1MDB (Part 3) 59

Zamil Ibrahim of KITA seems fond of saying things about which he seems confused or ignorant.

Firstly I never said RM42 billion had gone missing. What I said was that RM42 billion was borrowed by 1MDB.

Some of the borrowed money was used to buy power plants and Government land along Jalan Tun Razak and the Sungai Besi Airport land at ridiculously low price. These are marked up greatly and claimed as assets. Private land in Penang with lots of squatters was also bought at a much higher price.

1 billion USD (RM3.6 billion) was paid to Petro Saudi and some other purchases and investments.

Another RM6 billion was alleged to be in Cayman but now is not in Cayman. All the money is said to have been brought back. A tranche was brought back presumably to Malaysia. A second tranche was brought back and as explained by Dato’ Sri Najib was deposited with a Swiss bank in Singapore. Now the Swiss bank has denied that this money was deposited with it. So where is the money?

Adding generously up all the money that is known to have been spent, there remains some RM14 billion to RM20 billion that cannot be accounted for. Since the 1MDB advisor cannot explain where this money is, I must assume that it is somehow lost or stolen or misused.

My sons are not billionaires but they do borrow millions to finance their businesses. Mirzan, does most of his business outside Malaysia but was forced to sell his shipping business to Petronas during the financial crisis. Petronas made a handsome profit selling part of the fleet when the economy recovered. Petronas policy is not to answer questions but Petronas accounts are available and can be examined to verify whether I lie or not. Mirzan is not millionaire.

Mokhzani has a steel fabrication business started after I ceased to be the Prime Minister. It took him more than 3 years to make the money he is supposed to have. He did not steal the money. What he has he earned. Nobody’s money has disappeared because of his business.

I did not raise loans when I was PM to help my sons. If you have evidence, show it.

Tunku Abdul Aziz tries to pin the BMF scandal on me on the basis of a statement by Lorraine Esme Othman as quoted in his article thus:

“He (Lorraine) asked me (Tunku) whether he alone could have made the decision to move billions of US Dollars without instruction from “high above”.”

He assumes that “high above” Lorraine was me. There are lots of people high above Lorraine. I will not name them here because I don’t like making inferences when I have no concrete evidence. Lorraine went to London where he was jailed.

Neither Bank Bumiputra nor BMF were directly under me. I had nothing to do with their management. Please show proof of my involvement in the affair of BB or BMF.

14. I was informed of the measures to be taken to resolve the scandal and I agreed to sending an officer to check on the deals with the Carrian Group. He was subsequently murdered.

15. Tunku Aziz is a director of the International Instittute of Public Ethics and a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

16. I would like to ask Tunku Aziz whether his attempt to accuse me of being involved in the BMF scandal on such flimsy ground is ethical or not.

17. And as member of the Anti-Corruption Commission, he can make a full investigation of my record to find out how many billions I stole from the Government as he seems to imply. If he fails, he should at least have the decency to apologise.

18. And as someone who professes to be concerned about corruption, shouldn’t he ask how Jho Low and Riza Aziz have hundreds of millions of dollars. And shouldn’t he be interested in public officers who live well beyond their means. Or has he got selective awareness of what is going on around him. An American paper reported that now Malaysia is among the ten most corrupt countries in the world. Shouldn’t he try to find out why?

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  1. alvinseng Nov 7,2015 7:21 AM


    Just watched, u were being questioned by the policemen.. Wondering why are the trying to investigate on someone who has served the country honorably for decades. In contrast, why we never see(news) the policemen investigate the leader of !MDB that make Malaysia into financial crisis?

    Since we have the title like dato’ vs dato’ seri, maybe one day it also apply on the title of TUN, so that we will have OUR TUN SERI MAHATHIR. A Former PM can actually enjoying his own life after his retirement yet still sacrificing for the people of malaysia. THANKS A LOT to TUN Dr. MAHATHIR. GOOD HEALTH to our HERO!

  2. mubarakchan May 19,2015 2:10 AM


    For HockBengTeoh666 from the MInistry of Information, Phoenix Park, Singapore. The place where all the colour pics of full blooded Malaysians, the high and the mighty in action, are kept. The number of strokes in your name in Chinese spell doom, gloom and unhappy days for you and your homeland, Singapore. Your Chinese characters cannot beat mine which is far superior to your ordinary name of no consequence without meaning.


  3. cruze May 19,2015 12:35 AM

    Saya sokong kerajaan pimpinan barisan nasional sejak kali pertama saya layak mengundi sampai bila bila pun tetapi saya tidak sokong tanah di jual kepada orang asing.
    1MDB cubalah buat perniagaan lain selain dari membeli tanah kerajaan dan menjualnya semula kepada orang asing.

    Saya lihat ramai penerima BRIM sebenarnya tidak turun mengundi mengapa mereka di beri BRIM sedangkan mereka tidak tunaikan tanggung jawab sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

    Wahai pemimpin negara fikirkan nasib anak bangsa yang sebenarnya terpinggir dari mata bangsa lain dalam sektor pekerjaan bukan kerajaan walau mereka punyai kelulusan yang tinggi.
    Bagaimana anak bangsa akan datang dapat memiliki rumah kediaman sendiri jika kebanyakan pemaju meletakkan harga di atas RM 500k seperti di negeri Johor sekarang.
    Mungkin 1MDB boleh membuka syarikat penerbangan seperti air asia, membuat kenderaan dan lain lain yang dapat memberi peluang pekerjaan untuk anak bangsa kerana banyak bidang yang telah di monopoli oleh bangsa lain, jika mahu membantu rakyatlah asalkan jangan menjual tanah milik kerajaan.

    Semuga Tun dan keluarga di lindungi Allah.

  4. HBT456 May 18,2015 9:14 PM

    the only thing i can never forgive mca is mereka menghasut umno to kill the chinese race just to get elected in the cabinet.

    mubarak chan, this is my chinese name, remember it:-


  5. mubarakchan May 18,2015 4:49 PM


    The 1MDB conundrum was raised because most of us were not aware of the many diverse approaches or methods of doing business. I believe the closest aide who gave his American-trained learned advice followed the ancient dictum that ‘ the best way of doing business is not to own the business or bring out any capital but control the business 100% without capital.’ This is already happening in our copy-cat GLCs with the non-accountable and non-owners, Civil Servants in place controlling the businesses 100% !
    The Honourable Prime Minister was right when he said recently, ‘ Go and have a look at what is there. ‘ His clear comment which was given to him by his closest aide could only be based on the following sequence of events.
    First, 1MDB was created out of another public owned entity. Before we could say 1MDB, it has already acquired RM 14.7 Billions of landed and other fixed assets by way of loans, letters of comfort and guarantees. Second, a private re-valuation all these assets produced a figure of RM 42 Billions on paper. Third, loan/s were raised up to the tune of RM 42 Billions hard cash. Fourth, now 1MDB had RM 42 Billions fixed assets and RM 42 Billions hard cash. Fifth, only the closest aide knows the whereabouts of this RM 42 Billions hard cash or how it was disbursed. Fifth, if the answers are not forthcoming, then we have no choice but to ask the United States Marines of ‘The Halls of Montezuma’ Hollywood fame. Our Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak was correct on the advice of his closest aide as always.


  6. amin tan May 18,2015 6:28 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote HBT456 as below,
    HBT456 May 16,2015 7:02 PM

    It is time for central monetary policy, central bank should consider lower interest rate to increase AD, Aggregate Demand to stimulate optimism and consumer spending after gst if bn wants to win, and make greater kl a reality.
    Dear HBT
    You are right.This is the First time i read somebody writes sensible economic advice to the government. But as Tun said I don’t think they will heed your sound advice as they have Idris Jala, 3 British advisors, 1MDB geniuses.
    Anyway our economic performance this year is superb according to Bank Negara report. Private sector recorded 11% growth inspite of base interest rate at a very high rate of 6.5%. Whereas in Japan it is half % and UK 2 %. How I wish interest rate for investment is abolished all together. The banks are making indecent profits.

    amin tan

  7. amin tan May 17,2015 11:01 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to copy and paste the following

    KLANG: The RM42bil allegedly lost by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) has not disappeared but can be accounted for in the value of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) and Bandar Malaysia projects, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (pic).

    “Go and have a look at what is there. The Tun Razak Exchange has 70 acres and Bandar Malaysia has 500 acres.

    “Five hundred acres in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. I regard it as a goldmine. If I were a wealthy man (hartawan) I would buy there anytime because I know of it’s value in the next 20 years,” Najib said in his speech at a special gathering of Selangor Umno and Barisan Nasional members here on Saturday.

    Najib also refuted allegations that Lembaga Tabung Haji had bailed out 1MDB with its purchase of TRX land.

    He added that the pilgrimage fund wanted to develop the land and this would have benefited its depositors.

