1. Najib rebuts nothing. Beyond saying that the Altantuya case is old, he has rebutted nothing. The matter is still current because the hanging is to be now. The two were released before. Their acquittal meant the matter was settled. But now they are to be hanged. Apparently they acted upon orders. Hanging them would be a travesty of justice.

2. On IMDB, the same answer is given. Wait. Wait until the Auditor General reports. That can take years. Examining the accounts will reveal nothing. It will not explain the involvement of Jho Low. It will not explain how Riza Aziz has so much money at a time when 1MDB money disappeared. It will not explain the funny transactions with Petro-Saudi, the banks in Seychelles, Hong Kong and Cayman Islands. Then the money from Cayman was brought back and deposited in Singapore. Now the bank says no money has been deposited with it.

3. Asking people not to ask any questions until the Auditor General reports is silly. It is like seeing someone robbing and the public must wait until the court hearing is over before talking about it.

4. And the aircraft for security. Is it going to stop the kidnapping and casual invasions of Sabah or the smuggling of arms from across the northern border? Or is the security confined to people flying in private jets only.

5. This country is being attacked repeatedly by terrorists who killed our police and soldiers. Is this the normal state of things or is this a security problem? If we care for security do we buy luxury private jets.

6. It is shameful that we cannot even ensure the safety of our citizens.

7. The Auditor General can audit but it is not going to reveal much. The better thing to do is to set up a commission, the members of which should not be chosen by the Government, to scrutinise every act of 1MDB. This is because it is basically going to investigate not just 1MDB but also the Government, which has clearly failed to oversee the affairs of 1MDB.

148 thoughts on “NAJIB REBUTS

  1. mubarakchan May 24,2015 2:38 PM


    With the popping up of YB TAN SRI DATO SERI DR LIM KOK WING of the LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY fame, we now have two solid examples which prove that you are not a RACIST and DO NOT PRACTISE CRONYISM.

    First, we have YB TAN SRI DATO SERI DR FRANCES YEOH the son of YB TAN SRI DATO SERI DR T L YEOH who became World famous due to the compassion and pragmatism which you gave them even though they were no cronies and were plain Chinamen. Their success is your success. With over-blown exuberance they sauntered into Hong Lim Green aka Hong Lim Park with just two acres patch of brown grass. Their later expressions belie their true feelings.

    Second, we have the quintessential YB TAN SRI DATO SERI DR LIM KOK WING OF LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY FAME. If we all recall he was the PR man standing next to the Mercedes in 1984, it was through Cycle & Carriage Bintang that he went places. With your compassion and pragmatism you help him with the recommendation to Nelson Mandela for a few cartoons. Our plain encik PR man is now World famous – thanks to your good deed and compassion – and loaded with honours. He does good advertisements for good causes and himself too. With the usual over-blown exuberance, this quintessential PR man now gives advice to the Good and the Great. His success is your success, Tun!

    1. The above facts prove beyond any reasonable doubt that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is NOT A RACIST AND DOES NOT PRACTISE CRONYISM. He did not know these ennobled types who were plain enciks before. I have a long list of successful Chinamen and others who were no cronies and were given compassion and pragmatism by our beloved Tun – our Great Stateman.
    2. The above facts show how gratitude is mis-placed by over-blown exuberance. The fact is both ennobled parties made their MONEY MONEY MONEY in our beloved Malaysia not in Australia or Singapore !
    3. I always wanted all Malaysians to be rich, very rich unlike President Bongo of the Congo who grabbed all the diamonds and the people remain dirt poor. Have we heard of this before ?


  2. HBT456 May 24,2015 2:21 PM

    96. Igp is like a shark in the open ocean.

    97. He is a nice guy just like ordinary malaysians, and I saw him once from a close distance.

    98. On the other hand, perkasa ahli support morsi in eygpt as ngo politician?

    99. soal dijawab atau tidak?

    100. terpulanglah kepada mereka yang bertanggungjawab.

    101. Malaysia is a beautiful country with her multi racial ethnic cultures and traditions.

    102. We may not be the best, but we are sure proud to be claimed as malaysians.

    103. we are sure proud to malaysians because we can speak at least 3 languages.

    104. This will make malaysians heading toward wawasan 2020.


  3. HBT456 May 24,2015 1:50 PM

    84. Hutang 42 billion myr if spread within the next 20 years is nothing.

    85. dont forget, the national education blue print is to make sure all our children will at least has a minimum qualification of a degree via ptptn loan, and this show bn is a responsible ruling government to spearhead malaysia workforce to the next level that is at par with the developed world status, the high income earner who will pay taxes to run the government.

    86. But because our ministers are too occupied with internal politics, they neglected their role as the ministers.

    87. Today, it is not about rusuhan antara perkauman.

    88. Today, umno masih tak insaf lagi apabila rakan perjuangan mereka dah tak nak masuk kabinet mereka.

    89. If 1mdb is at fault, then it is umno is at fault.

    90. Keranamu malaysia boleh.

    91. 1mdb is a gold, or batu, terpulang kepada tuan2 dan puan2 di umno dan pas.

    92. Winner takes all bila untung.

    93. Winner takes all bila rugi.

    94. The glass is half full, or half empty of water?

    95. Did najib bohong?

  4. HBT456 May 24,2015 10:44 AM

    76. i am not against anyone.

    77. politics is about timing.

    78. let najib does what he seems fit for bn to win and transform the economy so that no one is left behind.

    79. united, umno grows, disunited, umno falls.

    80. there is no turning back, tok det.

    81. i am sure you had gone through this before.

    82. whoever chosen by the pm to be the next pm, he or she must understand the historical root of this nation in order to lead.

    83. without the back up and cooperation from the coalition parties, bn can never win.

  5. HBT456 May 24,2015 10:01 AM


    59. The reality is we are not living in perfect world.

    60. As politicians, you should at least try to make malaysia a better place to live.

    61. there must be alternate ways out there to make it better place to live.

    62. Umno oldies are still stuck in pre merdeka mindset.

    63. as politicians or parents, never compare chocs with trees.

    64. Winning votes in umno is easy, cuma cakap apakah supporters mereka suka dengar saja.

    65. But winning votes to transform the economy to the next level may sound impossible.

    66. if these oldies do not learn to let go, they will be liable to cause downfall of umno.

    67. Traders and their employees are taypayers in the private sector, and they have the basic right to vote.

    68. It is still come back to give and take.

    69. no man is an island.

    70. no one can change the world.

    71. But as the most influential political party in malaysia, umno must show they are here to make this country a better place of tanpa pilih kasih.

    72. it will be better off for umno not to touch on the historical wound of the past.

    73. If they do that, they will loose their votes to their rivals, that is pkr and dap.

    74. The merger of umno pas only reflect one main issue.

    75. they can be bribed easily.

  6. HBT456 May 24,2015 9:57 AM


    59. The reality is we are not living in perfect world.

    60. As politicians, you should at least try to make malaysia a better place to live.

    61. there must be alternate ways out there to make it better place to live.

    62. Umno oldies are still stuck in pre merdeka mindset.

    63. as politicians or parents, never compare chocs with trees.

    64. Winning votes in umno is easy, cuma cakap apakah supporters mereka suka dengar saja.

    65. But winning votes to transform the economy to the next level may sound impossible.

    66. if these oldies do not learn to let go, they will be liable to cause downfall of umno.

    67. Traders and their employees are taypayers in the private sector, and they have the basic right to vote.

    66. It is still come back to give and take.

    67. no man is an island.

    68. No one can change the world.

    69. But as the most influential political party in malaysia, umno must show they are here to make this country a better place of tanpa pilih kasih.

    70. it will be better off for umno not to touch on the historical wound of the past.

    71. If they do that, they will loose their votes to their rivals, that is pkr and dap.

    72. The merger of umno pas only reflect one main issue.

    73. they can be bribed easily.

  7. sibotak May 24,2015 9:14 AM

    Bagaimana pula kita Malaysia bolih membiarkan
    Perdana Menteri dalam masa yg sama juga Menteri Kewangan pada orang yg sama
    Lagi sedap lagi di dampingi pula olih Menteri Pershoppingan Luar & dalam Negeri

    Dia lah yg Jaga , dia lah tukang buka kunci didamping pula
    dengan Marketing Executive bertauliah Antara Bangsa

    Kena dah , kena
    Si penyagak jumpa si penya…….. kata Allahyarham P.Ramlee

  8. abeymuinsz May 24,2015 6:54 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Tun adalah idola saya.
    Saya harap Tun menjawab soalan Tunku Abdul Aziz.

  9. sibotak May 24,2015 4:12 AM

    Apa saja lah Aku ni , si Botak
    Merepek fasal Rohingya , fasal Selatan Thailand lah
    ISIS lah Timur Tengah lah
    Inikan topik 1MDM

    Ya Benar dan PM Najib menegaskan Perpaduan di ini hari

    Jadi kacau permikiran saya

    Di Ukriane
    United Nation kepunyaan Amerika begitu peka akan menstabilkan perang saudara . Dengan UN memastikan Russia tidak membantu Puak yg melawan Kerajaan Ukraine juga mengaharamkan mana mana pihak memberi sokongan senjata
    Sekarang kelihatan sudah Reda

    Di Timur Tengah
    United Nation mahukan Keamanan juga, katanya
    Dengan mengizinkan Dunia Barat , Amerika memberi sokongan senjata pada pihak pemberontak untuk melawan Kerajaan sendiri. Mengapi apikan semua pihak
    Sedangkan merekalah yg melahirkan ISIS
    Dan kononya tersalah kasi senjata , dirampas ISIS dan dalam masa yg sama juga membekal senjata & latihan pada pihak lawan ISIS
    Inikah cara United Nation untuk mengamankan peperangan ?
    Itu sebablah sampai sekarang masih tidak aman malah bertambah hancur

    Kita Tidak bolih dengar kata kata manis
    Kata kata manis Aci Bunting pun bolih berkata
    Kita mesti lihat perbuatan mereka
    Perbuatan merekalah yg menonjol Niat mereka

  10. sibotak May 24,2015 3:23 AM

    Saya tersentuh akan hujah Najib di TV3 hari ini
    Persoalan perpaduan di kalangan kita dengan cabaran Malaysia sekarang

    Perpaduan adalah senjata kita yg utama sekarang
    BUKAN F-16 , M-16 , AK-17 , Missiles dan sebagainya
    Retakan perpaduan inilah yg membinasakan kita
    sampai Kita tidak kenal musuh sebenar
    Lihat di Timur Tengah . Sekarang di Burma

    Saya pasti dan yakin ada pendorong ,penghasut yg sama seperti apa yg berlaku di Timur Tengah, Arab Spring , Kelahiran ISIS yg dilahirkan olih Amerika
    Begitu juga saya terbau di Burma
    Kezaliman ini di perlakukan bukan saja olih Kaum Rakhine Buddist yakni rakyat biasa malah anaggota Polis & Military Burma turut menzalimi
    Sudah pasti Kerajaan Burma juga bersubahat & tahu
    INI merupai satu Rancangan dengan hanya membuahkan satu alasan
    Seoarang gadis Burma di rogol olih 3 lelaki Rohingya Islam
    Tapi takkanlah seluruh kaum Rohinga mahu di bunuh dan dihalau dengan kejam
    Perangcangan sudah di buat pasti ada hasutan luar yg kuat yang menghasut & mendorong. Kalau soal rogol satu Dunia seharian menghadapinya
    Tiba tiba dengan Burma baru buka pintu ekonomi dengan sokongan Amerika
    juga dengan kehadiran Aung San Suu Ki
    Beliau yg menegakan Demokratik di Burma sama sekali tidak mempertahankan kezaliman terhadap kaum Rohingya malah hujar beliau Rohingya bukan asal orang Burma
    Sedangkan kaum ini sudah berakar umbi beratus tahun lamanya bersama Kaum lain

    Adakah kita di Malysia bolih menghalau kaum India atau Cina sedangkan kaum ini juga dilahirkan di Malaysia . Pasti Tidak
    Kita sudah menerima each Existence dengan kelahiran mereka di Malaysia

    Adakah nasib Kaum Islam di Selatan Thailand akan menimpa nasib seperti kaum Rohingya ? Apa pula Fitnah mereka kelak ?

    Saya amat menyokong PM Najib akan perpaduan kita bersama
    Mentelah lagi Dunia Islam sudah tergugat dengan Fitnah & Ugutan
    Dan tujuan War Mongers Made in USA sudah berluasa

    Tapi akan tetapi PM Najib
    1MDB bukan isu perpaduan

    Tak betul di mana negara pun
    Perdana Menteri juga adalah Menteri Kewangan
    Mentelah lagi Najib punya Consultant yg Kelihatan Boros

    Jadi banyak persoalan yg bermain di fikiran kami
    Kalau ia Benar takakan kami bersuara
    Apakan lagi kalau perut kami kosong

  11. cruze May 24,2015 2:26 AM

    Tahniah daeng, cruze setuju 100%

  12. doncorleone May 24,2015 1:14 AM

    Dear Tun,

    So it seems the end is near for our PM. He is on the home stretch now. With the 62 or 63 advisers around him together with his inner circle , he should be able to make the decision fast- either to resign or not. As I mentioned it in my earlier posting and as the issue 1 MDB is too big to be ignored , there is only one way and the only way for our beloved PM- that is to resign. The UMNO people will give him the honourable and dignified resignation. Unlike South Korea and Taiwan, there will be no witch hunting on him once he has gone as it is simply not in our tradition to do that . The nation desperately need a new brain and creative mind with different and dynamic teams to lead us out of our current miserable scenario.

    The swagger, the charisma, the bravado of new PM will galvanise the whole country and the feel good factor will travel to every nook and corner of this land.

    I hope the powers that be choose wisely on the next candidate of our new PM, otherwise the rakyat especially the Malay will suffer again.

    Good nite Tun, sweet dream Malaysia and don’t be disappointed Kelate/ TRW as tommorow will be a better day- Gomo Kelate Gomo.

  13. ichiban May 23,2015 9:19 PM


    Kemarahan rakyat bukan setakat mendidih..tapi dah sampai tahap meruap2..isu 1MDB masih tidak berjawab,mana perginya RM42 billion? tapi masih mahu cakap berbelit2 kelak diri sendiri akan terbelit..rakyat disuruh berjimat cermat makan kangkong tapi duit hilang berbillion2.Saya cadangkan sesiapa yg terlibat dgn kerugian 1MDB berbillion-billion ini,segala aset anak beranak mereka ini dibekukan..istihar muflis..hari2 suruh mereka ini makan kangkong..malukan bangsa dan menjatuhkan imej parti…kunun2 dapat memerintah sehingga 22tahun kalau mahu…bercakap seperti tak berlandaskan fakta..ini orang takperlu bagi tazkirah sebab tak jalan dah tak kenal halal haram..baca saja talkin dekat telinga banyak kali supaya insaf.. sebab duit tabung haji orang nak pergi mekah pun sanggup disedut.

  14. pala May 23,2015 8:29 PM

    Tun about playing golf with Obama i know the reason cause report has been sent to him from embassy us Malaysia i can explain to You about This the reason done.

  15. daeng May 23,2015 6:46 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Jika Najib ni gentleman tolong adakan pemilihan UMNO untuk peringkat atasan sahaja dalam tempoh terdekat ini. Minta pemilihan SEMUA AHLI UMNO diberi hak mengundi memilih jawatan presiden umno hingga ke bawah. Jangan hanya kuasa mengundi diberi pada ketua cawangan/bahagian sahaja. Selalunya yang sialnya dan makan rasuah adalah ketua cawangan/bahagian UMNO.

    Semuga Najib dan Rosmah serta balacinya seperti Hishamudin lembik, Hasan Malek yang tiada wibawa lansung, Ahmad Maslan yang mengaku bijak, Husni Hanadzlah, Tengku Adnan, Khairy Jamaludin budak berjiwa besar dan ramai lagi lenyap dari nama besar dalam UMNO.

  16. leonidas May 23,2015 4:33 PM

    Salam Tun M,

    Pada pandangan saya sbg generasi muda..wawasan 2020 bakal menemui kagagalan…bukan ingin menjadi pessimism tetapi melihat secara realistik.

    Ttp pelbagai usaha dilakukan oleh menteri untuk memperlihatkannya seakan2 berjaya. Umpama sapu sampah sorok bawah katil.

    Dengan menaikkan gaji supaya capai sasaran percapita income negara maju.

    Mengalihkan tumpuan kpd sektor perkhidmatan semata2 utk capai sasaran negara maju.

    Hakikatnya kita masih mundur..segala kemewahan dibina atas hutang..baik kerajaan..mahupun isirumah rakyat malaysia.

    Kualiti graduan kita juga jatuh kalau x silap lebih rendah kualitinya berbanding graduan vietnam.

    Pendapat saya, segalanya berpunca dr kelemahan sistem pendidikan…

    Kalau dilihat, negara maju yg lain..mereka mempunyai hasil cipta mereka sendiri.

    Amerika dgn kereta, alat musik ciptaan mrk.
    jepun dgn automotive, peralatan rumah yg berjaya.
    korea dgn elektronik ciptaan mereka.

    Semua mrk mempunyai ciptaan mrk sendiri yg memberikan pulangan berbillion kpd mrk.

    Nasib baik masa tun sempat buat kereta…kalau tak…apa pun tak dak.

    Untuk mencipta sesuatu yg hebat memerlukan minda yg hebat. Kita pada tahun 90an byk melahirkan graduan perniagaan perbankan dan perakaunan.

    Pada saya sepatutnya kita melahirkan lebih byk engineer dan saintis pada masa itu. Kalau tiada produk untuk meniaga…apa gunanya akauntan yg ramai? Seolah2 kita sudah menjadi negara maju..

    Pada saya itulah punca kita masih mundur sekarang. Ini hanyalah pandangan rakyat yg skop pengelihatannya sangat kecil berbanding tun….sekian

  17. leonidas May 23,2015 3:57 PM

    Berkenaan 1MDB…

    Dakwaan serius telah dikeluarkan Tun M, saya berpendapat siasatan perlu dilakukan. Mungkin jika pihak sprm sudah tidak mempunyai kredibiliti, bdn bebas lain perlu dilantik.

    Kalu tiada juga…terpaksa lah saya undi pembangkang supaya mereka dpt siasat…mmg saya teringin sangat nak tahu apa yg dibuat hutang banyak2 tu.

  18. leonidas May 23,2015 3:47 PM

    slm sejahtera,

    Saya hnya mendengar sepintas lalu waktu kes altantuya hangat di televisen. Semalam pun saya baca sedikit ttg kes ni di wikipedia. Persoalan yg saya kurang paham…

    1. Tiada bukti langsung ttg najib dan altantuya..ttp kenapa dikaitan najib dgn altantuya. Di mana sumber yg menunjukan kaitan najib, saya nak baca jugak.

    2. Jika azilah & sirul hy menjalankan arahan..pasti dia tahu siapa yg memberikan arahan kpdnya..katalah najib guna org tengah…pasti azilah @ sirul kenal org tengah itu.

  19. novo May 23,2015 3:21 PM

    Salam Tun.

    The STAR. Sacking board members of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) would not get to the bottom of the truth, said Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

    1.Sehingga ayat ini aku setuju dengan dia ni, kerana dia tahu board members hanyalah sekumpulan “barua-barua” yang di cucuk hidung nya sahaja.
    2.Atau sekumpulan “lembu-lembu tua” yang di tarik oleh tuan nya ke padang, maka makanlah mereka dengan lahapnya. Jika tuannya tarik mereka ke sungai barulah mereka minum.
    3.Ini berbeza dengan sekumpulan lembu Cape yang hidup “bebas” dan tiada tali yang dicucuk pada hidung mereka. Bila lapar mereka makan, bila dahaga mereka minum tanpa ada sekatan tali tuannya
    4.Bapak kepada barua-barua ini adalah AH JIB GORILA iaitu taiko besar 1MDB. Dia pegang semua tali lembu-lembu tua ini kerana dia adalah tuan lembu
    5.Apabila lembu ini sudah gemuk maka AH JIB GOR akan pilih mana satu untuk di sembelih buat kenduri kawin. Mungkin 1,2 atau 4,5 atau pun kesemuanya sekali akan di sembelih bagi kenduri.
    6.Lembu yang bertaraf CEO mungkin akan selamat kerana dia kelihatan mengikut jejak AH JIB GORILA mahu menjadi PENIPU bagi pihak tuannya dengan mengatakan ASS ET dan cash adalah sama.Lembu ini belajar ACCOUNTING kat mana gok?

