1. What is happening in Malaysia today is unprecedented. The rule of law has been turned upside down and the people seem powerless to do anything to put it upright again.

2. This is because the very leader entrusted with upholding the law has become the subject of the due process of the law. It is alleged that he has broken the law. As no one is above the law, it follows that he must be investigated to determine if indeed he had broken the law.

3. Although this is unprecedented in Malaysia, this had happened in many other countries, including in the developed West.

4. Recall the case of President Nixon of the United States of America. He had used Government officials to spy on his political rival. This was considered as abuse of power in the U.S.

5. Eventually he was impeached and was forced to resign as President of the U.S. The Vice President took over and in due course elections were held. The Vice-President won. End of problem.

6. In other countries more violent methods are used to remove an unpopular president, whether elected or imposed by the military or other politically powerful groups.

7. Now Malaysia would not want to see violence used. So the instruments or the institutions of Governments were expected to investigate and determine whether the allegations against the P.M. are true or not.

8. The institution that is normally expected to do this is mainly the police. Other institutions with the capacity to investigate are also expected to do this. In cases involving money, the Central Bank are expected to investigate and report.
9. Then there are special bodies created to oversee how Government money is managed. These are the Auditor-General and the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. Additionally there is the Anti-Corruption Commission.

10. They are however limited to investigations and preparation of reports. They themselves have no power to prosecute. For this, the Attorney-General must decide and initiate legal proceedings. If the A.G. decides there is no case to answer, even the most blatant crime will not be tried in the court.

11. The only other process for the removal of a PM is a vote of no-confidence in Parliament. It needs a simple majority. With the fall of the PM, the whole Government would fall. But by majority decision in Parliament, a new Government may be set up. It may be the same party or a different party. Alternatively an election can be held.

12. These are the avenues of legal redress provided in the Malaysian Constitution and laws.

13. Due to the serious nature of the allegations against the highest leader of the Government, a task force of four, consisting of the Attorney General, the Inspector General of Police, the Governor of the Central Bank and the head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was formed to collect all relevant evidence for the Attorney General to decide on the action to be taken.

14. All these agencies and institutions were in the midst of their investigations when the PM struck. He first sacked the A.G. and appointed his man to the post. Then he literally disbanded the Public Accounts Committee by appointing the Chairman and three other members as Deputy Ministers and to other posts. Members of the MACC who were continuing to investigate the case were harassed by the police who accused them of leaking secrets. Two were transferred to the PMO.

15. Rumors were rife that the Governor of the Central Bank was being investigated for corruption. Although she remains as Governor, the staff of the Central Bank were harassed and accused of leaking information to the press.

16. The Edge, the paper that had exposed the 1MDB scandal was closed. The owner of The Malaysian Reserve paper was told to sell it back to the previous owner.

17. Najib also sacked the Deputy Prime Minister and one of the ministers who had been vocal in questioning the financial records of 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion found in Najib’s personal bank account.

18. With these actions, Najib has effectively stopped investigations on the disappearance of billions of Ringgit invested by 1MDB and the appearance of 2.6 billion in Najib’s account. Now no legal action can be taken against Najib as the allegations cannot be proven. But his very actions prove that there is substance in the allegations made against him.

19. Public opinion therefore remains strong in wanting Najib to resign as PM. Consequently there is talk about moving a vote of no-confidence against him in Parliament.

20. This is very difficult as almost all the UMNO members seem beholden to him. And the opposition does not have enough members to pass the motion.

21. So there is a stalemate. But the economy is reacting in its own way. The Ringgit has depreciated to below its old fixed rate of RM3.80 to the USD. It is now at 4 Ringgit plus and is likely to drop further. The effect is to make the country poor. Paying debts by 1MDB in USD would cost more. Already 1MDB is unable even to service its debts.

22. The stock market has all but collapsed. Investors, especially foreign investors are taking out their money to safer places abroad.

23. The Government is short of funds. It has to cut budget allocations to all ministries. The introduction of the GST has only resulted in increasing the cost of living making the depreciation of the Ringgit more acute.

24. Najib may be able to buy his way through in the next election but he will not be able to acquire funds to sustain his purchase of popularity. The Government he leads will not be able to borrow. The country’s economy will collapse. And the people will suffer. This is the grim picture that lies in store for Malaysians because Najib has basically stolen the Government.


1. Apa yang berlaku di Malaysia hari ini belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya. Kedaulatan undang-undang telah ditunggang terbalikkan dan rakyat kelihatan tidak terdaya untuk berbuat sesuatu untuk menegakkan ia semula.

2. Ini adalah kerana pemimpin yang betul-betul diamanahkan untuk mendukung undang-undang telah menjadi subjek suatu proses undang-undang. Didakwa bahawa beliau telah melanggar undang-undang. Oleh kerana tidak ada sesiapa pun yang terkecuali daripada tindakan undang-undang, apa yang harus menyusuli ialah penyesiatan untuk menentukan sama ada beliau telah sebenarnya melanggar undang-undang.

3. Walaupun ini belum pernah berlaku di Malaysia, ini telah banyak berlaku di negara lain, termasuk di Barat yang maju.

4. Boleh diimbas kembali kes Presiden Nixon dari Amerika Syarikat. Beliau telah menggunakan pegawai kerajaan untuk mengintip pesaing politiknya. Ini dianggap sebagai salah guna kuasa di Amerika Syarikat

5. Akhirnya beliau telah didakwa dan terpaksa meletakkan jawatan sebagai Presiden AS. Naib Presiden mengambil alih dan seterusnya pilihan raya tidak lama kemudian telah diadakan. Naib Presiden memenangi. Akhir masalah.

6. Di negara-negara lain kaedah yang lebih ganas digunakan untuk membuang seorang Presiden yang tidak popular, sama ada dipilih atau yang diletakkan oleh tentera atau kumpulan-kumpulan politik yang penuh kuasa.

7. Sekarang Malaysia tidak mahu melihat keganasan digunakan. Jadi instrumen atau institusi Kerajaan diharap menyiasat dan menentukan sama ada tuduhan terhadap PM adalah benar atau tidak.

8. Institusi yang biasanya diharapkan untuk melakukan ini adalah polis terutamanya. Institusi-Institusi lain yang mempunyai keupayaan untuk menyiasat juga diharap untuk melakukannya. Dalam kes-kes yang melibatkan wang, Bank Negara diharap akan menyiasat dan memberi laporan.

9. Dan ada badan-badan khas diwujudkan untuk mengawasi bagaimana wang Kerajaan diuruskan. Ini adalah Ketua Audit Negara dan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Awam Parlimen. Selain itu ada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah.

10. Mereka bagaimana pun terhad kepada penyiasatan dan penyediaan laporan. Mereka sendiri tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk mendakwa. Untuk ini, Peguam Negara perlu membuat keputusan dan memulakan tindakan undang-undang. Jika Peguam Negara memutuskan tiada kes untuk dijawab, jenayah yang paling terang-terangan pun tidak akan dibicarakan di mahkamah.

11. Satu-satunya proses lain yang ada bagi pemecatan seseorang PM adalah undi tidak percaya di Parlimen. Ia memerlukan majoriti mudah. Dengan kejatuhan PM, seluruh Kerajaan akan jatuh. Tetapi dengan keputusan majoriti dalam Parlimen, Kerajaan baru boleh ditubuhkan. Ia boleh jadi parti yang sama atau parti yang berbeza. Sebaliknya pilihan raya boleh diadakan.

12. Ini adalah ruang untuk mendapat remedi undang-undang yang diperuntukkan dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia dan undang-undang.

13. Oleh kerana seriusnya tuduhan terhadap pemimpin tertinggi Kerajaan, satu pasukan petugas empat anggota, yang terdiri daripada Peguam Negara, Ketua Polis Negara, Gabenor Bank Negara dan Ketua Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia telah ditubuhkan untuk mengumpul semua bukti-bukti yang relevan untuk Peguam Negara membuat keputusan mengenai tindakan yang akan diambil.

14. Semua agensi-agensi dan institusi-institusi ini berada di tengah-tengah siasatan mereka apabila PM menyerang. Pertamanya beliau memecat Peguam Negara dan dilantik seorang orangnya bagi jawatan itu. Kemudian dia dengan cara literal telah membubarkan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Awam dengan melantik Pengerusi dan tiga orang anggota lain sebagai Timbalan Menteri dan jawatan lain. Ahli-ahli SPRM yang berterusan menyiasat kes itu telah diganggu oleh pihak polis yang menuduh mereka bocor rahsia. Dua dipindahkan ke Pejabat Perdana Menteri.

15. Khabar angin bertiup kencang bahawa Gabenor Bank Negara sedang disiasat kerana rasuah. Walaupun ia tetap kekal sebagai Gabenor, kakitangan Bank Negara telah diganggu dan dituduh membocorkan maklumat kepada akhbar.

16. The Edge, akhbar yang telah mendedahkan skandal 1MDB itu ditutup. Pemilik akhbar The Malaysian Reserve disuruh menjualnya kembali kepada pemilik sebelumnya.

17. Najib juga memecat Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan salah satu daripada menteri-menteri yang lantang dalam mempersoalkan rekod kewangan 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion yang terdapat dalam akaun bank peribadi Najib.

18. Dengan tindakan-tindakan ini, Najib telah berkesan sekali berhentikan siasatan berhubung kehilangan berbilion Ringgit yang dilaburkan oleh 1MDB dan kemunculan 2.6 bilion dalam akaun Najib. Kini tiada tindakan undang-undang boleh diambil terhadap Najib kerana dakwaan-dakwaan tidak dapat dibuktikan. Tetapi tindakan-tindakannya ini membuktikan bahawa terdapat isi dalam dakwaan yang dibuat terhadap beliau.

19. Pendapat awam masih kukuh mahu Najib meletak jawatan sebagai PM. Akibatnya timbul cakap-cakap tentang perbentangan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap beliau di Parlimen.

20. Ini adalah sangat sukar kerana hampir semua ahli UMNO seolah-olah terhutang budi kepadanya. Dan pembangkang tidak mempunyai ahli yang mencukupi untuk meluluskan usul itu.

21. Jadi timbul jalan buntu. Tetapi ekonomi bertindak balas dengan cara tersendiri. Ringgit menyusut nilai kepada tahap bawah kadar tetap lama RM3.80 ke USD. Ia kini di paras 4 Ringgit lebih dan mungkin jatuh lagi. Kesannya adalah menjadikan negara miskin. Membayar hutang oleh 1MDB dalam matawang USD akan jadi lebih mahal. Sekarang pun 1MDB gagal membayar hutangnya.

22. Pasaran saham boleh dikatakan runtuh. Para pelabur, terutamanya pelabur asing mengambil keluar wang mereka ke tempat-tempat yang lebih selamat di luar negara.

23. Kerajaan kekurangan dana. Ia terpaksa memotong peruntukan bajet untuk semua kementerian. Pengenalan GST hanya menyebabkan peningkatan kos sara hidup dan membuat kejatuhan nilai Ringgit lebih akut.

24. Najib mungkin boleh membeli kejayaannya dalam pilihan raya akan datang ini tetapi dia tidak akan mampu memperolehi dana bagi mengekalkan pembelian populariti. Kerajaan dipimpinnya tidak akan mampu untuk meminjam. Ekonomi negara akan runtuh. Dan rakyat akan menderita. Ini adalah gambar yang suram yang ada untuk rakyat Malaysia kerana Najib telah pada dasarnya mencuri Kerajaan.

116 thoughts on “MALAYSIA 2

  1. tamchi May 10,2018 6:40 PM

    ” 13. Oleh kerana seriusnya tuduhan terhadap pemimpin tertinggi Kerajaan, satu pasukan petugas empat anggota, yang terdiri daripada Peguam Negara, Ketua Polis Negara, Gabenor Bank Negara dan Ketua Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia telah ditubuhkan untuk mengumpul semua bukti-bukti yang relevan untuk Peguam Negara membuat keputusan mengenai tindakan yang akan diambil. ”

    ada 4 tanSri, entah apa nama diberi?
    3 kena tendang, tinggal lah seorang..!
    Siapa yg menyasat.?
    Siapa yg mengkhianat.?

    Kisah terjadi lepas braya..

    Asalamualaikum Tuan, SalamSejahtra..
    Minggu dpn Ramadhan, kita berpuasa..

  2. Tanggang Aug 21,2015 3:57 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,


    Thank you intaiintai, you answered for myself….

    Salam Tun

  3. intaiintai Aug 21,2015 2:43 PM



    With 1 RM he turned into an eggless ‘Chicken’
    With 2.6b RM he turned into a ‘DUMB’ ( Deranged Useless Mental Blockhead)

    We ‘intaiintai’ and saw,

    A politician who works THE Behind…
    Now, there is one who works FLOM Behind…

    The only thing common between them…. BIG LIARS

    Alfatihah, aamiin

  4. dzibrell Aug 21,2015 12:20 PM

    Salam…TM and my fellow friends in here.” Action speak louder than words” America is a democracy country right? But they had undergo Revolution to establish what they are today, if there’s no political solution,no juridicial solution no negotiation solution,guess what come next REVOLUTION

  5. HBT456 Aug 21,2015 11:09 AM

    67. Ts myuhiddin done nothing wrong, tok det?

    68. Cowgate was approved by him when he was the argriculture minister that made the federal government loose 250 million myr to his umno members.

    69. The current cabinet ministers are facing alot of resistance from opposition parties because they are racist and pilihkasih, and misuse their authority in silent critics.

    70. The situation landed in here is similar to the white supremacy of usa.

    71. Here, we call it brown supremacy, or in bm, ketuanan melayu.

    72. The current cabinet is still using the old ways of doing things, eg sacking ag, transfer macc officers, fitnah bank gabenor, masuk anwar dalam jel, tarik permit, control press media like they are hitler.

    73. Speculation is legal.

    74. Manipulation is illegal.

    75. Tdm is right, opposition parties do not have the numbers.

    76. But their voices are loud enough to change the pm and cabinet ministers.

    77. Even if they cannot change, the ruling umno will face alot resistance from the state governments and their people.

    78. Foreign fund flee, ringgit still going down are normal reaction.

    79. But if the current cabinet still use the old ways of doing things, they will be voted out because they cannot justify their losses via zakat atau taxes.

    80. Voters have the right to vote who they prefer to represent them.

    81. If you did the right job, no one will make noise.

    82. We are here to solve problems, not to maki hamun one another.

    83. Racism is very much alive in here.

    84. Change or be changed, I leave it to you guys decide.

    85. Cash is king, betul.

    86. Voters are king when comes to ge.

    87. Boat rocking within umno will make them weaker.

    88. Unite they stand.

    89. Disunite they fall.

    90. They fall not because of outside factors.

    91. They fall because they cannot take critism and improve.

    92. So many bad moves were made just to add up the numbers.

  6. adelheid Aug 21,2015 1:13 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It really was not necessary for you to apologise for putting DSN at the helm. It is not your fault that he faulter and becomes the person he is. You are not responsible for him. He is responsible for himself.

    I absolutely agree with the opinion of ‘nasdax’. We try to teach the right things values to our students, children in the hope that they become good people with good principles and values. But when they do not practise what has been taught and change it is out of our control. You have done well by making sure that the country gets the best and capable people to lead, but along the way somehow these people faulter and their true selves come out from hiding.

    Do not blame yourself Tun. Even as parents we all try to teach, mould the best values in our children, but as they grow somehow maybe one could be different from the rest, would rebel and just be different from what we had hoped them to be. It’s not our fault because we have tried our best to make them the best yet they failed us. You and I and all of us are mere human with no crystal ball to read the future. Even witches cannot survive the will of God.

    Even DSN’s parents should not take the blame even though it would be easier to point at them. It is not fair to blame them because they too must had done their best to make DSN a good person.

    If ever there were anybody who should be responsible in making a person become a monster it’s the person we’re closest and share the same bed with us – our spouse. So now you and I know who owns the powerful hands behind DSN’s monstrous persona!

    Goodnight Tun, take good care now.

  7. sc Aug 20,2015 7:38 PM

    It’s sad that you want to blame the west for the current state of Malaysian affairs. Yes keep finding ways to blame the west. Don’t take any action or responsibility…*sigh* When will the intelligent have a voice in Malaysia….

  8. zbosman Aug 20,2015 7:09 PM

    Tunggu sidang Parlimen / MT Umno /komponen BN / Majlis Raja-Raja… gabrakan – pokok takkan goyang jika tiada angin. Angin dah ada tunggu tumbang dgn senjata diatas. Mana yg sidang dulu #?.

  9. The Hidden Secret Aug 20,2015 6:34 PM

    Salam SatuMDB!

    Skarang ni ada anggota polis yang report terus ke Najib, tak perlu report ke IGP Doraemon? Najib macam tak percaya kat IGP Doreamon? IGP Doraemon tak rasa apa-apa ke? Setia yang teramat sangat ke IGP Doraemon kat Najib?

  10. MfR Aug 20,2015 6:29 PM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana masih bersusah payah memikirkan pasal rakyat, boleh saja Tun hidup senang lenang x amik peduli pasal masalah ni but Thx once again, you really a good Father to this Nation.You care about your people.

    Its Sad to see orang yang Tun cuba jaga xmau bg jatuh backstab smula dan mula menghancurkn legasi yg sedia ada hasil usaha pemimpin2 terdahulu termasuklah Tun dan bapak beliau sendiri, Tun Razak.

    bunga2 kemelesetan ekonomi pun sudah terasa perit.apa tah lagi bila kemelesetan ekonomi dunia betul2 terjadi.