    On the audit on 1MDB, Najib said the files were currently with the Auditor-General.

    “We will disclose as soon as the Auditor-General has finished investigations,” he said, adding that the report would be ready next month.

  8. HBT456 May 16,2015 7:02 PM

    It is time for central monetary policy, central bank should consider lower interest rate to increase AD, Aggregate Demand to stimulate optimism and consumer spending after gst if bn wants to win, and make greater kl a reality.

  9. wow May 16,2015 3:26 PM

    aiya….just. Follow china implement….corruption or makan duit mean mati….all business entities and gov Division. 1 time clean all. Not too late to start…..and I believe no 1 dare to propose Except you.
    think you can take the tasK.

  10. joetamchi May 15,2015 3:59 AM

    Melayu bersatu
    Demi kerana ILMU..
    Bukan utk penuhkan saku
    Bukan utk jadi penipu…

    Malaysia maju
    Bersama ILMU..
    Negara tidak akan ditipu
    Musuh sentiasa memerhati selalu..

    Muhamad SAW kekasihMu
    Selawat & Salam ya Rasulullah…
    Iqrak ayat pertama diperintah..

    ﺁﻟﻠّﻬُﻢَ ﺻَﻠّﯿﮱِ ﯛﺳَﻠّﻢْ ﻋَﻠﮱِ ﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤّﺪْ ﻭَ ﻋَﻠﮱ ﺁﻝِﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤَّﺪٍ

  11. joetamchi May 15,2015 3:49 AM


    Melayu bersatu
    Demi kerana ILMU..

    Malaysia maju
    Bersama ILMU..

    Selawat & Salam ya Rasulullah…
    Iqrak ayat pertama diperintah..

    ﺁﻟﻠّﻬُﻢَ ﺻَﻠّﯿﮱِ ﯛﺳَﻠّﻢْ ﻋَﻠﮱِ ﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤّﺪْ ﻭَ ﻋَﻠﮱ ﺁﻝِﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤَّﺪٍ

  12. joetamchi May 14,2015 8:34 PM

    May 13, 2015

    missing link….


    Mungkin dikait kambing yg dua…
    Kambing seekor diluar negara..
    Harga diri sudah tiada…
    Diperas dia kerana rahsia…..

    Yahudi menunjok, engkau pun ikut bongok.!!
    Telunjok MakRosmah nak rakyat lentok….?

    Selawat & Salam ya Rasulullah..
    ﺁﻟﻠّﻬُﻢَ ﺻَﻠّﯿﮱِ ﯛﺳَﻠّﻢْ ﻋَﻠﮱِ ﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤّﺪْ ﻭَ ﻋَﻠﮱ ﺁﻝِﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤَّﺪٍ

    Berilah kami hambaMu petunjok..

  13. joetamchi May 14,2015 3:54 AM

    Malaysia Maju…

    Berdagang kita timur dan barat….
    Di utara, selatan, harap kita bertempat..
    Berdagang dgn Dolar Amerika Syarikat..
    Berdagang BRICS mungkin emas yg dapat..


    Nak Lawan..???

    Cuma siapalah dirinya hamba..
    Berdagang kecil di kaki Lima..!!
    Tenggelam segala kata & suara…!
    Mungkinkah diri tak setara Memanda..??

    Memanda Memanda….??

    iyea ke…??
    Bukan ke memanda ramai yg bengong..!!
    iyea ke..??
    Bukan ke memanda ramai yg bangang..!!
    iyea ke..??

    Hilangkan bengong, Hilangkan bangang..
    Nak di suluh..? dah memang terang…!!

    Berkhidmat, Bekerja seikhlas Syahadah..
    Berdagang kita, bercontoh Rasulullah…

    Muhamad S.A.W
    Selawat & Salam ya Rasulullah…

    ﺁﻟﻠّﻬُﻢَ ﺻَﻠّﯿﮱِ ﯛﺳَﻠّﻢْ ﻋَﻠﮱِ ﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤّﺪْ ﻭَ ﻋَﻠﮱ ﺁﻝِﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤَّﺪٍ

  14. joetamchi May 14,2015 2:56 AM

    Melayu Bersatu..

    Buah Fikiran dipandang kosong…
    Nasib negara, rakyat jd bengong…
    Memanda kerja asyik penuhkan kantong…
    Rakyat di rumah kena makan kangkong..!!

    Berhenti makan sebelum kenyang…
    Bertalam bersama, tak makan sorang..
    Adat Melayu makan berdulang..
    Majukan Malaysia, bersemangat girang…


  15. anti-jibaok May 13,2015 9:04 PM

    I consider that you could be right and thinking on the right track.

    I reckon Najib’s ‘balls’ has been grabbed & squeezed by those powerful external forces to make him submit to their whims.., so that Malaysia can be ultimately squeezed dry and be overwhelmed later.

    Previously.., those powerful external forces tried to do the same with Pak Lah (Mr. Clean) while he was the PM.., by threatening him with the ‘Oil For Food (Iraq)’ debacle as well as the ‘Scomi – Aluminium Centrifuge’ issue. Fortunately.., Pak Lah was wise and reasonable enough to retire as PM.

    However.., Najib has too many skeletons in his closet. If he does not resign as PM the soonest possible, so that ‘Damage Control’ can be into action.., then most possibly Malaysia could possible go down the drain together with him.


    The disappearance of Flight MH370 and the shooting down of Flight MH17 are indicators that powerful external forces are meddling in the affairs of Malaysia and who are geopolitically pressuring Najib to succumb to their whims and fancy.

    Clearly.., Najib is far from being a courageous leader and is certainly no David willing to fight and face-off with those evil Goliath.

    Apparently, Najib wants to establish himself as a National Leader cum Statesman, while at the same time he wants to act as a Multi-billion Corporate Investor like (say) Warren Buffet. At the rate and performance that he has shown so far.., ultimately he shall surely miserably fail at both. Plain & simple.

    Cheerio for now.

  16. lsw May 13,2015 9:19 AM

    missing link

    Useful to link what happened in the last 15 months to understand what is happening in terms of big events tragedy.
    the missing plane, the shot down plane, the weather-caused-plane crash, the helicopter crash and now the missing funds 1MDB. Malaysia is under attack from outside force and my interpretation is all are connected. PM is being threaten a few times and finally he gave in to the threats, resulting in the missing funds. The rest is just a show to distract. He cannot blow whistle as outside forces are strong and will take him out. I think CERN and TPP is interconnected. What do the rest think?

  17. anti-jibaok May 12,2015 11:58 PM

    Apparently Dato’ Seri Najib is playing a silly and foolish game by allowing that Media-Prima chairman boss cum his mainstream-media ‘gatekeeper’ (i.e. Tan Sri Johan Jaafar) to release disparaging comments coming from Tunku Aziz to be lambasted and hurled against Tun Dr. Mahathir on the Buletin Utama (8:00pm News) just awhile ago (12/5/2015) on prime-time TV.

    And.., in defence of Najib, that idiot Tunku Aziz had said that the 1MDB issue only involved loans or debt accrued by 1MDB and that no wrongful acts have yet to be proven in the 1MDB business exercise.

    However, Tunku Aziz had failed to highlight that bad and dubious business practices has been carried-out by 1MMD all these while for the past six years to accrue such debts.., that may spell peril for the government as guarantor of those huge and humungous debts.


    Tunku Aziz was even allowed by TV-3 Buletin Utama to lambast all-out against the so-called wealth that Dr. Mahathir son’s Mokhzani and Mirzan had acquired. He even accused Dr. Mahathir (being PM at the time) as being instrumental on the so-called bail-out of his son’s Konsortium Perkapalan by Petronas.

    Well.., apparently Tunku Aziz have yet to read about this ‘I’-Files political ‘tale’ as per this URL below:-

    Let’s take a look at some excerpt from the above chapter –

    “…. Another name would later be added to these files. Hassan Marican, who was in 1990 a rising star in Petronas, drew an enormous number of foreign intelligence reports. He’d been recruited there by Basir Ismail (Chairman of Petronas at the time, and a close confidant of Dr M) just a short time before, and was already making waves – and clearly aiming for the Presidency, then occupied by Azizan Zainul Abidin.

    Hassan’s rise mirrored Anwar’s rise – if the files are to be believed, not coincidentally. Hassan’s father had been one of Wan Azizah’s father’s colleagues in Psy-Ops in the 1970s. Hassan had attended Malay College, a scant five years Anwar’s junior there, and had walked into the network Anwar developed. Anwar and Hassan worked hand-in-glove to engineer Hassan’s rise up the ranks. By 1995, they had engineered Basir’s retirement, moving Azizan into the position of Chairman. The petrochemical group naturally needed a President and CEO, and so Anwar proposed Hassan.

    Mahathir was uncertain – Hassan was only 43 at the time – but by then, the old man trusted his Deputy Prime Minister implicitly, and so agreed to the appointment.

