1. One of the greatest achievements of Malaysia is in the collection of taxes. Malaysians willingly pay taxes. They fear legal action being taken against them. They fear more the raids on their businesses and residences by the income tax authorities. I know this because I was raided when I was expelled from the party and was working as a medical practitioner.

2. They got hold of my cheque stubs and nothing I said would convince them that the money in my account was not all mine. In the end I had to pay more than twice what they claimed I had not declared.

3. The income tax people are always on the lookout for people who live beyond their means. They would raid these people and would force them to pay additional tax should they feel that the culprit had not paid up fully on their wealth.

4. But of late we see some selectivity in the focus of the income tax people.

5. For example the step son of the Prime Minister is reported to have spent hundreds of millions of USD or Ringgit buying luxury residences in London, New York and Hollywood. He also expended many millions to finance the production of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

6. When the Prime Minister’s Office claimed it was inherited money the brothers of Najib protested. Their father was not rich and did not leave hundreds of millions of Ringgit to the family. Even Najib had to admit that Tun Razak did not have such money to leave to his family. So where did this money come from?

7. It was claimed that the money was from business. If he made so much money from business he would have paid income tax. Has the income tax people investigated him regarding his business profits. How much tax had he paid. It is a secret of course. But I hope it is not a cover-up.

8. Then there is Jho Low. He bought a bank for 260 million US dollars. Where did he get the money. Is it borrowed? Did he sell the bank and paid taxes on the profit.

9. He also bought luxury flats in New York and Hollywood. Where did the hundreds of millions he paid for all these come from? Has he paid tax on them?

10. I believe executives of 1MDB and its subsidiaries are paid high salaries. Have they paid taxes on their earnings?

11. I understand that the Prime Minister as adviser to 1MDB is not paid anything. He is paid the Prime Minister’s salary, which I know is far smaller than what business executives get. But the Government pays allowances, the electricity and water bills, transportation, home, etc. So the salary can all be saved and spent.

12. But still the lavish lifestyle must cost a packet. It must be more than what I saved after 29 years in the Government.

13. It is a secret of course. But I just want to ask, has the income tax people investigated the source of the money and the tax paid.

14. We talk about equality before the law. In this country even the rulers are subject to certain laws. It is the essence of justice. We must be equal before the laws and we must be seen to be equal. Everyone who should be investigated by Government agencies must be investigated. There should be no discrimination.


1. Salah satu pencapaian terbesar Malaysia adalah dalam kutipan cukai. Rakyat Malaysia dengan rela hati membayar cukai. Mereka takut tindakan undang-undang diambil terhadap mereka. Mereka lebih takut lagi jika serbuan dibuat ke atas perniagaan dan kediaman mereka oleh pihak berkuasa cukai pendapatan. Saya tahu ini kerana saya diserbu apabila saya dipecat daripada parti dan bekerja sebagai seorang pengamal perubatan.

2. Mereka dapatkan potongan buku cek saya dan tiada apa yang saya katakan dapat meyakinkan mereka bahawa wang dalam akaun saya bukan semuanya milik saya. Akhirnya saya terpaksa membayar lebih daripada dua kali ganda apa yang mereka mendakwa saya tidak isytiharkan.

3. Orang-orang cukai pendapatan sentiasa mencari-cari orang-orang yang hidup di luar kemampuan mereka. Mereka akan membuat penyerbuan atas orang-orang ini dan akan memaksa mereka membayar cukai tambahan jika sekiranya mereka rasakan bahawa pelakunya tidak membayar penuh mengikut kekayaan mereka.

4. Tetapi akhir-akhir ini kita lihat sikap memilih dalam tumpuan orang-orang cukai pendapatan.

5. Sebagai contoh, anak tiri Perdana Menteri dilaporkan telah membelanjakan beratus-ratus juta USD atau Ringgit membeli kediaman mewah di London, New York dan Hollywood. Beliau juga membelanjakan berjuta-juta membiayai pengeluaran filem “The Wall Street Wolf”.

6. Apabila Pejabat Perdana Menteri mendakwa inilah wang yang diwarisi, saudara-saudara Najib membantah. Bapa mereka tidak kaya dan tidak meninggalkan beratus-ratus juta Ringgit untuk keluarga. Malah Najib terpaksa mengakui bahawa Tun Razak tidak mempunyai wang sebanyak itu yang ditinggalkan kepada keluarganya. Jadi dari manakah wang ini datang?

7. Adalah didakwa bahawa wang itu adalah daripada perniagaan. Jika dia telah membuat begitu banyak wang daripada perniagaan pasti beliau akan membayar cukai pendapatan. Sudahkah orang-orang cukai pendapatan siasat beliau mengenai keuntungan perniagaannya? Berapa banyak cukai telah dia bayar? Sudah tentuIah ini adalah rahsia. Tetapi saya berharap ini bukan satu penyelindungan (cover-up).

8. Kemudian ada pula Jho Low. Dia membeli sebuah bank dengan harga US$260 juta. Dari mana beliau dapat wang ini? Adakah ia dipinjam? Adakah dia telah menjual bank ini dan membayar cukai ke atas keuntungan.

9. Beliau juga telah membeli rumah-rumah pangsa mewah di New York dan Hollywood. Dari mana datangnya beratus-ratus juta wang yang diguna untuk membayar semua ini? Adakah dia telah membayar cukai atas mereka?

10. Saya percaya eksekutif-eksekutif 1MDB dan anak-anak syarikatnya dibayar gaji yang tinggi. Ada mereka membayar cukai ke atas pendapatan mereka?

11. Saya difaham bahawa Perdana Menteri, sebagai penasihat kepada 1MDB, tidak dibayar apa-apa. Dia dibayar gaji Perdana Menteri, yang saya tahu adalah jauh lebih kecil daripada apa yang eksekutif perniagaan dapat. Tetapi Kerajaan membayar elaun-elaun, bil elektrik dan air, pengangkutan, tempat tinggal dan lain-lain. Oleh itu, gaji semua boleh disimpan dan dibelanjakan.

12. Masih, gaya hidup yang mewah pasti melibatkan kos yang tinggi. Pasti lebih daripada apa yang saya simpan selepas 29 tahun di dalam Kerajaan.

13. Sudah tentu ini adalah rahsia. Tetapi saya ingin bertanya, sudahkah orang-orang cukai pendapatan menyiasat sumber wang dan cukai yang dibayar?

14. Kita bercakap mengenai kesamarataan di sisi undang-undang. Di negara ini raja-raja pun tertakluk kepada undang-undang tertentu. Ia adalah intipati keadilan. Kita mesti sama rata di sisi undang-undang dan kita perlu dilihat sama rata. Setiap orang yang perlu disiasat oleh agensi-agensi Kerajaan mesti disiasat. Tidak boleh ada diskriminasi.

109 thoughts on “TAXES

  1. sarawak71 Aug 18,2015 11:41 AM

    perphaps Tun Mahathir need to explain his son wealth also …from where he get within so short period which other Malaysian cant archieved..

    >>>>” Former prime minister Tun Mahathir’s sons owned “super cars” which cost millions and also possessed private jets. ”

  2. sarawak71 Aug 18,2015 11:12 AM

    because during Tun Mahathir era, with proxy, there are people siphoning the trustee money mean for UMNO, thus, why Tun Mahathir never expose such big issue ?
    >>>Rahman: ‘Safer’ if funds in Najib’s account

  3. sarawak71 Aug 18,2015 11:09 AM

    perphaps Tun Mahathir need to explain to all Malaysian you can causing 10Billion of tax payers money in perwaja case ?…

  4. HBT456 Aug 17,2015 10:12 AM

    Jul 5,2015 7:22 AM

    40. In order to restore the confident of local and foreign instituonalized investors, I hope united malay national ministers talk less.

    41. The more they talk, the more opposition parties of their own malay cum bumiputra race got furiated in the name of keadilan rakyat.

    42. Pm najib already said he does not want to rule through cronism and nepotism, I mean proxy.

    43. Pm najib too must go on leave to let the authority to investigate to show he is innocent.

    44. If what said to be true, he must resign, and apologize to the people, the foreign leaders, the states’ sultan, the chief ministers and yang dipertuan agong.

    45. To call for snap election or not before maturity date, let bn chairman and the presidents do their parts to decide the next course.

    46. This process is crucial to show the independent, intergrity and transparency of our political and judiciary system that need to be transformed and upgraded to the next level.

    47. It is not the duty of igp to meet thai police because the chairman of 1mdb is the pm and miniter of finance of malaysia, not a ordinary man on street.

    48. If umno president still insist on this, there is no way bn presidents can restore the confidence of their voters to vote them.

    49. The voice of opposition parties will get louder.

    50. Their aim to march into putrajaya will be materialized.

    51. Ds wan azizah can be the first female pm as elected pm through democracy.

  5. sudin Jul 13,2015 12:24 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Najib is living in dreamland, just pretend to act cool and that will suffice to make Malaysians think he is not wrong, by him acting seemingly not concerned of hoohaa matters surrounding and engulfing him.

    Najib’s can’t be bothered attitude is destroying the trust given to politicians by the rakyat. Najib is actually continuing and following in the strategy first started by Anwar maniac, and then trying to fine-tune that Anwar’s play acting “I’m innocent look”, hoping to dupe his audience.

    The jokers!!!

  6. Jul 12,2015 5:56 PM


    ..’Wahai ALLAH Ya Rabbul Jalil (Pemerintah sekalian alam & sekalian makhluk Yang Sememangnya Maha Kuasa, Maha Bijaksana, Maha Pelaksana & Maha Tinggi/Besar), Engkau pantauilah selalu Kepimpinan Tanah Air Negaraku Malaysia tercinta ini..Sekiranya Kepimpinan yang ada sejak dulu, hari ini dan akan datang setulusnya sentiasa berada di landasan jalan-Mu yang Lurus, maka ‘it will always be okay with us”..Akan TETAPI, sekiranya Kepimpinan Negara dan ada di antara kabinet2 atau almari2 yang tidak betul & menindas kami semua rakyat jelata yang berada di bawah pemerintahan zalim dan tidak adil itu, maka jatuhkanlah, buangkanlah dan hancurkanlah mereka!! Gantikan semula kami dengan Pemimpin-Pemimpin yang senantiasa membela Agama-Mu (yakni Pemimpin-Pemimpin yang amat mendokong Ayat-Ayat Suci Al-Quran dan selalu mengikuti Hadis dan Sunnah Baginda Nabi Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W…dan mereka itu pula selanjutnya mencontohi Kepimpinan Sahabat2 Baginda dan Kepimpinan Ulama2, sebagai pedoman & panduan hidup mereka dan dipraktikkan di dalam Kepimpinan mereka agar kami sebagai rakyat jelata mendapat manfaat dari ketokohan, keperibadian & kepimpinan mereka itu..Dalam masa yang sama, tanah air negaraku Malaysia tercinta ini bakal sentiasa redup di bawah pandangan-Mu, aman dan subur di bawah keberkatan-Mu,,Itulah yang hamba impikan, cita-citakan & idamkan Wahai Allah,,agar negara kami ini terpelihara, diberkati dan terlindung dari sengsara kehidupan di dunia ini mahupun di Alam Akhirat kelak..P/S-Wahai Allah Pemerintah Sekalian Makhluk & Alam (apa yang ada di Langit dan Bumi), sememangnya Engkaulah Yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang TERBAIK & SESUAI untuk kami sekalian hamba-hamba-MU ini..kerana Kepimpinan mereka itu bakal memberi tempias secara langsung atau tidak langsung kepada kami yang bernaung di bawah pemerintahan mereka itu..kami senantiasa takut akan murka-Mu dan sekiranya kami terpesong dari jalan-Mu, cepat-cepatkanlah sedarkan kami agar kembali kepangkuan-Mu dan akhirilah kehidupan kami ini dengan kalimah ISLAM..Ya Allah, bantulah, tolonglah ,selamatkanlah dan lindungilah perjalanan kami semua ini dari fitnah akhir zaman & ‘musuh2 di dalam selimut kami”..itu saja..((Amin & Insya-Allah)), semuanya dengan izin-Mu wahai Allah..wasalam & thank you,..;D;D..;D;D..

  7. cruze Jul 11,2015 10:58 PM

    Betul sungguh abang daing, maaf semua, slepas kematian nik aziz yang selalu cakap “tak masuk akal” tu. Saya tengok semua rakyat malaysia senyap terus seolah nik aziz tak pernah ujud, kalau nak tahu sangat tentang meliwat, peliwat dan di liwat kena study secara mendalam.
    Dan harun din pula saya pun naik pening, kalau pandai sangat mengapa belum sampai pun tarikh terdekat pru 14, pas dan keadilan dah berpecah ranah?…….
    Dulu nik aziz tu wali kah? Hingga ada taraf tinggi sangat nak kafirkan orang islam yang lain, menantu sendiri berkhalwat pun tak dapat nak tegah! Puih…

  8. adelheid Jul 11,2015 2:47 AM

    Dear Tun,

    When my late father died he was also not spared the tax, we had to part with whatever he left for our mother and us leaving only the rumah pusaka and his pension left for his widow which also was cut monthly for years in order to pay for his outstanding debts in tax.

    Sad, that was years back. My mom is still around and her children all able to cope with life. Sadly though the current economic downturn in our country and the imposition of 6% GST are not making our lives any better than the time when our family had to pay for our late dad’s taxes.

    For the rich and wealthy they have no problem like all those pro government politicians. But for the rest of us the ordinary citizens we suffer the impact of these taxes mostly than our richer counterparts. We pay all kinds of tax from income tax to goods and services tax to road tax road toll and in states like Sabah yes people pay tax to use public toilets to pee n poo huhu 🙁

    Tun, glad you feel what we feel, how life in our beloved Malaysia is getting so taxing for us even though for our PM DSN we are all happily entering the long awaited 2020 developed nation status – status which applies only to himself and his clan of tax collectors.

    Goodnight Tun Mahathir, I wish you a long healthy life ahead, and hope to wish you the same on this day next year and next and next…love ya Tun!

  9. sudin Jul 10,2015 4:25 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    kah kah kah!!!
    Hihihi, hoo hoo hoo!!!
    Can’t stop laughing.
    Stop it Ravi, enough…
    My funnybone can’t take it anymore…
    Kah kah kah!!!

    I believe next he’ll ask Dr M what happened to all the 3 Indian-owned financial institutions which became kaput during Tun M’s reign, namely CCB, UAB, Bank Buruh.
    Blame them on Dr M since he was the PM then!

    At RM10billions each that will be RM30billions, now add this to BMF’s RM10b and Perwaja’s RM10b, Dr M’s RM50billions scandal have easily exceeded that of 1MDB!!!
    Habis! Habis!

    Ravi ooiii, why are your types always like to simply pick up any numbers and what-not from the sky???
    Have you all not changed???

    Probably Ambiga taught too much hatred to all of you…
    It’s still not too late to wake up now and start looking at reality around you.

  10. sudin Jul 9,2015 12:02 PM


    Looks like Rosmah will not follow in the footsteps of Jean, and will miss the titular Tun. Deservingly so…?

  11. ordinary Malaysian Jul 7,2015 11:45 PM

    Tun, please help all the tax payers. It is so ridiculous and heartaching as tax payer who squeeze our pockets for the nation and economic downturn we are facing and yet with all the new implementations.
    But all these does not seem to benefit the people and in fact being misused non-sensely for own benefits. It is not a small amount and i doubt even an established company could earn that much.

    None of the local authorities seem to make any actions on it. Yes there are investigations going on, but how are we convinced that the investigation’s result will reveal the truth to the people or will all of them just be bribed as all it had been. Too dramatic and scary in our country that no action taken to reports lodged to authority by Am’s founder years ago.

    All the politicians are making nonsense remarks to side their big brother. Other than the opposition leaders giving pressure on this issue, you are our only hope to get this be treated fairly for all the poor Malaysians here.

    My mind is of 2 images… the people who are beggars when Malaysia bancrupt soon while the people who benefiting from our hard earned money having luxury vacations abroad at paradise. SO UNFAIR! What the Malaysia become?

    We do not seem to have any trustworthy leader who cares for people. It is all proven from what they comment on this issue.

