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1. Kebebasan adalah suatu petanda kedewasaan sesebuah negara. Kita dewasa. Dan kita beri banyak kebebasan termasuk kebebasan bersuratkhabar. Malangnya kadang-kadang kebebasan disalahguna. Ada akhbar di Malaysia yang sering menyalahgunakan kebebasan mereka.

2. Kita tidak lagi boleh masukkan sesiapa dalam tahanan ISA. Oleh itu apabila sesuatu disalahguna, maka penjelasan perlu dibuat. Jika tidak kebebasan akan membawa mudarat terutama apabila yang ditegur ialah Kerajaan.
3. Saya jarang membaca akhbar The Edge. Tetapi baru-baru ini saya terbaca rencana yang bertajuk “Tabiat 1MDB membayar lebih untuk memperolehi (hutang) duit.”

4. 1MDB ialah satu dana yang ditubuh oleh Kerajaan sebagai dana kekayaan negara (sovereign wealth fund) untuk dilabur supaya negara akan dapat hasil dari kekayaannya bagi masa depan.

5. Biasanya dana seperti ini ditubuh oleh negara pengeluar minyak yang banyak yang tidak dapat habiskan pendapatan setelah mentadbir dan membangun negara.

6. Malaysia bukanlah negara pengeluar minyak yang besar. Hampir semua 650 ribu tong yang dikeluar tiap hari diguna dalam negeri. Dan Malaysia pula mengalami defisit dalam belanjawannya. Tidak ada lebihan wang untuk dana kekayaan negara.

7. Oleh itu Kerajaan terpaksa hutang untuk dana kekayaan ini.

8. The Edge dalam rencananya menyebut bahawa kos pinjaman berbilion Ringgit luar biasa tingginya.

9. Pada 1 September 2009 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) menggegarkan industri perbankan apabila bersetuju membayar faedah 5.75% keatas hutang RM 5 billion. Hutang ini dijamin oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Biasanya bon Kerajaan membayar hanya 4.0%. Petronas membayar 3.6% sahaja.

10. Pada tahun 2014 1MDB berhutang lagi sebanyak US Dolar 1.75 billion (RM 5.6 billion) dengan faedah sebanyak 5.99%.

11. Tetapi 1MDB cuma dapat US1.554 billion (RM4.973 billion) kerana sebanyak US196 million (RM 630 million) ditolak untuk komisyen, bayaran fees dan perbelanjaan. Ini bermakna kos pinjaman berjumlah 11.25% dari wang yang dipinjam.

12. Pada Mac 2013, 1MDB Global Investment Ltd telah pinjam USD3.0 billion (RM 9.6 billion) dengan faedah 4.4%. Tetapi 1MDB mendapat hanya USD2.717 billion (RM8.7 billion) kerana USD283 million (RM 906 million) atau 9.44% dipotong untuk membayar komisyen, fees dan perbelanjaan.

13. Bayaran sebanyak 11.25% dan 9.44% adalah kepada Goldman Sachs, pengurus pinjaman hutang ini.

14. Sebaliknya sebuah Syarikat Equisar International Incorporated, milik Kerajaan Sarawak membayar Goldman Sachs hanya 1.25% (USD10 million) apabila mengurus pinjaman USD800 million.

15. Jurucakap Kerajaan menjelaskan bahawa 1MDB memiliki harta bernilai lebih dari RM40 billion sedangkan hutangnya hanya RM38 billion. Oleh itu rakyat tidak perlu bimbang. Tetapi kenapa bayaran kepada Goldman Sachs begitu tinggi?

16. Sebahagian wang yang dipinjam ini diguna untuk membeli stesyen janakuasa swasta. Ini dilapur dalam akhbar. Tetapi harga belian jauh lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran. Kenapa demikian?

17. Seorang jurucakap Kerajaan menjelaskan bahawa wang 1MDB diguna untuk Bumiputra. Yang saya tahu satu biasiswa diberi kepada seorang pelajar muzik. Tidak mungkin biasiswa ini bernilai 38 billion Ringgit. Kerajaan sepatutnya memberi maklumat yang jelas kepada rakyat, terutama Bumiputra akan bantuan yang boleh didapati dari 1MDB

18. Mungkin seluruh rencana dalam The Edge adalah fitnah untuk memburuk Kerajaan dan Perdana Menteri. Tetapi jika tidak ada audit oleh pihak bebas dan penjelasan yang munasabah, saya khuatir orang ramai akan percaya cerita dongeng The Edge.


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  1. mubarakchan Nov 16,2014 1:06 PM


    I am so glad you brought up important issues which concerning the very fabric of our beloved Malaysia’s political and social well-being. How far we have veered from the norm as establlished by you through your holding the fort in the interest of Sovereignty, National Interest, Self Esteem for 22 years of your distinguished Administration ? We have finally come to all the nitty-gritties of how our beloved country has been cheated blind by the international smart alecs of the World. This is well illustrated by China which has established 4 statistic boards to make sure the Yen does not take a ride on the China boom. This is just an illustration what a holistic nation must do to safeguards crooks in suits.

    We must take a leaf from what the English do always. They go back to the basics. And what are the basics when we deal with countries in the course of our earnestness to serve and do good for our Rakyat ? It is the knowledge about how a foreign country is governed before we ape its GRANDIOSE ACHIEVEMENTS !

    Since we have a propensity of APING the tiny Republic of Singapore even though we are a proud and successful Nation of 30 millions, we must know what it is that makes it ticks. The slogan Abang-Adek is to disarm us naive, friendly and hospitable Malaysians and embed themselves into our compassion and humane feelings. So far so good !

    But then of late through researches and studies. the ‘abang adek’ tiny Republic of Singapore is found to be ADMINISTERED BY THE RULER USING THE ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM. The only difference between this tiny Republic iand Cuba is that the former is backed by the great United States and the latter is not. We have also found that through the GOLDEN MEAN EQUATION WHICH IS BOLSTERED BY THE CPF-HDB-QUIT RENT & ASSESSMENT-INCOME TAX-GST-COE-PUBLIC UTILITIES-MERITOCRACY-JUDICIARY, most of the wealth of 99.99% of the citizens monies somehow ended up legally in the Government coffers over a lifetime. OK.

    Now we come to the Singaporean GLCs which are APED by us the Malaysians. We now know where the money which funded these GLCs come from. It came from the citizens through the GOLDEN MEAN EQUATION bolstered by the CPF-HDB-QUIT RENT & ASSESSMENT-INCOME TAX-GST-COE-PUBLIC UTILITIES-MERITOCRACY-JUDICIARY. This means that the citizens provided the free and subsidized money without COMMERCIAL RATES OF INTEREST AS IMPOSED ON ALL THE COMMERCIAL LOANS OF THE MALAYSIAN GLCs. And the citizens money does not incurr a commission charge unless we consider the CPF annual dividend of 3.5% as such ! An annual interest of 3.5% for 48 years ? This is money subsidised by the citizens. IF THE GLCs LOSE MONEY LIKE IN OCTOBER 2008, THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR REPAYMENT TO ANY BANK UNLIKE THE MALAYSIAN GLCs which are managed like Ali, Ah Kow and Samy down the road with no ACCOUNTABILITY AND OWNERSHIP.


