1. According to newspaper reports the ABC broadcast confirms funds a gift to be used as the PM sees fit.

2. This is good news indeed. Now the Government TV must broadcast the ABC news so that all the people will know how right Najib is.

3. But don’t just broadcast only a part out of context. Show the whole ABC broadcast to prove Najib’s innocence. Only then will the people be reassured. Be truthful and establish that Najib only speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

4. To show that he is innocent, since the task force of four has been emasculated, set-up a proper neutral commission to investigate the donation from where the previous task force was stopped from finishing their work.

5. Mere statements from the Government, in particular by the discredited politicians, are not convincing as far as the public is concerned.

6. We need to have the letter-writer who claimed he donated the money to answer questions regarding his source of wealth, his bank, the manner of his transfer of huge sums to Najib’s private account. There is also a discrepancy between the date on his letter and the time when the public found and questioned the money in the private account of Najib in 2014.

7. This letter of 1st Nov 2011 answers all the questions which were asked only in 2014 after the Wall Street Journal exposed about the USD 681 million in Najib’s personal account. If the letter is to be believed transfers of money including the stated USD 375,000,000 were made in different sums repeatedly through a company bank called Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Ltd which is a British Virgin Islands company which the US Blackstone Group denies any knowledge of.

8. This letter which is supposed to prove that the money is a gift, is full of inconsistencies with regard to dates, amounts of money and frequency of disbursement.

9. It is as if the writer, purported to be “HRH Prince Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Saud” knew in 2011 that in 2014 the existences of the “gifts” would be discovered, exposed and explanations would be required. It is an amazing case of prescience.

10. But the broadcasting of the whole 1 hour episode by ABC will clear everything.


1. Menurut laporan akhbar, siaran ABC mengesahkan dana itu adalah hadiah yang boleh digunakan oleh PM sesuka hati.

2. Ini adalah berita yang sesungguh baik. Kini TV Kerajaan perlu menyiarkan berita ABC ini supaya semua rakyat akan mengetahui bagaimana betulnya Najib.

3. Tetapi jangan menyiarkan hanya sebahagian sahaja dan di luar konteks. Tunjuklah keseluruhan siaran ABC itu untuk membuktikan Najib tidak bersalah. Hanya selepas itu akan rakyat dapat diyakinkan. Bersikap jujurlah dan buktikan bahawa Najib bercakap benar, hanya yang benar, dan tidak lain daripada yang benar.

4. Untuk menunjuk bahawa beliau tidak bersalah, memandangkan “Pasukan Petugas Empat” dahulu telah dikebiri, dirikanlah sebuah Suruhanjaya yang terkecuali untuk menyiasat derma, mulai dari masa tugas pasukan petugas sebelum ini telah dihentikan sebelum dapat menyelesaikan tugas mereka.

5. Hanya kenyataan daripada Kerajaan sahaja, khususnya oleh ahli-ahli politik yang disangsikan, tidak meyakinkan orang ramai.

6. Kita perlu penulis surat, yang mendakwa beliau telah menderma wang, untuk menampil dan menjawab soalan-soalan mengenai sumber kekayaan beliau, bank beliau, cara beliau memindah jumlah wang yang besar ke akaun peribadi Najib. Terdapat juga percanggahan antara tarikh suratnya itu dengan masa orang ramai menemui dan mempersoalkan wang dalam akaun peribadi Najib pada 2014.

7. Surat yang bertarikh 1 haribulan November 2011 ini menjawab semua soalan-soalan yang hanya ditanya pada tahun 2014, selepas Wall Street Journal mendedah tentang USD 681,000,000 dalam akaun peribadi Najib. Jika sekiranya surat ini boleh dipercayai, ini bermakna pemindahan wang, termasuk USD 375,000,000 yang dinyatakan, telah dilakukan dalam jumlah yang berbeza berulang kali melalui bank syarikat yang dikenali sebagai Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Ltd yang merupakan syarikat Kepulauan British Virgin yang Blackstone Group AS sendiri menafikan sebarang pengetahuan mengenainya.

8. Surat ini, yang sepatutnya membuktikan bahawa wang itu adalah hadiah, mengandungi banyak percanggahan mengenai tarikh, jumlah wang dan kekerapan pembayaran.

9. Ianya seolah-olah penulis, yang kononnya ialah “Putera Arab Abdulaziz Al-Saud” pada tahun 2011 tahu bahawa pada tahun 2014 kewujudan “hadiah” akan ditemui, didedah dan penjelasan diperlukan. Ia adalah satu kes yang amat menakjubkan.

10. Tetapi penyiaran keseluruhan 1 jam episod oleh ABC akan menjelaskan segala-galanya.


Salinan Surat Saudi

55 thoughts on “NAJIB PROVEN RIGHT

  1. Sri Sense Apr 6,2016 4:46 PM

    Salam Tun

    Nak news ini

    AmBank shares down 3.1% on reports of ANZ probe

    KUALA LUMPUR (April 6): Shares in AMMB Holdings Bhd (AmBank) were down as much as 14 sen or 3.1% to RM4.42 this afternoon, on news that its Australian shareholder was grilled by a parliamentary panel in that country on its governance of the Malaysian bank.

    The Sydney Morning Herald had reported that Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd’s (ANZ) deputy chief executive Graham Hodges was questioned on Monday over ANZ’s knowledge of the alleged transfer of money into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s personal accounts at AmBank.

    The report stated that Hodges had told the Senate inquiry that ANZ was limited in what it could do in the matter, because it was only a part owner of AmBank.

    ANZ via ANZ Funds Pty Ltd is the largest shareholder of AmBank, with a 24% stake.

    The Australian meanwhile quoted Hodges as saying allegations into ANZ having governance questions to answer over AMMB and the affairs of 1Malaysia Development Bhd(1MDB), were “simplistic”.

    At 3.03 pm. AmBank shares were down 9 sen (1.97%) to RM4.47, with 2.02 million shares traded.


  2. Malaikat Maut Apr 6,2016 6:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I think quite rightly so, your point number 9 proves its relevance, that indeed it was a construction of document which seems to chronologically been fabricated to clear his name. Because it anticipated the outcome way back in 2011. So indeed there has been some anomalies in its authenticity. Either that or he has some sophisticated technology to foresee the future, or he has in his hands some technological advanced method of Time Travel, which enables the author of the letter to perceive the future as he was writing the document. Amazing. Truly.

