BOEING’S AUTO-LAND SYSTEM FOR AIRLINERS 18, an online aviation news portal reported the following on Dec 1, 2006;

“Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.” The rest of the news can be read HERE


  1. anti-jibaok May 19,2014 5:16 PM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    The answer is already known. The way that those Cina bukit DAP kiasu semacam awak di Bukit Gelugor or elsewhere like (say) in Gelang Patah is so very predictable.

    Of course the type of Cina bukit DAP kiasu like yourself would throw all your votes to a ‘Singh’ (who racially-wise, does not even represent one percent of Malaysia’s population), who can be controlled and manipulated to the whims and fancy of those Cina bukit DAP kiasu. Understand..!?

    As a matter of fact, the presence of those Indians, Singhs or even a Malay (or Bumiputra) in DAP is totally insignificant and immaterial , because those Cina bukit kiasu (especially those so-called ‘Evangelical’ ones) have total control of the DAP. Those Indians, Singhs or Malays are mere fronts and tools to reflect as though DAP is a ‘multiracial’ political party. Understand again..!?

    Anything else you’d like to say..?

    P.S.> Why not DAP modify its party name to – the CBK party…, i.e. Cina Bukit Kiasu party..!! What say you..?

  2. HBT456 May 19,2014 5:48 AM

    Hey anti-jiboak, the answer will be known whether the independent pas punya nabi apanama can win or not in bukit gelugor bring down tiger of jelutong hahaha.

  3. anti-jibaok May 18,2014 8:32 PM


    This confirms the typical jibaok-kiasu that you are.., when you said – “… Jika menang, then it is confirmed bn is bullies minority macam dyna di negaraku. Jika kalah, it will better of for bn to utilize soft approach skill to win the hearts of taxpayers like me…”

    Why not you just reflect on yourself, i.e. the low-life type of jibaok that you are..! It’s the typical kiasu mentality that you have, i.e. – ‘…If heads I win, if tails you lose’..!


    Yes true.., it is getting rather late for that Anwar Al-Juburi to become PM, even though he still dreams of becoming so. Well, let’s hope he can keep on dreaming from some cell in Sungei Buloh after the 2nd sodomy sentence comes into effect. And.., neither can his wife continue to carry on with her charade perpetually as proxy for her husband. She is not really a politician anyway.., and for how long can she pretend that she is not ‘being used’ by her husband.., i.e. the charmer and sweet-talker that he is.

    However, many Malaysians do not realise even that Anwar Al-Juburi is also being used as a tool and front by those DAP rascals, in their ultimate goal of wresting power from UMNO/BN and taking-over reigns of Malaysia. Also, many Malaysians do not realise that DAP is nothing more than an extension of the PAP of Singapore.

    In fact, many Malaysians also do not realise that Singapore is undoubtedly the ‘Little Zionist-Israel’ of South East Asia, as indicated below:-

    Thus, what does all this mean? Well.., it means that those Zionist-Israel rascals has a strong foothold in the South-East Asia region, through Singapore. Those Zionist-Israelis are globally very powerful (especially through the financial might of the Rothschild) where they influence and control the foreign policies of USA, Canada, Britain, most of Western Europe nations and even Australia. Singapore is thus merely an ‘outpost’ for them in the South-East Asia region.

    With regard to Malaysia, DAP is another also tool of those evil Zionist rascals in globalization agenda, especially against Islam and the Muslims. This can be indicated as below:-

    Pendedahan berani Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman terhadap DAP

    Agenda DAP hendak tawan Putrajaya (1/2)

    Agenda DAP hendak tawan Putrajaya (2/2)

    Thus, going back to the Teluk Intan by-election, we should ask ourselves i.e. – Does that DAP greenhorn of young Malay woman candidate (Dyana Sofya) realise what she is getting herself into? Does she really know what are the real agenda of DAP as well as those damn Zionists? Doesn’t she realised that she is being used for some diabolical agenda to subvert her faith (Islam) as well as the Muslims, that can surely be to the detriment and harm of the nation at large..!?

