libellous and slanderous words which have the sole intention of causing chaos and bad-mouthing without any fact. Who can believe you without the facts ?

    Let me tell you HockBengTeohhalfpastsic a true English story. In the 1950s, I frequented a Chinese restaurant in the Hendon District of North London. After the restaurant closed at 10 pm every night, the Chief of Police of the Hendon District would come in for his supper and drink. The owner told me this was customary in the other Districts as well. Would you put this down to goodwill and friendship ? And do you know what is now happening in the Metropolitan Police, London ?

    If you want to be credible, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic, please be factual and do not be personal.

  39. sibotak Apr 5,2014 8:26 PM

    The difference between corrupted & non corrupted Forces
    Corrupted goes to many small pockets
    Non corrupted goes to one Big Pocket
    As a public I see no Difference

    A Nation too organize , every single steps is Rules
    Even the dogs are not allowed to bark
    Every rules you need to pay & pay
    End day too organize We Human Beings did not have lives of our own
    We will die by serial number NOT by respectable names by our parents

    Success is not define by Development
    U may have development but lack in many such as
    time with family , friends , religion , nature & many more
    Is No Success to me
    Be We Poor BUT Be We NOT Slaves

  40. wajaperak Apr 5,2014 7:09 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Bagaimana Sdra?]
    Saudara tidak belajar Islam sebagaimana orang muslimin belajar.Oleh itu mari kita lihat isu complexity and delicacies.
    It is a sample of administering and managing a drip.
    The complexity is the application of setting up the iv line..
    Premature babies have only a small amount of blood and often have fragile skin. Most babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) require medicine, fluid, or nutrition to be given directly into the blood to help them grow. The team caring for your baby may need to insert a thin tube (an intravenous line) or catheter into a vein or artery in your baby’s arm, leg, umbilical cord or head.
    How is it done?
    How different it is between babies and adult?
    What skill is required?
    Do you know how it is done?
    Kompleksiti untuk setting iv drip ini sahaja sudah cukup bagi orang awam yang tidak berdaya.Mereka yang terlatih sahaja berkeupayaan untuk setting iv drip ini.
    Dan untuk apakah tujuan keseluruhan exercise ini?
    Berkenaan nyawa.
    Bagaimana berkenaan jiwa?
    Adakah prosedur untuk menyelamatkan jiwa kurang dan lebih lemah mutu dan kemahirannya dari prosedur menyelamatkan nyawa?
    Untuk saudara Sentinel3.
    Kita mesti lihat persoalan dari sudut sebegini.
    “Saya nak abang jadi suami saya”..Tawaran.
    “Saya nak jadi isteri abang..”..Merayu..
    Kita mesti lihat dari pokok persoalan apa yang Allah Firmankan dan bukan dari mana-mana sudut terutama


    Terima kasih Tun.

  41. HBT456 Apr 5,2014 6:47 PM

    Good to know that the singapore police force entertained you without asking bribes, mubarak chan. It shows they are more civilised than chinese here. Failed or succeeded, let the world decide. Malaysians are friendly and peace lovers. But sadly, the taxpayers money are used to create hatred among races to stay in power. The rest is history.

  42. mubarakchan Apr 5,2014 3:35 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Sibotak and myself did not downgrade Singapore at anytime. We present facts. For example on the Police History of Singapore.

    1. 1970. My architect friend who worked for an Authority in Singapore asked why a retaining wall measured 6 feet when in Kuala Lumpur, 3 feet would do. A few days later, gangsters confronted his wife at a wet-market. He departed from Singapore promptly and had lived in Selangor happily ever since. He was disillusioned.
    2. 1972. It was alleged there were 2,000 registered Singaporea gangsters.
    3. 1980s. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore was alleged to have said that Johor Baru was the place for all the illegal activities. This gave rise to my surmise that the bad-hats could check-in in JB to do their things and return to Singapore to sleep. It was alleged too that the Malaysian Immigration gates at JB in the last century was thrown wide open during festivities so the chaps could rush home.
    4. 21st Century. My relatives did something to my father’s Trust and I wanted the Singapore Police to take action. I waited many hours and was attended to eventually by an officer who was sweating and panting. He discouraged me but to take Civil action. I drew the conclusion that the Singapore Police Force was under-manned and on the point of implosion.
    Vide. Channelnewsasia. Toilet fights. Little India Riots. The Dormitory Indian versus Bangladeshis battle. etc.
    5. 5 April 2014. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. ‘ Is public assault civil or criminal ?’ Quote. ‘ This shortage……..has serious consequences……’ And ‘ The reluctance to record some categories of violent crimes has prompted cynics to ask whether it has kept crime figures lower than in real life.’ His article is self-explanatory. With this, one reflects back to the sayings of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew in the 1980s. AND SINGAPORE STILL HAS THE ISA and MALAYSIA’S ISA WAS REPEALED ON A WHIM.

    Within this context of security, A friend of mine was threatened over 100 times after the ISA was repealed, 3 men armed with parangs roamed outside his house at 3 a.m. at night, a bank customer had his money snatched from him outside the bank across the road , the guy who threatened him sent two bad-guys to threaten him and his friend’s sem-detached house across his house was burgled and his friend abandoned the house out of fear. These events were all post-ISA repeal. An his house is within yards of the new Royal Istana !

    i have always estimated the Singapore Police Force to have a contingent of about 5,000 personnel with another 3,000 – 4,000 National servicemen. This figure is woefully short to maintain law and order in the face of a huge influx of foreign workers.

    What say you HockBengTeohhalfpastsic ?

  43. dr vinod kumar Apr 5,2014 2:02 PM

    sorry. i am commenting out of topic here. Have Tun heard about religious pluralism? It simply says to relate to an absolute principle/God we have to use relative methods (Religions ) in order to have a handle on the concept called God. Many pathways (religions) to relate to the same ultimate reality. Strife in the name of religion happens because of failure to understand this basic idea. The suggestion from religious pluralism is this. All leaders/prophets from world religion had a spiritual enlightening moment in their life. For example, when Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and got enlightened is no different from Christ’s expression of seeing “father in heaven” when he returned from the wilderness. same spiritual EXPERIENCE given different VOCABULARY/EXPRESSION suited to a particular geography.
    Please watch this interfaith dialogue in UK for more details

  44. sentinel3 Apr 5,2014 10:59 AM


    Mohon izin mengulas sedikit mengenai Tun Musa Hitam berhubung isu Memali.


    Tun Musa adalah antara contoh pemimpin Melayu yang tidak tahu berterima kasih dan menghargai kehidupan mereka di negara/dunia ini.

    Disebalik penentangan beliau terhadap Tun Mahathir kerana mahu membalas dendam politik (seperti Nik Aziz?) hingga UMNO diharamkan, beliau diberi pelbagai kemudahan seperti menjadi duta khas di Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu, Pengerusi Sime Darby dan sebagainya.

    Dalam kes Highlands Tower, beliau dan keluarga mendapat kemudahan diiringi oleh unit polis sedangkan terdapat ramai keluarga lain juga bersedih kehilangan anggota keluarga tersayang dan tidak mendapat kemudahan serupa.

    Macam-macam diberikan kepada Musa selepas beliau bersara iaitu persaraan yang beliau pilih sendiri.

    Disebalik pelbagai keistimewaan yang diterima, rakyat masih mendengar suara-suara sumbang Musa termasuk menangguk di air keroh semasa krisis UMNO, krisis kepimpinan Tun Abdullah Badawi dan sebagainya.

    Isu Memali yang sungguh menyayatkan hati orang Melayu kerana mengorbankan banyak nyawa yang tidak bersalah termasuk dalam kalangan anggota polis sudah lama berlalu.

    Insiden ini boleh dielakkan jika ditangani dengan lebih berhemah tetapi tiada guna kita mengulas perkara yang sudah berlalu begitu lama.

    Mengapa harus dibangkitkan semula isu hitam dalam sejarah negara ini ketika orang ramai sudah melupakan insiden itu? kecuali jika (Musa) mahu memburuk-burukkan orang lain (Tun Mahathir) dan mahu membalas dendam yang masih tidak berkesudahan (seperti Nik Aziz?).

    Seperti kata azlan, Musa adalah Menteri Dalam Negeri semasa insiden itu berlaku, sudah tentu beliau harus memikul tanggungjawab kerana memberikan lampu hijau kepada polis meneruskan operasi itu.

    Di negara luar, menteri akan meletakkan jawatan apabila berasa bersalah dan memikul tanggungjawab terhadap tindakan mereka tetapi di negara ini menteri hanya meletakkan jawatan apabila cita-cita politik mereka (mahu kuasa mutlak sebagai PM?) tidak tercapai atau terpaksa disingkirkan daripada jawatan mereka setelah enggan bertanggungjawab terhadap perbuatan atau kesalahan mereka.

    Dua perkara sama berlaku terhadap Tun Musa dan Anwar Ibrahim, kedua-duanya tidak sabar dalam cita-cita mereka mahu kuasa mutlak sebagai PM dan kini menanggung kerugian besar dalam politik duniawi kerana sikap gelojoh dan tidak sabar mereka.

    Salam Tun.

  45. sibotak Apr 5,2014 9:45 AM

    Likewise the sightings of UFO,s
    The Bermuda Triangle
    Man Armstrong on Moon
    Sept 11 & many other more
    Its more of none other than Political Moves or Military Agendas

    Man on Moon , Neil Armstrong
    If its true US will be determine to sent another Man there after many years of history

    Bermuda Triangle
    Of all its the US Intelligence creates its existence as to Deters Military attack on that Route

    Hopefully the MH370 could be a creation by some indigenous PKR
    And all are Safe perhaps being Kidnapped
    Of all it has landed somewhere Safe in Malaysia , Sabah ?

  46. azlan95 Apr 5,2014 2:10 AM

    Tun Musa says Tun Mahathir was in Malaysia during the Memali incident. Well that is not an issue.

    The police must have acted after receiving green light from the Home Minister. That’s how I look at the issue.

    Consequently only after Memali that the Prime Minister himself held the Home Minister portfolio for many many years.


  47. sudin Apr 5,2014 12:33 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Latest update on flight MH370.
    The MAS Boeing 777 could probably be well hidden somewhere within Diego Garcia?

    Just like the many unexplained (and unanswered by the US) scenarios engulfing the 9/11 tragedy, the self-proclaimed (and undoubtedly the most biased) “world police” purportedly bent on achieving & ensuring world order will remain mummified.

    Hopefully the renowned rumour-mongers of PKR and the red bean army will be most pleased with this latest development!

  48. Hajar Apr 4,2014 11:49 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    // ”Puan HBT456, March 31, 2014 at 5:18 AM
    Pn hajar, harga rumah tinggi will not go away especially with high population area. Cant afford, just rent the house only. Using this as the issue to fish malay votes, umno baru is doomed to fail.”//

    Hello HBT456, who said I do not own a house (houses)? So, you admitted that DAP/PKR/PAS failed in Selangor. You should give this same ‘stupid’ advice to those in Penang (who cannot afford to buy a house) –> Sewa rumah sepanjang hayat jika tidak mampu…

    FYI, saya tinggal di pinggir bandar yang kecil (low-med population).

    Rakyat Selangor mesti beri ‘Kuasa Mutlak’ pemerintahan kepada BN/UMNO pada PRU-14 supaya keadaan jadi lebih baik. Masaalah AIR (keperluan asas) pun DAP/PKR/PAS gagal tangani.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ********

  49. rezigenes Apr 4,2014 9:08 PM


    Belum dapat kuasa mutlak di dunia melayu sudah tunjuk taring. Hasrat terpendam terluah juga.

    “It’s very simple. Make one of DAP’s leaders the commander of the air force or navy, then we will find MH370,”

    DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng

    Hari ini tentera udara dan tentera laut, esok Putra Jaya dan Tanah Melayu, Malaysia.
    Bila agaknya orang Melayu nak banggun dari mimpi yang indah sebelum ia menjadi igauan yang tidak boleh pandang belakang.

    Agaknya semua pura-pura tak tau apa maksud Tun –

    ” kuasa orang yang berkuasa menjadi mutlak dan ramailah yang mendekati diri dengan yang berkuasa untuk mengguna kuasa itu untuk kepentingan diri. Untuk tujuan ini biasanya orang-orang ini akan membodek dan menawar pemberian sebahagian dari pendapatan mereka dari perniagaan yang mereka dapat hasil pertolongan pihak berkuasa kepada yang berkuasa. ”

    Kalau dapat 100 di krisis Asia 1997, dan melabuh permulaan dengan 10 dan 10 tahun kemudian 10 menjadi 1000 hanya dengan kelapa sawit agaknya mustahil. Jawapan nya tidak. Kenapa tauke manisan tidak dijadikan rakan kongsi oleh anak saudara yang menjadi rakan kongsi si pembodek yang sangat pintar.

    Saya meminta maaf kalau menyingung perasaan sesipa, kita tidak tahu menahu apa yang berlaku sebenernya. Allahualaam.

  50. sentinel3 Apr 4,2014 5:05 PM


    Mohon izin untuk bertanya kepada sdra wajaperak lagi,

    Petikan tulisan sdra, :- “Bermula dengan Iblis yang menentang Allah tetapi mendakwa dia hanya bermusuh dengan Adam.
    Iblis beribadah 200,000 tahun ke hadirat Allah..di mana?Hanya Allah yang tahu tetapi Iblis melihat syurga dan neraka dan tahu hebatnya Allah tetapi?..Masih memilih untuk menderhaka!”.

    Berikut adalah surah Al Hijr: 36-40 di mana Iblis minta ditangguhkan azab

    AL HIJR: 36
    Iblis berkata: Wahai Tuhanku! Jika demikian, berilah tempoh kepadaku hingga ke hari mereka dibangkitkan (hari kiamat).
    [Iblîs (Satan)] said: “O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day they (the dead) will be resurrected.”

    AL HIJR: 37
    Allah berfirman: Dengan permohonanmu itu, maka sesungguhnya engkau dari golongan yang diberi tempoh. “Allâh said: “Then, verily, you are of those reprieved.

    AL HIJR: 38
    Hingga ke hari (masa) yang termaklum.
    “Till the Day of the time appointed.”

    AL HIJR: 39
    Iblis berkata: Wahai Tuhanku! Kerana Engkau telah menjadikan daku sesat, (maka) demi sesungguhnya aku akan memperelokkan segala jenis maksiat kepada Adam dan zuriatnya di dunia ini dan aku akan menyesatkan mereka semuanya.
    “[Iblîs (Satan)] said: “O my Lord! Because you misled me, I shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on the earth, and I shall mislead them all.

    AL HIJR: 40
    Kecuali di antara zuriat-zuriat Adam itu hamba-hambaMu yang dibersihkan dari sebarang syirik.
    “Except Your chosen, (guided) slaves among them.”

