1. A friend visited me in my office recently. I had helped him a lot when I was PM not with money or jobs, but by smoothening bureaucratic processes in the way of his projects. As a result he became a very successful educationist and was able to expand overseas. I regarded my help as essential as the bureaucrats can be unnecessarily dilatory or even obstructive. I do this for everyone and they are all very grateful. My friend was especially grateful.

2. Off and on he would drop in my office to discuss current issues. He worried about Najib’s Government policies and performance. He urged me to do something.

3. But when he dropped in this time he seemed somewhat changed.

4. He kept on urging me not to “attack” the PM. I explained why I am doing so. But he persisted in urging me to desist from my efforts at questioning the leadership regarding the current financial scandal.

5. He warned that if I continue I would lose my legacy. I told him what people think of my legacy, if there is any, is not important. I am concerned at what is happening in the country. Our good reputation is being eroded.

6. He repeated several times that I would lose my legacy. I really appreciated his concern. He is a friend and I felt he cared for me.

7. We parted as friends.

8. But now I understand better why he talked about my losing my legacy. He has been given the task of demonising me, of destroying what he calls my legacy. I think he and his boss believes that if I become unpopular then my condemnation of the shenanigans involving 1MDB would be ignored by people.

9. So we are seeing now a new and more aggressive campaign to demonise me and to show how much the PM is supported by the people. Clearly large sums of money are being spent on this campaign. My friend is now installed in the Prime Minister’s Office and is working hard to cover up the wrong-doings of 1MDB. The first pages of the mainstream media now carry explanations on how the borrowed funds were spent. They add up neatly to 42 billion Ringgit. Before criticisms were just ignored. A policy of elegant silence was followed. Now Najib has been advised to answer to explain. However, he lost an opportunity to explain when he did not turn up for for the “Nothing to Hide” forum.

10. But there really can be no explanation on the disappearance of the money supposedly brought back from Cayman Islands – six billion US Dollars. No explanation can be made on the denial by the Swiss bank that it received money from 1MDB. No explanation on Arul’s claim that he saw the cash and the PM explaining there was no cash. Now the cash has become units. What units? No explanation also on the inability to pay interest of 2 billion until Ananda donated or loaned 2 billion whatever. Nor is there any explanation as to why 1MDB needs investments of USD1 billion by IPIC to pay debts to Deutsche Bank when 42 billion investments have been made. Is there no returns on the investments? And many other questions remain unanswered.

11. My ex-friend will have to do better at demonising me if he is to earn titles etc.

201 thoughts on “LEGACY

  1. sudin Jun 15,2015 12:18 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Proton will forever be a legacy, Tun’s legacy.

    Any Malaysian against the existance of Proton has to be one with zero economic knowledge.
    The RMbillions which remained within Malaysia annually is already suffice to enhance its continuity, never mind the other illustrous advantages which Proton has provided.

    Any Malaysian who openly questions Proton’s continuity will only expose his stupidity in public, just like Cock wing.

  2. Karunagaran Jun 13,2015 9:36 PM

    As a ordinary citizens, i cannot phantom the need for 1MDB, PFI and SRC which engulfed in almost RM90 billion dollar debt. The debts are turned into equity, the value of the equity becomes negative and the assets are all valueless. PNB and Khazanah were setup as the national sovereign fund to manage the nations investment, why do we need multitude of private enterprises? Why does government continously get involved into private commercial affairs. Is it not the duty of the government to prescribe policies, regulate the market efficacy. The burden of the RAKYAT is extremely pushed aside. The people has been hit cost after cost increases in the daily living without the benefit of any revenue increase.

  3. sudin Jun 12,2015 2:30 AM


    Cock Wing has started to erode Tun’s legacy, beginning with Proton.

    Only Malaysians with unsound mind or of low level thinking will say Proton is not good for Malaysia and also Malaysians!!!

    If the Japanese government is willing to pay to their farmers 10 times higher than the prevailing market price for the rice they produce, just to minimise rice imports and hence reduce money going outside, Proton has saved RMbillions annually in foreign exchange due to lessening of foreign cars imports.
    The money that stay in Malaysia has enabled banks to finance businesses and almost all Malaysians are, either directly or indirectly, feeling its benifits.

    Only good things will be felt by Malaysians if the government is to assist when Proton needs one.
    Cock Wing is just trying to emulate and be like that HBT 3 quarter, a small brainer who always try hard to convince/show to others “I’m smart”!!!

  4. Adam Jun 11,2015 2:18 PM

    It’s funny that the very people who understand and actually what the job of ‘wakil rakyat’ happened to be a former one himself. Tun did not write as he had written to mislead or misguide the people. What he wrote was simply what the ‘rakyat’ has been asking. It is as simple as that. What we need is just answers.

  5. suhainin suhaibul Jun 10,2015 10:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun……

    Dearest Oran,Kannina,Adelheid….. who is Mubarakchan? …. Senior Ladybird Bugs? Brave only if there is a “Curtains” between… as his “Topeng”…. Who is Him?
    Oran… Very-very wrong; I’m not as “Brave” as “Ahlong”.”Ahlong is not my “Soulmate”… Its the weakest “Supporter Tools” of mine.

    I made my fortune like this men :- . Do you still remember about this Bankers: ? ….so…. gloss your lips with “Bees Wax” if your think this planet was not spinning well. We can “fix” its for you. Go to police station an make “Reports”…coz… you need a “black plastic bag”.

    Amat tak suka cakap banyak.Its “Wasting Time”. If don’t like you;i’ll make sure to “Terminate” you. Can choose”Racun Tikus” if you prefer to… That’s more “Polite” then we,myself,gives you a strawberry drinks with mercury. Do you know how to speak “English”? Me….not…. I speak with knife,bullets and blood. If temperature going “Bad”…


  6. Kaninna Jun 10,2015 10:31 AM

    Thank to Tun M being the host , Adelheid,Oran and all those who are concerned with what befalling our beloved nation now
    Dear Suhaibul Suhainin
    Just to quote “outsyed the box” – we are not the crook here ok… we don’t stole the billiyons and we don’t aniaya anybody in our life but what have been done by our leadership now sure will aniaya not only you and me but our country and future innocent generation.. I fully sympathize and sorry toward you if Tun M had unjustly doing to you. But your threat like sending a killing squad or casting spells to scare us is not becoming in this democratic country.We are not under Stalin or Moe zedong
    Since you are mentioning “padang masyhar” I believe you are a “ mukmin” then I just grip the phrase” “masyallah laquwatta illla billah”

  7. adelheid Jun 9,2015 11:30 PM

    Dear Tun,

    In response to commentator Oran (9 June, 11.42am) – Thank you Oran for your words of solace. I thought we’ve been attacked by an ahlong really. Tun Mahathir indeed is an invincible man unmoved by the annoying incriminations from basherholics. And I thought there’s only Sophie Kinsella’s Confession of a Shopaholic…we actually just heard the confession of a basherholic or basherholics ;))

    At least we’re not paid to contribute our thoughts in this blog of Tun Dr. Mahathir. And I hope your words of ease plus all others’ in support of Tun will put a smile to Tun’s ever calming face. Muchas gracias Oran.

    Thank you dear Tun Mahathir, have a good rest. My thoughts are with you always.

  8. Hajar Jun 9,2015 5:49 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Forget about your ungrateful ex-friend Tun. He is among those who ‘worship’ money more than friendship. He is a useless person even though he has lots of money. He can always refuse the ‘job offer’ of demonizing Tun, but he just can’t control his GREED.

    2. To DS Najib, if the rakyat’s money is used to pay someone to demonize a ‘statesman’ who is helping the rakyat in voicing our their grouses, then Allah SWT will punish you (PM) because you misuse the rakyat’s money.

    3. I prayed in front of the KAABAH for Allah SWT to take away the PM post from DS Najib soon. If he’s not willing to relinquish his position, I prayed that several UMNO MT members would realize what kind of massive damage he has done to UMNO/BN and Malaysia, and forced him to step down immediately. I also prayed that Allah SWT ‘pelihara’ Tun in being a spokesperson for the rakyat and InsyaAllah Tun (and the ‘rakyat’) will be successful in unseating DS Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak.

    4. Tun’s LEGACY will stay. No human being can erase it. Millions of ‘rakyat marhein’ love Tun so much and there is no way that Tun’s ex-friend will be successful in influencing us who saw with our eyes how Tun successfully managed the country (excellent!) and we were very happy during that time. Tun managed to develop the country without borrowing so much money, and Tun did not burden us with GST even though many countries had imposed GST at that time. Tun ‘pemimpin berjiwa rakyat dan sedar kesusahan rakyat.’ And, when Tun was PM, Tun also maintained the oil subsidy and never increased the oil price beyond the rakyat’s ability to absorb. Tun’s ex-friend will have to eliminate/demolish all Tun’s supporters and all developments accomplished during Tun’s time (Petronas twin tower, KLIA, PLUS, Sepang F1, etc..) in order to erase Tun’s legacy. This is an impossible mission.

    Thanks Tun. Saya sayangkan Tun dan Tun Hasmah.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  9. cruze Jun 9,2015 3:44 PM

    Terima kasih daeng, saya dah faham dah sekarang, ayat anda sungguh jelas..

  10. sudin Jun 9,2015 2:22 PM

    Assalam… Tun,

    Ringgit Malaysia bukan saja jatuh berbanding $US, tetapi ringgit juga jatuh banyak berbanding yen, euro, pound, riyal, …..

  11. sudin Jun 9,2015 2:11 PM

    Assalam… Tun,

    Rashid Hussin once thought he has established a legacy for himself with his so-called financial supermarket bearing the initials of his namesake, just by his willingness to be Anwar’s yes man, even knowing fully well his major actions were detrimental to the country. He thought he has created a legacy of his own.
    He however blundered and chose to be the yes man for jewish-loving sex maniac called Anwar.
    Now even the RHB namesake is in the process of becoming history.

    In reality, lim cock wing actually dreams of himself as having a similar legacy, as the pioneer with his advertising educationist to be well cemented in perpetuity. He accepted to be the yes man of a different political figure but with a similarity as a total failure, and chose Najib.

    lim cock wing will be following in the footsteps of shame as Rashid Hussin.

  12. daeng Jun 9,2015 12:55 PM



    Pengaruh menaik dan menurunnya nilai matawang sesebuah negara, antaranya:


    Harga barang naik ialah inflasi. Jika inflasi meningkat maka nilai matawang akan mengecil. Secara mudah inflasi adalah kenaikan harga barang-barang dan perkhidmatan. Inflasi dikira dalam bentuk peratusan tahunan. Purata inflasi setahun adalah 6%. Jadi dalam tahun 2015 ditambah gst 6% maka inflasi boleh diunjurkan kepada 12%.

    Riba Pinjaman:

    Pinjaman dari bank yang mengandungi riba akan menyumbang kepada peningkatan matawang. Jika inflasi meningkat, maka ramai yang menjadi miskin dan takut untuk meminjam apatah lagi menanggung riba’.


    Defisit bermaksud kekurangan hasil pendapatan berbanding yang diperlukan. Belanjawan Negara kita memiliki defisit. Jika defisit melambung, maka nilai matawang kita akan mengecil. Kerajaan Najib mengamalkan perbelanjaan yang “boros” seperti tingkahlaku Rosmah. Pendapatan negara yang mengecil sekarang Najib cuba perkenalkan GST untuk tambah hasil negara dari dalam negara( seperti perah darah rakyat sendiri ) menyebabkan turunnya nilai matawang negara. Berbanding era Tun hasil yang masuk adalah besar hasil dari Tun mengamalkan dasar perindustrian dengan berjaya menarik pelabur-pelabur luar negara melabur di Malaysia.

    Pelaburan Asing:

    Kadar eksport dan import juga mempengaruhi nilai matawang. Jika kadar eksport tinggi melebihi kadar import, maka matawang negara kita akan meningkat. Harga minyak yang jatuh, harga sawit yang jatuh, harga getah yang jatuh, semua ini memberi kesan pada nilai eksport negara yang menguncup. Nilai eksport yang mengecil berbanding import, maka memberi impak kepada nilai mata wang negara menjadi lebih kecil.

    Hutang Negara:

    Kita lihat Greece, negara tersebut memiliki hutang yang tinggi. Bila sebut negara, maka ia terdiri daripada rakyatnya juga. Rakyat mereka juga dibelit hutang. Bila hutang meningkat maka nilai matawang akan mengecil. Contohnya hutang kerajaan pimpinan Najib yang semakin bertambah tinggi menyebabkan nilai wang kitajatuh.

    Kestabilan Politik:

    Sesebuah Negara yang stabil kurang akan mempengaruhi kemerosotan nilai matawang seandainya berlaku pergolakan politik. Bandingkan kestabilan politik semasa pentadbiran Tun dan Najib, politik semasa Najib adalah lemah mempengaruhi nilai mata wang yang semakin menurun.

    Sekian, wassalam.

  13. oran Jun 9,2015 11:42 AM

    Dear Tun, Adelheid & Kannina,

    As you all can see this SS guy has made a reply to us.

    He wrote 4 paragraphs and in all he made VEILED THREATS at us not dissimilar to an Along. Perhaps this is how he made his fortune, now that we know who he is.
    And he didn’t threaten Mubarakchan although he too made disparaging remarks about him. Perhaps Mubarrak is beyond his reach.

    I am addressing to you to give you some comfort with regard to your enemies, especially the musyrikkuns, such as SS.
    This is Clause of the Overriding Laws of the Universe, it says :






    So there we are, I hope you feel better.
    I don’t want to mention the word jihad here, but you got the point.

  14. Adam Jun 9,2015 11:40 AM

    What we know and what we do not know.

    We don’t know the reasons and that unfortunately, for better or worse leaves room for a lot of speculations. What we only know is that at the time of national trouble and disaster, our very dear leader is not here with us to share our grief and to relief our pain. For me, I will let those political players (and political writers) present to us their version of these stories while I go on and continue to read and write what I know about.

  15. azlan95 Jun 9,2015 12:55 AM

    Euro, Pound Sterling, Yen Jepun, Australia Dollar semua jatuh berbanding US Dollar. US Dollar kuat global.


  16. azlan95 Jun 9,2015 12:46 AM

    Yang membanting tulang bekerja keras boleh teruskan usaha murni tersebut. Kalau nak maki hamun PM silakan tak jadi masalah.

    Sama sahaja mambanting tulang maza zaman Tun agaknya turut sama maki hamun PM ketika itu.


  17. cruze Jun 8,2015 11:57 PM

    Sudahlah, jangan bertengkar, kalau nak ikutkan saya lagi sedih bila ada yang mengkategorikan saya sebagai orang kampung, saya tak ambil hati dan cuba tengok TUN, dia pun tak melenting bila orang kutuk dia, kita semua contohi TUN yang tak marah pun bila orang kutuk dia, hina dia, matikan audio sistem pada jumaat tu hari, sabar lah semua kita ni manusia, sekuat mana pun kita semasa muda ni, bila kita dah tua dan uzur nanti nak angkat tangan untuk cuci muka, cukur misai malah nak cuci najis kita pun dah tak larat, dan bila kita mati kita keseorangan di liang lahad nanti tak kira kita ada kungfu ke, ada silat ke ada jawatan besar ke, polis ke tentera ke dan lain lain. Kita tetap akan ke tanah.
    Kita ni rakyat biasa, malah tiap bulan gaji di potong sebagai cukai pendapatan untuk memperkasakan dana kewangan negara untuk pembangunan dan pembayaran gaji guru, polis, tentera, doktor dan lain lain penjawat awam, kita tak ada tempat nak salurkan segala rasa di dalam hati sebagai rakyat yang telah mengundi pemimpin, suara satu belum tahu wakil rakyat nak dengar untuk di bawa ke parlimen..
    Terima kasih TUN kerana menyediakan blog untuk luahan hati kami rakyat….Jangan bertengkar ya semuanya di dalam ini….
    Jangan lupa sembahyang, menutup aurat, bekerja keras, berdoa kepada allah dan bersedekah jika ada rezeki yang lebih, juga bentuklah anak anak kita sebagai anak yang beriman. Itulah sahaja bekalan kita di alam barzah dan akhirat nanti….

  18. Mohamad Fadzil Mamikutty Jun 8,2015 10:51 PM

    Salam Tun

    Saya setuju dengan pandangan Tun, niat ex friend Tun dalam keadaan begini hanya pentingkan perniagaan dan keutungan yang boleh dibuat, pada waktu begini orang ini seperti lalang mana yang boleh untung kesitulah di berdamping.

  19. suhainin suhaibul Jun 8,2015 10:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun…..

    Dearest Adelheid,Kannina and Oran…… yes I’m a “civil servant”….not belong to Najib.I’m the “Rakyat” “Property”.Gloss your lips with glue if you have no idea about what I’m talking about… Give me your real name and i’ll send “Spiderman” to your door steps. You are lucky enough if they prefer to make a “Nock…nock…nock” on your door…and say “Anybody Home…”. But don’t worry….. your I.P address was just right here on my table… thanks….

    What kind of movies do you prefer to watch? …tapi… tak apa lah…Belum ada keperluan untuk menyapa.Keyboard warrior cukup tahu apa makna “Labah-Labah Hitam Naik Pokok Jati”… kannn??? Cuma berpesan agar jangan gemar sangat mencuit orang yang tak dikenali. Jikalau kami dah berkenan; Kelak kamu lebih rela berpuasa hingga setahun…hehehe…
    Salam Rammadhan…

    Baik santai-santai saja bah kita dulu….. kita “Kupi-Kupi” dulu bah….sambil nyanyi-nyanyi kita ini lagu….. Kami ini kumpulan “Power Rangers” bah ini…tapi…semua kami ini perempuan ni. Suka sekali bah saya bagi dengar kamu ini lirik lagu yang bunyi dia begini ini bah…. “Tiada saksi….. Tiada Bukti…..”. jikalau mahu rasa, marilah kita nyanyi sama-sama.

    Kalau kami suka sama kamu, nanti kami kirim surat cinta lah k….Kalau sudah dapat surat cinta,kamu tidak mampu “Tarik Diri” lagi tau…Semua orang dalam “Rumah Tun” ini takutkan “Hantu”; kamu ni pula memandai-mandai pi menyapa “Hantu”, kenapa?…… nah ambil kamu ini lagu….hehehe….


  20. Arul J Jun 8,2015 9:56 PM

    Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

    You have designed the country.
    You have built the country.
    You created a lot of job opportunities in the country.
    You created opportunities in our lives.
    You created an education system which was according to international standards.
    You created pride in us to call ourselves Malaysian.
    You gave us a life.
    You built this nation.
    You made people to recognize this country in this planet.
    Your policies worked well compared to other developing countries.
    You made other people to recognize us in the world.
    You brought us civilization.
    Today what we have, no other Prime Ministers brought this to us.
    Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you brought it to us.

    So you have every right to question anybody in this country of their wrongdoings.
    Because you took a lot of time, passion and effort to build this country.
    And people did not value it, did not appreciate it and did not honor it.
    If they cant do that, they should step down.

    You appreciated all of us, you honored all of us, you valued all of us.
    If not, we would not be where we are today.

    So keep questioning.
    Dont care.
    You did a great job for mankind.
    I honor you. I value you a lot in my life.
    I take your principles in my life.
    By the way, you are an ox. I am an ox too.

    Proud to be a Malaysian.

    Have a great day.
    May the spirit keep going on in your life.

    You will live on for another 200 years.

  21. anak wawasan 2020 Jun 8,2015 9:23 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun yang disanjungi dan dihormati,

    Take a look at @NajibRazak’s Tweet:

    Sebagai seorang PM negara yang sedang dilanda bencana dan kesedihan, adalah tidak wajar untuk mengeluarkan kenyataan “bahawa saya tetap memantau…”!


    Excuse me, PM, you should be on the ground and not delegating your responsibilities to your a**h*** ministers!

    What are your priorities???

    Do you know the role, responsibility and accountability???

    Oh, OK, now that you have that wig advisor beside you giving you “not so smart” wicked advices.

    Pls lah, PM. The least that we asked from you is to accept the fact that we need you to step down. If you cannot perform, pls let others do.

    Cukup-cukuplah apa yang rakyat dah lalui.

    Pls put yourself in our shoes!

    Apa perasaan PM jika anak bini PM terpaksa kerah tulang empat kerat carik rezeki tambahan bagi membanting tulang untuk tampung GST???

