1. From the comments on my blog and the questions I have been asked by people while shopping, it is clear that many do not know much about 1MDB. They know enough that Najib has done something wrong with the RM42 billion borrowed money, but are not clear about what is so wrong that I should call upon him to resign.

2. So I think I need to explain why 1MDB is wrong in stages.

The Terengganu Investment Authority

3. Firstly the attempt to hijack the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) money. Petronas pays 5% of its gross earnings to the Terengganu Government. Over the years their royalty has grown quite big.

4. Jho Low persuaded Najib to make the TIA into a sovereign fund for investment like the Kuwait Investment Fund but under Najib’s control. Appointments of staff were made by Najib without Terengganu’s knowledge. Terengganu agreed at first but when Najib decided to raise through bonds RM5 billion using Terengganu oil wells as collateral, the istana and the Government thought it was not right.

5. Terengganu requested that the issuance of the bonds be deferred. Najib went ahead. Terengganu accordingly withdrew as it cannot let its’ oil wells be put at risk.

6. Jho Low then advised Najib that the Federal Government should guarantee the loan. Strictly speaking such a matter should be discussed and approved by Cabinet. There is no evidence that a cabinet paper was prepared and presented for approval despite the amount being unusually big. In fact for a long time Cabinet was not aware of the activities of 1MDB.

7. To avoid scrutiny by officials, the loan was classified as off – budget i.e. outside the annual budget presented to and approved by Parliament. Off – budget spending can be made but usually only limited in amount. RM5 billion have never been borrowed by Government or any of its agencies. It should not be off-budget. It should get Cabinet approval first and then presented to Parliament. None of these procedures were followed.

8. It is not clear whether any Government department or agencies have scrutinised the terms of the loans. But the terms were very unfavourable to 1MDB and the Government.

9. Goldman Sachs which was entrusted with raising the loan was given;

i) Commission of 10%
ii) The interest rate was fixed at 5.9%

10. What this means is that of the RM5 billion borrowed 1MDB would get only RM4.5 billion. Goldman Sachs would get RM500 million as commission, an inordinately large sum.

11. But 1MDB would pay 5.9% interest on the whole of RM5 billion. Since it gets only RM4.5 billion the rate of interest on this amount would be 6.6% plus. Goldman Sachs need not pay interest on the RM500,000,000/- it got as commission.

12. Loans taken by Government or guaranteed by Government would normally carry 3% interest or less. But the 1MDB loan cost almost 7% interest i.e, about RM350 million a year or almost RM1 million per day.

13. Who approved such terrible terms for a loan to a government owned company? We would like to know who. There must be some documents with the signature of the approving authority. If not somebody needs to answer for this stupidity. Or is it abuse of authority.

14. But more loans were raised from local as well as foreign banks. In all RM42 billion were borrowed. It is not clear what the terms are. But interest on RM42 billion must come to almost RM3 billion a year. Unless the investment yield fantastic returns, the interest burden would sink 1MDB. In fact as everyone knows Ananda Krishnan had to make available RM2 billion to pay the interest. Is it a loan or a free gift? Later 1MDB had to sell shares or properties for USD1 billion (RM3.7 billion) in order to settle short term loan from a German bank.

15. 1MDB is effectively headed by the Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Finance. When loans of more than 100 million are raised for investment overseas Bank Negara has to approve. But the final approval must come from the Minister responsible. And the Minister responsible is also the effective head of 1MDB.


16. The best known investments by 1MDB were in the purchase of power plants and Government land as well as private land.

Power Plants

17. RM18 billion was spent to purchase IPP belonging to Ananda Krishnan, Genting Sanyen Power (now known as Kuala Langat Power Plant) and Jimah Energy.

18. The prices paid for Genting Sanyen and Ananda’s IPP were well above market price. 1MDB also paid RM6 billion for unpaid loans. The Jimah IPP was to put up another power plant. But 1MDB had no money to build this plant

19. Genting Sanyen and Tanjung Energy (now known as Powertek Energy Sdn Bhd) were nearing expiration of their licenses. Had 1MDB waited until the licenses expired, the price would be next to nothing.

20. Why 1MDB did not wait until the expiry of the license is a mystery. Genting and Ananda clearly made more money than they were entitled to. One estimate is that the high price netted the sellers an extra RM3 billion. Besides they are relieved of the loan of RM6 billion.

21. So not only is the borrowing costly but the high cost of investments will mean low returns. Why is 1MDB so stupid.

22. As stated above 1MDB is unable to get the IPP listed again. Who would want to own overpriced and obviously unprofitable power plant.

Purchase of Land

23. The land along Jalan Tun Razak was actually meant for an agency to build shops etc for Bumiputras. But instead the Government sold the 70 acres to 1MDB for RM320 million i.e. at RM 60/- psf. Land close by had been sold at RM7000 /-psf. 1MDB should pay at least RM3000 to RM4000 /- psf.

24. Government lost a huge amount of money from the sales. The question is why did the Government sell at such a low price. One cannot help thinking it is because the PM ordered the sale. If so it is wrong and it constitutes abuse of authority. The full value should be paid to the Government now.

25. Then 1MDB decides to sell a small part of the land at the price it bought the whole 70 acres of land. Payment was made by Tabung Haji even before the transfer of ownership was completed. Apparently 1MDB needed the money immediately.

26. The directors of 1MDB and Tabung Haji are the same people. They claim that they abstained from voting. But obviously it was not an arms– length deal.

27. If the Government could sell to 1MDB at RM60 /- psf, it should also sell at the same price to TH. But effectively it has used money saved by intending pilgrims to give enormous profit to 1MDB.

28. It is the same with the Sungai Besi airport land. 1MDB acquires it at the ridiculously low price of RM90 /- psf. The value of the land is at least RM2000 /- psf.

29. But 1MDB bought private land in Penang at a much higher price. Yet the land is not at the centre of the city, has more than 1000 squatters and has not obtained the Penang Government approval for development. Seems like 1MDB had overpaid the seller for useless land. Why?


30. 1MDB claims it has assets worth RM52 billion.

31. So far no explanation has been given as to how these assets are valued. How much is the value of all the power plants. And how much are the prices of land worth?

32. Future values after development may be big but billions of Ringgits must be invested before the property can be sold. After deducting cost, the return cannot be very big. The power plants and the land cannot be worth RM52 billion.

33. Even if this money is used to repay debts, the disappearance of billions of Ringgit must be recovered, or 1MDB should be charged for the loss.

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  1. mykew Aug 26,2015 1:50 PM

    The nation is under assault. Whatever happens now and how it happens is beyond capability of understanding because it is meant to be confusing and made difficult to comprehend. But, its ending is all but predictable.
    Part I : 1MDB as vehicle to create debt of nation to foreign hands.
    Part II : Important asset of nation is sold to foreign hand through 1MDB.
    Part III : Debt service becomes difficult and government is faced with defaulting the debt.
    Part IV : Foreign hand will extend help to refinance debt, with terms and conditions that will take away national dignity.

  2. Mutley Jun 23,2015 12:00 PM
    The Jho Low/1MDB Crime Syndicate – The Arab Angle
    By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

    Let’s not beat around the bush and call a spade, a spade.

    The Corporate Criminal Elements of PetroSaudi Group, comprising of:

    – PetroSaudi International Ltd, registered in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter called “PSI” Saudi Arabia as stated in official letters);

    – PetroSaudi Holdings (Cayman) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “PSI” Cayman as stated in the JV Agreement);

    – PetroSaudi International (Cayman) (hereinafter referred to as “PetroSaudi Cayman” as stated in the JV Agreement and Loan Agreement);

    – 1MDBPetroSaudi Ltd (hereinafter referred to “1MDBPetroSaudi BVI” which was incorporated on 18th September, 2009 when reference is made before the JV Agreement was signed); and

    – 1MDBPetroSaudi Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “JV Company” when reference is made after 28th September, 2009)

    were the corporate criminal elements of the Jho Low/1MDB Crime Syndicate.

    They were all active participants in the US$ Multi-billion scam which brought shame, utter shame to Malaysia and made the entire Barisan Nasional government led by the Prime Minister a sick joke!

    We will now identify the Key Arab Actors of the Crime Syndicate:

    1. PetroSaudi International Ltd, registered in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter called “PSI” Saudi Arabia) was led by Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid and assisted by Patrick Mahoney;

    2. PetroSaudi Holdings (Cayman) Ltd, registered in the Cayman Islands (hereinafter referred to as “PSI” Cayman) was led by Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid and assisted by Patrick Mahoney;

    3. PetroSaudi International (Cayman) registered in the Cayman Islands (hereinafter referred to as “PetroSaudi Cayman”) was led by Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid;

    4. 1MDBPetroSaudi Ltd registered in the British Virgin Islands on 18th September, 2009 (hereinafter referred to “1MDBPetroSaudi BVI” whenever referred to before the signing of the JV Agreement) was led by Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid; and
    5. 1MDBPetroSaudi Ltd, the same company as in sub-paragraph (4) (hereinafter referred to as the “JV Company” when referred to after the signing of the JV Agreement by 1MDB) was led by the Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid and assisted by the two nominees of 1MDB, Mr. Casey Tang Keng Chee and Mr. Shahrol Azral Bin Ibrahim Halmi.

    Malaysians would find it difficult to accept that the above companies led by the Arab Crime Chief, Tarek Obaid were complicit in the dastardly financial gang rape of Malaysia. For anyone reading this article and all my previous articles on the 1MDB financial fiasco, please Google the following:

    Which Global Banks were charged for manipulating the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) interest rates and made US$ Billions?

    Which Global Banks were charged for manipulating the Gold markets and made US$ Billions?

    Which Global Banks were charged with manipulating the Commodities markets and made US$ Billions?

    Which Global Banks were charged with manipulating the Currency markets and made US$ Trillions?

    Which Global Banks were identified as “Too Big To Fail” and “Too Big To Prosecute” by none other than the former Attorney-General under President Obama, Mr Eric Holder for all the above crimes? If Global “Too Big To Fail” Banks can commit heinous crimes, why do some Malaysians find it so hard to believe that Arab financial mafias are capable of committing heinous crimes?

    I am willing to challenge anyone to prove me wrong when I ACCUSE Goldman Sachs of having peddled junk financial structured products, which were fraudulently rated AAA by rating agencies and then sold to customers worldwide prior to the 2007/2008 Global Financial Crisis. If I am proven wrong, I will publish a written apology in any national newspaper. If I am proven right, the challenger must likewise publish an apology in any national newspaper of my choice for questioning my integrity.

    I now accuse Tarek Obaid as a leading member of the Jho Low/1MDB Crime Syndicate! ​

    Let’s get back to the subject matter.

    Jho Low’s wheeling and dealings, using 1MDB borrowed monies for his own use and on behalf of third parties, could not have been executed without the direct and conscious participation of the above companies led by the Arab Crime Chief Tarek Obaid and aided and abetted by the members of the Board of Directors of 1MDB and government officials.

    The real mastermind in this entire financial gang rape of Malaysia will be revealed soon enough. Please be patient, as everyone needs to understand how the scam was conceived and executed.

    We are still focusing on the “First Financial Gang Rape” of Malaysia via the setting up of the JV Company, 1MDB-PetroSaudi Ltd.

    Step 1 – The Seduction of 1MDB and the Malaysian Government

    PetroSaudi International Ltd (“PSI” Saudi Arabia) dangled the financial bait that it has US$2.5 billion worth of energy assets in Turkmenistan and Argentina. These representations were in fact fraudulent as at all material time PSI Saudi Arabia was not the legal owner of the so-called energy assets. The fraudulent representation was made in a Letter from PSI Saudi Arabia dated 28th August, 2009 signed by the Arab Crime Chief, Tarek Obaid as CEO of the said company. The fraudulent representation was part of an elaborate scheme to hoodwink Malaysians into believing that the Joint Venture was a genuine business venture and provided the cover to transfer US$ billions from Malaysia to overseas bank accounts controlled by the Crime Syndicate.

    The so-called valuation of the said energy assets were also fraudulent because whoever made the said valuation for and or behalf of PSI Saudi Arabia would have discovered from the Get-Go that PSI Saudi Arabia was not the legal owner of the said energy assets, regardless of the actual value of the assets.


    Assuming a factory is worth RM2.5 billion at the most conservative estimate, but it is owned by Company A.

    Company B represents that it would inject this factory as its asset contribution to a JV company, while YOU the idiot is required to inject RM1 billion cash. Even if the factory is ultimately shown to be worth RM3 billion, it makes no difference because company B cannot claim ownership and inject the factory into the JV Company because it is not the owner of the factory. It is that simple!

    What should have been done by 1MDB (if the transaction was a genuine business transaction) was to determine as a condition precedent who actually owns the said energy assets, regardless of its value.

    When the JV Agreement was signed by 1MDB, PSI Saudi Arabia disappeared from sight and another company was substituted. PetroSaudi Holdings (Cayman) Ltd, PSI Cayman became 1MDB’s JV Partner.

    A further seduction was made.

    The JV Agreement states that the energy assets that have been allegedly injected into 1MDB PetroSaudi BVI were worth US$2.7 billion (as opposed to the earlier valuation of US$2.5 billion) and these so-called assets were allegedly owned by a company known as PetroSaudi International Cayman (PetroSaudi Cayman) and in the JV Agreement it was declared that PetroSaudi Cayman owns all the legal and beneficial interests in the said energy assets and these assets have been transferred to 1MDB PetroSaudi Ltd BVI, the company that was registered by the Arab Crime Chief on the 18th September, 2009 before 1MDB signed the JV agreement.

    1MDB made no attempts to determine whether in law and in fact PetroSaudi Cayman actually owns the said energy assets. If 1MDB had made an investigation as to the ownership of these assets, it would have discovered that PetroSaudi Cayman was not the owner. Neither was PSI Cayman the owner!


    When a woman holds a placard that says “I Love You” and you assume she is a virgin, and smitten by her declaration, you make love to her, then promise to enter into an everlasting partnership of marriage and subsequently discovers that she is under-aged, you would have committed the crime of statutory rape!

    Likewise, when 1MDB deliberately failed to determine the legal ownership of the energy assets and hastily paid out US$1 billion, and then discovers the claims of ownership of the energy assets by PSI Saudi Arabia and PSI Cayman were fraudulent, 1MDB allowed Malaysia to be financially gang raped by the Arabs and their accomplices!

    Step 2 – The Cover-Up of the Financial Gang Rape

    After the signing of the JV Agreement by 1MDB, the local and international mass media gave wide publicity to the joint venture.

    In a press release issued by 1MDB, it was stated inter-alia that “The JVC is also expected to be a vehicle for investments from the Middle East into the region, thereby giving Malaysia the edge in drawing investments from the cash and resource rich region”.

    The irony was that after 1MDB inked the JV Agreement, no cash came to Malaysia from the Arabs but, instead US$1 billion went to companies controlled by the Arab Crime Chief and Jho Low, which was made possible by the actions of several Malaysian accomplices!

    Once the US$1 billion was transferred to companies within the PetroSaudi Group, there was an urgent need to cover-up the criminal trail!

    How can 1MDB explain to Malaysia that US$1 billion was injected into the JV Company but there was nothing to show for it – Zilch!

    1MDB was allotted 1 billion shares in the JV Company but they were all worthless, toilet paper assets.

    The best evidence against any criminal is their voluntary confessions to the crime. And so, Malaysians must demand from 1MDB an explanation of the following actions taken by the Board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Finance as well as Bank Negara, namely:

    1. Did 1MDB terminate the JV and subsequently sold the 1 billion shares in the JV Company?

    2. Who was the purchaser of the shares, the JV Company or PSI Cayman?

    3. If it was the JV Company and not PSI Cayman, what was the rationale?

    4. What was the sale price for the said shares? Was it US$1.2 billion?

    5. How was the sale price paid?

    6. Was the sale price US$1.2 billion “converted to a debt” so that the purchaser instead of paying off the price of the said shares, is now “deemed a debtor” and the obligation is one of “repaying a debt” under an “Islamic Financial Arrangement” referred to as a “Murabaha Financing Agreement”?

    7. Has the relevant Islamic Authorities in Malaysia ruled that this specific “Murabaha Financing Agreement” is in accordance with the relevant Syariah Laws?

    8. In the Memorandum and Articles of Associations of 1MDB, at the date of the said Murabaha Financing Agreement, was there an “Objects Clause” authorising the lending of monies by 1MDB to any 3rd Parties?

    9. Did 1MDB have the authority and or have the required Licence to grant such loans as it is not a “financial institution” as defined under the relevant laws in Malaysia?

    10. Can 1MDB confirm whether the following provision was stated in the said Murabaha Financing Agreement entered into between 1MDB and 1MDB PetroSaudi Ltd (the JV Company), namely:

    “The Parties wish to agree that upon the completion of the Share Sale Agreement pursuant to the terms of the Share Sale Letter Agreement, the obligation of the Purchaser to pay the Share Price by the Purchaser to the Seller will constitute indebtedness between the Purchaser, as debtor, and the Seller, as creditor as part of the facility made available to the Purchaser hereunder, such indebtedness to be in the amount of one billion two hundred million Dollars (US$1,200,000,000) (the “Initial Tranche”) and which shall be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.”

    11. Can 1MDB explain (as stated in the above quoted provision of the said Murabaha Facility Agreement), why the payment of US$1.2 billion being the Share Price which was “converted” to an “indebtedness” by the JV Company, 1MDB PetroSaudi Ltd, is defined as the “Initial Tranche”?

    12. Can 1MDB explain to all Malaysians (after having been fraudulently induced and seduced into paying US$1 billion to subscribe for 1 billion shares in a JV Company with no assets worth US$2.7 billion) why having demanded the repayment of the US$1 billion by way of a debt under an Islamic financial arrangement, it has agreed to extend further monies to the JV Company under the Murabaha Agreement?

    13. Can 1MDB confirm that there is such a provision in the said Murabaha Agreement that provides:

    “In addition, the Purchaser wishes to avail itself of a murabaha finance facility to be made available to it by the Seller, at the Seller’s absolute discretion (the “Additional Tranche”) whereby the Seller will, at the request of the Purchaser:

    (i) Purchase the following commodities …
    (ii) Sell such commodities to the Purchaser …”

    14. Can 1MDB confirm that by Clause 2.1 of the said Murabaha Agreement, the term “Additional Tranche” quoted above has been defined as:

    “means the murabaha finance facility referred to in Recital (D) and made available to the Purchaser by the Seller (at the Seller’s absolute discretion) pursuant to an Additional Tranche Request in an amount up to one billion five hundred million Dollars (US$1,500,000,000).”

    15. Can 1MDB confirm that US$800 million of “Additional Tranche” was given to the JV Company? If this amount is incorrect, how much “Additional Tranche” out of the US$1.5 billion allocated under the agreement, was given to the JV Company?

    16. What was the rationale for this added amount of facility?

    17. Is this not, to borrow the expression, digging a bigger financial hole for 1MDB?

    In the “1MDB Infographics” given to the mass media by Arul Kanda and as explained by the 2nd Finance Minister, can 1MDB explain how and in what form was the “repayment of the US$1.2 Billion” made and in what Bank Account(s) and or Fund(s) have these monies been credited?

    Likewise, how were the monies constituting the “Additional Tranche” repaid and to which Bank Account(s) and or Fund(s) were these monies credited into?

    From the above exposė, I hope that it is now clear to all Malaysians that the financial gang rape of Malaysia could not have been perpetrated without the active participation of the Arab elements of the Crime Syndicate.

    Malaysians must therefore demand from the Prime Minister why no actions have been taken against the officials of the PetroSaudi group of companies identified above?

    Malaysians must demand from the Prime Minister why no reports have been submitted to INTERPOL to investigate the above crimes which have been perpetrated across at least five jurisdictions, namely Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Singapore.

  3. teratai Jun 19,2015 2:16 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Thank you so much for a very detailed explaination of 1MDB.

    We are all with you.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  4. Idea Jun 16,2015 11:16 AM

    “26. The directors of 1MDB and Tabung Haji are the same people. They claim that they abstained from voting. But obviously it was not an arms–length deal.”

    Dato’ Johan Abdullah is the chairman of Edra Global Energy Berhad (a subsidiary of 1MDB). He officially recommended the purchase of 1MDB land (as shown in the confidential document here:

  5. wajaperak Jun 16,2015 9:03 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Dear Mr balance.
    [9. If God can help, there are many god/gods which one is better God?]
    This is your personal questionnaires to our distinguish Mr Mubarak Chan.
    I should not intefere but the question must not go abegging.So in my personal capacity I would like you to consider approach.
    Methodology of approaches.
    Human is actually the reflection of the Creator.That is to certain effect what is meant in Al Quran.
    So if you take it literally you will wonder and wander in perpetuity of loss.
    Hence we compromise of agreed values.
    The adage cleanliness is holiness is true.
    Instead of pondering about god function’s why don’t we start wondering about our cleanliness..
    Cannot see the connection with Tun posting THE 1MDB STORY?
    Actually it is all relevant..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  6. mubarakchan Jun 16,2015 6:52 AM


    For Saudara Balance and Saudara Sudin. The best foreign consultants stay at home. Only the 4th rate are exported. Our best durians stay at home but the rest are exported. However, the domestic chilies are not as pungent as the imported ones. In 2015, we still think imported chilies and foreign consultants are the best when in fact we have local expertise like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Daim and others who have delivered and would not take the first plane out in a financial crisis. OK. Gentlemen.

    Our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and all serious and caring members of our Malaysian Society are very concerned with the surreptious appearance of a humongous debt of ONE TRILLION RINGGITS since 2004 through the aping of the cunning Dictator’s (1959-2015) GLCs without a study or a proper undersstanding of his motive and implementation. He was hard-working and earnest, eschewed 19 holes of golf, counted every Singaporean cent in the Government coffers and had a special interest in the personal lives and sexual mores of his underlings. He was no underling. HE WAS THE BOSS.

    This Grandmother of all SOVEREIGN DEBT OF ONE TRILLION RINGGITS not SOVEREIGN FUND will at some point in the future bring us much grief and tears. She will create inflation, a drop in revenues, mounting unemployment, social unrest and IMF will turn up in a once happy and contented country.

    Illiquidity in the monetary system will be the watch word.

    This will radically change our FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY AND OPEN CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM WITH A MALAY BIAS. The lender if it is an international body will insist that all things should be equal. The political leadership now provided by the Malays will be gone being the same scenario of what happened to President Suharto with Monsieur Michel Camdessus standing with his arms akimbo by his side in 1997.

