1. When we became independent in 1957 we had a clear idea about education in Malaysia. We wanted every Malaysian child to go to national schools where the medium of teaching would be the National Language based on the Malay language, the language of indigenous people. They would know and be close to each other, get used to their different cultures and be distinctly Malaysian.

2. For a time the “English Schools” were to be allowed to go on. The students at these schools were from all the ethnic groups in Malaysia.

3. When Minister Aziz Ishak as acting Education Minister decided that all schools must be converted to national schools with the national language as the teaching medium, the Chinese raised a big row. Cabinet then decided that the vernacular language schools would be allowed. They were re-designated “Jenis Kebangsaan” or National Type. The national type primary vernacular schools would receive Government aid but the national type secondary schools were not to be supported by Government. The decision was political. Nothing in the Constitution provided for this. Then another Education Minister in 1971 decided to abolish Government secondary schools which teach in English.

4. The net result was an exodus of Chinese students to private Chinese Secondary schools.

5. With this the children of different races lost all opportunities to grow up together; the Malays to national schools, the Chinese to Chinese primary and secondary schools and the Indians to Tamil primary schools. There were no Tamil secondary schools. So most Indians studied in National Secondary Schools.

6. International schools using English were however allowed to exist. Then local private schools using largely English as the medium were set up.

7. The Malaysian children were not supposed to go to these private schools. In any case the fees charged by private schools as usual were high.

8. Then the ministers’ children, against national policy started going to private schools and international schools which use largely English as the teaching medium. The ministers also send their children to public (actually private) school in the UK. So followed the children of the rich.

9. The result is that the rich go to private schools in Malaysia and U.K while the poor go to national schools at home.

10. Apart from racial separation because of the ethnic language based schools, we now see a separation of the rich children and the poor children. The rich now speak in English and the poor in Malay, Chinese or Tamil. Jobs favour the English speakers.

11. Strangely the language nationalists have not protested as they protest the use of English for Science and Mathematics. Incidentally the Malay language nationalists also help promote the use of the Chinese language in Chinese schools and in business. Even Malay parents like their children to go to Chinese schools. And in Sarawak the natives prefer Chinese schools.

12. All these will result in the separation of the races and the separation of rich high-class English speaking people from the poor less privileged national language speaking people. There will also be a loss of the knowledge of modern science and higher mathematics among national school students.

13. I must confess that although my children all went to national schools, my grandchildren all go to private schools in the country and abroad. They do speak the national language but their kind of schooling widens the gap between races as well as between the rich and the poor.

14. It seems that poor parents must accept poor education for their children so politicians can be popular.


  1. mancumi Dec 13,2014 10:26 AM

    Saya yakin dengan pengalaman saya ini dan saya ingin menyuarakan pendapat saya kepada semua pelajar yang ambik sains tulen saya syorkan pembacaan meluas tentang penggunaan Bahasa Latin kerana kebanyakan istilah sains adalah dalam bahasa latin dan tidak rugi juga kita belajar bahasa Latin kerana latin merupakan pecahan kepada bahasa Itali, bahasa Perancis, dan Bahasa Inggeris sekarang ini. Dengan ilmu ini juga membolehkan kita menganalisis sesuatu perkataan yang mempunyai unsur Latin seterusnya menghuraikan maksudnya dengan tepat.

  2. East Wing Dec 2,2014 6:12 PM

    Salam Che Det,

    I sent my son to a kindergarten where the ratio between malays, chinese and indians were quite equal. They mixed very well. As they were all very young, they couldn’t tell the difference between the races. My son’s best friend at the kindergarten was a chinese. There wasn’t a day that passed by without my son mentioning his best friend’s name either to me or to my wife. Before leaving kindergarten, his friend told him that he’s going to a chinese vernacular school and most probably they won’t be seeing each other anymore. Our son was really sad because he knew we were sending him to a national school. He asked me why does his friend have to attend chinese school. I answer his question with a question, curious to see how a young mind like his works. He answered, “Perhaps he’s chinese and he wants to return to china.” Intrigued by his answer, I asked him further on why does he think that. And then he said, “Of course Papa. It’s the same like when we were in Bahrain. There were Indian schools and Filipino schools and British schools for the kids of the workers (expats). They all go back to their country in the end. I’m attending Malaysian (national) school because I am Malaysian.”

    This came from an unpolluted mind of a 6-year old, which we intend to keep as clean as we can. However, as much as we try, we do not know how far or how long we can protect his mind against racial prejudice. The educational structure of our country is already designed that way. Sooner or later my son will learn the ugly side of our country which hides behind the curtain of the self-proclaimed “racial harmony and integration”.

    Malay leaders say that we must protect the vernacular schools to avoid racial disharmony. Chinese leaders say that it is seditious to question the existence of vernacular schools. Everybody claims to be against racism, although the action speaks otherwise.

    Perhaps we should listen more to the kids.

  3. ilioni Dec 2,2014 3:50 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Continuation to my previous post.

    1. It looks like my magic crystal ball prediction is correct! News from today. I really don’t know what these “smart” policy making people think. Can you please tell me how does these mandarin teacher from China communicate with our student which comes from different background with different mother tongue language? If the student unable to understand the language to begin with, how does the teacher communicate with the students? Does the teacher understand our culture and how does the imported teacher teach if there is a communication barrier?
    China’s Mandarin teachers, Mathematics experts for schools in Malaysia: Muhyiddin

    2. Can someone please go and explain to the Deputy EDUCATION Minister what it means by COMPULSORY third language. And, now he comes out to say that these initiatives are already in place to encourage our student to take up a third language. Excuse me! Are we referring to the same thing? Do you not understand by what it means by Compulsory? It means by every students need to learn a third language (compulsory).

    Idris Jusoh: Initiatives for students to learn third language already in place

    3. And, then instead of reflecting back on the policy. Here comes the denial syndrome again and start to claim that this is the local culture problem instead. Repeating what the CONsultant told him that it is very common for the Western countries to teach new language. But, did they tell how successful were these policies? Extract from wikipedia:
    Language education by region

    “Despite the high rate of foreign language teaching in schools, the number of adults claiming to speak a foreign language is generally lower than might be expected. This is particularly true of native English speakers: in 2004 a British survey[which?] showed that only one in 10 UK workers could speak a foreign language. Less than 5% could count to 20 in a second language, for example. 80% said they could work abroad anyway, because “everyone speaks English.” In 2001, a European Commission survey[which?] found that 65.9% of people in the UK spoke only their native tongue.”

    And, as of today, this still holds true that majority of the British people only speaks one language which is English. In fact, some of the western education system are falling behind compared to the far east education system – at least academically. Does it mean that the western education system are all bad. Of course not, they do excel in certain areas but this is not one of them.

    3. When others are implementing those policies, does this make it right to follow what they are doing blindly? Are we trying to come up with a system that fits all and covers every aspect and try to mold everyone with a multi-talent person. It doesn’t work that way and and it will never work. In the end, these poor children learn nothing and they lose interest because there is just too much to juggle with and we lost focus! Time is lost, nothing is achieved.

    4. Instead of spending so much money on all these non-beneficial policies, why can’t the education ministry setup an independent body to evaluate and grade the schools and provide recommendation on areas of improvements. Such groups do exist and work pretty well in the western education system such as the Ofsted in UK. The first step toward improving the education system is to evaluate each school honestly and then empower the headmaster to make changes and then make/hold the person in charge accountable. Empower the headmaster to make necessary improvement to the schools such as to empower the headmasters to select his team of teachers and evaluate any new teacher’s performance before acceptance.

  4. Simple Mind Dec 1,2014 10:38 AM

    What’s wrong with vernacular schools? For chinese stream, it’s the syllabus. This could be the reason why it was axed Across the Causeway. In it, the students were required to study 3 text, Chinese literature, books. They are ” Water Margin; Romance of the 3 Kingdoms; and Monkey go West.” These Chinese literatures tells about tyranny, how to plot against each other, create distrust, etc., etc. What will happen to the students reading (studying) these? This is where, even LKY fear them. He is more afraid of Chinese-educated people than the English-educated ones. These are the values that will characterise these adults.
    I do not know whether they are still being used in our schools today, if it does it must be changed.

  5. ilioni Nov 30,2014 3:59 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Latest updates today.

    1. The think-tank/CONsultant behind the minister who can’t think for himself said it is a good idea to consider putting a third language in the national mainstream. And, as expected, he supports it and agrees to it.

    2. Let me tell you why this will not work and it is bound to fail if implemented.

    3. If we can’t fix or improve our second language – English. What makes it possible to implement a third language and the student will benefit from it?

    4. How can we solve the supply of good quality teachers who can teach the third language to our kids when the current situation is that we are already struggling to get quality teacher to teach that language? Are we going to import from abroad to solve this supply issue? Or, we are going to mass produce teacher like we normally do when we face supply issue? There are some fundamental issues that needs to be solved. The problem is not only with quantity. What is most lacking is quality.

    5. Can majority of the kids be able to benefit from this policy? If majority of our kids are already struggling to learn English which is a far more easier language from the other two language that we are planning to add. Do we really think that they can really benefit by adding another language?

    4. Is this just a cosmetic policy with political motive behind it?

    It’s really dangerous when you have a not-so-smart person taking up our education ministry. Looking at what is going on, it is quite clear that there isn’t much hope for improvement in our national education syllabus.

  6. Tuntuah Nov 27,2014 11:07 PM

    Just blame the parent and the teachers
    Why? The parent dont care. The teachers also dont care.

    Long time ago… When the teacher scold the student, the parent will say good teacher. These day, try that.. See u in court la jawapnyer…

    Last time we student are afraid of failure in any of the subject. Why? Because we are responsible to the amanah of the parent that sent us to school. What are that amanah? Finish our studies and be a good people.

    Now.. Parent dont care if the anak runtuhkan pagar, hasut orang, and not finish studies. Why? Because the teacher also dont care…

    So to blame not using bm as medium of communication in school? Not using english? Not using mandarin?

    Just another excuse for those who dont cares….

    What a crap mindset.

  7. Tuntuah Nov 27,2014 10:04 PM

    Dead people cannot talk. No need to communicate with them. Nonsense.

    THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD with No child, no wife, no grandpa, no grandma, not an animal, not human, not air, water earth or sun or whatever you can think of.

    However GOD has names. Specific names.
    So if u want to use these specific names, please be the believer of that religion.

    Your religion, my religion and any other religions are not the same. Like me, my religion is Islam. I can confirmed that it is not the same like hindu, christian, buddha and so on. Not even one.

    Allah taught muslim to respect other religions, no need to discuss other religions, even dont be bothered with other religions. You with your religion and me with mine. So simple.

    I just wondering, why other religions busy body with Islam? Like to compare with Islam? TELL U STRAIGHT, ISLAM DONT CARE ABOUT OTHER RELIGIONS.

    So please messing up with your religions and not Islam. Period

  8. wajaperak Nov 25,2014 7:10 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Dear Mr balance..
    What is the definition of mind?
    What is definition of wisdom?

    Let us compromise from this Surah Toha 24:47.

    “And peace will be upon he who follows the guidance”
    Islam promise nothing in this world but peace of mind.
    Try this for a change.
    You got nothing to lose.
    Wash your face.
    Spread the water over both your arm.
    A sprinkle of water to the forehead.
    And your feet below the ankle.
    Afterward try with the intention of wuduk.Just wuduk.It will not compromise your belief.
    Repeat the process and tell me the difference.
    Honestly there will be a diferrence in insertion on niat.
    Just try it for the fun of thumbing your nose at me.

    There will be a difference.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  9. balance Nov 25,2014 2:11 PM


    What type of award do you want?
    I already know you are very very clever and knowledgeable but “wisdom” i think about it.

  10. balance Nov 25,2014 2:01 PM

    wajaperak November 25, 2014 at 9:16 AM | Permalink

    Whatever!! I am a achiever or accomplisher as i achieve and succeed in irritating you!!! Ha ha ha. Joke only no hard feeling ok !!!
    That big mighty bold sentence as you put-it was a test to see who jump and how the jump can be!!!It is for my learning only.
    I never claim anything, I only put-up a question. ONLY A QUESTION???
    It is all in your mind to judge and create the conclusion. Can you see how it happen?
    I am happy for you to agree to disagree but again the my question “what happen to your mind”. Want to answer this?
    Would be nice to get a reply from you

  11. wajaperak Nov 25,2014 9:16 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [Dear Mr balance
    As you said The Holy Prophet Mohammad and all others that done great things may be illiterate but their illiteracy or literacy dont stop them from learning, being aware and wise]

    I am most sorry that you erred big time here.It was revealed in Al Quran that the only reason Allah did not allowed him formal education is to rebut the non believer accusation that he himself wrote Al Quran.It is impossible for the ‘gentile’ to reveal such divinity in Al Quran because he is unlettered.But as disagreement goes, virus that are shown through a device that we called microscope still is not believed by certain million of human population.

