1. There was a time not so very long ago when Malaysia was admired for successfully raising itself from an impoverished third world country into a stable newly industrialised country. No one doubted that its announced intention to become a developed country by 2020 would be achieved.

2. But today when we go abroad we are asked, “Hey, what happened to your country.” Some mention 1MDB and the corrupt Government which has lost billions of dollars. Many comment on the lavish lifestyle of the Prime Minister.

3. They asked these questions because reputable foreign newspapers publish stories about 1MDB, about the Prime Minister having appropriated to himself billions of dollars, about huge amounts of money in his private accounts, about his lavish life-style. No Malaysian Prime Minister can afford the grand wedding that he had for his daughter.

4. Although Malaysians read only good things about Najib in the local media but the alternative media do not mince words when expressing their disgust with Najib and the sycophants covering up for him. When the Wall Street Journal reported that the PM has 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account in AMBank, the world laughed at Najib’s claim that it was a donation from an Arab.

5. Then there is the story of the purchase of submarines from a French company. It is now before a French court. Razak Baginda, a close associate of Najib, and the companies owned by him have been named in the court case.

6. Razak had no authority to decide on Government purchases. But Najib as Minister of Defence had. Whatever, if Razak or his company received money from the builders of the submarines; he should be hauled up before the French court.

7. The Malaysian A.G. would certainly not charge Razak because it might lead to Najib’s name being brought in. The A.G. has already not only dismissed but hidden the reports by Bank Negara and MACC.

8. All these and more have given Malaysia a bad name. Najib’s name is even worse. Malaysians are generally ashamed of these things and the role of their Prime Minister in these scandals.

9. To clear Malaysia’s good name and his own, Najib must prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he is innocent of all the accusation against him. The A.G. saying he is innocent means nothing. He, the A.G. has no credibility.

10. Failing this Najib should resign. So should all those who have been covering up and abusing their authority so as to save Najib.

11. Malaysia must be freed from a Prime Minister with such a bad reputation if it is to regain its reputation.

MEMALUKAN MALAYSIA (Versi Bahasa Melayu)

1. Ada satu masa tidak berapa lama dahulu apabila Malaysia dikagumi kerana kejayaan meningkatkan dirinya daripada sebuah negara dunia ketiga yang miskin menjadi sebuah negara industry baru yang stabil. Tiada siapa meragui bahawa ia akan mengumumkan hasratnya untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju menjelang tahun 2020 akan tercapai.

2. Tetapi hari ini apabila kita pergi ke luar negara, kita akan disoal “Apa yang berlaku kepada negara anda?” Ada yang mengatakan 1MDB dan unsur korup di dalam Kerajaan penyebab kehilangan berbilion-bilion dollar. Ramai yang memberi komen tentang gaya hidup mewah Perdana Menteri.

3. Mereka bertanyakan soalan sebegini kerana suratkhabar-suratkhabar asing yang bereputasi tinggi telah menerbitkan cerita-cerita tentang 1MDB, tentang berbilion dolar wang untuk kegunaan PM sendiri, tentang jumlah wang yang besar di dalam akaun peribadinya, tentang gaya hidup mewah beliau. Tidak ada Perdana Menteri Malaysia mampu mengadakan majlis perkahwinan besar-besaran seperti yang dilakukan untuk anak perempuannya.

4. Walaupun rakyat Malaysia membaca hanya perkara-perkara yang baik mengenai Najib di dalam media tempatan tetapi media alternatif tidak menyembunyikan perkataan apabila menyuarakan rasa meluat mereka dengan Najib dan pengampu yang melindunginya. Apabila Wall Street Journal melaporkan bahawa PM mempunyai 2.6 bilion Ringgit dalam akaun peribadinya di AmBank, dunia mentertawakan Najib kerana mendakwa ini adalah derma yang diberi orang Arab.

5. Kemudiannya ada pula kisah pembelian kapal selam dari syarikat Perancis. Kini dihadapkan di mahkamah Perancis. Razak Baginda, rakan karib Najib, dan syarikat-syarikat yang dimiliki beliau telah dinamakan dalam kes mahkamah.

6. Razak tidak punyai kuasa untuk membuat keputusan mengenai pembelian Kerajaan. Tetapi Najib sebagai Menteri Pertahanan telah melakukannya. Apa pun, sekiranya Razak atau syarikatnya menerima wang dari pembuat kapal selam; dia harus ditahan di hadapan mahkamah Perancis.

7. Peguam Negara Malaysia pasti tidak akan mendakwa Razak kerana ia mungkin membawa kepada perkaitan nama Najib. Peguam Negara telahpun bukan sahaja menolak bahkan menyembunyi laporan oleh Bank Negara dan SPRM.

8. Kesemua ini dan banyak lagi telah memberikan nama buruk buat Malaysia. Nama Najib sememangnya lebih buruk. Rakyat Malaysia secara umumnya berasa malu dengan perkara-perkara ini dan Perdana Menteri berperanan dalam skandal sebegini.

9. Untuk membersihkan nama baik Malaysia dan beliau sendiri, Najib mesti membuktikan di luar bayangan keraguan bahawa dia tidak bersalah terhadap semua pertuduhan ini. Peguam Negara berkata beliau tidak bersalah tidak membawa apa-apa makna. Dia, Peguam Negara yang tidak punyai kredibiliti.

10. Kegagalan melakukan ini memerlukan Najib meletakkan jawatan. Juga kepada kesemua mereka-mereka yang telah membantu menutupi kesalahan ini dan salahguna kuasa untuk menyelamatkan Najib.

11. Malaysia mesti dibebaskan daripada seorang Perdana Menteri yang berprestasi buruk sekiranya ingin meraih semula reputasinya.

131 thoughts on “MALAYSIA’S SHAME

  1. sudin Mar 2,2016 2:16 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    The latest report on Malaysia’s manufacturing sector:


    Malaysia’s manufacturing sector fell at the fastest rate since November due to shrinking new orders, the Nikkei Malaysia Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) reported.
    Malaysia’s manufacturing sector fell at the fastest rate since November due to shrinking new orders. The report added orders have now fallen for twelve consecutive months up to February.

    Latest survey data pointed to a solid deterioration in manufacturing conditions in Malaysia. Production decreased at the sharpest rate since November last year, led by a further drop in new orders.

    Data suggests that the primary cause of the decline in total new work intakes was a fall in domestic demand, as new export orders rose at the sharpest rate since last October.
    The report added that companies have also slashed their workforce, the “sharpest in over one-and-a-half years” due to the worsening operating conditions.

    This coincides with an online recruitment firm’s index that found hiring has fallen by 28 per cent since a year ago, with the logistics and manufacturing sectors among those most affected.
    The report noted that the overall fall came despite an increase in orders from abroad last month, indicating that slowing local demand may be the main contributor to the manufacturing slowdown.

    Local demand has been depressed since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) last year while a commodities crash has also caused the ringgit to decline sharply versus the US dollar.

    The ringgit was Asia’s worst performer last year against the greenback.

  2. HouseWife Feb 18,2016 8:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, we can predicate the goodness or the badness of a motive. In this case The Malaysian Affairs, it is predictable. Latest news is that Mr new Ag has cancelled his meeting with the oversight panels of MACC. Why would he do that Tun? Too busy?…or is it because his Big Boss is not around for him to cling to? Anyway, I’m not a bit surprise Tun, why?…you know who’s the chairman of the MACC’s Anti-Corruption Advisory Board, Tun? His Yes man, his merry making man? Isn’t there a single agency that is independent? They sure know how to play their game and are a crafty lot.

    But people today has become well-informed and educated. The people can see through anything opaque however they try to cover-up.
    This is surely Malaysia’s SHAME…to have a person who seems to hold great power in office but still depends so much on DSN.

    Tun has worked so laboriously to make Malaysia into a world class country. And many are so so fortunate to get a big piece of the pie, laid out so readily for them to grab and get to live so well off till today. And these are the very people who turn their backs at you Tun. Very ungrateful SHAMEFUL people. I’ve said this many times but we all need to be reminded.

    Tun, I think we should not bother about this person…raja who? (one of DSN’s product?) who boasts so much about his Boss. He should be careful of what he writes or says. What he boasts about DSN and his family will bring more questions than answers that is detriment to befall DSN and his whole clan. Let him or like him bleats till time passes…we move Tun on without a single bleed, InsyaAllah.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health. happiness and knowledge. Take extra care and thank you Tun.

  3. mubarakchan Feb 18,2016 7:06 PM


    I seek your kind permission to add to the facts which I had to present to defend myself against the new arrival of the Opposition cybertroops now roaming in this distinguished and honourable Blog as though they own it.

    For The. I now give you a fuller picture of the banks founded by my family, not four banks but five.

    Founded by my father with his friends.

    1913. Kwong Yik Bank (Selangor). It is now part of the RHB Bank.

    1919. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong). His friend was Sir Chau Sou San, one of four founding families.

    1931 Lee Wah Bank (Singapore). His friend was Eu Tong Sen, the founder.This bank merged with UOB (Singapore) in 1972.

    1949. Overseas Union Bank (Singapore). His friend was George Lien Ying Chau who helped him when my father was a destitute in war-time Australia.

    Founded by a prominent relative.

    1961. Development & Commercial Bank (Kuala Lumpur). A prominent relative obtained the banking licence from the Government for services rendered. This bank is now part of RHB Bank.


  4. mubarakchan Feb 18,2016 12:55 PM


    Especially for ‘the’. Never make snide remarks, insult, abuse or vilify others whom you do not know on the Net. I forgot my family also founded together with others.

    4 BANKS. 1913. Kwong Yik Bank (Selangor)- now part of RHB Bank.

    1919 Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong)

    1931 Lee Wah Bank (Singapore)

    1949 Overseas Union Bank (Singapore)


  5. The Feb 18,2016 9:26 AM

    Wow Mubarak, even a genuine praise for your correct use of those unusual terms resulted in a rebuke and shooting in the dark from you. Sigh.

  6. HBT456 Feb 18,2016 7:09 AM

    57. But if you do not want to convert into islam, the best way out is migrate.

  7. wajaperak Feb 17,2016 1:21 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    [Mr isayso..
    I guarantee you it will be more fun if the Magnificent 7 get together for the fish head curry!]
    Oh dear..
    Such a wishful thinking..:)
    I would like to write a certain thing about the insider.

    The Insider.

    Like every other social instituition,the court have mainly been the ally of the insiders.A proposition that come with..why does it suprise you?..because only the insiders become the presidents who nominate or indicate ‘Justice’ the ‘Senators’ who ‘rubber stamped’ them or the candidate ( not to be confused with one candida albican ) from whom the nominees are chosen in the first place.

    Some would point to Brown versus the Board of Education as though they have identified the Court’s appropriate role in the nation governance,whereas all they have really identified is a peculiar epoch in history during which the ? Justice set about trying to change ??Malaysia rather than keep it the same.

    The epoch died and the Court swiftly faded as an engine of social revolution which would have made the Framers of the Constituition very happy..
    After all..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. isayso Feb 17,2016 9:45 AM


    For Faridina.

    I guarantee you it will be more fun if the Magnificent 7 get together for the fish head curry!

    The Magnificent 7 movie was a great one. Watch it if Astro screens this. It was a story about good over evil, about men willing to die to save fellow men. We the Magnificent 7 in Tun’s blog is also fighting. We are fighting bullshit and makeup stories, hahaha. However, I have to admit that it is a bit embarrassing to be called a member of the Magnificent 7 by, of all people breathing, your uncle Mubarakchan because no one on earth can shoot better from the hip than him.

    Your love for Tun is second to none. And you have good company with many others. Anyone visitor to this blog will see the genuine admiration, love and respect you all have for Tun.

    Incidentally, if you do not have access to Malaysia-Chronicle here is a movie to look forward to:


    Former Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim’s star may have dimmed after he was ousted from office in 2014, but revival is on the cards – thanks to his pivotal role in the Guthrie dawn raid.

    A film based on the 1981 event when Khalid led a raid on the London Stock Exchange to return the plantation giant to Malaysian ownership is now in development at Malaysian filmmaker Bront Palarae’s production house Pixel Play, entertainment portal Screen Daily reports.

    Bront also plans to direct the film, which was written in English by banker-cum-actor Redza Minhat and Chew Kin Wah.

    The film dubbed ‘Dawn Raid: The Hands That Rattled The Queen’ is funded by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas), the portal reports.
    Khalid led the raid as chief executive of government fund Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB).

    PNB gained 51 percent of the British plantation giant Guthrie in less than two hours by aggressively purchasing large amounts of stocks from the starting bell.

    Khalid became CEO of Guthrie from 1995 to 2003.

    He was ousted through the ‘Kajang Move’, ostensibly for not consulting the party on major policy decisions in Selangor. He was subsequently sacked from PKR.

    Khalid is now Independent MP for Bandar Tun Razak and assemblyperson for Port Klang.

    I mentioned the Dawn Raid just a couple of days. I remember this episode very well as it was all over the evening news in England and I felt real proud in the office the following morning, being one of three Malaysians in an accounting firm with nearly 1500 employees.

    I hope there will be a fictional movie about Sime Darby coming home to Malaysia after that. Perhaps those guys which produced the The Wolf on Wall Street can finance this one with their ill gotten gains. Should be as popular as The Creation of Money Without Money.

  9. mubarakchan Feb 17,2016 9:11 AM


    For faradina. Many thanks for your kind words and invitation for a pow-wow under the angsana tree enjoying our fish head curry in Lucky Garden Bangsar. The grape vine told me that the IRD is having a look-see at my friend’s takings since the 1980s ! No problem.

    Please note that when you see me you will be utterly disappointed. I dress and speak like you and blends into the surroundings. I am a do-er not a talker. But until we meet…….


  10. faridina Feb 17,2016 1:56 AM

    Assalammualaikum Dearest Tun,

    With your permission Sir, I’m taking some space here to address Uncle MC.

    I have read your COMMENT ON PROTON but what is your definition of “the closest aides” and “scandals” and there is no hint what so ever that they are blaming Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Try another revelation Sir.

    I was never an opposition by the way and it was you who make up all this until I became one of the cowboy character.

    Knowing you, I don’t mind a bit but sometimes when you touches our most hated Pee M and keep repeating it then there is a tendency to tease and be playful towards you.

    Why not the four of us faridina’s, Isayso and you Sir, go out for lunch under the ketapang tree for that special fish head curry @ Bangsar Fish Head Corner and the threat is on me.

    THE FOUR OF US MESTI BOLEH! Makan kari kepala ikan boleh! PERUT KENYANG BOLEH! Hati senang boleh!

    Thank you Tun and wassalam.

  11. HouseWife Feb 17,2016 12:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Please can you tell me Tun, what is your greatest accomplishment? To be the President of Umno? To be PM of Malaysia? To be the Father of Modern Malaysia? To be the Architect of Proton? These are all materialistic accomplishments Tun. But what accomplishment that actually gives you greater satisfaction? What makes you feel that you have enough, you want no more? And yet you feel there is an emptiness in your life, that there’s something missing it’s waiting to be filled.

    No human will ever be satisfied. They will always feel the urge, the need of something else…something that they just can’t make it out what it is.
    Tun, you will never know what it is you’re looking for if your heart is heavy with vengence, guilt, lust, greed, pride. And how to set yourself free from these unsoulful feelings, Tun? When we are free then we’re able to find true happiness.

    Have we learn anything from our mistakes, Tun? Or have we learn something from others’ mistakes? And did we learn anything or something from either yours or others’ experiences in life? Different people will interpret different kinds of understandings in one’s life experiences. Tun, when someone reads someone else’s stories or statements or comments, how does that someone interprets it depends on his heart. If he has a good heart then he’ll accept it whole-heartedly. But if his heart is full of rage and anger and dislike then nothing to him is seen as nice or good or has any useful meanings.

    What am I saying Tun? Nothing of great interest to anyone. Just that I don’t understand why would someone assume that one should have not believe in what someone else’s says just because that someone happens to be someone he has issues with. Tun, let’s say that someone calls me a dolt just because I believe in the person he just happen to dislike a bit, I don’t mind at all. Why? Because I have never disturb this person, have done no harm to him and I have not disrupt his life. I am so harmless.

    Now back to that golden question Tun? Can I say Tun, that your greatest accomplishment is when you’ve succeeded in drawing in people towards you, to believe in your causes, your words, your thoughts. That they give you their undying support and trust. That they are there in time of need. But it is a SHAME Tun, after all these years, being able to gain abundance wealth, distinguished ranks, luxurious lifestyles, with all these material things in life, they’re not able to find one honest person to believe to trust them…sincerely. Why is it so Tun…is it because of their selfishness in degrading others not up to their par?
    Anyway, what do you call them Tun…a loser? No…a LONER! up to them to be a sad loner or a happy go lucky loner..but never be an ungrateful loner.

    Sorry Tun, I have to unwrap what has been boggling my mind. Sorry again to ‘semak’ your blog Tun.
    Tun, there is something else I would like to speak out if you don’t mind.
    I think many have misunderstood or misinterpret Mr mubarakchan’s statements and comments. Many bypass deliberately or purposely the whole picture of what Mr mubarakchan is presenting. To know to be able to see clearly the true whole picture, you have to go way way back and read and re-read so as to understand why Mr mubarakchan is here in the first place. He has no intention of hitting anyone here but some find it too irresistible not to argue or have an exchange of words because his issues brought up excited them too much. You wise people here can search out for yourself.

    Well this is just the thoughts and understanding of a simple-minded housewife..or a dolt?
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  12. mubarakchan Feb 16,2016 8:13 PM


    For faridina.

    I thought from facts you have left the Opposition Magnificent Seven.

    For the first revelation on the closest aides please read my COMMENT ON PROTON. Thank you, Sir/Madam.


  13. mubarakchan Feb 16,2016 8:07 PM


    For all Bloggers. Here is the Opposition farce as created by isayso if you had believed the dummy.

    1. I sincerely and innocently stated

    ” I still say that the closest aides created all the scandals and put the blame on our Distnguished and Honourable (YAB) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and our Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.”

    2. isayso jumped on me for the very first time which he continued on non-stop with abuse, insult and vilify me right up to date.He made attempts to assassinate my character to kill me.

    3. isayso was once my junior employee in Sime Darby of which I was a non-executive Director. Then he was polite, affable and gentle.

    4. Sime Darby was the first big British conglomerate acquired and controlled by the Malays for only RM 23 millions through the support of our Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah from my 1972 concept of the capture of Sime Darby for Malay interests so that a leeway was available for Chinese business to progress. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad completed the acquistion of British assets in Malaysia by 1982 via the Guthrie Dawn Raid.

    5. isayso made good his Malaysian Dream while in Sime Darby which platform he met the good and the great to get a huge allotment of shares over and above the other 10 million Malays which ranked pari passu with him. This was after 1992 but before 1997 ! He became rich and politically connected with his patron.

    6. isayso walloped me a Chinaman who had nothing to do with his present political frustration and dilemma. It was/is a Malay show. Period.

    7. isayso bullied me to say something on tok jangut which was set up by the Opposition for the embedded Opposition blogs here to wallop so that they are now supporters of our beloved Tun. We were not born yesterday.

    8. isayso’s hero is LEE KUAN YEW MY BROTHER-IN-LAW. He walloped and bullied LEE KUAN YEW’S BROTHER-IN-LAW that’s me !


    10. No wonder the Opposition were non-starters. They do not even know who are their friends or enemies. Just wallop and wallop and wallop. What a fantastic crew using the wrong head always and got themselves into trouble in the process !


