1. As I was being driven along one of the magnificent roads in our country, I saw a stream of lorries loaded with logs passing in the opposite direction.

2. I asked my companion who was from that area as to who the logs belong to.

3. He turned and smiled conspiratorially and whispered the owner’s name. I could hardly hear him but it would seem he was afraid of being heard. He was clearly scared although apart from the driver and my ADC there was nobody else in the car.

4. Vast stretches of our forests are being cleared but nobody seems to know for whom the logging is done. But what is obvious is that our most valuable heritage – the great rain forest is being destroyed.

5. There are many reasons for cutting down the trees. Firstly of course is to extract timber legally and illegally. Then there is the clearing for development of rubber and palm oil plantation. These are very big, totalling millions of hectares over the years.

6. Small time farmer clear hillsides to plant ginger and other vegetable. Each farm is small but the total area for ginger is big.

7. The mining for iron ore and other minerals has begun again. Huge forest areas are being denuded as open cast mines expand and expand in area.

8. Living space also requires forest area to be cleared. As towns expand, the poor sell their suburban kampongs and move to forest areas where legally as well as illegally low cost houses are erected.

9. Between all these reasons for clearing the forest it is said that 70% of our forest have been cleared.

10. So what happens? This country is in the rain-forest region. Rainfalls are very heavy. In the past the rain falls on the thickly leafed trees of the forest and the thick undergrowth and much rain does not reach the ground. On the ground the trunks and exposed roots cause the water flow in any own direction to be slowed. So much of the water seeps into the ground or dries up.

11. Some of the water flows to lower ground and form tiny streams, which in turn form bigger streams which flow into the rivers. The speed of flow is slow obstructed by roots of trees and shrubs and rocks. Erosion of the ground is limited.

12. As the rain water now falls directly on the bare earth and immediately flows rapidly towards lower ground, the volume grows along the way. The rivers become swollen, rising rapidly and flow downstream. The massive amount overflows the banks and floods the surrounding land. The ground softens and landslides occur.

13. This is the origin of floods and landslides. No one can deny that the deforestation is causing this. Many are going to die and many have died.

14. We are fortunate in that we are free from typhoons. Our neighbours are not so lucky. We need to clear some forest for living space. But greed has overcome us and we are clearing too much of our forests too quickly.

15. First there is a need to stop illegal clearing of forest, to stop corruption that goes with it. Then we need to look again at legal clearing. Do we really need to make money from logging. Do we need to give out concessions for this? The people who get the concessions are not really poor. They should make more money than they already have some other way.

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  1. Murad Nov 19,2014 11:15 PM

    As Salam TUN,

    1.Thank you for your brave comments, May Allah bless you always.

    2.Again Tun , you candidly brought up issue of corruption in the timber industry, my info’s that I got, it did not only involve in people in low places ironically more rampant in the high places.

    3. “Adenan (CM,Sarawak) stunned forest officials and timber tycoons by la belling the industry corrypt on Monday”.(1). Are other CM/MB’s of other state such as N9, Pahang and the rest dare to make statements on the their state timber industry??

    4. I am a saw-miller since 1998 in NS until toady (last few saw-miller still operating, majority have close down), has been buying logs from Pahang, Kelantan and Johore, where in NS I saw jungle been cleared bald, wonder where the logs goes and who getting the licence?
    More irony people not involve in the industry getting it, can States leaders clarifies this and clean up their image OR do they have to wait until judgement day in front of ALLAH?

    5. Do the Barisan Govt. have the political will to clean up the image of the timber industry in the whole country Or is it otherwise? Voters are watching closely and whispering among them as your ” companion ” did to you when you asked!

    (1) The Star, wednesday 19 N0v.2014 Nation p.19


  2. Hang Jebat Derhaka Nov 15,2014 2:50 AM

    Mr GrKumar,

    My respect to you Sir,

    Hang Jebat Derhaka

  3. grkumar Nov 13,2014 4:37 PM

    Balance, your response is what the Tun and Daim Zainuddin and people like them have fought for decades to help Malays overcome. The fact is we are all old cultures. The Malay people are people of not just Tanah Melayu but also the Myanmarese, the east Bengalis (buka Bhaiee itu dia betul betul orang Punjabi agama Sikh), the people of Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, East Bengal all have a Malay blood. Thats 1/3 of India. Thats the magic of India. All known races from Africans, Arabs, Dravidians, Mongoloids, Arayans all have a home there.

    If you go there they will tell you the darker south Indians like me are “orang Asing” Dravidians outsiders. Thats the magic of India but also the curse of the European propaganda of who is and how they should be.

    Add to the above states there is Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and the Indonesian archipelago you have whats really the Malays race. So the Malay culture from research emerging post colonial era tells us that there may have been many Malay kings and Kingdoms of a highly developed civilization before the Indians and Chinese colonisers of that time arrived.

    Malays must believe in themselves and not accept the put down that they can;t do business. It is not the case at all. Trading is in the blood of the Malays albeit in the smaller and more person to person level.

    The Chinese who came to south east Asia were organized gangs. Whether they wear saville row suits or not these days in south east Asia they have the same smash and grab mentality. Those who cut a path for them to the top are the urban Malays who have gone to college and are too removed from their cultures. They may as well call themselves Chinese.