    Apa perasaan PM jika anak bini PM terpaksa buat part time sebab nak carik rezeki lebih sebab nak bayar BR1M???

    Apa perasaan PM jika anak bini PM terpaksa pikir 20 kali sebelum nak beli nasik lauk gulai ikan atau pon maggi mee untuk makan tengahari???

    Apa perasaan PM jika anak bini PM terpaksa lupakan hasrat nak hantar anak ke sekolah sebab kos sara hidup semakin tinggi sehinggakan tak mampu lagi hantar anak ke sekolah???

    Cubalah turun padang selalu dan cuba rasai apa yang kami, rakyat kebanyakan ni sedang lalui…

    Pahit..semakin pahit, wahai PM!

    Kurangkanlah lawatan PM dan anak beranak shopping sakan ke luar negara dan cuba ambik masa untuk melawat kampung dan kawasan luar bandar yang hidup semakin merempat dek GST!!! Cubalah..

  22. cruze Jun 8,2015 8:54 PM

    Nilai ringgit rasanya jatuh lagi semalam, sesiapa yang pakar ekonomi tolonglah terangkan kepada kami punca puncanya dan kesan kesan lain..

  23. Pasrah 2015 Jun 8,2015 8:52 PM

    Tiada undi utk BN lagi daripada saya. Melainkan Najib turun…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  24. hikari Jun 8,2015 8:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1) Najib nampaknya tidak mahu letak jawatan bermakna dia tidak mementingkan rakyat dan perjuangannya bukan untuk rakyat.

    2) Pemimpin lain UMNO juga nampaknya menyebelahi Najib dan ini juga menunjukkan yang perjuangan mereka bukan untuk rakyat.

    3) Pemimpin tidak boleh wujud tanpa penyokong iaitu rakyat. Jika semua rakyat tidak hadir semua perjumpaan / acara / majlis yang dihadiri oleh mana-mana pemimpin umno sehingga ke pemimpin peringkat kawasan, pasti kesannya adalah sangat kuat kerana ini memberi gambaran kepada mereka yang mereka akan kalah dalam PRU akan datang.

    4) Tun hanya perlu menyeru kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang menyokong bagi perletakan jawatan najib untuk memboikot semua perjumpaan / acara / majlis yang dihadiri oleh mana-mana pemimpin umno. Saya pasti semua rakyat akan bersatu dan melaksanakannya. Kami rakyat yang tidak mempunyai kuasa hanya boleh melakukan itu sahaja tetapi kami pasti kesannya adalah sangat kuat.

    Terima kasih Tun

  25. malaysian1000000 Jun 8,2015 7:01 PM


    amalan politik kotor ini harus dihentikan, dengan membuat serangan – serangan peribadi untuk menjatuhkan seseorang. ini semua adalah agenda poliTIKUS-poliTIKUS yang pengecut dan tidak gentlemen.

    jika kepimpinan sekarang berani untuk menjatuhkan seorang TOKOH dengan serangan – serangan seperti ini apalah pula rakyat marhaen kami ini. Disini-sana meraung tentang kepahlawanan tetapi untuk bercakap face to face dengan TOKOH ini tiada pula beraninya. Di atas pentas cabar -mencabar tetapi bila diajak bertarung lari bertempiaran.

    Apalah yang hendak takut jika apayang dicanang – canang selama ini benar belaka. Bagi pendapat saya, jika apayang dilakukan “pahlawan” ini benar -benar memberi kebaikan kepada rakyat TOKOH pun akan setuju dan akur.

    tidak akan kucar kacir Malaysia jika penerangan yang diberikan merupakan fakta-fakta yang munasabah dan diterima akal. bukan sekadar membaca ‘DIALOG’yang telah direncanakan oleh pihak “PENTADBIR”.

    APA PM MALAYSIA ini pelakon sutradara sahaja membaca dialog dan melakonkan watak di atas pentas. jika itu PM MALAYSIA amatlah rendah martabat seseorang pemimpin negara.

    Sekarang saya nak tahu siapa ‘DIRECTOR’? siapa ‘PENERBIT’? siapa ‘EDITOR’?


  26. adelheid Jun 8,2015 6:58 PM

    Dear Tun,

    This is in response to commentator Kaninna (8 June, 10.01am) and Oran (1MDB Restructure/7 June, 4.12pm) – I have the same view as both of you as per commentator Suhainin Suhaibul who obviously has unresolved personal issues and grudges against Tun Dr. Mahathir. Fortunately for Suhainin Suhaibul, Tun Mahathir is a gentleman and open to critics and even care to publih mr.Suhainin sSuhaibul’s comments against Tun in Tun’s blog.

    I believe Suhainin Suhaibul either is DSN’s servant or he himself has some unfinished issues that calls for his personal attacks against Tun. Maybe some projects denied of him or the ladder he climbed to posts he craved during Tun’s administration was felled off. Now if DSN is ousted the new PM will definely have other people in mind to fit yearned for posts including the post of Ketua Menteri Sabah considering the current CM has held the post for quite some time.

    I suggest Suhainin Suhaibul either be thankful that Tun Mahathir even care to read and publish all your ungrateful comments, or you create your own personal blog to voice your thoughts on Tun. Safe Tun’s space in this blog of his.

    Thank you to the commentators who care about Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Thank you Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. There are more people who love you for who you are than people who don’t because of their own personal problems. Love you Tun.

  27. adelheid Jun 8,2015 5:54 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    I hope you and those close to you are not taking lightly the aspect of your safety and security in light of the current situation. It is probably wiser for safety reasons that you voice your thoughts through writings (this blog) and teleconferencing with media or audience rather than appear on stage where you might be exposed to danger.

    Tun, take heart whatever happened on Friday morning at PWTC, we the masses rakyat stand with you. Even though the event was the PM’s supposedly ‘nothing to hide tell all’ event, and you should not have actually listened to supporters who asked you to go on stage to give a word or two, but as it turned out look who’s gone into hiding the moment he knew that you and Dato Ahmad Said were there. What flimsy excuse the IGP gave when he actually takes orders from the minister of KDN who takes orders from our PM.

    And hiding he goes that when quake struck Sabah on Friday morning our dear PM who was still in the country Saturday actually chose to fly off abroad ‘for an official visit’ when he actually could choose to be with rakyat Sabah if not to lend a hand in the ongoing search rescue operations just to lend his support that he is physically there in times of such disaster. For a recap PM was also missing in action when the big flood hit Kelantan, Terengganu and a few other states last December end. He was having golf diplomacy with US President while his wife and family were having a ride of their life Xmas sale shopping.

    Tun, don’t despair, take heart. You will always be our hero. You have voiced enough. We are on the alert. And we are well aware that this is not a battle between you and DS Najib as what they are trying to twist the picture against you. We are aware that this is all about the wrong doings of DS Najib through the 1MDB, just a vehicle he personally have misused to haul money for himself and his family. This is the reason why you and the rest of us want DS Najib to resign as PM. The rest of his menace the Altantuya horror will fall into place in due time.

    Tun dearest, take a rest that you so deserve, and do remember to prioritise your safety. Let us take the front now. I know that given the chance the masses rakyat are willing to pledge our commitment to take the front and shoulder this responsibility.

    Take good care Tun Dr. Mahathir. May Allah bless you with good health and longevity. Amin.

  28. novo Jun 8,2015 4:53 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To Datuk Seri Noh Omar
    Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling Pensyarah di Pusat Pengajian Kerajaan
    Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

    Petikan – KATA BODOH HARI INI.

    Datuk Seri Noh Omar (BN-Tanjong Karang) said

    I congratulate the IGP as this is not only a question of security but dignity as well as it involves two statesmen.

    “I believe whatever is said by the prime minister, the former prime minister’s supporters would not listen as they are all emotionally charged.

    1.This clown, Datuk Seri Noh Omar must be joking.

    2.Tun is definitely the honourable statesman but Najib, i have all the doubts in the world that he is a statesman.

    3.Najib is not a statesman at all but he is the “estate man”. Or state burden? Up to you to choose.

    4.Do statesman ruins his own country?

    5.Do statesman created all the mess?

    6.Do statesman lied at his own parliament?

    7.Do you want to answer me Datuk Seri Noh Omar?

    8.Only dog statesman do that? That what i think.

    9.Yes, statesman should have his own dignity. To himself but most importantly to the rakyat of his country.

    10.Do you think Najib have the dignity to himself as well to rakyat?

    11.Do you have dignity too? Even prostitute and drug addict have one.

    12. The dignity of statesman Tun and the “estateman” Najib is equal and same as the rakyat’s dignity.

    13.Please bear in mind Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

    To Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling Pensyarah di Pusat Pengajian Kerajaan
    Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

    Dari petikan kata bodoh diatas, adakah anda dapat maksudnya seperti yang saya katakan dalam NO.2 seperti dibawah dalam penulisan saya kepada anda terdahulu.

    2.Secara umunnya ,pengkaji tentang “crowd psychology” yang menjadi cabang kepada “social psychology” menekankan kepada sifat perlakuan negative aspects of crowds itu sahaja.

    3. Datuk Seri Noh Omar dan juga anda telah mentaksirkan all crowds are volatile or negative in nature Mengapa ha!!!!!!!!?

    4. Datuk Seri Noh Omar mungkin jahil dan tidak berilmu/berpelajaran dalam “social psychology” tapi anda adalah ahlinya dalam bidang ini memberi taksiran yang sama.

    5. Mungkin Datuk Seri Noh Omar telah membaca kenyataan anda dalam Utusan semalam dan tanpa usul periksa mengeluarkan kenyataan hari ini.

    6. Kenyataan Datuk Seri Noh Omar MUNGKIN bersandar kepada intellectual Prof. tanpa mengetahui betul atau salah perkara itu.

    7. Tersempit lagi nampaknya kehidupan mereka ini?

    Wassalam Tun.

  29. Fariq Islam Jun 8,2015 4:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    With good and sincere work, there comes good name and legacy. Legacy remains after one’s decease, just like Allahyarham Tunku. Tunku’s contribution will be remembered forever.

    Please rest assured that the PR expert engaged won’t tarnish Tun’s legacy. Vice versa, with bad work harming the nation, no matter how good the PR function is, legacy will never exist.

  30. fa1ofatin Jun 8,2015 4:14 PM

    Just 1 thing to point out,
    kenapa perlu campur tangan orang luar at almost everything

  31. mohtar salleh Jun 8,2015 3:38 PM

    Salam Tun…pandangan saya orang yg tak sekolah tinggi…keadaan sekarang umpama selimut pendek…tutup kaki dada sejuk tutup dada kaki digigit nyamuk….kalau saya berpelajaran tinggi mungkin saya lebih pandai daripada PUNAHsihat panglima bugis yang ada…

  32. J.AH Jun 8,2015 3:06 PM

    Some thoughts for the selection of a new and good premiership:
    FIRST: Understand that Malaysia is one small island in the vastness of the world’s oceans and lands.
    Malaysia cannot afford to be aggressive but through her outstanding sons and daughters she has made known the model of MODERATION and TOLERANCE, and of the true meaning of BILATERAL RECIPROCITY through Prosper thy neighbor and Prosper thyself, and of REGIONAL ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP as a market anchor. SO far, we have been successful in developing these strengths, and continue to learn. BUT it takes an astute premier, one who keeps himself well informed of the situations of the world and has the ability to connect opportunities with situations, to achieve these goals. And at the same time, he has to be able to keep the Malaysian flag flying to its sovereign height. WHO among our ministers has this kind of calibre?

    SECOND: Malaysia is a country whose natural citizens are still tied to many traditional clans and notions of self-disempowerment. We are not a nation of lazy people, but self-disempowerment is known to demobilize people and stagnate the use of resources to the fullest potential. Bureaucracy, non-availability of information, and disinformation are contributors to disempowerment. Some youths tell me, for instance, they don’t know where to get real info how to start a small business, and so they simply follow what others do and thus they have no better models; and some disadvantaged youths tell me that they don’t have access to on-line applications and responses. We need leaders who know how to empower a NATION of people, not just a select few. Do we have any ministers who can promise delivery of grass root needs?

    THIRD: We need a premier who is able to coordinate well the development of the NATION. Today for instance, the woes of owning a decent house is not addressed, and yet the home is the root for the nurturing of a stable future generation. We see at time three generations living in
    small cheap housing, where sometimes it is hard for the children to do homework and to study. From a sociological perspective, housing development has a lot to do with the quality of generation well being. The wealthy and the foreigners get the premier types of homes right in city centers and close by to top educational and medical facilities and administrative enclosure, but the average income earners are increasingly forced to live on the outskirts with less than optimum facilities. We need a leader who has the macro picture of healthy development of the nation, who understands economic growth, as much as humanitarian development.

    Just some thoughts…But I have yet to see glimpses of these in any of the UMNO members… Maybe it is time we should now have an UMNO (and possbly) BN school of Malaysia leadership?

  33. youngmaya Jun 8,2015 3:06 PM

    Ekonomi semakin meruncing…

    Punca ekonomi dlm bahaya adalah kerana salah laku korporat yg dibiarkan tanpa batasan…

    Internal tension dlm negara semakin tinggi…

    Memandangkan cara urusniaga 1mdb dipenuhi dgn salah laku terang terangan, lain2 projek juga wajar disiasat…fgv,permata,nbos,etp,gtp,mampu,pemandu dan pelbagai lg istilah bombastik yg ada…

    Tindakan perlu dilakukan segera sementara semuanya masih berada dlm negara…

    Dan yg pelik masih tiada tindakan dr polis dan bpr…

    Majlis raja2 juga sepi tanpa berita…

    Adakah perlu kita menunggu sehingga terlalu teruk baru nak bertindak?

    Amanah kuasa adalah dgn tanggungjawab…

    Dari pembacaan semasa, seluruh anggota kabinet wajar dipecat dan disiasat…bukan hanya PM sahaja…

    ‘Majlis penasihat UMNO’ perlu menggantikan team kabinet yg ada dgn team kabinet yg baru…

    Lantikan cabinet seharusnya tidak lagi menggunakan konsep ketua dari setiap parti komponen…tetapi berdasarkan kebolehan dan track record…

    Apapun sbg pemikir kita akur dan redha…tiada tamadun yg kekal selamanya…walaupun sedih, UMNO pasti tersungkur jua kerana system dan ahli yang korup…bukan sebab dari luar…

    Situasi vacuum of power sekarang adalah ‘proses kejatuhan’..

  34. rodin Jun 8,2015 2:07 PM

    22 thn ditadbir tun, rakyat sentiasa didahulukan dari segi kebajikan, negara dihormati, segala serangan luar ditangani dengan bijaksana demi negara. apa terjadi sejak najib mentadbir? 1 untuk kau 10 untuk aku.

    Bagaimana najib berkata dia mendapat sokongan. Cuba lihat orang-orang disekelilingnya. Mereka ini adalah askar upahan sebab tiada sokongan dalaman lagi. Terpaksa guna wang negara untuk membayar mahal mereka ini. Tapi lihatlah nanti dia akan keseorangan juga akhirnya. Sokongan terhadap tun adalah ikhlas sebab tun tidak menjanjikan apa-apa bayaran.

    Bagaimana dengan semangat pahlawan najib jika berdebat digelanggang pun takut turun. Berani bersilat di luar gelanggang bukan cara pendekar atau pahlawan asli!

    Akhir sekali didoakan Allah memanjangkan usia tun dengan kesihatan yang terbaik dan teruskan perjuangan demi negara tercinta. Amin

  35. J.AH Jun 8,2015 2:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Semoga Tun dan keluarga sentiasa dirahmati Allah.
    I think Malaysia is slowly evolving from a democratic peaceful country to a mafia mob legacy under the present premiership. And you Tun will have to fight a harder battle than ever to convince the whole world that Malaysia is still a sovereign and democratic country. PM Najib will not step down nor will he allow any process towards his “political dethronement” to occur. How does a democratic country deal with such arrogance and such obstinacy shown by a leader who WILL not admit his mistakes administering the country? He makes the 1MDB debt, but the rakyat has to pay for the losses. He makes the mistake, but the ministers must all put their jobs at stake unless they support him. Just for good measure, he throws in the BR1M and raises the allowances of ministers to ensure he has the support. It would be good if the Prime Minister and the ministers take huge pay cuts off their salaries and allowances if they are really earnest in trying to solve the 1MDB debts.

    Like most of the bloggers here, I too worry about the future of Malaysia. If the young and able generation are already feeling the huge pinch of the cost of living, what about the ageing/aged, the poor and
    the disabled? I shudder to think that maybe it would not be a tsunami or a violent earthquake that would bring Malaysia down, but the weight of its corrupt, greedy,shortsighted and limp leadership.

  36. ichiban Jun 8,2015 12:16 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Saya bersetuju dgn cadangan Saudara Daeng dan saudara Faridina .Insyallah ramai rakyat yang akan menyokong.Cadangan saya juga..molek kiranya Ayahanda Tun diangkat menjadi penasihat kepada perdana menteri supaya adanya countercheck, supaya isu seperti 1MDB tidak berulang lagi.
    Ucapan Najib semakin kelaut sekarang ini..sehingga kisah bilik tidurpun disampaikan…isu 1MDB pun masih tak terjawab..ini pula timbul soalan baru dari rakyat..muat ke najib tidur sebantal dgn rosmah?
    Saya juga ingin melihat selepas PRU14..pak2 menteri yang kuat menghentam Tun kemana mereka ini pergi dan apa mereka akan cakap.Pada bangkai2 bernyawa seperti LKW,Zahrain dan Tunku Aziz ..belum bercakap pun sudah busuk baunya…tak habis2 dipergunakan..masih tak sedar2.

  37. balance Jun 8,2015 12:07 PM


    Then we must give him the a “YB” (Yang Botak) title. Ha ha

    That YB is really really ugly looking.

  38. novo Jun 8,2015 11:56 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Najib adalah seorang ahli UMNO yang membawa masaalah. Pertubuhan UMNO patut singkir ahli nya yang memberi masaalah dan nama buruk kepada pertubuhan itu. Itu salah satu jalan untuk menyelamatkan negara dari kebinasaan. Untuk Mat Najib = o


  39. Boo Yong Jun 8,2015 10:26 AM

    Salam Tun yg dikasihi..

    Semoga dipermudahkan segala usaha yg Tun perjuangkan utk kebenaran , hak dan kebajikan rakyat walaupun mendapat tentangan serta berbagai halangan daripada golongan yg mempunyai kepentingan di dalam barisan kerajaan sekarang.

    Terimakasih Tun

  40. azlan95 Jun 8,2015 10:07 AM

    Tiada kemelut antara PM dan Tun. Perjumpaan empat mata hanya sia-sia sahaja.

    Tun sekadar mahukan jawapan tentang 1MDB itu sahaja tidak lebih. Maka harap 1MDB dapat jawab semua soalan Tun dan rakyat apabila PAC menyoal nanti.


  41. Kaninna Jun 8,2015 10:01 AM

    YAB Tun and the folowers of this blog
    I would like to respond to Mr SuhaininSuhaibul grudges against Tun M, could you share with us in what way did Tun caused hardship or cruelty to your life.Or it just that you cannot get lucrative projects or important post that you demonise Tun in his very own blog and at the same time try to apple polish the boogey’s warrior.
    To Azlan 95 are you one of those “talent corps” cadre that try to distract readers from the issues but the way you try to reason out to defend your master make us more blurr and confused.
    To Fariq Islam I prefer you to use Fariq only because you are more freer to post half truth and slander of your own opinion.Please don’t tarnish the religion for certain hidden agendas.Are you one of those mention by Helen Ang as pretenders hiding using Malays and muslim tagline
    Last but not least our recently most active distractors HBT456. I fully agreed with Master Mubarakchan that this one is a professional paid by big paymaster.Readers can conclude that this distractors present is to confuse visitors of this most widely read blog.Readers can always go to the archives and see the agendas set by this paid operative. My observation conclude that their agendas are to incite non Malays, non bumi and non muslim to hate Malays especially UMNO leaderships, undermine whatever Malaysia success especially under Tun M leadership, advocating to PR taking over Putrajaya, propagating signing of TPPA, speed train and lately very supportive with the present PM.
    So my suggestion to Tun M blog admin kindly consider to create reply sheet below of the commenters so that we can support or dismiss the commenters right on.
    In this opportunity also I would like to list down your ex friends from their actions and words in the public towards you Tun: 1) Najib Razak,2) Anwar Ibrahim, 3) Abdullah Badawi, 4) Musa Hitam, 5) Nadzri Aziz, 6) Rais Yatim,7) Shahrir Samad ,8) most of the cabinet ministers, 9) most of the MPs ,10) most of the MBs, 11) most of the Ketua Bahagians, 12) most of the Ketua Jabatan 13) your very liberal daughter and the list goes on and the rakyat are watching….

