1. Competition is good, says the CEO of the Malaysian Automotive Institute (The Edge Malaysia, June 22, 2015). It will benefit consumers and allow local industry players to explore export market.

2. It is therefore good that the Malaysian automotive industry should compete with cars imported from Japan, Korea, China and Germany. Incidentally these countries impose conditions and standards which prevent Malaysian cars from being imported into their countries to compete. So the consumers in Japan, Germany, Korea and China cannot enjoy the benefits of competition like their Malaysian counterparts

3. Some of us may have noticed that in sports for example competition is between people of the same category by age or in football by division. In golf handicaps are given so that the competition would be fair.

4. It is always the same in all competitions. We compare apple to apple and not apple to oranges.

5. Apparently in Malaysia some people may not have noticed it. They have not noticed that the Malaysian industrial capacity is not at the same level as Japan, Korea, China or Germany. We may win in a Quran competition but not, I think, in the automotive field. We do well in badminton and squash but not in football.

6. However if competing is what we have to do to benefit the consumers, we will do it. After all there are more consumers than people in the automotive industry.

7. If we lose we may have to close down. A hundred thousand or so workers, engineers and managers will lose their jobs. Their families will suffer. But that is alright because the consumers will get better cars at lower prices from foreign countries.

8. Of course a lot of Malaysia’s money would flow out to the rich countries and their workers will get higher incomes. But it is Government policy to support imports and we have to accept it.

9. So let us compete and let our consumers enjoy the benefit. The people who lose their job would not be able to consume. But that is a small price to pay.

1. Persaingan adalah baik, kata Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Institut Automotif Malaysin (The Edge Malaysia, 22 Jun 2015). Ia akan memberi manfaat kepada pengguna dan membolehkan peserta industri tempatan untuk meneroka pasaran eksport.

2. Oleh itu, adalah baik bahawa industri automotif Malaysia bersaing dengan kereta-kereta import dari Jepun, Korea, China dan Jerman. Secara kebetulan negara-negara ini mengenakan syarat-syarat dan piawai yang menghalang kereta Malaysia diimport ke dalam negara mereka untuk bersaing. Jadi, pengguna di Jepun, Jerman, Korea dan China tidak dapat menikmati manfaat daripada persaingan seperti rakan-rakan mereka dari Malaysia

3. Sesetengah daripada kita mungkin sedar bahawa dalam sukan misalnya, pertandingan adalah antara orang-orang mengikut kategori yang sama berdasarkan umur atau dalam bola sepak mengikut bahagian. Dalam golf “handcap” diberi supaya pertandingan berlaku adil.

4. Ia adalah sentiasa sama dalam semua pertandingan. Kami membandingkan epal dengan epal dan tidak epal dengam oren.

5. Rupa-rupanya di Malaysia sesetengah orang mungkin tidak sedar perkara ini. Mereka tidak sedar bahawa kapasiti industri Malaysia tidak berada pada tahap yang sama seperti Jepun, Korea, China atau Jerman. Kami boleh menang dalam pertandingan Quran tetapi, saya fikir, tidak dalam bidang automotif. Kami cemerlang dalam badminton dan skuasy tetapi tidak dalam bola sepak.

6. Walau bagaimanapun jika bersaing adalah apa yang perlu kita lakukan untuk memberi manfaat kepada pengguna, maka kita akan melakukannya. Lagi pun terdapat lebih ramai pengguna daripada orang-orang dalam industri automotif.

7. Jika kita rugi kita mungkin terpaksa gulung tikar. Seratus ribu atau lebih pekerja, jurutera dan pengurus akan kehilangan pekerjaan mereka. Keluarga mereka akan menderita. Tetapi itu tidak mengapa kerana pengguna akan mendapat kereta yang lebih baik pada harga yang lebih rendah dari negara-negara asing.

8. Sudah tentu banyak wang Malaysia akan mengalir keluar ke negara-negara kaya dan pekerja-pekerja mereka akan mendapat pendapatan yang lebih tinggi. Tetapi adalah dasar Kerajaan untuk menyokong import dan kita perlu menerimanya.

9. Oleh itu marilah kita bersaing dan membolehkan pelanggan kita menikmati manfaatnya. Orang-orang yang kehilangan pekerjaan akan hilang daya sebagai pengguna, Tetapi ini adalah harga kecil untuk dibayar.

63 thoughts on “COMPETITION IS GOOD

  1. Bathusha Jul 27,2015 4:01 PM

    Dear Honorable Tun,
    I’m glad to hear that PROTON is making great progress to regain market dominance. Here, I would also like to suggest that PROTON embarks on becoming OIC’s car since PROTON is probably the only car manufacturer in the world that Muslims produced. This co-operation could be done through The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation COMSTECH. Co-operation and support between OIC countries interested in automobile’s technology development and PROTON could further empower Proton’s R&D and thus contribute towards PROTON cars being really competitive with other cars’ manufacturers in the world, Insha Allah.

  2. ttt Jul 13,2015 9:16 PM

    Dear sirI had drive my waja to your service center here in krokop miri sarawak 2 years ago for repair. Until now….. my waja had never come out from your service center. Is about 2 years without the car.

  3. Tun Perak Jul 11,2015 8:34 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I have read your interview in The Star newspaper a couple of week ago and I just love it how you help to manage Proton. Hands-on approach and Proton should appreciate to have a Doctor in the House.

    Just to add some 2cents ideas.

    Proton should not only think about profit maximization but also think about making good products. Good engineers would despise working in a company that think only about profit and engineers would like to do something they would be proud-off some day. And I think that is the only way to reverse the market share declines through dream and inspiration.

    Second, most good product is perceived through design. Beautiful, different, out of the world, user friendly. And best design must first starts from hand-sketches drawing. Cheaper, easy to modify and flexible. Once the hand-sketches design had been finalised , then foam-model prototype should be built and computer simulated design is made. If Preve could not be sold in the first year of its sales. It means two things – the design is not to people taste or the marketing has failed miserably. People sill do not have any idea about the quality of Preve during the first year of its sales and people would buy solely based on design and its test drive experience.

    Third, Proton products are not focused. Too many products competing in one segment and no product compete in other segments. The segmentation is not clear. Proton lost a lot of sales due to that. I would imagine Proton to have 2 by 3 matrix.

    First Column – High Quality Product
    Second Column – Price Sensitive Product

    First Row – Small Car (Start to Work User)
    Second Row – Sedan Car
    Third Row – Family Car MPV.

    For each of these segment, there is a market size and put more work on the biggest market size. My gut feeling says High Quality Small Car and Price Sensitive Small Car has the biggest market share in term of units sold in Malaysia.

    But do not forget about other segment. Keep it in your mind even the engineers are not working on it.

    We know that Proton has developed Iriz for High Quality Small Car to compete with MyVi and I believe it has managed to secure considerable sales. But what Proton fails is to keep it in secret before launching. Perodua knows about the “Secret” and launches Axia a month before Iriz is launched and captured the market before Proton do. Axia is segmented as Price Sensitive Small Car and well Proton just lost the price competitive advantage. So, it is not only about good high quality small car but also about good price sensitive small car.

    I dont know how Proton could turn around. It needs to export to American and European market. If the laws become too stringent and Proton has difficulty to develop the technology to overcome stringent law, then Proton need to acquire small companies that could produce part that passes the regulation or joint venture with them.

    I wish Proton well in the future.

  4. adelheid Jul 11,2015 1:55 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I believe DSN is trying to kill your legacy in our national automotive industry. Instead of addressing Proton’s woes the government import policy on foreign cars will kill our own national car slowly and steadily. I guess that is the intention of DSN.

    However bringing in all the imported cars will not serve any good to us rakyat because our buying power has shrunken, even we have to think twice when shopping for our daily needs now (+6% gst), car service, repair computer, all plus tax 6%, what more buying imported cars with imported spare parts and all the government is in reality causing us rakyat to suffer like never before.

    Tun, if competition is so good why DSN is bringing forward the pemilihan UMNO till after GE14, why is he afraid that this competition will actually kill him now?

    Total discrimination in practising good competition. It’s either his government is plain stupid or simply abusive.

    Thank you Tun. Do take care now.

  5. yeojiuntzen Jul 9,2015 2:22 PM

    Good day Tun,

    I’d like to offer my opinion on Proton’s product strategy: differentiation.

    Just my observation, Proton is not doing enough to differentiate its products (cars). Like humans people notice you if you’re different, stand out from the crowd – visually! Proton needs to dare to take risk making its products stand out. It’s not just the look (like what the Koreans and Chinese are doing) but a whole new product strategy.

    Take the Iriz – excellent safety features and I’m sure it’s an even better drive. I should know coz I’m driving a Preve. But what good is it to produce a Myvi alternative? Iris’s safety features are something people don’t “see” in the showroom. People justify a buy by having something to show off. Will having the Iriz makes me look cool, or look rich, or get me a girl, or put my family of five in a car that cost less than any on the market? If these questions are already answered by some else on the market then the Iriz is just the alternative.

    Again, safety’s to most people are just bells and whistles.