    But.., what does she care..! Being so immersed in the political limelight is all that means for someone so young and ambitious to get hold of such glamour, attraction and popularity. But is politics about being glamorous and attraction or is it about the responsibility and obligation in serving the people..? She shall surely find that out later.

    As that Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman had adamantly and courageously revealed in the above videos.., Dyana Sofya shall someday surely realise that she is being fully used and that the DAP’s political ploy in Teluk Intan by stating –“…Wanita Melayu jadi calon DAP.., Siapa lagi berani dakwa DAP anti-Melayu..?” is nothing more than a ploy and gimmick to hoodwinked even the Malays as well as the Malay voters in Teluk Intan.

    Strategically speaking despite realising of imminent defeat, nonetheless it is about time the leaders of UMNO consider of putting a Malay candidate in a hugely dominant Chinese majority constituency/electorate such as (say) in Bukit Bintang, Siputeh or even Bukit Gelugor for merely to gauge whether those Chinese voters shall vote either the party or the person. Just as an experiment, it would be revealing to see how a Wanita UMNO candidate would fair against (say) Teresa Kok in Siputeh.., just to see how those DAP Chinese voters is not anti-Melayu as claimed by DAP..!

    Cheerio for now.., Apek/Ahso.., HBT456.

  4. mubarakchan May 18,2014 2:45 PM


    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is making a mockery of the Malaysian Parliamentary system by putting up all the swallows, ducks, tycoons etc as candidates. Where is their Meritocracy ?

  5. HBT456 May 18,2014 8:59 AM

    Bn picked gerakan president mah to fight a young malaysian woman, a fresh law graduate from uitm, is wrong choice.

    Jika menang, then it is confirmed bn is bullies minority macam dyna di negaraku. Jika kalah, it will better of for bn to utilize soft approach skill to win the hearts of taxpayers like me.

    Anwar wont be pm, thats for sure. But his wife can be pm if pro umno baru punya isma, perkasa and many others keep instigating racial slurs not only to non malay, bumiputra foreigners and also indonesians.

    The choice is in you.

  6. anti-jibaok May 18,2014 3:37 AM

    Apek/Ahso…, HBT456..,

    Hehehe.., “…the fearless and greedy muslim like anti-jiboak…” did you say..? Fearless.., most probably. But greedy.., far from it. OK..!?

    However.., when Allah SWT allows jibaoks in the likes of ‘HBT456’ to conduct evil mischief and misdeeds on the face of this earth, then just like your master, i.e. that Iblis Laknatullah (Lucifer), you are given ‘extra-time’ to lead astray (sesatkan) some of mankind, but not all. However HBT456.., you must realise that the torment of hell for you in the hereafter is surely so unbearable.., and for eternity.

    Are you ready for such torment.., HBT456..? Burn man burn…!!


    Does evil exist..? Yes.., while some of them are dubbed as jibaoks.

    And.., one of those jibaoks has the specific term of…, i.e. HBT456 – coined by anti-jibaok.

  7. anti-jibaok May 18,2014 3:28 AM


    What is happening in Thailand is nothing but has been the dirty work and later effects of that George W. Bush’s lackey.., i.e, Thaksin Shinawatra. His sister Yingluck is only prolonging his past dirty job. As always (as a sideshow) who are the ones being provoked, murdered and become the scapegoat..? The Muslims in Southern Thailand. How convenient again.

    But.., the Thai people are not stupid. They will rise and kick-out such Globalist lackeys from Thailand. Understand..!?

  8. anti-jibaok May 18,2014 3:25 AM


    You are the one who really think that institutional investors are damn stupid and blind.., because you incessantly criticized the UMNO/BN government but yet we get unending streams of investors (local & foreign) who are so confident to do business in Malaysia.

    You are the one who is so ‘busuk-hati’ and really think that Malaysians are so stupid for re-electing the UMNO/BN back into power over and again, since before Merdeka and up till this day.