  12. mubarakchan Jul 7,2015 7:47 PM


    The whole Nation has been riled up with the absurd spectacle of the missing billions and billions of ringgits at the very top. And to make it worse, we were only told about the missing billions and billions of ringgits over the weekend by the foreign media.

    This expose’ naturally now focussed on the Malaysian financials involved without a doubt eg Bank Negara Malaysia and the AMIslamic Bank. Both of them to this day have nothing to say.

    Today is the 7th of July, 2015, I would have thought that 58 years after Merdeka, we have honourable professionals of the right mind who would have abide by the laws, rules and regulations which govern our beloved Malaysia. Are we following the failed State of Singapore which was the unique creation of the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) ? Just as I was commenting that his creation the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats would collapse after his departure, a few days ago, a Singaporean Minister said that the next Prime Minister of Singapore might not be a Chinese ! I would have thought it would have been more appropriate for the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew to say this before his departure and not by his inheritors !

    As I mentioned before, the top Civil Servants of Malaysia have caught that Singaporean virus called in Malaysia, Malaysianensis Pecuniaritis or PM for short. This virus is latent in Singaporeans which is called Singapurensis Pecuniaritis. The bug was created by the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew specially for the weak-minded Malaysians who were susceptible to all the fine things in life which are available in Singapore. How ?

    The young and up-coming UMNO politicians ( no Chinese were invited ) to lecture at the forums organised by the ISEAS ( the Institute of South East Asian Affairs which was founded in 1972 just for this purpose ). The following morning there would be glowing reports of how brilliant these UMNO types were etc. These would be the Dictator’s time-bombs in Malaysia or prominent politicians who sneaked out to Singapore to enjoy the finer things available in Singapore. Little did they know that all their activities were filmed in colour. Vide Wikileaks. Spying on the sexual peccadilloes of full blooded Malaysians. These Malaysians would provide fertile ground to receive the bug Malaysianensis Pecuniaritis otherwise known as the Singapuranensis Pecuniaritis or SP for short.

    With the infection of the logic centre of the brains of these unsuspecting young UMNO types who would only be activated when they assume a top position of power in Malaysia. The infected person loses all sense of logic as to his handling of the Malaysian ringgits. He could only think of money in billions of ringgits terms. His action would be just to buy and buy at prices way over the top. Selling is not involved. Top Civil Servants controlling GLCs are especially affected.

    With the infected top Civil Servants of Malaysia in the 100 GLCs doing the buying and buying with the billions and billions of ringgits, they have become the common denominator with the cunning Dictator Lee Kuan Yew of the failed State of Singapore.

    Our beloved Malaysia never had such a MONEY MONEY MONEY DISEASE until after 2003 when our beloved Tun retired. He safeguarded us through his scrupulous monitoring of troublemakers in the absolute interest of our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND SELF-ESTEEM. After our beloved Tun retired, our beloved Malaysia was giving away for free ocean blocks, rocks, our grandmothers etc by people who should know better and thought that the Rakyat was blind, dumb, deaf and stupid. In fact, our Rakyat was polite and courteous and not given to complaining about the leadership.

    The sooner we invent a medicine to purge these affected patients of this MONEY MONEY MONEY DISEASE THE BETTER. Then, we can re-focus and resume our disrupted route to NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THE RAKYAT and to emulate the TWO OF THE BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD SWITZERLAND AND JAPAN !


  13. sunny spoon Jul 7,2015 1:40 PM

    Ini akibat dari kesan sumpah muhabalah dia dulu ke…? Wallahua’lam.

  14. Sri Sen Jul 7,2015 10:29 AM

    Salam Tun

    Kalau Tun ada kelapangan jemputlah datang my website, just click on my name/ID, however my website more on stocks, my target audience stock traders and investors, only one page JUST ME on other matters. About DSN to me too late to do anything. I dah study up down left right, if I the appointed PR Consultant, I just cannot build a successful campaign on such a platform, maybe LKW or Paul Stadlen superhuman boleh. To me paling mudah DSN berhenti, let another man takeover, senang re-positioning, re-branding….

    Have a nice day.


  15. musato Jul 7,2015 10:29 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya kira saya percaya pada laporan Wall Street Journal.

    Dalam situasi sekarang, yang dikatakan ancaman kepada keselamatan negara berada dalam perkara no 2.

    Najib perlu buktikan terlebih dahulu ya atau tidak. Benar atau salah.

    Laporan Wall Street Journal pasal MH17 itu hari saya rasakan tepat.

    Buktikan Najib!

    Terima kasih Tun.

  16. novo Jul 7,2015 10:09 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Apa yang saya takuti apabila Najib berkata ” I did not betray the country”

    1. Teks ucapan Najib telah di sediakan oleh “Arul Nombor 2” di PMO?

    2. Sebagaimana the “Original Arul” di 1MDB yang telah tersalah bagi info. tentang “hard cash” dengan “units”

    3. Mungkin “Arul Nombor 2″ di PMO tersalah taip?

    4. Yang hendak ditaip mungkin ” I do betray the country”

    5. Tun kata “Melayu mudah lupa”.

    6. Saya kata “Melayu mudah silap”.

    7. Arul Nombor 2 kata “Melayu main silapmata”


  17. mubarakchan Jul 7,2015 8:27 AM


    I underline my agreement with Saudara Amin Tan’s observations on MAS.
    Here are my observations :-

    1. Some MAS owned plush London properties in the 1980s. One such property with a fountain at the entrance is situated behind Harrods along Sloan Street, London. This was during the hey-day of tour travels.

    2. MAS had 10,000 more personnal than were required.

    3. I travelled between Kota Kinabalu at the turn of the 21st Century. It was difficult to get a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu every day. The planes were full. Why were the planes full ? MAS used the Boeing 737 for this route with infrequent flights. The Airbus should have been used with more frequent flights. Why ? I observed that most of the passengers actually originated from Kota Kinabalu and had to return to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur. They had no choice but to travel by MAS.
    Hence, to make profit, the MAS could have used a larger plane with more frequent flights as this was a ‘captive passenger’ route. Ticket vouchers could have been sold in advance to improve cash flow. It was obvious to me no one cared. Then, Air Asia came and made money ! The Management had no business sense as they were Civil Servants.

    4. How could a precious monopoly lose money especially in a place like our beloved Malaysia ? Good question. It was the leakage of money all round. At one time it was rumoured that a packet of nasi lemak cost the MAS RM 70 !

    5. After restructuring, the MAS will be profitable and should be sold to the Private Sector. A Democratic Government has no right to do any business. We should always follow the United States in such matters- it is the home of the free and capitalism. As the Tun said we cannot have half past six CAPITALISM. IT IS EITHER CAPITALISM OR COMMUNISM !


  18. daeng Jul 7,2015 7:00 AM


    Najib kini menuduh Tun adalah dalang disebalik pendedahan WSJ tentang lebih RM 2 billion yang masuk secara “haram” ke akaun peribadinya.

    Mengapa saya tabik dan hormat Tun sekian lama? Kerana dia seorang manusia yang bijak dalam pentadbiran negara, urus tadbir kewangan negara, bijak berpolitik, hebat melontarkan idea yang bernas dan diterima akal, berkata sesuatu jika ada bukti dan bijak membuat keputusan.

    Setahu saya Tun tidak menuduh jika dia tiada bukti kukuh. Tun tidak bercakap sesuatu jika faktanya tiada bukti jelas. Contohnya, semasa era Tun, ramai dikalangan rapat dengan Tun mengatakan Anwar Ibrahim adalah homosex, tetapi Tun mengambil masa yang lama bertahun-tahun untuk mempercayainya. Sehinggakan ada bukti kukuh dan jelas, barulah Tun percaya.

    Dalam soal 1MDB, penyelewangan kewangan seharusnya pihak polis dan SPRM yang dibantu Bank Negara siasat terus. Kalau benar orang no 1 dalam PDRM, SPRM dan BNM sayangkan Najib kerana melantik mereka ini sebagai ketua dalam bidang masing-masing, siasatlah segera tanpa dikerah oleh rakyat. Jika tiada penyelewangan, mereka kena maklumkan kepada rakyat. Ini mengapa mereka semua diam? Pasti ada sesuatu yang tidak kena? Atau mereka ini sedang menunggu arahan Najib untuk siasat? Kalau benar menunggu arahan Najib, pastinya ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dalam hal begini. Bayangkan jika wang RM 2 billion itu masuk dalam akaun Tun, sudah pasti Najib dengan pantas atau mereka tersebut cepat melaporkan kepada Najib untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap Tun.

    Semalam Najib menggunakan kenyataan Harun Din kononnya Harun Din secara peribadi mengatakan “tidak masuk akal” wang sebanyak itu masuk ke akaun peribadi Najib.

    Saya ingin tahu siapa Harun Din??? Dia manusia biasa dan ada kelemahan tersendiri. Belum pasti apa yang dilakukan selama hidupnya seperti amalannya diterima Allah swt.

    Pada masa hidup arwah Nik Aziz juga mengatakan perkara yang hampir serupa berkaitan “tidak masuk akal” Anwar Ibrahim seorang peliwat. Nik Aziz juga seperti Harun Din. Banyak kelemahan seperti manusia biasa.

    Pada satu ketika dulu bekas MB Selangor Muhammad Taib juga buat perkara yang bodoh bawa sejumlah wang yang besar dalam beg bimbitnya ke Australia dan ditangkap kerana menjadi klesalahan undang-undang Australia. Saya pun juga terpikir mengapa bodohnya Muhammad Taib ini????

    Perkara yang serupa tidak mustahil berlaku kepada Najib seperti pendedahan WSJ. Kita tunggu dan lihat Najib mahu saman WSJ. Saya mahu Najib saman Tun tanpa bukti seperti mengatakan Tun terlibat sama, adakah Najib berani???????????????????????? Tunggu….

    Wassalam Tun.

  19. farock Jul 7,2015 2:13 AM

    Salam Tun
    Hari demi hari, satu demi satu, semua kes penyelewengan DSN terbongkar.Apa yang saya pelik, bukti apa yang pihak berkanun tunggu untuk lakukan siasatan?.Terbaru, WSJ mendedahkan wang rakyat berbillion billion dimasukkan dalam akaun Ambank mamat ni.Mereka,termasuk mamat ni,kata semua ini konspirasi Tun.Daripada menuduh Tun sambil mempertahankan mamat ini,kenapa pihak berkanun tak pergi ke Ambank dan siasat saja?Bukankah nombor akaunpun sudah diberi?Mereka tak perlu buat apa apa kerjapun,memandangkan mereka memang pemalas,jadi semua bukti sudah dihidangkan depan mata,cuma pergi dan periksa,itupun tak boleh???Kenapa tak habis habis pertahankan mamat ini,sedangkan duit itu kepunyaan mereka juga?Adakah mereka begitu bodoh dan kaki jilat buntut,sampai mereka terlupa apa jawatan mereka dan mereka berkhidmat untuk negara dan rakyat,bukan mamat ini??
    Persoalan pada menteri2 kabinet, mengapa mereka mendiamkan diri sedangkan rakyat memilih mereka untuk mempertahankan negara dan harta rakyat?Adakah mereka takut atau secara tak langsung mereka juga “tibai” duit rakyat,jadi takut kalau mamat ni kena,mereka juga kena??Tertuduh orang lain tapi mereka tak siasat yang tertuduh tapi menuduh Tun pula,apa logik tindakkan orang2 bodoh dan hipokrit ini?
    Cuba kita lihat,gaji menteri dan pegawai2 kerajan berapa sangat?Tapi bila kehidupan mereka dan keluarga mereka terlampau mewah,kenapa siasatan tidak dijalankan keatas mereka?Dari mana mereka dapat duit yang lebih2 itu??

    Kalau di perhati,sejak kebelakangan ini,negara kita ditimpa berbagai bencana alam yang tak logik.Tidakkah rakyat rasa semua ini balasan Allah pada kita sebab mendiamkan diri dan merelakan secara langsung atau tidak,mamat ini menjahanamkan negara kita??Bila kita mendiamkan diri,walaupun tidak terlibat,ikut hukum agama,bukankah itu dikatakan bersubahat??Dan balasan Allah adalah pada semua,yang buat jahat dan yang bersubahat!!!Itu janji Allah…

    Pada DSN, saya minta berhentilah dari kerja yang tak berfaedah ini.Umur dah meningkat sangat tinggi.Semua orang akan mati,cuma kita tak tahu bila.Kita hanya akan membawa amal kita ke akhirat,bukannya wang ringgit.Memang harta kita untuk anak2 tapi bila kita mati,lama kelamaan,anak2 dan kaum kerabat kita juga akan lupakan kita.yang tinggal amal ibadat kita.Apa amal anda wahai DSN?Sepandai pandai lidah awak berbohong di dunia,lidah awak akan terkunci bila malaikat Munkar dan Nangkir menyoal awak dalam kubur.Yang akan menjawab kebaikkan dan kejahatan awak ialah bahagian2 tubuh badan awak yang lain.Masa tu,nak berbohong macam mana??Adakah kebongkakkan,kuasa dan wang anda dapat menolong kamu??Jika benar beragama Islam dan bertuhankan Allah,percaya,yakin dan takutlah pada semua ini.Itu baru cerdik namanya.Nasihat dan peringatan ini bukan pada DSN saja,tapi pada semua kita termasuk pihak berkuasa dan menteri2…


  20. mubarakchan Jul 7,2015 2:00 AM


    I wish to amend my comment thus …..” He was around in absolute power for 56 years as compared with the American President’s 5 years. ” to
    ……” as compared with the American President’s maximum of two terms of 5 years each.”

    This clearly show what an American President can do in 10 years which the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) could not with a large reduction of the indigenous Singaporean population which has now to be bolstered by the importation of 2 millions foreigner to boost the GDP. So much so, a Senior Minister has commented that the next Singaporean Prime Minister might not be a Chinese !

  21. amin tan Jul 6,2015 11:26 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to shed some light on Mr Mubarakchan’s GLCs. One of the GLCs is MAS. It was reported in the newspaper the government has to pump cash of RM16 billions to rescue it this year. It has been making losses year in and year out to the tune of 2 to 3 billions ringgit annually. I guess other GLCs are also more or less in the same shape financially. That is where our tax money has gone, to cover losses incurred by these dinosaurs.

    amin tan

  22. milshah Jul 6,2015 10:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The news by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that 1MDB funds (wang rakyat) was transferred to Najib’s personal account is simply shocking! The amount of USD700 million is equivalent to RM2.6 billionaire, enough to make one a billionaire in just one day! I had hope there will no more surprises about 1MDB,and yet with each passing day, new updates are obtained that are simply shocking to say the least.

    Najib have said that this is all a plot led by you to topple him as Prime Minister. Najib said why would he use his own account, that would implicate him in the 1MDB scandal. If indeed he wanted to steal, he would have used another account that does not bear his name. The whole WSJ news is just too illogical to be true.

    In my opinion, just as much as it is illogical for him to steal using his own personal account…it is also illogical for Tun to have plotted such a scheme.


    Because the whole plot centers around Najib’s personal account. The whole plot would be crumbling down the moment Najib declares in his personal account that he DOES NOT have the USD700 million in his account.

    If indeed that the money is not in Najib’s personal account, then it can be proven there was plot to provide fictitious information and Najib can sue WSJ, the Edge and Sarawak Report (SR) for all their worth.

    Why would Tun and WSJ take such huge risks on their credibility, given that Najib can always declare how much money in his personal account? It is so illogical for Tun, who have governed Malaysia for 22 years, to make such a silly move.

    As it is, WSJ, the Edge and SR is standing by their news for which they believe are facts backed up by evidence.

    So what is Najib waiting for? Just tell the rakyat how much is in the account, so this so called ‘plot’ can come crashing down. He should also sue WSJ, the Edge and SR for providing such news.

    The rakyat is waiting…waiting…and waiting…

  23. Halim3869 Jul 6,2015 8:47 PM


    Salam disini ramai sudah hilang percaya pada pimpinan umno terutama DS Najib , beliau sepatut sudah beri laluan pada orang lain memimpin umno saya sendiri pun naik meluat setiap kali beliau keluar dalam TV, sudah cukup harta dan wang rakyat beliau sapu secukupnya apa lagi yang nak tunggu lagi kekayaan beliau sampai tiga generasi tak habis.