    Hassan therefore had full rein on Petronas’s coffers – and, more importantly, its operations. The trickle of underpriced crude Phillip had noticed expanded significantly and almost immediately, and all of our intelligence indicated that the missing money was being directed to Wahhabi and radical causes. As time went by, numerous intelligence services, including the Americans, developed credible information that Petronas – which had numerous Anwar allies and friends in its upper echelons – was diverting funds to Anwar front groups at home and abroad.

    But the files told a bigger story. Price fixing was only the cleverest of the schemes the two MCKK men worked up together. Anwar cronies and vassals received the choicest construction, development, procurement, and service contracts from Petronas – billions of pounds’ worth.

    Between them, they almost singlehandedly created what amounted to an oil mafia, a source of constant graft and kickbacks to fund Anwar’s war chest and to help him in his drive for Mahathir’s seat.

    All of this had the effect of diverting untold billions in revenue and savings from Malaysia’s crown jewel – and source of so much public money. For all of the file material on this matter, for all of the several pages of graphs and analysis, there is no indication that either man lost a night’s sleep over this.

    Hassan was an interesting fellow in his own right. A frequent and open lover of alcohol – he was regularly observed nursing a tall draught of beer at the Long Bar of the members-only Royal Selangor Club – he was prone to let the wrong word slip with a bit too much beer in him.

    More than once, he’d talk about his close relationship with Anwar – and with Mahathir – and of holding both men’s affections as hedges against the other. There is a reason that he supported Mahathir’s various pet projects aside from the enormous kickback system he and Anwar developed – Proton, Putrajaya, the acquisition/bailout of Mahathir’s son Mirzan’s disaster of Konsortium Perkapalan, all because he was determined to ride both men’s coattails as long as possible….”


    Thus.., can we now all see the game that Anwar Ibrahim and Hassan Merican had played in the acquisition/bailout of Dr. Mahathir’s son Mirzan’s of the Konsortium Perkapalan issue..?

    And besides.., Tun Dr. Mahathir had even said in this blog post that –

    “…. Petronas policy is not to answer questions but Petronas accounts are available and can be examined to verify whether I lie or not….”

    “… I did not raise loans when I was PM to help my sons. If you have evidence, show it…”

    However.., Tunku Aziz insists that Dr. Mahathir’s sons had become wealthy from their allegedly ill-gotten gains.

    Tunku Aziz even insisted that from his so called ‘transparent ways’ and that he does not go around accusing others unless he has evidence and proof. Does Tunku Aziz not realise that he is contradicting himself..?

    He points his finger at Dr. Mahathir (whilst in power as PM) who allegedly enriched his sons – Mokhzani and Mirzan. However, that idiot Tunku Aziz fails to realise the onus or burden of proof of such accusation rest upon himself..!

    Accusing without providing any evidence or proof is a habit of such a lowlife creature in the likes of Tunku Aziz who thinks he is such a gentleman. How sickening..!!


    Thus.., Tunku Aziz is not doing Dato’ Seri Najib any favour whatsoever by lambasting Tun Dr. Mahathir. In fact.., he is doing the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat a huge favour by demonizing the previous Prime Minister (Dr. Mahathir) and by trying to shore-up and defend a failing and crumbling current Prime Minister.

    Also, does that ‘gatekeeper’ of the mainstream-media TV-3 (Tan Sri Johan Jaafar) can ever realise how damaging to UMNO/BN it has become, when such silly and disparaging remarks are made by idiots such as Tunku Aziz.., on prime-time TV..?

    Thus, TV-3 have provided minus Ten (-10) points to UMNO/BN.., but an additional Ten (10) points for DAP and Pakatan Rakyat’s popularity. How silly of TV-3.

    And.., I think Tunku Aziz and Lim Kit Siang would make good bed-partners in their dreams to see the collapse UMNO/Barisan Nasional.

    Cheerio for now.., Wassalam.

  18. bourne007 May 11,2015 2:21 PM

    Salam HBT456,

    Failure is an option , but Laughter is the best Medicine

    But its ok, I’M used to it. Failure & Laughter .

    FIAT = “let it be done”

    M1 = Money Supply or Emperor One.

    QE2 = Second Quantitative Easing or Queen Elizabeth ||

    “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild

    “GOYIM is best referred as a NON JEWS Nation that is indebted to M1. Theoretically M1 is above 13 Families.

    “Taken all together: he professes a bloodline lineage to the top of the pyramid, strong ties with the Committee of 300, his talk of families and their infrastructures, the Vatican being one of family’s arms, his association with M1 — the Ambassador is portraying himself as being at the top of the pyramid.”

    Sorry too many links…..Moderator

    Black Bag Job?
    So are u telling me u’re gonna expose the missing matahari’s vivid? Or are we legalizing porn sites and online gambling while chanting “word of wisdom”

    17.7.14 : Ghafar Malaysia or Grand Master uploaded this video, uh oh that very same day that fated #MH17 , It was registered on 17.7.97. Somehow about 17 years ago. Should i call this a sacrifice? Or another blame game? While the politicians are reading Protocol of 2102,

    Cant hardly wait, by the way, keep those ministries. we don’t give a *WINK* about debt-driven ministries.

  19. HBT456 May 11,2015 9:02 AM

    Simiarly, there is no way we can make all malaysians must vote only bn. To be or not to be, that is not the question. capital control has a price tag, that is global investors can choose not to invest in malaysia. The consequences is 1mdb of becoming bailout becomes reality that will cause bn loose votes politically and economically.

  20. HBT456 May 11,2015 8:47 AM

    Fiat money is about making money to create a need. You want to watch porn, pay for it. Tppa is good for malaysians, and it will educate us and the generations that there is no free lunch in the world. Everything must have a price tag there to generate fiat money to create a need for the government to tax to manage the country.

    Dont ban just because of nur, he is just a young kid. It still come back to timing factor. If the ministry hebohkan this issue, it will create the perception that islam teaching is misintepretated.

    Amos yee’s parents lodge the police report because the mother cant control him, and put it to the police to handle.what happen to this young boy? He will be the target for gossip that will screw him up for the rest of his life.

    Parenting style in managing the economy is out, why? Because kids are smarter than the parents due to internet connections within the global community.

    If bn ban, it means they are dictator ala communist style. If the women ministry create a programme to educate the public, it becomes public fund wastage.

    What to do?

    Do nothing and stay neutral because there is no one way can ban internet.

  21. HBT456 May 11,2015 7:04 AM

    This is a secular country, islam is approved as the official religion. islam is not the religion that malaysians must convert in order to be recognized as malaysians.

  22. HBT456 May 11,2015 6:48 AM

    Bourne007, what is fiat money means to you? If you cant answer this question, you are bound to fail. Malaysia belongs to us regardless of which race we are from, hence, we have ge in every 5 years. I think the component parties have learned their lessons hard, and most of them dah patah hati politically.

  23. mubarakchan May 11,2015 12:24 AM


    For HockBengTeoh123, the worm embedded here in this Blog from the Ministry of Information, Singapore – the place where all the technicolour pics of full-blooded Malaysians in action are kept.

    Do you realize that your homeland the tiny isle of Singapore with its Ruler (1959-2015), Dictator or LKY who created the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the hapless citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats has gone toxic and will kaput very soon. The whole World except our Malaysian politicians know that this System is also known as the Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas. Do you know, HockBengTeoh234 ?

    Why kaput very soon ? It is good of you to bring up the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. With this I draw your attention to Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Hitler and LKY your God. The three Dictators Stalin, Mao and Hitler after they were gone, their political systems collapsed. Your LKY self created System whereby he conned two generations of insiders and outsiders will go even faster because there is no living space for his self-centred System to take root in a small place. In other words, LKY actually ruled by force and coercion through his System of tightly manipulated Laws and spy-network which stretched deeply into Malaysia. I believe you are one of his spies and will be out of work soon. Do not forget to demand the bonus from your kiasu spymasters.

    LKY devised his Godless Ultra-Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the hapless citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats bolstered by the CPF-HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE-Traffic Taxes-Water Conservation Tax-Free Water from Malaysia-Public Utilities-the Civil Service-the Judiciary-foreign mercenaries manned military etc. to keep himself in POWER and emasculate the citizens financially by sucking out their wherewithal everywhere and channelled these legally into the Governmnet coffers micro-managed by LKY personally. Very cruel ! All for the sake of on person, the Ruler or Dictator or LKY ! Who is going to look after this humongous pile of money now, HockBengTeoh678 ? You ?

    Got it HockBengTeoh654 on how your God and his System worked? So, without Stalin, Mao, Hitler, LKY or any other, we can expect Singapore to be having convulsions anytime soon. I bet with you one ringgit HockBengTeoh789 who now writes differently from the stilted Straits pidgin English language of the recent past ! Did you undergo a course of brainwashing to deal with recalcitrants like myself at the Ministry of Information, Singapore at Phoenix Park ? Please keep posted as I am interessted in a cantankerous Singaporean spy and trouble maker like you, HockBengTeoh567 !