    Even though the Singaporean GLCs kept on repeating their investment mistakes like investing in earthquake prone Tokyo, it is the citizens’ money which were invested and they have no recourse to sue the Singapore Government if ALL THE MONEY IS LOST ! Hence, the APPARATCHIKS ARE VERY PROUD OF THE LEGAL NITTY GRITTIES THEY HAVE DONE FOR THE BOSS WITH EVEN THE EX-CHIEF JUSTICE OF SINGAPORE LINED UP WITHOUT SEPARATION FROM HIS 10 OTHER FELLOW APPARATCHIKS ! Vide. ‘ The Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’ I would have thought that these honourable gentlemen served the Republic and its citizens AND NOT THE BIG BOSS ONLY.

    Finally, the chief gainer must be the Ruler and the Apparatchiks to a much lesser degree. The funny thing about those who took part in this ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM have no qualms or conscience about the use of the citizens’ free and subsidized money to MAKE PROFITS DURING THE CITIZENS LIFETIMES ! Perhaps, this is the real difference between our beloved Malaysia and the tiny Republic of Singapore.

    Also, the GLCs of Singapore are part of the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM ruled by the Ruler. The GLCs of Malaysia which are now the KHAZANAH EMPIRE, are unique in the sense that the Federal Government borrows huge amounts of money at commercial rates to make money by investing long and borrowing short which no country in the World does, not even Russia or China. AS I SAID BEFORE IF ANYBODY CAN BORROW RM38 BILLIONS, THERE IS NO NEED TO BORROW !

    Lest we forget our abang adek adventures with the tiny Republic of Singapore, here is a list of only the big issues in which our beloved Malaysia is at the losing end. Can anyone tell me when Malaysia had fair treatment ?

    1. The 1962 Water Agreement. Malaysia lost out on the nitty gritties.
    2. The 1971 MSA dissolution. The 3 wisemen nearly lost their jobs for giving away all the software free.
    3. The 1985 Pan El Stock Exchange suspension. No country suspends its Stock Exchange maybe only Italy in 1908 !
    4. The CLOB clobbered us at least 13 times from 1965 to 2000. How come there were no crashes since 2000 ?
    5. After 2003, we rushed to the ICJ to give away rocks for free. Thereafter, the Singaporean ex-Chief Justice published a book to knock us on the heads that we were stupid.
    6. Nearly RM1 trillion flowed into Singapore between 2003-2009. We caught the moneylenders after the money left our shores.
    7. The Singapore inspired, created and furtively promoted poisoned chalice TPPA. Malaysia signs. She dies. Singapore lives. The civil service team for China’s FTAAP negotiations should be an entirely new and not embedded with doubtful characters which went through 19 SECRET NEGOTIATIONS. Vide. The naive, hospitable, friendly UMNO owned New Straits Times Streets Central Page 8, March 8 2014 and New Straits Times Page 3 November 12 2014.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! We have come so far with our successes and achievements. We must all stand together united against crooks for the next 100 years !

    The unique nature of the tiny Republic of Singapore does not and should not encourage anyone to APE its GLCs WITHOUT A PROPER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS BEHIND ALL THESE BROUHAHA ! As it is now shown, it is nothing but a very clever thick smoke and broken mirrors scheme played on its own citizens by the RULER USING THE APPARATCHIKS and the Rule of the Laws without informing anyone in an ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM in which the citizens have no say in any matter. Where are you Uncle Sam ?

    The difference between the risks taken by the Singapore Government and the Malaysian GLCs is clear. The former has no risk etc.

  2. mubarakchan Nov 13,2014 5:49 PM


    Has anyone on this distinguished thought about the fact that if he or she or an entity can borrow RM38 billions, there is no necessity to borrow at all ? But it is alleged that a big baksheesh was the commission for raising this money which is not required, that there was a rush to buy some 3rd rate plots from some arrogant Chinamen, that the Malaysian banks could not accept so much money that this largesse had to be deposited on a deserted tropical isle, that big, big prices were paid for instant power stations etc. How fortunate are these people with no accountability and ownership to handle such vast sums of cash which you and me Tun, will not see in 2 lifetimes ? When I was a clean shaven business young man, an up and coming banker said to me, ‘ Have you seen RM1 million in cash?’ as he graciously opened his private safe in this well-known bank. It was rumoured the Chairman had a bigger safe. I have not seen a safe in another bank since. Soon after, this bank was taken over and those who came after became billionaires too.


  3. wajaperak Nov 7,2014 7:00 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.

    Dear..dear..Now you like have lost the balance..:)

    Life is just it is..
    Yesterday I dreamt I fully read Al Fatihah.
    This is an extraordinary achievement.
    Asks all the muslimin expert and they will tell you normally a muslimin practicitioner can only read half of the Fatihah in their dream
    I only managed half of Al Fatihah recitation some time ago.
    It is like you climbed Himalaya half way and had to turn back.
    Now I reached the apex.
    In my dream I also read Surah Al Baqarah.
    Do you know that Al Baqarah is denied to hypocrites?
    They will not be able to memorizes Al Baqarah.
    What can be expected from you?


    Terima kasih Tun..:)

  4. Hajar Nov 7,2014 5:45 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,


    1. Nampaknya betullah ada RM 7 billion duit 1MDB di luar negara di kepulauan Cayman yg heboh diperkatakan sebelum ini. Semalam Dato’ Ahmad Maslan kata 60% sudah dibawa balik. Tapi yg peliknya apalah agaknya bisnes yang 1MDB ceburi di luar negara tersebut? Bila orang ramai sudah bising barulah duit tersebut dibawa balik. Senang betul mereka pindahkan wang tersebut. Adakah ianya juga melibatkan komisen? Siapalah agaknya yang mendapat manafaat?

    2. Dengan angkuhnya beliau sarankan supaya tidak risau sebab CONsultants bertaraf antarabangsa menasihati 1MDB. Lupakah mereka yg banyak negara2 luar dan syarikat2 yang muflis walau pun consultants mereka juga bertaraf antarabangsa. Kenyataan dangkal sebeginilah yang buat ramai orang lagi bertambah meluat/marah.

    3. Dan yang paling merisaukankan ialah bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Mac 2014, 1MDB sudah RUGI RM665.36 JUTA ( ).
    Kerugian melebihi setengah billion ringgit, dan kita masih diminta jangan risau. Tak ada hal agaknya sebab Malaysia kaya-raya…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  5. balance Nov 7,2014 12:58 PM

    wajaperak November 5, 2014 at 7:42 PM | Permalink

    Sorry to say that you are dreaming. The story is a story only not real.

  6. Simple Mind Nov 7,2014 12:21 PM

    Asaalam’kum Tun,

    The shocking news was revealed in the papers, 1MDB loss about RM667 million!! Firstly, I don’t think the government should be in the business??? WHY? They are suppose to be managing the money in the economy/country.
    It should be left to the people in the country to do it. In a company, if it makes money it will be paid as dividends to the shareholders. In a country, where does the profit goes??? Was it returned to the rakyat (the shareholders)??
    Ah Gib Gor must answer this question. He is the finance minister. I don’t think he is suitable for the job. He should let someone with more knowledge in finance.
    I read recently that his rating is falling. Do you know why? It is obvious.

