1. I had worked hard to make Najib the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2. But now I want him to be removed, to step down from being Prime Minister.

3. It is nothing personal.

4. It is because he has failed terribly as Prime Minister.

5. Very early I noted the wrong things he was doing.

6. We have been independent since 1957. We should be able to run our own country by ourself. Indeed we had been doing so for decades before Najib, and we did very well.

7. But Najib appointed several British officers as his advisers.

8. Najib appointed many foreign consultants to advise him on running the country.

9. These people cost billions of Ringgits but their advise were generally not good for the country. They knew nothing about the politics, economics and sensitivities of Malaysia. As a result the development of Malaysia has slowed down and the races are at each others throats.

10. Najib’s Government became extremely unpopular. Despite giving lots of money to the people, they rejected him in the elections of 2013. He performed worse than Abdullah, who was also rejected by the people. The Chinese rejected him totally despite his declaring himself to be their brother.

11. He antagonised the civil servants by setting up Pemandu to take over the job of the EPU. Pemandu non-Government personnel were paid very high salaries, far above the Government Salary Scheme. So annoyed were the Civil servants that a few, upon retirement joined the opposition party and stood as opposition candidates, something which never happened before.

12. The growth of the economy fell below those of the Philippines and Indonesia.

13. The currency depreciated and share prices went down badly creating problems for businesses, importers and exporters. The cost of living went up especially after the GST.

14. Then came the 1MDB scandal. A totally unnecessary fund was created which was to be financed by huge borrowings. The Government gave one million Ringgit as capital but 1MDB (1 Malaysia Development Berhad) borrowed 42 billion Ringgit from the market. It paid high interest of 5.9% and gave 10% commission to Goldman Sachs. Government never borrowed so much or paid such high rates.

15. 1MDB bought electric power plants at higher than market price. It also bought the debts of the power companies. Total cost was 18 billion Ringgit. 1 MDB lost so much money that it cannot pay the interest on the loans.

16. 1MDB bought Government land at 60 Ringgit per square foot when the real price is over RM3000 psf. Revaluing the land by 50 times, it claims its asset is bigger than its debts. This is like selling Approved Permits obtained free from the Government.

17. Then 1MDB entered into shady business with Petro Saudi as JV partner. It paid USD 1 Billion for its 40% share. Six months, later the JV was dissolved. But the USD 1 Billion together with another 700 million USD were converted to a loan to Petro Saudi. The money has now disappeared.

18. The only assets that 1MDB has are the power plants and the land in Kuala Lumpur. More than RM20 Billion of the 42 billion Ringgit cannot be traced or accounted for.

19. Then suddenly the Wall Street Journal reported that Najib had in his private account at the Arab Malaysian Bank USD700 million (amounting to RM2.6 billion at that time)

20. No PM of Malaysia or UMNO President can have that much money. All donations to UMNO are normally received and banked by the UMNO Treasurer. All assets are placed under the name of three trustees.

21. Never in the history of UMNO had there been more than RM250 million in cash. All other assets are in the form of shares, land and buildings. The President is duty-bound to hand over all donations to the treasurer for banking. The President never had UMNO money or money donated to UMNO for elections for example in his private account. There is no provision for UMNO accounts to be operated by the President.

22. Najib and his wife are well-known for a lavish life-style. Obviously millions were spent on the betrothal and numerous wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Najib’s step-son spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying property in London, New York and California. He also financed the production of a Hollywood movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” with over 100 million US Dollars.

23. On Najib’s salary as Prime Minister, it is impossible for him to spend millions on all these. A statement by the PMO claimed that the money for the foreign properties and film was inherited. It is impossible for Tun Razak, or Haji Noah or Rosmah’s father to have and leave hundreds of millions of Ringgit. They were not even known as millionaires. Najib’s brothers refuted the claim.

24. So where did the money come from. Najib claims the 2.6 billion Ringgit was donated to him by an Arab. This is ridiculous. Nobody ever gives that amount of money to anyone. And Najib cannot prove that the Arab had given the money.

25. And so a special task force consisting of the A.G, the Anti Corruption
Commissioner, the Governor of Bank Negara and the Inspector-General of Police was set up to investigate the source of the RM 2.6 billion in Najib’s private account at The Arab Malaysian Bank.

26. The Public Accounts Committee of the Dewan Rakyat was also investigating what happened to the RM 42 billion Ringgit borrowed by 1MDB. So was the Auditor General.

27. Suddenly Najib sacked the Attorney-General claiming he was sick. The A.G denied he was sick. There was no certificate by doctors to prove he was sick. Najib had no right to claim that the A.G was sick.

28. At the same time the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission was said to have gone on leave. The Governor of Bank Negara was silent. Later she stated she was afraid of being arrested.

29. Two of the Government members of the PAC were made deputy ministers and another two given other jobs. They could not carry on their work as PAC members. The PAC was without a Chairman and its investigation of 1MDB has stopped.

30. Two members of the Anti-Corruption Commission were arrested, released and transferred to the PM’s office. After complaints were made they were transferred back to the Commission.

31. The assistant head of the Special Branch was transferred out. He then made a strong statement against his transfer.

32. People who spoke about 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s account, or reported on it were arrested, have their passports confiscated and threatened by the police with questioning. It seems that any question about 1MDB and Najib’s 2.6 billion constitute acts to undermine democracy and to topple a properly elected Government. People can be detained for up to 28 days without trial under a new law which is meant for acts of terrorism. Talking about 1MDB and Najib’s 2.6 billion seems to constitute acts of terrorism. Najib forgets that he was involved in the removal of his predecessor who was also elected democratically.

33. Then came a bombshell. Al Jazeera screened the story of the murder of the Mongolian girl Altantuya. It was clear from the story that Najib has something to do with the murder.

34. Many Malaysians refuse to believe it. But people all over the world believe the story. It has become an international scandal. It has brought shame to Malaysia. Everywhere one goes, one is asked, “What has happened to Malaysia”.

35. Between 1MDB, the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s private account and the murder of Altantuya, Malaysia’s good name has been totally blackened. Never before has Malaysia become so disgraced by its own Prime Minister. Never before have people looked down upon this country. Never before have Malaysians been so ashamed of their country.

36. Najib has paid people to demonstrate in the streets in support of him. He has of course made it illegal for people to demonstrate for his removal.

37. If the currency and the economy is to recover, Najib must cease to be Prime Minister of Malaysia. Malaysians must demand for Najib’s removal. It is totally democratic to demand for his removal. The actions he has taken to detain people for holding rallies to demand for his removal is what is undemocratic and against the laws of this country.

38. I call upon all Malaysians to demand that Najib allows the investigation against him to be carried out by independent people not appointed by him. Najib must allow due legal process to go on. If it is found that he had done illegal things he should be made to resign.

39. Only his ceasing to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia will the economy recover, the Ringgit revalued up, and cost of living go down. Only after his removal can Malaysians stand tall again.

1. Saya telah bekerja keras untuk menjadikan Najib Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

2. Tetapi sekarang saya mahu dia disingkirkan, meletak jawatan daripada menjadi Perdana Menteri.

3. Ia bukan hal peribadi.

4. Ia adalah kerana dia telah gagal teruk sebagai Perdana Menteri.

5. Daripada awal lagi saya perhatikan perkara-perkara salah yang dia lakukan.

6. Kita telah merdeka semenjak 1957. Kita sepatutnya dapat mentadbir negara kita sendiri. Sesungguhnya kita telah pun berbuat demikian selama beberapa dekad sebelum Najib, dan kita telah melakukannya dengan cemerlang.

7. Tetapi Najib melantik beberapa pegawai British sebagai penasihatnya.

8. Najib telah melantik ramai perunding asing untuk menasihatinya bagaimana mentadbir negara.

9. Orang-orang ini melibatkan kos berbilion-bilion ringgit tetapi nasihat mereka secara amnya tidak baik untuk negara ini. Mereka tidak tahu apa-apa tentang politik, ekonomi dan sensitivi Malaysia. Akibatnya pembangunan Malaysia lembab dan bangsa-bangsa berada dalam keadaan menentang satu sama lain.

10. Kerajaan di bawah pimpinan Najib menjadi sangat tidak popular. Walaupun memberi banyak wang kepada rakyat, mereka menolak beliau dalam Pilihan Raya 2013. Prestasi beliau lebih buruk daripada Abdullah, yang juga telah ditolak oleh rakyat. Orang Cina menolaknya sama sekali walaupun beliau mengisytiharkan dirinya sebagai saudara mereka.

11. Dia menimbulkan kemarahan kakitangan awam dengan menubuhkan Pemandu untuk mengambil alih tugas EPU. Kakitangan Pemandu yang bukannya pegawai Kerajaan telah dibayar gaji yang tinggi, jauh lebih tinggi mengatasi Skim Gaji Kerajaan. Begitu marah, sebilangan pejawat awam sebaik sahaja bersara mereka telah menyertai parti pembangkang dan bertanding sebagai calon pembangkang, sesuatu yang tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini.

12. Pertumbuhan ekonomi jatuh di bawah paras pertumbuhan ekonomi Filipina dan Indonesia.

13. Mata wang telah susut dan harga saham susut dengan teruk mengakibatkan masalah untuk perniagaan, pengimport dan pengeksport. Kos sara hidup meningkat terutama selepas GST.

14. Kemudian datangnya pula skandal 1MDB. Suatu dana yang sama sekali tidak perlu telah diwujudkan yang akan dibiayai oleh pinjaman yang besar. Kerajaan telah memberi satu juta Ringgit sebagai modal tetapi 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) telah meminjam 42 bilion Ringgit daripada pasaran. Ia membayar faedah yang tinggi sebanyak 5.9% dan memberikan komisen 10% kepada Goldman Sachs. Kerajaan tidak pernah meminjam begitu banyak atau membayar kadar yang begitu tinggi itu.

15. 1MDB membeli loji kuasa elektrik pada harga lebih tinggi daripada harga pasaran. Ia juga membeli/mengambilalih hutang piutang syarikat-syarikat janakuasa. Jumlah kos adalah 18 bilion Ringgit. 1MDB kehilangan begitu banyak wang sehingga ia tidak boleh membayar faedah ke atas pinjaman.

16. 1MDB membeli tanah Kerajaan pada 60 Ringgit kaki persegi sedangkan harga sebenarnya adalah lebih daripada RM3,000 kaki persegi. Dengan menilai semula tanah itu sebanyak 50 kali ganda, ia mendakwa asetnya adalah lebih besar daripada hutangnya. Ini adalah seperti menjual permit import yang didapati secara percuma daripada Kerajaan.

17. Kemudian 1MDB telah menyertai perniagaan yang mencurigakan dengan Petro Saudi sebagai rakan usaha sama. Ia membayar USD1 Bilion bagi saham 40 peratus miliknya itu. Enam bulan kemudian usaha sama ini telah dibubarkan. Akan tetapi USD1 Bilion itu bersama dengan USD700 juta yang lain telah ditukar menjadi pinjaman kepada Petro Saudi. Wang ini kini telah lesap.

18. Satu-satunya aset yang dipunyai oleh 1MDB sekarang adalah loji kuasa dan tanah di Kuala Lumpur. Lebih daripada RM20 Bilion daripada 42 Bilion ringgit itu tidak dapat dikesan atau dihitung.

19. Kemudian tiba-tiba Wall Street Journal melaporkan bahawa Najib mempunyai USD700 juta dalam akaun peribadinya di Bank Arab-Malaysia (bersamaan RM2.6 bilion pada masa itu).

20. Tidak ada PM Malaysia atau Presiden UMNO yang boleh mempunyai wang sebanyak itu. Semua sumbangan kepada UMNO biasanya diterima dan dibankkan oleh Bendahari UMNO. Semua aset diletakkan di bawah nama tiga pemegang amanah.

21. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah UMNO terdapat lebih daripada RM250 juta secara tunai. Semua aset lain adalah dalam bentuk saham, tanah dan bangunan. Presiden adalah bertanggungjawab untuk menyerahkan semua sumbangan kepada Bendahari untuk perbankan. Presiden tidak pernah menyimpan wang UMNO atau wang didermakan kepada UMNO, untuk pilihan raya misalnya, di dalam akaun peribadinya. Tiada peruntukan untuk akaun UMNO dikendalikan oleh Presiden.

22. Najib dan isterinya terkenal dengan gaya hidup yang mewah. Jelas sekali jutaan telah dibelanjakan untuk pertunangan dan pelbagai majlis perkahwinan di Malaysia dan Kazakhstan. Anak tiri Najib membelanjakan ratusan juta dolar membeli hartanah di London, New York dan California. Beliau juga membiayai pembikinan filem Hollywood, “The Wolf of Wall Street” dengan perbelanjaan melebihi USD100 juta.

23. Dengan gaji Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri, adalah mustahil baginya untuk membelanjakan jutaan ringgit bagi semua ini. Ada satu kenyataan oleh PMO yang mendakwa bahawa wang bagi harta-harta luar negara dan filem itu telah diwarisi. Adalah mustahil bagi Tun Razak, atau Haji Noah atau bapa Rosmah untuk memiliki dan mewariskan ratusan juta Ringgit. Malah mereka tidak dikenali sebagai jutawan pun. Adik beradik Najib menafikan dakwaan itu.

24. Jadi dari mana datangnya wang itu? Najib mendakwa 2.6 bilion Ringgit itu telah didermakan kepadanya oleh seorang Arab. Ini tidak masuk akal. Tiada siapa yang pernah memberikan wang sebanyak itu kepada sesiapa. Dan Najib tidak dapat membuktikan bahawa orang Arab itu telah memberinya wang.

25. Dan dengan itu sebuah pasukan petugas khas yang terdiri daripada Peguam Negara, Pesuruhjaya Pencegahan Rasuah, Gabenor Bank Negara dan Ketua Polis Negara telah ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat punca RM2.6 bilion berada dalam akaun peribadi Najib di Bank Arab-Malaysia.

26. Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Dewan Rakyat juga sedang menyiasat apa yang berlaku kepada RM 42 bilion Ringgit yang dipinjam oleh 1MDB. Begitu juga Ketua Audit Negara.

27. Tiba-tiba Najib memecat Peguam Negara dengan mendakwa dia sakit. Peguam Negara menafikan beliau sakit. Tidak ada sijil oleh doktor membuktikan dia sakit. Najib tidak mempunyai hak untuk mendakwa bahawa Peguam Negara sedang sakit.

28. Pada masa yang sama, ketua Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah dikatakan telah pergi bercuti. Gabenor Bank Negara membisu. Kemudian dia menyatakan dia takut ditangkap.

29. Dua daripada ahli-ahli Kerajaan PAC dilantik Timbalan Menteri dan dua lagi diberi pekerjaan lain. Mereka tidak dapat meneruskan kerja-kerja mereka sebagai ahli PAC. PAC adalah tanpa seorang Pengerusi dan siasatan 1MDB telah berhenti.

30. Dua anggota Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah telah ditangkap, dibebaskan dan dipindahkan ke Pejabat Perdana Menteri. Selepas komplen dibuat mereka telah dipindahkan semula ke Suruhanjaya.

31. Penolong Ketua Cawangan Khas telah dipindahkan keluar. Beliau kemudian membuat kenyataan yang keras terhadap pemindahannya.

32. Orang yang bercakap mengenai 1MDB dan 2.6 bilion ringgit dalam akaun Najib, atau melaporkan mengenainya telah ditangkap, pasport mereka dirampas dan diancam oleh polis dengan soal siasat. Ianya seolah-olah sebarang soalan mengenai 1MDB dan Najib 2.6 bilion merupakan tindakan untuk melemahkan demokrasi dan menjatuhkan Kerajaan yang dipilih dengan betul. Orang boleh ditahan sehingga 28 hari tanpa perbicaraan di bawah undang-undang baru yang bertujuan untuk mencegah tindakan keganasan. Bercakap tentang 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion kepunyaan Najib seolah-olah merupakan tindakan keganasan. Najib lupa bahawa beliau sendiri terlibat dalam penyingkiran pemimpin terdahulu yang juga dipilih secara demokrasi.

33. Kemudian datangnya sesuatu yang menggemparkan. Al Jazeera menayangkan kisah pembunuhan gadis Mongolia Altantuya. Adalah jelas daripada kisah itu bahawa Najib mempunyai kaitan dengan pembunuhan itu.

34. Ramai rakyat Malaysia tidak mahu mempercayainya. Tetapi orang di seluruh dunia mempercayai cerita itu. Ia telah menjadi satu skandal antarabangsa. Ia telah memalukan Malaysia. Di mana-mana sahaja sesiapa pergi, ada yang bertanya, “Apa yang telah berlaku kepada Malaysia”.

35. Di antara 1MDB, 2.6 bilion ringgit dalam akaun peribadi Najib dan pembunuhan Altantuya, nama baik Malaysia benar-benar rosak. Tidak pernah sebelum ini, Malaysia menjadi begitu hina oleh Perdana Menterinya sendiri. Tidak pernah orang memandang rendah negara ini. Tidak pernah sebelum ini rakyat Malaysia begitu malu dengan negara mereka.

36. Najib telah membayar orang untuk menunjuk perasaan di jalan-jalan untuk menyokong beliau. Dengan sewenangnya beliau juga mengharamkan usaha orang-orang tunjuk perasaan bagi memecatnya.

37. Untuk mata wang dan ekonomi pulih, Najib mesti berhenti menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia mesti menuntut penyingkiran Najib. Ianya sesuatu yang amat demokratik untuk menuntut penyingkiran beliau. Tindakan yang diambil beliau untuk menahan seseorang untuk mengadakan perhimpunan untuk menuntut penyingkiran beliau adalah apa yang tidak demokratik dan bercanggah dengan undang-undang negara ini.

38. Saya menyeru semua rakyat Malaysia untuk menuntut Najib membenarkan siasatan terhadapnya yang akan dijalankan oleh orang-orang bebas yang tidak dilantik olehnya. Najib mesti membenarkan proses undang-undang berjalan. Jika didapati bahawa dia telah melakukan kesalahan dia perlu didesak untuk
meletakkan jawatan.