    Sdra, kalau tidak silap saya melalui dialog antara Allah dengan Iblis dalam surah al Hijr tersebut menunjukkan bahawa Iblis mengakui Tuhan sebagai omnipotent, almighty, supreme, most high, (berkuasa mutlak) jadi tidak timbul soal Iblis menentang Allah kecuali menderhaka (ingkar) terhadap perintah Allah.

    Ini dapat dilihat pada ayat 36 surah AL HIJR Iblis berkata: Wahai Tuhanku! Jika demikian, berilah tempoh kepadaku hingga ke hari mereka dibangkitkan (hari kiamat).

    Beri (mohon) tempoh (masa) daripada Allah SWT (daripada azab (hukuman) daripada Allah SWT kerana menderhaka (ingkar) perintah Allah.Bukankah secara tidak langsung Iblis mengakui kuasa Allah? (Allah yang Maha Berkuasa untuk menghukum mahluknya termasuk Iblis?).

    Seterusnya Iblis berkata, surah AL HIJR: 39:- “Wahai Tuhanku! Kerana Engkau telah menjadikan daku sesat, (maka) demi sesungguhnya aku akan memperelokkan segala jenis maksiat kepada Adam dan zuriatnya di dunia ini dan aku akan menyesatkan mereka semuanya.

    Bagaimana Sdra?

    Salam Tun.

  51. mubarakchan Apr 4,2014 2:23 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. You are in total ballistics. I declined to stand for the Selangor State constituency of Kuala Kubu Baru in 1969 which had the best Exco seat for a Chinese and I declined Tun Tan Siew Sin’s Federal seat of Batu Berendam, Melaka in 1973 which had the post of Deputy Minister of Finance. You want me to recommend you for the 14th ? I took the advice of my esteemed advisers !

  52. sentinel3 Apr 4,2014 9:39 AM


    Mohon Izin, To aso HBT half past six,

    Haiya aso, lu tak tau mengenai Islam duduk diam-diam saja meh.aso komen mengenai itu tokong saja cukup.

    UMNO baru ka , UMNO lama ka, itu UMNO aso punya tuan kasi aso makan di ini negala meh.aso suka ka atau aso tak suka ka, UMNO tetap jadi aso punya tuan.

    Aso sudah tua macam itu DAP, LKS dan nanti itu anak pun jadi macam LKS, fikiran pun sudah tua macam DAP, tak ada apa-apa baharu meh mahu sumbang ini negara.

    Aso, saya tanya lagi, betul ka, di China olang sanggup lawan tikam sampai mati rebut pau masa musim sejuk?Tapi saya gerenti tarak olang mau mati tikam mahu rebut aso punya pau sebab sudah tuaa.he…he…he.

    Aso…aso, apa lagi aso mau?Dulu lari dari tongsan sebab tak ada babi mahu makan (sebab babi semua sudah habis di tongsan kasi Rusia kena bayar hutang beli senjata tapi aso punya latuk kena tipu sama itu mao yang masih kenyang makan babi simpanan untuk pemimpin) dan dapat makan pau di ini negara pun aso masih tak tau berterima kasih pada UMNO baru.

    Aso tak mau berterima kasih pada UMNO baru pun tak apa sebab memang itu mentaliti orang cina.Orang kampung saya kata ‘cina komunis’ dan ini mentaliti orang cina, orang Melayu dapat lihat itu perangai cina tongsan dalam itu kes MH370 dan cina Malaysia serupa sahaja.Adikbeladik meh.he…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  53. wajaperak Apr 4,2014 8:25 AM

    Assallammaulaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..
    Terima kasih saudara sentinel3..
    Saya nak ulas sedikit saja isu yang di bawa oleh kafir kassim..
    Kufur Kassim.
    Pertama sekali kepercayaan dan pertentangan pendapat.
    Bermula dengan Iblis yang menentang Allah tetapi mendakwa dia hanya bermusuh dengan Adam.
    Iblis beribadah 200,000 tahun ke hadirat Allah..di mana?Hanya Allah yang tahu tetapi Iblis melihat syurga dan neraka dan tahu hebatnya Allah tetapi?..Masih memilih untuk menderhaka!..
    Qabil memilih untuk membunuh Habil atas alasan dia lebih berhak di atas saudara perempuannya.Akhirnya dia menyesal di atas pilihan ini..
    Muhammad Bin Abdullah diakui semua sebagai orang yang terpercaya.
    Tetapi apabila dia mula menjalankan tugas sebagai Muhammad Rasullulah s.a.w maka mulalah orang-orang membencinya sehingga dia digelar gila atau ahli sihir.
    Saidina Usman r.a. adalah menantu Rasullulh s.a.w.Dia adalah dipilih Allah untuk menjadi menantu Rasullulah s.a.w dan dijanjikan syurga tetapi dibunuh dengan alasan orang untuk mencari kebenaran.Saidina Ali juga dengan pangkat yang sama dibunuh..Alasan?..Kerana kebenaran..Cucu Rasululah s.a.w Saidina Hussin juga dibunuh..Alasan..Kebenaran juga..
    Kebenaran yang mereka perjuangkan seperti Kufur Kassim adalah tidak sama dengan kebenaran kita umat muslimin ‘mainstream’.
    Isu yang dibawa oleh Kufur Kassim adalah remeh dan picisan.
    Di mana-mana kita dapati mereka yang kunun-kununya memperjuangkan sesuatu kepercayaan atau ‘ism’ adalah mereka yang paling kuat menyalahgunakan kepercayaan tersebut.
    Fakta paling nyata ialah PAS dan mereka-mereka yang bersekongkol dengannya.Allah menemplak PAS ( secara tidak langsung ) di dalam Al Quran tetapi masih banyak mereka yang mendakwa dirinya ulama menyokong PAS.
    Al Quran
    “Tidakkah kamu lihat mereka yang mendustakan Agama”?
    Apa yang Imam Ghazali tentang perkara ini?
    Begitulah Tun.

    Surah Al Haj.

    Terima kasih saudara.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  54. HBT456 Apr 4,2014 6:23 AM

    Sibotak, umno is a political party, not a country, get this right. Sentinel 3, umno baru nak macam mana bikin untuk mengembangkan agama islam mereka, it is up to them. Mubarak chan, malaysia is heading this direction too, to choose the best leader, are you ready?

  55. sentinel3 Apr 3,2014 7:42 PM


    Mohon izin untuk berkongsi pandangan dengan sdra wajaperak,

    Sdra, saya turunkan petikan daripada blog Zam mengenai topik Dr. Kassim Ahmad untuk renungan bersama.

    Nota: Tulisan Ahmad Kassim di bawah ini ada juga kena mengena mengenai ‘Kuasa Mutlak’ dan ‘Iman’ (seperti kata sdra) khususnya dalam usaha umat Islam untuk meningkatkan syiar Islam.Berikut adalah petikannya: –


    1. Orang Islam menjual/memperdagangkan agamanya. Air jampi dijual, jus Tok Guru kononnya telah dijampi. Minyak ubat urut Anugerah kononnya dibaca ayat suci 30 juzuk dijual dengan harga mahal. Agama Kristian tak jual malahan produknya diberi percuma.

    2. Ustaz-ustaz mengajar agama “demand”/meminta bayaran tinggi. Mubaligh Kristian berdakwah secara percuma. Sehinga jauh ke pedalaman. Malahan menanggung sendiri makan minum dan tempat tinggalnya.

    3. Jabatan Agama Islam sibuk nak tangkap khalwat, orang pergi karaoke dan bernikah di Siam. Agama Kristian sibuk membantu orang dalam kesusahan (janda, miskin, mangsa tanah runtuh, banjir).

    4. Gereja boleh dimasuki bila-bila masa tetapi masjid dikunci. (Tak bagi orang masuk, tidur kononnya).

    5. Imam solat kerana waktu kerjanya (dibayar Gaji), paderi sukarela.

    6. Air zam-zam dijual mahal tetapi Kristian memberi holy water secara percuma.

    7. Jabatan Agama Islam sibuk menghukum dan menakutkan orang tapi Kristian sibuk berdakwah.

    8. Ustaz-ustaz sibuk menjual tanah suci, membawa orang ke Mekah, Umrah. Harganya mahal bermotifkan keuntungan melampau. Paderi sibuk menaja orang-orang susah membaiki rumah dan bantuan barang-barang dapur.

    9. Pegawai-pegawai Jabatan Agama Islam, Jabatan Zakat sibuk promosi nak naik gred bergaji besar. Bajet “pengurusan” lebih besar dibandingkan kepada golongan asnaf. Paderi sibuk membuat kebajikan – AHMAD KASSIM”

    Salam Tun.

  56. mubarakchan Apr 3,2014 5:18 PM


    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. You are the through and through racist. You talk without facts but only with emotions with the hidden intentions of stirring up nothing.

    For your edification, the Swiss Confederation was founded 800 years ago and consists of Germans, French, Italians and the Romansch (Roman legions which deserted Rome 2,000 years ago and holed up in the high Alps). To this day, these 4 different peoples still make snide remarks about the other behind their backs and yet Switzerland is united, proud and strong. What do you know HockBengTeohhalfpastsic whose only intention is to divide us for a purpose ?

  57. sibotak Apr 3,2014 12:05 PM

    HBT Statement
    Sibotak, dont waste time downgrading singapore, it will make you look bad.

    Its a Fact Statement NONE Deny
    Its dare to speak makes the Difference

    So downgrading UMNO , Malaysia it will make me look good ?
    Only an Idiot will do so

  58. HBT456 Apr 3,2014 7:49 AM

    Mubarak chan, I have moved out from this race conflict that can never be solved in a generation or 2. It is up to bn component parties to choose what to do to stay in power. My national obligation is to vote. Tuntuah, to be or not to be, its up to malaysians to decide, not politicians, please get this right. Sibotak, dont waste time downgrading singapore, it will make you look bad.

  59. hafizkenedelete Apr 3,2014 3:39 AM

    Kuasa Mutlak…
    Air Mutlak…

    Salam Tun..
    Salam Warga Chedet…

    Apa boleh buat , cerita pasal kuasa mutlak ni dah lama….
    Dulu2 pasal ramai pak menteri tak berotak, maka Tun gunakan kuasa Mutlak…
    baru la semua ikut rentakkk…hahahaha,macam pantun jagjit sing la pulak..

    Tapi zaman sekarang da berubah, orang bawahan yang berotak patutnya da ubah , hanya ikut cakap yg bernas , tapi ada satu lagi faktor yang boleh buat kepala jadi botak….
    itulah WANG berkotak2….

    sekarang orang ikut telunjuk duit je. takkesah pemimpin tu bodoh atau bercakap macam apek jual mapiau…janji masyukkkkkkkk….

    Maka si pemimpin pun apalagi, berkuasa mutlak la pasal ramai hamba duit nak jilat dia…hahahahaha….salah ke saya cakap Tun??

    Tapi tak apalah…. sekarang da ramai yg bijak pandai, boleh beza baik dan buruk… yang bodoh macam ahso biarkan dia bertambah bodo… kan orang bodo penting jugak….nanti sapa nak dengar cakap orang bijak macam bro Anwar….hahahahahaha….

    sekian,wasalam Tun…

  60. mubarakchan Apr 3,2014 12:54 AM


    HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. To refresh your memory, during the Second World War the infamous Cambridge University trio of Blunt, Maclean and Burgess were the top British spies who spied for the Soviet Union and passed on the top secrets belonging to the British and Americans to the Russians. These traitors were from the British elite. Does this ring a bell in your head ?

  61. mubarakchan Apr 2,2014 11:11 PM


    BengHockTeohhalfpastsic. Please do not put YOUR WORDS INTO MY MOUTH. I never said anything that your iconic Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Polcieis for Singapore OWNS Singaporre. We are no longer stupid in the Ulus. From August 2011 till now, I ONLY PRESENTED FACTS FROM OUTSIDE THE JURISDICION OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. This is more than fair. Facts like the importation of 5,000 pigs daily into Singapore, flower nurseries contracts, King of the Road, the sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank, etc.etc.

    You have exposed your secret agenda which is a crypto-Singaporean masquerading as a Malaysian to defend the deeds of the brillliant Lee Kuan Yew 1959 onwards. This does not work these days. Facts are facts. Vide. The Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013. Low caste Indians are imported to mask the huge influx of Chinese.

    You have not PRESENTED ONE SHRED OF TRUTH OR FACT ABOUT WHY YOU DISLIKE OR HATE THE BN AS LED BY UMNO WITH THE 15 COMPONENT PARTIES. Just pasar malam words only. You cannot because you have no facts. Stick to facts please.

    A parting shot to you HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Why did your hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew spied on the sexual peccadilloes of his abang adeks, close friends and neighbours since 1972 ? Maybe you let us know the reason and also why such info was passed to Third Parties !

  62. Tuntuah Apr 2,2014 8:15 PM

    Wish you could answer this.

    Why all agama like kristian, hindu etc keep hating Islam and keep trying to condemn islam and keep sibuk sibuk nak tukar what islam have taugh? Padahal islam tak ade kene mengena dgn mereka. Are they jealous because islam only worship the one and only GOD and not like them wish worship a lot of gods. Even kristian have 3 gods.

    I noticed that islam never bothered with their agama n islam tak peduli pun.

    We never ask them to this that on their agama.
    Why they are so busy body with islam?????

    Could you please answer this?

  63. Tuntuah Apr 2,2014 7:37 PM

    Aso hbt.

    You cal me racist??? How about you? You are not racist meh? With so many example i have shown here, you are not racist meh?
    Which scale did aso hbt use that sum up to labeling me racist? Can i borrow?

    Ouchhhhh? As usual jews told us killing muslim is not terrorist act. Now jews in the east try to manipulate that sapa hamtam jews in the east will be label as racist. Dier hantam melayu they call fighting with racist people.

    This wat we call kuasa mutlak.

    Ishh tido tak lena, sakit perut plak. But stil can hahahahahahahahahahahaha….. longer one

  64. Karl Apr 2,2014 6:34 PM

    Salam Tun,

    untuk penyelesaian masalah “Kuasa Mutlak” ini, saya ingin sarankan apa yang telah disyor oleh mursyid saya, yang juga adalah seorang wali Allah. Kata beliau, “dont ask for your rights, but ask for your responsibilities” dan tambah beliau lagi, “everybody will get what they deserve, not what they desire!”. Walaupun ungkapan beliau ini nampak pada permukaannya sangat mudah, tapi pada hakikatnya sangat susah diamalkan kerana terlalu ramai orang sekarang yang cuba mengambil hak orang lain secara tipu dan paksa.

    Orang Melayu yang naif, contohnya, sering kena tipu dengan bangsa asing yang lebih advans, cerdik dan celaka. Begitulah adanya.

