1. My very good friend, colleague, former Deputy President of UMNO and Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Musa Hitam blames me for the failure to achieve Vision 2020 (read here). It is all because I failed to groom successors at all levels.

2. My first failure was Tun Musa Hitam himself. He could not wait for me to retire. So he resigned after 5 years being with me as my deputy, in a Government his boys called the MM Government.

3. He believed the UMNO Supreme Council would throw me out and appoint him as President. The Council decided to persuade him to return as DPM and Deputy President. He came back as Deputy President.

4. At the next UMNO Election he persuaded his erstwhile rival and enemy, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to contest for President against me. He was prepared to be Deputy President and DPM under Tengku Razaleigh and not under me.

5. These he did even though I overlooked his bad faith and later appointed him as Special Envoy to the UN with ministerial rank.

6. In the contest for presidency, (Tan Sri) Syed Hamid Albar, (Tan Sri) Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and (Tan Sri) Rais Yatim sided with Tengku Razaleigh.

7. I and Ghafar Baba won. Then I appointed all those who were not loyal to me as ministers in my cabinet. One of them, Tun Abdullah, eventually was named my successor as Prime Minister. Far from choosing only loyalists, I chose those disloyal to me.

8. I did not train anyone so they can make a success of Vision 2020. I believed in leadership by example. I must have set a bad example because those who succeeded me all failed to make a success of Vision 2020. I am to blame of course.

9. Dear Musa, thank you very much for pin-pointing the cause of the failure of Vision 2020. You must have known this in 1986, long before the Vision. It must have been your foresight which caused you to resign from the Government I headed. So no one can blame you. Your service to me and the nation will go down in history.

152 thoughts on “TUN MUSA

  1. Mdferoz Mar 24,2016 11:17 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sebagaimana saya sendiri adalah benar kata kata tun sendiri ” MELAYU MUDAH LUPA”.

    Terlalu sedih untuk diungkapkan cuma agar jangan sahaja perbalahan antara kita sendiri sehingga kehilangan kemudian hari bangsa kita mengigit jari bangsa lain bertepuk tangan..

  2. Ahmad Tajuddin Mar 12,2016 1:35 PM

    I used to hate this man, up until now even, I still hate what he was already done to this country especially in what we understand about corruption, the disenchanted of all the power-balance between judiciary, executive and legislative. I hate all those scandals during his tenure.

    But then, to read this, honestly it kind of sad. It makes me sad. I just can’t stop thinking how we wasting so much time for all those nonsense and failed miserably in driving our nation towards what we really meant to.

  3. snowattitudes Mar 10,2016 2:22 PM


    You have a lot of negatives in your points. These wont help for peace and harmony Malaysia. You cant feed everyone, so everyone need to work. If one individual or some community from other races has bad outcomes, we are not suppose to blame other races as cause to the consequences. The reality is the majority speaks louder in term of races or beliefs. Even many (not all) Malaysian Chinese enjoy better life than Malay in Malaysia itself. So there is need for balance. I understand that the government (from Tun to Najib) keep blind to poor people from other races especially Indian. But that it not because Tun and Najib does not do their work. That is because they failed or being cheated by their subordinates to control the distribution channel to the people. But cant help coz we have a lot or corrupted ministers and officials behind the scene. Even in NGOs and right-wing politicians. As long as a lot of money infront of your eyes, decisions can be splitted in seconds. That’s the reality of the world and not only in Malaysia. Actually Malay has actually mixed genetic. So you could see some Malay looks like Chinese, some looks like Indian, some looks like Pakistan, some like Mat Salleh coz their great-great grand parents comes from other countries. Like myself, I have Indian and Chinese mix. That is why Malay has that capability or skill to manage multi-racial country. But that does not undermind other races’ capability to serve as Perdana Menteri as long as you have some alignment and full respect with the majority and country structure as Muslim, Royals, and Parliement. If Malay is put as president in India, he/she could succeed provided he/she has Indian genetic.But all of this could be out of topic from Tun’s blog title here. Cant help it because your points are so annoying. I dont hate Dato Seri Najib, but I agree the fact that Tun Mahathir and others has valid points ask him to resign. Also some Dato Seri Najib’s assistants has failed to help Dato Seri Najib to give confidence of governance to the majority of Malaysian people. Those whose failed have to go and dont take it personally. Tun Mahathir has always be the most successful Malaysian leader when in bad times or in a good times, in a bad mood or in a good mood, in bad manners or in good manners. At this age, he just care for us for the last time. If you Tun Musa read this comment, you should left all the things behind and join him FOR THE LAST TIME.

  4. Hajar Mar 8,2016 11:32 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I wonder why Tengku Razaleigh, Tun Musa and those who formed ‘Parti Semangat 46’ did not come forward to rescue UMNO (now ‘Parti Najib’) from being further ruined by PM Najib & gang.

    I thought last time when they went against Tun Mahathir, they were trying (kononnya) to revive the ORIGINAL struggle of UMNO – ‘Perjuangan untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair’. Kononnya lagi, Tun Mahathir sudah lari dari landasan perjuangan UMNO asal (that’s the reason they named their party ‘Semangat 46’).

    Or they are now so comfortable with whatever benefits they are getting from the ‘King of cash’. Inipun jenis manusia yang ‘cakap tidak serupa bikin’ – cannot be trusted.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  5. HBT456 Mar 8,2016 7:35 AM

    80. If you put party interest above the country and voters, the future taxpayers, then be prepared to face uncertainties due to boat rocking within the party.

  6. HBT456 Mar 8,2016 7:30 AM

    74. Putrajaya is built is to have absolute power against non moslem to implemant vision of wawasan 2020 via look east policy.

    75. Only malay can decide the future and direction of this country, isn’t it?

    76. Anyone can label najib anything, but not you.

    77. Money politics was started by you based on popular votes of malay cum islam supremacy to get the poor malay to vote you.

    78. Tengku razaleigh said he doesnt have spies in the cabinet.

    79. He is just being honest.

    80. If you put party interest above the country and party, then be prepared to face uncertainties due to boat rocking within the party.

  7. Hajar Mar 8,2016 1:00 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Allow me Tun:

    1. A leader with integrity must ‘walk the talk – cakap serupa bikin’.

    2. If a leader likes to accuse others (‘canang keliling negara’) of practicing ‘nepotism, cronyism, corruption, etc.’ and labels others as racist but this same leader is the one who is doing all the things that he/she accuses others of doing, then this leader is not someone with integrity (dishonest with him/herself and also others – a hypocrite).

    3. We have many leaders in the Oppositions (a fact) who have their family members (nepotism) holding important/high positions in their parties; and definitely, they also appoint those who support them to important positions (cronyism) in all the states under their administration. Are they free of corruption? Of course not – a lot of things had happened in Selangor, Penang, and Kelantan (we need people with ‘special/unique talent’ to dig into all those ‘scandals’).

    4. But, of course they are still considered as leaders with integrity by those who ‘adore’ them.

    5. I respect Tun M because he always (sebaik mungkin) ‘cakap serupa bikin – walk the talk’. For example, if he had wanted to make one of his sons as PM of Malaysia, he could have done that when he was in power like what many Opposition leaders are currently doing (Parti anak-beranak-laki-bini-menantu-adik-beradik-kaum kerabat…Berintegriti? Cakap tidak serupa bikin – no integrity at all).

    6. Sadly, we have very few leaders with integrity in Malaysia. ‘Satu malapetaka’

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  8. HBT456 Mar 7,2016 8:58 PM


    69. Its up to dap and pkr non malay to decide their next course.

    70. Also, the personal anger and frustration between pkr and umno malay, it would be better off for their malay supreme council to decide.

    71. Why get involve with their personal problems?

    72. I really do not want to see ts muyhiddin ended up like late gafar baba.

    73. Ts myuhiddin is from johor, and with protection from his sultan, at least he can live comfortably for his remaining years makan pencen.

  9. HBT456 Mar 7,2016 8:28 PM

    59. Sebagai warganegara malaysia, tak baik panggil pm najib kita sebagai pm najis.

    60. Walaupun kami rakyat malaysia kaum turunan cina dah putus asa dengan sikap bagai kacang lupa kulit wakil2 dan ahli2 parlimen melayu naik kerana wang politik, kami tetap menghormati pm najib kita dengan gelaran ah jib gor, atau abang jib.

    61. Ringgit malaysia merosot adalah perkara biasa di negara ini kerana umno sendiri, I mean khazanah, pun beli bond dalam bentuk us dollar dengan matawang myr.

    62. Pergi umrah pun kena pakai us dollar.

    63. Kami kaum cina pergi china pakai renminbi, tak pakai us dollar pun.

    64. Jadi, apakah hairannya matawang myr merosot berbanding kepada us dollar?

    65. Kenapa tuduh jari kat pengespot dan pengimpot small and medium businesses yang membayar gaji, kwsp, socso, personal accident insurance dan cukai2 kepada putrajaya?

    66. Proton, perodua, petronas ini pun pakai us dollar secara besar besaran, kenapa diam saja?

    67. Adakah tahap kaum cina negara ini adalah lebih rendah daripada warganegara asing?

  10. adelheid Mar 7,2016 5:35 PM

    Dear Tun,

    God has created mankind in divisions but He must have done so for a good cause not a bad one. He must have created mankind with racial differences so that man learn goodness, kindness, knowledge to live with each other, unity. It isn’t easy but it is not impossible. The key is the heart, kindness and the will to set aside our ego and selfishness. People fail to unite because of their ego and selfishness. Until these traits are overpowered people will continue to live life full of ridicule, spite and hatred for each other. It will be an endless journey of destruction, no one will win. Unless mankind is ready to change and place one purpose above all else – acceptance of each other’s differences – only then we will be able to unite and live in peace with each other. There is no point in harping for a harmonious nation if each race is reluctant to move neither forward nor anywhere to accomodate others of different backgrounds.

    Similarly now the situation in our country, if we all continue to be arrogant against each other, the ketuanan and the kiasu, will all go down in history as a nation that will never reach the path to being a real developed nation. Our value system belief system will be in disarray and our people corrupted inside and out.

    Help save this country Tun Mahathir and you people out there who could still think for goodness sakes. Put aside our ill feelings, arrogance and foolishness. Think ahead for the sakes of our future generation. Think like Tun Mahathir – what lies ahead for the next generation.

    Thank you Tun.

  11. joetamchi Mar 7,2016 3:44 PM


    Baju Melayu, warna pink…
    Baju kot, warna itam….
    Kono rayu.? Jumpo? meeting?
    Smpai pRu, kono tikam…!

    Bilo najis melomor nogaro…
    Taik dpalit menyelet jolato…


    tn hj….tn hj….,bang aji…..bang aji…..
    Terus trsipu, mengasing diri?
    Bubar parlimen, buat deklarasi.!
    nk buat nanti, buleh join skali…?

    helah & maruah?
    Aqidah..& Ibadah..!


    Hutang Yahudi, totap kono ganti…

  12. adelheid Mar 7,2016 3:25 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I agree with Sri Sense for her non hypocritical comment on Lim Kit Siang. Contrary to the stigma that seems to be affixed to this person by our malay society I personally think LKS is a man of integrity and charisma even if his battle in politics has been mainly for the chinese but he definitely has all the ingredients of a true leader. His platform and beliefs may differ from that of the malays muslims but it is his value system and principles that has made him respectable and a man of honour, much in contrast with what is being practised by his counterparts in Najib Razak’s UMNO-BN today. Najib’s administration say one thing but practise another. LKS may look like he is cina totok but this man definitely has more integrity than most UMNO politicians today. It is hard to find another fighter who is on the same level as you Tun Dr. Mahathir. Nevertheless there he is LKS even if he has been known to be your adversary but only political and I believe never on a personal basis. Otherwise LKS would not have been amongst the well wishers to your annual Hari Raya open houses during your tenure as PM.

    Enough with LKS however I just want to let you know that you have my full support. Don’t you worry about what people may say. People may say lots of things but at the end of the day no one will actually want to risk themselves and really fight for the citizens. At the end of the day it is you dear Tun Mahathir who will really sacrifice yourself for the rakyat the country. You Tun who will swallow all the bitter, hurls and insults from all who have gone disarray because of this Najib absolute rule.

    Hang in there my dearest Tun. Hold on to what you believe is right. It may not take a day or two or a month or so, it may take time to dislodge the bad tooth and his sycophants. What is important is our battle to clean up the mess made by this irresponsible Najib Razak and his comrades have begun. Stay put and strong willed ya Tun. We are with you for as long as it may take.

    Thank you and take good care Tun Mahathir. Always love you!

  13. cruze Mar 7,2016 3:10 PM

    Perdana menteri pertama sumbang 1 juta untuk paaukan bola, pasukan bola negeri lain tak cuba mohon ke sumbangan 1 juta.
    Baru 12 juta kalau semua negeri mohon..
    Tentera dan felda pun boleh mohon kah? Demi perihatinnya pm terhadap sukan bola negara.
    Dulu kena lazer dengan TMJ…JDT..

    Terima kasih daun keladi najib…
    Kalau ada lebih kasi kasi lah lagi untuk baiki lebuh raya pasir gudang yang berlobang2 dan jalan kampung yang belum di tar lagi…
    Kalau boleh lebih lah bagi untuk bayar tution english anak anak rakyat johor, nanti orang johor mahir berbahasa inggeris, satu sekolah najib bayar 2 orang guru tution bahasa inggeris pun sudah alhamdulilah.
    Munafaatnya untuk jangka masa panjang dan untuk anak bangsa.

  14. intaiintai Mar 7,2016 12:53 PM



    Yesterday we were in Rais Yatim village in Gagu attending the burial of my wife’s aunty..

    One of the lady folks asked ” Kenapa Tun M nak jatuhkan kerajaan?, takde lah kerajaan melayu nanti.. Kalau Pakatan Rakyat memerintah cina lah berkuasa…”

    We explained ” Tun Mahathir bukan nak jatuhkan kerajaan tetapi nak suruh Najib berundur dari jadi PM… IMDB …bla, bla,bla, 2.6b ringgit masuk akaun peribadi..dll… bla, bla, bla”

    During my explanation I noticed most of the ladyfolks were shaking their heads up and down, left and right with sighs.. astagfirullah, masyaallah..

    To these folks any action to bring down Najib (PM) tantamounts to bringing down the UMNO/BN government which has been good to them..

    Perhaps the Movement to oust the Deranged, Useless Mental Blockheads (DUMBs) should put up banners throughout the nation.. ” Kita Sayang Kerajaan UMNO/BN tapi tolak Perdana Menteri yg,,,, (fill in the blanks with the appropiate superlatives)

    Semoga Gerakan Selamatkan Malaysia direstui…


  15. Sri Sense Mar 7,2016 11:45 AM

    Hmmm dari Star 6/3/2016

    Kit Siang: I never hated Dr Mahathir

    PETALING JAYA: DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang (pic) has denied hating his long-time rival former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who once detained Lim under the Internal Security Act.

    Lim said he “never hated Tun Mahathir, I have never hated anyone,” adding that “in politics you cannot be personal.”

    Lim, former DAP secretary general when Dr Mahathir was prime minister, said after he was released from detention under the ISA in 1988, he had asked Dr Mahathir if he was going to arrest then Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    “I told him, ‘I didn’t come to ask you why you arrested me. I came to ask why didn’t you arrest Najib’ because at the time, Najib was the Umno Youth leader. So there’s nothing personal about it,” Lim, also Gelang Patah MP, told reporters on Sunday.

    (It was reported that Najib had led a rally in Kampung Baru during heightened tensions in 1987 evoking fear of racial clashes.)

    Lim was among scores of opposition leaders, political activists and academicians arrested under Operasi Lallang in October 1987 while Dr Mahathir was the prime minister.

    On his dissatisfaction with the changes Dr Mahathir had made as prime minister, Lim maintained that all that he had said about Dr Mahathir were on public record.

    “The very fact that we can come together and work to save the nation is what’s important now,” he added.

    On Friday, Lim had joined Dr Mahathir, opposition leaders and political activists in signing the Citizen’s Declaration, initiated by Dr Mahathir, in calling for Najib’s removal as Prime Minister.