39. Hanya dengan pengundurannya sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia barulah ekonomi akan pulih, nilai ringgit akan meningkat, dan kos sara hidup akan turun. Hanya selepas penyingkirannya rakyat Malaysia akan mampu berdiri semula.

143 thoughts on “NAJIB

  1. Amir Al Hafiz Oct 21,2015 12:03 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,

    I felt really disappointed because for me and my team the existing government won’t give us a chance to grow unless we have a big amount of RINGGIT. Again, my name is Amir Al HAfiz co-founders of EYEQUE that the first social network in MALAYSIA that based on education platform. We are the Generation Y that have a vision to bring Malaysia to be known all over the world. We stack at one point because we don’t have a RINGGIT to grow. We tried to apply a CRADLE fund one of the fund that being provided by MOF also won’t give us a chance. We start developed EYEQUE since November 2013. Any tools, we used our own pocket money until we stack at this level to make EYEQUE grow better. I didn’t say EYEQUE cannot be use now but I need some fund to developed EYEQUE mobile application. Now EYEQUE still can be used and access using a website EYEQUE is free to everyone. Otherwise, our vision is to get everyone free access to education but everything cannot be happen, if we (EYEQUE) DIDN’T get any support from especially Malaysia citizen and the organization can give a fund to us. I hope Tun Mahathir can give me and my team the best idea to make it success. This is EYEQUE

    Amir Al Hafiz
    Co-Founders of EYEQUE

  2. therina Oct 17,2015 11:30 PM

    Tun yang dikasihi,

    Melihatkan banyak kepincangan yang berlaku, mana mungkin rakyat masih ada kepercayaan kepada kepimpinan sekarang. UMNO bahagian pun banyak yang sudah menolak. Apa lagi yang harus kami lakukan untuk beliau step down?

  3. HBT456 Oct 11,2015 12:13 PM

    285. Whats the point of wasting millions, for eg to set up national unity council again?

    286. Arent we not united enough after 60 years of merdeka?

    287. Why tdm set up blog first in the first place?


    289. I am just a voter, and my obigation is to vote.

    290. Are you a boss or leader, sir mubarak chan?

    291. I think you are boss, not a leader due to age.

    292. Bossy bn tend to boss their members this you must, that you must not do.

    293. Bossy bn will end up with rebellious members.

    294. I already said, whoever become pm, it wont afftect me.

    295. Whoever become pm, I still need to work to pay all the obligations.

  4. mubarakchan Oct 10,2015 7:58 PM


    For HBT000. You refer to me as a property developer. Yes in 1965 only when I built the first condominiums Balmoral Park, in Singapore at the same time as Cairnhill Mansions and Hilltop. In Malaysia, I did not do property development but only once after I found it anti-social. Pour le vouz francais.

    Your style of writing is dreary and tiresome to read because all readers try to interpret what you are blabbering about without facts all the time. For example, you are pro-TPPA, pro-Lee Kuan Yew, pro-DAP, pro-PAS, pro-PKR, pro-PAP, pro-minority, pro-opposition etc.

    BUT YOU NEVER TELL US WHY YOU ARE PRO-THEM ? Ignorant ? Lazy ugh ?


  5. HBT456 Oct 10,2015 3:50 PM


    284. Tok det, this is the sector that future wanna be must into it, cut down burecracy, with it open, and I believe it will hedge against global food crisis.

  6. Isma Oct 8,2015 3:50 PM

    If Najib is out then who next? Yes It’s better for him to leave now but are there any leader that is capable to care the people and not them-self. What about Vision 2020? can the next leader achieve that vision 2020 in less than 4 years?. Who’s are there available and capable to lead Malaysia to vision 2020. I think right now the most important question is “who next?”, “Are they capable?” and lastly “Could we trust them?”. Honestly, from my point of view there’s no one in the cabinet or politician that are capable to lead the country. When I was in school I couldn’t wait to the year of 2020 but now honestly I’m scared, I don’t want the time fly to the year of 2020. This question all rise-up during your resignation.
    Lastly, I’m sorry to say this You are selfish for resign as PM of the country as Malaysia is heading towards “Vision 2020”. It’s your idea, you started it and you yourself and no one-else should have finish it.

  7. HBT456 Oct 8,2015 8:13 AM


    274. If sir mubarak chan ask, why I am pro tppa?

    275. Bumiputra policy can no longer sustain the economy in the future.

    276. The alert was sound when bn lost 2/3 majority in 2008.

    276. Look at tawau, this constituency is still poor after merged with semenanjung since 1983.

    277. Why?

    278. It is because of bumiputra policy in protecting them aka communist policy in the name of national intetest has been long overdue.

    276. After decades of bumiputra policy, race and religion politics, we are in fact regressing with property price shoots up to 3x for a short period of 15 years, with out currency performed worst in the region.

    277. With so many property taken place in the country with gst, there is no way bumiputra can reject signing tppa.

    278. Sir mubarak, gift is the most important gift from God, dont sell it to cheap people, and lawmakers are not industrilaists.

  8. HBT456 Oct 7,2015 10:27 PM

    *269. Is it because of a piece of land deal between france embassy and the umno members located at jalan SAN peng off jalan loke yew?

    272. There is private chinese school there if I am not mistaken, opposite dewan BAHASA kl, tok det,

  9. HBT456 Oct 7,2015 10:03 PM

    272. There is private chinese school there if I am not mistaken, opposite dewan perputakaan kl, tok det,

  10. HBT456 Oct 7,2015 9:20 PM

    267. Why ali tinju challenged tdm to contest in pekan, tok det?

    268. Now, why jamal yunos want to teach manusia babi, dap loke a lesson?

    269. Is it because of a piece of land deal between france embassy and the umno members located at jalan kia peng off jalan loke yew?

    270. Who is the sovereign owners of this piece of land?

    271. They are angry because tok det were in bersih 4?

  11. HBT456 Oct 7,2015 8:39 PM

    261. From your writing, i understand sir mubarak chan has worked as hard as the late lky too in palm oil plantation, and now moved into property development.

    262. You gave up serving the people, but lky chosen to serve the people, and you ventured into businesses.

    263. It is indeed our pleasure to share our concern about the country in this blog owed by our 4th pm, tdm.

    264. I just write whats in my mind, and I want to make it clear, I am just a voter who wanted to find out the root cause that triggered tdm to opt for capital control and peg rm to us dollar in 1998.

    265. Tok det, keeps writing so that our malay can share their thoughts with you too and what you have done for them as umno president and pm for 22 years.

    266. 1mdb is good for the country in the next 50 years, and I hope it will not be scrapped due to power struggling within umno itself.

  12. HBT456 Oct 7,2015 7:21 PM


    258. Yes, tun ling liong sik decided to see ds najib in court to defence himself, and he earns my like for mca.

    259. Sir mubarak chan, i pro tppa is not because I pro pap, dap, lks or lky.

    260. Our local and foreign owned industry players can do well to in the usa market only if they are giving the opportunities and challenges, therefore, tppa must be carefully understood by miti minister why he supports tppa before he table in the parliament.

  13. HBT456 Oct 4,2015 3:36 PM


    255. Dpm cannot solve, call pm to call jokowi lar.

    256. If bugis warrior can play golf with obama, takkan lah bugis warrior cannot tell jokowi to stop poluting its neigbours.

  14. HBT456 Oct 3,2015 8:27 AM

    252. Another bad political move, is to take 3000 syrian refugee just because pm said so in un conference sesuka hati.

    253. To take or not, both pm and dpm need to get votes in federal parliament, not putrajaya, I mean not dewan rakyat.

  15. HBT456 Oct 2,2015 4:07 PM


    249. Tok det, zero corruptions, zero crimes, zero road accidents also cannot achieve, he wants to talk about zero terrorism.

    250. Pota is more dangerous than sosma, tok det.

    251. Nanti, sembang2 dengan moslem, kdn anggap kita ini sedang mengiatkan terrorism.

  16. HBT456 Oct 2,2015 9:45 AM

    241. Because of the haze caused by mudah lupa diri menteri indonesia di bawah president jokowi shows he is weak, incapable in managing his kabinet.

    242. Dpm cum kdn ds zahid kata beliau tak keluar satu sen pun untuk perkahwinan anak lelakinya di indonesia, and skmm mengheret the ex top management of bank rakyat who approved to sell the land to deepark that made bank rakyat menanggung hutang ini.

    243. Tak keluar satu sen bermaksud menerima sedekah, no wonder malindo air can fly 11 times from kl to perth.

    244. Sebagai menteri, adakah beliau ini miskin sangat tak mampu bayar perkahwinan anak lekaki nya?

    245. Will he be jailed like toyo?

    246. I hope macc will do their job efficiently without interference from any one including all president men di ibu pejabat mereka yang bertapak di putrajaya.

    247. Macc works for seri paduka baginda agong, they dont work for kdn.

  17. HBT456 Oct 2,2015 9:05 AM


    222. Police di bawah seri baginda in kelantan denies means umno denies.

    223. She is a muslim, and she could be kidnapped by human trafficker syndicate to do begging business.

    224. She is our malaysian children under naungan seri baginda agong, right?

    225. So, what najib appealed about moderate islamic principle is another slogan of I love pm, I love party?

    226. Anak muslim pun tak boleh dibelakan dan diselamatkan, how umno can appeal to us or local fund managers that they are capable of chosing the chairman for 1mdb.

    227. Arul said his job is only make money, or makan gaji buta?

    228. Uncle mubarak chan, when we talk about philliphines, the local mindset is they are maids.

    229. Because of marcos, the country landed into deep foreign debts.

    230. Today, the phillipines not only export maids, they export talents to earn back to pay their foreign debts in us dollar.

    231. Donald trump pledge when he is elected president, he will send syrian refugees back to syria.

    232. I think donald become next president is optimistic, and saudi arabia royals will support him.

    233. Even pm india, he is hindu, looks forward to ally to usa.

    234. Bnm has set up a branch in beijing to sell renminbe to malaysia, isnt it?

    235. Why they set up the branch there?

    236. When comes to winning, the wanabes only think of winning, thats all.

    237. The tactic used in bogeyman sucks, meludah ke langit jatuh ke atas muka.

    238. Why?

    239. All top vvvip are malay isnt it?

    240. Rally here there will make malay looks stupid, our sultan are malay, and jangan umno lama dan baru lupa to kekal the royal roots atas 5 ptinsip rukun negara, and this why alliance party is born under tar.

  18. HBT456 Oct 1,2015 8:00 PM

    219. When umno no longer hold 2/3 majority, umno should show the role model to all politicsl parties that serve the people, not increase party members.

    220. Umno should know this day will come, and they wasted so much of the public fund in maintaing their the members just to get rich first, and such legacy is not something that the current and future generation will look forward to support.

  19. HBT456 Oct 1,2015 7:45 PM

    215. Epf withdrawals limit shall remained unchanged so that bn can continue to sit in the cabinet to maintain political stability.

    216. What bn government should do is they should trim their operating expenditure and election budget.

    217. Charging opposition voices will not change voters mindset in denying bn 2/3 majority.

    218. This is my honest opinion, sir.

  20. Hajar Oct 1,2015 4:25 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Spesis kiasu ’Malaysian Malaysia’ terus-meneruskan memb*ngsatkan Melayu / Islam.

    Cuma mereka (talibarut ’Malaysian Malaysia’) yang buta mata dan hati saja yang masih lagi mahu mempertahankan golongan ’Malaysian Malaysia’ yang kononnnya tidak rasis…jenis yang tidak boleh bertolak-ansur sikit pun dalam menghormati agama Islam (AGAMA RASMI Negara).

    Jika mereka (bukan Islam) buat bising dalam banyak acara2 keagamaan / perayaan / kematian, dan bakar macam2 benda yang mencemar udara dengan asap dan bau-bauan yang ’tengit’ (jiran2 yang beagama Islam diamkan saja) setiap hari, kita yang tidak seagama dengan mereka masih lagi boleh/mahu bertolak-ansur kerana ada rasa hormat terhadap agama lain.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  21. HBT456 Oct 1,2015 12:29 PM

    209. How I wish tdm invited sir karpal singh into the cabinet when he won ge in 1983.

    210. If he had done that, race and religion supremacy already demonished, and today, we can proudly say, kita sehati sejiwa.

    211. Move on, my only wish is when the next ge is called, whoever wins out will put people in their heart first, not empty slogan of I love pm, or I love party.

    212. In the past, I dont know what happened.

    213. Today, I know why this happenned.

    214. I will never pass down this dissapointment onto my children kerana kita ini anak-anak malaysia.

  22. HBT456 Oct 1,2015 12:14 PM


    205. Here he goes again.

    206. His execellency of prc has the imperative action to show prc nationals who choose to visit 2015, or buy property as 2nd home.

    207. Jika nak menjelas is under his royal excellency of seri baginda yand dioertuan agong.

    208. Yes,sc, our country is screwed because this country is built from a very weak pillar.

  23. HBT456 Sep 30,2015 11:47 PM

    195. Bank bumiputra commerce bhd is gone due to isa, will cimb bhd be gone to due to isa?

    196. When lks went to middle east with some malay muslim, he has lost my vote.

    197. If the late karpal singh is alive, will lky and dap members go there?

    198. Will dap wins in gelang patah?

    199. I doubt so.

    200. In politics, a true wise stateman has people in heart, not project in heart.

    201. Why always spike on us?

    202. Have tok det ever think of us our safety?

    203. The way umno men politicalize race and religion issue might made us the target of hate crimes?

  24. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 8:54 PM

    *178. China market proton couldnt penetrate, you think proton can penetrate indonesia market?(proton cost and price factor mana boleh fight with china)

  25. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 8:00 PM

    187. Palestinine is sarawak, putrajaya is israel.

    188. Archaic law in states, let sultan2 negeri and mb decide.

    189. In order to progress, law like akta 153 must not be used.

    190. If it is used, bn will loose more votes.

    191. Why?

    192. We have gst, no need to use akta 153.

    193. Today, we are heading developed 2020 status, meaning we are as civilised as developed nation.

    194. Like johnmansfield said, in order to make law effective and legal, debate in federal parliament is the safest way.

  26. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 7:43 PM

    183. Now the news is soooooo panas, will nazir razak ring the bell at myr 3.70 to usd1 now since time factor js cfitical?

    184. Bnm has done that before.

    185. To be the pm is to win votes.

    186. When wins out, the impossible become posible.

  27. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 6:54 PM

    181. Who will be the next president of indonesia, no one knows.

    182. Jika nak buat, buat secara betul2 so it can sustain for the next 10 years.

  28. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 6:49 PM

    180. If the supreme council of japan approves military defence as law, meaning ldp will allocate their budget for japanese industry in military, not speed train.

  29. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 6:36 PM

    175. Bn sign tppa or not, it wont affect china.

    176. Why?

    177. China also got their foreign diplomacy in all the world including malaysia.

    178. China market miti couldnt penetrate, you think miti can penetrate indonesia market?

    179. To be or not to be, there will be ge in every 5 years.

  30. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 6:23 PM

    168. Uncle mubarak chan, whatever is it, ge will be held.

    169. Political parties of both coalition wont affect prc’s stand in malaysia.

    170. But, which coalition wins out, they will appoint the pm.

    171. Will khir toyo be pardoned?

    172. If khir toyo is pardon in the name of syariah compliance, it means trx financial islamic hub is ultra bermaksud tidak kukuh.

    173. Why?

    174. There is one ultraman made in japan, and no one can replace them.

  31. sahabudin Sep 29,2015 4:42 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Terima Kasih yang amat sangat kepada Tun & Isteri di atas perjuangan & jasa Tun kepada negara kita ‘Malaysia’ tercinta. Banyak bezanya antara dulu & sekarang. Dulu, Tun lebih pentingkan taraf hidup rakyat tak kira apa bangsanya, kami rasakan amat selamat dibawah pimpinan Tun. Saya amat menghormati Tun & amat kecewa bila ada yang kritik Tun atas dasar platform politik. Jasa Tun tak akan kami lupakan hingga ke anak cucu kami. Sekarang, Jenayah semakin berleluasa, taraf hidup semakin tinggi, institusi institusi kerajaan menjadi boneka dan macam macam lagi. Saya masih berharap agar pemimpin yang ada sekarang, yang masih berkuasa supaya ambillah yang baik dari kepimpinan Tun. Janganlah kita lupa sehingga boleh menghancurkan generasi yang akan datang. Saya bukanlah orang Politik tetapi kesian rakyat malaysia seperti kami yang makin hari makin miskin. Terima kasih.

  32. daeng Sep 29,2015 4:06 PM


    Saudara malaysian1000000 dan yang lainnya,

    Kita tidak perlu tunjuk ajar Pak Menteri pilihan Najib yang ada sekarang ini, semuanya bodoh-bodoh belaka.

    Yang cerdiknya bab membodek, mengampu, mengipas, mengeluarkan kenyataan yang perapu dan bodoh saja.

    Lihat saja Nazri komen nilai RM yang jatuh, “boleh menggalakkan pelancung luar datang ke Malaysia”. Itu saja kenyataannya dan relax. Lepas tu buat kenyataan kutuk TM dan ampu-ampu sikit Najib. Apa la bangsat kerja seorang menteri seperti ini????

    Salleh Said Keruak ini umpama “najis bab*”. TV3 yang semakin bodoh selalu pula keluarkan kenyataan bodohnya. Kutuk TM dan mengampu Najib juga???? Betul-beetul seorang menteri low class.

    Zahid Hamidi,punya minda yang tidak boleh dilabel bakal PM.

    Seperti beberapa kawan-kawan saya kata, menteri-menteri yang ada sekarang termasuk Najib, sebelum sebagai menteri Nampak bijak, bila dah jadi menteri Nampak bodoh pulak.

    Ha ha ha ha…

    Begitu juga Wahid dan Nur Jazlan, ketara kebodohannya selepas diserap ke jawatan menteri.

    Kesimpulannya menteri-menteri pembodek najib ini semuanya otak letak kat tapak kaki.

