23. I don’t for one moment regard the beheading of the American journalist as Islamic, despite the claim of ISIL. I think it is disgraceful for Muslims to do such thing. It is against the teachings of Islam. But can any young and impressionable Muslim be blamed if they are so easily mislead into committing heinous crimes to avenge the injustice and oppression of their brothers and sisters in religion.

24. It is not the religion of Islam which led the Muslims to committing heinous acts. It is simply anger, hate and rage over not being able to do anything to stop the Europeans or West from oppressing people who profess the same religion as themselves. And Europeans, most of whom are not practicing Christians, react in the same way when Christians are faced with any threat.

25. Look at the record of the Europeans, especially after they created Israel. Now, although they will not admit it, they are carrying out a crusade against Islam and the Muslims. Call it a war on terror or the clash of civilisation. But factually it is still a continuation of the crusade of the past centuries.

26. Against this modern Crusade the Muslims have no answer. They don’t have a Saladin (Salah El Din) to lead them. And over the centuries they have allowed themselves to become weak. They have ignored the injunctions of Allah in the Quran that they must be prepared to defend the ummah and Islam.

27. Their religious teachers tell them to pray to Allah for help. But they neglect to inform that in the Quran Allah enjoins upon Muslims to help themselves first if they want Allah to answer their prayers. Quite obviously the Muslims have not followed this injunction. In fact many believe that it has been preordained that they should suffer European oppression.

28. Today not a single Government of a Muslim country has dared to challenge the European. Indeed many believe that the Europeans are a superior race that they should look up to; that it is futile to defend themselves against European aggression and oppression. Not a single Muslim country dares to stand up to the Europeans.

29. Expecting no help from the Governments of Muslim countries, many angry and frustrated Muslims took upon themselves to take revenge against the hated Europeans. For this purpose they preach their version of the teachings of Islam so as to influence young Muslim to be prepared to sacrifice their lives in a holy war.

30. All Muslims truly believe that to die in the defence of Islam and the Muslims results in martyrdom and heaven in the afterlife. It is not too difficult to convince young Muslims in the face of the injustice and oppression of Muslims that the war against the Europeans is a holy war.

31. But a war against the European promises no easy victory. Seeking revenge through acts of terror is much easier. And so the so-called jihadists are prepared to commit atrocities like beheading a European and recording it for the world to see.
32. I would like to say it again, it is not Islamic this beheading. Certainly it is not Islamic for Sunnis to massacre captured Shiahs or Shiahs to murder Sunnis.

33. The two sects had always fought each other in their mutual belief that the other is not Muslim. But what is happening today is bloodlust which started with the fight against Jewish Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel. Unable to defeat the Jews and their nominally Christian Europeans backers, the Muslims have now turned against each other. And occasionally when they manage to capture a European, they vent their spite on him.

34. This will go on for decades and even centuries, waxing and waning, for as long as there is the state of Israel and the Palestinians are denied their right to a homeland.

35. It is the seizure of Palestinian land to form the state of Israel which triggered the violent reaction of the Muslims in the last 70 over years. The Jewish reaction to the violent struggle of the Palestinians is to out terrorise them. That in turn resulted in other Muslims joining the Palestinian struggle. Unable to wage war they resort to acts of terror. And Israeli state terror escalated.

36. Directly and indirectly the Europeans back Israeli state terrorism. And so it goes on.
37. So what is the solution? It is certainly not more suppression and oppression of the Muslim, and in particular the Palestinian.

38. The solution lies in fairness and justice for the Palestinians.

39. I am writing this in Chechnya, a republic in the Russian Federation. The Chechens fought a war of independence against the Russian. It was a futile war. Three million ill-equipped Chechens against 200 million Russians with one of the most powerful military force in the world. Chechnya and Grozny its capital were razed to the ground before they were forced to stop fighting.

40. After the war the Russians allocated a trillion dollars to rebuild Chechnya and Grozny. Today, eight years after war ended, there is not a trace of the massive destruction caused by Russian missiles and bombs. Instead the whole country, and in particular Grozny has been completely rebuilt.

41. And today the Chechen can once again believe and practice the Muslim religion. Beautiful mosques and religious school abound. There is no more communist sanction against Islam.

42. Chechnya remains a republic in the Russian Federation but in religion and in many ways it is independent. The relation with Russia is friendly.

43. Maybe there is something to learn from the Chechen saga. Stop the oppression of Palestine. Stop the Crusade. Stop postulating the clash of civilisation. Stop regime change. Stop supplying arms for Muslims to fight Muslims.

44. It may take time but slowly the jihadists, will have no incentive to fight.

45. Allah has ordained that the enemy of the Muslims are those who fight and oppress them. Muslims must not war against those who have not attacked them (in any way). That is the way of Islam – peace unless you war against Islam.

46. Muslims who adhere strictly to these tenets and wish to live at peace with non-Muslims can only have credibility and be listened to if the oppression of the Muslims ceases.

36 thoughts on “BRITISH JIHADISTS (Pt 2)

  1. kalam putih Sep 25,2014 12:33 AM

    Setelah pelbagai bentuk konspirasi yang telah dilakukan oleh Amerika dan sekutu-sekutunya serta dibantu oleh pemimpin-pemimpin umat Islam yang khianat tidak berhasil, ada dua kemungkinan yang akan dilakukan oleh Amerika dan sekutu-sekutunya. Pertama, membiarkan peperangan terus berlanjutan sehingga umat Islam Syria tidak sanggup lagi untuk meneruskan peperangan dan menerima sebarang ‘penyelesaian’ yang didesignkan oleh Amerika dan sekutu-sekutunya.

    Untuk itu, Amerika akan membiarkan rejim Bashar Assad terus – menerus melakukan pembunuhan dengan kejam serta memusnahkan kediaman umat Islam Syria. Selain itu, rejim Bashar Assad juga menggunakan taktik “starve or surrender” bagi melemahkan semangat serta memberikan tekanan terhadap kebangkitan umat Islam Syria agar memilih untuk tidak meneruskan penentangan.

    Artikel Penuh :

  2. wajaperak Sep 23,2014 10:34 AM

    Mohon ruangan Tun.