  42. wan pasmu wan umnoku Jun 8,2015 7:38 AM

    Perdana Menteri seharusnya menggunakan konsultan dari Majlis Professor Negara, bukannya dari orang luar yang mempunyai kepentingan ekonomi dan kepentingan diri. Amat malang malaysia ini apabila perdana menteri mengambil LKW sebegai penasihat public relation. Seharusnya perdana menteri mengkaji semula kontrak dengan orang itu kerana orang itu nampaknya gagal menaikkan nama perdana menteri secara positif,

  43. Bang Aji Jun 8,2015 7:24 AM

    Legasi Tun tak akan mudah hilang…… saya seorang yg membesar dalam dalam era pemerintahan TUN. walau pun TUN ada kalanya diktator …. tapi TUN berbuat demikian untuk kepentingan bersama. Pemerintahan TUN amat mantap… byk rakyat hidup middle class…. ini menunjukkan pengagihan kekayaan negara adalah dilakukan dengan baik. Tun juga seorang industrialist… semasa era TUN saya dapat kerja di industri dengan gaji yg amat bagus. Tapi setela TUN tidak lagi menjadi PM…. kilang saya kerja tutup. saya hilang mata pencarian tapi alhamdulillah saya masih teringat kata TUN…. fikirkan boleh dan berdaya saing…. walaupn tak la seberapa… tapi saya dapat la mencari sesuap nasi untuk sambung hidup…. TUN… biarlah TUN dipecat dari umno,,, Itu bukan satu perkara penting…. yg penting kita harus mencetuskan revolusi menentang sistem yg sudah corrupt ini… biarlah nyawa sekali pun menjadi taruhan… penindasan najib dan rosmah harus ditentang…. TUN … legasi tun takkan lenyap kerana ia sudah terpahat di dalam sanubari kami …. Terima kasih TUN… keran walaupun sudah 89 tahun umur… TUN masih concern akan keadaan negara tercinta… TUN… YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST….. saya ingin benar jadi protegee tun dan daim zainuddin…. bukan untuk mengumpul kekayaan… Tapi memajukan dan memakmurkan negara MALAYSIA

  44. faridina Jun 8,2015 2:48 AM

    .Assalamu’alaikum Yang DiKasihi dan DiKasihani Ayahandaku Tun,

    Seperti semua pengikut2 blog Tun ini kami the Faridina’s juga amat tersentuh dan terhiba sangat melihat bagaimana Tun telah diminta berhenti dari berucap dan terus terang kami katakan bahawa tidak pernah terlintas di hati ini bahawa seorang Negarawan Terulung yang juga mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia selama 22 tahun akan melalui pengalaman sebegini!

    Lantas kami seperti pembaca2 lain terpanggil untuk menzahirkan kedukaan atas kelukaan yang dilakukan. Mari kita sama2 rawat kelukaan tersebut dengan bersatu hati secara aman, tertib dan berhemah memberi petunjuk pada pihak tertentu bahawa kami rakyat marhaen berdiri teguh di belakang Tun dengan cadangan saya di bawah ini.

    Saudara Daeng (ini betul2 darah bugis bukan darah bogus tu) telah memberikan statistik pengikut Tun dengan ulasan dan rumusan yang sangat baik dan telah membuka minda saya tentang sesuatu untuk kita kongsi bersama.

    Kami tidak berada di forum tersebut pada hari kejadian namun dari rakaman video didapati sebaik sahaja Tun bercerita perihal budak Jho Low tu tiba2 Tun diarah berhenti berucap mungkin ini satu kebetulan atau mungkin satu katakunci?

    Acapkali kami baca dan dengar dari Tun tentang kisah Datuk Paduka Khairuddin Abu Hassan membuat laporan polis tetapi akhirnya macam2 dia kena.

    Tidakkah Tun sedar bahawa di blog Tun ni ramai lagi berpontensi menjadi another Khairuddin dan kita lihat samada ia berkesan atau tidak? Dengan angka2 yang sdr Daeng perturunkan tadi kalau setiap kita sepakat membuat laporan polis minta disiasat penglibatan budak Jho Low dalam 1MDB maka InsyaAllah ini akan membuahkan hasil. Cuma satu saya pinta adakan keseragamaan dalam laporan tersebut maknanya ada template dari pihak Tun atau sesiapa yang arif dan mahir dan yang lain hanya perlu isikan nama dan k/p sahaja supaya nampak bersatu hati.

    Kami percaya kalau ini dapat dilakukan entah berapa juta repot akan diterima pihak berwajib dan ini pastinya tidak menggangu ketenteraman awam dan mendapat perhatian pihak berkenaan.

    Walaubagaimanapun pandangan Tun amat diperlukan dalam perkara ini dan samada ianya praktikal atau tidak untuk dilaksanakan?

    Sekian wasalam.

    p/s – Allah Selamatkan Sultan! Allah Selamatkan Tun! Faridina’s tumpang bangga dengan TMJ kami..

  45. novo Jun 8,2015 2:45 AM


    Admit it.

    We definitely, have a coward Prime Minister Najib


    i’m not coward enough to bash up his butt and show him the exit door of PMO.

    but at the same times

    All the cabinet members have no guts to bash Najib’s butt instead they kiss it

  46. owls_hi Jun 8,2015 2:10 AM

    salam tun,
    maaf kerana post sekali lagi.
    saudara amin tan berkenaan dengan GST.
    I was sad to watch tv and listened to deputy minister of finance explaining that GST will bring about jatuh harga barang2. He even said Tun did not understand GST!!!
    What is the point of having BRIM if the money is from GST. It is the duty of every citizen to support the legitimate government. But if the policy of government is devoid of common sense and try to hoodwink the rakyat marhein then I suppose we may have to do something.
    saya setuju dengan apa yg saudara amin tan ni katakan ni.
    kami rakyat bukan bodoh pun.tapi sejak kebelakangan ini kementerian2 ni duk pandai2 kata harga barang turun.turun apa? naik lagi ada la.lepas tu duk pandai2 bandingkan negara kita dengan indonesia.negara kita besar mana? dah laa tu guna khidmat kerajaan kena pulak cas pelik2.lepas tu menteri gst ni duk promote la bahan2 tak kena gst padahal bahan tu kena gst gak duk buat nasi goreng.nak tanya laa sapa larat makan nasi goreng hari2? kata malaysia maju? maju apa?
    setakat brim tu terima setahun sekali je kami rakyat kena cukai hari2.
    nak berjimat pun tak lepas da kena bayar lebih ada la.
    Kerajaan di bawah pimpinan DS najib ni nak buat rakyat hidup dalam hutang kut?.GST ni dia target sampai golongan orang miskin! orang miskin pun nak kena bayar cukai patut kerajaan tolong golongan miskin ni bukan menyusahkan golongan miskin ni.
    kerajaan malaysia ni dulu dah elok2 nak basmi kemiskinan tapi nampak gayanya dibawah kepimpinan DS najib bertambah lagi laa orang miskin dan orang yg akan hidup dalam hutang.

  47. Putih Jun 7,2015 10:48 PM

    Salamualaikum kpd Tun Dr Mahathir dan
    Salamualaikum kpd semua saudara2 ku..

    Brani kerana benar
    Takut kerana salah
    Ini yg boleh dikata kpd pm kita.

  48. cruze Jun 7,2015 10:34 PM

    Syabas YB Khairi Jamaluddin, anda semakin bijak dan matang serta bertuahlah Tun Abdulah Ahmad Badawi kerana mempunyai menantu yang baik hati dengan memberi cadangan yang bernas pada kemelut sekarang…..semuga Khairi akan menjadi TPM kepada Muhyidin atau sesiapa yang jadi PM nanti, menteri2 kabinet yang lain tak sesuai, mereka hanya sesuai menjadi tukang kipas atau pengapit orang kahwin sudahlah…..atau letak di pantri office di jadikan kabinet pingan mangkuk.

  49. cruze Jun 7,2015 10:26 PM

    Syabas YB Khairi Jamaluddin, anda semakin hensome dan matang dan bertuah Tun Abdulah Ahmad Badawi kerana menantunya sungguh bijak memberi cadangan pada kemelut sekarang…..

  50. cruze Jun 7,2015 10:21 PM

    Kalau kacang lupakan kulit, Lim Kok Wing adalah “LIMAU MANDRIN LUPAKAN KULIT”…

  51. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 10:19 PM

    Perjumpaan segera harus diadakan..

    PM & Menteri Kabinet & majlis tertinggi..

    Jemput juga Tun M, berdialog & bersessi..

    Tun Lah pun jemput, kalau nak join skali..

    Perjumpaan MantanPM, MemandaPM,
    Memanda Menteri Menteri &
    Ahli UMNO Majlis Tertinggi…


  52. cruze Jun 7,2015 10:16 PM

    Shahrizat dulu semasa TUN umumkan pengunduran beliau dalam persidangan umno terakhir beliau bukan main meleleh air mata, itu tangisan sedih atau gembira tu? Seluruh malaysia tengok tau, Rasanya Rafidah aziz tangisannya sungguh ikhlas……bukan plastik tau…..cuba sesiapa mengingatkan kembali siapa kah lagi menteri kabinet yang meleh air matanya pada masa itu…..Tetapi…..tetapi…..akan tetapi sekarang ini kenapa….kenapa bila tun di hina orang seolah tun sungguh jahat….tiada seorang pun kabinet yang masih pegang jawatan cuba untuk membela beliau!!!! “MELAYU MEMANG JELAS MUDAH LUPA” hanya Muhyidin sahaja yang nampaknya tidak lupa jasa orang lama..

  53. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 10:10 PM

    Cakap Ayam, Taji Ayam,
    Taji Ayam, kokok Ayam..!


    Macamana? : Ayam betina bertelur sebiji riuh sekampung…!!!
    tapi yang ayam jantan tu tak bertelur..!!!.?..


  54. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 9:59 PM

    Perjumpaan segera harus diadakan..

    PM & Menteri Kabinet & majlis tertinggi..
    Jemput juga Tun M, berdialog & bersessi..
    Siapa pula nak jadi pengerusi..?
    Suara rakyat agar didengari..!
    Penyelesaian segera…!!!
    segala isu kontroversi..!!!!!


    Wartawan juga dpt merakam…
    Sebab takut keluar cakap cakap ayam….
    Salah cakap, nanti dikecam…!

    Cakap Ayam, Taji Ayam,
    Taji Ayam, kokok Ayam..!


    Andai ada hide2hide, yg tersembunyi..?
    Cerita saja apa KE saja yg terbuku dihati.!!

    Benar..! Benar..!
    Salah..! Salah..!



    Salah.! Salah.!Benar.! Benar.!
    Majlis DiRaja dapatlah bersidang..
    Salah.! Salah.! Benar.! Benar.!
    ‘TRIBUNAL SIASATAN’ rakyat mencadang..

    …….Daulat Tuanku…….

  55. owls_hi Jun 7,2015 9:08 PM

    salam tun,
    saya setuju sungguh dengan comment yg dibuat oleh encik abdullah.
    Masa Tun jadi PM….this country telah lihat peningkatan berterusan selama 20 tahun, dan telah mejadi satu Negara yang maju dan modern. Selama 7-8 tahun yang lepas….apa telah kita lihat? Kemajuan apa? Kita telah lihat Melayu terkaya raya….yang “rompat” Negara sendiri, kita berutang dan telah masuk IMF watch. Nak tunggu apa lagi? Perlu ka explaination dari DS Najib and his kronies? Please….kita perlu pertukaran urgently… save UMNO and the Malaysia.

  56. Mountain Jun 7,2015 8:37 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Take great care of your health. Long live Tun & your legacy !

  57. Malazie Jun 7,2015 7:31 PM

    Biar rupa hodoh tapi jangan bodoh…Saya selalu tak setuju bila orang cakap manusia hodoh selalunya jahat dan bodoh tapi lkw ni memang sudah membuktikan kebenaran nya….

  58. sibotak Jun 7,2015 6:28 PM

    Najib Legacy

    It’s a big deal we lost billions in 1MDB
    It’s no Big deal also we lost billions as also S,pore Govt has done the lost of billions of S,pore dollars also

    Nevertheless it’s important not to take it easy
    Lessons shoul be learn
    Once bitten
    Twice shy

    Najib here yr chance
    We want clarifications we hate doubts
    If you able to clear the air you will be credited with honor
    Those who accuse you of many
    Do yr right to sue them for Defamation

    Yr failure to attend the open debate
    Has let you to lose 50 percent of yr own very voters
    Yr failure to attend has tarnish you and people despise you
    The excuse of Ketua Police to call off the discussion
    Is quite relevant but the facts is
    Malaysia don,t buy the craps
    You are in the upper hand
    You are able not to listen to the Ketua Polis
    All you need to do is to ask Ketua Police for more enforcement
    Najib here again
    This is yr chance
    You have to clarify to gain yr honor
    Failure to clarify though you may sit as PM
    But you lost yr own voters respects
    You should stand on yr own feet
    And gain yr Honor

    We will accept if it be incompetence of 1MDB
    BUT we will not accept if someone take advantage of 1MDB
    That someone was pointed to you
    You have to Honor this

  59. Viralman Jun 7,2015 6:08 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Nowadays is so different compared to year before 2000.

    Internet and social media are so advance and most importantly, nowadays not many people will read,watch, listen and even care about what the mainstream media gonna say.

    So in short, LKW won’t have any impact at all.

    Moreover he is not a media genius as per claimed. We know that he was made by you during your era.

    And we know we can easily checkmate him before talking about buying his way out to end someone legacy.

  60. amin tan Jun 7,2015 5:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    It has been a long time I did not comment, only following the news keenly. I had commented previously giving my approval for you to enter the gelanggang to take on PM Najib. You’ve done tremendously well. I had suggested to you to limit and concentrate only to one topic 1MDB then. Now you may add GST as a side backup argument. I was sad to watch tv and listened to deputy minister of finance explaining that GST will bring about jatuh harga barang2. He even said Tun did not understand GST!!!
    What is the point of having BRIM if the money is from GST. It is the duty of every citizen to support the legitimate government. But if the policy of government is devoid of common sense and try to hoodwink the rakyat marhein then I suppose we may have to do something.
    Today, I heard you have urged the people to take to the street. But Tun, that is not your strong point. Street protest and rebel rousing kingpin is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Datuk Ibrahim Ali can do equally good job.
    You are talking about mammoth London street protest against poll tax(GST) under Margaret Thatcher in November 1989 where 50k demonstrators took to the street. 2 months later Thatcher resigned and John Major became the British Prime Minister.
    I shall continue to post comment on this blog, with your permission.
    Semoga Tun berjaya dunia dan akhirat, insha Allah. You and I support ‘amar makruf nahi mungkar’

    amin tan

    amin tan

  61. samwill Jun 7,2015 3:28 PM

    Being a professional, I personally think Tun should do more in charity work and help Malaysians rather than create really unnecessary tense to the people. Believe me it does not work that way. What your friend said to you is utterly the truth. Tun as well lost billions during your premier time. So Tun effectively ruining the country all of us help to built and not knowing it. Tun should choose the correct people to be with and not those who wants to see Malaysia ruin.

  62. mubarakchan Jun 7,2015 3:24 PM


    For Balance, That guy is a complete botak and were cruelly subjected to a snide remarks by his rivals, ‘The Beauty and the Beast.’

    For Daeng, I like to augment your list of unusual happenings in a once placid, peaceful and boring country our beloved Malaysia.

    1. MH 370
    2. MH 17. ‘ No one told us not to fly there.’ said one authoritative source.
    3. Semenyih helicopter crash.
    4. Pakistan helipcopter crash.
    5. Innocent people got kidnapped in the middle of Sandakan or build-up areas.
    6. Rohingyas did not exist until only a few weeks ago.
    7. A never happened before 5.9 Richter scale earthquake occurred on top of Mount Kinabalu. Some say it was the naked foreigners who made someone angry.
    8. The tsunami of 2006.
    9. 1 MDB. Even sleepy fence sitters took notice.
    10. Flooding in Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Johor and other States.


  63. che set Jun 7,2015 2:49 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun Mahathir sekeluarga yang dikasihi,serta juga semua pejuang Chedet.BANGSA KU BERMARUAH dan PERJUANGAN BELUM SELESAI.Saya menyokong penuh saranan Tuan Daeng agar kita semua penyokong Tun berkumpul di Stadium Bukit Jalil.Selepas Tun bersara, kami pejuang yang sentiasa meyokong semangat perjuangan Tun sekadar memerhatikan penyelewengan arah tuju negara.Inilah peluang buat pertama kalinya untuk dunia melihat siapa yang menyokong perjuangn mu.Saya juga amat berharap agar sekembalinya pahlawan Bugis itu dari Arab Saudi,dia akan disambut dengan deretan sepanduk yang meminta dia turun segera.Harap ada pihak mengusahakan perkara ini.Sudah pasti ramai ahli UMNO yang tidak boleh berfikir sedang bersiap sedia dengan rombongan yang amat ramai demi menunjukkan sokongan kepadanya tidak berbelah bagi.Kini masanya untuk kita secara fizikal dan aman, menunjukkan betapa kepimpinannya wajib ditamatkan segera.Peluang terakhir yang kita ada adalah pada PRU 14.Bermakna ketika itu UMNO tidak boleh diselamatkan lagi.

  64. Abdullah Jun 7,2015 2:30 PM

    Salam Tun & Semua
    Pengikut blog Tun sebanyak 13.5 juta dan 90% ada lah se fikiran dengan Tun. Kita semua tahu Tun sedang cuba sedayah boleh untuk selamat kan UMNO untuk Melayu dan kekalkan UMNO untuk turus memimpin Negara kita, untuk kita, untuk perjuangan Melayu, untuk kemajuan Melayu di Malaysia…Tanah Ku.
    DS Najib….sekarang beliau telah jadi burden for the country dan UMNO. He must step down so that UMNO can survive, so that UMNO boleh terus memimpin Negara ini. This is simple facts and simple logic.

    If DS Najib secara iklas betul2 sayang Negara and sayang UMNO….beliau sepatutnya….berundur sebagai president UMNO dan PM. Ini ada lah yang terbaik untuk UMNO dan Negara. Nak buat Q&A lah dan nak explain kat rakyat la…buat apa? The majority have spoken…..the majority have said what need to be said. What more?

    What are the UMNO leaders waiting for, do you sayang Negara kita ini, act now and save UMNO, save the Malays, save Malaysia. This is our country, Tanah kita, Negara kita, bukan nya pilihan seorang dua aja. Respect the nation’s opinion and respect the words of the majority. Malaysian love peace and harmony. Kita demo pun secara aman.

    Masa Tun jadi PM….this country telah lihat peningkatan berterusan selama 20 tahun, dan telah mejadi satu Negara yang maju dan modern. Selama 7-8 tahun yang lepas….apa telah kita lihat? Kemajuan apa? Kita telah lihat Melayu terkaya raya….yang “rompat” Negara sendiri, kita berutang dan telah masuk IMF watch. Nak tunggu apa lagi? Perlu ka explaination dari DS Najib and his kronies? Please….kita perlu pertukaran urgently… save UMNO and the Malaysia.

    Not only Malays….but majority of non-Malays want to see the change in the country’s leadership. Jangan lah di sebab kan DS Najib and his cronies….UMNO tumpas kalah. Mari lah…..sama2 kita berjuaan, sebagai satu Malay and Malaysian group…for a better Malaysia.

    It is obvious….clear….
    Tun, we cannot get back an intelligent PM like yourself, who speaks in any international conferences without any single reference paper to read from, one can as smart as you, but we also do not want this current crazy leadership to continue. We know you are a great thinker and a genius person….please lead us to save UMNO and this country…Tanah Ku, Tanah Kita!!!
    Insyallah….Allah swt akan panjangkan usia Tun.

