1.​In Malaysia the Attorney General decides if a law has been broken or not. That decision is in fact a judgement. The A.G. is both a judge and a prosecutor. This in itself is an injustice.

2.​I admit I was not shocked when the A.G. decided that the report by the MACC does not show that the Prime Minister has committed any criminal act when 2.6 billion Ringgit is found in his private account or a further amount of 42 million Ringgit was also in his account. I had already said it would be his decision.

3.​Merely having that amount of money in a Prime Minister’s account is already wrong even though it may not be criminal. But now the A.G. declares that the money was a gift from the Saudis.

4.​It seems there was a letter by a Saudi stating that a sum of US$ 681 million or RM2.08 billion was a donation for the PM’s contribution to the fight against Islamic terrorists. Who is this Arab, how does he have the huge sum of money to give away, what is his business, what is his bank, how was the money transferred, what documents prove these. Just a letter from a deceased person or some nonentity is enough for the A.G.

5.​Then he goes on to say that the balance of US$620 million or RM2.03 billion has been returned to the Saudis. How and when was this done? We are told the balance is frozen by Singapore. Can Singapore explain the unfreezing and the delivery back to the Saudis? Or does Singapore also believe in the free gift story, the letter and the Saudi admission.

6.​Singapore is a financial centre. Can it be so gullible?

7.​Then the A.G. concludes that there is no case for Najib to answer. He also directed MACC to close the case and cease investigation.

8.​I thought the MACC is an independent body. Now it seems it is subordinate to the A.G. and it takes orders from him. No wonder Malaysia is included among the ten most corrupt countries in the world. The Anti-Corruption Agency is not free.

9.​I was right when I predicted that the A.G. will reject the report by the MACC as he did with the report by Bank Negara.

10.​A lot of people must know the contents of both reports. But they have all seen what can happen even when someone lodges a report to the police. And they are scared.

11.​I am scared too. In Malaysia today laws and rules no longer protect the people. The OSA for example is used to prevent reports from reaching the people. On the other hand people are now exposed to abuse of the OSA and they may end up in jail. Even the ISA did not frighten people as much.

12.​Quo vadis Malaysia.




1. Di Malaysia, Peguam Negara yang memutuskan jika sesuatu undang-undang dilanggar atau tidak. Keputusan tersebut merupakan satu penghakiman. Peguam Negara bertindak sebagai Hakim dan Pendakwa Raya. Ini dengan sendirinya satu ketidakadilan.

2. Saya mengaku saya tidak terperanjat apabila Peguam Negara memutuskan laporan oleh SPRM tidak menunjuk YB Perdana Menteri telah melakukan perbuatan jenayah apabila RM 2.6 bilion dijumpai di dalam akaun peribadi beliau atau selanjutnya jumlah RM 42 juta juga didapati di dalam akaun beliau. Saya telah menyatakan Peguam Negara akan membuat keputusan yang sedemikian.

3. Hanya dengan mempunyai sejumlah wang berkenaan sahaja di dalam akaun Perdana Menteri adalah menjadi satu kesalahan walau pun ianya mungkin bukan perbuatan jenayah. Tetapi kini Peguam Negara telah mengistiharkan wang tersebut merupakan hadiah Dari pihak Arab Saudi.

4. Kononnya terdapat sepucuk surat dari Saudi yang menyatakan bahawa wang berjumlah USD 681 juta atau RM 2.08 bilion adalah hadiah kepada Perdana Menteri atas sumbangan beliau melawani pengganas Islam. Siapakah gerangan Arab ini, bagaimana beliau mempunyai wang yang begitu banyak untuk diderma, apakah jenis perniagaan beliau, apakah maklumat perbankannya, bagaimana wang berkenaan disalurkan, apakah dokumen-dokumen bagi membuktikannya? Hanya sepucuk surat dari individu yang telah meninggal atau badan-badan yang agak samar latar belakangnya adalah memadai untuk Peguam Negara.

5. Kemudian beliau menyatakan bahawa baki USD 620 juta atau RM 2.03 bilion telah dipulangkan kepada pihak Saudi. Bagaimana dan bila ini dilakukan? Kita dimaklumkan baki berkenaan telah dibekukan oleh pihak Singapura. Bolehkah pihak Singapura menjelaskan pembatalan pembekuan dan penghantaran semula kepada pihak Saudi? Atau adakah pihak Singapura juga mempercayai cerita sumbangan percuma, surat berkenaan dan pengakuan pihak Saudi?

6. Singapura adalah sebuah pusat kewangan. Adakah negara tersebut begitu mudah mempercayainya?

7. Kemudian Peguam Negara memutuskan bahawa tidak ada kes terhadap Najib. Beliau juga mengarahkan supaya pihak SPRM menutup kes berkenaan dan memberhentikan penyiasatan.

8. Saya fikirkan pihak SPRM merupakan badan yang bebas. Namun kini kelihatan SPRM berada di bawah bidang kuasa Peguam Negara dan menerima arahan dari pihaknya. Tidak hairanlah Malaysia termasuk dalam senarai antara sepuluh negara yang paling korup di dunia. Badan pencegah rasuah tidak bebas.

9. Adalah bertepatan apabila saya meramalkan bahawa Peguam Negara akan menolak laporan dari SPRM seperti mana yang berlaku dengan laporan dari Bank Negara.

10. Ramai orang semestinya telah mengetahui isi kandungan kedua-dua laporan berkenaan. Walau bagaimana pun mereka telah melihat apa yang boleh terjadi apabila seseorang membuat laporan kepada polis. Dan mereka berasa takut.

11. Saya juga takut. Hari ini undang-undang tidak lagi melindungi orang ramai. Sebagai contoh, Akta Rahsia Resmi kini digunakan untuk menghalang laporan-laporan dari diketahui umum. Sebaliknya orang ramai kini terdedah dengan penyalahgunaan Akta Rahsia Resmi dan risiko dimasukkan ke penjara. Sehinggakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri tidak memberi ketakutan yang sedemikian kepada orang ramai.

12. Quo Vadis Malaysia (Ke mana arahnya Malaysia?)

76 thoughts on “QUO VADIS MALAYSIA

  1. mubarakchan Feb 7,2016 11:30 AM


    A small typo amendment to my Comment,

    “…. no business experience, ownership and accountability. ”

    My humble apologies.

  2. mubarakchan Feb 7,2016 11:26 AM


    Quo Vadis Malaysia Tun ?

    Unlike the controlled use of money to further the development of our beloved Malaysia before 2003, thereafter, the adoption of the failed MONEY MONET MONEY policies of neo-communist Singapore in particular the GLCs, has become an unmitigated disaster which led to all sorts of uncontrolled profligacy with money in the hands of irreponsible amateurs and worse, upset our once traditional stable peace and harmony, pitching friends against friends, foes against foes.

    This loss of control of the useful utilization of precious public money seemed to have affected all the GLCs without an exception.

    And most of the money which were raised, were borrowed money. One can only hazard a guess that there were much off-budget borrowings by the GLCs based on the American Dollar because of its availability and low interest rate. This was before the big crash of the price of oil.

    On the sale of landed assets in foreign places, there are no buyers at the high prices which these were previously bought. The void cannot be covered by the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit to report to the stakeholders that there was no loss. By right, the purchase price in the foreign currency must be announced with the selling price of the property in the SAME CURRENCY.

    An example which this information was fudged was by the Sime Darby sale of the Sandestin Resort, Florida in 1997. The Resort was bought at US$72 millions. But it was sold after the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit at a much lower price. Sime Darby declared that there was no loss in Malaysian Ringgits.

    Please note that companies have a business model to follow and should not indulge in foreign exchange speculation as an excuse to cover up some sinister motives with the property purchases.

    My view is that the Singaporean GLCs as invented by the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew served a national interest in terms of jobs creation and national development which could not be achieved by the Singaporean traders. In the case of Malaysia, our GLCs managed by Civil Servants with on business experience, ownership and accountability, do investments EXACTLY as the private sector. This also encroached on the Private Sector in terms of everything like finance, contracts etc.

    As long as our beloved Malaysia has the round pegs in the square holes, and the square pegs in the round holes, it will be forever QUO VADIS MALAYSIA TUN ?

