To: Proton car owners and buyers

I feel I owe you all an explanation as to why I resigned as Chairman of Proton.

I was not expelled by Proton management or owners. I decided on my own, for the sake of Proton I should leave. I therefore have no grudge against Proton nor do I want it to fail after I left.

This is because Proton seems to be having difficulties with the Government and for some unknown reason sales of Proton cars have plummeted.

I know I am persona non grata with the Government. I do not want to be the cause of Proton’s inability to recover because of my presence.

I would in fact like to see Proton recover and do well.

So, please, Proton owners and buyers, don’t take it out on Proton because I am no longer the Chairman. Please continue to support Proton.

Proton has great ideas about introducing new models which are of good quality. This month they will launch the new Perdana. Later in the year they will launch the new Persona and Saga.

Proton cannot expect any help from the Government.

Only Proton owners and fans can help Proton. So please help Proton, your national car maker.

1. I am no longer the Chairman of Proton. However I feel a need to merely state the facts.

2. Firstly Proton is now privately owned after it was bought at RM5.50 per share (originally priced RM2.95 but bidding pushed the price up) largely from Khazanah and a few other share holders. Khazanah was supposed to hold shares for Bumiputras but is now representing the Government. Proton is not a GLC (Government Linked Company).

3. Government policy previously was to encourage local contents. All cars manufactured or assembled in Malaysia are entitled to rebates on excess duty based on the percentage of local contents used. Most foreign cars assembled in Malaysia has 30 – 40% local contents. Proton has almost 90% local content. Therefore the rebate for Proton is higher. It is not a privilege for Proton alone. All foreign and local cars enjoy this privilege. Local contents increase the cost of producing the car. This is because the deletion allowance by the foreign company is invariably lower than the cost of the local component.

4. The Government claims to have provided grants, various forms of assistance as well as tax foregone to the take of about RM 13.9 billion in total.

5. Most of this is made up of taxes foregone. Proton records show the following:
(1) RM1,320 million as tax incentives to Proton also eligible to non-national cars
(2) RM773.8 million in R&D Grant, Special grant, Stimulus package, eligible to all automotive manufacturers.
(3) RM12,532.6 million in customized incentives also eligible to all automotive players.

Total Government contribution from 1985 – to date amounts to RM 14,631.4 million.
Details of (1), (2) and (3) are appended.

Total contribution by Proton to Government since 1985 totals RM 24,905 million.
These are made up of the following:
(i) Excise duty from 1985 onwards RM 11,785 million
(ii) Sales tax from 1985 onwards RM 9,470 million
(iii) Corporate tax from 1985 onwards RM 1,410 million
(iv) Import duty from 1985 to 2008 RM 1,403 million
(v) GST from 1/4/2015 RM 28 million

Total RM 24,905 million

Clearly Proton has paid more to the Government than Government to Proton.
Capital injection by Government in 2 seed funds total RM 400 million. These have been fully paid up. On top of this, Proton had fully funded the 1.8 billion Ringgit Tanjung Malim Plant from its internal coffers which at that point had a staggering total of 4 billion Ringgit.

6. In addition Proton provides jobs for about 12,000 workers at any one time directly, and more than 250,000 souls indirectly. Proton reduced the outflow of funds probably amounting to more than 100 billion Ringgit.

7. Vendors also create jobs and reduce outflow of funds.

8. We can forget the development of engineering capability as our policy now is to encourage imports.

9. Incidentally all the countries exporting cars to Malaysia implement tariff and non-tariff barriers resulting in excluding Proton importation into their countries. This contrasts with our policy of allowing foreign cars to enter Malaysia with minimal or no restrictions.

10. It should be noted that Proton has to compete in its own domestic market against the likes of Toyota (10 million cars p.a.), South Korean car makers (5 million cars p.a.), German car makers (6 million cars p.a.) and others.

11. These companies can afford to lose on their cars in Malaysia and recoup in other markets. Apart from economy of scale, Proton cannot access foreign markets except those of poor countries with low Total Industry Volume.

12. Today the Government has no pride in national products. Imports are cheap and there are more consumers than producers. In democracy numbers count. So pleasing the more numerous is more important than national capacity of develop.

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  1. joetachi Feb 4,2017 2:35 AM

    Selamat Tahun Baru China

    Apakah benar bagai dikata..?
    Saudagar Msia, dagang ke sana.?


  2. johnmansfield Jan 8,2017 8:51 PM

    Hello Tun,
    I hope all is well with you and your good wife.
    Today the The Times produced an article, not on Proton, but rather on Lotus.
    It states:
    Lotus, which is owned by Malaysian automotive giant DRB-Hicom, sold 1,607 cars in the year to the end of March, down from 2,015 the year before. Revenues fell 19% to £79.2m, accounts for parent company Lotus Group International showed. DRB-Hicom has reportedly been trying to sell the manufacturer.
    I assume this separate from the foreign partner that Proton is due to announce.
    Any thoughts regarding this?
    John Mansfield

  3. rakyatmy2020 Apr 9,2016 8:41 PM

    I bought Proton Satria 1.3 with my hard earned salary after graduate for 3 years. I guess I am among the 50% or less young workers with the same age could afford a car. Without Proton or local produced cars, the roads in KL will be full with motorcycles, will be the same in Vietnam, Cambodia or Indonesia.

    We should be proud of local car industry. Japan only starts making huge number of cars after WWII and proven they are now the top car manufacturer. They have gone through tough time and determined to be the best car maker. The key of success factors is quality, customer service and cost effective.

    Imagine if 100% of cars in Malaysia are all imported, Malaysia will end up selling more RM to buy Foreign Currencies, which will further damage the RM currency values. Indirectly all Malaysians will suffer pay more expensive import items as the RM weaken.

    Is stupid if Government do not support local car industry and will end up flowing more cash flow outside the country. Is sad if you don’t appreciate the products of fellow Malaysian and won’t be long you will have to pay much more for an imported car.

