1. Boeing is the designer and assembler of all Boeing aircrafts. It also subjects the new aircrafts to rigorous test. It is totally responsible for the certification of the aircrafts and all the parts, avionics and safety features of the aircrafts.

2. The parts may be supplied by contractors and vendors but Boeing is responsible for the correct installation, testing and certification. Certainly the communication system is selected, tested and installed under Boeing supervision.

3. The communication system is the lifeline of the aircrafts. In any emergency the aircraft can speak directly with ground stations. Under no circumstances should communication equipment fail.

4. Currently the location and movement of all commercial aircrafts are monitored. Anybody can see on their hand phone the symbol of the aircrafts flying anywhere in the world. Their registered number, their makes, their owners, departure airports and destination can all be obtained through anyone’s mobile phone. Yet MH370 could disappear completely apparently even from the monitors of the countries owning sophisticated spy satellites.

5. In the case of MH370 the only thing that we know for certain is that after the co-pilot said “Alright, Good Night” there was no more communication. There was no call from the aircraft and ground station could not contact the aircraft at all. In other words there was total communication breakdown.

6. How was this possible! The pilot may disable it! Are the communication systems in a Boeing 777 so easily disabled? Is there no backup? Is there no fail-safe system for so important a facility? Or did a third party disable MH370’s communication system?

7. Whatever the stoppage of communication was sudden and total. One or the other of the pilots must have become aware of this communications failure unless of course both were responsible for disabling the system. At some stage the cabin crew must notice that the aircraft was not keeping to the correct flight path. Did they not try to ask the pilots why? If they fail to contact the flight deck, wouldn’t they be concerned?

8. All the cabin crew must be carrying mobile phones. Surely upon not getting explanations from the pilots as to the flight path change, they would be alarmed enough to call someone on the ground. But as far as we know they did not. Were their phones disabled? Or were they incapacitated in some way?

9. The passengers too, at some stage must feel alarmed. Did any of them try to phone their relatives? They did not. Were they also disabled or their phones disabled?

10. Some relatives on the ground in Malaysia rang up the passengers. They could hear the phone ringing but was not picked up. There was no answer. Could it be that the passengers have all been disabled?

11. As I said the position of commercial aircrafts are constantly monitored. They all appear on the screen of our phones. MH 370 disappeared from the screen. Why? What equipments do passenger aircrafts carry so that their position can be chartered and broadcast? If a plane disappears wouldn’t someone notice. Yet the plane vanished and no one seems to know. Can Boeing explain how this can happen? But Boeing is deathly quiet! No explanation at all as to how the communication system and monitoring of position can fail in a Boeing aircraft.

12. If this can happen to MH370, a 777 Boeing, is it safe to fly in such planes. When will another plane disappear??

13. The assumption is that MH370 fell into the Indian Ocean. Can a plane that heavy, made of glass, aluminium, titanium and composites, plunge into the sea and not break up, leaving broken parts and oil slicks. Even if the sea was calm a plane would break up. The engines too can break off and leave traces of oil etc. Whether the pilots were in control or not, when the fuel was exhausted the plane must drop. It cannot achieve a soft landing like the Hudson River case. It must drop into the sea violently. Even if the sea was calm, the plane must break up. But the suggestion is that the whole plane sank intact into the sea! Is this possible?

14. Until now nothing has been found to indicate the breakup of the plane.

15. Boeing has a lot to answer. Until the plane is found and the causes of the failure of communication equipment and the disappearance are fully explained, one must conclude that Boeing aircrafts are dangerous to fly in.


  1. burgerking May 19,2014 10:22 PM

    Check out Boeings latest “Stealth Fighter Jets” , they use state of the art weaponary, classified as “Advanced Radar Scrambling and detection”. Ask this question. who is Boeings largest military customer = u s .
    The actions of the pilots t me appear to be desperate measures to try and extricate the MH370 from a live missile locked on.

    It appears similar to Korean Airlines flight 007 who suffered a missile lock-on from the russian fighter some years ago – by accident, due to several protocol errors.

    The International community respectfully demands answers about this flight, in the interest of all Civilian air travel safety.

  2. anti-jibaok May 17,2014 5:07 PM


    Apek/Ahso aah.., itu ‘HBT456’ apa itu meaning aah? Hantu Bukit Tinggi ka..?

    BTW.., itu ‘terpanggil’.., dia punya meaning adalah ter‘call’.., bukan ‘mis-call’ tahu. Ada paham ka..?

    Aiiyaa.., lu memang kiasu punya jibaok.., manyak busuk punya kaki. Tuntu aah.., lu bukan Ipoh mali punya olang.., talak sombong, lagi kincing pun talak bunyi punya.., butut ka..!? Tuntu aah.., lu itu Singgapo mali ‘Lite Islael’ punya kiasu..? Ada butut ka..?


    Fiat money is about creating currency out of thin air on debt basis. If this is changed to the Islamic convention of the ‘Dinar’ and ‘Dirham’ (Gold and Silver), then that shall be true currency based on real wealth. Understand..!?

    Nobody here is blaming PM Najib. The current scenario is a real test for him whether his can lead and manage real and tough crisis on the geopolitical stage. Let’s see how he can take and call the shots. ‘Adroit’ leadership quality alone shall not suffice. The first and foremost quality of a real leader is the ‘Tarak takut punya’ or that ‘fearless’ quality.

    That ‘fearless’ quality is prevalent in great leaders, even in the ‘meek’ looking leader such as Mahatma Ghandi. Of course, our own leader with that somewhat ‘mild-mannered’ feature (something like ‘Clark Kent’) such as Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad himself.., or even that political madman such as Anwar Al-Juburi.., have in them that first and foremost leadership quality of ‘tarak takut punya’ or being ‘fearless’.

    Hopefully, PM Najib does not instead have that ‘fearful’ quality towards some of those deceitful powers-that-be in the West and their lackeys.., but rather he should exhibit the ‘fearless’ or ‘tarak takut punya’ quality and the no-nonsense stance towards them.., something that Vladimir Putin of Russia have exemplified.

    Ada apa lagi mau tanya.., Apek/Ahso..?

  3. HBT456 May 17,2014 7:25 AM

    Soli ar, anti-jiboak, lu cakap apa lu rasa terpanggil, gua tarak paham. Gua mesti kiasu, takutnkalah kerana tu nadi, nyawa, harta dan luit rakyat. Fiat money is about a product, idea or service that can sell. Tukar nama dari convention kepada islamic is aka to stealing whic is against the federal constitution.mCant blame pm najib, his experience is only party man, no more no less. If a pm can declare mas bankrupt today, means he is inexperience in this issue.

  4. farz May 16,2014 3:48 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Assalamualaikum, tumpang lalu. Every one is entitled to their own opinion so long as it is based on reasonable grounds though one may vary from one another. For me , I will never accept an intellectual muslim like our pilot in MH370 could commit suicide. Lets agree to disagree. I look forward to read on the comments made by anti jibaok and Tun Perak and few others. Lets not forget the purpose of Tun creating this blog in the first place. At times I feel this blog could be a brainstorming session though most of the time I ‘d rather be a bystander. And at the same time trying to absorb all those information poured by commentators like Mubarakchan and grkumar. Lets not be bitter to one another …. with the exception of aso hbt and the likes.

    By the way Tun, sorry out of topic. Why oh why could our PM not realized that his informers/consultants are not in touch with reality? Things may have patched up in Terengganu but it shows how fragile , uninformed and low intelligent UMNO is right now. When will UMNO change for the better. Dare to change? I doubt so. Still lupa diri!

  5. anti-jibaok May 16,2014 12:50 AM

    Tun Perak..,

    Bendahara Melayu Melaka Tun Perak tak akan menggunakan bahasa Mat & Minah Rempit semacam – “..Ek ele..” Ada paham..!?

    Buat malu diri awak sendiri apabila menggunakan gelaran-nama ’Tun Perak’ kalau sikap dan bahasa awak macamlah si Mat & Minah Rempit. Lebih baik awak bersahabat dengan si jiboak ‘HBT456’ tu kalau suka bersikap kiasu (takut & tak mau kalah). Lebih baik awak pegi main jauh-jauhlah.

    BTW.., awak tu budak suruhan si Kerismudin itu ke..!?

  6. Tun Perak May 15,2014 10:55 PM

    Dear Jibaok,

    Ek ele… unethical investigative reporting just like the many alternative media reporters had done in Malaysia. Babut lah. Macam bagus ? report tak betul macam ni pun ada juga manusia yang percaya.

    Great heaven. God Bless Her !

  7. HBT456 May 15,2014 7:21 PM

    It’s not coincidence. Today Malaysia has 2 kinds of political coalitions. One is race base national front coalition, Malay Malaysia (49% votes) with full support from Sabah and Sarawak, the other one is federal front coalition (51% votes), Malaysian Malaysia.

    This political scenario will create more space for political improvement, less power abuse, less corruption, less manipulation.

    Good luck to all political parties. Who will be the next PM? We will see.

  8. mgpunya May 15,2014 4:53 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    ..too many coincidences..sequence of events…just too perfect a scenario..

  9. anti-jibaok May 15,2014 7:44 AM

    Tun Perak,

    Why are you being so obstinate..? Dr. Leuren Moret had provided all of the basic principles of journalism or investigative reporting.., i.e. pertaining to What, Where, When, Who & Why.., in the missing Flight MH370 issue.

    What happened..? – MAS plane Flight MH370 disappeared.
    Where did it happen..? – in the South China sea.., and not in some Indian Ocean.
    When did it happen..? – at 1:21a.m. (Malaysian time) on 8th March 2014.
    Who are involved..? – 239 crew members and passengers.
    Why it happened..? – somebody attacked the plane.

    She even went on to say HOW it happened and WHY the attackers had done so. Can you beat that those claim..?

