1. It is reported that 1MDB would reduce between RM16 bil to RM18 bil of its debts after selling “Edra”.

2. I am trying to work out how the savings are achieved.

3. 1MDB bought the power plants together with debts of RM6 bil for RM 18 billion Ringgit. CGN pays RM 9.83 billion for 100% of the energy assets.

4. It should be noted that at the time 1MDB purchased the power plants, the Ringgit was at 3.2 per US Dollar. It is now at 4.2 Ringgit per US Dollar. In US dollar terms the 9.83 billion Ringgit paid by the Chinese Company is worth much less than the 9.83 billion Ringgit paid by 1MDB.

5. If the money borrowed by 1MDB is in Ringgit the loss would be minimal. But if 1MDB had borrowed in USD, it stands to lose 1 Ringgit for every dollar borrowed. In other word what 1MDB gets from the sale would not be able to pay fully the debts in USD raised by 1MDB.

6. CGN is reported to have bought 100% of the energy assets of 1MDB. Does the debt of the power plants totalling 6 billion Ringgit which 1MDB had assumed also regarded as the assets which have been sold to CGN.

7. Then there are other questions which needs clarification. e.g will Petronas be selling gas to the power plants? If so at what price.

8. Having sold Edra for RM9.83 billion, how does this reduce 1MDB debts by RM16-RM18 billion. Again considering the depreciation of the Ringgit, how will the debts in USD be reduced?

9. Is the purchase of the power plants by foreign buyers a form of foreign direct investments? The money brought in would go out to pay foreign debts. And the amount going out would be far more than the inflow. Does not sound like FDI to me.

10. Will the Government allow the full repatriation of the profits of these plants in Malaysia. It should be noted that China has a rule in which repatriation is to be in the form of export of Chinese products and not cash.

11. How much control will the Government have over a foreign-owned utility? Price fixing which may cause a loss to the company may result in subsidy by the Government.


1. Telah dilaporkan bahawa 1MDB akan mengurangkan antara RM16 bilion hingga RM18 bilion hutangnya selepas menjual “Edra”.

2. Saya cuba menghitung bagaimana penjimatan ini boleh dicapai.

3. 1MDB membeli loji-loji janakuasa bersama dengan hutangnya sejumlah RM6 bilion dengan harga RM18 bilion. CGN membayar RM9.83 bilion untuk 100% aset tenaga itu.

4. Perlu diambil perhatian bahawa pada masa 1MDB membeli loji-loji janakuasa tersebut, Ringgit berada pada paras 3.2 bagi satu dolar Amerika. Kini ia berada pada paras 4.2 Ringgit bagi satu dolar Amerika. Dihitung dari segi dolar Amerika, 9.83 bilion Ringgit yang dibayar oleh Syarikat Cina adalah bernilai lebih rendah daripada 9.83 bilion Ringgit yang dibayar oleh 1MDB.

5. Jika wang yang dipinjam oleh 1MDB adalah dalam Ringgit kerugian itu adalah minimum. Tetapi jika 1MDB telah meminjam dalam USD, ia menghadapi kehilangan 1 Ringgit bagi setiap dolar yang dipinjam. Dengan kata lain apa yang 1MDB memperolehi daripada jualan itu tidak akan dapat membayar sepenuhnya hutang dalam bentuk USD yang dipinjam oleh 1MDB.

6. CGN dilaporkan telah membeli 100% daripada aset tenaga 1MDB. Adakah hutang loji janakuasa berjumlah 6 bilion Ringgit yang 1MDB telah mengambilalih itu juga dianggap sebagai aset yang telah dijual kepada CGN?

7. Seterusnya ada soalan-soalan lain yang memerlukan penjelasan, contohnya adakah Petronas akan menjual gas kepada loji kuasa tersebut? Jika demikian pada paras harga yang apa?

8. Setelah Edra dijual dengan harga RM9.83 bilion, bagaimana ini dapat mengurangkan hutang 1MDB sebanyak RM16-RM18 bilion. Sekali lagi dengan mengambil kira kejatuhan nilai Ringgit, bagaimana hutang dalam USD boleh dikurangkan?

