1. It is difficult to think that 40 years have passed since the demise of Tun Razak, the much respected and beloved second Prime Minister of independent Malaysia .

2. Watching the T.V documentary on his life and times, I cannot help but feeling sad. Those were great days. Leaders then were dedicated, bent on developing the country and tackling the disparities in Malaysian society. It was Tun Razak who introduced the New Economic Policy.

3. He broke away from the apron-strings of the British Commonwealth past, and visited Russia and China. The winds of change blew strongly.

4. It is sad that he should be taken away from us so early.

5. I am of course particularly saddened because I owed everything to him. I was expelled from UMNO and people who were expelled before me never returned. Their political career was blighted.

6. But he not only allowed me to return to the fold but subsequently appointed me a full minister. I was described as Tun’s blue-eyed boy, which angered many UMNO stalwarts.

7. As a doctor I noticed early his deteriorating health. Before he left for the U.K at a function at Parliament House, he pulled me aside and told me he was suffering from leukaemia. He told me to speak to his doctor, Dr. Macpherson. I did, and knew that the periods of remission would get shorter and shorter. He would not be able to continue for long. Still I was shocked to hear of his demise. Malaysia truly lost a great leader. He could have made a real difference to the future of this country which he fought so hard for.

8. For me the loss is personal. Tun Hussein who succeeded him was never close to me and I thought that that was the end of my career.

9. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t because Razak had spoken a good word for me to Tun Hussien.


1. Adalah sukar untuk membayangkan bahawa 40 tahun telah pun berlalu sejak peninggalan Tun Razak, Perdana Menteri kedua Malaysia yang merdeka, yang dihormati dan dikasihi.

2. Tatkala menonton dokumentari TV mengenai kehidupan dan zaman beliau, saya tidak tahan berasa sedih. Itulah zaman yang gemilang. Pemimpin pada masa itu berdedikasi, cenderung untuk membangunkan negara dan menangani jurang perbezaan dalam masyarakat Malaysia. Tun Razak adalah orang yang memperkenalkan Dasar Ekonomi Baru.

3. Dia pisahkan diri dari tali ikatan Komanwel British, dan melawat Rusia dan Cina. Angin perubahan bertiup kuat.

4. Adalah amat menyedihkan dia diambil pergi dari kita begitu awal.

5. Saya sudah tentunya berasa amat sedih kerana saya terhutang segala-galanya kepada beliau. Saya dipecat daripada UMNO dan orang-orang yang dipecat sebelum saya tidak pernah kembali. Kerjaya politik mereka rosak.

6. Tetapi beliau bukan sahaja membenarkan saya kembali ke pangkuan tetapi kemudiannya melantik saya sebagai seorang menteri penuh. Saya telah digambarkan sebagai anak emas Tun, yang menimbulkan kemarahan ramai orang kuat UMNO.

7. Sebagai seorang doktor saya perhatikan pada awal lagi bahawa kesihatan beliau semakin merosot. Pada satu majlis di bangunan Parlimen sebelum berlepas ke UK, beliau menarik saya ke sebelah dan memberitahu saya bahawa dia sedang menghidapi leukemia. Dia memberitahu saya untuk bercakap dengan doktor beliau, Dr. Macpherson. Saya berbuat demikian, dan tahu bahawa tempoh “remission” (keredaan sementara penyakit atau kesakitan) akan menjadi pendek dan lebih pendek. Dia tidak akan dapat terus hidup lama. Tetapi saya tetap terkejut apabila mendengar beliau meninggal dunia. Malaysia benar-benar kehilangan seorang pemimpin yang hebat. Beliau berkeupayaan melakukan perbezaan yang besar kepada masa depan negara ini yang beliau berjuang begitu keras untuknya.

8. Bagi saya kerugiannya adalah peribadi. Tun Hussein yang menggantikan beliau tidak pernah rapat dengan saya dan saya fikir ini adalah akhir bagi kerjaya saya.

9. Tetapi tidak. Tidak, kerana Tun Razak telah bercakap sesuatu yang baik untuk saya kepada Tun Hussien.

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  1. adamakmal95 Jan 31,2016 9:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    Firstly i do hope you always have a great life beside your lovely wife.

    I know maybe some dont agree with my opinion in which im too young to speak my opinion about our beloved Malaysian political view.

    TUN you will always be my inspiration and my idol.

    Correct me if i am wrong. With the agreement TPP contract the most fear circumstances that our GDP will slightly decrease and will effect our GNP.

    Malaysia are country well develop but still I believe that we are behind times compares with other European Countries.

    The most scares thing ever in which I hope will never happen that we ‘merempat dalam rumah sendiri’.

    Tun Razak fights till last breath to defend the Beloved Malaysian but now things work vice versa.

    We need you back TUN. Please save our beloved Malaysia. We hope your expertise we can handle our economic problem like you do back in 90’s.

    Lastly TUN I do hope one day. In sha Allah there will be leaders that are young,visionaries as you ever are.

    Have a good day everyone sorry if I had mistaken in my point.

    sincerely the nitizens

  2. Jan 22,2016 7:15 PM

    From: faridina
    To MD Alfred please send my regards to your glamorous sifu friend Uncle MC and his famous lawyer friend from Gibraltar.

    Assalamulaikum, Tun!

    Please allow a short note to “faridina” here.

    I will gladly send you regards to whoever you want me to send them too provided I know WHOM to address and WHOM the regard are coming from.

    I suggest you address me on this by e-amil at for HERE I find no ID neither for “faridina” nor do I know what a “sifu friend” nor who “Uncle MC” is or who is “his famous lawyer friend from Gibraltar”.

    Please clarify this and I shall be glad to convey your regards provided I know these people. Gibraltar is a very small place but I will of course not know every one. If need be can find out though and shall gladly do so.

    Thank yo for allowing this message, dear Tun!

    Alfred Willner

  3. faridina Jan 22,2016 2:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Growing up in the sixties and seventies most average Malaysian could only afford to buy a motorcycle just like my father although we felt unfair because our late grandfather who is a school teacher’s inspector then owns a Morris Minor.

    If ever we were to travel then the six of us will definitely take a bus ride as our mean of transportation or if it is pay day then it will be taxi ride in the form of a large Mercedez Benz. Continental cars all over as our taxies then.

    Wish to thank dearest Tun for making all average Malaysian dream of owning an affordable car in the eighties via Proton.