  65. sibotak Apr 2,2014 12:12 PM

    haha seems
    HBT cannot accept the facts from
    Wikipedia Internet , Its not just any Dick can suka suka write
    Its a professional remarks written by professional Body

    I give you 1 to 1 facts not Assumptions

  66. wajaperak Apr 2,2014 8:32 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan untuk saya.Terima kasih.
    Bagus saudara sentinel3 menggunakan akal.
    Tapi Iman memandu akal bukan sebaliknya.
    Jika kita lihat kekejaman jenayah di tepi jalan seperti perkosaan dan pembunuhan pasti kita amat marah.
    Apa gilanya?What the hell?..
    Jenayah bermaharaja lela di jalanan?
    Tapi apa yang lebih dahsyat dengan jenayah memerangi Agama Islam saya yang Maha Suci?
    Di tengah siang terang benderang ‘perkosaan’ terhadap agama saya berlaku secara terang-terangan??
    Kita lihat pesan orang melayu ini..
    The proper response for an outrage is the be outraged..
    And courageous one at that!..
    Tun telah membenarkan ‘orang-orang’ yang tiada tatasusila menyerang kehormatan agama saya.Agama ini dikurniakan oleh Allah Pencipta Sekalian Alam untuk saya..
    Jika ada mana-mana orang yang berkongsi perasaan yang sama tetapi tidak bertindak sama apabila berlaku ‘perkosaan’ ini saya amat hairan sekali.
    Blog ini bukan milik Tun.
    Ianya milik Allah.Tun boleh berlagak sebagai ‘Tuhan’ dengan memangkah sesiapa juga yang mengkritik dia.Pakar Sakit Jiwa ( Psychiatrist ) sangat suka berlagak Tuhan kepada pesakit-pesakit mereka.Kejam perbuatan ini kerana aduan pesakit untuk memohon keadilan dari pihak lain hanya akan dianggap..”Dia tu memang gila”..
    Pokok persoalan adakah Tun pemilik blog ( caretaker / guardianship not sole owner ) bertindak adil kepada kita??
    Maaf Tun.Kalau saya terkasar.
    Tun pangkah saya habis la suara saya di sini..
    Tetapi di dalam blog Tun ini..

    adakah kita telah berlaku adil kepada agama kita yang mulia ini?
    Terima kasih Tun.Maaf sekali lagi.

  67. HBT456 Apr 2,2014 6:58 AM

    Mubarak chan, singapore does not belong to the lee family. Each general election care carried out live telecast with transparency tanpa pilih kasih. pm singapore has made the official statement that his family members will not run for top ministry posts because he has inherited his father’s legacy to keep singapore moving forward. If the opposition party is capable, challege pap and let singaporeans decide. Sibotak, mind your own business. The economic bilateral relationship between johor and singapore will be there forever, unless you want to challenge the kerabat johor? Biasalah, ahli2 politik tanahair kita asyik pakai masa untuk saling bunuh membunuh untuk mendapat kuasa mutlak sampai memarahkan boeing pulak.

  68. sibotak Apr 1,2014 9:36 PM


    The official justification for GRCs is to allow minority representation. Former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong argued that the introduction of GRCs was necessary to ensure that Singapore’s Parliament would continue to be multiracial in its composition and representation.[3] Opposition parties have criticized GRCs as making it even more difficult for non-PAP candidates to be elected to Parliament. The money required to contest a GRC is considerable as each candidate is required to pay a S$16,000 deposit.[1] This means that contesting a GRC is very costly for opposition parties. The presence of Cabinet Ministers in GRCs is often believed to give the PAP a considerable advantage in the contesting of a GRC. The PAP has used this tactic to its advantage on several occasions. Rather than stand in an uncontested GRC, in 1997, then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong shifted his candidacy to where the PAP believed they were most vulnerable, which was the Cheng San GRC.[4] The opposition has charged the government with gerrymandering due to the changing of GRC boundaries at very short notice (see below section on electoral boundaries).

    Critics have noted that Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam won the 1981 Anson by-election in a Chinese-majority constituency, and that since the GRC system was implemented, minority representation in Parliament has actually declined.

    Besides the many rules , the ration of races in many Constituencies
    The imports of many Chinese from China giving Citizenship Right to Votes
    X Prisoners not allow to Votes even for minor offences & many more


  69. sentinel3 Apr 1,2014 5:15 PM


    Mohon izin untuk bertanya sdra wajaperak,

    Berikut adalah petikan tulisan sdra,

    Apa tajuk posting Tun ini?
    Kuasa Mutlak.
    Mana hamba ada kuasa mutlak Tun?
    Hamba tugasnya hanyalah mendengar dan taat.Kalau degil dan bantah terimalah akibatnya di akhirat nanti..
    Saya teringat pesan ?seekor Jin.
    Mata,tangan dan jari jari yang kau gunakan untuk menulis blog di sini bukan kau yang punya..

    Sdra, saya baca tulisan sdra sejak kebelakangan ini agak emotional, mudah marah dan melenting sejak tajuk anti hadis oleh Tun tempoh hari.

    Maafkan saya yang kurang ilmu agama ini berbanding sdra jika menyinggung perasaan sdra, tetapi bukankah memang satu hakikat dan diketahui oleh semua orang yang mengaku sebagai penganut agama Islam bahawa kuasa mutlak itu hanya milik Tuhan Yang Maha Berkuasa?

    Setahu saya yang kurang ilmu ini, apabila Tun menyebut mengenai kuasa mutlak, yang dimaksudkan beliau ialah kuasa mutlak (sementara) yang diberikan oleh Allah kepada segelintir manusia untuk memerintah di dunia atau negara masing-masing melalui sistem pemerintahan masing-masing sama ada demokrasi, diktator dan lain-lain manakala di negara ini melalui sistem demokrasi raja berperlembagaan?

    Saya tidak berpeluang memberi komen berhubung isu anti hadis sebelum ini dan ingin menyatakan pendirian saya yang tidak setuju dengan pandangan Kassim Ahmad tersebut mengenai hadis.

    Bagaimanapun sdra, saya setuju apa yang diperkatakan oleh Kassim itu mengenai bahaya pemerintahan ‘Kasta Paderi” jika ‘kuasa mutlak’ diberikan kepada mana-mana golongan agama termasuk mereka yang mendakwa sebagai ulama yang mempunyai kepentingan politik tersendiri.

    Sejarah telah membuktikan betapa bahayanya ‘kuasa mutlak’ golongan paderi di Eropah apabila kuasa paderi kristian berada pada kemuncaknya pada zaman dahulu.

    Keadaan ini menjadi bertambah bahaya dan parah apabila orang ramai terutama yang kurang arif dalam agama disuruh seperti kata sdra quote “Hamba tugasnya hanyalah mendengar dan taat.Kalau degil dan bantah terimalah akibatnya di akhirat nanti”

    Kesimpulannya, orang biasa macam saya cuma perlu mendengar dan taat (terutama terhadap pemerintah?) dan “kalau degil dan bantah (terhadap pemerintah pilihan manusia) (diugut dengan kuasa Tuhan?) terimalah akibatnya di akhirat nanti”.

    Sdra wajaperak, saya setuju dengan pandangan sdra bahawa mata,tangan dan jari jari yang kau gunakan untuk menulis blog di sini bukan kau yang punya.

    Bagaimanapun Tuhan juga meminta umatnya supaya berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran dan sabar.

    Kalau Khalifah Saidina Umar al-Khattab berlapang dada menerima teguran daripada seorang wanita, adakah pemerintah negara ini tidak langsung boleh ditegur langsung?(Saya teringat tulisan sdra sebelum ini termasuk jangan persoalkan pemberian BR1M?).

    Bagaimanakah agaknya teguran boleh dibuat jika semua hamba Allah tugas mereka hanyalah mendengar dan taat kepada pemerintah? (Saya ulangi yang dimaksudkan Tun ialah pemerintah bukan Allah SWT.)

    Dan tidak cukup dengan teguran sdra itu, diperkukuhkan lagi dengan ugutan (daripada Tuhan Yang Maha Berkuasa) “Mata,tangan dan jari jari yang kau gunakan untuk menulis blog di sini bukan kau yang punya”.

    Kalau semuanya mahu dilihat dari kaca mata agama, lebih elok blog Tun ditutup sahaja kerana orang ramai hanya perlu mendengar dan melihat serta taat (terhadap pemerintah dunia).Wallahualam.

    Salam Tun.

  70. mubarakchan Apr 1,2014 1:01 PM



    Why are you bent on stirring up Malaysia’s peace, harmony and prosperity into a pot of discontent and chaos at the present time when our beloved country is faced with the MH 370 issue ?

    How can any decent person believe or vote for your type of politics without care or compassion, just like your spiritual leader, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore ?

    What any Nation wants is the result of peace, stabiliity and harmony, not your theoretical and impractical remarks. You can see what your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew had done to his own indigenous population – 1959 – 100%. 2013 – 62%. 2030 – 45% ! Singapore now has to import billionaires to bolster up the GDP and mask the importation of Chinese by low caste Indians ! What a joke ! What a mess !

  71. balance Apr 1,2014 8:25 AM

    Tuntuah March 31, 2014 at 7:46 PM | Permalink

    You sound happy with lots of Ha ha ha BUT i hope and wish you real happiness, real good nightly sleep and good daily digestion.

  72. wajaperak Apr 1,2014 8:21 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Saya berada di sebuah pasar tiba-tiba seorang pemuda yang mendakwa namanya kayrel menjerit-jerit mengatakan..”Di mana ada permata,intan dan berlian di sini?”.Dia menjerit-jerit di hadapan sebuah tempat menjual ayam.Penjual ayam naik marah kerana kayrel ini menganggu perniagan beliau..”Saudara jika nak mencari intan,berlian dan permata tolong pergi ke gerai ikan di sana..ok?”..
    Begitulah Tun.
    kayrel mencari intan,permata dan berlian di gerai ayam..Mana nak dapat?..Mungkin dia akan berjumpa jawapannya di gerai ikan..atau gerai sayur atau mana-mana gerai di dalam pasar itu..:)
    Sejak dahulu manusia memang suka menentang Allah..
    Allah berpesan kalau tidak tahu..bertanya..belajar..di tempat yang betul..
    Tapi apa yang berlaku di sini?
    Orang-orang cyber mencari ‘kebenaran’ tidak di tempatnya..
    Mereka ingin mencari kebenaran tentang hadith di pasar ayam..Maaf..maksud saya di blog Tun ini..
    Mana boleh brok..:)
    Cari ikan di pasar ikan..
    Carilah kebenaran tentang hadith dari para ulama’..
    Apa tajuk posting Tun ini?
    Kuasa Mutlak.
    Mana hamba ada kuasa mutlak Tun?
    Hamba tugasnya hanyalah mendengar dan taat.Kalau degil dan bantah terimalah akibatnya di akhirat nanti..
    Saya teringat pesan ?seekor Jin.
    Mata,tangan dan jari jari yang kau gunakan untuk menulis blog di sini bukan kau yang punya..

    PENCIPTA ahmad albab YANG PUNYA!..

    Terima kasih Tun.

  73. HBT456 Apr 1,2014 5:10 AM

    Tuntuah, accept the fact that bn can never win 2/3 majority, with your open heart. The strategy employed by bn for the past 40 years need to over haul to keep up with the current and future trends of expectations from the voters. To be or not to be, let our future generations decide via 1 person, 1 vote. Sibotak, whats been done cannot be changed, but will umno baru get enough votes to be the pm in less than 4 years after so much damages were done? We will know the result in the next and future general elections.

  74. HBT456 Apr 1,2014 4:23 AM

    Tuntuah, go on with your racist remarks. People are watching, Days are numbering.

  75. Tuntuah Mar 31,2014 9:46 PM

    Aso hbt.
    Harga keter mahal?
    Umno baru kasi keter mahal?

    Hehehehe mau tipu yer.

    I have been at kota permai golf n country club last weekend.

    Saw 2 ferraris, 3 bentley, alot of mercedes, bmw, vellfire.. All belong to cina.
    Melayu bawak myvi estima mini cooper ader la 4 atau lima org.

    Ikut ratio cina to melayu kat situ dlam 25 to 1.

    Kalu keter mahal cina sepatutnyer pakai proton aje. So mau tipu ka?

    Well like the jews, saja cerita kasi tipu but depa bolot semua.

    Jangan tipu la….

    Even.aso macam u pun pakai mercedes..
    Damn jews of the east

  76. Tuntuah Mar 31,2014 7:52 PM

    This is wat u get when u think outside the box.

    A) anal sax
    B) lelaki kawin lelaki
    C) perempuan kawin perempuan
    D) bastard
    E) need i say more?

    What a crap.
    Just do what your agama ask you to do. Dont waste a lot of time to think outside wat agama u ask to do. So no need la think outside the box. Only Idiot will do.

  77. Tuntuah Mar 31,2014 7:46 PM

    Ha hah haha
    Still dont want to accept the facts????
    No wonder aso hbt melenting, ilioni merengus, balance senget… Hahahaha

    Dasar pendatang, never respect and like to rule…money money money. Dah mati pun money money money…

    You all racist.

    Aso hbt, how much money you derma to sekolah jenis kebangsaan? Too many sampai cannot count with hand. And how many pulak u bagi to sekolah kebangsaan? None. Zero. That can be catergorise as racist isn,t it?? Need more?

    Sekolah agama is different. I dont like to discuss on agama because definitely u will kill me. Hahaha

    Thinking outside the box? Hahaha another crap from the jews… Hahahaha

  78. sibotak Mar 31,2014 4:05 PM

    Bomoh bukan budaya Melayu ,Malaysia , Indonesia nor any Races
    In fact , Chinese , Indian ,Thailand, Japanese In fact Mad Salleh , Europeans , Americans
    Have believers in Super Natural Believes
    But they don,t call Bomoh , They have their own terms

    We are Lucky now this unfortunate MH370
    Datuk Hishamudin is the Minister , the Spokesman for Malaysia
    Whom able to speak to the world with regards of MH & Malaysia
    He is Competence though under Stress

    Imaging if its still Datuk Samy Velu
    Itu Kapal Turbang sudang turun
    Kita Rakyat Malaysia kalu mesti

    Berhenti Hisap Dada !!!!!
    Kita Mesti Derma Dara !!!!!!
    Amma…………..k !!

  79. mubarakchan Mar 31,2014 12:58 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic only. on the rise and fall of Singapore.

  80. HBT456 Mar 31,2014 7:57 AM mr obama became the 1st black president in the united states of america for 2 terms, dato seri wee, right? Racism can bring bn up, racism can also bring racism down. Look at taiwan, you will the fear in them is very real. Never under estimate the power of the people, dear bn politicians. Just do your work, stop asking question of what do people want.

  81. HBT456 Mar 31,2014 5:29 AM

    As youth and sport minister, kj was upset. 1 bomoh ini bukan budaya malaysia, tu adalah budaya indonesia, betul tak, sibotak?