    The others included suspended Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, former Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu, PAS election director Datuk Mustafa Ali and former Kita president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

    Lim, however, declined to comment when asked about a statement issued by Mukhriz on Saturday that any successor to Najib would come from Barisan Nasional.

    “I’m not going to comment on anybody’s statement. We are going one step at a time, and we have clarified the direction,” said Lim.

  16. anak wawasan 2020 Mar 7,2016 11:40 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

    Seorang teman rapat yang berada di Jakarta semalam telah memberitahu saya bahawa semasa menetap di hotel disana, beberapa orang tempatan telah bertanya mengenai Tun M kepada mereka. Orang-orang tempatan berkenaan menyatakan bahawa mereka “salute Tun Mahathir of Malaysia”.

    Dan paling trajis, mereka bertanya soalan yang seterusnya, “Siapa PM baru Malaysia?”.

    Saya terjumpa link berkenaan di blog Datok A. Kadir Jasin. Terima kasih Dato.

    Worth sharing:
    Petisen Atas Talian Selamatkan Malaysia


    Perkara: Selamatkan Malaysia/Save Malaysia

    Rakyat Malaysia yang ingin menyatakan sokongan kepada Deklarasi Rakyat, boleh berbuat demikian di pautan di bawah:

    Malaysian citizens who wish to express their support for the Citizens’ Declaration could do so at the link below:

    Terima kasih/ thank you.

  17. Sri Sense Mar 7,2016 10:24 AM

    Salam Tun nak share blog Lim Kit Siang, baru baca online.

    I actually tak kenal Lim Kit Siang personally. Years, years ago I pernah makan satu tempat dengan LKS – restaurant Chinese Muslim di Subang Jaya. Dia duduk satu meja dengan 2 orang lain while me and hubby meja lain. Bukan function, its just an ordinary makan time. Dia nampak biasa saja, tak sombong, tak garang. Bila nak balik I nampak dia tak habis makan dan bungkus, I pun sama. Masa tu I rasa macam we both agree on one thing, that the food there taste bad 🙂

    Okay here’s the link, thumbs up to LKS!

    There is an air of panic in Putrajaya as a result of the historic 304 Citizens’ Declaration for Najib’s removal and democratic and institutional reforms

  18. Sri Sense Mar 7,2016 9:10 AM

    Salam Tun, harap Tun berdua sihat. Jangan dikisah apa pengkritik nak kata. Kalau Tun rasa ini terbaik Tun buat sajalah. Seingat saya Tun memang enterprising orangnya, itu antara sebab kenapa zaman Tun kami semua lebih senang hidup dari zaman sekarang. 🙂 Bayangkanlah skrg middle class macam saya pun dah berjinak2 dengan hospital dan klinik kerajaan. Business2 kecil seperti klinik swasta kalau tak ada link dengan insuran dan company pun pasti lingkup, kena bungkus 🙁

    Musato, kalau kawan bertanya tentang pasaran saham – saham mana naik, saya sering jawab ini “no one can predict the stock market, only God can”. 🙂 There are times you ingat ini naik tapi lain naik dan ada masa tiba2 ada sesuatu terjadi dalam industry atau saham tersebut maka stock pun turun dengan drastik.

    However, for investors mereka selalu buat fundamental analysis or nak senang mereka ikut apa the big boys beli, (fund managers, stockbrokers, bankers). Usually blue chips. Manakala for day traders pula mereka pula Technical Analysis, bila nak masuk bila nak keluar.

    Dalam market sekarang apa yang I nampak lebih ramai traders dari investors. Minat untuk duduk lama dalam sesuatu counter tiada. Buat duit sikit cabut. Not only that, ada saham yang harga 1 sen, tak macam dulu harga saham yang level itu ada yang sampai puluhan ringgit 🙁

    GTG Have a nice daya all!

  19. sibotak Mar 7,2016 7:14 AM

    Malaysia is a Democratic Nation
    Elected by The people for the people
    Besides we also have the KeSultanan Melayu as part of our Contituency

    We elect the Prime Minister
    Yes it was Democratic election
    But it was a very wrong decision on part of the many including our beloved Tun Mahathir
    So we have to amend it
    Worst is This PM of ours
    Have shown Disrespect of our Demcratic system
    He showers himself like a Crook
    A murderer ,Altayantul , An illegal Money Launderer as brought up by the Swiss
    A Misappropritions of Govt Revenue
    A Dishonor Leader and most the Stupidest and the Clumsiest PM on earth
    Whom deposits money into his personal account without proper legal official procedure
    So He does looks like a Crook
    No wonder Tun Mahathir did not get his Crooked Bridge done

    What most Horrible He also represents and in control of the Law ,The AG and the many
    Imagine A Crook also represent and also is above sea the Law
    That narrows Malaysia
    To a Democratic Lawless Nation
    Above our Today Govt. ,Najib Ruling
    There are String attached to him
    He is those string attached puppet ,A marionette or in Bahasa Melayu
    Potong Wayang Kulit
    These is very un healthy for us Malaysia and 1 Malaysia
    Having identify so ,We practice a very respectful approach towards him, Tun Najib
    For Transparency , to clear the many Doubths we have against him
    But He Ressits and shown us more and more of the many doubts
    Much of the investigation including Alyantul murder was not clearly , thoroughly as much as 1MDB investigation being blocked

    We are facing a Big problem here
    And it goes Wilder if not solves today
    Tun Mahathir and most respectable leaders , opposition leader and others have comes forward with a Peaceful approach
    But these approach will goes Ugly one Day
    By then it’s too late ,someone will get hurts

    I call for the Sultan to come forward
    To Balance up the amiss Malaysia is facing today

    These is a Test for Malaysia
    A Test for all including the Sultan

    We have to cut off the foreign String attached to our now Weak Govt under Najib
    We have to recover now Malaysia is a Lawless Nation
    Law is represented by The Wrong person including the Head AG appointed by the Crooked Mental PM
    It’s a Beauty every one now comes forward Tun Mahathir, Opposition Leaders and the many
    But I also ask the Sultan to also comes forward

    We will be our best to be
    To make Malaysia Right

    That slogan Malaysia Bolih has to be abolish and erase
    Too much Bolih now Tak Bolih already
    So it’s now Malaysia Right

  20. The Hidden Secret Mar 7,2016 5:09 AM


    Agong lantik AG di atas “nasihat” PM. Dalam masa 30 hari kalau Agong tak nak lantik AG, perlantikan AG akan berlaku secara “automatik”.

    Siapa punye kerja yang buat undang-undang ni?

    AG merupakan nominee PM. AG tak akan dakwa PM. Kalau AG dakwa PM hari ni, esok PM boleh “nasihat” Agong untuk sack AG.

    Kembalikan 100% kuasa melantik AG kepada Agong. Buang perkataan “nasihat” sebab maksud “nasihat” tu ialah “mesti lantik”.

  21. faridina Mar 7,2016 2:09 AM

    Assalammualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Sesungguhnya ayahanda Tun adalah pemimpin sepanjang zaman yang benar-benar berjiwa besar dengan keberanian luarbiasa dalam menegakkan kebenaran dan sanggup turun ke bawah untuk membela rakyat marhaen yang sememangnya mendambakan pembelaan dan pembebasan dari cengkaman kerakusan dan ketamakan seorang Perdana Menteri yang sah menghambakan diri pada wang ringgit.

    Pelbagai cara dan pendekatan telah diambil oleh ayahanda Tun satu ketika tidak berapa lama dahulu dengan mendedahkan segala kemungkaran Presiden Najib kepada 3 juta ahli UMNO namun masih tidak membuahkan hasil kerana kuasa wang ringgit jelas mengatasi segala-galanya sesuai dengan pegangan Najib iaitu ‘Wang Tunai Adalah Raja’.

    Hari ini ayahanda Tun terpaksa keluar dari parti Najib untuk bersama2 rakyat marhaen seramai 30 juta orang dan meraihkan sokongan kami untuk menidakkan sokongan 3 juta ahli UMNO seperti yang didakwa Perdana Menteri durjana tersebut.

    Oleh yang demikian adalah menjadi satu kemestian bagi kami rakyat yang tidak dapat menerima Najib Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri untuk menandatangani ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ yang telah d
    didahului oleh 50 individu dari kumpulan teras yang diketuai ayahanda Tun.

    Sayugia itu diharap ayahanda Tun dapat menggunakan platform blog chedet ini untuk menunjukkan cara bagaimana tiap seorang dari kami di sini dapat menurunkan tandatangan ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ tersebut secara tersusun dan tertib melalui saluran yang sah dan betul bagi menjayakan deklarasi ini.

    Moga ayahanda Tun dapat menulis topik seterusnya iaitu ‘The Citizen Declaration’ atau ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ bagi memanjangkan perkara ini untuk pengetahuan rakyat jelata.

    Akhir sekali pihak rakyat sememangnya tidak sabar2 menanti jumlah kiraan terakhir tandatangan yang bakal dikumpulkan melalui deklarasi ini dan apakah tindakan selanjutnya?

    Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan ini.

    Amin Ya Rab.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Mengapa Tun Daim terus membisu? Takkan nak jadi Tun Diam selama-lamanya. Jangan jadi macam Tun Dollar dan Tun Musang sudahlah:)

  22. HBT456 Mar 6,2016 4:17 PM

    47. In this topic, it only spells one thing.

    48. Politicians could be corrupted with power and position, isnt it sir mubarak chan?

    49. Its a fact that pm najib has abused his power as pm of malaysia in money laundering.

    50. It would be better off for him to go on leave now.

    51. Let his cousin, ds hisham to take over his position before the next ge kicks off.

    52. If pm najib insits that he will only held ge as when he likes, no problem.

    53. Tdm also delayed the ge during the 90s.

    54. Therefore, dont punish the voters for not voting you.

    55. Why build kl118?

    56. Issue bond to korean is righteous?

    57. Issue bond to prc is sinful?

    58. Why dont you just admit it that you dislike chinese just because they dont buy your islamic ideology?

  23. sibotak Mar 6,2016 12:30 PM

    Malaysia is in the Danger Zone

    Run by an irresponsible Leader
    Najib Tun Razak
    Backed by his appointed AG
    Balls by Parliment whom we have doubts of their agendas

    Now Against

    Tun Mahathir and Opposition with Suara Rakyat
    Sultan still Sleeping

    So what next ?

  24. HBT456 Mar 6,2016 12:04 PM

    43. If everyone thinking of earning money politics to get rich and migrate, this country is bound to fail.

    44. Confidence crisis is not something that you can play with rhetoric politics.

    45. Without the veto from prc in un, north korea cannot declare military or trade wars to south korea that would kill the lives of millions of koreans.

    46. Prc, japanese and koreans gone through that, therefore, they woukd not support any countries’ leaders who are selfish, ego and ignorant.

  25. HBT456 Mar 6,2016 11:44 AM

    37. Its really naive, immature, stupid and embarrassing to write such an open letter to mr donald trump.

    38. Usa has ambassador here, how can you bypass this highest level of official usa office in kl?

    39. The malay said dsai, not najib nor mahathir, was welcome with red carpet in ny.

    40. In ny, as long as you have the money you can buy anything that is allowed by the law there.

    41. Moreover, dsai went there as individual not representing the official goevernment.

    42. Also, lim lit siang went to middle east is to represent he is arab moslem first, not malaysian malaysia first?

  26. HBT456 Mar 6,2016 10:31 AM

    27. What kind of justice, equality and fairness you wanna sell?

    28. They are many untold stories, even if you know, what can you do if they dont feel ashame or repent?

    29. If umno really want to sell justice, equality and fairness, let dsai out from the jail without condition.

    30. Hey ministers, malaysia still can progress without umno.

    31. But umno ministers will be out of jobs if we no longer have faiths and trust in you in managing the country.

    32. The claim of banning tmi in the name of national security is a cover up to protect their members and positions, nothing more.

    33. Why?

    34. Because they are blind copycats.

    35. Beside infightings and boat rocking, what are you doing?

    36. The structure and pillar are already form, cant you improve and making them stronger, greater and alive?

  27. HBT456 Mar 6,2016 10:01 AM


    22. Racism is common, henceforth, racist politics become the universal norm in shaping the country.

    23. I am not moslem, but if dap continue to demolish chinese faiths of different religions and education, he will loose my vote.

    24. With the support of dsai in jail to tdm, it only proves one type of politics, that is maverick.

    25. Islam is official religion, but if putrajaya use it to increase sin tax, then I can safely conclude that putrajaya is extending their influence in killing off the population of non moslem.

    26. Ask yourself, as moslem cum malay, if you are force to study chinese and convert into buddhism, will you support mca?

  28. musato Mar 6,2016 7:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Fariq Islam,

    Pangkah PAS jelah. Buat apa nak buat parti baru. Takkan nak sokong parti baru Tun bersama Ambiga.

    Macam kata Rimba Emas, orang tengah patut macam Rasulullah s.a.w

    Tapi Tun kerjanya orang politik yang pernah berkuasa dan tahu luas kuasa Perdana Menteri. Maka berpolitik lah Tun.

    Kalau kerajaan tak suka Tun Mahathir, maka penjara sahajalah Tun.

    Kita rakyat pangkah PAS. Orang agama berserban dan ada yang profesional pun.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  29. musato Mar 6,2016 6:54 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sri Sense, dalam kelas investment saya, saya sengaja pilih satu kompeni yang tak popular untuk kajian.

    Tapi harga konpeni tu makin lama makin turun. Saya bagitau lecturer saya. Dia kata bukan tu yang saya suruh?? Terus dia tak layan saya. Mungkin sebab saya dah nak jatuh miskin kot.

    Sebab harga kompeni tu jatuh mendadak kerana perbalahan peringkat atasan.

    Kawan saya mungkin dah jadi jutawan kot sebab pilih kompeni glamer dan harga cantik masa kelas investment tu kot.?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  30. Hajar Mar 5,2016 11:46 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Syabas Tun di atas usaha yang Tun lakukan untuk terus mendesak DS Najib supaya meletak jawatan melalui ’Deklarasi Warganegara’ (walaupun saya sangsi dengan niat sebenar sesetengah pihak yang ada bersama Tun pada sidang tersebut).

    2. Bila saya melihat Tun berdiri sambil membaca deklarasi tersebut, saya rasa sedikit sedih (walaupun kagum). Tun yang berusia lebih 90 tahun dikelilingi oleh ramai pemimpin2 yang jauh lebih muda yang cuma duduk dengan selesa di sekeliling Tun – cuma menumpang saja kerana tiada keberanian ataupun ada kepentingan2 lain; sekadar jadi ’pelakon tambahan’. Saya percaya. sesetengahnya menyokong Tun M semata-mata ingin ’mengaburi’ mata rakyat. Hipokrit… (budak2 pun boleh kenal orang yang hipokrit; tidak perlu orang dewasa untuk kenal mereka yang sebegini).

    3. Tun (berjiwa besar) sanggup mengetepikan segala tohmahan/ cacian-maki-hamun/ fitnah yang pernah dilempar (ada yang masih lagi melakukannya) oleh pemimpin2 Pembangkang yang berada bersama-sama Tun pada masa sidang ’deklarasi’ tersebut. Ramai dikalangan mereka ini dahulunya berlaku teramat ’kurang ajar’ terhadap Tun, tetapi bila Tun sudah keluar UMNO, tiba2 bukan main lagi mereka ’menghimpit’ Tun untuk tumpang ’glamor’. Lakonan? Publisiti?

    4. Setahu saya, Pembangkang memang mahu DSN terus jadi PM supaya pada PRU-14 nanti, BN/ UMNO mudah ditumbangkan. Tengok saja Presiden PAS. Bukan main lagi sokongan padu beliau terhadap DSN yang korup. I wonder why he (Hj. Hadi) is so supportive of DSN…

    5. Tindakan Tun menukar strategi membuatkan ramai pemimpin Pembangkang terpaksa mengikut rentak Tun (sebab rakyat sedang MEMERHATIKAN tingkah-laku mereka).