  7. wajaperak Nov 5,2014 7:42 PM

    About the ARK?
    It is ephemeral actually.
    I can give an easier equation.
    Zulkarnain asked the people to bring the iron the level of the mountain to stop Yakjuj and Makjuj.
    How do they get so much iron??
    How do they methodically pile up the iron to the level of a mountain?
    Mind you it is mountain we are talking about and not molehill!..
    Afterward Zulkarnain asked to bring the copper.
    So I can mix it up and cemented them.
    Where do they get so much copper to fill up piles up to the mountain level?
    How Zulkarnain mixed them up?
    Like the ARK this event’s is simply beyond our comprehension.
    But these event’s is true and can be replicated to show it can be done.
    Of course you have to know the how..:)

    Thank you Mr Balace.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. wajaperak Nov 5,2014 7:29 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Anyway another question, please give your opinion why people must always look at other people actions then blame them for their disadvantages, failure or less money or simply less than others]
    Ok Mr Balance.Jason Bourne told me a trap must be simple.
    The reverse trap must be simpler still.
    Do you ever wonder that Rambo and Rocky are based on real character?
    That is why they become popular because the commoner can relate to this iconic figure.
    The catch word is “There is a little of him in all of us”
    Most superheroes is the same too.
    They represent us in winning when in real life we are on the losing side.
    If you study psychology,blaming other is self defence mechanism beside ‘fight’ or ‘flight’
    And in physic there is inertia adding it up.
    Life is simple.But the mechanism of life simplicity is not.
    Take an example of electricity.
    All we care is just flick the switch.
    We cannot be bothered of how Edison suffer’s 999 failure’s to get it right.
    He provide the platform.Other’s just make another and another springboard of achievement and bench mark of achievement.If you measures human achievement from the Flintstone to the present time, maybe you get a bulding towering Petronas Twin Tower:)

    [Why can’t people blame themselves for falling into traps or our own mistake for not see clearly or wisely or simply simple small greed or shortsightedness]
    Again.Self defence mechanism.The refusal to acknowledge blame is part of defence mechanism..
    People simply is not what they say they are..:)
    People put up a facade and they play the charade..
    But one thing’s extraordinary about Islam is an offer diferrent from the mainstream.
    Asks yourself and honest question.
    Do you feels happy parting away your hard earned rm10 and says “It is for a good cause?”
    Nobody that good!..
    But through education,by the stages of the education,Islam gradually make and teaches us to feels good in giving.
    Starting by being honest and feels the strong bond of human camaraderie.

    [My opinion is that if Singapore or USA spies or protector or Govt. or 1MDB in this case were do anything they should be doing to their advantages or for their own good]
    Not neccessarily Mr Balance.
    We need the old school people like Tun himself,Mr Mubarak Chan and Mr grkumar.
    They are hard to come by these days..:)

    [Do you think there are people in this world that do things so that they should loss?]
    NO BODY wants to lose.
    But even the best of people made mistake.
    But World Chess Champion rarely make ‘conventional mistake’.That is why they are world champion.That is why sometimes ago the old Russian government use the expertise of Chess Champion to devise strategies.Even military strategies.
    These record’s are well documented.
    It is only matter’s if you can find them..
    US of A still do.But they use the pools of genius that simply mind boggling us what they can do.Unfortunately ‘water boarding’ form of torture is their ideas too..

    Isnt it human nature to survive and to go forward?]
    Yes it is but not by trampling other’s.
    Have you heard how human have no qualm to resort to violence for survival?
    Saving my skin by scalping your’s.
    Better you than me!..
    Even Geneva Convention allowed self defence for preserving one life.
    Take this example.
    If you are survivor of plane crash in the sea and you scramble for a place on the boat or raft,the earlier surviving member’s can refuse you.
    They can push your hand’s away for reason you might be a burden and liability to their own survival.They can simply left you to die.
    An inquest if ever will absolves the survivor’s.
    Life is just it is.

    [My humble, simple and less educated human view only not god’s view or religiously correct view or superior intelligence mind view]

    I am the least educated you think I am..:)
    But I am well informed that is what the difference is between me and you.

    Thank you Mr Balance.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  9. shahrulniza Nov 5,2014 6:08 PM

    Salam tun…saya ubah topik sikit iaitu BIJAK…..
    Bagaimana nak mencari orang yang bijak?Apa itu bijak?

  10. balance Nov 5,2014 1:05 PM

    Talking about ARK. How big do you think the ARK should be to accommodate hundred of thousand of living things?
    1st thing to remember how to feed all these living things. 2nd living things on/in earth have different needs (e.g some need ice, some need more sun, some need more water and etc..). 3rd to accommodate such varieties of living things the ARk must be huge but no evidence of such thing ever discovered by archaeologist. If archaeologist can find small small fragments of bones that aged millions of years why cant they find something so big.
    Whether it is true or false is not important and i am not challenging the story too. The importance is we should be looking into the moral of the story not believing the story. The moral of the story is that if human continue their greedy attitude and dont take of earth and nature. Nature and earth will take care of itself by destroying humans. It is happening now, someone must start building another ARK.
    Just thinking out loud (tol)

  11. balance Nov 5,2014 12:33 PM

    wajaperak November 5, 2014 at 9:54 AM | Permalink

    Again a fantastic and excellent write-up, not only do i think you are skillful, now i think you are smart, intelligent, clever, cerdik, pandai and not to forget religious and righteous too. Only a wonderfully active and great judgement mind can relate losing and gaining money to ARK, humans and God role on earth and rank and file education.

    Anyway another question, please give your opinion why people must always look at other people actions then blame them for their disadvantages, failure or less money or simply less than others. Why can’t people blame themselves for falling into traps or our own mistake for not see clearly or wisely or simply simple small greed or shortsightedness.

    My opinion is that if Singapore or USA spies or protector or Govt. or 1MDB in this case were do anything they should be doing to their advantages or for their own good. Do you think there are people in this world that do things so that they should loss? Isnt it human nature to survive and to go forward? My humble, simple and less educated human view only not god’s view or religiously correct view or superior intelligence mind view.

    Double salute to you and your amazing comments.

  12. Terang-terang Nov 5,2014 12:07 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1MDB boleh belajar daripada peminjam-pemenjam PTPTN supaya tidak membayar hutang.
    Mereka ini digalak oleh pembangkang supaya tidak membayar hutang kerajaan. Pembangkang telah menanam minda yang banyak tidak sihat kepada mereka tetapi kerajaan tidak berani berbuat apa-apa kerana takut hilang undi mereka.

  13. wajaperak Nov 5,2014 9:54 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Mr Balance.
    [Singapore loss many billions of the country money and they corrected their shortsightedness by making back many many many billions until their money is of higher value than us]
    Now I believed that you have been educated through the rank and file I am going to ‘dis’ appoint you a bit about the above statement.
    Why do you think Singapore achieved a lot more than Malaysia?
    Unfortunately our dear Mr Mubarak Chan did not tell us about the role of spies.
    In this sense ‘The Protector’.
    Singapore must not fail.
    Uncle U, S that A must see to that.
    I will not tell you that their Cabinet must defer..see the word is defer and not refer to any of their American counterpart ‘representative’ first for any major decision.
    The abovementioned happened because they ‘allowed’ and tried tested Singapore own to try out wether ‘local’ can manage to be manager’s..
    Lesson learn’s after finger burnt..:)
    Enough about them.
    Now I promise my friend a story about the road less travelled.
    Why do you think God appointed human here in the earth?
    To supplicate solely to God and contribute the best to mankind.
    In these we differ’s on how and the methodology of doing so.
    Noh a.s have preached all kind of manner and not even the best methdology of thousand year’s short of fifty can manage his people.
    He have been threatened and ridiculed and the last straw is making an ark on dry land.
    That does it.
    Who on their right frame on mind can believed that they will be flooded all over?
    But truth is stranger than fiction because truth is GOD made and fiction is only human figment of imagination by the utmost limitation.
    So the unbeliever perished.
    Fast forward to the present.
    They who follow’s the path of less travelled must endured the same predicament.
    It is sunnatullah and you will not find them differ’s.
    Those who suffer’s in upholding justice can be bestowed by Allah many splendoured thing’s like what Rasullulah s.a.w offer’s Saidina Usman r.a.
    “You want to win over them or you want to be with us?”
    Saidina Usman r.a. chosed to be with Rasullulah s.a.w.
    To whom it may conscience..
    You may thought that you have equalled and passed the achievement of Noh a.s.
    You might even thought that you have equalled and passed the achievement of Usman r.a.
    In here we differ’s.You can question my role.I can question of your’s.
    So we compromise by seeking a judge.
    They who refused to seek counsel of the judge have got something sinister to hide.
    In Tun blog I am just a reminder.A tiny significant role.
    Those who arrogantly snubbed the reminder should understand the 1MDB in relation.
    The wicked flee when none pursue.
    We must pursued them with all earnest.
    The question is how do you like be hunted down?
    By a cheetah?
    By a lion?