  82. HBT456 Mar 31,2014 5:18 AM

    Pn hajar, harga rumah tinggi will not go away especially with high population area. Cant afford, just rent the house only. Using this as the issue to fish malay votes, umno baru is doomed to fail. Sibotak, 1 bomoh malaysia ala do re mi p ramlee in klia has again showed us the incompetency of umno baru politician to use the unfortunate missing flight mh370 to gain personal agenda to gain malay votes, buat melayu bodoh. The chances of anwar ibrahim to be the next pm will be materialized in next ge to stop sabahan from controlling peninsula via look east policy.

  83. Hajar Mar 30,2014 1:07 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Anwar ada ’Kuasa Mutlak’ ke atas PKR. Suami-Isteri, dan anak beranak bertanding untuk Jawatan2 tertinggi dalam PKR. Cuma orang buta saja yang tidak nampak akan kepincangan ketara ini. Yang peliknya orang yang sudah disabitkan kesalahan oleh Mahkamah, masih lagi lepas bebas untuk menghasut rakyat. Saya harap Kerajaan guna ’Kuasa Mutlak’ untuk membendung kerakusan Anwar yang cara politiknya amat kotor/bahaya (untuk kebaikan Malaysia). Minda rakyat yang sudah dihasut (taksub) boleh mengakibatkan kesan jangka panjang yg amat buruk/dahsyat,kerana pemikiran mereka ini sudah tidak rasional.

    2. Dalam DAP dan PAS pun sama juga; anak beranak pegang jawatan penting dalam parti (aktif pada masa sama), tetapi mereka cekap menipu & menghasut rakyat supaya tidak nampak kepincangan & penipuan mereka.. Tapi, penyokong2 Pembangkang agaknya sudah buta mata/hati; ”gajah depan mata tidak nampak, tapi kuman di seberang nampak jelas”

    3. Tentang Tragedi MH370, mesti ada hikmahnya kejadian ini. Dari sini kita boleh lihat betapa TIDAK SETIA nya pihak Pembangkang (majoriti) kepada Malaysia. Ada yang sanggup bersekongkol dengan media asing & orang asing untuk memburukkan/ mengutuk Malaysia. Mereka yang mengutuk negara sendiri di masa sukar dan mencabar ini adalah warganegara yang paling haprak. Mereka disaran baca balik RUKUN NEGARA. Malaysia..

    4. Saya nampak ada pengkomen yang asyik mengkritik Kerajaan dan sentiasa rasa yang kritikan beliau adil/betul.. Namun, sebagai pembaca, saya dapati komen/pendapat beliau tidak ada apa2 yang baru sebab saya juga boleh baca komen2 serupa di blog2 Pembangkang. Pada mereka, apa yang Kerajaan buat semuanya tidak pernah betul.

    5. Saya tinggal di Lembah Kelang. Dulu (sebelum 2009) di bandar kecil tempat saya tinggal harga rumah agak berpatutan (stabil) untuk sekian lama (lebih 10 tahun). Namun bila DAP/PKR/PAS memerintah Selangor, harga rumah mencanak naik (within 2-3 years). Sekarang, Serviced Apt yang kecil pun harganya sudah melebihi RM300,000. Harga rumah teres dua-tingkat yang sederhana besar sudah mencecah lebih setengah juta ringgit (RM).

    6. Harga rumah (flat/apt yg kecil) di Singapura teramat tinggi. Berjaya kah Kerajaan Singapura dalam menangani harga rumah di sana? Baru2 ini Singapura dinobatkan sebagai bandar yang paling tinggi ’kos sara hidup’ di dunia (kos termahal di dunia – untuk melancong). Ini memang satu pencapaian yang amat membanggakan…clap..clap..

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ********

  84. musato Mar 30,2014 12:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Di antara ruang masa kosong sebelum kehilangan MH370 telah dipenuhi oleh kehadiran buku keagungan Syeikh Abdul Qadir al Jailani.

    Teruja untuk membaca manaqib/biodata al-Ghauts. Gembiranya dapat berkenalan dengan al-Ghauts seumpama mengenali pemikiran Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang dikenali dunia – Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

    Sejujurnya saya lebih mengenali nama Imam al Ghazali jika menyebut berkenaan tasawauf. Entah bagaimana munculnya nama Syeikh Abdul Qadir.

    Mungkin kerana wasiat dan nasihat beliau yang tertulis di dalam tazkirah beliau amat menarik dan bersesuaian dengan diri.

    Telah dikisahkan dalam manaqib ketika beliau belia, Abu Said, Ibnu Baqa dan beliau sendiri telah berkunjungan ke Baghdad kerana ingin berjumpa dengan al Ghauts yang telah dihebahkan kemuliaannya oleh orang ramai.

    Ibnu Baqa berniat untuk menanyakan soalan yang al Ghauts tidak akan ketahui jawapannya.

    Abu Saib ingin mengajukan permasalahan yang apa yang akan diperbuat oleh al Ghauts itu.

    Manakala Abdul Qadir hanya ingin beroleh berkat ketika berjumpa nanti.

    Kesudahannya, al Ghauts yang kadangkala ghaib itu telah muncul ketika mereka ini sampai ke rumah al Ghauts.

    Berkatalah al Ghauts bahawa Abu Said akan didatangi oleh dunia, iaitu kaya raya.

    Berkatalah al Ghauts yang Ibnu Baqa akan kufur satu hari nanti. Iaitu murtad.Benarlah ia terjadi. Beliau dikagumi dalam ilmu agamanya tetapi tunduk kepada jodohnya. Na’udzu billah min dzalik.

    Berkatalah al Ghauts dengan rendah diri kepada Abdul Qadir al Jailani, satu hari nantii kamu akan berkata “kedua kakiku ini berada di atas lutut para kekasih Allah”.

    Assalamualaikum ya Syeikh.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  85. mubarakchan Mar 30,2014 12:05 PM


    I support Sibotak. Through my study of Singaporeans since October 1951 to 2014. I noted only ONE indigenous Singaporean family became billionaires from zero base ONLY IN SINGAPORE.

    The rest of the so-called Singaporean multi-billionaires did not make their billions in Singapore at all. They all made the money outside of Singapore’s jurisdicition which accepts money as money – the colour of the money is not important.

    Singapore is just a sort of dormitory for rich folks like the mult-billionaires downwards to the less wealthy multi-millionaires, to sleep well at night with their families.

    Singapore has been the traditional financier for Malaya and South-East Asia which it continues to play this role today. For example, only for a very short period during Tun Dr Mahathir’s Administration, British magazines arrived at the beginning of the month instead of after 21st of the month. I found out from a Singaporean newsagent that all unsold British magazines were collected on the 21st of each month and shipped out to the neighbouring countries. This is just what a Singaporean would call as sharp business practice. There is a very long list of what could be done to make money across borders – sharp business practices It is all over the place !

    I support you Sibotak because far too many Malaysians see the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore as a benign and jolly Santa Claus !

  86. balance Mar 30,2014 9:40 AM

    ilioni March 29, 2014 at 6:47 PM | Permalink

    Wish more can write encouraging words like you. I think that is the correct way to foster and unite the nation for a friendlier, caring, forward-looking Malaysia. The journey for a better Malaysia is not via condemnation and labeling. If there are animal instinct among us, those that called others by animal names are the real animal and if there are loser among us, those calling others loser are the real loser.
    Not all Chinese are involved in property speculation and not all Chinese can afford to buy bungalow and super condo too. Not all Chinese vote for DAP and not all Malays vote for BN. Not all Chinese work for Chinese businesses only and not all Malays work for Govt and Malays businesses only too. There is no need for such thinking as it will surely damage and shrink the brain with such thoughts. If anyone have such unnecessary thoughts, pause for a while and ask yourselves will such thinking help yourselves to be happier, richer, smarter, more patriotic, holier and etcc. If the answer is NO but for for the EGO entertainment (syiok) only, then please stop destroying the country and the people.
    If there is love and devotion for BN, condemnation should stop as it will effect the pro-BN Chinese voters even if the percentage is 0.1%. The way to increase BN popularity and dominance is by showing that BN understand humanity, inviting, persuading, convincing and showing the good/beautiful side about BN and its people to its opposition, opponents and fence-sitter. Dont expect instant results as it takes many years for our founders to established Alliance. For those who say they love and look-up to Tun they should realize that they are actually destroying Tun’s dream for a unite, caring, loving and forward-looking country and people.

  87. sibotak Mar 30,2014 4:28 AM









  88. ilioni Mar 29,2014 6:47 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Let me make myself clear that I am not affiliated to any political party but a concerned Malaysian who wants to see a better Malaysia.

    Tuntuah March 29, 2014 at 3:09 PM | Permalink
    Please continue to look at things using your tiny little racial eyes. The different type of Kebangsaan School stays because there is good in it. Period. When Tun’s in charge, if Tun thinks that it is bad for the country, he would have abolished it. With China emerging as the second largest economy, it just make it a lot more sense to keep it and think harder on how to integrate other races together. If the objective is clear, someone just need to think out of the box. But sometimes it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks (I know that).

    On the house price, another typical blaming attitude. Blame everyone else except looking at ways to overcome the problem. With this kind of mentality, how can the society progress?!! Soaring house prices is a problem that a lot of developed & developing countries faces (In Brazil, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc) and it’s the responsibility of the government to look at measures to control it and find a balance! The house price will rise over time and that will not stop.. but the important matter is making sure that it doesn’t become an unsustainable property bubble. Stop blaming others and start looking at how other governments are dealing with this problem and tailor some good measures according to our environment.

    KarlMarch 29, 2014 at 2:38 PM | Permalink
    A simple conclusion from the article that you posted. Too much ego without substance! Are they even aware that China is one of the biggest trading partner (both the export and import) for Malaysia??!! Why start WAR that is going to hurt ourselves? To the Chinese Economy, we are just one little drop.
    MITI Weekly Bulletin July 2013

    Because of these ego, we are risking a counter attack from one of our biggest trading partner resulting in drops in Export and Increase in Raw material Cost to source the same product that we used to Import from China. So, what’s the effect of that? Export related Jobs will be lost due to the drop in demand and increase in the raw material means we have just lost our competitiveness in business as well. Chain effect. Still don’t understand. I am no economist and I am happy to be proven wrong.

    balanceMarch 29, 2014 at 10:46 AM | Permalink
    The spirit of learning from others (be it our friends or opponents) is something that Tun has been teaching us to do though his action (at least from my point of view). Let me quote a few example:
    – The creation of Cyberjaya (I believe originating from the idea of transforming it to be a place similar to the Silicon Valley in US)
    – The creation of Putrajaya
    – Look to the East Policy (Korean haven’t rise up yet at that time.. Look at them today!)
    – I once remember that Tun praised the Medical Response while he was in Australia and mentioned how we could embrace some of the good thing that he has seen.
    – Many more..

    Learning the good should not have boundary (be it from our friends or our opponents). Does it make what others think is good is really good for us? Not necessary but it needs to be looked at. But, in order to correctly determine what’s good for the country, we need to have a CAPABLE leader. The leader will have to take in all the suggestions by foreign advisers and his local advisers and make a decision. We could NOT have a leader that just take it all (from his local advisers without being able to think and evaluate thing himself!) We’ve seen how Tun handled the financial crisis and took a totally different approach from what’s recommended by the IMF. Same goes with how the capable UK leader dealing with their ailing economy when IMF told the UK leaders that they are in the wrong direction (cutting the benefit too fast) but to the contrary, with all the measures that they are taking, UK is now one of the fastest growing economy in Europe. Once again, IMF will just have to bite the bullet and accept that they are wrong. The point is that every important organization needs to have a capable leader Top Down Approach and at the same time, restructure our education (to deal with the dropping standard) Bottom Up Approach. Labeling needs to stop as it brings no benefits to the country except for those who are struggling for political survival. If one is doing a good job, the people will see it and they will not have to worry!

  89. HBT456 Mar 29,2014 4:37 PM

    Tuntuah, why you membisu about agama schools?

    Harga rumah expensive, jangan beli.

    It is umno baru who cleared so much of our land that made our property prices over paid in the first place to rich your cronies.

    It is umno baru that made us suffer for high car prices.

    You failed, but you blame us.

  90. Tuntuah Mar 29,2014 3:17 PM

    Aso hbt

    Cina n jew tu sama lah.
    Cuma satu barat satu lagi timur.
    N satu mata bulat satu lagi kurang bulat
    Segi perangai.. Well sebijik sama. Cannot be distinguished lansung.

  91. Tuntuah Mar 29,2014 3:09 PM

    Ilioni n aso hbt.

    Take that facts and swallow it. It taste really bad but will make u better. Denial make u worse.

    Why we need sekolah jenis kebangsaan for the first place? to show that bangsa really racist. Need i say more?

    Wishing that 1 million pendatang yang dulu never been granted with citizenship. Definitely i will more kaya, maju and tenang hidup ni.

    Note: harga rumah sekarang damn expensive. Who the speculator? Spot on. The jews in the east. Who complaining alot? The same people that speculate the housing price. Who they are? Aso hbt same species. Damn jews.

  92. Karl Mar 29,2014 2:38 PM

    Salam Tun,

    just to share an idea on how we Malaysians, from all colors and faith, SECARA MUTLAK must deal with hostile foreigners and countries :

    by KijangMas Perkasa

    In memory of 87 of the passengers and crew members of MH370 and in recognition of their brave families who faced the tragedy with utmost grace, humility and dignity, I have directed the following action for all enterprises and commercial undertakings majority owned or effectively controlled by our Group with immediate effect::-

    In the U.S., cease all dealings with companies and nationals of the People’s Republic of China. Ongoing contracts and transactions will be legally terminated.

    In Indonesia, beyond goods at port of embarkation or in transit, all commodity shipments to the People’s Republic of China will cease. Ongoing contracts and transactions will be legally terminated.

    In Malaysia:-
    – Our property rental agreements with companies and nationals of the People’s Republic of China will be terminated, with the appropriate notice and compensation.
    – Our resort and homestay accommodations will not accept bookings by companies and nationals of the People’s Republic of China. All prepayments will be refunded in full.
    – Our transportation services and excursion tours to and from KBR to Pulau Perhentian, Tok Bali, Kuala Besut and adjoining beaches will not accept bookings by companies and nationals of the People’s Republic of China. All prepayments will be refunded in full.
    – Our cafes and eateries will not serve nationals of the People’s Republic of China.
    – Ongoing negotiations on iron ore extraction and limestone quarrying with companies and nationals of the People’s Republic of China will cease.
    – All traveling to the People’s Republic of China, either on official business or leisure, by shareholders, directors and employees of companies majority owned or effectively controlled by the Group are disallowed. Personal losses for ticket and hotel prepayments will be compensated in full.

    In short, we don’t need China — in our sight, in our mind, in our world.

    Do not underestimate Malaysia.

    And never underestimate the resolve of patriotic Malaysians. Never.

    We may not noisily take to the streets, kicking and screaming like pigs in a slaughterhouse, or crying and wailing crocodile tears in blatantly insincere displays of emotion to sway global opinion . . . .

    BUT we are a tenacious, proud people.

