1. The price of one barrel of crude fell from US$110-00 per barrel to US$70-00.

2. Is it true it will have no effect on us (Malaysia) or that it will be good for us?

3. When the Government budget for 2015 was launched, it was premised on the price of oil being US$110-00 per barrel.

4. Obviously the Government expected its oil revenue to contribute to the budget based on this high oil price. Is it possible that the effect of the low oil price on the Government’s budget will remain the same, or will improve now that oil has gone down to US$70-00?

5. Petronas contributes to the Government a substantial sum by way of dividends and petroleum tax. Will Petronas contribution remain the same when it earns less from sale of oil, LNG and gas?

6. The oil and gas businesses which have grown very big lately was based on high cost to be paid for by high profits from oil. The capacity for payments of contracts at the old rate must be affected.

7. The lower price of oil must affect the servicing and payment of debts by producer. They have to sell more in a weak market. Profits must go down if not disappear completely. Taxes for the Government will consequently go down.

8. Unless the Government cuts its spending, the deficit must become bigger. The claim that it will not increase the deficits need to be explained.

9. When the Government reduces expenditure, a lot of businesses will suffer. Profits will go down and with it the taxes. Government revenue must decrease because of reduction in Government expenditure.

10. The pump price of petrol would only go down if subsidies remain. But the capacity to subsidise would be lowered because of less earnings and contribution by Petronas. Without subsidy the pump price will remain the same for motorists and industries. It might even go up as the Ringgit has depreciated. So the people will not enjoy the benefit from lower crude prices?

11. We import much of our raw materials and components for our industries. Mostly they are priced in USD which is now costly. We will have to pay more Ringgit for our imports. This will negate the benefits from the depreciation of the Ringgit.

12. I think we should not dismiss lightly the effect of falling oil prices. Share prices in the USA have gone down by considerably. Can we sustain our share prices, especially those concerned with the oil and gas business. Remember we went into this business when costs were high. Our expectations is that returns would also be high.

13. When returns go down due to the lower oil price, will share prices remain the same? As usual, the first to run will be the foreign investors. The locals will be left to shoulder the problems.

14. We have not yet signed the TPPA. Have we worked out what would happen when there is a massive flight to quality of foreign capital.

15. Incidentally, there is a new call for higher minimum wage. Increase in minimum wage must be accompanied by increases in wages above minimum to retain parity. Costs of production will go up and prices will go up also. We will become less competitive in the market, domestic and foreign. Some businesses will fold up. Unemployment will increase.

16. I think we should think carefully before we comment on the oil price.

17 thoughts on “THE OIL PRICE

  1. Hajar Dec 25,2014 3:39 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Syukur Alhamdulillah! Walaupun harga minyak, getah dan sawit turun banyak, pelabur-pelabur ASB dan ASN masih lagi menikmati dividen/bonus yang tinggi.



    Tahniah PNB! Tahniah & terima kasih Kerajaan BN! Terima kasih kepada pemimpin-pemimpin terdahulu yang telah mewujudkan PNB/ ASB/ ASN/etc. Ini baru boleh dikategorikan sebagai pelaburan bijak di mana rakyat biasa masih dapat menikmati hasilnya setiap tahun walaupun dalam keadaan ekonomi yang tidak menentu…

    2. Kepada mangsa2 banjir bersabarlah menghadapi dugaan Allah SWT.

    3. Kepada pemimpin2, tinjau2 lah kawasan2 banjir, dan jangan asyik sibuk bercuti ke luar negara kerana anda semua telah diamanahkan untuk menjaga kebajikan rakyat jelata.

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Ilioni, I agree with you, December 24, 2014 at 3:47 AM.

    But, I still believe that each ADUN/MP is responsible for his/her kawasan’s problems, especially during this very difficult time. This is why I said Pakatan’s ADUNs and MPs are ‘untouchable’; they always put the blame on BN (always pointing fingers at others) even though in Selangor they have been in power since 2008. And, amazingly their supporters simply accept whatever they say. Frankly speaking, I just don’t understand why DS Wan Azizah was voted as the ADUN of Kajang. She is so incompetent; no contributions at all to the nation. Do I want her or Anwar to be the MB/PM? My answer is a big ‘NO’. I believe they will be ‘less efficient/effective @ lembab’ than the current BN leaders (who are also ‘lembab’, especially the Finance Minister).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  2. ilioni Dec 24,2014 3:47 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Hajar, the responsibility and effect of the ADUN’s action by far smaller (tiny) compared to a finance minister or a Prime Minister unless you disagree. What damage can one ADUN do by not doing a good job BUT it is totally different story for such important position. Let’s take away the political side of things and look at things objectively. Two wrong don’t make a right.

