1. Dato’ Sri Najib and his supporters should stop trying to convince Malaysians that the 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account is a donation.

2. No one believes or can believe such a huge sum of money can be donated by anyone to Dato’ Sri Najib or to anyone for whatever reason.

3. Explaining that it was given because of Malaysia’s stand against the Islamic State is absurd as the Islamic State showed their brand of terrorism only in 2014 whereas the money came in in 2013 or before.

4. Saying that it is because of Malaysia’s moderation in Islam is equally absurd as Malaysia had never been extreme in its practice of Islam.

5. Why 700 million dollars? Surely it is too big for the needs of Malaysian elections, except if it is to bribe the Malaysian electorate. Why should anyone want to bribe the Malaysian electorate so Najib would win. Malaysians have supported the BN without the need to be paid huge bribes by anyone, least of all by foreigners.

6. The new DPM says he has seen the Arab who gave the money. Then let him give proof that this Arab has huge sums of money to give away to Malaysia and many other countries. Which countries. What is the source of this money. What business does he do? What is the name of the bank he uses. Show his account in the bank, the cheques he issued, particularly the 700 million USD. The recipient bank should be holding these cheques.

7. All these information could have been verified by the task force of four. But Najib dismantled the task force by sacking the A.G., sending the head of MACC on leave, and accusing Bank Negara of leaking Government secrets.

8. Now the MACC is said to be still investigating the 2.6 billion. It is an emasculated MACC. If Najib is serious about investigating his 2.6 billion Ringgit in Ambank, he should reconstitute the original tasks force. A new task force filled with his people has no credibility.

9. Banks have to maintain banking secrecy. But banks are also required to report suspected money laundering. Malaysian banks, Singapore banks, Swiss banks and American banks must not keep secret their business with money suspected of being stolen. What have they done?

10. When stolen money is put through banks, the objective is to make it legal, to launder it. Yet the money has disappeared from Ambank because because the account was closed.

11. When the account is closed, it cannot mean that the huge amount of money is taken out in cash. It must have been transferred to another bank. Yet we don’t hear of any bank anywhere reporting this money is with them. Two accounts are reported to be frozen in Singapore. Is that all. Surely the holder of the account should be investigated. But so far nothing is heard. Do the banks get to keep the money! If it is not reported to the authorities for action to be taken, then effectively the money has been laundered.

12. If this is so then why have banks to scrutinise large amounts of money deposited with it. They might as well not scrutinise if the suspiciously huge amount of money, the subject of much controversy is just retained by them.

13. The public has a right to know because the public does not believe that the 2.6 billion Ringgit was a gift personally to the PM of Malaysia for him to win elections. Malaysians would not like to believe their candidate for the highest office in the country is a nominee of some person from another country. What will be his obligation to his supporters. Will he serve Malaysians or some foreign country.

14. Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.



1. Dato’ Sri Najib dan penyokong-penyokongnya perlu berhenti untuk cuba meyakinkan rakyat Malaysia bahawa 2.6 bilion Ringgit dalam akaun peribadinya adalah derma.

2. Tiada siapa percaya atau boleh percaya bahawa wang sejumlah besar itu boleh diderma oleh sesiapa kepada Dato’ Sri Najib atau kepada sesiapa sahaja atas apa jua sebab.

3. Menjelaskan bahawa ia telah diberi kerana pendirian Malaysia terhadap Islamic State (IS) adalah tidak munasabah kerana Islamic State mulai menunjukkan jenama keganasan mereka itu hanya pada tahun 2014 manakala wang itu masuk pada tahun 2013 atau sebelum.

4. Berkata ia adalah kerana sikap kesederhanaan Malaysia dalam Islam adalah juga tidak masuk akal kerana Malaysia tidak pernah berpendirian melampau dalam amalan Islam.

5. Mengapa 700 juta dolar? Sesungguhnya ini adalah terlalu besar untuk keperluan pilihan raya di Malaysia, kecuali ia adalah untuk merasuah pengundi Malaysia. Mengapa ada orang yang mahu merasuahkan pengundi Malaysia supaya Najib boleh menang. Rakyat Malaysia telah menyokong BN tanpa perlu dibayar rasuah besar oleh sesiapa sahaja, lebih-lebih lagi oleh orang-orang asing.

6. TPM baru mengatakan dia telah berjumpa Arab yang memberikan wang itu. Jikalau begitu hendaklah ia buktikan bahawa Arab ini mempunyai sejumlah wang yang banyak untuk diberikan kepada Malaysia dan negara-negara lain. Apakah sumber wang ini? Apa perniagaan yang dia buat? Apakah nama bank yang dia gunakan? Tunjukkan akaunnya di bank, cek-cek yang beliau keluarkan, terutamanya USD700 juta itu. Bank penerima mesti masih memegang cek-cek itu.

7. Semua maklumat ini mungkin telah pun disahkan oleh pasukan petugas yang empat itu. Tetapi Najib telah membongkarkan pasukan petugas dengan memecat Peguam Negara, menghantar ketua SPRM bercuti, dan menuduh Bank Negara membocorkan rahsia Kerajaan.

8. Sekarang SPRM dikatakan masih menyiasat 2.6 bilion itu. Ia adalah suatu SPRM yang telah dilumpuhkan. Jika Najib serius untuk menyiasat RM2.6 bilion kepunyaannya dalam Ambank, beliau perlu melantik semula pasukan tugas yang asal. Satu pasukan petugas baru yang penuh dengan orang-orangnya tidak mempunyai kredibiliti.

9. Bank perlu mengekalkan kerahsiaan perbankan. Tetapi bank-bank juga dikehendaki melaporkan pengubahan wang haram yang disyaki. Bank-bank Malaysia, bank-bank Singapura, bank-bank Switzerland dan bank-bank Amerika tidak patut merahsiakan perniagaan mereka yang melibatkan wang yang disyaki dicuri. Apa yang telah dilakukan mereka?

10. Apabila wang yang dicuri dimasukkan melalui bank-bank, objektifnya adalah untuk menjadikan ia halal, untuk menyucinya (launder). Namun wang itu telah lesap dari Ambank kerana akaun itu ditutup.

11. Apabila akaun ditutup, ini tidak bermakna bahawa jumlah wang yang besar itu dibawa keluar secara tunai. Ia semestinya telah dipindahkan kepada bank lain. Namun kita tidak mendengar mana-mana bank yang melaporkan wang ini ada pada mereka. Dua akaun dilaporkan dibekukan di Singapura. Itu sahajakah? Sesungguhnya pemegang akaun perlu disiasat. Tetapi setakat ini tiada apa yang kedengaran. Adakah bank-bank boleh ambil wang ini! Jika ini tidak dilaporkan kepada pihak berkuasa untuk tindakan yang perlu diambil, sudah jelas wang ini telah dicuci (laundered).

12. Jika ini adalah demikiannya, maka mengapa bank perlu meneliti sejumlah wang yang banyak yang didepositkan dengannya. Lebih baik mereka langsung tidak meneliti jika jumlah besar yang mencurigakan itu, yang menjadikan subjek penuh kontroversi ini, disimpan sahaja oleh mereka.

13. Orang ramai mempunyai hak untuk tahu kerana orang ramai tidak percaya bahawa RM2.6 bilion adalah hadiah peribadi kepada PM Malaysia untuk beliau memenangi pilihan raya. Rakyat Malaysia tidak mahu mempercayai bahawa calon mereka untuk pejabat tertinggi di negara ini merupakan penama seseorang dari negara lain. Apakah yang akan menjadi kewajipan beliau kepada penyokong-penyokong? Adakah beliau akan berkhidmat untuk rakyat Malaysia atau untuk negara asing?

14. Berhentilah berfikir bahawa rakyat Malaysia bodoh.

164 thoughts on “THE 2.6 BILLION DONATION?

  1. kartanikasuria Sep 15,2015 3:47 PM

    “In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.”


  2. cruze Sep 4,2015 1:53 PM

    Tahniah adelhead, farouk, waja perak,,,,,,semburkan je segala galanya agar zahid mengigil dengan lakunan lalangnya… best….saya hanya orang biasa akan tetapi saya dapat menghidu sedikit akan kedudukan anda sekalian…..dari kenyataan dan pertimbangan2 yang dapat saya kaji, terima kasih kerana mewakili kami orang biasa yang sudah kehilangan saluran untuk meluahkan rasa hati….semuga anda semua, tun dan lain lain di rahmati allah……

  3. Malaysian Patriot Sep 1,2015 7:59 PM

    Your Most Honourable:

    If I may, this is my second shout-out to the citizens of Malaysia:

    Do not deter your attention and questions against the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), as well as the RM2.6 billion Malaysian Ringgit in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank account(s). 1MBD_RM2.6b

    If the Prime Minister claims that “Cash is King”, what happens when cash is removed from the equation? He will no longer be King, would he not? Economic Sanctions targeting individual(s) have been imposed in the past — suchlike sanctioning one country or group of countries.

    Which brings me to the following upcoming event:

    The 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will take place in Putrajaya, Malaysia, from the 2nd – 4th September 2015. The theme of the 16th IACC: “Ending Impunity: People, Integrity, Action.” The conference will be attended by delegates from around the world – in plenary debates and workshops as to discuss matters on what can be done to end the liberty for corruption.
    Main URL:

    The Malaysian Society for Transparency and Integrity (TI-Malaysia) is greatly disappointed that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is not part of the new 1MDB investigation team. According to TI-Malaysia, “It is indeed shocking to now be told that this new Team (no longer a task force?) is to be headed by the new A-G Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali with representatives from Bank Negara and the police, but minus the MACC!”
    Posted on 24th August 2015:

    Additionally, as I have posted in my previous entry (“The 2.6 Billion Donation?” on 28th August 2015): Apparently, Prime Minister Najib Razak has cancelled his speech at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). Unless he decides to change his mind once again – to honour the 16th IACC with his presence. One can only hope I reckon.

    “A Resolute Response to Amendment is Now Necessary” — #TunMahathirPM2015

  4. HBT456 Sep 1,2015 11:48 AM

    52. Bersih 4 indeed had created awareness in reforming our voting system but tdm is not supporting bersih reform, his objective is to pressure mr najib to step down.

    53. Those who were bought by mr najid will do what they see best, tdm also did this in the past.

    54. In their mind, they know they have abused the trust and authority given by the people, the agong and the state sultan through vote buying since tdm took over.

    55. Even the tunku aziz used racial and religion conflicts to save his slice of cake.

    56. The statements made by the current ministers show they are indeed pissed off.

    57. Instead of guessing, read foreign news on how they perceived the ongoing 1mdb scandal.

    58. The arab gave up bailing out 1mdb after paying off debts owed to deutsch bank to keep their good name in moving their country forward.

    59. After years of ketuanan umno via ketuanan melayu, what is the outcome of the political system especially malay mps can be bought behind closed door?

    60. Even tdm does not dare to touch on this super sensitive issue.

    61. Reading comments using biadap, pengkhianat, anjing to show their anger blah blah have already shown they are otak shallow, and none of the bn ministers including tdm dare to tell them it is not right.

    62. The world is watching them.

    63. Umno has bumiputra votes.

    64. Pkr has malay votes.

    65. For other races, it will be better off for us to keep quiet and stay neutral.

    66. Why?

    67. After years of being dianak yatimkan, what do you expect us to do?

    68. Nothing.

    69. Just sit and watch what these tuan2 will do to win at all costs.

    70. The 2nd major race is only 24%, and with bersih, 100 % will vote bn or opposition parties in next ge?

    71. Will this race be exploited again to suit the umno supremacy?

    72. The 2nd major race already gave up patriotism and politics.

    73. Their main concern is economic issues.

    74. Can mr najib ride through this storm?

    75. Once tainted, he has to step down, just like tdm and pak lah.

    76. They said, in politics, 1 day is equivalent to 1 year.

    77. So, pau is delayed to 18 months later.

    78. That is 540 years.

    79. It is a long and winding road for mr najib and supporters.

    80. I hope his hardcore supporters remember he is the pm, he is not president umno.

    81. Malaysians are not racists.

    82. Umno is racists and less tolerant.

    83. To them only they can lead and decide who gets what.

    84. The next ge is crucial.

    85. Even opposition parties cannot get majority votes, their voices are loud enough to send signal to the umno president not to say stupid things because capital is a super sensitive issue.

    86. What economic model best suits malaysia?

    88. Traditional capitalism model best suits malaysia.

    89. Tdm said najib is like marcos.

    90. Is he a marcos?

    91. I for sure do not want a mahathir in malaysia.

    92. To be or not to be, let political parties have a fair fight.

  5. farock Sep 1,2015 10:33 AM

    Salam Tun..

    Saya sungguh terharu melihat Tun di perhimpunan BERSIH baru baru ini.Sungguhpun saya mempunyai perbezaan pendapat dan tidak bersetuju dengan Tun dalam banyak hal,sebagai seorang Islam saya dapat maafkan Tun sebab nampaknya Tun cuba berubah dan Tun tidaklah sejahat si Najib.Saya telah berada dibawah pemerintahan beberapa PM tetapi Najib bukan hanya PM paling buruk tetapi dia adalah sejahat jahat manusia di muka bumi Allah ini.Bila kita berdepan dengan Iblis dan geng geng hantunya yang sebegini,kita harus bersatu memusnahkan mereka demi agama,bangsa dan negara.

    Si iblis Najib begitu takut dengan rakyat sehingga melarikan diri dari berdepan dengan mereka dan mengelarkan semua yang berhimpun sebagai pemberontak dan tidak sayangkan negara serta tidak bersemangat patriotik!!Hantu hantu dia pula nak mendakwa mereka2 di perhimpunan yang di katakan “haram”.Mereka tahu ke tentang halal haram??Kalau bodoh sangat,negara ini kepunyaan kami semua,tidak termasuk Iblis,Syaitan,dan penjajah!!Perhimpunan tersebut dibuat secara aman tanpa sebarang keganasan untuk menyatakan rasa tak puas hati rakyat Malaysia.Apa salah yang dilakukan untuk tangkap mereka yang ada disana untuk tujuan itu?Bukankah ini negara demokrasi atau ianya telah berubah jadi negara dimana boleh buat apa yang “demo dok kasi”?

    Pertanyaan pada si Najib…Berjutajuta orang yang hadiri perhimpunan itu tak ada semangat patriotik dan pemberontak,tapi kau dan syaitan2 kau yang sekerat tahi hidung, pejuang bugis mari, adalah pahlawan sejati??Sampai si Mazlan dan Hamidi sanggup kena tembak,bukan untuk negara tapi untuk ketua mereka, raja syaitan iaitu Iblis,iaitu kau Najib??Tak perlulah bercakap banyak dengan rakyat sebab kami tahu Iblis dan Syaitan tidak boleh dipercayai kerana hanya buat jahat dan sentisa berbohong untuk menutupi kesalahan mereka!!Berapa banyakkah dari mereka iaitu Najib dan balaci bodohnya yang ada ke masjid di hari merdeka lalu untuk solat dan berterimakasih pada Allah untuk kemerdekaan ini???JAWAPANNYA,”TIDAK ADA SEORANGPUN YANG KE MASJID UNTUK BERTERIMAKASIH PADA ALLAH!!”,Tak habis2 berterimakasih pada Najib!!Untuk apa??Bagi duit yang dia curi pada kroninya ??Hello,orang UMNO..BOLEH BAWA DUIT HARAM DAN JAWATAN PALSU ITU MASUK KUBUR KE??Iblis dan Syaitan sebeginilah yang sebenar benarnya BANGSAT!!Ada hati nak bercakap tentang semangat nasionalism!!

    Nampaknya si Zahid buat buat lupa dia siapa!!Kami tak lupa lalang sepeti dia!Bagaimana dia gila kuasa sampai lompat dari UMNO lama ke UMNO baru..Bila tak bolae naik,merayu rayu pada Tun dan masuk balik UMNO lama!!Semuanya untuk cari kuasa agar senang mencuri dan berlagak mafia!!Rakyat masih ingat lagi bagaimana wang hilang ketika dia menerajui Bank Simapanan Nasional!!TOLONG BERHENTI BERLAKON!!Macamlah dia baik sangat..PIGI DAH!!Mak mana yang lahirkan si Najib dan Zahid,dah tentu menangis dan merana di dunia dan kubur!!WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!Senang ALLAH bagi,senang ALLAH tarik!!Tunggulah wahai Syaitan dan Iblis!!

    Saya salute Tun sebab bersama rakyat,tapi ingin saya bertanya,dimana Muhidin Yassin??Kenapa tidak bersama kami??Takut syaitan dan iblis itu atau takut pada ALLAH??Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin,Muhidin!Contohilah Tun dan Sultan JOHOR !!Hidup di dunia hanya sementara dan bila kita nak mati,tiada siapa yang tahu!Yang pasti,tiada siapa akan hidup selama lamanya!!


  6. wajaperak Sep 1,2015 8:41 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Saya sangat sangat marah kepada semua barua balaci dan konco-konco Najib..
    Berani mereka..Berani mereka!..
    Mereka tuduh Tun yang jual agama kepada DAP..
    Suruhlah mereka ambil sampel kahak kerana saya syaki mereka akan ditimpa sakit TB..
    Luahkan kahak anda kedalam container itu sebegini..
    Minta maaf Tun.Macam orang melayu kata..
    A measure is by it equal measure’s.Quantum?
    Apabila umat Islam berpecah di zaman Saidina Ali ra,Abu Abbas ra tampil kehadapan memberi penjelasan.Dengan penjelasan itu kira-kira 40,000 pengikut Khawarij kembali kepada Ahli Sunnah Wal Jammaah.
    Di dalam perhimpunan bersih,Kerajaan Najib enggan mengakui jumlah kehadiran rakyat adalah kira-kira suku juta orang.
    Kerajaan Najib mendakwa jumlah yang hadir di dalam sambutan merdeka adalah 50,000 orang.Jadi pastilah berlaku pertentangan di antara kedua golongan manusia ini..
    Jumlah yang ramai menentang Najib dan jumlah yang ramai juga menyokong kemungkaran Najib.
    Pertentangan ini pasti menumpahkan darah jika kita ikut emosi kita.
    Oleh itu kita mesti ‘Stand Down’ dan mengikis kepercayaan penyokong-penyokong Najib dengan dakwah.
    Jalan yang dipertunjukkan oleh Saidina Abbas r.a. bapa saudara Rasullulah s.a.w.
    Oleh itu Tun dalam pertentangan pendapat dan kepercayaan di antara kita dan mereka marilah kita utarakan satu isu..
    Adakah mereka ada reputasi seperti Tun yang sejak dari kecil menyumbang bakti kepada rakyat..
    TUN ADA..

    LU ADA KE???

    Terima kasih Tun.

  7. utaqamy Sep 1,2015 6:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Saya ingin berkongsi kisah antara orang awam dan pihak berkuasa di salah sebuah negara Islam di dunia ini.

    Orang awam : Cik, ada orang curi duit tabung masjid dan mintak cik siasat siapa pelakunya.
    Polis : Pakcik jangan risau, pihak kami telah menangkap pencuri tersebut dan menjatuhkan hukuman penjara 2 tahun terhadap beliau.

    Orang awam : Tuan, sy ada bukti rakaman dan transaksi bank bahawa anggota tuan menerima rasuah drpd penyeludup bahan terlarang di sempadan.
    Kastam : Kami telah menahan anggota kami dgn bantuan drpd anggota SPRM dan penerima rasuah telah dijatuhi hukuman penjara 5 tahun.

    Orang awam : Tuan, seseorang yg berprofil tinggi menerima dan menyembunyikan 2.6 billion dlm akaun beliau dan wang itu terlalu banyak utk beliau miliki. adakah duit itu drpd rasuah atau money laundering tuan. Tuan dah siasat ke?
    Polis : Saya tak tahu. Saya hanya menurut perintah.
    Orang awam : Bukankah sepatutnya tuan bebas menyiasat sesiapa sahaja yg disyaki menyalahi undang-undang???
    Polis : Saya tak boleh nak komen lebih2, ini rahsia dan boleh menyebabkan sy dibuang kerja.
    Orang awam : Jadinya tuan bukan kerja utk menjaga kedaulatan undang-undang ke, dimana tanggungjawab tuan utk negara???
    Polis : Kamu jangan mencabar sy dgn soalan2 kamu, sy boleh dakwa kamu.
    Orang awam : Kenapa nak dakwa sy, sy cuma bertanya dan mintak tuan siasat. kenapa yg disyaki masih bebas bercakap dgn biadap sana sini, sy yg nak didakwa???
    Polis : Aku nak kau belah drpd sini sebelum aku ambil tindakan.
    Orang awam : Tuan buat sy hilang hormat terhadap tuan dan kau tak layak dipanggil tuan.

    Perbualan terhenti setakat itu sahaja dan orang awam terus beredar daripada bertekak dgn manusia yg tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap tugasnya yg sangat besar makna bagi seluruh warga negara tersebut. Senang cakap, tiada guna ada kuasa kalau digunakan pakai macam kain buruk.

    Kita semua akan dipersoalkan di akhirat kelak diatas segala sumpah dan segala tanggungjawab yg kita pikul di dunia ini. Sesungguhnya org yg mejalankan tanggungjawab dgn jujur dan amanah akan mendapat balasan yg baik, InsyaAllah. Semoga yg tidak amanah terhadap tugas dan sumpah mereka mendapat balasan setimpal drpd Allah.

    Teruskan usaha Tun, We Love You!!!