    As in past adversities, in our own way, we rise, we improvise, and ultimately we thrive and come back stronger as we strive to achieve our collective aspirations.

    Remember, against the odds, we did NOT become a long-predicted next fallen domino in the Communist land grab of a generation ago. We regroup, we close ranks, we fought back, we won. Resoundingly. And with the filthy traitors thrown to the scrapheap of history.

    Speaking of filth, of course we shall never forget the benefactor and puppeteer of that treacherous cause that saw the death of thousands of our brave warriors and the slaughter of our civilians, . . . . our innocent fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and caused unimaginable sufferings on our people.

    Yes, the very nation that today harbor ungrateful scums and running dog opportunists who capitalize on global grief to cause mayhem, to incite hatred, to twist facts, to feign misery, to shamelessly squeeze every drop of sympathy to launch a crusade for a financial windfall in the name of the dead. And the bigger tragedy is when the gullible simpletons of this world are swept into the whirlpool of deceit and false pretensions of these Godless commies and became unwitting abettors in a grotesque manifestation of unbridled avarice and ingratitude.

    Malaysia will forge ahead with renewed vigor, a greater sense of purpose, and with pride and dignity reflective of a refined, cultured race on a land blessed by the bounty of Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’āla, Lord of the universe, the merciful and compassionate, ruler of the day of judgement.

    Tiada akan hilang Malaysia di dunia !


  93. balance Mar 29,2014 10:46 AM

    ilioni March 28, 2014 at 11:30 PM | Permalink

    Yes i read the article about a fighter who understand that the fight is just a sport and his opponent is his teacher. If only more people can have that attitude!!!
    If Singapore dollar is higher value than Malaysian Ringgit, we learn from them to improve.
    If Singapore do/did more mistakes/failure than us, we also learn from their mistakes and failure
    If Singapore have the worst Govt, we learn from them why they are the worst
    If Lee Kuan Yee is a stupid man, we must learn from him why is he so stupid
    If our beloved Dr. M is a good man, we learn from him
    If USA is military stronger than us, we learn from them.
    If Jews (supposingly) are smarter than us, we learn from them.
    If Prophet Mohd teach us good, we listen and learn
    If Jesus teach us good, we listen and learn
    If Buddha teach us good, we also listen and learn
    If anyone teach us good, we listen, learn and practice
    Instead of self-praising, self-admiring, too opinionated and sarcastic, listen and learn
    Surely out of millions or billions of words we and people speak and write there are beneficial comments and advise, we can still learn to be better.
    There is no such thing as one person know-all and right all the time.
    But if anyone that say or admit or claim or bragging that he/she is the cleverest person and always right, then we should NOT listen and learn from him/her, instead we should send him/her to “Rumah Gila Gila”

    Good day

  94. HBT456 Mar 29,2014 8:16 AM

    Tuntuah, without the 2nd major race support, there is no way bn can win comfortably. The statement made by singapore’s foreign minister has shown that mr lee kuan yew has succeeded in changing the racist mentality of singaporeans via world class education. Over here, semua adalah salah cina dan yahudi. Are you ikhlas, and Allah fearing, Tuntuah?

  95. Karl Mar 29,2014 8:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    yes Ilioni.

    Unfortunately most of RBAs and Chinese DAPigs simply do not possess Saiful’s demeanour.

    But of course, you have to, nope, you must blame UMNO for that too!


  96. ilioni Mar 28,2014 11:30 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to share this article that I read today from Tun’s daughter (Marina) sharing. If only we could have breed more of these True Malaysian Citizens, Malaysia will be a better, more beautiful country. There is lots to learn from him for both myself and hopefully some of our politicians (both the BN and the PR) can learn from him as well. It is not because his victory in the championship that impressed me but the word and most importantly actions that follow after a victory that is what impresses me the most.

    Proud to read this as a Malaysian and my salute to you, Saiful!

  97. mubarakchan Mar 28,2014 7:09 PM


    Before I could move away from browsing, I was hit by the headline ” Recent Academic Work on Temasek ” at – just the antidote to the poison about how good the one street town of Singapore is as spewed forth by HockBengTeohhalfpastsic and others of a similar ilk.

    The bluffology emanated from this supposedly academic work underlines precisely why I always wanted the Malaysian Government owned GLCs to be sold to the Private Sector – These GLCs are black holes with no bottom in the Public Sector.

    Temasek is now so deep in this sort of environment of their own making that they have to bite their teeth and grin to keep a brave front. Sooner or later, the truth will be exposed.

  98. balance Mar 28,2014 6:59 PM

    ilioni March 28, 2014 at 7:52 AM | Permalink

    Great comment, guess there are still people that talk/speak/write/think something nice rather then all the time blaming others, accuse, one-sided view, judgmental, prejudice, labeling, compare and condemn about neighbors well-beings, my race/religion is better than your race/religion and million other negativity. The correct way is to look inside ourselves and say we can contribute by give positive comments and advise to make Malaysia a better and more peaceful place. Condemn, accuse and etc…. will not make us better but only make us smaller heart and close mind. Why do people want to be like that?
    Why do people like to fall into politicians traps then take sides and condemn each other?
    Let the politicians fight among themselves as when whoever win, they will not share the money and privileges with anyone except themselves and their family. The most/best these politicians will do is to appoint you as volunteer with a packet of nasi ayam and YeoHapSeng drink as payment or maybe a Proton to drive. Remember they will take all and share nothing with you because you are just a pond/small fly in their big money games.

  99. mubarakchan Mar 28,2014 6:39 PM


    Before I could turn more than 3 pages of the Web, I was hit by an audacious claim of a DAP member of the Dewan Rakyat that he could locate the site of the MH370 given the same resources now utilised by the BN Government.

    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic, this is the sort of aides, digits or cohorts who represent the leadership of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP today – dull, colourless, obstinate and crazy and discarded by their spiritual leader the brillilant Lee Kuan Yew to make room for the smart ones.

    SINCE YOU THINK SO HIGHLY OF SINGAPORE, HOCKBENGTEOHHALFPASTSIC, you and your comrade in arms should check into the Woodbridge Hotel, Singapore to have your heads examined. My nephew is a permanent resident there for a life time. He will make you feel comfortable if you just quote my name as reference.

  100. mubarakchan Mar 28,2014 2:40 PM


    For HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. Please do not lose your temper. We are still 4 years away from the next 14 General Elections.

    First, you pretended to be a Straits Penang housewife and now you behave just like one of those demonic paid hacks of the Opposition whose every word is either an abuse, insult or worse. Look at yourself every morning in the mirror and think of us.

    Second, please also do not condemn others when you lost in an argument without producing any facts. You only know how to run-down people without facts in a juvenile or puerile manner.

    You have never produced a single tiny bit of fact to back up your unfair and uncivilised condemnation of others who had served our beloved Nation well like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the multitude of supporters in the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties.


    In the old days which was only 3 years ago in 2011, braggards like you of your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore had a FREE RIDE because to this day nothing bad about Singapore is ever reported in the Malaysian Press unlike the PAP controlled Press and media of Singapore since the 1970s.

    Who would have thought that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew actually promulgated a MINIMUM OF 15 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE ? Of late, your hero has mentioned that he will fight tooth and nail if someone says he is corrupt. NO ONE HAS SAID THIS SO FAR !

    You lose your argument and whatever good there is about your hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is lost, when you become personal and insult others. If you have any real fact, please reveal them – like what I will reveal to you about your hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew and Dr Alfred Winsemius. Heard of him ?

    Dr Alfred Winsemius of Holland was the person who transformed the backwater entreport of Singapore into the glittering Singapore city today. He was the advisor to the Singapore Government from 1961 to 1984. When he retired, he was awarded 2 medals one of which was gold and a piece of parchment paper. He could advise on the economic aspects but the human socio-development aspect was left to your hero the brillliant Lee Kuan Yew. The latter screwed up his own indigenous people big-time which history will single him out for this deed amongst other failures. Why ? When a person with no compassion applied the nitty-gritty of the law and all its devil in the fine print to every policy and concept in dealing with Humankind unlike robots who could be programmed, you, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic and your hero, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew could only get one result – UTTER FAILURE. The human being just run away.

    In our beloved Malaysia which you dislike so much and so unhappy -YOU HAVE NOT RUN AWAY YET UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY OVERSEAS SPOUTING RUBBISH !

    Like all human beings we make mistakes and correct these in time. Of course, there are weaknesses in our political system but also take note that we have come a long long way since 1957.

    Serious attempts were made to unseat the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties since 1964 especially in 2008 and 2013. These attempts failed. Why ? Because the Opposition leadership are only aides, cohorts or digits discarded by your super-duper one-street town of world class Republic of Singapore and its leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore.

    Further, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has a dull, colourless and obstinate leadership, the PKR is extremely rich and the PAS is pious.

    This is the choice for you, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. No need to get angry or be abusive.

    On this score, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic, please let us know ONE failure of Policy of any Malaysian Government. Please do not accuse others without facts.

  101. sibotak Mar 28,2014 1:23 PM

    Saya tak Khairan kenapa Keluarga Cina nahas KL370
    Begitu xtreme meluahkan perasaan mereka

    Lihat saja Budaya Kematian Cina disini
    Sanggup mengupah orang luar duit semasa Pengekebumian si mati
    Hanya untuk Nyagis & Meraung

    Apa pula jadinya jika Kapal terbang Cina terhumpas dan membunuh rakyat bangsa lain
    Adakah kita akan menuduh Cina Pembunuh
    Dan musibah yg berlaku di Cina sendiri adakah setiap musibah itu Pembunuh


  102. Tired Mar 28,2014 8:53 AM

    Salam, Tun,

    (I chose to comment here instead of elsewhere because I was not sure if those blog owners would protect my identity when requested to by PDRM, JAKIM, JAIS, etc.! Going by what they did with KA, I fear we have lost our freedom of speech in our beloved Malaysia. Nowadays, every single day, I live in fear that someone would bring me before the Court; Syariah, Civil or even Criminal, for speaking my mind! A same feeling that I have had when I was working in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia!)

    1. How is “Dajjal” actually? BAbI (Brader Anwar bin Ibrahim) or AbAB (Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi)? Let us analyse.

    2. AbAB “released” BAbi. Introduced “Islam Hadhari”, and allowed “BERSIH”, “HINDRAF”, etc.

    3. BAbI created chaos in beloved Malaysia with help from BERSIH, HINDRAF, and of course DAPigs (incl. Members of MCA and Gerakan), PAS, and PKR until now including having “his hands” in “Lahad Datu” and “MH370.”

    4. Whereas, AbAB created JAKIM ala-Taliban that is very selective in their actions (WE KNOW WHAT THEY DO AND DO NOT DO. HENCE, I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME IN EXPOUNDING THEIR CASE!)

    5. My take: For us to return to normalcy, (a) Return BAbI to his sty; (b) Clip JAKIM’s wings so it would not fly “any higher”; and, (c) Sack all MAS Union Members. I believe what is happening “with MAS”, lately, have something to do with them! Then, DSN resigning as PM. On interim, TSM replaces him as “Caretaker PM” until UMNO appoints new President that is Malaysian at heart and in mind. Thereafter, Insyallah, we would all be all right. I believe what we are facing now is God’s wrath towards us for “doing or condoning something that is morally and religiously, wrong!”

    6. I hope I would live to enjoy my freedom of speech until I die

    Sekian Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  103. ilioni Mar 28,2014 7:52 AM

    Salam Tun,

    In response to TunTuah comment, I agree that the Chinese Votes did not increase and are you so naive to think that it will increase looking how country is being run? Understandably that Malay votes has increased. “Cina tak soking BN pun”. Yes, you are partly correct. I believe that some Chinese Communities are still giving the government a chance to prove themselves worthy of the trust by not voting.

    “Lihat betapa buruknyer dan teruknyer perangai cina. Kiter bagi macam macam pertolongan tapi tak pernah berterima kasih tapi tuduh malaysia pembunuh dan haprak. Sama aje macam cina sini. Never say thank you but hamtam melayu cukup cukup.”

    It makes me wonder when can we stop labeling the race so much. The above is another typical comment that we have breed over so many years. I don’t need to say any further. Some of the common mindset: “Gua tolong sama you, you tolong sama gua” or “Kangkung dah turun harga, kenapa tak puji kerajan pun?” or “Apa lagi Cina mau?”. Do we still not see a problem here? Every time the problem is always with others and the government has done their best? Really? Are you sure? I don’t denied that under Tun’s administration, we have transformed a lot. But, when we stop and think what has happened over the past 10 years and look at where we are today and where we are heading to in the very near future. It just doesn’t look very promising. Excuse my pessimism.

    “So ingat lah. Kalu kaum cina begitulah perangai dier. Buruk n busuk. Ini adalah hakikat. Tak caya lagi? Aso hbt example yang sgt tepat. Well kalu yahudi tetaplah yahudi tak kira la barat ke timur. So think twice lah dgn cina ni dalam aper benda pun. They never ikhlas.”

    Ok. So, the Jews are bad people because they oppress others. The Chinese/China are bad people because they are people who doesn’t know how to appreciate us. The Singapore are bad because they are very took advantage of us. The Indonesian are bad because they are fighting with us in the oil palm business. The Australian are bad as well because they criticize us. If that’s the case, why don’t we boikot Chinese Product and don’t trade with them? If that’s the case, a lot of people have to throw away their iPhones/iPads and many more. The tourism is already very badly hit by the reduced number of Chinese tourist after this MH370 crisis. And, we can continue to live on our resource rich country so what’s the big deal/problem here?

    Let me be honest here. The problem that we face today is too much of politics and too little good work (good policies) done. To be able to come up with real good policies, focus should be from top down. To get talented leader, there needs to be good competition and to have good competition, it needs to be able to attract the fresh new talents into the organization. When the organization fail to continue to attract fresh young talents (professional), the organization is just doom to fail (just a matter of time). I hope it is not about quantity but quality.

    Without a capable Captain, the ship is just cruising on auto-pilot driven by the group of trusted advisers without any clear destination. The generals come out with all the absurd excuses when something goes wrong because he/she is either TOO afraid to be questioned by the Captain or he/she is NOT afraid of being questioned by the Captain. At this rate, it will not be too far when things go spiraling down. I don’t have the two bamboo to predict the future like our 1Bomoh but time will tell …

    The reason why we can have a shady place to stay is because the trees were planted by the people many years ago. If we continue to chop down these trees without planting new ones, there will be one day there will be no trees left and one will just have to bear staying and struggling in the hot sunny weather. The choice is yours to take. To change or be changed.

  104. azlan95 Mar 28,2014 7:44 AM

    HBT456 wrote:
    Azlan 95, whether the world laughing or not, it does not matter.

    I reply:
    The point is not about the statement, the point is about the paroting of the statement. Hopefully those parots would realize it.