    6. Apa pun, Tun mesti BERWASPADA kerana dalam keadaan sekarang ramai yang cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk kepentingan diri / parti masing2. Tapi saya yakin Tun sudah fikir semasak-masaknya sebelum Tun buat apa2 keputusan penting. Saya doakan usaha Tun berjaya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  31. sibotak Mar 5,2016 11:35 PM

    We are in Tun

    Who is this AG of Najib ?
    By having a piece of paper shown by him in the news
    Najib enquiry is closed
    Noquestions ask and investigations to be stopped ?
    Who the Hell he think he is ?
    What kind of Rubbish is these ?
    These is very Rude and very Dangerous Law
    How can I abide to these Kind of Law ?

  32. rimba.emas Mar 5,2016 7:56 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas minta maaf kerana tidak dapat hadhir ke majlis deklarasi oleh Tun hari ini kerana bekerja pada hari Sabtu.

    2. Selalunya diberi tahu dua minggu lebih awal membolehkan Rimba Emas memohon cuti menghadiri sesuatu majlis yang diadakan pada hari Sabtu.

    3. Tidak mengapalah diharap Tun akan meneruskan agenda seterusnya. Sudah tentu akan diadakan lagi perjumpaan begini lebih-lebih lagi untuk mendapat maklumat yang tepat atau hasil sesuatu tindakan yang telah diambil.

    4. Sebagaimana sebelumnya halangan akan terus dilakukan oleh pihak yang hendak diturunkan lebih-lebih lagi dengan kekuatan yang ada pada pihak yang berkuasa ini.

    5. Malah di lihat dari gambar yang Rimba Emas terima yang hadhir adalah mereka-mereka yang telah pernah didakwa . Bukan bermaksud mengatakan mereka ini bersalah sebaliknya telah pernah dikalahkan oleh lawan mereka atau realitinya pihak yang bermusuh.

    6. Jadi yang pernah kalah ini pada pihak lawan mereka ada modal untuk dijadikan barang kes atau senjata untuk dicabar kembali.

    7. Sebagai contoh bukan untuk mengeji. Salah seorang yang menentang Najib iaitu Saudari S. Ambiga pada pandangan seorang yang pegang kuat agama Islam boleh menjadi senjata untuk dijatuhkan kes bila pernah memperjuangkan untuk golongan ‘gay’ diiktiraf dalam negara Islam.

    8. Walau pun itu haknya kerana bukan beragama Islam tetapi dalam hal ini terlibatnya dalam proses ini akan menggurangkan nisbah memudahkan sesuatu tuntutan disebabkan perjuangannya.

    9. Contoh dalam Islam seseorang yang berahlak mulia seperti Rasullullah s.a.w boleh menjadi orang tengah dalam menyuraikan pertelagahan antara dua manusia yang berlainan agama, bangsa atau kaum.

    10. Kita manusia tidak dapat membentuk antara satu sama lain kerana nafsu. Hanya Allah s.w.t yang dapat memberi hidayah kepada seseorang itu.


  33. Fariq Islam Mar 5,2016 6:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    In the spirit of democracy, leave the fate of PM in the hands of all Malaysian voters.

    We are not far away from 2018, in which another general election shall be held. Today, if the movement to oust PM succeeds, who shall take over the leadership? There is risk that political chaos may evolve among the leaders of the “Selamatkan Malaysia” movement, as to who shall be the next PM. We cannot afford political instability amid looming economy downturn.

    Gently and aptly, consider set-up of a new political party, as a platform to materialize your vision and mission! Malaysians are ready and anticipate for a Third Force that advocates unity, peace and development.

  34. Fariq Islam Mar 5,2016 6:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Apa yang boleh Rakyat saksikan hari ini, sebelum kerajaan Sarawak mengumum piliharaya negeri, PKR dan DAP dah merebut-rebut kerusi-kerusi yang akan ditandingi.

    Deklarasi “Selamatkan Malaysia” mungkin membawa motif baik. Namun, kalaulah gerakan ini berjaya menggulingkan PM, siapa pula yang akan menyandang kerusi PM?

    Kita sayang tanahair kita. Kita tak nak pergolakan politik. Kita nak kestabilan politik, keharmonian antara kaum, pertumbuhan ekonomi dan pembangunan.

    Kami takut kalaulah gerakan mengguling PM ini berjaya, Malaysia akan terjerumus ke lembah pergolakan politik dan perebutan kuasa pemerintahan!

  35. Sri Sense Mar 5,2016 10:31 AM

    Salam Tun

    Pada saudara musato seorang baker.

    Saya teringat cerita ini, semasa saya di investment class dulu, ada seorang lecturer kata dalam stock market ada tukang goreng.

    Kawannya dapat tips stock mana sindiket nak main esok. Pasal sikawan tak ada CDS account, kawan ini nak pinjam account CDS lecturer. Lecturer terkejut dan takut, nak pinjam CDS account ini bahaya, rugi tak pasal2 kena bayar hutang.

    So lecturer ini tanya kawan mana dapat tips. Kawan cerita yang bapa dia main manjong semalam, dengar orang situ cakap kat talipon yang nak main counter ini, naik sampai harga ini jual, pasal itu dia pun nak tumpang sekaki.

    Pasal beria ia sangat dan kawan pun tak pernah minta pinjam CDS account sebelum ini, lecturer bagi kawan pinjam CDS account. Betul pun memang naik, jadi semua pun happy. 🙂

    Lecturer kata dalam stock market pun ada tukang goreng 🙂 Anyway itu cerita dulu, sekarang stocks pun ada harga 1 sen. |:

  36. Sri Sense Mar 5,2016 10:18 AM

    Salam Tun

    Maaf nak bertanya, nak keluar UMNO kena tulis surat kah? Kalau tak pernah bayar membership fee, adakah Ketua Cawangan atau Bahagian yang bayarkan?

  37. wajaperak Mar 5,2016 9:24 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya memohon ruangan.

    Bukankah kita sepatutnya membenarkan apa yg ada pada mereka?]

    Kita sekarang berada di zaman fitnah.Orang yang beramal dengan Al Quran dan Sunnah dituduh pengacau dan gila dan sebagainya.Hal ini bertepatan dengan ayat Al Quran tentang ‘Sunnatullah’ di mana Rasullulah s.a.w manusia sempurna di sakiti dengan lebih dahsyat lagi.

    Orang-orang yang mengikut jejak Rasullulah s.a.w juga akan disakiti dengan sedemikian rupa..:)

    Memang ada jawapan Allah di dalam Al Quran tentang persoalan tuan.
    Mari kita bersoal jawab dan bermuzakarah di dalam e mel.
    Blog Tun telah menjadi tempat yang amat menakutkan..
    Sila hubungi saya di sini untuk bersillaturrahim.


    Terima kasih tuan.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  38. sibotak Mar 5,2016 8:58 AM

    This naughty old man
    I thought he resign from UMNO already wants to withdraw and retire .
    I already wish him well
    Now he starts again
    Alamak ! Kasi orang sudah !
    Well Tun
    My dear Old man
    Make my day make it happen
    For every Right for Malaysia
    You are True Hero
    Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar Allahukhbar
    May yr Niat be a Bless from Allah
    I’m with you Old Man

  39. sibotak Mar 5,2016 8:51 AM

    Wandy Caswandy
    Marry whom you want
    Of yr choice
    4,3,2 if not 1
    Embrace Islam BUT
    Don,t marry yr own gender
    Male & male Female & female
    Half Boiled egg & half boiled egg
    Those 2 in 1
    Negative & negative
    Sword & Sword
    It never work
    Its Ugly Humiliating very un natural & disgusting

  40. sibotak Mar 5,2016 8:44 AM

    Marry whom you you
    4,3,2 if not 1
    Embrace Islam BUT
    Don,t marry yr own gender
    Male & male Female & female
    Half Boiled egg & half boiled egg
    Those 2 in 1
    Negative & negative
    It never work

  41. z2z Mar 4,2016 11:17 PM

    Thank you Tun for stepping up to be the spokesperson for “Citizen’s Declaration”. Thank you.

  42. rkmh226 Mar 4,2016 11:08 PM


    YABhg. Tun,

    Untuk makluman, saya dan keluarga serta rakan-rakan semua menyokong 100% Deklarasi Rakyat.

    Selamatkan Tanah Air Tercinta – MALAYSIAKU.

    Tolong jaga kesihatan, Tun.

    We love and miss u…

  43. WandyCaswady Mar 4,2016 10:00 PM

    What happen if a Russian Jew gets married with Malaysian Muslim? Or Izrael girl married with Palestian man? Or a Christian Sister gets married with Sunni ustaz… Apa hukumnya? Dan apakah yg akan terjadi? Apakah ada hadith atau Al-Quran yg berkata ttg ini? Bukankah kita sepatutnya membenarkan apa yg ada pada mereka? Tq pd yg menjawab persoalan ini… Dan maaf kerana keluar dr tajuk… Salaam

  44. musato Mar 4,2016 9:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kita ini bertuah kerana seorang bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia telah diberi kebolehan menulis oleh Allah swt.

    Pada minggu lepas dalam khutbah jumaat di masjid kampung saya, khatib turut menyatakan tentang peranan ilmu melalui surah Al Alaq atau dinamakan surah Iqra’

    Dimana ditegas berkenaan penyebaran dan perkembangan ilmu melalui tulisan.

    Saya juga amat bersyukur kerana diberi sedikit nikmat dalam bacaan tulisan dan saya yakin bahawa keadaan umat itu adalah sesuai dengan zamannya i.e zaman alam maya.

    Dalam blog ini adalah artikel hasil tulisan bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang tersohor di seluruh dunia.

    Pandangan dan cara berfikir serta tindakan seorang yang telah meletakkan Malaysia di mata dunia.

    Bagi sesiapa yang tidak dapat menyelami alam maya, saya ingin beritahu bahawa saya amat hormati pemimpin dan kuasa yang ada padanya.
    Sekiranya kuasa itu digunakan dengan jujur dan ke arah jalan yang baik tanpa selindung.

    Saya sebelum ini telah akui bahawa idea sayalah yang digunakan untuk menyelesaikan MH17.

    Tujuan saya bukanlah ingin menceritakan pasal kejayaan tersebut, tetapi saya ingin memberitahu bahawa saya amat kagum dengan kuasa yang ada pada seorang Perdana Menteri sehinggakan kes MH17 itu dapat diselesaikan dalam masa sehari setengah sahaja ; setelah cara/jalan penyelesaian yang tepat dijumpai.

    Seperti yang dikatakan Najib ketika itu “kita kaya dengan rangkaian sumber”.

    Bagi pengalaman yang dilalui oleh ‘dozen person’ dengan sekatan 11 kali jalanraya serta tidak dipandang oleh rombongan Eropah ketika berada di sana, namun mereka cuba berbaik baik setelah pasukan Malaysia berjaya dalam rundingan dengan Alexander Borodai. Sudah tentu delegasi kita tidak menyambut kembali muka manis mereka itu.

    Ketua pengiring keselamatan dalam ‘dozen person’ (PASKAU) juga turut terkejut dengan layanan baik pihak pemberontak tersebut.

    Seperti yang dinyatakan oleh pakar penyediaan telekomunikasi kumpulan tersebut, mereka tidak tahu ini adalah arahan daripada siapa untuk pergi berjumpa dengan pihak pemberontak melainkan mereka hanya terpaksa menganggap arahan tersebut adalah dari Perdana Menteri sendiri.

    Sudah tentu Perdana Menteri membuat keputusan tersebut setelah menerima ‘surat sulit’ dan mengadakan perbincangan sulit dengan orang kepercayaan beliau sahaja.

    Adalah tidak menghairankan ‘dozen person’ tertanya tanya dari siapa arahan ini diperolehi. Sedangkan Tun Mahathir sendiri juga menyatakan “sila perkenalkan diri anda” dalam blog ini suatu ketika dulu.

    Maka saya perkenalkan diri saya. Nasihat/Arahan tersebut adalah datang dari saya. Saya adalah baker.

    Setahu saya, pasukan elit seperti PASKAU tidak gemar untuk mencampur adukkan politik dalam perkara keselamatan negara (seperti reaksi adik saya). Jangan risau, bukan orang politik yang meletakkan untung hidup mati ‘dozen person’ ketika itu.

    Semua ini berlaku tanpa menidakkan kuasa yang ada pada Perdana Menteri. Kuasa yang tidak terbatas (dengan izin Allah Maha Berkuasa jua).

    Begitulah luasnya kuasa yang ada pada Perdana Menteri sekiranya ia digunakan dengan bijaksana atau sebaliknya, ia akan meranapkan negara juga dengan tempoh satu setengah hari juga.

    Dua tahun untuk ke 2018 adalah satu tempoh yang lama. Saya tiada komen bagi seorang yang berusia 90 tahun untuk berjuang seperti orang muda, kerana saya masih tidak melalui pengalaman memerintah ketika berkuasa.

    Saya tidak berani menidakkan pengalaman orang tua yang ada.

    Seperti saya katakan saya hormati pemimpin dan kuasa ; sekiranya kuasa itu digunakan dengan jujur dan ke arah yang benar tanpa berselindung.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  45. Mr.Tai-pan.Jr Mar 4,2016 6:56 PM

    As’Salam… YBhg Tun Dr.M & Sahabat3 Semua2..

    “AhJibGO – The EXclusive PM (Prime Munafiq)”


    Malaysia – Saving Our Nation

    -“Me, Myself & I” ingin merakamkan ucapan ber-billion terima kasih berkaitan dengan “Citizens Declaration” yg telah ditandatangani bersama petang tadi di Universiti Malaya…

    -Tahniah pada Tun Dr.M & all the prominent veterans of Our Nation.. MACAM NI BARU BETUL.. Do The Right Thing & Do Things Right..

    -Ketepikan segala ideologi, segala kepartian, segala perasaan… STAY FOCUS pada satu matlamat – Selamatkan Tanah Tumpah Darah Kita..

    -Yakinlah bahawa ‘Generasi Muda’ sedang memerhatikan tindak-tanduk ‘Generasi Tua’.. Rasa Hormat & Sayang -YANG TULEN- akan lahir dari tindakan3 & usaha2 yg ikhlas, jujur & amanah..

    -Moga Allah SWT memberkati segala usaha murni ‘Semua3 Veteran2’ kita… Ameeenn!


    “God allows something BAD to happen so that GOOD can prevail from it.”
    -Taipan Jr

    “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.”
    -Malcolm X


    “Fight The Battle AND Win The War…Insy’Allah”

    ***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


    “The AhJibGO Factor”

    “Discussion Is Dead”
    “Diplomacy Is Dead”
    “Democracy IS Dead”

    Oh MalaysiaKu… Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

    P/S: Tun Dr.M.. Respect IS Earn.. U earned mine, Sir.. 🙂

  46. tok jangut Mar 4,2016 5:01 PM

    This is query by UN to Malaysia

    Read on

  47. Fariq Islam Mar 4,2016 10:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Dalam tahun 2018, Malaysia akan menyambut pilihraya umum lagi. Buat masa ini, tak usahlah menekan PM sangat, untuk turun tangga. Demi kestabilan politik ibu pertiwi, baik Rakyat memberi peluang kepada PM menghabiskan penggal ini dulu, sebelum membuat penilaian dan pengundian lagi dalam pilihanraya umum.

    2018 tidak jauh dari sekarang. Kalaulah Tun fikir nak mengubah melalui platform politik baru, baik parti politik baru ditubuhkan sekarang. UMNO dan BN akan tetap mendukung PM sebagai pemimpin tertinggi!

  48. rimba.emas Mar 3,2016 1:14 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas juga mengistiharkan diri keluar dari Umno.

    2. Mendaftar dengan nilai Rm 1.00 dari dulu hingga kini Rimba Emas tidak tahu di terima atau tidak.

    3. Tun tidak bersendirian dalam tindakan ini.


  49. Tanggang Mar 3,2016 12:14 PM

    Salam Yg Bhg Tun,

    Terbaca headline akhbar Wall Street Journal bertarikh March 2, Wednesday, 2106 Vol. XL No. 127, yang terdapat didalam viral Facebook.