    Under the intermission of my role,I found it most amusing that most muslimin do not fulfil their role as as muslimin in basic as fully we needed them be.
    Awaltuddin Makrifatullah.
    This is basic requirement.
    One have to memorize than be able to explains what is those 20 attributes.Fardu Ain.
    One is measures by this standard in Muslimin mainstream basic education.
    Of course there is a degree of comprehension and the skill to attain them.
    The weaker can be allowed to memorise and understand them up to few years.
    The weakest student of the muslimin in their tender age can be left alone ( lembam ).
    In Islam communities there must be a leader.
    Leader is chosen by this virtue by Allah commandment through Rasullulah s.a.w that is
    “Hendaklah yang menjadu Imam itu yang terlebih banyak hafalannya ( Al Quran )”.
    And in another Hadith
    “Hendaklah yang menjadi Imam itu yang terlebih baik bacaannya”.
    Dan sabda Rasululah s.a.w
    “Ana ( saya ) ini adalah terfasih sekali di dalam Bahasa Arab”.
    It is most foolish and unwise to follow any other convention than had been laid down by Rasullulah s.a.w.
    These is what Imam Ghazali said as ‘Gharar’.
    The firstmost basic and rudimentary principal of muslimin is to recite Al Quran in order to use them in later life.Replication.
    Imam Ghazali and Imam Shafie is a champion in reciting Al Quran.There were said to be a Hafiz as early as 5 year’s old.
    How pathetic is Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan the lowest in our mainstream health provider hierarchy claim that he understood how Cardiologist works?
    Let me illustrate an example of pathethicity.
    A senior Penolong Pegawai Perubatan work in a Haemodyliasis Unit.
    There he documented the patterned disease of the patient.
    Later he told a layman ( an ICT Technician ) how the initialization of the diabetic,the con comitant factor,the degeneration and the outcome of his care.
    I was bating with bated breath wether to laugh or to cry in anguish.
    Because the ICT technician spoke with such authority that I bet many laymen will be most impressed.
    Yes Tun.
    When we have ‘half baked’ practicitioner this is what we gets.
    The delusion.
    The grandeur of illusion.
    Self aggrandizement.
    Where do the Jihadist discussion postulate from here?
    From the delusion itself that varies from the path Rasullulah s.a.w advocates us.
    I wish to point out to another abuse of definition.
    When we go to a ‘high’ security area,buliding or premises we are needed to leave our ID in exchange for a pass.
    Sometimes the overzealous guard or security personnel demanded we leave our Idendity Card.They were mistaken in the definition of identification as Identity Card.
    Officer’s from Pejabat Pegawai Keselamatan Kerajaan Malaysia Jabatan Perdana Menteri advised us not to give away our IC for any pretext except under summons, and what we have here is gross violation of definition.
    You will find the propagator’s of certain ism is most guilty of the ism they professed especially Islam..
    Why most people sings rap?
    Normally they found out that they


    Terima kasih Tun.

  3. khdirsin Sep 21,2014 9:32 PM

    Power – knowledge – language
    Language – sentences – words
    Words – interpretation – knowledge

    Aren’t you guys curious to know what true language we are really speaking now? Rather than arguing the the different interpretation based on the language we understand?

    AlQuran was brought down as a book of knowledge and the Sunnah as its guide. And the book of knowledge itself is written in arabic as was simple to understand back then.

    Language is key to communication and knowledge, yet the most widely used medium of communicating isn’t what it was back then. Things has gone to both extreme end to explains things of the known and unknown.

    Yet humanity in today’s world yearns for simplicity, look at the technology advance today… “everything” just works. Because of the collective knowledge stored.

    In essence, our desire to communicate is just as simple as abcd. You, Me, What to say, What you get.

  4. mubarakchan Sep 21,2014 3:00 PM


    Your comments on the British Jihadists are classics.

    I fully support your comments which up-dated events concerning money and religion since the discoveries of Christopher Columbus of the New World, 1492 and Vasco da Gama of the Old World, 1498.

    From centuries ago, approximately over 500 years ago to now, the clash between the West and the East had not really ended arising from the misplacement of wealth which is to be found in the East and not the West. And to bolster their spirit for survival, the Christian religiion followed in the explorers footsteps.

    Acording to Wikipedia, Christopher Columbus saw his accomplishments personally in the light of spreading the Christian religion. And in Afghanistan, we observe the Alliance soldiers kneeling in prayer before going off to battle.

    In the olden days, the Portuguese and the Spaniards were looking for ways to avoid the hostile territories along the North African coast and the Mediterranean with the beginning of the Ottoman Empire. The Genoans and the Venetians were sea raiders to the fore. The Golden Spice Trade of the fabled East would help their fragile economies based on wheat, oats and barley.

    Fast trek to the present, the Americans and the West are not in the Middle East for a free lunch. They are fighting and killing for thier very own survival based on an industrialised and developed society locked in on OIL.

    And it is the OIL which became THE BASIS OF ALL THEIR CALCULATIONS ARISING FROM THEIR FAMED THINK TANKS. And included in this calculation the State of Israel is the gate-keeper of the Middle East for the West.

    Oil was discovered long ago in the very countries which now suffer the most strife and hardships which were torn up by the force of arms in recent years.

    Friendly despotic rulers were not enough but the total destruction of the established societies of these unfortunate countries which stood in the path of the policies of the West.

    Countries which were in the fore-front of the fray like Libya, Syria, Iraq, suffered. Iran would be in the same boat if she has not got a strong relligious and cultural society which unite the people.

    Hence, I always exhort, ‘ Malaysia Boleh ! Malays Boleh ! Malaysians Boleh ! ‘ I say ‘ Malays Boleh ” because a leading member of the Opposition said as a Chinese he only wants to be the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister ‘.

    Fast trek to 2014, it is not that the Washington DC think tanks did not think of the consequences of the total disruption of established societies through War but the fact that the control of vital natural resources for a nation’s survival like OIL is so much greater than a human life in super power terms. A sort of ALL OR NOTHING CONCEPT.

    And why do we see British Jihadists, approximately 500 of them flocking to do battle in the war-torn zones knowing full well death is a certaintly ? It is the well-developed media of the 21st Century which brought injustice, blood and death to affect all spectrum of an establshied society, every night through the TV into our living rooms . The energising or catalytic factor is what these British Jihadists experienced in their every day life from young.

    Some DAP wisecracks mentioned that David Cameron’s approach to block the Scottish Yes Referendum is good for our beloved Malaysia. This is a superfiicial comment at its very best. To me what transpired during the last 10 days of the Referendum was the DEPLOYMENT OF FEAR INTO THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE AVERAGE SCOTTISH PEOPLE and the use of the social media to achieve results in nanoseconds. The subtle use of cliches to define the Protestant and Roman Catholic ( for Independence ) relligiions and shock tactics on the very financial and economic well-being of the AVERAGE SCOTTISH PEOPLE. It was easy to shock the simple thoughts of the average person who does not understand how he or she had been exploited for 307 years by the English because without Scotland, the English are no more. Hence, the bitter fight for England’s survival. Hence, the political powers to devolve is free but the control of the North Sea Oil is of paramount importance. THE AVERAGE SCOTS TOOK THIS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND FEAR ARGUMENT ! And again lost their liberty in the process ! THE SOCIO-ECONOMICS IS STILL CONTROLLED BY THE ENGLISH !

    This very much like what the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 28 failed Policies for Singapore, did to his citizens and the Chinese Malaysians since 1959 by the use of his old brilliant 1947 Cambridge Law degree and his LEGAL MAGIC SHOW OF USING BROKEN MIRRORS AND THICK SMOKE. Like this, the average Singaporean or Chinese Malaysian up to 99.99 % would have been impressed and brainwashed. And we have political problems to this day !

    The British Jihadists who beheaded innocents, are an anomaly which are unbecoming of the Islam religion. It is just history repeating itself as like the great adventure led by the United States and the West to safeguard the very future of their survival through the control and ownership of OIL in the Middle East by proxies or whatever means.

