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1. I am very upset over MAS employees being held hostage in Beijing by the relatives of the passengers of MH 370. I am upset because they are blaming the wrong people. The loss of the plane is due to the makers Boeing.

2. How can Boeing produce a plane that is so easily disabled? Normally it is entirely possible for the crew, the pilots and co-pilots to communicate even with KLIA. Maybe the captain did not want to. But surely the co-pilot would want to inform ground stations that the plane was not flying according to the scheduled route.

3. The passengers may not notice but the co-pilot would. So would the cabin crew. They are all trained to deal with emergencies if not immediately, at least later.

4. But none of them seemed to have tried. It must be because the whole communication system has been disabled. It must take some effort if the pilot tried to disable the system. The co-pilot would notice and for his own life he would have tried to do something. Was he disabled? Were all the crew members and the passengers disabled?

5. The flight of all passenger planes can be tracked even on a personal mobile phone. I can do it on my phone. If the plane landed I can watch it landing and taxiing. I can even get information on any plane anywhere – what make and model, who it belongs to and where it is flying from and its destination.

6. I believe there are equipments on the plane which allows it to be tracked – probably by Global Positioning System.

7. Sophisticated cameras on the spy-satellites operated by some countries can actually photograph a man on the ground and even identify him. Surely the cameras can see and photograph a 63-metre aircraft.

8. But the aircraft disappeared completely. I think on everyone’s mobile it has disappeared. Some equipment on the aircraft must have been disabled. Even the backup must have been disabled.

9. Boeing built this aircraft. Boeing must explain how all these means of tracking the plane can be disabled, can fail. Either Boeing technology is poor or it is not fail-safe. I would not like to fly in Boeing aircraft unless Boeing can explain how all its system can fail or be disabled.

10. Remote control technology is now very sophisticated and powerful. Is it true that Boeing has installed remote control equipment on the aircraft to prevent hijacking? If it did why did it not direct the aircraft to land safely? Is it possible for third parties to take control of the aircraft remotely?

11. When a plane crashes on land or sea there would be debris or oil slick. None has been found so far. Can it be that the plane remained intact on crashing and sank with no trace and no one launching the lifeboat doors as we are told all these aircrafts are equipped with?

12. Can one believe this plane quietly floated down into the raging sea and sank conveniently in the deepest part (7miles deep) of the Indian Ocean?

13. It is standard practice that when a plane crashes, a team of experts would arrive at the scene soonest so as to find the cause of the crash. Boeing and the authorities in the manufacturing country should be looking out for the plane. Maybe the plane type should be grounded. But Boeing has shown no interest and had said practically nothing.

14. MAS has been flying numerous kinds of aircrafts and has a good record. The pilots are well-trained. Even if the pilot wants to commit suicide the co-pilot and the cabin crew would not allow him to do so without trying something. But no one, not even the passengers did anything. Maybe it is because they have been somehow incapacitated.

15. Boeing must answer all these questions. Boeing must demonstrate possible ways for the communications system to be disabled. Boeing must accept responsibility for building an aircraft that can disappear in mid-air so completely.

16. MAS is not at fault, lax security or not. MAS flew a plane fully expecting it to perform the task. But the plane has somehow behaved differently. Who is responsible? Not MAS but certainly the makers of the plane – Boeing Aircraft Corporation.

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  1. nemesis Aug 11,2015 5:16 AM

    Salam Tun..

    Mohon kaji tentang MH370.. Fakta dan Bukti telah dinyatakan serta di edarkan kepada Kerajaan Malaysia untuk siasatan tetapi telah di abaikan.. Bukti ini telah di kumpul oleh US Activist, UK Activist, Australia Activist dan India Activist sehingga mereka mentertawakan Malaysia kerana tidak berani menegakkan kebenaran.. Mohon Tun highlight perkara ini..

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  2. anti-jibaok May 8,2014 3:37 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    It is good of you to bring up and post this particular topic (i.e. Flight MH370) on the scary and disheartening disappearance of the MAS Boeing-777 aircraft. In this regard, please allow me to add some comments on this topic.

    From your opinion, I gather that apparently you are blaming the Boeing corporation (the plane manufacturer) for the mishap of Flight MH370. However, there’s no need for you or anyone to get upset over the uproar of the Chinese nationals in Beijing of their missing relatives as passengers (and victims) of the said flight.

    Should there be someone that they have to blame, thus naturally the Malaysian national carrier (i.e. MAS) as well as the owner (with the ‘golden share and the final say) of the carrier i.e. the Malaysian government has also to be blamed. Where else can those Chinese relatives vent their uproar and anger? They cannot touch the top management of MAS and neither can they approach the Malaysian Prime Minister or the acting Transport Minister to vent their anger and frustration. Thus, the MAS employees in Beijing (perhaps despite some of them being may be of Chinese nationals themselves) are the easiest targets of those Chinese relatives to be held hostage.

    Assuming that if it was one of the Air-Asia’s aircraft that had disappeared, then Air-Asia’s employees would be perhaps be mobbed and held hostage by those Chinese relatives. Assuming as well if that was the case then our Prime Minister, the acting Transport Minister, the DCA chief, the Military as well Police chief would not have to be present daily and be so fearful to attend daily press conference (to answer and evade difficult questions), because Air-Asia is not a ‘National’ carrier. And neither would throngs of international journalists and multitudes of foreign mainstream-media would cover the mishap so closely if it had happened to Air-Asia.

    Anyway, all must learn from the Flight MH370 incident. When a mishap or something disastrous occurs, then fingers would start pointing. In your case YABhg. Tun, obviously your finger is pointing at the Boeing corporation. I can agree with you on this issue, but not for the same reason as you mentioned, i.e. the technical aspect (communication & tracking systems, remote control technology, GPS, etc.) of the plane, but instead for other reason which I shall elucidate later.

    Being analytical as can be, my investigative approach to the missing Flight MH370 issue is the vigilant, observant and with pure common sense. Coming to almost two months since the disappearance of Flight MH370, then I can only surmise that it is most ridiculous that not even a physical or material trace of the aircraft has been found or clearly evident. Why so?

    But yet, our Prime Minister has uttered and made an official statement that MAS Flight MH370 has ‘ended’ somewhere in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. Then again, why so? With no clear evidence whatsoever why would the PM make such a ‘conclusive’ statement?

