1. We are reading a lot about illegal logging and illegal workers. It is right that illegal logging should be stopped and illegal workers arrested and deported.

2. But what about legal logging? They may be legal but they are also destroying even more of our shrinking forest. It is time that we limit legal logging. Concessions for legal logging should be controlled.

3. Just because permits are issued does not mean that the logging is not destructive of the forests. It may mean a lot of money for the recipients of the permit, but the need for timber from the forest can be replaced with other kinds of timber.

4. We have huge areas planted with rubber and palm trees. We need to cut down these trees every 25 years. Here is a good source of timber. We really do not need timber for housing, especially for formwork. Steel plates can be used again and again. They last longer.

5. For furniture use only rubber wood. Palm tree trunks can be made suitable for chipboards and planks. On the other hand, bamboo can be grown on a large scale and be processed into paper, flooring and even cladding for walls. Even coconut shells can be used.

6. Revenue from timber and forest-products go to state Government. Some poor states will suffer if not allowed to give concessions for logging the forests.

7. The Federal Government should compensate State Governments if they reduce or stop giving forest concessions. For this compensation the Federal Government should be given a say in issuing logging permits.

8. Sacrifice by the states by making land available for industries and other business activities has increased Federal income and corporate taxes. Some kind of basis must be found so that the poor states receive a bigger allocation from the Federal Government.

9. When the states are less dependent on giving logging concession, they will be more willing to reduce and even stop logging concessions.

10. If we are serious about preserving our forest, there are many things we can do. It is the will that we need. Will the governments have the will?

13 thoughts on “DEFORESTATION 2

  1. pilothans Apr 15,2015 11:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    On comment no 2 : It is time that we limit legal logging :->

    1) Dare I say, it’s time for us to just not only stop illegal logging ,but also STOP all legal logging. Make it very limited and very transparent, an only for very special cases, which all those cases should be made public.

    2) Maybe in general, Malaysians don’t care about nature. Go to the streets and ask around one would even ask back, what about deforestation? They simply don’t care. You show me money, anything BOLEH LAH. You can see people leaving trash into the rivers, even out of their cars and the list goes on. How do you expect those rich poops care about deforestation? Only some care, yes some but nothing drastic has been done so far. Who has the power? Who abuses the power?

    3) Anyone making a comparison of let’s say BORNEO forest Map in the 1980s > 1990s > 2000 > 2010 > today, would see how rapid in decreasing the forest size has been. (I refer sabah/Sarawak as part of Borneo island) example of our current forest size ->

    4) Today if you meet a tourist in our country, they will say how beautiful our forests are. But imagine in the year 2020, where there are no more forest except a few (Taman negara, mulu, Kibabalu), then how?

    5) I also put some blame on the Palm Oil industry that has caused the deforestation. We should be more focus on blue chips/ part of the supply chain of smartphones (for example) Stop expanding of Palm oil plantation and focus on other stuff to generate income.

    6) The growing so called Palm Oil extension has put severe pressure on Malaysia’s wildlife, as rainforests were diminished and confined to highland slopes or isolated peninsulas. Some of Malaysia’s endemic species are now critically endangered, with some already extinct . When was the last time one saw a tenuk/cipan (other than the shy one in our Zoo Negara?) . I have seen one death by the side of the Road a few years ago(might be my only encounter in this life)

    7) Some European countries have 100% deforestation and only left seconder forest, and it will be soon when we follow them, if not in our lifetime, just 1-2 generations from now.

    8) I also blame some of the org asli marrying some specific race and later on taking advantage of the situation. I put the example of the state of Pahang. Cameron Highlands has always been highlighted, but has anyone gone to Rompin in the 90s and recently and see how much forest left?

    9) Being someone from peninsular and having the chance to visit Sabah/Sarawak, I see and understand why some people are upset of the deforestation issue. People there aren’t stupid yet some daringly are doing daylight robbery. There’s even a clan of family living their lives like lords and no one dares to touch them.(I’m not giving any examples as I still wish to live long)

    10) Something drastic measure has to be done. I believe the influx of tourism base on nature would be more advantage to our country if let’s say compared to the expanding of the oil palms/exporting logs, in the long term.