    What if.. what if Proton instead design the Iriz like a funky Mini, or the bigger Golf or Rio, or something wholly different – a crossover like the HRV or the Greatwall M4, complete with the safety’s, and sell it in that same price category as the Myvi? Surely Proton has considered these but is it out of fear of another Savvy that instead only a Myvi cousin is produced?

    Tun, I’ve read about the new Perdana. Hopefully Proton’s product strategists have come up with a product that absolutely tears itself away from the other D-segment offering’s the Camry’s and Accord’s. Also hopefully no more Punch’s noisy powertrain.

  6. faridyahya Jul 7,2015 7:36 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sekadar mencelah.. sebelum proton.. molek benar dipecahkan monopoly astro sebagai siaran berbayar dulu. Ke sebab dah kenyang mkn duit Ananda..Terima Kasih..

  7. hskamal Jul 7,2015 4:03 AM

    Salam, Tun

    Persaingan ada dua cara, satu persaingan sihat dan satu lagi tak sihat. Malaysia sedang mengamalkan yg mana satu??

    Kalau lihat pada perkembangan semasa dan sekian lama rakyat Malaysia yg atasan kalau bukan semua, seringkali mengamalkan persaingan yg tidak sihat. Saya bersandarkan drpd beberapa contoh2 yg nyata, seperti; persaingan dlm rompakan kayu balak di Sarawak oleh pemimpin2 yg berkuasa wang dan politik, yg sanggup melakukan jenayah. Persaingan dlm politik juga tidak terlepas, kerana gilakan kuasa sanggup melakukan jenayah, dan yg amat malang dan sedih melibatkan juga pembunuhan kejam keatas penyaing.

    Ianya menjadi lebih mudah untuk bersaing secara tak sihat apabila di tambah dgn kuasa ekonomi(milikan wang yg melampau) dan kedudukan dlm politik dan kerajaan.

    Sejarah membuktikan persaingan yg tidak sihat oleh mereka2 yg kaya dan berkuasa dan ingin terus berkuasa dgn apa cara pun, suatu hari akan tersungkur, menghadapi pelbagai dugaan dan kesengsaraan akibat perbuataan mereka.

    Ramai pemimpin negara2 tertentu yg berkuasa yg dpt bersaing secara tidak sihat, akhirnya tersungkur. Di buru di tangkap oleh rakyat sendiri, di belasah hingga tak kenal rupa, diheret ke kaki lima dan di bunuh. Dlm sekelip mata semuanya berubah terhadap mereka akibat drpd persaingan mereka yg tidak sihat dan perbuatan kejam.

    Tun, dlm kita cerita pasai bagus dan tak bagusnya persaingan, apakah yg dpt kita lakukan pada masa skrg terhadap penyaing2 yg kejam dan rakus seperti terdapat dlm sistem kehidupan kita. Bolehkah kita tamatkan riwayat mereka, dlm erti kata kedudukan mereka dlm sistem kehidupan kita?? Kita hanya angkat yg sanggup bersaing secara sihat dam mulia, yg boleh di contohi.

    Persaingan sihat belum tentu dpt memberi kemenangan, tetapi sudah pasti dpt memberi harapan dan kehormatan sebagai bangsa Malaysia yg bermaruah, kerana kemuliaanya.

    Maaf, Tun, dan semua yg membaca kalau saya mencarut….geram sangat!

  8. sudin Jul 6,2015 4:55 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Malaslah nak cari nama CEO Malysian Automotive Institute tu, tak mustahak serta tak perlu.
    Lebih baik tak tahu siapa sebenar orang2 saperti dia yang dah nak tunjuk lagak, itu baru aje dapat jadi CEO satu institusi yang kerdil. Kalau dia dapat posisi yang lebih besar dan lebih glamour, entah apa pulak lagaknya.

    Kenapa mr CEO tu tak tegur Najib competition is good, jadi janganlah tangguhkan pemilihan ketua2 UMNO!!!
    Sebab takut kedudukan CEOnya tergugat???
    Orang saperti CEO tu semua sama, pentingkan diri sendiri.

  9. hskamal Jul 5,2015 11:43 PM

    Salam, Tun

    Competition is good for mankind. But, we must not be drawn into the believe and practices from the developed and far richer countries around the world.

    We must create and invent our own molding. Only we can teach ourselves better, because we’re fully aware of the Malaysians’ mentality and behavior. We’re not a research based country, we’re just followers.

    We must not forget this fact and compete blindly and getting doomed. We must first be able to compete within ourselves in our environment, gather the knowledge and strength, select the best method and approach before we open the competition to the giants in the automotive industry.

    Like football we always talk about how to improve the sport and playing, but we forgot about improving the human factor surrounding and leading to it.

    We’re still way behind in our human capital development efforts. There is also no any clear evidence showing in the nearest future to improve in it. Malaysians’ are easily satisfied, therefore preventing us to acquire the knowledge to breakdown the barriers and the mental blockage in us – our football is one good example.

    Lets not try and do something out of the box, but not knowing first what is inside the box.

  10. sudin Jul 5,2015 10:45 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Too many of Malaysia’s new generation of so-called and self-proclaimed(?) successful individuals (especially the Bumis) never bother to look over their shoulders from where they stand, and they include the civil servants, politicians, businessmen and corporate figures.

    Mereka dah terlalu bangga dengan kedudukan tinggi serta lupa asal usul anak kampung, sehingga ada yang dah sanggup berkata Bumi tak perlu bertongkat lagi!!!
    Dasar manusia tak sedar diri.

  11. syafiz Jul 5,2015 1:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun. dari apa yang saya dengar kereta perodua contoh nya viva atau myvi tak salah saya , kalau di import di Jepun mereka akan reject di sebab kan ciri2 atau piawaian tak mencapai tahap yang memuaskan. jika kita pandang balik kalau jenis viva kalau langgar sikit je mesti pecah atau remuk. bayangkan lah kalau berlaku perlanggaran yg kuat di antara lori ataupon treler. apakah nasib kepada pemandu kereta ni.dengan airbag pon tak ada. dari segi design dalam syarikat perodua ataupun proton cantik dah. kalau pendapat saya tu boleh la lawan dengan negara luar. cuma dari segi keselamatan je. mungkin kalau di tengok balik aspek kereta yg keselamatan dan design adalah di tahap yg sgt baik kemungkinan harga di jual di Malaysia sgt la mahal. Apa2 pon nak setanding dengan negara luar pemimpin kena main peranan. banyak kelemahan negara kita yg sama2 kita kena baiki. contoh nya keselamatan negara pun kurang. contoh nya singapore walaupon negara kecil tetapi aset pertahanan pon boleh dikatakan agak baik dari malaysia. Berita Semasa boleh mengatakan teknologi ketenteraan Singapore lebih hebat berbanding negara kita Malaysia. Tetapi apabila melibatkan aspek strategi taktikal, kekuatan skuad elit dan tentera Malaysia daripada aspek fizikal dan mental, Malaysia sebenarnya berada di kelas tersendiri. Sekian

  12. amin tan Jul 5,2015 9:53 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree with you that we must protect and subsidise our automotive industry as this is simple common sense. As you have rightly pointed out Japan and many developed countries initially protected their auto industries as well. Loyalty and patriotism to our own country and economic well being of our country is paramount and non negotiable.

    amin tan

  13. mubarakchan Jul 5,2015 5:56 AM


    My humble apologies. I wish to amend a typo in my comment being

    ” At the moment I do feel like a rich Pompeiian at all unlike those lucky guys.” to ” At the moment I do not feel like a rich Pompeiian at all unlike those lucky guys who have the best of both Worlds according to an ancient saying, ” It is best to do and control a business with capital belonging to others.”

    IT SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME THAT THE VERY BEST REFUTATION AGAINST ALL THOSE CRUEL AND FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU CONCERNING THE TIN MARKET, PERWAJA AND PROTON IS THAT IF YOU HAD REALLY WANTED TO TAKE MONEY, YOU WOULD HAVE JUST FORM A COMPANY LIKE 1MDB OR MIGHT EVEN HAVE BOUGHT THE BATTERSEA POWER STATION ETC ! Why bother with the headaches of trading on the London Metals Exchange, spent all the time to set up Perwaja and Proton to steal money ? The nay-sayers who always used the wrong head, have now no case against any wrong doing by you except the mis-management by the closest aides !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! The nay-sayers always used the wrong head !

  14. sudin Jul 4,2015 10:13 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Bila Najib nak adakan semula forum “tell all – nothing to hide”?

    Dulu bersemangat sangat nak adakan forum “tell all – nothing to hide” tu supaya segala persepsi negatif “Satu Malaysia Di Bohong” tu dapat diberi penjelasan sepenuhnya, supaya rakyat boleh tahu segala penipuan yang dicanang tu adalah fitnah.
    Sekarang dah senyap pulak!!!
    Sesungguhnya Najib pembohong???

    Kalau betul IGP Khalid batalkan forum kerana kononnya ada masalah keselamatan, dah sekian lama masih tak boleh lagi selesaikan masalah keselamatan ke?
    Atau semua dah jadi pembohong???

    Dulu Pak Dol PM5 tu memang famous dengan beranika pembohongan (sungguh tak disangka2 disebabkan nak ikut kehendak menantu tersayang sanggup jadi pembohong), kini dah berjangkit pulak Najib jadi pembohong disebabkan melayan kehendak isteri tersayang!!!