  14. Hajar Feb 16,2016 4:10 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Ada si polan kata saya bising pasal isu Tabung Haji
    Mana tak bising, PM Ah Jib Gor sudah buat tah*
    Tapi berpura-pura macam dia orang berintegriti
    Ini duit tabungan orang mahu buat Haji…mesti halal dan suci…

    Ini lah si pembangkang, tapi penyokong kuat PM Ah Jib Gor
    Penyokong kuat, tapi tidak akan mengundi parti PM Ah Jib Gor…alahai..
    PM Ah Jib Gor memang senang ditipu…
    Presiden UMNO yang MEMALUKAN…tidak kenal siapa KAWAN dan siapa LAWAN…

    Ada restoren kata makanan mereka ’pork free’
    Dari dulu lagi saya tidak percaya strategi ini
    Bagi makan ’free’ pun saya tak akan pergi
    Hukum ’agama Islam’ pun mahu dicampuri, dan dikaburi dengan pelbagai terminologi…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  15. faridina Feb 16,2016 1:12 AM

    Assalammualaikum Dearest Tun,

    For my Magnificent 7 compadre, Isayso.

    I fully understand what you are going through at this point of time dealing with the most Distinguished and Honourable blogger here who claimed to be a close friend to ayahanda Tun M and the late Tun Razak as well. Now it makes us even speechless when we were made known that he had even sat next to one future money making Pee M or maybe that young man actually slept on his shoulder?

    Just like you, I too have been labelled an opposition, fans of Anwar and LKY just because we cannot tolerate his grand sifu wisdom of buttering his bread on both sides.

    Uncle MC can at least relate to us one grandfather story about how the closest aides to be blamed if there ever is any scandal on Tun M to justify his popular remarks.

    As for the current Pee M, I do support his popular remarks. Just imagine waking up one fine morning and suddenly our poor Pee M realised that his closest aides has formed a company with loans to the billions and worse still very much later in the years his closest aides managed to track down his bank personal account and to soothe him, pumped in 2.6 billion ringgit in the form of donation. Now uncle MC beloved poor Pee M now became exceedingly rich for nothing, all because of his insane closest aides!

    LKY might have 47 failed Policies but Singapore is sure not one failed state. Malaysia under one failed Pee M is fast heading towards one failed state.

    Isayso, knowing the strong character of uncle MC who will never give up easily will reply to us out of context and now I will be at the receiving end.

    How sometimes I wish we could stick to those grandfather’s stories like the Guthrie’s story, his experiences with Malaysian Past Prime Ministers, Ministers and the rich and famous.

    I would like to apologise to all uncle MC’s fans here if I’m too harsh on him, believe me, I adore him as an elderly wise man who loves UMNO just like my elderly parents who loves UMNO too but someone is burying UMNO alive and we the Malays just cannot sit around doing nothing!

    Somebody came out with a good quotes “Malays can live without UMNO but UMNO cannot live without Malays!”

    Tun Razak founded UMNO but his poor son fondle and loss UMNO because of his closest aides.

    Wassalam Tun.

  16. mubarakchan Feb 15,2016 7:33 PM


    For The, the Jack of all Trades journalist from Singapore ? Vide New Straits Times Streets Central Supplement Page 8 March 8 2014. Spies galore.

    I refer to your sarcastic comment on my Comment.

    15 members of my family went up to Cambridge at different times. One was sent down. A couple were mavericks. Here is a short list of how they served.

    What did you do for our beloved country, The ?

    1. Two Prime Ministers

    2. One Malaysia’s first Minister of Finance

    3. One Deputy Minister

    4. One first Malayan to gain the MRCP London.

    5. One first Asian ever to be appointed Adviser to the Smithsonian Institution Washington DC.

    6. One founded together with others the National Art Gallery Malaysia.

    7. One the most Senior Chinese Advisor on Counter Communist Insurgency to the Federal Government.

    8. One DSP and one jungle squad radio operator PDRM.

    9. One the first Malayan to complete the Cambridge Natural Sciences Tripos in 2 years.

    10. One was unbeaten in Malaysia and Singapore in free pistol and rapid fire silhouette events and won a Bronze Medal at the SEAP Games for Malaysia.

    11. One together with others helped to get the first big conglomerate Sime Darby for Malay interests in 1976

    12. One the first to work for the United States Army Research Unit Walter Reed Medical Hospital Washington DC.

    13. One was the first to plant oil palms and build condos in Singapore in 1965.

    14. Many more achievements for Malaysia by the family members.

    The, the Jack of all Trades journalist from Singapore. Please do not be sarcastic which only made a fool of yourself and got you nowhere in particular.


  17. mubarakchan Feb 15,2016 4:28 PM


    For isayso. You high-handedly try to bully me to comment on Tok Jangut.

    Here is my take on Tok Jangut.

    There is no proof that Tok Jangut has not been set-up by the Opposition deliberately for the Opposition members embedded in this Distinguished and Honourable BLog to attack him/she to show that in 2016, they are all for the love and support of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. But what did the Opposition say about Tun from 2003 to 2015 ?

    This political ploy is as old as the hills.

    In the early 1990s, there was a demonstration in Pulau Pinang against Chinese signboards. A prominent political leader turned up to be the mediator or good guy between the different parties to gain Chinese political kudos. The whole Chinese community knew this was a rigged act. They were not born yesterday.

    And isayso, please always remember you have to be polite and courteous like when you were a junior employee in Sime Darby and I was a non-executive Director of the Board in the 1980s. This Distinguished and Honourable Blog does not belong to you.


    Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew of Singapore had already written off the Opposition in their functional opus published in the Straits Times 5 October 2015 with the delusional title ” Singapore is not an island ” which condemned those connected with the Opposition Chinese as delusional. If you got any problems consult BK, isayso.

  18. mubarakchan Feb 15,2016 1:27 PM


    For isayso. To all Bloggers.

    When I first met isayso, the raving, ramping and raging Opposition die-hard as a non-executive Director of Sime Darby in the 1980s, he was a courteuos, affable and polite young Malay gentleman – the type of Malay whom I respect and admire my whole life-long.

    What has happened between the time when he was a junior employee of Sime Darby and now ?

    Regretfully, isayso with all his education, experience, and wealth has turned out to be just an ordinary Malaysian politician of no special merit. The favourite weapon is to insult, abuse, vilify and find fault through all means on innocents like me who innocently stated that

    ” I still say that the closest aides created all the scandals and blame our beloved Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and our Disstinguished and Honourable (YAB) Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.” I see absolutely nothng wrong with this statement.

    He has been assigned by his Opposition peers to destroy me by assassinating my character and more. Stupid. Most of the Bloggers are dummies who has no locus standi anywhere and their comments are just hot air. Stupid.

    isayso has the audacity to tell contributors here, our beloved Tun’s Blog, to sing and dance to his tune – the Opposition’s tune. This is ill-mannered, brazen and off-topic.

    isayso has slyly and cunningly brought up the case of Guthrie of which he knew nothing about to try to split my life-long relationship with our beloved Tun and destroy me in the process ! Childish and bound to fail. We were not born yesterday.

    He conveniently forgot to mention who allotted him so many shares that he could live luxuriously and comfortably as a Malay in comparison to 10 million other Malays after 1992 ! Lest we forget !

    isayso has been so consumed by the politics of hate which is the Opposition’s herald that he cannot see that I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS POLITICAL FRUSTRATION AND DILEMMA.


    My main interests have always been for the general welfare of all Rakyat in our beloved Malaysia and the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew’s failed public Policies of which he had 47.

    I am not interested in the personal and private lives of others. These remain private. That’s all.

    isayso I am a Chinaman who does not stand in your way to your political ambition. Please do not keep hammering me as if I am an obstacle. I am not. You are hitting at the wind.

    isayso, a former junior employee after he had what he thought is success now hammer his former non-executive Director of the Sime Darby Board with hammer and tongs for the wrong reason ! Stupid !

    isayso, you have been consumed by politics and the MONEY MONEY MONEY POLICIES of your hero Lee Kuan Yew who employed selected Malaysians, as your good friend, I suggest you do a MBA course in a prestigious universtiy instead of permitting yourself to be used to destroy others like me. Leave politics afterwards. Do not go against the trend which is against you.

    Your good core values have been destroyed by politics and MONEY MONEY MONEY of the LKY kind. Of course, you know what is going to happen to him when judge by history.

    isayso, inside you, you have let your negative iconoclastic emotions to come to the fore to destroy others whom you think stand in your way. I am a Chinaman. I am not in your way.

    Your thoughts have been so skewed by emotional politics that you are unhappy and dissatisfied with the wonderful life which you gained through the Sime Darby platform conceived by me which thrust you to mix with the good and the great and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. You were even ennobled by the DYMM Sultan Kedah just 2 years ago. You have everything and yet you ARE NOT HAPPY ! Why ? As I always said MONEY MONEY MONEY WILL NOT MAKE US HAPPY !

    I am exceedingly happy.

    isayso ponder and take advantage of the wonderful life, the wealth and family which you have with your brother having the singular privilege of working in Singapore !

    Do something constructive not trying to destroy me. OK. I HAVE BEEN DESTROYED. WHAT DO YOU GAIN ? NOTHING ! In my life, I do not to harm others but only to help others.

    I have a list of 53 persons who harmed me. They or their families either paid with their lives or in kind. The youngest, aged 39 was my son-in-law who died clutching my MONEY MONEY MONEY ! It’s crazy this MONEY MONEY MONEY, isayso !


  19. HBT456 Feb 15,2016 8:10 AM

    54. Well, with jakim in slandering non moslem, especially chinese,in using pork free label to deceive moslem is to create money without money too.

    55. You think mps care?

    56. If you want to be treated special, the best way out is you convert yourself into islam.

  20. isayso Feb 15,2016 1:24 AM


    For Mubarakchan.

    “I still say that the closest aides put all the blame concerning the scandals on our Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and our Distinguished and Honourable (YAB)Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.”

    You jumped on me, personally and without reason. Why ?

    You dislike them both. OK ! This is your right.

    I do not dislike Tun Mahathir. Seeing how Malaysia has descended, I’d wish Tun is still the Prime Minister. If I hate Tun, I would not have engaged Tok Jangut about those insults. I would have enjoyed them.

    I jumped on you over the above quote simply because of the stupidity of the statement concerning Prime Minister Najib in relation to the RM2.60 billion and RM42 million. How can vast sums of money go into anyone’s account without that person knowing it? To put the blame on closet aides for these monies is ridiculous. You twisted what I have said and make it sound as if I do not like Tun Mahathir. You are really good in this, even inventing headlines and trying to paint a picture that I left out the non-existent headline. Shame on you.

    I have even challenged you to list the scandals caused by the closet aides of Tun Mahathir and if you cannot do so, then remove the mention of Tun in the quote. I feel you are roping Tun into the statement simply to justify the ridiculous situation regarding PM Najib, like “it happened during Tun’s time as well”. That’s self serving and I do not like people who try to butter the bread on both sides. This is why I jumped on you. Got it?

    I have grave doubts about you being the person who developed the Sime Darby concept in 1972. If it is true, I congratulate you. I’ve shown that you can easily make things up. Even a court of competent jurisdiction is of the same opinion. Suddenly I am a politician. Hahaha.

    The real heroes are the people who conducted the Dawn Raid on the London Stock Exchange on 7th September, 1981 that brought Guthrie back home. A great feather in the cap for Tun had just assumed office!


  21. mubarakchan Feb 14,2016 6:02 PM


    For Sudin.

    Many thanks for your comment which is right on the dot. A new phenonmenon in Malaysian Politics. Die-hard Opposition members love our Tun very much ! Don’t joke !

    I have always supported the Malays, the non-Malays, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and the UMNO, since 1954 and forever !

    Malaysia will be lost if the Malays and the non-Malays do not unite behind the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and UMNO !


  22. mubarakchan Feb 14,2016 5:42 PM


    For isayso. I like to remind you that when I said in a comment

    ” I still say that the closest aides put all the blame concerning the scandals on our Distinguished and Honourable (YAB) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and our Distinguished and Honourable (YAB)Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. ”

    You jumped on me, personally and without reason. Why ?

    You dislike them both. OK ! This is your right.

    If you do, you can say your dislike of these two Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers. Why attacked me personally ? Why with such vehemence ? When I did not even know who you were at first !


    I did not even know who you were isayso in the first instance. You bragged about yourself about your wealth and your perceived knowledge about others. You picked on me to project yourself as a useful tool to your peers. Why ?

    You are a strange person with a narcissitic bent isayso !

    By the way, your answers raised more questions than answers.

    How can you be a politician when you pick quarrels with innocent people like me who are apolitical and did not have such grand connections which you have over and above the Bloggers here.

    From the tone of your comments, you always like to win. No wonder you are such a bad loser. Remember what I said about the Opposition :

    In 1997, if the Distinguished and Honourable Deputy Prime Minister had taken a holiday in the United States, he would have returned as the Distinguished and Honourable Prime Minister. One Easy Step.

    In 2008, if the Opposition had sorted out the 32 Aduns, BEFORE instead of AFTER the 12th General Elections, they would have won two General Elections by now and this would have cost them no money. One Easy Step.

    In 2014, if the Opposition had boycotted the 13th General Elections, declared a 100 day fast in the 1st Class Ward of the KLGH, they would have been in Putrajaya by May 2014. One Easy Step.

    isayso, why get angry at the two Distinguished and Honourable Prime Ministers but only attack me personally and unfairly ! You dare not attack them.

    WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT YOU ISAYSO BEFORE YOU TURNED UP HERE RECENTLY AFTER THE BERSIH 2 ? I said nothing because I did not know you ever existed.

    Please attack those you dislike DIRECTLY AND DON’T TRY TO BULLY ME – the person who developed the Sime Darby concept in 1972 for you to achieve your Malaysian Dream eventually which opened the gateway to your present wealth and luxurious life !


  23. HBT456 Feb 14,2016 5:03 PM


    52. They dont pay taxes and claimed themselves as slaves.

    53. What about those who pay taxes and treated like cowards?

  24. isayso Feb 14,2016 11:16 AM


    For Mubarakchan.

    So now you have resorted to threatening me. I am shaking like a leaf.

    No learned lawyer worth his salt will make up the bullshit that you listed. It is hilarious though and I give you credit for it. In the highly unlikely event a learned lawyer said all that crap, please get a new lawyer because this one is an idiot and you will lose more court cases. My dear friend, you have suffered enough under the guidance of this lawyer. I will help you for free.

    I will mention though that I went to a website peddling your ebook The Creation of Money Without Money. It says there that you had studied at the Methodist Boys’ School (MBS) and I suppose that will be the MBS-KL on Jalan Davidson (now Jalan Hang Jebat). Good grief! That’s my school too before I was picked for The Royal Military College. I will never forget the late T-Mori, the Japanese principal who caned my entire class for playing football after the morning bell. Thank goodness he was rather tired when my turn came. I normally sit at the back of a classroom; hahaha. You did not pre-date him, did you?

    Since we were from the same school and we both worked for Sime Darby – me a ‘junior executive’ while you were a non-executive director – I will school you in the art of making threats so you do not embarrass MBS or Sime Darby ever again. We should be protective of our fellow alumni.

    A threat is only effective if there is truth in the allegations. Even a little bit of truth may help to unsettle the person you threaten. But if there is no mud that can stick, you can go to any authority and it will still be NOTHING. The person you threaten is the best judge whether you have something or not. If there is nothing, your target will have no fear whatsoever. He might bite you back hard. So don’t ever issue an empty threat. You may get a dolt to believe in you but that will be all. So think hard.

    Your attitude towards Tok Jangut is exactly the way you should behave towards all others in this blog. You have studiously avoided him, in contrast to the grand bashing that others, including me, obtained for saying much less about LKY. Even I, who does not know Tun, have challenged Tok Jangut over the insults he has heaped on Tun. Thus your silence is rather deafening, especially when Tun is your buddy. Your behavioural pattern is such that my Magnificent 7 compadre, Faridina, fully expected a grand bashing of ‘the bearded one’ or ‘the bloody goat’ by ‘Uncle MC’. And Tok Jangut has avoided you like the plague as well. Mutual respect or fear? Whatever the case, this is exemplary behaviour from you both. Congratulations!!! Now, can we be treated the same way?

    This is what you said on January 27, 2016 12:27 PM in another thread:

    1 You were an ordinary employee of Sime Darby who achieved your Malaysian Dream. How you a Malay got a more
    than special share allotment from the relevant authorities after 1992 ? Who did you know who has such powers?

    2. At the material time, you were one Malay amongst 10 millions eligible for share allotment on a pari passu basis. How or
    through what connections or hard work with the relevant authorities after 1992 that you got SO MANY GAMUDA SHARES WHICH

    3. And who arranged the financing for your huge block of Gamuda shares which made you a self-made Malay multi-millionaire
    at the age of 38 ?

    I know many successful Malay professionals. Highly regarded doctors, lawyers and accountants. At the Royal Military College, my Malay classmates were all Class A types. In mistaking my identity you have inadvertently revealed a poor mindset; a Malay can become a multi-millionaire only because of connections. I am sure you don’t mean that.

    I shall now reply to your questions with much delight.

    1. Which Minister under our beloved Tun alloted this huge amount of shares to you after 1992 to make you so rich?

    Not applicable. No such luck. But I wish it was true though. You are the resident know-all so I am surprised you ask. You should ask Tun the Ministry responsible for doling out these perks. I think Ministry of Finance is the likely one and Anwar Ibrahim did have his cake and ate it too. Perhaps the EPU comes into the picture as well, especially in privatisation projects.

    2. For what special deed that you were given preference treatment over the other 10 millions Malays ?

    I stopped an elephant about to ram into Tun’s favourite Proton.

    3. Who financed you when you were only a junior executive of Sime Darby in the 1990s?

    Why are you so stuck with the thought that I can only acquire shares during my days with Sime Darby? If it helps to cure you, I left Sime Darby in the mid nineties, shortly after the great bull run on the KLSE, to set up my own business. That was nearly TWENTY (20) years ago. To have accumulated some wealth over a 20-year period is no big deal if you have ideas and are prepared to grease your elbow and you see no need to spend lavishly on cars or have expensive holidays. Some of my contemporaries are even more successful and frugal. Do you honestly think there are people who believe in a fanciful theory like The Creation of Money Without Money?

    In the immediate aftermath of the Asian Currency crisis in 1997, Public Bank shares went as low as 90 sen per share (an intraday low but the lowest price on record, per my notes). If you had bought the shares then and took part in subsequent rights issues and enjoyed the bonus issues, the effective cost per share is no more than RM2. See what you can gain from being patient?

    Sime Darby was a wonderful company to work for, with a great CEO during my entire time with the company. We ‘junior executives’ were granted the usual corporate perks so prevalent in Malaysia then and even more so today in the GLCs; a personal driver, a BMW or Mercedes, free petrol, business and first class air travel and a pay many times what you got but, please remember, we worked long hours. What did you do? Oh, right. You claim to be the brains for bringing home Sime Darby. They really should have made you the Chairman of the Board instead of Tun Tan.

    4. How come you are so close to some people in Singapore?

    This is the funniest question of all but it lends credence to something said in a Ruling of the Singapore Court of Appeals (Suit No. redacted) of (redacted).

    Anyway, you are factual for once. I am indeed close to some people in Singapore – my brother and his family. Hahaha.

    Now that you have my answers, I hope you will enjoy your fish head curry with gusto. Please don’t choke. Take care of your health.

    By the way, please remind PM Najib or any of his closet aides that he has to pay tax on the millions of donations he claims to have received. What’s good for the goose must also be good for the gander. Can we agree on this? Please?

  25. sudin Feb 14,2016 11:08 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Thank you to Mubarakchan for the exposure hint to one of Anwar’s long list of bigtime cronies, Zahid Hamidi included.

    Those days his cronies were untouchables!!