    11) I hope Tun will be remembered as the one who revived the effort to stop deforestation in Malaysia and maintain as much primary rainforest that we have to date and not many realize how bio diverse our rainforest is.

    12) In our life, one should make our amends before we die, and leave a good path for the future. I hope that you pave the path for us, and knock some senses to some of the so called untouched people and make forest preservation as a new priority. Safe our forest for our generations before it’s too late.

    This is me signing off,

  2. mubarakchan Dec 2,2014 2:44 AM


    On Deforestation 2, my personal view is that it is time all of us revert to NORMALCY because the present World Recession is going to last a few more years. The G7 countries are unwilling to cause any political socio-economic upheavels in their own territories in view of the fact that the great United States has had 3 official Quantitative Easings. complete with the once spurned mega bail-outs. The slow reform in the Banking Sector obstructs an efficient and competent business. No one has been sent to jail yet. Only the banks are fined.

    The question we should all ask ourselves is ‘ DO WE NEED THE LOGGING BUSINESS IN WEST MALAYSIA ANYMORE ? ‘ In fact, it is surprising to find no one noticed illegal logging when this logging business already went into an abyss in the 1970s to 2003. This business is the easiest for the authorities to monitor and enforce the laws. Here are two real life stories on logging for all. We make our own assumptions.

    In the 1960s, a tycoon set up a bark stripping operation in Johore and shipped the stripped logs to Singapore to turn into plywood. He did not pay tax on his logs were stripped because the stripping of logs was deemed to be an industrial act ! Soon, the Government caught up with this ploy and he promptly closed down his operations on both sides of the Causeway.

    1n the 1950s – 1960s, I had a relative who had a huge timber concession in Trengganu. He was lazy and got up only at 12 p.m. every day and never inspected his property. Soon, his manager colluded with the owner of the timber concession next door and stripped the lazy owner of his logs ! He did not know why he lost money !

    The best is to ban all logging in West Malaysia especially within the Titiwangsa Range which was once designated as Forest Reserves or Orang Asli Reserves.

  3. grkumar Nov 30,2014 6:07 AM

    It is time someone took issue with illegal logging in Malaysia. These are the same rogues who use others as fronts to rape the environment, pay the royal courts for their Datukships in an effort to sanctify their plunder and rape of the environment and lend legitimacy to their cause.

    Malaysian forestry giants owned by the Tiong and Wong families of Sarawak have been taken to task in Papua New Guinea finally after decades of running riot in that place. They have decimated nearly 2/3 of the forest cover in that country by exploiting the poverty of both government and the tribals there.

    The largest and most significant of the rainforests there, Kumolo Doso a 300,000 hectare concession was being raped by clear felling method in breach of license conditions when landowner groups and an international coalition of environmentalists picketed the area and took the matter to court. They avoid paying full royalties and habitually breach the forestry and environmental codes there. PNG is not alone as victim in this respect.

    A Port Moresby court fined the company Rimbunan Hijau and withdrew its license and rights to the concession. They had the entire police force of that particular area in the Western province of PNG on their payroll. Landowners who complained were locked in shipping containers handcuffed for the whole day in the heat as punishment for not going along with the company.

    The same practices of human cruelty is rampant in Sarawak. The same practice is evident in Pahang and in other areas where these forestry pirates operate. 90% of the logs and their by products are destined for China where logging is a criminal offense save in very specific circumstances. The media campaign by wealthy loggers targets the “Malay government of Malaysia”.

    They buy the protection of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US with their second and third passports and permanent residency certificates.

    The Sultan of Pahang recently by attacking the member of Cameron Highlands Palanivel for the disaster in his state had misdirected his feigned anger in the wrong direction. It is these “celebrated” tycoons who supposedly make hundreds of millions from “nothing” vandalizing the environment who ought to be hanged and made an example of that the sultan ought to have attacked. He did not.