    Thank You Mr Balance.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Nov 4,2014 11:53 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sorry off topic.
    The crowds gathering outside Palace of Justice in support of peliwat Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim are a misguided / delusional lot. How much are they paid anyway?
    This goes to prove that people with malicious intent will stop at nothing to forward their sinister agenda.
    Please do not try to equate a sodomy act with political agendas. Only stupid people will truly believe the sodomiser is innocent. The rest are just trying to instigate and create chaos as it is in their best interests.
    Penyokong Anwar baca Yasin konon nak mintak pertolongan Allah SWT. Percayalah Allah SWT akan turunkan bala kepada umat Nabi Lut ini.

    DAPshit@ PKR loosebutts

  15. balance Nov 4,2014 10:45 AM


    With open heart and mind watch this maybe can help

  16. balance Nov 4,2014 10:15 AM

    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit November 3, 2014 at 4:12 PM | Permalink

    Yes agree about accountabilities. In any deals from buying paper clips to spacecraft, someone make money more, someone make money less or someone dont make any money but a lot of complains and someone use it productively. It is life survival scenarios which no one can stop, the issue is after the deal been done and broker make the money to enjoy partying with Superstars those that run the daily operation of the fund is more important. In fact a broker job is to make money because of his skills to broker a deal. If we look from that angle then we can sleep. In this blog we have been educated numerous times about the failure of Singapore. Singapore loss many billions of the country money and they corrected their shortsightedness by making back many many many billions until their money is of higher value than us. We can do the same if not better. 1MDB can be that “engine of growth” for Malaysia too afterall there are not much ideas left to grow Malaysia after Tun successful MSC, KLIA, KLCC, SIC and etc. So if we are concern about accountabilities then our sight and attention should be on the Managers of 1MDB not the broker or the catalyst of the project. If the Managers can do their job well then the fund can grow to its full potential and possibilities and we can become the next richest country in the world just like someone claim he is the next richest man on earth. (Joke) ha ha ha

  17. balance Nov 4,2014 9:44 AM

    wajaperak November 3, 2014 at 3:48 PM | Permalink

    Talking about skills, I think you are the most skillful person in Malaysia (appreciation). You can relate anything to nothing and anything to something. Your ability is second to none. You can relate lion, lamp or sheep and chess game (only a game) to life experiences, economy and running a country. I salute you.

  18. sibotak Nov 3,2014 6:51 PM

    Tun has made most Right for Malaysia but not all
    A sign that he did best for Malaysia
    The obstacle now is Anwar Ibrahim whom has wasted much Malaysian time
    & the Govt efforts to Develop
    But Sad enough when Tun retired it has not been replaced by Mr.Right
    Whoever the Mr.Right the Govt needs to be Strong
    People like Anwar which has caused obstructions to development for his own revenge & lusts was never for Malaysia ought to be terminated
    How can Govt & Malaysia move forward with these many nonsense & false accusations
    of corruptions which He unable to produce till today
    If Anwar is a true man , A man of Foundation at his time of Deputy
    It is his responsibility to slashes any wrong doings
    Why now ?

  19. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Nov 3,2014 4:12 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Fair comments from balance. Please let me add my 2 cents.
    In business it’s all about taking risks. But somehow you get the feeling that the current Najib’s administration is going in with blindfolds and too trusting of CONSultans. And it seems that someone somewhere is making obscene amounts of money from these wheeling dealings.
    Tun is hinting at accountability and not ‘safety first’ as balance put forward.


  20. wajaperak Nov 3,2014 3:48 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Mr Balance.
    [The reality is we trusted you and now it time to trust others]
    Trust come after proven skills and governance.
    Being a Doctor requires skill beyond your comprehension.Forgive me.It just it is.
    A Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan cannot asks to be trusted in performing lobotomy because the understanding is simply beyond them..And Ahem..

    [Since you are a very religious person you should believe in “Destiny” If destiny decide Malaysia must be a bankrupt country what can anyone do about it?]
    Tut..Tut..Mr Balance..You understand the silence of the lambs don’t you?
    Some truly wonder why lambs are willing to be led to their death at the sacrificial ground..
    And NO BODY wonder why lion refuse to be put down..:)
    Are you the lamb?
    Or We the LION??

    [ I think most of the current political and economical trends are follow-up from your era. You teached Malaysia about the “rule with iron fist” and “be daring, adventurous and have courage”. Now you are talking about “safety first”. Do You think sometimes you tend to do and say things just to get your ways or just to be right at any cost? Just a question and not a criticism]
    Mr Balance.
    I told my student’s not to open a4 or e4 in their chess opening.It is suicidal.Yes I know.The champion can do these opening gambit and win tournament’s.
    But chess is about skill’s.There is the degree of skill’s and the hierachy of those skill’s.
    Are current leader’s are skillful as Tun??

    Terima kasih Tun.

  21. balance Nov 3,2014 1:00 PM

    When you was the PM of Malaysia, a lot so called international experts also commented that you are crazy and will surely bankrupt the country with your mega projects and the way you run the country but you make/take Malaysia into a known country and into the world map. It is history now but you are doing exactly as those so called “experts”. The reality is we trusted you and now it time to trust others. Since you are a very religious person you should believe in “Destiny” If destiny decide Malaysia must be a bankrupt country what can anyone do about it? I think most of the current political and economical trends are follow-up from your era. You teached Malaysia about the “rule with iron fist” and “be daring, adventurous and have courage”. Now you are talking about “safety first”. Do You think sometimes you tend to do and say things just to get your ways or just to be right at any cost? Just a question and not a criticism.

  22. Hajar Nov 2,2014 1:18 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    ’1MDB’ & UMNO

    1. Jika 1MDB gagal, saya harap wang KWSP dan pelaburan ASB/ASN dan juga wang saya di agensi Kerajaan yang lain tidak akan tergugat. Jika tergugat, PM Ah Jib Gor tidak akan saya maafkan kerana ini saja yang saya ada untuk simpanan hari tua.

    2. Alahai! Penat saya tengok PM Ah Jib Gor terjerit-jerit menegur UMNO Selangor (baru sekarang beliau sedar?). Maaflah sebab secara peribadi dan sebagai ahli UMNO saya juga berasa ’penat / letih’, ’bosan’, ’perit’ dan ’malu’ kerana ada PM Ah Jib Gor sebagai Presiden UMNO yang ’lembab’ dalam segala hal. Contohnya, Tun sudah lama buat kenyataan tentang prestasi UMNO Selangor yang tidak terdaya langsung untuk mengambil kesempatan (bagi mengukuhkan UMNO) di atas kekalutan & pergeseran PKR/PAS/DAP di Selangor. Kami yang tinggal di Selangor betul-betul ’letih’ dengan prestasi ’lembab’ UMNO Selangor khasnya, dan UMNO Malaysia amnya.