    It is just a repeat of what happened in the Indian Ocean in the hey day of Vasco da Gama, the great Portuguese explorer when he massacred 400 pilgrims to Mecca, men, women and children in the open seas. Wikipedia. Or the disgraceful West African slave trade in the 18th to 19th Century operated by the English and other Europeans – THE EXPLOITATION OF MEN BY MEN. THE WEAK BY THE STRONG. In those days, it took many years for news to travel around until the 21st Century when we witness how the English stymied the Scottish Independence Referendum through the use of the latest brainwashing tactics using the social media.

    Let our BN Government be aware of how the social media is being used since the General Elections of 2008 and expect more of the same in the near future !


  5. sibotak Sep 19,2014 11:27 PM

    US are very much being posses by Hollywood Movies
    They are much obsess at which the school children go on Rampage at young age with guns Many incidence had happen in United States of America
    None much in any part of the World
    The Leader , the NATO Military leader also have much Fantasies over Hollywood

    It is in their mind that really haunted them
    As if the Muslims are Terrified Human Beings
    Their mind keeps telling the wrong thing

    As for the Muslim World ISIS Syria Hamas Iraq & many more Factions & Muslim nation
    Are they not concern The weapons they had M-16 or whatever they have
    are all made by Americans and these weapons to America is Peanut
    The very reason why they can sell all these weapons to the outside World
    Definitely they have better weapons that can smack weapons sold by Them

    One has to be Realistic on Confronting when weak
    On the other one also cannot be submissive
    Its a sovereignty & honor of a Nation of an individual
    So what must one do ?

    Unprofessional Fighting Out Spoken Speech Up roaring not engaging reality
    Will just do more Harm

  6. Abu Alya Sep 19,2014 10:11 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Sebenarnya tentera Kristian jauh lebih ganas dari ISIS yang memenggal kepala spy kafir, walaupun keganasan tentera Kristian itu tidak menjadi isu besar kerana mangsa adalah orang Islam.

    Seperti yang Tun terangkan : 17. In Bosnia Herzegovina 12,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered with axes and bludgeons after Dutch Nato troops who were supposed to protect them simply moved away to allow Serbs to carry out their murderous work.

    Saya fikir ada baiknya, kerajaan Malaysia melalui Kementerian Penerangan, ambil inisiatif menubuhkan satu ejensi berita antarabangsa yang bebas, tapi pro-Islam, untuk laporan berita yang benar.

    Pernah terjadi kepada Tun sendiri, apabila berita yang sepatutnya disebarkan secara meluas di kalangan negara Islam, tapi mendapat sambutan hambar, malahan disekat oleh media tempatan secara sistematik. [ baca sini Tun’s Appeal … ]

    Apa yang terjadi selepas itu, ialah gembar-gembur media tempatan yang membenam isu yang Tun cuba ketengahkan, sehingga ada Menteri yang buat kenyataan bahawa orang Shiah adalah kafir dan darah mereka adalah halal – satu idea Jihadist, yang turut menjadi modal ceramah bagi para agamawan untuk memanjangkan lagi persengketaan sesama Islam.

    Who needs a kafir or a Christian crusader, when you can lease a ‘Muslim’ like ISIS, to kill his Muslim brother?

  7. wajaperak Sep 19,2014 9:20 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Mr Balance.
    [professionally military trained and you are very sure that it is the right way]
    Dear oh dear Mr Balance..:)
    Life is what we choose what we wants to be.
    You made your bed of nails so you must sleep on it.
    I chose to be in the Malaysian Air Force sometime ago to be a pilot.
    Fighter pilot and not other like transport pilot etc.
    It is what we called ‘Idealism’.
    Reality is far from what I envisioned them to be and I quit because I can.
    In my time,
    in 3 ‘part’ of training we have senior,intermediate and junior.In between there is SUO
    ( Senior Under Officer ),JUO ( Junior Under Officer ) and the brunt end that is us Junior..:)
    Senior will ragged the Intermediate who can have their revenge on the Junior that is us.
    Senior have the luxury to ragged us as well instead of letting the Intermediate do the job.
    So we we ragged by human and by the convention.
    Daytime we do PT ( Physical Training ) morning and evening which sapped us physically and at nightime we study which sapped us mentally.
    The trainer’s said “This is what differentiate officer’s from other rank.They don’t have to study”.
    And study we did indeed!
    That was the hard time.
    Later we found out the new batch of Cadet’s took training like Boarding School.
    No ragging no nothing like ‘extreme’.
    So the outcome is less sturdier than we were.
    The Authorities decided our life which to certain extent I totally disagree.
    The mutual agreement is ‘For The Benefit Of Our Country’.
    But I found out this is loosely translated according to the whim and fancy to whom is incharge.
    When challenged the answer always ” IT IS YOU WHO SIGNED FOR IT”..
    Yes Mister but the term and condition must suit both parties and not only because you sir said it like it is.
    Mr Balance.
    Remember my role as Agent Provocateur.
    I did not says or proclaimed military life is the best.
    What I did says sometimes regimented discipline is needed in life.
    Those discipline must be integral in our part of life


    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. balance Sep 19,2014 8:57 AM


    {I don’t for one moment regard the beheading of the American journalist as Islamic, despite the claim of ISIL.}

    Surely lah Tun, how can violence, killing and fighting or beheading be Islamic. The normal functioning brain person should never see ISIL doing as religious or spiritual. Which religion propagate and promote killing or violence? I dont think any Gods need human’s protection and defending if we believe that God is the creator of universe? Big conflict here!!!

  9. wajaperak Sep 19,2014 8:30 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Your words contradicts. Your credibility is in question]

    Al Qasas 50.

    فَإِنْ لَمْ يَسْتَجِيبُوا لَكَ فَاعْلَمْ أَنَّمَا يَتَّبِعُونَ أَهْوَاءَهُمْ ۚ وَمَنْ أَضَلُّ مِمَّنِ اتَّبَعَ هَوَاهُ بِغَيْرِ هُدًى مِنَ اللَّهِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ
     
    Asad : And since they cannot respond to this thy challenge, know that they are following only their own likes and dislikes: and who could be more astray than he who follows [but] his own likes and dislikes without any guidance from God? Verily, God does not grace with His guidance people who are given to evildoing!

    “Karena sesungguhnya bukanlah mata itu yang buta, tetapi yang buta adalah hati yang di dalam dada.” (SURAH al-Hajj: 46)

    Allah question’s you and not me..:)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  10. balance Sep 19,2014 7:36 AM

    azurestratos September 18, 2014 at 5:09 PM | Permalink
    Greetings and peace to you too,

    Allah is the sole provider, and He chooses through which door or way He wishes to bestow providence, be it through muslims, non-muslims, or from the earth or sky. (And others)
    Very very beautiful and meaningful sentence. This is wisdom.
    Qualification or training will not necessary bring a person to the correct view of life or thoughts or interpretation.
    Giving humanitarian aid is not about religion or/and race, giving humanitarian aid is about kindness and the love of life and people. It is dangerous to think that giving humanitarian aid and helping others must be for same race or/and religion.

    Hope to hear/read more from you.