    The degradation of the environment is no joke or commercial necessity. It is vandalism of the highest order and a threat to the existence of those who live near the forests.

    Whilst not being a great fan of the environmentalists movement altogether there is no denying that what has been witnessed by them and others documented independently that this is a danger to us all.

    Denying these people licenses to rape the forests is often considered “racism”. It is these same people who then go out and tell the western media that the NEP is designed to put them out of business by spoon feeding the Malays.

    Given the choice I would rather “20 million spoon fed Malays” than 1000 thieving environmental vandals who eventually don’t pay their taxes and ignore the laws making the environment a dangerous place for everyone. They then drive around in their Mercedes, fly their private jets, pay little taxes and bribe the pay for their Datukships.

    In Australia and in the US they blame the Malays not knowing one from the other. The Washington Post, New York Times, Time and the entire Australian media have been fed a carefully scripted version of events by PR companies working for these communities from which loggers come. The jailed Suharto crony Bob Hassan was described by the ABC as an Indonesian muslim crony of Suharto and an environmental vandal. In the same breath they described the “persecution” and discrimination against the Chinese by the pri bumi there.

    Rimbunan Hijau has been described as a Malaysian and on other occasions a Malay company raping and vandalizing the forests from Vanimo to Vladivostok. The killing of rare species of apes and gorillas in Gabon by workers of the same culprits for ‘souvenirs’ and for their organs for ‘medicinal’ use has been documented to the detriment of the good name of Malaysia.

    They are estimated to have logged in the Cameroons and Gabon over US$700,000 million of rare timber species for export whilst paying less than a million dollars in duties and taxes to these countries. (World Wild Life Fund)

    China is the big vacuum cleaner of all of the earth’s resources that has inspired and motivated this greed. Lets hope the Indians now don’t follow suit although I strongly believe India will soon be a magnet for these loggers as demand there grows. They can be just as ruthless where it comes to profit.

    Countries like Malaysia should have some sort of enforceable laws in place to stop the vandalization of the environment as well as the corruption of government by these same veremin.

    Time to set up vigilante movements for the cause. It is also opportune to high light the need to make examples of police men who collect bribes from these loggers and their owners and to bring the rulers into the spotlight for siding with these people giving them the cover of Royal legitimacy.

  4. sibotak Nov 30,2014 12:22 AM

    Ilmu manusia tidak ada yg Kekal & Sempurna
    Malah ia lebih membinasakan dari Kebaikan
    Dah tentu tanda tanda Kiamat adalah Bangunan yg Mencakar Langit
    Manusia masih Ingkar membongkar Hutan dan membangunkan Bangunan Tinggi

    Menuju Kejayaan dengan membongkar Alam
    Berindustri tinggi , semua Negara membakar Dunia kerana
    Kesemua ingin Berjaya ,Kesemua ingin Kaya
    Akhirnya Banyak juga hasil yg dihasilkan manusia menjadi Sampah
    Dek kerana Tamak Haloba Manusia
    Maka Saya selalu berpendapat mengejar Kejayaan
    Cara kita sendiri ,akan Budaya kita ,akan Kemampuan kita

    Tun mempersoalkan Deforestation ?
    Jika sang Berok ,sang Monyet , sang Orang Hutan Bolih membalas blog Tun
    Janganlah Tun Terperanjat menerima Blog mereka dengan mengunakan I-Pad
    Sudah tentu mereka mewakili makhluk Haiwan akan membantah akan tindakan Manusia
    Walau mereka tidak berakal mereka lebih bersyukur atas Nikmah yg di kurnia Tuhan
    Hanya Manusia yg membinasakan Hutan kerana TAMAK bukan kerana untuk Hidup

    Sudah Kita Kelihatan Dunia bersaing hebst
    Juga kita lihat cemaran alam yg berlaku di tangan manusia
    Adakah Keperluan Hidup atau Tamak Haloba Manusia ?