  15. Hajar Jul 4,2015 4:45 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I agree that competition is good, but it has to be ‘fair competition’. Our market is small.

    Another main problem is that we have a segment of people in Malaysia who prefer ‘imported products’, and of course they prefer ‘imported cars’ (attitude issue). These people look up at anything ‘foreign’. We can see this same attitude in our current PM (British/Foreign Consultants…).

    It is very difficult to convince these people to buy local products. They always try very hard to find faults with Proton cars even though nowadays Proton has come up with good quality cars.

    I think for those who worship ‘imported products’, it is okay for several hundred thousands Malaysians to lose jobs as long as they can buy cheaper imported cars.

    I hope Malaysia will not sign the TPPA.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  16. mubarakchan Jul 4,2015 4:08 PM


    As I was writing my previous comment on ‘ Competition ‘, I missed the purchase of an over RM One Billion purchase in Spain by Khazanah, one of the 3 financial empires belonging to the Government. The other 2 financial empires are 1MDB where a pitch-battle between the controlling individuals and the whole country is on-going to establish its existence if any and the hodge-podge of Bank Negara Malaysia, EPF, PNB, TH, KWAP, Pembinaan etc.

    It is alleged the Government and the 100 GLCs debts amount to nearly ONE TRILLION RINGGITS WHICH IS ONLY A DEBT AND NOT A LOSS.

    As far as is reported, we know MARA and KHAZANAH spent large sums of money buying assets at prices which do not fit into the category of assets acquirable by Trusts at the present time.

    One, the Spanish engineering company in economically depressed Spain can only operate profitably with lots of contracts in a booming Europe which is preparing itself to be bailed out by the Americans. Spain is next on the economic sick list after Greece. Like in Turkey, Khazanah loved to buy rich men’s assets when the rich men were ready to abscond to greener pastures.

    History tells us the conquered Muslim Moors in 15th Century Spain were forced to eat haram food to convert them forcibly. And our closest relationship with Turkey is with the most prominent Turkish descendants in the land. Strange ways of purchasing assets against the on-coming head winds at a time when nearly all if not all the 100 GLCs require huge loans like the 9 GLCs which appeared before the Dewan Rakyat seeking more multi-billion ringgit loans.


    This is the anti-thesis of the real owners of real losing concerns doing forced selling of their assets to bail out of a depressed situation.

    I believe that Hollywood produced a film called, ‘ The Last Days of Pompeii.’ At the moment, I do feel like a rich Pompeiian at all unlike those lucky guys. Hollywood did not produce the film called, ‘ Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned ‘ History is the finest arbiter of the behaviour of strange Humankind.


  17. mubarakchan Jul 4,2015 12:27 PM


    I am surprised that all the work done by successive Prime Ministers from 1957 up to 2003 are being quickly undone in a jiffy concerning the industrial segment of our general economy.

    Not only that, foreign consultants should have been a thing of the past are now engaged as though we Malaysians do not know how to suck eggs. In the 1970s and through your efforts, our beloved Malaysia dispensed with such consultants who were actually nothing special.

    Have we assumed an inferiority complex that foreigners are better than ourselves or is it an excuse to do less work and more time for leisure at our Government’s (Rakyat’s) expense.

    It is also alleged that cheap steel is dumped into the country. This caused the local steel industry to suffer for no reason at all. But the policy of fair play and justice should be applied to all our industries big and small which were set-up with firm promises from previous Governments many years ago.

    And now, the poisoned chalice Lee Kuan Yew inspired TPPA threatens to destroy all our businesses and factories. In place of this stricken scene, we are promised the MOON by our prominent people like ex-Civil Servants in Singapore Government supported Malaysian companies!

    IF THE POISONED CHALICE LEE KUAN YEW INSPIRED TPPA IS SIGNED BY OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA, OUR SOCIETY BECOMES A COLONIAL CONSUMER SOCIETY AGAIN LIKE BEFORE MERDEKA. And the Malays will not be the distributors of tariff free goods. This was the situation which was corrected under the NEP with the consensus of all communities and will be dispensed with after the signing the TPPA. We will revert back to a colonial consumer society again without the Empire Preference with middle men who are not Malays financed by Singapore. This was a situation which we all spent a lifetime to obviate. It now comes back just like NO ONE CARES.

    All our efforts, especially the Prime Ministers’, in creating an equal and egalitarian Malaysian Society will come to nought after all our efforts from 1957 to 2003. NO ONE CARES.

    And as for the utterances of the CEO of the Malaysian Automotive Institute, either we take it that he was speaking to the converted or he was showing off his ignorance of Malaysian business in historical terms.

    Let us go back to the basics, Tun. Actually, your concepts like supporting the tin market, Proton, Perwaja etc were sound and practical in national interest and political terms. And these concepts would have made lots of money and provided employment given the efficiency of the closest aides. In the case of tin. if the closest aide had the sense to hold back and not pursued on, nothing would have happened. Likewise, if the closest aides on Proton and Perwaja knew how to do business in each of these fields, profits would have been made. I am confident Proton and Perwaja could be turned around with the right person in command.

    But a sudden turn of events gave the excuse to downgrade Proton and sell off its precious brand name of Agusta for just one ringgit ! It was reported the Agusta brand was re-sold for hundreds of millions of ringgits. What a pity !

    The basic point about our general economy is that the pre-Merdeka market consisted of imported goods which meant as you said, provided captive foreign exchange and employment in Britain. Manufacturers of Huntley & Palmers biscuits, Horlicks, Yardley, etc collapses as morre and more countries became independent leading to industrial slums in Birmigham and other northern British cities.

    As an independent country, it is the desire of its citizens to advance economically by manufacturing and support its own manufactured goods. We are not colonials anymore. Why should we support the economic health and employment of foreign countries by buying their manufactured goods when we can make these ourselves ?

    Hence, by the early 1960s, we had a series of factories like Rothmans, BAT, Gillette, Shell, etc as substitutes for imported products. And if we fast trek to 1981 and beyond, it was a logical extension in the NATIONAL INTEREST THAT WE EMBARKED ON SUPPORTING THE TIN MARKET because of the faltering tin industry, ESTABLISHING PROTON AND PERWAJA.

    It was the inefficiency of the closest aides which let you down, Tun. I followed all these events very closely and I knew all your closest aides. One of them collects Stradivarius violins at US$5 Millions a piece !

    It is a shame and not in the NATIONAL INTEREST as a beloved Prime Minister if you did NOT support the failing tin industry, establish the motor car industry which is the key to the industrialization of any country like South Korea, Spain etc. and the steel industry through Perwaja. This was your NATIONALISM AND COMPASSION AT WORK – For the Nation and its workers.

    THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE THE MIND-SET OF ANY PRIME MINISTER IN OUR PROGRESSIVE AND EGALITARIAN NATION OF WHICH YOU UNDERSTOOD US. And now as is alleged the local steel industry,etc suffers with Proton and Perwaja because NO ONE CARES for their welfare and well-being. At the end of a long day, its is the employees who get retrenched and suffered which indeed was what happened. NO ONE CARES !


    As the thick cloud of BLUFFOLOGY from the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) is slowly blown away, the citizens will see clearly that all those purported scandals were very good concepts for the building stones of an advanced Nation. Fortunately, the advent of the Net saved the day and stripped naked all the BLUFFOLOGISTS with true facts and information.Vide. hans Christian Anderson, ‘ The Boy and the Prince without Clothes.’

    AND THESE PURPORTED SCANDALS WERE ACTUALLY GOOD AND SOUND CONCEPTS WHICH WERE MIS-MANAGED BY THE CLOSEST AIDES FOR REASONS BEST KNOWN TO THEMSELVES. This is confirmed by the financial horrors of today created by the closest aides, consultants, party boys, unqualified cartoonists -eunuchs.

    The CEO should rename the Malaysian Automotive Institute to the Malaysian Foreign Automotive Traders Institute (2015) !


    There are many ways to make honest money. Please do not veer from our Sovereignty, Nstional Interest, Self Esteem to do so. Look how MONEY MONEY MONEY FAILED SINGAPORE ! They now have 3 Millions indigenous and 2 Millions foreigners which the Government is thinking of importing more to boost the faltering GDP.

    Our beloved Tun safeguarded and defended our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESSTEEM. The moment we veered from this 2004 to 2015. KAPUT ! The outside World is full of chaps smarter than us. Just look at how much the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015)lost officially in October 2008 on Wall Street – US$ 108 Billions or RM 420 Billions
    ( 1MDB is only RM 42 Billions) because he consorted with those types who had US$ 300 Millions bonuses like our compatriots now. The Singaporeans were stunned to this very day !

  18. ichiban Jul 4,2015 9:36 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman saya hampir 20 tahun dalam bidang automotive tempatan.