  11. Tuntuah Sep 18,2014 11:00 PM

    Congrat. A very nice article.
    Now becoming a muslim is mundur, jahat, kejam and so on.
    We suppose to be liberal, accept lgbt, free sex, hapus akta hasutan, hapus isa, blah blah blah.

    Even better to sokong munafik, sokong peliwat, sokong org takut bini and blah blah blah.

    I am very afraid. The gelombang of bala are coming. Mh370, mh17, kemarau panjang, hidup makin susah, economy menguncup, a lot more to come.

    Harap it wont berpanjangan.
    So najib please step down lah, peliwat please la taubat, haji haji pas, insaflah…

    Everybody these days become materialistic, fitnah, tamak kuasa, tamak harta.

    It is the rise of firaun……TAUBAT LA SEMUA TERMASUK DIRI INI.

  12. azurestratos Sep 18,2014 5:09 PM

    Greetings and peace,
    Thank you Tun once again for allowing me to post.


    A muslim must be careful to speak the truth, especially when presenting quranic verses. With that it is important to refer to people of highest knowledge (certified Islamic scholar), and refrain from making your own interpretations.
    source Ustz Azhar:
    I don’t know your qualification, but unless you have Islamic degree certified by MQA…

    Back to MSF topic. I had pointed that MSF is limited as only to providing medical and sanitation development aid to war-torn countries.
    Your reply:
    1. Muslimin is a service provider of their own.
    2. The role is fardu kifayah as explained in feqah.
    3. Those role belongs to muslimin that we allowed other’s to do.

    Allah is the sole provider, and He chooses through which door or way He wishes to bestow providence, be it through muslims, non-muslims, or from the earth or sky. (And others)

    The role of helping muslims in need in war torn countries depend on interpretations by different Islamic scholar. It can be fardhu ain or fardhu kifayah.

    [Those role belongs to muslimin that we allowed other’s to do.]
    Right. Let others do it. Might as well you shouldn’t bother to comment about humanitarian aid, since its not your “role”. I should bother with it cause I’m about to take upon that “role”.

    Again, none of your statements answers the question of “the limitation of MSF”, thus the need to study a more viable alternative since we don’t have one. Thus I conclude your previous 3 replies was irrelevant to subject matter, instead simply stating;
    “Its okay we don’t have to it if other people do it,”

    I have understood your thoughts. Thank you for your input.

    Also, you couldn’t list out the duties of khalifah/vicegerent. Yet you belated others for not fulfilling the duties, and claimed you have completed learning the basics of Islam.
    Your words contradicts. Your credibility is in question.

  13. balance Sep 18,2014 12:24 PM

    wajaperak September 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM | Permalink

    Wow! Very good explaination and i accept them too. I dont hate you or anyone as you have the right to think and fabricate (mind/thoughts) whatever you think that suit you. Now i understand more why people fight or go to war and why some people/countries practice the preemptive policies or strike first measures. Thank you
    That’s only one “but” for me, hope not so many people think like you or hope you are just joking. If you are not joking then have to accept your comments as you are professionally military trained and you are very sure that it is the right way.
    For me a country military is still a defensive force and not an offensive force and i am not saying i am right too. For the Sabah case, Malaysian Military dont attack the criminals we only try to catch them or stop their criminal ways to harm Malaysians.
    I hope people dont have to be prepared for war or learn how to be like Serbians to attack their neighbors or live in military ruled life.
    I was so happy to be able to read an article in The Star about how Sarawakians villagers live happily together without any reservations and doubts or thoughts about fighting, preemptive measures or supremacy ideology. There are still good people around, pls dont give up on human begins.

  14. wajaperak Sep 18,2014 9:37 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    I humble myself by refraining to post quranic verses, for fear of Allah and out of respect to the quran. I am not a certified Islamic scholar (ahli tafsir), therefore I must be careful not to use quranic verses out of context. To forbid what is lawful (mengharamkan yang halal) and vice versa is a great sin. I prefer to provide links to certified Islamic scholars texts instead]

    Do you believe in the hierarchy of comprehension?
    The degree of the skill of understanding them?
    The degree of how Islamic mainstream media education is taught?
    Then you will realizes the intern of education of the young muslimin started from early Quran recitation.
    Of course.
    You are excused.

    [What is the relation between the two things you said (above), and what is its relation to providing medical, economical and social development aid to war torn countries?

    You still don’t get it.Those role belongs to muslimin that we allowed other’s to do.
    Red Cresent is the example we have doing it as good as them.If not better.

    [Also Sura Al Anfal verse that you posted pertains to “use and display of military power and hardware to act as deterrent of enemy attacks and unknown threats”. Military preparations as deterrents is done by all countries, thats common fact.]

    Still you don’t get it.I meant to say what is our role in micro management as opposed to macro management.

    What does it have to do with ;
    [Which part of the preparation that I do and you don’t that you find them funny??]
    Is your preparation is something military? It seems out of context from the verse. I’ll be patient to hear your explanation.

    I was officially trained militarily.Unlike other’s who did not care about basic Islamic military education,the emphasize is about education.All muslimin true fighter is a scholar first militer second.We are very well verse in our religion according to mu’taalim concept.
    Most muslimin fighter especially the so called Jihadist are fake.
    You must earn your stripe in education namely Hafazan.
    Your attitude determines your applitude.
    We sought refuge from the ignorant.

    As roles of khilafah/vicegerent are:
    1. As slave (hamba) to Allah and to serve (ibadah) him.
    2. To do good deeds, and withstand tests in life.
    3. To spread peace (memakmurkan bumi) (al’imarah)
    4. As guardian (memelihara bumi) (arri’ayah)
    5. As Protector (perlindungan) which can be further divided to 3 sub groups.

    As muslim, we need to observe all. Do the must (wajib) and try to do the encouraged (sunat). Under the role of Protector, is where helping fellow muslims in distress is a must (wajib). This help can be of humanitarian aid, thus the relation to our discussion.
    If anyone find any of the information written is untrue, feel free to inform me. Thank you.

    Nobody question your true or false intention.
    My contention is the basic.
    The Jihadist is fake.
    Muslimin must excel in education first and be invited to join the true jihad after graduated from the rank.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. wajaperak Sep 18,2014 9:10 AM

    I was very much appalled by the “New Order” of muslimin.
    They lives Islam diferrent from what Rasullulah s.a.w. advocated.
    Most Tabligh Jammat that I have met is the believer of Qadariah claiming to be Assunah Wal Jamiah.
    When I met strong opposition’s of believed dogma,I stand down.
    Repeated counsel through Al Quran recitation always do the trick.
    Recite Al Quran with me.
    I can always proof your very stand need’s reevaluation.
    To all who believed that they know much wisdom please tell me what the horses neigh meant?


    Terima kasih Tun.