  8. sibotak Sep 1,2015 1:58 AM

    Najib 2 Billion or more is NOT the Point

    The point is our PM The Key Character of Malaysia
    Has sold his SOUL to the DEVIL
    Thus selling Malaysia also

    As Najib refuse to Clarify for the Goodness of All
    My mind Speaks Differently

    I believes the sponsored Money was not given by any Arab
    Its easily a good sense saying the Arabs as Arabs has the money
    BUT What interest does these Arabs have to give Najib for UMNO
    Does UMNO have no Reserves ?
    For Oil ? Arabs has the most Oil
    For Geographical reasons ? Its too far for Arabs interest and Arabs themselves have much problems of their own
    For Land interest in Malaysia ? For what purpose ?
    To farm Kangkong , Petai , Jering ?

    These money must have come from those interested in our Vast Land
    and much in needed by them
    They just need to Slap 1 or 2 Minister perhaps the Key Player
    They don,t need to slapped the Whole Malaysia
    It must come from a Govt
    To come from an Arab with no specific interest
    It certainly does not make sense

    This could be the reasons Why Najib refuse to confess
    Saying its from an Arab its just a good excuse
    But the reasons behind is certainly Rubbish

    It should be a Valid Political reasons
    Political Objectives ,Future Political Interest
    It is a Political Investment

    Nevertheless Who gives to Sponsor
    Must have reasons and agendas behind it
    Malaysia has been Sold

  9. HouseWife Aug 31,2015 11:32 PM

    Salam Tun, I’m sure you’ve weighed the pros and cons, asked for your wife’s thoughts on whether to attend or not, and you’ve decided to follow your heart’s wishes because you care too much for this country. You have to go all out, there’s no looking back. Only you can make them sweat, shiver and wish they could play hide-and-seek. But too late to hide, so to ‘jaga muka’ and also due to their unprofound statements, they make themselves clowns, make themselves puppets of DSN, maybe to save their rice pots too, or all will fall down together. Tun, only you can erupt these complacant, arrogant, big-mouth, only-I-am-right people. It takes you to shake them..real hard, Tun. Many others want to be with you but are too afraid to be seen with you. Tun, you are direct, you don’t call them call them what they are..if they are liars then they are LIARS, CORRUPT,SWINDLELERS,
    ROBBERS, call them what they are cos they are a danger to society, they rob the peace of mind of Malaysians, the harmonious living of Malaysians. 1Malaysia is just a slogan, nothing more. The PM and the government should service for ALL Malaysians. I think because they fail to fulfill this sacred duty that is why there are many discontentments. Tun, we have to address this current big issues, speak and talk about it cos Tun, Allah has made it clear if we do nothing about it soon that crime will come to our doors, into our house. May Allah gives you all the strenght and Blessings in your fight for Malaysia. May Allah Protect you Alawys. May no harm comes to you. Take care Tun.

  10. malaysian.citizen Aug 31,2015 11:01 PM

    As’salam & Salam Sejahtera.

    Yes! Truly correct! Stop thinking that we nation-loving malaysians are a bunch of fool! Nobody could fool us. Why BN always win in the past elections from our Independence day to our current time? It is because we malaysians are not fool. The opposition could not fool us, so does all these PENGKHIANAT AGAMA,BANGSA,NEGARA & RAKYAT that are currently in the government! Are we fool enough to continue support these PENGKHIANAT AGAMA,BANGSA,NEGARA & RAKYAT to be in power after they had failed us miserably with their corruptness & greediness? We nation-loving people put our great nation Malaysia ahead of our self-interest. We do not need filthy cash or position to love our great nation.We love our great nation because we are truly Malaysian!

    For those supporters of these filthy people, you could provide with all those statistics to support your filthy political master. You could say that unemployment rate is low & our economy is doing well but do you seriously think that is the current reality on the street? Have you interview those fresh graduates or even experienced worker who seriously looking for job but failed to get even a single job? Do you know that there are first class graduates who still unemployed eventhough have attended many interviews? Have you realised that there are overseas graduates that have to accept any jobs even those low-paid jobs in order to be employed? Do you know that never happened before that our nation biggest employer the Government had freezed taking in new employees? So the big question here is who do want to fool with all your ridiculous out-of-reality statistics?


  11. johnmansfield Aug 31,2015 9:41 PM

    Hello Tun, Happy Merdeka day. I see you were busy among the people this weekend. Hopefully, your Chairmanship role with Proton is going well. I have happy memories of my time in Shah Alam.
    Good luck and stay safe.

    John Mansfield

  12. faridina Aug 31,2015 9:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Walaupun hari ini 31/8/15 genap 58 tahun negara tercinta kita Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaan namun ianya terasa sungguh hambar sekali memandangkan kemelut krisis kepimpinan negara menjerumus kepada kemungkaran yang nyata oleh seorang (gantinama bagi manusia bukannya seekor) Najib yang telah menjajah tanahair ini secara mutlak seorang diri.

    Negara dan rakyat akan hanya merdeka semula setelah berjaya menyingkir penjajahan oleh seorang Najib dengan menggantikan Presiden baru UMNO sekaligus Perdana Menteri dengan TSMY atas kesedaran ahli2 UMNO sendiri kelak insyaAllah.

    Tarikh 9/9/15 akan menjadi titik tolak kesedaran ahli UMNO apabila MKT bersidang dan bakal menyaksi usaha menyingkirkan TSMY sebagai ahli UMNO merangkap Timbalan Presiden UMNO bagi memastikan Najib selamat bersama orang2 yang setia tolol yang akan menghalalkan segala kemungkaran Presidennya.

    Wahai ahli2 UMNO terutamanya pemuda2 UMNO bangkitlah perangilah kemungkaran ini dan pertahankanlah kebenaran demi menyelamatkan tanahair dan rakyat keseluruhannya.

    Merayu kami kepada anak2 muda terutamanya Khairul Rahmat untuk memastikan TSMY diangkat sebagai Presiden UMNO dengan mempercepatkan proses pemilihan parti dengan mendesak EGM dalam tahun ini juga.

    Kita harus sedar bahawa bangsa lain telah bersatu sebagaimana telah terbukti dalam satu perhimpunan baru2 ini manakala bangsa kita telah berpecah belah dan hanya UMNO yang sihat UMNO yang telah di rebranding boleh menyatukan umat Melayu.

    Pada pandangan mata kasar kami waimanya dalam blog chedet sendiri komentatornya 70% adalah terdiri dari mereka yang mahu perubahan bukan sahaja dari kepalanya iaitu Najib tetapi termasuklah organisasi orang Melayu iaitu UMNO turut tidak didokongi berdasar tulisan, komen dan pandangan kebanyakkannya berbahasa Inggeris.

    Menangguk di air yang keruh harus kita fahami, kami nyatakan ini kerana rasa terkilan apabila satu2 acara melibatkan Tun secara berhemah tidak mendapat respon yang baik dan atas alasan ini kami rasa pemuda2 UMNO harus bangkit menjadi kumpulan pendesak semula sebagaimana ianya pernah dikenali beberapa dekad yang lalu.

    Walaupun kami tidak dapat membaca pemikiran ulung ayahanda Tun namun hakikatnya bahawa ada golongan yang cuba mengambil kesempatan tidak dapat dinafikan.

    Kemelut ini tidak boleh dibiarkan berpanjangan kerana kasih kami yang mendalam terhadap kedua ayahanda dan bonda Tun.

    Barangkali TSSJ boleh membantu ayahanda Tun kembali ke story board asal dan fokus untuk melaku perubahan within the party itself lantaran ujudnya ruang2 yang boleh dibolosi dan diambil kesempatan untuk dibaikpulih semula.

    Wasalam Tun.

  13. cruze Aug 31,2015 8:29 PM

    Otak sungguh cetek pemuda umno kelantan, dato ismail sabri, salleh keruak dan sharil samad bila nak hukum Tun kerana join bersih….
    Otak korang ni tahap negative dewan bahasa dan pustaka ke?.
    Rakyat mahu pun Tun memang boleh join bersih apa! Atas dasar pemimpin sekarang punya kebodohan, rasuah dan lagak gangster……
    Ni lah menteri2 yang. Tak cukup akal yang najib dah pilih….termasuk hishamuddin lemah gemalai tu dan azalina pengampu…

  14. cruze Aug 31,2015 8:28 PM

    Bangang sungguh pemuda umno kelantan, dato ismail sabri, salleh keruak dan sharil samad bila nak hukum Tun kerana join bersih….
    Otak korang bangang tahap negative dewan bahasa dan pustaka ke?.
    Rakyat mahu pun Tun memang boleh join bersih apa! Atas dasar pemimpin sekarang punya kebodohan, rasuah dan lagak gangster……
    Ni lah menteri2 yang. Tak cukup akal yang najib dah pilih….termasuk hishamuddin lemah gemalai tu dan azalina pengampu…

  15. Patriot Aug 31,2015 8:06 PM

    Dear Tun and All Malaysians ,

    Happy Merdeka ! Despite the challenges that the country face, I believe we should always remained optimistic.

    There is two way the country is heading :

    The Way of Syaitan – Offer easy seductive money , position , power but full of lies , corruption , deceit , greed , cruelty , enslavement which will ultimately end in suffering and hell for the Rakyat and Country.

    The Way of God – Truth , Justice , Courage , Sacrifice , Freedom which will end in blessing and happiness for the Rakyat and Country.

    Our way is The Way of God. This was the way of the Great Tunku and Soldier Patriots of Malaysia. No battle is too big , no sacrifice is too great for God were with them and they ultimately achieved independence for the country. Blessings and happiness to the Rakyat and Country.

    Today , the Evil way of the Syaitan with all its characteristics is taking hold of the Country. But never be weary because we walk the Way of God. Again no battle is too big for us , No sacrifice is too great for us. Evil is always not easy to defeat. But with God as our strength and courage , the follower of Syaitan will be defeated as it has always been defeated.

    Dear Tun , thank you for your leadership and guidance. We are with you always. May God bless you always.

    Dear Tun and All Malaysians. Happy Merdeka again and with Love always for our Beloved Malaysia

  16. keranamu@malaysia Aug 31,2015 6:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Your turn out give a new hope and breath to our country democracy system,
    Doakan badan sihat dan sejahtera

  17. sibotak Aug 31,2015 2:51 PM

    As from now Najib is not seen to be Corrupted
    Nor Did He misappropriates any of the Govt Money
    What is known is his Confession the Money is Donated
    None has the Right to know Why nor none has the Right to know From
    A further Probe will be made further by Opposition by Public
    Its important Najib needs to clarify in a Clever manner
    In a manner these money has nothing to do with Malaysia Importance

    Its important also to Notes here
    Tun Mahathir is in the DEMO Never because of Bersih
    Never because of Opposition
    It is more of Public interest
    Mahathir is Still Alive with his Good Reputations
    He did not wake up from his Grave
    Stupid Remarks and very Ridicule Remarks of LKY
    As late LKY Spelled it out before his Death

    Mahathir went there with his Cowboy Appearance
    Only He might station his Horse somewhere
    He was not in Yellow and as much as most Participants
    Was Not in Yellow

    Nevertheless Najib has to Go
    Malaysia is not in need of Najib so as PakLah
    As much as Malaysia wants Tun Mahathir
    Even the next if Muhideen cannot delivers
    Muhideen also got to GO
    The lasts resorts is me , Si Botak
    So what is the Vote here ?

  18. Slimbk Aug 31,2015 2:06 PM

    Salam Tun & semua rakyat Malaysia.

    Seal at Hari Merdeka!!


  19. Hasanar Aug 31,2015 12:37 PM

    Our Dear Respected TUN – Your presence at the Bersih 4.0 Rally on both the days has confirmed amongst All MALAYSIANS that you are a RAKYATS PM. MALAYSIANS are proud of you and your beloved wife for the committment to place Our Beloved Country in safe hands and be guided in the right direction for MALAYSIANS to enjoy for their hard work and sweat.
    MALAYSIANS pray for Tun and your Your Beloved wife for Good Health and Long Life.

  20. Aisyah Aug 31,2015 10:52 AM


  21. joetamchi Aug 31,2015 10:35 AM

    Tanah dijual penipu
    Rakyat hidup Ditindas selalu

    Rosak negara
    Najib mengkerjakan…
    Raja kita selamatkanlah Malaysia…

  22. joetamchi Aug 31,2015 10:19 AM

    Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
    Rakyat hidup
    bersatu dan maju,

    Rahmat bahagia
    Tuhan kurniakan,
    Raja kita
    selamat bertakhta,

    Rahmat bahagia
    Tuhan kurniakan.
    Raja kita
    selamat bertakhta

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan

    Rakyat & Raja berpisahnya tiada

  23. sibotak Aug 31,2015 9:47 AM

    Once a Liar Always a Liar

    Tun , could that donated money comes from other sources and not form Arabs as
    Najib confessed
    Of all the Lies the money came from our Neighbour
    What Interest has any Arab in Malaysia
    As much seen also Najib is submissive to our Neighbour

    What actually is Wrong
    What is the True Problems We are Facing
    It’s very important to identify the Right the Truth not Assupmtions

    Demo is Best held at Najib home
    It’s more Effective

  24. HBT456 Aug 31,2015 9:43 AM

    46. The balance of power between 2 political party system in singapore political arena will be born in singapore.

    47. The late lky saw this.

    48. He knew singapore will be here for another 50 years.

    49. To improve, they need to hear voices of complaints to get singapore moving forward so that no one will be left behind after the passing out of the late lee and the national parade of 50th annual celebration.

    50. Without home, they will be no country.

    51. By building cheaper homes will make felda settlers feel great?

  25. sibotak Aug 31,2015 9:32 AM

    It’s much better than Bersih held in Kuala Lumpur
    More Effective Bersih to be Held in front of Najib House

    It’s about a Leader that wrongfully Leads
    It’s was not UMNO

    Najib needs to be Shake
    Let’s see from there

  26. HBT456 Aug 31,2015 9:17 AM


    37. As president umno, mr najib is setting the price range on the house do these felda settlers know , the economic and safety consequences?

    38. The chairman of felda global venture kata mereka akan bikin rumah berharga tinggi untuk orang kaya kat indonesia.

    39. Tetapi, di kt, president umno pulak kata bikin rumah murah untuk kaum miskin kat sana.

    40. Siapakah yang mengbangsatkan kaum melayu?

    41. Rumah macam ini siapa nak beli?

    42. Selepas beli, sewakan kepada buruh warga negara asing?

    43. I am very dissapointed with tengku razaleigh.

    44. He hates tdm so much that he wants him to fall.

    45. Ong tee kiat, you made a bad choice by aligning to him, a bad bad choice.

  27. HBT456 Aug 31,2015 8:36 AM

    27. Can umno be changed again?

    28. No need to change umno.

    29. Let the pau stick to the original date to voice out their grievances.

    30. I will not vote bn.

    31. Why?

    32. Bn is dying, they only think of securing votes to get ministerial positions.

    33. The federal budget for elections go into bn saja.

    34. Voting bn means allow communism rise to topple the constitutionalized monarchy.

    35. If bn is still racist and deny opposition fundings, forget about uniting malaysia under 1 malaysia, membazirkan taxpayer monies.

  28. HBT456 Aug 31,2015 8:25 AM


    16. Talk talk only, later on mr najib got angry and ask his comrades to launch felda settler mass demonstration.

    17. It will be great for him to do that to let malaysian know how their president by taking their 2 cows, I mean land, and give them little money, jangan kata nak bikin anak, nak kahwin pun susah akin communism ideology.

    18. I have already forseen umno will be losing their votes if they cannot reform themselves.

    19. The man made disasters in china is due to political connection to the communist party through back door to get permit.

    20. Is it what tdm wants?

    21. Like I say, toilet papers got many grades.

    22. Which grade are you looking at for championing ketuanan umno?

    23. If you still play with racial and religion cards, be prepared to loose more votes.

    24. Melayu tak nampak, tapi kaum cina nampak.

    25. Malaysian malaysia, umno malaysia or bn malaysia.

    26. The choice is yours, vote wisely.

  29. New Umno Again? Aug 31,2015 8:07 AM

    Mahatir please help clean up UMNO and form UMNO Baru Baru lah. Get rid of the current shit floating on top of septic tank and clean the whole party. Mebbe the few good people in UMNO can see the truth and join you. But probably not the MPs. They now wait for jibby to pay them the bribes he promised for their support. Sad when they find out money is frozen in Singapura and likely to be confiscated. This jibby cannot stop becoz he cannot change MAS and also cannot replace Swiss A-G with bootlicker

  30. daeng Aug 31,2015 7:01 AM



    Hjazman? Silakan selalu mengeluarkan komen anda dalam blog chedet ini.

    Kita berdebat.


  31. adelheid Aug 31,2015 1:26 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat Hari Merdeka. Today is supposed to be a truly special day for you and all Malaysians since it reminds us of the independence of Malaysia. You must know the true meaning it brings – freedom – the hurdles the difficulties to attain this freedom. However today this day also brings with it sadness for we no longer enjoy that true meaning of independence. Our country our people seem to be on the wrong track. We seem to be moving backwards. Our economy is bad, our interracial relationship is bad, our leaders are bad.

    Sad as it is but we must move on, right Tun. To do what we think is only right to correct what has gone terribly wrong in this country. And to do just that is not easy. The way is hard since what we are fighting is the evil of corruption and abuse of power woven deep in the souls of our present leaders. All avenues seem to lead to dead ends for us.

    I am glad that you chose your intuition to go out and meet those opting to take to the streets. I know that you yourself do not condone this but what is happening in the country today is unprecedented and for this it is hard not to overlook our principles. I know what you did was hard but I know too that you did the right thing by following not only your mind but also your inner voice your intuition your heart.

    Tun, you are the people’s hero because you practise what you preach, you walk your talk, you are not afraid to expose yourself to the persecutions of both sides and maybe the actions of the totalitarian authority.

    What you want is the resignation of the present premier. The people assembled in peace. They have the right to. And you too have all the rights to visit and meet people.No one got hurt nothing has been lost nor broken. Only to DSN’s totalitarian administration these have posed as a threat.

    Bravo Tun Dr. Mahathir. What you did was the right thing to do. The people of Malaysia are with you. Believe me. We love you. Don’t you feel sad today remembering Merdeka. Allah will show us the way.

    Goodnight Tun. I love you. And please send my love to Tun Siti Hasmah too. Happy Independence Day!

  32. Mr fellow Aug 31,2015 12:06 AM

    Salam tun,

    Saya antara pelawat blog tun yang setia. ketika bersih ingin mengadakan himpunan ini, saya juga terasa untuk mengikuti perhimpunan ini. namun disebabkan faktor menjalankan perniagaan, saya tidak dapat untuk ke sana. Ketika melihat gambar Tun terpapar di malaysiakini live feed, saya merasakan amat rugi kerana tidak dapat ke sana.

    Tun, saya melihat isu NR ini ialah orang melayu sememangya kurang ambil peduli berbanding bangsa lain. Orang melayu terlalu takut untuk mengamil risiko. Saya percaya kehadiran bangsa cina yang ramai di Bersih bukanlah atas faktor menyokong DAP semata mata akan tetapi lebih kepada membenci kepimpinan NR yang menyebabkan perniagaan mereka merosot. Saya melihat ramai ahli perniagaan cina disekeliling saya telah gulung tikar kesan daripada GST dan kejatuhan Ekonomi.

    saya percaya lebih banyak lagi IKS yang akan gulung tikar tidak lama lagi. Orang melayu seperti biasa lebih kepada tunggu dan lihat, Takut ditangkap serta tidak ambil peduli asalkan hujung bulan tekan ATM ada duit masuk. Itulah melayu. Saya melihat melayu adalah jenis ‘yes Bos’ walaupun bosnya kategori cap ayam. dengan kenyataan terbaru NR yang menggunakan ayat ‘sekor sekor’, saya bertambah meluat.

    walaupun saya bukanlah pemimpin atau orang berpengaruh, tetapi saya sentiasa ingatkan rakan-rakan dan keluarga akan kesan ekonomi ini. apabila banyak IKS tutup maka kerajaan juga akan hilang pendapatan. seterusnya orang melayu yang bekerja kerajaan juga bakal ketiadaan gaji. jika ini berlaku maka semuanya telah terlambat. apa yang saya boleh simpulkan ialah melayu adalah bangsa yang sememangnya me-layu. walaupun saya dari bangsa melayu, saya sendiri mengaku kelemahan ini utk menyatakan bahawa kita telah ketinggalan dalam pelbagai bidang termasuk dalam soal agama islam sekalipun. saya melihat pendakwah mualaf berbangsa cina jauh lebih hebat berbanding pendakwah melayu dalam mengislamkan orang-orang bukan islam.

    Bangkitlah melayu sebelum me-layu menjadi me-gugur. Pemimpin yang agung bukanlah seorang yang gilakan tampuk pimpinan.


  33. Malaysian Patriot Aug 30,2015 11:04 PM

    Your Most Honourable:

    This is a big shout-out to the following:

    (1). Local Media: Kindly do your research, and cover aspects of the news and various opinions on ALL sides – if you wish to uphold “Journalism Ethics and Standards.”

    (2). Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Mr. Awang Selamat, and everyone else: If you had followed-up on His Honourable’s speech at a Forum “Malaysia Today: Where Are We Heading?” held in Pasir Gudang, Johor on the 29th of August 2015 – where His Honourable Tun Mahathir has not only publicly admitted that he has opposed of illegal rallies in the past, but he has equally explained his reasoning as to why the citizens of Malaysia took to the streets as the only means for their voice to be heard – seeing as how ALL other legitimate modes of conduct “have been shut.” These are unprecedented occurrences, and a significant time in the history of our nation. Thus, His Honourable Tun Mahathir visited Bersih 4.0 in Kuala Lumpur for one reason and one reason only: He is in solidarity with the citizens of Malaysia who demand the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak – that is it, period.

    Additionally, do not be too quick to assume and to make known publicly that the “Malays” are all bent out of shape and unhappy that His Honourable has visited the rally twice: You are gravely mistaken! Fact-check please.

    Amendment to any nation’s constitution is a requisite to the ever changing tide of civilised society.

