1. What did the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir actually say? The video recording of him answering the question posed by a Malaysian reporter is available to the whole world. Below is the transcription of the recording:

“Your Excellency” said the reporter, “are you aware of the background and details about the issue on the donation to the Prime Minister of Malaysia?”

2. In case Najib’s supporters failed to note, the question is whether Mr al-Jubeir is aware of the background and details about the donation. Accordingly the Saudi Foreign Minister replied, “We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return.”

3. And he “is aware that the Attorney General of Malaysia had thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing (and in) so (as far as he is concerned) the matter is closed.”

4. Being aware of the statements of the A.G. does not mean he agreed with the statement.

5. In Malaysia and also in many countries of the world lots of people are aware of the A.G.’s statements. If you ask them if they are aware, they would say, yes they are aware. If they are asked whether they believe in the A.G.’s many statements, that the 2.6 billion Ringgit is a donation which the PM can do what he likes with it and Najib had done no wrong, their answer would be “No, they don’t believe.”

6. In the video, at no time did the Saudi F.M. retract his earlier statement or declare that the USD 681 million was a donation. Nor did he say he has now found new evidence that it was a donation. All he said was that he is aware when asked whether he was aware. He did not apologise or negate his previous statement made two months earlier to the New York Times. It is the Malaysian media which interpreted his awareness as a negation of his previous statement.

7. Being aware does not confirm anything. One example is the latest Singapore Straits Times report titled: “KL-Abu Dhabi stand-off may hit markets” in which one particular paragraph read: “IPIC said it was aware of media reports that 1MDB had sent money to a company called Aabar Investment PJS in the British Virgin Islands, but that the company was not in its corporate stable.”
In other words, IPIC being aware of media reports does not make Aabar Investment PJS BVI one of its company.

8. DPM Zahid told me to move on over the donation issue. I think Zahid needs to move on more than I do. But unfortunately he has nowhere to go. When his name was mistakenly mentioned as a possible successor to Najib, there was an uproar as the free citizens of Malaysia voiced their rejection.


1. Apakah yang sebenarnya dikatakan oleh Adel al-Jubeir Menteri Luar Arab Saudi? Rakaman video beliau yang menjawab soalan yang diajukan oleh wartawan Malaysia disebarkan ke seluruh dunia. Berikut adalah transkripsi rakaman tersebut:

“Tuan Yang Terutama” kata wartawan itu, “Adakah anda menyedari mengenai latar belakang dan maklumat terperinci mengenai isu derma kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia?”

2. Jika sekiranya penyokong-penyokong Najib gagal mengambil perhatian, soalnya ialah sama ada Encik al-Jubeir sedar mengenai latar belakang dan butiran terperinci mengenai derma itu. Selanjutnya Menteri Luar Arab Saudi menjawab: “Kami mengetahui mengenai derma itu dan ia adalah derma ikhlas tanpa mengharap sebarang balasan”.

3. Dan beliau “sedar bahawa Peguam Negara Malaysia telah menyiasat dengan teliti perkara itu dan mendapati tiada salah laku dan (bagi dia) perkara itu ditutup.”

4. Menyedari kenyataan Peguam Negara tidak semestinya bermakna beliau bersetuju dengan kenyataan itu.

5. Di Malaysia dan juga di kebanyakan negara dunia banyak orang mengetahui kenyataan-kenyataan Peguam Negara. Jika anda bertanya kepada mereka sama ada mereka sedar, mereka akan berkata, ya mereka sedar. Jika mereka ditanya sama ada mereka percaya kebanyakan kenyataan Peguam Negara bahawa 2.6 bilion Ringgit adalah derma yang Perdana Menteri boleh gunakan sesuka hati dan Najib tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan, jawapan mereka adalah “Tidak, mereka tidak percaya.”

6. Dalam video itu, tidak ada ketika di mana Menteri Luar Arab Saudi itu menarik balik kenyataannya sebelum ini (iaitu ianya satu pelaburan) atau mengesahkan bahawa USD681 juta adalah satu derma. Beliau juga tidak mengatakan bahawa kini beliau telah menemui bukti-bukti baru bahawa ianya adalah derma. Apa yang beliau katakan adalah bahawa beliau sedar ketika ditanya sama ada beliau sedar. Beliau tidak meminta maaf atau menafikan kenyataan beliau sebelum ini yang dibuat dua bulan lebih awal kepada New York Times. Hanya media Malaysia sahaja yang mentafsirkan kesedaran beliau sebagai penafian kenyataan beliau sebelum ini.

7. Menyedari sesuatu tidak membuktikan apa-apa. Salah satu contoh adalah laporan terbaru Singapore Straits Times bertajuk: “KL-Abu Dhabi Stand-Off May Hit Markets” yang mana suatu perenggan tertentu berkata: “IPIC telah berkata ia menyedari laporan media yang menyatakan bahawa 1MDB telah menghantar wang kepada sebuah syarikat bernama Aabar Investment PJS di Kepulauan British Virgin, akan tetapi syarikat itu tidak berada dalam kumpulan korporatnya.” Dalam erti kata lain, dengan IPIC menyedari laporan media itu tidak menjadikan Aabar Investment PJS BVI itu salah sebuah syarikatnya.

8. DPM Zahid meminta saya untuk beralih daripada isu derma itu. Saya berasa Zahid sendiri yang sepatutnya perlu lebih beralih daripada saya. Tetapi malangnya dia tidak mempunyai tempat untuk pergi. Apabila namanya tersilap disebut sebagai bakal pengganti Najib, berlakunya kekecohan, oleh kerana rakyat Malaysia yang bebas menyuarakan penolakan mereka terhadapnya.


  1. umranrc Apr 28,2016 12:51 PM

    Salam dan mohon laluan Tun,

    Salam Saudara WajaPerak,
    Those points pointed out by my friends were based on the title of the discussion. No, it is not about what they do in life, it is about their views on improving our Country’s governance.

    Terima Kasih Saudara WajaPerak kerana membaca diskusi yang agak panjang itu.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  2. Sri Sense Apr 26,2016 11:48 AM

    Hi all

    I’m sharing the latest news on GST and property owners 🙂

    When does GST apply to individuals who own properties?

    IT has always been clear that it is the responsibility of those in business to register for GST and collect the tax. However, recent guidance released by the authorities could bring private individuals, who would not consider that they are in business, into the mix.

    Under GST, the sale of commercial buildings and land zoned for commercial is usually subject to 6% GST, if sold by a person in business.

    It was long thought that private individuals who owned property and did not actively manage or trade in that property in any way would fall outside of this net, on the basis that they were not necessarily in business and were merely holding the property as part of an investment or inheritance, unless the facts clearly indicated otherwise.

    The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Customs), which has responsibility for administering the GST, holds a different view.

    In recent guidance published by Customs, the director-general (DG) took the view that if a person owns more than two commercial properties, more than one acre of commercial land or commercial property, or land with a market value of more than RM2mil and has an intention to sell, they are considered to be in business.

    Whether the DG’s decision is correct under the law is another question.

    However, one can sympathise with Customs as the lines between what is private and what is business can be blurred, especially in a property context which often involve large sums.

    Despite this, taking a view that a certain level of property ownership automatically means that a person is undertaking a business may be too simplistic.

    It does not take into consideration the person’s intention in owning the property and whether they have any business acumen or purpose as opposed to merely holding for investment, and certainly does not take account of whether the ‘holding’ of ownership bears any of the hallmarks of conducting a ‘business’.

    Similarly, a person may have inherited, or owned property as a consequence of family dealings and over time the market value of that property has grown without any intention or action of the individual.

    To enforce a strict guideline in those circumstances would appear to be unfair as well as not being consistent with the definition of what is a ‘business’ under the GST Act.

    A further area of concern is that the guidance takes the view that if at any point in time from April 1 2015 (commencement date of GST) that the person meets the criteria, they are considered to be in business.

    So for example a person who may have only owned one commercial property, but during a short space of time had acquired one and was in the process of selling the other, may be caught under these rules on the basis that they did at one point own two properties.

    This may be too strict an interpretation that would only possibly be appropriate if that persons was regularly trading in such properties.

    The authority should consider applying these rules with some level of flexibility and take into consideration the particular facts and circumstances of the individual and whether there is an intention to conduct a business, taking into consideration the context of the individual cases.

    It is indeed encouraging to know that Customs, having considered the feedback given on the guidelines and are now revisiting the GST position taken.

    It is hoped that a position that is acceptable to all will be adopted.

    For those private individuals, who are concerned about whether their sales would be subject to GST, the best approach would be to talk to an accountant or advisor that is experienced in the GST law, or approach Customs to seek confirmation of your position.

    It is also important that you know the avenues for seeking rulings and or opinions from Customs before adopting a certain stance on the GST treatment particularly on grey areas to mitigate future disputes.

    There are also formal channels for appeal through the GST Tribunal and the court system.

    Both the authors are GST directors of Deloitte Malaysia. Wong Poh Geng specialises in property sector and Senthuran Elalingam has vast experience dealing with GST matters on property sector while working in Australia and China.


  3. HBT456 Apr 25,2016 8:05 PM

    73. You know 1mdb is directly under mof meaning they are kakitangan kerajaan persekutuan hand-picked by pmo.

  4. HBT456 Apr 25,2016 7:44 PM

    72. I sure do not want to see many innocent families suffer due to who you know, not what you know.

  5. HBT456 Apr 25,2016 7:38 PM

    71. When you decided to make this claim, I sure hope arul will stay with 1mdb to prove what he said is truth.

  6. HBT456 Apr 25,2016 7:34 PM


    68. Wow, macam ini pun boleh?

    69. Flip flop ala maverick?

    70. Klectokracy?

  7. milshah Apr 25,2016 5:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The powers that be wants you to name the future PM that would replace Najib. They claim you would not name the future PM because you want Mukhriz to be PM. They accuse you started all this because you want your son to be PM. Naming Mukhriz as future PM would fall in their trap and will use this that you did all this because of ‘personal’ agenda and not for agama, bangsa dan negara.

    In the other hand the opposition are also in a dilima. Some want Anwar while others want Hadi as PM.

    In my opinion, the future PM should be someone from the party that holds the most parliament seat. In this case, that someone must be from UMNO. By tradition, it is the deputy President of UMNO and not the deputy Prime Minister that become the Prime Minister. You have to become deputy President first, which in turn becomes the President, once the President resigns. By being President of UMNO, only then you become the Prime Minister.

    In this case I would say Tan Sri Muhyiddin is good person to replace Najib. He could have kept silent like all the others. Instead he chose to speak the truth and stop the wrongdoings. Even during Pak Lah time, he chose to speak out if something is not right. As have said earlier, we need someone who menyeru kepada kebenaran dan mencegah kemungkaran or amar makruf nahi mungkar. Tan Sri seems to fit the bil.

    My hope is if he does become the next PM he should put to right for what was once went wrong. Just becuase corruption happened last time does not give you the right to do corruption as well. Tun must have had the same expectations of Najib. Sadly he disappointed us.

  8. zulu Apr 25,2016 5:40 PM

    The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that he had forbidden his daughter from applying for government or police contracts.
    “If there had been any tenders given to them through me, Sarawak Report would have reported it by now.”

    Cat came out…he believe whatever in Sarawak Report…

  9. zulu Apr 25,2016 5:27 PM

    Now people are talking about Mukriz becoming PM, thats a good idea and thanks to Najib’s slaves who enlightened this…Mukriz is educated unlike the current dumb and retarded PM, who only know how to loot people money.

  10. Sri Sense Apr 25,2016 4:21 PM

    Salam Tun

    I sekadar komen apa I baca hari ini 🙂

    Mykmu kata

    Kecuaian Penulis Ucapan Punca Kemelut MB Terengganu Dan Istana?

    Ada pihak yang mendakwa punca berlakunya kemelut ini dikhabarkan kerana teks ucapan yang dibacakan oleh MB Terengganu dalam Majlis Kurniaan Tabungan SSPN-i oleh Yayasan Diraja Sultan Mizan pada Jumaat lalu.

    Teks ucapan yang dibacakan oleh Menteri Besar Terengganu dilihat sebagai memperkecilkan pemberian YDSM berbanding sumbangan yang diberi oleh Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu.

    – Hmmm. Kalau ada penulis tulis ucapan, bagus lah. Tapi sebagai penulis dia mesti tau apa function, siapa yang datang, kumpul fakta sebelum buat teks ucapan. Dan juga menjadi kewajipan si tukang baca tu baca dulu teks ucapan sebelum function berjalan. Mana ada orang main baca aje, tak tau apa bende. 🙂

  11. wajaperak Apr 25,2016 4:02 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.
    umranrc have given us a very morselful of food for tought.
    I believe that I can give some input from another perspective.

    First : Forgiveness.Forgive the weak and the fools among us.That is me.Trying to swim against many big fish in Tun big lake..:))

    Second: Approach.Now let see the point that was raised by umaranrc friend of the elite professionals.

    1)Achuta – IT professional.Instead of complaining I think you should help.(Predator.1987).

    Acuta did not mentioned any Malaysian achievement in IT sector unlike Indian citizen who contributed a lot in IT sector.What about contribution in RFC Achuta?..( Request For Comment’s )..Internet Architecure to begin with.

    2)Siti – Headmistress.Good one for any subject – Education.We have to agree and settled by secular education standardization then.Why not go for UN scale?

    In most countries a PhD is a basic requirement for a career in academia. It is an introduction to the world of independent research—a kind of intellectual masterpiece, created by an apprentice in close collaboration with a supervisor.

    Why PHD?..Why Doctorate?..These kind of people have managed all their life answered the right question and managed tricky situation..That is why.

    Kana – Medical Officer..Pity you..Where is the basic principal of live saving ? You suceed where other’s fail?..Pilot and Doctor is the essence of human being where any government willing to spend million in even a single person..

    Shah – Corporate Lawyer.Being a fool I cannot match any lawyer.But as always one have the right to ask.Why your thinking is symmetrical instead of geometrical?

    May – Engineer.Sigh.Why waste time NOT IN CONSTRUCTION?..Your better field??

    Asmah – Lecturer.Please tell your students to practice what they learn.Is Bernoulli Principle applicable in our daily life??

    Azmi – Corporate Bussiness – Is Micro economic contribute the outcome of Macro economy?

    Halim – Headmaster..Cikgu Besar.Is our student still separated in the row’s and column?..The good one still in front?The rowdy one still sat at the back of classroom??

    Sabariah – Accountant.The best account is accountability.
    Are we suffice??

    Sekian..jangan bantai budak bodo..

    Apa di harap padi seberang?
    Padi seberang tak kan menjadi..

    Apa di harap pandainya orang..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  12. Hajar Apr 25,2016 2:47 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. Tun M must start grooming DS Mukhriz (DSMM) to become our future PM. It’s a BIG MISTAKE if Tun still hesitates / refuses to help DSMM just because he is Tun’s son.

    2. We need someone with vast experience in the corporate world with ‘real’ working experience (had paid taxes before) and knows how to handle ‘money / assets’ to be our PM (unlike our current PM), and I can only see one person who has this quality (within UMNO). DSMM is also NOT the type that can be ‘bought’ with ‘dedak’.

    3. This time Tun must listen to the UMNO ‘akar umbi’. Remember, despite ‘Cash is King’, they gave very encouraging support/votes to DSMM during PAU 2013 (VP post). But, because the ‘King of Cash’ wanted to maintain the 3 incumbents (now we know that he distributed ‘dedak’ to many KBs using the ‘donation’ by Tok Arab).

    4. It does not matter anymore if ‘Parti Najib’ continues to accuse Tun of having a personal agenda and is promoting DSMM as a potential PM. Tun is no longer in UMNO (suka hati Tun nak buat apa pun) – I think those in Najib’s regime are ‘gila talak – asyik kacau Tun M’.

    5. DSMM has never been implicated in any scandals. I really hope he will stay put (do not quit UMNO); let ‘Parti Najib’ sack him.

    6. On the other hand, DSN is the worst and the most corrupt leader in Malaysia with never-ending personal scandals that had tarnished the image of UMNO/BN and Malaysia.

    Thanks Tun.

    Terima kasih Saudara ‘Musato’ – Anwar sudah jadi sejarah dan sudah didapati bersalah walaupun masih terus ‘berpura-pura – dalam penafian’. Tentang Islam, setiap orang Islam berhak untuk bincang / beri pandangan tentang hal2 asas (basic) dalam Islam terutama tentang hukum-hakam agama yang sudah jelas/termaktub.