    1 Apa beza diantara Proton dan Perodua walaupun kedua-duanya diketegori pengeluar kereta tempatan.Di Proton kereta dibina dari A to Z,bermula dari Design,engine hingga kepemasangan.Manakala perodua pula mengambil model-model dan engine yang sudah establish dari Daihatsu hanya ubah sikit bumper dan interior.Komponen engine myvi dan axia dibawa masuk dari Daihatsu Indonesia.Kebaikannya Perodua boleh mengurangkan masa dan kos RnD Keburukannya ialah perodua terpaksa bergantung harap pada daihatsu dan tidak dapat survive jika daihatsu tidak memberi model dan engine baru pada mereka mengikut pasaran semasa.Manakala diproton,Design kereta dan engine dibina sendiri

    2 Membina dan memasang kereta adalah dua ketegori yang berbeza.Proton baru 32 tahun bermain dalm sektor automotive yg dianggap masih junior berbanding pemain automotive yang lain yang mencecah hampir 100 tahun.Sepatutnya kita rakyat Malaysia berbangga dgn usia proton 32 tahun sudah mampu membina kereta sendiri yang dibuat oleh anak2 tempatan.

    3 Usaha sama proton/mitsubishi sebelumnya dan Perodua/daihatsu.Adakah orang2 jepun ini akan mempeturunkan semua ilmu pengetahuan tentang automotive selepas diadakan usahasama?Mana mungkin.Setiap proces pembuatan akan terdapat masaalah terutamanya massaalah yang tidak dijangka ,dari situ dilakukan penambahbaikan dari masa kesemasa secara tak lansung menimba pengalaman yang tiada dalam pembelajaran di universiti.Untuk menimba pengalaman dalam bidang membina kereta sudah semestinya memerlukan masa terutamanya melibatkan jangka hayat sesuatu kompenen dengan cuaca panas sepanjang tahun di malaysia.

    4 Selalunya quality isu yang melibatkan proton atau perodua,kebanyakannya melibatkan “part-part” yang dibekalkan oleh vendor tempatan dan vendor luar.Jarang terdapat isu quality melibabtkan pemasangan.
    Pengguna akan melihat isu sebagai isu proton jika terdapat masaalah pada kereta proton walaupun part yang dipasang bukan dibuat oleh proton.
    Kebanyakan vendor-vendor tempatan tidak berlari seiring dengan proton atau perodua.Vendor -vendor ini terkapai sendirian tanpa bantuan pihak yang lebih pengalaman dalam bidang pembuatan dan ada vendor2 ini kekurangan modal untuk kerja2 penambahbaikan.
    Senario terbaru,Pembuat kereta tempatan menghantar orang-orang yang berpengalaman untuk membatu vendor-vendor ini untuk penambaikan dari segi proces dan quality.

    Saya percaya part2 proton dan perodua masih lagi murah berbanding part kereta dari pengeluar lain.Untuk menjaga hayat kereta ,hendaklah service dan menukar part mengikut jadual.Pakai part yang original,sebab sekarang banyak part2 yang murah dan palsu terdapat dipasaran.Bukannya hendak yang murah saja.Mana mungkin dgn membayar rm1.50,nasi lemak yang kita beli disuruh diletakkan lauk ayam daging dan kerang.

    Sebenarnya rakyat malaysia lebih bijak dari orang Jepun ,kelebihan orang jepun cuma mempunyai displin dan semangat juang yang tinggi.
    Contoh ayat :ayat 1 “Jangan buang sampah disini” ayat 2″ Terimakasih kerana tidak membuang sampah disini”.Dua ayat yang sama maksud tetapi penerimaan yang berbeza.Ada diantara orang melayu cukup tidak suka dengan perkataan “jangan”…lagi cakap jangan lagi dibuat.Lebih suka kepada ayat memuji,seperti terima kasih,DSN juga lebih suka ayat memuji.

  19. grkumar Jul 4,2015 8:18 AM

    Competition comes in many forms. Price competition is but one of these. Competition in quality, design and utility are equally important to competition in price.

    If we produce goods that others produce and may have produced a lot longer than we have, we stand at a disadvantage we must be prepared to overcome through hard work and innovation.

    It is a bit like reinventing the wheel. When Sir Edward Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre people wondered what utility that would have over the existing wheel. It did not immediately find acceptance. But because it was new novel and served a particular purpose over existing wheels and “tyres” it found ready acceptance. That’s innovation and what it can do in a competitive market.

    Malaysians go abroad and obtain prestigious degrees in medicine, computer science, law and engineering. They proclaim themselves the best in their fields because they obtain top marks over others for their ability to ‘rote learn’ (learn by heart and repeat). But what the vast majority of Malaysians do not have capacity for is innovation. They become good employees because they learn how to learn and to conform. That’s all their degrees get them. Unlike the Indians and Chinese in their own countries, they do not aspire to innovation. There is no tradition towards innovation.

    The Japanese we all remember were the subject of widespread disinformation campaigns when they began to enter the international automobile markets for their cars.

    The British and Americans used to make up these stories that became well worn urban myths that on washing and polishing Japanese cars too hard, they discovered that these cars were made of Milo tins and the like.

    They were referred to disparagingly as “Tin can cars”. The Japanese persisted regardless knowing full well they were producing something for a wider market than the expensive status symbol a few upper class families and “bosses” who could afford them drove to improve their social status.

    When Japanese cars began to flood the market via the Chinese communities in south east Asia who they cultivated for the purpose (the Indians being too proud and conceited to drive anything but British.

    The Chinese businesses prospered with this new cheap car further. Their attitudes to social acceptance was quite different to that of the Indians. And in any event they focused on utility rather than on vanity. They discovered that with the cheaper Japanese car they had less in capital expenditure to make their businesses go further. The cars were easier to maintain and cheaper on fuel unlike the heavier British fuel guzzlers.

    They transported their goods in cars built by the Japanese, transported passengers for less outlay and the British car became obsolete. They looked like dinosaurs and gradually lost out. When people are reluctant to change they get overtaken and the grass grows under their feet. They too get left behind in the rat race.

    Malaysia must learn the art of protection for their products inspite of their international trade commitments. There is no level playing field anywhere and there is nothing fair in trade wars.

    Motor cars must be marketed like any other goods. The Swedes, French and Italians brought their vehicles to places like Australia with the finance for people to buy it at lower than market rates. People said they would go under because they were providing cheap money to sell their goods. Wrong.

    They did not loose because their losses in the finance market were treated as sales and marketing costs in their books. Eventually they secured a niche in the market and prospered. Those sales and marketing costs were recovered not long afterwards. The same approach was taken by Komatsu in their fight against Caterpillar and Haulpak, Dresser and other heavy machine manufacturers in the lucrative mining and construction machinery sector. Today Komatsu reigns supreme over their American and European competition.

    Malaysia has not even tried hard enough to enter the lucrative Indian market. Whilst China may have a very large population of millionaires, they do not have a middle class market to compare with the Indians. And thats important.

    As long as Malaysians continue to exclude people whoa re able to make the difference because of long held prejudices they will continue to take 5 steps forward then 6 backwards.

  20. Hoon Jul 4,2015 8:10 AM

    Dear Dr. M.
    I hope you’re doing well.

    Everything in this world has it’s pro and cons. So is competition.
    Foolishly opening up our market for “open” competition is for those who did not read history. All major power in existence today had some sort of protectionism somewhere, sometime, somehow.

    However, prolonged “protection” without “time” or “target” will damage the economy more than helping it.
    Your hard work and sweat at Proton is respectable, but does the folks in Proton realize this? Do they believe that they are in a national mission, or is this just another “entitlement”?

    Since you’ve practiced medicine, will you be providing prolonged antibiotic to your patient for any flu or fever? Or, will you be encouraging your patient to engage in a better lifestyle (eating better, work out better)?

    Continuous protection is no different from extending the life of a person in coma. Is this ethical?
    Can the folks in Proton excel in something else if there is no Proton? Can we be stronger in some other field?
    Do we need to compete and make our own car for Malaysian?

    I’m personally one of the Malaysians that benefited from your Vision in MSC – I’ve got my degree in MMU, had a successful career in electronics, and now I’m competing with international talents in the Silicon Valley. I’ve known many Malaysians didn’t realize that they can do more than they were told, until they stepped out of Malaysia…

    Should we reconsider our policies?
    My 2 cents.

  21. HBT456 Jul 4,2015 7:48 AM

    27. I think the pengguna melayu service his proton car in proton servis certre.

    28. Tahap macam ini, biasa lah.

    29. Gaya ada, tapi kemahiran sumber manusia takda.

    30. The championing of ketuanan melayu and islam via bumiputra status for decades have alienated the right talent.

    31. There are so many choices out there today.

    32. This is the main reason bn loose votes.

    33. The power abuse at the higest level already started in tdm era.

    34. If call snap election now, bn sure loose.

  22. joetamchi Jul 4,2015 1:56 AM

    Boxing Competition…..?

    Boleh bergurau sambil ber….”Boxing”
    Sambil bergurau.. Boleh dilesing…
    Tak guna hanya mulut yang bising…
    Sukan Amal..? Let’s make a ring…??