    Our beloved Malaysia is now enveloped in a humongous bubble of MONEY MONEY MONEY which is beyond the reach of the Rakyat. I have observed there is a tendency to mix-up the dollars and sens in the reporting of the statistics like our foreign exchange reserves and the trade year on year figures. There is an ancinet saying


    In other words, please do not bluff yourself that you are a hero until you are sure of your weaknesses.

    And today, our beloved Malaysia is bobbing up and down in the financial ocean of turmoil without recourse to save ourselves waiting for the unmitigated disaster if any !


    For the cognoscenti. the Asian Wall Street Journal 7 February 2016 headline


    Tun, the World recession arrived in October 2008 which was ameliorated by 3 QEs WITHOUT EFFECT ! No one has the answer to this problem – the longest World financial crisis up-to-date. Nouriel Roubini calls this the the NEW ABNORMAL ! Marc Faber expects the QE4 to QE99 !

  3. mubarakchan Feb 6,2016 2:01 PM


    Quo Vadis Malaysia ? Yes Tun ! We are all going to London, Paris, New York etc. Here is the reason why as reported in The Edge 8 February 2016. Quote

    ” It is amazing how some government-linked companies (GLCs) hold their board meetings in places like London. They fly their directors overseas in business class and put them up in swanky hotels for the duration of their stay.
    Some GLCs are known to do this as many as four times a year or every quarter when they are slated to hold board meetings. What is worse is that some of the directors share pictures of their trips on social media for all to see.
    GLCs should be run efficiently and prudently. While the travelling and accomodation of the company officials abroad should be comfortable and commensurate with their position, GLCs should not incur such expenses unless absolutely necessary. Indeed, are board meetings abroad a necessity or a luxury ?
    Interestingly enough, late last month, four Yayasan Pelajaran Mara officers escaped three-year prison sentences after the Court of Appeal set aside a charge of falsifying claims for air ticket re-imbursement.
    While the four were released and their respective fines of RM43,125 in default of six months’ imprisonment were set aside, the case gives some insights into what happens at certain government agencies.
    It is understandable for civil servants in high positions or those older to be entitled to more comfort, especially on long flights, but there has to be some form of control to ensure there is no abuse. ” unquote

    As I always said that the Civil Servants who manage these GLCs have no business experience, ownership and accountability. GLCs invented by Lee Kuan Yew in neo-communist Singapore have been adopted by authoritarian Russia, communist China, neo-communist Singapore and democratic Malaysia. These serve no useful purpose which the Private Sector cannot provide. Corruption, nepotism and political upheaval rear their ugly heads in each nation the GLCs exist even in Singapore.

    According to my friends, the greatest shock they had was the sudden imposition of a higher levy on foreign workers in an already high cost country.


  4. Walinong Sari Feb 3,2016 2:06 PM

    a very good and easy to understand tq tun

  5. HouseWife Feb 3,2016 1:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Allow me Tun to talk on the Kedah episode.
    My heart was set ablazed but manage to cool myself by zikirullah, insyaAllah.
    Tun, every steps that need to be taken by DSMM to save Kedah from the vultures has been done but Allah knows best.

    The Kedah revolt has been secretly and treacherously schemed by the power-hungry gerombolan and their despicable big boss.
    And by what force or power have they found sudden ‘bravery’ to revolt? And I don’t understand, Tun how come the palace could be conjoined in their ‘game’?. Could it be that all the summonses by the palace council is just for the sake of formality, to soth the Kedahans, to show that they care?
    Will the Kedahans allowed themselves to be administered by a pack of undemocratic, spoiled, loathsome, liers, bullish, impious, power-hungry mutineers? They are a pack of foolish narcissism. They are so mean and brutal to DSMM, he is all alone to fight these impostors.
    So unfortunate for Kedahans, through their blood, sweat and tears, they will have to ‘feed’ these bunch of nincompoops as their state administrators.
    GOOD LUCK Kedah! May Allah Save and Protect you. Amin.

    Tun, I could not access to some of the websites given by the commentators here. Are we becoming an unfree rakyat, Tun? They want to ‘occupy’ us mentally. Do they want us to live in a state of dictatorship, whereby the minds of the people are indoctrinate by their propagandas day in day out.
    They are making the rakyat like their ‘commodities’, they feel free to ‘make use’ of as and when they please.
    Tun, when the rakyat felt like they’re being ‘imprisoned’, they will resist, it is human nature to react. Don’t blame the rakyat when they show their displeasure on the streets. But I guess they have ready in hand their plots to contain the rakyat from breaking out..$$$? positions? power? nice bling bling promises?
    But a person who is aware of his/her surrounding and identity and have senses of right and wrong, will not and never never give in to temptations and allurements.

    Tun, I don’t want to ever make myself lose faith or that everything is lost.
    I believe that all these unwanted and unhappy episodes that our beloved country is facing, will make the rakyat more alert, aware, awake, active and abide to rules of law to claim true justice and in upholding for peace, harmony and prosperity.
    May Allah Save Malaysia. Amin.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank you so much Tun.

    And also Thank you to all here in Tun’s blog. Keep fighting for justice, peace, freedom, love and friendship.
    May Allah Bless all of you. Amin.

  6. amd trmz Feb 3,2016 11:10 AM

    MULA MULA 2.6B






  7. wan brats Feb 3,2016 9:54 AM

    Assalamualaikum YAbhg Tun,
    Semoga Tun terus berjuang demi keadilan dan kebenaran.

  8. daeng Feb 3,2016 6:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kemelut isu MB Kedah akan berakhir, tapi saya ingin menjelaskan 2 situasi berbeza:

    1. Hubungan antara Mukhriz dan lain-lain ADUN adalah hubungan politik yang mana lebih KOTOR dari BERSIH. Yang bersih dikotorkan dan yang kotor dimomokkan bersih.
    2. Hubungan antara Mukhriz dan rakyat Kedah adalah hubungan kemanusiaan yang bersih.

    Sekarang kuasa sementara di tangan Najib tetapi selepas PRU14 kuasa rakyat akan tentukan kuasa beralih kepada kerajaan campuran.

    Najib dan kuncunya jangan cuba lari ke luar negara jika kalian semua anak jantan.

    Wassalam Tun.

  9. cruze Feb 2,2016 5:49 PM

    Asalamualaikum semua nampaknya sudah semakin banyak laman laman akhbar percuma online telah di tutup sehingga kami tidak dapat membacanya lagi untuk topik rm 2.6 B dan kenyataan oleh AG dari swiss !
    Sila jawab lah Apandi dan Zahid perkara berkenaan dengan perbezaan kenyataan zahid yang bersemuka dengan ahli perniagaan dengan kerabat di raja saudi oleh Apandi. Bukan dengan jalan mudah memberikan arahan larangan membuka lagi kes tersebut.

    Perkara di atas agak remeh tetapi perbezaan yang sangat jauh jika di bawa ke peringkat perbincangan…

    Ramai di sini dan di luar termasuk lim kit siang dah mula tergolek2 pecah perut akan Apandi dan Zahid ni….
    Sebijik kisah drama2 tak masuk akal di TV3 skrip kamu berdua ni.

    Bacalah kenyataan orang yang bijak pandai seperti Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz tu bahawa walau dengan kaedah “Banned mana mana laman media” belum dapat menutup mulut masyarakat.

    Dengan membuat semua rakyat menyayangi menteri2 dan mengasihi tanah air tercinta ini lah yang dapat mengelakkan daripada ejekan sumbang di mata rakyat dan dunia..

    Adakah ini semua jadi lemah otak kerana puncanya banyak sangat makan telur penyu….ayah dafi

    Salam sejahtera Tun dan penulis tetap di sini..i like you all.

  10. sibotak Feb 2,2016 2:32 PM

    1MDB mengalahkan cerita Keling
    Berbelit belit
    Siapa Director dia ?
    Pelakon dia orang Melayu ke ?
    Siapa Hero dia ?
    Siapa supporting actor ?

    Wah…hebat sungguh berlakon sampai negri Swiss
    Hebat sungguh sandiwara Melayu
    Mengalahkan Bollywood

  11. sibotak Feb 2,2016 2:23 PM

    The Swiss attorney-general’s office statement on Friday reignited graft allegations when it said investigators had “revealed serious indications that funds have been misappropriated” to the tune of US$4 billion.