    Terima kasih Saudara ‘Cruze’ – kita teruskan perjuangan untuk kebenaran. Jangan putus asa.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  13. sibotak Apr 25,2016 2:39 PM

    BUKAN Hanya banyak kesilapan Najib
    Yg kami berjiwa rakyat akan kepentingan Negara
    Yg memutuskan Najib harus Undur
    Bukan atas kemahuan atau permintaan Tun Mahathir jua
    Malah sifat Takabul Najib yg tidak mahu pelajari Kesilapan beliau
    Yg begitu sombong yg mendorong kami terus
    Bersuara Najib perlu Undur

    1.Memberi laluan luas Kerajaan Luar menakluki Tanah Malaysia dengan senyap
    adalah satu ancaman yg akan mengugat nasib anak cucu kita kelak
    Pembangunan memang kami inginkan Tapi bukan dalam erti dalam resiko kami di jelajah kelak yg kami perlu tanggani sekarang
    Yela sekarang beli tanah , besok ekonomi kuat dah nak rebut kuasa
    Jika kita tidak mampu bangunkan sendiri
    Kita harus pertahankan Tanah Pusaka kita
    untuk anak cucu cicit kita membangunkannya kelak
    Sekarang kita harus mempermodalkan mereka dengan Ilmu juga infrastructure
    Bukan dengan habuan orang luar

    Berakit rakit kita dahulu
    Bersenang kita kemudian

    BUKAN Nak amik senang je
    Nak Jet Mewah , Nak Gaji Besar , Nak di Hormati
    Tapi Satu Haprak pun takdak

    2.Menubuhkan 1MDB yg telah membebankan negara , tanpa perasaan bersalah
    atau menujukan sifat tanggung jawap , hanya ambil ringkas dengan pelbagai
    alasan dan penipuan menonjolkan Pemimpin bergini harus Undur

    3.Menerima habuan yg tidak nyata sama sekali , mengalakan sistem yg tidak terbuka ,menampakan keraguan negara . Mencabar system Kehakiman dengan menukar AG atas kemahuan sendiri , amat lebih mencurigakan Rakyat yg mendorong rakyat pada kesangsian dan menuju pada kehampaan dan kemarahan

    4. Saya tidak seiring pendapat Tun Mahathir juga kawan yg lain tentang mengugurkan GST .Pada saya GST perlu bagi memperkukuhkan Kerajaan
    Kerajaan Malaysia perlu kelihatan Kuat dan Tegap dengan kepentingan Pertahanan Senjata yg canggih untuk menempuh ancaman Ketenteraan yg amat mengacam di masa kini , terutama Negara Islam
    Siapa yg mahu Negara porak peranda dek peperanagan
    Tapi dengan lemahnya Pertahanan Negara akan memperlawa penindasan ancaman luar terhadapa kita
    Jangan pula dengan duit GST yg ada di salah gunaka pula

    Jangan dah sign ini dah sign itu ,kata tak tahu
    Tak gunalah dan tak tanggung jawaplah menjadi Pemimpin

    Jangan pula besok Menikah lagi satu , Ketahuan Rosmah
    Di tanya Rosmah …..Ini siapa sign ni ?
    Jawapannya pun tak tahu… Saya main sign aja
    Nak batalkan air sembahyang dengan Ligat tahu
    Lepas tu macam Sotong

    Saya berharap yg memperjuangankan Kepentigan Negara
    Harus menilai dan bijak menimbangkan
    Antara Fakta dan Andaian
    Lihat pada Perbuatan
    Bukan hanya mendengar Pengakuan yg tidak berasas

  14. zulu Apr 25,2016 1:13 PM

    As long as people don’t talk about the Najib’s scandal, he and his slaves will think people won’t mind it and contunue there loot job further…

  15. umranrc Apr 25,2016 11:07 AM

    Salam Tun,
    This time around, I would like to put forward some of the thoughts for the future. No, I wouldn’t expect anything at all, however, I seriously hope that our future Leaders take into account of what will be discussed here.

    Below are some of the online discussion or points highlighted by my friends on the title ‘If The Country Needed A Reset, What Is Required’. After collecting their points, myself provided some of the analytical views and summarised the discussion. Of course, these highlighted points are not comprehensive, for a start, however, it’ll do.

    Achuta – IT Professional
    – Rich people and corporations should be taxed heavily to narrow the gap between the poor and rich.
    – Changing the constitutional laws for equalities?
    – Do something about the haze issue.

    Siti – Headmistress
    – Fully equipped the schools and universities. At a minimum provide healthy food.
    – No double standard, encourage students to think and voice out, in later life being silenced.
    – Preserve natural beauty rather than building too many infrastructures in promoting Tourism industry in Malaysia.
    – Educationist to play a major role in shaping future generations instead of just looking at it as a career.
    – Job opportunities becoming scarce even for graduates, what is the problem?
    – What went wrong? At which point? Which level?
    – Leaders must be able to understand all walks of life.

    Kana – Medical Officer
    – No more 2nd class citizen – equal chances for everyone.
    – No more race identification.
    – Abolish ‘Jenis Kebangsaan’ schools but ensure mother tongue language being taught.
    – Looking at one’s capability instead of race for any promotion or employment.
    – The possibility of not much non-Malay in civil service due to the above.
    – Ensure minimum representation of all races in any jobs.
    – Religion or race shouldn’t be politicised.
    – 2 party system for political environment.

    Shah – Corporate Lawyer
    – Free speech.
    – Clear separation of powers between the executives and politics.
    – Appointment of the critical executive post must be fully endorsed by all parties prior to Agong’s approval.
    – Abolish branding i.e. remove ‘Sekolah Bistari’ or any sorts of disparities in the education system.
    – Equal opportunity for all, disregard of race, religion and marital status.
    – Finance Minister and Prime Minister shouldn’t be the same person.
    – Take responsibility for the action or a decision made.

    Chuang – Accountant
    – Racial tension causing us to lose economically as well as sports, need to look into how to integrate racial disparity as what we’ve enjoyed back in the seventies and eighties.
    – Shouldn’t waste time on trivial matters, concentrate on what is important.

    May – Engineer
    – Open investment by the foreign manufacturer must be properly regulated in terms of environmental issues. This goes along with local manufacturer.
    – Safety of the workers must be upheld strictly.
    – Heavier penalties for road traffic offenders.
    – Find ways to properly enforce the rules and regulations of road ordinance as currently seems lacking due to ‘rasuah’?

    Asmah – Lecturer
    – Many students affected badly on the current economic situation. Too expensive which leads to dropping out. Some even share their scholarship with their parents!
    – Those involved in the education industries can see first-hand the suffering of the masses.

    Azmi – Corporate Business
    – Difficult to change the current reality, need to absorb it for now.
    – Zakat is the main instrument of Islamic civilization.

    Halim – Headmaster
    – Ketentuan.

    Sabariah – Accountant
    – No new scholarship awarded for medical students who obtained seats in Universities in Egypt.
    – With the tumbling currency value, parents simply can’t afford to send their kids abroad.

    First of all, thanks for the inputs my friends. Achuta’s motion on the tax issues, YES very much so but in doing that we need to tread carefully as not to scare those foreign investors away. Yes, there were some amendments to our constitutional laws over time, however as Shah mentioned the foundation of this nation were based primarily on these constitutional laws – agreed on this I’m. With regards to haze issue, we are stuck actually, as some of the causes crossed International borders. Yes, we can advise them, and in fact, our current Government consistently doing so now, however, we can see that even their own Government can’t do much.

    Siti’s point on getting our schools to be properly equipped is agreed fully. In doing so, we must also look into getting it used to the fullest potential. Instead of being just another ‘white elephant’, there must be some means of monitoring and reporting of successful/unsuccessful usage of these apparatus, so as we can learn to improve on it over the years. With regards to providing healthy food, this, in my opinion, needed to have a closer look. For boarding schools, no doubt about it but for conventional schools, the best we can do is to absorb 70% of the cost in providing the food in schools. Why the remaining 30% still needed to be paid by the students? Because we simply do not want to have a future society with a begging mentality and we also want our young students today to learn the value of money. No, not literally as what rm1 can purchase, but a more abstract nature of money where one needs to earn in order to spend.

    Siti and Shah discussed a little bit on freedom of speech and there shouldn’t be any double standard. Yes fully agreed, however, this is where our current community needed to instill positive values in the minds of their young. In schools, the teachers and lecturers needed to promote healthy conversations and provide explanations on why certain things are sensitive while at home the parents needed to guide their kids in good manners and common sense. Aren’t we doing it today? Yes, but is it globally? Can’t say for sure. Siti also mentioned about the role of educationist in shaping the future generation, on this I couldn’t agree more. The problem sometimes, I could see certain people joining this industry simply because they needed the job rather than having the heart for it. Although this is not right but when we think deeply, how are we going to get the earnest among all the applicants? Difficult to sift thru those thousands of them, yet I think we can overcome this issue by continuously reminding them of their responsibility and what we want for our future community to be like. In a way, this will affect them also in a sense that whoever that they teach or train today might be our leader tomorrow!

    Coming on the issue of too many uncalled infrastructures being built on tourism areas, yes we seriously need to look closely on this. Local Council should have a group of committee looking at the overall picture before approving such projects. Perhaps roping in independent environmentalist to study the negative impacts of such project against the return is needed. Aren’t we doing it today? Yes, is it effective? I would say so-so, why? Perhaps we may need to look at what May’s fourth point is. This needs to be changed, self-awareness should overcome greed.

    Unemployability of graduates, what went wrong? First of all, we are having some economic issues now, although this shouldn’t last forever but the impact will last at least 4 to 5 years down the road. Currently, we are churning out roughly 180,000 graduates on various level of competency in numerous field of expertise per annum. If we are moving on the right track, I would say that at least 75% of them would fill up our job market while the rest will start their own businesses or perhaps some would settle down and allow only the spouses to work. Apart from the melting down economy, our policy to extend the retirement age to 60 years also contributed to this issue. You see, in a way, we like to continuously work, in another, we are denying the opportunity for the young ones. Although the effect of shifting the retirement age is not permanent, still, it’ll take at least a generation for it to subside.

    Siti is asking on what actually goes wrong? At which level? And when? Honestly, I couldn’t answer those precisely. But one thing for sure, if and only if we can remove the greed, we should be okay. Having said that, however, do not ever forget that the feeling of greed is bestowed upon us by Almighty for a reason. We need to be greedy in collecting knowledge (I want to know this, I want to know that and, if possible, I want to know everything…) and we also needed to be greedy in doing good things. No, being greedy in doing good things doesn’t mean that one needs to show off. That is totally different matter altogether. And yes Siti, to be a leader, he or she must understand all walks of life. How their approach is? How do they do things? What are their immediate constraints? And many more pertinent questions from various level of the community needed to be understood before he or she could be an effective leader. In short, they need to be sensible and look far. Of course, no one can effectively satisfy everyone but always remember that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.

    We need to skip Kana’s points at this moment and move on to Shah’s. Yes, definitely we want the freedom of expressing ourselves either thru speeches, written and/or visual media. This goes along with Siti’s point on ‘double standard’. However as a multi-racial and multi-religion community, we need to be sensitive towards others. Put aside our ethnic background, as Asians, our caring culture should be upheld dearly. Since it is quite difficult to ensure that everyone understand this issue, currently our governing body needed to control certain items which may lead to an act of sedition. This vehicle, however, shouldn’t be abused by the government to silence the constructive criticism as well as the exposure of malpractices. Perhaps the current law pertaining to this issue required some amendments?

    Clear separation of powers between the executives and the politics – I take it, unlike the actual meaning of the executives in the context of the constitution which is the politically elected person, the executives in this perspective are the key government officers for upholding the law such as IGP, MACC, AG and Chief Justice. As suggested, their nominations to that position shall be accepted by both ruling and opposition parties prior to approval by the Yang Dipertuan Agong. Fully agreed with it, however, we have an election every 5 years, shall we change the person holding these major position every 5 years as well? Require some further thoughts on it I guessed.

    Abolish branding by removing special schools such as ‘Sekolah Bistari’ and the sorts. This view was coined initially by Siti and later stretched further by Shah and it was also agreed by Farizah. If this move becomes a reality, yes, it may remove branding from our young kids though we need to know why it was there in the first place. I believe our fathers have put in their collective thoughts on this, where they may have encountered the difficulty of providing equality of knowledge among the students as each individual reception towards conventional teaching technique differs. Faster students tend to get bored easily while the slower students find it difficult to catch up. How to solve this? Differentiate their classes and to some extent, differentiating the schools altogether. We need to look further into this issue.

    Equal opportunity for all, disregard of races and marital status – Agreed, however, with regards to marital status, we need to look at it from a ladies point of view. No doubt that with equality of the sexes, any jobs which can be performed by men can also be performed by women however when it comes to starting a family, a woman’s commitment needed to have some further considerations in determining this direction.

    The portfolio of Finance Minister involved regulating the expenditure of the Country. Although Prime Minister’s function is to oversee all aspects of managing the Country as a whole, adding the detail sub-function of the Country’s expenditure will be too much for a single person to handle. By having a separate individual, at the very least, some check and balance will be there. Shah also talked about taking responsibility for the actions taken, yes and in fact, that is the first rule of management. Be responsible for everything that happens under one’s shoulder! It may or may not be one’s fault directly however as a leader one must absorb it.

    Chuang discussed the racial disparities which lead to the further crumbling of our economic growth and we should be looking into the bigger picture instead of some trivial subjects. Very true indeed and we need to find ways in linking us back as one solid society. In my opinion, language is the bridge we are looking for. This particular land is named Malaysia which owned its root to the word Malay. Happened to be this particular word brought along its own language. We actually have this idea in schools where a child needed to pass Bahasa Malaysia in order to pass the whole examination, however, passing a scrutiny compared to practicing it in life is a totally different thing altogether. This is where Kana’s point in eliminating the vernacular based schools will help. Of course, we do not want the individual ethnic to lose its culture and language, therefore, it will still be taught accordingly. Why don’t we choose English for that matter? After all, English is the technical medium of the world. Mmm… perhaps we need to change our Country’s name from Malaysia to Englisia. Are we okay with this? For any level minded person, this idea is totally ridiculous.

    When we touched on environmental control, May said that we need to regulate better on both domestic and foreign industrial players. Safety of workers as well the general public must be made the highest priority. The truth is, we have strict laws with regards to all these, however, the enforcement part is not up to par. There are simply too many reasons for this failure. Without prejudice, there could be a lack of staffs, lack of drive, lack of knowledge and, of course, being blinded by the RM sign. This enforcement issue is not only isolated to the environmental control but also in many other government wings as well. Is the income of our enforcer personnel not enough? Partly this is true especially when we are looking at the disparities in the inflation rate against the increment in their total income. Perhaps we need to discuss further on this.

    With regards to increasing the penalties for traffic offender, a more global study is required. I open this for further discussion as personally I’m not in agreement with it. I will state the reason why, in some other discussion.

    Asmah is very concern about the financial standing of today’s students. This concern being shared by Sabariah and Siti as well. Yes, no doubt that these students are badly affected by the current situation and some urgent measures needed to be taken to arrest this issue, on the bright side, their sufferings today will impart them with a wiser thought as such that they will become a sensible leader in time to come. Although university or college students are only a fraction of our citizen, nonetheless this serves as the real indicator of the whole scenario. At the same time, efforts being made thru zakat’s collections to deal with this issue. Azmi reiterated that zakat plays an important part in the economy for Islamic civilisation, yes very true indeed. He also mentioned that is it very difficult to change the current reality, on this I would say, as long as we continuously voice out our concerns, sooner or later things will change. While still on this Halim’s pointed out that this is ‘ketentuan’ or in simple English, that was what already planned by The Creator. Yes, that is absolutely correct, however as mentioned in Al-Quran, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. From this verse, as a shallow connotation, we need to put in our efforts for change in order for our Creator to hear us.

    Now we come back to the rest of Kana’s inputs. No more race identification and no more 2nd class citizen – This can be made possible provided all of us can, at least, speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia as if we’re born in it. Honestly, how many percents of ethnic Chinese, Indian and all the local ethnics in Sabah and Sarawak speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia? I would say, 5% excellent, 20% good, 25% average, 25% fair while the remaining 20% is poor. This poor command of Bahasa group is really poor as such that it is so difficult for them to even construct a simple understandable sentence – no joke. Why did I bring in this language matter when discussing race identification? The reason is simple actually, as a Malaysian we need to be proud of this nation, how? At the very minimum, we need to sing the same song, we need to be able to walk along, we need to be able to understand one another and last but not least we share. How exactly to achieve all these? This is where we need to see deeper on how our brain works. When we put thoughts in our mind, the processor will start working in the language which it was programmed with. Now, even though each processor could have the same computing power, yet, when individually being programmed in a different base language, the output, no matter how small a different could be, but it will still be there.