    The way say I see this Sir, is the incredible amazing people who have no conscience to side what seems evident to compromise your integrity to secure a post, or to gain monetary rewards, promotion perhaps, or just the fear of unemployment, to avoid being the prey for the Sedition Act. Because I am trying to make sense of what is going on, quite simply, if someone walks down a pavement and see cow dung on the pavement. What do you do? Well, normally assuming we have some sense in making the right decision, most of us will walk around the cow dung. We will not say, wait a minute, that is cow dung, and it’s blocking my path forward, but you know what, I am going to plant my feet in the cow dung anyway. So that sums up what is happening to these folks who have difficulty deciding sincerely, ethically and morally what should be done, and which flagship they should be supporting in this rather silly discourse of what we can call “Plain Robbery in Bright Daylight”. The benefits perhaps are too extremely attractive or perhaps fear, or loyalty, so much so, you are prepared to plant your feet in a pile of cow dung and support the distress course of destroying the country. Always at the expanse of something or someone,the lust, the greed the unstoppable desire, the lies, and the ridiculous tragic comic that is being displayed. Comic, because I reckon this is something found in other political arenas. You either get fired, or executed if you are in the leftist countries.
    So the fault lies, in the supporters too. It has nothing to do with loyalty nor, has in got to do with faith in the party. Loyalty and being fateful requires some decision making, and that is righteousness. If something is wrong or wicked, you should be the first to scamper out of Zone we call loyalty. Having those qualities are good, only if the bigger picture stays big and clear. Which is the benefit for Malaysians and the Country’s health and reputation.The biggest picture that is often concealed whilst we are in the midst of a political turmoil is the Servants. We are servants to the King and The Malaysians, not the other way round. Nothing to do with Race, Religion and political affiliation. It transcends all those. Unless everyone can have the courage to stand up, and unite as one team and abandon the wicked course, the deterioration will be somewhat accelerated in rapid progression to a point where nothing could be done to save the Beloved Country.

    Thank you Sir, may you be victorious and may the supporters from both sides see your sincerity, your love, and commitment and your course in this. May Allah be with you in this victory and may the wicked abandon the sinking vessel as immediately as he should, in the name of humanity and honour.

  3. cruze Apr 6,2016 12:43 AM

    Wang derma pak arab dah bank in derma tanda komitmen baik pada najib untuk perangi pengganas, tapi rakyat kita juga yang mereka pilih untuk di penggal kepala.

    Itulah orang kata duit dah habis derma pada jakel, kalau pak arab tu tahu wang derma itu tidak di gunakan untuk ke perairan sabah kepala siapalah akan pak arab pancung. Serammm campur tak logik dengan tujuan asal derma tu tapi nazir razak tolong agih pada siapa 7 juta tu.

    Macam ni saja lah mana mana menteri yang sudah mengaku dapat 1 juta lebih seperti shahril samad tu rasanya dia yang harus pergi selamatkan rakyat kita yang di culik…tapi sebaliknya yang rakyat dengar iaitu dia ingin tamatkan tugasnya sebagai menteri….sesuatu je dia ni..

    Menteri2 tolonglah pergi ke sana selamatkan rakyat malaysia jangan hanya menyalak di fb dan tweeter.

    Asalamualaikum semua

  4. HouseWife Apr 5,2016 12:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Apakah kerana Tun bersama-sama mereka menggunakan lori sebagai platform untuk menyampaikan pendapat kepada orang ramai di katakan low-class?! Mind your own business, and Tun minds his own business..ok, si nazri menteri low-class dan yang sewaktu dengan kamu.
    Now I know what UmnoN is made up of…BATU! Kepala BATU! Hati BATU! Jiwa BATU! Tun, beginilah saya melihat DSN dan pengipas2nya, mereka semua ini memandang apa saja didunia dengan pandangan nafsu. Pandangan ini sifatnya melulu. Jika akal terbatas, nafsu terbabas. Tidak ada yang dilihat oleh nafsu melainkan ruang dan peluang untuk melempiaskan kejahatannya.

    DSN ni berlagak berani dan buat muka tebal sebab dia sangka dia boleh mengharap pengipas2nya bagi dia menyorok dibelakang..bukan..didalam kain mereka buat selama-lamanya. Bukti2 terbentang luas didepan mereka pun akan sengaja mereka tutup mata…sebab apa Tun?…sebab mata hati mereka sudah seperti BATU! Wallahua’lam.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Always Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. And Thank You Tun.

  5. Sri Sense Apr 4,2016 3:54 PM

    Salam Tun

    wish if I’m not mistaken, this energy revolution would take quite some time probably ten to fifteen years. The main change that average people will notice will be energy that is far cheaper.

    #LENR – low energy nuclear reaction or cold fusion 🙂

  6. sibotak Apr 4,2016 1:12 PM

    1MDB has met debt commitments says Najib in today news

    That does not met to cover his incompetency as a leader a PM
    Worst of all as a Finance Minister
    How stupid Malaysia System is today
    Having an incompetence Leader aboves holding a Finance Ministerial Post
    This is absolute Dangerous having known Najib past Failure
    Dear UMNO member and Leader
    We public elect you as an Ummah
    But you as a whole not yr Boss voice , must be able to know this
    Need no public opinion

    Take Father money without professional supervision
    Business Fail then take Mum money to cover the Failure
    Is burdening and betrayal towards the family
    To gain respect Najib must think harder to solves the Debts
    Not just by selling our precious land then says it is solved
    This is absolute irresponsible ,total incompetency
    UMNO leader must not follow the Bull if the Bull is Blind and Lazy

    Aboves all of Najib Incompetency
    Nothing he did seems right nor responsible and committed
    It seems Najib and the rest are more concerns of their personal selfish interest
    than caring , honoring Malaysia
    These are Betrayal towards Nation

    We ,Tun did mistake to elect such an irresponsible and incompetence Leader
    Above supported by UMNO member with their own thinking and belief
    But any mistake must be amend as soon as possible to safeguard the Nation
    Regardless of Clauses

    This is not the Islamic ways
    To hold fast the rope of Allah
    To put matters right is every Malaysian Duty
    That does not meant we should be divided
    It is a matter of principle To hold together

    The Fearing factor we still have not realize
    An incompetence Leader is the Prime Minister
    He is also the Finance Minister
    This is Doomsday for Malaysia

    Besides how long , how proud
    Can a PM be walking around in Public being Booed being Lounok down
    Yes most leaders had their days
    But for Najib we Truly Malaysians
    Felt sorry for him

    For those UMNO Leader
    I hope you guys knows what you are doing
    Putting matters Right though it Hurts
    Does not meant we should be divided
    Tun and We have done much of our Courtesy

  7. wish Apr 4,2016 12:30 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    I pray to Allah for your good health & you receive this comment in good faith. Currently we are loosing this neuron war as our own enemy indeed came from our own people & things are falling into perspective that DSN clearly wanting to collect rent from his energy plans in the future.

    Pardon me if this has no relevance to our current problems unless we believe that ‘cash is the king’.

    Blessed thee Tun.

    Saudi Arabia Prepares for Post-Oil Era with $2 Trillon Public Investment Fund

    Posted on April 2, 2016
    by Frank Acland

    There have been a number of readers here who have commented on the news story about Saudi Arabia launching a $2 trillion investment fund to help the country prepare for a post-oil era. I thought I’d start a new thread on the subject.

    Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told John Mickelthwait of Bloomberg News in a 5-hour interview that the country was preparing an investment fund that would help to transform the state-owned Aramco oil company into an ‘industrial conglomerate’. Shares in the fund would be publicly traded with an IPO planned as early as next year. The fund will become the largest sovereign wealth investment fund on earth with the capability of buying stakes in companies worldwide. The plan is to diversify into other fields and use the return on investments to fund government operations.