    Even if the Indians and Chinese as you say are the oldest cultures, it does not give them any more right of domination of the area than say the Japanese or europeans would.

    The Malays should be a bit more abrasive, less accommodating and ready to fight back and demand a greater share of the pie. To allow orang besar’s like the Razaks to dominate everything from banking to government is not respect but timid ignorance.

    Anyway Thats my point of view. And I say this because the volcano of Malay anger and frustration will soon boil over and the Chinese will suffer the same fate they suffered in Indonesia in the 1990’s. Neither the US nor the Singaporeans will come to their aid.

    It will lead to another 50 years of change in political philosophies beginning with a clean up and shake out at UMNO. The UMNO Puteras will be as much of a refugee class in London or Perth as the rich Chinese would be then. The Tamils will remain small time traders and a parochial bunch complaining of lost opportunities.

  4. mubarakchan Nov 13,2014 2:46 PM


    I thought I was entering dreamland after your magnanimous self-retirement of 2003 with your successful 22 year Administration of our beloved Malaysia. Who in the World has successfully and single-handedly created the Malay Middle Income Group which brought up the non-Malay Income Group through purchases of goods and services ? Not many of us, non-Malays remember that there were no Malay Middle Income Group before 1970 until its resurgence of the 1980s under your charge. THIS MIDDLE INCOME GROUP BALLAST OF ALL COMMUNITIES IS WHAT CREATES THE STABILITY AND THE HARMONY IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA TODAY. This holds despite the screaming headlines of the naive, friendly and hospitable UMNO owned New Straits Times of 13 November 2014, ‘ Waiting to IMPLODE.’ ‘Malaysia is a rising star at Apec summit.’ ‘ Research platform a game changer.’ Of the NSTP Streets Central Supplement Page 8, March 8 2014 and NSTP November 12, Page 3., the news of 1MDB which borrows RM38 billions to make money after you have already shown all Malaysians and the World that it is IDEAS WHICH CREATE MONEY WITHOUT MONEY ! Then, the absurd spectacle of a hard-core PAP cadre being appointed the Chief Editor of the UMNO owned Straits Times with a luscious Sime Darby thrown in to make him comfy in the hot and humid Ulus. Around this juncture, we rushed to the ICJ to give away rocks free and the grateful recepients published a book to knock us on the head that we were stupid. When is all these going to end ? The deft and secret manipulations of those who furtively promote the SURE DIE POISONED CHALICE TPPA through 19 secret negotiations show their evil intent ! The moment the TPPA is signed – the Malays will be like the Red Indians of North America. They signed. They died without a whimper. The non-Malays suffer a fate worse than death.

    China’s FTAAP proposal is fair and transparent. There is no secret intent to eliminate a group of people to gain an advantage through slavery. The FTAAP is what any Agreement should be – a WIN-WIN PROPOSAL FOR ALL and not only for one. A NEW CIVIL SERVICE TEAM SHOULD BE APPOINTED TO NEGOTIATE IN THE THE INTERESTS OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND SELF-ESTEEM. We cannot and must not have digits or cohorts who serve 2 masters. A few days ago, it is alleged that the Prime Minister of Singapore the chief and key proponent of the poisoned chalice TPPA mentioned that the FTAAP is nothing new. Sounds like sour grapes to me ?

    And the above-mentioned facts coupled with what happened to my friend a staunch BN supporter ( irony of ironies he loves the Indians in India ) who was forced off a major highways by a sub-continent Tan Sri in a white Porsche Cayenne complete with bodyguards in black at 10 a.m. just a few days ago, I wonder are we all game changing from the SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS ?



  5. Waris Tuan Nov 13,2014 2:05 PM

    YA Bhg. Tun.


    I was really honoured to have the opportunity to meet Tun in person early this month and I could really see your frustrations over whats going on these days especially on the political front.

    Regarding your above article, in general the real disease Malaysia is facing over the years is POOR ENFORCEMENT of laws and policies! This is evident in almost every aspect of our daily lives. For example the booming and proliferation of massage parlors (rumah urut) in every nooks and corners of our towns and cities “oblivious” to the eyes of the local authorities.

    The rampant posting of illegal advertisement, posters and banners on street names, signboards, TNB and telephone street cabinets, traffic light posts, public amenities etc.. is a constant eye sore. Worst are the postings of vulgar advertising of pleasure massage and sex stimulants at strategic places of public convergence or presence much to the displeasure of adults with the company of their inquisitive children.

    Don’t tell us that the authorities cannot easily curb these illegal activities when the posters or advertisements come complete with contact telephone numbers! Are the authorities blind or has it got to do with RASUAH?

    This disease has taken its toll once again in Cameron Highlands. Don’t we learn the lesson from the first tragedy? Is it RASUAH again?

    Just to let go the burning anger in my chest…..

  6. Abu Alya Nov 13,2014 10:30 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Perhaps I don’t have to be too cautious as the Tun.

    I have reasons to believe that the logging is being done by Chinese businessmen with the consent of the Ruler of the state. It’s what they would like to claim as a win-win situation in terms of wealth distribution among them, the elite of the Malays and the Chinese, the 1% that dictates the conscience of the rest.

