1. Spain has decided to recognise Palestine. And now France and Ireland have also done likewise. There is even a suggestion that the European Union would do the same.

2. It is all long overdue. If the Europeans care to think, it is they who started the terrorism in the Middle East. If they care to admit, all these violence, killings, wars etc started when the Europeans created the state of Israel by seizing Arab Palestine. Before that terrorism did not plague the Middle East and the rest of the world. Now there are irregular terrorists and state terrorists.

3. To the Europeans Israel can do no wrong. They can massacre the Arabs. That is acceptable. For three Israelis killed a thousand Arabs must pay with their lives. A hundred thousand will have their houses destroyed. And humanitarian aid cannot be given to the victims. The Europeans by saying or doing nothing virtually agreed that the punishment is right.

4. There was a Palestinian state before Israel was created and recognised. Then Israel decreed there is no such thing as a Palestinian state. The Europeans agreed. They acknowledged there is no Palestinian State, only a Palestinian Authority. And the United Nations, the creation of the Europeans derecognised Palestine as a state. And the state just vanished. And the frustrated Arabs resorted to the primitive weapons they had. They tie themselves with bombs. But mostly they kill other Arabs.

5. In “retaliation” the Israelis killed them with bombs and rockets dropped from the skies. The Israeli strategy is to out terrorise the terrorists. States are allowed to terrify people. Their terrifying acts do not constitute terrorism. It is to restore law and order. The Israelis are only retaliating.

6. But who is retaliating against whom. The Arabs kill three. The state of Israel and its democratically elected Government announced that it would teach the Arabs a lesson. They killed thousands, destroyed cities. This is Israeli retaliation. But the Arabs killed three people because their own stone-throwing children have been arrested and some shot and killed for throwing stones against bullet-proof tanks. Unable to do anything more they retaliate by killing three Israelis.

7. And so violence escalated as anger and frustration mount among the Arabs caused now by more Israeli settlements in Jerusalem. And the Europeans declare that the Arab/Jew war is a religious war. It is a religious war because Jerusalem Arabs killed four Jews praying in a Synagogue. Israeli forces have killed the Arabs involved, destroyed their houses and those of their extended families. And more destruction is promised.

8. When a Jew fired a machine gun killing dozens of Arabs praying in a mosque, that was not an act to provoke a religious war. When Jews build illegal settlement on Arab land and in Jerusalem that is not provocation. The Jews will claim and their Europeans allies on both sides of the Atlantic will agree it is just retaliation. It is double standards of the most blatant kind.

9. Truly Europeans are in a state of denial. They refused to acknowledge that they started the “terrorism” in the Middle East which is now spreading throughout the world.

10. Their refusal to admit that it is their need to solve the Jewish problem in Europe is what prompted them to agree to the setting up of Israel on Palestinian land. They refuse to admit that their unmitigated backing for Israeli crimes is what forced the beleaguered Palestinian Arabs to resort to unconventional means to regain the land stolen from them.

11. They refuse to admit that their refusal to recognise the state of Palestine at the behest of the Israelis is what aggravated the frustration, the anger and the escalating violence.

12. The decision to recognise Palestine comes late. It is brave of Spain. And now France and Ireland. Can Europe recognise and admit its role in destabilising the Middle East, in promoting terrorism by unashamedly supporting everything that Israel does, including international crimes? Can the European link their de-recognition of Palestine with the violent reactions of the Arabs?

13. I hope the Europeans will read this. They normally don’t. They only read about themselves as seen by themselves.

14. Tell me. Are all the things that I say here fabricated lies? Is there not an iota of truth? You condemn censorship. But aren’t you censoring all the news that come to you from non-European sources? Aren’t you lying to yourselves about yourselves?

15. You are powerful. You are influential. But you prefer to delude yourselves into thinking you are right; you are innocent. And because you delude yourself you continue to bring death and destruction all over the world.

16. So don’t read what others say. Read only what you write about yourself and about the rest of the world. Your ignorance will result in your continuing to endanger the world with the unfairness and injustice of your policies and actions.


  1. sibotak Dec 24,2014 7:14 PM

    Never will Change If the Ummah did not make a change


  2. sibotak Dec 22,2014 2:42 PM

    Sorry I sway from this Topic
    I just want Guan Eng to read this

    His recent remarks Penang can use Allah
    He is behaving becoming or perhaps replacing the God of Buddhists
    The God of Mercy Quan Yin
    The God of No Mercy Quan Yew
    Perhaps He is preparing to Replace The God of No Mercy

    Its important One never use another Religion to Earn Political Millage
    We have to respect & acknowledge each Existence
    But unfortunately Guan Eng who has been behaving like an Angel
    Has Shown his True Identity likewise Anwar
    The Truth will always be Revealed
    I hate to do this But Its my duty to protect my Religion
    Guan Eng has taught me so So now I did

  3. YRohayudin Dec 21,2014 1:09 AM

    Tun, I am your Look East Policy “product” in 1986 and would like to send you an email…kindly advise the best way to contact you. My email is I really appreciate your response…

  4. immoralequivalence Dec 20,2014 8:48 PM

    Jordan being a sovereign nation with defined Borders cannot make claims on Israeli territories eg Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem.
    The ‘ palestinians ‘ can but will b like Jordan if recognition leads to a defined border with all the responsibilities of rightful behaviour of a UN member. And up in smoke goes the mantra ‘ destruction of the Jewish state’.
    I just don’t understand y we can’t get wisdom from our just 1.5 hr high speed train ‘ little israel’ ‘ Ben Gurion’?