    First, our reliable and tested FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY AND OPEN CAPTIALISTIC SYSTEM WITH A MALAY BIAS BECOMES just a Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristics monitored by the IMF.

    Second, it is no laughing matter, dear Sirs, Saudara Sudin and Saudara Balance in the present environment with or withour the FOREIGN CONSULTANTS who are just ordinary ornaments.


  7. mubarakchan Jun 15,2015 11:38 PM


    For Saudara Sudin. I appreciate your succinct comment. Thsnks. The control and repatriation of Sime Darby through free market purchases came about with my 1972 concept which was fully supported by our great Tun Abdul Razak and his competent confidante and later the Minister of Finance, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. The acquisition cost was only RM 23 millions at a time when it was difficult for Bumiputras to raise funding.

    It was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who completed the job of buying up all the British plantation companies at free market prices beginning with Guthries. That was the end of ordinary foreign consultants living off the land at our expense.

    How long the present batch of foreign consultants will last is the ONE TRILLION RINGGIT QUESTION ? I leave it at that.

    The historical facts which I have given time and time again on our corporate activities since 1957 should give good insights of what had been achieved before.

    The fact is during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 year Administrtion he did what was humanly possible eg. built all the iconic infrastructures and created single-handedly the 3 millions Malay Middle Income famillies without strife or rancour which up-lifted the 3 millions non-Malay Middle Income famillies through the purchase of the latter’s goods and services by the former. Please visit any Mall and see the Tun’s great success in human resource development. Seeing is believing !

    Foreign consultants will never learn about our unique society of diverse races which lived together for centuries. I lived in their countries for years and I know how they operate.

    The late Dictator (1959-2015) lost US$ 108 Billions on Wall Street in October 2008 by believing in consultants. Afterwards, he could only grin and bear it. He really did not understand the foreigners he dealt. They misled him.


    Our beloved Tun never employed foreign consultants for 22 years and yet he could single-handedly create all the iconic developments and the humongous Malay Middle Income Group which up-lifted the non-Malay Middle Income Group as well and more. He left this hardwork to be completed by his predecessors to win accolades. But this did not happen.

    But with the foreign consultants, party boys and unqualified cartoonists we have a ONE TRILLION RINGGIT DEBT instead.

    What we now need is MR DAVID COPPERFIELD ? Right Saudara Sudin ? Not foreign consultants who could only teach us how to suck eggs !

  8. mubarakchan Jun 15,2015 10:56 PM


    For Saudara Balance, I put this aside specially for you eg. my thoughts on our Malaysian currency.

    The value of the Malaysian currency is exactly how the head of a family manages his household.

    If this person is wise and frugal and save for the rainy day for his family’s future and his children’s education, then all is well. His value and credibility will rank high with those he deals with in monetary terms.

    If a person is a spend-thrift and did not listen to his wife or associates but had a desire for good things without working for it, then his value and credibility are diminished.

    A currency of any country is like the value of a household and depends on the leadership qualities of the country.

    There was a period 1972 -1981 in which the Malaysian ringgit was RM1.00 to S$1.03. This was when the Government had good governance and Bank Negara Malaysia had an easy relationship. The trust in the Governor by the Government permitted him to do what is best for the country according to Central Bank practices. There was gold in the vaults which were purchased at very low prices.

    A Central Bank is the Banker to the Government and safe-guards the value of the currency.

    Later, the Government decided to expand our economy through the exports of manufactured goods and maintain the markets for plantation products. A strong Ringgit does not make our goods competitive. From here Bank Negara Malaysia worked on a different formula of a basket of currencies which were related to our trade partners. A weaker Ringgit is more conducive to an emerging economy like ours in the 1980s and 1990s.

    External factors like the Foreign Direct Investments into the country also play a part in the performance of the Ringgit.

    A very important factor is the political leadership and the perceived political stability of the country.

    This was where the late Dictator (1959-2015) was forever bluffing, hectoring, conjuring, brainwashing etc all and sundry that he was great and clean, and so was Singapore. This was the premium for the Singapore Dollar and all their stuff were World Class, Best in Asia, or second best to the United States. It is all a matter of perception and the value of the Singapore Dollar can disappear overnight as it was pumped up in the past.

    The real Singapore fits into just one of the Scottish isles in Scotland which has everything which Singapore has not eg. a huge land mass with over a thousand islands, oil and gas, a sizeable population with very fine and intelligent people, academics, politicians, artistes, engineers, scientists etc by the hundreds.


    We have barren Singapore with just Lee Kuan Yew and his brilliant out-of-date Cambridge law degree challenging the World with his apparent humongous foreign manned and lend-lease military for two generations of independence.

    Saudara Balance, see the mind-sets. Scotland has everything and more. Singapore has nothing but its only natural resource is Bluffology.

    In other words, our Malaysian currency the Ringgit will find its NORMAL level under NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES with free market terms. There should be no worry if we are not abnormal because we have the human and natural resources and last but not least our STRATEGIC GEO-POLITICAL LOCATION BETWEEN THE STRAITS OF MELAKA AND THE SOUTH CHINA SEA.

    A ONE TRILLION RINGGIT DEBT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH MAY MATCH THE RM 1.17 TRILLION ESTIMATED GDP FOR 2015 leaves hardly any money for Ali, Ah Kow and Samy in a population of 30 millions.

    It is the factual and honest information for all that will bring our beloved Malaysia up to the ranks of Switzerland and Japan with NORMAL LEADERSHIP. Singapore will just wither away if the TPPA is not signed by Malaysia and the Kra Canal is built. History is the best arbiter of Humankind.


  9. HBT456 Jun 15,2015 10:46 PM

    123. if epf let the wheel chair ex manager to withdraw full savings before he reaches 55 years old because of compassion, then everyone like him also want to withdraw.

    124. then those who have no confident with 1mdb also want to withdraw.

    125. then tabung haji contributors also follow.

    126. later on civil servants go on strike tak percaya boss mereka, iaitu pm.

    127. remember the rope game?

    128. if group a let go the rope, group b will fall tak kisah you ini tm ke atau mm.

    129. confidence crisis is not something to play about.

    130. when malaysians loose confidence, they will leave the country.

  10. sudin Jun 15,2015 10:33 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Since the “Visit Malaysia Year” was started by Tun more than 25 years ago, tourists coming to Malaysia have increased exponentially, putting Malaysia among the top 10 tourist destination in the world.

    Tourism once became Malaysia’s 2nd biggest income! The Arabs can be found everywhere in Malaysia.

    Then along comes Nazri….
    The Arabs seem to have dosappeared!
    We are abegging for the Chinese to return!!
    Malaysia will definitely lose RMbillions of income due to Nazri’s lackadaisical attitude and egoistic approach.

    And the same Nazri is now shouting “I don’t know what it’s all about and I don’t care” to the wrong people, as usual.

  11. mubarakchan Jun 15,2015 9:52 PM


    Just a small amendment to my comment, thus, …..two Prime Ministers and a Minister of Finance. instead of … Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance. The error is regretted.

  12. mubarakchan Jun 15,2015 9:25 PM


    For Saudara Balance. It is good, very good that your fertile mind is now stimulated by the distinguished and honourable comments on this Blog and some of my humble insights. I will try to answer your learned queries to the best of my ability :-

    1. NORMALCY. The Normalcy of a Country must be based on the Leadership of the Day in comparison with events which affected the Rakyat’s lives in political, social and economic terms through the decades.

    For example, I felt the Federal Government was caring, provided me with security and was not exclusive from our great Tunku’s Administration right through to 2003. I felt extremely comfortable with the knowledge that the leadership was serious with money, security and forward planning for the Rakyat with frugality. My own feelings in comparison with the majority was at par with all. This is NORMALCY.

    From 2004 onwards, I felt I was living in a strange country which practises strange policies or no policies at all. Things like consultants, Singapore knows best, etc have all been discarded at the beginning of the NEP (1970) in which the whole lot of British businesses were taken over at market prices except the foreign banks which were partially Malaysianised as per the NEP.

    And we brought back these foreign types to teach us how to suck eggs by conveniently forgetting that the Malays through my 1972 concept took-over Sime Darby in 1976 for only RM 23 Millions. We now pay-out billions of ringgits hoping we can buy happiness with no worries which I learnt a long time ago is that every man or woman is for themselves alone !

    The engagement of retrogressive types can only generate retrogressive policies which is happening now leading to the complete isolation of the leadership from the Rakyat. This slip also happened down South, which cost them dear eg. US$108 Billions loss in October 2008. The Dictator could only grin and bear it for believing in foreign consultants.

    From 1957 to 2003, anyone could walk up to the office of the Prime Minister and meet him or any other Minister for that matter. These Prime Ministers were all humble people from very distinguished backgrounds. I used to do it too. They never turned their residences into night clubs stocked with jet-set stars and free flow of drinks at Rakyat/our expense. This was not propriety.

    Normalcy also means propriety, frugality, standards, conformity, probity, ethics, filial piety, gratitude, loyalty, integrity, sincerity (no lies) and whatever which comes within the ambit of the word “VIRTUE”.

    Normalcy can only work when the leadership fulfil the THREE GOLDEN ATTRIBUTES FOR LEADERSHIP eg.

    i). Commonsense

    ii). Ability to think out of the Box- BY YOURSELF AND NOT BY YOUR CONSULTANTS. For example, the decision of the TPPA is a pure Political Decision whether it will affect the Malays and the non-Malays or not. There is nothing technical about this by employing CONSULTANTS. In my 100 years, I have never met a Consultant who said “NO”. No consultant will ever make us rich or else they do it themselves and not rent themselves out!

    iii). Compassion. I found my rich godless relatives have no compassion.

    2. How to return to NORMALCY. It is easy to destroy decades of good deeds and goodwill. But it is very difficult to re-build again.

    So far so good. The damage is only known to the extent of RM ONE TRILLION DEBT.

    If the leadership returns to conventional standards, rules with confidence without CONSULTANTS OR UNQUALIFIED CARTOONISTS OR PARTY BOYS but only with those who have only APPETITE FOR NORMAL DESIRES, and do NORMAL SPORTING ACTIVITIES in NORMAL PLACES within NORMAL HOURS we are back to NORMAL. The whole Country takes off like a rocket unlike the limpid rocket which hung on a piece of cloth for 50 years.

    For example, in 1968, the Federal Government owned only a RM 500,000 de Haviland Dove which had the luxury of 4 small propeller engines. You could kiss the tree tops as you fly over the Genting Pass. This is NORMALCY with the realization that in our beloved country many people with power come from humble backgrounds.


    3. Singapore’s superiority in sports in the ASEAN Games. In the 1960s, many Asian countries did not know how to play football, hockey, sepak takraw, etc. But in 2015, these countries Japan, Korea and Thailand are ahead of us. Malaysian sports were great in the 1960s with a lot of interest from the Prime Minister and the populace. The sports leadership was not politicised. The erosion in standards came about through urbanisation and the changing demographics from the 1970s onwards.

    4. Not to worry, given the right leadership, our Sportsmen and women will bounce back in time. I observe our sporting compatriots are good in new sporting events. The leadership must focus on the events which are best for us Malaysians with a professional approach which means time and money and honest dedication.

    Singapore’s sportsmen and sportswomen are a hodge-podge of nationalities ranging from China through Thailand, Indonesia and India. The Dictator bought up 4th rate table-tennis players from China, shooters, swimmers, and badminton players too. Their Gold medals total is the privilege of the host country to make up only the events in which the host country is strong in like swimming in which you may have as many as 40-50 gold medal events. No problem.

    Generally, I am not bothered with this upmanship in sports or the normal course of commerce by Singapore. It is only when their leadership thinks they are smart to upset our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTERST, SELF-ESTEEM, then, I react accordingly because I studied them in and out since October 1951- like the poisoned chalice TPPA – it’s a fool’s Trade Agreement for our beloved Malaysia!

    5. Why Malaysia does not boast about her academics ? There is nothing to boast about because it is traditional of academics to be recognised by their own peers in their specialised fields which have nothing to do with the layman or the society at large.

    For example, I never boast that 15 members of my extended family went up to Cambridge from 1921 to 2015 ! Of which, there was a Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance.

    Boasting exemplies an inferiority complex which will not do any good in any society. Look what happened to the failed State of Singapore with their unending trumpeting of their apparent successes which actually amounted to nothing as a viable and coherent society which has an expired political system eg. the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System of a departed Dictator who only knew how to make it work !

    6 to 8. On religious matters which I think are personal matters and I am not a trained religious person, I humbly refer you to the Constitution of Malaysia for guidance if you have not already formed your own thoughts on this personal subject. All I can say is that I have rich relatives who are godless and compassionless.


  13. sudin Jun 15,2015 7:42 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Sorry to mubarakchan, now your favourite phrase of “Malaysia boleh” is no more applicable?
    Najib has all the mat salleh advisors replacing not performing Malaysians!!!
    Malaysians now dah tak boleh!!!

  14. man Jun 15,2015 4:54 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Maaf Tun off-topic sikit.

    Bolasepak dalam sukan SEA kita kalah di peringkat kumpulan. Takpelah mungkin bila kita tuan rumah dalam 2 tahun lagi kita boleh perolehi emas balik. Sebagai tuan rumah, adalah dikira wajib menang emas bolasepak. Tak guna menang banyak emas, tapi ibu segala emas yakni bolasepak tidak diperolehi. Harap2 Malaysia akan menggunakan sepenuhnya kelebihan sebagai tuan rumah nanti.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. balance Jun 15,2015 10:08 AM

    mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 12:28 PM

    May i ask or learn from your great mind:-
    1. what is NORMALCY or what do you mean NORMALCY in your comment
    2. how to return to NORMALCY?
    3. If Malaysia is so right or correct how-come even in sports (SEA Games) Malaysia is behind the failed tiny Republic of Singapore?
    4 What can we do to push Malaysia (from currency. reputation, sports, education & etc) to be in front of that useless and fail two streets state?
    5. Why Malaysia dont want to boast about our academic achievements? While we can boast many other subjects, is it because we are truly not up there? We seem to be obsess with Guinness World of Records for longest or biggest this and that!
    6. Why Govt have to be with God or without God?
    7. Can Malaysia be better with or without God?
    8. Can God help Govt to run a country?
    9. If God can help, there are many god/gods which one is better God?
    10. What is the relationship between God or Religion with Politics?
    Have millions more questions but let me learn these 10 first.

    Thank You in advance

  16. mubarakchan Jun 15,2015 9:07 AM


    Our beloved Malaysia which was once the most boring of countries, has turned the eyes of the World on us by the daily exchanges of barbs and tirades from a group of compatriots which was not expected to do things with their hair down. But this has happened.

    My take on this unusual turn of events is that the poison is the aping of the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES of the late cunning Dictator (1959-2015) which were created and personally managed by him. He was hard-working and earnest to the core, gave up 19 holes of golf, counted every cent of legalised Government money, kept his ears to the private and sexual derring-dos of his underlings and neighbours in his quest to knuckle-down us Malaysians to expand the LEIBENSRAUM of little Singapore. He failed.

    But the aping of his failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES is the prime cause of the hair-wrenching, grief and tears in KL without the realization that money is a fickle mistress.

    I guess our Federal Government financial obligations may touch the dizzy heights of ONE TRILLION RINGGITS soon. How come ?

    The answer is no one really knows how this ONE TRILLION RINGGITS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEBT CAME ABOUT which surpasses the official debt of RM595 Billions plus an iceberg debt due to the GLCs manned by Civil Servants without business experience, accountability or ownership.

    A few individuals controlling the wealth/ONE TRILLION RINGGITS debt of the whole country of 30 million souls which is our beloved Malaysia.

    Who is going to pay the bill by year’s end ? Japan, China or the Middle East countries ? If not, then it must be the IMF ! This latter aspersion brings to mind vividly the picture of Michel Camdessus, the IMF Chief standing with his arms akimbo over President Suharto of Indonesia in 1997. I felt terrible.

    The feel of the marketplace is somewhat like the 1960s when our beloved Malaysia was under Currency Board rules. The economy hardly moved and the rich became richer, the poor became poorer. The rest was history.

    And this morning, a screaming headline in the UMNO owned New Straits Times, 15 June 2015, ‘ RINGGIT FACES MORE PRESSURE.’ The report which followed came from Maybank which wisely or unknowingly decided not to predict when our hallowed Ringgit will recover or strengthen.

    In financial matters, an ostrich in the sand attitude as though everything is normal and tomorrow the problem will go away, will only bring more problems, more tears or grief to the majority.

    As it is, with the total Federal Government debt of nearly ONE TRILLION RINGGITS which will probably match Malaysia’s GDP of RM 1.17 Trillion Ringgits in 2015. This nearly 100% debt of the GDP can only be translated into illiquidity for expenditure as proposed in the Budget for 2015 in the mid-year.

    The signs of illiquidity are already manifested by the Supplementary Budget in the 1st quarter of 2015 and the proposed assumption of the multi-billion ringgits debt of 9 GLCs as presented to the Dewan Rakyat on 9 June 2015. The total debt was not announced. These facts do not take into account external loans taken out without passage through the Dewan Rakyat.

    With the expected prospect of the 100 GLCs being hit by any international financial turmoil to come, and not factored into the ONE TRILLION RINGGITS DEBT EQUATION, this ONE TRILLION RINGGITS DEBT IS A HEAVY MILL-STONE TO BEAR. And this will draw the total attention of the Federal Government.

    Hence, a wise man or woman is not to be a money man or woman in any Government because the demand for hard cash is always perennial.


  17. joetamchi Jun 15,2015 8:27 AM


    Benar…! Benar…!
    Salah…! Salah…!

    “Raja & Rakyat”
    Sultan & Raja bertakhta di hati…!!!
    Memanda pentadbir datang dan pergi…!

    Mohamed Nazri nama diberi….
    Dilantik cuma memanda menteri…?.!.?.!.??
    Urusan DiRaja jgn dicampuri…!
    Hak RAJA mengatasi menteri…!!

    Tengku Mahkota pemula bicara….
    Sebagai utusan para ‘DiRAJA’
    Bercerita tentang hikayat ‘MALAYSIA’
    Rakyatnya hidup dlm sengsara..

    ……..”DAULAT TUANKU”………

    Rakyat Derita kerana Memanda…
    Salah tadbir “MALAYSIA”
    negara Tuanku “DiRAJA”



    Raja Bersuara.! Sultan Berkuasa.!
    Sultan Bersuara.! Raja Berkuasa.!


    Benar.! Benar.!
    Salah.! Salah.!

    Andai benar.? Alhamdulillah…!!
    Andai salah.? MasyaAllah…!!
    Kepada ALLAH rakyat berserah…!
    RAJA dan SULTAN tingginya hemah…!


    Negara Tuanku & Rakyat


  18. godfather Jun 15,2015 7:25 AM

    Managing a country is not like managing a corporation. Rakyat that working hard togethet we build this nations, now that is the outcome. Hope sharing of this won’t be get caught. Democracy that have certain right to voice up. A Country that full of resources should not be backward.Thanks for tun info about the facts of 1mdb.

    The recent depreciation of our currency caused alot of headche. I read a news which came across my mind that is so funny. When Malaysian weakened only alot of tourIst will flow in. Funny statement.
    the advisor of 1mdb is so awesome that can caused money gone just like that ?consession almost expired and buy over not a good deal? like Tun M, mentioned. Must be another professional deal maker.

  19. HBT456 Jun 15,2015 7:06 AM


    114. Exco johor calling yang berhormat dato seri perak as pendatang?

    115. I am afraid by the end of the day only mic punya samy vellu is with tdm.

    116. It will be impossible for mb kedah to be the pm.

    117. Why?

    118. He is mamak.

    119. Dont start this racial and religion politics again.

    120. When you start, you are against the federal constitution.

    121. What tajuddin said is true.

    122. By the end of the day, the legacy built by tdm will be spoit by his own supporters.

  20. HBT456 Jun 15,2015 5:07 AM

    104. 1mdb is not ponzi scheme as pm najib was elected as the pm back in 2008.

    105. If 1mdb is, then all the mega projects apptoved and jalankan by tdm and pak lah are ponzi scheme.

    106. All pm too, come and go.

    107. Either they are voted out, or resign.

    108. Malaysia belongs to all of us regardless who we are, janji kita dah lepas umur 21 tahun dan ke atas.

    109. In every 5 years, we have general election.

    110. The one who hold majority votes will become pm.

    111. Umno and pad can choose to merge.

    112. The political consequences will be all non moslem political parties may chooce to leave bn.

  21. HBT456 Jun 14,2015 10:43 PM


    93. If it is mca youths who made this statement, we will belasah him already.

    94. No matter what happens, we must respect yb ds nazri aziz as the minister appointed by the current pm via ge in every 5 years.

    95. I dont understand tok det, why did tdm encourage tmj to interfere with politics?

    96. Tmj shouldnt interfere with politics because tmj is binded by monarchy constitution.

    97. If tmj starts, other tm negeri2 melayu will follow lah.

    98. Yb ds nazri was right.

    99. If tmj decided to join politics, then tmj should resign as the prince and become a commoner.

    100. From here, tmj can choose to join any political parties tmj likes.

    101. Tmj must be prepared to be whacked.

    102. The speed train technology should be from france, or europe if pm is serious to connect asean.

    103. It is not advice able to use the japs or junta technologies due to historical wounds of ww 2 that can never be forgotten by aseans.

  22. nafi9918 Jun 14,2015 10:33 PM

    From what you write it showed 1MDB use Structure Ponzi System

  23. HBT456 Jun 14,2015 10:27 PM


    94. If it is mca youths who made this statement, we will belasah him already.

    95. No matter what happens, we must respect yb ds nazri azis as the minister appointed by the current pm via ge in every 5 years.

    95. I dont understand tok det, why did tdm encourage tmj to interfere with politics?

    96. Tmj shouldnt interfere with politics because tmj is binded by monarchy constitution.

    97. If tmj starts, other tm negeri2 melayu will follow lah.

    98. Yb ds nazri was right.

    99. If tmj decided to join politics, then tmj should resign as the prince and become a commoner.

    100. From here, tmj can choose to join any political parties tmj likes.

    101. Tmj must be prepared to be whacked.

    102. The speed train technology should be from france, or europe if pm is serious to connect asean.

    103. It is not advice able to use the japs or junta technologies due to historical wounds of ww 2 that can never be forgotten by aseans.