    The reason for this transformation of Aramco is based on collapse of oil revenues, upon which Saudi Arabia has relied for so many decades. The country is undergoing a vast belt-tightening process with generous subsidies for gasoline and electricity being cut and wasteful spending being cut out the state budgets.

    Mickelthwait says the crown prince has an obsession on moving the Saudi economy away from oil to something new. When asked about the level of desperation in the company regarding the collapse of oil wealth, Mickelthwait said the Saudis want to expand their role in the energy markets by becoming the world’s biggest refiner of oil and become a huge industrial energy company — as well as expanding into other fields such as mining and petrochemicals.

    Are the Saudis aware of the possible implications of LENR hitting the marketplace? There’s nothing that has been reported publicly about this, so we can’t say for certain. We do know that Industrial Heat has the license to sell and possibly manufacture E-Cats in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates — so it would not be surprising at all if they had already started laying the groundwork for commercialization of LENR there.

    The article and interview with the author can be read at Bloomberg News here: /2016-04-01/saudi-arabia-plans-2-trillion- megafund-to-dwarf-all-its-rivals

  8. HouseWife Apr 4,2016 12:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    In the above said letter:”The gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption since this is against the practice of Islam……..” Mr PM, any gifts, especially large huge sums of money will be and always be construed as an act of corruption when it is put in own personal account by some foreigner or someone to a government servant and kept quiet about it. How do you expect people to think about it, Mr PM? Don’t put the blame on Tun or the people or WSJ or ABC or and who else knows but not telling. Persons in office must never accept or give in to any kind of gifts, be they money or promises or intent. Kalau nak selamat jangan menghampiri walau bau sedikit pun ‘gifts’ tu. DSN should not have accepted the ‘gift’ in the first place no matter how much he (and who else?) needed the ‘gift’so badly. And even if he had accepted it or before accepting it, shouldn’t he had told and asked for his cabinet’s blessings? Why hid it? I don’t know what akta they used to allow this to make it legal, I’m not buying, thank you. I’m just a little brain housewife who is only curious, Tun.

    Tun, after you let go of Proton, many news flashing about Proton in full speed and pages in the mainsteam newspaper and tv. Many of your projects did not materialised after you stepped down as PM, like the Crooked Bridge, the Speed Train, Vision 2020. And now your baby Proton they’re labelling it as a failure because of you. Tun, you are the architect who had groomed this country into an industrialised country, so in other words you know how to and has successfully managed the whole country and her diversities. So how come they say you had failed or did not know how to manage a company like Proton? I believe each projects is going and has gone through its own history and burdened by external and internal limitations. There must be good reasons, right Tun.

    As had happened to Vision 2020, did the same thing happen to Proton, Tun? What transpired along the way? By WHO? By WHAT? And WHY? Any ‘hidden dalangs’ planted and played their roles in ‘sabotaging’ Proton, Tun? Are the so called failures purposely created by the ‘dalangs’? Maybe by your Closest Aides? Forgive me, Tun if I’m out of line, my little brain is playing curious again. I hope this is not a dangerous thought, Tun.

    They really want to see you ‘tersungkur’, Tun? This is how ‘pembesar2’ Melayu main tikam-tikam dengan bangsa sendiri? They are willing to stoop to achieve their meanness and follies. Their main purpose is to malign and damage your reputation. And they want the people to see them or to be seen as heroes and saviors. I’m not buying, thank you.

    Tun, saya sebenarnya risau akan kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun apabila Tun ‘join in’ dengan ‘sahabat2 baru’ diluar. Sekarang bukan saja kuasa pena sebagai senjata yang tajam dan berpengaruh tapi kuasa jari mampu memusnahkan atau membangunkan seseorang atau sesuatu. Tun mempunyai kedua2 kuasa ini dan Tun boleh gunakannya effectively ke jalan kebaikan. Tun bukan hendak memusnah tapi memperbetulkan dan menyedarkan yang ‘tertidor’, ‘terpekak’, ‘terbisu’ dan ‘terbuta’. Apa pun tindakan Tun diluar sana berhati-hatilah.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. And Thank you Tun. Please take extra care, my dear Tun.

  9. amd trmz Apr 4,2016 11:32 AM


    “Saya bukan itik, saya tak makan dedak, TAPI SAYA AYAM, SAYA MAKAN CACING” PERUT SAYA BUNCIT DENGAN CACING”

    P/S:Terfikir apa yang koo lii dapat, JAzzeLANG dapat jadi pak menteri, Sahir Samand dapat 1 juta, KOO LII dapat ape yeaaa. WSJ, SArawak Report lekas BONGKARKAN…….

    Koo Lii yang menjadi kuli pada nejib bagai ayam mematuk ketanah kepala senang dipijak-pijak. SYABAS KOO LII……

  10. zulu Apr 4,2016 11:01 AM

    33, US$130000 spent in Chanel store, Hawaii by Romah in a single day…

  11. zulu Apr 4,2016 10:58 AM

    What I have read about PM in newspaper so far.
    I’m not sure a honest man who hold PM post can do these crooked things. He is doing the opposite of what people expected to

    him to do.

    1, He and his wife name’s involved in murder cases (Altantuya, DPP, PI Bala, Jamaludin Jargis, AM Bank chief)
    2, Controversies in defence contracts during his term as defence minister
    4, Extravagant and royal like spending in his daughter’s marriage
    5, His wife seems to have extravagant life style with diamond rings, branded bags, US$500 per hair style session
    6, His step son financed Holliwood movie
    7, Hide from ‘know the truth’ meeting arranged by Dr.Mahathir
    8, Banned Sarawak daily and threatened it’s editor
    9, WSJ released news about RM 2.6 bil in his personal account with proof
    10, Replaced AG Abdul Gani Patail who is about to declare him as criminal, the new dummy AG did a comedy by acquitting him
    11, Police raided MACC office and confiscated documents and computers related to his corruption
    12, Police raided Other institutions investigating his corruption and confiscated documents and computers
    13, Replaced deputy PM and other ministers for their vocal opposition to the corruption
    14, Arrested those people and their lawyers who filed police report against him under terrorist act
    15, Bought PAC’s UMNO members by giving them minister jobs. Now so many ministers in Malaysia without departments, but gets

    govt. salary
    16, Removed/charged under terrorism act, those who opposed him within the party!!!
    17, Created racial tensions and converted his problem as Malay’s right issue
    18, One of his slave said “Slap the Chinese” after the yellow shirt rally
    19, Defamation case filed against bloggers who spoke about his corruption
    20, His slaves spoke against Johor royal family who were vocal against his corruption
    21, malaysian economy went down, currency value down to almost 25%. Malaysia included in corruption index.
    22, Transfered MACC officials who is not supportinve of him and re-transfered
    23, Malaysian rulers adviced the govt. to complete corruption probe as soon as possible
    24, Bought support of UMNO division leaders by pumping govt. $$$ unnecessary to them.
    25, Prevented deputy president from speaking in UMNO AGM
    26, Replaced Kedah MB who was against his corruption
    27, Replaced deputy president of UMNO
    28, More visits to Saudi Arabia by him and his cohorts
    29, Banned TheMalasianInsider news portal
    30, Removed Dr. Mahathis from Petronas adviser post for vocal on his corruption
    31, Arrested Australian journalists who asked questions about his loot but humiliated by action and released them

    32, His slaves removed Tun Dr.M from Petronas post

  12. HBT456 Apr 4,2016 8:18 AM

    73. 100 percent of the vip posts are hold by political parties.