  105. HBT456 Mar 28,2014 6:24 AM

    One more thing mubarak chan, please for God sake, dont compare yourself with Singapore way of doing things. It made you look stupier and more inferior as Selangor politician.

  106. HBT456 Mar 28,2014 5:57 AM

    Azlan 95, whether the world laughing or not, it does not matter. 1 person, 1 vote of these malaysians, it will affect the voting pattern. Mubarak chan, if umno baru is sincere in kongsi kuasa, they shall never down grade other races and religions to win malay votes. People tend to forget their root when they got the power for too long.

  107. mubarakchan Mar 27,2014 11:17 PM


    Specially for HockBengTeohhalfpastsic, this independent report by the respect journal ‘ The Economist ‘

    The ordinary Singaporean opines that Singapore will top this list soon.

  108. azlan95 Mar 27,2014 9:20 PM

    I notice an interesting statement in the MH 370 case:

    “The world is laughing at Malaysia….”

    What makes the statement interesting is how a few individuals read it and then paroting it. Well the truth is the world is not laughing at Malaysia. It’s as simple as that.


  109. Tuntuah Mar 27,2014 11:37 AM

    Siapa yang kater undi cina meningkat masa prk kajang… I nak kasi tau pi lah mabok. Undi cina tak meningkat pun tapi undi melayu yang meningkat. Cina tak sokong bn pun.

    Kisah mh 370. Lihat betapa buruknyer dan teruknyer perangai cina. Kiter bagi macam macam pertolongan tapi tak pernah berterima kasih tapi tuduh malaysia pembunuh dan haprak. Sama aje macam cina sini. Never say thank you but hamtam melayu cukup cukup.

    So ingat lah. Kalu kaum cina begitulah perangai dier. Buruk n busuk. Ini adalah hakikat. Tak caya lagi? Aso hbt example yang sgt tepat.

    Well kalu yahudi tetaplah yahudi tak kira la barat ke timur. So think twice lah dgn cina ni dalam aper benda pun. They never ikhlas.

  110. Karl Mar 27,2014 11:19 AM

    Salam Tun,

    izinkan saya komen poin Tun yang berikut:

    8. Kuasa mutlak, sama ada dianugerah oleh undang-undang atau adat budaya keMelayuan amat merbahaya. Ia akan meningkat ke tahap yang tidak dapat diterima oleh rakyat. Sebelum sampai tahap ini, eloklah pihak berkenaan diberitahu. Janganlah orang yang berkuasa mutlak atau tidak melanggar perlembagaan, undang-undang atau dasar-dasar Negara.

    Setahu saya, ‘kuasa mutlak’ yang Tun rujuk itu hanya ada di tangan DYMM Agong dan raja-raja Melayu. Saya tak nampak di mana ianya akan menjadi ‘amat merbahaya’ hingga ‘tidak dapat diterima rakyat’ – dan seingat saya pihak-pihak tersebut telahpun di-“jinak” oleh Tun dengan bantuan komando-UMNO di bawah Dato Ibrahim (bapa kepada Anwar Ibrahim) sewaktu terjadinya krisis imuniti raja-raja Melayu.

    What Ilioni says is true. If we continue to support fools like the ? Minister, the country will be a laughing stock for allowing the worst to reign one of the most important post in the govt. At a time when even the orang kampong have computers that can store Terabytes of information on their computer drive, it is a lame excuse for the ? Minister to not update himself with the latest in cyber technology. No wonder the RBA and Pakatan Riot can everyday ‘makan kenduri’ and make fools of UMNO ministers, especially the ? Minister who recently was caught sucking up to Malaysiakini’s gun .. er .. Gan


  111. ilioni Mar 27,2014 8:51 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to use this space to share my viewpoint again,

    1. Having absolute power without separation of responsibility is bad.

    2. Having absolute power under incompetent leadership is even worse. Let’s take a look at the news that we see today.

    Our home minister stated that the information shows 40.2 million lost passports (information) were kept by Interpol, a figure that is too large and our Malaysia’s immigration department’s database management system does not have the capability to keep it based on the existing capacity. And, to do these check on the Interpol’s lost (passports) database will slow down the process of immigration’s check at counters,”

    Where is the mindset of “MALAYSIA BOLEH!” that Tun promoted. My question to the one in charge is that why is that not doable? The ONLY reason is that the problem that we see today is NOT BIG enough to warrant a solution. Let me share my humble opinion. When someone check-in to fly out of Malaysia, isn’t it that everyone has to provide the Passport details when one books the flight ticket and why can’t we verify that before someone do the check in? Why would there be a delay if we do it before the check-in happens?

    Now, for the people who is arriving at our immigration check point (both via flight, train or car). If we are doing it manually, I agree that it is going to be slow but in these digital age, why can’t we make it efficient and fast? I’ve seen multi-millions lines of logs being searched through multi-gigabytes of data in just a matter of seconds. So, why is that not possible? I agree that searching through the Interpol database in real-time might take too long time but we could load the initial data into our own local database/tool and then get incremental updates; if not, then downloading the data on daily basis could be an option. It’s just the matter of getting the right tool to get the job done. And, most importantly is to get the right competent person to do the right job! When there is a will, there is a way.

  112. sibotak Mar 27,2014 3:56 AM

    Alangkah Hebatnya jika si Bomoh MH Temberang
    Jika ramalan beliau menentukan satu tempat kehilangan MH jagi Nyata
    Sudah Tentu Satu Dunia termasuk Amerika , Soviet
    Akan Gerun pada Malaysia
    Tok Bomoh pun akan jadi Idola Malaysia

    Begitu juga cerita Nujum Pak Belalang
    Belalang…..Belalang mana kau Belalang ?
    Kebetulan Jawapan Ahli Nujum Benar

  113. sibotak Mar 27,2014 3:46 AM

    Sejarah Malaysia , Identiti Malaysia akan bertukar tangan
    Melayu akan pupus seperti pupusnya Ikan Paus diLautan

    Jika Melayu hanya Menadahkan tangan Mengemis Ikhsan

    Apakah Tindak kita Selanjutnya ?
    Berputih Mata atau Berputih Tulang ?

  114. sibotak Mar 27,2014 3:41 AM

    Penjajahan berlaku apabila pihak lain merasa lebih kuat dari yg dijajah
    Malaysia di jajah British satu masa dulu
    Disebabkan tidak berupaya mempertahankan diri
    Di Zaman ini tidak di benarkan penjajahan berlaku olih United Nation
    Namun Tetap berlakunya penjajahan yg di Halalkan United Nation
    seperti yg berlaku di Iraq , Afganistan dan yg lain
    Hanya dengan adakan alasan untuk menakluk yg mana UN tutup mata

    Dengan bermodal Dua Bangunan World Trade di New York
    Amerika dapat menghasilkan Dua Negara di Iraq juga di Afganistan
    juga ada bonusnya seperti Libya , Syria dan lain
    Satu perniagaan yg cukup menguntungkan

    Malaysia sekarang masih dijajah walau merasa sudah Merdeka
    Penjajahan ekonomi dari negara asing terutama Singapura dan yg lain
    Saya belum faham erti Merdeka
    Penaklukan ekonomi yg membenarkan mereka membeli tanah Malaysia
    secara berluasa dengan bebas dan menyakinkan Freehold Land telah
    kesudahannya Malaysia masih di Jajah
    Sekarang ekonomi lambat laun Politik lambat laun KeSultanan pun pupus

    Sejarah Malaysia , identiti Malaysia akan bertukar tangan
    Melayu akan pupus seperti pupusnya Ikan Paus diLautan
    Jika hanya menadahkan tangan Mengemis Ikhsan

    Saya TIDAK SALAHKAN Tun Mahathir berjaya menurunkan Pak Lah
    Malah Tindakan Tun telah berjaya menyelamatkan Malaysia dari di Jajah sepenuhnya

    Akan Kesedaran Kekuatan Miltary sesuatu Negara itu Perlu
    Dari di Tindas sewenangnya olih si Kuat
    Bukan saja membeli Boeing atau AirBus
    Malah senjata pun kita beli dari negara yg bakal mengugat Kedaulatan kita
    Apa erti ini semua ?


  115. kenapa Mar 27,2014 1:55 AM

    Assalamualikum Tun

    MH370 telah hilang tanpa dapat dikesan oleh setelit-satelit canggih Amerika, China, UK, Japan dan lain-lain negara (mungkin termasuk Singapura).

    Adakah ini satu agenda yang dirancang atas sebab-sebab tertentu yang mempunyai kaitan dgn missile ‘Toppel’ & senjata laser terbaru saperti yang dirungkai dalam video berikut:

    Komen Tun sangat dihargai.

    Jika ini benar, dunia sudah tidak selamat kerana zaman ‘cowboy’ kembali sebagai terjemahan kekuasaan.

  116. sentinel3 Mar 27,2014 12:55 AM


    Mohon izin lagi menyatakan sesuatu mengenai perkembangkan terbaharu isu MH370 lagi.

    Hari ini, seorang anchor CNN cuba memperkecilkan keupayaan negara kita dan rakyatnya mengendalikan apa yang didakwanya sebuah pesawat canggih seperti Boeing 777.

    Dan lebih memualkan, seorang ahli panel dalam program itu pula membuat cadangan agar kerajaan Malaysia mengadakan MoU dengan kerajaan Australia dan New Zealand mengenai cara mengendalikan perkhidmatan Boeing 777 termasuk apabila berlaku krisis seperti MH370.

    Inilah yang dikatakan sindrom ‘besar kepala’ mat salleh sejak daripada zaman kolonial dahulu sehingga sekarang yang tidak boleh menerima hakikat bahawa negara kecil seperti Malaysia juga mempunyai rakyat yang pintar dan boleh mengendalikan pesawat Beoing 777.

    Bercakap mengenai pesawat canggih, mat salleh dari AS ini harus berfikir bagaimanakah pesawat yang kononnya terlalu canggih buatan negara tersebut dan menelan kos berjuta-juta ringgit ini gagal dikesan dengan mudah sehinggalah ke hari ini.

    Peralatan canggih yang terdapat dalam pesawat itu nampaknya tidak membantu langsung apabila berlaku sebarang masalah mekanikal/elektronik dalam pesawat tersebut dan tiada peralatan sokongan lain yang dapat memudahkan gerakan mencari dan menyelamat dilakukan apabila berlaku nahas seperti pesawat MH370 tersebut.

    Dalam erti kata lain peralatan dalam pesawat tersebut tidaklah begitu canggih/lengkap seperti yang didakwa oleh pihak Boeing dan kegagalan pihak Boeing mempelajari sesuatu daripada nahas pesawat Perancis sebelum ini di Lautan Atlantik menunjukkan kegagalan pihak syarikat penerbangan itu mempelajari daripada kesilapan yang berlaku.

    Tun, mungkin sudah tiba masanya untuk kita mempercapatkan usaha-usaha ke arah menukar kesemua pesawat kita daripada Boeing kepada Airbus buatan Eropah?

    Kita tidak perlu bergantung kepada AS termasuk membeli pesawat daripada negara syaitan terbesar dunia tersebut.

    Salam Tun.

  117. ayahchor Mar 26,2014 8:15 PM

    YABHG Tun,

    Izinkan saya menulis sedikit mengenai Industri Buku Negara yang semakin merosot sehingga ketaraf daif. Mungkin ada sedikit kaitannya dengan mutlak dan orang berkuasa mutlak ini bersekongkol dengan kepentingan diri sendiri

    YABHG Tun, seorang penulis yang amat terkenal mungkin menyedari hal ini bahawa Industri buku Negara serta kesedaran masyarakat Malaysia terhadap kepentingan buku semakin hari semakin merosot sehingga mencapai tahap daif. Usaha untuk memartabatkan industri buku ini bukanlah perkara baru tetapi telah banyak diperkatakan dan berbagai-bagai usaha telah dijalankan oleh pihak yang tertentu tetapi industri buku masih ditakuk lama.

    Bekas Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim pernah membangkitkan isu mengapa penulis-penulis tidak boleh menyara hidup dengan menulis, sedangkan jualan buku mencecah RM2.1 bilion. Mengikut bekas Menteri tersebut terdapat 8,184 syarikat penerbit dan 5150 penulis di Malaysia. Melihat pula hasil penjualan buku sehingga RM2.1 billion, syarikat-syarikat penerbit ini tentu sekali mendapat untung yang besar. Kita tidak tahu berapa banyak pula syarikat syarikat pencetak dan sudah tentuk juga mendapat untung yang banyak. Penulis-penulis pula hanya bergantung atas belas kasihan penerbit dan pencetak.

    Prosedur bagi menerbit buku, penulis atau pengarang biasanya akan menyerahkan manuskrip kepada penerbit. Penerbit pula akan mengkaji manuskrip sama ada berpotensi untuk diterbitkan. Jika manuskrip berpotensi mendapat pasaran lumaian, satu perjanjian akan ditanda tangani antara penulis dan penerbit. Dalam perjanjian ini akan ditentukan royalti untuk penulis, jumlah naskhah yang akan diterbitkan dan lain-lain mengikut Akta Hak Cipta. Sebenarnya perjanjian ini sebagai formality sahaja.

    Syarikat penerbit dan syarikat pencetak kerap bersekongkol dan menerbitkan lebih banyak daripada yang ditetapkan dalam perjanjian, seterus menjual naskhah-naskhah ini secara gelap. Jumlah naskhah yang ditetapkan dalam perjanjian biasanya tersimpan dalam setor dan tidak terjual. Oleh kerana naskhah ini tidak terjual dan lama kelamaan perlu dijual dengan murah, penulis tidak mendapat royalti walaupun tertulis dalam perjanjian.

    Sebagai penulis saya pernah mengalami masalah ini. Saya telah mengantar dua manuskrip ke Penerbit Kerjaan yang amat terkenal. Penerbit ini mengambil masa 6 tahun untuk menerbitkan buku saya. Itupun setelah merayu kepada Menteri Pelajaran. Saya dijanjikan royalti 12% dan dibayar setengah sahaja bila buku diterbitkan. Selebihnya akan dibayar mengikut jualan buku. Kini saya dapati buku saya sudah mula dijual murah dan harapan untuk mendapat royalti sepenuhnya agak pudar.

    Saya juga mengalami masalah yang sama dengan sebuah penerbit universiti. Buku saya dicetak hanya seribu naskhah dan hampir sepuluh tahun tidak terjual. Dalam masa yang sama saya dapati ada nashkah lain yang dicetak bentuk copy table dan dijual dengan harga yang lebih mahal. Saya lihat buku saya ini paling laku.

    Itulah cerita orang kita yang berkuasa mutlak. Sekarang ini saya mula faham mengapa Industri Buku Negara semakin merosot sedang kita banyak intellectuals dalam banyak bidang tidak mahu menulis atau menerbitkan buku.

    YABHG Tun, saya dan penulis amat merasa bangga kiranya Tun dapat melindungi kepentingan penulis seterus Industri Buku Negara dapat dipertingkatkan.