    [If I tell you that I can do astral travel and can communicate with Prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and many other unseen beings. Would you believe me? or do you think it is possible?]

    Dear Mr balance..Oh dear..
    This is a big mighty bold claims by you..
    I can says that you erred the biggest time here.
    But as they say’s the beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder..:)
    I would like you to consider something significant namely skill’s.
    Some claimed that you cannot compare apple with apple neither orange with apple.
    I disagree.Likewise the measurement of one skill and achievement also contentious.
    So let’s agree to agree or disagree first.
    The sublime achievement of an athelete is measured wether he or she is a winner of gold in Olympic.
    So if you won silver or bronze your achievement is less.Sometime people forgotten how close is the event contested.You might even lose by 0.01 point.You can whine and complaint the fact but people only remember’s that YOU LOST..That is all that matter.
    In your claim, you have forgotten how many scientist’s of ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’ achievement have been ‘discarded’ by the world for being ‘less’ than the ‘gold’ medalist.
    Nicholas Tesla is one.He is not considered and mentioned in the ‘mainstream’ like Thomas Alva Edison and other’s.
    When I mentioned Thomas Alva Edison as an example, I was qouted ..”Yeah.You are one of the American ‘dogmatist’?”
    Simply in relation.
    Your ideas no matter good is simply confined to the micro side of the equation.
    I have shown a bit about ‘rocket science’.The botanist aspect of medication.The cell’s breathing.I even mentioned JAHO.The art of killing without the intention.I have shown some stratagem in chess move.I even hinted on how a fighter plane can zero in for a kill.
    Now read this carefully about the skill of ‘Iblis Ghaib Membahagi Diri”.
    Most beneficial in Anger Management.
    As the customer I was facing relentless in anger,I projected myself astrally an came beside him.Together with him I wrathed the still another ‘myself’.The idea is agree to the customer.I did not feels any pain normally one feel when shouted at or ridiculed even mock and challenged for a duel simple by the technique of ‘Iblis Ghaib Membahagi Diri’.
    ‘Stick and stone can hurt my bone.Not word’.
    This technique is most notorius in attack.
    All useless if you cannot comprehend them as delicate as JAHO.
    The killing without intention because a keen foe can detect your harmful intention.
    I have tried and tested your basic Mr balance.
    You are not the mainstream of basic skill’s.Let alone being an accomplisher.
    Hence claiming to be in same pedestal as my Rasulullah s.a.w is mighty bit far fetch.
    We can agree to disagree.
    Let show me your prowess in being a firm knowledge of MACRO.
    No need to illustrate them in Bell Curve’s or Venn Chart.
    Just show me.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  12. sibotak Nov 25,2014 9:03 AM

    Untuk mempelajari Ilmu sesuatu Kaum
    Kita perlu memahami Bahasanya dahulu
    Untuk mengenal AlQuran kita perlu faham pembacaan
    Baru faham isi Kandungannya Itu yg penting
    Nak pakai terjemaahan bolih mengelirukan dan akan salah fahaman

    Bahasa adalah Komunikasi
    Bahasa bukan Ilmu
    Manusia jika faham komunikasi makhluk Semut yg Kecil pun kita bolih menuntut ilmunya
    Kita akan faham cara mereka sebagai Tentera bertungkus lumus
    Menbuat Sarang untuk Permaisuri mereka bagi memperkuatkan pertahanan dan pembiakan Begitu juga sang Lebah dan Binatang yg lain
    Ilmu Binatang jika kita dalami Banyak juga kita manusia bolih Pelajari
    Tak perlu ke Bulan dan Bintang
    Lihat saja si Beruk di Hutan mengawal anak mereka
    Kadang kala kita manusia gagal menjaga anak kita seperti mereka menjaga anak mereka

  13. sibotak Nov 25,2014 8:30 AM

    Mana anak tiri aku HBT 3/4 , lama tak dengar
    Sunyi pula dia Takda …Rindu aku

  14. sibotak Nov 25,2014 8:25 AM

    Ini system Pelajaran saya , si Botak

    Murid murid Che Gu mulakan Kelas hari ini bertajuk
    Allah mengurniakan Bumi Islamd dengan Nikmah , Kekayaan hasil Bumi yg tak terbanding
    berbanding dengan Negara Kafir
    Lihat saja di Malaysia ,Indonesia ,Brunei
    Kita mempunyai minyak , Tanah Bumi yg subur , Emas , Air dan pelbagai lagi
    Di negara Timur Tengah Allah melimpahkan Bumi Islam dengan emas hitam
    Hinggakan emas hitam ini menjadi rebutan si Kafir
    Berterlagah , membunuh , menzalimi sesama sendir hingga si Kafir mengambil kesempatan
    Yg menghasilkan hasil kurnia yg dilimpahkan umat Islam di hasilkan olih si Kafir
    Bukan umat Islam sendiri
    Di Timur Tengah minyak mereka di kendalikan olih negara Barat
    Di Asia hasil kita di gendalikan olih Bangsa Asing si Kafir yg mendatang
    Dayusnya Umat Islam yg dikurniakan Allah dengan hasil Bumi yg tidak terhingga

    Denga Tanahlah kita seharusnya menitiskan Titik Peluh kita
    Untuk menghasailkan sesuatu
    Bercucuk tanam , berindustri dan sebagainya
    BUKAN dengan menjual Tanah pada si Kafir untuk mendapat Hasilnya
    Hasil yg sedemikian hanya Kaya sementara dan Bakal merugikan dalam masa Panjang
    JUSTERU Che Gu Botak berpesan Jika Kaum Kita tidak mampu membangun
    Tidak berilmu membangun , Tidak punya modal membangun
    Tidak punya Teknology membangun maka adalah lebih Baik
    Dari menjual Tanah untuk membangunkan si Kafir
    Biar Putih Mata Jangan Putih Tulang
    Sediakan Generasi kita denga Ilmu hingga ke Negeri Cina
    Biarlah mereka membangun Tanah cara Ilmu mereka

    Antara Kelemahan Umat Islam , khusus orang Melayu
    Mereka gagal Beragabung dalam Usaha menjari Kejayaan Dunia
    seperti si kafir yg mempunyai pelbagai Kesatuan
    Kalau Kebun Pak Andak , Pak Andaklah seoarang diri yg menjaga Kebun dan mengharapkan siKafir menjual hasil mereka. Bila nak Kaya Pak Andak ?
    Kan lebih productive PaK Andak bergabung dengan Mak Putih , Pak Hitam
    Gabungan Bersatu memperkuatkan Sat
    Seperti kita berjemaah Jumaat , Kita perlu susun Saf sebelum bersembahyang
    Bagi memperkuatkan Ummah supaya Bersatu demi Kejayaan Akhirat
    Pak Andak jaga Kebun , Farm Management
    Mak Putih jaga Domestic Marketing
    Pak Hitam jaga Export Marketing
    Saya si Botak Jaga Finance …?
    Perlu aturkan siapa yg sebenar arif pada bidang tertentu bukan kerana Oh ini anak aku
    Oh ini anak aku ….Tunggu masa sahaja akan terlungkuplah Organization terse but

    Saya menyeru Kerajaan UMNO berusaha menyatu padukan Melayu / Islam
    Bukan sahaja mengerjakan Ibadah malah mengerjahkan Kejayaan Dunia
    Kerajaan perlu berkempen supaya Usahawan Melayu menubuhkan Persatuan sendir
    Bergabung untuk memperkuatan Motivasi , Ekonomi bersama
    Namun saya juga sedari Bukan senang nak Bergabung
    Tapi kalau betul caranya , Isyaallah

  15. balance Nov 24,2014 3:23 PM

    amin tan November 24, 2014 at 2:27 PM | Permalink

    Sorry for my ignorance for using the word “worship and pray” to The Holy Prophet Mohammad. Yes Agree that The Holy Prophet Mohammad is special and no two-way about it. Well there can only be one God and cannot argue about that too. To me, only the name or pronunciation is different due to language or dialect or slang.
    Dont have to disturb Tun, just register another account and name it Amin Tan 2. We can still recognize you.
    “Sunnah means the way of life of the Prophet Mohammad” Agree it is a prefect and good way if they only stick to “the way” not the culture or interpretation of someone else and put too much spices and salt into it.

    I read Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir comments too and I think she is a great person. This article ” ” make a lot of sense to me.

    If I tell you that I can do astral travel and can communicate with Prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and many other unseen beings. Would you believe me? or do you think it is possible?

  16. amin tan Nov 24,2014 2:27 PM

    Dear Tun,

    For Balance,
    I am around all the time, but as spectator or eager bystander. I could not comment earlier because I forgot my password. Every time I tried the admin said they would send me a new password, but they never sent. Previously they never asked for password. After typing in my user name, straight away they open up. Right now I am using Wajaperak’s email to access chedet. I even resorted to writing a letter notifying Tun at Perdana Foundation of my predicament but I guess Tun did not receive it.
    I have read a number (more than 5) in English, books about the Holy Prophet Mohammad(PBUH), written by Muslim scholars, Jew and non muslim English authors. All the books have only praise for the Prophet. Personally, I feel he is the greatest man ever walked this earth. In islam, the Muslims worship Allah and emulate the example as set by the Prophet. It is encapsulated in the first tenet of islam which says ‘there is no God except Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah’ It is called the dua kalimah shahadah. It is recited when a person embraces islam, in daily muslim prayer, in azan the muslim call to prayer and before a muslim breathes his last to pass into the hereafter. Without Mohammad, there is no islam. The beauty of islam is that the prophet was illiterate and orphaned. His father died before he was borne and the mother died when he was only 5 years old when he and the mother were on their way to visit the father’s grave in Medinah. On the way the mother fell sick and mother and son were left in the desert by the caravan. 3 days later the mother died and Mohammad was picked up by the caravan on the way back. It is a long story to tell. There is not enough space here.
    Muslims do not worship or pray to Mohammad but to Allah Al Mighty, the unseen(ghaib) the ultimate Creator of different dimension. But muslims follow the way of worship as shown by Mohammad, called Sunnah. Sunnah means the way of life of the Prophet Mohammad.
    Wallahu alam

    amin tan

  17. musato Nov 24,2014 2:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sekarang sekolah untuk baby pun dah ada. Spa untuk baby. Tempat mak ayah belajar menjaga dan mengembangkan potensi bayi mereka dan supaya bayi tersebut boleh tidur lena.

    Di bandaraya juga cara mengendong bayi seperti tok nenek di kampung dulu kini mungkin akan menjadi trend terkini. Budaya ini dikatakan dibawa dari selebriti Barat.

    Baby juga dilahirkan dalam air, kini. Semoga anak anak kita menjadi lebih baik?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  18. balance Nov 24,2014 10:54 AM

    amin tan November 24, 2014 at 8:43 AM | Permalink

    How are you? Where have you been hiding? Happy to hear from you.
    Actually I am not referring to anyone in particular. I am only talking generally and I have no intention to say I am right or dead sure I am right! Ha ha ha

    With or without using Bahasa Malaysia as a medium of instruction in school, we are already using BM in our daily life. It is whether we are using Bahasa Pasar or Bahasa Tulen. We can understand and can conduct our businesses, our instruction and etcc with each other including Bangladeshi and Myanmar. So my point is there was, is and never a problem using BM at any level or situation. To go to school is to go to learn, why go to school to learn something which we already doing daily or already know? Or is it we all actually dont know BM? Do we go to school to learn how to sleep?