    Yg saya lihat jelas ,manusai bersaing sesama ,menyalah gunakan Alami
    Membuat senjata, Berindustri tinggi ,masing masing ingin kedepan
    Akhirnya Pembaziran yg Berlaku
    Lihat saja Sampah Sarap yg kita hasilkan setiap hari
    Lihat saja produk industri yg Gagal semuanya jadi Pembaziran
    Kalaulah Si Beruk & Haiwan dapat berkomunikasi dengan Manusia
    Saya Yakin Permikiran mereka lebih Bernas dari Permikiran Manusia

  5. suhainin suhaibul Nov 28,2014 6:51 PM


    Tuan wajaperak…..terimakasih.

    Tuan wajaperak….kekerasan yang terluah ini bukan lah sesuatu yang terbit tanpa sebab yang munasabah. Kemarahan dan kebencian ini bukan muncul sewenang-wenangnya. Saya tidak salahkan Tuan wajaperak atas bicara yang sedemikian….kerana….. tuan wajaperak tidak mengerti dan tidak mengetahui serta tidak mengalami apa yang telah kami alami di Sabah ini. sukacita sekiranya tuan wajaperak dapat membuat sedikit penelitian mengenai segala-galanya tentang Sabah termasuklah ekonomi dan sumber ekonominya serta pungutan cukai ….etc…… kemana ianya disalurkan….etc. Jangan terlalu terpengaruh dengan laporan daripada pihak pemerintah. Buat kajian sendiri untuk pandangan yang lebih jelas dan adil.

    Tuan Wajaperak…..orang Sabah bukan “berdarah” Hang Jebat; Apabila marah terus menumbuk dinding dan meja serta menendang kerusi seketika itu juga. Kami di sini telah bersabar selama puluhan tahun dan “menyerap hentak” sahaja segala karenah Malaya atas dasar tolak ansur dan semangat Persekutuan Malaysia. Kami telah bereaksi umpama “Obsober” untuk segala itu sejak sekian lamanya. Tuan wajaperak…..kesabaran itu ada hadnya. Orang Sabah lebih rela bersabar sambil menggaru-garu kepala sahaja… tetapi…. bila kesabaran sudah sirna, mereka tidak akan gentar berhadapan dengan apa jua sekalipun.

    Tuan Wajaperak….orang-orang kami memang mengenali sikap saya yang sentiasa gemar berlemah-lembut tetapi bila “bertindak keras”; orang-orang kami sendiri pun boleh terkencing dalam seluar. Sebab itu ada orang kami sendiri pun, mengatakan bahawa saya ini mengalami masalah kejiwaan – “Split Identity” – …..pun…. mereka akan akur bilamana telah melihat rasionalnya. Saya tidak kisah jikalau dikatakan “Diktator”…kerana adakalanya ia memang perlu tetapi mesti berpada-pada. Itulah pesanan salah seorang daripada “Mentor” saya. Jiwa seorang Pemimpin seharusnya tidak mudah dipengaruhi oleh situasi dan keadaan…..tetapi….. adakalanya sesuatu yang diluar dugaan serta lari daripada kebiasaan, terpaksa kita lakukan untuk menyelesaikan masalah…….Astagfirullahhaladzim……..

    Tadi pagi saya bawa kemarahan saya itu ke ladang dan mencangkul batas semacam lembu gila membajak lagaknya….. mencantas rumput seumpama perang Iraq-Amerika gayanya…….hehehehe…..


    Tiba-tiba wajah Tun Mahathir muncul dalam benak saya lalu terkenangkan apa yang telah diberikannya kepada saya. Perlahan-lahan saya duduk di pondok sesikat….menggulung rokok daun lalu menyalakannya sambil menghirup kopi pekat.

    Bibir saya mula mengukir senyum bila teringatkan pesanan Tun yang hampir sama maksudnya dengan ini : ” Bila Ayam berak di halamanmu lalu engkau terpijak akan tahinya – usah berkata begini – ‘Celaka punya ayam….begini punya luas bumi ini…yang engkau pi berak di halaman aku ni apa ke jadahnya’…. – Sebaliknya-…… menurut Tun…. Cari idea untuk memanfaatkan ‘Tahi Ayam’ dan situasi tadi”.