  26. HBT456 Feb 14,2016 10:52 AM

    50. Yang tak betul adalah umno.

  27. HBT456 Feb 14,2016 9:24 AM

    47. When singapore pap flared worst result in ge for the first time in history, both mentor ministers, mr lee and mr goh, resigned voluntarily.

    48. In last ge, pap gained almost 70 percent of the votes.

    49. Pepatah melayu kata, cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

  28. HBT456 Feb 14,2016 9:07 AM

    46. Seeing malay army carrying machine gun in checking 3 bangladesh in kl makes me wonder has the duit kopi culture is expanded to these foreign workers?

  29. HBT456 Feb 14,2016 8:58 AM


    41. Will bnm approve?

    42. Hajar ni bising apa?

    43. Moslem tolong moslem, adakah salah?

    44. Quantitative easing in increasing moslem via bersimpati dengan rohinya, bangladesh, pskistan, syria, filipina atau mana2 negara pun takpa, janji mereka ini moslem.

    45. If sir mubarak chan is okay with this stand, then, dont ever call us as pendatang.

  30. Hajar Feb 13,2016 8:20 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    /// Sinar Harian
    KUALA LUMPUR – Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak kesal dengan penyebaran kenyataan tidak tepat tentang Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) sehingga mewujudkan suasana tidak tenteram dalam negara dan merugikan rakyat.


    Bukankah PM kita yang TIDAK TAHU MALU ini yang menyebabkan umat Islam di Malaysia berasa sangsi dengan urusniaga2 TH?

    TH terjebak dengan skandal 1MDB, syarikat ’anak emas’ PM Najib. Plot tanah TRX yang cuma ’sekangkang kera’ dibeli dengan harga mahal (RM 188.5 Juta) oleh TH dari 1MDB; TH sepatutnya mendapat tanah ’anugerah’ (untuk dibangunkan ) dari Kerajaan dengan harga jauh lebih murah atas dasar untuk membantu pendeposit2 TH yang rata2 adalah rakyat yang susah.

    PM yang memalukan Malaysia ini tidak layak untuk berkata apa2 berkaitan imej TH yang kini telah tercalar teruk gara2 terpalit dengan skandal negatif 1MDB di mana PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor terlibat sebagai watak utama.

    Elok DSN beri perhatian terhadap imej kotor beliau sendiri yang sudah tersebar di serata dunia. Imej buruk DSN lagi MERUGIKAN RAKYAT dan negara. Letak jawatan sajalah! Berhentilah melibatkan rakyat /negara dengan skandal2 peribadi anda wahai DSN! Berjiwa besarlah!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  31. mubarakchan Feb 13,2016 11:45 AM



    1. isayso is just a dummy. A pseudonym used by any one behind the mask. But this could be traced easily.

    2. Your huge allotment of shares after 1992 by a Senior Minister of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir’s Government as a special preference over and above the other 10 million Malays who have the same locus standi appears to have breached the Laws. Your position at the material time was only a junior employee of Sime Darby.

    3. My learned lawyer said that such a gift is subjected to Income Tax.

    4. He further noted that the MACC would be interested since this affair involved a Senior Minister and a private person.

    5. All such share allotment/gifts from the Senior Minister during this period are subjected to the scrutiny of the Inland Revenue, MACC and the PDRM.

    6. He added that the same relevant authorities would be interested in you since you are a public figure involved in politics and have accumulated so much WEALTH out of the blue in so short a time.

    7. Is all these corruption, cronyism and nepotism performed right under the nose of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Government, 1981-2003 ?

    As your good friend, isayso, shall we stop making me the object of your political frustration ? This is my second request !


  32. HouseWife Feb 13,2016 2:14 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Please excuse me Tun I’m going off topic here. Before I go AWOL, I would like to state again what I have said before, I only have sphere of concern. Whatever you have posted Tun, with my limited knowledge, with sense of responsibility, I have to make known to you Tun my concern. But then again Tun, what a simple-minded housewife thinks is weightless compare to them I most envy and respect, and you know who they are Tun, and that include someone who mention a person a dolt. Yes, I do respect them all sincerely. Can’t a dolt have the right to believe in someone whom she trusts? I don’t know Tun, I just follow my instincts. Anyway, nobody is getting harm here.

    Can you tell me Tun, why people who claim they have the power…in what Tun? knowledge? money? distinction?…they assume a superior attitude?
    Tun, you know what intrigue me most here, it’s that it cultivates an intimate knowledge on various subjects, drawing in and attracting many cultured people, excluding the lost wanderers, sorry. But some people has an ego like stubborn glue. Like all glues it just need an extra gentle scrubbing and washing.

    Tun knowledge is invaluable. Knowledge is great investment. Knowledge is a friend in need. But can you invest knowledge for money Tun? Can you buy and sell knowledge Tun? Is it wrong for a dolt to invest her time, energy and mind (it does give you a headache sometimes) to gain knowledge, not for monetary profits of course, from those she trusts and believes? It is her own freewill and right to distinguish between facts or false. In time the facts or false will emerge by itself without this dolt to lift a single finger.

    Please forgive me for derailing here Tun. Maybe what I say here is nothing of any interest. I don’t mind if you just ignore Tun, really…hmmm maybe. InsyaAllah Tun, we’ll meet again here. May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  33. mubarakchan Feb 13,2016 12:30 AM


    For isayso.

    How can I be a liar when you yourself admitted having a substantial amount of Gamuda shares which were listed in the 1990s ?

    I did not name you as the fortunate Malay who had the fortunate ministerial connections to achieve multi-millionaire status as a junior Sime Darby executive in the 1990s during Tun’s 22 year Administration.

    If you are so rich which you projected yourself to be and through your own hard work, then let me congratulate you sincerely.

    It is bad to call others liars if you are not certain of your own position ! Reminds me of how the Malaysia Chronicles sub-continent types operated in 2011 ! The first thing they did was to abuse, insult and vilify others. I advised them to keep to proper standards if they want to be internationally recognised which they did.

    You have not answered my pertinent questions yet !

    1. Which Minister under our beloved Tun alloted this huge amount of shares to you after 1992 to make you so rich ?

    2. For what special deed that you were given preference treatment over the other 10 millions Malays ?

    3. Who financed you when you were only a junior executive of Sime Darby in the 1990s ?

    4. How come you are so close to some people in Singapore ?


  34. mubarakchan Feb 12,2016 5:24 PM


    For HouseWife.

    You pertinent queries caused me to think deep and hard.


    In Malaysia’s case, the incidents which happened in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore are concertina-ed into a space of 12 years, 2004-2015.

    In Singapore’s case, these incidents were spread out throughout Lee Kuan Yew’s life-time of public service 1959-2015.

    Vide The 47 failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew. None of these was ever copied by Tun’s 22 year Administration !

    1. The Lee Kuan Yew neo/ultra Communist political and socio-economic System. This turn Lee Kuan Yew into a Cambridge University maverick.

    Through many years insiduously without informing the citizens, Lee Kuan Yew created the neo/ultra Communist political and socio-economic System which he imposed on his citizens through his apparatchiks aka meritocrats with the collusion of the West without their full support he could not have existed one single day !

    Our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its capitalist characteristics and a Malay bias, our loyalty and devotion towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions, may be turned into Lee Kuan Yew’s neo/ultra Communist political and socio-economic System by just a whisker away through tampering with the laws. Our present Democratic System is based on checks and balances manned by distinguished and honourable officials.

    2. The Singaporean GLCs.

    The loss of US$ 108 Billions in October 2008 by two GLCs happened because of flattery and ignorance. Lee Kuan Yew thought he was up to the mark dealing with gents who had centuries of experience on the fine art of seduction without pain. His tenure in Cambridge and the West was only 3 years which was perfunctory in war-torn Britain. The elites were not reformed yet. Through normal human weakness he lost big, very big for Singapore. This was hushed-up to the present day. They are now up to their eye-balls in Chinese bank stocks !

    Indeed what happened to the Singapore GLCs has happened in Malaysia ! What is RM 42 Billions when Singapore has already lost US$ 108 Billions ( RM 420 Billions )?

    And our copy-cat GLCs of which there are now 3 huge financial empires of indeterminate depth and size and off-budget ? Between 2004 and 2015, 100 Malaysian GLCs were launched. Ladies and gentlemen, Akan Datang !

    Right up to this week of huge financial World turmoil 8-12 February 2016, one GLC bought Indonesian estates for RM 400 Millions this week. In November 2015, another GLC bought a Turkish power station for RM 800 Millions whilst in December, one GLC bought a China e-business company for US$ 140 Millions.

    Lee Kuan Yew being a Dictator in a tiny place could micro-manage every cent. He was honest, frugal and hard-working like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He could get all his underlings to toe the line. As a police state, the slightest wrong-doing is known to him. The most famous case was the Minister in charge of HDB who committed suicide with unprescribed drugs.

    In the case of our GLCs, most of the investments were purchased by borrowed money at low interest rates before the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgits. The lenders thought it safe to lend to GLCs.

    Democracies forbid doing business by the Governments because it is absurd to hold POWER and make MONEY as well. This is the key check and balance.

    Only authoritarian States Russia, China, Singapore and democratic Malaysia do so. The result of the GLCs corruption, nepotism and theft in China is for all to see in the coming months.

    This is also the result of the successful con-job played by Lee Kuan Yew on Deng Xiao Peng who was taken up by his bluffology. The pigeons are coming home to roost because of a failed concept. When the true story of the crooked con-man and Dictator is out, the backlash will be unforgiving.

    3. The Removal of the Attorney General Francis Seow by Lee Kuan Yew.

    I can only hazard a guess that Francis Seow was trying to up-stage Lee Kuan Yew. Eventually Francis Seow exiled himself in the United States. But the PAP propaganda worked overtime and produced stories like Francis Seow was walking along the High Street, Singapore holding hands with his girl-friend in the middle of the day, etc.

    The removal of an Attorney General has already happened in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore.

    4. There are 44 Failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew which you may find to fit into present day events in GLC copy-cat Malaysia. And the information is all factual.


  35. isayso Feb 12,2016 5:18 PM


    For Mubarakchan.

    And yet in this distinguished and honourable Blog you will find people who being Malay, had big blocks of shares allotted to them by their ministerial friends to become multi-millionaires overnight at the expense of other Malays. With NO SHAME, they mock other people who fared much better than them by doing a decent day’s work !

    Some people have NO SHAME !

    I agree wholeheartedly with you some people have no shame. You could not describe himself any better.

    You are obviously referring to me in the above quote. All I have ever said about my interest in Gamuda was this paragraph:

    “TPPA is not just goods and services. That’s like a frog in a well. There are Malaysian companies that have great expertise in the construction sector – like GAMUDA** with great tunneling skills equal to the best in the world. Under TPPA they can go to the US and have a fair fight. Right now it cannot because there are too many rules and hindrances.

    ** I have a financial interest in Gamuda.”

    You then proceeded to make up ‘facts’ (hence, the makeup artist) like I am a Malay, I have connections that enabled me to be granted a huge block of shares and so I am rich at the expense of other Malays. Well, you are wrong, wrong and wrong. I would categorise you as a liar.

    Well, I do have a lot of shares in Gamuda and other companies accumulated over the years and still doing so when the price is just too tempting to resist. I make my money the hard way but I am very patient. One thing I never did was to borrow money to invest in the stock market, lose my pants and then declared a bankrupt by the securities firm. This happened to the youngest son of a rich Chinaman. Yes, one must have ideas to succeed in business. I am still in business and I am not a bankrupt.

    Another example of your slyness for the benefit of any dolt who believe in you claim for always stating FACTS.

    It was kind of you to re-produce the news item on the Singapore’s Straits Times WITHOUT the headline ‘ S$ 1 Billion saving for Singapore.’ You left out the headline ! Thanks for getting the right date. I refer you to read Rasmi Banga’s Work on TPPA October 2014. UNCTAD Geneva in which Malaysia will lose US$5 Billions per year. The Straits Times article is self-serving.

    Anyone who went to the link I provided could see there was no headline. You made it up and tried to imply I was being the sly one. Not so fast.

  36. mubarakchan Feb 12,2016 12:45 PM


    For HouseWife.

    At the end of the day, we all stand up to be counted.

    To bring us to this poignant moment in our long journey, some of us grew wise and forgiving like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. But some still hung on to their bitterness of their failures in achieving their ambitions. This is why a religion, a proper religion, is good for us Humankind.

    I chose the best, Islam which is ‘strong, clean and compasssionate’ which impressed me with role models who happened to be my close friends of a lifetime.

    I found that members of my family who had no religion embarked on breaking ethics, standards, morals, family bonds etc, and are weak. As a result, I became a victim of my family’s attitude towards others. This is a common failing with rich people whom I know many.

    I sold five listed companies because from my own experience, it is better for my children to lead their own lives and not to give them an opportunity to victimise or cheat one another. I did not want to build a corporate empire.

    In comparison to those who made snide remarks at me, I let you know Madame HouseWife why I am here.

    After my graduation, I was on my way to Stanford University to do research in therapeutics. I came home to visit my mother. I found my eldest brother took all my money under his care. I did not have a single ringgit. I was stuck in KL for a lifetime.

    Without suing him or do a due diligence audit, I just carried on with my work whatever it was. It took me 30 years to achieve my ambition without evading income tax, cheating or killing people.

    This is why I am exceedingly happy.

    And yet in this distinguished and honourable Blog you will find people who being Malay, had big blocks of shares allotted to them by their ministerial friends to become multi-millionaires overnight at the expense of other Malays. With NO SHAME, they mock other people who fared much better than them by doing a decent day’s work !

    Some people have NO SHAME !


  37. faridina Feb 11,2016 11:04 PM

    Assalammualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to Dr MC for
    presenting facts based on LKY’s failed public policies, 47 of them to be precise so I hope that bloody ‘young goat’ could take some time going through it in one of Dr MC’s posting here in this blog.

    Thank you Sir and if I may with your permission copy your tagline MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! THE WORLD CHINA AND SINGAPORE LOVE VERY MUCH OUR ICONIC UMNO ! UMNO BOLEH ! Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz boleh ? BOLEH SANGAT ! Dato Seri Dr Zahid boleh ? BOLEH BELAH ! !

    Wasalam Tun.

  38. mubarakchan Feb 11,2016 4:36 PM


    For faridina.

    I refer to your sentence, ‘ As for LKY, I will leave that for uncle MC to do the grand bashing on you !’

    With all due respect, I like to point out that I do not bash anyone even LKY. I present only facts based on his public policies. By knowing the facts on LKY then we all appreciate our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad character and deeds as a World’s Statesman, a Malay !

    When I turned up at this distinguished and honourable Blog in September 2011, all Malaysian Chinese and some Malays thought LKY was like a god and the greatest even over-towering our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    From years of observations and from information, I knew this adoration of LKY was fiction. What to do ? The best is to study his public policies which no one even Lee Kuan Yew can escape.

    In time, I found 47 failed Public Policies of Lee Kuan Yew right up to his departure. These were his real policies, not my concoction or spin. You can check each and everyone of them in the Straits Times library Singapore especially the Policy in which he propped up young UMNO aspirants to lecture at the INSEAS and gave them a brilliant write-up in the Straits Times the following morning. You will be surprised who eventually became Malaysian ministers and served Lee Kuan Yew well.

    Since Singapore is such a tiny place, LKY had plenty of time to do crafty and cunning things on the naive, friendly and hospitable Malaysians.

    If I do not present the 47 failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew, who will do so ? No one !

    Here is the comparison based on comments between our beloved Statesman of the World, a Malay, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has been bashed by the Opposition since 2003 (some of Tun’s bashers are now operating in this Blog of late) and the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew, from prestigious and independent Indian sources of Mother India.

    1. TJS George. A prominent journalist of India. His Blog June 2010.

    ” The West has spread the impression that Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew is Asia’s outstanding economic miracle man while Malaysia’s Mahathir as a cantankerous ogre, hater of white people and dictator to boot. Both are dressed up portraits. What makes Mahathir special is that while pursuing economic progress he never lost sight of the larger picture of human values. That cannot be said of Lee Kuan Yew and certainly not of Indonesia’s Suharto or Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra. ”

    2. Amartya Sen. One of India’s finest scholars and Nobel Prize winner.

    ” Human rights and Asian values: What Lee Kuan Yew and Li Peng don’t understand about Asia.”


  39. HouseWife Feb 11,2016 4:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Why is it Tun that I couldn’t find a single spot in BH, the mainstream paper, mentioning about you and Proton? You could never find a day without a special spot for artists and their lifestyles, even crooks and con-men get highlighted in the papers. But Tun, our Greatest Statesman of Malaysia and whom the world knows, don’t even get a single word of mentioning, not a little spot in any corner. They are so stingy to give a bit of acknowledgement to Tun. Who has given the greatest contributions and achievements to the country…the artists? con-artists?…or our beloved Tun? Can’t they distinguish between good non-fiction news and fantasy news? This is unfair, unjust and a discrimination to Tun. Tun doesn’t deserve this unkind treatment.

    Tun, DSN and gang is off across the ocean again to the US-Asean Summit.
    Ministers of foreign affairs and Miti will also be there. This is an opportunity for them to promote Proton, right Tun. Will they Tun, will they do that? Proton as a national representative must claim its right to be heard and be given equal assistance by the Malaysian government. Tun, it’s time your warga-warga Proton be more vocal and aggressive and stand up to claim due recognition. Proton deserves to stay.
    Wouldn’t it be a SHAME if they go for not only work but plus makan angin…jimat?…nay, they are only NATO to them.

    Tun, you allow some guy let loose here, you are too kind. He loves so much the green green grass of home here that he doesn’t want to go back to wherever he comes from. It’s ok to Tun to let him stay awhile, to let him and others like him SHAMELESSLY to enjoy to have a taste of Tun’s good deeds through sheer hardship endurance. Tun is always forever generous.

    Please, Tun may I have a moment with Mr mubarakcan.
    I remember you mentioning your lawyer said that Allah loves you, well dear Mr mubarachan, if he believes it and I too believe it, then you must have believe it too. You are hit one by one by obstacles all your life but you managed to bounce back by equipping yourself with greater knowledge, that is how you survive all these years. Knowledge has been and will always be your great confidante. Please forgive me I’m not trying to tell you what you’ve already know. It’s just that I want to tell you how I feel when I can. You know what I’m afraid of the most, Mr mubarakchan it’s not losing money or position, it is losing my will to think and to express. So I hope you and Tun are not bored by this simple-minded housewife. Thank you for your time, Mr mubarakchan.

    Tun, I really do hope and wish that these people who think they hold the power in their hands, be a little kinder to you and show humble, compassionate, unpretentious respect to you and family.
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you so much Tun.

  40. sudin Feb 11,2016 10:10 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Another great liar has declared his presence in chedet!! Unfortunately he’s not a lawyer. He probably has very strong blood-relationship with that HBT half past six!

    He’s not a Malay or Malaysian, but greatly admires our legendary Tok Janggut, and chooses the legend as his avatar.
    Could be Indon or Bangla mali, since he likes driving and owning Proton which is contradictory to a Singapula mali worker.

    Is he lost? Nah, I think not. He’s just thinking this chedet blog to be another children playground to spread his most advanced political knowledge & economic theories to the kids playing there!

  41. faridina Feb 10,2016 11:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Please allow me to give some lecturing to one “Young Goat” without beard who is neither a Malay nor a Malaysian ha..ha..ha..

    I’m sorry could’nt response to you asap because it’s CNY and holiday trips with my family as usual.

    My goat friend, I think you need help because like our Pee M not yours okay, you are one sick person with FPP.

    Fantasy prone personality (FPP) is a disposition or personality trait in which a person experiences a lifelong extensive and deep involvement in fantasy.