    My first brand new car in 1990 was a Proton Aeroback and never had any issue owning that wonderful car. In later years I bought a new automatic Proton Wira for my parents and an automatic Proton Sedan for my own small family then.

    This 3 cars carrying a Johore state plate numbers 7800, 8457 and 4290 have something in common to our surprise base on my late grandmother observation who technically was a great mathematicians (she learnt the multiplication table up to 16).

    My wife and I could not detect anything until she asked us to add up all the numbers until it became a single digit and to our surprise all three cars plate numbers add up to a single digit 6 ! (7+8+0+0=15 then 1+5=6, 8+4+5+7=24 then 2+4=6 and 4+2+9+0=15 then 1+5=6).

    My legendary grandmother died in 2013 at the age of 91 and ironically her grave at Mount Kiara was just next to Hussain Najadi.

    That was my grandmother’s story and as for our dearest Tun not only the legendary Proton but the infrastructure in the form of North South Highway which completes the metaphor.

    Those days it took us more than 10 hours just to travel from JB to KL via the old trunk road but however one fine night in the mid nineties just before midnight I drove my family from JB to Kuala Perlis via the North South highway and still been able to catch the first ferry morning trip to Langkawi.

    We Malaysian are grateful to Tun’s Proton and wish that as one national car corporation it will be granted special previlege and exemption and be protected for the sake of all average Malaysian.

    There were no need to cater much for overseas demands and standards as we Malaysian are the main end users and may the notorious TPPA comes to one deadlock!

    Long live Tun and Proton.

    To MD Alfred please send my regards to your glamorous sifu friend Uncle MC and his famous lawyer friend from Gibraltar.

    Wasalam Tun berdua.

  4. Jan 21,2016 8:21 PM

    Greetings from Liechtenstein in the European Alps, dear Tun Dr. Mahathir, where winter has finally settled in at long last – we had almost already given up the season.

    Please allow me some short remarks on what “ilioni” has posted today.

    1) Malaysia still IS a great country albeit certain difficulties it is going through. Changes are the lot of life. Changes are challenges. Challenges are opportunities. I for my part as a foreigner to you lands am convinced that Malaysians will master all challenges for I have expereinced that they did before

    2) I had not commented on that recently here but I do of course agree that from what I saw since 1998 at least during your tenure any credits for your achievements were well place. Being a foreigner I can’t very well comment on current leaders.

    3) As the foreigner that I am, I can’t really see Malaysia not doing well now to the extent that “ilioni” does seem to feel it; but then, foreigners may not always see the full picture. In no case does a foreigner see any alarming movements at the moment though.

    The economic down turn way back in 1997/98 was a much graver thing than what one could today call the difficulties. Malaysia handle that economic down turn superbly at the time.

    4) That Malaysian people are proud to be Malaysians is my advocating – it was my experience all along and it is refreshing to see.

    5) Looking at the rich Malaysian History I can’t agree that Malaysians are no where near Japanese and Koreans in terms of Culture – their cultures are only different and difference makes for diversity.

    Japanese and Korean do buy foreign cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, AUDI etc. – I am in this trade and can therefor judge. Nothing wrong then for Malaysians to do alike. Our point there before was that PROTON must endeavor to become a CAR TO BE PROUD OF and and that it could be made to be – “on par with the Japanese, Korean or European Standard (if not better)” it you will. I agree with that!

    If you find a moment and feel like it, dear Tun, please let’s set up a meeting to talk about this. You are still the God Father of PROTON.

    Salam and good health, Tun!

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director,

  5. ilioni Jan 21,2016 3:14 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to elaborate a few more points. In response to,

    1) Malaysia WAS a great country. Downhill we have gone for the past decade.
    2) I agree that the past leaders should be given credits for what they have done and contributed. The same can’t be said for these last two ones.
    3) Malaysia is NOT doing alright now! Only by being honest and critical towards our weakness, can we move forward.
    4) We, Malaysians, are proud to be Malaysian. If you have been to the Thomas Cup competition in KL, you will know what I mean. Race/religion/color doesn’t dictate who they support. I’ve witnessed when a Malaysian Malay player is playing against a China Chinese Player: Malaysian Chinese audiences are still cheering for Malaysian Malay player. When a Malaysian Chinese player is playing against Indonesian Player: Malaysian Malay audiences are still cheering for the Malaysian Chinese Player.
    5) But, in reference to the Japanese and the Korean, we are no where near in terms of culture. It would be a shame for them (the Japanese or the Korean) not to buy their own country manufactured cars. The same can’t be said for the Malaysian. Let’s be honest.

    Another article that I have read recently that I’d like to share with Tun and our fellow readers here. Food for thought on what is happening in our country.

    More packing up and leaving Malaysia

    Still back to my first point earlier about offering a longer warranty to boast the public perception. Here is a few points:
    1) Are we confident with the quality of the cars that we are making? What is the financial implication?
    2) If the car that we are making is substandard. The risk is high and we might get bitten back.
    3) If this is a vision that we have, it then goes back to what needs to be done.
    4) Are we still able to take things for granted?
    5) A bad design would have cost millions to rectify if we offer longer warranty. Do we have the required expertise from within to be able to offer this kind of warranty?
    6) By doing this, we are forced to seek for a high reliable material because there is a baseline or target that we need to meet.
    7) It will bring back confidence to the public but is the team currently up to this challenge? If we are not yet there, there should be a clear goal being given to every level on their expectation to ensure a high quality coming out from their production line.

    Proton has been offering lifetime warranty on the power window which was a common problem in the past and this is a good move but we need to move beyond that.

    I agree that a design of a car whether it is good or bad looking is something very subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, I believe in the eyes of the public, there is a common line whether a car looks good or bad.

    As for the Safety requirement of the car that we are producing, it should be on par with the Japanese, Korean or European Standard (if not better).

    On a separate note, back to the political situation in our country. Look at what is happening in Kedah. The one who should be resigning is not, and the one who should not be resigning is being requested to resign. Haiz…. Too much politics with very few honest politicians who put the interest of our own nation before theirs.

    We need YOUNG CAPABLE HONEST leaders rising up.

  6. faridina Jan 21,2016 11:14 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    I was in lower secondary when the news broke out that we have loss our then serving Prime Minister Tun Razak.

    That morning I cried for the first time at the school, genuinely saddened by the news as Tun Razak was one honest leader to the eye of one young boy.