  65. cruze Jun 7,2015 12:54 PM

    Dato seri najib kata dia tak akan menyerah hanya kerana seorang sahaja meminta dia letak jawatan, salleh keruak, lim kok wing, shahrizat, shahidan kassim, zahid hamidi, menteri kewangan kedua dan ahmad maslan tolong bacakan kenyataan Tengku Mahkota Johor kesayangan kami kata apa. Kalau Tun ada peminat 13 juta makan bermakna jumlahnya 13.1 juta campur TMJ secara automatik semua rakyat negeri johor, dah berapa juta tu, belum campur semua ahli pembangkang, jawabnya berjuata juta, kalau tak boleh kira pakai tangan suruh ahmad maslan kita guna calculator, dia kan bijak.
    Untuk pengipas najib seperti nama di atas, fikir fikirkan nasib anda jika jawatan pm bertukar kepada muhyidin, pasti muhyidin dah listkan buat masa ini, siap tu semua bakal angkat beg keluar dari putrajaya seperti peserta konsert kilauan mas yang tersingkir, baik fikir sedalam dalamnya nasib masing masing.
    Semuga TMJ kesayangan kami sihat sejahtera dan cepat cepat menimang putera kami doakan, Semuga Tun sihat, jaga kesihatan Tun, Semuga allah panjangkan usia TMJ dan TUN dan juga Sultan serta Sultanah Johor…

  66. arilcastello Jun 7,2015 12:22 PM

    Salam Tun, saya ade pendapat. Apa kata, Tun buat talkshow di kaca tv. Tapi, orng lain jadi host. Talkshow with our PM (LIVE). Rasa-rasa dah lebih setengah jam baru Tun masuk sebagai tetamu undangan khas.. Confirm dia “Speechless”. kahkahkah.. Anyway, i’m 20 and i really want to seek the truth and i want DS Najib Tun Razak to resign as a PM Malaysia..

  67. HouseWife Jun 7,2015 11:23 AM

    Salam Tun, I am so shocked that the the PM of my country backed off from attending the forum. He claimed to the whole country to be a brave-blooded warrior but then why did he hide behind the men in blue!? I am so ashamed. They are just ordinary rakyat. They came with otak to listen to the truths, they are so harmless and armless. Why so afraid if he thinks he has done no wrong. He could gather his ‘I love PM’ supporters to protect him. Where are they? How am I to tell my children to respect the PM of their country who is a coward, who can’t faced an old man and harmless citizens. How am I to tell my children, what do I tell my children? They are taught to be respectful and not talk and think bad of others, but with all the distaste they’ve heared, I’m afraid they’ll rebel (emotionally in their minds), even I myself is weighing what to do in the next PRU. I pray that everything will settle peacefully and my country is back as a respectable country, insyallah. May Allah bless you alwsys.

  68. novo Jun 7,2015 10:17 AM

    Salam Tun.


    Utusan Malaysia 07 Jun 2015

    Najib tidak wajar dijatuhkan secara ‘mob psychology’

    Ucpan oleh – Pensyarah di Pusat Pengajian Kerajaan Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling
    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak wajar dijatuhkan dalam situasi ‘mob psychology’ kerana beliau tidak melepas tangan apatah lagi menyorokkan sebarang fakta berkaitan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) selepas tiga badan iaitu Jabatan Audit Negara, Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Negara (PAC) dan Bank Negara Malaysia diarah meneliti isu tersebut.
    Persoalannya untuk Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling
    1.Mob psychology atau crowds psychology masih mempunyai batasan dimana amat sedikit kajian di buat bagi mengelaskan jenis-jenis crowds atau jenis mereka, orang yang berkumpul itu.
    2. Secara umunnya ,pengkaji tentang “crowd psychology” yang menjadi cabang kepada “social psychology” menekankan kepada sifat perlakuan negative aspects of crowds itu sahaja.
    3. But not all crowds are volatile or negative in nature?
    4.Ketiadaan pengelasan jenis “crowds” adalah kelemahan utama dalam teori ini bagi saya.
    5. Saya mengatakan anda,Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling telah mengambil kesempatan atau kepentingan atas sifat peribadi atau akademik di atas kelemahan teori ini.
    6.Penggunaan jargon “mob psychology” kelihatan amat hebat dan sepadan dengan anda sebagai seorang yang berakademik dan ber PH.D dalam Sociology, tapi amat mengelirukan rakyat.
    7.Jika anda berkeyakinan dan bertegas untuk menggunakan “mob psychology”, bagi mempertahankan sisa-sisa pemerintahan NAJIB. Anda boleh saya kategorikan sebagai “kurang cerdik punya Prof”,
    8. Kerana menggunakan kajian “social psychology” secara separuh masak, tanpa memgambil kira keperluan atau apa yang dimahukan oleh crowds itu yang juga terdapat dalam kajian itu. Anda pun tahu tentang ini kan semasa anda membuat PH.D.
    9. Tidak dapat memberi pengelasan sebenar dan mengenalpasti mereka yang hadir di forum Nothing 2 Hide itu. Walaupun ini bidang anda, para pengkaji teori ini menghadapi kesukaran untuk kenalpasti crowds.
    10. Anda hanya mengelaskan mereka yang hadir itu sebagai “crowds are volatile or negative in nature”?
    11. Pada anda, kehadiran mereka adalah bertujuan untuk menjatuhkan dan memberi tekanan kepada Najib sahaja. Tidak boleh kah anda melihat mereka yang hadir itu ingin mencari “kebenaran”
    12. Persoalan utama saya ialah ” Bolehkah saya mengatakan Najib menggunakan “mob psychology” untuk terus kekal berkuasa? Bukankah ini sama seperti yang anda takrifkan?
    13 Ini dapat di lihat dalam siri jelajah Najib ke serata Malaysia bagi mendapat sokongan rakyat.
    14.Mengapa anda tidak mengelaskan mereka yang hadir di perhimpunan Najib sebagai “crowds are volatile or negative in nature”. Mengapa ha!!!!!!?
    15.Atau anda takut dicop sebagai Prof. Bodoh oleh kerajaan jika memberi pengelasan seperti 14. diatas.
    16.Jika anda melihat sebagaimana saya dan Pink Floyd lihat menerusi lagu “Dark side of the moon”, anda akan kelihatan lebih cerdik lagi Prof. Sila lihat keindahan bulan yang berada di sebelah bumi ini dan lihat juga yang sebelah lagi tu. Gelapkan?
    17. Saya sebenarnya faham situasi anda. Anda tidak bebas sebagaimana saya kerana ketidakbergantungan saya dalam hidup ini kepada pangkat dan jawatan. Bergantung kepada ini semua akan membuat kita melihat dari satu sudut sahaja demi kelangsungan hidup kita dan kita kerap membuat keputusan yang sebenarnya janggal pada diri kita. Tapi terpaksa buat kan?

    Wassalam Tun

  69. Buddies_Man Jun 7,2015 9:49 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Restructuring Plan means 1MDB is a failure.

    Temporary Measures to minimize damages.

    1. Freezes all 1MDB and its subsidiaries account until investigations finished.

    2. Appoint Liquidator to revise & pay salaries of staff. Also payment for undergoing projects.

    3. List down all witness that may assist in investigations. Bar them from travelling overseas untill they have been called upon.

    4. If the money dissappear and can’t be detected. It may be in the form of hard cash. It may be under somebody mattress.

    5. Tun you need a rest and also extra security now. So I think it is better for you to do a teleconferencing between the media if you want to say something or they want to ask something.

    You don’t need to be at the frontline.

    Bcoz we worry about your health.


  70. Tanggang Jun 7,2015 9:03 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    It can be recalled and noticed back that the agenda to eliminate your legacies started the moment you stepped down. Be it the physical structures that you had constructed, your good policies or formulas that stimulated the Malaysian growths, your way of thinking or you yourself through the leader by examples. You had all the ingredients which lead the nation grew well, the people lived harmoniously without bad grudges towards the government and peoples enjoyed their lifes.

    For example, the privatisation concept was the best policy to stimulate the nation growths. It was a win-win situation. Win to the government as they didnt have to spend money, win to the pivate sectors as they had plenty of businesses, win to the banks as they had alot of wealthy corporate clients and win to the peoples as there were a lot of employment oppoturnities. Everybody enjoyed their lifes. But now without the privatisation policy as the priority policy, even to construct the LPT2 took almost 10 years to complete and the West Coast Expressway which was initiated during your administration is still not in the picture. Everyday alot of peoples killed due to road accidents due to unsafe roads and heavy traffics.

    Ironically, those western countries developed their countries through the same concepts and policies as taken by you. Almost everythings were privatised. Even to conduct the research and produce their drones in order to equip their military were privatised.

    Why does the agenda to eliminate Tun’s good legacies to steer the nation must be caried out and must be carried on and on until today. Maybe the answer is due to that the nation is a Muslim country and being lead by Malay Muslim UMNO/BN party.

    The attempts to sabotage the UMNO/BN by them started when you took office. They saw Tun as the potential and as an example Muslim leader to the Muslim world. Therefore, Tun and all Tun’s good ingredients for nation buildings must be eliminate till to the end.

    Now it is noticed that the agenda was not only to eliminate Tun’s legacies but the party of UMNO/BN itself. Last time the method to eliminate UMNO/BN was through their supports to the Opposition party. But not to their succeed. As an alternative way, now it seem that the method to destroy UMNO/BN is from the inside itself. A lot of unpopular policies and scandals carried by the UMNO/BN leaders since you stepped down, either purposely or unpurposely, which lead to the grudges and angry of rakyats. All these shall later lead the rakyat to push out and destroy the Malay Muslim UMNO/BN.

    As at these moment, ” Saya tidak akan letak jawatan kerana “perjuangan” yang belum selesai”.

    Salam Tun.

  71. daeng Jun 7,2015 7:47 AM



    1. Tanpa disedari pengikut blog chedet sejak kebelakangan ini meningkat secara mendadak.

    2. Saya percaya mereka ini ada 5 golongan:

    i. rakyat yang menyokong dan sehaluan dengan Tun dan aktif memberi komen;
    ii. rakyat yang menyokong dan sehaluan dengan Tun dan tidak aktif memberi komen;
    iii. rakyat yang menyokong dan sehaluan dengan Tun dan tidak langsung memberi komen;
    iv. rakyat yang tidak menyokong dan tidak sehaluan dengan Tun tetapi memberi komen;
    v. rakyat yang tidak menyokong dan tidak sehaluan dengan Tun tetapi memberi komen;

    3. Saya percaya 90% pengikut blog ini adalah golongan i,ii dan iii.

    4. Maka anggaran pengikut blog ini sekarang adalah 13.5 juta lebih.

    5. Tun sedar atau tidak, 90% golongan ini adalah rakyat yang sayangkan Tun, sehaluan dengan Tun, berbangga dengan Tun, percaya dengan semangat perjuangan Tun dan sanggup melakukan sesuatu bersama dengan cara dan kemampuan mereka sendiri.

    6. Apa kata kita gerakkan golongan ini berkumpul secara sah dan bersopan di Stadium Bukit Jalil mengumpulkan tandatangan dan menghantar petisen meminta Najib berundur sebagi presiden UMNO.

    7. Saya tahu Tun bukanlah bersikap seperti suka menunjuk-nunjuk tetapi kita mahu Najib sedar bahawa Tun bukanlah bergerak berseorangan. Kita mahu Najib dan balaci sial dalam pentadbirannya sedar bahawa teguran dan nasihat Tun terhadap kerajaan adalah sehaluan dengan kami yang berdiri teguh di belakang Tun.

    8. Kami mahu berhimpun bersama Tun menandakan kami adalah rakyat yang benci rasuah, benci hipokrit, sayangkan masa depan Malaysia, bencikan keutamaan diri dari kuasa dan berbagai lagi.

    9. Biar Najib dan balacinya tahu, kamilah rakyat yang cintakan negara tanpa disogok dengan wang ringgit atau pangkat.

    10. Biar Najib dan balacinya tahu, kamilah sebenarnya “pahlawan sejati” yang terlalu sayangkan negara dari terus dipimpin oleh DAJAL yang bertopengkan manusia.

    Sekian Tun.

  72. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 4:18 AM

    Kaki Pau, darah PauLaWan..?
    Pau duit, harta rakyat ..dgn kengkawan..!
    Dia dok umah, tido sebantal, mengawan..?
    Bila nak mkn..??
    Ada macai tolong pau kan..!!!

    Dah jadi tongong..!!!


  73. Khoirul Affendi Jun 7,2015 3:16 AM

    Salam Tun,
    To be honest, I’m really admired and appreciate for what you have done in the past. I just newbie and still rookie in life and Im not living in your era. But still you have my respect. You once said that you have failed to change Malay in past 22 years as Prime Minister, you are wrong. Instead, Malay itself that have failed you. But believe me Tun, Malay is changing. Young generation nowadays is smart, open minded, optimist, and visionary. And we are part of your legacy now. Thanks. Salam, may Allah bless you.

  74. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 2:56 AM

    Selagi nyawa di kandung badan..!
    Selama mana mampu bertahan..!
    Akan aku perjuangkan..!
    Kerana Malaysia kita wariskan….!


    Demi Bangsa, KeDaulatan Negara


  75. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 2:34 AM


    Kuasa Raja Suara Sultan
    Kpd ALLAH kita bertuhan.



  76. farock Jun 7,2015 2:27 AM

    assalamualaikum Tun..
    Sungguh menyedihkan bila melihat layanan yang diberi pada Tun kebelakangan ini.Apakah ini yang mereka katakan “hormat pada pemimpin”?Kalau seorang pemimpin yang berbakti 25 tahun pun korang tak tahu hormat,berhenti menyalak tentang “kesetiaan”.Ada juga geng bacul yang menyamakan Tun dengan pengganas.Dimana hormat kamu pada seorang panglima yang lebih berani dari kamu semua untuk menentang kezaliman “pendekar Bugis”?Saya rasa pendekar Bugis dan konco2nya ini terlebih minum susu bini berbanding susu ibu mereka,menjadikan mereka “pendekar pengemis”..
    Wahai Pendekar Bugis..Pernah tak kau terfikir betapa terseksanya roh ayah dan ibu kau melihat zuriat mereka begitu kejam ,mencuri,,menipu,menyiksa,menghina,membohong,dan segala jenis MEMlagi pada kami?Kau DSNmemang anak derhaka,pemimpin Laknatullah,suami pengecut,dan specis yang menjatuhkan maruah “lelaki”.Kau kata kau takkan turun sebab dipilihrakyat,tetapi rakyat tak pernah pilih kau jadi PM..yang pilih kau ialah ahli2 jilatjubur dari UMNO.Mereka pilih kau bukan sebab kau bagus atau pandai,tetapi sebab kau dapat recomendationdari Tun yang kau hina2 sekarang ini.Kau memang kacang lupakan kulit.
    Kepada pemimpin2 lain yg dipilih rakyat,sedarlah tangungjawab kamu.Berilah pembaharuan dan kemajuan pada kami.Pertahankanlah maruah,harta dan agama kami,bukan maruah si Bugis pengecut.Kami pilih korang sebab kami fikir korang baik bukan sebab korang pandai.Untuk peringatan,kami lebih pandai dari korang,jadi berhenti cuba bodoh2kan kami!!Buat kerja seperti kami amanah,kalau tak,next election you are gone!!Si bugis lari keluar negara,korang nak pergi mana?Apa korang nak jawab bila tengok muka kami masa tu?
    Doa kami Tun,supaya Tun menang perjuangan inidan ambil alih walaupun sementara,tampok pemerintahan dan ajar semua anjing yg lupa diri ini tentang tangungjawab dan kesetiaan.Ajar mereka tanpa belas kasihan agar mereka2 di kemudian hari takkan berani menjahanamkan negara,agama dan rakyat negara ini.

  77. joetamchi Jun 7,2015 2:01 AM

    Tidur sebantal Najib & bini…!!
    Selimut pakai duit 1MDB..?
    Ada rusuhan di PWTC..?
    Polis datang suruh jgn berdiri..!!



    Pada usia yg sudah senja
    Dia masih gagah berjuang
    Kerana cinta pada Negara
    Melihat Rakyat kehabisan wang

    Bangunlah wahai Anak BANGSA..!

    Nyanyok pencen gelaran diberi
    Sayu dihati telan tohmahan
    Yang tua berjuang seorang diri
    Sampai bila mampu bertahan.?

    Bangunlah wahai Anak NEGARA..!


    Dalam trduduk soalan diberi..?
    DiSoal tentang sykt. 1MDB..!
    Hendak juga soal yg kontroversi..?
    Tak datang PWTC, Najib dah lari..!


    Anak MALAYSIA..
    Bangkit.! bangunlah segera.!
    Demi tanah air Malaysia tercinta…!

    “Paulawan Bugis” tak perlu di Malaysia..!

    Berjuanglah kita..!!
    Agama Bangsa Negara ..!!

    ‘PaulawanBugis’ Kaki Berkudis..
    Dibiar lama menjadi najis..!!



    Raja Bersuara Sultan Berkuasa



  78. X_MTSU Jun 7,2015 1:44 AM

    Greeting to Tun,

    What can we expect from the present BN establishment ? The Cabinet would definitely not resigned just because they chose to remain silent knowing by voicing out the truth they have much to loose themselves. Unlike you who would voice out the 1MDB scandal and yet in Parliament the reply given were sosimple as that !

    Today even primary school children are asking questions about 1MDB more than any thing and knows who Tun Dr Mahathir is ?

  79. mubarakchan Jun 7,2015 12:53 AM


    If you may recall that just a few moons ago I mentioned my encounter with this PR man turned unqualified cartoonist turned unqualified psycho-warfare director/legacy breaker.

    Fast back trek to 1984, at the launch of the new Mercedes 200 Series by Cycle & Carriage Bintang at the Glemmarie Hotel, Subang, I walked up to the PR man with a hair wig standing by the side of the car. I said, ‘ Hello ! How are you today ?’ Arrogantly and pointedly he turned his face and walked away without a word. I knew why he did so because I was a Chinese. A shortwhile later, a powerful PR group approached me to grab his portfolio because they knew I had the power to do so. I did not assist because I thought the PR man with the hair wig (who was already the subject of snide remarks like, ‘The Beauty and the Beast.’) did nothing wrong professionally. This was his turning point – which was his link in Cycle & Carriage Bintang – which carried him to the next stage when he estabished an Art School along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur. He was in financial difficulties until he became the unqualified cartoonist of a few cartoons for Nelson Mandela through the introduction of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who asssited him a Chinese contrary to the lies of his detractors . Without any qualification to establish a higher college of learning, he established one and expanded into Africa to tap the money there. Let it be clear that he is not a Cantonese but Hainanese who are not the Han Chinese. The Han Chinese are the Hokkiens, Hakkas, Teochews, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Foochows,etc. The Hainanese are related to the Vietnamiese and the Laotians and the minority hill-tribes of China. Hence, the behaviour of the Hainanese in Malaysia in political, corporate and personal affairs sometimes appear quite zany. But the older Hainanese are respectable and trustworthy like the other clans. Most of the corporate, political and religious scandals and capers in Malaysia and Singapore especialy the Stock Exchanges are connected to the younger type of Hainanese including the latest on the Singapore Stock Exchange. In the early 1970s, the richest Chinaman in the World was T.V. Soong, the brother of Madame Chiang Kai Shek, a Hainanese. The late Dictator (1959-2015) who had the British mentality loved to use the Hainanese as butlers, aides and underlings because they are the most subservient of all the Chinese clans, that is whilst they are under the Boss employment. Like in the lastest Hainanese caper, the hair-wig PR man were APPARENTLY loyal until he had his financial freedom. Also, there was another Hainanese guy who behaved likewise last year in public arena. The British brought in the Hainanese to serve them in the plantations and the tin mines.

    I am not making a generalized remark about the Hainanese but these are facts which we cannot ignore. I say again I have many good and normal Hainanese friends and they know what I am talking about are those in the minority.