    Pemerhatian saya, menteri-menteri yang membodek Najib pada PRU14 akan datang bakal “bungkus” kerana beberapa faktor:

    1. mereka pembodek Najib atas alasan yang tidak masuk akal;
    2. anti TM kerana TM yang masih kuat pengaruhnya sentiasa berhujah dengan fakta dan masuk akal sedangkan mereka mengkritik TM menggunakan isu yang bodoh;
    3. selepas menjadi menteri banyak cakap dan mengeluarkan idea yang merapu;
    4. mengamalkan sikap mementingkan diri melebihi kepentingan rakyat keseluruhannya;
    5. menyokong pemimpin no 1 yang korup, tiada integrity dan double standard;
    6. hanya menyokong tindak-tanduk Najib walaupun Najib melakukan banyak kesilapan urus tadbir kewangan negara dan menyusahkan rakyat dengan banyak isu seperti kes 1MDB, isu 2.6 billion yang masuk akaun najib ( tiada orang yang tahu ), inflasi yang meningkat, nilai RM yang semakin merosot berbanding Negara jiran seperti Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Filipina dan banyak Negara di dunia dan terlibat dengan skandal Altantuya.

    Tunggu dan lihat ….

    Sekian Tun.

  33. mubarakchan Sep 29,2015 2:58 PM


    Congratulations and my best wishes for being awarded the prestigious Indonesian award ‘ THE STAR OF SOEKARNO ‘ for championing human rights. It is very rare for our Indonesian neighbours to give awards to just anyone. It is indeed a signal honour that you were recognised also by the another civil group of people, the good Indians of Mother India as expressed by Nobel Prize winner, Amartya Sen who can put 10 Lee Kuan Yews in his back pocket and the renowned Indian journalist TJS George.

    And TJS George in his Blogspot said in June 2010 ( courtesy jesscscott blog :-

    ” The West has spread the impression that Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew is Asia’s outstanding economic miracle man while Malaysia’s Mahathir as a cantankerous ogre, hater of white people and a dictator to boot. Both are dressed up portraits. What makes Mahathir special is that while pursuing economic progress, he never lost sight of the larger picture of human values. That cannot be said of Lee Kuan Yew and certainly not of Indonesia’s Suharto and Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra.”

    It is indeed refreshing to note the unsolicited recognition of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s deeds and achievements by the prominent icons of major foreign countries. This is what makes him a World Statesman. Unlike the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) who bullied all into submission with the collusion of the West ! This is a fact.


  34. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 2:11 PM


    164. It is abnormal acting minister to summon his excellency of prc to meet in in wisma putra berdasar kepada rukun prisip 2, 3 dan 4.

    165. After reading both articles, in order to be elected as the next pas president, it is absolutely legal under state laws for pas hussam to demand money from timber companies lost in the past 10 years.

    166. If this issue is not rectify, it will be arab spring in kl again.

    167. Taken their oil, now timber also take?

  35. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 12:39 PM

    163. Permit pembalakkan dikeluarkan kerajaan negeri2, betul?

    164. Jika syarikat tak bayar permit dan tanah, kerajaan negeri2 dapat membiayai contohnya gaji pengawai2 di negeri2 dibawah parti politik pas atau politik umno?

  36. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 12:32 PM


    161. Meaning kerajaan negeri kelantan makan haram?

    162. Jika kerajaan negeri ini makan haram adakah kerajaan negeri yang dipimpinkan parti politik pas dan umno baru makan haram juga?

  37. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 12:19 PM

    159. Begitu juga bangsa prc, korea selatan dan jepun bukan bangsa bangsat.

  38. malaysian1000000 Sep 29,2015 11:13 AM


    cuma pendapat saya,
    sementara nilai ringgit tengah jatuh dan harga minyak tengah jatuh, buatlah penganjuran sukan bertaraf komanwel ke dunia ke? untuk galak pelancong datang.

    TDM boleh buat sukan komanwel dan FIFA world youth cup masa ekonomi gawat tahun 97/98 dulu untuk stabilkan ekonomi untuk ransang pelancong datang.

    lebih baik dari bawa masuk bangla/indon/nepal dan etc, buat msyuarat – mesyuarat pak menteri. kurang faedah kot.


  39. HBT456 Sep 29,2015 10:37 AM


    152. As foreign minister, it is his ministry to do the job, not umno baru minister.

    153. It is nothing personal, since it is about politics that can spur uncomfortable feelings to the genuine institionalized investors being it local or foreign.

    154. What happened in the past no one can change, but happen in the future, we can change and improve.

    155. It is all started because of project ic, and umno baru can not deny by saying it is not their problem as the look east policy was prroved in federal parliament during tdm as bn chairman respresenting bn in the federal government.

    156. If umno baru cant solve this issue, arab spring will happen in sarawak sooner or later.

    157. Whoever takes over the state ministry shall face the arab spring if the economic issue is not solve under nsjib topic.

    158. Oh by the way, bangs arab adalah moden dan kaya, mereka bukan bangsa bangsat, so are the g25 nations.

  40. mubarakchan Sep 29,2015 9:14 AM


    For Sibotak. Thanks Saudara for your comments. Many Malaysians feel inferior to the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) because of the Bluffology which he blew in great gusts out of the Ministry of Information, Singapore. You might not be aware that he employed the best from the West and the Middle East to achieve his ends. The Wikileaks confirmed his comments on the sexual peccadilloes of Malaysians. If he had been NORMAL, he would have been one of the Greats of the World. This is the reason why the West really did not endorse him as a Great person but kept him at a lower level after using him.

    Our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad safeguarded our beloved Malaysia but still the crooked conman and Dictator deployed his digits all round the place. He did not succeed much until after 2003. The rest is history.

    Malaysia Boleh ! Malays Boleh ! Malaysians Boleh !

  41. malaysian1000000 Sep 29,2015 1:44 AM


    Persoalan terbuka untuk dijawab :

    1. Jika Altantuya dikatakan menjadi penterjemah/jurubahasa. Kenapa buat urusan dengan France? Sebab dalam résumé altantuya, dia ni tak tahu cakap/faham French.

    2. Bagaimana urusan rasmi (pertahanan negara) seorang orang bukan warganegara boleh masuk campur dan tidak menggunakan duta negara untuk melakukan urusan terbabit?

    3. Kenapa isu perkauman kuat dimainkan sedangkan, tolong cermin diri bangsa Melayu ni ramai mana je pun.

    4. Tidak ada cara-cara yang membolehkan seorang politikus disiasat?

    5. Kenapa polis malaysia tidak ambil tindakan walaupun laporan polis rasmi telah dibuat?

    6. Apa jadi kes Justo?

    7. Apa status asset 1MDB?


  42. sibotak Sep 28,2015 10:28 PM

    I agree Tun will also agree
    On most article you blog on Singapore
    Despite I do not read all

    S,pore Govt are Commercial Govt Self Centered born by yr beloved LKY
    LKY is also Amos Yee Favorites
    They are Hypocrites who cares for themselves
    Their Minister are more to CEO of the Nation
    They don,t need Corruptions
    But lets not bothered them as much we are bothered by DSA
    A waste of Time I would say

    But Sadly it affects us Malaysia
    As we are represented by the UMNO Gundus
    The Leader Najib , Pak lah leaders and before but not
    Our Hero Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
    Tun is an Excellence Leader
    Though Fully Retired at 90,s His Spirit is high
    His contributions is Sincere

    Others of our Leader
    Lives like a Jaguar especially Tun Najib
    In reality He is just Proton Kancil
    With his two flatted tires

    These leaders kneeled to Singapore
    Having seen much of our Agreement is all Kidding us
    Like I believes Najib Billions Dollars Donations
    Might not have come from any Rich Arab
    We are talking Billions not Millions
    It might not even been donated by a Corporations or any Big Organizations
    It must have come from a Govt
    What Fooled we had with them can be seen and felt
    Name me one agreement that truly benefits us Malaysia
    None …..We are always on the Lose lose situation
    Any kid can tell even a dropouts

    Here again Najib has to go
    Or shall I say Merambus ! after repeated attempts by many
    He has Failed and Betrayed us

    Giving him many chance to clarify He Ignore
    So we made Assumptions for an answer

    Najib will go in his own way
    But it will be too late as his going will not be smooth
    World ,US ,Australia ,Neighbors, Layman are watching and he has lost his name
    Indeed he has been framed and triggered by Opposition
    With all the Media they can get hold of and foreign politician
    as to gain their Agendas at all cost
    Its an all out War by Opposition
    Najib did not realize it
    Najib still clings to Rosmah for comforts

    These is Not my kind of Leader

    A Muslim Leader must face his Opposition
    Heads Up ,Chin Up face the Challenge, Eye to eye
    Not putting hands behind Heads down
    These are Submissiveness
    These are Muslim Man flaws in facing the many challenge
    The many Fitnah Muslims World are Facing to defend Islam

    Because We never hold tight the Rope of Allah
    We and the Arabs choose to Divides
    This is our Wrong

    So lets Jihad
    Jihad as in Not to Fight
    Jihad to makes Efforts ,Make Doas , make stupid attempts
    To unite our Brother who are confuse ,fighting and killing each other
    Lets make an efforts to Unite UMNO , PAS together
    In the name of Ummah
    Unite Sunni,Shites ,Taliban, ISIS , Assad against his Rebels and the many more
    We don,t need to Fight the Monster
    Allah will deal with these Monsters

    As proven much its their very own Evil doings Evil Intentions
    That Has Tremendously Reverts many Westerners ,American even the Jews
    From layman to their Professionals ,and their own high ranking Military Personnel
    Not much by Muslims but their own Wrong doings

    Perhaps we can host Muslim World Nasheed at our Merdeka Stadium
    Call all Nasheed representatives by all Muslims Nation
    As a stepping stones to Unite our Ummah
    Human loves singing We bring Nasheed to unite our Ummah
    Praise to Allah Praise to all our Prophets and to our Last Prophet Muhammad SAW

  43. cruze Sep 28,2015 9:14 PM

    Tv3 asyik putarkan kisah beruang di zoo negara je, ni modal nak alih kisah 1MDB juga ea?

  44. wajaperak Sep 28,2015 6:55 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    [grkumar aka gopal
    because the Malays do not speak read or write as competently in English as the foreign and English educated minorities that attack the Malays]
    I am not competent in English.My friends do not too.
    But we do contribute to this nation.And you?
    A resident of Australia.You competently contributing to Malaysian cause??
    Officially I am not a psychometrist.Nevertheless I understood them and practice them at the best of my ability.
    Your claim can be derived from certain faculty by year’s of your observation.
    Can the authenticity of your faculty be quantified?
    From your altercation with Haji Amin I could claim that you are a follower of the old doctrine..An orthodox perhaps?
    An what these all about the Malay?
    Fait accompli?
    Time and again we have been at dogmatic ends of argument.
    You have been piling evidence after evidence.As as lawyer it is apt.
    But as a lawyer you must now that anecdotal evidence is admissible in court.
    We have Najib at odd when he clearly lied.And yet as strongly admittedly conscientious good lawyer you did not bring up the issue?
    You believed in Najib pattern of lawfulness in it’s occurence while we,your odd adversary felt otherwise.
    What Najib and his merry men suggest us is to ‘stand down’ and let another 6 month and 10 day’s for him to bear fruit of 1MDB.I think the ripe age for conception is 9 month and 10 day’s and Najib have failed to deliver..
    Why?Miscarriage or threathened abortion? Or worse ectopic pregnancy?
    In all we don’t have the baby..
    Forgive me for the pun of it..:)
    Actually it is unethical for one to sat idly,relax and unhabited.This world for us is not the designated place for that.Hereafter is.
    I can be at odd with you forever but I will sum it up with this.
    This is for you,Najib and all of you who have different reasoning than the rest of us.
    There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.Your weight of evidence which you have endorsed in your community defied our social convention.We have live out a twillight existence of brutish toil.
    Najib played charade ambivalent to facade.
    The old chinese saying


    Terima kasih Tun.

  45. adelheid Sep 28,2015 6:18 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I hope Tun will stop blaming yourself for putting DSN at the helm. You may be instrumental in pushing him up there BUT YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HE HAS BECOME OR HAS DONE TO MALAYSIA. I am highlighting those words in capital letters so you would stop taking the responsibility on yourself.

    Yes the PM should have already retreated and resigned in the country’s situation if he were an ordinary person of sound mind and honour. No other democratic country has a PM or head of government who would sell his honour for something which will only cause him disgrace, except Malaysia and some western African countries.

    Whatever has gone wrong in the country today should not be pointed solely on the PM who is refusing to budge and let go of his position. We Malaysians are equally to blame. Because of our refusal to adapt and accept the changes in our surrounding, the multi races ethnicities and religions, we stick to the selfish belief that only our race is superior to all others. OUR MENTALITY IS HOLDING US FROM MOVING ON. We are still living the yesteryear memories of pre and post merdeka days. We are still tied to strong divisiveness according to race. We cannot move on, thus it’s easy for the ruling person or administration to sustain control and grip.

    My opinion is worth nothing compared to most of the smart commentators’ in this blog of yours Tun. However it is worth pondering why until today we Malaysians are not able to change much in terms of strong racial sentiments and unending racial prejudices. So much so that in the end we all lose out to the few people who are ‘smarter’ enough to be in control of the situation.

    Last but not least Tun, DSN our PM will still hold power because of Umno malays and not the other races. Just unfortunate for some of us Malaysians who are torn to pieces because of the multi bloods that run in our veins. How I wish Malaysia could just move on.

    Thank you Tun Mahathir. Take good care now and love yah Tun!

  46. mubarakchan Sep 28,2015 5:42 PM


    For all Bloggers. For a full understanding of my comments on the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015), please refer to


  47. mubarakchan Sep 28,2015 5:34 PM


    HouseWife. Madam, our beloved Tun Mahathir Mohamad a great World’s Statesman ( Do you know this ?) did not set-up this Blog for fun and for the pleasure of idle souls. I am here playing minor role in this Shakespearean play called, ‘MALAYSIA’. We are both very concerned with the integrity and the well-being of our ‘SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM.’ which is our beloved Malaysia’s. For your edification, I have been told not to be narrow-minded when I listed the following losses by Malaysia to Singapore and others :-

    1. Free water to Singapore. We now pay to deliver the water because our mighty ringgit has depreciated. The rate forever was 2 sens per gallon. Thanks to brilliant Cambridge trained minds.
    2. Free MSA software to Singapore.
    3. CLOB- Malaysia was clobbered from 1965 to 2000 via the joint Stock Exchanges. The disparate Malaysian crowd lost against an organised force by the billions of ringgits.
    4. Pan-El Affair. Only the Milan Stock Exchange suspended in 1908 previous to this. Malaysia was made to look like a fool. It was politics by the Dictator.
    5. After 2003 or thereabouts, 1 million barrels of oil from Iraq, treasures from the Khazanah (one fellow died), island rocks, ocean blocks, steel rails, NSTP jobs, Sime Darby contracts, low hanging fruits, etc. given away free.
    6. Due to the Dictator’s belief in fung shui principles, the black eye jarring Singapore CIQ Complex was deliberately done.
    7. Malaysia is the only country in the World that permits an openly foreign established and foreign linked political party to prance around the Dewan Rakyat. No wonder the crooked conman and Dictator laughed at us. After taking the island rock, his underlings published a book to tell the World how smart they were and how stupid we are. THEY PROMPTLY LOST US$108 BILLIONS ON WALL STREET IN OCTOBER 2008. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES, MADAM HOUSEWIFE !

    Madam, HouseWife, we Malaysians including you and me and us, DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING BACK FROM THESE RECIPIENTS, NOT EVEN A THANK YOU but only derisive remarks!

    Do you realize why our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad spends his precious time here ? And myself ?

    We are doing it ex gratis for your children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren so that their World will be better than ours, Madam !


  48. sc Sep 28,2015 5:21 PM

    what are you going to do about it? Malaysia to put in place a trade embargo with britain and america… that’s going to damage their economy severely isnt it because Malaysia is such an influential global player… no .. malaysia is not. it is economically weak because it can’t get its citizens in order because your leader najib is too busy swindling off the rakyat, than bothering to do his job and increasing malaysia’s economic dominance…. Forget about the West, fix your own rubbish up internally first.

  49. A.Mustafa Sep 28,2015 5:20 PM

    Dear Tun Dr M,

    I do not believe the current UMNO will change it’s leader until the next election when BN loses its majority in the parliment.
    Given the current local and international pressure, DSN is still ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’ by the current situation.

    I cam across various Malaysians residing overseas, pleaing for DSN’s honesty.
    I would like to share with you and others in your blog one interesthing petition done by a Malaysian doctor living in Australia.

  50. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 5:16 PM


    145. In asia, only north korea is still a communist country whereby junior kim, the president has absolute power in sentencing any members or uncles who critises him could be sent to dealth penalty.

    146. For china, she is longer a communist country.

    147. She will be more liberalize, more open to fdi and more self regulating in fighting massive corruption and piracy to maintain her green, military and economy.

    148. No need to do guessing, who knows pm najib may call ge next year since gst and petrol subsidies are running simultaneously?

    149. Tdm delayed ge 2 years later after 1997 financial crisis.

    150. Good luck to all political parties in malaysia, and God Bless Malaysia.

  51. farz Sep 28,2015 3:15 PM

    Dearest Tun,

    Thank you Tun. We really appreciate your effort on the removal of Pak Lah and now you are working even harder to remove the Spineless No Good Man Najib. You have done so much for us and yet continue to do so. May Allah s.w.t bless you with good health and happiness. Thank you so much.