    Buat polis2 ahli peguatkuasa

    tataplah wajah anak anda
    adakah ini caranya anda membina masa depan untuk anak anda,anak saudara anda?

    umpama orang yang mengalami masalah sakit gigi,untuk cabut gigi tersebut memanglah sakit.Tapi buat sementara saja sakit tersebut.Apabila pulih,anda boleh menikmati semula makanan anda.Selagi gigi bermasalah tersebut tidak disingkirkan.Selagi itu anda tidak akan bselera untuk makan.

    Tetapi anda menghalang specialist dari cuba mngubati masalah sakit gigi tersebut.

    Sekali lagi…tataplah wajah anak kecil kesayangan anda. Nilai ringgit makin menyusut dan anda bergantung kepada seorang PM yg telah beberapa kali menipu rakyat untuk menyelesaikn krisis ekonomi??? sbelum krisis ekonomi meruncing pun nilai ringgit sudah cecah 1:4 bayangkan apabila krisis ekonomi betul2 meruncing nanti? hope poor people in this country still can survive till the end of this economy crisis.

    Buat Najib Tun Razak. Ayah anda merupakan negarawan ulung yg telah membangunkan negara. Terkenal diseluruh negara sehingga jalan,universiti,kompleks dan bandar diletakkan nama ayah anda sebagai mengenang jasa beliau.

    Berundurlah sebelum negara ini betul2 jahanam.

    Jika negara ini jahanam angkara anda, andalah yang akan disebut sebagai orang yg memusnahkan legasi titik peluh ayah anda sendiri.

  11. Mawar Merah Aug 20,2015 3:44 PM

    The plots are placed in most bizzare ways. I wonder whether the evil hands finally able to touch Malaysia? No wonder TPPA is knocking our door. I hope Malaysia will be saved and not to fall just because of one greedy idiot who sits on the throne of power.

  12. Tanggang Aug 20,2015 2:40 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    You quoted;

    24. Najib may be able to buy his way through in the next election but he will not be able to acquire funds to sustain his purchase of popularity. The Government he leads will not be able to borrow. The country’s economy will collapse. And the people will suffer. This is the grim picture that lies in store for Malaysians because Najib has basically stolen the Government.

    Look like those Western advisors appointed by Najib did their jobs well to him. They were advisors to this Malay nation since JWW Birch.Since then, the Malay nation was always in the chaotic. Sultan became the enemy to the other Sultan or the relatives. The Sultan followers fought with the other Sultan’s followers. Later he was killed by the Malay peoples. The Malay warriors was dubbed as the rebels and executed. Also, the Malays as the whole were dubbed as the rebels at all time. That was not the end. Advisors were replaced from time to time. In order to keep in power and a good pay from the British, the Sultan always obeyed to their advises. From then on, bit by bit the Malay heritages were taken by them. Temasik was no more belonged to the Malays. The same thing to Penang. These two islands were being the port of entry to those thousands of Chinese migrants. These later made the Malay nation and it peoples in more chaotic. For hundreds of years, the Malays were dubbed and treated as the rebels. The newly migrated Chinese were given wide opportunities to live and survive. They were the new citizens while the Malays were always be treated as the third class citizens. After hundreds of years being oppressed and being as the third class citizens, the Malays later became incapable and weak.

    From the above historical facts, it can be summed up that those advisors were always unfair to the Malay Muslims and their nation. The advisors were experts and willing to destroy this Malay nation and its peoples for their interests. The modus operandi was simple. Get hold the leader and its peoples will follow through.

    At present, our leader appointed western advisors as being the govt’s advisors. But the results are not as expected. Nation seems moving backwards. Not much good developments and harmonies among peoples are not to the standards. The government’s administrations are without visions. Like described by the ex-MCA President’s “ada api padam, ada api padam”.

    The grim pictures described by Tun are in store for the future of Malaysia. Nation is on its way to be destroyed. We must take emphasis such to the famous quote in the famous American movie Presumed Innocent, “the Destroyer must be destroyed”.

    Salam Tun.

  13. nasdax Aug 20,2015 12:44 PM

    Good day! To everyone.

    Dear Tun,

    Many years back I teach many people, because I am manager I need to teach my staff doing a good job. My hope their become success one day. But some of them become monster.

    They loose control with money, the temptation overcome the logic and principle. They forgot their family at home, they forget everything what I being tough to them. Money can make people become monster sometime.

    I wish I can see this before I teach them, I wish I can know the devil inside them before I teach, but I can’t see. I promote them, I wish for them, I wish success for them. But I can’t see something bad will happen.

    Some people blame you of this, because choosing the wrong people. But I can understand it is beyond our knowledge. We only can hope something is good. However it turn to be bad…

  14. Sri Sense Aug 20,2015 9:54 AM

    Salam Tun

    Semalam I baca the following kat digitaledge

    Malaysia riskier than Mexico has UBS warning of worse to come

    Malaysia is paying the price for weak foreign currency holdings and messy politics as the cost to protect its debt soars to near a four-year high. UBS Group AG predicts even more pain ahead. The spread on the nation’s credit-default swaps widened 74 basis points in 2015 to 180 this week, a level not seen since October 2011. It’s the worst performing in Asia and almost 40 basis points more than similar-rated oil-producer Mexico, which the Swiss bank says best illustrates the malaise for Malaysia. “The moves in CDS are telling us that the market is increasingly nervous about the central bank’s ability to manage the foreign-exchange selloff in light of its relatively light reserves position,” said Manik Narain, a London-based strategist at UBS. “Malaysia’s situation may now be more precarious.” Bank Negara Malaysia’s foreign-exchange reserves slipped below $100 billion last month for the first time since 2010. They look “increasingly meagre” by emerging-market standards, said Narain, and compare with foreigners’ 206.8 billion ringgit ($50.6 billion) holdings of local-currency debt in July, the lowest in three years. The ringgit this week traded near the weakest level since 1998 as Prime Minister Najib Razak comes under the spotlight over reports of an almost $700 million donation into his bank account that was initially linked to debt-ridden state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd. The central bank may have to raise interest rates because of a limited ability to defend the currency amid falling reserves, Narain said. The ringgit was trading at 4.09 per dollar at 10:18 a.m. in Kuala Lumpur and UBS expects the currency to fall to 4.20 by year-end – Bloomberg

    Scary! For those yang minat stock news, ipo, market, target price boleh baca kat my website.

  15. balance Aug 20,2015 9:37 AM


    If we see the current RM and KLSE situation as a crisis then too bad lah but if we see it as an opportunity then it can be a windfall. Whatever anyone can say or think just remember this “Buy low sell high”. Now is the opportunity to buy as it is low. For those that keeping money outside, time to buy Malaysian property, KLSE or/and Ringgit. Big discount!!! RM surely 100% will rebound, as Malaysia will always be Malaysia. They cannot continue to hold no matter whatever the reasons the hedge fund managers would like to say, do or propagate. Law of nature, what goes up must come down. Law of economic, money need to flow. Time of/for changes and it is best time to buy Malaysian. BUY BUY not BYE BYE.

  16. HBT456 Aug 20,2015 6:37 AM

    66. Ts myuhiddin done nothing wrong, tok det?

    67. Cowgate was approved by him when he was the argriculture minister that made the federal government loose 250 million myr to his umno members.

    68. The current cabinet ministers are facing alot of resistance from opposition parties because they are racist and pilihkasih, and misuse their authority in silent critics.

    69. The situation landed in here is similar to the white supremacy of usa.

    70. Here, we call it brown supremacy, or in bm, ketuanan melayu.

    71. The current cabinet is still using the old ways of doing things, eg sacking ag, transfer macc officers, fitnah bank gabenor, masuk anwar dalam jel, tarik permit, control press media like they are hitler.

    71. Speculation is legal.

    72. Manipulation is illegal.

    73. Tdm is right, opposition parties do not have the numbers.

    74. But their voices are loud enough to change the pm and cabinet ministers.

    75. Even if they cannot change, the ruling umno will face alot resistance from the state governments and their people.

    76. Foreign fund flee, ringgit still going down are normal reaction.

    77. But if the current cabinet still use the old ways of doing things, they will be voted out because they cannot justify their losses via zakat atau taxes.

    78. Voters have the right to vote who they prefer to represent them.

    79. If you did the right job, no one will make noise.

    80. We are here to solve problems, not to maki hamun one another.

    81. Racism is very much alive in here.

    82. Change or be changed, I leave it to you guys decide.

    83. Cash is king, betul.

    84. Voters are king when comes to ge.

    85. Boat rocking within umno will make them weaker.

    86. Unite they stand.

    87. Disunite they fall.

    88. They fall not because of outside factors.

    89. They fall because they cannot take critism and improve.

    90. So many bad moves were made just to add up the numbers.

  17. Daniel Noor Aug 20,2015 12:49 AM

    BREAKING NEWS – Managed to paste part of story..too long..

    SECOND SACKING – Abu Dhabi Dumps Aabar’s CEO!
    19 AUG 2015

    Sacked – al-Husseiny (left) and Al Qubassi (right) were the two key players from Aabar in the deals with 1MDB
    Sacked – Aabar CEO al-Husseiny (left) and Chairman Al Qubassi (right) were the two key players from Aabar in the deals with 1MDB

    A second head has rolled at the very top of Abu Dhabi’s Aabar sovereign wealth fund, giving yet another strong signal that there are major concerns in the Gulf state over being drawn into Malaysia’s escalating financial and political scandals.

    A low key announcement was been released over the past few hours to confirm that the Chief Executive Officer of Aabar, a subsidiary of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) will be replaced, active from August 24th i.e. next Monday.

    According to the Gulf Business Times no reason has been given for the sudden departure, however the company implied in its announcement that the decision was “part of Aabar’s succession plans”.

    Reuters has also quoted a source to say that al-Husseiny will be moving to join a private equity firm.

    Observers of recent developments can hardly fail to conclude that this second sudden departure, following so soon after that of the Chairman Khadem al Qubassi’s (Husseiny was his right hand man) is linked to the unravelling scandal of 1MDB.

    Mohammed al-Husseiny was the Chairman of Aabar-owned Falcon bank at the time that US$681 million was transferred into Malaysian PM’s private account.
    Mohamed al-Husseiny was the Chairman of Aabar-owned Falcon bank at the time that US$681 million was transferred into the Malaysian PM’s private account at AmPrivate Banking in KL, March 2013.

    Aabar and 1MDB
    Sarawak Report has repeatedly pointed out the pivotal role of Aabar in 1MDB’s most questionable investment deals over the past few years. And we have highlighted several instances of apparent conflict of interest with respect to the former Chairman Al Qubasi and CEO al-Husseiny.

    Al Qubassi’s party persona was revealed by Sarawak Report
    Al Qubassi’s party persona was revealed by Sarawak Report

    Specifically, we have noted that 1MDB’s three bond issues totalling USD$6.5 billion, involving Aabar and negotiated by Goldman Sachs, contained several irregularities making the issues hugely and unnecessarily expensive for Malaysia.

    Lack of transparency has meant that it has been extremely hard to determine why these bonds were managed in such a costly fashion and why Aabar was included as joint guarantors of the money at all – issues which have also been repeatedly raised by several members of the opposition and by the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and others.

    Al Qubaisi was a night clubbing companion and business party of the PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB proxy Jho Low
    Al Qubaisi was a night clubbing companion and business party of the PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB proxy Jho Low

    The former Chairman of Aabar, Khadem al Qubaisi, was meanwhile involved in numerous separate

  18. hz Aug 19,2015 11:32 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Your words are hard yet need to be said,and heard.
    Unfortunately we are not dealing with orang bodoh tapi bodoh sombong which is much worse. The arrogance is of staggering proportions. Plenty of cerita dongeng nowadays, fiction lovers must be having a field day.
    Postponing a compulsory pass in English SPM is no big surprise. Minimising the rakyat’s exposure to the language (& to the outside world) increases control over the people. After all its so much easier to manipulate ‘katak-katak bawah tempurung’.

  19. KHEFREN Aug 19,2015 11:14 PM

    Salams Tun,
    The current state of affair will show everyone their true colour . Are they loyal to the PM, UMNO or Malaysia? Everyone will have to choose a side. So far the only colour seen is Bright Yellow all round.

  20. Daniel Noor Aug 19,2015 10:59 PM

    Sometimes back, Tan Sri Zeti the Governor of Bank Negara said that the country’s reserve is below 100 billion. The country’s annual budget is around 30 billion. With the lavish spendings of Najib, maybe by the next GE, the country may run out of money.

    Strong chance he may seek foreign loans to prop up the economy, should oil and commodity prices stays like now for the next 12-18 months.

    Which means there will be more tax increase or something else will be taxaful.

    Akternatively he may seek donations from White brother countries and this time it will be transfered into RM’s account.

  21. milshah Aug 19,2015 10:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya percaya Allah tidak pernah menzalimi hambaNya, tetapi manusialah yang sentiasa menzalimi dirinya sendiri.

    Ada pandangan yang mengatakan negara kita ditimpa musibah kerana kita mempunyai Perdana Menteri yang terlalu berkuasa. Dari itu, ada pihak menyalahkan Tun kerana telah membuat jawatan Perdana Menteri terlalu berkuasa.

    Saya kurang setuju dengan pandangan ini.

    Memang diakui jawatan Perdana Menteri adalah berkuasa. Tetapi jawatan Perdana Menteri akan bertambah berkuasa apabila orang bawahan menurut arahan secara membuta tuli.

    Saya ambil contoh. Katakan CEO Tabung Haji mengarahkan akauntannya memindah wang syarikat ke dalam akaun peribadinya. Kalau tidak dibuat, akauntan tersebut akan dipecat. Kerana takut dipecat, apakah boleh akauntan itu memindahkan wang syarikat ke akaun peribadi CEO tersebut? Jawapannya tentulah akauntan tersebut hanya boleh menurut arahan CEO tersebut selama mana arahan tersebut tidak menyalahi mana-mana undang-undang. Seandainya akauntan tersebut pindahkan juga duit tersebut ke akaun peribadi CEO tersebut, ianya tetap menjadi kesalahan dan akauntan tersebut boleh dikira sebagai bersubahat.

    Cuba kita lihat satu persatu.

    AG dipersarakan lebih awal. Apakah PM ada kuasa untuk menyarakan lebih awal AG? Tidak. Ianya perlu melalui Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam. Sepatutnya apabila AG dipersarakan awal, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam perlu professional walaupun mungkin menerima tekanan.

    Demikian juga ahli-ahli PAC yang terpaksa melepaskan jawatan kerana menjadi ahli kabinet. Bukankah ahli-ahli PAC boleh saja menolak daripada menerima jawatan menteri disebabkan perlu menyiasat kes 1MDB yang lebih utama?

    Demikian juga pertukaran mengejut pegawai-pegawai MACC. Jabatan Perkhidmatan awam perlu professional dan tidak membuta tuli menukarkan pegawai-pegawai MACC hanya kerana pegawai-pegawai MACC mempertahankan MACC.

    Apa yang saya nak sampaikan ialah “it takes two to tango”. Perdana Menteri boleh memberi arahan, tetapi orang yang menerima arahan juga perlu ada fikiran untuk memikirkan kewajaran arahan tersebut, sama ada menyalahi undang-undang atau tidak.

    Seperti yang Tun nyatakan, kawalan untuk memastikan penyalahgunaan kuasa tidak berlaku memang sudah ada. Ianya terdiri dari PDRM, MACC, AG, BNM dan lain-lain. Badan-badan ini perlu tegas dalam memastikan undang-undang negara tertegak dan tiada sesiapapun kebal dari tindakan undang-undang.

    Ingatlah jawatan yang mereka pegang di dunia ini adalah satu amanah, dan amanah itu akan ditanya di akhirat kelak.

  22. Hajar Aug 19,2015 9:55 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Alahai! Penat mendengar dan membaca kenyataan2 mereka terutama Menteri2 (yang sah2 lebih mementingkan ’cash’ dan ’jawatan’ dari berbakti kepada rakyat yang memilih/mengundi mereka) yang masih terus-menerus membodek DSN dengan sokongan membawa rebah mereka. Kenyataan2 bod*h dan dangkal masih lagi mahu diberi dan bila dihalusi ada kenyataan2 mereka yang bercanggah di antara satu sama lain. DSN nampak semakin korup.

    Saya lihat TS Shahrir Samad di TV mengaku terima wang (amaun yg di dakwa ialah RM 1 juta) yang diberi kepada beliau oleh DSN sejurus selepas PRU-13.

    Soalan saya, adakah wang sebanyak itu dimasukkan ke akaun peribadi beliau? Jika jawapannya ’Ya’, ini bermakna beliau juga 2 x 5 dengan DSN dan tidak hairanlah jika beliau & gang tidak kisah wang ’derma’ RM2,600 juta masuk ke akaun peribadi PM.

    Jika mereka ’mati’, adakah sesiapa tahu yang wang tersebut adalah wang parti jika masih berbaki? Ataupun duit parti jadi harta warisan?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  23. musato Aug 19,2015 9:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Cadangan Sri sense ada logiknya jugak.

    Ir merengila punyai gaya tulisan yang menarik untuk dibaca.

    Seperti Najib yang istiharkan secara terbuka bahawa dia menuduh Tun Mahathir sebagai punca segala permasalahan ini, maka secara terbuka juga saya fikir tulisan saya tanpa selindung boleh dibaca.

    Najib istiharkan bahawa dianya adalah darah pahlawan Bugis. Dan ini dibuktikan dengan tindakan dia yang memecat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, pecat Shafie Afdal, pecat AG, tukar Cawangan Khas, tukar pengawai SPRM.