    Berita muka hadapannya mengatakan;

    “Malaysia Leader Recieved $1 Billion”.
    “Investigators believed payments to Najib Razak far exceeded earlier estimates”

    By: Bradley Hope dan Tom Wright

    Sudah tiga kali WSJ mengeluarkan berita2 ini. Orang kata sudah tiga kali orang baling batu, tetapi masih senyap sahaja. Rahman Dahlan masih mengatakan ianya agenda anti-Najib.

    Raja-Raja sudah berulang kali menyeru supaya berhenti memperbodohkan rakyat. Tetapi sekarang ini ianya samada Wall Street Journal yang memperbodohkan rakyat atau Rahman Dahlan dan lain2 ketua puak yang memperbodohkan rakyat.

    Salam Tun

  50. Fariq Islam Mar 3,2016 9:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Arena politik tanahair kita memerlukan transformasi. Rakyat nak Malaysia yang makmur, aman dan damai.

    Apa yang berlaku sekarang isu perkauman dan agama sering dibangkitkan demi kepentingan politik segelintir yang kurang bertanggungjawab. Pihak Pembangkang pula merebut-rebut kerusi untuk ditandingi.

    Pertimbangkanlah konsep “Parti Negara”. Dato’ Oon Jaafar, selaku pengasas UMNO, merupakan seorang negarawan yang berpandangan jauh. Ibu pertiwi kita memerlukan satu aliran politik yang mengutamakan kepentingan Negara. Alangkah bagusnya kalau Parti Negara yang merangkumi setiap kaum ini diaktifkan semula. Sebagai aliran baru, Parti Negara boleh bertanding dalam semua kerusi, dan tak usahlah bergaduh-gaduh dengan parti-parti komponen atas peruntukan kerusi.

    Berilah nafas baru kepada arena politik tanahair! Jadilah tokoh transformasi politik dalam sejarah Malaysia!

  51. cruze Mar 3,2016 3:44 AM

    Ada pulak satu lagi perempuan penyokong salleh internet, Jainab namanya, hilang akal perempuan ni atau cari glamor, Tun tidak memyebut nama kamu wahai Jainab, kamu menyibuk buat kenyataan kenapa?…gila pangkat juga kah seperti shahrizat, azalina dan mas ermiyati punggung lebar tu, tak pernah dengar nama kamu dan nampak muka kamu sebelum ini.
    Apa sumbangan kamu pada negara?….seorang lagi perempuan yang bakal kena darah tinggi ni.
    Asalamualaikum semua…..semuga Tun dan isteri sihat dan di rahmati allah juga Tan Seri Rafidah juga Muhyiddin yassin serta rakyat malaysia yang berhati mulia..

  52. sibotak Mar 3,2016 3:12 AM

    It is right all the Sultan of Malaysia have to come forward for the Malaysia Constituency
    It is in the Malaysia Contituency
    Sultan also has the Voice

    To drive Malaysia to the Right path
    As known 1MDB and Najib scandal as the PM
    Is seen to be unclear
    Is seen to be Misappropriate
    Worse protected by the AG
    Is abetting to a Serious Crime that will Harm Malaysia
    Walking just like that case close without proper investigation Nor transparency
    These is NO Excuse

    The people want Justice
    These is not Defamations
    Physical evidence and Misappropritions is seen
    We Malaysia want Justice

    Now , We did not get from the Govt
    Worst back up by then AG without Transparentcy
    These shown as Favorism in Law , it’s Illegal and it’s Double Standards

    Of such We Malaysia seek The Sultan Contituency to involves and put matters right
    Ignoring such important responsibility
    I seek The Contituency of Sultan to be Abolish

  53. malaysian1000000 Mar 3,2016 1:37 AM


    Agak-agak, bila PM Najib berjaya digugurkan, dia akan dapat gelaran ‘TUN’ ships tak?

    Malu juga dengan gelaran TUN kena dakwa di makhamah. Memalukan gelaran TUN sahaja, termasuklah TUN MUSA HITAM.

    Dari zaman Melaka gelaran TUN ini dihormati dalam sejarah. Tapi semenjak TUN DOLLAH gelaran TUN itu tidak dihormati.

    Mungkin PM Najib boleh pakai gelaran TIN TONG Najib Razak. Tak boleh masuk buku sejarah sekolah macam ini. Malu sahaja.

    Katakanlah PM Najib didakwa, pening kementerian pendidikan hendak buat buku teks sekolah, guru sejarah pun pening hendak ajar murid – murid sebab sejarah PM 1-5 boleh cerita tapi lepas tu lompat terus PM ke7.

    PM Najib boleh jadi ‘Bapa Transformers’ agaknya.

    PM Najib, undurlah dengan ada maruah walaupun tinggal sikit sangat sahaja lagi. Buat malu anak cucu cicit dan keturunan PM je nanti.

    Harimau mati tinggal belang, manusia mati tinggal nama’, baik mati nanti tinggal nama elok sikit. Cukuplah cerita buruk yang ada sekarang.

    Baru 6 tahun dan macam – macam cerita, nak tambah lagi 1 term ke? Tak lalu nak dengar dan tanggung lagi PM Najib.

    Elok utusan malaysia buat muka depan “Apa Lagi NAJIB Mahu” kalau benar utusan malaysia nak naikkan sale. Dari buat point racist dulu, baik buat agenda nasional.

    PM Najib pergi Saudi nak minta derma lagi tu. Budget dah lari sebab guna untuk cari MH370. MH370 hanyalah lakonan untuk buat transaksi secara legal. Berapa banyak duit rakyat dah guna nak cari MH370?

    Sekarang China pun dah ‘strategically stand-by’ dengan negara TPPA (vietnam, brunei, singapore, MALAYSIA)

    Iis better now or never TUN M make a move.


  54. daeng Mar 2,2016 10:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Parti Bukan BN : BN adalah 7:3.

    Terbalik sebelum ini Tun.

  55. daeng Mar 2,2016 10:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Setuju dengan saudara cruze dan Sudin.

    Ismail Sabri dan Zahid tu bukannya bijak tetapi menteri yang bengap kerana sepanjang menjadi menteri tiada idea yang cerdik yang kita pernah dengar. Ini kenyataan.

    Saya sokong kenyataan tentang KJ kerana KJ bukanlah seorang pemimpin pelapis yang boleh dipercayai. Lihatlah lagaknya semasa bapak mertua “bengap”nya menjadi PM, apa dah jadi? Lebih sudu dari kuah.

    Jika kita lihat lagak Najib nampak macam orang baik sebelum jadi PM, sesudah jadi PM kita dapat lihat bongkaknya bagi FIRAUN. Saya percaya lagak KJ lagi angkuh dari FIRAUN.

    UMNO sudah tiada tempat dihati rakyat lagi Tun. Dalam kehidupan saya kini saya sentiasa mengamati pandangan semua orang di sekeliling saya, rata-rata rakyat kini semakin membenci Najib dan Rosmah dan penjilat-penjilat di sekeliling Najib dan Rosmah.

    Sayonara UMNO di bawah pimpinan Najib dan Zahid.

    Kini saya bertambah yakin nisbah keputusan PRU14 antara parti bukan BN nisbah parti BN adalah 3:7 .

    Peliknya pemimpin-pemimpin veteran UMNO selain dari Tun dan Rafidah manakah surara dan semangat perjuangan kamu semua. Lebih baik mati dari hidup segan mati tak mahu.

    Wassalam Tun.

  56. cruze Mar 2,2016 2:55 PM

    Ismail sabri ni apa hal, Tun tak petik nama kau, tapi kau kurang ajar pada Tun.
    Kau makan telo penyu Tun tak bunyi pun.
    Kau gila glamor ya, nama kau tak pernah kami dengar sebelum ni.
    Elok jaga keluarga dan anak kau yang konon artis suam suam kuku tu. Jangan gila kuasa.
    Juga menteri2 seperti azalina, hishamuddin, mas ermiyati punggung lebar, nazri, salleh internet, shahrizat kaki pose sayang anak yatim dan gelandangan termasuk musa hitam yang pernah merajuk dan tinggal luar negara konon tu. Semua ni Tun dan Tan seri Rafidah tak usik korang tapi korang sibuk apa hal.

    Asalamualaikum Tun, Tan Seri Rafidah dan pembela2 bangsa sekalian semuga allah merahmati kita semua.

  57. sudin Mar 2,2016 1:55 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Zahid (I’m warning you) Hamidi must have greatly regretted attending the function, unless he has very thick skin.
    He was Anwar’s top general during the latter’s corruption heyday while serving as the finance minister in the 1990s, and Zahid has the cheek then to label Tun M practicing cronyism, nepotism, whatnot….!!!
    The hypocrite!

    Besides Najib and Anwar, Zahid and that budak KJ are the topmost untrustworthy politicians and unsuitable to lead Malaysia.

  58. Sri Sense Mar 2,2016 12:55 PM


    news dari thestar

    Perak Sultan: Handle graft without fear or favour

    KUALA LUMPUR: Corruption must be handled by the relevant agencies without fear or favour, said Perak Ruler Sultan Nazrin Shah.

    He said that the truth, based upon the law, must be upheld as it is a responsibility not only to the Almighty, but also to the country.

    “Corruption is a cancer that is said to be spreading to the country’s spine.

    “It is like a nest of termites that grows and causes the pillars of a country to rot,” the Sultan said in his speech at the Utusan Business Awards 2015 yesterday.

    Also present at the event were Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Tun Rahah Mohammad Noah, the mother of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    The Sultan said Malaysia has carved its name in the region due to its ability to draft and implement policies and laws that are fair and transparent.

    These policies have succeeded in attracting investors both internationally and locally to do business in Malaysia.

    “It takes time to build trust and confidence, but the damage can be done in a blink of an eye.

    “Malaysia only scored 50 out of 100 marks in Transparency International’s 2015 corruption perception index and ranked 54 out of the 168 countries surveyed,” he said.

    The Sultan said that failure to tackle corruption in a serious, effective and committed manner had the potential to cripple a country, leaving the people to suffer like those in underdeveloped nations.

    He also acknowledged Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad’s contribution to the nation.

    The Sultan said that the group, through its publications, must play an active role in building an administration and a nation that is intolerant of corruption.

    “Corruption is corruption, regardless of who commits it.

    “The people should be nurtured to hate corruption and reject leaders who are corrupt.

    “The people should look at corruption and feel disgusted by it,” he added.

    The Sultan also voiced his disappointment when Utusan Melayu, the original jawi scripted newspaper, was discontinued.

    He said Utusan Melayu was a historical institution that fought for and championed the Malays.

    “In its last moments, I was informed that when Utusan Melayu sought and begged for support, it was treated like a beggar by those who had become captains of various conglomerates, industries and companies; who did not show any willingness to help or provide a lifeline to continue its legacy,” he said.

    The Sultan also said Utusan Malaysia is not racist.

    He added that those who say so have an agenda and want to destroy the social contract derived by the country’s forefathers.

    The Utusan Business Awards are awards of 31 different categories to recognise existing and upcoming enterprises and their contributions to the Malaysian economy.

    Sultan Nazrin, who is the royal patron of the event, also presented to Rahah the Anugerah Tokoh Negarawan Ulung, accorded to Malaysia’s second prime minister and her late husband, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.

    GTG Have a nice day 🙂

  59. Fariq Islam Mar 2,2016 8:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Ismail Sabri likened Tun as “comatose patient waiting for time to die”. We think such statement is too much. It shows no respect at all.

    Our PM needs to re-think of the quality of our ministers. Ismail Sabri has earlier made a lot of statements that stirred up racial sentiment. He claimed himself as someone protecting Malays’ interests, but we see no constructive actions of him in doing so!

    What a shame of you, Ismail Sabri, cursing others in inappropriate manner!

  60. HBT456 Mar 1,2016 7:14 PM

    14. It is malaysians’ blessing to be able to read the feelings expressed by our golden aged politicians.

    15. Though they have different views, but most importantly, they are willing to share with us their thoughts and feelings in their golden years.

    16. Their hearts are with us, that is to make malaysia a better place to live.

    17. We should thank wsj for writing about 1mdb.

    18. Take the news as an opportunity and challenges to make malaysia a better to live, to invest and to improve.

    19. The current umno ministers are living in fear, and if the umno and pkr malay rebels think of forcing them out, then I can safely conclude that they are driven by greed.

    20. Agong dan Raja2 kami memang berdaulat.


  61. Sri Sense Mar 1,2016 6:07 PM

    Salam Tun

    To me its okay Tun keluar UMNO sebab Tun memang dah lama tak dalam parti Najib 🙂

  62. cruze Mar 1,2016 10:48 AM

    Apa sumbangan besar musa?…isteri orang putih je? Apa sumbangan pak lah? Hanya hadari yg buat ada ada je. Apa sumbangan najib?…oh brim…saya dan ramai juga sebagai rakyat malaysia tak dapat brim.
    Besar ya sumbangan najib beri brim…tarah duit simpanan negara yang Tun kumpul untuk bagi2kan brim sebagai tambat hati rakyat.
    Saya memang tak dapat malah saya menyumbang dana negara melalui cukai pendapatan, pada tahun ini ramai teman2 dan pekerja2 saya sudah tidak boleh menerima brim dan bantuan sekolah bermula tahun ini anak saya dan semakin ramai yang sudah tidak layak terima.

    Apa makna brim tu? Mengapa awal awal semua rakyat sayangkan najib kerana dia beri brim, eh tolonglah fikir banyak2…brim itu hanya untuk setengah2 kelompok sahaja.
    Kami rakyat dari segenap lapisan ekonomi mahukan sumbangan yang berupa umum arau jika azalina, saleh kruak internet, hishamuddin, mas ermiyati tak paham paham jugak, maksudnya untuk segenap lapisan masyarakat dan bangsa dalam negara malaysia, faham?

    Ni minyak turun, mampukah salleh kruak dan menteri yang terlibat mengarahkan kedai2 makan dan sistem pengangkutan arahkan mereka turunkan harga melalui mcmc?…apa sumbangan korang semua?

    Tun menyumbang untuk segenap lapisan masyarakat tahu tak menteri2 burung kakak tua?…

    Sudahlah jangan nak poyo sangat…menteri2 yang gemuk macam azalina, shahrizat dan mas ermiyati tidak lama lagi akan kena darah tinggi harapan saya.

    Asalamualaikum Tun dan semua yang baik hati…beri tahu kami jika tubuhkan parti baru ya Tan sri muhyidin…kami akan sokong pemimpin yang amanah dan berjuang untuk negara…

  63. Sri Sense Mar 1,2016 10:22 AM

    news dari bbc

    Malaysia ex-PM Mohamed Mahathir to leave ruling party Umno

    GTG Have a nice day!

  64. Daniel Noor Mar 1,2016 10:07 AM



    May Allah protect you and the family as well as to all Malay Muslim who are against Najib.

    I hope Dato Seri Ahmad Said from Trengganu will convinxed his friends to quit UMNO. That goes to UMNO members in Kedah,Johor, NS, Perak,etc.

    I also hope Zahid Hamidi, if he is smart to form his own team and advise Najib to step down. The current leaders of UMNO in the Gment are all rechcle lot and not relevant to the Y Gen.

    If Zahid still stick to Najib, he too will be ‘ history ‘ come the next GE.

    I believed Zahid has no quarell with Tun and vice versa. His only mistake was accusing Tun of croynism and nepotismn as the urging of Anwar Ibrahim when Tun was the PM.

    Well at that time he was young and still green.

  65. anak wawasan 2020 Mar 1,2016 9:42 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

    Semangat seorang wira sejati tidak pernah padam. Itulah Tun Mahathir Mohamad, icon kebanggan Malaysia dan rakyat jelata.

    Tun tidak pernah takut dengan sesiapa melainkan Allah. Bagi Tun, kebenaran adalah kekuatannya. Ya, mungkin seorang menteri kabinet Najib yang kekurangan adab dan ilmu mengatakan Tun tidak lagi mampu memecahkan gelas namun kekuatan Tun adalah berpegangkan kebenaran.