    3. Semoga PM Ah Jib Gor ambil ikhtibar di atas ’keletihan’ beliau terhadap UMNO Selangor. Kami (Melayu/Islam) lagi ’letih’ sebab ada Presiden yang tidak pernah belajar dari ’Tsunami Cina’ yang beliau sendiri alami. Saya ’malu’ sebab ada Presiden UMNO (parti Melayu) yang tidak ada jati diri Melayu/Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  23. sitinur Nov 1,2014 8:24 PM

    maaf cakap ye…hanya pendapat saya….najib seolah olah bercita cita menghancurkan dan memundurkan m’siaku yg terchenta……semuga usaha dan cita2 murninya tidak dimakbulkan Allah..amiiiin ya Allah amiiin….

  24. sitinur Nov 1,2014 8:18 PM

    oh mai mai mai Allah…biasiswa tuk pelajar muzik????pelajar muzik!!!!…sayakah yg menggong/superduper beller…oh Allah selamatkan m’sia..amiiiiiin ya Allah amiiiin….

  25. Murad Nov 1,2014 3:26 PM

    As Salam Tun,
    Saya setuju kebebasan disalahgunakan bukan sahaja pihak akhbar tapi steshen steshen TV swasta juga. Lapuran berat sabelah saperti aduan rakyat dan banyak buat fitnah ( moga mereka diadili Allah). Yang paling saya runsingkan mereka mengiklankan barang2 komercial tanpa selidik dahulu, lepas orang komplain barang tidak elok baru mereka berhenti, ini amalan buruk yang lakukan steshen TV swata. ( Steshen TV 1 dan 2 berintegeriti)

    Jawapan yang dibuat olih 1MDB agak menyakinkan bagi orang kebanyakan macam saya, apa komen Tun?


  26. Hajar Oct 31,2014 8:58 AM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,


    1. Nampaknya 1MDB sudah menjawab, dan kata mereka nilai aset yang 1MDB ada ialah RM44.67 Billion, dan hutang ialah RM37 Billion. Mereka dengan bangganya mengatakan tidak ada masaalah atau isu sebab ’aset’ mereka melebihi hutang, dan sehingga kini mereka tidak pernah tidak bayar hutang.

    2. Kenyataan/Jawapan yg diberi oleh 1MDB tidak menjawab persoalan2 yg telah ditimbulkan. Jawapan ’canggih’ mereka boleh didapati di dalam buku teks, dan senario yg dipaparkan ialah senario yang normal/ideal (tidak berlaku apa-apa masaalah ekonomi di luar jangkaan..). Mungkin jawapan ini pun disediakan oleh CON-sultants yang diupah. Tetapi saya kena puji tahap BI yang bagus digunakan sehinggakan besar kemungkinan orang yang tidak pakar dalam BI akan tenganga dan terkial-kial untuk memahami apa yang mereka cuba disampaikan; ditambah pula dengan terminologi2 canggih yg digunakan. Mengapa tidak menjawab dalam BM (& guna bahasa mudah)?

    3. Saya sebagai rakyat biasa ingin tanya. Mengapa perlu untuk Kerajaan Malaysia terlibat di dalam BISNES? RISIKO yg diambil (kerana hutang yang teramat tinggi) adalah teramat tinggi kerana dalam perniagaan mesti ada untung-rugi. Dalam jawapan yang 1MDB beri, gambaran yang diberikan seolah-olah ’keuntungan’ berada dalam genggaman mereka, dan mereka tidak mungkin menghadapi masaalah untuk ’membayar hutang’ yg dijamin oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Mereka ini tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. Tun selalu tekankan yang Kerajaan lebih wajar untuk ’KUTIP cukai perniagaan’ sebab ini memang sesuatu yang lebih pasti/praktikal.

    4. Audit bebas mesti dilakukan ke atas 1MDB, dan hasil nya mesti diumumkan. Jawapan yang 1MDB berikan adalah jawapan ’syok sendiri’ -> tiada apa-apa justifikasi.

    Nota kaki: Tidak ada bezanya jawapan 1MDB dengan hujah-hujah dari pihak pembela kes Anwar Ibrahim. Hujah lama yang sudah basi. Saya yang bukan pakar dalam undang-undang pun tahu samada hujah mereka boleh diterima atau tidak.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  27. Murad Oct 31,2014 12:10 AM

    Thank you Tun for sharing.

  28. wish Oct 30,2014 1:44 AM

    Was the deal made just before election, shared together with PET and penned in Caymen Island?

  29. mubarakchan Oct 29,2014 7:33 PM


    1MDB is an orphan born out of an ill-conceived copy-cat idea at some Administrative level in keeping of the jolly good relations with the balmy squeaky clean Republlic of Singapore. It is dangerous to ape others without understanding why other people do things and succeeded.

    When Singapore was on its own in 1965, it was an entreport. By 1968, it had the Jurong Industrial Park. Entrepreneurs and traders were encouraged to build factories and manufacture products by the EDB. (Economic Development Board). Most of the projects eg. Starlite Ceramics, Eupoc, Fair Lady Fashion, Regency Wigs etc failed. But others like Diaward Industries, Far East Levingston, Singapore Textiles etc survived. The failures could not change the Singaporean consumers mind-set hooked on brand names in a small market. In the National Interest, the Singaporean Government had to step in with Government backed funds like the Neptune Orient Line, Keppel Shipyard, Sembawang Shipyard, etc. The GLCs were tightly controlled by the Ruler and managed by civil servants with accountability but no ownership. This could be achieved in a small place with a central command type of economic planning, a sort of micro-communism in practice. In this manner, the difference between Malaysia and Singapore is like chalk and cheese. It is the enforcement of performance and the punishment for misdemeanour with transparency and meritocracy.

    But the icing in the cake of the Singaporean GLCs must be the BIG IDEA from the Ruler which entails the use of the CPF Trust funds owned by its citizens. Money is loaned legally to the Government at rates of between 2+%-3+% per annum for decades. A 21 year old contributor would receive this sum of dividend until 65. He would have bought a leasehold HDB flat built with his CPF money but the costs are not stated. And we must assume that the inflation rate at 2+%-3+% throughout his working life. A portion of his life-long contribution remains after 65 years old.
    With the application of income tax onto the above-mentioned usage of a citizen’s life-long savings, the Government takes all. And the citizen’s Singapore dollar in the CPF at 21 years old would still be a Singapore dollar when he reaches the age of 65 ! The only plausible reason I could think of is that it is done in the NATIONAL INTEREST. This is the purpose for Singapore. In the case of our beloved Malaysia, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE GLCS ? WE HAVE MANY MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS WAITING TO BE BIG CAPITALISTS TO PROVIDE A BALANCE TO OUR ECONOMY !

    Therefore, the Singaporean GLCs even though these cannot be called Sovereign Funds, are funded entirely by FREE MONEY invested by the Singaporean Government which obtained it legally from different sources. ITS RULER FOLLOWS THE SOUND DICTUM OF THE CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY – a BIG IDEA and is not a failure of Policy !

    The Malaysian GLCs are owned by the Government of Malaysia and the RAKYAT, and are funded by borrowed funds to the tune of billions and billions of ringgist AT COMMERCIAL INTEREST RATES (Singaporean GLCs get their money free from the Government). THE BORROWED MONEY IS THEN INVESTED INTO BUSINESSES AND PROPERTIES ON A LONG TERM BASIS – to borrow short and invest long is dangerous and speculative.

    All the Malaysian GLCs are managed by Civil Servants with NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND OWNERSHIP and the BOSS is a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED LEADER OF A NATION OF 30 MILLIONS which are vocal and literate but polite and courteous.