  24. cruze Jun 14,2015 10:17 PM

    Maafkan kalau saya silap tafsir, tadi di tv3 sekumpulan pemuda buat bantahan siap dengan bku risalah untuk di edarkan tentang bantahan kisah tun bercerita perihal TUN Salleh Abas yang di arahkan pecat. TUN bukan buka kisah tu saja saja atau nak memetik istana.
    Cuba fikir dalam dalam, sebenarnya kisah Tun Salleh Abas tu hanya untuk mengingatkan Nazri bahawa jangan menghina Raja raja melayu. Bagaimana tun nak kasi tahu pada nazri secara face to face atau phone call jika dia dah bencikan TUN. TUN sayang pada dia tu sebenarnya.

    Almarhum Sultan Sebenarnya suka pada TUN, cuba ingat kembali bahawa cadangan pembinaan Jambatan Bengkok tiada bantahan dari Negeri Johor.

    TUN juga terkilan walau pun TUN bukan anak negeri johor, apabila wakil kita di perbicaraan mahkamah antarabangsa gagal untuk menuntut pulau batu putih dahulu.

    TUN menyumbang pertumbuhan ekonomi negeri Johor dengan idea membuat pelabuhan tanjung pelepas dan link kedua, bukan kecil sumbangan TUN di negeri Johor. Wujudnya PTP telah membuka peluang pekerjaan untuk anak tempatan dan dapat mengatasi masaalah pengganguran dan mungkin lepasan dari universiti Lim Kok Wing pun dah pun dapat pekerjaan di PTP.

    Ini tugas menteri juga iaitu imbangan sektor pekerjaan mesti di buat berbanding dengan pertumbuhan ipt dan ipta kerana ramai graduan akan keluar.

    Jika 1MDB bina kilang sebagai sub contractor untuk samsung ke iphone ke, nokia ke pun dah bagus untuk memberi peluang pekerjaan untuk seramai 1000 orang anak tempatan.

    Juga TUN sangat menghormati Johor sebagai tapak batu asas UMNO bermula….

    Kepada sesiapa yang belum jelas, fahamilah dan bacalah dengan mendalam akan kisah kemelut sekarang, jangan baca sikit sikit nanti kurang faham dan baca juga buku terbitan tun setebal kurang lebih 4″ tu. Semua sejarah dalam negara ada di situ…TUN telah ceritakan sebelum kemelut 1MDB memuncak.

    Pada awalnya ayah saya di kampung kurang mengerti akan kisah sekarang malah dia barulah mengerti maksud 42 billion setelah saya terangkan. Saya kata pada dia “abah, billion tu maksudnya nilai yang ada sembilan kosong, jika ribu ada tiga sahaja kosong” orang dulu dulu mana pernah pegang duit sebanyak itu, paling tinggi pun jumlah yang ada tiga kosongnya seperti kos pergi haji rm 15,000-00 jadi mereka tak faham jumlah hutang 42 billion.

    Terima kasih tun, saya sebagai wakil pekerja di Klcc, Klia bangunan berkembar dan lebuh raya utara selatan. Dengan idea TUN yang brutal itu kami dapat pekerjaan yang tetap dan duit gaji untuk meneruskan kehidupan kami semua, jika mahu mengharapkan kilang kilang milik bangsa lain mungkin harapan kami tipis kerana mereka lebih memilih buruh asing dek kerana segelintir besar sikap malas dan tiada disiplin anak tempatan…ini telinga saya sendiri mendengarnya setiap kali saya bertanya ” kenapa ramai sangat orang nepal di kilang kamu” 100% di atas jawapan mereka sama..

    Tolong lah 1MDB, tolong buat banyak2 kilang di tanah milik kerajaan untuk anak cucu kami tumpang mencari rezeki dari di labur keluar, ini untuk mengurangkan jumlah penerima BRIM juga jika anak cucu kami dapat pekerjaan di kilang 1MDB jika gaji mereka atas RM 3000-00, setuju tak?

  25. suhainin suhaibul Jun 14,2015 10:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun…….

    Ini petikan daripada kata-kata Tun. “Full Throttle ‘Sense Of Humor'”… Saya sangkakan Tun akan menghulur sedikit ucapan berupa “Takziah” kepada mangsa gempa, dihujung ayat itu…tetapi… Tun memang ditakdirkan memiliki “Hidung Teramat Mancung”…Atau… mungkin kerana yang ramai mati itu, datangnya daripada rakyat Singapura??? Hanya “Lelucon” tanpa kepekaan serta tanpa rasa yang terluncur dari lidah Tun. Pun….. Itulah Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    Kami faham bahawasanya kita selalu berfikir sebagaimana perumpamaan karikatur komik; Hatta dalam soal 1MDB atau BR1M sekali pun :- Saya dan Tun sebegini adanya:
    “Seorang kata (‘Ini 9’)…sementara…yang seorang lagi berkeras mengatakan (‘Ini 6’)”…Lantas… menganggap orang lain “BODOH” dan dirinya “BIJAK”…..sedangkan….. Nyata bahawa kedua-duanya itu benar belaka jikalau dilihat daripada dua sudut pemikiran dalam sisi pandangan yang berbeza.

    Ceramah Tun:(Apa benarkah Tun berpegang kepada kata-kata ini???):-
    “Democracy — it’s a very dangerous idea,” .
    “We have to respect other people’s ideas, and their value system. If you don’t, there’ll be anarchy,” he added.

    Four foreign tourists were sentenced yesterday to three days’ jail and a RM5,000 fine each for public indecency over stripping naked on Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, which is considered sacred to locals.

    The Westerners were subsequently deported back to their home countries earlier today as they had already served the imprisonment sentence from the day of arrest.

    Para “Pembogel Diri” di atas gunung itu, sebenarnya telah mencipta serta memperagakan slot “IKlan Niaga” pelancongan paling laris tontonannya, dengan anggaran nilai iklan sejumlah “Jutaan Dollar Amerika”…cuma… seperti kata Tun – ” Kalau iya pun, jangan lah sampai berbogel.” ….alih bahasa ni…hehehe… Tetapi apa yang pasti; sekarang ini, siapa kah lagi yang tidak tahu tentang “Mount Kinabalu Of Malaysian Borneo.” itu.Kini, Tersohor serata alam… Sepatutnya para “Pembogel Diri” itu yang patut meminta bayaran kerana perkhidmatan iklan mereka.Malangnya mereka pula yang kehilangan RM5,000.00 serta dipenjara 3 hari…. kikikikik…

    Berbalik kepada 1MDB… kisah “Bau-bau Bacang” sebagaimana kosa kata keseluruhan di atas… terhidu. Corak pemikiran yang berbeza terhidang kepada rakyat.

    Akhir kalam…… Sesekali teringin, mendengar lagu “Minah Gadis Dusun” bersama Tun :

    Assalamualaikum… Semoga panjang umur dan bertemu kembali….Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh….

  26. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 9:13 PM


    BengHockTeoh6969. Many thanks for publicising me again. Thanks. I am not as clever and smart as you Singaporeans. What to do ? I am a Malaysian.



    H6969, you said it he was only a few months from 55 years old. You compassionless Singaporeans only know how to behave like the legal minded Dictator (1959-2015) who finish off the Homo Singaporeans efficiently and now this rare species has to be replaced by fresh Indians and Chinese en mass. Only 3 millions remain according to official statistics.

    Thanks H6868 !

  27. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 8:56 PM


    For Balance. A word on the advanced countries of Japan and Switzerland is appropriate. Why our beloved Malaysia should try to emulate them in our consideration of political and socio-economic progress and development. We should emulate the best not the 3rd rate countries like the failed Republic of Singapore which is shrouded in fictional hot air.

    Japan is a country with a 3,000 year civilization consisting of one type of people who could adapt to the changing environment which affected them internally and externally. The Japanese could modernize without much internal strife or angst to their ancient heritage and style of living. Their work ethics are World Class. Japan and Switzerland are two countries where I have lost and recovered my possessions. I have known Japan and her people for years and it is the consistency in all their activities which impressed me the most. Hence, our beloved Malaysia should select what are best for ourselves. In the 19th century, the Japanese had a wise leader who industrialised the country by copying whatever was useful from the West. China was on a decline and decadent until its political transformation in the mid-twentieth century, nearly a hundred years later.

    Switzerland is a confederation of cantons which was formed over 800 years ago. The people are the Germans, French, Italians and the Romansch who deserted the Roman Legions 2,000 years ago and holed up in the high Alps since. The Swiss still make snide remarks about each other to this day. But their resourcefulness and willingness to be the World’s best is worthwhile for us to emulate. Their school system must be a practical and humane one which produced world class Swiss products and sportsmen and sportswomen.

    Our beloved Malaysia will celebrate the 58th Merdeka this year. Comparatively, we have done very well despite of all the Bluffology being blown over from Singapore which is now a failed State. If we have the political will and a forward looking leadership, we could emulate these two superior countries little by little and in time, we will be one of them being Japan and Switzerland. We have the human and natural resources. Why not ?

    This is why to ape the failed Republic of Singapore is non-productive and retrogressive.

    The Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) tried to copy Switzerland very early on in his Rule. He tried to turn Ang Mo Kio into the Canton of Vaud and so on. He gave up after discovering the tiny isle of Singapore would just fit into the largest Swiss lake, Lake Geneva. But thereafter, he continued sending young men in white shirts to Switzerland for what purpose I did not bother to find out. I guess this might have something to do with defence.


  28. wara Jun 14,2015 8:49 PM

    Another series of lies for the umno people who sadly will swallow everything the idiot says. Anyway why cant the idiot make it an open forum? Why only for umno members? Those outside are voters too. Who in umno would dare ask the idiot anything about 1MDB? Dengan orang umno boleh tipulah.

    Thank you, TUN.

  29. joetamchi Jun 14,2015 8:20 PM


    1MDB… KeRAJAan… Syarikat…
    BERHAK mendapat..!!




    Majlis DiRaja menyiasat segala..
    Sykt.1MDB & Kisah Negara..
    Pentadbiran sykt., Kepincangan negara..
    Pincang ditadbir oleh para memanda..!

    Hak Raja.. Mengatasi Memanda
    Hak Rakyat.. Bersama Raja…



    Sykt. keRAJAan
    Milik Raja, Milik Rakyat..
    Wang Syarikat, memanda keparat Sebat…!!
    Raja Raja apakah mampu dapat..?
    Rakyat jelata cuma mampu melihat?






  30. Daniel Noor Jun 14,2015 8:07 PM

    This Nazri behaved something like ‘ Samseng Kampung Dusun ‘ in P.Ramlee’s Bujang Lapok filem. He is only brave when surrounded by his supporters. For him to say ‘ whack ‘ to TMJ is uncalled for. When the Sultan of Pahang openly backed and proclaimed supporting Najib, why didnt he tell the Sultan to shut up or not to interfere in the politics of this country.

    I think it is about time the Malay Rulers should be advising Najib to resign or else their position too will be affected in the long run. If these Sultans can think properly lah.

  31. HBT456 Jun 14,2015 7:06 PM

    87. Today, I admire george bush junior.

    88. He said being a commandar in chief for the usa military as the president of usa is he has learned this special family bonding with the soldiers.

    89. Today, usa is still hold top in military budget.

    90. I really like and admire the way of americans in protecting statue liberty and democracy as the world role model.

    91. Malaysia is full of culture and tradition to be preserved.

    92. It is the responsibility of the ministry to preseve them for many generations to come.

  32. HBT456 Jun 14,2015 6:42 PM

    76. Mubarak chan cannot read properly?

    77. The ex manager is 54 years old, not 55 years old, therefore he cant withdraw from account 1.

    78. Sudin as malay pun tak hormat tan sri yang dikurniakan raja2 melayu, maybe he is from indonesia kut.

    79. Let president umno do his part in explaining the current crisis of 1mdb
    to the grassroot leaders of umno, it is his tanggungjawap to do so.

    80. There is no need for Pasma to form as a political party and join dap.


  33. Putih Jun 14,2015 5:25 PM

    The story of 1MDB = the story of 1 Malaysia Dalam Bahaya.

  34. Putih Jun 14,2015 5:12 PM

    Salamualaikum kpd Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad
    Salamualaikum kpd semua saudaraku.

    Jadi ini cerita 1MDB.

    Ini pula cerita 1Malaysia.

    1. Sememangnya di mana2 pun di Malaysia skrg kita akan dengar orang2 bercerita tntang Crisis Tun dan PM.
    2. Di dlm cerita apa pun terdapat Baik dn buruk.
    3. Yang Baik dipandang mulia,tinggi dan ape pun dilakukan dipandang Baik walaupun tidak benar.
    4. Manakala yg buruk dikeji dihina dn apa pun dilakukan di pandang salah walaupun yg dilakukan adalah benar.
    5. Majority slalu mendahului kebenaran dan ini yg blaku hari ini.
    6. Kebanyakan Malaysian semmgnya merasai isu ini. Ada yg serious dn ade yg tidak.
    7. Yg serious pula trbahagi kpd 2, yg tahu dn yg buat2 tahu.
    8. Yg tidak serious pula lebih banyak. Sama juga ada yg tahu dan ade yg Buat2 tahu.
    9. Yg tahu pula trbahagi kpd beberape. Sokong/tidak/diam/duri/tikam/misi
    10. Yg tidak tahu pula, “janji Malaysia Aman ok la” “buat ape nk pk/amik tau xkesah la” “banyak Keje” “dulu Tun pun buat” “bg najib peluang” dan beribu alasan lg.

    Sedih dngn Kebanyakan Rakyat Malaysia. Sikap lepas tangan dn ikutan trlalu kritikal.

    Maaf Tun. Ini yg sy slalu sngt dengr Dr pringkat bawah sampailah pringkat atas.
    ” dulu Tun pun makan duit jugak ” ” dulu Tun pun pilih coloni jugak” dan sebagainya tentang keburukan Semana Tun jd pm.
    Jadi Saya berkata ANDAI KATA apa yg mereka katekan tentang Tun betul boleh Kah kita Kmbali ke waktu dulu? Jawapnya tidak.
    Jadi masa Tun telah blalu dan hasilnya kita akui dan dunia akui walaupun disebalik tabir ade penyelewengan ttp tidak dpt di buktikan.
    Itu cerita dulu. Jadi skrg masa Najib pula ada yg dah tahu penyelewengan berlaku jadi patutkah dibiarkan terus blaku..
    Mereka diam..

    *Malaysia Tanah berdaulat.
    – Jngn disebabkan sesetengh pehak punya tangan semua tanggung.
    – kita sedang hadapinya.
    – semua rosak. Agama,Kerajaan dan bangsa.
    – Dituka dngn harga yg sngt sedikit.
    – Semuanya ada penamat/penghujung.

    #jngn zalim/melampau pada diri sendiri.

  35. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 4:55 PM


    A screaming headline over the week-end affecting our iconic financial institution EPF. As reported, ‘ EX-MANAGER CANNOT WITHDRAW ENTIRE SAVINGS FOR TREATMENT.’ SAYS EPF.

    Just a few days ago, it was reported in the media that the EPF loaned RM 80 Billions, yes, Tun ! RM 80 Billions to the GLCs managed by the Civil Servants with no accountability and ownership and owned by the Federal Government. It is alleged there are more or less 100 GLCs in operation in business at the moment with the total debt of the Federal Government touching ONE TRILLION RINGGITS. The salaries of these GLCs ranged from RM 1 Million per annum to RM 10 Millions per annum all paid for by the Rakyat. Most of these GLCs lose money now or later.

    Our beloved Malaysia was built on loyalty, compassion and love for our Country, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans, and fellow compatriots UNLIKE THE FAILED REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE WHICH WAS BUILT ON THE LOVE OF MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. The Singaporean Society has since gone toxic. If we adopt these failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES OF THE DICTATOR (1959-2015) without study and thought, we will only end up in grief and tears like the 1MDB.

    This latest episode from the EPF hopefully is not the harbinger of things to come when the Rakyat are concerned.

    WHAT IS DUE TO A CONTRIBUTOR BY THE EPF SHOULD BE RELEASED FORTHWITH in keeping with our tradition of trustworthiness and promises of the Government as laid down long long ago.

    The CPF of Singapore changed its rules and regulations all the time like changing goal posts at a football game. Now, a residual portion of its citizens contributions remain until death. We should not ape the failed state of Singapore in any way. What is the use of the best education in the World, when the Singapore Government robs its citizens of money legally and does not keep its promises?

    Finally, if the EPF cannot release what is due to a contributor of just a few hundreds of thousands of ringgits and could release RM 80 Billions to the money-losing GLCs at the drop of a hat, this only confirms that the EPF is also dry of money, money, money. This is the grief and the tears by aping cunning Dictators without studying their motives and implementations.



  36. Hajar Jun 14,2015 4:46 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Nazri Aziz is another ‘Menteri Haprak’ whose main job is to make the PM feels good; this ‘kaki bodek @ samseng’ is a disgrace to UMNO. How dare he said that Tun is not an important person and only ‘orang biasa’. If that’s the case,then he should not have wasted his time by giving such a stupid comment on something unimportant.

    2. PM Najib is so desperate; he accused Tun M of being so selfish when in fact he (PM) is the one who’s paying/hiring all kinds of people/consultants (using rakyat’s money) to attack Tun M just because he still wants to stay in power. He is doing all that strictly for HIMSELF and his family. In his book, there is no such thing as ‘berjuang untuk Agama, Bangsa/Parti, dan Negara’.

    3. PM Najib who is so SELFISH/weak/liberal/corrupt/unreliable/blur/etc. and cannot be trusted is no longer relevant to be UMNO/BN President, and must step down as PM of Malaysia.

    4. 1MDB was created by PM Najib who is so greedy, stupid, and ‘tidak amanah’ (‘mahu cepat kaya’), and yet he has the guts to accuse Tun M as the one who is behind the 1MDB crisis.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  37. ichiban Jun 14,2015 3:40 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    1 Syabas bro Nazri,anda juga menyokong perjuangan untuk menjatuhkan memanda Perdana Menteri.Bro Nazri menggunakan kebijaksanaan beliau menyokong Tun dengan cara “opposite direction”.Beliau dengan sedar dan sengaja membuat kenyataan bagai orang yg rendah akal pemikiran serta membuat gaya2 yang memualkan supaya dipandang rendah.Dalam pada masa yang sama cuba mencari publisiti sebagai adiwira yang tidak didendangkan.

    2 Impak kepada kelakuan bro nazri yang disengajakan ,rakyat akan mulai tidak puas hati kepada Bn/umno dan secara tak lansungnya sokongan kepada memanda Perdana Menteri akan berkurangan.Nampak begitu hebat permainan bro Nazri ini.

    3 Syabas sekali lagi bro Nazri teruskan usaha..tanpa perlu menyatakan sokongan anda ,tapi dengan tindak tanduk anda kami faham..anda juga inginkan memanda Perdana Menteri jatuh…

    4 Kami juga tahu,anda sebagai lilin yang membakar diri tidak kisah dengan sokongan rakyat diParlimen Padang Rengas pada PRU14 nanti diatas tindak tanduk anda ini tapi tak mengapa bro nazri ada isteri muda yang cantik.

    5 Dan jangan lupa bawa sekali LHDN jika bro nazri buat perasmian atau berucap pada majlis syarikat2 swasta.Tak baik pendapatan dibayar untuk publisiti tak di ishtiharkan.

  38. salman khan Jun 14,2015 2:23 PM

    Slm Tun,

    Kini sejak Tun tidak berada di saf depan sebagai Bapa dalam keluarga untuk menunjuk arah, kita kembali kepada sikap asal orang melayu kerana cara asuhan yg di manjai.

    Semenjak kecil disuap ibubapa, apabila remaja nak belajar disuap kerajaan PTPTN, sudah belajar mengharapkan kerja makan gaji sahaja, bila dapat kerja merungut gaji tak cukup dan banyak yg curi tulang.
    Tiada keikhlasan dalam bekerja.

    Semua sektor pun asyik berpolitik, dari sekolah, universiti, PIBG, persatuan Sukan dan pelbagai organisasi diresapi unsur politik.

    Sikap penting diri, nak kaya cepat, malas, Hasad dengki,tidak bertimbang rasa, hypocrisy, tiada keikhlasan dan pelbagai lagi sifat mundur orang melayu mula kembali dalam kehidupan setelah Tun menjadi Atuk..Anak cucu sudah tidak peduli akan kata-kata Atuk kerana semua yg dulu tidak relevan untuk waktu ini.

    Kesudahannya kita tenggelam punca di atas sikap kita sendiri seperti di nyatakan. Pembangunan Asas tentang SEMANGAT JATIDIRI tiada dalam agenda negara dan kepentingan diri menjadi keutamaan.

    Sabarlah Atukku Tun, sebahagian kami tidak akan lupa keringatmu memikirkan tentang MELAYU.

    Perjuangan ini mungkin tidak selesai..

    Allah maha mengetahui.


  39. faridina Jun 14,2015 2:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum yang dikasihi Ayahanda Tun,

    Pagi2 Ahad ni ingatkan nak bersantai2 baca buku2 lama tapi jari ni gatal2 pulak tertekan Utusan Online.

    Scroll2 ternampak tajuk kecil terus jadi minat membaca membara ;

    ‘Tun M diminta henti serangan terhadap Najib’

    Berdetik dihati ni nak tahu siapakah gerangan insan berhati waja ni takkan Nazri lagi?

    Ciss tipah tertipu, rupanya si Ahmad Maslan 3.85!

    Pembodek tegar ada 2 jenis – satu yang betul2 ganas ala2 kaki pukul memang muka macam nak pukul orang je macam Nazri. Spesis kedua pula muka macam abon, muka ala2 badut, ala2 kartun, muka jenis ni macam nak cubit2 dan minta dipukul iaitu lah Ahmad Maslan.

    Cukuplah Mat awak under rate Tun pasal GST dulu jangan cari pasal nak tunjuk hebat pasal hal lain2 pulak. GST pun belum selesai jangan sibuk urusan lain pula. Malulah sikit kat Nazri dan awak dah pijak garisan Nazri dan Nazri tak perlu pembelaan dari awak, dia lagi ganas, buat kerja seorang dah cukup, awak masuk gelanggang dah buat pihak lawan dari menangis terus ketawa terbahak2. Hormat sikit kat Nazri jangan over ride dia pulak! Atau jangan tumpang semangkuk nak dapat pembatuan politik!