    So.., Tun Perak,

    It is NOT too simplistic a reporting (as you say) unless you can prove otherwise. It is far more detailed and in-depth compared to your suggestion that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was the sole culprit.

    Of course I trash the findings of the Malaysian Armed Forces, which have now become the laughing stock of the Military world. There was no concrete findings anyway when they keep contradicting and changing their findings to the press. And.., how dare you lie here by uttering that the Chinese Military had made any statements regarding the U-Turn of Flight MH370. The Chinese are not supposed to make any official press statements with regard to OUR (Malaysian) national aircraft. That’s against international protocol. Understand..!?

    And yes.., for sure I trash all the garbage of the so-called pings’ & ‘pongs’ readings as produced by especially by that satellite company i.e. Inmarsat of UK who are also in cohorts with the Boeing company..!

    You are not listening carefully to Dr. Leuren Moret’s explanation, with regard to the Vietnamese discovering the tail section of the plane as well as the oil slick in the South China Sea. Again, our own leader and authorities had brushed aside such findings. And why should the Vietnamese hendak menyibuk-nyibuk to insist that Malaysia accept their findings. It is not their national carrier that was shot down. And besides, after that moment all media reporting was overwhelmed and controlled Western Mainstream-media who went into full swing to whitewash the tail-section and oil-slick story. The Malaysia press and media also ‘had to’ follow suit. Paham..!?

    And don’t you try to spin here like those Western mainstream-media. When did Dr. Leuren Moret ever say that the Vietnamese authority had been keeping and hiding Flight MH370 wreckage..? Shame on you for attempting such a cheap shot..!

    As mentioned by Dr. Leuren Moret, the Vietnamese authorities had been ‘brutally’ honest from day one of the missing Flight MH370 incident. However, it was our own leaders and authorities who are the ones who were ‘too cautious’ and whose balls ‘sudah kena picit’ by those evil perpetrators of the incidents. And naturally, it is none of Vietnam’s business if our own people do not want to listen to their findings of the Vietnamese authorities. Ada paham lagi..!

    Yes.., Dr. Leuren Moret did say that MAS Flight MH370 had just entered into Singapore’s airspace when it lost communication and tracking by ground radar. And this can be clearly explained as per the URLs, as below:-

    Notice the RED DOT of Flight MH370 while it was over Singapore’s air space, at the moment of its disappearance. So.., what else do you need to know..!?


    You should realise that you are behind time. Newton’s Law of Gravity had long been challenged by Einstein’s Law of General Relativity. Be advised that even now Einstein’s law is also being challenged by.., String or S-Theory, M-Theory, Parallel Universe, etc., etc. As time passes, even the Law(s) of Science derived by man keep changing with research and new findings. Understand..!?

    Lastly, it is not my not objective to influence others as you have uttered, because I have nothing to gain by doing so. However, it is incumbent upon me to seek for the true picture with regard to the missing Flight MH370 issue, rather than to remain as the ‘can’t be bothered’ type of individual. And, I also believe that my nation could be jeopardy of being destabilised and perhaps even ‘re-colonised’ by certain concealed foreign powers with the advent of the Flight MH370 incident. Thus, I feel ‘terpanggil’ to contribute something rather than doing nothing in effort to avoid such occurrence.

    And.., I have no desire whatsoever to influence you and those like yourself because for the moment I sense that you may be a lackey who is up to no good with some ulterior motive to ‘whitewash’ the true story in the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370 for certain ‘quarters’. We shall see.

    Anything else you need to know..!?


  10. musato May 15,2014 6:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terima kasih pada Perdana Menteri sebab care ke Terengganu supaya BN menang agaknya di sana.

    Yang ditukarnya Menteri Besar sebab performance tak bagus dalam pilihanraya lepas.

    Betulkah yang bersalah adalah Menteri Besar dan bukannya konsep BRIM 1Malaysia?

    Sorrylah kalau terasa hati skek sebab hamba ni orang Terengganu. Terengganu negeri hamba. Hamba ni kekadang teringatkan jugak kat nenek moyang hamba dalam kubur kat Terengganu tu.

    Seperti mana cara hamba menulis pada Tun, macam tu jugak hamba menulis pada Perdana Menteri. Sorry deh….

    Terima kasih Tun.

  11. Tun Perak May 14,2014 11:29 PM


    Like assuming that it is due to UFO, it is also too simplistic for you to assume a conclision that the dissapearance of MH370 was due to the collusion and conspiracy of powerful geopolitical forces with a concealed but grand motive and agenda such as of the USA, and based your conclusion on the postulation of Leuren Moret.

    In other words, by using that conclusion, you have trashed aside the findings of Royal Malaysian Army radar that tracked the plane made a u-turn to Malaysia and you have also trashed also the Republic of China Army radar detection that the plane has made a u-turn to Malaysia and you have also trashed the findings of international satellite service.

    Now, let us argue based on your :evidence”. Based on your youtube link , let us see whether Leuren Moret claim make sense or not.

    1) Leuren Moret claimed that Vietnam found MH370 “tail section of the plane” at video recording time 14 minutes.

    My comment : If Vietnam had found the “tail section of the plane” then how come the findings was not make public ? It would solve the whole problem ? Why had Vietnam been keeping and hiding MH370 wreckage ? Is Vietnam playing around … hide and seek and hide again… You need to answer that.

    Leuren Moret claimed that the Vietnamese had been very honest from day 1 of the event. Since Vietnames had been very honest and did not publish the verification of any true finding the tail section of the plane, then then it is Leuren Moret who had not been honest.

    Leuren Moret claimed that MH370 entered Singapore airspace. Hello ! Hello ! Malaysia is a part of Singapore ? Why did Malaysia army radar did not track the plane going to Singapore airspace ? Hah … are you trying to make bullshit Royal Malaysia Army ?

    After that 14 minutes wasting time watching the video, I think that youtube link does not carry any value into the actual reason why MH370 had dissappeared.

    We live in a world that had to obey some natural law of science. Isaac Newton theory of gravity stated that unless there is a force upwards, any object will fall down to the ground. due to the gravitional pull to the earth core. MH370 movement had been very awkward. If really there is a fatal failure in the airplane system, the force upwards is not achieved. But, MH370 had moved up from 35,000 feets to 45,000 feets soon after it has lost communication with ground control. Have you wonder why , why and why the plane has increased it’s altitude ? I dont know why… frankly.

    Many people in this world has tried to force us not to think outside of the framework that they want us to think. They said… you have to think within this line and that line because it is sufficient that you think along the line that “we” want you to think. But sooner or later, we will realise that those people who want us to think within the limitation of the framework that they have created are the people who are no smarter than us. I repeat – those are the people who are no smarter than us… God has given us the ability to think and we can think along any lines , any shapes , any pattern that are rational based on a single iota of traceable corrobated evidence…and some of these evidence are hard evidence of the Royal Army Radar data, China military radar data and Immarsat satellite data…. These are real and hard evidence undeniable by anyone…. And once we have done that , we crash against their imaginary framework and line, then we know for sure how to differentiate between false, uncertainty and truth… and we will start to live not under other people’s dogma.

    Anti-Jibaok, you cant influence others by showing something which has no value or has artificial arguments and you have created an imaginary framework that could easily be crashed out against… as I have countered Leuren “findings” with some rational anti-thesis.
    Since you cant influence me to think according to your dogma, why not just accept that it is possible to certain extend that someone controlling the cockpit had made a big mistake…we do not know who it is.. pilot or co-pilot or someone breaking into the pilot room or anyone ?

  12. HBT456 May 14,2014 7:05 PM

    The biggest mistake that BN chairman made in the past is he replaced skilled professionals by replacing with political party loyalists who knows nothing about the job, except main politik. The disappearance of MH370 is similar to that of 911. Life will go on, and truth will be prevailed one day.

  13. balance May 14,2014 8:04 AM

    wajaperak May 13, 2014 at 8:45 PM | Permalink

    Thank you for the noble comments and wishing you all the success. There are many off-the-shelve vehicle maintenance software that you can buy and i am sorry I cannot help you.

    Hope more people can practice humanity like you.

  14. balance May 14,2014 7:57 AM

    anti-jibaok May 14, 2014 at 6:29 AM | Permalink

    Very well written and make a lot of sense. Way to go!

  15. anti-jibaok May 14,2014 6:29 AM

    Tun Perak,

    Let’s put the ‘perak’ and ‘Perak’ issue aside. It’s not important while other visitors are getting confused on this.

    Like all other possibilities such as (say) an alien/UFO abduction, of course the possibility that the Flight MH370 had disappeared due to the motive of the person controlling the cockpit is also probable. However, as I have mentioned before one has zero-in and focus on the most likely possibility while ruling-out others (like say an alien/UFO abduction) in order solve the mystery. One cannot go around seeking-out for ALL of the possibilities otherwise one would be running round in circles and not focusing on the MOST LIKELY possibility. One would be foolishly and endlessly wasting time and resources seeking all possibilities, including the alien or UFO abduction.

    As far as I am concern, I have my findings and have zeroed-in on the most rational and plausible possibility for the disappearance of Flight MH370, which I conclude that it was a collusion and conspiracy of powerful geopolitical forces with a concealed but grand motive and agenda. Plain and simple.

    If you have your findings on this issue, then you are most welcome to present it here or anywhere else. However, do not argue here and say that – “All possibilities need to be taken into account because we do not have any evident that could nullify any “rational” factor”. Kindly do not talk in abstract or rhetorical terms. Also do not be subjective on this issue but instead try to be very objective. Otherwise, you will get nowhere in your findings but merely arguing, for the sake of arguing. And, that is not a wise thing to do. OK..!?