    Today if we were to lose a serving prime minister for whatever reason, I will also be crying but this time out of total joy and relief genuinely.

    The late TS Noah Beirut famous son in laws were both honest and integrity so intact that Tun M and TSSJ were appointed into the cabinet as Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Minister respectively.

    Ayahanda Tun was never close to Tun Hussein and TSSJ was never known to Tun Hussein but was chosen based on Tun Razak previous verbal recommendations and some written notes left behind.

    Today PM like Pak Lah and Najib are well known for scrapping national interest projects even when the ex PM is very much alive.

    Thus talking about honesty and integrity will best apply only to the 1st till the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Wasalam Ayahanda Tun.

  7. cruze Jan 21,2016 12:45 AM

    Ya hajar, saya sokong dan turut mendoakan agar 14 wakil yang bertopengkan kebaikan itu akan kalah dan di tolak oleh penyokong tempatan dalam pru akan datang…amin
    Asalamualaikum kepada semua yang berugama islam…

  8. Hajar Jan 20,2016 8:49 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Tun Razak sudah pasti bukan mentor kepada PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    2. Tun Razak memberi nama yang baik kepada PM, tetapi DSN masih mahu memperkenalkan nama Cina, Ah Jib Gor, untuk mewakili dirinya kerana ingin bodek orang Cina.

    3. Satu perkara mengenai PM Ah Jib Gor ialah beliau tidak ada keyakinan diri yang tinggi sebagai seorang Melayu/Islam. Beliau sentiasa mahu jadi orang lain.

    4. Beliau juga tidak bangga dengan perjuangan asal UMNO. Sebab itu beliau lebih pro-pembangkang dalam apa2 keputusan beliau selepas jadi PM. Anehnya beliau ahli UMNO.

    5. Sebagai penyokong UMNO/BN, buat apa saya sokong PM yang pro-pembangkang? Orang tol*l saja yang masih sokong PM yang mungkir janji kepada para penyokong UMNO/BN.

    6. Kebod*han PM Ah Jib Gor yang amat ketara ialah beliau mahu popular di kalangan Pembangkang (yang ’confirm’ tidak undi beliau). Tindakan ini sebenarnya membuatkan penyokong BN/UMNO hilang kepercayaan terhadap beliau.

    7. Cara ’diktator’ beliau dengan sokongan membabi buta yg diminta dari penyokong BN/UMNO pun sebenarnya kelihatan saling tidak tumpah seperti cara pembangkang mengendalikan ahli2 mereka. Tidak sokong. ’out you go…’. Lihat saja bagaimana Tan Sri Khalid & gang dibuang dari PKR. DAP juga menghukum / membuang ahli2 yang mengkritik kepimpinan mereka.Ahli2 PAS pun ’Pak Turut’ saja.

    8. Saya rasa Allah S.W.T. sebenarnya memperlihatkan kepada kita ’bayangan’ keadaan jika pembangkang memerintah…Ahli (rakyat?) yang yang ingkar perintah Ketua, hidupnya akan disusahkan…

    9. Lihatlah apa yang konco2 DSN lakukan di Kedah kepada ahli yang tidak bodek PM:

    UMNO Kedah hilang kepercayaan terhadap Mukhriz

    ALOR SETAR 20 Jan. – Pemimpin UMNO Kedah hilang kepercayaan terhadap Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir sebagai Menteri Besar Kedah dan Pengerusi UMNO negeri.

    Perkara itu diumumkan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri, Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md. Hanipah selepas perjumpaan tertutup pemimpin UMNO negeri di Grand Alora Hotel, Alor Setar.

    Seramai 14 ketua UMNO bahagian hadir kecuali Jerlun, Padang Terap dan Kulim Bandar Baharu yang diwakili timbalan ketua bahagian masing-masing. – UTUSAN ONLINE

    Rakyat Kedah pasti akan MENOLAK kaki2 bodek DSN pada PRU-14 jika mereka masih dicalonkan, dan DSN masih lagi PM.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  9. Jan 20,2016 6:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    this is for for mubarakchan

    I am aware that you have been following my posts here for years alrady. Being a foreigner to your lands I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to comment in political terms and will thus refrain from doing so.

    Best regards to everyone on this blog!

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director,

  10. Jan 20,2016 6:15 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    this is in reply to BALANCE’s latst comment:

    Thank you for your appreciative remarks and your “Welcome to Malaysia”. Like you, I always speak from thE very bottom of my heart when I speak about Malaysia.

    As for PROTON we might all want to listen to the advise of a univrsal Spanish Poet, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, who said: ?Confia en el tiempo, que suele dar dulces salidas a muchas amargas dificultades” meaning we should trust in time for it mostly has sweet solutions to sour or bitter difficulties.


  11. adelheid Jan 20,2016 5:56 PM

    Dear Tun,

    You feel indebted to Tun Razak and this is why his son Mohd Najib feels that he is superior to you, because he is the son of his father whom Dr. Mahathir is so indebted to. In DSNajib’s delusional mind he is is father (like father like son). Unfortunately he is not. No two individuals can be the same even though they carry the same DNA. Their personalities, upbringing, hearts, the way of teir minds, their attitudes can never be the same.

    DSN is a pampered brat. He left his first wife and children when they were still very young just to be with the wife of another man who happened to also have very small children at that time. Did anybody care to notice these trivial differences in DSN then? People say how a person started off his early life would very likely determine how a person he would become through out his life. People are hard to change. What you see is usually their front porch only or camouflage. The real son of Tun Razak is the person you see now. And he is not like his father at all.

    So Tun please do not feel that you owed everything in your life to DSN’s father. The late Tun Razak might have had open the door for you but it was Allah that has made it all possible. Don’t be sad Tun, take heart okay.

  12. joetamchi Jan 20,2016 4:00 PM


    Meh blanja 1 lagu….

  13. balance Jan 20,2016 1:10 PM


    Yes design is one of the angle of marketing. Surveys can be true but depending where the survey done. In Malaysian it may not be that strategic point due to standard of living and targeted market sector. Proton have been known as economical and practical car for the all level of rakyat to move around. Use the available advantages can be faster and cheaper. What matters for a business is sales and quality. Quality and substance bring sales. Hope the new engine can turnaround Proton.