    Maka sekali lagi saya perkenalkan diri saya. Pertama kali saya berada di sini pada tahun 2008 adalah untuk membalas jasa Tun Mahathir selama ini (niat dan semangat yang entah dari mana datangnya).

    Mungkin hasil dari pertama kali membaca artikel berkenaan Tokku Paloh pada 2008. Yang mana artikel tersebut memperkenalkan asal usul dan sejarah hidup wali Allah tersebut.

    Dan yang pentingnya ulama tersebut adalah asalnya dari Terengganu dan berada berdekatan kawasan kelahiran saya.

    Bukankah juga Najib pernah berusaha mencagarkan telaga minyak Terengganu pada masa Ahmad Said?

    Dan bukankah juga, 1MDB asalnya dari Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA)?

    Saya juga memberitahu semua orang bahawa penyelesaian masalah MH17, adalah datangnya dari saya.

    3 hari pertama tiada orang bagi idea selesaikan, maka pada hari ke-4 Alhamdulillah kotak hitam MH17 dapat diambil dengan izin Allah s.w.t

    Terima kasih pada dozen person dan juga pasukan PASKAU Jugra.

    Tulisan saya adalah terbuka. Ini adalah hasil dari latihan yang dipaksa, yang lebih senang saya kenali sebagai jalan tasawuf.

    Sedetik dekat orang yang berada disamping Najib menyampaikan idea tentang MH17 via chedet blog. Dan kini Najib membaca inti sari isi ucapan orang yang menegur dan menasihat pada si tukang baca itu.

    Kami berada dekat dengan anda wahai Najib.

    Anda istiharkan secara terbuka tentang peperangan ini. Dan kami menyambutnya secara terbuka.

    Permainan telah pun bermula.

    Mari kita lihat sebaik mana prestasi kumpulan anda (40 orang sahaja?)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  24. anak wawasan 2020 Aug 19,2015 6:52 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

    It is very touching to know that you have sincerely apologies for wrong decision made of chosing your successors.
    Its not your fault, Tun.
    Though you felt guilty, but truly, it is not your fault.
    One is fully responsible for their wrong doings, not for others to take the blame for thier incapacity.
    We are confident that you have put the best names which you think is the best in your opinion.
    Leadership is of a great concern in Malaysia.
    We have many people who are not capable to become leaders simply because they dont have the capacity to become one. But this is intrinsic values. Extrinsically they look capable but intrinsically they are not.
    Do not worry Tun, you have sacrificed tirelessly for Malaysia. We owe you a lot and not otherwise.
    Allah has blessed Malaysia with a great leader like you.
    Take good care of yourself and your family, Tun.

  25. sc Aug 19,2015 6:49 PM

    Tun, also just to quote someone who mentioned ‘hedge funds (greed)’
    Hedge funds have nothing to do with greed. When a trader executes a trade, part of the trade will include a hedging strategy to counteract any risk of the underlying trade. This reduces the potential margin earnings by softening market volatility. If it reduces the margin, how can that be greedy? A ‘naked’ trade would be deemed ‘greedy’ but we call this ‘risky’.

  26. sc Aug 19,2015 6:42 PM


    You paint a disappointing picture of a complete Malaysian mess. What a political storm! Incompetence, lies, mismanagement, corruption… If you are Malaysian, you ought to be ashamed of both the Man and the Party that represents Malaysia…

    Najib is destroying UMNO. He is destroying faith of the people. Destroying faith in Global Markets.

    He needs to be removed from Public Office. He needs to step down and a Royal Commission needs to be set up along with an impartial bipartisan Big 4 Accountancy firm to fully trace and investigate not only His financials, but also those of 1MDB….

    Why won’t Deloitte or KPMG sign off on 1MDB numbers? Why won’t they release them with their seal of approval? This has nothing to do with the West or Islam. It has to do with proper ethical financial standards which if you live in the West have infinitely higher standards than in Malaysia. The old rhetoric of ‘even in the west’. No, don’t say that, Corruption has severe consequences in the West. In Malaysia, it is accepted.

    If you look at the corruption index, Malaysia is doing better than most, but it has a long long way to go to even reach Singapore’s level. In fact, I would say it is an impossibility for Malaysia not to be corrupt. It is in Malaysian DNA….

    It’s too late Tun,.Vision 2020 will not occur, but of course the Government will fluff over the facts and say… yes we achieved it, despite Malaysia still stuck in the third world….Typical and predictable from this Idiot run country.

  27. adelheid Aug 19,2015 5:56 PM

    Dear Tun,

    To all
    Tun writes to make us understand all that is happening and all that has befallen Malaysia. Tun writes because of his love for us Malaysians. And because he loves his anak bangsa, agama, tanah tumpah darah. Tun is a melayu. If anyone dare say he is not melayu, how about you and me aint we also were born with at least two bloods enjoined as one? I am half blood one half is chinese but the other half is melayu and all of our families are muslim. Our rumpun melayu is strong and we love this community. We also never forget our other mixed blood. No more racial religious fights. Even Najib is melayu with indonesian origin Tapi apa sudah jadi? And anyone from the orang melayu asli origin here anyone? You should be the Prime Minister and form the whole cabinet because you are the original melayu tanah melayu. No offence and without prejudice you guys orang asli are the kindest species in this land because you never complain and you lie low even when many of you are very well educated today. We love you.

    And we love you Tun Mahathir. Do continue with your thoughts and writings. Thank you for even caring to do the translations just to make all of us understand your messages. You are one in a trillion stars that shine this world. God bless you Tun Mahathir. Semoga Allah melindungi dan melimpahkan rahmah-Nya ke atas ayahanda Tun.

  28. faridina Aug 19,2015 5:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    I totally agree with Shahrir Samad that it’s absolutely right for him to ask his party president for funds for his constituency or money for party expenditure even after a General Election. You don’t expect him to ask from some contractors or businessman because it would not be appropriate. After all it’s only RM1,000,000 see only six zero not seven, eight or nine zero.

    Serve Staronline and listen to the interview base on Sarawak Report and the next question is did that 1Million goes to your personal account or division party account?

    Base on the same SR report dated 14/08/15 under the topic : PM’s Anonymous ‘Donation’ Was Transferred Back To Singapore! MAJOR EXCLUSIVE (Bal : 650 USD) money was also distributed in the form of cheques to other key party coordinators namely one AHMAD MASLAN richer by 2 Million Ringgit.

    Maybe Ahmad wants to comment on these or IR Hasni Head of Pontian Division could check your division party account because he is your deputy or cheque goes to Ahmad’s personal account?

    Obviously Ahmad is getting double from what Shahrir is getting because of his high CGPA compared to Shahril CGPA 1.93 who thinks that our beloved Tun is not relevant in the next 14th GE.

    Well as the PM used to say any division leader can ask him for money not for personal use but for party expenditure only and don’t bother to ask the party treasurer, I will issue my personal cheque as good as party’s cheque.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – To Wajaperak excellent facts given to counter grkumar aka gopal, two thumbs up bro I like it 🙂

  29. adelheid Aug 19,2015 5:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    To KLCC
    Im sure you meant well when you said that just by talking or mere words do not suffice to dislodge Najib. But you went on attacking Tun by repeatedly putting words in his mouth. It isn’t fair it’s equal to punishing Tun for something he didn’t do. He put Najib up there because he thought Najib was sane like any normal human. Tun isn’t God he like the rest of us was equally shocked at how Najib’s real person came to be when in power. It’s not fair for you to push Tun to the fore front of the battle zone. Physically you are stronger so you and me and the rest of us here we should be in the fore front to strategise the attack on this Najib government. Tun is a thinker and none others can beat him, let him write but with more care not to let everything out that Najib can laugh on it. I believe Tun will take every precaution to this effect while taking care of his n family’s safety. Malaysia is not a safe haven no more. Or never actually did guarantee safety to her citizens. The police have double standard.

    To Marge Pinot
    I can see your geram (if u are malaysian u will know what this means) is more of a personal thing against Tun. Well you can say anything you like and as long as Tun and the blog admininistrator choose to publish your comments you can expect to re-read ur own derogatory remarks urself over n over again. The people you side can also do the same to their own self satisfaction. But mind you Pinot you will have to suffer the counter attacks from us Mahathir’s children n grandchildren even if we are not biologically related to him we are prepared to shield n die for him. And we are not followers of mahathirism. We are Malaysians who want back our country clean. If you and the people you hail as good are indeed better than Mahathir you show the way how to oust the dictator and his bloody regime.

    Thank you Tun Dr. Mahathir. Don’t you despair now. Even Marina knows just how to nail these pinheads. Bravo Marina! Love ya Tun.

  30. Daniel Noor Aug 19,2015 4:51 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Dalam 5 tahun ini mulai sekarang, wanita2 yg lg hamil besar kemungkin TIDAK akan menamakan anak2 mereka seperti berikut :

    Najib, Zahid, Ahmad Maslan, Salleh Keruk, Rahman Dahlan, Shahrir, Tauchu Nan , Aziiz , Reezal , Nazri, Hishamuddin, Khalid, Adenan, ROSMAH , AZALINA

    Nama2 yg terus menjadi popular utk dinamakan pada anak2 …

    Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Shafie, Kadir, Ahmad sais, Ismail, Nordin, Mukhriz, SITI HASMAH, RAFIDAH

    Dan yg mungkin pakai @ iaah Khairy.

    Kaum Cina mungkin ramai akan namakan anak2 mereka – JHO LOW.

  31. ZD Aug 19,2015 4:44 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Kami faham byk perkara yg Tun tak boleh berckp secara terbuka. But please be careful apa yg Tun bincgkan dgn “org dalam” terutama yg sudah lama dengan Tun. Tidak mustahil org yg sgt2 dipercayai itulah mampu menyampaikan ke “sebelah sana”. Kami sokong Tun, cuma mintak Tun lebih hati2. Please Tun, please..just for precaution tak salah kot?. Ada yg mengesyaki tapi takde siapa berani sampaikan pada Tun tanpa bukti kukuh. Just be careful walaupun dgn org yg “sgt dipercayai” especially bab “STRATEGY”..hmmm..”Fox Bragg,NC”??. Capt S? Wallahualam…just hati-hati Tun. #kamisayangTunDrMahathir

  32. sibotak Aug 19,2015 4:40 PM

    Mari kita Perhatikan urusan Cukai Tanah yg Johor ,Kota Tinggi hendak naikan Pada Singapura atas Tanah yg mereka gunakan untuk urusan Air mereka
    Shanmugan Singapura mengulas tidak manasabah jika cukai Tanah Kota Tinggi di naik sebab berkaiatan dengan urusan air dulu kala Dari saman Rasul dulu

    Dulu agreement air Tidak Ada Kiatan dengan Pejanjian Mengunakan Tanah Johor sekarang
    Shanmugan Singapura macam nak Bodoh bodoh kan kita

    Mari kita lihat bagaimana Keputusan Najib
    Jika Beliau mengalah memang Beliau PM ter Bodoh di Dunia

  33. mubarakchan Aug 19,2015 2:09 PM


    You have been proven to be right in your inexhuastible exhortations to all and sundry soon after you retire in 2003, that the governance of our beloved Malaysia seemed to have gone wrong, very wrong.

    Remember the strange case of a hard-core PAP cadre being appointed with a lush Sime Darby on his lap to be the Chief Editor of the naive friendly and hospitable UMNO owned New Straits Times. We were more than close. We were eaten up by the Singapura Lion for breakfast without a fight. What a joke ! Where is our Sovereignty, National Interest. Self-esteem ?


    Your warnings to all and sundry was based on your wisdom and experience which has no peer in our beloved Malaysia. When you took on this onerous task a few years ago to forewarn the powers that are incumbent, our beloved Malaysia was already affected by the great tsunami of October 2008 !


    Some folk do not realise that our beloved Malaysia’s politics is balanced on a knife’s edge. And it was the sound economy through the fair and proper governance by the distinguished Prime Ministers since 1957 which gave us the benefits which only a Government could.


    In support of our beloved Tun’s vision of many years ago till today,
    here is a couple of self-explanatory headlines from independent sources published today, 19 August 2015 eg The Singapore Business Times and the Financial Times London.

    Singapore Business.


    Financail Times London.




    I appreciate your warnings through the years, 12 years.


    We are now all naked as a new-born babe ! The fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, ‘ The Boy and the Emperor without clothes ‘ has become an UNDERSTATEMENT !


  34. azlan95 Aug 19,2015 12:04 PM

    Obtaining documents is one thing, perhaps acceptable. But altering those documents is totally unnecessary unless a person has malicious intentions.


  35. Sri Sense Aug 19,2015 11:46 AM


    I free hari ini, so ada masa nak cerita sikit. Semalam I keluar minum dengan seorang businessman. Dia tanya kenapa I nak tutup opis. I kata because I consultant I can do my work at home. Ada computer, ada internet, ada aircond sudah cukup. Bila ada business I boleh buka opis semula.

    Dia kata dia beranikan diri buka business semula, sebab masa dia pergi umrah dapat banyak kenalan dan his cousin rapat dengan Sultan Johor, cousin dia ada banyak project sana.

    Apa yang menarik sini bukan about I nak buat business dirumah atau dia nak buka opis semula, tapi ini..dia kata kes 2.6B sama macam court case kat indonesia, dia sebut something dalam bahasa Indon, I tak faham bahasa Indon, something like dunia sekarang serba giler.

    Dia cerita about this court case yang dituduh pertama tak kena tapi situkang buat warna yang last kena tuduh pulak yang kena penjara, katanya lagi sama macam kes sini office boy pun kena tangkap, apa budak opis boy tau, takan opis boy bawak 2.6B 🙂

    Just sharing.

  36. HBT456 Aug 19,2015 11:25 AM

    63. Hedge fund, eg unit trust, kwsp, kwao are sovereign fund created out of uncertainties to hedge against looses due to terrorism, riots, revenge, sabotage and many issues beyound human control, balance.

    64. Here is for you to read in humour to understand why we needs humour when things become very emotional, complicated and hot with respect to 1mdb issue.

    65. Aftet reading the simple way of explaining 21 world economics models using cows, you will laugh and will be able to see what is going on here.

  37. Praxis Aug 19,2015 11:18 AM

    How perfect our governance model if we allow outliers with such violence on their hands to emerge and reduce government of the day to ashes?

  38. Sri Sense Aug 19,2015 10:53 AM

    Tun pohon sambung bicara,

    Oh ya, I have noticed that several here visited my website. Yup my website more of investment things, satu page aje cerita about anything, So…..?
    Strange though this page also a fav dengan kawan2 forummers kat investment forum, mereka kata sebab they get to see my funny side, walau my comment sebaris ayat. 🙂

    No comments allowed on my website. Sebab selalu sangat spamming from all over the world, semua barang nak jual, though article hal2 investment, tapi ada gak nak tumpang semangkuk cari space to advertise product mereka.

    And I ada sekali dua komen kat blog kadir jasin, that I pakai my blogspot account, that blog too on investment things. Visitors are the usual followers. 🙂 That’s it. Tak ada apa nak cakap lagi.

    Have a nice day!

  39. ken77 Aug 19,2015 10:41 AM


    Waiting for the next election will be too late…you need to do something now before its too late…look at all the middle east countries that have been destroyed by politics…we see them on TV and go on with our lives like its not happening to us and it will never happen to us…but what is happening in Malaysia now is basically how it all started in most destroyed Muslim nations….corruption, greed, power, god like status are the fundamental ingredients for this disaster….These nations will never go back to how it was ever again…GE18 will be too late to fix this country even if opposition wins…I fear we are heading for a catastrophic time in Malaysian history… 🙁

  40. Sri Sense Aug 19,2015 10:15 AM

    Dear Tun

    Ada baiknya komen yang berbaur anti-Mahathir ini tidak admin siarkan. I difahamkan oleh kawan, communication dept Najib ada 40 orang. Itu kawan kata, I personally tidak kenal any of them, kecuali those clown ministers yang begitu ghairah bercakap dengan press tak kenal tempat. I am very sure ada yang ditugaskan spy tun hari hari disini. To protect Tun, ada baiknya kita buat close and private group, kalau cari kat search engine seperti google pun tak jumpa. Tun invite orang yang Tun suka aje. Takpe la kalau dikatakan nanti kita ini conspirators sebab Najib dan gang pun dah memang conspirators juga.

    Pendapat peribadi, BN takan menang next general election. Najib ini arrogant, lack foresight. His younger brother Nazir wiser. Bila ada crisis, Najib punya reaksi pertama buat tak tau, bila tak hilang juga, baru dia sibuk lintang pukang cari jalan nak buat sesuatu. Already too late, nasi dah jadi bubur.

    Najib ini tak sama species dengan Tun walaupun parti sama. Kuncu2 macai2 bolehla cakap macam2 sebab ada habuan. Blaming Tun jalan termudah. Kalau tak pandai menari, jangan salahkan lantai jongkang-jongkit.

    I dah tengok di Selangor, jangan terperanjat bila ianya nanti jadi di Malaysia. I tau niat Tun baik, sayangkan parti tapi kalau ada perangai yang asyik terlelap, ganti pulak dengan kaki joli, memanglah tak tercapai wawasan 2020.


    Mahathir outlined nine strategic challenges that Malaysia must overcome to achieve Vision 2020.

    Challenge 1: Establishing a united Malaysian nation made up of one Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race).
    Challenge 2: Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society.
    Challenge 3: Fostering and developing a mature democratic society.
    Challenge 4: Establishing a fully moral and ethical society.
    Challenge 5: Establishing a matured liberal and tolerant society.
    Challenge 6: Establishing a scientific and progressive society.
    Challenge 7: Establishing a fully caring society.
    Challenge 8: Ensuring an economically just society, in which there is a fair and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation.
    Challenge 9: Establishing a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.

    sumber wikipedia
    kalau silap Tun betulkan.