    I couldn’t care less what Aristotle had said or about his philosophy. A huge MAS Boeing-777 aircraft filled with 239 souls has disappeared and we (as a whole world community) must do our bit in contributing to uncover the cause of the incident and find out what had really happened to the said aircraft with its 239 still missing souls. And thanks to this internet age, we can do this by exchanging useful data and info and piecing them together via the internet and cyber platform. However, rest assured that no government and security officials are going to provide the REAL and accurate data and info (especially the raw radar data & details) for public consumption.

    From your response, I gather that apparently you have put Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah ‘under the microscope’ and scrutiny with regard to the disappearance of Flight MH370. By all means you are entitled to do just that, as I believed the Malaysian Police Force, the Interpol, FBI, CIA, etc.., are all right now also doing just that. However, I am sure they have much, much more data, info and profile about Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah than you, perhaps even about his most intimate secrets.

    Nonetheless, I shall not waste my time doing that because I know the authorities can do that job to investigate the modus-operandi of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah far better than you or I can ever do. Instead, I shall (and invite others as well) to look into and investigate (despite our inadequate means) the ‘real’ culprits whom I regard as the perpetrators for the disappearance of Flight MH370, which I reckon the authorities shall not dare reveal to the general public if they (the culprits) are in such powerful and mighty positions.

    Nonetheless, the truth is the truth.., and it must be revealed.., which is incumbent upon us if we truly desire the truth.., regardless if those ‘high and mighty’ culprits may ‘descend upon us’ in attempt to harm us. If otherwise, we can just look the other way and carry on with our routine lives as some of those ‘can’t be bothered’ people. Unless of course.., kalau keadaan sebegitu sudah ‘terkena batang hidung kita sendiri’.., like the distraught relatives and loved ones of those missing souls of Flight MH370. Thus, how would you feel if you are in their position right now..? Would you not want the truth and nothing but the TRUTH.., about Flight MH370..!!?


    Dr. Leuren Moret had daringly put her reputation and personal safety on the line and in full jeopardy by suggesting that The US Navy had shot down Flight MH370. Isn’t that a very bold but very dangerous statement..? What has she to gain by doing so, other than the personal satisfaction of possibly revealing the truth..? Let us all see here again of her lengthy explanation of the Flight MH370 incident, as below:-

    By right and by now Dr. Leuren Moret should have already been arrested by the FBI, charged in court and thrown in jail for accusing the US Government and its cohorts for such a horrible crime. Can’t you respect her courage and boldness in speaking out her mind rather to remain meek like a mouse on such an issue..?

    Can you or anyone else argue that her points are totally implausible and ridiculous..? Blaming the crime on Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is far, far ‘safer’ and convenient rather than blaming the US Government and its cohorts. Likewise, blaming the 19 Arab hijackers and Muslim terrorist as well as Osama bin Laden is far more convenient rather than admitting that the 9-11 incident was an ‘Inside Job’. If we are honest with ourselves then only can we be honest with others. In this regard, do you HONESTLY believe that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (on his own-self) has the real intention and motive to hijack the plane with 238 other souls and make it ‘disappear’…!? Again, I ask you to be honest with yourself.

    My other contention is that, if either Captain Zaharie or his Co-pilot Farid (or both) had somehow willingly but ‘mistakenly’ colluded with other external ‘forces’ (like the case of the hijacker Mohamad Atta in the 9-11 incident), then the possibility in making the aircraft to ‘disappear’ is much more coordinated and effective as instructed by their ‘handlers’. If that is the case then it is still a collusion and high conspiracy which does not prove that the postulation of Dr. Leuren Moret as being incorrect.

    In other words, if you are putting Captain Zahari Ahmad Shah under scrutiny for such a wicked act, then you must consider that he could not have done so alone and on own accord. He may have been duped (just like Mohamad Atta) to collude with other ‘external’ forces for certain incentives or motivation only known to him. If that is the case then it is still a collusion and conspiracy of the highest order and for a greater, diabolic geopolitical agenda. God Almighty only knows.

    Thus, if you are suggesting that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had acted alone for the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370 with 238 other souls on board, it is like suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone and was the ‘Lone Gunman’ in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Kindly try see the whole picture and do remove your ‘blinkers’.


  16. wajaperak May 13,2014 8:45 PM

    Saya mohon ruangan Tun..

    [Dear Mr Balance..
    But the question is, are you well adapted and broad-minded enough to feel for others?]
    Of course Mister:)
    Where do you think presently I am working?
    Where we are the frontliner who give services to people in Primary Care.
    The basic health services you named it..
    Our contention is the muslimin does not give enough.
    Actually they do.
    Here you can label Tuntuah and Hafiz as racist.
    But I called them passionate.
    Other’s can call them zealot.
    I called them overly zealous.
    See Mr Balance,the basis of instituition is naming convention.
    One must agree first how we describe and naming matter like Periodic Table,International Classification Of Diseases son on and so forth.
    In Allopathic Convention,Mental and Behavioural Disorder is defined by the concensus.
    The collective agreement specialist worldwide over thought and opinion.
    But for your information, in Islam the basis of Mental and Behavioural Disorder is
    Meaning the basis of Mental and Behavioural Disorder in Islam is losing control of one temper and temperament.
    Hence,if one accussing you of GILA or INSANE he or she wants to tell that you is losing control.
    Can you compliment them?Or smile?
    Can Anger Management syllabus help us the wrath? see the basis of our contention is the agreement.
    We don’t agree the way our life churned away around us..
    Oh yeah..that is right..
    What you see around you is Muslimin not in practice.
    I am not practicing too?
    Apart from Tun and Mr Mubarak Chan,who can lays claim that they are contributing the most for our nation?
    Mr Balance.
    We all contributed in all our small ways.
    Just today I have completed the Programming of my own software in maintaining the Department Vehicle Maintenance.
    Boss gives me 14 days mentioning about KPI bla..bla..and I thumped him by saying I have concluded it in 5 days..:)
    Mr Balance..
    You can help in small ways by helping me out in my software


    Thank you sir.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  17. anti-jibaok May 13,2014 8:27 PM

    Sometimes I really wonder why the moderator of this blog-site frequently approves and releases some of those spiteful, unsubstantiated comments and blatant lies emanating from that jibaok by the username of ‘HBT456’. Perhaps it is supposed to provoke or further stimulate active response or discourse from other visitors to this blog. I really wonder.

    Anyhow.., in his/her reply to ‘wajaperak’.., how can that ‘HBT456’ jibaok simply accuse (and without any clear evidence whatsoever) that Kelab Putera UMNO gets fund from MoF (i.e. The Ministry of Finance) for its activities..? Clearly.., the past Putera UMNO leader (YB Aziz of Baling) had easily brushed aside such an accusation in Parliament, as per the YouTube video below:-

    In this regard, it is not that the voting public are keen and really wants an incompetent Wakil Rakyat in the likes of that (say) MP for Ampang (i.e. YB Zuraidah Mak Lampir) and that she returned for the 2nd term as a member of parliament. Actually those naïve voting public had really been fooled and taken-in by the chant of ‘ABU’ or Asal Bukan UMNO in suggesting that UMNO is corrupted and rotten to the core and that the voting public must kick-out UMNO and its associates and vote for ‘Anything But UMNO’.., even if it means having to vote for the devil himself into power.

    Such a devious strategy had continually been driven hard into the minds of the naïve general public, perpetrated especially in the likes of those Red Bean Army rascals such as most possibly that ‘HBT456’ jibaok.., even in this blog.

    It is a pity though that those complacent UMNO/BN cyber-troopers who do not keep-up with the vicious attack of those RBA rascals, as what that HBT456 jibaok has been doing. Perhaps, those like Shen Yee Aun and Helen Ang (non-UMNO members) can do a far better job.

    Be advised that, complacency can be a very hefty price to pay for in the future.

  18. Tuntuah May 13,2014 7:46 PM

    Aso .. Aso.
    Habis duit aku tanggung aso ni kat tanah

    Aso.. Kalu budak tu ngaku lgbt.. Guilty as charged lah.. Lagi mau panjang panjang cerita.. Patut la aso marah tax aso habis.. Hahahaha

    Aso.. Baik balik mainland lah.. Aso tak yah bayar tax kat tanah melayu ni. Sure aso seronok… Hahahha

  19. mubarakchan May 13,2014 6:45 PM


    All doctors are colour blind. This is why it is absurd for blatant RACISTS to call you a racist.

    My first emergency patient was a 12 year old Kampong Baru Malay boy who was in a diabetic coma. It took me a long time to put a drip into his collapsed vein. He recovered but came again due to his doting mother. My hands shook with nervousness as I had never done this procedure before in a country where medical students were not permitted to do invasive procedures on patients. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was there instead of thousands of miles away doing research in therapeutics.


  20. HBT456 May 13,2014 6:28 PM

    I am here to write what is in my mind as malaysian. Internet is God’s Greatest invention of mankind, I will use it wisely.

    Once again, i thank tok det to allow me to write my comments. The final conclusion is umno baru hanya mementingkan ideology mereka. Stick to Federal Constitution to avoid power political struggling between local and foreign muslim. It is time to outlaw the ban usage of 35 islamic words to make wawasan 2020 a reality.

  21. HBT456 May 13,2014 6:09 PM

    What Wain wrote is true. Malaysians are peace lovers, mca please dont jeopardize this peace passed in the federal parliament during the 70s just because of wanting to be in the cabinet ministry. Umno baru made me dislike our official religion so much.

  22. HBT456 May 13,2014 5:56 PM

    Today, we have choice to vote either bn, pkr, pr, pas in peninsula. Hanya kaum melayu yang pro umno baru maki hamun mca. Did you see members of pro mca maki hamun umno baru in the media?

  23. HBT456 May 13,2014 5:39 PM

    Wow, hanya orang jahat yang akan buat tu, dr cincai. Suka sangat bergaduh, send him to afrika there to fight boko haram. Peace apa, balance? Mahkamah tertinggi, appeal court, Pdrm and tentera semua under umno baru, they think they can do anything they like in the name of islam? Buat nama islam busuk, siapa mahu beli sahamnya? Few years back, good people already voiced up that it is unhealthy for the federal government to be funded by oil and gas only. KL is capital of malaysia, tak suka KL, dr cincai can migrate to Dubai, atau Putrajaya.

