1. What goes up must come down. Airplanes can go up and stay up for long periods of time. But even they must come down eventually. They can land safely or they may crash. But airplanes don’t just disappear. Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.

2. I wrote about the disabling of MH370’s communication system as well as the signals for GPS. The system must have been disabled or else the ground station could have called the plane. The GPS too must have been disabled or else the flight of MH370 would have been tracked by satellites which normally provide data on all commercial flights, inclusive of data on location, kind of aircraft, flight number, departure airport and destination. But the data seems unavailable. The plane just disappeared seemingly from all screens.

3. MH370 is a Boeing 777 aircraft. It was built and equipped by Boeing. All the communications and GPS equipment must have been installed by Boeing. If they failed or have been disabled Boeing must know how it can be done. Surely Boeing would ensure that they cannot be easily disabled as they are vital to the safety and operation of the plane.

4. A search on the Internet reveals that Boeing in 2006 received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a pre-determined landing location.

5. The article by John Croft, datelined Washington DC (1st December, 2006) further mentioned “The ‘uninterruptible’ autopilot would be activated – either by pilot, by on board sensors, or even remotely by radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of the flight deck”.

6. Clearly Boeing and certain agencies have the capacity to take over “uninterruptible control” of commercial airliners of which MH370 B777 is one.

7. Can it not be that the pilot of MH370 lost control of their aircraft after someone directly or remotely activated the equipment for seizure of control of the aircraft.

8. It is a waste of time and money to look for debris or oil slick or to listen for “pings” from the black box. This is most likely not an ordinary crash after fuel was exhausted. The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS markings.

9. Boeing should explain about this so-called anti-terrorism auto-land system. I cannot imagine the pilots made a soft-landing in rough seas and then quietly drown with the aircraft.

10. Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take the blame.

11. For some reason the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA. I hope my readers will read this.


  1. Malaysia Bagus Jun 11,2014 4:25 PM

    Salam Tun,

    it is not too far-fetched to conclude that Boeing hijacked their “own” plane using their autopilot system.

    Simply put, if I have all the keys to your house, I could enter as and whenever I wanted to. I would just need to create a distraction to shift your focus.

    Now, the Malaysian government must not waste not even another one Ringgit from taxpayers money to search for the blackbox. Just tell Boeing to do it, or sue them and instruct MAS to change to Airbus.

  2. Tanggang May 30,2014 11:40 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Yea..yea.. Very much agree with you mr. wajaperak.

    They kept on betraying. They kept on distorting facts. They kept on demanding unnecessary things. They kept on hurling those abusive words. The fight shall continue. Even golden bridge wont satisfy them. They want more and they want more.

    Until we reach to the point of no returns. We must go to the war for the peace. Like the Clint Eastwood say, go ahead make my day. The choice is yours.

    Salam Tun

  3. balance May 30,2014 8:10 AM

    wajaperak May 29, 2014 at 6:42 PM | Permalink.

    Bitterness! Well it makes a durian taste wonderful. If there is no sweetness we dont know what is bitterness. I like you comment “All said and done I never apologize for my belief.
    You belief in your’s and I believe in mine.” I dont believe this comment “Tun and Mr Mubarak Chan as clinical physician please do not ever mock my erroneous microscopic knowledge in this field.” Everyone make mistakes and it is ok but people should not be too judgmental as all humans are the same. Wrong = Dont think like me and dont do as told. Right = Do what being told and think the same. The emotions and senses of humans are designed to make us fail and if used in a tamed and proper way it will bring happiness. Less grudges = more happiness. Less judgmental = more time to think and see the beauty of life.

  4. anti-jibaok May 30,2014 5:38 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir and other viiewers,

    The topic raised for this column is generally:-

    “…What Goes Up, Must Come Down…”

    Well, here is a song as tribute for this topic, as per these YouTube URLs below:-

    And.., why not we try to catch the subtle meaning to the message in the chorus of the song lyrics, as below:-

    “… Did you find a directing sign,
    On the straight and narrow highway?
    Would you mind a reflecting sign,
    Just let it shine within your mind,
    And show you the colors that are real…”

    Pay close attention to last three lines of the lyrics and try to reveal its subtle message. Many songs lyrics have some poetic and suggestive message, such as what are – “…the colors that are real…”? Essentially the song suggests that life is about Trials and Tribulations. It is how we handle those times – whether in good or bad – that makes the true difference in life.


    MAS Flight MH370 surely went up.., and it surely must come down somewhere. Unless of course if you’d rather believe it was abducted by some alien forces or UFO and was taken into outer-space. Or perhaps you’d rather believe that Flight MH370 had disappeared within some ‘Ley-lines’ or some ‘Hyper-dimensional Planetary Grid’ effect as suggested by David Wilcox as below:-

    Whatever the suggestion, his postulation though does not address the simple issue, i.e. how and where did the Flight MH370 go down..!?

    All of us are aware that the government or official version is that Flight MH370 had ‘ended’ or had gone down somewhere in the southern part of the Indian Ocean off the west-coast of Australia. However, by the day more and more people all the world over are not ‘buying into’ such official version. Since then, more and more theories and allegations have cropped-up since the incident of the missing MAS Boeing-777 aircraft.

    Among the most plausible theories and allegations are those such as by:-

    1) Dr. Leuren Moret – who had suggested that MH370 was shot down by high Energy and direct laser weapons system executed by the US Navy and that the aircraft had crashed in the South China Sea.., as explained below:-

    2) Yoichi Shimatsu – who suggested that Flight MH370 was forcibly landed at a secret US Military based on the island atoll of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, as explained below:-

    As he explains further here:-

    To my mind, these two theories or allegations seem to hold-up as the most plausible of explanations of how Flight MH370 was brought down.

    Thus, in keeping with the topic of this blog’s column, many have now seem to accept as true that Flight MH370 went up from KLIA and went down at either into the South China Sea or had landed at the island of Diego Garcia.., and that it had not ‘ended’ into the sea at southern part of the Indian Ocean (off the west coast of Australia) as announced by Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib. So, what goes up must come down..!

    Tun Dr. Mahathir is questioning the Boeing company to explain about the so-called anti-terrorism auto-land system installed on the Boeing aircrafts, implying that it is not fair that MAS and the government of Malaysia should take the blame while the Boeing company or the CIA (as USA’s overt & clandestine intelligence agency) gets away with it and are not at all touched by the mainstream media with regard to the missing Flight MH370 issue.

    Tun Dr. Mahathir is also suggesting that someone is hiding something with regard to the missing MAS Boeing-777 plane. Apparently, Tun Dr. Mahathir is attempting to draw the masses to come closer to the true picture on the missing Flight MH370 issue, whilst the official version by the authorities seem to be attempting to draw the masses further away from the truth. Why is that so..!?

    As far as we (the common masses) are concern, either we take the official version as being true or we believe that Flight MH370 was deliberately brought down (elsewhere) by some collusion or conspiratorial forces. As a matter of fact and reality, there’s no other way to about it. Plain and simple.

    If we accept the official version, then the story ends there and the only thing left to do is find the wreckage of Flight MH370.., till God knows when. If otherwise, then we will have to work together to search, find and uncover the real culprits behind that despicable ordeal, to expose and punish them. That is not something easy to do.., however the choice is still ours to make.


    I prefer to deal with the facts and reality. Unlike some others, I prefer not to absorb myself with rhetorical expressions merely to please one’s own ego or opinion of oneself, or even to plea others to concur with one’s viewpoint. It is far more sensible to deal with the facts and reality.

    Having said that, then how do we deal with the facts and reality with regard to the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370..? It is coming up to almost 3 months since the disappearance of the said Flight. Apparently, nothing much is now being uttered in the mainstream-media as well as the alternative & cyber media regarding this issue. It seems the ‘whitewash’ has just about kicked-in and seem to be working rather well and the missing Flight MH370 could just simply pass the time away and shall be a small memory of our past.

    Publicity-wise, those relatives of the missing loved ones seem to have ‘calmed-down’ and keeping so quiet about the incident. Just like the 9-11 incident that had happened 13 year ago, the relatives of those 3,000 people murdered in the WTC Twin-towers have been kept so quiet and apparently the real perpetrators of the 9-11 incident are getting away with their evil and diabolical crime. Likewise, are the perpetrators in the disappearance of Flight MH370 are also going get away with it..? So, what are we to do about it..? But naturally many will say.., “Who are we to do anything about it..!?”

    As a prominent ex-statesman, it appears that only Tun Dr. Mahathir’s is doing something about it through his blog-site.., but his voice is like crying out in the wilderness with regard this missing Flight MH370. Why so..? Why this apathy from so many quarters..?

    A well-known English novelist, essayist and journalist, i.e. George Orwell had once uttered:-

    “… In a time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act…”

    Let us honestly admit to ourselves that the 9-11 incident is beyond any doubt as being a Universal Deceit. Regardless of what those supreme authorities of The USA had said and who had ‘whitewashed’ about the 9-11 incident.., from the president at the time, i.e. George W. Bush, the past-President Bill Clinton or even the present president Barack Obama.., yet many the world over tend to believe that 9-11 was surely an ‘Inside-Job’. And.., to many the world over that 9-11 whitewash and deception is going-on till this very day, while many of the human masses at large are not giving any care or concern whatsoever about the real truth behind the 9-11 incident.

    But now, Malaysians are facing another ‘Universal Deceit’ right under their noses or at their own front door. Again, the question remains…, “…Who really cares about the Truth..!?” However, we fail to realise that we are now under those time of Trial and Tribulations.

    Be advised that, we are in that time of universal deceit. What are we going to do about it then..? Telling the truth is a ‘revolutionary act’ as uttered by George Orwell. Are we afraid of seeking and speaking the truth..? There is an old Malay saying that says it best.., i.e. –

    “…Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera…!”

    Clearly, Tun Dr. Mahathir is doing just that, however ‘revolutionary’ his act may appear to be. Thus, are we going let him walk all alone on that precarious path and issue…? Shame on us all if we let him walk all alone. Or are going to walk together with him and act upon it, as this song suggests:-

    (You’ll Never Walk Alone)

    If otherwise, then Tun Dr. Mahathir will have go at it all alone as this song suggest so well:-

    (The Impossible Dream)

    On the Flight MH370 issue.., let us cut-out the nonsense and rhetoric if it is merely to please our own ego.., but instead let’s do the right thing and seek for the truth.., because in this time of Universal Deceit there are many of those in temporal power and authority who would prefer that the situation to remain as ‘status-quo’ and just be as it is. They would not want to rock the boat, but would selfishly and cowardly safeguard their position as well as their bread & butter.

    Courageous and unselfish whistle-blowers shall have to come forward and spill the beans, as this man says it best:-

    As he implies – “Better To Whistle-blow Than Be Silenced”

    So please.., God Almighty.., Let the Truth be Revealed.

    However.., there could be some of those in temporal power and authority who could yell back at us and say: –

    “… You people just shut up..! You people can’t handle the Truth…!”

    Supposedly.., if such a statement is thrown into our faces.., what then are we to do..? Would we rather simply succumb to Universal Deceit..?


  5. wajaperak May 29,2014 6:42 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Mohon ruangan di sini.
    [Mr Balance..
    But I happy for you to know all so much and hope you can continue to share your wonderful experience and know-how]
    Ow come on..
    Nobody know so much especially me..
    Hope we are not bitter over few ‘remarks’..:)
    Anyway..This is something maybe you missed earlier.
    So I am replicating them with Tun permission.
    I was working as a part time forest labourer many year’s ago.
    We clipped and slash vines that encircled the log of valuable timbers.
    The one useless were put down by poison.
    The less masculine among us ( 2 ) were designated to poison them.
    Among one of my memorable adventures in the forest is this incidence.
    As I was slashing in our individual designated path, I heard a commotion from above the tree.
    To my surprise, a medium size black bear is running down helter-skelter from top down tree and rushing toward me.
    It simply bypass me with such suprising speed that all happened in few seconds.
    The lesson from this incidence I believed is don’t run away from bear climbing trees because I have witnessed that they are better climber!
    There was a tiger,elephant and..
    Why would I bore you with my adventure?..:)
    This is what I need to know from Tun blogger especially Tun himself.
    Tell us this kind of story and don’t mind the perspective it gives us.
    HBT is a nuisance for some.
    But she does have strong and valid point.
    The manner..
    What manner?
    The manner one deliver’s here wether immature,post date,spontaneous ( not quite spontaneous actually )breech,cesarean,forceps – complications vertex presentation – fetal distress – cord prolapse,placenta previa or vasa previa,fetal lie – footling breech, transverse lie, persistent brow and so many ‘presentation’.
    Tun and Mr Mubarak Chan as clinical physician please do not ever mock my erroneous microscopic knowledge in this field.
    Here a midget in the giant field still a practical one..:)
    All said and done I never apologize for my belief.
    You belief in your’s and I believe in mine.
    Hopely here in Tun blog we compromise the tone and the inflection.
    Peace is what you desire’s.
    Unfortunately as you have astutely observes sometimes war must precede the peace.
    Such irony.
    We must go to war for the peace!

    Terima kasih Tun.

  6. sibotak May 29,2014 6:20 PM


  7. wajaperak May 29,2014 6:11 PM

    Assallammaualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Saudara sentinel3
    Apabila orang berhujah, kita berhujah (dan mengawal emosi) bukan sebaliknya bersaing kekuatan seperti zaman batu]
    Apakah agaknya takrif mengawal emosi di dalam Islam?
    Apakah agaknya maknanya bersaing kekuatan di dalam Islam?
    Apakh maksudnya zaman batu itu?
    Apakah maksudnya Ayat Al Quran ini?

    “Dan siapkanlah untuk menghadapi mereka kekuatan apa saja yang kamu sanggupi dan dari kuda-kuda yang ditambat untuk berperang (yang dengan persiapan itu) kamu menggentarkan musuh Allah, musuhmu dan orang-orang selain mereka yang kamu tidak mengetahuinya; sedang Allah mengetahuinya. Apa saja yang kamu nafkahkan pada jalan Allah niscaya akan dibalas dengan cukup kepadamu dan kamu tidak akan dianiaya (dirugikan)” – Surah al Anfal:60

    Maksudnya zaman batu perlukan kuda jadi Islam tidak memerlukan kuda di zaman moden?..:)
    Kami belajar psikologi dunia tetapi di dalam Islam tidak ada istilah dan takrif psikologi.
    Tetapi di dalam menolong memberikan rawatan,kami ‘sembunyikan’ istilah psikologi ini kerana orang-orang kafir marah jika kami menyatakan takrifan-takrifan adalah lengkap di dalam Islam.
    Islam menawarkan penyelesaian kepada semua masalah.
    Tidak terlihat itu kepada pendirian anda.
    Apakah hadiah kepada Hang Nadim kerana ‘menyelamatkan’ Singapura dari di landa todak?
    Hukuman bunuh!..:)
    Jika hendak berjasa di dalam Islam mestilah bersedia untuk dibunuh..
    Ini dinamakan syahid..
    Hayatilah pengertian ayat Al Quran di atas.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. Tuntuah May 28,2014 10:50 PM

    Biler saya tulis aso celaka, laki aso celaka, suddenly some people jadi baik.

    I wrote aso celaka bukan sbb i marah.
    I wrote that nak kasi aso marah.
    Dan saya berjaya dan aso marah.
    So word celaka is not common melayu word.

    And its proven. Betol tak aso?

    If you like people to respect yourselve, firstly, you.need to respect yourselve, then respect other people. If not, you will be like aso.. Kene bashing.. Aso asked for it. It is not my fault. Hahahahahahaha

  9. balance May 28,2014 7:19 PM

    wajaperak May 28, 2014 at 12:45 PM | Permalink

    I maybe naive or even stupid or any other names or label you can think off and its fine to me. I dont mind been called any name but I like peace and dont hate or despise or disrespect or think lowly of another human just because we dont think alike or the colour of the skin is different or speak differently or eat different food or different sexual and music preferences, . I am definitely not one-track mind and I am also not someone that only know one-way to live. I am definitely someone that believe in substance and reality. I am not a pilot or military man or superman but an ordinary person that need to work for a living, breath, eat food, drink water, sleep and go to toilet to live. But I happy for you to know all so much and hope you can continue to share your wonderful experience and know-how.

  10. sentinel3 May 28,2014 6:13 PM


    Izinkan saya menjawap sdra wajaperak,

    Macam inilah sdra wajaperak, saya tidak bercadang untuk menjadikan tulisan saya ini satu polemic baharu dengan sdra.

    Ramai antara kita pandai menyuruh orang lain berlapang dada terhadap cemuhan, tohmahan, ejekan dan segala macam penghinaan (kafir?) terhadap kita.