    Was it just because Inmarsat of UK had postulated so and that their ‘ping’ or ‘pong’ data are supposedly the most reliable evidence to prompt the search & rescue parties from many nations be made like ping-pong balls scattering around, i.e. from the South-China Sea, to the Malacca Straits, the Andaman Sea and now the Indian Ocean. How come?

    It all simply does not add up and does not make any sense. All the more making those Chinese nationals in China to become even more furious and frustrated with such nonsensical explanation or validation, as to the outcome of Flight MH370. And what more with no clear trace of the resting-place or location of their loved ones.

    If any trace of an anomaly or some unexplained phenomena such as that of the UFO type of abduction or the ‘Bermuda-Triangle’ type of occurrence has had some past recorded history within the South China Sea area (when and where Flight MH370 went off the radar and lost total communication), then surely many relatives of the passengers (victims) would be able to take it as it is. But that is not the case.

    What had happened to flight MH370 could either be mechanical error (substandard plane or defective product), or human error (negligence of the flight crew) or perhaps some human act (well-planned, intentional sabotage or evil misdeed). My gut-feeling tells me that there was some human evil-misdeed going on. If it was mechanical error then Boeing corporation is totally to be blamed. If it was human error then Captain Zaharie Shah and/or his co-pilot is to be blamed. However, if it was some human misdeed, then there are some other parties who are in collusion and are up to no good to make MAS and/or Malaysia look bad, or perhaps even to place the country Malaysia in a threatened position to be ‘compromised’ with.

    Having taken that premise of postulation, then who would benefit for such an act of evil misdeed? Who then with the intention, capability & technology to ‘pull-off’ such an evil act that have baffled so many? Many conspiracy theorists have taken the Diego Garcia hijacking theory that implicates Captain Zaharie Shah (who had a flight simulator in his home that supposedly even had the simulation landing-strip of one of the most secret military base island in the Indian Ocean), who could possibly be mentally deranged or perhaps to be in collusion with some foreign powers for such misdeeds. Then, there are other theories such as that Flight MH370 was hijacked just off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia then diverted to a US Military base in Utapao in Thailand in order to intercept and kidnap the scientific experts & principals of Freescale Semiconductors who had the patent rights & very-advanced electronic technology and who were bound for Beijing, China.

    However, the most plausible explanation as to what had happened to Flight MH370 is postulated as below, that was posted on YouTube as early on March 13, 2014 (i.e. a few days after the disappearance of Flight MH370):-

    As per the postulation by Dr. Leuren Moret and Mr. Alfred Webre, the motives for the shooting down of MAS Flight MH370 in the South China Sea by using exotic (DEW – Direct Energy Weapons or LaWS – Laser Weapons System) weapons was because:-

    1) It was supposed to be some sort of ‘Product Demonstration’ of advanced weapons technology exhibited by the US Navy to the whole ‘Weapons World’ of the capability of DEW or LaWS to counteract with the weapons capability of the ‘Topol’ missiles produced the Russians.., and where MAS Flight MH370 happens to be the target subject to be shot at, destroyed and crashed into the South China Sea, as part of their ‘Product Demo’.

    2) It was also revenge or ‘pay-back’ time by the Western Powers & those Zionist rats by flexing their muscle in teaching a lesson to Malaysia not to malign and denigrate George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair by adjudging them as being guilty for war crimes charges (for the illegal war in Iraq) at the War Crimes Tribunal conducted in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2013. At the same Tribunal, Zionist-Israel was also found guilty for the crime of ethnic cleansing & genocide of the Palestinian people since the year 1948, where 1.5 millions Palestinian were murdered or displaced.

    3) Certain parties had also colluded in orchestrating (for their own benefit – i.e. for the Rothschild interest, as asserted by some quarters) in the demise of those on board Flight MH370 to gain total patent rights by the loss of life of the 20 odd scientists/engineers from Freescale Semiconductors in the aircraft, who were mostly of Chinese nationals.

    Those are some of the motives as postulated by Dr. Leuren Moret and Mr. Alfred Webre on to why MAS Flight MH370 was attacked and crashed into the South China Sea. With very pertinent facts and points raised, this would be the most plausible explanation as to what had actually happened to MAS Flight MH370. If that is the case, then may God Almighty have mercy on the souls of the crew and passengers of that aircraft. And may God Almighty also give us the strength to seek for the truth and expose the perpetrators of such an evil misdeed so they may be brought to justice and severely punished.

    As further opined by Dr. Leuren Moret in this YouTube video, as below:-

    with regard to Who, What, Where, When & Why it happened.., i.e. pertaining to the Flight MH370 incident.

    Dr. Leuren Moret asserts that The USA and Britain are the culprits behind and responsible for this false-flag operation by mercilessly taking down of the said civilian passenger aircraft.

    Having established all those pertinent assertions of what had really happened, then the question arise as to why did the leaders and authorities of Malaysia had to go along or conform with all those ‘psyops’, disinformation and whitewash as orchestrated by Western powers as well the spin by their controlled mainstream-media since the disappearance of Flight MH370..? In short, why did Dato’ Sri Najib had to go along with all the lies of those Western Devil..?

    Well.., perhaps this gentleman can explain it succinctly as per this YouTube video:-

    In short, Mr. Morris suggests that Dato’ Sri Najib (as a politician and national leader) had taken the non-confrontational approach and dare not accuse the USA of such an evil misdeed, for fear of certain backlash from them that could harm and economically bankrupt Malaysia, while militarily they could damage and devastate the nation. His YouTube video caption asserts that – ‘MH370 – Better a Whitewash than Bankruptcy for Malaysia’.

    If that is the case, then we can surely label Dato’ Sri Najib as being a coward all we want for playing along with the Western powers that be. But hopefully let us hope he shall not play along with this charade for far too long and become a lackey and pawn of those evil ones. We must realise that nothing good ever happens but only atrocity and misery will be the outcome if we associate ourselves with evil powers.

    Nonetheless, let us hope that Dato’ Sri Najib can show the adroit quality of a leader and not be a fool to be hoodwinked and conform to the whims and fancy of others. The interest and well-being of the nation and people of Malaysia is imperative and of our utmost importance, rather than the concerns of evil foreign powers. Dato’ Sri Najib must realise this fact and that it is his responsibility as the nation’s leader that such interest and well-being shall not by any means be compromised by any evil foreign powers.