  5. sibotak Dec 20,2014 8:35 PM

    Selagi Dunai Islam Umat Islam TIDAK BERSATU
    Selagi umat Islam Melayu & Mualaf Malaysia TIDAK BERSATU
    Selagi Dunia Arab TIDAK BERSATU




  6. sibotak Dec 20,2014 4:45 PM

    Sememangnya DAP & ada sekutunya di MCA juga
    Dan mempergunakan PAS juga PKR
    Juga mereka di dukungi Hasutan luar merupai hasutan juga merupai bantuanKewangan
    Sebenarnya DAP tidak mampu berbuat sendirian

    Jadi apa UMNO mesti lakukan ?
    Mememantau mengambil tindakan golongan MCA yang saya yakin Gunting dalam Lipatan ?
    Jika UMNO tidak bertindak UMNO akan diRosakan
    Jika satu kumpul Tomato tidak buang yg rosak ,maka yg lain akan turut rosak
    Lebih senang lawan musuh di depan dari musuh di dalam rumah
    Bagaimana Membanteras Hasutan & Anasir Luar ?
    Bergabung dengan PAS dan Mengistiharkan ini PARTI MELAYU


  7. sibotak Dec 20,2014 1:34 PM

    Say terharu & berterima kaseh Perjuangan Tun yg amat
    untuk anak Bumi & Dunia Islam keseluruhannya
    Saya Berdoa anak Tun , Mukhlis juga akan berjaya juga sebagaimana Ayahnya

    Apa jua yg kita bersama memperjuangan untuk anak Bumi & Dunia Islam
    Kelihatan Dunia Islam & Anak Bumi
    Image nya adalah paras yg Terendah & Terhina

    Maka apa pun jua ini adalah suratan yg kita perolihi sendiri
    Tidak berubah nasib sesuatu kaum jika mereka tidak merubahkanya sendiri
    Ini sudah di tertentukan namun manusia mesti tetap mesti berusaha

    Kunci segalanya akan nasib anak Bumi nasib Dunia Islam
    Berkunci pada BERSATU
    BERSATU sesama Islam tidak kira Sunni , Shiah ,Madzhab apa pun jua
    BerKalliamah Allah yg Esa & Nabi Muhammad S.A.W Rasulnya
    Bersatu Melayu , Jawa kek , Boyan kek ,Melayu kek
    Ini Malaysia hak kita Bersama
    Walau banyak kesalahan ,kemunduran yg berlaku
    Kita mesti Bersatu demi Ummah demi Kejayaan

  8. wkulit Dec 20,2014 1:24 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Maafkan saya mengunakan ruangan Tun untuk menyatakan suara hati saya. Org Malaysia hanya mengia & mendiamkan satu benda yg mana saya tidak mampu melakukannya kerana saya tahu dimana kebenarannya. Walaupun kebanyakannya manusia marah tetapi tidak faham & tahu apa yang dimarahkan. Jesteru itulah, akhirnya saya terpaksa nyatakan. Setidak-tidaknya saya jujur atas apa yang ada dlm diri saya.

    Perkara pertama ialah berkenaan dgn pengambil alihan MAS yang akan diterajui oleh org luar walaupun untuk ketika & masa tertentu yg ditetapkan untuk membangun. Kerana bagi saya, MAS adalah & diuruskan oleh Khazanah Malaysia. Dimana, saya sebagai org melayu dan Malaysia yg beranggapan ianya sebagai amanah & amanat yg perlu dijaga seperti harta pusaka bagi org Malaysia. MAS ialah kebanggaan yg kita ada seperti PROTON.

    Jadi, apabila melibatkan amanah, khazanah @ harta pusaka, bila MAS memberitahu ia akan mengambil orang luar, ia merupakan satu PENGHINAAN. Ibarat kita diamanahkan utk menjaga anak dan isteri sendiri tetapi kita melantik orang luar yg kita nampak satu keluarga bahagia utk menjaga anak & isteri kita. Memanglah, satu perniagaan & tidak melibatkan amanah, ianya boleh diambi seperti mengambil risiko. Tidak perlulah saya mempertikaikan tentang org diluar sehebat manapun. Bagi saya itu sudah memadai untuk menyatakan ketidak relaan. Saya tidak bersetuju dgn mengambil org luar dan saya perlu menyuarakan kerana saya tidak mahu saya diibaratkan seperi seekor kera yang melompat-lompat walaupun buah belum dipetik.