    Above paragraph is the tipping point for the rest of Kana’s inputs. Once every single Malaysians treat each other as fellow brothers/sisters, I’m confident that there will be changes in the perspectives for both employer and employee on the issue of equality of job offering as well as promotion. Of course, with this, all races will have a balanced representation in all sectors both in civil services and private entities.

    When we discuss on two party system, it may sound good, but this will go against the freedom of speech that we preached earlier. To me, let it be, no matter how many political parties there are, it boils down to the same idea i.e. those who can manage and steer our nation appropriately should be given the power to rule.

    Religion or race shouldn’t be politicised – What is the actual meaning here? The word ‘politicised’ itself means something negative i.e. when any issue being groomed out of proportions it may lead to unnecessary build up of tensions. In this case, using the racial issue to gain the upper hand is definitely a bad practice and should be avoided at all cost. When dealing with religion issue, we need to see this in a very clear mindset, for a start, any mainstream religious teaching in this world teaches good values. In Malaysia, we have many religions and everyone is free to practise their belief however Islam is the official religion. Certain political entity chooses to uphold Islamic values and there is a very clear reason for this. We are humans and every now and then we tend to forget, therefore, a constant reminder is useful.

    I know the cry within the non-Muslims community as well as some of the ignorant Muslims on the hudud laws. I do not have to repeat myself here, as I’ve presented the positive statistics when hudud being made the rule of law in a country. For the purpose of this analysis, I would like to propose a permanent solution to this issue.

    The actual word that I’m looking for is ‘choice’. Everyone, be a Muslim or non-Muslim who were accused of committing any wrongdoing in Malaysia, he, she or they will then be given a clear choice, to be tried either in civil law system or in hudud’s judicial system. It is up to the accused beliefs in accepting either of the law systems and no one will be forced to accept one over the other, yet, one needs to choose. That mean to say that, as the Country’s official Religion, the wholesomeness of Islam shall be held accordingly and since our Countrymen have various beliefs, civil laws are also made available for those who chooses it. This will remove many of the ideology differences among political parties and effectively remove the burden of sins from the shoulder of a Muslim leader from Islam’s perspectives. Of course, there are trivial matters that needed to be iron out prior to implementing it, but in the essences, this is it.

    Thank You Tun.

  16. Sri Sense Apr 25,2016 9:33 AM

    Salam Tun

    Siapa layak ganti CEO Malaysia Airlines?

    Tajuk Utusan 21 April. Kat luar sana ramai dah orang cakap. Depa kata gomen dah ada orang, tapi tengah tengok sentimen rakyat terhadap orang tu. Tak pula sebut siapa siempunya diri. Ada juga yang keluar dalam press conference kata Melayu layak. But I think ambik Mat Salih sebab nak buang orang, kalau kasi orang Malaysia tak terbuang la. 🙂

    Ini last para, berita tu tersebut

    Pada waktu awal perkhidmatannya, Mueller membayangkan bahawa persepsi buruk terhadap jenama Malaysia Airlines oleh pasaran Eropah, China dan Australia, menjadi antara faktor penilaian yang akan dibuat untuk mencari nama baharu bagi menggantikan nama Malaysia Airlines.

    – See more at:

    Berkenaan ini I setuju, memang bad image, bad reputation MAS ini. I suka MAS dari Air Asia. Tapi gomen handle MH370 punyalah celaru dan slow sampai sekarang asyik kena saman bagai nak rak. Buruk betul crisis management depa2 ini.

    Not only that asyik jumpa bangkai tapi bukan. Hope high lepas tu turun mendadak. Buang duit habis habisan, ta tau la nak cakap lagi. 🙂

  17. mofaham58 Apr 25,2016 4:16 AM

    Asslamualaikum W.Wb,
    Tun yg di kasihi,
    Perhaps we should spend sometime and look at youtube : Mathias Chang : UMNO Leaders – Move Out, Stay Out & Get Out of Our Way……
    May Allah SWT bless you with good health and iman.

  18. Malaikat Maut Apr 25,2016 3:25 AM

    Salam Tun yang dikasihi,


    Sekian Wasalam


  19. Malaikat Maut Apr 25,2016 3:23 AM

    Salam Tun yang dikasihi,

    Sekian Wasalam,


  20. malaysian1000000 Apr 25,2016 1:59 AM


    Orang Malaysia dulu – dulu, 3rd class education 1st class mentality, orang sekarang 1st class education 3rd class mentality. Asal menang gaya, biar jadi kedana. Book text education semenjak KBSM diperkenal Vernicular School diteruskan. Nanti ada pula SMKJ (Bangladesh), SMKJ (Pakistan), SMKJ (Indonesia). Tak lama lagi, lagi 3 generasi saja.

    Dulu dapat Pangkat 1 SPM dah kira hebat, sekarang 22A straight A pun ada.

    Entahlah, ini lah jadi bila angan – angan Mat Jenin tercapai, disokong pula oleh Pak Pandir. Si Luncai pula masih mengikut sahaja. Ini era kisah rakyat Melayu lawak jenaka. Apakan tidak, kisah Hang Tuah Bersaudara cuba dinafikan kewujudan mereka sekarang.


  21. oble Apr 24,2016 8:30 PM

    NR’s days are numbered, but justice must not only be done but be seen to be done. The Rakyat is baying for his blood and also that of his family – when one thinks how that money could and should have been channelled to good use for the country, to support education and mother homeless, it is beyond criminal. All you have to do is to look at the kids and new generation adults who can’t even string a grammatical sentence in English, and one who has been abroad realises the magnitude of the problem. It is REALLY serious.

    The Malaysian people are being left far far behind by the its neighbours, in terms of skill of people, intellect, communication skills, having a ‘can do’ attitude, and just generally behaving in a way that can earn respect. They can’t speak, behave in a credible and confident way, can’t communicate effectively in the universal language of English, and are generally seen as intellectually and communicatively inferior. Why? Because of years of neglect of the education system, and having a bunch of unintelligent bozos run the country. I mean, just look at the cabinet, and th e vacant expressions each of them has on their face, their stupid remarks more suited to third grade comedy show, and their sub-standard education credentials! They wouldn’t make it to even mid management in an international MNC! And they are governing the country! It’s farcical.

    A person the product of Malaysian education will not survive in this era of internationalisation. It is sad and tragic, and anyone who says otherwise and who spews nonsense the Rakyat have nothing to worry about is just kidding themselves. I fear it is really too late (with respect, just look at the state of English of some of the commentators here – dreadful!), and it will be no surprise the brain drain will worsen in the coming years. Everyone of substance is fleeing the sinking ship. Tragic, tragic state of affairs.

  22. musato Apr 24,2016 8:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pelbagai cerita direka dan dicari nama nama yang entah dari mana saya pun tak kenal bagi menjatuhkan imej Tun Mahathir.

    Berkenaan menjadikan Mukhriz Mahathir sebagai PM, ia tidak pernah saya bincangkan di sini. Malah pada pengamatan saya, perkara tersebut tiada nampak sedetik pun.

    Jika Tun berfikiran sedemikian, insyaAllah saya tentu tiada wujud di

    Bahkan pada pertama kali muncul iklan di hati saya bertanya kenapa blog ini melibatkan duit? Adalah berlakunya agenda peribadi?

    Alhamdulillah, berlakunya penerangan secara live di TV berkenaan pertanyaan saya tersebut. Dan telah dijawab oleh Tun Mahathir bahawa duit diperlukan untuk menggaji dan menyelengara pentadbiran blog ini. Satu alasan yang boleh saya terima.

    Pada pemahaman saya kita tidak perlu menggunakan duit akaun lain bagi menampung perjalanan akaun yang lain.

    Entah mengapa saya menulis perkara yang amat teliti ini.

    Cuma saya juga ingin memberitahu bahawa hidung saya berbau ‘politik yang amat kuat’ semasa menulis di pada 2009. Dan selepas 6 bulan saya mengambil keputusan mengundur diri.

    Yang mana saya rasa Tun amat gembira dengan keputusan saya itu, kerana alasan utama saya menulis di sana adalah kerana Tun sudah tidak berkuasa (kuasa duniawi)

    *nak tulis kat blog lain itu pun aku nak beritahu Tun… Hahaa

    Terima kasih Tun.

  23. tok jangut Apr 24,2016 5:44 PM

    Want to know what is kleptocracy? Read more here

  24. cruze Apr 24,2016 4:28 PM

    Saya sokong seri sens, hajar, faridina dan lai lain yang memiliki fikiran yang telus..akan najiblah pengkhianat negara dan parti melayu ini.
    Di tambah lagi anak igp memiliki syarikat membekak senjata api, syarikat seperti itu untuk kegunaan para pemburu khinzir du kampung atau pemburu haiwan belantara berlesen, para vip yang memiliki lesen pistol atau untuk kongsi gelap sahajakah?
    Kalau untuk kegunaan angota keselamatan negara rasanya berbaloi buka syarikat seperti ini..
    Asalamualaikum Tun dan para teman yang tahu akan kisah ini tolong kasi rakyat pencerahan sedikit, selain kisah tender kepada anak Tajudin itu.

  25. Sri Sense Apr 24,2016 2:08 PM

    Salam Tun

    I baca komen2 disini, I nak share APA I INGAT?

    Ghafar Baba – Beliau pernah kata, orang Melayu dulu makan daging 2 kali setahun. Seingat I masa kecil memang begitu. Hari Raya Puasa dan Hari Raya Haji baru makan daging.

    13 May 1969 – Sebab I masih anak kecil, I rasa sedih sebab tak dapat main kat luar rumah. Curfew. Makanan sekali beli banyak.

    Ayah pergi kerja kena ditemani polis. Sebab ayah kerja tak tentu masa. Kakak yang dah sekolah kata orang Cina ketawakan orang Melayu, depa kata orang Melayu sembahyang tutup telinga. Selain tu tak tau. Dengar cerita orang Melayu terbang sini terbang sana. Banyak yang kena bunuh.

    Sohaimi Baba buat filem about Tun Razak I also don’t know apa message. Yang I nampak dalam filem itu Tun Razak sakit dalam diam tak kasi tau. I also don’t understand watak Kavita Kaur dalam cerita itu. Seriously, apa cerita tu. 🙂

    I rather watch Malayan Emergency kat Astro Channel. 🙂

    Pak Arab? I tau ramai orang business kena tipu dengan Pak Arab.

    Sekarang ini I elak makan kedai yang banyak pekerja asing dan juga business yang bukan milik orang Malaysia. Kedai Indonesia nasi padang I dah elak. Why? Sebab Najib dan gang. Hubby pula kata lepas sembahyang dia makan, ingat Melayu rupanya orang Indonesia. Hubby ternampak ikan dah jatuh bawah, pi kutip goreng. Hubby kata tak nak makan kedai Indon lagi. I pula ada nampak Bangla bawak kereta 4WD. Kereta baru mungkin boss suruh bawak. Tapi tak ada orang Malaysia, lagi ke?

    Happy Sunday to all!

  26. Hajar Apr 24,2016 8:26 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang Amat DiKasihi & DiSanjungi Tun,

    SHAH ALAM – Pengalaman selama 22 tahun dalam mentadbir negara sewajarnya dimanfaatkan untuk membantu pentadbiran Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dengan memberi nasihat yang baik dan bukannya berterusan mendesak beliau meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri.
    Bekas Pengerusi Tetap Umno, Tan Sri Onn Ismail menegaskan, sebagai negarawan berpengalaman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sewajarnya melakukan pendekatan sama seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak Hussein kepadanya pada 1969.

    1. Saya tepuk dahi baca kenyataan dari seorang veteran UMNO yang kata Tun M sepatutnya nasihat Najib.

    2. Agaknya si Polan ni baru tersedar dari ‘koma’ yang panjang dan tidak tahu yang PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor cuma dengar nasihat dari ‘Penasihat2 warga Asing’ dan para pembodek beliau yg kesemuanya di bayar dengan ‘dedak’ – ‘Cash is King’.

    3. DSN jenis yang tidak mahu langsung dengar nasihat dari Tun M. Sebab itu DSN sudah semakin haru-biru dan celaru dalam mempertahankan segala SALAH LAKU beliau. Jika beliau dengar nasihat Tun M supaya meletak jawatan, keadaan beliau tidaklah seteruk sekarang – amat sukar untuk berpatah balik.

    4. Nampak sangat yang DSN seorang yang amat TERDESAK sehinggakan orang yang telah meninggal dunia pun ingin dilibatkan. Sejak bila pula tarikh kematian Tun Ghafar menjadi tarikh penting dalam kalendar DSN?

    5. Jadi apa nak dihairankan kalau Menteri Luar Arab Saudi (WARGA ASING) pun diheret sama untuk ‘menegak benang basah DSN’. Adel al-Jubeir boleh dipertikai integriti beliau. Kita sedia maklum yang ‘Pak/Tok Arab’ memang ramai kaki kelentong.

    6. Letak jawatan sajalah DS Najib. Andalah PENGKHIANAT UMNO dan negara yang sebenar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  27. sibotak Apr 24,2016 8:08 AM

    How much land have 1MDB acquire throughout its investment , locally and foreign ?
    How much land of S,pore ,Indonesia , Thailand or perhaps Batam Riau Island has 1MDB penetrates , develops and earn ?

    Hoe much Land has Temasek Holdings , Capital Land of S,pore acquire in Malaysia ?
    Johor ,Malacca , Kuala Lumpur , Penang and the vast acre of Agriculture , Developmet Land have they invaded ?
    What is happening ? Are you still asleep ? Do you feel right to be Malaysia PM ?
    Instead of securing Tanjung Pagar KTM land in S,pore
    You just let it go as if that land is priceless as if that Land belongs to Bapak Kau punya
    What have yr 1MDB benefits Malaysia ?

    Besides hearing of the 2.6 Billion misappropriations
    Unable to secure Malaysia Land and Wealth
    You are not Fit to represents the Govt above all as Malaysia PM

    Don,t you have that Gulity conscious ?
    Where is the flag u made ” I luv PM ”
    That wasted flag money should be used to feed the stray dogs of Malaysia
    At least you could win the votes from the stray dogs
    Our hatred towards you are building up each day
    As you have not benefits Malaysia since yr Day 1

    It’s all of losing money ,debts increases , Govt spending increases for more personal benefits
    and on

  28. sibotak Apr 24,2016 4:03 AM

    There are many exemplary that today UMNO can follow
    Not just Datuk Gaffar , Tun Mahathir Mohammed is also a good exemplary

    Najib you desperately ask UMNO member to follow the good conduct
    Ask yrself what did you follow , Who did you follow ?
    The Low Mr .Low , that the Friend of yr step Son
    Do you follow the Sunnah Prophet Muhammad puh
    The Setanic version of Salman Rushdie
    Cash is King

    Is yr cash drying out that you need to preach UMNO member to listen to yet needs
    Have you paid the Debts of 1MDB ?
    Have you paid the foreigner British advisor from yr own pocket ?
    Who consent you to engage Foreign British Advisor ?
    We Malaysia vote for UMNO not British Foreign Advisor

    You are so Low Najib TuN Razak
    An embarrassment to the Nation ,Malaysia
    How can you able to meet up with Foreign Minister Them know yr background
    Did you attend Zakir Naik Speeches ?
    You should and bring along yr Rosmah to understand the principle meaning of Tauhid , Hidayah , Guidance and the many

    Playing Golf with Obama does not benefits you
    We are who we are
    You are who you are
    So Stop pretending and being Hypocrites

    Never did I ever seen such a Low Morale of the history of Malaysia PM

  29. mofaham58 Apr 24,2016 3:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum W.Wb.
    Tun yg di kasihi,
    Hari ini laporan di MMOL Najib menyeru kepada ahli ahli UMNO mencontohi sifat mulia Tun Ghafar yg dia rumuskan sebagai “DEVOTION,LOYALTY dan AUTHENTICITY.”
    YES NAJIB. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately the UMNO members should have the qualities of “DEVOTION, LOYALTY AND AUTHENTICITY” is to the party that is UMNO and NOT TO YOU. A Good Leader needs no BEGGING for respect and loyalty. That is what you are doing now… BEGGING. BEGGING. BEGGING….SHAME ON YOU. Your conduct has already outclass yourself to claim as a a GOOD LEADER. REMEMBER, RESPECT IS EARNED NOT FORCE OR BEGGED LIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
    Today also KULI has voiced out that OSA on A-G Report is unconstitutional. So what say you NAJIB ??????
    May Allah SWT bless you with good health and iman Tun.

  30. zulu Apr 24,2016 2:36 AM

    I don’t know who is this a*hole “Tengku Sariffuddin”…but this slave of trying to divert people mind from Najib’s loot job.