    THE STAR- Rosmah doesn’t need praises, but don’t insult her, says aide
    Rosmah’s personal assistant Rizal Mansor

    Yes you are damn right. She had nothing to be proud and pride of but a lot to be insulted, if you think what Datuk Zaid Ibrahim stated as a insult to her. Her behavior is so disgusted and “over” if compared with our past prime minister wife’s. They all seen so humble and never want to be at par with the international prime minister wife.
    Do you ever come across this idioms/phrase “Di sebalik Kejayaan Lelaki Ada Wanita Di Belakangnya…”
    It look like you level of thinking stop there, at that phrase only. You don’t dare to think beyond it. As you have a low level of thinking, so let me put it this way.

    “Di Sebalik Keruntuhan Akhlak Seorang Lelaki Ada Wanita Di Belakangnya.” or
    “Di Sebalik Penipuan Seorang Lelaki Ada Wanita Di Belakangnya.”

    Kalau mung susah sangat nok faham ambil hok ni lah
    “Di Sebalik Kli___ks Seorang Lelaki Ada Wanita Di Atasnya.”

    Jangan buat bodoh lah Rizal Mansor, cakap tu fikir sikit jangan sedap mulut je. Aku sakit kepala fikir bagaimana anak cucu aku nak bayar hutang MEGA yang di buat oleh tok laki boss mu tu, Si ROSMAH tu. Kalau kat UK boleh je aku tambah Si ROSMAH tu jadi SIR ROSMAH.

    Mana si Muhyiddin ni, berkokok lepas tu senyap. Kokok biar kuat dan nyaring. Boards members dan Pengerusi 1MDB patut di buang ke dalam sungai.Bagi buaya siasat, kalau bersalah buaya akan makan. Baru betul nak jadi BOSS.


  20. faridina May 23,2015 3:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    TSM has taken the bull by the horns, to reconfirm that you dearest Tun is not alone after all it’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    The ripple is turning to waves..

    The clock is ticking fast..

    Soon the tsunami will come..


    Kow-Tow to ALLAH first.

  21. bourne007 May 23,2015 2:42 PM

    Steady, PM Najib masih bertahan. Usaha untuk ketepikan Najib nampaknya memberi populariti kepada BN dan UMNO secara umumnya, tanda BN akan terus berkuasa dan capai kemenangan menjelang PRU14. Strategi yg telah digunapakai oleh SOVIET ketika STALIN mengetuai Pakatan Perang Dingin.

    Luangkan masa membaca SATU rancangan sulit ISLAMPHOBIA oleh Dajalliyah atau Sufyani di ROHINGYA, THAKSIN SHINAWATRA, AMIN RAIS, Utan Kayu P. Komunis Indo, Pari Komunis Malaya, Parti Komunis Siam, CHARTER 77

  22. daeng May 23,2015 2:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum. Tun, semoga Tun dan Tun Hasmah diberi kesihatan yang elok hendaknya.

    Saya mahu melihat Malaysia maju dan dihormati untuk masa-masa akan datang. Untuk PM yang akan memerintah selepas Najib dalam masa terdekat ini khususnya dari Parti UMNO insya Allah, apa yang dia kena lakukan agar majoriti rakyat sentiasa hormat kepadanya ialah:

    1. Gubal undang-undang dengan memperkenalkan hukuman lebih berat seperti gantung sampai mati kepada pesalah-pesalah seperti penyeludup manusia, penyeludup barang-barang ( minyak, gas, kayu balak, pasir, dll ), pengedar dadah, pemberi/penerima rasuah melibatkan amaun RM 100,000, dan ke atas, perogol, hukuman mati pada mereka yang terlibat dengan pembalakan haram, pembunuh dengan niat sengaja dan sebagainya tanpa mengira bulu dari rakyat, orang politik hinggakan kepada raja/sultan. Ramai orang mengatakan pembalakan haram yang berleluasa adalah ada hubungkaitnya dengan orang istana???

    2. Tiada hukuman dalam bentuk berupa wang kepada pelumba-pelumba haram. Contohnya penjara sekurang-kurangnya 1 bulan bagi pesalah pertama, 3 bulan bagi kesalahan ke 2 dan seterusnya. Hukuman penjara 2 tahun juga kepada mereka yang terlibat dengan membuka rumah pelacuran atau maksiat. Jika kita ke negara China pun amat susah kita terjumpa rumah-rumah pelacuran. Jadi jika kita istihar negara kita adalah negara Islam, perkara ini tidak seharusnya menimbulkan isu.

    3. Kawal harga rumah dengan 1 rakyat hanya dibenar memiliki 1 rumah sahaja. Kita lihat situasi sekarang ini kerajaan seolah-olah tidak mampu mengawalnya. Biarlah pertumbuhan hartanah agak perlahan asalkan rakyat pada masa ini dan akan datang mampu memilikinya. Dalam situasi sekarang, jika dibiarkan mereka yang kaya akan bertambah kaya, manakala yang miskin bertambah miskin. Adakah kerajaan sekarang ini bijak dengan memperkenalkan rumah Pr1ma atau rumah mampu milik sedangkan mereka yang bergaji RM 3000 pun tidak mampu memilikinya kecualilah suami bergaji RM3000 dan istei bergaji RM3000.

    4. Subsidi minyak patut diteruskan atau kerajaan mesti memperkenalkan subsidi bagi semua barang keperluan asas seperti beras, minyak masak, susu budak dll. Subsidi minyak perlu kerana negara adalah pengeluar minyak. Kenaikan harga minyak ada hubung kait dengan semua harga barangan ikut naik. Soal penyeludupan minyak tidak timbul jika no 1 kerajaan lakukan.

    5. Hapuskan BR1M dan digantikan dengan kebajikan komprehensif kepada rakyat miskin yang benar-benar memerlukan. Seperti bantuan kepada keluarga susah/miskin, warga tua yang dikenalpasti tiada tempat bergantung, keluarga yang dikenalpasti tidak mampu memiliki rumah kerana pendapatan seisi keluarga yang rendah, subsidi atau pendidikan percuma dari sekolah rendah hingga ke menengah, baucar bulanan percuma untuk menaiki pengangkutan awam kepada warga tua 60 dan ke atas, warga cacat, kanak-kanak beruniform sekolah, perubatan percuma dan sebagainya.

    6. Hadkan kuasa PM seperti PM tidak boleh memegang jawatan menteri kewangan dan berbagai lagi. Ini mengelakkan PM yang tidak jujur menggunakan kewangan negara seolah-olah wang rakyat adalah milik bapak dia yang punya. Contohnya Najib anak Tun Razak.

    7. Hadkan penglibatan golongan istana secara langsung dalam persatuan sukan. Contohnya, Sultan Ahmad Shah yang memegang jawatan presiden seumur hidup kini diganti oleh anaknya seolah-olah jawatan tersebut boleh diwarisi. Kita lihat kemajuan bolasepak negara dari tahun 1990 hingga sekarang berbanding dengan Jepun, Korea Selatan, negara-negara Arab sudah jauh meninggalkan kita. Apa yang Sultan Ahmad ini bawa selama 25 tahun selepas beliau sebagai presiden bolasepak “seumur hidup”???? Kini anak beliau pula??? Jika sultan berkuasa dan berada dalam satu-satu persatuan, siapa yang berani bersuara jika satu-satu perkara atau isu diperdebatkan??? Ini berlaku jika persatuan dalam satu-satu negeri dan sultan adalah presidennya, apa yang ahli dalam persatuan boleh suarakan??? Ia akan dikatakan “murka” jika ianya bercanggah dengan kehendak sultan. Walaupun sultan secara terbuka mengatkan jika ada sesuatu yang tidak kena, tolong suarakan. Ini lebih teruk lagi jika ada ahli yang kaki bodek sultan untuk kepentingan peribadi. Saya lihat hanya Tun sahaja yang berani menegur Sultan demi kebaikan rakyat.

    Maafkan saya yang biasa-biasa berbicara. Segala kesilapan saya mohon maaf Tun.

    Insya Allah saya akan sambung lagi Tun.

  23. hadry May 23,2015 2:13 PM

    Salam semua,nak mintak rakan2 undi antara tun vs najin di link ini
    Mari share link ini di social media…kita tgk siapa yg dpt undi tertinggi

  24. sibotak May 23,2015 1:15 PM

    Rosmah buat biskut apa eh ?
    Nak tempahlah nak Raya ni
    Ada website dia nak order lah ?
    Ah takpe order kat facebook Najib ajelah

  25. rosdee May 23,2015 12:41 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Semoga kesihatan Tun dalam keadaan yang baik selalu.

    Selagi Tun tak kemukakan bukti yang kukuh dalam peperangan Tun untuk jatuhkan Ijib, selagi itu Ijib akan kukuh di kerusi PM.

    Kerusi PM adalah satu jawatan yang diamanahkan oleh rakyat kepadanya tapi member ni dah syok sangat sampai lupa daratan dan tanggung jawab sebagai PM dan membawa Malaysia on the way to the DRAIN. Kami Rakyat Bumi yang bertuah ni tak sanggup lihat orang yang paling bodoh dalam dunia ini meneruskan pemerintahan bodoh menyengsarakan rakyat. Bodoh bahlul ini makin hari makin swindle wang rakyat dan kroni kroninya jadi lagi kaya dan orang miskin lagi miskin. Tun please do something on this. Ijib tu dah tidur dengan Si Atlantuya tambah bunuh dia lagi tapi bersumpah bodoh pulak dan tak nak mengaku. The world of karma mesti lingkup dia sooner or later. Dengan semua isu yang dibangkitkan bertambah bukti ijib najis ni masih tak sedar lagi. Check-made dialah Tun. Bawa Sirul keluar dan panggil dia terus terang. This will help to eliminate najis Negara ini untuk kebaikan dan masa depan Anak-anak Kita dan generasi akan datang. Ijib najis tu buat macam ni dia ingat bapa dia punya negarakah ni?

  26. runaldy May 23,2015 11:43 AM

    kalau pm dan menteri kewangan adalah orang yang sama, ada kemungkinan tak yang duit negara dia akan buat macam duit sendiri?

  27. Concerned Citizen May 23,2015 9:13 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I am really concerned in what had happened in 1MDB
    1) I have read and listens both sides regarding this matter and what I’ve read in Sarawak Report really an eye-opener and shocking news for me
    2) Undisclosed reports shows some legitimate proof on how this business deals transaction taking place and Jho Low and Arab tycoons from ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) involvement in this investments sparks off something happened behind the curtains
    3) Jho Low “alerted” this tycoons to “an opportunity” on a trade valuing around USD$2 billion also highlighted some serious issues has go on
    4) My major concern is will PAC and Auditor-General investigate through this revelations or will they starting all investigations in Malaysia perspectives, proofs and regarding this as mere allegations
    5) What actions will PAC and Auditor-General take if this proofs are not just mere allegations? and will them dare to take actions?

    I am just concerned citizen of Malaysia
    I wish u r in the best of health Tun, Perjuangan belum selesai
    I always pray du’a for greatest prosperity of Malaysia.

  28. novo May 23,2015 9:05 AM

    Salam sibotak,
    Itu dinamakan sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada.
    Macam biskut. Si Rosmah buat biskut tu kat rumah dan si Najib cuma tolong jual je!. he he he !


  29. The Hidden Secret May 23,2015 8:18 AM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Najib yang bijaksana kata RM 42 billion tak hilang pon. Dia suruh kita tengok TRX dan Bandar Malaysia. Katanya itulah dia RM 42 billion yang kita sebok-sebok kan selama ini. Kasihan Najib sebab tak tau nak buat statement… Statement yang dibuat memperlihatkan betapa tidak bijaksananya dia. Mungkin Najib tak lulus matematik masa di sekolah dulu.

  30. sibotak May 23,2015 1:07 AM

    1 MDB

    Sekejap di Petro -Saudi , sekejap bank Seychelles , Hong Kong , Cayman Island sesudah di Singapore
    Akhirnya Duit Tak ada ! Hilang ! Hahaha ! Beri Tepukan……..
    Handal sungguh ilmu mereka mengalahkan David Copperfield

    Ini soalan kecil saya pada jumlah yg besar pada Menteri Kewangan
    juga Perdana Menteri khasnya Yang bertanggung jawab ?
    Mana print out nya ?

    Tertanya juga saya pada diri saya
    Seolan yg lagi besar lagi ialah

    Jika wang sebesar Gajah BerBillion $$$ bolih di hilangkan begitu mudah
    Bagaimana pula wang yg kecil yg kecil investmentnya yg jumlah million
    ribu atau ratusan $$$$$

    Ini bakal menjahanamkan Malaysia
    Bukan saja memiskinkan malah mengkufurkan Malaysia
    Papa Kedana di buatnya

    Maka Malaysia tidak bolih percaya pada Menteri Kewangan , Perdana Menteri
    Ia perlu di Pantau Keras olih satu Pertubuhan yg tidak bolih dikawal olih Kerajaan atau sesiapa pun

    Kaya sebenarnya Malaysia
    Walau kesemua Perniagaan Kerajaan Gagal seperti Malaysia Airline
    Penjualan Air murah seakan percuma , IDR dan yg lain
    Kerajaan bolih kasi Brim , lagi eh……. hebat sungguh

    Broom betul Kerajaan Malaysia
    Hutang Keliling Pinggang
    Lebih Gaya dari Rupa

    Bagaimana sekiranya Malaysia mula digugat seperti Timur Tengah yg
    gugat dengan hasutan dan Perperangan sedangkan itu semua Negara Kaya Gila

    Maruah Dunia Islam sudah jatuh pada Tahap yg paling Rendah & Hina sekarang
    Dengan penindasan dan kesungguhan Membasmikan seluruh kaum Islam Rohinga di Burma

    Saya terbau bau serpihan Bom
    Sepirhan anasir Barat ,The WAR Mongers of the 20th Century
    Tapi tidak pasti dari mana


  31. mubarakchan May 23,2015 12:35 AM


    For Saudara Othaman Ahmad. The Dictator or Ruler (1959-2015) conned two generations of Singaporeans and outsiders with his out of date but briliant law degree from Cambridge. He created the Pyramid Club with himself the smartest fellow on top. Meritocracy was used to enslave the 99.99% of the citizens who could not get into Oxbridge or the Ivy League and to shut them out of the elites which held the power with the Dictator or Ruler (1959-2015) as the Boss to maintain his power and control for a lifetime.

    History has shown us that the Systems set up by Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Mao, Tito, Castro etc. will kaput once the Dictators faded away. It has already happened in Singapore’s Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. This Systme is also known except by Malaysian politicians who think we are abang adek with the Singaporeans, to the World as the Singapore Model, authoritarian capitalism, benign dictatorship (no such thing) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.

    In 2013, two Singaporean Ministers announced that in future applicants for jobs or promotions would be considered not only on their academic merits but also on their hidden talents.

    This clearly shows that meritocracy was a bluffology to hoodwink the populace in order to control and enslave them through elitism to maintain the Dictator’s power and control. This naturally translates into sucking up every cent the citizens hold to emasculate and impoverish them of their wherewithal to resist or desist.

    One example but there are many more. In October 2008, the dysfunctional meritocrats of Singapore with the smartest fellow on top lost an official minimum of US$ 108 Billions ( RM 420 Billions or 10 times more than the RM 42 Billions debt of 1MDB )on Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. He said they would be locked in for 30 years ! Financial Times London April 2010. Gillian Tett.


  32. daeng May 22,2015 9:29 PM


    Tun izinkan saya berbicara,

    Saya teringat zaman saya di awal remaja tahun 80 an dahulu.

    Kalau dulu kejatuhan president Filipina, Ferdinand Marcos pada masa itu atas kebencian rakyat Filipina kepada keborosan dan ketamakan isterinya bernama Emelda Marcos.

    Kini di Malaysia berulang situasi yang hampir serupa gugurnya PM Malaysia, Najib adalah disebabkan isterinya juga bernama Rosmah Mansor.

    Ianya ada persamaan, kita tunggu dan lihat dua watak pelakun yang berbeza tapi punya karektor yang serupa dalam masa terdekat. Saya yakin pengakhiran cerita, rakyat terlalu membencinya mengakibatkan suaminya menghadapi nasib yang sama.

    Dalam watak yang lain pula, mengapa dengan Fuad Zarkashih? Makhluk b*b& ni dah kemaruk nak jadi menteri?

    Seorang lagi watak baru, Hanazlah? Ini baruah Najib atau manusia bangang yang pentingkan diri sendiri?

    Sekian Tun.

  33. sudin May 22,2015 9:23 PM

    Assalam…. Tun,

    Kalau di perhatikan keadaan terkini, panggilan PM Najib akan tinggal Najib saja tak lama lagi!
    Tak tahulah kalau si Rosmah tu gunakan kuasa veto dia untuk memaksa si suami mengikut kehendaknya supaya teruskan jadi PM,
    “Peduli apa rakyat kata. Aku tengah dok seronok ni, tengah enjoy tanpa batasan, duit banyak lagi.”

    Najib, Najib. Sanggup/sampai hati engkau campakkan wawasan murni bapa tersayang semata2 mengikut kehendak Rosmah!!!

  34. JP May 22,2015 8:50 PM

    Assalammualaikum YABhg Tun,
    Semoga Allah SWT memanjangkan lagi usia Tun dengan kesihatan yang sempurna, ketenangan jiwa dan semangat yang tinggi untuk kebaikan kita semua di negara Malaysia yang istimewa dan tercinta ini.
    Saya mendoakan agar Allah SWT membuka hati dan minda Raja-Raja kita yang berjiwa rakyat, menerusi Majlis Raja-Raja, menghentikan pembohongan oleh PM Najib ini yang nampaknya sudah menjadi ‘Rakyat Yang Berjiwa Raja’.
    Begitu juga semua Ahli Parlimen supaya tidak lagi membenarkan PM Najib meneruskan pembohongannya dalam Parlimen mengenai fakta-fakta 1MDB dan sebagainya.
    Jika tidak semua Ahli Parlimen akan ikut berbohong dalam Parimen semata-mata kerana mereka dilindungi oleh Keistimewaan Parlimen.

  35. doncorleone May 22,2015 8:10 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Our economy is getting worse as we speak. The latest quarterly result of Cimb and Affin show substantial reduction in profit ( 26% for Cimb and 78% for Affin) due to higher provision for bad debts. With GST, low commodities prices, weak currency and higher cost of living, people has less money to spend, let alone to service their loans. More first quarter results are expected to be out in the next couple of weeks which will confirm our belief that the economy is really in a bad shape.

    As I mentioned earlier, the 1 MDB fiasco has really put a damper in our credit rating and we don’t have the luxury to reduce our interest rate like most of our neighbours do. 50 or 25 basis point reduction in interest rate will spur the domestic growth and make our country more competitive and we can’t do that due to 1MDB debacle as it will weaken the ringgit more than it should be. Instead, we introduce the GST and once the statistic is out, the government will realise that it is a wrong move at the wrong time. There are ample empirical evidence on the ground to suggest that our economy is on the downright spiral. The gst has led to massive reduction on our domestic expenditure/consumption and it will make the livelihood of the rakyat worse off. It will leads the economy into tail spin with recession looming.