  52. sibotak Sep 28,2015 2:14 PM

    US ,Western Political and their Media Intelligence are never Intelligent
    They are Human They won,t know what will happen tomorrow
    They Lied to the World many many
    Defame Muslim Defame Islam for reasons of excuse
    To face off their illegal Evil Intentions to Invade Middle East
    It was never about Religion ,Islam, Christian ,Buddist and the many
    Religion , Culture , Races are cards played to Face Off their Dirts
    Played by Politics as much as DAP is playing hard now

    War between Israel and Palestine
    Is never of the Jews and Muslims Never of Juddism and Islam
    It was both believes Israel land once belongs to them
    These is what they are Fighting for

    Isis , Tallibans , Shites , Sunnis , Suicide bombers are never Terrorist
    As much propaganda by West Media
    Of all we will know the Slaughtering done by ISIS
    Is done at the back of Hollywood and they are very Good at it
    As much they lied about SEPT 11 , Iraq WMD and the many
    Its holding tight of their Sovereignty
    Not being Submissive and after seeing with their own eyes
    Their loves one , their babies and kids ,women being Raped and Bombed in their homes
    They lost and sell their souls to the Devils
    They blow themselves up
    Its Human Call not Religious Call
    As much propaganda by the West Media

    When German Hitler attacks British , Churchill
    Inform every British to Fight all out even with a Broom
    Do you call it as Terrorists

    Having said such
    I like to Thank George Bush ,British Blair and the West War Mongers
    Of their innovation of creating Wars Invading Middle East for their Political agendas Defaming Muslims
    Islam now have Waves the West ,US and many parts of the World
    With their own people reverting to Islam day by day Tremendously
    Without a Single Bombs
    These waves was not done by Muslims

    Its Blessing in Disguise
    And Blast by the Creator
    Terima Kaseh sekali lagi
    Bush ,Blair and all the Setans

  53. sibotak Sep 28,2015 1:43 PM

    HBT 3/4
    We Malay / Muslims have our own ways of life

    Materialistic , Economic progress
    Was never part of our Life

    We go for Dunia for Akhirat
    You don,t understand these unless you touch the Quran and the Hadiths
    Very frightening reminder for Kafir also stronger for the Muslims

    Develop Nations are always Feared Nation
    Your definition of Success is own call

    S,pore , Lee Kuan Yew yr Shifu , yr Master
    Are also non happy Nation
    Now LKY is contesting to be God as he cannot brings his Wealth along
    The Govt are Filthy Rich I don,t deny
    The people are sufferings in Silence
    The reasons why the PAP Govt gives new Citizenship to sustain their seats
    As they know they have lost the votes of Born S,pore
    A Huge crowds on Opposition rally compared to the less crowds of PAP Rally
    Indicates something not right with the Voting Its not a Fraud
    Its a winning by the new Citizen as they feel humble and oblige
    It not a winning of Hearts
    Its a Game played during LKY

    How do you explain the facts
    The Malays before are majority in S,pore
    Now they became Minority in Population
    Though You have to admit
    The Malay are more Gatal , married at young age bearing 5 and more Children
    Not just that some have more wives more Children for fear of Zina
    The Chinese married at later age , one or two and some give up their children to the Malays
    ITS like the swimming ,badminton and the many competition
    S,pore govt just want to Win dis regards they are not born S,porean
    Import from China gives S,pore Citizenship
    wallah…… S,pore won the Gold Medal
    Its Magic

    What you want is what you can get
    What we malay want is not what you want
    If we stand firm of no development as our choice
    Your staying in Malaysia will be Miserable

    We are Ok with our Culture by then you can pack yr Bag
    And Yes We need such a Leader to make it happen

    I am the Leader
    I will govt to what we want not what the world want
    Built to my family liking not my neighbor liking

    Human Intelligence , Human Developments Never Lasts
    Yet it had its Defects, Defaults and Harm

    If one cannot Mend the Ozones
    One must not Breaks it
    Life will goes on Beautifully

  54. cruze Sep 28,2015 12:27 PM

    Teman teman kerja para sub contraktor dan ceo saya berbangsa cina, sejak isu jamal ini saya dah malu nak angkat muka…saya bikan dari sektor seperti anda yang di kelilingi oleh kawan kawan berbangsa melayu…
    Tidak mustahil wartawan2 akhbar bahasa cina ada menulis akan kata kata jamal ikan bakar dan menteri2 serta kenyataan ali rustam, anuar musa dll di akhbar mereka.
    Kasihan saya ini yang telah menjadi .angsa anda semua, sedangkan saya berusaha untuk membanggakan nama bangsa kita di mata mereka….anda semua sedap cakap saya yang terbiasnya.

  55. cruze Sep 28,2015 12:21 PM

    Kita tenangkan lah keadaan isu perkauman ini ya, yang telah di cetuskan oleh jamal, ali rustam, anuar musa dan pak pak menteri2 anak buah najib yang bersikap ” baling batu sembunyikan tangan”.
    Saya bukan pro bangsa cina. India dan mat salleh. Tetapi saya cintakan keamanan.
    Di mana mana pun ada china town…bangsa cina bukan jenis bangsa penjajah seperti belanda, portugis, siam, champa, majapahit dan lain lain yang turun temurun ada sejarah penjajahan….mereka adalah bangsa yang kuat berdagang…dari merapu2 hingga boleh mencetuskan isu perkauman eloklah anda semua baca salah satu sejarah yang ada kaitan dengan perdagangan, iaitu kerajaan majapahit..anda akan dapat ilham nanti.
    Dan lagi janganlah di bilang “cina babi”. Tak elok walaupun berbagai alasan jamal ikan bakar tu beri apabila di terjah wartawan…
    Jamal dan lain lain. Anda mesti kena baca sejarah majapahit dan pasai yang mana terselit kisah laksamana cheng ho keislaman mereka pada kurun ke 12 dan kisah pelayaran2 mereka untuk tujuan berdagang.
    Mereka bukan seperti kerajaan jepun yang berlayar untuk menjajah…mereka terlebih dahulu memeluk islam dari bangsa melayu…
    Janganlah hanya kerana kita sudah sembahyang sedikit kita angkuh dan seolah dah bagus dan confirm masuk syurga…..allah lebih mengetahui..
    Ayat2 di dalam islam juga ada menyebut
    ” tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri cina”…agak jelas ini.

    Berbaik baiklah sesama manusia dan ramai dari bangsa kita ini yang amat gemar memandang rendah pada bangsa lain seperti hanya mengangap orang indonesia itu bibik, mat indon dan buruh binaan, bangsa mereka adalah lebih rajin dan tinggi hasil karyanya dari orang kita.
    Sudahlah ya. Jangan nanti mereka mengungkit bahawa lihatlah siapa yang harumkan malaysia! Michele yeo, jimmy choo, nicole david, lee chong wei dan ramai lagi.
    Shalin zulkifli tidak cukup popular ya, angkasawan negara pun bukan popular sangat kerana dia pergi dengan tajaan negara, by the way ok juga lah.
    Tapi tun tidak boleh kita sangkal lagi di mata dunia. Najib, salleh kruak dan menteri tunjuk apa!, menteri2 sibuk kahwin dan berkepit dengan artis, pemain bola kita sibuk berskandal dengan artis! Bukan sibuk nak berlatih dan harumkan negara..
    Fikirlah masak masak saya tak mahu nanti usha kita yang sampai keperingkat pergaduhan akan menjadi seperti ” meludah ke langit”.
    Majulah malaysia dengan perpaduan…
    Menteri2 pula buangkanlah gila glamor nak berkepit dengan artis2…. agar anda di pandang tinggi.

  56. ismadi Sep 28,2015 11:05 AM

    As Salam Tun,

    Semoga di dalam Rahmat Allah swt.

    1. Penulisan Tun ini telah dikritik. Kata pengkritik Tun ialah membangkitkan isu
    lama dan berulang ulang.

    2. Itulah strategi penyokong Dato Najib. Tidak menjawab persoalan Rakyat, mencari
    kesalahan Tun dan memutar belitkan fakta 1MDB, SRC International dan Jho Low.

    3. Ketiga – tiga fakta ini sebenarnya telah membawa kepada pendedahan wang lebih
    kurang RM Dua Ribu Enam Ratus Juta telah dimasukkan ke Akaun peribadi DS

    4. Menteri dan sebahagian pemimpin UMNO telah mengambil sikap tolol dengan
    membenarkan perbuatan jenayah ini.

    5. Penyokong DS Najib sedang berusaha untuk memastikan lebih kurang 2.6 ribu juta
    ini adalah benar daripada derma yang dibenarkan oleh undang undang.

    6. Penyataan SPRM dijadikan sebagai asas bahawa penerimaan wang derma sebagai
    munasabah dan dibenarkan.

    7. Apa lagi hendak di bisingkan apabila SPRM membuat penyataan tersebut.

    8. Kes Althantuya, DS Najib dah bersumpah di Masjid dan Musa Hassan membut
    sokongan bahawa DS Najib tiada halangan bagi Musa Hassan menyiasat dan
    mendakwa Razak Baginda.

    9. Penyokong Najib menyatakan pengakuan bunuh telah dibuat oleh Sirul dan Azilah,
    dan keadilan telah ditegakkan.

    10.Ramai yang tidak berpuas hati sebab jumlah kerugian 1 MDB telah diserap di
    dalam akaun yang pelbagai. Malahan jualan tanah oleh 1MDB adalah hasil dari
    pemerolehan tanah tanah kerajaan dngan harga yang murah.

    11.Wang yang dipinjamkan kepada 1MDB hanyalah digunakan untuk membayar hutang
    kepada Bank.

    12.Watak utama di dalam 1MDB tidak disiasat ataupun siasatan tidak didedahkan.

    13.DS Najib kata beri 6 bulan. Sekarang masa untuk beliau dah tinggal 4 bulan.

    14. Seorang ketua Pencuri yang dibebaskan akan melakukan curian lagi.

    15. Negara Malaysia menghadapi masalah yang tersangat besar.

    16. Saya ingin menarik sokongan saya kepada BN. Cumanya saya tidak akan keluar
    mengundi pada pilihan raya yang akan datang.

  57. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 8:20 AM

    142. if china did not opt open policy under the late mr deng xio peng to allow japanese to set up their manufacturing there in the 90s after 64th student protest in tian an men square, you think japan electronic brands can sell in china, even iphone manufactured in china.

    143. When some irresponsible communist chinese attacked the japanese embassy, it was the central government in beijing instructed the state government to minta maaf and paid the damages kepada japan embassy as gentleman kerana yang mudah lupa golongan ini ingat mereka ini adalah pembela farmer communist, mao zedong in 21st century.

  58. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 8:09 AM

    140. By the way, the japanese economy is in stagflation due to a real threat, a serious challenge to ldp, abe administration in feeding her aging population, pensioners, since the younger generation favour western democracy of the white.

    141. The white understood and helped to rebuild japan politically and economically in the name of true liberty, tak ada paksa paksa punya.

  59. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 7:50 AM

    136. Japanese have gone through terrible period in ww2, and because of the greed of one leader ala hitler, the furore, japanese sufferred loss in term of human lives, soldiers and economy, and until today, japan is still in stagflation, and dont forget, japan located in the earthquake zone.

    137. Why?

    138. Because this leader wants to conquer east asia through military strenght by bombing china first.

    139. The rest of the story, I will leave it for banana mca to explain to wisma putra.

  60. sibotak Sep 28,2015 7:36 AM

    The Govt The People needs Chemistry to Succeed

    The different of Races , the Religious believes , the Culture
    Are reasons for excuse to make Good of one men Greeds
    The same
    War in Palestine , Israel , Invasion led by US
    Was never about Islma ,was never about Muslims
    Again it was Huma Greed Human Lusts
    Palestine ,Israel both fight for Land since their very War
    Palestine claims its their so as the Jews also claims its theirs
    It happen one is Arab one is Jews the Bani Israel
    Religion , Race , Belives is made an excuse for a reason

    Same as US led War , Led Lies in Middle East
    It was never about Islam ,Muslim
    ITS a illegal Invasions of US ,West Political War Mongers
    Defame Muslims to make good their reason th Invade
    It was never Islam nor Muslims
    It was Human Greed
    I don,t bother if you are not Islam
    But it’s my duty as a Muslim to convey as much even a Single Ayat
    No compulsion , No Brain Washing , No Dry Cleaning
    As At It he Allah choose
    Not me not you nor yr parent

    We have to be clear of these in Malaysia
    It was never of our Race ,Culture ,Beliefs
    It was again Greed that defame Religion and Race
    We need Strong Capable Leader
    Leader who does not Belives
    Money is God
    Military Might is Supremacy
    Modernization solves it all
    High Rise building is Civilization
    It’s a Foundation A Leader should have
    Najib have None of the aboves

    I like to thanks Bush of US
    Blair of Britain The West Political War Mongers
    Of their Evil intentions and Actions
    Invading Muslims Nation ,Defame Islam , Defame Muslim with the West Media
    To excuse their Evil act to Blind the World
    As a Muslim I say thank you to them
    It is their Evil I’ll Intentions
    That now waves Islam to the West ,to US to most part of the World
    More & more Westerns are Reverting to Islam
    After Sept 11 Lies and the many other Lies
    A Blessing in Disguise
    Islam have moves to the West
    Without any single Bombs by the Muslims
    And it was the Muslims
    It was their very own wrong doings
    Its God decision was never
    Human Intelligence nor Military Might
    These Intelligence these Might
    It never Last yet it had ites defects and defaults which will harm Mankind
    The Ozone
    If men cannot mess it
    One must not breaks it

  61. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 7:30 AM

    135. No country can stand alone, you think umno can stand alone, housewife?

  62. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 7:26 AM

    123. Whatever phobia is used under the topic of najib, malaysia like any other countries in the world will elect the pm via parliamentary democracy.

    124. This is politics.

    125. It will shape the direction of the conomy when a new pm is elected in the next 5 years.

    126. Will bn loose to pakatan harapan in next ge?

    127. It depends who will bn approves to run for the position of pm.

    128. Dont worry about the share market.

    129. Why?

    130. Bumiputra today no longer farmers, just like the non bumiputra, they too want to show the non bumiputra, they too can do well in private sector.

    131. In the next decade, bumiputra policy will be abolished.

    132. Why?

    133. Because bumiputera will realize the money spent does not have roi, return of investment.

    134. Pendek kata, tak berbaloi.

  63. HBT456 Sep 28,2015 7:02 AM

    122. This is the reason why tdm set up this blog to blog to unblog, and it is nothing personal, sc.

  64. farock Sep 28,2015 1:30 AM

    Salam to all Malaysians’…

    I agree with what everyone are saying in one way or another but for me the real problem lies with our mentality. Malaysians are keen on saying and believing that each race are better than others.These problems can only be solved once we put our racist mentality and comments aside and start thinking as one race,a race that’s called MALAYSIAN!
    We have to stick to each other,believe and respect each other as one race,one community.We have to be there for each other,then only can we resolve this arising problems which mostly are created by our irresponsible government who are taking advantage of our weakness.When we are together,no one can play with our minds nor play with their words to weaken us.Only then they will start respecting us as one community with one race in one nation that’s called MALAYSIANS MALAYSIA!!
    Don’t the Malaysians realise that we are born in this country and we will have no other place to call home if anything happens to our beloved country?Why are the Malaysians allowing these racism issues to dictate their minds and start behaving like uneducated people and fall into these irresponsible politicians trap?

    Stop behaving like smart ass and start learning from each other.Even how smart we are,we are unable to master all knowledge in the world and the only way to up grade our knowledge is from learning with each other.Yes,not all subjects are worth learning,but that is why GOD has given us a brain to think.Take and learn the good things and throw away the bad one.Any satisfaction that comes from winning a stupid racist debate wont last long and it will only create one problem after another.The real satisfaction will only come when we can live in peace,harmony and economically stabilised country.We will be happy to see our family growing in a nation with no problems concerning race,religion and economy.

    I hope we will stop talking rubbish and start talking sense.If Malaysians feel they are smart,which they are,eradicate negative racism mentality and start finding a way to remove our corrupted leader and government.Try to look for a leader who can unite us and bring glory to our beloved nation. Let us live and die in peace.Try to build a good future,not only for us but also for our children and great grand children.Only then our next generation will appreciate us as their responsible ancestors!!

    We don’t have all the time in the world.We must act fast before our country’s pride and wealth are auctioned internationally.Start loving the nation and each other.Stop loving and trusting politicians cos leaders will come and go but we and our nation will be here forever.

  65. mubarakchan Sep 28,2015 12:35 AM


    For HouseWife.

    Do you realize why our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad started this distinguished Blog in 2008 ? Do you realise ?

    Do you realise why I am here since September 2011 only presenting facts about the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015)and nothing much else on Malaysia. Do you realise ? Previously, I never bothered about our well-being with such intensity. But the more i delved into the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) the more I found that he was a fake for his own glory and power. As of the last count he had a total of 42 Policies failures which NO WESTERN COUNTRY WILL DO IN THEIR RIGHT SENSES !

    Madam, do you remember his 2 child family Policy imposed on a productive population of 1.6 millions from 1970s to 1980s. An he never showed any remorse or regrets in destroying other people’s lives eg the sterilizations, the abortions, the suicides, the depressions etc. This was just one of his 42 Failed Policies !


    Madam, how can I become a hypocrite and say the crooked conman and Dictator (1959-2015) was the best in the World ? How can I become a hypocrite and say Singapore is better than Malaysia when we have a real and tested Democratic Political System next to Mother India, the biggest democracy in the World !

  66. mubarakchan Sep 28,2015 12:15 AM


    For Housewife. As I always said in this distinguished Blog that we Malaysians are naive, gullible, hospitable and friendly. We were all bullied by snide remarks and books to denigrate our leadership were a regular feature. Now, their GDP is in a mess.

    You forgot what the Dictator said about crime in Johor Baru in the 1980s and just a few years ago, about Islam. You forgot ?

    Madam, why should I bow down to a non-entity like TEOHBENGHOCH000 who tried to make a mickey of some indolent Malaysians.

    It is time for all of us to wake up that our political and money problems of today originated out of the crafty and wily mind of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015). I am duty bound to de-nazify all brainwashed Malaysians who were held mentally captive since 1959. This is no joke if you are aware how these all or nothing types play.

    Actually HBT000 is nothing. I just jousted with this PAP worm to draw attention to the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) !