  31. tebing tinggi Apr 23,2016 11:56 PM

    Salam Tun ,

    Bersama, teruskan perjuangan mencari kebenaran.

  32. faridina Apr 23,2016 11:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Saya percaya kesemua Perdana Menteri Malaysia mempunyai fail cukai pendapatan berpangkal SG di hadapan kecuali PM ke 4 dengan pangkal OG.

    Pangkal SG melambangkan kumpulan penggajian (makan gaji) manakala pangkal OG pula menunjuk kumpulan lain (berniaga dll).

    Antara keenam-enam PM hanya Dr Mahathir sahaja pernah terlibat dengan perniagaan sendiri iaitu mengusahakan kliniknya di Alor Setar sebelum bergelar wakil rakyat. Sejarah juga menunjukkan bahawa Dr Mahathir merupakan PM Malaysia yang paling banyak menyumbangkan cukai pendapatan, apatah lagi dikenakan cukai taksiran anggaran oleh unit penyiasatan JHDN (waktu dulu kala Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri) dengan jumlah yang agak tinggi sehinggakan hanya selesai membayar ansuran tunggakan cukai tersebut sehingga bergelar Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

    Dr Mahathir dikenakan taksiran cukai tambahan bermotifkan pengaruh politik waktu itu apabila beliau pertama kali dipecat dari UMNO tetapi beliau tidak menggunakan pengaruh politiknya apabila berkuasa untuk mengurangkan atau membatalkan cukai tambahan tersebut. Lihatlah betapa mulia hati seorang pemimpin agung yang tidak akan sekali-kali menyalahgunakan kuasa walaupun untuk kepentingan peribadi.

    Cuba kita lihat senario politik hari ini melibatkan Perdana Menteri yang tidak pernah merasa kepayahan dan keperitan rakyat marhaen yang terpaksa berhempas pulas bekerja siang malam dan terpaksa menanggung pula cukai pendapatan dengan memotong gaji bulanan melalui PCB.

    Najib memulakan kariernya sebagai wakil rakyat pada usia yang muda, menjadi Menteri Besar termuda dan seterusnya hidup senang lenang dengan mendapat pengecualian cukai sejak dari usia muda dan agak2nya berapakah jumlah sumbangan cukainya pada negara? Jawapannya suruh LHDN dedahkan kalau berani – hampir tiada! Sebab tulah beliau tidak terkesima dengan mengenakan rakyat miskin bandar dan desa yang tidak kena cukai pendapatan dengan cukai GST!

    Apa yang kita boleh belajar dari episod skandal 1MDB dan derma berbillion ringgit dengan keadilan dan ketelusan sistem percukaian negara kita?

    Rakyat kena bangkit selepas ini mendesak agar dihapuskan pengecualian cukai terhadap wakil2 rakyat seterusnya semua lantikkan politik dari Perdana Menteri hingga ke bawah di bawah payung kuasa eksekutif. Biarlah raja2 dan sultan2 sahaja yang dikecualikan cukai pendapatan supaya tiada lagi rakyat biasa yang menyamai keistimewaan raja dan sultan takut2 jadi macam sekarang jadi raja duit dan berperangai macam setan.

    Apa lagi kelebihannya PM dan pak2 Menteri dll akan di pantau oleh LHDN sebagai check and balance berdasarkan pendapatannya yang bercukai dengan perbelanjaan yang dalam kemampuannya.

    Secara automatik ada 2 agensi yang boleh mengelakkan salahlaku sebegini SPRM dan LHDN.

    Soalan cepumasnya tuan2 adakah pengubal undang2 iaitu wakil rakyat kerajaan dan pembangkang sanggup bersama2 rakyat marhaen mengundi membatalkan pengecualian cukai mereka sendiri?

    Entahlah, tepuk poket tanya walet.:(


    Wasalam Tun.

  33. Sri Sense Apr 23,2016 10:34 PM

    Salam Tun

    Bila masa pulak cerite ini keluar? KLSE, SGX jatuh sebab Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s daughter had eloped with an Indian man 🙂

    I masuk stock market since late 90s. Tapi I tak pernah dengar cerite ini. I tau stock market very sensitive, selsema burung pun KLSE boleh jatuh. Tapi memang tak pernah dengar cerite ini, real kelakar. LOL

    Salleh, anak Tun masa tu lari dengan India Singapore ka? Sampai dua2 pasaran saham jatuh. LOL 🙂

    I tau ini, anak Najib dan anak Mahathir tak sama. Anak Najib punter, anak Mahathir investor. Retail investor sayang anak Mahathir depa benci anak Najib. Kalau you tak tau la Salleh, I kasi tau. By the way, jangan ambik gaji, sampai hutang boss awak selesai, ok! 🙂

    Goodnight all.

  34. joetachi Apr 23,2016 10:30 PM

    Bapak kuli naji$, Anak nk meniaga….!
    Bapak keje poli$, Anak jual senjata…!




  35. musato Apr 23,2016 10:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    TV3 tanya lagi.

    Kan saya dah kata, siapa jadi PM lepas Najib berhenti bukan urusan saya. Itu urusan UMNO untuk kekal relevan.

    Kalau nak spin pun biar nampak berkaliber sikit la soalan tu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  36. Sri Sense Apr 23,2016 7:04 PM

    Salam Tun

    Berita dari sinar harian 🙂

    Ku Li: Tarik balik status rahsia laporan 1MDB

    SHAH ALAM – Pemimpin veteran Umno, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah memohon agar Parlimen dapat menarik balik status klasifikasi rahsia dan membenarkan setiap ahli Parlimen mendapatkan Laporan Ketua Audit Negara mengenai 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    Menurut beliau, penarikan klasifikasi rahsia tersebut akan dapat menghapuskan rasa cemas di kalangan orang ramai yang merasakan mereka tertipu serta tidak berhak untuk mengetahui keadaan sebenar di sebalik isu skandal kewangan negara yang terbesar itu.

    “Ini bermakna ahli-ahli Dewan Rakyat yang mewakili para pengundi, iaitu orang ramai, hendaklah dimaklumkan mengenai isi kandungan laporan tersebut.

    “Kita harus maklum bahawa Perlembagaan Persekutuan, sebagai undang-undang negara tertinggi dan teragung semestinya diikuti dan di dokong dengan tegas,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan menerusi Facebook hari ini.

    Sebelum ini, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara (PAC), Datuk Hasan Ariffin dalam satu kenyataannya memaklumkan bahawa Laporan Akhir pengauditan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) oleh Ketua Audit Negara kepada PAC Parlimen Malaysia diklasifikasikan sebagai dokumen rahsia rasmi di bawah Akta Rahsia Rasmi 1972.

    Tengku Razaleigh yang juga merupakan ahli Parlimen Gua Musang memaklumkan bahawa saranan pengubahan itu adalah sejajar dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang memaklumkan bahawa Ketua Audit Negara seharusnya menyiasat isu 1MDB dan menyerahkan hasil siasatan tersebut sebagai laporan untuk pertimbangan Dewan Rakyat.

    “Dalam membuat keputusan tersebut, Perdana Menteri memberi gambaran bahawa tidak apa yang hendak diselindungkan dan sesiapa yang didapati bersalah terpaksalah menghadapi tindakan undang-undang,” katanya.

    Sehubungan itu, Tengku Razaleigh memaklumkan bahawa berdasarkan Perkara 107 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyatakan bahawa Ketua Audit Negara hendaklah mengemukakan laporan-laporannya kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong sebelum laporan itu dibentangkan di hadapan Dewan Rakyat.

    “Perkara 107(1) tidak menyebut langsung tentang klasifikasi mana-mana laporan Ketua Audit Negara sebagai rahsia negara. Klasifikasi rahsia tersebut adalah menyalahi Perlembagaan sekiranya laporan itu dihalang daripada dikemukakan kepada Dewan Rakyat,” katanya.

    Read :

  37. tok jangut Apr 23,2016 12:10 PM

    “The 1MDB affair could become an important test of how the world deals with cross-border corruption.” so says The Economist.

    Read the full article

  38. Sri Sense Apr 23,2016 9:12 AM

    Salam Tun dan Selamat pagi semua

    Hari in hari Sabtu. Musim panas memang terik sungguh. Pakai aircond, letrik dah naik. 😐

    @HBT456, why so many numbers? You try to compete with Tun Mahathir ka? 🙂


    Seperti I sebut sini dulu, I memang ada website registered kat Malaysia. It is not a free website tapi I pakai platform wordpress. Mudah buat sendiri, tak payah bayar orang buatkan.

    Masaalah dengan MCMC? Sebenarnya tidak. My problem adalah dengan pengunjung2 yang datang bukan saja dari Malaysia tapi juga Russia, USA, China, Middle East dll, depa tak baca pun article, depa bagi standard copy and paste, its all about them and their products. Bila ada peluang depa tempek. Dalam satu hari ada lebih dari 50 spams. Kalau sibuk memang sakit hati nak delete banyak.

    My wall jadi free advertisements board. I konon nak bagi space untuk affliate marketing yang I ceburi seperti Amazon, Lazada, Zalora, Ali Express, tapi tak jadi apa pun.

    So fed up punya pasal, I tak bagi orang comment lagi kat situ. Not long after that hackers Turki masuk, satu pasal pulak bila I kena buat all over again.

    After a year I tak nak renew, sebab tak berbaloi, so now I cuma guna space free kat wordpress. My target audience tetap sama macam yang lalu, KLSE retail investors. Tidak ada article politic, cuma investment.


    Maaf nak bertanya,

    Save Malaysia campaign, kalau ada sekretariat dimana? Klau link untuk deklarasi rakyat I hanya dapat kat wall DKJ. DKJ pulak dah kena batal Kunta Kente original. 🙂

    Bukan apa Tun, boleh yang berminat dapat direction sekiranya ada yang nak ingin bertanya lebih. Aktiviti? Dalam news portal kata ada tapi ramai tak tahu dimana. Kalau tau, sekurang kurang nya peminat Tun boleh ikut serta bawak kawan2, jiran2, anak beranak atau sedara mara. Yang tak minat sila duduk rumah. 🙂

    Last but not least, penyokong tegar Najib, yang dah terima dan bakal terima gaji naik, jangan lupa, selesaikan dulu hutang Najib sebelum pergi shopping, kita tak nak masuk campur. 🙂

  39. sibotak Apr 23,2016 8:03 AM

    Today UMNO under Najib
    Is a complete Turnmoil a Total Disaster

    UMNO failed to protect Malaysia
    UMNO failed to secure the future of the Bumis
    If Najib UMNO continues , The Sultan Constituency will Deminish bit by bit ,year by year till it will be gone

    Look at Najib
    He spent more than he earns
    He lose more than he profits for Malaysia
    Yet He does not feel guilty of such Failure yet He walks heads up

    I try to evaluate what did he did today we see as right and progress
    I see nothing
    I see.a very irresponsible , horrible Leader
    Did not seen him much of Islamic activity , like attending Zakir Naik Speeches etc

    I don,t respect and acknowledge Najib our PM

  40. adelheid Apr 23,2016 12:17 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Salam Tun. Hope you are taking one thing at a time. And especially so in our extreme hot weather I hope you will try pace down activities that require you to travel under the heat.


    The climb is an uphill one and it isn’t going to be easy especially when we have somebody like the present Prime Minister who puts himself above everything else. But we will remain steadfast Tun. That is why we must unite irrespective of the differences we have – race, religion, political belief – so we can change what the country has been turned into by Najib’s regime into a place where everyone will be able to live together without fear and hate and where the poor and the rich can be equal.

    I care to share my little experiences even though deep inside I do feel fear. That in itself is proof of my distrust in the present government especially within the last two eras of the country’s premiership of Tun Abdullah and particularly Dato’ Sri Najib when things that never happened actually occurred in our country.

    Take good care Tun Mahathir. Remember to do one thing at a time. I love you Tun and Tun Siti Hasmah as always!

    P/s To umranrc – thank you. Will let my girl know even though she seems to be quite comfortable for the moment dah halfway through the program cuma belum dapat mana-mana offer kerja tetap 🙂

  41. Hajar Apr 22,2016 11:39 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang Amat DiKasihi & DiSanjungi Tun,

    Bosan dengan skandal ‘derma Pak/Tok Arab’ yang tiada kesudahan, saya bercuti ke Pantai Timur minggu lepas. Sempat melancong ke Pulau Perhentian dan pergi sekejap ke Sg. Golok Thailand kerana belum pernah pergi ke tempat2 ini.

    Pulau Perhentian amat nyaman (walaupun cuaca panas terik) dan pemandangan sangat cantik serta masih kekal ‘asli’ dengan keindahan alam semula-jadi. Saya terpegun melihat kejernihan air dan pelbagai spesis ikan yang boleh dilihat dengan mudah.

    Tempat ‘shopping’ di Rantau Panjang lengang. Mungkin cuaca panas sangat dan cuaca politik juga ‘panas menggelegak’ menyebabkan ramai yang kurangkan aktiviti membeli-belah – jimat duit dan tenaga.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi Malaysia dan dunia yang tidak menentu, ‘simpanan / savings’ dan pelaburan (bukan di Bursa Malaysia – saham2 saya di Bursa semua merudum) yang ada amat membantu. Ini yang dikatakan ‘sediakan payung sebelum hujan’.

    Terima kasih di atas DIDIKAN dan tunjuk ajar Tun kepada rakyat Malaysia semasa menjadi PM yang sentiasa menekankan tentang pentingnya rakyat Malaysia MENABUNG dan MELABUR. Saya dan adik-beradik saya yang lain peminat Tun dan kami memang ikut nasihat2 Tun (juga nasihat orang tua). Hasilnya kami semua tidaklah terkesan sangat dengan keadaan ekonomi semasa. Hobi melancong (dalam dan luar negara) masih dapat diteruskan.

    PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor pula cuma memberi contoh buruk kepada rakyat dengan sikap BOROS dan berbelanja dengan tidak berhemah serta melakukan banyak PEMBAZIRAN. Ditambah pula dengan skandal 1MDB dan wang ‘derma’ yang nyata menampakkan kekorupan beliau.

    P/S: Saya tidak pernah ada masaalah berurusan dengan EPF. Dividen pun ok. Tiada isu. Lagipun EPF untuk wang persaraan. Jangan jadi seperti sesetengah orang yang bila dapat duit EPF semua habis dalam masa kurang 5 tahun (keluarkan semua). Sebab itu bagi yang tidak pandai berbelanja secara berhemah lebih baik jangan keluarkan kesemua wang sekali gus. Bincang dengan EPF apa pilihan lain yang lebih baik.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  42. HBT456 Apr 22,2016 9:47 PM


    62. Can pakatan harapan survived before next general election is called?

    63. Nasib pakatan harapan pasti akan tumpah seperti pakatan rakyat.

    64. To unite all states under malaysia is the most challenging job in this country.

    65. Politics is a lifelong career.

    66. If politicians are too obsess with winning votes via rhetorics, they are bound to fail.

  43. zulu Apr 22,2016 9:09 PM

    Najib and his slaves will use the win in Sarawak to justify his loot, Rosmah’s $1,30,000 shopping spree in Hawaii and $7,00,000 diamond ring…let’s see which slave is doing this first 🙂

  44. umranrc Apr 22,2016 8:58 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Sedikit keluar tajuk….

    Salam/Selamat Petang Warga Negeri Sarawak,

    Apa yang dapat saya lihat, selama hari, ramai warga Sarawak/Sabah datang dan pergi dari Semenanjung tanpa larangan dan sepertimana warga Semenanjung sendiri, mereka bebas untuk menjalankan apa juga aktiviti mengikut lunas undang-undang, baik dari segi perniagaan, bekerja, belajar dan sebagainya.

    Kita sedia maklum, keadaan tidaklah sama untuk warga Semenanjung yang bertapak ke Sarawak dan Sabah, perundangannya berbeza. Aktiviti perniagaan misalnya, perlu ada rakan kongsi yang terdiri dari warga pri-bumi dan sebagainya.

    Apa yang ingin saya sampaikan adalah kesedihan saya mengenai perkembangan terkini dimana kuasa kerajaan negeri disalah gunakan dengan menghalang ahli-ahli politik dari Semenanjung untuk pergi kesana dalam waktu terdekat ini. Soalan saya, bagaimana kita boleh mengaku kita ini anak Malaysia sekiranya perkara begini boleh berlaku? Ini secara dasarnya adalah satu pemikiran yang cetek.

    Maka dengan ini, wahai Warga Sarawak, buatlah perhitungan yang wajar semasa hari mengundi nanti. Fikirkanlah bahawa kita mahu benar-benar bersatu sebagai warga Malaysia dan hanya dengan ini kita semua boleh maju bersama-sama.