    Begitu juga ramai yang pandai menyuruh orang lain bermuhasabah diri tetapi kita sendiri tidak berbuat demikian.

    Saya berpendapat setelah sekian lama membaca tulisan saya dan begitu juga saya membaca tulisan sdra, kita masing-masing sudah tahu sedikit sebanyak mengenai fahaman dan kepercayaan (sikap) kita masing-masing?

    Sdra mempunyai cara sdra sendiri begitu juga saya dan adalah malang bagi saya jika saya tidak menggunakan akal yang diberikan dan dianugerahkan Allah SWT kepada saya kerana hanya menurut pendapat atau kepercayaan sdra (termasuk dalam ajaran Islam) semata-mata.

    Secara tidak langsung tiadalah guna saya menulis di blog Tun ini jika hanya mengiyakan pendapat sdra sebagai betul dan orang lain termasuk saya tidak betul.

    Saya menghormati pendapat sdra (termasuk memuji aso HBT malah saya sendiri pernah menyuarakan pendapat saya sebelum ini menentang sebarang bentuk kekerasan seperti mahu mengugut menampar sesiapa dalam blog ini) bagaimanapun tidak bererti saya setuju dengan semua tulisan dan pendapat sdra.

    Sdra percaya kepada kekerasan tetapi saya tidak percaya kepada sikap demikian (pengecut?) dan saya tidak kisah jika dipanggil pengecut kerana kita berada pada zaman moden (dan negara akan menjadi negara maju tidak lama lagi) dan kekerasan hanya digunakan pada zaman batu kapur?

    Semasa saya mahu menulis di blog Tun, saya berjanji kepada Tun bahawa saya adalah seorang yang percaya kepada sikap kesederhanaan dan kekerasan bukan dalam falsafah hidup saya.

    Saya pernah mengikuti kes mendiang Karpal Singh semasa berhujah di mahkamah ketika itu mendiang ditahan di bawah ISA dan mengemukakan permohonan habeas corpus untuk mendapatkan pembebasannya daripada tahanan ISA.

    Mendiang kalau tidak silap saya telah berhujah selama tiga setengah hari berturut-turut dari pukul 9 pagi hingga 4 petang tanpa henti kecuali waktu rehat makan tengah hari dan berdiri (ketika itu mendiang masih sihat dan tidak menggunakan kerusi roda) mengemukakan hujah-hujah bagi mendapatkan pembebasannya daripada hakim.

    Dan akhirnya mendiang berjaya dalam permohonan habeas corpus tersebut, malangnya pembebasannya tidak lama kerana ditahan semula di bawah ISA tidak sampai separuh hari pun mendiang dibebaskan mahkamah.

    Sebab itulah saya malu apabila ada orang Melayu pernah menampar mendiang di luar mahkamah kerana marah terhadap mendiang.

    Apabila orang berhujah, kita berhujah (dan mengawal emosi) bukan sebaliknya bersaing kekuatan seperti zaman batu.

    Begitu juga ramai yang pandai menyuruh orang lain supaya menulis secara berhemah tetapi diri sendiri tidak tahu erti apa itu berhemah atau menulis secara berhemah malah menulis bertentangan dengan apa yang disuruh terhadap orang lain.

    Orang berbudi kita berbahasa
    Orang memberi kita merasa,

    Kita taji orang tidak mengapa,
    Orang taji kita mudah (pula) terasa,

    Yang merah itu saga,
    Yang indah itu bahasa.

    Sdra wajaperak, saya tidak mahu sdra menaruh harapan besar terhadap saya mengenai sofware sdra itu kerana dulu saya banyak bergaul dengan orang ramai termasuklah VIP tetapi kita semua kenalan boleh dikatakan tiada kerana lebih tertumpu kepada kerja-kerja di pejabat.

    Selain itu, sdra maklum sahajalah, adat di dunia, dulu orang itu hebat, kini tidak hebat lagi apabila selepas bersara terutamanya daripada dunia politik.

    Oleh itu saya tidak mahu dituduh munafik dan membuat janji kosong terutama jika usahai tersebut memakan masa yang lama, lebih-lebih lagi jika yang diusahakan tidak mendapat izin Yang Maha Esa.

    Salam Tun.

  11. sentinel3 May 28,2014 4:31 PM


    Sekadar ingin menyampaikan pendapat saya yang setuju dengan nota kaki Hajar bahawa ada orang/pihak yang ingin melenyapkan blog Tun dari radar alam siber.

    Sejak kebelakangan ini hasrat untuk menyuarakan pendapat bertambah sukar kerana terpaksa melalui beberapa rintangan bagi membuktikan penulis bukan robot dan hanya mereka yang menggunakan kanta kaca yang tebal boleh membacanya.

    Ada tulisan yang dihantar sekejap dapat dikesan oleh radar dan sekejap hilang dari radar dan timbul kembali malah ada yang terus hilang daripada radar.

    Walaupun hak untuk menyiarkan pendapat terpulang kepada Tun, saya harap tindakan ini tidak memihak kepada sebelah pihak sahaja yang antinasional dan antiperlembagaan Malaysia kerana pihak demikian sudah banyak mendapat tempat di portal-portal propembangkang di negara ini.

    Mereka ini (antiperlembagaan negara) boleh menulis apa sahaja tanpa sekatan dan impunity daripada pihak kerajaan dan saya harap menerusi blog ini pihak kerajaan akan berlaku adil kepada semua rakyatnya tanpa memilih kasih kepada pihak tertentu sahaja.

    Dan saya juga berharap slogan Tun, blogging to unblock tidak akan hanya tinggal sekadar slogan sahaja semata-mata akhirnya.

    Salam Tun.

  12. Hajar May 28,2014 2:12 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    Selepas tragedi MH370, tahap sekuriti di KLIA dan KLIA2 sepatutnya diperketatkan sebab kita tidak tahu apa sebenarnya yang berlaku; ini sebagai langkah berjaga2/ pencegahan & supaya tiada mana2 pihak yang meragui/mempersoal tahap keselamatan di KLIA/KLIA2.

    Pada April 2014 dan baru2 ini (May) saya melalui pemeriksaan sebelum menaiki pesawat, tetapi tidak ada apa2 perubahan dalam cara penumpang2 diperiksa di KLIA dan KLIA2 Saya TIDAK disuruh tanggalkan kasut walaupun saya pakai kasut sukan. Tapi di lapangan-terbang (semasa balik) di negara (bukan USA) yang saya pergi, saya diminta tanggalkan kasut dan letak dalam tray (lalu scanner).

    Malaysia jangan ambil mudah soal sekuriti/keselamatan di lapangan-terbang.

    Nota kaki:

    1. Tun, saya rasa ada orang/pihak yang ingin melenyapkan blog Tun dari radar alam siber.

    2. Kepada pengundi2 PRK Teluk Intan, tolong undi BN. Lebih baik dapat wakil rakyat yang jujur dari mendapat wakil rakyat yang kaki putar-belit, banyak menipu dan tidak cerdik (she thinks that a’non-practicing lawyer’ is a ’lawyer’…benda mudah pun Dyana calon ’DAP rasis’ tidak tahu bezakan. Saya yang tiada kelulusan dalam undang2 pun tahu perbezaannya). Saya cuma boleh geleng kepala melihat setiap PC beliau. Jika beliau terpilih jadi MP, nasib beliau memang baik. Saya doakan ALLAH SWT tidak mengizinkan beliau menjadi MP.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  13. wajaperak May 28,2014 12:45 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Fighting fire with fight cause inferno and using force cause more enemy. It is not Malaysian way of life, only Americans and Israeli Govt.]
    Forgive me.
    Such naivety..:)
    This practice is something the militer call ‘regimented’.Made worse of the vicissitude they become a cycle.
    You have know idea that modern fighter pilot jet cannot attempt ‘spin’ that famously used in World War II ‘dogfight’.When you tries to spin at Mach 2.0 (greater than 1,327 mph, 2,135 km/h) it’s only takes second to hit the ground.
    Simply said when you are spinning,you are out of control.
    Your brain cannot function the ways your mind wants to and you ended making your Maker.
    Takes this simple instance.
    When you lost control of your car at terrifying speed,you can see that you are hurtling at the wall,divider,the drink,ravine so on and so forth.Your brain capture the moment but your hands and finger’s could not match vision with action and you ended the way your brain warns you not to.
    Simply,your limbs does not function matchingly with the way your brain warns you to.
    Practiced instinct.
    In malay society you can see an involuntary jerk when and ederly gets a poke.
    There is no scientific explanation for these but “culture-specific or culture-bound syndrome”.
    The idea is not to poke them when they are holding sharps instrument.
    These ‘involuntary jerk’ can be trained.I now because we have been trained to certain specific.
    You can have certain jerk if you hit the knee.Hence knee jerk reaction.This is something you cannot fake.
    But by certain discipline,all involuntary movement can be ‘moderated’ to our wish.
    Ever heard of ‘Sioux Alarm Clock’?
    By sheer will of discipline,certain condition can be made to turn to our wishful thinking.
    But you have no idea how it is done.
    And it’s applied to all time and condition.


    We can have the rarified effect of the second rule but is very far and very much between.
    By the way.I have this story of ‘DRAGON SLAYER’.
    He wore the knight of shining armour attitude and some believes him.
    But to my horror and consternation I found out he actually slew ‘DRAGON FLIES!’.
    So..he is not erred in claiming he is DRAGON SLAYER.Slaying dragonflies that is.
    But we is very much deceived in thinking he is the Dragon Slayer of the monstrous fire breathing creatures!..
    Consequently we lives with the people with belief different from our’s.
    Somebody told me if you cannot have what you love..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. balance May 28,2014 10:44 AM


    You are still commanding a huge followings and followers and I think listening to your enemy can solve many problems and make enemies become friends. With friends things can be successful easier. Fighting fire with fight cause inferno and using force cause more enemy. It is not Malaysian way of life, only Americans and Israeli Govt. do that. Many complain and condemn that the Americans and Israeli are unjust, prejudice and evil but they advocate similar behavior in Malaysia. The older ways are more united, peaceful and patriotic. It is true and just that every Malaysian should enjoy the country wealth according to the population ratio and quality & quantity of contribution but all must come in a systematic ways, adjustments, willingness of hard work and allow time to make it happen. If DAP create and use new and innovative strategies, BN should do the same or be better. Using the same old and boring way of denials, counterattack, religion and race will not make BN a better political organisation or ensure its survival. Look at MCA attacking DAP on the same Hudud subject everyday in the newspaper will make people feel more angry and make people think that MCA is bankrupt of ideas. BN Govt have created (especially your time) a lot of good things and make Malaysia into a very advance country but it is time to review, restrategise and recreate those wonderful period or era. Look at Germany, their priority is LIVING not WINNING. Wanting to live happily will create a forward looking and towards a better life society. Winning is selfish and egotism and it comes with high risk of failure too. Most Germans understand that after WWII and they dont even want to remember or talk about it. Fighting or war come with injuries, death and financial disaster. What is the point of winning if human society only understand, recognizes and use animal instincts. Tun, you have the abilities to advocate peace and nation building

    Good day

  15. musato May 28,2014 9:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya mengambil tindakan tidak popular di sini.

    Betul kata HBT cerita banyak banyak tak guna. Kira undi baru betul.

    HBT kata dia bayar tax sampai berjuta juta kali beritahu sampai saya pun naik muak. Tapi itu juga benar.

    Kerana orang kafir tiada apa mahu bagi. Patriotik jauh sekali. Jadi kalau bayar tax tu banyak sangat, terima kasihlah banyak banyak.

    Bagaimana pula dengan patriotik orang Melayu? Wang tak dapat bayar balik nyawa. Satu keluarga rasa kehilangan seorang warisnya.

    BN selalu kalah dengan DAP. MCA apa ada? Orang Melayu apa ada?

    Orang Melayu ada UMNO. UMNO yang power.

    Tapi kalau UMNO tak guna jalan yang betul memenangi undi dengan terlalu mengharapkan konsep nasional 1Malaysia, maka tidak mustahil undi makin merosot.

    DAP berani kerana mereka tahu bermain perasaan emosi orang Melayu. Betul, Dyana Sofia adalah window dressing, tapi tak mustahil DAP tetap akan menang kerana, tujuan utama mereka adalah menjatuhkan BN.

    UMNO perlu lebih kuat. Bukan dengan marah marah, tapi dengan strategi lain pulak.. Bagi bantuan untuk sekolah sekolah cina ke….tetap tak menangkan?

    Saya tak mahu buat spekulasi seperti Azlan KL beritahu bahawa negara kecil seperti Malaysia sekarang berada di dalam radar dunia dengan MH370 dan Formula 1 Petronas dan itu petanda yang baik. Sementelah menjelang 2020 di bawah kepimpinan Datuk Najib Tun Razak.

    Tapi saya pernah tulis bahawa 1997, Tun yang selesaikan masalah mata wang, dan krisis 2008 adalah diselesaikan melalui tasawuf.

    Maka perjalanan kehadapan Malaysia sepatutnya mengikut jalan tasawuf samada anda suka ataupun tidak.

    Tanggungjawab ini terbeban pada bahu UMNO. Dan saya tidak dapat melihat sesiapa yang dapat menunjuk ke arah mana sepatutnya UMNO tuju.

    Sekiranya saya berada dalam politik, maka saya mungkin adalah ahli Pemuda UMNO.Tapi saya tidak.

    Teguran saya ini khas untuk PEMUDA UMNO. Ubah stail perjuangan anda. Dekati rakyat dengan kelembutan. Dapatkan undi seperti mana peniaga peniaga dapatkan duit dari poket anda.

    Krisis negara 2008 diselesaikan dengan jalan tasawuf, jalan wali wali Allah s.w.t, insyaAllah perjalanan anda akan dibantu oleh kemudahan kemudahan yang telah disediakan oleh Allah s.w.t

    Blog ini cuma anda, hp dan perasaan anda. Itu sahaja.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  16. wajaperak May 28,2014 8:31 AM

    Tun saya mohon ruangan.
    Saya tertarik kepada seorang blogger yang secara default mengatakan ia amat cinta kepada ibunya.
    Semua orang boleh mendakwa perkara yang sama tetapi..
    Apakah yang dapat kita beri kepada ibu kesayangan kita melainkan syurga?
    Tetapi syurga bukan milik kita.
    Jadi apakah syarat-syarat yang melayakkan masuk syurga oleh PemilikNya?
    Salah satu perkara yang saya cuba ialah melalui ilmu yang bermanafaat.
    Ilmu mengajar ayat-ayat Al Quran jauh sekali..
    Membina hospital,bank dan kesemua wakaf Islam jauh sekali..
    Menjadi anak yang soleh jauh sekali..
    Oleh itu usaha terbaik hanyalah melalui software saya yang amat kerdil.
    Jika kita dapat mengurangkan masa menunggu pesakit supaya Allah dapat melegakan kesakitan HambaNya dengan lebih cepat melalui tangan-tangan pakar maka legalah saya kerana dapat sedikit menyumbang kepada ilmu yang bermanafaat.
    Di samping usaha kerdil ini,saya juga berusaha sedaya upaya menghafal ayat-ayat Al Quran.Dengan Izin dan belas kasihanNya dapatlah saya menghafal 666 ayat sahaja.
    Amat kerdil di bandingkan dengan seorang Hafiz Al Quran yang hafal 6666 ayat.
    Dalam tajuk posting ini Boeing Technology saya hanya ingin menyentuh satu perkara sahaja.
    Dalam kita begitu mengehendaki jawapan kepada misteri ini kita mesti sedar apa yang Allah sebutkan dalam Surah An Najm..


    All thing’s being subjective.Subject to the subject itself.
    Kita mestilah berlapang dada terhadap cemuhan,tohmahan,ejekan dan segala macam penghinaan terhadap kita.
    Saya dapati HBT diserang dengan ‘tidak adil’.
    Saya pernah juga menyerang HBT kerana dia menyerang agama saya yang maha mulia.
    Apabila HBT tidak lagi menyerang agama kita maka mereka-mereka pendukung agama ini hendaklah kembali..’took a moment reflection’ dan melihat samada kita telah berlaku adil kepada HBT?

    HBT..tahniah..anda seorang yang jujur dan adil.
    Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kerana anda memaki hamun Cadbury dan tidak bersekongkol dengan mereka..:)


  17. HBT456 May 28,2014 5:35 AM

    Sudin, yang paling biadap adalah mereka yang makan haram pakai agama rasmi negara ini.

  18. sudin May 26,2014 10:13 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Jika kerajaan sekarang tidak berkeyakinan untuk menubuhkan satu badan pemantau bagi memastikan sekurang2nya 30% Bumiputra diserap bekerja dengan syarikat bukan milik Bumi pada setiap peringkat/lapisan pekerjaan, maka sia2 sajalah dasar yang telah di naubatkan semasa penubuhan DEB.