    “A Resolute Response to Amendment is Now Necessary” — #TunMahathirPM2015

  34. intaiintai Aug 30,2015 10:49 PM



    Kami intaiintai dan terjumpa komen sdr Hjazman lebih kurang sama rentak nya dgn anakbuah kami(antara cybertrooper upahan Najib)..dapat juga lah duit raya dari admin. Najib katanya.

    Hari ini pakcik dia telah memberi keterangan panjang lebar tentang SiBangsat yang terbangsat yang akan membangsatkan UMNO.. jika ahli2 nya tidak ‘usir’ Presiden nya secepat mungkin .. kalau kamu sayangkan UMNO bertindak lah sekarang!

    UMNO/BN telah hilang kuasa di 3 negeri.. tak nampak pun bangsa Melayu dibangsatkan?

    Semoga Ayahanda Tun sentiasa dinaungi dgn Zat Sempurna dan Kasih dan Sayang Allah Swt..

    Alfatihah, aamiin

    Ps.. NR sendiri terbangsat kerana meludah kelangit..

  35. Kohul Aug 30,2015 10:03 PM

    Salam semua..
    Situasi semasa menggambarkan wajah Malaysia kita..
    Di mana2 orang bercakap pelbagai isu..
    Media sosial semakin kelihatan sangat releven..
    Seperti sebelumnya.. Tun M.. idola rakyat Malaysia menjadi lebih hebat biarpun dah turun takhta..
    Kelihatan lebih berjiwa pemimpin.. kelihatan sentiasa mahu disanjung.. kelihatan sentiasa mahu menjadi penentu dalam sesuatu isu besar..
    Tun.. berjiwa politik yg mahu mengawal segala..
    Mahu menjadi HAKIM .. penentu anda benar bersalah atau tak bersalah..
    Kata2 nya.. tulisannya.. sangat hebat.. solute..
    Mendidik rakyat agar merdeka drp belengu pemikiran orang lain..
    Kini kelihatan memaksakan fikiran dan kepercayaannya kpd org lain.. hmm.. bebaskah kita..
    Wallahu alam..

  36. musato Aug 30,2015 9:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya takde nak komen pasal Bersih, sebab tak dapat lihat dengan mata kepala sendiri dan cuma dapat agak yang tujuan Bersih adalah bercampur baur.

    Tujuan Malaysian kesana juga bercampur campur.

    Ke Johor juga saya tak dapat hadir kerana sibuk kerja. Chef Pastry saya dah resign, jadi sebenarnya saya malas nak buat kerja lebih lebih memandangkan hari hari saya punch in 4 am.

    Buat rajin sikit sikit dan tunjuk sikit sikit bolehlah. Nak banyak banyak rasanya tak berbaloi.

    Pasal nak beli mee 2 kupang tapi tak cukup kupang, saya makan je apa yang ada kat cafe.

    Sedap ke tak sedap ke jangan cuba nak tanya teknik memasak atau apa dengan saya.

    Saya makan je, kalau tak sedap jangan komplen. Itu rezeki. Jangan kutuk rezeki.

    Apa jenis chef la saya ni, kan hehehe…

    Ada orang kata Tun dah langgar semua apa yang Tun ajarkan selama ini pada anak anak didik.

    Pada pendapat saya, itulah yang terpancul dari mulut jikalau kita hanya mengikut kata ketua tapi tidak menyimpan rasa hati yang kita mengikut kerana Allah s.w.t

    Kalau tak silap saya pernah baca bahawa pada zaman Umar Abdul Aziz biri biri dan serigala boleh berjalan bersama sama tanpa baham membaham.

    Tapi setelah Umar Abdul Aziz turun, serigala mula berani makan biri biri.

    Jangan kata Tun langgar semua apa yang Tun ajar. Gunakan otak dan hati anda. Siapa ketua yang anda ikuti sekarang.

    Cikgu saya pun tak betul. Katanya buat apa yang saya suruh, tapi jangan buat apa yang saya buat.

    Apa kebendanya ni cikgu?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  37. ir.miringila Aug 30,2015 7:37 PM

    salam Tun.

    Saya menghormati tindakan Tun melawat keadaan perhimpunan Bersih 4. namun begitu pada pendapat saya Bersih 4 bukanlah platform atau label yang sesuai untuk menunjukkan jalan keluar dari Putrajaya kepada PM Najib.

    Hal ini kerana perhimpunan Bersih ini telah lama diwujudkan dan ianya hanya berjaya dari satu segi iaitu menambah bilangan pengundi yang menyokong pembangkang walhal tujuan utama Bersih adalah untuk menuntut pilihanraya yang bersih dan adil.

    Haruslah juga kita melihat tindakan SPR memperkenalkan sistem celupan atau calitan dakwat pada jari pengundi tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah penipuan dan keadilan. Sebabnya segala sistem yang cuba diketengahkan boleh diperdayakan dan banyak juga menimbul kekacauan semasa pilihanraya. Tidak ada satu sistem ciptaan manusia dapat menghalang manusia dari melakukan ketidak adilan juga penipuan.

    Hal ini berlaku kerana di peringkat kepimpinan itu sendiri terbelengu dengan mewujudkan suasana ketidakadilan berlaku. ini dapat kita lihat dari undang-undang yang dicipta oleh ahlul parlimen itu sendiri yang mana bukan sekali sesuatu kes di mahkamah itu dapat dimanipulasi dengan alasan teknikal dan sebagainya.

    Perkara ini berlaku bukanlah kerana manusia itu tidak cuba untuk berlaku adil padahal dia tidak berupaya untuk memberi keadilan. Namun ada di antara manusia itu hanya nampak apa yang ada didepan mata tanpa dapat menakul segala usahanya itu hanya akan mengsengsarakan sekelompok manusia dan sekelompok lagi berjaya. Sebagai pemimpin yang bagus tentulah ia akan memilih satu jalan yang benar-benar halus yang dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua baik dari segi ekonomi atau perundangan.

    Saya melihat segala keresahan yang berlaku adalah berpunca dari ketidakadilan ekonomi. kita dapat melihat golongan yang menyertai Bersih bukanlah terdiri dari golongan miskin. Bukanlah mereka yang terdiri dari golongan tidak mampu malahan rata-rata mereka mempunyai pelbagai gajet canggih yang berharga mencecah ribuan ringgit, dan saya pasti mereka ini tidak cukup kuat untuk menunjukkan jalan keluar dari Putrajaya kepada PM Najib. Kita juga pernah menyaksikan perhimpunan reformasi semasa zaman Tun menjadi PM. perhimpunan itu gagal kerana ia memperjuangkan nasib seorang manusia semata-mata.

    Keresahan akibat ketidakadilan ekonomilah menjadi punca UMNO semakin jauh dari rakyat bawahan. Rakyat termiskin yang berjuang bermati-matian mencari sesuap nasi. namun tidaklah mereka mendapat imbuhan yang lebih baik kerana kerajaan dan taukeh-taukeh lebih bijak dengan mengimport masuk buruh murah dari luar. SEBIJIK MACAM BRITISH LAKUKAN DAHULU KETIKA MEREKA MENJAJAH KITA. tidakkah Tun dapat merasakan yang tindakan pemimpin kita juga menjurus kepada Taktik penjajah. Pemimpin dan taukeh untung besar menggunakan buruh murah. Rakyat menderita dan dikatakan pemalas.

    Tidaklah dapat dielakkan lagi bahawa UMNO akan berkubur ditangan PM Najib sendiri. Langkah-langkah untuk mempertahan UMNO dan menjatuhkan Najib tidaklah dapat memulihkan keyakinan rakyat lagi kepada UMNO. UMNO ibarat sebuah bahtera yang sepatutnya dikemudi oleh rakyat untuk rakyat namun kini ia dikemudi oleh bangsawan (elitis), dan sudah tentulah ia hanya akan menjaga golongan sepertinya juga.

    Apa yang terjadi kepada UMNO kini bukanlah kerana berjayanya fitnah dan tipu daya pembangkang, ianya berlaku akibat budaya dari dalam UMNO sendiri. Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO berpakat bersama-sama untuk menjatuhkan satu sama lain hingga koyak rabak layar, tiangnya patah, lantainya hancur menyebabkannya karam sedikit-demi sedikit. Bukanlah kerana rakyat tidak mengenang budi seperti kata PM Najib. Bukankah budi rakyat yang memastikan kemenangan UMNO sejak dahulu yang patut UMNO kenang!

    Apabila sampainya Pilihanraya yang akan datang tahulah rakyat menentukan nasib PM Najib dan UMNO. Walaupun negara ini hancur, rakyat sanggup menegakkannya semula untuk pimpinan baru berkuasa, bukankah hal sebegini telah dilakukan rakyat biasa sejak dahulu kala lagi? Dan bukankah bila kejayaan dicipta hanya bangsawan, elitis, penyangak, perompak dan pencuri yang menikmati buah yang masak ranum lagi manis bermadu dan kami rakyat biasa menikmati buah berulat, masam serta pahit sekali untuk ditelan.

    Ada ketikanya perjuangan itu menuntut kita menangis. Menuntut kita luka dan parah malahan mati menyembah bumi namun segala-galanya itu adalah lipatan sejarah yang kita cipta dan tempuhi. Rakyat bersedia menghadapi segala kemungkinan. Kerana rakyat tiada punya apa-apa. Tun, masih ingatkah yang perjuangan belum selesai tapi kini perjuangan itu sudah menyimpang entah kemana, UMNO kini telah menyimpang dari perjuangannya sendiri dan amatlah tidak patut untuk rakyat menyelamatkannya lagi.

    Sekian Tun, saya mohon maaf diatas tulisan ini.

  38. man Aug 30,2015 7:07 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Ada rakan kita kata, bila kita tuding orang, 4 jari tunjuk diri kita sendiri. Betulke? Kalau betulpun 4 yang tunjuk diri sendiri tu tak semestinya salahkan. Yang satu tuding orang tu, empunya badan dah sah2 tahu sebabnya.

    2. Ada orang kata, hanya yang punyai jiwa besar akan mampu mengata diri kita salah. Ada masanya kita harus menerima hakikat yang pihak lain itu betul dan kita salah.

    3. Apa yang Tun bangkitkan dalam isu ini, derma RM2.6billion yang logiknya tinggi ke angkasa lepas untuk diterima dengan jumlah yang begitu begitu begitu begitu tinggi – RM2.6 billion bukannya RM2.6 juta. Pemimpin UMNO ada tugas tinggi menggunung2 untuk melerai dan menjelaskan isu ini sehingga rakyat yakin seyakin-yakinnya. Kalau tidak, UMNO dikhuatiri akan jadi pembangkang di peringkat persekutuan selepas PRU akan datang. Kita tahu prinsip perjuangan pembangkang sekarang tidak sama seperti prinsip perjuangan BN.

    4. Tun telah terbukti amat berjasa pada negara kita. Janganlah kita lupa semua ini. Setahu saya kalau tak silap, jambatan bengkok mampu memberi kelebihan strategik kepada kita dalam menyaingi negara jiran untuk bisnes pelabuhan. Kalau ia memberi kebaikan kepada negara kita, sayapun masih dan terus bernafsu.

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  39. wow Aug 30,2015 4:08 PM

    Bagi saya, acception itu donation aje la, but why donation? Maybe through some process of some deal..the donator has printed trillian, so instead of COMM1 jadi DONA1 lo….

    Corruption tak pelik sangat, bagi saya kelakuan ini berlaku apabila seseorang yang berkuasa atau mnpunyai influence dengan kehendakan greedy , masa itu la berjadi situation win win bagi pihak pihak tertentu yang ada intention bersama sama, today….i believe …the only way…is to surrender. But how? Since corruption berkait dgn hukuman, reputation dan kehendakan…. IF past is past….and if there is a support of Agong ke atau siapa siapa aje…..exenption from penalty, and also assure confidentiality …there is a chance of people wd stand up with evidence. And anyone that currently serve the nation now wd serve the hukuman, tak kira apa race, semua kena, kepada sesiapa yang mendedahkan corruption with evidence akan di protect. then the clean gov / private business dream maybe possible. some people take risk to survive, some people just continue wanted to have more. Greedy is the root cause of all this. Semua race pun involve in corruption. The process done in Professionally or directly. as long as you have done it… cannot cover forever. I am a malaysian chinese….i have a lot of malay frens, modern and open frens, until today……there is still different treament or benefit of races till today that no one dare to touch, apa bumi get housing discount ..and so on. Apa share only bumi allocation, this has practice long ago, and a lot has benefited, kita pun accept la,,,, bayar banyak, dapat kurang…accept saja la…..but who dare, who able to, who can implement……DAP? Keadilan? Pas? Party lain????
    jangan hidup dengan mulut, baca dengan mukut dan buat dgn buntut, tahit hamik ni (hokkian) means (what shit is this) sabo putih…tapi take from putih, angkat grey ….sebad banyak grey…..tolong hitam….sebad takut hitam….. All the above is just a point of view without any intention.

  40. phoonchan Aug 30,2015 3:57 PM

    I wonder why CNN is not mentioning anything about BERSIH Rally this time?

  41. Hasanar Aug 30,2015 3:42 PM


  42. wara Aug 30,2015 3:32 PM


    as usual present cabinet ministers are making silly statements. salleh keruak said its disappointing that Tun went to bersih.

    but this idiot is not disappointed that gov officers can be sacked and transfered for doing their jobs well. a few moments with bersih is disappointing.

    lying to the people is not disappointing.


    but of course a stupid minister wont notice this.

    thank you Tun.

  43. Hjazman Aug 30,2015 2:52 PM

    Salam kpd semua.

    1. Bila tuding orang, empat jari tunjuk diri sendiri.

    2. Ahli politik tak pernah kata silap, org lain shj yg tak betul.

    3. Kita semua betul dimata kita, maka org lain juga betul dimata mereka.

    4. Cakap, tulis memang senang….tak perlu ada bukti.

    5. Siapa yg sokong DSNajib, akan dituduh pelbagai gelaran buruk, seolah kamu semua betul seperti AlQur’an.

    6. Apa pun nafsu Tun M terhadap jambatan bengkok tidak akan terpadam.

    Siapa pun boleh berhujah atas nama rakyat. Today’s govt have balls to allow demo, but Tun M never…I repeat…never!.

  44. ahalimr Aug 30,2015 2:05 PM

    Saya merasa sebak dan menitis air mata melihat semangat anak muda berbilang kaum di perhimpuan bersih 4. Saya berharapn anging2 liar upahan tidak membuat kacau. Sultan dan Tmj telah pun menyuarakan rasa hati. Tmj secara jelas menyatakan baginda blh memilih untuk bersenang lenang di belakang tembok istana tapi atas rasa tjawab pd rakyat bsginda bersuara. Bagaimana pulak raja2 yg laiin. Apakah tidak terasa dgn kebiadapan Nazri bengong yg berani mengugut istana supaya tahu memilih pihak yg dapat menjamin masa depan istana . Sikap Nazri ni memang biadap dan kurang ajar. Apa yg berlaku skrg bkn soal politik tapi soal jenayah dan penyalah gunaan kuasa olih org nombor satu kerajaan hingga merosakkan nama baik negara dan mengancam ketenteraman awan dan masa depan negara. Dalam situsasi ini siapa lagi berhak mengambil tindakan keatas bangsat tersebut selain dari Agong dan Raja2 yg bertjawab menjaminkedaulatan dan kemerdekaan negara ini. Apakah baginda2 semua ingin terus menjadi simbol semata2 dan peristiwa kejatohan Marcos dan Shah Iran berlaku dinegara ini. Saya cadangkan Tun dan peminpin veteran BN dan pembangkang supaya mengadap Agong dan raja2 dan meminta baginda mengeluarkan titah supaya najib bercuti sahingga siasatan diraja selesai. Ini saja harapan yg tinggal jika kita tidak mahu berlaku perkara tidak diingini kerana rata2 rakyat sudah mulai rasa hilang sabar dan tak sanggup lagi dihina dgn alasan bodoh yg tak lawak.

  45. deBailleul Aug 30,2015 12:23 PM

    Showing up at the rally with that familiar smile may turn out to be an historic turn up from a recently declined Malaysia.

    If Malaysia was truly ‘squared’ with the West, everyone in the U.S. would know the name, Mahathir. However, because Mahathir is not a household name in the U.S. (after 22 years of service as PM), this demonstrates his allegiance to his people (notice the word “people,” not “nation”). In essence, the West doesn’t want to showcase Mahathir more than is necessary, because people of other nations would ‘get ideas’ of how they should be valued.

    Apparently, Mahathir is another example, too, of how engaging through a healthful dosage of passion for a cause other than oneself can maintain youth and energy.

    America has much to learn from Malaysia, much, indeed. Historians will some day flesh this all out, but for now, excuse the ignorance of too many Americans: for they know not what they do. Mr. Blankfein should step away from “doing God’s work” for a moment and rethink his unfortunate comment.

  46. milshah Aug 30,2015 11:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I support and agree your attendance in Bersih 4.0. We should be united in facing the crisis our country is in. As a malay, I see there is nothing wrong for you to attend and support. The objective is the same which is in protest in Najib management of the country. It would even be better if Tun is allowed to give speech by the Bersih 4.0 organisers.

    Thank you Tun.

  47. jameschua Aug 30,2015 11:40 AM

    Thank you Tun for visiting Bersih#4. As you know Bersih#4 is labelled an ethnic and DAP drive. Please visit us again today, and please bring bumiputras whom you have spend a lifetime helping, but not willing to help themselves in this time of great national need.

  48. ilioni Aug 30,2015 11:08 AM

    Salam Tun,

    To the fellow blog readers,

    1) If you think by sitting down and requesting Tun to do something. Have you ask yourself what have you done?

    2) If there is enough participation shown in Bersih from every Malaysian, there is a chance that this is enough to wake our fellow UMNO friends to have a second thought about their future with their current leader.

    3) Are you going to sit back and relax? Or, are you going to do something something about it? And, show and tell the current government that something needs to be changed?

    4) And, if you think by doing nothing, things will change (pray hard again). That being said, I will continue to pray that things just don’t get any worse.

    Good Luck, Malaysia. And, Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  49. sibotak Aug 30,2015 9:49 AM

    To me
    The preference of a Good Leader is A Spiritual Leader
    A Leader whom 1st Intentions is to care for its People
    NOT Someone who miss image himself as good , educated ,well to do
    But misuse these images to cheat its own people

    A good leader will sees his men behind without Asking
    A Bad Leader will not see his Men

    Its all in their intentions is the foundations to the Right Decision
    We wrongfully chose a Leader who are more Educated , more Well to do as a criteria
    BUT They misguide their advantage to Greed

    Why most want to be Leader ?
    Why most want Power ?

    With this ingredients They are in Position
    A position for them to get more Rich
    Once in Power
    They thought the Nation belongs to them

    Government Duty is to Govern the Nations
    Now it tends to Stray away from their Foundations
    They went to other Business , And They want also a part of it as Investors
    And they name it Semi Govt Business

    They had their Good Fat Pay as Govt Servant
    They also advantage their post to involve in Business which they called Semi Govt
    These much happen in S,pore
    Najib is copying from Them

    S,pore Minister Not just gets Good Fat Pay for their Posts
    The late Father LKY ,has stake investment in most Semi Govt Business
    You name it , Capital Land , Tamasek Holdings , SIA , S,pore Technologies
    S,pore Telecoms and many more
    These are Billions Giant Business in S,pore

    Najib is Learning this from Lee Hsien Loong
    Unfortunate for Najib
    We Malaysians have True Voice
    We are able to Turn the Table of any Govt Wrong Doings
    In S,pore your Balls will be Squeeze before you can utter a word

    A Govt like S,pore who Stands very much Taller than its People
    Is never Good for the Nations
    The people gets Bullied
    People Voice , People Rights are Violated

    A Govt who stands Low is also Bad for the Nation
    As they cannot moves forward much to Progress

    It should stand Nice like A Husband and a Wife
    Husband is a little taller than Wife

    Malaysia with much Natural Resources
    Our PM Najib should stand Tall and make us Malaysia Proud

    Najib should be seen as A Limousines , A Rolls Royce , or A Jaguar
    Very Prestigious
    Instead I see A Mini Cooper or perhaps A Proton Kancil
    With its Two Flat Deflated Tire

  50. hskamal Aug 30,2015 8:49 AM

    Correction; tertindas oleh pemimpin2 rakus dan zalim.

  51. hskamal Aug 30,2015 8:42 AM

    Salam, Tun

    Tun, dlm usaha untuk rehatkan DSN, tolong sangat2 juga untuk rehatkan Pemimpin2 MIC dan parti2 lain yg telah melakukan jenayah terhadap rakyat.

    Pastikan apabila pembersihan politik dilakukan tiada siapa yg terlepas drpd jenayah2 yg telah dilakukan oleh mereka. Ramai wakil rakyat dan adun dlm parti pemerintah mempunyai perhubungan dan kerjasama dgn penjenaya2 untuk memelihara kedudukan dlm politik negara tanpa gangguan dan saingan.

    Tun, tlg bebaskan rakyat Malaysia drpd pemimpin2 yg zalim dan rakus ini. Hanya org2 Melayu dan Raja2 Melayu sahaja yg dpt melindungi dan membela bangsa2 lain yg miskin dan tertindas drpd pemimpin2 rakus, zalim dan penjenayah.

    Apabila kerajaan majoriti di capai, pastikan tiada seorang pun pemimpin yg rasuah lakukan jenayah di beri tempat dlm sistem kehidupan rakyat jelata.