    IT IS AN ESTABLISHED FACT THAT THE NEP WOULD REDUCE POVERTY AND RAISE UP MALAY/BUMIPUTRA BUSINESSES TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS. But the Federal Government is doing EXACTLY WHAT THE PNB FLAGSHIP SIME DARBY IS DOING BUT ONLY ON UNLIMITED TERMS AND CONDITIONS. But then, Sime Darby being so large should have invested in light engineering industries like automobliles, etc overseas to garner technology and markets for the Nation. What remains are a group of lop-sided and small Malaysian companies mainly non-Malay owned struggling against the GIANT COMPANIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND SIME DARBY ! Where are the Malay/Bumiputra privately owned companies today in keeping with the NEP ?

    Communist countries like Russia and China divested their State owned companies to the private sector. But at the moment, our Federal Government through its GLCs which are not HOLISTICALLY AND TRANSPARENTLY MONITORED AND CONTROLLED LIKE BY THE RULER OF SINGAPORE is operating in a minefield of an ocean with a great unknown as regards the true direction of the World’s political and socio-economic destiny. NO ONE HAS AN ANSWER. One result has made the world price of petroleum a sudden casualty. Is it of POLITICS ? or ECONOMICS ?


    Howeve I still believe in and think it is still not too late to trim the sails before the coming TSUNAMI OF ALL TSUNAMIS !


  30. Abu Alya Oct 29,2014 11:18 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Najib, 1MDB and nowhere to run …

    poin #15 – Saya fikir Najib sebagai ketua 1MDB akan menjadi masyur tidak lama lagi jika dia gagal buktikan yang Goldman Sachs telah disogok dengan komisen yg tidak munasabah tinggi untuk perolehan pinjaman. Dilaporkan bahawa pihak Goldman Sachs pun tidak mampu memberi jawapan yang boleh meyakinkan bahawa tiada unsur gelap atau rasuah di dalam urusniaga tersebut! Mungkin Goldman Sachs juga akan bungkus sama, seperti yg berlaku kpd firma perakaunan Arthur Andersen dalam skandal Enron pd tahun 2002.

    Sudah pastinya, tiada kekangan jika jurucakap dari PMO sendiri mahu engage dan menghantar mesej panjang berjela ke dalam blog Tun ini untuk menafikan setiap ‘tuduhan liar’ yang dilemparkan kepada boss mereka.

    Apa-apapun kita harap Najib akan cepat pulang ke tanah air dan dapat menjawab sendiri dengan tuntas semua soalan dan teguran yang telah Tun kemukakan.

  31. shahrulnizam Oct 28,2014 11:13 PM

    macam pernah dengan kisah dongeng Goldman Sach dan buat duit atas hutang…
    di mana yekk?
    Negara-negara yang terlibat jatuh muflis.. tapi bak kata pepatah inggeris..
    too big to fall…
    bak kata Mr. T, am pity the fools…

  32. ahmad Oct 28,2014 11:10 PM

    Saya membaca komen Tun dan coment yang menarek perhatian saya ialah 1MDB membeli power plant dengan harga yang tinggi,

    Samasa 1MDB membeli power plant milek Ananda Krisnan sabanyak $8.5 billion,Rosmah meminta Ananda membayar kapada Yayasan 1MDB sabanyak $650 juta.
    Chek itu perlu di tanda tangan oleh Raja Arshad dan Tun Hanif Omar.Mereka takut untok menanda tangan chek itu dna mereka meminta nasehan Tun.Tun setuju dan memberi kebenaran meraka membayar wang itu kapada 1 MDB.
    Jika ini betul maka Tun juga bersubahat dalam kes 1MDB membeli IPP dengan harga yang tinggi.

    Apa komen Tun.

  33. grkumar Oct 28,2014 9:35 PM

    Sam you are very kind. I do not have any more knowledge in my little head than anyone else of my age, education and work experience. I was once an investment banker, possessed of a law degree and an accounting and finance post graduate.

    I have worked in one place or the other but never remaining in one job for too long. If you wish to acquire knowledge of how the world of finance, government, commerce and politics functions in reality, look up books by the late Anthony Sampson (one time advisor to the late Chancellor Willy Brandt and his successor). Sampson wrote the Arms Bazaar, the seven sisters and many many more factual thrillers in his time.

    There is also the records of parliamentary debates in Hansard form commonwealth countries, records of public inquiries, documentaries on the Viet Nam War (if you are not given to reading) and other seminal events of the last 60 years and before.

  34. yuzi Oct 28,2014 4:30 PM

    salam Tun..
    may God bless you..

    Dear Grkumar…am astonish reading your’s point of view…
    i would like to have kind of knowledge that u have..
    shall i know which book to be recommend for my reading..
    u can email me the answer through my email if possible..
    sorry to engage you in this manner.

    people read a secret/mystery but i need it. TQ

    terima kasih Tun.

  35. ma Oct 28,2014 2:04 PM

    Seluruh kehidupan dan segala isinya bergerak di atas sistem kebebasan
    kepada yang benar
    dan juga kepada yang salah
    dan untuk mencapai satu mekanime, iaitu keseimbangan
    Itulah sunnatuallah.. itulah Islam

    Maka itu berilah kebebasan kepada sesiapa sahaja
    biar pun benar
    mahupun kepada yang salah atau zalim
    Hasilkan keseimbangan, itulah keindahan hidup

    Patutkah sesudah itu, mereka mencari lain dari sistem hidup Allah?
    Padahal kepadaNyalah Islam (أَسْلَمَ) sekalian makhluk yang ada di langit dan di bumi
    sama ada dengan sukarela
    ataupun terpaksa
    dan kepadaNya lah mereka dikembalikan.

    “Patutkah sesudah itu, mereka mencari lain dari sistem hidup Allah?”

    Patutkah kita menghalang kebebasan?

  36. grkumar Oct 28,2014 8:40 AM


    Third last paragraph reads “The orang putih and Yehudi for all their faults are careful with their own mooney”. It should read instead:
    “The orang putih and Yehudi for all their faults are careful with their own money.

    ‘banning’ sector should read banking sector (2nd last paragraph).

  37. grkumar Oct 28,2014 8:26 AM

    I always take great pleasure in responding to your many postings of public interest on your blog. This one is no exception and perhaps even more so interesting for me as it is right up my alley and a subject of great personal interest to me.

    Commercial borrowings by government from any sector is or should be subject to approval by parliament and as such has to be debated with full disclosures by parliament. There are of course exceptions to this rule but they are far and few in between. Full oversight is required.

    Where there is a significant level of debt being incurred with state funds, there are few exceptions to this rule of oversight and disclosure. In fact all parliamentary and state expenditure is required to be scrutinised independently, forensically and with the greatest degree of care and oversight having regard to all disclosures and information that has to be made in the process.

    Failure can and should lead to criminal sanction with parliamentary consent first had for any prosecution. There is a process for it.

    In 2012 and 2013, the Selangor state parliament, it was disclosed, paid state monies to Ambiga Sreenivasan and her Bersih movement in what was in fact an attempt at the overthrow of the state. (Malaysia Kini interview admission by Ambiga Sreenivasan on outside funding for Bersih published by You Tube). That was an act of criminality and treason but it went unpunished and perhaps un investigated and prosecuted as it should have been. Selangor state parliament did nothing about it and neither did the state opposition which leads me to believe they are both incompetent with respect to these issues.