    Sementara mentor saya yang lain pula berpesan…… “Segala-galanya bermula dari hati”….. “Jangan menghina bilamana Tin-tin kosong lantang berbunyi, sebaliknya tukarkan lah bunyi tin-tin kosong itu, menjadi sesuatu yang bermanfaat sebagaimana anda menukarkan tin-tin kosong itu menjadi Wang.”

    Saya menghirup kopi kemudian menarik nafas panjang. Terimakasih Tuan wajaperak….tuan menyedarkan saya akan betapa saya hampir-hampir terlupa mengucapkan terimakasih tidak terhingga kepada Tun Mahathir, Mentor-mentor saya, Rakan-rakan Seperguruan, para pendokong kami serta para pengikut kami…….astagfirullahhaladzim……. pengorbanan mereka tidak mampu dibayar dengan wang ringgit. Bagaimana pun kalian…..apa pun rupa kalian…….sebenarnya saya amat menyayangi kamu semua….saya tidak tahu jikalau kamu telah memahami tanda kecintaan yang telah saya tunjukkan dan tandai terhadap kamu semua. Tanpa kamu semua…..belum tentu saya mampu berdiri ditahap ini sekarang. Saya menyayangi kamu semua.

    Terimakasih Tuan wajaperak…..


  6. mustaqimbinabdulrahman Nov 28,2014 10:45 AM


    the last question is referring najib or government civil servant leader because its hard to manage dishonest staff….

    one thing u need to write and look on is how gov civil servant disobey political leader ie najib and even parliament…..they run PBT, ministry like its their country and they are the PM to the organisation..u can share with us ur leadership secret respect my friends and enemies since “they” dun want to listen to your advice…..i want and many of us want…please email me your leadership secret at

  7. wajaperak Nov 28,2014 9:44 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    suhainin sahibul.
    Keras benar komen anda.
    Kebencian tak pernah menyelesaikan apa-apa tetapi hanya memburukkan keadaan.
    Umat Islam memperkenalkan displin yang kita panggil ‘professionalisme’.
    Displin ini jelas kelihatan dalam profesi kedoktoran.
    Kurang sikit dalam kejururawatan.
    Amat kurang darjah dan standard di dalam profesi dan bidang yang lain.
    Jika kita menunjukkan kebencian dan kemarahan bermakna kemahiran dan skill kita di tahap itulah sahaja.
    Bukan mudah untuk mencapai tahap ‘Iblis Ghaib Membahagi Diri”.
    Hanya mereka yang mengamalkan ‘Hati Umpama Tanah’ dan ‘Hati Umpama Cermin’ sahaja yang mampu mengamalkannya.
    Hal ini janganlah di celarukan dengan kebencian dan ketegasan dalam membela agama.
    Apabila diri sendiri di sakiti semua mukminin mesti diam seperi yang tersebut di dalam Surah Lukman.
    “Hendaklah kamu bersabar di atas apa yang menimpa dirimu kerana hal ini adalah di wajibkan”.
    Dan Ayat Al Quran yang lain
    “Hendaklah kamu berhati cekal seperti mana para Rasul”.
    Tapi perintah ini boleh di abaikan oleh orang-orang muslimin yang darjatnya lebih rendah dari orang-orang mukmin.
    Namun demikian..
    Oleh kerana kita hidup di dalam dunia maka hukum fizik amat berperanan iaitu
    “For every motion,there is an equal of opposite motion”.
    But our motion is always weaker in the designated vector and quantum.
    Facing the current flow of such magnitude can never be won facing them opposite.
    Never was in human history documented such victory.
    History as shown and documented to us adviced by certain education formulated as ‘Sunnatullah’ demonstrated that the current of the flow can be lessen by talk and negotiation.Namely the best way to win feud is make peace.
    It is part and parcel of human to contend each other to betterment of lives.
    In the due process people step on each other foot.
    In the chaos to help oneself people even trampled on each other in an ensuing stampede.
    What you try to describe I believe is herd mentality.
    In the goodness of teaming up and flock in each other for safety and comfort,certain maladies might be associated to this communion and companion.
    Mass delusion.
    History have shown us the proper way of governance can come to order in peace.
    In order to achieve peace one must have the best skill of negotiator.
    If you are not good and skillful negotiator,employs one.
    Life and it intricacies need the convention one have to deal with the peculiarity of the temparament.
    The idiosyncracy.
    One must show integrity to resolves dispute.
    I offers you the magnitude of my benevolence not to be mistaken as weakness to the transgressor.
    Cool head must prevail.
    Justice started by offering of concession.
    Adressing the issue of contention and conflict.
    We clearly saw the ‘injustice’ in UMNO assembly when certain media was used,rather abused in propagating certain party no matter how big no matter the proclamation ‘ruling power’ to dictate terms.Meaning?
    If in this instance’s they cannot play fair how do you expect they have the ability to fulfill their moon and star promises?
    But we must show that we are not them.
    We are not rule and governs by their standard.
    To uplift their standard is harder than to lower our’s.
    So the concession of peace started by the education rathen than demonstration.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. sibotak Nov 28,2014 8:35 AM