    I agree everyone need education and it is the window to the world. As you said The Holy Prophet Mohammad and all others that done great things may be illiterate but their illiteracy or literacy dont stop them from learning, being aware and wise. All they need are wise policies, advice and leadership. I dont know The Holy Prophet Mohammad more than you but i am willing to know more as I am aware he is a great wise man. I may not pray or worship him but i may/do listen to his sermon, advice or getting to know him.
    The same as in Malaysia, we can learn from each other in any way most suitable. It is not necessary English or BM or Mandarin or Tamil. The moment someone think or try to be superman that is the time the person stop advancing and actually retreating. This is happening in Malaysia. Can you see it? Supremacy mentality!!!
    In can be in any language as medium of instruction school and we can still be useful and successful in life. The problem is the subject and the way it is taught in national school. I guess you must have seen those comedies in our comic books (school books) jokes in Facebook or chat group? Like I said there are time, place and space for everything and question like “how to be a good Muslim” should not be in national school question papers or test. A question like “how to be a good and useful Malaysian” should be better question. Loving respecting and attachment to a country is better way for Patriotism to happen. What are we doing now? We are using language and religion as the identity and not the country name or pride.
    Where are we going or what is our goal as a country?
    To be an Islamic or Secular country more important or to be a successful county more important?
    Where is the singing of the national anthem?
    How to make Rukun Negara more relevant?

    Contribute more love to hear from you.

  19. balance Nov 24,2014 9:24 AM

    ilioni November 23, 2014 at 7:09 PM | Permalink
    If someone do not value live and take safety measures as a inconvenience then that someone is unaware person. What can we do? We can only watch and hope he develop the awareness soon. The root cause of Malaysia is not “senang lupa” the root is “tak sedar diri”. When wrong things are push to children at young age what do you expect from the national schools. What wrong things am I talking about? Language and Religion as identity. So if a “ang mor” speak Mandarin, use chopstick to eat, wear Chinese clothing, live in a Chinese family, pray to “ang kong” and have a “Ah Kow” nickname will he become Chinese. I dont think so? Catch what I am trying to say?

    When we talk about education we should mean science, maths, geography and history. Language is learn so that we can understand education. If English is the prefer choice for most of the people of the world, who are we to challenge that? Is Russia and China challenging English or are embracing it? Look and we will find! I was told all taxis in Shanghai play only English songs but i cannot verify it.
    If Malaysians love Malaysia, we need to address the root cause. Resurfacing is only short-cut and 1000 more resurfacing will not correct the fundamentals. I dare not say I am right in my assessment but root cause is there for us to see.
    About the 3 million middle-class, i think we only created consumerism.

    Happy happy thinking out loud only

  20. amin tan Nov 24,2014 8:43 AM

    Dear Tun,

    For Mr Balance,
    You are talking about the exceptions and the extraordinary. Lim Goh Tong was illiterate and spoke only Hokkien. I was told he spoke Hokkien to Tunku. He was the pioneer and founder of Genting Highlands Gambling Resorts. The Holy Prophet Mohammad was illiterate too.
    But we are talking about English as compared to other languages especially Malay as medium of instruction in the government schools in Malaysia. Malay has limited vocabulary especially in mathematical, medical and scientific terminology. If you are strictly Malay Medium, I am sure you won’t be a rocket scientist. In my opinion, the Cambodian people speak and write Khmer only and see the level of the progress achieved in their country.
    Scientific knowledge can hardly be found in Malay language.

    amin tan

  21. sibotak Nov 24,2014 5:21 AM

    AMANAT SIBOTAK …..Khas untuk Pemimpin PAS & UMNO yg Sombong & Bongkak

    Selagi PAS & UMNO tidak Bersatu Melayu Malaysia akan Tumpas di tangan Pendatang
    Di Tangan Penjajah yg Bertopeng Pelabur
    Selagi itu Melayu Malaysia akan jadi macam Arab Kurap di Timur Tengah
    Bertelagah , membunuh sesama sendiri Amerika Negeri Barat Mentetawakan
    Kaum Arab dan Agama Islam Keseluruhannya

    Anwar PKR , DAP sekutu PAP yg Bertanggung Jawap menghacurkan
    mermecah belahkan Melayu atas kepentingan sendiri
    Harus di Singkir dengan Bijaksana Kekerasan atau Tumpah Darah


  22. ilioni Nov 24,2014 12:07 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Thank you once again for allowing me to use this platform to voice my opinion. Let me continue with the WEAK IN IMPLEMENTATION SYNDROME.

    1. AES seems to have another decent purpose which is to enforce the road safety; making sure that the road users use the road in a sensibly manner that does not endanger other road users as well as their own. And, in the long run, we hope that it will be come a culture and habit that people do keep to the speed limits. I am completely supportive of the idea.

    2. BUT, when it comes to implementation, it just can’t be any worse than not having it! When implemented, it seems like this has turned into becoming a revenue/money generating business whereby the purpose of having the AES camera is to purposely catch people where ever we can. In highway where the speed limit is so low that many people will just exceed it unnoticed while driving. These are the places where it is placed so that as much income as possible can be generated!

    3. My thought about how it should have been implemented is that whenever any AES Camera is put up, there should be a signboards telling the motorist that this is going to be one catching you and signs on the road before the AES camera telling the motorist that there is a speed camera catching you and you should keep to the speed limit. Speed limits needs to be revised to make sure that it is still relevant before enforcing it using the AES Camera. This is exactly what they do in UK. When passing through the major Ring Highway (M25) in UK, there are a lot of speed cameras signs that you will pass through and everyone will try to keep the limit and some are average speed camera which means that it measures average speeds over a known or measured distance. By using these rules and enforcement, it is trying to mold the behavior so that it becomes their culture and driving habits. The difference is that IT IS DONE IN A MORE TRANSPARENT OPEN MANNER IN UK BUT IN MALAYSIA, IT IS TREATED AS A CASHCOW FOR ONE CAMERA IMPLEMENTED.

    4. Have we not done something right? Of course we have! If we want to be efficient, we definitely can and we can be even better than the developed countries! Let quote an example, passport renewal process. It used to be a slow painful process. Having to wake up early in the morning to queue up and wait for your turn for many different counters. But, my past experience in renewing passport in Ipoh was superb! I did it via the Kiosk in the morning and I got my new passport just before lunch! You are right, it is just a couple of hours. Impressively efficient! If we can do it for such important document which is our passport, we can do it for many other things! And, that’s the way to go! Maybe some people might have different experience in their passport renewal where the kiosk is not working & etc. If it is, this is a different issue where it is not the process that is broken but the people who are managing the process who needs to be accountable. In most cases, accountability is seldom in our mindset.

  23. ilioni Nov 23,2014 7:09 PM

    Salam Tun,

    In response to balance point,

    Language is a communication tool.
    – Agree

    Language is important but it is not a priority in life.
    – Agree. Having a good foundation in certain important language gives an upper hand to those who start early. Giving the parents the options is the key. Too free without any restrictions causes problems as well.

    To do well (succeed) in life it is not how good your English, BM, Mandarin or Tamil. It is the way you live your life and do in life.
    – Agree you brought up a good point about the attitude is important. Can one change someone’s attitude? Probably not so easy and it’s a long process and it takes courage and persistence to make it happen. Let me give you an example. Someone on the top sees importance in making sure that the people at the backseat putting on seat belts and to make it happen, new policy is enforced to ensure/encourage people is doing it. (Anything that we want to change, it always begins with a policy/rule to try to change things). There are roadblocks that goes with it. Some cars like kancil doesn’t come with it and someone addressed it. BUT, as of today, how successful are we seeing these policies? Has people mindset changed? I don’t think so. It’s a slow process but it has to start some where. I do think the policy is a good policy and it’s for the benefit of the people. We have came up with some good policies and some bad ones as well. But, in a majority of them, we are very WEAK IN IMPLEMENTATION. To date, the people on the top STILL do not see this. Another classic example, teaching Science and Math in English. A very good policy with poor/weak implementation followed by a reversal after 10 YEARS of implementation! Instead of addressing the weakness, we have chosen to ran away from it!

    Diversity in different types of schools should not be seen as a problem but to the contrary, should be viewed as a strength with weakness that needs to be fine-tuned to get the desired result. The reason why the rich and ministers sending their child to the private schools is because the quality that you get in the public school is sub-standard. Instead of questioning why the public schools in their area is not up to standard, they have chosen to sent them to the more elite schools. If teaching Malay is a good thing, why are these group of elite kids not participating. The answer is clear. Everyone wants to give the best education to their children. Does it mean that national school that is teaching in Malays are all bad? I am almost certain, it is not. There are still some national schools who have produced some very good academically capable students.

    Tun’s comment about your children going to national schools but your grandchildren all go to private schools in the country and abroad speak clearly about the state of the public education that we have today. At this rate, we should be expecting more and more people seeking alternatives to what our national education syllabus is offering (when one is given an opportunity or one can afford to).

  24. balance Nov 23,2014 5:51 PM


    There are scientist, inventors, medical discoverer, rich man, wise man and etc etc… Are all these people only English educated? I think they come in all sizes, colours, speak all sort of languages and pray or worship all sort of Gods. Education is not the ONLY key to success and English language is not the ONLY tool to knowledge. There are thousands of other keys to success and the best way to get to those keys are AWARENESS, ALERTNESS AND WILLING.
    If a person with knowledge in English and read/study a English technical book then the possibility of the person become an inventor is there but without innovation, awareness, alertness and willing to work hard that person will endup as technician or a repairman. The same about doctors, all doctors learn and study similar things in medical school. Why some become specialist or discoverer or inventor of medical procedure or equipment and etc? Why some are just a ordinary GP treating flu and fever. Is it natural?
    Like you Tun, you are trained to be a doctor and not an economist (you mentioned many times) but you handle the RM crisis better than all the so called experts. Why? Is it because of language or purely your abilities to think? Many of the things you did/done are not found in books of great knowledge in any language. You rojak (mix, match and stir) up your own solutions and this also can be consider as great “invention” too.
    Tun, if you really love Malaysia and all the people living in it you must advice the power people and the so called righteousness people to be less judgmental and let Malaysia blossom naturally by allowing and encouraging diversity (thinking, lifestyle and etc). What other do or dont do, wear or dont wear and etc are not important as it is just a human mind fabrication and life conditioning only. Spend less time on such subject and start correcting the stale mind and boring propaganda. Brainwashing for political power or supremacy will produce unaware, unalert and unwilling people or “roboman”.


  25. Idea Nov 23,2014 1:24 PM

    Dear Tun,

    On top of all mentioned, there are some groups who insist students be given freedom to exercise their sexual orientation. One of the groups are known as Women’s Aid Organization (WAO). They are a strong member of COMANGO & Bersih illegal rally.

    The government has been entertaining them in the name of stakeholders engagement.

  26. balance Nov 23,2014 11:14 AM


  27. balance Nov 23,2014 10:45 AM

    ilioni November 22, 2014 at 6:01 AM | Permalink

    Yes Language is important but it is not a priority in life. Like I said what about those that cannot speak and use sign language? Stephen William Hawking proof the point to the world that it is the mind that matters. Those politicians want us to “bark at the wrong tree” and we are doing exactly as they wanted us to see, notice and debate.
    To do well (succeed) in life it is not how good your English, BM, Mandarin or Tamil. It is the way you live your life and do in life. To do well in life it it about wanting (dreaming/ambition/wish) or (begging/stealing/forcing) the possibilities in life. “How far can you go” or ‘how low can you go” or “how high can you go”. The problem of Malaysia is the Govt or those in the position of administration or power control and decide “what you can say or cant say” and “What you can think or cant think”. It is the case of someone force some else to think alike. If there is an idiot sitting at the top all those below must be a bigger idiot. The big or top idiot will not allow anyone to be smarter or innovative just because of holding on to the job and money. Until we Malaysians can take away the race, religion and language or just see human as human we will continue to debate and argue or even fight. The question is to find the the root cause
    1. Who started this and why it was created?
    2. Are we dreaming or are we challenging nature?
    3. It is impatience for growth or artificial growth?
    4. Are we ready to accept reality?
    When we finally see innovation and competition as a healthy and natural or rich/poor as part of life then we can excel and move forward with any language or no language. Those that say “English is the way” and those that say “BM is the way” or those who say “Mandarin is the way” or “my language is the way” should also see “individual and different ways” are natural.
    Tun and many said “those rich and successfully speak English and all others speak other language” If those that can see or think it is a good point then just do it for yourself and let others decide themselves. My point is not the language that make someone better or worst, it is the abilities to think “outside-of-the box” that it important and in current Malaysia are we allowing or encouraging the people to do that? Look closely, everything Govt program or event are politically motivated and without diversity intention. The question is for how long this will last? We should ask “is it stale” or “is it fresh”? Can we go-on in life just by believing or should we innovate? Lastly, we should ask what is evolution and why it happens?