    With respect to the government’s indulgences of banks in its high interest rate of borrowing you do have a point and a very valid one at that. A government is sovereign. A sovereign debt never dies which makes it more attractive to any lender than a private debt. Interest rates payable by government on their borrowings attracts a lower rate of interest (the lowest possible above the prevailing reserve bank rate on the strike date) because of its gilt edge status. Especially for a state like Malaysia.

    The issue of Goldman Sach’s involvement in managing the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia is questionable given its recent history and its nexus with the US government and its various agencies and its complicity in massive breaches of laws in the US and elsewhere prior to and even after the GFC.

    The Japanese, the Brazilians, Chinese, Indians and Australians have some of the best funds managers in the world. They are compliant and aggressive and are not beholden to the government of the US. But then again managing the sovereign wealth fund of a country is that country’s business and its choice where fund managers are concerned. BUt that privilege of sovereignty cannot be without responsibility or impunity. They must be held accountable.

    Your reference to the wasteful and not at arms length (my words) expenditure and ‘investments’ incurred by the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund is the result of there being no proper regulation or compliance standards in place. There are no proper safeguards at all in Malaysia.

    At the first sign of a bad decision involving such large sums of money heads ought to roll and questions answered. Again the issue of economic groups, law firms and lobbying investment bankers needs to be brought into the spotlight. Who valued the power station, what methodology was used and was there an independent audit of the process? were the seller and purchaser independent?

    None of the large 4 accounting firms are independent in the true sense of the word and thats a huge red flag to be concerned about. Following the GFC it was revealed that all of the top accounting firms had glaring conflicts of interest which they did not care for in pursuit of the dollar. So too with the major money managers in Wall Street, the City of London and Singapore. Yes Singapore too.

    Who are the people on the board of the bank that made these loans? it is from such small inquiries that we will unravel the mysteries of the dysfunction and mismatch of capital commitments by the state. There are two types of financial analysis that are often useful to employ when deciding the viability of an investment.

    Technical analysis refers to analysing the data involving price movements over a period of time. Twin heads and shoulders to be able to forecast a future movement pattern in prices of assets and investments.

    Fundamental analysis takes into account all those other things like who is on the board what is their track record, what is the company’s management like, is there a connection between external managers, suppliers and the board? This is a form of risk evaluation. 90% of the failed institutions and government agencies over the past 3 decades conducted no fundamental analysis which if they did could have weeded out the problems before it occurred.

    Whats perhaps easiest a path to discovering anything and everything that occurs between government and private enterprise is the use of ‘market intelligence’. It is available discreetly to government agencies and to investigators. it is a widely used tool to uncover government fraud and impropriety. A Swiss company that goes by the name of ‘Reconnoiter’ but does not advertise is a case in point.

    The undoing of VP Singh a former Indian ‘clean skin’ prime minister by one such agency is an example in point of this issue. The bringing down of Ferdinand Marcos is another. There are many more.

    Think. If Petronas has the ability to identify the origins of a shipment of oil (which I am sure it has) the origins of payments and bargaining position of parties can be deduced from not just documents and conversations but also from transactions. The same science applies to all government transactions with non governmental parties especially in developing countries like Malaysia. And the intelligence and information is already there. It is a question of knowing where to look.

    The US government as is the case with the British government and of course Israel and Singapore would have all of the information at their fingertips as to how when and why such transactions occurred and who benefitted from it. Malaysia for all its wealth and first world aspirations appears not to have the capacity or will to engage in such inquiry.

    Goldman Sachs managed the sovereign wealth fund of Libya a nation embargoed by their government ad the UN. That would tell you how powerful an entity Goldman Sachs is. Till 1988 no non Jew from the upper classes of Jewish New York families moved passed the 10th floor of Goldman’s building into higher management. It was in 1989 that a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology broke that barrier and the rest is history.

    Goldman is like a Sovereign State. So too are many of the US Hedge Funds. Lets not kid ourselves and be delusional about this. If a nation state like Malaysia needs to engage in future investment, it needs accountability, responsible people at the helm and skilled talent from within.

    As long as that element of meritocracy is absent we will have many Marcos’s in the wings willing to put their hands in the till when government wilfully ignores the red flags and turns a blind eye to such simple acts of negligence and mismanagement.

    The orang putih and Yehudi for all their faults are careful with their own mooney. They make much of it from exploiting loopholes in our compliance and regulation where they exist if they exist.

    Tamasek, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund manager lost over $65 billion in the GFC when it had the PM’s wife at the helm. Although a brilliant scholar she failed in foreseeing the disaster in the banning sector that was to come and invested heavily in that sector that lost the most in the GFC. They brought in Chip Goodyear the Harvard former BHP CEO who after 3 months on the job quit from what he was about to discover. Clever move by Singapore and justifiable at that.

    A nations sovereign wealth fund is part of its overall security. Think of the damage that can be reacked on a nation if its funds are depleted. It is a security issue.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  38. Butikui Nang Oct 27,2014 11:42 PM

    Salam sejahtera pada Tun M dan rakan blogger

    1.Tujuannya mungkin murni tetapi pengurusannya yang meragukan.Kalau ikutkan congak orang yang tak sekolah ekonomi pun maklum, nilai aset RM 40b dan hutang jumlah RM38b kalau meminjam dengan kadar faedah 4.4 hingga 5.99 peratus jumlah yang perlu dilunaskan boleh meningkat sekali ganda dan bergantung pula tempoh pinjaman sekira lebih panjang maka bayaran pelunasan akan lebih tinggi.

    2.Siapakah yang memberi kata putus pembelian aset-aset lebih tinggi dari nilai sebenar, kenapa perlu membayar komisyen yang tinggi kepada perunding antarabangsa sedangkan sudah ada PEMANDU ,EPU dan lain-lain think tank yang sedia ada yang dibayar gaji yang amat lumayan setiap bulan.

    3.Apabila kerajaan menjadi penjamin kepada 1MDB bermaksud mendedahkan kerajaan kepada risiko perniagaan.Sekiranya 1MDB gagal dan diistiharkan muflis maka kerajaan akan menanggung segala liabiliti. Kebankrapan boleh membawa kepada pengambilalihan oleh entiti yang lebih bermodal besar dan dalam konteks ini negara terdedah kepada kawalan negara asing.

    4.Pencerahan dari PM Najib amat perlu atas apa yang dibangkitkan oleh Tun M dan rakyat yang bimbang dengan isu ini kerana ia melibatkan jumlah wang yang boleh membuat empat puluh ribu orang rakyat Malaysia menjadi jutawan dan isu kedaulatan negara.

    5.Berkaitan saranan Azharuddin Helmi perkara ini boleh beliau rujuk dalam entri terdahulu Chedet iaitu “Menegur” dan “Kerajaan Terima Dengan Terbuka Teguran Tun M” dan pandangan No 18 Tun M dengan sendirinya menjawab bahasan Adriandan88

  39. mubarakchan Oct 27,2014 10:36 PM


    I have always said that as long as the BN Government follows the Rule of the Laws, have policies which are fair and transparent, maintains a normal and functioning bureacracy and eschews making money through aping Singapore’s GLCs but only to rule over us, there is nothing much the Opposition can do until the next 14th General Elections.


  40. adriandan88 Oct 27,2014 9:57 PM

    Sememangnya laporan daripada THE EDGE hanya fitnah semata-mata. Bukan pertama kali portal tersebut berbuat demikian, inilah hasil daripada kebebasan menulis yang dipraktikkan di negara lain. Saya tidak dapat bayangkan apakah yang akan terjadi kepada negara kita apabila kerajaan memansuhkan akta hasutan yang sememangnya digunakan untuk mengekang hasutan daripada para pembangkang terutamanya daripada menghuru-harakan negara.