    Everybody must go as a package, MIC in particular, to safe the poor Indians. Let others serve the Indians, not MIC anymore…

  52. joetamchi Aug 30,2015 8:35 AM

    Bahawa Kami,
    Sebagai Anggota,
    Polis Perdana Menteri Mentera Malaysia
    Taat dan setia,
    Kepada rosmah dan najib
    Ringgit & Dollar,
    Kod penderhaka,
    Serta pimpinan zahid komidi,

    dan Kami berikrar,
    akan komited untuk berkhidmat,
    Melindungi najis negara,
    dan bekerjasama dengan yahudi
    Dalam mengekalkan kuasa
    Perdana Menteri Mentera Malaysia,
    isteri, kroni & proksinya…

    dan kami sudahi ikrar kami dengan
    Serapah jampi mentera menteri…

  53. joetamchi Aug 30,2015 8:11 AM

    Selamat Bersih Negara
    Bersihkan Negara Demi Rakyat Jelata


    kepada ALLAH kita bertuhan

    MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


  54. daeng Aug 30,2015 7:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tunku Aziz dah tak da suara lagi kerana malu.

    Malu pada siapa, malu pada rakyat Malaysia.

    Asalnya kata wang masuk akaun Najib tidak betul, tapi bila Najib mengaku dia sendiri menyumpah.

    Tu menunjukkan Najib lebih pandai menipu berbanding memerintah negara.

    Sekarang Tunku ni tak berani nak cakap apa.

    Baru kamu tahu Najib ni siapa?

    Betapa BANGSAT nya Najib di mata rakyat.

    Sebenarnya kabinet Najib umpama retak menanti belah.

    Saya ramalkan dalam tempoh terdekat ini ada segelintir menteri akan meletak jawatan dan menyatakan pendirian tidak menyokong pimpinan Najib yang BANGSAT.


  55. joetamchi Aug 30,2015 7:54 AM

    Ikrar PDRM
    Ikrar Taat Setia

    Bahawa Kami,
    Sebagai Anggota,
    Polis Di Raja Malaysia,
    Taat dan setia,
    Kepada Raja dan negara,
    Perlembagaan dan undang-undang,
    Kod Etika,
    Serta pucuk pimpinan Polis Di Raja Malaysia,

    dan Kami berikrar,
    akan komited untuk berkhidmat,
    Melindungi negara,
    dan bekerjasama dengan masyarakat,
    Dalam mengekalkan undang-undang,
    dan ketenteraman awam.


    Ikrar Khalid Abu Bakar pada RM?

  56. ilioni Aug 30,2015 7:42 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to convey a few notes:

    Thank you Tun for your appearance for the BERSIH event.
    Thank you to our dear police force for keeping calm and keeping things in order.
    Thank you for all the current participant for your show of people’s force.

    However, it will not be complete if this is going to be just from minorities. It takes more than that especially from the majorities. The appearance by Tun should be a catalyst for our dear majority fellow Malays to show our patriotism during our Merdeka Day. Tun has lead the way and it is now up to you.

    Are able to take the political aside to tell the current government that something is not right?
    Are we as Malaysians able to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong without wearing the political spectacles?

    This should not be about the opposition but it should be more about how we could build a better Malaysia.

    Tun has helped us and lead us through his “Vision 2020” and his belief of “Malaysia Boleh” mindset. He not only lead this by merely a slogan but by entrusting his life in his belief. If you still remember the heart surgery that he did, he entrusted his life in the hands of our Malaysian Surgeon instead of other foreign expert which most world leader would have done. Not to forget that he is a doctor and he understand the risk that comes with that decision. But, his belief prevails. Many would not have done that. I have to admit I might have the courage to do the same. For that, you have my highest respect! You walk the talk.

    Can we make it? It is not a one man effort but it takes the participation from every citizen and Malaysian.

    May God bless Tun & your family with good health in many years to come..

  57. joetamchi Aug 30,2015 7:41 AM

    Semboyan telah berbunyi….
    Menuju medan bakti…

    Jendral Zulkifeli nama diberi…
    Bila berikrar, sumpah kemati…

    1. Beriman kepada Tuhan dan bertaqwa kepadaNya
    2. Setia kepada negara & sedia berkorban demi kepentingannya dengan tidak sekali-kali mengenal menyerah
    3. Memegang teguh disiplin tentera & sentiasa menjunjung tinggi sikap keperwiraan dan kehormatan tentera.
    4. Mengutamakan perlaksanaan tugas dengan jujur dan ikhlas
    5. Menyimpan rahsia negara dengan seketat-ketatnya.


    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed …


  58. faridina Aug 30,2015 3:01 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Terlebih dahulu kami ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih dan tahniah kepada ribuan rakyat Johor Darul Takzim yang telah berjaya memenuhi Stadium MPPG Pasir Gudang bagi mengikuti Bicara Negarawan siri ke 3 ini.

    Kami juga amat kagum melihat betapa mereka sanggup tunggu lama di luar stadium selepas selesai program semata-mata bagi mengucapkan selamat jalan kepada Tun berdua termasuklah kami famili Faridina’s hi..hi..hi.. seperti dijanjikan turut memberikan sedikit sokongan bagi merasai sendiri suasana semasa ketika itu.

    Isi kandungan ucapan dan soal jawab dengan Tun rasanya boleh sdr2 ikuti melalui you tube tidak berapa lama lagi. Semuanya cukup menarik untuk diperhalusi namun antara yang disarankan adalah berhubung perlunya rakyat membuat laporan polis secara beramai2 atas salah laku Najib berhubung isu derma 2.6 billion serta pemecatan AG, penangkapan pegawai2 SPRM, sengaja melambatkan proses siasatan oleh PAC dengan melantik 4 anggotanya mengangotai kabinet dan menganggu tugas pegawai2 BNM.

    Cukup terharu dengan kehadiran Tan Sri Sanusi Junid dan isteri dan lebih manis lagi Faridina’s dapat bersalaman dan bergurau dengan TSSJ mengingatkan kisah lama tentang Che Hudoh, gurau2 petang Puan Sri menunjukkan kami juga pengikut setia blog TSSJ.

    Terkejut dengan kehadiran Datuk Khairul penganjur forum “Nothing To Hide” yang secara terbuka memohon maaf kepada Tun dan para hadirin atas ketaksubannya yang membuta tuli kepada Najib satu masa dahulu dan kini telah sedar mana satu intan mana satu kaca. Wahai Pemuda UMNO lain yang belum sedar atau sengaja buat2 tak sedar ambillah ikhtibar ini dan sama2 tolak kemungkaran yang nyata ini.

    Buat Anina dari Langkawi syabas kerana turut hadir dan kami semua akan jadi saksi sekiranya anda dipecat dari UMNO seperti yang anda lontarkan kepada Tun sewaktu sesi soaljawab dan ini adalah bukti kerakusan kuasa seorang Najib.

    Tun mengakhiri program di Johor dan sempat singgah di Dataran Merdeka dengan kenyataan “saya tidak menyokong Bersih tapi saya menyokong rakyat.”

    Terima kasih Tun kini kami sedar bahawa Tun bukan milik orang UMNO atau BN sahaja tetapi milik semua rakyat Malaysia yang menolak kemungkaran dan dizalimi sabit tu lah Tun digelar NEGARAWAN ULUNG.

    Wasalam Tun.

  59. Malaysian Patriot Aug 30,2015 2:59 AM

    Your Most Honourable,

    “A Resolute Response to Amendment is Now Necessary.”

    Thus I say:


  60. z2z Aug 30,2015 1:41 AM

    To Malay and Bumiputera comrades,

    As Tun, Mat Sabu and others demonstrated today, Bersih 4 is about accountability and transparency and not about DAP.

    With the Malay Muslim population making by far greater majority and increasing every year it is impossible for any minority race (even all combined) to take over ruling the country.

    You should be confident of your identity and abilities and not let fear and lies prevent you from expressing your own independent thoughts. Anina has shown us that she place justice and the interest of her party UMNO above self. She was prepared to lose her position, title and benefits by going against Najib. Being loyal is not about being unquestioning and blind to wrongdoings. Many of her weaker compatriots decided that it is safer (and profitable) keep their mouth and conscience shut. Ultimately we will all have to account and answer for our conduct and actions…

    Who has the ultimate authority? Allah or men?

  61. Patriot Aug 30,2015 1:34 AM

    Dear Tun ,

    Thank you and our heartfelt gratitude for your presence and support at Bersih 4. Every Malaysian wants a Malaysia that can aspire to be the best. But we all know that this is not possible as long as the evil of corruption is still in power. Imagine they even want to criminalise the Rakyat for just wearing yellow T shirts! Such corrupted thinking and evil way of ruling! We will defy and we will stand up to the evil of corruption .
    Tun , thank you again and we hope with your blessing more will join to Make Malaysia the best it can be by removing the evil of corruption from power.

  62. Sri Sense Aug 29,2015 11:35 PM

    Salam Tun

    Ambil sedikit ruang.

    To John Mansfield, I have read your profile online, both; website and youtube 🙂


    My son pagi pergi Bersih rally. Pergi dengan kawan-kawan. As a mother I risau his safety. I said to him last night “are you sure? their song adaptation from les misreable, that’s french revolution song”.

    Dia pergi pagi ini I pesan lagi. Nyanyi lagu negaraku, lagu lain tak usahla. I fikir lagu negaraku terbaik sebab rakyat tengah susah raja-raja melayu patut ambil tindakan untuk menyelamatkan keadaan sekarang.

    Rata rata I baca, ramai yang participate first time kerna tak happy cara Najib jalankan tugas sebagai PM. GST, RM2.6B, ringgit jatuh. And duit kat Singapore tu, rasanya bank la ambik nanti.

    Orang kata orang Melayu tak nak participate dalam Bersih rally, setau I Melayu urban memang susah nak cam muka sebagai Melayu, you ingat dia Cina tapi dia Melayu, you ingat dia India tapi dia Melayu. Ada kawan anak datang rumah, dia cakap slang tak macam Melayu, kulit pulak putih, I ingat dia Cina, rupanya dia Melayu satu kampung pulak tu. Ada jugak kawan wonder I Cina, Melayu atau India. I jawab Malaysian.

    Lagi satu cara nak tau ada Melayu sesuatu tempat, time bulan puasa, tempat makan yang sentiasa penuh, tiba2 jadi lengang time puasa.

    Goodnight all I love Tun M and Tun H.

  63. superman1 Aug 29,2015 11:12 PM

    Salam Tun

    Just to say one thousand million thank you for turning up at BERSIH 4. Nothing is better than this Tun. Really appreciate. Love you always… semoga Allah merahmati Tun…

  64. KLCC Aug 29,2015 8:46 PM

    I saw you attending the Bersih 4.0 rally! !

    Tun, you’re my hero! You have gained all my respects! You have gained the hearts of all Malaysians!

    You put your words in actions! You walk your talks!

    Long life! Long life! Long life!


  65. adelheid Aug 29,2015 8:09 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Congratulations on your Bicara Negarawan talk at Pasir Gudang Johor this afternoon. I always pray that you are in the best of health and taking care of your safety wherever you may be.

    Malaysia is at a crossroad. The choice is ours. Whether we choose to ignore or we choose to rise and steer to the right direction address where things have gone wrong. It is really time to push aside our races and religions if we really want to defeat the evil of corrupted and abusive leaders. If the people in our country continue to be separated by ill feelings towards each others’ race colour religion we all will lose this fight. The people who now control the country will win because the rakyat themselves are divided.

    The choice is ours now. We cannot let things go with the flow and dance moves of DSN. God knows what else he is capable of doing to this country within the two to three years before GE14. With Independence Day 31 August Hari Merdeka just after tomorrow Malaysians must come together as one in showing the exit to this corrupt and abusive leader. We want to remember our Merdeka in its true meaning and spirit, not merdeka with our mouths gagged throats choked and hands tied. We are like fighting for our second Merdeka and this time it’s harder because our captors are wolves in sheeps clothes aka the devil in human form.

    We must persevere Tun even when this road we choose to take is hard. But believe that at the end of this road there will be light and democracy will be revived. The choice is ours. Be with the mass citizens who want DSN down and revive democracy so that we will not die to regret leaving our children grandchildren in a dystopian Malaysia.

    Take good care Tun Dr. Mahathir, be safe always. You always secure this special place in our hearts, we love you Tun.

  66. 4nakmalaysia Aug 29,2015 6:24 PM

    Undurlah Najib sebelum negara dihancurkan olehmu.

  67. Fariq Islam Aug 29,2015 5:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Tak kira BN atau PR, penerimaan derma politik adalah sesuatu yang kurang sesuai. Bekas pemimpin Korea Selatan disabit kesalahan kerana menerima derma sebanyak RM3 juta lebih sewaktu memerintah.

    Kita harus insaf, yang penerima derma politik tertakluk kepada “syarat-syarat” tertentu. Justeru itu, polisi dan amalan mungkinnya bukan berlandaskan kepentingan Rakyat dan Negara, tetapi kepentingan individu.

    Amalan ini diwarisi, dan harus diperbetul, demi masa depan Negara dan bangsa.

  68. johigh Aug 29,2015 3:43 PM

    It is glaringly obvious that Najib Abdul Razak has become a deadly LIABILITY to his party and that of Barisan Nasional. The only way to avoid the ship from sinking is to replace the Captain.

  69. tokjay Aug 29,2015 3:25 PM

    Hoi Tengku Aziz. Hang pi mana. Lama tak dengaq. Hang ada lagi kah? Dulu hang bukan main lantang, keriyau sana sini suruh tangkap Chedet, suruh siasat Chedet, kononnya dia banyak buat salah. La ni dah boss hang mengaku songlap RM2.6 bilion duit rakyat hang buat dek saja, buat tak tahu. Sengap teruih. Entah-entah hang pun dia bagi habuan. Aku dah lama tunggu komen dari hang mengenai duit dalam akaun boss hang tu. Tak silap hang pun setuju duit tu diderma oleh Pak Arab.

    P/s. Sesiapa yang mempunyai email address Tengku Aziz tolong email mesej saya ini kepada dia.

  70. ir.miringila Aug 29,2015 1:37 PM

    salam Tun,

    To ilioni, good job! well done.

    To topmountain, that’s how economist run the the country or even the world, just using MATHEMATICS they care bout the numbers only, but not the people..


  71. sibotak Aug 29,2015 8:22 AM

    Najib adalah Boneka Kerajaan Asing
    Najib adalah perkakas Penyedap Luar

    Menerima Berillion Dollars dari Luar
    Membuktikan sesuatu yg sama sekali

    Najib Penkhianat Negara atas Nafsu Tombolok Beliau
    Jika Najib bolih tunduk pada Rosmah
    Mengapa tidak beliau bolih tunduk pada Pemerintahan Luar
    dengan habuan yg disalurkan pada Beliau

    Najib serupa Bangkai Hidup
    Kemana Beliau pergi
    Akan terbau Busuknya

    Inilah PM Malaysia sekarang
    Inilah Pengkhianat Negara yg Terbukti

  72. balance Aug 29,2015 8:20 AM

    ilioni Aug 28,2015 9:14 AM

    Wow! Wow! Greatest comments. Your comments cannot be more true and direct. YES YES Tun is a great leader and human being. Again YES if want to compare, can only compare with LKY not Najib. Too bad there are people that think and feel otherwise but it is their choice to be ignorance and unconscious. Today it is because of Tun M, we are living under a shady, comfortable and pleasant environment. Would be even better if all can live as Malaysians and our own unique Malaysian Culture without identifying race and religion. Long Live Tun

  73. tokjay Aug 29,2015 8:07 AM

    Hi guys I stumbled this online survey on Mr Najib.



    Why dont you try to participate!

  74. utaqamy Aug 29,2015 6:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya ingin mengucapkan TAHNIAH kepada Anina Saaduddin atas keberanian beliau dan berharap tindakan yg beliau ambil tepat dan mampu menjatuhkan NAJIBROSMAHBANGSAT.

    Satu saman difailkan Wanita UMNO Bahagian Langkawi terhadap Presiden parti Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur.

    Wahai NAJIBROSMAH, jika benar kamu bersalah, celakalah kamu dan keluarga dunia akhirat, ini doa saya dan rakan2. Berilah peluang kepada kepimpinan yg baru untuk menyelamatkan umno dan tanah melayu sebelum terlambat.

    Sekian Tun.


  75. keranamu@malaysia Aug 29,2015 4:21 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Simple answer, we are stupid enough to be cheated by the smartest man in this world even the strongest man in this world also playing golf with him by his sweet talk, currently our economic and currency also telling the fact our situation, we very soon going to follow the foot step of Greek,
    Our dearest Tun, we are begging you to done something to salvage the country….
    Please please please

  76. mubarakchan Aug 29,2015 2:05 AM


    I support you ilioni.

    During his 22 year Administration, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad created the 3 Million families of the Malay Middle Income Group without rancour or strife which up-lifted the 3 Million families of the non-Malay Middle Income Group by the purchases of the goods and services of the latter by the former. I am pretty certain that all the Malays who are alive today benefitted from the Tun’s 22 year Administration.

    During the rule of the crooked conman and Dictator, Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015), the indigenous Singaporeans were screwed down to 62% by 2010 from 100% in 1959. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011. And 300,000 of his supporters emigrated during the same period. And annually, about 4,000 still emigrate overseas.

    And to support the thesis that our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a Great Statesman of the World, here are two independent observations from famous and renown personalitiies of the biggest democratic country in the World, India, on our Tun.


    This is a rebuttal by the brilliant Nobel Prize winner, Amartya Sen and a top rank academician of the World, that there is little general evidence that authoritarian governance and the suppression of political civil rights are really beneficial in encouraging economic development as propounded by Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew failed with his usual Bluffology which he used to con the naive, gullible, hospitable and friendly Malaysians but not the Indians of India.


    And a further observation by TJS George, the famous columnist and writer of India in his Blogspot June 2011

    ” The West has spread the impression that Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew is Asia’s outstanding economic miracle man while Malaysia’s Mahathir as a cantankerous ogre, hater of white people and a dictator to boot. Both are dressed up portraits. What makes Mahathir special is that while pursuing economic progress, he never lost sight of the larger picture of human values. That cannot be said of Lee Kuan Yew and certainly not of Indonesia’s Suharto or Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra.”

    TJS George is a prominent journalist of India. He continues his fight against social injustice, corruption and political anarchies through his columns. He published a book in 1973 ” Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore ” which he high-lighted the shenanigans of the Dictator that long ago.


  77. sibotak Aug 29,2015 12:36 AM

    Kelemahan Kerajaan , Kelemahan Pemimpin
    Bakal menumbangkan Malaysia

    Malaysia kini seolah Tiada Pemimpin
    Tiada yg membela
    Pemimpin sibuk mementingkan agenda masing masing dari kewajiban mereka

    Baru kini
    Mamak Shanmugan Singapura mengulas tentang Kejatuhan Ringgit Malaysia
    yg Bakal juga mengugat kedudukan mereka
    Ini saya terima
    Yang Saya tidak terima adalah hujah beliau terhadap Melayu
    Orang Melayu Malaysia kini menuju kepada Malay Islamization
    Apa Hak Beliau membuat Kenyataan ini atas dasar Andaian Beliau
    Menonjolkan seolah Melayu Malaysia Racist
    Mereka sebenarnya lebih Racists dari kita
    Cuma mereka lebih berdrama ,wayang Kulit dan Hypocrites
    Mereka sebenar Talam Dua Muka

    Beliau adalah Ternakan mendiang LKY
    Mereka suka mengulas kita sebab kita selalu berdiam diri
    Hujah Beliau bertujuan mendapat sokongan dari Rakyat beliau seolah mengugut
    Maklumlah Pilihan Raya Singapura akan datang
    Jadi kenalah beliau menunjukan kebaikan beliau seolah beliau Prihatin

    Baru kemarin Beliau membuat kenyataan
    Malaysia tidak bolih naikan cukai tanah di Kota Tinggi untuk logi air mereka
    Sebab penjanjian Air dahulu kala termasuk penjanjian kegunaan Tanah
    Ini Mamak Parai fikir Tanah Johor Tanah Bapak dia
    Nak mengajar kita seolah kita Budak budak

    Saya akan perhatikan tindakan Kerjaan Malaysia atas isu terkini
    Mari kita lihat Kebodohan Kepimpinan Najib

  78. ir.miringila Aug 28,2015 11:50 PM

    salam Tun,

    tumpang komen lagi…

    aku hairan masih ramai lagi diluar sana termakan dengan dengan jawapan PM malah disini pun ada beberapa kerat yang cuba nak menyatakan PM is innocent.. kamonlah…. think… think…. think…. berani kerana benar, bukan menjerit kerana benar. aku hairan sejak bila melayu akan jadi bangsat kalau tak ada UMNO. UMNO tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa, tetapi manusia yang bernama pemimpin itulah yang dapat memimpin rakyat bukan menipu rakyat. mengapa rakyat harus diugut? kononnya kami, melayu akan bangsat tanpa Umno. adakah dengan mengugut rakyat dengan menjanjikan kegelapan masa hadapan akibat kejatuhan UMNO (bakal) dapat menakut-nakutkan rakyat supaya terus menjulang UMNO yang dipimpin PM sekarang yang cukup terkenal sebagai Maharaja Lawak Mega musim 2015 malaysia? kalau kawan dari Siam boleh buat lawak bodo pasai PM Malaysia aku nak jawab apa? Memalukan. So… the most lawak yang paling ramai orang gelak dan boleh dimasukkan dalam malaysia.. oppss World Guiness Record adalah PM Najib Scandal.. at least ada juga award. (kalau ada siapa-siapa yang boleh contact Guiness untuk iktiraf rekod ni) Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! 31st august 2015 is the right time for all malaysians merdeka from KING OF AUTA.

    R – Rahman ( bapa kemerdekaan )
    A – Abdul Razak ( bapa pembangunan )
    H – Hussien Onn (bapa perpaduan )
    M – Mahathir (bapa pemodenan )
    A – Abdullah (bapa pembangunan modal insan)
    N – Najib ( bapa pemusingan 1 malaysia )
    ? – ?

    who knows? what the next keyword?