    Terima Kasih warga Sarawak.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  45. HBT456 Apr 22,2016 8:37 PM

    48. Its up to deadly angel to decide because your expectations might be difference from the public’s expectations.

    49. Since I am not a member to any political parties, what I commented you can just ignore.

    50. The choice is in the voters’ hands.

    51. Whoever become pm, it wont make any differences to me as voter.

    52. It is up to the malay and moslem bumiputra political parties to play their parts to get votes.

    53. Whichever coalitions get the majority votes, they will dictate the federal budget.

    54. Therefore, it wont make much difference whether umno, pas or pkr become the pm.

    55. In this country, only moslem can be the pm.

    56. I am not moslem, therefore, whoever become the pm is none of my business, dont you think so?

    57. If you have decided to continue with your supremacy struggles, go a head.

    58. Whether the voters accept your struggle or not, only ge can decide.

    59. Winners take all.

    60. Similarly, losers take all.

  46. Sri Sense Apr 22,2016 4:36 PM

    Tun dan semua

    Latest news 🙂

    Singaporean ex-BSI private banker Yeo Jiawei charged amid 1MDB probe

    SINGAPORE – A Singaporean ex-BSI private banker has been charged with receiving benefits from criminal conduct, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said on Friday (April 22).

    Mr Yeo Jiawei, 33, a former wealth planner with the Singapore unit of Swiss private bank BSI, was charged with an offence under the the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act.

    “As investigations are on-going, no further details are available at this time,” said a statement released by the AGC in response to press queries on Friday (April 22).

    According to the charge sheet obtained by The Straits Times, Mr Yeo was charged on April 16 for receiving S$200,000 in his Bank of China account on or around Jan 30, 2013.

    This amount of money represented his benefits from cheating, said the charge sheet.

    While the charge sheet made no mention of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) or any related entities or individuals, Bloomberg reported earlier on Friday that Mr Yeo was charged with money laundering following investigations into 1MDB’s money flows.

    If found guilty, Mr Yeo could be jailed up to 10 years or fined as much as S$500,000, or both.

    The charges in Singapore are the latest twist in the 1MDB saga with authorities in Malaysia, Switzerland, the US and Luxembourg also investigating claims the fund, whose advisory board is headed by Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, was used to funnel money to politically-connected individuals.

    BSI handled accounts for 1MDB and parties including Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments PJSC, an entity the fund did business with, and Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, according to documents entered into Singapore’s High Court as part of an effort by another former BSI private banker to unfreeze assets.

    Mr Yak Yew Chee had attempted to sue the Singapore Government in order to gain access to some of about S$10 million in his bank accounts frozen by the authorities as part of their 1MDB probe.

    Singapore authorities had said in February that they had seized a “large number” of bank accounts over possible money-laundering and other offences linked to alleged financial mismanagement at 1MDB. Most of the bank accounts were seized in the second half of 2015.

    The Commercial Affairs Department and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have been investigating possible offences relating to 1MDB since the middle of last year.

    Mr Yak was one of several senior employees who have left, or are said to be leaving the BSI Singapore in recent months.

  47. Malaikat Maut Apr 22,2016 4:22 PM

    Salam Tun yang dikasihi,

    37. As long as the word ‘allah’ is being used politically, economically and socially to stay relevant in power, political parties who played up this issue will lose more votes from the non moslem.

    38. As long as non moslem being sidelined politically, economically and socially, political parties will loose more confident votes from the non moslem.

    Raising the stake between belief and behaviour is manipulative. And I don’t remember “Allah” being a political agenda in management of this country. The Malays have their own rights to cite Allah during the political Rally, or citing doas before and after a political speech. Let’s be clear about this too. That at no time was the Non-Muslims victimized for their beliefs, for their religion or were they treated any differently from the Muslims at large. To use this agenda 37. will be plain right stupid, especially arguing about it now, and arguing about it here in this blog. Equal opportunity lies abandon in Malaysia, looking at how how fellow brothers and sisters have thrived economically, politically and socially. To use differences amongst ourselves and to focus on them as an issue I find it rather foolish because we are missing the point here. Working towards the ultimate goal, and the initial idea about this campaign. Nothing to do with Religion nor has it got to do with Race. It has to do largely with Malaysia though, so if you want to make a difference, stop focusing on the differences and focus on the common goal. The machinery of Governance and Justice has never retain the idea that Faith should uphold it’s course. What I am saying is stop playing the Victim game. Nobody wants to victimised anybody here. Respect is important for everyone, and tolerance, tolerance and tolerance. Don’t go down that road of the “Poor-me-we-are-being-persecuted-here” spectacles, it will lead to animosity and distrust amongst the religious groups which hasn’t happen. I think we have become mature enough to understand the need to work together. It is crucial for Malaysia.

    On the aganda 38. Assuming that this comes from a Non-muslim, I think this notion or skeptic remark is untrue, because we have seen equal opprtunity in many areas economically, politically and socially. We have thriving businesses and businessmen from Chinese and Indians ethinic groups. And we have appointments in both groups and other groups professionally be it doctors,judges, Lecturers, Members Of Parliament, lawyers, engineers, and architects. And the government doesn’t put down or control any economic and social interests coming from any ethnic groups. So to use this as an agenda is quite malevolent and indicates inadequate National Pride amongst Non-Malays, which is rather sad,because that is not true and can be quite sweeping this statement and therefore bring about racial and religious disharmony amongst us.
    This is also not a place to discuss these 2 agendas. I only brought this up because someone was talking about it, quite tactlessly, and forgetting the whole reason why we are here in the first place.

    Sekian Wasalam Tun yang saya dan ramai hormati dan kasihi.

    Esteem Regards


  48. Sri Sense Apr 22,2016 10:38 AM

    Salam Tun


    Mahathir semakin hilang pengaruh

    Puad Zarkashi berkata, sokongan terhadap Dr Mahathir jelas semakin menurun, kerana tidak ramai yang menghadiri program anjurannya sendiri.

    Read More

    – Puad from now on jangan ambik gaji lagi, bayar hutang Najib sampai selesai. 🙂

    Fires, coupled with hot weather, cause haze in Klang Valley

    Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar says the situation is aggravated by the hot and dry weather, causing the air pollutants to float in the air.

    Read More :

    Tun, please rehat, cuaca tak baik. 🙂

    umanrc, thank you, pada siapa yang berminat sila hubungi umanrc direct, cuba2 lah, orang tua kata, segan bertanya sesat jalan, lagi satu cara kalau ada kereta sedan yang umur 2 3 tahun, ada lesen memandu, suka pula jumpa orang, boleh jadi pemandu UBER. Kalau di Klang Valley start la kerja pagi sampai 5 petang, boleh dapat dalam 70 ringgit sehari, depending on journey, dari mana kemana. I tau ini sebab my son buat ini tak sampai 2 bulan dapat kerja. 🙂

  49. balance Apr 22,2016 9:13 AM

    sibotak Apr 22,2016 12:12 AM

    Agree 100% very good observation and analyses.

  50. Sri Sense Apr 22,2016 8:42 AM

    Salam Tun

    Sedih baca tulisan malaysian1000000 🙂

    Tahun ini Indonesia and the Philippines are the two South East Asian stock markets benefiting most. Foreign Funds semua lari pi sana.

    Manakala high household debt levels are a problem common to both Malaysia and Thailand. Dan Thailand is in danger of losing out as several foreign companies are moving manufacturing facilities from Thailand to other countries.

    In Malaysia, rising inflation is limiting consumption, and the scandal surrounding state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad and a change of central bank governors in May are adding to uncertainty, Deutsche’s Taylor said.

    Tun, sepatutnya bila tarik subsidi, gaji naik, tapi ini tidak, malah digalak pekerja asing datang ambil peluang kerja. Dipekan2 kecil dan bandar2 lain pula bila kurang pembangunan, gaji memang la sikit benor benor, orang sini kata celah gigi aja. Ini susahnya bila pemimpin2 asyik nak bangun keluarga bukan negara.

  51. HBT456 Apr 22,2016 8:29 AM

    44. Dah terang sangat, usah diterang2kan lagi.

    45. If the gate of peace is closed, there is always a window opened up for peace negotiation somewhere out there…..

    46. Yang tak betul adalah mereka yang mempermainkan isu2 petkauman dan agama yang amat sempit, langsung tidak bertoleransi seolah2 hanya mereka saja yang boleh dictate sentimen perkauman dan agama bagai kera dapat cincin.

    47. Que sera que sera sera, whatever will be, will be…….

  52. HBT456 Apr 22,2016 7:57 AM

    37. As long as the word ‘allah’ is being used politically, economically and socially to stay relevant in power, political parties who played up this issue will lose more votes from the non moslem.

    38. As long as non moslem being sidelined politically, economically and socially, political parties will loose more confident votes from the non moslem.

    39. This kongsi formulae was tested in 2008, bn lost 2/3 majority.

    40. No worries, in every 5 years, this kongsi formulae will be tested.

    41. In next 10 years, the political power struggle will roll down in malay vs natives in the name of moslem.

    42. Political instability by that time will be more intense.

    43. As voters, your obligation is just votes.

  53. Sri Sense Apr 22,2016 7:31 AM

    Salam Tun & Selamat Pagi semua,

    Tun banyak rehat, semalam the API recorded in Petaling Jaya was 103, Shah Alam (122), and Cheras (131) due to ozone pollution (O3). Kawan2 juga hati2. 🙂

    Antara berita menarik I baca

    Mitsubishi Motors shares indicated below record low after cheating on mileage

    TOKYO: Mitsubishi Motors Corp’s shares were flooded with sell orders, indicated below their life-time low, on Thursday after the Japanese automaker admitted to manipulating test data to overstate the fuel economy of 625,000 cars.

    Japan’s sixth-biggest automaker said on Wednesday it stopped making and selling its eK mini-wagons for the domestic market after Nissan Motor Co, which procures a similar model from Mitsubishi, found a discrepancy in fuel efficiency test data.

    In early trade in Tokyo, its shares were untraded with about 10 times as many sell orders as bids. They were indicated below the record low of 660 yen set in July 2012.

    The news knocked the shares down more than 15 percent a day earlier, wiping $1.2 billion off its market value.

    Reuters via StarBiz

    Untuk peminat Prince (Purple Rain)

    On Thursday, TMZ revealed that Prince passed away at age 57. His body was reportedly discovered in his recording studio at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota early in the morning. The pop superstar musician best known for the soundtracks to Batman, and best known for hit songs like Kiss or Purple Rain. RIP.

  54. faridina Apr 22,2016 2:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    LHDN seharusnya lebih terbuka dalam menangani isu wang derma yang diterima oleh seseorang individu walaupun bergelar Menteri Kewangan merangkap Perdana Menteri kerana pengecualian yang dinikmati golongan ini hanyalah pendapatan penggajian, pelbagai elaun dan segala manfaat sewaktu menjawat jawatan tersebut.

    Sila tunjukkan kepada kami seksyen mana dalam ACP 1967 yang menyatakan seseorang Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan turut dikecualikan cukai pendapatan sekiranya menerima derma atas nama perseorangan bagi pihak parti politiknya. Atau ada clause dalam akta tersebut yang memberi kuasa kepada Menteri untuk menentukan kelayakkan pengecualian cukai atas penerimaan wang derma tersebut.

    Bagaimana pula LHDN memantau aliran keluar wang derma ke atas perbelanjaan parti dan tiadakah kemungkinan terdapat penggunaan untuk tujuan peribadi dan tiada berkait dengan parti?

    Mari kita jengah cara taksiran LHDN terhadap peniaga-peniaga kepunyaan tunggal yang cukup effisien dan kadangkala melucukan sebagai renungan dan lawak tengah malam.

    Sekiranya anda peniaga kedai runcit misalnya tidak semua perbelanjaan dibenarkan sepenuhnya dan adakala satu pertiga tidak dibenarkan adalah amalan biasa dalam pengiraan pendapatan dilaraskan. Namun yang wajib ditambahbalik adalah Ambilan Tanpa Rekod (ATR) yang ditaksirkan berdasarkan bilangan isi rumah peniaga tersebut yang dikira logik kerana apa jua yang diambil di kedai untuk kegunaan seisi rumah besar kemungkinan tidak direkodkan.

    Namun masalah dengan ATR ini ialah pegawai2 LHDN terbawa2 atau terbiasa dengannya semasa melakukan taksiran sehinggakan pernah terjadi peniaga kedai keranda cina turut dikenakan ATR. Belum mati lagi pun dah ada keranda untuk kegunaan sendiri yang perlu ditambahbalik.

    Wasalam Tun.

  55. sibotak Apr 22,2016 12:12 AM

    Najib ruling is a mere copy cat of Singapore
    The difference is Spore Produce Results
    Najib Reduce Results

    1MDB founded by the YAB Tun Najib Razak ,our Beloved Prime Minister
    Is to look alike Capital Land , and Tamesek Holdings of S,pore
    Both are making vast progress ,huge money for S,pore
    Penetrating invading much of Malaysia Land , not just Johor ,Kuala Lumpur and many parts of Malaysia progressively

    1MDB is a complete , stupid , Clumpsy , very irresponsible Failure
    Instead of protecting Malaysia Lands , not just creates unbearable debts
    Not just it is unable to buy a single acres of S,pore Land , Thai or Indonesia
    It helps to Deminish Malaysia Land just liked that

    Yet PM Najib are not shy and still able to Walk Tall
    Simply it’s Stupid and Idiotic Ruling
    These is UMNO today

  56. umranrc Apr 21,2016 11:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tertarik dengan penulisan kawan-kawan disini yang menyatakan ada diantara anak-anak mereka yang gagal mendapatkan jawatan yang setimpal dengan sijil pelajaran mereka.

    Satunya, terlalu ramai pemohonan oleh itu Syarikat atau apa-apa juga Badan yang ingin mengambil pekerja baru akan memilih ‘scorer’ dari yang ramai-ramai permohonan yang diterima. Sebagai contoh, PROTON hanya mengambil jurutera baru yang mempunyai CGPA 3.5 keatas sahaja.

    Keduanya, sahih ekonomi kita sedang menguncup maka peluang terlalu terhad.

    Baiklah, saya tidak berani untuk bercerita tentang bidang lain, tetapi untuk anak-anak yang belajar bidang kejuruteraan, sungguhpun buat masa sekarang peluang kerja adalah terhad, tetapi anda masih lagi berpeluang untuk berniaga menggunakan ilmu yang anda telah terima.

    Saya boleh sahaja menulis panjang mengenai perkara yang saya sebutkan diatas, tetapi tidak nampak cantik kerana blog ini lebih kepada pandangan politik. Oleh itu jika ada yang ingin mengetahuinya dengan lebih lanjut sila hubungi saya di email dibawah ini (saya hanya memberikan idea serta konsep perniagaan tanpa sebarang bayaran, atas pada individu untuk memperkembangkannya).

    Umran Abdul Rahman

  57. malaysian1000000 Apr 21,2016 10:29 PM


    Tak kisahlah kena tax atau tidak. Masalahnya takkan tidak perlu declare langsung. Jawatan sana sini takkan tak masuk bulan – bulan.

    TUN yang non-advising advisor masa di Proton pun masuk juga. Ni kan pula semasa berkuasa. Takkan tidak kena tax langsung.

    “PEKERJA” bukan main kena lanyak tax kiri kanan, tambahan yang duduk di Klang Valley ni. Setakat baru nak jalan-jalan dengan family stand-by rm50 lah. Minyak, Tol, Parking pergi balik. Belum masuk makan minum. Beli barang ke. Asal gaji lebih RM2500 kena tax dah. Walhal miskin bandar gaji RM3000. Apa ni? Pak Menteri tak perlulah jawatan lain banyak – banyak. Tu yang sain ikut sempat, tak baca pun. Banyak sangat jawatan tak tentu arah.

    Sekali buat rambut RM1200.00 (J Lo Malaysia aka kak mah) gaji minimum RM1000.00, biar betul. Kalau dah hari – hari buat rambut bukan ke dah RM36000. Gaji PM baru RM22000. Lebih RM14000 mana dapat? Tu baru cerita rambut la, belum cerita pakai, makan minum lagi. Aku rasa RM1000 buat dia minum teh petang je dah setel. Rakyat kerja sebulan nak bagi anak bini makan untuk “SEBULAN”. Sehari budget untuk seisi keluarga RM35. Biar betul. Tu pun menumpang rumah mak ayah free la rumah, api, air. Kalau dok sendiri, aku rasa RM10 sehari lah budget sekeluarga.

    Menbujanglah yang setakat kerja kedai – kedai baju, runcit, security, cashier. Lebih sikit dari pembantu rumah Indonesia yang demand gaji RM800 sebulan. Tu pun makan,minum,tempat tinggal, permit tuan kena tanggung. Kita ni rakyat RM1000 bayar sendiri semua.