  24. Tun Perak May 13,2014 4:20 PM


    I think you were not sure whether I am a Perakian’ with your Perak slang gestures which I could not understand…and you may be joking to suggest the plane disintegrate in space without any debris, … hahaha.

    It still remains a possibility that the plane dissapeared due to the motive of the person controlling the cockpit. “All possibilities” need to be taken into account because we do not have any evident that could nullify any “rational” factor. Of course, possibilities does not mean the truth because we dont have the evidence to pinpoint which of the “possibilities” is the truth. Even Aristotle said that possibilities are all potentials and all potentials does not carry the same weight or importance.

    Again I say over here, I slept with the news Anwar convicted sodomy case, and I woke up with MH370 dissapeared. MH370 dissapearence swallowed the gravity of news of Anwar conviction.

    Ahmad Zaharie state of mind came into contention because he attended the court proceedings the day Anwar was convicted and was seen abnormally not happy. A CCTV recording at KLIA when he entered the security check can reveal any abnormal behavioural. I have had a look at the cctv recording and I think he was in no mood for a joke.

    I remember during my studies in Japan, we were led to a discussion whether “Religion” could reduce suidice cases in Japan. There is a very big open discussion in Japan regarding this because (1) suicide cases in Japan by percentage of population is big, and (2) majority of Japanese are actually atheist. They do not believe in religion. So, the professor intention was to create a debate between the idea (1) A society with good moral would be enough and (2) Religion could increase society moral goodness.

    Obviously, Islam could reduce suicide rate because it is forbidden for a muslim to commit suicide.I have gone through Ahmad Zaharie profile in youtube to understand his Islamic devoutness. You can see Ahmad Zaharie personnal channel in youtube over here , if this site is true.

    I guess he may not be very devout Muslim after I see he liked several youtube video such as “The God Delusion” , “Seth McFarlane on Atheism and Gay Rights”, “Atheist Michael Newdow Intellectually Demolishes Arrogant Moron on Fox News”, and “Richard Dawkins foundation for Reason and Science”.

    Again that is only a guess and may not be the truth. Ahmad Zaharie may actually was a very devout muslim despite liking the topics that related to atheism.

    Back to some technicals,

    The only closest lead that we have is the plane movement from military radar and satellite plots of the plane possible route after turning back. This lead could be traced to “professional manouvering” of the air-craft. That “professional manouvering” can be done by someone controlling the cockpit or programmed into the plane by the person who controlled the cockpit internally or from external (remote control) or pre-programmed into the plane as an act of sabotage.

    Second closest lead, the plane made that “U-turn” at the “twillight zone”, at the uncharted territory between Malaysia and Vietnam. “A plan” is surely needed for this delicate but significant movement. The ground control was handed-over by the Malaysian authority to their Vietnam counter-part, but the person controlling the cockpit did not respond to Vietnam ground control after he left Malaysian ground control. If this is an act of sabotage, then the person who sabotage would be the person who knew that the plane had just left Malaysian territory and flying in the “few-minutes” passage of unchartered territory before declaring that they are in Vietnam territory. Three categories of people has the precise data of plane movement. First category is the people at the plane cockpit. Second category is the people at Malaysia ground control. Third category, anyone who can sniff the communication between control and pilots , unrelated to the cockpit or the ground control.

    Third closet lead, the plane was brought up to 45,000 feet after the u-turn. Quite weird. Some people say that this is a joy-ride but other motive maybe to knock passengers unconscious.

    I would say that the case would be closed as undecisive and all possibilities will remain possibilities. I rest my case and submit to God whatever the actual reasons of the plane dissapearance – Wallahu alam bi sawab.

  25. balance May 13,2014 3:59 PM

    wajaperak May 12, 2014 at 1:11 PM | Permalink

    I am think you are a very intelligent and very well verse or maybe even expert in many fields and I truly hope you are too. You are so right that when two person standing facing each other, the right is the left to each of them. If a person can understand this, why that person do not propagate the middle path which is peace?
    Why do that person still think, do and feel one-sided and dont encourage peace?

    I am sure all Muslims are well adapt to any situation and all Muslims are intelligent and wise too. But the question is, are you well adapted and broad-minded enough to feel for others? If you said that all Israeli are prejudiced towards Palestinians, it is necessary to follow Israeli way of being prejudice towards others.
    If a person can see a mistakes and evil doing of others why do that person still want to do the same mistakes?
    Isnt it better that person calm the situation down and propagate peace?
    Is it worth it to go to the same place (hell) as all Israeli?
    Why not follow the Palestinians to Heaven?
    Or is it better to say I dont know how can such evil things happen and wish the aggressor have some or more compassion towards people that they called enemies. To some it can be called prayers for peace to both parties.

    Peace Peace and more Peace

  26. azlan95 May 13,2014 1:42 PM

    Nampaknya akan berkurangan undi sabotaj di kalangan UMNO. Saya jangka UMNO 26 vs PAS 7.


  27. hafizkenedelete May 13,2014 1:02 PM


    Why when someone write or speak of something, one will take it intelligently, the next will take it positively and many will take it humorously but the rest (majority) will take it negatively.)-Balance

    Salam Tun.
    Salam En.Balance

    I selalu baca comment2 u semenjak I mula menulis dalam blog ini sbg Hafizbrokermaut…kebanyakan yang ditulis oleh saya membuat saudara balance kurang senang lagi2 isu yang melibatkan kaum cina.

    Ok maybe ada betulnya apa yang saudara balance bagitau saya satu ketika dulu dimana bukan semua orang cina bertanggungjawab dalam dunia perjudian, pelacuran dan kongsi gelap… Dan saya juga setuju masih ramai kaum cina yang inginkan keharmonian antara kaum.Saya juga amat menghormati orang cina macam Hj Amin Tan dan Tuan Mubarak Chan (walaupun Ahso tak suka diorang).

    Tapi saudara balance, saya lihat saudara seakan2 macam parti MCA, u tak suka kalau kami cakap tak baik pasal kaum cina sebab bunyinya macam menghasut org supaya pandang tak baik kepada orang2 cina , tapi u juga tak komen apa2 kalau ahso HBT memburukkan melayu dan Islam.. sama je macam MCA…hmmm..

    So saudara balance, I ada satu soalan untuk u…. jawapan u akan mencerminkan siapa diri u yg sebenar, samaada u benar2 seorang pencinta kedamaian atau penyokong perpecahan kaum macam HBT123456…

    Soalannya saudara, berbunyi begini:-

    Adakah saudara balamce bersetuju dengan pendapat2 yang dikemukakan oleh HBT123456, berkenaan semua topic lebih2 lagi topic berkenaan KAUM MELAYU DAN CINA..?

    Saudara bebas untuk tidak menjawab soalan saya, juga bebas untuk hantam saya dan bebas nak jawab dalam melayu atau english…tapi harapan saya jawablah dengan jujur dan bermaruah.. jgn pandai cakap je..kalau tak faham melayu, translate je kat google translate..

    Dari si ingintahu..
    Salam Tun..

  28. HBT456 May 13,2014 12:08 PM

    One more question, this is for mubarak chan to answer, as a doctor, during emergency, a lgbt patience needs you to safe by your skill, contohnya, heart attack. Can you say, no, I wont safe him because he is lgbt?

  29. HBT456 May 13,2014 11:59 AM

    Ya, isma hive pasal israel. Bodoh tak pa, jangan bodoh sombong, sudah lah tuntuah. Oh yes, the judge is paid by taxpayers to hold justice righteously. Jika tuntuah ini loyar, ingat the crminal must be charged and sentenced to dead just because he is lgbt without proving him guilty, then you are a pariah lawyer. Hakuna matata…

  30. woodyParker May 13,2014 11:39 AM

    Salam Tun.

    As a responsible leader, do u ever consider to ‘create’ more leaders like yourself,with your mind (wise and goodhearted).
    If you can live for thousand years, or if I can give you my 30,40 years of my life, this would not be option for the time being. When we are strong.
    Just miss the old days when you are PM. Just tired of watching the corrupted world. Just scared.

  31. musato May 13,2014 11:31 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Adakah orang cerdik pandai politik dah hilang akal logik bila cuba lakukan perjanjian ganti pemimpin tertinggi sebelum tiba masa pilihanraya?

    Memang akal dah hilang. Tu la, sebab tak pernah kerja bawah orang, tak tau maksud maruah diri, harga diri bila diperlakukan sedemikian.

    Apakah berlaku demikian ia bermaksud kamu tidak bagus jadi pemimpin? Sedangkan kamu adalah orang pilihan sebelum ni?

    Oh, saya lupa kerjaya kamu adalah politician. Jadi, marilah berpolitik.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  32. Tuntuah May 13,2014 11:21 AM

    Aso. Aper susah susah mau bayar taxes kat TANAH MELAYU ni. Aso bayar tax kat mainland aje. Bayar taxes kat mainland sure tak digunakan untuk operasi putera umno. Apa la aso ni.
    Bayar tax sikit aje. Kecoh satu dunia. Aso tak bayar tax pun TANAH MELAYU tak rugi la. ORG MELAYU tak mati la.

    Simpan aje la duit tax aso ni. Pegi aje bayar kat mainland tu. So kurang sikit org melayu kene tanggung taxes sbb beri kerakyatan kat pendatang macam aso ni.

    So aso, apa lagi.. Angkat beg dan naik mh370A lah. Senang cerita…

  33. musato May 13,2014 9:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ha ha ha…BN hilang majoriti di Terengganu.

    Bekerja keras banyaklah lagi Datuk Najib oi…bila orang bagi nasihat tu dengarlah. Dengar, fikir dan buat.