    DAP Lee Kit Siang , Lee Guan Eng uses Development as an instrument to make good themselves to over shadow UMNO . To them Development is Success

    Success is an individual Right of one community or of one individual
    To me have some money ,good shelter , food & clothing ,have time with family , friends community, time for my religion , God
    Is a Success


    Most Chinese as a whole works as if there is no tomorrow even in Europe
    They see high rise buildings , good cars , good house ,good money
    is a Success
    Later after they want to buy the Moon , the Stars, the Sky
    They work for it as if there is no tomorrow

    The Malay are more contented of what they have
    They prefer nature house like the Kampungs, Simple lives , mostly second hand cars
    They want to see coconut trees, work as if there are a lots of tomorrow
    No worry Be Happy

    The Sad part of Material Success as we have seen much
    Instead of our Children divides our properties & assets
    It is our properties & assets that will divides our Children our Family

    SO UMNO must stand up for the Malays for what the Malay want
    Not for what DAP dreams to have for the Malay
    UMNO must not be Shy to tell the World
    Simplicity , having a good Nature Life
    Is What Malaysia wants

    It must not be seen as Lazy ,Stupid, Improvident
    Its what we Malaysia want that matters most
    Its not making up for what others wants us to be
    This is Democratic THE MALAYSIAN WAY

    Men has proven to destroy nature ,have destroyed the Ozone
    IF One cannot mends it One must not Breaks it




  9. sibotak Nov 27,2014 10:36 PM

    Malaysia Do not need to follow others ways to progress
    Malaysia has its own resources to self provider for our needs
    We Progress to what we want it to be NOT what others want it to be
    That does not mean we exclude ourselves from the World
    Its self standing not relying much on outside World
    Relying much of outside World is insecure as World is not at Peace
    Stay within ourself , stay on the line ,be Together

    Bringing down the Forest Consenting others to comes in
    To make Malaysia looks progress & development
    When everything is down Man will tends to miss & needs Nature
    If we cannot mend the destroyed Nature the Destroyed Ozone
    We must NOT Brakes it

    UMNO Malay Govt must stay Upright
    Despite our Difference that should not leads to Hatred , Revenge & Sabotaging
    UMNO must have Attack to progress
    And Defence Body to defend itself to be Weaken by Opposition
    Whom now use Racism as an instrument to get them even
    Those who says they are not racists
    Is actually being Racists
    Those who admit they are Humble
    Is actually not Humble
    Its common sense
    Malaysia Needs to encourage its own R & D in Military Advancement
    UMNO needs to school its Govt Servant to have a Good work attitude
    Good Commitment when working
    Staff must not be allowed to Laze around ,Joking when work
    Be more attentive ,more disciplines from top to toe

  10. Tuntuah Nov 27,2014 10:14 PM

    Who cares.. People care about money..
    Money is god. Deforestation? Even the greenpeace dont care? Are you sure they care? Donate a few miliions they will be quiet.

    the goverment have will? Yes. But the people in the goverment dont have that. For them, we need timber to print the money since the money not enough in the market. Where is the money go? A lot of money can be found in some of the drawers……umno, dap,pas or whatever party.. Sama ajelah… Why? Money is god.