  24. bourne007 May 10,2015 7:03 PM

    Salam Ayahda

    by the way, who is this tunku abdul aziz?
    Is he aziz kicap? The one who mumbles when Approved Permits were revoked under his dealership? The one who nearly bankrupt his auto business? Untill Pak Lah & Oxon Company came to rescue his “kereta terpakai” business.

    OH! My Gosh.

    I was wrong, it suppose to be aziz singapura, the great lion of the south, ex Democratic Action Party Chairman, ex BNM big guy with small gun.

    And now he’s pointing tommy gun on you on the UMBC scandal. maybe he is senile, and pardon him sir. Let the soul of khalid jeffrey & lorraine rest in peace, for once. Professional couldnt fit another unholy trigger-happy partisan in a suitcase, dope! Hongkong made blackbag job.

    Oh! There Again, i was wrong!

    Our focus here is to oust najib razak from office, a great autonomous movement to save the country from heavy debt driven policy. even pakatan rakyat has to reschedule 1Malaydia debt once captures PutraJaya.

    Dont correct me, cause i am pro soviet.

    Dislike me as i am going all the way to pin down those low pedegrees of rockefeller’s. Yes, tall & order. Abdul aziz, u are old, and unhealthy, please, please & please, stay out of this. How much Najib is paying u? U duduk dalam DAP pun bikin semak kepala LEE KUAN YEW. DAP is not profiting on your deeds, now U-TURN? Mo man tai lor!

    Uh sorry, words worth 2 pieces of mind.
    Tell me if najib can afford another rollercoster ride on global currency & economic turmoil?
    Stimus package since 08.08.08, how to revamp a broken economy? Without Barisan Nasional’s ponzi schemers, GOV couldnt proceed with austerity rescue packages to stimulate a steroid driven economy that is backed by heavy debt and not to be forgotten, CORRUPTION!

    Go Tell Rothschild,

    ask him politely to stop printing fiat monetary. Dont u put the blame on Ayahda, all this time, where were U Tunku? It wasnt U, who got soft loan from Japan, it was Ayahda and IMF Proposal. Do u have a say tunku? U want to join George Soros Team? Just like Boris nemtsov and Pak Syeikh? What happened to Charter 77 secret project? Caught blindfolded and dumbfolded? Or u want us to pamper u with duit rakyat as your pension allowance?

    Or do u want us to elect U as the M1? After Sukarno & Marcos. Remember the bandwagon as u wouldnt be here without the M1!

    Jgn marah tunku abdul aziz, cerita tetap cerita.

  25. HBT456 May 10,2015 6:37 PM

    I sincerely hope that the future taxpayer monies are not used in tambah ahli for umno. bn suppose to make sure all civil servants contribute EPF kerana mereka ini juga rakyat Malaysia, similar to what PM Najib pledges to “kurangkan subsidi petrol” to reduce “DEFISIT”, and it is easier to control and manage to avoid public fund wastage and abuse for the future PMs.

    MAS is on the right track, please walk with the new German CEO, tok det if you truly wants MAS to fly with pride and our country Malaysia is accepted and recognised as developed country by 2020.

    Tabung Haji is pilgrim fund, and they need to make good investment decisions too to hedge against future inflation that is beyond the world control. The board of directors can start off with introducing some similar packages similar to that of mekah to encourage domestic tourism to the Crystal Mosque in Terengganu, just like Lego World down south, Genting Theme Park in pahang, and many more local attractions.

    If you never try, you will never know. There are many ways to be extra-ordinary, and bad mouthing is the least favored way.

  26. HBT456 May 10,2015 7:45 AM

    He is right, tok det. If you are not the pm, your son cant make it this far. As we are more mature in democracy, no one is above the law. those people who wiorked with you must be in tremendoud pressure, takut. apabila tok det tak suka, mereka takut kena pecat. The more your supporters in attacking najib, it spells the end of president umno as pm will become reality. today, opposition voices are louder, and there is no way you can silent them. It is not a secret in altantuya case, vvips are above the law, and you are aware of it. malaysia is a multiracial country, please do not kill this unity for the sake of winning malay votes. Cases like joematchi is a lot, and if he is a responsible father, he shouldnt complain In here.

  27. HBT456 May 10,2015 7:17 AM

    Mubarak chan, the late president of north korea had tried all his life to make a movie that can be acceptable in the world, and hIs film cant be accepted by the koreans themselves. He blamed westen country as the culprits. are you a junior kim in the making, mubarak chan?

  28. HBT456 May 10,2015 6:57 AM

    It is rather amusing to read news on hisham and mukhriz in anti 1mdb like they are not part of umno, and government. The portfolio hold by them also got cash flow problems, and made losses in billions too. sibotak, what will tun dr mm be if he was not invited to join umno? Gp in klinik?

  29. oran May 9,2015 11:45 PM


    Correction; Goldman Sachs untung 300 juta dolar di Greece & 500 juta dolar di Malaysia. TQ .

  30. oran May 9,2015 10:59 PM


    Since many people couldn’t be bothered to find out more about ECONOMIC HITMAN , I shall try to explain them here in Malay :

    1. Sebuah ajensi kerajaan Amerika, NSA (National Security Agency) telah membuat satu pelan untuk mengauk duit/untung dari negara2 Dunia Ketiga. Tetapi untuk mengelakkan dari terperangkap, mereka tidak menggunakan nama NSA sebaliknya berselindung dibelakang syarikat2 persendirian kecil.

    2. Caranya dengan mencari ketua negara yang boleh dirasuah. Kerja ini akan dilakukan oleh seorang yang digelar ECONOMIC HITMAN (EH). Beliau akan memujuk supaya ketua negara tersebut membuat satu hutang yang cukup besar berbanding dengan ukuran ekonomi negara tersebut. Akibatnya negara akan terpaksa mengikut kehendak Amerika dari segi politik dll bila hutang tertunggak.

    3. Jika ketua negara tersebut tidak bersetuju atau mungkir janji, EH akan pulang dan NSA akan menghantar JACKAL pula. Tugas JACKAL adalah membunuh atau menggulingkan kerajaan tersebut.

    4. Pada tahun 50an, kerajaan Iran telah menjadi sasaran NSA. Perdana Menteri Mossadegh telah digulingkan dan diganti dengan Shah. Berbillion2 pindah dari Iran ke Amerika pada pemerintahan Shah. JACKAL yang bertanggung jawab ialah Kermit Roosevelt, cucu kepada mendiang Pres Roosevelt.

    5. Arab Saudi menjadi sasaran tahun 70an. Semua berjalan dengan lancar. Sebab itu kita tidak boleh mengimpot minyak mentah tampa menggunakan dolar Amerika sekarang ini. Arab Saudi sebagai taiko OPEC telah mengenakan peraturan minyak mentah dijualbeli didalam dolar Amerika. Keuntungan kepada pehak Amerika tidak boleh dinilai, terlampau besar. Saya jangka dalam 1 trillion dolar Amerika setiap tahun, kerana inilah jumlah duitnya yang dicap tiap2 tahun.

    6. Panama menjadi sasaran tahun 80an. Presidennya Omar Torrijos telah dibunuh dan diganti dengan yang boleh dirasuah. Omar Torrijos adalah seorang yang berwibawa seperti Tun Dr.Mahatir juga. Pada tahun 90an Pres Noreiga telah mungkir janji. Beliau sekarang masih merengkok di Penjara Miami atas alasan mengedar dadah.

    7. Equador juga menerima nasib yang sama dengan Panama . EH yang bertanggung jawab ialah Robert Perkins. Presidennya mati dalam nahas kapal terbang beberapa bulan sebelum kematian Torrijos.

    8. Greece kena serangan ini 10 tahun lepas dan masih menderita. Syarikat keewangan Goldman Sachs saja mendapat untung 300 dolar US hasil dari urusan pengendalian hutang kepada kerajaan. Greece tidak mampu membayar hutang2 tersebut. Banyak rakyatnya menderita.

    9. Selapas Greece, Malaysia pula menjadi sasaran. Di Malaysia, Goldman Sachs mendapat untung 500 dolar US dan kita belum lagi tahu samaada kita mampu menjelaskan hutang2 tersebut pada masa awal ini.
    10. Jadi jika kita tidak mahu mengikut telunjuk kerajaan Amerika/Dajjal ini, maka hutang 1mdb perlu dijelaskan mengikut apa yang telah dipersetujui. Contohnya kita boleh dipaksa bersikap berkecuali di dalam masalah Israel-Palestin.