    [1] This disposition is an attempt, at least in part, to better describe “overactive imagination” or “living in a dream world”.
    [2] An individual with this trait (termed a fantasizer) may have difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality and may experience hallucinations, as well as self-suggested psychosomatic symptoms. Closely related psychological constructs include daydreaming and et cetera.

    Anyway I laughed hillariously reading the BG story because it could be you who loves to fantasize and being fantasizing meeting BG in person and if given the chance not only during lunch but even while BG is doing his job in the loo you will be glad to fulfill your fantasy.

    Any daydreaming story about the late Steve Job?

    My goat friend the more slander about our beloved Tun M the more hatred there are for our sick Pee M.

    As for LKY, I will leave that for uncle MC to do the grand bashing on you!
    Happy CNY everybody.

    Wasalam Tun.

  42. HouseWife Feb 10,2016 10:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Please allow me a moment with Mr mubarakchan.
    After thinking back I shouldn’t have asked you about the person you mentioned. I have no right to ask as it is very personal. I apologized for my ignorance. Please forgive me for my zealousness without knowledge. I have nothing but the best for you here and in the hereafter. Thank you again, Mr mubarakchan. May Allah Bless you.

    Tun, your next topic is on Proton cars. Unfortunately, I’m no expert in the mechanical and engineering terminology. I leave it to the experts. But I agree if you would do more vigorous advertising in promoting Proton. Clever ideas in advertising can catch and pull the people’s mind towards the product, mainly here concerned is the made in Malaysia Proton cars. Success in promotion will bring great benefits to all levels of the warga of Proton.
    Good luck Proton.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank You Tun.

  43. mubarakchan Feb 10,2016 8:30 PM


    For HouseWife.

    Tun knows more than I do on the fickleness of some Humankind. He should know also that good people are born good and it is impossible to turn them bad or vice versa. He should know the real character of his closest aides after 2003. I believe I have the same experience as Tun only that I operated in a much narrower field. I never left the borders of Kuala Lumpur in all my undertakings as I have no monopoly and only at best like all of us about 100 years of a wonderful life. Thanks to the good medicine. The doctors have always been the same !

    Madame, it is the life which we all have that is wonderful. It is the family and the children which are our future assurance that we have done well. It is not the MONEY MONEY MONEY which have been adopted from the failed State of Singapore which will make us happy. More likely this will make us sad.

    It is health, happiness and money in this order which we should achieve.

    Our wonderful Malaysia and its Government in normal terms should be able to provide us with life’s essential ingredients to make good.

    My youngest brother divorced his first wife. His first wife came to Malaysia and became a successful fashion icon with a business empire. Her ex-husband became a good for nothing fellow as I said he did not lift a finger to work in his lifetime. He spent his time cheating, stealing and selling his inheritance.

    We are all born to work for our daily bread. This is normal and natural. There are so many rich men’s sons around these days squandering their father’s wealth. This is unavoidable at this stage of our economic development. The same thing happens in other countries too.

    It is our children who will give us happiness and satisfaction. A normal education and a normal life is a good beginning. Working for others is a good start for discipline and proper behaviour. In our wonderful Malaysia there are so many opportunities under normal circumstances.

    If you fly above our beloved Malaysia, you see a large swathe of greenery (this is what makes Lee Kuan Yew jealous of us). And what do our State Excos do, 13 of them ? They convert 20 sens psf land into RM2 psf land. This is the wealth of our beloved Malaysia. You do not need billions of ringgits to do business ! Hence, property development is the most lucrative for anyone who wants to do business. For myself, this is the only business which I avoided even though I built some condos in Singapore in 1965 !

    The other is the capital market where more and more money is printed and needs more and more people to handle. At the moment, it is not attractive to be a remisier because there is a mismatch in terms of rewards for our own people in favour of Singapore. Hopefully, this will soon be rectified fairly when the relevant authorities are less busy.

    Madame, it is all commonsense as our beloved Tun will tell us. We have this vital stuff within all of us. No problem. Take the case of my ex-sister-in-law who embarked on a business very early on with no experience and competition in Malaysia. There are still lots of opportunities for all. These are there to be discovered and more easlily in normal times. Do not about INFORMATION which will guide a person in business or otherwise.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! THE WORLD CHINA AND SINGAPORE LOVE VERY MUCH OUR ICONIC UMNO ! UMNO BOLEH ! We can all do business but only a handful will succeed ! Remember no book has been written to tell us how to be rich. But thousands on business management to make us better managers. As our beloved Tun, Lee Kong Chian, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Syed Kechik and Tan Sri Azman Hashim will tell us, an enterpereneur is born not made – definitely not made by any Government !

  44. man Feb 10,2016 5:33 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Harap Tun dan keluarga dalam keadaan terbaik.

    Ramai juga masuk komen di dalam blog Tun mengagungkan pemerintah negara lain. Obviously diorang ini bukannya Malaysian. Tapi cara mereka memberi komen macam dioranglah yang paling bagus dan mesti diterima oleh semua pelawat blog ini. Ini mengingatkan saya pada perkataan ‘ki_su’.

    Dulu semasa pemerintahan Tun, Tun dipandang sebagai pejuang negara Islam dan dunia membangun. Pandangan Tun sentiasa mendapat perhatian. Tun juga memperjuangkan nasib Palestin dengan lantang. Ini sudah tentu tidak disenangi oleh negara barat dan sudah pasti Tun tidak diberi kredit oleh mereka apatah lagi mendapat tempat di hati presiden sesebuah negara maju. Tidak hairanlah baru sekarang mereka ini melawat Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun

  45. anak wawasan 2020 Feb 10,2016 1:01 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I just came across this article written by D. Kadir Jasin and I found it very interesting. Something worth sharing.

    Inilah keindahan bahasa melayu. Tafsiran di antara yang tersurat dan tersirat.


  46. tok jangut Feb 10,2016 11:00 AM

    To sudin

    All comments in this blog are moderated. If Mahathir is not objecting to ways, why are you? Is he your great grandfather?

    You will always remain a donkey. You have not hope.

    Your comments are irrelevant. You are most embarrassing. For your information, I am not a Malaysian.

  47. HouseWife Feb 10,2016 4:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Some smart guy says that you Tun is NATO (no action talk only). So rude. All humans see differently, have their own views even if it is seen from the same window. Some will interpret it as either nice or ugly depends from which view they are standing. And we respect the differences, don’t we Tun. We can’t make everyone like us. Anyway, what he says or think is insignificant. The power of words, spoken or written, is sharper and greater than action. See, whenever Tun utter or write something everyone is eager to respond.

    I hope I’m still in the Shame topic Tun. All the live US Presidents consulted the late LKY…so? Of course, we all know Singapore and USA are like brothers so no fuss about that. Should anyone care? That is their affairs. And DSN playing golf with Obama in faraway island in the Pacific Ocean, now this every Malaysians should care.
    This is SHAMEFUL! I could not believe that the PM of Malaysia could so gleefully played around with a small golf ball while the rakyat of Malaysia were struggling for dear lives in the big flood. He could not come back because he promised Obama a game, really Tun or is there something else? Which is more important, the happy golf game or the people’s sufferings who need their Leader to be there?

    Yes, I do respect and love Tun sincerely, Mr wajaperak. Blind respect? Blind love? Maybe but as said so rightly by Mr mubarakchan, it is because Tun did not rob or steal from others or tell lies.
    Tun has worked smart and hard for 22 years to get Malaysia to where she is now. Of course Tun cannot work by himself alone. Tun had a very good company of bright, sincere, intelligent colleagues that is why Malaysia blooms into a very beautiful prosperous country. Can anyone argue with that fact? Everyone of us, directly or indirectly, do receive if not all but a good dose of Tun’s struggled good deeds per gratis..for what?..for our right to a decent living according to our Malaysian style of democracy.
    And we, without SHAME, seized greedily, accepted eagerly to the readily sumptuous spread led out by Tun. Are we thankful? Did Tun asked for any kind of returns? How many times was Tun battered by the very people who live generously from his good deeds but lost their respect to him?
    Why have they become so rude to him? Just because Tun has aged almost a century they think they could push him around. Tun is not senile, and his mind is forever ticking and ticking to a good use, InsyaAllah.

    Tun, please allow me a few moments with Mr mubarakchan:
    Merci beau coup (correct me please), Mr mubarakchan. No, I don’t know French, I wish I can speak French cos it sounds so beautiful. Your comments and writings are always furnished and attached with factual points that some find it irresistible not to argue with you.
    Mr mubarakchan, the rich man’s son who squandered his father’s fortune by being smart and crooked and a liar, may I asked did he live exceedingly happy? I believe this kind of living will not never make you truly happy and in peace of mind. But I wish him well.
    Now I understand what you meant by ‘never been able to turn a good person bad or a bad person good’. Your experiences are most valuable and they are your greatest teacher. I thank you for sharing them with us.
    To make money without money,just depend on ideas will need all the guts you have got to accept failure. How to make money without money?… unless of course you are willing to sell your ideas to someone who is willing to buy your ideas if they are worth selling, right Mr mubarakchan. I wish I had work smart and hard earlier.
    Thank you so much and May Allah bless you with a more exceedingly happy life.

    Tun, your ideas are worth more than a trillion but you kept intact in Malaysia, it’s only for Malaysia, like Proton. May Proton be given its due recognition and awards it deserves from the people and the Malaysian government. May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and thank you Tun.

  48. The Feb 9,2016 3:51 PM

    mubarakchan Feb 9,2016 1:03 PM
    The richest Chinese in Kuala Lumpur at the outbreak of the World War 2 had a youngest son. A rich man’s son. He went up to Cambridge without the normal qualifications due to the efforts of his elder brother. Instead of improving himself with what Cambridge had to offer, he developed the first Sino-African relationships and cheated at the examinations. His Senior Tutor told his elder brother, ” Charlie, if not for you, we would have send your brother down !”

    wow, mubarakchan, you sure spoke England as she she is spoke by the Oxonians and Cantabrigians. Went up and sent down. I am impressed. Not many people know these terms.

  49. HBT456 Feb 9,2016 1:51 PM


    38. Still want to bring out israel issue?

    39. These people who protest really got no shame at all.

  50. tok jangut Feb 9,2016 1:12 PM

    To isayso,

    The answer is simple – just google tributes to Lee Kuan Yew on this death. All the live presidents of USA have consulted him. Read Margaret Thatcher’s book as well. He was the 1st person she called for advice.

    Lee Kuan Yew is bright person. Whether you agree with him or not is immaterial. Credit should be given where credit is due.

    Najib may be perceived to be corrupt.

    But ask yourself, why is he getting so much support. His lieutenants are not even bright but he has managed to consolidate his powers and position. The reason is because of the past deeds of Mahathir – in Mahathir’s case it is just the chicken has returned to roost. As result, Mahathir’s sin has even visited his own son. On the other hand, Mahathir’s past deeds has benefited Najib immensely – now Najib rules the roost. This just the laws of karma. Just too bad if you who reads this do not like it.

  51. mubarakchan Feb 9,2016 1:03 PM


    For our wise HouseWife. I respect and admire you for the good and pertinent questions which you have raised on all sorts of things which puzzled you without denigrating others. This is good. Very good.

    Yes, Madam HouseWife. Money can be created or recovered in this age of anti-terrorism since 9/11.

    In the creation of money without money, here is the list of those whom I respect who never had RM42 Billions to make RM42 Billions – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lee Kong Chian, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Syed Kechik and Tan Sri Azman Hashim.(Listed according to seniority).

    These good entrepreneurs and Tun, a Malay politician and World Statesman, had the ideas and they all began with NO MONEY.

    They did not rob or steal from others or tell lies. This is what makes them great. It is the 99% hardwork and the 1% which either makes us fail or succeed. Insyhallah. We are began on a level playing field – we are born hapless and naked and had to rely on our parents to be independent for a very long time. Hence, we all should have filial piety to those who helped us to exist in this wonderful World.

    I have a true life story to tell.

    The richest Chinese in Kuala Lumpur at the outbreak of the World War 2 had a youngest son. A rich man’s son. He went up to Cambridge without the normal qualifications due to the efforts of his elder brother. Instead of improving himself with what Cambridge had to offer, he developed the first Sino-African relationships and cheated at the examinations. His Senior Tutor told his elder brother, ” Charlie, if not for you, we would have send your brother down !” By and bye, this rich young man returned to Malaysia. And the first thing he did was to cheat his elder brother on a simple deal. His elder brother left the family business. Soon, through his profligacy, the rich man’s son sold all the best properties belonging to the family whenever he needed money. He blamed others for his failings. He never did a single stroke of work in his life ! He was an inveterate liar to boot. And he was absolutely ungrateful to the help and assistance which his elder brother had given him without asking.

    By the turn of the 21st Century, this rich man’s son had sold all the properties which realised only RM 5 Millions at 1970s prices. But the price today is equivalent to RM 500 Millions if this rich man’s son had done a normal day’s work, lived a normal life and behaved normally.

    What am I trying to say, Madam HouseWife ?

    That all of us have an even chance of succeeding especially in Malaysia, like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lee Kong Chian, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Syed Kechik and Tan Sri Azman Hashim if we all work hard 99% of the time and live a normal life like all those worthies whom I have mentioned.

    For these distinguished and honourable gentlemen, IT IS NOT MONEY MAKES MONEY. IT IS THE IDEAS WHICH MAKE MONEY WITHOUT MONEY !

    You will also find that the more people you know the less are the differences between different commmunities. Such is life !

    No one should despair at the virtual or apparent loss of advantages. Look at the rich man’s son whom I mentioned. He squandered all his father’s fortune well within his own lifetime by being smart, crooked and a liar. He knew only how to spend and spend, sell and sell. He did not earn a single sen for himself given all the wealth and connections which he had.

    Good people are born and not made. I have never been able to turn a good person bad or a bad person good. This is my hard-earned experience in life.

    You will ask how to begin ?

    All those great people whom I mentioned depended on INFORMATION without which they were blind and could see the future. Then, a person has to find out whether he was to take the risks of an entrepreneur or that of a staid office manager.

    I see today many rich men’s sons squandering their fathers’ wealth away. It would be better to pay these lucky fellows and ask them to do nothing !

    A person is born to be an entrepreneur or an office manager. Billions and billions of ringgits will not turn a duck into a goose ! Pour le vouz francais, Madame HouseWife ?


  52. malaysian1000000 Feb 9,2016 12:20 PM


    Jika Akta OSA ingin dipinda, bagaimana nak dakwa PM, jika maklumat sulit itu sendiri adalah bukti?

    Seperti kes 1MDB, Jho Low mencanang “kepala surat” MOF untuk businessnya. Kerana kebanyakkan scandal PM ni menggunakan “kepala surat” kementerian, jabatan, GLC. Dakwa Jho Low dulu la, baru buat pada rakyat.

    Scorpene – MOD
    1MDB – MOF
    MH370 – MOT
    TRX – TH
    Apartment Mewah – MARA
    Shopping2 – JPM
    Jet Baru – JPM
    UTC – Kementerian Luar Bandar
    TPPA – MOF
    PRU – SPR
    GST – LHDN

    Tapi, bila “donation” sahaja jadi “personal account”

    GST dah berbillion collect, whats next PM? Ekonomi masih slow, TPPA dah sign. Whats your next deal. Please show us. Takkan guna duit tu untuk cover budget MRT dan Pan Borneo sahaja?

    Tak da pulak nampak syarikat besar Malaysia ni dapat sign any agreement dengan mana – mana anggota TPPA. Yang dok kalut2 nak sign tu ingatkan dah ada deal2 yang beratur nak tunggu sign. Sunyi je.


  53. professional malay Feb 9,2016 11:28 AM

    Dear Tun,

    So far it has been proven that our country check and balance system is so weak including UMNO internal system, judiciary etc. even to the final resort i.e. royal system to stop any greedy or madman PM to be the real dictator and crook in stealing the national treasury to be shared with his family and cronies. Never in my wildest dream that the history of marcos with at least USD20 billion stolen from national coffer which the filipinos are still paying the debt thru taxes until this day could happen right at our doorstep….It seems too imminent and same marcos story line is really happening in malaysia unless we could isolate all those marcos greedy leaders but the sad story is we don’t have proper check and balance anymore and 2018 GE seems too late for the destruction done. We all have to stop this history from being repeated as the damage will be too huge for the malaysians to bear for many generation to come…

  54. sudin Feb 9,2016 11:09 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    ….we Malaysians are not lud to the host…

  55. Hajar Feb 9,2016 11:09 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Mohon izin Tun untuk berbicara dengan saudara ’Daeng’ Feb 8,2016 12:10 PM :

    Betul.. PM Najib memang senang ditipu.. Pada PRU-13 beliau ditipu hidup2 oleh majoriti spesis ’mata sepet’ yang sebelum PRU-13 dibelai dan dimanja dengan pelbagai ’sogokan’ dan nampak macam suka ’bangat’ terhadap PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor..lakonan saja…

    Sekarang si Jho Taek Low (spesis ’mata sepet’) yang disangkal oleh PM Najib ada hubungkait dengan 1MDB sudah pecah tembelang di Mahkamah Singapore – sah Jho Low ada kaitan dengan 1MDB. Memang pembohong PM kita yg satu ni…mesti DSN juga kena TIPU oleh si Jho Low… ’pembohong’ kena tipu dengan ’penipu’… they deserve each other.

    2. Juga mohon inzin Tun untuk berbicara dengan ’Tok Jangut’ (melencong sikit):

    Saya rasa anda silap menggunakan ’Tok Jangut’ yang anda anggap sebagai ’avatar’. Bukankah Tok Janggut seorang pahlawan Melayu yang anti-British (orang Putih)? Jika orang Amerika berada di tempat orang Britain pada zaman Tok Janggut, sudah pasti Tok Janggut juga bertindak melawan mereka. Anda MENCEMAR nama baik Tok Janggut! Atau anda jahil? Anda bukan main lagi memuji Lee Kuan Yew yang ’intim’ dengan Amerika (sekutu Amerika), dan pada masa sama bukan main lagi mengutuk/menghina Tun Mahathir (seorang Melayu). Mungkin anda patut guna pseudonym ’ChinPen’ (tanpa huruf ’g’) kerana Chin Peng memang tidak suka kepada Melayu. Barulah sepadan dengan anda!

    Lagi satu, Tun M masih menerima JEMPUTAN untuk memberi pelbagai UCAPAN di luar negara, walaupun anda kata tiada siapa mahu mendengar kata-kata atau ucapan Tun M. Anda silap besar di sini. Tun bukan sekutu Amerika, jadi sudah tentulah Amerika tolak ketepi kata-kata Tun M. Adakah anda begitu jahil dalam hal ini?

    Lee Kuan Yew seorang pemimpin yang amat ’kiasu’, dan tidak ada perkataan ’tolak ansur’ dalam kamus beliau. Beliau langsung tidak menghormati jiran terdekat beliau. (Nota: Harta /wang dunia bukan segala-galanya kepada seorang Islam yang beriman)

    Tun M tidak rugi kerana tidak ’kowtow’ Amerika dan Presiden2 Amerika, dan memang patutlah beliau tidak dijemput bermain golf dengan mana2 Presiden Amerika. Ada dua sebab: (i) Tun M tidak suka buang masa bermain golf; (ii) Tun M bukan pemimpin Melayu yang suka ’cium bont*t’ (not a ’butt kisser’) orang asing seperti yang dilakukan oleh PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    P/S: ’Tok Jangut’, saya sengaja menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu (BM) sebab saya orang Melayu dan BM ialah Bahasa Kebangsaan kita. Saya harap anda dapat menulis dalam BM pula. Kita lihat tahap BM anda. Saya bukan hebat seperti anda dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebab dulu belajar dalam BM dari darjah 1 sehingga SPM (sudah tiada ’English medium’), dan hari2 saya cakap BM.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  56. sudin Feb 9,2016 10:53 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Hi “tok jangut”.
    You are vely lud (rude)!
    You Canton mali?
    Next time you visit Barack Obama blog just refer him “Hi Obama”. Then you can proceed to hit him left and right and whatnot, anything that you can pick up from under the sky and hentam.
    Or, you visit Lee Hsien Loong blog and do the same as to your beloved Obama, “Hi Hsien Loong” and start lambasting him.
    That’s exactly what you did to Tun M or Dr M.