    If he is not crooked and a conman, Singapore would have no Dictator, no Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens by the Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. He would have been world famous and won the Nobel Prize recommended by his Middle Eastern friends. And to top off, he became a rogue alumnus of the University of Cambridge.


    Madam, I believe you have no bank accounts, condos, relatives studying or working in Singapore. Right ?


  67. Sri Sense Sep 27,2015 11:52 PM

    Salam Tun

    I usually lambat tidur, baca investment articles, esok boleh plan mana nak jual, mana nak tunggu, dalam ekonomi begini “timing” memang payah sedikit.

    OK, I tak berapa suka PKR sebab parti ini fight for satu individu, sekarang UMNO dan BN pun sama. My hubby semalam cakap gabungan parti baru, fight for anwar, I also tak suka. Perhaps next election I pilih independent candidate lagi baik. Or I can also pilih untuk tidak mengundi.

    My Chinese friends tidak suka PAS. Mereka kata kalau PAS naik nanti jadi Taliban state. I find that so amusing, Hadi Awang memang ada rupa Taliban…hahaha Anyway I also tak faham their fear, I mean kalau PAS naik modern Muslim yang kena.

    Anyway politik ini can be very memeningkan. Jiran jiran kita pun dah tambah menyampah dengan kita. Rating udah la masuk junk status. So as rakyat memang real sakit hati with Najib and equally menyampah dengan 1MDB. Kadang baca news tu I expect good news tapi sebaliknya.

    I am sharing news yang I baca online
    Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak’s inevitable fall

    Malaysia: Release Khairuddin Abu Hassan (UA 205/15)

    Singapore suspends commercial imports of dogs, cats from Malaysia after rabies outbreaks

    Crime Watch Raw: Khir Toyo Special


  68. hz Sep 27,2015 10:03 PM

    Salam Tun, perhaps more international ‘persuasion’ e.g. the likes of WSJ and aljazeera are needed? The outside world has been laughing at our country and ‘leader’ for sometime now; only now out loud. DSN and his geng of pak sanggup/ turut do not equal UMNO; they just work there!
    The haze/smog that surrounds KL is like the pollution that surrounds DSN + cronies. Thick, smelly & poisonous!
    Our future generations deserve better.

  69. sc Sep 27,2015 9:39 PM


    I have a strange inkling that you have a severe prejudice against the West.
    The West being the economic force that they are, are able to do what they like with littler repercussions. The reason is because they hold economic super power. You can not blame them for being economically successful and then able to influence matters. Malaysia could have been like Singapore if it had done things properly since independence but has failed at an epic level in terms if development. That is why this country that you administered is so weak. It is voiceless from a global context largely because of its divisive constitution. The NEP etcetera has help Malaysia’s progress back. You may say it has done well, but how well? When compared to China? India or even Korea? It has lagged behind Indonesia, Thailand and now Vietnam…
    This is what happens when you build a house on sand. It may look like a nice house, a big house, but the tide is coming in and it will soon be destroyed.
    Your leadership built these towering houses on a sandy foundation and that is why the years that you spent trying to build the country is now going to collapse.

    If only constitutional reforms could be applied. You would not see a brain drain that is occurring. You would not see this abuse of power, nepotism, racism and eco-political turmoil. You would have seen an increase in standards. Progress.

    It is a shame Tun. The fear that the majority have clutching their special privileges like an Ace up their sleaves, but everybody has walked away from the poker game. They have walked away because this game is no longer worth playing…

  70. mubarakchan Sep 27,2015 9:10 PM


    For dek noor. Thanks. We Malaysians must now know the truth about our Political System in relation to that of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultracommunistic Political and Social System. Our Political System is on par with the World’s best democratic systems like India’s.

    Thanks again.

    Once we understand our Political System we the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all have no quarrels because our beliefs are the same. To run to the Constitution is wrong.


    WE SHOULD RUN TO THE POLITICAL PARTIES LEADERSHIPS TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS. These folks are responsible for the good, bad or ugly.


  71. HouseWife Sep 27,2015 8:09 PM

    Salam Tun, 1MDB is najib and najib is 1MDB. Tun perlu ulang dan sebut balik hal isu sebenar sebab 1MDB@najib putar dan putar isu ini jadi isu perkauman antara Melayu dan Cina. Lecek sungguh mereka ni.
    Tun always stay focus dan tak lari daripada topik sebenar. Kita ni yang selalu need to be reminded and focus on the main isu. Tun ada aura dan cara tersendiri yang boleh menarik ramai orang. Si Keruak ni ada? Tun tak perlu beli upah orang untuk berjuang bersama2 Tun, hanya dengan tulisan di blog sudah dapat menarik berjuta2 followers.
    Tun, excuse me nak keluar topik sat. To HBT, are you suffering from Melayufobia? The only way to naik maruah Melayu is for ourselves to ubah sikap, we all know that. Yes, the Malays have faults and flaws, don’t we all. So please do stop harpooning often on the Malays. Don’t you think you’re being unfair. I do respect your opinions, some can be given credit. Since you, HBT and Mr Mubarakchan are very ‘responsive’ to each other, maybe both of you could get your brains together and find a remedy to put an end to these neverending debates once and for all. Please patch up each other differences and focus on the main hot issue on how to clean up the 1MDB@najib mess. Who knows maybe you two could oneday be good friends, insyAllah. Allah works Wonders.
    Tun, May Allah Protect and Bless you always. Take care Tun.

  72. utaqamy Sep 27,2015 5:57 PM

    Aduhai IGP…

    Aduhai NajibRosmah…

    Aduhai Jamal Si Yunos Bangsat…

    Dah penat mintak korang berambus drpd pentadbiran dan berambus drpd kaca tv serta surat khabar. Tapi sentiasa muncul dgn muka macam celaka dan bercakap macam bangang, menyampah yg teramat sangat.

    Takkanlah sampai kena mintak doa agar korang mati cepat kot..Sudah-sudahlaa bersandiwara, bilanya berkhidmat untuk rakyat kalau asyik bermain isu itu dan ini. Agak-agaklah kalau nak jaga NajibRosmahBangsat tu, jangan sampai orang ludah kat muka beramai-ramai. Aku sedikit pun tidak gentar dgn pengaruh dan jawatan korang, kalau buat kerja tak bertanggungjawab, takda siapa akan hormat orang macam anda semua.

    Kerjalah betul2, yg mana perlu disiasat tolonglah siasat dulu. Asyik back up je memanjang, memang buat orang benci laa. Seronok ke hidup dgn cemuhan orang ramai??? Duit memang perlu, tapi tak perlulah cari duit sampai buta hati perut.

    Tun tolong usahakan sesuatu yg berbeza drpd yg sedia ada, saya dah tak boleh nak bertolak ansur lagi dgn orang2 tak guna ni. Betul2 merosakkan negara.

    NajibRosmah yg PERLU dsiasat, BUKAN Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan!!!

  73. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 5:40 PM


    121. The correct way is mca must deal with the prostitution case whereby a young bright lady was accused a prostitute was raped and murdered by muslim malay, and this case was dragged for 10 years before he is found guilty.

  74. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 3:51 PM


    115. Bagai tikus membaiki labu, awang selamat hmmmm

    116. Singapore government asign budget to the malay muslim constituency to upgrade their facility so that they can be at par with the national plan.

    117. Tak perlu sue, umno baru sure menang one.

    118. It is a blessing to see how greedy this umnoputra youth.

    119. In karma, i dont want my next life to be an animal, so it is better for me to pay it forward, therefore, tak nak umno.

  75. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 3:18 PM

    108. As malaysian of multi Ethnic nation, I for sure feel disgust seeing a hindu politician kiss umno man from bm, bukit mertajam, and the way umno treated ravi in penang.

    109. Khir toyo got 1 year jail term because hindu also dibangsatkan under najib topic.

    110. Why?

    111. A hindu young man in his 20s got 10 years jail just for kacang putih offence, that is stealing food, grkumar wants to talk about east asia politics as malaysians ala mic?

    112. Hindraf president, my respect goes to you for getting this young victim being trialed cruelly exposed, not to forget the indonesia maid case.

    113. Domestic issues like this also cannot solve, you dont feel ashame, I feel ashame.

  76. Hajar Sep 27,2015 2:30 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    5. I wonder why PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor did not adopt an Indian name. His foreign / expensive advisers did not advise him to do so I guess…

    6. BN is a registered alliance. Is Pakatan Rakyat / Pakatan Harapan a registered coalition?

    7. BERSIH is also not registered. Its organizer already had 4 rallies, but all of them are illegal.

    8. Is it possible that PDRM purposely made all BERSIH’s rallies illegal? If true, then BERSIH must sue PDRM!

    9. I wonder who spread the news (lies?) about possible ‘riots / rallies’ at Petaling street? ‘Red Shirt’ organizer or the Oppositions @ ‘Yellow Shirt’supporters?

    10. Who started ‘budaya’ street demonstrations? ‘Red shirt’ or ‘Yellow Shirt’? Which group started violent street demonstrations?

    11. Now we have the Chinese Ambassador who said he’s against street violence, ‘discrimination against races and any form of extremism’ at Petaling Street. Why Petaling Street (Chinese majority), not Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malays/Muslims)? Racist?

    12. It’s funny to see Pakatan’s leaders talking about ‘racial harmony’ when they themselves support ‘violent’ street demonstrations (since 1998). And, they also had their very ‘bersopan’ demonstrators (Chinese?) stomped on Malay leaders’ pictures. Not racist? Why Hadi’s picture? Is he the TPM of Malaysia? I can understand why they stomped on DSN’s picture (even though they were being so rude; unnecessary).

    13. What kind of ‘wayang Cina’ or ‘wayang kulit’ are we going to have next? Akan datang!!! It’s getting very interesting…

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  77. mubarakchan Sep 27,2015 2:24 PM


    For the slimy PAP worm HBT000. Thanks for giving me publicity. I need it. Please mentione me all the time.


  78. mubarakchan Sep 27,2015 1:27 PM


    It is time that all Bloggers know the true facts which support your comments in your distinguished and respected Blog even little PAP worms muscled in for a piece of the action. Your Blog is probably the most active political Blog in the World today ! Syabas !

    1. The Red Shirts have nothing to complain about if the following facts are widely known.
    2. It was wrong of the Petaling Street traders to call in His Excellency the Ambassador of the Chinese People’s Republic of China. The last time when a Chinese Consul could do something was in 1949 when the Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek’s China had a Consulate in Kuala Lumpur. By 1951, most of the Chinese residents became Malayan citizens.
    3. The MCA leadership instead of turning up at Petaling Street well before anyone else, dealt with a political minion instead of the political leadership and said the wrong thing – ban all. This faux pas gave the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP space thereafter.

    As Prime Minister of Australia said ‘ Three Wongs do not make a right !’

    Here are the true facts why the Red Shirts are barking up the wrong tree, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 26 September 2015 !

    Tun with your permission :-

    On 13 May 1969, the British owned 70% of the best assets of the Malaysian economy, the Chinese with a handful of towkays, 25% of the third rate, the Malays 2%. There were no Malay Middle Income Group which was created by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad single-handedly without strife or fervour between 1982 to 2003 after which nothing happened.

    In the 1960s, my newly graduated Malay friends had no money to buy a pair of cavalry twill, a pair of brogues etc as there were no OD, credit cards, housing loans, car loans etc. The financial system was based on Colonial Currency Board principles. We spent what we earned. The rich got richer. Business was very slow and done at a snail pace. The British dominated the economy.

    After 13 May 1969, I had the beauty of a hind-sight. I could foresee trouble would come again after the launch of the NEP if the Malays were not on an even footing with the other communities as soon as possible. In 1972, I conceptualized the take-over of Sime Darby PLC based on free market principles by the Malays for them to shoot right up to do big time corporate business without disadvantage for the non-Malays.

    This concept had the support of the great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his close confidant YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. By November 1976, the Malays were in control of Sime Darby with the help of 2 Singaporean corporates, myself and others. In those days, the Malays did not have billions of ringgits to buy foreign things. By 1979, Sime Darby was repatriated back to Malaysia. In 1982, Sime Darby became the flagship of the PNB. In 1982, I suggested Sime Darby to control the bunkering facilities for palm oil in China. A small facility was set-up in Port Said, Egypt. By 1992, 3 Malaysian Chinese companies controlled all the bunkering facilities for palm oil in China.

    Sime Darby established small businesses in the Southern Antipodes and the Philippines. The former is now a famous watering place for tired Malaysians. And Sime Darby sponsored an Ocean Yacht Race in New Zealand for more than 9 years !

    In 1992, I was sacked as a non-executive Director for opposing unsavoury deals so that Sime Darby could go BANKRUPT IN 1996 AND 2010 !

    I was paid only RM 30,000 per annum before income tax for 18 years. Now the executives walloped RM100,000 to RM500,000 per month before allowances for golfing etc.

    My vision in 1972 was for Sime Darby to acquire industrial entities, Jaguar, Volvo, Harrisons & Crossfields etc with technological know-how and markets for the Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. THIS NEVER HAPPENED TILL EVEN TODAY 2015. IT IS STILL NOT LATE ! Otherwise, there would have been no Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts or coloured Shirts !

    NOTHING HAPPENED WITH SIME DARBY since 1976 but only the sale of its best assets. This is another story.

    In fact, Sime Darby became an elegant Malaysian Trading House without the Empire Tariff from a British Trading House with the Empire Tariff. Easy colonial style living for all. Sime Darby never contributed to the National Developmental Effort based on improving our economy to move out of the Middle Income Trap ! In fact, factories are easy to manage if they made an effort !

    Even today or from 1976 to 2015, the Red Shirts are irrelevant because all Sime Darby needs to do is to buy that beautiful Mall opposite the Sheraton Imperial ( I do not know the owner ) for all the Malay traders to do business and progress with know-how from Sime Darby’s staff who are just down the road instead of putting billions of ringgits into a derelict London power-station which no one wanted for decades ! And now Sime Darby is in financial trouble again.

    And we have at least 100 GLCs which can do the same and more like Sime Darby. These have all bought foreign properties but forgot about the Malays, the Red Shirts and the other Malaysians.

    Therefore, Sime Darby and all the GLCs with billions and billions of ringgits at their command can help out Proton, Perwaja, the irrelevant Red Shirts, all Malay traders, the non-Malays etc. It is still not too late !


    The Red Shirts need not bother with a seamy tourist street like Petaling Street. Go 5 Star ! Just check in at Sime Darby for your requirements, down the next street.

  79. dek nor Sep 27,2015 12:22 PM

    mubarakchan. jgn biadap. kamulah cacing yg sedang kepanasan. parasit yg menyokong korap dan merosakan negara. lebih baik kamu diam jika tak tahu dan faham isu najib ni..

  80. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 11:39 AM

    104. As the head of the foreign ambassador. His excellency of china representing prc wore batik to voice his concern in china town, petaling street showing their respect as the second largest economy in the world.

    105. Even us embassy warns of terrorist attacks and more sabah kidnaps.

    106. Wisma putra summons china ambassador meaning wisma putra is interering foreign ministry job.

    107. Nothing 2show become something 2hide.

  81. Daniel Noor Sep 27,2015 11:14 AM



    Tulisan yg bertajuk Najib ini, HARUS di bikin seperti risalah ukuran A4 dan di sebarkan seluruh negara. Terutama di kampong2, kawasan2 Felda ,nelayan , petani dll agar rakyat terutama yg tua2, pak cik, mak cik boleh baca dan paham kedudukan negara serta cara hidup mewah Najib dan Rosmah.

    Selaen itu anak2 Felda yg berpendifikan tinggi harus menjelaskan kpd org tua mereka kondisi dan kedudukan ekonomi dan politik negara ini.

    Ini saja cara utk mendedahkan salahguna pentadbiran Najib kpd rakyat.

  82. faridina Sep 27,2015 11:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda TUN,

    Could’nt agree more with what you wrote dearest Tun but we need some clarification on point No. 38 – I call upon all Malaysians to demand that Najib allows the investigation against him to be carried out by independent people not appointed by him. Najib must allow due legal process to go on. If it is found that he had done illegal things he should be made to resign.

    We thought it was made cleared that all channels have been blocked or controlled by Najib and all the people are at his mercy?

    Look what happened to Khairuddin Abu Hassan detained under Sosma for 28 days even he was not a terrorist but fighting justice on behalf of the rakyat. I came to know that they even let the aedes mosquitoes do the dirty job for them, but how far its true I wouldn’t know. Let us all recite our ‘doa’ that Khairuddin stays healthy, protected and be blessed by Allah S.W.T

    I guess priority here is the rakyat and NGO’s should demand for the release of Khairuddin as he is not the threat to the rakyat but is only seen as a threat to Najib himself not even to the BN government.

    Why is everybody silent about these?

    As much as the rakyat wishes to see that Najib is been sacked, we also wish that our compatriot be released the soonest.

    Wasalam Tun.

  83. sibotak Sep 27,2015 10:00 AM

    Najib has to go
    His foreign advisor need to go
    Foreign Govt influence puppeting UMNO Govt need to go
    Will definitely prosperous Malaysia
    We have done it during Tun Mahathirr Govt
    We have proves it

    Lazy Govt under Najib find an easy way solution to Malaysia problem
    Gets money from sponsored , from Tax payer money
    Distribute it to their needs will not lasts the Govt
    Very much seen Najib Govt is Pauper Begging for Foreign Assists
    Than making good working hard for Malaysia Economy

    Ya these are typical Malay Najib Bugis Pemalas Mentality
    Unlike Mamak Mahathir Mentality
    It’s common among the Malay Culture
    They blames the Govt blame everything to extends Failure
    They always says Oh ken buat orang
    What a lousy good excuse for Laziness
    These are Facts We heard this a lot among the Malay Entrepreunuer Failure
    Oh ken buat orang instead of looking to the Reality

    Malaysia needs not a Pure Malay Leader
    These Leader needs to have Mix Blood
    6 Sudu Chamca Darah Mamak ,4 Sudu Chamca Darah Melayu

    Science have not proven anything
    But History of Malaysia has indicate so

  84. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 9:41 AM

    *63. Jawi, chinese and tamil are MOTHER TONGUE LANGUAGES, therefore SUBTITLES OF MOTHER MOTHER TONGUES LANGUAGES MUST NOT be used in cinema since movie goers are of all races.