    There are suggestion that Malaysia’s interest and well-being is beginning to be compromised with the advent of the Flight MH370 incident, as this YouTube video here postulates:-

    Fast-forward to minute 44:45 of the video to learn of attempts being made by those imperialist Western powers to ‘recolonised’ and liquidate Malaysia and turn the nation into a Neo-colony. If our leaders of today do not exercise care and prudence of our current concerns, then do not be surprised that our future Malaysian generation can expect that our huge corporation such as Petronas can fall into the concerns of imperialist Western powers. It would a great pity should future Malaysian generations are no longer masters in their own home. Reflect on this.


    Anyway, going back to my earlier point of YABhg. Tun’s implication in blaming or finger-pointing at the Boeing corporation, then this where the mystery begins to further unravel. As exposed by Dr. Leuren Moret, that Inmarsat is a British entity and a very strong player in the cover-up charade of the disappearance of Flight MH370, thus suggesting that Britain is involved in redirecting the search and rescue operation away from the real crash site. As she suggest, Inmarsat is the key to understand as to what had really happened to Flight MH370. According to her, Inmarsat had long, long ago worked together and co-manufactured satellites with the Boeing corporation. How revealing of such a collusion and orchestration..!

    We have to realise that.., Truth has its unique way of revealing itself. But then again, how many of us would take truth seriously? Apparently, many would rather be complacent and take falsehood as being more palatable. How sad. Do we not realise that being truthful is being godly and righteous, while complying with falsehood is associating ourselves with evil and misery. The choice is ours.


  3. Tok Sungai May 4,2014 3:38 PM

    Pendapat saya:
    Sebuah kapal terbang ,kalau tenggelam dalam laut dalam/ akan mengeluarkan debris-debris yang tertentu-, kerana pressurisation dalaman/luaran tidak dapat diatasinya. Tetapi sampai kini ,tiada sebarangan dari MH 370 . Ada kemungkinan di hijack dan di terbang ke pulau Garcia.
    Pada freescale employee adapula/ mungkin memain peranan dalam sini. Kenapa Litiium battery banyak dan tidak di perhatikan.? Ini adalah tanda Tanya. ? ini hanya spekulasi saya sahaja!

  4. HBT456 Apr 30,2014 6:15 PM

    If I am Hisham, I will work closely with Washington DC even though I m a Chinese. Well, with USA here, at least UMNO Baru will not be bullied by PKR, DAP or PAS, betul tak? Also, China needs USA economy.

    That’s all Tok Det.

  5. mubarakchan Apr 29,2014 6:30 PM


    Not only us, Malaysians, but most countries in this world of ours have their crises and tragedies too. Yes ! We do not have tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. But we must expect other forms of tragedies to hit us sooner or later. We must not look at MH 370 defensively or negatively but positively – taking the bull by the horns. And to improve on whatever we have achieved or did not achieve. And together we will achieve much in our Nation building process. As I always said it pays to do things normally. We do not need to set our standards so high as to fall and suffer for it. Obviously, we cannot have no standards at all. This is where NORMALITY OR NORMALCY comes into play. No doubt it is a boring and mundane word especially to the young or those young at heart. But it is a solid word full of meaning in any crises or tragedies.

    When lives are lost, we grieved at this unnecessary loss of human lives, the young and the old in equal measure. These might not be even our own kind, Malaysians but our fellow humankind far across the vastness of the seas and oceans. Thanks to the advanced technology of today, our emotions and heartstrings are pluck most times by the TV set in full colour or in full 3 D dimensions. This is the World we have to accept and live with. This is why sometimes unnecessary tragedies like MH 370 or the Korean ferry happened out of the blue. In both cases, maybe there was something lacking in NORMALITY/NORMALCY, human error, the Boeing design or whatever. But one thing is obvious, human activity is a continuous learning process, be it the Little India Riots, MH 370, Korean ferry etc. This learning process is what made Humankind great and its activities forever interesting. But unfortunately, human lives are lost unnecessarily at the most unexpected moment.

    Some pundits thought the mystery tale of the disappearance of Maria Celeste was fiction. But now we know that true life sometimes mirrors fiction or vis-a-vis.

    With resolution and unity amongst us Malaysians and the font of goodwill of Nations, we will overcome this tragedy and move forward as always without forgetting our sympathetic thoughts and condolences to the families of the bereaved in all tragedies all over this World of ours as well.

  6. Ragile Apr 29,2014 11:50 AM

    I am very sad to hear the news that finally MH370 lost with nobody knows it’s whereabout.

    Having read Tuan Dr.Mahathir Mumammad’s blog, as I agree with his opinion that it is very unusual that such a big “creature” being lost without trace. This accident must not happend anymore in future. And there must be an institution/company to be held accountable for.

    Salam dari Jakarta.

  7. sudin Apr 28,2014 11:10 PM

    Salam Tun.

    The tragic event can be arranged to happen to any plane anytime, irrespective of made or nationality. All it takes is for that plane to carry something of paramount importance.

    The general believe on MAS MH370’s disappearance has long ago changed,
    1. that all communications systems (including to h/phones) were disabled immediately after the plane’s trekking was neither monitored by Malaysia nor Vietnam,
    2. that the plane’s flight path was then fully remote-controlled to a specific destination, by a nation with high tech capability,
    3. that the plane were dismantled and completely dissolved, together with everything inside (including all the dead bodies), less the items of interest to that nation.

    Almost 2 months and still zero findings on anything related to the plane, the luggage or plane parts, because everything has perished indefinitely since day 3 the plane was reported as missing.

    No more than 2 days is required before the whole vanishing act is put into action.

  8. kalam putih Apr 28,2014 5:59 PM

    Kehilangan Pesawat MH370 : Pandangan Daripada Aspek Politik
    Terdapat dua fakta penting yang menjadi asas untuk memahami misteri kehilangan Pesawat MH370. Pertama, Pesawat MH370 telah menukar laluannya dengan sengaja daripada laluan asalnya dengan cara yang sangat teratur dan terancang serta dapat melepaskan diri daripada dikesan oleh sistem radar. Kedua, sehingga kini, kerajaan Malaysia masih belum dapat menemui pesawat MH370 walaupun usaha pencarian begitu giat dilakukan dengan menggunakan pelbagai jenis teknologi serta usaha pencarian turut dibantu oleh beberapa buah negara termasuklah dua buah negara kuasa besar iaitu Amerika dan China.

    Artikel Penuh:

  9. sentinel3 Apr 28,2014 5:55 PM


    Izinkan saya menjawap tomteng,

    Quote :- ” Kapal hilang, Tun buat tuntutan atas Boeing.