    Whilst the Chinese businessmen know how to make more money and redistribute wealth within their people, the Malay oligarch only know how to consume and hoard their ill gotten money in offshore banks or parked in one Yayasan or another. Malays will continue to be poor because their elites lack the business acumen of their Chinese counterpart (like RH) despite having the same opportunity to give back to the society what they have absconded earlier.

  7. wajaperak Nov 13,2014 9:05 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Mr balance
    Adam did not marry Eve or did they? Are there holy man in those days?]
    Ok.Let’s go to something agreeable.Something that we can agree.
    If you are scientist like Newton or Galileo this is something that you have to face.
    The insurmountainable attitude of the masses.
    You have found something that is Law of Gravity.You try your damnest to make people understand that later formulated as mgh, the formula is most essential in rocket launching.

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data.
    A rocket has an initial mass of 4000kg, of which 3000kg is fuel. Total burn time after launch is 8 seconds. Exhaust velocity is 400m/s. The rocket lifts off vertically.

    (a) Evaluate “Thrust”, V(dM / dt)

    (b) Using Newton’s second law, evaluate acceleration of the rocket after 1 second of flight.

    (c) Calculate the rocket’s velocity after 1 second.

    (d) Calculate the altitude reached after 1 second.

    (e) Calculate the kinetic energy ½ (Mv2) of the rocket after 1 second.

    (f) Calculate the gravitational potential mgh of the rocket after 1 second.

    And why we need rocket to launch?
    So we can have satellite orbiting earth.
    Why we need satellite?
    Apart from spying activities we can sure watch football match live..:)
    The importance of Newton finding is only vital to the technology very very much later.
    So when Allahself pairing Adam and Eve some can choose to believe.
    Everybody can choose not to believe.
    But who will lose out?
    Argument and contention is the order of humankind.
    Here in Tun blog we finds that exchanging of view’s is most refreshing.
    We thanked Tun.We thanked Mr Mubarak Chan.We thanked Mr grkumar.We thanked you too for all your contribution.
    In this limited time of our time in Malaysian earth one must contribute.
    Our contribution here must be measured by Tun standard as the benchmark.
    Something that we will never achieved in our life time.
    Not even close.
    But the exchange’s do beneficial.
    Maybe they can trigger inspiration for later ‘satellite’ technology.
    For me Tun space here is a blessing.


    I appreciate’s your contribution Mr balance.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. balance Nov 13,2014 8:42 AM

    grkumar November 12, 2014 at 9:22 AM | Permalink

    After reading your comment I agree in many things we cannot avoid involving race and culture. Chinese and Indian are the two oldest civilization in this region. Their experiences, knowledge, old wealth or blood, sweat and tears are very dominance in Asia and it surround area and many things happen or dont happen can be trace back to these two civilization. This is something that we must accept as part of living in this region.
    From what you mentioned, we can also see from another angle as RH is a good company, they give/put back what they take. Should we label it as corruption or social responsibly?

  9. balance Nov 12,2014 10:59 PM

    wajaperak November 12, 2014 at 12:52 PM | Permalink

    Now i got a same (common) thinking and opinion with you. Deforestation for whatever purpose or logging will not stop as long there are to demand for wood, vegetable or homes and furniture. Yes agree we can only slow it down by increasing enforcement and the cost of wood or houses or vegetable (in Cameron Highland case).

    Well for me i dont see anything funny or bad if our opinion or views are different as a matter of fact it should be different because we are humans (the most intelligent living thing on earth) and it also makes this world interesting and educational. I try my best to see or understand your views. Talking about human moral law or classifications or traditions or culture. They are all man made and can be remake or review. It is all up to us to decide or choose. Changes in law or way of belief or way to live or eat or the way using the toilet change continuously, so it is not funny when things change. We only need to accept.
    Your comment about sex before marriage, well if you look a little bit further it happened since day one. It is one of the living things main instinct to reproduce and it is natural. We humans make it unnatural, animals still doing it (without marriage) but guess it wont be long human start to marry animals too. Ha ha ha! Adam did not marry Eve or did they? Are there holy man in those days? I dont think so but if they can why cant we? It is only our choice to do it or dont do it! Well for me I do it lah ha ha ha. To ask is to explore and to learn, it is natural too. To ask not necessary means i dont agree or dont believe or being rebellious. Simply think ASK as a natural human function. For me i find it is funny when someone dont ask or question things.
    If you talk about losing type of trees, what about dinosaurs. If people stop things from changing or no changes then today it is dangerous to walk on the street because there are dinosaurs to eat you. Ha ha Maybe sometime in the future there will be a new species of tree call 1PokokMalaysia (1PM). ha ha ha. We cannot force anything as humans we just pinjam our time on earth only. We cannot say yesterday is better than today but we can say it is different only. Just like politics, some people expect things must be the same but when things are the same they complain no improvement. Whichever way also wrong!!

    For me to ask, question and experience/aware of the experiences are far better then just listen and believe. If just to know that killing is not a correct thing i dont need any books to tell me so. I practice humanity not morality. Atheist is still a man made labeling just as all other labeling. Books are also man made just like chair or table.
    Enjoy chit chat with you

  10. akupun Nov 12,2014 1:46 PM

    dear tun,
    yr companion scared to say who owns the logs, but u too seem scare to write it down here.