    Dan sesungguhnya Nazri, jagalah adabmu yang bukan sahaja mencerminkan kekurangan ilmu di dalam dada mu tetapi sebenarnya anda telah membukti bahawa kami telah tersalah pilih pemimpin. Terima kasih untuk itu.

    Semiga kami tidak lagi melakukan kesilapan paling besar yang pernah berlaku di dalam sejarah Malaysia dengan memilih pemimpin-pemimpin yang kurang akal dan biadab. Jangan bimbang, kami akan memperbetulkan kesalahan kami di PRU akan datang. Termia kasih Najib and Gang. It doent take long for us to realise the teuth. Alhmdulillah.

    Semoga Allah memberi perlindungan dan kekuatan buat Tun dan keluarga.

    Ingat lah wahai manusia, sesungguhnya, sekiranya kamu mencari redha Allah dengan marahnya manusia, maka Allah akan menpercukupkan keperluan kamu di dunia. Namun jiks kamu mencari redha manusia dengan marahnya Allah, maka Allah akan melepaskan kamu di tangan manusia.

  66. sudin Mar 1,2016 9:38 AM

    Assalam Run.

    Hopefully Najib does not specifically discuss on the US$680m donation as the main agenda during his present trip to Arab Saudi.

    A lot of inconsistencies have been said on the $680m donation, by Najib himself, by Zahid, by A pandi…r the AG, and by several yes-ministers who pretended to know the story but ending up getting ridiculed just like took jangut.

    Let’s hope the Saudis will decline any discussion at all on the matter.
    They must have realised by now PM Najib’s days are numbered, and what is the point of agreeing terms with someone who will become irrelevant.

  67. Sri Sense Mar 1,2016 9:35 AM

    Salam Tun dan semua

    Nak share berita kurang baik pada peminat mee, roti canai, kuih muih

    Aid for 25kg-bag removed from today

    PETALING JAYA: The subsidy for the 25kg-bag of wheat flour will be taken off from today, a move which will likely lead to more costly food items like roti canai, noodles and those that use general purpose flour.

    Millers who attended a meeting with the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry last week said they were informed about the subsidy removal then.

    Wholesalers are also believed to have received a circular on the revised prices for the 25kg-bag of flour for Peninsula Malaysia including Blue Key brand, which is now priced at RM42 without the subsidy.

    A flour miller, who only wanted to be identified as Ng, said he was among the industry representatives present at the Feb 24 meeting which was attended by a ministry senior official.

    “The 25kg-bag of flour, which is purchased by retailers such as coffee shops and mamak restaurants, will increase from RM33.75 to RM42,” Ng said.

    However, the Government will maintain the RM1.35 subsidised price for the 1kg-bag of wheat flour purchased by households such as the Blue Key and Bunga Cempaka brands.

    He said they used to get RM600 to RM800 in subsidies per metric tonne of flour produced each month or 60 sen to 80 sen per kilo depending on the price of wheat in the market.

    These subsidies, he said, had distorted the market price of flour as the cost of milling wheat into flour could cost more than RM33.75 per kilo. The price for the production of flour varies, based on wheat price which is now RM968 (US$230) per tonne.

    “We welcome the Government’s decision,” he said.

    Another flour importer said prices of food like roti canai and local kuih which use normal or general purpose flour could be affected by the subsidy removal.

    He said bread, biscuits and cakes, which use premium flour that is not subsidised, would not be affected.

    Both Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin and secretary-general Datuk Seri Alias Ahmad declined to comment yesterday.


  68. visitor673 Mar 1,2016 8:54 AM

    You are not alone. Trust Me!

  69. amalaysian Mar 1,2016 7:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    It is sad to hear that you left UMNO again.
    It is also worrying that UMNO is still in denial.
    It is disgusting to see the length of some so called leaders to give such ungrateful statements for the sake of their positions.

    something need to be done. either a group of conscious real leaders to step up and stand for the people?, a vigilante to safe the nation?, or a martin luther king’s people movement against it all?

    seems like there is no more real leaders amongst us. what being done at the top now cascaded down the leadership ranks. when we ask why? “its ok, at the top they did the same”

    I pray that salawat to the prophet s.a.w. aren’t just on our lips, but his leadership and teaching echoed in our leaders’ hearts and actions.

  70. intaiintai Mar 1,2016 6:56 AM


    Kami intaiintai FB ” Saya Sayang Tun Mahathir Muhammad” untuk tatapan anakanda sekelian..copy and paste

    Admin disini suka petikan sajak yang dipetik dari komen di blog Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir smile emoticon


    Untuk KAMI ( Kita Anak Melayu Insaf) dan Melayu yang ‘mudah lupa’ kami paparkan kembali puisi ‘keramat’ kami… tutur penghargaan kami kepada seorang Ayahanda, anugerah Allah kepada Kita Anakanda(rakyat) Malaysia Insaf.

    MEI 13, 1969 IA BERMULA

    Ps.. Pandang pada yang tersurat dan renungkan pada yang tersirat.. kata orang putih ‘ Look at the Bigger Picture’

  71. sibotak Mar 1,2016 5:47 AM

    Salam Semua
    Terdengar Tun Mahathir Mohamed berundur dari UMNO
    Dek kecewa dengan Najib
    Saya sebagai peminat tersayang Mahathir juga turut kecewa dan marah

    Hold Fast The Rope of Allah
    Be not be Divided among Ummah
    Jadi Tunggak Utama dan Pegangan saya

    Mungkin ini Hikmah dari segalanya
    Harap Tun Najib dan sekalaian anggota UMNO
    Ikhlas menziarah Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    Tun Mahathir hanya ingin memperbaiki apa yg tidak benar
    bukan kerana beliau bersifat dengki
    Begitu juga semasa Paklah
    Paklah baik tetapi sebagai Pemimpin Negara
    Kita perlukan seorang yg Bijak dan Tegas
    Ini kekurangan Pemimpin Keduanya yg
    Saya bersetuju dengan Tun Mahathir
    1MDB hanyalah sebab musebab
    Duit hilang pun bukan duit bapak saya
    Yg kita perlukan adalah Pemimpin Melayu yg Cekap dan Tegas
    Tidak Tunduk pada Mulut Manis Si Singa penyagak ,hubungan kita luar Negara
    Yg bebaik sama kita hanya bersebab
    Baik…..Baik….. Baik ada Makna tu
    Mereka berbaik dengan kita tidak dengan Keikhlasan
    Begitu juga DAP berbaik dengan Ke Sultan Melayu
    Mereka Berdamping BUKAN dengan Keikhlasan
    Ada Makna Ada Agenda
    Tidakah nasib Kerabat Sultan Singa menjadi tauladan sekarang
    Juga nasib orang Melayu di sana yg merempat di Bumi sendiri

    Saya berharap UMNO berjabat tangan dengan Tun Mahathir
    Tunjukan Dunia Luar ini ialah Islam
    Islam adalah Ikhlas
    Akan membuahkan kebaikan , indahnya Kebersamaan
    Baik untuk UMNO ,Najib juga Tun Mahathir

    And you Tun Mahathir
    You have been a Naughty Good Boy
    Its Time to Rest , Father
    Spent more time with yr loving wife , children & grandchildren

    Semoga Allah Merahmati Semuanya
    Menberkati Malaysia
    Dan merahmati Dunia Islam , terutama Timur Tengah yg sedang Bergelodak dan Berkocak

    Namun saya berharap Najib akan Tegas akan hubungan dengan Jiran
    Yg mempermainkan memperbodohkan kita
    If not
    I,ll be back

  72. sibotak Feb 29,2016 11:31 PM

    Semoga Allah melindungi Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    Tun , You my Friend , my Hero ,my Khalifah
    We will be with you Tun
    We will be with Mukhriz
    We will be with Muhyiddin

    Tun Najib Razak
    My Foot

  73. faridina Feb 29,2016 11:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Yesterday I did mentioned about you leaving the party in 2008 and today 29th Feb 2016 ( it’s in a leap years btw) you did it for the second time but this time around you are leaving Najib’s party because you found out that UMNO is incorrigible.

    You are ashamed to be associated with a party that believes “Cash is King’ or in other words UMNO supports corruption!

    What’s best is that you gonna form a “core group” to oppose Najib and the main objective is to get rid of Najib!

    You pointed out “Different people are voicing the same opinion on different occasions separately and people are confused so we need to have a core group”.

    Thank you ayahanda Tun, we the faridina’s are now declaring that we are joining the “core group” effective today 29th February 2016!

    Long live Tun Dr Mahathir!

    See you in the 27th March rally!

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – I foresee many more will follow suits beginning with TSSJ for sure 🙂

  74. sudin Feb 29,2016 11:12 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Maka satelah Tun Dr M mengumumkan akan keluar dari UMNO, kedengaran riuh-rendah segala tong2 kosong milik Najib dipalu dengan begitu angkuh saperti tidak sedarkan diri.

    Pak Dol PM5 pun turut memukul tong kosong yang senentiasa ada padadirinya!!!
    Kita tunggu saja giliran menantu kesayangan Pak Dol, budak KJ (ringkas untuk Kurang _Jar), memukul gendangnya.

  75. Sri Sense Feb 29,2016 11:00 PM
  76. anak wawasan 2020 Feb 29,2016 10:40 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

    Syabas. Ayahanda Tun telah membuat keputusan yang terbaik tepat pada masanya.

    This is just the beginning. Tun is smart. One biggest mistake that Najib has ever committed is to make dump of himself.

    Thank you, Tun.

  77. cruze Feb 29,2016 9:37 PM

    Saya ikut jejak Tun, saya keluarkan diri saya dari umno juga.

    Saya suka tulisan anda anda semua, saya tidak suka Tun musa, azalina, hishamuddin, shahrizat dan lain lain yang seangkatan dengan mereka2 yang kurang ajar kepada Tun, Tan sri rafidah dan mereka2 yang telah menabur jasa membangunkan negara kita.

    Asalamualaikum, bye bye umno..bila lah azalina dan sekutu2nya nak kena penyakit darah tinggi agaknya…

  78. Hajar Feb 29,2016 8:41 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Last time (I read in many articles about this issue) Tun Musa Hitam suggested that ”Melayu perlu ada sikap KURANG AJAR?” He is merely doing what he believes in.

    I think UMNO leaders who are now so ’kurang ajar’ towards Tun Mahathir and other UMNO veterans are just following Tun Musa’s advice/suggestion. 🙁 I guess this is Tun Musa’s greatest contribution to UMNO and the Malays.

    Tun shows us that it is very important to remain ‘professional and mature’ when addressing those who say bad things about us or say things we do NOT want to hear (or disagree). But sadly, some people here are so childish (but of course they think that they are so matured and very open minded…)

    Tun, Saya hormati pendirian Tun dan Tun Hasmah untuk keluar dari UMNO. Namun demikian ini satu episod menyedihkan bagi UMNO (yang sudah jadi ‘parti Najib’). Harap Tun terus berjuang bagi pihak ‘rakyat’ kerana cuma Tun pemimpin (dan segelintir yang lain) yang boleh/amat dipercayai – yang dah selalu menipu / memfitnah sudah hilang kredibiliti walaupun kadang2 mungkin ‘tembakan’ mengena.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  79. KK Feb 29,2016 7:42 PM

    Jauh panggang dari api jika nak dibandingkan Tun M dgn Si Nejib. Tun M dihormati hingga sekaran. Si Nejib lom apa2 lg dah teruk dibelasah sebab kerja bodoh dan memperbodohkan rakyat.

  80. daeng Feb 29,2016 7:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Viral terkini Tun keluar UMNO.

    Jika benar, saya sokong 100%.

    Apa lagi kepada Ketua Cawangan/Bahagian UMNO yang sehaluan di seluruh Malaysia dan menganggap Najib adalah ketua yang merosakkan UMNO dan perosak kepercayaan orang Melayu terhadap UMNO, nasihat saya bubarkan UMNO.

    Tidak guna berpaut pada parti yang jelas dipimpin oleh golongan korup. Kelak diri kamu akan disoal kemudian hari kerana bersekongkol dengan golongan “munafik”.

    Hanya Allah swt yang maha mengetahui.


  81. Sri Sense Feb 29,2016 7:15 PM

    Salam Tun dan semua

    Berita dari MMO

    Dr M: I am leaving Umno

    PUTRAJAYA, Feb 29 — Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced today his decision to leave Umno, claiming that the party he once led now only functions to protect Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    “I want to leave Umno because it is no longer Umno. It is a party dedicated to supporting Najib, protecting Najib and I cannot be a member of such a party.

    “I won’t call it Umno anymore, it is Najib’s party,” Dr Mahathir told reporters.

    He said that the current Umno was only concerned about keeping Najib in power, and that the prime minister is responsible for the current climate of fear in the country.

    “As a result, Malaysia is going through a very bad period. Our economic growth is down, our per capita income may have increased a bit in ringgit terms but the devaluation of ringgit has got a very bad effect on the economy. The stock market is also not doing well,” he added.

    Dr Mahathir said that Umno should also be voted out of power owing to its pro-Najib stand, but admitted that the opposition does not possess the majority to become the ruling government.

    “Umno is no longer fulfilling the task set for itself way back in 1946,” he added.

    Dr Mahathir said that his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah has also joined in his decision in leaving Umno.

    “I cannot speak for them, but my wife joins me in leaving Umno,” he said when asked if his sons would also be following in his footsteps.

    Prior to the press conference, Dr Mahathir also held a closed-door meeting with several Opposition leaders in his chambers here.

    Among those spotted were PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang (Tian Chua), Amanah leaders Datuk Mujahid Rawa, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, Hanipa Maidin, Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli, and Datuk Mohd Tamrin Abdul Ghafar.

    The members however were not present during the press conference.

    When asked as to what was agreed between him and the Opposition members, Dr Mahathir said that they only reached a consensus that Najib should resign.

    “We agreed on only one thing, that is to get rid of Najib.”

    As for his next plan, Dr Mahathir called for a ‘core group of like-minded individuals’ to come forward and join him in calling for Najib’s resignation.

    He said that he would also not be creating any new political party, despite being flooded with requests to do so.

  82. adelheid Feb 29,2016 6:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    My heart cries and no tears suffice to show how much you have sacrificed for this nation this country. Today you have proved how much you are willing to sacrifice for Malaysia and the people. We will never forget this Tun Mahathir. I hope other leaders from UMNO will open their eyes and hearts and will be able to see the true meaning of sacrifice. I hope TS Muhyiddin, DS Mukhriz and all the others will not be afraid to proceed behind you Tun Mahathir. If we rakyat with nothing have no fear what hinders them? Najib Razak sudah rampas UMNO dan sudah rosakkan satu-satunya tiang berpautnya bangsa Melayu. Namun Tun dan semua jangan mengalah kerana perjuangan merampas kembali maruah bangsa dan negara ini baharu sahaja bermula. May Allah protect you Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

  83. adelheid Feb 29,2016 5:58 PM

    Dear Tun,

    There will be more who will join you Tun Mahathir. I just want you to know that you will never be on your own from this day onwards. The whole of Malaysia will be with you. Even when you are no longer with UMNO which has been hijacked by Najib Razak, the spirit of the original UMNO will stay. You are a man with principle Tun and this is just the beginning of the nation’s fight to save Malaysia.

    I love you Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. You will never walk alone.

  84. joetamchi Feb 29,2016 5:32 PM

    Pakai gram, tak pakai tahil…
    Pakai kilo, tak pakai kati….
    Diam mmbisu, Gani Paktail???
    Dipegang telor, gementar hati…?

    Diam diam, jangan melalak…!
    Nanti dihambat dgn kayu…!
    Apa la punya perangai lokLaq…!
    Inikah dia bangsa melayu…?

    Bukan anjing menyalak Bukit…
    Bukan penyakit hendak dcari..
    pahlwan sejati segera bangkit…
    pertahan negara dari dijudi…

    Nak dapat bilis, jgn mengail…
    Lebih senang tebarkan pukat…
    ‘Apa nk dkais’, Gani Patail…?
    Kita ni orang… Bukan malaikat…!