    As a Malaysian, I thank Tun Dr Maharthir who see the reality in the country and provides a solution. Allowing more Malaysian to afford a car or two. He has done is part, next is the people themselves to decide.

  4. Sri Sense Apr 9,2016 10:12 AM

    Salam Tun

    Adakah ini rasuah jika menang pilihan raya? Tapi kan Tun, I rasa macam kempen PKR satu masa dulu, rasa2 macam pernah tengok je 🙂

    Kenyataan harga kereta turun 30% tidak matang – Proton

    Azalina Othman Said kata harga kereta akan turun sehingga 30% menjelang tahun 2018. Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir pula kata Azalina tidak matang.

    Read more –

  5. HBT456 Apr 8,2016 10:33 PM

    Winning votes is more important to umno minister, if not he will be out of job. The national cars cant sustain in the long run because they are addicted to bailout.

  6. Sri Sense Apr 8,2016 6:50 PM

    Salam Tun

    Kerajaan lulus pinjaman mudah RM1.5 bilion kepada Proton

    Sebahagian besar pinjaman itu bagi membolehkan Proton membuat pembayaran kepada vendor yang membekalkan komponen kepadanya.

    Read more :

  7. JPB Apr 8,2016 11:00 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Many Malaysians tend to forget that it was only because of you and your idea to create Proton that many middle and lower income rakyat were able to afford a car from the1980s onwards. Proton has completely changed and improved the quality of life for millions of Malaysians. The ability for people to travel further to work also was a catalyst that boosted the Malaysian economy. We hope you return to Proton after new leaders take over the Country.
    Thank you for your contribution to us…Malaysians.

  8. HBT456 Apr 8,2016 7:58 AM

    Can national automobie survives depend on how far can the japanese industrialists continue to support in supplying their parts to you based on us dollar, not based on yen. The world headlines are made by the perjuang melayu dan agama islam, if you are japanese, how would you feel when you read news on you must buy proton made by proton top management?

  9. joetachi Apr 8,2016 5:57 AM

    terimakasih Tun, atas sumbangan…

  10. HouseWife Apr 7,2016 5:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, I would like to refresh back to your topic PROTON 9 Feb 2016 as it is somewhat related under this topic PROTON 5 Apr 2016.

    An unnamed Proton executive told ST;”They (the employees) and vendors are being asked to choose between Dr Mahathir and the Government”. Read also comment sent by Sri Sense 28 Mar 2016 3.13PM under the topic PROTON 9 Feb 2016. This explains why you have to let go of Proton. They are holding the warga Proton at ransom! Tun, you are not selfish. Your first thought is on the wellbeing, the safety and the livelihoods of the warga Proton and their families. So there are dalangs planted in and outside Proton doing dirty works on their behalf to pull you out of Proton. I wonder how long has this been going on? Who is the Ketua Dalang? Never mind Tun, they are not your problem anymore. Allah knows best.

    Tun, Proton may now be out of your reach but it will always stays in your heart because Proton is your precious baby. And I believe the sincere warga Proton will forever be grateful to you and love you. Pray Save Proton.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Always Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Please follow doctor’s orders. Take extra care. And Thank you Tun.

  11. Fariq Islam Apr 7,2016 11:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    What Mustapa commented about Proton’s business model was justified. Its existing business model will continue to haunt and lead to further failure.

    Proton needs to have a market niche to target on. Do not simply produce based on own confidence or perception, without market research. Consumer acceptance is critical. So far, what we can see is that Saga is marketable while Inspira, Suprima and Preve are not. Why? At that price tag, consumers prefer Japanese makes. At this stage, Proton should enhance its quality and set for itself lower end segment as market niche, then grow gradually.

  12. adelheid Apr 6,2016 11:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Salam may peace be with you my dearest Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Tun, please don’t feel sad or apologetic about you leaving Proton. You have done so much through the many years your contributions to the country are countless. Proton is your legacy to us, one of the many lasting contributions that we will never ever forget. Everytime we see a Proton on the street we remember you; the same way everytime we see the Petronas Twin Towers or the KLCC we remember you.

    My family had our first Proton Saga in 1990 after bapak (our late father) passed away suddenly. It was his niat to have the family’s car Mitsubushi Lancer to be traded-in with the new Proton Saga. He didn’t see that through though when he left us so suddenly at hardly the age of 50. However our mother got his wish fulfilled and that Proton Saga banyak berjasa menghantar ambik adik-adik yang masih bersekolah ketika itu. Memory of which is forever engraved in our hearts.

    And today my children have continued this legacy by choosing Proton as their first cars. Saga and Iriz. I say to them baru kerja jangan nak berlagak beli yang di luar kemampuan. Sederhana saja. Nak kereta Jepun atau German tunggu korang dah cukup duit 🙂

    So no matter what this government of today does to persecute and ridicule you Tun don’t take them serious because Najib or Badawi are only jealous of you and the many countless lasting contributions that you have made all this time. They both have none, none that are lasting, except to bring the country sliding down the slope.

    We will always support Proton even when you are no longer with Proton. Proton will remain and inshallah will soar again like before. Take heart dearest Tun Mahathir don’t feel sad. Sayang Tun selalu.

  13. rimba.emas Apr 6,2016 10:48 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Proton bergantung kepada hasil jualan kereta yang dikeluarkannya.

    2. Rimba Emas memiliki kereta Proton Saga BLM harga biasa dengan diskaun akhir tahun.

    3. Ukur badan dengan gaji yang termampu dibayar malah bulanannya menyebabkan gaji berkurangan sehingga terpaksa berkorban terhadap keperluan yang lain dengan berjimat.

    4. Tun lebih arif dengan jatuh bangun Proton. Bagi Rimba Emas yang kurang berkemampuan memerlukan bantuan pihak bank memberi kelesaan dan bukan tekanan membayar hutang yang panjang.