  79. Slimbk Aug 28,2015 11:07 PM

    Tun, much of what you’ve been saying these past few months are now in these songs :-


  80. seamusgoh Aug 28,2015 10:38 PM

    Oh. Is not donation after all Najib speech to cover up. Implying the money must be from 1mdb. No wonder Tun Dr. M bites so hard on it. Long live Tun long live Malaysia. Hope Allah can make Najib goes down. Prayers.

  81. daeng Aug 28,2015 10:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Nak tegur budak hingusan “mae1000”, “malik” dan “topmountain”.

    Awat 3 abdul ni bodoh sangat????

    Sekolah tak habis, cuba tunjuk “fakta” yang boleh diperdebatkan.

    Kamu bertiga ni macam kaldai.

    Sekian Tun.

  82. superman1 Aug 28,2015 9:01 PM

    Wahai pencacai Pak Najis

    Latest news. UMNO people dah fail saman to ayahanda tiri korang. Kesian….

    Apa punya lawak la yang korang susah payah kelentong.
    1. Mula mula balaci kata tak masuk akal masuk akaun pak Najis sendiri…

    2. Lepas tu kata memang masuk akaun on behalf of parti. Yang ni ramai jugak mangkuk tandas back up kata dia orang memang tahu duit masuk duit pak Najis.

    3. Lepas tu kata “DERMA” pak arab untuk Pak Najis sebab susah payah kekang IS. Yang mana satu ni?. Cuba korang bawak bincang dengan ahli majlis mangkuk mangkuk tingkat yang lain… apa alasan yang paling releven untuk Pak Najis kesayangan korang tu. Pak Najis tu gelak je dalam hati sebab dia tahu jawapan sebenar yang memang sangat pahit… tapi ada jugak pencacai yang susah payah tolong jawab untuk dia. Pastu jawapan merapu rapu…

    4. Kalau “DERMA” untuk parti… takde pulak dalam simpan kira / audit UMNO tahun 2013 dan 2014. Banyak tu. Berbillion billion.

    5. Kalau “DERMA” untuk Pak Najis… apa yang UMNO sibuk sibuk back up? Walau apa pun perkataan DERMA tu sebab nanti sedapkan bunyi jer. Orang tak percaya pun. Tapi takpe lah. DERMA pun DERMA lah. Curi duit DERMA pun salah jugak.

    6.Wahai balaci @ anjing anjing kurap Pak Najis. Bila korang nak siapkan skrip jawapan untuk Pak Najis korang ni?. Lamanya korang fikir. Ke Lembab sebab banyak sangat cari idea nak menipu?

    7. Dah bebulan bulan dah. Pak Najis tak jawap jawap. Asyik anjing dia je menyalak.

    8. Kalau jujur kan senang. Tak payah susah payah bincang nak cari alasan. Ni habis orang dia buang. Pindah sana pindah sini. Tangguh tu tangguh ni. Itu tindakan orang tak bersalah ke? Hoiii anjing anjing lembab… guna akal sikit. Jangan guna banyak.. nanti habis.

  83. Jaafar Aug 28,2015 5:53 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tiada siapa pun akan mempercayai bahawa 2.6 bil adalah derma, ke dalam peribadi Najib? Tak mungkin. Saya yakin Zahid Hamidi & gangs pun tak percaya, tetapi mereka mengangguk kerana mahu menjaga kedudukan. Kalau betul Pak Arab tersebut mahu ikhlas menderma (kepada UMNO,) kenapa perlu melalui pelbagai agensi dan bank sebelum masuk ke dalam akaun Najib? Kenapa tidak terus saja dimasukkan ke dalam akaun rasmi UMNO? Tak mungkin ada Pak Arab yang sebegitu bodoh. Dan untuk pengetahuan Najib, Zahid & gangs, rakyat juga Malaysia tak BODOH. Jadi jangan anda cuba menyuap rakyat dengan penjelasan yang BODOH dan memjijikkan. Saya sudah meyokong UMNO selama berpuluh tahun. Tapi hari ini, rasa tawar hati saya sudah tidak mampu disekat lagi. Saya akan menyertai perhimpunan BERSIH 4 hujung minggu ini.

  84. Patriot Aug 28,2015 4:23 PM

    Our founding fathers enacted the Constitution as the Supreme Law of Malaysia. This Supreme Law is to forever defend the Rakyat and to forever preserve the Freedom, Rights , Justice and Truth given to the Rakyat. No law or announcement thereafter can deny the Rakyat its Freedom, Rights , Justice and Truth as given under this Supreme Law. Anyone , in whatever position or uniform , who attempt to subvert the Constitution is a traitor to the Rakyat and Country.

    In this growing hour of darkness where lies are spin as truth , abuse of power are spin as justice , our honourable goverment officials and agencies are humiliated , and our basic freedom and rights as given under the constitution is deemed illegal , where do we turn to ?

    The Tugu Peringatan Negara was build as a symbol to remind the Rakyat of our Soldiers unity , strength , bravery and sacrifice to defend and defeat the evil forces of darkness against the nation. Today , we turn to Tugu Peringatan Negara to remind us now more than ever that Unity, Strength , Bravery and Sacrifice is needed. That we will step forward and march , not as individuals in fear and shame , but march together with honour and dignity , and with Unity , Strength and Bravery. To march and defend our Freedom , Rights , Justice and Truth as given under our Supreme Law. To march and defeat the evil forces of darkness that is destroying our beloved Malaysia.

  85. man Aug 28,2015 1:29 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Arab yang menderma tu tak terfikirke nak derma tempat lain yang lebih memerlukan derma? Bagi orang Palestin ke, Rohingya ke, atau lain2 yang dalam keadaan menderita di tanah air sendiri. Bayangkan dengan USD700 juta, banyak benda2 diorang boleh buat. Ganti khemah2 yang dah rosak dimakan cuaca, buat masjid, beli bekalan makanan untuk beratus tahun akan datang, hantar anak2 mereka ke universiti dan macam2 lagi.

    Ataupun boleh derma kat orang Malaysia terus yang lebih memerlukan. Yang takde rumah, yang tak larat nak bayar yuran belajar, yang nak menjalani pembedahan tapi takde dana dan berbagai2 lagi.

    Yang nak banding2 masa dulu2 dan sekarang tu. Cuba kita tengok – siapa yang digeruni oleh orang barat dan seangkatannya? Adakah kita orang Malaysia disegani orang2 luar? Atau adakah kita orang Malaysia yang hanya dipandang sebelah mata oleh masyarakat antarabangsa sekarang ni?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  86. Sri Sense Aug 28,2015 1:21 PM

    Salam Tun

    Wanita ini cukup berani, satu pujian untuknya, Cheers! :

    Umno member sues Najib over US$650mil transfer

    KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno member has filed a suit against Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak over the US$650mil allegedly transferred by him to a Singapore bank account which does not belong to the party.

    Langkawi Umno member Anina Saaduddin filed the suit Friday, and named Najib and Umno public officer Datuk Ab Rauf Yusoh as the defendants.

    The suit was filed around 10am at the High Court registry here.

    Anina was a vocal critic of Najib at a Langkawi division annual general meeting in early August.

  87. Daniel Noor Aug 28,2015 12:23 PM

    Umno hari ini memfailkan saman terhadap presiden parti menggesa beliau menjawab rentetan peristiwa yang terjadi melibatkan dana RM2.6 bilion yang disalurkan ke dalam akaun bank peribadi Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Peguam bagi plaintif, Hanif Khatri memberitahu The Malaysian Insider saman itu difailkan di pejabat pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi Jalan Duta pagi ini.

    “Pada dasarnya ini adalah saman oleh Umno untuk Umno, meminta presiden parti bertanggungjawab terhadap kronologi yang berkaitan wang RM2.6 bilion itu, dari mana datangnya, ke mana perginya, berapa banyak yang tinggal dan pulangkan ia bagi kebaikan Umno,” katanya, sambil menambah beliau akan menjelaskan lebih lanjut pada satu sidang media hari ini.

    Beliau berkata, nama yang disenaraikan sebagai plaintif di writ saman itu ialah seorang wanita yang merupakan ahli Umno. – 28 Ogos, 2015.
    – See more at:

  88. question Aug 28,2015 10:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum tun yg dihormati,

    To mae1000

    1.Sila baca & faham dulu apa yg tun tulis, lepas tu brulah komen.

    2.Kalau ya pn tak suka tun, jgn tuduh tun menipu sbb nk tnjuk “kepndaian” anda membaca.

    3.Apa yg tun nk ckp ialah is@isis mula melakukan keganasan, baca dan faham elok-elok ayat “mula melakukan keganasan” pada tahun 2014. Tun tak tulis pn tahun is@isis ni ditubuhkan. Jadi dimana tipunya?

    4.Anda hanya buat sedikit kajian lepas tu terus tuduh melulu. Nmpak bebenor menipunya. Ada genetik dr gang-gang yg “tersebut” ke?

    4.Petikan daripada wikipedia tentang is@isis. The group originated as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in 1999, which pledged allegiance toal-Qaeda in 2004. The group participated in the Iraqi insurgency, which had followed the March 2003 invasion of Iraq by Western forces. In January 2006, it joined other Sunni insurgent groups to form the Mujahideen Shura Council, which proclaimed the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) in October 2006.

    5.Kalau tak cukup lagi, boleh baca lagi tntang isis kt sini..

    6.Trtnya-tnya, knpa smua derma-derma tak diberikan untuk membantu saudara yg menjadi mangsa perang di negara bergolak?

    7.Trtnya-tnya, brp rmai askar malaysia mati menentang is.

    8.Trtnya-tnya, knpa begitu lama masa diambil hanya untuk berkata “itu adalah derma”.

    9 Hamba tertanya-tanya.

    Terima kasih tun.

  89. daeng Aug 28,2015 10:26 AM


    Kepada Malik, mengapa kamu ni tolol dan lurus macam keldai campur lembu.

    Berapa RM yang diberi Najib untuk cuci “bangkai” yang ditinggalkan olehnya?

    Setahu saya Najib hanya ada 1 RM saja, itu pun dia tidak akan beri pada orang lain kerana Najib telah “diikat” oleh RM, bukan Najib ikat RM.

    Najib boleh menipu orang macam lembu seperti kamu tetapi Najib tidak boleh kelentong orang macam kami.

    Begini Malik, saya percaya kamu adalah jenis seperti Najib yang tidak tahu hukum haram/halal. Bagi kami rasuah adalah haram.

    Najib sebagai pemimpin, apa yang dibuat, kebodohan dan kekalutan yang dilakukan semuanya “baik” dan “elok” tetapi kami sebagai pengkritik yang pentingkan kesejahteraan rakyat dan risau masa depan rakyat keseluruhannya, mengambil maklum bahawa Najib seorang pemimpin yang terlalu banyak kepincangan pentadbirannya. Pendek cerita, Najib seorang yang bodoh. Kami tidak memerlukan seorang PM yang bodoh dan terus memperbodohkan kami yang lebih cerdik dari kamu.


  90. MEGATI DEWANI Aug 28,2015 9:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum kepada Tun DM dan semua peminat Che Det. Selamat pagi kepada yang bukan Islam,

    Izinkan saya sekali lagi untuk membuktikan raayat jelata telah muak dengan puter belit Najib.

    saya adalah pengguna Lebuhraya Persekutuan, pagi dan petang berulang alik kepejabat. Hampir seminggu yang lepas saya memerhatikan setiap kereta yang menggunakan lebuhraya tersebut tidak mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang kecuali lori dan van yang tak ada road tax (agaknya) dan sorang dua yang tidak mengambil tahu hal semasa.

    berbeza daripada tahun tahun yang lepas pengguna lebuhraya dengan bangganya melekatkan Jalur Gemilang sebelum menyambut perayaan kemerdekaan.

    kalau itu pun najib tidak dapat memahami kebencian rakyat terhadap beliau, maka sahlah najib ni buta mata dan buta hati.

    diharapkan Majlis Raja Raja dengan nasehat dari Menteri Besar terutama Negeri Kedah, Johor,Kelantan, Terengganu dan Pulau Pinang untuk berbuat sesuatu yang berkesan untuk menurunkan Najib…..Nak mengharapkan wakil parliment UMNO untuk mengusulkan undi tidak percaya terhadap Najib, sama macam menunggu kucing tumbuh tanduk…..alahai malang nya kita ada PM yang putar belit.

    kami semua sedang menunggu TUN DM untuk berbuat sesuatu supaya UMNO selamat dari kejatuhannya….

  91. HouseWife Aug 28,2015 9:23 AM

    Salam Tun, don’t really care la if anyone google ka gurgle ka, IS ka ISIS ka, but please read carefully para 3, Tun stated “… show their brand of terrorism in 2014″, in BM,”…menunjukkan jenama keganasan pada 2014”. Tun didn’t state when it is formed. Next time read and study Tun’s comment/text very slowly and carefully ok. May Allah Protect you Always. Take care.

  92. Nudyne Aug 28,2015 9:21 AM

    As Salam Tun,

    Kepekaan Rakyat Adalah Kerana Belajar Melalui Sejarah Dan Juga Sejarah Mengajar Kita Agar Menjadi Lebih Baik Dari Hari-Hari Sebelumnya.

    Namun, Apabila Dilihat Yang Bersuara Hanya Rakyat2 Biasa Semata-Mata..Yang Disanjunng, Didaulat, Didoakan Berdiam Sahaja.

    Apabila Krisis Melanda Teguran Dikikis Dibiar Melata.Menunggu Rakyat Tanggung Derita.

    Sudah Terbukti Duduk Semeja Menyanyangi khazanah PERJANJIAN PANGKOR tidak dibiar alpa.

    Bagi Bersuara Menegur Biar Tiada Kuasa Namun Tetap Dihati Rakyat Sentiasa.

    Semoga Allah Memberi Keberkatan Berpanjangan Kepada Seluruh Keluarga Tun Serta Negara Malaysia Tercinta.

  93. ilioni Aug 28,2015 9:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    In response to our dear “topMountain” comments,

    topMountain, you are standing too high up on the mountain and that is a problem. He should one day come down from the mountain to the ground and mix around with our fellow Malaysian. My summary for his comments is that he is a person who is completely disconnected from the rest and linger only within his own so-called “elite” group – maybe from Pemandu, our minister “elite” group or the group of CONsultants that are hired by our Beloved PM! Okay, let’s start.

    1. Dear topMountain, “statistics won’t lie” is not completely true and can be deceiving depending on how people spin it! I’ll go into more in depth later. And, that in itself is a cancerous disease in our government department! Numbers are used to cook up stories to make things look good!

    2. KPI for public safety is improving every day but the public isn’t feeling any safer but otherwise. When I was a kid, we used to walk to school all by ourselves without having to worry about safety. How about now? As a parent, do you dare to do that? That in itself is telling. Do i need to give more examples? Statistics do lie!

    3. KPI for public education. Every year our school examination is showing improvement but yet we at the bottom of the list in the international evaluation. Be it our new generation in the primary school evaluation or our University standing in the world. We started off together with Singapore and have produced so many world respected professionals locally in the past but look at where we stand today? But, yet our KPI says we are all good and well. Statistics do lie!

    4. You claim that our well-respected Tun M run our country into bankruptcy and a deficit state by looking at the numbers. Excuse me! He is well-known by the way how he handled the financial crisis back in 2008; he went against the normal easy way out by taking up the assistance by IMF and he understands that they comes with a COST. He manage and maneuver our country out from a financial storm with minimal bruise and stabilized the market! How brilliant he is?! You are nobody in comparison to him! So, you need to stop opening up your smelly mouth.

    5. You need to stop promoting your boss and start claiming the fruits that were planted by somebody else. The shade that we enjoy today is due to the trees that were planted years ago. He is cutting the trees without planting any new ones. And, it won’t be long before we all won’t have any shade left and have to live under the sun – sweating and suffering. The increase in income is due to the high oil price that we have enjoyed over these many years. So, you need to stop boasting about the numbers.

    6. Malaysia will be nobody if not for the contribution from Tun M. When no one knows about Malaysia, it is Tun M that brought our names out to the world. Najib is nobody and is just a joke to the world. He has brought upon disgrace to our fellow Malaysian. As simple as that.

    7. All these strong fundamental financials are built up during the time when Tun M is in charged so you need to stop boasting about the numbers.

    8. Can you please let me know where we are today with our currency crisis and what has Najib done beside hiding? And, again here comes his most common tactics – we will come up with a committee to monitor this. Ridiculous! How about stop hiding from behind and take charge of the situation yourself? You have no guts and you are yards behind compared to Tun M in terms of intelligence. There is no comparison! It’s an insult to compare Tun M with Najib! You can compare Tun M with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew but not with Najib. These great leaders have made difficult decisions at difficult times/circumstances and I believe they have their best intention for their country. Najib, no way!

    9. Let me list down some of the contributions from our beloved Father of Modern Malaysia. All his brilliant ideas, he sees many many step ahead of the majority people and he makes things happen:
    – North South Highway (Imagine if we don’t have it today)
    – Petronas Twin Tower & KL Tower (Everyone in the world know this)
    – Putrajaya (Government Administration center)
    – Cyberjaya (I am under the impression this is to imitate what he see in the silikon valley)
    – Formula 1 grandprix
    – KLIA
    – Langkawi development
    – SMART Tunnel
    – Teaching English in Math and Science
    – Reduce the gap between races
    – Look to the East policy
    – Before others realize the impact China has to the world, he lead us the way
    – Double track railway (We would have gotten this done if Tun have stayed in power and the people would have benefited from it!)
    – many others

    To me, I have huge respect for Tun M. You can call him a “genius” or a rare breed. He sees things before others sees them. For you to be disrespectful to him, can I ask you what have you done? What is Najib’s contribution? How about 1MDB? How about the Mongolia lady? How about controlling the first lady on her spending? Where does the Great Donation into his personal account come from? And, many more scandals.. The world knows us through his scandals. You see the difference now??!

    How about you stop your disgusting ridiculous apple polishing act for your boss? And, you really should stop your up-side-down arguments.

  94. joetamchi Aug 28,2015 7:13 AM


    Duit dah hilang…..
    hutang tetap hutang….

    Bilion bilion engkau curi…
    Buat sogok sana sini…

    Hutang Yahudi, rakyat kena ganti…
    dipotong subsidi, dikenakan GST…

    Salam Yahudi disambut 1MDB…..

    Satu hati, sejiwa
    Yahudi ketawa….


  95. hskamal Aug 28,2015 5:08 AM

    Salam, Tun

    Mohon sangat, agar Tun, segera rehatkan Najib Razak, dan kembalikan kehidupan yg selamat, terjamin dan bebas jenayah politik, untuk rakyat Malaysia.

    Agung dan raja2 Melayu perlu bangkit dan membela rakyat, bukan Najib. Hanya melalui raja2 sahaja, perkara ini boleh di selesai tanpa berlakunya apa2 insiden2 buruk.

    Raja2 Melayu perlu bertitah agar kepimpinan tentera Malaysia segera tangkap Najib dan IGP untuk mempermudahkan keadaan, sebelum serah kuasa kepada Agung untuk tindakan selanjut.

    Raja2 Melayu adalah benteng terakhir untuk selamatkan rakyat jelata.

    Daulat Tuanku Daulat Tuanku Daulat Tuanku

  96. Malaysian Patriot Aug 28,2015 4:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Your Most Honourable:

    The Telegraph UK: “Embattled Malaysian PM Najib drops speech to global anti-corruption gathering” by Philip Sherwell ( 27 August 2015).

    The Sydney Morning Herald: “Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak dodging anti-corruption Spotlight” by Lindsay Murdoch (South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media, 28 August 2015).

    Former United States ambassador to Malaysia, John R. Malott commented: “Internationally, it’s game over for Najib.” Malaysia Kini, 27 August 2015.

  97. joetamchi Aug 28,2015 3:54 AM



    Duit dipinjam sykt 1MDB
    Dari yahudi, si pemberi…
    Dikenakan bunga berkali kali…
    Dihantar umat mengerjakan haji…




    Duit dah hilang…
    Hutang tetap hutang…


  98. utaqamy Aug 28,2015 2:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Mohon sedikit ruangan drpd Tun.

    Kepada Dhani, malik dan topmountain..sudah2 lah menjadi kambing hitam kepada NAJIBROSMAHBANGSAT ya. Kenapa susah2 nak tolong jawab segala bagai pertahankan mereka kalau mereka dipercayai rakyat???

    Kebanyakan rakyat rasa benci dan jijik melihat NajibRosmah serta loya mendengar setiap kata2 drpd NajibRosmah serta pencacai2 mereka. Kenapa majoriti rakyat mempunyai perasaan sebegini sedangkan anda sebaliknya?? Kenapa rakyat tak percaya NajibRosmah wahai pencacai, KENAPA ???

    Adakah anda ada kepentingan diri? atau anda………

    Sekian Tun.

  99. novo Aug 28,2015 1:36 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka.

    1. Dahulu kita menuntut Merdeka dari bangsa penjajah.

    2. Kita tahu bangsa penjajah adalah rakus dan membolok kesemua hasil bumi kita.

    3. Mereka menjajah dan membiarkan kita di tipu bulat-bulat.

    4. Mereka tipu kita yang mereka akan membangunkan negara kita dan akan memberi hak kepada kita untuk memerintah sendiri.

    5. Tapi sekarang ini selepas 58 tahun merdeka kita masih lagi di jajah?

    6. Orang putih, portugis dan sepanyol telah tidak menjajah kita tapi

    7. Bangsa Melayu kita bertukar menjadi penjajah kita?

    8. Darah daging kita sendiri telah bertukar dari memimpin kita kepada menjajah kita. Mengapa?

    9. Ini yang buat aku buntu memikirkannya?

    10. Sayang sekali kerana kita mempunyai barisan pemimpin yang masih bermentalitikan penjajah.

    11. Dari PM, TPM dan Menteri Kabinet merka ini semua masih serupa seperti Residen British.

    12. Penuh dengan tipu helah untuk terus menjajah kita.

    13. Kata-kata mereka penuh dengan penipuan. Mereka sanggup menipu kita semua dan menanggap kita semua adalah orang-orang yang bodoh dan bebal.