  23. al_hairil Jul 4,2015 1:49 AM

    Salam yang dihormati Tun,

    Tun masih punya masa jika Allah mengizinkan…
    Proton telah lama di mata saya sejak tahun 1984 dan masih memerlukan tongkat…

    1. Strategi Proton harus ditukar.
    2. Persaingan harus dibuka kepada rakyat Malaysia bukan Bumiputera juga bukan
    hanya utk Melayu di Proton.
    3. Tempatkan kuota 30% kaum cina di Proton & 10% utk lain-lain.
    4. Pilih pelajar bukan bumi yg terbaik di Malaysia dan berikan mereka biasiswa
    serta ikat kontrak yang mahal utk “loyalty”.
    5. 5%-10% utk top executives & top management.
    6. Berikan mereka keyakinan utk bersaing di luar sana.
    7. Gunakan strategi Korea & China – melambakkan produk Malaysia di luar
    dengan syarat kualiti lebih baik dari produk Korea & China
    8. Berdoa & berusaha dan terus berusaha
    9. Insya Allah pasti berjaya…
    10. Aaamiiinnn….

  24. shariz Jul 4,2015 12:30 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    Sy nak tanye… tun bawa kereta proton ka? Produa ka?..
    Maafkan lah saya wahai tun.. nak habaq tun.. saya pakai exora… pakai kereta myvi…
    Ni cerita nak support nasional car la ni tun uiiiii….
    tapi ada juga cerita disebaliknya… kalau tun lihat atau pengalaman sendiri pergi hantar servis kereta tun…
    Habaq tun laaaa…. spare part, service charge proton takde la murah pun… yang lebih mengecewakan layanan macam haram jadah!!!
    Ni lah dia tun yang kita bangga2 kan.. sekali lagi saya ulanginye tun uiiii service proton macam haram jadah!!!!
    Maafkan saya tun… harap2 kalau tun sendiri pergi hantar service tun mungkin dapat mengalaminya…
    Kalau nak cerita rosak situ rosak sana tak payah cakap la… service ni… order part motor AirCond sebulan pun tak sampai!!! Bila call layan tak layan… rasa nak carut je… Malaysia Boleh!!

  25. pala Jul 4,2015 12:30 AM

    Tun what sir trying to say is totaly agreed.but Some people dont understand this.

  26. sibotak Jul 3,2015 4:55 PM

    1MDB funds into Najib Account ? Wow! Najib must be an Idiot
    Tun with recent news WSJ media disclose 1MDB funds has gone to Najib account

    This reveals & slap me of what my beliefs & our many doubts

    No Idiot after wrong doings would credit millions of ringgit into their own accounts nor their spouse nor siblings .Not even the low ranking public servants will do that.
    This is Common Sense

    Now WSJ has the responsibility with regards of their report to forward to PAC
    Unable to provide facts WSJ must be sued and person or persons, or any organization involved must be pursue with Stringent Punishment
    NOT just by Najib, by Malaysia Govt but also by Malaysians as a Whole

    If Najib found guilty He ought to be Punish

    There are two facts here
    1. Opposition whom has proven from day 1 trying their level best to tarnish the Govt. The formations of PKR ,PAS & DAP has proven such intentions
    The Bersih 1 & 2 which intents to Chaos the Nations and expects foreign interference to Defame the Govt and the many more as what have seen
    The Wrong of UMNO the Ruling Party is that They are Weak at encountering these attacks
    Now to extremes as NO STREN ACTIONS MADE BY UMNO GOVT.
    Such ISA must be Reborn

    2. WE who are unhappy and has many doubts that we are taken a Ride by Opposition But we merely wants the Truth unlike Opposition Agendas
    They are not concern of 1MDB or the many Issues for Malaysia
    They have shown and done their level best to topple Govt
    That,s their Agendas and Objectives


  27. bourne007 Jul 3,2015 4:54 PM

    Assalammualaikum Ayahda & Bonda,

    Ini khabar angin terbaru, Najib dan Obama setuju mengenai Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans Pasifik

    Ini akan mengundang seribu satu persoalan?

    Oh My Goodness, apa akan terjadi masa depan negara?

  28. Bathusha Jul 3,2015 4:08 PM

    Salam YBhg. Tun,

    Regarding the questions some are posing regarding your children’s wealth, I’d rather they pose those questions to your children.

    Just a thought on a cool Friday evening. Selamat berbuka puasa.

    Best regards,
    Bathusha Shareef Bin Kader Shaik Ali

  29. musato Jul 3,2015 4:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Penulis daeng,

    Pasal perasan bagus dan angkat bakul tu satu hal la dengan Najib ni.

    Yang tergamaknya Najib ni adalah bagi lecture pasal kerajaan bagus, semacam perlu ingat budi pada kerajaan, maksudnya ingat dan pangkah la Najib.

    Golongan Asnaf miskin je pun yang datang program tu. Orang miskin Najib oii…

    Pantang datuk nenek hina orang miskin dalam mana mana bacaan cerita agama Islam.

    Termasuk bacaan Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani. Setiap maghrib, syeikh menyediakan makanan untuk golongan yang kurang berupaya.

    Bukan suruh ingat budi dan undi.


    Teruma kasih Tun.

  30. HBT456 Jul 3,2015 3:59 PM


    24. Wall street journal, just like rome was not build in one day.

    25. Pmo has too much power.

    26. It made federal parliament like a rubber stamp office.

    26. To preserve green, everything must be debated.

  31. Boo Yong Jul 3,2015 3:26 PM

    As salam Tun M yang dikasihi

    Kebelakangan ini kebanyakan menteri-menteri mengeluarkan kenyataan yang bertaraf keanak-anakan seperti di upah dgn gula2 dan media masa banyak memutar belitkan fakta .

    Terima kasih Tun


  32. xjr13ooi Jul 3,2015 1:50 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Regarding the National car, I believed the support from the rakyat are very noticeable.

    But as what you already made a good comparison using sports, if that is the arena that we are not good at, why not put more effort in the field that we really good at.

    And using the good result produced by “what we are good at” further enhanced it and use it to trade off with something we are not good at such as Cars… we still not at the losing end.

    What’s wrong with open up some policy to let in more investment from manufacturing sectors.. a lot of jobs can be created and at the same time protect our natural environment.

    Just a thought.

    Thank you.

  33. HBT456 Jul 3,2015 12:23 PM

    17. The damage is done so greatly that there is no way bn can deny.

    18. I hope justice will be served as the blessing to enable all of us to move as one.

    19. No one is above the law.

    20. We are now approaching wawasan 2020.

    21. Bribing (greed) and threatening (fear) will disclose the ugliness of human beings.

    22. God Bless Malaysia!

  34. daeng Jul 3,2015 12:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dalam Utusan hari ini “TERIMA KASIH SPRM”.

    1. Saya memuji tindakan SPRM atas tindakan tersebut.

    2. Seandainya ianya tindakan bermusim dan TIDAK SERIUS seperti membenteras rasuah, membenteras pusat pelacuran, membenteras pembalakan haram, membenteras pencerobohan, membenteras pemerdagangan manusia, membenteras penyeludupan dan berani kepada kumpulan pangkat rendah tetapi JERUNG terlepas, saya beranggapan SPRM tidak buat kerja dalam lain perkataan TIDUR.

    3. Dalam isu 1MDB, SPRM buta?

    4. Saya memuji tindakan Anuar Musa dalam isu MARA. Bekukan tugas pegawai peringkat tinggi hingga siasatan selesai.

    5. Sepatutnya seperti inilah yang dilakukan oleh Najib dalam isu 1MDB yang umum mengetahui dia adalah penasihatnya. Malangnya Najib tidak terlus dan berselindung di sebalik tabir yang jarang. Hanya orang bodoh sahaja percaya cakap Najib.


  35. daeng Jul 3,2015 9:17 AM


    Selamat berpuasa Tun.

    1. Dulu jam 8 – 9 mlm saya akan mengadap TV di rumah untuk berita TV3.

    2. Tidak tahu sejak akhir-akhir ini cita rasa saya berubah ke TV1 atau Astro Awani pada waktu yang sama.

    3. Mungkin jijik tenguk ulasan sandiwara Najib dan penjilat-penjilat Najib agaknya yang bercakap macam orang bodoh seperti Zami (Presiden KITA), Ahmad Maslan, Salleh Said Keruak, Sahidan Kasim, Tunku Aziz (Melayu BODOH berjiwa DAP) dan ramai lagi.

    4. Seperti yang saya pernah mentakrifkan sikap Najib sebelum ini iaitu seorang yang perasan dan masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

    5. Kenyataannya konon hasil kutipan zakat kini meningkat dari sekitar RM 100 juta pada tahun 2010 dan kini RM 500 juta dengan peningkatan taraf hidup orang Islam kononnya ia adalah berkait.

    6. Betapa janggalnya dan bodohnya Najib mengaitkan peningkatan pungutan zakat dengan ekonomi orang Islam Malaysia dan ditambah lagi kononnya kerana pentadbiran kerajaan yang baik dan pandai mentadbir kewangan negara baiklah yang menyumbang kearah peningkatan ekonomi masyarakat Islam negara ini seterusnya meningkatkan pungutan zakat.

    7. Betapa perasannya Najib dan bodohnya Najib mengaitkan perkara-perkara tersebut. Jika ianya ada kaitan, saya tetap solute tetapi perkara tersebut tidak benar sama sekali.