    What is going on here ?
    Najib told us He is clean
    Why on earth we get this news from the other side of the World
    The Swiss AG’s
    Can know and tell us off what is going on with 1MDM

    Does not we have been asking ,probing now and then ?
    Should not Najib He himself told us so of the revealed serious indications of 1MDB
    Why did we listen these from third party the Swiss AG not from Najib himself
    When it should be the duty of Najib to know all these
    Since Malaysia has been probing on 1MDB for years ago

    Why does it have to come from Swiss ?
    What is going on here ?
    Seems like We Malaysian are made a Fool

  12. isayso Feb 2,2016 8:53 AM


    I hope all the foreign authorities looking into the matter will come together and put forward a joint comprehensive report to save us a headache.

  13. isayso Feb 2,2016 8:48 AM

    Good morning Tun,

    Just a few comments before I set off for work.

    Finally, Singapore has revealed more. I have chosen this article published in the Malaysia-Chronicle (, a blocked site but can be accessed if the DNS server setting is reset) as the headline is in line with my own thinking:


    SINGAPORE – Singapore said today it has seized a large number of bank accounts in connection with possible money-laundering offences related to investigations into alleged financial mismanagement at Malaysian state investor 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    Singapore is cooperating with authorities in Malaysia, Switzerland and the United States on the investigations into 1MDB, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Commercial Affairs Department, the city-state’s white collar police, said in a statement.

    “In connection with these investigations, we have sought and are continuing to seek information from several financial institutions, are interviewing various individuals, and have seized a large number of bank accounts,” the two agencies said in the statement.

    The statement came after Switzerland’s chief prosecutor said last week a criminal investigation into 1MDB had revealed that about US$4 billion (RM16.6 billion) appeared to have been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies.

    Earlier, I commented here that the rewards for keeping mum may be more beneficial for Singapore. I have the same feeling about the USA. I was afraid that both countries may decide to close an eye because a testicle in hand is worth two in the bush. Water for Singapore can remain cheap for a long time! TPPA is a done deal. The Honorable and Distinguished Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak is the top batsman for for TPPA.

    The action by the Swiss AG makes it more difficult for the Singap0re and US authorities to keep quiet.

    Thank you Switzerland.

  14. The Hidden Secret Feb 2,2016 7:48 AM


    Saya ada dengar orang cakap… Ada dua orang mastermind money laundering 1MDB ni…. Jho Low dan lagi seorang daripada Goldman Sach (M), tak ingat plak sapa namanya yang seorang lagi ni. Betul ke?

  15. ibchek Feb 2,2016 1:55 AM

    Saya tak faham kenapa Dr. M kena turunkan Pak Lah. Tengoklah wayang Menteri Pos dan Telekomunikasi Bangladesh ini di Pak Lah masih jauh novis dari nenek ini. Harap maklum.

  16. WandyCaswady Feb 1,2016 9:41 PM

    Vado Leto or Vado Domus… hmm

  17. sibotak Feb 1,2016 8:06 PM

    In Malaysia ,Thailand , Indonesia and others
    We have Laws ,Rules & Regulations , Do’s & Don’t

    S,pore have the same
    But they implement it well
    As such it creates such a huge revenue , every split seconds ,every inch of their land ,sea & air space the Govt makes huge revenue 24hrs never close
    They did not have resources
    Yet they earn much much more than Nations that have resources
    The Govt earn much much more profit than Oil producer
    They don,t make Cars Yet their LTA a piece of paper COE costs triple times more than you can get a car from any part of the world
    Even a lousy car there can cost our semi-detached house fully paid
    And its Dead after 10 yrs you have tp pay another perhaps Sin $50,000-/ to use for another 5 years usage
    The car died before the owner .Here the owner die first
    Even for their basic necessity Water they got from us vely vely cheap as good a Free . I suggest Johor Govt just give them Free and void our agreement
    Yet the sold to their own people vely vely expensive

    Their Govt are Successful ,perhaps the richest Govt in the World
    The people work hard, 1 job most 2 job some even 3 jobs
    As it was never enough for the people
    God knows the people are suffering in Silence
    As their Balls will be Squeeze before they can utter a word

    So what,s the Difference ?
    Compare an Orange with an Orange
    An Apple with an Apple
    Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
    S,pore & Brunei

    I,m placing we have a Weak Govt
    We have Laws , Rules & Regulations ,Do’s & Don’ts
    But Authority Concerns have the Lazy Malay Ahmad Attitude
    The Tidak apa attitude & The Bolih Cerita attitude

    We can see these clearly
    Comparisons between the S,pore Immigration & Customs Attitude
    Johor Immigration we can see clearly
    Sometimes our Officer , shut their lights playing hand phone & computer
    Their checking are never Stringer no wonder
    We have high rates of illegal immigrants
    Not just immigration indeed all of our Government Authority have such attitude

    Simply I never respects S,pore Civil Servants working attitude

    Why is these so ?
    Perhaps is the results of our incompetence leader
    Followed up by the Head to Toe

    And now Are we now talking about TTPA or whatever investment ?
    When this is what we are
    1MDB sell kacang putih & kangkong we lost Billions not Millions
    And no one even aware of it when suddenly it reaches a Huge Debts
    1MDB employee ,Directors
    Don,t tell me None is aware of Billions Loss that leads to Debts
    I believe The Director must be Alerted when reports read millions loss
    and do something about it
    But when sudden it reaches Billions

    Anneeeeeeh , something foolishly not right
    Where is our Authority to understand all these Govt wrong doings

    Why now it was even alerted by the Swiss Govt

    Alamak Dol……
    Kalau tak bolih manage lebih baik kasi
    Yahudi uruskan
    Lebih Bijak ,lebih Amanah

  18. joetamchi Feb 1,2016 6:32 PM



  19. joetamchi Feb 1,2016 6:04 PM

    Hanya kerana seorang memanda…#$@%
    Busuklah nama negara Malaysia….!

    Dimanakah kuasa & titah diRaja…?
    Agar negara berdaulat dipersada…!

    MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


    NOW THEREFORE, WE, the people of Malaysia, pledge to concentrate the whole of our energy and efforts to achieve these ambitions based on the following principles:



  20. adelheid Feb 1,2016 3:50 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I fully agree and support what had been said about DPM Zahid Hamidi by fellow commentators Daniel Noor and Faridina. The current DPM is a liar and an opportunist alright. His true colour is clearly visible even as he is yet to take over the throne from the present PM. I have goosebumps all over everytime I see him on teevee – out of fear of worse a tyranny than his would be predecessor, not out of respect or awe. This fella will cause the cancer already spread by PM Najib to reach its terminal stage, full stop.

    Tun, I would like to share this info with the other readers of your blog, that Syed Akbar Ali Outsyed The Box is still accessible here – Please read ‘How to access my blog Outsyed The Box’ posted by SAA today. I hope it helps and other readers please spread the word too. Perhaps the other blocked blogs like dinturtle, jinggo-fotopages or SR can also be accessed via the same, I have not tried but I hope so. The tyrant has limited hands afterall.

    That’s all for now dear Tun Mahathir. Do take good care Tun berdua. Love you both.

  21. joetamchi Feb 1,2016 3:42 PM,2453.xhtml

    Ke Mana arahnya negara Malaysia..?
    Serata dunia sedang mengata…
    Maruah negara diinjak dihina…
    disebabkan oleh seorang penguasa…


  22. sibotak Feb 1,2016 5:12 AM

    To all UMNO members
    Yr Leader not mine embrace
    Cash is King
    Which is against Islam
    The teaching of the Devil
    The prophet of the Setans

    Islam is
    Surrender ,Submission ,Obedience ,Sincerity and Peace
    No money on earth can buy these

  23. faridina Feb 1,2016 12:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Please allow me to interact with Mr Daniel Noor a paragraph or two.

    Just like his supreme boss, Zahid will have to go in fact the whole cabinet will have to go after all they are a bunch of liars don’t they?

    You should know well that Zahid is an opportunist so when he accepted the Deputy Prime Minister job he sure will be defending his boss Najib Mati Mati, what do you expect?

    The rakyat would have accepted him well many moon ago if he rejected Najib’s offer and team up with TSMY and DSSA to oust Najib.