    Maafkan saya panjang pulak intro dan kupasan pertama saya atas petikan kenyataan Mat Abon no. 1;

    “kesemua 15 perkara yang dibangkitkan sebelum ini telah dijawab oleh Perdana Menteri.”

    So jawapan telah diberi maka hentikanlah serangan katanya..

    Mat 3.85 masa belajar dulu kalu jawap 15 soalan kira automatik dapat 100% ke? Tak juga kan kalu tak mesti dapat 4 flat dan digelar Mat 4. Iktibarnya Mat semua orang boleh bagi jawapan versi dia tapi belum tentu betul!

    Petikan no. 2 – “Namun isu serangan yang dilakukan oleh Dr. Mahatir ditambah dengan sokongan pihak tertentu turut dikatakan menjadi faktor kepada penyusutan ringgit ketika ini,”

    Hah yang ni lagi menarik letak ketepilah lawak ada kena mengena dengan penyusutan ringgit. Siapa yang Mat maksudkan “ditambah dengan sokongan pihak tertentu?” Baru semalam rasanya Nazri sentuh kerabat Johor dan hari ni Mat macam nak canon sesuatu! Mat cukup baiklah Tuanku Sultan tak mahu tangan baginda salam awak, jangan sampai tangan baginda naik ke muka awak pula! Awak tu orang Pontian orang Johor jangan nak tunjuk lagak tunjuk hebat kalau betul minta ampun cepat2!

    Petikan no. 3 – Ahmad yang juga Ahli Parlimen Pontian menegaskan, Najib tidak akan meletak jawatan hanya di­sebabkan oleh permintaan seorang individu.

    Mat awak ni jangan buat2 tak faham tengok twitter awak sendiri tengok apa budak2 sekarang komen pasal awak, jangan kata Najib awak pun gerenti tak terpilih dalam kabinet lepas TSM ambil alih. Cakap omputih Mat “you are another pain in the ass” baik duduk kat kampung awak tu diam2 kami orang bandar tak dapat terima pemikiran kolot awak tu. Bersara jadi Tok Penghulu lagi bagus.

    Sekiranya Tun dan rakan2 membaca komentator saya yang panjang lebar ini maafkan saya kerana komen saya agak kebudak2kan kerana Ahmad Maslan hanya faham bahasa sebegini memandangkan walaupun IQ dia dakwa tinggi tapi EQ dia rendah.

    Wasalam dan selamat beristirehat di hujung minggu Tun.

    p/s Sembah salam buat bonda Tun Siti Hasmah dari Faridina’s famili.

  40. youngmaya Jun 14,2015 1:31 PM

    hasil dari pemerhatian kita tertanya2…adakah ini merupakan satu gerakan terancang untuk menjatuhkan ekonomi negara by using these idiots and jokers?

    mudah untuk mengawal golongan idiots and jokers ni…just give them easy money they will eat your s***…

    semua dana awam bumiputera menjadi sasaran utk dirembat…pnb,th,arb dan apa lagi dana juga perlu disiasat…

    MAS dh lingkup, TNB juga dipaksa utk bailout,proton pun sedang diasak kredibiliti nya…

    adakah ini idea million dollar adviser?

    pelaksanaan dasar kerajaan sekarang juga byk menekan golongan bumiputera…apa motifnya?

    ada menteri suka ringgit jatuh…patut la tiada sebarang tindakan bila ringgit jatuh…

    billion ringgit lost keluar negara…kita nak tengok berapa lama bank negara boleh pertahankan nilai ringgit…

    mana2 wang kertas dunia ada probability utk jadi duit pisang…

    barang makanan dalam negara byk yg diimport…kalau ringgit jatuh apa kesan pada brg makanan?

    UMNO pun dah separuh lumpuh sekarang…pun begitu ahli UMNO masih dalam keadaan relaks…dah kurang dh UMNO berkokok tentang bumiputera…

    UMNO dah lupa pada bumiputera?

    memang menghairankan…

  41. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 12:43 PM


    Before THE WESTERN ORIENTAL GENTLEMAN or TWOG jumps on me again, i wish to correct a small typo error in my comment eg. LIEBENSRAUM not LIEGENSRAUM. This guy is from the failed Republic of Singapore, you know!

  42. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 12:28 PM


    For Saudara Balance. Many thanks for your appreciation of my honest and factual comments concerning the wherewithal of our beloved Nation.

    My thoughts are similar to the Tun’s as we come from the same mould.

    I have never respected Lee Kuan Yew’s Bluffology throughout his life as it is now proven that academic credentials do not jive with the great deeds of great statesmen of the World like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the American Presidents, the Asian Leaders like Gandhi, Soekarno, Jinnah, Mao, Deng, the King of Thailand etc. Great leaders have a heart or compassion.

    I like your question on my opinion on the Malaysian Policies of the Malaysian Government and that of the Singapore Government under the dictatorial rule of Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015).

    On the one hand, the answer could be simple and straightforward. On the other, it could be very complex for a person not well-versed with the very long history of this beloved land. However,we go back to the basics.

    I hope you are aware that Malaysia practises Free Malaysian Style Democracy and Open Capitalisitic Characteristics with a Malay bias. The Malay bias affirms the fact that this is Tanah Melayu with its historical antencedents. This cannot be hi-jacked with the slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians.’ which was a mischievous concoction of the late Dictator and has caused us much unnecessary conflict amongst ourselves.

    Following this, the majority group of inhabitants being Malays should lead the overall political and socio-economic development of the country with fairness and justice like the Royal Sultans of old through the centuries. Because the political power is now in the hands of the Rakyat and NOT ANY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL. A democratically elected individual to the highest office in the land is expected to respect the Rakyat and be accountable to the Rakyat in all democracies as practised in the World. This is where our Political System differs from that of Singapore’s.

    Singapore’s Political System is Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens without their consent by the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew through his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. Lee Kuan Yew had a choice of two types of Pollitical System eg. that which is practised by Malaysia or his own creation which is that he takes whatever benefits himself to maintain his control on power, from either the Communist or Democratic Systems. In this he has been abetted by the United States and the West. But they know the true Lee Kuan Yew after all it was from colonial origins and the University of Cambridge which made him. UNFORTUNATELY, HE TOOK THE ABNORMAL CHOICE OF BEING DICTATORIAL AND NOT DEMOCRATIC. His character from young always wanted to win and feared losing. This brought his downfall from a great Statesman to a great Dictator. Unlike our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has no fear and definitely not a coward. No hero can have negative attributes.

    The majority of the people and the political system of a country formed the Government’s policies of the day. If we have a strong leader who is wise and make the right decisions himself and not rely on the underlings, then we have fair and just policies. If we have weak leaders who rule over us then we will have chaos for nothing. It is all a question of mind-sets and attitudes. But the rule of the laws must hold sway.

    A leader of Malaysia can make his job very easy to do like the 22 year Administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or very difficult, if he knows the ropes because the diversity of the inhabitants who are actually not stupid but only polite and courteous. They have been long-suffering because of the bountiful land and our extended system of family relationships since 2003.

    The recognition that a Malay is different from a Chinese and both are different from an Indian is very important. To this day, I found the Chinese expect the Malays to be like them and vice-versa. With the conscious knowledge that we are different from each other then we can be tolerant and accomodative towards one another. This is where the political leaderships of each community provides the vital input to the leader which becomes the consensus on the formulation and implementation of a Policy. If like the MCA leaders of the past, who all became mighty rich on retirement, one can only expect that they must found politics a very rewarding job. In Singapore, money making by all including the siblings of the Dictator are all legitimised but not transparent.

    As with a Democracy, our beloved Malaysia’s policies have an uneven patina due to the Prime Minister of the day and the checks and balances as provided by the communal parties. For example, at the end of the 1960s, a Minister of Education just pronounced that in future all centres of learning would be taught in Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia and disappeared into the boondocks and could not be found by our beloved Tunku.

    The policies of the failed Republic of Singapore were formulated by just one person, the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015). My recent studies revealed there were at least 38 failed Policies enforced by him.

    for example, at the beginning of his rule (1959-2015), there were 100% indigenous Singaporeans. By 2010, he had screwed this down to 62%. 300,000 of his own middle class supporters emigrated. Vide. Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population. 2010.

    I know that he was very keen to have the Singaporean Malays fully employed but his policies do not favour them as he wrongly thought that a Malay is the same as a Chinese and both are like the Indian. It is only with the realization that we are all different that we can advance forward in all spheres.

    Saudara Balance, yes! Our polices are democratic and serve the constituents if the communal parties have contributed on behalf of their constituents. In Singapore, to this day, the policies were formulated and implemented by the Dictator.

    Please note that a dictatorial political system shrivelled away after the departure of the Dictator in history which is the best arbiter of the fables and foibles of Humankind eg. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Mao, Tito, Castro, Lee Kuan Yew etc.

    The greatest fear of the PAP ruling elite in Singapore now is that

    1. The poisoned chalice for Malaysia, the TPPA is aborted and Malaysia does not sign. Singapore would have lost her dream LIEGENSRAUM.
    2. The construction of the Kra Canal in Thailand will push Singapore into history like Palembang, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Goa, French Pondicherry etc. Willy-nilly the Kra Canal is inevitable and will come within 15 years.

    Your interest in the Singapore Education System is appreciated. But we Malaysians have been brainwashed by the Dictator for two generations that we always think Singapore things are good but in fact their education is not humane. The reason is the Dictator knew nothing about the biological attributes of a human being. As a result, all his policies were based on paper and his own will. Most of his Policies failed – at the last count about 38 policies.

    In education, like everything else, we must base our Policy on the average student. Nowadays, with so many universities in the World, students are given the chance to learn and pass examinations. This is sufficient for a student’s window to the World.

    However, in Singapore, the education system is geared to produce the best students in quantity in a pressure cooker environment. I believe after school tuition is a big industry. Singapore is now known to produce the best students in the World but at what costs ? The rate of student suicides must be one of the highest in the World too. Then, we have two generations of Singapore’s World’s Best Students. But where are they ?

    Our beloved Malaysia does not boast about our academic achievements. I can tell you that we had Professors at the University of Cambridge and a world class paediatrician at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. London and other World’s best academic centres.

    Even though our Education System is Malay biased, it should not be politicised. There is nothing wrong with our Education System which only fine tuning and the enhancement of its teachers which is most important. I would put a lot of Government effort in the teachers as teaching is a noble profession and should be paid accordingly.

    There is a lot more to the Education System than to just teach Science and Mathematics in English. The whole Education System should be reviewed with the interests of the Nation, teachers and students in mind. We must look after the welfare of the teachers and give the average student the best chance to succeed. The smart students will always be smart in any environment. Depending on the financial resources available, not everyone is suited to attend a University so that sound vocational schools would be an aid to employment prospect. One area which is promising is the hospitality and tourism and catering industry which I foresee can improve by leaps and bounds if it is under the right Minister.

    To see how Japan and Switzerland stream their students, the average and the smart ones is a must for our leaders who have the time to do so. I consider Singapore is a very poor example in education because we do not know what is REAL and what is fiction due to the brainwashing efforts of its humongous Ministry of Information, Singapore. For years, the Dictator claimed to hit above his weight. To this day, there is nothing to show for it and he has gone away !

    Saudara Balance, in education, we Malaysians do our own thing. We should refine and enhance on what we have taking care of the Nation’s, the teachers and the students interests. Of course, English is an important medium of commerce. Up to a certain level English should be taught like now in the National Schools. Then, a student be given a choice of studying Science and Mathematics in English. I believe the resistance to this is the vested interests of the teachers who should have their interests assured and looked after by the Government. Any change could be done if the approach is correct. Any problem is human made and it is up to us to undo the problem. No problem.

    Saudara Balance, we must do our own thing Malaysian style in everything. To ape the failed Republic of Singapore like its GLCs without understanding the motive and the purpose of the Dictator will bring us much grieve and tears. Does anyone know the Dictator counted every cent in the Government’s kitty and his penchant for information on the personal and sexual lives of others and his underlings ?


    The moment our beloved Malaysia returns to NORMALCY, we will should up to the stars unlike the limpid rocket which never takes off. And we will be ranked with Japan and Switzerland. We got the human resources and the natural resources. Why not ?


  43. mizs_fyda Jun 14,2015 12:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    can you please help us to shut his mouth- one of this “konon gangster” minister, Nazri. Everytime he says something,he just make my blood pressure become high. Why a lot of ministers in Malaysia like to give “clever” comments, and those who says Tun is also doing wrong actions during his time, i hope you all realize that at least we don’t feel so burden until now. We don’t have to pay Gst during his time. We don’T have to pay tax when we sick(to buy medicine) and now, the poor who don’t even enough money to buy food have to pay tax. Everybody makes mistakes because we are not perfect.
    Thank you Tun.
    Whatever this “konon gangster” says anything about you, just ignore him. Asked him to buy one big mirror, and look at himself in the mirror before he says something about others.
    TMJ, i am not johorean, but i salute you. Give this “konon gangster” a big lesson in his life.
    Always support you, Tun.

  44. daeng Jun 14,2015 11:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya melihat pendapatan negara yang menguncup datang dari luar seperti eksport minyak, sawit, getah dan lain-lain menyebabkan Najib menggunakan pendekatan tambah pendapatan kerajaan dari dalam negara seperti:

    1. laksanakan GST;
    2. naikkan tol di lebuhraya;
    3. naikkan saman pesalah jalanraya;
    4. hapuskan subsidi minyak;
    5. dll.

    Kita percaya tadbir urus sedemikian sememangnya mampu menambah pendapatan negara. Malangnya semua kaedah di atas menyumbang kepada kesempitan rakyat seperti:

    1. kuasa beli rakyat menguncup;
    2. inflasi meningkat;
    3. pendapatan rakyat kian menguncup;
    4. kuasa menabung rakyat kian menguncup;
    5. dll.

    Kesannya rakyat semakin membenci kerajaan yang mentadbir Malaysia sekarang.

    Siapa kerajaan???? Kerajaan adalah parti yang memenangi PRU di peringkat parlimen. Kerajaan sekarang adalah parti BN. BN diketuai oleh Parti UMNO. UMNO sekarang dipimpin oleh Najib.

    Keresahan rakyat sekarang, mereka menuding kepada BN. Tiba masanya PRU 14, mereka mengundi memilih wakil rakyat.

    Akibat kebodohan BN yang dipimpin Najib akan menyebabkan pengundi seperti sebahagian ahli-ahli UMNO, sebilangan besar pengundi atas pagar dan 100% yang anti kerajaan akan memberi undinya kepada bukan BN.

    Akibat kebodohan kerajaan yang diketuai oleh Najib, maka kekalahan teruk PRU 14 akan menimpa BN.

    Sebab itu saya berpendapat dan sealiran dengan Tun bahawa Najib mesti meletak jawatan sebagai presiden UMNO dan merangkap PM Malaysia sekarang tanpa berlengah-lengah lagi.

    Jika pun dia perasan masih mendapat sokongan rakyat kerana katanya setiap kali dia turun padang, ramai rakyat yang hadir. Bagi saya syok sendiri tu.

    Bagi saya kalau Najib benar-benar anak jantan, dia perlu adakan pemilihan UMNO dalam masa terdekat. Syaratnya jangan amalkan rasuah dan politik wang.

    Sekian Tun.

  45. sc Jun 14,2015 11:26 AM

    Bariasan Nasional,

    Bringing the GST to ALL Malaysians.
    Malaysia, what a mess….

  46. RapidKL Jun 14,2015 10:28 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Thank God….we have you with us to face the day. Our beloved country try to be sold by an idiot like hell.

    Please don’t give up!
    Give your best fight till the end..

  47. sudin Jun 14,2015 9:19 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Perhaps Cock wing can instruct his new publicity experts namely “pernas” or “Tajudin” or what-not identify the best no moral or liar lawyers.

    Cock wing has failed miserably to take away the Proton legacy, now Cock wing has his highly paid “aku Malaysian celup” no moral so-called developed western publicity henchmen failing at the initial stage!!

  48. balance Jun 14,2015 9:09 AM


    Thank you for your Malaysian Govt and its agencies financial details or ??. You are a very smart and well informed or learned person, so would like to ask are you now saying that Malaysian’s policies worst than Singapore? What is your opinion about Sultan of Johore comments that Singapore education is better as it is more universal, more efficient than Malaysia and English can be a great tools to unite Malaysians as it is neutral and secular. Is LKY correct after all?

  49. sudin Jun 14,2015 8:46 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Najib’s statement,
    “I urge UMNO and BN members along with all Malaysians not to be taken in every time Tun attacks.”

    Is Najib implying to every Malaysians that Tun Dr. M was telling lies?
    Those “Satu Malaysia Di Bohong” aka 1MDB issues raised up by Tun are very serious and why is Najib not taking any legal action on the 1MDB lies recklessly spread by Tun?

    Got no balls, or afraid that all written by Tun are all truth and nothing else but the truth?

    Why is UMNO divisional heads and deputies blindly supporting Najib eventhough they all know Najib’s horrific wrongdoings, and also Najib is keeping a gigantic individual worse than Imelda?

    Go ahead Najib, sue Tun M, engage all the best mat salleh lawyers since we Malaysians are not good (as shown by your examplary ways).
    Ask your expensively paid no moral mat salleh advisors to bring the best no moral mat salleh lawyers and fight Tun M!!!

  50. joetamchi Jun 14,2015 8:15 AM

    Agong dan Sultan bersidang juga…
    Suara Sultan, Suara Raja
    Kuasa Sultan, Kuasa Raja


  51. sibotak Jun 14,2015 8:07 AM

    Salam Semua
    Tun yg di sayangi
    Harapan saya di bulan Ramadan yg Mulia ini
    Doas saya agar Pemimpin Melayu di Malaysia , Indonesia pemimpin Islam Timur Tengah
    Dapat bersama BerUkhwah menjalin Siratul Rahim sesama
    Ini Amat penting bagi menunjukan Dunia
    Islam Bersatu
    PAS, ,PKR , UMNO , Sunni , Shia , Talliban ,Isis , Hizbollah ,Hamas , Fatah ,MUIS ,JAKIM Dan apa jua perbelahan kita bersama Harus Tamat .Demi Kallimah ,Demi Allah , Demi Rasul Demi Anak CUcu Adam

    Dunia Islam Sudah berpecah belah , membunuh sesama sendirri
    Kerana Kebodohan ,Keliru Tidak Kenal musuh sendirri
    Maruah Islam jatuh ketahap paling Hina

    Tun perlu kurangkan tekanan Hak kita terhadap pentakbiran yg tak betul
    Sebab kita Ada Pembangkang yg lantang Bersuara
    Begitu juga ini adalah satu Kesedaran bagi Najib untuk memperbaiki Keadaan
    Namun jika Ada yg bersalah Harus di Hukum setimpalnya

    Suara Tun perlu didengarkan di Timur Tengah untuk Ummah Bersatu
    Saudara kita disana Amat Keliru hingga tidak kenal Musuh sebenar
    Suara Tun di segani di Dunia Timur Tengah
    Suara Tun mendamaikan sengketa Isis bersama pihak Kerajaan Syria ,Iraq
    Suara Tun melantangkan di Udara
    Menyeru mereka sesama hentikan sengketa

    Jihat setiap umat Islam yg di perlu kan sekarang
    Adalah MenyatuPadukan Kita sesama Demi Kallimah demi Anak CUcu kita
    Bulan Melawan Amerika ,Yahudi lebih Bodoh lagi Melawan kita sesama

  52. joetamchi Jun 14,2015 8:05 AM


    Kuasa Raja Suara Sultan
    Kpd ALLAH kita bertuhan…

    Mohon Sembah, sembah beradab…
    Kepada RAJA, patek rakyat mengadap..
    Kisah NEGARA..??

    Kisah Sykt. kepunyaan NEGARA..
    Ditadbir salah, sesuka memanda..
    Sykt. negara, keRAJAan yg punya…
    RAJA dan RAKYAT berpisahnya tiada..!

    Sykt. KeRAJAan,




  53. malaysian.citizen Jun 14,2015 2:51 AM

    As’salam & Salam Sejahtera.

    Now is the time to focus solely on the current Government leadership as we Malaysians are all being deeply effected by its action. It is not the right time to ask about issues of the previous leadership. No one could ever denied that Dr. Mahathir as our previous PM, had done so much for our great nation.However,as a normal human being,everyone has their good & bad. The question we should ask right now is whether our life is better under this current leadership as compared to the previous leadership?
    In my opinion,the main mistake that Dr. Mahathir did as a PM was to resigned when there is no one else better to lead this great nation.
    The latest news is Dr. Mahathir doing what he is doing right now due to his personal agenda. Is it true? How could we believe this silly allegation when the fact was Dr. Mahathir willingly gave up his post as PM. How many would have the will & strength to do this? Why now after more than a decade gave up his power,suddenly want to have his own agenda?
    The only reason I believe that Dr. Mahathir doing what he is doing now, none other than because he is indeed a true statesman which love this great nation same as all of us Malaysians.


  54. mubarakchan Jun 14,2015 1:13 AM


    We must view the huge debt incurred by the Federal Government and its GLCs with the gravest concern within the context of more international financial turmoil in the near future.

    You were absolutely right in high-lighting the shenanigans in 1MDB which incurred a debt of RM42 Billions. This is just the tip of a huge iceberg which will eventually sink any Titanic which comes its way.

    As reported in The Edge today 13 June 2015 :-

    1. The Ringgit felled to a new low of 3.774 against the greenback.

    2. Yields for Malaysian Government Securities (MSG) maturing 2025 slipped to 4.13% from a week ago of 4.03%.

    3. Bank Negara reserves have fallen 19.4% over 9 months from US$132.04 Billion at the end of August 2014 to US$106.4 Billion at the end of May 2015.

    4. According to Bank Negara data, Government debt stood at RM596.79 Billion as at end March 2015.

    5. Public and guaranteed debt stood at RM769.96 Billion or 69.6% of Malaysia’s 2014 GDP.

    6. On 9 June 2015, The Federal Government assumed further debts of RM4.76 Billion to RM11.62 Billions – the total ammount was not stated for 9 companies owned by the Ministry of Finance beginning from this year to 2020. This is a most unusual financial arrangement which is not only off-Budget but no details given on suspected commercial undertakings.