    Sebagai Perdana Menteri mungkin kita ada pelbagai jabatan jentera kerajaan yang dianggotai orang orang terpelajar dan berpengalaman.

    Tetapi ilmu Islam mengatakan dengan nafsu, harta dan pangkat manusia akan terjerumus ke dalam kehinaan.

    Seperti saya katakan, jadi BEBAS pun boleh makan tak semestinya jadi ahli UMNO.

    Sebab rezeki itu datang dari Allah s.w.t dan bukan dari BN seperti yang dihebah hebahkan seluruh negara yang BN banyak berjasa pada rakyat sejak dulu dan sekrang.

    Terengganu kehilangan majoriti adalah totally kesilapan kamu sebagai Perdana Menteri, Datuk Najib.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  34. musato May 13,2014 9:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dengar kata Ahmad Said dah letak jawatan Menteri Besar Terengganu dan dah keluar UMNO.

    Saya tak berapa tahu sangat pasal politik Terengganu dan campur tangan orang orang besar dalam perkara berkenaan.

    Tapi tak ada kurangnya kalau Mat Said keluar UMNO.

    Jadi BEBAS pun boleh makan jugak. Tak mesti jadi ahli UMNO.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  35. anti-jibaok May 13,2014 12:54 AM

    Tun Perak,

    I am well aware that Tun Perak does not necessarily mean a person from Perak. It so happens that two persons had responded to my earlier comments that coincidently the words ‘perak’ and ‘Perak’ is in the usernames, including yourself.., that’s all. So, nothing spectacular to heboh-hebohkan.

    Anyway, as I have urged earlier – let us not have any bad thoughts about Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, despite him being a keen supporter of that Al-Juburi guy. As far as I am concern, I am far from being a supporter or sympathizer of that Anwar Al-Juburi. In fact, donkey years ago I told a number of my friends and colleagues that if ever Anwar Al-Juburi becomes The PM of Malaysia (may God Almighty forbid so), then I shall surely migrate away from my tanah-tumpah-darah i.e. Malaysia. That is how much I am so repulsed by that Al-Juburi type of jibaok.

    However. even though that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (politically-wise) strongly supports that Anwar Al-Juburi, nonetheless if for that reason alone that I would have to scorn and malign him, then obviously I am not a mentally balanced person. He is entitled to his stand, likewise I am entitled to mine. We have to respect that.

    Going back to crux of the issue, committing suicide has to be totally ruled-out as it is far from being any of the possibilities of Flight MH370 having disappeared. Why is that so..? Well let us list out why, here:-

    1) As you have mentioned, the motive for Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah to commit suicide is so vague. There was no suicide note, no suicide message – e.g. SMS, no abnormal behavior was ever indicated or noted by his close associates or family members. No erratic nor improper behavior was ever recorded or noted by any of MAS’s personnel that may disqualify him as not being fit to fly the plane on that night.

    2) Normally a person who is about to commit suicide would appear either depressed, tensed, apprehensive, paranoid and of course so dejected with life. That is not at all the case of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah. If you still insist that Captain Zaharie could have turn off all three/four redundant communication line channels in the plane, turn off the black-box recorder (which is most unlikely), or suggest that a person wanting to commit suicide is ‘living in his own world’ that his psychological state of mind does not allow him to care whether he is killing himself, harming others, or bringing damage to properties, etc., then he would not be one erratic dude but is a ‘very cool cucumber’ who is about to commit suicide. How so ironic..! Then, you might as well suggest by being that calm and composed, that he would have to be one of those ‘MK-ULTRA victim (like say- Jason Bourne) or perhaps even a ‘Manchurian candidate’(which is possible), who can be ‘triggered’ by others to do any nasty things when prompted to do so. Thus, if that is the case then it is still a collusion and conspiracy issue.

    3) You also say that – “suicide bombers in Arab states, Pakistan, Indonesia and etc., the suiciders commit-suicide but will they care about you, if you sit next to them at the wrong time..?” Again you are wrong and tend to be easily misled by those controlled Western mainstream-medias. To those Arab or Pakistani ‘Jihadists’, they are not ‘suicide bombers’ because to them as Muslims, it is a grave sin for them to commit suicide. Thus, to them they are a not ‘SUICIDE’ bombers (as usually propagated and spun by those Western mainstream-medias) but they are actually ‘DEATH’ bombers and to them, they are actually martyrs (syahid) in the eyes of God Almighty. Crazy as they appear to be to most people, but those Arab or Pakistani Jihadists are really LOOKING FORWARD to die as martyrs and to meet God Almighty as they believe they are performing a ‘great deed’ in their cause and for God-Almighty’s sake. The same concept goes for those Japanese Zero-plane ‘Kamikaze’ fighters during the battle in the Pacific in World-War-II. So, who are we to dispute their so-called ‘brave’ and ‘noble’ actions..? While on the other hand, a suicide committing idiot is actually a COWARD who does not want to live anymore and is neither really wanting to die (hidup segan mati tak mahu), but would rather just give-up on life anyway, rather than facing it. And besides, the suicidal idiot has already given up the faith in God and not wanting to face God anyway after committing suicide..!! Can you understand that ..!?

    In this regard, for what motive does Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah have in committing suicide..? What has he to prove for such an action..? As a Muslim, do you really think he has given up on life just because he was so depressed that Anwar Al-Juburi was sentenced to jail again for sodomy charges..!? As a Muslim, doesn’t he realise that it is a GRAVE SIN to commit suicide and that he will surely go straight into HELL..!? And what more to murder 238 other human-beings when murdering one human-being alone is like killing all of mankind. Don’t you think Captain Zaharie realise all these consequence..? Get real will you..!!!

    Therefore, kindly get rid of your uncalled-for suspicion and conjectures towards a person you don’t really know.., i.e. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah. You are looking at the totally wrong and erroneous direction in the missing Flight MH370 issue. The real culprits are getting away with this false-flag operation while there are still people like you who would prefer to ignore such diabolical act. Just like the 9-11 incident in New York City, Washington DC and at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, it seems that similarly for this Flight MH370 incident the real perpetrators are sitting pretty (no one can touch them) and they are laughing all the way to the bank. This it is a simple ‘Cui Bono’ issue where the party that benefits is not obvious but have diverted attention to a scapegoat.

    It is always those ‘patsies’, pawns or scapegoats like those 19 Arab and Muslim terrorists with box-cutters who was blamed like those 9-11 tragedies. Apparently, a new patsy or scapegoat seems to be in the making in the likes of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah with regard to the disappearance of the Flight MH370 drama. How convenient.

    Thus, the issue of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had committed suicide has to be totally ruled-out as the possibility of Flight MH370 disappearing or had ‘ended’. It would better that you banish such absurd and dreadful thought.


  36. HBT456 May 12,2014 6:53 PM

    Wajarperak, if you really belas palestinians more than your own kaum melayu di perak, you should join Kelab Putera UMNO that get fund from MoF, right? This money belong to Federal Taxpayers of all races. Did you see MCA and MIC do that? Tarak? Siapa yang tak betul dekat sini?

  37. wajaperak May 12,2014 1:11 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Dear Mr balance
    When the open-minded person think positively, all images the eyes see, sound the ear hear and words the mouth speaks will be positive]
    With Tun permission I would like to contend your opinion.
    What is fair then?
    Most open-minded Israeli who think positively says that most Palestinian is terrorist..
    So..we dealt them as such.
    Most negative-minded Israeli who thinks Palestinian deserves as much as themselves is a traitor..
    We compromise.
    Respect the enemity as it is.
    I knew Hanan more than anybody here in Tun blog because I corresponded with him once.Do you knew that all Israelies is soldier’s?They are military state more than anything else.
    By the way,what do you think about my medical knowledge?
    If ever you think I am well versed,think about my military knowledge by comparision…:)
    Dear Mr Balance..
    When we stand as opposed,your right is my left.So on and so forth.
    We can always have good in many world when we think in the middle ground.
    You can see here that a real ‘jibaok’ anti hadither is not attack but the lesser issue is more ‘elucidated’ or ‘elaborated’.
    It keeps you wondering wether thay have only bullets for MH390..:)
    Mr Balance keep writing on any issue’s.
    You will find muslimins is well adapt in any issue in breadth and depth,vertically and horizontally.

    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  38. Tun Perak May 12,2014 11:17 AM


    Tun Perak does not necessarily mean a person from Perak.

    Commiting suicide can not be ruled out and it remains as one of “real” possibilities since the real reason why the plane dissapeared can not be proven. In most cases of pilot commit suicide which motives are vague, the modus operandi is similar . Turn off all three/four redundant communication line channel in the plane, turn off the black-box recorder, wait till / or trick the other pilot go to the toilet. Silk Air 185 and etc; and a person who wanted to commit suicide is “living in his own world” , his psychological state of mind does not allow him to care whether he is killing others while he is killing himself or he damage other property of etc….. you read the news of suicide bombers in arab states, pakistan, indonesia and etc. … the suiciders commit-suicide but will they care about you , anti-jibaok, if you sit next to them at the wrong time ?

    Lost communication could also be traced to fatal system failure. If debris is found in South China Sea, then commit-suicide can be ruled out. In normal cases of fatal system failure, the pilot will make a sharp-v turn to indicate to the controller that the plane is in emergency. The v-turn is a symbolic signal or pattern of most fatal crashes due to mechanical failure.

    But, after u-turn, the plane move to 45000 feet for 23 minutes. I believe all passengers were deadened by end of 23 minutes and who ever had the control on the plane could do what ever he/she wanted to do without any intereference from the crew and passengers and that answers why passengers could not use their phone or credit-card to make phone call to the ground. Not necessirly by the pilot, someone may has taken control of the plane, terrorist or anyone – whose motive is not to get ransom.