    In my opinion his rating in the eyes of the rakyat is at par with his notorious scandalous boss!!

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – The other infamous Perakian flamboyant playboy Nazri Aziz too are so rude and nasty too our dearest Tun M and please don’t give him another chance too..

  24. Daniel Noor Jan 31,2016 9:35 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Malaysia now is being ruled by a bunch of Liars..not only lying to the Rakyata but lying among themselves !. Zahid said a few months ago he met personally the donor of 2.6 billion. Then only a few days back Appandi said the donor was the late King Saudi. The same thing with another Minister who denied eating the endangered egg of a turtle when right in front of him was a few numbers of broken shells of the tortiese eggs that he consumed.

    Personally, I think Zahid can still be acceted by the rakyat as long as he look after his own portfoios instead of trying to be Mr ‘ To Die For ‘ Najib the Coward.

    Zahid seems to forget that at one time he tried to bring Tun M down by accusing un M of corruption, cronyismn and nepotism during the Annual UMNO Assembly. He did at the behest of his mentor Anwar Ibrahim

    When Tun M turned the table by placing all the recipients of Government projects, permits, licences, etc and it was clearly proven that majority of those recipients were the cronies of Anwar Ibrahim, Zahid began to shiver and eventually was put into cold storage. Only when Pak Lah became the PM, his political career was resurrected.

    My advice to Zahid is, instead of him trying to defend Najib Mati Mati it is better for him to concentrate on his portfolios. Not only the whole Msians but the whole world knows the crime that Najib has committed Why should Zahid try to defend this najib Mati Mati ? Zahid is making the same mistake like what he did during Anwar Ibrahim’s time. How forgetful can he be.

    Zahid, you have make more than enough since Anwar’s time. So for today it is better for you to side the Rakyat and fight for justice and fairness for them. This is the best way to make up for the mistakes you did before.

    I am very sure you will be accepted by the Rakyat even when Najib falls. And so far in my opinion, your rating in the eyes of the Rakyat is still ok compared to your Boss whereby not less than 80 % Msians wants him out and down.

  25. wajaperak Jan 31,2016 6:22 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Tadi di masjid ada seorang hamba Allah menceritakan bahawa bagaimana dia pernah menunggu Dato Mukhriz di sebuah tangga hotel.Dengan penuh khidmat ( tanpa mengira pangkat dan kedudukan ) Dato Mukhriz telah menyambut hamba Allah ini yang menyimpulkan bahawa dari pandangan mata hatinya bahawa Dato Mukhriz adalah seorang yang jujur dan tulus ikhlas.

    Dato Mukhriz juga pernah menyatakan bahawa di dalam era pemerintahannya tiada orang yang akan mendapat sebarang bentuk rasuah dari dirinya.

    Kesimpulan hamba Allah ini bahawa begitulah UMNO sekarang dan kesemua konco mereka tidak akan menyokong Dato Mukhriz kerana tidak mendapat apa apa sumbangan dan ‘derma’ dari Dato Mukhriz.

    Begitulah Tun.
    Saya ingin menyatakan sesuatu bahawa kita akan terus berada di dalam kedudukan ini untuk suatu masa yang lama lagi kerana kelemahan diri kita sendiri.

    Pernah suatu masa dahulu seorang penceramah TV berpangkat ‘DR’ dan bekas mufti selangor membuat suatu kenyataan yang amat biadab..Dalam dakyahnya dia mendakwa apabila Namrud mengikat Nabi Ibrahim untuk di bakar,pendakyah ini mendakwa Allah ikut..
    Bila Namrud ingin membakar Nabi Ibrahim barulah Allah tidak membenarkan perancangan Namrud.

    Amat biadap sungguh pendakyah ini.
    Dia dengan selamba telah menafikan Sifat-Sifat 20 Allah dan lain-lain yang tidak layak bagi Allah.

    Begitu juga dengan seorang blogger Tun dahulu.
    Dengan angkuh dan biadapnya dia menggunakan nama GOLOK ALLAH.
    Gelaran seperti nama sebegini tidak dibenarkan di dalam Islam.
    KERIS ALLAH,PISAU ALLAH,PARANG ALLAH dan seumpamanya menggambarkan amalan yang salah di dalam Islam.

    Apa yang malangnya seorang bogger Tun yang amat PANDAI,berhemah dan bersopan santun menyokong penuh blogger ini.
    Syukurlah dia tidak menulis lagi.
    Kalau tidak entah apa lagi ajaran sekular yang akan di bawanya.

    Kita lemah dan jahil.
    Sebab itu Najib juara maharaja lawak mega sejak tahun 2014 lagi.
    Selamanya kita tidak akan mendapat pertolongan Allah dengan


    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. faridina Jan 31,2016 3:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Quo Vadis Malaysia?

    Now I am extremely happy to say that Malaysia is heading towards becoming the first Asean country where its supreme leader in the form of the Honourable and Distinguished 6th Prime Minister will be charged on a foreign land in less than six months.

    Now I see some lights at the end of the tunnel and Isayso maybe right after all.

    As the supreme leader of Malaysia Najib is above the law so it seems here in our own backyard but watch out if ever he ever dare travel to the Europe in the near future then this time around he won’t be coming back as the Prime Minister anymore.

    Is this fantasy or reality?

    Wasalam Tun.

  27. sudin Jan 31,2016 2:55 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Set up a panel, if necessary the Royal Commission, and investigate Apandi.
    He and Azeez can become a formidable combination, and Tabung Haji is at risk!

  28. sudin Jan 31,2016 2:23 PM

    Assalam… Tun.

    Hari ini harga ikan pelaling dipasar2 Lembah Kelang ialah RM15 sekilo!!!
    Bulan lepas harganya RM9.50 sekilo.
    Setahun lalu harganya cuma RM3.00 sekilo!

    Begitu juga keadaannya dengan ikan2 jenis lain, sayur2 dan hampir setiap keperluan asas kita.
    Kangkong yang dihebohkan si Najib tu pun dah mencecah RM4++ sekilo!

    Yang amat menghairankan, nasib/ekonomi para nelayan kita tak pun ada peningkatan.

  29. isayso Jan 31,2016 12:59 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I made the comment below on Dec 5, 2019 9:39 AM, because I felt that we will never get to the truth within Malaysia. New AG Apandi had promptly declared the 2.60 billion was a donation before he even had the chance to warm up his chair in the office. And kudos to him, he stuck to the script.

    I think the only hope lies in the supposed investigations by the Swiss, Singaporean, British, Hong Kong and the US authorities. They can sit down and trace the movement of funds, to the date and time. They can show whether 1MDB grandfathered the RM2.60 billion via the Petro-Saudi deal or the other hilarious deals that went on.

    I said “supposed investigations” because until the Swiss AG’s statement yesterday, there was no confirmation of any kind that such probes were in fact ongoing. I respect your blog highly so I am very careful not to make statements or conjure headlines that does exist. I was also afraid that political correctness may creep in and we get the crap, like “we do not interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation, blah blah”.

    Well, I am happy the Swiss AG is a lawman who is serious about bring criminals to book. It is an extraordinary statement because it is not short on the details and after 5 months, i believe the Swiss know what they are talking about. More details will be provided if the Malaysian side say stupid things like “we have reviewed your papers and there is nothing”. The Swiss AG will not just sit there and be made to look like a fool by a political hack.

    Next is Singapore. Tun, the gauntlet you tossed at Singapore is perfect! If money is still frozen in the island state, how will this square with the claim that the money has been returned. Perhaps the two accounts that have been frozen in Singapore are not the ones storing the cash. But I just wonder whether Singapore will Sing. For Singapore the returns for keeping silent, if the USD 620 million money has indeed been frozen, may well be worth it.

    What about Saudi Arabia, Tun? Again we hear the Saudis are conducting their own investigations. If the donation is true and the return of the money is true, then I would hope they will say just that. We should really move on. AG Apandi has stressed that the investigations into 1MDB (by the Swiss) were wholly separate from the case involving the RM2.6 billion-donation deposited into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s accounts. On the latter, he has proclaimed PM Najib is guilt-free and might magnanimous as well (returing unused money). Those with basic smell-test ability do not believe in fairy tales. Those who cannot smell make up stories and claim them as facts. Surely, the King of Saudi Arabia would want to know who in the family has been so generous to our honorable and distinguished PM. And who got the refund? Can the Saudi royal family afford to keep quiet if the claims are untrue?