    And.., not only do you think that Malaysians are stupid but you also consider that our MPs (members of parliament) are also stupid as you had said earlier that – “ …This system should not be debated in Parliament because MPs are law makers, they know nothing about flying…”

    Apparently, you are the stupid fool when you uttered that – “… I will not take br1m even aku layak…” Just reflect and see how so arrogant and bodoh-sombong that you are. It is as though you are in some financial difficulty and when others offer to help you out, however you tell them to get lost and go fly-kite..!

    And then.., you try to ‘psycho’ the Malay mind by suggesting that if you do take the BR1M subsidy.., then as though many Malays will lose their lands to FELDA Global Ventures. How stupid can you be..? Prior to the existence of LKTP (now known as FELDA), do you realise that an overwhelming number of Malays and Bumiputras had never even owned any piece of land whatsoever..!! And now they have a chance of owning stocks in a multi-billion corporation. Why are so jealous and busuk-hati of this scenario..!?

    I shudder at the thought should DAP come into power in Malaysia, then what will happen to the fate of the Malays and Bumiputras, as what is happening to them in Penang, under the rule of DAP..!

    Thus.., you are nothing but a typical jibaok with the type of ‘cakap berbelit-belit & lidah bercabang’…! Plain and simple.

  9. HBT456 May 17,2014 8:46 PM

    “Does cold exists?

    In fact, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in the absense of heat.

    Does darkness exist?

    Darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absense of light. Light we study, but not darkness.

    Evil does not exist. It is just like darkness and cold. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happend when man does not have God’s love present in his heart.”

    Albert Einstein (1879 -1955)

  10. HBT456 May 17,2014 8:11 PM

    Eh, dendangan moden melayu…gombang…untung, tung, tung……bankrup, tutup during 90s, anwar was sacked and jailed. It will happen again, but yang kena adalah umno baru saja. When Allah wants to punish the fearless and greedy muslim like anti-jiboak, Allah will let anti-jiboak has the craziest moment before the end of his world. Copy for the sake of copy, and claim mereka adalah the prophet.

  11. HBT456 May 17,2014 6:49 PM

    Cerita Pak man telo will be materialized when umno baru loose general election 14. Asyik cakap americans evil, beside bullism, what do you know anti-jiboak? What is happening in thailand can happen to umno baru.

  12. HBT456 May 17,2014 6:38 PM

    Anti-jiboak, you really thiink institutional investors are damn stupid and blind? You really think malaysians are so stupid? I will not take br1m even aku layak. If I do it, many melayu will loose their land to felda global ventures.

  13. anti-jibaok May 17,2014 5:22 PM


    For your information.., ‘Anti-Jibaok’ has never-ever been with MAS and don’t wish to be.

    Of course this Auto-land System for MAS must tabled and discussed in parliament because MAS is the National Flag Carrier and even those parliamentarian themselves would occasionally ride on MAS.

    Also, they would not want ‘jibaoks’ like you to remotely control MAS planes and land them in your backyard somewhere in Bukit Tinggi. Correct or not..?

  14. HBT456 May 17,2014 12:44 PM

    When PM Najib said his UMNO Baru government cant save MAS, technically speaking, it is legal to say that as head of the GLC during the 90s. To lay man like me today, it is akin to stealing MALAYSIA AIRLINE SYSTEM from Malaysians by splitting the shares internally “dengan harga runtuh, kan dah declared bankrupt,” and sell shares to those politicians (atau cronies) who have close political connections to GLCs pakai nama Islam. The scenario will be I steal the car from the right owner, Federal Constitution, then, I dissembled the parts and sell them to different Muslim Bumiputra politicians. Yeah, Islamic share is born….macam ini pun Malay Boleh?

  15. milshah May 17,2014 11:24 AM

    Assamualaikum Tun,

    The technology for a plane to be remote controlled from faraway is really shocking. It fits into the theory that flight MH370 was hijacked via remote control. It explains why the pilots and the passengers were checked by so many agencies and they were all cleared from being involved from any terrorists activities. It explains why there were no distress call by the pilots as communications could be remotely switched off. It explains why the plane abrupty changed course bound for Beijing to the middle of no where in the South Indian Ocean (if indeed that is the final resting place of MH370).