  39. balance May 12,2014 10:03 AM


    Why when someone write or speak of something, one will take it intelligently, the next will take it positively and many will take it humorously but the rest (majority) will take it negatively.

    It is not the eye that see
    It is not the ear that hear
    It is not the mouth that speak
    It is the mind that think and control all those organs
    When the open-minded person think positively, all images the eyes see, sound the ear hear and words the mouth speaks will be positive.

    Tun, your blog is very interesting and educational and i want to thank you for maintaining this blog for people to release their frustration, speak freely, doing mind exercise, shadow- practicing physiology, philosophy, economy, humanity, aviation, cakap-cakaplogy and lastly to realise that the world contain many type of people and one cannot live only by our own opinion, principle and advantages. This small step of sharing will eventually untie the biggest and most complicated knot of our life.

    Good day and stay healthy

  40. anti-jibaok May 12,2014 5:04 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    Kindly allow me to address a couple of your ardent visitors/commentors.

    To wajaperak,

    If only.., most of us would know how to attack and ‘kelepiak’ that ‘HBT456 ‘jibaok’ and put him or her into his or her proper place, without having to ‘react’ rather than to ‘respond’ to him or her, so that we can move on ahead in delightful and discerning discourse. I hope you can understand the difference between meaning of – to ‘react’ and to ‘respond’.

    Many, many years ago when YABhg. Tun Dr. started this ‘chedet’ blog, I remember there was one particular visitor/participant who was actively but also very defensive in defending the State of Israel, the Israelis and the Jews in particular. I remember her username was ‘Hanan’. And.., I said ‘her’ because ‘Hanan’ in Jewish or Israeli would most probably pertain to the female gender.

    Very often, this ‘Hanan’ person would comment in the blog and would defend herself (as an Israeli) as well as her nation’s (Israel’s) position. Occasionally, she would make certain implications or pass insinuations that YABhg. Tun Dr. as somewhat being an anti-Semite.

    As far as I am concern (under my username of ‘non-jibaok’ back then ), I had dubbed her as ‘Hanan The Horrible’ over and again. My arguments and facts against her and the Zionist state of Israel was very precise to snub and put her in her proper place. After much unrelenting attack by me (as well as many other participants back then), such ‘Hanan’ person had then abruptly but gracefully left the blog, although I believe she still continually keeps a keen eye on this ‘chedet’ blog to this day.

    Thus, this HBT456 jibaok is a non-issue. Most probably this sick creature who is a kiasu (takut & tak mau kalah) type of Singaporean.., i.e. the ‘Little Israeli of South East Asia’ as dubbed by Sheikh Imran Hossein. Who knows.., kan..!?


    To Tun Perak,

    What..!? Another ‘Perak’ is it.., huh..!? One is ‘waja perak’.., while another Tun Perak..!! What a coincidence. Buat peghonjang apa ngkome disini.., Yeop..!?

    Anyway, the possibility of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah wanting to commit-suicide as you have suggested is totally remote and should be ruled out as a possibility for the disappearance of Flight MH370.

    Despite him being so upset by the fact receiving news that his political ‘idol’ (i.e. Anwar Al-Juburi – as dubbed by Mat Sabu) was again sentenced to jail for a 2nd sodomy charge, or that he was having a troubled marriage and relationship, that would induce him by killing himself along with 238 others (including 2 small infants) is too far-fetched and demeaning. If he had wanted to kill himself, he could have easily gassed himself to death by mere carbon-monoxide poisoning in his own car. Why would he waste a multi-million dollar aircraft along with hundreds other souls just because he was too upset? And besides, if he really wanted to kill himself and dragging along hundreds of others, he could have just dive the plane after taking-off and ram the plane into the KLCC Tower, just to prove a point.

    No need for him to wait for the plane to reach the South China Sea, switch-off all transponders, then apply the ‘Faraday Cage’ technology so that plane cannot transmit any hand-phone signals, then apply any ‘stealth’ mode (if he had such a technology) for the plane so that no radar can detect it, then make a V-turn back into the mainland and into the Malacca Straits, then again head south into the Indian Ocean, then only to crash the plane in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. It does not make any sense whatsoever for him to go through all that trouble and tedious process, despite being under tremendous psychological trauma and pressure.., just to kill himself..!?

    Let us not have any bad thoughts about Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, despite him being a keen supporter of that Al-Juburi guy. Politically speaking, some people do get so mixed-up when they simply don’t do their homework. OK..!?


  41. sibotak May 11,2014 2:18 PM













  42. Tun Perak May 11,2014 1:13 PM

    Hello anti-jibaok,

    You may need to add another possibility. One of the pilot commit-suicide. I remember going to sleep with the News – Anwars convicted sodomy; and wake with the News – MH 370 dissapeared.

    At that time it was a POW WOW WOW ! Two big and dramatic news within two days and the probability for both event to happen in real world consecutively is actually very-very low.

    But then, someone commented that the Captain was an Anwar’s supporter or his far-distance relative and the Captain had troubled marriage and troubled relationship.

    So, there are some reasons for the Captain to commit-suicide given the tremendous psychological trauma pressured onto him.

    It is a possibility and not yet a truth, but I pray that he did not do that and I pray that the oppositions stop trying to provoke their supporters emotions to the extreme such that the oppositions supporters lose their mind into doing something unthinkable and do big street demonstrations and end up bleed themselves , the police and the civilian. Think about others , you need to be more sensitive.

  43. wajaperak May 11,2014 12:57 PM

    Mohon ruangan..

    So sad..:)
    If only..
    I repeat that..
    If only..
    Echoing on the statement..
    If only..
    You attacks kafirian in another name of anti hadith the way you write ‘ a book’ I believed that we all have done our part instead of responding to HBT..
    For that..
    I thank you wholeheartedly Tuntuah,karl and all for whom it may conscience..

    Terima kasih Tun.

  44. anti-jibaok May 10,2014 6:43 PM

    YABhg. Tun,

    Kindly allow me to address one of your ardent but pesky visitor/commentor, i.e. HBT456.


    Mr./Mrs./Miss/or whatever HBT456,

    Thank you for your response regarding my so-called ‘brilliant’ and ‘aggressive, creative suspense story’. In response, for what else can I ‘waste my time’ (as you dub it) other than commenting on local politics and international geo-politics? Would you rather that I take up fishing and angling to past the time away? Or, Perhaps dabbling into stamps, old-coins or even butterfly collection.., huh..?

    What can be more interesting other than delving ourselves into the subject of politics, that affects our very lives despite the fact that politics can be very unpleasant and unpalatable for many. Like religion, nobody can really distance themselves away from politics, not even the indigenous folks or the Orang Asli. Go ask the Mayans, The Incas or even Red Indians of North America and they can vouch for that.

    You said that I shouldn’t waste my talent on politics and that I should write my own book on this. Well, for your information I am not at all actively involved in politics. But I like to analyze and research about politics and make comments here and there to arouse and create awareness amongst the general public.., just like Helen Ang as an example, although I do not even have a blog-site. Understand..!?

    If I do ever decide to write a book (as you suggested) or a thriller-suspense novel, then I shall have to prepare myself that do much better than (say) Ian Flemming or perhaps Cornelius Ryan. Otherwise, I do not mind to suffice as ‘bad’ as that ‘Parpukari’ blog-site, as long as the freedom of thought and expression is still permissible in our society.

    Lastly as pesky as you are, it would better for all that you stop being a ‘Jibaok’.., OK..!? And.., don’t ask me what a ‘jibaok’ is. You are one. Go ‘google’ it if you’d rather.., you won’t find its meaning anyway. I am ‘anti-jibaok’, while you are a ‘jibaok’. Period. So.., stop being a jibaok. OK..!?


    P.S.> Hint – George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, George Soros, etc.., are all Super-Jibaoks.

  45. HBT456 May 10,2014 6:41 PM

    Gambar cover mh370 tu adalah adalah download from china tv series, tukar bendera kepada tulisan jawi, it is called plagiarism, atau we term it as stealing from the chinese copyrights.

  46. HBT456 May 10,2014 6:26 PM

    Bribing penangites with duit angpao 500 ringgit an psy concerts, bn chairman asked is penang ready fo r bn, the answer is NO. Now with the issue of ISMA is hangat sangat, better dont put umno baru man there. Loosing bukit gelugor is expected.

  47. azlan95 May 10,2014 5:37 PM

    UMNO should contest in the Bukit Gelugor by-election.


  48. mh370 May 10,2014 8:15 AM

    Memang BOEING tidak selamat, cuba lihat disini untuk maklumat lanjut….!!

    semuanya berkaitan dengan boeing..,, !!

  49. HBT456 May 10,2014 7:36 AM

    Wow, malaysia has a brilliant and aggressive creative suspense story writer like anti-jibaok that will capture the mind of young readers to take a ride with him in fantasy beyond imagination. Dont waste your talent in politics, anti-jibaok. Write your own book on this, use other names to replace so that you will not be sued.

  50. HBT456 May 10,2014 4:02 AM

    Boeing has choice to choose the purchaser who they can work with so that the brand being built for decades will not be compromised. Thank God, china has postponed the delivery of the twin panda bears.

  51. anti-jibaok May 10,2014 3:40 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    With regard to this latest topic, may I chide you by saying that it is inaccurate to imply or conclude that Boeing aircrafts are dangerous to fly in, unless of course we can prove that their aircrafts are substandard or defective products. Actually, all aircrafts are dangerous to fly in if we have a deranged or an incompetent pilot at the controls of the aircraft. All aircrafts are also dangerous to fly in, if happens to be a target of a missile or some sophisticated weapon.

    If we imply that Boeing’s aircrafts are defective products then the onus is upon us to prove that is so, because the ruling of ‘Caveat Emptor’ or ‘Let the buyer beware’ shall come into picture. In such a case it is the onus of the buyer to prove that the seller had purposely concealed latent defects of the product that may tantamount to a fraud. In this regard, MAS shall have to prove that the Boeing company had intentionally concealed some latent defects in the Boeing-777 aircraft when it was purchased by MAS. And, that is a very tall order indeed to prove.