    In the law of Tort, Lord Dennings ( Britain best legal brain who never make it to Law Lord), has introduced the concept of a reasonable expectation of a man. Even though this concept in not really applicable in the context of our political scenario, I think, in view of the above and the ongoing saga of 1MDB, is only fair if the rakyat reasonable expectation can be granted- the resignation of our PM before Raya.

    Let’s the new man takes the helm and rectify the mistakes and we move on. Let ” bygones be bygones ” and sheltox be sheltox. Que sera sera, what will be, will be.

    On different note, I’m taking to this opportunity to wish Kelantan ( team TRW) all the luck in the world for tommorow FA final game. I will discuss more on Kelantan in my future postings in this blog

    Till next time, good nite Tun, sleep well Malaysia and gomo Kelate gomo.

  36. joetamchi May 22,2015 5:38 PM

    Dalam diam, diam membatu..
    Keluar bunyi memahat batu..

    Bunyi asah, mengasah pahat…
    Agar BATU dapat di PAHAT..
    Pemimpin skarang otak tak sihat..
    Nama Puad, Rakyat dh meluat..!!

    Zarkashi sambung nama diberi…
    Ditambah huruf “t” .. Umpama lah tahi..
    PRU13.. Orang dah benci…
    Masihkah lagi tak sedarkan diri…??

  37. man May 22,2015 5:28 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Off topic – dengan izin.

    Saya pernah di beritahu oleh seorang kawan yang aktif berpolitik, ada 2 perkara yang boleh menjatuhkan seorang pemimpin. Perkara pertama diberitahu kepada saya adalah perempuan. Maaf kaum hawa jangan marah. Izinkan saya teruskan. Saya fikir kenapa pula perempuan. Setelah termenung sejenak barulah saya rasa saya faham. Mungkin maksudnya seorang pemimpin lelaki yang dah berkahwin tapi mempunyai masalah kecurangan dengan wanita lain. Mungkin juga maksud kawan saya ni, seorang pemimpin yang boleh disogok dengan wanita senang2. Perkara kedua diberitahu kepada saya adalah wang. Kawan saya tak terangkan dengan lebih lanjut. Mungkin maksudnya salah guna dan menerima rasuah lah tu. Saya tak tahu. Saya bukan ahli politik. Tapi kalaulah begitu ceritanya, kalau ada pihak2 yang cuba menjahanamkan sesebuah negara hanya perlu fokus kepada 2 benda ni.

    Terima kasih Tun

  38. The Hidden Secret May 22,2015 5:17 PM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Sedarlah semua rakyat Malaysia… Kalau Najib tak letak jawatan… Maknanya kita semua telah kalah kepada Rosmah! Uols sanggup ke kalah kepada Rosmah? Uols sanggup ke tengok Tun kalah kepada Rosmah?

  39. tekedu May 22,2015 5:12 PM

    Ayahanda TUN,

    #undurnajib# VS #jgnundurabgdin#

    mmmm pembuka kata bicara luka akar umbi terus mati kaku layu dan pasti merana diri


  40. Othaman Ahmad May 22,2015 4:58 PM

    TWOG dear…

    I’m pretty sure Tun had never-ever appoint any proof reader/writer for his blog. After Mubarakchan, are you trying to hustle me like a smart Alec?

    FYI… Meritocracy is originally mooted by PAP/Lee Kwan Yew which is not practical to us in narrowing the gap between the majority bumis’ social & economic standing with the other already established ethnics.

    I hope I’ve made my record straight and clear. Regards & Good Day…!!

  41. mubarakchan May 22,2015 3:36 PM


    Here is a screaming headline in an Opposition Blog for us today. ” LIM KOK WING IS NAJIB’S NEW PR STRATEGIST ” Apparently, the said subject furnished a large colour photo of himself with our Honourable Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.

    Back trek to 1984, at the launch of the Mercedes 200 Series by Cycle & Carriage Bintang Bhd, I went up to this gentleman who was standing by the car and said, ‘ Hello ! How are you ? ‘ Arrogantly, he turned his face and walked away. A short time later, another advertising group wanted to grab his portfolio and asked me to help. I did not assist even though I had the power to do so as I felt it was not fair to grab another person’s portfolio without any reason. This was the turning point for him. By the next turn of the screw, he was claiming to do great things for Nelson Mandela. This is gratitude for you and me.

  42. novo May 22,2015 2:34 PM

    Salam Tun
    1.Dahulu Najib “kencing” semua rakyat Malaysia pasal duit di bank Singapura.
    2.Tapi sekarang Najib telah “terkencing” dalam seluar apabila penipuan beliau telah bocor.
    3.Sebab tu lah Speaker Dewan Rakyat komplen bahawa tandas tak cukup kat Parlimen.
    4.Kerana beliau selalu melihat Najib “kencing” dalam dewan semasa dewan bersidang.(tipu kita)
    5.Tapi akhir-akhir ini,Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia melihat Najib “terkencing” dalam seluar pulak.Tak sempat ke tandas kerana tandas penuh.So,tambah tandas di Parlimen supaya semua orang boleh kencing.
    6.Dengar cerita Si Rosmah pun ada pergi ke Parlimen semasa pembentangan Rancanga ke 11.
    7.Mungkin nak jaga Abang Najib nya supaya jangan kencing dalam seluar lagi.Dia ada bawak seluar termasuk seluar dalam spare
    8.Atau nak suruh Abang Najib nya kencing dalam dewan lagi semasa dewan bersidang.(nak tipu kita lagi)
    9.Atau Si Rosmah nak cuba “kencing” dalam tandas baru di Parlimen.
    10.Saya tidak kena “kencing” lagi oleh Najib kerana saya tidak melihat beliau “MENIPU” semasa RMK 11 di Parlimen tempohhari.
    11.”Si bodoh” Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah dengan senyuman kambing atau bodohnya mempertahankan AH JIB GORILA yang telah menipu atau mengencing kita semua.
    12.Kalau beliau bermaruah letak saja jawatan dan suruh AH JIB GORILA buat press statement tu.
    13. Kedua-duanya,AH JIB GORILA dan Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah adalah sama bodoh kerana
    14 Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah bodoh kerana “sudi” di perbodoh oleh AH JIB GORILA untuk buat press statement tu.
    15.Najib bodoh kerana dia tak kenal “cash” atau paper asset dan terpaksa menyuruh Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah menerangkan mana satu “cash” dan “paper asset”.
    16. Kedua-dua mereka mungkin kenal (atau mereka adalah) “ASS ET” tanpa ET di belakangnya.


  43. TWOG May 22,2015 10:26 AM

    /// Othaman Ahmad May 22,2015 1:54 AM
    Tranparency, integrity & accountability.. ///

    Othaman – you need to add one more core value – Meritocracy


    Easy to remember — M.A.T.I.

  44. AlBaker May 22,2015 10:25 AM

    Salam Tun,

    NST quoted , RM1.103 billion fr Cayman was mistakenly described as cash. Wow, we are not dumb


  45. sibotak May 22,2015 10:03 AM

    On the surface
    Pengetahuan saya melalui berita bukan sebagai Investigator
    Melalu media masa dan berita

    Tun Najib ada mengatakan untuk Liquidfied Assets 1MDB
    Itu hanya memberitahu bagaimana mereka hendak menyelesaikan masalah
    1 MDB yang kian sudah Terbongkar

    Persoalannya lebih pada
    1.penyalahan Kuasa atau
    2.penyalahan salah guna wang Kerajaan yg mengaitkan 1MDB ?

    Kedua nya ini tidak bolih diperlakukan olih mana mana pihak
    walau terlihat tidak merugikan Hak Malaysia

    Kuasa Kerajaan mahupun kuasa atasan tidak bolih di permainkan untuk tujuan peribadi kemudian cover up

    Kuasa untuk Kepentingan Negara bukan peribadi
    Kemudian mengatakan Dah Settle pe !

  46. mubarakchan May 22,2015 9:56 AM


    Just a few years ago, there was a deluge of worms like MNM, yusof12, rocket scientist from Singapore, saxyKorma, etc from the Ministry of Information, Phoenix Park, Singapore. Shortly, after this Wikileaks exposed the spying activity by the Singapore Government in Malaysia on the sexual activities of full-blooded Malaysians in Malaysia and Singapore. I believe all the colour pics are under lock and key in the bowels of the said Ministry after onward transmission to third parties.

    With the sudden surge in your distinguished Blog, two Bloggers of vested interest eg. Singapore, spring to mind because little are they aware that I am like a lightning rod which attracts the PETIR from Singapore. Hence, HBT6969 and TWOG are easily identifiable as professional troublemakers or spies posing as Singaporean journalists which have been giving our Federal Government weekly cogent advice from 2003 to January 2013 which it suddenly stopped. Strange. Why did the SBT stop ? Have they achieved their objective on the TPPA ? Vide. the naive, hospitable and friendly UMNO owned NSTP. Streets Central Supplement Page 8. March 8, 2013. Spies in full colour.

    From the aforementioned, HBT6969 needs a bit of dissection of its spineless body. This worm is a she not a he. And she claims to have a smattering of the Chinese language (which she calls Mandarin). From the pidgin Straits English of HBT6969 of the original fame who has since disappeared and now replaced with this worm with the cantankerous English, there is a method in this madness. If we remember, the original HBT6969 swore in 2013 that she would not vote BN and will not appear here again. But here she is again in another re-incarnation with the surge in your distinguished Blog in 2015.

    I heartily welcome her for her haughty comments and advice to on all and sundry. This proves she is just an ordinary worm embedded here in the Malaysian woodwork to brainwash and catch the ignorants if they are unaware of these Singaporean techniques.

    And what is this HBT6996 ? She is thirty something like all spinsters in that small and lonely tropical isle with mega ambitions. She probably has a companion. No one of a sane mind and body gets married in Singapore for fear of the spouse running away with half of his/hers money in that MONEY MONEY MONEY WORLD OF MAJULAH SINGAPURA !

    As for the education of the she-worm, HBT9669, it is obvious this second worm is also English educated, very badly too or else she would be working in a Singapore bank earning big bucks. Who would waste precious money-making time bantering and brainwashing the distinguished Bloggers here ? She is a failure in life. Hence the frustration and LKY hero-worshipping psyche in this worm. She loved to show off that she is Chinese educated. This admission shows she is not Mandarin educated. She looks like any other Chinaman. Chinese on the outside but hollow and detribalised on the inside. This is the latest version of the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore for us. They put great store in a completely foreign and alien religion like Christianity as their life-saver.

    HBT8668 hyper-activity in recent weeks must be due to the fact that she is paid according to the rubbish she could produce with special attention to divide the Malaysian opinions and defend the great Dictator (1959-2015)who conned two generations of Singaporeans and outsiders with just a brilliant law degree from Cambridge.

    With his departure, the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System which was cooked up by him, is beginning to disintegrate like those set-up by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Tito, Castro etc. There is no running away from this fact. History is the fairest arbiter of Humankind ! Right HBT6969 ?

    It is amusing to read the arrogant and haughty comments by the worm HBT345 to the distinguished Bloggers here especially when it is obvious that she is a nobody but a hired spy of the Ministry of Information Phoenix Park, Singapore where the colour pics of full-blooded Malaysians in action are kept. Sex has always been the first interest of spymasters. But we normal Malaysians could not care less, colour pics or no colour pics. We do what is normal.

    With myself as the lightning rod conductor attracting the PETIR from Singapore, it is so very easy to identify crypto-lky brainwashed types. So, HBT234, please give me more publicity as I love publicity.


  47. sibotak May 22,2015 7:28 AM


    Rakyat sudah bersuara
    Pembangkang sudah membentangkan
    Tun Mahathir sudah Make a Point
    Police Report sudah di Buat

    Sultan belum kedengaran

    Sultan juga dipertanggung jawapkan memantau pengurusan Kerajaan yg tidak Benar
    1MDB hanya sebab musebab , satu pertunjuk bahwa yg tidak benar harus di tanggani .Tidak bolih di biarkan sebab ia akan berlarutan ke kesalahan yg lebih Besar

    1MDB perlu di Jelaskan
    Gagal menjelaskan akan membuah Fitnah


  48. sibotak May 22,2015 7:10 AM

    The weakness of Malaysian Govt has made Foreigners
    TO Takes Malaysia for a Ride
    Kneeling To Foreign advise , TO S,pore Govt request
    Ignoring the Right of Malaysian
    Is indeed A Betrayal to Malaysia

    Homing British Consultant in PutraJaya
    An absolute Sign of Weakness of an Elected Govt
    Its Irrelevant
    As our desires ,our culture ,our brought up differs
    Its blending Burger with Nasi Lemak
    Teh Tarik with Wines


    Its not just about 1 MDB
    Too many mistakes made and has shown incompetency in his Work
    Lets not repeat this mistake again
    He must Go

    The next lap IS who ?
    Kindly Tun Mahathir to Captain the Vessel
    Whilst waiting for MR or Mrs Right
    Ya Why Not Mrs Right for a Change

    Once Bitten Twice Shy
    We cannot made mistakes no more
    The Third We have to jump Down

    Petronas Building is the Right Spot

  49. daeng May 22,2015 6:40 AM

    Alhamdulillah Tun dan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekelian yang membantu menjatuhkan Najib Altantuya Al Rosmah Sigaraga.

    Saya melihat perubahan semakin nyata selepas Pandikar Amin Tidak Berapa Mulia mencabangkan lidahnya. Mungkin isu pencabangan lidah Amin Tidak Mulia ini ada hikmahnya Tun. Kita lihat siapa benar dalam masa terdekat ini Tun.

    Kalau Muhyidin dan Zahid Hamidi pon sudah sehaluan berani menegur kepincangan Najib walaupun dengan “sepakan indirect”, saya ramalkan penurunan kuasa Najib yang tidak bijak mentadbir negara ini semakin cepat berlaku.

    Selamatkanlah negara dari orang seperti Najib yang takut bini ini. Hasan Malek yang orang gelar Menteri Ayam ni rupanya saudara terdekat Rosmah ??? Patutlah boleh naik sebagai menteri secara drastik???

    Sekarang teruskan perjuangan Tun semuga Allah memberi Tun dan semua rakyat Malaysia yang sehaluan dengan Tun kekuatan dan kesihatan yang berterusan demi menjaga maruah bangsa, agama dan negara. Insya Allah.

  50. Othaman Ahmad May 22,2015 1:54 AM

    Tranparency, integrity & accountability..

    Oh yes… At last by virtue of Muhyddin’s admission, the truth prevails. Billons were mysteriously lost & spent unwisely by scoundrels without the knowledge of the DPM and the cabinet ministers.

    Both Najib & TDM committed bail out. Nevertheless, Najib did it in discreet manner and only made it known when blown out of proportion. Unlike Najib, TDM tabled his initiative in the cabinet ministers meeting for mandate. There was no secret or hidden agenda as the immediate following day became the headlines splashed over at every newspaper and media news report in the country. Money spent for the NS Highways, Twin Towers, Penang Bridge, Putrajaya, LRT railways, etc are worthy and recognized world class and regard as proud heritage and legacy of the nation for a long long time

    That demonstrates how industrious and determine but transparent Tun Mahathir was. He is the best thing ever happened to us and by the graciousness of Almighty Allah, he is still surviving with good health and charisma to protect the well being of the people and the country.

    I simply love & respect this grand old statesman.

  51. doncorleone May 22,2015 12:12 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It seems status quo remains and nothing seem to be happening. In the mafia Kingdom, Vito Corleone would not wait and would normally send his henchman Luca Brassi to forcefully kill all the traitors and those who do not perform to his expectation, be it don barzini,don tataglia, mo green who slaps Freddie Corleone in public and the rest of the heads of the 5 families. Fortunately for us, we are not in the mafia dom. We are in civilised land governed by set of laws and blessed with abundance resources ( by the way all the analysts are still debating whether we are net exporter or importer of oil). Either way it won’t matter, the ringgit won’t be strengthened any time now irrespective of the oil price or whether we are net oil exporter or importer. The ringgit and the economy remains weaks due one the factors that bothering us, 1MDB debt amount which is colossus by any standard . While our neighbours Thailand and Indonesia have the luxury and manage to reduce the interest rate to boost their domestic spending, and with almost half of Europe adopting the same measure, we on the other starting to introduce the GST with the hope our economy will strengthen. It won’t happen unless we get rid of the root cause which is a bad leaders.

    You can argue which ever way you want to and there are so many ways how to skin a cat, but at the end of the day, the rakyat will suffer. Well maybe we don’t need Luca Brassi after all since we are all civilised people, but come the next election, the Malay will become the biggest loser.

    Good nite Tun and sleep well Malaysia.

  52. anak wawasan 2020 May 21,2015 11:18 PM

    Wahai PM,

    Sesungguhnya, meletak jawatan adalah tindakan yang bermaruah dan bertanggungjawab.

    Sebalik nya, menegakkan benang yang basah adalah tindakan yang kurang bijak dan menzalimi diri sendiri.

    Berfikirlah secara waras sebagai khalifah yang diamanahkan oleh rakyat. Buatlah keputusan yang terbaik untuk kepentingan rakyat.

  53. caspian2015 May 21,2015 11:12 PM

    Good day TUN & all others,

    Recently Malaysian was invited to Sungai Besi project site; supposedly to see for themselves 1MDB goldmine.

    It was further stressed that, it will be golden opportunity to invest and make handsome return.

    Indeed, how true.

    Then again, knowing there is ‘Goldmine’ our PM choose to give it away!!! Way, we all know the answer.

    Its very simple question: what happen to the RM 42Billion (less whatever accounted for) – paid for the land by GLC, Banks and all Malaysians??

    Tips for answer:


    RM 42B less expenses, less purchases, less investments, cash in banks = RM 42B.


    RM 42B less left pocket, less right pocket, less wife pocket, less son pocket, less friends pocket, less pay back = RM 42B and counting (waiting for more fresh bail out).

    We know, there will be no answer in our lifetime. We (this generations) will pay dearly with our hard earn money and PM don’t give a damn.

    PAC & AG report will be VERY clean as what we have already been told; 1MDB assets is value much higher than the debt; therefore the company is healthy.

    PAC & AG will not reveal the nature of expenses – protected by confidentiality clauses.

    So, not only Malaysian lost 42B but further burden with more expenses.

    Maybe the mainline print media will put up headline as:


    (1MDB owns Malaysia ‘Goldmine’ for BESI BURUK price’ after brokered by PM)

  54. Tanggang May 21,2015 11:10 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Didapati bermacam2 perancangan dirancang untuk RMK11. Cadangan Lebuhraya Pantai Barat yang telah disebut dalam RMK9 dan RMK10 yang lepas, telah disebut lagi didalam pembentangan RMK11. Susah rakyat awam untuk mempercayai lagi segala perancangan2 RMK11 ini.

    Rakyat awam akan mempercayai pemimpin adalah benar2 pejuang rakyat hanya sekiranya pemimpin itu benar2 berani untuk mendahulukan 80% kehendak dan kedaulatan rakyat tempatan daripada rakyat Singapura dengan menyambung semula pembinaan Jambatan Bengkok diJohor Bahru yang berada didalam wilayah sendiri. Ini adalah datum atau kayu ukurnya. Sekiranya tidak, tidak perlulah kita melaung2 diri sebagai pembela rakyat.

    Salam Tun.

  55. mubarakchan May 21,2015 9:27 PM


    For TWUOG. Oops I made a mistake it should be TWOG from the sub-continent otherwise known as Mother India. I like all Indians in India because when I was a boy refugee, I found the Indians friendly, hospitable and gentle. I spoke Hindi and Urdu too. Hence, it is no surprise when TWOG turns up with the usual facetious comments – the TWOG Her Majesty’s Customs always asked me to open my shaving kit at the Heathrow Airport at 5.30 am.