  118. mubarakchan Mar 26,2014 7:27 PM


    I read that HockBengTeohhalfpastsic just want to be a trouble maker by mentioning my name in one of this neuter person’s comments. This fella is obviously a ‘plant’ to be disruptive wtihout facts after enjoying the fruits as laid out by the BN as led by the UMNO with the 15 component parties all these years.

    Hey ! What have you done for our beloved country Malaysia, HockBengTeohhalfpastsic. You talk with no facts whatsoever.


    You are just typical of those discarded aides, cohorts or digits in the DAP of your fallen hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. His disregard for the understanding and the respect for the Malays and the MCA brought his downfall at the end of the day.


    But I am in no position to call you a Malay hater as to me you are just a DAP/PAP robot which turns up now and then, before General Elections, when our beloved Malaysia has a crisis etc. to disrupt us. TO SNEER AT YOUR FAVOURITE ENEMY THE UMNO which has done us very well then and now.

    Go home to your Singaporean Daddy, TeohBengHockhalfpastsic, so that your robotic soul can rest in peace.

    And wait until your Daddy awakens you again for your next job if ever to pour your stupid ineffective venom on us loyal Malaysians who have laughed at your antics and that of your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew – remember since 1972, he has been spying on the sexual peccadilloes of his abang adeks, close friends and neighbours. Only he can do it and pass such juicy information to Third Parties. This is the unexpurgative fact as released by the Wikileaks.

    No wonder your hero is no Statesman like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Lastly, why don’t you worship me who had 100 marks in 4 subjects in Open Competition into the top most college at Cambridge ? Your dear hero the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore went into the bottom most non-college Fitzwilliam House by the back door and he was over-age !

  119. HBT456 Mar 26,2014 7:42 AM

    I am not going to argue anymore as non malay. Suka hati ko nak bikin apa as bn atau pr supporters, pn hajar since taxpayers pay for the funding. My national obligation is to vote, and bn has less than 4 years before the next ge. Siapa menang, beliau lah jadi PM. We have few more years to wawasan 2020, but sikap bn masih fitnah menfitnah, tidak bertoleransi, rakus, rasis dan banyak lagi, there is no way to change them, let pr deal with them to make the country more progress. The winning o f wan azizah has again tell umno not to frame the chinese being rasis.

  120. harmdone7 Mar 26,2014 4:41 AM

    Salam Tun. Izinkan saya bertanya adakah akaun Twitter @Suara_generasi benar2 milik Tun dan dikendalikan sendiri/melalui kebenaran Tun, atau sebaliknya? Akaun Twitter ini mengunakan gambar Tun serta nama Mahathir Mohamad. Saya agak musykil berikutan beberapa tweet yang lenggok bahasanya agak berbeza dari yang Tun biasa guna. Begitu juga Bahasa Inggeris yang digunakan kadangkala agak amatur dan tidak melambangkan diri dan pemikiran Tun. Saya mungkin salah kerana di Twitter mungkin caranya memang berbeza. Jika memang ada pihak tak bertanggungjawab mengambik kesempatan yang menyamar sebagai Tun, harap dapat diambil tindakan. Sekian, wassalam

  121. Karl Mar 25,2014 11:20 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Kepada sentinel3, saya tidak harus diberi kredit, namun terima kasih kerana menyegarkan isu tersebut. Sebenarnya saya hanya menitip semula pendapat seorang blogger Melayu yang sememangnya handal, KijangMas Perkasa @ – saya kira pandangan beliau juga secocok untuk dikaitkan dengan topik “Kuasa Mutlak” yang Tun kemukakan ini.

    2. Kita sering dan terlalu membenarkan tohmahan dari pihak yang anti-Melayu, anggota RBA, DAPist dan termasuk rakyat serta kerajaan Cina Tongsan, yang mutakhir ini mulai mengugut dan mengancam kerajaan UMNO Malaysia untuk serahkan data-data sulit kes MH370 ( baca ketenteraan ) kepada mereka. Dengan lagak seorang baunser persis dalam filem KL Gangster, peras-ugut yang mereka lakukan tanpa selindung lagi melalui media antarabangsa untuk memalukan MAS, tentera dan kerajaan Malaysia.

    3. Paling teruk ialah perbuatan kerajaan Cina Tongsan yang melanggar protokol diplomatik, terus-terusan mengaibkan kerajaan Malaysia di media antarabangsa dengan mempertikaikan integriti dan kecekapan pihak berkuasa kita.

    4. Yang anehnya media tempatan turut menari ikut rentak yang dipalu oleh Cina Tongsan dan media barat. Di mana Menteri yang berkuasa ke atas komunikasi, YB Shyberry Cheek menyorok guli-guli beliau ketika ini? Di manakah beliau ketika rakyat dan negara amat memerlukan kepakaran komunikasi untuk menangani krisis imej negara yang semakin mencorot di pesada antarabangsa?

    5. Semua orang Melayu kenalah bersatu dan bangkit, waima hanya dengan saki baki ‘Kuasa’ yang masih ada di dalam tangan mereka. Berdiri dan tunjuk kepada keparat Tongsan bahawa KEDAULATAN negara dan bangsa kita bukannya boleh dikuis-kuis, dimaki-hamun, diperolok-olok, difitnah dan disepak-terajang ikut suka hati mereka !

    6. Kita perlu segera kembalikan “Kuasa Mutlak” seperti yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan kepada kepimpinan orang Melayu-Islam yang berhimmah, beradab-sopan, sabar, redha serta yakin dengan ketentuan ALLAH azawajalla dalam semua urusan dunia seperti yang terbukti ketika menangani krisis MH370, tanpa perlu terpekik telolong sehingga pengsan seperti Cina Tongsan yang tak ada adab dan tak ingat tuhan itu.

    7. KESETIAAN kepada RAJA dan NEGARA, sudah terbukti benihnya tidak ada di dalam hati sejuta pendatang Cina dan waris mereka yang diberi bonus melalui kontrak sosial yang mereka tidak layak terima pada asasnya – hatta, sekarang ini sepatutnya mereka itu memohon semula restu dari Raja kita untuk terus memegang MyKad dengan membuktikan kesetiaan mereka dalam krisis yang menimpa negara.

    8. Apa yang berlaku akhir ini ialah kerakusan berleluasa dan sikap kurang ajar kaum pendatang yang semakin menunjuk biadap dan mencabar kewibawaan institusi Raja dan (agama) Islam yang sudah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan. Mereka ini melalui tim guaman dan media yang handal, membakulsampah kesetiaan terhadap Raja dan Negara, berkonspirasi dengan musuh, memberi gambaran buruk ke atas keupayaan MAS, tentera dan kerajaan kita. Dengan bantuan media Barat, mereka ini berniat jahat untuk merosakkan imej dan mensabotaj ekonomi negara demi menjatuhkan kerajaan Melayu-UMNO untuk digantikan dengan kerajaan Cina-DAP.

    9. Kalau di zaman dahulu, apakah hukuman yang akan dilaksanakan ke atas penderhakaan terhadap Raja dan Negara? Ke tahap mana dan sehingga berapa lama lagi orang Melayu sanggup terima penghinaan dari kaum pendatang terhadap agama Islam dan institusi Raja mereka?

    10. “Kuasa Mutlak” memang ada tempatnya di Malaysia, dan kita rasa beruntung kerana Tun telah memulakan topik ini tepat pada waktunya ketika krisis MH370 mendedahkan tembelang petualang dan keparat yang menyorok di sebalik hipokrasi mereka untuk bebas bersuara menghina kerajaan secara tersusun, efektif dan agresif untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan dengan menimbulkan keraguan terhadap kepimpinan UMNO-Melayu dalam menangani krisis MH370.

    11. UMNO tunggu apa lagi?

  122. sentinel3 Mar 25,2014 11:17 PM


    Mohon tambah pendapat sedikit lagi mengenai MH370.

    Seperti yang saya tulis sebelum ini, saya sangka negara China yang merupakan sebuah negara moden dan sebuah negara kuasa besar dunia mempunyai penduduk yang tinggi akhlak dan peradaban mereka.

    Namun nampaknya sangkaan saya itu meleset, kerana melalui insiden MH370, kita boleh melihat penduduk negara itu nampaknya masih mempunyai mentaliti lapuk, negara mereka mungkin sudah moden tetapi perangai mereka masih di takuk lama seperti zaman dinasti China yang lampau.

    Ini kerana perbuatan rakyat negara itu menuduh kerajaan negara lain sebagai bertanggungjawab terhadap nahas pesawat yang diluar kawalan sesebuah syarikat dan kerajaan negara ini adalah satu perbuatan yang sungguh keji dalam peradaban manusia moden kini.

    Perangai anggota keluarga dan rakyat negara itu yang menunjuk perasaan dan melepaskan kemarahan mereka kepada pegawai-pegawai Malaysia yang tiada kena mengena dengan nahas pesawat tersebut namun tetap menjalankan tugas mereka dengan dedikasi membantu anggota keluarga mangsa MH370 menunjukkan warga China adalah kaum yang tidak bertamadun di dunia.

    Perkara sama juga boleh saya katakan terhadap petugas-petugas media massa luar negara yang bersikap tidak profesional dan berat sebelah dalam liputan mereka yang suka memburuk-burukkan negara kita di kaca mata penduduk dunia.

    Inilah yang dikatakan kebebasan bersuara dan sikap telus serta adil dalam liputan media massa yang dilaung-laungkan oleh negara-negara Barat.

    Malangnya, Tun, ramai pihak-pihak tertentu di Malaysia sendiri bukan sahaja terikut-ikut dengan rentak negara-negara Barat malah sanggup bersekongkol dengan negara-negara Barat memburuk-burukkan negara mereka sendiri.

    Alahai Malaysia, apa nak jadi?

    Salam Tun.

  123. sibotak Mar 25,2014 9:37 PM

    What so Great of PAP GOVT vice same as DAP

    EVEN AT 70,s Grandpa Grandma has to work to live
    Lee at now 80,s lay on bed stiill getting his pay besides the many much
    And its the people Sweats

  124. sentinel3 Mar 25,2014 4:55 PM


    Mohon izin untuk keluar daripada topik mengulas sedikit mengenai isu terbaharu MH370.

    Tun, dalam kita bersimpati dan mengucapkan takziah kepada semua anggota keluarga penumpang dan kru MH370, saya berasa agak tersinggung dengan sikap anggota keluarga mangsa pesawat MH370 dari China.

    Saya setuju dengan pendapat karl berhubung sikap anggota keluarga mangsa pesawat MH370 dari China yang pada pendapat saya lebih mementingkan diri mereka sendiri tanpa tahu mengenang jasa dan budi orang lain khususnya pihak pengurusan MAS dan kerajaan Malaysia.

    Walaupun kita memahami situasi anggota keluarga dari China ini yang kehilangan anggota keluarga yang tersayang, namum sikap keterlaluan sebahagian besar anggota keluarga China ini sehingga menuduh Kerajaan Malaysia sebagai pembunuh adalah agak keterlaluan dan tidak boleh diterima oleh peradaban manusia dalam abad sekarang.

    Seperti kata karl, kaum keluarga dari China dan Kerajaan China sendiri juga harus faham bahawa selain warga China, penumpang dan kru warga Malaysia dan negara-negara lain juga terlibat dalam nahas pesawat MH370 tersebut.

    Namun rakyat Malaysia dapat melihat perbezaan antara keluarga mangsa warga Malaysia dan warga negara-negara lain berbanding warga China yang tidak dapat menerima kenyataan walaupun tragedi itu di luar kawalan MAS dan Kerajaan Malaysia.

    Ada antara anggota keluarga warga China ini menuntut perkara-perkara yang tidak munasabah dan tidak masuk di akal seperti mahu Kerajaan Malaysia memberitahu segera apa yang berlaku terhadap pesawat itu, di mana tempat pesawat itu berada (walaupun pelbagai negara sedang bertungkus lumus termasuk dari China mencari pesawat tersebut) dan menuduh Kerajaan Malaysia bertanggungjawab terhadap nahas pesawat tersebut.

    Saya terfikir bagaimanakah agaknya jika pesawat tersebut bukan pesawat MAS dan pesawat China Airlines, adakah perkara serupa akan berlaku seperti yang diluahkan oleh anggota keluarga China tersebut.

    Bagaimana pula jika semua penumpang pesawat MH370 tersebut hanya melibatkan warga negara asing atau Malaysia sahaja , adakah warga China akan bersimpati dengan Malaysia atau negara-negara lain?

    Dalam masa media asing mengambil peluang memburuk-burukkan Kerajaan Malaysia, pihak pembangkang dan media pembangkang negara ini tidak membantu langsung untuk mempertahankan imej negara ini di luar negara.

    Seperti anggota keluarga warga China tersebut, pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang kecuali seorang dua seperti Haji Hadi, lain-lain lebih banyak pandai bersuara dengan air liur sahaja tanpa dapat membantu apa-apa terhadap misi mencari dan menyelamat tersebut.

    Adakah sikap anggota keluarga warga China tersebut yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri dan tidak tahu berterima kasih kepada mereka yang berbudi juga mencerminkan kaum China di negara ini? Tepuk dada tanya selera. Wallahualam.

    Salam Tun.

  125. azlan95 Mar 25,2014 7:33 AM

    Well done Dato Najib for getting a big step closer in solving the MH 370 case. Your tremendous patience, determination and behind the scene efforts are exemplary.

    Also to the huge international search team for an unprecedented cooperation, well done to all of you. I’m very proud seeing so many join the team.


  126. sentinel3 Mar 24,2014 5:23 PM


    Mohon izin untuk komen mengenai kuasa mutlak.

    Pada pendapat saya kuasa mutlak adalah baik cuma bergantung kepada cara seseorang pemimpin/orginasasi itu menggunakannya secara bijaksana.

    Dalam politik semasa negara, rakyat memberi kuasa mutlak selama lima tahun (sama seperti negara-negara demokrasi lain di dunia) untuk kerajaan mengurus/mentadbir negara ini dengan baik berlandaskan peruntukan undang-undang dan perlembagaan negara.

    Kuasa mutlak ini bagaimanapun tidak kekal dan tidak berterusan dan perlu diperbaharui setiap lima tahun sekali oleh rakyat.

    Dalam hubungan kerajaan sedia ada, saya berpendapat kuasa mutlak sama ada dianugerah oleh undang-undang atau adat budaya keMelayuan kepada kerajaan sekarang tidaklah sampai ke tahap berbahaya, malah jauh sekali daripada berbahaya.

    Sebaliknya kuasa mutlak untuk memperbetulkan keadaan politik semasa yang terus meruncing sehingga ke tahap melangkaui sempadan ras, agama dan keselamatan negara telah tidak dihargai dan tidak digunakan sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan sedia ada dengan bijaksana.