    Rakyat Malaysia belajar sampai degree, paling bagus 5 tahun baru habis. Pendatang kerja 5 tahun dah ada resume cantik pengalaman kerja 5 tahun. Nak kerja bagus requirement mandarin speaker pulak. Sejak bila bahasa ketiga selepas BM dan BI jadi requirement penting untuk apply kerja. Jadi Kementerian Pelajaran wajibkan belajar mandarin, cantonese dan tamil di semua sekolah. Senang semua orang dapat kerja.

    Lu Pikiaq lah Sendiri!!!! (Bak kata Nabil Raja Lawak)


  58. joetachi Apr 21,2016 9:13 PM

    pemudah cerita, dedak ditabur….
    Dihulur penglipur..! Mata hati pun kabur..??



  59. daeng Apr 21,2016 8:47 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Tertinggal perkataan komen saya sebelum ini.

    Semalam saya bermimpi seekor keldai Najib bernama Nur Jazlan dipanah petir dan mati dalam keadaan mengerikan.


  60. ismadi Apr 21,2016 8:10 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Menteri Luar itu bermaksud, saya mengetahui Malaysia ada menerima derma dan ianya telah di siasat oleh Peguam Negara Malaysia. Kami juga mengetahui bahawa kes telah di tutup.

    Mana ada sebut kami yang memberi derma itu dan sebanyak mana?

    Thank you Tun. Payah juga nak faham tetapi melaui penulisan Tun akhirnya faham juga.

    Saya juga ada satu cadangan.

    Diharap pihak blogger yang menyokong perjuangan Tun dapat mengeluarkan gambar Penerbit Berita TV3, RTM1 dan Pengarang Utusan Malaysia dan yang lain yang seangkatan setiap hari agar dapat dikenali dan di cham oleh rakyat Malaysia bahawa mereka ini adalah ‘tukang karut’yang mengeluarkan fakta mengelirukan.

    Biar mereka apabila keluar makan ker, pergi mana mana ker dapat dikenal pasti sebagai berkomplot mengelirukan fikiran rakyat.

    Sekarang ini mereka bebas bergerak tanpa segan silu.


    Take care Tun

  61. Malaikat Maut Apr 21,2016 7:46 PM

    Salam Tun yang kami hormati dan kasihi sangat,

    Lah ni, nak Maghrib ana nak tujukan secoret emel buat Datuk Najib-lah, IA kita doakan yang terbaiklah. buat semua.

    Dear Datuk Najib,

    I understand the struggle you are going through right now, and I am sure it’s not a place that many would want to be in,or understand how pressing it may be nor is it a place where there is peace and serenity. We make mistakes sometimes and the quantity is really not important, not always at least. But anyway , the honour and responsibility we have to the Malaysians is something you cannot measure.It’s invaluable. While we make mistakes sometimes, and they may or may not be fully understood at the point when it was thought of, the great task that we have upon our shoulders are truly collosal. As a Muslim I think you are, we are God-fearing followers of Islam, and we have certain responsibilities and elaborate duties towards the people we serve. You don’t need to have great intelligence, reputation or credentials too to understand this simple but yet profound meaning – the accountability we have to our Nation.

    Things happen so fast sometimes, and without we realizing it, it may be too late to back out, so we have to continue this little charade that we have enacted right at the beginning. Only now it turns out to be multiplying and accelerating tremendously as we move into the future.

    Our intentions are important in life, who we are and who we know in life is really irrelevant. Because ultimately we are answerable for our deeds. Deep inside you, you were brought up in a good family, a patriotic father, a hero, and in you that very same blood flows through your veins. There is always an option in life. I am not saying you kill yourself, that is a coward thing to do. But to face the music and live up to our service to the Malaysians and who we truly are as an individual leader.

    The time for you and Malaysia has come to a crucial point where what you decide now shall make up what Malaysia will be in the future. It is best that you retreat honorably, and move on with your life, there are a dozen ways to this, I am sure I need not elaborately explain how you can do so. In life, there is always a way out, if we are honest to ourselves, and when we want to do something right, and ask Allah for help, very often than not, the Hikmah and Rahmah from the Almighty will lead you to a peaceful exit. The World is a Big Place, and there are alternative arrays of possible outcomes, if we put our heart and sincerity to correcting what damage has been done. You will find a way. Retreating does not mean defeat, it means your time is destined to end right here.

    Ultimately, we are a bunch of people, who believes in the dedication and sacrifices of the thousands of Souls that had given their lives before us to transform this country to a Global Recognition. while you may not have wanted to design or end it this way, sometimes, life can be ambiguous and unexpected. There are many avenues, that could still lead to happiness in the future for you. But it may not be so here in Malaysia. I am writing to you, and am sure thousands if not millions would agree with me, that a peaceful solution to a vast problem like this one, is possible if we work hard and with all sincerity and honesty, as we owe that much to the Malaysians and people before us, our Forefathers, and great leaders and Rulers in the past, that ever born, live and walked in Malaysia. It is a beautiful legacy, and we do not want to end our legacy and tarnish them further, with unnecessary evil and violence, to the people we rightly were supposed to be serving. As it’s our Culture, in our DNA which was engineered like such and our rich cultural heritage we understand too that retreating is not a sign of defeat, perhaps you may find happiness doing something else, and still have a happy life elsewhere in this vast vast World.



    Sekian Tun ….. 🙂 Rabihrahli Sadri Wayasirli Amri, Wah lul ukdatan min Linsani Yaf kahu kauli, macam nak mengaji pulak eh. 🙂

  62. faridina Apr 21,2016 6:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Certified Financial Planner perlu juga tahu pasal tax sekurang2nya on the surface sebab nak habak mai kat pelanggan bab premium insurans, pelaburan unit amanah dan pelepasan2 cukai yang boleh dinikmati.

    Mungkin lecturer pun setakat tahu on surface sebab CFP bukannya boleh dapat lesen akauntan percukaian Seksyen 153(3)(c) so tak salahlah kenyataan tak kena cukai individu2 tertentu namun pengecualian cukai hanya terpakai pada pendapatan tertentu dan harus mendalami definisi pendapatan itu sendiri.

    Terima kasih puan CFP.

    Wasalam Tun.

  63. adelheid Apr 21,2016 3:00 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Salam Tun, semoga Tun dan Tun Siti Hasmah sehat dan ceria hari ni, walaupun cuaca sangat panas, like Sri Sense said drink lots of water 🙂

    Tun. Like what Sri Sense have commented this morning April 21,2016 09:53 AM, we have noticed that EPF is giving a hard time to people who want to use their EPF savings even for justifiable causes like the settlement of university fees, house deposit and so forth. In my case, nak settle balance yuran pengajian sebelum konvo bulan Oktober tahun lepas. Dah mohon berbulan-bulan EPF punyalah banyak songeh – dokumen ini tak ngam surat dari pihak U tak ngam walhal surat confirming balance outstanding daripada pihak U tu standard aje, memang itulah kerja dia orang kat bahagian pengurusan kewangan U berkenaan. Namun EPF semacam sengaja susahkan orang nak keluarkan simpanan sendiri. Last2 bapak budak cakap poda dei lagi baik bayar sendiri, nak tunggu EPF sampai anak pun tak dapat ikut konvo. Gumbira lah EPF masih simpan duit orang tak luak. We all pun pelik, U pun heran kenapa balik2 surat standard pun tak ngam. Bila fikir2 barulah terdetik yang kemungkinan EPF ni pun dah kena raped oleh al-jibby.

    I feel I should let you know and let others know. I’m glad that others have also experienced similar fishy drama of EPF. Good that people like Sri Sense have taken the initiative to ask friends and people around her 🙂

    Tun, alang2 cakap pasal anak I yang dah grad tahun lepas sampai hari ni tak dapat kerja lagi walau dah beratus kot tempat yang dipohon. Kalau Petronas jangan haraplah nak dapat walaupun pernah buat intern kat situ. Yang pegang scholarship Petronas pun kena suruh sambung master sebab tak ada position baru. Buang adalah. So ikutlah satu program ni SL1M with the hope to get experience through proper training, di samping mencantikkan lagi resume sebab dah pernah ada training percuma… But sadly I feel the SL1M is a failure 🙁 Why, because not only there are not relevant companies agreeing to participate in the program ( they have to pay part of the allowance to the trainees) but the trainees are being placed in job fields totally irrelevant to their field of studies. For instance, engineers put to train in a clothes boutique jual pakaian, bio-tech in kedai mamak doing facebooking marketing! Hmmm memang SL1M is a failure Tun. Yang untung of course the training companies hehehe

    Well just to give you and idea of the real thing Tun Mahathir. Take good care my dearest Tun. Drink lots of water, and do be careful wherever you go whatever you do. We will be right here waiting for you Tun. I love you!

  64. Sri Sense Apr 21,2016 1:28 PM

    Salam Tun

    Bila cerita pasal ramai tak kerja dan pencarum EPF, I teringat seorang kenalan, if I’m not mistaken dia dulu kerja Sarawak Shell. 🙂

    He said that masa dia pencen 55 tahun, dia dapat keluar duit EPF dan Shell also bagi duit. Sebab Shell ada scheme for employee. EPF dapat 500K, Shell bagi 600K, so dia automatic jadi millionaire bila umur 55 tahun. Ini tak termasuk harta seperti rumah dan tanah. 🙂

    Pasal tu ramai orang nak kerja Shell, my son pun nak juga, tapi nak dapat pun bukan senang, dan ada pula kawan yang kata kerja Shell benefit tak sama macam dulu. 🙂

    Anyway sekarang selain dari EPF kita ada juga Private Retirement Scheme – Public Mutual, CIMB, RHB dll. Majikan dan individual, dua2 pun boleh masuk. The problem sini participation, culture menyimpan tu tak ada dalam masyarakat Malaysia, so kuranglah berjaya. 😐

    Walaupun belanja mungkin tak sehebat Najib, tapi tetap kuat belanja dan kurang menyimpan. 🙂

  65. Sri Sense Apr 21,2016 10:16 AM

    Salam Tun

    Nak jawab Faridina, kalau tak silap I masa kelas CFP dulu, lecturer ada sebut yang Sultan2, Raja2 Melayu dan Menteri2 tak kena cukai, yang kena cukai rakyat biasa sahaja. Tun betulkah? 🙂

  66. Sri Sense Apr 21,2016 9:53 AM

    Salam Tun

    Baca tulisan adelheid pasal EPF.

    I setuju EPF sekarang agak keberatan nak kasi keluar duit semua walau umur dah 55 tahun. Kata kawan antara soalan mereka tanya, NAK KELUAR BERAPA? more like tak boleh keluar semua 🙂

    Kalau nak keluar duit sambung belajar also payah. Antaranya, kalau pergi arini pekerja ini kata tak cukup dokumen, datang semula pekerja lain pula kata tak cukup another dokumen, so its like ulang 10 kali pun belum tentu dapat keluar duit.

    Nak keluar beli rumah also I dengar payah. Ada kawan2 keturunan Cina marah2 seolah olah orang Melayu saje senang keluar duit EPF. Depa tak tau kita Melayu yang tertera dalam IC pun payah nak keluar duit. 🙂

    But IMAO, EPF still the best govt fund manager when comes to investment. Bayangkan janji bayar 2.5 percent tapi sering bayar 6 percent dividend, cuma sekali sekala baru nampak 8 percent. 🙂

    Tapi dengan skandal Al-Najib ini tak tau la apa nak jadi nanti. Silap haribulan semua pun kena balun bayar hutang sidia tu. Terima kasih Tun, kerana telah sudi failkan suit against Najib.

    Pada Menteri yang penyokong Najib, jangan ambik gaji from now on. Najib bikin hutang you all tanggung, kita tak mau masuk campur 😐

  67. faridina Apr 21,2016 9:09 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Pelbagai usaha telah Tun laksana demi rakyat termasuk menyaman Najib baru-baru ini.

    Semangat juang Tun sungguh luarbiasa dan tidak pernah kenal erti putus asa, putus harap atau hilang punca.

    Lantaran itu ramai dari kalangan anak2 dan cucu2 rakyat Tun di sini turut memberi pendapat, pandangan dan cadangan dalam menangani pemasalahan 1 Malaysia angkara Al Najib.

    Kami tertarik untuk menyentuh satu lagi sudut yang masih boleh diterokai yang dianggap sah di sisi undang2 negara.

    Kami pernah bercerita perihal ketua mafia terkenal di Amerika Syarikat iaitu Encik Al Capone yang tidak dapat disimpan lama dalam penjara atas kesalahan jenayah namun akhirnya tumpas juga dan berjaya disimpan lama hingga berakhir kariernya sebagai kepala gangster atas kesalahan sivil melalui tuduhan lari cukai pendapatan.

    Maka apa kaitannya dengan pemasalahan kita barangkali Tun dan rakan2 sudah dapat mengagak.

    Untuk pengetahuan semua dalam skop kutipan cukai langsung dan cukai tidak langsung terdapat 2 agensi yang dipertanggungjawabkan iaitu Kastam Eksais DiRaja dan LHDN di bawah Kementerian Kewangan (bawah Najib lah pulak tapi boleh gagah cuba).

    Terdapat peruntukan dalam KEDR bahawa orang awam boleh menjadi penyampai maklumat atau informer dalam membongkar kes2 penyeludupan dan lari cukai di mana ganjaran akan diberi berdasarkan jumlah rampasan atau cukai yang dielak.

    Begitu juga LHDN terdapat satu jabatan dikenali sebagai Jabatan Siasatan yang akan membonkar, menyelongkar dan menyiasat cukai pendapatan, perniagaan dan korporat yang dirasakan tidak dilaporkan mencukupi. Yang ini macam Tun biasa kena dahulu masa dipecat dari UMNO zaman Tunku. Kesian Tun sampai jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri baru selesai ansuran cukai tersebut.

    Ini bermakna informer juga dibolehkan dalam menyampaikan sesuatu maklumat terhadap individu atau korporat yang mengisytiharkan di bawah pendapatan atau perolehan yang sebenarnya berdasarkan bukti2, harta benda dan cara hidup bermewah2an di luar kemampuan!

    Mungkin boleh diujudkan satu kumpulan pendesak dari kalangan rakyat jelata dan kemudian mengumpul seberapa banyak maklumat dan membuat sidang akhbar dan media lalu menyerahkan ke Jabatan Siasatan LHDN dan pastikan dapat publisiti meluas supaya LHDN terpanggil memberi respon menjawab kepada rakyat dan pembayar cukai.

    Perkara utama yang harus diketengahkan ialah isu wang derma yang diterima seseorang INDIVIDU itu dan interpretasi cukai LHDN memandangkan jumlahnya MAHA tinggi dan terdapat kekerapan kemasukkan dana tersebut dari 2011 hingga 2014 mungkin?

    Kami juga berhak mengetahui samada wang2 ini dari Tahun Taksiran 2011 hingan TT 2014 ada dilaporkan dalam borang retan individu berkenaan? Sekiranya wang tersebut dilabelkan tidak bercukai sekalipun tidakkah melalui Akta Cukai Pendapatan1967 beliau wajib mengisytiharkannya kalau tidak boleh didenda kerana kesalahan “omission” apatah jumlah yang MAHA besar dan kekerapan tinggi.

    Bagaimana pula dalam skop ‘withholding tax’ dalam simpanan perbankan perlu diperjelaskan kerana jumlahnya MAHA banyak dan kerap. Beliau berhak mendapat interest dari bank (bayangkanlah billion tu berapa banyak interest dah!) dan beliau juga layak dikenakan cukai withholding oleh kerajaan. Adakah semua ini dipraktikkan perlu diperjelaskan.

    LHDN dulu ada Unit IV bawah sikit dari Penyiasatan tapi sibuk semak SSM lah, keratan akhbarlah, maklumat pembelian kereta/rumah dan sentiasa bersangka buruk terhadap pembayar cukai (lapor kurang dari gaya hidup mewah) atau bakal pembayar cukai (mewah tapi tak bercukai).

    Nah ni terang2 ada individu paling berkuasa SeMalaya yang berbelanja mewah melebihi pendapatan contoh perkahwinan anak abad ini dalam dan luar negara kenapa tak siasat? Belum lagi aksesori, jam tangan, cincin, beg2 tangan yang boleh dinilaikan dan satu mean test boleh dilakukan.

    Kalau nak cerita sungguh panjang di sini tapi kami percaya di luar sana dan kalangan pembaca di sini pasti ada pakar2 percukaian yang dapat membantu ayahanda Tun dalam hal ini.