  31. mubarakchan May 9,2015 1:14 AM


    With all due respect, I would like to repeat a comment which I had made many times before in this distinguished Blog. For years I have often asked my friends including the Chinese, ‘ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ?’ They without exception said, ‘ No !’ Then, I followed, ‘ But you have met some Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid !’ They would look puzzled. But I followed with a few household names. After some hesitation, they would loudly say, ‘ Yes !’ accompanied by a loud roar of laughter.

    In the BMF/Carrian of Hong Kong Scandal of 1980, we have George Tan, a dumb Chinaman. My Chinese friend met him ! In the present Grandmother of all International Scandals, we have another dumb Chinaman. Who says the Chinese are clever ? Breaking all the anti-money laundering Laws of the World in the age of anti-terrorism ?


  32. joetamchi May 8,2015 2:42 PM


    Nukilan ini Hamba Copy ….
    Copy Dari Dr. Asri…
    Semoga Ada Kesedaran Diri…
    Semoga Terbuka Pintu Hati….


    (Puisi Dr Maza)
    kalian rampas subsidi kami,
    entah ke mana dibawa lari
    kalian beritahu,
    wang mesti dicatu, kita menuju maju…
    kalian kata: jika tidak,
    semua menderita, habis harta negara…
    kalian berbahasa: bukan barang naik harga,
    cuma subsidi turun sahaja…
    kami orang desa, mungkin tidak pandai kira berjuta-juta…
    kami orang kecil kota, mungkin tiada sedemikian harta…
    jika kalian tipu sebegitu, biasanya kami diam selalu…
    tapi dapatkah kami dibohongi, tentang suapan saban hari?
    apalah yang dapat diberitahu anak ke sekolah?
    papa semakin parah?
    wang semakin lelah?
    jika semalam berlauk,
    hari cuma berkuah…
    kerana kerajaan kita sedang susah?
    maka subsidi kita terpaksa diserah…
    jika semalam kau makan sepinggan, hari ini saparuh
    kerana barang makin angkuh, wang papa makin rapuh…
    apa yang dapat dibisik pada anak berkopiah ke madrasah?
    makananmu sayang, sebahagiannya sudah hilang…
    jika mereka bertanya siapa yang bawa lari
    kepada siapa patut kami tuding jari?
    janganlah nanti mereka membenci pertiwi…
    akibat pencuri harta bumi rakyat marhaen ini..
    atau kami jadi insan curang…
    kami beritahu; cuma subsidi sahaja yang kurang?
    tiada apa yang hilang, nanti akan datang wang melayang…
    dengar sini wahai yang tidak memijak bumi!
    pernahkah kalian mengintipi kehidupan kami…
    pernahkah kalian ngerti makna derita dan susah hati…
    kami yang semput bagai melukut di kota kedekut…
    kami yang bekerja hingga senja di desa yang makin terseksa,
    bertarung nyawa dan masa, menghitung setiap belanja
    pernahkah kau merasa?
    rumah bocor yang lanjut usia…
    baju dan kasut anak yang koyak
    tinggal dalam rumah yang berasak-asak
    siang kami sebak, malam kami sesak…
    sedangkan kalian manusia angkasa…
    istana permata dibina, kereta berjuta dirasa…
    elaun di serata, dari isteri sehingga seluruh keluarga…
    hidangan istimewa, konon meraya kemakmuran negara…
    tapi kami masih di sini..di teratak ini…
    dengan lauk semalam..
    dengan hidangan yang tidak bertalam…
    dengan rumah yang suram…
    dengan wang yang hampir padam…
    tiada istana lawa…tiada kereta berharga…
    tiada layanan diraja..tiada baju bergaya
    tiada kediaman menteri… tiada hidangan vip…
    tiada persen di sana-sini.. tiada bahagian anak dan bini…
    tiba-tiba kalian kata: kamilah beban negara…
    aduhai celaka bahasa yang kalian guna…
    kalian yang belasah, kami yang bersalah…
    kalian buat untung, hutang kami tanggung…
    kalian mewah melimpah, kami susah parah
    kalian hilangkan wang,
    poket kami yang terbang…
    kalian bina istana, rumah kami jadi mangsa…
    kalian makan isi,
    kami dijadikan abdi…
    lantas, kalian rampas lagi subsidi…
    ke mana wang itu pergi nanti?
    jika kalian berhati suci,
    wajib mengganti buat kami…
    jika tidak pun buat gula konon merbahaya
    mengapa tidak beras diturun harga?
    jika tidak untuk minyak kereta…
    mengapa tambang tidak potong sahaja…
    tapi entah berapa kali janji…
    konon: nanti kami ganti, kami ganti, kami ganti…
    hari demi hari, ceritanya pun tidak berbunyi lagi…
    kami terus termanggu di sini…
    kalian juga yang nikmati…
    kami hanya menggigit jari…
    kembalikanlah kepada kami harta negara…
    jangan hanya kalian sahaja yang merasa…



  33. novo May 8,2015 9:38 AM

    Salam Tun, semoga sihat tubuh badan dan minda hendaknya.

    Beli tanah di TRX bukan untuk selamatkan 1MDB – Tabung Haji – Utusan Malaysia.

    Requote kenyataan “bodoh” Timbalan Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Tabung Haji, Datuk Johan Abdullah

    Ditanya apakah Tabung Haji bersedia menerima sebarang tawaran lagi daripada 1MDB di masa hadapan, beliau berkata: “Ia tidak menjadi masalah, sama ada syarikat itu 1MDB atau 3MDB sekali pun.

    Moral of the story.
    1. Siapakah yang menjalankan upacara “belah mulut” Datuk Johan Abdullah semasa bayi kerana apabila besar beliau mengeluarkan ucapan bodoh sebegini.
    2.Datuk Johan Abdullah terpaksa bercakap bodoh (atau sememangnya bodoh) kerana nak memberi gambaran supaya AH JIB GORILA kelihatan lebih cerdik
    3.Kalaulah “masin mulut” si bodoh ini dan 3MDB wujud, tidaklah beliau terfikir yang anak cucu beliau sendiri akan menjadi nelayan, petani dan perternak demi sesuap nasi.
    4. Kerana pada masa itu Malaysia telah ranap dan berhutang dengan negara asing dan hanya anak cucu cicit penyangak duit 1MDB, 2MDB dan 3MDB yang hidup senang lenang.
    5. Adakah anak cucu cicit Datuk Johan Abdullah berada dalam 4. diatas?
    6. Berhati-hatilah wahai Datuk Johan Abdullah supaya anda tidak kelihatan BONGKAK dan BODOH SOMBONG.


  34. teratai May 8,2015 9:17 AM

    Salam Tun,

    It’s not easy to prevail truth and I admire your struggle, Tun.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you

  35. joetamchi May 8,2015 5:42 AM

    Mohon sedikit pencerahan drp bijak pandai dan ilmuan agama… Adakah kematian Allahyarham Tuan Jalil Ibrahim boleh dianggap SYAHID..?

    Al-Fatehah utk Allahyarham Jalil…Ameen..

    Bak kata balu beliau…Pn. Rusnawi
    “Things wouldn’t change…”

    Adakah ia…??

  36. BabyHooligan May 8,2015 4:22 AM

    And now “Tabung Haji” becomes 1MDB’s “lembu” to be slaughtered. Maybe I should remove my family’s money from “Tabung Haji”. Sigh…

  37. nazrullah May 8,2015 1:18 AM

    Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera buat Tun M yang dihormati, dan sahabat sekelian.

    Alhamdulillah, harap kesihatan Tun M baik hendaknya.

    1) Isu 1mdb masih gagal diperjelaskan dengan telus oleh kepimpinan 1mdb dan kepimpinan tertinggi yang sedia ada.
    2) Rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhannya baik di kampung mahupun di bandar sudah pandai menilai kepimpinan yang sedia ada sekarang mahupun lepas dan akan datang.
    3) Barisan kepimpinan tertinggi kerajaan sekarang pantang ditegur apatah lagi baru mengajukan soalan. Baru diajukan soalan, rata rata orang yang bertanya sudah dihukum. Kenapa?
    4) Sukarkah barisan kepimpinan yang sedia ada untuk jujur telus dan berkata benar?
    5) Rakyat adalah hakim yang sebenar dalam menentukan pemimpin masa hadapan, sekali kepercayaan yang diberi dimusnahkan maka akan hancurlah kepercayaan yang sedia ada.
    6) Menjadi pemimpin adalah mudah sekiranya semua nya benar belaka, dan ianya akan jadi susah sekiranya dusta belaka.
    7) Fgv dilanda bermacam macam isu. Kenapa tiada sebarang tindakan yang dibuat? Dan sekarang dikaitkan lagi isu TH
    8) bagaimana seorang ketua di TH menafikan kebenaran pada awalnya? Di mana silapnya? Apakah yang cuba disembunyikan lagi?
    9) wajarkah felda di senaraikan menjadi fgv? Jika dulu agenda felda hanya untuk kaum bumiputera, tetapi sekarang tidak lagi. Saham saham felda bisa dimiliki oleh orang asing.
    10) Adakah felda sebelum ini gagal? Atau Fgv yang gagal?
    11) Dimanakah perlunya seorang ahli politik diberi tempat dalam meneraju glc yang sedia ada? Yang glc perlu adalah ketua yang pandai berniaga, bukan dikalangan orang politik.
    12) yang mendedahkan maklumat TH dikatakan sulit hendak ditangkap? Ini wang rakyat terdiri orang islam dan mereka wajar diberi tahu. Siapa yang telus dan siapa yang tidak telus?
    13) Tujuan apakah Ceo TH membuat report?
    14) susahkah untuk memulakan sesuatu dengan langkah yang betul?
    15) mana yang berdosa?, mendedahkan maklumat yang dianggap penting untuk rakyat tahu? atau menangkap orang yang mendedahkan maklumat? Atau menyembunyikan kebenaran?