    Maka tidaklah sempurna perlaksanaan yang di jalankan oleh kerajaan.
    Maka ekonomi kaum Bumi akan terus tercicir lebih jauh dari mereka kerana tidak berupaya memahami selokbelok perniagaan yang masih banyak belum kita ketahui.
    Maka mereka akan lebih besar kepala dari perangai biadap yang terang2 ditunjukkan mereka dewasa ini.

    Maka dengan itu kerajaan mesti tubuhkan segera badan pemantau tersebut.

    Dan jangan dibiarkan setan2 alibaba dan setan2 boneka Cina bukit berterusan menghancurkan bangsa sendiri.
    Mulakan dengan menyingkir setiap ahli politik berkedudukan yang mengamalkan sikap alibaba.

  19. sibotak May 26,2014 7:35 PM

    TUN Darling …. marah HBT !

    Kenapa DAP yg tahu dimerata Malaysia
    Anak Melayu yg berkerja bertungkus lumus untuk Swata Cina
    Dapat Gaji lebih lagi kecil dari perkerja Cina
    Susah juga nak naik pangkat







  20. Dr Jafri May 26,2014 6:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. All over this MH370 unfortunate episode, we could sense the enemies of Muslim Malaysia, ie. the anti-Uighurs-Muslim China, the local subversive Chinese and the CIA – doing their utmost bestest and baddest via the corrupt international (and local) media to sabotage the Malay government in every nook and cranny where the purported blackbox could be or not be found. Its a Catch-22 that is laced with poisonous hope towards desensitization of the loyal and innocent Malay and Muslim citizens, in order to solely create a no confidence amongst them on UMNO governance of the country.

    2. From now on, its best to leave this matter for China, CIA-Boeing and local subversive Chinese to answer all the questions they have all this while kept in ambush. PM Najib will be wise not to react or respond to any more harassments these culprits have devised for his downfall.

    3. In the meantime, our local experts have found where DaPigs have been hiding in Cadbury chocolate bars –

  21. sentinel3 May 26,2014 5:56 PM


    Mohon izin diberikan ruangan untuk memberi pendapat.

    Tertarik membaca komen-komen politik yang tersasar daripada tajuk asal setelah beberapa hari tidak membaca blog Tun.

    Kempen sibotak, bapa tiri aso HBT 3/4 sungguh menarik dan saya cuma ingin menambah sedikit komen.

    Sebenarnya, UMNO bukan sahaja dibuli tiga lawan satu malah lebih daripada itu termasuk dibuli dalam kalangan orang UMNO sendiri.

    Kadangkala terfikir juga oleh saya mengapakah orang Melayu harus melatah marah apabila kaum lain menyebut orang Melayu (ahli UMNO) celaka sedangkan bangsa Melayu sendiri juga merelakan malah menggalakkan kaum lain menggunakan perkataan tersebut terhadap mereka?

    Saya tidak tahulah melainkan dalam kes-kes tertentu seperti Nik Aziz yang malu dilahirkan sebagai Melayu (mungkin beliau lebih bangga dilahirkan sebagai orang Siam?).

    Mengapa kaum lain berani menyebut orang Melayu celaka?Sebab orang Melayu lemah dan berpecah belah di negara ini.

    Saya tidak perlu memberi contoh mengenai perpecahan perpaduan dalam kalangan orang Melayu kerana di dalam blog Tun sendiri boleh dilihat ada juga penyokong kuat aso HBT ini.

    Mungkin orang Melayu sudah terlalu maju ke hadapan sehingga perasaan sensitif terhadap perkataan-perkataan kasar seperti celaka sudah menjadi lali kepada mereka pada masa kini.

    Seperti biasa orang Melayu yang lemah lembut budi bahasa mereka akan cepat meminta maaf terhadap tindakan marah segelintir ahli mereka sedangkan orang yang menuturkan bahasa kesat tidak perlu meminta maaf kepada bangsa Melayu.

    Hari ini orang sebut celaka kepada orang Melayu, esok tidak tahu apakah lagi akan dipertuturkan terhadap bangsa Melayu.

    Dan Tun, seperti yang saya katakan tadi saya tidak hairan kaum lain berani menuturkan perkataan kesat ini terhadap bangsa Melayu kerana mereka sendiri merelakan dan menggalakkan kaum lain berbuat demikian.

    Mengapakah orang Melayu boleh menjadi bangsa yang lemah dan berfikiran demikian?Bacalah sendiri di blog Tun ini di mana seorang penulis berbangga kerana bersikap garang terhadap ibunya sendiri.

    Kalau air mata kita boleh menitis apabila mengenangkan jasa-jasa yang tidak (sempat) terbuat/lakukan terhadap ibu kita semasa mereka masih hidup apatah lagi jika kita bersikap garang terhadap ibu kita semasa hayat mereka?

    Dan yang lebih menyayatkan hati lagi ialah apabila mereka yang bangga bersikap garang terhadap ibu mereka ini adalah terdiri daripada mereka yang mengaku kononnya tinggi dalam pendidikan agama Islam?

    Salam Tun.

  22. sibotak May 26,2014 9:16 AM

    Kelihatan di Blog Tun ini
    Walau di bentang topic masa kesemasa perihal MH ,Hudud & sebagainya
    Ada segolongan yg ambil kesempatan politik untuk mengkaitkan UMNO
    seperti HBT/DAP
    Saya rasa jiKa Tun topickan isu Sambal Belacan naik harga
    HBT sekali lagi akan mengulas & salahkan UMNO









    eh….macam nak berkempen pula aku ni….

    KONGSI RAMAI RAMAI , kan seronok


    TUN my Sayang
    Hai…….. Berbulu si HBT dengar


  23. sudin May 26,2014 8:12 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Kerajaan telah melakukan banyak perkara untuk menambahbaik ekonomi kaum Bumiputra, tetapi terdapat banyak kelemahan apabila melaksanakannya.
    2 contoh yang amat ketara ialah dasar pengambilan 30% tenagakerja dari Kaum Bumiputra untuk setiap lapisan pekerjaan, terutama pada peringkat pengurusan, dan budaya alibaba yang masih berterusan.

    Di kebanyakan syarikat bukan milik Bumiputra hanya jawatan pengkeranian, penyambut tetamu, pemandu, operator serta office boy yang ditampilkan sebagai penjawat Bumi syarikat tersebut. Dan terdapat banyak syarikat bukan milik Bumi yang lain langsung tidak mengambil tenagakerja dari kaum Bumi.
    Satu badan pemantau mestilah ditubuhkan untuk memeriksa serta memastikan pengambilan tenagakerja dari kaum Bumi di setiap jawatan oleh setiap majikan di patuhi, dan tindakan yang setimpal di kenakan keatas mana2 majikan yang gagal mematuhi arahan tersebut.

    InsyaAllah ekonomi Bumiputra akan berkembang lebih giat jika perlaksanaan 30% tenagakerja dari kaum Bumiputra untuk setiap lapisan kerja di laksanakan sepenuhnya.

    Tentang setan2 yang diberi gelaran alibaba pula, mereka merupakan perosak Bumiputra semata2 kerana pentingkan diri sendiri. Apatah lagi jika alibaba tersebut merupakan ahli politik yang berkedukan.
    Samalah juga setan2 yang menjadi boneka kepada Cina bukit saperti Dyana, yang mengakui pentingkan diri sendiri apabila dengan bodoh memberitahu bahawa dia tidak akan berpeluang menjadi menteri jika bersama UMNO selagi Shahrizat & kuncu2 belum mati!

  24. anti-jibaok May 26,2014 12:39 AM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Why don’t you just try to observe your own self…, i.e. to discover the type of ‘Kaki Penipu and Pembelit’ that you are.

    How dare you drag Tok Det into the picture with your stupid argument by suggesting that he wears a ‘skirt’ in equating a skirt with a ‘sarung’. Do you know what a ‘sarung’ is..? That shows that you cannot even grasp the rudiments & basic usage of Bahasa Melayu. Are you trying to equate a ‘sarung’ with ‘kain pelikat’..!? What type of logic and rationale are you trying to apply here..? And besides, a ‘sarung’ or a ‘kain pelikat’ is far from being a skirt. For your information.., these are skirts, as per the images below:-…1787.2860.0.4406.….0…1ac.1.45.img..5.0.0.gpCPd99vhKU

    And.., Tok Det does not wear skirts nor ‘baju kurung’…! Understand..!?

    Of course Tok Det is vocal.., however he is not ‘garang’ as Pemuda UMNO are supposed to be..! Understand lagi..!?

    There are so many words to describe the vile & deceptive creature that you are.., such as – Penipu, Pembelit, Tukang adu-domba, Kiasu tegar, pathetic, wretched.., and of course such a pitiful disgrace to society.., etc.., etc… etc…

    Anything else you need to know about yourself HBT456…, just ask..! OK..!?

  25. Tun Perak May 26,2014 12:22 AM

    Allo HBT456,

    If the word Celaka is great according to you belief , then what about this ?

    “HBT456 Celaka, berak tak cebok , mati masuk neraka, muka macam berok”

    The statement above is only an educational example, I dont mean to use it for HBT456. Is it OK to use the statement above for anyone ? … I think it is morally wrong.

  26. musato May 25,2014 8:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mungkin betul kata HBT yang perkataan celaka tu biasa saje bila orang tengah marah kerana perlakuan Pemuda UMNO.

    Kalau ditengokkan gaya anti-jibaok ahli Pemuda UMNO yang dikatakan perlu garang supaya tak nampak pakai baju kurung, maka perkataan celaka tu boleh dikatakan biasa biasa saje la.

    Mungkin betul juga kata HBT yang Tun pun pakai kain sarung dan lemah lembut pada orang lain.Lembut dalam ketegasan.

    Saya tak tahu bagaimana mahu menggunakan perkataan celaka, mungkin kerana saya tak pernah sebut perkataan celaka masa marah.

    Arwah datuk saya pernah sound yang saya ni pelembut sangat orangnya. Orang buat apa apa pun dibiarkan.

    Mungkin beliau tidak tahu yang semasa itu saya sedang melalui ujian – berkenaan 10 tahun itu. Diam adalah terbaik masa itu.

    Tapi sebab arwah nak tengok sangat, saya tunjuk garang sikit la, pada mak saya, dan arwah tabik kata saya ‘orang bekeng’ (mungkin lebih bekeng dari Mat Said)

    Ala, Tun pun bekeng (garang) jugak. Tun Siti kata dah tua tua sekarang baru kurang sikit, tapi ada degil lagi…tengok ambil lagi jawatan Pengerusi Proton. Saya pasti Tun Siti tak setuju dengan keputusan Tun tu.

    Dan apabila dibacakan cerita pasal Saidina Ali r.a menghentikan pedang yang berada ditengkok lawan kerana berasakan marah bukan kerana Allah s.w.t, maka saya akan faham jugak bagaimana perasaan tersebut.

    Apatah lagi perasaan marah kerana Allah s.w.t

    Mungkin betul perkataan celaka itu biasa biasa saje. Keadaan sekarang belum lagi sampai marah pada ‘luar biasa’, pasal itu kena dengar pada nasihat orang lain kerana orang Melayu ni tak semua macam ahli Pemuda UMNO takut pakai baju kurung.

    Betul jugak kata HBT, Tun pun pakai kain sarung.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. sibotak May 25,2014 7:39 PM

    Hey……..apa ni ! Gaduh gaduh !
    Orang nak tidur pun tak senang

    Lu pun satu lah HBT , DAP Bangsat !
    Tun kasi Indonesian Kerakyatan di Sabah secara official & legal pun
    Lu orang Cina tidak Sunat , bising bising, hati sakit
    Mahu cari pasal kah !

    Lu tahu lu punya Datuk Lee lu tu sekarang tunggu time saja
    Dia sudah bawa masuk Cina dari China Berjuta di Singapura
    Orang Melayu sikit tidak bising bising pun

    Lu tahu Kenapa Tuhan Tak mahu amik dia siang siang
    Sebab Tuhan pun takut ini orang tua nanti mampus
    Dia jumpa Tuhan ,Dia pula nak jadi Tuhan

    Lu dengar sini
    Lu punya bapa punya bapa punya bapa………senang cakap lu punya Datuk lah
    Sama Lim Kit Siang punya bapa punya emak punya bapa….
    Sama DAP punya Nenek punya laki…..

    Datang Malaysia SATU SUDU TANAH pun mereka tidak bawa
    Sekarang lu punya bapa punya anak punya bini
    Sudah ada beribu ekar punya Tanah Freehold
    Itu pun lu orang tidak ber terima shukur

    Siapa sebenarnya Perkauman
    Dan Siapa sebenarnya yg Tamak Haloba

    Gua fikir sudah masa nya luh punya Nenek punya Laki
    Sedar akan Kebenaran ini

    Nang buti nang…….
    Tui buti tui…………..
    Mahu kata orang bukan orang
    Mahu kata Hantu pun bukan Hantu

    Lu orang semuanya sebenarnya UNGREATFUL BITCH !

    DA gua mahu tidur….Salam Kumm… Kum…Good Night

  28. HBT456 May 25,2014 5:56 PM

    anti-jibaok, lelaki macam tok det pun ada pakai skirt panjang, i mean sarung (trademark orang melayu), di dalam kediaman beliau. adakah beliau ini tak vocal. tuntuah, only two words to describe you, you bollock – British Vulgar. rubbish; nonsense; claptrap (often used interjectionally)..

  29. anti-jibaok May 25,2014 5:42 PM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Ah Soh.., aah..! Lu butut-butut manyak sooii punya olang..!!

    Don’t worry.., ‘sooii’ is just another common Chinese word. OK..!?

  30. mubarakchan May 25,2014 1:17 PM


    Politics and politicians are a very serious and responsible part and parcel of our nebulous and diverse Malaysian Society.

    Spoken words are like bullets. Once these are released, it is impossible to retract. Hence, a public person chosen for a public office should come from respectable backgrounds and well-brought up instead of all those swallows, ducks, tycoons etc now promoted by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with no commendable record. In some cases, they were unemployed.

    If in 2014, bad words were spoken about others especially our national icons, our Royal Sultans, the Constitution, our incumbent leaders etc. and are deliberately iconoclastic as in this celebrated Pulau Pinang case, then, we must find out more about what was not reported or maybe spoken within the four walls. The words which spouted forth from the aforesaid lips of the reclacitrant must be much worst than what he said out in the open distinguished chambers.

    Punishment should be meted out accordingly as per the Laws in keeping with transparency and fairness.

  31. truthseeker May 25,2014 12:59 PM

    Boeing has patent to control plane from remote location as part of its counter terrorism measure

    Boeing filed for the patent in 2003, and granted the patent in 2006.

    Ironically, president George Bush mentioned about this technology two weeks after the 9-11 attack. How can the technology be “developed” that quickly unless the technology already existed long before the twin tower attack

    Listen to this speech about remote control

    and here is the full text of Bush’s speech

  32. HBT456 May 25,2014 12:53 PM

    Balance, you are not in that situation, so you dont get the “feel” why this word was being used. A word ” UMNO celaka” UMNO Youth dah nak bakar opis DAP, macam mana pun, UMNO youth yang tak betul. Unless UMNO Youth Chief wants to brand this political party as samseng, atau terrorist? Yeah, Melayu mudah lupa” mereka lupa bahawa DAP, PKR dan PAS pun ada bayar taxes kepada Federal Government.

  33. Tuntuah May 25,2014 12:52 PM

    Celaka aso, celaka aso punyer laki celaka aso punye family celaka aso punye keturunan. Jangan marah aso. It just a common malay word for anger.

    Kalu aso marah, it is not a common malay word. Hahahahahaha stupid

  34. balance May 25,2014 9:10 AM


    I think it is not so correct to used words like “celaka” or any other words that hurt others when one is angry or trying to show how righteous they are. Using such word shows the level of the person intelligence and disrespect of the system and place. If DAP think UMNO is celaka then they show that they are just the same too (good or bad level).

  35. HBT456 May 25,2014 5:50 AM


  36. HBT456 May 25,2014 5:34 AM

    Hajar, celaka is a common malay word to show anger. As malaysian, I m glad to hear our macha mp atas tiket dap used the word celaka to show his anger. Cant blame him for this since he was being terrorized by kaum melayu yang beragenda rampas negeri mutiara supaya yb zahid, pendatang dari indonesia sebelum ww2 (? ) untuk umno baru jadi mb, pakai duit kafir dan bukan kafir , untuk kepentingan diri dan koncu2 masing2 via power abuse and manipulation at the highest level echelon, pakai baju melayu during the annual buge day. Jika ke kecelakaan yang puan hajar bentangkan, sebagai rakyat malaysia yang berdisiplin, high court can solve the problem. If cant solve, general election is the best way. Dap is a multi racial party for malaysian. Gerakan is multi racial party for bn. There is no right or wrong. All systems fail, and bn will fail if umno baru keeps bringing more players via vote splitting just to win an election. Proverb of too many cooks spoil the soup.

