1. Some people believe that I am so angry over not building the crooked bridge that I want Najib to resign.

2. I am not so frivolous. Yes, I am disappointed, especially as Najib appealed to the Singapore PM to build a bridge and the latter rejected it. It is shameful that we dare not build a bridge in our own land without approval by Singapore.

3. This shameful episode is not enough for me to ask Najib to step down. Najib is the son of Tun Razak, the man responsible for my elevation to Prime Ministership. Partly for that reason and partly because Najib showed good performance when I was PM, I wanted Najib to be PM. And people know I worked hard at it pressuring Abdullah to appoint him as DPM, so that he would become PM, when Abdullah leaves.

4. But Najib failed in many areas after becoming PM. Apart from the bridge he did not go ahead with the double tracking and electrification of the railway line from J.B. to Padang Besar which had been agreed upon but was dropped by Abdullah. For 14 billion Ringgit we would have this project completed by 2010. Instead, forced by the demand, he sanctioned the continuation of the track from Ipoh to Padang Besar for 12 billion Ringgit. We lost a lot of money.

5. Then he began to recruit his own 4th floor boys plus a number of British personnel to advise him on how to run the country. They, also used foreign consultants costing more than 7 billion ringgit. We had achieved independence in 1957 and we got rid of British advisers. We did better without them. Najib did not seem to believe in the Malaysian capacity to develop the country.

6. Ignoring the EPU and other Government departments he set up a new agency to plan the development of the country. This agency was headed by a non-civil servant and the salaries of these personnel far exceed that paid to civil servants.

7. The civil servants were very unhappy. In the past they on their own transformed this country from a developing country to a middle-income nation. Now their services, their expertise and experience are no longer needed.

8. They had always been loyal to the BN Government. Now many no longer support the Government. Some even join the opposition after retirement and stood as candidates in elections.

9. As a result of the role given to this new agency the policies of the Government were changed. Najib was told that the rejection of Abdullah in 2008 was due to Chinese dislike for the New Economic Policy. To win them back Najib must ignore affirmative action and should be seen to be more supportive of the Chinese and Indians.

10. He reduced places for bumis in the Government Universities even though in the numerous private universities and twinned colleges, bumis make up less than 10%. Bumiputra contactors and small business no longer had government favour. Most had to stop their businesses.

11. Without saying so in so many words he had adopted the Malaysian Malaysia slogan of the opposition, only calling it One Malaysia instead.

12. Responding to opposition demand he abolished the ISA and freed all those under restricted residence. Crime rates went up.

13. Then he started giving money to people, not just to individuals who earn less than RM3000/- per month but to the associations and the corporate sector as well. Billions were spent on this.

14. Then rallies were organised on every occasions. The organisers were instructed to gather 10,000 people. They were given food and allowances and were transported to the sites, where they were given placards to hold up with “I love PM” written on them. A song 1M4U was composed and sung even at the national day parade.

15. Despite all these the Chinese refused to support Najib. They flocked to the opposition and he performed worse than Abdullah in the 13th General Election.

16. The Malays too did not support Najib. Selangor after he headed UMNO did worse than 2008. Malays only voted for BN because they feared Anwar would appoint Kit Siang as DPM.

17. Through all these I continued to support Najib. On the few occasions I met him, I told him his strategy was wrong but my views were ignored. I said before the 2013 elections that if he did worse than Abdullah he should resign. I had fully expected him to do better than Abdullah.

18. When he failed I told people that they should continue to support him. I was prepared, despite everything to see him lead the BN in the 14th GE.

19. But now with the controversies dogging him I am sure BN would lose if he leads it in the 14th GE.

20. There are many things about his personal behavior that I thought were not right. But I was prepared to overlook them, including he and his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

21. But when he cannot explain where billions of Ringgits have gone to and his involvement with questionable people in the management of 1MDB, I felt that he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country.

22. I will explain about how he lost billions of Ringgit in my next blog.


  1. mubarakchan May 14,2015 8:36 PM


    For HockBengTeoh234, first and foremost you mentioned the late LKY otherwise known as the Ruler (1959-2015) or Dictator was the Founding Father of Singapore, your homeland. He was not. He was only a figment of your faulty imagination. Sir Stamford Raffles was the Founder. Second, what happened to your Straits Nonya English before you disappeared for a few months swearing you would not appear here again. Are you the new re-incarnation, now working on new spying instructions on us by your Boss in the Ministry of Information, Phoenix Park, Singapore where all our colour pics are kept ? Third, your mumbo-jumbo to present a normal and correct view of your homeland Singapore is not only a load of rubbish but a waste of time. I note that my distinguished fellow Bloggers have given up on you as ‘beyond the pale.’


  2. HBT456 May 14,2015 6:44 AM

    The ferry project down south ala morroco will be the tourist hit to singaporeans, foreign tourists, johoreans and malaysians, fiat money to boost down south tourism to generate gross income to their states and the industry players.

    big can never fail? History proven that they failed.

  3. HBT456 May 14,2015 6:28 AM

    Mubarak chan, malaysians are tolerating, they are neutral in politics, and they will show their displeasure in the ge ballot boxes.

    This is a secular country with many different races and religions, therefore, any dislpeasure caused by any political parties can influence the voting pattern.

    To be frank, it will be better off for mca to be changed to malaysian islam chinese association, atau mica to serve in the cabinet.

    As for gerakan, they took the bold step to pakai bm for their party.

    The modern history of singapore is different from malaysia. The founding father served singaporeans in general, not party members.

    In malaysia, presidents of political parties serve their members, not malaysians in general.

    when tun dr mm was chosen to succeed tun hussein onn, his obligation is to serve the party, not malaysians. Why so much failed mega projects? Nep is the culprit. projects are given based on race amd religion, contohnya bumiputra status.

    if bumiputra of the umno party bankrupt, no one care. But if umno force malaysians to bailout their failed projects, its component parties representing different races will loose out.

    This why pkr is born, tested and survived until this day.

  4. mubarakchan May 7,2015 12:52 AM


    For Amin Tan. Here is an authentic case which showed clearly how a neighboring country up-dated its laws. My friend, the Plaintiff sued a sibling of the Dictator for libel and slander. The Defendant was out of time to apply a stay for over 7 months. No matter, This negligence was brought up to date in the Court which ruled it is in order to revise the Rule there and then. As two Wongs do not make a right, it was conveniently forgotten about all those litigants who thought this particular Rule could not be revised there and then in a Court. Therefore, justice was not served on these litigants during those 7 odd months as they mis-understood the Court’s intention. Now, everyone knows that in a Court, laws could be up-dated on the spot. But we still have the over-hang of those litigants during those 7 odd months who thought otherwise. This 7 odd months is an aberration which could now be engraved in stone – a mockery of justice ?

    On the one hand, a foreign country is more than keen to serve narrow interests. On the other, Malaysia does not seem to understand the importance of the Laws for good governance. And the good and respected Bar Council is dragged into hoi-polloi politics without due consideration for the bread and butter Laws of the Nation eg. The Antiquated Laws. Companies Act 1965: Bankruptcy Law 1967 : The Trustee Act 1949.. Strange.