9. Adakah pembelian loji janakuasa oleh pembeli asing satu bentuk pelaburan langsung asing (FDI). Wang yang dibawa masuk akan keluar untuk membayar hutang asing. Dan jumlah wang yang keluar adalah jauh lebih besar daripada aliran masuk. Bagi saya ini bukan macam FDI.

10. Adakah Kerajaan akan membenarkan penghantaran balik penuh keuntungan yang diperolehi dari loji-loji di Malaysia. Perlu diingatkan bahawa Cina mempunyai peraturan di mana penghantaran balik keuntungan adalah dalam bentuk eksport produk Cina dan bukan wang tunai.

11. Berapa banyak kawalan Kerajaan akan kenakan atas utiliti yang dimiliki asing? Penetapan harga yang boleh menyebabkan kerugian kepada syarikat itu boleh menyebabkan Kerajaan memberi sibsidi.


  1. wish Dec 5,2015 7:46 AM

    Good day Sir,

    Blessed thee & all worthy praises to the Almighty for your well being. Looking at the trend, speculators are betting on the market to go short against PET. Unless we fuel it low & LENR for TNB, we may be ahead in the energy market as the low cost operator & a solution provider for the industry thus lowering the risk of turning nuclear for TPPA.


  2. Sri Sense Dec 4,2015 8:00 AM

    salam tun and all

    oh terrr miss article ini. oh yeah saham TENAGA (TNB) naik because tak jadi beli assets ini. kat pasaran saham klse 1MDB ini taboo. mana2 company nak beli assets 1MDB, saham company itu takan mendapat sambutan dari pelabur. At one time TENAGA (TNB) diwar warkan nak ambik assets EDRA, terus harga saham TENAGA jatuh besar dan bila tak jadi harga saham TENAGA (TNB) naik stable semula.

  3. mubarakchan Dec 1,2015 1:43 PM


    The GLCs have become a a big thing without much notice in present day Malaysia. We must go back to the genesis of these so-called GLCs when these were just a collection of bailed-out businesses in Danaharta’s books after 2000.

    Before 2000, there was no such thing as a GLC in Malaysia because if we must have Democracy, we cannot have GLCs.

    This means giving the Government the power to rule over us as well as to make money by encroaching on the Private Sector which in the Western Democracies supports the Government.

    No Democracy worth its salt in the West will permit a Government to rule as well as to do business which is the prerogarive of the Private Sector. This clear separation of functions between a Government and the Private Sector in Western Democracies is self-delineated to prevent the abuse of powers leading to corruption and chaos.

    In Communism, the State owns all business undertakings and controls by central command via the Dictator.

    In Fascism, the State supports all business undertakings which is controlled by a central command via the Dictator.

    The GLCs were an invention of the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) well before the end of the Cold War (1948-1989). These suited his purpose which was :-

    1. To fill a socio-economic void in a small place
    2. To extend his political reach and influence.
    3. To manage these Goverment Linked Companies (GLCs) by himself only who was honest, hard-working and frugal – a typical Chinese business man of the 19th Century.

    Following the collapse of Communism in the 1980s to 1989, both Russia and China adopted these Singapore inventions against the norms of Western Democracy with both hands. Now the Russian Oligarchs find it hard to disengage and collect the cash. And China has found to its regret that politically its SOEs were found to be obstacles against reform measures.

    In the whole World, 3 authoritarian States, Russia, China and Singapore have GLCs and our democratic Malaysia.

    In Malaysia, the GLCs maybe grouped into 3 Kingdoms :-

    1. The original State owned enterprises like TNB, Telekom, KTM, Bank Negara Malaysia, BSN, Sime Darby etc. Sime Darby was not a GLC until after 2 bankruptcies which forced the PNB to bail it out and became the majority shareholder. It is now looking to raise RM 19 Billions to repay debt.

    2. The ex-Danaharta bailed-outs which came under the Civil Servant controlled Khazanah. This is the hidden economy within the general economy and its financial activities are off-Governmnet Budget. The extent of its debt will only be exposed in a future financial crisis. At present, no one knows for sure how large it is.

    3. The stand-alone 1MDB. The biggest of all the GLCs in terms of its assets and liabilities which are fully backed by powerful Government interests.