  37. anti-jibaok May 25,2014 12:40 AM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Since you do not want to answer, then I’ll have to make my own assumption. Despite there are uncountable number of video clips in YouTube.., nonetheless I’d say it is most likely that you are the person or at least someone like her (in every kiasu DAP character) in this video, as below:-

    And.., don’t ask how I came to such conclusion..? It is obvious, unless you can say otherwise. OK..!?

    Remember…, “…Saya tinggal di sini.., isteri saya orang Malaysia..!” Heheheh..!

    Cheerio for now.


    P.S.> Take note that I have never liked that extrovert UMNO Youth Chief (i.e. K.J.). However.., as the Youth Wing of UMNO, the Pemuda UMNO must never be ‘lembik’ or seem to be ‘impotent’. Pemuda MUST BE and must be SEEN to be very vocal, forceful, ‘garang’ (but not ‘ganas’) and tough.., if otherwise then Pemuda UMNO would be better-off wearing skirts or baju-kurung. Understand..!?

  38. Hajar May 24,2014 8:30 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Tragedi kehilangan Boeing 777 MH370 merupakan keCELAKAan dahsyat yang menimpa Kerajaan Malaysia & MAS kerana sehingga kini tiada apa2 serpihan dari kapalterbang malang tersebut ditemui.

    2. Kini satu lagi keCELAKAan menimpa Kerajaan BN bilamana UMNO yang merupakan parti terbesar dalam BN di CELAKAkan oleh ADUN Seri Delima dan dituduh tidak releven.

    3. Jika PM DSN gagal untuk membela semua pemimpin2 dan ahli2 UMNO yang di CELAKAkan oleh ADUN bacul tersebut, maka eloklah DSN beri tanggungjawab sebagai PM kepada pemimpin UMNO yang lain yang ada keberanian untuk mempertahan MARUAH orang UMNO/Melayu/Islam dari dipijak2 oleh pihak Pembangkang. Saya bimbang akan ada lagi banyak kecelakaan2 yang akan menimpa UMNO & Kerajaan jika PM/Presiden yang lemah masih lagi memimpin Malaysia/UMNO. Ketua Pemuda UMNO pun tidak boleh diharap kerana lebih condong ke arah Pembangkang – ini juga merupakan satu kecelakaan/malapetaka kepada UMNO..

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  39. HBT456 May 24,2014 7:22 PM

    Pak cik mubarak chan, if the pemuda umno youth chief is mukhriz, we wont see the holiganism of umno youth ganas macam ini. Like what wajarperak said before, melayu jika didodoikan, habis lah.

  40. mubarakchan May 24,2014 3:28 PM


    For O’Balance. Sir, your verbosity and good English overwhelm me. Like the Tun, I am strictly an action man going for good results. We like to clear our minds as soon as possible. This is why we both carry the ubiquitous blaick-note-book to the consternation of our legal-minded friends. Thank you.

  41. azlan95 May 24,2014 9:23 AM

    Dua peristiwa di tahun 2014, MH 370 dan kemenangan Mercedes Petronas dalam Formula 1. Bersedialah wahai Malaysia.

    Apabila sebuah negara kerdil timbul dalam radar dunia sedemikian maka petanda sudah ada. Saya jangka MH 370 ambil tujuh tahun, sebelum tujuh tahun kehebatan negara yang paling cemerlang dalam sejarah.

    Tujuh tahun bermakna Malaysia berada dalam era 2020. Insha Allah Dato Najib memiliki ketenangan dan ketegasan seorang pemimpin yang paling diperlukan sekarang ni. Dato Najib yang paling sesuai memimpin sehingga 2020.


  42. balance May 24,2014 8:04 AM

    mubarakchan May 23, 2014 at 1:11 PM | Permalink

    You want my opinion about things and I can only say that bad things happen only when human go out of line and bad things cannot happen when one side is right and one side is wrong. Only when both side are wrong then bad things happen.
    If an onlooker see a fight and thinks that there is one particular side is right or wrong then that person is judgmental and not looking clearly because a fight cannot happen if one side dont want to fight or think it is stupid to fight or think there is no winner or loser in a fight as both fighters will be injured.

    We see accidents happening on our roads and sometimes we see how the two parties argue about who is right or wrong and at times even physical fighting. Why? Because both are judgmental and both strong ego will not let go as in any accident or bad happening both end-up loser on way or the other. Why, let our ego destroy or hurt our body and mind. Losing is part of life, we lose our youth and strength everyday and every second but we gain knowledge, humanity and understanding. So losing or gaining depends what angle you are looking from or choice of looking at life. For me or my opinion the best is look at both side for knowledge then dont react or take side.

  43. HBT456 May 24,2014 1:35 AM

    Tuntuah, go hive anti-cina, takda masalah. Konflik macam ini dah basi, dah tak boleh pakai. Anti-jibaok, there are so millions of video clips in you tube, jika clip tu menyinggungkan perasaan aku, dengan satu clip, I can watch any clips that I like.

  44. anti-jibaok May 23,2014 11:24 PM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Ah Soh.., aah..! Which one is YOU in either of these two videos:-

    Auntie bersih (Anne Ooi) hilang cool depan media

    White Idiot – Ah Soh Bersih 3.0 aka the Bigot (Remixed by KT)

    Tolong celita sikit..! Boleh..!?

  45. Tuntuah May 23,2014 7:10 PM

    MELAYU are paying and keep paying the price for alowing b.abi membiak di tanah melayu. Now tanah melayu penuh dgn tahi b.abi. Sampai ader melayu pun sama sama enjoy bergelumang dalam tahi b.abi. haram. Jijik pengotor dan menyesatkan.

    We still nak maintain b.abi b.abi ni lagi ker? Well.. Selagi umno baru berkuasa maka melayu masih lagi mengawal b.abi dr terus rakus merosakkan tanah melayu. Tapi sampai biler?

    As usual b.abi ni tau makan dan berak. Even berak pun dier makan juga.

    Maybe.aso pandai xplain perilaku b.abi ni. Aso is living amongs them. Please proceed aso.

  46. anti-jibaok May 23,2014 3:56 PM


    Tak usahlah merujuk.., Yeop. Itu baru aje kena jentik.., belum kena libas lagi. Cermat sikit kalau berkata-kata.., iya..!

    Siapa pulak nak sombong.., Yeop? Teman cuma cakap terus-terang dan tegas aje.

    Iisyy, issyy, issyy .., tak usahlah beri nomber handphone awak kat sini. Nanti si Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456 itu.., siang-malam dia SMS dan perusah awak pulak…!

    Elok kita sombong pun jangan.., kecut pun jangan. Tapi.., biarlah biul pun jangan..! OK.., Yeop..!? Wassalam.


    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Siapa pulak sudah confused.., ahso..!? Lu cakap mahu baik-baik sikit.., ahso. Janganlah lu cakap macam itu arsehole pulak.., haa ahso..! OK..!?

    In private sector lagi manyak rasuah lah…, ahso..! Dalam itu banking sector lagi manyak cilaka punya itu bankster ‘gigit’ wang.., lo…! Mahu approve loan RM50,000/= pun mahu gigit sampai 10% maah…! Apa lu celita..? Lu tengok dia olang kilija bank.., haa.., especially itu approval punya department, mana ada dia olang ada susah punya.., dia olang lagi manyak ‘gigit’ wang lo.., Butut ka..!?

    Huuaaa.., lu cakap aah, manyak jahat dan tipu punya – “…The situation in thailand, miltary is under the king, the palace, but here is under umno baru, the political party.” Haiiya.., itu macam punya situation pun ada.., itu UMNO Baru control itu military.., ka..!?

    Kalau masih ada lagi itu Internal Security Act (ISA) haa.., sudah tuntu lu sudah lama kena tangkap masuk itu kem tahanan, sebab lu bikin itu sedition atau hasutan manyak jahat punya.., lu tau ka..!? Haiya.., tiiiuuu…!

    Apa salah itu gomen kasi bina sekolah-sekolah Tamil dekat itu Teluk Intan..? Itu bukan ‘candy’.., maah..! Itu sekolah sudah bikin tuntu mahu kasi itu budak-budak pegi baca punya. Butut ka..!?

    Penang sudahpun jadi itu Zionist-Islael punya ‘mini colony’.., maah..! Sekarang itu calon DAP kiasu, Bai Ramkarpal pun sudah ada angan-angan satu hali nanti dia mahu visit itu Tel Aviv.., maah.

    Tapi.., itu Dyana DAP (Ipoh mali, talak sombong punya lagi kincing talak bunyi) tuntu tak boleh menang dekat itu Teluk Intan. Dia punya mentor.., itu Lim Kit Sial.., aah.., talak cukup ajar sama dia macam mana mau cakap politik-pusing punya. Ada paham ka..? Itu ‘Hudud’ punya celita pun itu budak tak boleh jawab. Butut ka..?

    Lagi apa lu mau celita.., haa.., Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..!?

  47. mubarakchan May 23,2014 1:11 PM


    For O’Balance. OK. I do not know how to suck eggs. You do. Remember the Penang Riots of 1967 ? You know what caused it ?

  48. sibotak May 23,2014 11:34 AM



  49. HBT456 May 23,2014 11:02 AM

    Here UMNO Baru and MIC go again to build for the sake of building schools. What’s the point of building 28 Tamil schools just to give “candy” to MIC in Penang? The Candy of DAP is definitely better off than MIC DM Minister. The manifesto of YB (Yang Bercuba) Ramkarpal win win the hearts of Bukit Gelugor. I have been there, DAP will win. Teluk Intan should be kept as it is, a Teluk, to keep the nature of Penang there.

  50. wajaperak May 23,2014 8:03 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    Amboi-amboi sombongnya..:)
    Jangan ikut jejak langkah syaitan..:)
    Apa jejak langkah syaitan itu?
    Angkuh dan sombong!
    Orang tegur tu ucaplah terima kasih ini angkuh dan sombong pulak!..:)
    Tulis pada email saya
    sms saya 0125413451..
    Ok untuk jadi sombong..
    Tapi jangan..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  51. MOSAD May 23,2014 7:53 AM

    Disini ada maklumat lengkap mengenai konspirasi Yahudi…!!!!..lihat sini….!!.

  52. balance May 23,2014 7:48 AM


    Congratulation for the Proton Chairmanship appointment. You can take Proton to the next level by just listening to the consumers expectations.

    Good luck

  53. balance May 23,2014 7:41 AM

    mubarakchan May 22, 2014 at 7:06 PM | Permalink

    Would like to share some thoughts with you.

    For O’Balance. What I commented on Pulau Pinang, the State Government and the Batu Ferringhi itch are based on facts and information given to me.

    If it is a fact then there should not be any other opinion but as in all things in the world we should not take anything as fact until proven beyond any doubt (reality). To me reality is facts and one such example of a facts is we need to eat food, drink water and sleep to live. Example of non reality is you need to drink coffee in the morning to start the day. Facts are not an opinion or a belief or a habit.

    You may also be aware that Chinese Penangites have a local bent in thought and actions – if you know what I mean.

    Again that is only what you think or your thoughts. If Penangites are funny or weird people then the whole Island and State should be a joke but the Island and State have always been as recognized by international people as a nice and peaceful place to live and work since long time ago. I think the better word to describe Penang Island and State is ‘UNIQUE” and to be unique is not funny or crazy just different way of life-style. Many have complained about Penang but people from all over the world still rush to eat its food, sleep in its hotel room, ride bicycle in its streets and swim in its sea. Why? Because it is unique life-style and way of living. So when things are no what we think it should be, we should take a second look and weigh our opinion. We should not hold opinion and principle too tightly so life can be more enjoyable, peaceful or bliss.

  54. HBT456 May 23,2014 5:58 AM

    Look at the fiasco in penang assembly, hanya trademark kelab umno putera did that. I dont see other malay political parties contohnya pkr dan pas buat biadap macam ini. Isma is another perkasa ala bagai kera dapat cincin. Isma as ngo declared as racists, takda masalah. Non racists will not vote umno baru, tbe result is shown in last ge. The situation in thailand, miltary is under the king, the palace, but here is under umno baru, the political party. So, whatever happened in thailand is different from here. Dont do as I do, do as I said might sound sound like gigitan bunyi to them kut.

  55. HBT456 May 23,2014 5:37 AM

    Bravo, ungkapan kerajaan langit tepat dan betul. In private sector, we mean business, no rasuah please. Anti-jiboak, you are confused. Sibotak is a real looser.

  56. sibotak May 23,2014 12:53 AM








  57. anti-jibaok May 22,2014 9:11 PM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    Here are some of the Words of Wisdom cited by Saiyidina Ali (r.a.).., i.e. the 4th Muslim Caliph.

    “…. In the affairs of God, do not be afraid of the accusations of the evil mongers…”

    “…. He who does not take the middle course.., strays.”

    “…. Fear God and you will have no cause to fear anyone.”

    “…. Governments are a trial for men.”

    “…. Knowledge is the sum total of excellence.”

    “…. When God wants to humiliate a person He deprives him of knowledge.”

    “…. When hopes are frustrated despair becomes the way of life.”

    “…. He who trusts the world, the world betrays him.”

    “…. He who listens to a backbiter loses a friend.”

    “…. Truth is bitter but its result is sweet, falsehood appears sweet but is poisonous in effect.”

    “…. Give a thousand chances to your enemy to become your friend but never give a single chance to your friend to become your enemy.”

    And.., your chance is still there.

  58. sibotak May 22,2014 8:41 PM

    Lagi terang lagi nak di suluh
    Ternyata pihak pembangkang berhajat benar menumpaskan UMNO

    Saya yakin apa yg berlaku penyelewengan MCA , segelintir anggota UMNO
    Pastinya ada pihak yg menghasut secara senyap BUKAN dari kerelaan mereka sendiri
    Walaupun dari kerelaan sendiri
    Pasti ada tiupan angin yg membuat pohon bergoyang

    UMNO perlu Beraksi sekarang
    Perlu tubuhkan Kumpulan Mendinding juga
    Kumpulan Membenteras tembok Pembangkang

    Biar lebih beraksi dari banyak cakap

  59. anti-jibaok May 22,2014 8:32 PM


    Kenapa awak perlu hairan dengan hujah ataupun diri saya..? Awak sepatutnya hairan dengan diri awak sendiri, kerana terlalu cepat tuding jari tanpa asas. Kenapakah anda bangkitkan pula soal isu ‘anti-hadith’ pula apabila tajuk disini mengenai adalah mengenai isu ‘MH370’..? Biar betul sikit..!

    Saya adalah ‘anti-jibaok’ bukannya ‘anti-hadith’..! Jangan awak pula nak jadi jibaok macam si HBT456 tu.., nanti saya terpaksa jadi anti kat awak pulak. Ada paham..!?

    Kenapa anda perlu hairan kalaupun kita patut mencontohi kata-kata walaupun dari seorang berketurunan Yahudi (Dr. Norman Finkelstein) sekiranya apa yang beliau ujarkan itu adalah perkara yang benar dan betul..? Kenapa anda begitu prejudis tanpa memikirkan apakah isi-maksud yang beliau perkatakan itu dan bukannya siapa dia yang berkata-kata itu..? Kenapa anda begitu sekali prejudis..!?

    Siapa pulak yang suruh awak mencontohi orang-orang kafir (dari segi amalan agama misalnya)..? Kalaulah awak berpendirian sebegitu maka Dr. Mahathir sudahpun bersalah besar apabila dia suruh kita mencontohi orang-orang kafir di Timur, apabila beliau mengemukakan kepada kita iaitu ‘Dasar Pandang ke Timur’ semasa beliau menjadi Perdana Menteri dulu. Apakah beliau sepatutnya adakan ‘Dasar Pandang ke Timur-Tengah’ pula dan untuk kita mencontohi orang-orang Arab yang Islam..?

    Lihatlah video YouTube ini (semasa suatu khutbah yang di sampaikan oleh seorang ulama tersohor, iaitu Dr. Yousof Al-Qaradhawi) yang menyentuh orang-orang Arab Islam mengenai masalah budaya kerja dan daya-produktivi mereka:-

    Dan juga video ini:-

    Maka, dari segi soal bekerja (yang juga merupakan suatu ibadah) apakah anda hendak mencontohi orang-orang Arab yang Islam, di Timur-Tengah.., ataupun awak hendak mencontohi orang Jepun atau orang Jerman misalnya..? Cuba awak jawab sikit kat sini.