  5. mubarakchan May 6,2015 6:14 AM


    For Amin Tan. I am a bit puzzled by your comment , Sir. Please read my Comment of 23 April 2015 again. The whole Comment should be taken together as Good Governance. And on our anitquated Laws, the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and the Trustee Act 1949 stand out to the fore. As a layman, I would pin the responsibility of up-grading Laws on the Bar Council. If these honourable and respectable ladies and gentlemen who must be the most learned on the subject of the Laws could tilt at the incumbent Government on the Sedition Act which actually affect a few but not the whole of the Nation, why cannot these ladies and gentlemen of the Bar do the same to up-grade our anitquated Laws ? Why not for the general good of the Nation ? Laws are livinig statements on human behaviour and in every case, it is different !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! We cannot run a country based on antiquated Laws ! Why we do not copy Singapore’s rapid up-dating of the Laws but their failed Money Money Money Policies of a failed State !

  6. oran May 3,2015 11:37 PM


    I am amazed at the indonisation of Malaysia recently. No wonder we are becoming as corrupt morally & financially as them.
    This can be seen by the so-called Malay leaders that UMNO has lately produced.
    Najib claims to be a Bugis and is very proud of it and Zahid claimed to be Javanese on Indonesian TV.
    What’s wrong with these people ? Never heard Tun Razak claimed to be a Bugis or Tun Hussein Onn a Turk.
    Personally I don;t think there any pride to be gained (the opposite could be) for a Malay to profess to be of Indonesian heritage.
    Many of them hates us intensely as evidenced from internet chats and the fact that at one time bags of faeces were thrown at our embassy over there.
    My personal experience was that they couldn’t take criticism, even positive ones from us. These people are not of the Malay stock and will easily resort to violence.
    And Najib by claiming to be one will not endear himself to people like me, he should be sent back to where his ancestors came from and where his logic and attributes will find company.
    Lastly my advice to UMNO members not to elect as leaders (secretary level should be ok) those Malays who off and on claim their Indonesian heritage. Potential for them to corrupt is high.
    Preferance of course should be given to Syeds, as of our tradition and also they are decended from companions of our Prophet.

  7. Melayuku May 1,2015 11:11 AM

    We believe Temasik was once belong to Johor and Malaysia. If earlier all belong to Palembang and Indonesia. Surely still Melayu owned. Now Singapore belong to less Melayu than “others”. So few Melayu citizen in Singapore. We believe too. No Singapore today. If there are no “others” energy that building the island, we may just saw another nice Langkawi resort. Melayuku says “who cares”. As long still my grandfathers land even full of lalangs make me feels no lose of maruah. For what is to “menang tapi kampung tergadai”. I still prefer Melayuku that live simple life, rich of sopan and smiles enjoy nature and appreciate birds singing that let other melt in their greeds, gila duit and ego bearer opportunist. “Menang rasa hilang sara”.

  8. amin tan Apr 29,2015 1:12 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya tertarik dengan comment
    1. Sibotak berkenaan CIQ, Jalan Lorry di atas dan kereta di bawah.dan lain2 komen yang merugikan Malaysia berhubungan dengan Singapore. Harap pihak berkuasa prihatin dan lakukan apa yang patut dan saksama.
    2. Joetamchi. Mereka yang tidak henti2 memburuk2kan kerajaan, agama islam dan hati busuk dan menkhianati serti menderhaka terhadap Malaysia dan puja Singapore harus diambil tindakan sedikit sebanyak.
    3. Mubarak chan. Undang2 yang sudah lama tidak dikemaskini seperti undang2 bankrupsi, amanah dan lain2 patut dikemaskini. Pada keseluruhannya komen Mubarakchan kali ini tidak begitu berulang2 dan mempunyai fakta2 baru.
    4. Saya berpendapat ucapan Tun berkenaan Perdana Menteri memiliki kuasa mutlak(absolute power) amat betul, khasnya dia juga menteri kewangan. Ini bererti tiada check and balance. Sesuatu harus dilakukan supaya salahguna kuasa boleh dikawal seperti 1MDB tidak berulang lagi. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  9. sibotak Apr 26,2015 11:08 AM

    Bukan saja tunduk tanya fasal Crooked Bridge pada S,pore
    Selepas CIQ penumpang Bas kesemua dialu ke arah City Square milik Singapura
    Bertambah Megahlah lagi Kedudukan Singapura & Menguntungkan mereka lagi
    Seolah CIQ Malaysia seakan milik Singapura
    Apa tak da Bangunan milik punya Malaysia yg bolih di alukan mencantum CIQ ?
    Siapa Architect CIQ sebenar ?
    Atas Kelulusan Siapa ?

    Saya bukan Architect
    Yg khairan juga jambatan Lori di buat atas Landasan kereta
    Kan muatan Lori lebih Berat dari Kereta
    Kenapa Kereta di Bawah , Lori di atas pula
    Khairan saya , dah macam si betina diatas si Jantan di bawah pula
    Fashion baru agak nya

  10. teratai Apr 25,2015 8:15 AM

    Salam Tun,

    As always Tun’s writng reveals the truth situation and clears the air.

    I can’t wait for Tun’s next writing.

    Those who wish to read Tun’s writing in BM version, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  11. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 7:54 PM

    Temasik itu kan dulu miliknya Melayu….
    Andai kini Parameswara tahu….
    Harapanku Malaysia tidak jadi begitu…
    Hanya kerana segelintir Melayu…
    Hancur segalanya menjadi debu….
    Kerana Malaysia bukan hanya untukku…
    Tapi temurun ke Anak Cucu…
    Marilah kita melayu bersatu…

    Humbankan penderhaka…
    Pengkhianat Negara..

  12. mubarakchan Apr 23,2015 8:42 AM


    My mother was a supporter of the Alliance/BN from 1954 to her demise in the early 1980s. I am a staunch supporter of the Alliance/BN since 1954. Since then, I have an interest in the shenanigans of the Siingaporeans and the way of thought. In the University, they always tried to overlord us by seeking our support to stay in office in the joint Association which we had. By the 3rd year, it was too much for us to bear and we threw out the whole lot of Singaporeans from the Association for just Sterling Pounds 5. We may say that money politics began then and there. From that early beginning, the growth of the pervasiveness of this peculiar group of island people on the simple and nubile minds of the Malaysians was not surprising to this very day. Today, there are many worshippers at the altar of the late Ruler (1959-2015) whose specialty was his fine legal mind to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and reward handsomely those who served him well to retain his power and influence. This is the cause of a lot of our political problems today unlike during the 22 year period of your successful Administration and your predecessors.

    Fortunately, the willy and cunning tricks of the late Ruler (1959-2015) even though these were effective and won every time will not do much to save his self-centered Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. His System has gone toxic.

    With this interesting political background which many of our own citizens are not aware of especially the Chinese, we are now face with a political conundrum of a many headed serpent. So much so, even 40 of our most distinguished personalities have written petition after petition to Putrajaya to express their anxieties which were non-existence beforre 2003. And the causative effects on most of our self-delivered problems are mainly to do with MONEY MONEY MONEY which has imbalanced our spiritual values. This is no good with a big NO ! We are not the failed State of Singapore. And never will be. It is still not too late to revert back to NORMALCY from this unconciously contrived 50% Capitalism and 50% Communism System which is now in play. In the meantime, instead of all us without a care in the World, we have become a bunch of anxious people. Anxious for our children and grandchildren. Anxious for ourselves. Our security, our financial health vis-a-vis the Nation. Anxious for the years ahead with rising costs and perceived fiddling of the National Health System which is one of the best in the World to forbid the good and hard working doctors from earning their traditional keep by dispensing medicines. What have our beloved Malaysia come to ? A once peaceful and boring place but now seems to catch the headlines ever so often ! All we need do is for all to return to NORMALCY AND NOT APE THAT FAILED STATE OF SINGAPORE AND ITS FAILED MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES.