    74. If they loose votes, it simply means they work for the political parties, not the voters.

    75. If they loose votes, it simply means they dont understand their obligation as civil servants.

    76. If they loose votes, it simply means they dont understand the sentiments of the the people.

    77. Who is right, who is wrong?

    78. If you can win majority votes, then you are right.

    79. If you can loose majority votes, then you are wrong.

    80. The political fact is bn lost 2/3 majority since 2008.

    81. There is no way they can retain 2/3 majority even if they send critics to jail.

    82. The more you want to perfect the situation, the more you will loose votes.

    83. The rest is history.

  13. HBT456 Apr 4,2016 7:44 AM

    68. I am not a member of any political party.

    69. Whether we support or dont support the current bn and his cabinet, we still need to work to pay taxes to putrajaya.

    70. The only obligation that we voters can decide whether to cast votes to the ruling, or opposition coalition.

    71. Without the support of voters, anyway will become no way.

    72. No need to bantah here and there because it wont have any impact here.

  14. furqan Apr 4,2016 7:09 AM

    Salam Tun ..komen semasa:

    1. Kerajaan masa kini seperti terpinga2 akan mengapa kos sara hidup naik mendadak. Pada pandangan saya ianya ialah sebab Malaysia kini ada “kabinet dapur” saja.

    Hakikatnya, harga barangan melambung dan menyiksa rakyat pendapatan rendah khususnya, disebabkan proses pembuatan [chain of suppliers and manufacturers] semuanya terpaksa bayar GST. Jadi ia memberikan kesan kenaikan harga yang berantai disepanjang proses pembuatan dan pembekalan, sebelum ianya sampai ke pengguna/rakyat. Maka sebab itulah kerajaan yang memperkenal GST pada pertama kalinya akan mengenakan caj yang rendah pada mulanya [bukan jerutan maut 6%] supaya sistem ekonomi/rakyat tidak mengalami kejutan dan terbantut. Tapi disebabkan barisan pemimpin kerajaan semasa adalah kabinet dapur, mereka fikir cukai ini adalah segala penyelesaian mrk [terutamanya utk hutang2 yang bertaraf OSA], maka mereka dengan tamaknya memperkenalkan cukai 6%. Semasa GST diperkenal, rakyat dimaklumkan GST tak akan menaikkan harga/kos barang, sebab pembekal boleh tuntut balik GST [input tax claim]. Tapi disebabkan birokrasi dan kadangkala kesukaran menentukan kesahihan tuntutan bayaran balik GST, adalah logik utk menganggap ramai pembekal sememangnya tidak menuntut bayaran balik GST. Dan natijahnya, rakyat yang terima bahana

    Maka berkenaan hal UBER vs. teksi, ini adalah kes “background noise” saja. The core/foreground issue is mainly GST. Bila rakyat perlu bayar GST tiap hari, mereka kekurangan duit untuk berbelanja, maka tentunya ia akan memberi kesan atas pelbagai aktiviti seharian rakyat, termasuklah penggunaan teksi yg dianggap oleh rakyat golongan pertengahan dan bawah sebagai satu perbelanjaan pengangkutan yang berkos tinggi. Sebelum itu juga dlm tahun 2015 ada kenaikan tambang teksi paling kurang 30-40%. Adakah waras kos pengangkutan boleh dinaikkan sebegitu mendadak sekali? Lepas itu pulak terpinga2 akan mengapa pelanggan teksi kurang? Inilah bukti nyata kabinet dapur yang dah terlampau banyak sangat makan dedak

    2. Sekarang konco Najib sedang cuba mengkondemkan Proton [dan TDM]. Hakikatnya Proton adalah utk negara dan rakyat, banyak menolong warga Bumiputra dari segi pekerjaan [dan menyumbang aktiviti ekonomi], walaupun ada isu yang boleh diperdebat tentang hal kereta nasional ini. Tapi macamanapun, Proton adalah satu industri yang nyata dan telus – bukan macam buat syarikat sampai hutang berpuluh bilion tapi outputnya [kpd rakyat?] entah di mana, cuma buat hutang saja? Proton juga bukan syarikat yg hantar duit kepada Cayman Island untuk bisnesnya.

    3. Tak tahulah nasib Proton selepas ini, tapi apabila kabinet dapur [yang anti TDM secara personal] mentadbir negara, saya rasa ia akan terkubur dan dengan itu, makin ramai lagi akan membenci kerajaan [khusus orang Melayu yg dibuang kerja dibawah Proton]. Sekarang Petronas pun dah buang pekerja!
    Dengan isu 1MDB. derma Pak Arab, GST, FGV, LTAT [tidak/lambat bayar gratuiti?] dan kini Proton, tidak mungkin langsung BN akan menang PRU14

    4. Tengku Razaleigh dakwa dia tak makan dedak. Ramai netizen terkejut akan “sokongan”nya kepada Najib hingga banyak cemuhan mereka kepada Ku Li di ruangan komen berita. Itulah nasib sesiapa yang menyokong Najib.
    Rakyat sebenarnya benci akan Najib [dan penyokongnya] bukan sebab peribadi, tapi disebabkan jawapan tentang derma berbilionnya macam ular kena palu – bersimpul simpul, dan bengkang bengkok, sedangkan jawapan yang benar itu telus, jelas dan lurus. Rakyat dibohongi sewenang2nya dan inilah yang menjadikan Najib amat dibenci/dicemuh. Rakyat benci akan pembohong yang tiada segan silu melakukannya dengan terang terangan, apa lagi membuatnya dengan selamba /angkuh. Sesiapa yang menyokong pembohong, sudah tiada lagi kehormatan diri dan orang seperti itu tidak layak lagi jadi pemimpin

    5. TITM mendakwa himpunan anti GST tidak dapat sambutan kerana tiada sokongan PAS? Saya rasa himpunan itu kurang sambutan sebab memang cuaca amat panas luar biasa kebelakangan ini. Lagi satu rakyat memang dah berbuih mulut bercakap tentang masalah GST/Najib, cuma BN yang memang mati matian hendak mencabar dan memperbodohkan rakyat. Jika PAS merasakan menyokong Najib dan polisinya memberi kebaikan politik,mereka bakal tersilap besar.