    Salah satu penyelesaian kepada masalah ini… Andai kata kamu ingin keseberang tetapi tidak mampu / boleh terbang, jgn kata kamu tidak mampu / boleh untuk berenang. Kenapa tidak mengubah dari segi fokus / main bisness MAS kepada pelabuhan atau jalan Laut? Yg mana diketahui & diakui kekuatan Malaysia ialah daripada struktur muka bumi iaitu pelabuhan. Didlm sejarah pun, kita dikenali sebagai tanah melayu yang menjadi tempat pelabuhan yang terkenal. Sehingga ke abad ini, tiada barangan yg besar & berat dihantar melalui jalan udara. Semuanya mengunakan jalan air…

    Mengapa kita tidak menggunakan atau membuat sesuatu dgn kekuatan yg kita ada? Setidaknya kita boleh menjadi /mempunyai trading power & tidak bergantung/ mengharapkan kepada harga minyak & USD. Dan mereka juga memerlukan jln laut untuk berurusniaga. Secara tidak langsung, ia akan meningkatkan mata wang malaysia. Serta, disebalik cadangan ini, perlu diingatkan, ia juga merangkumi penstrukturan ketenteraan yg boleh dikaitkan dgn isu-isu semasa. Contohnya peperangan.

    Perlu diingatkan didlm isu peperangan pun, apa sahaja, jln laut adalah menentukan kemenangan kepada sesuatu peperangan. Ingat lagi Hiroshima di bom? Dimana kapal itu berlepas? Mengapa kita tidak ada pendirian & kepercayaan terhadap Malaysia itu sendiri? Tetapi lebih mengikut kepada trend & populariti. Andai kata seorg penjual nasi lemak boleh pakai kereta Ferari, semua hendak berniaga nasi lemak. Tetapi persoalannya…Mampukah? Sedangkan kita perlu ukur baju dibadan kita sendiri…

    Mengenai perlaksanaan / cadangan kemajuan pelabuhan terpulanglah kepada org yg bijak pandai yg berada diatas untuk difikirkan. Dan jikalau mereka tidak mampu berfikir, lebih baik mereka turun tengok tanah diladang. Mana yg patut diusahakan drpd mereka duduk diatas hanya bertemankan hawa dingin.

    Jgn satu benda itu terjadi diluar kehendak kamu, kamu hanya menyatakan kemarahan & menekankan hujah yg sedia ada. Bukan penekanan tetapi penjelasan & pengupasan yg patut kamu tahu tahu. Tiada manusia didlm dunia ini marah atas sebab lain melainkan tiada ketidakfahaman. Itu sahaja.

    Jika kamu mempunyai penjelasan yang lain, sila tampilkan kerana saya juga masih belajar & kita sama-sama belajar. Tapi kalau pembelajaran kamu / apa yg kamu hendak / kamu pandang pada siapa org itu / apa pangkat dia, maka bersedialah kamu kerana keadaan & masa akan menyoal kamu.

  9. amin tan Dec 20,2014 12:41 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Lately DAP and MCA have been vocal in bad mouthing islam and provoking the muslims, whether purposely or may be unconsciously. Among other things they totally reject Hudud, they say islamic law is not fair, women cannot be credible witnesses in islam and so on. They are over doing it. These complaints and criticisms against islam by non muslims are uncalled for, unnecessary, negative, provocative and definitely not pleasing to the muslims’ ears. In their speeches, they reject islamic laws not only verbally, but with their eyes, their mouths, their hands and their whole body language convey an absolute refusal and rejection, may be abhorrence of islam. The non muslims have also largely been emboldened by the negative development brought about by the challenges of sisters in islam, the 25 so-called eminent muslims against the traditional and conventional ulamas and their fatwa.
    On the other hand, the muslims have been bitterly divided fighting over non muslim votes in their quest and greed to seize power at Putrajaya. As their bargaining chips the malay muslims resort to using religion, bumiputra special privileges and other promises including usage of ‘Allah’ in the malay language Bible fiercely defended by the the chief ulama of PAS, a conspirator in the Opposition PR(Pakatan Rakyat), to bribe the non muslims for votes. To the malays in the opposition, islam can be compromised and can be used to bribe the non muslims for votes and support. They call themselves Liberal Muslims. The Opposition collusion are embarked on dismantling the islamic tradition in the country. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  10. mindabudaya Dec 20,2014 11:24 AM

    the end of globalisation. this is the beginning to an end of a civilization

    we are heading towards a brink of an end. the end of globalisation. the end of civilizations as we know it.

    the world is at our fingertips now.
    we can see how empires which used to roams the streets under it’s colonizations boots are breaking up. breaking up into smaller states. also breaking up in terms of economy and it’s unjust scales. breaking up in terms of law and orwellianism. breaking up in terms of faith towards the belief system. justice will be thrown out in search of material. health and fair wealth distributions too.

    these are alll signs of civilizations in decline. big nation states now are tightening up their border control. these states would always be the 1st ones to move inwards, not opting out for external factors coming in, especially immigrations, cultural and religionistics elements.

    within the big state itself, increased number of anarchistics elements, which will too ramp up the division amongst the state. this will lead to seclusion, anti sentiment rhetorics and defensive hegemony, and all of this will only bring about insecurities and fear. the trust system will break. lies and rumours will take the helm on how to steer an empire. this will spell disaster and separate the people further. we got the Spanish Inquisition as point of reference in our history for this.

    when insecurities arise, the only palapable strategy is to remain low key or vice versa. this will result in predatorial actions and the victims will always be the ones who had nothing to begin with from the start. this was never their fault. no one is to be blame. this is how civilizations crumble. the strong will reign over the low keys. for this, now we see how Big Brother is watching your every move. the boots shall thump.