    Kemalangan maut akibat keselamatan Proto,n yang tidak lengkap adakah patut rakyat Malaysia menyalahkan Proton, terutamanya kepututan TUN terhadap Proton?

    Sebelum buat tuntutan atau komen, tolonglah Tun fikir betul betul.”

    Alahai tomteng, sepatutnya kucing tomtenglah yang sepatutnya berfikir betul-betul dahulu sebelum membuat komen dan bukannya Tun.

    Adakah salah tuntutan dibuat atas Boeing jika terdapat masalah mekanikal dan kegagalan syarikat itu menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai pengeluar dan pembekal pesawat Boeing kepada pelanggan dalam isu MH370?

    Jika Kerajaan AS boleh membuat tuntutan terhadap Toyota atas pelbagai alasan bagi melindungi kepentingan rakyatnya, mengapa tidak Boeing?

    Tuntutan juga boleh dibuat terhadap Proton jika terdapat masalah yang boleh menjejaskan keselamatan penggunanya seperti juga syarikat-syarikat pengeluar kereta yang lain di dunia.

    Bolehkah kucing tomteng buktikan di mana quote :- “Kemalangan maut akibat keselamatan Proton yang tidak lengkap”? Apakah ciri-ciri yang tidak lengkap pada Proton yang meresahkan dan membahayakan keselamatan tomteng? Adakah tomteng memiliki dan menggunakan Proton?

    Agak-agaknya berapakah yang Boeing bayar kepada tomteng supaya menjadi jurucakap Boeing?

    Salam Tun.

  10. azlan95 Apr 28,2014 4:02 PM

    Lawsuits against automakers are common. As an example Toyota paid $3 mil for an accident that involved a death. A customer bought her Toyota, involved in an accident, yet it’s Toyota who ultimately is held responsible.

    Thanks to Google for the link:


  11. Nicole Guihaume Apr 28,2014 3:39 PM

    I am very upset by these false allegations against Boeing. I am sorry, the plane is at Diego Garcia, and I can prove it to you, Dr M, no problem. I sent mails to Thomas K Shannon, Matthew Vandesluis, Christopher Atkinson and very many other persons, without any denial. This is a plot against America, nothing else, done by Rothschild’s mafia. You can see the mails here :
    I shall look after your email to contact you, add your address to my list. This disinformation must end.

  12. tomteng Apr 28,2014 11:58 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Kapal hilang, Tun buat tuntutan atas Boeing.

    Kemalangan maut akibat keselamatan Proton yang tidak lengkap, adakah patut rakyat Malaysia menyalahkan Proton, terutamanya kepututan TUN terhadap Proton?

    Sebelum buat tuntutan atau komen, tolonglah Tun fikir betul betul.

  13. ThomasT Apr 28,2014 8:16 AM

    You MUST look outside the box here Dr. M Start by demanding the civil radar map tapes.

    This charade is to hide an embarrasing situation and is well beyond anything Malaysia could conjure up, ie to bury 370 in the deepest part of the Indian O with it’s imagined dying pings. What is the embarrassment to Malaysia?. Is it the civil radar plot of MH370 showing an unidentified target moving at 2,500mph and then stopping? That while MH370 does a few sharp turns, but NOT back, instantly drops to sea level, shoots forward and disappears! Is THIS the information that they cannot release to the public because then they would be the laughing stock as unidentified targets do NOT exist? IF this radar plot is a fake, then Malaysian MUST show us the original to prove that.

    There is NO proof MH370 went South. The statement by Inmarsat that they had analysed inmarsat RF signals using doppler shift analysis is a lie. The RF signal is almost certainly not recorded (only the extracted data such as aircraft identity) so there was nothing there to be analysed. That is why Inmarsat had refused to turn up at THEIR briefing.

    NO miltary radar plot from Malaysia, Thailand nor Indonesia, nor satellite data has been presented to confirm this large target heading S, or even back over Thailand, S of Phuket. Of interest is that CNN, Al Jazeera, The Indpendent UK , Daily Telegraph UK and Straits Times are blocking all commenters from posting the link to the civil radar plot or even discussion on the plot.

    Ufos and ets? Before you fall down laughing, or uncomfortably want to scream fraud, fake or nutters because nasa, seti and astronomers tell us there are NO ufos under intelligent et control flying around here.

    google Larry King, CNN, Ufos shut down missile silos in US, UK and USSR.

    google Wikipedia. Valentich, Cessna ufo abduction, Melbourne, Australia. (Full radio transcript recorded).


    IF this was a ufo/et abduction, they may all be alive, but not coming back anytime soon.

    I am a Rtd Airline Training Captain with multiple UFO sightings. In 1972 we carried Govt(?) UFO report forms in our Nav Boxes, (Super VC10s out of Nairobi, Kenya). I am quite comfortable with the ufo phenomena.

    I was the Pilot Union’s rep. at all aircraft accident investigations in the 4 countries that owned the airline. That function was to ensure pilots got a fair hearing, even if deceased.

  14. HBT456 Apr 28,2014 5:51 AM

    When a mistake was made, it is not about who was right, who was wrong. It is about who learned from it…Robert Kiyosaki, The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you are looking for fast way to make money due to hearsay blindly, this book is not for you.

    Thank you tok det for posting my voice here as voter to make Malaysia a high income nation by 2020 to hedge against future inflation that will makes Malaysia Boleh in many generation to come. There is no place for extremists or racists in any progressive nation as voters are more mature in their voting patterns.

  15. HBT456 Apr 28,2014 5:28 AM

    Accidents do happen, and it is always man made. If the hole is in the cockpit, can we safely conclude that some unfriendly strangers with anger and hatred for being playout made the hole through force, azlan95?

  16. Rod Speed Apr 28,2014 5:23 AM

    MH370 was in fact equipped with ADS-B which does allow full time tracking of the aircraft. The problem is that it has to be possible to turn anything electronic off because there is always the possibility that it might catch fire and need to be turned off before it compromises the safety of the aircraft.

    It would be possible to have multiple systems and ensure that they can not all be turned off while the plane is in the air.

  17. Rod Speed Apr 28,2014 5:10 AM

    The problem with the claim that Boeing is at fault is that while ever the cockpit is made very secure against an attempt to hijack the aircraft, that inevitably means that if one of the pilots chooses to wait until the other pilot has left the cockpit for whatever reason, like being asked to have a look at one of the engines from one of the main cabin windows, that other pilot can be locked out of the cockpit and the pilot that has decided to suicide can then do anything he likes with the plane. He can even turn the pressurization off, fly the plane at 45K feet until all the main cabin oxygen supply is exhausted, while using the much longer lasting cockpit oxygen supply himself, and kill everyone on the plane that way.