    Best Wishes to you

  14. balance Jan 20,2016 11:27 AM Jan 19,2016 8:06 PM

    Thank you very much for such a positive and encouraging comment. Yes i agree with many thing you said like living in paradise, diversity and Malaysians are very fortunate people. Yes many people are trying very hard to break the divide and rule ideology that is why you see companies and people sponsoring banners about proud being a Malaysian. The public want the diversity and living in harmony but the politicians and leaders are calling for unity and loyalty to parties, religion and race and not to the nation which is causing the public to be divided by these factors.
    Yes those people that you met are smart, well educated, wider views and they are not easily brainwash but what is the percentage of such people. Malaysians leaders used the word “tolerance” to try to unite the people but tolerance come with breaking points, willingness and etc. Would it be better if proud, loyal to be Malaysian better where acceptance is better than tolerance. We have seen countries fail when they used supremacy to divide and rule. Back to Proton, Proton is the 1st car manufacturer to used a country flag as its logo. The intention was good but then the all other ideology work against the good intention. For me Proton is still Malaysian and should be marketed and manufactured normally like all other great products without using any supremacy ideology. Just plain business sense and the good results will follow accordingly. Welcome to Malaysia and a big thank you for the concern.

  15. mubarakchan Jan 20,2016 10:10 AM


    For Alfred Willner, Gibraltar.

    I have been following your comments on our beloved Malaysia for many years. I find my views of our unique Nation are the same as yours
    ” Here, people live in paradise but they do not realise !’

    I realise that our beloved Malaysia is unique for many reasons (as soon as I was able to read and write) which made our people naive, hospitable and friendly who are often exploited by the outsiders in their dealings with them especially at the Government level where tiger eats tiger !

    Yes ! I know the United States, India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Europe very well.

    I still prefer to live in this great Nation in which I was born.

    You will agree if we just have a bit of will in a matter of decades we will be quite close to whatever Switzerland and Japan represent. It is the vital leadership which will show us the way !

    You will find in this Blog psedonyms or anonyms who hide behind these masks to kick the Government or abuse, insult or vilify others because in real life, they are tongue-tied and timid when out in the open. It is good of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to permit all to express themselves by hiding masks in this Blog. Hence, this Blog is World Class!

    Please give my regards to your lawyer friend the son of the Prime Minister of Gibraltar.


  16. daeng Jan 20,2016 7:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan Daniel Noor, Proton jika mahu berdaya saing dan maju sewajarnya mereka bentuk kereta yang menarik dilihat.

    Selalunya lumrah sifat manusia,”DARI MATA TURUN KE HATI”.


    Tidak dinafikan design IRIZ menarik minat ramai pemerhati kereta.

    Lebih baik lagi cantik di luar (design), tetapi di dalam (enjin) juga menarik.



  17. HouseWife Jan 20,2016 3:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Pada usia senja memang kita rasa nostalgia dan melankoli apabila kita teringat sesuatu atau seseorang. Kita rasa seolah hendak kembali kepada tempat atau seseorang yang kita hormati dan kasihi. Tun teringat arwah Tun Razak, sepertimana kawan teringat akan sahabat karibnya yang telah lama pergi jauh. Adakah perasaan itu sama sebagaimana seorang isteri teringat akan arwah suaminya, Tun? Kita hanya dapat kirim doa agar mereka ditempat bersama2 orang beriman. Amin.

    Tun, teringat pula arwah Tun Razak dengan topi dan tongkat dan baju bush-jacket dan seluar berwarna krim pada tahun 60an. Thru the eyes of an innocent young girl he looked so nice so lovable so well taught. DSN should learn to be like his father..tough but nice and honest.

    Tun, sikap yang baik atau positif ada tanda2nya, dan tanda2 itu ada pada arwah Tun Razak. Orang yang bersikap positif, melihat gelas yang separuh penuh manakala orang yang bersikap negatif, melihatnya separuh kosong.

    Tanda2 orang yang bersikap positif:
    *yakin terhadap diri.
    *mampu melihat positif terhadap orang lain.
    *dapat melihat peluang dalam setiap keadaan.
    *fokus pada penyelesaian bukan pada permasalahan.
    *dorongan yang tinggi untuk memberi.
    *seratus peratus memikul tanggungjawap.

    Tidakkah Tun melihat tanda2 ini pada arwah Tun Razak? Arwah Tun Razak dapat melihat kelebihan yang ada pada diri Tun, bukan untuk mengambil kesempatan tetapi untuk dididik ditatang diberi tunjuk ajar bagi persediaan untuk membela rakyat dan negara. You’re his gem in the making.. and provened now and forever to be Malaysia’s gem.
    Ya, Tun tidak salah berhutang dengan orang yang berbudi, lebih2 lagi dengan orang yang memberi kepercayaan seratus peratus pada Tun. Tun telah menjalankan amanah dan pesanan arwah Tun Razak dengan sebaik mungkin. Sehingga sekarang Tun masih mahu menyelesaikan amanah yang masih tersangkut, walaupun dipukul ombak sindiran2 oleh mereka2 yang kurang ilmu.

    Tun, ingatlah bahawasanya orang yang mempunyai sikap positif sentiasa sayangkan orang lain. Maka dengan ini arwah Tun Razak sayangkan Tun kerana dia dapat melihat kelebihan2 yang ada pada Tun. Dan Tun mampu menyakinkan arwah Tun Razak Tun mampu melaksanakan tugas yang diberi, insyaAllah. Untuk membalas budi dan jasa arwah Tun Razak adalah cukup dengan sedekah al-Fatihah. Amin.

    Semoga Allah sentiasa Lindungi Tun. Semoga Tun dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan dipermudahkan urusan dunia dan akhirat. Terima kasih Tun.

  18. Daniel Noor Jan 19,2016 10:52 PM

    Salam Tun

    Hope with this new engine, Proton will be a success domestically and internationally.

    A few months back I read in the BBC column on Motoring.

    They make a survey among current owners and prisoective buyers of new cars what actually they looking when buying a xar for the first time or changing to a new car.

    Nearly 92% said they looked at designs that appeals.

    Majority of them are not mechanically versed or expert with the engines and performances but overall they get attracted to the design of the car

    Honestly, I find the current design of Proton cars are not that great but not conservative.

    Do you know that Korean and Japajese car makers engaged Italian designers as they are well known in that field. Even the famous Pinifarina was engaged by Daewoo.

    So in my opinion, there is nothing wrong to engage an Italian designer if it can sell Proton cars worldwide.