    What has happened in 1MDB is just a preview of things to come in all the GLCs which are invested into properties and other soft investments after 2008 at inflated prices due to the 3 official Quantitative.

    All of these GLCs would have borrowed ‘short’ in US Dollars or Ringgits to buy long-term assets with marginal returns.

    The World’s assets and commodities were inflated sky high by the easings of the FED since 2008.

    None of the GLCs are invested into the ‘hard’ industrial investments to pull Malaysia out of the ‘middle income’ trap.

    In other words, we do not know how to make anything industrially despite all the cash but only bricks and mortars. Other countries like India and China which were behind us in the 1970s have become super-powers 30 years later. We are still in bricks and mortars.

    There is an on-going TV advertisement ‘Tribute to the GLCs’ to claim success while the jury is still out. But contretemps, a headling appeared today 1 December 2015 :-

    Nikkei Asian Review. 1 December 2015. ” MALAYSIA’S FACTORY ACTIVITY HITS RECORD LOW AT 4.70 IN NOVEMBER ” This reflects on factory orders of one year ago. The trade figures for 2016 would be much anticipated.


  4. Hajar Dec 1,2015 11:55 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Kenyataan2 balas 1MDB:

    1. 1MDB yang bisnesnya seperti ’Perniagaan buluh kasap, untung tiada, modal yang di PINJAM lesap’ seperti biasa menjawab dengan ’gelojoh’ dan masih lagi ’in denial’ di atas KEGAGALAN 1MDB.

    2. Seperti biasa, semuanya SALAH orang lain. Bukankah mereka yang berniaga? Jika mereka benar2 bijak dalam pelaburan ’strategik’ (kononnya strategik, tapi sebenarnya jadi broker tanah Kerajaan yg dibeli dengan harga ’ciput/murah’ dengan kelulusan PM @ Menteri Kewangan…), segunung atau selautan KRITIKAN pun tidak akan menjejaskan prestasi cemerlang mereka.

    3. IPO diluluskan jika syarat2 mencukupi, dan tidak mungkin kritikan pihak lain boleh mengubah FAKTA jika mereka memang berjaya di dalam bisnes penjanaan kuasa.

    4.Saya rasa ingin muntah menonton di TV tentang alasan2 mengapa mereka (1MDB) gagal dan terpaksa menjual aset2 berharga kepada syarikat negara asing (CGN Group) dan juga kepada organisasi2 lain (TH, Affin, etc.).

    5. Elok dimufliskan saja, dan rampas balik tanah2 TRX dan Bandar Malaysia.

    6. Maaf Tun. Saya rasa kebod*han pihak 1MDB tidak akan ada hadnya..The sky is the limit!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  5. mubarakchan Nov 30,2015 2:09 PM


    For HBT000. You said ‘ 50. I can be like him but I chosen not to be like him.’

    First, with your permission, I like to point out that it is alleged you are a “she” and not a “he”.

    Second, your intellect is far above lks because he did nothing for our National Development since 1966 but only twiddled his thumbs and gazed at his navel for 50 years and became rich legally by collecting all those luscious tax-free ‘gaji’ from the Federal Government, State Governments and the DAP and other non-Arab donors ! And it is good for 3 generations !


  6. sibotak Nov 30,2015 7:02 AM

    Najib will bring down Malaysia together with him
    He has not shown till today of his PM a remarkable favorable results
    He Failed Malaysia
    The one word I can say

    Are we Malaysian prepared for the Though Waves ahead of us
    Do we have the Right Leader
    We need an exclusive Leader Not Pak Cik Pak Cik Leader like Najib and PakLah

    Najib have break the Glass into pieces
    Najib have broken the Trust of Malaysia

    Najib inability to Unite yet He whom Divides Malaysia
    Will Drives Malaysia to Disaster

    As much seen in Middle East
    When the Arabs Failed to Unite , Failed to Respect each existence other as Neighbour as Muslim
    It takes just a Tiny Israel to Destroy them and Destruct them

    Blame Not the US , Blame Not the Israel , Blame not the NATO ,Blame Not their Media
    These are just the reasons
    The Facts When we are Not United as a Nation
    It just takes a Feather to Breaks everything