  15. sibotak Apr 4,2016 12:25 AM

    The Failure of 1MDB not to mention The mismanage , the misapprotiate
    Under Najib establishment and management
    Malaysia serving Billion of Loses and Debts

    Is subtsantial indications Najib Failed
    In Japan these Leader will have to resign
    In olden days they undergo Seppuku ( stomach cutting ) a form of Japenese ritual suicide
    by disembowment as an honor of their code

    That besides Najib many wrong and failed doings
    Did he stands for Malaysia , UMNO ,Malay , Rosmah or for himself
    Leader being disgust by Opposition is common
    But disgusted by its people such a Leader is Dreaming

  16. Hajar Apr 3,2016 11:38 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Another ‘atomic bomb’ from Tun! So sarcastic!

    2. I hope no one in ‘Parti Najib / Rejim Najib’ is celebrating thinking that Tun really meant ‘Najib is proven right!’. This is an example where “Tun guna tajuk terbalik /cakap terbalik & perli…like during the PC when Tun quipped that he was a dictator” (gegak gempita ‘musuh2’ Tun canang Tun mengaku ‘diktator’…kasihan).

    3. It’s so obvious that the letter was written after the scandals were exposed.

    4. My advice to Rejim Najib: ”If you want to lie/cheat, please lie/cheat intelligently!”. The whole world is laughing at all of you…so shameful.

    5. Now Luxembourg is also investigating the 1MDB scandals. I like Luxembourg very much – very clean and such a beautiful tiny country. I bet the authorities there will make sure that the culprits be brought to court for their criminal acts.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  17. Sri Sense Apr 3,2016 10:26 PM


    Why so quiet here? Ok nak share news

    Najib fighting fit, downsizing from XXL to XL

    KUCHING: Prime Minister Datuk Seri NajibTunRazak wants his critics to know that he is “fighting fit” and ready to take on anyone.

    Speaking at the launching of GREAT 2016, Najib said: “I changed and saw two shirts hanging with the sizes of XL and XXL.

    I’m proud to say I chose XL and I could wear it.The message is clear, I’m fighting fit and I will take on anyone,” he said.

    However, he did not elaborate his battle further. – Borneo Post

    – What’s that? Najib dah kurus ka?

    Read more:

  18. HBT456 Apr 3,2016 9:25 PM

    60. I have been in this blog many years ago.

    61. We are leaving in imperfect world therefore no one is born perfect.

    62. We are here to blog to unblog, not to bodek or to curse anyone.

    63. Identify the problems first, then make recommendations.

    64. My way or your way, if you cannot get majority votes, whatever way you choose is no way.

    65. Look before you leap.

    66. Dont jump into conclusion and make wrong moves, thats the no no.

    67. Respect is to be earned.

  19. faridina Apr 3,2016 5:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    Moral of the story is apart from domestic protest there will always be foreign news agency ever eager to reveal a lot of wrong doings and scandals whether the regime like it or not.

    Yes they must remember during Tun’s ruling it happened too but it was mostly internal or domestic affairs and with regards to Najib’s scandals it has cross borders to at least 5 countries of the world.

    More and more revelation will be exposed and there will come a time where he will be spending more time here and will be reluctant to travel abroad except only Kazakhstan maybe.

    Maybe Granite Picturces can consider producing a sure box-office movie – “NAJIBGATE”.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Utusan and TV3, how long do guys think you can cover your boss hah?

  20. sibotak Apr 3,2016 3:29 PM

    Agreed with Adeheid
    Letter written as compose to Lie is a Fake
    The letter contains answers to our Query as much as selling our land to cover Najib 1MDB Stupidiy
    It does not helps Najib . You are so Cheap Najib
    Malaysian don,t buy cheap stuff

    The Prince Saud letter forget to mention of Tun Mahathir ,Tony Phua ,Lim Kit Siang ,WSJ ,Swiss AG
    and the many more To complete Najib Lies
    Perhaps Prince Saud should use his Brain to better usage

  21. rimba.emas Apr 3,2016 12:30 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Pengalaman Rimba Emas surat yang hanya ditangani pihak pemberi ‘tampa’pengesahan pihak berkecuali ( saksi ) seperti badan penguatkuasa perundangan atau ajensi pengurusan kewangan ketika urusan dilakukan bukanlah satu bahan bukti yang menamatkan sesuatu kes penyiasatan kecurian.

    2. Ada kes kecurian sebelum ini menyaksikan berlakunya penipuan atas transaksi. Contohnya surat bukti pembelian (resit) pernah didapati boleh mengabui penyiasat bila telah diatur lebih dulu antara pembeli dan penjual iaitu harga yang ditulis telah di lebihkan dari harga sebenar. Lebihan duit itu sebenarnya kepada wakil yang di tugaskan membeli itu.

    3. Keadaan seperti inilah yang dapat mengabui pihak penyiasat SPRM. Cara penyiasatan ini kalau di siasat pihak audit kita hanya dapat bukti ada kesalahan dalam transaksi sahaja.

    4. Sebaliknya yang lebih teruk ialah si pengambil wang telah berjaya menipu penyiasat untuk menutup kes kecurian dengan hanya pada kesalahan prinsip perakaunan sahaja.

    5. Kadang-kadang kita sendiri keliru ada kes yang pesalah hanya salah dalam tata kerja sahaja tetapi di buang kerja. Sementara yang mencuri wang kerana kepandaian mengadakan bukti kemudian hari dengan kuasa yang ada tidak diambil tindakan.

    6. Kini didapati mencuri bukan lagi merompak bersenjata lagi tetapi mencuri wang dengan menipu harga barang yang dibeli, penipuan dalam sebutharga tampa menyiasat Syarikat milik siapa, surat perjanjian jual beli tiada saksi dari pihak berkuasa.

    7. Rakyat Malaysia mengharapkan Pihak Polis dan SPRM yang mencari pencuri wang negara tetapi sebaliknya kita tahu badan ini dibawah kuasa PM. Maka siapa lagi selain rakyat Malaysia yang tiada kuasa untuk menjadi penyiasat berkecuali, melainkan negara luar yang berpegang kepada kebenaran kebaikan antara manusia berlainan agama dan bangsa.


  22. WandyCaswady Apr 3,2016 11:59 AM


    Apakah gunanya hidup senang di dunia dgn kekayaan…
    Jika legasi membawa dosa boleh mencapai beratus tahun…
    Salaamun aalaikum…

    Check out @WandyCaswady’s Tweet:

  23. rakyatmy2020 Apr 3,2016 9:32 AM

    If Najib is right, there will be no corruption. Donation is officially recognized as a legal mean of politic funding. His ministers and opposition are free to donate or receive donations. The source of donation can be kept secret and protected by OSA.

    If Najib is right, ministers can spend luxury items for his wife and kids amount to 10x above his annual salary. Ask Rosmah how to control his hubby to buy her expensive hand bags with his credit card. Credit Limit must exceed RM500,000.

    If Najib is right, spending holidays for family with public funds during official meeting overseas is nothing wrong. 1 day meeting and 2 days holidays for wife shopping. Malaysia government provides a private jet for PM and family.

    If Najib is right, all murder cases have nothing to do with him. His loyalist is willingly commit crime to protect his master and die for him.