    Alas, we wait some more.

  30. sibotak Jan 31,2016 7:05 AM

    Saya yakin jika pemimpin UMNO Najib tidak berubah
    UMNO akan Tumbang bersama Najib

    Jika dalam berapa bulan ini sebelum setahun
    UMNO masih dalam keadaan keresahan
    Maka perlu Muhideen ,Mukhlis dan yg lain lain
    Membuahkan Parti Baru atau masuk PAS

    Membuahkan Parti Baru menarik anggota UMNO ,PAS ,PKR juga DAP
    Demi Kepentingan Ummah
    Muhideen , Mukhlis bersatu dengan PAS
    Pasti pengikut UMNO ,PKR ,DAP yg lain akan ikut serta

    Bapa Tubuh UMNO
    Anak Kubur UMNO

    Dan Kita akan pastikan yg berkaitan akan Kesalahan mereke yg terbabit
    Perlu di Hukum setimpalnya

  31. sitinur Jan 30,2016 10:03 PM

    sy makin seremm la ni sbb apa yg sy rapukan makin jelas nih sy nak merapu pingki undurkan diri..setiap ari nk rapu cenggini..
    jugak semuga semua pengurusan tertinggi th undurkan diri sendiri sbb mereka menjejaskan kecemerlangan th…setia nyokong ayahanda tun..

  32. Tanggang Jan 30,2016 4:28 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Kemana halatuju negara.

    Yang jelas adalah seperti yang diperkatakan oleh Tun yaitu Kedah akan bukan lagi milik BN dalam PRU akan datang kerana Datuk Mukhriz telah digantikan. Sentimen rakyat tidak diambil kira untuk penggantian ini melainkan sentimen individu2 ketua bahagian tersebut.

    Walaupun Menteri Besar digantikan, tetapi tidak membawa makna kepada rakyat lebih2 lagi memandangkan didalam kegawatan dana kerajaan sekarang ini.

    GST akan tetap dikenakan kepada rakyat. Ikan sardin bersaiz kecil yang berharga RM3 pd 2 tahun lepas, kini telah berharga RM5.50. Ianya akan naik lebih lagi dalam masa 2 tahun ini.

    Akar umbi UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO masih lagi menegakkan atau tidak percaya bahawa terdapat ketidakadilan dalam pentadbiran negara.

    Rakyat sekarang sudah putus harap dan rata2 bergantung kepada PRU yang akan diadakan nanti. Jika tidak masa terdekat tetapi lambat laun akan diadakan juga.

    Memandangkan situasi keadaan sekarang, telah terlalu banyak kerosakan berlaku dan telah dilihat jelas oleh rakyat. Negara sedang menuju kearah pertukaran pentadbiran yang besar. Buat pertama kalinya UMNO menjadi parti pembangkang.

    Salam Tun

  33. faridina Jan 30,2016 3:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Halatuju tanahair tercinta Malaysia semestinya ditentukan pemimpin agung No. 1 Malaysia yakni individu yang paling berkuasa tidak lain tidak bukan Perdana Menteri yang paling digeruni Najib Razak.

    Kadangkala terlintas dibenak fikiran ini apakah ertinya pemerintahan demokrasi kalau hanya seorang ini sahaja yang menentukan halatuju negara dan kuasa serta tindakannya mirip seorang diktator!

    Perlakuan seorang diktator menghalalkan apa sahaja kemungkaran dan salahlaku dan sesiapa sahaja yang menentang akan menerima akibatnya yang amat dahsyat dan rakyat tidak boleh buat apa2.

    Kekecewaan terhadap penindasan intelektual rakyat dikongsi bekas pemimpin2 hebat seperti ayahanda Tun namun gerakan secara solo nampaknya kurang berkesan mengoncang Najib yang bergayut macam monyet atas pohon kuasa supaya jatuh ke bawah.

    Ayahanda Tun seharusnya mengumpul semula seramai mungkin bekas pemimpin2 bergelar Tun, Tan Sri, Dato’ Seri, Dato’ dan mengetuai gelombang kedua penentangan salahlaku dan kemungkaran Najib dengan mengadakan siri ceramah dan sidang akhbar.

    Ayahanda Tun tentu sedar rakyat marhaen diluar sana tiada nama tiada pengaruh dan memerlukan pimpinan para pemimpin yang dapat membela rakyat jelata.

    Terasa lama sungguh untuk sampai ke tempoh PRU 14 dan apakah nasib kami sepanjang tempoh berlalu begitu perlahan sekali.

    Quo Vadis rakyat Malaysia ayahanda Tun?

    Wasalam Tun.

  34. sibotak Jan 30,2016 2:08 PM

    Ini Berita terkini dari Yahoo

    Swiss 1MDB probe reveals US$4 billion funds abuse by Malaysian government firms

    Apahal pulak ini PM Najib . Attorney General ?
    Tolong Terangkan

  35. sibotak Jan 30,2016 7:07 AM

    So now what happen to 1 MDB
    What business is it about ? What product or service did it offer ?
    Who is the Shareholder ?
    Why was it Salvage at the expense of Malaysia State Land if there is private shareholders
    Meaning these shareholder have been ease their burden their risks of the filthy heavy debts they have foolishly incurred themselves
    At the expense of our State Land sold to China

    So if 1MDM makes money the profit will legally goes to the Shareholder
    Now it does not yet it is filthy heavily indebted why our State Land salvage their Shits
    Mr. State Accountants pulse certified these very unusual business

    Mr. Pencegah Rasuah please look deeply
    Mr. AG you can continue Sleeping as instructed by the PM

  36. Buddies_Man Jan 30,2016 1:49 AM

    Quo Vadis Dr?

    Be primus minister of Sarawak on the 1st May.

    Just sit there n do nothing. And win the 14th GE.

    This should be the legendary story of Man who love Malaysia so much.

  37. sibotak Jan 29,2016 10:07 PM

    We are all concern of Malaysia tomorrow
    As with Najib is worst than having a Leader

    Cash is King to him
    He lost his Akidah
    His balls carrier are just worried of their concerns not concerning future of Malaysia

    There are many questions unanswered , many doubts pulling us back
    Giving back the donated money just tells another thousand lies
    It does not clean Najib Dirts
    Hell with Najib

    My concerns is where is Malaysia Directions having such a Leader
    We are on the lower hand and submissive towards Foreign Influence
    Not just US , S,pore perhaps even the Saudi Donors

    Najib engaging Britsih Consultants simply indicates Najib Govern is Lazy and very Irresponsible

    These should be a Wake Up Call for every Malaysians
    We can,t rely on a Leader who has no directions
    We can,t have a Leader who is Self Importance

    I,m OK of the $2.6 billion he gets
    But I,m not OK of his sub missives to Foreign invitations for their interest and agendas
    These will pull Malaysian down These will Confuse Malaysia
    These will Destroy Malaysia
    Najib will be Accountable

  38. The Hidden Secret Jan 29,2016 9:34 PM


    Najib ni da kena blackmail dgn Singapore dan Amerika.

  39. sudin Jan 29,2016 9:20 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    A few months back, Zahid “I’m warning you” Hamidi mentioned he personally talked to the Middle-East donor of the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s account!!!
    Now Apandi was saying the late Saudi King was that honorable donor.
    Kah! Kah! Kah!

    We have a bunch inner circle mega liars leading the country!

  40. faridina Jan 29,2016 9:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Ke mana halatuju Malaysia?
    Soalan Tun ini hanya sdr Najib Razak sahaja yang boleh menjawab dengan tepat tetapi pembayangnya telah banyak diberikan bermula dengan pembongkaran salahlaku 1MDB, skandal derma 2.6 billion, penyingkiran Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan Naib Presiden dari jawatanTPM dan menteri masing2, pemecatan AG, mengganggu gugat Bank Negara dan SPRM, menyejuk beku seorang Timb Pengarah Cawangan Khas, salah guna Sosma ke atas Khairuddin dan Mathias serta banyak lagi sehingga tak kuasa nak menyeneraikan.