    the final straw for an end times civilizations, like times before now, hostility towards uncleared paranoia and confusion will be on the rise and human beings will turn to faith and god for guidance. and certainly amongst the faith seekers shall be the transgressors and opportunists, grabbing every inch, ink and bullet for profit. the culture of fear and for anyone that goes against our word, we will sanction their arse back into the stone age.

    ideology, and believe in god shall be the only underlying factors for this crumbling civilizations and the only reason for the hostile players to be on the same parallel lines, though parallel, these are not enjoined beliefs. sadly, these school of thoughts never end nostalgically without tragedy. we had seen heaps and rolls of films dated back since the Great War. there is nothing new in this world anymore, every damage and destructions had been done, why aren’t we going the other directions?

    we should be glad that we live in a time where tides are changing, allies shall befriend and new friendship shall be set in stone. in due time. we are indeed the khairah ummah. the modern man that our prophet Muhammad [pbuh] are trying to tell us to be all these while. the only thing that is going to ensure our survival is to be strategically patience. it is all unfolding in front of our devices screen and we shall be ready for it.


  11. anti-jibaok Dec 20,2014 12:18 AM

    In response to.., ‘immoralequivalence’.., (as commented on December 18, 2014 at 10:51pm)..,

    Kindly do not spin and mince words. The Kingdom of Jordan are NOT the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, as you have uttered. Perhaps only those descendants of the ‘Ahlul Bayt’ may lay claim for such an honour. However at best, the Kingdom of Jordan can only claim to be the descendants from the CLAN of the prophet (i.e. Banu Hashim), which they had acknowledged themselves as being the ‘Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’. So, please do not attempt to spin the facts here. OK..!?

    Before we go into deeper argument, let us understand that the British and some of the Europeans powers had all along very resentful and vindictive agenda towards Islam and the Muslims world since the year 1187 AD., i.e. when Jerusalem (Baitul Muqaddis) was recaptured from the European Crusaders, by Salehuddin Al-Ayubi (Saladin).., and where the Holy Land had remained in Muslim hands up and until the so-called ‘Sick Man of Europe’ (The Ottoman Empire) was infiltrated (in the 19th Century) from within by the Jewish & Zionist elements, as well as being attacked externally from by the European powers (with their Muslim ‘allies’) culminating in the collapse of Ottoman Empire’s in the 1920’s.

    There is convincing evidence that the British also had their own agenda to destabilise and infiltrate the Muslim world (particularly the Ottoman Empire) from within. This was planned and implemented to create a new sect within Islam known as ‘Wahabbism’, to perpetrate further schism within the Muslim world. Here are the evidence, as per these URLs & video, below:-
    (Did The British create Wahhabism..?)
    (Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam)
    (Wahhabism – The Cancer within Islam created by British Spy – Hempher)
    (Wahhabis/Salafis – Sheikh Imran Hossein)

    Such form of Islamic theocracy (i.e. Wahhabism) was moulded by the British elements into Arab politics & nationalism by further inciting and supporting (with armaments) certain Arab leaders and tribesmen to wage conflict against the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate. This attempt was effectively accomplished through a British agent (T.H. Lawrence) who had firmly infiltrated and had worked very closely with those Arab rebels and insurgents in fighting against the Ottomans.., who was more famously known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Here is a video documentary of Lawrence of Arabia, as below:-
    (Lawrence of Arabia – The Battle for The Arab World – Part 1 of 2)
    (Lawrence of Arabia – The Battle for The Arab World – Part 2 of 2)

    Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after the 1st World War, as well as the from the outcome of the above-mentioned Arab-Ottoman conflicts, the Muslim lands in the Middle-East was ultimately carved out by the British (and the French) at their whim and fancy, culminating into other smaller nation states known such as Iraq, Syria, Trans-Jordan, as well as the creation of the only nation in the world that was founded with a ‘family name’ to it.., i.e. ‘Saudi Arabia’…!!

    However, after the 2nd World War, the influence of USA over Saudi Arabia had become even more prominent and noticeable to this very day, which can be elaborated via these video URLs, as below:-
    (‘Saudi America’ – Servant & Master 1/4)
    (‘Saudi America’ – Servant & Master 2/4)
    (‘Saudi America’ – Servant & Master 3/4)
    (‘Saudi America’ – Servant & Master 4/4)

    In short, those Zionist monsters and their Western lackeys were hell-bent who want to see the demise of any form Islamic prowess and authority in the Middle-East. And therefore, the creation of that lunatic nation-state of Zionist-Israel was their ‘Trump-card’ by functioning to destabilize the Arabs an the Muslims in the Middle-East. Those monsters will do just about anything to keep the Arabs and Muslims from being united.., who continue to loggerhead them against each other.

    In the words of Dr. Mahathir – “… the Jews rule this world by proxy.., they get others to fight and die for them…”

    While in the past that was their modus-operandi by getting the Muslims (the Arab Wahhabis) and other Arab tribesmen to fight against the Ottoman Muslim Empire. And today, they finance, train and arm terrorists such as Al-Qaeda, the Free-Syrian Army, the Islamic State (ISIS) and other Muslim militant groups, to murder and butcher other Muslims in the Middle-East.., i.e. to fight and die for them.

    Ironically, why do those Arabs and the Muslims fail to see the dreadful harm which is so obvious that they have gotten themselves into..? Why are the Arabs and the Muslims have been so easily ‘suckered-in’ by those Zionist monsters and its lackeys to do their bidding..?