    If Hitler is right, there will be no WWII. Is sad that no one is stopping him before is too late.

  24. Sri Sense Apr 3,2016 8:55 AM

    Salam Tun

    To me tiada siapa nak bagi gift or donation macam itu kat individual. Unless sebab utamanya money laundering.

    Kalau kita tengok kedai makan arab yang kosong tiada pelanggan tapi hidup sampai bertahun2, buat ramai tertanya tanya macam mana boleh hidup lagi, itu pun mungkin aktiviti money laundering, money laundering usually drug money, duit mafia, in some country duit yang lari dari cukai pun depa consider money laundering. 🙂

    Kalau I jadi Najib, I berhati hati kata duit itu donation dari Arab mana sekali pun. Simply kata duit donation for perjuangan Islam also susah, dalam keadaan dunia sekarang. What more, stail Najib sekeluarga berbelanja, jauh betul islam nya 🙂

    And what so aneh about this deal kalau betul seorang kerabat raja arab nak kasi duit donation kenapa mesti pada Najib tidak pada Agong or Sultan2 Melayu yang lain.

    Kalau nak derma pada parti politik islam kan baik beri pada PAS dari bagi pada UMNO.

    That is to say the letter, doesn’t make sense to me. 🙂

  25. Dss Apr 3,2016 1:47 AM

    Dearest Tun,

    Please never ever give up on Malaysia.

  26. musato Apr 2,2016 11:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tertarik mendengar ulasan beberapa MT UMNO mengenai Tun Mahathir.

    Antaranya Sohaimi Sahadan yang katanya senior senior beliau pernah cakap masa zaman Tun Mahathir mereka tak boleh cakap banyak. Cuma masa pemerintahan Najib ni sahaja mereka boleh mengeluarkan pandangan.

    Ye la, tengok la sekarang bila mana MT UMNO bebas bercakap dan mengeluarkan pandapat masing masing. Dah jadi macam sampah sarap.

    Tapi saya tak rasa begitu pun.

    Saya mengaku berkali kali (dah lama tak mengaku ni) yang saya ini adalah penasihat Tun Mahathir.

    Setiap kata kata saya akan dituruti. Idea dan pandangan saya senantiasa di uji pandu oleh Tun Mahathir.

    Satu perkara yang saya belajar, adalah Tun pandai membetulkan kesalahan dalam tindakan. Dan Tun tidak pandai meminta maaf.

    Tiada perkataan maaf tetapi ia diperbetulkan melalui tindakan.

    Orang tua berumur 91 tahun ini bukan nyanyuk.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. The Hidden Secret Apr 2,2016 9:14 PM

    Najib = USD 1,000,000,000++

  28. Sri Sense Apr 2,2016 9:03 PM

    Salam Tun dan rakan2

    FMT : Salleh: Did Mahathir air ABC’s Anwar show?

    PETALING JAYA: Umno minister Salleh Said Keruak has derided Dr Mahathir Mohamad and opposition politicians for their praise of an Australian television network by pointing out that they had previously attacked the network for its “lies” and its “agenda”.

    – Salleh I’m not a politician but you are. Tun also sudah pencen UMNO. Pencen alot of jawatan dalam badan kerajaan and corporate too. 🙂

  29. umranrc Apr 2,2016 8:46 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Mohon laluan Tun.

    Salam Saudara Fariq Islam,
    Dari kefahaman saya terhadap apa yang saudara sampaikan, saya dapati saudara kurang bersetuju atau tidak langsung bersetuju dengan Tun mengenai usaha Tun sekarang ini untuk menurunkan Perdana Menteri kita.

    Saya hormati pendirian ini tetapi ingin juga saya menyentuh serba sedikit mengenai pandangan ekonomi terhadap hal ini.

    Seperti yang kita semua sudah sedia maklum, keadaan ekonomi kita agak terhimpit diwaktu ini. Dengan kenyataan ini, adakah dengan turunnya Dato’ Sri Najib, adakah ekonomi kita boleh pulih sekelip mata? Sudah semestinya TIDAK tetapi kita juga harus faham bahawa gelombang ekonomi tidak bertindak seperti Tsunami yang datang dan pergi dengan pantas sekali tetapi lebih kepada seperti pasang surutnya pantai yang berlalu sepanjang malam.

    Sekiranya kita biarkan kehilangan keyakinan terhadap Negara ini terus berlaku untuk tempoh dua tahun lagi, saya percaya tempoh pemulihan akan memakan masa yang lebih lama.

    Seperkara lagi, dengan kenyataan AG mengenai wang SRC yang telah masuk ke akaun peribadi PM, dimana kita tahu bahawa SRC adalah badan kerajaan dan wang tersebut adalah wang rakyat, ini jelas sekali menunjukkan adanya salah laku telah pun berlaku. Sebagai seorang Islam, kita tidak sepatutnya menerima perkara ini.

    Terima Kasih Fariq Islam

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  30. adelheid Apr 2,2016 8:39 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Any normal person reading the above letter from the purported Saudi prince would be able to tell that this letter is made up, fake. If the letter is sent to forensics to determine its genuinity baru padan muka. But that is not going to happen since the boss is Najib. Najib is spinning full force now hehehe that he is out of touch with what makes sense and what is pure crap.

    Putera Saudi siap guna perkataan ‘Gift’ lagi untuk meng-highlightkan yang ianya ‘gift’ hehehe. Kalau kita nak bagi, bagi ajalah, tak payah nak highlight-highlight perkataan tu. Then “You shall have absolute discretion as to how the Gift shall be utilised..” and “The Gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption..” hehehe. Semuanya cukup lengkap di-explain dalam surat pak arab saudi tu macam sediakan payung sebelum hujan 😀 Tu lah terlampau spin sangat tak sedar yang ia dah nampak cacat dan mengkantoikan lagi cerekarama mereka.

    Terima kasih Tun untuk ruang berbicara dengan Tun Mahathir. Jaga diri selalu, walau di mana Tun berada.

  31. Sri Sense Apr 2,2016 7:54 PM

    Salam Tun

    Sedih baca berita Tun pergi perhimpunan GST. I dah cakap siang2 Wan Azizah, anak2, depa tu hanya minat nak keluarkan Anwar. Depa cuma minat nak naik Anwar jadi PM. Nasib baik Mat Sabu pandai bergurau. Namun gitu I tumpang bangga kerana Tun faham kesusahan kami rakyat dengan GST, Tun berdua hadir juga.

    Masyarakat pekan kecil seperti Sg Petani tempat kakak I tinggal, gaji memang kecil. Anaknya kerja sana 600 rgt gaji sebulan, dengan GST memang mati. I boleh faham apa anak Tun cakap tentang gaji petani Kedah.

    Pekan2 macam ini mana ada gaji besar. So Najib jangan compare la dengan orang Kuantan. Kuantan gaji tinggi. Bandar Ipoh pun ada Manager gaji 2,000 rgt sebulan sahaja. Ini susahnya kalau pemimpin hidup dalam cocoon.