    For your edification on the Ruler (1959-2015) Did I make a mistake this time, TWOG ? Facts on his Dictatorship will be presented as and when these are appropriate and according to the circumstances. If you are a Malaysian, we must not PRETEND THAT THIS CONMAN DID NOT EXIST !

    Akan datang ! Courtesy of Shaw Brothers.


  56. mubarakchan May 21,2015 9:16 PM


    For TeohBengHock6969. You ask me to learn Chinese. What type of Chinese language are you talking about, you little spy from the Ministry of Information, Phoenix Park, Singapore. You cannot even speak your Singlish properly. Because I am effective to put you in place, I like you to mention my name all the time so I can have publicity at your expense. Pour le vous francais ? Sprecken sie Deutsch ? Stupido, eo sto manjere ? But before I ask you to go back to your litte hole which is Singapore, litte worm, here are the languages which I speak before your parents were born.
    1. Classical Cantonese. 2. Mandarin. 3 Hindi 4. Urdu ( I was in India ) 5. Bahasa Melayu. 6. English. 7. Singlish – a product of the Dictator (1959-2015). 8. Latin.


  57. joetamchi May 21,2015 8:46 PM

    Buang & Polis Siasat

    Muhyiddin bersuara.. Siapa nak kata..?
    Andai berkata, manakah aksinya..?
    Pepatah pendekar, KATA DIKOTA.. !!
    Pendekar Pendekar, awak kat mana..??


    Where’s the Mongol?

  58. musato May 21,2015 8:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Betul kata RapidKL kita tidak boleh menerima try n error dalam mentadbir negara.

    Saya andaikan rapidKL adalah ahli UMNO.

    Pada pendapat saya, bilamana kita berada dalam kebuntuan arah kita perlu dapatkan dan tentukan satu arah untuk dijadikan matlamat dan pegangan.

    Dalam hal mentadbir Malaysia Tun Mahathir adalah pemegang rekod. Maka tidak salah kita menjadikan Tun sebagai panduan arah.

    Saya tidaklah warak dan banyak amalnya, tetapi ustaz semasa tazkirah maghrib menjelaskan bahawa tawasul semasa ‘orang itu masih hidup’ itu boleh, tetapi terdapat perselisihan pandangan dalam tawasul kepada orang yang telah meninggal.

    Ustaz tersebut berkata tawasul mengatakan kebaikan kebaikan amalan kita semasa lepas akan menjadikan kebaikan kita itu kembali kosong kerana kebaikan kita itu digantikan dengan ‘kemudahan’ di atas kesusahan.

    Itu pada pemahaman saya terhadap percakapan ustaz di masjid kawasan saya.

    Tulisan saya ini straight forward dan diharap tidak menganggu pandangan terhadap politik dan agama. Ada orang kata PAS adalah asing asing dengan UMNO. Iaitu agama dan politik tidak boleh sekali.

    Tun Mahathir hidup di zaman Jepun, British, komunis dan merdeka. Malah ketika itu usia Tun adalah kanak kanak yang boleh berfikir. Bukan bayi.

    Berapa orang yang masih tinggal dengan perbezaan zaman tersebut? Pengalaman dan perjalanan hidup amat penting dalam membentuk peribadi seorang pemimpin.

    Dato Seri Najib pun boleh menjadi pemimpin yang hebat walaupun tidak menyelusuri pengalaman dan perjalanan yang sama dengan Tun.

    Dunia di tangan akhirat di hati. Boleh kita berharta dan kaya raya namun untuk menjadi seorang mukmin yang sentiasa mengingati Allah s.w.t dan dipimpin oleh cahayaNya individu itu sendiri perlu menyusahkan/memaksa diri sendiri menjadi susah dan perit.

    Ia bermaksud memaksa fizikal dan rohani kita merasai kesusahan melampau dalam berpuasa atau solat atau lain lain amal.

    Dalam perkara ini saya ingin mencadangkan supaya pertubuhan UMNO memaksa isi dalamnya merasai kesusahan dalam bertahajud setiap malam.

    Rasailah kesusahan bangun malam seperti orang orang lama merasai kesusahan hidup semasa Jepun, British dan merdeka ibaratnya.

    Semoga ia diberkati Allah s.w.t seperti yang difirman dalam surah Muzammil.

    Kembali kepada penyelesaian agama yang benar (Islam) sahaja akan menyelesaikan permasalahan sepanjang zaman.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  59. adelheid May 21,2015 6:35 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Semoga Tun sehat sejahtera bersama dengan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah serta seisi keluarga.

    Saya suka menyatakan yang saya suka menulis kepada Tun, walau cuma di ruangan blog ini. Walaupun tidak dapat bersua muka dapat menulis kepada idola yang amat disanjungi dan menyatakan sokongan memadai bagi saya.

    Tun, saya bukanlah arif seperti ramai mereka yang menyuarakan pandangan di blog Tun ini. Sedikit pengetahuan cuma daripada saya yang kerdil. Namun hati ini ingin juga turut serta demi memikirkan masa depan anak-anak saya selagi masih berpijak di bumi Malaysia ini.

    Saya kecewa dengan kepimpinan Umno BN di bawah DS Najib, semakin lari daripada trek semakin rakus dan angkuh sampai ke tahap menipu dan berbohong kepada rakyat. Pemimpin di atas semakin kaya, PM Najib hampir membogelkan kekayaan negara dengan 1MDBnya, berbohong sana sini untuk defend dirinya. Sementara orang-orang bawahnya akur sahaja buat tidak tahu, sudah tiada kredibiliti lagi sebagai pemimpin, masing-masing mahu jaga kepentingan diri. Jauh berbeza dengan era pentadbiran Tun.
    Tun, selagi DS Najib masih kekal sebagai ketua selagi itu semua permasalahan tidak akan dapat diselesaikan. DS Najib memanipulasi setiap situasi. Altantuya mati katak sebab kes itu dimanipulasi. ‘Missing links’ yang menyebabkan kes itu bertukar trek menyebabkan key culprits sebenar dapat lolos. Orang yang sekolah pun dapat nampak ini.

    Begitu juga dengan isu 1MDB. Saya bimbang pada akhir penyiasatan tiada apa-apa yang akan ditemukan dan DS Najib akan menang lagi. Dia manipulasi setiap situasi. Akan wujud lagi ‘missing links’ dalam penyiasatan 1MDB ini. Pada akhirnya Najib lepas lagi and business as usual. Rakyat yang jadi mangsa permainan PM kita yang ini. Bersuara pun Tun ada yang kena ketuk. Tukang ketuk dia ialah KPN. Juga KDN dan SKMM.

    Ada juga saya nak kasihan melihat DS Najib kerana kata-kata yang keluar daripada mulut beliau seolah telah di dictate daripada mulut orang lain… tak tahulah penasihat yang mana tetapi yang paling dekat adalah penasihat dari rumah dia yang dengarnya dulu memang pernah bekerja di bank. Jadi orang ini bukan calang-calang otak kira-kira wang dia.

    Terima kasih Tun Dr. Mahathir. I hope you take good care, healthwise and safety-wise. You are in my prayers and will always have this special place in my heart.

  60. HBT456 May 21,2015 5:48 PM

    45. When DS Wan Azizah said in BM, “Tidak mustahil Putrajaya tidak mencetak RM, I mean Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), the first question popped in my mind is she does not care or know how our Bank Negara works?

    46. If DAP, PAS and PKR form unity gomen, they will loose votes, especially the non malay votes.


    48. This is a matter of life and death, and thank you PM for allowing them to land first.

    49. Politicians can main politik, tetapi jangan sampai gadai kekayaan dan nyawa manusia.

    50. Why?

    51. Because Malaysians are moderate and bertaat kepada 5 prinsip rukun negara kita tanpa pilih kasih.

    52. Without pendatang2 in the past, there will be no BN, and Malaysia today.

    53. Love is kind, and was never wicked.

  61. Othaman Ahmad May 21,2015 5:15 PM

    Once a Red Indian chief told off his wife in astonishment ……..
    “Wife come.. many moon come.. big chief no come.. but baby come.. how come…??????”.

    In other words…
    Look Jibby.. many years passed by.. Tun has left pm office.. but big scandal & scam come.. so, HOW COME…..?????

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
    Fatty Jibby shall have a big fall.
    Oh tweetle dee.. Oh tweetle dum.
    The cries get bigger with the beat of drum.
    Jibby & Semah have got to go.
    Goons So Taxing we can’t take it no more.

    GST – Goons So Taxing.
    Jibby & the gang are stupid goons/gundus.

  62. cruze May 21,2015 5:14 PM

    Hari ini Indrani kopal rakyat malaysia dapat award di festival film cannes untuk dokumentari filem, Anak rosmah Rezza aziz dan jho low berpeluk sakan dengan pelakun wanita barat, kata buat filem, mana? mana?

  63. RapidKL May 21,2015 3:32 PM

    Kita selalu dengar..

    Die yg polan bin si polan terbaik..

    Untuk masa skrg ni..takde sape yang boleh katekan die yg terbaik..

    Nanti kalau pilih PR..bila PR buat salah..
    Die akan kata..
    ‘Jangan same kan penggal pertama PR dengan BN yang dah lebih 50 thn memerintah..’

    Pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak..

    Nak memerintah negara bukan semudah kata..
    Pembangunan mapan & lestari..keseimbangan dunia & akhirat..

    Kalau tak..takkan rumah urut & pelacuran bertambah di selangor di bawah (PAS-PKR-DAP)..dulu mase BN ade 700++ yang berdaftar..BN dikatekan membiakkan maksiat..

    Skrg di Selangor..ade lebih 4000 rumah2 urut selama di bawah Pakatan & saban hari kita dijamu dengan berita surat khabar tentang pelacuran di Selangor..

    Terlalu byk sensitiviti orang Islam digugat oleh rakan2 pakatan yg lain..

    Cakap tak serupa bikin..

    Tapi macamane pun..DS Najib kena letak jawatan..& kita tidak boleh terima utk ‘try & error’ dlm mentadbir negara

  64. TWOG May 21,2015 1:59 PM

    Mubarak – just wondering who that dictator was, that’s all. Must be a Guinness world record for longevity (At 122, Jeanne Calment of France, who died in 1997, was by far the oldest person to have ever lived, at least among those with verified credentials.)

    Wondering what that dictator had to do with 1MDB and Altantulya. Maybe he came up with the 1MDB scam and sold it to Najib. And Altantulya was also planted by the dictator to discredit Najib.

  65. HBT456 May 21,2015 1:58 PM


    34. it can be realized with good central governance so that the Pusat Pentadbiran Persekutuan Putrajaya can collect tax revenue to develop the country, and also can help these Rohinga boat people with medical and food welfare by creating jobs for them.


    36. dpm can advice pm to sack the board, takda masalah, YB.

    37. siapakah boleh sack pm dan kabinet?

    38. like what tun daim said, the support for najib is not real.

    39. takpa, tok det, kita cuma tunggu masa saja pada pru 14 yang akan datang

    40. mubarak chan, learn chinese before you claim yourself as oriental western gentleman.

    41. you wanna learn japanese, you must learn kanji, that is han words means chinese characters.

  66. mubarakchan May 21,2015 12:59 PM


    For TWOG. Sorry. The Dictator or Ruler (1959-2015) was Lee Kuan Yew. Its only a typo error which you will also find all over this Blog. Why split hairs TWOG ? Why pick on me TUOG ? Sorry about your hero.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! The Western Oriental Gentleman boleh !

  67. KakiBaru May 21,2015 12:53 PM

    Dear Uncle, thank you for your thoughts on my comment which are duly noted.
    i know the fact that Tun didnt have the ‘executive power’ like he used to when he was our PM thats why i said to use ‘segala daya yang Tun ada’ like he doing right now, hammering DSN till he knock down to the ground which im 100% with him…and i also said there are certain part where Tun was at fault also which im pretty sure Tun will agree with me…

    im on Tun and your side.


  68. Hajar May 21,2015 12:49 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor MENIPU tentang duit ’tunai’ 1MDB dalam bentuk USD yang kononnya disimpan di BSI Singapore. Baru2 ini setelah tembelang beliau dan 1MDB pecah. barulah beliau akui yang sebenarnya apa yang di depositkan ke dalam akaun tersebut hannyalah ’paper asset’; tiada wang tunai. Seorang PM yang bercakap bohong sepatutnya di PECAT dari jawatan kerana ia melibatkan duit yang berbillion-billion, dan hutang setinggi RM42,000,000,000 yg tidak mampu diurus dengan baik dan sekarang banyak organisasi yang berkaitan dengan simpanan ’wang rakyat’ dilibatkan dalam masaalah ini.

    2. Bayangkan jika wang sebanyak itu diguna untuk membangun infrastuktur yang memberi manafaat kepada rakyat. Tun Lah dan DSN kedua-duanya tidak prihatin terhadap keselesaan/pentingan rakyat kebanyakan. Jika projek ’landasan keretapi berkembar’ tidak dibatalkan, ianya telah pun siap pada kos RM14 Billion sahaja. Begitu juga dengan ’jambatan bengkok’ yang sepatutnya telah siap dan banyak manafaat yang rakyat dapat dari utara ke selatan Semenanjung Malaysia. Tapi apakan daya PM ke-5 dan PM ke-6 kita tidak berwawasan jauh. Seorang sibuk dengan ’Islam Hadhari dan koridor2’ sementara yang sekarang ini sibuk dengan ’1Malaysia yg mirip Malaysian Malaysia & 1MDB’ yang mana semua ini tidak membawa manafaat kepada rakyat kebanyakan.

    3. PM Najib mesti letak jawatan. Jika beliau enggan, beliau mesti dipecat (undi tidak percaya) dengan segera kerana beliau tidak berkredibiliti lagi di mata rakyat. Beliau tidak amanah dan tidak berintegriti.

    4. Izinkan saya sentuh sikit tentang speaker yg telah menyusahkan Tun:

    TS Pandikar Amin Mulia mesti bersifat ‘mulia’ dengan MEMOHON MAAF secara TERBUKA kepada Tun kerana pada mulanya tidak bercakap benar mengenai isu perletakan jawatannya yang memang telah dilakukan, tapi tarik balik. Tun sendiri terpaksa menceritakan perkara sebenar secara lebih terperinci untuk membersihkan nama beliau yang tercemar teruk; Tun pun bukannya ‘doktor pakar sakit jiwa’ yg terikat dengan peraturan/etika kerja; takkanlah isu letak jawatan pun rahsia.

    Yang lagi tidak masuk akal ialah ‘bloggers bang*ng’ yang telah menFITNAH dan menuduh Tun menipu/berbohong (ke seluruh dunia) masih lagi terus cuba menegak benang basah & tidak mengaku kesilapan sambil cuba menjustifikasikan tuduhan mereka. Besar dosa mereka memfitnah; dibayar pula bagi tujuan tersebut; makan duit haramlah nampaknya ahli keluarga mereka (hidup tidak berkat).

    5. Saya rasa hendak termuntah tengok PM (RMK11) yang masih lagi dengan falsafah ‘dipukul ombak/badai’ beliau. Saya doakan Allah SWT keluarkan beliau dari jawatan PM dengan kadar segera. Amin…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  69. TWOG May 21,2015 11:43 AM

    /// mubarakchan May 21,2015 3:38 AM
    When the Dictator (1858-2015) was booted out of Malaysia ///

    Who is this dictator who lived to the ripe old age of 157 years?

  70. bourne007 May 21,2015 11:37 AM

    Salam Para Komentar,

    1. Pengaruh Zionism telah lama terpahat di dalam sistem demokrasi, namun umum kurang celik dengan kewujudan.

    2. Kewujudan team wawasan yang mendukung aspirasi zionism atau novus orde seclorum dengan maksud orde dunia baru telah membaca serum kapitalis dan kerajaan rahsia.

    3. Kewujudan pembangkan lebih mirip kepada “boneka” zion, tidak apa yg boleh dilakukan, dimanifestasi tanpa kerjasama ahli parlimen bn. bn dan pr adalah jurus jurus orde dunia baru, penyokong part politik umpama lembu meragut rumput walhal pemimpin yang dijulang sedang menikmati harta, tanah, hak empunya rakyat.

    4. Fikir, apa yang penyokong dan pengundi dapat? Yang dipenjara masih berstatus datuk seri, berharta billion ringgit, namun masih terpekik terlolong dengan agenda reformasi, kerajaan 1 sistem 2 parti.

    5. ISYTIHAR HARTA & ASET, jangan perbodohkan rakyat yg mengundi dan menyokong.

    6. Mana mungkin ahli parlimen Malaysia tidak ketahui lokasi pendaratan #MH370 . Kesemua ahli parlimen TUNDUK & AKUR dgn arahan SECRET GOVERNMENT atau KERAJAAN RAHSIA.

    7. Sila rujuk gambarajah, untuk memahami konsep secret government menuju 2020
    Struktur Kerajaan Rahsia / Secret Government Structure

  71. sibotak May 21,2015 11:34 AM

    HBT 3/4
    15. Sibotak, the sovereign owner of the land in peninsula is the sultan, not umon tuan.

    16. Pac heads said, no need to summon jho low now.

    LINE 15.
    So its yr saying Chinese does not belong here
    Well you can join the Rohinga boat ,there,s still vacancy

    16.Its not Pac Heads its thr Pig head said so
    So we must slaughter their head like the ISIS did then BBQ
    For jho low he must now live in fear

  72. PM KE 7 May 21,2015 11:19 AM

    1. salam Tun, lepas Najib ni, saya harap Malaysia tak salah pilih PM lagi.
    2. Bagi saya Muhidin Yasin tak layak jadi PM. Dia tak peka sensitiviti rakyat. dia buat keputusan yang selalunya buat beberapa orang gembira tapi banyak yang marah. Yang terbaru, dia sebagai menteri pelajaran dah naikkan elaun pengetua dan guru besar dengan alasan pengetua dan guru besar banyak tanggungjawab. dia menidakkan peranan guru2 lain sedangkan guru2 bawahan la yang bertungkus-lumus menaikkan nama sekolah. ingatlah muhidin, sekolah boleh bergerak kalau tak ada pengetua/guru besar tapi sekolah tutup kalau ada guru besar/pengetua tak ada guru2 bawahannya. kalau nak naikkan elaun guru besar/pengetua, bagi naik sekali elaun guru2 lain dan termasuk juga la kakitangan awam lain. kalau tak mampu, tak payah umum naik langsung. yang amat memeritkan lagi, umum naik gaji pengetua masa hari guru. bukannya menggembirakan guru tapi seolah menghina guru. seolah-olah keraja hanya nampak jasa GB/pengetua saja.
    3. zahid hamidi pun tak layak, buat S zone utk jaga keselamatan Sabah tapi dgn mudah je Org negara jiran colek n buat jenayah di sana.
    4. hisyamudin? awal2 lagi buang dia dlm tong sampah.
    5. syafie afdal? payah sikit la.
    6. pilihan terbaik…. RAFIZI RAMLI! dia la sorang yg nampak ada otak dan ada karisma. yes, memang dia dlm PKR skg, tapi saya harap Tun boleh buat sesuatu utk atasi masalah tu.

  73. adikk May 21,2015 10:24 AM

    Ayahanda Tun

    1. When DS Najib asked to give him time to arrange for repayments of 1MDB’s debts, it crossed my mind that he is admitting that 1MDB is a failure. He is no longer talking about the benefits of 1MDB. He is only talking about how to get out of the mess.
    2. That means he has failed miserably. Failed in his duties as PM of Malaysia,
    3. He never answered about the missing monies. That means he is a crooked man.
    4. When he said there is no money in BSI Singapore, I deduce that he is a thoroughbred liar.
    5. When he said Altantuya case is over and done with, it shows he is not interested in why Altantunya was killed. He also has no qualms about his own staff going to the gallows and he does not want to know why or who ordered the killing. I find very strange and inhumane.

