1. Recently, I officiated the first firing of the new engine for Proton. It is not often that an automotive company produces a new engine. Proton’s Campro engine is now more than 10 years old. Obviously it is no longer suitable for today’s cars. So the production of a new engine for Proton is something to celebrate.

2. But unfortunately journalists do not see the significance of this event. We used to export quite a lot of Proton cars to the UK. But since the introduction of new emission and fuel efficiency standards we have not been able to sell any Proton cars in the UK. The development of the new Proton engines by our engineers working with RICARDO of the UK is going to make us once again able to meet the conditions in the UK and Europe. We hope to export our cars to these countries once again.

3. Incidentally the engine will only be used after rigorous testing including running for five million kilometers. It will not be until late 2017 before their installation in Proton cars. After that there will be more tests for each model. Producing a car takes a lot of time.

4. Proton is aware of the negative perception of its cars in the Malaysian market. This is especially among owners of imported cars. Nothing can persuade them to buy Proton cars. Certainly pride in a Malaysian made car is not with them.

5. But the cars we produce now are not like the cars we produced before. They are much improved and often have more features than other
cars in the same category. In fact the low-priced Protons have features normally found in higher-priced cars.

6. The Iriz 1.6 automatic has six airbags, doors which only open after the second pull, will not slide back when the foot is lifted from the brake on slopes etc.

7. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. And so it is with Proton’s new cars. You need to drive them to know their capability. I drive the Iriz and the Suprima S and believe me I enjoy driving them. The Iriz especially has electric powered steering. It is very light. It responds quickly to the accelerator.

8. I think Proton cars deserve a test drive by Malaysians. Tell us about your experience. Criticise these cars. We want feedbacks so we can further improve the cars.

9. I am not an engineer although I know something about engineering. Believe me it is not easy to design, build, test and produce cars. If you are familiar with jigsaw puzzles, you will understand the problem faced by our engineers and assembly workers as they put the parts together.

10. There are 4000 parts to be designed, calibrated, manufactured and put together. We are the only developing country in the world that can do all these. I think our workers and engineers deserve to be tested if not supported.

11. We are not the cause of car prices being high. What support we get from the Government is also given to other companies because of local content. We have almost 90% local content; so we pay less excise duty. But since its founding Proton has paid more than 24 billion Ringgit in taxes while receiving only 14 billion in excise duty cuts, not cash. Yes, we have received a part of the research and development grants the industries have been promised.

12. Taxes on motor vehicles are what caused the prices to be high. But Government need to tax motorists because of the roads and other infrastructures that Government has to provide.

13. It is important to remember that when you buy foreign cars, money will flow out of the country to sustain their economies, to benefit their workers.

14. When you buy a local car, money stays in the country, workers earn money, dealers and agents and their employees enjoy the business they do and the local economy grows. Thousands of families enjoy a good life.

15. Assuming that all local industries are closed, few will have money to buy imported things. We will revert into being a failed third world country.

16. Malaysia is a trading nation i.e. we export and we import. If imports exceed exports we will not grow and prosper. All the countries which export cars to Malaysia protect their markets so that Proton cannot enter them.


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  1. Sri Sense Mar 28,2016 3:33 PM


    IMAO business tak boleh bergantung harap pada gomen selama-lamanya. Kalau gomen tukar kena berdiri atas kaki sendiri. Itu antara sebab I rasa patut masuk balik bursa. Mudah dapat funding. Tak perlu minta pada gomen. Diri atas kaki sendiri. Juang macam business2 yang tiada contact dan cable. Boleh hidup, insyaallah.

    I nak share ini, kawan I orang Melayu. Tokoh korporat. Company dia public listed. Dia ini suka sangat tengking pekerja2 Melayu. Kalau dengan Cina tak pula. Macam double standard pulak, sedangkan dia orang Melayu.

    I tanya “Why like that, why so garang with them?” Dia jawab “Kerja dengan Melayu kena maki hamun baru buat kerja”.

    Hmmm 🙂

  2. Sri Sense Mar 28,2016 3:13 PM

    Salam Tun

    Berita MMO

    Report: Proton could pay price for Dr M’s campaign against Putrajaya

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s bid to remove the prime minister could cost loss-making national carmaker Proton a desperately needed federal grant, Singapore’s Straits Times reported today.

    The open feud between Dr Mahathir and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has reportedly made it more difficult for Proton to convince the administration to provide it with a RM1.5 billion infusion to stem accumulated losses of over RM2.5 billion up to last year.

    The bid is already faltering due to Putrajaya’s shift away from protectionism, but is made still more challenging due to Proton being viewed as a pet project of Dr Mahathir, who remains the firm’s chairman.

    “They (employees) and vendors are being asked to choose between Dr Mahathir and the government,” an unnamed Proton executive told the ST.

    “But there is a growing sense that he is now a liability,” the person said of Dr Mahathir, whom he described as still respected within the company.

    Self-preservation is beginning to erode that respect, however, as the over 10,000 Proton employees fear that their strong and continued link to Dr Mahathir, who has been stripped of his government-appointed positions, could invite retaliation onto them for his offensive against Putrajaya.

    The unease has also spread to Proton’s vendors and suppliers who directly employ an estimated 30,000 people in the auto industry; the political feud notwithstanding, this group is already struggling due to Proton’s low sales compared to the height of its success.

    While immediate, the failure to receive the grant may not be Proton’s biggest problem. There is concern that Putrajaya may choose to liberalise the local car market, further stripping away the protectionism under which the national carmaker had once thrived.

    Proton’s success has dwindled with each restriction removed in the car industry, going from the near-total dominance of local car sales to second place behind younger carmaker Perodua; it now faces the ignominy of being overtaken by a foreign carmaker for third spot.

    Putrajaya is also reportedly moving away from the model of pumping funds into local carmakers in the hopes of nurturing them to the point of competitiveness, and shifting its policies to bring the country’s tax and duty structure in line with the rest of Asean.

    “Even if Proton receives a grant, it won’t solve the company’s troubles,” one financial consultant with experience servicing Proton and Putrajaya, told the ST.

    Proton was set up by Dr Mahathir in 1983 and remains the epitome of the former prime minister’s industrialisation policies.

    It came under the private ownership of the DRB-HICOM group in 2012, but remains identified as a national carmaker.

    Dr Mahathir this month launched the Citizens’ Declaration supported by Barisan Nasional leaders, opposition parties, and civil society groups to demand the prime minister’s resignation.

    Putrajaya dropped him as Petronas chairman in response, and appointed Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as his replacement.

    – See more at:

  3. Mdferoz Mar 24,2016 11:26 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Appoint me as your an advisor Tun as most of malaysian asking you to be an advisor. I’ll give free advise resstructuring proton and diversify outside country.

    I have met you once and this my call to contribute my nation. Ill use my all capabilities.


  4. kucau Mar 22,2016 8:46 AM

    Salam TUn,

    mohon team proton tgh kes OCH yg still berlaku di group FB disini dan kerosakan kerosakan proton yg berulang2


  5. aminhassan Mar 8,2016 12:17 AM

    Tun Mahathir kata nama saga dan persona sahaja yg akan dikekalkan,

    Ok juga, design kita sendiri saga dan persona tu, wlaupun sekarang nmpak belum cantik sangat, tp sy percaya ia akan lebih mantap pada keluaran akan datang

    Sekurang2nya tak adalah nama yg berbeza sahaja setiap kali keluaran terbaru, pening kepala dengan nama yg macam2..

  6. Poormanmod Mar 7,2016 8:19 PM

    Kenapa negara barat mendahului teknologi termaju?

    Kerana kerajaan mereka tahu sains, kejuruteraan dan teknologi adalah penting.. Teramat penting..

    Kerajaan mereka tidak kisah wang yang banyak keluar untuk itu..

    Saya ambil contoh mudah.. Kerajaan mereka memberi dana yang besar kepada boeing dan lockheed martin untuk bersaing mencipta “vertical landing jet fighter”, masing2 x-32 dan x-35..

    Kerajaan mereka akan keluar dana sehingga projek tersebut menjadi kenyataan..

    Apa kerajaan mereka akan dapat? Nothing! Tapi kerajaan mereka tahu, syarikat swasta itu boleh buat jet fighter yang baik.. Negara mereka ada teknologi termaju.. Dari jet fighter tu lah lahirnya bahan, proses dan teknologi termaju..

    Projek gergasi NASA lagi lah amat merugikan.. Tapiii, dari situ lahirnya, bahan, proses dan teknologi termaju..

    Di sini sapa yang untung? Rakyat mereka yang untung, mereka dapat explore bahan, proses dan teknologi termaju dengan peruntukan yang diberi oleh kerajaan mereka..

    Push the science, engineering and technology to the limit!

    Bukanlah untuk kerajaan kita mengeluarkan dana yang besar untuk teknologi aeroangkasa, paling tidak tumpukan pada kejuruteraan automotif sehabis2nya.. Sekurangnya kereta boleh dijual dan dapat pulangan modal.. Kalau jet fighter mana nak jual? Tapi mereka sanggup berhabis demi sains, kejuruteraan dan teknologi..

    Walau apa pun, kita dah boleh buat bahagian komposit pesawat AIRBUS dan BOEING..

    Policy automotif kita pun terumbang ambing.. Kereta Proton tak boleh endorse enjin 2000cc.. Menghampakan.. Kalau tidak memang dah lama saya sumbat enjin EVO7 dalam persona saya..

    Please push Proton performance to the limit.. Maksud saya 2000cc limit at least.. Barulah dapat terokai bahan, proses dan teknologi termaju..

    Roket NASA tak boleh jual, tapi sekurang2nya kereta boleh jual..

  7. Poormanmod Mar 7,2016 6:57 PM

    Satu platform kereta untuk beberapa jenis model..

    Significant cost reduction, sbb nak develop new chassis akan menelan belanja r&d to finish almost 40% from overall cost..

    So, new model no need new platform and r&d cost significantly reduces..

    Cheaper car and not to forget, hapuskan cukai yg byk dikenakan kpd pembeli kereta nasional..

    Come on Proton!!!

  8. umranrc Mar 4,2016 3:40 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Met up with one of the Proton’s Engineer today while giving some talks to UPM students with regards to Engineering career.

    As a fellow speaker, she did show the audience what are the processes involved in making a car. A good knowledge for everyone there.

    And she also highlighted that you are there twice weekly to monitor progress and everything else. This is good!

    Lastly, I suggested 2 things for Proton consideration.
    1. Have the senior management of Proton log-in here and provide some feedbacks on all those constructive comments laid here.

    2. Set up a team of Engineers to built a light aircraft powered by Proton’s latest engine.

    The second suggestion is not an empty thought. If you noticed, rapid change in driving altitude will cause an engine to lose power and sometimes coughing as well. The reason for this is, the engine takes time to adjust its fuel delivery to the rapid change of ambient air pressure. If an engine can be used to power a flight vehicle, it shows that it can handle this issue with ease!

    This will be good, not only in Malaysia, but other Countries which is having their roads elevated several thousand feets.

    And of course, a step further, perhaps it could grow into an industry by its own later.

    Thank you Tun.

  9. Hajar Mar 1,2016 11:52 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Syabas PROTON!

    Beberapa tahun lepas saya berada di sebuah bandar kecil di Australia (work related).

    Setelah ’check-in’ hotel, saya pun jalan2 cari makan…ada banyak restoren halal.

    Saya jalan2 jauh sikit dari hotel dan tiba2 ternampak kedai yang ada lambang Proton – dealer Proton rupanya. Wow! Bangga sungguh, terus ber-selfie!

    Proton cuma perlu berusaha dengan lebih gigih untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti kereta2 Proton dari semasa kesemasa, dan mengatasi kelemahan2 (komplen) yang disuarakan oleh pengguna2 Proton – fokus kepada kualiti kerja; mesti konsisten. Saya yakin Proton akan lebih berjaya di masa hadapan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  10. WandyCaswady Mar 1,2016 11:25 AM

    Assalsmuaalaikum… Sy cuma hamba kerdil.. sy cuma hendak mencadangkan agar pihak proton.. mula mengkaji hasil proton hybrid di luar negara.. utk dibawa masuk ke dlm Msia.. mungkin iriz kreta terbaik sbg permulaan kreta hybrid.. mungkin akan menambahkan penjualan di dlm negara sendiri.

    Selain itu sy juga mencadangkan agar teknologi tenaga solar patut dikaitkan sedikit di dlm kreta proton kerana sudah terdapat kereta tenaga solar sejak dahulu lagi. Ini cuma cadangan.. maafkan saya jika ianya tidak munasabah.

    Disamping itu.. teknologi dlm bidang permotoran dan kereta mungkin kita boleh mengkaji teknologi kereta ford. Pengambilan dan penambah baikan dari ford mungkin boleh dilakukan. Sekiranya terdapat undang2 mengenai hakcipta Ford.

    Maaf seandainya idea yg tidak baik.. assalamuaalaikum..

  11. wajaperak Feb 26,2016 9:50 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Madam Housewife.

    Conflict in life is unavoidable.

    Just think how much it saddened Habil about his brother Qabil hatred toward him that lead to the first humanity killing?
    Hatred will always follow us around no matter how good you are.
    Our Rasullulah s.a.w is perfect but yet he is hated to the utmost like Allah mentioned in Al Quran.

    Ingat pesan wajatimur..

    Jika kamu ingin memenuhi kehendak dan harapan manusia nescaya kamu akan kecewa..Oleh itu aku hanya memenuhi kehendak dan harapan diri ku sendiri..

    Kata wajaperak..

    Hidup dengan bergantung pengharapan kepada manusia adalah kecewa..Oleh itu
    kita mesti hidup dan bergantung harapan kepada


    Terima kasih puan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  12. Poormanmod Feb 24,2016 9:14 PM

    6. How do you know proton cut and paste the forte?

  13. aminhassan Feb 24,2016 5:00 PM

    Kebersihan, disiplin, attendance, punctuality, greeting

    Teguran membina, sangat bagus

    Proton wajib dengar

  14. Poormanmod Feb 24,2016 1:42 PM


    Saya pengguna Wira dan Persona

    1) Proton punya Rekabentuk semakin baik. Oleh kerana design Proton semakin baik, saya kurangkan pandangan dari aspek rekabentuk.

    2) Rekabentuk ruang dalaman untuk Iriz, boleh tahan.

    3) Kenapa Iriz guna Torsion Beam, sedangkan Multilink lebih baik. Cuba tanya R3 divison kenapa mereka susah nak tune handling performance Iriz.

    4) Iriz adalah kereta yang baik, tiba2 guna Torsion Beam dan tiba2 tersadai di tepi jalan.

    5) Proton wajib tumpukan pada enjin. Tingkatkan performance enjin. Adakan variasi 2.0 Naturally Aspirated dan Turbo. Dan yang paling penting kualiti enjin. Iriz dah banyak tersadai tepi jalan.

    6) Seperti pandangan saya yang lepas, enjin kereta adalah lambang dan nadi kekuatan pengeluar kereta.

    7) Kenapa guna GDi? Kenapa pengeluar kereta lain masih tak guna enjin GDi dengan meluas? Sebab ada drawback.

    8) Sebagai contoh, saya ambil model Persona. Persona adalah model Proton yang agak laris dari model Proton yang lain, kenapa?

    Dari sudut positif. Rekabentuk persona agak menarik, sesuai untuk famili, ruang penumpang belakang lebih lebar dari vios dugong, rear suspension adalah Multilink, stable masa topspeed.

    Dari sudut negatif. Banyak bunyi tikus dan sungguh menjengkelkan, enjin kurang kuasa, sentiasa leaking pada cam cover, IAFM cepat rosak, rekabentuk dalaman yang bosan.

    Kesemua yang negatif diatas wajib dibetulkan.

    Cadangan. Sebagai contoh Persona. Headlamp projector seperti Iriz, upgrade interior design, eliminate those squeaky sound, 4 pot disc brake front and rear, engine Campro CPS N/A 2000cc 200hp 200Nm or Turbo 2000cc 280hp 380Nm, last but not least the price at RM50k in Malaysia and for sure Proton will conquer South East Asia market.

    Baru2 ini, adik perempuan saya mahu beli Iriz, saya pun minat Iriz, tapi saya telah nasihatkan adik saya supaya beli Myvi medium line. Sebab utama banyak kereta Iriz dah tersadai tepi jalan. Performance engine very bad. Saya tak mahu adik saya susah dek kerana kereta Malaysia yang dikenakan cukai sebanyak 60% plus. Myvi is the best and reliable car for women.

    Beranikanlah diri Tun tengok2 kereta Type R, Evo, Boxster dll.

    Tun cuba hayati kereta di pautan ini:

  15. HouseWife Feb 24,2016 12:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Please excuse me Tun for going off topic, but this is specially for Mr faridina:
    Assalamualaikum Mr faridina,
    I always believe you to be a good person at heart. I still do. You did mentioned ‘SuriRumah’, maybe you meant me, the housewife? I could just ignore the slander you put upon me saying that I am Mr wajaperak’s ‘kenalan baik’ and that I have to do overtime to do the ‘cleaning up’. I don’t know him and we’ve never met. I never thought these unkind words would come from you, Mr faridina. It’s so sad…very sad indeed. I don’t know why this ‘SuriRumah’ is dragged into their ‘disputes’. But I bravely confront with you, Mr faridina to peace myself.

    Mr faridina, what can I say only that you did not read hard enough to understand what I’m trying to say in my previous comments. I’m trying at best to express my thoughts as politely as I could so as not to offend anyone. They are the best I could present my thoughts at that moment. I think if you had read with open heart and mind you will know what it is that I’m trying to reach out to you. If you have felt offended then I am sorry.
    Mr faridina, I was ‘missing’ here maybe for about 5 years and so you can see I don’t know all of them here in Tun’s “House”, personally inside or outside. And I only re-entered Tun’s “House” last year, with Tun’s permission of course, because now I have some free time. Work of a ‘SuriRumah” is not like glamorous and ‘goyang kaki’ all the time, especially when you have 6 mouths to attend to.

    Mr faridina, I don’t like confrontations and always try to avoid them. So you can see I don’t mind backing out, right or wrong, and say sorry. Because this gives me a sense of comfort, ease in mind and heart. It’s ok you can say I’ve a timid heart. Different people have different ways on how to face or how to avoid their challengers.

    Mr faridina, I’m not here to change a person, or to hate a person, or to challenge a person or to be a kuncu of anyone. I’m simply here because I love my Tun very much, in my own way. That’s all I’m here as long as Tun is willing to hear some silly old housewife’s ‘tales’, wailing and grouses.
    Thank you Mr faridina for your time.

    Tun, thank you for allowing me your precious space here in your distinguished “House”. May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care and Thank you again Tun.

  16. wajaperak Feb 24,2016 12:29 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    To dearest Tun,
    Dearest Mr Mubarak Chan and
    Tok Jangut.

    Please help this patient namely ‘Rock’..( She is OFF ROCKER..:))

    Client Information
    Name: Date of Birth: Race/Ethnicity:
    Gender: Female School & Grade:
    Services Requested: Office-Based Outpatient School Based (if therapist is available)

    CONTACT NUMBERS: Message ok? How can she be?.. Yes No

    Parent or Legal Guardian Information:
    Name of Parent or Legal Guardian: Address:
    Contact Numbers: Type of setting: Home Group Home Foster Home Psychiatric hospital Other
    Payment Information:
    Type of Insurance Medicaid (county) Healthchoice BCBS Other GROUP#

    If no insurance, household income:
    Insurance ID# Phone #
    Referral Source Information: Complete this section so we can contact you after the referral is made.
    Name Mailing Address
    Phone# Email address

    Child/Adult Mental Health Information:
    Current medication & dosage Current DSM-IV Diagnosis
    Axis I
    Axis II
    Axis III
    Axis IV
    Axis V
    Prescribing Physician name & Phone
    Current Mental Health Symptoms: Unknown Not Present Mild Moderate Quite Severe
    Hallucinations (describe) below..:)
    Thought disorder…hmmmmm…
    Bizarre (psychotic) behavior (describe below)
    Anxiety / Nervousness
    Obsessive / compulsive
    Phobias / fears
    Depressed mood
    Mood swings
    Sleep disturbance
    Anger / temper tantrums
    Attention deficit
    Eating problems
    Elimination problems
    Oppositional / defiant to those in authority
    Antisocial / delinquent behavior / conduct disorder
    Over sexualized behavior
    Somatic complaints with no known medical cause..all as above..:))
    Attachment disorder (explain below)
    Other (explain)
    Reason for referral for treatment: In your own words, describe the adult in need for mental health services. Please describe specific behaviors the adult is exhibiting.