    Tapi sebenarnya ada seorang lagi yang sepatutnya boleh menjawab soalan cepumas ini iaitu bro Mad MustLearn walaubagaimanapun takziah buat dia kerana telah kehilangan jawatan Ketua Penerangan Umno maka hilang sudah kuasa dia untuk menerangkan jawapan soalan ini.

    Mat Lan tak merasalah lagi duduk sebaris dengan Presiden dan sewaktu dengannya di meja utama dan sebagai anggota MT dilantik yang paling comel maka tenggelamlah gamaknya dia kat belakang2 sana tu.

    Langkah Najib dilihat seakan mahu menjustifikasi satu rombakan kabinet yang dapat membersihkan kabinetnya dengan sedikit penjenamaan semula dengan menggugurkan beberapa menteri dan timb menteri yang celupar mulut terhadap rakyat antaranya Ahmad Maslan, Hamzah Zainuddin, Ahmad Bashah dll dan bakal menawarkan Senator DS Mukhriz Mahathir jawatan menteri penuh untuk menambat hati ayahanda Tun dan rakyat jelata.

    Walaubagaimanapun DSMM telah awal2 lagi menolak tawaran ini maka semua ini tinggal andaian sahaja!


    Wasalam Tun.

  41. hz Jan 29,2016 7:01 PM

    Salam Tun & family, unfortunately it looks like it is heading (or perhaps hurtling) towards a collision with a giant brick wall, that’s where.
    Altho the verdict by AG is expected, the ridiculousness of the situation is still astounding! N then to be appointed to Tabung Haji BOD …….
    Tsk tsk tsk

  42. adelheid Jan 29,2016 4:22 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Would like to share this article with you and your readers, letter by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar on ‘7 reasons to evaluate A-G’s decision’

    I had problems accessing your blog since yesterday afternoon. The internet seems to be flip flopping since yesterday afternoon, with some data in my personal computer gone haywire, some ‘hilang’ some moved elsewhere. Padahal kita bukan siapa-siapa pun, Tun. Haha. Could be the internet hackers of the millennia have just gone berserk. Not alarming, considering we now have kuku besi MCMC of the kuku besi tyranny administration. Sigh.

    Thank you Tun Mahathir. I just thought I should let you know. Take good care now Tun.

  43. sibotak Jan 29,2016 3:12 PM

    As Malaysian , I am against any threats that can destroy Malaysia

    Initially I am against Anwar Ibrahim for Stirring Malaysia
    Now I see Najib is worst than Anwar

    Anwar by the back door
    Najib by the front door
    Worst is Najib was approves by AG,s
    These is Worst than Anwar

    So where is our True Leader
    Tun Mahathir sadly He is retired and already 90
    We should not bother him even he is still for Malaysia

    Muhideeen , Mukhlis should form their own Party
    Reform the Malay
    Get the necessary from PAS , from PKR ,from DAP
    We filter from every party to form a new party

    Najib will bury UMNO , will bury Malaysia
    We have NO Confidence on Najib

    He was never born a Politician though born by a Politician
    Nor He is bright to be a Leader

    Simply Najib is a Waste
    Since his ruling Has never made Malaysia Proud
    Indeed Debts Trippled ,Ringgit falls the lowest throughout history , many land being pawned
    Unable to stand as a True Leader , He needs his Gundus to Stand up for him

    He bents to Foreign needs than the Malaysian needs

  44. HBT456 Jan 29,2016 8:58 AM

    21. Thank you pm najib, ts muyhiddin and pmo for the br1m.

    22. I sincerely hope bursary of moe will be continued to give full scholarships to our bright and hardworking malaysians regardless of race to pursue their tertiary educations to transform malaysia to be a greater country in many years ahead.

  45. HBT456 Jan 29,2016 7:45 AM

    13. If I am tun ling, I will rest my case.

    14. Why?

    15. Even if mca hired lawyers can perform better than umno hired lawyers, it wont change the mind of the voters, especially the malay.

    16. Tun ling withdraw the case at least as tun he can save perlis sultan as agong, mca and bn from being attact by dap, pas and pkr oppsition parties to march into putrajaya.

    17. Do not worry about the chinese votes.

    18. Kita dah dianakyatimkan berpuluh2 tahun.

    19. Jika kaum melayu cum bumiputra tidak menghargai jasa2 mca,takda masalah kerana semenjak kemerdekaan hingga sekarang, cina memang memperkuasai ekonomi negara ini.

    20. Jika kaum melayu cum bumiputra ingin memperkuasai ekonomi mereka dengan cara yang haram, golongan bangsawan ini hanya mengundurkan diri dan berhijrah ke negara asing.

  46. sibotak Jan 29,2016 6:49 AM

    Let’s not talk of 2.6 billion and the many
    What has Najib did for Malaysia till today that has benefits Nor made Malaysia proud ?
    I can,t see any but loses of Land and Revenue , more and more Debts

    Najib more Spendings than Earnings
    These will Bankrupt Malaysia

  47. sibotak Jan 29,2016 5:59 AM

    So the verdict of Najib investigation is

    Corruption is Halal
    Murder is Halal
    Bringing huge money is Halal
    Lying is Halal
    Selling of Govt Land for self interest is Halal
    Do whatever you want to do is Halal

    Malaysia is now such a Paradise is such a Heaven
    Everything you do is Halal
    We don,t need Judiciary System ani more

  48. aRoaRsSG Jan 28,2016 10:20 PM

    I believe all is correlated . As today you had drag Singapore govt. into your beef with Najib Razak’s clearance of graft .

    I believe there is a bigger rouge world power controlling these government ministers of many country in our world , or they’re being blackmailed .
    I shall share a link here . I wish the Honorary Dr.Mahahir Mohamad to read and advise everyone here is it truth or another hoax .

    As I believe only a man of his position or man on top government position , will know and maybe need to keep quiet to save their country .

    Down below I share my link :

  49. cruze Jan 28,2016 9:53 PM

    Like ismadi, saya pun sama, tidak akan mengundi selagi najib zahid, hishamuddin, sallek kruak, azalina, rosnah, nancy, nazri masih lagi menteri

    Asalamualaikum semua

  50. musato Jan 28,2016 8:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Cerita derma 2.6b ini cara pengendaliannya hanyalah seperti cerita bauksit bandar merah.

    Cara MB selesaikan persoalan.

    MB bolehlah setakat cara macam itu sebab ada sultan di atas.

    Tapi kalau dah berpangkat PM dan cara pengendalian seperti MB maka jadi hancus la…

    Ada kuasa guna kuasa tak tentu arah. Pusing sana pusing sini.

    Kesimpulannya salah tetap salah. Pusinglah ikut mana sekalipun.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  51. sibotak Jan 28,2016 2:24 PM

    In simple word
    Najib is never an economist , Nor a politician
    He is only born by a politician ,his late Father Tun Razak
    He has no sound qualifications , Nor an intelligent leader

    This is where it is wrong

  52. ismadi Jan 28,2016 12:13 PM

    As Salam Tun,

    Semakin menyampah dan bosan dengan episod RM2.6b. Duit ini dikatakan derma. Siapa yang beri dan kenapa diberi tidak dinyatakan dengan jelas.

    Yang jelas ialah bila Perdana Menteri terima derma ke dalam akaun peribadi, ia telah dibenarkan. Boleh ke dari segi undang undang dan dari segi moral seorang PM menerima sejumlah wang derma sebanyak itu?

    Saya dan kawan kawan saya seramai 7 orang tidak percaya kepada penjelasan DS Najib dan Peguam Negara.

    Kami ketawa dengan menyatakan bahawa DS Najib dan Peguam Negara ingat mereka menerangkan kepada budak budak darjah Satu.

    Kami yang seramai 7 orang ini adalah penyokong BN tetapi sekiranya DS Najib masih Pengerusi BN semasa pilihanraya ke 14, kami ingin menyatakan sayonara BN.

    Bukan kami tak kenang budi dan bukan kami tidak tahu BN banyak jasanya lebih lebih lagi semasa Tun menjadi PM, tetapi kami berasa muak dengan Pengerusi BN/Presiden UMNO.