  41. balance Aug 19,2015 10:04 AM

    grkumar Aug 18,2015 2:14 PM

    Very well written and very good points too. Yes everyone is suffering due to someone (hedge funds) greed.

  42. wajaperak Aug 19,2015 8:50 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [grkumar aka gopal
    My reasons for disagreeing the Tun on this current topic and the criticisms and views the Tun raises in it is based on my view that these are the Tun’s personal politically slanted opinions which have little or no legal or factual grounding in many respects]

    What is factual and what is not?

    Fact No 1.Rakyat is suffering.The whole lot of them especially the rubber tapper’s,the farmer’s,the fishermen the odd job workers every single one of them.
    From which point of view that your regard this as personal opinion of Tun?

    Fact No 2.The blatant abuses of power.What do you call Najib move that replaced all the ‘potential’ threat that looming over his head?From which point of view this is fair?

    Fact No 3.Intimidation.Do you know the level of nowadays government servant perfomance?Most pathetic.Why?The utmost boss to whom do you refer to is lackdaisical in many aspect.Why bother to serve’s the rakyat and country the way Tun and his band of merry men?

    Fact No 4.The Numb Syndrome.Do you feels any tingling sensation in your nerves when you are Diabetic?..No..The Medical Practicitioner keeps telling you that your organ is degenerating but you ignores them because YOU HAVE NO MORE FEELING OF THE SENSATION..And the organ keeps deteriorating waiting for gangrene to set in and septicaemia resulting amputation.

    Fact No 5.Saying it like it is.BN lawmaker or MP is the most heartless people I knew.The should says this to media and not otherwise..
    Sultan Mahmud killed the pregnant woman for the excuse of the Jackfruit.
    How do you describe this cruelty?
    We called Najib and his band of merry men as cruel and heartless..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  43. Birdseye Aug 19,2015 7:48 AM

    Salam Tun,

    For Gopal.

    How well indeed you generalize and pontificate.

    You said “The PM has to act with an iron fist where rumour mongering without a factual and legal basis is concerned.” Well, what is the greatest rumour in your most humble opinion? Let us talk about the RM2.60 billion which the Rakyat only became aware because of the WSJ article. It did not turn out to be rumour after all. Only an idiot can believe it was a donation by someone in the desert to the Prime Minister of a country like Malaysia. Sacking the Attorney General and taking measures to upset and grind to a halt an ongoing investigation, including harassing MACC officials is nothing to you?

  44. HBT456 Aug 19,2015 6:25 AM


    53. Sabotage?

    54. Readers paid for the news because they think worth reading.

    55. They have choice not to park their money here.

    56. Even pm najib parked his donation in singapore.

    57. Will world bank set up their office here?

    58. It will be better off for them to set up in singapore.

    59. Kl is not a good place eventhough the rent is cheaper.

    60. Indeed, malaysia is not a safe place because it is politically uncertain and the ministers are racist.

    61. When I heard the pakistani advised me, in my heart, I feel malu.

    62. Thanks to the noises made by our ketuanan melayu.

  45. sudin Aug 19,2015 2:37 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    To Marge Pinot, are you Malaysian?

    Naahh! Forget it, you’re writing rubbish!

  46. adelheid Aug 19,2015 2:37 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I agree with what was commented by KLCC 18/08/15, 10.58pm. Though it may sound harsh but I’m sure the message was well meant and sincere.

    Yes Tun, all of our criticisms and words would be useless given this scenario Malaysia is in. The PM has taken charge of everything to the extent of standing above the law. He has fooled everybody with every auta there is yet nothing can rip him off the hook. We have a mad person as our leader yet the people are so helpless because his army men are also mad – with greed for power and wealth.

    So how Tun? We rakyat even though we had been strong supporters of BN but this coming Bersih 4.0 we will join the others in the rally, to ask for PM’s resignation, to ask for a clean Malaysia. Enough is enough with this BN administration under DSN. We are thinking also to flag Jalur Gemilang upside down Tun. Sadly. Not to insult our much loved pride our flag but we want DSN government to see how many Malaysians how many melayu how many umno are against him right now. Our words are useless for this leech government. It’s stuck embedded so deeply in our flesh going into our veins arteries. And we are like waiting for our death to come. Just lying there waiting helplessly.

    Tun, it’s time to address this nonsense that PM has done to our country. Not by mere words and not so openly like KLCC said that PM and his mad army could read us like an open book and laugh. It’s really time to stop this nonsense nuisance. Surely there is an avenue to end this madness. After all it’s millions of us Malaysians against the few them!

    Love you Tun Dr. Mahathir. I hope you take care of your safety wherever you go and whatever you do. Same here for us Tun cos we are also worried of our own safety our families. Take good care Tun Mahathir, Tun Siti Hasmah and family. We love you.

  47. sudin Aug 19,2015 2:32 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    To Gopal aka grkumar,
    I’ve always read your previous comments in chedet with great interest, but recently you soured my expectation.

    Unlike the other countries which are also experiencing currency devaluation, the Malaysian stock market has retreated the most with the foreign capital exodus amounting billions of ringgit in a short period.

    Besides, the currency depreciation to those countries you have mentioned are not to the extent as compared to the ringgit.
    Our ringgit has depreciated by more than 10% to the baht, rupiah…. and do you think these countries have greater economic fundamentals to Malaysia?
    How about the riyal, dinar and other OPEC currencies the economy of which are almost wholly reliant on the falling petroleum price?

    The untrustworthy and great liar Najib and his cohorts are the only explanation for Malaysia’s currency to decline the worst.
    The world will not be looking with envy at Malaysia again so long as Najib still remain the leader!

  48. z2z Aug 19,2015 12:46 AM

    TWOG, this is not the time to rake up past errors. I believe Tun has the interest of the country at heart. Nobody is perfect. Tun has done Malaysians proud during his tenure as PM. He increased the GDP and per capita income of Malaysians many folds. Many criticized Tun’s projects but I believe many of these were genuine efforts to bring Malaysia forward to becoming a developed nation. Unfortunately, due to underlying issues like political patronage and affirmative policies the nation did not get to fully access it’s talent pool which is critical to compete effectively in a globalized economy.

  49. cruze Aug 19,2015 12:20 AM

    Rasa rasanya najib dan gang gang nya ni tak pandai baca tulisan english kot, kalau dalam malaysia boleh lepas…jangan salahkan sesiapa ya jika polis antarabangsa yang datang tangkap….tengok tu apa kata pascal najadi, baca betul2 malulah kami nak mengaku najib sebagai pm malaysia, jangan nanti falcon bank singapura atau bank bank luar siasat ujudnya money laundering….habis kamu semua, mana nak letak muka dan nak rayu sedangkan kamu salleh keruak, shahril samad azalina, mas ermiyati, sahidan kassim, rahman dahlan ahmad maslan, hishammudin dll telah menghina tun dan seluruh rakyat malaysia.
    Kalau najib kena tangkap dengan interpol kami semua tak nak tengok muka kamu lagi tau tak…..pembodek2 semua, sila pergi kelas tution english dan bacalah apa kata pascal itu,
    Amat memalukan apabila orang kata 1MDB macam monyet punya perniagaan….siapa yang menubuhkannya?

    Kami malu nak mengaku anda semua adalah pemimpin melayu yang boleh di banggakan….kami malu, kami rakyat malu dengan kenyataan kamu semua wahai pembodek….malu kami malu kami tengok cara kamu menjawab….tak nampak kematangan dan kebijaksanaan..jangan lupa baca kata kata pascal tu…kasihan sedikit pada zeti dan penjawat awam yang benar2 ikhlas bekerja untuk mencari rezeki keluarga……

  50. z2z Aug 19,2015 12:08 AM

    KLCC, I disagree that Tun should stop writing on social media…

    Tun’s blog helps a big deal in getting many people become aware of the scandal and garnering momentum for the corrective actions, just like SR, The Edge and WSJ.

    If revelations are known to only a few people, it would be easy for the corrupt to cover up either through threats and bribes (promises of contracts, allowance) against the weak ones and force (including lethal force) against the righteous ones since they have money, the judiciary, police and armed forces at their disposal.

    They wish that people will soon become tired talking about the 1MDB scandal, feel hopeless, become resigned to the situation and become meek and submissive prisoners.

  51. Tuntuah Aug 18,2015 11:26 PM

    Kepala umno bangsat ketua bahagian umno juga bangsat.

    Umno now memalukan sultan johor dan orang johor

    Sbb ahli ahli umno now pengecut…
    Maka jatuh lah umno
    Cash is king
    sama masa zaman jepon.
    Bawak seguni cash nak beli biskut 2 keping.

    For record sejarah.. Org umno merosakkan malaysia

  52. KLCC Aug 18,2015 11:21 PM

    Dear Tun, I can see you still love the Pahlawan. You still want to give him a chance to gloriously step down. That’s why you’re still talking. . But let me assure you, he will not resign. He will not step down. .

    It’s time to act rather than talk! He has committed offences far greater than Anwar. If you were so decisive on Anwar, why can’t you be decisive on the Pahlawan Bugis also!

  53. KLCC Aug 18,2015 11:11 PM

    If you could think of the fatal strategy for Anwar, why can’t you think of a similar strategy to make the current Pahlawan in the jail?

    The more you talk, the more weakness and hopeless I’ve seen from you. ..


  54. KLCC Aug 18,2015 10:58 PM

    Dear Tun, no point of talking so much in the social media. This will only provide more information to PM to quietly think of strategies to fight back. Never hope that he will resign. He will not be bothered by the social media. You see how he handles his Facebook.. thousands curses but yet smiley face. He will stay on and fight forward. He really has the pahlawan/samseng spirit.



    Of course, Tun knows the best action to be taken. .. I also believe. .

  55. tokjay Aug 18,2015 10:57 PM

    Baguih hang Najib, duit RM2.6 bilion donation hang songlap semua dan makan sorang senyap-senyap. Kalau tak kena tangkap “redhanded” oleh WSJ siapa pun tak tahu. Sekarang dah terjerat dan tercekik minta tolong puak-puak pencen tua terhegeh-hegeh tu doa untuk keselamatan hang. Pandai hang nu !!

  56. ir.miringila Aug 18,2015 10:20 PM

    apabila melaka menjadi tempat singgahan pedagang-pedagang bertukar dagangan dengan bebas, melaka mula menjadi maju dan menjadi tumpuan disebabkan kedudukannya yang terselindung dari tiupan angin monsun dan tempat pelayar mendapatkan bekalan air tawar. orang-orang yang mendiami melaka ketika itu hidup aman dan damai. mereka dikenali sebagai orang laut.

    nun diseberang sana parameswara bergaduh adik-beradik hingga parameswara cabut kerana tak dapat berkuasa. ke melaka dia singgah dan menabalkan diri sendiri menjadi raja. bersama panglima-panglimanya yang berpakaian pelik lagi berkelip mempersonakan penduduk di melaka.

    cukai mula dikutip kononnya ada servis yang diberi. pedagang tiada pilihan melainkan membayar sahaja supaya tak dibuli. adat orang berniaga tak mau gaduh-gaduh nanti pelanggan lari. parameswara mula hidup hebat sekali tanpa perlu kerja sendiri. hanya perlu membuli.

    beberapa lama kemudian datang pedagang berkulit putih. setelah bertahun mencari jalan hendak mencari rempah sendiri kerana tak mahu beli dari pak arab lagi.mahal sangat harga katanya. putera henry membuka jalan setelah meniru reka layar kapal arab. duit di kutip dari rakyat atas nama gereja kononnya untuk menyebarkan dakwah. duit dikutip berguni-guni hasil tipu daya akibat tamak dan haloba.

    masa belayarsampai ke afrika. nampak manusia berkulit hitam. mereka diseksa dan dibawa pulang ke portugal. inilah peluang membuat bisnes menjual hamba abdi berkulit hitam. berduyun-duyun pembesar-pembesar membeli hamba di buat kuli. kerja lebih makan sekali. masa itu sepanyol dibawah perintah islam membuat dendam penuh kesumat hajat dihati hendak mencari GARDEN OF EDEN, kononya ada disebelah timur.

    beberapa lama kemudian sampailah kapal portugis di melaka. kapal dagang separuh perang. tiba di melaka terus menyerang menggantikan raja sedia ada. taming sari entah kemana. kisah pahlawan kononya kebal membela raja bukannya rakyat. rakayat biasa merasa kagum melihat pakaian orang portugis. dibelek-belek dan dicium kemudian disembah laksana tuhan.

    akhir portugis datang belanda semuanya berebut hasil bumi malaya. semua dikaut dengan mudah tanpa perlu bersusah payah. beberapa lama kemudian belanda bertukar perjanjian melaka diberi kepada british, jawa diberi kepada belanda. oh,… mudahnya mereka bertukar tanah. bertukar rakyat yang tak mencium apa-apa akibat asyik bergurau senda.

    british datang dengan cahaya. menukar wang peso perak dengan kertas yang kononnya bernilai. peso perak beringgit-ringgit di keliling hingga kini menjadi nama matawang palsu malaysia. maka dollar malaya diberi nama. nilai diberi 1/8 sahaja dari pound british. ini tektik untuk menipu membolot malaya yang kaya raya.

    british datang dengan sistem yang hebat supaya mereka dapat menjajah sampai kiamat. kita diberi pelajaran supaya lupa akan kebenaran. minda dikepung agar tak mampu menakul. hingga disuruh berfikir diluar kotak namun tetap di dalam kotak yang lebih besar. tidaklah british hanya di malaya sudahlah ia keseluruh dunia. menanam sistem untuk masa depan king dan united kingdom. hingga kini kita menurut sistem pendidikan hingga ke ekonomi supaya kita nampak duduk dan nampak tingggi sesama mereka.

    datang jepun punah segala. british tak sangka jepun gila sanggup kamikaze demi cita-cita. british cabut balik negeri tinggal kita jaga diri. dipancung jepun hebat sekali, di tendang jepun alangkah indah hidup ini. air sabun minuman paling sedap. ubi kayu ibarat french fries.. british tahu mengapa jepun menggila namun tak pula ia bukak cerita.

    bila amerika mula menggila jepun dibom tanpa pri manusia. katanya hanya nak test tengok bom atom mereka kuat mana kerana tak pernah diuji keatas manusia. jepun mengalah bermuram durja. leftenan adenan diangkat naka. perang mana pun mesti ada panglima. kisah laksamana dilupa sudah kerana setia membabi buta. akibat ilmu tiada didada hingga sanggup menerima apa saja.

    british pulang ke malaya namun kali ini mereka malu gila kerana cabut begitu saja. mereka berfikir bagaimana nak terus menjajah tapi tak perlu mereka bekerja hanya perlu mencari balaci saja untuk dijadi raja boneka memerintah malaya kini malaysia. rancangan diatur supaya rakyat marah, menentang union jadi ajenda kerana tak mau berkongsi tanah dengan cina dan juga india. melayu berkumpul menuntut harta. bumi malaya mereka punya katanya. mereka lupa dulu raja mereka melantik inggeris menjadi advisor supaya raja tak payah kerja semuanya advisor yang lakukan, tinggai nganga anggur dimasukkan oleh dayang di istana. mereka juga lupa bila inggeris ini menhutip cukai untuk diri mereka dan raja kita. raja kita raja berdaulat takkan sanggup menduakan rakyat. namun itulah kisah. sejarah hitam kisah manusia yang nak hidup tanpa usaha bermaharaja lela seluruh dunia.

    jarum british sudah mengena. melayu berontak menuntut harta. usul dibawa ke england bertemu queen menjadi boneka. malaya kini memerintah sendiri tetapi harta sudah ditipu, hasil tektik matawang kertas. sampai kini kita ditipu ada yang sedar ada yang kelabu. pemimpin kita bijak bistari inilah peluang menonjol diri. rakyat ditipu tanpa segan dan tanpa silu. ahhhh… orang-orang bodoh ini tau apa pasal ekonomi… ahhhh… dungu-dungu yang didungukan disekolah-sekolah kerajaan ini tau apanya tentang matawang. tau apanya itu ringgit malaysia. mereka dapat makan, dapat kereta dapat semakphone mereka gembira bagai nak gila. lagi mudah kita menggila, itu fikir pemimpin negara.

    memimpin negara sungguhlah mudah tanpa perlu berilmu tinggi. akai menipu bijak sekali. mana yang naik itu strategi. wang kertas jadi taruhan kekal kuasa hingga bila-bila namun mereka lupa, dulu dijerman inflasi hyper menggila-gila. cukai dikutip ditambah GST. hasil dimakan oleh pemimpin dan juga pekerja di kantor mereka. lebih di beri kepada kroni dan kontraktor. kerja sedikit untung menggila. kononnya untuk pembangunan bukan untuk mengkayakan famili. kerajaan memimpin hebat sekali. rakyat kerdil tak reti-reti. kerana kepala dibasuh hebat sekali.

    ramailah tak tahu lagu mana duit dicipta. bulat-bulat percayakan kerajaan. jika terbongkar jadi sengketa. jika terbongkar pemimpin berkata “itu semua tohmahan untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan” bukanlah kerajaan harus berusaha,sebaliknya hanya memerlukan kita melangkah kebank membuat pinjaman. pinjaman dilulus duit tercipta dari papan kekunci komputer riba. (riba yang dimaksudkan bukanlah ribaan kita tetapi USURY atau interest.) pinjaman dibayar duit terhapus. tinggal interest mengkayakan si banker. wang interest penyebab inflasi kerana dimasuk dalam pasaran, tanpa perlu dihapuskan semula menjadi harta pada sikaya.