    Anyhow, no competent and well-established manufacturer-vendor in the likes of the Boeing company would intentionally conceal defects in the process of doing good business all over the world. That is why very high quality control and international standards (ISO) are adhered to and complied with by manufacturers and corporations before their goods can be put into the market-place.

    After so many words that you have uttered on this topic, however only one sentence have struck me (in para 15) as being accurate, i.e. when you uttered that – “Boeing has a lot to answer”. All these while, we can notice that since the disappearance of Flight MH370, not a single official statement has been issued by the any spokesman from Boeing company, and they have remained very, very quiet when actually they should be saying plenty by now to protect their corporate name and integrity on this incident. Thus, why is that so?

    Anyway, in my previous comment (no. 39) on the topic of ‘MH370’ in this blog-site, I have at length postulated that that there is a collusion and conspiracy to suggest that Flight MH370 was attacked and destroyed by certain quarters and had crashed into the South China Sea. I have also postulated that many quarters have also colluded to provide disinformation and a whitewash to allude as though Flight MH370 had ‘ended’ and crashed into the Indian Ocean.

    To reinforce my suggestion that a collusion and conspiracy by certain quarters in the attack and bringing down the Flight MH370, kindly allow me to elucidate further on this issue. Before this, I have postulated that the most plausible scenario in the disappearance of Flight MH370, as suggested by Dr. Leuren Moret in which exotic weapons (DEW or LaWS) was used by the US Navy to attack the aircraft. Unlike missiles, such exotic weapon (laser, microwave cum high-energy) cannot be detected by any radar.

    When such a weapon is deployed and unleashed onto a target (such as the Flight MH370 aircraft) no radar can detect the lethal energy being released, culminating in the disintegration of the aircraft whilst at the same time rendering all its communication system destroyed and lost. However, if missiles was ever employed to attack the plane, even such missiles can be detected and appear on the radar screen – unless of course some sort of sophisticated ‘stealth’ missile has already been invented and deployed.

    It is a matter of fact at approximately the time of 1:20a.m. on 8th March 2014 that Flight MH370 went off the radar and lost total communication. As asserted by Dr. Leuren Moret that it was at that particular moment the high-energy weapon was applied onto Flight MH370 to shoot it down. Incidentally, an oil rig worker from New Zealand (Mike McKay) says that he saw the Flight MH 370 aircraft go down in flames into the South China Sea, as per these URLs below:-

    Not surpringly, no report of such an important sighting was ever covered and highlighted but ignored by the controlled mainstream-media.

    Therefore, any suggestion by some quarters that Flight MH370 (after disappearing from the radar screen) had made a V-turn westward and back into the peninsular mainland and then into the Malacca Straits and subsequently into the southern part of the Indian Ocean is inaccurate and misleading.

    In keeping with this topic the question that it is the ‘Responsibility of the Plane-maker’ who has a lot to answer does not (yet) arise, because we have yet unfold of what had really happened. We have yet to find out whether, there was:-

    1) Any mechanical & technical failure or substandard & defective part of the plane,
    2) Any incompetency or negligence on the part of the cabin crew,
    3) Any act of terrorism or sabotage inside the plane or an attack from outside the plane by some evil-force(s).

    If and until the physical body or even some parts of the aircraft is found and be thoroughly investigated, then we shall never know what had really caused the plane to disappear. For the moment conjecture, speculation, educated guesses or trying to put 2 & 2 together from reliable information and sources are the only options that we have.

    And, we do not know for sure why all form of communications (including the passenger hand-phones) to and from the aircraft of Flight MH370 was lost and why the aircraft suddenly disappeared from the radar screen at that particular time and location.

    To suggest there was total communication breakdown (due to defective communication parts of the plane) does not necessarily mean that there was total mechanical breakdown of the plane. In other words, if the crew on the plane could not communicate with others on the ground, it does not necessarily mean that the engine of the aircraft was on fire or that its wings had snapped-off. Even though if communication was totally lost and the wings of the aircraft had snapped-off, surely the wreckage or debris of the plane could still be found somewhere within the South China Sea, i.e. the last location where communication was lost and plane disappearing from the radar screen.

    However, our God-given intellect must be best utilised to uncover and determine what had really happened to Flight MH370. Rather that makings mere conjecture and speculation, why not we try to collect and collate whatever information we have at hand to piece 2 & 2 together to get a much clearer picture of what had really happened.

    In this regard, the questions we have to consider is the aircraft had lost total communication and suddenly disappeared at the moment in question, that may be due to either:-

    1) Certain abnormalities from some sort of UFO abduction or unexplained phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle occurrence,
    2) Mechanical & technical defect or failure of the aircraft components,
    3) Incompetency or negligence of the cabin crew in handling the gadgets or control of the aircraft to cause a mishap,
    4) Aircraft cabin crews are overpowered by hijackers cum terrorist or perhaps in collusion with them where certain mechanisms are shut-off to render communications to & from the aircraft to be ineffective, while sophisticated devices are deployed and set-up on-board causing the aircraft to be undetectable by any radar,
    5) Aircraft was suddenly attacked by undetectable weapons from a distant.

    We can rule-out the cause No. 1 as a possibility, because rationally speaking no Court of Law will take such occurrences as being admissible evidence, unless of course there is a precedent where aliens/UFO beings have been permitted in any the human court of law to be as material witness.

    We can also rule-out the cause No. 2, because despite any defectiveness of the aircraft (Boeing-777) and is doomed to crash, nonetheless we should still be able to detect by radar or by GPS of its moment of crashing or of its crashed location.

    We can also rule-out cause No. 3, because despite the flight crew being fully-drunk whilst in mid-air, nonetheless ground radar should still be able to locate the flight or crash path of the aircraft.

    As for cause No. 4, it is possible that hijacking or collusion of the cabin crew with the terrorist/hijacker can take place. However, if that is the situation then by now we should have already known of the demands and motives and of the hijackers. Two months have passed and no demands whatsoever has ever been made from any quarters. Thus, cause No. 4 can also be ruled-out.

    So, we are then left with only the possibility and cause No. 5. But, the question remains is that.., who are those evil perpetrators who would attack a commercial civilian aircraft and mercilessly slaughter 239 human-beings (including 2 infants), and for motive and benefit..!?

    As postulated by Dr. Leuren Moret and endorsed by Mr. Alfred Webre the disappearance of Flight MH370 was perpetrated primarily by USA and Britain and executed with exotic weaponry by the US Navy as explained in the YouTube videos, as below:-

    However, for some paradoxical reason apparently our Malaysian leaders and authorities seem to be going along with those evil perpetrators in providing disinformation and whitewash as to the real situation of what had really happened to MAS Flight 370 all these while. Why is that so..? Well, understandably for fear of backlash and repercussions our leaders and authorities took the stance to ‘Kowtim’ with those rascals that can be succinctly explained by this gentleman, as per this YouTube video below:-

    In short, Mr. Morris Herman had suggested that our leaders and authorities had ‘no choice’ but to have take the non-confrontational approach and would dare not accuse those rascals of such an evil misdeed, for fear of certain backlash from them that could harm and economically bankrupt Malaysia, while militarily they could damage and devastate the nation. His YouTube video caption asserts that – ‘MH370 – Better a Whitewash than Bankruptcy for Malaysia’, speaks for itself.


    Nonetheless, the drama does not end there. All the dots must be connected and loose ends of the story tied-up.

    If Dato’Sri Najib has alluded by saying that Flight MH370 has ‘ended’ in southern part of the Indian Ocean, thus at least the body of that aircraft or its wreckage somehow, someday has to be found even though in the deepest part of the ocean. And, we can anticipate that the wreckage of a Boeing-777 shall someday be found somewhere in the Indian Ocean. How so.., when it has been postulated by Dr. Leuren Moret that the wreckage or debris of Flight MH370 is somewhere in the South China Sea..? Well, this is where the plot thickens.

    There has been some stories going around the alternative media that several people at the island of Maldives had spotted a Boeing-777 aircraft flying at very low altitude nearby that island on the day that Flight MH370 was reported missing over the news. They also claimed the markings of the aircraft bears a very similar resemblance of MAS aircraft markings, i.e. with the blue and red stripes along the side of the aircraft, as per this URL shall explain:-

    However, our acting Transport Minister (Dato’ Hishamuddin) was quick to dismiss such a claim, as per this YouTube video here:-

    There are also some witnesses who claim that the said Boeing-777 was travelling from the northern direction heading South-East spotted by them at the area around island of Maldives. Meaning, the plane was coming from the direction of the Middle-East countries and heading but not into the direction of the island of Diego Garcia but rather heading in the direction of the South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean.

    What does this mean? Well, it means that an identical twin of MAS Boeing-777 was flying from somewhere in the Middle-East heading for South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean. Well, so what..!?

    It means that some rascal from somewhere in the Middle-East was flying an identical twin of MAS Boeing-777 and would try to crash it somewhere in the South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean.., off the coast of Western Australia.., possibly to purposely be found by the assigned Search and Rescue parties.

    Who would anybody do such a thing..? Well, let’s look at who from the Middle-East has been storing the identical twin of MAS Boeing-777, at these video & URL here:-

    It must be noted that, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) had sold one of its Boeing-777 aircraft (serial number 28416 and registered as 9M-MRI) to GA Telesis LLC, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on October 21, 2013 but it was stored at Tarbes Lourdes, Pyrenees, France and was later on November 4, 2013, it was re-registered as N105GT and stored at Tel Aviv, Israel. But surprise, surprise.., guess who is now the owner of the twin MAS Boeing-777 aircraft..!? Who else.., but that damn Zionist rascal, i.e. George Soros…!!!