    Najib my massage to you
    If you are unable to Unite Malaysia as a Whole
    The Best Way Out is the Exiit Door for you
    How can you Unite us Malaysia as a Whole
    When Yourself have shown a Very Bad example as a Leader
    Shame on you Najib
    Every each day You bring Hatred to Malaysia
    How it is possible for you as a Leader able to sustain Unity for Malaysia

    No one Framed you as the Arab Nation have been Framed by Israel
    It’s yr own Wrong Doings that Despise us Malaysian
    Shame on you
    Najib Tun Razak

  7. HBT456 Nov 30,2015 12:47 AM

    44. Jika nak marah, marahkan mereka ini yang masih anggap tdm
    is their boss, not dsn atau the rakyat after gst kicks of.

    45. I am okay with saleh keruak.

    46. Jika anda tak okay, anda boleh undi bn atau pkr, atau pan

    47. Jia engkau masih ingat hanya umno baru saja yang berkhidmat untuk kaum muslim, engkau boleh undi umno, bn atau pkr.

    48. If khalid ibrahim can be bribed to make bank islam looks best, why spiked on non muslim?

    49. Lim kit siang is just a politician.

    50. I can be like him, but I chosen not to be like him.

    51. I dont need dap to tell me what is right or wrong.

    52. Why?

    53. He is just another katak di bawah tempurung, nothing more.

  8. joetamchi Nov 29,2015 10:49 PM


    November 29, 2015



    Modal lesap kena songlap..!
    Kena songlap dlm senyap..!

    Lepas songlap,
    pelbagai versi dia garap…!!
    pelbagai orang dia suap…!!

    mentadbir negara ikut sedap…
    hilang amanah, tak bertanggungjawap…
    Menjadi pariah, semakin bengap…..







  9. cruze Nov 29,2015 7:56 PM

    Asalamualaikum semua,

    Wahai saleh keruak menteri internet, facebook dan tweeter…dah lama kau diam diri, rupa rupanya kau menunggu sesuatu dari Tun Mahathir untuk kau mencelah dan menterbalikkan kenyataan realiti perniagaan.

    Kau ni menteri tahap facebook, biarkan datok mustafa, ahmad maslan atau zeti yang ulas tentang isu kewangan.

    Kalau nak jadi sangat menteri kewangan atau gabenor bank negara…kau mintalah najib naikkan pangkat…

    Buat menyibuk sahaja…pergi sana buat kajian tentang semua vendor utama pembekal network talian. Kerana nampaknya zaman dah moden tetapi banyak lagi kawasan yang teruk terutama pendalaman, kasihankan mereka orang luar bandar untuk perkhidmatan yang berkaitan.

    Daripada menyibuk akan hal lain.

    1mdb kata perjanjian tarif dengan syarikat cina itu telah di ikat untuk selama 10 tahun maka pada waktu itu anak saya mungkin sudah berusia 26 tahun dan berkeluarga, bagaimana agaknya tarif elektrik pada waktu itu nanti.. bagi yang bujang seperti azalina mungkin tidak akan ada ujud rasa dan juga simpati pada anak anak akan datang kerana tidak mempunyai anak.

  10. HBT456 Nov 29,2015 6:29 PM

    43. Meaning the past leaders of umno presidents also can be punished too for making the rakyat to bailout their failures in the name of capital control, libor scandal and many failed mega projects in the name of islam?

  11. Fariq Islam Nov 29,2015 12:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    I’m not saying that the Government has been handling 1MDB case rightly and properly, but at this moment, the new 1MDB Management is doing the right thing, to stop bleeding and put on the right track for recovery.

    Having said so, the Government should still pursue actions on the past management staffs who have committed abuse and misuse of power, to their personal interests and advantages.

  12. daeng Nov 29,2015 11:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan faridina, hajar dan novo.

    Najib lebih percaya orang luar dari rakyat Malaysia.

    Kesan dari belajar di luar negara Tun.

    Tapi bebal najib tak boleh diajar Tun.

    Satu lagi bala yang menimpa rakyat Malaysia adalah Perjanjian TPPA.