    Other question also arise.., why can’t the Arabs and Muslims unite for the Palestinian cause for instance..? Well.., it’s obvious because the destabilising factor of that lunatic state of Zionist-Israel.., as well as some of those Arab states who are in cohorts with those Zionist monsters does not allow for such unity. And.., apparently these days such a scenario is not getting any better. But hopefully, we can dwell deeper on such an issue later on.

    Cheerio for now.

    P.S.> By the way.., let’s hope that you are not some sort of Zionist troll clicking away at your keypads from that.., ‘Little Israel’. What say you.., huh..?

  12. Hajar Dec 19,2014 4:27 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    ”1. Spain has decided to recognise Palestine. And now France and Ireland have also done likewise. There is even a suggestion that the European Union would do the same.”

    Related news:

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  13. Abu Alya Dec 19,2014 12:02 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I have reasons to believe that your brilliant simplicity and clear thinking methods are not always matched by your blog readers in terms of real understanding of the contents’ body and spirit. I think one needs to have a good command of the English language, like Tetuan Wajaperak, Mubarakchan, Grkumar and few others, to be able to extract the juicy part of your writings. Otherwise, a reasonably good set of ‘Sarcasm Detector’ would do the trick sufficiently enough to get it dripping. Personally, I’m going to English classes to improve my kefahaman of your “school of thought”.

    A lot of good stuff get wasted, especially when new bloggers with ‘abnormal’ nicknames appeared suddenly with extraordinary claims and pseudo-religious statements – and of course ‘hiving’ from her hiding to proof her points collected from Islamophobic sources as if they were gems handed down from her master’s hand for distribution and propagation like they so did Evangelistically in Singapore, Selangor and Penang.

    Tuan Wajaperak is absolutely right in his astute observations and clarifications – there can be only man Prophets. The reason why, there can only be man PM, man Imam, man Khatib, Tok Siak and man Bilal. Unless of course, all the good men are already dead or malefully dysfunctional. In which case, we will have a wife PM.

  14. wajaperak Dec 19,2014 9:24 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Che Det is not very smart and he is tormented by his own prejudices]
    Deer Mister..Oops..This is example of I a man who is not very smart.
    Did not write proper English.Did not know how to spell correctly.Atrocius Englais..So on and so forth.
    But there is something that you have basically forgotten.It is something that called truth by default.When you accuse other’s as not very smart,by the same breath you are claiming that YOU ARE VERY SMART.
    Tun blog is for them who contributes.We are most thankful for their contribution.
    It saddened me deeply that you still hold one type of practiced thought and opinion.
    When you mentioned a subject,the aspect of it’s height is profound but the vertical aspect that is the depth of the issue is wanting.It is similar when you broach any subject, you always left the other equation wanting.
    I am referring to Imam Ghazali statement of status of muslimin marriage as an analogy.
    Imam Ghazali is most fair.He never said being single is good.Never endorse one.
    He simply said the good of being single where even some muslimin sage and saint ( wali ) is single.
    He pointed out the best aspect of married life but never condemns the one who are single.
    Similarly Tun did not do so.
    When Tun mention about education,Tun did not mentioned Islamic education.
    Islamic education is the werewithal aspect that made Tanah Melayu gained her Independece.You can see it through Einstein theorem of relativity.
    By the same virtue,Tun did not emphasize the very essence of the Palestinian issue.
    The current predicament can be only solve’s through peace.
    Peace is what make’s the world goes round.Palestinian issue will resolves in a century.We have passed the 60 year’s mark and have to wait for another 4 decade at the most.
    Allah did not asked us if we can achieved what are we desired for in this aspect that is peace.
    Allah asked us to be accounted what we have done to achieve and contributing in peace process.
    Again Tun did not mentioned this.
    Allowed me to offer’s some prespective from the military point of view.
    Palestinian were ‘butchered’ most of the time in skirmish with Israeli’s.
    What to be expected?The rule of First Principal must apllies.
    Most wonderfully the Palestinian fighter’s have witnessed the Second Principal.
    But the Palestinian fighter’s did learn.
    The evolvement of refine fighting technique is well adapated and shine’s through in recent battle between Palestinian fighter’s and Israelis forces.
    And yet you see Israeli’s fighter bomber have free access in bombing the Palestinian to smithereens.
    Mark my word that in the near future of the new battle,the Palestinian will be able to shoot down Israelis fighter bomber down like the flies that they are.
    It saddened me that your blog have been used as ‘testing ground’ of certain ism.
    The most is of course the deviant of true Islamic practice.
    I would like to clarify from a certain blogger why he insinuates that there is a female Prophet?
    There never was and there will never be.
    Thank you for giving us this platform but being a minion I would like to remind ALL THOSE BIG SHOT FELLAS,please..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. Aktivis Islam Dec 19,2014 8:56 AM

    To Immoral guy, I’m not going down to your level but here are some excerpts from Al-Quran Karim for you to learn.

    Surah Al-Baqarah

    Verse 9: They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.

    Verse 10: In their hearts is disease, so Allah has increased their disease; and for them is a painful punishment because they [habitually] used to lie.

    Verse 11-12: And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers”. Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive [it] not.

    Verse 14: And when they meet those who believe, they say, “We believe”; but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, “Indeed, we are with you; we were only mockers.”

    and finally Verse 18: Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path].