    5. Semuanya bergantung kepada jaminan sumber kewangan yang berterusan untuk membolehkan melangsaikan hutang.

    6. Lagi satu dalam tempoh berhutang terpaksa menanggung bebanan penyelenggaraan yang boleh berlaku bila-bila masa yang akan menambahkan lagi wangdalam simpanan.

    7. Jadi jika sekarang berlaku kekurangan dalam penjualan kereta dibanding tahun terdahulu pasti ada berlakunya masaalah ekonomi di pihak pengguna yang menolak membeli kereta atau berhutang.

    8. Jadi Proton kena pasti golongan seperti Rimba Emas yang tidak mampu ada tekanan dalam sumber pendapatan yang tidak sanggup berhutang dalam jangka panjang.

    9. Kalau sasaran Proton kepada yang berkemampuan iaitu gaji bulanan yang tinggi masih tiada sambutan, bermakna pembeli ini telah beralih kepada kereta import keluaran negara luar.

    10. Tiada sebab Kerajaan menyalahkan pihak yang mentadbir Proton kerana sumbangan kerajaan telah dikembalikan dalam bentuk cukai yang didapati lebih banyak dari yang di sumbangkan.

    11. Proton bergantung kepada rakyat Malaysia dan luar negara untuk memdapat hasil jualan. Rakyat pula memerlukan bantuan kemudahan dari Proton sendiri, pihak bank yang memudahkan, kerajaan yang tidak membeban rakyat dengan cukai dalam barang keperluan lain.

    12. Sifat pemurah Allah s.w.t perlu diterjemahkan juga dalam Syarikat2 perniagaan agar rakyat dapat berbelanja tampa tekanan dan menjelaskan hutang dalam tempohnya.


  14. sibotak Apr 6,2016 8:44 PM

    Luv you Tun
    You have been the best leader in the history of Malaysia
    Najib the Worst

    You have set the right path to Malaysia
    A Great deal of Efforts with 5 Star Honor

    Regretfully after you PakLah and Najib
    Refuse the get yr expertise yet they turn their back on you

    The way it should be
    They should hold yr hands get yr guidance
    Instead they listen to foreigner
    The Roots of all the problems Malaysia is facing now one after another
    Internally its normal ,it happens everywhere

    You had yr reasons for the Crooked Bridge
    It benefits Malaysia ,Johor for their Shipyard and Economic Structure
    They just don,t see it
    Giving away KTM Land without counter offer of asking more price for our water
    Is an absolute Idiot of Malaysia Govt

    Now they tends to stands firm
    But with much regrets they firm towards Malaysian
    Balls lose towards foreign negotiations
    These is where and why UMNO will Fall

    Best of All
    My Dear Tun Mahathir Mohamed , You are 91 , Sir
    You have done yr best with Honor
    We know the Best not them nor the Western Leader
    No Big Deal

    It is wise you let the String go
    You plan , we plan ,they plan
    Allah is the best planner of all

    May they be Guided

  15. WandyCaswady Apr 6,2016 8:29 PM


    Leissner Letter That Led to Goldman Exit Was Written for Jho Low

    Wednesday, 6 April, 2016 4:42 AM GMT
    (Bloomberg) — The unauthorized reference letter that led Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to suspend star banker Tim Leissner was written on behalf of a Malaysian financier tied to an investment fund at the center of an international inquiry, three people familiar with the matter said.

    In a regulatory filing last month, Goldman Sachs disclosed that Leissner, a former Southeast Asia chairman who helped raise $6.5 billion for 1Malaysia Development Bhd., also known as 1MDB, was placed on leave after the firm discovered he wrote a reference letter that contained “inaccurate” information.

    The letter was written on Goldman Sachs letterhead to another bank on behalf of Jho Low, according to the people. Low has had ties to 1MDB, which he’s described to newspapers as informal consulting work that didn’t break any laws. The state-owned fund has been the subject of overlapping investigations in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong amid allegations of financial irregularities. Low also has a profile in the U.S. for his role helping Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s stepson launch the Hollywood production company that backed “The Wolf of Wall Street” and for deals in fine art and real estate.

    Recently, Low has sold some artworks at losses, people familiar with the matter have said, though it isn’t clear whether he purchased and sold them on behalf of someone else. Some of the art had been pledged as collateral for a loan of about $100 million from Sotheby’s, the people said.

    Authorities in countries including Switzerland and Luxembourg are trying to determine if some of the billions of dollars raised by 1MDB, including from three Goldman Sachs bond sales, was siphoned into the personal accounts of politically connected individuals. Najib, who oversees 1MDB’s advisory board, and the fund have denied any wrongdoing. The inquiries haven’t been focused on Najib, who was cleared by Malaysia’s attorney general of any wrongdoing in January. Goldman Sachs hasn’t been the target of any investigations.

    Michael DuVally, a spokesman for Goldman Sachs, declined to comment. Low didn’t respond to an e-mail and a call to his office seeking comment.

    Leissner’s Pay

    The disclosure about the reference letter comes as Leissner and Goldman Sachs are at odds over whether the New York-based bank will turn over restricted stock and options he earned during his last year there, one of the people said.

    U.S. Justice Department prosecutors and the FBI have taken an interest in 1MDB and subpoenaed Leissner to appear before a grand jury this month to discuss Goldman Sachs’s role in funding 1MDB and related issues.

    Neither Leissner nor the bank are considered targets of the federal probe, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The investigation is being run by agents from the New York FBI office, along with prosecutors from the Justice Department’s kleptocracy initiative.

    Goldman Leverage

    If the issue of Leissner’s compensation isn’t resolved by the time he meets with FBI agents and prosecutors in Los Angeles, investigators might think that Goldman Sachs still has some leverage over him, said Samuel Buell, a former federal prosecutor and now a professor at Duke University School of Law.

    “Any investigator would ask whether there were issues of bias that might affect a witness’s testimony,” Buell said. “It might affect the witness consciously or subconsciously. It’s there, and it’s something you’d want to explore and find out about.”