    14. Samalah mereka dengan Residen British yang saban hari menipu rakyat jelata.

    15. Penjajahan yang kita semua hadapi sekarang adalah bernawaitu dari sifat haloba pemimpin kita.

    16. Mereka tidak pernah merasa cukup dengan kekayaan yang mereka ada.

    17. Hak rakyat di curi demi nafsu serakah mereka.

    18. Oleh itu kita sebagai rakyat harus menuntut balik hak kita demi mengembalikan erti kemerdekaan yang sebenarnya.

    19. Pastikan kita dapat mewariskan kemerdekaan yang sebenarnya kepada jenerasi yang mendatang. Anak cucu kita tidak berhak untuk di jajah kembali oleh pemimpin sebangsa dengan mereka

    20. “MERDEKA DARI PENJAJAH UMNO PIMPINAN NAJIB” adalah tema saya dan anda.


  100. superman1 Aug 28,2015 12:22 AM

    I pity all Najis ball carrier. Najib tak tahu nak jawab sendiri. Siap upah orang cari idea tolong jawabkan. Why don’t you all print the script and let Najis read it out on national Tv. Don’t forget to add… “Yang menurut perintah” …your name. Just incase Najis lupa who the balaci is. Hopefully one of you becomes menteri tandas tandas awam….

  101. superman1 Aug 28,2015 12:21 AM

    I pity all Najis ball carrier. Najib tak tahu nak jawab sendiri. Siap upah orang cari idea tolong jawabkan. Why don’t you all print the script and let Najis read it out on national Tv. Don’t forget to add… “Yang menurut perintah” …your name. Just incase Najis lupa who the balaci is. Hopefully one of your becomes menteri tandad tandas awam….

  102. Hajar Aug 28,2015 12:12 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,


    1. DSN dan koncu2 beliau ingat mereka boleh berterusan menipu dan memperbodoh-bodohkan rakyat Malaysia.

    2. Mungkin mereka ingat Malaysia masih lagi berada di era tahun 1940’an, 50’an, 60’an dan 70’an di mana tidak ramai rakyat Malaysia yang terpelajar, dan ramai juga yg buta huruf…

    3. Jadi, amatlah bodoh untuk DSN & koncu2 beliau untuk bercakap berbelit-belit & berbohong mengenai wang RM2.6 Billion yang di masukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi DSN. Pelbagai alasan2 dengan pelbagai versi disogokkan ke telinga rakyat Malaysia yang mana adakalanya melucukan dan ada yang tidak masuk akal dan bercanggah antara satu sama lain.

    4. Kadang2 kenyataan2 yang diberi oleh mereka tentang alasan ’derma’ RM2.6 Billion tersebut amat dangkal dan sudah ke tahap amat menjengkelkan. Mungkin mereka tidak tahu yang ramai orang yang mentertawakan kenyataan2 mereka, dan menjadi bahan lawak.

    5. Melihat gelagat DSN di TV sudah menjadi satu perkara yang memualkan, kerana kebanyakan kenyataan2 beliau penuh dengan kepura-puraan sambil terjerit-jerit dan tanpa ada rasa malu mahupun rasa tanggung-jawab sebagai PM.

    6. Semasa Tun PM, Malaysia menjadi ’cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang’ dalam pelbagai bidang dan terkenal sebagai negara Islam contoh yang menjadi rujukan Negara2 Islam lain.

    7. Namun sekarang kita sedang menuju kehancuran kerana ada PM yang amat diragui tahap integriti dan kesetiaan kepada negara serta rakus menyalah-guna kuasa. DSN yang banyak skandal terdedah kepada ’ugutan2’ dari pihak asing. Wang yang dibekukan di akaun Singapore mungkin sedang disiasat kerana ada kemungkinan aktiviti ’money laundering’ berlaku. Bolehlah Singapore ’mengugut’ PM kita yang sedang dilanda skandal 1MDB & derma RM2.6 Billion?

    8. Agak pelik bila sejumlah besar wang ’derma RM2.6 Billion’ (didakwa) telah disalurkan balik ke akaun di Singapore. Adakah sesiapa di dunia ini yang menderma dan selepas itu ambil/minta balik duit derma tersebut? Buruk siku?

    9. Adalah amat wajar PM Najib untuk meletakkan jawatan sekarang sebelum kesemua rakyat Malaysia (bukan saja orang Melayu) menjadi ’terbangs*t’ akibat skandal2 peribadi beliau yang memalukan dan membawa kerosakan kepada UMNO/BN, negara, dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  103. MMMALAYSIA Aug 27,2015 11:22 PM


    Dear Readers, Writers and Commenters of CHEDET

    No point writing, arguing and highlighting our pain and emotion against current govt leaders in this blog ALONE.

    INDIAN and CHINESE 97% community already decide since last election not to vote and support the BN government.

    Only because of MALAYS. MALAYS. MALAYS. Najib manage to hold on to the power and call them BANGSAT. BANGSAT.

    My question to all the visitors and reader and writers. How many off you ever SHARE OR HIGHLIGHT the current government is CHEATING AND ROBBING malaysia to the OLD FOLKS and PEOPLE in the rural area where they don’t have Internet access.

    If one of us can sms or what’s app to 10 people about the cheat and robbery done by NAJIB N ROSMAH rejime in rural area and old folks. We have better chance toppling NAJIB and his cronies once and for all. Our media is controlled by Najib and it is misleading everyone with cover ups empty promises

    UMNO is very scared of MALAY. coz Malays are the backbone of UMNO. so to all my MALAY friends spread the LIES, Robbery did by Najib to malaysian and country. Let the MALAY TSUNAMI from every part of malaysia to hit Najib.

    No point just write and read. Make a point to share with 10 people and ask everyone to join in Bersih 4. If you want changes we have to work a bit. Our beloved Tun alone can’t do. He needs our support and strength to make his life and vision easy.

    Our Tun already give us the foundation to topple Najib. now it is our duty and responsibility to make the way to top.

    Malays please lead assult on Najib. Your wont be working alone.

    Long live Tun. Ling live Tun. Long Live Tun. long Live Johor King. Long Live Johor King. Who fight for people.

  104. ir.miringila Aug 27,2015 10:21 PM

    Arabs— petrodollar— american military base—

  105. HouseWife Aug 27,2015 9:11 PM

    Salam Tun, my oh my here comes the troopers! Dah habis training ka, lama juga kursus, baru dapat sijil ka, sign oleh your boss. Almost convincing but not enough to fool me. It’s too late to be believable. Hujah2 amboi cantik, tu je, mana evidence hitam putih dengan gambar ka? Troppers2 ni kata si DSN dah bagi penjelasan..pada sapa? pada orang2 Umno je kan..not to the whole rakyat. He should have just explain everything from the beginning during the ‘Nothing-to-hide’ forum. I don’t want to hear what nots from his troopers but from himself live on-air, on tv and radio. Come out and be brave, all the people, not just Umnotizens in your divisions and kampongs. Tegak your kebenaran yourself if you are honest and truthful, that’s all we asked. Tunjuk tauladan yang baik supaya anak2 muda akan ikut. And also DSN should apologise for using that vulgar word ‘bangsat’. Masih rasa panas you know. Tun, please take care of your health no matter how much work you’ve got to do. May Allah protect you Always. Happy Merdeka Day to all.

  106. pemudamelayu Aug 27,2015 8:56 PM

    item number 6 : TPM baru mengatakan dia telah berjumpa Arab yang memberikan wang itu.
    Cukup-cukup le tu… nampak bebenor penipunyeee…

  107. z2z Aug 27,2015 7:39 PM


    It is not fair to compare data over two different period due to the different environment at the time and also due to the fact that the world economy has grown multiple folds between the two periods. A fairer comparison would be on the same period against neighboring countries.

    However I do not deny the fact there are cancer cells in the economy. These issues must be attacked before the country can fully recover and truly reach it’s full potential.

  108. wajaperak Aug 27,2015 5:59 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    Berapa mereka bayar anda untuk jadi barua..opss maafkan saya..
    Tentera siber Najib.
    Contactlah saya..
    Saya pun akan sokong Najib dengan harga yang berpatutan..


    What statistic are you talking about?
    Who ‘produce’ them?
    Better still who endorse them?
    You claimed that Tun..
    You believed that Najib..
    This difference of us will never end like the side we have chosen.
    But sometime, reason can prevail.
    The truth like Al Quran stated will come out after the stipulated time.
    But the simplest contention between you and me is the manner.
    The manner you illustrates your argument.
    I find them very lacking


    Terima kasih Tun.

  109. Buddies_Man Aug 27,2015 5:59 PM


    Pak You Pak You…

    Your figures are taik lembu (bullshit) same as 1mdb figures…all lies.

    Maybe be you are the brits advisor who were asked to tell this lies directly…

    You wish we going to believe it?

    Don’t call our Tun like that, you LIAR…

  110. Ramesh Krishnan Aug 27,2015 5:53 PM

    Dear Tun,
    When I grow up, I want to be just like my PM and I will enter politics just like our leaders. This will give me an avenue to swindle rakyat’s money and I will only steal in excess of 1 million or even better billions. And I will call it donation by all means and I will change my story so many times to confuse the people. I just want so much to be like our leaders who are fighting for bersih, cekap and amanah.

    If the leaders can swindle money, why can’t ordinary Malaysians do the same? Our elected representatives can swindle money, buy we the masters can’t? What logic is that? Lets all follow our leaders’ foot steps and get rich fast.

  111. mae1000 Aug 27,2015 5:04 PM

    from info by google, IS is formerly ISIS. It is started in 1999, not 2014 as Tun M mentions. Here Tun is lying.

  112. Buddies_Man Aug 27,2015 4:54 PM

    Apa lagi cerita tentang UMNO…

    Orang dalam parti begitu hipokrit & lemah.

    Just forget it….Melayu takkan bangsat!!!!

  113. superman1 Aug 27,2015 4:26 PM

    Malik mangkuk

    EX TPM pun gagal jawabkan macam kau jawab… syabas…

    Ko ingat orang lain bodoh macam kau jugak ke…

  114. superman1 Aug 27,2015 4:22 PM

    Kpd en malik

    Syabas… dengan coretan panjang lebar. Lagi panjang… lagi PAK NAJIS upah. Jgn lupa blanja kawan2…. ko pun sama jugak macam anjing anjing dan tukang kipas lain. Tolong jawab macam tahu sangat… Lepas ni ada balaci lain pulak tolong jawab versi lain pulak… Masa tu dah masuk PART 15 kot…

    Try harder ya mangkuk….

  115. pala Aug 27,2015 3:57 PM

    Bohong demi bohong oleh DS najib,sayalah orang paling gembira jika DS najib kena tangkap.tun panggil tentera tangkap DS najib.

  116. AZAMWIRA Aug 27,2015 3:18 PM

    Salam pada Tun yg dikasihi..Semoga sihat walafiat disamping ahli2 keluarga yang lain..

    Saya ni pemandu teksi di bandar KL ini, berusia 30 tahun dan ada 2 anak yg boleh dikatakan anak generasi gst..

    Saya ingin berkongsi sedikit kisah saya..Semuanya bermula ketika saya sedang beratur mengisii gas ngv teksi saya.. Saya didatangi macai ah long yg memberi kad perniagaan kepada saya..kemudian saya mendapat 1 idea perniagaan..

    Saya meminjam RM 42000 juta  dari ah long tersebut.. saya membeli 30 juta kereta  untuk dijadikan teksi ,dan juga mendapatkan 30 juta permit teksi juga.. Kemudian saya sewakan semua teksi saya pada para-para pemandu yg terdesak memerlukan teksi .. Para pemandu ini mahu tak mahu terpaksa bayar sewa pada saya , dimana harga sewanya agak mahal juga dari biasa..begitulah saya jadikan orang lain yang membayar ansuran ah long saya itu..

    Ah long ini pada mulanya agak keberatan utk memberi kredit 42000 juta pada saya..telah saya katakan pada beliau bahawa saya mampu utk mendapatkan 30 juta kereta dan 30 juta permit sekali.. Saya memberi jaminan pada beliau,kira macam guarantor kata orang.. setelah beliau yakin dengan kepimpinan keusahawanan saya dan setelah beliau berangan-angan mengirakan untung di kemudian hari , barulah beliau memberi pinjaman 42000 juta itu ..

    Kini , masa telah berlalu ..situasi menang-menang ini menguntungkan saya dan ah long itu .. Sebagai tanda penghargaan beliau pada saya kerana menyokong bisnez ceti beliau , beliau  telah menderma  komisyen 2600 juta pada saya.. Wang 2600 juta ini bolehlah saya gunakan untuk memperkembangkan lagi bisnes saya.. Sungguh tak sangka sangat mudah saya mendapat wang terpijak berbillion-billion ini.. unbelieveable.. Sangat murah rezeki tuhan..

    Entah berapa ketika, tiba-tiba kini manager saya mengatakan para pemandu mula timbul rungutan..mereka mengatakan bayaran sewa terlalu mahal..mereka kata kos repair kenderaan sudah naik, penumpang sudah kurang dan macam2 lagi..haa,tak mengapa lah..saya ada 30 juta pemandu , setakat segelintir begini tiada apa pun..

    Bagi saya ,yg penting perniagaan harus maju..saya kena jaga 30 juta pemandu saya..mana-mana pemandu saya yg bising sikit, saya potong cantas sahaja periuk nasi mereka..pada pemandu saya yg 30 juta itu , saya tak kisah perah keringat jerih payah mereka..saya pun tak kisah menggunakan org dalam utk membeli kereta dan dapatkan permit dan sebagainya .. Bagi saya , saya mampu buat nya.. sebab saya bijak..lagi 1 sebabnya adalah 30 juta pemandu saya tu bukan bodoh..Cuma mereka kurang cerdik..

    Sekian,itu sahaja cerita saya -hwd795

  117. malik Aug 27,2015 12:05 PM

    Part 3

    4) Pastikan UMNO memerintah Malaysia –

    Ini adalah yang diwawarkan oleh pihak media sebagai alasan utama dana diberi hakikatnya jika mereka mahu Najib Razak melaksanakan amanah tersebut maka dana ini seharusnya digunakan untuk memastikan UMNO menang di PRU-13.

    Inilah persoalan yang sering ditanya kenapa bukan terus ke akaun UMNO, ini kerana amanah sebagai pemimpin Islam kini bukan hanya tertakluk kepada wilayah dipertanggungjawabkan tetapi ke rantau. Malaysia sebagai negara Islam yang maju dan dihormati di rantau Asia pasti dapat menjalankan proses pendamaian ini.

    Ada yang tanya apa habuan disebalik pemberian ini, jawabnya pelaksanaan atas permintaan syarat tersebut kerana Pihak Arab Saudi lebih kaya dari segi hasil bumi dari Malaysia. Oleh itu logiknya tiada apa yang Malaysia boleh beri Pihak Arab Saudi tidak boleh beli sebelum dana diberi.

    Ada yang tertanya juga kenapa dana sebegini tidak diberi kepada pemimpin terdahulu. Ada diberikan namun konflik kini makin terjadi-jadi dan pengaruh pihak Iran dan barat makin tersebar. Kali ini tugas spesifik diberi untuk memastikan keamanan rautau Asia dijamin.

    Apabila cerita mengenai dana ini disebarkan di Wall Street Journal iaitu sebuah akhbar dari New York, kita agak janggal tetapi sebenarnya pihak barat tahu dimana selebih dana itu disalurkan dan mereka menunggu sahaja pemimpin disoal untuk beri penjelasan. Mereka tahu penjelasan ini bakal memalukan Malaysia kerana kita dianggap menyokong pihak Muslim di Selatan Thailand dan Filipina yang negara jiran anggap sebagai musuh dalaman.

    Sekarang ini pihak pembangkang ingin mengadakan demonstrasi, adakah kita pernah tertanya bagaimana sesetengah NGO dan parti politik mendapat dana mereka? hak mereka untuk berdemonstrasi harus dihormati tetapi sebagai umat Islam kita harus waras dan istiqamah samada semua yang dilakukan oleh mereka benar ikhlas dan tidak ada agenda yang atau tangan luar yang masuk campur

    Najib Razak sudah menjadi menteri begitu lama, beliau dan keluarga tidak memerlukan dana sebanyak ini untuk hidup bahagia tetapi apa yang beliau lakukan adalah amat berat dan sukar untuk orang bukan islam bahkan orang Islam memahaminya. Sokong atau tidak itu hak individu tetapi apa yang mahu disampaikan adalah kebenaran yang ditidak disebut-sebut.

    Semua pihak terbabit akan membantah dan tidak akan mengaku ada saluran dana ini, kerana sememangnya rahsia. Seharusnya dana seperti ini dijadikan rahsia tanpa umum tahu, tapi demi kebenaran dan sangka fitnah ia terpaksa diluahkan walau pahit.

    Penulis berdoa agar Allah S.W.T membuka hati kepada para pembaca dan menilai secara rasional dan logik tentang kegunaan dana tersebut. Akhirnya Allah S.W.T akan menilai segala yang dilakukan. Walllahwalam.


  118. malik Aug 27,2015 12:04 PM

    Part 2

    2) Selesaikan isu penindasan umat islam di Selatan Filipina dan Selatan Thailand –

    Pada tahun 2014 Najib Razak telahpun mengadakan proses pendamaian antara pihak kerajaan Filipina dan Selatan Filipina yang majoriti penduduknya adalah orang Islam sama juga dengan keadaan dengan kerajaan Thailand dan Selatan Thailand yang majoritinya penduduknya orang Islam. Proses pendamaian ini dapat diadakan bukan kerana Najib Razak begitu pintar untuk berunding tetapi realitinya sebahagian $633juta yang diberi oleh pihak Arab Saudi diamanahkan untuk memastikan pihak Muslim di Selatan Filipina dan Selatan Thailand bersedia dengan kuasa autonomi yang bakal diberi. Umat Islam tahu penindasan dari pihak kerajaan yang bukan Islam kepada penduduk Islam sememangnya berlaku. Malaysia ditugaskan untuk memastikan barangan kesihatan, bantuan kemanusiaan dan kelengkapan sekolah diberi dan bukan melatih dalam aspek peperangan.

    Kenapa Pihak Arab Saudi begitu Kisah tentang pendamaian dirantau ini? Ini kerana Iran telahpun mengambil kesempatan dengan keadaan konflik dengan memberi sumbangan kepada mereka dengan syarat ajaran Syiah dibiarkan berkembang di rantau Asia. Peperangan antara pihak Arab Saudi dan Iran ini memang payah untuk orang bukan islam memahami tetapi hingga kini di Timur Tengah juga peperangan di Yemen merupakan peperangan proksi dan ada yang katakan Malaysia terlibat secara sulit dalam hal ini atas nama kesetian Islam Sunnah wal Jamaah Sunni.

    Selain dari ideologi agama, pihak Arab Saudi juga tahu di kawasan konflik ini terdapat hasil minyak dan gas yang banyak, perjanjian eksploitasi minyak antara Malaysia dan Thailand juga berlaku diperairan kawasan konflik begitu juga di Selatan Filipina.

    Malaysia juga tidak terkecuali dari jenayah penculikan di Selatan Filipina oleh segelintir kumpulan yang mahu merosakkan usaha Malaysia mencapai proses pendamaian. Kisah Lahad Datu mengingatkan kita bahawa proses pendamaian rantau amat penting dan Malaysia mengambil inisiatif untuk memastikan keadaan disitu diketatkan. Ada pelbagai pihak yang ingin mengagalkan proses ini dengan membuat aktiviti penculikan.

    3) Memerangi kumpulan IS dan kumpulan yang tidak menyokong kerajaan Arab Saudi –

    Pihak Arab Saudi dan Malaysia sering membincangkan masalah ini dan mereka tahu kumpulan IS telahpun mendapat sambutan oleh sesetengah pihak walau rakyat tidak tahu. Konflik di rantau ini juga merupakan resepi bagi IS mendapat rekruit untuk terlibat dalam ideologi ekstrem mereka.

    Oleh itu pihak Arab Saudi mahu kepimpinan Malaysia untuk memerangi IS dengan pelbagai cara dan antaranya mengadakan proses pendamaian dan memberi kelengkapan keselamatan dan melatih pendakwah-pendakwah yang boleh digunakan untuk memberitahu ummah tentang bahayanya kumpulan tersebut. Ini adalah realiti sebenar keadaan.


  119. malik Aug 27,2015 12:04 PM

    Part 1

    Kisah Benar ‘Dana Politik $633 juta kepada Malaysia’ – Rahsia

    Bismillahirohmanirohim, segala pujian bagi Allah S.W.T, Selawat dan Salam ke atas Rasulnya Muhammad S.A.W. Setiap orang akan diuji oleh Allah, tidak kira kedudukan atau darjat, ujian tetap akan diberi, Nabi Adam yakni Nabi pertama dan Hawa yang berada di syurga juga diuji Allah apatah lagi manusia yang berada dibumi Allah ini.

    Ulasan ini amat berat dan sensitif untuk diceritakan, malah akan menyentuh soal rahsia dan imej negara. Tetapi kita harus istiqamah dan kebenaran harus diceritakan, insyallah umat Islam dan Melayu di Malaysia boleh menerima dengan hati terbuka, yang diminta adalah supaya mereka faham, soal sokong atau tidak pula hak individu.