    So there you go, i’m too lazy to read your ignorant comments anymore. May god have mercy on your kind.

  16. immoralequivalence Dec 18,2014 10:51 PM

    The best antidote is it was the british with Zionist support that honoured the descendants of Prophet Muhammad by partitioning greater Palestine into the kingdom of Jordan. Those descendants were earlier usurpefrom Arabia, one removed from his Iraqi throne, wandering without a land to reign. When Israel took control of east Jerusalem king Hussein ‘ ceded’ without a fight but remained custodian of Muslim n Christian sites till today. Jordan is 80% Palestinian n they tried to overthrow Muhammad’s descendent king Hussein in 1970! Till today the Jordanian ‘ palestinians’ are treated like second class citizen by the Abdullah’s Bedouin tribe. And their claim for a state is lukewarmly supported by Prophet Muhammad’s direct descendent King Abdullah. Enuf of history. Main topic is what benefit does recognition bring to the ‘ palestinians’. It officially transfer the tons of monetary aid( some went into Suha Arafat Swiss acct)unending headache n guilt conscience from the
    EU to the UN which will hive these to the oh I see who then shove it to the
    Non aligned Movement who then dumped it to the Arab league who then kicked it onto Israel n nothing gets done. With 4 competing rivals, Hamas, PA, Jordanian influence, Egyptian disdain ( Arafat was an egyptian), the Europeans are again being duplicitous n we are forever suckered.

  17. mubarakchan Dec 18,2014 8:33 PM


    Of course, the State of Palestine should have been recognised a long time ago.

    The British held the Mandate following the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1919 and then decamped in a hurry in 1947 leaving the Palestinians hapless. They should have given Independence to the Palestinians like in Iraq, Iran and Jordan which would have resolved any injustice. But by procrastinating, how can the British not be partly responsible for the present tragic affairs today ?

    On the recognition of the State of Palestine, during World War 2, the Free French Government in exile in London was led by General de Gaulle. It was recognised by all members of the Allies which included the United States and Great Britain. The whole of France was occupied by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1944. The Free French Government ruled over not more than 300,000 Frenchmen in exile who escaped occcupied France.

    And yet, the State of Palestine is now struggling to gain official recognition around the World. If this is not double standards, what is ?


  18. grkumar Dec 18,2014 7:37 PM

    Europe’s greatest fear is that they will have to accommodate the Jews is they are returned to Europe. And when their patience runs out with the Jews the camps will open up again., It sounds crude it sounds politically incorrect to say so. But those are the facts which are based on the historical records of Jewish European relations.

    The Arabs on the other hand, especially those totalitarian states whose leaders were brought to power then maintained by the west are prisoners of the western systems that put them there. Shamelessly they too have been complicit in the plight of the Palestinians.

    Sweden has joined France and other states in recognizing Palestine. But what lies behind this belated and long overdue move needs closer examination.

    Iran has an extensive intelligence network throughout Europe. As Ayatollah Khalkali said in 1981, we have 500,000 volunteers of all ages who will die for Iran and the Imam at a moments notice. He also suggested they would not die alone. (a reference to suicide bombing which loosely translated also could have meant they would take victims with them). It has come to pass that Hamas and their supporters are fully capable of this anywhere.

    France’s population is nearly 12% Arabic and Muslim. The numbers in Spain are growing from their former colonies, Belgium and Holland too have that as an issue to deal with and Britain as we know still does not know how to deal with its Islamic citizens inspite of 350 years of colonizing them.

    Israel’s birthrate is very low. The numbers of Jewish men marrying Jewish women is lower still. Jewish women in droves are not practicing their religion and are agnostic not being able to reconcile their religious and political causes with its inhumane bellicose behaviour in a never ending cycle of hate and violence.

    It won’t be long before the last straw will break the camels back and the US will be compelled to follow the rest of the world losing is patience with the Jews.

  19. milshah Dec 18,2014 6:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I remember when you presented the strategy on winning the war on Palastine during the days of the late Mr. Arafat. You informed that fighting by blowing oneself would not be effective when fighting against Israel. You presented two strategies. One by using oil as a weapon against Israel. Another was that this war should not be between Muslims and Jews, but rather between between peace loving people regardless of race or religion against the state terrorist Israel.

    The first strategy did not work simply because the oil was controlled by the Sauds.

    The second strategy was that this was no longer a war between Muslims and Jews. It was a war between the whole world against Israel. As we can see now, through the social media, the non-muslims came to realise that Israel is really that evil. Israel kills innocent man, woman and child. Israel bomb their houses and hospitals. People are becoming to realise what a monster Israel is. The whole idea of this strategy is to put Israel in a corner, having no friends or allies. I think the second strategy is working, evident with the increasing numbers non-muslim countries from Latin America, to Europe, Asia as well as the traditional Muslim countries are standing behind Palestine.

    Israel is becoming much like South Africa during its apartheid days. Israel is becoming increasingly isolated. People, real people, no longer believe in Israel claim for self defense.

    The only obstacles now is the United States. It is the United States that continue to fund and provide weapons to Israel.I believe if the United States fall, so too will Israel.

    Which is why I don’t support anything that is related to the United States.

    I believe if we support the United States in any way, it will only make Israel that much stronger.