    1) Patient is hallucinating.Believed that she is God given moral guardian in
    Tun blog.
    2) Demonstrating severe contempt of other who is not up to her moral
    3) Suffering macho sadistic streak and emmiting foul odor from her genitalia
    in her convulsion.
    4) Her brain scan showed
    An abnormal (‘positive’) result

    This shows abnormal patterns of electrical activity. Some people with certain types of epilepsy have abnormal patterns all the time, not just when they have seizures. (Although, during a seizure the activity is even more abnormal.) For example, children with typical ‘absence seizures’ often have a characteristic EEG pattern which helps to confirm this type of epilepsy.

    That explains her tantrum and moody swings.

    Been in counseling before?:YOU BET SHE DO…NOT!..:)
    Counselor Preferences:



    Thank you.

  17. ichiban Feb 24,2016 10:54 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1-Jika dibandingkan Proton dan Perodua, proton agak ketinggalan dari segi Customer Service Index (CSI) dan market share pada 2015.Data dari survey JD power menunjukan perodua berada ditempat yang ke 9 dan proton berada ditempat yang ke 12, manakala dari segi market share perodua berada ditempat pertama (36%) dan proton berada ditempat kedua (17%)

    2-Kedua-duanya adalah pengeluar kereta tempatan.Proton berusia 30 tahun dan sebelum ini bekerjasama bersama dengan mitsubishi dan perodua berusia 20 tahun bekerjasama dengan Daihatsu.

    3-Apakah yang menyebabkan perodua bergerak lebih kehadapan dari proton dari segi CSI dan market share,walaupun baru berusia 20 tahun?Bagaimanakah perodua boleh menjaga quality kereta mereka.Tahukah anda yang perodua mempunyai dua CEO, perodua sales & perodua manufacturing. Tahukah anda CEO(presiden) Perodua manufacturing diterajui oleh Bangsa Jepun dari toyota africa.Apa yg beliau buat?Back to basic, betulkan dan ubah manusia dulu (kebersihan,displin,attendant ,punctuality,greeting),yang mana tak boleh berubah dan ikut akan diasingkan.Senang saja konsepnya,benda basic pun tak boleh buat macam mana nak pergi jauh lagi.Sebelum presentation disesuatu jabatan,beliau akan pusing kawasan sekitar,sehingga dlm tong sampah pun beliau tinjau,untuk melihat sampah bercampur atau tidak.Jika presentation bagus tapi persikataran hampeh,ada yang tak kena disitu.

    4-Untuk berubah ,benda yang busuk harus dikeluarkan dulu,bukan hanya menunjukkan benda yang baik sahaja dan benda yang busuk disorokkan.

    5-Proton dilihat sebagai jaguh kampung yang duduk didalam kepompong sendiri .Tidak salah kita ambil benda-benda baik dari pengeluar yang lain untuk kemajuan.

    6-Setiap pengeluar kereta ada melakukan kesilapan dan recall semula kereta.Tapi persoalannya apakah jenis kesilapan itu?kalau complicated,ok kita dapat terima,tapi kalau kesilapan yang terjadi pada cfe hos kereta proton baru-baru ini, ianya terlalu simple,material hos yang tak sesuai.Bak kata orang jepun “not enough thinking”.

  18. Hajar Feb 24,2016 8:37 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk berbicara dengan Saudara ’Faridina’:

    Terima kasih.

    Sebenarnya si pemilik PROTON ’Waja’ berwarna ’perak’ ni dah lama ’berumah’ di blog Chedet; dia ni memang jenis yang tak faham bahasa; saya ingat dia tak akan ’harass’ saya lagi, tapi makin menjadi-jadi dia dengan aksi ’meludah-ludah’ (PTUIII…berjela..) orang seolah-olah dia ’mulia’ sangat. That’s the reason I said he has some kind of ’ment*l problem’ – sakit jiwa.

    Saudara ’Musato’ yang beliau turut hina baru2 ini (dia panggil BAKER; dia banding dengan ’surgeon’) pun kenal sangat dengan si polan yang ’kurang ajar’ ni. Saya harap ’Musato’ terus menulis.

    Dulu (a few years ago) dia marah kepada sekumpulan pengkomen termasuk saya dengan alasan (mainan perasaan dia) kami berkomplot mengutuk/mengkritik dia, tapi sebenarnya kami pun tak kenal satu sama lain. Saya rasa dia berdendam dengan saya; yang lain2 sudah berhenti memberi komen (agaknya tak tahan dengan si polan ni).

    Dia mahu orang terima pendapat dia tanpa bertanya dan bersoal-jawab – tak boleh bantah. Sesiapa yang tidak menerima pendapat atau apa2 ‘hukum’ yang dia beri menggunakan ‘kepala hotak’ (his favourite words) dia, akan diSERANG dan diganggu sehinggalah orang itu ‘puji’ dia dan kata dia amat berilmu serta setuju dengan dia.

    Saya juga nampak yang tahap pemahaman dia terhadap apa2 penerangan yang diberi adalah amat lemah – dia tidak faham apa orang lain cuba terangkan walaupun sudah teramat jelas. Dia juga kurang/tidak faham soalan (dah macam DSN & gang!). Tapi perasan hebat, dan mengaku dia ni ’Agent Provocateur’ (baru2 ni dia buka balik hal ’agent’ ni…ulang tayang lagi cerita lama..dulu kami dah muak dengan term ini…)

    Saya pun tak berani nak bertukar emel dengan orang yang tahap ’kesihatan ment*l’ nya diragui.

    Tun M agaknya ’terhibur’ dengan bermacam gelagat pengkomen2 di sini.:)

    Terima kasih Tun. Maaf sekali lagi Tun sebab terkeluar dari topik…

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  19. kucau Feb 23,2016 11:34 PM

    sorry tun. inilah perasaan kebanyakan pengguna proton skrg. saya dah dpt few report dari pengguna proton yg dah abis warranty tp masih taat servis di pusat servis proton. pengguna CFe engine ni bila nak tukar OCH seperti yg dijanjikan pusat servis proton berkata mereka kene utamakan yg ada warranty.

    siapakah yg betul2 support proton ini?

    pengguna yg beli awal dah berhadapan dgn risiko menjadi tikus makmal oleh proton tidak dpt warranty. Tun juga masih ingat pembeli awal preve cfe hanya dpt 4 airbag , sudahlah dpt spec yg kurang. kini setelah abis warranty walaupun servis diproton dilayan seperi habis manis sepah dibuang?

    mereka ini tidak akan recommend proton ini sepanjang hayat mereka. pekung yg lama ni akan terus bernanah dan saya tidak nampak cara ia akan pulih

  20. faridina Feb 23,2016 9:10 PM

    Assalammualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Mohon izin masuk ke rumah siber ayahanda Tun oleh kami orang yang masih baharu tidak sampai setahun pun lagi di perjiranan siber ini. Tumpang laluan juga dari orang2 lama di perjiranan keramat ini.

    Kami cuma hendak berinteraksi dengan Hajar seperenggan dua.

    Jangan dilayan orang yang suka meludah merata-rata apatah lagi dalam rumah orang! Kalaulah ada ‘SuriRumah’ di sini tentu beliau terpaksa bekerja lebihmasa bersihkan ludah sebab bukan main panjang lagi no. Tapi mungkin juga dia kenalan baik ‘SuriRumah’ maka ada kekebalan atau kebebalan, jadi tutup sebelah mata buat-buat tak nampak aje sudah.

    Bukan Hajar seorang yang kena atau pernah kena, kami pun senasib anda bermula dengan Mee Hoon Singapore dan terkini dengan pengagung dan pembenci Singapore.

    Orang jenis ini ada ‘split personality’ makanya kami pun takut hendak berkawan apatah lagi bertukar-tukar email.

    Sia-sia sahaja layan beliau kerana nanti kita hilang tumpuan sebab asyik layan dia sahaja.

    Ambil je konsep jangan melawan orang buta – kalau menang orang mengata dan kalau kalah orang tertawa.

    Jadi biarkanlah dia syok sendiri dengan kuncu-kuncu dia, usah di ambil peduli.

    Yang penting kita sudah kenal siapa dia!

    Wassalam Tun.

  21. sudin Feb 23,2016 8:28 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Baru2 ni ada sms sdr Zubir (wajaperak) semasa berada berhampiran Taiping, saja nak mengeteh.
    Mungkin sdr dah tukar h/p dan terhilang my no. Tak jadi la nak mengeteh.

    Maybe some other time, in syaa Allah. I’ll call you when I’m nearby.
    Cool sikit…

  22. wajaperak Feb 23,2016 5:31 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun..
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    HAJAR KEPALA BATU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    HAK PTUIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Minta maaf Tun.
    The proper response for an outrage is to be outraged..
    And courageous one at that..

  23. Hajar Feb 23,2016 1:55 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk berkomunikasi dengan si pemilik kereta PROTON ’waja’ berwarna ’perak’ yang amat bongkak dan sombong (maaf Tun sebab terpaksa melencong lagi):

    Saudara ’Wajaperak’,
    1. Maaf saya katakan, anda seorang yang teramat KURANG AJAR. Sekali lagi saya katakan yang saya haramkan anda memanggil saya dengan panggilan2 yang saya tidak suka. Jika anda masih lagi bersikap kebudak-budakan dengan cara MENGHINA NAMA SAYA, saya anggap anda tidak kisah untuk mendapat saham DOSA. Suka hati anda..ini teguran kedua saya.

    2. Dulu, anda pernah ’gelar’ saya ’Puan BATU’, dan sekarang ’Puan KEPALA BATU’. Dahulu, respon saya kepada ’gelaran’ anda ialah ”anda turut MENGHINA ibu-bapa saya yang telah memberi nama sebenar saya”. Dengan ANGKUHnya anda betulkan saya (anda kata saya salah) dengan mengatakan ’Allah yang beri nama tersebut’. Jadi anda telah MENGHINA ALLAH S.W.T. Memang ’bodoh-sombong’.

    3. Islam MELARANG kita memanggil orang lain dengan gelaran2 yang mereka TIDAK SUKA. Saya mengaku ada merujuk kepada anda sebagai ’sew*l’ kerana memberi kenyataan2 yang pelik dan bercanggah antara satu sama lain. Namun, saya masih lagi biasa menggunakan nama samaran anda ’Wajaperak’ (kononnya ’kunyah’ – sunnah Nabi) sebagai tanda hormat. Adakah anda pernah merujuk kepada saya menggunakan nama saya? Bagi saya ANDA SEORANG PENGECUT. Anda cuma berani ’QUOTE’ penulisan orang lain. Ini cara PENGECUT dan juga tidak beradab.

    4. Anda SENTIASA MENYERU orang lain di blog ini mengikut ajaran Islam yang sebenar: Anda tanya, ” Mengapa kita tidak kembali kepada ajaran agama Islam yang sebenar? Dan sentiasa menuduh saya dan beberapa orang lagi sebagai mereka yang tidak mengikut ajaran Islam, dan mengikut ajaran agama lain. Sekali lagi, cuma SEORANG PENGECUT saja yang SENTIASA berlindung menggunakan hujah agama. Anda buat ke apa yang anda sarankan? Perkara mudah seperti menghormati nama orang pun anda TIDAK ikut ajaran Islam.

    5. Tolong jangan putar-belit ayat AL-QURAN atau HADITH / sunnah semata-mata kerana mahu ’menegak benang basah’. Contohnya, jika orang bertanya tentang HUKUM memberi ’salam’ dalam bahasa Arab di alam SIBER/Blog (saya tanya sebab anda kata saya tidak tahu adab), sila beri jawapan yang berkaitan, bukannya yang DI LUAR KONTEKS (Jika jawab soalan peperiksaan, markah anda KOSONG – tidak menjawab soalan.)

    /// Ini sedutan penulisan anda (Feb 14,2016 10:35 AM) yang kononnya menyokong pendapat anda tentang hukum memberi ‘salam’ di alam Siber/Blog:

    Satu kesalahan bi*l mengikut tafsiran kepala hotak seorang bogger Tun.
    Ishk..Ishk..Mengapa Tun?..Tergamaknya TV3 bersikap biol dan tidak mengikut standard,mutu dan piawaian yang amat tinggi yang telah diletakkan oleh PROFESSIONAL ISLAM INI??

    [ALL OF YOU, O believers, are brethren: 85 hence,] no blame attaches to the blind, nor does blame attach to the lame, nor does blame attach to the sick [for accepting charity from the hale], and neither to your-selves for eating [whatever is offered to you by others, whether it be food obtained] from your [chil-dren’s] HOUSES, 86 or your fathers’ houses, or your mothers’ houses, or your brothers’ houses, or your sisters’ HOUSES, or your paternal uncles’ houses, or your paternal aunts’ HOUSES, or your maternal uncles’ houses, or your maternal aunts’ houses, or [houses] the keys whereof are in your charge, 87 or [the house] of any of your friends; nor will you incur any sin by eating in company or separately. But whenever you enter [any of these] houses, greet one another with a blessed, goodly greeting, as enjoined by God. In this way God makes clear unto you His messages, so that you might [learn to] use your reason.”

    Cuma orang ‘bi*l’ saja yang boleh telan bulat2 ‘argument’ anda seperti yang saya ’quote’ di atas.

    6. Anda memalukan ‘PROFESSION’ anda selaku pegawai perubatan (‘most probably’ di wad sakit mental / jiwa). Ijazah sarjana muda dalam bidang apa ye?

    7. Orang lain yang berkelulusan lebih tinggi dari anda pun tidak MENUNJUK-NUNJUK seperti anda. Biasanya TONG KOSONG saja yang bunyinya kuat!

    Maaf Tun sebab ambil ruang untuk ‘ajar’ sikit peminat kereta PROTON Waja.

    Apapun Tun saya amat berbangga dengan kereta PROTON keluaran Malaysia. Dan saya akan sentiasa memberi sokongan dengan membeli lagi kereta PROTON di masa hadapan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  24. wajaperak Feb 21,2016 3:02 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    Puan KEPALA BATU dah buat lagi..:)

    [2. Mohon izin Tun:]

    Betul tu Tun..
    Di dalam ajaran Islam yang utama di Malaysia..( Mainstream ) kita memang di ajar untuk tunggu sehingga diperkenankan barulah masuk..
    Tetapi biasalah..


    Kadang-kadang kami terkasar bahasa di sini.
    Minta ampun dan maaf.
    Harap Tun tolong ajar maksud saya mengingatkan sesiapa tetamu Tun supaya masalah di selesaikan di luar blog Tun melalui e mel.

    Saya sangat menghargai mereka-mereka ini sebagai pejuang akhlak dan Islam.
    Izinkan saya memuji dan menyanjung mereka Tun.









    Minta maaf Tun.
    Ribuan Terima Kasih..:))

  25. Hajar Feb 21,2016 9:01 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Quite a number of Malaysians (a sad situation) still consider (‘perception’) Proton cars as ‘second class’ cars and are only for the poor (‘tidak berkemampuan’). I think this is so NOT TRUE. This perception is the reason why some people prefer (walau tidak mampu; orang Islam jangan terikut-ikut terutama yang meminjam untuk beli kereta) to buy ‘expensive’ foreign cars just to impress others (‘biar papa, asal bergaya’). There are ‘cash-rich’ people (‘net worth’ more than a million ringgit – millionaire?) who drive Proton cars (by choice) – definitely, these people are not poor.

    2. Mohon izin Tun:

    It’s quite disgusting to see people who think that they have every right to be very RUDE towards Tun just because they believe in their ‘rights to speak / write’ in any way they wish. Tun’s approval of their comments does not indicate that what they did was right. Normally, these people are supporters of the Oppositions (based on their past comments in Chedet; can be foreigners). I believe, when Tun M was PM, they also condemned Tun & Tun’s projects.

    But the most delusional is the person (dari ‘parti ajaran songsang’ kot) who thinks & ‘meroyan’ that Tun’s blog is Tun’s HOUSE, and we need to ‘ketuk’ pintu agaknya & bagi salam, minta izin, dan tunggu di ‘gate/pintu’ – jangan masuk RUMAH jika tidak mendapat izin Tun…mungkin Tun ada hal – bimbang mengganggu privasi Tun… Alahai..memang sew*l sipolan ini. We have login ‘username and password’ for each user and these can be considered as ‘keizinan’ to enter Chedet’s blog space; furthermore, we can log in anytime – tidak kira masa & sesuka hati kita; bukan macam pergi ke RUMAH orang!

    Bila dah masuk BLOG orang pandai2 lah ikut peraturan/ADAB pemilik blog & JANGAN asyik ‘syok sendiri’dan juga jangan ‘kurang ajar’ – sebagai tanda hormat.

    Bila ditanya apa hukum memberi ‘salam’ di dalam alam Siber /Internet / Blog, si polan ini gagal memberi jawapan. Tapi masih terus meroyan… orang ini sama spesis dengan PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor & konco2 yang suka mengelak dari menjawab soalan yang ditanya, tapi masih mahu mengaku di pihak yang benar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  26. Poormanmod Feb 20,2016 4:28 PM

    Dapat enjin 2000cc Naturally Aspirated, 6 speed manual, 190hp pun kami dah syukur tun.. Pandai2la kami tambah power lagi..

  27. Poormanmod Feb 20,2016 4:21 PM

    Salam Tun..

    1) Proton adalah diantara 11 syarikat di dunia yang boleh buat kereta bermula dari A hingga Z.. Bermula dari market survey, industrial design, design engineering, prototyping, testing, manufacturing engineering, production, marketing and sales.. Semua tu bagus dah..

    2) Design pun dah bagus.. Tp ada juga dr sudut lain yg x bagus, sbg cth, dashboard preve, headlamp saga fl, interior quite dull.. vios baseline pun lg cun design dalaman..

    3) Iriz hampir cantik dr semua sudut, tapi guna torsion beam, which is not good for ride and handling.. Susah Proton R3 nk tune performance rear suspension iriz..

    4) Proton idea Air Intake IAFM dan VIM dah bagus, tp cepat rosak, sbb tu pengeluar kereta terkemuka x guna IAFM, VIM, dual air Intake sbb ada drawback.. Lg byk automated system lg byk problem.. Lagi satu, kene tgk overall efficiency, last skali, IAFM rosak, dah la RM500 nak tukar yg baru, minyak pun over consume..

    5) Enjin campro dah ok.. Pengeluar kereta yg tersohor pun masih tak guna GDI, sbb problem dekat injector.. Nk servis injector la pulak, mahal tau nk servis injector GDI.. Nanti jadi sama mcm IAFM, kejap2 nk repair..

    6) Naik taraf enjin sedia ada, campro i-cps utk penjimatan ka apa ka..

    7) Design proton ok dah, cuma design interior masih lg dull.. Suprima dah cun dah, tp interior dull..

    8) Kuasa enjin juga memainkan peranan penting tun, gi survey sukan permotoran drag, tgk kereta mana paling tinggi kuasanya.. Kenapa boleh tinggi? Cc? Material cylinder block?
    Secara psikologi, pembeli akn tertarik dengan kuasa kereta..

    Sbg cth, SUPRIMA S (Dashboard IRIZ), M-line, Enjin Campro CPS 2000cc Turbo, 6 speed Manual, 270hp, 380Nm.. Harga RM60k.. Upgrade braking system and suspension..

    Sbb klu cantik mcm BMW pun, kualiti mcm Proton sekarang, kuasa 110hp je, mmg pengguna tak kan beli punyer..

    Tp klu mcm SUPRIMA S, kualiti mcm Proton sekarang, kuasa 270hp, harga RM60k, berlambak org beli tun..

    “Give them power”, tun..

    Bgla insentif sikitla kat kete Nasional.. Ini cukai kat kereta Nasional pun dah lebih 70%, apebendala.. WAJA yg lepas dah abis ROI pun masih jual mahal.. Dah la hutang PTPTN, pastu cukai gila2..

    9) Fightla cukai tu, tun yg buat cukai tu kan.. Kami fight mmg x dptla..

    Tun baca sikit tentang block enjin yang baik kat bwh ni..
    Nanti takut guna block alloy, terburai nanti.. design dah ok..

  28. HBT456 Feb 20,2016 12:01 PM

    24. Whenever I see the local malay politicians wear baju melayu and songkok, I find it rather weird like they are celebrating raya aidifitri everyday.

    25. On the other hand, the pas members wear moslem costume like they are arabs first.

    26. Here, our proton advisor is selling modern science via proton, a scientific name in automobile industry.

    27. To be honest, whenever I read a political statement made by bn or opposition parties be it malay, indian moslem and sabahan, I just ignore.