  28. mubarakchan Nov 23,2014 1:05 AM


    To confirm what I said about the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, here is the latest fact from there

  29. mubarakchan Nov 23,2014 12:30 AM


    We are a Great Nation. It is time we return to a Normal stance and behaviour which reflect our characteristics and not ape the bluffologies of little places. We should re-visit the good that was inculcated in the NEP with its two-pronged attack on ‘ the reduction of poverty and the restructuring of our society.’ Poignantly, the Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail brought up the subject of the success of the New Economic Policy in recent days.

    It was towards the reduction of poverty and the restructuring of our society that all of us have pushed for in our lifetimes. What is better than this which is understood by all ? There has never been any ‘ bastardization of the NEP ‘. Otherwise, how could you, Tun, have created 3 million Middle Income Malay families which brought up the 3 million Middle Income non-Malay families through the purchases of the latter’s goods and services ? No other person in history has done this in peace and harmony. At the same time, that brilliant fellow screwed down the middle class of Singapore to 62% from 100% between 1959-2014. 300,000 of his supporters expressed their displeasure by emigrating. We have nothing to be ashamed of in 2014 contrary to those who want to climb higher at our expense. We understand them because this urge to do well is as old as the hills.

    The UMNO has always provided the best leader to lead our beloved Malaysia. I respect all especially those who willingly gave way to others to continue the difficult task of leading a diverse country. This culture of the understanding of how a leadership works is an invaluable insight into the workings of a mature and open society which we all strife to achieve unlike some satraps who hang on and on in defiance of the Laws of Nature. We must expect the UMNO to provide good and fair leaders always in view of the historical heritage and legacy of the Malays.

    There are two matters of importance before us at the present time.

    The first is the long unresolved existence of the Vernacular Schools which are used as a political football by politicians and fellow travellers. This football is forever in the air. Those who took part in this unsavoury game, played, gained and then left the problem to those who come after them. This is not fair to the Nation, the teachers, and the students. The political parties who could have resolved this problem had weak leaderships and did not know how and where to begin. In a way, we also cannot blame them given the different political and social environment of the 1950s and the 1960s. But to delay the resolution of an important facet on our way to national development is a risk of indeterminate strength. BN Governments after BN Governments have made themselves very clear that there is no intention to over-ride another community. This is why the BN Government is still in power. The middle income ballast which you have created during your 22 year Administration, Tun, helped to repel subtle attempts to colonise us after 2003. The Ruler made an ill-advised Grand Tour of his digits or cohorts in June 2009 with the United States backed but Singapore inspired TPPA in his pocket. He was 85 years old. He erased the Vernacular Schools and the Nantah University at one stroke in the 1960s. And yet his Trojan Horse DAP is singing a different tune in Malaysia.

    The second matter which deserves some consideration is the aping of what the tiny Republic of Singapore has achieved as World’s Best. The MONEY MONEY MONEY Policies of Singapore are base on the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM AS ESTABLISHED BY THE RULER WITH THE SUPPORT OF HIS APPARATCHIKS. This System is bolstered by the CPF-HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE- Public Utilities-Meritocracy-Judiciary. Such a system can only be applied in a small place with the support of the United States during the Cold War. It has been an ANOMALY SINCE 1989 with the collapse of Communism after which the World moved from bi-polar to a mult-lateral. This ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO SUCK UP EVERY SURPLUS CENT for the Government coffers legally with the requisite enforcement agencies in place. How can our beloved Malaysia copy such a system ? This System is controlled by one Ruler from 1959 – 2014 ! Sooner or later, it should implode beause it is inequitable with no compassion but wrapped up by fallacies or bluffologies ! How come so many of our fellow citizens especially the Chinese kow-tow or salaam such a virtual success ? Your guess is as good as mine, Tun ! Brainwashing maybe, wait till their pockets get hurt ! Then, it will be a different story.

    Malaysia has no reason to adopt the MONEY MONEY MONEY Policies of the tiny Republic of Singapore. It is a trap for us because we are NOT ORGANISED IN AN ULTRA COMMUNISTIC MANNER – A Ruler with his Apparatchiks to administer the GOLDEN MEAN EQUATION propped up by the entities which I previously mentioned. Even with their Supe Duper Ultra Communistic System, Singapore has already suffered a huge loss of US$ 108 billions in October 2008 and from then onwards. the citizens began to wake up to find that the money was legally loaned by the CPF !

    We are a great Nation which has already have the MONEY MONEY MONEY. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has already shown that to CREATE MONEY YOU DO NOT NEED MONEY ! How ? It is through EDUCATION.

    Hence, with a normal Unified National Education System which is based on a normal student and the best methods from other countries like Switzerland or Japan, we will PREVAIL. We must focus on the 99% of the student population. The geniuses will come in time. We must not be carried away like a child genius from a redoubtable clan in Seremban who could only score full marks with his engineer father and his teacher mother by his side. They conned a famous Foundation to gain a scholarship to the United States. The American University locked out the parents. The poor child failed and soon died on his return to Seremban. Please note geniuses are born and not made.

    I believe everything is possible given the POLITICAL WILL AND INCLINATION.


    A fair and transparent proposal should be what China gave to Hong Kong. 50 years to conform. We may propose 25, 30, 40 or 50 years for the Vernacular Schools to conform to the Unified National Schools System in the interests of the teachers, students and fellow travellers. The students have a choice of studying Mathematics and Science in Bahasai Melayu, English or Mandarin. With the rise of China and India, Mandarin and Hindi should be taught daily. The problem of the lack of intake of Malays into the commercial sector and the intake of the non-Malays into Governemnt or related sectors should be resolved at the same time. Time is of the essence.

  30. amin tan Nov 22,2014 11:42 AM

    Dear Tun,

    In my opinion, the deterioration in the quality of education is due to the abolishment of English medium from Malaysian secondary schools in 1971 and the introduction of idiotic regressive measures like BAHASA BAKU, translation of English books into Bahasa Malaysia.
    1. BAHASA BAKU is the most backward and wasteful exercise for the whole nation. Only the minister of education at that time knew the correct spelling and pronunciation of Malay language. It was truly abhorrent.
    2. Translation of English Books into Malay which nobody read. The translation was irresponsible in the sense that when they find it difficult to translate they just omit the word or simply one whole paragraph went missing. I had a shock of my life when I discovered from my son’s history textbook ‘Boston Tea Party’ was translated as ‘Jamuan Teh Boston’. The translator must have been obsessed with birthday party.
    3. It is not clever and unproductive to continue to be political and continue the blame game. Tun had rightly pointed to the right direction by advocating Mathematics and Science be taught in English. Those who want to learn these subjects in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, Arabic, Japanese or Iban, let them have their way as guaranteed in the Malaaysian constitution. But please do not stop others from learning Maths and Science in English. It is not fair to disallow others to learn Maths and Science in English. Similarly, other religions are allowed to be practised in Malaysia as long as they do not encroach into the domain of the religion of other people. let us not create unnecessary controversy just for the sake of cheap political mileage.

    amin tan

  31. snow Nov 22,2014 10:39 AM

    May I show you the one who was blessed by God to receive the Torah & Commandments, raising the Israelite with wisdom above other nations? It is Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), and he has a speech impediment. A variety of language can still carry the message & wisdom, what is the most important is the wisdom itself.

    So let me say “Kama at yafa, Moshe”. Can’t understand this, gentiles? So, will you accept you are unknowledgable, ha ha. No biggie, just learn. It means “How beautiful you are Moses”. & now you know. Tada!

  32. ilioni Nov 22,2014 6:01 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I am really glad that Tun brought up this topic which I have always believed this to be the core of building a strong nation. Education.

    Thanks for bringing forward such good sharp insight. Is that going to change anything? Probably not. When you have a not so smart leader, the one on the top does not see the problem; then that is a problem. When a selfish smart leader sees the problem, the problem is too big for one to be bold enough to make any changes; then that is a problem too. Too dumb is a problem; selfish smart leader is a problem too; what we really need is a smart selfless strong honest leader who can bring forward good change to the education system.

    Tun, Comment Katak bawah Tempurung.. Please ignore.
    snowNovember 19, 2014 at 8:20 AM | Permalink

    balanceNovember 18, 2014 at 9:40 AM | Permalink
    balance, this time I kind of disagree with you that language is less important. Language plays a very important role in every aspect. To gain knowledge, be able to communicate effectively, and confidently with others. If one struggle to communicate, how can one expect the result to be good?

    I think the problem is that we are trying to find a system that fits all and as a result, we Malaysian are becoming more separated. It is counter productive. It really is. We didn’t manage to achieve our national unity goal and the education system degraded as a result. Maybe we should go back from where we started. We need a group of honest smart leaders who can rethink back the policies and figure out why certain schools are more popular than the others. Why certain National Schools, Chinese Schools or English Schools are more popular than the others and how to emulate that in other areas? And, at the same time how to prevent those schools dominated by just one race but there is a fair share of other races in the schools as well. Changes needs to be gradual. All parents wants what they think is best for their child.

    Look at our neighbors who is surpassing us and we are still struggling to move forward. At this rate, it will not be too soon that we are left behind.

    Indonesian capital gets a Christian governor

    Amazingly, our brilliant minister are giving the citizen a crash course on why and how GST will decrease the cost of living. Brilliant!

    Ahmad explains how GST will decrease living costs

    Next, I guess Tun must be aware that our caring government is planning to take away the fuel subsidy for RON95 starting December. Fantastic!

    No more RON95 petrol, diesel subsidies from Dec 1

    I think everyone just can’t wait for the next election to come.. 🙂
    Tak Ape.. Malaysian semua mudah lupa… Better do it now, than later..

  33. snow Nov 22,2014 5:06 AM

    I do have a degree in Comp Science, majoring in computer graphics. I worked with light. I started out dreaming of supporting cancer research – CG can model the bodily tumors from the scanning machine, it has tremendous benefits for doctors to see inside the body – and I have great passion for research. I really adore Marie Curie, it’s a dream to be beneficial to mankind like her.

    But somehow I ended up in graphic designing which I practically learn on the job. I became the same level as the girl who didn’t have to work out Bezier, B or C Splines. So this is me in Malaysia. Then I went to this blog, I read mockers did the guy said I am blind etc? Is it happiness to mock people around.

    Why do that when you can guide the blind. Be the wheels for the injured.

    Anyway. I’m just trying to be useful now. At the best that I can afford. For the elites of superior intellect, you are given so much more, you have more chances to do more with your life. It’s a blessing which I hope you will make use of for mankind. Amen.

  34. snow Nov 22,2014 4:53 AM

    When one is given the opportunities to study in “better” schools and having access to superior wisdom – they should pass that knowledge to the rakyat. They should teach the rakyat & spread the knowledge in various languages. Our goodness or talent is not for personal glories, but for giving service to the nation, train & build groundworks for future generations to continue. It is for us to be useful.

    I hope Malaysia takes inspiration from WISE QATAR and sponsor real stars.

    Regarding the plagiarism, I don’t know the issue. But I do know sometimes people have the same idea. It’s like, believe it or not, I think the same like IDFSpokesperson many times – e.g.: after I said my grandma is at the part of the tyres of Proton Cars, look at their recent Shabbat Shalom – the ladies are “wheels”! So much sometimes I wonder if I’m an Israelite, wouldn’t be amazing if I share their blood – that will bring new shift to the conflict on Jerusalem. BTW when they are given higher knowledge by God, they are meant to teach others, not for them to feel superior. I’ve always wondered whether it is they who taught the anahata (heart chakra) – Deva sounds very much like David, Mt Meru (Mahameru) like Mt Moriah, Asura like Assur (Assyrians). I know I don’t have the opportunity to be in an academic setting or international schools etc, but is this how mankind originated from Judea? I have the passion, but I didn’t have the setting.

    If only we know, this will bring new shift to the whole world. Isn’t it. Amen.

  35. Karunagaran Nov 21,2014 2:37 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahatir,

    The purpose we send our children to school is to ensure they become productive citizens. The Government by large itself brought in “segregation policies” into public education. Preferential treatment for Bumiputeras into Kolej Mara, UiTM, Program Matrikulasi, Institute like GMI, FMI . Sekolah Kebangsaan do not cater for children’s own mother tongue and culture. Students with lower scores are admmited into universities and courses they prefer but high scoring students are against.
    We still enter school @ 7 years old, while countries like India, US , UK all start schooling around 5 years old. We abhor competition and merit. A Country like India can send a Probe to orbit Mars speaks highly the quality of scientist the country can produce, while in Malaysia plagarisers’ are common denomination for teaching in this country.
    Malaysian education is regressing for political reason not economic What was once a peaceful loving united nation today has become a breeding ground for religious extremist. God help us all.