    Looks like it’s going to be a rough year ahead. There is quite an interesting comment from the Saudi Oil Minister today. The interesting thought is that the best way to address conditions in the oil market was to “let the most efficient producers produce”. The way it sounds is to kill off the competitors that can’t compete in this challenging changing world. It may sound brutal but in the real world, it is a survival of the fittest.

    Saudi oil minister says ready to raise output if new clients emerge

    Wonder how thing is going to turn out after the implementation of GST next year while everyone is bracing for another rocky ride. Is it still the RIGHT time to do it? I don’t have an economic degree and I am not an economic expert and I don’t intend to claim to be one.

    On the topic of financial, recently there was news on where our Bank Negara reserve stand and trying to boast how long we can withstand with this money. Is that really necessary?

    Bank Negara reserves at RM394b

    Being curious I started to do some more reading on financial topics and found some interesting topics which I wanted to share with Tun.

    Dealing with a banking crisis: what
    lessons can be learned from Japan’s

    Money creation in the modern

    Hope to read more of Tun’s thoughts and wish Tun a very good health!

  3. Hajar Dec 22,2014 10:59 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Allow me Tun:

    Thanks Ilioni, December 19, 2014 at 8:23 PM.

    Hopefully the pump oil price will be below RM2 on 1 Jan 2015.

    By the way, Pakatan’s ADUNs and MPs are also honeymooning overseas when the peoples are having very difficult time…but they are ‘untouchable’.

    For example, Kajang flooded again 2 days ago, but where was the ADUN at that time? I guess it’s none of her business (to look into this issue).

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  4. Murad Dec 21,2014 1:15 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    1.May Allah bless you always, Appreciate very much on your posting that really keep inform on currents issues without bias.

    2.Really hope our beloved current leaders take serious note on your posting!

    3.Oil prices really gone rock bottom, some commented because of the “Sheikhs ” fighting with the “Shale” producers in US.

    4. So I reckon the price of low price is artificial ( other than China economy slowing down, etc.) , what say you Tun?


  5. ilioni Dec 19,2014 8:23 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Well written comment Hajar.

    HajarDecember 19, 2014 at 12:25 PM | Permalink

    On 8th Dec, when the most qualified person commented about the oil price and Government spending, then the current captain just kept quiet and all his generals started to come out and give the typical ignorant and denial-syndrome.

    Couple of days later, here comes the response back..
    Govt won’t revise Budget 2015 amid oil price slump: Chua
    Economic fundamentals still strong, says Ahmad Maslan
    Malaysia can withstand the shock from the fluctuations of oil prices and ringgit

    Come on. Who are these to even comment on this issues? Remember the person who brought this topic up is the key person who lead out of the financial crisis in 2008 where alll these guys are still a nobody. And, one of them is the one who brought up a so-called Selangor Financial Fiasco back in 2012 and back then, he has just proven himself that he don’t even know count properly. And, yet…

    Chua digging a hole for himself

    Ok. Rewind the time back to end of November when the warning was made on the opposite side of the fence.

    With oil price down, Putrajaya must revise Budget 2015, says DAP

    These guys have been living and enjoying the accomplishments/fruits that Tun planted in the past. But nothing since Tun left the office except deterioration in many aspects. Keep in the past and continue living in danger today and a better tomorrow is just slipping further and further away.

    Let’s look at how things are progressing in other parts of the world. And, yet these financial policy maker are still continuing to live in denial.

    Putin seeks to ease fears over Russian economic crisis
    Ringgit slide won’t affect economy

    Who are we in comparison to the powerful Russian? And, yet look at what is happening to them now. Remember there is a lot of similar between us and the Russian. We are very heavily dependent in oil for the revenue and our currency are moving in the same direction. Someone better take charge and keep a close eye in this rather than going out for overseas holidays. Maybe inviting & including Tun to come in as a special adviser is not too bad idea even though this was a proposal from the opposite side of the fence who mentioned it in the past.