    28. Why?

    29. It is wasting time because by the end of the day, they will continue to make policies of one way street that will not only scare the local and foreign investors away, they scare their own malay and bumiputra investors away.

    30. Ask yourself, if you start to compare and prejudice against other races and faiths for the sake of supremacy, they too will join the wagon and start to compare and prejudice your race and faith.

    31. This is politics.

    32. Race and religion too are super sensitive.

    33. What justice, equality and fairness you wanna sell when all government vvips posts are 100% hold by malay?

    34. Even the import of foreign workers is privatize into myeg bhd, how much lower can you go?

  29. HBT456 Feb 20,2016 9:51 AM

    17. When myr depreciates against all major foreign currencies, automatically the cost of assembly and import in automobile industry will go up.

    19. Even if you change the pm via general election, same monetary system applies.

    20. The hr minister ds richard riot announced officially that there are 1.5 million bangladesh applied for the worker permit with their authorithy to work in few countries including malaysia.

    21. Why umno ministers flip flop?

    22. Denial is umno trademark.

    23. To them, they are always right even when the local and world said it is wrong.

  30. ALLMALAYSIA Feb 19,2016 12:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..dah plan nk beli Suprima S tapiiii..saya bukan tak nak sokong proton..tapi harga kereta proton yg dijual di malaysia lebih mahal dari proton yang di eksport ke australia..1k ke 5k lebih mahal..korang boleh compare harga dkt official website proton malaysia dgn proton australia..kereta sendiri tapi kene bayar lebih..baik beli kereta import

  31. ichiban Feb 19,2016 9:14 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1.Untuk menarik minat dan menyakinkan pengguna,Proton haruslah mempamerkan/visualise data mengenai market claim/complain dan langkah-langkah pembetulan yg telah diambil serta sasaran yang telah ditetapkan ,secara tidak lansung menunjukan proton komited terhadap aduan pengguna.Sekadar bercakap melakukan berbagai perubahan tanpa sokongan data, agak kurang menyakinkan pengguna.

    2.Bagi Pusat service,setiap pelanggan yg datang hendaklah memberi rating dan rating tersebut juga haruslah dipamerkan.

  32. Sri Sense Feb 18,2016 6:24 PM

    Salam Tun

    Nak share news

    Proton recall a positive move: HLIB Research

    PETALING JAYA: HLIB Research is positive on the recall exercise by DRB-Hicom Bhd’s subsidiary Proton Holdings Bhd, saying that it will help improve its branding with consumers.

    “We are positive on the exercise, as Proton ups its ante to improve its branding to the consumer. The exercise confirms Proton taking up responsibility towards consumer safety as compared to previous practice of fixing the problems only when vehicles are sent in for maintenance,” the research house said in a report.

    Proton announced Tuesday a major recall for some 94,577 vehicles involving the Exora, Preve, and Suprima S over a faulty CFE oil cooler hose.

    According to management, the cost for the exercise is relatively immaterial at RM2 million.

    The national original equipment manufacturer (OEM) admitted the mistakes in selecting the right material for the oil cooler hose. The fix is free for vehicles that are still under warranty as well as vehicles that adhered to the recommended service intervals.

    “Negative consumer perception on Proton’s quality has been a major blow to the national OEM. Combined with the current weak consumer sentiment and competitive pricings from other major OEMs, Proton’s sales has dropped to 102,200 units or 15.3% market share (from a high of 60%),” said HLIB.

    Moving forward, it said Proton aims to enhance its quality management and revert the negative brand perception. Proton has intensified its inspection program, in order to filter out issues before the assembling process.

    Various programmes have also been introduced to improve customer experience and provide more value-added services, such as courtesy car service, pick-up and delivery service, 80-min quick service money-back guarantee, mobile assist service, one-stop customer care line, etc.

    HLIB maintained a “buy” call on DRB with an unchanged target price of RM1.45.


  33. ichiban Feb 18,2016 10:31 AM

    Assalamualikum Tun,

    1.Pengalaman saya dengan Proton bermula dengan proton wira yg dibeli pada tahun 1996,tempoh menunggu selama 5 bulan.Pada masa itu salesman tidak perlu kerja keras,sales datang mencurah-curah.Alhamdulliah kereta wira tiada masaalah,cuma lama kelamaan terdapat banyak karat dibahagian bumbung dan bonet hadapan dan after sales service kurang mesra pelanggan.

    2. Pada 2002 saya membeli proton waja .Semasa memakai waja terdapat beberapa defect yang terjadi, door handle patah,power window rosak dan glove box handle rosak dan after sales service masih lagi kurang mesra pelanggan.

    3.Pada 2007 saya masih lagi menyokong proton, membeli proton gen2 untuk isteri saya.Disini bermula berbagai-bagai masaalah yang saya hadapi,bonet belakang bracket patah,mechanical door handle patah,valve spring engine patah,isu clock spring,cover bumbung bahagian dalam belakang clip patah dan yang saya terkilan kereta saya tersadai ditepi jalan disebabkan fuel pump rosak dan after sales service pun masih lagi kurang mesra pelanggan.

    4.Melalu pengalaman saya, proton masih perlahan dari segi RnD, vendor development dan after sale service berbanding dengan pengeluar kereta yang lain.

    5.Jika kita ambil contoh pusat service toyota dengan pusat service proton, kedua-dua pusat service ini berada dalam malaysia,pekerjanya adalah juga orang malaysia tapi mengapa persekitarannya jauh berbeza?

    6.Isu yang terbaru, proton recall balik CFE oil hos,disebabkan pecah bila pembatuan melebihi 40000km.Bila dilihat isunya sangat simple,adakah ketika dibuat pemilihan hos semasa di RnD,telah mengkaji suhu minyak semasa operasi,pressure dan chemical reaction?

    7.Apabila dilihat deffect pada kereta proton banyak terjadi daripada penggunaan material/bahan yg tidak sesuai,faktor iklim malaysia yang panas sepanjang tahun juga memendekan jangka hayat sesuatu komponent kereta.

    8.Proton memang telah berubah menjadi lebih baik,tapi adakah perubahan itu selari mengikut kelajuan persekitaran semasa?Jika ingin berubah secara drastik,saya cadangkan, proton mengasingkan staff dan management staff yang lama kerana orang-orang lama ini berfikiran masih lama dan sukar menerima perubahan yang drastik.

    9.Pada masa ini,orang ramai membeli kereta proton adalah disebabkan harga dan kemampuan .Lambat laun kereta dari pengeluar lain pun akan menjadi separas harga kereta proton.

    10.Saya juga terpikir kemana lambakan kereta-kereta terpakai di Malaysia akan pergi dan jika tiada laluan untuk kereta-kereta terpakai,penjualan kereta-kerta baru agak kurang rancak.Seperti di Jepun mereka menghantar kereta -kerta terpakai mereka ke negara dunia ke 3 termasuklah ke Malaysia.

  34. HouseWife Feb 18,2016 2:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    To think of it Tun, sometimes I think that our government in power do not want the people to have too easy living, especially those who are poorly adequate…you know like having a decent house or a car. These wants of means they keep in-check first from the people. Then when the time is ripe they come up with their brand ideas and in come along the con-men to take advantage of the poor and the neglected. Cunningly and discreetly, these lot of people make easy business through the people’s hardships and poverty. Is it right to create money through people’s hardships and ignorance, Tun? Maybe I missed a point or two somewhere in this concept?

    Why couldn’t the people be given decent homes and Malaysian-made cars to live by when the price was affordable enough back then, Tun?
    I just can’t understand why there are still so many homeless and car-less people around when the government portrays that everything is fine, that the people are very fortunate to have a very concerned government. That they can afford at least three decent meals a day, with GST of course. Why are there still huge gaps between the super rich and the super poor? What has gone wrong? Where has all the money gone to?

    Tun, the kampong people can only afford Proton car or a 2nd hand Proton car as a necessity not a luxury to live by. If you see any imported cars in the kampong, Tun then that may belong to the wakil rakyat or the rubber or oil palm estates taukeys. Now, prices of houses and cars, and Proton cars?, have shot up! How could these kampong people afford one unless they beg, borrow or steal. Has any kinds of incentives been given to the kampong folks, Tun? I don’t know the wheeling-dealings of car businesses, Tun. Someone here did mention about incentives.

    Tun, I’ve just returned and was on the Plus highway, and saw quite a number of your Proton Tigers on the road and they ran like zzzooom! zzzooom! passing me by like Ferraris! And I was like wow! look at Tun, see how fast he runs! This is a compliment Tun, please excuse me. But then when I entered KL Tun, they seem to have vanished…could only see imported cars. I guess you know Tun where they are…maybe parked alongside somewhere…but not in a plush or opulence housing areas. So you can see Tun, who are your true Proton supporters. And I’m sure they drive with pride.

    But still Tun, without the government’s assistance, support and investments in Proton, Proton will have a very hard time to survive, The government must put aside any personal grudges they have against Tun and gives fair and just treatment to Proton because Proton is The People’s Car. Help Proton means help the well-being of the people, isn’t that so Tun.

    Nothing mechanical or engineering terminology here of that sort Tun as I’m no expertise in it. While I still have the will to express, InsyaAllah I will state my say, with your permission of course.
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  35. leya Feb 17,2016 4:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Issue ni mmg menarik minat saya. Proton mmg dh byk improvement sbnrnye. Tetapi proton sering di provoke dgn kisah2 lama. Pada pandangan saya, proton tidak mendapat sokongan dr kerajaan. 1. Cube bayangkan, tiada ape keistimewaan utk rakyat Malaysia utk memiliki kereta mereka sendiri. Dr segi interest bank, 2nd hand value, tiada yg menarik minat cstmr. Bayangkan bila kt beli kereta persona thn 2011, manual m line pd Harga rm52000, Membuat pinjaman rm38000, selama 7 thn. Setelah 5thn menggunakannya, value hanya around 15-17k, tiada untung, sedangkan downpayment hampir 30% bukannya full loan. Macamane nak ade repeating cstmr, jika kereta yg ade sekadar ckp utk tutup hutang bank. Siapa yg control 2nd hand value. Dimana letaknye hak cstmr. If full loan, mmg pakai smpi habis la.
    2. Adakah cstmr yg mempunyai income 5 angka memandang kpd kereta Proton?
    Especially government servant, income 3k je dh xnk proton klu bleh (melayu mudah Lupa)
    3. If nak harapkan yg income 2k n below, berapa ramai yg boleh lps loan? If lps pun, mcm2 bank minta… Tu pun harapkan saga n iriz 1.3 klu bernasib baik
    4. Kerjasama Dari kerajaan, bank negara adalah penting utk meningkatkan volume jualan kereta proton, di samping itu, proton perlulah menggaji mereka yg benar2 sayangkan proton. Jgn menggaji mereka yg tidak ikhlas bekerja, Kerana kesannya memberi impact yg buruk kpd Produk Dan keseluruhan proton.
    Terima kasih kepada mereka yang memilih Dan percaya kepada proton.
    Hidup proton.. Supportlah proton…
    Harap sangat jasa baik Tun untuk memulihkan semangat Proton di bumi Malaysia..
    Semoga Tun, dipanjangkan usia Dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik…

  36. aminhassan Feb 17,2016 10:56 AM

    Wira, satria, putra, walaupun ada gabungan lancer atau mirage, dh ada sentuhan kita sedikit, ubah lagi sikit saje, mana pergi designer malaysia yg belajar tinggi2 tu..

  37. mubarakchan Feb 17,2016 10:13 AM


    The final result of a successful and internationally accepted Proton which is a Tiger in its own classification niche, the Malaysians will buy Proton in droves with the concomitant reduction of tariffs on foreign cars which will be much more expensive given the same quality
    and second-hand value.


  38. mubarakchan Feb 17,2016 10:01 AM


    Your topic “Proton” got me utterly excited at the prospect that at last the World has a World Car in the making. Do you see what I see Tun ?

    Your brilliant concept of 30 years ago was only for the benefit of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat.

    But lo and behold !


    This is the result of a fast moving World and tectonic financial shifts with a political overlay which we can now turn to our advantage for our beloved Malaysia, ASEAN and the World. The oversight !

    For the very first time, I see the PROTON conceived and manufactured in ASEAN with Malaysia’s leadership (Tun’s) IS THE CAR FOR THE WORLD WHICH NO OTHER PRIVATE CORPORATION CAN OR WILL ATTEMPT.

    My latest thinking on putting Proton on the soundest footing once and for all is this.

    The ingredients for the successful production of a motorcar are already within our grasp despite of the fact that we were hampered by issues for 30 years which will be eventually be sorted out. We now have a motorcar and a BRAND. With proper professional management and no more closest aides, the quality of the Proton will automatically be World Class !

    Next, this is to develop a sound corporate and manufacturing model like the Airbus model to give Proton the biggest footprint possible within ASEAN and the World.

    Malaysia’s motive should be loud and clear – WE DO IT TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ASEAN PEOPLES AND THE WORLD !

    With the ASEAN folks understanding and thinking in the right direction, then we deal with the nitty-gritty with a head honcho, Japanese, German or Swede to thread all the ASEAN countries together. Time is of the essence :

    1. Malaysia – World HQ at Cyberjaya. Domestic and International production. Engine production. Field research and development. Maximum production quota established. Ancillary support products eg steel. Right hand drive only. For right hand drive markets.

    2. Indonesia – Domestic and International production. Engine production. Maximum production quota established. Ancillary support products eg steel. For left hand drive markets.

    3. Thailand – Domestic and International production. Engine production. Maximum production quota established. Ancillary support products eg steel. For right hand drive markets.

    4. Singapore – Hi-tech, international marketing, production of sophisticated equipment, etc. R & D International automotive and training centre and other services in keeping with World Standards and Production Methodology Research and Information Centre. The establishment of a World’s Best Automotive Centre. Singapore’s World Best Brand will lend the World Best cachet to Proton !

    5. Vietnam – Domestic and International production. Engine production. Maximum production quota established. Ancillary support products. For left hand drive markets.

    6. The Phillipines – Assembly of left hand drive motorcars. Ancillary support products. Out-sourced financial department and other administrative and pr services, in Manila.

    7. Cambodia – Assembly of left hand drive motorcars. Ancillary support products like fabrics etc.

    6. Myanmar – Assembly of motorcars. Ancillary support products.

    7. Laos, East Timor & others. Workers maybe recruited from here. Assisted automotive schools and services for the Proton established.

    Tun, Malaysia and ASEAN have reached a developmental stage in which we finally have a worthy World Wide product, a motorcar Proton to offer to the World – the TPPA countries, EU, Africa and South America, Russia, China and India.

    This is something solid and serious – unlike all the talk of TPPA advantages for rubber gloves and condoms !

    What we now need is for the Government to understand that the Proton is not for one individual alone but for the World and the benefit of ASEAN in which we all share the benefits which should be carefully worked out like the AIRBUS MODEL.

    And with the right head honcho, we should all be away and running to world success.


    MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! THE WORLD CHINA AND SINGAPORE LOVE VERY MUCH OUR ICONIC UMNO ! UMNO BOLEH ! Let us all put our efforts into turning a donkey into a golden horse loved by the World ! Remember VOLKSWAGEN !

  39. Sri Sense Feb 17,2016 9:59 AM

    Salam Tun

    Proton pins hopes on new models

    SHAH ALAM: Proton Holdings Bhd is hoping that the launch of new models such as the Perdana will help it achieve sales of 150,000 units this year.

    “With the new Perdana and new models planned, we hope to achieve this target,” said chief executive officer Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah at a media briefing yesterday. “We’re not aiming high. Our goals are realistic,” he said.

    Projected sales of 150,000 units for Proton means the company will have a market share of 20% of total vehicle sales in the country. It will also be a jump of almost 47% compared to the sales last year where Proton sold 102,175 units with only 15% of market share.

    In 2014, Proton’s sales was 115,783 and it had 17% of the market share.

    Abdul Harith said Proton wanted to “right the mistakes” it had made in the past and remove the negative perception that the public had on the national car company.

    “It’s not easy to admit our mistakes. But there is a strong need to rebrand and reposition ourselves.”

    Proton also held a private viewing of the new Perdana, which chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad promised “will be a better car” than the Honda Accord platform that the vehicle is based on.

    “It’s not going to be another patched-up front and back car,” he said, citing that the company had undertaken stringent quality control procedures on the new Perdana.

    “When we launched the Preve (in 2012), it was launched before proper testing but we don’t do that anymore.”

    Dr Mahathir added that the new Perdana had a development cost of RM200mil because it was based on an existing model’s platform. He said the cost of the vehicle would be a lot higher if it is based on a new platform (from the ground up).

    “What we introduce will be based on a proper platform and still be relevant. If we were selling one million vehicles a year, then we can have our own platform.

    “We try to keep within our means. We don’t have deep pockets because we’re competing with foreign makes. We are now selling fewer cars with narrower margins.”

    Dr Mahathir said the new Perdana was already available for booking and will tentatively be priced between RM100,000 and RM150,000.

    “We hope to launch it by this quarter,” he said.

    According to the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), vehicle sales last year was dominated by Perodua, which sold 213,307 units. The company had a commanding market share of 32%.

    Honda was the top non-national brand with a market share of 14.2% or 94,902 units. Toyota was a close second with 14.1% or 93,760 units (of which 65,295 were passenger vehicles and the remaining 28,465 commercial vehicles).

    This was followed by Nissan with 7.1% or 47,235 vehicles, of which 41,941 were passenger vehicles and the remainder 5,294 commercial vehicles.

    The automotive industry has been growing for six consecutive years since 2010, peaking at a new all-time high of 666,674 units last year.

    However, due to subdued consumer sentiment, a sluggish economy, the weaker ringgit and tighter lending requirements, the MAA has forecast total industry volume to drop by 2.5% to 650,000 units in 2016 against last year.


  40. mubarakchan Feb 16,2016 11:35 PM


    I have given my overview of the bright prospects for the future of the Proton which are linked with the latest developments in hand eg. the new Ricardo engine, the TPPA, the International Infra-structural Bank, the domestic, regional and international markets based on the Airbus model of production and marketing etc.

    You are now standing at the cusp of a whole new World for Proton.

    The timing is now despite the financial turmoil roiling in the outside World. Strange to say, the Proton is worthwhile developing into a product within a wider World of marketing eg. domestic, regional and international.

    What is needed now is a sound model of corporate governance and production like that of the Airbus based on production domestically and production regionally, We are fortunate that nothing had happened in ASEAN for over 40 years. We can now do something with the Proton – your brilliant concept of 30 years ago for ASEAN and the World today !


    With a sound model for the further development of Proton, financing should be no problem from the International Infrastructural Bank and other Banks.

    The essential ingredient is the POLITICAL WILL AND ENTREPREUNERIAL INCLINATION which requires the support of the Government who should understand that the Proton Project has always been for the benefit of all the Rakyat and not that of one single individual.

    A key person in his forties is important to put all these together and should be a person with overall motorcar industry experience with an international background who also understands ASEAN well eg. A Japanese, a German, a Swede etc.

    I see no obstacles to put the final picture together after all the hard work and ideas which you have put into the Proton from its very beginning. The timing now is very suitable, Tun. We need the right person to be the able to put the whole picture together. It could be as easy as this, Tun. No more closest aides for you and us !


  41. kucau Feb 16,2016 9:48 PM

    salam tun, hi. saya lagi.

    1) harap dpt tgk respon org malaysia selepas pengumuman proton pasal after sales yg teruk ini.tgk paultan fb page, tgk komen kat paultan blog.

    2) improve after sale sahaja takkan kembalikan keyakinan. kalau kembalikan pon ambil masa yg mungkin proton x bleh survive

    3) proton needs leapfrog product/effort/new concept of after sales in order to fix the damage. proton needs an ipod to turn around Mac

    tq tun

  42. Jai Feb 16,2016 5:30 PM

    AsSalam Tun,

    Personally, I think Proton car is over price. Proton able to sell in UK before, Australia and Arab with cheaper price as compare to local market. Proton do not have factory or assembly line in those countries but why proton price is higher in Malaysia compare to those country. If it is for the sake of competition, Malaysia have even bigger car market competition. I used to possess 3 Malaysian cars; Satria (brand new, got stolen), Wira 1.6(A) (5yrs 2nd hand car, sold to purhcase Hyndai Matrix) and Proton Iswara (kreta kebal, new at 36K, sold after 7yrs at RM6K to clear RM7K debt). I am very satisfied with Proton Wira and also Proton Putra. I do hope, price for Proton will be reduce below than market price at Arab & Australia.