    There is nothing that Boeing could have done to avoid that situation while ensuring that hijacking the aircraft is not possible.

  18. azlan95 Apr 27,2014 8:43 PM

    Instead of a gradual or ‘U’ turn, the plane made an abrupt and rough ‘V’ turn. That’s the “when” the hole was made, at the ‘V’ turn somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam.

    The fact that the plane made a left turn tells me the hole is on the right hand side of the cockpit. And the abrupt ‘V’ turn indicates the strong wind rushing into the cockpit, thus diverting the plane from its original path towards Beijing.

    The autopilot was unable to turn the plane back towards Beijing, which means the plane had to make a right turn. The autopilot was unable to do so. The outside force was just too strong.

    The hole caused the whole plane to lose pressure and the cockpit crew were instantly killed from the blow. Seems like most electrical instruments were also damaged. I would also predict the autopilot got affected to some degree. Probably a backup software kicked in after it descended for some moment.

    And the second left turn occurred North of Malacca Straits, another gush of wind perhaps, taking the plane down south of the Indian Sea.


  19. ilioni Apr 27,2014 6:13 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to share my point of view, let’s try to focus only on the facts and reduce the amount of speculations.

    1. I agree that Boeing should be held accountable for making a defective product (in this case a Plane). But, this is just part of the fact.

    2. Boeing has chosen to ignore the implementation of a real time tracking system and a tracking system which can be easily disabled which resulted in the difficulty to EVEN find and locate where the plane is! Is Boeing going to be bear the cost for searching its plane? Boeing is guilty of charge in this case.

    3. When I watched the news and get to know the fact that everyone on the plane only has 10minutes of Oxygen in the air to move from a cruising altitude to a breathable altitude, this fact makes me shiver. But, we can’t blame Boeing for that as this is the aviation industry standard.

    4. I disagree that Boeing is the only party to take the blame and MAS is completely innocent in this case but the truth is that MAS is doing all their best to deal with the situation while Boeing just kept quiet like it’s none of their business. Excuse me, one of the plane that you make just got lost and there is no way to track and find where it is and it’s none of your business??!

    6. Let’s take a look at what happened on the Air France. There is a problem with the Plane maker making Air speed measurement coupled with incompetent Pilot skills which made mistake after mistake which brought down the plane. In the case of the Air France 447, BOTH Plane maker (Airbus) & the Airlines should be held accountable. One for plane defect (held accountable by the Airbus) whereas the Airlines fault in not making sure their pilots are constantly assessed for their skills. In the case of MH370, how can we say that MAS is not to be blamed at this stage where no one knows what happened?

    7. We can’t say that MAS is to be blamed or not until the blackbox is found and handed over to an INDEPENDENT party to do a root cause analysis to find out what went wrong. The truth of what went wrong needs to prevail so that proper counter measures can be put in place to prevent it from happening again.

    8. No one could stay clean until the blackbox and the root cause is discovered. It should be in the interest of every nation to find out what went wrong to recover people’s confidence in the aviation industry.

    9. Here comes my WHAT IF? How could this disaster could have been prevented?

    10. When our military radar observed an unidentified plane flying through our air space, why is there no actions taken? Is our military radar for display ONLY as well? Do we only need to react when it is a fighter plane? If we often have a lot of plane which are going off course as they wish into our airspace and no action needs to be taken, it just doesn’t look right. Someone should have lots of explanations to do. Look at how the UK dealt with the unidentified plane.

    11. In our beloved country, no one needs to be accountable for anything; no matter how big or how small the problem is.
    “When life is lost when the right action was not taken; there is no need to be accountable for it. ” – Tak apa la, Biasa La..
    “The submarines that we bought can’t do any search and rescue after spending millions.” – Tak apa la, Biasa La…
    “When a new building collapse even before it is used.” – Tak apa la. Biasa la.
    “When the AG report comes out about the wastage; there is no need to be accountable for it.” – Tak apa, Biasa la…
    “When our education system is dropping; there is no need to be accountable for it.” – Tak apa, Biasa la.. We are better than the developed country.

    12. Accountability is not in our culture, has never been and will never be. I really hope that this statement is wrong esp. on what is going to happen in the future .

    13. This is what happened in South Korean over the Ferry disaster that just happened. This is the difference and the reason why South Korean is able to compete with the rest of the world – having the courage to take responsibility and being accountable for the duty given to them.

    14. If only any move to show accountability comes from a determined honest leader, positive outcome is not anywhere near. Sad to say that our current leader doesn’t fit into this category.

  20. nasigoreng Apr 27,2014 4:53 PM
  21. sibotak Apr 27,2014 3:28 PM

    Marag Betul …………HBT
    Relaxlah Bro ….Nanti dapat duit lebih kasi Kita eh !

  22. Tun Perak Apr 27,2014 2:57 PM

    Salam again, just to add…

    1. I predict MH370 conclusion will be inconclusive to point who is to be blamed. So, it is very unethical for the Chinese families to hold MAS staffs as their hostage. I think this is what one has to anticipate when they face a group of people who lacks religion and moral as their stand because of communist background.

    2. Auto-pilot is normally programmed by the person who is in the cockpit. In most cases, the pilot programmed the plane to fly a direct path to the destination.

    3. If the plane moves erratically by auto-pilot, it means that the person in the cockpit programmed the plane so that it moved erratically.

    4. In case of emergency, autopilot is disengaged. It is a simple automation rule that assume pilot will make a better decision than a program in the plane because a program is still a program designed by someone who are not related to emergency scenario that occurs; thus will not be aware about new information coming from the enviroment. Human-automation engineer and designer most of the time think that human should have the final control on the craft because they are cleverer than the “autopilot program”.

    5. My heart says that someone took over the plane. If someone took over the plane in hostile, MAS could not be blamed. Even if the pilot behave crazily, the blame is not on MAS or the government.

    6. In the case of Silk Air 185 crash, the judgment was not conclusive but the pilot has a motive. The postulation was that the main pilot removed black box recording before he iniated a crash. His possible motive – he lost millions of singapore dollars due to share market crash in 1997 and he took insurance valued millions of dollars to cover his family in case of his death. It was postulated that he tricked the co-pilot to leave the cockpit and he had a full control of the plane.