    6. DS Najib is a naked emperor walking about shamelessly. He is now unfit as PM of Malaysia.

    I hail you, Ayahanda Tun, as truly a statesman in your untiring effort to fight evil over good. May Allah bless you.

  74. sibotak May 21,2015 9:44 AM

    Para Pemimpin Negara
    PM Najib , Menteri , Sultan dan yg berkenaan

    Pangambilan pelarian Rohinga adalah ujian ALLAH
    Disamping Perluang bagi Malaysia untuk membuka
    Pintu Hati , Pintu Mata , Pintu Telingga Pintu Minda dan Pintu segala Pintu

    Bagi kita Malaysia menunjukan Dunia Islam sedunia
    Bahwa ummah Islam adanya ia Sunni , Shiah atau yg agak sesat kita luruskan

    Dunia Islam bolih Bersatu demi Kallimah
    Dunia Islam bolih Bersatu demi Kallimah
    Dunia Islam bolih Bersatu demi Kallimah

    Allah telah menguji Dunia Islam Timur Tengah….Ummah Islam Gagal menerima ujian Allah malah berpaling tadah bersekutu dengan Setan yg sekarang berjaya memercah belahkan UMMAH Islam

    Tidak akan ada Rugi nya
    Malah Allah akan mencucuri Barkahnya berlipat ganda
    Along punya bunga pun tidak setanding dengan Rahmat Allah
    Upama setitik air dengan luas nya lautan Allah

    Ini Fatwah si Botak

  75. HBT456 May 21,2015 9:39 AM

    21. 1MDB is not same with watergate scandal, Cowgate, yes.

    22. 1MDB current situation is a political interference of white lies from Muslim Indian, dah terang.

    23. Will 1MDB debts turn into bad debts as DS Najib is 1MDB Chairman, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, President United Malay National Organization, Barisan National Chairman, and eventually end up as scandal of Pakman tello ala Bernard?

    24. Jho Low is from Penang, who is the father Larry, a Pakman tello from Penang with political connection with the ruling party, DS Najib Tun Razak?

    25. Does BN machinery still remember Penangites already said NO to DS Najib in the Penang’s by election two years back when BN bribed voters with RM500?

    26. You can call it as “politik wang”.

    27. Under Bank Negara, it is money laundering within PM’s political interference circles.

    28. Tok det is worried that Petronas Twin Towers can be ended up like World Trade Twin Tower.

    29. As I said, there is no way out except to sign TPPA so that it will create more certain sovereign wealth for the country in the next 2 decades to avoid the disaster of 911.

    30. Malaysian’s Islamic Financial Hub can be realized, that is to sign TPPA to encourage regulated local and foreign investments, the fiat money, to create jobs to sustain our economy.

    31. I hope your son will not mix business with politics like what his dad had done in the past if he wants to stand tall in Malaysia and the World Community as the future PM of Malaysia.

    32. He must protect and safe guard our 5 Prinsip Rukun Negara kita tanpa pilih kasih janji.

  76. mubarakchan May 21,2015 8:53 AM


    For HockBengTeoh666 and Sibotak. You are absolutely wrong TeohBengHock6969 and Sibotak you are absolutely right. There are fantastic infra-structural developments and investments available in Malaysia today which would have made the late Dictator (1959-2015) or your hero choked with envy. Why you never think of these ? Because you are just a little screw in the Ministry of Information, Phoenix Park, Singapore. A little food for thought for a little screw which is you HTB 9696.

    If you fly over anywhere above our beloved Malaysia, you see a vast expanse of greenery. Every square foot converted by our eager State Excos across the land will turn into gold. This is Malaysia eternal wealth ! You forgot lah, THB6789. Why ? Because the only land you can convert in your homeland of Singapore is Hong Lim Green (now call Hong Lim Park to make it sound bigger. It is only 2 acres ). When the Malaysians took over control of Sime Darby in 1976, the plantation acreage of 250,000 acres was already larger than Singapore Island at LOW tide. What do you know about us, Malaysians, polite, courteous and intelligen BTH69 ?

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! HockBengTeoh69, I see you are super active here these days. Maybe your Supervisor advised you to do more in view of the huge crowd thronging this distinguished Blog daily !

  77. Mohamad Badrudin May 21,2015 8:30 AM

    Yang dikasihi Tun dan semua yang mengikuti blog ini. Saya ingin mengingatkan bahawa keluarga Rosmah telah mengkhianati orang Melayu dengan memaksa Bank Rakyat memberi pinjaman yang besar kepada Deepak. Saya katakan keluarga Rosmah kerana menteri yang bertanggung-jawab, Hassan Malek,adalah sepupu Rosmah.

  78. HBT456 May 21,2015 7:15 AM

    15. Sibotak, the sovereign owner of the land in peninsula is the sultan, not umon tuan.

    16. Pac heads said, no need to summon jho low now.

    17. 8 members from bn and pr can decide 1mdb for almost 30 million malaysians?

    18. Crooked bridge tak jadi.

    19. Speed train on hold.

    20. Sibotak, no wise investors will invest with malaysian gomen.

  79. mubarakchan May 21,2015 3:38 AM


    The poison vapours from the 1MDB fiasco have blinded us and clouded our minds. We are polite, courteous and intelligent Malaysians. But we are all affected by the melt-down of 1MDB which became like quick-silver sipping into the tiniest cracks or hollows in our stable, peaceful and harmonious Society. This must surely be the culmination of all the sexy stories emanating from Putrajaya since you gracefully retired in 2003, Tun ! ( These included one which claimed the Prime Minister’s residence was turned into a nightclub filled with glamorous stars from faraway and a free flow of drinks! ) Most pundits called this a ship of Titanic proportions. But I think it is a melt-down – an uncontrolled one too !

    How did all this come about ? Facts as always !

    When the Dictator (1858-2015) was booted out of Malaysia after losing ignominously to the Tunku, he was at a loss as Singapore was a trading port. But he had the good Dr Alfred Winsemius by his side. Winsemius was the Adviser to the Singapore Government from 1961 to 1984. He was paid peanuts even though he was no monkey but an UN expert in economics. The Jurong Industrial Park was established. The first attempt to get the Singaporean traders to set-up industrial businesses failed as traders were found to be bad industrialists. Companies like Fair Lady Hair Wigs, Eupoc, Starlite Ceramics, etc failed. The Singapore Government stepped into this industrial void in the 1970s with companies Neptune Orient Line, Far East Levingstone, DBS, Sembawang Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, small arms manufacturing etc. Many failed. But it had to be done to provide employment for the workers. The direct intervention by the Singapore Government/Dictator meant it had veered from the normal practice of Democracy and became a halfway house of Capitalism and Communism. These Government owned businesses eventually were called GLCs – Government Linked Companies. All were micro-managed by the Dictator (1959-2015)to the last cent ! In Malaysia, we have no Dictator who would do this in a much bigger country unlike the tiny isle of Singapore.

    Now our beloved Malaysia has 3 gigantic financial empires without borders or limits owned by the Government which set them up with the Rakyat’s money. The numerous copy-cat GLCs in each empire are manned by Civil Servants with no accountability and ownership. For their hardship in not knowing how to do business, the highest salary paid to them is believed to be at least RM 10 Millions a year with unlimited perks and allowances. And most of these GLCs are losing money with or without audited accounts !

    In Singapore, there was a Dictator who micro-managed every cent including the personal and sex lives of those who manned the GLCs.

    In Malaysia, we have no Dictator. The Prime Minister has the full Mandate from the Rakyat who elected him to serve them as per their socio-economic expectations. Hence, the 1MDB fiasco was a complete surprise and it is alleged to be outside the purview of the BN Manifesto of 2013. I do not remember that the BN Government pledged to go into business to make money for the Rakyat because this implies that the Rakyat need not work anymore but to sit-back and enjoy themselves waiting for the hand-outs from the Government which derived the money from profits made by the GLCs manned by Civil Servants who have no accountability or ownership.

    In Singapore, most of the GLCs failed. The most celebrated case was the humongous loss of US$ 108 Billions ( RM 420 Billions or 10 times bigger than the 1MDB ! ) by Temasek and GIC combined in October 2008 on Wall Street. The citizens and the leadership are still numbed to this day. NO BLAME WAS PLACED ON THE DICTATOR (1959-2015)AS EVERYONE KNEW THE SCANDAL WAS CAUSED BY THE APPARATCHIKS aka MERITOCRATS.

    So what are the chances of 1MDB making money for us the Rakyat ? None ! Why ? The reason is straightforward. 1MDB will not succeed because its market is the same as Ali, Ah Kow and Samy down the road and doing th same thing as them which is property development, owning power stations with heavy investment and slow returns. On power stations, only that Chinaman who does not want to kow-tow to Malaysian Prime Ministers could reap profits because he had a special Chinese take-away from the Government ! I hope the Rakyat realise that the bluffology on GLCs as produced by the Dictator were a failure. And so these GLCs must eventually failed because like politics, business skills are not transferable from people to people, generation to generation.

    As I have said for many years, it is better the good BN Government spends time to rule ove us and not scramble to defend whoever, a dumb and stupid Chinaman or others because our beloved Malaysia is a much bigger space than that of a few selected lives – 30 million souls awaiting with full expectations of a fair and proper socio-economic deal.

    And the good BN government should return the GLCs to the Private Sector as we practise the FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS as opposed to the home-cooked by the Dictator (1959-2015) System, THE GODLESS, ULTRA-COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON THE HAPLESS CITIZENS BY HIS APPARATCHIKS aka MERITOCRATS. This System has already gone TOXIC when he faded in his last years. When Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Tito, Mussolini etc. passed away, their Systems also went kaput ! This is history – the fairest arbiter of Humankind. And so it has happened to Singapore- also known as the Singapore Model, authoritarian capitalism, benign dictatorship (no such thing) and rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas !

    For years I have suggested, the following three groups of investors are qualified to take-over all these GLCs :-

    1. Those investors who did not break the Laws and were the original owners.
    2. New investors, Bumiputras and their non-Bumiputra partners.
    3. The incumbent Management with their non-Bumiputra partners.

    A special Monitoring Unit for these corporates be established in the Prime Minister’s Office to ensure National Interests are served. No more fun and games at public expense !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! It is the closest advisers who created all the scandals, always !

  80. sibotak May 21,2015 1:28 AM

    Pada Pandangan saya yg Ikhlas dengan niat Lillahitallah

    Lumrah kita sebagai manusia , Kerajaan ,Sultan juga sebagai manusia yg ingin kaya
    Penerimaan Pelarian Rohingga ini lah yg bakal mengkaya kan kita
    Mereka akan berkerja bertungkus lumus kerana derita tetapi tetap kita mesti Berwaspada


    Pelabur Asing yg Kaya yg melabur wang mereka untuk mendapat ganjaran wang perlaburan yg lebih besar
    Sudah terbukti Kita Rakyat Malaysia juga Kerajaan Malaysia sudah mempertuankan Perlabur Asing
    Mereka semakin Kaya dengan sudah membeli Tanah kita dengan Freehold Land dan Berluasa

    Saya Gila memang saya Gila. Gilakah saya ?

  81. sibotak May 21,2015 12:59 AM

    Tun saya Merintis
    MH 370 hilang dengan seberapa penumpang Satu Dunia usaha mencari
    Kerajaan Malaysia berusaha giat , membazir duit mencari kehilangan

    Pelarian Rohinga , Bangla sudah di jumpa tersadai di Lautan
    Tidak satu Negara Islam berdekatan terutama Malaysia ,Indonesia , Brunei
    Bersedia membantu atau pun berhimpun sesama berfikir mencari huraian terbaik

    Adakah pelarian ini Binatang atau
    Kerajaan Negara Islam Malaysia, Indonesia Brunei yang Binatang ?

    Walaupun jika mereka Binatang inikah cara makhluk yg dinamakan Manusia menghuraikannya ?

    Kita menpelawa orang asing semerata dunia dari yg berupaya berakar umbi di Tanah kita kerana Ekonomi
    Apakah kita tidak bolih mempelawa saudara Islam kita sendiri ?

    Ini adalah Dugaan Dunia Islam . Dunia Islam Di Timur Tengah juga Asia disini

    Firasat saya membisik US & Israel juga bertanggung jawab atas tregedi Rohinga sebab mereka sudah duduk Burma bersama kaum Buddist sudah berabad tahun walau ada ketergangan
    Pasti ada yg menyocuk seperti Arab Spring dan ISIS dengan apa yg berlaku di Borma . Myanmar pun sudah buka pintu mereka pada US

    Adakah ini caranya kita tunjuk Ke Islaman kita di mata Dunia , Tun ?
    Bah kan di mata Allah yg maha melihat

    Ya Allah dengan tangisan ku ini kau Selamat kan mereka ya Allah
    Tunjukan Hidayah mu kepada semua hamba mu . Ameeen

  82. pala May 21,2015 12:45 AM

    I am totaly agreed with Tun statement,who is the mystery people who are involving and destroying the country?whats the plan and why no investigation on mh370?

  83. milshah May 21,2015 12:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Since 1MDB is so mysterious. What are the facts that we know so far about 1MDB? 1MDB have a massive debt of RM42 billion. It requires an annual payment of RM2 billion. This does not include other expenses a business would require like manpower costs, general and admin costs, etc.

    The government have said they are working on a plan to reduce 1MDB’s debt. For 1MDB to pay off the yearly payment of RM2billion on its own, it would need to have profits of RM2billion or more. Last year, reported a loss of RM650 million. Clearly 1MDB does not have the ability to pay its loan on its own. So who is going to pay for 1MDB’s loan?

    Another way would be 1MDB to sell of its assets. 1MDB would require to sell these assets at a value of at least RM2 billion each year. Who could afford to buy these assets of RM2billion? There are rich individuals, but why would they want to buy those assets. Another way would be to sell to GLCs. They would have the cash to buy these assets. However GLCs money is duit rakyat.

    If the goverment intervene directly and pay off 1MDB debts, the goverment would be using duit rakyat. If 1MDB sell its assets and the GLCs bought those assets, it would still be using duit rakyat.

    Either way, the rakyat is at the losing end. Each year, RM2billion of tax payers money is used to service 1MDB’s massive Rm42 billion debt. RM2billion that could have been used to build better roads, better facilities, better schools for the rakyat is instead used to pay off 1MDB’s debt!

    What a big problem we have here.

    Another thing which I hope everyone to consider is, what IF the allegations regarding Jho Low and his associates are true? What do we do if the allegations are true?

    We need to consider the worst case scenario.

    I agree with Tun that we should not wait for the AG report while our country is being robbed. UMNO leaders must consider this as well.

    This is beyond politics. This is about protecting the very well being of our beloved country.

    Therefore, I support Tun for the establishment of an independent commission.

  84. Munawwar Ghazali May 21,2015 12:14 AM

    Assalamua’laikum wbt & dear Tun yang amat sangat2 dihormati,

    Quite like Rainman above-yesterday and others, this is my first time engaging your blog Sir, having observed for some time now.

    Tun, might I/we have your volley on the article/report latest by YB Tony Pua (who had received a written reply from MoF yesterday) affirming that there is actually NO CASH in that BSI but just ‘paper assets’? Pardon my ignorance on Parliament-related laws but were this be true, would this not tantamount to the PM able to be impeached by the August House?

    Dengan doa semoga Tun & seisi keluarga dipanjangkan umur..


  85. Daniel Noor May 20,2015 11:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    This penyakit started when you retired and handed the PM post to the ‘ Sleeping PM ‘. When you go to sleep you do not know what is happening around you isnt it. Unless you a light sleeper.

    This ‘ Sleeping PM ‘ opened the Pandora’s Box. And he let the 4th floor boys managed this country. Mula pada dia lah kaum laen tidak lagi menghormati kaum Melayu yg majoriti di negara ini.

    Najib being the DPM continues studying and hatching his plans once he take over the Premiership. Apalg dgn sokongan kuat yg Tun beri pada dia. So dia dah mula menggangap diri dia ‘ is indispensable ‘.

    Seharus nya setelah dia menjawat PM he should try to repair all the damages that the last PM did. Tapi laen pulak. He make it worse and worse hingga ke hari ini.

    As much as the Rakyat wants him to quit..his simple answer is UMNO members are backing him all the way. This is because UMNO being the majority among the component parties. Of course Najib provide all the perks and privelages to these UMNO backers in order for him to continue to stay in power.

    If in Indonesia..Phillipines..Thailand..the rakyat will stage daily demos in their thousabds to force the leader to quit. Najib is very lucky..the Rakyat here is more tolerant or for that matter ‘ takut ‘. Bkn takut pada Polis ato Tentera. If Chinese choose to demo..a slight spark can lead to racial tension. If Indians ( they only represent 10% ) wants to demo..the police will take care of it. Yg lucu nya yg byk cakap di negara ini ialah Indian lawyers and though they are the majority race. Org Melayu susah nak demo skrg sebab dah Berpecah Tiga !

    Because of this situation, Najib tak takut nak buat sesuka hati dia.

    I also like to suggest to Najib to use the Sg Besi land to make it as the 2nd Dubai. This way tak payah lagi istri2 sering ke Dubai utk shopping. Dah ada Dubai di KL kan.

    Honestly I am not confident with the they all will still be reporting to the PM.

    In my opinion the best way is to cut yr losses and start anew with Najib having his powers restricted. Of course that goes to his spouse too

  86. Hasbullah May 20,2015 11:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun M & Pelayar setia

    Nampaknya DS Najib semakin terdesak dlm meraih undi sehingga terpaksa mengeluarkan surat arahan untuk rakyat sekitar Bdr Pekan berkumpul di sana bg menunjukkan dia masih ramai penyokong…

    Bapa borek, anak rintik – kalau dah PM mcm ni, kaki suap, kaki ugut, tak mustahil menteri-2 kabinetnyer pun sama.. N then jgn harap la 1MDB buleh telus n jujur.. Kat sini dah terang2 nampak siapa “PENYANGAK” sebenarnya duit rakyat n negara..

    P/s: kalau Tun M nak salinan surat tu, sila hubungi saya.


  87. rodin May 20,2015 10:52 PM

    Arahan supaya KAN lakukan audit adalah untuk menyelamatkan diri. Semua laporan audit akan ditapis dahulu oleh Kabinet. Mana- mana isu yang membabitkan Menteri akan dikeluarkan sebelum di bawa ke Parlimen. Maka KSU kementerian yang jadi kambing hitam.
    Auditan JAN hanya membangkitkan kelemahan penjawat awam. Lihat saja urusan perolehan Kerajaan terutama secara rundingan terus. Harga terlalu mahal berbanding dibuat secara tender terbuka.
    Isu 1MDB melibatkan Anggota Pentadbiran maka sewajarnya siasatan dibuat oleh pasukan yang dilantik oleh YDA atas nasihat Parlimen. Keanggotaannya terdiri daripada Ahli Parlimen Kerajaan dan Pembangkang. Ataupun keanggotaan PAC diperluaskan dengan professional yang berwibawa. Urusan ini adalah untuk mencari kebenaran dalam isu ini.
    Sesiapa sahaja yang disarankan untuk disoal hendaklah dipanggil tanpa pengecualian. Perkara ini boleh dilakukan jika kebenaran yang dicari demi rakyat.

  88. doncorleone May 20,2015 10:30 PM

    Dear Tun,

    ” It does not matter to me one way or the others”, Wyatt Earp says to Doc Holidays before the fight at Ok Corrals. It dawns upon me that PM DS Najib has taken the attitude of Wyatt Earp and he could not be bothered what will happen to our country. For the sake of our country and the Malay race, he should resign. We are still waiting for PM to answer to one of your question Tun ” who instruct Sirul”. In this boleh land, I believe DS Najib has enough time as PM, and with the GST and 1MDB debacle , the rakyat has enough. Let ‘s the next best person be our new PM and what ever will be, will be. “Some day we will die, Wyatt” Doc Holidays retorts back to Wyatt Earp.