    REMARKS: WE ONLY NEED TO TRANSLATE BM TO CREATE JOBS, AS FOR ENGLISH, IT IS ALREADY INCLUSIVE IN THE MOVIES PRODUCED BY THE MOVIE MAKERS. Jadi, jika tamil movie, those who fasih in tamil and bm will get this job, similarly those who fasih in chinese and bm will get this job. As for jawi, I dont think their movies can sell since they still worship stoning, canning, slaughting and burning in the public since they do not have civilized court like we have in malaysia.

  85. Fariq Islam Sep 27,2015 9:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Tahniah, Tun, kerana blog ini nampaknya telah menarik pembaca-pembaca dan pemberi-pemberi komen yang waras, yang mahukan perpaduan, dan yang mencintai ibu pertiwi.

    Memperguna isu perkauman untuk mengalihkan fokus adalah taktik yang amat kotor. Hakikat memangsakan Cina itu bersamaan dengan menfitnah, yang haram di sisi agama Islam.

    Kerajaan BN masih memerintah sekarang. Fokuslah ke atas polisi-polisi yang boleh memantapkan ekonomi, perpaduan dan kebajikan Rakyat!

  86. isayso Sep 27,2015 8:29 AM

    For mubarakchan:

    You said that you support a riot that is legalized by the police in the BERSIH thread. Give an example of a violent disturbance of the peace that can be legalized by the cops to justify this rather strange utterance.

    You say Najib Tun Razak is a distinguished and honorable prime minister. Good heavens! Tun Mahathir believes he has stolen money from 1MDB. As Tun’s greatest apple polisher, don’t you believe Tun? Many Malaysians share that view. Never saw pictures of the huge crowds at Bersih 4? Where were you? Even Tun went to support the movement’s wish to have Najib step down.

    You say rather silly things for someone who claims to have excelled at Cambridge and continually brags about how clever and great you were. By the way, Kim Philby was also from Cambridge. The fifth man could be John Cairncross.

    Anyone who challenges you is branded a digit from the PAP Singapore, or worse, You claim never to insult anyone. Yet you can label others a worm, or imbalanced, etc. You know, you are in real trouble when you start believing in your own propaganda. You go on and on about LKY. You are showing vital signs of LKY Derangement Syndrome.

  87. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 7:38 AM

    102. Worms are to feed chicken, you are right.

    103. Then earn this brownie and get feed, is it so difficult for you to understand, uncle mubarak chan.

  88. The Hidden Secret Sep 27,2015 7:30 AM

    Salam SatuMDB!

    Culprit paling culprit ialah IGP Doramoen.

  89. grkumar Sep 27,2015 7:29 AM

    China has not given up its claim to Malaysia as being part of a “greater China”. Relinquishing that claim was an integral part of the negotiations for establishing mutual recognition between Malaysia and China and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

    China’s ambassador’s interference in Malaysia’s domestic affairs (by his recent comments)demands Malaysia’s government sanction the man, demand an unreserved apology from him and his government and a renewal of the promise they made a few decades ago that Malaysia is a sovereign nation and that China has no claims to it.

    The Malays have been pushed against a wall and now radicalized to the point we are all living on borrowed time before the inevitable and unthinkable happens.The Tun of all people should be sensitive to the signs that are there. he lived through it and has written extensively about similar previous events in the nations’s history that ended in bloodshed.

    It is clear that the recent renaissance of Chin Peng as a “hero” was part of China’s sinister build up at another shot at control of Malaysia. This time in a more cunning, covert, sweeter, more acceptable, respectable way.

    They have engaged institutions like the Malaysian Bar, retired Judges, politicians and academics to help them pursue their objectives in this regard. The objectives though remain the same. Domination of Malaysia and subjugation of its Malays. Perhaps a short study of how Chinese intelligence has operated in other countries through openings in its democratic institutions would serve as an indicator of China’s intentions for Malaysia.

    Malaysia’s upper middle class Malays, those foreign educated beer swilling, token only Muslims, beneficiaries of the NEP at the expense of rural Malays, have joined the other side without realizing it. They have become part of the chorus insulting Islam, the culture of the Malay, the constitution and all legal and cultural institutions of the nation Malaysia.

    The Chinese ambassador’s comments is the last straw. The Prime Minister Najib has a sacred obligation to stand up to the Chinese in at least a token manner and to rebuke the Chinese Ambassador for his comments. The Ambassador’s comments is undiplomatic and a thinly veiled threat reflecting Chinese hegemony in the region.

    China has already showed its willingness to invade. It has taken parts of land in the south China sea whilst the rest of the world looks on with pious platitudes as a response, Malaysia included. China is not invincible. No one is.

    If the Malays don’t stand up to directing its government, in a majority, then they can only blame themselves when the take over by the Chinese ( as in Singapore)is complete.

    The responses by Chinese Malaysians on social media after the Ambassadors comments is reminiscent of the insults, abuses and threats immediately prior to May 13 (1969). They now think themselves to be protected and invincible, China watching their backs.

    In truth the Malays have no choice but to react. Malays everywhere with any sense of dignity, self respect and pride will pressure government to act. Thats what government is there for. Not to act in the interests of powerful minorities but the interests of the majority. And in this case that majority is overwhelmingly Malay.

    China has already annexed the south China sea with a unilateral creation of an exclusion zone in the area. The government has paid lip service to this act of international piracy. It is an invasion in no uncertain terms.

    The former prime minister TDM has also disappointingly discarded the cause of Malays in pursuit of his own personal political goals it would appear. I say this respectfully and in deference to his position as an elder statesman.

    It is as if Altantuya, 1MDB, $2.6 billion are the most important things on this planet and none of the Malays (Muslims), their culture, their institutions or their position as a majority mean anything.

    Malays are the political fodder to set alight when something goes wrong. Malays are the punching bag when the Chinese don’t get their way. Yet the Chinese who complain are quite content to bribe their way through Malay politicians whilst the vast majority of Malays carry the can for their collective sins.

    The Chinese not only accuse Datuk Najib of financial impropriety. They have blamed TDM and others for all of Malaysia’s ills and have also on many occasions accused TDM of having given away licenses and privileges in exchange for bribes although they have not provided the evidence of the same.

    They Chinese through Bersih and other NGO’s are now doing the same thing with the current PM and no one should not back them in their scurrilous and criminal allegations against either TDM or Datuk Najib.

    Social media and the so called “freedom of the press” has become a tool for Malay bashing because the Malays do not speak read or write as competently in English as the foreign and English educated minorities that attack the Malays. And why should they?

    It is time for the tail to wag the dog. The government regardless of its political complexion like the constitution needs to be kept sacrosanct and inviolable as long as it is in office. It is the adat of not only the Malay in this respect but also the overriding obligation of every citizen.

    If the Malays of Malaysia in a majority do not act now, the precedent will have already taken root that regardless of what they do in the future, they will be subservient to the mainly Chinese and those other groups who are on a dog leash to them forever.

    The Chinese ambassador’s unsolicited comments is evidence that the Chinese of Malaysia are “their citizens” and not loyal citizens of Malaysia. The Chinese enjoy a citizenship of convenience in Malaysia at the expense of all Malays.

  90. HBT456 Sep 27,2015 7:23 AM

    99. Are you saying that my home land, selangor and kuala lumpur are already failed, uncle mubarak chan?

    100. Meaning sultanku and agongku failed?

    101. At least with pakatan harapan, now we get back our parliamentary democracy first in kl federal territory.

  91. mubarakchan Sep 27,2015 12:54 AM


    For the PAP worm HBT000. You are sly, slimy and cunning like your crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015). You give the Chinese a bad name ! Do not use my name in any of your comments or I WILL SUE YOU ! Your homeland is already failed. Hence, you are doubling your slimy efforts here to create chaos and mis-understanding amongst us Malaysian like in the past since 1964 !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! Worms are only fit for feeding chickens !

  92. pemudamelayu Sep 27,2015 12:41 AM

    no 1 cakap bagai nak rak
    no 2 yg baru asyik sambung two & three
    yg menteri plak jadi buta bisu pekak
    ahli umno semua bersorak pakat berdiri

    rakyat mengundi mengikut rasa
    selain rasa mengikut firasat
    muka toya bila hilang kuasa
    baru sedar erti sebenar bangsat

  93. Sri Sense Sep 27,2015 12:21 AM

    Salam Tun

    Antara berita baca malam ini
    – Jamal dah bebas? Khairudin pulak kena SOSMA! Nampak sangat menyalah gunakan kuasa
    – Kat Petaling Street tu rakyat China atau rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina. Kalau rakyat Malaysia memanglah tiada hak untuk Duta China keluar statement begitu.

    1MDB To Continue Responding To Tun M
    – judging by the statement yang sering dikeluarkan, orang ini memang jenis besar kepala, tak terima pendapat orang, pantang ditegur, sebab bukan aje Tun yang kena, Nazir pun, Zety pun. Selalu sangat baca serupa aje. Terfikir jugak identity penjawab ini. I malas dah nak baca kalau nampak heading 1MDB jawab….
    dah boleh agak apa nak dikata, tak perlu baca lah.

    Kalau dulu wonder sape Awang Selamat, later dapat tau editor2 Utusan…hmmm

    Goodnight all.

  94. ahalimr Sep 26,2015 11:10 PM

    Ali tinju tahi Jamal ikan bakar busok Ali Rastam silat pulut Anuar Musa budu dan semuabarua2 najib bangsat yang tak berotak di harap jangan perasan sangat saolah2 kau orang tu pejuang dan mewakili orang melayu. Tolong cermin muka kat tong tahi dan lihat dan lihat diri sendiri. Ini la akibat kalau dari kecil di bagi makan duit haram bila besar bertuhankan duit dan sanggup buat apa saja asal dapat apa yang dihajatibtermasok jadi pecacai penjenayah. Kalau kau orang betul2 nak berjuang untuk orang melayu kenapa tak halau orang asing terutama Indon yang berniaga kat chow kit. Takut sb PM dan TPM orang Indon. Kenapa tak maki boss kau orang yang dah jual tanah TRX pada orang asing pada hal ia untuk dimajukan bagi peniaga melayu.Kenapa tak sumpah boss kau orang yang ambil mat salleh dan yahudi untuk jadi penasihat macam dah tak ada orang melayu yang layak. Kenapa tak tanya boss kau orang yang ambil cina berok untuk jadi image consultant pada hal dia sendiri tak tahu nak pileh rambut palsu. Cuba lihat keliling dah berapa banyak restorant arab kat bukit bintang. Shopping komplek sebelah loy yat dah hampir kesemuanya di kuasai olih peniaga arab pakistan dan bangla. Malah di Loy yat sendiri sekarang dah mula di masoki olih mereka.Semua ni berlaku tampa perlu buat huru hara bodoh macam kau orang yang tak berotak. Sejak bila kau orang jadi penyebok tentang barang tiruan. Kenapa kilang 2 barang berjenama bapak kau orang punya ke. Lagi pun tu je yang orang biasa mampu beli tak macam bini boss kau orang yang mampu beli bag tangan beratus ribu ringgit. Pendek cerita kalau kau orang banyak duit haram macam boss kau orang gi je beli seluroh petaling street tu. Kena harga cina mesti jual.Masaalah kau orang ni semua nak free sebab tu berniaga ikan bakar pun gulong tikar. Malas nak cakap panjang2 sebab dalam kepala kau orang cuma ada tahi dan tuhan kau orang duit dan pangkat.

  95. superman1 Sep 26,2015 10:43 PM

    ….pepatah lama yang paling sesuai untuk mengambarkan Najib ialah

  96. superman1 Sep 26,2015 10:11 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tajuk baru yang sangat simple tapi penuh dengan cerita seribu satu malam.

    Kucar kacir dah “Bogus worrior” ni buat negara kita. Melayu berbalah dengan cina… pastu melayu berbalah sama sendiri.

    Pada hal kita nak Najib jer berhenti. Dia sorang je. Tapi sekarang habis parti dilibatkannya. Bila dah libatkan parti, itu yang berpuak puak sekarang ni. Kalau semua boleh fokus buang si Najib sorang..kan tak seteruk sekarang keadaannya.

    Orang tak mintak pun yang lebih lebih. Ada ke sampai orang mintak kaum lain jadi PM?
    Takde pun. Takde sampai kena bubarkan UMNO pun. Apa yang susah sangat. Masalah ni berpunca dari Najib. So dia jer lah mesti disingkirkan.

    Tak boleh ke asingkan Najib dengan parti dan kaum? Fokus pada apa yang dia dah buat. Tak payah libatkan dengan kaum atau parti. Biar dia tanggung sendiri. Biar dia jawab sendiri. Tak boleh ke?

    Kan dia kata dia tak salah. So biarlah dia buktikan sendiri. Yang parti sibuk tolong dia buat apa? Tak payah le tambah masalah. Yang lain sibuk back up dia buat apa? Lain le kalau memang dalam 1MDB jugak. Sebab tu melayu berpecah belah. Lepas tu kaitkan kaum lain pulak. Pada hal masalah asalnya ialah Najib dengan pengurusan 1MDBnya. Syarikat penuh dengan hutang. Untung tak tentu tapi rugi dan hutang dah terbukti. Kesudahannya rakyat dibeban dengan GST. Siapa punya angkara? Najib la kan?.

    Dah terang terang dia buat masalah. Jadi tengok apa dah jadi sekarang. Masalah demonstrasi lah… masalah perkauman lah… masalah orang kena buang lah… masalah petaling street lah…. masalah ekonomi lah…kelakar lah. Dah jauh dah lari dari masalah sebenar.

    Bila kita bercakap pasal masalah Najib dengan 1MDBnya… ada lah pulak yang kaitkan pasal cerita PKR buat itu buat ini la..DAP buat itu buat ini la….PAS la. Keluar la cerita zaman tok kadok yang tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan 1MDB. Nak back up jadi lari tajuk. Hello.. ni cerita pasal Najib dengan 1MDB la.

  97. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 9:57 PM

    95. Respect is to be earned, sue sini sana will make them look more guilty.

    96. Why terrorize china town this time, and made headlines?

    97. Umno baru has been doing this all the time, sekejap, british, sekejap, duta usa, sekejap cina, sekejap bar council, sekejap rumah ambiaga dan macam2 lagi.

    98. Is this what putrajaya stands for?

  98. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 9:26 PM

    93. Chinese kow tow to ah jib gor?

    94. Puan hajar, are you saying that chinese must kow tow to umno first, not sultan first?

  99. Hajar Sep 26,2015 8:44 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor must step down immediately because he has totally failed as our PM.

    2. His first mistake was to adopt a Chinese name, ‘Ah Jib Gor’, just to ‘kowtow’ the Chinese community. This clearly shows that he is such a WEAK Malay leader, and that’s why he was rejected by the Chinese community during the 13th GE. I can only say ‘padan muka’. May be his foreign advisers and other expensive advisers advised him to do so (‘kowtow’ the Chinese community), and he ‘stupidly’ followed their billion-dollar ‘stupid advice’. He gave millions of ringgit to Chinese schools, which was unnecessary.

    3. PM Najib also tried very hard to ‘kowtow’ the Oppositions (and their supporters). He repealed ISA and EO, and almost abolished the Sedition Act. But, he failed to get their votes during PRU-13. ‘Padan muka’ again…

    4. In fact he’s losing the Malay/Bumiputra votes because he did not take good care (‘pinggirkan’) of those who voted UMNO/BN that made it possible for him to be the PM. Only stupid leaders would ignore their voters, and instead ‘kowtow’ those who rejected them.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  100. musato Sep 26,2015 7:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Benarlah bahawa ini semua adalah ketentuan Allah s.w.t

    Namun jika telah ditetapkan inilah zaman kita, InsyaAllah inilah zaman untuk kita.

    Kita yang memberi penurunan kuasa dan mungkin juga berhak menarik balik mewakilkan pada seseorang.

    Sesuatu yang berlaku adalah menggambarkan tentang kebesaran Allah s.w.t yang menjadikan pelbagai bentuk,rupa,ragam dan ketidaksamaan serta kesamaan.

    Tiada timbul perasaan ralat mahupun sedih.

    Allah s.w.t Maha Besar dan Maha Kuasa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  101. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 7:30 PM


    84. As the duta representing prc in kl, it is imperative for him to voice his concern since he had gone through cultural revolution, tian an men square 64th student protest, sars and 911.

    85. Petaling street is china town in kl, and it is terrorized by red shirts supported by umno president, our pm.

    86. Red shirts also kacau penang state government jugak.

    87. Melayu umno tidak ganas, tapi umno indian muslim ganas.

    88. Look at muka datuk jamal yunos we already know beliau ini adalah pak turut, macam budak.

    89. Even if umno khir toyo jail term is in lieu for dental to the poor, sultan selangor will not approve him as the mb again if bn wins selangor.

    90. Without duta china there, rely on uncle mubarak chan to voice out, sampai bila.

    91. Moderate means neutral.

    92. Neutral means just sit and watch?

  102. musato Sep 26,2015 7:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Alhamdulillah kerana saya juga dapat sedari detik awal pasal kesilapan Pentadbiran Najib.

    Cuma perlukan kepastian dari pihak lain. Dalam hal ini ia adalah kepastian dari Tun.

    6 bulan pertama pentadbiran Najib sudah dapat dibaca tentang karakter yang tidak munasabah dengan title Perdana Menteri, jika dibandingkan dengan Tun (sudah tentu tidak boleh dibandingkan).

    Antara tulisan saya semasa itu adalah, “saya tak mahu bertanggungjawab atas kerosakan yang mungkin/bakal berlaku dengan penglibatan saya”.

    Saya berhenti. Dan kita fokuskan pada isu Palestin Israel seperti yang dikatakan oleh Tun.