    In malaysia, islam is just another budaya.. … Not agree? You know, and i know… Just dont lie to ourselves.

  11. shahrulnizam Nov 27,2014 8:45 PM

    due to limited land in klang valley, many reserve forests have been converted to commercial land – built as highway or housing estate, more profitable than farming or planting. people who are responsible to watch the forest, land title, administer the state or district know about deforestation, but they need to upgrade their income due to high living cost factor and to sustain the lavish lifestyle. Hence, deforestation is a must for growing the local economy and ecosystem. Future issue can be handled future generation – don’t care. Alternatives for forest wood are expensive and complicated – lets others take care of it. Wild life and rare plants are not in economy growing plan – leave it to zoo negara and frim.

    If more rain coming in and caused flood – we just blame at illegal immigrant…!!
    just make grumpy face in tv and newspaper..
    easy kan…?

  12. suhainin suhaibul Nov 27,2014 3:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun……..

    Maafkan saya…..kerana…..Sekali ini saya berbicara dengan hati yang amat panas membara…… KEBENCIAN kami (Majoriti Rakyat Sabah) terhadap tingkah pemerintahan dan corak bedah siasat permasalahan oleh Najib dan barisan pemimpin UMNO; menjadi lebih dalam daripada mana-mana lautan dan mana-mana jurang di atas muka bumi ini. Saya melihat perhimpunan UMNO kali ini sebagai suatu Perhimpunan “Syok Sendiri” sahaja. Mujurlah Muhiyiddin Yasin menghulurkan setitis madu.Moga-moga ianya tidak di adun bersama racun tikus. Saya berfikir – Apakah Najib ini terlalu amat DUNGUnya dan buta matanya serta telinganya dipenuhi tahi telinga ? Tanyakan kepada dia mengapa agaknya dia menjadi Perdana Menteri? Apakah hanya kerana dahulu bapanya seorang Bekas Perdana Menteri?

    Minta orang supaya “Mengenang Budi” tetapi “Budi Orang” terhadap dirinya tidak pernah diendahkan…..apa lagi mahu menghargainya. Rasa-rasanya lebih baik dia ni pergi mati sahaja. Kami tidak mahukan dia lagi sebagai Perdana Menteri. Dia telah kehilangan setiap titisan daripada sokongan kami. Najib ini hanya tahu mencipta MUSUH. Kami akan pastikan UMNO hancur lebur pada PRU14 nanti. Ini bukan hanya sekadar kata-kata!!! Mungkin Tun sayangkan “UMNO” tetapi bagi kami UMNO hanyalah Parti Perompak, perampas hak, Pembohong,pendusta,putar alam serta Pemutar belit. Kata lah apa sahaja….tetapi…..itulah persepsi kami terhadap UMNO.

    Assalamualaikum Tun……

    Tun berkata tentang “Deforestation”…….. ya Tun…… Ada satu bentuk Deforestation yang dicipta oleh Pemimpin UMNO bagi menggondolkan serta mengikis hak-hak kami sebagai Rakyat “Negara” Sabah serta Deforestation hasil mahsul Bumi “Negara” kami Sabah, lalu dilonggokkan ke “Negara Malaya” dengan memandang kepentingan kami hanya untuk sebelah mata atas pelebalan persepsi sorotan minda bahawa Sabah ini hanyalah “Negara” “Third Class” dalam Federasi Malaysia. Tidak malukah Malaya makan hasil rompakan Malaya terhadap hak Rakyat Negara Sabah. Sama sahaja konsepnya dengan “Makan Babi”. Apa bezanya Malaya dengan penjajah Inggeris North Borneo Charterd Company ?