    Juga.., ada pula Hadith nabi yang bersabda – “…Tuntutlah ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri Cina…” Maka apakah anda berani katakan bahawa Hadith sedemikian adalah lemah atau palsu.., nescaya kita (orang Islam) tidak perlu menuntut ilmu sampai ke negeri Cina yang kafir itu.

    Dalam soal permasalahan orang-orang Islam di Palestine, kita sepatutnya mengambil contoh dan cadangan yang dikemukakan Dr. Norman Finkelstein (dari segi One-State ataupun Two-State solution misalnya – sebab beliau adalah ahli atau pakar dalam soal Timur-Tengah) yang lebih munasabah dan bernas berbanding dengan cara orang Arab Islam di Timur-Tengah, yang selama ini masih bercakaran sesama mereka dalam soal hendak menyelesaikan permasalahan rakyat dan negara Palestine itu. Ada paham lagi..!?

    Maka.., jangan pula awak nak bermegah tak tentu pasal pulak kat sini.., macamlah si jibaok HBT456 tu. Biar betul sikit.., jangan jadi jibaok. OK..!?


  60. kerajaan langit May 22,2014 8:24 PM


    1) …… orang cina DAP melalui pakatan bising komplen pasal BN/UMNO kaki makan rasuah tapi mereka lupa ke siapa yang hulurkan rasuah kepada melayu sekarang dan selamanya dari dulu?
    2) majority pemberi rasuah kepada kakaitangan melayu kerajaan adalah daripada golongan peniaga yang kebanyakannya datang dari bangsa Cina yang tamak dan tidak setia kepada peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh pemerintah melayu .
    3) Pemberi rasuah yang asalnya bangsa Cina tersebut adalah mereka yang berniat jahat ingin menebus & rampas segala peluang melalui kuasa wang yang mana kakitangan melayu kerajaan termakan !
    4) oleh hal demikian bangsa cina yang sama sekarang atas dasar tamak & jahat telah manipulate isu rasuah dan menyalahkan kakitangan kerajaan kerana menerima habuan mereka.
    7) atau adakah bangsa melayu itu sendiri terlalu miskin dan memilih jalan singkat demi kekayaan ?
    8)Jika benar bangsa Cina punca rasuah, kenapakah hanya melayu sahaja yang dipersalah?

  61. musato May 22,2014 8:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    HBT membawa pemikiran di kalangan chinese. Isu yang berlegar dikalangan mereka seperti yang ditohmahkan oleh Red Bean Army.

    Isu adalah logik seperti mana pemikiran ahli niaga yang jelas. Pemikiran jelas dan mudah tanpa berfikir panjang berguna untuk berjaya dalam perniagaan. Maksudnya jangan mudah was was dan fikirkan sangat pasal risiko. Lebih banyak modal dilaburkan lebih banyak untung.

    Sebab tu orang Melayu jarang berjaya dalam perniagaan kerana terlampau banyak berada dalam fikiran.

    Perbezaan ini mudah dilihat dalam penulisan terjemahan akhbar chinese. Cara penyampaian lebih jelas dan lurus tanpa bengkang bengkok walaupun isinya tidak benar sama sekali.

    Adalah perlu menjadi keutamaan kepada kerajaan untuk melakukan lebih banyak terjemahan karya karya Bahasa Cina ke dalam bahasa Melayu dan terjemahan karya Bahasa Melayu kepada Bahasa Cina.

    Kita akan dapati banyak perbezaan cara penyampaian.

    Lebih baik bazirkan duit kepada terjemahan buku dari bagi kupon buku 1Malaysia pada student. Biar sampai satu masa kalau dibakar buku buku tersebut akan hitamlah Lautan Cina Selatan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  62. kerajaan langit May 22,2014 8:04 PM


    i like the way anti jiboak kacau halau HBT456…..keep up that way HBT456 so we all know that chinese is always greedy & nonsense like your brothers in evrywhere !

  63. mubarakchan May 22,2014 7:06 PM


    For O’Balance. What I commented on Pulau Pinang, the State Government and the Batu Ferringhi itch are based on facts and information given to me.

    You may still refer to the archives in the Pulau Pinang State Government on their Sewerage system and glean what transpired in the past.

    You may also be aware that Chinese Penangites have a local bent in thought and actions – if you know what I mean.

  64. Hajar May 22,2014 11:51 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Allow me to comment on HBT456’s writings (always out of topic):

    HBT456, May 18, 2014 at 6:47 PM

    22. In the past, kaum tionghua rasuah kaum melayu.
    23. Today, kaum melayu rasuah kaum bumiputra.

    HBT456, May 18, 2014 at 6:37 PM
    18. Inflation and age will never come down, tok det.

    Hello HBT456,

    1. You confirmed that ‘kaum Tionghua’ introduced CORRUPTION in Malaysia. Now they (majority of them) are bribing/manipulating others to perform corrupt practices on their behalf; they now act as the mastermind.

    2. BTW, Tun M was talking about ‘BOEING Technology’ when he mentioned “What goes up must come down”. Yang anda MEREPEK tentang “Inflation and age will never come down, tok det” apa hal? Please stick to the context / topic under discussion.

    3. One more thing, please stop being so RACIST. There is no need to mention ‘UMNO Baru’, Malays & ‘votes’ all the time in your writings – so disgusting. That shows how much you hate UMNO and Malays. To you everything is related to ‘UMNO Baru’ and Malays. Another thing, why do you have to keep on using the term ‘UMNO BARU’ every time you mentioned about UMNO? Is the term ‘BARU’ stated anywhere in the registration form when UMNO was registered? Please stop making a fool of yourself.

    4. Your main intention is to divide UMNO members (Malays) (‘baru’ and ‘lama’). DAP is currently doing this–> using Dyana Sofya who is so naïve (ignorant n ‘dungu’) about the objective of UiTM. Sadly, she graduated from UiTM (buat malu UiTM saja). She thought she was accepted by UiTM just because her mother is an UMNO member. That shows how ignorant she is. And, DAP likes ignorant (stupid?) Malays.

    5. HBT456 is an example of typical DAP supporters. At PRK Bukit Gelugor, UMNO/BN is not contesting, but DAP still attacks UMNO/BN as if UMNO/BN is their opponent in the PRK – so IMMATURE./UNETHICAL/IMMORAL; very disgusting.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  65. balance May 22,2014 9:48 AM

    mubarakchan May 21, 2014 at 11:20 PM | Permalink

    You answer it well, no budget! Well whose fault or responsibility? The state or the federal Govt?
    Now can you explain:-
    Is health important and everyone should enjoy health benefits equally?
    Where all the tax money go to for not approving Penang request for such an important and necessary project?
    Pennag at that time is still under BN and is generating so much tourist money and FDI in electronics , why federal govt dont prepare and approve the budget?
    If you are a good and powerful person, why you dont insist/help the approving of Penang Govt request since you know it is not good to allow waste water flow directly in the sea?
    If you are trying to say Pennag state Govt is so bad or evil or dont care to allowed or approved waste water to flow into the sea, how come until today no epidemic or no disaster?
    Since you said you are involved or in-control or in-charge of approving budget request, please give your reasons for not approving Penang State Govt request?
    Is the Federal Govt anti-Penang?
    Does the Federal Govt and its employees (you) thinks that Penang Govt, Lim Chong Eu and its people are very smart, capable and resourceful to solve and finance its own project?
    I think the itching that you friend experience is due to tiny or mini shrimps or krill that swim in the sea as those days there plenty and it is a past time for Penangites to catch those tiny shrimps to make cincalok, belachan and krill cake.
    I also think there is nothing wrong for Penang State Govt to help or reward its citizens by charging lower service charges if the state generates high or sufficient tax money or healthy economy.
    I think there are a lot of difference between an opinion and an reality.

    Good day to you

  66. wajaperak May 22,2014 8:07 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Maka, kita patut mencontohi sikap dan kaedah yang dijunjuk oleh Dr. Norman Finkelstein (walaupun beliau berketurunan Yahudi tetapi berfahaman atheis), yang berani berkata kerana benar, walaupun pahit diterima oleh sesiapa yang mendengarnya]
    anti jibaok.
    Saya cukup hairan dengan anda ini.
    Orang-orang anti hadith mesti dibelasah dengan sedahsyat-dahsyatnya tetapi anda diam sahaja?
    Tak pernah saya dengar Allah menyuruh kita mencontohi mana-mana orang kafir..
    Hairan sungguh?

    Terima kasih Tun..

  67. HBT456 May 22,2014 6:05 AM

    Napoleon Bonaparte paid the price of humility for being ignorant and arrogant. Loosing a battle to minority is worth it for many generations to come but that wont stop me having lunch in gerai nasi kandar. Thanks for remembering me, musato.

  68. HBT456 May 22,2014 3:34 AM

    In Every Adversity There Lies the Seed of an Equivalent Advantage. In Every Defeat is a Lesson Showing You How to Win the Victory Next Time.

    When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.
    A Chinese proverb.

  69. HBT456 May 22,2014 3:24 AM

    When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters — one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

    John F. Kennedy.

  70. anti-jibaok May 22,2014 1:58 AM


    Memang benar pesanan ahli zuhud (dimana ada pihak menggelarkan sebagai ‘Sultanan Auwliya’) Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, namun pesanan itu mungkin hanya buat anak beliau dan bukan untuk semua. Wallahu’alam.

    Malahan dalam suatu kisah, Sheikh Abdul Qadir pernah mengambil seketul batu lantas melontar kepada Iblis laknatullah apabila Iblis cuba membuat suatu helah kononnya Sheikh Abdul Qadir adalah manusia yang paling hebat berbanding dari kalangan ramai manusia lain yang dia (Iblis) sudah cuba sesatkan, termasuklah dari kalangan (kononnya) para anbiya. Pendek kata, Sheikh Qadir enggan melayani helah dan tipu-daya Iblis laknatullah itu secara lembut dan berhemah.

    Akan tetapi, kalaulah pesanan sebegitu digunapakai oleh kita untuk menangani dan berhadapan dengan puak Zionist-Israel di Timur-Tengah, maka apakah mungkin orang-orang Palestine tidak diserang dan ‘disembelih’ oleh mereka sejak berpuluhan tahun yang lalu..? Apakah tidak pernah terukir kata-kata yang lembut dan rundingan demi rundingan telah diadakan sejak berpuluhan tahun dengan puak Zionist-Barat-keparat itu mengenai ‘The Palestine Issue’..? Namun begitu, sehingga ke hari kanak-kanak Palestine masih lagi ‘disembelih’ puak Zionist-Barat-Keparat.

    Namun.., apakah cara dan pendekatan khalifah Saiyidina Umar Al-Khatab (r.a) pula yang jenis bengis dan ‘no-nonsense’ terhadap mereka yang suka bercakap dan bersikap karut-marut adalah tidak baik mahupun tidak berkesan..? Apakah kepimpinan dan cara Saiyidina Umar Al-Khatab (r.a.) tidak berkesan sehingga semasa pemerintahan beliaul kota Baitul Muqaddis dapat ditawan oleh tentera Islam daripada jajahan kuasa Rom-Byzantin..?

    Nescaya.., setiap kita ada cara dan pendekatan masing-masing. Akan tetapi biarlah cara dan kaedah itu tidak menyalahi hukum dan undang-undang dan biarlah ianya berniat dan bertujuan untuk mencapai kebaikan.

    Kalaulah anda berkata bahawa ahso BHT456 itu adalah seorang perempuan yang berkeluarga, mempunyai anak lelaki, tinggal di Petaling Jaya dan telah lama menulis di sini sejak iaitu 2008.., maka beliau wajar sedar bahawa ramai pula ‘audience’ di blog ini juga mempunyai akal, perasaan dan pendirian masing-masing.

    Pastinya kita boleh akui bahwa ramai dikalangan kita tidak mampu mengikuti contoh hebat yang ditunjuk oleh Rasullallah SAW.., misalnya suatu kisah dimana seorang perempuan Yahudi yang selalu sangat meludah terhadap Rasullullah SAW apabila Baginda melalui dihadapan rumah perempuan Yahudi itu. Malahan, apabila pada suatu hari perempuan itu tiada disitu semasa Baginda sedang melalui dikawasan yang sama, maka Rasullullah SAW bertanya orang yang berdekatan dimanakah perempuan Yahudi itu, lantas diberitahu bahawa perempuan itu telah jatuh sakit dan berada di rumahnya. Maka, Rasullullah SAW telah terus menziarahi dan menjenguk ke rumah perempuan Yahudi yang sedang sakit itu, untuk mengucapkan semoga beliau cepat sembuh. Dikisahkan pula, bahawa perempuan Yahudi itu amat tertarik dengan akhlak dan keperibadian Rasullullah SAW lantas kemudian telah memeluk agama Islam.

    Biarlah kita ikhlas dengan diri kita sendiri. Berapakah dikalangan kita (setebal mana sekalipun serban kita) yang sanggup membuat apa yang ditunjuk oleh Rasullullah SAW. Kalaulah berlaku dikalangan kita (iaitu setiap hari kita kena ludah oleh seseorang).., paling tidakpun kita akan elakkan diri melalui jalan dimana orang yang meludah kita itu berada, walaupun kita terpaksa berpusing-jalan lebih jauh.., apatah lagi hendak menziarahinya semasa dia jatuh sakit. Bukan ke begitu..?

    Namun demikian, YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir ada juga menunjuk sedikit contoh yang baik (walaupun beliau tak pakai serban tebal), apabila beliau pernah juga menziarahi ‘musuh’ politik beliau dari PAS, iaitu semasa Dr. Haron Din sedang sakit di hospital. Apakah kita boleh setidak-tidaknya mencontohi cara Dr. Mahathir..?

    Berbalik kepada soal perempuan ahso HBT456 itu, maka cara kita menangani persoalan dan gelagat karut beliau adalah bukan dengan ILMU akan tetapi dengan FAKTA..! Cara dan pendekatan ini boleh kita contohi dan gunapakai mengikut cara dan kaedah pragmatik seseorang professor Yahudi iaitu Dr. Norman Finkelstein.

    Ramai yang tidak suka kalau kita menunjuk-nunjuk seolah kita yang berilmu dan pandai dalam sesuatu isu. Namun tiada sesiapa boleh mematahkan hujah kita kalau ianya adalah berasaskan fakta dan perkara benar. Marilah kita melihat bagaimana Dr. Norman Finkelstein (seorang ahli sains politik Amerika) telah ‘membelasah’ bangsa Arab itu sendiri (berasaskan fakta) dalam video ini:-

    Lihat juga bagaimana beliau membelasah bangsanya sendiri (jenis Yahudi yang cakap berbelit-belit), sebagaimana video-video berikut:-

    Lihatlah pula hujah-hujah Dr. Norman Finkelstein pada sessi bicara ‘BBC HardTalk’ dimana beliau menggelar negara Zionist-Israeli sebagai sebuah ‘Lunatic’ state sebagaimana video ini:-

    Pendek kata, apabila kita berhujah (terutamanya dalam mahkamah) maka fakta atau bukti nyata adalah asas hujah-hujah kita untuk mendapat keadilan. Maka, ilmu kita untuk mendapatkan dan membentang fakta-fakta tersebut bukanlah menjadi perkara utama untuk mendapat keadilan.

    Dalam isu ahso HBT456 tersebut.., banyak tuduhan yang dilemparkan oleh beliau itu adalah berniat jahat dan tidak berasas serta menyinggung perasaan banyak pihak pula. Namun, apabila beliau dibentangkan dengan hujah serta fakta dan bukti-nyata, akan tetapi beliau tidak sanggup membalas malah tidak mengendahkannya.., lantas beliau terus melalut tidak berkesudahan di blog forum ini. Pendek kata, beliau sudahpun begitu ‘liat’ dan hanya boleh lenturkan apabila betul-betul ‘dihempuk ’ dengan fakta nyata.

    Maka, kita patut mencontohi sikap dan kaedah yang dijunjuk oleh Dr. Norman Finkelstein (walaupun beliau berketurunan Yahudi tetapi berfahaman atheis), yang berani berkata kerana benar, walaupun pahit diterima oleh sesiapa yang mendengarnya.

    Apa yang dibalas disini terhadap ahso HBT456 itu, bukan semata-mata untuk diri beliau akan tetapi ianya ditujukan kepada semua pihak pada blog forum ini, supaya semua pihak dapat meneliti apa yang dibalas itu adalah tepat dan benar atau sebaliknya, terutamanya apabila ianya berkaitan isu-isu yang menyentuh politik dan negara kita.

    Kalaulah kita enggan untuk mencari kisah yang sebenarnya, maka adalah lebih baik kita tidak usah lagi membuang masa berbincang disini samada pesawat Penerbangan MH370 telah diainayai oleh pihak-pihak tertentu, ataupun kita terima sahaja berita resmi bahawa ianya telah ‘tamat’ di selatan Lautan Hindi.