    Michael Bowe, a lawyer at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP in New York, echoed that view.

    “The bank will come back with an explanation,” Bowe said. “But if they don’t have a really good explanation, then certainly they’d be at risk of looking like they’re trying to interfere with him.”

    To contact Bloomberg News staff for this story: Greg Farrell in New York at, Dakin Campbell in New York at, Elffie Chew in Kuala Lumpur at To contact the editors responsible for this story: Sara Forden at, Shamim Adam at, Peter Eichenbaum at, Robert Friedman, David Scheer

    ©2016 Bloomberg L.P.

  16. Sri Sense Apr 6,2016 7:09 PM

    Salam Tun

    I sempat tanya hubby apa kes TH Heavy kena dengan Petronas. Hubby kata selalunya sebab Main Con tak bayar Sub Con.

    OK nak share news, bukan main lagi mulut Azalina

    Azalina: No need for Khaled to step down as Johor MB

    KUALA LUMPUR: There is no reason for Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin (pic) to step down or be removed from the Johor Mentri Besar post as he is not like the former Kedah mentri besar, says Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said.

    Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby Wednesday, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said that Khaled was not “an enemy in the fold”.

    “The Johor MB is not like the former Kedah MB,” she said, referring to Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, who stepped down from the post on Feb 3.

    Read more :

    Panama Papers: Malaysia PM Najib’s son says no longer involved in firms implicated

    GTG 🙂

  17. Malaikat Maut Apr 6,2016 4:47 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Please do not apologise. We appreciate you sharing with us about you resigning, although you didn’t have to do so. The absence of Protectionism and the lavish imports and passion for imported cars,despite dealings with foreign imported cars imposing barriers into their countries were the clear reasons why sales and revenue didn’t quite hit the target. It is not a level playing field. Of course Proton will suffer this in the long run. You are right about that too. And I think it was a courageous and bold move for you to resign, and you only have done so for valid reasons, I think everyone should respect that.

    I was just watching your interview witn a Pakistan Television., and I think people tend to forget what you have done for Malaysia, and that in itself is quite sad. From the Twin-towers, to the Secomd Link bridge at Tuas (this facilitate commuting), your effort in uniting the Muslim countries, you brilliant ideas on setting the dinar as a legal tender in International Trade, your vision of 2020 (now it is never going to be achieved thanks to you know who), your setting up of Proton that paved the way for the Automobile Industry, the helming of Malaysia Economy out of the 1998 Financial Crisis, the International Airport, Tourism, the Penang Bridge, your firm, bold stand on US Foreign Policies and anti-zionism (not Jews) are some achievements of a great Muslim Leader in the World, that some Malaysian’s have forgotten, they even accused and used the term Dictator associated that with you(foolish and shortsighted the accusers are), you insistence not to accept financial package from IMF and World Bank was a wise move.

    You still are one of the best Muslim Leaders the World has ever known, and they have failed to understand or realized that.
    I think we are just lucky to be living in the same era and witness what good things you have done for the Country. Your views on going back to the fundamental teachings of the Quran, was a great recommendation, because we are divided in sect due to difference in interpretation. I sincerely hope that they have not forgotten what you have done for them. You may not be perfect, but I think you were the best leader Malaysia has ever had. And it is really sad, if they don’t realise this, what has Najib got to offer, he has incurred losses and degraded Malaysia to a place so low. I hope he realize this and repent. It’s never about you, or your wife, or your lifestyle, or your empty promises, your tabung haji give aways, it is more than that. Being a head of country means more than using your political power, lavish shopping and golfs and limousine and using you ancestor’s achievement as a figures on your CV, it is about what you have done for Malaysia,for the Malays, and I must say you he has done nothing. So it’s time to move away and pass the seat to someone more capable, of heading the country. It is never about you Datuk Najib, it’s the people the Malaysians.

    Sekian Wasalam Tun.

  18. RiaRz Apr 6,2016 4:43 PM


    jangan lepas ni duit proton kerajaan nak rembat sudah..

  19. Hajar Apr 6,2016 3:32 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang Amat DiKasihi & DiSanjungi Tun,

    Tun, no one among our current leaders has your charisma, intelligence, and integrity.

    That’s why almost all of them are trying their very best to TARNISH your image and reputation.

    Your detractors/critics will try harder to wipe out your legacy.

    They want us to hate you; but, too late because their actions have made us LOVE and respect Tun more.

    All kinds of allegations and insults were directed towards Tun right after Tun resigned as PROTON’s Chairman. None of them thanked Tun.

    I just don’t believe what I read/heard/saw in the news and television. They were so emotional and out of control (‘hilang akal’).

    I hope Tun’ detractor/critics read this article and stop acting like foo*s.

    One thing about Tun (the majority of Malaysians know this fact) that I really admire is that Tun always presents verified facts and figures to support his arguments. Not like those ‘tong kosong…’

    I love you so much Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad….Please take good care of yourself. Tolong jangan pergi berdemo lagi 🙂 Jaga kesihatan dan keselamatan 🙂 …

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  20. malaysian1000000 Apr 6,2016 2:36 PM


    FGV tu ada untung ke?


  21. zulu Apr 6,2016 2:22 PM

    The way PKR MP arrested and handcuffed is very undemocratic and authoritarian. Police Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar should be brought in to special commission that will come up after Najib. This slave of Najib doing lot of non-sense under his boss.