    You see how funny things are turning out to be.. It does look like there are some genuine good suggestions that came out from the opposite side whereas no one in this side of the fence have the courage to say a thing. And, the ones in charge are just too proud and ignorant with their ego high up in head. Who cares..

  6. Hajar Dec 19,2014 12:25 PM

    Salam YAB & Yg diKasihi Tun,

    1. Harga minyak sudah turun banyak secara mendadak, dan sekarang sudah di bawah USD60/barrel. Harga getah dan sawit juga turut merudum. Tapi harga barang2 keperluan lain tidak pula turun, bahkan semakin naik.

    2. Harga saham2 di Bursa Malaysia juga merudum. Sekarang banyak jualan murah, dan saya pun ada juga ’shopping’ saham.

    3. Kerajaan BN dan pemimpin2 kena sibuk ambil peduli tentang kesusahan rakyat dan bukannya sibuk ’merancang’ percutian ke luar negara. Ini juga membuat rakyat tambah meluat terutama jika percutian2 tersebut ke negara yang matawangnya ialah US dollar.

    4. Pada pandangan saya, pemimpin2 yang saban tahun ’bercuti panjang’ eloklah serahkan saja jawatan kepada pemimpin lain yang lebih komited dan prihatin. Lepas letak jawatan, bercuti lah sepuas-puasnya.

    5. Saya masih ingat lagi semasa Tun PM, Tun jarang sangat cuti dan sentiasa ’alert’ dengan segala perkembangan. Tapi bila Tun ambil cuti panjang kerana keadaan sudah sangat stabil, tiba2 pula berlaku krisis ekonomi 1997/1998 yang amat teruk disebabkan penyangak matawang dan juga pengkhianat negara yang masuk UMNO semata-mata ’gila’ hendak jadi PM.

    6. Saya ’gelihati’ bila tengok ada Timbalan Menteri (program TV) yang mengatakan pada zaman Tun M tiada cabaran besar (tiada masaalah besar). Sebenarnya, zaman sekarang lagi mudah & kurang mencabar sebab segala-gala kemudahan ada di hujung jari. Terpulang kepada pemimpin2 untuk bekerja dengan efektif kerana segala kemudahan ada depan mata – komunikasi pantas & teknologi semakin canggih dan maklumat senang dijana. Tapi, nampaknya mereka bukan semakin ’efektif/efisyen/produktif’, tapi semakin ’lembab’.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  7. Reman Dec 18,2014 1:29 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    Saya telah menempoh kehidupan berkeluarga dalam 3 PM bermula daripada Tun hingga DSN. Kita mengharapkan ada peningkatan dalam semua aspek sebagai warga asal tapi keadaan kini amat mengecewakan dalam semua bidang kenegaraan yang berdaulat. Dulu pada zaman Tun kita bangga sebagai orang Malaysia ke mana kita pergi tapi sekarang banyak yang memalu dan mengecewakan. Kebanyakan polisi dan gambaran banyak tertumpu pada kedudukan politik bukan pada realiti kehidupan rakyat marhaen.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang kritikal dengan kejatuhan nilai RM, saham, komoditi dan minyak……sudah tentu rakyat marhaen akan menempoh kehidupan yang mencabar…..yang akan meningkatkan masalah kekeluargaan dan sosial. Oleh itu, pelan kontingensi dan strategi yang berani perlu di ambil seperti yang pernah di lalui dahulu semasa krisis.
    Semoga Allah SWT memberi kekuatan dan kesabaran pada kita semua dalam menghadapi cabaran kehidupan mendatang. In syaa Allah

    Kami doakan agar Tun sekeluarga sihat sejahtera dan di lindungi Allah SWT.


  8. best4rakyat Dec 16,2014 3:44 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1.Dah lama tdak komen.Setakat ini harga pasaran minyak dah turun ke bawah USD60.Apa mengertinya pada ekonomi kita sekarang?Rakyat terpaksa pakai RON97 berbanding RON95 kerana harga tidak jauh beza dan sekarang pulak kiosk tidak menyimpan RON95 sebab kekurangan permintaan oleh pegguna kereta!