    1MDB merupakan projek negara yang diasaskan oleh DSNR. Mungkin ia merupakan satu strategi daripada Datuk Seri sendiri untuk mendapatkan modal yang lebih besar. Kita tidak dapat mengetahui kebenarannya. Jangan kita terus kepada sesuatu keputusan yang boleh memburukkan nama negara kita. Ia merupakan satu pelaburan yang masih panjang. Untuk masa depan negara.

  41. Azharuddin Helmi Oct 27,2014 9:36 PM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Saya menghargai pandangan dan cadangan daripada Tun. Seperti biasa Tun pasti akan memberikan komen yang kritis dan membina sepertimana Tun memerintah negara sebelum ini. Bagaimanapun, adalah lebih baik Tun berbincang terlebih dahulu dengan pihak kerajaan terutamanya berkenaan terma-terma yang dipersetujui dalam 1MDB dalam suasana ekonomi masa kini. Diharapkan Tun dapat memberi sumbangan pemikiran ke arah memajukan 1MDB dan seterusnya mendatangkan faedah kepada negara dan rakyat. Buah fikiran daripada Tun juga diharapkan agar dapat disalurkan secara profesional kepada kerajaan.

  42. sibotak Oct 27,2014 6:09 PM

    Kerajaan Malaysia gitu tunduk pada Pembangkang
    Seperti di lucut ISA sedangkan Abang tiri DAP , PAP
    Masih memeluk agama ISD
    Sekarang mereka suruh lucutkan Sedition act sedangkan Abang Tiri
    mereka masih menganut Defamation Act
    Baru ini bloger Roy di Singapura disaman olih PM mereka
    Kerana menyentuh tentang wang simpanan CPF warga Singapura
    Tambahan lagi Roy tidak di benarkan lagi protest secara aman di Speakers Corner
    Kelihatan Speakers Corner hanyalah lebih pada showcase untuk menonjolkan
    yg kononnya S,pore Freedom of Speech
    Tidak bermakna di Speakers Corner tidak ada activity tidak ada orang yg membangkang
    Ia kelihatan lebih pada Rakyat mereka takut bersuara
    Disini Malaysia Pembangkang bermaharajalela mengutuk Kerajaan Tanpa Bukti
    dan Sewenangnya
    INI PERTANDA TIDAK SIHAT …dan tujuan mereka bukanlah untuk freedom of speech
    Tujuan sebenar adalah Menjatuhkan & Memalukan Kerajaan
    Justeru Kerajaan Malaysia mesti menerangkan tujuan & niat pembangkang sebenarnya
    kepada Dunia Luar

    Di Penang Kelihatan DAP sudah membawa masuk abang tiri beliau
    Tanah Bumi ,Kampung Melayu di Singkir dengan alasan Pembangunan
    Tujuan sebenar adalah mengusir anak Bumi keluar
    dan Membawa abang tiri mereka masuk
    Ini sudah beralaku di Singapura..Tidakkah Sejarah mengajar kita ?
    Bermakna DAP lebih mengutamakan Orang Asing dari anak Bumi Malaysia
    Mereka Bangun untuk mereka bukan untuk anak Bumi
    Dengan mengadakan pekerjaan yg bergaji kecil tak cukup makan
    Hanya mengkayakan pendatang
    Ke mana arah sebenar anak Bumi kelak ?
    Itulah tujuan mereka Pembanguna hanya Alasan
    DAP. dirgerharu cendana pura
    Dah tahu bertanya pula…ewah …ewah

  43. Hajar Oct 27,2014 5:45 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,


    1. Saya pun ada baca tentang hutang 1MDB dan juga tentang pembelian aset-aset (khabarnya ada yang sudah hampir luput..) pada harga yang jauh lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran; setiap satu aset khabarnya dibeli beratus-ratus juta lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran. Baiknya hati PM Ah Jib Gor untuk sedekah duit yang di PINJAM kepada pihak yang menjual aset-aset tersebut; PM Ah Jib Gor bersedekah kepada orang kaya dengan duit yang 1MDB pinjam; bijak…bijak.

    2. Jika membeli ’harta’ di bawah harga pasaran (kurang dari 10 juta saja) boleh disabit kesalahan, adakah boleh pihak 1MDB (Pengurusan) juga didakwa (kerana kemungkinan ada unsur-unsur penyelewengan/rasuah) jika harga belian/jualan sudah tidak masuk akal kerana terlalu tinggi?

    3. Saya harap pihak/syarikat yang mengurus hutang/pembelian aset-aset tersebut tiada apa-apa hubung-kait dengan PM Ah Jib Gor atau pun CON-sultants beliau. Seperti kata Tun, jika betul ’fitnah’ & ’cerita dongeng’ saja, kenalah PM Ah Jib Gor sebagai orang paling ’atas’ memperbetulkan situasi ini dengan pantas; sikap beliau pun kenalah di transformasi.

    4. Saya khuatir Malaysia nanti kena ’jual/gadai’ jika 1MDB tidak mampu membayar hutang yang terlampau banyak.

    5. Jangan nanti Malaysia jadi negara ’dewasa/matang’ yang muflis sudahlah…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  44. Ibnu Mukmin Oct 27,2014 4:53 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Jika apa yg The Edge laporkan benar ia amat membimbangkan.

    Jika ia nya Fitnah semata mata, ia juga membimbangkan.

    Seperti Tun katakan, 1MDB perlu transparent dan accountable. Mungkin mereka boleh open the books to Tun and your appointed team is financial experts.

    We will really want to know the truth. However, an assurance from Tun and your audt team will suffice to render the issue a non-issue. We are sure Tun will tell is as it is.

  45. Tired Oct 27,2014 4:15 PM

    Salam Tun,

    “Full fuel subsidy only for those earning under RM5,000 monthly”

    1. The above caption was screaming in the Star Online and most likelihood than not, it would become another iMDB, PR1MA, MRT-II, -III, -IV whatever, etc, etc, and NOTHING ANY OF US SILLY AND DUMB MALAYSIANS COULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT!

    2. Malaysia Boleh, Malaysian Boleh in Bolehland!!!

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  46. fatahismi Oct 27,2014 3:48 PM

    As Salam Tun Dr Mahathir,
    1MDB buat duit dengan berhutang. Tak payah buat development lagi. Ini contoh kepimpinan yang lemah dan longgar. Macam mana nak diperkuatkan dan diketatkan prosedur dan polisi 1MDB ni hanyalah Dato Najib yang brkemampuan.
    Namun begitu, ada pihak tertentu yang dah makan komisyen. Berhutang dapat komisyen dan membeli janakuasa pun mungkin dapat imbuhan tertentu. Wallahualam.
    Ada kerja kosong tak kat 1MDB. Ada? Saya nak mohon jadi pegawai kredit 1MDB. mana tahu, saya pun nanti boleh kira kira komisyen juga.

    Apa pun, perkara ini adalah jenayah kolar putih. Kerja dia orang sauk, sauk dan sauk sampai 1MDB tinggal tulang. Bila dah kaya, pindah ke Australia, Amerika Syarikat atau Britain. Ooo..sebelum tu pergi buat Haji dulu. Minta Tuhan ampunkan dosa mereka. Emmm… yang haram akan jadi halal pada fikiran mereka. Allah tu Maha Pengampun.

    Dato Najib jangan ler tidur macam Pak Lah. Hutang 1MDB ni besar. Mungkin 50 tahun lagi baru boleh bayar hutang.

    Aduhai… Malaysia Negaraku yang tercinta…

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