    Next “tok jangut” will claim he’s Malaysian!!!
    Just to remind you we Malaysians are not lud like you’ve shown.

    By the way, the little shark from Singapura called “ikan yu”, that you grandiosely worshipped is dead.

    You understand jargon?
    Nah! Forget it. You may not realise it, but I think your “sinus is still running”.
    Remember I told you last time, there are bloggers who enjoyed getting ridiculed by others here in Tun M’s blog!

  57. sibotak Feb 9,2016 10:36 AM

    The story of Malaysia Politics is so very funny today
    The whole world should be laughing

    Recent Anwar
    Never heard much throughout World Politics news
    Politician are imprisonment due to Sodomy

    Prime Minister of Malaysia gets Billions of Dollars Donations
    Put into his pockets for Safe Keeping ?
    And the doings is right……….Hahahahhahahaha

    Mr AG could also approves Anwar Sodomy offenses . Halal kan Liwat
    Release him since The Law has No Foundations
    Release all Prisoners

    What a Clown ,Sad Politics Story Malaysia is facing
    Very Tearfully ……These have been a Waste of Time for all

  58. sibotak Feb 9,2016 10:18 AM

    Siapa yg membongkarkar rahsia Negara ?
    Tiada Siapa pun dari dahulu hingga sekarang yg membongkar Rahsia Negara ?

    Yg di bongkar adalah Kesalahan , Ketiada Penyesiatan yg Lurus mengait 1MDB
    Kenapa pula Ketua AG sekarang begitu sensitive sekali ?
    Tahukah Beliau perbezaan membongkar rahsia Negara dengan membongkar ketiadaan penyesiataan terhadap satu kemungkinan jenayah ?

    Tahukan belia beza sebiji apple dengan sebiji oren ?

    Macamana Malaysia bolih kedepan ?
    Diketuai pemimpin yg Bacul di selimuti Keaadilan yg cukup adil

  59. isayso Feb 9,2016 9:24 AM


    For the benefit of Housewife. This may help.

    But money can be created, as said by Mr mubarakchan. Maybe I’m wrong, sorry to all bankers and economist, I just want to understand that’s all.

    I recommend Housewife should read the book The Creation of Money without Money supposedly written by Mr. Mubarackchan. I believe Tun Daim wrote a foreword to the book, so it should be good stuff. We can all be rich. Oh joy!

    I found the information on the web and have not read the book so I cannot state for certain whether there is such a book and Mr. Mubarackchan is the author. He can confirm this, for sure. It may be another person with the same name. If that is the case my apology for the mistaken identity.

  60. Fariq Islam Feb 9,2016 8:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Cadangan Apandi untuk mengubah Akta, untuk menghukum mereka yang membongkar rahsia merupakan satu-satunya tindakan yang paling memalukan buat Negara kita.

    Kenalah ingat. Setiap cadangan mesti membawa kematangan dari segi pemikiran dan kewarasan. Kalau seseorang itu begitu senang kehilangan kawalan emosi dengan pembongkaran salah-laku oleh yang lain, maka insan ini tidaklah layak menyandang kerusi Ketua Pejabat Peguam Negara!

    Apatah lagi Negara kita akan terjerumus ke lembah keketawaan dunia, kerana meminda undang-undang untuk melindungi pesalah! Rakyat dalam era ini ramainya sudah berpendidikan dan tahu menilai apa yang betul dan apa yang salah!

  61. HouseWife Feb 9,2016 12:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    How many others are there in his cupboards Tun, many still in training I guess. His ‘kitchen cabinet’ are filled with these ‘dotdots’. They are just waiting to expose themselves to show off to us their skills in a showdown of words.

    Why are they attacking you, Tun as if they have a grudge on you. Don’t they realise that they are the product that are partly because of your era of golden years, and they got to not only taste but eat a big piece of the cake. At least be a gentleman/woman and be thankful.
    SHAME ON YOU, ungrateful people!
    Oh well, cash is their King. Cash if not use in a good direction will make a human into a greedy monster. To them making a living is saying ‘Yes, Master’ and get paid.

    Tun, you must have notice that DSN has that great power to give out ‘candies’ so easily wherever he goes…like he holds the ‘Key to the Vault’. No need to go through BNM or at least check with MOF whether there’s still cash around…oh right, he is ‘The Holder of Cash’. Really Tun, is there that much much money to go around or is this what you call ‘duit atas angin’. You just transfer angka/numbers from one bank to another, there’s actually no real money transferred. You can’t bring loads of real cash around, can you. But money can be created, as said by Mr mubarakchan. Maybe I’m wrong, sorry to all bankers and economist, I just want to understand that’s all.
    Tun, also have you notice anything unusual or similar about them…those who support him till death do them part? Everyone of them has got something he gives for ‘services’ rendered…money, power, position, exuberant free lifestyles, easy excess to ‘entertainment’, you name it they have them all. Should we be envious of them? A big NO NO! You’ll never get true happiness and peaceful mind with that kind of living. Is that their rezeki? Only Allah knows best.

    There are many more wrongdoings that are waiting to be exposed, the rakyat could smell so there is no other way but to put ‘chains’ on the reporters and whistleblowers. They are creating all sorts of reasons to block our freedom. This is total scary, Tun. Are we too not free here Tun? Are we being watched? We are being controlled by a bunch of dictators. They want us to follow them without questions, be their forever obedient servants.
    Tun, I don’t want to live in a country with all these draconian, strict, cruel man-made laws, aiming at me at all sides waiting to strike me at the very instant I step out of boundary. They are trying to cripple our sanity, our freedom, our awareness to reality. Leaders are to protect not oppress.

    Tun, this ‘cult of worshippers’ to one man must be banned in this beloved country. They are getting very ruthless, no sense of compassion, willing to sacrifice their principles for the sake of money, power and position. It’s like our hardship is their pleasure. It is so sad, Tun so so sad. How am I going to leave my children in their hands? Our children, the rakyat will live in ‘chains’ if they are not stopped.

    Tun, you give advice they say it is racun/poison, you tell the real truth they say it is sesat/misleading. They have been consumed by money, power, position, greed that they are blinded to see, to feel, to smell or even to speak of the good and the truth. What a pity.
    Tun, some say that we just have to be patient and wait for the next PRU to punish them. That will be like 2 years, Tun. Can we take that chance Tun? Anything, many things can happen in 2 years. Hopefully good happy things, insyaAllah.

    Tun, help us to help our country. So sorry Tun to add you more burdens on your shoulders, you’ve heard them all, our cries for a decent living a thousand times. May Allah Save our beloved country.
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  62. malaysialover Feb 9,2016 12:14 AM

    We are now witnessing history in the making….
    If DSN is innocent, this is the BIGGEST conspiracy of all times…
    If DSN is guilty, this is the BIGGEST escape of all times…

    Either way, it’s going to be BIG…!!

  63. Hajar Feb 8,2016 11:34 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    /// Utusan Online

    KUALA LUMPUR 7 Feb. – Pejabat Peguam Negara sedang mengkaji cadangan pindaan Akta Rahsia Rasmi 1971 agar hukuman lebih berat boleh dikenakan terhadap mana-mana pihak yang membocorkan rahsia negara.

    Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali berkata, pindaan tersebut antara lain mencadangkan hukuman penjara seumur hidup dan 10 sebatan dikenakan ke atas pesalah.

    “Di sesetengah negara, membocorkan rahsia rasmi adalah satu kesalahan yang serius, seperti di China di mana ia membawa hukuman mati,” katanya dipetik berdasarkan wawancara eksklusif yang disiarkan Sinchew Daily hari ini.

    1. Saya setuju sangat dengan cadangan A.G. TS Apandi supaya Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA) dikaji semula DENGAN SYARAT akta kesalahan jenayah berkaitan ”RASUAH/ PECAH AMANAH/ salah-guna kuasa/ melindungi pesalah jenayah” terutamanya yang melibatkan pemimpin2 dan pegawai2 tertinggi Kerajaan turut dikaji semula.

    2. Jika melakukan kesalahan di bawah OSA boleh membawa kepada hukuman penjara seumur hidup dan 10 kali sebatan, maka kesalahan jenayah ”RASUAH/ PECAH AMANAH/ salah-guna kuasa/ menlindungi pesalah jenayah” dicadangkan boleh dijatuhkan (untuk kes berprofil tinggi) hukuman TEMBAK atau gantung sampai mati sebab mereka ini sebenarnya pengkhianat kepada agama, bangsa, dan negara, dan seluruh rakyat secara umumnya (lebih teruk dari mereka yang mendedahkan dokumen rahsia/rasmi).

    3. Jika kita mahu menghukum, kenalah adil.

    4. Cermin dulu diri sendiri wahai A.G. TS Apandi! Adakah anda seorang yang AMANAH dalam menjalankan tugas untuk Negara/rakyat? Anda PEGUAM NEGARA, bukannya peguam PM Najib! Tolong berhenti menyokong PM Najib di khalayak ramai. Anda nampak tidak profesional dan kelihatan tidak cerdik serta memalukan diri sendiri – juga memalukan Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  64. Sri Sense Feb 8,2016 11:23 PM

    Salam Tun

    Apandi behaving like Najib’s legal hitman, says global human rights body

    Leaks can benefit M’sia, says man detained over 1MDB reports

    Tukar MB, jutawan kosmetik tarik diri taja pasukan bola sepak Kedah

    Kedah MB tells Rafidah to stop talking about heavy issues and poisoning people’s minds


  65. wajaperak Feb 8,2016 7:47 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    We cannot change the way of the world over the blog,can we Doctor?
    But we sure do can make it better by our concerted effort.
    Tun blog is perfect example of what experience in real life in Malaysia.
    That is defined by not najib ‘henchperson’ is at odd with each other.Instead of finding common ground,we tried our damnest to ran aground each other.
    Meaning we cannot agree formulating a simple solution for the mess we are in.
    This phenomenon is a sheer brilliant design of divide and rule by najib or a simple curse of muslimin since Rasullulah s.a.w turned down doa or both.

    Only integrity on our part will seek and cemented the bond of muslimin brotherhood.The quest for justice commence with solidarity among us on agreed basic mainstream muslim practice.

    Najib is killing us softly but surely with his songs?
    Or his serenade?or his ballad?

    Ballad of Don ‘a’ nate 0.0000026 trillion?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  66. sibotak Feb 8,2016 7:39 PM

    None should be above the Law
    The Rule of Law
    Not Tun Mahathir , Not Najib , Not the Police Chief , Not the Minister of Home Affairs, Not even the newly appointed AG

    Rule is Rule
    Law is Law
    Not 2.6 billion Not even rm 2.60 cents

    Very obvious
    AG accepted Najib confessions ?
    Based on what ? Confession or Investigations ?
    If it is confessions than the rest of Malaysian Crooks
    Don,t need investigations . No one will admit .No Jail needed

    If it was based on Investigations .
    Why did the Saudi Excellency reveal it is Investment not Donations
    Does the AG’s did the Right job ?
    Then why also Swiss AG comes with another facts ?

    If it is investment
    Why it was deposited to Najib account ?
    Isn’t Najib holding a PM post
    Does it not these seen as misappropriations ?

    Very much seen Malaysia is a Lawless Nation
    Set up good example by the leader

  67. wajaperak Feb 8,2016 7:21 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Madam Housewife.
    Saya cukup percaya dan yakin bahawa puan mengasihi Tun dengan jujur dan ikhlas.
    Tak payah lah kita melihat kepada blogger yang berlainan pendekatan agamanya.
    Tun dibelasah blogger yang biadap di dalam blognya sendiri..

    Alangkah pemurahnya Tun ini..:)

    Oleh itu wahai kesemua blogger yang benar-benar sayangkan Tun dengan tulus ikhlas mari kita belasah Tok Jangut..

    Anda wahai Tok Jangut.
    Datang berkomunikasi di sini.

    Tunjukkan keikhlasan anda.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  68. HBT456 Feb 8,2016 7:02 PM

    27. Umno has no shame at all in talking about about principle.

    28. Beside power abuse what else do you talk?

    29. I am not moslem but if my country’s leaders decided to work with african, prc, americans, canadians, japenese, koreans, aseans or etc., I have no problem working with these foreigners.

    30. Why?

    31. Because just like them, we need fdi to create jobs, opportunities and challenges.

    32. In my life, I still think pm ds najib is the best pm.

    33. Why?

    34. Because he is doing his best to make sure we are better off then tdm or pak lah era.

    35. Pm ds najib is the best.

    36. Because he is jujur, honest.

  69. isayso Feb 8,2016 6:53 PM


    For Tok Jangut.

    Why would US Presidents want to listen someone like LKY who crafted 47 Failed Policies (according to Mubarakchan, the makeup artist)?

  70. HBT456 Feb 8,2016 6:43 PM


    24. It was an investment from the saudi.

    25. If saudi investment also cannot protect, its malaysia shame.

    26. Beside fighting to be the pm, what did you do opposition parties?

  71. mubarakchan Feb 8,2016 3:20 PM


    On isayso comments on his hero and the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew, I refer him and all the Bloggers to the following 47 failed Policies created him eg.

    And in particular to the Dictator’s failed Policies on

    1. The 1970s-1980s 2 Child Family Policy which brought the Singapore population of locals from 100% in 1959 to 60% in 2010. Not only that, the enforcement of this cruel Policy through the Inland Revenue, statutes, abortions, sterilizations, the divorces, the emotional anguish, the suicides, the emigrations etc was a very shameful episode in the history of Singapore.

    2. The buying up of Thaksin Shinawatra’s business to prevent him from building the Isthmus of Kra Canal brought death and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children and 2 coup d’etats to this day. Thailand was once known as the land of smiles.

    3. The loss of US$108 Billions on October 2008 on Wall Street by the dysfunctional elites headed by the smartest fellow on top was hushed up. But the Dictator said on Channelnewsasia in November 2008 that Singapore was locked in for 30 years !

    4. There are 44 failed Policies for isayso and all the Bloggers to ponder over the deeds of the crooked conman and Dictator Lee Kuan Yew. These are all factual and non-fictional.


  72. daeng Feb 8,2016 12:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Amat bersetuju dengan komen Hajar di atas.

    1. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat menggelar Najib adalah DIKTATOR baru di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    2. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling korup di alaf ini, saya cukup bersetuju.

    3. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling penipu di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    4. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling munafik di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    5. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling takut bini di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    6. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling paling boros di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    7. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling banyak membawa malang pada Malaysia, saya cukup setuju.

    8. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling suka dipuji di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    9. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM yang sedang membawa UMNO ke arah kemusnahan, saya cukup setuju.

    10. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling mudah ditipu orang putih dan orang kulit hitam, saya cukup setuju.

    11. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling jelas menyalahi kuasa, saya cukup setuju.

    12. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM yang kurang bijak mengurus ekonomi dan kewangan negara, saya cukup setuju.

    13. Kalau semakin ramai rakyat semakin percaya Najib adalah PM paling BODOH di alaf ini, saya cukup setuju.

    Kita berdoa agar Allah swt membalas kejahatannya di dunia ini agar menjadi ikhtibar kepada pemimpin-pemimpin akan datang.


  73. isayso Feb 8,2016 9:04 AM

    Tok Jangut,

    Mr Lee was invited by the Presidents of the USA yearly. They want Mr Lee’s view on the world. They had no time for Mahathir. If I remember rightly – Mahathir even lamented that he says the same thing as Mr Lee but nobody cares about what he says. I did not have the heart to tell Mahathir that he speaks like a tamby that was why nobody listened to him. There is an Arab proverb – the dogs bark, but the caravan just move on. That is how other developed countries view Mahathir. He made a lot of noise but nobody cared.

    For the above reasons, PM Najib boasted (and rightly) that he was the only PM of Malaysia that was invited to play golf with Mr Obama.

    Najib (sorry, the Honorable and Distinguished Prime Minister) was sworn in on 3rd April 2009. Obama became President of the USA 73 days earlier, on Jan 20, 2009. Poor Pak Lah. He did not have sufficient time to convince Obama what a great statesman he too was.

    Your argument is nobody cared for what Tun Mahathir says. By contrast, what has Najib done for Malaysia and the world (apart from being a stooge of the US) that has made him such a respectful world statesman and Obama was so pleased to invite for a round of golf? What is Najib’s world view of the world that impressed Obama so much? It did not dawn upon me that our Honorable and Distinguished Prime Minister of Malaysia is such a revered world statesman like your Hero and Conman Dictator Lee Kuan Yew (usage of term with permission (please sir, please) from my ex-boss Mubarackchan).

    I wish Obama will invite Najib for another round of golf before the former’s presidency comes to an end. There is good reason for the next round. RESPECT!. Not even Obama is great enough to receive a RM2.60 billion donation from one of the surviving sons of the previous King of Saudi Arabia or anyone else.

  74. cruze Feb 8,2016 7:17 AM

    Asalamualaikum semua,
    Rahman dahlan dan shahrizat kelihatan seolah menteri yang agak jahat apabila cuba memutarbelitkan kenyataan Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.
    Begitu juga Salleh kruak apabila dengan lagaknya memusingkan situasi dan harapan Tun Mahathir akan Wawasan 2020.
    Zahid pula mahu mengubah syllabus pelajar sekolah, sudah sudahlah, penat para guru dan pelajar mahu mengikut yang mana satu serta ini semua menambahkan kos..negara
    Mereka ini semua menteri yang tiada kualiti.
    Setakat mewujudkan rumah perhentian untuk warga gelandangan sahaja belum nampak jasa kamu wahai shahrizat berbanding dengan Tan Sri Rafidah selama 22 tahun berbakti untuk rakyat..lebih baik shahrizat membela nasib telur2 penyu yang tak sempat menetas sudah di makan.

    Maaf lari topik, tetapi mereka ini juga memalukan malaysia di mata dunia dengan kenyataan yang sangat “low class” sebagai menteri.

    Salam sejahtera semua…semuga Tun dan para pejuang bangsa di lindungi dan di rahmati allah…amin

  75. sibotak Feb 8,2016 6:13 AM

    Najib will cause Disaster to Malaysia

  76. sibotak Feb 8,2016 1:46 AM

    Have the AG gone thru thorough the procedure of determining Najib confession ?
    Or it’s just him decides so ?
    If it is him decides so, it’s very injustice of the justice

    He speaks of Mahathir of being un Islamic
    He represents the Law . He should be looking at the angle of Law not Religion
    How come when someone did wrong they tends to twist religion
    It’s the AG duty to determine the proper process of knowin the truth of Najib confession
    The law does not gives the AG to do things as he wishes
    Is he qualified by the way
    Did he go to the same schoold with Najib ?
    Minister of Home Affairs must be accountable and Rosli on any wrong doings of a body including the PM , The AG even Tun Mahathir
    Failure to do so ,Malaysia needs No Law
    Let’s go to Babaric Nation

  77. sibotak Feb 8,2016 12:25 AM

    The AG is also a clown
    Recently the AG accepts Najib confession as donation
    Now ,it is know and admitted by the Saudi
    It is investment

    So now It’s a Perjury
    The act or crime knowingly making a false statement ( as about a material matter ) while under oath or bound by an affirmation that one says ,writes ,or claims is true

    I,m will be stupid to ask can we trust this AG ?
    Another Big questions here

  78. tok jangut Feb 7,2016 9:02 PM

    To Sudin,

    I know janggut is spelt with 2 “g”s. But I am using an avatar. It need not comply with normal spelling.