    2.Tun,apa dah jadi pada negara kita ringgit MYR semakin turun sampai tahap yang membeban rakyat.Lagi kita terpaksa gunakan wang banyak menukar ke USD supaya membeli dari negara lain.RON97 dibeli dan juga banyak bahan-bahan keperluan lain.

    3.Serlama ini dah beberapa tahun tidak kah negara boleh menjadikan lebih produktif tetapi disebaliknya gaji rakyat juga di taraf yang sangat rendah berbanding antara negara membangun.

    Apa boleh buat?Sekian sahaja masih harap Tun dapat memberikan sedikit nasihat terpenting kepada kerajaan sekarang.

    Semoga bertuah dan kirim salam untuk Toh Puan yang disayangi.

    Rakyat agak sedih dan keciwa di masa kini.

  9. Pedang Allah Dec 9,2014 6:15 PM

    Salam kpd TUN yg dikasihi;

    dah lama saya nak mengatakan hal mengenai mata wang kita Ringgit.

    Sebagai rujukan ada kena mengena dgn perenggan ini

    “11. We import much of our raw materials and components for our industries. Mostly they are priced in USD which is now costly. We will have to pay more Ringgit for our imports. This will negate the benefits from the depreciation of the Ringgit.”

    seperti kita maklum… kerajaan pimpinan DSN melaung-laungkan untuk kita mencapai status negara berpendapatan tinggi.

    persoalannya adalah apa sebenarnya dgn maksud berpendapatan tinggi ini? adakah tinggi dari segi sebutan jumlahnya (contohnya gaji RM7000…atau RM 10,000 dan sebagainya). Tapi apa juga sebutan jumlah itu “terdengar” bunyi pendapatan tinggi tapi nilainya adalah rendah.

    Saya tidak tahu adakah kerajaan pimpinan DSN memandang mengenai nilai MYR didalam pengiraanya untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara berpendapatan tinggi??!! atau DSN memang terlepas pandang mengenai ini.

    Apa guna kononnya kita berpendapatan tinggi tapi hakikatnya nilai mata wang kita MYR rendah.

    kerajaan pimpinan DSN wajib dan wajar mencari mekanisma bagaimana menjadikan Malaysia berpendapatan tinggi dan dalam masa yg sama nilai MYR juga tinggi dan baik.

    Nilai mata wang kita sepatutnya perlu setanding nilai matawang serantau dan mata wang utama dunia yang lain juga

    Apa guna sekiranya gaji/pendapatan kita “terdengar” tinggi bunyinya tapi hakikatnya nilainya rendah.

    Sebagai contoh:- Gaji excutive sales person biasa di Singapura bergaji SGD 2200. Nilai duit kita adalah MYR 5765.00 (nilai x 2.62 semasa).

    tanya diri kita sendiri…… apakah jenis jawatan dan kerja di Malaysia dgn pendapatan MYR5765.00????!!!

    Berbalik pula dgn seperti kata TUN dalam point no 11. Pembelian minyak dan kebanyakan barangan import kita berurusan dalam mata wang USD. Maka kita terpaksa membelanjakan MYR lebih untuk mendapatkan minyak atau sebagainya.

    Kerajaan pimpinan DSN selalu melaungkan dan tertera dalam akhbar mengatakan harga minyak dimalaysia lebih murah dari singapura. Harga minyak di singapura adalah lebih kurang SGD 2.34. Kalau nak dibandingkan penukaran mata wang memang lah lebih tinggi.

    tapi kenapa pulak kerajaan pimpinan DSN tidak pula membandingan jumlah gaji pendapatan malaysia berdanding di singapura??!!

    sebagai contoh:-

    Gaji seorang security guard
    Malaysia :- MYR 1200 beli minyak bayar MYR 2:26
    Singapura :- SGD 1200 beli minyak bayar SGD 2:34

    Sekiranya pengiraan dibuat nilai satu kepada satu jelas sekali tiada bezanya. macam mana nak dikatakan minyak kita lagi murah??!!