    Penjajahan alaf baru, bukan berupa bentuk peperangan tetapi muslihat akal. Siapa yang tidak cerdik dengan mainan politik ekonomi antarabangsa dialah yang akan tewas dahulu.

    Selalunya yang menang dan akan menekan adalah kuasa besar ekonomi. Kita akan menjadi pak turut sahaja kepada kuasa besar ekonomi dunia iaitu Amerika.

    Samalah juga jika kita berada dalam satu-satu parti politik, kita terikat dengan peraturan dan perjanjian tertentu. Selalunya yang bawah akan terpaksa dan dipaksa tunduk kepada yang atas. Lebih sedihnya jika orang yang duduk di atas adalah orang seperti najib. Yang bawah peduli apa asalkan aku kekal berkuasa.

    Kefahaman TPPA perlu melangkau kefahaman dunia politik ekonomi tanpa sempadan. Mengapa saya sebutkan “politik”? Kerana dalam politik terdapat seribu satu macam putar belit. Ianya bergantung kepada ketua atau orang yang paling berkuasa. Jika dia menunjukkan jalan yang baik tanpa muslihat atau agenda pentingkan diri mengatasi segalanya maka malanglah ahli-ahlinya. Ini dapat kita lihat halnya tentang najib.

    Seperti Menteri Perdagangan kita iaitu Mustafa Mohamad, dia ini sebenarnya baik tetapi oleh kerana ketuanya jahat maka semua aura baiknya duduk di belakang aura jahat ketuanya. Maka apa sahaja yang dilakukannya akan kelihatan jahat dimata rakyat. Begitu juga TPPA, arahan najib berkehendakkan TPPA ditandatangani maka tidak mustahil tok pa akan mengaminkan kehendak ketuanya yanng bebal. Jika tok pa bersetuju maka disini tok pa bersekongkol dengan orang jahat. Akhirnya tok pa akan menjawab di akhirat kelak.

    Wassalam Tun.

  13. rimba.emas Nov 29,2015 11:12 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Dari awal lagi kita patut sangsi kenapa perlu adanya 1MDB ini. Kenapa ia diasingkan dengan kakitangan bukan mereka-mereka yang terdiri dari ahli kabinet.

    2. 1MDB ini hanya diterajui oleh Menteri Kewangan yang kebetulan Perdana Menteri Malaysia dengan ahli-ahli pengarahnya saling bertukar ganti yang bermakna hanya di kawal oleh Menteri Kewangan Malaysia.

    3. Hanya mereka-mereka yang menyetujui atau membenarkan kehilangan 2.6 Billion secara hutang ini sahaja yang akan di ambil bekerja didalam 1MDB ini.

    4. Dalam keadaan ini jelas 1MDB tidak boleh mewakili pihak kerajaan dalam apa-apa tindakan kerana ia satu badan yang membawa masaalah kepada negara dan perlu segera di ambil tindakan oleh pihak berkuasa didalam negara.

    5. 1MDB telah terlibat dengan satu bentuk perniagaan yang merugikan dan rakyat sendiri dapat gambaran bila mana satu persatu aset yang di miliki akan di jual untuk membayar hutangnya.

    6. Rakyat perlu menolak 1MDB dan mereka-mereka yang mengurusnya daripada berada di dalam kerajaan lebih-lebih lagi terlibat di dalam menggurus ekonomi negara.

    7. Pastikan mereka yang terlibat dengan perniagaan secara bunga atau faedah ini tidak berada di dalam Intitusi percukaian negara Malaysia.

    8. Sistem apakah yang melarang manusia berniaga dengan mengenakan bunga (riba) ?. Untuk pengetahuan semua manusia , bangsa dan agama sistem Islam salah satu yang melarang di kenakan riba. Ini boleh diguna pakai.

    9. Kerajaan harus di bubarkan secara muafakat rakyat ramai dengan mengubah undang-undang bertulis baharu bahawa seorang Perdana Menteri tidak boleh mempunyai kuasa menaikkan cukai atau menetapkan cukai sehaul berjumlah 25 ringgit setahun tampa kenaikan untuk tahun seterusnya.