    8. Perlu dijelaskan kenaikan pungutan zakat dari tahun ke tahun kebelakangan ini adalah kerana KESEDERAN MASYARAKAT ISLAM BERKAITAN ZAKAT. Kerana kebenaran potongan gajilah masyarakat Islam yang makan gaji memudahkan mereka berzakat ( zakat pendapatan ). Kebanyakan mereka lebih rela membayar lebih zakat ( demi Allah ) berbanding cukai pendapatan ( untuk kerajaan )kerana caruman zakat lebih memberi keberkatan akhirat berbanding memberi cukai kepada kerajaan yang dikhuatiri kerajaan pimpinan Najib berboros dan salah tadbir urus kewangan negara hasil dari pendapatan mereka.

    8. Contohnya diri saya sendiri jika 5 tahun lalu hanya memotong RM 500 sebulan untuk zakat ( selebihnya cukai pendapatan ) tetapi kini RM 2000 untuk zakat manakala selebihnya cukai pendapatan.

    9. Ini bukanlah bererti pendapatan saya naik 3 kali ganda daripada 5 tahun yang lalu. Saya lakukan kerana kesedaran kewajiban untuk saluran kepada masyarakat Islam yang memerlukan. Tetapi jika kerajaan Najib salah tadbir urusan kewangan zakat ini kepada perkara-perkara lain yang tiada kena mengena dengan kebajikan masyarakat Islam yang memerlukan maka saya / kami masyarakat Islam yang membayar zakat menyerahkan kepada Allah swt menghukum kemungkaran di dunia atas perbuatan tersebut di akhirat kelak. Najib berdosa pada Allah swt mungkin boleh diampuni kerana Allah maha pengampun tetapi jika berdosa dengan saya atau berjuta-juta rakyat Malaysia pembayar zakat lainnya, jawablah sendiri. Begitu juga dengan penjilat-penjilat Najib yang bertanggungjawab dalam perkara tersebut.

    Sekian Tun, doa baik saya sentiasa untuk Tun. Doa untuk Najib dan penjilat-penjilat yang bersubahat dengan Najib agar mereka dihukum di akhirat kelak.


  36. teratai Jul 3,2015 8:18 AM

    Salam Tun,

    True enough. It seems that nowadays this Government is giving priorities to foreign things, be it foreign workers etc.

    Well written. Tun.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  37. Birdseye Jul 3,2015 7:01 AM

    Dear Tun,

    How can you stand this nation having stupid Ministers like Zahid, who can accuse a publication of producing inaccurate stories without a shred of evidence? For example, what were the instances of tampering with the emails? What would you have done as PM?

  38. hskamal Jul 3,2015 3:49 AM

    Salam, Tun

    Izinkan saya, memberi sedikit pandangan tentang komen azlan95

    Bila mana ada suara yg memberi cadangan bagaimana kita dpt untuk meningkatkan kemampuan permainan sukan bolasepak, seringkali cadangan2 yg di lontar itu tersasar dan tidak memenuhi kehendak mengikut tuntutan2 sukan tersebut dan juga modal insan.

    Sukan mengandungi perkara2 seperti kegunaan fizikal dan minda. Kita harus tahu bahawa pembangunan minda di samping permainan sukanya yg sedang menggagalkan usaha untuk kehadapan.

    Dalam context Malaysia’ kita tak perlu risau tentang permainan sukan tersebut. Kita harus dahulukan pembangunan minda yg betul dan mandatory bagi semua yg ingin dan sedang terlibat dlm kerja2 sebagai jurulatih sukan atau pegawai sukan.

    Manual2 untuk jurulatih2 sukan tersebut sudah wujud ratus tahun. Kesemuanya mengandungi pengisian karya2 yg sama, iaitu, bagaimana untuk membangunkan sukan tersebut sehingga berjaya.

    Penyakit yg menyakitkan sukan kita, b.sepak secara khusus adalah disebabkan kekeliruan, ketidaktahuan dan ketidakfahaman tentang kelangsungan kehidupan. Keperluan dan tingkalaku manusia yg sentiasa berubah di keliling kita melalui pelbagai gambaran boleh di buat panduan kalau kita dapat menyedarinya.

    Kalau kita buat seperti saranan azlan95, kita akan jadi seperti England, sampai bila2 sukar nak menang piala dunia mahupun piala benua Eropah.

    Kita harus berfikir dan dulukan bagaimana perlu kita mengelah drpd kalah. Bila berjaya melakukan dlm jangkamasa yg panjang baru kita fikirkan bagaimana kita mahu menang – Mentaliti menang2 tanpa ilmu yg sewajarnya boleh menampakan keburukan manusia.

    Maka, masa depan kita adalah di tangan kita sendiri. Hanya rakyat kita yg mampu memahami penyakit dan budaya yg terdapat dalam society kita.

  39. ghooray Jul 3,2015 12:46 AM


    Perli bayek Tun!! Mohon terasa.

  40. HBT456 Jul 2,2015 11:36 PM

    15. A responsible father will never pamper their children.

    16. A responsible father will teach them how to fish, not how to eat.

  41. HBT456 Jul 2,2015 11:21 PM

    10. Tok det, do you think indonesians will buy proton?

    11. Can president jokowi be re-elected as the next president?

    12. Sibotak, what beauty are you looking at?

    13. Toilet papers also got different grades.

    14. May I know which grade will sibotak choose?

  42. Ali Akbar Hashim Jul 2,2015 10:59 PM

    Dear Sir,

    I am sharing your disappointment on the issue

    In the middle east Muslims that pray to the same God are killing each other

    Here in Malaysia now, Malay are systematically marginalized by their own race

    They become very weak until they cannot defend the Malay Supremacy

    You said Najib is worst than Abdullah, you quit UMNO in Abdullah era

    I truly hope you can quit UMNO now and be a founder of a new UMNO

    Deadwood politician are plenty

    Most of them enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and make lots of money for themselves and their generation

    We never see any politician live in cheap low cost house here in Malaysia or driving a 660CC Perodua Kancil

    It is a strange things all these peoples still managed to a full support and vote from the rakyat’s in every election

    5 years is enough to make money, extended another 5 years is a big BONUS!

    They are killing PROTON but most peoples in PROTON are voting these peoples from this government in every election

    They implemented GST but peoples still vote for them

    They omitted the fuel subsidy but rakyats still voting them

    Whatever they do squeezing the rakyats, the rakyats still voting for them

    They have a full blessing from rakyats, they know this advantage, why bother

    They wanted PROTON died and failed, all rakyats will give full supports, majority of them, next election 2018 they know can win again, why bother

    We keep barking but the mountain will never move!

  43. 2concern Jul 2,2015 10:56 PM

    Day in day out, we as customers talk, discuss, analyse and whine, but the reality is we (average citizens) need 7-9 years loan for an entry level car. The quality is questionable with meagre safety features.

    MITI talks, MAI talks, Banks talks, Insurance companies talks, Proton Chairman talks, PEKEMA talks, but do car price still not reduced to a level that is considered affordable, ie 2-3 years loan only for average citizens?. Not to mention, price only reduce a bit, also with safety and other features.

    I will maintain my current cars, which is fully paid off. I refuse to buy any new cars, be it proton or perodua or other imported cars. If I need a new car, I will buy a good second hand car, where the tax and duty was paid off by the first owner. I will do this until I see significant drop in car prices – without reduction in features off course – and a more competitive automotive industry.

    When the buying stop…
    The killing can too…

  44. musato Jul 2,2015 10:40 PM

    Saya kenal benar dengan Tun. Tun gemar berdebat. Jika beliau salah, berdebatlah dan buktikan beliau salah.

    Sudah tentu saya bukan ‘yes man’ pada setiap pendapat Tun. Saya membantah setiap pandangan Tun jika saya rasa tidak berapa nak betul.

    Tapi kalau betul kita bersetuju jelah.

    Buat apa nak takut pada orang tua ini. Jika benar, berkata benarlah. Jika tak benar lawanlah apa yang dikatakan tidak benar itu.

    Persoalannya, bagaimana saya membuktikan kebenaran pada setiap bantahan yang saya kemukakan hanya melalui tulisan?

    Sekadar untuk pengetahuan dan renungan.

    Adab Melayu menjunjung tinggi kesopanan dan kesusilaan. Ianya bersebab. Padi makin berisi makin tunduk. Jangan jadi tin kosong.

    Jangan hanya kerana sayang pada jawatan, setiap teguran dianggap mahu menjatuhkan walaupun Tun sebut suruh letak jawatan.

    Saya pernah gembira kerana bertemu ‘sparring partner’ saya, iaitu Tun Mahathir.

    Terima kasih Allah s.w.t

    Nampaknya Najib Tun Razak jauh ketinggalan.

  45. pakpandir08 Jul 2,2015 10:27 PM

    bukan rakyat tak mahu membantu

    masalahnya apabila orang membantu … sikap sambil lewa dan tidak mahu memajukan diri menjadi masalah

    sampai bila nak membantu? selama-lamanya?

  46. musato Jul 2,2015 10:12 PM

    Seperti saya katakan sebelum ini pada tahun 2008, saya sertai blog ini kerana ingin membalas budi Tun Mahathir ketika dihina dan dipijak.