    I have never claimed that I am a Malay. The reason I used the avatar “Tok Jangut” is because I admire the legendary Tok Janggut. I am not worthy of him. Therefore, I have to spelt my avatar different from his name.

    In your other post, you used the word “namesake”. That word means “a person or thing that has the same name as another”. Please learn your English properly before using it. You are such an embarrassment. Long ago, I told you that you are a donkey. You have not improved in spite of all these years. You continued to be a donkey. I am sorry for you.

  79. malaysian1000000 Feb 7,2016 8:05 PM


    AG Malaysia vs AG Swiss. Siapalah yang menang. Saluran makhamah mana yang hendak digunakan untuk debat AG ni.

    Bank mana yang dapat keuntungan atas angin dengan transaksi sebanyak ini? Ambank? Western Union caj 3% untuk pelanggan yang menggunakan khidmat mereka. Bank komersial caj berapa %?

    Bekas CEO Maybank dapat jadi menteri di JPM dalam diam sebelum 1MDB meletup. Dia tak ada komen pasal 1MDB?

    AG jadi “Tuan Pengarah”, apa pula strategi PM lepas ni. Semua tabung – tabung dan dana – dana kerajaan di pegang oleh pengampu. Siapa yang berani berpaling tadah?

    Kes CEO AMBANK yang ditembak di tengah jalan belum tahu kesudahannya. Untung siapa yang ada maklumat sulit ni. Boleh dapat jawatan besar agaknya.

    LHDN tidak perasan ke seorang individu di Malaysia tiba-tiba jadi billionaire? Tiada siasatan? Tiada report? Tiada komen? Kena GAM?


  80. runaldy Feb 7,2016 7:22 PM

    paling kesian mungkin student kita kat luar negara..jenuh diorang nak menjawab 🙂

  81. The Hidden Secret Feb 7,2016 6:50 PM


    Mana halatuju Malaysia? Belum sempat kita menghadapi PRU yang seterusnya, Malaysia akan bertukar jadi negara diktator. sekarang ni pn dh jadi negara diktator pun…. Cuma lepas ni akan ditinggikan lagi tahap dictatorship najib.

  82. Hajar Feb 7,2016 4:39 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Pembodek (Salleh Keruak) nombor satu PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor menyalahkan Tun di atas segala kelemahan & kekorupan rejim PM Najib – amat memualkan dan memalukan.

    Semasa Tun M jadi PM, Tun menebus banyak harta/tanah negara dari pegangan asing dan banyak MEMBANGUNKAN negara yang hasilnya nampak dan memberi nikmat kesenangan kepada rakyat. Malaysia dikenali dan DIHORMATI masyarakat dunia.

    Tun juga dengan penuh berAMANAH dan bertanggungjawab telah menyerah tampuk pentadbiran negara kepada Tun Abdullah. Sehingga Oct 2003 prestasi negara berada pada tahap yang amat memuaskan dalam mencapai Wawasan 2020.

    Namun Tun Lah dengan gelojoh/cuai (mungkin kerana hasutan2 dari pihak2 lain yang berkepentingan) telah tidak menjalankan segala amanah yang Tun serahkan kepada beliau selaku PM ke-5. Masaalah beliau yang sering ’tertidur’ juga menjadi pemangkin kepada kegagalan beliau sehingga membawa kepada desakan supaya beliau berundur.

    Bila PM ke-6 naik keadaan menjadi bertambah buruk sebab rupa2nya DSN selama hari ini pandai bermuka-muka – sama spesis dengan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Rejim PM Najib bukan saja gagal membangunkan negara (tiada apa2 pembangunan ’significant’), malah hutang-piutang negara semakin bertambah, bermacam jenis cukai dinaikkan, GST diperkenalkan, pelbagai subsidi ditarik balik, dan bermacam lagi bebanan dikenakan kepada rakyat yang menyebabkan kos sara hidup mencanak naik! Ditambah pula dengan pelbagai SKANDAL buruk dan memalukan PM Najib & gang.

    Rejim PM Najib mahu ’cucu tangan’ di atas segala kegagalan dan kesalahan mereka dengan menyalahkan Tun M yg telah bersara lebih dari 12 tahun – satu jangkamasa yg panjang.

    Rejim PM Najib lupa hakikat, untuk membangun satu2 kejayaan memakan masa yang panjang (puluhan/ratusan tahun, etc.), tapi untuk meruntuhkannya cuma seketika (beberapa saat, sehari, beberapa bulan, etc.) waktu diperlukan jika salah langkah/strategi.

    Rejim PM Najib BERTANGGUNG-JAWAB SEPENUHNYA jika Malaysia gagal mencapai Wawasan 2020.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  83. malaysian.citizen Feb 7,2016 3:57 PM

    As’salam & Selamat Sejahtera.

    It has been quite long that I have posted my thoughts although I have consistently following what had been written here. It is a fact that life as a Malaysian is difficult now. I remembered that not too long ago, specifically during the leadership of our beloved Dr. Mahathir, life as a Malaysian was much easier. Jobs were abundant, people were united regardless of race & religion, people were much happier with their life. Having a job is a neccessity to life. Having a job means getting a better life. Every student who finished their study want to have a job. Creating job opportunities is the basic responsibility of a Government. The reality in our beloved nation nowadays is getting a job is the most difficult thing to do. Not only for a graduate but even for an experienced person. This is not because the job seeker is too choosy or only looking for a high-paid job, but this is because there is no good job matching his/her education qualification available out there.

    I read with total disgust the statement made few days ago by one of our ministry that our unemployment rate fell from 4.5% to 3% with 1.8 millions new jobs created. What is the basis of this statement?Does it reflect the harsh reality on the street?…How true is this statement when graduates failed to get any job although have excellent academic qualification?…how true is this statement when our Government is freezing from taking in new employees?…how true is this statement when job seeker who had applied to SL1M (the so-called Government programme to enhance the employability of graduates) but still do not get any job?…HOW TRUE IS THIS STATEMENT?

    It is a high time for a better change in our beloved nation Malaysia. It is a high time for better change to our life as a Malaysian. We are indeed very lucky to be a Malaysian living in this blessed soil called Malaysia. A soil abundance with natural resources, with colourful culture, with wonderful people & without any major natural disaster! If everything is right, I strongly confident that our nation could indeed be one of the best nation in the world. One of the most admired nation in the world! Sadly everthing is wrong now.

    If we the citizen of this beloved nation do not take charge now & let all these ‘Pengkianat Bangsa,Agama & Negara’ to lead us to downfall, then there is no one else we could blame except ourselves…each & everyone of us nation-loving Malaysians.In previous sharing, I have said that we cannot expect UMNO to change because it is now at the lowest disgusting point in money politics. Remember that cash is king for them. We also cannot rely on our opposition side because their interest in getting power for their own benefit is more than their interest in building our beloved nation. They even failed to work with each other, so how do we expect them to unite us & lead us all to success (I mean ALL without leaving behind any single race). So left without any choice, what do we do? I know it is easier said than done, but we need an option…an option that is without the dirty money politics of UMNO & the dirty self-interest power-hungry of the oppositions. If a new political party need to be formed, then let’s form it! Although most of us nation-loving people is expecting Dr. Mahathir to do this but I believe he has his own good reason of not doing so. We must respect his decision. I also believe there are many capable Malaysians among us (including in here) that have the wisdom & the ability to form a new political party…the party for all nation-loving Malaysians!…given the current scenario, I do not see it’s going to be a major problem of getting the support from the people as long as it fulfill the people’s requirement…no self-interest, no corruption, with clear direction & working only for the sake of this beloved nation & its people!

    I hope this option will become a reality soon…insyaAllah.


  84. milshah Feb 7,2016 2:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The AG have stated for you consider whether your attacks to him is Islamic or not.

    I think a more important issue is to answer the issues raised by Tun. These questions are not only of concern to Tun, but has been wondering by the rakyat as well.

    If the AG really wants to talk about Islamic ways, the AG should consider whether he has conducted duties responsibly or ‘Amanah’.

    As every muslim knows, a munafiq is someone who pretends to he muslim. One of their characteristics is when given a duty he will not ‘Amanah’.

    Has the AG been Amanah in performing his duties as AG?

    The AG have informed that the RM2.6 billion is a donation from the son of the late Saud king.

    Now the Saud Foreign Minister had said the money is not from the Saud but private citizen and its not a donation but an in investment.

    So which is which? Someone must be lying. Is it wrong for Tun to say the AG has no credibility given the situation?

  85. sudin Feb 7,2016 2:13 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    That “tok jangut” initially thought he’s a Malay, or pretended to be one. But he forgot that jangut is spelled with a double g, “janggut”.

    He even suggested for males to cut-off their genitals!!
    Hi “tok jangut”, circumcision is not similar to having to cut off one’s genital!

  86. sudin Feb 7,2016 2:04 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    There is this guy with a namesake of A..pandi…r who is very determined to turn Malaysia into a Pak Pandir state!!

    Mungkin seronok sangat kerenah si blogger yang menggelarkan diri “pakpandir08” yang sentiasa saja merapu di chedet, sehinggakan si A..pandi…r tu berhasrat sangat nak buat lebih merepek dari si “pakpandir08”.

    Dah cukup lah mengampu tu si pandi!
    Dah lupa ke kalimah “rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari”.

  87. HouseWife Feb 7,2016 1:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Apasal dengan mr new Ag ni, hari tu cakap rm2.6bilion ni daripada Raja Arab Saudi, now dia cakap daripada anak raja Saudi pula, masih hidup.
    Dia tak mau bagitau nama anak raja tu…rahsia. Dia boleh question kita awat kita ni sibuk sangat nak tau pasal sapa bagi untuk apa bagi donation ni. Dia ‘arah’ kita pi tanya sendiri. Aduhai Tun, nama tak mahu bagitau nak suruh kita pi tanya pula. Kan si zahid pun dah jumpa sendiri eye to eye dan cakap sendiri dengan Almarhum Raja? anak raja Almarhum?..
    sapa ye sebenarnya dia jumpa?…yang donation ni untuk politik DSN dan benteras IS…entahlah untuk apa sebenarnya.

    Now nun jauh di negara Arab, pak menteri arab kata ‘he did not think’ (maksud dia sebenar kurang tahu la) duit tu dari kerajaan Saudi or political donation. Dia kata duit tu dari private Saudi citizen dan adalah sebagai investment business deal. Nak tanya Tun, anak raja ka Raja ka dipanggil private citizen ka?
    Kalau investment business deal awat masuk dalam akaun peribadi DSN..oo jadi ni untuk business DSN sajalah, bukan untuk politik UMNO atau untuk halang pengaruh ikhwanul muslimin atau untuk benteras IS. Tun, untuk apa sebenarnya? Investment business deal apa pula ni?..untuk negara ka untuk hal peribadi?

    Tun, kenapa mereka ni cakap berputar belit? Kenapa tak mahu tampil cakap sebenarnya awal2 lagi? Kenapa untuk nak selamat seseorang perlu karut bermacam2 cerita 1001 malam? Lepas tu nak salahkan Tun dan rakyat konon2 reka cerita untuk nak jatuhkan orang la parti la. So sekarang ni mereka perlu berkerja extra keras untuk kembalikan kepercayaan rakyat.

    Tun, si annuar musa ni pula, before dia threaten Tun, before dia buka mulut besar dia, before dia cakap tak pikiaq habis2…ingat ni, Tun pun jalankan amanah seperti semua rakyat mengikut policy draconian DSN, bayar GST, duit tabung pencen dan tabung haji Tun pun you all kebas juga untuk tambah poket dan tampung hutang pun tak kenang jasa Tun? Tun cakap pasal tegak kebenaran pun you all nak melenting? You all beberapa orang yang hidup senang lenang vs rakyat yang hidup sempit dan tertindas?
    This is what I have to say to annuar musa…SHUT UP!

    Tun, geramnya orang2 dotdot macam ni. Janganlah ada yang cakap bukan2 lagi. Rakyat tak sanggup dipermainkan lagi.
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Always. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. InsyaAllah Tun, your mind is still alert and vigorous. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  88. sibotak Feb 7,2016 12:44 PM

    Giving Donations to a PM ?
    Giving investment to a PM ?

    Both are Wrong Doings

    Donation ? What these donations are for ?
    Does the family member of this donar knows about donations to Najib
    They will kill Najib . Now according the donar is dead
    Then the family member have the every right t question Najib of his confession
    Najib must be a Khalifa do this donar or theirs donar is being conned by Najib

    Investment ?
    Wow ….Never heard investment money goes into a PM pocket
    How can it be into Najib account if it’s investment ?
    It’s sounds corruptions to me

    When a leader do not have the respect of the people
    When the leader do not have the chemistry ,the understanding of the people
    The leader needs to go for his benefits and future

    No wonder Najib and family can live up a Super luxury lifestyles
    Seeing his kind of clothing material really reflects the difference among all our leader
    Tun made his cloth at Chow Kit Rd of maybe Pasar India
    Najib woo …..can tell must be exclusive professional tailor made
    The Saudi donar donates for Najib luxury lifestyles ?
    Donates for his Daughter grand marriage ?
    Donates his step Son for his assets and movie industry in US ?
    And the many irrelevant donations and stop telling lies
    Stop fooling we Malaysian

    No wonder Tun Mahathir still keeps on pushing
    Tun hold the right
    Poor Tun Mahathir . Big Thank you Tun Mahathir and Wife
    And yr Son Mukhliz Mahathir
    We look forward for yr Son , Mukhliz
    We will be with him

    The time will come
    The game will be over
    Someone will pay the price

  89. wajaperak Feb 7,2016 10:35 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Salam ini adalah ujaran dari Allah iaitu AS SALAM.
    Ia bukan sekadar sunat tetapi sebenarnya


    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Meminta izin masuk rumah orang adalah wajib dari ajaran Islam..:))
    Mari kita dan semua yang pemurah untuk mengambil iktibar ( jika ada ) dari pandangan orang yang lemah dan bodoh seperti saya.


    We are first and foremost a faculty.That is what it means to be in a university.We are scholars and those of us who have tenure are supposed to be leaders in our fields.Every one of us is charged with precisely the same responsibility:to immerse ourself in a chosen discipline and then to teach his ‘subject’ what we happens to discover.Anything that distract us from the task is injurious to our common enterprise.You see that don’t you?

    From a certain invariant observant,a scholar who have been bitten by the political bug ceases to be effective as a scholar..( 3.86 cgpa anyone?..:) The deletrious effects geometrically increased.

    Being part of the elite is a reward of working hard and living right.Implying if you are not part of the elite you either did not work hard enough or did not live right.How do you define ‘elite’? A consensus of values that the ‘elite’ formulates and agrees to.The insider or inner circle.You are excluded sans this agreed ‘value’ no matter how good you are in the ‘opposite’ track minded values.

    The panglossian assumption.
    What about the role of protecting the just weak against the unjust strong?

    I leave it to the very intelligent blogger of your’s.

    TEACH ME..

    Terima kasih Tun.

  90. tok jangut Feb 7,2016 9:47 AM

    To faridina

    I do not know where you got your facts from. What you have stated only existed in your imagination. Maybe you mixed up Mahathir with Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee was invited by the Presidents of the USA yearly. They want Mr Lee’s view on the world. They had no time for Mahathir. If I remember rightly – Mahathir even lamented that he says the same thing as Mr Lee but nobody cares about what he says. I did not have the heart to tell Mahathir that he speaks like a tamby that was why nobody listened to him. There is an Arab proverb – the dogs bark, but the caravan just move on. That is how other developed countries view Mahathir. He made a lot of noise but nobody cared. Now he is making a lot of noise about Dato Seri Najib. But nobody, who is anybody, cared. He can continue to bark, UMNO and the Government will continue on. If he seriously wants to challenge Dato Seri Najib, he and his little son should form a new party with the other dissenter and mount his challenge. Taking is only NATO – no action talk only.

    For the above reasons, PM Najib boasted (and rightly) that he was the only PM of Malaysia that was invited to play golf with Mr Obama.

    Below are further example of Mahathir’s standing in the developed world.

    1. When Mahathir wanted to start the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). There was no international support for this. Mahathir had to get a lobbyist to see Bill Gates. Bill Gates only gave Mahathir 10 minutes of BG’s time. That was during BG’s lunch. BG ate his lunch while Mahathir talked. That is the respect Mahathir, the PM of Malaysia, gets. MSC was a monumental failure and a loss of face for Malaysia.

    2. Take KLCC – what is there to be proud of? The building was built by Koreans. After it was completed,it was managed by Australians. The only contribution by Malaysia was the land and that was given by God. The western newspaper was full of scorn for Malaysia.

  91. sc Feb 7,2016 8:45 AM

    The WSJ, NYT, BBC, China News Network, Reuters, SMH. Daily Yomiuri Sjinbun – All have articles about Malaysian PM Najib Razak receiving money…

    Now USD 4 Billion being distributed into various Government Personal accounts. The Swiss have nothing to lose. They will publish their findings and what will happen Mahatir?

    When people see this what do they see? Is this unfair that the media get to publish these secret transactions giving Malaysia a bad name?

    When you look at what these idiots have done and their reaction, you feel like you are dealing with brain damaged neanderthals…. seriously.

    Malaysia is finished. It is a basket case of a country….. A dead tiger…

  92. sibotak Feb 7,2016 4:34 AM

    The decision of TPPA is an important decision
    As it will affects our future
    The future of our generations
    Why ? The Big Why ?

    Knowing US is Military Supremacy
    Is nothing to be secure of as US has shown to the World
    They use military to meet their interest
    They ignore human right ,they ignore one Nation Sovereignity
    They killed hundreds of thousands innocents , they made millions homeless
    They Lied to the World , The Defame the Weak and the Helpless
    They put words to yr mouth

    Their Media , their Politician are Frauds
    They Lied to the World ,They puppet United Nation , They take advantage of IMF
    They take the World for a Ride to meet their Agendas
    These we have seen
    This is not assumptions
    These is not Hollywood that one pretends to be Dead

    They never meant Peace in Palestine
    They Bully and Fooled Palestine giving False hopes and abetting to Israel Evil Intentions
    They destroyed Iraq ,Syria , Libya and the many of weak Nations that is against them

    North Korea ,China, Russian has tremendous conflicts with US
    Yet till today US balls shrinks to attend to these guys
    As these guy is No person you can mess with
    As they are Super Military prepared
    US picks on the Weak and Helpless

    Recent Russia intentions to unite the Rebels and Assad of Syria
    Was ignored by US with remarks
    It’s too early to moves forward to unite Rebels and Assad
    It is very much seen UH has no intentions of Peace in Syria
    Yet they loves , they prefer Syria is in now situation
    They prefers Syria fighting ,killing among themselves
    As the end day US comes in and owns it

    So …………Is these the kind of partner we want to have ?
    Is these what we should feel secure ?
    Najib Tun Razak was a Blunt Leader
    He is not The Man of Malaysia

    We can befriend anybody
    Befriend US ,Russia ,China and even North Korea
    But we cannot trust no one especially known someone whom we can never trust
    Like now TPPT with US the main lead

  93. sibotak Feb 7,2016 4:00 AM

    Najib is a Clown
    Our Malaysia PM Najib Tun Razak
    Is the laughing talks of Today news

    Billion of Dollars donated to Him
    The Rich donates the Rich ….haahahaaa
    What a Clown
    Can,t these donar donates to the poor , the needy
    There are millions suffering in these World
    Million orphanage , millions homeless , million hunger
    A donator donates to PM ? Hahahahah…….

    Whose the clown , Here ?
    Najib ? The Donator ? Or We Malaysian listens to his Lies ?