    7. I am not saying that the pilot or co-pilot is responsible conclusively, but the chain of events that took place suggest that high possibility that someone in the cockpit is responsible for it.

    8. I think, the aviation rules in Malaysia need to be reviewed. It should be made compulsary that every in-bound and out-bound flight to any airports in Malaysia to be equipped with real-time monitoring system. Then everyone will feel safe to fly/

  23. terusmencari Apr 27,2014 1:02 PM

    mslatipah pencarian dan penemuan kadangkala tak boleh terlalu spesifik atau khusus sbb yang umum pun kadangkala susah difahami. Kita juga sebagai rakyat Malaysia simpati dengan keluarga mangsa baik China mahupun lain2 negara termasuk rakyat kita sendiri.

    Mungkin kita tak dapat rasa perasaan sebenar sebagai ahli keluarga terdekat,tp kadangkala berfikiran waras,qada dan qadar itu yang tiada dalam ahli keluarga rakyat China.Siapa yang mahu semua ni berlaku. Klu kerajaan atau MAS tidak menunjukkan keperihatinan akan timbul isu lain, bila buat timbul pula isu kurung.

    PENDAPAT Tun M pada saya ada rasionalnya, klu Boeing boleh memantau prestasi engine kapalterbang dari jauh,kenapa tidak mampu untuk mengesan kedudukan MH370? Jadi Tun M hanya beri pendapat atau teori dari sudut yang lain selain daripada teori2 yg sedia ada.Pencarian bukan sesuatu yang mudah. Isu kapal terbang bukanlah sesuatu yang stereotype.Perbandingan dengan France Airline yang hilang hanya perbandingan situasi oleh media dan pakar hakikatnya pencarian adalah berbeza.

    Pada peringkat awal kehilangan pesawat,banyak penemuan yang tidak pasti tp tidak dikongsi kerana khuatir hanya mmberi harapan,tp apa yang jadi? Ahli keluarga rakyat China kata kerajaan dan MAS tidak telus.Tp bila dikongsi lain pula jadinya. Bukan senang nak puaskan hati orang,sbb tu saya kata maklumat pencarian dan penemuan tidak boleh terlalu spesifik sbb org biasa(bkn ahli fizik,jurutera,pakar aeronatik)fhm tentang pencarian dan penemuan.

    Banyak teknologi digunakan tp itu bukan jaminan sbb awal2 lagi vendor2 teknologi ni memaklumkan setiap teknologi ada had keupayaan.Sbb teknologi ni dicipta oleh manusia jd kesilapan teknologi akan jadi berganda2 silap jika jangkaan manusia tidak tepat lebih2 lagi berkaitan gelombang,arus,suhu dan sebagainya. Bukan mudah untuk teroka dasar lautan yang beribu2 kaki dan berjuta2 kaki luasnya.

    Bagi kita rakyat yang tidak ada apa2 tanggungjawab selain menonton dan mendengar perkembangan semasa mmg mudah untuk bertanya matlamat bg mereka yang sedang terlibat secara terus dengan pencarian 1 hari dihadapan pun xpasti apa yang boleh mereka jelaskan. Apa yang pasti kumpulan SAR boleh jelaskan startegi pencarian dari mana ke mana menggunakan teori atau perkiraan.Sementara mungkin diluar pengetahuan kita berbagai perkara masih lagi dianalisis cuma belum diumumkan.

    Andaikan kita sbg org yg sedang bertungkus lumus mencari, memberi jawapan kepada berbagai-bagai kehendak seperti telur dihujung tanduk. Tidak beritahu satu pihak kata tidak telus,beritahu satu pihak kata masih tak jumpa? Cari 50 org..satu pihak kata habis berjuta2 sdgkan 29,899,950 org lebih memerlukan jutaan xcari 50 org satu pihak kata habis berbillion belanja mengurus dan pembangunan tp xsanggup belanja untuk cari 50 org? Kesimpulannya ttp ada satu pihak yang menongkah arus wlu ape sahaja situasi. Bersyukurlah sbb legasi yang di tinggalkan Tun M serta pemimpin2 terdahulu dan kini memberi kesan yang baik kerana tidak ada sebuah negara pun yang menuntut kos pencarian.

    Kesimpulanya tindakan keluarga China mengurung wakil kerajaan dan MAS bkn kerana kegagalan menjalankan tanggungjawab tp sbb sifat mereka sbg manusia yang ada rasa tidak puas hati, hilang kawalan ketika sedih dan tidak faham.

  24. terusmencari Apr 27,2014 12:17 PM

    HBT456 ini blog Tun M, klu kau perjuangkan human right, right to speak, right of tax payer dan mcm2 right pun xda lain pun ada right tp xpayahla sampai kau nak Pariahkan orang lain.Kau sendiri judge org lain xlayak untuk bg pendapat mcm hebat sangat kau ni. nmpak sangat kau ni perjuangkan ideologi peribadi yang masalahnye kenapa tiba2 muslim kait dengan Melayu. Cina,India,Kadazan,Iban bangsa lain ada juga Muslim. Nampak sangat kau ni anti orang Melayu.Kau kata botak hasut, kau sibuk dengan Taxpayer nak hasut org supaya sama ideologi dengan kau? Kau sorangla bayar tax. brape setahun RM1billion..?Tahap kau dengan Tun M xsampai 0.00000001% untuk analisis pendapat peribadi Tun M.Sudahlah pegi follow blog Geng Bas Sekolah. Tulis mcm budak2.

  25. HBT456 Apr 27,2014 10:25 AM

    Sibotak, hasutan macam ini dah basi. Ko ini memang pariah. Ko bukan saja hasutkan saya, ko ini hasutkan tuan blog ini. Malaysia Memang Boleh, sibotak. Tarak suka, hasut pengundi to vote any political party that you like, terima kasih.

  26. mslatipah Apr 27,2014 10:02 AM

    YAB Tun M,

    1. Setelah sekian lama pesawat MH370 hilang (masuk 51 hari hari ini) baru Tun nak menulis mengenainya. Itu pun sebab beberapa pegawai MAS telah dikurung oleh saudara mara penumpang pesawat MAS tersebut.

    2. Sepatutnya kejadian tersebut tidak perlu berlaku sekiranya kerajaan kita dan pihak MAS tidak terlalu tunduk dengan ragam mereka.