    1. Suddenly without debate or due notice, the ISA was repealed. Now a more draconiand Act is to be tabled before the Dewan Rakyat. The homeland security measures now adopted by Western nations are even more oppressive than the ISA. I suppose the closest aides do not read newspapers ! And dear Singapore steadfastly keeps her ISA and no one complains. There is something wrong somewhere.

    2. Surreptiously the good and hard-working doctors are presented an Act which will rob them of their traditional and conventional right to dispense medicines. This will cause great difficulties and hardships to the ailing patients who will have to scamper here and there to get the right medicines as per the doctor’s prescriptions. It is alleged creepy tycoons with their chains of medicine shops have a vested interest to do down the doctors. They now hide behind the pharmacists of all people. The very people who did not make the grade to become doctors or dentists.

    3. The GST is like shooting oneself in one’s foot. I did not read anywhere that the Scheme is a Malaysian Scheme tailor fit for our hard-working folk. In fact by reverting back to NORMALCY we do not require the GST at all with enhanced revenues and an efficient Inland Revenue department when our Rakyat are happy and contented like before 2003.

    4. Again suddenly, a minor official announced that ALL FOREIGN STUDENTS ARE TO TAKE A TEST IN MALAY PROFICIENCY. This will surely cause the collapse of the 50 or more colleges of higher learning. NO FOREIGN STUDENT WILL COME TO OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA.

    5. Some one suggest that the best way to get the Chinese to vote BN is to repeal or create new laws. We do seem to have a sense of history of any stripe or colour. Have we forgotten the wisdom of Solomon ? IT IS NOT THE LAWS. IT IS THE FAIRNESS AND EVEN HANDEDNESS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LAWS – justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done. OK. We have the Laws. Why are the Chinese still recalcitrant ? IT IS THE MONEY MONEY MONEY WHICH IS SEEN TO DEFY GRAVITY. The Chinese will grin and bear it for a logical reason but they are not stupid even though they are willing to kow tow to get their monopolies in our beloved Malaysia but not outside. Strange !
    History is an important arbiter of human problems and the fables and foibles. When an Emperor is a nice guy who appreciates fine living whatever this means. The whole of China is in turmoil. When the Emperor chops off a few heads, all the Chinamen toe the line like now. The British put cadres into Canton, Swatow and Xiamen to study the ways of the Chinamen in South East Asia as the whole lot came from these places. The British left them alone to their own thing like making money, etc.etc. But once the rule of law is breached , they were sent packing back to China. Peace and quiet in the British Empire !
    So what does this tell us folks ? Our beloved Malaysia’s economy is no economy at all since 2003. Without awareness, our political System became 50% Capitalist and 50% Communist by aping the MONEY MONEY MONEY failed Policies of the late Ruler (1959-2015). The correct thing to do is to return all the GLCs to the Private Sector and close the Central Command. Unlike the late Ruler (1959-2015) who was a dictator and micro-managed every cent, we are a democracy and relies on check and balances which means we depend on the digits/people to man the System with consensus. Everyone is unhappy because they now feel something is amiss. Something which no one can put a finger too is amiss ! What a conundrum today for us ! FROM THE SUBLIME (2003) TO THE RIDICULOUS (2015).

    So many new Laws are being enacted. So many new Laws also aborted before birth. And 4 old Acts on Poisons, Pharmacists etc which had stood the test of time are being rushed to be amalgamated into one Act without proper debate and revision. The doctors are not stupid


    1. The Companies Act 1965. Not revised since 1965. 50 years.
    2. The Bankruptcy Act 1967. Not revised since 1967. 48 years. The Prime Minister and one BN politician promised to up-date in 2012. Nothing happened. Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom automatically discharge their bankrupts after 3 years. In Malaysia, the bankrupts are locked in PERPETUITY.
    3. The Trustees Act 1949. Not revised since 1949. 66 years. Singapore revises its laws constantly as the practice of the laws is a living thing unlike the practice of medicine in which common ailments occur commonly. Every legal Suit is different as each deals with a human problem.

    Policies which create jobs and income for all have been absent since 2003. The quicker we return to NORMALCY in the face of a declining ringgit and commodities prices the better.


  13. asiabrokerclub Apr 23,2015 6:38 AM

    1. Time is running out.
    2. Sov. Guarantee trade is benefiting every. 14 days.
    3. SG is. Used to trade innter. Currency.
    4. Foreigner workers remittance getting less.
    5. Inwards remittance of non.usd burden increased.
    6. Project scale is decoyed..
    7. Silence is gain for beneficiery.
    8. One year+30days.
    9. Many may have no ideas what I m talking.
    Time is running out.

  14. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 6:30 AM

    Lagu Zaman…
    Bicara Insan…
    Seorang TanSri Melayu Malaysia
    Seorang Dato Melayu Singapura..

    Dengarkanlah Dengan Penuh Penghayatan…
    Bukan Mendengar Sekadar Hiburan..

  15. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 6:19 AM

    Terima Kasih Dato Ramli Sarip…

    Tetap Pertahan Menjadi Melayu
    Walau Berpeluang Mendapat Kerakyatan Malaysia…
    Tidak Seperti Segelintir Melayu Berkuasa..
    Habis Semua Dijualnya..
    Demi Kroni, demi keluarga….


    Ya Allah… Perteguhkanlah Keimanan Bangsaku…

  16. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 5:26 AM


    Lepas Dengar Lagu Zaman
    Aku Jadi Anak Jantan
    Jantan Yang Menangis
    Kerana Tak Mau Melayu Mengemis..

  17. Fariq Islam Apr 23,2015 5:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sesungguhnya pembinaan jambatan memerlukan persetujuan dua hala, sebagai tanda hormat-menghormati.

    Memandangkan polisi-polisi sedia ada masih memihak kepada Melayu, tak usahlah kita “memangsakan” Cina dalam soal politik. Cina hanyalah kaum minoriti yang tak sampai satu per empat Rakyat Malaysia.

    Baik pilihanraya negeri Sarawak tahun depan dianggap sebagai petanda sama ada BN akan tertumpas nanti. Dengan perpecahan serius dalam Pakatan, kami menaruh harapan yang PM/ BN akan mengecapi keputusan pilihanraya yang lebih cemerlang.

  18. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 5:03 AM

    Maafkanlah Hamba..
    Andai Ada Terkurang Adatnya…
    Beginilah Suara…
    Hasrat Hati INGIN BERSAMA….

    Tuan Hamba juga…

    Maafkanlah Hamba…
    Jambatan Lurus Tak Mungkin Terbina….
    InsyAllah Suatu Masa..
    Jambatan Bengkok Akan Terlaksana…

    Malaysia, Negara Kita… Biarlah mengikut Acuan Kita…..
    Cara kita.. Orang Timur….


  19. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 12:18 AM

    PM love GST…
    G una
    S ampai
    T ua

    Anda ingin diguna guna.?
    Jangan la….
    Anda jadilah insan yang berguna..
    Agama, bangsa, negara…

    Anda mau GST…?
    Mari kits GST…

    G egar
    S ampai
    T umbang….


  20. joetamchi Apr 23,2015 12:11 AM

    PM love GST
    G una
    S ampai
    T ua

    Anda ingin diguna guna…
    Jangan la……
    And a jadilah

  21. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 11:52 PM

    Pasal jambatan bengkok pula…
    Payah juga utk ulaskannya…
    Yea lah… Dh lama punya cerita…
    Tapi seeloknya buat aje….