    Sekiranya benar janganlah takut dan tidak perlu tunggu dan menafikannya lagi.

    Wassalam dan salam sejahtera.

  38. joetamchi May 8,2015 1:17 AM

    Tabung Haji = Tabung Ajib..??


  39. Hajar May 7,2015 10:14 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I saw the news just now regarding the deal between 1MDB and TH.

    Now TH is saying that the rumors are inaccurate (a police report will be lodged on the leaked document), but the fact is that TH did buy a plot of land from 1MDB at current market price even though something like this should not have happened in the first place. If the Government is sincere in helping all those ‘poor’ TH account holders/depositors (Malays/Muslims), then the land should have been sold to TH directly without any ‘middle company’ (1MDB) making ‘untung atas angin’. In fact the price can be as low as 10 million ringgit (instead of paying RM188.5 Million to 1MDB) which is still at least double the price paid by 1MDB to the Government. Later, TH can make a lot of profit once the project is completed; those poor depositors will benefit (receive higher bonus) and will believe that the Government is sincere in helping them.

    I am one of those ‘poor depositors’, and I would like to get a clear explanation why our money is used to ‘bailout’ 1MDB, a company which has a lot of issues to resolve and questions to answer. Another thing, I really don’t like people who keep changing their statements. To me if the statement is ‘no land deal with 1MDB’, then it strictly means no ‘land deal’ at all with 1MDB. Jangan cakap berbelit-belit.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  40. Hajar May 7,2015 8:22 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1MDB (Part 3)

    1. Zamil Ibrahim is the type of person who can’t even understand simple articles / explanations.

    2. I don’t trust Tunku Aziz; so I do not believe what he says. He trusts Lim Kit Siang (but not LGE, according to him) and was a member of DAP (because he thinks highly of Lim Kit Siang). If he could be fooled by DAP, then I believe so many people around him can also fool him. He needs to apologize to Tun for making such a silly conclusion on Tun’s involvement in BB/BMF scandal.

    3. I heard/ read rumors about Tabung Haji (TH) and 1MDB Sales & Purchase of 2 plots of land (‘TRX’) that the ‘bang*ng’ within our Government sold to 1MDB for a very cheap price. And the ‘selling prices are’ (to TH) between RM2,859.00 – RM3,901.00 per sq. ft. TH (DS Azeez Rahim) denied the land deal with 1MDB, but promised to “release a statement as soon as possible.”

    But just now in The Star, CEO Dato’ Johan that the purchase of the first land is TRUE – sold at a ‘discounted’ price of RM188.5 million (untung berpuluh kali ganda untuk secebis kecil tanah dari 70 ekar) . Ini apa cerita, mula2 nafi, tapi ada betulnya. The big question is, why didn’t TRX develop the ‘awarded land’ (almos a ‘sedekah’) on its own? If that’s how 1MDB is making money (dapat tanah dari Kerajaan dengan harga teramat murah untuk dibangunkan, kemudian jual pada harga pasaran), even a ‘bang*ng’ can do that!

    4. I agree with Tun on items 15, 16, 17 and 18. Please investigate those who live beyond their means (if they do not seem to have other ‘known’ source of incomes that might contribute millions/billions to their total income & current assets – LHDN should have all the details). Ethical people normally will be ethical all the time.

    5. PM must step down now. Rompin (PRK) already gave a clear message to PM/BN/UMNO. Save BN/UMNO/Malaysia. Malaysia will become ‘hell’ for Malays/Muslims if the Opposition is in power. Just look at Singapore (I don’t think I want to live in Singapore – life suc*s over there; very high cost of living – highest in the world?; and no one can criticize the Government; freedom of speech is almost nil).

    Thanks Tun for being our PM for 22 years.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  41. sibotak May 7,2015 4:06 PM

    I see no difference between S,pore Minister & Malaysia Minister
    The only difference is S,pore Minister their pay is 4 times more than the well paid minister in the World
    Meaning 1 PM 0r Minister of Spore You can get 4 PM or Minister in a well paid develop Govt
    YET They have many investment around them and its Big
    You name it Capital Land, SIA & the many more are mostly owned by Minister
    No one Question
    I wonder how they juggle between them as a paid Govt servant and their meeting for their private investment

    In Malaysia leader like Tun Mahathir have much lesser
    Were accused of so many allegations to even his siblings

    Why don,t these accuser ask Tun a Direct questions
    Eh Tun , yr Roti business in KL , Is also Govt money ha ?

    Its very touch to see a reputable leader like Tun have investment in his little Roti Business
    Wonder if he has Airline investment or Gold Investment what will the accusations be then

    Tun nak Kongsi jual Roti Prata & Nasi Lemak atau Goreng Pisang tepi jalan sama saya tak , Pondok kecil saja Tun?
    Saya uruskan Tun keluarkan duit , Kayu beli second hand , atap pakai atap nipah
    Kita tengok apa reaksi pemfitnah ini semua

  42. Fariq Islam May 7,2015 8:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat amat meragui piawaian audit KPMG ke atas 1MDB. Harus juga firma audit ini dipanggil-jawab.

    Sememangnya timbulnya gejala-gejala salah-guna, mengikut apa yang Tun dedahkan. Harus bekas pengurusan dipanggil-jawab. Yang terlibat dalam salah-guna duit 1MDB ini harus dihukum berat, untuk menginsafkan yang lain tentang kesan salah-laku. Penyelewangan ini bagaikan derhaka dan pengkhianatan terhadap negara yang tidak boleh dimaafkan.

    Rakyat masih tidak faham, dengan bukti-bukti yang ada dalam tangan, kenapa pula Jho Low ini tidak disiasat, dan dibiar bermaharajalela, menunjukkan kekayaannya di merata-rata tempat dengan pembelian hartanah mewah?

  43. rezarafii May 7,2015 7:47 AM

    Tun M,
    If I were you, I wouldn’t even have to entertain any of those allegations about your administration. A very learned man I met in Sarawak that I just met said, “don’t believe what anyone say but judge him on what he has done”
    Let’s have history judge you for what you haven’t done. Many men/women, both in politics and the business world, hand picked or appointed by you, have had corruption charges thrown at them but never saw the light of day in Malaysia court of law (under your greatness regime, my country’s judiciary system was called a Court of Kangaroos). Let’s see (if memory serves me right); Eric Chia, Tajuddin Ramli, Ling Leong Sikh ( I can’t remember how to spell his name!), Rafidah Aziz, Tengku Mahleel, Anwar Ibrahim, Sammy Vellu, Nor Mohamed Yakoob and the dearest to your heart, and the main-man himself, Daim Z. But of course.. the doctor in the house is always right; none of their shabby dealings had anything to do with you. You will always remain clean in your own eyes. No one is right if you say we are all wrong. Go ahead and live whatever remaining life you still have ( many others pray for your long life), admitting no knowledge or association to any of these people’s actions whatsoever.. but it won’t change the fact that everyone in UMNO knows so much about you. Anwar’s tyranny is a result of your poor decision making . MAS decline was a result of your inability to pick successful malay leaders. Shoddy workmanship but high prices in MK Land low costs houses is the result of your choice in MustaphaKamal. ‘m sure you know what people around UMNO is calling you. ” The black cup calling his black saucer black” So Sir, may I suggest you stop right now picking on others and start thinking for a moment in front any mirror in your beautiful home/s, office/s and ponder around with this question, ” if I was such a good PM that I perceived to be, how come Malaysia never achieved greatness like I had envisioned, BUT my buddy LKY down south did..! ” LKY had his vision 2020 in 1990. But then again, you already knew that, Sir.
    Here is my guess; maybe something terrible did went wrong somewhere for Malaysia and you, my wise GP doctor, knew all along but perhaps didn’t care as much as you could have to stop it (that’s why there exists cases of medical malpractices). But then again, what would any of us know, after all, you are never wrong when time and time again it shows you could have done so much wrongs.
    Thank you if you took time off to read my comment. By the way, proton cars somehow still sucks big time. But I’m sure you know that already, that’s why I see that you, your son’s and daughter only drive german made cars. MyVi without your involvement seems pretty descent of a car. But of course you already know that, perhaps you don’t care enough to learn enough from Perodua. It’s called “reverse engineering”. Learn a thing or two from S. Korea and not just Japan, Sir.
    Take my lead, pretend Malaysia is like Perodua, take a hint and don’t meddle with it affairs. You have to figure out what went wrong with Proton as it’s your legacy and pasts mistakes.
    And please spent more time If you have not yet done and go improve further the Proton Cars, Sir..
    Take Care and Thank You

    The40YearOld Guy.