  16. wajaperak Sep 18,2014 9:00 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Mr Balance.
    Military + nothing = defence
    Religion + nothing = love and peace
    Military + Religion = WAR
    Military + Religion + blind faith = Stupid WAR
    Religion + Knowledge + strategies = Wisdom
    Military + Knowledge + strategies = CIA and its partners
    Knowledge + Wisdom = human advancement

    I imposed myself that it is my duty to be here.Some hate me because I stood against their wishes like muslimin stood against Abdullah Ibnu Sabaq.
    How come Military plus nothing =defence?.
    To the very intention of brilliant individual’s of Sparta one time ago,they realizes that their tiny nation are going to be swamped by larger neighbouring nation.
    Sparta adopted military life and regimented them.
    They are still the model of a military nation.
    Religion plus nothing equals love and peace.
    The contention of all war is to achieve peace!..
    How ironic..:)
    How come military plus religion is WAR??
    Do you know some time ago a country was invaded.
    A peace loving nation who believed that no army is needed.We are peaceful people.
    Who are going to molest us peacepul people?
    A waste of country resources.
    When they were ravaged and witnessed uncomprehended brutalities, they turned to a neighbouring country for help ( whom they sniggered earlier for being a military nation ).
    The call for defend is for arm.
    All able bodied boys and men must conscript.
    “Lend us your fork and hoe,we give back your freedom”.
    Some were moved and gives willingly.
    Some protested.
    If we lend you our tool’s of livehood,
    How are we going to live our daily?
    In comes the preacher.
    Religion is used to knock the senses into the farmer and pheasant’s.
    Military + Religion + blind faith = Stupid WAR.
    What happened in Bosnia?
    Bosnian believed the above and not prepared.
    Serb believed otherwise and comes fully prepared.
    How many lives Bosnian have to pay for believing the idealism like you?..:(
    Religion + Knowledge + strategies = Wisdom.
    Which side are you on?
    The Axis like in the World War 2?
    Military + Knowledge + strategies = CIA and its partners.
    CIA and its partners succeeded everywhere in the world except in Malaysia..:)
    Knowledge + Wisdom = human advancement.
    This is the very fact Israel are doing in Palestine.
    Palestinian must lie down.
    Lie down and die!..
    Otherwise how we are going to starts anew??


    I SAYS SO!..:)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  17. azurestratos Sep 17,2014 11:45 PM

    Greetings and peace,

    The statement you shared was very interesting. I was not aware of the happening where spies disguise themselves as humanitarian workers, which is alarming. Previously I had only thought they posed as journalists. Thank you for sharing.

    I humble myself by refraining to post quranic verses, for fear of Allah and out of respect to the quran. I am not a certified Islamic scholar (ahli tafsir), therefore I must be careful not to use quranic verses out of context. To forbid what is lawful (mengharamkan yang halal) and vice versa is a great sin. I prefer to provide links to certified Islamic scholars texts instead.

    Back to MSF topic. I had pointed that MSF is limited as only to providing medical and sanitation development aid to war-torn countries.

    1. Your reply was: Muslimin is a service provider of their own.
    2. Your clarification was: the role is fardu kifayah as explained in feqah.

    What is the relation between the two things you said (above), and what is its relation to providing medical, economical and social development aid to war torn countries?

    Mentioning the muslimin not fulfilling their roles as khalifah/vicegerent is funny, because it is closely related to the discussion of humanitarian aid and other aids to people in trouble. I will explain later that helping people in need is one of the duties of khalifah/vicegerent.

    Also Sura Al Anfal verse that you posted pertains to “use and display of military power and hardware to act as deterrent of enemy attacks and unknown threats”. Military preparations as deterrents is done by all countries, thats common fact.
    What does it have to do with ;
    [Which part of the preparation that I do and you don’t that you find them funny??]
    Is your preparation is something military? It seems out of context from the verse. I’ll be patient to hear your explanation.

    As roles of khilafah/vicegerent are:
    1. As slave (hamba) to Allah and to serve (ibadah) him.
    2. To do good deeds, and withstand tests in life.
    3. To spread peace (memakmurkan bumi) (al’imarah)
    4. As guardian (memelihara bumi) (arri’ayah)
    5. As Protector (perlindungan) which can be further divided to 3 sub groups.

    As muslim, we need to observe all. Do the must (wajib) and try to do the encouraged (sunat). Under the role of Protector, is where helping fellow muslims in distress is a must (wajib). This help can be of humanitarian aid, thus the relation to our discussion.

    If anyone find any of the information written is untrue, feel free to inform me. Thank you.

  18. Hajar Sep 17,2014 8:34 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    I concur with Tun on this matter, in particular point #43.

    There is no point to always show ‘sikap kejantanan/kebinatangan?’ to others especially when most of the murdered/killed victims were innocent people.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  19. balance Sep 17,2014 7:45 PM

    wajaperak September 17, 2014 at 9:29 AM | Permalink

    Enjoy so much reading your comments and would like to ask you this, do you think that people that are involved in/with IS are having the same thinking as you?

    Military + nothing = defence
    Religion + nothing = love and peace
    Military + Religion = WAR
    Military + Religion + blind faith = Stupid WAR
    Religion + Knowledge + strategies = Wisdom
    Military + Knowledge + strategies = CIA and its partners
    Knowledge + Wisdom = human advancement
    Ha ha Just ignore my comments

  20. sibotak Sep 17,2014 6:57 PM

    I see the need as a Muslim for a Third Party
    To be involves to unite the Sunnis, Shiah ,Taliban, Isis,Iraqis , Syrian
    & the rest of the Muslim World to be together as a Whole
    This to me Is The Key Hold of What & Why its happening

    With Kallimah as One , Look ..look…. look into yr God Damn Children eyes
    Into their Future
    Put the past behind ,its not easy I know but its worst than now
    Moves forward as a Whole with IKHLAS

    This is what US , Israel ,The West Feared Most
    This is what they don,t want to see
    This will Push Invasion out of Middle East


    Are we consenting ourselves to be Taken one by one
    It starts with Afgan , Iraq , Libya ,Syria much much further
    It is Iran when the Chain is at its Weakest Link

    If I could see Najib can shakes hand with PAS Leader
    Lim Kit Siang will Wet
    Anwar Ibrahim will be Begging
    Does they need a Third Party ?
    Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    You are A Great Leader You are still till today
    Yr concerns till today after Retirement without Pay as LKY
    Tells us a thousand truth You are a Great Leader
    Yr era & Najib era is different
    Najib now has been threaten by Strong Vocals Oppositions
    Engineered by Anwar Ibrahim for his Revenge
    Taken a Ride by Lim Kit Siang
    Damage done by ignorant Pak Lah
    Endangered by US interest
    Smiled by PAP

    You need to approach him in a Swift Effective Political Manner
    A Favorable Nice Approach

  21. wajaperak Sep 17,2014 4:49 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    I humble myself by refraining to post quranic verses]

    Kassim Ahmad doth similarly..I am most disturbed!

    [Your reply was Muslimin is a service provider of their own. I have no idea what that means. Please clarify]

    The role is Fardu Kifayah..The need to explain is plain in Feqah.