    iklan di tv “PIDM! ianya otomatik.” kununnya menginsuranskan wang pendeposit, sebaliknya untuk mengelak terjadinya LARIAN BANK atau bahasa inggerisnya BANK RUN. sudahlah sudah mereka menipu. bukannnya mereka tak tahu tetapi kerana sudah berjanji dan bertaat setia sejak dahulu dengan IMF dan juga WTO… tak lupa juga pada PBB.

    sejak najib jadi lah PM sudah banyak undang-undang baru. terutamanya dalam kementerian wanita dan keluarga.. masihkah ingat kan cogan kata “tangan menghayun buaian itu bakal menggoncangkan donia”.. undang digubal untuk mendenda siibu bapa yang tak menghantar anak kesekolah, denda lima ribu tak boleh bayar masuk penjara. anak diambil JKM untuk dibasuh otak yang berkarat. ibu atau bapa dalam penjara. makan diberi hingga obesiti. ayam rebus setiap hari tak ada garam tak ada gula. badan berisi menangisi hati. mana dia kebebasan yang dilaung oleh pemimpin. untuk rakyat mencorak hidup sendiri.

    undang dicadang baru-baru ini. untuk menghukum ibu yang lalai kerna anak diculik lari. sudahlah anak diculik pergi siibu pula bakal didenda. sudahkah parlimen berfikir habis mana siibu mau anaknya diculik hingga sanggup meminda undang untuk memuaskan hati PBB. jika diculik jelaslah sudah’ rakyat hidup dalam gundah, akibat sistem haram jadah menyebabkan manusia sanggup menculik.

    janin-janin didalam loji, tak lupa jugak didalam lobang, disemak-semak semut menghurung tanda kemajuan bangsa kita. pejabat agama sudahlah pening, dimimbar sudah di peringatkan. fikir mereka harus mencegah lalu dilaksana kursus pra perkahwinan untuk mendidik anak remaja. kursus pra bukanlah percuma, penceramah dijemput dari pejabat agama mengisi poket beringgit-ringggittt membuat lawak jenaka didalam kuliah. benarlah kata zina itu lebih mudah dari berkahwin hotel-motel dimana-mana. wali mula hilang kuasa seperti diberi Allah taala, pejabat agama bermaharaja lela menjadi tuhan pada manusia. nak kahwin pun kena bayar wali, sedangkan wali bapa sendiri, wali tak reti wakilkan imam yang jadi pendaftar dapat bayaran. mudahlah hidup membuat duit, asalkan kenyang perut sendiri. tak jadi kawin duitnya banyak, tak ada hotel semak jadi taruhan melunaskan fitrah sebagai manusia akibat undang membabi buta.

    sudahlah sudah wahai manusia. menjadi pemimpin bukannya menjadi tuhan. hanya adil yang harus ditegak bukan mencipta undang-undang gila. naik kereta kena berlesen jika tidak boleh disaman. lesen dibeli bukanlah murah tapi duit dikutip setiap tahun. lesen mati disaman juga walau skillm memandu tak mati pun. undang gila apa ni.. setelah JPJ mengiktiraf kita boleh memandu cekap berhemah mengapa nak disaman lesennya mati sedangkan skillnya tak mati. undang dicipta untukm mengutip ringgit-ringgit buat belanja. mengisi tembolok tak kira cara. sengaja dicipta bayaran tahunan supaya manusia yang memang lupa nak bayar kena saman untung sekali. inilah cara mereka berkuasa, apa nak dijawab didepan Yang Maha Esa.

    lain pulak didalam parti dicipta undang yuran seumur hidup supaya tidak kehilangan ahli. itulah licik orang politik.. rakyat biasa jadi taruhan.
    sekianlah gurindam gila ini hingga bertemu dilain kali.

    maafkan saya Tun.
    I’m collegian and proud to be.

    Strong loyalty we give our king,
    Firm freindship we would like to bring,
    We march along with………

  57. Hasanar Aug 18,2015 10:04 PM

    Dear Tun – Only you and none other than you with your vast knowledge and know-how can make things happen.
    MALAYSIANS need you at these crucial times to safeguard our Beloved Malaysia.

  58. chanwk28 Aug 18,2015 9:32 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please tell us where were we heading for now? What is the worst scenario can happened to all of us. I think Tun can see it better than us. This time, Malaysia learned a biggest lesson where PM has so much power and untouchable. Is no longer PR vs BN. Is the Rakyat vs PM.

    I wish the government have enough smart people to go through this crisis. With whatever economy models the government has, still all businesses are not in good shape. PM, DPM, ministers and deputy ministers should slash their pay and allowances. Make some major cost cutting and don’t go overseas for holiday. Lead by example.

    GST should abolish immediately to get back the people spending power. GST create a huge problems where things today are so much expensive compared before. 6% tax is not what actually is. If an items went through many hands, that’s where the multiple tax calculation cost the pricing sky high.

    God gave us a piece of wonderful land, the natural resources that we have and shared with a 30 mil populations, we should have enjoy a good saving, a good life and a good spending power. However, look at what happened now? We’re struggling, worrying and suffering. Malaysia has to change now or we will become history.

  59. anak wawasan 2020 Aug 18,2015 9:12 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun & my fellow Malaysians

    We are not alone.
    We are ONE.
    This debacle is a blessing in disguise that tested the strenght and unity of us all.
    We have to be strong.
    We cannot give up especially when there is only a few more steps before Allah grant us victory.
    Let’s keep on praying, for Allah will answer the prayers of those who are praying for good.
    Those who had not performed their duties and amanah rakyat will not be let loose.
    That is the law of Allah. This is the promise of Allah. May Allah show the right path to those who have lost their ways. Amin.

    May Allah blessed Tun and family. Our prayers are with you always, Tun.

  60. daeng Aug 18,2015 7:27 PM



    1. Saya percaya UMNO akan menemui titik nokhtanya sedikit hari lagi di bawah pimpinan Najib.

    2. Siapa yang patut dipersalahkan ialah ahli-ahli UMNO itu sendiri yang terus menyokong Najib.

    3. Golongan ini bukanlah kumpulan yang besar, tetapi mereka adalah kumpulan kecil yang ada kepentingan diri samada dalam UMNO yang terdiri dari ketua bahagian, ketua cawangan dan ahli-ahli majlis tertinggi UMNO.

    4. Hanya kumpulan ini sajalah Najib akan menabur wang RM dan habuan lain mungkin berupa pangkat, dijanjikan projek dan lainnya.

    5. Jika ada pun yang lain, ianya bukanlah majoriti dalam UMNO.

    6. Pengamatan saya, sebahagian besar ahli UMNO yang semakin “membenci” Najib adalah ahli-ahli biasa sahaja.

    7. Mereka yang duduk di atas pagar iaitu bukan ahli UMNO majoritinya semakin sedar bahawa tindak tanduk Najib sebagai pemimpin semakin hari semakin kalut.

    8. Kumpulan inilah penyumbang besar kejatuhan UMNO/BN semasa PRU14 nanti.

    9. Oleh itu, penyelamat UMNO untuk terus releven adalah ahli-ahli UMNO itu sendiri, bukan ahli DAP, bukan ahli PKR, bukan ahli PAS mahupun parti-parti luar UMNO.

    10. Jika ahli UMNO sekarang tidak mahu ambil peduli dan tidak berbuat sesuatu untuk menjatuhkan Najib, maka pengamatan saya UMNO bersama Najib umpama penyakit barah, semakin hari semakin parah dan akhirnya terus menemui ajal.

    Fikir-fikirkanlah. Sekian Tun.

  61. Buddies_Man Aug 18,2015 6:37 PM

    Salam Tun & Thank You,

    For the sequal…Malaysia 2,

    Salute for the precision & comprehensive content.

    Dear TWOG,

    Seems like you are blaming Tun for the root cause.

    Actually Tun have opened up the margin to excel in managing Malaysia.

    If Tun is here managing it until now, we already achieved the vision 2020 earlier than expected.

    The root cause is POWER & GREED. So shame that this PM is the greediest.

    Auzubillah hi min zalik…now everything goes back like in the 80’s where ringgit & market are weakening…

    The root cause Is GREED nothing but GREED

    If anyone attacking Tun here…over our dead body…


  62. tropixblue Aug 18,2015 5:17 PM

    Our country is in an extremely dire situation and Dr Mahathir is now a very important voice for the people irrespective of his past record as PM.

    The “root issues” you raised may need to be addressed but it is obvious that Malaysians must first deal with PM Najib’s wholesale usurpation of our government, crippling of institutions & evasion of judicial processes.

    Unlike Dr Mahathir, Najib has no scruples about destroying the country to cover himself. The scale, scope and implications are of such enormous gravity; compromised leaders make the country vulnerable to internal and external negative influences and criminal elements.

    Postscript: Perhaps Malaysians would understand better if plain language/crude colloquialisms were used for these statements.

  63. ismadi Aug 18,2015 4:57 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Terima kasih atas artikel yang bermanfaat ini.

    Maka akan berterusanlah Malaysia diterajui oleh pemimpin yang disyaki korup dan menyalahgunakan kuasa.

    Bukti seperti ada dan telah di war warkan tetapi tidak dapat dikeluarkan kerana tindakan cepat mengalihkan tuduhan kepada tidak setia, dengki dan konspirasi menjatuhkan Kerajaan.


    Sistem Pelajaran kita telah menyebabkan anak anak Melayu sudah tidak menghiraukan keadaan sekeliling. Mereka lebih berkepentingan sendiri sekarang ini. Kalau nak curi duit, curi la kata mereka. Jangan curi duit aku dah. sebabnya gaji dia orang masih dapat setiap bulan. Begitulah sistem pelajaran Malaysia telah mencetekkan pemikiran anak anak Melayu sekarang.

    Bukti nyata ialah lihat kepada pemimpin muda dalam UMNO. Masuk Parti buat duit. Tak salah tetapi tiada semangat patriotik dan semangat bencikan kepada perasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa.

    Keadaan dah semakin susah sekarang ini. Harga barangan dan perkhidmatan melambung tinggi. Pergi buat balancing tayar, 4 biji dah RM20.00. Kena buat pula allignment tambah lagi RM30.00. So dah jadi RM50.00. Sebenarnya ini hanya charge perkhidmatam sahaja dan sudah lebih tinggi dari doktor yang merawat pesakit.

    Itu belum kereta rosak lagi. Kos buruh dia pun dah tinggi.

    Masalah Negara akan berterusan dengan kejatuhan nilai ringgit dan seperti tidak ada apa apa yang dilakukan oleh kepimpinan Negara. Mungkin mereka sudah kaya dan tidak terasa kesusahan rakyat. Pemimpin sebegini seharusnya tidak memegang sebarang jawatan dalam parti dan kerajaan.

    Persoalannya kenapa kita masih gagal menukar pemimpin?

    Majoriti Rakyat Malaysia adalah pengasih, penyayang, mengasihani dan tidak suka menjatuhkan seseorang. Keamanan dan harmoni menjadi amalan hidup kita walaupun musuh melintas dan memberikan salam. Kita jawab salam dan kata bagus pencuri ni. Ada adab!

    Kalau hendak tukar juga..tiada jalan. Melayu berpecah 4 sekarang. UMNO, Pas,PKR dan GHB. Kemudian ada NGO seperti Perkasa dan Isma. Kemudian ada Utusan Malaysia, Suara Keadilan dan Harakah. Di mana titik perpaduan dan Penyatuan terasa semakin jauh kerana masing masing berbangga dengan kepercayaan dan pegangan masing masing.

    Balik rumah, tutup pintu dan tingkap. Tutup lampu juga. Duduk diam diam. Mungkn pencuri tak nampak kita. Malangnya, di luar sana ada mesin ATM, boleh curi pakai transfer pula dah.

    Di mana mana sudah tidak selamat. Pencuri ada kumpulan sendiri dan ada kuasa pula. mana nak lari melainkan tengok dengan penuh kebencian dan berdoa pada satu hari nanti kau terima lah balasan dari Tuhan mu.

    Memikirkan nasib, orang orang Palestin pun berdoa tetapi setiap hari ada yang mati dibunuh rejim Zionis. Lagi teruk pada kita rakyat Malaysia. Lahir pula rasa bersyukur kerana pencuri tidak membunuh.

    Nak marah ke atau nak diam ke atau nak bertindak ka atas kecurian ini. Dah bertindak tetapi tindak balas Pencuri lebih hebat dengan kuasa eksekutif yang ada.

    Eloklah kejadian kecurian yang terjadi adalah kerja buat orang orang Melayu sendiri. Terimalah dan Tolaklah yang baik dan yang jahat Definasi baik jahat pun sudah sukar diterjemahkan dengan politiking Melayu yang hebat ini. Kalau kat Amerika Syarikat orang melayu pergi berpolitik, Yahudi pun akan kalah.

    Saya mendoakan Tun sihat, dipanjangkan usia dan diberikan ilham dan kekuatan untuk menyahkan kumpulan pencuri dari Malaysia.

    Saya menyokong Tun dengan sentiasa memberitahu rakan rakan saya bahawa satu kes kecurian wang telah berlaku di Malaysia dalam jumlah yang besar oleh seorang Pembesar tetapi tidak dapat dibuktikan oleh kerana dengan penyalahgunaan kuasa eksekutif yang bertindak mengekang, mengugut dan menindas.

    Allah Selamatkan Tanah Air Kita, In sya allah.

  64. teratai Aug 18,2015 4:03 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I must admit a well written article, Tun

    I only hope the best for Malaysia.

    Those who wish to read Tun’s writing in BM, kindly click below

    Thank you.

  65. Marge Pinot Aug 18,2015 3:43 PM


    Lets face it – you are the cause of the problem – YOU fix it! Why are you having difficulty fixing the problem you created? Simply because all YOU want is a different PM. Your focus is nothing more than to have Najib replaced by another UMNO pirate. When your focus becomes more holistic and people centered, and less egotistical, you will see that there is a way forward. The opposition are not bad people – and you know it. Neither is Anwar – and you know that too. You painted them out to be bad to keep yourself in power so that you and your cronies could loot the country. Najib is just doing the same. So, humble yourself, swallow your misplaced pride, admit that what you did and how you manipulated the political structure of UMNO and the institutions of government was wrong, apologize to the nation in all sincerity and engage the opposition; who are as Malaysian and therefore, as Malay as you, and who also have the best intentions for this wonderful country. Being in an opposition party does not make a person bad or NOT have the interests of the nation and its people at heart. Being a member of the Republican party or Democratic party does not make its members any less American and likewise if you belong to the Conservative Party or Labor Party or Liberal Democrats does not make them any less British. This is the case all over the democratic world – except in Malaysia – because of the way you played politics.

    Until you are able to admit that, Najib will have the upper hand. When you can admit that the entire premise of your brand of politics was unjust, then, the BN component parties will follow suit and you will be surprised at what can be achieved by a truly united front. If you insist that UMNO must be at the forefront of politics, then you know deep down, that there is no alternative but to destroy UMNO as it is now and resurrect it from the ashes as a completely reformed and democratic party.

    Do the right thing – for a change – so that your soul can rest in peace. Do the right thing for your grandchildren and our future generations.


  66. Tired Aug 18,2015 3:39 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tumpang lalu, terima kaseh!

    To: TWOG (Talk With Out Cogitating?),

    Your questions and my answers:-

    Q: But is the PM solely to blame?
    A: Yes, the PM Najib is to blame, solely!

    Q: What is the root cause of this problem Malaysia is facing?
    A: The root cause of this problem Malaysia is facing is due to an irresponsible and a corrupt PM who lied, stole (allegedly), and manipulated the Rule of Law to serve himself while being supported by equally irresponsible and corrupt politicians and idiots like you, TWOG!

    Q: Who was responsible for making the PM position so powerful that it is almost impossible to bring down the PM even if there are wrong doings?
    A: Najib made the PM position so powerful by using his ‘Cash Is King’ mantra over those weak people that he could emasculate including people like you, TWOG!

    Q: Who emasculated the judiciary?
    A: No one does, TWOG. The Judiciary is as good as always. However, it does not work by itself. Someone needs to initiate legal proceedings, for it to hear and judge. It does not initiate proceedings by itself. Why do not you file a civil suit against Najib, for example, to test the Judiciary’s fairness and effectiveness, TWOG? Just to refresh your memory, the same Judiciary had released Anwar Ibrahim from jail, for corruption, and later, returned him back to jail, for sodomy. Does this present an emasculated judiciary, TWOG? No, I do not think so, TWOG!

    Q: Who compromised the Sultan’s power?
    A: Tun Dr Mahathir ‘compromised’ the Sultan’s power, TWOG. However, it was due to few incidences that warranted such an action, which the People had supported, by the way. Perhaps, if you were a bit too young to know of these incidences, TWOG, it would serve you well to research it. However, if you were a bit too old to remember it, please get your children and or grandchildren to refresh your memory, TWOG.

    Q: Who revamped UMNO’s voting system such that the incumbents are not easily voted out?
    A: Najib, the current UMNO President, revamped the voting system to that in use, currently, TWOG, where the Division Heads (numbering 190+ divisions) only, are required to vote whereas during Tun M’s era, about 2,000 delegates were required to vote. Therefore, which systems you reckon is more susceptible to emasculation, TWOG?

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh, sekali lagi. Wassalam.