    Good nite Tun and sleep tight Malaysia.

  89. PakCik May 20,2015 9:44 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    1. I would like to educate some of those bloggers here;

    Azmana787 – he blamed Tun for making the PM’s post very powerful and for recommending najib

    – Najib introduced that system in umno to give powers to the ketua bahagian (I think about 160 of them)and today these ketua bahagian are given aids, so much so they devoted their lives to najib. Tun was against this.Thats why najib is confident he will not get votes of no confidence from ketua bahagians….
    – Tun did not appoint najib for Tun was not the PM at that time…even dollah, he was demanded to leave by the majlis tertinggi plus ketua bahagian

    This KakiBaru guy blamed Tun for bringing in najib due to Tun’s gratitude to Tun Razak. You are wrong. Tun should groom najib just like what he did to anwar. Tun was cheated by anwar; anwar portrayed himself as the best muslim leader. Why Tun did not groom najib? There must be good reasons.
    Why Tun chose anwar? Because Tun wanted to leave this country in the hands of a ‘true’ muslim…anwar. Tun is no angel who knows about anwar 100%…but Allah is great…anwar was groomed but yet Allah disapproved. So when dollah failed miserably, Tun supported najib because najib was there as deputy PM. Again, what executive power did Tun had? Even now, Tun had to go on roadshows because he does not has political powers – ada faham?

    This tunku aziz – he should be ashamed of himself when relating in tv3 recently;
    – he talked as though 1MDB has been cleared by the courts as not gulity. How could the chairman of panel SPRM talked like that? He was already biased! I cannot trust a person like this.
    – he sounded like a child, like saying ‘ala kau pun buat..’ when he mentioned about BMF scandal during Tun’s era…that means Tun was not perfect and therefore do not complain about najib. Tunku yang tak bijaksana…BMF scandal had the president of the bank to answer to…the minister of finance (Kuli) to answer to….why blamed PM?/Tun? Then might as well all tasks be given to PM, he gets the salaries of those idiotic ministers. presidents…
    Najib is the chairman of advisory board of ONE entity…1MDB and his son was involved…that jho pirate is his son’s friend…

    so this tunku aziz..he tried to lead us to believe what najib’s son did was too insignificant as compared to Tun’s son who is very rich….my tunku aziz – go and search high n low to see in what way Tun used his influence to ensure his son becomes rich….this tunku pretended to be smart…he is not.

    Tunku aziz demanded that Tun shows anything in writing from the bank in singapore – yo tunku, lu tadak baca ka financial reports from local and foreign medias?

    So Tun…please do not give up…we want a better Malaysia – BN leads but not with najib as captain during pru14

    najib must leave asap

  90. anak wawasan 2020 May 20,2015 9:20 PM

    Salam hormat buat Tun yang disanjungi,

    Jika dahulu semasa Tun membuat pengumuman meletak jawatan sebagai PM, tumpah airmata kesedihan dan kehampaan membanjiri seluruh negara.

    Kini, sekiranya DSN membuat keputusan yang sama, sekali lagi akan tumpah airmata di seluruh negara…beza nya, kali ini bakal menjadi airmata kegembiraan dan kesyukuran. Amin.

  91. cruze May 20,2015 9:16 PM

    Saya dari dulu memang tak suka tengok muka sahidan kassim, kenapa entah! Muka dia macam tak layak jadi menteri dan dulu dia pernah mencadangkan untuk menjadikan perlis sebagai negeri tempat berurut, dah lama lah kalau sesiapa masih ingat , rasanya lebih baik dia jadi bomoh saja, muka berlakun kuat, sa macam zahid hamidi, si pandikar tu dari batang hidung dia yang kemek tu dah dapat di gambarkan dia bersikap seperti lalang, najib dan rosmah jangan nak cakaplah, lepas suruh rakyat makan kangkong dia seronok berkaraok dan berdansa berbagai, apa rahhhhh, anak muhyidin pun sibuk nak jadi penyanyi.

    Pesanan jika nak jadi adun, ahli parlimen menteri atau perdana menteri, tingkah laku dan aktiviti anak isteri haruslah seiring sedikit dengan bapaknya, shahrizat pun mulut bukan main, pelakun jugak tu….kucha kucha ho ta hay

  92. joetamchi May 20,2015 8:40 PM


  93. joetamchi May 20,2015 8:36 PM

    Pelarian Islam dihalau, dibiar kebuluran..!
    Duit billion hilang.? Patut buat bantuan..!!

    Islam dibiar tanpa pembelaan,
    Islam terbiar kerana pemimpin

    Boleh Bantu..!

    Apa..? Sekarang..?
    Pemimpin kecot, diam membatu.!
    Pemimpin tak tau malu,
    pilih ikut bulu..!
    Campak duit, cakap baru laku..??
    Akibat orang kurang ILMU..
    Yg tinggal cuma SI PENIPU..!

    Harimau Malaya
    Hilang Taring, Hilang Kuku..

    Perairan Sabah diceroboh…
    Nak jaga pun tak tentu…!!
    Pelarian ISLAM mengADUH…!
    Macam mana nak bantu…??


  94. novo May 20,2015 8:34 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Yesterday, as PAC began its probe into 1MDB, its chief Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed reportedly said that they saw no need to call up Low or prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for the time being.

    Senario 1.
    Kalaulah aku ni AYAH si Nur Jazlan Mohamed memang sahlah aku tampar si Jazlan ni.

    Senario 2.
    Kalaulah aku ni menjadi Nur Jazlan Mohamed, memang sahlah AH JIB GORI LA dan Jho Low aku soal siasat sampai lumat. Bukan itu saja kawan, RO MAH GORI LA BETI NA pun akan aku siasat luar dalam.

    Senario 3.
    Tapi sayang aku bukan Nur Jazlan Mohamed kerana aku lebih pintar dan cerdik dari beliau. Tidak cacat otak sebagaimana beliau.


  95. musato May 20,2015 7:59 PM

    Saya melihat bahawa pada peringkat tertinggi, intergriti adalah wajib menjadi darah daging pemimpin dan respon pada setiap tindakan dalam politik dan pentadbiran perlulah pantas.

    Pada saya setiap kata kata dalam politik adalah perlu jujur dan benar. Itu yang dapat saya pelajari melalui Tun Mahathir.

    Namun lain orang lain pandangan dan pemahaman. Lebih ramai orang yang faham apabila kita cuba cakapkan maka gerenti kita akan menang 2/3.

    Tiada usaha menipu atau mengelak.

    Tun orang yang berpengalaman menjadi Perdana Menteri. Tun tahu kuasa Perdana Menteri sampai ke mana.

    Saya yang serba tahu sedikit dapat melihat kuasa pentadbiran bahawa MH17 diselesaikan kurang dari 24 jam. Bukankah itu menakjubkan bagi menjadi rakyat Malaysia?

    Malah krisis 2008 diselesaikan melalui saluran mengikut undang undang negara cuma memerlukan 10 hari diluluskan. Bukankah itu menunjukkan betapa kuasa itu amat kuat?

    Bagaimana jika kuasa itu disalahguna?

    Bagi individu seperti Tun, perkara sebegini amat penting dan perlu dijaga intergritinya.

    Bilamana 1MDB tidak dapat dijelaskan malah dikatakan tunggu, tunggu…maka ia dapat dikatakan PM lemah.

    Pada saya, saya bersetuju dengan Tun.

    Tapi jika Dato Seri Najib masih nak katakan pendapat saya dan Tun ini salah, sila tunjukkan apa yang anda ada.

  96. hexman May 20,2015 6:28 PM

    Will it be the nalaysian version of watergate scandal ?? Your opinon Ayahanda Tun..

  97. azmana787 May 20,2015 6:13 PM

    Thanks TDM. You have made PM post is most powerful post in Malaysia without check and balance. You have set example the first PM with Finance minister portfolio which followed by DSN. Thanks DSM since you was the one who appointed DSN as DPM and now as PM. I still remember the day you submitted your UMNO registrations form to DSN with smile in the face in live telecast. For me, the failure of DSN is the same with the failure of TDM since the later is the one who responsible to create the so powerful post of PM and also the one who responsible to appoint DSN to his current post. In reality, DSN is your legacy TDM. Now you want to correct your own doing by removing DSN from his office and hope that you succeed.

  98. faridina May 20,2015 5:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I do believe that DSN days are numbered the first day you start withdrawing your support for him.

    Even when Datuk Paduka Khairuddin start making police report about 1MDB my thinking was this is just another unhappy UMNO member who could not get something from UMNO or 1MDB and KJ was right in commenting about this guy who could not even get enough nomination to fight him for the Youth head post.

    Until you start writing about 1MDB only then I knew how wrong was I but it was not too late. Can’t stop pondering people like me who is well educated can be so ignorant and can’t stop pondering about our orang kampung if you do not do road show to tell them the whole truth nothing but the whole truth. I mean the layman rakyat will always think the leader will do the right thing for the rakyat without any hidden agenda.

    Worse still we came to know from you about this young man who make his first million at the age of 20 and still studying at Wharton during that time. I think his father might have read about Ananda Krishnan who happened to be roommate of Sheikh Ahmad Zamani the ex-secretary general of OPEC and the rest is history and Ananda ends up as a billionaire today and this is how Jho Low’s father make sure that his son went to school where the wealthy and royalty arab sent theirs in England.

    He is sure one pain in the ass and most of the arabs he befriend has split personality as well, how they party all night long celebrating from money coming from some fool old man from Malaysia who admire his contacts, so call credibility and been young and energetic too.

    Yes you are right Tun why is there no mentioning of Jho Low or Riza Aziz in the so called forensic audit. Najib if he is transparent enough may call upon this 2 boys to testify in front of the PAC!

    Yes Najib rebuts nothing but he is sure another pain in the ass! Well sometime it’s good for him not to rebuts anything as everybody knows he his now at the secluded corner of the ring and will only accept blows and blows until he fell down.

    For the second time in your negarawan talks you mentioned about that black eyed man and how the Chinese supported you in GE 1999 when you lose a lot of Malays vote. Yes I couldn’t agree more but would like to add on a little more on some Malays professionals who use to be sitting on the fence who also supported you and your policy and the way to thank you for saving us from bankruptcy. I was a remisier during 1997 economy turmoil and you know the economy stability barometer during those days were the KLSE indexs and we being the remisier totally depended on KLSE index for a living and we have got deposits with the broker co. to trade and we are also the front liner and the ones who directly got shot first when the market crashes. And how that black eyed man let all lose and KLSE points went down to almost 200 points and how you TUN save us when you won’t kow tow to anybody and instruct KLSE to be locked at 400 points and later tagging ringgit at RM3.80, increasing NPL longer and reducing interest etc etc

    You see Tun we respected what you did and how you taught us to be resilient and make us come back and we learn the hard expensive way but as I use to say “the ending is important not the beginning”.

    How thankful I am to be presented by Allah a wife who is there for me for good and bad, and she really adore you Tun and she could even cry for you when arguing with her siblings who was strong supporters to the black eyed man back in 1998. And in fact she is the one who makes me read your blog because she has been following 3 facebook of Kelab Chedet, Saya Sayang Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Kelab Maya Mahathir. We the Faridina’s family have always wanted to be able to meet you and Tun Siti Hasmah and snap a family photo and that will be our living dream..I know Tun you will read all the posting posted here or maybe we could send an invitation to Tun to officiate our small new business outlet – itu pun kalau Tun sudi (berniaga kecil-kecilan tapi untuk kesejahteraan rakyat dalam bidang penjagaan kesihatan).


    Faridina’s respect Tun because you never know how to kow tow to any nations.

  99. KakiBaru May 20,2015 4:47 PM

    Salam Tun, saya orang kedah Tun pun orang kedah..saya tertarik dengan kata-kata Tun yang “mengangkat” Najib sebagai PM sebab rasa terhutang budi terhadap Tun Razak…Benda ni nampak sangat betapa tak kena dan tak betulnya Malaysia ini..nampak sangat la Tun punya agenda untuk Najib rasa terhutang budi denga Tun so nnt dia pulak “mengangkat” anak Tun jadi PM hehehe sebab hutang budi kan…Ni dah jadi kot lain Tun nk tarik balik la sokongan la apa2 la..tapi Tun sendiri pun tau Najib memang tak akan turun macam Pak Lah…dok ada nyawa lagi saya minta sangat Tun gunakan daya yang ada untuk perbetul balik Malaysia ni sebab ada part yang mana Tun pon bersalah juga…Akhirat nanti jenuh menjawab Tun..

  100. STEVE8562 May 20,2015 4:31 PM

    To sibotak

    Hope your prediction will COMETRUE.

  101. AlBaker May 20,2015 4:00 PM

    Salam Tun ,

    DSN is in a PANIC MODE , why ?

    1. his body language after the latest UMNO meeting

    2. trying to seek more support knowing that he is losing it.

    3. in his latest statement , he is planning to minimize 1MDB debts , tone has changed.

    4. any latest statements made by your goodself he rebuts , before he is quiet.

    Wait n See


  102. Dominic Joseph May 20,2015 2:42 PM


    Every prime minister of Malaysia has dominated the headlines with issues, allegations & claims. I have picked 13 issues for the readers to make a comparative study and come-up with their own conclusions. Lets begin with Tun Dr. Mahathir first:

    1.Penang Bridge
    2.Second link to Singapore
    3.KLCC/KL Tower
    7.Tour De Langkawi/LIMA
    8.Sepang/Formula 1
    10.North-South Highway
    11.Commonwealth Games
    12.Amanah Saham Nasional

    Now the 13 classic issues for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak:

    1.BR1M cash aid
    3.MH 370
    4.Mystery Of Altantuya
    5.Executive Jet
    6.The ‘Kangkung’ price comparison
    7.Rosmah’s shopping spree
    8.Played golf with Obama
    9.1 Malaysia Development Berhad(1MDB)
    10.Setting up PEMANDU
    11.Losing two-thirds majority in parliament
    12.Surge in fuel prices.
    13.Lost popular votes in PRU 13

    Readers may want to spot the differences between the two PM’s and come up with your own conclusions. Thank you.

  103. Hajar May 20,2015 2:15 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Only one word best described DSN @ Ah Jib Gor –> SELFISH (and of course clueless/blur/weak/liberal, etc.). Since he is so selfish (pentingkan diri sendiri melebihi kepentingan umum/negara/rakyat/agama/bangsa), he is no longer suitable to be our PM @ UMNO President.

    To him, his family is more important; for example he would sue those who tarnished his (his wife/family) image/reputation but he would simply ignore those ‘fitnah by Pembangkang’ towards UMNO/BN (blackout, 40,000 Bangla voters during PRU-13, pengundi hantu BN/UMNO, etc.).

    Regarding the country’s security, Tun already briefly explained on a technology that can be used to monitor our coastal area (during Tun’s talk in Ipoh if I’m not mistaken) from far away because it is able to cover very wide area. Sadly, PM is more concerned about buying a private new jet.

    PM Ah Jib Gor doesn’t care about our national security. He only cares about his own (and family) security. He must RESIGN immediately. He failed.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  104. PakCik May 20,2015 1:39 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun and fellow bloggers and selamat sejahtera

    1. Tun, you are doing the right thing because you;
    – see the trends in voting; support for Bn/umno/mca/mic are declining
    – see the aggression of pakatan, especially dap that hates the malays, dap
    – that dominates other parties…and when pakatan wins, dap will use their
    monies to bribe everybody – so you will see like whats happening in
    selangor…malay MB but just a donkey with dap as the master on its back
    – dap is not like the mca chinese; mca holds to their social contract, but
    dap wants this country for the chineses…they have controlled the
    economy, why they want to have stupid malays (thats how they look at the
    malays)to run this country?
    – see that the foreign consultants are damaging this country – they can be
    spies working with foreign countries…but given vvip treatment by
    small-hearted najib….he never read sejarah melayu anyway…
    – see that najib doesnt care about others for if he cares, he will talk to
    you to see the truth and give way to others to ensure umno/BN wins i
    pru 14
    – know najib will not dare to step down. for justice is awaiting him when
    he steps down…he will hold on to become PM until he dies…lepas tu
    mau saman, saman lah..Tun dared to leave ur lucrative job as PM because
    you know you are clean. No one take you to court untuil now cos you are

    Terus berjuang Tun…we are with you.

  105. muab May 20,2015 1:08 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Bila agaknya PRU 14?

    Terima kasih.

  106. Smart-Yasir May 20,2015 12:18 PM

    Salam beloved Tun M.

    Very simple question from me…

    For the national security at coastal. Why not we fully utilized the remote sensing technology to control our coastal side. This technology has been using by many country?


  107. ichiban May 20,2015 12:12 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Semoga Tun dan keluarga dirahmati Allah.Kesusahan dan Perasaan seorang pemimpin yg membangunkan Malaysia sehingga mencapai kemajuan dan boleh dibanggakan tak sama dgn perasaan seorang pemimpin yg menyambung kepimpinan pada ketika Malaysia telah maju.
    Dizaman Tun memimpin,Malaysia terkenal dimata dunia,taraf ekonomi rakyat meningkat dan dapat mengharungi zaman kemelesetan ekonomi pada tahun 97~98.
    Tun telah mebuktikan kepimpinan Tun dan undi rakyat terhadap umno/BN setiap kali PRU sentiasa banyak berbanding sekarang.Kanak2 disekolah pun waktu itu..kalau ditanya cita2 nak jadi apa…jawabnya dgn bangga nak jadi macam Tun dr mahathir.
    Serangan satu hala keatas Tun dlm tv…saya yg melihat pun malu pada diri sendiri..sebab rakyat sekarang mampu melihat dan menilai.
    Pada penasihat2 politik DSN..anda tidak dapatkah meramal apa pandangan rakyat apabila sesuatu isu dibangkitkan..contohnya isu 1MDB..belum lagi reda naik pula isu kwsp..lepas tu isu tabung haji…pada pandangan saya sebagai rakyat biasa macam kerajaan sekarang terdesak memerlukan wang..sepatutnya dlm keadaan begini..badan2 yg melibatkan kepentingan awam tak perlu la di usik.Pada tabung haji..kalau benda yg boleh menimbulkan syak atau fitnah..dalm islam sendiri pun menyatakan perlu dijauhkan..Sekarang dibuat pula op warta..saya bersetuju yg salah tetap salah…tapi bagi dulu isu 1MDB selesai ..lepas satu..satu..membuat rakyat semakin tak puas hati..sebab yg kena tangkap bukan taknak bayar..tapi duit tak cukup utk bayar..disebabkan keperluan diutamakan disebabkan kos sara hidup yg tinggi.
    Saya seorang golongan pertengahan penyokong umno dlm diam..tidak aktif dlm berkempen dan setiap tahun membayar cukai pendapatan.Saya terpanggil untuk menulis sebab pada masa sekarang dibebani kos sara hidup dan kenaikan gaji yg tak seimbang.Pendapatan setiap tahun akan menguncup ..cukup bulan gaji habis.Kalau kita lihat sekarang,pinjaman tanpa lesen bersepah2 dan bank rakyat membuat untung yang banyak setiap tahun melalui personnel loan dan banyak yg muflis disebabkan hutang kad kredit..kenapa benda ini terjadi?..kita dengari lebih utamakan keperluan dari kehendak…tapi kalau keperluan pun tak cukup…macam mana?
    kalau keadaan ini berterusan ..dlm PRU14..saya bersama isteri cuma ada dua pilihan….a)tidak datang mengundi 2)undi pembangkang.
    Pada yang menghentam Tun..tanya diri anda..apakah sumbangan anda yg boleh dibanggakan..