    Panjang sejarahnya…..
    Tp kalau Ada masa…
    Senang senang dengarkanlah lagu mereka…

    Lagu Zaman
    Nyanyian S.M. Salim & Ramli Sarip…
    Seorang TanSri Melayu Malaysia
    Seorang Dato Melayu Singapura..

    Dengar bukan sekadar hiburan…
    Dengarlah dengan penghayatan…

    #Hamba pun menumpang…
    #Jangan jadi Melayu Tempang…
    #Di tanah sendiri hidup terkontang….

    Assalamualaikum semua…
    Maafkanlah hamba…

  22. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 8:52 PM

    PM Korea Selatan Letak Jawatan Sebab Rasuah…..
    Gegula Hacks JibNgok bila lagi?

  23. roy Apr 22,2015 6:14 PM

    rakyat ditekan dan makin ditekan. sekarang nak cakap banyak pon x guna..x sabar nak tunggu PRU14, dah tak ada cara lain..bungkus saja UMNO PRU14 nanti…sebelum ini, semasa PRU13 ada beberapa org yg nasihat aku, fikir2lah kalau tersalah undi, terseksa nanti, dan hasilnya memang betul! sekarang aku dah x nak fikir lagi siapa, bangsa apa yang bakal memerintah asalkan tidak lagi ditindas macam beruk!

  24. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 9:53 AM

    Yg lagi dasyat…Kalau Jadi MACAI Amerika & Yahudi…..’TER’ Tandatangan plak TPPA…Nak Tak Nak … Kambing pulak ‘TER’ simpan di Australia… Komplot pecah……..
    Dlm diam Malaysia ‘TER’ jajah…
    Sekarang Alhamdulillah Tun Masih Ada..
    Tapi Tun tidak akan ada selamanya utk Malaysia…


    Mari kita GST
    G egar
    S ampai
    T umbang…..

    Semoga Allah bersama kami… Menumbangkan agenda uncle SAM & Yahudi yang ingin menjahanamkan Malaysia…

  25. mubarakchan Apr 22,2015 9:29 AM


    I have been noting the comments on the ‘crooked bridge’ for a number of years. I dare say it is a mischievous misnomer created by the lovers of the late Ruler (1959-2015) and the detractors of your good ideas which have benefitted our beloved Malaysia immensely arising from your 22 year Administration. The smart people of today come from the 3 million famillies of the Malay Middle Income Group which up-lifted the 3 million famillies of the non-Malay Middle Income Group through the purchases of the goods and services of the latter by the former.

    Not only these wisecracks kept on expressing their utter ignorance of the Bridge as crooked but also their very words prove that they are just parrots, parroting easy to remember words like ‘ crooked ‘.

    The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘crooked’ as twisted out of shape or position. The actual design of the Bridge does not fit this description.

    A most important point which I like to point out is this.

    I did not visit Johor Baru for many years until the turn of this century. What I saw across the Johor Stratis towards Singapore was this black painted ugly carbuncle known as the Singapore Custom Immigration Quarantine Comples. This horrible black structure not only struck me in the eye. It also had the effect of jarring eye. The purpose of this black carbuncle of a building was designed and built deliberately for ‘ feng shue ‘ purposes. To put it literally, a ‘ feng shui ‘ master was engaged to whack the ‘ chi ‘ shooting in from our beloved Malaysia. Any other sane Nation would not have created the ugliest building structure in the World at its front door but a beautiful one.

    The wisecracks just cracked anything and in the process they hit at themselves when across the Causeway today, the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) had made a joke of these ignorants for over 15 years. They do not see. They do not look. They do not think. But they had the masochism to unwittingly laughed at their own ignorance which they think is funny.

    Why this black ugly carbuncle deliberately put there by the late Ruler (1959-2015) ? This Singapore building should qualify as the World’s Worst Designed and Ugliest Building.

    It is alleged in the 1970s-1980s, the late Ruler (1959-2015) being an aethist had the Head Priest of the Buddhists hanging around at his side. Apparently, the Ruler feared the loss of power or someone wanted to do him in. There were reports since then that he deployed bomb squads to scour the place of his attendance before he turned up for any event. The search area would be 100 metres from the focal point. The bomb squad had to climb trees and look under flower pots in the vicinity. This has continuously taken place for over 40 years. And so it is with the Singapore Customs Immigration Quarantine Complex. There is no greater fear than the fear of fear itself. The fear of being done in by our beloved Malaysia.

    The Head Buddhist Priest acted like a tranquillizer to this good and the great. However, he also advised another good and the great who happened to be my friend.

    My friend made a lot of money on the Singapore Stock Exchange in the early 1970s. But he lost a lot of money thereafter. He consulted this Head Buddhist Priest who advised him to shift his bedroom into the garage. My rich friend obliged and did as he was told. Still, he lost all eventually. I had no heart to advise my rich friend that it was not the Head Buddhist Priest who was ineffective but his British Jewish accountant who retired shortly before all his problems appeared. Sometimes, it is difficult to do business.

    Singapore is very proud of her glittering buildings these days – standing tall and impressive. BUT THE SINGAPORE CUSTOMS IMMIGRATION QUARANTINE BUILDING AT WOODLANDS IS NEVER MENTIONED. Why ? And why thousands of Malaysians who visited Singapore never noticed. IT IS BECAUSE THEIR BRAINWASHED MINDS DO NOT SEE ANYTHING THAT IS BAD CONNECTED WITH THE LATE RULER (1959-2015). This is one of his crafty and willy legacies which he has left behind to diddle us on the northern part of the Causeway.

    AND FORTUNATELY HIS SELF CENTRED GODLESS ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON THE CITIZENS BY APPARATCHIKS AKA MERITOCRATS, has gone toxic. This System is also known as the Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing) supported by the Western powers and abetted by the Western journalists. Our beloved Malaysia practises the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Capitalistic Characteristics which our very own politicians are unaware of. They think it is abang adek politics.

    And Russia and China adopted the Singapore Model to permit the Communist Party to climb down from the greasy pole of no return. In September 2013, Russia awarded an academic medal to the late Ruler (1959-2015) together with 4 other academics. In 1992, Deng Xiao Peng commented, ‘ They administer well. But we will do better than them !’ Hence, Western pundits now call Singapore a Rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas. And they noted that in Russia you have the oligarchs, in China, the princelings and in Singapore, the siblings.


    The intended purpose of the Bridge was to garner foreign exchange and increase revenue for our Federal Government and more money for us the Rakyat. With the opening of the Bridge there will be through lanes for luxury liners and cargo ships sailing past Johor Baru. In their ‘dog in the manger’ attitude, Singapore objects to anything which benefits our beloved Malaysia giving rise to a comment, ‘ KIASU ‘ and obstinate.

    Here is a prime example of brainwashing of Malaysian nubile and simple minds by the Ministry of Information, Singapore for you !