    Sekian.., Wassalam.

  71. mubarakchan May 21,2014 11:20 PM


    For Balance. I forgot to mention that in 1966, the Pulau Pinang State Government sent the Superintendent of the Waterworks and Sewerage disposal to Honolulu, Hawaii. He found that the sewerage was not permitted to flow direct into the sea like in Pula Pinang and elsewhere in Malaysia but retrieved and treated in very expensive oxidation ponds. He reported this to the Pulau Pinang State Government which had no financial resources to up-grade or build new sewerage treatment plants. There hangs the problem to this very day. This is the most obvious weakness of any Pulau Pinang State Governmnet of the day – no funds to up-grade to Singapore standards. And yet no one complain.

  72. musato May 21,2014 7:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    HBT tu seorang perempuan yang berkeluarga, punyai anak lelaki, tinggal di PJ dan dah lama menulis di sini sejak 2008.

    Syeikh Abdul Kadir Al Jailani pernah meninggalkan wasiat pada anaknya Abd al Razzaq antara isi kandungannya adalah :

    apabila kamu melihat orang kafir maka janganlah kamu memulai dengan ilmu dan hendaklah menggunakan cara lembut kerana ilmu boleh meliarkannya dan cara lembut boleh menjinakkannya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  73. anti-jibaok May 21,2014 7:22 PM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    63. Why did 911 happened.., did you ask..? Well.., do you understand the meaning of ‘Cui Bono’..? Go figure..!! Anyway.., here’s some hint as per the URL (video) below:-

    64. The media in Malaysia is far from being similar to those of the Zionist-controlled mainstream-medias in USA. Understand..!?

    64. The best and only newspaper with the real guts and ‘balls’ to say that DAP intends to turn Malaysia into a Christian nation is Utusan Malaysia, as per the URL below:-

    And.., the only local public circulation newspaper with real guts and ‘balls’ to suggest that Flight MH370 was a conspiracy job (just as the 9-11 incident), was Utusan Malaysia, as per the URL below:-

    65. HBT456.., the only difference between skin-colour ‘supremacy’ of USA and Malaysia is that is they (the White-man) merely pretend to be tolerant of skin-colour and racial issues , while the Malays/Bumiputra of Malaysia are truly& genuinely tolerant of other skin colour as elucidated, here:-

    66. Di sana.., White supremacy…, di sini ‘Sawo-Matang’ capability..!

    67. KLIA is run by good MAHB management that has made it amongst the Top 20 Best Airports in the World (no. 14 actually) in the year 2013, as announced ‘SkyTrax’ as per the URL here:-

    68. Yes.., go for it Tony Fernandez.., but never ever should you allow any of those damn kiasu DAP snakes to creep into your organisation.., they will surely ‘belit’ you to death..!

    69. Since malaysia requires foreign professionals and low skill labor.., KL shall remain with its own identity as KL 0f malaysia.

    70. The era of 2/3 majority shall surely return if the Malays & Bumiputras (of even from PAS & PKR) and the good non-Muslims (Kafir Dzimmi) in BN’s component parties.., can band together to kick-out those damn Zionist rats & lackeys (and the so-called ‘Evangelicals’) from the DAP.., out of parliament.

    71. Penang had long ago been called as the ‘Pearl of The East’, but damn DAP kiasu rascals intend dubbed it as the ‘Pearl of Zionist-Israel”.

    72. There is no need for the Malaysian multimedia authority wanting block the internet.., other than blocking the vice of pornographic material perpetrated by those hedonistic Zionist-controlled West..!

    73. If they do block the internet.., then kiasu idiots like you would not be able to exhibit your freedom of silly expression as you are commenting in this blog-site.., would you..?

    74. So.., it would be better that you just shut-up and watch how good business is done.

    75. They are the authorities paid to do a good job. OK..!?

    76. And.., it is working well.

    77. Hudud is just one issue and there no such thing as Islamic supremacy. However, there are other alarming issues that you should look into, as below:-
    (apparently – for the moment his blog-site has been attacked & hacked or something)

    78. Yes.., just imagine that.., it will be good news, no need to pay taxes, no need to obey rules, no need to bayar hutang.., just imagine so. Thus.., idiots like you had better listen to this John Lennon’s song.., i.e. ‘Imagine’.., as below:-

    Carry on dreaming.., you kiasu fool…!!

    79. What has, as you uttered.., ‘masuk masjid, yeah tak perlu bayar hutang’.., has got to do with anything..? You sick kiasu fool.

    80. Hearth.., means fireplace. So..?

    81. Hard truth.., as you are facing it now.., courtesy of yours truly here. Ehemm..!

    82. As good advise.., better you don’t choose those from kiasu DAP anymore.., OK..!?

    83. The voters will reflect their opinions in the ballot boxes.., unless if civil-riots breaks-out and ‘dharurat’ or martial-law is declared. Are you prepared for that if idiots like you continue to participate in the street demonstrations such the ‘Bangkang dari Longkang’ and the ‘Kotor’ 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 movement & the ‘Colour Revolution’.., as financed & sponsored by foreign elements such the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as below:-

    And here:- (Tolak Tangan Asing)

    And.., why not you also take a look at here:-

    84. Who cares if Singapore wins the case as you imply.., because it behaves just like that lunatic Zionist state of Israel.

    85. Here.., UMNO will win the case when it sues malaysiakini,com, that shall also cause other component parties to come back into BN’s fold.

    86. There is no such thing ‘Ketuanan Islam’.., you silly fool..!

    87. Who is heck is ‘wain’ anyway..?

    88. Malaysia is perceived as corrupted country only by kiasu idiots like you, because kiasu DAP snakes had failed miserably all these while to wrest political power away from UMNO/BN. Understand..!?

    89. Plenty and countless of projects initiated by the UMNO/BN such as construction of schools, institutions of higher learning, medical and infrastructural facilities that are among the best within the developing nations. Not to mention the business, commercial and industrial infrastructure for the local and foreign investors to do good business in this pleasant and stable nation.

    So why are kiasu DAP fools like you so filled with bitterness and hate..!? You must be one damn sick creature..! Pity…!

    Anything else.., Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..?

  74. mubarakchan May 21,2014 4:04 PM


    For Saudara Sudin. Thanks. It puzzles me when a nit calls oneself ‘a babi and a family woman’. I know what the former is but what is a family woman. Does this mean that she service the whole family of males or what. I appreciate it very much if someone could enlighten me on the description ‘family woman.’ Is it a polite phrase to describe those who practise the second oldest profession in the World. The oldest profession is now practised by none other than Singapore. Thanks to Wikileaks !

  75. balance May 21,2014 4:01 PM

    mubarakchan May 21, 2014 at 12:12 PM | Permalink
    In 1972, I was part of a delegation to find out what Pulau Pinang needed from the Federal Government via the Chief Minister. The discussion went for 1 hour without a conclusion. It was a request for more Federal funds. The meeting ended abruptly when I suggested why the State Government did not increase the quit rent and assessment since these are so low compared with Kuala Lumpur.

    It is because the state Govt at that time is kind and considered to it citizens. Today the people of Penang are still enjoying cheaper services. Why you not happy when things can be cheaper and better. All water flows into the sea one way or other. Tell one place that waste water dont flow from drains into river and river flows into sea.

  76. Shamsubahrin Ismail Md Tom May 21,2014 3:03 PM

    Dear Tun and Salam

    I have being long ago since day one new about missing MH370 appear on TV and listening to all report and comment made by Hishamudin and Najib and here what i am going to say as a person who do not have high education and a person who do not hold any high position in govt or even in any political party and here is my answer :



  77. terusmencari May 21,2014 2:13 PM

    HBT456 talked about integrity.Singapore?Singaporean?. Source of info. Fact or your imigination?

    Easily blame Malaysia(specifically UMNO?) for corruption. Source of info? Fact or your imagination?

    The way you wrote the comment in most of Tun writing condemn UMNO(of course Malay). Have you forgot or blind the truth that the ruling government consist of your kind. I believe you are not Malay or Indian because you always condemn UMNO, you had uses the “Pariah” and you praise Singapore a lot..Most probably you are Chinese.

    Don’t be to racist here in public discussion. If you are Malaysian shred your passport and IC please go to Singapore and show your integrity there. If you are Singaporean keep in mind you are not perfect. Don’t bring your narrow politic mind in here. You are not welcome. If Singapore government is really high integrity why should have more than 1 party?

    I’m not say that my government is the perfect government but most of neighbor country so jealous with our rapid development. So far we don’t have people running out from this country because of no freedom but either they not happy with Malay ruler or they forgot that their last generation start their life in Malaysia.

  78. mubarakchan May 21,2014 12:28 PM


    As I mentioned previously, all countries arre subjected to unexpected crises and it is up to the Government of the day to be aware of such happenings and prepare themselves to deal with such calamity. Here is a short list for us to ponder.

    1. Singapore – The Little India Riots – 2012

    2. England. Floods at the end of 2013

    3. Malaysia MH370

    4. Nepal. 13 Sherpas killed in an avlanche

    5. South Korea. The ferry disaster.

    6. Ukraine. A man-made calamity

    7. Turkey. A mine tragedy

    8. Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. Flooding not seen for over 100 years.

    And that is just an incomplete list before June 2014

    For our institutions, it pays to be normal and ready.

  79. mubarakchan May 21,2014 12:12 PM


    We have all witnessed how when Singapore bought out Thaksin’s business for US$1.3 billions at the turn of the century, our friends’ Thailand had been in turmoil. If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 17 failed Policies for Singapore had joined hands with you, Tun, and Thailand and pursued the construction of the Isthmus of Kra Canal, peace and immense prosperity would have fallen on all of us.

    But the brilliant Lee as true to his character wanted things done his way and failed, resulting in bloodshed in peaceful Thailand and deaths and injuries to innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. And never will.

    WHAT A MESS WHEN OUTSIDERS INTERFERED IN DOMESTIC POLITICS. REMEMBER THE POISONED CHALICE TPPA.NOW DANGLED IN FRONT OF US ! Vide. The New Straits Times. Streets Central Supplement. Page 8. March 8. 2014. Just a curt reminder to the Wikileaks exposure on Singapore’s espionage on their neighbours sexual peccadilloes.

    A question will soon be asked whether academic brilliance is any guarantee to success in public life ?

    And as for the Pearl of the Orient, I am all for it. I am for an all out development of our tourist industry which is still lagging far behind others.

    For the nit who is ‘hard as nails and a very ugly slimy spineless resident worm’, take note that to this day the whole of the sewage of Georgetown flows into the sea and wafts right up to Batu Ferringhi. In 1984, the Master of my College complained that he felt itchy all over after a swim. I just smiled. And the open monsoon drains of 19th century vintage just flood after every downpour. The lack of water is another negative for the incumbent Government. The downturn in tourism for the State will hit its coffers as Pulau Pinang is not an independent country. It is only a State. It bears well to remember not to import all these PAP smart alecs to help and request for Federal funds as well. Nothing will happen. The State is a non-starter under the DAP !

    In 1972, I was part of a delegation to find out what Pulau Pinang needed from the Federal Government via the Chief Minister. The discussion went for 1 hour without a conclusion. It was a request for more Federal funds. The meeting ended abruptly when I suggested why the State Government did not increase the quit rent and assessment since these are so low compared with Kuala Lumpur.

  80. sudin May 21,2014 8:43 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I wish to refer to a particular comment posted in one of your earlier entries “CHANGE, Jan3rd 2013”.

    By “HBT456” (January 15, 2013 at 1:43 PM)

    “Sir Mubarak Chan,
    FYI, I am a babi and a family woman.”

  81. sibotak May 21,2014 7:32 AM

    Instead of coming forward as a real hero for MH 370 misfortune
    Opposition is heading hard of making accusations & baseless assumptions
    Both Anwar Ibrahim & Lim Kit Siang
    Not for the sake of MH 370 and the lost ones
    for their own personal meets
    I think if Lori Tong Tahi like we use to have in the 70s. 80s.
    Those Kampung Version of Lori Tong Tahi WENT MISSING
    Definately Anwar & Lim will ask for the cargo manifest
    Just to make a Big Huha
    These is NOT Wise of a Leader

    for anwar to be prime minister



  82. HBT456 May 21,2014 7:07 AM

    86. It will be amuzing to watch how umno baru hive their ketuanan islam today in pau this year with more players ala pro umno baru sharing the same size pie.

    87. What wain wrote is true.

    88. Malaysia is perceived as corrupted country because the ruling party umno baru bribes voters with cash.

    89. Many projects run by umno baru failed.

  83. HBT456 May 21,2014 6:44 AM

    80. Hearth truth, so?

    81. Hard truth, so?

    82. Every 5 years both us and singaporeans have ge to choose mb and pm.

    83. The voters will reflect their opinions in the ballot boxes, hakuna matata, pakcik mubarak chan?

    84. Pm singapore will win the case because of their high integrity and transparency in handling justice and corruption via parliament.

    85. Here, umno baru president will win the case if he sue malaysiakini, but he will cause other component parties loose more votes.

  84. HBT456 May 21,2014 6:10 AM

    71. Penang will be the pearl of malaya.

    72. We are living in post it era, there is no way ministry can block internet.

    73. If it does, close down the ministry so that communication provider can declare bankrupt.

    74. If tak berani, just diam and watch how they do business.

    75. They are your rakan kongsi that pay taxes to run your ministry.

    76. Either it works with them or shut down the ministry.

    77. Masih nak pakai hudud and islam supremacy lagi?

    78. It will good news, no need to pay taxes, no need to obey rules, no need to bayar hutang.

    79. Malay first have choice, masuk masjid, yeah tak perlu bayar hutang.

  85. HBT456 May 21,2014 5:50 AM

    63. Why 911 happens?

    64. Media in malaysia is similar to usa, the board of directors are connected with cronies, I mean sikap malay first politicians ala malay protector to secure advertisement budget from the government.

    64. The worst newspaper with lowest circulation is utusan.

    65. Anti-jiboak, the only difference between supremacy of usa and malaysia is the skin colour.

    66. Sana white supremacy, sini brown supremacy.

    67. Look at klia2, mahb is run by brown supremacy farcist who know nothing about airlines.

    68. Go for it ts tony fernandez, I heard your voice in twitter.

    69. Since malaysia requires foreign professionals and low skill labor, kl will a new york in malaysia.

    70. The era of 2/3 majority is over.

    71. Tuhan is here to stay for many generations to come.

  86. diana ahmad May 21,2014 12:21 AM

    Finally Tun on behalf of most of us Malaysians voiced out the truth behind the mysteries of MH370. Hopefully all the conspiracies will be revealed soonest.

    Diana Ahmad

  87. sudin May 20,2014 11:55 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Referring to Tun’s statement,
    “For some reason the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA…..”

    The reality encompasses much wider aspect and not just Boeing or the CIA.
    It is very frightening when noting their mass media are hugely one-sided and don’t seem to be bothered when their purported enemies pointed their lies, so long as they can keep treating their targeted western audiences and readers like “caveman”, who always believe their concocted, butchered and edited stories and seldom ask questions.

    What they did to “nthall” (9/11 REVISITED – SEEKING THE TRUTH, Nov20th 2012) exemplifies their double-faceted and never ending taunts of democracy and freedom of speech for others to follow.

    The israeli controlled/commanded American lawmakers will bark the words “democracy, freedom of speech & market forces” at anyone who show the slightest of attitude that don’t rhyme to their wavelength. This will be followed by the jewish owned media’s repetitive concocted stories until their listeners/viewers/readers become modern cavemen and fully believed all those rubbish as the truth.
    So pitiful.

  88. maybethis May 20,2014 7:30 PM

    It’s possible the MH307 has been sold to Turkmenistan; after being upgraded to the LR model (or maybe just renamed – the differences aren’t that big).

  89. sibotak May 20,2014 6:11 PM

    What matters me most is to know what happen
    We are in a Jig Saw Puzzle
    We are gathering pieces to know truth thus
    it is out most important to hear & seeing more than talking making assumptions

    Assumptions is the cause of all the mother fucker as the saying of US Military

    But we have also Mr. Xmen the opposition that like knows do much
    Like really knows what exactly happen
    Like Lim Kit Siang & Mr. Ymen
    Instead of coming forward as One Malaysia , They throw irrelevant comment
    Not as to assists BUT to meet up their personal agendas at this expense of misfortune

  90. mubarakchan May 20,2014 3:30 PM



    WE ALL PROPOSE A DEBATE ON TV BETWEEN DYANA (Western mythology – Diana the Goddess of Love ?) and DATO SERI MAH to fully use the latest instruments available for the dissemination of information to SHOW OUR MALAYSIAN DEMOCRACY’S TRANSPARENCY AND FAIRNESS TO ALL.