    Kalau Ds Najib masih berdegil untuk terus menjadi PM sampai PRU 14

    Saya dan sekeluarga tidak mengundi BN lagi biar lah sampai disini biar parti pembangkang pulak yang mengambil alih sebab kalau terus mengundi cukai lagi parah nak tunggu lagi 3 tahun agak lama tapi tak apa kalau terus mengundi BN rakyat atau kaum bumiputra akan terus dijajah tiada perubahan lain dari zaman TUN banyak peluang perniagaan ,pekerjaan ringgit tidak jatuh teruk sekian terima kasih TUN selamat terus berjuang demi bangsa dan Negara

  24. Daniel Noor Jul 6,2015 8:06 PM

    Zaid Hamidi sewaktu menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO telah dgn lantang nya menuduh Tun M membantu kroni2 dan kelaurga Tun di persidangan UMNO. Waktu itu Timbalan Perdana Mentri ialah Anwar Ibrahim. Zaid ialah salah seorg penyokong kuat atau balachi Anwar waktu itu. Setelah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengambil jawat PM, Zaid ialah salah seorg yg pertama di beri jawatan Menteri. Selama dia di bawah Pak Lah dan Najib, dia di beri portfolio ‘ gold mine ‘ seperti Kem. Pertahanan dan skrg Kem Dlm negeri. These two Ministries can be considered as gold mines. Zaid boleh di anggap sebagai salah satu Metri yg terkaya.

  25. mubarakchan Jul 6,2015 6:07 PM


    How many Asian leaders were like you who had the magnanimity, the grace and the consideration for others to step down as the Prime Minister after 22 years Administration of our beloved country ?

    The ancients of 5,000 years ago had already worked out the 36 steps which could be attempted to succeed in life by ambitious men. The last step was the exit or to run away gracefully.

    How does this sound ancient advice apply to our modern leaderships around the World?

    In the United States, the President is only permitted to serve two terms. In Britain, there is an unwritten code which could be applied if the incumbent behaved out of the norm like Margaret Thatcher. In every Western country, there is a time limitation on the highest office in the land. And if the top incumbent became recalcitrant, there would be no hesitation in applying the SACK. And all citizens accept this as fair and within the rule of the laws.

    However, the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) stayed until the very end by being an MP. He could not let go of the reins of power which he created and the control of the humongous pile of money which was sucked legallly into the Government coffers by his own creation – the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System. He was around in absolute power for 56 years as compared with the American President’s 5 years.

    As a result, he lived long enough to see the first crumbling of his handiwork – the absence of human resource development on the barren isle of Singapore. The first indication was the discontent with the performance of the CPF as expressed by 40-50 percent of her populace. More social eruptions will come as the living conditions grow more difficult for the ordinary Singaporean citizens as the World ploughs onwards in the seas of money created by the 3-4 Qualitative Easings. The World of Lee Kuan Yew with all the glittering buildings but no real human resources has never been attempted before. We will soon see the result. Maybe as early as less than 15 years.

    Did somebody important gave a hint that the next Prime Minister of Singapore might not be of Chinese origin ? Is this the writing on the wall ?

    Whatever will be Tun, your foresight, compassion, commonsense and other virtues have proven to be of immense value in the formulation of your decision to retire in 2003. Thereafter, we entered the vulgar World of the failed policies of MONEY MONEY MONEY of the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015). And as someone said recently. ‘ The Dark Age of Malaysian Politics.’

    In the Greece crisis scenario, it was discovered in 2009 that the Greek Government hid their DOUBLE DEFICITS from the EU which gave rise to the present distrust of the Greeks by Brussels. Let us hope the Greek fiasco is only an ONE-OFF AFFAIR !


  26. Hajar Jul 6,2015 5:26 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Terima kasih saudara ’Daeng’ dan ’Cruze’ di atas pendapat kalian yang lebih-kurang sama dengan saya.

    Kepada saudara ’KunKlai’ pula, anda seorang yang berjiwa besar kerana memaafkan keterlanjuran seorang saudara kita yang juga berjiwa besar dengan memohon maaf.

    Secara kebetulan, saya juga datang dari keluarga UMNO dan saya ada ramai adik-beradik yang selama hari ini menyokong UMNO/BN tanpa berbelah-bagi. Tapi sejak PM-5 dan PM-6 mentadbir negara, keadaan sudah jauh berubah terutama bila PM-6 gagal memulihkan kerosakan2 yang PM-5 lakukan. PM-6 bukan saja gagal memulihkan prestasi keseluruhan UMNO/BN, malah sekarang ini berterusan tambah merosakkan UMNO/BN dengan masaalah2 peribadi beliau.

    Reputasi dan imej UMNO/BN dirosakkan dengan teruk oleh PM-6 yang ’bodoh-sombong’ dan ’tidak sedar diri’ yang beliau tidak disokong oleh majoriti rakyat Malaysia. Kerosakan kepada Malaysia juga bertambah besar di bawah PM-6. Saya memilih untuk tidak mengundi jika PM Najib berdegil untuk terus memimpin di PRU-14.

    Jika PM Najib menyaman WSJ, SR, Tun M, etc. harap jangan guna dana Kerajaan. Ini masalah peribadi beliau, dan beliau kena guna dana/duit sendiri. Lagi satu, eloklah letak jawatan kerana jika banyak pihak disaman, DSN akan sibuk naik-turun mahkamah.

    Tapi yang sedihnya nama negara & BN/UMNO juga turut tercemar disebabkan skandal2 PM Najib yang tidak berkesudahan.

    Kepada saudara ‘Daniel Noor’, saya harap anda tabah dan dipermudahkan urusan pembayaran cukai. LHDN tidak sepatutnya menghukum pembayar cukai yang secara sukarela sanggup membayar apa2 tunggakan cukai walaupun secara berdikit-dikit. Saya juga ada masaalah dengan LHDN yang suka mengenakan penalti (beribu ringgit) sesuka-hati walaupun saya tidak melakukan apa2 kesalahan/kesilapan (ada sekali mereka hilangkan borang cukai saya, tapi saya pula didenda; nasib baik saya ada buat salinan). Terpaksalah merayu untuk batalkan penalti. Ini pun ambil masa lama.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  27. daeng Jul 6,2015 3:53 PM


    Tun, saya terpanggil memberi komen tentang kerisauan Queen seperti :

    1. cukai GST;
    2. harga rumah melambung tinggi;
    3. kenaikan tol;
    4. harga petrol semakin naik.

    Pandangan peribadi saya:

    1. Cukai GST sepatutnya tidak wajar dikenakan kepada semua rakyat. Kalau saya PM, selain mengekalkan cukai individu dengan sedikit penambahbaikan, saya hanya fokuskan kepada peniaga-peniaga agar mereka semua tidak terlepas dari membayar cukai. Dengan GST ilham Najib, saya fikir ianya tidak adil kepada semua rakyat. Memanglah niat Najib untuk memberi tambahan income pada negara tetapi ia menyusahkan rakyat khususnya rakyat berpendapatan rendah. Saya lihat keupayaan Najib gagal menaikkan income negara dari luar tetapi menekan rakyat dengan memaksa rakyat dengan cukai GST dan cukai individu yang tidak mesra rakyat.

    2. Harga rumah melambung tinggi dengan harga yang tidak masuk akal. Jika saya ditempat Najib sebagai PM apa yang saya akan lakukan ialah ujudkan database pemilikan 1 rumah untuk 1 rakyat. Kementerian Perumahan perlu mendaftarkan semua warganegara / warga asing ( jika perlu ) memiliki 1 rumah sahaja. Jika sepasang suami mampu memiliki sebuah rumah, dan isteri memiliki sebuah rumah, anggaplah ianya kelebihan pasangan tersebut. Jika rakyat ingin membeli sebuah rumah yang lebih mewah, maka dia mesti menjual rumah sediada. Rumah adalah keperluan semua rakyat. Biarlah industri perumahan agak lembab tetapi ia lebih elok dari kesan “orang kaya banyak rumah, orang miskin tiada rumah/merempat”. Jika rumah kedai, bebas seperti biasa. Pemilikan rumah untuk warga asing wajar dinaikkan levi yang bersesuaian dengan keadaan agar tidak timbul masalah kepada warganegara.

    3. Kenaikan tol tidak wajar dinaikkan khususnya dalam bandar. Kalau saya seorang PM saya tidak akan menaikkan tol di kawasan Lembah Klang dan kawasan sekitar 60 km dari KL dan bandar-bandar besar lain. Contohnya saya akan perkenalkan tarif tol yang rendah ( separuh dari kadar sekarang ) untuk laluan sekitar 60km dari pusat bandar tetapi perkenalkan tarif tol yang tinggi ( mungkin 2 kali ganda ) selepas 60 km dari pusat bandar seperti KL. Ini kerana saya ingin mengurangkan kesesakan penduduk di kawasan pusat bandar. Secara tidak langsung, langkah ini mampu mengurangkan rakyat yang bekerja di bandar besar membeli rumah di kawasan bandar besar. Seterusnya peningkatan harga rumah di kawasan bandar besar mungkin boleh diperlahankan, tidaklah sedrastik sekarang ini. Dalam masa yang sama kerajaan dan syarikat swasta dijangka mampu memajukan persekitaran bandar besar dengan lebih sistematik dengan lingkaran jalan raya dan sistem pengangkutan darat ( seperti LRT, komuter, MRT dan lainya ) yang lebih mesra rakyat.

    4. Kenaikan harga petrol/disel perlu diikat dengan harga yang bersesuaian mengikut keadaan harga minyak semasa. Kita adalah sebuah negara pengeluar minyak, sewajarnyalah saya ingin melihat rakyat merasa hasilnya bersama. Rakyat tahu ( tetapi Najib dan Ahmad Maslan tidak tahu ) bahawa kenaikan harga minyak adalah punca utama inflasi dalam ekonomi bebas seperti Malaysia. Kita tidak perlu ikut atau buat perbandingan dengan negara bukan pengeluar minyak seperti Singapura, Thailand dan lainnya. Kerana bagi saya, perbandingan ini adalah perbandingan yang “menipu rakyat” kerana rakyat kian bijak menilai. Bila harga minyak di Malaysia adalah rendah, mungkin masalah penyeludupan minyak atau barangan murah yang lain berbanding luar negara akan timbul. Saya sebagai PM yang perihatin akan masalah rakyat akan mengenakan hukuman mati kepada mereka yang terlibat sama menyeludup minyak keluar negara dengan kuantiti/amaun tertentu. Seperti pengedar dadah, kepada pemilik atau menyeludup dadah sekitar 1 kg akan dikenakan hukuman mati, maka jika hukuman mati seperti penyeludup dan mereka yang didapati bersalah berkait dengannya, saya percaya rakyat tidak akan marah kepada saya kerana saya lakukan demi kesejahateraan semua rakyat. Yang mungkin marah kepada saya adalah mereka yang mementingkan diri sendiri demi keuntungan tembolok sendiri. Jika ada yang dihukum mati kerana penyeludupan pun, paling-paling pun saudara mara mereka cakap, memang patut penyeludup dan pengkhianat negara dihukum mati, “dari kecil tak mahu mampus, sudah besar menyusahkan orang saja”.

    5. Ditambah satu lagi, kepada perasuah dan penerima rasuah dengan amaun tertentu dan besar wajar dihukum mati atau hukuman lebih berat saja. Rasuah adalah musuh no 1 negara. Punca dari rasuahlah wujudnya isu nasional seperti pembalakan haram, pembukaan tanah-tanah pertanian haram di Cameron Highland, penyeludupan minyak/manusia dan lainnya, rumah-rumah pelacuran yang diserbu beroperasi semula, rumah kedai yang menjalankan aktiviti haram beroperasi semula dan berbagai lagi. Pegawai tinggi dan ketua penguatkuasa wajar dipantau harta dan tindak tanduknya kerana orang seperti inilah ketua atau penerima rasuah no 1 rasuah dalam satu-satu pasukan penguatkuasaan seperti Polis, Kastam, Imigresen, Majlis Perbandaran dan Dewan Bandaraya. Dengan hukuman yang berat sahaja mampu mengubah atau mendidik rakyat agar “benci kepada rasuah” selain memberi didikan awal di peringkat sekolah tentang bahaya rasuah.

    Akhir kata Tun, selamat berpuasa kepada Tun dan rakan-rakan lain semuga negara tercinta kita Malaysia boleh diubah daripada banyak rasuah kepada hampir sifar rasuah, daripada dipimpin oleh PM yang kurang bijak kepada PM yang lebih cerdik, daripada negara kian maju kepada negara yang lebih makmur dan semua yang elok datang dari yang maha besar Allah swt dan yang kurang itu datang dari saya.

    Tun, terima kasih blog chedet memberi saya peluang melepaskan geram kepada pemimpin-pemimpin yang tidak cerdik dan bercakap kononnya “mendengar degup nadi rakyat” tetapi rupanya “cakap tidak serupa bikin” atau mungkin Najib tidak sedar apa yang dilakukannya kerana mungkin dia seorang yang tidak cerdik dan tidak dapat memahami kehendak majoriti rakyat. Dia hanya memahami kehendak segelintir manusia seperti penjilat, pembodek dan kaki ampu. Dia tidak pernah bergaul dan hidup seperti orang susah seperti saya dan lainnya.

    Najib celik di dunia atas kemewahan, dia tidak faham dan tidak pernah merasa hidup susah orang seperti saya yang dibesarkan tanpa kasih sayang seorang bapa dan ibu yang sempurna. Saya senang “sedikit” semua atas kesedaran “kesusahan hidup lalu”.

    Sekian Tun.

  28. novo Jul 6,2015 3:46 PM


    1. Hoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mana si Zeti ni, senyap nak mampus dia ni.

    2. Senyap kerana menyiasat MAS punya surat ke mengenai 1MDB?

    3. Sekarang ini akan bertambah senyap lah si Zeti ini pasal nak siasat dakwaan WSJ pasal wang dalam ACC. NAJIB.

    4. Senyap pasal buat kerja siasatan tak apalah? Kita faham.

    5. Tapi senyap bila dan macam dia bercakap tu, susahlah sikit tau?

    6. Bukan apa, susah rakyat nak dengar tuturkatanya dan terpaksa di kuatkan volume TV bila Si Zeti ni bercakap.

    7. Mana hasil siasatannya? Takkan ia mengambil masa 19 tahun baru siap siasatan tu.

    8.Yang di takuti, senyap tidak bersuara Si Zeti ini hanya untuk menutup kemungkaran je.

    6. Nak tolong cover kesalahan orang lain ke?

    7. Wahai Si Zeti, kalau dah lembab sangat dan tidak mampu untuk berkata benar senang je dan saya memberi anda 2 je pilihan.


    11. 2. Apply untuk menjadi GABENOR BANK NEGARA SOMALIA ATAU UGANDA.

    12. Baru kau kena belajar cakap kuat sebab orang disana bercakap pun bagai MENJERIT tau.

    Wassalam Tun.

  29. sudin Jul 6,2015 3:29 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Ada sikit kesilapan posting sebentar tadi, ini yang sebenar

    “…Ringgit dah pun turun lebih rendah dari paras pegging yang Tun M tetapkan semasa kegawatan tahun 1997-98 dulu….”

  30. sudin Jul 6,2015 3:23 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Si Nazri tu tak habis2 nak tunjuk terror.
    Betul ke terror?
    Kenapa sejak diberi tugas mengendalikan pelancongan tiba2 je pelancong hilang minat nak datang ke Malaysia?
    Terror ke tu???

    Atau si Nazni tu sengaja nak alih perhatian orang supaya tak perasan kecacatan gas.

    Ada ke pula si Nazri ni seronok bila nilai ringgit turun, kerana dia kata Malaysia akan jadi murah dan ramai pelancong akan kembali keMalaysia!!!!
    Hanya fikirkan keuntungan yang bakal kementeriannya mungkin dapat, tapi tak peduli pada kerugian yang akan Malaysia hadapi.
    Itulah contoh terbaik yang siNazrini pentingkan diri sendiri!!!

    Hey Nazri, lu tau tak RM42billion yang Najib pinjam gunakan 1MDB tu adalah dalam US$. Hutang bertambah dari kejatuhan ringgit dari pinjaman 1MDB je adalah lebih dari hasil pelancongan yang dah banyak berkurang sejak kamu ambil alih tugas!!!