  43. umranrc Feb 16,2016 4:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tumpang laluan Tun.

    “Salam Tun & semua.
    Saya seorang jurutera yg tak berkerjaya sekarang akibat dari keruntuhan harga minyak. Memiliki anak-anak yg masih bersekolah. Terkilan dengan syarikat utama Malaysia yg mampu menggaji expatriate dari luar dengan gaji masih dikategori tinggi sedangkan kami warga malaysia berkelayakan dan berpengalaman tiada pekerjaan. Jikalau syarikat minyak mengambil kami bermakna wang tidak keluar dari malaysia.

    Fikirkanlah Tn2 Presiden Konglomerat Syarikat Minyak & Gas.

    Terima Kasih”

    Agh…. walaupun saya tidak dibuang kerja lagi, tetapi saya dapat rasakan kesengsaraan yang dihadapi oleh saudara Proud Malaysia.

    Saya harap saudara Proud Malaysia boleh menggunakan emploment act 1955 untuk mengembalikan yang sepatutnya. Sila rujuk kepilan undang-undang dibawah ini…

    “60M. Prohibition on termination of local for foreign employee

    No employer shall terminate the contract of service of a local employee for the purpose of employing a foreign employee.

    60N. Termination of employment by reason of redundancy

    Where an employer is required to reduce his workforce by reason of redundancy necessitating the retrenchment of any number of employees, the employer shall not terminate the services of a local employee unless he has first terminated the services of all foreign employees employed by him in a capacity similar to that of the local employee.”

    Ianya terkandung didalam employment act tersebut.

    Terima Kasih Tun untuk laluan ini.

  44. Sri Sense Feb 16,2016 4:27 PM

    Salam Tun & semua

    Proton recalls three models to fix cooler hoses

    SHAH ALAM: Proton Holdings Bhd will recall almost 100,000 units of its Exora, Preve and Suprima models to fix the CFE oil cooler hoses starting Tuesday.

    Its chief executive officer, Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah, said these models faced problems of the oil cooler hoses, which would break down when the cars reach an average mileage of 40,000 kilometres (km), due to the degration of internal hose/tube material.

    “We will call the owners and the priority will be given to the cars with mileage of 40,000 km and above. We hope to finish this in the next six months,” he told reporters at the preview of the new Proton Perdana here on Tuesday. – Bernama

  45. kucau Feb 16,2016 4:15 PM

    “Proton has gone through a lot, both success and painful stories. It’s not easy to admit our weaknesses and the mistakes we’ve done, but I really think this is the only way to revive our brand,” said Proton CEO Datuk Harith Abdullah.

    tahniah Tun, admitting the real diagnosis is the first step for correct medicine

  46. Proud Malaysia Feb 16,2016 10:48 AM

    Salam Tun & semua.
    Saya seorang jurutera yg tak berkerjaya sekarang akibat dari keruntuhan harga minyak. Memiliki anak-anak yg masih bersekolah. Terkilan dengan syarikat utama Malaysia yg mampu menggaji expatriate dari luar dengan gaji masih dikategori tinggi sedangkan kami warga malaysia berkelayakan dan berpengalaman tiada pekerjaan. Jikalau syarikat minyak mengambil kami bermakna wang tidak keluar dari malaysia.

    Fikirkanlah Tn2 Presiden Konglomerat Syarikat Minyak & Gas.


  47. mubarakchan Feb 16,2016 9:52 AM


    My apologies. A small typo error. ” spending 17 sens a minute ” should read ” spending 17 ringgits a minute.”

  48. mubarakchan Feb 16,2016 6:42 AM


    The Proton is a NATIONAL ICON like MAS, PETRONAS and others.The Proton cannot be thrown into the dust-bin of history for many reasons which you have already mentioned.

    I like to congratulate you Tun for your brilliant concept even after so many years. Detractors have been many. I used to own a Proton in the 1980s. No problem.

    I may be the only Malaysian who had done some real manufacturing busiiness to comment generally on what I observed as the kinks which prevented the development of the Proton to be a full-fledged tiger. It is still not too late.

    I turned round the biggest industrial textile bankrupt factory- MALAYSIA’S BIGGEST CORPORATE SCANDAL, FOLEX INDUSTRIES BERHAD in the 1970s-1980s, 9 years WITHOUT A SINGLE SEN FROM THE CONSORTIUM LED BY MIDF AND 5 BANKS.

    This company was due to go bankrupt in 2 weeks when when I took over in April 1975. It had 1,200 mainly Malay workers situated in the important BN constituency of Taiping from Tun Abdul Razak’s to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Administrations and was spending 17 sens a minute. The factory worked 3 shifts and had peace and harmony throughout my tenure. No problem. After restructuring as Sri Hartamas Berhad, MIDF and the Consortium of 5 banks walked away with the full repayment of RM 32 millions as though nothing had happened.

    I was paid RM 7,000 per month throughout with an Alfa Romeo as transport. Nothing more was given to me. I was not a shareholder. I saw it as a challenge to succeed for esoteric reasons, like I was set-up for destruction after I was appointed by our Great Father of Development, Tun Abdul Razak to the Board of Bank Negara Malaysia at the age of 36. I knew this appointment would arouse jealousy. Indeed, it came in the form of a proposal to make me helm the biggest bankruptcy scandal of the 1970s which was sure to drag me down to death in 2 weeks. Nothing like that happened. I did not run. I stayed for 9 years.

    I turned round the textile company in 2 years and millions and millions of ringgits thereafter to 1984, 9 years, to the chagrin of the chinaman on the Board of MIDF who stabbed me in the back at the MIDF Board meeting every month for 9 years. This was what my spies told me ! Vide Folex Industries Berhad Annual Reports 1974-1984. Available at the KLSE Library.

    The Shanghainese folk-lore says that those who know how to make textiles will know how to make all the other products.

    My view of the slow development of the Proton from its inception is as follows despite the brilliant concept of Tun :-

    1. The closest aides were not industrialists. They were either traders, small-time factory managers or civil servants. They really do not understand how a manufacturing business works. They had no view of the car market, domestically, regionally and internationally. Like all Malaysians in manufacturing, they look out into the World whilst the international companies take the reverse view. Hence, their products make money on day one.

    The closest aides should have advised the production of a motorcar should be planned ahead and not left floundering here and there internationally on an ad hoc basis – close liaison with the Government is essential.

    2. A true industrialist has a different mind-set based on absolute factory efficiency and efficiency throughout the organisation of an industrial undertaking.

    In the case of the Proton, a trader’s mind-set of doing business set in. What I mean is the absolute efficiency in all aspects of a business eg. administration, finance and factory management which includes buying and selling of whatever. Not a single sen should leak out of the system because all the other motorcar manufacturers are super-efficient in cost reduction. In manufacturing, there is absolutely no room for inefficiency/cheating.

    3. Vital information which I believe the closest aides should be were aware of, were not passed on to the Principal for his enlightenment like that the technical know-how to manufacture a motorcar engine will never be passed to the Malaysians.

    For the closest aides, it was sunshine and blue skies every day.The secrets of how to manufacture a motorcar engine are the key to the production of the motorcar as we know, Tun. The rest of the car, any Tom Dick and Harry can do. No problem.

    4. The further development of the Proton and the ASEAN regional market in the 1980s-1990s, and the deals which would have gone with it, would have found a recalcitrant Lee Kuan Yew even though Protons were selling well in Singapore – thanks to the efforts of our Tan Sri Basir Ismail, Chairman Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore.

    5. The Malaysian Government gave its fullest support. It is imperative that this National Icon be supported always. Not only a motorcar industry does provide a huge space for all sorts of light engineering activities, there are also the ancillary supportive industries which employ thousands of workers. This is the beauty of your concept, Tun !

    The Way Ahead is full of opportunities for all.

    1. I note that there is a huge Korean presence in Proton which is in different guises at the expense of local manufacturers. The Koreans are johnny-come-latelies due to episodes of neglect in the management of the Proton during which they managed to squeezed in.

    All local manufacturers should be supported 100% especially on the MICRO-MOTORS front, not 40% local and 60% Korean, but 100% local ! !

    2. It is good to be able to make the Proton engine with the assistance of RICARDO which would not be cheap in the long run. Hence, I propose that Proton should acquire a major motorcar manufacturing factory like Volvo to consolidate its business once and for all. Exactly like what Singapore is doing to Malaysia parasiting on the vital essentials !

    The Volvo engine and its marketing world-wide are valuable.

    We missed Volvo as we copied the MONEY MONEY MONEY FAILED POLICIES OF SINGAPORE ! It is never too late. Maybe with good Government support, Volvo or another international motorcar business may be acquired.

    3. The Government support for Proton is vital and essential. Proton should not be allowed to fail AS IT BELONGS TO ALL MALAYSIANS AND NOT TO A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL.

    Exactly, like the great scandal Folex Industries Berhad of the 1970s-1980s which would have affected THREE BN REGIMES IF FOLEX HAD FALLEN ! Hence, the Folex Scandal was suppressed !

    4. Proton should now plan for 3 markets, domestic, regional and international.


    Before the establishment of the AIRBUS, the aircraft industry in Europe was in the doldrums with the Americans monopolising the market.

    THE AIRBUS MODEL SHOULD BE COPIED BY PROTON TO PROJECT ITSELF INTO THE WORLD. All aspects should be equally shared amongst the ASEAN countries, like each country looks after its own assembling quota, engine made in Malaysia, hi-tech and research, international marketing in Singapore, etc.

    THIS IS THE MOST PRACTICAL DEAL TO BRING THE ASEAN COUNTRIES TOGETHER AFTER 40 YEARS of golf and dinners in fine dresses and settings.

    6. With the clout of ASEAN the Proton/ASEANA should be able to find markets all over the World.

    7. I propose that Proton should make two types of motorcar, the 4 cylinder petrol engine and the electric car which is the car of the future.


    I do hope Proton’s interests are looked after within the 6,000 pages of the TPPA and not only rubber gloves and condoms ! This is something solid and rewarding for Malaysia and ASEAN to offer to the World, not those nebulous items so far mentioned by all and sundry !





  49. Proud Malaysia Feb 15,2016 12:39 PM

    Salam Tun

    Saya sangat bersetuju dengan “It is important to remember that when you buy foreign cars, money will flow out of the country to sustain their economies, to benefit their workers. When you buy a local car, money stays in the country, workers earn money, dealers and agents and their employees enjoy the business they do and the local economy grows. Thousands of families enjoy a good life”

    Tapi macamana pekerja asing (expatriate) terutamanya dalam industri minyak dan gas, yang mana bangsa malaysia yg berkelayakan dianaktirikan.

    Duit dalam negara keluar begitu saja.

  50. Hajar Feb 15,2016 8:25 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Mungkin kereta PROTON ’nampak’ tidak sehebat kereta ’import’ (yang harganya sudah pasti jauh lebih mahal), tetapi jika ia dipandu dengan cara selamat dan dijaga dengan baik, sudah pasti kereta PROTON menepati objektif pemilik yang majoritinya menggunakan kereta untuk bergerak dari satu tempat ke tempat yang lain dengan mudah (bukan untuk berlumba atau menunjuk-nunjuk kehebatan…).

    2. Masaalah ’power window’ (ada warranty) sudah jadi sejarah; ’body tin milo’ yang dikaitkan dengan PROTON juga sudah tidak releven (tidak perlu diungkit). Perkara2 remeh yang lain saya yakin kereta ’import’ pun tidak sempurna 100% (sikit-sebanyak ada masaalah).

    3. Enjin paling penting – bagi saya asal enjin tidak bermasaalah dan kereta boleh jalan dan boleh sampai tempat dituju dengan selesa, kereta itu sudah cukup baik. Kalau kereta mahal tapi boleh ’break down’ juga apa gunanya…

    4. Di tempat saya servis kereta PROTON, ada tempat menunggu (hawa dingin), TV, minuman, papers, etc. (rasanya ada WIFI juga; saya ada pakej sendiri, jadi tak pasti) – hairan sebab ada yang jadikan ’tempat menunggu’ ini satu isu.

    5. Komen2 yang kita lihat di sini pun bukan boleh percaya 100%, terutamanya dari yang guna ’pseudonym’. Seperti biasa PROTON juga ada ’competitors / rivals’. Tidak hairan jika ada yang sengaja memburuk-burukkan imej PTOTON untuk kepentingan syarikat/produk (kereta) mereka dan juga atas kepentingan politik/peribadi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  51. pakpandir08 Feb 14,2016 11:24 PM

    Malaysialover …..

    Which sentences are rude? What i stated are facts. No doubt u are pembodek.

    No negative comments and only slogan “i love Tun” allowed to make good feels?

    Then u are no different from pembodek of other party that Tun against

  52. Pak Long Feb 14,2016 9:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Dear Tun,

    Thank you for writing this posting on Proton’s cars and asking opinions on them. I will offer you my opinion and hopefully it can be used as an input for future Proton’s reference for RnD. I will offer you my mentality on Proton cars as citizen of Malaysia who does taking pride in Malaysian produced cars.

    I am an owner of Exora Turbo 7 seaters. When Exoras came in the market, I am proud that Proton able to produce MPV type to their customers. Exora is spacious MPV and my perception was at that time it is the only MPV that can laid down flat all the 2nd and 3rd row seats so to make it a large space to carry business goods.

    I do a lot or research on customers feedback or user reviews and I found out the there are complaints a bit on the pick up of the engine to move the large Exora body. Some Indonesian users call it “lemot”. Not enough pick up, they say. Maybe this is subjective as well to types of drivers. For an MPV, I wanted significant engine ability to push the bulky car.

    I never tested on those batches of Exoras back then as I trusted my finding and end up waiting for the improvement. Proton did sense that and they came with the turbo type of Exoras. That was how I got my Exora Turbo.

    I am satisfied with the engine and the turbo. The 1.6 engine plus the turbo does have the power of pick up that I expected and that happens beginning from 2 RPM. That is auto.

    Then come the Irizs. 1.6 auto and manual, 1.3 auto and manual. Iriz is a compact car which has the most attractive design in the market. That is how I see them. The external seems sturdy and promosing. The internal side of the car is acceptable to me.

    But my doubt at that time the pick up of the engine. Furthermore, Proton tried to promote it to be fuel save engine. A 1.6 cc with a fuel save engine, I suspecting a compromise on pick up perhaps?

    As an owner of a bulky MPV with a 1.6 cc engine to be strengthened by mild turbo, I am idealising on compact car with a 1.6 cc that have more pick up that that of the MPV. That should be achieved without the turbo.

    So I did the testing. As expected, I like the exterior of the car. The interior can be improved, especially of the back side. But unfortunately, I found out that the small car cannot match the pick up of the MPV Turbo. That is major let down to me. I think if I want to buy the car I should wait for the engine improvement.

    But the dealer told me that those first batch cars were produced without optimising engine tuned up by the Proton, as to explain my dissatisfaction with the pick up. He said to wait for batches that achieve such properly tuned up engines.

    I would rather wait for the 1.3 turbo instead.

    As to further improvement on Exora, I suggest an RnD to reduce the vibration that can be felt on the 2nd row passenger. I believe that would be a simple improvement but with high value add up that appeals to the potential buyers.

    Thank you Tun for giving opportunity to express my opinion of Proton Cars.

  53. aminhassan Feb 14,2016 6:02 PM

    Perodua, daihatsu, toyota, sama kereta

    Proton nak tiru sama kereta inspira, mitsubishi evo

    Gen2 sangat sempit, Persona nmpak panjang, tak ada kesinambungan dengan design wira

    Tak perlu.. proton ada design exterior sendiri, wira, satria, putra, sangat bagus, teruskan dgn model ni sahaja,

    Kita tengok design honda city, ada perubahan, tp tak de la drastik sgt, maka lama kelamaan akan lebih menarik dn diterima

  54. aminhassan Feb 14,2016 5:48 PM

    Design proton saga, yang asal, memang dh cukup cantik, kalau boleh kekalkan saje, touch up sikit je, dah pasti ramai suka, saga iswara tu pn dh ok sgt

    Ni tukar pula dgn design saga blm, nmpk tak menarik, lebih kurus, imbalance, mcm honda city version ke2, cuba tengok latest honda city, patutla ramai pilih kereta luar berbanding proton

  55. Sri Sense Feb 14,2016 5:25 PM

    Salam Ahad Tun, and Happy Valentine’s Day to both Tun

    I wonder salesman kereta PROTON ada keluar cari pelanggan or cold calling. Tun dah banyak create middle class people. For example if taraf Executive reach 50 years old mereka boleh keluar duit EPF 1/3. This can easily be around 100K. Kalau takat nak beli kereta Saga or Iriz cash anytime. How about those yang dah 55, mereka boleh keluar duit EPF – the balance of 2/3. That can easily be around 300K.

    Kalau unit trust agent or insurance agent mereka memang suka sangat cari yang ada duit macam ini.

    Another example Shah Alam Malays, banyak yang ada duit, rumah besar kalau pergi hospital berbayar, ada tak salesman PROTON approach mereka direct?

    My toyota salesgirl suka contact I walaupun kereta dah habis bayar. That day i tanya dia kalau trade in berapa, 3 hari dia dah kasi jawapan. Bank tempat I ambik loan for 2 cars selalu tanya bila nak ambil car loan baru sebab mereka tengok kereta I semua dah settle loan. I tak begitu minat ambik loan, walaupun I layak dari segi umur and bank also kata ok. Sebab I tak ada business lagi, no steady income.:)

    I think salesman kena kreatif. Kena ada daya saing. Dulu Proton memang public listed company now Proton dah under DRB. 🙂

  56. aminhassan Feb 14,2016 5:23 PM

    Nama wira, putra, satria, tak perlu tukar, version saja yg tukar

    Penat nak sebut, macam2 nama, preve lah, waja lah, perdana lah, inspira lah

    Banyak nama dn jenis, sales tak melonjak juga

    Apapun, perodua mmg buat duit betul, design jepun, pasang sini, buat untung

    Jadi proton, tak perlu cuba tiru perodua, basic wira, putra, satria dah bagus, improve saje

  57. aminhassan Feb 14,2016 5:11 PM

    Proton wira, putra, satria, upgrade n improve design of interior n exterior, sure ramai suka

    Satria gti, sangat bagus, putra buat lebih coupe style, wira buat nmpk lebih luxurious

  58. aminhassan Feb 14,2016 5:10 PM

    Proton wira, putra, satria, upgrade n improve design of interior n exterior, sure ramai suka

    Satria gti, sangat bagus, satria buat lebih coupe style, wira buat nmpk lebih luxurious

  59. hexman Feb 14,2016 3:31 PM

    Asalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada Ayahabda Tun dan keluarga tersayang.I believe in what you have said that proton improve alot since.I owned a old saga megavalve before than change go tiara using for almost 5 yesrs and change to wira aeroback for another 5 years and today i owned exora turbo version.Definitley alot of changes in terms of performance and durability.Most of life spending hours on roads travelling north south and east coast because of nature of my job requires to travel.And believe i have push all the car that i owned to the maximun limit of speed and durability.And it give the satiisfaction and confident.Most of my colleague whom owned continental models or even the japanese model do not dare to push to the limit because of worrying it will breakdown.My question to them why owned a car if you can use it to the limit and full satisfaction in terms of safety since this what all the continental model been bragging about? Just like 2 share a bit about proton car driving experinces.My exora tyre got a puncture while travelling towards johor @ speed of 210km/h..Normally it will over turn or crash,But it the not happen 2 to me instead i can control the car easily until it stop.Surprisingy it can do that without the help of asisst technology most commonly continental and asian car have.We heard that peoples complaining about proton products,actually it just part of marketing strategy of other to bring down proton.Like ayahanda tun said, you need 2 drive and experince like i did for more than 15 years.I have test drive GLA model before and i say i stick to my exora turbo.It not about the brand it’s all about the confident of ourselve.That all…

  60. balance Feb 14,2016 12:56 PM


    To bring back the trust. Do 24-hours or 48-hours endurance race at sepang or do 3000-5000km from KL to somewhere treasure hunt or just fun drive trip or a reality show. This will prove how robust and reliable proton cars are. Get radio station to continuously broadcast about how fun and enjoyable the journey or race. This will promote proton enthusiasm and loyalty. Make it into a yearly event. I will join the trip too.