    Reporters should get Rosmah ,Najib Sayang
    To gives her opinion on all these since she is behaving more than a PM

  94. HouseWife Feb 7,2016 2:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Ya, Tun very embarrassing indeed and very annoying, sungguh memalukan sungguh malang Malaysia dapat Mr new Ag ni yang tak cukup masak. Dia ni tak habis belajar kot Tun, sebab tu dia tak tau nak buat apa nak cakap apa, so ikut apa yang dia diprogramkanlah, selamatkan ‘Master’ dia by hook or by crook. Kalau macam inilah Tun, kutip je loyar buruk mana2 kat tepi jalan letak jadi Ag, program dia ikut cakap arahan ‘Yes Master’ dia, cukup bulan bayar habuan dia.

    Tun, sekarang Mr new Ag ni yang dibawah telunjuk DSN jaga duit orang nak pi haji kan. Dia kena pi belajar lagi la bab ilmu kewangan Islam dan menjadi Islam tulen peganagn hidup dia, maknanya tak boleh tipu tak boleh bohong baik dalam percakapan dan perbuatan dan pemikiran dalam urusan duit haji ni. Yang ada sekarang memang dah tipu rakyat bulat2, kata nak jual balik tanah TRX alih2 lepas 6 bulan dapat tau tak jadi, nak bangunkan pula condo, hotel, complex…untuk sapa?..pendeposit ka? Tak percayalah dengan dia ni dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Seronoklah mereka ni nanti pegang duit haji, labur entah kemana lagi, yang tak halal jadi halal, yang halal jadi tak halal sebab yang diberi pegang amanah pun tak amanah, pandai kelentong. Bolehlah guna cowboy-law oleh Mr new-cowboy Ag untuk selamatkan 1MDB lagi atau syarikat2 mereka ka kroni ka. Tun, kalau Mr new-cowboy Ag, Kedah-pemberontak dan yang sewaktu ni relinquish post mereka dalam TH selamat rasanya duit haji ni. Entahlah Tun, saya risau habislah rosak TH dibawah mereka ni.

    Tun, bab si keruak ni pula. Pak menteri sorang ni buka mulut dia je mesti mengata Tun salah ini salah itu. Apa kerja dia ni sebenar? Dah lari dari bidang ministry dia. Dah le internet mahal slow pula tu. Tak buat kerja dia ka Tun, asyik2 nak komen Tun. Tapi elok juga siang malam dia teringat Tun, buat Tun bertambah popular, kan Tun.

    Si keruak ni adakah patut dia kata Tun salah perancangan Wawasan 2020 kerana tak ambilkira krisis kewangan semasa. Tun, yang minda bergeliga ni dan seorang pemimpin yang bervisi jauh, apabila merancang sesuatu pasti semua perkara tangible dan intangible dan jangkamasa yang ditetapkan semua diambilkira dan difikir habis-habisan. Tetapi apabila diambilalih oleh PM yang ‘tidak sengaja tertidur’ dan PM yang ‘telah sedang suka makan besar’, senang2 je tolak ke tepi segala rancangan2 pembangunan Tun untuk tambah coffer negara. Tabung kewangan negara seperti wang Kwsp, wang pesara, tabung haji dan lain2 tabung dalam peganagn mereka diguna untuk syok sendiri dalam/luar negara dan bail-out dan untuk rahsia apa lagi hanya mereka saja yang tahu. Jadi nak salah sapa, si keruak?
    Tun dah tak ada jawatan dalam kerajaan no kuasa…salah Tun lagi?
    Lagi pun bukankah you all dah kutip dari keringat dan airmata rakyat berbilion2 GST, dan lagi 1MDB konon kata untuk bantu ekonomi negara dan sekarang dirangsangkan lagi dengan yang you all confident sangat, TPPA. Nah, bijaklah sikit guna otak dengan semua hidangan terindah ini untuk pembangunan ekonomi negara sekali gus tercapailah impian Wawasan 2020. Penasihat2 yang dibayar juta2 kan ada boleh bantu yang tak faham nak urus ekonomi negara.
    Si keruak boleh tak do your work, make the internet run faster like F1 ka and murah la sikit. oh please jangan kata orang Malaysia suka yang slow sebab murah, pelik la pemikiran si keruak ni.
    Kalau tak pandai nak uruskan ekonomi negara senang je, turunlah semua bagi pada yang pandai buat kerja.

    Tun, ada sapa2 lagi nak salahkan Tun mereka tak mengerti cara kerja dan pemikiran Tun. Kalau Tun salah perancangan sudah lama negara bangkrap dan tak merasa pembangunan era Tun. Jadi bersyukurlah ye wahai yang sakit hati.
    May Allah Bless you Tun, May Allah grant you wealth in health and happiness. Take care and Thank You. May Allah Save Malaysia.

  95. malaysian1000000 Feb 6,2016 11:51 PM


    Bila PM dah bekerjasama dan kamching dengan “Polis Dunia”, siapa lagi boleh nak tangkap.

    A.G. sahajakah yang boleh membicarakan kes PM ni, peguam lain seperti Ghani Pathail tidak boleh heret PM ni ke muka pengadilan? Baru boleh tengok dia “sakit” atau tidak.

    Or every Lawmen in Malaysia need “cash” to bring “justice” to where its belong?

    If Sarawak Report and opposition or even our beloved Tun can bring “proof” to bungkus this PM, why not right?

    Tolonglah, jangan lah main dengan minda, hati dan perut rakyat. Jika salah, tolonglah bawa ke muka pengadilan. Jika A.G. boleh diberi title “Tuan Pengarah” selepas membebaskan “Tuannya” bukan ke tu boleh jadi kes untuk SPRM.

    Tolonglah jaga etika, sebab kalau tiada etika “bangla” pun boleh jadi Polis.

    Kita ni orang Malaysia, ada 35juta orang sahaja, banyak sangat parti pun pening juga. Dacing la, Roket la, Bulan Penuh la, Bulan Sabit la, macam2 lah. Wujud lagi satu parti nak logo apa pulak.

    Kes Kapal Selam tak boleh menyelam tu memang sangat kelakar. (Bermulanya scandal international PM iaitu kes altantuya dan scorpene)

    Lama juga tak nampak muka Wife PM kat TV dan Paper.


  96. faridina Feb 6,2016 8:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    You should address the infamous Malaysia’s Shame aggressively now more than ever Sir!

    We the rakyat are right behind you dearest Tun!
    It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!
    It is better to die a slave to principles. Not to Najib!

    That bloody Nazri Aziz loves to see you leave the party and form a new party because they have been spinning and running around telling people that you are going to do so.

    As UMNO member no. 001 you are not going to do just that right! Tun Dr Siti Hasmah member no. 002 and most importantly double O 7 is with you so not to worry he will protect and defend you :). Tan Sri Sanusi Junid my sifu is member no. 007.

    If I’m a millionaire, I would have arrange that every single month without fail that you dearest Tun been given the chance to address us the rakyat on the current issues via the Bicara Negarawan series.

    Seriously other than your writing in this blog, Bicara Negarawan (BN) is a good platform because it’s great to hear straight from the horse’s mouth and this time around make sure you take a long your son Muhkriz and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

    We the faridina’s like thousand others out there have been waiting eagerly for the next BN to take place furthermore its been almost half a year since the last BN in Pasir Gudang that was on the 29th of August last year.

    From time to time in between the BN series you should gather all leaders and ex-leaders with the same wavelength to conduct joint press conference to address the current issues too.

    Other than reading we the rakyat need some action to gain momentum be it listening your talk will do Sir!

    I wish I’m a millionaire….

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Let me put the record it straight to Tok Jangoat as he is not aware about all this PM and President of USA affairs.

    Since Tun M became PM in 1981 till 2003 there are 4 different President namely Ronald Reagan, George Bush senior, Bill Clinton and George Shoes Bush.

    I will have to disclose to you that all this 4 presidents have been lobbying very hard to meet Dr M in person to soften Dr M stands on USA but being the ever vocal leader Dr M just don’t give a damn not until when he was about to retire that he thought why not to that not so bright cowboy George Duck Shoes Bush.

    After all Tun M have got a feeling that this president will ultimately be known as one controversial silly president with disaster foreign policy of all time.

    But anyhow I do respect his cowboy skills in ducking flying shoes not only one but two in a row and the secret service can do nothing but watch, that’s really amazing.

    I therefore suggest readers to watch again via youtube and get a good laugh after all laughter is the best medicine in stress time like now.

    Thank you Tok Jangoat.

  97. novo Feb 6,2016 7:00 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Pada pedapat Menteri Luar SAUDI

    Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Adel al-Jubeir berpendapat duit US$681 yang masuk ke dalam Acc. Najib adalah duit pelaburan dan bukannya DERMA POLITIK.

    2.Pada Pendapat BODOH Peguam Negara

    Itu adalah duit “DERMA”.

    Pada pendapat NOVO.

    Mungkin masaalah gagap Peguam Negara akan bertambah teruk selepas membaca berita ini.


  98. Hajar Feb 6,2016 5:27 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Malaysia is going down the drain…

    2. Truly, our PM has no feeling of shame at all..NIL.. He is now Malaysia’s biggest liability – memalukan Malaysia!

    3. His transformation plan for Malaysia totally failed; we are going backwards. I don’t think we are going to achieve Vision 2020.

    4. Sadly, he thinks highly of himself and maintains his ‘stup*d’ smile wherever he goes. ‘Muka tembok’.

    5. DSN prefers those UMNO leaders who sleep on their job… those who cannot think intelligently and just wait for him to feed them. The new Kedah MB’s request for RM15 Million was approved on the spot… satu kejayaan???.. I wonder if DS Bashah is able to attract/bring new investments to Kedah like what DS Mukhriz did previously. Stupidly, DSN just ‘donated’ Kedah to the Oppositions with his latest move in Kedah. DSN is sabotaging UMNO; he must be sacked from his position as UMNO President. He is now useless to UMNO, and furthermore he is destroying UMNO from within. He is also very corrupt and full of scandals.

    6. DSN needs the new A.G. to ‘shield’ him from being charge for all his wrongdoings; but, for how long?

    7. TS Apandi (A.G.) is now pretending as if he is a very religious man. Did he evaluate the cases / scandals related to PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor ‘religiously’? Mentang2 dah jadi ‘director’ TH, terus jadi ulama agama besar – taktik lapok bagi golongan yang hipokrit. So shameful…

    8. PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor, please RESIGN!

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  99. Ali Akbar Hashim Feb 6,2016 5:26 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Again I said to you this monster was created by you

    Most of peoples not support you because they feel so much hurt on the way Najib got his position as Prime Minister

    He was appointed not base on merit but a double standard and bias

    Now they feel you got to solve it yourself

    Najib has given you a taste of your own medicine and he is more powerful and more superior than you and more brilliant too!

    I see a bunch of losers at Sultan Sulaiman Club and the previous UMNO assembly

    What a pity you, Muhyiddin Yasin and Shafie was brutaly humiliated!!

    As you said Najib has lots of cash, that the reason why the world’s super power, the Royals, Sabah, Sarawak, Felda Settlers and kampung peoples defended him to the last breath

    Bugis has a principle, to defend and die for another Bugis, one of reason on why RPK a Bugis almost daily barking like a mad dog defended his Bugis Warrior, Najib Razak


    You have to change your mindset, once Kodak was a world’s market leaders in photography industry but they declined to change the mindset to adapt a digital revolution, they are now faded into the oblivion of times and a history

    I am not a 100% a Malay blood but I am consider myself a Malay

    I have so much respect of you on the way how your upbring the Malays to the world standard and diminished their inferiority complex and make them success like any other races

    You can never succeed in you war using UMNO platform because 199 divisions is 100% behind Najib

    Muhyiddin and Shafie is too weak and too soft, they cannot be a Prime Minister

    Anwar fighting spirit is far more better, he is a fighter, he fight fire with fire

    Thus far you do not have a General like Anwar Ibrahim

    Najib has dismantle the oppositions, they are in disarray and helpless and poor

    Please leave UMNO and build a new political party

    It is a common sense not only UMNO in this world can defended the Malay Supremacy

    Dismantle all the opposition parties be it DAP, PR, etc

    All united under the new party, get a political donation from a gracious donors from all over the world

    There you go, you are now a far more richer than Najib

    If Najib give each Felda Settlers family through UMNO, you can give double or triple under a new party

    Fight cash with cash

    Put aside all these political scandals, in my view Najib has not doing anything good to Malaysia since he taking over except a lavish lifestyle


    Millions thanks to Datuk Kadir Jasin on your capacity of persistent effort to save this country, keep going Sir!

  100. sibotak Feb 6,2016 11:13 AM

    TPPA will be like The Pyramid Marketing system
    Or now They term it as Multi level marketing

    System theory is the same
    Only words makes it sounds different

    You can produce yr own card
    As a Taxi Driver or to be more impressive Taxi Director
    Toilet Cleaner or just print it as Clean Regional Manager

    As in Pyramid Marketing
    US will be at the Top
    S,pore will be second
    Malaysia among all
    Will be Topless

    Have we not forgotten of how US Lied to the Muslim World
    See Palestine
    They are never True of solving the misery of Palestine
    Indeed they are abetting with Israel

    Iraq ,Libya ,Syria and the many more indeed was the Black Magic of Israel
    US is not a Democratic Nation
    How can it be ? US politician kneels to Israel more than they listen to the True Americans
    How can it be a good example of a Democratic Nation
    When it needs to murder hundred of thousands life ,dis homes millions
    When it need weapons for Democracy ?

    Abetting with the Devil is Sleeping with the Devil
    Those who knowingly abet also with Najib of his if wrong doings
    Is also abetting with the Devil

    Cash is never King
    Cash is Satan
    Cash is Evil
    Cash destroyed our Akidah
    Israel are very good of submission to Cash

  101. sibotak Feb 6,2016 10:47 AM

    Once Bitten Twice Shy

    We have put our Best to understand Najib
    Results has shown
    One of one emerge as the other hole have been covered

    Tun and us , We the bloggers
    Has also change quite the subject
    Najib blaming Tun for his Kangkung Failure

    Then suddenly AG’s from Swiss comes with a Big Bang
    That’s also reminds us of
    Why Najib till today have not even a Balls to sue WSJ
    Defamation sue of Najib to WSJ
    Will stomach Najib of another Million or Billion
    Easy money Jib
    Sue WSJ now another billion
    Sue Swiss AG’s

    So ,you are the bloody culprit ?

    Bapa tubuh UMNO !
    Anak kubur UMNO !

    Masukan sebilik Anwar pun bagus
    Malaysia Aman

    Mati Malaysia ! Mati UMNO ! Mati Melayu !

  102. The Hidden Secret Feb 6,2016 10:46 AM


    Kalau blogging n social media mmg tak jadi ape pun. Najib tak akan resign punye.

    Raja-raja mesti desak igp dan ag supaya berpaling tadah terhadap najib. Tak kn la nak harapkan kita rakyat biasa yg tak ada kuasa?

    Obama tak ambil tau pon bila gambar dia dipersendakan. CIA dan FBI pon tak amik pot. Tapi kat Malaysia ni, polis nak tangkap orang yang mempersendakan gambar najib. Komunis China pon tak macam polis Malaysia. Memang s****an najib ni.

    Susah-susah sangat, Tun minta kak Ziana Zain kita je untuk tolong pujuk abg najib kita untuk resign. Bole?

  103. umranrc Feb 6,2016 9:53 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Yes, very true indeed that our good names being tarnished by recent episodes of mischief. It’ll take a very long time for the world to change their view towards Malaysia directly and Malaysians indirectly. Pity ourselves and the worst is, we have to pity our future generations even though they’re not responsible for what happened today.

    We need to amend this as soon as possible and the longer we wait, the longer time needed to heal us from those negative perceptions of the world. From these “perceptions”, our countrymen suffered as our businesses decayed day by day. This will only pushed the damages further as people started to lose incomes and rationale thoughts will be lost and in turn, crime rates will shoot up. This will destroy everything that we built thus far.

    I know this is hard and you are in your nineties, but for the sake of our Country, as what have been previously suggested, rally everyone who love this Country to form up a new political party. UMNO/BN is a lost course while DAP, PKR, AMANAH and PAS although deep down they want a cleaner Malaysia (they show good results from financial data in Penang & Selangor), yet their inability to form a solid coalition is troubling.

    This new entity is open to all races and religions. Our motto is what you’ve been preaching earlier in your Premier days, “Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah”. Looking at the current scenario, I honestly believe you will gather enough support to make this into a reality.

    Just a light touch on Tok Janggut’s comment on the Najib’s reputations are better than yours when it comes to dealing with US Presidents. On the surface it might seems so, however as a representative of a fully independent Country, yourself managed to put the points accross much better when it comes to international issues. This brought in prides for us as a citizen of Malaysia.

    During my student days and while on active international duties back in the nineties, everywhere the duty called, when I mentioned that I’m from Malaysia, the responses were “Malaysia? Mahathir?” and the way they intonate their responses clearly showing that they were in awe towards our Country. I wonder what will be the response nowadays, perhaps something like, “Malaysia? How much donations did you received?” in a sarcastic manner….

    Thank you Tun.

  104. sibotak Feb 6,2016 5:16 AM

    Najib has brought shame ( malu )
    Not just to Malaysia ,UMNO ,Malay , Islam , to himself
    But sadly to his late father Tun Razak

    But the problem is also
    His followers follows his cash
    Which soon will dry out

  105. faridina Feb 6,2016 1:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Najib’s entering the hall of fame for being the most corrupted Malaysia’s PM do cause Malaysia’s shame.

    He brought shame to the rakyat too and whenever the rakyat travelled abroad chances are high that our host tend to poke fun at us with regards to 1MDB, the 2.6 billion donation and the missing MH 370 too.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – A goat with grey beard has better reputation than one Tok Jangut!

  106. faridina Feb 6,2016 1:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Najib’s entering the hall of fame for being the most corrupted Malaysia’s PM do cause Malaysia’s shame.

    He brought shame to the rakyat too and whenever the rakyat travelled abroad chances are high that our host tend to poke fun at us with regards to 1MDB, the 2.6 billion donation and the missing MH 370 too.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – A goat with grey beard has better reputation than Tok Jangut!

  107. rimba.emas Feb 6,2016 1:28 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Dalam agama Islam milik Allah s.w.t ini di pilih di kalangan manusia ini seorang pemimpin yang di mulai dengan Nabi Adam a.s.

    2. Malaikat yang dijadikan dari nur (cahaya) hamba Allah s.w.t yang taat membimbing Nabi-nabi ini dengan kelebihan tertentu (mukjizat) yang tidak ada pada manusia lain.

    3. Sehinggalah Nabi yang terakhir iaitu Nabi Muhammad s.a.w yang mendaulatkan agama Islam sehingga kini. Kesemua nabi-nabi ini di riwayatkan dalam hadis-hadis dan yang maha benar pastinya didalam al-Quran kata-kata Allah s.w.t.

    4. Gambaran Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dalam riwayat sanggup kekurangan harta serta susah demi agama Allah s.w.t. Sebagai pemimpin dan pengembang Agama Islam ini contoh yang ditunjukkan meramaikan golongan miskin yang jahil memeluk agama Islam atau mencontohi caranya dalam hidup beragama seperti yang dikehendaki Allah s.w.t.

    5. Dalam keadaan susah sanggup lagi menderma hingga terpaksa mengikat perut dengan batu. Maknanya seorang pemimpin yang sanggup hidup sebagaimana golonggan yang di bantu itu.

    6. Kejayaan Islam terangkat dari pemimpin yang berperibadi sebegini kerana semua diserahkan kembali kepada Allah s.w.t. sebagaimana yang diungkapkan di dalam Al-Quran.