  67. cruze Aug 18,2015 3:01 PM

    Ir miringgila…anda sebenarnya tidak otak miring dan tidak gila kan? So brilliant idea…bagusss…good saya nak selit sedikit…jika kerajaan naikkan harga rokok..lama lama syarikat rokok akan tutup kedai… macam mana kerajaan najib nak dapat sumber kewangan melalui cukai rokok? Menteri perempuan yang suruh naikkan harga rokok tu ada pikir ini tak?
    Nenek saya meninggal pada usia 80 walaupun dia menghisap rokok yang tiada filter (double ace).

  68. cruze Aug 18,2015 2:48 PM

    Wahai tebing tinggi, persoalan yang membenak di fikiran anda “tidakkan pemimpin bawahan sedar apa yg berlaku” rasanya begini kot…..
    Bukan mereka tak sedar… cuba tengok sekarang semakin ramain pemimpin yang menunjukkan kebodohan di dalam kesombongan selepas ahmad maslan, sahidan kassim, azalina othman, mas ermiyati, zaid hamidi, shahril samad, hishamuddin hussin, salleh kruak, rahman dahlan dan baru baru ini puad jarkashi pulak dah nak tunjuk suam suam bijak…..
    Sanggup nak fitnah dato noraini kesayangan ramai orang johor….harap harap mereka tak fitnah halimah sadiq pula…azalina, ahmad maslan dan puad jarkas sungguh memalukan rakyat negeri johor….semuga pru akan datang anda akan tersungkur menggelupur kalah kami harapkan…juga kepada pembodek bodoh yang lain lain…

  69. HBT456 Aug 18,2015 2:47 PM

    39. No man is an island.

    40. I fell from stair and broke my leg before raya in kl

    41. The one who stopped and help me is from pakistan, a young man,

    42. He adviced me to becareful with my belongings and the police.

    43. Due to this accident, I loose my new job.

    44. Loosing a job is no big deal.

    45. The way that apanama president is harrasing the mas management to pay the laid off workers in full make umno looses more votes.

    46. Umno is no longer relevant because they only talks about how good they are.

    47. If umno is sincere, and willing to kongsi, they will never talk about race and religion.

  70. HBT456 Aug 18,2015 2:31 PM

    30. I am wondering will bn component parties dare to use jawi to replace their mother tongue language?

    31. If they do, pm no need to declare non universal islam context.

    32. Umno will loose more votes.

    33. If you anti universal human rights, then why copy indonesia way of civil acts?

    34. Those who made most noises are umno malays.

    35. Dont worry, pm najib is kaya raya.

    36. But if pkr wins, will he be jailed?

    37. He wont be jailed cause they cant be jailed, but can be voted out.

    38. Malaysia was never an islamic country, please respect the federal constitution.

  71. grkumar Aug 18,2015 2:14 PM

    My reasons for disagreeing the Tun on this current topic and the criticisms and views the Tun raises in it is based on my view that these are the Tun’s personal politically slanted opinions which have little or no legal or factual grounding in many respects.

    Be that as it may, the Tun is entitled as a citizen and an elder statesman to indulge himself in his comments however critical they may be of government and Datuk Najib Razak the Prime Minister and to comment on those matters he comments on regularly especially in the current article on his blog.

    Malaysia’s currency led losses in Asia over the past 12 months with a 22% drop (over 12 months and not overnight) can be attributed to a number of factors. The Tun like many other critics of government does not address these background issues that have driven the ringgit drop.

    There is a speculative element here at play against the ringgit as there was during the time of Soros with hedge funds driving down currencies like the ringgit. The reason being there is no mechanism in place to halt speculation in currencies these days even if they are pegged to a major trading currency.

    Apart from the speculative hedge fund problems there are the economic fundamentals the Tun fails to address in much the same way many of the opponents of government comment adversely on the economy and the ringgit.

    Much of the money otherwise in Malaysia has been going off shore to Singapore as it did during the CLOB and Asia currency crisis in 1997-1998 over which the Tun presided then.

    It does not take rocket science to discover that the ringgit is also being battered by the Yuan devaluation as many other currencies also are. Falling oil prices (which is a major revenue earner) and the prospect of higher US interest rates combine to create the effects we are witness to in the ringgit’s fall when coupled with the devalued Yuan.

    The daily published cash rates and US Bond markets (as well as European Bond markets) will tell even an amateur observer of the markets whats going on and how and where these will impact in the markets. Apart from these factors the Bond Market and other online tools of the regulated major markets are there to providing any interested party with the information that points to a situation where currencies and economies like Malaysia’s will be effected severely by the external factors that drive and influence Malaysia’s economy.

    No one,not even the US predicted what China would do with the Yuan. China is no small negligible market or economic force. Depreciating the Yuan without warning was the worst contribution to stability in the world economy. But what can anyone do? China is China. It too is very big and powerful. China acts in its own interests. It has no legal or moral responsibility to anyone but itself in these matters.

    Australia’s own currency has dropped over 20% in the past 12 months according to a Sydney Morning Herald/ Reserve Bank study. There are no “scandals” of 1 MDD type in Australia, no time wasting on speculative nonsense about leaders stealing or misappropriating money because these things are best dealt with in the courts and not in the press. And inspite of the difference in style the Australian dollar will continue to fall. Why? because of economic fundamentals, low commodity prices, the China factor and the likelihood of higher US interest rates. Just as it is in Malaysia.

    China, arguable the number 1/ number 2 economy in the world had 50% of the value of its share market wiped out in a matter of days recently. It then “corrected” and fell a further 18% after a brief respite. Just to put it into perspective when Black Friday occurred in 1987 it was because the US stock market fell by 28% over a period of time. It had a contagion effect unprecedented for that time. The crash of 2008 recorded a 21% fall in value of the NYSE which is still nothing like the Chinese 58% fall.

    To put it in another perspective Japan’s debt is 200% its GDP. Well that’s at least true as far as it was in the 1990’s. Japan remains one of the most successful and well managed economies of the world.

    I am terribly disappointed with the Tun’s remarks because it is short term political expediency. It produces long term destruction for the country and its image and its economy.

    Neither the opposition, nor the government, not the Tun will prevail or benefit from such fear mongering and “the sky is falling” type of economic analysis.

    These are testing economic times for the world. We forget what occurred in Greece recently which impacted on all of Europe.

    Swedish, Norwegian, French and Danish farmers are going broke because of the European miscalculation in embargoing Russia. It is backfiring badly in the Europeans. Russia is banning all primary produce from the EU countries in retaliation for their embargoes against them. The EU countries have no one else to sell their food products to.

    Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy continue to run deficits larger than ever and have not corrected their debt situation nearly a decade from the GFC.

    India has recorded a significant drop in exports the Rupee has fallen to its lowest in 2 years an the deficit has reached a staggering $17.3 billion and growing. Is there a Najib there? no. A Barisan there? No.An UMNO there? No!!

    An Ambiga and Hindraf there? Yes, and in the tens of millions. Maybe thats where their problems lie.

    The PM has to act with an iron fist where rumour mongering without a factual and legal basis is concerned. He must act especially where the result is damage to the national economy and the country’s legal and political institutions and that’s where the Prime Minister’s problem lies.

    Datuk Najib is not attacking the problems as they arise when they arise. He has allowed it to spin out of control to an extent any rumour one fields today is accepted as the truth and is further enlarged by comments of others embellishing the falsehoods with their own views. But who can blame them when government is silent?

    Where an obligation lies with an authority to do something such as to provide timely and accurate information within reasonable bounds and it does not, speculation and gossip take its place. And thats exactly what is happening to Malaysia today.

    But it is a resilient country and it will bounce back to form once corrective measures are taken and people from all sides act responsibly.


  72. Hajar Aug 18,2015 2:01 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Our PM is a liar, a thief, and a corrupt leader (only a thief / corrupt leader would keep quiet when RM2.6 Billion was deposited into his personal account). May be he forgets that he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, not just a common citizen, and is answerable to the ‘rakyat’.

    2. And, in order to avoid being charged / criminalized, he misused his power and position by interfering with the investigations into 1MDB and the 2.6 Billion so-called ‘donation’.

    3. He always ‘canang’ to the public that he is more democratic (the most democratic) than all previous Prime Ministers of Malaysia.

    4. But obviously, he is going to be remembered as a DICTATOR (who misused his power for his own personal gains / interests), and a TRAITOR to UMNO / Malays / Malaysia.

    5. I pray he and those leaders (especially UMNO leaders – ‘yang hidup mewah dengan sogokan duit dari ‘Slave of Cash’, tapi kehidupan rakyat semakin perit; all of them are traitors) who support DSN and his criminal acts will be punished by Allah SWT soon (before the 14th GE).

    6. Yes, true enough, ‘DSN has stolen (hijack) the Government’ using stolen (donated?) money! We, the ‘Rakyat’, must stop him!

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  73. rainman Aug 18,2015 1:57 PM

    From the beginning whereby the parcel of land acquired by 1MDB at dirt cheap price from the Govt and selling it off at a high premium, to GLCs’ and their Yayasan, you know that they are “milking the cow” for self vested profit.
    Nothing we, the rakyat can do right now except to wait for the GE14..
    I wonder what the Royalties are doing, after seeing so many of the Rakyat voices their negative opinions and thought towards the current Administration.
    So far, only Johor seem visible, directly, showing their support to the Rakyat..
    The King and other Royalties should go to the ground to show support to all the Rakyat to ensure that Malaysia is SAVED from this onslaught by the current administration.
    GOD Blessed Malaysia!!

  74. shyguy48 Aug 18,2015 1:55 PM

    To whom it may concerned

    If the father is a Mafia, that doesn’t mean the children will be a mafia as well;
    If the father is an Ustaz, that doesn’t mean the children will be a god fearing person;
    And if the father was a great politician, that doesn’t mean that the son will follow the father’s mold and become at least on par or better than the father.
    As my teacher always said:
    These people have eyes but they do not see,
    These people have ears but they do not hear,
    And I’m adding these words:
    These people have brain but they do not think.
    Each person is unique and we chart our own destiny and future.
    To simply put blame of the current mismanagement of the government on the pretext that the rule of conduct as such has been ingrained and developed by the previous leadership hence should be followed by the present people in power, is utterly immature, short sighted and childish.

    And Allah knows best.

  75. Aku Aug 18,2015 12:02 PM

    ini bukan setakat menghancurkan umno dan segala suku sakatnya…ini sudah menghancurkan negara dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia!!! can’t u tell the difference?

  76. safiy Aug 18,2015 11:53 AM

    Najib telah mencuri kerajaan.. tiada perkataan yang lebih tepat menggambarkan situasi pada hari ini di negara Malaysia tercinta.

  77. HBT456 Aug 18,2015 11:50 AM

    25. No point making noise here.

    26. The political fact is umno is loosing supports.

    27. Fatwa here and there make them looks backward.

    28. Racism is very much alive in here.

    29. I have a strong feeling that pm najib will win in next ge.

  78. TWOG Aug 18,2015 10:14 AM

    What is happening in Malaysia today is unprecedented. The rule of law has been turned upside down and the people seem powerless to do anything to put it upright again.

    Yes, people are powerless to do anything to put it right again. But is the PM solely to blame? What is the root cause of this problem Malaysia is facing? Who was responsible for making the PM position so powerful that it is almost impossible to bring down the PM even if there are wrong doings? Who emasculated the judiciary? Who compromised the Sultan’s power? Who revamped UMNO’s voting system such that the incumbents are not easily voted out?

    These are the questions we have to ask ourselves if Malaysia is to be able to put right what went wrong.

  79. joetamchi Aug 18,2015 10:13 AM


    Daulat negara telah hilang..!
    Tiada lagi kedaulatan undang undang…

    Siapa bersuara, kena pecat..!!
    Siapa menyiasat, kena siasat..!!!



  80. balance Aug 18,2015 9:32 AM

    MMMALAYSIA Aug 17,2015 9:04 PM

    Your analysis is very rational and I agree 100% about the Govt servants and all others that depend on Govt for a livelihood. 1st to go are the GLCs and its employees. If those chose not to wake-up, then sayonara, adiós or simply selamat tinggal.

  81. tebing tinggi Aug 18,2015 9:23 AM

    Salam Tun’

    Tidakah ahli-ahli UMNO sedar ,yang sokongan mereka kapada Najib ,akan menhanchurkan UMNO itu sendiri .

    Apakah kesetiaan mereka terhadap Najib melebihi kesetiaan mereka terhadap UMNO dan tidakah mereka-mereka ini terpikir ,dimana duduknya mereka sekiranya UMNO itu hanchur.

    Kalau beginilah sikap mereka ,mengutamakan pemimpin megatasi parti ,yang pasti mereka dilihat sebagai bukan pejuang bangsa/ugama yang sebenar benarnya.

    UMNO pasti diambang kehanchuranya .

  82. MEGATI DEWANI Aug 18,2015 9:13 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun DM dan semua peminat blog ini,

    saya sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan Tun supaya majoriti mudah di Parlimen dilaksanakan untuk menyingkirkan Najib dari jawatan kerana Malaysia tidak mampu mempunyai PM yang TIDAK JUJUR,PUTAR BELIT, dan menyalahguna kuasa. Biarlah kita hilang seorang individu daripada kehilangan negara yang makmur,bertindak sebelum nasi menjadi bubur.

    Ya Allah ya tuhanku engkau buka lah hati hati orang yang mempunyai kemampuan dan kuasa untuk mengambil tindakan yang benar dan yang sepatutnya.

    wahai ahli ahli parlimen, bangunlah dari lena yang panjang, cubalah menggunakan fikiran yang matang dan bertindaklah untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia……jangan percaya dengan dakwaan jika menggulingkan Najib kita menyokond DAP atau pembangkang….

    Sudah terbukti dinegeri Selangor apabila pengundi Melayu hilang kepercayaan kepada UMNO….. sebelum rakyat jelata menolak kerajaan yang ada.

  83. ayah chik Aug 18,2015 9:06 AM

    Salam TUN.. inshaallah kita akan pastikan UMNO /BN akan tumbang dlm pru 14 akan datang.. kami sedang buat kerja dgn sukarela.. sy yakin umno /bn tidak mampu utk menipu sebahagian besar rakyat.. semua sudah jelas.. RM jatuh ..share market sudah jatuh lebih 120 mata dlm seminggu. Harga barangan naik.. rakyat drpd semua peringkat sudah dpt merasa sendiri keperitan…
    Apa yg dilakukan oleh najib sekarang hanys mampu utk beliau utk terus menjadi presiden parti akan tetapi tidak mampu utk memberi impak yg baik utk negara.
    Di peringkat cawangan umno majoriti mahu beliau berundur akan tetapi di peringkat bahagian tidak berani utk mengutarakan kenyataan ini…ketua bahagian sudah kenyang dan akan terus di umpan kerana rm 2.6 bil masih lagi berbaki sebagai umpan kpd yg masih kelaparan.

  84. Sri Sense Aug 18,2015 9:02 AM

    salam tun

    Kawan2 ada yang nak join Bersih rally. Mereka kata sebab nak tunjuk kat Najib, jangan nak memperbodohkan rakyat.

    Tengok lately based on the news banyak perkara yang tak masuk akal, najib janji nak bagi MP dari 1M dulu now naik RM5M, next year dia akan naik lagi peruntukkan, bayangkan berapa banyak beban rakyat kena tanggung, udah lah segala barang naik, investment jatuh merundun, dia dengan MP pulak joli sakan. Itu antara cara Najib atasi crisis. Takda jiwa kerakyatan lansung. Betul ke budget untuk sekolah hospital and so on, masuk pocket pun boleh maaa

    Memang business kecik sekarang mati, klinik swasta mati, mana taknya dengan GST semua naik, I sendiri pun cut cost pergi klinik kerajaan, sebab gomen asyik pow I, I pun pow gomen balik, adil kan

    Zahid pulak asyik kata orang tua orang tua, nak tanya jugak how young he is, dah tu plotter nak jumpa Najib pukul 6 petang, Najib balik rumah pukul 7.50 malam 🙂

    I tak nak vote BN lagi, they are nuts!

  85. Fariq Islam Aug 18,2015 8:51 AM

    Asslamualaikum, Tun.

    Dengan pembongkaran kes demi kes, PM telah insaf bahawa adanya fokus ke atas skandal dan mengambil langkah berhati-hati untuk mengurangkan impak.

    Kita kenalah ingat yang kestabilan politik tanahair sangat penting. Biarlah PM habiskan penggal ini dulu, dan biarlah Rakyat tentukan sama ada PM harus terus memimpin.

  86. KHEFREN Aug 18,2015 7:12 AM

    Salams Tun.
    They say that flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress.What would happen if many people fly the Malaysian flags upside down this National Day? Does it mean that the country is in distress?

  87. daeng Aug 18,2015 6:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    1. Sekarang bukan masa untuk kita menuduh parti mana yang elok dan parti mana yang tidak elok.

    2. Bagi saya, sekarang adalah masa untuk semua parti bersatu untuk menjatuhkan Najib bukan BN.

    3. Menjatuhkan Najib adalah agenda utama dari melihat ekonomi negara dan kekalutan pentadbiran di bawah pimpinan Najib.

    4. Satu kaedah yang boleh digunspakai ialah:

    A. Pemilihan Agung UMNO di peringkat dalaman UMNO.
    B. Melalui undi tidak percaya di parlimen

    5. Bagi saya langkah A adalah lebih baik dimana melalui kesedaran semua ahli UMNO menentukan semula mandat baru diberi kepada ketua-ketua bahagian/cawangan dan majlis tertinggi UMNO.

    6. Melalui PAU segala kekusutan akan terpadam tetapi ianya mestilah bebas dari rasuah.

    7. Kaedah B saya rasa boleh diterima pakai setelah kaedah A tidak berhasil. Tetapi ia perlu diperhalusi tindakannya dikhuatiri ada anasir-anasir luar cuba mengambil kesempatan menghancurkan demokrasi yang ada.