    7. With nearly or more than 100 GLCs (Government Linked Companies) in business operations with a management standard less than that of !MDB, we must expect the total public and GLCs debt of the Federal Government to be near ONE TRILLION RINGGITS AS AT 30 JUNE 2015. We must expect all the 100 or more GLCs to lose money and the Government to stand-by its commitment to them. The projected GDP for 2015 is 1.17 Trillion ringgits.

    The above-mentioned figures are the reality of our beloved Malaysia’s financial standing today in a period of apparent calm in the international financial World. But financial organs and media of the West have been preparing the cognoscenti that with the elevation of the Fed interest rate in the very near future, a weakness in the stock and commodities markets would be expected. We are actually now staring at the Fed announcement to come soon. This is unavoidable in economic terms.

    The Federal Government now deeply and strongly entrenched in business through its GLCs manned by Civil Servants with no accountability or ownership, will be subjected to the vagaries of the market place which is going to be no normal market place soon, we must expect the unexpected to affect our beloved Malaysia’s ONE TRILLION RINGGITS DEBT since the granting of off-Budget loans to GLCs incurred nothing more than just a signature.

    Our thanks to Tun for highlighting the exposure of just one GLC which is 1MDB in the National Interest for all of us.

    Forewarned is forearmed Tun !


  55. adelheid Jun 14,2015 1:04 AM

    Dearest Tun Mahathir,

    Here I am again writing to you dear Sir, thrice in a row, because I feel that I just have to share this one about ‘story’. While yours would be written down in our history and become a hallmark of change for our beloved Malaysia, there are three other Malaysian-linked individuals who are also responsible in making this country known to the world via their works in the filming industry.

    One is Tan Sri Dato’ Michelle Yeoh a Malaysian actress who has made the country proud internationally for her incredibly talented performances and stunts in Hong Kong action films as well as Hollywood. Two is James Wan, a Malaysian from Sarawak who now resides in Australia, he is a writer, director and producer of films which have become world’s box office. Both Michelle Yeoh and James Wan have brought Malaysia to fame and pride.

    The third (and turd) is the abruptly ‘famous’ stepson of our PM son of our ‘first lady of Malaysia flom’ Mr. Riza Aziz. His American film production, finance, distribution company was founded in 2010, after his stepfather and flom mother took reign, and after which Riza Aziz made it into the wild west world of Hollywood film industry. And wild it is dear Tun, I would call upon his flom mom, the PM to allow this one film he co-produced/financed “The Wolf of Wall Street” to be released and shown to the Malaysian public/theatres.

    That which I doubt will ever happen Tun. Because the film that comes from a ‘noble’ Malaysian is a pornographic almost kind of its genre, totally naked men and women alike, in illicit sex scenes almost equal to pornos, from the very start of the story to the very end. The story proudly unveiled the life of the money scammers, swindlers, their drug-ridden life, sex addiction, money laundering, corrupt power. All these proudly presented plus really there was one Jho Low look alike in the film!

    The difference between Tun’s story, Michelle Yeoh, James Wan and Riza Aziz is the words PRIDE and SHAME. While yours Tun and Ms. Yeoh and Mr. Wan bring PRIDE to Malaysia and her people, Mr. Riza Aziz only brings SHAME while his parents stripped Malaysia off everything the years have treasured.

    Take good care Tun Dr. Mahathir. Have a good night’s sleep and rest. To Tun Siti Hasmah also, goodnight sleep tight. May Allah bless you both.

  56. faridina Jun 14,2015 12:53 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Ayahandaku Tun,

    Forgive me Tun because I have to raise these issue here in your blog ..


    Nazri remember this : Never wake the sleeping tiger because these is no ordinary tiger or you will face the consequences..

    How dare you to come out with such statement on our beloved TMJ? We demand a public apology from you the soonest! You have hurt the feelings of we the Johoreans..

    Maybe you have forgotten the famous quote from Hang Jebat “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah”.

    His Royal Highness (H.R.H) TMJ has no intention to enter politics at all but H.R.H is doing these for the rakyat marhaen so why must you have grouses against H.R.H for speaking the truth! TMJ is sure one Raja Adil Raja DiSembah..

    On the other side of the coin, before these I recalled a Royalty publicly backing your boss and doesn’t that Royalty seen to be politically involved too? Don’t give lame excuses to justify your mean!

    Come on, we the rakyat are no fools okay and most of us knew who Nazri Aziz is! Let us refresh our memories about you the infamous Nazri.

    You were up during Tun’s era but never been made a minister. Becoming a minister in the prime minister dept under Pak Lah and being vey vocal against Tun and has since used the phrase “bloody racist” on our dearest Tun. Now under PM Najib you have been promoted and boast around feeling contented at last you are a full minister with a ministry. In Malay “kau ada?”.

    From Pak Lah till Najib you are seen as their hatchet man. You were well known for attacks on our beloved Tun and now H.R.H TMJ.

    Remember you were never a favourite among the rakyat, we have seen how boastful you are, the way you talk and the way you act as though you are above the law. You should be a shame of yourself showing vulgar sign to the camera so that the rakyat can see what kind of a minister you are? I recalled one MB from Pahang doing the same thing and I despise these kind of act coming from both of you!

    Please take note Nazri you won’t be a minister forever but our beloved TMJ is next in line to the throne!

    Daulat Tuanku TMJ!
    Johore the Great!

    Wasalam Tun good night, sleep tight, wake up bright in the morning light, to do what’s right with all your might!

  57. izuddin.idris Jun 14,2015 12:37 AM

    Buntu mungkin kerana wujud persamaan,
    Perasaan celaru dicemuh prinsip,
    Keduanya penting sukar dipertimbangkan,
    Cerita sama kerana kecurian.

    Pesalah selalunya perasan,
    Ada puak menekan penjelasan,
    Yang ditekan bingung kebodohan,
    Baru sedar penipuan besar-besaran.

    Demi maruah kesalahan disenyapkan,
    Tak akan disentuh orang kesayangan,
    Yang menuntut akan dilawan,
    Segala penghormatan sedia dilupakan.

    Pesalah hilang menyorok ketakutan,
    Dicipta pula teknik alih pandangan,
    Pelindung tegar menahan malu,
    Bimbang andainya hukuman dilakukan.

    Penuntut penjelasan sememangnya berada,
    Hasil didikan dan ketekunan kerja,
    Puak pesalah cuma baru bermula,
    Mencari pengalaman di persada dunia.

    Walau amalnya memang mulia,
    Menyusahkan manusia tiada niatnya,
    Namum matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara,
    Kerana mencuri ada hukumannya.


  58. anak wawasan 2020 Jun 14,2015 12:24 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

    TV3 tidak mungkin dapat melenyapkan legasi Tun dengan menggunakan taktik kotor murahan.

    Come on TV3, you are not only sounding dirtier but you looked and smells dirty. Jijik sangat dengan taktik tak bermaruah. Be intelligent lah!

    TV3, tau lah dah tak releven sekarang. But you dont have to be so desperate to this level lah.

    Tun, be strong and just discount those whom we consider as “insults to your intelligence”!

  59. azlan95 Jun 14,2015 12:00 AM

    Tun antara lain menyentuh tentang tindakan itu bodoh tindakan ini bodoh, dan diikuti dengan komen-komen di bawah tentang bisnes itu bodoh bisnes ini bodoh, orang itu bodoh orang ini bodoh.

    Renong berhutang $30b dan perlu restructure memandangkan bisnes tidak menentu yang membawa satu ketika kepada hutang tahunan melebihi RM1b.

    Satu analisa daripada Khazanah hanya menyatakan mengurangkan hutang Renong daripada $30b keopada $14b. Setelah dikeluarkan lebuhraya PLUS, Renong dipercayai masih berhutang RM14b. Apa jadi pada baki hutang $14b tersebut? Siapa yang membayarnya?

    Adakah bisnes sebegini bodoh? Ataupun orang-orang terlibat bisnes sedemikian yang bodoh?;_Restructuring_a_Conglomerate.aspx


  60. Keris Derhaka Jun 13,2015 11:51 PM

    Semoga Allah bukakan hati Najib utk berundur demi kepentingan bangsa dan negara.

    No more votes for Najib!

    Selagi dia masih memerintah, UMNO dan BN bakal terkubur tak lama lagi. Semuanya kerana liang lahad itu sudah digali dgn begitu byk masalah2 skandal yg terlalu besar utk disembunyikan dimata dunia.

    setiap 100 org yg saya jumpa, nisbah kebencian org pd Najib adalah 99-1.
    Dan sering pula, tiada langsung yg menunjukkan sokongan pd Najib.

    Ini hakikat…berdasarkan usaha saya sendiri dlm mendptkan pandangan setiap org yg saya kenali dan juga tak dikenali.
    Najib sedang bermimpi disiang hari bhw rakyat masih menyokongnya. Sedangkan penyokongnya sendiri ramai yg semakin meluat dgn masalah2 yg semakin bertimbun2 tanpa ada jalan penyelesaian.

    Secara jujur saya berpendapat bhw Najib tiada jalan keluar lg, begitu juga dgn Barisan Nasional. Dalam erti kata lain, sedang nazak diambang sakaratul maut.
    The End is near.

    wahai jentera najib, kalau tak percaya kata saya. Pergilah tanya SB ataupun risik. Apa status sokongan rakyat terhadap kerajaan?
    Jawapan mereka pasti,…”The worst in history”.

  61. adelheid Jun 13,2015 11:35 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Yes, there are many who do not understand 1MDB, what actually is it or what actually is going on. What more to understand economic terms or the crucial parts in the 1MDB story – the Investments, the Power Plants, the Purchase of Lands, the Assets, even the transformation from Terengganu Investment Authority to 1MDB. The educated and working class may have no problem in understanding the issues, but the mass the less educated the rural folks are in the dark, they do not understand that’s why they keep asking. They are the ones easily swayed by the PM and his government on this issue. And they are voters.

    Tun, I would hail efforts by all who care to go to these less informed rakyat, to explain to them. Including efforts to translate especially this particular posting of Tun on the 1MDB Story, from English to Bahasa Melayu, and circulate to orang kampung orang kebanyakan di kedai kopi di rumah. Ultimately they are the ones who come rain or shine, cast their votes, unfailingly. I hail the efforts made by one of the commentators in chedet blog, ‘Teratai’ who also does translations of your postings from both languages, in his/her blogspot ‘translationfocus’.

    Tun, your story would leave a hallmark to our revolution history, one that unleash Malaysia from being sold to the beasts of the world by non other than our PM Najib. Thank you Tun Mahathir.

  62. klmalaysian Jun 13,2015 11:27 PM

    Dear Tun M, thank you for battling on although you didn’t have too. You have thrown down the gauntlet n called the bluff accurately. The royalties have also spoken up for the rakyat.

    Just a word of appreciation. Thank you.

  63. The Hidden Secret Jun 13,2015 11:01 PM

    Salam Satu 1MDB!

    Nazri pandang rendah kat rakyat biasa kita semua ni.

    Nazri pandang Najib macam dewa.

    Nazri berani sound TMJ.

    Nazri memang samseng pon macam anak dia tu.

    Nazri lupa… Malaysia ni asalnya kepunyaan raja-raja Melayu. Raja-raja Melayu yang sign agreement dengan kerajaan British, bukannya UMNO atau BN.

  64. Tanggang Jun 13,2015 10:56 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Tun menyatakan;

    23. The land along Jalan Tun Razak was actually meant for an agency to build shops etc for Bumiputras. But instead the Government sold the 70 acres to 1MDB for RM320 million i.e. at RM 60/- psf. Land close by had been sold at RM7000 /-psf. 1MDB should pay at least RM3000 to RM4000 /- psf.

    Siapalah agaknya Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penilaian kerajaan yang mengesahkan (endorsed) Lapuran Nilaian Tanah (Valuation Report) untuk penjualan tanah2 tersebut sampai begitu rupa. Ataupun mungkin penjualan tanah2 tersebut tidak dibuat Valuation Report daripada Jabatan Penilaian.

    Menteri manakah agaknya yang telah menandatangani Surat Perjanjian Jual Beli itu bagi pihak rakyat dan kerajaan untuk penjualan tanah2 tersebut kepada 1MDB. Kalau dinegeri, biasanya Menteri Besar yang akan menandatangani surat seperti tersebut. Tetapi di Wilayah Persekutuan mungkin Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan lah agaknya. Ataupun tiada Surat Penjanjian Jual Beli perlu dibuat.

    Salam Tun.

  65. adelheid Jun 13,2015 10:41 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Saya mohon ruangan untuk berbicara/respon kepada komentator Cruze, Faridina, Daeng, Sibotak, Hajar, Novo, Daniel Noor, dan yang lain-lain – Terima kasih atas pandangan serta input daripada kalian dalam usaha murni membantu Tun Mahathir menyelamatkan negara dan menolak kemungkaran.

    Saya amat setuju dengan Cruze, Faridina – mengapa Tengku Mahkota Johor menegur DS Najib walaupun prinsipnya seorang raja itu tidak sepatutnya mencampuri urusan politik negara – sebabnya TMJ sebagai raja yang mengambil berat rakyatnya baginda tidak dapat menahan tanggungjawab dirinya menegur kemungkaran yang dibuat oleh pemimpin seperti DS Najib. Begitulah yang sepatutnya. Syukur kepada Allah masih ada raja seperti TMJ dan ayahandanya Sultan Johor yang tidak sama sekali terkesan dengan ke-kurangajaran PM serta para parasit PM. Nazri Aziz contohnya, keceluparan mulut beliau memang diketahui. Kini kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap orang yang banyak berjasa kepada negara. Wajib dia ni antara yang pertama dilucutkan gelaran oleh sultan kelak.

    Terima kasih Tun kerana beri ruang untuk saya berkongsi dengan para komentator lain yang budiman. Terima kasih saudara Cruze, Faridina juga yang lain-lain Daeng serta semua yang saya sebut di atas, atas pengorbanan anda semua teguh bersama-sama Tun Dr. Mahathir yang kita kasihi. Allah sahaja yang dapat membalasnya.

  66. sroom Jun 13,2015 9:23 PM

    Salam Tun

    DSN wrote in his facebook “I urge UMNO and BN members along with all Malaysians not to be taken in every time Tun attacks.”

    For the benefit of everyone, pls get Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) and a cabinet minister to confirm your 1MDB story.

    Then you will never be alone. It is not your fight anymore.

  67. mohamed jamaludin Jun 13,2015 9:16 PM

    Daulat Tuanku…itulah dia orang Perak yang kurang ajar dia ingat dah jadi MP kepala botak macam samseng..anak beranak pun dah macam gengstar…Daulat Tuanku…Hidup TMJ…Hidup Tun

  68. man Jun 13,2015 8:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Terima kasih atas penerangan ini Tun. Saya rasa ramai yang tidak tahu isu 1MDB ini secara terperinci termasuklah saya. Yang saya tahu lebih kurang RM42 billion terlibat dan wang ini telah dibelanja atau dipinjam tanpa kelulusan kabinet dan sebagainya.
    2. Komen2 di blog Tun juga ada yang amat membina. Cuma untuk tidak mengelirukan saya sebagai rakyat biasa, kalau boleh dijawab soalan2 yang Tun utarakan dan bukannya membuka isu2 lain yang tidak berkaitan dengan 1MDB. Dengan itu dapatlah kita meleraikan isu ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  69. cruze Jun 13,2015 8:05 PM

    Nazri aziz ni menteri ke ketua samsemg hingga bahasanya sangat kurang ajar kepada TMJ kesayangan kami……hati hati TMJ mungkin nazri dan geng gengnya akan korek korek untuk menjatuhkan imej Tengku seperti dia dan gengnya lakukan kepada Tun,
    Dia terlupakah semasa dia dan najib mendapat pingat2 siapa yang sarungkan?
    Sangat kurang ajar, dia lupakah Rukun negara? Macam ni ke najib ajar anak buah beradap sopan?
    siapa yang perkenan Jawatan dia dan najib?
    Majlis raja raja tahu tak?
    Kenapa pemimpin sekarang macam samseng.
    Najib memalukan martabat bugis umumnya bila anak buah dia semua tiada adab berbicara……..
    Daulat Tuan Ku Sultan Ibrahim dan Sultan Ismail…

  70. Daniel Noor Jun 13,2015 8:04 PM

    (Mind blowing climax):

    A farmer owns 25 young hens and one old cock …
    As he feels that the old cock could no longer handle his job efficiently, the farmer bought one young cock from the market…

    Old cock to Young cock :

    Old cock: Welcome to join me, we will work together towards productivity…

    Young cock: What do you mean? As far as I know, you are old should be retired.

    Old cock : Young boy, there are 25 hens here, can’t I help you with some?

    Young cock: No!! Not even one, all of them will be mine.

    Old cock: In this case, I shall challenge you to a competition if I win you shall allow me to have one hen if I lose you will have

    Young cock: OKKK..
    What kind of competition?

    Old cock: 50 meters run. From here to that tree. But due to my age, I hope you allow me to start off the first 10 meters.

    Young cock: No problem ! We will compete tomorrow morning.

    In the morning the Young cock allows the Old cock to start off
    when the Old cock crosses the 10 meters mark the Young cock chases him with all his might.

    Soon enough, he was behind the Old cock’s back in a matter of seconds.


    Before he could overtake the old cock, he was shot dead by the farmer …
    who cursed,

    : “Hell”

    This is the 5th GAY cock I’ve bought this week.” ??

    Moral: beware of senior experience in corporate politics !!!!!

  71. sudin Jun 13,2015 7:14 PM

    Assalam… Tun,

    It’s really peanuts when you consider only a few millions is added to the mat salleh advisors as consultancy fees to feed them no moral beings but who claimed themselves as so-called developed werterners, as compared to the 42 billion ringgit at stake.

    These Satu Malaysia Di Bohong liars are even giving away whatever scraps left behind of the 42 billion to them no moral mat sallehs!!!
    Nothing at all to any sincere and hardworking Malaysians!!!

  72. apietgi Jun 13,2015 6:02 PM

    “Harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi”

    Sungguh hairan, kenapa pegar yang diharapkan? Kenapa orang Melayu yang bijak pandai memilih untuk mengharap kepada pegar? Bukankah pegar itu spesies burung? Rutin hariannya memang makan biji benih termasuk padi. Selagi temboloknya tak penuh, pegar akan melahap padi sebanyak-banyaknya. Lebih hairan lagi kenapa bapak pegar dengan anak bininya serta anak-anak buahnya dibiarkan BERUMAH dalam kepuk padi? Selepas makan sepuasnya, sang pegar akan berak merata-rata. Kepuk tempat menyimpan padi, kan jadi reban yang penuh tahi.. padi bercampur tahi! Baunya pasti busuk sekali!

    Kenapa pula dibiar-biarkan? Pegar bukan Luncai yang boleh terjun dengan labu-labunya. Pegar bukan Mat Jenin yang hanya tahu berangan nak kawin dengan anak Raja. Pegar tidak ikut resmi padi, makin tunduk makin berisi. Pegar tetap pegar! Jangan diharap pada pegar, sebab pegar memang makan padi. Bapak pegar tak akan suruh anaknya jalan senget, sebab dia jalan mendada. Bini pegar tak akan suruh anak buahnya berak ditandas, sebab diapun berak merata. Maka jangan diharap dan jangan dibiar, malah seharusnya sudah diusir! Spesies burung otaknya kerdil, tentulah kurang daya fikir. Jika diharap dan dibiar, pasti Negara kan jadi fakir!

    Kini tiba saatnya usai, bagi rang Melayu yang bijak pandai segera memilih masa yang sesuai. Pegar harus ditangkap semuanya, dihalau keluar dari singgahsana. Jangan dibiar walau seekor, harus dikutip semua telur. Bapaknya, bininya, anaknya, konco-konconya.. sembelih saja semuanya. Masak gulai cili api, disantap pula bersama nasi. Raikan kenduri doa munajat, mudah-mudahan mendapat berkat. Barulah kepuk padi padat, bersih dari tahi yang lekat. InsyaAllah selamat!

  73. sudin Jun 13,2015 5:39 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Your earlier question, “Who instructed Sirul & Azilah to kill Altantuya?” is still waiting for the necessary follow-up actions
    /investigatios by whatever authorities concerned.

    What is happening to Malaysia?

  74. sudin Jun 13,2015 5:23 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Sampai hati Najib guna duit yang diperoleh dari penat lelah rakyat yang terpaksa menderita akibat dipaksa bayar GST, untuk membayar gaji mat salleh tinggi2 hanya kerana nak berterusan jadi PM supaya Rosmah mudah berbelanja mewah….

    Lain kali Tun tulis entri, pastikan dalam bahasa supaya temberang “Malaysia celup” tu lebih jelas kelihatan.

    Nampak sangat pembohong macam juga tuan yang bayar gaji mereka, konon2 we Malaysians lah.

    Elok saja tukar nama 1MDB kepada “Satu Malaysia Di Bohong” !!!!!

  75. milshah Jun 13,2015 5:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I think Tun has pose an interesting question. Should we allow thieves to steal billions in order to avoid a crisis?

    The 1MDB story is more about losing billions. Way back when you wrote the book “The Malay Dilema”, you warned that a culture of corruption would destroy the nation.

    There are so many questions raised regarding the 1MDB storythat would lead us to conclude that some form of curruption has taken place. Among these questions where is the missing billions?, how did 1MDB able to obtain loan of RM42billion without cabinet approval, where is the money supposedly in Singapore bank?, why were there so many changes in CEO.

    If let say, in order for us to avoid a crisis, we all turn a blind eye towads this 1MDB story. Would our country and people live happily ever after that? I doubt that would happen.

    Instead, the 1MDB story will set a precedence. It will be known throughout Malaysia, and accepted as a way of life that if any wrongdoing by the rich and powerful is alright, but if a the weak were to do a wrongdoing, then they would be punished.

    There is a saying, “kepimpinan melalui tauladan”, which means what a leader do then the followers will also follow.Therefore if a leader is involved in corruption, the followers will also follow. They will say,”Alah, dia ketua boleh buat, mengapa tidak kita?”.

    And so many people will be involved with corruption. And when corruption is part of life of nation, then it is a matter of time before that nation becomes a failed state.

    So, we are at crossroad here.There is more at stake regarding the 1MDB story then just about losing billions. The rakyat as well as the leaders are watching.

    Do we allow to accept corruption as way of life or do we punish those involved as warning to anyone that we do not tolerate corruption whomever they maybe.