    Sekiranya pakatan Pembangkang bersatu semula iaitu PAS, PKR, ,AMANAH, dan DAP kami tak dapat memikirkan bagaimana BN hendak melawan kerana hendak mengangkat muka pun belum tentu boleh.

    Tunggu tengok budget 2016 – penilaian semula. Apa pulak DS Najib nak buat. He has no idea!!!

    Wasalam Tun. Take care.

    p/s Kita orang sokong Mukhriz di Kedah.

  53. tok jangut Jan 28,2016 10:36 AM

    This donor is interfering with the domestic affairs of Malaysia.

    There is also the question of money laundering.

    Should not there be additional investigation in these 2 factors

  54. HouseWife Jan 28,2016 10:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Goodbye Justice, Welcome Injustice!
    Thank you Mr new Ag for banging your head ang slogging away day and night to come to the expected and predicted verdict: “I hereby, your protector and loyal servant, found you free from all criminal charges and intent, and you are legally allowed by my law to ask or demand for any amount of donation from any person, dead or alive, as you wishes from this day set forth”.
    By the word of the mighty Mr new Ag, the case is closed.

    Tun, Mr new Ag has breached his promise to uphold his role of duty as the man of law. Ya right, his law. He should be given credit for a job well done, as the chosen one to protect and set free his Master. And what was he promised in return? Nothing is for free in the greedy world of today.

    How should Malaysia react Tun? This is not the downfall of a nation but the downfall of a man and his merry making aides. These people has set a very bad precedent to follow. And it is a very dangerous one to follow.
    Tun, is the sly, conniving, sneaky, care-less one always survive and get his way? May the good prevails over the bad.

    Tun, you know the outcome, we all know. All we can do now is pray to Allah that they will do no further damage to our beloved country, Malaysia. May Allah Save and Protect our country. Amin.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank you so much Tun.

  55. pakpandir08 Jan 28,2016 9:29 AM

    Suratkhabar hari ini memetik laporan BBC yang mengatakan wang itu merupakan derma dari Raja Abdullah ….

    orang kita telah pun mengesahkan bahawa sudah berjumpa dengan penderma untuk meneliti dokumen-dokumen …

    jangan risau sekiranya kamu mempunyai keraguan … walaupun Raja Abdullah sudah lama mangkat … kita masih ada kuasa ajaib yang boleh bertutur dengan baginda …

    memang pun kita hebat

  56. daeng Jan 28,2016 6:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya sealiran dengan pandangan Tun dalam hal ini.

    Rata-rata rakyat di luar sini memandang serong tentang pengumuman peguam negara dalam hal ini.

    Tidak hairanlah di media sosial ada yang melabelkan Najib dan Rosmah penipu besar rakyat Malaysia.

    Dalam masa terdekat ini pula rakyat Malaysia menunggu apa peranan sultan dalam isu “pemecatan Mukhriz sebagai MB Kedah”?

    Kita sedia maklum kita mempunyai PM yang tidak bijak lagi “pembohong besar” bukan “berjiwa besar” seperti diwar-warkan Tun.

    Apa yang saya amati di luar sini, jika institusi kesultanan Melayu pun mengikut telunjuk “bodoh” Najib, maka kemungkinan rakyat pun semakin hilang hormat kepada institusi ini seperti mana hilangnya hormat rakyat kepada Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya.

    Maaf Tun, sekadar renungan kita semua.

    Semuga Tun sihat.

  57. malaysian1000000 Jan 28,2016 1:12 AM


    1. Terkejut juga, apabila Keluarga Saud sanggup mendermakan sejumlah wang yang besar untuk melindungi Malaysia dari teroris daripada menderma kepada Kerajaan Palestin yang sememangnya di dalam kesengaaraan.

    2. Terkejut juga, Kerajaan Saud hendak meluluskan tambahan jemaah haji bagi rakyat Marhaen Malaysia pun tidak dapat tapi boleh direct bank in ke personal akaun seorang individu.

    3. Lebih baik guna duit tu untuk lindungi Makkah, Madinah dan Baitulmaqdis kerana inilah hala tuju ummah sedunia daripada Putrajaya yang menjadi hala tuju sesuatu organisasi kecil sahaja.

    4. Dalam laporan berita ada mengatakan bahawa kertas siasatan adalah setinggi orang dewasa, akan tetapi kenyataan media cuma 1 muka surat sahaja. Kenyataan media untuk hal penajaan Dato’ Vida ke Kelantan pun lagi panjang.

    5. Sekarang, terang-terangan IS sudah datang dan berada di Malaysia. Mintalah balik derma, dapat separuh pun jadilah.

    6. Apa lagi DSN. Dengan pembuktian penyiasatan, mulakanlah aktiviti saman-menyaman. Mulakan dengan WSJ. Dengan ini dapatlah memulihkan spekulasi dan ekonomi negara bahawa pemimpin Malaysia ini tidak korup malahan terlebih jujur dengan dengan pulangkan balik derma.

    7. Umpama kita berikan derma pada orang buta, kita derma RM100 selepas itu orang buta datang balik pulangkan RM90 dengan alasan ” tak pa lah, saya pakai RM10 je”. Pelik lagi ajaib, tau pulak orang buta tu yang kita bagi RM100.

    8. Tidak perlu komen pemimpin Jabatan/Suruhanjaya atau apa-apa orgsnisasi dalam Malaysia ni kalau dah “Perdana Menteri” pun pusing berbelit-belit yang lain pun terbelitlah jawabnya.

    9. Quo Vadis Malaysia, rasanya kita kearah Goverment Transformation Plan (GTP) di mana kita dari dasar demokrasi liberal berparlimen ke dinasti kapitalis sekular kominisme.
    “One door in, one door out”

    We’ve been Liberated


  58. rimba.emas Jan 28,2016 12:30 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Diharap sesiapa rakyat Malaysia yang mempunyai kaum keluarga di Arab Saudi terutama lama disana akan mendapat gambaran dari saudara se muslim kita lebih-lebih lagi kalangan kerabat Raja Abdullah.

    2. Kemewahan Raja Abdullah menderma kepada seorang bernama Datuk Sri Najib rakyat asing yang bukan warga negara Arab Saudi patut kita maklumkan kepada warisnya dan rakyat Arab Saudi.

    3. Adakah tindakan Raja Abdullah itu betul sedangkan baru-baru ini rakyat Saudi sendiri dibebankan kenaikan harga bila ekonomi mereka menguncup.

    4. Cerita dari pihak Saudi akan mendapat gambaran sebenar wang derma itu dan maruah Raja Abdullah sendiri di mata rakyatnya adakah wang itu untuk kebajikan atau sebaliknya.

    5. Kenapa di pulangkan balik ? bermakna Datuk Sri Najib berpendapat Raja Abdullah telah melakukan kesalahan untuk merasuahnya supaya menjadi kroninya menentang pengganas.

    6. Raja Abdullah dan warisnya perlu ceritakan perkara sebenar adakah perkara yang dapat membersihkan Datuk Sri Najib ini adakah benar ? Sebab jika betul, Raja Abdullahlah yang maruahnya buruk pada pandangan mata rakyat Malaysia dan Arab Saudi.

    7. Di Malaysia kebersihan wang 2.6 billion dikatakan dari wang derma dengan satu bukti sahaja iaitu dari Raja Abdullah. Ia bukti yang dikemukakan oleh AG negara tampa bicara di mahkamah.

    8. Tiada siasatan sama ada apa yang dikatakan itu betul atau tidak. Untuk mendapatkan samada kata-kata AG dan PM itu betul atau tidak, perlulah melalui perbicaraan dengan penyiasatan dengan bukti-bukti dari awal pengaliran wang keluar masuk.

    9. Juga penyiasatan si pemberi sumber kewangan itu dengan bukti ‘bank statement’ dengan tarikh keluar masuknya dari rekod oleh pihak bank dengan yang tertuduh.

    10. Kalau tertuduh tidak dapat memberi bukti rekod kewangan yang betul bermakna sudah ada penyelewengan berlaku terhadap urusniaga tersebut.

    11. Salah urus menyebabkan kerugian adalah juga satu kesalahan dan patut diganti dengan yang dapat menyediakan urusniaga yang tepat supaya dapat diketahui wang yang menyebabkan hutang dilakukan oleh siapa.