    Even Italian motorcyles such as Ducati, Benelli, Augusta comes out with duch heautiful and apoealing designs. Performance wise they may not be competitive with Japanese makes but practically everybody and everyone would like to own an Italian motorcycles.

  19. Jan 19,2016 8:06 PM

    balance Jan 19,2016 12:10 PM Jan 19,2016 2:44 AM

    I think you don’t really understand Malaysia. Malaysians are never taught and learn to love and united to their country. They are brainwash to be united to political party, religion and race. So Proton cannot represent Malaysia until Malaysians to learn to love this country 1st. The fundamentals are wrong and the results we seeing now.

    Dear Tun, this is IN REPLY to BALANCE’s comments as reproduced above.

    If he or she is right, then this is a deplorable situation for I know many a country where people are longing for the kind of cultural and racial diversity that Malaysia has to offer to her citizens as well as her visitors.

    Visitors may not appreciate the points that BALANCE raised, not even long term visitors like me who have seen and lived the various trends and movements coming and going away again. What I observed though every time something like this has happened is that Malaysia still remains the paradise I have repeatedly proclaimed here that it is.

    Every time I come across comments like BALANCE’s I do remember what I said to my friend in KL when I first visited this great city which was: Here, people live in paradise but they do not realize!

    I find the many Malaysian friends I have are well educated people come of age and I am not sure that it should be so easy to brain wash them.

    To live a multi cultural, multi racial and multi religious society is not really an easy task – no one ever said it was. But from what I can see Malaysians are making of it, many community and group leaders deserve a praise. One will appreciate this only when one looks at other nations struggling with far less differentiating things among their population but are handling it with much less success.

    Malaysia is doing alright! What needs to be done is for someone to stand up and TELL MALAYSIANS THAT THEY DO rather than CRITICIZING them in demeaning manner time and again. MALAYSIANS are great people, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and the odd number of Europeans living there alike. Malaysia has a great HISTORY too!

    Malaysians can rightfully be proud of their country.

    I will never forget another incident I believe I have already purported here before too which I experienced way back in 1998 on MERDEKA DAY. We left our Hotel on Jalan Ampang to walk across to KLCC when local people of different races came to us, shaking our hands, waving a Malaysian flag, proclaiming: WELCOME TO MALAYSIA! And many stickers we saw on cars said: PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN! This was touching and it was, deep down inside us, the reason why we have come back so many times since then.

    We have thus seen Malaysians who are proud of their country and were touched because this doesn’t happen like that anywhere overseas where we have lived. Proud Malaysians can be made proud of MALAYSIAN CARS TOO if those cars are MADE SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!

    People are of age and people recognize a good product when they see one. All that PROTON has to do is to make their staff aware that they are working for a NATIONAL PRIDE and every one along the production line, in administration, in maintenance and in sale should be asked by their management and leaders to come up with ONE SUGGESTION FOR IMPROVEMENT A DAY! A good many usable suggestions will come up this way and PROTON will become a CAR TO BE PROUD OF in no time at all!

    Salam, dear Tun. Hopefully I will hear from you and we can get together to have a chat over this all!

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director,

  20. Hajar Jan 19,2016 3:20 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Andaikata Tun M juga seperti Tun Lah dan DS Najib @ Ah Jib Gor yang tidak amanah (tidak meneruskan amanat PM terdahulu) serta ghairah membatalkan atau mengetepikan banyak pelan pembangunan dan projek yang telah dirangka/meterai (termasuk yang telah dimulakan) oleh PM2 sebelum Tun, agaknya kita sekarang seperti beberapa negara lain… Terpaksa kita naik bot dan tongkang ke negara lain untuk mencari sesuap nasi..

    2. Saya ingat lagi semasa Tun Lah mengambil alih. Tun M secara simbolik menyerahkan (fail) segala tanggungjawab kepada PM baru. Pada masa itu saya pasti harapan Tun tinggi melangit untuk melihat yang Tun Lah menjaga ‘amanah’ yang Tun serahkan, namun hampa. Tun Lah juga banyak tertidur semasa dalam jawatan PM, dan menyebabkan gang ‘tingkat 4’ bermaharajalela.

    3. DSN juga turut berjanji untuk meneruskan apa2 pelan / projek yang dibatalkan oleh Tun Lah, tapi sekali lagi harapan Tun dibuang ke laut. DEB yang Tun Razak mulakan juga dipinggirkan.

    4. Sebagai rumusan, Tun ialah PM Malaysia yang paling berjaya setakat ini dalam menjaga amanah / amanat yang diserahkan kepada Tun, dan Tun turut mengangkat nama Malaysia di persada dunia ke tahap yang membanggakan.

    5. Namun kini anak Tun Razak pula telah membusukkan nama Malaysia dengan skandal2 peribadi beliau yang tiada penghujungnya. Kasihan Tun Rahah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  21. balance Jan 19,2016 1:39 PM

    ilioni Jan 19,2016 12:30 PM

    Yes I agree with yr idea. Do something to get the confidence back. Design alone will not be the main factor as design and beauty is very subjective. Safety, reliable and fuel efficiency are the core factors. Once Proton was the pride of the nation but Proton lose it due to many factors and abused its customers is one important factor. Now to get them back it takes more effort. Yes more than 5 years or 10 years warranty can be the winning factor.

    Proton announced RM600 Million R&D with Ricardo’s facilities in Shoreham, England. We should ask ourselves will Intel do its R&D at AMD facilities? Proton also announced since 1983 the company invested a total of RM18 Billion in R&D. Strange with that huge sum of money invested we still need to go to England to conduct R&D?

  22. mubarakchan Jan 19,2016 1:22 PM


    We can all see how your 22 year Administration of our beloved country Malaysia has benefitted some of the early Bumiputra birds who turned Opposition.

    They are trying their very best to make BN fight BN and recruit you into their ranks as well with sweet words and sweet nothings which they conveniently condemned you in their Blogs not too long ago. This was the reason why I am here.

    Their tactics of abuse, insults and vilification are pure examples of Hitler’s storm-troopers and their closest aides behave like Gauleiters ! Not to worry ! Our Malaysian Style Democracy prevails !

    When I used words like OLD FOOL ON ‘balance’s’ insults, abuse and vilification TO DEFEND MYSELF, my former employee from Sime Darby jumped in. Why ? The reason is the dummy has achieved his Malaysian Dream with his millions of ringgits of Gamuda shares alloted to him after 1992 during your excellent 22 year Administration. Ladies and Gentlemen please note !