  44. Mohamad Badrudin May 7,2015 7:19 AM

    YBhg Tun, I was in Bank Bumiputra from 1975 to 1985. I know who you mean the person “high above”. Definitely it was not you that Lorraine meant.


  45. professional malay May 7,2015 7:04 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Your 1MDB mathematics is simple and concise since the first time you wrote it. Only people wbo choose to be ignorant or are having own agenda claimed that you made wrong calculation.

    My biggest worry to cover up this scandal :
    1.Quickly sell all land propery bought undervalue. It may be fofced overvalue for parties under control or selling it to rich foreign buyers e.g. singapore investors to make good profit which is pretty much similar to selling the country land to foreigners illegally.
    2. Increase the electricity tariff and prolong IPP concession at their will.
    3. Siphon discreetly thru EPF, TH. Petronas, GST or other GLCs.

    When you are in debt, time is really money and the above could be easy option at the burden of rakyat. Tq Tun and keep blogging…

  46. HBT456 May 7,2015 6:25 AM

    I believe as we move toward the developed status of wawasan 2020, malaysians will be more mature in democracy. our future generations will progress and make malaysia a better place to live. Scandal or failed projects, only those who involved can answer these questions . malaysians will pay the price of general election. Therefore, whoever become the next pm, things will be the same! They will fight and compete to make malaysia a better place to live.

  47. joetamchi May 7,2015 4:52 AM

    Tunku Aziz bekas DAP…
    3thn di situ..pandangannya sepi…
    Sakit hati sampai keluar parti….
    Sekarang berjawatan di MACC..

    Rasuah sekarang sngat leluasa…
    Adakah dia terlibat sama…?
    Siasatan pengantin kenapa tiada…?
    Begitu juga kpd yg lesapkan


  48. admansalleh May 7,2015 1:15 AM

    I’m bringing forward from your last paragraph ;
    18. And as someone who professes to be concerned about corruption, shouldn’t he ask how Jho Low and Riza Aziz have hundreds of millions of dollars. And shouldn’t he be interested in public officers who live well beyond their means. Or has he got selective awareness of what is going on around him. An American paper reported that now Malaysia is among the ten most corrupt countries in the world. Shouldn’t he try to find out why?
    Now i’m quoting a paragraph from Tariq Ramadan ‘ In The Footsteps Of The PROPHET’ ;
    A few weeks after the month of Ramadan in the eleventh year of hijrah,… He then went back to Medina mosque, sat on a mimbar, and addressed the faithful. First he said, ” I am going ahead of you ( in the hereafter ) and I shall be a witness over you.” Then he advised them, and concluded his speech by saying, ” I do not fear your reverting polytheism after me, but I fear you will quarrel over the riches of this world.” Those words clearly expressed that he must get ready to leave his life. In the same breath, he expressed fear for the future of his spiritual community : faith would not leave them, he said, but the world with its illusions would colonized them, and both would, unfortunately, coexist within them. The Prophet was in effect expressing a fear that sounded like a prediction : they would continue to pray to God, the One, but they would be divided because of honors, wealth, power, or their different affiliations, which would make them forget the fratinity that united them.
    This is what I fear Dr. M, that you, me and some are not talking on the same term with the others. Even though we originally came from from the same root but as time moves on and things changes our value no longer the same. But you should not give up and bring back that one value : the guilty must accept they’re guilty.

  49. admansalleh May 7,2015 12:14 AM

    I’m responding to your blog. Why ? Firstly, I must be very clear why I need to respond. I don’t want it to become a disrespectful to you by simply agree or disagree to all you have voiced out.

    Since I first began to read your blog I’ve never get tired of it. I’m always looking foreward for more. Always keep guessing, what is it this time he’s going to write about. What is it now he’s going to share. And he’s never out of materials. I presume, they must be coming from his long years of interest in readings of broad subjects.

    Here I’ve to take my hat off to you, for not just being able to sustain the blog from since it started, but also being able to increase it’s popularity. This should explains that your blog were able to reach to others and got responded. What’s it that when someone do in an act of trying to communicate and it would attract attention.

    Way back then in the 60’s until early 70’s, everyone would agree that P Ramlee were so successful to reach the masses with his songs and films. Even now a child aged between 3 – 6 years old and if they were shown to any of his movies, especially the comedies they’ll just like to keep on watching it again and again. Something like adiction. Just like they get adicted to watching cartoons.

    What’s it that is in P Ramlee movies that is similar to cartoons. Children will always want to see and listen to learn without any prejudices, which is of an opposite from an adult who would just see what they want to see and listen to what they want to listen. You would have to listen first before anyone start listening to you. Being humble and sincere.

    I’m not complaining that you are not writing your blog as you used to. To keep on fighting have become your priority. And I appreciate that you have made your blog committed to this. I hope the 14, 265,239 readers and more would bravely voice out just like any other honest Malaysian citizen who care.

    Please to keep on fighting for the truth of justice. You have earned the reputation you have been building all this years since before until you became PM and now the blogger. Hope you’ll stay healthy and continue to appreciate this precious life.

    These three types of person you have to be careful of ; ignorant, extremist and plagerist. This three bad qualities can be within any person including the one that looked a successful professional in a society. But if it is with the leader then it’s a problem. If my deep heart is crying to what is being already exposed, how can I imagine yours Dr M.

  50. rimba.emas May 7,2015 12:11 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas tidak membaca kenyataan Zamil Ibrahim tetapi bila Tun kata dia mewakili KITA jelas kenyataanya adakah lebih kepada membela Partinya ? hendak kata dia membela PM kenapa pula menyamakan apa yang dilakukan PM sekarang dengan apa yang telah berlaku di zaman Tun ?

    2. Kenyataanya ini lebih kepada satu lagi rintangan yang terpaksa Tun hadapi yang mana ujian ini tidaklah lebih besar dari ujian atau rintangan dari orang dalam parti Tun sendiri.

    3. Kadang-kadang bagus juga persoalan-persoalan yang dilemparkan oleh orang luar ini kerana Tun terpaksa menjawab kembali dan orang ramai seperti Rimba Emas dapat mengetahui dari mulut Tuan punya yang tertuduh itu sendiri.

    4.Sebab itulah kebenaran yang dibicarakan diakhirat nanti adalah kebenaran yang maha adil. Sebaliknya didunia terpaksa melalui ujian dan rintangan yang mungkin ada hikmahnya kepada sipejuang itu.

    5. Malah Allah s.w.t yang maha berkuasa mewahyukan kepada Rasul-rasulnya yang terpaksa berjuang dalam menegakkan agama Islam sedangkan Allah s.w.t boleh melakukannya dengan mudah tampa bantuan makhluk-makhluk yang dijadikannya.

    6. Gambaran yang di ceritakan seperti di dalam Al-Quran adalah contoh-contoh bagai mana jatuh bangunnya seorang pejuang yang melaluinya dalam berbagai cara yang adanya dapat secara mudah dan ada yang secara susah payah. Semua ini akan diberi ganjaran samaada ketika di dunia ini atau pun di akhirat.

    7. Soalan terhadap adakah perbuatan menghilangkan wang 42 billion yang dilakukan tidak kira dari penaungnya sehingga ke pekerja dan mereka yang berurusan dengannya adalah satu kebenaran dan patut ada dalam kerajaan ?? KALAULAH SOALAN INI DI BUAT PILIHAN RAYA MAKA JAWAPANNYA MUNGKIN MENGHAMPIRI KEPADA KEBENARAN.

    8. Tun orang yang terbaik untuk kita semua bukan KITA Zamil Ibrahim ialah seorang calon yang bila dipilih nanti akan mengikut kehendak rakyat menghentikan beban GST dan mengikut garis panduan tertulis oleh rakyat jelata.


  51. RPS May 6,2015 11:30 PM

    I am not a Malay but I have a deep sense of respect for the Malays for many reason. One of them being the tolerance they show towards other races. Sadly, majority of the Malays are still far from real progress as individuals and as a race. It would take a great leader to have the courage to confront the real cause of the Malay people’s plight. Most of the leaders, past and present, have never truly understood the root cause and hence have not been able to come up with an appreciable solution. One needs to understand the cause before he can effect any outcome. I am still optimistic and I hope a good leader will be elected. Hopefully soon enough!