  26. bourne007 Apr 22,2015 8:57 AM

    “I must ask non-Malays to be fair & be considerate & not make unreasonable demands, for it is well to remember that no natives of any country in the world have given away so much as the Malays have been”, RAHMAN

    “He is prolonging unwitty policies to outsmart voters & generally the people for whatever reason he believes in”, Mutt valLey

    “Hutang Negara Malaysia 2015 63.8% (RM847.9 bilion) Daripada GDP. Jikalau semak semula hutang isi rumah di Malaysia bukanlah tinggi biasa, sangat tinggi iaitu pada kadar 87.4% pada tahun 2015 yang mana telah diangkat sebagai sebuah negara yang mempunyai hutang isi rumah yang paling tinggi di Asia.”, KuLi

    “Satu untuk kau, Satu untuk aku, Lapan untuk Aku, Lapan untuk Aku, ……..Ini tidak ADIL, lepas aku, aku lagi. Rambut aku tak berapa nak tebal, ada sinar cahaya yg terbit dari kepala aku”,KU JAR

  27. sibotak Apr 22,2015 8:39 AM

    Pembaruan Seloka Pantun Allahyarham Nordin Ahmad

    Kajang Pak Malau Kajang Berlipat
    Kajang Hamba Mengkuang Layu
    Dagang Cina sudah Bertempat
    Dagang Melayu Musafir Lalu

    Musafir di Tanah Sendiri

  28. sibotak Apr 22,2015 8:09 AM

    Sudah Terbukti Kini
    Blog Tun Chedet adalah sehat untuk Malaysia

    Tun banyak menyentuh perihal perkara yg tidak betul dari pandangan beliau
    Apa yg tidak Betul yg di kendalikan olih Pemerintahan Paklah & Najib & seterusnya
    Selagi Hayat Tun di kandung Badan
    Tun bukan seperti Pembangkang yg tujuan mengelirukan Malaysia
    Dengan andaian , tuduhan yg melulu bagi Agenda mereka untuk mengambil Kuasa
    Pembangkang seharusnya menbantu Kerajaan bersama untuk membangun Malaysia
    Bukan mengelirukan Rakyat , menyampaikan Isyarat yg Bahaya yg akan membawa Malaysia ke juram Kehancuran
    Tun tidak mermehak pada sesiapa
    Tun memehak pada apa yg perlu di perbaiki
    Apa yg bakal memudaratkan Malaysia
    Tun tidak berpihak kepada UMNO juga pada Pembangkang walau
    Tun amat kecewa dengan Pentakbiran kini
    Tun tidak memihak pada sesiapa bagi mendapat sokongan beliau
    Beliau Sendiri & Berani kedepan kerana Benar
    Ini terbukti dengan teguran Beliau yg bertubi walau teguran Tun
    Tidak menyenangkan PutarJaya
    Walau juga Tun yg masih juga anggota UMNO
    Tun tetap hentam UMNO apabila tidak Benar
    Ini Ter Bukti Niat Perjuangan Tun sebenar
    Malaysia perlukan ini
    Mungkin juga Pegawai pegawai Tun yg bersama pentakbiran Tun dahulu
    PERLU walau sudah Bersara ,seperti Rafidah Aziz & yg lain
    Demi memulihkan keadaan
    Saya ingin Tun lebih Aggresive persoalan Pentakbiran Tanah yg banyak
    Keihatan tidak Betul ,di Johor & di semerata Malaysia
    Tanah inilah kita Berteduh
    Kerana Tanah inilah kita Merasa
    Kerana Tanah inilah Kita namakanya Malaysia

    Jika Tanah ini jatuh pada Asing
    Maka apa yg nak dinamakan Malaysia
    Jika Kita tak mampu nak membangunkan Malaysia
    Jangan kita Bangunkan Tidak ada siapa yg bolih Paksa
    Sebab kita mesti terima kenyataan
    Orang melayu tidak sukaa membangun
    Orang melayu lebih suka lihat pokok kelapa dari bangunan mencakar langgit
    Orang Melayu juga tidak Mampu dari segi Ilmu, Modal , Expertise
    Tidak mempunyai ini Ground Work malah Teknology untuk membangun

    Modal Berkhayal hanya Merugikan dengan mengambil Singkat
    Mempelawa Orang luar menjaga Rumah Tangga kita Sendiri
    Seolah Jantan Dayus



  29. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 2:45 AM

    Yg lagi dasyat… Jadi MACAI Amerika & Yahudi….. Tandatangan plak TPPA… Tak nak sign… Bahan @ Kambing pulak dah kena simpan di Australia… Komplot pecah……..
    Secara diam Malaysia akan di jajah…
    Sekarang Alhamdulillah Tun Masih Ada..
    Tapi Tun tidak akan ada selamanya utk Malaysia…


    Mari kita GST
    G egar
    S ampai
    T umbang…..

    Semoga Allah bersama kami… Menjahanamkan agenda Amerika & Yahudi yang ingin menjahanamkan Malaysia…

  30. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 2:31 AM

    Yg lagi dasyat… Jadi MACAI Amerika & Yahudi….. Tandatangan plak TPPA… Tak sign… Bahan @ Kambing dah simpan di Australia… Komplot pecah……..
    Secara diam Malaysia akan di jajah…


    Mari kita GST
    G egar
    S ampai
    T umbang…..

    Semoga Allah bersama kami… Menjahanamkan agenda Amerika & Yahudi yang ingin menjahanamkan Malaysia…

  31. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 2:09 AM

    Sepatutnya di adakan
    Tak Kira siapa dia… Salah..?.
    Hukum Masuk penjara… Hukum yang setimpal….
    (org miskin curi utk beli susu Anak kena penjara bertahun…)
    (VIP rompak duit Rakyat berjuta juta… Hukumlah puluh puluh tahun)
    Biar sedar diri…
    Biar jadi pengajaran pada dia dan bakal bakal pengganti PM… Agar telus..ikhlas.. Bekerja utk Rakyat… Jangan Rasuah.. Jangan suruh bunuh orang……Jangan Susahkan Rakyat…
    Perjalanan Malaysia jauh lagi.. TDM tak akan ada selamanya untuk Malaysia…

    #SPRM & PDRM pun dah kelihatan MACAI…

  32. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 1:18 AM

    Kambing Ada di Luar Negara
    Menyimpan Nyawa di Australia
    Jadi Tontonan Uncle SAM Amerika
    Buat Bahan Memeras Dia…

    Harga Diri Tiada Lagi…
    Asal Selamat Nyawa Sendiri…
    Malaysia Di Gadai, menjadi Proksi
    Talibarut Amerika Dan juga Yahudi….

    Sekarang pun dah nampak ciri…
    Ada gelaran Msia First Lady…
    Ada pula 1MDB…
    Ke Amerika pula Taik Jho Low berpesta berparti…….

    Ala…. Apa mau kesah…Malaysia Ada duit Lagi….
    Tak cukup… Boleh Peras Rakyat Dengan GST….
    Woi… Huru Hara la Msia Nanti…
    Hahaha.. Dia..? Senyap senyap LARI…
    Siap naik jet Peribadi…
    Rumah harga berjuta kan ada kt Luar Negeri….. Kt Amerika jugak dia beli….

    Ya Allah…. Selamatkanlah Malaysia ku ini…..

  33. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 12:26 AM

    Harap Dapat Bersua Muka…
    Bertentang Mata, Sedikit Bicara…
    Tapi diri, siapalah cuma…
    Penjaja Kaki Lima di Danau Kota…

    InsyaAllah pada Sabtu ini…
    Menghadirkan diri di Melawati…
    9 pagi tercegat berdiri..
    Menanti nanti sepenuh hati….

  34. azlan95 Apr 22,2015 12:24 AM

    An article I read on the subject of the TPP agreement from this link

    Under the TPP agreement, seems like companies can sue any government which I think is normal. What’s interesting is that companies can establish their own court and appoint their own judges, or turn their lawyers into judges.

    Here is a tiny copy-and-paste from the article on Equador’s experience:

    An example of what can happen under the TPP is Occidental Petroleum’s legal action against Ecuador:

    The cost can be high. In 2012, one such tribunal, under the auspices of the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ordered Ecuador to pay Occidental Petroleum a record $2.3 billion for expropriating oil drilling rights.