  11. mubarakchan Nov 12,2014 1:09 PM


    Your comment on the wanton deforestation of our ancient forests is to the point and powerful. It strikes us who have conscience and compassion like a ligntning bolt from the blue. Here in our beloved Malaysia we have a political system which is democratic with an open capitlalistic stance. This political and socio-economic system has been with us as long as we can remember and beyond. The corrupt problems of tiss Malaysian Democratic Open Capitalilstic (MDOC) are man-made or the bad eggs. I suppose we can even measure the extent of corruption in the System by counting the number of bad eggs which are in existence at any one time ! We have time-trested MDOC System which has NEVER been tampered with by any Prime Minister.

    But in the tiny Republic of Singapore, the political and socio-economic System now in place can only be described as ULTRA-COMMUNISTIC IN FUNCTION AS WELL AS INTENT – The ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM AS CREATED BY ITS RULER AS THE FIRST AND BEST IN THE WORLD TO SUCK UP ITS CITIZENS MONEY DOWN TO THE LAST CENT ! The current imbroglio in the once balmy and squeaky clean tiny Republic over the legal use of the much maligned CPF citizens’ trust money has blown open the top of the can which once covered the worms ! In Malaysia, we have the Pandora’s Box. With the all embracing and pervasive of Singapore’s ULTRA-COMMUNISTIC SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEM unlike our Malaysian Democracy, it could easily happen through the LOSS OF POLITICAL POWER to some UNDESIRABLE ELEMENTS after the retirement of its existing RULER. This is the BIG QUESTION MARK FOR THIS TINY REPUBLIC. Is it due to the paucity of ideas that their ELITES hoisted a HUMONGOUS BALLOON to signal their sub-concious thoughts ? THE END OF THE ROAD FOR DECADES OF BLUFFOLOGY ?

    The lives and destinies of all citizens of the tiny Republic of Singapore are actually and not virtually in the hands of one person, THE RULER. In our beloved Malaysia, we have no such horrible ULTRA COMMUNISTIC (UC) SYSTEM BESIDES IT IS AGAINST THE RELIGION ! We only have bad eggs, big and small. I wonder why 2 Malaysian holistic political parties, the PKR and the PAS can go to bed with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which parent PAP practices ULTRA COMMUNISM IN LATTER DAY SINGAPORE ?


  12. wajaperak Nov 12,2014 12:52 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    [Mr Balance
    Everybody give token of appreciation (you can consider it corruption if you like) it is part of human culture that is why we must have the check and balance systems]
    Actually if you are an atheis you will find human religious inclination is humorous if not pathethic.
    Take this as an example.
    What do you call an act between husband and wife that we called procreation?
    It is simply putting you know what into you know what..
    The husband ( male ) part into wife ( female ) part.
    Now tell me..Argue the atheist..
    Why do you consider this is legal whereas a non married male cannot do the same with consented female?
    You got me here Mr Balance.
    Anything ‘discussion’ with an atheist will get me beat no matter what or how good my explanation is.
    Simply we are not a believer with same certain ism.
    Going back to your qoute.
    In any religious context,the parent’s must have holy comunion first.
    The male father give’s what in his ‘disposal’.The female mother take and produce by this undertaking offspring’s.
    From religious point of view this is not bribe.
    But atheist’s will not let you rest.So we skip the argument with them.
    Hence in Islam some got carried away in giving.
    We are generous people.We gave a lot but some use this pretence for corrupt practice.
    e-g If I borrow from you rm10 I can give you back rm20.It is called Qardhul Hassan.
    A mark of appreciation from me for given favour’s.
    THAT WILL BE CORRUPT PRACTICE ON YOUR PART TWISTING MY ARM IN AN EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL. doing and practicing something in life we always differ.
    Anwar and Lee Chong Wei said they have not done any wrong.
    It is up to court to decide.
    Our role will be?..
    And our role here in deforestation will be?..
    Personally I see that we cannot stop this deforestation.It had to happen as part of world doomsday.We can only delay them as along as possible.
    I would like to relate a story of our team contribution to deforestation some time ago.
    In the jungle there is a special kind of petai.It is called ‘Petai Meranti’.
    As you can imagine all forest product like this petai is hundred feet above ground.
    So in order to acquire this petai, my team of forest labourer chopped down the tree.
    Imagine.The tree of certain hundred year’s old must die so my team can feast on them for just one season.One take only.
    In doing so,our team had denied Orang Asli many many season’s to come.
    First come first serve?
    I am not guilty because it was before my time at that particular time..:)
    Consequently where deforestation is concerns,what do you know about pokok Keranji?Pokok Rokam?Pokok Pakma?Pokok Kelubi?Garcinia Aviridis?Pokok Assam Melayu?
    Have you seen them?
    Have you tasted their fruit?
    Does it matter the younger generation have not and will never see them?
    Life must go on.
    A poor man cannot worry what he have to chopped down for a living.
    A beggar simply cannot choose.
    Only the rich can pick and choose.
    The wealthy also can pick and choose their fight.
    The smart will be wise in picking the enemy to contend with.
    What about you Mr Balance..
    Are you smart enough to realize’s the magnitude of Tun posting..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. Hajar Nov 12,2014 10:36 AM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Selagi ada ’pemberi rasuah’ selagi itulah kita ada ’penerima rasuah’. Orang yang ditawarkan rasuah bebas untuk menolak dan laporkan kepada pihak berkuasa.