    Bebalnya Najib ini – Diangkatnya “Sedition Act” dengan penambahan khusus penahanan dan pendakwaan kepada sesiapa yang kononnya “Menghasut” untuk membawa keluar “Negara Sabah” daripada Malaysia. Tidak pula dia bertanya “Wahai Rakyat Sabah, Apa Sebenarnya yang menyebabkan kamu mahu Meninggalkan Federasi Malaysia?”Datangilah saya dan kita bincangkan bersama….kenapa tidak bersikap begini? Lihat bagaimana Dungunya Perdana Menteri yang seorang ini. Lebih kalut daripada “Orang Gila”. Benar-benar seperti “Penjajah” yang Bongkak sombong lagaknya dia ini.

    Tun…… Mengapa Majoriti Rakyat Negara Sabah ingin meninggalkan Malaysia? Ini bukan perkara baru.Telah puluhan tahun ianya berkisar dalam minda Rakyat Negara Sabah tetapi hanya “kesabaran” yang menegahnya daripada meletus. Mengapa akhirnya termuntah Lavanya? …..kerana…..Kesabaran telah hilang dan Ketidak puasan hati terhadap layanan Malaya terhadap kepentingan pembangunan….etc…. yang setarap bagi semua “Negara” dan hak-hak Rakyat Sabah sudah sampai ke tahap tidak mampu dibendung lagi.

    “Pemimpin UMNO Malaya” ini tidak faham jikalau kami Rakyat Negara Sabah berkata dengan bahasa Basa-Basi bersulamkan budi bahasa yang lembut. Perlu diludahi terus mukanya baharu mungkin mahu mengerti. Itulah yang diistilahkan sebagai “Tidak Tahu berbahasa Inggeris” dalam “Bahasa Kiasan” kami itu Tun.

    Ingat….Rakyat Sabah sudah Melabel “UMNO” ini sebagai perompak serta pendusta yang cuba berbohong dengan menipu bersenjatakan pelbagai pemerbodohan dangkal, seolah-olah rakyat Sabah ini “Buta” dan benar-benar “Bodoh Bangang”. Sementara BN pula dilabel sebagai “Penjilat Pantat” UMNO- (Bukan Bahasa orang Johor ya….). Itulah Wajah sebenar UMNO dan BN di mata majoriti Rakyat Sabah.

    Tun….. Takut apa masuk Penjara kerana “Sedition Act” adunan Najib itu? Saya tidak gentar menjadi orang pertama dipenjarakan atas tambahan baru Akta itu yakni kononnya Menghasut untuk membawa keluar Sabah daripada Malaysia. Sebenarnyanya kami memang tidak berada dalam “Federasi Malaysia”…..hati kami sudah berada di luar “Federasi Malaysia” sejak sekian lama. Jikalau seorang daripada kami “Rebah” ; 10 orang akan bangkit menggantikan posisi yang rebah tadi. Bilamana Najib telah kehilangan Sokongan kami, dia dan UMNO hanyalah akan tinggal umpama “Hampas” yang hanya berguna sebagai “Baja Kompos” untuk Malaya.

    Tun…… Sebenarnya Rakyat Negara Sabah bangkit bukan kerana hasutan tetapi atas dasar kecewa teramat sangat dengan layanan Malaya yang kelihatan umpama menganaktirikan Sabah dalam hampir semua aspek. Rakyat bukannya buta,mereka hanya percaya dengan apa yang mereka lihat dan alami setiap hari; bukannya kata-kata “Gah”dan “Bangga Diri” daripada para pemimpin UMNO. Tun….Tidak ada sesiapa mampu membendung Kebangkitan Rakyat Sabah, Tun……hatta…..jikalau pun terpaksa menghunus “Sumpitan dan Damak”. Melainkan atas kehendak Allah.

    Assalamualaikum Tun….. Allah memberkati dan memelihara kesihatan tubuh dan mental Tun…… Aminnnnn………..

  13. Praxis Nov 27,2014 2:31 PM

    Point 10-

    If the last two administrations including current forsook their traditions and the much-applauded technological genius behind Vision 2020, what likelihood the future won’t?

    An uncultured ‘ubah’ script still reigns supreme.

    An affront to the upright mind. May 13 again?

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