  22. johnmansfield Apr 6,2016 2:14 PM

    Tun, I hope your resignation enables DRB Hicom to approach the Government without fear of being seen as Dr Mahathir and friends asking for funds. Your leaving has opened up a public discussion on funding private companies with public money. This is always contentious. I fully understand that Proton was until recently Government owned.
    Letting go is not easy.
    I am sure that Proton will now get some support. It will obviously come with conditions. Hopefully, those conditions are met,and Proton along with Lotus, (should DRB Hicom retain ownership) will prosper in the medium to long term.
    I see the Minister for Sport is looking for help with Motorsport projects. Both Proton, and Lotus have Motorsport pedigree. DRB Hicom have a University. Perhaps this could be part of the Government funding package.
    Just a thought…
    All the best,
    John Mansfield

  23. Sri Sense Apr 6,2016 1:05 PM

    Salam Tun

    IMAO its ok for Malaysian businessmen parked their money offshore to enjoy significantly lower or no taxes. Its not okay for politicians or a government official to do the same. Then again, it is also up to the Malaysian authorities to decide whether to pursue the case and seek the necessary information from their counterparts abroad. 😐

  24. tandukdua Apr 6,2016 11:59 AM

    Dear Tun yg dikasihi.

    My very first car was proton saga iswara hatchback bought new in 1994

    After came back from oversea studied, i bought 2nd hand proton saga sedan 1st model.

    In 2001, i bought new wira sedan, i used the car 14 years until 2015 I sold.

    In 2013 I bought Saga 1.3 flx.

    In 2016 I bought Exora Premium.

    Never bought any other cars other than proton. I love proton, I love car built by the local. Buy proton to me is a fardhu kifayah to every muslim malaysian. I wanted to see proton successful in the international stage.

    Sekiranya proton tutup kedai..malaysian can only see in the recent future other races/nation invent, produce high technological product whereas Malaysian only know how to use them. Malaysian become a people who only know how to drive, to use the product and to purchase the goods of other people. Malaysia would not the people who create the ideas, invent new product, explore and manufacturer and sold quality products better than others.

  25. Sri Sense Apr 6,2016 11:08 AM

    Salam Tun

    Nak jawab dan nak share sikit berita2

    Tok jangut, I am familiar with Koon Yew Yin’s blog @i3investor. This Ipoh millionaire very famous there for both – good & bad. It depends who you talk to 🙂

    Zulu, that boy also very famous in i3investor forum. This boy buy buy then cabut. So many retail investors kena. One of the counter is Harvest Court. After he cabut that counter also tak naik naik lagi. Wah satu pasal pulak.

    Some retail investor got so smart, dengar this boy masuk apa2 counter, they cabut dulu. I guess the boy also buat less duit after that. LOL

    Ok berita baru Tun

    Iceland’s Prime Minister Steps Down Amid Panama Papers Scandal

    LONDON — The revelation of vast wealth hidden by politicians and powerful figures across the globe set off criminal investigations on at least two continents on Tuesday, forced leaders from Europe to Asia to beat back calls for their removal and claimed its first political casualty — pressuring the prime minister of Iceland to step down.

    Read more :

    GTG 🙂

  26. YouCanDoBetter Apr 6,2016 10:58 AM

    Impressive numbers of how Proton has contributed to Malaysia. We don’t know this because we are so caught up with the negativity and we are not told these details. Many people are jealous. So they become haters.

    It is evident people are not proud of Proton. Proton is not proud of itself. Only after you came back as chairman did Proton find a renewed sense of itself again. But now that you have left, I really wonder what will happen. Will they feel demoralised and insecure once more?

    Proton failed Malaysians when it didn’t believe in itself. They got into the typical Malaysian ‘tidak apa’ mindset. It looked at the big players and grew envious of others wondering why it wasn’t like them. This fatalistic culture swept through the whole of Proton from the R&D to manufacturing to distribution to sales. It takes determination, discipline and foresight. Some times even common sense.

    E.g. Don’t price your products like they are Toyota – price them lower and sell on quantity since you know quality is not your forte. Look at your production schedule and when the cars are launched have them ready. Don’t make people wait 6 months. Why do people return to Perodua? After sales. Although you know you are buying a cheap car, they don’t make us feel less than. Their after sales is on par if not better than the Malaysian Japanese makers (who are arrogant).

    It is true now that the urban Malaysians have a better standard of living (Thanks Tun) thus we aspire to get better cars. But even then, it isn’t like the foreign makers are giving us their best. Everyone can do better.

    Proton reflects Malaysia so perfectly. We haven’t budged from the 80s or maybe if I’m kind, mid-90s. Without vision, we become direction-less. I believe you had vision but Malaysians could not and cannot catch up. You created work through your projects, you wanted us to build so we could last but we have faltered. Now, instead of building to last, we look for the quick buck, the flash in the pan, for self glory rather than nation.

    This is why other emerging markets are beating us at our own game. They are focusing holistically on their country, not on individuals. We have become selfish. We have become egotistical. And all of these are weaknesses. Stumbling blocks. We can never hope for perfect and clean governance, devoid of corruption but as long as the focus is on nation and not on self, we will succeed because we see the cause to be greater than ourselves, not what we gain but what everyone gains in the process.

    I know you see the potential in Proton, in Malaysia and in Malaysians. Every one of us. We are fed lies that we are not good enough. We are deceived into thinking that Malaysia is doomed. But this is all due to leadership. Every ship needs a steer. But the steer has to be sturdy and strong. It has to know where it wants to go, it has to know how to take us there.

  27. zulu Apr 6,2016 10:55 AM

    “Panama Papers: It’s okay to keep money offshore, says Ku Li”…lol…no brain…

  28. zulu Apr 6,2016 10:41 AM

    I’m expecting an article from Dr.Tun on recent release of Panama papers which has Najib’s son name. Seems like the family as a whole involved in many under ground dealings.

  29. zulu Apr 6,2016 10:37 AM

    Surprised to read “Datuk” Mohd Nazifuddin Najib. At such an young age, did he contribute anything to the society?

  30. zulu Apr 6,2016 10:31 AM

    Honestly everyone will accept the fact that Malaysia was safe in all fields under Tun Dr.M. regardless of some iron hand actions. But those actions didn’t erode the country in anyway. He was portrayed as dictator since he was against western colonial mindset that wants to prevail now also.