    Memang sah lah si Nazri nitak reti buat kerja…
    pelancong asing lari, ringgit turun dia kata baik, pentingkan diri pulak…

    Sekarang Ringgit dah pun turun lebih rendah dari paras pegging yang Tun M tetapkan semasa kegawatan tahun 1986-87 dulu.
    Mana dia pelancong2 yang nak datang kerana Malaysia murah tu???

    Kalau Nazri tak reti buat kerja berhenti aje lah, jangan pula cuba2 nak alih pandangan kesudut lain, dan terjerumus lebih jauh macam yang dah/sedang berlaku sekarang!

  31. mubarakchan Jul 6,2015 2:35 PM


    What more can we say ? The all-out garnering of MONEY MONEY MONEY by those who have positions of duties and responsibilities given to them by the Rakyat seem to be unending by the stark revelations in the media.

    Our bad news have now reached into journals like the Forbes, Bloomberg, Asia Sentinal, Wall Street Journal, Barrons’, Nomura etc. It is very difficult to build up a reputation as you well know Tun. But it is very easy to destroy it in a jiffy !

    Let us be aware what others have to say about the Government’s panoply of taxes levied upon us like the GST, Income Tax, Tolls, Quit Rent, Assessment, opaque increases in petrol prices, Oil Palm Tax, Motorcar Custom duties etc. All these are the result of aping the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES OF THE LATE DICTATOR LEE KUAN YEW (1959-2015) WITHOUT A STUDY AND DUE CONSIDERATION.

    From Barron’s,


    Tun, we are now at the bottom of the heap.

    From the great Tunku, the Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak, the strongman Tun Hussein Onn and your good self, Tun, the Great Statesman, we were on top. This achievement took 46 years.



    The Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) created the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. Every cent in the barren isle is counted by him the Dictator who did not trust any closest aides, consultants, party boys, unqualified cartoonists -eunuchs. The moment the Dictator thought he had made good and consorted those US$ 300 Millions bonuses types in Wall Street, he kena big time with a humongous official loss of US$ 108 Billions or RM 420 Billions in October 2008 on Wall Street. One GLC 1MDB has a debt ( not a loss ) at RM 42 Billions. And we have at least 100 GLCs since 2004 which together with the Government’s borrowings amount to nearly ONE TRILLION RINGGITS OF DEBT ( BUT NOT A LOSS ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL SOURCES ) ! And the 100 GLCs are asking for more and more MULTI-BILLION LOANS.

    Where have all the RAKYAT’S money gone to ? What we see is just a railway being built for completion in 2017 and costing RM 17 Billions !


  32. Sri Sen Jul 6,2015 1:29 PM

    Macam raja2 memanda menteri tidak ada cukai. Dikelas financial planning ini ada diajar. I think apa yang Tun masudkan disini if menteri dan anak beranak berniaga adakah mereka ini semua dapat pelepasan, special priviledges juga.

  33. amin tan Jul 6,2015 1:18 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I have just finished watching your video on ‘publika’ on dangerous ideas. You are simply brilliant. It is a must watch by every Malaysian, including Prime Minister, DSNajib.

    amin tan

  34. cruze Jul 6,2015 12:50 PM

    Terlupa seorang lagi iaitu zahid hamidi, percakapan, body language dan auranya nampak seorang yang gangster, tak sesuai untuk di kata sebagai pemimpin berjiwa rakyat….

    Bersiap sedia lah perwakilan dari batu pahat pada pru akan datang, kami sekeluarga 68 orang akan pangkah pembangkang….

  35. cruze Jul 6,2015 12:42 PM

    Like daing & kunklai, saya ada 8 adik beradik campur 2 mak ayah campur dua menantu dan anak anak saudara ada 50 orang yang sudah layak memgundi, dari kecil ayah memilih umno untuk kami sekeluarga, ayah amat menyanjungi Tun walaupun dia hanya peladang kelapa sawit yang tidak makan gaji, kami sekeluarga bermakna 68 undi di kawasan batu pahat akan memangkah pembangkang pada pru 14 nanti jika semua pemimpin penjilat termasuk kebodohan puteri umno mas ermiyati, salleh kruak, sahidan kasim, shahril samad, nazri aziz, ahmad maslan dan najib tetap dengan keangkuhannya dan tidak di keluarkan dari kepimpinan.
    Buat apa kami nak undi pemimpin yang lagak gangster, bodoh fikiran sampai nak buat kem pelarian tempat perlancungan penjila macam salleh kruak dan macam pondan tu paham paham lah bila menteri sibuk nak tunjuk memasak di dapur.
    Tahap qualiti mereka out…..

    Semuga muhyiddin yassin dapat menyelesaikan masaalah ini semua…dan gantikan gabenor bank negara dengan orang yang lebih jujur dan berhati rakyat seperti ceo CIMB ke, aura beliau nampak ikhlas seperti ayahnya…

  36. Sri Sen Jul 6,2015 12:06 PM

    Najib’s image? Hmmm…there’s nothing more that can be done. What is done cannot be undone 🙁

    With regard to stock market, anak DSN unpopular. Because banyak retail investors terkena. Naik naik dia cabut, so whenever ada news anak Najib in it, retail investors cabut dulu 🙂

    With regard to anak Tun M, well 22 years Tun jadi PM, to me anak anak Tun M ok lah tu, tidak lah over-over sangat. Seingat I, Pak Lah duduk sekejab jer, anak dah boleh masuk dalam forbes malaysia rich list.

  37. RapidKL Jul 6,2015 11:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Harap sentiasa sihat & bertenaga.
    Bila Tun cerita cukai pendapatan ni..saya ade cadangan. Masukkan tajuk pengenalan cukai pendapatan dalam silibus sesi sekolah menengah bagi semua aliran seawal tingkatan 1.

    Perkara yang perlu fokus :

    1- Pengenalan ringkas tentang cukai pendapatan
    2- Kiraan secara asas pengiraan cukai pendapatan
    3- Buat perbandingan secara umum tentang kiraan
    cukai pendapatan bagi yang bekerja makan gaji
    vs. berniaga


    1- Pendedahan awal tentang cukai pendapatan
    2- Galakan berniaga kepada kaum bumiputera & menanam
    minat sedari usia muda lagi

    Akhirnya, secara pandangan kasar pun kita akan dapati golongan peniaga sememangnya mengaut keuntungan yang berlipat kali ganda hasil keuntungan perniagaan di samping pelbagai pelepasan dari kerajaan. Memang akan ada pro & kontra cadangan ini.

    Mungkin dengan sedikit kajian dalam perkara ini, perkara ini boleh dilaksanakan sebaiknya.

    Selamat menjalani ibadah 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan.

    Selamat berjuang Tun!

  38. Queen Jul 6,2015 10:55 AM


    Saya golongan pertengahan bandar yang mungkin kini dipanggil (miskin bandar), sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan golongan muda kami tidak mengimpikan rumah berjuta2 berserta kereta sport.

    Kami golongan muda yang tertekan dengan suasana meruncing kini. Alhamdullilah saya memiliki rumah yang hampir 20km jauh (dikl x jauh mana pun) dari pusat bandar kerana kami golongan muda tidak mampu membeli rumah yang semakin mahal disekitar bandar, jadi kami memilih untuk memiliki rumah apartment luar bandar ( harga lebih murah). Tapi hakikatnya kami ditekan lagi dengan kadar petrol 95 yang naik hari demi hari ( walaupon harga pasaran dunia menurun). Sekali lagi kos hidup kami untuk ketempat kerja akan naik.Untuk ketempat kerja kami terpaksa melalui tol, pergi dan balik kos sekitar 5.00 ringgit sehari dan dengar ura-ura tol pun mungkin naik.Sekali lagi kami menanggung kos kenaikan sara hidup lagi.

    Kesimpulannya anak muda bandar terpaksa menanggung kos sara hidup yang tinggi.. ditambah pula dengan cukai (gst). Jadi golongan muda akan semakin terhempit dan tersepit.

    Diatas semakin kaya raya…dibawah semakin miskin dan terus miskin kesudahannya adakah kita akan menjadi seperti greece?

  39. daeng Jul 6,2015 7:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tuan dan tuan cruze, KunKlai dan Hajar serta lainnya.

    Terima kasih pada Tuan KunKlai kerana memahami saya dan Tuan cruze umpama “penyejuk” antara kita. Solute you.

    Tun, saya bersetuju dengan pandang cruze dan Hajar. Sebenarnya saya dilahirkan dalam keluarga penyokong umno dari jenerasi datuk/nenek saya dahulu. Sedihnya selepas Tun melepaskan jawatan saya dapati banyak kepincangan dalam pentadbiran PM ( presiden umno yang kemudiannya ). Saya dapati jika sedikit tidak mengapa, ini saya dapati macam orang yang “bodoh”, ianya membuatkan saya cukup risau dengan kedudukan umno/bn pada masa-masa akan datang.

    Saya sentiasa melihat perkembangan Najib setahun, dua dan 3 tahun. Malangnya kekalutannya semakin parah. Kalau Najib bijak ekonomi saya juga ( bukan hendak meninggi diri semua kertas ekonomi saya perolehi 3.8 point and above )minat ekonomi. Tetapi pengurusan dalam mentadbiran ekonomi negara saya amati Najib seperti orang tidak bijak dan perasan bagus yang keterlaluan. Ini urusan ekonomi negara, ini urusan kesejahteraan rakyat, ini urusan urustadbir untuk jenerasi Malaysia 30 hingga 50 tahun akan datang. Malangnya Najib tidak bijak seperti yang saya harapkan dan 90% dari kawan-kawan saya menyatakan perkara yang sama seperti saya.

    Saya juga seperti cruze jika Najib tidak berundur sebelum pru14 semua keluarga saya tidak akan memangkah BN pada akan-akan datang. Biar kami ajar manusia yang tidak bijak seperti Najib berpijak dibumi nyata.

    Wassalam Tun.

  40. cruze Jul 6,2015 5:48 AM

    Tak mungkin rosmah yang tolong isikan borang tahunan LHDN kerana dia sibuk mencantikkan diri untuk mendapatkan gelaran first lady tercantik no2 di asia sampaikan pemenang no.5 dari jordan yg macam barbie doll pun boleh kalah.

  41. cruze Jul 6,2015 5:42 AM

    Setiausaha peribadi baru najib senyap saja, tak sokong dan tak mengesahkan pun bahawa najib ada bayar cukai pendapatan, takkan najib isi borang pengistiharan tahunan Lhdn sendiri? Rosmah yang isikan ke atau ahmad maslan atau sahidan kassim tua nyanyuk atau salleh kruak atau perempuan pembodek baru tu mas ermiyati?
    Kalau senyap dan tak membela diri bermakna najib meludah di muka sendiri setelah mengatakan” sesiapa yg tak bayar cukai adalah pengkhianat negara”.

    Pengarah LHDN! Sila buktikan kepada rakyat bahawa najib dan 5 orang pembodek tu ada bayar cukai!
    Jangan jadi zetty yang mulutnya dah di sumbat sampai senyap dan nak rahsiakan dokumen yg di perolehi dari bank singapura tu, P&C kata perempuan tua tu.
    zetti pun harus di pecat kalau najib bersalah kerana dia bersubahat dan juga speaker dewan parlimen yang muka tebal lidah bercabang kata nak letak jawatan tu dulu, dia pun dah nyanyuk macam sahidan kassim juga.

  42. KunKlai Jul 6,2015 5:20 AM

    Dirgahayu Tun berdua,
    Minta sedikit ruang. I would like to thanks Cruze, Daeng, and others that have read my comment. I realized that in public forum, people may not nessassarily understand my thought as I present it using my style of writing. I appologize if I have make any of our bloggers feel distressed on reading my comment. If I have not expressed myself clearly, then it is my fault. Thank you Tun.
    Dirgahayu Tun berdua.

  43. cruze Jul 6,2015 12:31 AM

    Baguslah tu daing, mulanya saya pun keliru bila baca kunklai punya text. Tapi saya diamkan sahaja, alhamdulilah kunklai orangnya steady saya rasa, sabar ya semua semuga lambat laun kita sebagai rakyat akan hilang rasa malu teramat sangat di mata dunia kerana kebongkakkan dan bodoh sombong najib dan nazri, shahril samad, sahidan kasim, salleh kruak dan ahmad maslan akan terbukti kebenarannya…..saya rasa amat malu kerana secara realiti masyarakat dunia iktiraf malaysia, melayu dan islam di urus dengan penuh 3 sifat di atas, tetapi najib, nazri, shahril samad, salleh kruak, sahidan kasim tua tu telah menonjolkan sikap yang sangat bertentangan oleh orang melayu iaitu, bodoh sombong, lagak samseng, menyalak tak fikir dan tak guna kepala otak.

    Yang nyata sekali seolah orang melayu ni bodoh tapi nak naik pangkat dengan menjilat dan kipas kuat betul oleh sahidan kasim, salleh keruak & shahril samad yang sangat kuat aura mengipasnya, ahmad maslan dan nazri.

    Mereka memalukan bangsa melayu yang agak di anggap santun dan berhemah tinggi.

    Saya akan pangkah pembangkang jika najib, salleh keruak, sahidan kassim, ahmad maslan tidak tersungkur sebelum pru 14.

  44. Hajar Jul 5,2015 7:03 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Nampaknya PM Najib sudah terlewat untuk meletak jawatan secara terhormat. Reputasi/Imej beliau sudah tercemar teruk dan tidak mungkin boleh dipulihkan dengan pendedahan WSJ.

    2. Beliau TIDAK menafikan ’tuduhan’ tentang penyaluran wang melebihi RM2.6 BILLION ke dalam akaun peribadi beliau. Beliau cuma menyatakan yang ianya (’state-linked funds’) tidak pernah digunakan/diambil untuk tujuan ’peribadi’ (for personal gain).

    3. PN Najib perlu disiasat, dan untuk memastikan ketelusan dalam siasatan, beliau perlu direhatkan dari jawatan PM, Menteri Kewangan dan Pengerusi Lembaga Penasihat 1MDB, etc.

    4. LHDN mesti juga ’audit’ dan menyiasat pendapatan PM Najib dan koncu2 beliau yang didapati hidup dalam kemewahan yang melampau dan tidak sepadan dengan pendapatan / elaun bulanan. Adakah semua pendapatan dilaporkan untuk pengiraan cukai pendapatan? LHDN jangan ’pilih kasih’. Rakyat biasa seperti saya, silap sikit kena denda/penalti.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  45. malaysian.citizen Jul 5,2015 4:03 PM

    As’salam & Salam Sejahtera.

    Good to read what our beloved Dr. Mahathir had to share & also the thoughts of other fellow malaysians who truly love our great nation MALAYSIA. It is really unfortunate for us to have this type of leadership.Leadership that are full of corruption & failed big time to serve for the interest of our people.It is also really unfortunate that government agencies that suppose to help our citizens & are given the responsibility to ‘berkhidmat untuk rakyat’ but failed to do so.They corrupted their integrity by putting their interest above their responsibility,thus becoming a dirty low-life political puppet that serve their master instead of serving the interest of our great nation and its people. It is high time that we the responsible citizen of Malaysia get rid of all these puppets!
    The life of our people is becoming worst day by day.Rising cost of living,difficult to seek employment & many more. We elected Government to make our life better,not the other way around. Government is saying that our economy is on track.But we have people without job as job opportunity is shrinking.What the point of saying that our economy is doing good if the life of our people is not good! There are many unemployed citizen out there.They become unemployed not because their are being choosy of job,but because there are no jobs avalaible to them.Just ask this to any graduates or job seekers out there of this harsh reality. Many GLCs are reducing their workforce,some are even offering voluntary separation to their employees.Career fairs participated by these GLCs are just a show to create false illusions of their company growth. The fact is resumes given mostly just ended up in the trash bins.So whats the rubbish statement that our economy is doing well?
    I have been a strong supporter of BN as I know what the contribution of BN to our great nation.But now under this leadership & administration,BN is no longer Barisan Nasional.It is Barisan Nepotisme! As what our wise Dr. Mahathir had predicted,BN is going down.Unfortunately, we the supporter of BN do not have choice as this current opposition side is not a good alternative choice. They are more interested in obtaining power than guarding the interest of our people. Therefore, as stated in my previous sharing, I really do hope that we could have another alternative choice. We cannot expect internal transformation to happen in UMNO to bring a change of leadership to BN. During his tenure as UMNO President,Dr. Mahathir had raised his concerns & fight on the issues of money politics.Just imagine what is the extend of money politics in UMNO today with this current type of leadership?
    I know that there are many more sincere nation-loving malaysians out there.Just look at all the sincere posts in here. So why we need to depend on all these corrupted low-life pengkhianat negara to be our leaders. We have enough good people out there to lead this great nation! Previously,we have all sorts of political parties created for ridiculous reason.Reason not for the best interest of our great nation & its people.Why not for this time,a new political platform is created by nation-loving malaysians. I know that it is easier said than done but what more choice do we malaysians have? Kindly consider seriously, my fellow malaysians 🙂

    To brother Daniel Noor, thank you for your sincere personal sharing. Keep being strong.We all nation-loving malaysians hope for a bright future without corruption,nepotism & double standard!