    Sebagai contoh tindakan masyarakat bukan Melayu mempertikaikan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu/bumiputera walaupun hak itu terkandung dalam perlembagaan negara, tindakan agama lain seperti kristian mencabar kesucian agama Islam, tindakan penganut bukan Islam yang kini berani mencabar fatwa yang selama ini hanya dikhususkan untuk penganut Islam dan tindakan pihak tertentu/pemimpin politik pembangkang memperlekehkan dan memperkecil-kecilkan kemampuan pasukan/aset keselamatan negara di negara luar.

    Seperti yang saya sebut tadi, semua yang terpelihara dan terkandung dalam perlembagaan negara ini kini telah cuba dirungkai satu persatu oleh pihak tidak bertanggungjawab khususnya masyarakat bukan Melayu di negara ini dengan dorongan pemimpin-pemimpin politik pembangkang.

    Malangnya, kuasa mutlak yang diberikan rakyat selepas era Tun, tidak dihargai sepenuhnya oleh pentadbiran kerajaan-kerajaan selepas Tun dan usaha masyarakat Melayu untuk mempertahankan kuasa mutlak itu pada PRU-13 lalu juga tidak digunakan sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan sedia ada.

    Disebabkan takut sangat digelar sebagai kerajaan diktator, kuku besi, zalim dan sebagainya serta ketinggalan zaman dan mahu popular serta dilihat progresif oleh negara-negara Barat serta popular dalam kalangan rakyat bukan Melayu di negara ini, sedikit demi sedikit kuasa yang ada bagi melindungi apa yang telah termaktub dalam perlembagaan negara telah dirungkai oleh kerajaan sendiri.

    Saya dewasa semasa zaman pentadbiran Tun dan saya masih ingat lagi mengenai impian atau visi besar negara di bawah pemerintahan Tun yang pernah suatu ketika dahulu heboh diperkatakan dan menjadi perbualan orang sehingga di warung kopi iaitu Wawasan 2020.

    Satu intipati menarik yang tidak boleh saya lupa sehingga hari ini mengenai Wawasan 2020 ialah hasrat kita untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju pada tahun 2020 nanti mengikut acuan kita sendiri.

    Saya ulangi kamajuan mengikut acuan kita sendiri, bukan negara Barat atau lain-lain negara di dunia.

    Mengapa kita tidak mahu mengikut acuan negara-negara maju yang lain? Jawapannya ialah kerana negara ini berlainan daripada negara lain dan unik kerana ada pelbagai kaum (sepatutnya bangsa utama di negara ini ialah selain Orang Asli, bangsa Melayu, bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak barulah diikuti kaum cina dan india tetapi nampaknya sebaliknya telah berlaku di mana bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak terletak ditangga tercorot selepas kaum cina dan india), pelbagai bahasa, agama dan budaya.

    Sebab itu, istilah Allah yang boleh digunapakai oleh penganut kristian di negara-negara Arab dan lain-lain negara tidak sesuai dipakai di negara ini (kecuali di Sabah dan Sarawak dimana penganutnya tiada niat jahat selama ini untuk mengelirukan penganut-penganut Islam di sana) seperti mana yang kini sedang berlaku di Semenanjung.

    Berhubung isu kalimah Allah ini, ada pemimpin pembangkang termasuk golongan ulama dan Melayu liberal yang secara sedar atau tidak telah cuba mendapatkan pandangan ulama-ulama Islam di luar negara bagi menguatkan lagi hujah-hujah mereka bagi memenangi hati pengundi-pengundi bukan Islam di negara ini walaupun mereka (ulama-ulama Islam di luar negara ada yang jahil dan tidak tahu langsung mengenai kedudukan negara ini yang berbilang kaum, agama, bahasa dan budaya.

    Tun, saya telah meleret jauh dalam memberi pendangan saya, oleh itu saya berbalik semula kepada isu seperti Tun tulis iaitu “(kuasa mutlak). Saya petik tulisan Tun,;- “Ia akan meningkat ke tahap yang tidak dapat diterima oleh rakyat”. dan “Sebelum sampai tahap ini, eloklah pihak berkenaan diberitahu.

    Seperti yang saya tulis Tun, setahu saya tidak ada rintihan atau bantahan daripada rakyat yang sayangkan negara ini terhadap kuasa mutlak yang mereka berikan kepada kerajaan sekarang ini.

    Dan jika ada peringatan untuk kerajaan ialah gunakanlah kuasa mutlak kerajaan itu dengan bijaksana bagi melindungi perlembagaan, undang-undang atau dasar-dasar negara yang telah kita persetujui bersama rakyat bukan bumiputera negara ini selama ini.

    Salam Tun.

  127. Udo Majau Mar 24,2014 3:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1. Melayu satu bangsa yg unik,lebih lebih lagi melayu Tanah Melayu yg sinonim dgn islam,tiada bangsa lain yg dikatkan secara langsung di dunia ini kecuali melayu di Tanah Melayu.

    2. Sikap tolak ansur dan adab sopan adakalanya agak terlampau sehinggakan mereka tidak kisah diperkotakkatikan,asalkan keadaan atau suasana terkawal dan aman.

    3. Amuknya juga kadang kala tidak terjangkau dek fikiran,sanggup berputih tulang dari berputih mata, yang juga satu sikap yang tidak baik di zaman moden ini yang semua diikat oleh undang undang.

    4. Taatnya pada raja usah disangkal lagi, sanggup mati seperti Hang Tuah,begitu juga sanggahnya yang ganas seperti Jebat yang sanggup menumpahkan darah rakyat Melaka demi setianya kpd sahabat.

    5. Melayu sebenarnya boleh jadi apa saja…yang paling afdal adalah menjadi pemimpin…insyallah negara pimpinan melayu akan disenangi oleh semua rakyatnya walaupun mereka bukan melayu.

    6. Tun telah membuktikan ke mana dan bagaimana seorang pemimpin melayu boleh merencanakan negeri di bawah kuasanya.

    7. Maka kpd orang melayu..bersyukurlah jadi org melayu di bumi bertuah Tanah Melayu ini yang lazimnya beragama islam…berusahalah jadi melayu/islam yg beriman utk bangkit seiringan bersama menjunjung bangsa..dan yang paling penting meletakan ISLAM di persada dunia selaras dgn kebangkitan akhir zaman seperti yg disebut sebutkan itu.

  128. Hajar Mar 24,2014 1:47 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Allow me Tun:

    For ‘HBT456’, on March 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM @,

    FYI, I do not have any supporters because I am not a politician. I believe DAP has ‘Kuasa Mutlak’ on you.. At least I still have guts to criticize the party that I support (if their leaders are doing something wrong). How about you HBT456? Apa saja DAP/PKR cakap atau buat semua you TELAN tanpa boleh berfikir, macam ‘lembu yang sudah dicucuk hidung..’.

    I believe you are dreaming Puan HBT456, or simply ‘blind?’, or ‘pembodek?’. Gajah (kesalahan2) depan mata tidak nampak ke?

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  129. Hang Jebat Derhaka Mar 24,2014 11:10 AM


    Budaya sentiasa ‘akur’ kepada pemimpin masing2 memanglah berbahaya. Yang menyertai kerajaan akan dapat kuasa mutlak dan ramai pembodek serta pengampu. Ada juga yang menjual agama dan menjadikan pengikutnya patuh arahan sehingga akan melakukan apa sahaja yang disuruh pemimpin mereka. Ada yang jadi ‘pak turut’ kepada fahaman politik sehingga betul atau salah sudah jadi kabur pada pandangan hati. Dalam bahasa Inggeris, senario ini disebut ‘bigotry’.

    Seseorang yang mindanya telah obses menjadi bigotted. Pemimpin mereka akan menentukan samada sesuatu itu hitam atau putih. Dalam budaya Melayu adalah menjadi sesuatu yang ‘taboo’ apabila mempersoalkan pemimpin masing2. Kalau saya bertegas dengan pendirian saya, jawabnya saya akan dipulaukan, dimusuhi atau dikenakan tindakan. Dalam politik, menjadi haram kalau seseorang itu mengkritik pemimpin masing2. Boleh jadi dibuang parti. Bigotry memberikan seseorang pemimpin kuasa mutlak dan pengikut hanyalah jadi alat sahaja.

    Orang2 opportunis pula mereka amat mudah swing mana2 yang akan memberi lebih manfaat kepada mereka. Mereka akan menolong memainkan sentimen supaya ‘bigots’ akan terpengaruh dan menjadi obses kepada mereka. Dalam banyak2 permainan dunia, opportunis akan selalu menguasai ‘bigots’. Mereka selalu menjadi ketua, pengampu atau pembodek dan dapat paling banyak faedah. Dari segi politik, mereka akan memilih mana2 parti politik yang boleh menguntungkan mereka.

    Bagi saya, dalam Islam tidak ada ‘bigotry’. Apabila seseorang ketua menyuruh saya masuk kedalam api, tidak perlulah dipatuhi. Jalan yang lurus hanyalah dapat di ketahui dengan petunjuk dari Allah S.W.T melalui panduan dari Rasulullah. Tidak ada satu pemimpin yang ‘maksum’ sekarang ini. Zaman fitnah melayang lebih cepat dari udara yang kita sedut.

    Menjadi orang2 yang benar diatas jalan yang lurus, akan tertimpa terlalu banyak ujian dan musibah. Bahkan sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa ulama Sufi juga selalu dicap sesat dan dihukum bunuh atas alasan bertentang dengan syarak. Boleh jadi seluruh dunia akan memusuhi kita. Tersalah cakap depan ‘bigots’ alamatnya kena buang sedara. Mungkin sebab itu lebih mudah kita mengampu, berpura2 dan jadi lalang sahaja. Takut nanti hidup didunia akan jadi susah atau kesunyian.

    Mungkin senario ini akan berubah apabila semua orang Islam faham isikandungan Al-Quran. Ianya dapat mengatasi kefanatikan terhadap sesuatu yang lain selain dari Allah S.W.T

  130. sentinel3 Mar 23,2014 11:27 PM


    Mohon izin diberikan ruang menulis kepada aso HBT456.

    Haiya aso HBT456 is back after holidaying in Singapore for so long. Aso, why dont you ask your taiko, Anwar Ibrahim to also resign like your quote “pap mp caught with having affair”???

    Aso boleh tanya sama aso punya bomoh 1Malaysia sama ada ini olang ada banyak affair dengan lelaki atau pelempuan? Ini olang pun sukak lelaki dan pelempuan 1malaysia ma.

    Saya recommend aso pinjamkan aso punya bamboo di rumah suruh itu bomoh teropong sama aso punya taiko. Nanti itu bomoh mesti campak aso punya bamboo sebab kasi bomoh punya mata sakit ma…terlalu banyak affair ma. he…he…he.

    Haiya aso…manyak kali qua beritahu sama aso ini Malaysia lo…aso sukak atau tak sukak, aso kena kow tow kepada pemimpin Melayu lo… sebab dia orang tuan aso ma. He…he…he.

    Lebih elok aso duduk rumah diam-diam, biar ini tuan fikir tentang itu MH370, aso buat itu kuih bakul dan pau cukup.

    Betulkah aso, saya dengar olang kata, olang sanggup mati lawan kerana rebut itu pau masa musim sejuk? he…he…he.

    Salam Tun.

  131. HBT456 Mar 23,2014 10:18 AM

    In any leadership crisis, it is directly link to faith and confidence. The leaders must act and let the people judge and make decisions. If the leaders think that we must kow tow to their positions kerana aku ini tuan, aku nak menang undi saja supaya aku dapat kuasa mutlak bagai 1malaysia Bomoh at this very unfortunate disapperance of our plane, they are not fit to be the leaders. It is the action of the leader that counts, it shall never be the position that counts. The leader’s action will be tested in malaysia, and the world due to competition and effectiveness.

  132. HBT456 Mar 23,2014 9:55 AM

    No need to tell us who you support, Pn Hajar, memalukan supporters hang saja.The thing is , kuasa muklat adalah diberikan oleh rakyat Malaysia di seluruh negara termasuk sabah dan sarawak kepada parti2 politik. In asean, we are conservative and not liberal, just look at singapore, a pap mp caught with having affair outside his marriage immediately resigned from all posts and remain as ordinary member, and I m very sure dap will keep this self discipline ethical value to set good examples. Umno, mca, mic can do what they like mubarak chan, but will they be elected?

    But, because of power abuse from top down, malaysians are disappointed again and again especially those who have brains and hearts to make things right. The only way out now is to privatize glc so that the board of directors have the sole power to appoint anyone to be the CEO. Any companies, big or small that link to political parties are doomed to fail. Even hollywood does not want to link to democrate or republican.

    Even the disapperance of mh370 can be politicalized, very disappointed. If umno baru still think that voters must be grateful to them via ketuanan melayu dan agama islam, I m afraid sir, we are not uniting them, we are seperating them. Later on, we are sperated by states whereby kedah untuk orang kedah, kl untuk kl people, selangor untuk selangor. By that time, bn will die naturally when the mindest is set this way in a generation or two. Whoever win ge, they will sit in putrajaya.

    Salom, tok det.

  133. Hajar Mar 21,2014 8:45 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Kenyataan Tun seperti di bawah memang benar. Saya pernah bekerja di satu organisasi yang majoritinya Melayu. Budaya ’akur’ (yang menurut perintah) kepada Ketua amalan biasa, sampai adakalanya ke tahap tidak masuk akal sebab apa yang betul sudah menjadi salah dan apa yang salah sudah menjadi betul. Ketua2 ini lupa yang hanya ALLAH SWT saja yang ada kuasa mutlak.

    Kata Tun: ”Tetapi budaya Melayu adalah demikian mereka akan akur arahan ketua-ketua tertinggi tanpa mengambil kira samada arahan mengikuti undang-undang atau tidak.”

    2. Saya sarankan semua Menteri Kabinet baca artikel Tun. Tun sebenarnya sedang ’sekolahkan’ mereka tentang hasil atau pendapatan utama negara yang rata2 datang dari pelbagai jenis cukai yang dikenakan. Dan adalah menjadi tanggungjawab besar bagi mereka untuk menjaga amanah ini, dan bersedia untuk ditegur.

    Kata Tun: ”..cukai dipungut dengan lebih tersusun dan dimasukkan ke dalam Perbendaharaan negeri dan persekutuan. Semua perbelanjaan pentadbiran termasuk political pension Raja, gaji dan elaun pegawai dan kakitangan sehingga ke budak pejabat diurus oleh Perbendaharaan.”

    3. Saya syorkan Tun tulis satu artikel tentang Petronas dan sumbangan Petronas kepada pendapatan/pembangunan Negara.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ********

  134. sitinur Mar 21,2014 4:54 PM

    masaalahnyer yg ditegur hanya mendengar kata2 penasihat..
    penasihat plaks mungkin ada 2/3 kelompok…
    ikhlas jujur sebagai penasihat
    teguran dr marhein dah tentu bos atau pemimpin atau yg sewaktu dngnyer tidak akan dengar…
    untung2 akan di kata hendak mencabar kredibiliti….

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