    2. Hukuman lebih berat (jauh lebih berat dari mereka yang menerima) mesti dikenakan ke atas PEMBERI rasuah. Banteras rasuah dengan memastikan pemberi rasuah dihapuskan.

    3. Apa yang saya nampak berlaku ialah dalam banyak kes pendakwaan rasuah, selalunya PENERIMA rasuah yang di dakwa/dihukum. Sebab itu rasuah masih lagi berlaku & ’perasuah = pemberi rasuah’ masih lagi berkuasa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  14. balance Nov 12,2014 10:06 AM

    Toknyang November 12, 2014 at 12:43 AM | Permalink

    Corruption comes in many form not just give and taking money for a task done. To give and take money in a task done can also be consider as trading. Not catching and penalizing a civil servant for doing something illegal just because of relationship or related is also a corruption. For centuries people talk about corruption and they are still talking until this now. It will be forever in a discussion stage if we only see from blames and finger pointing angle. To minimize corruption from happening is to have a check and balance systems. At today pace and life-style of “not enough” taking money for a task will come naturally. So what should we do? The answer is to be natural and to understand the rule of natural law and “dont take side”. If we keep pointing finger or stereotyping something or someone then we surely be standing still and not going anywhere. In any business, sundries purchases and entertainment expenditure are allowable and legal so there is no wrong or right. It is part of doing business whether you like it or not. But as a Govt then it is different, it is their job to enforce and oversee that all businesses must act within the law. This is where the check and balance comes in. But then the Govt also in business so now how? That is not our only problem now head of civil dept, head of cawangan, ministers and everyone in power also want to do business so another headache lah. Everybody give token of appreciation (you can consider it corruption if you like) it is part of human culture that is why we must have the check and balance systems. I think it is so common that husband also give bribe to wife ha ha ha. I dare say no body in the political/politics world dont want money and power. In the first place they join political group to gain power and money. There is no one type of people that give money or take money it is only in your mind that think only one type of people give money. Nobody can change nature and prevent natural course from happening. It is called “cause and effect”. Whatever someone do NOW will give a certain effect or result in the coming future. Some call it KARMA and some call it education. Catch a few (from clerk to PM) and send them to jail for allowing illegal things to happen can be one good check and balance system. We cannot expect this from the Govt it can only come from the will of the Malaysia citizens. As what Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said “Afraid of being audit” until then it is free-for-all or do-as-you-like

  15. grkumar Nov 12,2014 9:22 AM

    Balance. There is no form of human activity in Malaysia which is free of racial or other parochial taint or influence. There is no community or individual who does not identify with his race. Lets not get pretentious or sensitive about my mention of the same. it lies at the root of all our problems as a society.

    If you can’t call a spade a spade (and not simply for the purpose of doing that) then your argument and your responses must fail because they are not forthright or honourable and like half pregnancies. There is no such thing!

    The timber industry in Malaysia and in Indonesia is squarely in the hands of the Chinese communities there with fronts using Malays (rent economies) and public companies to show a false diversity.

    Now whether that aspect of their business culture is to be lauded or condemned is not for me to say. But the fact that they, primarily the Malaysian Chinese (like Rimbunan Hijau) or Bob Hassan (a convenient Muslim) in Indonesia engage PR firms to deliberately mislead deflecting any criticisms of the Chinese monopoly in this anti environmental trade is something else.

    It is a bit like Shell paying $10,000,000 in the 1990’s to Greenpeace thereafter engaging its former chief to head one of its many international departments is a question of another argument.

    What is important that the Tun has raised the subject. It is not whether he should have checked it 20 or 30 years ago. No leader is omnipresent or omnipotent. We all learn from the present guided by the past so that we are able to shape the future in an informed way.

    RH and Hassan both indirectly donated to Greenpeace very generously. They even had two Australian senators, and members of the lower house of federal parliament lobbied and dare I say paid to keep criticisms of them in check and any reference to the south east Asian Chinese deflected very subtly.

    Their other businesses in Australia and those of other Chinese owners made representations to the Murdoch press about similar issues and thats no secret.

    In Papua New Guinea RH owns a national daily. It holds sway on the government there. Andrew Posai the forestry minister till 1994 was bought and paid for then by RH. Evidence of his acceptance of their bribes was conveniently released via a third party Australian to release to the New Guinea parliament and leadership tribunal when he demanded a bigger amount in royalties for the forests in his own tribal land in New Britain.

    That area was later passed on to another Malaysian dominated timber company called Land and General, then general Lumber to avoid the appearance of a collusion between Chinese dominated groups in timber.

    The day of Posai’s sacking occurred on the day Yitzak Rabin was assassinated in Israel all those years ago. When Andrew Posai decided to fight them back, the entire forestry department of PNG in Port Moresby burned to the ground in a suspicious along with all its records and documents destroyed in that fire.

    Rimbunan Hijau offered and paid for the construction of a new building to house the forestry department in PNG. Sir Julius Chan was then Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (to be later thrown out in a military coup). Chan by his name is half Chinese.

    Everything has to be read and commented on contextually.