    10. Berurusniagalah secara betul dengan cara berjual beli dengan faedah yang ditetapkan itu. Jangan berjual beli atas faedah atau cukai yang dikenakan tampa had.

    11. Dalam peperangan pun Allah s.w.t melarang pembunuhan atas kanak-kanak kecil, golongan tua yang sakit, wanita atau lelaki yang lemah fizikal dan mental.

    12. Sebaliknya cukai seperti GST tidak dikecualikan malah golongan yang disebutkan seperti dalam peperangan itu tadi terlibat sama kerana keperluan hidup.

    13. 1MDB ibarat racun dalam kerajaan dan kehidupan rakyat jelata amnya atau rakyat Malaysia khasnya.

    14. Kita manusia dilarang melakukan curang didalam berjual beli kerana ia menjadi satu kederhakaan oleh kita manusia dan semuanya akan tertulis di dalam kitab (sijjin) dan akan dipersoalkan kembali pada hari kebangkitan (akhirat).


  14. HBT456 Nov 29,2015 10:56 AM

    40. Datuk richard morais has the right to protect his family honour.

    41. His brother charles morais has gave up the family honour when he filed the sd.

    42. Please leave the family alone, and let datuk kevin rest in peace.

  15. HBT456 Nov 29,2015 9:02 AM

    28. 28.

    29. Remember john hopkin universtity join venture with putrajaya when pm najib became the pm?

    30. What happened, tok det?

    31. John hopkin is world brand, but failed in this country because umno baru opted to put race meriocrity just to look good, thats all.

    34. Because umno baru love their president first.

    35. Under pm modi, india flag was down half to show respect to the late mr lky.

    36. Ts muyhiddin should retire now.

    37. Look at his face, he is under tremendous pressure.

    38. Let other umno members to take over his place so that he can enjoy his retirement just like other malaysian veterans.

    39. Let the younger generation take over the leadership minus race and religion supremacy.

  16. sibotak Nov 29,2015 8:21 AM

    Malaysia under Najib Ruling is never Democratic
    It’s not the voice of the people though Najib is elected
    Not by his competence nor excellence nor by his integrity
    He won as UMNO and his father was a reputable Party
    He has tarnish UMNO and his late father name

    United States of America
    Known very much for preaching Democratic with Force ,with Invasions ,with Killings and Weapons
    Is an absolute Not a Democratic Nation
    It’s not the American , the People Voice
    US Govt submit and kneel to their lobbyist The Jews ,The Israel
    Thus US is not an Examplary of a Democratic Nation

    World full of Lies
    Najib is a Fraud
    What did he do till today for Malayisa
    Ringgits keeps falling Najib keeps Spending
    Malaysa Debts are on the Rise
    I mean what did he do or already shown for Malaysia till today ?

    Susah susah sangat kita Lantik saja Puan Rosmah
    Jadi President UMNO justeru Jadi PM Malaysia
    Apa kata Kawan kawan ?
    Layak Beliau lagi ego lagi Najib
    Ini lah Pemimpin Sedari Yg kita Malaysia perlu kan
    Kalau Terlungkup biar Terlingkup sekali

  17. HBT456 Nov 29,2015 8:02 AM

    12. Those who are against gst and rationalizing of petrol subsidy today do not know whats going to the country, and they are subjected to the rallies and speech campaigned by the politcal parties.

    13. During tdm time, he channelled the people’s power unto the hands of bn to make malaysia according to his vision of wawasan 2020 via look east policy.

    14. Dah lupa ke, rm200 satu undi di sabah dan sarawak?

    15. Few words of arab including allah was banned in selangor first to build islamic state in malaysia as role model.

    16. Remember, the word pendatang is banned by bn themselves so that bn supreme party can send their mps to campaign ceramah to win votes in any part of malaysia including sabah and sarawak because of oil?

    17. When voters vote them, how can you call it as robbing their land?

    18. Also, the word pendatang is banned thats why parachutte politicians during his era were allowed to do camping for bn after 1998 mortgage meltdown in asean started with thailand.