  80. Ali Akbar Hashim Jun 6,2015 11:27 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Most respondent here at your blog are majority a Malay

    If you want to see other races commenting on current issues can go to Malaysia Today (one of the blog that other races can whack Malay GOOD AND PROPER)

    Anyway other races do not interested on this war simply because they have a comfortable life…

    If you come to Johore, Taman Desa Cemerlang Ulu Tiram, you will see two different standard of living, majority Malay at low cost housing estate at Jalan Lanjut and next to it is expensive terrace house owned by majority Chinese with a house guard by A Malay or foreigner or East Malaysia Bumiputera

    They have super power to erected a barrier to a major road into their housing estate to protect their family safe and proper

    The increase cost of living is nothing because they can afford it, so do the peoples from Royal family

    Poor Malay doing the dirty job, low wage job and defending the country for them to sleep safe and enjoy a comfortable daily life

    Malay with soft heart will continued voting for the government doesn’t matter if their life being squeezed to a bare bone

    They giving a blessing to power corruption and lavish lifestyle for every elected politician, especially now a politician in ruling party

    Not only the Malay the majority voters endorsed this but a Royal palace also support and giving their blessing, we are fighting a loose war

    Deep into my heart I truly sad as the demonizing on you will keep going non stop

    Truly you are alone without anyone at your side, no one dare and have balls to be with you


    Hope you have a good rest

    I and my family always at your side

    We ensure you, insyaallah, this coming election this government will goes down and put the current leader on trial, justice being done!

  81. Alamanda Jun 6,2015 11:24 PM

    I think your ex-friend is the one who lost his legacy (if there is any left). You know what Tun, I am currently residing in a very poor country. One of the person I normally deal over here, once mentioned to me “How I wish we have a leader like Mahathir to lead us in this country”.

  82. novo Jun 6,2015 10:38 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To MAZLAN MAHMUD – feel great to have fans of PINK FLOYD here. I was 10 ++ years old when first introduced to this song ‘WISH YOU WERE HERE”. It was back to 1975. And now in my early 50th, the song still can be use as a “show cause song” to NAJIB for his absence at “Nothing 2 Hide”.

    To Tun – don’t bother to draft me the “show cause letter”, because Pink Floyd have drafted this “show cause song” for Najib, long time ago. Lots of question here, in this song and Najib ‘wajib menjawapnya”.

    Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here (Lyrics)

    So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
    blue skies from pain.
    Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?
    And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have you found? The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.


  83. cruze Jun 6,2015 9:52 PM

    Salam sejahtera encik bkho, naik bulu roma saya bila membaca kenyataan encik. En ho nampaknya seorang jenerasi lama rakyat sejati malaysia yang mempunyai hati yang amat murni, semuga en ho dan tun sentiasa sihat dan terhindar dari hasad dengki manusia sekeliling, syabas saya ucapkan kepada mr ho….

  84. daeng Jun 6,2015 9:19 PM



    Sekian Tun.

  85. daeng Jun 6,2015 9:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1. Seandainya Tun memerlukan hulubalang untuk menentang Pahlawan Bapuk Najib, saya rela menawarkan nyawa saya untuk bertarung mempertahankan maruah Tun bersabung dengan PM Malaysia paling bahalol dalam sejarah ketika ini iaitu Najib Bahalol Ikut Cakap Rosmah.

    2. Samada kita sedari atau tidak sejak Najib menjadi PM kita berbagai bala di bumi yang kita cintai ini seperti:

    i. Bala Sabah diceroh oleh “orang Sulu”;
    ii. Bala MH370;
    iii. Bala MH17;
    iv. Bala taufan semakin banyak melanda negara sejak akhir-akhir ini;
    v. Bala Banjir besar melanda pantai timur;
    v. Bala pemerdagangan manusia dan melibatkan kematian / kubur besar di sempadan negara;
    vi. Bala gempa bumi di Sabah

    dan banyak lagi.

    3. Selepas ini apa pula bala yang akan menimpa Malaysia di bawah pentadbiran Najib ini.

    4. Semua bala yang menimpa Malaysia di atas amat aneh. Mungkinkah ini semua ada kaitan dengan dosa besar pemimpin no 1 kita sekarang ini.

    5. Kalau betul ini ada kaitan maka marilah kita bersatu menyokong Tun menjatuhkan pemimpin yang bayak dosa di bumi yang kita cintai ini.

    Walla hualam.

    Salam Tun.

  86. sibotak Jun 6,2015 9:04 PM

    Ananada , lepas tu Jho Low sekarang Cock , Kotek siapa pula ni ?
    Nampaknya 1 MDB sudah macam cerita Keling , berbelit , belit

    Macamana tak jadi gini
    Selagi PutraJaya ada penasihat British yg di gajikan Najib
    Selagi itu Malaysia tidak akan Aman

    Wang ringgit bukan segalanya
    Jangan anda fikir dengan wang ringgit bolih merabunkan kita
    Anda sama sekali salah
    BRIM anda adalah bukti kamu sudah terhasuk Setan
    Wang 1MDB tidak terjawab ,berbelit belit hingga kini
    Anda perlu berubat dengan Bomoh 1 Malaysia

    Nascaya jika wang ini wang arwah Bapa anda tak mungkin
    kamu akan buat habuan Brim
    Kelihatan juga isteri anda yg image beliau yg tidak berwibawa
    Hilanglah dan lucutlah kehormatan anda sebagai Ketua Negara

    Apa nasib Malaysia sekarang
    Kemarin Kecoh fasal Dhubur , Datuk Anuar
    Sekarang fasal Kotek pula , Datuk Cock
    Next episode…….. apa eh ?
    Madam Comel agaknya

  87. musato Jun 6,2015 8:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Benarlah selama ini. Benarlah. Sangat kuat bau politiknya. Sangat kuat kepentingan peribadinya sampai boleh terkeluar ungkapan tidur nyenyak mimpi sama sebantal.

    Kuat doh tu Ahmad Said ada kat sebelah Tun.

    Pantang pemimpin adalah kepentingan peribadi. Jangan langgar pantang. Buruk akibatnya dunia dan akhirat.

    Benarlah selama ini. Benarlah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  88. balance Jun 6,2015 7:25 PM


    Legacy? What legacy the funny face, hairdo and dressing (comedian/clown)guy talking about?
    Of all the people in the world they ask that funny guy to be the image or PR consultant? ha ha ha
    Tun Dr. Mahathir name, body, mind and soul IS the LEGACY – for better or worst
    Hentam them more, open all wounds until the best surgeon cannot stitch them back.
    1st time i encourage you fight. I think it is the correct thing to do and only you can do it. You will win because they are out of bullets and desperate. Only way out for them is to surrender and go to jail.
    i think 99.9% of Malaysians supporting you including many ministers.

  89. anak wawasan 2020 Jun 6,2015 7:25 PM

    Salam Tun,

    What happened yesterday was a moment of the truth. It was indeed a blessing in disguise. It confirmed who PM is to the rakyat. It has also made those who stand on the fence jumped into the boat of truth.

    Dont worry Tun, your supporters are getting stronger and PM is in dire need now to survive living in denial.

    Me and my family have lost faith in PM. To our eyes, it was an error voting for him. But this is a blessing in disguise.

    Dearest PM, pls change your seat or we will change you!! This is our vow.

  90. ichiban Jun 6,2015 7:13 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Rasa bertanggung jawab terhadap negara ,rakyat dan parti umno saya amat2 terharu dengan usaha Tun.Kami rakyat sentiasa berada bersama Tun dgn perjuangan yang ikhlas tanpa ada sebarang kepentingan peribadi untuk parti umno dan orang melayu khususnya.Sumbangan Tun terlalu besar untuk negara kita.
    Semakin hari warna-warna keperibadian Najib semakin menyerlah dan tindakan beliau bagai orang yg terdesak.Umno semakin lama semakin runtuh dibawah kepimpinan Najib..kepercayaan rakyat semakin lama semakin hilang..Najib berfikir dengan memberi gula2 boleh meraih sokongan?Bangunlah pak2 menteri yang lain..sedarilah..buanglah kepentingan peribadi..sekali umno jatuh..susah untuk dibaikpulih semula.Adakah berbaloi untuk umno/BN jatuh disebabkan oleh seorang pemimpin seperti Najib.Kita mempunya nilai dah harga diri jangan jadi sepeti LKW ,Tunku aziz dan zahrain…
    Lee Kuan Yew yang membangunkan Singapura pernah berucap..”beliau akan bangun dari kubur jika ada yang tak betul berlaku pada Singapura”
    Bayangkan perasaan Tun yang membina malaysia selama 22tahun.apabila melihat ada benda yang tak betul berlaku dalam malaysia…

    Semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kesihatan pada Tun..amiin.

  91. Murad Jun 6,2015 7:02 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    Pardon me Tun, if the friend you mention is the correct person mention mention by Novo, what I understand he was a cartoonist at NST and his first strike to be millionaire was during your time where he was given a lucrative millions dollars of contract, (some say $RM15 million), just to do publicity to encourage people not to smoke and he just come with a slogan, ‘TAK NAK”, WHICH STANDARD ONE STUDENTS ALSO CAN COME UP WITH THE SLOGAN.
    He is running a University with almost 100% African student and create headache with the authority involve, as you say, he has an office in PM office who dares to take actions?

    So,if you say rightly now he base in PM office and his job is to demonize you, I guess is just another lucrative contract given to him without tender. What say you Tun??

    Murad, n.s.

  92. Keris Derhaka Jun 6,2015 7:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun yg dikasihi.

    Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Adil. Kpd Dia jua kita kembali memohon keadilan. Perjuangan Ayahanda Tun bukan seorg diri, saya yakin ramai di antara kami rakyat Malaysia sedang bertindak mengikut kemampuan masing2.

    Cuma kami harapkan Ayahanda Tun dptlah menjaga kesihatan. Tersentuh hati kecil ini melihat Ayah Tua yg sepatutnya berehat bersenang lenang bersama cucu2nya masih tetap utuh berjuang demi anak bangsa dan negara tanpa mengenal penat lelah.

    Terima kasih Wahai Ayahanda Tun yg dikasihi.
    Semoga Allah merahmati mu dan melindungi mu dr segala keburukan.


  93. man Jun 6,2015 6:29 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Legasi Tun amat banyak untuk diperkatakan. Suka saya perkatakan sedikit untuk ingatan diri saya dan bagi yang menghargainya.

    1. Petronas Twin Tower – menara kembar ini saya percaya masih menara kembar tertinggi di dunia. Sebelum peristiwa malang MH370 dan MH17, Malaysia telahpun terkenal di pelusuk dunia dengan terbinanya menara kembar ini. Ia juga telah menjadi batu loncatan untuk Malaysia terus maju dan is telah terbukti berjaya.

    2. Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya – bandar pentadbiran kerajaan yang amat tersusun dan bandar pintar yang telah berkembang maju sejak ia di bina. Kalau dulu ramai orang sangsi akan kejayaannya tapi sekarang kita boleh lihat bagaimana Putrajaya telah berjaya menjadi nadi pentadbiran kerajaan yang dicontohi banyak negara luar. Cyberjaya pula telah menjadi tumpuan syarikat2 besar untuk melabur infrastruktur IT mereka dan ini amat berjaya saya kira. 10 tahun lepas Cyberjaya seperti bandar sepi tapi sekarang terdapat banyak syarikat besar dunia telah melabur di sana.

    3. KLIA – kos membina KLIA pada masa dulu dikatakan amat tinggi. Tapi bayangkan kalau baru sekarang kita nak bina, kosnya pasti berlipat kali ganda. Itulah keistimewaan Tun. Melihat sesuatu jauh ke hadapan dan bertindak sekarang supaya negara dan rakyat khususnya tak perlu berbelanja tinggi di masa hadapan. Sebab itulah jambatan bengkok dulupun Tun telah cadangkan.

    Terlalu banyak lagi legasi Tun untuk diperkatakan. Oh ya Tun setahu saya Cyberjaya juga telah membantu LKW membina sebuah kampus yang telah berjaya membantu dia mengembangkan lagi sayapnya ke luar negara dan berbagai lagilah.

    Saya juga antara ramai rakyat Malaysia yang menitis airmata dan tak dapat tidur lena selepas menonton insiden di PWTC hari jumaat lepas. Saya sebagai rakyat biasa hanya ada kuasa undi di PRU untuk menentukan kerajaan.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  94. MukhMuz Jun 6,2015 6:16 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya sentiasa menyokong apa yg diperjuang oleh Tun,Saya sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan Tun semasa Tun menjadi PM sehingga la Tun bersara pada masa kini dan kini juga Saya masih lagi berkhimat utk Tun Dan Tun S jika Tun datang berkunjung di Pulau Langkawi dan saya berasa gembira dan bangga kerana masih lagi dapat berkhimat pada Tun suami isteri.

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia saya merasa kecewa jika negara kita tidak dijaga dgn elok dan tergadai begitu sahaja kepada pihak luar.

    Saya mengibas kembali semasa Tun meletak jawatan sbg PM di pehimpunan UMNO di PWTC,saya merasa dan tertanya-tanya kpd diri saya, Boleh ke pengganti Tun menggendali negara Malaysia tercinta? Jawapan saya Tidak….skg telah terbukti bahawa jangkaan saya memang benar…Saya berasa sedih dan kecewa jika 1 hari nanti negara kita dijajah kembali oleh kuasa2 luar.

    Kita jumpa lagi nanti di Pulau Langkawi…Hidup Tun!!! Hidup Tun!!! Hidup Tun!!!


  95. Ahmad Tarmize Jun 6,2015 6:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Since Dato Seri Najib’s position is already shaky, why not you open up the bin.. Spill more beans.. And I wish you could clarify one thing.. One thing only..

    Is it true that when he came back from UK, upon the demised of his late father, he could not complete his first degree?..

    If it is true, when did he obtained his first degree?.. Or is he, just like UMNO leaders fond of ” collecting” degree/post degree ” jarak jauh”.. ?

    Cukup cukup la Pemimpin pemimpin menipu rakyat… I wish that your endorsement of him, due to your indebtedness to the late Tun Razak, will not smear your LEGACY and your other LEGACIES that appointed/supported leaders who later found to be “derhaka” to rakyat Malaysia..

  96. MAZLAN MAHMUD Jun 6,2015 4:15 PM

    Asalamualaikum Tun

    Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    You were caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze.
    Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine.

    You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Threatened by shadows at night, exposed in the light.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on steel breeze.
    Come on you raver, you seer of vision, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine.

    Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Pile on many more layers and I’ll be joining you there.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    And we’ll bask in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph and sail on the steel breeze.
    Come on you boy child, you winner and loser, come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine.

  97. novo Jun 6,2015 3:36 PM


    To salute_tun.M via Tun.

    1.This Lim Cock Wing is the 8th wonder of the world. Why? A man should have a cock for sure . But a man with a cock that have a wing on it, is truly amaze me. What type of wings fixed there at the cock? I’m sure it is not a straight, delta or tapered wing but a variable geometry wing. This type of wing is the most advance one. That the reason why LKW had betray his own friend, Tun. The variable wing belongs to a man who have a variable principle and stand. That why LKW have a lalang type of hair.

    2.But Tun parted as a friend of LKW is also a blessing in disguise. The head lice belong to LKW won’t fly to Tun’s head and as a result Tun will be free from the bite.

    3. And now it is Najib’s turn, the lice will bite and screw his head every night. Rosmah is also affected, the lice and Najib will bite and screw her every night . And lastly Rosmah will instruct LKW to be bald instantly by burning his hair. ( The this event take place at PENJARA SUNGAI BULUH).

    4. ‘A Better Life for All’ started with combing and shampooing your hair first. Everyday please, just for your case.


  98. Halim3869 Jun 6,2015 3:06 PM


    Salam betul tolong bagitahu saya mcm mana nak bersama tun untuk memperjuangkan demi parti umno bangsa dan Negara.

    Betul kata Dato’ Mohd Rhidduan bangun rakyat terutama bangsa ku Melayu
    sanggup kah dijajah lagi dinegara sendiri disebabkan PM yang menjaga kepentingan sendiri cuba fikirkan akan datang anak anak kita cucu kita
    yang akan menanggung hutang berbillion ringgit demi kepentingan sendiri

    Kalau sekarang kita tidak bertindak kita menyesal seumur hidup kalau BN kalah GE 14 ini umno akan lenyap terus disebabkan segelintir orang yg duduk dalam umno takut bersuara dan bangun memperjuangkan parti

    Tun sekali lagi saya sanggup memperjuangkan walaupun nyawa saya tergadai demi pertahankan parti bangsa Negara

    Sekian terima Kasih

  99. AlwaysMalaysian Jun 6,2015 2:55 PM

    Dear Tun,

    My deepest apology to you on what happened yesterday. How dare they… dare they stopped you from talking. Is this what our Malaysia has become….you will always be in my prayer dear Tun.

    Dear Dato Mohd Rhidduan,

    Am with you. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Najib you have lost my vote and all my immediate families vote. I will make sure that we will not vote for as long you are festering in BN/UMNO.

  100. Ahmad Tajuddin Jun 6,2015 2:54 PM

    If I were given a chance for a second thought, I would like to re-phrase that; the LKW guy isn’t did his job to kept Najib on his place, but secretly working with Tun Mahathir to demonising Najib indirectly. I thought, the PWTC’s “Nothing2 Hide” is one among many agendas that LKW planning to put a shame straight under Najib’s nose, by working with him directly. Anyway, we need to realise, this is politics after all. In politics, everything is possible.

  101. nurakmalstar Jun 6,2015 2:33 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I feel so sad and upset of what happen yesterday towards u. It shows how much PM scared of u. I cannot believe they dare to do that to u. I love u like my grandfather. i really hope and pray to Allah SWT to give u the best health and strength in going thru all this. My support, love, pray is always for u Tun.

    Take care and be safe at all time Tun. Smoga Allah pelihara n lindungi pemimpin kesayangan rakyat Malaysia which is u Tun.
    I have never be so angry and hatred towards PM. But yesterday was the punch line!

    Kami sayang Tun.

  102. cruze Jun 6,2015 1:53 PM

    Najib dan lain lain tidak boleh menuding jari kepada Tun seorang sahaja,bagaimana segala rahsia, jumlah2 pembelian dan hutang business 1MDB boleh di keluarkan oleh pua, lim kit siang, rafizi dan lain lain pembangkang.
    Sebenarnya Najib mempunyai ramai orang di sekelingnya dan dikalangan mereka adalah “duri di dalam daging” maksudnya orang2 yang membenci atau tidak ikhlas padanya. Ini kena faham dan usah syok sendiri.
    Jelas sungguh rafizi yang memulakan, Tidak mungkin Tun yang hubungi cayman island bank, BSI, KWSP, KWAP, STESEN JANAKUASA DAN LAIN LAIN untuk dapatkan rahsia dan lain lain.
    Jalan terbaik adalah heret mereka yang di rasakan membongkar laci 1MDB ke mahkahmah untuk menghentikan semua ini.
    TUN ajak berdialog adalah untuk menjernihkan mata rakyat yang sudah semakin merah melihat dan mendengar kenyataan pembangkang dan TUN tidak mahu hati rakyat berpaling tadah kepada pembangkang.
    Adalah baik di fahami maksud TUN dari berkata tidur sebantal suami isteri, kurangkan gula untuk kebaikan sex, kangkung tak naik harga dan lain lain, ini perkataan yang tak sesuai dari seseorang pemimpin utama negara.
    Buatlah yang terbaik untuk kami rakyat masa kini dan anak bangsa di masa akan datang.
    Menteri2 kabinet mestilah berhemah dan bijak membuat keputusan setelah rakyat pilih anda semasa setiap pilihan raya, anda bukan menteri yang di simpan di dalam kabinet dapur.
    Balasan allah amat pedih untuk pemimpin yang zalim…..menteri juga adalah pemimpin …jangan di abaikan ya…balasan di dunia seperti sakit dan musibah sebahagian daripadanya dan macam macam lagi selain balasan di akhirat..
    menteri2 golongan wanita wajib memakai tudung, rambut adalah aurat wanita…..

  103. bkhoo Jun 6,2015 12:36 PM

    Dearest Tun M, Saya Cina Sarawak. When i got the news that itu apa name “Pahlawan” will go Sarawak and rally for Sarawakian’s support…my heart troubled and amat benci saya dibuat berita sebegini. Dia ingat dia siapa? Dengar Khabar, bukankah dia dah ada sokongan UMNO+parties component BN? tak cukup??!! kenapa tiba tiba nak juruskan Sarawak sesamanya dlm keruhan 1MDB and komplotnya untuk mengekalkan kuasanya (sebagai pemerintah zalim)?

    Bagi saya, Tun M cuma tanya beberapa soalan yang cukup simple/relevant, yet itu “Pahlawan” started to “gelabah”… mintak support sini sana….buat rally nak tunjukkan popularity-nya kat Tun…Cis!!!! Pahlawan apa ni? Pahlawan Konserto? Forum yang dia sendiri organize pun takut nak hadir…what to say further???….apakah “Pahlawan” sudah kecut?