    So, we have now come to a full circle. The story now should all add up. So, here’s how the chronology and modus-operandi would go:-

    • MAS Flight MH370 is blasted from the sky using exotic laser-beam/high energy weapon executed by the US Navy.
    • The aircraft burns and crashes into the South China Sea.
    • A delay in the Search & Rescue efforts as well as delay for media release by several hours after the incident took place, to allow for the Naval Fleet to clear up any mess of the wreckage in the South China Sea.
    • The Vietnamese military reports of some oil spills and wreckage debris noticeable in the South China Sea but that was spun, ignored and brushed aside.
    • Psyops and disinformation goes into full swing with the US & Western mainstream-media taking a biggest role in the exercise.
    • Official statement is made as though Flight MH370 made a V-turn after its disappearance from the radar and heading westward back into the peninsular mainland and into the Malacca Straits.
    • Search and rescue efforts are then diverted into the Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea and later on into the Indian Ocean area.
    • Reports that a similar MAS looking aircraft was flying very low heading South-Easterly from the north over the Maldives island atoll area was also brushed aside by the authorities
    • At the input and advise of Inmarsat of UK, all search and rescue efforts are then deployed and concentrated on the southern portion of the Indian Ocean off the cost of Western Australia.
    • MAS flight MH370 was announced ‘ended’ in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean while any hope of rescuing living survivors is no longer feasible.
    • After more than 2 months, efforts are now made for search and salvage (no longer rescue of survivors) for any signs of the Flight MH370 wreckage in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia.

    ** But note – Alas, do not be surprised that later on, if the MAS Boeing-777 (look-alike) aircraft is now no longer in the hangar at Tel Aviv, Israel, then surely the wreckage of that same Boeing-777 (look-alike) shall be found the Indian Ocean – courtesy of that Zionist-rat, i.e. George Soros..!!

    In this chilling but bizarre episode, but who gains and who loses? Who would stand to lose much more in future if they are not wary and careful of the current geo-political scenario?

    As an end-note, the Boeing company should have a lot to answer with regard to the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370, despite being a huge corporation themselves but they are relatively a very ‘small’ lackey as a mere accessory and accomplice of those powerful Globalists cum evil New World Order proponents. The question is how do we thwart and overcome those evil rascals..!?

    Hopefully, our leaders and those in power and authority must realise what they have gotten themselves and/or the nation into. For God Almighty’s sake.., revert to the Truth while it is still not too late.

    Remember.., Truth is righteousness, godliness and bliss.., while falsehood is evil, wickedness and misery.


  52. Tun Perak May 9,2014 8:56 PM

    17.1 This is very laughable. HBT definition of airframer is certainly wrong.

    18.1 I dont think that chedet will delete the proof that HBT456 is an idiot.

    By the way, correctly said – Boeing needs to answers these pertinent questions. This type of silence is very coward. Boeing cant run away from its problem and responsibility.

  53. grkumar May 9,2014 7:49 PM

    I could not agree more with your sentiments expressed about Boeings responsibility for the crash and the demise of MH 370.

    What’s troubling is the history of cover ups by aircraft manufacturers like Boeing who feel it is cheaper to allow disasters to occur than to correct their design flaws in their aircraft.

    Boeing has a history of cover ups and unreported design flaws in their aircraft. McDonnell Douglas was no different before Boeing swallowed it up. Their equivalent of the jumbo the DC-10 was severely structurally flawed from the engine bolts (Chicago American Airlines crash 1978), mountings, cargo doors, stabilizers, hydraulics, electrical systems and the auto pilot. The Turkish Airlines Orly Airport crash when the faulty cargo door burst open not long after take off and many many more such incidents and human lives later were all attributed to human error> Which humans they would not say..

    One of the reasons they hush hush their flaws is because they are primarily defence contractors applying the same technology on their civilian aircraft to military applicaitons. Any detectable flaws can be traced back to materials and structural errors an enemy can analyse, trace deduce it and apply the faults to a military situation.

    Another example of Boeing’s massive mistakes comes from its 5th generation fighter bomber jet the F 35. The jet is said to be a stealth fighter. What has recently been revealed is that several of their component contractors to save on costs had their jobs done for them outsourced in China. So stealth or not the Chinese already know what materials on the aircraft gives it its stealthy features and can tune its radars to over come that defence.

    Many automatically (the DAP opposition slaves that is) assume that because it is a foreign (meaning western manufactured product) it has to be flawless and incapable of error or questioning.

    Having spoken to a number of reputable journalists abroad and to at least one reputable Viet Namese journalist (government journalist Viet Nam) there is sufficient circumstantial evidence from the Chinese double speak and their refusal to co-operate on their knowledge of the ill fated airliner,to suggest they may have accidently or by design shot the aircraft for straying into their self proclaimed exclusion zone. China has proved their willingness to do it before.

    And the missile they would have used would have been a Soviet era design missile with a warhead capable of vapourising the aircraft because it was pressurized at the time it was shot.

    The Americans like the European governments (and Australia) cannot afford to isolate China now in the face of a more assertive Russia (Ukraine crisis). Any attempt to politically isolate China will backfire.

    China is a powerful economy with over 4 trillion dollars of US debt in its books as part of its reserves (being moved recently to avoid any US seizures in the event of a fall out).

    China has a formidable military, air force and navy although their strength in battle has never been recently tested. Isolating them for their mischief will drive them closer to the Russians and you will find the most unlikely of political bedfellows stoking each others fires in a winter of discontent with the west.

    My conclusion is that whilst Boeing has some degree of culpability in the MH 370 affair, It is the Chinese who have not explained themselves sufficiently to be let off the hook. They could well have cleared any debris in their exclusion zone. No one has checked and they are unlikely t allow anyone to do so.

    KAL 007 all over again.

  54. sentinel3 May 9,2014 4:34 PM


    To aso HBThalfpastsic,

    You must read malaysiakini headlines today, “Pendatang cant intrude but must pay taxes”. – Isma. He3

  55. sentinel3 May 9,2014 4:04 PM


    You are right that Boeing is deathly quiet! Why is there no hue and cry from CNN, BBC, Foxnews, FAA, TSA, IATA, US avionics experts, US politicians etc etc on Boeing deathly quiet in the MH370 case?

    Salam Tun.

  56. mubarakchan May 9,2014 3:02 PM



    Brilliance is sometimes overshadowed by Idiocy. There are more Idiots in the Oppostiion than the BN at the last count !

  57. Hajar May 9,2014 1:27 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    My suggestions:

    1. MAS and Malaysian Government must sue Boeing – for defective communication systems.

    2. Malaysia/MAS must request/demand Boeing to upgrade all Boeing’s aircrafts communication systems that MAS is currently using such that there’s no way someone or a third party can completely turn off the entire communication systems within an aircraft.

    3. MAS must start screening all cabin crew members, especially PILOTS and CO-PILOTS – make sure that all of them are in good mental state (healthy mental status). Certain code of ethics must be imposed on pilots and co-pilots – for example, they must not be involved in politics (as fanatic supporters). If any of them are fanatic supporters of any political party (especially opposition party – known to be very aggressive -> street demonstrations), just assign them temporarily to do office work; a pilot/co-pilot must be someone who is mentally stable; other personal matters of pilots/co-pilots must also be monitored (anything that can cause a person to be in an unstable mental state and can harm the passengers). It’s a FACT that the ACARS and transponder were DELIBERATELY turned off manually (inside the cockpit).

    4. MAS can switch to Airbus (for new aircrafts); boycott Boeing.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  58. hafizkenedelete May 9,2014 1:15 PM

    Lately , sebab dah ramai tak online dan busy, ini ular nama ahso busuk HBT suka suka bg pendapat menggunakan ‘mentally ill” brain milik beliau…

    Geram sampai lupa bg salam kat Tun..
    Salam Tun,
    Salam warga chedet..

    Walaupun sy bukan dari aviation industry, tapi saya akan cuba untuk tidak menampakkan kebodohan saya macam ahso suka tunjuk..
    Ahso2, ahso ingat pendapat Ahso yg kata, quote {. It is still come back to the purchaser to feedback Boeing so that it can investigate to upgrade its products.}

    Pendapat u itu mungkin sesuai untuk washing machine yang u beli dari Sen Heng.. mesin yang murah + pujuk rayu +auta oleh salesman.. dalam ini case baru purchaser boleh feedback sama pengilang, barang bawah harga Rm 2000..

    Tapi ahso, u tahu ka ini harga boeing 777?? Ini produk sangat mahal smpai boleh tempah u punya kubur mewah sampai 5 kali, hahaha…so tak payah mahu ‘feedback’ sebab ini aviation industry bukan macam seng heng jual brg eletronic maa..

    Dan cerita ini pun takda kaitan dengan hakikat yang chinese as tresspasser..

    Sudah banyak kali I pesan u jangan lupa makan ubat mental dan jangan tunjuk kebodohan u dpan blogger sedunia..
    Dan lagi ahso ini blog admin takan delete coment u sebab nanti kami tak ada bahan jenaka yang lucu macam ini kalau sudah delete comen u…

    Hari hari cerita u byar tax sana sini, macam orang lain tak bayar cukai, I perhatikan hati u masih penuh dengki dan hati busuk dgn ramai orang melayu.. U masih pandai label orang itu beriman atau tidak meh??

    Hehehe.. Tapi tak apa lah, kita org Islam baik hati, biar ahso menyalak puas2, nanti dia sudah letih pandai sendiri berhenti..

    Cincai2 tulis..

  59. HBT456 May 9,2014 11:26 AM

    16. It is still come back to the purchaser to feedback Boeing so that it can investigate to upgrade its products.

    17. But, calling Boeing an airframer is like calling the Chinese as trespassers to the country without mutual benefit understanding, and it hurts.

    18. If tok det does not like what i comment, here, tok det can delete this comment.

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