  16. balance Nov 12,2014 8:08 AM

    wajaperak November 11, 2014 at 6:03 PM | Permalink

    You are a smart man please look a little deeper into the meaning. It is not about blaming or criticism, it is looking inside for answers. For many many many years public sectors administrators are given the free hand to do anything unnatural just so they can protect this and that. What do you expect to happen? The accountability and responsibility disappear!! Now staying or struggling to be in control of unnatural happenings become more apparent. If you push a billiard player to play football, he/she will tend to forget and accidentally use the hands instead of the legs to block a incoming ball. We cannot blame the player as his/her skills are different. To have a check and balance systems or a more natural systems there must be varieties and diversities. If things are forcefully done then be prepare to see drastic repercussion. If you throw a duck and a cat into a river which one will survive? Both will survive if we take our time to train the cat to swim well until it become its second nature. If we expect any other way we are fooling ourselves. My opinion a good nation cannot be build in one generation, one race or one culture or one language. Hitler and many others tried it and fail. Another saying “two heads are better then one”

  17. mubarakchan Nov 12,2014 7:16 AM


    Your comment on the deforestation of the Malaysian landscape with its beautiful age-old trees is a wake-up call on all our consciences and compassions. We should all be proud that we have such natural legacies from the past, a gift from the mists of time. It is the Rule of the Laws which holds a nation and its citizens together in a civilized manner. Without the Rule of the Laws, we can only blink at the wanton disregard of the Laws as with the deforestation of our countryside which brought ruin, chaos and deaths to the innocents. Those who have the power and responsibility to do good as we have seen like your outstanding 22 year Administration, have also the power and the derelict of duty to do bad.

    As I have said before, the BN Government should observe the Rule of the Laws, have policies which are fair and transparent, maintain a normal and functioning Bureacracy and eschew from making money through GLCs but only to rule over us, then, the Opposition can do nothing till the next 14th General Elections. But since 2003, money making acts were seen by the Rakyat to be through the expediency of ignoring the Rule of the Laws with the concomitant lack of standards, ethics, proprieties and norma behaviour. In other words, we are in the great unknown of abnormality, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Naturally, all of us wish everyone to do well so that in the process, all our descendants will do well too. This is a natural human and normal aspiration. In my short life-time, I have so many cases of persons who lost their heads when they suddenly gained power or made a lot of money. In one instance, one of these personalities died at the age of 39 clutching miliions and millions of Ringgit Malaysia in his hands. His intellect failed him who thought he made the money and not his father-in-lae ! Then, there is the other case of the brilliant fellow whose thoughts never left the ancient portals of his famous University. His thoughts of his self-appointed brilliance in the management of human resources put paid to the very existence of his own population. There is no return in human failings.

    As you have mentioned, how much is enough ? Honestly, does a Malaysian either a Malay or a Chinese or an Indian or another race, feel comfortable in Oxford Street London or the 5th Avenue New York with US$100 millions at least in the bank ?

    I thought that we Malaysians have come a long long way since Merdeka 1957. In 2014, we should be seeing the results of the vision and hard-work of all our Prime Ministers of whom we all earnestly supported. But to see deforestation as a result of wanton logging of our ancient trees amongst many other acts like my friend who was forced off the road by a Tan Sri from the sub-continent in a white Porsche Cayenne complete with bodyguards on the highway in broad daylight, make me wonder what our BELOVED MALAYSIA IS COMING TO !



  18. Praxis Nov 12,2014 4:33 AM

    While ecological issues were kept within bounds during your tenure, so as to focus the Malay dilemma, that cannot be said of your successors who taking advantage of your probity in choice of successors have paid lip service to the Malay dilemma, NEP, vision 2020.

    Lip service because they are not informed by an ecological perspective.

    Now, they have created to have created a new battle front (see ‘Senang lawan orang Islam di Malaysia,’ Husin’s Lempoyang’s post of Nov 11, 2014 )

    Ecological problems could become our main problem if we are not careful.

    Pakatan limps on because of united front commitments although it can’t objectively match BN’s record of world class statesmanship which is denied because of its technological, Malay and Muslim competencies.

    This has been sidelined in the public mind by the Chinese dilemma, and now the Islamic dilemma? The ecological dilemma will displace all these human dilemmas before we realize it.

    We can only resolve through properly resolving the Malay dilemma and its leadership.

  19. Toknyang Nov 12,2014 12:43 AM

    Salam Tun and Che Det readers..

    Bravo Grkumar..

    Zaidah – Di mana agaknya opposition berperanan sebagai so called check and balance yg sentiasa buka mata (so to speak) contohnya dlm issue Cameron Hglds ni . Mereka mungkin bagi impression menentang kegiatan pembukaan tanah tak terkawal di sana. Ya impression shj..

    Apa action mereka? Ada ke DAP, Bersih atau BFM buat kempen ke atau demo ke atau desak kerajaan agar culprit yg sebenarnya yg buka tanah atau tebang balak dll ni ditangkap dulu. Minta kjaan ambil tindakan drastik mengajar mereka spt bakar ladang mereka dsb. Kemudian baru ambil tindakan kpd perasuah2 lain whoever they are.