    7. Kenapa pemimpim seperti mana Nabi Muhammad s.a.w diperlukan kerana pasti dalam kita mencukaikan rakyat yang miskin pemimpin yang mencukaikan itu pula hidup dalam kemewahan dan membuat hutang piutang duit kerajaan.

    8. Ikatan batu tidak di contohi sebaliknya gaji dari duit kerajaan tidak akan sama dengan nilai batu malah ditambah yang menjauhkan lagi bagai langit dengan bumi bukan contoh kepada golongan miskin.

    9. Dari negara miskin atau dunia ketiga nampak hasil negara maju dengan adanya produk sendiri seperti kereta Proton Saga dan banggunan pencakar langgit. Hutang-hutang nampak benda.

    10. Hutang sekarang bukan dari kerana pembanggunan kerana tiadanya jambatan bengkok malah kereta api dipendekkan untuk menyamakan harga asal yang lebih jauh jaraknya.

    11. Benda yang dibeli seperti kapalselam sahaja yang nampak tetapi harganya termasuk juga kepada seorang pegawai kerajaan atau orang luar yang bukan komponan kapalselam.

    12. Semua urusan ini di lakukan ketika harga minyak masih tinggi. Jadi sepatutnya resiko hutang tidak timbul kerana duit hasil minyak dapat menggurangkan hutang yang akan ditanggung dengan menggurangkan tempoh pembayaran.

    13. Jadi pakar-pakar ekonomi yang takutkan Allah s.w.t atas azab makan duit haram menyesaki adanya perbuatan yang salah laku ke atas jual beli sehinggakan hutang-hutang itu bukan 100% kerana kurangnya harga minyak sekarang.

    14. Dicontohkan kenapa seorang menteri ekonomi Jepun sanggup meletak jawatannya walau pun ekonominya masih teguh? Sebabnya kerana dia tahu dia melakukan kesalahan dalam urusan hariannya.

    15. Negara Jepun bergantung kepada rakyat yang jujur dalam pekerjaannya dan kalau seorang melakukan kesalahan patut diganti dengan seorang yang lain. Bermakna seorang PM diturunkan tidak akan memberi kesan kepada ekonomi sesebuah negara itu.

    16. Cuma yang ditakutkan PM yang tidak jujur akan menyebabkan rakyat yang tidak jujur semakin ramai yang terpaksa mengikutnya sehingga menjadi parah yang menjadi sukar diubati.

    17. Kembalilah kita kepada Allah s.w.t yang menjadikan kita. Penguasa kita. Tuhan kita.


  108. novo Feb 5,2016 10:58 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Peguam Negara Berkata.

    “Beliau berhak beri pandangan tetapi saya ada keraguan sama ada apa yang beliau cakap mengikut ajaran sebenar Islam atau tidak,” kata Apandi kepada The Malaysian Insider menerusi mesej Whatsapp.

    Novo Berkata.

    1.“Peguam Negara berhak berasa ragu sama ada Tun bercakap mengikut ajaran sebenar Islam atau tidak,”

    Dan Novo Berkata Lagi

    2. Wahai Peguam Negara !!!!! Rakyat juga berhak bertanya dan merasa ragu yang amat sangat dengan cara Peguam Negara mengendalikan siasatan terhadap Najib.

    3. Apa yang rakyat dengar adalah penerangan Peguam Negara yang boleh si samakan dengan tahap budak sekolah. Maksud novo, cara bercakap yang kurang jelas dan tidak lancar. Mungkin ada sedikit masaalah gagap di sini.

    4. Berkenaan dengan keraguan sama ada apa yang Tun cakap itu mengikut ajaran sebenar Islam atau tidak, novo sarankan Peguam Negara TANYA PADA DIRI SENDIRI DAHULU. Senang kata musibah diri sendiri dahulu walau pun anda berkerja sebagai Peguam Negara kerana anda tetap manusia yang bernafsu.

    5. Jangan kaitkan permasaalah ini dan menggunakan ISLAM sebagai cagaran.

    6. Daripada Peguan Negara bertanya Tun pasal cara bercakapnya,lebih baik Peguam Negara bertanya Majikan Peguam Negara dahulu iaitu Najib atas tindakan tanduk nya dalam cara beliau menguruskan Negara.

    7. Di doakan agar cerdik lah sikit Peguam Negara dalam berkata-kata walaupun nak marahkan TUN.

    8. Tun hanya kata anda tidak ada kredibiliti tapi mungkin rakyat jelata yang tidak berlapik percakapannya mengatakan anda lebih teruk dari itu.

    9. Jangan lah marah apabila Tun mengatakan Najib mengawal anda wahai Peguam Negara.

    10. Look at the bright side!!!! Dari sudut pandangan kanak-kanak. Anda boleh diibaratkan sebagai Kereta Remote Control dan menjadi kesayangan kanak-kanak untuk bermain anda.

    11. Sekurang-kurangnya anda menghiburkan kanak-kanak yang memegang alat kawalan.

    12. Tapi awas jangan biarkan kanak-kanak tersebut bermain kereta remote control di atas meja, takut hilang kawalan mereka dan kereta terjatuh kelantai lalu ROSAK BERKECAI.


  109. mnmy Feb 5,2016 10:44 PM

    1. There are approximately between 800,000 to 2 Million Malaysian who study, living and working overseas.

    2. Since PM is ‘cleared’ by AG the next step is to advertise in international media ie CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC etc (Harian Metro is not included ya morons) that Malaysian PM is as clean as what Utusan Malas-ya claimed.

    3. Couple of millions USD is sufficient for the advertisement cost.. Remember when we have ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’ in CNN for quite sometime. Since the Arabs is ‘generous’ with us, get them to sponsor. Am sure CNN will be attracted with this new source of income coming from such ‘Islamic country’ like Malaysia.

    4. It will helps those Malaysian living abroad to justify to their friends and social acquaintance. It will also helping Malaysian companies to do business in already tough environment compounded with negative connotation about this used-to-be pleasant country.


    1. Ada sekitar 800 ribu hingga 2 juta orang Malaysia yang berkerja, belajar dan tinggal di luar negeri.

    2. Oleh kerana peguam negara telah ‘membebaskan’ PM dari tuduhan rasuah maka langkah selanjutnya ialah mengiklankan dimedia antarabangsa seperti CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC dll (Harian Metro tidak termasuk ya) bahawa PM ‘bersih dan suci’ seperti yang di siarkan di Utusan Malas-ya.

    3. Biaya sekitar jutaan Dollar Amerika untuk iklan ini sudah mencukupi. Sebelumnya pun Kita pernah punya iklan ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’ di CNN untuk beberapa tahun. Mungkin ada juga pak Arab yang boleh sponsor kerana mereka ini sangat ‘pemurah’. CNN juga tertarik dengan sumber pendapatan baru apa lagi datang dari ‘negara Islam’ seperti Malaysia..

    4. Ini akan sangat membantu Rakyat Malaysia di luar negeri untuk menjelaskan ke teman2 dan rakan sosial mereka. Ia juga sangat membantu puluhan atau ratusan perusahaan Malaysia yang berniaga di luar negeri yang sangat mencabar persekitarannya apalagi dengan berita negatif yang dikaitkan dengan negara yang pernah suatu ketika sangat nyaman situasinya.

    5. Dari 3 jutaan ahli UMNO pasti ada ramai yang hebat dan pintar untuk mengambil inisiatif ini. Ada peluang juga untuk ambil ‘komisyen’ dari jutaan Dolar ini.. Hanya setitis dari wang negara yang sudah banyak bocor.

  110. musato Feb 5,2016 9:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Berkenaan pertukaran MB Kedah, saya kurang berasa ingin memberi komen kerana ia adalah kebiasaan dalam politik.

    Ayah hentam Najib cukup cukup, maka macai macai hentam anaknya pula.

    Itulah perkaitan segala apa yang ditulis di sini dan realitinya. Realitinya MB Kedah ditukarkan.

    Media alternatif punyai karekter tersendiri. Ini kerana ia melibatkan seluruh orang yang samada membaca atau memberi komen.

    Maka dengan itu, segala pertimbangan dan pendapat adalah berbeza beza.

    Media alternatif untuk kegunaan orang politik seperti Tun, iaitu PM ke-4 Malaysia dan yang mempunyai sejarah kepimpinan dan krisis yang hebat juga punyai karakter sebagai seperti apa yang kita kenali dan ketahui selama mana Tun mentadbir.

    Seperti contoh, Tun Musa Hitam pernah menulis surat untuk membentuk team antara beliau dan Tun bagi menentang team lagi satu.

    Namun tindakan Tun membuka kepada umum membuatkan Tun Musa Hitam menjauhkan diri. Bagi Tun Musa Hitam itulah politik.

    Namun bagi Tun, pemimpin bukanlah seorang yang membuat pakatan untuk menjatuhkan pakatan lain bagi mengekalkan jawatan PM.

    Maka pertandingan berlaku. Iaitu demokrasi disegarkan.

    Sepertimana saya pernah tulis sebelum ini, arwah datuk saya hanya diam tanpa sebarang suara apabila saya memberitahu saya menolong Tun.

    Dengan kehidupan sebagai tukang bela lembu dan kerbau dan menanam tembakau, ia bukanlah satu kebanggaan apabila mendengar berita tersebut dari cucunya.

    Saya faham maksud diam itu. Sesiapa yang tahu pasal sejarah Islam, saidina Hussein r.a meninggal kerana dibunuh.

    Itulah politik. Politik itu bersih. Tetapi kerana ia melibatkan jawatan, kuasa dan harta maka manusia menjadi kotor. Itulah sifat semulajadi manusia, nafsu.

    Manusia manusia itu memerlukan pujian dan suka mendapatkan perhatian orang.

    Begitulah juga dalam media alternatif. Keterbukaan yang amat luas dalam politik dan alam maya memudahkan bagi orang seperti Tun tetapi menyusahkan pada pandangan kerajaan sekarang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  111. HBT456 Feb 5,2016 9:43 PM


    22. No shame at all in talking about principle.

  112. HBT456 Feb 5,2016 9:39 PM

    19. It is not malaysia’s shame.

    20. It is umno’s and malay’s shame using official religion just to march into putrajaya.

  113. tebing tinggi Feb 5,2016 9:34 PM

    Salam Tun ,

    Rata-rata rakyat telah hilang keperchayaan kapada pimpinan yang ada . Najib mungkin akan kekal sabagai president UMNO ,kerana sokongan yang padu dari ahli-ahli UMNO ,walaupon pebagai kecelaruan yang dilakukan olih Najib.

    Persoalanya ,adakah UMNO masih boilh kekal meneraju kerajaan ,adalah satu-satu yang sangat diraguai ,akibat hilang keperchayaan orang Melayu terhadap kepimpinan UMNO yang ada.

    Rakyat Malaysia, terutama orang Melayu harus meneriam hakikat ini.

  114. sroom Feb 5,2016 8:55 PM

    Salam Tun

    Sometimes we don’t need to do anything else but soothe ourselves by remembering Allaah.

    We don’t need to call DSN to resign anymore as he and the circus team have been stubborn.

    Whatever DSN committed, did not happen just yesterday. It has been part of his upbringing and training and in his bugis blood. We are all responsible for it!

    As we don’t know the remaining of Allaah’s plan for us, we have to pray for the best.

    Hasbi Rabbi, Jallallah
    Maafi qalbi, ghairullah
    Nur Muhammad, Sallallah
    Haqqu, Laa ilaaha illallah

    Sufficient is for me, my Rabb; Allaah is Great
    There is none in my heart besides Allaah
    The Light of Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)
    Truly, there is no God but Allaah


  115. sibotak Feb 5,2016 8:22 PM

    Takkan yalah AG sama Najib tak tahu fasal kenyataan wang lesap baru baru ini
    yg di kemukakan AG Swiss
    Satu Malaysia heboh fasal 1MDB
    Takkan lah sampai AG Swiss sampai berita pada kita

    Najib ni anak Manja agaknya
    Dah macam cerita Anaku Sazali

    Kalau beliau benar tak bersalah
    Takkan kes ini tak senyap senyap
    Baru nak tutup dah timbul dari Swiss pula
    Habis asik nak salahkan Tun Mahathir
    Kangkong tak menjadi pun salahkan Mahathir
    Nampak sangat banyak perkara yg tak betul budak Najib ni

    Ialah kemarin kemarin lihat clothing Najib dan Rosmah bukan sembarang material
    Very exclusives among all the PM

    Teringat aku Arweh Marcus ..

  116. Umar Azhar El-Hassan Feb 5,2016 7:26 PM

    Assalamua’laikom! Yang Amat Berbahagia,

    1. “Suatu masa” dimaksudkan adalah zaman Malaysia & rakyatnya berbahagia iaitu di bawah pentadbiran Perdana Menteri (PM) ketika itu yg ke-4. PM itu telah membuat begitu banyak jasa tidak termasuk yg orang lain tidak lihat secara zahir (rahsia). Nampak seperti Tun Mahathir menyembunyikan kebenaran. Tidak mengapalah.

    2. Kini, kita dikurniakan PM ke-6 amat gagal menguruskan kewangan termasuk selalu temberang. Tun Mahathir di ceramah pernah cakap jika Perdana Menteri pun terima atau beri rasuah apatah lagi orang-orang di bawahnya kakitangan kerajaan juga serupa.

    3. Semoga Allah S.W.T. memberi kesihatan berpanjangan pada Tun Mahathir & Tun Siti Hasmah. Moga-moga kuat selalu. Terima kasih.

  117. Aisyah Feb 5,2016 5:56 PM

    All the hardworks crumble in seconds.
    Malang sunnguh berPM-kan Najib tak malu.
    Bila yang berkuasa ambil wang jadi Tuhan.
    Tuhan Yang Maha Melihat dilupakan.

    Belum lagi bercerita pasal TPPA. Penjajahan ekonomi baru oleh golongan korporat tamak dan negara2 besar pembuli. Aduh sakitnya kepala. Sesaknya dada.

  118. tok jangut Feb 5,2016 5:25 PM

    As far as I am aware, Najib is well thought of in USA. That’s why he was invited to a golf game in Hawaii. Obama had fly thousands of miles, all the way from Washington DC to Honolulu, just to play golf with him.

    As for you, Mahathir, you had to pay lobbyists just to have tea with George Bush.

    I think he had a better reputation than you.

    Malaysia is reaping what you sowed many years ago. It is useless to cry over spilt milk.

  119. yogee Feb 5,2016 5:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Antara tanda-tanda UMNO akan pupus di mukabumi.
    Cuma masa akan menentukan, mungkin PRU14…insyallah.

  120. joetamchi Feb 5,2016 4:31 PM,lain-dulu-lain-sekarang


    Kucing kurap & Anjing kurrap
    $yok menggaru, kadang menjilat

    Manusia juga boleh berkorRap…
    Dok termanggu, hilang brdaulat..






  121. STEVE8562 Feb 5,2016 3:40 PM



  122. Hang Jebat Derhaka Feb 5,2016 3:28 PM


    These fraudster will not going to resign. They will going to continue with their cover-ups which will include any means possible to stay on their power and escape justice. Therefore, I am hereby calling all Malaysian to vote against BN in the next General Election. If any of you feel scared with PR, then vote for PAS or Bebas. Please, there is no way UMNO and BN be allowed to continue damaging this country anymore.

    Anything except BN. Something for a change. May not be all nice and rosy but at least things could get a little better and justice can be preserved. Don’t hesitate anymore, we are losing billions by the day to these fraudsters. May Allah save Malaysia.

  123. Fariq Islam Feb 5,2016 2:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    With so many shameful acts around that drag the country into a state of pariah, as Tun claimed previously, we wonder how we should vote in the coming GE.

    Is our beloved nation in need for a new political force, than the existing BN and PH? Tun is most welcome to give it a thought and we believe Rakyat, bored with both the existing political divides, are willing to give the third force a try!

  124. wara Feb 5,2016 2:21 PM

    My salam to Tun and Tun Dr. Hasmah. May you both be in the best of health.

    I would like to know why should I vote for BN as I have done before?

    Why should I vote for a party whose leader tell lies, cheat and steal?

    Never mind the useless snakes and crocodiles protecting him. These people will lick najib’s toilet bowl to remain vvip’s.

    Thank you, Tun.

  125. anak wawasan 2020 Feb 5,2016 12:33 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun Mahathir,

    You are absolutely right this time and most of the times as and when you speak out.

    But unfortunately, our shameless PM is so adamant and thicked face. He and his contingent has no dignity at all. They can atill afford to show their faces to the Malaysians and keep on living their lives in denial.

    We the Malaysiams, in fact, are the ones whom are carrying the shame on our face at every corner of the globe that we go to, in our own country and overseas.

    What kind of person this PM is? A gentleman is a man with high integrity and dignity stands tall to represent his position as the icon of Malaysia. He is not demonstrating his commitment on this. In fact, he has become the true maskot of Malaysia (we know what).

    As one the Malaysian who loves my country, I am feeling very sad, pathetic and ridiculed by this man by the name of Najib Razak. We will not vote for him to be at his position in the next PRU14. We will exercise our duty as Malaysians who are cheated, ridiculed and victimised by this regime of Najib Razak.

    We have faith that Allah will replace us with a rainbow that will be formed from the current thunder and storm.

    Thank you, Tun.

    You have been our true leader whom have been with us during the hard times and good times. We love you Tun. May Allah blessed you and your family to be protected at all times. Thank you Ayahanda.

  126. sitinur Feb 5,2016 12:06 PM

    terimakasih ayahanda tun…hanya Allah yg dapat membalas segala jerihpayah penatlelah ayahanda tun..saya berasa malu ngan diri sendiri sbb masih bergantung harap pd ayahanda tun tuk membebaskan malysia dr pemimpin munapik najib n geng mafianya..syukur ayahanda tun sentiasa bersemangat ngalahkan saya yg dah bernanah telinga berdarah mata nengok kelaku pemimpin melayu yg dgn lantang nya bersorak hiduuuuuuup melaayuuuuuuu walhal pemimpin n ketua2 jabatan yg berbangs amelayu yg menindas n menjual Negara,bangsa n agamanya…yaAllah Kau berila pertolongan dan perlindunganMu utk ayahanda tun,kuarga dan sahabat perjuangannya..amin amin yaAllah amiiinnn..

  127. Praxis Feb 5,2016 11:49 AM

    Malaysian dilemma converges with the Malay dilemma which, requires a rethink by all upright.

    -What is the Malay dillemma or problem and how is corrupt UMNO the solution? UMNO may have been the problem and solution for your generation, but is it still now for the next?

    -What is the Malay problem if we have moved beyond basic inequity levels, to problems of developing economy, which corruption due to riches, using ethnic pretexts

    -Window of opportunty to see main delemma as corrupton and resolve it as one which crosses ethnic lines will soon be lost.

    -None in the Opposition have the depth of understanding or genius to see it and resolve it properly and strongly from a macro, ecological perspective, so to speak,

  128. Fariq Islam Feb 5,2016 11:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sorry for a typo error, in preceding posting.

    It’s sad that instead of progressing forward, many claim that our beloved nation is moving backward.


  129. Fariq Islam Feb 5,2016 11:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    It’s sad that instead of progressing forward, many claim that our beloved nation is moving forward. Apart from cases highlighted, we need to assess from such barometers or parameters as:
    a. Corruption index
    b. Transparency index
    c. Currency value
    d. Nation’s debts
    e. Inter-racial relationship
    f. Economic growth rate
    e. Ranking of public universities at international level
    g. Others as perceived relevant to evaluating a nation’s success

    Rakyat would like to see improvements in many aspects, from time to time. Improvement can be achieved thru’ good governance, good policies and most importantly, good spirit of patriotism.

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