    Dengan kuasa Allah s.w.t saya mengenali susun galur Syeikh Abdul Malek (Tok Pulau Manis) 1650-an dan Sayyid Abdul Rahman (Tokku Paloh) 1818-1918.

    Mereka ini adalah wali wali Allah Tanah Melayu. Mereka juga adalah ahlul bait yang mempunyai sejarah tersendiri di Kepulauan Tanah Melayu.

    Kepandaian mereka adalah dalam bidang pemerintahan di samping agama.

    Sekadar untuk pengetahuan.

  47. musato Jul 2,2015 10:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sedih jugak bila tengok sampai guna anak beranak Tun untuk memburukkan Tun dalam tv3.

    Setakat pengetahuan saya, Tun sekarang ini hanya menumpukan pada isu 1MDB. Tetapi seperti saya beritahu sebelum ini, apakah tujuan 1MDB ditubuhkan? (sekarang sibuk dan satu kebanggaan nak kurangkan hutang).

    Apa faedah 1MDB untuk rakyat Malaysia? Masjid Kg Baru yang dikatakan dijalankan 2011 pun bukan dari duit untung 1MDB kan?

    Kita tak wujudkan isu semata mata untuk menjatuhkan Najib. Malah Najib mengupah dan menggunakan taktik mewujudkan isu yang tidak perlu bagi melawan Tun Mahathir.

    Sekiranya isu 1MDB ini didiamkan dan diselesaikan terlebih awal sebelum Tun menjerit di dalam blog ini, maka takkan terjadi semua ini.

    Alih alih pun, Najib mengaku 1MDB ini bermasalah. Jadi, apa yang Tun katakan adalah benar.

    Dan projek rasionalisasi dan pengurangan hutang dilakukan dengan cepat adalah hasil dari tekanan dari Tun Mahathir sendiri.

    Balasannya, Tun diberi amaran supaya diam agar legasi Tun tidak diruntuhkan.

    Jika kita mengupah dan berkawan dengan syaitan, maka syaitan lah jadi kita. Jika kita kaki masjid, maka berkawanlah kita dengan kaki masjid.

    Bau harum sahabat kita akan tempiaskan juga baunya kepada kita.

    Saya sedih bukan kerana Tun dan keluarga Tun diperlekehkan, tetapi saya sedih kerana pemimpin kita tersalah jalan.

    Pada saya, ia tidak memberi kurap barang sedikit pun. Its nothing.

    Cuma pesan saya, mungkin ia kembali kepada yang empunya diri. Beringatlah pada kuasa Sang Pencipta.

    Hari ini kita di atas, esok belum tentu lagi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  48. rimba.emas Jul 2,2015 8:03 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Pada masa sekarang dasar yang diamalkan lebih mengguntungkan orang luar.

    2. Masakan tidak rakyat terpaksa membayar cukai seperti GST malah tiada lagi subsidi minyak yang akan menyebabkan kenaikan harga minyak jika pasaran luar naik malah akan menjadi lebih teruk jika pasaran luar berlaku kenaikan diluar jangka.

    3. Keadaan ini juga berlaku kepada kereta nasional jika terpaksa bersaing dengan kereta-kereta keluaran negara luar.

    4. Malah kerugian akan lebih berlaku jika ringgit jatuh lebih rendah dari USD. Dikatakan formula ini boleh mengalakkan barang eksport negara kita ?

    5. Betul barangan lebih laku kerana orang luar boleh dapat dengan harga lebih rendah tetapi dari segi perolehan adalah berkurang dari masa lalu. Contoh masa dulu satu tong kelapa sawit dimisalkan berharga 100 ringgit. Kini satu tong berharga 25 ringgit sahaja bermakna lebih 75 ringgit terkurang nilainya.

    6. Dari formula asas yang mudah ini kita bayangkan bagaimana kita mensasarkan rakyat berpendapatan tinggi yang pasti hanya berlaku keatas segolongan rakyat sahaja.

    7. Malah hasil cukai iaitu duit rakyat yang digunakan untuk memperteguh ekonomi negara secara berulang. Bila ekonomi jatuh maka cukai akan dinaikkan.

    8. Proses yang berulang ulang ini akan membebankan rakyat yang tidak ada perolehan seperti keuntungan dalam bentuk cukai.

    9. Ikutlah rasmi Allah s.w.t yang memberi secara percuma yang membawa berkat berlempah ruah memurahkan rezeki untuk semua makhluknya bukan hanya kepada golongan tertentu sahaja.


  49. LWWong Jul 2,2015 6:41 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat Berpuasa.

    How not to lose market share Tun, like so many ‘national’ projects, these organisations remained stagnant and do not strive to innovate and re-invent itself to say relevant.

    It may be due to lack of good talent pool or motivation, God knows..but these are same malaise we read and hear day in and day out on these GLCs and national projects. Sad to say, this malaise have now spread to our Ministers and Parliamentarians as well.

    Until such a time when we believe in survival of the fittest, and tight selection of meritocracy as first priority at the very top echelon is practiced, this will be just repeating itself over and over again..

    Agreed that the NEP policy of social-economic re-structuring must be maintained, but without best brains policy regardless of race at the very top echelons of leadership to ensure survival and market relevance of the company against the ever changing world, competitors and innovations in new technology, how not to fail.

    When these enterprise fail for one reason or another (never due to lack a bright spark and competency!) the very same (majority) of workers which you have strived to uplift will be the ones who suffers most when they are laid off..MAS is a recent case in point.

    Purchasing a new car is an exciting event, and the challenge is for Proton make cars that are exciting, fast and beautiful that will awaken these emotions in a potential buyer?

    We then blame foreign car manufacturers who have improved on their products beyond Proton’s (surprise!) expextations .Perodua still seems to be doing very well with their Myvi..strange indeed..

    I also don’t understand..

  50. azlan95 Jul 2,2015 5:12 PM

    To qualify for the World Cup finals, FAM must allow unlimited foreign players for teams in the local league.


  51. adrian Jul 2,2015 4:48 PM

    1. We created the automobile industry to provide cars for the rakyat and also to create another industry we can compete in globally. We did not create this industry to merely give jobs to Malaysians.
    2. If we want to create jobs for Malaysians, there are other ways. Better ones too.
    3. To be competitive globally, we need to raise our standards and not be protected. Even if we want to protect a ‘new’ industry, for how long?
    4. Compared to a human, Proton would already be more than 30 years old. Is it still “right” for the parents to continue to protect an “adult”?
    5. Yes, compare apple with apple. As Proton chairman, which segment should we compare Proton to? Be fair and be honest, in any segment, we will still lose out.
    6. Even if looking at this purely from business point of view, what timeline can we all expect Proton to turn around and emerge as a strong player? Are there even plans in place to make sure Proton gets there?
    7. But no doubt, I know there has been lots of improvements over the last 5 years or so. Is it enough? Or should there be even more improvements to regain the lost of confidence?
    8. And perhaps consider moving Proton in a very different direction like ELECTRIC??

  52. Praxis Jul 2,2015 4:47 PM

    1. Speaking generally I yes and assumes equal conditions.
    2.Prejudice if we can’t export because of origin.
    3. In popular games, to keep number manageable.
    4. yes, without thinking.
    5. Agree
    6. Agree there must be some compettion.
    7-9 National priorites have to supervene, as articulated in NEP/Vision 2020, not coruuption and self-aggrandisment driven chaos as now. Small price for the rich who won’t be around when chaos sinks even lower to catastrophe.

  53. sibotak Jul 2,2015 4:18 PM


    As much of Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder
    Ugly , Rich , Poor , Strong & Weak is also in the eyes of the Beholder
    Is how one look at it and One wants it

    In Economic even much in Politics
    Everyone wants to monopolize to sustain their interest and agendas
    But it will be good for consumer , end users and also the people as in Politics
    As a monopolize Politics will not be good for the people
    It has to be Balance between the Greed of the Govt and the Voice of the people
    Malaysia has such a good democratic system as We have Opposition Voice to Balance up for Malaysia as a whole
    The reasons why S,pore Govt also encourage Competition
    BUT They would not want Opposition to compete with them in Politics
    They will nail these Opposition Hard to stay in Power
    Thus S,porean has no say
    They are all Lembu kena tarik Hidung

    Having said this
    Tun I recall during yr difficult deals with S,pore
    You as a PM has tried to retrieves Malaysian contributed CPF in S.pore
    Till today I beliefs much of Malaysian whom have work before in S,pore
    Have not collect their Rights of CPF
    I think it is the duty of Malaysia Govt to collect these CPF on behalf which belongs to Malaysian
    Delivers it to the right owner or it has to be kept into Malaysia Public Trustees
    not S,pore Public trustees if none comes forward

    My views is
    Anything is in the eyes of the Beholder
    You may want a sexy figured Big boobs wife
    I prefer a decent figure medium size boobs
    Some may prefer a Fat one , some Thin ,some fair , some Black Beauty

  54. johnmansfield Jul 2,2015 3:39 PM

    Hello Tun, Nice to see you protecting your corner, as Chairman of Proton and Lotus, I would expect nothing less.
    Ever thought of thinking a little bit out of the box and utilising Malaysia’s respect and desire for better educational facilities with its growing Auto industry.
    Whilst working in Malaysia on the Gen2 I made a proposal for such a project. One I’m sure would make Malaysia proud and leverage on existing brands and hardware. This project, much like the Auto industry would have a global reach.
    Sometimes dwelling on the negatives, whilst having so many positives too hand can be draining and unnecessary.
    All the best, John Mansfield

  55. Pak Long Jul 2,2015 3:28 PM

    Salam Tun and everybody,

    Just want to say thanks. Now I now what that handicaps for.