    Bila saya ‘disenaraihitamkan’ Tun kata jangan bising bising, Tun juga diperiksa dan tak panggil kawan kawan dan berkata “hai kawan, saya Perdana Menteri kenapa perlu periksa kasut dan talipinggang saya?”

    Sedikit tulisan memori.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  103. Halim3869 Sep 26,2015 6:30 PM


    Salam tun yang saya kasihi harap tun sihat belaka tak perlu lah kita memikirkan sangat tentang politik yang ada sekarang kerana saya tahu Ds Najib tidak akan meletakkan jawatan sehingga PRU yang akan datang ,beliau tahu sekiranya beliau meletakkan jawatan dia akan disoal siasat kelak . Tun sudah berusaha keras supaya beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai PM .Tiada orang suara yang menyokong kita hanya mampu berusaha berserah kepada yang maha kuasa allah menentukkan . Kini saya keadaan Negara sudah menjadi tak tentu hala orang melayu sudah berpecah dan kebangkitan suara melayu menentang orang cina tambah meruncing keadaan Negara. Tiada seorang dari menteri kita yang mampu bangkit demi kebenaran hari tengok media banyak pembunuhan belaku mahukan Negara kita menjadi seperti mesir,libya,syria ,Iraq masa itu sudah terlambat keadaan ekonomi sudah susah untuk dipulih ya akan berterusan kita kena terima hakikatnya Negara kita akan menjadi Negara kita seperti Filipin atau Indonesia rakyat tidak boleh membantah setakat mana yang boleh

  104. novo Sep 26,2015 6:06 PM


    1.Najib mahu menunjukkan yang dia adalah “smart PM of Malaysia” dengan mengatakan di PBB

    “Najib kutuk gejala Islamophobia”- UTUSAN

    2. Tapi hakikatnya dia adalah “Pengecut 1 Malaysia” kerana di negara dia sendiri beliau takutkan “1MDB phobia”.

    3. Ahli – ahli UMNO “gembira” kerana mereka mempunyai ketua yang boleh di harapkan untuk memperbodohkan mereka semua.

    4. UMNO adalah pertubuhan Politik yang “BODOH”

    5. UMNO adalah di tubuhkan demi ketua BODOH dan untuk MELAYU bodoh.


  105. sibotak Sep 26,2015 6:02 PM

    If PutraJaya our PM Najib is being leached by British Advisor or any Foreign Advisor
    Malaysia Lost its Independence
    Why need to Vote then ?

    To gain Independence one Nation has to sacrifice a lot
    Not just Blood , not just Sovereignty It’s a lot more
    Now having our Independence since Merderka
    Najib the most Idiotic PM of Malaysia engage Foreigners to Govt Malaysia

    It’s no difference as now War US invading ,destroying Midddle East to Puppet the Nation Govt . Yet the Syrian ,the Iraqis are fighting their all out war for Sovereignity regardless of their Weaknesess
    These on going war has nothing to do with religion
    Has nothing to do with Sunni, Shite ,IsIs ,Tallibans and the many more
    These War are design framed by. US ,West political Warmongers
    Defamed Islam ,Accused Muslims for their Evil intentions of Invasion
    The Whole World knows UN also knows But None goes to the very basic questions
    Of the Roots of the Question of Invasion
    UN are also Puppets

    The Flaws of the Muslim World
    They did not hold tight to the Rope of Allah
    They chose to Divides
    That define them to their situations now so as UMNO ,PAS
    If both lose the Ropes of Allah Both will Fall
    I like to say a Big Thank You
    To Bush , Blair for Nethanyahu , US , British ,Israel Political War Mongers. I’ll Intention
    Their Evil Greed that have helps much now
    Islam have Waves to US, British , West and most parts of the World Tremendously
    More and more Reverts each day
    Without a Single drops of Bombs drop by Muslims
    It’s their very own wrong doings that have waves Islam to West ,US , British and many parts of the World after Sept 11 lies and the many Lies after
    ITs Allah Decision was never Military Supremacy
    Human Intelligence never Lasts YET It had its defects it’s harm
    If one cannot mend the Ozone One must not Breaks it
    Terima Kasih Bush , Blair ,Setanyahu

    So Najib I know you are Weak You do not Understand
    How one Nations will fight out for their Sovereignty
    You ,yes you
    Najib bin Razak You are inviting Troubles
    I wonder
    Is it you that Do not want to Resign
    It’s yr Master the British Advisor or Foreign Political Influence that gives you sweets n Goodies that Instruct you not to Resign

    A Good PayRoll , Going Working Benefits , Relax and being A Master
    Only an Idiot will ask Naji not to Resign to Benefits
    At the expense of 1 Malaysia Bukan 1 MDB

  106. tokjay Sep 26,2015 4:42 PM

    1. “The Chinese Govt.opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against any races and any form of extremism” 2. “We will monitor the situation closely” Kata Dr.Huang Huikang semasa lawatan-nya diPetaling Street.Pada malamnya pulak Jamal ditahan Polis.Wow! Was it a pure coincidence?Bila pulak Ali Tinju akan ditahan atau dia digalakkan membawa pengikutnya untok londeh seluar didepan Embassy Negeri China?Tu la hangpa buat kerja tak mau pikiaq betoi2.Dapat sekupang dua dah boleh jadi alat orang yang dah balon tebai2.Dalam Bahasa Hokkien hangpa ni orang panggil “La Sai” (shit stirrer)La ni sunyi sepi tak dak sapa pun maki hamun.Blogger dan komentar pun dah tak chapoi macham dulu.Faham pun warning Negeri China.Kalau depa boikot lingkop ekonomi kita.Jenoh hangpa makan sumpah turun temurun.Cukop la dengan kerja laknat dan musibat yang hangpa dah buat.Jangan kerana hangpa masharakat keselurohan sangsara.Kegelojohan sabilangan kechil orang yang tolol pun boleh nampak yang buta pun boleh faham.

  107. joetamchi Sep 26,2015 4:22 PM




  108. cruze Sep 26,2015 3:36 PM

    En salleh keruak, jangan lah jadi kampung sangat apabila mengejek tun ketiadaan modal dan mengeluarkan kenyataan lama.

    Saya dah kata banyak kali dah, anda ini kurang matang daya pemikirannya..maka saya ulangi, tak kan lah setakat kondem tum mahathir sahaja, kondem media cna singapura, media barat dan lain lain tugasan anda yang telah di pilih oleh najib dan di berikan gaji besar untuk jawatan seorang menteri!
    Kalau tidak mampu berfikir secara dalam cuba guna contoh di bawah..yang agak mudah dari segi psikologi dan teorinya.

    Jika anak anda lakukan kesilapan yang agak besar akan tetapi anak anda buat muka sepuluh sen (buat tak dengar dan tiada perubahan dan semakin menjadi jadi)
    Adakah anda akan memarah atau menegur dengan menggunakan bukti dan cerita yang sama juga?
    Saya jamin…cara tun itu sangat relevan di peringkat antarabangsa.
    Dalam islam pun ada juga sedikit persamaan dalam menegur anak yang tidak sembanyang contohnya. Marah, marah, marah dan barulah pukul…marah dengan ayat ayat serta kenyataaan yang sama seperti setiap tiga kali marah bapa akan bercakap akan hal berdosalah, sembahyang pintu rezeki, sembahyang tiang agama. Betul tak?
    Tunggulah, sabar, jika ada kisah baru mungkin Tun akan buka cerita baru…

  109. Aisyah Sep 26,2015 3:21 PM


    Yes, if Najib don’t want to follow Tun M footsteps, then learnt from foreigners. After all didn’t he loves foreigner? Learn from the likes of Vladimir Putin, the late King Faisal, Hugo Chavez, Joae Mujica, Robert Mugabe, Ahmadinejad or the late Charles de Gaulle. Not Mubarak, Ben Ali or Marcos.

    And definitely not Bush, Obama or Cameroon.

    Work for the people, not against the people. There’s plenty of good examples to choose from, you just need to take your pick Najib and act on it.

  110. Aisyah Sep 26,2015 2:56 PM

    Najib o Najib, why do you have to become such a headache to the nation. You’ve got the power to empower the people yet you choose to abuse your power instead. By employing those foreign advisers, you have reduced yourself to being proxy to the West. And you were so proud to have taken selfie with Obama??

    If only you would recall what happened to Egypt’s Mubarak, Libya’s Gaddafi, Tunisia’s Ben Ali, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Iran’s Shah Reza Pahlavi. Those world leaders who once cuddle with the West and who enrich themselves with public funds at the detriment of their people, look at what happen to them in the end. You need even more reminder? Then look at Syria’s Bashar Assad. Britain was once very friendly to him. And now, Britain are the one calling the shots to topple him and bomb Syria. Think you will be an exception? Then just continue with what you’re doing, take more selfies, enrich yourself.

    But let me remind you again, by the time you have realize your mistake, I hope it wont be too late. Yasser Arafat was friendly with America & Israel, but by the time he realize he was tricked over the future of Palestine, Mossad poison him to death. The Italian groomed Gaddafi & the American love him but when Gaddafi try to oust petrodollar monetary system from his country and the African region & replace it with gold, NATO went on bombing campaign over Libya and super smug Hilary Clinton face is plastered over Gaddafi dead body all over the newspaper with her infamous ‘We came, we saw, he died’ remark. His wealth surely cant save him nor his previous good relationship with the West.

    Najib, you better learnt your lesson fast or ends up like one of those people.

    For Tun, may Allah protect & bless you. Amin.

  111. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 2:46 PM

    76. What praxis wants to say, it is his choice of words.

    77. He is humuliating himself.

    78. Land of israel is beautiful, and we can see israel via google.

    79. Only small humuliates other faiths.

    80. Tok det, why tengku ku nan approved new building of dbkl since we have so many buildings that he can rent as the responsible mp putrajaya holding minister of kl territory?

    81. The 1997 crisis in thailand was due to mortgage meltdown, not because of soros, or dsai.

    82. If tengku ku nan approves, beliau macam makan haram dan tidak bsrtimbangrasa.

  112. mubarakchan Sep 26,2015 2:26 PM


    For the infamous made in PAP Singapore worm HBT000 which was fortunately had the digits removed before the present saga.

    I NOTE THAT YOU USE THE WORD ” US ” FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You can only do so if you discard your love of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) and his Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System. And you only LOVE our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Otherwise do not make a fool of yourself, little PAP worm !

    This applies to the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP (1966-2015) as well.

    Tun and myself are colour blind. We do not see any hatred amongst the coloured shirts which appear only in a shade of grey.

    And you want to talk about Sabah which you are not qualified. I had the privilege to know our great Tunku, Tun Mustapha, Tan Sri Syed Kechik and my family friend, Tun Fuad Stephens before you were created. Tell us who were the players in Sabah then ?

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! We do not mind little ex-PAP worms joining the BN. Welcome !

  113. Praxis Sep 26,2015 1:32 PM

    He must have got inspiration from the state of Israel – theft and murder in the name of God Almighty.

  114. Buddies_Man Sep 26,2015 12:47 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Mesej Tun menunjukkan Tun sekali lagi benar-benar mahu menyelamatkan negara & mengambil risiko untuk ditahan oleh Firaun moden.

    Kami akan terus menyokong Tun.

    Jika Tun ditahan, pasti pelabur-pelabur Jepun juga akan menyebelahi Tun…mereka akan menarik pelaburan mereka dari negara kita.Begitu juga negara-negara lain yang menghormati Tun.

    Hanya malapetaka besar yang kita tunggu terjadi, iaitu kemusnahan negara oleh Firaun ini.

    Mudah-mudahan Firaun tumpas sebelum malapetaka ini berlaku.


  115. wajaperak Sep 26,2015 12:00 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Mohon ruangan.
    Compos Mentis.
    Semua ahli UMNO adalah bersubahat melainkan Ainina dan Dato’ Khairudin..
    Fahamilah ungkapan Latin di atas..
    Parasitical form of power is alluring to some disturbed mentalities as well as subject willing to be subjected in form of sado masochism.Worse still inside them there is justification.Guilt and conscience irrelevant.The world is rotating around them and their right as the master must be acknowledge as it is.
    The physical manifestation is actually the reflection of inner torment of their soul.The outlet in enactment.
    UMNO depravity could cannot be attributed to the excuse of the opposite pressing matter..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  116. sibotak Sep 26,2015 11:32 AM

    Simply Najib is a Waste

    We’ll known leader
    Putin my favorites
    He is Touch in physical ,in Speech ,very capable person
    I read after he exercise he was late
    He fly his own Jet Plane for his appointment

    Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Khomeini , Mahatma Gandhi
    Even Mandell made their Struggle to change their Nation
    Tun Mahathir also made his struggle from no one son to someone

    Najib , Lee Hsieng Loong are the same gender
    Both were seen by their Father
    Both are Girlish
    The Differnce is Lee HSien Loong are guided by Strong Govt though S.porean hates them .They won the recent votes not by liking of the born S,porean
    They won because of the influx of new S,porean that was given Citizenship
    Bring foreigners mostly from China has won the PAP not just recent
    It is happening It is how Lee Kuan Yew maintain his seats
    Not from the hearts of Born S,porean

    Najib a very Girlish character
    Behind a successful leader is a Women
    Najib is a Failure He has a monstrous women behind him

    There are no excuse for Najib hiring foreigner to Govt Malaysia
    So what do we Malaysia votes for ? For foreigners to govt Malaysia
    It tell Najib is a Lazy Fat Man
    Look at his physical with his Buldging stomach compare To Putin my James Bond 007

    Najib you are waste to Malaysia
    A threat to the Bumis when foreigners is around you
    Advantaging Govt revenue made yr Family rich like Marcos
    Is Hatred towards you but Marcos did not have foreigners around him
    That make you
    Penderharka Negara Demi Kepentingan sendiri

    1 Qusetions Najib ?
    Why do you not step down for every good ?
    Oh I see……..these Foreign of yours do not advise so
    So for whose importance ?
    For Malaysia or for their Makan Gaji Buta enjoying Life’s in Malaysia

    Kalau Ini Pendirian kamu Najib
    Kan bagus kau panggil suku kaum kau sendiri menerajui Malaysia dari orang Asing
    Kami akan lebih Ikhlas

  117. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 11:13 AM


    73. Those mps who are against lowering voting to 18 adalah lebih matang dan bertanggungjawap sebagai bapa kepada keluarga mereka.

    74. Mps who support lowering voting to 18 hanya ingin menraihkan undi saja untuk masuk putrajaya, very bad and tidak bertanggungjawap.

    75. Mps yang tak kata apapun bermaksud mereka tidak sokong parliament democracy, jika macam ini, lebih baik balik kampung tanam jagung.

  118. Fariq Islam Sep 26,2015 10:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    PM needs to consider hiring of British advisers, as British was notorious for their “break and rule” policies during their colonial rule.

    We can still remember during the era of Tun, BN managed to retain 2/3 majority in Parliament seats. Rakyat of all races, including Chinese, supported BN well. Why not now? Perhaps, with wrong and evil advices, the Government has sponsored some racist NGOs.

    The Red Rally is something that can’t be accepted. We, educated Malays, know well that Chinese should not be blamed for participating in Bersih, and Bersih had nothing to do with insulting our dignity. Sponsoring the Red Rally will kill the future of Malaysia.

  119. Fariq Islam Sep 26,2015 9:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Pelbagai gejala telah menunjukkan sesuatu yang kurang betul dengan system tadbir-urus kerajaan, di mana pengasingan tugas dan tanggungjawab tidak diamalkan dan kuasa yang dipegang seseorang itu melepasi batas yang berpatutan. PM mungkin harus melepaskan portfolio Menteri Kewangan dan ketua pelaburan Negara kepada pakar-pakar.

    Berkenaan dengan hidup mewah keluarga PM, telah pernah dijelaskan bahawa mereka mewarisi hartanah. Ini menyebabkan Rakyat meragui ketulusan Allahyarham, yang telah banyak berbakti kepada pembangunan Negara.

    Kalau kita mengimbas perkembangan politik tanahair, rasanya UMNO dan BN akan terus memerintah, buat PRU yang akan datang. Kalau Najib turun tangga, siapa pula yang harus mengambil alih?

  120. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 8:13 AM

    71. When ge is called, the chances of them being elected is very slim since pas and umno in peninsula also competing for top positions in putrajaya.

  121. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 8:01 AM

    64. Uncle mubarak chan, mca does not need to set up mca in sabah since red shirts broke out, and they hate us.

    65. If red shirts rally NO SABAH, BELIEVE IN 1MALAYSIA that will be great opoortunity and challenges for mca to set up branches there.

    66. Unfortunately, these bumi umno sabahan tak makan budi kepada mahathir and his cabinet, and accused him of racist for succeeding in pushing look east policy tbrough, henceforth, putrajaya is born.

    67. If tun razak is alive, he wont use bangsat, he will use pinggir.

    68. Pendek kata, it is better off for najib and his sabah cabinet minister apologize and retire now, just like dp japan.

    69. Can cm sabah bumi umno get more land to from putrajaya federal government in putrajaya?

    70. Let najib, zahid nd his sabahan bumi umno ministers decide.

  122. amir yusof Sep 26,2015 3:54 AM

    Déjà vu .

    The Indonesian–Malaysian confrontation ;
    Objective ; Regime change .
    Methods ; 1) Military actions .
    2) Psyops , using black propaganda .

    Present day Malaysia , PM Najib you are correct to deduce that there is a plot to topple the government instigated from within and outside of the county .

    The fatal flaws with this scenario is you not the government the real
    government is the rakyat and you are only the “custodian” .

    Black propaganda , how can it be ,the instigator have founds what you called it a “chink in the armour” , they without mercy will dogged at it until you capitulate , the blames lies only on your shoulder .

    Unless you has an irrefutable evidences of your innocent you are losing a battle , a war of perception on all fronts .

    Please Mr Najib i invite you simply tell the truth or at least do the honourable things .

    You and I both UMNO men ( tapi darjat tak sama) when we make the oaths
    of alliance’s doesn’t it means anything .