    Harga Milo tin besar pun di singapura lagi murah berbandingkan di Malaysia. Sedangkan kilang nestle di Malaysia dan dihantarkan ke Singapura.

    kalau kita membeli tiket kapal terbang atau apa sahaja berdasarkan harga nilai USD. agaknya buat perbandingan perkerja di malaysia dan singapura siapakah perlu mengeluarkan wang yang lebih mengikut mata wang masing masing??!! jawapannya pasti pekerja di Malaysia yg perlu keluar lebih.

    Jadi sewajinya dan sewajarnya kerajaan pimpinan DSN mencari jalan bagaimana menjadikan Malaysia berpendapatan tinggi dan dalam masa yg sama nilai MYR itu sendiri setanding dgn mata wang serantau dan mata wang utama dunia bukan semata-mata hanya sebutan pendapatan itu “terdengar” bunyinya tinggi tapi hakikatnya nilainya rendah.

    kalau jumlah gaji tetap sama juga tapi nilainya tinggi di pasar dunia pun bagus.

    bagi saya nilai yang sewajarnya sepatutnya yg sesuai SGD 1.00 = MYR 2.00 kebawah
    USD 1.00 = MYR 2.90 kebawah

    kerajaan DSN wajib mencari jalan untuk mengawal nilai mata wang kira dalam paras ini. dan secara langsung rakyat terjamin dgn gaji mereka perolehi sekarang dan secara langsung akan menjadikan Malaysia negara berpendapatan tinggi kerana nilainya.

    kenaikan gaji pasti ada setiap tahun…. wallahualam

  10. grkumar Dec 9,2014 4:18 PM

    The first thing we must now focus on is energy independence. Petronas was one of the better managed oil companies in the world for a while for a number of reasons. It had acquired significant production abroad and acreage with high probable reserves which will remain as a store of oil wealth in years to come.

    Dealing with the question of the government’s dependence on oil revenues for balancing its budget, that is a dangerous dependence if it is indeed true. Unless oil revenues have been set aside and invested wisely in the past the government cannot rely on current world oil prices to stabilize the economy or access excess revenues for budgetary purposes.

    What is important to focus on is the politics of oil and the use of money markets and oil by Europe and the US to meddle with other people’s economies. It is true and without any shadow of doubt that the recent and sudden decline in oil prices has been an artificial drop the result of market manipulation in order to weaken the Russian economy because of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and its support of Ukrainian separatists, mostly all ethnic Russians. The US have even admitted to its manipulation of the oil market.

    The belief that it will only hurt the Russians has been a short sighted and poorly planned attack which has begun to backfire on the Europeans, American oil companies and America’s own plans for developing its vast oil reserves. At the current price no one will be foolish enough to invest capital for such a small return in new fields and production. US oil giants like Exxon, Esso, Caltex, Carl Ican’s Mesa Petroleum and others like them have invested tens of billions in Russian oil and gas fields. They are not happy with US foreign policy in this regard.

    Oil will always have demand because it is not only used for producing petroleum but a variety of essential and vital industrial and consumer chemicals and by products.

    People who support the US often hit back with “conspiracy theory” as an insult when they read comments like this one saying that the market is independent and decides on market and economic factors.

    No one has yet come out to publicly criticize and criminalize the money markets which were rigged all this while. It was only when the banks began to tumble that it was discovered that LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offer Rate) and its Asian counterpart SIBOR by implication (Singapore Interbank Offer Rate) were rigged. They had nothing to do with economic principles of demand and supply but the whims and fancies of individual banks and bankers who arbitrarily set those rates on a daily basis fooling the rest of the world.
    Billions of dollars in fines and penalties have not changed anything. No they fix the oil markets because they believe it will hurt those who the US believes deserve to be hurt.

    There was a time in the 1980’s and 1990’s when Malaysia’s oil policies and Petronas were at the top of their tree. Today accountability is a problem. It is a hope that the government of today is not a government in the Marcos mold of ‘hands in the till’ rulers.
    If Malaysia is a one trick pony of dependence on high oil prices then a revamp of government is necessary and a clean sweep of top public servants, cabinet and officials is necessary.

    Government has an obligation to report transparently into how it treats its public assets and the national wealth. It appears that under the current government whether because of bad luck or otherwise the “cupboard” (Khazanah ……or Cupboard in Arabic) is rapidly becoming bare.