  61. khalid9164 Feb 14,2016 12:22 PM

    Assalam Tun,

    Bravo on your relentless energy for PROTON and the upcoming new engine. I have been observing PROTON from a far and I would like to share some of my own observations:

    1. Proton is only younger to Hyundai of about one or two years (I guest)in the industry of car production. Both started with a form of cooperation Mitsubishi of Japan. As a benchmarking, look at how far the Hyundai has progressed as compared to Proton. I believe in terms of design, the Hyundai is at par with other old-timers like Honda. In terms engine technology and reliability may be the the Hyundai is still lagging.
    2. Recently I bought IRIZ 1.6 because of an attractive discounts rather that its superior design. I found one simple manufacturing defect that is the glove compartment does not close properly and when I complained to the service center, they told me that it is “memang macam tu” and so no rectification is offered. When I checked with a friend who also bought IRIZ, it is “memang macam tu”. My question is with all the QCs, how can this small thing got clearance. This “small thing” already form and opinion and it will grow bigger and bigger to become global view and thus affecting Proton Image.
    3. As a normal consumer and I would presume that 80 percent of consumers would evaluate a car based on how it looks first before thinking into other criteria such as comfort, space, reliability, functions, fuel efficiency and so on. I find it hard to believe that PROTON is repeating the same mistake again and again, for instance the design for the front body is acceptable i.e. SAVY (at that time) and now IRIZ where the front body design is OK but the rear design is TOTALLY off to me for both models. the rear lights of IRIZ is too boxy (and with sharp edges) and sunken and does not have contour continuity to the overall body design. It is not balance and it looks weird. Compare this to Honda Jazz for example.
    4. On the question of image again, bad model such as JUARA, Savy, Tiara shall not have even rolled out of production at all, it is really hard now to repair this negative image at least for my generation. I still remember back then Hyundai Ponny was first exported to Canada and to USA, it was poorly received, but Hyundai quickly realized the mistake and took a bold measure to improve their design by employing or contracting out their design to the best designer of the world and they have changed a lot.
    5. I wonder whether market study has been properly done or not at Proton to really checked the consumer tastes and perception. Japanese companies can take one to three years doing research alone. I wonder how the decision is being made at Proton, whether it is top-down or based on bottom-up (consumer to top Proton Decision maker)
    6. I was made to understand that for PREVE, proton just bought a Hyundai Forte and just cut and paste from there, how original. The same goes to Honda Accord and Proton Perdana. All these leads to negative perception and damaging to Proton image. I wonder again how decision is being made at Proton.
    7. Lastly I still believe Proton can survive given the mentality change from its management. the whole vendor scheme shall be restructured to reflect competitive environment that will result in better costing, attractive design, improved quality, and most importantly the sustainability issue.

  62. balance Feb 14,2016 12:08 PM


    To run a company and to run a Govt, is not the same. The most obvious is companies are profit-orientated and Govt are not or should not be profit-orientated. The rules for businesses to survive is survival of the fittest. That means products must be of reasonably good or seems to be good, selling price must be competitive and services must be excellent. While in the Govt, nothing matters except when come to election or stay in power or brain-washing time.

  63. balance Feb 14,2016 11:42 AM


    13. It is important to remember that when you buy foreign cars, money will flow out of the country to sustain their economies, to benefit their workers.

    14. When you buy a local car, money stays in the country, workers earn money, dealers and agents and their employees enjoy the business they do and the local economy grows. Thousands of families enjoy a good life.

    15. Assuming that all local industries are closed, few will have money to buy imported things. We will revert into being a failed third world country.

    The angle that you are thinking is because you are a ex-PM and not all Malaysians are ex-PM or ex-ministers. You must think and view from the raykat or buyers or users angle. Imagine after paying for your dream car with hard-earned money and then getting 2nd grade products and services. What would happen?

  64. balance Feb 14,2016 11:29 AM

    Malaysialover Feb 13,2016 10:16 PM

    To be in this blog is already respect and admiration. Tun gave his opinions and we giving our feedback as adult and human. If that is rude i don’t know anything. I don’t think Tun is looking for apple-polisher and solace and we are here not to hurt or praise anyone. We are here because we understand the danger of a slippery slope path the country is taking now. To have a big-heart bring bigger-brain and bigger brain bring better and efficient product and life.
    1st you have to understand the functions of a blog and the reason for creating blogs. Once the understanding comes then identification or labelling will go away and peace will come. But you still have the rights to think or view any way you prefer.
    If Proton keep thinking that Malaysians must support them just because they are Malaysian Product then the end is very near. Brand and product loyalty cannot be build from such angle. This monopoly and supremacy mentality is over and done as Malaysians are more educated, affluence now (thanks to Tun) and more exposed or traveled due to companies like “AIRASIA” that make it possible. If Proton want to survive 1st thing to bring back is “trust” and if proton ready want to improve then practice full open-policies (survival of the fittest).
    Please don’t think i am rude as it is just my way of thinking, writing, speaking or simply character. I cannot be you and you cannot be me.

    Thank you and wishing you and everyone happy days.

  65. rimba.emas Feb 14,2016 10:48 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Akhirnya Rimba Emas terpaksa mengetepikan prinsip untuk hanya satu kenyataan Tun hanya satu balasan. Maaf tindakan diambil bukan untuk berterusan tetapi jika perlu sahaja agar tidak berlalu kerana lupa salah satu kelemahan manusia.

    2. Sebabnya Rimba Emas rasa Tun seorang pemimpin yang bukan bertindak untuk mengikut kepala sendiri. Tindakan Tun jelas agar rakyat Malaysia yang akan datang tidak akan menanggung kerugian dalam bentuk wang ringgit.

    3. Sebagaimana ‘Vision 2020’ iaitu satu masa yang akan datang semestinya untuk jenerasi akan datang sedangkan Tun sendiri tahu adakah seseorang yang berumur 70an boleh hidup sampai pada tahun 2020 ?.

    4. Contohnya dalam soal TPPA pemimpin yang meletakkan kejayaan oleh tindakannya itu pada masa hadapan pasti menolak bila adanya syarat lain seperti saman yang akan dikenakan bila keluar dari perjanjian itu.

    5. Menjanjikan kejayaan pada masa hadapan ialah kita menjaga hak yang ada ketika senang tidak menganggu tabungan rakyat, mengurangkan harga barang, meningkatkan kuasa beli rakyat semua peringkat, membantu rakyat supaya mampu membayar hutang-hutang dalam tempohnya.

    6. Lagi pun seseorang yang menjanjikan kejayaan yang akan datang logiknya tidakkah kita terfikir bila dia pergi tidak menggendalikan lagi kerajaan yang akan menanggung saman dalam TPPA ialah siapa ?

    7. Sebab itulah ketika zaman Nabi Muhammad s.a w lagi telah di dapati setiap perjanjian tidak di tepati oleh salah satu pihak. Malah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w sendiri menerima pendapat semua golongan yang berjuang bersamanya.

    8. Adalah lebih baik kalau menjanjikan untuk masa hadapan biarlah di buatkan sendiri umat di zaman itu. Kita di zaman ini tunjukkan kebolehan kita dengan kemampuan tidak meninggalkan sesuatu yang buruk seperti hutang-hutang atau hak-hak rakyat Malaysia yang di tidakkan sebagai kuasa pemutus.

    9. Oklah apa yang kami tidak mahu telah pihak kerajaan buat sehingga kerajaan mengakui sendiri GST telah membantu sedikit sebanyak. Sebaliknya bantuan seperti pekerjaan baru kepada yang kehilangan pekerjaan kami terpaksa harungi sendiri tampa pertolongan yang dijanjikan bila kehendak kerajaan di penuhi.

    10. Tun kuasa mereka dapat apa yang mereka mahukan. Sekarang siapa yang dapat membantu kami yang terkesan ini. Siapa yang dapat membantu kami sekaranglah yang kami patut pilih.

    11. Bantuan melalui mulut melalui chekdet adalah selemah yang mampu diberikan kerana yang berkuasa sekarang masih di dokongi mereka yang tidak terkesan seperti kami.

    12. Jadi kami bukanlah penderhaka kepada kerajaan kerana kami tidak ditolong kerajaan mahu pun mereka yang sealiran dengan kami sendiri pun disebabkan kuasa tidak berada kepada yang mahu membantu golongan seperti Rimba Emas ini.

    13. Allah s.w.t pemelihara kita. Penguasa kita. Tuhan kita dan yang akan melindungi kita semua.


  66. wajaperak Feb 14,2016 10:35 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    Yang Berbahagia Tun.

    Saya dan saudara mara Islam saya tidak takut untuk melencong dari mana-mana topik yang Tun tulis kerana Tun adalah tempat kami mengadu.Kami akan gunakan secara sepenuhnya ruang dan peluang yang ada.Kami tidak takut dan gentar akan caci maki,umpat keji dan hamunan dari konco-konco Najib yang lain bentuk tulisannya tapi sama perbuatannya dengan Najib.

    Hal yang sebegini kami panggil ‘side track’ tapi sudah pastinya konco-konco Najib mendakwa kami pengacau dan off topic..
    Inilah yang kami ingin utarakan Yang Berbahagia Tun..
    Pagi ini dalam Al Kuliyyah TV3 telah melakukan..

    [Kasihan..mengeja pun gagal (apa makna ’salam’ berikut ye?).Sekali silap, boleh dikira cuai, tapi kalau hampir SETIAP KALI SILAP, ini ’bi*l’ namanya]

    Satu kesalahan bi*l mengikut tafsiran kepala hotak seorang bogger Tun.
    Ishk..Ishk..Mengapa Tun?..Tergamaknya TV3 bersikap biol dan tidak mengikut standard,mutu dan piawaian yang amat tinggi yang telah diletakkan oleh PROFESSIONAL ISLAM INI??

    لَيْسَ عَلَى الْأَعْمَىٰ حَرَجٌ وَلَا عَلَى الْأَعْرَجِ حَرَجٌ وَلَا عَلَى الْمَرِيضِ حَرَجٌ وَلَا عَلَىٰ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَنْ تَأْكُلُوا مِنْ بُيُوتِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ آبَائِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ أُمَّهَاتِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ إِخْوَانِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ أَخَوَاتِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ أَعْمَامِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ عَمَّاتِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ أَخْوَالِكُمْ أَوْ بُيُوتِ خَالَاتِكُمْ أَوْ مَا مَلَكْتُمْ مَفَاتِحَهُ أَوْ صَدِيقِكُمْ ۚ لَيْسَ عَلَيْكُمْ جُنَاحٌ أَنْ تَأْكُلُوا جَمِيعًا أَوْ أَشْتَاتًا ۚ فَإِذَا دَخَلْتُمْ بُيُوتًا فَسَلِّمُوا عَلَىٰ أَنْفُسِكُمْ تَحِيَّةً مِنْ عِنْدِ اللَّهِ مُبَارَكَةً طَيِّبَةً ۚ كَذَٰلِكَ يُبَيِّنُ اللَّهُ لَكُمُ الْآيَاتِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

    [ALL OF YOU, O believers, are brethren: 85 hence,] no blame attaches to the blind, nor does blame attach to the lame, nor does blame attach to the sick [for accepting charity from the hale], and neither to your-selves for eating [whatever is offered to you by others, whether it be food obtained] from your [chil-dren’s] houses, 86 or your fathers’ houses, or your mothers’ houses, or your brothers’ houses, or your sisters’ houses, or your paternal uncles’ houses, or your paternal aunts’ houses, or your maternal uncles’ houses, or your maternal aunts’ houses, or [houses] the keys whereof are in your charge, 87 or [the house] of any of your friends; nor will you incur any sin by eating in company or separately. But whenever you enter [any of these] houses, greet one another with a blessed, goodly greeting, as enjoined by God. In this way God makes clear unto you His messages, so that you might [learn to] use your reason.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  67. sibotak Feb 14,2016 4:25 AM

    Proton is a healthy investment
    It’s a journey , a development we have to stairs steps by steps
    Regardless of we are left behind or whatever
    American Ford motor cars change hands from Americans to Japanese
    There’s ups and downs
    It’s far better investment than 1MDB the invincible

    What’s, the problem here ?
    Tun is more of improving the image of Proton , building up its sales and productivity

  68. Fariq Islam Feb 13,2016 11:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Managing a company is like managing a country.

    Today, if a company merely wants unfair advantage, and resists competition, it is hard for it to succeed.

    Remember, Korea established its automotive industry at almost the same time as Malaysia. Today, Korean cars have gained international recognition but Proton is far behind, still in need of protective policies, for survival.

    Likewise, AP system gives unfair advantage to cronies to make money, at the expense of Rakyat, who are forced to pay high price and incur high household debts. And, AP holders merely sit comfortably to enjoy wealth, as “licensed” middlemen, without pouring efforts or having to compete on levelled ground.

    We need not only economy transformation, but also mentality transformation!

  69. malaysialover Feb 13,2016 10:16 PM

    To Pakpandir, sc, balance, and few others…do you need to be rude? Did your parents abuse you or something..?
    Tun, a 90 year old honourable man, led our country for 22 years…have some RESPECT, people!!

    How many ex-PMs or any leaders, past and present, do you know willing to waste their time for people like you?
    He may not be perfect, nobody is…
    What have you done for your family or neighbourhood, let alone your country, before you pass your judgement.

    I too am not happy with Proton and what’s happening in the country, and we don’t have to agree on everything…but don’t be KURANG AJAR..!!

    But if that’s the way you were brought up, and that’s how you talk to your parents, then I supposed you are not worth listening to..

  70. musato Feb 13,2016 3:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kebetulan semasa saya dalam perjalanan, saya telah singgah di salah satu pusat servis Proton.

    Rasanya di Tanjung Api Kuantan, Pahang. Ia milik pada ayah Jermaine (amoi cantik). Dia punya kerani pun cantik cantik dan ramah.

    Di situ terdapat ruang menunggu. Ada sofa dan air cond yang dapat membuatkan kita tertidur lena. Kalau tak nak mengantuk, di situ juga ada disediakan air kopi self service sambil membaca akhbar atau boleh tengok televisyen.

    Bangunan proton servis ini lapang dan luas mata memandang. Pencahayaan dalam office bersama ruang menunggu amat cemerlang.

    Jermaine amat baik hati. Kalau minta cuci kereta percuma, dia sudi. Macam saya pernah minta itu hari.

    Jadilah seperti Jermaine. Lain kali saya nak singgah lagi di situ.

    Mekaniknya juga baik dan mudah bicara. Itu hari saya hanya lambai tangan pangan panggil salah seorang mekaniknya. Terus datang ke kereta saya sambil saya beritahu apa masalahnya. Dan secara terus kereta saya dibaiki tanpa membuang masa, apatah lagi kerosakan tersebut tidak dapat dirasakan semasa kereta saya tersebut diservis.

    Mungkin Tun berminat ke pusat servis Proton Tanjung Api ini.

    Datanglah dan jangan lupa minta cuci kereta percuma. Ini cerita benar, bukan rekaan.

    Bertuahlah barangsiapa punyai isteri yang solehah, kenderaan, jiran dan tempat tinggal yang baik.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  71. youngmaya Feb 13,2016 3:13 PM

    Tahniah tun kerana sudi jadi penaung kepada GKCM…

    Semoga diberkati segala perjalanannya…

  72. balance Feb 13,2016 11:16 AM


    Why do you see that Malaysians should support Proton and not Proton supporting Malaysians? The BIG QUESTION for proton to answer is “How to buy and use something that you dont trust anymore”. You can bring designers from any part of the world to help proton but if proton dont want to help themselves then it is totally waste of good time and effort. Open-up the close-mind mentality and open-up the vendors programs. When there is no competition then there are less innovation and less will to succeed. As Chairman dont just chair meetings and allow others to fool you with reports or specially selected conditions. If success is what you are seeking. Dont test-drive a car they give you to test select others randomly . Dont listen and believe yr management go down to the ground level to feel, see, hear and experience. That how many successful “bosses” and “towkay” did and still doing.

  73. umranrc Feb 13,2016 1:32 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Allow me to quote,

    “Malaysia now has 20 public and 26 private universities, which send more than 180,000 graduates into the workforce each year. That is not counting the 120,000 also emerging from some 1,000 skills training institutes,” the Straits Times wrote.

    Based on the above, say 20% of them are in engineering or technical field. That’ll be something like 60,000 of mixture of engineers, technicians or mechanics workforce per annum. Off course they’ll be in various technical field but definitely some will be in automotive industry.

    Now, if we Malaysians steer ourselves away from Proton and if the government doesn’t bailout, chances are it’ll close down and resulting in loses of employment and the rest. This loses not only all the direct employees but also all the component vendors and support businesses such as those shops at the plant area, distributors and the rest. The implications are simply terrible.

    For non-Malaysians who provided constructive comments here, I seriously believe PROTON will take note and improve.

    For fellow Malaysians who simply bashed up PROTON without providing any constructive comments, I hope you look at it deeper as you’ll never know perhaps those who will be effected are your own relatives or anyone that you care.

    Having said this however, it doesn’t mean that PROTON can take things for granted. They need to understand that they are part of chain as well. If any one of the chain link broke, everything will fall apart. Produce nice, good and quality cars and coupled it with good after sale services, insya Allah the confident will return.

    Think of it this way, keep in mind to continuously put in extra efforts as such that if you fail, that is it, the end. Hopefully these lines of thought may strengthen PROTON’s approaches in doing things.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  74. sc Feb 12,2016 10:24 PM


    very simple question. let us see how smart or dumb you are..
    1. Do Proton make good cars?
    2. If Proton make good cars, lower the tariff on imported cars. We will then see what the market thinks of how ‘good’ Proton cars are…

    If you think Proton make good cars, you are living in denial.

  75. hz Feb 12,2016 9:36 PM

    Salam Tun & family, lumrah dunia it is more convenient to criticise than to create.
    If dont like, dont buy! Hardly rocket science.