  76. sudin Jun 13,2015 4:15 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Najib has really panicked!!
    Suddenly new entrants with mat salleh style reasoning and writing are appearing using Malaysian/Malay synonyms, all trying to discredit Tun.

    Not enough with mat salleh advisors running down the country, now Najib seems to engage mat salleh script writers as a last resort to survive!!!

    How much are they being paid???
    They can’t get good paying jobs in their own country, or being paid multiple times higher by 1MDB???
    To so-called “pernas”, or “Tajudin” or what-not, how about hi-tea somewhere in KL, just to know you better?

  77. DMel Jun 13,2015 3:56 PM


    Tidak perlu takutkan perancangan mereka. Saya dan kebanyakkan dari kita (saya rasa)bukanlah meletakkan Tun sebagai tujuan perjuangan saya. Apa yang diperjuangkan oleh Tun, itulah yang kita perjuangkan. Kebenaran yang ingin Tun tegakkan disini yang menjadi asas kepada kita semua untuk menyokong Tun.
    Oleh itu, walau apapun serangan untuk menjatuhkan(deception) Tun, ianya tidak akan memberi kesan kepada perkara pokok yang ingin Tun tegakkan.

    Teruskan perjuangan mu, Ayahanda…..

  78. cruze Jun 13,2015 2:10 PM

    Minta maaf dulu bang Tajudin, jangan lah begitu, Semua sudut Tun pastikan semasa 22 tahun, bukan hanya bangunan dan kemajuan.
    Saya orang susah, saya bersyukur semasa hujung perkhidmatan beliau Tun mencadangkan wajib belajar math dan sain bahasa inggeris. Kami rasa dengan dua subject tu anak2 kami dapat tution free secara automatic tetapi apabika najib perintah bahasa inggeris untuk math dan sains di tarik balik kononnya ibu bapa mengeluh. untuk kepastian semua cuba review semula blog tun berkenaan kepentingan bahasa itu pada hujung tahun 90an.
    Saya sangat bersyukur mempunyai pm yg berhati rakyat dan memberikan cadangan itu untuk kemajuan anak bangsa.
    Tetapi sejak amalan bahasa di tarik balik semasa najib, saya terpaksa mengeluarkan
    Wang 100 sebuladi darab dengan 3 tahun dan di darab kepada 2 orang anak untuk anak saya mahir berbahasa inggeris.
    Kes ini kita lihat Tun bukan beri brim atau wang pada rakyat tetapi beliu beri idea yang sangat memunafaatkan anak bangsa.
    Jika kita fikir dalam dalam, menteri2 dan pm zaman najib sangat hipokrit kerana mereka memang banyak duit untuk hantar anak mereka ke sekolah yang mahal dan oversea, kami ni sudahlah tidak banyak duit maka turun temurun anak kami akan senasib seperti kami. Mereka punya anak sahaja yang pandai berbahasa inggeris dan maju.
    Jika anak2 bangsa melayu menjadi lemah dalam bahasa inggeris maka peluang untuk mereka sangat tipis untuk menjawatan yang bergaji besar.
    Menteri2 tidak nampak fenomena ini kerana mereka hanya rasmikan majlis, tujuk pada org kepercayaan (adun atau kawan kawan yang sama kaya sahaja) Kerana saya berada di sektor swasta dan mengawasi sebagai marketing di syarikat bangsa cina, berurusan dengan lebih 50 client syarikat tempatan dan antara bangsa.
    Saya lihat tempat untuk anak melayu sangat tinggi jumlahnya di bahagian store boy, operator, kerani bawahan, juruteknik, tukang sapu dan buruh buruh am, jawatan tinggi hanya untuk bangsa lain yang pandai berbahasa inggeris.
    Cuba bayangkan jika graduan bangsa kita dari jurusan teknikal tetapi mereka lemah dalam bahasa inggeris mereka memohon pekerjaan di syarikat antarabangsa. Adakah pihak atasan mahu meletakkan mereka sebagai Jurutera R&D, bagai manakah keadaan mereka didalam mesyuarat R&D jika mempunyai diplomah tetapi tidak boleh berhujah dalam bahasa inggeris?

    Saya moho kepada semua yang telah dan akan menghina tun cubalah kenang jasa beliau. Jangan kerana kita ada kepentingan peribadi kita hina orang yang telah banyak menolong kita. Kalau tak silap saya semasa saya kursus dahulu.
    contok kredilibiti Tu:
    1. Pernah seorang penceramah memberitahu bahawa dengan kebijaksanaan alias buah fikiran Tun lah maka pembinaan Twin tower di tawarkan kepada 2 kontraktor antarabangsa agar bangunan cepat di siapkan atas dasar kedua dua kontraktor bersaing untuk show off secara positif.
    2. Seorang kontraktor bangsa cina yang terlibat dengan pembangunan putra jaya menceritakan kepada saya kisah semasa putra jaya di naikkan, kontraktor itu menceritakan kepada saya “Saya tiap awal pagi lihat tun menunggang kuda untuk melawat tapak pembinaan” ini contoh mudah untuk di tafsirkan bukan seperti kontraktor bangsa kita yang lebih menjuruskan sistem alibaba dan langsung tak jengok tapak projek…..hanya menambahkan koleksi isteri atau perempuan dengan slogan ikut sunah nabi. Sedangkan adalah baik untuk masa depan syarikat dan kesinambungan untuk anak anak jika wang yang ada di labur atau di besarkan lagi syarikat berbanding menambah koleksi isteri, Contohi bangsa lain yang tidak mengutamakan sex dan hiburan dalam hidup mereka, mereka utamakan masa depan….untuk kebaikan turun temurun mereka.
    Contohnya usahawan2 baru bangsa kita sekarang asyik galak berniaga ubat kuat sex dan tahan lama, hal ini akan menunjukkan bangsa kita ini hidup hariannya begini. Naik malu saya bila lihat iklan di akhbar dan majalah sekarang,
    Majlah wanita pula sepanjang tahun asyik dengan kisah sex dan hubungan intim suami isteri, kaedah lah mengapa lemahlah dan lain lain.
    Maaf bang jika ada yang menguris perasaan………tolong betulkan jika ada kenyataan saya yang silap.

  79. faridina Jun 13,2015 2:06 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Ayahandaku Tun,

    I have reason to believe that off late there are people within the PMO Public Relation n Communication Team lead by the British advisors, are coming in forces into your blog to discredit you and making you the hunter as the hunted.

    They are trying their level best to influence us (your strong supporters) in believing what ever they write about you will make us change our mind about their big boss.

    Their strategy now is going on the offensive straight into Tun’s own backyard, well this can be classified as a desperate move and I would suggest our dear followers of Tun’s not to be intimidated by them.

    However I believe most of us the die hard fan of Tun’s will not be distracted by them and will stay focus and don’t ever care to get their response or starting an argument with them.

    I suppose now they can’t even do anything to defend their boss in his own backyard, just take a look at his FB or twitter and you will know what I meant.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – The more attack you received will translate into the more support you will gain – trust me.

  80. che set Jun 13,2015 1:54 PM

    Salam sejahtera buat Tun Sekeluarga yang disayangi,serta juga semua para pejuang Chedet.Tun,saya ingin tumpang ruang ini untuk mengucapkan TAHNIAH kepada pemikiran Bumi Berjasa yang mempersoalkan kenapa kepercayaan diberi kepada seseorang yang tidak bersumpah di depan Yang DiPertuan Agong seperti budak cina itu untuk mengendalikan RM42 Billion.Ini salah satu contoh dari jutaan rakyat kebanyakkan yang nampak cara si Najib Pahlawan Bugis Yang Sombong itu membuat keputusan.Saya masih ingat ucapan-ucapan pada saat awal beliau dilantik sebagai PM.Beliau banyak ‘candek’ (bahasa Kedah) zaman pemerintahan Tun.Namun Tun seorang yang tidak kisah dan ambil hati tentang hal ini kerana bagi seorang pejuang seperti Tun,apa yang penting adalah Islam,bangsa Melayu dan negara,bukan dirinya.Selagi Najib mampu memimpin dan meneruskan dasar untuk kemajuan dan kemakmuran negara,maka itulah yang paling penting.Antara yang dilaung-laungkan oleh si Najib ini adalah,’kerajaannya mendengar denyut nadi rakyat’,sangat hebat bunyinya…..ala-ala si polan yang kini menetap di Sungai Buloh tu.Pada awal,…. dasarnya bunyi seperti apa yang dibisingkan atau diperjuangkan oleh PAS dan PKR serta pembangkang,yakni turunkan itu dan ini kerana kerajaan mencekik darah rakyat,contohnya kadar tol.Najib menonjolkan diri ketika itu sebagai pejuang rakyat,bertepatan dengan slogan-slogannya.(AMARAN KERAS: HENDAKLAH ANDA BERHATI-HATI DENGAN PEMIMPIN YANG MELANTIK DIRINYA SENDIRI SEBAGAI PEJUANG RAKYAT.)Semalam,dalam berita perdana di TV1 melaporkan,kerajaan akan menaikkan kadar tol dan rakyat diminta jangan buat apa-apa spekulasi,itulah bunyi beritanya.Rupa-rupanya si Najib ini tidak belajar lansung dan memiliki ilmu-ilmu yang diperlukan.Agak-agaknya adakah dia membaca kisah-kisah dari Surah Hud?

  81. ichiban Jun 13,2015 12:58 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    1 Penerangan jelas dan padat mengenai kisah 1MDB.Kelebihan yang jelas ada pada Tun ialah dapat mengenalpasti tahap kefahaman atau pemikiran rakyat tentang sesuatu perkara.

    2 Adakah Tun yang akan mejangkau usia 90 pada 10 Julai ini diwar-warkan di TV sebagai seorang penipu.Secara logik akal,dengan umur Tun sekarang ,Tun boleh memilih hidup dengan selesa bersama cucu-cucu tanpa campur tangan terhadap kepimpinanan negara.Kenapa Tun perlu campur tangan dalam usia begini,apakah yang Tun dapat? Hanya kecaman demi kecaman dari pemimpin umno sendiri.Pendapat saya sebabnya hanya satu..Demi kecintaan Tun terhadap Negara,rakyat dan parti Umno.Siapakah yang menipu sebenarnya?

    3 Rakyat merasa ,melihat dan menilai tapi bukannya bodoh.Setiap kenaikan atau kesilapan urus takbir negara impaknya akan berkadar terus dgn majoriti rakyat biasa.Adakah pak2 menteri kabinet akan merasa kesannya juga?

    4 Sekali berbohong atas sesuatu perkara,bila ditanya dan ditanya lebih mendalam,pembohongan akan terus berlaku sehingga sampai satu tahap tanpa disedari akan terjerat diri sendiri.

    5 Apabila kebanyakan rakyat mula mengambil tahu isu politik dan pentadbiran negara,ketahuilah ada sesuatu yang mula tak kena dengan kepimpinan negara.

    6 Semoga Allah memberi kesihatan pada Tun. Amiin.

  82. cruze Jun 13,2015 11:03 AM

    Tahniah Abang Daeng, novel anda sungguh ringkas dan bagus sekali, kalau erma fatimah dan sheila rosli tolong buatkan telenovela bersiri. Kisah novel ini padat dengan skandal percintaan, penipuan,
    sikap anak yang degil dan boros cuma pengarah kena tambahkan adegan dalam bilik sikit baru meletop.

    Tidaklah seperti drama2 sekarang ni, tajuk bukan main lagi tetapi jalan cerita balik2 orang kaya skandal dengan perempuan, adegan minum2 dan makan lebih 10 kali dalam satu episode naik muntah saya menonton.

    Pengarah drama, filem dan bidang muzik negara kita seolah sangat rendah tahap ideanya, rancangan talk show tiap pagi pun saya sekeluarga dah dua tahun kami tidak menonton, jemu tengok pengacara yang syok sendiri dah bertahun kelola masih keras kaku dan asyik duduk di kerusi, tergoyang goyang macam nak menahan berak.

    Bila julia peres komen bidang tentang hiburan di negara kita semuanya melenting. Bila aron aziz menang semua artis kita tak puas hati kalau aron aziz tak layak tak mungkin dia di pangil oleh pengarah filem hongkong pada bulan lepas untuk shooting, tak kemana pun, nasib baik ada Dato mitchel yeo yg harumkan nama negara.

    Baik menteri baik artis sama saja, mereka bukan nak tingkatkan prestasi asyik nak menyalak di media sosial, artis gila nak kahwin dengan vip dan pemain bola, menteri dan anak menteri begitulah sebaliknya berlaku.

    Buktikan rakyat kita maju bukan nya asyik menyalak bila di tegur dan hidup berhambakan skandal sex, sex, sex buat malu kami……

  83. pernas Jun 13,2015 9:27 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I salute you for the hard work and initiative in getting things right for
    the country. For a normal citizen, I will always know something is wrong,
    but I never know the details of what is wrong. Your explanations have
    been crystal clear and yes now we are pending for an explanation from
    the Government or 1MDB side. How long I do not know, but I hope you keep
    on the struggle to find the truth for all of us. Most of us cannot do this,
    as something will go wrong on our side (I think), you have said it yourself
    in your blogs too. You have such immunity to say these things and yet not
    get touched by anyone. Please continue.

    Yet, somethings still intrigue me a lot. During your administrations, a lot
    of questions were raised, but we do not have the details of it. Could you
    (on your free time) write about those issues raised during your time, like
    Bank Bumi scandal, Renong bail out, MAS bail outs, PKFZ , Perwaja and many more. I am not blaming you, but the details of what happen during those time we never have. Internet was not that wide spread during that time, plus a lot of things were controlled, I remember many oppositions guys went into ISA detention. So maybe now might be the right time to explain to all of us what happen during that times. I do know you did many great things during your time, for example Putrajaya, KLIA , North South highway, Penang Bridge, I would say great achievements, for those who said negatives things to it last time now probably regret as we see the benefits of it now. Though somethings
    might not be done correctly like the toll agreement with the highway companies which are burdening us now.

    Yet on top of all this, thank you for spending your valuable time in putting Malaysia straight. We need such kind of leaders. The opposition have been saying same things, but not the same way like you say it and further more you seem to be having valuable information. But nobody is perfect.

    Oh yes lastly, I see also at time you mention we cannot trust this and cannot trust that , example Auditor General Report, how come you know all this hanky panky can happen, during your times did you use of such power?

    Thanks again and please help us Malaysians, I see you as our last hope at this moment.

  84. daeng Jun 13,2015 8:44 AM



    1. Kalau kita andaikan turutan seorang PM dan 2 bekas PM yang lalu adalah anak-beranak, maka bolehlah kita andaikan Tun adalah seorang datuk kepada Najib, Dolah Badawi adalah seorang bapa kepada Najib dan Najib adalah seorang cucu.

    2. Andaikan datuk seorang yang sederhana miskin yang cuba mengubah keluarganya dengan menceburkan diri dalam satu perniagaan dengan caranya sendiri,

    3. Hasil peninggalan keturunan generasi terdahulu, walaupun datuk dilahirkan dari keluarga sederhana miskin tetapi datuk diwasiatkan beberapa bidang tanah yang cukup-cukup untuk diagihkan ke peringkat cucunya.

    4. Datuk seorang yang bijak, mampu mengembangkan perniagaan dengan caranya tersendiri.

    5. Walaupun datuk tidak banyak wang tetapi datuk pandai berniaga dengan mengajak orang-orang luar yang minat berniaga melabur dan membina kilang di atas tanah miliknya. Hasil keuntungan datuk mampu perolehi wang yang banyak hasil usahasama dengan pelabur tersebut.

    6. Di sini datuk tidak menjual tanah milik datuk tetapi hanya menyewa atau memajakkan tanah dalam tempoh yang dijanjikan.

    7. Beberapa tahun berikutnya datuk dikenali sebagai seorang yang kaya, bijak, dikenali ramai orang, mampu membantu ekonomi masyarakat sekitar dari susah kepada senang dan yang senang kepada kaya dan yang paling utama datuk dilabelkan seorang yang berpengaruh dan wajar dicontohi.

    8. Selepas datuk tua, beliau memberi kepercayaan kepada zuriatnya iaitu bapa. Datuk tidak punya pilihan terpaksa mewasiatkan apa yang ada kepada bapa.

    8. Bapa bukanlah seorang yang bijak dan seorang yang enggan menerima nasihat datuk dalam mentadbir kekayaan peninggalan datuk.

    9. Beberapa tahun didapati kekayaan datuk sebelumnya semakin menguncup kerana tadbir urus perniagaan yang lemah oleh bapa.

    10. Akhirnya atas desakan datuk dan nasihat kenalan bapa, bapa pun menyerahkan perniagaan tersebut kepada cucunya.

    11. Kehidupan cucu adalah mewah. Cucu tidak pernah merasa susah. Cucu dibesarkan dan bersekolah di luar negara.

    12. Cucu hidup bagaikan orang kaya. Ditambah punyai isteri yang boros dan bernafsu besar.

    13. Isteri cucu pula banyak campur tangan dalam urusan pentadbiran perniagaan dan urusan kewangan perniagaan.

    14. Cucu rela diperlakukan begitu mungkin terlalu sayang kepada isterinya yang dianggap “cantik”.

    15. Beberapa tahun perniagaan bertukar tangan kepada cucu, perniagaan cucu semakin hari semakin merosot. Hutang semakin banyak akibat salah tadbir urus perniagaan yang lemah, pelaburan yang tidak menjadi, ditambah keborosan isteri kesayangannya.

    16. Datuk menyedari hakikat cucunya dan kini menasihati cucunya menyerahkan perniagaan tersebut kepada orang lain.

    17. Ini kerana datuk menyedari jika cucu terus mentadbir perniagaan peninggalannya maka musnahlah apa yang diusahakan datuk sebelumnya.

    18. Malangnya cucu seorang yang degil, tidak mendengar cakap, mungkin kerana isterinya atau penasihat-penasihatnya yang bodoh atau penasihat yang ada kepentingan diri atau kerana didikan cucu daripada bapanya yang tidak betul?????

    19. Kini cucu merasakan dia cukup berkuasa, cucu bagaikan firaun dengan angkuh apa yang dilakukannya sekarang adalah betul, datuk yang banyak berjasa kepadanya diherdiknya, dicaci disumpah kerenah. Segala teguran dan nasihat bagi cucu semuanya tidak ikhlas.

    20. Cerita ini belum berakhir di sini. Masyarakat sekeliling yang hidup susah kepada senang kerana kebijaksanaan datuk kini mula risau dan sedar bahawa perniagaan cucu yang diwarisi dari datuk kian menuju kehancuran.

    21. Masyarakat sekeliling hanya mampu berdoa semuga cucu berundur tetapi senario sekarang seolah-olah tiada tanda-tanda cucu melepaskan perniagaan kepada orang yang lebih arif dan bijak dalam perniagaan dan urus tadbir kewangan.

    22. Kita saksikan penghujung cerita ini ….

    Sekian Tun. Yang buruk/lemah datang dari saya, yang elok datang dari yang Maha Berkuasa. Kami setia bersama perjuangan tun. Bukan kerana kami mengikut kata tun tetapi KAMI BERFIKIRAN SAMA DENGAN TUN BAHAWA NAJIB MESTI BERUNDUR SEBAGAI PRESIDEN UMNO DAN PM.

  85. HBT456 Jun 13,2015 8:05 AM

    66. Rm850 millions to perlis state government proven pm najib is panicked, and he needs wiseman help.

    67. If political party is above rakyat as proposed by pak lah, then there is no point to vote bn.

    68. Rome wasnt build in one day.

    69. But if putrajaya is more interested to increase memberships to stay in power, lebih baik umno open its memberships to these immigrants.

    70. Other bn component parties can follow, but the state land belongs to state sultan,

    71. The money belongs to future taxpayers, not pm or ministers.

    72. Dodoikan emosi rakyat is the least preferred way.

    73. Everyone must to our part, tak kisah you are bumi or not.

    74. It will come back to the maturity of the politicians.

    75. To work for political parties, or the taxpayers?

  86. Tajuddin Jun 13,2015 8:00 AM

    Umar Mukhtar

    So now we know. The legacy of a nation’s leader, according to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, are all those manifested in materialistic cement and mortar things that money can buy, which he spent the nation’s money on. He said to destroy his legacy, you have to destroy KLCC, KLIA and the PLUS Highway. That’s almost funny. How DID he become Prime Minister?

    It wasn’t as if the twin towers, etc., were designed by Malaysians and is a showcase for the skills Malaysians have acquired in a knowledge-based economy resulting from an education system that boasts of competitiveness and ingenuity and which strive on excellence.

    Anybody with money like the Arabs in Abu Dhabi and Doha can do that. Especially money that is God-given from the oil reserves underground and not earned by the intelligence, productivity and industriousness of its people above-ground.

    Why would we want to blow them up for? They’re ours. You just presided in the spending of our money. Shame on you for even thinking that you have some sort of proprietor rights over them. And you were just an elected official too, not even an absolute monarch who can claim everything in the realm to be his, like in Brunei or the Middle East.

    You sound cheap, needy and frivolous, like some Indians I know who told me proudly that as a little child in school they were English because they have English first names or that they were Portuguese because their forefathers came from Goa, India. I used to wonder what’s so deprived about being Indian. Now I know the meaning of the word vicarious. It’s just like Mahathir who tries so hard to be everything that is commendable, albeit, vicariously.

    So let me tell you what my English and History teachers taught me about the legacy of a leader. The leader who led reforms in every aspects of his people’s lives. Namely, education reforms that can bring his people to the edge of human advancement. Not bringing them backwards to a myopic existence, based simply on a misplaced sense of nationalism.

    We had a head start in the current international language of knowledge but we prefer to be parochial, supposedly, as a tool for national identity. Fine. The Japanese and the Koreans are good examples of nationalistic people. But they translate thousands of titles and manuscripts a year from the English language into their language in their thirst for knowledge.

    Our Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka led by semi-politicians, on the other hand, translates a handful, maybe six books a year into Malay. I guess the average Kampung Boy doesn’t need to know about the Theory of Relativity or enjoy reading The Prince or War and Peace.

    English is widely used in Malaysia, nevertheless. It is also the language for lucrative employment. So the average Kampung Boy will end up shuffling files in a disguised unemployment charade in some government department somewhere. While his urban counterpart answers a Malay question in English in TV3 Malay news. You don’t see the irony of that, do you? That’s only education reform, among many others you could have turned into your legacy.