    Wassalam Tun.

  88. LeoSabri @ Aug 18,2015 6:20 AM

    Assalammualaikum WBT & Salam Sejahtera.

    Yg berbahagia lg dihormati Tun serta Pengunjung

    No. 6 & 7 dirujuk;

    Tun, saya percaya Rakyat Malaysia menolak sekerasnya unsur Ganas namun Mampu berlaku atas desakan Hidup tahap Melampau bila sampai masanya dimana masa ini dpt dirasakan kesempitan kewangan wpn ada yg masih sedia bertahan.

    Tun, sebelum sampainya tahap Melampau itu tidak dpt lg dibendung sewajarnya Wira Negara Askar Tentera ATM WAJIB Ambil Alih Kuasa bkn dgn kekerasan.

    Sejarah Dunia telah membuktikan Pengelibatan Askar Tentera berpunca dr tercetusnya keganasan dikalangan Rakyat Negara mrk seterusnya bermulah Slot Rampasan Kuasa oleh Askar Tentera hingga memaksa utk bertindak Liar lagi Ganas.

    Bahawasanya Malaysia belum terlewat utk Askar Tentera ATM martabatkan Negara dgn Acuan tersendiri sebelum Nasi jadi Bubur atas Kebodohan Kebengapan Kedegilan Keegoan Kegilaan Kebiadaban & Kejahatan Melampaui Batas pd suatu tahap merasakan dirinya YANG MAHA KUASA Jelas dipersembahkan.

    Salam bahagia penuh hormat buat Tun, Pembaca & Rakyat Malaysia keseluruhanya.


  89. mofaham58 Aug 18,2015 5:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    In my opinion you are absolutely right. If no immediate and correct action is taken to redress the situation our economy is going to collapse. Once collapse it is difficult to reberse the situation. Najib has stolen the government is also right. Unless he resigns nothing can put thins right. Then again it depends on who will leads the government. In this tight situation there is no room for trial snd error. If you put monkeys to lead and govern definitely the results will be doomsday. That is the result of a liar. Once you start lying you will need a bigger lie to cover your lie and will continue a bigger lie to cover your big lie and the lie will continue bigger and bigger until out of control. Like Malay proverb says ” Siakap Senohong Gelama ikan Duri, Cakap bohong lama lama jadi Pencuri.” That is just what is happening now. Liars, Robbers and Devils. I always voted for BN even I’m skeptical and disappointed with their governing the country but I always told myself that it is better to vote the devils you know than voting the angels you don’t. But I think now I’ve to consider the angels that I don’t know. May be now th BN will say they have no problem if I don’t vote for BN because my vote is immaterial. Only fool politicians will think this way because they forget the power of 1 vote. Short of 1/12 of an inch qill never be counted as a foot.
    My advise to Najib if he really love this nation and the rakyat by all means JUST RESIGN………….

  90. gondrong Aug 18,2015 3:53 AM

    Tun Yang di kasihi,

    Tun kata Najib dah rompak Malaysia. Rompak semua selagi dia boleh rompak. Dia Satu orang beserta beberapa kerat menterinya yang setia merompak lebih 26 juta orang. Dia merompak guna sihir ke, sampai 26 juta orang macam tak perasan.

    Biasanya jika rumah dan harta benda kita kena rompak kita pasti melenting bila dah sedar. Ramai rakyat kita masih terlena mungkin kerana tempohmasa sihir najib ni panjang kot. Ataukah mereka ni semua dah kaya sangat sampai tak terasa susah walaupun di rompak.

    Tapi hakikatnya ini adalah sikap kebanyakan orang kita … sikap tak pe lah, tak kesahlah , tak nak campur la. Tapi jika kita bersatu takkan 26 juta tak boleh lawan beberapa kerat orang tu.

    RM 2600 juta buka skit skit duit oii. Jika kita meniaga untung RM 1juta setahun kita kena hidup 2600 tahun dahulu iaitu di zaman Nabi Allah Isa ataupun zaman Nabi Musa untuk kumpul duit sebanyak itu. Itu pun jika berjaya buat untung 1 juta tu tiap2 tahun without fail for that period of time.

    Bak kata TUN najib dah ada modal besar sekarang jika kita tunggu semasa pilihanraya nak tumbangkan dia saya rasa kita akan gagal juga. Saksikanlah apa yang dia buat kebelakangan ini- democracy gone. He has nothing to hide anymore. He’s the KING now because he has a lot of CASH. “CASH IS KING”.

    Kesian rakyat Malaysia yang masih terlena dan yang masih mengambil sikap mmembisu. Suarakanlah pendapat anda di sini kalau boleh semua rakyat Malaysia muatkan komen di sini supaya Najib tahu 26 juta orang sedang memerhatikan permainan dia secara serious. Bangkitlah dan suarakan pendapat anda.


  91. Dawnman34 Aug 18,2015 1:47 AM

    As what’s my ex-senior prime minister written in the blog regarding the goverment will collapse in Malaysia because of corruption in Malaysia government……its all the beginning……history as repeat again not as invation by war but in context of ” Melayu mudah lupa “. Malays all has been forgotten how do the empayar of Melaka brought up untill its became the famous trade in Asia at centurious…and now young malaysian generation not even wants to know the history….so they will react as what they unstatisfy only….. I as MALAYSIA citizen believe that history will always repeated as what’s as happen before…but in context with their own nation. In my own judgement all Malays are one religion as Muslim but not all Malays in one ummah because Malays as so many ” puak ” what their call and this is make them differently…. All of them wants to show how talent their have…without thinking how greatest Islam method empayar will be if they obidient in one ummah…more and more Malay in Malaysia government are now a copy cat to the western streagy goverment…..what ever western history have done and never less this what Malay copy….. Sooner or later if my prediction are correctly, they will be a news to be heard regarding Malaysia Prime Minister been shot as what’s an america president JF KENEDDY …..more and more and more Malaysian will be come an american style of living not as Japannesse…….This is what Malays, Chinesse and Indian will living in Malaysia in the future tunnel…..because of dirty government policy….not in Islam government empayar policy by trend for all races in Malaysia….where future tunnel will be brighter for Malaysia…

  92. kingsmann Aug 18,2015 12:41 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I do agreed with your opinion.

    The correct way to vote down PM is impossible. Even the next election BN will win again due to changes of seats etc. (even popular vote – 30% vs. 70% for opposition) and the current PM will continue to perform what he does now, stolen gov etc…. until the country people getting poorer and poorer one day… when a great depression comes the government will eventually collapse by the people itself and it will takes 10 to 20 years to recovery to it glory time.

    When you look back the history, Philipine, China, Thailand, Germany etc. had gone thru this b4. They once has a great leader which turn corrupted and the people economically suffer and created great depression and turn over the government using their blood.

    The rich and intelligent citizen will choose to migrate to Australia, NZ etc., left only the poor and the useless in the country. At the end, the country will join the African group and could not even get up again.

    Just my 2 cents thinking…

  93. ir.miringila Aug 18,2015 12:34 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Pendapat saya Najib sepatutnya disingkir bukanlah disebabkan oleh masalah 1MDB atau 2.6B yang ada didalam akaun peribadinya. Tetapi dia perlu disingkirkan dari menjadi PM sebab terlalu asyik dengan kegiatan TRANFORMERnya beserta kegiatan 1Malaysia. Rakyat biasa semakin mundur kebelakang akibat kegiatan 1Malaysia yang terbukti berjaya dari penilaian diri sendiri. Lebih kurang cakap masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Kegiatan BR1M, Klinik 1Malaysia, Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia, PR1MA(adakah krisis sub-prima akan berlaku di Malaysia? Apabila beramai-ramai tak mampu bayar pinjaman rumah PR1MA?) dan lain-lain bakal menghancurkan kegiatan ekonomi bebas di Malaysia. Seorang rakan mengeluh kliniknya kekurangan pelanggan disebabkan kegiatan Klinik 1Malaysia yang beroperasi menggunakan duit rakyat sedangkan kliniknya menggunakan wangnya sendiri. Dia terpaksa menanggung akibat dari program yang nampak macam memberi manfaat kepada satu golongan tetapi membunuh satu golongan yang lain.

    Sekali kita sebagai kerajaan masuk campur dalam urusan ekonomi rakyat dengan bertujuan memberi manfaat kepada satu golongan maka akibatnya satu golongan yang lain akan terkena tempiasnya. Bila kerajaan memberi subsidi gula, tokey gula kaya raya rakyat kaki dipotong bagai nak gila.(tindakan memurahkan harga gula oleh kerajaan dengan memberi subsiditelah menyebabkan rakyat telah mengambil gula secara berlebihan akibat dari harga yang murah. dari satu segi kita lihat gula yang murah ini baik untuk rakyat kerana akan dapat menjimatkan wang, namun jika harga gula yang mahal akan menyebabkan rakyat akan mengurangkan pengambilan gula sebab nak jimat wang maka kegiatan potong kaki tidak akan berleluasa di malaysia) Membangunkan rakyat bukanlah dengan memberi subsidi tetapi menjamin keadilan. Namun disebabkan kegiatan pemimpin mengganggu ekonomi sejak dari zaman di tadbir oleh penasihat-penasihat barat yakni British menyebabkan kerajaan harus masuk campur dengan lebih lagi dan ianya hanya akan membawa kepada kerajaan menjadi seperti kerajaan sosialis atau komunis.

    Seluruh dunia menyaksikan kegiatan-kegiatan kerajaan masa kini amat-amat menjurus kepada sebuah negara sosialis. Setiap campur tangan kerajaan didalam ekonomi dengan bertujuan untuk membantu satu kelompok rakyat yang susah hanya akan menyebabkan golongan ini akan bertambah ramai. Ditambah lagi dengan kegiatan perbankan yang menyebabkan inflasi secara perlahan-lahan (terancang) menyebabkan kini golongan pertengahan (Middle Class) terjerumus didalam perangkap kemiskinan walaupun bergaji ribuan ringgit.

    Kita mendapati kerajaan saban tahun meningkatkan julat pendapat masyarakat termiskin kepada tahap-tahap ringgit yang meningkat.(kini gaji 3000 pun dianggap miskin). Saya tahu kerajaan sedar tentang permasalahan ini namun sekali kerajaan masuk campur dalam kegiatan ekonomi inilah akibat yang harus kita tanggung sehingga akhir zaman. Kerajaan tidak dapat lagi menarik dirinya keluar dari mengganggu ekonomi. Kerajaan harus mencipta pelbagai akta dan peraturan semata-mata mahu memastikan segala kepincangan yang berlaku disebabkan tangan-tangan mereka boleh diatasi atau dikaburkan kepada mata rakyat biasa yang tak mampu menggunakan akal.

    Tangan-tangan rakyat biasa lagi miskin ini terikat dengan undang-undang yang berat sebelah dan tidak adil. Mengapa rakyat biasa tidak di bail outkan oleh kerajaan? Sedangkan kerajaan sanggup berhabisan menggunakan wang rakyat untuk membailout syarikat-syarikat kerajaan yang gagal? Mengapa? Adakah ahli-ahli yang membentuk kerajaan ini sebenarnya cuba untuk membailoutkan diri sendiri kerana mempunyai saham-saham disyarikat-syarikat tersebut? MAS sebagai contoh akan mengulang lagi kisah-kisah tak reti berniaga ini pada masa akan datang,percayalah. Pada masa itu ianya akan dibailoutkan lagi. Rakyat biasa nak berniaga ditepi jalan pun harus mengeluarkan wang beratus ringgit untuk dibayar kepada SSM, PBT dan sebagainya. Inikah kerajaan yang menjamin keadilan untuk rakyat? Sistem peraturan dan undang-undang ini hanya akan memperkasakan golongan kaya multi billion aire. Mereka mampu untuk membayar segalanya. Kita lihat kegiatan pasaraya-pasaraya Besar yang antaranya dimiliki oleh GLC membunuh peniaga kecil. Kegiatan memiskin rakyat akan terus berlangsung diseluruh dunia. Namun sedikit gula-gula dapat digunakan untuk membeli undi mereka. Sedikit sahaja penipuan dapat mengelirukan mereka.Pemimpin harus sedar yang mereka ini dipilih oleh orang-orang miskin ini bukan golongan kaya multi billion aire. Kiranya PM kita pun dah termasuk dalam golongan multi billion ni.. 2.6 ….

    Namun kali ini kegiatan kerajaan sudah membusuk hingga tahap membusung malahan sudah berulat dan tak dapat menampung lagi duka lara rakyat. Apa saja yang PM dan kerajaan cuba lakukan tidak dapat membeli undi mereka lagi. Maka kerajaan yang ada hari ini boleh memilih untuk berundur secara terhormat dan dimakamkan di Makam Pahlawan (kononnya) atau berundur dengan penuh penghinaan.

    Adakah kerajaan merasakan diri mereka Tuhan? Jawapan dari mulut mereka tiada Tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah. Sudah tersurat yang Firaun dahulunya menganggap dirinya Tuhan..

    “And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people, saying: “O my people! Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me, (witness) these streams flowing underneath my (palace)? What! see ye not then? (Az-Zukhruf: 51)”

    Saya masih ingat akan kata-kata panglima Bugis antaranya berbunyi begini ” Siapa yang memakmurkan Malaysia kalau bukan kerajaan Barisan Nasional!” “Penambahan pendapatan tuan-tuan adalah hasil dari kerajaan Barisan Nasional”
    dan banyak lagi yang tak perlu untuk saya huraikan.

    Inilah persamaan semua kerajaan didunia hari ni mereka tanpa sedar mengulang ungkapan Firaun yang jelas menyatakan dialah yang memberikan rezeki kepada rakyatnta pada waktu itu. Dia menganggap dirnya Tuhan. Syirik peringkat paling dahsyat menyekutukan diri sendiri dengan Allah.

    Semua negara akan makmur jika pemimpin berjaya mengekalkan keadilan dan kebebasan. Mereka tidak perlu berusaha untuk mengutip cukai, tidak perlu kakitangan awam dan tidak perlu mengadakan sekatan-sekatan untuk membolehkan mereka memperoleh hasil secara paksa. Setiap perkhidmatan yang cuba disogokkan kepada rakyat ada harganya. Barang mahal disebabkan cukai. Mengapa nak cukai sebab ada orang nak makan tanpa perlu berusaha secara adil dengan manusia lain. maka wujudlah Kastam. Sekat. Bayar. kami nak makan. Bukankah kakitangan kastam boleh berusaha berniaga dan sebagainya. Namun bukanlah semua hasil itu di bayar gajinya kepada kastam tetapi termasuklah ahli-ahli parlimen dan adun-adun. Kegiatan ekonomi akan lebih rancak dan adil. Mengapa kegiatan penyeludupan semakin berleluasa? sebabnya rakyat nak barang murah. Nah bertambah lagi kerja, kena tambah kakitangan lagi untuk mencegah kegiatan seludup.Tiada kastam tiada istilah penyeludupan. wujudnya kastam barang mahal.

    GST juga telah menyebabkan harga barang meningkat baru-baru ini. Kerajaan sebaliknya menuduh peniaga-peniaga tamak. Akibatnya kena tambah pegawai lagi untuk menghalang kegiatan PENCARUTAN ohh.. maaf PENCATUTAN. Bertambah lagi pembayaran untuk kakitangan. Mengikut kaedah berniaga rakyat akan membeli dikedai yang harga murah, tetapi disebabkan GST rakyat tiada pilihan lagi. Semua kedai mahal. Kos hidup bertambah secara purata sebanyak 6%.

    Sudah-sudahlah tu. jangan diikut kemahuan dan cara hidup barat. Mereka terbukti gagal dalam mentadbir negara mereka. Kita kihat Greece sebagai contoh. Semua kerajaan yang mementingkan wellfare rakyatnya daripada KEADILAN akan lenyap dan menjadi bahan tontonan generasi kan datang. Yang akan melihat kegagalan BODOH yang cuba disogokkan sebagi KEJAYAAN.

    Sebagai pemimpin yang hebat beliau harus melepaskan kuasanya ketika dia masih berkuasa untuk dikenang sepanjang zaman. Rakyat Malaysia tidak memerlukan seorang pemimpin yang mementingkan diri sendiri dan partinya sahaja tetapi membiarkan rakyat ditekan oleh undang-undang Zalim seperti akta Cukai, akta GST, akta Bank Negara dan akta harta intelektual (hak cipta). PENGARUH BARAT AKAN MEMBUNUH NEGARA INI. Rakyat tidak perlu Fitch Rating atau Standard and Poor untuk menilai kemakmuran negara. Hanay orang-orang tertentu sahaja yang cuba menyogokkan pendapat Barat ke dalam negara kununnya… TENGOK ORANG PUTIH KATA KITA MAJU! yang rasa maju atau tidak itu rakyat bukannya orang barat. di atas kertas semuanya cantik… rakyat masih ada yang pi sekolah pakai baju sehelai seluar sehelai saja tanpa bertukar. mengapa? Kerana kerajaan dengan undang-undang mereka yang menjerumuskan mereka ini ke dalam kancah kemiskinan. Ingat tak lagi kerajaan kata tak boleh bagi makan kat orang gelandangan.. sebab kata mereka nanti negara kita orang putih mai melancong tengok tak elok. Mementingkan orang barat atau orang putih dari rakyat sendiri. dengan jelas kerajaan tunduk dan akur malah menganggap barat itu tuan mereka. Kita tidak payah berurusan dengan barat untuk berjaya, percayalah.. kita tak perlu mengejar KDNK (kejar dunia nak kaya) ini semua teori orang barat untuk menipu rakyat mereka kononnya mereka bagus berjaya. dan yang bestnya kita cedok bulat-bulat untuk tipu sesama kita kita. Saya bukan anti barat. tetapi saya anti sistem berasaskan penipuan untuk medapat kuasa. KDNK ataupun GDP adalah alat terancang semua kerajaan diseluruh dunia untuk menipu rakyat.Masakan boleh perbelanjaan kerajaan turut dikira… hehehe

    sekian terima kasih, Tun.