  85. amd trmz Feb 29,2016 4:01 PM

    Kita bukan kerajaan kuku besi, diktator, kata Nejib



    1.Saman semua org, dari orang komen media sosial semua aku saman ha ha rakyat aku sendiri aku saman eh eh ada belon jatuh dari atas la SAMAN TETAP SAMAN

    2.Tak beri timbalan presiden berucap di perhimpunan agung itu demokrasi terpimpin (Dah kena gantung pun)

    3.Salah laku nak lapor? laporlah! kami ada Akta Rahsia RASMI. Lapor rasuah? salah tuuu!! mana boleh anda membocorkan maklumat. Anda bersalah. Ada rasuah? itu bukan masalah kami. Masalahnya anda membocorkan maklumat. Anda kami tangkap.

    4.Majlis keselamatan negara uihh itu kuasa kami. Pengumuman!! Pilihanraya ditangguhkan, PM mendapati pilihanraya menganggu kemudaratan awam.Darurat di isytiharkan.(Rakyat:’eh eh mana Yang dipertuan agong kita”ohhh rupanya kami bermimpi’)

    5. GST, Tol Naik, tambang naik, inflasi, 1MDB,SRC 42 Juta, Skandal tabung haji, skandal mara eh eh… itu takde kena mengena dengan kuku besi tak boleh cerita sini…

    6.Sekat kebebasan bersuara ? eh bukann kami saja nak tutup laman web tu, ia menganggu ketenteraman awam! ruak ruak ruak eh eh terbunyi macam gagak pulak (Rakyat:’FAREWELL MALAYSIAN INSIDER’)

    Ikhlas dari saya Nejib si Kuku Panda

  86. sibotak Feb 29,2016 3:14 PM

    Malaysia , Indonesia ,Brunei sebagai teramai Umat Islam
    Terkini dengan keaadaan Maruah Islam Terendah sekali di dalam sejarah
    Seharusnya mempunyai Pemimpin dan Perjuang Khalifah
    Yg Tulus dan Ikhlas

    Bukan Pemimpin seperti Najib yg Mementingkan Kepentingan sendiri
    Dayus Pemimpin sekarang yg tergamak melihat sensara saudara kita di Timur Tengah
    Berterlagah , membunuh sesama dek perbuatan Amerika bertujuan untuk Israel

    Hubungan Najib bersama Rakyat
    Sudah Retak hanya tunggu Belah
    Talak sudah di jatuhkan namun Najib masih bermuka tembok Yahudi
    Tunduknya Beliau pada Kerajaan Singapura
    Sudah membuktikan pada saya Najib memang Dayus

    Kita sudah lihat kejadian yg amat pilu di Timur Tengah
    Inilah yg dinyatakan Fitnah lebih Dashyat dari Membunuh
    Amerika , Israel sudah berjaya memfitnahkan Dunia
    Menghasilkan Islam sesama Islam membunuh sama sendiri

    Dimana Khalifah Kita ?
    Dimana Imam kita ?
    Kalau hanya mementingkan persoalan sendiri

    Seharusnya Brunei ,Malaysia , Indonesia sekurangnya Kita bolih membantah
    Hanya dengan suara pun Di PBB akan hura hara di Timur Tengah dek Kezaliman Amerika untuk Yahudi

  87. HBT456 Feb 29,2016 8:06 AM


    11. I wish those politicians who think allah loves them all the best.

    12. Marxism just like communism, a political ideology of the past.

    13. Psm can teach if they want, its free as we can access in internet if we want even if this country does not carry such books.

  88. Aktivis Islam Feb 29,2016 7:10 AM

    I won’t bring up conspiracy theories (ironically most are true). Since you admit it yourself this time, it’s all your fault entirely. Keep your friend close, but keep your enemy closer. Instead of appointing the most suitable candidates (“Aku yang Berkhadmat”), you hipocrytedly gamble our country. Politic is dirty, you expect criminals to play by the book? Ultimately, it was all about “YOU and UMNO” since the beginning. Nothing MERDEKA about Malaysia. Now that the world in topsy turvy, lets go back to islam’s teachings. The way of Khalifah etc. We don’t need this jewish democracy.

    Semoga Allah memberkati rakyat Malaysia. Allahuakbar.

  89. sibotak Feb 29,2016 5:34 AM

    Too many Dirts & Shits of Najib being dig by Opposition , by Swiiss Govt, by WSJ
    By Chedet and by the many
    Let’s see how many people can he arrest or sue ?
    I now respect Tony Chua , Rafizi , Anwar whom once I dislike as an opposition of UMNO
    When come election I will be confuse than before of to elect which party though I am an UMNO strong member

    Najib is an embarrassment for Malaysia , for Melayu , for his own Family Tun Razak reputations, for UMNO

    Najib , Rosmah should be Stripped Naked of the Truth
    Of all we know these money comes from our KTM Tanjung Pagar S,pore sold to Najib personally
    As much of Najib financial are manage by S,pore Bank

  90. faridina Feb 28,2016 10:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Musa Hitam is just another pain in the ass and yet you keep addressing him as your very good friend.

    Enough is enough ayahanda, you should have kicked him in the ass a long time ago.

    You should act like the late LKY and Mr Najib Razak who crushed those who crossed them!

    But you have a noble heart dearest Tun and your motto towards your foes have always been ‘forgive and forget’ and let’s move on building the nation towards vision 2020.

    But at the end Musa Hitam and the gang are the first to actually sabotage your vision. Pak Lah and Shahrir are his loyal proteges and he was only conferred ‘Tun’ during Pak Lah reign after 20 years.

    In 1986 he was the “duri dalam daging” and twenty two years later in 2008 he said Tun M was “duri dalam daging” after you decided to quit the party.

    Musa Hitam is one truly political animal who loves to groom leaders who will stay loyal to him no matter what and he is the first UMNO leader who subscribe to being ‘kurang ajar’.

    Believe me, after this Pak Lah will come out from his comfort zone and will be condemning you openly Sir so as to be seen relevant to the Najib’s regime.

    As for TSMY and the gang it’s action time do something and don’t let them keep pecking you. Take the young Dr Mahathir (DSMM) along to revive UMNO and do it fast.

    Looking forward joining the 27th March rally!

    Wasalam Tun.

  91. The Hidden Secret Feb 28,2016 1:21 PM


    MT dan para menteri UMNO berusaha gigih untuk memperbodoh-bodohkan rakyat Malaysia dengan statement-statement yang tak boleh diterima akal. Mereka pandang bodoh akan intelligence level rakyat Malaysia. MCA dan MIC pun dah tak kuasa nak defend UMNO.

    Ada MT dan para menteri UMNO kisah dengan ahli akar umbi UMNO? Bagi MT dan menteri-menteri UMNO, para ahli akar umbi UMNO semua ni adalah “nobody”.

    UMNO penuh dengan menteri-menteri yang bodoh sombong serta korup.

  92. sibotak Feb 28,2016 7:31 AM

    I do belief there are outside influence pulling strings on UMNO today
    Not within UMNO and its member
    So it is not much of Malaysia Voice

    Even for 1MDB it was constructed by an experts who knows how to moves it around the Bush
    They prefer Najib in power as they able easily get what they want
    Very clearly seen Najib administration is never meant much for Malaysia
    He also has the benefits of the Doubts

    As much we see now Vast Land of Johor and more part of Malaysia have changed hand
    Not just housing also vast farming land from Bumi to Foreigners

    These have to be Stopped
    Thus Najib Ruling have to be Stop from being Puppet
    Of all the 2.6 billion money or more could be revealed if stern investigations is to take place
    The reasons every one in UMNO even The said Appointed AG is playing Hide and Seek

    These is not for Malaysia
    These will Ruin the Bumi , UMNO even the Kedaulatan Sultan gradually
    Yes it is not now ,But be sure it grows Gradually

    Seems very True
    Melayu Mudah Lupa
    Abakan lagi di Butakan Dengan Wang Ringgit
    Bertambah Bodoh lah Melayu

  93. aminhassan Feb 27,2016 9:48 PM

    Tun sangat positif

    Jika diajukan hal perkara lepas, beliau banyak menyatakan ‘tak ingat’ atau ‘akan tengok semula rekod’, dan seumpamanya.

    Ini kerana sy melihat beliau bukan seorang yang suka mengungkit perkara yang telah lepas, ia akan menimbulkan lebih banyak konflik

    Visi ke hadapan lebih besar untuk dihadapi berbanding hal beberapa orang individu

    Jadi bangunlah semua, bukan hal 2.6 billion yang kita risau. Kita tak kisah pun kalau memang itu harta hasil titik peluh ds najib. Tapi kita risau dengan membenarkan duit derma untuk parti dimasukkan terus ke akaun peribadi, yang kemudiannya tidak langsung diisytiharkan kepada ahli.

    Dana masuk ke dalam akaun 2013, tetapi sehingga perhimpunan agung umno 2014 pun tak disebut, hingga 2015 baru sibuk tentang dana tersebut, itupun setelah wall streets jurnal laporkan. Kalau tak ada sebarang laporan, maknanya boleh disenyapkan seolah2 tak ada apa yang berlaku

    Jadi apakah maknanya itu ?

  94. sibotak Feb 27,2016 9:47 PM

    Is the law representatives following up orders from the PM
    The Police , The AG , The Judge knows their Stands
    In between orders from PM or TOP Authority
    And the Right & Wrong to Justified

    These I gives you the Challenge
    So if yr parent teaches you Haram is Right
    Stealing ,Murdering is Right
    You will obey yr parent than the teaching of Islam
    Or The Rule of Law

  95. aminhassan Feb 27,2016 9:25 PM

    Ds najib pasti akan kalah bila berhadapan dengan Tun mahathir

    Sy fikir pun begitu juga dengan Tun musa hitam, kerana Tun mahathir sangat tenang

    Walaupun didakwa dimahkamah, beliau akan tenang sentiasa, dengan strategi

    Sy baru faham, kenapa Tun mahathir akan menjawab ‘tak ingat’ jika disoal sebagai saksi, hehe

  96. daeng Feb 27,2016 7:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya setuju dengan coretan terbaru Farid Islam.

    UMNO wajar gantikan Najib dengan orang lain sekiranya BN mahu terus berkuasa.

    Keputusan PRN Sarawak bulan April 2016 akan datang bukan ukuran sebenar gambaran keputusan PRU14 akan datang.

    Ini kerana kerajaan pusat sedang menyuntik dan berbilion ringgit untuk memenangi hati rakyat Sarawak.

    Pada PRU14 semua maklum Najib tidak ada dana yang besar lagi untuk merasuah rakyat Malaysia kerana “penderma peribadinya” sudah “meninggal dunia”.

    Tetapi saya percaya Najib akan cuba mencari penderma peribadi yang baru.

    Coretan selepas pergantungan Timbalan Presiden UMNO Tan Seri Muhyiden Yassin kini diviral ke seluruh negara. Isinya padat dan jelas. Memang itulah gambaran sebenar yang berlaku dalam UMNO.

    Sekiranya ahli-ahli UMNO bersikap mahu pertahankan pimpinan Najib, wajarlah kita TALKINkan saja UMNO pada PRU14 akan datang.

    Sekarang UMNO akan dihormati sekiranya PAU diadakan tanpa menyekat sesiapa yang mahu bertanding.


    Jika UMNO mahu mengharapkan parti MIC dan MCA menang dalam PRU14 kelak, saya nasihatkan lupakanlah.


  97. sibotak Feb 27,2016 4:19 PM

    Is revealing the Truth of the doubts of Najib Dishonesty
    A threat of sabotaging the Govt confidential ?
    The Government confidential being sabotage by Najib dishonesty

    So if the leader did wrong ?
    All the member must keep quiet even the AG
    Is Malaysia a Communist system or a Democartic Nation

    Not only we have a Dishonest leader like Najib
    He is also a Coward
    No Balls to square it out when something is a miss

    Kelaurkan Bang Jebat ( Anwar Ibrahim )
    Mari Kita lihat Jebat mengamuk

    Though Anwar has been my dislike after he made Chaos in Malaysia
    Before during Mahathir ,Anwar & Musa was a Chemistry
    I like all 3 at that time
    But Najib was too much
    It has affects Malaysia for his Family Lust
    Anwar is more of his personal grives

    Let Jebat out We will be with Jebat
    Not Jib the Adik Adik

  98. Fariq Islam Feb 27,2016 4:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Tun Musa adalah seorang pemimpin yang mulia. Beliau tidak memberi komen bukan-bukan atau memburuk-burukkan nama PM atau parti, walaupun kalah dalam pertandingan jawatan UMNO.

    Kalaulah Tun berpandangan begitu negatif terhadap pucuk pimpinan UMNO hari ini, baik Tun mempertimbang untuk menuduh parti baru, memberi nafas baru kepada arena politik tanahair dan memberi pilihan baru, harapan baru kepada Rakyat tertentu!

  99. ichiban Feb 27,2016 3:48 PM

    Assalamualikum Tun,

    1 Seorang pemimpin yang hebat, beliau dapat membaca cara generasi sekarang berfikir dan melihat.Majoriti pengundi sekarang datang dari generasi X dan Y.

    2 Kebanyakan pak-pak menteri dan bekas menteri datangnya dari generasi baby boomer (1946~1964).Sebab itulah kenyataan sesetengah pak menteri ini dilihat oleh generasi masa sekarang sebagai maharaja lawak mega.Sesetengah pak menteri ini tidak sedar cara bercakap bukan lagi dizaman “baby boomer”.

    3 Menyokong ketua tanpa batasan sudah tak relevan untuk generasi masa kini kerana dengan teknologi sekarang,informasi cepat tersebar, sama ada informasi itu betul atau tidak terpulang cara penerimanya berfikir.
    Seperti yang saya sebut sebelum ini ,pemimpin kena tahu cara majoriti pengundi berfikir.

    4 Waktu ini dilihat pembangkang lebih kehadapan.Mereka dapat membaca cara pemikiran pengundi masa kini dan memainkan isu-isu semasa yang berkesan langsung dengan rakyat.

    5 Pada hari kiamat terdapat tanda awal dan akhir,dalam BN pun telah masuk fasa tanda-tanda akhir kejatuhan.Jika dilihat pada Pru13 yang lepas,orang cina menolak mic,saluran generasi Y pun menolak BN.Ditambah dengan isu-isu besar semasa yang tidak ditangani dengan baik ,isu kos sara hidup yang meningkat dan terdapat menteri-menteri maharaja lawak “baby boomer” dalam UMNO serta penyokong Umno yang telah berpecah.

    6 Pada PRU14 akan datang, talian hayat BN hanya pada Sabah dan Sarawak.
    Saya berharap juga manifesto BN pada PRU14,pejabat kerajaan diPutra jaya dan pejabat menteri dipindahkan ke Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai penghargaan Sabah dan Sarawak banyak memberi kerusi parlimen pada BN.

    7 Jika dilihat dari sejarah silam yang lepas, kerajaan yang kuat seperti kerajaan Melayu Melaka, Uthamaniah,Abbasiah dan banyak lagi tumbang disebabkan kelemahan pemimpin.

  100. Daniel Noor Feb 27,2016 1:23 PM

    Salam Tun,

    If I can recalled, you personally chsired the MKT meeting to sack Anwar Ibrahim. At that time was the DPM and DP of UMNO.

    Later in the evening/ night you again attended the MKT meeting knowing there were among those who were strong supporters of Anwar.

    In Najib’s case he and Zahid left the meeting and ket his cousin to chair and make the decision to suspend TSMY.

    This cleary shows Najib is a Real Coward and dare not make or announce the decision of MKT. Yet this very same Najib proclaimed himself to be ‘ a Warrior ‘

    In a P.Ramlee film Bujang Lapok thete was a chief gangster that the people of Kg Dusun were really scared of. But he was only powerful in that kampong only la. Outside, he was as meek as a mouse.

    Najib is like that kampong gangster. Outside he bowed to Obama..Cameroon, etc and willingly selling this country and the rakyat.