  76. Anakin_Sungkaiwalker Feb 12,2016 4:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya adalah antara salah seorang anak tempatan yang lahir di zaman Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri. Dan saya dibesarkan dengan wawasan Tun yang sangat dekat di hati Rakyat. Saya masih meminati Proton sehingga ke hari ini. Setiap kali pelancaran model baru, saya pasti akan turun ke ‘showroom’ Proton untuk melihat dan mengujinya. Dan alhamdulillah Tun, saya memang sudah memiliki sebuah Proton pada hari ini. Saya amat sayangkan Proton dan saya tidak mahu Proton gagal dan berkubur di tanahair kita ini. Dan saya tak mahu Proton nanti dijual atau diberikan kepada orang luar seperti terjualnya asset-aset negara pada orang luar dek kerana kegagalan pemimpin hari ini. Saya mahu Proton bangkit dan dapat bersaing dengan jenama kereta lain. Proton pernah menjelajah hampir ke seluruh dunia dan saya amat berbangga dengan Proton serta berharap Proton menjadi gagah seperti dahulu.
    Proton merupakan sebuah jenama kereta tempatan yang amat disukai ramai ketika itu. Kerajaan di bawah Tun ketika itu sangat menjaga kebajikan Rakyat dan kepentingan Rakyat terutama Proton. Namun selepas Tun meletakkan jawatan, saya melihat kerajaan mulai kurang memberikan sokongan yang padu ketika Tun menerajui kerajaan. Dan ketika itulah saya lihat semakin banyak kritikan dan masalah yang dihadapi berkenaan dengan kualiti Proton. Mungkin pengganti Tun menganggap Proton bukanlah asset negara atau legasi mereka. Akhirnya, Proton semakin lama semakin kurang mendapat sambutan masyarakat. Ditambah dengan kebanjiran kenderaan-kenderaan jenama luar yang semakin banyak dan pelbagai di jalan raya sehinggakan jenama China juga boleh dijual di sini. Dasar-dasar kerajaan juga ketika itu boleh dikatakan semakin longgar untuk kenderaan luar dijual di negara kita. Dan individu yang menerajui Proton ketika itu juga dilihat kurang memberi penekanan untuk pengeluaran kereta baru. Hanya ‘recycle’ dengan keluaran edisi SE dan mengeluarkan kereta yang kurang sambutan contohnya Wira SE dan Satria SE yang pada asasnya rekabentuk yang sama dengan sedikit perubahan dan penambahan. Selain itu Juara dan Arena yang tidak menarik perhatian masyarakat dengan kualiti yang sama. Seterusnya Gen-2, Savvy dan Persona yang tidak dikawal kualitinya. Hanya seperti mengambil mudah tentang kualiti.
    Jadi di dalam tempoh yang lama itu, masyarakat Malaysia sudah mulai jemu dan terlekat diminda mereka bahawa Proton adalah tidak berkualiti. Ditambah pula dengan Perodua yang sudah mengorak langkah mengeluarkan model Myvi dengan kualiti yang dikawal oleh jurutera Jepun. Bayangkan Tun berapa lama persepsi tersebut mulai mengubah pandangan masyarakat kita. Jika dilihat, masyarakat Malaysia sudah banyak memberi peluang dan harapan agar Proton dapat memperbaiki kesilapannya. Dan kini, usaha-usaha Proton untuk mengubah persepsi tersebut perlu mengambil masa yang lama untuk diubah. Proton atau mungkin Tun sendiri perlu mengambil langkah-langkah proaktif untuk membolehkan Proton kembali bertakhta di hati Rakyat.
    Antara langkah yang mungkin perlu diambil tindakan (mungkin sudah dilakukan oleh Proton) :
    1) Tun melakukan ‘spot check’ secara rawak atau mengejut ke bahagian pengeluaran, komponen dan After Sales untuk melihat sendiri “realiti” kerja Proton. Kerana pada pendapat saya, sekiranya lawatan yang telah dirancang biasanya sudah tentu persediaan rapi akan dilakukan untuk memastikan segalanya kelihatan sempurna dan kesalahan itu tidak akan terlihat oleh Tun. Dari situ, Tun dapat menilai sendiri di mana “kedudukan” Proton sebenarnya.
    2) Proton perlu mewujudkan pasukan pemerhati dan penilaian dari luar seperti Jepun atau Korea (kerana mereka dikenali dengan ketelitian dan kesungguhan mereka dalam kualiti kerja) untuk memberi respon terhadap Quality Control dari segi kualiti pemasangan, kualiti komponen, kualiti kerja serta After Sales Quality. Ini kerana Proton sudah beroperasi lebih dari 30 tahun namun masih lagi mendapat kritikan tentang masalah kualiti sama ada dari segi produk itu sendiri dan After Sales. Ini menunjukkan ada perkara yang disembunyikan atau tidak diuruskan dengan efisien dari pengeluaran produk hingga ke pengurusan Proton kepada Tun. Ini dapat memastikan produk dan kualiti kerja serta hasil kerja Proton sentiasa dipantau. Sekurang-kurangnya tiada unsur-unsur yang berpihak (bias) kepada Proton dan lebih telus dan jujur.
    3) Khidmat After Sales Proton harus dipertingkatkan kerana Proton adalah produk kereta nasional. Proton memerlukan mendapatkan sokongan dan sambutan dari rakyat tempatan bagi membolehkan Proton terus berjaya dan mengukuhkan lagi jenama Proton seperti dahulu. Beberapa orang kawan saya yang pernah ke Jepun dan bermastautin di sana untuk beberapa tahun pernah menceritakan betapa budaya orang Jepun itu sendiri memberikan khidmat yang sebaik mungkin kepada pelanggan mereka bagi memastikan produk mereka disukai dan mendapat sokongan penuh. Sehingga ada yang sanggup memberikan harga terendah dan membayar kepada pelanggan agar produk mereka dibeli. Tapi ini apa yang saya dengar dan bukanlah mahu Proton bertindak sehingga begitu. Tetapi apa yang saya lihat pada kualiti perkhidmatan Proton adalah berkali-kali ganda jauh bezanya dengan kualiti perhidmatan di Jepun untuk mendapatkan sokongan padu rakyat. Di sini After Salesnya tidak menjaga hati pelanggan dan bekerja seperti jenama kenderaan luar sedangkan Proton adalah jenama rakyat Malaysia. Khidmat kepada pelanggan dan rakyat harus diutamakan lebih berbanding jenama lain. Sepatutnya sikap dan budaya seperti Jepun inilah yang perlu diterapkan kepada ‘salesman’ dan perkhidmatan di Proton untuk menambat hati pelanggan agar terus setia menyokong produk Proton. Layanan kelas 1 dan servis kenderaan kelas 1 dan bukan hanya ketika hendak mempromosikan kereta Proton sahaja dan selepas itu diberi servis kelas 3.
    4) Jurutera, mekanik dan technician Proton mestilah sentiasa bersedia dan berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang terdapat di dalam produk Proton. Mereka perlu mengambil segala rungutan permasalahan dan mengkaji penyelesaian terbaik untuk masalah Proton serta bersedia untuk ‘recall’ semua kenderaan bermasalah untuk memastikan kualiti produk dijaga dan menarik hati pelanggan Proton seperti slogan Proton; ‘Committed To Be Better’. Namun jika dilihat dari komentar-komentar di ruangan ini, tidak terlihat usaha-usaha atau inisiatif jurutera dan bahagian teknikal Proton untuk menangani masalah yang dihadapi pengguna Proton. Masalah-masalah yang selalu didengari masih berlaku dan masih diluahkan di dada-dada dunia maya dan di laman FB Proton seolah-olah masalah-masalah tersebut dibiarkan sepi dan tidak diselesaikan seperti ‘recall’.
    5) Pihak di bahagian After Sales seharusnya mengambil perhatian dan tindakan segera bagi menangani dan mendekati pelanggan Proton untuk mengetahui masalah yang dihadapi kereta Proton.
    6) Mungkin Tun boleh meminta pekerja atau pemandu persendirian Tun memandu sendiri salah satu kereta Proton yang diberikan untuk mengalami sendiri dan memberi respon yang jujur kepada Tun untuk mengetahui keadaan sebenar kereta Proton.
    Sekian Tun. Semoga cadangan dan pendapat saya ini dapat membantu Tun untuk mencari jalan untuk meraih sokongan dan sambutan dari Rakyat Malaysia. Sekurang-kurangnya sedikit sebanyak saya dapat menyumbangkan buah fikiran kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir, pemimpin yang saya sanjungi hingga ke hari ini.
    Terima kasih sekiranya Tun membaca…

  77. Daniel Noor Feb 12,2016 3:08 PM

    Salam Tun,

    The British Motor industries are well known for their slipshop finishings and quality. Yet we still work with the British. By right it should be ‘ Use British technologies and expertise Last ‘

    Proton should focus on in the SEA market of 600 million people including India instead of trying to penetrate the European market. Generally the European motor industries does not welcome Asian motor vehicles unless the product is way above their standards. If I am not wrong only Toyota can challenge the European supremacy.

    I wrote previously, 95% of would be buyer or owner of new cars look at the design of the car rather than durability of the machines. So it is not wrong to get the best car foreign designersif it can sell Proton. Italians are famous for their car designers. Why not use their expertisr. The Japanese and Koreans use them. Am not surprised soon China too will employ them.

    And personally I think Malaysians should be the ones using Proton and promote it worldwide. For once avoid buying foreign cars. At least for the next 3 years.

    And Proton too should not take advantage by using low and inferior quality materials and yet selling the cars at not a cheap price. Erase the monopoly mentality but try to instill a fommitments to give good quality product to the consumers.

  78. Hajar Feb 12,2016 2:35 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    PROTON’s initiatives in coming up with its OWN ENGINE is very commendable – transfer of expertise/technology.

    I hope PERODUA would also make the same effort. May be I’m wrong… Is PERODUA producing its own engine locally? Still using ‘imported’ engine? “Pasang badan saja?”

    When Proton used the same strategy (using ‘imported’ engine), I believe I saw so many negative comments (‘attacks’, not constructive criticisms) from its detractors… Again, double-standard?

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  79. pakpandir08 Feb 12,2016 9:22 AM

    Based on this writing, most likely Proton will continue to fail … the attitude of “take it for granted” and “blame others for own failures” are root causes of the failures

    When a chairman has this kind of attitudes, no doubt it will affect the entire corporation

    (1)Blame Malaysian
    – You made a direct conclusion that “CERTAINLY pride in a Malaysian made car is not with them”
    – Don’t you know Malaysia treat Perodua as a local product? Why Perodua are more success than Proton? Perodua don’t provide sedan car, else they will hit more sales in the market
    – Blame Malaysian when they switch to foreign cars after bad experience with Proton?

    (2) Excuses
    – The reason why Proton quality is not good are due to it is very difficult to assemble 4000 parts?
    – Yea, you are right, only Proton need 4000 parts, other car manufacturer only need 4 parts not 4000 parts for their car models
    – The consumers should not complain about the quality, as assembling 4000 parts is so difficult, consumers must be understanding

    (3) Achievement?
    – After more than 20 years, proudly announce power window is working good now. Consumers must try it

    (4) Improvements
    – Other car manufacturers always recall their defect products. Admit the defects and provide repair services
    – Defects will be clearly explained and how the new technologies will overcome the defects are presented to public as well (look at those gear box problem of foreign cars, and how they resolve it)
    – How Proton overcome such problems? Simple only -> The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Do you think test drive can see all these kind of problems?
    – Suggest Tun yourself use your own pocket money to get a proton car (not by sponsor to chairman), send the car for scheduled maintenance yourself (don’t ask your assistant to do it for you)

    (5) Weird attitude
    – When you buy a local car -> Thousands of families enjoy a good life?
    – Why can’t you think in another way? Proton provide good quality car -> Millions of Malaysian enjoy a good ride?

    You attitude of “blame others” and “take it for granted” had made our country not competitive compared to other countries …

    If others are more success, blame them? Why not find out how they success? If they work 8 hours a day, we work 12 hours a day, can’t?

  80. faridina Feb 12,2016 3:22 AM

    Assalammualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Seriously Tun reading through your posting this time around makes me feel a bit reluctant to comment because this is what the regime wanted you to react to beg to be a salesman for Proton.

    After all the regime did hire one cartoon guy to destroy your legacy and this bloody TPP is part of the grand plan to bring down Proton and tarnish your image.

    You are well aware of the negative perception of its cars in the Malaysian market especially among owners of imported cars so don’t persuade them to buy Proton cars.

    The problem is Tun , they won’t eat the pudding to find the proof because pride in a Malaysian made car is not with them.

    It’s useless reminding them about buying foreign cars, about money will be flowing out of the country and etc etc.

    They knew all along about all this dear Tun but image and status symbol comes first. There is a saying you can have a lousy house nobody will know but not a car where it will take you all around so everybody will easily know.

    This is the regime plan to revert our country into being a failed third world country by implementing TPPA because Proton still cannot penetrate countries which export cars to Malaysia as they still protect their own markets.

    You have done your very best dearest Tun to upgrade the engines to Ricardo and now just go with the flow and don’t bother to appeal to them ever again and let the people like us the middle income group enjoy your pudding.

    Frankly speaking even the lowest income group is thankful to you because they now can afford 2nd hand proton cars to move around with their families and astonishingly even expatriate like one Tok ‘Young Goat’ is recommending to his fellow expatriate friends ha..ha..ha..

    I am touched when you said thousands of families will enjoy a good life if we buy Proton cars and money stays in the country so I therefore cancel my intention to buy a continental car this year and decided to own a Proton Perdana 2016 model after doing some research when you came out with this topic.

    My tag line now is “PRO TUN” GO 4 PROTON!

    Wassalam Tun Berdua.

  81. malaysian1000000 Feb 12,2016 2:38 AM


    Untuk perihal automotif, saya fikir tiada kena mengena dengan TPPA sangat kerana “Driving System” kita adalah “Commonwealth System” iaitu Right-hand Driving bukan “American System” Left-hand Driving.

    Saya belum boleh bayang American bawa kereta Proton di US. Proton boleh masuk NASCAR memang RESPECT.

    Kalau Proton dan Lotus boleh collabarate untuk buat jentera F1 pun ok juga. Proton pernah buat jentera Rally sebelum ini.

    Baru nampak realistik kalau nak jual Proton dengan harga mahal. “Ada masuk track”

    Bagi saya, bila jenama kereta yang masuk track ini adalah “made for perfection”.

    Kereta dari US pun terlampau “lebar” untuk jalan di Malaysia. Macam mana nak bawa Cadillac/Mustang/DMC di jalan Malaysia, Nissan Skyline pun tak muat lane.


  82. HouseWife Feb 12,2016 2:23 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I wish I could give criticisms on this subject matter like the hosts on ‘Top Gear’. I just love the show and the witty hosts. But I will not try to be one here cos I’m no expert.

    Tun, when you change your topic to Proton, you attracted many responses, even from across the straits, and wow do they give you their minds! I guess this is their favourite subject matter, to show their expertise which evolves on the mechanical and engineering aspects.

    Yes, Tun talks about the technicality in the making of the car industry and the economic growth and development of it. Tun asks politely for your criticisms because your feedbacks are important to the improvement of Proton. Most are beneficial criticisms that come from their experiences but some are just condemnations which are uncalled for and quite harsh. Are they honest and genuine commentators here? Who knows who they are. But Tun being Tun is so generous to welcome them anyway.

    In my perspective I see it the other way round.
    Can’t anybody see or read what Tun actually touches on? What is Tun trying to tell us? Tun touches on the human aspect of the industry. His concern and care for the well-being, especially on the economical living of the warga Proton and their families. He never takes credits for himself. See and read how much he emphasizes on the aspect of human values, read para 9,10,14. Tun is not asking you to help him but to at least give your support and understanding to the warga Proton and their families. As Tun said car-making is no easy job. It takes years and years of training and dedication to establish and to make Proton a success. Don’t ever suggest to Tun to boot out any of the warga Proton you called as under-performed. He would never do that, he is not a man without a heart. He values their sacrifices all these years to make Proton works. It is the duty of the management to send their warga for further training to improve themselves.

    I would like to refer to Mr mubarakchan’s comment on Tun’s topic “Malaysia’s Shame” dated Feb 11, he quotes a statement by Mr TJS George, a prominent journalist on his blog 2010:
    “……What makes Mahathir special is that while pursuing economic progress he never lost sight of the larger picture of human values. …….”. (Thank you to Mr mubarakcahan for your facts).
    Now, can you all see how special Tun is to us, how human he is.
    That is why he is The Greatest Statesman Of Malaysia and the world.
    May Allah Protect and Save Proton.

    This is only from the look of the ‘eye’ of a housewife. Tun, I maybe wrong but I believe myself to see it this way, can I? can’t I?
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah grant you wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take care and Thank you Tun.

  83. edostyles Feb 12,2016 12:12 AM

    Dear Sir,
    I was driving on the highway in JB the other day when a JPJ patrol car passed me. It was only a few days before that I read an article in the news in which you were lamenting about how Malaysians were not buying Proton. So when I saw the JPJ patrol car, I was suddenly reminded of that news article that I had read a few days earlier. The JPJ patrol car was in fact the latest Honda SUV. I wish I could have taken a photo and sent it to you. It is ironic that even our government agencies are not setting an example by buying our national car. Perhaps, you could persuade our officials to set an example and support our local industry?

    Wishing you good health and peace for 2016.

    Yours sincerely,

  84. malaysialover Feb 11,2016 9:20 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,

    I’m proud to be Malaysian (apart from these last 2 years). And I am proud that Malaysia can produce cars, and highly respect you for that. But I can’t say I’m proud of Proton.

    Proton cars should speak for themselves, if they’re good. Cars, like any other human made products, are as good or as bad as the human that made them. So, when we criticise Proton, we are actually criticizing the people behind Proton – the Vendors, the QA personnels, the Engineers, the Sales & After sales personnels, etc…
    They have to know what they are doing, and be proud of what they are doing…before we the consumers can feel proud…

    Sure, we Malaysians would want to support our car industry, but at the expense of our hard earn salaries, which is already hard to make ends meet…

    Sure, why pay for more expensive imported cars..? There’s an old saying…”Alah Membeli, Menang Memakai..”
    Many Malaysians willing to pay more, for better satisfaction, and that’s a fact.

    So sorry Tun, I agree with you with almost all other subjectmatters…but not this one.

  85. aminhassan Feb 11,2016 7:46 PM

    Proton Wira, design paling simple, paling menarik, paling sesuai untuk semua golongan, sangat kurang masalah, paling banyak nampak di atas jalan raya, paling kurang rungutan pengguna

    Let’s try to improve based on proton wira platform

  86. wajaperak Feb 11,2016 5:38 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan..

    [Tok Jangut.
    That is why you need TPP. Long live PM Najib. He is brilliant!!!]

    Brazen.That is what I says about you.Najib is choking us the normal Malaysian citizen.Cruel one at that and you claimed he is brilliant…

    Arent Iblis action is..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  87. Hajar Feb 11,2016 4:51 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Bagi golongan yang tidak mampu beli kereta ’import/mewah’ (mahal-selamat), tetapi masih mahu kenderaan yang selamat, eloklah beli kereta PROTON (model yang ada ciri2 keselamatan). Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, ’body’ kereta Proton sekarang agak kukuh.

    Berbanding Perodua, kereta Proton lebih selamat…

    Masalahnya ada segolongan manusia yang mahu nampak hebat/bergaya (mahu jaga imej kononnya), dan sanggup membeli kereta ’import/mewah’ yang mereka sebenarnya tidak mampu untuk miliki (dan ’maintain’), dan kesudahannya ada yang MUFLIS kerana hutang kenderaan. Elok ’ukur baju di badan sendiri’. Bila muflis, pihak lain yang dipersalahkan pula.

    Hutang kenderaan merupakan SEBAB utama diisytihar muflis (% tertinggi) di Malaysia.

    ”Berdasarkan akta, seseorang itu diisytihar muflis jika menanggung hutang minimum RM30,000 dan tidak mampu membayarnya.”

    Pelik sungguh, pakai kereta ’import/mewah’ tapi hutang RM30,000 pun tidak manpu bayar 🙁

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  88. Ruslan Bahari Feb 11,2016 4:35 PM

    Perhaps Tun Mahathir forgets that the the automotive industry, you won’t last unless you’re one of the biggies, or you have deep pockets (like Mitsuoka).

    Tun and PROTON is also learning now that you cannot buy customers with promises after years of sub-standard products that failed to deliver. Yes, there were good ones, but the exception rather than the norm. Today unless PROTON are too proud to concede, they have learnt that if in football you’re only as good as your last win, in business, you will be remembered for your last failure.

    Tun, buying a car is a massive investment. Studies show that after the home, the car is the largest “investment” for a family. If they rent, then the car becomes the single largest expenditure for them.

    Now, when this “investment” becomes a flawed one, with frequent trips to the service centre, you lose brand equity. Then, when at the service centre you get poor service, you lose more brand equity.

    Over the five or seven or even nine year ownership, the angry owner improves his livelihood, and has better options in front of him. What makes you think they will buy a PROTON now? Because you say it is a better car? Because you have airbags?

    If you didn’t realise it, when PROTON was losing brand equity, it went to your competitors. While adding their brand equity, they also improved on their cars. I say “improve” but because PROTON had such poor cars, the competitors were already ahead of the game.

    So PROTON “gave” them brand equity, PROTON “gave” them better quality. So stop blaming Malaysians flocking to the Japanese and the Koreans. You sent them there.

    That national pride that you berated as lacking among us because we chose not to buy PROTON? It was there, but you gave us reasons to value our hard-earned money more than our nationalism.

    But that is the reality, Tun. Malaysians have moved up the car value chain. PROTON never saw it coming. This is where your own managers you put in PROTON failed (or as some people say, YOU didn’t want to listen).

    The Saga/Iswara took yonks to be revised as a totally new car. Same with the Wira. Not surprisingly, the Perdana too. In your current model line-up, some are already past the typical life-cycle.

    The fact is, the 8 year old Accord became the Perdana because you were scared when Nissan came up with the proposal to replace the government’s ageing Perdana fleet with their cars. A quick meeting was held, and in a swipe of the pen, an aged car became a new PROTON (which harks back to the 1980s – badge engineering).

    The Preve is well due a facelift, but none is to be seen. I understand of course, that this is due to the poor sales (and problems with the car as well, documented well among the PREVOC members). The poor sales means you don’t generate enough to even start dreaming of a facelift.

    Tun, start running this company like a proper car company. Remove the poorly-performing vendors, even if they belong to the clan. It just isn’t sustainable for PROTON to keep producing poor quality cars because they fail you without consequence!

    Get the service culture into your after-sales teams. I am surprised that 10 years after striking PROTON off my list of cars to buy, the same complaints can be heard among your buyers, the very people that provide your team with livelihoods! Has there been no training whatsoever? Is mediocrity a key part of your company?

    I was among millions of Malaysians that – because of our pride in the PROTON brand – supported the sale of the brand to Volkswagen some 10 years ago. But you thwarted that with ridiculous demands on a global carmaker. We all save how Skoda which today is some 110 years old is a global brand following VW’s acquisition of the brand.