    Kepada Nazri, kami hanya cakap pasal Najib jer, bukan Agong, Sultan2 atau Raja2 Melayu. Standard Raja2 Melayu mana sama dengan kami, Najib atau you.

    Oh ya I baru baca berita Bernama, kalau I kasi aritu berita dari sinar harian, berita yang sama keluar Bernama tapi tak sebut pun hal2 tu tapi hal larangan cerita 1MDB pulak keluar.

    Take care Tun. I love you. 🙂

  32. adelheid Apr 2,2016 6:50 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Najib and his administration will do as they please as long as he still heads the country. He will not listen to suggestions to set up neutral commission to investigate, especially not if the suggestions come from Tun Mahathir. Even as he is being cornered from all angles this fella is still not budging. Unless and until things have gotten really out of his hand. Now his closest clan satu-satu dah mula kena – the two Arabs (the Qubaisy and the Husseiny), the two SRC Intl personnels yang menyorok entah kat mana, even anak glamer makcik Ros pun sekarang dah jadi kalam kabut (bintang Hollywood la sangat). Si montel JLow pun agaknya dah mula kena darah tinggi. Mr. Arul pun dah cakap nak chow. Even TPM and Rais Yatim pun dah mula tukar nada nampaknya sikit-sikit lama-lama terus abandon Najib’s ship bila depa boleh hidu dah spoiled brat tu dah sukar nak diselamatkan lagi. TPM pun dah tekad nak naik PM kan.

    Tun, I believe our PM Najib ni memang involved dengan scammers ni. In fact he and wife are scammers. JLow, Arabs tu semua scammers yang bukan calang-calang. Memang dia orang dah merancang. Nama-nama company yang dia orang guna yang akan-akan serupa nama company lain bertujuan mengaburi mata orang. Licik dia orang ni Tun. Biasa menipu. Sebab tu tak takut bila berbillion-billion dollar mengalir keluar masuk. Najib dan Rosmah dan seisi keluarga mereka nampaknya memang tidak jujur.

    Tun, I worry that Najib and his BN will manipulate the coming Sarawak state election. They will definitely play the scare tactics as usual, takutkan pengundi terutama yang kampong serta yang bekerja penjawat awam. Mereka akan takutkan orang melayu Sarawak dan orang Islam (walaupun umum ketahui yang orang Sarawak ini tak se’pak turut’ seperti rakan-rakan mereka kat bawah bayu!).

    Oh ya Tun, just for your info, sightings of the omputih askar ada lagi semenjak dua menjak ini kat KK… mereka ni suka jalan-jalan kat malls especially yang dekat dengan Sepangar bay… muda-muda hensem omputih badan yang kita tau depa work out and biasanya ada tattoo. My girls excited bila tengok mamat-mamat ni :)) but I guess bagi kita yang dewasa bimbang juga kalau ada pengkalan tentera mereka kat sini. Atau should we take heart and think positive because they claim to be polis dunia?

    Take care dearest Tun Dr. Mahathir. My family and I are with you, we love you from the moon and back, dunia akhirat kami sayang Tun. I love you Tun.

  33. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 6:42 PM

    54. Even opposition parties also get lobby or money politics.

    55. Its just a number game, who gets the majority, they will name the next president as pm.

    56. To them, as long as they win out, they can decide how the budget and law is utilized according to their whims and fancy.

    57. Whoever become pm does it matter for the voters?

    58. Let the political parties do their work since they are paid for.

    59. As voters, you only can vote, nothing more.

  34. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 6:30 PM

    47. In the past, all bn presidents including umno also get donations.

    48. You can call it lobby or money politics, its up to the president to declare in their supreme meeting.

    49. If dsn as umno president can accept donation from foreigners, meaning other political parties also can accept donations from foreigners, this is what bn dacing stands for, isnt it?

    50. Three hundred and seventy five millions dollar as commission for multi billion dollars greater kl for dsn?

    51. Why set up new political party?

    52. Just wait it out and watch how umno ministers from sabah do their work.

    53. They should be the one who shakes bukan orang tua tu dari kedah.

  35. Albert Apr 2,2016 5:56 PM

    I wish Tun and Toh Puan are well and happy, and proud Marina brought another honor to Malaysia and your family.

    Forget about Time Corruption Fact #2, he and those he corrupted are done, but if Tun want to poke the embers, ambillah marshmellow to enjoy with Toh Puan.

    Antara sembahan dan kutukan, antara kesetiaan dan pengkhianatan, Tun sudah cukup kuat pegang ke prinsip demi Negara. Harap Tun dan Toh Puan sentiasa sihat dan bahagia, biar depa mari sembah dulu, they will.

    Tun mark my words, there will be no escape for the corrupted this time, and Malaysians will ensure only those who are principled lead the next Government. It will not and cannot be solely on the shoulders of Tun and family this time, there are enough educated (thanks to Tun and Malaysia) and principled Malaysians to help. Thank you for loving Malaysia and all Malaysians.

  36. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 3:51 PM


    42. Let mic make the decision, YANG BERHORMAT DS Liow.

    43. Mic can claim what they see fits.

    44. Even mic support using the jpa public fund for oversea tertiary education to build turiya bhd, its okay.

    45. If mic doesnt accept, we must thank mic for their no no.

    46. At least you know where you stand mca.

  37. Sri Sense Apr 2,2016 3:45 PM

    Salam Tun and Happy Saturday to all

    News from MMO

    Report: Foreign authorities investigating 1MDB’s 2012 bond issue

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — Investigators in several countries are examining the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) bonds issued by Goldman Sachs that is currently the subject of a US probe, according to a media report.

    The US-based Wall Street Journal today said the latest investigation launched in Luxembourg joins two similar investigations in the UAE and Switzerland into the same subject: the US$3.5 billion (RM13.6 billion) bonds issued by the US bank for 1MDB four years ago.

    When announcing its investigations this week, the Luxembourg state prosecutor said it detected indications of misappropriation in 1MDB-linked funds that were also related to a similar case being investigated in neighbouring Switzerland.

    “Authorities in the UAE have frozen the personal assets of and issued travel bans to two former executives of an Abu Dhabi sovereign-wealth fund that had extensive dealings with the Malaysian fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd, known as 1MDB, the people said,” the WSJ reported.

    “Separately, the Luxembourg unit of Edmond de Rothschild Group, a private bank that manages money on behalf of wealthy clients, said it is ‘cooperating’ with a government probe into money that may have flowed from 1MDB.”

    According to the WSJ, central to the investigation is the bond issued by Goldman for 1MDB in 2012.

    US Department of Justice personnel were reportedly in Malaysia recently to obtain information from Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan for their investigation on the matter.

    It was previously reported that the US is checking whether Goldman misled bondholders when it sold the securities issued by 1MDB.

    The bond sold by Goldman also previously drew criticism from opposition lawmakers here, who questioned why the bank was paid a commission of over 9 per cent of the bond’s value for arranging the issue.

    1MDB has said that it was not contacted by any foreign country reportedly investigating the Malaysian firm, but expressed its willingness to cooperate with any lawful authorities.