  101. WandyCaswady Feb 27,2016 10:23 AM

    Bangkitnya islam dari timur… Inshaallah Malaysia bangkit pada 2020… Inshaallah ✋
    “Buang yang keruh… Ambil yg jernih”

  102. tok jangut Feb 26,2016 10:21 PM

    Dear Mahathir,

    In the Malaysian Insider, it is reported that you said “”It is no longer UMNO .. but … Najib’s party.”

    If this is so, why do you not form another party with like minded people and take Najib on in the next general election. After winning the election, you can merge the 2 parties to become UMNO again.

    By prohibiting access to Sarawak Report and Malaysian Insider, these sites become forbidden fruits and therefore, more credible. I now access them daily.

    With the present technology, it is so easy to by-pass the blockade. The Malaysian Government cannot have bright people running it if these guys think that blocking these websites, Malaysians are deprived from accessing it. This is truly wishful thinking and exists only in the never-never land.

  103. musato Feb 26,2016 8:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dah digantung.

    Ia boleh dikatakan kerana beliau cuba mensabotaj UMNO. Maka itu hukumannya.

    Saya juga mensabotaj. Itukan masih dalam skop kerja komando.

    Habislah kem Tun Mahathir kena bom. Bila agak agaknya pemilihan UMNO nim. Nak juga tengok pertandingan berlaku.

    Ada sesiapa yang boleh bagi tahu peraturan dalam UMNO pada saya, yang tak berapa nak fasih akan hal ini?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  104. sudin Feb 26,2016 6:31 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Pada kebiasaan, lepas Musa ni akan timbul pula komen negatif dari Shahril untuk Tun.
    Tapi kebelakangan ni si Shahril tu nampak senyap dan sunyi, macam dah kena tegur!
    Mungkin sebab dia mengaku Najib dah beri dia RM1 juta tu.

    Tak boleh dipercaya…

  105. sirsazly Feb 26,2016 6:04 PM

    Tun, Malaysia selepas Tun macam Manchester United selepas Alex Ferguson…..tapi sekurang kurangnya Manchester United dlm keadaan kewangan yg baik….???

  106. Aisyah Feb 26,2016 5:02 PM

    I can feel the tremor in the wounded heart of yours dear Tun. A deep gash it inflicted so much hurt and pain. Saya rasa sedih Tun diperlakukan sebegini. Apatah lagi Tun sudah menginjak ke usia senja. Tapi saya percaya Allah menguji hamba yg dikasihi Nya. Moga ada cahaya dipenghujung perjuangan nanti insha Allah.

  107. Daniel Noor Feb 26,2016 4:25 PM

    Salam Tun

    You still look strong and youthful at the Mesjid Negara today

    A poem from a poner..


    With corruption so prevalent,
    And incompetence so rampant ,
    We Malays still choose to remain silent ,
    We witness so much wrongdoings,
    Yet we close our eyes to d on-goings.

    We grudge on d success of d Chinese,
    We fear their political power on d increase
    But then we hesitate “on reasons of interracial peace”
    Our minds seem to be on a leash.

    Malays still remain docile,
    Despite international condemnations that are so vile,
    We seem to maintain faith in our Malaysia leader,
    Who claimed himself to be a Bugis warrior,
    But in fact a pirate whose nation he is all-out to plunder.

    Yet, despite our apprehensions of d future,
    Our dissatisfactions we are yet to utter,
    We still dream the future will be better.
    Yes, my people, shame on you,
    You are not only downtrodden, but you are selling your country too.

    Why can’t u change yr mentality?
    Why can’t u discard yr false humility?
    Mark my word, your fate will soon that of a Bangladeshi,
    You will hv to forgo yr nation to work in another country.

  108. Shah Feb 26,2016 3:59 PM

    This is very good piece of “nasihat” to Tun Musa Hitam.
    Despite disloyal type of person, but he had been given a chance to be under Tun Mahathir team. Similarly happened to Pak Lah, Zahid, Hamid Albar etc.

    You guys need to learn this word “APPRECIATE”.

  109. umranrc Feb 26,2016 3:30 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Initially I wanted to stay out of this topic. However after reading what others are saying, and being a balanced minded individual I would suggest the following…

    Allow Tun Musa to say something here.

    Salam Tun Musa Hitam,
    Being an educated politician, my bet is you do read what Tun Mahathir wrote here. As a young (close to half a century old) and ordinary citizen of this Country, I wouldn’t possibly know what were the details of the rift between yourself and Tun Mahathir. My guess is, a lot of us here are also in the dark about it.

    By saying all these, perhaps you can share your point of view on all the 9 points written here. No, I’m not provoking a confrontation here because I strongly believe whatever the differences between yourself and Tun Mahathir is not on the ground of malpractices but more on the concepts of management of this Country.

    By sharing you thoughts, we will obtain both sides of the story and it’ll be a good foundation for us to move forward.

    Thank you in advance Tun Musa Hitam.

    Thank you Tun.

  110. aminhassan Feb 26,2016 2:48 PM

    Tun Mahathir sangat sabar, cool, tenang, banyak berfikir, bertindak mengikut waktu dan tempat yang sesuai

    Ds najib juga sangat sabar, cool, tenang, banyak berfikir, bertindak mengikut waktu dan tempat yang sesuai

  111. sitinur Feb 26,2016 12:03 PM

    org yg malas kerja mmg banyak masa utk mendengki kat org lain..masanya hanya dihabiskan utk membodek dan mencari jln tuk menjatuhkan/menyalahkan org lain…semuga doa doa utk ayahanda n bonda tun jugak semua muslimin muslimat diaminkan malaikat dan dimakbulkan Allah yg maha berkuasa..amin..

  112. tok jangut Feb 26,2016 9:49 AM

    Here is an objective article regarding Mahathir’s contribution to Malaysia’s present day.


  113. sibotak Feb 26,2016 9:00 AM

    You have the right team ,the right chemistry during yr time ,Tun
    You have Rafidah Aziz , Musa Hitam , Anwar Ibrahim , Muhideen and several
    It works beautifully in that chemistry ,Sadly it overcooked
    Too much heat , things get burn

    The End say even our Prophet Muhammad puh is having much tougher time than you
    He has his friend besides him also his friend whom disappoint
    So No Big Deal Tun

    You did yr Best
    You Shine The Best History of Malaysia
    It is never you nor no one that set the Destiny

    What lack of today leadership is Sincerity
    I don,t need an intelligent , highly educated leader
    If his Sincerity does not exist

    Cheer up , my love Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    The True Leader, The True Father Prime Minister of Malaysia
    You have a Beautiful Family
    You have us with you

    Life is a passing cloud
    Let it go with Sincerity

    Najib , The Most Horrible Prime Minister of Malaysia
    Initially I kind of try to understand Najib situations
    Now , Najib have be stripped naked of the Truth
    He is pain in the Ash , Sick in the Brain
    His skin face is very thick , too much Pig collagen perhaps

  114. Hajar Feb 26,2016 8:10 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Slogan ’Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ diguna-pakai dan dipraktikkan sepanjang Tun menjadi PM selama lebih 22 tahun.

    2. Tun mempamer ’KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TELADAN’ – ’Leadership By Example’. Majoriti rakyat menjadi saksi.

    3. Tapi malangnya majoriti ’pelajar-pelajar’ dalam kepimpinan Tun amat lemah dari segi pembelajaran dan kefahaman. Kebanyakannya malas berfikir dan lebih suka jadi ’tukang angguk’ dan ’kaki bodek’.

    4. Tun Abdullah telah langgar prinsip ’Amanah’ (batalkan projek2 dari zaman Tun M) dan juga ’tidak Cekap’ (asyik tertidur). Tun Lah dikatakan ’Mr. Clean’, tapi benarkah ’Bersih’?

    5. Bila DS Najib naik jadi PM. beliau MELANGGAR kesemua prinsip – beliau ’tidak Amanah’, ’tidak Cekap’ dan juga ’tidak Bersih’. Terbukti GAGAL sebagai pemimpin.

    6. Jadi mengapa pula Tun Mahathir yang dipersalahkan sedangkan mereka (PM-5, PM-6) yang tidak mengikut (atau LEMBAB?) apa yang Tun telah tunjuk dan praktikkan semasa menjadi PM selama lebih 22 tahun?

    7. Tun sudah bersara lebih dari 12 tahun, satu jangkamasa yang panjang. Macam2 telah dilakukan oleh 2 Perdana Menteri selepas Tun yang memudharatkan dan membawa kehancuran kepada Malaysia, dan ini semua membawa kepada kegagalan dalam mencapai WAWASAN 2020.

    8. Tun Musa ’is a born LOSER’. Selaku TPM, beliau gagal semasa diberi tanggungjawab menangani kes MEMALI. Ini jenis manusia yang tidak nampak kelemahan sendiri.

    9. Anwar Ibrahim yang Tun didik juga tidak meneladani kepimpinan Tun malahan korup dari segi moral dan tingkah-laku; juga menyalah-guna kuasa. Salah sendiri.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  115. adelheid Feb 26,2016 12:30 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Sorry Tun internet extremely slow and flip flopping thus the duplicate comment.

    Take care Tun Mahathir, love ya.

  116. adelheid Feb 26,2016 12:22 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Cheer up dearest Tun, we are here for you through thick and thin. Don’t feel sad Tun What Tun Musa Hitam, Najib Razak, Salleh Said Keruak or the rest of the clan may say about you, they don’t bear any weight to what we the rakyat think about you. Even your highest foe in politics Lim Kit Siang never missed your Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house during your tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia. That goes to prove how much you are loved by citizens of all races, friends and foes as well as the whole world recognizes your leadership.

    Let Tun Musa Hitam say anything he wants. To us he is not important. He was up there for only a term I guess and when he failed to climb the ladder of UMNO’s leadership he got bitter obviously with you as his rival. He probably was never your good friend Tun. A good friend would never stab his buddy in the back. His bitterness became even greater when he lost family members in the Highland Tower tragedy. I don’t blame Tun Musa if his bitterness had nurtured so much hatred towards the people around him, including you Tun, and probably God for the things that had befallen him.

    Let’s move on Tun, at least from here where we rakyat Malaysia, especially orang Melayu masih mengharapkan pada Tun. You have never failed us. Never for a moment. To us you are still our number ONE and ONLY DR. MAHATHIR MOHAMAD and this will never change. History has this fact written in bold and gold.

    Take heart okay Tun Mahathir. Take good care. We love you.

  117. PakCik Feb 26,2016 12:13 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    1. Musa Hitam is like a crying baby blaming everybody except himself. He was a lecturer, supposedly pandai daripada orang kampung….he knows very well, PM can dictate or rather steer to go forward, backwards, sidewards…whatever…but being a crying baby who wants najib’s attention, he has to blame Tun…OMG what a bullshit.

    2. If Tun M is still the PM till now, I’m sure 2020 will be achieved even much earlier…but after 2004, Dollah wanted his legacies, therefore putting 2020 on hold….come on people, don’t lie to yourselves….dollah did not follow thru vision 2020 right? Everything was KIV.

    3. Comes najib, another hypocrite and selfish person….he didn’t bother to take a look at RMK11 (ended 2020)….a RMK so malay-unfriendly….but yet najib agreed when wahid omar fought in parliament to pass the RMK11.

    So Musa, grow up…you have not contributed anything to this nation except making a mess of memali incident. Who the hell put you here and there? By merit, you are not to the mark.

  118. adelheid Feb 26,2016 12:09 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Cheer up dearest Tun, we are here for you through thick and thin. Don’t feel sad Tun What Tun Musa Hitam, Najib Razak, Salleh Said Keruak or the rest of the clan may say about you, they don’t bear any weight to what we the rakyat think about you. Even your highest foe in politics Lim Kit Siang never missed your Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house during your tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia. That goes to prove how much you are loved by citizens of all races, friends and foes as well as the whole world recognizes your leadership.

    Let Tun Musa Hitam say anything he wants. To us he is not important. He was up there for only a term I guess and when he failed to climb the ladder of UMNO’s leadership he got bitter obviously with you as his rival. He probably was never your good friend Tun. A good friend would never stab his buddy in the back. His bitterness became even greater when he lost family members in the Highland Tower tragedy. I don’t blame Tun Musa if his bitterness had nurtured so much hatred towards the people around him, including you Tun, and probably God for the things that had befallen him.

    Let’s move on Tun, at least from here where we rakyat Malaysia, especially orang Melayu masih mengharapkan pada Tun. You have never failed us. Never for a moment. To us you are still our number ONE and ONLY DR. MAHATHIR MOHAMAD and this will never change. History has this fact written in bold and gold.

    Take heart okay Tun Mahathir. We love you. Take good care.

  119. rimba.emas Feb 26,2016 12:05 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Mencapai wawasan 2020 bagi Rimba Emas adalah sesuatu yang ‘subjektif’. Malah kemajuan yang sebenar pada masa yang di tetapkan itu bagaimana rupa yang sepatutnya pun hanya dalam bentuk bayangan sahaja.

    2. Tun adakah di tetapkan semua benda yang di kehendaki dapat di adakan baru di katakan wawasan 2020 telah tercapai ?.

    3. Kalau kejayaan dalam bentuk benda dikatakan ala tuju ke wawasan 2020, maka ia telah berjaya Tun laksanakan.

    4. Sebabnya telah bertambah dalam bentuk pembangunan cuma faktor benda yang berbentuk bagaimanakah harus dibina. Semuanya bergantung kepada kebijakan ahli senibina zaman itu.

    5. Jadi wawasan 2020 yang memakmurkan kehidupan rakyat lebih dipedulikan daripada benda yang hanya megah sebagai warisan sejagat yang lambat laung akan dimamah usia.

    6. Contoh sebagaimana yang tergambar didalam al-Quran daripada kaum Samut, Firaun juga megah dalam pembangunannya tetapi sebaliknya rugi kerana zalim dalam beragama bila berlakunya pergolakan oleh kuasa yang menguasai alam ini.

    7. Salah memilih Tun akhirnya akan dapat mengenalkan rakyat yang mana sepatutnya menjadi pilihan yang tepat.

    8. Sebab itulah Rasul-rasul di pilih Allah s.w.t sendiri kerana manusia ini ada satu sifat kelemahan dalam memilih dan lebih-lebih lagi mengetahui rahsia hati.

    9. Hanya manusia yang takutkan Allah s.w.t sahaja tidakkan berani melakukan perkara-perlara yang salah di antara kita sesama manusia. Sebabnya Allah s.w.tlah yang dapat melindungi kita daripada jin dan manusia yang jahat.


  120. zahar Feb 25,2016 11:45 PM

    I LOVE YOU TUN MAHATHIR…I love the way you wrote about Tun Musa….excellent!

  121. aneeskhan Feb 25,2016 10:08 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Spare him…he is just a veteran football player which has no place to play and try to make a living once more even for a dedak…

    he is never a good friend of yours, just don’t put your standard to that level…he is just looking for Najib’s attention after all those who get it were rewarded handsomely…

    from my point of view, he has and ill attention to this country…or maybe he was in the influence of unhealthy drinks…

    spare him again…just the same way you spared him during badawi’s time..

    but Tun, I agreed that you miscalculated so much on the effect of corruption then, those who escaped are now the lord of this regime.

  122. rakyatmy2020 Feb 25,2016 9:56 PM

    If the son has committed crime, the law can’t blame his father. But the neighbor could blame the father not being a good parent.

    Everyone is responsible for the good and bad for himself or herself. Everyone make mistakes, as long as the good outweights the bad will be fine. People talk about 100% perfect but that is just fantasy.

    Time will witness the success and failure.

    Justice is the only way to save the country and prevent further de-rail of vision 2020.

  123. wara Feb 25,2016 9:55 PM

    My Salam to Tun and Tun Dr. Hasmah. May both of you be in the best of health.

    I dont think you made any mistake in choosing those people as potential leaders. It was them who made idiots of themselves. The biggest idiot is of course the current pm.

    Thank you, Tun.

  124. rkmh226 Feb 25,2016 9:48 PM


    Our dearest YABhg. Tun,

    Please ignore those hopeless and useless human beings. It is best for us to look at now and future – how to rescue our nation and rakyat as a whole from those clowns. The way those jokers run our country is very scary – not only they have no guilty concious but also no manners at all!