    [Also you mentioned muslimin now doesn’t fulfill their duty as khalifah/vicegerent, which is funny]
    Al Anfal 60.
    وَأَعِدُّوا لَهُم مَّا اسْتَطَعْتُم مِّن قُوَّةٍ وَمِن رِّبَاطِ الْخَيْلِ تُرْهِبُونَ بِهِ عَدُوَّ اللَّهِ وَعَدُوَّكُمْ وَآخَرِينَ مِن دُونِهِمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَهُمُ اللَّهُ يَعْلَمُهُمْ وَمَا تُنفِقُوا مِن شَيْءٍ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ يُوَفَّ إِلَيْكُمْ وَأَنتُمْ لَا تُظْلَمُونَ

    Which part of the preparation that I do and you don’t that you find them funny??

    [Please enlighten me by listing what are those duties? You shall find my answer in one of those duties]

    Yang akan memakmurkan masjid-masjid hanyalah orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan dihari kemudian, mendirikan solat, membayar zakat dan tidak takut (kepada siapapun) selain kepada Allah, maka merekalah orang-orang yang diharapkan termasuk golongan orang-orang yang mendapat petunjuk.(Al-Qur”an Surat At Taubah ayat 18).

    No.You are not the practictioner.
    Di zaman moden ini bila mereka mereka yang mengamalkan apa yang di perlakukan oleh Saidina Umar r.a. bangkai mereka digigit dan dikunyah serta di mamah..
    Itulah sunnah perjuangan yang tulin.
    All is Jihadist the way muslimin define them and not by the very hatred enemy,foe and opposition.
    In war and in Al Quran the beheading is part of the stratagem.
    Those who do not study the conceptual should ask.
    If you know tell me.
    If you don’t let us learn.
    Jika anda memandai-memandai dan menyamar sebagai orang muslimin..


    Islam itu didirikan di atas kejantanan dan kelakian.
    I find another methodology is most disturbing.

    Terima kasih.

  22. azurestratos Sep 17,2014 1:36 PM

    Greetings and peace, to Tun, and my fellow persons,
    Thank you Tun for allowing us to discuss,

    Islam urges us if we were to offer counsel or advice (tegur), we should do so in private away from public, to minimize any negativity and prevent humiliation, thus respecting the person’s honor (maruah). If privacy is not available, another way is to be unspecific to whom you address the advice to, so as to appear saying it to the general people.

    To add to that, I want to say a quote by Saidina Ali that goes in similar meaning “lies that are organized, can win against truth that are unorganized”. Our discussions here is way of exchanging thoughts, thus its important for us to be able to understand others and make others able to understand us. For that the facts need be organized, so truth can be found.

    Getting to topic. @ wajaperak
    I humble myself by refraining to post quranic verses. I will however answer your call to me to “present my arguments and prove if I am truthful”, which is the meaning of the quranic verse you posted (in case anyone’s wondering).

    We are discussing about MSF. I had pointed that MSF is limited as only to providing medical and sanitation development aid to war-torn countries.

    Your reply was Muslimin is a service provider of their own. I have no idea what that means. Please clarify.

    Also you mentioned muslimin now doesn’t fulfill their duty as khalifah/vicegerent, which is funny. Please enlighten me by listing what are those duties? You shall find my answer in one of those duties.

  23. mokhtar Sep 17,2014 11:26 AM



  24. wajaperak Sep 17,2014 9:29 AM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan.
    [Mr Balance
    Killing others cannot be from or because of religion, righteousness or just hate, it must be some other reasons that people are killing each other]
    If life is so simple there will be angels visible to us!..:)
    But life is not meant to be so..
    In our discourse this time I will offer’s you another perspective.
    Once upon the time the Medical Practictioner namely doctor’s have a great mystery to overcome which baffle them.
    They have practiced to the best of their abilities and the sound of the medicine principal and yet certain disturbing numbers of their patients dies.
    Finally their understands the concept of human soul.Defined among other..

    1) The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many
    religions is believed to live forever.

    2) A person’s deeply felt moral and emotional nature.

    3) The ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty
    and art, etc.

    And their use this methodology to the betterment of the patient’s.

    Medical psychologists apply psychological theories, scientific psychological findings, and techniques of psychotherapy, behavior modification, cognitive, interpersonal, family, and life-style therapy to improve the psychological and physical health of the patient. Psychologists with post doctoral specialty training as medical psychologists are the practitioners with refined skills in clinical observation in of the field of psychology, learning, central nervous system adaptation and change, and adaptation and lifestyle change applying a number of different methods in several different mediums of treatment. Highly qualified and post graduate specialized doctors are trained for service in primary care centers, hospitals, residential care centers, and long-term care facilities and in multidisciplinary collaboration and team treatment. They are trained and equipped to modify physical disease states and the actual cytoarchitecture and functioning of the central nervous and related systems using psychological and pharmacological techniques (when allowed by statute), and to provide prevention for the progression of disease having to do with poor personal and life-style choices and conceptualization, behavioral patterns, and chronic exposure to the effects of negative thinking, choosing, attitudes, and negative contexts.

    Why human kills another human being?
    Criminal Investigations [ ASTRO can be beneficial academically sometimes..:) ]
    have documented some of the fact.
    In the World War 2,
    scientist were used by both side of the war to facilitate the winning factor’s.
    Some have used ‘The Natural Born Killer’s they have found in abundance by the trauma of the war to the best that suited their role.
    Simply said there is a reason’s for being.
    The reason’s if you read them from the Journal and anecdote is most disturbing.
    You yourselves that thought thing is not possible will realizes that certain measure’s is need for a certain type of measure’s.
    Allow me to relate my own training experience.
    We we told to ‘makan kuih gulung’ that is side roll manoeuvre the entire length of football field.
    My friend have so much disoriented ( terribly vomited ) that when I tried to help him the Trainer said “Biar dia mampos!”..There was a puddle of water in the field among the grass and he drank from the water heartily..
    You can dechiper this all you want but in the military training this is certain measure’s is needed to turn the boys into men.
    We needed men to defend the sovereign of our countries and you need not know how it is done..
    Reflect well on your studies.
    There is much more that only need to know basis that we need not know..:)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  25. wajaperak Sep 17,2014 8:52 AM

    Mohon ruangan Tun.
    [Unless and until the Arabs agree never to raise a hand or fire a shot in anger against another Arab in these conflicts]
    With all due respect Mr grkumar.
    It is well understood that this Malay ‘pepatah’ must be applied.
    “Betapa berat mata memandang?
    “Berat lagilah bahu yang memikul..”
    I am thanking you Mr grkumar for your kind comment’s and concern.
    Muslimin problem is for muslimin to overcome.
    Muslimin have been divided since Saidina Usman r.a.
    This is a man Allah promised heaven and Rasullulah s.a.w. son in law and yet the other band of Arab have raised their arm and voices and finally killed him.
    What do we learns from here?
    What do we called the Arabs who admitted the facts and yet still kill Saidina Usman r.a.?
    And what about all muslimin who must avenged his death?
    Do we learns?
    Human contention is never ending.
    It can only be lessen to the point of peace the way
    Saidina Ali r.a.
    Ibnu Abbas r.a.
    Saidina Hassan r.a
    Saidina Hussin r.a.
    All muslimin sage and saint’s all over the world who have shown us methodologically how.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. wajaperak Sep 17,2014 8:34 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Greeting and peace to you too azurestratos..:)
    [However MSF is limited to what it is; a humanitarian organization, specialized in medical and sanitation development]
    Actually that is what this contention all about.
    Muslimin is a service provider by their own.
    All in their limited best possible ways.
    Unfortunately we did not fulfil our role as khalifah in this world as vicegerent.
    This role can only be fulfill by educated people.
    Muslimin specialist by any standard of the world.
    Muslimin basic mainstream education is nowaday’s least utilized.
    Most content on being what their heart desire’s.
    The need to serve’s and provide to social need and obligation is wanting.
    Ask ourself what we have gave to our Alma Matter?
    If this alone is unfufill why bother talks about other’s need and obligation?
    Most so called Jihadist I ever met is ‘bloated’, full of form lack of function’s.
    They even neglect basic muslimin education practice’s.
    Shame and embarrassment is not in their vocabularies and definitely in their CV!
    I am here pronounce to my deepest of embarrassment after all this year’s I have yet to memorize Surah Yassin.
    Why Surah Yassin?
    The heart is the integral part of human body.
    All these self proclaimer Jihadist must undergo basic education first.