    12. Kata-kata itu benar atau bohong hanya boleh di ketahui dari bukti-bukti yang bertulis dan tidak berubah-ubah.

    13. Perbicaraan mahkamah adalah satu jalan yang betul untuk menjatuhkan hukuman. Malah hukuman itu betul atau salah akan berterusan sehinggalah hari akhirat.

    14. Ingatlah para hakim dan pesalah di dunia anda semua akan dibicarakan kembali pada hari akhirat nanti .


  59. sibotak Jan 27,2016 10:51 PM

    Pak Pandir
    What are you implying ?
    Yr father is part of it ?

  60. sibotak Jan 27,2016 10:47 PM

    Not reporting to the proper authority when Najib was donated
    was certainly evidence of very sure thing are wrong
    If Najib had registered the donations or any gifts
    No one can have the right to ask
    This is clear common sense Mr Lawman

    So this is to conclude
    Any govt personnel nor officer or minister has the right to keep
    any forms of gifts without informing the relevant authority
    So if they were known to have receives
    They can always says its a donation from a Mr.Donate
    It is of no offense

    So hear these Malaysia Govt Servant
    You can have the right to accept any gifts , money , sex ,property or in any form
    If you were caught just says its a Donation

    I will enlist myself to the Police Force
    Never mind if they did not give me any salary or benefits
    I can find my means by getting money from the public
    If caught I say its a Donations
    If matters are out of hand
    I will return back the money to Mr Donate
    Tomorrow I will find another new Donator

  61. azlan95 Jan 27,2016 10:37 PM

    Saudi RM2.6b transferred 2013.

    SRC RM42m transferred 2014.

    Makes no sense someone with over RM2 billion still needing a lousy RM42 million for personal expenditure.


  62. tebing tinggi Jan 27,2016 10:19 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Peguam Negara telah memutuskan ,tidak terdapat kesalahan kapada prilaku Najib.

    Peguam Rakyat akan menentukan kemana halatuju Najib dan UMNO akan diheret bersama seperti Si Lunchai yang terjun dengan labu-labunya .

    Apa pilihan lain yang rakyat ada ?.

  63. Jan 27,2016 9:02 PM

    P R O T O N

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    please allow me a courtesy reply to Dear Tun, “isayso”.

    Thank your for your extensive response. You seem to know a fair bit about the Automotive Industry. Some of your conclusions and understandings I do not share though. But I can not expand to more in public and I am gad you appreciate that.

    I have suggested Tun to have me contacted at which I suppose he will do at his very own pace and in his own due time. He has address me here in a LETTER TO ALFRED WILLNER once. His reply will be welcome in any way he chooses.

    If you want to maintain correspondence what me on the subject please address me by e-mail too.

    Thank you again, and kind regards

    Alfred Willner

  64. Praxis Jan 27,2016 6:10 PM

    1. abuse of power
    2. We have been getting away with a lot of abuse of power.
    3. Yes, it is wrong, abuse of power of his office as PM.
    4. FT repors not true.
    5-6 Singapore should explain a lot given good governance stance.
    7-8 Gross abuse of power in not following recommendaytions without proper explanation. If MACC disagress, AG should refer to courts.
    9. Serial abuse of power of a system designed for use, not abuse.
    10-11. Police state: oppressed by our own opulence.
    12. I am no prophet.

  65. adelheid Jan 27,2016 3:51 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Quo vadis, where are we headed Malaysia? Looks like we are headed for doom. Everything is going haywire here. The PM is a crazy man. And he has made this contagion to all, from himself to all the key government institutions. The new Attorney General is his puppet alright. The others in his puppetry cabinet, the heads of PDRM, SPRM, Bank Negara, all seem to be ‘bewitched’ and just succumb to this PM’s dictates. Najib has clearly turned our country into a dictatorship rule. He is just so powerful that he has no more shame when he instructs this and that, dismiss replace, ‘dismiss for eternity’ aka hello hereafter, block bloggers and news from reaching the people, and so many more outrageous acts of this villain PM and his government.

    Malaysia and her people are really headed for doom, Tun. First time in our history. Kesiannya kita. Everything that we have built through all of the years, your 22 years included, penat lelah, has been ripped off just like that by this schizophrenic. He has all this planned, not just when he took power in 2009, but when he became the DPM, and while he climbed the ladder of politics through the years. And now that he is at the top, the whole country he has ridden, we are now at his whims and fancies. Shame is not in his vocabulary. It’s do or die for this person.

    So where now Tun, where are we going? You said it, you are also scared. How about us rakyat? Kami lagi lah, tak mampu buat apa-apa. Dan kami takut. Kami takut dengan permusuhan kaum yang bagai sengaja diapi-apikan, kami takut dengan kewujudan militan. Tapi itulah yang kerajaan Najib hendak tanamkan, bukan. Kerajaan ini hendak tanamkan bibit-bibit ketakutan pada rakyat. Supaya, dengan kuasa-kuasa yang diberi kepada PM terutama di bawah Akta MKN, beliau boleh menguasai negara ini selama mana beliau hendak. Saya dan keluarga takut, apakah PRU yang berikutnya akan benar berlaku, ditangguh, atau apakah nasib rakyat Malaysia, Tun. Sudah pun di Sabah sebelah pantai timurnya, keadaan perintah berkurung itu seperti sudah kebiasaan di benak rakyat di sana. Pengganas suluk yang bagai belum dapat lagi diuruskan oleh kerajaan kita sekarang. Berkuasa juga suluk filipina ini ye, Tun, sampai Hishamuddin dan Zahid pun tak terdaya menguruskannya.

    By the way Tun, today I cannot find blog Outsyed The Box, Dinturtle. Maybe some other blogs too. Not to mention no access to SR, or WSJ yang berbayar tu. Tak mampulah Tun. However, I still take heart cos still can access the sites and news here and also some news here

    Thank you Tun Mahathir. Our full support to DS Mukhriz. What happened in Kedah last week was a joke. We only have our fart (sorry Tun) to offer to the 14 wakil Kedah, especially to Jamil K Baharom, Azeez Rahim, Bashah Hanipah, Mahdzir Khalid, Johari Baharum. To DS Mukhriz Tun Mahathir – teruskan perjuangan anda yang baharu bermula!

    Take good care dearest Tun Dr. Mahathir. Love you dear Tun.

  66. z2z Jan 27,2016 2:07 PM

    They may be able to manipulate the justice system but they won’t be able to manipulate the moral code of the majority of Malaysians. As of today, many Malaysians no longer consider the BN leadership worthy of respect. Without the support of the peoples’ hearts and minds, the only direction this country will go is down. Will the still lumbering/care-less people wake up now? Malaysians are like the frog being slow boiled – it gets a little more uncomfortable each passing day but many won’t take action as they are fearful of the unknown (e.g. DAP Chinese takes over the country).

  67. Fariq Islam Jan 27,2016 2:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The tradition of AG deciding if a law has been broken or if legal action shall been initiated is something inherited.

    During the time of Abdul Gani Patail as AG, it happened. In the case of V K Linggam, where Tun was accused of manipulating court decision, Abdul Gani Patail made the decision too, to clear Tun’s name!

    It’s in the best interests of our nation, to let our leaders focus and address economic issues now.

    Be it right or wrong, let Rakyat judge in our eyes and vote accordingly in the coming general election. And, the wrong and sinful ones will need to face Allah SWT then.

  68. rkmh226 Jan 27,2016 2:05 PM


    YABhg. Tun,

    Malaysia now is a clown to the rest of the world – very embarrassing with the latest development. You are very right about the outcome of the billions scandals. Honestly, the AG really insults our intellegent.

    We, rakyat are NOT idiot and stupid! We will punish you all the clowns in coming GE14. Wait and see…

    Dear Tun, please take a superb care of yourself.


  69. faridina Jan 27,2016 1:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Malaysia is going to be one upside down country under the notorious Najib regime that is for sure.

    Quo vadis: to self destruction!

    Democracy is dead!

    Now it’s demo to craziness..

    Wasalam Tun.

  70. pakpandir08 Jan 27,2016 1:24 PM

    Nice to hear your complaints, but I thought all these are inherited from you? Not?

  71. STEVE8562 Jan 27,2016 1:21 PM


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