    Memang benar $633 juta diberi kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia oleh pihak Arab Saudi, nilai ini agak kecil bagi mereka kerana setiap hari mereka mengeluarkan 12 juta tong minyak berbanding Malaysia yang hanya 600 ribu tong sehari. Kerajaan Arab Saudi dari dulu lagi memberi dana sumbangan kepada beberapa pemimpin dan negara islam untuk 1) Memerangi perkembangan Syiah 2) Benteras kumpulan ‘penganas’ yang memerangi mereka 3) sumbangan kemanusian 4) sumbangan sulit kepada negara islam yang teranaiya 5) Umat Islam yang berada dalam negara yang majoritinya bukan Islam yang ditindas 6) bantuan politik 7) biasiswa bagi perkembangan ajaran Islam ala Wahabi 8) Pertahankan Sunnah wal jamaah Sunni sebagai pegangan utama umat Islam dunia

    Pemberian dana seperti ini dilihat pelik malah akan dikritik oleh mereka yang bukan Islam. Perspektif orang Islam dan bukan Islam berbeza dalam konteks mempertahankan kesucian Islam dengan pegangan kita sebagai Sunnah wal jamaah. Kerajaan Arab Saudi dan Iran walau dilihat oleh kaca mata orang bukan Islam sebagai negara Islam tetapi ideologi mereka amat berbeza dan Orang Islam cukup faham akan perbezaan ini.

    Malaysia dilihat sebagai rakan strategik bagi kerajaan Arab Saudi, kita perlu faham hubungan dengan Arab Saudi bukan hanya untuk menentukan jumlah jemaaah Haji atau pembelian minyak malah perbincangan tentang kebimbangan ancaman terhadap Islam di rantau Asia dan perkembangan Syiah merupakan antara agenda utama perbincangan tanpa diketahui oleh rakyat umum.

    Memang ada pihak terkejut, marah dan tertanya-tanya tentang dana $633 juta yang diberi oleh pihak Arab Saudi kepada Najib Razak dan bukan terus disalurkan kepada akaun UMNO, sudah pasti bukan semua pihak boleh menerima ulasan ini tetapi apa yang diminta supaya orang Islam dan Melayu berbuka hati untuk menilai realiti ini. Pihak Arab Saudi telah menggenakan beberapa syarat kepada beliau untuk kegunaan Dana tersebut.

    1) Benteras pengaruh Syiah dirantau Asia –

    Secara sulit pihak Iran sedang bergerak aktif dalam mengembangkan pengajaran Syiah di Indonesia, Malaysia, Selatan Thailand, Singapura, Selatan Filipina dan Brunei. Mereka menggunakan beberapa pendakwah secara sulit dan pelajar untuk memasuki institusi seperti jabatan kerajaan, kolej dan Universiti. Kita dapat melihat beberapa kes di Selangor dan beberapa negeri lain dimana jabatan agama telah mengenal pasti cuma atas arahan pihak berkuasa media kurang mewawarkan sahaja.


  120. xoxo Aug 27,2015 11:00 AM

    Assalamuikum w.b.t..
    najib wajib disingkirkan untuk kelangsungan UMNO dan kebaikan MALAYSIA..beliau telah menggunakan jawatan sebagai PM MALAYSIA,President parti untuk kepentingan diri sendiri..
    Gerak kerja untuk menyingkirkan najib haruslah dimulakan diperingkat cawangan dengan menyingkirkan ketua-ketua Bahagian yang terus menerus memberikan sokongan membabi buta kepada najib..
    Setelah ketua Bahagian disingkirkan barulah suara akar umbi dapat dibawa diperingkat tertinggi.
    Adalah tidak adil parti UMNO yang banyak berjasa kepada orang melayu dan MALAYSIA terjebak didalam masalah peribadi yang dimulakan oleh najib sendiri..
    Kelemahan Najib dalam mengurus ekonomi negara,sifat ketamakan beliau dan juga keborosan najib haruslah dihentikan.
    #sayang UMNO_tak mahu NAJIB

  121. Aisyah Aug 27,2015 10:43 AM

    Zionist has struck again. They are on both sides of the camp. We are quite stuck aren’t we? Not unlike Greece.

  122. Tanggang Aug 27,2015 10:36 AM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    You quoted;

    “Malaysians would not like to believe their candidate for the highest office in the country is a nominee of some person from another country. What will be his obligation to his supporters. Will he serve Malaysians or some foreign country”.

    At least you acknowledged of my previous comment and opinion of somebodies expert behind him. Like one reporter mentioned recently in a newspaper, “from a meek suddenly becomes bold fighting against his peoples”.

    They declared that the RM2.6 Billion were donated from a Middle East donator. Firstly, they said it was for UMNO to win election. Then they say it was used to fight against the ISIS etc. How far are all these to be true? After all of their ‘putar belit”, we may think that not only Middle East countries are rich and always giving donations. We may say that it was from the rich United States or United kingdom. Also, we can say that it was from the rich Rockfeller Foundation or we may also say that it was from the rich Zionis club. For what purpose? If I say that it was for the westerns interests in this country and East Asia as the whole, may be one commentor wont like my statement.

    Like PM’s recent statement in his Facebook, ” saya tidak akan menjual negara ini”.

    Salam Tun

  123. topmountain Aug 27,2015 10:26 AM

    MahaTear Run our country into bankcrupt and Deficit state. Statistic won’t lie.
    Look at the chart Mahatear Vs Najibs KPI (result) :
    Budget Deficit :
    Mahatear in year 1981-2003 run our country into deficit of RM 550 billion shows his incapability of running the office with bad financial and management skills.
    Today under Najib’s leadership, his office are able to make profits for the country and pay off huge amount of debt. Today our deficit is in RM 350 billion and is targeting to lower it at RM 320 billion. If Najjib had not did a good job, how did our country able to pay about
    RM 200 billion debt in a short few years ! Tell me about it.
    EPF Dividend :
    Today another pertinent point here is EPF’s portfolio at the end of 2011 was about 1.56 times greater than the value of member funds.
    EPF is giving out 6.75% Dividend in 2014. Which bank can give u 6.75% interest rate !?
    EPF is making profit EVERY YEAR and declare highest dividend in history in year 2014. EPF is making RM 39.80 billion in 2014 and RM 35 billion in 2013.
    FDI (Foregn Direct Investment) :
    MahaTear having bad relationship with US, Singapore, were unable to pull any big foreign direct investment. Look at the FDI chart druing his tenure in year
    2000-2003 almost non or very minimal Foreign Direct Investor.
    RM 5.0 Bil (2000)
    RM 6.0 Bil (2001)
    RM 2.0 Bil(2002)
    RM 0.0 Bil (2003)
    Today under Najib’s leadership Foreign Direct Investment from
    RM5.1 Bilion in 2009
    (When Najib took over office) at the rising trend from :
    RM 29.183 Bil (2010),
    RM 37, 325 Bil (2011),
    RM 31,118 Bil (2012),
    RM 38.80 Bil (2013)
    RM 39. 6 Bil ( 2014)
    RM 70.0 BiL ( 2015 expected target)
    Today under Najib’s leadership he can atttract RM 50 billion FDI. Why? Bcos he knows how to build good diplomatic relationship with most countries and this Foreign Superpower House has confidence in his leadership.
    This year target FDI could reach RM 70 Bil. Sadly if tomorrow if our country had failed it will be destroyed in the hands of our own kind ; the citizens of Malaysia.
    GDP (Gross Domestic Product ) :
    GDP trades increase from RM 400 Bil – RM 700 Bil ( 2009 – 2015 ) when Najib took over office.
    Today under Najib’s leadership GDP sales jump up RM 300 Bil !
    Stock Market :
    MahaTear’s time 2000-2003, Stock market traded at 200 points.
    Publicly traded SHARES at RM 26 Bil.
    Today under Najib’s leadership Stock Market traded at 1,500 point drawing all time high at abt 1,900 point in 2015.
    Publicly traded shares today at RM 600 Bil
    Bank Negara Reserves :
    Not only Najib’s administration office are able to repay huge amount of loan it also generate savings.
    MahaTear’s time in year 2000-2003 Bank Negara has RM 20 billion reserves.
    2009 when Najib’s took over reserves was at RM60 Bil.
    Today under Najib’s leadership reserves at RM 360 billion. Increase savings at RM 300 billion !!!
    Unemployment rate :
    MahaTear 1981-2003
    Unemployment rate always hovering from 7-8% to 5-6%.
    Today under Najib’s leadership unemployment rate are at 2.9% very low.
    When most of my friend who graduates in US, EU and Aus with degree, after one to two years cannot find a decent jobs, end up taking jobs at restaurants. Give up, come back to Malaysia and get a decent job easily.
    Currently US and EU unemployment rate at 9%- 12%.
    Look at Debt’s scale in other countries :
    Countries like Australia has 310 billion debt, France Franc 400 billion, India Rp 770 billion, Japan 770 billion, Spain 580 billion.
    The question is not how much debts a countries have, is how productive every dollar spent. So far from the statistic shown above, under Najib’s leadership has proven he’d spent the resources in the right direction the ripple effects from the surplus tells us our country are generating good revenues, good confidence in business, equity, FDI, Import & Eport, Services segment; diversify and fundamentally resistance.
    Government Budget Reference Previous Highest Lowest Unit
    Australia -3.10 Dec/14 -1.20 2.00 -4.20 percent of GDP [+]
    Brazil -0.60 Dec/14 1.60 2.80 -0.60 percent of GDP [+]
    Canada -0.30 Dec/14 -1.00 5.10 -8.30 percent of GDP [+]
    China -2.10 Dec/14 -2.10 0.58 -3.05 percent of GDP [+]
    Euro Area -2.40 Dec/14 -2.90 0.00 -6.40 percent of GDP [+]
    France -4.00 Dec/14 -4.10 -1.50 -7.50 percent of GDP [+]
    Germany 0.70 Dec/14 0.10 1.30 -4.10 percent of GDP [+]
    India -4.50 Dec/14 -4.90 -2.04 -7.80 percent of GDP [+]
    Indonesia -2.25 Dec/14 -2.30 3.02 -2.50 percent of GDP [+]
    Italy -3.00 Dec/14 -2.90 -0.80 -7.40 percent of GDP [+]
    Japan -7.70 Dec/14 -8.40 2.58 -8.90 percent of GDP [+]
    Mexico -4.00 Dec/14 -2.30 3.30 -4.00 percent of GDP [+]
    Netherlands -2.30 Dec/14 -2.30 2.00 -5.60 percent of GDP [+]
    Russia -0.50 Dec/14 -0.50 9.88 -7.90 percent of GDP [+]
    South Korea -1.80 Dec/14 -1.50 3.47 -4.10 percent of GDP [+]
    Spain -5.80 Dec/14 -6.80 2.00 -11.10 percent of GDP [+]
    Switzerland -0.10 Dec/14 -0.10 2.20 -3.40 percent of GDP [+]
    Turkey -1.30 Dec/14 -1.20 0.80 -33.00 percent of GDP [+]
    United Kingdom -5.70 Dec/14 -5.70 3.60 -11.40 percent of GDP [+]
    United States -2.80 Dec/14 -4.10 4.60 -12.10 percent of GDP [+]
    For more reference go to this link :……/publi…/the-world-factbook/geos/my.html

  124. faridina Aug 27,2015 10:15 AM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    True indeed Tun, we the rakyats are not stupid and H.R.H Sultan of Johor warned the federal government not to fool the rakyats with some nice to listen news to cover the whole truth because the rakyat today are a generation of well educated people who could easily make accessment on information given to them.

    Well thinking of it the government should admit and realized that the BN government under Tun and TSMY education visions have achieved its objective and they should be proud of it.

    His Royal Majesty goes on by saying that the federal government should address and resolves all current issues immediately before the rakyat lose their confidence and began hating the present government.

    Bottomline is the rakyat have already loss their confidence and live to hate the present government because they not only fool the rakyat but the royalties too, accept for the Great Johore Royalties champions of the rakyat both the Sultan and the Crown Prince.


    Now back to our interim current TPM Zahid who narrated a telltale as Tun detail out above with questions, he for once reminds me of another Zahid who worked together with his black eyed boss by listing out cronies name supposely proxies of Tun few decades ago and at the end lose everything when his boss got sacked.

    So I guess these is the nice to listen telltales by Zahid which gets the attention of both Tun and His Majesty.

    Welcome to Ahmad Maslan Club version 3.85 dear Zahid and by the way Zahid fits as the bodyguard for the UMNO president not Ahmad Maslan who fits to become president’s cook with his signature dish NGAM with extra Ridsect spray.


    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – See you this Saturday Tun, Pasir Gudang, Johor, come on folks let’s join us for Bicara Negarawan 29/8/15 2pm MPPG Stadium.

  125. puterigee Aug 27,2015 9:34 AM


    KAMI RAKYAT MALAYSIA NI X LARAT DAH DOK DENGAQ PERANGAI SORANG2 pak mneteri.bila nakhoda teruk…anak2 kapal pon lagila xmau mintak byk tun..tolongla turunkan DS Najib tu,..ganti ngn ts MUHYIDDIN…buatla mcm mana pon..jganla pm ni dan menteri2 dok syok sendiri.,…kami ni dok pangkah kati ni lama dah..jgnla bagi kami pangkah simbol lain pulak kot…tapi klu ds NAJIB TAK BERENTI jugak..kami terpaksala buat cara lain pada PRU..walau kami sayang pd UMNO..TOLONGLA TUN DAN MENETRI2 YANG SOLEH SEKALIAN..sya merayu..kesiankan la rakyat MALAYSIA NI..BKN MINTAK BYK PON..NAK MINTA TS MUHYIDDIN GANTI ds Najib…sekian

  126. utaqamy Aug 27,2015 9:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    SPRM mengesahkan NAJIB tidak akan merasmikan sidang Anti-Rasuah minggu depan. Persidangan itu disertai hampir 130 buah negara (kinitv). Persoalannya kenapa taknak rasmi, bukankah NAJIB gilakan publisiti murahan (i love pm kononnya) ???

    Takkan takut dimalukan di persidangan tu NAJIB??? You cakap itu duit derma..hahaha.


    Sekian Tun.

  127. NtahLaaNak Oii Aug 27,2015 7:20 AM

    Salam YAB Tun,

    Maafkan saya dan izinkan saya mengulang kata kata Tun khas untuk najib.

    ”Woi najib!! jangan cuba2 nak perbodohkan kami.kami dah muak dengan putar belit mu selama ini.ada saja alasan bangang dari mu dan balaci2 kamu sebelum2 ni.sudah sudah lahh syok sendiri,i l0ve pm lar apa..nk termuntah aku.cuba lar pi berubat mana tawu tak sedar ke diri lagi kot dah tekena nasi kang2.mana nak tawu kann?..sebab kau dah macam muka tak malu sangat2 sekarang punya gila kuasa sampai sanggup buat apa saja untuk kelangsungan jawatan yang tak direstu rakyat malaysia.tak malu kau najib!!”


    Syg Tun.

  128. shariz Aug 27,2015 6:04 AM

    Before you close your eyes, pls help us……
    I bag you…. Please help Malaysian…

  129. mofaham58 Aug 27,2015 4:00 AM

    Assalamualaikum W.Wb.
    Tun yang saya kasihi.
    Apa yang Tun cakap baik di mana pun tentang pemerintahan budak najib dan terutama cara si najib tu nak menyelesaikan masaalah 1 MDB dan wang di akaun pribadi nya sebanyak MYR 2.6 Billion tu semua nya tepat. Saya tak nak kupas apa apa kerana dah banyak orang memberi pandangan masing masing. Bagi saya yang sangat utama ialah bagaimana cara nak menyelesaikan masaalah negara yang amat berat di waktu ini sangat penting. Jadi sebagaimana telah saya sebutjan permintaan saya dalam komen di tajuk sebelum ini dan saya ulangi. Saya cakap ini serius. Iaitu pertama budak najib mesti bersara secepat nya. Saya pula mesti di lantik menggantikan tempat najib. Beri saya tempoh 100 hari dan saya akan buktikan kaedah saya memimpin itu berkesan untuk menangani masaalah yang sedang membelebggu negara. Sekali ini biar lah yang menjadi Perdana Menteri bukan dari orang politi. Biar jawatan itu di berikan kepada saya yang tidak berpolitik kerana saya tiada kepentingan peribadi melainkan untuk kepentingan negara dan rakyat Malaysia. Mungkin aneh tapi betul. Kaedah untuk berbuat begitu pun ada bukan nya tak ada. Saya rela bertugas untuk negara tanpa gaji. Setelah berjaya biar rakyat sendiri menilai berapa gaji yang saya layak terima. Kalau Tun kurang percaya apa saya caakapkan ini Tun boleh berikan saya temujanji untuk kita bincangkan secepat nya. Kebetulan Tun akan ke Pasir Gudang Sabtu ini. InsyAllah saya akan ada disana. Saya akan bagi satu isyarat pada Tun supaya Tun tahu itu lah saya. Sebalik nya kalau Tun lebih selesa saya bertemu Tun di pejabat Tun sil berikan saya satu temujanji. Saya akan hadir di pejabat Tun.
    Saya dah penat dan tak sanggup melihat keadaan negara dan ekonomi nya menjurus kiamat.
    Saya menunggu jawapan dari Tun yang sangat perihatin tentang Malaysia. Saya tunggu Tun.

  130. sheikhulsamim Aug 27,2015 1:57 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya setuju dengan Tun bahawa rakyat bukan bodoh. Oleh itu DS Najib tolong letak jawatan supaya anda tidak menjadi seorang Presiden bertaraf BANGSAT. Sebabnya saya kata beliau begitu rasa benci rakyat kepada beliau amat membuak buak dan dia boleh dengan selamba berjalan ke sini sana seperti tak ada apa apa yg berlaku.

    Akibat rasa benci yg amat sgt ramai di antara kami yg membuat keputusan utk menyokong parti lain dan pastinya kami akan mengundi selain BN.

    Bukan org yg mengundi selain BN itu bangsat tetapi org yg menjadikan kami benci BN itulah bangsat.

    Yang saya hairan, DS Najib begitu gah memberitahu semua bhw wang RM2.6 bil itu bukan utk dirinya tapi utk kepentingan parti jadi apa yg susah sangat nak bagi details perpindahan wang tersebut dari siapa dan sebagainya.

    Jika alasan kerana org itu mahu ia dirahsiakan tetapi jika rakyat perlu tahu perkara sebenar maka lebih logik jika diketepikan soal lain dan didedahkan setiap details. Kerosakan merahsiakan perkara sebenar lebih besar kpd parti dan masa depan UMNO maka jika DS Najib benar maka dedahkan detailsnya.

    Orang lain yg baru mendapat jawatan tidak perlu bersusah payah utk membuat apa apa penjelasan kerana rakyat tidak percaya walau 1% cakap anda semua. Anda semua adalah ibarat sekelompok lalat yg sedang menghurung mayat yg sedang membusuk. So lalat lalat ini semua kami anggap jijik.

    Jangan ingat Tun M sudah bersara dan kami tidak bersama beliau malah kami amat rapat dengan isihati beliau. Kesilapan paling besar jika anda mengabaikan apa sahaja soalan yg diajukan oleh Tun M kerana kegagalan anda utk menjawab menunjukkan anda lagi hampir ke arah BANGSAT.

    Kami dah mula tutup TV setiap hari jam 8 malam sebab x sanggup nak tengok muka DS Najib dan lalat lalat ini yg keluar dan kelihatan amat jijik.

    Tolong jgn bagi rakyat jadi gila kerana tingkahlaku anda semua sebab orang gila susah dijangka.

    Semoga ALLAH sentiasa merahmati Tun dan keluarga.

  131. johanm Aug 27,2015 1:04 AM

    It is unlikely that the fantastical spins of Najib’s henchmen – that the “donation” was for fighting Jews, ISIS or the DAP – will survive for long.

    The whole debacle is under investigation by multiple international agencies.

    The Swiss are patient and methodical. They, the US, the UK and Singapore cannot fail to uncover the truth eventually.

    The whole edifice of lies will crumble, and with it, our fast-vanishing national reputation.

    We will be branded a nation of cheats, liars and swindlers.

    Yet, we prided ourselves, once upon a time, on being a respected example of a modern, progressive Muslim nation.

    How badly we have fallen.

    I sincerely hope that whoever has a conscience left will put aside political differences for the sake of the country – perhaps Ku Li can lead the change? He seems to have the respect of both sides of the political divide. An interim govt is a necessity.

    This cannot wait; we are so damaged already.

    Perhaps my best moment of being a Malaysian was that moment when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup in 1992 – you will remember it well, Tun. I can remember Tun Dr Siti being so happy on that day.

    Yet, now there is no pride left in telling people where I am from.

    They used to ask me about MH370.

    Now, they ask me to explain how my Prime Minister can take US$700 million into his personal bank account, and still not resign.

    I cannot answer them.

  132. johanm Aug 27,2015 12:46 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Your point about the dismantling of the Task Force is entirely correct.

    Najib saved himself at the very last minute, by savagely attacking and damaging key institutions of the govt.

    I believe that both MACC and BNM know the full story, and that TS Gani did, too. But that evidence lies buried – for now.

    This is extremely serious for the nation, because there is every likelihood that a criminal evading arrest and prosecution is now head of the government, and running the country.

    It is not a tenable situation.

    There is only one prognosis, and that is that every threat (or should one say, “truth”) will be quashed by force and distortion of the law.

    Corruption, like repression of the rakyat, will become utterly rampant.

    Very few feel like celebrating Merdeka this year.

    What “Merdeka” do we have left?

