1. The British are mystified by their Muslim citizens becoming “jihadists” and joining the so-called Islamic State. They are horrified by the beheading of an American journalist by “John” a British citizen and member of the IS.

2. I must admit that I, too am horrified. It is not Islamic at all. Islam does not advocate violence and terror. The people who were defeated by the Prophet were not even converted to Islam, much less executed. The Quran says, “There is no compulsion in Islam.”

3. But we are seeing more and more violence and atrocities committed by Muslims. And now we have the Islamic State “Jihadists”, some of whom come from countries where they had migrated to because life is good there. Having enjoyed the good life, why are these people opting to join revolutionary movements and live dangerous lives, fighting against the very people who are their hosts. Could it be, as some people suggest, that they have been reading books such as “Islam for Dummies?”

4. Why? Recently we saw the mass killings of Muslims and destruction of their homes and towns by Israelis in Gaza. More than 2000 Muslims have been killed. They include little children and old people, non-combatants all. Thousands more have been seriously wounded, many losing arms and legs.

5. No concern or sympathy has been shown by the Europeans and Americans. In fact the Americans gave money and arms for Israelis to kill more Muslims and destroy their homes and towns.

6. If the beheading of European Journalist is evidence of the barbarity of Muslims, cannot there be the same perception of Israeli killings of Muslims in Gaza. No. They are all terrorists, babies included, and a democratic country like Israel has every right to kill them and destroy their homes, towns and cities.

7. If we care to look back, we cannot but acknowledge that the so-called Middle Eastern Muslims were very hospitable to the Europeans before. But, the European nations played their great games there. They created the states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine out of one single entity called Sham by the Arabs. Muslims then had no nation-states. They only regard themselves as the Muslim community, the Ummah.

8. The Europeans expelled the Turks and proceeded to divide Sham between them, although they had promised the Arabs that Sham would be liberated and handed over to the Arabs.

9. Following the European great games Iraq went to the British while Syria and Lebanon to the French. Palestine was made a British mandated territory to be returned to the Palestinians later. Palestine for centuries had been inhabited by Muslim and Christian Arabs and a small number of Jews. Under Muslim rule they lived in peace despite their different religions.

10. Then the British decided to make a Jewish state out of Palestine in order to solve the Jewish problem in Europe. Balfour, in 1917, promised to give land belonging to the Palestinian to the Zionist. It was so easy. Take other people’s land to give to the Jews without any regard for the majority Arabs living there. And the Jews celebrated the creation of Israel with massacres of Arabs and expulsion from Palestine. This was apparently sanctioned by the UN in 1948 when Israel was recognised as a state. Arab resentment was ignored.

11. Since then the Middle East has experienced no peace. Every time the Palestine Arabs tried to regain their homeland, they were prevented by the massive help and support of Israel by the European nations, in particular by America.

12. With every failure the Arabs became even more angry and determined to regain their homeland.

13. The Arab countries stopped helping the Palestinians. Undeterred, they set up Al-Fatah to throw stones at Israeli soldiers in armoured cars. The stone-throwing children were shot at by the soldiers with rubber coated and then live bullets.

14. Fatah acquired some ineffective weapons to fight in defence. They were shot and killed and thousands were captured and thrown into Israeli jails for indefinite periods without trial. Palestine lands were seized and settlements for Jews built. It was against all laws and practices which the Europeans pride in saying they uphold.

15. And so instead of stopping Israel, the Europeans continued their support with funds and arms. The Israelis actually occupied Palestine land and set up road blocks to control movements of the Palestinian and visitors. Roads were built through Palestinian land for the exclusive use of the Israelis. High walls were constructed in Palestine territory for Israeli security. Gaza is put under siege by Israel. Ships in international waters were seized by the Israeli navy.

16. Aid workers on high seas were shot and killed; their ships boarded and forced to go to Israeli ports. The aid goods were confiscated. All these are against international laws but the big powers did nothing. But these were not all. Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments and acts were exhibited by Europeans elsewhere also. Having predicted a clash of civilisations they seem bent on making it a reality.
17. In Bosnia Herzegovina 12,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered with axes and bludgeons after Dutch Nato troops who were supposed to protect them simply moved away to allow Serbs to carry out their murderous work.