    However, until the plane is found, there will be no evidence to prove this, and this will only remain a theory.

    Flight MH370 is the most challenging incident to happen to Malaysia since the Lahad Datu incursion. The reason why it is most challenging, is that there is not enough information and facts to work with. Things do not add up. They say the passengers and pilots are cleared, the plane was in good health, there was no distress signal, etc, etc. And yet the plane disappeared with the last known location is in the South Indian ocean. Even that is questionable since there was no wreckage found even with satellites and high tech Orian planes. It is a case of 2+2=6 and not 4. There is some vital information the investigators are missing.

    In my opinion, I am 99% sure that this was caused by human intervention. A plane cannot simply fly on its own as it pleases. Because it is due to human intervention, I hope MAS and the relevant authorities have checked all the existing procedures to ensure such an incident is impossible to happen again. These include ensuring only passengers with valid passports can board the plane, the pilots and co-pilots are regularly switched and flights are not determined by them, the cockpit can be accessed from outside in case of emergencies due deal with rogue pilots, satellite phones are installed if indeed there was equipment failure,the transponders cannot be switched off for whatever reasons, etc, etc.

    My worst fear that flight MH370 incident could turn into a diplomatic crisis did not materialize. I believe it was the result of behind the scene efforts by all parties including the Malaysian government and the relevant governments. Indeed, it is in difficult times do we know who our true friends are.

    I hope the investigation team will obtain more information on flight MH370 incident. They could also check about this new patent technology about remote control by Boeing and see if any existing planes is fitted with this technology.

    The flight MH370 incident shows we must always be vigilant and ready for any event. There are people out there that would do anything to get what they want. Due to the lack of information, we do not know what their motives and objectives are. However, alhamdulillah, we are able to deflect any possible impact resulting from the flight MH370 incident.

  16. HBT456 May 16,2014 11:30 AM

    Correction: dangerous to have people like si-“anti-jibaok” in MAS. Why? Should MAS adapt this system of not, it should be discussed by MAS top management and Board of Directors. This system should not be debated in Parliament because MPs are law makers, they know nothing about flying.

  17. balance May 16,2014 9:35 AM


    This article will open more angle of opinion but they are real and dangerous.

  18. anti-jibaok May 16,2014 12:23 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,

    Such a technology and patent owned by Boeing would essentially be some worthless piece of technology should any commercial aircraft is fitted with such a device – i.e. in the eyes on the smart customers and owners of Boeing aircrafts. Why is that so..? Well, it simply means that the aircraft can be remotely hijacked by some rouges from a distant (if they are able get hold of the such a technology and its secret codes), to remotely control and ‘hijack’ the plane, divert and land the plane at any of their pre-determined landing location. How convenient..!

    In such a case, there’s no need for those rogues to employ hired professional and armed hijackers to overpower the cabin crew and wrest the controls from the pilot, when ‘remote hijacking’ can be made available. Thus, it is essentially a hopeless technology.

    In fact, such a technology had already been utilised and was equipped on the Boeing 757 and 767 planes, many donkey years ago. It was called the ‘Home Run’ system (but not its real code name) that allowed specialist ground controllers to listen into cockpit conversations on the target aircraft, then take absolute control of its computerised flight control system by remote means.

    However, a former German Defense Minister, i.e. Mr. Andreas Von Buelow had known about the remote control system onboard the Boeing aircrafts, that accordingly he instructed the German Flag Carrier (i.e. Lufthansa) to completely strip-off the Boeing flight control computer system out of the entire Lufthansa fleet and replaced them with their home grown version. That’s how careful and smart some German people are. The URL below shall elaborate further:-

    Thus, the ‘hijack recovery’ would have been a very obvious feature to incorporate into a computerized aircraft control system, however the customers and owners of Boeing aircrafts would find this as being very troublesome and controversial feature.

    The question would arise.., i.e. is our Malaysian Defense Minister cum Transport Minister well-aware of such a technology, that may have been fitted on board the MAS Boeing-777 fleet..? Just asking.


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