    My point is, if you had been responsible to bring a whole generation of young, bright Malaysians into the millennium, shoulder-to-shoulder with those of other blessed countries which placed a high premium on the thinking mind, yes, sir, you have left a legacy you can be proud of. And you know what, we couldn’t even think of blowing that up even if we wanted to.

    But you did leave legacies inadvertently or advertently. Legacies of corruption, cronyism, racism, narrow-mindedness, poor work ethics, and a bloated civil service. These, we plan to destroy, beginning yesterday. Just be aware that those who appear to be supporting you in your present destructive endeavour are the ones who have agendas of destroying your legacy.

    I don’t mean your hounding Najib over 1MDB, I mean your tastelessness in discerning what the people you led hunger for. KLCC? Nah, we don’t need gigantic phallic symbols, only for those with small dicks do.

  87. HBT456 Jun 13,2015 7:45 AM


    62. This question, he has to ask copy cat nor yackop to answer for him.

    63. The obsession of building mega projects made all malaysians suffered high living cost.

    64. I cannot accept when tdm said expel myamnmar from asean because of rohingya issue.

    65. It shows tdm only interested to increase moslen votes at the expense of malaysians including kaum negeri2 melayu dan bumiputra di sabah dan sarawak.

  88. SHTWU Jun 13,2015 7:00 AM

    Bisness rugi perkara biasa. The issue brought up for 1MDB is totally different. Hope you understand the issue.

  89. gwerky Jun 13,2015 4:54 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It gives me great pleasure that there is a possibility of you reading my reply.

    It is usually the case that the burden of proof is on the accuser. The facts that you have laid out, if can be substantiated, is an assault of our great nation.

    From your point of view, how can we resolve this debacle?

    It is not good enough that the power elect steps down. There needs to be a systemic change at the very least.

    Would really appreciate a reply from you.

    Saya setia kepada Raja dan Negara,


  90. musato Jun 13,2015 3:32 AM

    Sekarang, mengurangkan hutang adalah satu kejayaan yang membanggakan bagi PM 1MDB.

    So, apa tujuan 1MDB diwujudkan? Membayar hutang?

    Azlan, ce cerita apa kerugian Renong bebillion tu….biar orang tahu dan faham.

  91. safiy Jun 13,2015 1:56 AM


    bagaimana pemimpin yg begini boleh tidur lena bila brbuat begini pd rakyat.. tak trpikir dek akal… pemimpin yg diamanahkn sebegini tergamak melakukan semua ni pd kami rakyat yg memilihnya.
    Sama2lah kita brdoa, org2 seperti ini berhentilah mnjadi pemerintah. Berhentilah. Kelihatan laluan perjuangan ni berat dan sukar. Nmpak makin gah dsn dan org2nya brkempen. Tp diaorg lupa, kuasa Allah.
    Ini doa kami rakyat yg teraniaya.

  92. malaysian.citizen Jun 13,2015 1:33 AM

    As’salam & Salam Sejahtera.

    First of all,glad to be in this blog.Reading what had been written by Dr. Mahathir & other fellow malaysians who care much about this great nation MALAYSIA.
    Thank you Dr. Mahathir for what you have & is doing for this nation. Only a few brave good person could do what you are doing currently.
    It is really sad to see what our great nation is going through right now. Government is chosen by the people to make life better, not the other way around. Previously, our great nation have its goal & vision.Do we still have it now?
    Now, instead of making life better, our people is burdened by tax.When we buy rm1 bread bun,there is tax.When we go to service our car,there is tax.Everywhere there are tax.Are our salary as much as our neighbour down south to pay tax everywhere we go,whatever we do?
    Other than that,we are told that our economy is doing fine.If it is true,why there many job seekers out there who are unemployed due to inavailability of jobs? A responsible government will know & understand what its people are going through. I believe our great nation need Barisan Nasional as its Government, but not it current leadership. Our current opposition is not a good alternative for this great nation. How can we rely on the current opposition to lead this great nation if they cannot even decide who should be the Menteri Besar of a small state?
    In my opinion,asking the current Barisan Nasional leadership to step down on their freewill is just a waste of effort.Will a person who is being blinded so much by power & wealth, would care about the needs of other fellow human? I really do hope that Barisan National will keep on leading this great nation.However,I share the view that with its current leadership, Barisan National will go down. What more choice do we have? It would be really bad if the opposition won not because of their quality & ability,but because of Barisan National weaknesses.
    Therefore, I am suggesting that in order to save this great nation, we need to create a third choice.Another political side that could take the leadership & ensure the future success of this great nation. In the past,we have seen political parties were formed for the wrong reasons.Why not this time another is formed for the right reason? The reason is none other than for this great nation MALAYSIA.


  93. rimba.emas Jun 13,2015 12:37 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Adakah kerajaan membenarkan wangnya boleh diurus niagakan sebegitu. Adakah kerana kerajaan mempunyai sumber kewangan yang tetap seperti cukai menyebabkan pembelian yang merugikan dibenarkan malah meminjam tidak secara terus tetapi menggunakan orang tengah seperti Syarikat Goldman Sachs yang mengurangkan nilai pinjaman di sebabkan komisen yang diberikan.

    2. Nampak kerajaan mengurus cara lalai wang milik rakyat jadi salahkah rakyat hendakkan seorang pemimpin yang dapat menggurus dengan betul dan menguntungkan supaya beban rakyat dengan cukai dapat di kurangkan dan lebih baik jika dapat dihapuskan.

    3. Yang mana lebih baik seorang PM yang menambah cukai dengan Pm yang dapat mengurangkan cukai. Lebih-lebih lagi pandai mentadbir dengan cukup dari hanya cukai dari pihak industri dan cukai jualan hasil bumi.

    4. Cukai yang baik ialah yang kadarnya berpandukan pendapatan individu tersebut pada kadar terendah yang tetap dan tidak digandakan untuk tahun berikutnya. Contoh nilai 1000 Rm pada kadar 25 RM cukup haul setahun. Kalau 2ooo Rm kadarnya jadi 50 Rm.

    5. Cukai GST yang terbaru ini ada unsur faedah kerana tidak berpandukan pada pendapatan seseorang dan tidak ditetapkan pada nilai terendah. Bermakna mereka yang bergaji 800 Rm di kenakan juga sama dengan mereka yang bergaji 1000 Rm .

    6. Allah s.w.t memberi secara percuma sementara manusia menjadikan hasil berganda-ganda yang hanya di minta pada kadar yang rendah serta tetap sebagai zakat.

    7. Kalau begitu PM yang terbaik dapat memberi lebih dan kenakan cukai yang rendah secara tetap dan berpandukan pendapatan pada kadar yang terendah.


  94. wara Jun 13,2015 12:30 AM


    the stupid idiot cannot answer your questions. what he does now is beat about the bush until the next GE when he will see how because of his inflated ego UMNO gets buried.

  95. faridina Jun 12,2015 10:45 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Dearest Tun,

    [Najib gives royals an itch, says Mahathir]

    [The royalty shouldn’t comment about politics but Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s management of 1MDB appear to have even irritated the Johor crown prince, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad]

    Could’nt agree more with you Tun and I would like to add a little bit more..

    I am a Johorean and I’m proud of my TMJ doing the royal bashing on PM Najib.

    How can you have a dialogue called “Nothing2Hide” featuring a person who has everything to hide? Obviously he won’t show up.

    For those who have been entrusted with the responsibility, do not blame the people for losing confidence and trust in you, but think of why they no longer have the confidence and trust in you. – H.R.H CROWN PRINCE of JOHORE

    His Royal Majesty The Sultan of Johore before this voices his concern about GST to his subjects and resulted in the local goverments of Johore absorbing the GST. Later most states follow suits.

    The Royal House of Johore have always put the rakyats interest first and they will do anything to protect the rakyat of Johore.

    PM Najib must have forgotten that UMNO was born 69 years ago in the ISTANA BESAR OF JOHORE! Obviously the royalties doesn’t want UMNO to perish after the next GE 14 if PM Najib refuses to step down now!

    PM Najib must have not known that the Royal House of Johore is of a royal BUGIS descendant! PM Najib have been going around quoting himself as a Bugis warrior which eventually tarnish the image of bugis as he is a coward that could not face Tun in the Nothing To Hide forum.

    To PM Najib please refrain yourself from using the most honoured Bugis descendant status and by the way you are not a warrior too because you are too ‘lembik’ and what kind of warrior you are with TB (takut bini).


    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Dearest Tun good night, sleep tight, wake up bright, to do what’s right, with all your might! We will be right behind you!

  96. Fariq Islam Jun 12,2015 10:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kita tidak boleh menafikan bahawa sistem pentadbiran Negara kita memang bermasalah. Terdapat beberapa aspek yang perlu kita halusi:
    a. Si penyelewang duit, sebagai contoh, ketua-ketua bahagian kerajaan yang terbabit dalam pembelian harta benda dengan kos tidak berpatutan dibiar begitu sahaja, tanpa tindakan menghukum yang setimpal;
    b. Selagi adanya konflik dari segi kepentingan, maka orang-orang tertentu tidak boleh memegang jawatan-jawatan tertentu pada masa yang sama – begitu juga dengan portfolio PM dan Menteri Kewangan pada masa yang sama!
    c. Sistem audit dalaman di syarikat-syarikat milikan kerajaan memang kurang rapi – mekanisme “check and balance” seolah-olahnya tidak wujud.

  97. HouseWife Jun 12,2015 10:23 PM

    Salam Tun, I’m just an ordinary housewife who adore your wisdome. I follow your blog and I appreciate the intelligent comments here. From here I receive lots of informations that I could not get from the news either from the papers or tv. I’m not someone with vast knowledge on the current issues so I’m not able to say much be it politically or economically. This plain old housewife do keep track on issues concerning my childrens’ and my country’s future. May Allah bless you Tun and Selamat menyambut Ramadhan.

  98. Fariq Islam Jun 12,2015 10:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat sememangnya tidak boleh menerima hakikat yang mereka yang terbabit dibiar bermaharajalela, dengan kekayaan yang diperolehi secara haram!

    Siapa dia Jho Low? Dari aktikel-aktikel lalu, Rakyat hanya mengetahui yang budak ini anak kepada seorang peniaga di Pulau Pinang, yang namanya Larry Low, kononnya mempunyai gelaran Tan Sri.

    Kenapa pula Azeez yang didapati bersalah dalam soal pelaburan masih kekal menyandang kerusi Ketua Tabung Haji?

    Rakyat nak tengok tindakan tegas kerajaan terhadap si berdosa, penderhaka dan pengkhianat Negara!

  99. azlan95 Jun 12,2015 9:18 PM

    Renong rugi berpuluh billion. Adakah itu juga bisnes bodoh? Atau orang yang jalankan Renong tu yang bodoh?


  100. HBT456 Jun 12,2015 9:13 PM


    35. Arul is just a poster boy.

    36. You want to nudge, nudge nor yakcop.

    37. I always hear politicians said, today we are enemy, tomorrow we are friends.

    38. Mavericks, simply means dirty politicians whom can be bribed.

    39. Our bahasa kebangsaan will remain as bahasa melayu.

    39. Bandar malaysia, just be like crooked bridge, will be scrapped.

    40. Why?

    41. There is only one capital city that represents malaysia.

    42. That is kuala lumpur, in bahasa melayu, or malay language.

    43. Pm najib will win.

    44. He has learned his lesson, but he will not choose dr mm’s my way.

    45. Dsai also go against ds dr mm dengan mendodoikan emosi kaum melayu.

    46. by the end of the day, he was sent to jail for sodomy.

    47. Tok det, if I am not moslem, I can only vote opposition party?

    48. Will selangor state government be disolved?

    49. It wont be.

    50. I watched haji hadi awang political speech in youtube.

    51. Langsung tidak bertoleransi.

    52. I am wondering why lim kit siang can choose to work with him.

    53. English and us dollar are the best bet for many generations to come.

    54. Those who do not support tppa will loose out eventually.

    55. Will these wanna be still want to tunjuk perasaan?

    56. Tdm worked all his life to membasmikan kemiskinan rakyat with look east policy.

    57. Today, these muslim bumiputra from sabah go against tdm who gave the opportunity to be in the cabinet because they are muslim.

    58. If they go orang kedah, meaning they go against pennisular.

    59. The best way out is tdm, pak lah and najib unite.

    60. If they do, it will be malaysia punya rezeki.

  101. malaysian1000000 Jun 12,2015 9:06 PM


    All the claims done so far are without paper proof, that is why DSN still brave tp sit in No. 1 post. Please provide proper proof and publish it for the public to see.

    The company secretary should have all the document, and due to the legal investigation all the document can be extracted from the secretary office.

    Please reveal all the document made by the 1MDB goes public because the public deserve the right to be answer since 1MDB is GLC company. Not just an audit report that can be altered and modified (even religious books are modified and altered).

    We all malaysian deserve an answer and enlightenment from “the advisor” and the involve person. Even MAS CEO dare to do press statement during MH370. In DSN era many things went missing.
    1.altantuya issue
    2.malaysia submarine issue
    3.MH370 issue
    4.MH17 issue
    5.1MDB issue
    6.Nothing2Hide issue

    All are left with blank answer. The only answer we receive is “pray for”. There is 280 country, 7 continent and 7 seas. Anyone who could solve the mystery is our PM but he choose to enjoy his sleep.

    If all the politicians are corrupt, who will/can/able/qualified to be the PM. Is it religious leader? Businessman? Lawmaker? Or even comedian?

    Majlis fatwa tak berani keluar fatwa ke pasal PM? Kalau pasal e-cigarette/shisha etc berani pulak keluar fatwa. Ini pemimpin negara islam dah berani main belakang pun sonyap je. Ini dah melibatkan harta ummah. Entah2 duit zakat pun DSN dah belasah habis.

    42b bagi semua rakyat seorang sejuta pun 1MDB ada balance lagi untuk buat “investment”.


  102. musato Jun 12,2015 8:44 PM

    Apa yang saya faham, isu 1MDB ini nampak macam jaguh kampung je, menang sorak kampung tergadai.

    Selagi UMNO membenarkan semua ini terjadi maka ia bermakna UMNO tidak lagi relevan untuk dunia zaman sekarang.

    Di mana roh dan jiwa UMNO

  103. Integrity Jun 12,2015 8:39 PM

    Salam Tun. I am quite well versed on the 1MdB saga thanks to u n my own analysis. But to be fair I will await the PAC inquiry before I make any conclusions lest I commit fiitnah as that’s not in line with religious or ethical norms.
    But Tun u may want to explain a couple of issues that has kept bothering me when u were PM. One of it was why did the govt buy back MAS shares from TR at way above market price then? May be it’s good to digress from this 1MdB thingy n also use this time to discuss other equally important matters. Knowing you well I am sure u will hv a cogent explanation.

  104. Keris Derhaka Jun 12,2015 8:06 PM

    Setiap rakyat Malaysia sebenarnya telahteraniaya samada dlm keadaan sedar mahupun tidak akibat perbuatan pemimpin yg tidak berhati perut ini. Duit simpanan kita utk menunaikan fardhu haji telah disalah gunakan. Hanya balasan Allah yg azab tidak terperi bakal tiba utk pemimpin yg zalim ini.
    Dan kepada umat Islam, mari kita sama2 berdoa kpd Rabbul Alamin agar kita diselamatkan dr pemimpin yg zalim dan kerosakan yg telah berlaku. Sesunggunya doa org yg teraniaya adalah makbul kerana tiada hijab di antaranya dan Tuhannya.

    Marilah kita berdoa

  105. The Hidden Secret Jun 12,2015 7:24 PM

    Salam Satu MDB!

    Hmmm…. Kalau 1MDB bayar lebih untuk loan dan power plant… ada kickback la tu untuk Najib.

  106. ahalimr Jun 12,2015 7:15 PM

    Binatang dayus tu nk main silap mata bodoh ng uncle2. Die ingat rakyat ni bodoh mcm die ikut telunjuk bini. Org mcm ni bg kt anjing pun anjing x mahu. Dah sebat duit rakyat sanggup guna nama arwah bapak yg dlm kubur sbb nk cover up perbuatan merompak duit rakyat. Semoga Tun M berjaya menumbangkan laknat yg tak habis2 menyusahkan rakyat.

  107. mubarakchan Jun 12,2015 7:08 PM


    The Rakyat are told officially by the Government that the total debt of the Government is approximately RM590 Billions of which only a small portion is foreign borrowings.

    But there is no mention of off-Budget debts/borrowings incurred by the GLCs.

    Up to date, we know one GLC alone incurred a debt of RM42 Billions and our iconic EPF loaned out RM80 Billions to the GLCs which must have borrowed from the other financial institutions as well.

    As of this date, both loan/debt figures from 1MDB and EPF totalled RM122 Billions incurred by the GLCs.

    Without taking all the debts of the approximately 100 GLCs into account, the Government has already incurred :-

    RM590 Billions + RM122 Billions = RM712 Billions. This figure is already near the ONE TRILLION RINGGITS MARK without knowing how much the rest of the GLCs borrowed. I believe no one knows.

    For the interested Blogger to tease his/her brain, please work out how much interest the Government has to pay each month based on RM712 Billions ( Can we assume the other GLCs borrowed RM 200+ Billions on top of this ? ) and also on ONE TRILLION RINGGITS at an interest of only 3% per annum or 5% per annum as paid to Goldman Sachs. We know that commercial banks interest rates are much higher than these.

    And this is the probable financial position and benchmark monetary figures of the Federal Government before any worsening of the international economic situation affecting our beloved Malaysia in the months ahead. And without taking foreign exchange fluctuations into account.

    Lest we forget this money is our money ! By knowing the true level of the Federal Government total debts, we may gauge its revenue requirements in the months ahead as well.


  108. faridina Jun 12,2015 6:59 PM

    Dearest Tun,

    “The price of being close to the president is delivering bad news. You fail if you don’t tell the truth. Others won’t do it.” Donald Rumsfeld.

    We need to see some action here involving those from the cabinet whom I believed are among strong supporters of Tun. Have the guts to show that Tun is right and you will get the support from the rakyats.

    Ramadan is just around the corner and it’s time for you to get closer to Allah s.w.t by revealing the truth that you too are not happy with the Prime Minister a.k.a Prime Suspect and could no longer be seen abetting him.

    Do take this opportunity after all it’s nothing to lose that ministerial post, I can assure you. Many of us here are doing okay even though I can understand losing power can be hard but given time you will be okay too.

    Anybody can tell me the last time a member of cabinet resigns?

    Wasalam Tun and warmest regards to Tun Siti Hasmah.

    p/s – By doing so proves Tun is not alone!(From the cabinet point of view)

  109. doncorleone Jun 12,2015 6:35 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Both New Zealand and South Korea has reduced their interest rate yesterday to boost their economy. I’m sure our neighbours will follow suit soon. Unfortunately for. our country, we can’t play with the interest rate as economic tool for fearing that it will weaken the ringgit further. 50 basis points reduction will put a smile on every Malaysian. Instead we have GST and 10 sen up on petrol. There are 62 or 63 advisers currently advising our PM. Surely they can give better advice and a better way how to skin a cat and to galvanise our economy. Like I said before, soon Valar Morghulis-everyman must die, the infamous catch phase in Game of Throne will become reality to the ruling party and UMNO.

    I will enjoy my rare outing with Fazura tonite and have a good and peaceful weekend Tun.

  110. wara Jun 12,2015 6:26 PM

    and this bugis blooded idiot wants others to resign.

  111. Donplaypuks Jun 12,2015 4:51 PM


    The cost of Sg Besi land given as RM400 million by 1MDB does not add up. Based on land area of 495 acres or 21.562 million sq ft, this works out at a mere R18.55 per sq ft (psf)!!??

    According to govt announcement, 1MDB took over this land from the MoF in a contra deal to build 6 army base and camps, for RM2.1 billion. Then, the govt gave 1MDB a no-strings attached grant of RM1 billion.

    So, the cost of this land in 1MDB’s balance sheet should, in accordance with Accounting Standards, be RM2.1 billion or RM97 psf. The RM1 billion govt grant should have been declared as income in 1MDB’s P&L.

    Alternatively, the cost of land could be reflected as RM1.1 billion (2.1-1.0) or RM51 psf in 1MDB’s balance sheet.

    Either way, the current balance sheet value seems to be grossly understated at RM400 million or RM18.55 psf.

    So, how did the cost of the Sg Besi land shrink from RM2.1 billion to a mere RM400 million? Did they flog off a huge chunk of Sg Besi land without telling anyone about it?

    Also, note that the transfer price of land from the govt to 1MDB is largely irrelevant. The transfer price from right hand to left hand is a red herring as 1 MDB is 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance, and all profits from sale and/or development of all land by 1MDB will accrue 100% to the government and threfore, the Rakyat.

    However, for prudence and proper accounting, the full market value should have been used in transferring land from MoF to 1MDB, so that the gross and net profit statistics in 1MDB’s books make sense.

    Perhaps you’d care to nudge CEO Arul Kanda and Chairman of 1MDB’s Chairman of Board of Advisors, PM & Finance Minister Najib, for some straight answers which do not seem to forthcoming, despite the legitimate concerns and worries of an entire nation that massive fraud, looting and economic plundering has taken place at 1MDB, and that a cover-up is being instituted!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  112. an9949 Jun 12,2015 4:23 PM

    Banyak org belom paham benda ni.

  113. Hajar Jun 12,2015 4:16 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,


    1. The only reason why we are in this BIG mess/crisis is because we have such a ‘stupid’ Prime Minister who seems to think highly of himself.

    2. May be PM Najib would like to perform a ‘sumpah laknat’ denying Jho Low’s involvement in TIA/1MDB. It’s better if he ‘bersumpah laknat’ that he doesn’t know Jho Low.

    3. Too bad that we have a ‘stupid’ PM who still wants to be the Finance Minister @ 1MDB Advisor. No wonder we saw all kinds of ‘stupid’ decisions made by 1MDB because it is lead by our ‘stupid’ PM with ‘stupid BODs/Management’.

    4. In addition, we have a bunch of ‘stupid’ Cabinet members who do not seem to know what’s going on. They just know to display the placard ‘I love PM’ when asked – only a bunch of ‘Pak Turut’ who cannot think clearly.