  94. rimba.emas Aug 17,2015 11:48 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Kisah Nabi Yusof a.s didalam Al-Quran di ceritakan bahawa seorang Raja telah bermimpi yang mana telah ditafsirkan oleh Nabi Yusof a.s dengan satu cara yang dapat diatasi dengan mempertahankan ekonomi negara tersebut. Kesan ekonomi tersebut disebabkan oleh faktor cuaca yang terkesan atas hasil keluaran tanamannya.

    2. Kisah ini dapat kaitkan dengan punca berlaku sesuatu musibah yang bezanya pada zaman Nabi Yusof a.s bukannya berpunca dari dalam pentadbiran tetapi faktor luaran. Ia tidak akan dapat di kesan jika seseorang yang bukan ahli dalam menghadapi musibah yang mendatang mengendalikannya.

    3. Mimpi ibarat tanda-tanda awalan akan musibah yang boleh berlaku. Jika yang mengurusnya sekarang tidak terbuka kepada mereka-mereka yang terasa akan berlakunya keadaan yang memudaratkan terutamanya jika seseorang itu bernafsu takut kejatuhan jawatan.

    4. Mempertahankan jawatan seseorang tidak semestinya akan dapat mempertahankan juga ekonomi negara. Malah kedua-duanya amatlah berbeza. Seperti mana jawatan Raja tidak semestinya berkebolehan mentadbir ekonomi bila berlakunya musibah.

    5. Begitu juga keadaan sekarang adakah seorang Perdana Menteri sama dengan Kerajaan ? Perdana Menteri ada dana 2.6 billion sementara kerajaan melalui 1MDB ada hutang berbillion . Sepatutnya Polis dalam kerajaan perlu mencari duit kerajaan dan siapa yang menyebabkan kerajaan berhutang.

    8. Ada seseorang didalam kerajaan yang telah berbelanja melebihi tangga gaji yang di berikan dalam kerajaan. Jadi menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri bukan bermakna menjatuhkan kerajaan tetapi mencari seseorang yang menyebabkan kerajaan berhutang.

    9. Pelikkan Kerajaan berhutang, rakyat terbeban cukai sementara yang menguruskan wang kerajaan boleh berbelanja secara mewah dan ada pula yang mendermakannya. Sepatutnya kerajaan dan rakyatlah yang perlukan bantuan itu sebagai menghargai pengorbanan membeli segala produk-produk yang dijual dan membayar cukai-cukai perkhidmatan kerajaan.

    10. Allah s.w.t mengurniakan secara percuma yang diniagakan oleh manusia-manusia di muka bumi ini. Semuanya akan dinilai kembali pada hari akhirat nanti. Allah s.w.t maha berkuasa lagi maha mengetahui.


  95. phstrald Aug 17,2015 11:31 PM

    Dear Tun. The scenario outlined by you; you must not allow to happen. Malaysians will lose a generation if not more. This is depressing.

  96. malaysian1000000 Aug 17,2015 11:12 PM


    As we aware of, that every 10 years there is always be an economy recession, and economy worldwide will be effected. But in Malaysia, there is a special issue. The 1MDB, DONATION, Lavish Spending and etc.

    I would say that, this issue really effect the Malaysia Economy, from investor to local end user. I never heard any goverment campaign to buy Malaysian First to improve the economy like Tun M do last time.

    As the donation, its a true mockery as it come from an arabs. Since the 1MDB started from PetroSaudi (a imagination company created by J Lo and NR). And dont forget the assasination of Ambank Founder in broad daylight, is there any relation since the donation are wired through his bank and he is aware of it.

    There is still no report for the TSJJ “accident”, Ambank Founder Assasination, J Lo still missing, The Riza Aziz movie funding scandal, Bukit Aman fire, MH370, MH17, The Tabung Haji buying 1MDB land, MARA issue, and so on and so forth. All of this need explanation and not irrelevant denial. All of this happen in 6 years. Imagine what could happen if NR lead for another 6 years.

    For ZH accusation about the ‘conspiracy to overthrow a democratic elected goverment’ please show a report and if its true that it is happening and should be happening during budget presentation, that shows that opposition are doing their job in bringing public opinion to the parliament.


  97. Patriot Aug 17,2015 10:53 PM

    Dear Tun ,
    I have some questions for you:

    1. Is the Prime Minister ( PM ) above the Law in a democratic country ?
    Can a PM commit whatever crime while in office and he can never be charged ? And if proven guilty as charged , he cannot be removed from office ? Suspected crime such as grand corruption , obstruction of justice , abuse of powers , manipulating and obstructing/toppling the workings of investigation ,justice system and institutions…

    2. What is going to happen if the PM truly believe that he is above the law and can do whatever he wants and still can never be charged. But the people believe that under democracy everyone is equal under the law and everyone no matter who they are must be charged or be subjected to the process of law if they are suspected of breaking the law ? Not only minor laws such as traffic fines but grand corruption , obstruction of justice , etc

    3. Is there any institution or recourse left that can settle this fundamental dispute/ argument of whether The PM is above the Law ?

  98. Sri Sense Aug 17,2015 10:20 PM

    19. Public opinion therefore remains strong in wanting Najib to resign as PM. Consequently there is talk about moving a vote of no-confidence against him in Parliament.

    20. This is very difficult as almost all the UMNO members seem beholden to him. And the opposition does not have enough members to pass the motion.

    to me simple, Love Malaysia. You will do it. Love yourself. No need to do la 🙂

  99. sibotak Aug 17,2015 10:00 PM

    Malaysia has waste much Time

    First with Anwar
    Now with Najib

    We Malaysian wants to moves forward
    Stop wasting our Time on these Hopeless Guy
    What have they proofs and serves Malaysia

    Its Important and It is Important
    Najib must not bring UMNO down along with him
    He must not be Selfish
    His name is Dead so as Anwar
    How could they moves along with us after what had happen
    Their name is Gone
    What done cannot be undone
    Did,nt they realize ?
    People will keep on talking
    People will them hate more & more

    Its is for the sake of UMNO
    Najib has to go unless His Clarify Live on TV or He proves otherwise
    When is the End ,Its a Boring Game

    Anwar tackle the ball very dangerously was sent out….. Red Card
    Najib pass the ball to Muhideen , Muhideen did not get the ball was sent out by frustrated Captain Najib .
    Phua grap the ball pass it to Guan Eng , Guan Eng head to Kit Siang , Kit Siang cornered the Ball to Arbiga , Arbiga Lipat Maut slip drop jatuh Terkankang

    Now jersy no: 4 Hisham takes a long Kick to Muklis , Muklis sweep to Zahid , Zahid center the Ball , Najib Tun Razak makes his majic Bicycle Kick
    Miss the Goal also jatuh Terkangkang

    Alamak Tengok cerita Tamil lagi bagus lah

  100. faridina Aug 17,2015 9:58 PM

    onAssalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Yes you are right Najib might have basically stolen the Government but he has not stolen the heart of the millions of the rakyat’s.

    Never underestimate people’s power and time will tell whether he will be able to weather all this.

    Although what is happening in Malaysia today is unprecedented and the rule of law has been turned upside down but we the people no doubt seem powerless have not resort to few avenues left to rectify the matter.

    I personally feel one of the better avenue will be within the UMNO party itself even some might say it is such an uphill task with almost the bulk of 191 divisions head been closely monitored by Najib as this will be his last political lifeline and they even have direct access to him.

    However with the sacking of TSM and DSSA coincidentally from two UMNO state bank where 1/4 of the 191 divisions are from this states somehow or rather is a blessing.

    TSM has noted that he is even more popular now than before and he has the support of people power which will eventually help in pressuring other divisions to hear the voices of the rakyat.

    DSSA meanwhile used to be a close affiliate to Najib and he is a man of principle and to him the rakyats welfare come first and never under estimate his influence in Sabah and other states as well.

    There is this division head like Ahmad Said who have enough bullets to shoot around with regards to 1MDB @ TIA to tell the truth nothing but the truth.

    When more untold stories been revealed to the UMNO members and the public about all the wrongdoings of Najib as PM then it should be an eye opener to the division leaders. We the rakyats will put the blame not only to Najib but to them as well if nothing is been done to make sure Najib is voted out in their next party election.

    I have got the feeling that some quarters in UMNO will be succesful in requesting for early party election when more and more pressure from grassroot builds up demanding that this issue puts to rest once and for all.

    Wasalam Tun.

  101. dzibrell Aug 17,2015 9:53 PM

    Salam Tun, you got the point there, if he so innocent like he think he is, why obstruck the ongoing investigation.Let them do their job in that way they only proving that he’s innocent. But by creating huss and fuss here and there he(PM) only show that he afraid of something,whatever that something is..1MDB maybe or Altantuya case only god know..anyway thanks for your courage to bring all this to public…God bless us all…

  102. 1ctester Aug 17,2015 9:09 PM


  103. wara Aug 17,2015 9:06 PM

    my salam to TUN and TUN DR HASMAH

    what we have is a shameless pm whose skin is thicker than a hippo. anyone else would have resigned the moment he is exposed. a japanese would have commited hari kiri. but this bugis is determined to stay come what may using silly umno people as a shield. indeed it is shameful to have such a leader who has tarnished the good name of his father. of course he cares not the country the people and everything else. to him the country can go to hell. pity because of this muka tak malu his party will be taught a lesson come next ge.

    thank you TUN.

  104. MMMALAYSIA Aug 17,2015 9:04 PM

    UMNO Members are COWARD ?

    Without doubt NAJIB swindle malaysian money. If not he don’t need to change MACC, BANK NEGERA GOVERNOR, AG and Deputy.

    it is also proven PUTRAS from UMNO, MIC N MCA are more concern about their own welfare and post rather then peolpes sufferings. PUTRAS forgot they got the post and status given to them by the people who suffer now under NAJIB leadership.

    it is time for malaysian to take the matter on their own for the betterment of the country and its future to reject BN and its leaders.

    If Malaysian government staff think they are save being in the government department they are wrong. Looks at what happen to Greece , the first and foremost effect is to the government staff. They won’t get salary, percent, increment in time.

    As for the public who already survive without the government funds might suffer, but the effect won’t be as great as government staff who depend 100 percent on govt. MALAYS consist up to 95 percent of work force in MG. Think about your life and your kids future.

    The major effect is going to be on MALAYS who depended so much on the government. As for Chinese and Indians they already shown their last election that the current BN govt is not good. Also not depended on govt.

    If GOVERNMENT SERVENT & MALAYS think they are save with current PM. they are 110 percent wrong . The first TSUNAMI will hit Government Staff when the Malaysian Economy collapsed. then follow by Malaysian Government collapsed. By that time it I will be too late to recover.

    Only UMNO leaders and Malay can stop this from happening. I beleive the Malays in the town area will teach and educate those in the village about the 1MDB & GST, Altuniya, removal of AG, MACC, Deputy.

    To my dear beloved Tun. I don’t know how we Malaysian going pay back for all the good things u had did for us and our kids in future. And still you are trying to save the Malaysian future. THANK YOU SIR.

    I am calling all the MALAYS and the KINGS to take the matters into their own hands before malaysia destroyed beyond recognition.


  105. musato Aug 17,2015 8:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Cantik punya gambar yang Najib lukis dan warna.

    Seperti yang saya katakan sebelum ini, kita kekurangan tukang selesai masalah ekonomi bila perkara kritikal berlaku.

    Saya tidak tahu siapa yang akan selesaikan masalah ekonomi kali ini.

    Walau bagaimanapun, perjalanan perlu diteruskan.

    Exec Chef India saya tekankan untuk menyediakan croissant homemade setiap hari yang mana saya juga tekankan kepada beliau bahawa ia adalah tidak praktikal.

    Saya juga berfikiran dia tidak perlu terlalu tunduk atas permintaan General Manager (walaupun mereka adalah sebangsa).

    Bos saya terlalu baik hati kepada saya, yang mana saya bersifat tidak pandai menunjukkan terima kasih pada beliau, sehingga hari ini beliau secara terus terang bertanyakan “I rasa u tak suka I”.

    Namun keputusan saya tetap sama, saya fikir buat homemade croissant sepenuhnya tetap tidak praktikal.

    Walau apa sekalipun terjadi, pendirian saya tidak berubah. GM yang patut berubah dan berfikiran lebih logik.

    Samada saya resign atau kos syarikat atau department saya terumbang ambing.

    GM yang perlu buat pilihan, bukan saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  106. Sri Sense Aug 17,2015 8:48 PM

    Salam Tun

    Ramai dah meluat. Apa cakap sekarang pun tak jadi. Namun masih nak bercakap lagi. Hari hari ada aje orang jawab balik. Dari istana hinggalah ke pondok kecil. Sebijik sebijk kena hentam. Kalau kena tumbuk kat muka tu kira memang dah hancur berkecai tak ada muka. Sipenjawab pulak bijak pandai, bukan calang calang orang, terus minister2 nampak bodoh. Tapi muka masih tebal. Tak tau malu. Mungkin tak baca komen negative, so that’s why la still so perasan.

    Market memang jatuh giler, months and months ago, somewhere last year, ada a few friends kat investment forum dok cakap cepat lari dari klse, ada several bad news akan keluar, nanti stuck tak boleh lari. Mereka kata 1MDB, one of it. I fikir mereka main2, rupanya mereka memang dah tau siang siang.

    Please resign, Mr Prime Minister. You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.

  107. Mahathir Mohd Rais Aug 17,2015 8:39 PM

    Hats Off Tun.

    You are the voice of the people.
    All this ‘Sudden’ announcement made by the goverment recently seems to be funny.

    PRU14 is sure to be a game changer for Malaysian’s Politics I guess Tun.

  108. johnmansfield Aug 17,2015 8:37 PM

    Hello Tun,
    I see that unlike other media outlets deemed negative to the present PM you are broadcasting loud and clear.
    I am not a Malaysian, rather one of those pesky white guys. I don’t always agree with your views, however I am pleased you are allowed to express them.
    John Mansfield

  109. pala Aug 17,2015 8:30 PM

    1 man for him to escape from All the problems, he betraying the whole country.i am sad

  110. KK Aug 17,2015 8:20 PM

    Malaysians need dynamic leader and cabinet team. Government shall be progressive and transparent. Today’s ministers line up do not have this value. Thus, fore the shake of all dissolve the whole cabinet will be the best option.

  111. raunadama Aug 17,2015 7:56 PM

    cuma melihat sejauh mana espisod the last rahman word.-N-.

  112. Sulaiman Aug 17,2015 7:49 PM

    As it is, Najib has now controlled all branches of the Government.

    The only way left to kick out Najib as PM is for the Royalty to use their “moral authority” by saying the word “go” and Najib’s authority to rule will immediately ceased as all the institutions and the Rakyat will then turn on him.

    Najib’s position as PM is actually precarious and hanging by a thread.

  113. Widyan Aug 17,2015 7:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    In my opinion, Najib will try to ride the storm till the next GE. He is praying vet hard that Msians will eventually forget about the 42 billion and 2.6 billion mess that he created.

    I noticed that he refrained from travelling abroad ( maybe he is scared there will be a Coup d Ta should he be not around.). Even his beloved motherly Kak Rosmah too is most time at home tending to house chores ( if any )..or getting the diamondsales men dropping by at the house.

    Malays now are in disarray. Especially UMNO members who have split camps. In my opinion in order especially for UMNO members to unite and make the Party strong and respected…Zahid Hamidi being the Minister of Home Affairs should issue a Warrant of Arrest to Najib for all wrongdoings that he committed namely Robbing and Pilandring the Rakyat’s money of 42 billion. This crime alone is very strong enough to send him to prison.

    The longer Najib stays as PM the more money he will take from the Government to grease his balls lickers. And eventually the government and country will go bankrupt. Then more taxes will be imposed and more suffetings the rakyat will face.

    If UMNO leaders, Gpvernment servants, the Army,the Police and the Royalties think about this scenarios that may befell upon this nation, then THEY should insist and force Najib to step down.

  114. Shaiful Aug 17,2015 7:04 PM

    Kenapa ramai ahli parlimen enggan melaksanakan undi tidak percaya kepada najib?……adakah kerana kesetiaan terhadap najib atau……

  115. Praxis Aug 17,2015 6:36 PM

    Thieves have to pay. This gang’s forte seems to pulverization technology.

  116. sejati Aug 17,2015 6:34 PM

    I shudder to think that our beloved country is going down the drain at an unprecedented rate. Everything is unprecedented, the level of foolishness, the level of denial syndrome , the level of ‘tak tahu malu’. May I ask our education system to be changed. We should instill in our future leaders to have ‘rasa malu’ especially when they have done injustice to the country. Najib has done so much damage to the nation. This country, Malaysia, that we were once so proud of has been destroyed its reputation and economically incapacitated. To all the other leaders, where’s your conscience?? Where are our rulers? Aren’t they supposed to be the ‘payung’ negara? Pls, leaders, and rulers, do something. There must be a way out of this glut that has plagued the nation. We , the rakyat have suffered so much. Remember Najib. Doa orang teraniaya tiada hijab!

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