  46. teratai Jul 5,2015 3:56 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Well written. I like the way Tun wrote about income tax.

    Makes readers like us easy to read and understand, in my case, easy to translate.

    Good writing, Tun.

    Those who wish to read BM version of Tun’s writing, kindly click below

    Thank you

  47. mubarakchan Jul 5,2015 1:13 PM


    I wish to declare the following to all the distinguished Bloggers in this Blog :










    1. Tun was the only effective voice against the late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts in the Dewan Rakyat in 1964-1965.

    2. The NEP in which he was an activist was the game changer for equality and the game-plan from 1970. I believe one of our Prime Ministers was a secretary in the NOC.

    3. The Education Policy was announced by his predecessor who disapeared and could not be found after his annoucemnet in 1970.

    4. The Tun supported and acquired all the British businesses which encroached on 70% of our economy well after our Merdeka in 1957 at fair market prices. Likewise, he dispensed with the foreign consultants.

    5. The Tun was frugal, worked hard and carried a black notebook typical of any good doctor not to harass but to follow up the implementors of his projects. He is called a dictator for this.

    6. For 22 years, which is a continuation of the years of his distinguished predecessors, the great Tunku, the Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak and the strongman Tun Hussein Onn who kept a firm hand on the Government, we the Rakyat had stability, peace and harmony and the Malaysian Dream – jobs, affordable housing, education for the children, holiday travels, low cost of living, good medical care etc. From 2004, our beloved Malaysia was infected by the late Dictator’s (1959-2015) disease known as MONEY MONEY MONEY !

    7. For 22 years, the Tun was the backbone of our beloved Malaysia. He safeguarded our Sovereignty, National Interest, Self-esteem. He kept troublemakers away. He did not give away blocks of ocean, rocks or our grandmothers away for free. He stood his ground and became our HERO but disliked by those who could not take advantage of him.

    8. Tun with his dedication and fore-sight built the following for the Rakyat and their descendants :-

    i) Putrajaya.
    ii) KLIA
    iii) Petronas Towers
    1v) The highways and by-ways.
    v) Langkawi and the holiday resorts Lumut, Tioman, Perhentian, the Sarawak Highlands etc.
    vi) The F1 Racing Circuit – over 10 years before Singapore which has only street racing at night – this is only for show.
    vii) The rise of private and public colleges and schools for better learning.
    viii) The finest medical care system in the World. Yet creepy tycoons want to dismantle Tun’s work for personal gain at the expense of 30 million possible patients.
    ix) Tun helped all those who sought his help like Daniel Noor etc. and replied diligently to all the letters received by him unlike after 2003. I DID NOT.
    x) Miscellaneous – Too many to list.



    11. IF OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD HAD STOLEN BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF RINGGITS FROM THE RAKYAT, HE WOULD NOT BE AROUND TO FIGHT FOR THE RAKYAT’S RIGHTS TO-DAY. HE WOULD BE ENJOYING HIMSELF SINCE LONG LONG AGO WITH HIS BILLIONS OF RINGGITS. Why should he bothered to be cursed, vilified, called vulgar names, foul words were thrown at him like confetti and condemnation of the worst kind which only reflected the low mindedness of these unworthy detractors who did not know that our beloved TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD IS A WORLD’S GREAT STATESMAN AND ONE OF A KIND TYPE OF HUMANKIND ! And all these negative verbiage came from those who benefitted immensely from him. I DID NOT.



  48. syafiz Jul 5,2015 1:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun. Saya berharap Tun banyak bersabar atas apa yg berlaku sekarang. Hati dan doa kami bersama dengan Tun. Sejujurnya kalau masa Tun memerintah dulu ada salah ke apa bagi saya tak ada la nak memudarat sangt negara kita. Tak ada la harga barang naik sampai kerap macam ni masa Tun memenrintah dulu. Apa kerajaan tak fikir ke hidup rakyat. Dengan cukai gst tak masuk akal. Saya sebgai rakyat tak nampak pon kebaikan Gst. yg saya nampak hutang 1mdb semakin berkurang. (mybe sebab gst kot). Kalau setakat buat gst lepas tu bg brim tak ada guna la. harga barang tetap melambung. Fikir la semua benda yg indah di dunia bukan kekal. kita semua akan mati. hanya bekalan dosa dan pahala ja dibawa. Semua yg ada di bumi semua milik Allah. sebab tu kita disuruh berdoa solat . bila solat dah jaga minta la apa yg kita nak. sebab 2 kita susah duit sikit. Allah cuma nak kita minta. cuma cepat atau lambat je . so ingat la. tak kan nak tunggu kiamat baru nak solat. sebelum kiamat pon dunia akan kemarau 1 tahun. baru time tu kita nak solat. memang dah tak terima la. semasa matahari naik ke barat nanti baru ramai yg solat. sebab takut dan sebgai nya. sebelum nak kiamat ni ramai2 la sedar kita sebenarnya menumpang je.

  49. suhainin suhaibul Jul 5,2015 10:34 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun……

    Jikalau Tun masih ingat akan “Kerangkanya”….

    (*******”KALAH JADI ABU ; MENANG JADI ARANG”*******)

    “Supervisor” in the “General And Director Office” -(Spiderman ; Count Dracula; The Genie and The Monkeys Troops; The Thor; The X-Men; The Tiger; Batman and Superman of the “Iskandarian”)…was “Watching”…


    Biggest “Showtime” ever….. “The Rakyat” eyes and mind, will “open wide”… if they smart enough… if not…. somebody will gives and support them with “Tools”.

    Me(we) – (Smiley Face) : Programing this “miniatures environment” using this top sales games –

    Najib saying this :

    After this….tiada sesiapa akan berani menyebut perkataan “GILA”…

    “Von Voyage”…….
    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahhi wabarakatuh…..

  50. hskamal Jul 5,2015 7:26 AM

    Howdy, Tun

    While we’re busy with so many gigantic issues involving taxpayers money, we must also keep in mind not to overlook with ‘intentional ignorance’ when collecting tax money from the rich and super rich.

    If DSN, can have jolly good time with all the money he can have at his disposal as the PM and finance Minister, imagine the rest as cabinet members, not to mentioned the ministry and the departments.

    We can say that from the day, DSN, took office his spending’s showed initiatives which didn’t impact the people. Consultancy, management and operational cost was at it’s highest under the current PMO. BR1M and other hand-out was vastly used to distract Malaysian to it, surely putting big chunk of peoples money into the pockets of few people for whatever reason only known to them.

    Therefore, undoubtedly the entire period of DSN,s premiership everyone in the government till today, are having a jolly good times with peoples money, with no concern at all for DSN, knowing that his hands are also very dirty.

    How blatantly one can siphoned the wealth of this nation without remorse continuously.

    Hopefully Malaysian’ will not have to take the street to undo the doings.

  51. HBT456 Jul 5,2015 7:22 AM

    40. In order to restore the confident of local and foreign instituonalized investors, I hope united malay national ministers talk less.

    41. The more they talk, the more opposition parties of their own malay cum bumiputra race got furiated in the name of keadilan rakyat.

    41. Pm najib already said he does not want to rule through cronism and nepotism, I mean proxy.

    42. Pm najib too must go on leave to let the authority to investigate to show he is innocent.

    43. If what said to be true, he must resign, and apologize to the people, the foreign leaders, the states’ sultan, the chief ministers and yang dipertuan agong.

    44. To call for snap election or not before maturity date, let bn chairman and the presidents do their parts to decide the next course.

    45. This process is crucial to show the independent, intergrity and transparency of our political and judiciary system that need to be transformed and upgraded to the next level.

    46. It is not the duty of igp to meet thai police because the chairman of 1mdb is the pm and miniter of finance of malaysia, not a ordinary man on street.

    47. If umno president still insist on this, there is no way bn presidents can restore the confidence of their voters to vote them.

    48. The voice of opposition parties will get louder.

    49. Their aim to march into putrajaya will be materialized.

    50. Ds wan azizah can be the first female pm as elected pm through democracy.

  52. cruze Jul 5,2015 1:16 AM

    Dato siti pun bayar cukai pendapatan serta cukai syarikat simply siti tahu tak, artis artis kaya yang di taja vip dan menteri, sudah kah membayar kamu membayar cukai?
    Ouh lupa LHDN tak dapat mengesan kalau mereka dapat melalui kaedah bank in.
    Tapi jangan jadi pemalas dan perabih duit kerajaan wahai makcik makcik dan pak cik pak cik tua LHDN, dari melantak borak kat pejabat lebih baik kamu semua survey di JPJ untuk dapatkan kepastian kenderaan mewah artis perempuan yang suam suam kuku tapi bershopping sakan di kl dan oversea sana!.
    Jangan makan gaji buta…..berdosa ya kalau memgular di pejabat.

  53. cruze Jul 5,2015 1:09 AM

    Ada perempuan baru mas ermiyati shamsudin, gila nak naik pangkat ke? Nak jilat juga ke? Dah terlanjur buat report polis untuk serawak report buat sekali report ubtuk wsj, Tun, Tony puah, Lim kit siang, adun Raub dan lain lain, biar cik mas jadi glamor, amboi amboi, si tua nyanyok sahidan kasim dah sorok muka dan salleh keruak gigi jarang tu dah senyap kamu pulak menyalak, baru puteri umno lah, nak kena penyepak dengan tan sri rafidah atau dato azalina othman ke? Eh mas, cukai pendapatan dah declare ke?

    Sahidan kassim nyanyuk tu dan salleh kruak juga! Dah bayar cukai pendapatan? Jika ada kerani lhdn yang pernah semak dan key in cukai si tua nyanyuk tu dengan salleh kruak. Tolong jelaskan kepada kami agar kami tabik pada dia bahawa dia berdua telah menjalankan amanah sebagai warga malaysia untuk membayar cukai seperti kami, atau sila post di mana mana akhbar.

    Ahmad maslan punya pun tunjukkan juga, kalau boleh Shahrizat sekali dan semua menteri2 adakah mereka membayar cukai pendapatan?

  54. Harry Jul 5,2015 1:04 AM

    The corruption has reached an endemic stage. It is frightening to see how reluctant the authorities are to act against the power-that-be.

  55. mustaqimabdulrahman Jul 5,2015 12:58 AM

    come on malaysian……saya pun tak suka najib tapi kita orang islam tak boleh percaya tanpa bukti dan saksi….dulu mahathir di tuduh ada usd 100 million di akaun israel saya tetp tak percaya dari mula hinggalah dinafikan bank israel sendiri….malulah islam ada 2 set undang2…satu set anwar satu set najib/mahathir… baca di sini

  56. Daniel Noor Jul 4,2015 11:12 PM

    Dear munbarakchan

    Thank you Sir for supporting and giving me encouragement to continue breathing and having hopes.

    We all just have to accept that we live in a society of Double Standard.

    Malays generally in order to be ‘ rich’ need to have political supports or political masters. 8 out of 10 Malays that you see them driving luxury cars I can bet they are politically connected.

    For Malays that only rely on ‘merit and capabilities ‘ well just like me..we just continue to earn on a day to day basis – Kais pagi mkn pagi ‘.

    Now, I use to tell my friends – Honesty does not pay. But than I am not encouraging them to cheat, steal or robbed !! Hahaha

    Thank you once again Sir

  57. Manns Jul 4,2015 10:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Malaysia hari terkenal dgn berita WSJ tapi ramai yang percaya drp tidak percaya.Mengapakah terjadi sedemikian?

    Kali ini Tun menulis tentang cukai.
    Saya ingin bertanya pada Tun ,bukan cukai pendapatan tapi cukai berkaitan GST!

    Saya diberikan penerangan sebelum GST ,kerajaan mengambil cukai tak langsung 10% ttpi apabila GST dilaksanakan ,cukai menjadi cukai langsung iaitu 6% .Makin rendah dikatakan.Peliknya kenapa harga barang tidak turun tetapi di tambah 6% pula.Minta pencerahan.

    Malang lagi harga bahan api sentiasa berubah dan kesannya rakyat golongan marhaen sementara pemimpin banyak cara buat wang.

    Kini tol pula dinaikkan kerana nak tampung kos.Pelik!

    Jadi Tun lah tempat kami berharap supaya kritik pemimpin yang boros guna hasil keringat rakyat.

    Akhir kata,saya doakan Tun sihat sejahtera dan sentiasa mengingati nikmat Allah yang dikurniakan pada Tun.

  58. Daniel Noor Jul 4,2015 10:36 PM

    Dear Cruze

    Terima kaseh byk2 kerna bersimpati dgn kondisi saya. Kita juga tidak boleh salah kan LHDN bulat2. Mereka juga ambil arahan dari atas kan. Kalau mereka menggunakan budibicara sendiri mungkin Ketua Pengarah Eksekutif nya kena transfer pulak ke Ulu Tembeling !! Dia juga nak jaga periok nasi nya. Lihat saja kepala surat Kerajaan. Di bawah nya pasti di tulis ‘ Saya Yang Menurut Perintah ‘ So mereka hanya turut aja..tidak mau pening2 kepala lagi. Setau saya yang ikut atau menrut perintah ialah anggota Tentera dan Polis aja kan. Hehehe. Waktu pentadbiran Tun M..surat kerajaan di akhiri dgn ‘ Berkhidmat Untuk Bangsa dan Negara ‘ A big difference yah.

    Kesimpulan saya simple – we live in a country with Double Standard policy. Yg bawah harus patuh dan ikut. Yg atas hanya mengarah saja.

  59. mubarakchan Jul 4,2015 10:31 PM


    At the end of the day when this absurd episode concerning the Singapore Disease MONEY MONEY MONEY is finally over, we must put all our efforts to the wheel and push our beloved Malaysia high into the ranks of Switzerland and Japan. Given the political will and inclination of the top leadership, we should try to achieve better things than just MONEY MONEY MONEY ! My suggestions out of many,

    1. The Government sends the Deputy Youth Heads of all Political Parties to attend for one year the PPE degree course at Oxford. PPE is Politics, Philosophy, Etiquette (Economics). A full course is unnecessary as the aspirants may change and become something else. All my friends from Oxbridge never fitted into our rough and tumble environment. They became pukka Englishman or yellow bananas !

    2. The Government should formulate a policy in order to emulate the best of Switzerland and Japan. We send small groups of teachers, youth leaders etc for short stays of 3 months to study the education system, the industry or the tourist industry to gain more knowledge and information. Delegations from these two countries are welcome. At the moment, anything goes in our conduct of politics.

    3. There should be Swiss and Japanese information/education centres in the main cities of each State to propagate the synergism between us and Switzerland and Japan.

    4. And more.

    The havoc which is now caused by the Singaporean Disease of MONEY MONEY MONEY, is for all of us to see.

    Our honourable and distinguished Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, a gentleman and a good man, has been misled and pulled into the fray without reason by the closest aides, consultants, party boys, unqualified cartoonists – eunuchs. I have always been aware of the damage that could be done by the closest aides, consultants, party boys, unqualified cartoonists – eunuchs on our honourable and distinguished Prime Ministers especially during our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 year Administration. Their handiwork has produced only one result always – FINANCIAL SCANDALS.