    قُلْ هَاتُوا بُرْهَانَكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ صَادِقِينَ

    I hereby have fulfil this basic muslimin requirement.
    Thank you Mr.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. grkumar Sep 17,2014 5:47 AM

    The British are to often “mystified” by the mischief they create and the consequences that flow from them.

    Perhaps the current generation of subscribers to blogs and bloggers have no sense of history and can’t remember what happened when the Reverend Terry Waite, a British ‘humanitarian’ Church of England pastor was kidnapped by ‘terrorists’ in Lebanon all those years ago in the late 1980’s. He was held captive for about 4 years then released in a negotiated settlement between Britain, the Red Cross and Hezbollah.

    It was later revealed and acknowledged by Britain that Terry Waite was an MI5 agent under the cover of his clergyman guise much like another foreigner captured then he being the Vice Chancellor of the American University in Beirut. He was the station chief of the Central Intelligence Agency in Beirut at the time.

    Hamas was referred to as a rag tag bunch of terrorists and underestimated as to its real capabilities. They had an intelligence unit that identified and targeted proper military personnel or spies.

    Terry Waite was barred from giving interviews. He went into seclusion and became a recluse guarded by the British. His position and the position of many of Britain’s assets in the region were all compromised. So too with the Americans.

    Nothing is what it appears to be. Again the point is raised, when will we set up independent media agencies and networks? as long as we are reliant on the information (mis information) dressed up and fed to us as truth, we will all continue to remain like the proverbial “katak di bawa tempurong”.

    Our children will continue to secure for themselves prestigious degrees for the ‘best’ foreign universities but inspite of it will continue to be ignorant and unenlightened.

    You set up Bernama under Hassan Mustapha and that too has become a shadow of its former self. With the advent of electronic computer led, cyberspace technology we can’t afford to be ignorant or we will end up like the Arabs.

    All our wealth will be squandered into prestige projects with little long term value in terms of creating an educated informed generation of Malaysians.

    One look at blogsphere, face book and tweet and you will get the picture.

  28. azurestratos Sep 16,2014 11:25 PM

    Greetings and peace @ wajaperak,

    Thank you for your opinion. MSF is indeed a great humanitarian organization that helps countless around the world. Their reputation is well known.

    However MSF is limited to what it is; a humanitarian organization, specialized in medical and sanitation development. We have similar others like our own MERCY. Being mainly humanitarian, it does not include social and economical development. Much modern and rich countries easily take liberties in underdeveloped muslim countries, thus muslims need to empower themselves with social and economical development.

    Humanitarians organizations are also limited in reach; they don’t send members into risk settings. Most of them also requires members being professionals of relevant fields. The IS ignores all this and is open to all, thus muslims fall prey to that. We need to save these men with well-intentions by providing an outlet that;
    1. Not limited in reach.
    2. Not limited in work qualifications. We can provide work training prior to being sent.
    3. Path with no violence, but progressive. If need be we could employ peacekeepers for protection if viable.

  29. sibotak Sep 16,2014 8:29 PM

    The whole World knew what NATO DID IS WRONG ?
    Turn the table around World against US & NATO
    Every one travels the World with Smiles
    Animals will smile to be Slaughtered than to be Bombs by NATO
    CHINA has moves far ahead so as Russia
    What has US brought its Allies to ?
    Economic Flops ,Currencies Drop , Un employment & many


  30. Abu Alya Sep 16,2014 3:18 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. There is too much violence and inhumanity going on around the so-called Muslim countries. The blood-thirsty madness and brutality of the ISIS in propagating their version of the religion (Wahhabism), first battling the Syrian Army and now the Iraqi government, is a manifestation of their insatiable hatred towards the Shia Muslims put to action.

    2. The US and Israel are willing to back any group of terrorist who are willing to be their proxy in waging war against Iran who is backing Israel’s most feared enemy – the Hizbullah soldiers in Lebanon and Syria.

    3. The actual war going on in the Middle East, orchestrated by the Jewish gun traders and the Rothschild bankers, is not between Arab-Israel but rather an attempt to escalate war against Iran and the Shia Muslims.

    4. The US, Israel and the ISIS Wahhabi militants – they all have a common enemy to destroy. When the Arab Spring failed to bloom in Syria and the domino piece did not fall as expected, they turn their guns on the Shia Muslim. It is not a mere coincident that our very own Zahid had recently labelled the Shia as kafirs. And against whom did the PAS militant, Lotfi Ariffin, fought in Syria? and why did Najib praise the ISIS and wants UMNO members to emulate them?

    5. A real Muslim, by one of its definition, is someone who you are safe to be with. You are not afraid because you know he/she will not cause you harm.

    6. However, in Malaysia we are also not in safe hands. Our economy, the nations’ wealth and its people security is being jeopardized by the various Soros-backed societies and politicians who are demanding for more room to create troubles with the abolishment of the Akta Hasutan.

    7. The British Jihadist is only a passing advertisement, is just an IKLAN, an inter-frame to show how terrible and dangerous to have a ‘muslim’ in your midst.

  31. grkumar Sep 16,2014 1:37 PM

    The rush to blame “Muslims” just because some faceless fighters belonging to a particular group (whoever they are) claim to be executing prisoners in the name of God is an unwelcome demonstration of ignorance and submission to a media campaign against Islam the new bogey man of the west.

    During the communist insurgency in Malaysia the Batang Kali incident was blamed on “Chinese Communist Guerilla Fighters”. There were more like the Batang Kali incident such as the killing of George “Wally” Walker the Scotsman who managed Elphil Estate in Sungei Siput one of two incidents which precipitated the “insurgency” in Malaysia which would cost many many lives in the years to come.

    Newly released documents into the hands of lawyers and researchers show us two things. These murders and massacres were not necessarily the work of communist guerillas who were instead desperately trying to win the hearts and minds of the local rural population.

    Viet Nam we must remember was the result of similar “Black jobs” and an incident referred to as the “Gulf of Tonking” incident in which American warships in neutral waters off the Gulf of Tonking were supposedly attacked unprovoked by North Viet Namese MiGs.