  35. joetamchi Apr 22,2015 12:08 AM

    Yang Jantannya Kaki Betina…
    Yang Bininya Merasa Duka…
    Memendam Rasa Sungguh Kecewa…
    Berbelanja Sesuka Mengubat Lara…

    Wanita Mongolia Antara Contohnya…
    Ketika Berasmara Terlepas Rahsia…
    Dijadikan Ugutan Memeras Dia…
    Sebaliknya Meletup Terlepas Jiwa…

    2 kambing Menjadi Mangsa…
    Kerana Menurut Perintah Sahaja…
    Selamatkan Dia Dan Juga Baginda…
    Nyawa Kambing Jadi Taruhannya…

    Demi Untuk Selamatkan Nyawa…
    Membawa Diri Keluar Negara…
    Kenapa Tidak Diekstradisi Saja…
    Mungkin Takut Komplot Terbuka…

    Suruhanjaya Siasatan Di Raja…
    Itulah Yang Hamba Pinta..
    Bukan Sesuka dan Sekadar Berkata…
    Berlaku Adil Terhadap Rakyat Jelata…

    Ya Allah… Dunia ini hanya Sementara….

  36. faridina Apr 21,2015 11:53 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    “No Kowtow to Kiasu”

    Well we salute your attitude towards our neighbour – as you have said in one of your interviews “I’m not going to let myself Kowtow to Singapore”.

    And we can understand your feelings when someone Kowtow to Singapore for the wrong reason and put our sovereign right aside.

    Crooked bridge it has to be but bear in mind by building it higher will helps the flow of Tebrau Straits which is long long overdue and naturally enriched the straits ecologically and maybe if ships can pass through will definitely prosper our ports and this is what they kiasu most!!

    How sometime I wish you were as firm as LKY be it ‘iron fisted’ after what they (Tun Lah n DSN) did to you and your policies – the unthinkable happened even they are from the same party as Tun.. Anyway I will save this and elaborate more in my next posting.

  37. jihad Apr 21,2015 11:42 PM

    Salam Tun M yang saya hormati…
    Memang kelazimannya untuk menelan sesuatu yang pahit dengan melihat kepahitan itu sebagai racun adalah amat sukar sekali. Melainkan dengan melihat kepahitan itu seumpama ubat yang menyembuhkan. Bagaimanapun, yang hak pasti akan mengalahkan yang batil.

  38. adelheid Apr 21,2015 10:17 PM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

    I thank God that you unveiled it all, and yes the bread winner of my family became one of the victims of Najib’s unscrupulous strategies. He was a loyal servant to the BN government even when you were still Prime Minister. UMNO was more precious than us his family. But after the GE13 despite his long loyal undivided sacrifice for UMNO BN they thrashed him just like that leaving him and us his family suffer from a sudden loss of ‘periuk nasi’ suddenly no more monthly gaji as civil servant and his immediate boss his majikan (govt agency) never even asked him how he will continue to earn a living after that! That’s when we realise how ungrateful Najib’s administration is, and that neither Najib nor Abdullah Badawi could stand up for their people.

    Tun, we will not vote for BN if Najib is still PM (GE14). He must go. Same goes for his parasite backscrubbers his UMNO apple polishers must evaporate with him. We don’t want them. We want clean trustworthy people to represent us the rakyat. Like what you have always upheld and taught to us when you were our dear PM.

    Tun, terima kasih kerana mendengar suara hati kami rakyat. Terima kasih krn berani membongkar kebenaran demi kami rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun demikian kami juga mohon utk keselamatan Tun, that you must take care of your safety wherever you may go now in view of all these revelations. I wish to pledge also to your family to ensure your safety and theirs in view of the same.

    Take good care Tun Dr Mahathir. Our prayers with you.

  39. Daniel Noor Apr 21,2015 7:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun. You can be assured ‘ you never walk alone’. Siphoning or transfering large sums of money in billions happened many times before in countries where the leaderships are corrupted. After tranfering or siphoning this large amount that can be in billions, these rogues then will live in exile or seek citizenship in another country where they will not be touched or extradited. It can happen in this country too Tun. Wallahualam

  40. peen Apr 21,2015 12:05 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,Siapalah saya untuk menulis lebih,sedang disini semuanya bijak pandai,apa yang saya hendak katakan cumalah tun telah melihat anak kecil malaysia ini membesar berjaya dalam jagaan tun,tahu mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk untuknya.Keyakinan dan kepercayaan saya terhadap Tun takkan pernah padam.Dan benar Tun katakan,apakah gunanya lakukan sesuatu jika tidak memberi manfaat kepada negara.

    Terima kasih Tun

  41. MindZer0 Apr 21,2015 11:03 AM

    Its been quite sometime since i last post here.

    Is it just me or it is just getting harder to access this blog?
    I saw at the visitor online, i saw 2/4 bots. Which i never saw before. Correct me if i’m wrong, i think it is safe to assume that SOMEONE placed bots here to make it hard for people to access the blog.

    @myungtae : He is gaining nothing from this. He is just someone who wants to save us, Malaysians. But it just got me thinking, if Najib steps down, who will take the throne. I honestly see no one is worthy enough, hence, yes i would want Najib to stay, but please listen to Tun’s Advice.

    I really hope we can still access the blog. I’m a neutral. Neither i’m a pro-government nor that i hate them. I just want to read. Honestly i like how Tun’s write or speak without a script. I can’t see that in our leaders nowadays. Where you speak from your mind. Without a script. That solely explains that you understand what you’re doing.

    P/S : @sibotak – still fiery as ever. Lol

  42. novo Apr 21,2015 9:09 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Najib is acting like a real circus clown lately.

    1Malaysia Circus Clown (1MCC) = NAJIB

    Sorry Tun because i broken my promise to you. I do switch off my connection to your website after a while. I have to think about others who are trying to browse you blog.
    I don’t want to be selfish person.

    Tun, i think Najib should learn something from my act. It’s ” Don”t be selfish and step down now.


  43. sibotak Apr 21,2015 9:08 AM

    You made a remarkable positive comment
    Its Accurate & Positive
    I Like

  44. sibotak Apr 21,2015 9:01 AM

    Kepada Pentakbir Negara UMNO , Pemerintah Ma…alayu
    Saya amat Prihatin prihal Tanah terutama di Johor
    Selagi dan berulang lagi pandangan saya






  45. myungtae Apr 21,2015 7:56 AM

    Tun yang dikasihi.

    Saya pasti Tun akan kekal dikenang sebagai negarawan yang sangat banyak berjasa pada negara ini. Seribu tahun sekalipunbelum kita akan dapat cari orang spt Tun.

    Saya tak boleh komen banyak sebab saya sangat-sangat menghormati Tun cuma saya sedih kenapa orang spt Tun boleh berperangai buruk dalam umur senja macam ni.

  46. MohdHalig HajiHamid Apr 21,2015 6:39 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun.Tun tidak keseorangan dalam perjuangan saya sentiasa bersama2 dengan tun.inshaallah rahsia/kebenaran akan terhurai.kekuatan saya bersama2 arwah isteri kolonel magarat.

  47. mubarakchan Apr 21,2015 6:20 AM


    Not only am I saddened but also appalled that in the 21st Century our beloved Malaysia which has been independent and gained our Merdeka in 1957, has to pay strange foreigners by the billions of ringgits to teach us how to administer our own country. I think this is a great shame. We seem to have forgotten our Sovereignty, National Interest, Self Esteem. We seem to have our minds clouded by big bucks. The bigger the buck the better we acquire material things like he horrible failed MONEY MONEY MONEY Policies of that little fiefdom down South. We have been overwhelmed by the evils of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY by aping others whose fate has already been sealed as a FAILED STATE. A State which is trying to pull us down togetherr with them by enticing us to sign the poisoned chalice TPPA. Death for Malaysia. Singapore lives.