  133. sibotak Aug 26,2015 11:59 PM

    Sori Bro
    Malaysia perlu Pemimpin
    Anak Mami macam Tun Mahathir
    Berdarah 5 sudu darah Mama 5 sudu Camca darah Melayu
    Berugama Islam Mementingkan Hak Anak Bumi
    Tapi Anak Bumi nak Usaha juga
    Jangan asik nak Menadah saja

    Tidak Tunduk pada Kemahuan , Penipuan Negara Luar

  134. Harry Aug 26,2015 11:53 PM

    Rakyat Sudah Marah!

  135. sibotak Aug 26,2015 11:48 PM

    Apa saja si budak Najib ni !
    Nak Tipu dengan Si Penipu

    Kalau ya pun dah Selak masukanlah kat a/c Scandal
    Ini letak kat a/c sendiri …..hai tak faham aku
    Ya tak ya , Kalau letak kat a/c Scandal , Rosmah tahu Mati Najib
    Bijak juga Najib ni
    Biar 1 Malaysia tahu Jangan Rosmah tahu

    Selamat Bang Tuah kat Dalam
    Atas kesalahan Trafik , No Entry
    Kalau lah Bang Tuah ada , Hai Gamat Malaysia di buatnya

    Najib terserlah banyak Kebodohannya
    Inilah masanya sebagai PM beliau mengunakan ISA
    Salah beliau sendiri ,ISA senjata Kerajaan Dia pandai pandai Bubarkan
    Kan Padan muka dia

    Najib , Sorry you are a Good Man , Its just my sense
    You need people to tell you to Lie
    You are not a Good Liar

    A Good Leader Needs to be Mean To be Good
    Tak bolih macam adik adik
    Tunduk pada Permintaan Luar Negara dari Mementingkan Kepentingan Malaysia

    Sincerely You need to Go
    Before things gets Worse

    Kolih kolih di olak olak
    Dah Tak Bolih Nak apakan pulak

  136. oble Aug 26,2015 11:40 PM

    Unfortunately, there will be easily a six figured number of people in Malaysia who will believe the rot spewing from the mouths of NR and his cronies. These simple people who have little or no education, and who have been kept as frogs in the well, to be thrown a handout or two from time to time by the current administration, simply know no better or cannot analyse and think. And the current administration want to keep them that way.

    It is a tragic state of affairs – it aches my heart to see the state the country is now in, even though I now live abroad (and have done for over 4 decades) but have faithfully kept my Malaysian passport all this time, as it is home I want to return to. I hope and pray the people will see the self serving, shallow and sub- standard ministers with the vacant space between their ears, for what they are. They make a mockery of any government, and people abroad politely but sadly shake their heads at the stupidity and selfish incompetence that is displayed by these ministers each time a new press report of a development or silly statement is released.

    It needs to get worse before it gets better – but some hard decisions and action is needed now, or the country will descend irreversibly into a backward black abyss if it isn’t there already.

  137. Jazz Aug 26,2015 11:12 PM

    Tun M;-

    Demi negara MALAYSIA, Tun M dan Najib perlu untuk bersatu dan bersemuka demi untuk kebaikan semua orang melayu.. tun harus lakukan demi kelangsungan negara di masa akan datang.. Jangan di persiakan setiap yang telah tun usahakan, tun berilah Najib sedikit peluang untuk memperbetulkan apa yang telah berlaku kini, sehingga semua selesai.. Kerana pertukaran pucuk pimpinan negara ini akan merugikan UMNO dan BN keseluruhannya.. Percayalah Tun.. Sedih saya rasa apabila seorang negarawan seperti tu tidak menfaatkan apa yang telah Tun usahakan selama ini.. sedikit sebanyak apa yang berlaku kini mungkin ada kaitan dengan kesilapan lalu.. Jangan sentiasa menyalahkan saja Tun.. Carilah titik permualaan kearah kebaikan. semoga ianya menjadi kenyataan.. Harapan Seorang anak Bangsa Melayu MALAYSIA.

  138. Jazz Aug 26,2015 11:03 PM

    Not all UMNO’s is stupid.. Please watch your mouth.. Don’t simply say all the UMNO people like that, if u are not UMNO members..

  139. KLCC Aug 26,2015 10:56 PM

    Dear Tun, show more of your actions instead of just talking, and remains talking!

    1. Quit Umno.
    2. Form Umno Baru.
    3. Attend this coming Bersih 4.0 rally.
    4. Form strategies and send the Pahlawan Bugis to jail.
    5. Go and visit your ex driver in Australia, and make him review the truth of Mongolian girl killing.
    6. Call the Pahlawan Bugis and confront him, or even scold him openly.
    7. Many many more!

    Frankly, you have nothing to lose because after your numerous comments and verbal attacks, you’re still safe, this shows you’re unshakable and untouchable by the Pahlawan Bugis. He scares of you obviously!

    So, I strongly suggest Tun to show him more colour by ACTION.

    Don’t be half hearted! Take courage and attack him front to front.

    Intelligent Malaysians will remember you as the HERO & SAVIOUR of Malaysia!

    Stupid Malaysians will be buried and go to hell together with the Pahlawan Bugis!

  140. Dhani Aug 26,2015 10:54 PM

    SPRM telah mengesahkan RM2.6 bilion yang dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Perdana Menteri ialah sumbangan dari penderma Timur Tengah.

  141. Dhani Aug 26,2015 10:52 PM

    Isu derma 2.6b sudah dijelaskan oleh PM.. Tun harus berhenti mengkritik PM..

  142. Sri Sense Aug 26,2015 10:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Ada yang tak tidor malam ini, dok fikir apa nak jawab Tun esok 🙂

    Jauh dibenak hati, I rasa macam duit pinjam KWAP jer 🙂


  143. yusiang Aug 26,2015 10:35 PM

    If our DPM can claim that a gambling kingpin is important for “national security”, how hard for him to say he has met the imaginary arab family?

  144. ir.miringila Aug 26,2015 10:23 PM

    salam Tun,

    14. Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.

    Yes, I’m stupid. But not stupid enough to be fool by PM and his men.

    2.6 billion vs 42 billion facts.

    1. Jika harga rumah untuk rakyat susah berharga RM100 000 maka PM dapat membina 26 000 buah rumah. 1MDB dapat membina 420 000 unit rumah untuk orang susah.

    2. PM dapat memberi makan kepada 1 Juta orang selama 260 hari dengan anggaran RM10 seorang. 1MDB pula dapat memberi makan 1 Juta orang selama 4200 hari iaitu lebih kurang 11 tahun 6bulan.

    3. setiap rakyat malaysia menanggung hutang 1MDB sebanyak RM 1,400 seorang termasuk bayi yang baru lahir.

    4. tebal wang kertas malaysia rm100 hanyalah 0.12 milimeter. jika kita menyusunnya keatas maka kita akan mendapati wang sebanyak 2.6 billion adalah setinggi 6 kali menara Petronas KLCC! hutang 1MDB pula setinggi 12.7 kali gunung kinabalu.

    5. orang miskin dengan gaji minimum rm 900 perlu bekerja selama 240,741 tahun untuk menyimpan wang sebanyak RM 2.6 billion itupun kalau dia tak belanja langsung duit tu. mana ada orang hidup sampai 240,741 tahun!

    we are helpless but not hopeless,

    One day will Allah raise them all up (for Judgment): then will they swear to Him as they swear to you: And they think that they have something (to stand upon). No, indeed! they are but liars! (Al-Mujaadila: 18)

    When the Hypocrites come to thee, they say, “We bear witness that thou art indeed the Messenger of Allah.” Yea, Allah knoweth that thou art indeed His Messenger, and Allah beareth witness that the Hypocrites are indeed liars. (Al-Munaafiqoon: 1)

    the truth will prevail.

    thanks Tun.

  145. rimba.emas Aug 26,2015 9:23 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Satu ketika dahulu Rimba Emas pernah mengalami ‘Short’ selepas kiraan ‘balancing’ wang ‘pety cash’ ketika bekerja di sebuah bank pada tahun 90 an.

    2. Jumlahnya tidaklah sampai 2.6 Billion tetapi hanya genap Rm 1000.00. Setelah kepastian tiada kesilapan transaksi keluar masuk, Rimba Emas pasti wang yang diterima pada awal dari penyelia tidak mencukupi dan akibat terkejar masa menyebabkan Rimba Emas tanda tangan mengakui jumlah yang diterima betul.

    3. Kelalaian tersebut menyebabkan Rimba Emas terpaksa membayar jumlah wang tersebut walau pun tahu bukan Rimba Emas yang mengambilnya. Tiada kemaafan Rimba Emas terpaksa membayar wang itu segera tampa penyiasatan atau membayar secara ansuran ibarat kesilapan atau kecurian dari pihak Rimba Emas.

    4. Dalam kes 1MDB ini penyiasatan telah terganggu sedangkan pihak yang disiasat dibenarkan melalui tempoh membayar balik wang kerajaan yang bukannya sedikit iaitu jumlahnya berbillion. Apa yang Rimba Emas hendak tekankan disini bahawa soal wang wajib didahulukan dari penyiasatan sebagai mana yang dialami oleh Rimba Emas kekurangan wang pihak bank perlu dibayar dahulu baru soal kesalahan disiasat kemudian.

    5. Ketika Rimba Emas bekerja di bank tersebut nampak bank telah memberatkan soal kewangan bank dahulu dari kuasa pekerja dan sistem yang diguna pakai.

    6. Dalam soal 1MDB ini nampak kuasa dan sistem didahulukan dari mendapatkan wang dahulu sebelum penyiasatan. Adakah sebab ini menyebabkan seseorang yang menerajui sistem kewangan itu berani mengambilnya tampa rasa takut ?

    7. Kebetulan pula dalam kes ini wang hilang di kaburkan oleh hutang dan ada pula wang dalam akaun persendirian oleh yang membuat hutang. Hutang pula dibayar dari wang milik kerajaan. Kalaulah diketatkan sepertimana yang Rimba Emas dikenakan oleh pihak bank maka tidakkah wang 2.6 billion akan di gunakan membayar wang hutang bukannya wang dari pihak kerajaan.

    8. Hutang wajib dibayar dari wang pihak yang membuat hutang (si penandatangan ) bukannya dari pihak yang memberi wangnya digunakan (kerajaan).

    9. Malah yang membuat hutang ini merugikan wang milik kerajaan dengan faedah-faedah yang pernah merugikan negara-negara yang menanggung hutang seperti Greek. Adakah kerajaan pula yang terpaksa menanggungnya walhal yang membuat hutang oleh seorang pentadbir yang dipilih mengantikan yang terdahulu dan boleh diganti oleh yang kemudian.

    10. Allah s.w.t yang akan melindungi bangsa Melayu daripada menjadi bangsat bukannya seorang yang mengelar dirinya pemimpin yang menentukan bangsatnya seorang Melayu. Ingat pepatah kita patah tumbuh hilang berganti walau pun Tuah hilang didunia Melayu tetap ada malah masih boleh berkuasa jika diizinkan oleh Allah s.w.t.


  146. nase Aug 26,2015 9:22 PM

    Salam Ayahanda CheDet..

    Siapa lebih korup..? Tentulah orang Arab terutama Arab Saudi sebab depa mengajar dan beri duit ‘derma’ kat najib untuk manipulasikan pilihanraya dan perundangan Malaysia. Jadi, guru pengkorupnya adalah Raja Arab Saudi dan seangkatan dengannya. Diharap benda ni tak benar dan pihak istana negara terbabit sewajarnya segera me’nidak’kan pemberian derma penuh misteri ini demi membersihkan nama baik institusi pemerintahan mereka.

    Hari raya haji dah dekat. Harap Ayahanda bersabar dan berdoalah yang terbaik untuk kita semua.. Inshaa Allah..

  147. napiz Aug 26,2015 9:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun…totally agreed with you. Malaysian must be worry when our PM is like “lembu kena cucuk hidung” by the whoever foreign donator. If the story is true lahhh…

  148. ahalimr Aug 26,2015 8:21 PM

    Segalanya dah terang lagi bersuloh. Betul kata Tun mereka bukan saja fikir rakyat bodoh malah mereka fikir rakyat bangang macam macai2 dia yg tak berotak dan saggup mengadai maruah untuk mendapat kedudukan dan wang ringgit. Mereka ni lansong tak rasa bersalah bagi makan najis pada anak bini dan ibu bapa mereka. Palang terok kulit muka Najib dan macai2 dia lebih tebal dari kulit badak sumbu. Lepas berbohong mencuri menipu selamba dia orang je nasihat rakyat jangan makan rasuah. Tengok je selogan hari merdeka tahun ini. Joke of the year. Pada saya bukan je muka2 sial ni saya tak bolih tengok malah dengar suara pun saya dah loya nak muntah. Kalau macai2 yg baru nak cari kedudukan dan harta tak menhairanka tapi ada yang jadi menteri bawah 3 PM pun bercakap macam orang mabok todi. Seolah2 dia la jagoh segala jagoh. Lebih terok lagi ada yang dulu jadi menteri bawah Tun bagus pulak peragai dia tapi sekarang bila dah tak jadi menteri kepala dah separoh biotak dan beruban rumah dah kata pergi kubur dah kata datang bolih buang tabiat pula sampai dah tak kenal hitam putih. N i la budaya UMNO yang di agong2kan. Jadi PRU 14 ni say bye2 la pada PUTRAJAYA.-

  149. wara Aug 26,2015 8:08 PM

    my salam to TUN and TUN DR HASMAH.

    the shameless najib will have until 2018 to believe malaysians are stupid. then he will know how stupid he has been.

    he really should kneel at his father’s grave. that may bring him back to his senses if there is any left.

    all the committees, bus loads of them, cannot do much. everyone and everything are at fault except him, who must be obeyed!

    thank you, TUN.

  150. Tuntuah Aug 26,2015 7:55 PM

    Malaysian are stupid.
    Especially umno ketua bahagian.
    If not stupid, we already have a new pm.
    Frankly the most stupid is umno people.
    They got the power to have a new leader but because they are stupid.. No new leader lah..

  151. sc Aug 26,2015 7:52 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Also to note:

    Najib has claimed the funds in his account were to be used to fight ISIS.
    Ok. So the funds were to be used to fight ISIS. Please show proof of where the funds were spent to fight ISIS?

    Secondly, to fight the DAP. Ok, Please show where the funds were spent in fighting the DAP.
    Not for personal gain. MACC Need to audit is Bank Account and explain the funds going in and the funds going out….

    Najib should transfer all fiunds into an UMNO Trust Account whilst the investigation is going on, He should do this immediately….

    The man is a crook and deserves to be locked up

  152. joetamchi Aug 26,2015 7:38 PM

    Kewangan Negara semakin longgar…
    Duit berbilion bukan berjuta…
    Undang undang semakin dilanggar
    Hancur negara kerana diauta…


    Hilanglah harum hilanglah seri…
    Dibagi br1m, disedutnya GST..
    Buat “derma” utk 1MDB..
    Buat “derma” utk Najis & Kroni…!!



    Najis kroni banyak sekali…
    Dari kroni menjadi proksi..


    Siapa jadi proksi.? Siapa jadi kroni.?
    Lihat & saksi…
    Ada di Tabung Haji….!
    Ada di MACC…!
    Ada yg jadi menteri…!
    Kelab Putera & Puteri..?
    Banyak lagi…!!!!!!!



    Bukan komedi tapi seni bela diri…
    Di depan Sogo melompat menari…


    satu jiwa, satu hati
    1 Malaysia, 1MDB

    Hidup Auta..! Hidup Proksi..!
    Hidup BANGSAT..!


  153. ahamzah Aug 26,2015 7:29 PM

    Well written Tun. Classic Mahathir…. Malaysians are definitely NOT stupid. So is the whole world. They are also definitely NOT stupid… We have a JOKER running the country. Unfortunately, Malaysia and Najib are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world… DONATION? Are we at the same level as Zimbabwe, Burundi, Chad or what? The leadership of the country has to change, and it better happen fast… If not, in the year 2020, 1 USD will be MYR 2020. This had happen to many countries before, for example Philippines under Marcos. Is Najib = Marcos and Rosmah = Imelda??? Hope not for the sake of all Malaysians, but what is happening in Malaysia today is certainly very worrying indeed..

  154. Ehan qama Aug 26,2015 7:11 PM

    Tun mahathir, please help us. I dont want malaysia become like greece. Please do something to make malaysia back to normal and make other country respect malaysia again.

  155. seamusgoh Aug 26,2015 6:58 PM

    Great insight by Tun Dr.M. I believe you. You are a good person. But can Malaysia be saved from Najib? Is Najib a bad person. Only Allah knows. Is obvious he is corrupted but keep denying. Can Allah make Najib fall ? as no one in Malaysia appears to have the ability to make it happens. Pray for the best happening.

  156. marczeman Aug 26,2015 6:28 PM

    Probably at his brother’s bank. Wonder why he didn’t use that in the first place…

  157. yst Aug 26,2015 6:19 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I was a citizen under your premiership.
    I grew up in Batu PAHAT under your administration and those days was the best of my years..
    Me and my friends have always enjoyed ur leadership and style of steering Msia.
    Hard talking and straightforward.
    I’d like to thank you for championing this current 1MDB issue and pushing for a “correction”
    Msia to prosper and continue to grow,we critically need a stable and the integrity of our institution must be biggest fear is Msia is being turned to the be the next North Korea!
    Dear Tun,u have always been our “father” of the country…we need your strong leadership again!
    Thank you and May God bless u with continued health…

  158. Buddies_Man Aug 26,2015 6:11 PM

    Stupid, Dumb & Dumber plus Bangsat… we are now…

  159. Sharaf Aug 26,2015 5:42 PM

    Salam Tun and fellow Malaysians readers,
    It is quite simple, you don’t have to continue to carry premiership and leading the nation when there is an obvious case of untrustworthy and suspicion like what is happening now in Malaysia. Just put a step back, let the authority continue the task and we are quite sure you will be remembered as a brave leader and like a famous Malay proverb alway says “berani kerana benar” while not forgetting the nature/fitrah in this life, i.e, “the truth will prevail” surely, insyallah.

  160. sc Aug 26,2015 5:12 PM

    Dear Tun,

    People can not stand the BS emanating from Najib and his cronies….They are just blatant lies, excuses.

    1MDB and this ‘donation’ will end UMNO. That is a promise…And Najib has no one to blame but himself.Not even the Jews are involved in this man’s immoral actions…

    It is NOT a fact that Najib thinks Malaysians are stupid. He could proclaim a ‘fairy’ gave him the money…
    The question is, what can be done about the inherent corrupt practises that is plaguing Malaysia?

    Nothing… except protest. But even protest is now deemed illegal… the Malaysian System is built for Authoritarian Rule, and Complete Abuse of Power. Democracy is dead. All it takes is one Adolf to destroy a nation….

    PKR has been trying to ‘market’ dismantling this Bad Bad System.

    For the sake of the Rakyat, please support these reforms!!!

  161. zarif muhamad Aug 26,2015 4:23 PM

    tun, keluar dari umno, tunjukkan diri tun tidak menyokong lagi najib. paksa dia turun. ekonomi negara semakin teruk sekarang tun.

  162. mubarakchan Aug 26,2015 4:20 PM


    Singapore practises double standards in their own vested interests. It is not CORRUPTION. It is the RULE OF LAW !

    In 2007, I received a cheque of US$ 107,000 drawn on New York issued by the Trustees of my late father’s Estate. I banked this cheque into OCBC Chulia Street Main on a Saturday morning. It was accepted for clearance. But on the following Monday, I received a call from the Bank which said that they have rejected my request. On Tuesday, I was at the front counter of the Bank and enquired from the Banking Hall Manager why the Bank rejected my cheque. I told her I knew all the Chairmen of OCBC and had been a customer of the Bank for decades. She appeared non-plussed with a look of fear in her eyres. I even told her that one of the signatories of the cheque was the nephew of Lee Kuan Yew. With no plausible answer forthcoming, I was forced to retrieve the cheque which I credited elsewhere.

    A few days later, a report appeared in the Singapore Business Times which said that some customers of the Singaporean banks might sometimes be inconvenienced due to new regulations.

    And now we have reports of Malaysia’s public money in huge amounts being laundered through the Singapore Banking System without any hindrance whatsoever.

    To quote Tun, ” Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.”


  163. johnmansfield Aug 26,2015 4:11 PM

    Hello Tun, You are with all due respect stating the obvious. I am sure International banks are monitored by their respective regulating authorities, Malaysia included.
    I am not a banker, or rich, however when sending money over $10,000 abroad from America it was obligatory to fill in a government form. Thats not to say that a drug dealer for example wouldn’t find a way to circumvent this, or that (honest) people just sent smaller amounts more regularly in order to avoid the paperwork.
    Anyway, I hope all this sorts itself out in an honest and open way.
    I’m not Malaysian by the way, however there are people out there who think I’m stupid!
    Feel free to check out my profile and decide for yourself.
    John Mansfield

  164. kapt_KOBRA Aug 26,2015 4:03 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I believe not just Najib, but the whole newly-appointed 1MDB cabinet must go, in order to salvage whatever dignity, honor & trust left in UMNO. I am under the biggest voting demographic (same age as current news-spinner like Rafizi, KJ etc), and have always be a pro-Govt. I had my trust questioned during Pak Lah’s era, but voted BN anyway due to being optimistic about Govt reform. But 2013 was probably my last vote for BN. Najib’s era is so incredibly depressing & down-witted, with corruption, abuse of power, financial crisi, not to mention numerous act of God (missing planes, flood, earthquake).

    Najib doesn’t have to cater to those Pakatan malays to make them understand and support him ; he needs to cater to supporters like me & my demographic who had put him & his cohorts into office, all this while.

    For the first time in my voting life, I AM READY TO MAKE A CHANGE!.
    If this is the only way to cure the cancer, then UMNO as a whole will need to die entirely and reborn a new soul.

    Its time Najib & all the ass-kissing, corrupted-money-minded, arrogant, good-for-nothing ministers pay the price for selling their soul to the devil.

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