    How could they simply subscribe the wrong doings by the top leader? Really perplex me… What happen to their dignity and integrity? Terribly horrible and unbelievable and so sickening!

    Dear YABhg. Tun,

    Majority rakyat are waiting for your move to form a new party with TSMY, TSRA, DSSA, DSMM, etc although we love UMNO so much. We’ll join you and your team as we hate to see UMNO will eventually go down into a drain as those clowns threat cash as their king. They are very bad example to our youngters, especially. Wallahualam.

    Dearest Tun,
    Please be extra careful and take a superb care of yourself.


  125. musato Feb 25,2016 8:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    UMNO ditubuhkan untuk memerdekakan Tanahair.

    Kalau UMNO sekarang dah tersesat, jadi apa salahnya UMNO dikorek korek.

    Orang kata Pahlawan Bugis power. Tapi iyer ker?

    Harap pihak keselamatan kita sudah pun penggal kepala orang Abu Sayyaf yang memenggal kepala rakyat Malaysia ketika dalam perundingan dulu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  126. musato Feb 25,2016 8:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya sebenarnya tidak kisah pun jika Muhyiddin Yassin digugurkan dari jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

    Itu kerana ia adalah tanda kepada kerosakan peringkat atasan UMNO. Yang mana cara pentadbiran sekarang lebih menjurus kepada memuja Presiden UMNO selaku Perdana Menteri.

    Sekurang kurangnya dengan pengguguran jawatan Muhyiddin Yassin adalah tanda kepada keberanian menyatakan kebenaran untuk menjaga negara dan rakyat Malaysia. Itu juga boleh dikatakan berjihad di jalan Allah swt. Apa nak dirisaukan.

    Kalah UMNO pun bukan buat rakyat tidak boleh makan. Rakyat Selangor pun dapat hidup juga. Setakat cerita sampah busuk tu apa la sangat.

    Najib pernah berkata politik Malaysia hanya berkisar BN dan DAP (Melayu dan Cina). Jadi dengan yakin Najib bermain dengan segala gala mengikut formulanya itu. Kerana yakin rakyat tetap akan mengundi dan memberi kemenangan kepada BN.

    Itu ilmu yang Najib dapat selama 40 tahun dalam politik seperti yang dihebohkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  127. musato Feb 25,2016 8:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Siapa kata Tun tak siap sediakan pengganti yang berkaliber selepas Tun?

    Orang itu adalah Anwar Ibrahim. Cuma hajat Tun sendiri tidak kesampaian kerana Anwar Ibrahim sendiri tersangkut kes liwat.

    Maka masa semakin suntuk dan pengganti PM seterusnya adalah mengikut sistem.

    Cara pemilihan oleh Tun Hussein adalah lebih terarah kerana mengambil nasihat Tun Razak untuk melantik Tun Mahathir sebagai PM ke4 Malaysia yang mana mengakibatkan pertandingan antara Tengku Razaleigh dengan Tun Mahathir.

    Jika Tun Musa sendiri dapat menilai cara dan karakter Tun Mahathir ketika itu, mungkin juga Tun Musa akan berada dalam senarai pengganti Tun Mahathir. Dan ini tidak berlaku kerana Tun Musa memihak pada Tengku Razaleigh.

    Oleh itu, Tun Mahathir cuba menggilap bakat baru iaitu Anwar Ibrahim sebagai pemimpin masa depan. Dan ini juga tidak berlaku.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  128. amin fasei Feb 25,2016 7:51 PM

    the 1993 highland tower tragedy was a bomb initiated collapse. Tun Musa’s son & family were one of the targets. so Najib killed Tun Musa’s son & family yet this scumbag wants to support Najib. what else is Najib holding on Musa’s balls? Mei 13????

    Reconciled with Mahathir, Musa Hitam posed a stumbling block to Najib being elected as the youngest Vice President in 1993. There was only one UMNO vice president slot left. Anwar moved up from the vice presidency slot to DPM. If Musa were to contest for that seat, Najib’s chance would be very slim indeed. Musa was persuaded by Mahathir to go for the vice presidency slot, as a backup, in case Anwar failed as his DPM. Further if Anwar and Musa worked as a tag team with Mahathir, Najib’s fast track to the PM throne may be blocked forever. Their Sodomy Plot to get rid of Anwar would be of no use. Mahathir would just resort to Musa as his DPM again. They can’t do a “shoot once” Sodomy Plot on Musa as Mahathir and the whole world would be too suspicious.

    That’s right. The 1993 Highland Tower collapse was caused by a bomb detonated on one of the critical support pile groups. Although the key evidence of the “Missing Pile Caps”, peculiar “twist & turn before collapsing” and the many inconsistencies with NCL (natural cause landslide), were brought up by many, in technical forums and conferences, the official report still cited natural causes (landslide) for the disaster.

  129. sudin Feb 25,2016 7:09 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Musa tu saje nak menggesel2 untuk dapatkan sesuatu dari Najib, jadi cuba nak reka2 sesuatu supaya Najib seronok. Tak kisahlah jika perkara tu tak betul, asalkan Najib happy seketika.

    Kan ke semua yang buat demikian dapat habuan besar.
    Tengok saja si Salleh Keruak tu, walaupun asyik merepek tapi sebab tak henti2 berdentam-dentum dia palu tong kosongnya sokong Najib, dah pun Najib jadikan Menteri.

    Mungkin dia idamkan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, nak ganti tempat Muhyiddin….

  130. sibotak Feb 25,2016 5:49 PM

    What next we never know
    Ask US Intelligence CIA
    Who will be the next US President after Obama
    They will also say they don,t know
    But they seems to be intelligence on spying and predicting on others
    It’s all merely their intended blunt assumptions

    Ask me si botak
    When I need to pee pee
    I also don,t know
    Sometimes when inside the toilet , Don,t feel anything
    But after going out when busy suddenly urgent call

    Tun , our job is try to be the best we can be
    What next is God decides
    You failed to choose yr successor is because you choose on yr obligations
    Not looking carefully on who the person was
    You should not deploy yr status , giving up totally and let someone roll it
    You failed to hold the stick
    Nevertheless we are all human who make mistakes
    The right is yr intentions is True
    The wrong we would not know what’s next

    The person that always betrayed and hurts us
    Is the person who are nearest to us
    That could be our Wife or our right or left hand men
    That would betrayed we most

    Najib consented others to take Malaysia for a Ride
    He is Mr Niceguy to others at Malaysia expense
    These is Horrible
    Again and again He has to leave
    Though He stays in Power
    It will never credit him anything
    Even the Good deeds he do will be Bad
    Things Done cannot be Undone

    The Malay has lose out in many
    In economic , their lands , their voice and many more
    It’s not the Leader to be Blame
    It’s them to be Blame

    Pointless pointing one finger at others whilst our other fingers pointing at us

  131. sirsazly Feb 25,2016 4:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, mohon Tun mulakan langkah tubuhkan parti baru. Kami yg dulunya menyokong Umno kini telah benci dgn Umno. Kebanyakan pemimpin Umno kini memang tak boleh diharap dan pentingkan diri sendiri dari menjaga kepentingan rakyat. Umno kini tak dapat diselamatkan dari dalam dan saya pohon agar Tun memikirkan saranan saya ini. Saya percaya ada beberapa kerat pemimpin Umno yg akan menyokong Tun dlm misi menyelamatkan negara ini. Tun, percayalah bahawa majoriti ahli Umno menyokong Tun dan akan menyertai Tun dlm misi ini. Saya tahu Tun keberatan kerana memikirkan ia akan memecah belahkan melayu dan Tun berpendapat bahawa parti baru tidak akan hidup lama. Tetapi Tun, Umno juga akan berkubur jika suasana sekarang berterusan…..Tun, saya merayu agat Tun kesihankan generasi akan datang, anak2 dan cucu2 kita. Terima kasih Tun diatas sumbangan Tun selama ini….

  132. Fariq Islam Feb 25,2016 4:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Tun Musa Hitam merupakan seorang Negarawan yang berprinsip. Beliau memberi keutamaan kepada kepentingan Negara lebih daripada kepentingan peribadi dalam kerjaya politik beliau.

    Kami berhemat Tun bukannya membuat pilihan silap setiap masa. Rakyat kini insaf betapa berhasilnya Pak Lah menubuh SPRM, menganjur Islam Hadhari yang membawa prinsip kesederhanaan atau Wasatiyyah, mempertingkatkan taraf keberkesanan pentadbiran kerajaan dan sebagainya.

  133. amd trmz Feb 25,2016 3:58 PM

    SEMUA SALAH MAHATHIR VERSION 3.00000000 ntah berapa dah

    Sy dah komen banyak kali nejib dan kunconya suka salahkan tun


    1. Tun letak jawatan 2003 dan ada 17 tahun lagi ketika itu untuk mencapai wawasan 2020.

    2. Pembangunan terhenti projek dibatalkan bermula dengan jabatan bengkok.

    3. Kera jaan selepas PEMERINTAHAN Tun M gagal memastikan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara kekal mampan sekitar 7 peratus setahun. Berjalan sekitar 4 ke 5 peratus.

    4. Nejib jadikan ekonomi malaysia sebagai sistem ekonomi perancangan pusat. Ekonomi sepatutnya bebas menjalankan tugasnya sehingga wujudnya keseimbangan pasaran teori dari bapa ekonomi moden, Adam Smith. BEZAKAN KOREA SELATAN DENGAN KOREA UTARA MANA LEBIH MAJU. BRIMMM, KEDAI 1MALAYSIA ………


    6. IMDB, Tabung haji, 2.6B, SRC 42 Juta, Rosemah 2 juta, Pembongkaran WSJ, Felda saham jatuh, RM jatuh, 1.5 juta bangla,GST, Tol naik, Tambang naik, Gempa bumi, Kapal terbang jatuh, Skandal MARA, uihh naik letih dah taip

    Dalil terakhir

    7. Selagi nejib jadi PM……….

    Muse itam tapi tak itam pun Tun he he

  134. Sri Sense Feb 25,2016 2:42 PM

    Salam Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed,

    Don’t worry, WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

  135. cruze Feb 25,2016 2:12 PM

    Sejak di kolej sememangnya saya tidak gemar kepada karakter Tun musa hitam ni seolah hati tiada kemurnian dan saya amat kagumi Tan sri rafidah aziz serta tan sri aisyah ghani berbanding shahrizat dan azalina ( imej penuh kepalsuan )..jijik tengok muka mereka berdua.
    My one and only idol sememangnya Tun Mahathir dan isteri…

    Asalamualaikum dan semuga mereka2 yang berhati murni akan di permudahkan segala urusan di dunia dan akhirat..

  136. Hajar Feb 25,2016 1:48 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Tun is not responsible for all DSN’s wrongdoings as PM. DSN and other leaders are fully responsible for all their ACTIONS (as adults). But, as always, those FAILED LEADERS (including Tun Musa) have the tendency to blame other for their own failures (nak tutup malu). These type of leaders ‘BERJIWA KECIL sebesar kuman saja…’

    Tun Musa Hitam (not sure what his contributions are to Malaysia; tak layak dapat ‘Tun’) forgets that. ‘A GREAT LEADER IS BORN, NOT MADE’. Tun Mahathir is a BORN LEADER, while he (Tun Musa). Tun Lah and DSN are NOT BORN LEADERS. They FAILED miserably as leaders – they are fully responsible for their failures; NOT TUN’S FAULT.

    To DS Nazri, GROW UP! I bet you are in the same boat with Tun Musa since both of you believe that being so ‘KURANG AJAR’ to much older people including ‘Negarawan’ are acceptable.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  137. sejati Feb 25,2016 12:50 PM

    One thing for sure Tun., you would go down in history as the most successful Prime Minister and Tun Musa Hitam would be remembered as the ‘gelojoh’ DPM who never made it to premiership. We, the young ones know how much you’ve done in building this nation. Harap Tun bersabar dengan ‘the barking dogs’ from the najib camp. Wawasan 2020 is such a good vision. You gave us hope back then. So proud to be Malaysia before. It was such a strong sense of belonging to this nation. Najib is 2.6billion times worse than any of prime ministers we’ve had….everr..

  138. amir yusof Feb 25,2016 12:26 PM

    Pemimpin yg perasan diri lebih hebat dan bijak dari orang
    lain .

  139. ismadi Feb 25,2016 11:24 AM

    As Salam Tun,

    Musa Hitam politic has ever since went down when he go against you.

    I remember when he’merajuk’, he ran to stay in England and UMNO MKT went up to see him to persuade him returning to UMNO.

    And from there on, he came out to pin out his disappointment to any matter that been related to you and a must go against you.

    If Musa Hitam was my friend, for sure i will give him a Kung Fu kick on the ass!

    Lucky Musa is your friend and you treat him well. He just be an ungrateful fellow.

    Thank you, Tun. Take care. Wassalam.

  140. pakpandir08 Feb 25,2016 11:14 AM

    Agreed with statement #8, “I believed in leadership by example” …

    Hence, Tun should not condemn current administration. Generally, what the successors did today are “inherited” and “learned” from Tun when you were the leader last time? Not?

    Basically, what people feel and see today, are Tun focusing on personal attacks rather than more constructive critics:

    (1) Tun never touch on problems on current system
    – More on personal attacks that give an impression that Tun afraid of the results of next general election

    (2) System vs Human
    – The system, culture, behavior and mutual agreements today are not inherited from your administration?
    – What had Tun contributed to the system today? Improve or destroy it?
    – People come in and out, and human behaves differently. Only a clean, fair and good system can ensure an organization / country can be free from wrong doings

    (3) Why should follow Tun?
    – Today administration was formed through democratic election
    – Don’t forget that Tun and the pembodek here, you are not one of the citizen that vote for current administration?
    – When i was small, i had learned that anything that we decided and choose, we should be responsible and able to take the impacts as that was our own decision to choose it.
    – Hence, don’t you think that any change that you would like to see, you should wait until the next general election through democratic ways? Since what you had today were chosen by you previously!

    (4) Playful behavior
    – Last time Tun said Abdullah very good, must choose him. Pembodek also follow and happily greets “Pak Lah .. Pak Lah …”
    – Later Tun said Abdullah not good. Pembodek also follow said “tidur … tidur”
    – The next one Tun said Najib very good, must choose him. Pembodek also follow and happily greets “AhJib Gor … AhJib Gor …”
    – Then now Tun said Najib not good. Pembodek also follow said “lavish … lavish”
    – Then what would be the next one? What going to happen?

    In this world, all the problems must came from a root cause. If Tun think that we are having serious problems today, what are the root cause? From you or not from you?

  141. Daniel Noor Feb 25,2016 11:12 AM

    Salam Tun,

    The Matsallehs used to say ‘ Dont trush Shorties ‘. They even make a film called ‘ Get Shortie ‘

    Musa and Shahrir will never ever like you Tun. Though they were given important posts by you. They like dogs that bite the habd that feed them.

    Musa after his defeat, even ababdoned T.Razalaeigh..just like that.

    If I can recalled he was given a lecture by the late Sultan Johor after the Friday prayer.

    The title ‘ Tun ‘ is not justified to be bestowed upon when he have this ‘ hati busuk ‘ character. Same with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  142. Sri Sense Feb 25,2016 10:27 AM

    Dear Tun

    No one is perfect that’s why pencils have erasers. At least we nampak your jasa, dear TUN M. Banyak bukan kecil 🙂

    Tun Musa? Hmmmm… late last year if I’m not mistaken, he was accused of misinterpreting Umno history oleh Salleh Said Keruak. 😐

  143. umranrc Feb 25,2016 10:16 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Your topic this time around is pure politic. Have no say about it.

    Thank you Tun.

  144. balance Feb 25,2016 10:05 AM


    You have done and tried your “best of the best”. Failure and success cannot be guaranteed by anyone. Everywhere, anywhere everyone and anyone have had all sort of visions or dreams. If only one vision is successful we should be thankful and not regretful.

    You still a better PM than ….

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