    – See more at:

  38. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 3:40 PM

    39. Is it too hard to admit as leaders?

    40. Why must these innocent people and civil servants being punished for the past leaders’ decisions?

  39. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 3:36 PM


    34. Many years back, when asked by press media in pau with repect to the legality of project ic, tdm admitted as orang islam, beliau kata orang islam kena tolong orang islam.

    35. After these terrorists slaughtered pdrm kita, orang islam jugak, in this zone, umno punya mod launched war on sulu militants to show the world that umno has the mighthy defence to launch war of anyone without the consent of the federal parliament.

    36. Few months ago, the kidnapper left off the female hostage, orang bukan islam kita, according to yb ds nur jazlan.

    37. According to him, unfortunately, the male hostage, orang bukan islam kita dipancung leher.

    38. If you can stage such terrorist acts, you too tainted further the name of syariah compliance ideology.

    39. Ask yourself, are you comfortable with these kinds of terrorism acts?

  40. Fariq Islam Apr 2,2016 2:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    There must be grounds for ABC to come out with such news article.

    There is no point for Tun to ruthlessly attack PM, to oust him during his existing tenure of service. We are concerned with our beloved country’s future. We need political stability. If PM is ousted, who will succeed as next PM? Who can ensure that the next PM will be a better one? Ousting PM brings no effect to institutional reform. Problem may repeat after the successor takes office.

    We need to address the root causes. Should PM hold the office of Finance Minister, and head the Economic Planning Unit? Should there be more proper segregation of duty and responsibility? Should political parties continue to burn resources, to win votes and sustain political control?

    Tun, we are not far away from the next GE. Why not think of setting up a political party, as a more solid platform to carry on Tun’s aspirations, to rule this country?

  41. sibotak Apr 2,2016 12:48 PM

    Every Doubts will be Cleared
    If every is place on the Judiciary Table
    When Najib refuse and obstruct every on the Table
    Indicates Najib Feared the Truth

    If he is Truthful of what he said
    He must not obstruct
    But this is not about Confession
    Its a Case matters, transparent investigation must take place
    What have Najib got to worry if He is Truly Innocents

    Confessions and Investigations is Two different matters
    Asking the Thief to confess is as Good as To encourage theft to occurs again
    So be it if the next PM have the same story like Najib
    Malaysia will Cripple

    So Stop the Drama
    Stop playing the Indian Movies
    Be Professional if one is Truly True

    I bet Najib regret much of abolish the ISA Act
    With regards of the printing , We luv PM
    Its a big waste
    That money is most wiser to buy food for the Stray Dogs of Malaysia
    Such a Hypocrites

  42. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 11:37 AM

    Note:Usa lawmakers shortened the president term to 4 years to adapt to the rapid changes beyond their control in this free market, I mean imperfect market.

  43. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 11:34 AM

    23. Admission of saudi prince on the donation part is not a surprise at all to continue syariah compliance monopoly policies.

    24. Other mothers also have beautiful daughters.

    25. We are leaving in an imperfect world.

    26. No one, absolutely no leaders including usa presidents can change this universal norm.

    27. Why?

    28. They too need to get the mandate from their voters to push for their vision.

    29. Who get the majority, the president will lead the americans in the next 5 years.

    30. Which coalition get the majority, the president will become the pm of malaysia in the next 5 years.

    31. Happy or no happy, we need to cast the votes in every 5 years for the mps who we think they have done their jobs with satisfactory result.

    32. Only poor people can vote?

  44. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 11:15 AM


    17. Laughing is still the best medicine, ts.

    18. If the fork up of rm1 billion is successful, you will get paid.

    19. Even if the fork up of rm1 billion failed, you will get paid also.

    20. Smile ts, good for your health because you dont need to sacrifice your health for that, can or not, leave it to the public.

    21. As long as you have tried your very best, no one will blame you.

    22. What if the current president failed to get the mandate to lead south korea in next ge, who will fork up funds to build kl118?

  45. rkmh226 Apr 2,2016 11:02 AM


    YABhg. Tun,

    Eventually the truth prevails!

    My family and I just came back fr Langkawi and it’s good to know that everyone we met there are on your side as you are a man with substance. You resigned from all positions with DIGNITY. You have done more than enough for our country. Thank you so MUCH, Tun.

    Just look at our leaders nowadays – the way they behave and justify the wrong doings of their big boss are very unbecoming and damaging. That is the price the nation has to pay as UMNO leaders purposely denying members with good brains and excellent academic qualifications / experience to be part of UMNO leadership. There are frictions everywhere among UMNO members, especially at the top level, be it at divisions or branches. They just pretend that everything is in good shape. Infact, UMNO is sinking n digging its own grave.

    As for all UMNO leaders – You can deceive some people all the time, all the people some of the time. BUT you cannot deceive all the people all of the time. Period!

    Please take good care, our dear Tun.


  46. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 10:39 AM

    14. Is dsn proven a criminal yet igp?

    15. If he is not, then its not igp or kdn to be present, right?

  47. HBT456 Apr 2,2016 10:29 AM

    11. If you understand and aware how the politics played by the future pm wanabe, you will know bn’s syariah compliance ideology is ultra.

    12. Its up to bn and opposition parties to play their parts.

    13. If you think robbing paul to pay peter is righteous, go a head since we have ge in every 5 years.

  48. milshah Apr 2,2016 10:13 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Agreed with Tun. Since the letter is proof of Najib’s innocence of any wrong doing, let’s have a complete and thorough investigation. Enstablish a royal commission. Najib has nothing to be worried if he is on the right side. Berani kerana benar. I would even give my support back if it can be proven he is innocent.

    P/s: The latest news allegations by WSJ, TIMES and other reputable papers that Najib and Rosmah spent millions of USD is worrying. Is the money his to spend? Or is this part of ‘election purposes’ so the money can be spent?

  49. Sri Sense Apr 2,2016 10:02 AM

    Salam Tun

    IMOA They are afraid 🙂 Now the state of fear shifted to them. 🙂

  50. nase Apr 2,2016 9:48 AM

    Salam Tun..

    Sekarang testimoni ABC dah jadi penghakiman mutlak. Dah ambil alih penghakiman Allah SWT. Moga Allah panjangkan umur kita untuk lihat perhitungan akan kebenaran dari Illahi. Wallahualam..

    Selamat berhujung minggu buat Tun sekeluarga..

  51. Tired Apr 2,2016 9:36 AM

    Salam, Tun,

    Wakakaka, Tun! You are so funny, yet full of sarcasm. Genius. Another timeless classic!

    Guess after countless trips for Umrah, Allah SWT has not answered his prayers for that all encompassing letter lar, Tun. So? Make one himself lor. After all, Malaysians are so gullible that they will believe anything that he throws at them. Luckily, most of us are not that gullible!!!

    Cash Is King, indeed!!!

    Sekian, Tun, terima kasih. Wassalam.

  52. Malacca Apr 2,2016 9:25 AM

    Did najib send a letter to acknowledge the gift? Najib is richest prime minister.

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