    Tun, jangan kisah sangat dgn kelakuan “boys boys in blue” dibawah arahan “Pahlawan”. Hati Rakyat jelata amat gelisah sekarang and hati Rakyat tetap akan berada disamping Tun dimana Tun pergi…moga Tun sihat and tabahkan hati untuk teruskan perjuangan Tun membantah akan pemerintahan “pahlawan” yang zalim (dengan sang isterinya yang super boros). For sure, kita orang Sarawak tolak this kind of government, saya fikir orang Semenanjung pun sama pemikirannya dengan saya….nasihat kat “Pahlawan”, baik you siap sedia dengan kapal jet mewah baru kamu tu untuk perjalanan “exile” kamu di luar Malaysia, “Pahlawan”, you have thoroughly failed your late father’s mandate tobuild a better & properous Malaysia. Our dearest Tun Razak worked wholeheartedly for Malaysia to be a harmonious place for all races and see what kind of mess u have done to Malaysia now with 1MDB? Malaysia tak hutang kat you….you yang terhutang budi kat tanakair ini and patut kamu jaga tanahair kita yang cantik and penuh dengan sember hasil semulajadi…sigh!!!

    Akhir kata, amat saya bersyukur pada Tuhan sebab Tuhan memang masih mencintai and melindungi Malaysia dengan memberikan kita Tun and hati Tun amat prihatin, prihatin perihal kesejahteraan Malaysia. Generasi saya (70-an) and generasi akan datang tetap terhutang/terkenang budi jasa Tun. Hence Tun, do not feel demoralize by this incident in PWTC and senantiasa saya doakan kejayaan Tun perihal meruntuhkan pemerintahan zalim sebegini. Pemerintahan “Pahlawan” setakat ini amat menjijikkan and ia patut dihentikan/diturunkan dengan segera mungkin.
    Nobody can demonise you including the one so-called “educationist”. Truth will prevail.

  104. Fariq Islam Jun 6,2015 12:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab haruslah dipandang melaksanakan undang-undang secara saksama, tanpa pilih-kasih. Dengan ini, barulah kerajaan dihormati dan disokong setiap masa. Apa yang dipapar pada sesi dialog yang dibatal itu memangnya tidak sesuai dan bercanggahan dengan piagam yang ditetapkan. Haruslah tinidakan disiplin diambil untuk mengembalikan keyakinan Rakyat.

    Kalau gejalah cucuk-mencucuk sesama diri di kalangan penyokong-penyokong UMNO berterusan, maka janganlah salahkan akar umbi membuang undi kepada pihak PR dalam PRU yang akan datang.

    Sebagai penyokong-penyokong UMNO, kita haruslah bersyukur kepada Allah kerana memberkati UMNO dengan kemenangan Hadi dalam pilihanraya PAS, yang menandakan titik pengakhiran hayat PR, dan terhangusnya harapan mereka mengambilalih Putrajaya! Buatlah secara baik dan betul, demi meraih kembali majoriti 2/3 dalam Parlimen.

  105. Fariq Islam Jun 6,2015 12:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Berkenaan dengan sesi dialog yang dibatalkan, di mana Tun dihalang dari memberi ucapan, Rakyat ramainya yang berhemat tindakan pihak polis ini tidak sesuai.

    Kita harus faham yang piagam PDRM ialah menjaya kepentingan Negara dan Rakyat. Memanglah tidak sesuai menyekat kebebasan sesiapa yang menyagangi Negara memberi ucapan atau pandangan tentang isu-isu semasa, untuk kepentingan Negara.

    Sebagai penyokong BN, kami berharap pihak kerajaan akan mengambil tindakan disiplin yang berpatutan.

  106. sibotak Jun 6,2015 12:16 PM

    Sayang Tun
    Kami menghargai pengobanan Tun bagi menegakkan kebenaran
    Saya cuba rational semungkin

    Walau Tun dihentikan olih Man in blue
    Saya rasa bernas sebab ada himpunan pengikut yg bakal mengugat himpunan terbuka tersebut
    Di sudut ini pembangkang akan mengambil kesempatan kononya Najib yg suruh ,Najib berdolak dalik untuk berdepan
    Namun apa pun Himpunan Najib dangan Tun mesti diadakan dengan kawalan yg lebi ketat dengan persembahan orang orang tertentu kemudian media akan memberitakan

    Ini persoalan Keaiban Negara
    Yg kita sesama perlu menghuraikan secara tertutup dan bijak
    Namun kebenaran perlu di isthiharkan

    BUT Dear Tun
    This is not yr Fight . You should be resting
    You have done yr tremendous part as a Malaysian and as an ex PM
    Yr duty is done here as much as our small contrubutions to put matters right

    Its the Duty of the elected Opposition DAP ,PKR ,PAS
    Najib & the Opposition is the main character of 1MDB now
    Not you not us
    U & us will be on the later stage when things goes out of hand
    We will march for Malaysia

    Mengalah bukan bererti kita mengaku kalah
    Kita kena ikut procedure
    The Ball is in the Opposition Court now
    Its DAP ,PKR & PAS

    I see Harmizi has played an active & consitent action towards 1MDB
    I like him but I hate his leader Anwar so I will not vote PKR
    DAP tends to take advantage of the situations
    Malay against the Malay even now they succeeded to drag Mahathir to 1MDB
    PAS as usual prefes their Pillow

    So Tun my Dear
    You have done a Great job
    Its not yr Fight
    Berdoa & Pasrah
    We see what the elected Opposition can do
    We have Cabinets
    Failure of such
    We will March together with the Opposition
    By then the Malays arae not only divided into 3
    Tun legacy will be there an enormous one
    It will be divide into 4
    UMNO will be Gone

  107. Buddies_Man Jun 6,2015 11:46 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Alhamdulillah…May U be in the best possible health. The nation still needs you.

    History shows theres only few great leaders…

    Malaysia… It is Mahahir

    Great leaders make mistakes but minor one. The rakyat will forgives it.

    I forgives you for the mistakes you made in picking wrong successor, you may not have the skill in choosing…hehe

    Tun thank you for all your love to us.

    You once the Director of our great nation, the driver in economic growth & stability, the Master in racial harmony… hopefully now the saviour.

    To those who are not Great Leaders…greed is normal but you are EXTRA GREED …not only you have robbed poor & unfortunate Malaysian, you are also selling the country…

    You may have Kazakhtan as your last option…but we only have Tanah Tumpah Darahku…

    Thank You Again…Tun

    Kami doakan kesihatan Tun

  108. murugan Jun 6,2015 11:44 AM

    One of My favorite movie is “forest Gump”.. In the movie .. Gump girl freind ,Jenny, advice Gump to Run .. Run n Run .. Whenever forest gump Face problem…., well, This what our forest gump PM is doing.,

  109. vester Jun 6,2015 11:29 AM

    Really fed up reading all these replies to Tun comments.You all are either:

    1) INDECISIVE or
    4) ANTI TUN

    By the time we wait for the next GE to remove Najib, he will be exiled in another country enjoying our 42b already.


    Come out with a plan immediately.

  110. CrookedBridge Jun 6,2015 10:54 AM

    This Lim Wing has lost his Kok

  111. A.Mustafa Jun 6,2015 9:52 AM

    Well said *Salute*

    As a youth, my first vote when to BN mainly because Tun Dr M lobbied for him and I trust in your words. He has betrayed not only you.


  112. joetamchi Jun 6,2015 9:48 AM

    #Tidur Sebantal Para Menteri..?
    Mimpi Indah Menjadi Ngeri…!

    Tidur sebantal, Najib & Bini..!
    Dihimpap bini, tak bangun pagi..?

    Khamis malam Jumaat..!
    Pagi Jumaat bangun lambat..!
    Datang forum dh tak larat…!
    Tubuh tersekat, bini mengikat..?



  113. Aku Jun 6,2015 9:32 AM


    It’s not really system issue when the people who do not fully implement it…it’s people issue…especially the chiken ones…

  114. Dato' Mohd Rhidduan Jun 6,2015 8:42 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    l will always be with u.
    We will always be there with u.

    How dare the boys in blue touch u?
    How dare they lay dirty finger on u?

    I am a strong supporter of BN and UMNO, but after yesterday morning PWTC incident, l did some very long deep thinking, all day, all night (still have not slept), and NOW I AM IN DECISSION.



    Take a rest Dear Tun. U have done enough. U need the rest. Let the rest of us fight this war in your name.., in sha Allah.

  115. The Hidden Secret Jun 6,2015 8:28 AM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    TMJ bukan setakat macho, hensem dan abang sado… Kami hormat pada TMJ.

  116. A.Mustafa Jun 6,2015 7:59 AM

    Dear Tun Dr M,

    It brings me great pleasure that you will be reading my comment.
    We have faith in your words and actions. I was born the year the first proton came into the market. All my adolesence years I have spend under your great administration. Left overseas for tertiary education at age of 20 and never felt so proud to be born a Malaysian seeing how Malaysia have fared in just half a century from zero.

    I have faith that what our current PM is doing will not last for long. Allah swt is Most Just and He will not bring Malaysia down by a niche of goons.

    The principal that you’ve cultivated towards my generation will uplift the country bringing justice back and by God’s mecry and blessing, it wash these immoral people back to where they came from. One day I hope to learn your wisdom as I have always yearn for you to be my mentor.


  117. HBT456 Jun 6,2015 7:09 AM

    21. Apanam tee kata how come swine is more than cows.

    22. He is indeed a disgrace to muslim and chinese race carrying his ancestor surname.

  118. HBT456 Jun 6,2015 6:50 AM

    13. Did someone care to google search what is MQA stands for?

    14. Tdm has worked all his life to make this country a developed islamic country with a child vision via bumiputra policy.

    15. Tdm legacy is he builds his vision 2020 through quantitative measure, to win votes.

    16. Can pak lah successor, that is najib, survive politically, in perhimpunan agung umno 2015?

    17. He will be.

    18. If he cant, mukhiriz can never make it.

    19. There are losers who set up new political parties just to prove they are passion and righteous claiming that they love the country more than anyone else.

    20. By the end, they loose, and dissappeared from the political landscape.

  119. HBT456 Jun 6,2015 6:29 AM

    12. As long as the voices of racists is being played in here, they will loose out politically.

  120. The Hidden Secret Jun 6,2015 4:14 AM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Adakah IGP Doraemon akan mengarahkan perlawanan akhir Piala Malaysia dibatalkan sekiranya terdapat ancaman keselamatan? Atau patutkah IGP Doraemon bertindak untuk menghapuskan ancaman tersebut? Adakah IGP Doraemon akan mengarahkan semua cawangan-cawangan bank dan kedai-kedai emas tutup kedai sebab bank-bank dan kedai-kedai emas ini sentiasa terdedah kepada bahaya rompakan? Adakah IGP Doraemon akan tweet mengarahkan 7-eleven, stesen-stesen minyak dan kedai-kedai mamak supaya tidak beroperasi 24 jam sebab nanti takut kena rompak? Adakah IGP Doraemon akan tweet kepada semua wanita supaya tidak keluar rumah sebab takut nanti kena ragut?

    Suka main tweet lah IGP Doraemon ni!

  121. joetamchi Jun 6,2015 3:49 AM

    Bunga Bunga Sudah Diberi..!
    PRU, BN kalah, Najib lari luar negeri…?


    Kelak Jawatan menjadi mimpi..
    Tribunal Siasatan..sebelum dia lari..!


    Mimpi Indah Menjadi Ngeri…

  122. kaseh Jun 6,2015 3:43 AM

    happy becoming birthday tun . 10th July !! may god bless you . i just love you . KUATKAN SEMANGAT!

  123. doncorleone Jun 6,2015 3:34 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It seems that our country is now becoming a laughing stock of the world. To borrow the words of ex tory minister Kenneth Clarke, we are turning into a ” bongo bongo land”, where everyday there is something happen of comical nature.

    Pls take care of your health Tun and keep your emotion in check coz I believe there will be a long, long war ahead of us…

    Good nite Tun and gomo tetap gomo.

  124. joetamchi Jun 6,2015 3:33 AM




    Sultan Berkuasa, Raja Bersuara

  125. joetamchi Jun 6,2015 3:29 AM

    Hutang Duit, Hilang Duit..!!
    Datang forum, soalan berderet..??

    Duit Hutang, NAJIB pun HILANG..!
    Najib tak datang, kaki temberang..!



    Bunga Bunga Sudah Diberi..!
    BN kalah, Najib ke luar negeri…?
    Menteri bengong mengigit jari..!
    Sebab sekarang suaranya sepi..!

    BN kalah, Najib Pun Hilang..
    Jawatan melayang, PM dah Terbang
    Tidur Berbantal Masih Terbayang..?
    Jawatan yg hilang..!! Dirinya bangang..!


  126. jamestomas Jun 6,2015 3:08 AM

    Hi Tun. You are really a man that fights all out to get things done in a right way. You have full energy and alert even at your age now. I must really say 2 Thumbs Up.

    But Tun, seems after you resigned and you appointed Tun Abdullah and you said is wrong pick, then you picked DS Najib and now again you said wrong pick. How about after DS Najib, if it is wrong pick again, will you be there again to pull him down? What about next and next future PM? Will you be there for all the next future PM….? because what Malaysian can see today is only you who dare to fight the PM for his wrong doing. No one from BN dare to fight or tell the PM that he is wrong except Opposition.

    Thus, I really feel that the system that give full power to PM needed to be studied in order to create a system that will limit the power of PM or able to stop him if the action or direction is wrong. Now it becomes like One man control the system, I think it should be System that control the One Man.

  127. ezham lutfi Jun 6,2015 2:24 AM

    salam YBHG TUN

    saya adalah salah seorang peminat Tun dalam kalangan jutaan peminat yang ada pada hari ini..saya juga menonton insiden yang berlaku pagi semalam dimana Tun dihalang untuk berucap dalam program N2Hide.. mungkin rasa sedikit kecewa bila keinginan Tun untk bersemuka dengan PM sedikit terbantut dek kehadiran kumpulan2 pensabotaj yang tidak bertanggungjawab.. dalam isu ini saya melihat, kumpulan berkenaan hanya mahu melihat hubungan Tun dan PM menjadi lebih parah..dan itu target mereka. saya juga merasakan adalah tidak adil sekiranya tun dan media sosial di luar sana menyalahkan PM, IGP dan mengkritik mereka dengan pelbagai kritikan apabila ia melibatkan soal tanggungjawab keselamtan vvip termasuk Tun sendiri.. biarlah dialog berkenaan dijalankan dalam keadaan yang terkawal kelak dan disertai dengan cadangan2 yang bernas untuk memperbaiki lompang2 yang berlaku dalam pentabiran sekarnag…saya sayang Tun, kemajuan yang ada sekrang hasil titik peluh Tun dan pemimpin terdahulu, tak kan Tun mahu memusnahkannya…terima kasih Tun M

  128. novo Jun 6,2015 2:19 AM

    Salam Tun.
    As for me, this is the ultimate embarrassment to our’s Pahlawan Doreamon Najib. It never came across my mind, this could happen. But with the disgusting attitude of PM Najib, everything is possible. He have no balls at all?

    Can he sleep well tonight? But i sure enough, he will not have wet dream but a nightmare.

    Tun, i need a favor from you. Please draft me a “show cause letter”. So i can send it to Najib to get the reasons of why he is not showing his face at the forum. I will sign it on behalf of rakyat.

    This is the climax of the 1MDB saga. And after this where Najib step down voluntarily or by force of rakyat or his cabinet members, it wont be as bad as this one.

    Because the “face off value” between Tun and Najib is absolutely in favor to Tun. And Najib is seen as a PM who can’t stand the pressure that of his own’s creation.

    The “legacy” that he will left to us is
    1. Don’t face and confront your enemies at all
    2. Runs like hell from your enemies
    3. And only confront your enemies but must be infront of your supporter or in Parliment.


  129. Sahar Jun 6,2015 12:53 AM

    As Salam Tun,

    Saya mendoakan kesejahteraan dan keselamatan Tun sekeluarga.

    Saya berharap Tun dapat memikirkan jalan terbaik baik menyelamatkan Anak Bangsa Kita daripada terus di tindas oleh Kaum2 yang tidak mengenang budi seperti yang kita sedia maklum. Selagi ada Kaum2 yang yang tak berguna seperti ini, saya rasa Negara kita tak kan mencapai cita2 Tun unutk mencapai 2020….

    Dalam keadaan sekarang, pengertian “PM” adalah salah di gunakkan sama sekali…bagi saya ia seperti MD/CEO kepada syarikat milik keluarga sesuatu kaum….Malaysia sudah menjadi sebagai satu syarikat milik DIA dan kaum2 nya..

    Sebagai salah seorang rakyat Malaysia yang tidak mempunyai apa2 kuasa, saya berharap TUN dapat menyelamatkan NEGARA Tercinta ini.

    Wassalam dan terima kasih Tun.

  130. fide Jun 6,2015 12:49 AM

    This Lim Kok Wing and all the others that were idolising you when you were PM now have all but dissapeared and now some even betrayed you. These guys were just interested in making money not to be your friend. All the bodeking and ampuing of those days disappeared the day you stepped down. Do you still get invited for their gala events like opera concerts, hotel openings and such? Nope I don’t th so.
    All these so called supporters are all just maggots who were feeding of you.
    This all is very sad. Where is the loyalty to a friend? All this is up for sale apparently.
    I am glad you now call Lim Kok Wing your ex friend as clearly he has betrayed you. You who made him to be what he is now a multi millionaire. But he is willing to betray your friendship just for the sake of more money.
    I hope you know realize that all your so called supporters were just parasites trying to make money.
    I hope you know realize who your real friends are. These are the people who will tell you the truth even though it is not pleasant.

  131. salute_tun.M Jun 6,2015 12:48 AM

    Lets go to Lim Cock Wing office and give him a BIG mirror so that he can clearly how he looks.! Surely he will shut up 1st b4 he ask others to shut up.. I think we should make a pakage for him.. a BIG mirror with a comb.. talking about legacy.. cock wing what cock legacy u have to talk about…??
    Dare u talk about tun.M legacy.. shame on you..!! Learn to comb ur hair dude… or u might as well shave it bold..

  132. Ataka Jun 6,2015 12:24 AM

    The police never stopped all those fracas and commotions during MIC or MCA discussions and meetings,
    at their forums. Was there no threat of violence or commotions there?
    Why stop this peaceful gathering at PWTC ?
    What a rubbish excuse.

  133. ma Jun 6,2015 12:15 AM

    Biar dua tiga orang yang mati… daripada rakyat dan negara yang mati.

  134. OreKapung Jun 5,2015 11:47 PM

    Mmg dasar anak bugis bacul
    Malu ada ketua yg hanya tau bekomunikasi dlm FB
    X mahir berhujah dan berdebat
    Ikutkan dia x layak jd ketua
    The worst ever in the world
    Dh jd bahan lawak jenaka di seluruh pelusuk tanah air

  135. rimba.emas Jun 5,2015 11:43 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rakan yang Tun maksudkan ini boleh jadi golongan NGO yang ada dikhabar beritakan sedang merencanakan sesuatu yang buruk atau kes seperti 1MDB yang Tun pernah lalui pada masa yang lampau.

    2. Kalau telahan Rimba Emas ini benar maka Tun perlu sedar rakan yang Tun maksudkan ini di gelar Mandeliar talam dua muka pada PM.

    3. Rakan yang Tun maksudkan ini sering berkeliaran dan berkebolehan menghampiri PM dengan berbagai cara dan tidak mungkin tidak akan menghampiri PM seterusnya selepas PM yang sedang memerintah sekarang.

    4. Golongan ini selalunya tawarkan kerja untuk menjatuhkan golongan yang membangkang PM. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau Tun pernah menjadi rakan kepada dirinya.

    5. Golongan ini juga pernah berada pada zaman pemerintahan baginda kita Nabi Muhammad Rasullullah s.a.w.

    6. Kalau Tun perihatin ini terjadi pada Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. Siapakah mereka-mereka yang mengaku menjadi mangsa kepada Dato Sri Anwar dan tidakkah mereka-mereka yang pernah bekerja dengannya ?