  36. balance Nov 21,2014 10:18 AM

    Abu Alya November 20, 2014 at 10:52 AM | Permalink

    Wonderful comments and agree with all too. Let start in our small tiny ways to undo the political, race and language prejudice and judgement fabrications. Humans are all the same and at the same time different. YES That is the beauty we should be looking and enjoying. We should be enhancing it by more collaboration to fix and fit the jigsaws. We should wear blinkers to look at the advantages and walk forward with confidence. What other happenings in other countries are their business not Malaysians. Regroup and reshape and care less about other countries success or failure.

  37. sibotak Nov 21,2014 6:30 AM

    Nak curi carilah Guru curi
    Nak perempuan carilah Guru perempuan
    Nak mengaji carilah Guru gaji

    Carilah ilmu walau hingga ke negeri Cina kata Rasul S.A.W
    Apa ertinya Tuan Uztad ?
    1. Adakah orang Cina Kaum yg Berilmu ? atau
    2. Carilah Ilmu sejauh mana pun walau perlu berhijrah ek China ?
    Apakah penyampaian Rasul S.A.W sebenar ?

    Bahasa & Bangsa sesuatu Kaum bukan lah Ilmu
    Sesuautu Kaum yg berjaya akan mendokong Bahasa & Bangsa kaum mereka
    Seperti Kaum English adalah Kaum yg berjaya dalam segi Ekonomi, Teknology,Pembangunan dan sebagainya maka KIta perlu faham Bahasanya untuk menimba ilmunya
    Begitu juga Kaum orang Asli yg kelihatan masih mundur kebelakang mana mungkin ia menjadi bahan untuk kita meninjau ilmu mereka
    Namun hujung kata bukan ia satu kesalahan , ianya adalah kehendak masing masing yg memilih cara hidup masing masing atas dasar kebiasaan keselesaan & budaya masing masing

    Begitu juga Kaum Melayu yg begitu terkenal atas Kemalasan , Kebodohan ,Kelemahan dalam segi ekonomi, pelajaran dan pembangunan
    Mana mungkin lain Kaum ingin belajar Bahasanya untuk meninjau Ilmunya

    Lihat saja di Singapura ,kesemua Sekolah mereka adalah Sekolah yg meninjau Bahasa English
    walaupun nama nama sekolah mereka dinamakam nama nama Mandarin
    Tujuan menamakan nama Mandarin lebih kearah Politic bagi mencerminkan
    Orang Cina berkuasa disana dan mereka merubah sejarah
    Dalam satu keika dahulu Kerajaan Singapura juga cuba mengugurkan Madrasah di Singapura
    bertujuan mungkin mengambil tanah Madrasah sekira Madrasah gagal berfungsi
    seperti Istana Kampung Glam yg sekarang sudah milik Kerajaan Singapura
    Bukan milik Keturunan Sultan lagi .Keturunan Sultan pun sudah di tempatkan di rumah merpati mereka HDB
    Anggota Parlimen Malaysia kebanyakan tidak Faseh berbahasa English
    Maka mencerminkan Parlimen Malaysia agak mundur tidak berperlajaran

    Jika kita Renungi selepas perpisah Singapura dari Malaysia
    Dahulu MAS ,Malaysia Airline System sekarang berpecah Singapore Airline & Malaysia Airline
    S,pore Airline sudah jauh kedepan antara no 1 terbaik terkaya ,termaju di Dunia
    Malaysia Airline bukan sahaja ketinggalan kebelakang malah masih terkontang kanting
    masih belum mendapat keuntungan, masih Kerugian lagi
    Begitu juga semasa Malaya, nilai wang S,pura sama seperti Malaysia
    Apabila berpisah nilai wang S,pura berlipat lebih 2.5 kali ganda nilai Malaysia
    Disini sudah mencerminkan bertapa Kerajaan Melayu , Kaum Melayu
    Masih banyak lagi Pembetulan untuk menjayakan Malaysia

    Ada Bukit kasi Cina
    Ada Tanjung kasi Keling
    Ada Tanjung Pagar kasi Singa Penyagak
    Ada Tanah di Gadai
    Hujungnya tinggal apa si Melayu tanpa Ilmu ?

  38. Murad Nov 20,2014 11:43 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    May Allah SWT bless Tun and family.

    I fully support your comments and you do what you preach. As I understood all your children study in Malaysia (correct me I am wrong) and Mukriz (MB Kedah) is product of MRSM.

    What I really admire you is your trust the Malaysian , case on point is that when you need to do your heart by-pass you choose IJN rather than overseas which you have the disposal to have the best treatment anywhere where in the world.

    Long live Tun.


  39. Abu Alya Nov 20,2014 10:52 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. I belief the main reason why the Chinese here still wants education in their own language is because they do not want to fall, to degrade or to downgrade their people to the level of the Malay’s mentality and worldview.

    2. Economic and money wise, it looms of a disaster. And not to forget the threat on their religious and cultural belief. If we pull out the statistics of the number of Chinese who are Muslims or Christians, the choice and allegiance towards a more successful group of people is very obvious. Christian first names are very popular, especially with the Chinese post-69 generation.

    3. The more successful and tolerant Malays seem to be educated in English, while the racist and nationalist among them are mostly trained in Malay/Islamic/Arabic background. The PAS is a good example where even their top leaders are not able to communicate in the English language or have shown any attempt to acquire that skill throughout their political career.

    4. Real education must have its value and usefulness – endowed and showing its fruits and benefits like a tall and healthy tree, where all can enjoy its shade without any racial or religious discrimination. It is the tree of knowledge that we have all come here to stay for a little while, and to enjoy each other’s company.

    5. My wife WhatsApp me this video here recently @ It shows how much we can un-learn our prejudice, and still have fun and enjoy our multi-racial existence.

  40. Hajar Nov 20,2014 10:32 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    1. The quality of our education is getting worse (going backward) each day because we have ‘low class’ Oppositions who will use almost anything to gain popularity. From what I heard, there are so many teachers who support the Oppositions.

    2. We have Oppositions who call themselves ‘Malaysians – Malaysian first’ but still promote ‘Chinese/Tamil’ schools, but if we call them ‘Cina/India’ they accuse us as racists/extremists.

    3. I still remember those (Oppositions) who demonstrated just to make sure that ‘Science and Mathematics’ are taught in BM (used to be in English for several years, but too short to make any conclusion on its effectiveness). But then, some sent their children to English medium schools -> hypocrites.

    4. The BN government led by PM Ah Jib Gor nowadays is also going for popularity. Now we have both sides claiming that ‘Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan’ is kind of protected under our ‘Perlembagaan’. Both sides are already ‘mereng…tak betul’

    5. The other day I read news about a Professor who was alleged of plagiarizing his Ph.D. thesis (I also saw the comparisons made between his thesis and a book written by someone else; I have seen others using this cheating method). And, I looked up for this person’s profile and he is also very supportive of the Oppositions. I wonder on what basis he received his Professorship. And sadly, we expect this person to educate our students.

    Pensyarah plagiat: Jangan buat kesimpulan
    14 November 2014 1:53 AM

    PUTRAJAYA 13 Nov. – Kementerian Pendidikan meminta semua pihak termasuk daripada dunia akademik supaya tidak terlalu cepat menyimpulkan terdapat pensyarah Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) melakukan plagiat.

    Menteri Pendidikan II, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh berkata, dakwaan berlaku plagiat tidak boleh dibuat sewenang-wenangnya sedangkan senat universiti di mana pensyarah tersebut mendapat ijazah doktor falsafah (PhD) tidak mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan atau mengambil tindakan.
    “Universiti yang menganugerah PhD itu bukan institusi biasa tetapi menara gading terkenal di Eropah yang melahirkan banyak pemenang hadiah Nobel.
    “Keputusan sama ada pensyarah tersebut melakukan plagiat atau tidak, bukannya ditentukan oleh kita,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan Pusat Kompetensi Big Data di Kementerian Pendidikan, di sini hari ini.

    Isu tersebut timbul apabila seorang pensyarah lain membuat laporan polis, mendakwa berlaku plagiat dalam tesis Phd pensyarah UMK tersebut.
    Difahamkan pensyarah UMK tersebut telah mendapat Phd dari Universiti Vienna, Austria yang pernah melahirkan pemenang hadiah nobel dalam bidang sastera, kimia, perubatan dan fizik.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  41. mubarakchan Nov 20,2014 10:16 AM


    For grkumar. A very fine comment on a small part of life-style of Australia which I agree with entirely. This brought to my mind so many memories of the past in which I paid a visit to have a ‘ look see ‘ on this fabled land in 1969. I visited all the States and came to the conclusion that Australia was good for ‘ steaks, oysters and life-style ‘ any order you like but do not do business there. The country is full of riches and a scarcity of people which was controlled by the 1 % ellite which consisted of the Government, Church, Universities, Unions, Jews, (now new Europeans ), industrialists, large land owners, miners etc. The other 99% of the population work for 4 days and on Fridays, the boys go with the boys and the girls go with the girls. The Immigration gave me a rough time as though I owe Australia a living. But on a person to person basis, the Australians are friendly if you can avoid the rough ones.. This was in 1969. My worst experience was with a New Zealand teacher when I was much younger and he punished every day with questions which pushed me to the ground in front of my fellow students. His intention of humiliating me to have a mental collapse failed. He got the wrong person. The only person who did this to me in my whole student career. All of the others were kind and helpful. He was bigoted about Chinamen dealing with white naked female patients. I swore I never visit New Zealand ever.

    Australia has lots of merits besides having most of the World’s important minerals. It is a leader in a number of filelds, like light engineering, the utilization of water, farming, architecture, education, etc. We have much to learn and gain from her. Its defects arose out of the origins of this great country from the 19th Century. In fact, the whole country is still developing with its ever growing immigrant population. Malaysians normally do well in its academic system – thanks to the laid back attitude of their fellow students who have a penchant for sports which is a benchmark for success and achievements in the Antipodes.


  42. shahrulnizam Nov 20,2014 8:59 AM

    nice article as always..
    next is to educate ministers & higher level gov officers to have better management..
    1) when reduce petrol RON97 price, make sure RON95 price reduce too.. when ron95 introduced, the gap was just 25cent. Now the gap remains the same but without subsidize the ron97. Those who buy ron95 will subsidize government at RM0.13 per litre. Last time robin hood robs the rich gives to the poor. Nowadays, the government robin hood robs the poor gives to the rich. Who benefit most on the ron97 price reduction? Only those who afford to buy high performance engine cars – high income brackets…
    2) br1m survey by khazanah research whatever.. bangs on br1m acceptance more than petrol subsidy, then compare two wheelers ex5 with bmw318. of course when study done br1m recipients, they tend to accept br1m than petrol subsidy! how about br1m non-recipients? for sure they want petrol subsidy… most of luxury cars are downsizing the engine size…using turbo engine.. using ron97… again goes back to above issue

    but of course.. our thoughts are always wrong, so please vote for BN

  43. grkumar Nov 20,2014 5:16 AM

    Dear Mubarak

    Indeed there is a problem but not only in Singapore. I honestly do not know why people would even consider Australia as a destination for their education apart from Medicine and Dentistry which are in demand professions for economic reasons.

    I have taught (as a lecturer and tutor) at Australian universities. They have a system which has little to do with merit and more to do with high grades, cut off scores, and “remedial courses” to ensure you pass one way or the other.

    What this does is to push a student through the hoops whether they gain the required level of knowledge or not. It is part of the new universal system of ‘pay as you go’ education. And if you fail it reflects badly on the institution concerned and its reputation and new students from abroad become hard to recruit.

    The second and most disturbing part of the problem lies with us. I find so many particularly Indian and Chinese students coming to Australia to study for the prestige of an Australian (white man’s) degree which in fact in many instances are inferior to the degrees conferred by Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian and Chinese degrees.

    The curriculums here are convenient and not challenging enough. I lectured as a guest at UUM in Kedah (Changlung) at the end of 2012. It was an international campus which was inspiring. The local professor of the law department was an engaging person with profound knowledge of his subject. His English was perhaps not as White mans English as that of his foreign counterparts. His knowledge though was unquestionably high. UUM struck me as being a university for today and tomorrow. Yet Malaysians (Indians Chinese and yes some Malays) prefer to go abroad where they are spoiled because they pay good foreign exchange for the privilege.

    There has to be a change of heart in Malaysia where education is concerned. Vernacular schools should be shut down and the national language be imposed on all. English, Mandarin and Tamil can be taught at home or as an additional subject.