18. Then came the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq after blaming the Muslim for the destruction of the twin towers of the world trade centre in New York. The Iraqis were not responsible for this. But Iraq was accused of having weapons of mass destruction capable of being launched against Britain within 45 minutes. Later it was admitted by the Brits that this was a lie. Unashamedly the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who ordered the collaboration with the United States in the invasion of Iraq claimed that the attack, the massive destruction of Iraqi cities and towns and the killings of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis was in order to liberate them from Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein was caught and hanged. But the occupation and war continued. When finally the Americans and Europeans left Iraq, this once stable and progressive Arab country descended into anarchy and civil war with Iraqis killing Iraqis.

19. Afghanistan was invaded to overthrow the Talibans and to kill Osama bin Ladin. Osama is dead but there is no peace in Afghanistan.

20. The Iraqi and Afghan invasion was supposed to be over in three months. But after ten years and the almost total destruction of the two countries, meaningful democracy and peace have not come to these two unfortunate nations. They have been rendered totally unstable and fratricidal wars are tearing them apart.

21. The CIA has drawn up a list of Muslims to be killed. The West condemns the practices of detention without trial. Now we see in the West death sentences being passed on Muslims without trial. The intended victims are not even told about their death sentence. No attempt is made to arrest even. Drones are simply dispatched to kill these Muslims. In the case of Osama bin Ladin killer squads were dropped into Pakistan without even informing that country. And Osama’s body was thrown into the sea, a practice worthy of barbarians.

22. Through all these, the U.S, Britain and other European countries express no regret and certainly no sympathy for the Muslim victims of their war on terror. Thousands of them, men, women, children, babies, old and sick people have been and are being killed without evoking the slightest concern or regret among the Europeans.

15 thoughts on “BRITISH JIHADISTS (Pt 1)

  1. yajult Sep 22,2014 5:03 PM

    the articles should be in our history book.

  2. wajaperak Sep 17,2014 9:45 AM

    Saudara Ahmad.
    [Quran and Hadith said you have to do jihad]
    Sebelum duduk tidak boleh melunjur.
    Sebelum menguasai Jihad Ilmu tidak dibenarkan memperkatakan sebarang bentuk jihad yang lain.


    Terima kasih tuan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  3. grkumar Sep 17,2014 5:46 AM

    The British are to often “mystified” by the mischief they create and the consequences that flow from them.

    Perhaps the current generation of subscribers to blogs and bloggers have no sense of history and can’t remember what happened when the Reverend Terry Waite, a British ‘humanitarian’ Church of England pastor was kidnapped by ‘terrorists’ in Lebanon all those years ago in the late 1980’s. He was held captive for about 4 years then released in a negotiated settlement between Britain, the Red Cross and Hezbollah.

    It was later revealed and acknowledged by Britain that Terry Waite was an MI5 agent under the cover of his clergyman guise much like another foreigner captured then he being the Vice Chancellor of the American University in Beirut. He was the station chief of the Central Intelligence Agency in Beirut at the time.

    Hamas was referred to as a rag tag bunch of terrorists and underestimated as to its real capabilities. They had an intelligence unit that identified and targeted proper military personnel or spies.

    Terry Waite was barred from giving interviews. He went into seclusion and became a recluse guarded by the British. His position and the position of many of Britain’s assets in the region were all compromised. So too with the Americans.

    Nothing is what it appears to be. Again the point is raised, when will we set up independent media agencies and networks? as long as we are reliant on the information (mis information) dressed up and fed to us as truth, we will all continue to remain like the proverbial “katak di bawa tempurong”.

    Our children will continue to secure for themselves prestigious degrees for the ‘best’ foreign universities but inspite of it will continue to be ignorant and unenlightened.

    You set up Bernama under Hassan Mustapha and that too has become a shadow of its former self. With the advent of electronic computer led, cyberspace technology we can’t afford to be ignorant or we will end up like the Arabs.

    All our wealth will be squandered into prestige projects with little long term value in terms of creating an educated informed generation of Malaysians.

    One look at blogsphere, face book and tweet and you will get the picture.

  4. grkumar Sep 16,2014 1:27 PM

    The rush to blame “Muslims” just because some faceless fighters belonging to a particular group (whoever they are) claim to be executing prisoners in the name of God is an unwelcome demonstration of ignorance and submission to a media campaign against Islam the new bogey man of the west.

    During the communist insurgency in Malaysia the Batang Kali incident was blamed on “Chinese Communist Guerilla Fighters”. There were more like the Batang Kali incident such as the killing of George “Wally” Walker the Scotsman who managed Elphil Estate in Sungei Siput one of two incidents which precipitated the “insurgency” in Malaysia which would cost many many lives in the years to come.