    7. Malah ada rakan-rakan Dato Sri Anwar (bukan semua) sepert Saudara Ezam atau Dato Nallakarupan berani menawar cerita keburukan Dato Sri Anwar terang-terang di tawarkan ganjaran Senator dan sebagainya.

    8. Itu baru contoh mereka-mereka yang Tun setuju dengan apa dilakukan oleh PM sebab telangsungan berlaku pada zaman Tun.

    9. Setelah sampai kesaat ini berbagai rintangan Tun mula hadapi malah Tun masih berpegang reputasi negara dipentingkan dari rakan taulan sahabat handai dan mungkin ke anak isteri soalnya adakah Tun dapat bertahan dengan penderian ini ?

    10. Walau pun Rimba Emas tidak terpelajar seperti Tun dan tidak mungkin mendekati dan diterima seperti EX- rakan Tun sekurang-kurangnya kita sama berpegang pada kebenaran yang di tuntut oleh Allah s.w.t yang kita sendiri tidak tahu samaada perjuangan ini mendapat redhonya.


  136. uncleaunty Jun 5,2015 11:25 PM

    Dear all,

    If my memory serves me right, didn’t this LKW carry a fake Dr title sometime ago ?
    When the dubious title was exposed, he claimed ignorance and dropped it altogether. A real half past six educationalist who can’t even determine such fake things.
    Anyway, it is no surprise to see such fakes surrounding the so called boggie woogie warrior.

  137. The Hidden Secret Jun 5,2015 11:20 PM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    IGP Doraemon!

  138. professional malay Jun 5,2015 11:19 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Is he really LKW, the malaysian famous educationist? I am very suprised with his such low mentality and judgement about legacy. As what we have learned and understood in schools and universities, LEGACY must be earned, not cooked or bought over by anything. Today, with very simple way at PWTC, Tun has made a legacy which could be remembered by malaysian generations many years to come. This is because, proven again, he is a man with true leadership and conscience for the benefit of rakyat Malaysia not just for wang ringgit like 1MDB……money is not everything la…LKW!..(it may for all those thrash cybertroopers giving thrash comments)….so please don’t insult our intelligence again using just money because there are still many malaysians who are having clear conscience on how Malaysia should be heading to and to be led by which right leader to ensure we are in safe hands.

    Tun, your LEGACY will live forever in Malaysia and I will ensure my children and grandchildren will always learn and remember your LEGACY….thank you very much for all the contibutions you did to Malaysia…..semoga Tun berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera sentiasa…

  139. YRohayudin Jun 5,2015 11:19 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    He may have hundreds with him to demonized you but there are millions behind your back and even some are willing to be in front you to support you!

  140. johnmansfield Jun 5,2015 11:14 PM

    Hello Tun, I am not your friend (or enemy) however, I am sure that people will remember your relationship with the Prime Ministers that followed you. If thats a legacy, then so be it.
    I used the Limkokwing quote in my presentations:(Motorsport University Malaysia) “I hope that within 10 years, we will reach one million students. You can’t have one million on campus but you can have one million students if you have a lot of them doing online courses,” he adds (taken from an interview with the Limkokwing CEO published on the 28th May 2009 in the Star)
    He seems like a smart man to me, as do you.
    I’m sure your old enough to know nothing lasts forever, sadly that often applies to friendships and Prime Ministerships and …
    You know what they “Everything will work out for the best.”

  141. che set Jun 5,2015 11:12 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun Mahathir sekeluarga yang dikasihi,serta juga semua pejuang Chedet.Biaq pi la Lim Cock Wing tu lingkup sekali dengan najib.Masih ramai lagi yang bersama Tun.Sebagai orang Islam adalah tidak sukar untuk kita membaca hati orang kafir ini.Apabila tuan dia bagi peluang untuk memecah belahkan Melayu,sudah tentu peluang ini akan diambil dengan penuh bersemangat.Pokoknya,siapa saja yang menjadi PM,tenaga beliau tetap diperlukan.Kalau dulu dia membantu sehingga dibalas dengan terbinanya sebuah universiti atas namanya,maka sekarang ini pula dia datang kepada Tun seperti seorang pembunuh upahan memberi peluang kepada sasarannya supaya lari atau mati ditembak.Inilah yang dinamakan ‘menolong anjing tersepit’.Masalah Tun ialah,tidak ada prasangka kepada sesiapa saja,sehinggalah orang itu berubah menjadi pengkhianat.Masalah berbaik sangka ini bukanlah satu dosa.Jelaslah kekafiran cina ini bila dia menerima tawaran orang Bugis itu.Seorang Islam tidak akan berkerjasama dalam hal sebegini melainkan dia juga sudah jadi kafir.Perbezaan antara moral dan akhlak ialah,orang bukan,Islam macamana baik dan kedengaran bijak sekali pun tutur katanya,namun itu hanyalah ditahap moral sahaja,yakni sekadar luaran sahaja.Manakala orang Islam akhlak adalah seluruh hati nurani dan segala-galanya.Sayangnya pemimpin yang disokong oleh orang Melayu dan ditolak oleh 97% orang cina,sanggup mengkhianati sokongan tersebut dengan memenuhi segala kehendak Bintang 3 yang terang-terangan dengan agenda menguasai Malaysia pada PRU 14 nanti.Gerakan Jesus For Johor adalah terhasil daripada transfomasi yang orang Bugis ini lakukan.Demokrasi ditransfomasikan apabila I.S.A dimansuhkan.Demokrasi dan politik ini amat merugikan Islam,bangsa Melayu dan negara.

  142. milshah Jun 5,2015 10:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun adalah seorang negarawan dan pemimpin terbilang Malaysia. Tun merupakan kebanggaan UMNO khususnya dan rakyat Malaysia umumnya, kerana telah memerintah negara dengan cemerlang selama 22 tahun. Isu 1MDB yang dibawa oleh Tun, sebenarnya isu yang menjadi kerisauan di kalangan rakyat.

    Seorang negarawan seperti Tun tidak patut diperlakukan seperti di forum “Nothing to Hide”. Setiap kali Tun dihina, sebenarnya ia juga satu penghinaan kepada UMNO. Setiap kali Tun dihina, sebenarnya ia juga satu penghinaan kepada rakyat.

    Sepatutnya UMNO membela Tun, kerana Tun mewakili rakyat dan berada di pihak yang benar.

    Sudah tiba masanya ahli-ahli UMNO perlu muhasabah diri, jangan ingatkan pangkat atau duit, tapi lihatlah dengan jelas siapa yang benar dan siapa yang salah. Dah jelas sangat sekarang ini siapa yang salah, siapa yang benar. Ahli-ahli UMNO janganlah menipu diri sendiri lagi.

    Ingatlah, apabila salah memilih pemimpin, kelak bala akan menimpa bangsa, agama dan negara.

    Dahulu saya tidak mahu bicara tentang siapa yang boleh gantikan Najib. Saya lebih suka jika Tun dan pemimpin-pemimpin lain memikirkan hal ini.

    Akan tetapi, keadaan sekarang begitu mendesak. Nampaknya pemimpin ini perlu dipilih terlebih dahulu. Beliaulah yang akan menggalas tanggungjawab untuk menentang dan menggantikan Najib.

    Jika tiada pemimpin yang berani ambil tanggungjawab ini, mungkin Tun terpaksa masuk politik semula, untuk sementara. Masuk politik semula untuk sementara, bagi membetulkan balik semua polisi-polisi salah Najib.

    Saya berdoa semoga Allah masih sayang kepada negara kita, dan mengurniakan kita pemimpin-pemimpin yang baik dan bukan dari kalangan yang zalim. Amin.


  143. person Jun 5,2015 10:24 PM

    No matter what happend… We will always support u Tun!!!

  144. man Jun 5,2015 10:12 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Kami sekeluarga mendoakan kesejahteraan dan keselamatan Tun sekeluarga. Dari perhatian saya, PM sekarang payah nak letak jawatan. Pendapat saya, hanya melalui UMNO dan kabinet saja yang mampu memberi tekanan ataupun pilihanraya nanti. Tapi tak taulah kalau ia boleh terjadi dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  145. Praxis Jun 5,2015 10:10 PM

    Great friend you have!

  146. Othaman Ahmad Jun 5,2015 9:59 PM


    Apa dah jadi..sampai sekarang tak muncul lagi..??? Takkan sebab tidur lena sebantal dgn Mak Andeh malam tadi sampai overslept. Masih hebat juga Mak Andeh ini sampai tak larat Pak Pandir nak masuk gelanggang pagi ini. Sayang sekali forum ‘Nothing to hide’ bertukar menjadi ‘Chicken is hiding’. Cisss Najib.. tak ku sangka Bedak menjadi Powder. Ku kira kau anak raja bugis berdarah panglima rupa2nya Raja Kapur berdarah Pangkosong. Dasar pengecut dgn orang tua seusia 90 tahun pun kamu gentar kecut sembunyi di bawah ketiak bini.

    Kali ini Satu Malaysia benar menjadi realiti kerana Satu Malaysia menyaksi betapa Pembohong & Pengecutnya Pak Pandir Modern ini.

  147. adrian Jun 5,2015 9:44 PM

    Dear Tun,

    It does seem that this time around, you have been out-played. How many more times can you afford to lose in this game with the current PM? You “lost” the Pandikar round. Today at #NothingToHide, it does seem that you have lost again…

    At this rate, yes, it does sound about right that you will lose your legacy and it will look like it is your own doing.

  148. Othaman Ahmad Jun 5,2015 9:37 PM


    By virtue of what’s happening this morning at PWTC, Satu Malaysia and the whole world witnessed the anxiously awaited biggest Show in Malaysian history. Surprisingly Najib has chickened himself to face Tun Dr.Mahathir and thus clearly demonstrate it was a Show DOWN for Najib and a Show UP for Tun Dr. Mahathir. The bragging anak Raja Bugis with Panglima blood turns out to be nothing but mere Raja Bogey with Pangkosong blood in him.

    Thank you, Tun.

  149. suhainin suhaibul Jun 5,2015 9:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun….

    Kisah kini bukan lagi bagai kisah yang lama itu Tun.Bukan “Kisah Silam 2003”.

    Ceritarama kini ibarat kisah “Mat Jenin”, sebagaimana yang telah saya ceritakan kepada Tun dalam lembaran yang lalu.

    2015 berdatangmula bersama “Lembaran Kisah Baru”. “WELCOME 2020″…….


  150. suhainin suhaibul Jun 5,2015 9:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun……

    Saya sudah hendak berlalu pergi tetapi Tun kejar pula langkah saya dengan siraman Asid “Cuka Getah”.Kata-kata Tun sekali ini lebih berbisa berbanding “Asid Cuka Getah”. Menyirap mengelegak darah saya sekali ini Tun….. menggeletar seluruh tubuh saya sebagaimana “Gempa Bumi” yang melanda Ranau, tanah kelahiranku ini. Tun benar-benar tidak faham akan “Bahasa Kami”.

    Saya tahu malahan amat menyedari bahawa Tun tidak takut mati….kerana….. kamu berdua pernah berkata; “Takut apa mati, Saya sudah tua.”….Apakah Tun menyangka bahawa saya sudah lupa? Saya rasa macam nak menggila bila mendengar bicara Tun hari ini.

    Tun….. Dalam “Ceritarama kisah 2003” itu :- Tan Seri Kasitah Gaddam merupakan “Bapa” saya, sementara Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar adalah “Ibu” saya. Kadangkala peranan mereka menjadi “Terbalik” umpama “Reverse Osmosis”.Memang “Kisah Gila” kedengaran sangat menggilakan…..tetapi….. inilah “Kisah Lagenda Alaf Baru”.Khalayak rakyat biasa belum mengerti Tun…… Biar kisah ini hanya antara kita semua yang mengerti. Terdapat banyak “Ibu” dan “Bapa” saya Tun.

    Jikalau Tun benar-benar mahu saya(Kita semua) mati….. Nyatakan kepada saya (Kita Semua): Telah ke mana Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar dan Profesor Syed Hussein Alatas?…..serta….. Mereka yang lain-lainnya ke mana?

    Benar bahawa saya amat anti dengan “Karenah Birokrasi” lalu Tun melorongkan ruang bagi kami untuk berfungsi dan berfikir sebagai agen penghakis karenah birokrasi yang telah berakar umbi, dalam pentadbiran Negara Malaysia.(Sekadar menyebut salah satu daripadanya).

    Benar bahawa saya berkeluyuran di luar Negara…..tetapi….. Tun sangka saya pergi bercuti untuk berbulan madu kah? Saya bekerja dan bertugas bertemankan sengsara, Tun. Ada tak Tun atau kerajaan Malaysia memberi kami wang perbelanjaan bertugas di luar negara? Haram…tiada… jikalau mati pun hanya umpama “Mati Katak”.

    Apakah Tun mengetahui tentang semua itu? Tun hanya duduk berpusing-pusing di atas kerusi Tun sahaja. Tidak perlu saya nyatakan apa kerja sampingan yang saya lakukan di luar Negara… kerana….. telah saya ceritakan kepada Tun beberapa tahun yang lalu?

    Saya cabar Tun, carilah jikalau ada, walau “Seorang Guru sekolah” pun di seluruh Malaysia ini yang sanggup menempuhi sebagaimana apa yang telah saya(kami)tempuhi,alami dan lalui.

    Perasaan saya bagaikan “Badai Yang Menghempas Batu”…bilamana… Tun menyindir seolah-olah saya(Kami) gilakan gelaran pangkat bila Tun menyentuh tentang “Titles”. Apakah kamu sekelian belum puas menghina saya?

    Presiden Singapore; Lee Hsien Loong pernah menawarkan “Kerakyatan Singapore” serta “Titles” kepada saya….tetapi saya menolak dalam “Bahasa Kami” yang berbunyi begini…”Berapa sahaja yang saya dapat?” . Ayat itu bermaksud “Saya amat menyedari akan siapa diri saya ini.” . Ketika itu, Lee Hsien Loong tersilap tafsir dan rasa tercabar lalu menaikkan gaji Presiden Singapore, menjadi lebih mahal daripada Gaji Presiden America. Apakah Tun menyangka bahawa semua ini cerita kosong?

    Tun pergi lah tanya Lee Hsein Loong, jika Tun suka. Jikalau dia tidak mahu mengakuinya, kami ranapkan Marina Bay Resort Singapore.

    Saya sedar dari mana saya datang dan siapa diri saya ini Tun; “Orang Dusun Gunung”…..tetapi….. janganlah Tun malukan diri saya(Kami) sedemikian rupa. Terima Kasih tidak terhingga kerana Tun memberikan ruang kepada saya(Kami) untuk menyuntikkan idea ke dalam Kementerian Pendidikan…Kementerian etc…Tetapi…

    Kini kami pula bertanya kepada Tun; Apa yang kami dapat? Ke mana ianya? …..”SHOW ME THE MONEY”…”Send its to my Wallet”….. Apa Tun mahu kami semua makan rumput sahaja kah? Gaji Tun; Tun kata “Tidak Habis Makan”…lalu kami ini Tun minta dan mahu supaya “Makan nasi berlaukkan garam sahaja kah?”.Jangan begitu Tun……Jikalau Tun pernah hidup miskin; Tun faham perasaan kami ini. Tun pernah jadi orang miskin kah?

    Tiada permusuhan antara kita Tun….Tiada mana-mana pihak yang meminta kami untuk memburuk-burukkan Tun. Sedari mula, saya sebenarnya cuma hendak menyampaikan mesej dalam janji itu sahaja – “Kalau jadi Murai Batu; Mati Dalam Sangkar”…tetapi… Tun nampaknya lebih rela memilih “Mati”.Jangan Tun…..

    Usah berhenti bercakap jikalau tidak mahu menghantar bunga setiap tahun…..tetapi…. “Jangan jadi “Murai Batu”. Apakah Tun tidak ingat tentang janji itu?

    Kami ini bukan lah dari golongan orang-orang yang tidak tahu “Berterima kasih”…tetapi… Tun sendiri tahukah mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih serta menghargai orang lain? Tanya diri Tun sendiri sejujurnya.

    Akhirnya saya telah mengacukan “Bakakuk” ke arah kepala “Bapa” saya sendiri sekarang ini. Tun… janji yang satu ini telah tertunai sekarang ini. Segala-galanya sebenarnya hanya kerana “JANJI”.

    Jikalau Tun mahu mengerti?

    Assalamualaikum Tun… “*******” & “OOOOOOOOO”

  151. avicenna Jun 5,2015 8:53 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Hari ini kami sekeluarga menonton berita TV3 sedih melihat Tun diperlakukan sedemikian. Kami rakyat biasa menitiskan airmata mengenangkan kesudian Tun merendah diri demi menegakkan kebenaran mewakili suara suara kecil rakyat Malaysia. Saya panggil anak-anak dan bagitau sentiasa ingat siapa Tun M dan betapa hebatnya perjuangan Tun M. Insyallah legasi Tun kekal bersama kami sekeluarga dan berjuta keluarga rakyat Malaysia yang lain. Semuga Allah SWT memberi kekuatan kepada Tun sekeluarga untuk meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai. Jika Tun gagal, rakyat pasti bijak memilih dan menghukum pada pilihanraya akan datang.

    Hidup Tun M

  152. pengkalanboy Jun 5,2015 8:52 PM

    Well Tun, I am an avid reader of your blog. Though I don’t agree with everything you say or write, there are many things that I agree with you. This is the first time I decided to write a comment in your blog. And, I admit I enjoy reading your writings. Your choice of words are good. As simple as it can, it still carry deep impact to the readers. The current feuds on 1MDB seem to have entered the depth of the Malaysian society though some still are not aware what 1MDB stands for!!. It is really disheartening to note that people are trying to hide an elephant with hay. The whole country is aware that the damaged had been done and a lot of money has gone missing. Though efforts are being made to counter argue Tun’s statements, I can see that people are not that stupid to believe all that. The release of the accountability list for 1MDB don’t show much. Instead it made people wonder, why it took such a long time for one to come with that list. And, the delayed answer by itself suggests that something is being cooked, but nowadays the people don’t eat everything dished out to them.

    A dignified leader admits his mistake; And, that helps to maintain his/her integrity. A true leader don’t lead people hither and tither with all kind of shadowy answers. And, a genuine leader at heart, will resign and surrender his post gracefully to his successor. I hope the TRUTH will be exposed soon and let the doomed tyrants of same boat be charged in the court of law. Another thing that pissed me off is the abuse of Government machinery for continued survival. I bet you had done that before, and every leader does that periodically for some good reasons but not when one walks with legs in the mud.

    I agree with what Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail said,

    “How can you have a dialogue called ‘Nothing2Hide’ featuring a person who has everything to hide?”

    God bless you Tun with abundance and love.

  153. MSK Jun 5,2015 8:50 PM

    Dear Tun

    I believe your “friend” came to warn you about the plans to release some “dirt” on you. They want to destroy your legacy. It’s a tit for tat situation.
    Your “friend” had nothing more that to protect you.

    The fact they are taking the effort to do this simply shows how guilty they are to seek revenge. They believe by doing this they can misdirect the problems they are having to solve their wrong doings.

    I have always respected you for the one thing that you did for this country that very few realise the effect. The fixing of the Malaysian Rinngit to the US$. Despite the objections from all over the world you went ahead with it. It was absolutely brilliant.

    Here on the other hand you have been voicing concerns about 1MDB but the ruling government keeps giving answers as though we Malaysians are stupid. There are so many cracks and evading the facts only helps compound the assumptions. I always believed the assumptions are the mother of all screw ups. This is something that the ruling government fails to see. The fact that we are left in the dark, speculators speculate and assumptions come into play hence the screw ups.

    I was chatting with few friends today and we realised that there was an earthquake whilst Najib was in Tokyo. The first for the year. He was in Sarawak and said “tonight I can sleep peacefully”. Subsequently there was an earthquake in Sabah… A coincidence perhaps.

    Dear Tun, I believe you are the only politician who has the guts to speak up the truth. For a person who has nothing to lose but everything to gain. A person who has always put country ahead instead of personal gain.

    I once heard this on TV… Only those who are guilty have something to say.

    So whatever legacy they want to destroy, nothing can beat yours…. As far I am concerned… Totally untouchable!

  154. The Hidden Secret Jun 5,2015 8:28 PM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Lim Kok Wing sits on MACC consultation and prevention panel? Hmmm….