    3. Ekoran daripada mengurung rakyat kita selama 8 jam didalam bilik Hotel Lido, mereka seterusnya telah berhimpun didepan Kedutaan Malaysia. Dengan ini sudah dua kali mereka berbuat demikian.

    4. Tindakan mereka ini tercetus daripada perasaan marah dan tidak berpuas hati dengan berita menyatakan objek yang dijumpai di Augusta, Australia tiada kena mengena dengan pesawat yang hilang.

    5.Tun, sudah berapa kali mereka dimaklumkan dengan penemuan-penemuan seperti begini sejak pencarian di Laut China Selatan lagi?

    6. Hati mana yang tak marah dan kecewa bila hari demi hari setiap penemuan didapati bukan daripada pesawat yang hilang.Sampaikan berlakunya tindakan diluar kawalan.

    7.Namun pun begitu sepatutnya pegawai kerajaan China harus bertanggongjwab mengawal rakyat mereka. Tindakan mereka mengurung rakyat kita adalah salah dan kita boleh saman mereka. Tetapi saya tidak fikir MAS atau kerajaan Malaysia akan berbuat sedemikian kerana kita semua orang yang berfikiran panjang dan berugama.

    8. Seterusnya pencarian di Lautan Hindi mengguna Bluefin 21 tidak menghasilkan apa-apa penemuan yang boleh dikaitkan dengan peswat yang hilang.
    Dua tiga hari lagi cukuplah 100% kawasan yang dikenalpasti sebagai tempat berakhirnya pesawat di cari. Pihak JACC mahu duduk semula dan bincang apakah tindakan selanjutnya.

    9. Kami rakyat tidak berapa jelas apakah strategi dan hala tuju kerajaan (PM) dalam pencarian ini.

    10. Walau pun 3 Jawatan Kuasa telah ditubuhkan tetapi kita masih kabur apakah matlamat kerajaan dalam masa 100 hari ini lagi ; dalam masa 6 bulan lagi; dalam 1 tahun lagi dan seterusnya sehinggalah terjumpanya pesawat MH370.

    11. Kita bukan negara kaya. Seramai 50 rakyat kita hilang. Kita adalagi 29,899,950 rakyat lagi yang perlu dibantu. Apakah pendirian dan matlamat kerajaan?

    Sekian.Terima kasih.

  27. hjzin Apr 27,2014 9:59 AM

    Perceptions over Muslims, Yg Bhg Sdr HBT456
    like it or not is ‘fact’ to the rest of the world.
    (so why did you bring up the perception on Melayu, below?)
    The overwhelming expectation of Malaysians instead is of US conspiracy, and that will not easily change despite of President Obama’s cheeks-kissing Dato Seri PM goodwill visit.

    I was just reporting below what is suggested as the possible technical explantions, by professional pilots in their website

    PS: They have been elegantly quiet, but how about some comments here from the most senior MAS pilots?

    Wa Salam’kum, g’day and a great weekend to you and the YA Bhg Tun !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  28. sibotak Apr 27,2014 9:49 AM

    HBT confirm very sick, perhaps overdose by prescription
    Keep Repeating of Taxpayers as if He is the only taxpayer here
    Of all Tax Authority investigation HBT has fraud his taxes

    In Chedet I believes If we talk of SAMBAL BELACAN
    HBT will keep repeating of his Taxes perhaps unpaid & undeclared




  29. balance Apr 27,2014 8:13 AM


    Your opinion is valid and any laymen can think like that but the story is not that simple only the highest level in military intelligence will know.
    For those who like to hammer others, please dont start the blame games as it can never end. It is nothing to do with Muslim or non-Muslim. Please give genuine or original opinion without putting blame on religion or race. Please dont start the race war as it will not benefit anyone.
    We can only hope for the best. Hope that all on board MH370 is still alive. Wish they can return home.

  30. azlan95 Apr 27,2014 7:45 AM

    The Boeing 777 of MH 370 had a hole which caused the cabin to lose pressure and knocked everyone on board off conscious. The hole is similar to the one in the EgyptAir 2011 case as shown in Jill Reilly’s article.

    With everyone unconscious the MH 370 was a zombie on autopilot and the erratic flight path depicts that. The likely cause of MH 370 tragedy is due to the airplane’s malfunction.


  31. HBT456 Apr 27,2014 4:55 AM

    The problem is not the world blaming muslim pilot, the problem is in you, hjzin. You just dont have the right attitude to look at this issue first. I know if I say this out, the pembodek2 hidup melayu will get mad. Ask yourself, after 50 years of independent, as malay dont you feel embarass always asking money from federal taxpayers?

  32. sudin Apr 27,2014 12:42 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I’ve tried several times to post the following comment about 2 weeks ago, however it seems the moderator rejected every time I tried.

    “Latest unconfirmed news on MAS flight MH370.

    China is presently having the largest assets combing the South Indian Ocean looking for the ill-fated aircraft, more than 15 ships and still more to come.

    Since the US has not helped to give any satellite report on the flight path of the MAS plane, and also it seems very improbable the numerous US satellites have not detected the plane, this incident will possibly lead to a major confrontation between 2 superpowers.

    The Australian government is presently the unprecedented team leader, taking voluntary responsibility to seek out the most likely non-existent missing plane scraps of MH370 in the vast ocean.
    Most kind and considerate of them, really?
    PM Abbott has been making frequent announcements on the update of the search, which always turn out to be very frustratingly close.

    Diego Garcia itself will become the next major search area?”

  33. hjzin Apr 26,2014 11:51 PM

    As Salam’kum and for a different reason, YA Bhg Tun Dr
    as an engineer, I totally agree on this being totally Boeing’s fault.

    The B777 model was the 1st fly-by-wire non-combat aircraft built and as for all new models, Boeing had to be extra careful and built all the redundancies in the avionics, communications and computers. With banks of 3 or 4 backup systems, the plane will continue to fly even in the event of pilot disability, until the fuel runs out.

    The rest of the world outside Malaysia are happy to blame the Muslim pilots but the ‘ghost plane’ scenario, although not pleasant had been suggested in the professional pilot website This may serve as a timely reminder by Allah SWT when humans are so obsessed with technology.
    (Surah al-An’aam, 6: 165)

    Wishing for the best closure insya-Allah for MH370.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  34. tebing tinggi Apr 26,2014 11:13 PM

    Salam Tun,

    They say, on the 9 /11 when the plane hit the World Trade Center ,the whole steels structure of the building melted to the ground, but the passport of the hijackers was not melts .
    Technology help them to identifies the hijackers .