    As my late brother-in-law once told me politicians and lawyers can lie on either side !

    And the lucky dummy is all hammer and tongs after being refreshed in the cooler climes for the Christmas and New Year Holidays of Oxford Street, London, Paris, Swiss Alps and Hong Kong !

    An UMNO veteran (Tan Sri SK) told me a long time ago in the 1970s that it is dangerous for anyone who has RM20 millions in politics. He can do a lot of damage.


  23. ilioni Jan 19,2016 12:30 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Something unrelated to this topic but allow me to share my thoughts on the news that I read today.

    Dr M: Proton’s problem lies in public perception, not cars

    What can be done or rather what have been done in order to counter the public perception issue, if that is true. We might have improved but to what extend? Here is what I have seen working:
    1) If we want to boast confidence, then extend the warranty to 10-years warranty on the powertrain (core component) as a method to boast the public confidence. Or, other similar warranty. Are we confident enough to do that with the quality that we claim?

    Hyundai: America’s Best Warranty

    2) Something that should be a focus is the appearance/design of the car. I am very sure that a beautiful looking design will appeal more and will be well received regardless of their brand in a lot of the cases.

    3) In term of safety standard, are we the same level as similar more established competitor such as the Japanese cars? One of my colleague recently told me that he was involved in car accident and his car was written off and he came out from the car without a scratch. All the air-bags activated. And, it was a Korean brand car. He told me that he bought another similar model car from the same car Manufacturer.

    These are the areas where the Korean Cars made significant breakthrough whereby they have changed the mindset of the consumer. This can be said in the western market where they have made significant breakthrough in their market share and these are some of the strategy that they took. Instead of just blaming on the public perception, I think it’s time to reflect if that is true and what can be done to reverse it.

    Just my 2 cent.

  24. balance Jan 19,2016 12:10 PM Jan 19,2016 2:44 AM

    I think you dont really understand Malaysia. Malaysians are never taught and learn to love and united to their country. They are brainwash to be united to political party, religion and race. So Proton cannot represent Malaysia until Malaysians to learn to love this country 1st. The fundamentals are wrong and the results we seeing now.

  25. isayso Jan 19,2016 11:25 AM

    Dear Tun,

    My apologies, Tun.

    I have been off topic but just cannot resist taking a dig at a pompous older fool. But that is not right and in breach of your Comment Policy. I beg your pardon and I will not do it again. Very hard but I will do it. I’ve had enough of laughs.

    I hope you can set up or promote a coalition to right the wrongs in this country. I know, you should be enjoying your retirement but you just direct the people and millions will be willing to assist you. 95% of Chinese are not delusional, contrary to claims. They have no problem with Malays having political supremacy and thus control of all the elements that come with this. It is a historical right. The lie of the land is well fixed.

    What the non-Malays hope for is a fairer shake of the bottle and good governance. We do not want such a corrupt government. You have seen how Malaysians of all races cheer the national badminton team. We, all races, can be a good team. Bersih 4 was really about getting rid of a corrupt PM. But it was deliberately turned into a racial thing to avoid going to jail.

    I wish you and your family well.

  26. mubarakchan Jan 19,2016 10:37 AM


    It is indeed very appropriate that you, Tun, brought up the Father of Development, Tun Abdul Razak in your latest – one of the finest of your predecessors eg. the others were our Great Tunku and our Strong Man Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn. It was my privilege to know them all especially Tun Abdul Razak.

    Tun Abdul Razak was a Raffles College mate of my elder sister. From her, I could detect from her observations of his love for our Malaya/Malaysia in his formative years. Eventually, those who were his contemporaries like Tan Sri Hamdan, Tan Sri Taib Andak, the Royal Professor Ungku Tan Sr Dr Aziz and others were also able to play important roles in the building up of Malaya after Merdeka and beyond into the 21st Century.

    Tun Abdul Razak was beloved our Leader.

    I came to be acquainted with our Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak through the Olympic Council in which he took a particular interest. He supported all the sports personally and would be in time to be at the Subang Airport to see the Malaysian Contingent off for any Games overseas, the SEAP Games or the Asian Games.

    Tun Abdul Razak’s vision and support for my concept to capture Sime Darby for Malay/Malaysian interests in 1972 was also strongly supported by YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah. Without their support in the interests of the NEP which was formulated in 1971, there would have been no success.

    The unfortunate early demise of our beloved Tun Abdul Razak put Sime Darby which was in Malay/Malaysian hands by November 1976 in a limbo until 1981 when the Malaysians took over complete control.

    At this juncture, other Malays/Malaysians like isayso came into the Sime Darby picture from which they could build their Malaysian Dream. And by the early 1990s after 1992, in keeping with the NEP and our beloved Tun’s 22 year Administration, isayso had a big allotment of Gamuda shares which fulfilled our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s policy of making everyone to achieve their Malaysian Dreams during his 22 year Administration !

    But unfortunately, after Sime Darby was in the Malays/Malaysians control, the MCA boys spread the word that if they do not get into big business like UMNO, the Chinese would be left behind. By the late 1970s, the MCA boys were up to their eye-balls in businesses and by the mid-1980s, Tun Ghaffar Baba became their President and the MCA businesses divested.

    My endeavour to put the Malays/Malaysians onto the even playing field and to eliminate poverty was interpreted by the ennobled Chinese as bum-sucking or words to this effect. I never boast. I keep secrets.


    But with Sime Darby and other ex-British businesses in Malay/Malaysian hands, the Chinese businesses could grow as this has been proven. For this I was called a Malay bum-sucker by the ennobled Chinese !

    ‘I NEVER COMPLAIN. I NEVER EXPLAIN ‘. These were words from Henry Ford II when he was arrested in Los Angeles in 1962 with a blonde for drunken driving !

    But by the time of my 1972 concept for the capture of Sime Darby for Malay/Malaysian interests, I had already firmed up my observations on what were lacking in our beloved Malaysia since 1957.

    1. The country was managed according to the rules and regulations of a Colonial Currency Board. Money is only issued for what we earned. The rich only became richer ! The economy was very slow-moving.

    2. The British owned 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays 2% as at 13 May 1969 !

    3. Throughout the 1960s and the 1970s, the expats dominated all the Trade Councils for rubber, oil palm and tin. And the expat owners were able to dictate the palm oil price every day until the free market exchange was established in the 1980s.