    It was alleged that at the beginning of his rule, the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) tried to turn Jurong into Valais, Ang Mo Kio into Graubunden, and so on. He stopped when he discovered the isle of Singapore would just fit into the Lake of Geneva ! From then on, I noticed, clean shaven young Singaporeans in white shirts seemed to slip in and out of the Zurich Airport. I never bothered to find out. I can only guess this must have to do with the military or espionage with countries further afield !


  60. almadani Jul 4,2015 8:47 PM

    Salaam Tun yg d hormati.

    Buat penulis2 yg bijak melontarkan pandangan…….
    Kebelakangan ini saya melihat semakin banyak bahasa2 kasar yg tertulis d blog Tun yg selalu tuan2 dan puan2 doakan kebaikan buat Tun dan keluarga….
    Benarlah….BAHASA JIWA BANGSA. Pepatah itu telah d warisi sekelian lama….peninggalan bijak pandai org melayu zaman dahulu.
    Saya amat mengerti dan memahami naluri kemarahan kalian terhadap kepimpinan skrg,lantas kerana terbit pelbagai skandal…kelemahan menjawab pertanyaan asas dan sikap angkuh yg memualkan dan banyak lagi…..
    Tetapi….perlukah d antara kalian menerbitkan tuduhan yg amat menyinggung individu lain hanya kerana tak sependapat atau silap pemahaman ? Kerana jiwa yg mendidih maka bahasa memberikan bukti….
    Sepanjang saya mengamati blog chedet ini…belum sekali saya jumpa Tun berbahasa kesat melainkan halus menusuk kalbu….kpd yg mampu berfikir lah ! Kata2 berkias Tun amat dlm pengertiannya….
    Jadi jika kalian semua menghormati Tun….mengapa tak mencontohi apa yg Tun nukil kan buat tatapan kita ?
    Tak perlulah mengeluarkan kata2 yg amat menghiris mahu pun menghina…..
    Saya pun amat marah dgn pendokong2 berjawatan dlm kerajaan hari ini….
    Saya juga adalah penyokong setia TDM….yg terbukti banyak berjasa kpd nusa dan negara….demi rakyat yg pernah d pimpin nya….tetapi saya bukan penentang kerajaan. Prinsip saya amat mudah….benar tetap benar walau dlm apa keadaan sekali pun. Salah tetap salah.
    # Peristiwa pelancaran portal Dato Azhar Mansur d Porto Malai Langkawi sedikit masa lalu menemukan saya dgn Tun secara peribadi…..dan memberi bukti kpd saya bahawasanya….Tun mmg seorg yg buat kerja utk rakyat dan negara. Saya melaluinya !
    Jadi dgn rasa hormatnya kpd kalian semua saya mohon…jagalah kata2 dan adab kita kerana kita semua bermaruah.
    Jgn jadi d pihak ‘sebelah’ yg mana bahasa2 kesat ni permainan mereka…..selain dari memutar belit !
    Walau mcm mana pun terlalu banyak idea yg bernas d sini….kalian mmg bijak !
    MAAF yg d pohon oleh tuan amat mengembirakan saya…..alhamdulillah….

    Salaam hormat buat semua.

  61. che set Jul 4,2015 7:21 PM

    Salam sejahtera buat Tun sekeluarga yang disayangi,serta semua pejuang Chedet.Sebenarnya dalam hal 1MDB ini, pihak si Najib yang bermain politik, kerana itu sahaja yang mereka tahu.Dr.Mahathir tidak bermain politik dalam hal ini,kerana ianya bukan hal politik,tetapi ianya adalah jenayah kewangan.Ketua-ketua bahagian yang gila kuasa dan duit turut sama terlibat meruntuhkan negara ini.Inilah bahananya bila si kitol menjadi ketua.Tun masih nak selamatkan UMNO, kerana umpama kereta yang badannya masih elok,cuma injinnya perlu ditukar.Tun melawan dengan akal fikiran melalui pena,bukan dengan rusuhan jalanan.Beliau juga tidak berhasrat untuk menubuhkan parti baharu agar dapat menjadi presiden seperti mana dilakukan oleh Kadiaq.Orang menubuhkan parti sebab nak jadi Perdana Menteri atau presiden,Tun telah pun menjadi PM,….jadi apa masalahnya?Masalahnya ialah ‘jenayah’ yang merosakkan negara,…keselamatan negara juga tergugat apabila kerajaan bagaikan mempunyai hubungan cinta dengan pihak kongsi gelap tempatan dan antarabangsa sehingga terjebak dalam skim cepat kaya dan kayap.

  62. daeng Jul 4,2015 4:40 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kepada Tuan KunKlai, hamba dengan rendah diri mohon maaf kepada tuan atas kesilapan saya.

    Harap tuan sedia maafkan saya. Kita sebenarnya punya halatuju yang sama.

    Bicara tuan terlalu ringkas membuatkan saya menganggap tuan pembodek Najib. Tiada penutup yang merungkai tuan di pihak mana.

    Maaf tuan.


  63. alex7877 Jul 4,2015 4:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    My question is simple… again I ask.. Can someone who works for a company or country or owns a company get commissions for things he and his team purchased for the company or country?? Which means the company or country are paying at much higher cost in order to cover their commissions. Aren’t they supposed to be the one who negotiate a good deal for the company or country in order for the company/country to growth. Aren’t they well paid by the country/company which they supposed to take salary, allowance whatever from the company/country only!!! Can they be two sided? Taking for both side?

    Look at other country, example, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea those people who did that will surely got into trouble, held for investigation, allegation like this sure not taken lightly.
    1) Government land being sold so cheap and re-sales to Tabung Haji at market value. (sound like the recent MARA cases)
    2) All those high interest rate loans.
    3) 10% commissions paid to intermediaries.
    So many more allegations that mentioned, non being answered after months if not years of investigation.

    What happen to this country? Tun are complaining IRB is not fair, MACC are not doing thier job?? Can they ??? They do not have the POWER at all because they are from the same party (please check how many of them from BN), they are not independent commission. They are from the same Government body that they cannot or let’s say dare not check their bosses. How can they dare to touch the “untouchable” when he is still in power? Just like Tun (sorry to say this), when Tun is in the Power, dare they check on Tun? They only check on Tun after Tun become a normal citizen 🙂

    We all know for sure, he will drag on, fight until his very last breath to be in POWER, he cannot be ousted that easily like other countries PM. As long as he is PM, Finance Minister, the actual truth will never be known. Until now, C4 case, those lands that sold so cheap to 1MDB, many many more allegations remain unanswered. As a PM, he is busy planing to sue so many people, what a shame. Why not sue all the people on this blog who gave comments as well. I am sure all are being monitored.

    Lastly, in just one simple word.. TOO CORRUPTED is the word. Just like Hong Kong/Macau in the 60’s n 70’s. We can see from Movies base on true story about it. Wonder when his godson will make a movie about this all. Should be the best seller, box office hit of all time in Malaysia as well as many countries.

  64. KunKlai Jul 4,2015 2:14 PM

    Dirgahayu Tun.
    Minta sedikit ruang untuk menegur tuan Daeng…
    Hoi Daeng, yang dok megheben maki oghang tak tentu pasai pasai apa? Awat hang mudah mudah kata oghang “anak haram”? Hang sapa nak tuduh oghang?
    Aku ni dok chandek Najib dengan KJ. Hang kalau tak faham chandek tok sah la doh masuk champoq. Tun memang suka bercakap cara chandek. Kalau tak faham pi la mengaji dulu. For God sake, you owe me an apology… illal liqok.

  65. Sri Sen Jul 4,2015 2:03 PM

    Salam Tun

    Just sharing, because of GST, to cut cost of living I…. 1. Beli barang only if ada good discount 2. Demam, cuci gigi, pap smear and mammogram government clinics 3. Masak dirumah 4. Jarang makan luar 5.Stop buying so much clothing 5. Minyak kereta jarang isi UNNECESSARILY and etc etc 🙁

  66. cruze Jul 4,2015 12:24 PM

    Tahniah dan sungguh tepat bila orang lama dah bersuara, gembira rasa membaca pendapat chu mat, semuga orang orang lama di negara kita yang telah banyak bertungkus lumus untuk kemudahan anak cucu sekarang dan akan datang.
    semuga tun dan semua di rahmati dan di berkati allah di dunia dan akhirat juga untuk abang daeng, hajar dan lain lain juga. Amin

  67. Mahathir Mohd Rais Jul 4,2015 11:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    My request is simple, reply to Dato’ Seri Najib Razak back on his comment regarding the Wall Street Journal Article.

    We believe on you.

  68. cruze Jul 4,2015 11:55 AM

    Saya simpati pada keadaan abang daniel noor, semuga allah memudahkan segala urusan, saya tidak ada kedudukan untuk membantu atau memberi apa apa pandangan kerana saya hanya bekerja makan gaji dengan majikan berbangsa cina yang mana director saya amat menghargai diri saya sehingga ke hari ini.
    semuga semua masaalah abang akan selesai segera….

  69. mubarakchan Jul 4,2015 10:43 AM


    I fully sympathize with Daniel Noor who brought up two important points in his comment.

    First, for many years I have commented in this Blog that you helped all the people who sought your assistance unlike others after you. I used to write congratulatory letters to the Prime Ministers and their Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers of Finance from 1960 to 2003. They all replied to me even though I was a nobody except the Minister of Finance from 1992. From 2004, the top Ministers became exclusive and the Minister of Finance from 1992 ! I began to feel I was a stranger or leper and something was wrong in my own homeland.

    Daniel Noor has confirmed your compassion as a great Statesman of the World.

    Second, his comment also highlighted the methods and inefficiency of the IRB in collecting money from tax-payers. Tax-payers should not be treated as income-tax evaders but as friends of the Government.

    It is obvious that Daniel Noor is a respectable and honourable tax-payer otherwise he would not bothered to go to the IRB office to offer to pay his tax and told his true story of the circumstances in which he was mired in debt. Obviously, the attitude of the IRB towards tax-payers has changed.

    I was one of the first income-tax payers when income-tax was introduced in 1952. I was one of 12 top income-tax payers at the material time. Through the years, I had no problem with paying my income tax until 2003 when my income ceased. After 2003, I presented a case of criminal breach of trust concerning my family company which happened some years ago. My report was turned down as I was told it happened such a long time ago. I was pushed off concerning a case worth millions of ringgits which involved rich people with money. And yet the IRB spent time and money on a paltry recovery of RM 40,000 and took away Daniel Noor’s passport.

    To me it seems no one cares about the true function of the IRB anymore but to treat it as an ATM for the Government. But Tun, the income-tax payers are not robots. They are real human beings of flesh and blood with brains too. As we can see, the IRB has an important social role to play as it operates at the leading edge of Government dealing with the citizens. Any bad or good vibes from the citizens are good indicators of its efficiency.

    For example, as part of a Re-structuring Scheme I was appointed the Managing Director of the biggest bankrupt company which made textiles in the 1970s. Just before a rise of cotton prices in 1978, I caught my yarn suppliers short. They came to offer me this and that like taking me out in a yacht off Singapore to settle the company’s claims on their inability to fulfil their contracts which ran into millions of ringgits, or ten course Chinese dinners or karaoke etc. I told them frankly that I was only interested in whatever they could pay to the Company and I would not sue them. They all paid their dues but some could not pay in full. But they all paid to the Company. I did not take anything or take up any of the tempting offers. I never sued any debtor. Instead, I gave them 10 course Chinese dinners if they were big debtors. I got back most of the money owed to the Company. It is important to note that when a debtor turns up to negotiate, he has every intention of paying his debt. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to trace him if had already made up his mind not to do so. It is commonsense. This is how the IRB should treat all their income-tax payers with compassion and they will collect more money easily. After all, the majority of us Malaysians are law-abiding people with no criminal intent in our minds or hearts like Daniel Noor.

    The IRB should be aware when times are bad. In Daniel Noor]s case, he should have been given grace period after grace period to pay up. I am not critical of the IRB. I only want IRB to be a friend with a heart of all income-tax payers to collect more money efficiently. The buck stops at the top as the American President Harry S Truman always said.

    It is good for the IRB to note that times are getting harder and harder since 2004. Because we Malaysians are courteous and polite and not given to complaining, it does not mean times are good. It is very bad now. Reports to me have indicated drops of 30% to 50% of sales concomitant with retrenchement of the staff. How are the poor tax-payers now pay for the lush profits of the past years ? I see numerous bankruptcy notices plied on taxpayers in the Press daily by the IRB.

    Our Tun proudly said that our beloved Malaysia used to collect income taxes efficiently. Any undue pressure on an income-tax payer turns the latter to be a recalcitrant because he or she earned the income through honest and hard-work.

    I agree with our beloved Tun that the IRB has been used as a tool to victimize others. In his case, I doubt if the orders came from the Minister of Finance who was only part of the team. I know him well enough to understand the circumstances of that period just after 13 May 1969. That Minister of Finance was a compassionate and kind person. As far as I know he never knuckle down income-tax evaders even though he showed me his drawer full of files concerning these recalcitrants, all Chinese. From him, I learnt how to collect money from recalcitrant debtors which paid off years later in my management of the biggest bankrupt textile mill. Once he asked me to collect some donations for a charitable organization from a cinema mogul. This mogul just ignored me and walked away. I was puzzled. Little by little, I realized that this mogul was not satisfied with the flexible re-payment scheme which my friend, the Minister of Finance gave him. On the one hand, the Minister thought he gave a lot. On the other, the recalcitrant thought he was not given enough.

    Also, I am aware that years ago, the IRB would turn up without fail after a doctor has worked for about ten years after opening his clinic. An IRB person would turn up and sat with the patients to count the number of patients the good doctor had that day. Then, the IRB made their assessment accordingly. I did not know of any dishonest doctors.

    And of course, the redoubtable late Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) whom every one feared at the mentioned of his name at parties, etc. At first I was puzzled why the Singaporeans feared him so much that they would turn their heads to look behind their backs at the mere mention of his hallowed name. I was told that if anyone who was a recalcitrant would get the IRB treatment.

    I now understand why there was this fear amongst the general populace after I discovered that the Dictator created and imposed the Godless Ultra Political and Social System on his citizens by his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats which is also known as the Singapore Model or the authoritarian capitalism or benign Dictatorship (no such thing) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.

    An efficient and humane IRB is good for our beloved Malaysia. This is the hall-mark of an advance State. The IRB could used as a tool or weapon to do down political opponents as in the case of the failed Republic of Singapore. Hopefully, our very own IRB is aware of the human side of money collecting which plays a large part in its efficiency.

    AND OF COURSE, EVERYONE MUST PAY THEIR INCOME TAX, BIG OR SMALL. When someone approached me about income-tax, I always said if you have income, you have income tax which is a good thing !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! An efficient and humane IRB is good for our beloved Malaysia !

  70. Fariq Islam Jul 4,2015 10:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    If the Government can manage to recover individual taxes from those with undeclared income, there is no need to impose GST, at the expense of the poor.

    On the other hand, the ignorance to review life-style (beyond affordability) and chase after for individual taxes shows a loophole/ weakness in our tax collection system.

  71. Fariq Islam Jul 4,2015 10:34 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Salah satu ciri penting bagi sesebuah kerajaan mengekalkan penguasaan pentadbiran ialah memastikan Rakyat hidup dengan selesa, dengan pendapatan yang memadai untuk menanggung kos hidup.

    Tun berjaya dalam konsep ini. Itulah sebabnya Tun dapat memerintah selama 22 tahun, dengan penguasaan dua per tiga kerusi Parlimen. Pemimpin-pemimpin sekarang harus memahami konsep ini.

    Sekiranya sistem percukaian sekarang terlalu membebankan Rakyat sehingga hidup sengsara, malah kerajaan kena bersedia menghadapi kesan dan impaknya dalam PRU yang akan datang.