    Kita mesti cuba setiap avenue yang ada ditolak atau tidak perkara kedua kerana mungkin depa kata SPRM dan BNM pun tak boleh buat apa2 namun skop ini cuma berbeza kerana kita mahu kerajaan perolehi cukai yang terlepas untuk rakyat juga sebab dia pun dah mengaku.

    Tak boleh bayar terimalah nasib macam Al Capone!

    Wasalam Tun.

  68. rimba.emas Apr 21,2016 8:30 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Akhirnya Rimba Emas di beri peluang bercakap. Sudah beberapa hari tidak dapat komen.

    2. Nampaknya siapa berani untuk menidakkan kata-kata pemerintah bermakna akan dihalang untuk bersuara.

    3. Sehinggakan tiada lagi ungkapan berani kerana benar dapat di realitikan.

    4. Persoalan dari bukti yang betul berlaku dinafikan oleh kata-kata yang tidak konsistan dan bukti-bukti pihak lain yang sepatutnyadi jelaskan juga.

    5. Nampak gaya telah terbahagi dua pemerintahan di kuasai kaum kapitalis sementara rakyat telah menjadi mangsa kerakusan dalam menguasai ekonomi milik negara Malaysia.

    6. Fikirkanlah wahai rakyat yang akan menggundi ingat kata-kata perkongsian hanya akan melebihkan golongan yang anda pilih ini kerana selama ini kehidupan anda semua berkasta dari semua segi.

    7. Rasullullah s.a.w adalah contoh yang terbaik dalam akhlak dan keadaan kehidupannya. Ciri-ciri ini boleh kita bandingkan dengan pemimpin yang ada sekarang.

    8. Kehidupan yang diamalkan Rasullullah s.a.w bukan bergantung pada Ijazah ekonomi yang dimilikinya tetapi berpandukan al-Quran kata-kata Allah s.w.t.



  69. Sri Sense Apr 21,2016 8:30 AM

    Salam Tun & selamat pagi semua,

    Sekarang ini musim panas, jangan lupa minum air banyak. Nak share news 🙂

    Timber licence arrangement stays, says Adenan

    MIRI: Sarawak will not break up timber licences granted to the so-called “Big Six” companies as such a move would have a negative impact on the state’s social and economic spheres, said Chief Minister Adenan Satem.

    Read More :

    – Hmmm I panggil dia ini Adenan Eksyen – Suka Berlagak. Dia suka sangat ban orang semenanjung. 🙂 Mungkin baik from now on Adenan jangan ambik gaji sampai segala hutang Najib selesai. 🙂

    Muhyiddin warns of election defeat unless PM goes

    The party that has ruled Malaysia since 1959 will lose the next election if it stands by Prime Minister Najib Razak, a former deputy premier said on Wednesday, nine months after he was sacked for speaking out over a multi-billion dollar scandal. Muhyiddin Yassin said in an interview that from 2014 he had repeatedly raised concerns with Najib about the debts of state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) as allegations of mismanagement and corruption mounted. He said his protests were always rebuffed.

    Read More :

    – Hmmm Najib budget dia PM terhensem dalam dunia ini. But dari segi rupa Nazir lagi hensem. Lagi hensem bila Nazir ambil cuti sebab nak jaga image CIMB walaupun hensem Nazir ada jatuh sikit bila ngaku terima 7M, tapi dah naik balik. 🙂

  70. HBT456 Apr 21,2016 8:08 AM

    32. Maverick simply means parachute politician who serve their supreme council and party members first that caused so many people suffered.


    34. Bukan cuaca, kemungkinan ini berlaku biasanya adalah perbuatan manusia untuk membuat sekolah di kelantan tampak mundur.

    35. You think only malaysia got sago, I mean nationalist?

    36. Sago or omlette, when the result of next ge is out, we will know.

  71. daeng Apr 21,2016 6:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Semalam saya seekor keldai Najib bernama Nur Jazlan dipanah petir dan mati dalam keadaan mengerikan.


  72. adelheid Apr 21,2016 1:48 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Salam Tun, may peace and blessings always be upon you.


    Truth is that rakyat are getting so sick of our PM Najib playing cissy and hiding behind the curtain of other people’s bottoms. His latest victim being the saudi foreign minister. Najib (and his significant other, plus our don juan foreign minister :D) must have said something gross enough to lure the saudi al-Jubeir to issue such positive comments on Najib’s behalf. I don’t blame the al-Jubeir for he does not know the actual complexities of the story – his ‘aware’ is actually not that aware.

    Only the mules and donkeys will believe. The rest of us will stand hand in hand in unravelling the truth of Najib’s dirty kleptocracy play. Let the WSJ unravel and reveal more gruesome truths about this one man and his immediate aides (wife, stepson, Taek Jho Low, Husseiny, Qubaisi and, Shahrol Halmi, Arul Kanda). These people have knowledge of the maze the puzzle. The maze is long and winded meant to fool us. That is enough proof of their dark intent to amass the country’s resources and the people’s money to fatten themselves.

    Tun. I have read in OSTB about the EPF plausible involvement in Najib’s mega money scam. They will try their best trying to hide it but sooner or later people will be able to read it. Some of us contributors have been denied withdrawal – even for the educational purpose of paying our children’s university fees (remaining outstanding fees in my case). Little sum trivial matter but the EPF seemed to be having such problems to let us withdraw our own money, not EPF gomen money!). Looks like EPF is also having some kind of big trouble which it isn’t saying for fear of the people running amok!

    Take care Tun Mahathir. Goodnight Tun, sleep tight. We love you always.

  73. HouseWife Apr 21,2016 1:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, saya nak tanya boleh kah rakyat Malaysia menyaman perdana menteri Malaysia? Rakyat menjadi mangsa di atas ketidakcekapan urus tadbir dan economy negara dibawah pentadbiran PM sekarang. Jika rakyat biarkan dan diamkan diri, kesalahan ini akan berulang tanpa noktah oleh PM dan pentadbiran yang akan datang kerana dah jadi precedent. Rakyat juga yang jadi mangsa. Penderitaan ditanggung rakyat. Demi masa depan generasi akan datang rakyat harus bangkit bela diri.

    Rakyat Malaysia vs PM Malaysia dan Menteri Kewangan Malaysia dan Chairman 1MDB dan Kerajaan Malaysia.
    Bolehkah Tun? Siapa nak mula?

    Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan Tun. Jangan sesekali berundur dan mengaku kalah. Allah bersama orang2 yang benar. Tun, jaga diri baik2 dan terima kasih Tun.

  74. farock Apr 21,2016 12:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..
    It has been sometime since I wrote in this column.As I said before,our PM and his donkeys have a lot to say but nothing to do.What progress is our country having day by day except for new laws to punish the people non stop for being a Malaysian!Najib dont care if his father’s soul does not rest in peace because of his behaviour.If he cant be a good son than he wont be able to be a good leader.Pls bring some progress to our country and economy!We are tired of listening to Najibs bull shit over and over again day by day!To our army,pls take over and save our country from being totally destroyed!MAY GOD SAVE US!To the King,whose side are you?

  75. sibotak Apr 20,2016 9:55 PM

    It blends well indeed

    He is the Prime Minister
    He is also the Finance Minister
    He is a known Liar
    His Wife is a known Big Splendour
    A bunch of Untrusthworthy followers
    That really blends to a Chemistry

    No wonder 1MDB founded by our Honorable YAB Tun Najib Razak
    Not just a complete , Clumpsy Failure
    It burdens Malaysia with Billions of Debts

  76. Sri Sense Apr 20,2016 9:32 PM

    Salam Tun

    Baru baca ini

    Najib files application to quash suit filed by Mahathir, two others

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has filed an application to strike out the suit filed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and two others on the grounds that there were no elements of tort misfeasance as claimed by the three plaintiffs.

    Read more :

    – Hmmm, Misfeasance in public office; Misfeasance in public office is a cause of action in the civil courts of England and Wales and certain Commonwealth countries. It is an action against the holder of a public office, alleging in essence that the office-holder has misused or abused their power. The tort can be traced back to 1703 when Chief Justice Sir John Holt decided that a landowner could sue a police constable who deprived him of his right to vote (Ashby v White). In most cases, the essentials to bring an action of misfeasance in public office are that the office-holder acted illegally, knew they were doing so, and knew or should reasonably have known that third parties would suffer loss as a result. – Wikipedia 🙂

  77. Malaikat Maut Apr 20,2016 9:26 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Salam everyone,

    Kesian Azrul… I hope he’s going to be ok.
    Sedition Act is a form of Civil Violation, it impedes freedom of thoughts and speech. The British imposed that to put down dissent and potential disharmony, more like disagreement. It is a coward act and definitely violates human rights and freedom to a large extent.

    Any form of criticism, and unhappiness should be welcomed in a modern society, its healthy to have opposition and it healty to have different views, and beliefs. We will be living in dark ages again, just like the Criminalistic and Discriminatory handling of the British in 1948 to stop opposition to colonial rule. It means we are not Liberated and never was liberated in so to speak. To impose and revert back to the old system of British Administration of Malaya. It sort of cherry picks the instrument that serves and protects itself against any possibility of dissent. If you have moved on, you should not emulate or restore the past, because it violates development, freedom, social justice, freedom of speech and liberty. To understand this principle of legislative measure, prohibits and hinder human progress, it immobilized debate and differences in opinions and view, it undermines citizen’s human rights.
    If we are gonna keep this, we should change the National Anthem. To this :

    “God Save the Queen”. No more NegaraKu. Throw away Negaraku and sing the British Anthem might as well! Embrace the past, and adore the Colonial Ruling Class’ Policy. This is pure Coward. Face the enemies with a debate, discussion, not with such despicable political instrument and legislation. Put all the 51000 names in the list in jail indiscriminately and see if your prison has any room for that too.

    Wasalam Tun,

    The boy shouldn’t be interrogated, it’s not right.

    Esteem Regards




  78. sudin Apr 20,2016 9:26 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    Tok Arab tak cukup duit!!!

    Latest from Bloomberg:

    “Saudi Arabia will take a $10 billion loan from a consortium of foreign US, European, Japanese and Chinese banks to help close the gap in its state finances from collapsed oil revenues, the first sovereign loan in at least 15 years to the kingdom, the world’s biggest oil exporter.

    “The five-year loan is expected to be signed by the end of this month.
    Riyadh posted a record budget deficit of $98 billion in 2015 and projects an $87 billion shortfall for this year.”

    Dulu derma RM2.6 bilion kat Najib, sekarang dah merempat!!
    Inilah yang akan berlaku bila pembohong dengan penipu kerap bersemuka.

    Si Zahid “I’m warning you” Hamidi kan dah pernah bersemuka dengan penderma Arab tu, jadi tak molek lah kalau si Zahid tak ucap/nasihat sesuatu kepada tok Arab tu keatas masalah kewangan yang dialami oleh Arab Saudi.

  79. tok jangut Apr 20,2016 9:17 PM

    To HBT456

    Your post

    26. This is another maverick.”

    I don’t understand why you say Tan Keng Liang is a maverick. A maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person. Tan Keng Liang, in that news piece, is just toeing his party line. How is he a maverick?

  80. sibotak Apr 20,2016 5:15 PM

    Najib unable to sue WSJ
    Could it be ?
    Our PM has no Guts
    Our PM feared the Truth

    Seeing Najib hiding behind his Minister and Malaysia
    Of his Feared to sue WSJ

    So Jib , it is yr every Right t o Sue WSJ
    It’s a Great Shame on you on us having such a Primw Minister
    Whom cannot hold his head up
    Simply Coward

  81. zulu Apr 20,2016 3:25 PM

    If Najib wants people to accept his interpretation of Saudi prince’s answer on donation, why don’t he sue WSJ for false reporting on him!!!

  82. Malaikat Maut Apr 20,2016 2:29 PM

    Salam Tun yang kami hormati dan kasihi,

    Salam Semuanya,

    Being different is ok, to have differences in opinion is healthy, and our adversaries, they are equally significant, because without them we won’t know ourselves and our principles of through nature are. It’s only through them that we understand, their ways are wrong and damaging and it is by this comparison that we are able to stay focus to our through ethical and moral beliefs.

    Lagu Melayu Asli ni memang penuh dengan nasihat nasihat positive.

    Datuk S.M. Salim

    Ku sangka aur di pingir tebing
    Kiranya tebu di pinggir bibir
    Ku sangka jujur pancaran batin
    Rupanya palsu penghias zahir

    Di manis gula semut binasa
    Kail berduri bersalut umpan
    Di manis kata insan terlena
    Kerana budi hamba terkorban

    Inikah dia lakunan hidup
    Di pentas dunia insan berpura
    Tipu dan daya pencapai maksud
    Budi dan harta merangkum noda

    Tun did the right thing …. freeze it! Free the account. Brilliant!

    And the Authorities should not shame themselves even more by discounting who Tun truly is, how he had dedicated himself to the Country, to the People, with all due honesty and sincerity. with bountiful development and progress. You do not forget a hero like that, there are not many around. No violence, no arrests, no seditious persecutions, just let Justice takes its course. It’s like eating your own flesh.

    The basic assumption that moral ethics – to uphold righteousness,distinguish and decide right from wrong, if you are right you are right , and if you are wrong, oh yes… you really are we all know that. Don’t side the wrong.No matter how tempting the distractions may be, no matter how much pain is required to evade social Injustice, face them squarely and bravely.

    Forgiveness is important too. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. Forgive.

    Strengthen the Unification. And stay Focus, peacefully.

    Sekian Wasalam Tun yang dikasihi.

    Esteem Regards


  83. HouseWife Apr 20,2016 2:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun this latest news I read last night from MSN News 19 April 2016:
    “Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad applied today for court orders to freeze Datuk Seri Najib’s assets pending the disposal of his lawsuit against the prime minister.
    In his application filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court, former prime minster Dr Mahathir listed the type of assets held by Najib or the latter’s nominees which he wanted the court to freeze, including properties, cash, shares up to the value of RM2.6 billion, or any other value that the court deems fair.
    Dr Mahathir also asked for a court order to get Najib to declare and to provide details of all his assets within 10 days of the order”……

    Tapi Tun sebiji berita sensasi ni tak keluar pun dalam Berita Harian hari ini. Selak setiap helai tak jumpa pun. Inilah baru dinamakan Pahlawan Gagah Berani Kerana Benar! Bukan macam DSN, asyik lari menyorok dalam kain pengipas2 dia, yang selalu defend ikut sedap mulut hati diorang je tanpa sedikit pun rujuk fakta2 benar yang terbentang. Berita terhangat macam ni pun mereka takut nak siar ka? Mereka ni memang nak orang Melayu jadi macam katak bawah tempurung! Percaya dan ikut propaganda mereka je setiap masa. Tak payah fikir apa2 lagi, ambil ‘habuan’ masing2 untuk ini itu dah, dok diam2! Sedihnya jadi orang Melayu macam ni Tun.

    Tajuk utama depan BH pula pasal Zakir Naik cadang Umno, Pas bersatu bergabung bentuk kerajaan campuran. Saya ni memang minat dengar ceramah ZN tapi mereka ‘perangkap’ ZN bercakap hal politik negara, dah jadi lain macam. Atau ini tujuan mereka buat ‘diversion’? Tak baik tau mereka jadi ZN sebagai ‘penyucian’ mereka untuk kelangsungan hidup politik mereka. Salahkah tanggapan saya ni Tun? Cakap pasal BH ini ruangan favourite saya setiap jumaat, Kunta Kinte minggu lepas takde. Apasal?

    Tun, why we cannot believe all the Arabs all the time. I’m against a hypocrite Arab and a Liar Arab. DSN and gang have to make their ‘loyal’ pak menteri luar arab looks none of these. These are a few clippings I would like to share, Tun. I hope it’s relevent sebab adalah juga sebut pasal Arab ni:

    “The small Russian air contingent in Syria has proven far more effective than the US and its allies. The mighty US Air Force has continued pinpricked attacks on IS positions in what has become a pantomime war. It’s almost as if the western powers are making make-believe in Syria. Perhaps they are. The Saudis and the Turks, both very close US allies, have been arming and supplying IS to topple the Damascus-based Shia regime of President Bashar Assad. Washington has gone along with this covert fight while lamenting the terrors of ‘terrorism’…”-by Eric S. Margolis

    “A middle-aged Palestinian, it reported, had been shot dead by two Islamists on a motorcycle. Did this mean that the IS cult had infected Sabra and Shatila? In which case, IS was in Beirut. The moment I arrived, I was told that no, the newspaper story was untrue. The Labanese government had claimed the murderers were Islamists in order to enhance their own prestige for taking one of the killers into custody. Arab governments line up to tell the world these days that they are fighting IS – in the hope the West will give their armies more guns. But this story, too, I discoverd, was untrue.
    Ahmad Hazineh was a good decent man. No criminal. He did indeed help supply people with clean water and electricity, for a pitifully small sum, but he fell foul of the local mafia who wanted him to collect more cash from the Palestinians. He refused – and so they murderd him”. -by Robert Fisk

    Tun, semoga Allah permudahkan perjalanan segala urusan Tun. Usah pedulikan cakap2 mereka Tun. Tun dah bercerai dengan mereka. Mereka tak ada hak nak kacau Tun lagi. Mereka ni tak habis2 ‘tergila-gilakan’ Tun. Dunia mereka dah terumbang-ambing semenjak berpisah dengan Tun. Kalau mereka sedar, kembalilah ke pangkal jalan. Semoga mereka tidak lagi pekak, bisu dan buta.