    How can it be that we have become so weak-minded that we need to pay foreigners to man an administrative system which has been in place since 1957 ?

    How is it that the Malaysians like me could conceive the open market acquisitions beginning with Sime Darby in 1972 and later the whole lot of British owned plantation companies fully supported by our Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh ? Sime Darby’s control was acheived with just RM 23 millions ?

    These billions of ringgits would have been better spent on the social welfare of the aged, the young and the disabled rather than on foreigners of questionalble ability and purpose.

    Since 2003, with the adoption of the MONEY MONEY MONEY failed Policies of the failed State of the late Ruler (1959-2015), I have observed the view of the World from the top seemed to have been radically changed. The late Ruler (1959-2015) micro-manged everything including the Istana’s flower pots according to his son’s eulogy. Incidentally, this activity is part of his Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats which is abetted by the Western powers and their journalists. They all know what Harry was doing to his own people. And they clapped their hands with glee ! We are just a whisper away from the failed State and yet we do not know his failed Political System and his machinations against us from 1959-2015. Strange !

    Sime Darby was bankrupted by the billions of ringgits by our Malaysians. This we may accrue to tuition fees in administrating a corporate giant, the flagship of the PNB. But to pay so-called foreign consultants to administer our beloved country is another matter. Our beloved Malaysia, a proud and independent country, is no better than Forbes 100 Best United States corporations. We have sunk that low.


    Not many people seem to be aware what Political System we practise which is the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristics ! And our Political System is abang adek to the great amusement of the late Ruler (1959-2015) and his Apparatchiks or Meritocrats. This is why they always laugh at us and rode the high horse until they met their own Waterloo since October 2008 !

    All Malaysians must understand what SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM mean. By employing foreign consultants to run our country, we have breached our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM which no other country in the World will do.

    This is the reason why I always say :-


  48. Bek Dae Apr 21,2015 6:03 AM

    Salam Tun.
    I just wondering how my knowledge about Najib’s lost. So let me guess before you expose his secret spending’s. If i guess correctly, i could believe myself that i can be politician like you 🙂
    Here is my explanations.
    Lets call total lost of Najib is 100%:
    distribution can be like below.

    40% of the money went to his lavish lifestyle such as trip to abroad, wedding ceremony of his daughter, “Najib Care” foundations which include the payments to fake 1M supporters.

    28% for several scandals and payments to clean up. (In example payment to murderer of AltienTuya, Payment to his detectives also payment to people who keep quite about the case and lawyers)

    21% payments for his relatives and supporters in the government as a under-table money. This includes who ever wanna hide his corruptions and supporters from western. (remember that he have been payed a lot of money to win in elections. Other than that he gave a lot of citizenship to foreigner who can support him)

    1% for citizens of malaysia which he like to claim that government paying to its people to show that taking care of them.(which is not reality at all)

    10% For his saving and assets in abroad. When he step down he dont care even now he does not care about malaysia.

  49. printingbajumalaysia Apr 21,2015 4:55 AM

    Salam Tun Dr Mahathir,

    Terima kasih di atas segala jasa dan sumbangan Tun terhadap bangsa, agama, dan negara.

    Jika manusia tidak tahu atau tidak pandai membalas jasa-jasa Tun, maka sesungguhnya Allah jualah yang Maha Membalas lagi Maha Mengetahui.

    Semoga Allah merahmati dan memberkati Tun sekeluarga.

    Printing Baju Tshirt Online Malaysia

  50. z2z Apr 21,2015 2:57 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I am a Malaysian Chinese residing in Singapore.
    I grew up in Malaysia and had high hopes for my future in the country, from getting my education, building a meaningful professional career and family life in the country. In my primary and secondary school I made friends with Malay, Indian and Chinese. We studied and played together. Malaysia was then recognized as one of the more progressive country in S.E.A and often mentioned as one of the emerging “Tiger” economies. I was proud to be a Malaysian. I had high hopes for myself and Malaysia, expecting we will eventually catch up with and even surpass our neighbours.
    Alas, this didn’t came to be and I ended up getting my education in Singapore. One thing leads to another I am now living and working in Singapore.
    Being a realist Malaysia just didn’t provide the environment that made me feel I can develop my talents and fulfil my aspirations. In my secondary school years, I felt there was an ominous force separating and making students sticking to people of their own skin colour. Then there is the quota in higher education which makes me feel I can’t compete on equal terms. Not to mention the other affirmative policies which discriminates the minorities.
    The issue here is where are all these affirmative action policies, practices and segregation leading the country to? Is the country moving forward and proving to be competitive in the global arena? How many graduates of Malaysian universities can compete against graduates of neighbouring countries on equal terms? How many Malaysian SMEs can compete effectively and survive without depend on generous government contracts?
    Tun, I don’t think the problem we have in Malaysia can be fixed by the removal of just a single or even a group of individuals. I agree that the government system has become dysfunctional. Many people has become steeped in thinking in a certain way, having certain expectations and way of life. In fact the problem has gotten worse until many people cannot pretend not to see it anymore.
    I would take a generation of politicians to convince people to abandon the tribal mindset which proves ineffective in today’s globalized economies. 1+1 2 but 3, 4, 5, 10 ….

  51. Hajar Apr 21,2015 1:18 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    1. Yes, DS Najib @ Ah Jib Gor is not fit to be the PM of Malaysia & not fit to be Finance Minister (so ‘blur’, and could not answer simple questions regarding 1MDB even though he’s the advisor). Furthermore, he cannot be trusted.

    2. And, he is also not fit to be UMNO President (Parti Melayu/Islam). He is so liberal, and he doesn’t care about the survival of the Malays/Bumiputra. He is so weak.

    3. He also failed to unite Malaysians of different races. His ‘1Malaysia’ (similar to ‘Malaysian Malaysia’) slogan failed. In fact, nowadays Malaysians are more divided and have become more racist (ever since he’s the PM).

    4. In conclusion, DS Najib @ Ah Jib Gor must ‘step down’ immediately (to save UMNO /BN and Malaysia).

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  52. sibotak Apr 21,2015 12:58 AM

    You said it all Tun
    Agreed , We have observed ,we have remarks ,we have advise
    You Tun has done yr very best to advise , to guide
    Najib to the Malaysian Path


    Listening to Foreign Advise is inviting for Troubles
    They have the agendas and Najib comforts them
    Are they Sincere of their expertise at the expense of Malaysia
    We Melayu term it as Dayus

    I have much confident Najib are not strong of his thinking
    His wife is just confusing him further
    Can be seen his Office is corrupted by outside influence outside agendas especially for S,pore Interest
    Which Najib feel much confident but being a Fool
    A Leader with no Foundations
    Its an Exit Door for him

    1. Needs to appeal for the Crooked Bridge
    2. Ringgit falling worst throughout Malaysia History
    3.Debts triple the Burden
    4.Keeping money in S,pore
    5.Failing to stop the giving of KTM ,Tanjung Pagar land in Singapore
    6.Abolish ISA at Opposition demand , Najib is seen a Weak person not just a Leader
    7. Ignoring much of S,pore Infrastructure in Johor with huge invasion of land in Johor