    Skoda’s sales in 2014 rose 13 percent, and for the first time in their long history, sales hit the seven digit mark. In that year, its operating profit grew by more than half, with its margin rising to seven percent. Sure, its “the poor man’s VW”, but does VW care? Especially today after Dieselgate, they won’t care an inch.

    I still remain proud of being the only ASEAN nation with a car brand. But make me, make us prouder that this small brand can be a global player. That can only happen with a proper business strategy that truly looks at quality and value throughout the chain, sacrificing the laggards in that chain to ensure that the carmaker gathers enough speed and momentum to break through the old walls that currently reins PROTON from moving forward.

  89. Fariq Islam Feb 11,2016 3:46 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Proton needs to re-position itself for a certain market niche. At one time, consumers queued for half a year to get new Proton Saga. Some even paid extra, to get car faster. That’s the golden era of Proton.

    Basically, Proton needs two factors to ensure a success – quality (in car design, engine durability, after-sale service) and pricing acceptable to low and middle income groups.

  90. Praxis Feb 11,2016 1:01 PM

    And why the stretch to UK?

    Can we really handle what is beyond the reach of local shores?

    While you seemed to have succeded in symbolic achievements or measurements, what is more improtant is our capacity to hold our own as an independent nation; that is, as a robust, incorrupt archipelgo nation-state or kingdom.

    Have we truly developed our local navigational acumen and potential?

    Our own chaotic hysteresis must be constrained by the Chinese, Western and Eastern navigational orbits, and in that order of importance.

  91. Sri Sense Feb 11,2016 10:42 AM

    Good morning Tun dan semua,

    Kalau sekarang pelanggan hantar kereta servis, PROTON tak bagi tempat selesa menunggu tak bagus juga, penungguan ini satu penyiksaan 🙂

    In my opinion bagi customers dan suppliers makan minum penting – can build long-term business relationships, dulu masa I mula2 kerja advertising company, I pergi Hewlett Packard, I was impressed, HP ada meeting room and you can eat and drink there for free. Though I didn’t get a job there, I think of HP highly. 🙂

    Nowadays mana2 I hantar kereta servis ok, be it Ford or Toyota or VW ada tempat selesa tunggu, wifi dan setidak tidaknya ada air minum.

    I dah lama tak pakai PROTON ada sekali I pergi PROTON Glenmarie nak beli kereta harga 37 ribu, I kata nak bayar cash, salesman kata tak boleh kena ambik loan atleast sikit..hmmm

    Yup I saw Iriz, pretty car. Salesman kata jimat minyak. Then again, I was specific, I tanya mana satu yang jimat minyak.

    My first car Proton Saga, tingkap ada problem, susah turun naik and cermin mudah pecah dan cepat kemik, walaupun langgar sikit. My sister dulu pun pakai PROTON Hatchback. Kami sama2 berhenti pakai PROTON after that. 🙁

  92. STEVE8562 Feb 11,2016 9:27 AM


  93. siewi711 Feb 11,2016 1:36 AM

    Dear Tun,
    1. I am driving Proton Saga since 1989.
    First made in 1989,2nd 1991,3rd 1993.
    Presently, owning 2 units:- P. saga FLX(SV)2013 & p. saga FLX Plus 2016.
    Sold my first P saga in 2015- used for 26 years.
    2. First of all I congratulate proton for developing new engine to meet UK standards. I also like to point out some technical prolems/flaws/mistakes regarding proton cars or company.
    i. 2 years ago, I had sent 3 e-mails (wecare ) to make complaint and ended no reply. 2 weeks later, I had been told the e-mail address on the wed site was wrong. Don’t know whether it has been correct?
    ii. P. saga flx (sv)- If I focus/look at both lower corners of the wind screen, lines on the road surface become wavy/crooked.Very irritating .
    iii. P. saga flx (sv) – After using for 2 year, the access door of fuel tank failed to spring out when the lever is pulled. You need 2 persons to open this door, one pull the lever and the other press the door to assist the spring. My first encounter was saved by Petron attendant.He smiled and said “sudah biasa!”.If your engineers is observant, it is not difficult to find some drivers rather not to press the door fully in.
    iv.Last month I received my p.saga plus. While inspecting my new car, I pulled the lever the door failed to spring out. The sales supervisor told me I just need to pull the leave spring outward. When I reached the petron station, I still needed the attendant’s help. Again “sudah biasa!”
    3. Tun, you have worked very hard to promote proton cars and willing to accept criticism, but what happen to your team members? The pump attendant knows the problem and pass the remarks is his right.The sales supervisor tried to train me as a mechanic is irresponsible. If I were you, change to 1989 ‘s door. After all it has been working fine for 26 years or more.
    Good Night TUN

  94. wakjem Feb 10,2016 11:18 PM

    saya gunakan proton sejak 1992…baru2 ni beli exora n yg menyakitkan hati bukanlah keadaan keretanya tapi perangai salesman…sebelum confirm beli boleh dikatakan hari2 call utk ambil hati saya…bila dah setuju beli n dah sign agreement kat bank,hantar kereta pun tak jumpa saya…just tinggal kat kedai tinted (tu pun harga tinted saya kena bayar sendiri)…yg paling WIN adalah,saya start je enjin kereta lampu minyak terus menyala…minyak habis…adoyaiii…memang ‘terbaekkkk’ service dari salesman proton…call/wassap/sms mmg dah tak dilayan…hmmm…

  95. sroom Feb 10,2016 10:23 PM

    Salam Tun

    I hope that you will take trouble to right the wrongs in Proton.

    Even if you build good quality cars, there are still consideration why people will not own a Proton.

    1. It is not enough for Proton to just produce cars of value/utility. In order to compete for market, Proton must be able to guarantee quality by providing better warranty for their cars compared to other makers. It will be a confident booster to consumers!

    2. It is not enough for Proton to manufacture engines. The engines must be fine-tuned to suit many different road conditions. Old campros can achieve fuel efficiency if travel on highways at 80-90km/h. It does poorly in city driving. I hope Proton can tweak the gears/engine to suit different driving style (city/sports/normal) and not just 1 style of driving.

    3. Proton has not learned that consumers don’t like plastic in the interiors. Proton should make the car interiors look more expensive.

    4. Proton campro engine sound is harsh. Proton should do more on sound proofing or make quieter engine.

    5. Not all Proton buyers outside Malaysia can easily get genuine parts. Proton should come out a database of compatible parts or stock some essential parts to make available in many parts of the world.

    6. Bigger wheels make Proton cars look nicer and may be cheaper in some countries. Proton should design cars that can be fitted with bigger wheels.

    7. Proton does not use CRM. Basically, they do not know their customers well! Proton should also reward early adopters of new Proton car model with better warranty and discounts due to poor car resale value overseas.

    8. Some parts of the world is not good in car selling business. For eg in Singapore due to high COEs, Proton can do better by leasing cars! So Proton must pick the correct strategy .. brand awareness vs car sales.

    9. Proton should license their engine technology to other parts of the world such as China, India, Iran and make them partners and learn what cars they make!

    10. To build a competitive car with 100% local components is a flawed theory. Proton must work and learn from the world.


  96. The Hidden Secret Feb 10,2016 6:31 PM


    Kalau betullah kereta Proton high quality tapi harga rendah, kenapa lps 30 tahun Proton masih tak boleh tembus international market macam kereta Korea? Agak-agak lagi berapa puluh tahun baru boleh penetrate?

    Di UK brapa persen market share Proton?

    Agak-agak lps TPP nanti blh tak Proton penetrate market TPP?

  97. yati.isahak Feb 10,2016 6:17 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Ini kali pertama saya komen di blog Tun. Saya adalah peminat tegar Tun dan Proton.
    Saya rasa Proton dah byk kemajuan. Kualiti kereta semakin bagus. Saya tak sabar nak tunggu model kereta baru Proton 2016.
    Saya banyak membaca pasal Proton. Tentang teknologi baru Proton, masalah dalaman, masalah dari pengguna dan bermacam-macam lagi. Saya pun tak tau yg mana satu betul yg mana satu tak betul. Tapi apa yang saya boleh rumuskan sekarang Proton memang tengah melalui saat sukar dan saya kesian pada Tun sebab sampai ke saat ini terus memperjuangkan apa yg Tun percaya walaupun ramai yg menentang. Sebab itu saya akan terus sokong Tun. Tapi saya percaya Tun kuat dan banyak pengalaman untuk mengatasi semua masalah.
    Saya ada satu cadangan tentang masalah yg dialami owner kereta Proton. Ada owner yg ada masalah sampai berbln2. Ada yg masih tunggu sparepart…Ada yg breakdown…Ada masalah yg tak boleh diselesaikan. Memang macam-macam masalah. Saya cadangkan Proton meminjamkan kereta Proton sementara mereka tunggu kereta dibaikpulih. Kita faham kalau tak ada kereta memang susah. Apa lagi nak tunggu kereta siap yang makan masa berbulan-bulan. Jadi saya rasa dengan cara ini Proton boleh mengurangkan beban owner sementara menunggu kereta mereka siap. Mungkin cadangan saya tidak ‘feasible’ untuk Proton tapi saya rasa Proton kena terus berusaha mengembalikan keyakinan pembeli Proton dan menghargai owner Proton. Betulkan yang tak betul. Ini hanya cadangan sahaja. 🙂

    Saya doakan Tun dan famili sihat selalu. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.
    Saya juga doakan satu hari Tun berjaya turunkan Najib.
    All the best untuk Proton.

    Yati – Sutera Aurora

  98. Khairul Azlan Feb 10,2016 5:51 PM

    Huh? Mana ada Tun sebut pasal Singapura? Kalau awak maksudkan di artikel yang lain, jangan komen di arktikel ini.

  99. Feb 10,2016 5:12 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    I have addressed you here on the subject of PROTON before, just a few weeks ago only. Details do not need to be repeated as it can be looked up. What I will repeat though is that, if called, we are ready, willing and able to help.

    Please feel free to have me contacted any time

    Alfred Willner, Managing Director,

  100. PowerHouse Feb 10,2016 4:03 PM

    1)You asked us to test drive and criticise.
    2)How could we file a complaint of defects or services about the car and to reach the top management when they build a “Berlin Wall” about our complaint?
    3)When I asked the top management fax no so that I can fax my complaints but was blocked by the Customer Care Unit,whether they have been instructed or otherwise,you tell me.
    4)I drove Saga,Wira Waja and Personna (two).Yet Proton still facing teething problems.
    5)Just like the rust which popped out the roof and side doors in the earlier models ,I have comments which I cannot publish here.
    6)My current situation is that I have problem with Persona which I discovered it when I bought it two years ago.
    7)This Persona which I am having now producing sound when applying brake.
    8)Further,the tyres which came with the car give out “blong,blong,blong”sound.
    9)My car was bought from the Dealer.
    10)I called the HQ CustomerCare Unit and it made me feel like I am a football being kicked around with no solution in sight.
    11)I was referred to the Jalan Makloom Service Centre in Penang Island but they now asking me for the past invoices (for what purposes?)
    12)For the brakes,they tole me to “polish” off a bit off on the brake discs which may not work and whose expense?
    13)The tyres were also checked by both in house technicians and private tyre shop but no one can pinpoint specifically what is the fault To resolve I have to change the tyres (Again,on whose expense?).Having faced the problem with the older Persona,I told them to fix a Goodyear tyres in my new Persona and that problem was solved.
    14)I have also emailed my letter to PA but I am not sure it has reached you.

    15)Till now my problem is still there.

  101. tok jangut Feb 10,2016 3:25 PM

    “16. Malaysia is a trading nation i.e. we export and we import. If imports exceed exports we will not grow and prosper. All the countries which export cars to Malaysia protect their markets so that Proton cannot enter them.”

    That is why you need TPP. Long live PM Najib. He is brilliant!!!

  102. ismadi Feb 10,2016 2:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya sampai sekrang pakai Proton Iswara tahun1991.

    Kereta saya elok sampai sekarang.



  103. tok jangut Feb 10,2016 2:42 PM

    I too have been driving a Proton for many years.

    My first car was a Toyota. But it got stolen within 6 months.

    Since then, I have been driving a Proton. Nobody has stolen my car even when I leave it unlock. I always recommend it to my expatriate friends. I tell them it is the safest car to drive in Malaysia.

  104. Hajar Feb 10,2016 1:07 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Congratulations PROTON! Well done!

    2. I am a ‘proud’ owner of a Proton car. So far, so issues or problems with the car – tip-top condition! I just need to maintain servicing the car on time.

    3. Fortunately, the Proton Service Center service near my place has been quite consistent in giving good services to all of its customers. But, there’s always room for IMPROVEMENT.

    4. Unfortunately, we have a segment of people in our country/society who ‘automatically’ look down on any ‘Made in Malaysia’ products (‘koman…’). These people really worship imported goods. To them, imported goods are always better than local products.

    5. Nothing can be done to change their mindset / attitude. It’s okay if they do not condemn our local products, but normally people in this category are very boastful people.

    6. As Malaysians, we are supposed to support our local automotive industry. I can afford to buy an imported car, but why should I pay more for something with less features? I believe in the ‘VALUE FOR MONEY concept’.

    7. Suggestion: Proton must change its marketing strategy, and be more aggressive in promoting its existing and new models. If Proton receives any AWARDS or recognitions, make sure that these achievements are being used to the fullest (‘uarkan-uarkan’- through advertisements) in improving Proton’s image and reputation. For example:

    P/S: Rasanya, majoriti orang Malaysia biasanya sangat bersopan santun terhadap ‘orang asing dan juga produk asing’. Jika produk asing tersebut bermasaalah, mereka tidak akan kondem dengan teruk – biasanya senyap saja (mungkin termalu sebab dah bayar mahal..). Tapi kalau produk tempatan, bagai nak rak mereka mengondem (jika bermasaalah)…Double-standard?

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  105. The Hidden Secret Feb 10,2016 12:55 PM


    Apa kata Proton keluarkan kereta compressed air? Kereta compressed air Peugeot (dijangka akan dijual dalam tahun 2016) blh dapat mileage 34 km/liter.

  106. kucau Feb 10,2016 11:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Sudah lama saya tidak komen disini. Saya amat berharap agar tun dpt melihat komen dari saya bekas penyokong tegar proton.

    1) Sebelum saya mula, ingin saya tegaskan disini saya adalah penyokong tegar proton . Walaupun boleh kini dilabelkan sebagai BEKAS penyokong tegar proton. Saya masih mahu syarikat yg ramai menyokong teknologi tempatan terus berjaya

    2) Saya adalah seorang doktor perubatan sama seperti Tun. Selepas houseman kereta pertama yang saya beli adalah Proton Waja. Sangat reliable . Yang ada masaalah pon adalah power window yg agak perlahan directify oleh proton ketika itu dibawah Tengku Mahaleel. Ini tidak menjadi banyak masaalah kerana masalah power windows ini bukanlah masaalah yg kritikal. Perception badan “tin milo” hilang dengan badan yg lebih keras di Waja. Saya masih lagi penyokong proton kerasa masalah power window berlaku sekali sahaja dan engine serta gearbox sangat bagus dan tiada masaalah besar lain. Saya pakai Proton Waja ini selama 6 tahun. Disebabkan kos maintenance Proton Waja yang murah dan reliable ini makan saya beli Proton Saga BLM untuk isteri berulang alik pergi kerja. Ada la sikit saja masalah , tombol pintu patah dlm warranti tapi proton tukar yg baru tanpa cat. Cat kene buat sendiri. Engine IAFM ini tidak ada masaalah sgt kecuali fuel consumption yg tinggi

    3) Setelah lama berkhidmat dan income dah tinggi sikit saya proton waja yg sudah 6 tahun mula bermasalah saya tukar Honda Civic. Saya faham memanglah kereta yg dah 6 tahun akan akan masaalah . Sama seperti kereta import yg lain. 3 tahun menggunakan civic , after sales sangatlah bagus tetapi bayaran bulanan agak mahal dan saya berfikir lebih baik berjimaat dan guna proton balik. Duit yg dijimat boleh digunakan utk education anak2 dan pelaburan hartanah yg lain. Satu keputusan yg saya kira saya untung secara kewangan. Keluarga sudah besar sedikit , BLM saya tukar ke Exora BOLD CFE 2012 dan Honda Civic saya tukar ke Preve CFE 2012. Saya juga adalah pembaca tegar teknologi kereta , ciri2 teknologi preve sangat menarik saya dan beserta pemanduan yang lebih hebat dari Civic saya maka saya beli kereta ini. DISINI MIMPI NGERI BERMULA.
    4) Walaupun teknologi agak canggih. Ecora Bold CFE dan Preve CFE ini BUKAN KERETA yg reliable. Satu demi satu masaalah terjadi. Walaupun Proton sudah tahu akan masaalah tersebut, tiada usaha yang diambil untuk menyelesaikan masaalah ini. Masaalah “nipple radiator” di Exora Bold CFE proton sudah lama tahu. Apa proton buat, ade recall? Tiada. Kereta saya tersadai ketika nak pergi kerja. Masaalah termoamp sejak dari Exora CPS pon tidak selesai sehingga Exora CFE! Saya tanya seorang engineer proton masaalah termoamp ini sebelum saya beli Exora Bold ini.Dia kata sudah selesai. Seperti biasa , sebenarnya tidak selesai dan saya kene lagi masaalah ini. Ini tidak kira masaalah lain yg kecil2 lain. Masalah ABS sensor yg berkali2 rosak. Jika Tun tanya executive proton semua ini mereka semua akan kata OK sahaja semua kereta ada masaalah dan proton on the right track. Mereka sembuyikan semua ini. Proton preve CFE pula tidak bebas dari masaalah. Tun tanyalah kenapa masaalah Oil Cooler Hose ( OCH ) tidak selesai sehingga kini? Ramai kereta CFE yg sudah tersadai ditepi jalan disebabkan masaalah ini. Ramai juga yg terpaksa keluar duit poket disebabkan masaalah ini kerana dikatakan OCH ini tidak ada warranty . Setelah kami pengguna melakukan serangan di laman FB proton , beberapa journalist kereta mengeluarkan kenyataan barulah proton ada jawap sikit. Tetapi masaalah tetap tidak selesai. Pengguna Proton CFE takut untuk menggunakan kereta masing2 untuk perjalanan jauh. Engine CFE seperti Time BOMB. Ini tidak masuk masaalah lain yg gagal diselesaikan oleh proton. Wire harness, Aircond Relay prob, Voltage instability yg menyebabkan pengguna kene tukar bulb berkali2 ( of course lah tiada warranty semua ini. ), ekzos, real axle, alignment . Jika saya list real prob proton disini Tun mungkin terkejut. Ada banyak lagi dan saya ada list survey kerosakan yang dilakukan di FB pengguna CFE proton.

    5) Maintance proton CFE juga tidak murah. Malah lagi mahal dari kereta Jepun. Tun boleh bandingkan kos penyelenggaraan Proton CFE dgn kereta Toyota

    6) Rata2 pengguna kereta membayar hutang kereta yang panjang disebabkan harga kereta secara relatif ( berbanding pendapatan ) adalah agak tinggi berbanding dgn negara eropah . Sekiranya kereta sudah rosak macam2 dlm pemilikan tahun 1 – 3 adakah pengguna akan yakin dan akan rekomen proton kepada user lain? Ini bukan perception . Ini reality. Saya pengguna tegar proton. Ade 2 CFE parking didepan rumah saya dan sebuah Proton Saga lama peninggalah ayah saya. Saya pergi ke pusat servis proton sebagai pengguna biasa, jika tun ke pusat servis proton seperti pengguna biasa Tun akan tahu masaalah ini semua. Walaupun harga kereta import lagi mahal dan ada teknologi lama yg diberikan tetapi ramai user lari dari proton. Bukan sebab teknologi proton yg sudah bekembang. Tetapi disebabkan after sale kelas ketiga dan pengguna mahukan kereta yg reliable walaupun teknologi tidaklah baharu sangat. Mereka lagi sanggup bayar lebih bulanan dari menangung after sale proton yg amat memeritkan. Disebabkan masaalah ini juga harga kereta second proton merundum.

    8) Diagnosis yg salah akan menyebabkan management sesuatu penyakit itu salah. Dan pengakhiran yang salah. Jika perception Tun tentang proton ini salah, maka rekod jualan proton akan terus merundum. Lihatlah di sekeliling Tun. Lihatlah di Fb pengguna2 proton. Jangan dengar cakap executive proton sahaja. Pengguna sekarang lagi bijak, dunia tiada sempadan dan mereka boleh share pengalaman menggunakan proton. Proton tidak boleh sembunyi lagi akan masaalah2 kereta proton ini.