  91. mubarakchan May 20,2014 12:48 PM


    Is this a turning point inf our Malaysian Democracy which is goiverned by our Malaysian Politics of the Malaysian kind /

    There have been complaints by the young and beautiful candidates of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP that they have been harassed by MIC and UMNO thugs. This is a great surprise. I thought their DAP taskmasters should let like deal with like. Is this a NEW LINE OF STRATEGY TO ATTACK THE SOFT UNDERBELLIES OF US DIEHARDS IN THE BARISAN WITH YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL LADIES ( GIRLS ?) ? IS OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA MAKING HEADLINES AGAIN THIS TIME WITH COURTESY OF THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 17 FAILED POLICIES TO MAKE IT TO THE GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS ? As I pointed previously, this aged old PAP tactic was tried out in the Malaya Hall London elections in the late 1950s against the KMUK boys and lost. These KMUK fellows enjoyed the offers but did not deliver.

    All in all, this tactic of the DAP has never succeeded because there has never been only one young and beautiful lady (girl ?).

    After being disappointed with the lack of results from the frontal attacks by the ‘ hard as nails and very ugly resident slimy spineless worm ‘, MNM, don’t be small minded, yusoff, saxykorma, rocket scientist from Singapore etc. soft sex is the order of the day on the DAP’s menu ?

  92. musato May 20,2014 10:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    PRK Teluk Intan.

    Window Dressing.

    Kalau setakat Dyana Sofia yang di makeup comel pakai baju kurung tu, saya boleh lawan lagi la kalu jadi calon lawan dia.

    Tapi kalau pakai seksi sikit, saya boleh setakat pakai seluar pendek je la…kalau nak suruh pakai singlet tak biasa la pulak…ha ha

  93. mubarakchan May 20,2014 9:10 AM


    I invite all Bloggers to view Enjoy

  94. anti-jibaok May 20,2014 8:30 AM

    Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    46. What bilateral trade..!? USA only understands unilateral action.., especially in terms of aggression and war. And besides, USA is fast becoming a ‘busted’ nation and collapsing in terms of economy. Financially, the US Dollar is collapsing as the world’s Reserve Currency. Almost everybody (except those foolish Zionist lackeys) are now distancing themselves from USA.

    47. This MH370 case is NOT complicated. Some whistle-blowers need to have the conscience and come forward and just spill-out the true picture.., while some politicians need to be fearless enough to speak the truth.

    48. Selling Ramlee burgers along the roadside while MPPJ just turns a blind eye and treat such case as classified, is not the same as turning a blind eye for 239 souls in Flight MH370 that have disappeared. Understand..!?

    49. If Sharizat and Razali Ibrahim calls Dyana Sofya as a Malay ‘traitor’, that does not at all shame UMNO.., because if Dyana becomes a PAS or PKR member then that is something acceptable.., but when she becomes a member of the DAP, it is almost that she (as a Malay-Muslim) has become a ‘Zionist-Israeli’ lackey cum pecacai. That’s how the kiasu DAP is perceived by many Malays.

    50. As a Bapa to all his kids & kin, any father will shower his very best to protect his Wanita folks, the Puteras and Puteri likewise.

    51. As a Bapa he knows how forgive them, but only those stone-hearted kiasu DAP ‘Malaysians’ do not know the meaning of forgiveness and putting aside the past errors.

    52. As a jibaok-kiasu DAP Cina bukit, naturally you’d be so happy to see a young Malay lady like her to be duped, succumb and to be under the whims of the Zionist-influenced party and who shall subsequently also subvert her faith in Islam.

    53. This shows that young Malay is now under the wings and thus submissive to her mentor of that Zionist-influenced party, for sure at her own detriment and misfortune in the coming future.

    54. Such an individual shall be spoon-fed and brain-washed to betray and go against her own kind. It is surely a bad sign for Malaysia if such individuals would later on collude with ‘eternal forces’ and be complicit to pave the way for Malaysia be subdued and ‘re-colonised’ by Western Imperialist and regress instead of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

    We are all aware what money can buy.., even blind-loyalty. Thus, what more of a young lady with blind ambition and with the ‘nafsu’ for instant fame and fortune.

    And by knowing that DAP has now huge amount of money and funds (especially funds coming from outside of Malaysia), even more than what UMNO/BN has ever had.., as shockingly revealed by the past and ‘repented’ DAP member, i.e. Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman, it shall therefore be a breeze for damn DAP kiasus to cherry-pick and ‘buy-off’ whomsoever they wish. This must be stopped.., otherwise Malaysia will go to the dogs..!!


    55. Why should UiTM be opened to other races.., when there are so many other IPTA and IPTS where other races can surely qualify to enter and afford to pay for.

    56. There you said it.., young Malaysians of all races (especially those kiasu DAP jibaoks) can definitely afford have so many choices of public, semi-private and private higher education in the country. God-willing, my mindset shall never change arguing with a silly jibaok like you.., nonetheless you still have the opportunity to change yours for the better. Think about it.

    57. Yes.., surely with the support of other component political parties to fulfill the policies & objectives of UMNO/BN.., that I can talk proudly here.., and which has been praised by all other developing nations as well as many developed nations all over the world. But.., I surely curse and lambast those kiasu DAP jibaoks who have all these while criticised the policies planned and implemented by the UMNO/BN government for the benefit of all Malaysians. How sick and busuk-hati that they are.

    58. Toe-the-line line or go get lost and fly-kite. That’s how you get things done..!

    59. Whatever.., you are half-witted who is also a jibaok-kiasu of the highest order.

    60. To be or not to be – that is the dilemma. Young Malaysians must before anything else understand past history – i.e. where we had come from then only to decide where are we to go. Rather than hastily making dumb conclusions on current issues and make foolish decisions. Otherwise, young Malaysians will later-on become old Malaysians compelled to be filled with regrets and despair.

    61. Yes.., anti-jibaok is fearless and never fearful of jibaok-kiasu DAP like you.

    62. In modern history regardless of its shortcomings, UMNO/BN has the best (incumbent) record so far, compared to any other political party in this world. Can you comprehend and understand that…!!?

    Anything else you need to know…, Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..?

  95. milshah May 20,2014 7:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    With regard to the Western media.

    When you posted this article, I googled for any news portal that would published about your article. To my amazement, the western news portal would rather highlight about a new book about flight MH370 that theorize that the plane was actually destroyed by the US military during a joint military exercise.

    Coincidentally the book was published the same day you posted this article. The western media would rather highlight an author who was not a Malaysian and who is not involved in the investigations (basically a nobody), rather than highlight an article by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    I would assume the aim for highlighting the book rather than your article was to counter your theory with another theory, so that when readers read and compare to your article, they would say there are many theories on what actually happened to flight MH370.
    Another I found out is, even if there are any news portal that would publish your article, they would purposely leave out para 5 of your article regarding the article on flight remote control by Without para 5, when readers read in the news portal, they would assume you blame Boeing and the CIA without any basis. They would assume you simply want someone to blame.

    It would seem they control the media as well Tun. It is really a tough fight.

  96. nthall May 20,2014 6:30 AM

    Means, Motive, Opportunity are the three questions asked by Detectives.
    Who in the world other than the top intelligence agencies have the ability to carry off this hijacking? Please name the Alphabet soup agencies? CIA, British SAS, French CIA, German Intel, and what about the Japanese Yakuza?
    What was the motive of crime? Does it have something to do with Carlyle Corporation and their Employees Patent Rights?
    The Law of Averages is that Carlyle and the CIA or other American Military Assets were involved and also follow the money and ask yourself “Qui Bono?”

  97. HBT456 May 20,2014 6:18 AM

    55. Even uitm is opened to other races, they do not want to be with them.

    56. Young malaysians of all races have so many choices of public, semi-private, and private higher education in the country, why waste time to change your mindset, anti-jiboak?

    57. Without the support of other political party to supports to membasmikan kemiskinan bumiputra garnered by the 4th pm in the federal parliament, you think you can talk big here?

    58. Change or be changed, that is the trend.

    59. If anti-jiboak racist to me as chinese, he can be racist to other malay not from his kampung in the name of your faithbto Allah, it wont hurt me as malaysian because I accept and respect democracy of 1 person, 1 vote tanpa vote bribing or fear mongering.

    60. To be or not to be, the young malaysians will show you the result in next ballot boxes.

    61. If anti-jiboak is fearless, do it in pau.

    62. To vote umno or not, let voters decide, habus cerita.

  98. HBT456 May 20,2014 5:29 AM

    46. Burgerking, classified is a general term for case to be investgated as a seperate issue since mr obama is the 44th democat president for the americans, investing money on the soil of malaysia to improve bilateral trades.

    47. This mh370 case is complicated, and take time.

    48. Just like malay seling ramlee burgers in front of shop lots or roads, non malay and mppj treat this case as classified, kita mana ada kacau mereka to buat bisness?

    49. After 54 years of independence, still hear sharizat and razali ibrahim calling dyna a malay traitor not only a shame to umno, it is a shame to malaysians of all races.

    50. As 4th bapa to umno, I can feel how he tries his very best to protect these umno putra, puteri, wanita and puteri.

    51. As bapa he can maaf them, but malaysians cannot forgive and forget what they have done in the past.

    52. As malaysian, I feel proud and energetic to see a young lady like her has the courage to breakthrough ketuanan melayu.

    53. This shows that young malay no longer need political protection.

    54. They do not want to be spoon feed anymore, it is a good sign for malaysia to progress to be the developed nation by 2020.

  99. anti-jibaok May 20,2014 1:35 AM

    Hi there.., Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456..,

    24. Hopefully.., Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa (from PAS) tak kena belit atau kena telan by those Ular Sawa from DAP.

    25. UiTM terrorised and violated nothing other than telling the real picture as it is. OK..!?

    26. What do you mean ‘non-Muslim colleges’.., huh..!? Have UiTM ever claimed to be a ‘Muslim’ college..! Your idiocy is beyond measure.

    27. There’s nothing wrong with the UiTM seminar.., only plenty wrong with, who are the silly ‘Spy-Leman’ and Spin-masters of those damn DAP kiasus.

    28. Yes.., Muslim Brotherhood and ISMA can work together.., meh..! What’s your problem..!?

    29. If bomoh pakai pin 1-Malaysia.., and can do his ‘product demo’ at KLIA.., then you think if that bomoh pakai pin/label UMNO.., then he go inside the KLIA Control-Tower ka..? Lu moloh punya jibaok-kiasu..!?

    30. Don’t spin again & again maah…! You are the one who really think that Malaysians are stupid.., as rebutted earlier…, meh..!

    31. Yes.., instead of participating in street demonstration, the best way out is to show our civility is through the ballot boxes.., that have continuously returned UMNO/BN back into power over and again.., thank God-Almighty.

    32. Wrong..!! So many domestic crimes are NOT done by those immigrants.., but committed by those streets & bangkang dari longkang demonstrators, causing misery & hardship to many.., as perpetrated by those Penipu Rakyat (PR) proponents such as in Bersih 1.0, 2.0. 3.0.., etc.., etc..

    33. Yes.., in the end, taxpayers of all races need to pay for gaji PM, all Ministers as well as those Members of Parliament from the pakatan Penipu Rakyat.

    34. Singapore PAP is definitely NOT smarter and wiser than BN because they offer citizenships to those poor Chinese nationals from China to take-up jobs such as housemaids and taxi-drivers.., in their government’s filthy strategy to counter-balance the rising birth-rate of the Malays in Singapore. However, it is back-firing though.., because those Chinese nationals are not easily adaptable nor easily ‘controllable’.

    35. Yes.., non-Muslim from MCA or MIC need not want to be PM of Malaysia.., however those damn evangelical DAP kiasu Chinese are always eyeing to be the PM of Malaysia.., even though they have to make-use of that Anwar Al-Juburi and having to ‘kowtim’ with PAS.

    36. But good non-Muslim (Kafir Dzimmi) certainly have the basic human right to vote for the government of their wish.., but those bad non-Muslims (Kafir Harbi) like yourself and your kiasu DAP colleagues should be given a good swift kick in the groin to make you people come to your senses and behave as good non-Muslims.

    37. Yes.., stick to the Federal Constitution, make sure those Kapir-kapir Harbi like yourself never gets into power in Malaysia. Understand..!?

    38. UMNO/BN need not use quantitative measure to stay in power.., but provide good governance.., as always.

    39. Some immigrants need not pay a single cent to the state or Federal Government.., because life is not all about MONEY..! Understand again..!?

    40. They come here to work, and they send the money back to their countries.., but they pay also taxes and hefty work levies.

    41. Despite massive money leaving the country annually.., but then are you willing to work in their place.., as bar-benders, concretors, carpenters & general workers at our construction sites, to build the houses as the one you are living in now.., or those huge sky-scrapers in our cities. Or.., perhaps you would like to work as a waiter in the Mamak shop on a 12-hour shift, 7-days a week.., or perhaps as a janitor cleaning public toilets in untold number of buildings. Only baghal kiasu DAP like yourself yang pandai cakap-kosong tapi mau bikin langsung tak boleh. Lu empty vessel punya jibaok..!

    42. Nobody wants to contribute taxes to any corrupted government.., but taxes are taxes and kiasu like you wiil still have pay.., maah..!

    43. Boeing technology.., shall not apply to Malaysian politics.., meh..! OK..!?

    44. Property, Education and Investment costs can all come down or even come to a standstill.., if rioting or civil-war happens or some huge war breaks out. Where will idiot kiasu DAP like you hide if such a situation happens..? So.., be grateful and cherish what you now have. Ada paham lagi..!?

    Cheerio for now.., Hantu Bukit Tinggi 456.

  100. mslatipah May 19,2014 10:53 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun….

    1. Sementara Tun menyalahkan Boeing dan CIA didalam kehilangan pesawat MAS MH370;
    PM telah membuat pengakuan melalui penulisannya di laman WSJ bahawa
    memang terdapat kelemahan dipihak kita pada permulaan pencarian.

    2. Saya ingin menambah lagi disini bukan saja terdapat kelemahan pada peringkat
    permulaan pencarian tetapi kecuaian daripada pegawai-pegawai penguatkuasaan
    menjalankan tugas; kurang kerjasama diantara pihak radar militari dengan Menara
    Kawalan Udara (ATC) dan MAS turut membantu kehilangan pesawat. Disamping itu
    terdapat kelemahan keatas sistem imigresen dan penguatkuasaan diseluruh pintu masuk
    kedalam negara. Kita harus akui kelemahan-kelemahan ini dan diperbetulkan dengan

    3. Lazimnya bila berlaku kesilapan-kesilapan manusia yang akibatnya memudaratkan
    harta benda negara dan nyawa tidak akan ada sesiapa yang akan mengaku
    kebertanggongjawaban. Penghidupan pun diteruskan seperti tiada apa yang berlaku.

    4. Saya setuju diatas rumusan Tun bahawa ada pihak yang hendak menyembunyikan
    sesuatu mengenai kejadian hilangnya pesawat. Dalam hal ini kerajaan harus bertindak
    tegas jika ada kebarangkalian pihak yang merupakan gunting dalam lipatan.

    5. Saya pun setuju dengan Tun bahawa usahlah kita menghabiskan masa dan wang
    mencari benda yang tiada ditempat yang salah.

    6. Kita boleh jimatkan tenaga dan kos dengan mengambil pakar-pakar tempatan dan
    bekerjasama dengan China dan Boeing untuk duduk semeja dan merubah hala tuju.
    Paling penting Malaysia dan China harus bersatu hati didalam pencarian ini.

  101. burgerking May 19,2014 10:07 PM

    Since MH370 disappearing..

    Through watching youtube video’s recent, I am lead to believe Boeing supply the US and other militaries with military fighter jets. This latest video I discovered, showed and described the latest military weapons as Fighter jet with advanced Radar Scrambling state of the art weaponary.

    So how many of these type of fighter jets where in the “Cobra” exercises(you can watch all the fighters “armed & heavily weaponised” on Youtube ) “unclassified” or the alternate exercises, conducted in Thailand mysteriously at the time MH370 disappeared.

    I find the scenario, transponders and all communications switched off and the sudden climb, to 450 (45,000 feet) …
    Could suggest that the pilots of MH370 had detected a missile locked on.
    I make this assessment after watching the Korean airlines shot down by a Russian Fighter plan years ago. SO now it gets sensitive. Could Boeing’s latest military technology or older technology;make a fundumental mistake?

    Perhaps a trainee; got it wrong somehow? This has happened before.

    Why would Obama declare; MH370 “classified”‘ if there is nothing to hide and
    everything is transparent.