    Newly released documents into the hands of lawyers and researchers show us two things. These murders and massacres were not necessarily the work of communist guerillas who were instead desperately trying to win the hearts and minds of the local rural population.
    Viet Nam we must remember was the result of similar “Black jobs” and an incident referred to as the “Gulf of Tonking” incident in which American warships in neutral waters off the Gulf of Tonking were attacked unprovoked by North Viet Namese MiGs.

    Not so admitted former US secretary of state Robert Strange McNamara and the papers released to academics and researchers years later. The Pentagon papers of Daniel Elsberg leaked confirmed the same facts.

    ISIS is nothing more nothing less than another instrument of US foreign policy in the middle east. This is a group with a name coined by the US. It consists of a number of disgruntled Islamic and non Islamic activists of Arab nationalists and sympathisers fed up of the destruction of the state of Iraq and the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians, the lightning rod of all middle east conflicts.

    For the “gruesome” death by execution of two white men (both Folley and Steven Sotloff were American Jews with Sotloff being a dual US Israeli citizen) which is unpardonable one must ask how much less dignified were these killings to that of a leader of the Arab world Saddam Hussein who was hanged then had his execution broadcast via Youtube? No comment from Good Christians and men of conscience there.

    No regular “journalist” from my own personal experience and research of the conflicts has been deployed to any of these zones of conflict in such situations without prior training in intelligence gathering under the cover of journalism.

    Both Sotloff and Folley showed the kind of calmness and resolve prior to their execution only a highly trained soldier would show. Be that as it may their executions were not justifiable or right.

    But let us be honest if we cannot be honourable. How many lines of outrage have been written by the mainstream media about the “execution” of 4 Palestinian children strafed from the air on a beach in the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza? How many lines or air time minutes were dedicated to the missile attacks and close quarter combat victims of Israeli gun fire.? These being children and the elderly. About 1000 of them. And are they reported as executions in the name of the Jewish God? and why not? Does not the book of Deuteronomy call for the murder of all living things not Jewish in the land of Israel? do not the Chabad uphold this command literally?

    Ask therefore the question. Why is one set of human life more precious than the other to people who claim equality, fairness, justice and human rights as an integral part of their constitutions and consciences?

    Why should the Arabs (and the Muslims amongst them), a people displaced, de humanized, demonized and then radicalized by war show any more mercy than their enemies (which includes the west who support Israel’s butchery of the Arabs) would show them?

    For one and I am happy to be a lone voice if required do not believe that ISIS is a rogue Islamic fundamentalists group running riot in the middle east any more than the Batang Kali killers were Chinese communists.

    ISIS is an independent faction of the so called Al Queida movement funded and trained by the west to threaten non compliant Arab states in the region whilst at the same trying to ensure the containment of the Shia in the region. Iran has opened its doors to regional cooperation to no avail because all Gulf Arab states and the Saudis are American and British property as governments.

    The sheer bloody mindedness of the Arabs and mainly Sunni governments in the region is to a large part responsible for Arab Muslim failures. The Iranians are not Arabs. They have demonstrated a higher level of intelligence than all Arabs in the region have. It is why they survive the American Israeli axis against them.

    Yet on purely “religious grounds” the west has managed to get the Sunni governments to fall into a trap of religious division and to exploit the situation in such a destructive and bloody way as to make defeat of western imperial designs in the region a great success.
    The Turks (Sunnis and very pro American) willingly put their hands up to aid with the destabilization of the Syrian government. Now the Turks find themselves under siege from the same forces they helped nurture. The Turkish governments themselves are now under threat from ISIS. The doctrine of sovereignty is lost on most of these countries because their leaders are nothing more than puppets of the US and the west and blissfully ignorant about it.

    My heart and yours should go out to the Arabs who die in such miserable circumstances. They are not all Muslims. There are amongst them Chaldean Catholics, Maronites, Shia, Sunni, Alawite, Ahmadia,non believers (and who can blame them) all humans, massacred by forces trained and financed by the west out of Turkey then sent to Iraq. Those who were trained in Jordan and Libya have all returned to create havoc there. The frightened King of Saudi Arabia has placed the enormous wealth of his oil rich Kingdom at their disposal because his American masters have ordered him to do so.

    Unless and until the Arabs agree never to raise a hand or fire a shot in anger against another Arab in these conflicts, the words of the prophet will disappear in the sands of the same desert from where it came.

  5. Murad Sep 16,2014 12:03 PM

    As Salam Sallahuddin,

    Its interesting theory you pose that probably Mossad /CIA involvement, possibility is there!.
    Two nights ago TV2 shows interesting film “Heaven on Earth” where Sallahuddin Ai Ayubi defeated the Christians to overtake Jerusalem.