    9) saya harap Tun boleh terima kritikan kecil saya dengan rasa terbuka. Selamat Maju jaya dan semoga

    Dr Y

  107. sudin Feb 10,2016 10:56 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Since Proton’s inception back in 1985, I’ve continually bought more than 10 units Proton cars for family use, ignoring the much better quality of most (not all!) foreign-made vehicles which are readily available in the market.
    Not due to Proton’s lower cost, but mainly to support the local automobil industry.

    One thing that Proton never learnt, the QA/QC is not up to the standard.
    That department must be revamped!

  108. sudin Feb 10,2016 10:32 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Kalau pun Proton nak jimat kos, tak sepatutnya tyre spare bersaiz kecil.

    Sungguh mengecewakan!

  109. Sri Sense Feb 10,2016 10:25 AM

    Last but not least, after sales service penting. I nak share sikit, I buat part time selling unit trust since 1997. Ada satu client suka refer me as Mercedes, the other agent Volvo. I taf faham why is he comparing me to a car. Rupanya sebab Mercedes bagus service, while Volvo bad service. 🙂


  110. Sri Sense Feb 10,2016 10:13 AM

    Salam Tun

    Kalau dulu PROTON macam tin milo, kalau langgar sikit dah kemik, but now I nampak banyak improvement, harga pun tak mahal macam kereta import, the only thing I tak suka colour PROTON, I rasa tak menarik, color keluaran PERODUA lebih menarik. Another thing PROTON mesti buat advertising yang boleh menarik minat target market. I ingat dulu ada satu iklan which I think the target market Chinese, its about this Chinese guy balik kampung/village dia bawak PROTON, kedai kopitiam kecuh hebuh, that was many many years ago. After that ramai kaum China pakai PROTON, berpindah dari DATSUN.


  111. Baharudin Feb 10,2016 9:56 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Antara kelemahan Proton paling besar adalah after sales servise yang agak teruk, bayangkan saya pernah ke bangkel proton untuk repair eksiden, setibanya saya di dalam proton service center jam 11.03 pagi saya hanya dilayan jam 11.20 dan di minta untuk tunngu sebentar, sedangkan ketika saya sedang menungu kelihatan pekerja proton berbaju eksekutif diluar sedang merokok dan berbual dengan gembira. Dan saya terus menunggu sehingga jam 11.47 melihat keadaan yang agak suram tiada keceriaan.

    Pengalaman sama untuk service. Jadi saya service kat bengkel luar sebab kalau ada waranty pun macam xda waranty bagus kat bengkel luar yang saya sudah biasa dan dipercayai. sevice center yang saya pergi ni adalah paling utama dekat negeri ini, Sabah.

    Berbeza dengan pengalaman saya untuk service kereta Toyota milik mak cik saya dan mengikut kawan untuk service honda miliknya, layanan berbeza.

    Setelah dapat parking dari dan keluar kereta dari jauh saya sudah melihat pekerja di pintu utama service bagai ingin menyapa dan menyambut tetamu kehormat, belum pun masuk kedalam service center receptionist tadi sudah bertanya “buat maintenance?” atau pun “service?” dan saya kata ya, mereka akan tanya pula jika sudah buat temujanji, biasanya saya akan buat temujanji awal, dan receptionist tadi terus bawa saya ke meja untuk bincang apa yang perlu buat dan buat penerangan panjang lebar.

    Dan biasalah kita kena tunggu juga untuk service kereta. Tapi tunggunya tak lah dalam keadaan suram, tunggunya ada coffee machine self service ada news paper untuk dibaca, ada wifi, ada PC untuk diguna. Pengalaman berbeza. Tapi harapan saya melihat Proton berjaya tetap ada.

    Apa yang saya lihat warga kerja proton bahagian service dan pengurusan agak “selesa”, Isteri saya pernah internship di proton service, apa yang isteri saya kata adalah “Janganlah service sana xbagus, saya pernah kerja sana. Pernah ada 1 kereta masuk bengkel mau repair under insurance, boleh-boleh dia orang curi tu part lepas tu kata sudah rosak.”

    Sabah ini ada banyak bandar dan pekan, tapi saya ambil 2 pekan dekat utara sabah, Kudat dan Kota Marudu, kenapa dengan ini pekan? senang cerita 2 ini ada dealer nissan dan ada toyota jenama luar negara jenama dalam negaranya MANA?

    kalau betul Proton ingin bual 4w jangan lupa test kat sabah. nak test ride & handling pun boleh jalan KK-sandakan turun naik bukit jalan x rata.


  112. Fariq Islam Feb 10,2016 9:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat wish Proton successful in introducing new models, in advance.

    Please bear in mind that Proton must not be a failed project. Malaysians have sacrificed a lot for Proton. Because of Proton, Government enforces protective policies for Proton’s survival, by imposing high taxes on imported cars.

    Due to the high taxes, Malaysian consumers pay high price for cars. And, this has led to high household debts.

    We wish Proton improves in quality and market demands for its makes.

  113. Fariq Islam Feb 10,2016 9:29 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Malaysians like to take pride for having own national car. But, the past experience of owning Proton has scared buyers away. Car price is reasonable, but its maintenance cost is not.

    Congratulations for Proton coming out with a new engine. Looking at the sales volume of Proton, many are in doubt of its financial viability of having own engine, as research and development cost need to be spread out. Even a world-class car producer Nissan does not manufacture own engine.

    What Proton needs to do now is to set for itself a market niche, serving the segment of lowly priced smaller c.c. cars, for low and middle income groups. And, ensure a good quality so that its image can improve, warranting more consumer confidence in it.

  114. The Hidden Secret Feb 10,2016 9:09 AM


    1. Citroen jual 2,425,138 unit Citroen AX dari tahun 1986 hingga 1998 (12 tahun production). Berapa unit Proton Tiara dikeluarkan oleh Proton? Production Proton Tiara berapa tahun? Apa yang Proton dah buat kepada Citroen AX sehinggakan ianya gagal di Malaysia sedangkan ianya berjaya di Europe? Saya dengar Proton Tiara gagal sebab engineer Proton memandai-mandai tukar specs, downgrade specs asal Citroen AX. Benda yang sama… Mat Salleh boleh jual 2.4 juta unit tapi Melayu tak boleh jual.

    2. Kenderaan Proton cukup terkenal dengan masalah-masalah kecil yang kalau dah banyak sangat… irritating juga dibuatnya…. Power window, central locking, wiper etc.

    3. Proton sepatutnya produce kereta dengan engine diesel. Kalau tak mampu keluarkan sendiri engine diesel, outsource aje engine diesel yang bukan latest model dari PSA Peugeot Citroen. Engine diesel mileage tinggi dan rendah CO. Tak de guna spark plug. Kalau engine masuk air pun tak akan rosak macam engine petrol. Engine diesel merupakan alternatif yang jauh lebih murah dari engine hybrid. Sebagai penasihat Petronas, kenapa Tun tak suruh Petronas jual diesel Euro 5? BHP dan Shell dah start jual diesel Euro 5, Petronas bila lagi?

    4. Tun pun naik BMW 7 Series.

    5. Adalah lebih murah untuk Proton beli direct komponen dan parts daripada China dan Taiwan walaupun ada duty daripada beli dari local vendors. Tapi itulah, nanti lari dari matlamat asal projek kereta Malaysia.

  115. redviper51 Feb 10,2016 8:25 AM

    Hi… I am not sure where you got your facts about all that you have written about Singapore and its enforcement of certain rules. Like you want all involved in Proton to have a better life, Singapore also wants their citizens and in some cases yours, to have the same deal. Imagine if drivers from Singapore flock to your petrol stations and totally ignore the ones in Singapore – longer queues at the 2 links, bigger jams and people working on either sides of the links will start going to work from 2.00 am, long queues at your petrol kiosks causing massive problems for your own people and probably jcking up the prices of petrol. No business for petrol stations in Singapore means no work and no pay for the workers(which by the way includes many of your countrymen!), no lives for their families… Why are Singaporeans and PRs not allowed to drive Malaysian cars in Singapore… ask insurance companies. Even you Malaysians hit our cars in both countries, you will not pay… again insurance! The rules and regulations are in place to protect the people. Otherwise, we will be robbed in bright daylight in front of even security guards, and not to mention petrol stations and crowded streets full of people! If the Singapore govt is self-centred, all of Singaporeans will continue to live in utmost poverty, having to beg in places like mosques and so on. Many of the ones we see now are non-Singaporeans, if you know what I mean.
    I do not mean to be viscious, but you are using another country to reflect on your own woes and problems. Reflect on your self. Why are Malaysians not using your own carrs? I have relatives in Malaysia. Some swears by Proton but others(even one who is an executive in Proton) drives around in imported cars/brands. We used to have Protons distributed by C&C(ala Mercedes). Now no one wants to try one… why? Because of the quality. If it is further improved, I am sure Singapore drivers would go for it. Easy and cheap to get parts and services, just drive over!
    If you feel that what I write hear is nasty or bad, it probably is. But what you have written hurts us who have nothing to do with Proton and its problems. Keep Singapore out of it.

  116. daeng Feb 10,2016 6:34 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Proton jika mahu berdaya saing dan terus maju mestilah memberi keutamaan:

    1. Reka bentuk luaran dan dalaman, “dari mata turun ke hati”.

    Ini dapat kita lihat kereta jenama lain seperti kereta Korea walaupun teknologi enjinnya belum mampu menandingi Jepun tetapi disebabkan bentuknya yang menarik membuatkan orang semakin ramai membelinya.

    2. Perketatkan QA demi kualiti agar ia lebih memuaskan hati pembeli.

    3. Servis selepas jualan perlu lebih dititik beratkan.

    4. Pertingkatkan R&D untuk lebih berdaya saing di peringkat lokal dan gloal.

    Demi semangat patriotik kepada negara, saya juga memiliki sebuah proton Tun.

    Semuga Proton lebih berdaya saing dan maju Tun.

  117. fyloren Feb 10,2016 2:05 AM

    Salam YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir,

    I hope you read this and that this entry finds you well.

    I am 28 years old. I was 15 when you resigned. I remember how my father (and my entire extended family) were brought to tears when you shocked everyone with your announcement back in 2002 at PAU.

    I believe the problem with our beloved PROTON nowadays, apart from stigma, is that no one cares about national pride anymore. In that aspect we differ greatly from our asian brothers to the north east.

    I truly miss the days when you were PM. Everyone felt proud of Malaysia. With our Twin Towers, SIC, Asian Tiger status. I was very young back then but old enough to appreciate you as our PM.

    Back when I was a boy I lived in the UK (Dad studying for his PhD in Engineering). I remember seeing Bill Clinton in the news. I knew who he was. I turned to my dad and asked him: Kita ada siapa ayah?

    “Kita ada Dr. Mahathir”

    Indeed we have. Even in his retirement, we still have Dr. Mahathir.

    Thank you Tun, from the very bottom of my heart. For everything. As for Proton, we must see it from a different perspective. Tun, everyone can see Proton has made strides in improvement. However, Malaysians prefer to buy more expensive, less equipped cars.

    Sometimes the problem lies not in our minds but in our hearts.

    PROTON needs to show commitment. Service can be very bad. Once the service centre broke my doorhandle and demanded I pay for a new one or else they wont release my car. Also, Proton needs to get it right the 1st time. For example the preve CFR and non-CFE. It should be CFE only from the very beggining. Truth be told dear Tun, the non-CFE ones are horribly underpowered. One sells for 65k (auto) one for 75k (give and take). Why not make all CFE and sell for 70k instead? That way production costs can be reduced.

    Get it right the 1st time. Prevention is always better then cure.

    Make people feel proud of Proton by getting it right the 1st time. This will get rid of stigma which will in turn win Proton its customers back. Also did I mention customer service is extrmely poor at worst and very bad at best.

    That is all YABhg Tun. You inspire me and I will forever be grateful to you.


  118. johnmansfield Feb 10,2016 1:03 AM

    Hello Tun.
    Good for Proton. You recently wrote a negative article on the TPPA. If these cars are good enough to compete for sales in Europe, it follows that they should also be able to compete for sales on other continents. This may soon become a realistic possibility.
    If Proton can become a global brand that would be a positive step forward.
    Then the R&D money spent will start to make commercial sense.
    You have my best wishes.
    John Mansfield

  119. malaysian1000000 Feb 10,2016 12:08 AM


    Dengan kemajuan dan kemampuan kejuruteraan automatif di dalam negara. Tahniah di atas kemajuan dan perkembangan ini.

    Di atas faktor kemajuan ini, saya ingin cadangkan pembangunan enjin yang “compatible” dengan minyak Petronas.
    Maksudnya, setiap kereta Proton yang menggunakan minyak Petronas terdapat nilai tambah seperti lebih kilometer atau apa – apa sahaja.

    Umpama pakej beli kereta tempatan, guna minyak tempatan.

    Sekadar cadangan.


  120. sibotak Feb 9,2016 9:15 PM

    If it is S,pore produce by S,pore Govt
    To be sure they succeed they will come out with a Law that will cornered every citizen to buy Proton if Proton is their product

    Likewise They implement 3/4 tank rule as to deter S,pore to buy petrol in Johor
    S,porean ,and S,pore Permanent Residence are not allowed to drive Malaysia Car in S,pore even these Car belongs to themselves

    The Govt will implement Rules & Regulations regardless of people Rights
    Just to be sure The Govt gains everything

    We are fortunate Our Govt are Democratic in Practice
    People have choice People have Rights
    If Malaysia Govt are Self Centered Govt like S,pore
    Every one in Malaysia will be forced and corned to buy Proton

  121. musato Feb 9,2016 9:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya melihat terdapat perubahan dalam rancangan Proton.

    Harga kereta dinaikkan. Pengedar dikembang. Kelihatan seperti idea saya sebelum ini disini diambil kira mengikut keadaan dalaman Proton.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  122. umranrc Feb 9,2016 9:09 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Didalam blog yang lalu ada saya memperkatakan sedikit tentang Proton.

    Saya mengenali Proton sejak modelnya yang pertama. Rm17,000 adalah harganya semasa diperkenalkan. Pesaing yang sekelas dengannya adalah Datsun 130Y yang berharga sekitar rm24,000. Pada waktu itu Proton adalah kebanggaan kita semua walaupun kebanyakkan daripada kita tahu bahawa ianya adalah ‘re-badging’ Mitsubishi Lancer.

    Saya kurang pasti berapakah peratus komponen buatan dalam Negara ketika itu, tetapi yang penting kawalan mutu yang ketat baik dari segi pembuatan komponen mahupun pemasangan keseluruhannya yang ditradisikan daripada pembuat asal kereta jepun telah berjaya menghasilkan produk yang cukup baik.

    Ini adalah benar sehingga pengeluaran model WIRA bagaimanapun penghayatan kawalan mutu yang ketat ini mula hilang dengan pengeluaran model WAJA dan seterusnya. Model-model pilihan yang kurang menarik selepas itu seperti JUARA dan TIARA juga gagal menambat hati pengguna. Tambahan pula dengan persaingan daripada Perodua, Proton dilihat semakin pudar.

    Dari segi harga, sehingga hari ini, jika kita melihat Proton Iriz dengan harga permulaannya sekitar rm42,000, tidakkah ini agak mahal untuk sebuah kereta yang bersaiz agak kecil ini? Perodua Axia yang menghampiri saiz Iriz ini punyai harga asas serendah rm24,000. Ya mungkin banyak ‘feature’ serta kuasa kuda yang lebih terdapat pada model Iriz akan tetapi rata-rata pengguna yang menginginkan kereta dalam kelas ini terdiri daripada para pelajar ataupun mereka yang baru berkeluarga. Kita sedia maklum, untuk tujuan praktikal, pilihan yang tepat adalah?

    Saya sendiri punyai Proton Iswara dari tahun 1999. Tiada sebarang masalah pada kereta tersebut sebelum saya menjualkannya dalam tahun 2009. Saya melepaskannya hanya semata-mata kerana bumbung kereta telah mula menunjukkan kesan-kesan karat. Bumbung kereta sebenarnya tidak boleh ditukar kerana ianya adalah sebahagian daripada struktur yang membawa beban kilasan kereta. Tetapi untuk kereta yang dibeli dengan harga rm34,000 dan telah berkhidmat selama 10 tahun tanpa sebarang masalah kecuali penukaran tayar, minyak enjin, bateri serta brake pad, pada saya ianya amat berbaloi sekali. Kualiti sebeginilah yang dicari oleh kesemua pemandu kereta.

    Saranan saya, besarkan bahagian R&D dan perluaskan ‘market research’ Proton, sambil itu berilah peluang untuk bakat-bakat tempatan kita untuk membuahkan sesebuah ‘design’ yang 100% tempatan tanpa perlu menceduk dari mana-mana pengusaha kereta asing. Insya Allah, lihat betapa berjayanya Korea dalam industri ini dimana mereka memulakannya dalam waktu yang sama dengan kita.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  123. zahar Feb 9,2016 7:07 PM

    Salam Tun, apa pun berlaku, Tun tetap banyak berjasa dan menyumbang kepada pembangunan Islam dan Malaysia. Masalah Proton bukan pada kenderaan tetapi perkhidmatan, saya beberapa kali menyuarakan pandangan tetapi tiada perhatian.

  124. Praxis Feb 9,2016 5:56 PM

    What incentives for buying local or Malaysian if our corruption index so low and integrity of our systems suspect?

  125. rimba.emas Feb 9,2016 4:44 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas hanya mampu memiliki kereta Proton Saga BLM yang masih berhutang. Kini sudah enam tahun dari tahun mula dimilik iaitu pada akhir tahun 2010.

    2. Tun kata kini ‘Campro engine’ sudah melebihi 10 tahun bermakna Rimba Emas merasai kondisi barunya separuhnya sahaja.

    3. Bagi Rimba Emas walau pun ‘Campro engine’ tidak sesuai untuk era kini tetapi Rimba Emas terpaksa tanggungnya untuk membolehkan berkenderaan dibandingkan dengan kemampuan kewangan yang ada.

    4. Rimba Emas terpaksa menanggung hutang bulanan dan penyelenggaraan komponan yang rosak. Semuanya agak membebankan bila ada komponan yang perlu diganti terutamanya yang melabihi kilometer perjalanan.

    5. Bagi pengeluar kereta seperti Proton apa yang Tun katakan itu betul kerana Proton memandang bagaimana dapat menjual kereta dengan banyak untuk memperteguhkan Proton kereta jenama tempatan milik Malaysia ini.

    6. Rimba Emas pula hanya mampu mempertahankan kereta Proton ini untuk di pakai selamanya yang boleh kerana faktor gaji yang tidak membenarkan penukaran kereta mahu pun sudah melebihi 10 tahun.

    7. Atas faktor itulah Rimba Emas membantah terhadap cukai seperti Gst dan penyelewengan kewangan dengan hutang-hutang yang di buat oleh mereka-mereka yang bergaji tinggi.

    8. Tindakan seperti ini adalah kerana mempertahankan Syarikat-syarikat atau agensi-agensi tertentu sedangkan beban pengguna atau pembeli barangan tersebut terkesan oleh hutang-hutang yang tertunggak disebabkan perbelanjaan yang bertambah.

    9. Apabila berlakunya kelebihan dalam perbelanjaan sedangkan wang gaji hanya statik tidak bertambah maka beban akan diterima oleh pembeli atau pengguna.

    10. Oleh itu rakyat pengguna atau pembeli memerlukan rangsangan dari penjual dan pemberi bantuan kewangan supaya hutang-hutang yang membantu golongan bawahan untuk memiliki keperluan hidup tidak bertambah bebannya oleh dasar-dasar yang dibuat golongan berkuasa untuk kepentingan komunitinya.

    11. Allah s.w.t maha pemurah dan penyayang. Kepadanya kita memohon pertolongan dari manusia-manusia yang bersifat tidak berperikemanusiaan dan kepadanyalah akhirnya kita kembali.


  126. youngmaya Feb 9,2016 4:05 PM

    sorry lari topik…

    minta tun komen sikit tentang peranan dan fungsi majlis raja raja…


  127. Murad Feb 9,2016 4:03 PM

    As Salam Tun , I pray to Allah to bless you with long life and good health.
    Indeed , I always believe supporting our national car as I buy Petronas fuel. Just as lately , perception wise that made people shy away from Proton.
    As you mention the press are more on sensation story including published ‘ fitnah’ news.
    Hope this piece of great news you state here can be disseminated through other channels that can reach the rakyat that can change their perception.
    Gong Xi Fatt Chai

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