    Also with interest reading news on ; I am lead to believe that China’s radar systems detected recently….
    presumeably one of these new “stealth” fighter jets ; US based in Japan and because it was not publicised; Under some law had it removed from the area; on grounds of intimidation of a nation or enemy.

    I have no idea of the accuracy of what I have viewed or read on-line; but these sources appeared credible.

    This flight isn’t just about MH370 and their families. All citizens who use air travel are entitled to SAFE air travel; Most definitely to know where your loved ones are; alive or not at the end of their flight. I feel we the Global Public community have not been told all the facts; including the Cargo Manifest; The 2 Tonnes, unclassified/documented; with lithium batteries consignment. Perhaps this was either illegal cargo or “classified” cargo, which if it was should not have been on a Civilian flight – period.

  102. musato May 19,2014 7:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terima kasih pada saudara pengarang kerana megembangkan penulisan saya di blog ini ke media akhbar.

    Terima kasih. Lagipun saya belum lagi terbuka hati untuk menulis di akhbar, mungkin kerana berasa kekurangan dari segi maklumat penulisan. Menulis juga perlu pada maklumat yang sahih dan berada dalam kelompok apa yang kita tulis.

    Tidak menjadi masalah pada saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  103. musato May 19,2014 7:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mungkin ini adalah rancangan seperti 9/11. Ia diadakan untuk memusnahkan musuh di Negara Arab. Mempopularkan perkataan terrorism dan Islamofobia.

    MH307 diadakan untuk mengimbangi kebangkitan China dan India di Asia. Tetapi rancangannya kelihatan tak berapa sempurna kerana MH307 dikatakan ended di Lautan Hindi.

    Sepatutnya MH307 ended di Lautan China Selatan.

    Yang jadi terbeban adalah Malaysia kerana terpaksa menanggung kos pencarian walaupun tak sepenuhnya. Namun saya fikir ia tak mendatangkan kemudaratan yang sangat, sama seperti peristiwa Lahad Datu.

    Sebenarnya, sebelum kejadian MH307, kedua dua mata saya sudah berkedip kedip lebih kurang 2 minggu sehinggakan saya mengeluh sedikit, apa petandanya?

    Orang tua tua kata, ada orang jauh nak datang. Tapi yang pasti saya melakukan sedikit google, dan takdelah pulak mengatakan akan bersedih berdasarkan kedipan tersebut – sekadar selitan

    Jumpa atau tidak MH370, ia tak mendatangkan kemudaratan sangat pada Malaysia kerana ia tertumpu pada Lautan Hindi dan Australia.

    Cuma ia melibatkan kos dan kewangan negara. Pada ekonomi mungkin ia tidak memberikan kesan yang sangat kecuali pada MAS. Industri pelancongan tetap berkembang.

    Keselamatan negara tetap terjaga kerana semua orang tahu yang Malaysia cuma negara Islam yang kecil. Radar pun guna yang murah. Kapal selam pun kecoh dikatakan tak boleh menyelam.

    Malaysia tak ada apa apa pun.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  104. HBT456 May 19,2014 6:08 PM


    44. Property, Education and Investment costs just like Boing Technology will never come down too because there are accumulated from the start until today.

  105. HBT456 May 19,2014 5:45 PM

    32. So many domestic crimes are done by these immigrants.

    33. By the end, Federal taxpayers of all races need to pay gaji PM, all Ministries and pencen involved.

    34. Pakcik Mubarak Chan, Singapore PAP is definitely smarter and wiser than BN because they offer citizenships to rich and educated people.

    35. Non-Muslim will never want to be PM of Malaysia because of the official religion.

    36. But non-Muslim certainly have the basic human right to vote for the clean government.

    37. Therefore, stick to the Federal Constitution, either one of the coalitions that has the most votes will form the Federal Government.

    38. BN can choose to use quantitative measure to increase the population of Malaysia.

    39. But these immigrants do not pay a single cent to the state or Federal Governments.

    40. They come here to work, and they send the money back to their countries.

    41. This is one of the factor why there is massive money leaving the country annually.

    42. Just ask yourself, who wants to contribute taxes to corrupted government like BN?

  106. Nicole Guihaume May 19,2014 4:55 PM

    The next step is “who can silent Boeing and the CIA ?”. Eustace Mullins told that since the very beginning finance had its agents in the CIA :

    I guess only Rothschild can silent both Boeing and CIA. Rolls Royce is involved too, as a commentator wrote. As I wrote you after another of your articles, I send mails for I am sure it is a monstruous plan which was done to target Bill Gates, Ginni Rometty (IBM’s CEO) and Jim McNerney (Boeing’s CEO). As long as the zionist lobby is protected, as long the truth can’t be done. Have you seen what they write on the demise of America ?

    This seems to me a huge occasion to address reincarnation’s patterns. I ignore if you appreciate Edgar Cayce. He told the same persons are at the same period of time on earth. I guess Salem witches trials damaged many families and we are now on a period of time during which it has to be cared. Giles Corey’s death was public and long to come. So would have been the social deaths of the three persons I name if Philip Wood had not sent his message, if false flags had happened. They were in the making with both 777, the malaysian one and the GATelesis which is in Tel Aviv since last November.
    Look here :
    and here :

    I sent both these mails to the CIA. They know I do so, and to very many persons. Don’t say a word. They are on my blog. It is clear Malaysia is not responsible. Neither is Boeing, neither the CIA. It is Rothschild’s mafia.

  107. HBT456 May 19,2014 4:49 PM


    25. UiTM has clearly terrorized and violated our official religion teaching at Federal and State Level in Peninsula unless they get approval from Jabatan Islam Negeri2 Melayu.

    26. If non-Muslim colleges do this, MQA and MOHE will tarik balik the permit.


    28. Just because they are Muslim Brotherhood use ISMA, they can do what they?

    29. Just because bomoh pakai pin 1 Malaysia, they are allowed to demonstrate their worshipping in KL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT built by the Federal Taxpayers and EPF Contributors?

    30. Anti-Jiboak, you really think Malaysians are stupid, dont know what happened in fake IC migrants in Sabah there via corruptions?

    31. Instead of participating in street demonstration, the best way out is to show our anger in the ballot boxes.

  108. HBT456 May 19,2014 4:48 PM

    24. UiTM has clearly terrorized and violated our official religion teaching at Federal and State Level in Peninsula unless they get approval from Jabatan Islam Negeri2 Melayu.

    25. If non-Muslim colleges do this, MQA and MOHE will tarik balik the permit.


    27. Just because they are Muslim Brotherhood use ISMA, they can do what they?

    28. Just because bomoh pakai pin 1 Malaysia, they are allowed to demonstrate their worshipping in KL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT built by the Federal Taxpayers and EPF Contributors?

    29. Anti-Jiboak, you really think Malaysians are stupid, dont know what happened in fake IC migrants in Sabah there via corruptions?

    30. Instead of participating in street demonstration, the best way out is to show our anger in the ballot boxes.

  109. xenoflasher May 19,2014 11:29 AM

    I would say the Yanks have always been playing a cat and mouse game with the world. Besides the CIA and Boeing, no mention was ever discussed about Diego Garcia, the Yanks secretive base in the Indian Ocean. But then the engine was Rolls Royce, they should have something to say too?
    If Saddam was found hiding underground with technology they have why cant they find MH 370?
    The plane is somewhere but not beneath the sea?

    Tun if you were still at the helm now, a lot of unanswered questions would be answered and eyes and ears would be opened.
    Thank you Tun

  110. Hairy May 19,2014 10:50 AM

    Was Edward Snowden on board MH370?

  111. kalam putih May 19,2014 10:34 AM

    Kehilangan Pesawat MH370 : Pandangan Daripada Aspek Politik

    Terdapat dua fakta penting yang menjadi asas untuk memahami misteri kehilangan Pesawat MH370. Pertama, Pesawat MH370 telah menukar laluannya dengan sengaja daripada laluan asalnya dengan cara yang sangat teratur dan terancang serta dapat melepaskan diri daripada dikesan oleh sistem radar.

    Kedua, sehingga kini, kerajaan Malaysia masih belum dapat menemui pesawat MH370 walaupun usaha pencarian begitu giat dilakukan dengan menggunakan pelbagai jenis teknologi serta usaha pencarian turut dibantu oleh beberapa buah negara termasuklah dua buah negara kuasa besar iaitu Amerika dan China.

  112. anti-jibaok May 19,2014 2:07 AM


    12. Who cares if you pay your measly income tax all these years, which is not even enough to pay for ones day’s worth of detergent to clean & upkeep for just one of DBKL’s public toilet.

    13. When GST is implemented, you can continue to complain and participate in the (bangkang dari longkang) street demonstrations.

    14. Not only Tok Det but Yours Truly here shall continue to point fingers at the Boeing company for their inequity and the ‘Sindrom Bisu’ in the missing Flight MH370 issue.

    15. Those who fail UMNO (like e.g. Mat Taib – Cash & Carry) must be sacked while new fearless and committed leaders scouted for & groomed to fulfill the nation’s Restructuring of Society objectives.

    16. The words such as ‘racists’ and ‘anti-Semites’ are actually words coined by those damn Zionist rascals which have been deceptively used by silly jibaoks such as HBT456.

    17. Laughing is still the best medicine in observing the silly antics of idiots in the likes of HBT456 who simply loves to – Baling batu, sembunyi tangan & tuding-jari kepada orang lain..!

    18. Inflation and age will never come down.., while the idiocy and psychotic syndrome of HBT456 shall never cease.

    19. Stick to the most reliable and proven ruling party is the best promise for future generations.., and don’t take unnecessary risks with unproven and unruly parties who gang-up as a mere marriage of convenience.

    20. Today, the younger generation can be doomed and compelled to repeat and face grave consequence if they do not learn from past history.

    21. Today, many parents do not guide and lead their children by good examples, but would pamper and succumb to the antics and fancies of their children, as exemplified by the morally degrading and hedonistic Western societies that have now gradually crept into and emulated by many Eastern societies.

    22. In the past, Orang Barat bagi candu (opium) kepada kaum Cina dan arak-todi kepada kaum kaum India untuk ‘menghanyutkan’ mereka.

    23. Today, masih lagi ada kaum Melayu yang ‘ketagihkan’ rasuah dan ‘nyanyian politik sumbang’ daripada kaum Cina jenis yang kiasu.

    Ada apa-apa lagi lu mahu tambah ke.., wahai.., Apek/Ahso kiasu.., HBT456..!?

  113. sudin May 19,2014 12:34 AM

    Salam Tun.

    The more we hear and then deduce own assumptions on the circumstances to MH370’s disappearance, that’s exactly the way the real perpetrators are counting on.

    I’ll stick to my earlier belief, that the MAS Boeing 777 was carrying some very highly sophisticated and invaluable material/component, which culminated to its annihilation together with everything it’s carrying (including all the dead passengers and crews).

    It was most unfortunate that flight MH370 was chosen by someone/agency/government to put on board that sophisticated item, and worse still was when some other very interested party were made aware the item/s whereabout.

    All other happenings and reporting of whatnot were actually prearranged/planned to make logical diversion of the actual drama.
    I’ll copy & paste my earlier comment, which was posted about a month ago:

    “The tragic event can be arranged to happen to any plane anytime, irrespective of made or nationality. All it takes is for that plane to carry something of paramount importance.

    “The general believe on MAS MH370′s disappearance has long ago changed,
    1. that all communications systems (including to h/phones) were disabled immediately after the plane’s trekking was neither monitored by Malaysia nor Vietnam,
    2. that the plane’s flight path was then fully remote-controlled to a specific destination, by a nation with high tech capability,
    3. that the plane were dismantled and completely dissolved, together with everything inside (including all the dead bodies), less the items of interest to that nation.

    “Almost 2 months and still zero findings on anything related to the plane, the luggage or plane parts, because everything has perished indefinitely since day 3 the plane was reported as missing.

    “No more than 2 days is required before the whole vanishing act is put into action.”

  114. Hajar May 18,2014 11:39 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. From the beginning, I noticed that Malaysia and MAS are made to be the ‘kambing hitam’.

    2. Our acting Transport Minister and PM will not have the guts to question Boeing and the superpower.

    3. DS Hishammuddin already said that Boeing has been very cooperative.

    4. When asked about the possibility of Boeing 777 having the remote control ability by a third party, DS Hishammuddin DENIED it without even doing any research on this matter. In my opinion, he is only good at denying things, and also good at talking. DS Hishammuddin is not good at having things done if some ACTIONS need to be taken. He is also very good at giving warnings (‘Menteri Amaran’).

    5. We need leaders like Tun – FEARLESS.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May ALLAH SWT bless Tun and family ***

  115. MOSAD May 18,2014 10:17 PM

    Memang BOeing dan US menyembunyikan sesuatu …semua ini perancangan jahat setan dunia ini…..CUBA LIHAT DISINI……

  116. Tun Perak May 18,2014 9:47 PM

    Thank you Tun for pointing this patent.

    The patent is verified true. Check out this link

    I know… any system engineer would be very excited if they could design or create this type of system… They would feel being on top of the world !

    Just like nuclear, all good system has drawbacks. Human creates but his creation could not be greater than his creater. Human has thinking limitation. If we look carefully the system, it is good but it has limitation. The limitation of that system is that it is not robust. It does not consider every possible scenarios that could happen. The system allowed the authority on the plane to be transfered from human pilot to non-human pilot and non-pilot human unnegotiable or automatically. The weaknesses of this system is at the remote-end.

    We have many crazy system that is inter-connected with the world. Eventually, the system could not handle unauthorised intrusion, which intend to take over the control of the system remotely and illegally.

    An infamous example of unauthorised intrusion is the pentration of Stuxnet malicious software into the Iran nuclear plant from some remote location. Iran was using the famous Germany “Siemen” software and hardware and Stuxnet was created by Israel and American agencies. It could cause serious nuclear accident.

    Suppose, MH370 was equipped with “System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle” , it is possible to remotely control the plane illegally.

    BOEING has a big explaination to do.

  117. sitinur May 18,2014 9:25 PM

    tabik spring….takder sapa berani bersora……

    terimakaseh kerana mewakili saya tuk suarakan keheranan saya….

  118. HBT456 May 18,2014 6:47 PM

    19. Stick to the federal constitution is the best way out.

    20. Today, the younger generation is more demanding because they are exposed to world issues.

    21. Today, parents let their children to decide what they want.

    22. In the past, kaum tionghua rasuah kaum melayu.

    23. Today, kaum melayu rasuah kaum bumiputra.

  119. HBT456 May 18,2014 6:37 PM

    18. Inflation and age will never come down, tok det.

  120. anis ayesha May 18,2014 4:32 PM

    Tun..kami masih perlukan Tun

  121. balance May 18,2014 3:26 PM


    One way or one day we can know just wait for wikileak to inform us and the world. Nothing evil can hold they will be uncover by someone that dont believe in evil doing. There are still good people in this world.

  122. mubarakchan May 18,2014 2:42 PM


    As far as I am aware, the United States has the technology to fly a pilotless plane to land and take-off for some years.

  123. HBT456 May 18,2014 2:34 PM

    12. Dont worry tuntuah, i have been paying taxes all these years since i came out to work.

    13. When gst is implemented, no need to bribe voters ala br1m to get projects.

    14. Nanti tok det ingat Boeing yang salah pulak kerana orang kuat UMNO yang beliau pilih mesti popular, tak faham technical and engineering words dalam bahasa Inggeris pun takpa janji menang.

    15. Those who failed United Malay National and caused this party loose so much votes should bow and apologize not only to the members but also to all malaysians.

    16. Tuntuah, melayu mana racist. hanya puak2 umno baru saja yang racist saja.

    17. Laughing is still the best medicine for this sandiwara wayang kulit.

  124. liuhenry May 18,2014 12:33 PM

    No accident in politics, be it ‘natural’ disasters, air/road/sea accident, misunderstanding ‘resulted’ in wars…… When something happens at specific location at ‘strange’ occasion in ‘mismatch’ proportion, including the deafening silence from authorities concerned or experts.
    This author has already point them out, and yet…….. frightened cats?

  125. Tuntuah May 18,2014 12:31 PM

    It is pity.
    Even aso mainland secret service cannot unfold this mystery.

    Boeing is very quiet from the beginning. They know something and we know they knew everything on what has happen to mh370.

    Other things.

    Bn has made a bold move not to fill candidate at bukit gelugor. Hahaha. Bukit gelugor folks paling rugi pasal no new development, no new thing at bukit gelugor now until next ge14.

    Well done mca, mic and umno baru. No need to spend money at bukit gelugor.

    Btw bukit gelugor folks can ask all that from DAPig….. Hahahah good luck lah.. Or please ask from aso the Pendatang as well. Aso paid taxes ma… Hahahahahaha


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