  72. HBT456 Jul 4,2015 9:50 AM

    27. When people tell me that pinjam money from bank is stupid.

    28. I will answer then why taxpayers pay for ptptn to enrol their children to go for tertiary education?

    29. Have anyone know how tdm does his calculation when he was a gp?

    30. Today, bankers dont use culculator.

    31. Today, bankers to use computer to calculate.

    32. Even risk analysis to is calculated by computer via proven mathematic formulae.

    33. Pm najib sue wsj for what?

    34. Over pricing is the culture practice by bn for decades.

    35. I hope such culture wont be used anymore, as we are living in the transparent world.

    36. Racial and religion supremacy politics no longer relevant.

    37. Trx and greater kl will be materialized?

    38. Umno does not do, no problem.

    39. Other countries in asean will do it one day including indonesia to attrack genuine fdi from the developed world.

  73. Chu mat Jul 4,2015 7:57 AM


    Yang Berbahagia Tun,

    1. Kasihan pun ada, geram pun ada membaca perkara tentang Datuk Najib.Saya pun bugis juga. Rasa nak hempuk aje PM ni. Tapi, memandangkan dia ni di kudakan. Perlu kita sama-sama tolong dia.

    2. Sebagai seorang bapa, saya harap Tun dapat memberi sesuatu idea yang lebih bijaksana , bagaimana nak atasi masalah ni. Datuk Najib dah lemas, kena hantar penyelamat.

    3. Kepada Datuk Najib, perbezaan antara Yg Berhormat dengan Tun Mahathir amat amat jauh. Dari segi pendidikan ,ilmu pengetahuan dan kebijaksanaan amat jelas. Apa lah salahnya , jumpa Tun , bertentang dua pasang mata, bincang, anak dengan bapak.


    5. Ekonomi Malaysia adalah Ekonomi Mahathir. Selagi beliau belum tutup mata.Jangan ada orang yang nak memandai-madai atau pun buat buat pandai. Nanti jadi tikus degan labu.

    6. Nikmat yang ahli UMNO hari ni dapat adalah dari usaha TUn Mahathir dan rakan rakan veteran.Ahli ahli UMNO sekarang ni basuh kaki je .Itu pun dah berlagak.

    7. Jangan sampai UMNO tersungkur pada pilihan raya akan datang. Sebab sumber kewangan UMNO adalah sumber kewangan kerajaan. Sekali jatuh, tak akan dapat kecapi nikmat sebelumnya. Sampai bila-bila

    Chu Mat

  74. Halim3869 Jul 4,2015 7:52 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Apa yang tun nyatakan dalam blog adalah betul belaka cukai pendapatan ,mereka tidak lari dari membayar cukai sekiranya mengikut undang-undang apa yang bro cruze cakap adalah benar saya berniaga setiap perniagaan diaudit sekiranya perniagaan saya ada untung harus bayar cukai , adakah reza yang mempunyai duit yang berates juta ringgit dtang dari mana adakah beliau dikenakan cukai ,ini semua permainan kerajaan undang undang hanya untuk rakyat biasa bukan untuk kerajaan atau keluarga beliau Tun akan tengok sekira perkara ini akan berterusan
    Malaysia yang dulu nya segani oleh dunia yang mengamal system yang bagus akan terus terjunam orang kaya akan terus kaya dan menerajui perniagaan orang miskin akan terus miskin walaupun mempunyai ijazah yang tinggi

    Terus terang saya amat sedih tun cara pemerintahan DS sekarang menerajui umno mahu pun negara saya dan keluarga ada lah penyokong kuat umno ada seketika dulu ibu saya ada ketua wanita dan bapa ketua penerang disebuah cawangan ketika saya berumur 18tahun sanggup menampal poster BN sampaikan terjatuh patah kaki bila sudah mula perniagaan sendiri banyak perkara saya kena lalui

  75. ichiban Jul 4,2015 7:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

    Kebanyakan pembayar cukai yang setia ialah dari golongan yang makan gaji, membayar cukai melalui potongan cukai perjadual@PCB dari majikan setiap bulan.Pendapatan tahunan dan bonus dinyatakan dalam “EA form” yang dikeluarkan oleh majikan setiap tahun.Lansung tiada peluang untuk tidak mengistiharkan atau mengubah pendapatan kerana semuanya mempunyai data.

    Mana ada golongan makan gaji hidup kaya raya,kecuali pemakan rasuah atau mempunyai side income yang lain.
    Persoalanya adakah adil bagi golongan yang berpadatan sederhana yang hidup cukup makan dan pakai,setiap tahun setia membayar cukai dan mengistiharkan pendapatan manakala yang kaya raya tidak telus dalam mengistiharkan pendapatan dan lari dari cukai.Mereka ini mempunyai berbagai kaedah dan cara untuk lari dari cukai.

    Tepuk dada tanya selera dan buka mata.

  76. Orang Lama Jul 4,2015 7:37 AM

    Lapuran Wall Street Journal amat mencalar imej Perdana Menteri dan juga negara kita yang dicintai di peringkat anatarbangsa. Dato Najib kena bertindak segera menyaman WSJ. Kewibawan pemimpin tertinggi di Malaysia dipersoalkan dan sudah tentu memberi kesan buruk terhadap persepsi negara luar terhadap Malaysia terutama dari segi perdagangan anatara bangsa.

    Di tanah air, sudah tentu seratus peratus parti pembangkang akan mainkan isu ini berulang2 kali.

    Dato Najib wajib menyaman WSJ atau minta WSJ memohonm maaf bukan sahaja untuk kebaikan dirinya tetapi juga untuk UMNO. PRU akan datang menjadi amat sukar untuk UMNO sekiranya lapuran WSJ tak ditangani dengan baik.

    Jika WSJ minta maaf dapat naik imej berganda untuk Dato Najib.

  77. cek Jul 4,2015 7:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun berdua,
    Semoga Tun sentiasa dirahmati Allah..
    Saya amat hairan bagaimana Najib belum sedar yang rakyat sudah terlalu muak dengan karenah serta lakonan bodohnya. Sebagai penyokong tegar kerajaan sejak zaman Tun hingga sekarang, apa yang saya perhatikan sekarang adalah tidak ada seorangpun di kalangan rakan2 serta ahli keluarga saya yang setuju dengan penerintahan Najib sekarang, walaupun mereka menyokong kerajaan sebelum ini.

    Saya syorkan PM sendiri jsupaya membuat survey.. contohnya sejak kes 1MDB Cuba dapatkan statistic jualan suratkhabar contohnya Utusan berbanding Harakah atau Keadilan. Mungkin ianya memberi sedikit sebanyak petunjuk. Jangan asyik nak dengar facebook follower atau penasihat dua puluh persen saja….

    Terima kasih Tun..

  78. Hajar Jul 4,2015 7:19 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    LHDN must be fair in its enforcement of the laws on ‘taxes’. If there are allegations on anyone living beyond his/her means (especially politicians), then something must be done. It’s funny that LHDN audits people like me who is living within my means.

    PM Najib: The Star (related issue)

    “These attacks began when I refused to implement Tun Mahathir’s personal demands. I refused, because I do not believe it is right for Malaysia to be ruled by proxy.

    Tun then created a crisis when he recklessly claimed that RM42bil was missing from 1MDB, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51bil audited assets.

    The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.”

    1. PM Najib likes to ‘kow-tow’ US (US Proxy?), Singapore and a few other western countries. He also likes working with ‘imported consultants’. Actually, we can see very clear similarity between PM Najib and Anwar (agent barat?). Both are useless to Malaysia.

    2. Kah! Kah! Kah! Tun created a crisis because he (PM) refused to implement Tun’s personal demands! What a joke! I believe PM Najib was in the meeting when the projects were approved by the cabinet under Tun M. Was he sleeping? Or did he at that time program himself to be a ‘YES-MAN’ or ‘kaki ampu/angguk’?

    3. PM Najib’s allegation – “Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals… is behind this latest lie.” Knowing Tun’s style, he is not a COWARD like PM Najib who prefers to send/pay ‘others’ (using personal or public fund?) to do his dirty jobs.

    4. Hello PM Najib! First of all, please prove your allegation towards Tun M (jangan memFITNAH’). Secondly, please prove that you did not do what you are being accused of doing (‘songlap’ state-linked funds for personal gain). Then only you can continue to preach others about ‘syurga dan neraka’.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  79. azlan95 Jul 4,2015 7:12 AM

    With GST, every Malaysian, rich and poor, is a tax-paying citizen.


  80. daeng Jul 4,2015 6:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1. Lagak Najib sebagai PM di Malaysia ni umpama seorang raja zaman dahulu yang mana Rosmah lagaknya umpama permaisuri kononnya.

    2. Pencacai Najib adalah hulubalang-hulubalang, penasihat seperti dato memanda menteri dan sebagainya.

    3. Rakyat biasa dikerah membayar segala cukai itu cukai ini seperti GST dan sebagainya tetapi ada sekumpulan lain boleh lari dari cukai kerana apa? Kerana ada kaitan dan membodek raja walaupun rakyat berkata “raja” tu sudah gila.

    4. Pertanyaan saya, adakah sistem cukai yang ada ini adil untuk semua? Satu perkara lagi yang lebih penting, adakah cukai yang berupa hasil utama kerajaan dibelanjakan dengan bijak dan memberi kebaikan kepada rakyat keseluruhannya.

    5. “Raja” dan “permaisuri” meminta rakyat berjimat tetapi dalam masa yang sama “raja” dan “permaisuri” boros dan enjoy sakan di luar negara.

    6. Saya berpegang prinsip “raja adil raja disanjung, raja zalim raja disanggah”.

    7. Semalam pendedahan The Street Wall Journal adalah satu perkembangan yang memeranjatkan. Saya cabar “raja Najib” samanlah SWJ jika ianya fitnah.

    8. Dalam masa “Raja Najib” meminta rakyatnya membayar cukai itu cukai ini dan GST, si “permaisuri Rosmah” asyik bershopping. Saya percaya dia akan menjadi “permaisuri” contoh dalam abad ini. Akan terpahat dalam sejarah dunia lagaknya seperti Amelda Marcos iaitu isteri presiden filipina yang boros sekitar tahun 80an lalu. Akhirnya diguling oleh rakyat. Saya percaya al kisah seperti itu akan berlaku di Malaysia.

    9. Raja Najib adalah seorang “raja bugis” yang dayus kerana terbukti dia takut kepada “permaisuri”nya, berbeza sedikit dengan presiden marcos yang tidak takut bini tetapi sayang bini dan bini hormat suami.

    10. Kepada saudara “KunKlai” saya percaya kamu ini adalah anak haram yang bergayut pada rezeki rakyat yang dikerah membayar GST. Saya percaya PRU14 UMNO/BN dibawah pimpinan “Raja Najib” akan bungkus tetapi orang seperti kamu “anak haram” akan mampu terus senang hidup didunia tetapi belum pasti akhirat pasti menanti dengan hukuman “memakan harta haram” hasil dari sokongan “haram” di dunia ini.

    Sekian Tun.

  81. hskamal Jul 4,2015 6:13 AM

    Salam, Tun

    Therefore, we can imagine if all this allegations are true, what would be the consequences, and how badly it could effect society and the supposed values which are inseparable from mankind.

    Tun, recently i, managed to catch-up with some of your interviews with the press through the YouTube and Kinitv. From the many interviews there was one which really took my attention. You said you’re sad and disappointed because DSN, is not berjiwa Melayu.

    Tun, your statement showed that you’re very worried of what could happen to the fate of the Malays if DSN, a Malaya, but not Malay first at heart. Your consideration showed blurriness, heart of a Muslim definitely the more appropriate in Malaysian context.

    All those scandals taking place around us now could’ve been avoided and prevented, if only there were Muslim heart, not Malay heart.

    Spirituality consideration pertaining to any effort to change or alter mankind’s life’s must be mandatory and up held at all time till kiamat – The holy Koran says it all – with all due respect to Tun’s philosophy and doctrine.

    Having a heart of a Muslim instead of a Malay can guarantee mankind’s well being. Heart of a Muslim can foresee the plight of the marginalize, poor, and weak, beginning with Malaysian Indians.

    Thanks for this space, Tun

  82. KunKlai Jul 4,2015 4:57 AM

    Dirgahayu Tun berdua,
    Ini yang dok komplen pasai cukai pulak ni pasai apa. Tentu ada permintaan peribadi yang tidak ditunaikan. Ni tentu tak dak bukti, kalau tak dak bukti tak boleh percaya (kata juak Ghombau). Nanti lah akibat dahsyat yang akan menimpa kalau terus membuat serangan terancang. Jangan nak menuduh perdana menteri yang dilantik secara demokratik oleh rakyat.
    Tun, berhati hati lah, darah panglima bugis sudah mendidih. Dengan bantuan pakar pakar berilmu tinggi dari oxsford dan bekas pelajar 3.8, depa akan buktikan orang yang dituduh adalah suci dlm debu… Dirgahayu Tun berdua.

  83. al mall8q Jul 4,2015 4:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum TUN, there is an article about Najib in WSJ involving US$700 million. Nowhere to hide anymore for him.

  84. mozaman75 Jul 4,2015 1:49 AM

    I’m a tax paying citizen and I believe those who are supposed to pay tax should pay tax period. Many countries probed VVIPs because of allegation of “popular” people ran away from tax. Millionaires footballers, ministers and businessman in other parts of the world were questioned and brought to justice upon relevant proofs brought forward. We should emulate that practice too and relevant authorities should be given access and clearance to those VVIPs and it must not only be politicians but must also include businessman, corporate leaders, senior government officers and people who runs NGOs and Foundations in Malaysia.

  85. joetamchi Jul 4,2015 1:45 AM

    Asalamualaikum, salaam hamba…
    Salam pantun sambil bercanda…
    Mengucapkan sejahtera kpd semua…
    juga tidak mengira bangsa…..

    Semoga sentiasa dirahmat Allah..


    Sejahtera Malaysia…InsyaAllah…

    10 puasa dipertengah…
    mohon rahmat, Keampunan Allah..
    17Ramadhan bersama Rasulullah…
    Ayat pertama turun dilimpah…

    3M lebih afdal…
    Islam Iman Ikrar
    Ilmu Ilham Ikhtiar

    Selawat & Salam
    kepada Muhamad Rasulullah SAW

    Salam Ramadhan & Nuzul AlQuran

    Jangan diazab,


  86. Rattan Roy Jul 4,2015 1:38 AM

    Today, many Malaysians from all age and walk of life cry deep down their heart.

    It’s a day we begin to show how our system have failed on us.

    As a young Malaysian, I mean tear down my as my country is now on international news where our leader is being in the limelight of billions of ringgit.

    Tun Mahathir, it’s the beginning of, where we are at the first light of being a fail nation.

    All Malaysians can do is just sit and watch it unfold.

  87. cruze Jul 4,2015 1:09 AM

    Semuga tun di rahmati allah dengan usaha2 gigih tun membela nasib kami walau pun tun di caci dan di kata oleh segelintir menteri yang kaki bodek seperti salleh keruak, shahril samad, zahid hamidi dan orang tua yang dah nyanyuk tu namanya shahidan kassim.
    Terima kasih sahaja yang kami mampu ucapan kepada tun dan pendamping tun yang sentiasa sabar iaitu Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

  88. cruze Jul 4,2015 1:05 AM

    Najib harus memperbetulkan pengurusan dalaman menteri2 dan semua ketua ketua jabatan kerajaan untuk memulihkan kepercayaan rakyat.
    Jangan nanti semua rakyat merusuh mogok tidak bekerja hingga semua pelabur asing lari meninggalkan malaysia untuk tunjuk protes pada gst dan segala perlakuan menteri2 dan ketua ketua jabatan di jabatan kerajaan yang kuat makan rasuah.
    Jangan terlalu tidak yakin akan tindakan rakyat, dunia semakin maju di penuhi dengan manusia yang berfikiran kurang matang dek sebab kegilaan terhadap aplikasi hp dan internet maka segala bentuk tindakan manusia zaman ini jangan di jangka tiada apa apa akan berlaku.
    Sila kaji pisikologi manusia mengikut peredaran zaman lah! Jangan jadi seperti mereka yang kononnya pakar dalam bidang pisikologi dan agak berlagak dengan ijazah dan phd masing2 tetapi semua hujah di cedok dari buku ilmiah sahaja tanpa membandingkan peredaran zaman dengan peradaban manusia.