    4. The only way to break this colonial hold on the economy was to buy back all the foreign owned assets at fair market prices.

    5. By chance, throughout the 1970s, the British economy was in shambles and there was no will in the City of London to defend their assets. Hence, Sime Darby was controlled by the Malay/Malaysian interests after spending only RM23 millions.

    In those days, the sloshing of billions and billions of ringgits were unheard of and money for the Malays were not easily available. We were stuck.

    Without informing anyone, I met the brilliant lady lawyer in Singapore. She told me she knew nothing about the work of her husband. But we talked for one hour in which I presented the best that could be provided by Sime Darby to make ASEAN work. This was in 1974. I also met an important Singaporean banker who was hesitant being a cautious banker. But after the fall of Vietnam in April 1975, the final support from the Singaporean corporates were in place.

    By November 1976, the Malays/Malaysians were in control of Sime Darby for only RM 23 millions. As it is said, the rest is history.

    6. Sime Darby became the flagship of the PNB.

    7. It was our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who carried on with Tun Abdul Razak’s strong legacies including the acquisition of foreign assets at fair market prices to COMPLETE THE JOB for Malay/Malaysian interests in which YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah played an important role as well.

    8. My only regret is that my vision for Sime Darby to be like Temasek of Singapore in the 21st Century did not happen in the 1970s to acquire British light engineering factories for motorcars, construction, etc to transfer technology, provide more jobs for Malaysians etc. Instead, Sime Darby became a non-risk taker by becoming an elegant British-type trading house which sells the engineering goods of others instead of owning the principals.



  27. Daniel Noor Jan 19,2016 9:36 AM

    Salam Tun

    Hope you are in good health

    Sadly Najib the Bugis Pahlawan does not have even a quarter of a percent of his late father’ s quality.

    No tks to Kak Ros…

  28. daeng Jan 19,2016 7:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    1. Era Tun Razak sebagai PM Malaysia saya masih tidak kenal apa itu politik.
    2. Apa yang saya dengar dari orang yang lebih tua dan fahami, beliau adalah seorang ahli politik yang baik dan disayangi rakyat.
    3. Fakta kebaikan jauh meninggalkan keburukan diri menyebabkan beliau amat dikagumi rakyat.
    4. Al fatiha untuk Tun Razak yang saya sayangi.
    5. Malangnya sesuatu berbeza kini di mana anaknya sebagai PM Malaysia GAGAL SEBAGAI SEORANG PM MALAYSIA YANG BAIK.
    6. Kalau iman tidak boleh diwarisi, apa pula hal perbuatan manusia????
    7. Ianya terlalu abstrak untuk kita huraikan.

    Wassalam Tun.

  29. Jan 19,2016 2:44 AM

    Assalamualaikumg, dear Tun Dr. Mahathir!

    You will remember that you replied to me HERE a few years ago under on another issue. I have since then treid to contact you but unfortunately to no avail.

    Today you are purported under as advocating saying in regard to PROTON that “The problem with Proton is not the cars, it is the people’s perception that we have poor-quality cars. People will see a Malaysian car and assume it cannot be good as a Japanese car.”

    Once more I will respectfully beg to differ with you. The problem with PROTON is not people’s perception – it is the cars! People, the market, are seldom wrong and when PROTON has declined from 29,6 % in market share of passenger cars to a mere 17,7% there will be a REASON for this and the reason can only be that people do not like the car.

    It is thus for PROTON to find out WHY and to CORRECT this!

    I have addressed you HERE before about PROTON and have offered to HELP and I am still interested in doing this. I did talk to PROTON during Tengku Mahaleel times as well as before and thereafter. What I felt during all those talks was that more often than not PROTON did appear not to LISTEN.

    I have ways and means to IMPROVE PROTON conceptually and financially. Please induce someone there to CONTACT ME at,

    I have been in this business for long enough to know what I am talking about. I love Malaysia, have been visiting your country on long term visits many times on and off since 1992 and have lived the many trends and movements there sine then.

    PROTON needs to become more COMPETITIVE and PROTON need to appeal to Malaysian’s in terms of NATIONAL PRIDE, like Italians are proud of their cars for being ITALIAN – PROTON is as good as FIAT or ALFA ROMEO. You must make your people PROD OF PROTON!

    MALAYSIA is PROTON’s predominant if not only market. PROTON must FIRST be loved by Malaysian’s before PROTON can expect other ASEAN countries to buy its products or to even export them further. It can be done!

    The cars are good, only they are not LIKED and there we eventually come to terms between us in as much as it might be people’s PERCEPTION. What must be done is to find out THE REASON WHY!

    Salam, dear Tun and good Health. I keep admiring you for your vitality! May God give for me to see the same when I will become your age and may he give that I do!

    Alfred Willner

  30. rimba.emas Jan 19,2016 2:18 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Jasanya telah di iktiraf dengan gelaran Tun. Jadi beliau seorang warga negara yang telah berjaya dalam negara Malaysia.

    2. Jawatannya pula ialah Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kedua diangkat dari Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

    3. Tun kata pada masanya negara berada dalam keadaan gemilang kerana ekonomi baru telah diperkenalkan.

    4. Baharunya ialah untuk mengurangkan jurang perbezaan antara kaum.

    5. Dalam negara Islam diadakan zakat untuk dikenakan kepada yang berkemampuan serta cukup haul untuk diberi kepada golongan miskin.

    6. Sudah tentu ekonomi baru ini diadakan subsidi untuk mengurangkan harga kepada golongan miskin.

    7. Jurang perbezaan antara kaum sudah ujud sejak lama dahulu kerana ada perbezaan dalam perolehan pendapatan antara satu sama lain.

    8. Tun rasa terhutang budi kepada Tun Razak kerana memilih Tun dalam kebinet walau pun pernah di tolak dalam Umno.

    9. Nampak pemikiran Tun Razak penuh firasat sebagaimana tindakannya memandang ke Russia dan China begitu juga Tun ke timur negara Jepun.

    10. Walhal kita pernah dijajah Jepun serta ramai terkorban sebagaimana pembunuhan rakyat Malaysia oleh kekejaman Komunis.