    The impact on national unity from teaching in a singular language is positively identified the world over as being a plus and not a minus. Language is a barrier which exaggerates racial and religious cultural differences to the point of conflict. It can only be overcome through understanding and that understanding can only come through reinforcing a ‘national language’ which is Malay.

    Indians and Chinese in Malaysia for some reason believe they are speaking at a competent level English which they are not. The English language taught to us by the British was the original curriculum of “English as a second language”. It is a form of pigeon. poor and unimpressive. It is therefore far better that we cultivate a better quality of language by adopting to Malay where we have an advantage.

    Most Malaysian students who go abroad do not make any seminal significant contribution towards research or discoveries inspite of achieving high marks. High marks at exams are for parrots. We must teach our students to aim higher than the trees for their education.

  44. ma Nov 20,2014 3:38 AM

    Language is not the real issue for the separation of the races, never be, and never will… the syllabus is.

    14.4: Dan Kami tidak mengutuskan seseorang Rasul melainkan dengan BAHASA KAUMNYA supaya ia menjelaskan (keseimbangan dan keadilan) kepada mereka…

  45. 1Malaysia Nov 19,2014 11:23 PM

    Hakikatnya sebanyak 50ribu murid melayu belajar kat SRCK C dan angka ini masih meningkat tiap tahun apabila topik seperti “hapuskan sekolah vernakular” seperti ini diungkit oleh org politik dan sesetengah pihak dari masa ke semasa .
    Apa “agenda” sebenar mak-bapa Melayu sanggup hantar anak ke srjk ? nak rosakan perpaduan ?? nak anak mereka bersikap rasis , nak jauhi anak2 mereka dari bangsa sesama diri atau membentuk kecinaan mereka ??!
    Tidak ! Motif mereka sama dengan mak bapa cina yang lain , cuma kerana mereka yakin SRCK C pilihan yang lebih baik banding SK demi masa depan anak mereka .
    Jika kita boleh terima motif mak bapa melayu htr anak mereka ke srjk hanya disebabkan mutu pelajarannya jadi kenapa nak pertikaikan motif mak bapa cina dengan menuduh mereka sengaja melakukan permisahan dengan kaum lain ? Apa mereka untung kalau mak bapa cina sengaja memisahkan anak2 mereka dengan bangsa lain?
    Semasa sibuk mengambil SRCK C menjadi kambing hitam , kita perlu semak juga statistik terbaru dimana bukan sahaja peratusan cina kat SRCK C semakin meningkat tiap tahun dari 2002 – 92% sehingga 2012 -96% , peratusan melayu belajar kat srjk juga catatkan peningkatan setiap tahun , kini sebanyak 14% pelajar SRCJ C adalah dari kaum melayu dan lain-lain . Dengan bilangan sekolah srjk (C) hanya 1291 , maka keadaan sekarang adalah kita sebenar jauh lebih mudah menemui murid melayu kat srjk(C) tapi makin payah jumpa anak cina kat SK , dalam reti kata lain anak2 kita lebih senang dapat peluang bergaul dengan bangsa lain berbanding sekolah kebangsaan kini yang hampir diduduki murid melayu sepenuhnya !

    Sama seperti kewujudan sekolah pondok atau agama , tiada mana-mana pihak yang mengatakan mak bapa melayu yg hantar anak mereka ke sekolah pondok sebab sengaja nak anak mereka memisah dengan kaum lain atau menuduh sekolah agama rosakan pepaduan , sedangkan kita sedia maklum motif mereka adalah supaya anak mereka bakal menerima pendidikkan dan bimbingan agama yang baik .
    Dan satu lagi perkara juga harus dikaji kenapa isu sekolah cina hangat diperkatakan sejak pilihan raya 2008/2013 apabila kerajaan gagal dpt sokongan kaum cina ? Kenapa sebelum ini sewaktu Chedet meraih kemenangan besar pada tahun 1999 ( sokongan kaum cina lebih kuat berbanding undi melayu ekoran kes Anwar ) dan Paklah menang besar pada tahun 2004 tidak pula timbul menuduh sekolah cina mengacam perpaduan ?
    Adakah disebabkan kaum cina hilang keyakinan kepada kerajaan yg sedia ada maka sekolah vernakular ini punca segala masalah ?!
    Akhirnya saya ingin menyeru supaya orang ramai dari terus mengambail srjk (C) sebagai kambing hitam baik fikir-fikirkanlah cam mana nak menyakinkan kepada orang ramai SK tu adalah pilihan yang lebih baik selepas sekian lama meneima peruntukan yang paling besar dari kerajaan .

  46. mubarakchan Nov 19,2014 5:51 PM


    Fro grkumar. I refer to the comments of the conned Singaporean student. He might not be aware of the following facts which appeared since 2013.

    1. The Meritocracy tool which was used by the Ruler to put the 99.99 % of the Singaporean population in their places since 1959 was abandoned in 2013. The reasons for this abandonment of praising the digits or cohorts according to their academic achievements could be the huge loss of US$108 billions on Wall Street in October 2008 or the inability of their brilliant scholars who could not adapt to the real world after graduation.

    2. Two Ministers of the Singapore Government said in the Channelnewsasia in 2013 that in future, candidates for promotions or jobs would not be based solely on their academic qualifications alone but also on their hidden talents. This sounds like the official abandonment of their dysfunctional meritocratic system much worshipped by some of our ignorant compatriots for decades.

    3. The daughter of a friend of mine who obtained an ASEAN Scholarship had to return to Kuala Lumpur to complete her tertiary education. She is now working for a Kuala Lumpur financial institution. To me, it seems that Singapore’s economic growth is going backwards due to her tiny size and there is room only for the employment of a few local graduates. Hence, our student friend’s dilemma.


  47. grkumar Nov 19,2014 2:02 PM

    The following below was emailed to a colleague if mine who emailed it in return to me. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. Formal education is the process whereby we learn the basics and acquire the basic tools to hone our skills in the acquisition and analysis of the acquired knowledge. We learn basic arithmetic, language and scientific skills from which we expand our knowledge base through further and graded steps to a point we are certified as being competent as generalists or as specialists in one of the many subjects that form the basis of our basic education.

    The argument that education is bad at home in Malaysia or Singapore is a universal argument advanced by those who fail to see the reasons why they are often marginalized in their own environment and excluded from the main stream. it has more to do with privatizing education and the universal trend of internationalising our institutions of higher learning.

    In doing this we suddenly realise we are not as competitive or as good as we believed ourselves to be in the first place. And the complaint by Singaporeans below is a prime example of that fact.

    We must firstly be able to distinguish between an academic orientation and an education.

    Post date:
    17 Nov 2014 – 10:07am

    Dear TRS,

    I am a Singaporean studying in the University of Queensland in Australia and I can’t help feeling betrayed by PM Lee’s recent visit to the Singaporean students here after his G20 Summit.

    PM Lee came here and spoke about how we should be celebrating SG50 next year even though we are overseas and he highlighted how successful Singapore has been over the past 50 years and how it has become “prosperous” and “respected”.

    While I understand that he wants to celebrate, I think he doesn’t actually understand why many of us are forced to go overseas to study.

    For me and many others here that I have talked to, it is because we have been rejected by local universities in Singapore.

    Despite the Singapore society putting a huge emphasis on the need for a degree and the obvious pay gaps between degree holders and non-degree holders, they have not made an effort to ensure that there are enough Uni places in Singapore for students who actually want to study.

    When I was entering University, Singapore only had about 26% of students entering locally funded universities. Now, I think the government has tried to expand this to 30% or 40% but it is still well short of the 50%+ seen in other countries like Finland and Denmark. Worse still Singapore uni places are still filled with foreigners as this TRS writer wrote about: “35% of students in NUS are foreigners”.

    But the reality is that when only 26% of the cohort can enter a local uni, despite going through A Level and getting ok results, many students are rejected from places in local universities are forced to pay large amounts of money to go overseas to study.

    This is because the government in the past has put so much emphasis on an uni education. Even recent surveys showed that parents die die want to send their kids for uni: “82% of Singaporean parents considered sending their kids overseas for Uni”

    I come from a middle income family and the total cost for my overseas education easily exceeds $200,000 after uni fees and living expenses, this is compared to the maybe $30,000 that Singaporeans may pay to go to a local subsidised Uni.

    My parents had to borrow money from relatives to send me here and they insisted that it was worth it because non-degree holders faces salary caps and much more hardship in Singapore.

    Living here, I have compared my results and equivalents with local Australian students who are able to get into Uni as long as they pass everything or get something like an A level equivalent straight Ds.

    Other Singaporeans here that have spoken to also shared that they weren’t able to get into the course that they wanted at a local uni so they came here to study that course. Some here are in good courses like dentistry when they were only offered science or business back home.

    I just feel cheated and betrayed that most of us are here, spending hundreds of thousands to get that coveted degree because Singapore’s system rejected us. Now, PM Lee comes here and tells us that Singapore is prosperous and there are lots of opportunities.

    Where were those “opportunities” when we were applying for local Uni places in the first place?

    Conned Singaporean Student

    TRS Contributor

  48. wajaperak Nov 19,2014 9:46 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    I am presuming you are a Mister.
    Dear Mr Snow
    [we need to know why that blood cells is self destructing its own body]
    Your qoute.
    Allow me a not so proficient in this field to give my take of opinion.
    When you talk about specialist and speciality, one must allow a standard as a measurement or a benchmark.
    So,Brazil is the football nation benchmark.
    Why that blood cell is self destructing its own body?
    Why indeed Mister?
    If answers is readily come by we wont be in this quandry..:)
    I would like to offer some perspective.
    First the breathing.
    Cell is alive but do we know the expiry time of the respective cell?
    We only know they are alive and dead cell’s were replaced by the new one as ‘process of nature’ took place.
    Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method for monitoring a person’s O2 saturation.
    In its most common (transmissive) application mode, a sensor device is placed on a thin part of the patient’s body, usually a fingertip or earlobe, or in the case of an infant, across a foot. The device passes two wavelengths of light through the body part to a photodetector. It measures the changing absorbance at each of the wavelengths, allowing it to determine the absorbances due to the pulsing arterial blood alone, excluding venous blood, skin, bone, muscle, fat, and (in most cases) nail polish.

    Anaerobic respiration is a form of respiration using electron acceptors other than oxygen. Although oxygen is not used as the final electron acceptor, the process still uses a respiratory electron transport chain; it is respiration without oxygen. In order for the electron transport chain to function, an exogenous final electron acceptor must be present to allow electrons to pass through the system. In aerobic organisms, this final electron acceptor is oxygen. Molecular oxygen is a highly oxidizing agent and, therefore, is an excellent acceptor. In anaerobes, other less-oxidizing substances such as sulfate (SO42-), nitrate (NO3-), sulphur (S), or fumarate are used. These terminal electron acceptors have smaller reduction potentials than O2, meaning that less energy is released per oxidized molecule. Anaerobic respiration is, therefore, in general energetically less efficient than aerobic respiration.

    Anaerobic respiration is used mainly by prokaryotes that live in environments devoid of oxygen. Many anaerobic organisms are obligate anaerobes, meaning that they can respire only using anaerobic compounds and will die in the presence of oxygen.

    And why does the normal human function can fail?
    Why bother go to the length?
    The desire for food intake is essential in human survival.
    But we always took for granted the desire for food or appetite.
    When one lose the desire to eat to myriad of reason’s,they may be temporary.
    Drip is a fastest way to induce and intervene’s this malady.
    The self destruction of cell can be attributes by number of reason.
    Since I being a minor in all specialities I cannot answer’s why.
    I can only offer reason of them being.
    We can wonder why lesion can occupy space too.
    And many other pertinent question.
    English is a medium that adequately provide the comprehension and understanding more so than Bahasa Malaysia.
    A doctor who are not IT savvy can understand faster the requirement because of his basic intellect.
    English again is provider of the medium.
    Finally the contention of the context is the practice.
    I am more practical in flora and fauna as oppose to botany chair specialist.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  49. snow Nov 19,2014 8:20 AM

    BTW if english really is the way, then why is Marina Mahathir not a cancer researcher by now. You know, using such logic that english speakers are of high knowledge, with her fluency in english she should be Marie Curie by now. Ya Marina, please… we need to know why that blood cells is self destructing its own body. That makcik speakin no anglais, so you must cure ebola.