    The end Salllahudin offer the Christian to surrender, the final words:
    Christian leader: What do you have to offer?
    Sallahuddin :Safe passage for everyone to the sea!
    Christian leader: How do you guarantee that because when Christian took over Jerusalem before they butcher everyone including women and children?
    Sallahuddin : I am not those people , I am Sallahuddin.. Sallahuddin..

    Christian leader: …..What is the value of Jerusalem………..
    Sallahuddin :……………..Nothing (pause) we have everything… (the end).


  6. sallahuddin alayubbi Sep 16,2014 1:27 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I have always found your thoughts and writings to be very interesting though I may not always necessarily concur with them. Since this is going to be my first or maiden comment on your writing, I must first and foremost admit that I have a truly great admiration and respect for you for what you have done, during your tenure of office as Prime Minister, to uplift and strengthen the social, economic and political position of the malays and the muslims. and at the international level, to put Malaysia proudly on the world map.

    Going straight into the topic of “British Jihadists”, the beheading of the 3 western journalists by IS was indeed a heinous act contrary to the teachings of Islam and should be abhorred by every muslim.

    My question is, who is really the man holding the kniife ? Is he a genuine IS fighter or is he pretending to be an IS fighter?. Foreign news agencies quoted that he is British and spoke with a British accent. Can he be a foreign agent – member of Israeli Mossad or even CIA, who has successfully infiltrated IS with a certain mission to carry out ? It should not be discounted.

    If I can recall your speech at the NAM Summit you hosted in KL in 2003, you said the Jews were smart to get other people to fight their wars (by proxy) for them. My theory is, since IS is also a major threat to Israel, IS has to be destroyed, and the best way to do it is to get other people to do it. The captured journalists presents Israel with the opportunity to get US and Britain in for the job, hence the killngs – by an agent who has infiltrated and won the trust and confidence of IS.

  7. azurestratos Sep 16,2014 12:59 AM

    Greetings and peace,
    As Tun points out, there is a discrepancy of the referred countries of what values they claim to uphold and how it really is in practice. There is discrepancy in the treatment and reaction to deaths. Championing universal humanitarian care and rights fell short in reality.

    Though selective emphasis of news by the media that’s controlled by opportunistic groups, clearly shows there are things at work. Things we have seen before. More hate inducing, instead of calls toward peace.

    A humanitarian worker killed by IS gets more coverage than humanitarian worker killed in the flotilla. Why show graphic beheading while censor the pictures from war-ravaged middle eastern countries.

    Someone need to call to peace. A call need someone to answer. There are Iraqis who are oppressed by the IS. If only we could reach them?

  8. Theresa Sep 16,2014 12:26 AM

    Dr Mahathir,

    I would as a westerner like to offer my sympathies to you and all peace loving Muslims! Murder is murder no matter who the innocent victims happen to be!

    The British and American citizens may be horrified by the ISIS beheadings but surely the ruling elite of the west are secretly of a different opinion! They believe they have the public fooled and for the most part they are correct but there is a small and ever growing number who are awake and who understand the game being played! Sadly most will never understand or even want to understand the truth of how the world really works!

    Many of us do know who is behind and who is funding ISIS. Their agenda is more than evident as the war drums beat ever so much louder! It is clear to those of us who have taken the time to study and to look at all sides, we know that war and natural resources and global economic control is the end game. The question isn’t just why, but who is behind orchestrating such evil?

    I believe there are good and evil men from every nation, tongue and tribe but I do not believe for a moment that God supports any Nation upon this earth. The Jews had been God’s chosen people but they rejected God as a Nation and as his chosen people and God as a result has rejected them!

    Most Westerners fear Muslims and even more so with the creation and advertising of ISIS! But we should not live our lives in fear because that is how man tries to control his fellow man. We need to show love and compassion to all!! We need to care and to probe further asking the tough questions. We also need to look in the mirror and ask, “Do we really even care, do we care what is happening to innocent people on the other side of the world or do we only care when it happens in our own backyards?” Some day we here in the west will also be the target!

  9. ahmad Sep 15,2014 11:44 PM

    After reading your story what do you expected the muslim to do.
    Quran and Hadith said you have to do jihad.
    Dont blame the Muslim.

    ISIS created because of the anger and frustration of the Muslim.

  10. musato Sep 15,2014 11:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Apabila dibicarakan mengenai tasawuf, ia sebenarnya melibatkan overhaul luar dan dalam.