  108. wajaperak May 20,2015 11:23 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Semalam Shabery Cheek ? Dato’ menyatakan..
    Di zaman Mahathir tu ada ke dia bagi peluang media yang adil?..
    Ada?..ada?..Tolong habaq chek mai..
    Amboi amboi Shabery..Hang tu Menteri Penerangan ke Menteri yang blur?
    A person lose his right to self govern when he or she abuses him or herself eg. drug abuse.
    A parent lose their right to govern their child the moment they abuse their children and the law come into effect.
    A government lose their right to govern when they abuse their citizen and constituent..
    Alo Shabery..You punya CGPA berapa?
    Kurang sikit dari Ahmad Maslan 3.8?
    In my uneducated opinion and writing,this is what happened when leader’s are not properly vetted..

    The guard guard the prisoner’s..

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes..?

    Terima kasih Tun.Teruskan perjuangan..

  109. sudin May 20,2015 11:19 AM


    Akhirnya peminat setia chedet yang teramat megah mengakui diri “aku memang bab_” mengeluarkan kata2 yang tepat serta diterima akal.

    “HBT456 May 20,2015 6:25 AM
    8. The most horrendous leaders in the world is when they kill, we dont see blood.”

    Apabila Altantuya dibunuh tidak sedikit pun nampak kesan darah!!!

    Terima kasih kepada HBT sepet kerana memberitahu kami bahawa PM Najib sesungguhnya adalah satu2nya antara “The most horrendous leader in the world.”

  110. agi idup agi ngelaban May 20,2015 10:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan isteri serta seisi keluarga.

    1. Terus terang saya mengaku disini saya kali pertama buat komen dalam ruangan bloggers. bukan apa kerana kekangan masa dan saya yakin para blogger dan cendekiawan serta pejuang tegar yang ada mampu melawan dan menstabilkan kedaulatan negara dan menangagani segala macam kepincangan melalui kaedah masing-masing.
    2. Apapun, saya adalah pembaca blog Tun dan rakan-rakan serta cendekiawan bagi mendapatkan maklumat dari pelbagai perspektif.
    3. Kali ini saya mula komen, kerana saya rasa SAYA JUGA PERLU LALKUKAN SESUATU kerana saya berasakan Tun perlu sokongan moral, dan sokongan bala tentera sekiranya diperlukan, saya BERSEDIA.
    4. saya rasa hanya Tun mampu mengubah kepimpinan sedia ada. Saya doakan Tun panjang umur dan sihat bagi memastikan momentum perjuangan ini tidak terhenti. Sebelum gelombang human wave yang mengubah kepimpinan negara. wasalam

  111. rainman May 20,2015 10:35 AM

    Dear Tun,

    This is the first time I am writing on your site…

    This is an abstract from Daniel Noor…
    “1MDB purchased the Sg Besi land of 500 acres for such a dirt cheap price. If 1MDB were to sell it again, it can earn not less than 500 % profit from it. Instead 1MDB chose to invest billions overseas with unknown companies that have no track records. By right 1MDB should be promoting and marketing the Sg Besi land to local and foreign investors. Not only 1MDB will be reaping hefty profits BUT it will create jobs for thousands of Malaysians! Why did Najib not think about that.”
    The icing on the cake is the TRX parcel…
    For anyone without any business acumen, he would make “Billions” if a nicely plated land deal like this is attained.
    It is clear cut from the beginning that this “modus operandi” is what makes 1Mdb being profitable. (not much different from Pak Man Telo!!)

    On the side note, You were at the helm of Malaysia for 22 years and never once, was your First Lady being more popular than you…except of course, as Patron of BAM !! Bravo!!

    Good Health Always..

  112. Praxis May 20,2015 10:17 AM

    Your governance model is too proper. For hypothesis, how does one win a battle against another who may has built his empire on deceit, theft and murder? You have correctly followed procedures and put him on trial in the public eye. Problem if he has no shame, and his mind dulled by the opulence, and he takes us to the pit, and prove theory bad leaders follow good unless system/governance model robust.

  113. sibotak May 20,2015 10:12 AM






    Sedia UMNO menjemput PAP ke Tanah kita
    Sedia UMNO ruangkan anggota PAP Singapura di tingkat Teratas di Putra Jaya
    Anggota UMNO kesemua bolih Relax di Bawah
    Buat Kopi , Jaga Parking ,bersihkan Halaman

  114. Fariq Islam May 20,2015 10:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Najib telah memberi sedikit sebanyak penjelasan. Dalam 1MDB ini, Najib hanyalah bertindak sebagai Penasihat. Pihak pengurusan kenalah dipanggil-jawab. Sama juga dengan Proton Bhd, yang pernah menanggung rugi, di mana pihak pengurusan, dan bukannya Penasihat, patut dipanggil-jawab.

    Bekenaaan dengan isu keselamatan di negeri Sabah, Menteri Dalam Negeri harus bertanggungjawab. Pelan dan tindakan mempertingkatkan penjagaan harus disemak dan dikemaskini, untuk mencapai prestasi yang lebih bagus dalam penjagaan keamanan, terutamanya di Sipadan.

    Mengikut penjelasan yang diberi, jet yang dibeli bukannya untuk kegunaan peribadi, tetapi pihak-pihak kerajaan yang tertentu.

  115. daeng May 20,2015 9:57 AM

    Salam Tun,

    HBT456 apek ni daripada mana ???

    Ini pelesit DAP (Malaysia) atau PAP (Singapura)????


  116. teratai May 20,2015 9:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    It seems that how hard Tun fights for the truth to prevail, it’s getting difficult and difficult.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  117. mustaqimabdulrahman May 20,2015 9:01 AM

    salam tun…

    ramai nak cuba sokong najib sbb org melayu dihambat perasaan hutang budi pada tun razak…tapi pelbagai alasan diberikan otak untuk justify perbuatan najib….antaranya

  118. penabiru May 20,2015 8:15 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I honestly feel with all the fuss going on right now, the only way out of all this is to establish a Global Halal Hub.

  119. HBT456 May 20,2015 6:25 AM

    8. The most horrendous leaders in the world is when they kill, we dont see blood.

    9. Truth will prevail, and judgement will be made by political parties before ge kicks off.

    10. can pm najib survives in pau?

    11. He asked, why after 8 years, this case is brought up now?

    12. this is an open question to all the presidents of political parties registered in malaysia.

    13. will the presidents of bn still want go back to the old way of managing the country?

    14. today, voters have choice not to vote bn.

  120. joetamchi May 20,2015 6:03 AM


    K aki
    J ilat..!!

    Dah jawab, tak perlu debat…?

  121. joetamchi May 20,2015 5:13 AM




  122. joetamchi May 20,2015 5:02 AM



    Nasi ulam Kangkong
    Akal Jadi Bengong…!
    Nafsu tak berbendong…!!!
    Habis segala tabong…..!!!!!

    ﺁﻟﻠّﻬُﻢَ ﺻَﻠّﯿﮱِ ﯛﺳَﻠّﻢْ ﻋَﻠﮱِ ﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤّﺪْ ﻭَ ﻋَﻠﮱ ﺁﻝِﺳَﻴّﺪﻧَﺂ ﻣُﺤَﻤَّﺪٍ
    Selawat & Salam ya Rasulullah
    Segala ilmu miliknya ALLAH…

  123. joetamchi May 20,2015 4:29 AM

    2004 Andaman : tsunami banjir air masin..!
    2014 Kelantan : tsunami banjir air tawar..!

    PRU-13 tsunami undi cina..!
    PRU-14 tsunami undi melayu..?

    Rakyat Bersatu..
    Tumbangkan sikaki tipu..!!!


    Pemimpin pemimpin perangai tak molek..
    Parti dan Ahli akan jatuh tergolek..
    Hangpa semua fikir baik baik…
    PRU nanti jgn sampai kena ejek..!!


  124. joetamchi May 20,2015 4:01 AM

    Memang macai suka julang…
    Macai julang orang bangang…
    Rakyat kini sudah bengang..
    Humban humban sebelum tumbang…

    Tumbang parti, takde maknanya lagi…
    Baik bagi calon atau bagi menteri..
    Rugi parti, ahli pun rugi…
    Kalah parti, rakyat pun tak sudi…..!

    Pemimpin Lari Ke Luar Negeri.??
    Rumah mewah kt Amerika dah beli…!
    Kalah parti, Ahli ahli gigit jari…
    Sebab diikut cakap menteri TAKOT BINI..!!

    Ahli ahli jangan sembunyi…!
    Luahkan suara, perasaan di hati..!
    Bagaimana pula suara para menteri..?
    PRU nanti SUARA RAKYAT mengUNDI..!!


  125. al mall8q May 20,2015 3:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum TUN, inilah masalah-masalah golongan elit ini dengan rakyat jelata. Mereka tidak tahu kesusahan sebenar rakyat di peringkat bawahan. Mereka pura-pura tengok tetapi hanya melihat dengan hati yang buta dan mereka pura-pura mendengar tetapi hanya bisikan yang diucapkan pada telinga yang sedia PEKAK. Golongan elit ini diteruskan tradisi kehidupan mereka pada anak-anak mereka(dijamin tiada yang pernah menaiki pengangkutan awam untuk pergi ke sekolah) yang tidak pernah kenal perkataan IKAT PERUT.

  126. wow May 20,2015 2:25 AM

    I strongly support esp point 7. I belive….all malaysian will support unless they are not malaysian or with different agenda….in corporate world….everything can be create or fake…..after cleaning process….you see nothing at all and looks ckean and perfect.

    In this case…i believe….1mdb….maybe has better asset because of speciall injection and support of gov esp to enlarge asset, capital and better projection of future earning… with the pre arrangement hopping to enlarge even bigger cap thru public listing exercise. by special share allocation…..everyone will have promising return if the entire process gone thru. If not…..all can sell mee goreng.

    Come to think about trigger me after 1957 how can some yayasan become so rich……maybe worth multi billion dollar Today…..i took a quick guess ……maybe money market….maybe share allocation quota for public listing….etc etc… many creative ideas to multiply wealth….eventhoug is properly done,…but to me… can this happen,,,,,so audit process is not going to work When there is no neurtral… guardian. …a personal that own 50 companie through nominess,,,,this is not going to trigger related party transaction….,which mean,,,,,the number or performance of any companycan be massage And looks good…..and it is legally done… action can be taken? No way. Wish malaysian all best of luck…..I hope if you are human being…..pls do not support stealing….eventhough the reason potrait as to help needies…..the. Action is wrong. There is no Robinhood now. All malaysian……pls stand up and speak up….thats is not just for you….for your future indeed. You help Robinhood… are guilty too….1 fine day… regret….then too late. Everyone that read chedet….either you care Abt malaysia….or you are part of robinhood….or you. Are batu api with intention….is time to do right thing now….dont live with regret …..think abt you today will be your last day,,,,do you still wanna be robinhood or rotihook …god bless u

  127. faridina May 20,2015 1:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    First thing first we would like to welcome you back from your umrah and as promised we the faridina’s family were there at the airport and were surprised that you took the effort to come out from your car and shook hands with the rakyats. After decades this is the 2nd time I am able to shake your hand, 1st was at the K club for the Bicara Negarawan but Ipoh’s Bicara Negara saw thousands of people came flocking to hear your talks – I could’nt shake your hand and my wife have been complaining for the 3rd time in the row she could not shake and kiss your hand. To heal our frustrations we have 2 teenager sons from the Y generation who is able to shake your hand and our 2nd son even manage to selfie with you the great Tun which make us Faridina’s proud!

    To be continued..

  128. sibotak May 20,2015 1:37 AM

    Duit 1 MDB
    Alangkah berkatnya kalau 1 MDB di salurkan pada pelarian Rohinga ,Burma
    Saya amat kecewa kerajaan Malaysia ,Indonesia , Brunei tidak berperi kemanusiaan berfikir cara terbaik untuk menyelamatkan perlarian ini

    Apa bolih jadi miskin kah kita ?

    Apa takut mereka akan menakluki kita ?
    Apa guna ada Askar Malaysia kalau takut

    Saya kecewa bukan saja Dunia Timur Tengah yg dinamakan ISLAM
    Berperangai macam Khaiwan malah Negara Islam disini pun serupa

  129. johigh May 20,2015 1:19 AM

    1. Detailed forensic audit and investigation are required as soon as possible to collect evidences of cheating 1MDB in the tune of billions.

    2. The longer the wait, the less evidences would be available. Most documents have likely been destroyed. However electronic footprints and transactions are still available.

    3. Those responsible shall face criminal proceedings in court and be sent to jail.

    4. Those who were responsible to oversee and manage 1MDB during billions being siphoned off by illegal means shall resign or be fired from their jobs.

    5. Ultimately, government shall take responsibility and heads should roll for being so incompetent to allow this to happen.

  130. Hasbullah May 20,2015 1:01 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya hanyalah rakyat biasa yang inginkan Kemakmuran, Keharmonian, Keselamatan dan Keamanan… Saya sempat merasainya di zaman pemerintahan Tun, tetapi kini saya hidup dalam kebimbangan untuk anak2 saya.

    Malaysia dilanda provokasi perkauman & Agama Islam (Agama Rasmi negara) dipermainkan oleh mereka yg tidak bertanggungjawab. Yang kaya semakin Kaya dan yang miskin semakin papa dek kerana keborosan & kebodohan pemimpin atasan.

    Nampaknya DS Najib bukanlah seorang pemimpin yang bijak dari segi Ilmu Ekonomi dan Perancangan Negara (tetapi mungkin Cemerlang dalam Ekonomi Rumah Tangga).. Saya serta keluarga dan rakan2 sudah naik menyampah dengan sikap DS Najib yang perasan bagus & syok sendiri itu. Ramalan Tun mungkin benar2 akan berlaku sebab saya serta keluarga sudah bertekad tidak akan mengundi BN lagi selagimana DS Najib menerajui Malaysia. Bukan saya tidak sayangkan UMNO & BN, tetapi terlalu meluat dengan perangai DS Najib & balaci-balaci nya yang kaki Ampu & Jilat.. Negara boleh hancur jika dibiarkan..

    Pada pandangan saya, DS Najib takut untuk melepaskan jawatannya.. bkn kerana sayangkan kuasa atau kemewahan, tetapi takut dengan segala macam penyalahgunaan kuasa kerana dia tahu, jika hari ini dia berundur, tidak mustahil esok dia akan dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Keadilan, dia akn menjadi PM Malaysia pertama yg akan disabitkan dengan segala mcm rasuah, salah guna kuasa, penyelewengan duit rakyat.. Rakyat disuruh berjimat cermat, bawa bekal ke pejabat, kongsi kenderaan, tetapi DS Rosmah punya suami serta pengikutnya hidup dalam kemewahan..

    Maaf Tun jika coretan saya terlalu panjang, sekadar melepaskan rasa tidak puas hati kami sebagai rakyat pertengahan… pembayar cukai tetapi tiada apa kemudahan yg kami dapat… selain tekanan demi tekanan terhadap taraf kehidupan kami.. semua kena cukai.. termasuk GST..

    Tunggulah… UMNO akan tinggal hanya nama.. dan rakyat akan tetap menyalahkan BN (Bini Najib)..

  131. rimba.emas May 20,2015 12:57 AM

    Salam Tun .

    1. Tun, Rimba Emas masih tertanya-tanya kenapa pendapat Rimba Emas sebelumnya tentang Pilihan Raya Kecil telah di tangkis dengan izin ‘Rebuts’.

    2. Adakah ia satu pendapat atau kenyataan yang melanggar kehendak diri Tun ?

    3. Sama seperti Tun hanya satu kenyataan untuk satu tajuk dan menunggu kenyataan Tun atas tajuk yang lain. Bagi Rimba Emas ia nampak seperti kita mengambil lebih perhatian ke atas satu permasaalahan dan memberi peluang kepada pendapat orang lain pula.

    4. Maaf kalau pendapat ini menyingung perasaan komentar yang lain sebab ruangan ini milik Tun sudah tentu Tun mahukan pendapat bukan orang yang sama berulang-ulang sedangkan dikatakan lebih daripada 14,000 pengikut Tun. Rimba Emas rasa malu seorang bijak pandai seperti Tun sendiri pun hanya bercakap sekali tetapi kita jawap pula berkali-kali bagai menggunakan ruangan ini untuk tujuan lain.

    5. Maafkan Rimba Emas beremosi atas kegagalan mendapat tempat yang lepas dan Rimba Emas setuju dengan pendapat Tun bahawa persoalan kes bunuh Altantuya tidak boleh dianggap sudah selesai.

    6. Sama seperti kes Dato Sri Anwar (Kes ini di pilih bukan kerana penyokong Partinya tetapi persamaan sebagai ahli politik) kes ini pada mula di tolak tetapi dipersalahkan akhirnya.

    7. Kalau ada bukti-bukti yang boleh dipersalahkan balik maka tidak mustahil bukti-bukti yang terlepas atau yang tidak disiasat dengan lebih lanjut terutama yang dilepaskan pada perbicaraan pertama. Pesalah terjatuh hukuman pada kali kedua .Jadi pesalah lain yang terlepas pada perbicaran pertama patut juga dibicarakan kembali terutama bukti-bukti dari pesalah yang disalahkan.

    8. Disinilah letaknya keadilan sebab itulah Rimba Emas kembali merujuk kepada hukuman dari yang maha berkuasa bagi umat Islam iaitu Allah s.w.t yang maha adil yang akan terlaksana di akhirat nanti.

    9. Sementara menunggu yang maha adil melaksanakannya adakah kita di dunia ini sanggup membiarkan pesalah terlepas begitu sahaja dan kita menjalankan mengikut cara kita.

    10. Kalau kita tahu hanya Allah s.w.t yang dapat menegakkan keadilan maka kita patut juga meletakkan seorang yang tiada kepentingan dalam melaksanakan hukuman.

    11. Rakyat perlukan kuasa luar Malaysia mengadili seorang yang di iktiraf tertinggi dalam Malaysia. Pasti akan di ‘tangkis’- ‘Rebuts’ dengan kenyataan “Ini negara kita kuasa luar tidak boleh campur”.
    Kalau begitu rakyat patut jawab ‘GST’ juga wajib dihentikan kerana mengikut negara luar kerana kami rakyat Malaysia.

    12. Bila rakyat hendak dakwa kena guna kuasa Malaysia tapi bila hendak kenakan cukai boleh pula ikut kuasa luar malah negara Islam seperti Arab Saudi yang tidak mengikut GST tidak pula di contohi. Macam -macam muslihat malah cukai-cukai yang ada selama ini tidak pernah cukup-cukup. Pasti ada yang menyeleweng wang negara kalau tidak kenapa cukai-cukai yang sentiasa dinaikkan dan ditambah tidak pernah cukup-cukup.

    13. Allah s.w.t memberikannya secara percuma tetapi kita mengenakan harga malah melebihi dari harga asalnya secara jual beli dan kini terbeban lagi kepada pihak ketiga secara cukai jualan yang beliannya hanya janji.

    14. Rakyat akan sentiasa terbeban bila diminta wang katanya untuk mengadakan sesuatu kepada rakyat yang terpaksa pula membelinya.

    Kembalilah kita kepada Allah s.w.t yang memberinya secara percuma.