    If it is not MAS it is Petronas.

  11. Hajar Dec 9,2014 11:35 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    Yes Tun, we need to THINK, THINK, THINK again & again (read/research), before we attempt to make any comments on anything so that we do not look stupid (bangang?), and the ‘rakyat’ don’t laugh (make fun) at our answers/comments.

    Of course the drop in oil price affects our everyday life & economy.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  12. azlan95 Dec 9,2014 3:53 AM

    Wild swings in oil price is bad for world’s economy. Wild swings in any nation’s currency is bad for that nation’s economy.

    What’s needed is the stabiity of both oil price and the Ringgit exchange rate.


  13. amin tan Dec 9,2014 2:41 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Your economic analysis is correct assuming if the price of oil stay low or even lower than USD$70 per barrel. However, I guess the fall in oil price is artificial and temporary, manipulated by some vested interest parties and it may not stay low for too long. Let us not predict doom or be a sooth sayer of doom or doom mongering. In fact, the low oil price has the dampening effect to cool or dampen the rising prices of inflation due to too much economic activities lately. It is like a rainfall in the hot sunny afternoon.
    Another good point in the falling oil price for us is that we may have done forward trading in oil. In that case it does not matter whether the price of oil can vary, we are assured at the contracted price.
    The fall in share prices is mainly psychological as a result of fall in prices at the Wall Street. Singapore has also been brainwashing and undermining our ringgit, predicting falling in its exchange rate. In addition, our disloyal Opposition has been bad mouthing our country, belittling its government all cumulate into negative effects.
    With Tun as the goal keeper of our country, I am sure our country would be safe, and no great harm would befall us.

    amin tan

  14. shahrulnizam Dec 8,2014 9:39 PM

    so true..
    but last time when crude oil price went up, everybody sprints to increased their price.. transportation cost, raw material cost, housing cost, etc2..
    but when crude price went down, everybody sprints to keep silents in reducing their price..

    when ringgit goes up against us, usually our import are lesser but we are benefited in our export especially the raw materials and other products..

    should government budget be affected? probably yes. but they will have the GST and petrol subsidies have been removed. GST also can go from 2% to 40% range. so government still can survive even though BR1M from petronas are reduced. we talk about government budget and spending but we never heard of government cost management effectiveness – less “ketirisan”

    if we can hire german ceo for mas, we also should consider other german for glcs coes, ministers, generals, higher officers, or even prime minister – sighs..

  15. adzimosi Dec 8,2014 4:24 PM







  16. Fariq Islam Dec 8,2014 4:04 PM

    Salam, Tun,

    Persepsi umum ialah apabila harga minyak naik mendadak, kerajaan menanggung subsidi yang berat, dan harapan Rakyat pada mula-mulanya ialah apabila harga jatuh, beban kerajaan diringankan.

    Pada hakikatnya, subsidi bukannya apa yang difikirkan Rakyat. Ia adalah peruntukan – sebahagian dari pendapatan negara. Apa yang dipaparkan mengelirukan!

    Pada peringkat ini, kerajaan harus mempertimbangkan perlunya pemberian sedekah BRIM. Demi menguruskan kewangan secara baik, kita kenalah mengajar warga ini “memancing” atau mencari duit, bukannya sekadar “memberi ikan”.

    Walaupun ramai daripada kaum kita menikmati sedekah ini, ia adalah memalukan, terutamanya buat golongan elit atau berpendidikan. Apakah Malaysia boleh mencapai taraf negara maju dalam tahun 2020, sedangkan dalam tahun 2015, ramai yang memerlukan sedekah ini, yang secara tidak langsungnya menunjukkan kepapaan?

    Yang ikhlas,
    Fariq Islam

  17. fatahismi Dec 8,2014 12:53 PM

    AS Salam Tun Mahathir,

    Thank you for the good and bad information. The Rakyat marhaen need this kind of information which the current Government nowadays has forgotten to explain.

    Look that somehow the oil price would troublesome the Nation. None of the Government nor Opposition have commented on the decreased in oil prices. We may strategized the income from the oil sales from now on and spend once the prices raised.

    Couldn’t say more. At the moment I just want to enjoy on the lower oil price.

    Wassalam. Wish you in health and wealth.

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