    Yg ada mereka menyalak, meyalahkan kerajaan kroni, pegawai kerajaan lemah, rasuah dsb. Mereka tak sebutpun siapa actual culprit ini. Jauh sekali nak profailkan bangsa mana, budaya apa dsb supaya mudah semua org tahu. DAP, Bar council ada berani ke?

    Tapi jika perasuah, perangai buruk dsb dgn mudah mereka sabitkan dgn golongan tertentu spt pegawai kerajaan, Umno dll (yg tempias Melayu dan Islam) dituduh. Tengoklah laporan audit ni nanti. Tak de pun org akan marah atau salahkan kpd peraturan Kem Kewangan dll yg sgt bureaucratic, banyak dan berbelit2, pelbagai arahan2 lain, pegawai bertukar ganti, tiada training kendali kontrak dsb. Sebaliknya terus menunding kpd civil servants. Betul! ada salah laku oleh peg kjaan tapi mereka yg jadi mangsa keaaan pun banyak.

    Balance – siapa yg awak rasa paling banyak beri rasuah, (who is also an equally guilty party). Who plunder this country of resources, ethics etc, Who are the cronies or partner the cronies..? Who stand to gain the most and then talk about righteousness, injustice, discrimination etc.

    Tk Tun.

  20. LookEast Nov 11,2014 7:51 PM

    Salam Tun.
    If people feel ashamed of their actions they will not do the act. In order to make people feel ashamed they must be revealed to the public and scrutinized. Culturally we seem to not have a strong sense of shame as there are many ways to go about not revealing ones identity. The person’s identity can be revealed as a “suspect” first before we call the person a “convict” if found guilty.

  21. wajaperak Nov 11,2014 6:03 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Dear Mr Balance.
    [Tun, you should ask yourself what you have done or dont do that make today situation]

    Actually I am quite disappointed the way you manifested yourself here..
    It is akin like somebody asking your parent’s “which traits that have you enherited’?
    At best you simply smile..but the worse you can nurse a grudge.
    All nursing cannot be bad unless you are nursing a grudge.
    Tun actually is a simple man a product from simple education.
    ( He himself wrote a biography )
    So how education is different from a norm?
    I mean from the mainstream norm..
    A graduate from ‘Foreign Legionnaire’ will tell and behave differently regarding any issue’s especially issue at hand.
    You are over simplying.
    Life is not that simple.
    Human themselves make it complicated.
    You want to uproot a tree you need a strong ‘Jin Tolak’.
    You want to uproot evil, you need a real ‘Jin’.
    But unfortunately they will not do your bidding because they will asks you back..
    Let’s go for an easy analogy.
    The ant’s ( kerengga ) does not eat mango.
    But if you try to pluck them from within their jurisdiction they will swarm and bite you.
    You did not eat mango.
    The mango is useless to you.
    Why you attacked me of the none thing you feed upon?
    Territorial issue?
    Similarly you will find all Tun posting have something in relation of what I have commented.
    It is something we called a ‘plant’.
    Planted so I can reap.I can only reap what I sow.
    Coming back to issue at hand.
    It is to much to contend for.
    I want to contend you the issue of asking permission when entering other domain.
    Don’t you think you can do better?


    Terima kasih Tun.

  22. balance Nov 11,2014 1:39 PM


    Tun, you should ask yourself what you have done or dont do that make today situation. What happening now are things being encourage or discourage from yesteryear policies. Teaching how to fish is very different from giving the fish. Unnatural growth grow unnatural beings. To love someone or something is to allow natural growth to happen not forcing it to grow or dont grow according to your liking or disliking or thinking (delusion).

  23. Hajar Nov 11,2014 11:28 AM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    Masalah besar secara amnya di Malaysia ialah LEMAH dalam menguat-kuasakan undang-undang dan peraturan. Ini punca berlaku pelbagai masaalah, contohnya, ‘Deforestation’.

    Ini mungkin berkait rapat dengan ’culture/amalan’ di mana kita berasa ’kesian’ & juga ’takut’ untuk menghukum atau mengajar pesalah walaupun dalam banyak perkara peringatan dan amaran telah diberi berulang-kali.

    Saya pernah bekerja di sebuah organisasi, dan organisasi ini juga ada masaalah yang sama dan saya dengan rela hati keluarkan diri saya dari tempat tersebut kerana tidak lagi sanggup bersekongkol (juga rasa malu) dengan pihak pengurusan yang AMAT LEMAH dalam menguatkuasa peraturan-peraturan – boleh dilanggar dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Pesalah2 pula yang mendapat pembelaan kerana kononnya telah dianiaya, dan penguat-kuasa pula dihukum. Di akhirat, saya akan tuntut keadilan…

    Ramai orang takut untuk bertegas kerana biasanya akan ada pesalah-pesalah yang bertindak-balas (akibat buruk ke atas orang yang bertegas). Jadi kebanyakan orang lebih suka mengambil jalan selamat (lebih mudah) dengan bersikap lepas tangan asalkan gaji jalan dan diri sendiri tidak menjadi sasaran pelaku-pelaku kesalahan. Pada pandangan saya mereka ini tidak amanah dalam menjalankan tugas dan tanggung-jawab.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  24. balance Nov 11,2014 11:21 AM

    grkumar November 11, 2014 at 5:41 AM | Permalink

    Wow too strong and too judgmental not to mentioned very prejudice. What have deforestation got to do with race or no race? Please ask your smart self who give permit and who enforce and who need money? Are you trying to start a racial turmoil or are you doing on fun? Your words are a very good example of an unconscious and untamed mind. Sorry i have to say this.