    Its very much seen as Najib is indebted to Singapore
    Simply I smells Durian

  53. rimba.emas Apr 21,2015 12:29 AM

    Salam Tun , Rimba Emas mula sangsi bila berlakunya GST. Sebab dia berkaitan cukai yang dikenakan terhadap pembeli. Zaman Tun tak dikenakan sebab dalam kajian. Tidak dilaksanakan bermakna ada sebab- sebab tertentu bila dilaksanakan boleh memberi kesan terhadap harga barang-barang. Walau pun kerajaan jamin harga akan lebih murah tetapi sebaliknya telah berlaku harga murah tetapi pertambahan dalam pembayaran yang lain. Maka rakyat yang tidak pernah merasai pendapatan berjuta-juta ringgit akan meragui pemegang amanah wang dalam kerajaan terutamanya yang mengeluarkan wang dan hasilnya terhenti bermaksud rugi . Menggurus wang secara merugikan sebaliknya mengantikan kembali atau menambah balik dengan wang cukai milik rakyat adalah salah. Menolak idea membina jambatan bengkok atas sebab menelan kos jutaan ringgit bukan satu kerugian sebaliknya terhasil satu mercu tanda dengan hasilnya akan datang dalam bentuk yang berpanjangan serta dapat mengubah sumber ekonomi dan ekologi. Masalahnya Tun menggantikan seseorang itu melalui peti undi pilihanraya hanyalah dapat menukar Parti sahaja. Islam kepunyaan Allah s.w.t mengutuskan seorang Rasulnya melaksanakan suruhannya berpandukan kata-katanya di dalam Al-Quran. Jadi kalau pilih seorang PM kenalah adakan dulu aku janji benda-benda yang perlu dilaksanakan yang ditulis dan dipersetujui oleh rakyat jelata bukannya dilakukan sendiri PM yang kita pilih. Teruskan Tun lambat laung kebenaran akan menang jua. Wallahua’lam.

  54. faridina Apr 20,2015 11:28 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    How far it is true?

    Can’t wait to get your explanation on how Najib lost billions of ringgit in your next blog..

    But before that knowing he spends 7 billion ringgit engaging foreign consultants is so outrages!!

    Now we the rakyat is talking to the billions only and please clarify too in your next blog what we came to know from Tun Daim that during your premiership goverment foreign debts were very minimal then under Pak Dol @ Pak Lah it went to more than 200 billion ringgit and presently under Ah Jib Gor it rocketed up to 600 billion ringgit!!

    So scare that Malaysia will end up like Greece and Argentina..

    Save us all Tun!!

  55. musato Apr 20,2015 9:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tidak mengatakan Tun tidak bagus dan tidak benar.

    Tiada sesiapa akan dapat menggantikan Tun Mahathir Bin Mohammed dan ketokohan Tun.

    Najib mengambil Malaysia ketika Malaysia dalam keadaan yang berat. Dan orang dikelilingi oleh orang yang tak berapa elok. Beberapa kesilapan besar macam batalkan ISA dan bernasib baik tidak hapuskan Akta Hasutan atas desakan orang ramai.

    Beliau nampaknya cuba memperbaiki kesilapan. Namun jangan terlalu lama mengambil masa. Beliau patut diberi masa sehigga pilihanraya akan datang.

    Rasanya dah berkali kali Najib mengaku yang beliau dikelilingi orang orang jemuan.

    Tun nak gantikan dengan siapa? Muhyiddin Yasssin?

    Saya tak berapa yakin Malaysia dapat dipulihkan dengan lebih cepat sekiranya Najib diganti pada peringkat ini. Sekuat mana sekalipun pemimpin yang diganti nanti, ia tidak akan sama dengan kewibawaan Tun.

    Setelah Tun menulis Tun tidak keseorangan, media sosial bergerak membuat pecahan sokongan. Namun saya tidak dapat bersama sama dengan Tun dalam situasi ini.

    Seperti mana yang saya katakan dulu, walaupun ianya benar saya tidak dapat menyebelahi Tun. Pada saya Tun akan tetap keseorangan.

    Ini kerana jika ia terjadi kali ini, bukan Malaysia akan bertukar Perdana Menteri sahaja, malah akan bertukar kerajaan sekaligus kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

    Gandingan kita berdua terlalu berat untuk Najib hadapi. Kerajaan sekarang dalam keadaan rapuh jika diserang. Bukan dalam politik sahaja malah dalam dasar dasar juga.

    Saya tidak bagi markah yang tinggi dalam dasar dasar yang diperkenalkan mungkin dalam 6/10 sahaja. Tapi mungkin dasar dasar ini dapat mengukuhkan negara dalam keadaan sekarang. Dalam keadaan majoriti kurang 2/3.

    Kita berada dalam suasana media sosial yang aktif. Antara salah satu faktor besar dalam negara kita hari ini.

    Bukankah terlalu rapuh kerajaan kita bilamana beberapa kali saya menulis yang saya mengaku krisis ekonomi 2008 diselesaikan melalui idea saya?

    Sudah tiadakah orang lain yang pakar selain seorang tukang buat roti di dalam Malaysia ini?

    Faham maksud saya?

    Antara kebenaran kehidupanm dan kesan buruk berpanjangan pada negara.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  56. adrian Apr 20,2015 12:03 PM

    Dear Tun,
    #1. In regards to the bridge, consulting neighbours is the right thing to do. Though it’s our land, it could still somehow impact others. We should always try to have a win-win situation.
    #2. Civil servants should ideally stay neutral and not align themselves with political parties. They serve the country. But yes, you can say that indirectly, they government of the day sits on top.
    #3. But it is not wrong to have a different political opinion and yet stay professional. The country can do with more thinkers.
    #4. If we want to see the country as a whole progress, there needs to be meritocracy — business and education. This is how we can encourage people to strive and be better.
    #5. Giving handouts is a short term relief, but not a solution. Worst case, this does not encourage people to improve.
    #6. BN is losing support is also because of its outdated believes and policies. Race based politics divides the country, especially when we look at a global context and need to compete with the rest of the world.
    #7. I really do hope that you can see how race-based politics will put Malaysia at a disadvantage — both short-term and long-term.
    #8. But I do agree with you that there needs to be more explanation and clarification on 1MDB. There are just too many “controversial statements” made in regards to this — including Bank Negara policies making it difficult to bring money back (or something to that effect). It sounds like our policies don’t encourage setting up business in the country.

  57. novo Apr 20,2015 10:55 AM

    Salam Tun.
    I won’t switch off my computer and my connection to your website until you post your next blog regarding “How The Stupid Najib lost billions of Ringgit in 1MDB”. Hope my computer won’t explode.


    Yesterday. J-Lo is my fans.
    Today, I’m her fans
    Forever, Najib and his buddy is the fanatic fans of Jho Low


  58. I.D.A. Apr 20,2015 10:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Please keep on digging, keep on exposing the truth.

    Taxpayers want to know, we have the right to know.

    Its our hard earned money…

    Thank you Tun.

    Pantun sikit:
    Kalau ribut di dalam cawan,
    Tuangkan air ke dalam gelas;
    Kalau ditegur jangan sawan,
    Bertindak segera; usah malas.

    Randuk paya teramat payah,
    Sebelah kaki disengat keli,
    Kalau marah sama si ayah;
    Takkanlah anak kena sekali.

    Hujan lebat di Paya Jaras,
    Duduk di rumah usah berjalan;
    Soalan mudah terfokus jelas,
    Tuan berdalih kami terkilan.

    Musim menimba ikan darat,
    Buat pekasam memang elok;
    Ada juga pemimpin keparat,
    Kepala angguk berat tembolok.


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