  89. cruze Jul 4,2015 12:56 AM

    Tun benar, saya rakyat biasa ni kena bayar cukai pendapatan secara potongan bulanan sebanyak 500 sebulan, tak kan najib dan menteri2 tak di siasat oleh lembaga hasil dalam negeri.
    sedangkan peniaga peniaga di gerai majlis pun di datangi oleh pegawai untuk buat taksiran.
    dah tu bila saya tak hantar taksiran tahunan dua tahun lepas maka saya kena bayar denda lagi, Bodoh kah penjawat di jabatan hasil, bukan mereka tak boleh periksa bayaran saya yang di bayar tetap secara bulanan sejak hampir 10 tahun lalu?
    Mereka hanya tahu menghukum rakyat yang berpendapatan kecil, bagaimana pula dengan menteri dan artis artis yang kaya tiba tiba seperti zahida rafik tu? Jabatan hasil takut dengan orang kaya ke?

  90. pala Jul 4,2015 12:45 AM

    Well said sir,why until Now jho Low never get caught as he is lim kit siang boy,report to kpn also NO action taken.the whole 1mdb culprits name already given to kpn but only investigation going on still doesnt have proper answer.if they manage to catch All this people then they Will be a proper answer for everything.when Will be this happen?sir i am the one give the details to Firdaus brother sir to give you the letter.hope All this problem solve for peace and harmony of the country.i Am still working on AT mh370 Join a group Now to take more accurate answer for people on mh370 passanger hope they come back soon.tun pls do something too for passanger pls Tun.

  91. faridina Jul 4,2015 12:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    I totally agree with you that there should be no discrimination in investigating people who live beyond their means by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB).

    As I could still recall some 30 years ago when it was just an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) under the Ministry of Finance, a very aggressive approach was taken by one Deputy Director General of IRD that is Dato’ Hassan Ibrahim. It was during your time Tun and Hassan Ibrahim end up in some ‘cold storage’ department and I don’t know why? In my personal point of view he did a great job and if there could be another Hassan Ibrahim today I’m pretty sure the like of Jho Low and Riza Aziz will not be spared.

    IRD used to have a unit known as the Q Unit where they will gather all possible information about tax payer and also potential tax payer possible income. They will be collecting data from the ROB/ROC now known as CCM to trace all the taxpayer and potential taxpayer. Whenever you bought a new car or a property then that unit of IRD will get a copy. This unit even do paper cutting on news clipping found in the main stream media about your monetary gain, projects, getting lucrative jobs or in other words they are always on the lookout for people who live beyond their means and they meant business and sooner or later you will be getting the so called ‘love letter’ from IRD explaining how you derive such wealth and not reporting enough in your tax yearly return.

    Those days they are pro-active and they will hunt you down with their Investigation Department and sadly to say this is what happened to you Tun when the government is not in your favour and could not nail you, they will use tax issue to harass you. But today under IRB if what is been told about Khairuddin Abu Hassan is true as you often relates then it is yet another effective way to indeed harass someone the legal way.

    All this reminds me of the notorious Al Capone and how the Americans could not put him long enough behind bars for the crime he did. And surprisingly it was The Inland Revenue who could at last end up his career in Alcatraz for tax evasion.

    With regards to the so called wealth of Jho Low and Riza Aziz the rakyat has the right to question all this and the best agency to tackle this is IRB as Tun have suggested. We knew that both of them are residing abroad but which country will that be and IRB can easily determine and we have Double Taxation Agreement and naturally as taxable Malaysian citizen both of them should have a Non Resident file for they could have received income from Malaysia too, looking at the broad income spectrum base.

    i. I remember someone suggested that all your supporters could gather at a stadium so that our voices could be heard but I personally think this could create unrest as hundreds of thousand people will be gathering and its quiet impossible to control them.

    ii. Then someone suggested that every supporters of yours lodge a police reports individually simultaneously with regards to Jho Low and 1MDB which will not create unrest but still no action has been taken.

    iii. Thirdly maybe your supporters the rakyat could come out with a memorandum requesting IRB to investigate the tax status of the two celebrity namely Jho Low and Riza Aziz so as to see their contribution in terms of tax to our beloved Malaysia.

    Let’s see some action here because at some point most of us felt that UMNO could not be save anymore looking at how their supreme council easily decides to postpone party election without getting consensus from the majority of their grassroot members just to save their No. 1 leader not their No. 1 party!

    Long live Tun Dr Mahathir god willing!

    Wasalam Tun M n Tun SH.

    p/s – Lots of love from Faridina’s family..

  92. rimba.emas Jul 4,2015 12:20 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Sebab itulah GST patut dihapuskan sebab mereka-mereka yang tidak mendapat kemudahan seperti PM dan setengah-setengah golongan eksekutif dikenakan GST ini.

    2. Lebih menyedihkan golongan yang bergaji rendah jarang mendapat kemudahan seperti ini sebaliknya tidak perlu bayar bukan berpandu pada tangga gaji sebaliknya kepada jumlah tenaga digunakan. Ada sifat mendera sudahlah bergaji besar dapat pula percuma yang bukan atas sebab penjimatan penggunaan tenaga.

    3. Cukai sepatutnya sebagai satu pilihan bukan paksaan kerana jika ada paksaan sudah boleh dikatogerikan sebagai satu kesalahan kecil dan jika berganda sudah menjadi kesalahan besar.

    4. Dalam fahaman Islam satu contoh berlakunya tawanan peperangan terutamanya yang bukan Islam akan dikenakan bayaran cukai yang diberi nama jizyah sebagai pilihan jika tidak mahu masuk Islam yang menunjukkan tiadanya paksaan.

    5. Semua ini boleh berlaku jika si pemunggut cukai itu ada sifat siddiq (jujur) sebagaimana yang ada pada Rasullullah s.a.w yang pernah menyoal musuh Islam akan sifatnya yang tidak pernah berbohong dan dipersetujui oleh mereka akan kebenaran sifatnya itu walaupun tidak menerima ajaran yang ingin disampaikannya.

    6. Sifat yang ada pada cukai itu terutama secara paksaan bukanlah satu pilihan yang baik dan rakyat boleh mengelakkannya dan sifat pemurah sepatutnya di belanjakan pada perkara yang dikenali atau terlibat sendiri dengan sipemintanya.

    7. Pahala yang diredho oleh Allah s.w.t ialah yang dikata-katakannya didalam Al-Quran yang di contohi oleh Rasullullah s.a.w dalam amalannya.
    Kata-kata ini bersempena hari Nuzul Al-Quran.


  93. Daniel Noor Jul 4,2015 12:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    Yes I noticed since Pak Lah’s time there were some selectivity of those who should pay the Income tax and those that do not at all need to pay. Its getting worse under Najib now. I do know a few UMNO Datos that lead a very luxurious lifestyles but am sure they not paying a single sen to the Income Tax. Sometime we cannot blame the Income Tax Dept. They too receive orders from the Top. But sadly we the ordinary Rakyat have no choice but to pay even when we are trying just to survive on a day to day basis. Especially for those doing small business on their own without any political connections.

    Way back in 1998 during the Asian Monetary Crisis, i wrote to you regarding about ABRAR Bhd not paying my final RM12 million for work done and completed to the North Butterworth Container Terminals. My company was a sub contractor involve in the Civil infra works.

    ABRAR Bhd seek protection under the 176 Act and parked themselves in Danaharta Bhd. By doing that they are indemnified from creditors demanding payment.

    Unfortunately they only parked the company in Danaharta. All the money they have taken out to support their boss Anwar Ibrahim for his political comeback

    I wrote to you and you responded by directing one of your staff to study my case. In the end nothing can be done much as I was just a sub contractor not engaged or appointed by the JKR. But i am thankful to you for at least reading my letter and getting your officer to listen to my woes.

    Whatever amount. at that time the my company had, we had to settle with the creditors and banks.The little amount left I have to give priority feeding my family.

    At that time I owed the Income tax a final balance of RM40K. As I have little or no money left I have no choice but to defer payment and hoping for my rezeki to come from other sources. But time was bad and Pak Lah himself did not do much to stimulate the economy.

    In 2012 the Income tax demanded that I pay the balance of RM40K. I explained to them about my problem with ABRAR Bhd and my current financial situation. Yet I offered to pay the minimum on a monthly basis which I am still doing it till today. I promised them should my finance improved of course I will pay more and try to settle it as soon as possible. The idea was, my friends and I was thinking of bringing cheap goods from Thailand or Vietnam and selling it here. With the profit earned I will then try to pay more or settle the whole amount to the Income Tax.

    Unfortunately the Income Tax does not buy my proposal but instead IMPOSED or PUNISHED me further my restricting me from going out of the country.I was devasted as my friends and I had planned to start this small business.

    I appealed to the Director General of Income Tax begging him to rescind or cabut the Punishment that they sentenced me. Not once did I asked them to write off the balance of the RM40K. I only request them to allow me to travel outside to seek my rezeki.I told them I am not a wanted criminal nor an anti Government person.

    Today is 2015, and it is already more than 15 years that the RM40K I owed to Income tax and still paying the minimum on a monthly basis and I am now 67 years old. I am not allowed to travel outside. I told them I have no intention to go to Europe or the Americas. There is no reason at all for me to go there. I only just want to bring some products from Thailand or Vietnam and to sell it here.

    There refused to listen to me and maintained that I should continue paying and at same time not allowing me to travel outside the country.

    I am also servicing the loans from the bank which I owed more than 4-5 times than what I owed to Income Tax. The bank fully understand what I went through during the Asian Monetary Crisis and even re-strutted my payment to the Minimum WITHOUT IMPOSING further Terms and Conditions such as not allowing me to travel abroad or to declare me a Bankrupt.

    You are very right Tun. The Income Tax Dept seems to be selective on who should pay and who should be allowed to jet set all over the world. This country seems to have a double standard system where ordinary citizens like me with no political connections or masters have to adhere strictly what the Government wants or take from us.

    Those who are politically connected and what more those that are close to the top leaders, they amassed filthy wealth and yet not subjected to the Income Tax like Jho Low..Rizal..and company.

    This country is slowly rotting. My worries are for my grandchildren and the coming generations.

  94. sudin Jul 3,2015 11:48 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Najib is the law.
    Only his words will determine who are the wrongdoers and and who are not.
    How about the exorbitant expenditures of Najib’s wife??

    Going back a little, how about those owners of super limos queuing behind budak KJ’s own super limo traversing the small town of Rembau whenever budak KJ was campaigning during his father in law’s time as PM??

  95. Fariq Islam Jul 3,2015 10:33 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Kerajaan bertanggungjawab mengutip cukai, demi pembangunan Negara dan kebajikan Rakyat. Apakah GST yang membebani golongan miskin harus dilaksana? Apa ertinya pengutipan cukai jika tujuannya bukan untuk kebajikan?

  96. Fariq Islam Jul 3,2015 10:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Dalam soal Tun pernah dikejar cukai selepas dihalau keluar dari UMNO, perbuatan mengejar cukai secara pilih kasih itu adalah sesuatu yang haram, yang bercanggahan dengan prinsip kesaksamaan Islam.

    Dari perspektif yang lain pula, sekiranya seseorang itu menyembunyi pendapatan daripada cukai, maka perbuatan itu juga haram dari segi agama. Apatah lagi jika duit diperolehi melalui saluran yang haram!

    Biar apapun, selaku anak pemimpin tua yang begitu dihormati, iaitu Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak, jangan sekalipun biar nama baik orang tua tercemar atau terfitnah!

  97. ghooray Jul 3,2015 9:52 PM


    Adakah mereka ini telus dari sistem sediada? Atau ada trick untuk telus dari sistem? Penulisan yang menarik Tun Mahathir! Semoga Tun sentiasa sihat selalu.

  98. ghooray Jul 3,2015 9:52 PM


    Adakah mereka ini telus dari sistem sediada? Atau ada trick untuk telus dari tax? Penulisan yang menarik Tun Mahathir! Semoga Tun sentiasa sihat selalu.

  99. novo Jul 3,2015 9:15 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1.Plat kenderaan “Patriot” ada masaalah?

    2.Apa kata Najib lancarkan plat kenderaan “1MDB”.

    3.Tentu macai – macai Najib akan membeli plat ini dengan harga yang super tinggi kerana macai-macai ini semuanya rela bergadai bergolak demi membayar hutang 1MDB.

    4. Baru boleh di katakan ” I LOVE PM”

    5.Setiap kali nak kena bayar hutang maka Najib akan melancarkan plat kenderaan “1MDB”

    6.Hasil RM 1 billion boleh di kutip dari macai-macai Najib ini dan digunakan untuk bayar hutang 1MDB.

    7. 1MDB 1 dikhaskan untuk Najib lah.(kepala hutang)

    8. 1MDB 2 untuk Arul (kaki tipu)

    9. BOD, ambil No. 1MDB 3 dan seterusnya.

    10. Siri 1MDB42 akan keluar akhir sekali bila nak bayar hutang ke 42 billion.

    11. Ini baru namanya 1MDB RESTRUCTURE yang melibatkan macai-macai Najib sahaja. Rakyat biasa tak telibat.

    12. Kalau boleh rakyat nak plat kenderaan “GST” lah Najib. Buat kenangan masa hidup ini.

    13. Ahmad Maslan pasti dapat GST 1.

    Wassalam Tun

  100. HBT456 Jul 3,2015 8:34 PM


    16. No need to pass the buck to ts myuhiddin, encik lks.

    17. Dap is championing malaysian malaysia, right?

    18. Dap can decide what is your political dilenma on malaysian malaysia, why bother ts myuhiddin, the malay first malaysian?

    19. Aku makan daging babi, sudin, I am not ashame just like european makan raindeer in christmas.

    20. After putrajaya was built 15 years ago, when is federa parliament move in there?

    21. The main reason putrajaya was built agreed by the current tuanku was to minimize congestion in kuala lumpur, right?

    22. All bn component parties will be more than happy to move the office to reduce congestion in kl at the same time to officiate islam as the official religion in federal parliament.

    23. kl will remain as ny, tokyo or shanghai with trx.

    24. Putrajaya will be a washington.

    25. For those wanabes, please use your brain before you talk.

    26. If you still think racism cum religion chauvanist is a must must to perform, please go back to your kampong, village and estate.

  101. novo Jul 3,2015 8:28 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I will sue WSJ on Najib behalf as Najib have no “batu” at all.

    Wassalam Tun.

  102. powerlinkers Jul 3,2015 8:26 PM

    you are really brilliant but not brilliant enough. you have unleashed a new set of data involving DS Najib…DS Najib is still not checkmated yet since TS Muhiyiddin is not stepping up to get rid of him, how are you going to play now Tun? He has done so much damage towards UMNO, Do you know that Malays are hating UMNO in my town(I didn’t see that happening since 1999) ? why are you delaying to execute the stepdown?

    Think for a second and tell pls tell me Tun :
    1.Do you think you have enough time until 5th May 2018 to undo the damages?
    2.Do you really think UMNO going to survive the next general election or are you planning to run the country with state of emergency evoked?

  103. omg Jul 3,2015 8:04 PM

    IRB? Hahaha

    Do not expect much from them. They only target ordinary citizen like us. They even dont have the balls to investigate the relatives of politicians..

  104. Yiwen182 Jul 3,2015 7:34 PM

    Wondering will it affect Malaysia healthcare policy as by far Malaysia healthcare is one of the best in the world

  105. mohtar salleh Jul 3,2015 7:13 PM

    Salam Tun, saya orang susah dan bekerja sikit sikit untuk menampung belanja anak anak dan ubat ubatan saya selepas mengidap diabetis selama 17tahun dan serangan jantung 6th lalu..tapi walaupon pendapatan saya kecil saya tetap bayar cukai…mungkin sb saya anak orang miskin takut pada undang2…sb saya anak pemandu lori bukan anak perdana menteri…

  106. Sri Sen Jul 3,2015 7:13 PM

    Dear Tun

    Interesting! Hmm..I wonder too

  107. Harry Jul 3,2015 6:53 PM

    It is strange that a young man from Rosmah first husband could have such wealth out of a sudden. I wish I have that kind of inheritance, but then, we all know who is Rosmah first husband; a news reader at a local Radio and TV station. Or perhaps, the young man has been exceptionally successful, the equal of Bill Gate and Steve Job, to amass that kind of wealth, no?

  108. Praxis Jul 3,2015 6:44 PM

    At least the left, right and center should be able to agree on equality before the law, assuming we are on the right side of the law.

  109. cakkuncak Jul 3,2015 6:40 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,

    ‘They’ obviously feel invisible. No one in UMNO dare to say anything the way you do, and so ‘they’ believe ‘they’ will get away scot free.

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