  25. mokhtar Nov 11,2014 10:36 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Since the land matters belong to state, Mentri Besar or CM is fully responsible, they should be held accountable for whatever reasons. The rapes of Cameron Highland is well known, easily visible to naked eyes for many years unless the MB is blind or he never been to the place or worst he is not aware that Cameron Highland belongs to Pahang.
    DPM should ask the MB to resign immediately or the public will perceive that its OK to rape or sodomie the jungle as long the MB or CM is our brother..there are many ways to spur the economy growth or generate revenue to the states..logging is not one of them neither is growing vegetables on large scales..

  26. zaidah Nov 11,2014 7:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    While at times I dont fancy our opposition parties,but at times,I feel,they should be around,and ‘stay awake’ all the time.To have a check and balance on happenings in the country.However todate,our opposition is more or less the same attitude as the government.So,with or without them,there is no differences,and it takes people like you to voice things that are common interest to the citizens.
    Tun,what actually are the roles and functions of Ketua Menteri or Menteri Besar?Maybe to go into detail might be too long,so,can they be the same as Managing Director in an organisation?The only difference,a state is bigger than a company,but the role,isnt it the same?Under the Menteri Besar,we have the excos,or the government officers,while the MD have the other Directors,managers,Officers.They have their roles to play.So,under comparison,they are the same.
    Time and again,when something happens,the Menteri Besar always says,I will look into it.I dont have the report.The same goes to Cameroon Highlands.The Meneteri Besar seem not to know whats happening in Cameroon Highlands!!!! Too busy?But what about the exco incharge of it?Dont they have a meetings,briefings,etc,on the happenings,like the dept heads to the MD?
    I had visited Cameroon Highlands quite often,since my schooldays,and what is obvious now is that the highlands is no longer cold as before.Too many changes there,and I dont deny,things must change,or it becomes stagnant,but Cameroon Highlasnds,the changes are not for the better,but for the worst.
    Dont the Menteri Besar aware about all these?The exco not aware?Must they be told by the citizens?If every single subject,I will look into it,I will check into it,then something is wrong.And when Utusan Malaysia highlight the issue,the Menteri Besar gets angry.Why and why?
    If actions are not taken,afraid one day,very soon,Cameroon Highlands will be forgotten.Wake up Pahang Menteri Besar,Excos,District Officers.Until todate,so much already been highlighted,illegals,illegal farming,etc,etc,etc,and you are still checking?Take note,all these are not just happening yesterday,and been years,and you are still not aware,and checking?What a joke.

  27. grkumar Nov 11,2014 5:41 AM

    The deforestation of the Malay archipelago (Malaysia and Indonesia) is analogous to the stripping away of Malay rights. It needs radical surgery to contain and to prevent further occurrences of.

    In places like Australia, the UK and Europe, deforestation is said to be something the “malays” are guilt of. Conveniently the distinction between the merchant classes amongst the migrants (those who seemingly make millions out of nothing) and the Malays is overlooked in order to prevent identification of the plagues amongst us who now plague the economies of Europe, the US and Australia.

    It is no different to the privatization of MAS. Now the second runner up of the ABC TV’s cooking competition one Poh Lim is being paid tens of thousand s of dollars to prepare a “signature dish” for the “privatised MAS at public taxpayers expense.

    MAS is the flag carrier of a proud nation and its culture. It is not an extension of the Chinese or Indians because they wield some economic power over Malays.

    It is an embarrassment that the government of the day under the current Prime Minister is prepared to play second fiddle to the Sinofication of the Malaysian state. A Malay state.

    There is no price that can be put to a nations identity, its culture, its history and its dignity.

    The owners of Rimbunan Hijau, YTK Logging, Kerewara (PNG) Golden Circle are all Chinese Malaysians. Yet their PR companies and their Australian media sympathisers deliberately use the term Malay companies, or Malaysian companies refusing to make that distinction between the Malays and the Chinese.

    We can write, but as that old Scottish tale provides “Who will bell the cat?” The Chinese Tsunami may have failed at the ballot box, but the economic overwhelming of everything Malay will not stop.

    It won’t be long before generations of Malays will not have a square inch of land they can point to as their ancestral homes and they will in turn end up like the many refugees elsewhere in their own homeland.

    We can wax and wane but will we do something about it?

  28. Artbell Nov 10,2014 11:23 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun,

    I hope we can keep at least 55% of our rain forest intact as you have pledged in Brazil many years ago.

  29. shahrulnizam Nov 10,2014 9:44 PM

    economy activity went down, deforestation activity goes up..

  30. roy Nov 10,2014 5:14 PM

    Cameron Highlands?

  31. PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit Nov 10,2014 4:05 PM

    Salam Tun,

    May we humbly know which state you were travelling in, sir, when you made the remarks.
    And can you give us a hint as to who is the person mentioned by your companion who whispered conspiratorially to you.
    The suspense is killing me haha.

    DAPshit@PKRumatNabi Lut

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