    19. When pak lah took over, he too followed tdm prescription by giving gula2 via bn.

    20. He lost 2/3 majority, was it pak lah fault?

    21. Now is najib turn, he too give out cash, but through government agencies, salah juga?

    22. If dap cm in penang can be forced out by jaguh kampung cina whom might be bribed, it means the political stability in malaysia is uncertain.

    23. Telling him balik melaka only shows politicians of bn or opposition parties can be bribed,

    24. It means nep and syariah compliance financial system implemented by bn is biased towards malay rulers so that it make it is more convenient and easy for bn to feed their members first even at the expense of killng of the kinship.

    25. Whether voters like it or not, malaysia needs foreign workers to do jobs that locals do not want to do regardless which coalition you vote.

    26. Jika anda tak suka, anda boleh buat undi di kampung halaman.

    27. You can play politics, but please dont make us makaysians look like pariah in the eyes of the world.

  18. faridina Nov 29,2015 2:25 AM

    eAssalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Rules are made to be broken and first thing first Pee M Najib even practises the very core of TPPA aspiration by opening the market totally to the foreigners without any restriction what so ever and sorry he don’t give a damn about this national interest sentiments.

    The end justify the mean, as long as there is proceeds coming in, be it at a loss Pee M Najib don’t give a damn because he thought the rakyat will see this as nobel step taken to rationalise 1MDB and reduces it’s huge loans.

    With Edra gone then what is left for Pee M Najib to sell?

    Pee M Najib will then sell the dirt cheap land and as good as selling the country itself!

    Pee M Najib pees the rakyat and will foever be peeing them until the next GE 14

    Wasalam Tun.

  19. Hajar Nov 29,2015 1:15 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I believe the following saying best describes 1MDB:


    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  20. novo Nov 28,2015 8:32 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1.Inilah yang saya katakan “Perniagaan CARA BABI” yang menjadi amalan Najib.

    2.Sebenarnya Najib adalah bukan seorang “Perniaga” yang cekap dan bijak bagi pihak kerajaan.

    3. Tapi beliau hanyalah cekap dalam usaha memperhabiskan duit kerajaan dengan konsep “Cash is King”.

    4. Sebenarnya di adalah PM kita yang paling “BODOH” dalam bab perniagaan .

    wassalam Tun.

  21. novo Nov 28,2015 8:18 PM

    novo Nov 28,2015 1:33 PM
    Salam Tun.

    Sumpahan untuk Arul Kanda Kandasamy.

    Kehadapan saudara Arul Kanda Kandasamy yang saya anggap BODOH.


    1. Nampaknya kelulusan akedemik Acc. dan kelayakan anda untuk mentadbir
    1MDB adalah di persoalkan oleh saya.

    2. Apabila anda membuka mulut untuk bercakap, maka anda akan bercakap
    sebagai Burung Kaktua atau Burung Gembala Kerbau yang telah dipotong dan di asah lidahnya.

    3. Adakah tuan anda iaitu pengerusi 1MDB telah melatih anda untuk
    mengajuk ayat keramat tersebut?

    4. Ayat keramat tersebut adalah ” Aset tetap 1MDB adalah melebihi
    liabiliti syarikat”.

    5. Adakah anda mengucapkan ayat ini sebanyak 100 kali setiap pagi di
    hadapan Pengerusi anda.

    6. Mungkin petua dalam proses mengasah dan mengajar anda iaitu Burung
    Gembala Kerbau mengajuk cakap,memaksa boss anda Najib meluangkan
    masa selama 30 minit setiap pagi melatih anda.

    7. Mungkin Najib akan berkata “Aset tetap 1MDB adalah melebihi
    liabiliti syarikat” dan selepas memetik jari tangannya maka anda
    akan cepat-cepat mengulangi ayat tersebu.

    8. Aku ingatkan Najib kerjanya adalah PM sahaja tapi pasal 1MDB
    bermasaalah maka terpaksa lah Najib menjadi pengajar burung

    9. Anda adalah seekor burung yang amat patuh kepada tuannya tapi
    sedikit bebal kerana terpaksa mengulangi ayat tersebut sebanyak 100
    kali setiap pagi di mulai dengan Najib.