    11. Penjajahan Jepun dan negara komunis ini juga untuk meluaskan jajahan dan ekonomi.

    12. Akhirnya kita dapat berdagang secara aman dengan berjual beli daripada dirampas secara paksa.

    13. Kini semuanya akan berubah, hutang budi akan menjadi hutang negara berbillion ringgit.

    14. Tiada lagi subsidi malah rakyat terbeban dengan cukai yang diperkenalkan oleh negara barat iaitu GST.

    15. Penjajahan alaf baru atas nama perjanjian TPPA membolehkan pihak asing bebas memasuki hak-hak peribadi rakyat Malaysia.

    16. Sejarah perjanjian Pangkor sebagai contoh bagaimana pencabulan keatas ikatan perjanjian asal.

    17. Sehinggakan Sultan yang merencanakan perjanjian itu telah di buang negara.

    18. Contoh lain beraninya mereka menyaman walau pun kita yang menyertai ahli pakatan mereka.

    19. Rakyat negara Amerika Syarikat sendiri ada yang membanth TPPA ini. Menunjukkan ada yang tertindas dan kami yang bukan ahli jawatan kuasa ini juga sangsi dengan ahli jawatankuasa TPPA 12 negara ini.

    20. Pemimpin yang terbaik sepatutnya berakhlak Al-Quran.

    21. Zakat oleh Rasullullah s.a.w hidupnya tiada berharta benda. Sedangkan pemimpin dengan cukai hidup bermewah-mewah yang sanggup mengambil wang rakyat yang berjual beli.


  31. musato Jan 18,2016 11:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kenapa Tun perlu berhutang dengan Allahyarham Tun Razak?

    Adakah Tun juga berhutang dengan saya? Kerana menjadi teman semasa Tun terpinggir dikalangan golongan sesama Tun?

    Saya tidak fikir begitu. Saya dilatih berjalan memikul beg sekolah sejauh 5km setiap hari pada waktu maghrib seorang diri di kawasan hutan yang lengang sejak darjah 4 lagi.

    Kemudian saya dilatih lagi.

    Kemudian saya di sini. Sudah 7 tahun. Kami dilatih hingga kehujung nyawa. Sehingga berasakan diri ini sudah sememangnya telah mati.

    Bagaimana mungkin Empayar Islam Abbasiyah berkembang tanpa kekuatan dan bantuan dari Allah swt.

    Kami adalah sisa sisanya.

    Kenapa perlu berhutang?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  32. sibotak Jan 18,2016 6:19 PM

    Setiap kali Najib sidang bercakap keluar Media
    Pasti kesemua comment trehadap Najib semunya Negative

    Apa Najib tak Sedar ke beliau tidak di hormati
    Kasihan kadang kala saya lihat comment comment yg mengutuk beliau
    Bukan saja si Chedet . di Yahoo , MSN dan yg lain
    Terlihat Najib sudah dipandang Hina
    Saya juga amat kecewa akan nasib Malaysia juga nasib Najib
    Tapi Najib mesti sedar jawatan yg di penggang beliau bukan untuk berlakon
    untuk bersoronok , bukan untuk memegah , bukan untuk di sanjung di pandang tinggi
    Depan mereka Hormat belakang macam macam cacian saya dengar

    Alfateeha …Tun Abdul Razak

  33. ayen Jan 18,2016 5:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun ,

    Saya anak muda yang lahir selepas pemergiaan Tun Razak merasai sumbangan dan peninggalan arwah baik dari segi ekonomi mahupun sosial . Walau masih terdapat segelintir masyarakat yang masih berfahaman perkauman , secara keseluruhan kejayaan Tun Razak menyatupadukan rakyat Malaysia tak dapat dinafikan .

    Semoga Allah merahmati rohnya . Di kesempatan ini juga , saya juga mendoakan kesejahteraan Tun serta isteri . Saya amat faham perasaan Tun ketika ini melihat segala usaha dan kepayahan Tun bersama pemimpin terdahulu seperti arwah Tun Razak semakin dirobek dan dilemahkan dari hari ke hari .

    Semoga Allah SWT Yang Maha Berkuasa Lagi Maha Penyayang merahmati Negara Malaysia dan dijauhkan kita semua dari sebarang kesusahan dunia mahupun akhirat ,

  34. wara Jan 18,2016 4:16 PM

    but his son is a useless bloody fool

  35. Hajar Jan 18,2016 4:09 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Tun Razak was a leader with very high level of integrity.

    2. He saw all the good qualities that Tun M has and that’s why he was determined to bring Tun M back into UMNO, and I believe that he had every intention of assisting Tun to be PM of Malaysia. His wish/doa was fulfilled by ALLAH S.W.T.

    3. Tun M was fated to become a PM who diligently followed Tun Razak’s development plan for Malaysia. Tun M also introduced PPSMI.

    4. But unfortunately, Tun Razak has a son who is almost the opposite of him. Tun Razak was very frugal, but his PM son a spendthrift. Tun Razak was a person of integrity, but DSN is a liar and also power-crazy. Tun Razak was a ‘builder’, but his son is a ‘destroyer’. Muka saja seiras.

    5. I wonder what went wrong… but I believe Tun Razak made a mistake of sending DSN to get his SECONDARY school education and degree in UK. I read somewhere that all of Tun Razak sons’ education (overseas) was funded by his father-in-law (Tun Rahah’s father).

    6. Well, “sikap AMANAH dan INTEGRITI tidak boleh diwarisi, tetapi PENYAKIT (genetik) boleh diwarisi oleh anak-cucu-cicit…”

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga

  36. isayso Jan 18,2016 2:57 PM

    Tun, For Fariq Islam.

    Very well said!

  37. Fariq Islam Jan 18,2016 2:25 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak merupakan seorang pemimpin yang diberkati dan dihadiah kepada ibu pertiwi.

    Dalam era Allahyarham, Rakyat pelbagai kaum hidup aman damai, hormat-menghormati, bagaikan abang-adik. Allahyarham menghayati budaya setiap kaum untuk mewarnai kehidupan seluruh Rakyat Malaysia. Orang-orang Melayu bersembang-sembang di kopitiam orang Cina, dan begitu juga dengan orang-orang Cina yang mengunjungi kedai-kedai makan Melayu. Kita semua saling kunjung-mengunjungi dan hormat-menghormati.

    Salah satu sumbangan Allahyarham yang begitu ketara ialah memberi peluang menuntut dalam pelbagai aliran, yang telah menjadi satu faktor utama Negara kita berkembang dengan begitu pesat!

    Kami berdoa agar lahirnya seorang pemimpin mulia seperti Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak yang dirahmati Allah SWT.

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