  155. Qasim Jun 5,2015 8:19 PM

    Dear Tun Doctor Mahatir, please offer your Salat and be dutiful towards Allah – Inshallah he will guide and bless you!

    It must be painful to see others ruin what you spent decades to build. Without checks and balances, the temptation for leaders to enrich themselves and impoverish the nation, would always exist. I pray and hope that Malaysia prospers, a successful Malaysia is painful for many in the world to watch.

  156. sibotak Jun 5,2015 7:42 PM

    Saya suka Tun Mahathir
    Tapi setelah saya melihat Tun di hentikan dalam berdialog dengan Najib di berita
    Satu soalan timbul jadi kemuskilan

    Kenapa perlu sidang terbuka ?
    Kenapa tidak bicara secara tutup setelah akan diberitakan pada umum ?

    Media dengan kehadiran penyokong akan membuahkan sesuatu yg tidak diingini
    Saya amat setuju Ketua Polis memberhentikan Dialog ini

    Namun apa juga Penemuan ini mesti dilakukan
    Penemuan untuk menghuraikan bukan untuk menjatuhkan air muka sesiapa
    Penemuan kali ini Polis mesti Rapi ,tidak membenarkan orang ramai
    Bolih hanya segelintir Pewakilan
    Setelah Media akan memberitakan

    Dalam kita mencari Kebenaran
    Kita perlu saling menghormati
    Keaiban Negara perlu dilaksanakan dengan penuh cermat
    Namun Kebenaran di Utamakan

    Sedih melihat kedua Pemimpin UMNO macam nak bertikam
    Sedangkan Pembangkang DAP yg mengapikan segalanya
    Tidak lihat bayang mereka sekarang

  157. tebing tinggi Jun 5,2015 6:53 PM

    Salam Tun ,

    I wounder ,you still call him friend ,for a person of such character . All this while looks like he a friend of advantage .

    Money was their ultimate aims .

  158. uncleaunty Jun 5,2015 6:28 PM

    Dear Tun,
    The cops should not have go on stage to prevent you from speaking.It was a rude and disrespectful act.
    But cannot blame them for taking orders from a so called boogie woogie pirate.

    The next time this educationalist friend comes to see you…..don’t allow him into your room if he had not had a decent haircut.

  159. Jun 5,2015 6:22 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    what does the moon care when a dog barks at it?

    Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, if it was indeed him you are referring to as the friend who visited you insisting you would loose your legacy, is no match to you. If anything, you made him who he is today and he should be grateful.

    But, as we say in German language: Undank ist der Welten Lohn – The world will be forever ungrateful.

    Good thing you are not out to seek for people to be grateful to you. Your popularity is intact your legacy is already egendary.

    Your VOICE though is needed today more than it ever was!

    To see you prevented from speaking here
    was a disgrace unworthy of Malaysia. To see officials fail to render you their respect is not part of the Malaysian Culture as O know it.

    Something is wrong in the State of Malaysia and it is seen an noticed AROUND THE WORLD!

    Keep Good Health, dear Tun, and keep speaking up – don’t let them shut you down! Bad enough it is to have to claim to be heard as the Elder & Wise Statesman that you are. Worries about it should only rise though if and when this ever repeated which, Insh’ Allah, will not occur.

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director

  160. Daniel Noor Jun 5,2015 6:09 PM

    IGP says decision to cancell dialogue was his and not Najib — IGP kan org senegeri Rosmah. Minang juga. So the decision was fm another person lah.

  161. Ahmad Tajuddin Jun 5,2015 5:54 PM

    In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies. Tun are all aware about that, I hope so. Demonising Lim Kok Wing also have his own political agenda, plus his interest. What now pertaining is, whether his choice to choose his side is right or wrong. I still don’t get why a person with that kind of intelligent could be able to choose Najib for his side in this game…

  162. anam Jun 5,2015 5:16 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun.

    Dari apa yang saya lihat sekarang, ‘dia’ semakin kuat dan dah tak kisah dengan Tun dan segala kritikan Tun.

    Usaha Tun berbulan tidak berjaya membuatkan ‘dia’ meletak jawatan tapi kina dia lantang kritik dan menjawab Tun.

    Mungkin lepas ini ‘dia’ akan menggunakan PDRM atau apa sahaja akta untuk sekat Tun.

    Apa yang berlaku hari ini adalah satu permulaan.

    Sekarang ‘dia’ tengah menari-nari gembira, oleh itu Tun perlu buat sesuatu yang agresif untuk buat ‘dia’ terduduk.

    Allah bersama orang2 yang benar.

  163. MJ Jun 5,2015 5:12 PM

    I have watched the movie the Wolf of WallStreet which was co produced and funded by Najibs stepson. One can be extremely surprise that this movie was from a Malaysian PM’s stepson with the amount of Illicit scenes in it and the immoral activity that surrounds it with the drugs and what not.That movie revolves around a stock dealer who goes around scamming his clients and made millions out of it.

    I wonder and cant ignore the notion that this does resembles what is going on with IMDB. Probably the shenanigans involved in IMDB should be called the Wolf Of Putrajaya…

  164. shamal Jun 5,2015 5:10 PM

    Last time Is Lim Kok Wing but Now he is
    Lim Kok WANG

  165. musato Jun 5,2015 5:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Orang hebat tak menceritakan legasi kerana berbangga bangga dengan keturunan.

    Takwa tidak diwarisi dari ayah kepada anak.

    Di dalam blog ini beberapa kali saya beritahu saya tak punyai guru.

    Tapi sebenarnya, Allah s.w.t lah sebenarnya guru saya. Perjalanan hidup saya diatur dan dilatih melalui kehidupan sekitar.

    Apakah anda fikir semua org boleh mengaku anda adalah keturunan Syeikh Abdul Malek (Tok Pulau Manis)? Blog ini jumlahnya 15 juta.

    Buat roti sungguh sungguh dulu dan kerja sungguh sungguh dulu kemudian baru cakap.

    Jangan bercakap pasal legasi. Berusahalah lagi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  166. sibotak Jun 5,2015 4:59 PM

    Rebutting of 1 MDB
    We also has to acknowledge of the same
    S,pore Govt also lost Billions of Dollars
    In China mainly and also many parts of the World

    The Different is
    In Singapore there are no voice to defend the people
    The Govt is on the upper hand of every
    The Opposition Balls are Squeeze before they can utter a word

    Here in Malaysia
    We can really turn the table around
    That puts the Govt in difficult position to Progress for its purposes

    Both I see as Unhealthy Democratic System of Government

    We see it as Democratic but People in these Govt tends to advantage their position
    Capital Land, SIA ,Tamasek & many more
    I don,t understand why it seems to belong to someone
    When it is name Govt.

    What Nonsense is this ? Me as a Rakyat or of the People voice

    I like to see in Future
    No Govt Servant be it the Prime Minister nor the Cleaner who works for Govt
    Must not be allowed to have their own personal Business
    Strictly Govt Servant BUT We have to pay them well

    As much we can see in S,pore
    The Govt owns lots of all Good Business
    Insurance , Supermarket , Toto , Horse Racing, Casino ,Banking ,Housing
    Land Investment and many more
    So what left the People ? So what left the people

    I think if kacang putih can make Billions of Dollars Investment
    They will dispose of this Kacang Putih man

  167. wansamsul Jun 5,2015 4:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN yg di sayangi,

    LKW sold his soul to demon…

  168. kucau Jun 5,2015 4:47 PM


    Tun memang sedarkan kebanyakan species ni bertuhankan duit. Anjing yang menggigit setelah dilepaskan dari jerat. Tun pon byk jumpa selain Cock ni Dan species inilah yg akan menghuruharakan next PRU

  169. vincentlee Jun 5,2015 4:31 PM

    Tun’s legacy cannot be lost by fighting for the truth, on the contrary your friends legacy is a fake legacy.
    Doing work for crooks makes him a crook too.

  170. mohtar salleh Jun 5,2015 4:24 PM

    Tun..pahlwan bugis tertinggal keris..maaf kan dia..

  171. The Hidden Secret Jun 5,2015 4:21 PM

    Salam 1MDB!

    What people think about us is insignificant. What matter is how GOD look at us. GOD alone suffice even when we loose everything we have.

    Let other people (Police, Tun’s ex-friends, cabinet ministers, UMNO MTs, SPRM, raja-raja Melayu etc.) fear Rosmah and Najib… Let us fear GOD alone.

    “[3:173] When the people say to them, “People have mobilized against you; you should fear them,” this only strengthens their faith, and they say, “GOD suffices us; He is the best Protector.”

    “[7:185] Have they not looked at the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all the things GOD has created? Does it ever occur to them that the end of their life may be near? Which Hadith, beside this, do they believe in?”

    “[2:156] When an affliction befalls them, they say, “We belong to GOD, and to Him we are returning.”

  172. peacefulmsian Jun 5,2015 3:51 PM

    YABhg. TUN, I wish you good health. You are not the only one who is worried about 1MDB. This is only a dialog with NGO. What security threat is there to worry about from an almost 90 yrs old rakyat attending a dialog? They can do better than just giving excuses to avoid Tun. Thank you Sir, for standing up for the rakyat.

  173. mokhtar Jun 5,2015 3:49 PM

    Salam Tun,

    So sad the way you were treated at the forum..that will be the way from now on.. just take good care.. my family members are with you.

  174. adelheid Jun 5,2015 3:47 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I am proud of you. Even though you are being persecuted for revealing Najib’s wrathful sins against the people of Malaysia you stand tall and unmoved. I cried today when I got to know what transpired at the PWTC, how these scoundrels twist pointed at you the event had to be canceled. They the organiser the PMO the POLICE are treating Najib as the protected one OMG like you are such threat to him? Maybe in the first place you shouldn’t have attended that function because it’s just going to be another facade to cover the already heavily stenched Najib.

    Tun I cried because these so called people in power persecute you when they know who’s in the wrong. They are just like trained canines of the PM, scary on the outset but truly would eat the dirtiest food thrown on the ground.

    As for that friend turned foe of yours Tun, don’t take him seriously. I say so because the nature of half man half not is plain to see. Wonder how much Najib is paying him to do his demonic job. Najib is better off asking Riza Aziz to do a new movie starring Lim Kok Wing as the new improvised ninja turtle.

    Tun, you must know the difference between putting yourself in the frontal attack and exposing yourself to devouring wolves (of wall street).

    Tun please do take care of yourself, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. We love you Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, I love you Tun.

  175. cakkuncak Jun 5,2015 3:40 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I agree, TS LKW will need more than just marketing gimmicks to cover-up 1MDB’s mess.
    UMNO.. please wake up. Are you not ashamed ?

  176. Tired Jun 5,2015 3:38 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. The hell with your EX-friend and ‘your legacy’, Tun! Either way, your detractors would still blame you for Najib, Pak Lah, UMNO, BN, and the likes, no matter what! They would blame you even if their chickens could not lay eggs! Pity.

    2. As Muslims, “Whatever is with you, will be exhausted, and whatever with Allah (of good deeds) will remain.” (Surah Al-Nahl 16:96). Millions of Malaysians and I know all of your good deeds, and nothing could and would alter our memory of you, with or without your legacy. If ever there was any legacy that we would remember you by is that, “You were the only ‘Dictator’ in the whole wide world that resigned voluntarily whilst in office!” Take heart, Tun!

    3. My only wish of you now is for you to sit back and relax. You have done more than enough, for us already! Malaysia is our responsibility now. If we failed to progress with her, it would be our lost to regret. However, if we would be successful in progressing with her, you would be our inspiration. Let us shoulder that responsibility onwards.

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  177. amir yusof Jun 5,2015 3:37 PM

    FIFA dan Amerika ,rasuah dan sukan , kuasa perudangan sesebuah negara lain di gunapakai terhadap ( the rest of the world ) , bunyinya pelik bukan .

    “Signal” Amerika kepada dumia , sebabnya , Amerika boleh !

    Alassannya mudah , semasa jenayah dilakukan walaupun bukan di wilayah miliknya tetapi Amerika berhak mendakwa kerana instrument kewanganya ( bank ) telah digunakan .

    Kepada pemimpin dunia ( yg rasa ada buat “silap” ) serta enggan tunduk kepada kemahuan Amerika elok bersiap diri untuk dihukum oleh Amerika ( penjajahan bentuk baru ) .

    Obama ” pegang ” tengkuk PM Najib ?

    Legacy , DS Najib PM paling dungu dalam sejarah Persekutuan
    Malaysia ?

  178. Ahmad Tarmize Jun 5,2015 3:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I guess the person that you are referring to is Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.

    Does he, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, have no shame meeting you and ” ordering” you to shut up?

  179. faridina Jun 5,2015 3:30 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Dearest Tun,

    How could Lim Kok Wing do this to you? I can’t imagine after what you did to him and now his is biting back your fingers.

    To Najib and LKW, well its not you guys who decides on Tun’s legacy but the rakyats!

    And for Najib the PM (prime missing) you sure have got a lot to hide by not attending the nothing to hide forum!

    It’s been heartbreaking seeing the faces of Tun being ask to stop the talks by the police personnels but forgive them because they are only doing their jobs that is to follow orders. Whose order could that be?

    To my senior Ahmad Said salute to you for showing up at the forum, well as I said before you have strong character and when the going gets tough the tough gets going!

    Tun, we all pray to Allah on this blessfull Friday that truth will prevail and you are on the right track and got nothing to hide for sake of the rakyats.


    p/s – To Ahmad Said the last time Faridina’s family meet you, was at the Skypark(Subang Airport) a year before you were ask to resign and how glad we were to be able to chat with you and you even ask for our call card and invite us to Terengganu. You kept your people waiting even your entourage is ready and that is my humble down to earth senior Ahmad Said.

  180. sudin Jun 5,2015 3:28 PM


    When that ikan yu from Singapura died, Tun did not utter any bad/harsh words about him, even though in reality the contrasts were most obvious.
    Now Tun is still calling this so-called man as a friend even though he’s an oppurtunist who valued his expanding business more than anything else!

    He jumped ship too soon without realising Najib’s tenure will only last no more than 100 days. Or he’s very worried that Najib’s henchmen are already sounding to ‘disturb’ his edu business.

    Is he Lim Kok Wing?
    How can a successful man with a purportedly great stature cannot read what are Tun’s thinking!!

    Tun Dr. M has not allowed anything in Malaysia to bear his name!
    That is legacy.

  181. mustaqimabdulrahman Jun 5,2015 3:21 PM


    when i see u in ur office…i see 30 years of you since i first met u when i was 4…
    u a great leader and normal human…

    my father told me that u have very high expertise and ability to read ppl nerve point so you can ppl real character at glance…

    first pak lah, then najib…..and all other politician like rafidah etc not suprising me as politician nature is to lie with their acting face and eyes…

    but now limkokwing which is not politician also deceive you by their look….i think u have to spent your remaining year to again look on your friend list and appreciate ppl that are away from you…..u are a terrible in choosing friend like me…..

    nevertheless…….sometimes 2+2 can be not 4 because ALLAH power still rule at top….y cant u take risk on ppl like us…believe in us…we together can make a difference…

  182. joetamchi Jun 5,2015 3:10 PM

    “Nothing to Hide”..? “Something to Hide”..?
    “Someone Hiding”..? “Ain’t No Pride”..?


  183. sibotak Jun 5,2015 3:03 PM

    We the Rakyat only see this 1MDB through Tv & the internet media
    We are not in position to conclude nor to justify

    Who is Jho Low a friend of Rosmah son Step son of Najib
    Has the Damn Right to involves in 1MDB ?

    An indications of Favorism that will results in Misappropriation
    Mismanage , Embezzlement etc etc if one look at the wrong side

    At the good side
    Well Jho Low can gives his opinion as friends of the family
    BUT not to involves himself . Involving himself with acknowledgement of Najib
    Is an indications Najib abuse his Authority regardless of step son
    Upon this Rosmah is in the Picture

    Buying shares at high price from a Falling business is also
    An indications of Wrong Doings

    Favorism is a Serious Offense
    Favorism leads to personal gain It is as good & as bad as Corruptions

    I stand aloud with Mahathir & Razis from PKR nevertheless I hate Anwar
    Its not about UMNO, PKR

    Its a matter of Principle
    Regardless even the amount loss is 1 Ringgit

  184. meorhisham Jun 5,2015 2:51 PM

    Semoga semua diberi hidayah dalam menangani isu INI demi memastikan Malaysia terus maju. Perjuangan dan jasa Tun akan mendapat sokongan semua.
    Isu yg dihadapi Sekarang ibarat sudah terang lg bersuluh. Namun penyelesaian ibarat menarik ram but Dari tepung.

  185. Daniel Noor Jun 5,2015 2:45 PM

    Tun M’ s legacy ?. Does Najib wants to demolish the Peyronas Tower ?. Or he wants to be like Nero by burning down Putrajaya?.

    Najib’ s only legacy is stealing RM42 billion and till doomsday our childrens children will hv to suffer.

    I think about time the whole Rakyat shud be standing in front of his office n advise him to resign

    Semakin hari semakin kurang ajar anak Tun Razak neh

  186. mizs_fyda Jun 5,2015 2:45 PM

    Inilah namanya kawan masa senang sahaja. We still proud of what you are doing now,Tun. Stay healthy Tun and fight this so called “pahlawan Bugis”. InsyaAllah, our pray is always be with you despites what they are trying to manipulate. They can cheat “rakyat”, but they forgot that they never can cheat Allah swt. Sooner or later, everything will be revealed.

  187. Standingtall Jun 5,2015 2:40 PM

    Tun, let’s refer to your ex-friend by some made-up initials LKW. Gratitude is not limited by time, space, money. If indeed he has forgotten all these in pursuit of further fame and money, he has lost out, his soul and his legacy. What he should have done is refrain from taking up this position which will do his name and reputation irreparable damage. Sadly he has sold his soul and tarnished himself with 30units of silver. He must do the right thing and withdraw his services, it is not too late.

  188. First scholar Jun 5,2015 2:39 PM

    WE stand with u Tun!

  189. fbukhary Jun 5,2015 2:35 PM

    Salam Tun – i truly respect you for what you did today. You have courage and wisdom. My hope is also refreshed upon learning that you were at the hall today suggesting that you wanted to ask DS Najib critical questions regarding 1MDB since the event was supposed to be ‘nothing to hide’ forum. My hope is simple – that Malaysia’s dignity is restored.

    May Allah gives you strength.

  190. Ken Jun 5,2015 2:28 PM

    Tun Mahathir,

    I personally is also in doubt of your administration in the past. But what happening currently I think, and i think everyone thinks is a bit out of control.
    Anyhow, I think what Tun is doing for the good of the country. There is really nothing that Tun will benefit with the risk involved to go against the current Prime Minister. I think it is out of love for the country and to stop these greedy people in power from further taking advantage of the country’s fortune.
    I wish Tun in best of health. And you are not alone Tun. Just that our voices are too small now to be heard. It will grow big one day.

  191. novo Jun 5,2015 2:21 PM

    Salam Tun.

    2. Tun sebagai doktor tak bagi MC kepada Najib ke?
    3. Atau TUN menjadi sebab Najib dapat MC tu?


  192. novo Jun 5,2015 2:12 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I think your ex-friend is a bastard same as his BOSS.


  193. jrhtml Jun 5,2015 2:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga dipanjangkan umur dalam kesihatan, keberkatan, kebahagiaan.

    Pada pendapat saya kalau dia betul kawan, kenapa dia terima kerja untuk memburukan Tun.
    Kalau orang tu betul2 kawan kita, dia akan tolak kerja utk memburukkan kita.

    Terima kasih

  194. Aakash Jun 5,2015 2:00 PM

    It has come to a point where Dato’ Seri Najib is ‘buying’ these individuals to attack Tun.

  195. anak wawasan 2020 Jun 5,2015 1:50 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Macam ni rupanya pengecutnye PM yang dipilih untuk memerintah Malaysia!!

    PDRM, are you doing your job well? Why are leaving the high level thieves berkeliaran lagi and halau Tun yang bercakap benar? For how long you can do this?

    Watch “Najib to Hide – Tun M Dihalang Berucap oleh Polis” on YouTube

  196. Fikir Jun 5,2015 1:35 PM

    Lim Kok Wing will need superhuman energy and intellect to demonise dear Tun Dr M

  197. Nanana Jun 5,2015 1:22 PM

    So is your friend limkokwing????? Sounds like him.

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