  20. sibotak Dec 18,2014 6:30 PM

    The name suits yr character Its immoral
    You are just making yrself a Clown of yrself as much as Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Kuan Yew son
    making A Fool of himself a Laughing Stocks in S,pore when he queqed for his Chicken wings for 1/2 hours
    Same to you
    Where do you learn History ? From the Ibans ?
    Facts are written in Encyclopedia In history books
    Do yr Home work first before you make a fool of yrself

  21. anti-jibaok Dec 18,2014 2:04 PM

    To.., ‘immoralequivalence’…,

    You said – “…The Quran recognise Israel belong to the Jews….” Please be advised that, you are dead WRONG…! Period…! And, from where did you get such a finding to come with such a conclusion..? How dare you quote from the Quran but you come-up with your silly version and interpretation of the Quran.

    Anyway, do you know the difference between the ‘Israelites’ (Bani Israel) and the ‘Jews’ (Yahud).., huh..? Was prophet Moses (Musa a.s.) an Israelite or a Jew..? Was prophet David (Daud a.s.) or King Solomon (Sulaiman a.s.) ever a ‘Jew’. The true Israelites follow ONLY the Torah. Did they ever follow the ‘Talmud’..? Or did the Talmud ever existed during their times..? You tell us.., OK..!?

    However, the Jews (who adhere to the teachings of Judaism) follow the Talmud. Thus, the Jews and the Talmud are somewhat synonymous.., however the Israelites are synonymous with ONLY the Torah. Similarly, the Christians are synonymous with the Bible.., while the Muslims are synonymous with the Quran but are also required to believe only (but not to adhere) in the Torah (Taurat), the Psalms (Zabur) and also the New Testaments (Injil). Do you understand..?

    So again, I ask you.., do you know the difference between an ‘Israelite’ and a ‘Jew’..!? Can you show us all where those Israelites (Bani Israel) are today..? Show us where are they now..? Again, may I remind you that in essence the Israelites ARE NOT the Jews. OK..!?

    So, if you postulate that (after the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt) the Holy Land (the ‘Promised Land’) was given by God Almighty to the Israelites (Bani Israil), as long as they keep dearly to their faith and the Covenant with God Almighty.., then you are correct if that was what you has said. OK..!?

    Nonetheless, God Almighty did NOT ever give The Holy Land to the ‘Jews’. Why so..? Well, because during the time of the covenant, the Jews did NOT yet ever existed. So, do you think that the Jews (by faith and race) and the Israelites are one and the same..? You tell us. So, where is that ‘Divine Title Deed’ as you say that God Almighty had given to the Jews (via the message of the Quran)..? Show us all the precise surah or verse, if you dare to do so…, OK..!?

    Then again, from where did the Jews come from.., and also to where did the true Israelites (Bani Israel) disappeared to, till this very day..? You tell us..! So again, your silly opinion that…, “… Quran recognise Israel belong to the Jews…” is a great lie and distortion of the highest degree.

    In fact, some of those Jews who adhere to the Torah have vehemently declared that the Jews are NOT supposed to return to The Holy Land, as explained in this video URL below:- (NY City: 10,000+ Jews Against Israel) (Jews Against Zionism & The Rothschild)


    Furthermore, apparently fools like you cannot also even tell the difference between the Zionists and the Jews. Are the Zionists and the Jews synonymous.., do you think..? You tell us…, OK..?

    Thus, be advised that the Zionist state of Israel had never-ever been given back to the true Israelites. Instead, it was totally hijacked and stolen (almost a hundred years ago) from the Palestinian Arabs by those despicable International Bankers, i.e. The Rothschild via a single piece of scribbled paper known as.., ‘The Balfour Declaration’..! Did you ever realise that..? And.., here is the full explanation as per this video, below:- (Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel)

    So, was it the Quran (as you say) that recognises Israel as belonging to the Jews, or was it The Balfour Declaration that has made Israel as the state for those contemptible Banksters.., i.e. the Zionist-Rothschild..? What say you.., huh..?


    You also said that – “…The British before giving Merdeka (to Malaya) made sure there was a governing infrastructure…” However, you fail to realise that the Malay States had never-ever belonged to the British for them to give it back to give its people. Neither was India had ever belonged to the British only to be given back to the Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshi. Similarly, the Palestine had never-ever belonged to the British.., but only to be handed-over to those culpable International Bankers.., i.e. the Zionist-Rothschild.

    Do you understand the meaning of ‘Colonialism’ and ‘Imperialism’..? However, as ruthless as the Japanese were (during World-War 2), at least the Indonesian people got their independence from the Japanese (just before the end of World War-2).., but they did not get their independence from their Imperialist and Colonial Masters.., i.e. The Dutch. Did you ever realise that..?

    Thus.., it was not for the British to give back Malaya back to its people, when it was NOT theirs in the first place, to give away..! Similarly, the land in the Palestine had never-ever belonged to the British to give it away to whomsoever they want to give it to. Do you understand..!?


    By the way, leaders do not flock to LKY for his unadulterated world view. Only filthy & despicable lackeys of those Zionist snakes would flock around LKY, because he was ‘successful’ enough in turning that tiny island into becoming their Far-Eastern Banking & Financial Outpost as the ‘Little Israel’ for those insidious Zionist cum Western forces.