    5. This situation is very tragic. PM Najib must step down and must be charged for misuse of power and for lying.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  114. pakpandir08 Jun 12,2015 4:11 PM

    1MDB = 1 Malaysia Dungu Bodoh

    Nama pun bodoh, sebab itu cara buat bisness pun bodoh …

  115. Tired Jun 12,2015 4:10 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Now that you have spoon-fed 1MDB with what had gone wrong, I now call upon 1MDB to reply thereof. Ideally, in statements that it could use in the Court of Law (read: SD and or Affidavits) instead of in mere rhetorical ‘news releases!’

    2. Until you had done so, PLEASE STOP SPEWING NONSENSICAL ANECDOTES that are so unbelievable that they made you look stupid and ignorant.

    3. For those who are blaming Tun, for whatever that is happening now, please know that your efforts are in vain and in futility. The Tun resigned as the PM in 2003, i.e. 12 years ago. We are responsible for what is happening today because we were stupid enough to allow it to happen so. If you want to do some heroics deeds now, do something to what is happening now while you have the chance and opportunity to do so!

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh. Wassalam.

    1. kerajaan langit, “Tun, sila perjuangkan juga sistem baru yang MANTAP demi negara & rakyat, bukan Menteri politik yang sonsang.”
    – Tun telah mengguna-pakaikan ‘sistem’ yang sama yang diguna-pakai oleh Pak Lah dan DSN. Cuma, bezanya, Tun membangunkan negara, dan Pak Lah dan DSN, membinasakan negara. Sama konteksnya dengan ISIS yang ‘memperjuangkan Islam yang berlandaskan Al-Quran (kononnya),’ yang kini kita semua sedia maklum, sangat bercanggah dengan kehendak dan ajaran Al-Quran. Justeru, adakah kita perlu menukar Al-Quran agar kita tidak menuruti ISIS? Sudah tentunya, tidak! Yang menjadi masaalah bukannya ‘kitab’ atau ‘sistem’ yang diikuti atau dituruti, tetapi cara individu atau kumpulan tertentu mengaplikasikannya. Adilnya, kita tukar individu atau kumpulan tersebut secepat mungkin dengan individu atau kumpulan yang boleh menuruti ‘sistem’ atau ‘kitab’ dengan sempurna. Anda tidak tersasar dengan komentar sdr. cuma perspektifnya lari sedikit.

    2. asiahb,” And of course, those poor Kelantanese still living in tents to this day, under the scorching heat, since the big flood last year. To see, 3 or 4 mths old babies sleeping on a swing wrapped in wet clothes just to keep them off the afternoon heat…is simply too heart-wrenching to see.”
    – DSN did pledge RM500m to the Kelantan’s flood victims, as well as, for the same amount to the Sabah’s earthquake victims. Only thing is that they cannot cash the Cheques yet, as the Treasury had post-dated both cheques to 1 November 2018 (i.e. after GE14, for the new government to honour them then!). It appears that the Board of Director of the Malaysian Government had also given same directive too to the Treasury, for all pledges made by the PM now and hereinafter.

  116. STEVE8562 Jun 12,2015 3:58 PM



  117. Eddie Lim Jun 12,2015 3:55 PM

    Dear Dr Mahathir,
    Thanks for letting the myself and also public know what is really happening and the abuses going on. As a Malaysian citizen and tax payer, I don’t like what 1MDB does with my money. For sure, if the authorities don’t do anything with 1MDB, we are going to change the govt in the next election. Many people are of the same thought as me. I am glad that you speak out and uphold what is right.


  118. sibotak Jun 12,2015 3:21 PM

    If Najib is playing hard as for the reasons he is aware of
    The Police, The Monetary Authority , The Corrupt Authority
    Seems ignoring the Facts

    Well I would suggests the whistle Blower reporters to tail
    Malaysia 2nd Prime Minister
    Datin Rosmah , Najib Wife wherever she moves
    She sure knows of what has been going on 1MDB
    And she is the kind of women who will Blair off but reporters must have their own approach
    Praise her of how beautiful her hair is
    She tell you everything

    As much as doubts against Anwar Sodomy
    The best person to know of the truth of Anwar Sodomy
    Is Anwar own wife

  119. sazielenora Jun 12,2015 3:09 PM

    the head of 1mdb (najib) and all his associates( 1mdb board of directors ) should be investigated throughly to uphold the justice….and i agree with Tun Mahathi..there is now way justice could be done as long as najib in the house…he will do whatever it takes to cover things up…indeed there is a crisis for us malaysian! kudos Tun mahathir for always speaking up for malaysian!!!

  120. mizs_fyda Jun 12,2015 2:32 PM

    Arif165, yes..indeed you are true also. They must be too intelligent until they make such ‘clever’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘wise’ decisions. I hope may Allah swt grant our du’a so that all these corruption leaders will get their punishment.

  121. Standingtall Jun 12,2015 1:29 PM

    It is becoming more and more crystal clear with the easy to understand explanations from you, and from the other opposition leaders like Tony Pua and Rafizi, to name a few. But it is also becoming more and more murkier and dirtier every time Arul, Najib, Husni and their team issues a statement because they skirt around the questions, avoid answering the issues you and the others are asking, Where is the missing money? Simply because they cannot answer even if they are fully awere where the money is being held (haha..) Then also, Arul and Shahrol were supposed to interviewed by PAC in May, now unexpectedly given the grace period by Nur Jazlan to August, and the something to hide forum where the other main actor ponteng, and why JLow was not arrested (??) when he came in on a flying visit last month.

  122. kerajaan langit Jun 12,2015 12:19 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Rasenya terlalu banyak cerita sama yang disiarkan sekarang.
    Saya mengharapkan agar Tun segera lajukan tindakan memaksa PM supaya resign segera demi kebaikan seluruh negara.

    Mana tu semua pak menteri yang bertali barut yang sepatutnya meyokong tindakan baik bagi kebaikan rakyat. Kini menteri seolah menyembah tuhan yang berdosa.

    Adakah sistem bermenteri yg kite amalkan sekarang adalah salah dan tidak menyokong hasrat rakyat sebenar.


    Jika Tun menang kali ini ( saya harapkan kemenangnan segera), saya harapkan selepas PM di ganti, sewajibnya diadakan sistem tadbir baru oleh BN bagi mengelakkan berlakunya salah laku lagi oleh new PM……demi negara yg tercinta, kita tidak harus berKrisis setiap kali PM baru mengambil alih kuasa. Kite sebenarnya kekurangan sistem yang mutlak bagi menjamin kesejahteraan negara & rakyat. ….. yang diamalkan kini hanya demi kesejahteraan menteri dan orang2 politik yang sememangnya HARAM disisi setiap agama waras.

    Tun, sila perjuangkan juga sistem baru yang MANTAP demi negara&rakyat, bukan Menteri politik yang sonsang.


  123. KunKlai Jun 12,2015 12:13 PM

    Dirgahayu Tun Berdua,
    Semoga Tun berdua diberi kesihatan dan kudrat dlm perjuangan yang belum selesai ini. Saya rasa nak mencelah sedikit. Sebenarnya semua gerakan yang Tun ceritakan ini rasa saya bukan tindakan stupid oleh 1mdb yang stupid. Semua ini adalah tindakan licik dan bijak oleh Geng DarahPahlawan ini. Malangnya kelicikan ini telah dapat dihidu oleh Tun, dan Tun mengambil sedikit masa untuk “verified the information” yang ada di tangan Tun. Saya terbace komen seorang penulis meminta supaya Tun consistant dalam membuat pendedahan. Sebenarnya Tun sangat consistant dengan methodology yang di pakai iaitu mengesahkan data sebelum bertindak, sama seperti kes Timbalanya dahulu. Beliau mengambil masa yang panjang walaupun telah mendapat maklumat dari ketua polis negara masa itu. Setelah Tun mengesahkan maklumatnya dan mula bertindak, percayalah Tun dipihak yang benar. Dirgahayu Tun.

  124. mubarakchan Jun 12,2015 11:59 AM


    The elephant in the room in our beloved Malaysia must be the real and total (combined) debts of all the GLCs and not of 1MDB alone which may now be seen as a distraction.

    Having said that if the 1MDB is managed in such a fashion by the top authorities, THE MANAGEMENT OF THE REST OF THE GLCs CAN ONLY BE WORSE !



  125. mubarakchan Jun 12,2015 11:47 AM


    With all due respect, Tun, we have been focussed on just one huge sum of RM 42 Billions of 1MDB debt which is managed by the highest authorities in the land.

    We have been informed by drips of information like our iconic EPF loaned RM 80 Billions to GLCs.

    We have been told that the RM 29 Billions which were spent on affordable housing, the houses could not be lived in.

    As far as we know, the RM 42 Billions 1MDB debt and the EPF loan to GLCs already totalled RM 122 Billions ! How many more GLCs’ loans are not revealed ?


    Let us not forget that these humongous sums of ringgits belonging to the Rakyat, are controlled and disbursed by only a handful of people.


  126. asiahb Jun 12,2015 11:43 AM

    Thank you Tun, for a much insightful and crystal clear clarification that you’ve presented. It’s easy for a lay-person & ordinary rakyat like me to digest and understand, without the need for all the mumbo-jumbo & financial jargon. Only Allah knows we do not need further confusion in our midst.

    The only thing I wanted to express, how could ANYONE, who is in their right mind…one who has led such a privileged life and given such mega responsibility & opportunity to change the lives of the rakyat…can be oh-so ignorant??? I just could not comprehend that fact, ever. Here we are talking about billions! not millions…flushed down the toilet…without any accountability whatsoever. Whilst, there are few quarters of the rakyat still lives under the bridge (near Central Market, particularly). Take a stroll at night Tun, and you’ll see what I mean….and, as well as many other places in Malaysia. And of course, those poor Kelantanese still living in tents to this day, under the scorching heat, since the big flood last year. To see, 3 or 4 mths old babies sleeping on a swing wrapped in wet clothes just to keep them off the afternoon heat…is simply too heart-wrenching to see. For these rakyat, to see RM10 a day is an enormous struggle.

    How can ANYONE from a stature like those in power, ie; DSN and his cohorts could ignore such plight of the rakyat?? Those who are being entrusted with leadership, money & power to change things, for the better…for their own rakyat?? How can these leaders sleep at night?? To add salt to injury, trying to steal our hard-earned money, which probably took us a lifetime to save up to perform pilgrimage…AND, to dupe and patronize us, the rakyat by giving laughable press conference later…How STUPID do they think Msians are??? Simply mind-boggling.

  127. daeng Jun 12,2015 11:31 AM



    Kudis Najib sudah merebak dan tidak boleh dibendung.

    Kini wabaknya menjadi cancer dan tidak mampu diubati.

    Saya percaya tentang perdebatan antara Tun dan Najib berakhir dengan Najib tewas TKO.

    Itu sebab Najib dan koncu-koncunya beralasan “tidak perlu adakan debat”, “debat antara Tun dan PM hanya menguntungkan pembangkang”, dan sebagainya.

    Hakikatnya mereka sedar Tun akan membelasah Najib dengan pukulan TKO.

    Kalau koncu-koncu Najib yakin Tun mampu dibelasah oleh Najib, sudah pasti mereka bersetuju debat antara Tun dan Najib diadakan.

    Pendekar Bugis konon, bagi saya Najib bukan seorang lelaki atau suami sejati kerana Rosmah tidak takut Najib. Samalah erti Najib takut bini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  128. DaJiaHao Jun 12,2015 11:31 AM

    Why IMDB is so stupid?

    1MDB is make stupid, so that some clever people will benefit from the stupid 1MDB.

    Those who make 1MDB stupid are in fact very clever or intelligent. Their intelligence is same as the most notorious thieves in known history.

    I bet that all the investigations going on – by the police, AGs etc will also look stupid end of the day, same as 1MDB that was make stupid by those clever people. (Maybe PAC will do a little better)

    My salute to you, Tun.

  129. Daniel Noor Jun 12,2015 11:25 AM

    Sudah waktu nya umat Islam terutama orang Melayu lakukan Solat Hajat beramai2 di semuaaa mesjid dan surau. Berdoa agar Najib ini cepat2 betundur atau minta pada Allah swt nenurunkan bala pada Najib dan semua kuncu2 dia. Today is Friday..a good day utk lakukan Solat Hajat.

  130. mohtar salleh Jun 12,2015 10:51 AM

    Salam tun…dimanakah suara ahli mkt umno…semasa pemilihan masing masing menyatakan kenapa mereka perlu dipilih..kononya memperjuangkan nasib rakyat tp berapa orang ahli mkt bersuara? Pengunaan kuasa parlimen masih belum nampak atau adakah ahli parlimen nak buat kejutan utk menyelesai kan kemelut ini…kepimpinan negara macam orang berpenyakit kencing manis yg kronik..potong kaki untuk selamat nyawa dan penyakit merebak…mana kah doktor2 lain selain dari tun yg nak mengubat pesakit ini…saya hanya insan kerdil bagai anjing menyalak bukit…

  131. pakpandir08 Jun 12,2015 10:51 AM

    Tun, mungkin begini lebih senang difahami:

    (1) Keluarga Altan mempunyai sebidang tanah berharga RM10,000
    (2) ANAK SULUNG keluarga Altan meminjam wang dari AhLong dang berhutang banyak
    (3) BAPA keluarga Altan menjual tanah keluarganya kepada ANAK SULUNG pada harga RM50 (murahnya)
    (4) Secara gesa-gesa, ANAK SULUNG jual pula tanah itu kepada ANAK BONGSU keluarga Altan (adiknya) pada harga RM10,000 (bodohnya adik bongsu)
    (5) Dengan gembiranya, ANAK SULUNG katakan dia untung dan keuntungannya digunakan untuk membayar kepada AhLong
    (6) Anak BONGSU jual pula tanah itu kepada orang luar pada harga RM11,000 dan dengan bangganya katakan dia untung juga

    (1) Kenapa bapa jualkan tanah itu kepada ANAK SULUNG dengan harga lelong, and tanah itu dijual kepada ANAK BONGSU dengan harga pasaran oleh abangnya?
    – ANAK BONGSU itu bodoh?
    – Pada pandangan umum, ia seperti tindakan keluarga yang ingin membantu ANAK SULUNG untuk melangsirkan hutang

    (2) Kenapa ANAK SULUNG itu berhutang banyak
    – Terutamanya kenapa ANAK SULUNG itu meminjam wang dari AhLong yang mengenakan interest yang melampau, and juga membayar komisyen melampau yang tinggi kepada orang tengah? (adakah ANAK SULUNG itu bodoh atau ada sebab yang lain)?

  132. ariff165 Jun 12,2015 10:48 AM

    mizs_fyda fyi these guys are not not stupid. Rather they are intelligent crooks. Despite being muslims they have the gut to cheat. They were given the best of positions with all the perks, yet they remain greedy. Now they start to lie.More lies to cover previous lies.
    Let’s pray that Allah grant longer life for Tun so as to lead this fight until all those involved get their due punishments.Spare no one.

  133. bumi berjasa Jun 12,2015 10:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    JHO LOW nie dah angkat SUMPAH di depan Yang Dipertuan Agong ke sampai najib percaya nak uruskan 42 juta nie?

  134. Adam Jun 12,2015 10:18 AM

    All these menteri besar’s or anything related to government’s whether state or federal Incorporated thing must stop. Let the businesses run by businessmen and many politicians must decide whether they want to be a politician or a businessman. Not both. While the government certainly needs to make money, there’s no point in boasting how much billions you have in reserve when there are still citizens living under the bridge (not just a phrase, but a reality. Just got to area around Central Market at night and early morning and I believe many other areas in KL).

    To the Prime Minister, I ask nothing than you to tell the truth. I know that the money are gone but at least show me where they went to. Show me where the photos of the power plants that the money was suppose to have bought. Tell me how those power plants are supposed to help me and my fellow Malaysians? How many jobs will the plants help created for us? Will you ensure that after this to let businesses to be run by businessmen rather than politicians just like politics be run by politicians rather than businessman? You can still make your mark in our history by being the first prime Minister to actually be the leader of the representatives of the people. If not, may you step aside and resign with dignity so that a more capable person can replace you?

  135. sudin Jun 12,2015 10:14 AM


    The major investments by 1MDB were spent on:
    Power plants – RM18billion
    Lands – RM1billion
    Petro Saudi – RM3.5billion

    Now, that only totaled up to RM22.5 billion.
    What has happened to the remaining RM20billion from the total loan amount taken by 1MDB?????

    On top of the most questionable arrangements/prices to all of the money invested by 1MDB, the disappearance of RM20billion must be traced and accounted for!!!

    Najib has the cheek to tell all Malaysians Tun M is behind the present crisis.
    Kalau nak bohong pun pandailah guna fakta berhemah, janganlah sebab dah terlalu panik sehinggakan buat kenyataan pun merapu.

  136. HouseWife Jun 12,2015 9:53 AM

    Salam Tun, you are awesome, at your age your brain works non stop. You said 1MDB so stupid which means PM of Malaysia is STUPID! I’m so malu! And those ‘with’ him are also stupid! How can they govern the country. My children used to respect him now no more, such a pity, he has lost 6 votes! Tun I pray for your good health and May Allah Protect you always. Semoga Allah berkati segala jasa Tun terhadap agama, bangsa. negara dan keluarga. Terima kasih Tun.

  137. sharul Jun 12,2015 9:52 AM

    Pembelian di Timur Tengah tak kira lagi berapa banyak rugi.

    1mdb kata ada valuation, tapi valuation ni boleh kow tim terutama di Timur tengah.

    Najib dan kuncu – kuncunya mungkin mencuri atau tidak mencuri tapi macam-macam manapun mereka masih perlu bertannggungjawab – gross incompetence in dealing with high finance.

    Pemimpin – pemimpin UMNO yang lain membuatkan kita terpaksa pangkah PAS. Hati memang betul-betul tak nak tapi disebabkan keangkuhan and kebiadapan orang – orang UMNO, kita terpaksa lakukan. Tak ada jalan lain.

  138. Murad Jun 12,2015 9:41 AM

    AS Salam Juma’at Tun,

    May Allah always bless you with mercy and confer upon you his “Kudrat” and “hidayah” to continue educate the Malaysian on this 1MDB fiasco.

    After I recite my normal Surattul Kahfi verses of Quran every Friday morning, my heart urge to open your blog, here I see that I am the first.

    1.At my level I am still blur on TIA, your this post give me crystal clarity on overall sad episode from the beginning. Now I wonder and understand why the general public especially my UMNO members still naive on the whole issue because of lot of ‘Indian plot’ behind it. Because of that they still shout want Najib as PM, what a pity to my UMNO members and the Malays, as they been sold by another Malay (Bugis?).

    2. I am still puzzle of the lackluster taken by Bank Negara, especially the Governor (suppose to be Asia best one) on explaining it clearly to the general public which still in darkness on the overall episode.PM says that Bank Negara cannot release infos because of the secrecy Act under Bafia, Amla and what not; is blatantly covering those culprit involve that he may knew.

    3. Just look at this case:-

    Tian Chua implicates Rosmah in illegal money transaction PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor (picture) and two Umno-linked corporate figures– Abu Sahid Mohamed and Syed Mohammed Syed Nusrin–are in the spotlight over allegations of illegal money transactions.

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat Strategy Director Tian Chua claimed an individual sent RM600,000 to Rosmah through a money changer while she was in Dubai in August last year. However, he said he was not sure what Rosmah did with the money, but he remarked that she could have used it for shopping as she was “famous for it.” He told a press conference here that he had a certified letter from Bank Negara to prove that an unidentified individual had illegally transferred the RM600,000 into Rosmah’s bank account.

    He claimed that the money transaction by Sahid, the executive chairman of Perwaja Steel, involved RM22.2 million sent to United Kingdom between June and August 2008 through money changer Salamath Ali. Tian (picture) said the money was for the purchase of properties. Sahid is also the chairman of both Kinsteel Bhd and the Maju Group of companies as well as the managing director of Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd.

    Tian also said businessman Syed Mohammed Syed Nursin wired RM1.19 million to Britain through Salamath Ali, also for buying properties. Syed Mohammed is the younger brother of new sugar tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. Tian said Bank Negara revoked Salamath Ali’s license as a money changer because he could not provide a valid reason for money transactions and for giving inaccurate information. He called on Bank Negara to investigate the senders as well as the recipients “and not only the money changers,” saying he had copies of the show-cause letters the central bank sent to the money changers.

    He claimed the money transactions were done through the Hawala system, a tight and secretive means of illegal remittance. “Apart from being fast and easy, the system leaves no trace of the money trail,” Tian said. Since early this month, Tian has been revealing the names of politicians allegedly involved in corruption and illegal international financial transactions.

    On Nov 13, he claimed that Negeri Sembilan Mentri Besar Mohammad Hassan in 2008 remitted RM10 million to London through Salamat Ali Money Changer Sdn Bhd. On Nov 24, when Lobak assemblyman Loke Siew Fook raised the matter in the Negeri Sembilan State Assembly, Hassan refused to respond or deny that the transaction took place.

    Copy and WIN :

    4. What I understood (Pardon if I am wrong and please come up and explain)Bank Negara did a good cover-up job by canceling the money changer licence (probably give them a new licence and new identity)and Rosmah, Mat Hssan and the rest scot free.

    Mat Hassan should come clean to deny this news ( as I am not sure this is true), He has the chance to do when was asked in Dewan Negeri sitting, but choose not to. As a friend I suggest he to do it, maybe I am only friend left as a friend always correct his friend mistake, the rest around him now just want a piece of the pie.


  139. hasbi Jun 12,2015 9:31 AM

    PAC JAN BNM auditors police n other investigating agencies should take cue from TM’s revelation n establish whether the info revealed carry weight in order to determine whether there has been abuse of authority, breach of trust, conflict of interest etc.

  140. mizs_fyda Jun 12,2015 9:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    thank you for your explanation about the crisis that happen in 1MDB. A lot of questions are not being answered. Why 1MDB is so stupid?That is because 1MDB is being manage by stupid people. All their desicions is stupid decisions. I can’t even understand such stupid decision and i can’t stop saying this stupid word because i am so angry with all these stupid people and stupid desicions.
    Dear Tun,
    Please help us to throw all these stupid people out of Malaysia. Malaysia don’t need such people in this country. Their stupidity will only destroy our country.
    Thank you Tun for your effort to save our country. Please be strong Tun, and a lot of people are standing with you to support you.

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