  50. snow Nov 19,2014 8:08 AM

    Salam Dr Mahathir,

    I came from national school (sekolah kebangsaan). In my school, there were malays, chinese Indians etc, as well as pupils from different social classes and academic abilities. I saw the nerds as well as the jocks, the rich boy riding the Virago and as well as the boy riding the bicycle. I like to think of my school like a rainbow of pupils. Yes my school was the typical national school near the neighborhood, it was not an international school.

    But I am quite pleased with my experience & the knowledge I learned there. Alhamdulillah. I do not think it is inferior, as I learned science, advanced maths, history etc. If I may say this – the advanced math I learned in my school seems better than the one I learned in university – when I went to university I felt as if the math level went backwards. Ha ha.

    And yes. They are all taught in Bahasa Melayu (BM).

    So yes, if there need to be evidence of a national school with BM product who LOVES science – it is me. More evidence is in Kenangan Terindah, where perhaps Malaysians can learn that Bahasa Melayu can be a language of knowledge. It is a beautiful language, a rich brew of Sanskrit and Arabic, spanning from the Middle East to Asia; perhaps even more as it absorbed a variety of languages due to migrants passing the nation since ancient times. Like how the arab say “sadaqah” (sedekah), the spanish say “zapato” (sepatu), the indian say “chakra” (cakera), the jew say “korban”,”teruah”,”zhar” (korban, teriak, seri) etc.

    Malaysians really should love & strengthen our own national school and national language & not look down on ourselves. Believe it or not from Bahasa Melayu, I can understand foreign languages simply bcoz it’s in the language, and my experience in national school has benefited me I think it is unfair for the elites from international school to assume it is inferior.

    Unless by inferior you mean I did not mingle with the child of so so Tuanku Datin Seri Yang Berhormat Datuk Wira Paduka Karma Wijaya or someone like that, or that my school lab was built on the football field why do I imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo ever attended it he will saw that lab & go “poooooooooorquuueeee!!!!!”. Ha ha yes. My national school may not have that much money, but it has soul that I’m grateful I attended it.

  51. azlan95 Nov 19,2014 3:38 AM

    Side stepping from the topic, an update on West vs. Russia.

    Seems inevitable that a war between Nato/U.S.A. vs. Russia will take place in the future. News on Russian planes intercepted in the Caribbean is a good indicator.

    The war may involve proxies. Both parties acting as coaches on the sidelines directing their players in the middle of the field.


  52. uzumaki_hilmi Nov 18,2014 11:05 PM

    Seluruhnya amat bersetuju dengan DrM. Pelbagai diskriminasi dan persepsi telah timbul:
    1. Setuju atau tak bersetuju, secara rankingnya bagi sekolah rendah ialah international skool (kebanyakannya hantar anak dengan BMW, speaking english+accent england/irish. Mampu?). No2, SJKC (nnti anak2 boleh terer mandarin & add math. No3, SK & agama (mcm mn nk pilih, yg nehh jaa yg ad. 1 dlm 30kampung). No4, SJKT (yg nehh plg penin; kata percaya kepada sistem pendidikan. Napa x hantar ank ke sini? ada Bran?).
    2. Selepas UPSR, ke sekolah menengah. Diskriminasi terhadap aliran. Tentulah ranking paling tertinggi SBP/MRSM. Mampu pakai baju batik p City Point? Tapi xpea, Sekolah Tekni & Voka pn hebat juga. Siap bawa T-Square masuk bas. Nasib baik aku bukan calang-calang. Kelas 5A, Sains Tulen ok. Boleh jgak dok tayang buku Bio & Add Math. Sebelah mata jaa pandang sesiapa yg memegang berus dan kertas lukisan A1 plus ERT.
    3. Pemisahan diteruskan ke alam universiti dan pekerjaan. Jadi janganlah buat-buat terkejut apabila tiada pakar di dalam sub-kepakaran seperti sastera klasik, seni halus, animasi, fiqh moden/muamalat dll.
    4. Kita masih di bawah tempurung sistem.

  53. mustaqimbinabdulrahman Nov 18,2014 6:18 PM

    you are a true leader by sending your child to sekolah kebangsaan and your heart to hospital kerajaan for op…mukriz has to learn to be patriotik or else he has less merit to be pm of malaysia…..pak lah type he can…your type he cant…

    my comment on this issue-i have to declare i 110% support 1 school for all policy but i doubt minister and education director in enhance our education quality esp chinese school…look what had they done to sekolah kebangsaan….i heard a complaint that this year sk school calender is a mess…many children attend school doing nothing because they had return books 2 weeks ago…..many of parents let their children ponteng…this is different from chinese school whom has no enough school day to empower their students….

    deb will help sk kebangsaan malay…no worries…

    PLEASE…….BE IN REALITY…..we cannot be 1 bangsa, even 1malaysia if we sent our children to different school…..last week i went to village park in damansara utama for nasi lemak bfast….a chinese family shared same long table with my family…..their daughter was disguise when my son using his hand to eat nasi lemak……and ask louldy…eeee….mom see they are using their dirty hand….their mother politely tell them that it is malay culture to eat with hands and malay did wash their hands before eat(many of us dont)….i think the mother forget to tell her daghter that malay use water to wash our backside then a paper or tissue like chinese…

    for thos who do not know…chinese use both hands and few finger per hand to manually wash themselves in toiler….malay use all fingers in left hand..therefore chinese use both hand to eat but only 2 finger per hand…malay use right hand to eat…all finger…some of them lick their finger too….

    my point is we have so much of differences and this differences were impossible to be similiarity not even understandbale between us if we cannot share 1 school….

    for me….if chinese can have chinese school to shape their races identity and culture….indian can have indian schools…y malay dont have malay school…..??????????????????

    recent comment by najib even make me in deeper sad on my people future…najib said school is not political tool…but a tool for chinese and indian school to fill their children heart with their own identity… about malays????malay has no identity and has to accept malaysia identity…chinese and indian can have their own identity lehhh….

    I HOPE WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO UNITE MALAYSIAN INTO 1 IDENTITY BY let malaysian choose their children primary school freely….they can sent their children to sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan MELAYU, sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan CINA,sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan india, sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan iban/kadazan/malanau/sikh/ so on and so fore so their children can learn about their origin and grassrooot….

    but all MALAYSIAN HAS TO GO TO 1 SINGLE SECONDARY SCHOOL…..only 1 secondary school and called it sekolah unity…..offer all language, all cocoriculum, all religion in this school for students to choose(restrict on religion)……..its fully merit education system and competition between skincolor are welcome as it can enhance understanding between us…

    last but not least….i always heard malay parent address a chinese man as cina to their children…i dream malaysia as a better place where we address a chinese man as uncle, aunty, abang, kakak, adik…not cina tue….nanti india tu tangkap so on an so fore…

  54. pakpandir08 Nov 18,2014 3:16 PM

    Kerajaan yang bertanggung jawab sepatutnya membuat kajian mencari punca masalah dan bukannya asyik menudung jari dan menyalahkan orang lain.

    Kenapa ibu bapa Cina lebih cenderung untuk menghantar anak-anak ke sekolah Cina?

    (1) Gurunya Berbeza
    – Kebanyakan (walaupun bukan semua) guru di sekolah Cina merupakan golongan yang perhatin kepada pendidikan. Murid-murid dianggap sebagai anak sendiri. Sudah jadi biasa jika kamu jumpa anak-anak yang diberi kelas tambahan percuma di rumah guru.

    (2) Suasana Pembelajaran
    – Proses, suasana dan pergaulan merupakan faktor penting dalam pembentukan ciri-ciri atau personaliti seseorang individu.
    – Peruntukan kewangan yang terhad di sekolah vernakular, secara tidak langsung melatih anak-anak untuk melibatkan diri sejak kecil lagi, bagi mencari sumber kewangan untuk pembangunan sekolah. Tidak hairan jika terjumpa anak-anak bertempiaran rumah ke rumah untuk mengutip derma sekolah.
    – Ibu bapa yang berpandangan jauh, kebiasaannya mahu melihat anak sendiri mampu berdiri atas kaki sendiri.

    (3) Persaingan
    – Kuata universiti tempatan yang terhad untuk anak bukan bumiputera menwujudkan suasana persaingan diantara mereka untuk mendapatkan peluang pendidikan di universiti tempatan. Selain daripada tekun belajar, tiada cara lainnya untuk mencapai matlamat tersebut. Bukan semua anak Cina merupakan anak orang kaya, dan mereka tidak mampu menampung yuran persekolahan di institusi swasta, lebih-lebih lagi ke luar negara. Keputusan akedemik yang cermelang kebanyakannya dicapai oleh anak-anak miskin.
    – Keadaan demikianlah yang secara tidak langsungnya memaksa mereka agar belajar dengan lebih tekun

    (4) Peluang Melanjutkan Pendidikan dan Kerjaya
    – Kuota yang terhad di universiti tempatan, merisaukan ibu bapa masyarakat Cina, yang mendorong mereka supaya menggalakkan anak-anak menguasai sekurang-kurangnya bahasa Cina. Sekiranya tidak diberi peluang untuk melanjutkan pendidikan di universiti tempatan, masih terdapat peluang lain untuk melanjutkan pendidikan tinggi di Taiwan terutamanya

    (5) Bahasa Penghantaran
    – Apabila seseorang menguasai bahasa yang lebih banyak, maka lebih besar peluang untuk kerjaya pada masa kelak.
    – Apabila peluang kerjaya semakin tipis di negara sendiri atau rantau Indonesia .. sekurang-kurangnya masih dapat peluang lain di rantau lain seperti Hong Kong, Taiwan dan China
    – Secara metematik, sekiranya dapat menguasai bahasa inggeris, bahasa melayu dan bahasa cina, sejauh manakah peluang yang dapat diceburi di rantau dunia pada zaman globalisasi masa kini?

    Seseorang pemimpin yang bijak, kebiasaannya akan merenung kekurangan sendiri, dan mencari penyelesaian bagi menarik minat orang lain untuk bersehaluan dengan konsepnya sendiri. Asyik menyalahkan orang lain, bukannya jalan penyelesaian

  55. mubarakchan Nov 18,2014 2:10 PM


    You have finally brought the most important subject concerning the existence of our beloved Malaysia as a sustainable and united Nation. Let us go back to the basics and how we ended up now with a huge canvas in which many artists have left their marks but the picture is not completed and definitely not ready for the signature/signatures yet.

    During in the Colonial era, the British established a minuscule of an education system, the Government Schools, the Mission Schools and the private Vernacular Schools. This education system produced the sort of educated populace just sufficient for the needs to administer a colony. In other words, the different schools were compartmentalised and there was no discernible attempt to create social intercourse or unity amongst the different communiites. However, in those days, intra-familial links were strong as there was no urbanisation to break up the extended families with thieir comcomitant core values.

    Why we have such an unpainted picture of many colour hues today ? I will related what I know best which is the non-Malay side of our education system through my own experiences and observations.

    1. The Malaysian Chinese maybe divided into two groups today – the Mandarin speaking and the English speaking. The former has an inferiority complex which gives them their quiet personality and have a penchant to take risks of the illegal kind whilst the latter is argumentative, loud-mouth and think the World owes them a living. These are generalizations. But today, both groups have lost the enduring and core values of their forefathers. Some of them do not even know where they come from in China. All of them succumbed to the easy life-styles of the West.
    And from this mass of Chinese, we may sub-divide them into as many clans which the China today has. China is the only place in the World which have more Chinese clans than Malaysia. The Chinese in Malaysia is not one homogenous lot of a clan but made up of many clans. Their only unifying factor is that they are Chinese.

    2. Poliltically, the Malaysian Chinese have had very weak and unqualified leaderships at the critical periods of our beloved Malaysia’s history. The big problems of the Chinese vernacular schools today were tiny problems of yesterday. But then, Tun, if others could not finish the Malaysian Picture of Unity, those who have have the will and power should do so given the right opportunity and time.

    3. Let us look first at how other countries had dealt with the problems of education in a diverse population. In the case of the tiny Republic of Singapore, the Ruler just wiped out the Chinese vernacular school system and the Nantah University out of emotion exuberance than logic. It is alleged he regretted this hasty move. A tiny place can easily resolve such problems given a homogenous population in those days of 75% !
    However, in Switzerland, a country with 800 years of Confederation, the Germans, the French and the Italians attend the same Primary Schools but are separated according to their ethnicity IN THE SCHOOLS for certain subjects like learning their own dialect. The fourth tribe, the Romansch, is not mentioned.