  31. zulu Apr 6,2016 10:27 AM

    From this, Malaysians should know that Najib is spoiling the economy vigorously by not allowing Proton to do business at ease. His personal vengeance bring many businesses down now while his family spend millions in shopping spree in foreign countries.

  32. tok jangut Apr 6,2016 10:19 AM

    This is an interesting article written on April 18 2015 – almost 1 year ago

  33. cruze Apr 6,2016 9:44 AM

    Pak cik benar dan saya setuju tentang mustapa, saya nak tambah ni, jika dia rasa bagus sangat nak komen proton mengapa sangat buta untuk memantau anak buah khairi yang songlap duit tu.
    Jangan banyak pusing lah mus, hujung semua duit walau jabatan berbeza datangnya dari kementerian kewangan juga.

    Bangang campur buta makan tidur si tua mus tu.


  34. Sri Sense Apr 6,2016 8:40 AM

    Salam Tun

    Malam tadi nampak tapi tak nak komen sebab I dah komen banyak on this subject earlier dalam topik yang sama. Selepas itu Tun berhenti dari Proton dan sekarang Tun ditohmah.

    My pendapat government tiada hak nak komen pasal perletakkan jawatan Tun. Sebab Proton dah jadi milik DRB. Seharusnya orang dalaman DRB yang buat komen tentang ini.

    Tentang PROTON failure pun tak harus government heboh hebohkan. Benda dah berlalu sekarang Proton under DRB.

    Sebenarnya bukan sahaja industri auto government bantu, banyak lagi industri lain government bantu. Tidak perlu polikkan PROTON.

  35. Jazzy Apr 6,2016 8:24 AM

    Assalam Tun,

    Kita lihat banyak isu-isu yang dibangkitkan samada semasa Tun menjadi PM..dan selepas Tun berhenti menjadi PM…dijawab sendiri oleh Tun, samada melalui surat rasmi, press conference, blog Tun, atau lain-lain media. Seperti kes Proton, telah dijadikan modal oleh pemakan dedak untuk demonize Tun. Dan Tun telah tampil memberi penjelasan.
    Tak macam orang tu Tun, isu-isu yang membabitkan tuan punya badan langsung tak berani nak menjawab melainkan pencacai2 dan pemakan2 dedak yang melalak sana sini menjawab bagi pihak pemberi dedak.

  36. kucau Apr 6,2016 8:14 AM

    “””and for some unknown reason sales of Proton cars have plummeted.””

    reason SANGAT clear Tun, current user sangat fedup dgn reliability dan after sales proton.

    contoh : OCH recall tapi part tarak . SC just buat inspection tgk OCH ok then tunggu part sampai , 2 bulan pon x dpt … sementara tunggu few kereta dah pecah OCH tuh. ada yg siap dah jahanam engine sebab minyak keluar tgh drive x perasan

    how do i know? saya ada 3 proton park depan rumah. last sekali, saya rayu supaya pengurusan tinggi proton tgk sini contohnya:

  37. sibotak Apr 6,2016 8:07 AM

    I thought the Donations money was supposed to be put to Good use

    I did not heard Najib invest money to Military expenditure as to counter Terrorists
    Najib used the money to cushion off the debts and burden that he created of 1MDB as it was his quiet doings

    What I heard is his splendid spending and his family that goes beyond affordability
    Simply He is an Untrustworthy person
    One lies after another
    Once a Liar always a Liar
    Each day the Hatred of him grew among Malaysians

  38. daeng Apr 6,2016 6:58 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setuju dengan kenyataan Nase dan Pakcik dalam isu proton dan otak Mustapha Mohamad ni dah BODOH lagi BAGHAL.

    Dulu saya nampak macam bijak tetapi sejak mengikut telunjuk Najib menipu rakyat dalam hal TPPA dan GST ini, saya menganalisa menteri dari Kelantan ini rupanya lebih bodoh dari kaldai.


  39. kapt_KOBRA Apr 6,2016 1:49 AM

    Salam Tun,
    You always answer the critics and manage to analyse and put forth explanation in simple & precise words for everybody to understand. That is what I always admire about you.
    I was recently forwarded by a friend a screenshot of an official government letter you wrote in 1987, in which you replied to a 10 years old boy from England. The boy was criticizing you on our timber industry. The 3-pages reply you wrote was both educational and factual, and a hint of colonial reprisal.
    I read somewhere that the late Tunku even gave you the cold shoulder treatment even on his deathbed, but I believe had he been alive today, he would have definitely stand tall by your cause.
    Good bless you Tun.

  40. PakCik Apr 6,2016 1:41 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun, other muslims and greetings to others,

    Tun, manusia hina memang muliakan produk dari luar negara dan tidak yakin dengan kebolehan sendiri.

    Nak kata apa lagi, dr PM sampailah ke ketua bahagian, cawangan….majoriti tidak ada otak…otak penipu (agaknya itu motif masuk politik), jadi bab yang guna akal memang sukar kepada mereka….maka inilah hasilnya

    si Mustapha mohamad (yg dulu saya respek) terus keluarkan kenyataan menghentam proton…..bukan dia tidak tahu keadaan proton….makan dedak juga orang tua ni….kalau dah bijak sangat (katanya dapat first class honours dulu) kenapa tak boleh selesaikan kes proton? Hey mustapa mohamad, awak nampak clean, sepatutnya ikut ajaran agama Islam, jgn sekongkol.