    10. Selepas 100 kali ajukan maka barulah anda di beri makan padi.

    11. Anak aku pun tahu jika beli tanah RM 7.00 sekaki2 dan jual RM 200-
    500.00 sekaki persegi memanglah banyak untungnya.

    12. Ini adalah “Perniagaan CARA BABI” yang baru di perkenalkan oleh
    Najib ke?

    13. Falsafah “Cash is King” akan mewujudkan “Perniagaan CARA BABI” ini.

    14. Lama-lama “Perniagaan CARA BABI” akan menyebabkan kandang babi

    15. Tapi jangan bimbang hanya kandang babi terjual bukan nya Arul Kanda Kandasamy. Walaupun kedengaran hampir sama Kanda Kandasamy dan kandang babi.


  22. daeng Nov 28,2015 5:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Currency USD 1 = RM 3.2 dulu dan kini USD 1 = 4.2 kini bermakna RM susut 31.2% berbanding nilai USD.

    Ini bermakna hutang 1MDB dalam kiraan USD tanpa bunga sahaja meningkat 31.2% tak sampai setahun.

    Jika bunga setahun adalah 5% maka hutang kerana susut nilai RM sahaja mencecah 36.2% setahun Tun.

    Ini menunjukkan jika anggaran kasar hutang 1MDB berakhir 31/12/2014 adalah sekitar RM 50 billion dan hutang 1MDB akan bertambah menjadi RM 68.1 billion berakhir 31/12/2015.

    Sebanyak RM 18.1 billion tu Arul Kanda dan penasihat 1MDB iaitu Najib mahu letakkan bebannya dibahu siapa?

    Malanglah kita rakyat Malaysia dihukum dengan kenaikan harga tol, minyak, kos sara hidup akibat semua barang meningkat naik semata-mata menampung kebodohan Najib sebagai PM Malaysia.

    Itu sebablah Najib wajar diturunkan kerana dialah menjadi punca rakyat Malaysia dihimpit kesusahan yang kesannya bukan hanya sekarang tetapi dalam jangka masa panjang.

    Ahli-ahli UMNO mesti mendesak presiden UMNO sekarang meletak jawatan secara terhormat atau adakan pertandingan dalam PAU segera dengan cara bersih. Jika presiden baru terpilih atau presiden lama terpilih, wajarlah semua ahli UMNO patut berpuas hati kerana HANYA PRESIDEN UMNO YANG TERPILIH SECARA DEMOKRASI SAHAJA WAJAR SEMUA AHLI HORMAT, BUKANNYA PRESIDEN UMNO PONDAN SEKARANG YANG TAKUT DICABAR dari terus memerintah negara.

    Selama ini Najib cuba bermain politik kotor dengan menggerakkan segelintir pengikutnya agar menjadikan kedudukan presiden UMNO tidak dicabar sehingga 2018.

    Kita lihat betapa PONDANnya presiden UMNO sekarang ini Tun.


  23. Ali Akbar Hashim Nov 28,2015 4:44 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Mathematically you are truly right but what can you do?

    Everyone are powerless nothing can be done

    This UMNO led government since Najib take over ( you groomed him to be a Prime Minister) is going nowhere

    Government is full of corrupt and oppressed peoples

    They are legally robbing the rakyats through GST implementations and ending the petrol subsidy, they are robbing billions of ringgit through these scheme every day, every seconds!

    Surprisingly, it is the peoples that voted them to power ( Sabah, Sarawak, Felda settlers and those poor farmers and fisherman in rural areas)

    UMNO led government total control of these groups and pouring lots of money here


    The politician elected can continued their lavish life style and 5 figure income each month, some are earning millions

    That why you are afraid to resigned from UMNO and registered a new party, nobody support!

    Because the groups I mentioned will never cast their vote to you, even the oppositions are struggling to get their votes, for decades!

    Please get a donor from overseas, you or oppositions must be richer than Najib
    in order to end his term as Prime Minister of Malaysia

  24. umranrc Nov 28,2015 4:42 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Have been reading your writtings including some of your frequent fellows here.

    Just hoping that this sale will not become a precedent as such that other critical public services entities may one day owned by foreigners, if that were to happen, truely we lost our independent.

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