    4. From your incisive comments and what we are aware through time since 1957, there was no frontal approach towards the resolution of the Vernacular Schools vis-a-vis the Nationals Schools System. The former has now become a political football of sorts safeguarded by vested interests and fellow travellers of the political kind and the latter, gaily carries on with the full support of successive Governments. As the saying goes. ‘ Too many cooks spoilt the soup !’

    5. Those who are aware and responsible like you Tun, are fully of one voice in the fostering of UNITY which gives rise to PEACE AND HARMONY AND STABILITY for the SUSTAINABILITY of the POLITICAL AND SOCIAL FABRIC WHICH ALL OF US HERE SPENT MANY LIFETIMES TO BUILD. This precious UNITY OF ALL MALAYSIANS MUST HAVE AN ORIGIN FROM SOMEWHERE. It can only originate from the proper education of the young because like all the good doctors, the young are colour blind until they have their minds poisoned by their elders about other communities ! From my own observations, many of our small problems of today anywhere come from this background of intolerance and non-accommodation of others. With this knowledge, a SINGLE PROPER UNIFIED NATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM SOMEWHAT LIKE THAT IN SWITZERLAND COULD BE THE ANSWER.

    6. My own experiences did not turn me into an Urdu or Hindi speaking Indian or a stiff-upper lip Englishman. As a young boy, I studied, Classical Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu and spoke Anglo Indian English. Later, I studied English and Latin. When I had some ambitions, I studied Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin. i viewed all these as languages which any diligent person can learn in 3 months ! My children all scored As in Bahasa Melayu and attended the National Schools. They all work in Kuala Lumpur. My grand-children are doing the same..

    7. There is always the 1% elite who can get an education anywhere in the World but it is the 99% which the Government have to look after and tailor the National School System to their needs as per their intellect, inclination and ambitions. AND THE EDUCATION SYSTEM MUST BE IN LINE WITH THE COUNTRY’S HERITAGE, CULTURE, HISTORY, CONSTITUTION AND THE YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG. A proper National Schools System is the UNIFYING FACTOR which could be crafted in time.

    8. And what is the ultimate solution to the problem of the Vernacular Schools ? My personal view is that it is good to be a copy cat and refine on what other Nations had already cracked their heads a long time ago. We have the tiny Republic of Singapore example, the Swiss and now I SUGGEST WE COPY WHAT CHINA GRANTED TO HONG KONG ! 2 systems for 50 years ! But at the moment, the Malaysian Chinese political parties are weak. I like to point out that there is a mistaken belief by non-Malays about how this country is governed. They all think that UMNO will look after their interests notwithstanding the representation of the non-Malay political parties in the BN Government. In other words, if the non-Malay political leadership was weak, and kept mum on important issues or do not offer proposals for the good of the Nation, we must not expect UMNO to speak up for the non-Malays. THIS IS HOW OUR COUNTRY IS GOVERNED BY A BN GOVERNMENT ! Also, if the Malaysian Chinese voted over 90% for DAP with its ULTRA COMMUNISTIC SPIRITUAL HOMELAND SINGAPORE, DO THEY REALISE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ?

    The ultimate solution for a proper NATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM is to give the VERNACULAR SCHOOLS time to conform taking into consideration the VESTED INTERESTS OF THE TEACHERS AND THE FELLOW TRAVELLERS. Like China and Hong Kong, if the Vernacular Schools are given 25 years to conform and it is not enough, then even 30, 40 or 50 years for them to do so is a POSSIBILITY AND NOT A PROBABILITY ! At least all the parties concern show goodwill and sincerity to the further development of our beloved Malaysia. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO CUT THIS CAKE SO THAT EACH MAY BE SEEN TO GAIN AND NOT TO LOSE !

    9. On the existing NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM, we can improve on it concomitant with the resolution of the Vernacular Schools problem. This approach must be at the top of the priorities list instead of the over-emphasis and the distraction by the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES OF TINY SINGAPORE. WE DO OUR OWN THING. It is the will to do the best for the Nation, the schools, the staff and the students. This we all must agree. The main language must be the National Language, Bahasa Melayu. The quality of teaching throughout the National Education System is important to put less stress on the teachers.

    The students should have a choice of studying MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE IN BAHASA MELAYU OR ENGLISH OR MANDARIN.

    Mandarin is already taught in some Sekolah Kebangsaan once a week. In the UNIFIED SCHOOLS SYSTEM, this should be taught daily as a language in view of the future importance of China. Hindi should be introduced as well as India will be like China for us.


    10. IF THE BN GOVERNMENT COULD GATHER ALL INCLUDING THE OPPOSITION TOGETHER FOR A POW-WOW ON A PROPER NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR ALL, the kudos will fall like confetti. The very announcement of such a gathering itself is earth shattering !


  56. nowelmia Nov 18,2014 12:36 PM

    why didn’t we stick with paragraph 1 from the beginning…

    ‘1. When we became independent in 1957 we had a clear idea about education in Malaysia. We wanted every Malaysian child to go to national schools where the medium of teaching would be the National Language based on the Malay language, the language of indigenous people. They would know and be close to each other, get used to their different cultures and be distinctly Malaysian’.

    and from there…u…develope and upgrade the accordingly (language …etc)…then we have an equal opportunity for all rakyat……

    Tak cukup duit?
    …TNB kan ada…maybe this is how TNB should reimburse back rakyat’s contribution.. since they are the only electric provider for the nation.

  57. balance Nov 18,2014 9:40 AM


    There should not be any problem with language, we also should not be thinking and linking language to commerce or working or business or high-class or low-class or who we are. Language is for communication only as long as whatever someone trying to say can be understand whatever language use is not important. If we see language as a problem then think about those that cannot talk and use sign language. The problems start when religion creep into our education system. Moral education or classes in national school are the main problem. In the name of nationalization, moral of someone else views are push into young children which make many parents think twice about putting their children into national school. Moral and religious education have its own space, place and time, it should be at home and teach by parents not teachers unless it is a religious school. We are multicultural and multi ethics society but a single type of thinking or mind-set being push trying to brainwash for political supremacy is frightening.
    Knowing BM will not make you do better business with Indonesian nor knowing Mandarin will make you do better business with China. Unless someone just want to be a factory supervisor or common workers in both country then knowing BM and Mandarin is useful. In the business world money and profit are the main subject not language. Knowing any language is an advantage but not necessarily a must. Knowing means to know only not necessarily expert or well verse. With today smartphone and goggle anyone can make someone understand him/her by just using translator application in those devices. So the argument about which is better or worst and useful or useless languages are not valid nowadays. Until we realise that a simple smile can mean a thousand words then we can progress with anything and any language. Now we are only interested in fingers pointing and fighting for race supremacy which is foolish. Collaboration is better then comparison.

  58. blaquesmith Nov 18,2014 1:15 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Do you think it’s better for our country if English was the main medium of instructions for all subjects while we retain Bahasa Malaysia as compulsory, together with an additional language of either Chinese or Tamil (optional, depending on the student’s/parent’s choice) that is also compulsory for all races?

    My rationale for each language:
    1. English – the language of global commerce therefore it’s imperative our children master it if we want to catch up with the rest of the world.
    2. Bahasa Malaysia – our national language which all of us should master, regardless of race and creed, because it’s an integral part of our Malaysian identity. Also, given that Indonesia is a rising economic force in our region and the similiarities between our languages, it would also serve our economic interest.
    3. Chinese/Tamil – important for all of us to master at least one of these languages. For the Chinese/Indian, it’s because it’s culturally relevant to them but more importantly for all of us (Malays included), it’s because China and India are rising global economic forces and having our rakyat being fluent in either one (or both) would provide a great advantage to our rakyats.

    Ideally, our children would be multi-lingual and masters in all these languages thus giving them the best chances of success of lifting themselves out of poverty, and bring the country forward. Coupled with an increase in the quality of our teachers and education, venacular school may end up being the second choice for most parents, with national school being the best choice for our children’s future, thus achieving the elusive aim of national unity.

    From a parent, who is going to send his children to school in the near future.

  59. wm wi Nov 17,2014 11:46 PM

    1Benar sekali kata Tun, pendidikan kita mengasingkan segalanya. Kita bersekolah untuk berpisah bukan untuk bersama. Sedari kecil yakni masa tadika, anak2 kita telah diajar untuk berpisah. Masuk sekolah rendah, berpisah lagi dengan masing2 bangsa dengan masing2 sekolahnya. Masuk sekolah menengah berpisah lagi kepada sekolah kebangsaan dan sekolah cina. Masuk u pun berpisah lagi. Siapa berada di ktar, siapa belajar di utar? Siapa pula belajar di uitm? Di ipta, yang melayu berkelompok dalam kursus tertentu, manakala yg cina bertumpu dalam kursus tertentu pula. Di ipts yg bukan dikuasai bumiputera siapa majoriti pelajarnya? Di unisel majoriti pelajarnya ialah bangsa melayu dan india, cina jarang2. Di unikl, jarang2 cina atau india. Ya, kita belajar untuk berpisah.

    2Pemisahan seterusnya berlaku antara yg kaya dan yg miskin, anak orang kaya dan anak orang miskin. Yg miskin ke sekolah kebangsaan yg berada sikit ke sekolah swasta, berbayar. Akibatnya, sampai besar masih ramai yg tidak tahu berbahasa melayu. Bahasa cina tahulah, bahasa inggeris bolehlah. Kita diajar untuk berpisah dan berpuak-puak.

    3Di kalangan melayu, pemisahan berlaku pula di sekolah berasrama dan sekolah harian. Anak siapa yg majoriti berada di sekolah berasrama sains atau mrsm atau sekolah kawalan? Jawapannya, boleh dibilang dengan jarilah pelajar2nya daripada kalangan petani buruh dan nelayan! Di sekolah terpilih ini, di sekolah anak2 orang berada ini, pelajarnya mendapat segala kemudahan. Guru cukup, infra cukup, makan pun cukup. Pelajar2nya terpilih dan mendapat jam belajar yg cukup.

    4Di sekolah harian biasalah tempat anak2 kita orang biasa, buruh petani nelayan dan pasar malam. Di sini keadaan agak berbeza dengan sekolah atasan di atas. Pelajarnya bermula paras sederhana ke bawah. Keadaan infra mungkin kurang baik. Guru mungkin cukup mungkin tidak, itu belum mengira option guru! Campur tangan luar berleluasa, orang politik, ibu bapa, pegawai di ppd- di jabatan pendidikan, gangster boleh campur tangan dalam urusan sekolah. Anak2 di sini kurang bernasib baik, sudahlah otak gred sederhana ke bawah, masa jam belajar juga tak cukup berbanding di sekolah elit. Ada2 shj program itu dan ini dibuat masa jam belajar, ya masa belajar. Kenapa tidak masa lain! Inilah salah satu sebab kenapa pelajar sekolah harian biasa ini, masuk ting 1 dgn pencapaian sederhana dan keluar ting 5 dengan otak mereng dan senget sebelah.

    5Mohon mencadangkan Tun…..

  60. milshah Nov 17,2014 10:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I think a key point from your posting is in item no. 3 which states that “Jenis Kebangsaan” schools are not provided for under the Malaysian constitution.

    “Jenis kebangsaan” schools are not the same as Malay special rights, as Malay special rights are clearly stated in the Malaysian constitution. It amazes me how some non-malays politicians would like to see that the “Jenis kebangsaan” schools are their special rights that can never be taken away.

    But the BN government, which mostly made up of UMNO malay leaders, is actually a very tolerant government. Even though it is not provided under the Malaysian constitution, the BN government continue to support the “Jenis kebangsaan” schools.

    Malays are famous for being “kesian” and accommodating. And now this “kesian” and accommodating attitude has backfired. Now Chinese see the “Jenis kebangsaan” schools as their own special right.

    Now the gap between the many races has widen, with Chinese going to Chinese schools, Indians going into Tamil schools and Malays going into National schools. Sure, some would argue that there are malays that prefer to go to “Jenis Kebangsaan” schools, but they are so few. The majority of Malays still go to the national schools.

    If the races are separated in their own special schools in their younger years, how are they expected to unite as Malaysians when they grow up?

    We should stop being kesian and “accommodating” and look at ways to reduce this racial gap before it widens even further.

  61. Tired Nov 17,2014 6:21 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Just would like to add to your last paragraph, “14. It seems that poor parents must accept poor education for their children so politicians can be popular and remain in power even longer!”

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh. Wassalam.

  62. amin tan Nov 17,2014 5:39 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kerana ruangan yang diberi.

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