  132. cruze May 20,2015 12:34 AM

    Betul tu Daing saya setuju tentang Dato Shafie Afdal dan Zaharin tu…zahid hamidi pun sama

  133. youngmaya May 20,2015 12:31 AM

    majlis raja2 sebagai kuasa penimbal wajar ambil bahagian dan campur tangan di kala negara sedang korek segala resources yg ada utk bayar ‘invisible debt’…

    paling tidak pun menyatakan pendirian sebagai penguasa berkecuali…

    bisnes takde, untung pun takde…tapi hutang bertambah…ini yg dipanggil bisnes man melayu transformasi berpendapatan tinggi…

    peranan raja2 melayu perlu dikembalikan sebagai pemilik asal tanah melayu…

    kekuatan raja tanah melayu moden terletak pada majlis raja2 bukan individu…

    tidak wajar majlis raja2 berdiam diri dikala ‘kedaulatan negara sedang dicagarkan’…

    perlu ada kawalan pada kuasa bendahara…

    bendahara yang tidak dikawal oleh institusi akan dikawal oleh individu…

    setuju dgn pendapat tun sbg bekas bendahara, majlis penasihat raja2 perlu dibentuk dan dilantik oleh majlis raja2 sebagai hub antara raja2 dgn bendahara dan jentera kerajaan…

    jangan lah dikecilkan skop kuasa raja2 hanya pada peringkat negeri sahaja…

    kembalikan peranan malik dalam kesultanan melaka/melayu (simbol kewujudan melayu)…

    melayu tak mau jadi pelarian di bumi sendiri…

    pelantikan majlis penasihat raja2 perlu diperluaskan skop pada wakil kerajaan, pembangkang,kaum,wakil agama,wakil ngo,aktivis masyarakat,bekas bendahara,bekas temenggung, bekas panglima dll…

    takder sapa yg boleh buat sesuka hati…

    nak harap parlimen, parlimen pun boleh kena kencing…

    memang tak hormat parlimen dan majlis raja2 kalau boleh tipu hidup2 dalam parlimen…

    letih tgk…

    apapun maafkan lah mereka…

    bukan mudah untuk mengawal ‘absolute power’…apapun pembaikan perlu dibuat secepat mungkin…

    plsss PM…kurangkan holiday n party…

  134. cruze May 19,2015 11:58 PM

    Halim3869…….saya setuju sangat tentang kesibukan dengan jual beli tanah sampai suruh rakyat makan sayur kangkong hari hari, dia, shahril, nazri, khairi, pandikar dan lain lain makan sedap sedap termasuk lah semua ceo TH, zahid hamidi serta ahmad maslan kan? Baik tukar kerjaya sebagai broker hartanah kan, orang tanya pasal lain dia jawab lain, asyik asyik buat road tour cerita pasal dia di pilih secara telus dan sistematik berbanding semasa zaman pm sebelumnya.

  135. doncorleone May 19,2015 11:55 PM


    Dear Tun,

    It is a nice feeling writing to you for the first time in this blog. Before I comment on the issues you have posted here, I m taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to you on the following achievements by your administration and by our country :

    a) For all highways especially the north and south highways

    b) The klcc Twin Tower, still the world tallest twin tower

    c) The establishment of putrajaya and cyberjaya – it will cost us a bomb to construct/establish these two cities now

    d) the right to host F1-putting us on the world racing map and what a way to sell our country.

    e) Last but not least the capital control and this one for me is the best of the lot.

    Personally, I really like your last speech as PM ( the one about the jews) and I think till today both the US and the Israeli governments are still baffled and confused by this amazing Malaysian PM last speech.

    On the 1MDB fiasco, I think the truth will be exposed soon and those responsible must be made accountable for the mismanagement of the 1MDB.

    Till next time, good nite Tun and sweet dream Malaysia.

  136. RD. May 19,2015 11:38 PM

    Sudah la baru saja nak mulakan siasatan keatas 1MDB setelah lebih sebulan ‘dilontarkan’ supaya diadakan forensic audit oleh Ketua Audit Negara, hari ini diumumkan pula bahawa PAC tidak perlu panggil PM dan Jho Low untuk disiasat atau soal-jawab.

    Kalau dah macam itu, bertambah membazirlah WANG dan masa rakyat menunggu laporan Audit Forensic dan PAC yang sudah tentu tidak membawa sebarang makna langsung apabila ‘pemain-utama’ kemelut 1MDB dilepaskan dari sebarang kebertanggung-jawaban.

    Nampak-gayanya kemelut 1MDB ini tidak akan selesai selagi Najib tidak letak-jawatan segera. Jika tidak, ia akan belarutan sehingga PRU14 dan apabila BN kalah, Najib akan dibawa kemuka pengadilan.

  137. sibotak May 19,2015 11:28 PM

    Siapa Najib sebenarnya ?

    Tak faham kenapa jawapan 1 MDB belum terdengar lagi ?
    Macam tak ada tranparency mengalahkan kuasa Sultan
    Kalau Benar ke depan Najib
    Menunggu Auditor Reports yg kian lama semacam
    Audit Malaysia tidak pernah Betul
    atau dilenggah olih yg memerintah

    Ini zaman computer semuanya main tekan butang main taip saja
    Semua Keluar


    Kemarin saya berkata
    kalau duit 1 MDB duit kaum kerabat dia
    Saya Kalah Itu Hak mereka

    Ini duit 1 Malaysia
    So bila Najib ? Bila ?

    Give us the date line as you are in the shoes to push the Audit
    We are losing Patience and don,t even think we can ignore it
    Nak Perm Rambut nak cantik nak stylo milo Tahu nak cepat

    Ini Hak Suara kami

  138. banitamim17 May 19,2015 11:05 PM

    AsSalam Tun yg dihormati.

    1. For majority of Malaysians, they might not aware that those issues involving 1MDB and other major issues i.e appointment of APCO, maneuvering of malaysian economy, controlling of national security etc2 were planned since day one even before ds najib become the pm. Some people call them as the shadow government comprises of few financially powerful gentlemen and these people surprisingly were not even a Malaysian.

    2. DSN and the cabinet tanpa sedar telah menjadi puppet dalam satu mega freak show yang sebahagiannya menjadi mainan manusia rakus dari negara jiran. May be its sounds weird but it is the reality.

    3. Right after DSN jadi PM, sorang ‘knight’ diletakkan didalam JPM dan membentuk PEMANDU yang mengambilalih fungsi EPU. Kemudian bidak2 lain diletakkan di dalam PETRONAS, EPF, ditubuhkan pula Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC) kononnya nak jaga kepentingan negara. Rentetan dari ini secara perlahan-lahan banyak GLC di ubah direction menjadi lebih materialistik terutamanya apabila idea Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD) yang datang dari sekumpulan rakyat marhaen di salin kulit di JPM dan diletakkan di bawah syarikat MOF Inc iaitu 1MDB. Agak pelik bila kerajaan boleh jual prime land seluas 70 ekar pada harga tak lebih RM80 psf sedangkan sebidang tanah seluas 30 ekar dibawah KPTG apabila ingin dicadangkan projek pembangunan bersepadu untuk penduduk Kuala Lumpur dan pegawai2 kerajaan secara PFI di letakkan harga RM450 psf.

    4. Sedih bila mendengar dari mulut DSN sendiri sewaktu perjumpaan Protem Committee MTEM dengan beliau di JPM pada 2011,”I’m inherited this problem (malay economy and unity) from the previous leaders,” sambil tersenyum tanpa ada sebarang komitmen untuk membantu mengubah keadaan ini. From that very moment, he is disqualifying himself from becoming a leader.

    5. Kisah RM42 billion 1MDB hanya Tip of An Iceberg, belum lagi berbicara tentang ketirisan yang berlaku di pintu masuk/keluar malaysia (kastam) yang saban tahun hampir RM12 billion hilang (masuk ke dalam poket beberapa kerat manusia), belum lagi cerita tentang food security yang diberi pada BERNAS dengan subsidi berbilion ringgit tapi yang kita dapat hanyalah beras rendah kualiti stok tahun 2011 dan dijual pada 2014. Kesemua kisah ini hanya menjadikan rakyat Malaysia macam ikan bilis yang at any time boleh kena gilis. Tapi Allah itu Maha Adil. You all kaya di dunia, tapi akan miskin di akhirat.

    6. Dengan jawapan2 cliche dari DSN, hanya menampakkan dirinya sebagai seorang yang patut dikasihani kerana dengan ilmunya yang ‘sedikit’, DSN terpaksa menunjukkan dirinya sebagai seorang yang serba tahu, PM katakan.

    7. Tun, you still have the ‘prowess as the playmaker’. I believe you are a person who walk your talk and you are a ‘gamechanger’. Tun bukan sekadar Keyboard Warrior yang berkongsi maklumat dengan rakyat but you also have your army behind you to remedy the turmoil.

    8. Walaupun kami ini rakyat marhaen yang kurang kemampuan financially untuk mengubah landskap ekonomi dan penyatuan melayu, kami seyakinnya pasti keadaan ini akan berubah menjadi yang lebih baik. LKIM, FAMA & BERNAS patut di ‘revamp’ agar rakyat mendapat faedah dengan harga bahan makanan asas yang 20% lebih murah dari harga sekarang walaupun dikenakan GST!!

    There are handful malay billionaires created during Tun’s era, a few during Pak Lah but only ONE during Najib’s era, HIMSELF.

  139. musato May 19,2015 10:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Adakah sesiapa faham apabila Najib berkata bahawa setiap pemimpin akan melalui ujian dan kewibawaan akan diperolehi selepas melepasi ujian tersebut?

    Sebenarnya Najib bermaksudkan peristiwa seperti sejarah Tun Razak, darurat dan 13 Mei 1969.

    Ia dimaksudkan bahawa Najib tidak akan berundur selagi tidak ditentang di dalam UMNO dan walaupun menang dengan 1 undi jika ditentang.

    Hebatnya PM kita bercakap. Menang pilihanraya pun tak sampai 2/3, nak bercerita pula pasal menang 1 undi dalam UMNO.

    Najib bercerita pasal ujian yang beliau akan lalui dengan orang orang yang telah melepasi ujian ujian tertentu dalam kepimpinan.

    Selangkah Najib berkata kata, orang yang telah melepasi ujian 9 (Allah suka pada ganjil) langkah telah kehadapan.

    Jangan jadi seorang penipu.

    Profesion Politik/Tadbir tidaklah kotor. Rasulullah s.a.w bersifat menyampaikan, amanah, benar dan bijaksana.

    Manusia yang mengotorkan apa yang suci. Kerana itu Allah s.w.t sendiri melantik pemimpin untuk dinaikkan ataupun untuk dijatuhkan.

    Walaupun dijawatkan sebagai Perdana Menteri, tapi itu tidak semestinya ia dilantik oleh Allah s.w.t untuk memerintah.

    Perbezaan antara manusia adalah takwa.

    Pecah amanah adalah perkara besar. Najib rosak kerana seorang isteri. Ia nampak pada muka anda Najib.

    I can see with my eye.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  140. First scholar May 19,2015 9:58 PM

    The court dismissed the call for Musa Safri to testify in the trial. Koperal Sirul claimed he received the order from Musa Safri, his superior. Tun can refer to the case. This is clearly an obnoxious act to cut the link. This is injustice since the court is perceived to allow proxy murder.

  141. Othaman Ahmad May 19,2015 9:48 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Allow me to say that it was your good self who has transformed the original reform (DEB/NEP & ISA) introduced
    by the late Tun Razak. Through that you have made the country prosper, narrowing the gap between the rich & poor, upgrading the integrity and the living standard of the Malays/Bumis, keeping peace, law and order and most enlightening was making Malaysia outstanding in the world map as leader and spokesman for 3rd world and Islamic countries. Thru you Sir, we were a force to be reckoned with.

    However, sadly all your good efforts was DEFORMed or destroyed overnight when the son of your mentor became the pm of this country. A weakling like Najib who depend to foreign talents, con Satans, Roti Jala Pemandul and the Liberals is leading this nation for doom. Worst still, he is under the spell of his dominating wife, Imelda Marcos II. Unlike your good self who lead, the pm we have now is being led by those scoundrels.

    Ular mati tinggalkan bisa.
    Mahathir berbakti tinggalkan jasa.
    Harimau mati tinggalkan belang.
    Najib mati tinggalkan hutang.

  142. Halim3869 May 19,2015 9:42 PM


    Salam saya harap Tun sihat selalu ada berapa perkara yang saya ingin nyatakan

    1)cara pemerintahanan sekarang amat berbeza dari zaman Tun ,DS Najib sibuk dengan 1MDP ,GST dah berbagai lagi adakah sebuah kerajaan sibuk investment jual beli Tanah bukan nak bangun kan Negara

    2)Tahap keselamatan Negara tidak kuat seperti zaman TUN dah berapa kali Negara dicerobohi itu pun masih tak belajar dari kesilapan mana perginya escom yang dinyatakan DS Najib

    3)Sekarang media amat hangat menyiarkan kononnya menyalahkan TUN semata mata menteri yang Kaki bodek konon DS najib adalah benar belaka baru saya naik menyampah tengok TUN pendikar nak berhenti henti sibuk nak bercakap dalam media kononnya dia itu betul

    4)Apa tun cakap ada benar belaka rakyat dah menyampah dengan BN cara pemerintahan DS Najib bagi saya dia harus berundur sekiranya nak selamat parti umno atau BN

  143. musato May 19,2015 9:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dato Seri Najib terlalu slow. Kalau setiap perkara perlu pada try n error alamatnya Malaysia terlingkup la.

    Sebab itu ahli UMNO perlu berbuat sesuatu dan perhatikan kerosakan banyak mana yang telah berlaku dalam pentadbiran Najib.

    Sebelum pilihanraya, saya dah bagi rating 6/10 jika saya perhatikan dari luar.

    Ia adalah betul audit tidak akan menyabitkan Jho Low dan Riza Aziz. Malah Najib dah cakap awal awal tindakan akan diambil berdasarkan laporan audit tersebut.

    Ini bermakna Najib telah dan akan pecah amanah dalam menjalankan tugasnya sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Melepaskan orang yang ada kaitan dengannya walaupun mereka bersalah dan terlibat.

    Pengakuan terbuka ini telah saya saksikan dalam perjumpaan PM dengan MT tempoh hari.

    Kini memang telah tiba masanya Ahli UMNO memberi raring mereka sendiri dari dalam.

    Samada Najib perlu dikekalkan atau pun tidak.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  144. jamalnasir65 May 19,2015 9:00 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun.

    Selepas 57 tahun merdeka dan 22 tahun menjadi PM sememangnya Tun adalah warga Malaysia yang paling berkelayakkan untuk menegur sesiapapun di Malaysia ini. Apatah lagi pihak kerajaan. Teguran Tun pastinya bukan untuk membawa rebah. Tidak keterlaluan jika kita katakan bahawa tiada orang yang lebih sayangkan Malaysia lebih daripada Tun kerana Tun telah menghabiskan seluruh kehidupan untuk Malaysia. Justeru menyalahkan dan memperlekehkan Tun adalah perbuatan yang sukar di terima akal waras.

    Namun amat sukar pula kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia khasnya orang Melayu apabila di letakkan dalam dilema untuk memilih antara mempercayaai komentar Tun atau DS PM. Penatnya akal berfikir dan banyaknya masa di habiskan di meja teh tarik membincangkan isu ini. Tak fikir ianya melibatkan diri sendiri dan masa depan anak anak sendiri. Bila difikir pula ia memerlukan analisa informasi yang di keluarkan oleh kedua dua pihak. Suatu kerja yang bukan mudah.

    Lebih sukar sekali adalah untuk memilih antara Tun dan DS PM. Ada suara nakal kawan yang menyarankan supaya tidak payah lah susah susah fikir sakit kepala kerana kedua dua pihak dah tentu tentu kayaraya. Kita yang susah ni tetap kena teruskan hidup.

  145. AlwaysMalaysian May 19,2015 8:34 PM

    Our Dear Tun,

    Keep it up. You are our only hope in these dark times. Questions must be answered and all answers must be questioned. Its a vicious cycle. So be it. It needs to be done. Am proud of you Tun.

  146. daeng May 19,2015 8:31 PM


    Tun yang sangat saya kagumi.

    Terima kasih atas ulasan Datuk Seri Hj Mohd Shafie Apdal iaitu UMNO dari Sabah mengenai teguran Tun terhadap kerajaan pimpinan Najib Altantuya. Saya dari dulu melihat beliau adalah antara pemimpin yang ada aura sebagai pemimpin no 1 Malaysia.

    Saya menganggap beliau seorang yang rasional, bukan kaki ampu, bijak berbicara dan antara yang layak sebagai seorang PM bagi menggantikan Najib Altantuya yang mewujudkan banyak isu dan bodoh memimpin lagi mudah perasan.

    Saya ingin mengulas kenyataan Duta Besar Malaysia di Indonesia iaitu Zahrain. Dari PKR yang tak laku berubah kepada ‘penjilat’ Najib yang paling bodoh. Dia tidak faham mengapa Tun tidak yakin kepada Najib dan telah memberi 6 tahun ruang kepada Najib memimpin negara. Saya dan ramai rakyat bersependapat dengan Tun bahawa Najib wajar berundur sekarang kerana kemampuannya sebagai PM jika diteruskan sehingga PRU akan datang, kami ramalkan UMNO/BN akan hancur. Kami ulangi 1000 kali bahawa UMNO/BN akan hancur. Ini adalah analisa kami dan bersependapat dengan Tun. Tapi orang bodoh seperti Zahrain tidak faham. Adakah kami rakyat yang tiada berkepentingan peribadi ini wajar membiarkan UMNO/BN hancur akibat kebodohan pimpinan Najib ???? ZAHRAIN ini adalah lalang yang tiada faedahnya dalam UMNO dan kebaikan masa depan masyarakat Melayu.

    Bodohlah kau Zahrain….

    Maaf Tun. Geram tenguk manusia bodoh yang tak boleh diajar seperti Zahrain ini.

  147. Daniel Noor May 19,2015 8:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    This is just a suggestion. But at least there will be some truth revealed. Give Jho Low immunity against prosecution or arrest. Allow him to testify as the main witness to this fiasco or daylight robbery of the rakyat’s money. Jho Low can testify outside this country. he can choose any country that he deemed safe and secured of his life. I dont trust the AG’s report as he is still under the directives of the Government and the Prime Minister unless of course he chose to follow the late jalil who got murdered in Hongkong because of the IMF issue.

    I do not understand why ONLY Najib that took the oath ( Sumpah laknat ).Maybe he did not issued the order to exterminate the Mongolian girl. Maybe the orders come from within Najib’s circle that are very close to him. I am very sure he is defending somebody who he loves very much or very close to him. This is just an assumption. Wallahualam.And maybe Razak Baginda should once again be investigated.

    I did read Najib’s blog nor I ever listen to his speeches on TV. I find it not worth as he will continue repeating the same thing but not in detail or direct.

    If Najib wants back the confidence of the Rakyat at least he should reshuffle the cabinet. Throw away the Seniors and the Corrupted. Replace ALL the people that he appointed to head/chair the GLCs and other government related bodies such as universities and even personnel that he put into the UMNO HQ.That will be a good start for him to regain the confidence of the Rakyat.

    I too would like to see his wife keep a low profile. Najib may not know or refuse to know. But everytime his wife appeared on tv or the newspapers, the Rakyat mula menjadi MELUAT. Kesimpulan Rakyat kerana istri dia la skrg Najib di benci dan di kutuk oleh majoriti Rakyat.Najib is the one who wear the pants isnt it. So he should call the shots and not the other way around.

    Nevertheless, the MAIN ISSUE is still 1MDB and Najib has to accountable for it.

    1MDB purchased the Sg Besi land of 500 acres for such a dirt cheap price. If 1MDB were to sell it again, it can earn not less than 500 % profit from it. Instead 1MDB chose to invest billions overseas with unknown companies that have no track records. By right 1MDB should be promoting and marketing the Sg Besi land to local and foreign investors. Not only 1MDB will be reaping hefty profits BUT it will create jobs for thousands of Malaysians! Why did Najib not think about that.


  148. The Hidden Secret May 19,2015 7:43 PM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Without EPF, KWAP, Tabung Haji, Malaysian government and Ananda, 1MDB would have to close shop by now. Bailouts had taken place!

    Yet still… Najib has no shame at all and he thought the rakyat are stupid! Yet still… UMNO MPs and BN politicians continue to support Najib! They are all afraid of Rosmah!

    Najib and Rosmah are worst than Ferdinan and Imelda Marcos!

    BN will not get the votes from the Malaysian Chinese in the next GE… Penang, Selangor, WPKL and Kelantan will still be under PR.

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