    Not so admitted former US secretary of state Robert Strange McNamara and the papers released to academics and researchers years later. The Pentagon papers of Daniel Elsberg leaked confirmed the same facts and Elsberg was the subject of an assassination threat by the Pentagon and Richard Nixon at the time.

    ISIS is nothing more nothing less than another instrument of US foreign policy in the middle east. This is a group with a name coined by the US. They consist of a number of disgruntled Islamic and non Islamic activists and radicals of Arab nationalists fed up of the destruction of the state of Iraq and the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians, the lightning rod of all middle east conflicts.

    For the “gruesome” death by execution of two white men (both Folley and Steven Sotloff were American Jews with Sotloff being a dual US Israeli citizen) which is unpardonable one must ask how much less dignified were these killings to that of a leader of the Arab world Saddam Hussein who was hanged then had his execution broadcast via Youtube? No comment from Good Christians and men of conscience there.

    No regular “journalist” from my own personal experience and research of the conflicts has been deployed to any of these zones of conflict in such situations without prior training in intelligence gathering under the cover of journalism.

    Both Sotloff and Folley showed the kind of calmness and resolve prior to their execution only a highly trained soldier would show. Be that as it may their executions were not justifiable or right.

    But let us be honest if we cannot be honourable. How many lines of outrage have been written by the mainstream media about the “execution” of 4 Palestinian children strafed from the air on a beach in the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza?

    How many lines or air time minutes were dedicated to the missile attacks and close quarter combat victims of Israeli gun fire.?

    These being children and the elderly. About 1000 of them. And are they reported as executions in the name of the Jewish God? and why not? Does not the book of Deuteronomy call for the murder of all living things not Jewish in the land of Israel? do not the Chabad uphold this command literally?

    Ask therefore the question. Why is one set of human life more precious than the other to people who claim equality, fairness, justice and human rights as an integral part of their constitutions and consciences?

    Why should the Arabs (and the Muslims amongst them), a people displaced, de humanized, demonized and then radicalized by war show any more mercy than their enemies (which includes the west who support Israel’s butchery of the Arabs) would show them?

    For one and I am happy to be a lone voice if required do not believe that ISIS is a rogue Islamic fundamentalists group running riot in the middle east any more than the Batang Kali killers were Chinese communists.

    ISIS is an independent faction of the so called Al Queida movement funded and trained by the west to threaten non compliant Arab states in the region whilst at the same trying to ensure the containment of the Shia in the region. Iran has opened its doors to regional cooperation to no avail because all Gulf Arab states and the Saudis are American and British property as governments.

    The sheer bloody mindedness of the Arabs and mainly Sunni governments in the region is to a large part responsible for Arab Muslim failures. The Iranians are not Arabs. They have demonstrated a higher level of intelligence than all Arabs in the region have. It is why they survive the American Israeli axis against them.

    Yet on purely “religious grounds” the west has managed to get the Sunni governments to fall into a trap of religious division and to exploit the situation in such a destructive and bloody way as to make defeat of western imperial designs in the region a great success.

    The Turks (Sunnis and very pro American) willingly put their hands up to aid with the destabilization of the Syrian government. Now the Turks find themselves under siege from the same forces they helped nurture.

    The Turkish governments themselves are now under threat from ISIS. The doctrine of sovereignty is lost on most of these countries because their leaders are nothing more than puppets of the US and the west and blissfully ignorant about it.

    My heart and yours should go out to the Arabs who die in such miserable circumstances. They are not all Muslims. There are amongst them Chaldean Catholics, Maronites, Shia, Sunni, Alawite, Ahmadia,non believers (and who can blame them) all humans, massacred by forces trained and financed by the west out of Turkey then sent to Iraq.

    Those who were trained in Jordan and Libya have all returned to create havoc there. The frightened King of Saudi Arabia has placed the enormous wealth of his oil rich Kingdom at their disposal because his American masters have ordered him to do so.

    Unless and until the Arabs agree never to raise a hand or fire a shot in anger against another Arab in these conflicts, the words of the prophet will disappear in the sands of the same desert from where it came.

  32. balance Sep 16,2014 1:23 PM


    What wonderful comments and if only many can think like you would be good. The answer to many of the problems is not to advocate the hate and encourage the fight back. Just ignore those extremist groups actions and statements. Tun, i believe your intention of your comments is to the catalyst for people to start using their brain to think. Killing others cannot be from or because of religion, righteousness or just hate, it must be some other reasons that people are killing each other.
    Anyway saw your photograph with Proton new car and you look better than the car. ha ha. Sorry, have to say the car is another copy-cat design or no design. Hope the car can take proton out of its dilemmas or no idea problem. happy malaysia day and happy moderate and non-supremacy ideology

  33. wajaperak Sep 16,2014 1:08 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Maybe there other more successful examples in history we can learn from?


    Terima kasih Tun.

  34. kalam putih Sep 16,2014 1:03 PM

    Terdapat dua basis utama yang menjadi framework bagaimana Amerika Syarikat merangka dasar luar negaranya. Dua basis tersebut ialah ideologi kapitalisme yang menjadi teras kepada pembentukan Amerika Syarikat dan kedudukannya sebagai kuasa nombor satu pada ketika ini. Oleh itu, apa jua yang dilakukan oleh Amerika Syarikat tidak boleh lari daripada matlamat iaitu untuk memastikan kepentingan ekonominya sentiasa terjamin dan tiada kebangkitan kuasa-kuasa lain yang dapat mencabar kedudukannya sebagai kuasa nombor satu.

    Matlamat tersebut tidak akan berubah walaupun pentadbiran Amerika bertukar daripada parti Republikan kepada parti Demokrat dan sebaliknya. Bahkan, sesiapa sahaja yang menjadi Presiden Amerika, matlamat dasar luar Amerika tetap tidak akan berubah walaupun Presiden Amerika Syarikat berketurunan Arab sekali pun. Begitulah Amerika Syarikat, tunjang utama bukan hanya pada Presidennya tetapi pada semua struktur atau komponen yang membentuk negara Amerika Syarikat.

  35. Praxis Sep 16,2014 11:10 AM

    Point 43 excellent solution to the human games we think we are playing.

  36. azurestratos Sep 16,2014 9:37 AM

    Greetings and peace,
    Another well written statements of current events by Tun. My respects for him.

    Just a thought I would like to share and ask for opinions about,
    as it is stressed that Islam does not advocate violence, and ISIL has so far by its own actions proven its not following the tenets it claims to upholds.

    Despite that, worryingly muslims, both youth and adults, have been recruited. It is undeniable that frustrations towards the constant unceasing wars and deaths by their brethren and failed hopes of peace given by current governments may played a huge part.

    Is it viable for us to provide alternative outlets for the muslims, where they can channel their motivations to help? Such effort also requires aggressive promoting to combat offers made by IS affiliates.

    In history there was only one program I’m familiar with that is the 1961 Peace Corps by the US which employ volunteers for social and economic development of nations being sent to. However I do not know its efficacy, costs, and therefore viability in today’s setting. Maybe there other more successful examples in history we can learn from?

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