  56. fmohd Jul 2,2015 2:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Hope you are in the best of Health, both you and Tun Hasmah. Out of curiosity, what would be your action if you are the PM of Greece to get Greece out of their debt problems and how would you react to the austerity requirement by the EU counterparts as part as the loan condition. Do you think your action in the 1998 crisis will do?. Thanks


  57. Manns Jul 2,2015 2:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun
    Rakyat bangga ,produk automotif jenama tempatan di atas membina jati diri dan menyanjung tinggi di atas inisiatif yang di bina oleh Tun.
    Kenapa hari ini,pemimpin yang Tun didik dan tatang sudah bongkak!
    Saya mengikuti setiap catatan dalam blog ini,bernas dan berintegriti dalam menegur untuk kebaikan.Tetapi pemimpin barisan dalam kini semakin lantang bersuara tapi kurang berwawasan kerana kurang membaca.Pak menteri bercakap bukan sebagai taraf menteri tetapi ucapan mereka menjadi satu indikator bahawa jawab “redah saja”kata orang Kedah.
    Apa membimbangkan hutang negara meningkat,nilai ringgit semakin rendah,gejala rasuah semakin parah .Benar seperi kata Tun, PRU ke 14 jalan menuju kekalahan lebih mudah daripada PRU 13,risikonya,besar kerana yang kalah akan mencetuskan huru hara?
    Inilah hakikatnya apabila pemimpin menerima hukum karma!

  58. shahrulnizam Jul 2,2015 2:26 PM

    Setuju… untuk menjamin kebaikkan pengguna, kita beli barang import.
    Untuk menjamin masa depan korporat, kita letak CEO import Mat Saleh. Director import.. CEO MAI pun boleh import. MAS sudah, MAI bila lagi?
    Untuk menjamin kebajikan rakyat, mungkin kita perlu import Menteri atau Perdana Menteri Mat Saleh.
    Untuk menjamin masa depan cerah bola sepak, kita perlu meneutralisasikan pemain import supaya masuk Piala Dunia.

    iklan import..

  59. Nick Bagan Jul 2,2015 2:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera..

    As you said ‘competition is good’. So true but sadly in Malaysia the bad thing about competition is the competitor itself and the ‘big hand’ at the back…

    1. Contohnya : Seorang Bumiputra/Melayu telah membuka kedai makanan ala-ala Thai yang diberikan nama ‘Saya Punya Tomyam Seafood’. Oleh kerana menunya sedap, khidmat pelanggan memuaskan dan juga lokasinya sesuai maka kedai itu pun mendapat banyak pelanggan dan bertambah maju dari hari ke hari.

    2. Apabila telah maju dan sentiasa saja dipenuhi pelanggan tidak kira waktu maka tibalah masanya dia mendapat persaingan. Lama kelamaan berdiri pula 3-4 kedai yang sama menunya yang juga masakan ala-ala Thai sebaris dengan kedai ‘Saya Punya Tomyam Seafood’ tadi.

    3. ‘Competition is good’ kerana lokasi kedai-kedai tersebut telah menjadi sebutan orang ramai jikalau terasa nak makan makanan ala-ala Thai.

    4. Malangnya apabila ada antara kedai-kedai tersebut tidak mendapat kunjungan pelanggan dan tidak maju maka akan bermulalah cerita-cerita yang tak sedap didengar dan mulalah tersebar dari mulut ke mulut yang akhirnya akan menghancurkan kedai pelopor tadi iaitu ‘Saya Punya Tomyam Seafood’.

    5. Dikhabarkan tuan kedai tersebut menggunakan khidmat bomoh, stokin atau spender yang telah dijampi dimasukkan dalam periuk sup dan macam-macam lagi perkara tak baik demi untuk menarik pelanggan.

    6. So this is the reality the bad thing about competition amongst Malay/Bumiputra and GLC vs Rakyat in Malaysia.

    7. “Kayu hulu kapak” yang bererti kayu pemegang kapak yang berasal dari pokok dipergunakan pula untuk menebang menghapuskan pokok yang lain.

    8. Dalam kunjungan bekas sahabat Tun iaitu LKW telah diberikan amaran bahawa dia telah ‘dianugerahkan’ oleh PMO dengan ‘projek lumayan’ yang bertujuan untuk meranapkan segala ‘legasi’ Tun supaya berkubur tanpa nesan atau sekurang kurangnya bertukar keadaan daripada satu perkara yang baik menjadi satu perkara yang buruk pula di mata Rakyat zaman sekarang.

    9. Secara berturut turut media arus perdana yang pro dan dalam genggaman PMO dipergunakan sebagi “kayu hulu kapak” secara sedar untuk ‘menebang’ pula pokok PROTON yang dianggap mereka sebagai legasi Tun.

    10. Apalagi selepas ini..? ‘Pokok’ apa pulak yang akan ditebang oleh ‘kayu hulu kapak’ sediada dan yang sedang direkrutkan oleh PMO dan LKW untuk menjayakan ‘projek lumayan’ mereka iaitu bertujuan meranapkan segala ‘legasi’ Tun daripada bumi tercinta ini.

    Sekian, Terima Kasih..

  60. cruze Jul 2,2015 2:08 PM

    Pada umumnya pendapat Tun berkenaan isu ini jelas dan tepat, syabas tun walau pun sudah tidak lagi memegang tampuk utama negara, Tun tetap menyumbang idea.
    Sebagai wakil kepada rakyat negara ini yang berfikiran terbuka, saya mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih, hanya allah yang dapat membalas jasa tun.
    Jika kita nak harap menteri sekarang, walau berkelulusan PHD atau tinggi lagi, di lihat otak mereka seolah sungguh cetek dan tidak menepati piawaian sebagai menteri seperti ahmad maslan, nazri aziz, salleh keruak, sahidan kassim, khairi jamaluddin dan lain lain.
    Adakah mereka ini membeli sijil atau meniru semasa peperiksaan di universiti dahulu?
    Atau adakah mereka asyik sibuk dengan Tweeter, fb dll seperti najib dan menteri2 lain?
    Wahai menteri sekalian, anda bukannya artis untuk mencari glamour hingga mendedahkan aktiviti harian dan sikap melalui moments yang di postkan, anda bukan seperti tasya shiela yang gila tunjuk tetek, nora danish yang asyik tunjuk berkepit dengan kekasih dan artis artis murahan negara kita yang lain, Anda adalah pemimpin yang harus menunjukkan tauladan yang baik kepada kami rakyat bawahan ini.
    Jangan nak post memasak sangat di dapur seperti ahmad maslan tu, dah macam orang perempuan pula kelihatannya ahmad maslan tu, kami bukan nak tengok ahmad maslan memasak, kami nak tengok buah fikiran yang boleh membantu merangsang ekonomi dan kesejahteraan negara.
    setakat tunjuk di dapur pegang kuali dan senduk kami dah biasa tengok chef wan. Dan jaafar on di kaca tv dan majalah tau tak?

  61. shah74 Jul 2,2015 1:16 PM

    Deep meaningful thought YBhg Tun….

  62. man Jul 2,2015 12:01 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1. Dulu kita mengutamakan barangan tempatan. Proton adalah barangan keluaran tempatan. Kerajaan perlu menyokong barangan tempatan supaya boleh bersaing dengan barangan import. Sokongan kerajaan biarlah menyeluruh. Baik dari segi kewangan, insentif dan sebagainya. Sokongan moral juga perlu dan ia amat penting. Barangan tempatan harus diangkat di mata rakyat supaya rakyat membelinya. Dan sudah tentulah barangan tempatan perlu mempunyai kualiti yang baik dan tinggi untuk diterima pengguna Malaysia.

    2. Kita tak mungkin menang piala dunia bolasepak. 100 tahun lagipun saya rasa ia mustahil dicapai. Melayakkan diri ke pusingan akhir dah kira bagus dan kita tak tahu bila ini boleh tercapai. Nak bersaing di peringkat Asiapun kita masih tidak mampu. Dulu Jepun kita boleh belasah cukup2 tapi sekarang Palestinpun boleh belasah kita. Kat Palestin mana ada padang bola macam kat Malaysia.

    3. Walaupun globalisasi telah melanda dunia sekarang, saya rasa kerajaan perlu lebih protective terhadap industri tempatan. Kalau satu hari Proton lingkup, apa dah jadi dengan semangat Malaysia Boleh. Apa pula akan terjadi pada para pekerjanya? Apa akan terjadi pada industri yang menyokong pengeluaran/pengedaran Proton dan sebagainya. Industri kereta tempatan dah lama bertapak sejak Tun pelopori dulu dan dan tentu ramai rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat secara langsung atau tak langsung dengan industri ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

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