    Sesuatu itu di renew seperti keadaan politik, ekonomi dan pertahanan. Boleh juga diumpamakan sebagai test drive.

    Di Malaysia juga berlaku overhaul luar dan dalam.

    Di peringkat global juga berlaku overhaul seperti IS dan Al Qassam selain dari cerita ekonomi. Overhaul dimaksudkan sesuatu yang tidak dijangkakan berlaku selama ini.

    Selepas beberapa ketika saya sendiri berharap dapat berehat sekejap. Dan rehat saya adalah berkerja 10,12,14 dan 16 jam sehari. Dan mungkin juga penghinaan atau disakiti.

    Sebenarnya tiada istilah kerusi empuk. Syukur pada Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  11. Murad Sep 15,2014 10:49 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    Thanks for the enlightening. Keep on contribute Tun. My opinion the “Jihadist” is fighting for their right course, probably a bit extreme way, but as you put it rightly similar happenings by the western in Palestine and the rest!


  12. musato Sep 15,2014 9:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pada mulanya saya tertanya tanya bagaimana warga cina yang telah diculik oleh Abu Sayyaf dapat dibebaskan tanpa sebarang sebab.

    Kebetulannya saya terpandang pada sekeping akhbar di atas kerusi ketika berada di kampung.

    Saya mendapat khabar bahawa warga cina tersebut telah dibebaskan setelah ‘diculik’ kembali oleh misi komando.

    Dilaporkan secara terperinci bahawa misi tersebut berlepas ke perairan Philipine pada jam 1ptg dan telah menyusup masuk ke kubu kuat Abu Sayyaf pada waktu maghrib dan telah ‘menculik kembali’ tahanan tersebut pada jam 9mlm dan seterusnya berlepas ke perairan negara dan selesai misi kira kira jam 1pagi setelah sampai ke perairan negara.

    Kehadiran grup komando tersebut telah disedari ketika sedang berlepas melalui laut dan telah diserang. Walaubagaimanapun, semuanya selamat.

    Perkara ini berlaku ketika bulan Ramadhan dan sebelum dikuatkuasakan SOP tembak di kawasan perairan negara.

    Kebetulannya telah banyak pengetahuan mengenai keselamatan negara sampai kepada saya. Boleh kira terperinci seperti di atas.

    Ianya melibatkan sensitiviti global seperti MH370, MH17 dan juga Lahad Datu.

    Sebelum ini saya sentiasa tertanya tanya dan menulis yang saya tidak dapat ‘melihat’ bagaimana saya boleh diyakinkan tentang perkhabaran ‘panglima’. Sekarang ia telah diperlihatkan.

    Berkemungkinan besar MH370 adalah satu cubaan ke atas rantau Asia khususnya China. Andaian saya sahaja.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. sibotak Sep 15,2014 6:28 PM

    US Intelligence are never Intelligent
    It is based on Assumptions Accusations & Propaganda
    Nevertheless if it is a facts of Sept 11
    They have gone far beyond the purpose of Sept 11




    The Beheadings
    An adults travel to Iraq bearing US & British Passport regardless of reasons
    Having know their own leader has create enemy there
    Must not expect the Iraqi nor the ISIS to Welcome Them and lay Red Carpets
    US,British France now Australia must not expect the Iraqi , the ISIS
    When you Bombed their Children , Babies their Loves one
    Above their Head at their very own rooftops Sleeping

    One do not need to be educated nor civilize to know this

    Why I say US Intelligence was never True
    US Intelligence is based Propaganda
    Propaganda to shelter their interest
    Propaganda to show their False Might
    They said they have touch the Moon
    Till today they have not reach as much as the Russians did
    If they have done so They will have repeat their success journey to the Moon
    Instead of wasting their Resources in Iraq
    They said the existence of Bermuda Triangle
    World Scientists will make the Discovery today
    Is it not the Sea route to America during World War
    Was it not to deter enemy warship to route to America ?

    Preemptive Measures of US Intelligence are based on Assumptions & False Accusations
    Its definitely Illegal It crosses one Nation Soverignty

  14. Shadowmeth Sep 15,2014 4:45 PM

    Well said Tun.. well said.

  15. tebing tinggi Sep 15,2014 4:45 PM

    Salam Tun,

    After going through your writing , didn’t you think that the so called “jihadist” are fighting at the wrong ground and wrong target .
    What has come to my minds that ,all this supposed to be Islamic “jihadist” are western creation too, so much so, conflict could going on trough out the worlds and their(western) influence are always at the highest levels .

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