    Tun, kesimpulan saya senang jer…sapa2 terima atau pegang jawatan dalam era najib (jawatan tertinggi), dan berdiam diri….ini golongan makan dedak

    Sebaliknya, sesiapa yang berani bersuara, membantah., tidak mahu jawatan walaupun ditawarkan adalah pencari kebenaran sebenar

  41. sibotak Apr 6,2016 1:22 AM

    Proton may not happen with our Dreams
    But at least we have and we did it
    It’s a Long way , Yes it is
    It must be filled with the right person the right people

    The Diiference of Proton set by Tun Mahathir
    It is seen .It is every where in Malaysia in certain parts of the World
    I have seen Used old Proton in my friends backyard used as Reban Ayam

    I never see any 1MDB product Nor even sign board along any Roads in Malaysia
    What I see is in the Media 1MDB Signs and Sighs
    Ruthlessly it was set up by Najib
    Set up when he was a Minister of Finance
    Suppose to be his
    What product does 1MDB selling ?
    Till today no one knows when suddenly it was burden with Debts
    And sudden switches its burden to Malaysia

    As confessed by Najib personally himself of the 2.6 Biilion ‘Donations’ ? ? ?
    Does any single cents came out of this 2.6 Billion to 1MDB as to cushion our National Debts
    This craps of Donated money as heard to put to good use as to fight Terrorist
    Instead of fighting terrorists
    It rains luxury for himself and family , his Step Son able to make a US movie , buying properties in US
    Rosmah expensive taste and the many
    Is it the way to fight Terrorists

    No wonder Terrorist is after Najib
    And his few Minister

  42. nafeeznoh Apr 6,2016 1:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..

    Atuk yg saya sayangi dan sanjungi..
    Petang td saya call opah dan atuk di Jitra, Kedah. Opah sebak bila terasa dgn cucu seolah2 telah lupakan dia. Teresak2 dlm telefon ketika berbual. Sebak dibuatnya.. Saya rindukan opah dan atuk di kampung.. Opah dan atuk doakan agar saya dipermudahkan urusan.. Insyaa Allah..

    Sebagaimana kasihnya opah dan atuk kepada saya.. Kasih Atuk kpd Proton tak berbelah bagi dpt dilihat.. Atuk telah ambil inisiatif untuk entah berapa kali langkah ke hadapan dlm membuat keputusan.. Ada sesetengah menganggap Proton just a liability kpd negara.. Saya ada baca beberapa comment warga Malaysia sendiri mungkin apabila artikel berkenaan peletakan jawatan Atuk dlm Proton..

    Kalau dah jd keperluan untuk Atuk melepaskan jawatan tersebut demi kebaikan org ramai terutama warga2 yg terlibat seara terus atau tidak dgn Proton.. Itu merupakan satu pengorbanan yg besar.. Atuk meletakkan ahli keluarga yg lain dihadapan.. Terima kasih Atuk..

    Semoga Tun dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan hendaknya..

  43. sibotak Apr 6,2016 12:45 AM

    Looking at Both our Leader
    Tun Mahathir and Najib
    I see The Beauty and the Beast

    Insyallah May with Tun guidance
    Najib will understand to spent his donated money wisely
    Cash is never King
    Cash is Evil
    Cash kills yr Iman
    Cash cannot buy happiness
    Yr Cash will Devides yr Children

  44. umranrc Apr 6,2016 12:44 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Out of the many, item 8 hurt me the most….

    I’m an engineer. I would like to see ‘we’ i.e. Malaysians venture into these high technological arena with a vigorous mind to succeed.

    I want to see also our aspiring young minds could channelled their creativity into all these and hopefully in future, our products could be the talk of the world.

    Whenever I was asked by our local University to provide a talk about engineering, I could see our current line-up of students would do great in the future. This definitely hampered their dreams.

    Throughout my life, I owned 4 protons and 1 perodua. If anyone dare to say I’m not supportive of our local automotive industry, he or she deserves a slap! Just joking…

    With this, it seems that my suggestion the other day for proton to team up with aviation researcher entity such as UPM or UTM in producing light aircraft powered by proton engine can be considered as scrap then, argh…

    I’m not giving up. I hope others don’t either.

    Thanks Tun.

  45. cruze Apr 6,2016 12:23 AM

    Setelah proton Tun tinggalkan di harap para pegawai pentadbiran dan akaun luaskan mata memeriksa kira kira kalau kalau ada yang cuba nak ambil apa apa dari proton…hati hati lah ini zaman cash is king…

  46. nase Apr 5,2016 11:50 PM

    PROTON – SEPERTI LILIN MEMBAKAR DIRI (Copy n paste from fb Shah Paskal)

    Tulisan Sahabat Shahpaskal.

    1. Saya baca tulisan berupa ucapan dan komen DS Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed yang mengatakan Proton sudah terlalu dimanjakan sampai berbelas bilion wang disumbangkan tapi tidak memberi sebarang keuntungan.. Sindiran ini diteruskan lagi Ketua Penerangan Umno.

    2. Dalam konteks ni, saya amat-amat setuju dengan pendapat beliau. Patutnya Proton ni sudah lama patut dijual atau dibiarkan ditelan gergasi automotif dunia. Itu pun kalau saya seorang ahli ekonomis yang dapat ijazah kelas pertama dan lulusan luar negeri pulak. Apa barang nak lindungi Proton.

    3. Malangnya saya hanya lulusan universiti tempatan dan cakap omputih pun tunggang terbalik macam tukang karut jual ubat kat depan Masjid India. Teringat semasa saya masa memasuki UTM kira-kira tiga dekad lalu. Time tu NC nya Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid. Masa tahun kedua, saya terlibatlah sebagai AJK dalam orentasi pelajar baru. Kebetulan pulak seorang timbalan pendaftarnya ada pertalian dengan keluarga kat kampung, so banyaklah belajar darinya hal-hal urusan mahasiswa ni. Malah dialah yang beria-ia suruh join, belajar memimpin katanya..


    4. Nak jadi cerita, bila terlibat dalam minggu orientasi ni saya hairan juga bila budak-budak diploma kejuruteraan mekanikal dan eletrikal bilangannya naik mendadak terutama pada pengambilan kedua. Tambah pulak SPVM (Sijil Pelajaran Vokasional Malaysia) sudah diterima buat pertama kalinya untuk kelayakan masuk diploma kat UTM. Yang lagi peliknya majoriti dari Kelantan, Terengganu dan Kedah/Perlis.