    So, is there not an iota of truth from what has been said here..?

    Cheerio for now.., dude.

    P.S.> Please do not try too hard to be a ‘Jibaok’. You may regret it.., I tell you.

  22. Abu Alya Dec 18,2014 12:28 PM

    An old man in Gaza held a placard that reads:
    “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.”


    Salam Tun.

    1. For Europe to only now recognize the State of Palestine is not unlike a lost prophet who stumbled and accidentally found her way home. What brings her in?

    2. Europe has a long tradition and an endless list of great thinkers and philosophers, from all schools of Christian thought. Who are we Mamats, Ching Chongs and Kalingas to teach them about truth, rights and humanity?

    3. All governments in Europe can only say what Israel allow them to say. The Europeans dont do unless Israel tell them what to do. Both people are deeply inspired by the Reference Bible published by Oxford University Press – they are the type of Christians and the Jews that the Muslims have been warned about.

    ( The reference Bible is a Zionist interpretation of bible scripture footnoted in modern English. Written in 1909 by convicted felon Cyrus Scofield, financed by Jewish backers, with bribes, the bible was forced into bible colleges, the pupils of Christian ministers, and 20th century Christian beliefs. This bible is a powerful Zionist tool in the creation and support of illegal Israel, and the subjugation of the Christian religion into Zionism. )

  23. zahar Dec 18,2014 11:27 AM

    bangsa yahudi tidak akan berjaya mencapai kesepakatan didalam hal mereka sendiri dari dahulu hingga ke akhir zaman, keadaan mereka telah dijanjikan ALLAH swt disebabkan dari tindakan mereka sendiri, bangsa yahudi adalah bangsa yang membunuh…malah utusan ALLAH juga dibunuhi mereka,

    tidak akan ada keamanan dibumi palestin lebih lebih lagi dengan adanya kalangan orang ISLAM yang takut kehilangan kuasa dan kekayaan, bumi palestin jatuh disebabkan oleh tindakan orang ISLAM sendiri pada ketika perebutan kuasa di bumi Arab, orang Eropah cuma mengambil kesempatan, hingga hari ini, orang Eropah masih mengambil kesempatan diatas sikap orang-orang yang bertopengkan ISLAM.

    kepada immoralequivalence, sekiranya anda bukan orang ISLAM, anda boleh menonton banyak rancangan National Geographic yang memaparkan isu palestin dan termasuk kedudukan ISLAM dalam dunia sebagai pelopor kepada kebanyakan teknologi yang anda mendapat faedah, sumber National Geographic berlandaskan fakta dan hypotesis mereka sendiri yang anda sendiri boleh merumus tanpa prejudis…

    sekiranya anda orang ISLAM, maka sumber rujukan anda adalah AL-QURAN dan HADIS, banyak sekali buku sejarah dan kajian orang ISLAM yang terdapat di museum museum bangsa Eropah yang masih terus diguna pakai hingga ke hari ini.

    mengenai isu Sabah, anda salah….bumi Sabah adalah bumi Kerajaan Islam, buat lah kajian yang adil.

    Mengenai LKY, adalah lebih baik anda bertanya kepada rakyat Singapura secara jujur…

  24. akulamd Dec 18,2014 11:03 AM

    thanks Tun for being so brave and bold, you told the truth, and your word is much more effective than primitive weapons that Palestinian had.

    Hope everybody especially those in Europe will forward this message to their respective leader

    pls helps to spreads the truths not lies

  25. umarkhair Dec 18,2014 9:30 AM


    Che Det is not very smart and he is tormented by his own prejudices. But you are a bigger idiot and mega bigot.

  26. wajaperak Dec 18,2014 8:47 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    The Quran recognise Israel belong to the Jews.
    Your name said it best!..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. sibotak Dec 18,2014 3:50 AM




  28. shahrulnizam Dec 17,2014 10:38 PM

    now is a good time to sell fire arms and war arsenals..
    demand in middle east is sky rocketing..
    let the arabs kill themselves.. the israel can sit and watch

  29. immoralequivalence Dec 17,2014 9:41 PM

    Recognise Palestine is not an Arab’s Greek n Latin, a JudeoChrist logical origin. Thus Arabs don’t have an ancient historical claim. There would b no terrorism if only arabs had not invaded Jewish Christian Palestine not Europeans. Todays ‘ palestinians’ are majority recent immigrants from outside. It was by irony the economic prosperity brought by the British n Zionist that brought them here. The Quran recognise Israel belong to the Jews. No mention of Palestine nor Jerusalem in the Quran. The Quran gave the Jews the divine title deed. Just recognise this n terror will end. You let illegal settlements to mushroom in the christian state of Sabah to ethnic dilute , a close cousin to cleansing, ie we have our own Nethanyahu n West Bank. The British before giving merdeka made sure there was a governing infrastructure. Is there one in Palestine? Will it b Hamas, PA, Jordan( 80% ‘ palestinian’) or Egyptian? By recognising Palestine those countries are just washing their hands n hiving this quarrelsome Arabs to the UN n the UN will hive it to the even more quarrelsome oh I See. That’s wat the British did with Israel. Now we know y world leaders flock to LKY for his unadulterated world views. Now tell,are all these things ‘ fabricated lies’. ‘ is there not an iota of truth?’

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