    Thinks of your late father my idol , his legacy’s for the nation and the rakyat .

    Pada Tun sekeluarga serta rakyat yg beragama Islam selamat menyambut
    Hari Raya Lorban .

  123. mubarakchan Sep 26,2015 1:48 AM


    For HBT000 the embedded PAP worm which became a eunuch by losing all the digits.


    You are just as crooked as your crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) who would be exposed one day as the BIGGEST MAGICIAN OF THE 20TH CENTURY !


  124. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 12:48 AM

    63. Jawi, chinese and tamil are MOTHER TONGUE LANGUAGES, therefore they MUST NOT be used in cinema since movie goers are of all races.

  125. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 12:47 AM

    63. Jawi, chinese and tamil are mother tongues, therefore they should be used in cinema since movie goers are of all races.

  126. HBT456 Sep 26,2015 12:46 AM

    60. Belajar bahasa melayu dan english, tak susah.

    61. Students must pass in these languages in kebangsaan and vernacular syllabus.

    62. In cinema, only bm and english subtitles are allowed.

    63. Jawi, chinese and mandarin are mother tongues, therefore they should be used in cinema since movie goers are of all races.

    64. As for advertisements in billboards or outdoors mother tongue can be used since they are target to specific group.

  127. Sri Sense Sep 25,2015 11:26 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I tau you sad. I pun sad.

    Dah banyak dah bala jatuh kat dia tapi dia tolak bala tu kat Malaysia. Dia buat muka selaba je. So now rakyat kena tanggung. And I think silap orang UMNO yang duduk kat atas juga, terlalu manjakan dia. Tu sebab dia asyik kata apa dia buat semua betul, tak ada salah silap lansung. Kalau hari ini rakyat makan ikan kering sekali pun bukan salah dia, tapi salah Tun.

    Haritu I ada baca kadir jassin tulis, yang sidia tu dah tak boleh drive sendiri pergi mana2, well setahu I kalau businessman perangai gitu sebab takut kena serang dek orang yang telah mereka aniyakan. Kenapa dia sebagai PM takut, sebab dia tau rakyat benci kat dia, takut kena boo, atau kena ludah muka. Anyway baling belon kat belakang dia pun kena cekup.

    Pasal tu I teringat satu video I tonton alkisah orang kuat UMNO Perak nak keluar parti. Bukan video baru, dah tahun2 lamanya. Ramai kawan tonton tergelak habis, ada yang sampai sakit perut, mereka kata inilah rupa perangai orang UMNO giler duit dan kuasa.

    Anyway I teringat satu ungkapan mamat kampar ini dalam video tersebut, dia kata SIAPA AMIR, ANAK SULTAN KE, ANAK AGONG KE DIA. I tanya soalan yang sama sapa dia ini, anak agong ke, anak sultan ke.

    My 2 cents.

    Tun, I tak nak dah vote BN, cukuplah, cukup!!


  128. nase Sep 25,2015 11:24 PM

    Salam Tun Det..

    PM Najib – kalau dia cakap dia bermewah kerana harta warisan menimbun, mesti orang akan beranggapan arwah bapanya (Tun Razak)memang kaki pow @ kaki songlap. Tindakan adik-beradiknya yang menafikan hal ini memang tepat.

    Kalau duit USD700m tu derma untuk parti dan diselewengkan oleh Najib untuk kegunaan lain, tentulah orang kaya Arab berkenaan dah mengamuk sebab duitnya tak digunakan kepada tujuan asalnya.

    Sebenarnya ada rahsia besar hal ni terjadi dan Ayahanda Tun tahu. Biarlah masa membuktikannya.

  129. rimba.emas Sep 25,2015 11:10 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Tun kata terpaksa berkerja kuat untuk menaikkan PM Najib pada kedudukan sekarang. Jadi ketika ini kehendak Tun supaya seseorang yang telah menjadi PM dan gagal dalam tugasannya akan membuatkan Tun terpaksa bekerja lebih kuat malah boleh diterbalikkan menjadi satu usaha yang mustahil dilaksanakan.

    2. Lebih-lebih lagi dengan kuasa yang diberikan pada seorang PM dalam negara kita. Berlainan dalam agama Islam seorang Rasul dipilih oleh tuhannya iaitu Allah s.w.t.

    3. Allah maha besar, Allah maha besar, Allah maha besar, tiada tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah, Allahlah maha besar dan kepadanya diberi segala pujian.

    4. Kuasanya cukup besar ketika menjadi PM sedangkan ketika belum dipilih menjadi PM lagi Tun sudah terpaksa bekerja kuat.

    5. Bayangkanlah kalau kita manusia yang tidak berkuasa yang dijadikan oleh Allah s.w.t dalam serba kekurangan yang tidak mampu mencipta umpamanya seekor lalat memberi kuasa kepada seseorang yang seperti kita juga iaitu seorang manusia.

    6. Bayangkanlah kalau kita tersilap pilih iaitu seorang penipu memimpin kita. Sementara kita memberi kuasa kepadanya boleh menukar jawatan seseorang itu termasuklah mereka yang diberikuasa menjatuhkan hukuman kepada seseorang yang bersalah.

    7. Kuasanya bukan setakat itu sahaja malah diberi kuasa memilih jemaah menteri sendiri yang dia suka dan mempunyai kuasa boleh menukarnya secara segera tampa ada kuasa lagi yang diatasnya yang boleh menukar seorang Pm dengan serta merta.

    8. Manusia tidak boleh diberi kuasa kerana kuasa hanyalah milik Allah s.w.t.
    Manusia hanya diminta memilih seorang ketua dan Allah s.w.tlah yang mengeluarkan kuasanya kepada manusia untuk memilih seorang ketua dikalangan manusia.

    9. Ingat undang-undanglah yang sepatutnya ada kuasa bukan diberi kepada seorang manusia. Sebab itulah dalam Islam undang-undang dari Al-Quranlah yang benar kerana ia kata-kata dari Allah s.w.t. pemilik agama itu.

    10. Undang-undang didunia ini yang ditulis manusia pastikan tidak memberikan kuasa kepada seseorang untuk menghukum. Sebaliknya pastikan kuasa ada pada undang-undang itu.

    11. Seorang Hakim layak kerana kefahaman dan kelulusannya yang diiktiraf oleh kepakaran terdahulu yang bukan dilantik oleh seorang PM dan boleh ditukar oleh seorang PM. Dia hanya boleh diberhenti disebabkan kelemahannya kepada undang-undang yang diamalinya.

    12. Undang-undang Islam yang berpandukan Al Quranlah yang sebenar kerana ia kata-kata Allah s.w.t yang tidak boleh dijual beli seperti undang-undang yang dicipta oleh manusia yang bernafsu ini.


  130. adikk Sep 25,2015 10:56 PM

    Yang saya sanjungi ayahanda Tun

    Saya berasa amat hairan kerana ada orang islam yang menjadi ketua negara, TAK TAU MALU. Patut lah ada orang gelar dia “the naked emperor walking about”.

    Di mana letaknya maruah seorang pemimpin negara setelah di landa berbagai musibah namu tidak mahu muhasabah diri.

    Dah terang lagi bersuluh yang najib ni seorang yang ada ciri2 orang MUNAFIQ. Banyak sudah dia becakap bohong. Di beri amanah dia khianat; harapkan pagar pagar makan padi. Sudahlah tu, pengecut pulak tu. Tak malu kah gelar diri sendiri pahlawan bugis tapi takut menghadapi “nothing to hide” dan tak berani merasmikan persidangan “RASUAH SEDUNIA”- itu lah dia berani kerana benar dan takut kerana salah!

    ZamanTun Malaysianization di kejar, zaman pahlawan bugis pengecut, masih berpegang kepada colonization (habis duit banyak sekali dengan punahsihat British dan berniaga dengan syarikat yahudi.

    Ini jenis orang yang tak ambil pusing akhirat, dunia juga yang di kejar….you help me, I help you….money is king…..I love PM….ayam for u.

    Bergelomang dengan kes di syakki terlibat dalam pembunuhan, terlibat dalam rasuah secara terang-terang, terlibat dalam menzalami penjawat awam dan paling teruk sekali, menzalimi diri sendiri (yang di larang sangat dalam islam).

    Maka wajiblah rakyat Malaysia menyokong Tun agar najib ini di lucut jawatan.
    Wahai pemimpin2 UMNO, jangan jadi haman para pendokong Firaun. Kembalilah ke jalan yang lurus.

    Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan ayahanda Tun untuk berjuang menegakkan keadilan.

  131. HBT456 Sep 25,2015 10:45 PM

    58. Bangsat dalam bahasa inggeris adalah pariah.

    59. Are you saying that mca does not support the development of 20th fox century in pahang, its tppa, american, uncle mubarak chan, right?

  132. cruze Sep 25,2015 10:12 PM

    Begini punya ringkas dan jelas pun salleh kruak. Hishammudin. Zahid, azalina, mas ermiyati, sahidan kassim. Shahril samad, rahman dahlan, ahmad maslan, jamal pak tongkol….ops lupa anuar musa juga ya..tak boleh faham juga????? Grrrrrrrrrrrr..
    Menteri menteri malaysia ini faham bahasa inggeris kah?… ok sabar, pada kebiasaan tun akan translate ke bahasa melayu beberapa hari selepas posting..
    Nampaknya semua ketua ketua jabatan utama dalam malaysia ini pun harus belajar bahasa inggeris…

  133. daeng Sep 25,2015 9:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Semuanya kenyataan Tun ini teramat saya setuju dan sealiran dengan pandangan saya terhadap Najib.

    Sebab yang sama juga saya teramat bersetuju Najib sememangnya gagal membawa negara kepada kemajuan yang sewajarnya.

    Dikelilingi penasihat-penasihat yang mana kosnya menelan berbilion RM dari dalam dan luar negara, sedihnya kemajuan ekonomi negara tidak memberikan hasil yang setimpal malah menyusahkan keseluruhan rakyat.

    Ditambah sebagai ketua negara Najib gagal membentuk politik yang stabil dan PRU14 akan mengundang padah bahawa UMNO akan kalah dibanyak kerusi yang dahulunya hanya menang dengan majoriti bawah 500 undi.

    Sebagai pemimpin no 1 di Malaysia, imej buruk beliau seperti rasuah peringkat atasan dibolehkan, bercakap berdolak-dalih (pembohong), pemimpin yang tiada integriti tetapi bercakap seolah-olah dia seorang pemimpin yang cukup berintegriti dan banyak lagi adalah punca imej Malaysia dipandang rendah oleh dunia kini.

    Tidak hairanlah matawang negara kian mengecil nilainya kerana spekulaai yang dicipta oleh dirinya sendiri.

    Salah guna kuasa seperti mengarahkan pegawai-pegawai tinggi kerajaan mengikut telunjuknya ( PDRM, SPRM, Kehakiman, Bank Negara ). Yang menyiasat cara yang betul dipersalahkan, mnakala yang membodeknya dinaikkan pangkat. Saya amati ramai golongan yang berpendidikan tinggi sedar apa yang berlaku di negara ini adalah penuh kekalutan di bawah kuasa mutlak Najib.

    Jika apa yang berlaku kini di”amin”kan sahaja oleh ahli-ahli UMNO saya cukup yakin UMNO akan alami kekalahan besar pada PRU14 dibawah kuasa Najib.

    Pengamatan saya, Najib syok sendiri dan begitu juga majoriti menteri di bawah pentadbirannya tidak sedar akan bahaya kuasa UMNO umpama dihujung tanduk dan mengalami fasa dan masa depan yang cukup tidak meyakinkan.

    Tak tumbuh tak melata, kalau tak sungguh saya tidak kata.

    Sekian Tun.

  134. sitinur Sep 25,2015 8:26 PM

    maaf cakap ayahanda..najib llki paaaaalinnng banggang sebagai anak ayah suami jugak pemimpin…ni dengaq kata nak juai harta Negara..bangunan mana Tanah mana tatao lah…jgn nanti bila najib mati sebagai pm Negara Malaysia dah jadik bahan lelong Negara lain udah lew…penat letih lesu muak dah ngan muke suara dan nama najib sekuarga….najib akai tadak..err..sori..streessss tak menahan…

  135. mubarakchan Sep 25,2015 8:11 PM


    For HBT000.

    Fortunately, I neutered you little PAP worm just in time and stripped you of all the digits ! Please keep out of our domestic affairs which have nothing to do with your Boss, the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) who created and runs a different Political System the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on the citizens without their permission and in collusion with the West by his Appartachiks aka Meritocrats.

    Do not forget your Dictator became a rogue alumnus of the venerable University of Cambridge which upholds freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression, after he gained power in 1959 democratically. He insiduously changed the whole Political System with the collusion of the West. The other rogue alumni were Blunt, Burgess and Maclean.

    Little PAP worm do not pour oil on burning waters !

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! The TPPA will kill us all for Singapore’s sakes in their eternal search for a captive LIEBENSRAUM ! Without Malaysia signing the TPPA, Singapore will have to consider 5 Options within less than 25 years.

    1. To merge with the United States as the 53rd State of the Union. Our venerable Johor Straits will become a monsoon drain with a chain-linked fence. We may say ‘ Selamat Pagi, Amerika.’ to our neighbours the Americans every morning.

    2. To be a Crown Colony again. Even the Scots want out.

    3. To confederate with Scotland to form a confederation of Scotsmen and Chinamen – a super duper kiasu union of sorts with a Jewish President ! The World’s First and Best Parliament by Teleconference !

    4. To re-merge with Malaysia. But the ancients forbid because a good horse never returns to old pastures !

    5. To maintain status quo with an Indian Prime Minister, the highest cost of living in the World and a humongous Lend Lease military manned by foreign mercenaries against naive, gullible, friendly and hospitable neighbours who love to play 19 holes of golf daily and will never defend their territory unlike Japan, Korea and China. But, they prefer to give away island rocks, ocean blocs, steel rails, MSA software, our lives through the TPPA, treasury gems, 1 million barrels of Iraq oil, etc for free.


  136. seamusgoh Sep 25,2015 8:02 PM

    TDM, most insightful and bravery blog about Najib, 1mdb and his misdeeds. Hope justice prevails in Malaysia for the country to recover. Is disturbing to learn that the CM Salleh said you are a racist. He is wrong. Never go against TDM, a wise statesman who brought 22 years progress for the country.

  137. safiy Sep 25,2015 7:56 PM

    Tun yg dikasihi,
    Seperkara lg ingin saya suarakan. Tun yg brsungguh2 mnjadikan najib pm malaysia. Ini menyebabkn ada pihak yg menyalahkn tun atas kerosakan yg najib lakukn skrg. Saya cuma ingin katakan pd pihak2 tersebut. Tun pun manusia biasa. Tak dpt meramal masa dpn. Kalau tun dpt meramal, tntu bukan najib yg mnjadi pm skrg. Malah kalo tun razak sndiri dpt meramal, mungkin beliau pun taknak anak ini.
    Apa yg dpt kita lakukan skrg, memikir ikhtiar supaya org ini berundur. Dan berdoa terus berdoa supaya Allah kenalkn perasaan malu pd org ini.

    Terima kasih tun.

  138. safiy Sep 25,2015 7:39 PM

    Tun yg dikasihi
    Dgn tekanan yg brtalu2,rakyat brsuara dgn pelbagai cara. Fb, blog, bersih, laporan polis oleh datuk khairuddin, bekas tpm, malah pihak polis, sprm, malah gabenor bank negara turut brsuara. Apa lg yg kami mmpu lakukn? Org ini, trgamak memekakkn telinga, buat2 bodoh tak reti bahasa dgn apa yg brlaku disekelilingnya. Kdg2 saya lucu mmbaca komen sesetengah pihak yg mngatakn najib ini, ada jurus menebalkn muka taktau malu pringkat trtinggi.
    Tp kdg2 saya trpikir, mungkinkah benar? Agaknya dia btul2 ada ilmu taktau malu??
    Sbb sungguh LUARBIASA sifat TAKTAU MALU org ini.

    Tun yg dikasihi,
    apa lg yg kami, kita boleh lakukan?

  139. HBT456 Sep 25,2015 7:38 PM

    53. China, just other countries, will not pull out from malaysia.

    54. Similarly, usa cannot let china pull out cause china bought their bonds.

    55. The nuclear ban in iran, with or without usa, china,japan and few countries stand firm to support it.

    56. Even if republican wins out, they will support this ban because americans will not support payment default.

    57. Majority of the americans favor peace, and not war.

  140. HBT456 Sep 25,2015 7:22 PM

    49. Tok det, it should be najib and zahid who declare war on sulu militants, not other umno members.

    50. Why hantam sekolah cina dan bukan tamil atau agama?

    51. Since kaum cina is haram to umno najib, then, get najib to divorce all chinese political party.

    52. Biar pas dan umno dan pas bergabung, pakai iraq ke, kezaliman ke, bomoh ke atau hudud ke atau kapal selam ke, suruh zahid pilih.

  141. pakpandir08 Sep 25,2015 6:36 PM


    1) You put abdullah as pm. Then u push him down
    2) You put najib very hard as pm, now u try very hard to push him down
    3) You think the whole malaysia belonged to u alone?
    4) Later if u push down najib and push up najib #2. Same thing going to happen again?

    u should just admit that u failed to establish an independent administration system in our country. Admit for ur mistake and now u wanted to correct it

    otherwise, u will be remembered and people will assume u have ur own motives behind

  142. HBT456 Sep 25,2015 6:28 PM

    46. Well, if no resolution, it will be better off to decalare ge.

    47. Resolution will be solved immediately rather than guessing.

    48. Whoever become pm, than this person will lead the cabinet.

  143. HBT456 Sep 25,2015 6:20 PM

    40. It sound like buy british last again, tok det.

    41. Proton also bought land from perak government.


    43. It will depreciate myr more.

    44. Just admit it, najib administration declare war on sulu militants, hence, these people have no choice but kidnap locals and tourists.

    45. It has nothing to do with other component parties because umno declare war on sulu militants without debate in federal parliament.

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