    5. Ada sekali tu masa tolong Tan Sri NC angkat barang kat rumahnya (rumahnya terletak di bahagian belakang kampus), saya pun tanyalah dia apahal ramai bebenor yang masuk nI, grednya agak rendah, malah guna SPVM dan datangnya dari negeri yang saya sebutkan. Tak takut ke ramai kena buang..? (tanya saya..)

    6. Apa dia jawab..? —- “Kan ini kehendak Perdana Menteri (Dr MAHATHIR) pasal negara baharu sahaja ada kilang kereta sendiri. Biarlah mana yang lulus nanti kerja kat Proton. Nak kerja di tempat lain, mungkin susah. Tau-taulah orang kampung, banyak kurangnya. Kami kena bagi pendedahan. Yang gagal tu, tak apa, kita dah ada sefahaman dengan ITM. ITM akan ambil bekas pelajar kita tanpa soal”.

    7. Saya tanya lagi —- “Habis tu duit biasiswanya macamana.. Rugilah belajar tak abis”.

    8. Beliau jawab —- “Itulah kos untuk memberikan pendedahan kepada anak-anak kita yang kurang peluang ni. Mesti kena berkorban masa, tenaga dan duit. Mana tau lepas gagal kat sini (UTM), kat sana (ITM), mereka boleh berjaya..”, saya terkedu mendengar jawapannya.

    9. Selepas lulus dan mula bekerja. Teringatlah saya beberapa kawan sama-sama belajar dulu dan yang istimewanya seorang ni, orang Bachok. Agak lama tak jumpa dia pasal masuk Tahun 3, dia pindah ke J.B (fakulti kej.mekanikal dan eletrikal pindah ke kampus baru di J.B). Dia buat ijazah mekanikal dan antara tiga pelajar melayu tertinggi kelulusannya dari hampir 200 pelajar. Malangnya Bahasa Inggerisnya terlalu lemah. Simpati kat dia..

    10.Masa majlis konvo, kami sempat berjumpa dan bersembang2, katanya dia kerja kat Proton. Selain dia, ramai lagi kawan-kawan join Proton. Tak kurang juga yang senegeri dengannya (Kelantan). Proton tu macam lubuklah untuk lulusan UTM. Kami berhubung selama beberapa tahun dan sebahagiannya berkekalan hingga kini.

    11.Jadi, bila menteri berasal dari Kelantan lantang memburukkan Proton semata-mata kerana Proton ni pernah jadi baby kesayangan Tun M, saya amat terkilan. Tak tahu ke Menteri ni yang nak dikira ikut negeri asal, rasa-rasanya sepertiga staff Proton ni berasal dari negerinya (Kelantan). Saya boleh sahkan sebab saya ada beberapa rakan dari bahagian sumber manusia yang mengakuinya. Anggaran ni bukan pada sepuluh tahun dulu tetapi hanya beberapa bulan lepas.

    12.Lagi satu, CEO Proton juga ramai dari Kelantan. Sebab tu saya katakan Proton ni lubuk orang-orang dari Kelantan. Kroni ke tidak, inilah realitinya.. Dan lihatlah jugak siapa vendor2 utamanya, dari mana negeri asalnya.. Saya kenal ramai juga mereka-mereka ni..

    13.Saya bukan jeles atau bias kenegerian tapi sekadar berkongsi inspirasi Tun M yang saya lebih awal hidunya 30 tahun dulu yang mengutamakan anak2 negeri yang kurang pendedahan. Biasanya negeri2 melayu tak bersekutu ni Bahasa Inggerisnya agak kurang menonjol melainkan di bandar besar dan golongan elitis.

    14.Rasa-rasanya Menteri MITI (Tok Pa) ni dan juga Boss penerangan Umno (Anuar Musa) mabuk dedak kot.. Kalau kata CEO Proton kaki kautim sampai Proton tenat, tengoklah sape kat atasnya.. Takkan sesama geng makan budu pun nak tikam menikam.. Atau ni memang habit mereka… Maaf kengkawan Kelate.. Termasuklah sedare kawee…. Saya sayangkan Proton..

  47. sudin Apr 5,2016 11:44 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Our so-called leaders are more concerned to get something from anything for themselves. They don’t make anything from Proton.

    Besides, their mentality of “anything to do with Tun M is unwelcome” is far more important for their purported survival.
    Forget what Proton has given and will continue to give to Malaysia, Najib is only interested on how to continue becoming PM, ….because Rosmah will insist.

  48. anak wawasan 2020 Apr 5,2016 11:20 PM

    Salam YBhg Tun,

    This is why you have always been the jewel on Malaysian crown.

    You speak only facts and figures.

    No non sense.

    Nothing personal but professional.

    Najib’s regime has no one whom can beat your intelligence. No one.

    That is why they get frustrated due to their own stupidity. Now, we could truly understand why they have reacted in unthinkable manners that reflected uncivilised mind.

    Post Tun M’s resignation recently, many of the ministers have made many comments in the media. Most of their comments are truly ugly and cannnot even be classified as opinions.

    Why I said so?

    Because opinions are made with good intention in mind. Their statements are merely stupid and idiotic. Full stop.

    Dearest Tun, the passion in you for Proton is well reflected and felt in the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

    Even though you are no longer the Chairman of Proton, but you have a big heart to see Proton propels higher. This is the spirit of a true leader. This is missing among our current politicians. They are not leaders but they are a bunch of selfish self centric people who will do anything for their own benefits and stab those who are honest to steer the vessel back on track. The Malaysian vessel is moving towards a wrong direction. It is sinking.

    Tun is steering it back on the right track but it is too big to be manouvered easily. Too many passengers on board whom will follow the captain blindly knowing that the vessel is sinking. But they still hope that by supporting the captain blindly, they will get the priority to hop on the emergency boat to save their lives.

    But one thing they have forgotten…the captain will save his life first and when the time comes, the followers will drown..

    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you, Tun M for everything.

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