  35. damha Apr 26,2014 10:41 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Pada pendapat saya, boeing dan crew MH370 tidak bersalah. Tidak terdetikkah di hati kita bahawa ia adalah amat mustahil utk sebuah pesawat besar yg begitu canggih boleh hilang drp dikesan radar??? Dimana pegangan kita terhadap Kuasa Allah yg mengatasi batas-batas sains dan teknologi? Berusahalah mencari orang-orang soleh yg mendapat petunjukNya utk mendapat jawapan dimana MH370 berada.

  36. atplhkt Apr 26,2014 9:49 PM

    This blog is now discussed on lot of forum about aviation and I think that to pretend without any proof it is not MH it is BOEING fault makes the author ridiculous through the word.
    What wrote TUN PREKAK is interesting because (in aeronautic and pilot word who dont write such stupid things as on newspaper and blogs) a pilot (bad) choice is ONE of the possible event in the way TUN PERAK describes.
    Sadly, ther is already a jet plane with hundred of passengers who were killed according to the copilot will (even if the country of the airline always denied the final report of this drama).
    ALL planes have breakers (and some other items) to disconnect ANY electric system and AIRBUS is as BOEING : one can SWITH OFF transponders and so on.
    The one thing (if man hand) was not known (and even B 777 did not all know about it) was the fact there was still an handshake (it was with the some 8 pings that INMARSAT expert can approach the path of the plane).
    Will one day CVR and FDR found ? I do not know of course (case if FAR MORE hard than AF 447 one for search). But even found with a CVR which is (re) written (every 2 hours) if the one in the cockpit remind silent and a FDR with usual parameters (position, speed, altitude, path, and so on) it will REMIND a challenge to UNDERSTAND the whole story.

  37. Haji amin tan Apr 26,2014 6:21 PM

    Assallammualaikum Ayahanda Tun.
    Ribuan terima kasih kerana sudi mengizinkan saya kembali ke
    Semoga Allah merahmati Tun.

    Terima kasih..

  38. sibotak Apr 26,2014 1:25 AM

    Yg Tidak nyata ,yg tak ada bukti
    Tidak bolih kita buat Andaian

    Yg Nyata
    Ilmu Manusia masih Centek

    Setuju dengan pandangan Tun
    Boeing perlu buat pendalaman dalam hal ini

    Bahkan jika satu Boeing tumpas
    Seharusnya semua Boeing yg ada MESTI BERHENTI OPERASI
    Hingga kenyataan Muncul

    Begitu juga jika satu Gendola di bangunan jatuh tanpa kepastian
    Semua Gendola yg ada perlu hentikan operasi untuk Keselamatn Dulu
    Hingga Kenyataan Timbul

    1. I am very upset over MAS employees being held hostage in Beijing by the relatives of the passengers of MH 370. I am upset because they are blaming the wrong people. The loss of the plane is due to the makers Boeing.
    Mereka bukan lah kalangan orang Beijing Islam pasti mereka ini Kafir

  39. Hajar Apr 25,2014 11:25 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Brilliant analysis and questions from Tun.

    2. Boeing is fully responsible for making it possible for SOMEONE to completely turn off the entire communication system in the aircraft. All this while I thought the logic (program instructions) within the communication system in an aircraft is being programmed to always be set in ‘ON’ mode, and it’s impossible to turn it off manually. I believe this is the main weakness of Boeing’s aircrafts, and Boeing must rectify this problem/issue.

    3. I think the co-pilot was disabled (using whatever method), and only ALLAH SWT knows what happened to the other crew members and passengers.

    4. I believe, someone in that plane (of course someone with vast experience in handling Boeing 777-200ER and with evil intention) did something to embarrass/ humiliate Malaysia and MAS.

    5. Another question that must be answered: “What happened to USA’s radars at Indian ocean?” Are these radars being disabled too? This is so weird.

    6. I urge MAS to stop buying Boeing aircrafts; just switch to Airbus.

    7. Too bad, MAS & Malaysia became the ‘kambing hitam’.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  40. Tun Perak Apr 25,2014 9:59 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. It is very unlikely for an aeroplane to crash even more unlikely for it to dissapear.

    2. The plane dissapeared, and tracked by chance to the Indian Ocean. Looking at the flight path of the plane after turning back from it’s original path it crossed Malaysia at about 5,000 feets high and tried to avoid crossing Sumatera island. So, it is very likely that whoever flying the plane tried to avoid the civillian radar. The press statement by the Prime Minister suggested the communication system and radar detection system were delibrerately turned off. These two facts led to the hypothesis that the plane was hijacked.

    4. It can be hijacked remotely or by someone inside the craft.

    5. It is quite unlikely that the pilot and co-pilot collaborate to hijack the plane both knowing they will die together. So , it may be (1) someone from outside the cockpit forced themself into the cockpit and flush the pilots away, or (2) the pilot hijacked the plane when his co-pilot went off to washroom or perhaps made his co-pilot unconscious or (3) the co-pilot hijacked the plane when the pilot went off to washroom or he made the captain unconscious.

    6. The plane was brought up to 45,000 feet which could lead to air decompression in the cabin for about 23 minutes. The oxygen support at the passengers compartment could last only for 10 minutes. The oxygen in the cockpit could last longer. After 23 minutes at 45,000 feet, the craft was brought down professionally to 5,000 feet. I have very high suspicion that all the passengers had been made unconscious or dead , due to the lack of oxygen during that 23 minutes ride.

    7. This means that everyone in the craft was deadened except those in the cockpit. That answer why no-one tried to make a phone call either by credit-card or etc while they are moving south.

    8. When the communication system was deliberately disabled then we would expect that the recordings in the black box would also be deliberately disabled.

    9. Ethically, Boeing has to inform MAS all the risk of the aircraft including the possibility for someone to disable the communication system. If Boeing did not inform MAS, it could be sued by MAS and by the passengers.

    9. Air France 477 was found only 2 years after it crashed. MH 370 can take longer time to be found. Both craft were not continuously tracked in real-time.

    10. Tracking plane continuously in real-time during flight is possible. Even to diagnose the jet turbine condition while the plane is in-flight remotely is also possible. The technology is available and it comes with a price tag. Unfortunately many aviation agencies chose not to track their plane in real-time. They bet on the unlikely event that a disaster like this would happen. Occasionally, their bet is wrong but one wrong bet could cost the agency bankruptcy. This is a point to ponder deeply.

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