  52. carlosptaseh May 6,2015 11:11 PM

    Tun yang dihormati

    Bila kerajaan mula berniaga monopoli dan penyalah gunaan kuasa pasti berlaku.Siapa yang memegang kuasa akan menentukan siapa dan apa yang akan dilakukan.IMDB, Khazanah, Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan kalau di peringkat pusat.

    Di peringkat negeri pula ada Menteri Besar diperbadankan, Yayasan Negeri dan sebagainya.

    Siapa yang boleh menyemak ketelusan sebarang urusan dan keputusan yang dibuat oleh kuasa eksekutif samada pusat mahupun kerajaan kerajaan negeri. Ini berlaku dan wujud baik kerajaan negeri BN mahupun PR di Pulau Pinang, Kelantan dan Selangor.

    Rakyat hanya dapat memerhati. Kerakusan dan peluang mengambil kesempatan diguna sepenuhnya. Kalau di peringkat negeri konsesi pembalakan dan penjualan tanah kerajaan kepada pemaju perumahan adalah lubuk membuat keuntungan diri oleh pemilik kuasa eksekutif ini.

    Rakyat tidak dapat menyemak berapa harga tanah untuk perumahan yang dijual dan keuntungan berlipat ganda oleh pemaju.Pemaju ini berkuasa untuk memanipulasi harga rumah sesuka hati kerana ada hubungan dan mendapat restu MB atau KM ini. Potfolio penting sepert tanah , kewangan dan perumahan selalunya dipegang oleh mereka ini.

    Siapa yang mengawal mutu rumah dan kuota bumiputra dalam setiap taman perumahan. Kini orang Melayu pun terpaksa beli rumah harga bukan bumi kerana pembeli tidak tahupun berapa kuota yang ada.

    Begitu juga konsesi pembalakan rakyat tidak pastipun siapa yang mendapat hak tersebut. Yang pasti bukan orang kampung tetapi mesti berkait dengan mereka yang ada kuasa ini.

    Yang menyedihkan mereka yang mendapat konsesi ini akan menjual semula konsesi ini kepada syarikat pembalakan untuk keuntungan atas angin. Sebagai contoh misalnya kawasan konsesi balak seluas 3,000 hektar di jual kepada tauke balak semahal RM30 juta mungkin pembayaran dibuat secara berperingkat.

    Tauke balak ini akan menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk mengaut keuntungan sehingga mungkin RM 500 juta atau lebih. Ia akan menggondolkan hutan sehingga anak kayu sebesar betis pun di tebang.Apa yang perlu ditakutkan oleh pembalak ini kerana mendapat restu MB atau KM. Keupayaan Jabatan Hutan juga boleh diragukan kerana mereka juga tertakluk kepada kerajaan negeri.Untuk memudahkan kerja taikun balak ini pula tidak sayang menabur duit untuk pihak ini.

    Kalau dahulu mungkin sehingga tahun 80an, pembalakan dilakukan secara berpilih iaitu pokok yang melebihi ukur lilit tertentu sahaja yang boleh ditebang tapi kini tidak lagi. Beberapa lah agaknya keuntungan cukai oleh kerajaan negeri selepas berlaku ketirisan yang berlaku dipelbagai peringkat.

    Banjir besar yang melanda negara yang menggakibat kerugian berbillion ringgit baru baru ini adalah manifestasi kepada gejala ini.NGO seperti WWF Malaysia sepatutnya menyewa helikopter dan terbang di ruang udara negeri-negeri dan lihat kemusnahan yang terjadi kerana hutan yang dibalak sehingga gondol mungkin memakan masa untuk pulih dan binatang –binatang yang WWF cuba lindungi mungkin pupus kerana perubahan ekosistem

    Kecenderungan kerajaan- kerajaan negeri membuka hutan untuk menjadikan ladang milik kerajaan negeri seperti milik yayasan negeri juga satu bentuk monopoli dan mendedahkan kepada kerakusan kuasa eksekutif ini. Keuntungan awal yang diperolehi adalah hasil balak yang amat lumayan.Dalam hal ini apapun slogan baik BN mahu pun PR diketepikan

    Sebagai rakyat tidak apa yang boleh dilakukan kecuali kuasa eksekutif ini dimiliki oleh orang yang betul –betul amanah dan jujur. Apa yang KM Adnan Satem lakukan di Sarawak patut dipuji.

    Diperingkat pusat pula harap dan berdoa pengganti nanti menjiwai iman dan tawadhuk yang akan mendahului kepentingan negara, bangsa dan agama dari peribadi dan puak sendiri.Jika di peringkat istana pula saya amat bersetuju dengan apa yang dititahkan oleh DYMM Sultan Perak semasa pertabalan baginda akan peribadi yang wajib dimiliki oleh semua raja-raja Melayu.

    Wang, kuasa dan wanita adalah ujian keimanan yang sukar untuk dilepasi.Ada kuasa boleh dapatkan wang dan wanita, ada wang boleh menguasai kuasa dan orang yang berkuasa juga wanita dan melalui wanita juga boleh dapatkan kuasa dan wang.Dan amat menyedihkan sekiranya ada wang dan kuasa tetapi dikuasai pula oleh wanita. Inilah yang Tun M cuba beritahu ahli UMNO khasnya dan rakyat umumnya.

  53. HBT456 May 6,2015 10:56 PM

    Cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.telan mati mak, luah mati bapa. lebih baik soal ini tak dijawab selama-lamanya.

  54. HBT456 May 6,2015 10:38 PM

    alvin tan is unfortunate for being born as chinese. Look at mca wanabes, tak tolong takpa. Tapi kerana takut hilang kuasa kabinet, they condemned him like he is a convict. Is umno above the law, tok det? They can said what they, but why no action?

  55. HBT456 May 6,2015 10:16 PM

    Why igp wants to bring him home? Have you ever think off the pressure that he will face in here that can worsen his sickness? if he is brought home, he wont be able to turn a new life in here. It will be better off for him to be there, just like sirul. What happened in the past, we cannot change. What happen in future, we can change it to be better. Consultation makes wonder. Dulu, winner takes all, and can be accused of stealing without debate in the parliament. Sekarang, mana boleh Kerana rakyat lagi bijak.

  56. kampong lad May 6,2015 9:31 PM

    they deserve to be Kicked In The Ass.

  57. Daniel Noor May 6,2015 7:17 PM

    Assalam mualaikum Tun

    Is this the same Tunku Aziz that joined DAP and later on quit citing that DAP do not practice democracy and corrupted too ?

    Cara Tunku Aziz ini tulis dan cuba ‘ corner ‘ kan Tun seolah2 ada orang atasan dlm UMNO yg menyuruh dia tuh.

    Anyway I agree with you, since he is a member of Anti Corruption Commission, then please try to investigate all the allegations that he made to you

    I hope this Tunke Aziz will take your advice too to check on the wealth of Najib’s stepson as well as others that are connected closely to Najib. He must remember RM42 billion is a lot of money . Just 1 % of that amountt being given boleh hidup sampai ke anak cucu cicit lah.

  58. chevet May 6,2015 6:37 PM

    There are two types of robbery that normally take place.One is carried out in stealth,perhaps in the middle of the night,when everyone is asleep.The other is done in broad daylight,when everything is visible.This is usually done by people who are not afraid and perhaps may taunt you while emptying your wealth.
    Our corruption seems to have evolved from one where stealth was the predominant strategy to one where everything is done in broad day light.There seems to be absolutely no fear as the main stream media and gallant folks that were given the trust by the public are true team players.
    They seem to value the team more than the people who voted them in as law makers.To break this solemn trust of the people actually borders on tyranny and renders all involved directly or indirectly as accomplices to the fact..
    If a nation is purposefully driven to a state of financial turmoil,then it is only fair to conclude that an external force could be prodding the event into fruition.This only happens when there is a weak link in the system,that can be taken advantage of by others much involved in global geopolitics and the global financial ponzi scheme.
    Needless to say,that the situation can result in grave consequences for a nation and her people as debt,the addictive torch bearer of
    success on a tin foil will subjugate our freedoms ,while others own our nation.All debts need a collateral,and in stealth fashion we will be slaves once again.

  59. immoralequivalence May 6,2015 5:41 PM

    That’s the root cause of Muslim societies. Forever being argumentative leading to discord, threats n violence.
    The failure to apply the law then led to Bmf under ur watch. Same now with 1MDb Under najib. Mired in never ending vomit. Israelis premier olmert was investigated n charged with his son for corruption when he was still in office leading to his resignation. Do emulate the Jews even the zionist ones.
    Why quote from a US media report? Aren’t they all zionist controlled n have nothing good to say abt Muslims as u incessantly claimed. Please b consistent. Don’t pick n choose Wat u like

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