    Jaga kesihatan Tun ye, jangan main panas sangat di luar.
    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care and Thank you Tun.

  84. Sri Sense Apr 20,2016 1:45 PM

    Salam Tun

    Hari ini lapang sikit, I nak share news

    PAC members claim Hasan Arifin edited 1MDB report without approval 🙂

    DAP lawmaker Tony Pua claimed that Hasan had deleted a sentence that states that Good Star Limited ― which had received US$700 million (RM2.7 billion) in its RBS Coutts Bank Ltd account, part of the US$1 billion that 1MDB had invested in a joint venture with Saudi Arabian oil company PetroSaudi International Ltd, according to the PAC report ― is a company owned by a person not linked to the PetroSaudi Group.

    “The PAC report on page 25 says that ‘Based on the documents provided by Datuk Shahrol Azral on June 5 2015 and his testimony during the PAC meeting on November 25 2015, the account is owned by Good Star Limited which is a subsidiary of the PetroSaudi Group, since September 1 2009.’

    “However, the PAC chairman had cut off a subsequent sentence which was agreed upon in the meeting, that is ― ‘Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) was voluntarily informed by the country’s authorities that Good Star Limited is a company owned by an individual with no links to the PetroSaudi Group’,” Pua told reporters in the Parliament lobby here.

    – See more at:

    1MDB ‘has enough’ to pay interest 🙂

    “It is important to maintain a sense of perspective here,” Mr Arul Kanda said. “We are in direct contact with IPIC and we are seeking to work through these differences to come to a resolution.”

    “We now know clearly that with the spectacular failure of the (IPIC) deal, the Malaysian taxpayers will be called upon to foot 1MDB’s bills,” opposition lawmaker Tony Pua declared yesterday.

    Political analyst Wan Saiful Wan Jan said a bailout “definitely puts another dent in Malaysia’s reputation”.

    “It’s a bigger problem for Najib now because this is clearly in his hands now,” he said.

    Read More :

  85. STEVE8562 Apr 20,2016 1:39 PM

    he Wall Street Journal’s series of reports on alleged financial scandals linked to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and state-owned fund 1MDB has made it on the Pulitzer Prize nomination list in the International Reporting category.

    “Our coverage of ‘Malaysia’s Watergate’ #1MDB was a Pulitzer prize finalist in the category of International Reporting,” WSJ tweeted this morning.

  86. sudin Apr 20,2016 1:02 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    A survey carried out among voters in Sarawak in January found that 81% of respondents reported being satisfied with Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem performance as chief minister, a significant improvement from the 74% reported 1 year ago.

    However Adenan is wary on the effects of massive corruptions as reported in 1MDB, and which has not yet become common knowledge to the Sarawak people. Thus Adenan has challenged the opposition to fight him on local issues ahead of the May 7 state election.

    It can easily be assumed that if the May 7 Sarawak elections result do not reflect the 81% popular support or thereabout which Adenan currently enjoys, then it must be due to Najib’s 1MDB.
    In short, Najib should distance himself from the forthcoming Sarawak state elections.

    Sarawakians don’t want Najib to interfere!!

  87. TheProfessor Apr 20,2016 12:08 PM

    Dear Dr M, perhaps you should sue the the aide to PM for saying you are lying :
    Let him defend himself in court and see how he will mess up, after all you are already suing the boss !

    “This is a lie that Mahathir has unsuccessfully used to try and unseat a democratically-elected government,” Najib’s press secretary Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad

    Read more:

  88. sudin Apr 20,2016 11:46 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    This is why Najib is cowed to even re-mention the words “see you in court WSJ”:

    “The alleged financial fraud at 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) that got the world sitting on the edge of their seats last year, has earned the the Wall Street Journal’s news outfit a nomination for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the category of International Reporting.

    “The journalists named for their coverage of the scandal was Tom Wright, Bradley Hope, Simon Clark, Mia Lamar and James Hookway.
    Their series of articles were published between July 2 and Dec 28 of last year, starting with “Malaysia Leader’s Accounts Probed” and ending with “The Money Network of Malaysian Politics.” There were 10 articles in total that were nominated.

    “A team of 10 WSJ reporters in seven countries, and led by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, spent six months “untangling a giant financial web” centred on 1MDB.

    “The Journal’s coverage didn’t just expose the details of a Malaysian prime minister’s slush fund. It also revealed a level of corruption that went far beyond the day-to-day payoffs that had become accepted in a young nation’s political system.”

    Hello Najib, what say you?
    Where to hide now?

    Najib’s corruptions being nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the category of International Reporting….
    A grand legacy indeed.

  89. STEVE8562 Apr 20,2016 11:39 AM


  90. wajaperak Apr 20,2016 10:52 AM

    Assallammuaalaikum Tun.
    Saya mohon ruangan.

    amd trmz

    Sebenarnya bukan hanya segolongan rakyat sahaja yang menderita kerana najib.

    Pertama : NGO ( Noreh Getah Orang )

    Dalam satu sembang-sembang saya dengan seorang pelanggan klinik,beliau amat marah dengan keadaan Malaysia semasa dan berkata bagaimana dengan nasib NGO-NGO?..Maksudnya penoreh yang ambil upah menoreh getah orang.Mereka TIDAK dapat bekerja HARI-HARI..Kalau bekerja hari-hari sekali pun setelah di bahagi dua hasil torehan getah dengan pemilik tanah ( RM 1.80 sekilo untuk getah BOB = getah buku ) maka berapa yang tinggal?

    Hasil yang tidak seberapa itu jugalah yang akan digunakan untuk menyara kehidupan sekeluarga yang barang keperluan seharian meningkat menggila..
    Ada yang terpaksa memberhentikan kanak-kanak dari bersekolah..

    Ya najib..besarnya dosa anda terhadap mereka..

    KEDUA: Penjawat awam seperti polis di’PAKSA’ menyaman dan mencari ‘sebanyak mungkin’ kesalahan yang dapat kompaun dan memberi ‘hasil’dari rakyat..Rakyat memaki hamun mereka dan apa perasan mereka yang ikhlas menjalankan tugas?..

    Kami terpaksa Encik..tuan dan puan kerana najib menghabiskan harta rakyat????

    KETIGA : Warga Asing.

    Walaupun kebanyakkan kita tidak bersetuju dengan kehadiran mereka di sini kita terpaksa menerima hakikat kehadiran mereka di sini.Mereka hadir kerana mencari rezeki di bumi Allah ini yang di perintahkan Allah.

    Kerana najib telah ‘menghauskan’ exhaust our resources,polisi-polisi maker
    ( con-sultan..t )merasakan salah satu cara untuk tidak lebih lagi ‘mendarahkan’ suasana ( bleeding ) ialah memaksa semua warga asing yang datang ke Hospital dan Kesihatan membayar penuh untuk rawatan.

    Harga getah jatuh..kena bayar penuh untuk rawatan oleh itu pendatang-pendatang ini telah terpaksa untuk tidak datang walau pun anak-anak dan bayi-bayi mereka sakit dan memerlukan rawatan.

    Kerana situasi ini ‘wujud’ asbab kematian bayi dan kanak-kanak di kalangan warga asing.Apa boleh buat..Ajal dan kematian adalah takdir..ASBABNYA??

    Begitulah Tun.

    Mereka-mereka yang membenci Tun sebenarnya adalah binatang bertopengkan manusia..


    Teruskan perjuangan Tun.
    Penyesalan bukan milik kita..Terima kasih.

  91. faridina Apr 20,2016 10:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    It’s been a while since our most distinguished senior blogger here makes any comment.

    We are starting to miss him now.

    His is well remembered for his firm statement below;


    UMC is a man of wisdom and he might be right given the current turn of event in particular the disclosure from the PAC report found out that our Pee M signatures were all over the places in the mother of all scandals – 1MDB.

    We were made known that our poor Pee M signed out of formality and was not aware of the contents and the magnitude of the whole project.

    The PAC then recommended that the ex CEO of 1MDB Shahrol to be investigated for all the mess created. However Shahrol is only a staff of 1MDB and he could not be among the closest aides.

    So who could it be among the closest aides that came out with this brilliant idea of forming this infamous company?

    True indeed UMC, we sympathise with our Pee M who doesn’t know anything and only follows instruction of the closest aides.

    After all he is not only the advisor of 1MDB but a Prime Minister, Finance Minister, President of UMNO, Member of Parliament etc.. therefore he is extremely busy running the country and distributing donation funds to party’s member to the extent that he couldn’t find time to sign a lot of his personal cheques and have to ask his own brother the CEO to help him distribute the fund!

    Now the question is : Who is the closest aides of Mr Pee M?

    a. Rosmah Mansor.
    b. Jho Low.
    c. Riza Aziz.
    d. All of the above.
    e. None of the above.

    Wasalam Tun.

  92. zulu Apr 20,2016 10:06 AM

    “Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said that police are piling up more evidence to build a more serious case against former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad”

    Another slave of Najib who boot lick for more Vitamin M. This a*hole don’t have brain and even don’t know that touching Tun M can bring doom to UMNO and the govt.

  93. zulu Apr 20,2016 9:57 AM

    Malaysian news papers, including “The Star” forgot to publish…well done Tun.

  94. Sri Sense Apr 20,2016 8:53 AM

    Salam Tun

    Nak share news ini

    FMM: 84% of manufacturers face manpower shortage

    PETALING JAYA: Factory owner Datuk Syed Mohammed Izhaar Mohammed Sebirm needs 125 foreign workers to meet the demand of his textile factory, but has so far only managed to get 20.

    With that small number of workers in hand, he has not been able to go on round-the-clock full production, leaving his machines idle.

    The Rawang-based businessman is now having sleepless nights, worrying about a huge loss of revenue if he continues to operate with only about 15% of his required workforce.

    – I rasa bagus tak ambil pekerja asing sebab pekerja kita ramai tak kerja, ari itu I pi Sake Sushi, I lihat dah kurang pekerja Bangla, malah ada orang Melayu jadi wait staff. I bangga sekali kerana orang Melayu dapat kerja. I pergi kedai Shell yang dimonopoli bangla dulu, sekarang dah ada orang India Malaysia jadi supervisor. I turut bangga anak Malaysia dapat kerja. Cuma satu keanehan I nampak. Kalau pekerja asing perempuan mesti pakai tudung. So haritu satu restoran I nampak satu perempuan pakai tudung diri depan kedai. Dia cuba cakap Melayu tapi ternyata memang sah dia ini bukan orang sini, so I tanya dia dari mana, dia bisik kat telinga yang dia dari Nepal.

    Read More :

  95. Sri Sense Apr 20,2016 8:10 AM

    Salam Tun

    Suruh aja semua yang sokong Najib tu bayar hutang Najib, kita tak nak masuk campur. Bond jangan main2 – Bond IOU – I owe you. Bondholders no 1, shareholders jatuh no 2. 🙂

  96. Joe Goebbels Apr 20,2016 7:59 AM

    Salam Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun dan keluarga. Moga diberkati dan dirahmati Allah SWT juga.

    I would like to furnish with a simple quote, which I believe is being used now by the ruling party (not the gomen), which goes something like this:

    “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

    But this is not the end of the quote…

    “the lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. it thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State”.

    It seems the ruling party is using such quotes to self-sustain itself. I do not want to see my country controlled, oppressed and diminish because of an act of a fool (quote: “who is more foolish? the fool or the fool who follows him?”).

    Moga usaha Tun dan mereka yang dianiaya dimudahkan oleh Allah SWT.

  97. daeng Apr 20,2016 6:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bagi saya Pak Arab yang declare 2.6 billion adalah derma kepada Najib seorang yang beb*l.

    Semalam ahli dewan negara mengutuk Tun, kononnya 2.6 billion yang masuk akuan Najib “mungkin” dari wang 1MDB adalah fitnah. Saya tertarik melihat kebebalan antaranya ALI RUSTAM.

    Ali Rustam yang saya dengari semasa menjawat sebagai KM Melaka adalah penerima rasuah.

    Akibat pengamal rasuahlah dia jatuh semasa pru13 lalu.

    Wassalam Tun.

  98. HBT456 Apr 20,2016 12:00 AM

    29. China top officials already said china will not go on hard landing.

    30. If china also loose faith, like abang musato said, malay are alone will be a reality.

  99. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 11:54 PM

    27. Its not a surprise mueller resign.

    28. Omlette tetap omlette.

  100. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 11:18 PM

    23. Can pkr become the pm?

    24. I doubt so.

  101. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 11:03 PM


    18. If he is american, umno and pas youth will tunjuk perasaan in us embassy.

    19. If he is chinese, they will tunjuk perasaan with baju merah in china embassy.

    20. Since he is indian, mic will have choice but keep quiet.

  102. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 10:46 PM

    16. Dont worry, be happy.

  103. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 10:40 PM

    10. Umno mb feels great attending zakir naik’s talk show.

    11. The talk show only reconfirm their perception on the political instability of this country that is driven by moslem political parties.

    12. Ask yourself, you want to invest in a country that is politically unstable?

    13. Politically unstable means economically unstable.

    14. Should I congratulate dap?

    15. No, I wont because they are inexperience with foreign diplomacy.

  104. HBT456 Apr 19,2016 10:26 PM

    9. Even the japanese no longer look up on the way the local politicians in playing their politics.

  105. Malaikat Maut Apr 19,2016 9:00 PM

    Salam Tun Yang Dihormati dan amat Dikasihi,

    Salam Satu Malaysia!

    Today I shall reminisce the past. 🙂 🙂

    I shall sing a Beautiful Song :

    Pasir Roboh – SM. Salim
    Pasir Roboh
    Lirik Lagu Melayu
    SM. Salim

    Pasir Putih dipinggir kali Pasir Roboh
    Pasir Putih dipinggir tempat menyabung
    Tempat menyabung ayam berlaga sayang
    Pasir Roboh tempat menyabung
    Tempat menyabung ayam berlaga sayang

    Kasih tak boleh dijual beli Pasir Roboh
    Kasih tak boleh dijual beli
    Bukannya benda bukannya benda buat berniaga
    Sayang Pasir Roboh
    Bukannya benda buat berniaga sayang

    Pasir Putih pantainya indah Pasir Roboh
    Pasir Putih pantainya indah
    Tempatlah orang tempatlah orang bersuka ria
    Sayang Pasir Roboh
    Tempatlah orang bersuka ria sayang

    Bercerai kasih bukannya mudah Pasir Roboh
    Bercerai kasih bukannya mudah Pasir Roboh
    Sampai mati sampailah mati terkenang juga
    Sayang Pasir Roboh
    Sampai mati terkenang juga sayang Pasir Roboh

    I hope Everyone enjoy the Lyrics Harimau Mati Tinggalkan Belang, Manusia Mati tinggalkan Nama…..

    Sekian Wasalam Tun … for now at least.


  106. Hajar Apr 19,2016 5:28 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I don’t trust this Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. Personally, I am also aware & BELIEVE (based on DSN’s admission and based on statements made by the A-G and DSN’s supporters) that DSN received billions of Ringgit in his private accounts.

    2. I am also aware about the ‘hikayat penderma2 Tok/Pak Arab’ by DSN. But unfortunately, I don’t believe in the ‘hikayat – that the money was a donation’.

    3. Those who are supposed to go back to the ‘beginning of the road’ (‘balik ke pangkal jalan’) is DSN, DS Zahid, DS Noh Omar, and the entire Najib’s regime because they are now so LOST in their own maze. Bertaubatlah!

    4. They must apologize to Tun Mahathir, and resign.

    5. Let a new/fresh lineup of leaders from BN take over.

    P/S: Tun, saya sedih (namun amat kagum) lihat Tun terpaksa bersusah-payah (sehingga terpaksa turun padang berjumpa rakyat jelata) pada usia hampir 91 tahun semata-mata untuk mensejahterakan kembali kehidupan rakyat. Apapun Tun (dan Tun Hasmah) mesti jaga kesihatan dan keselamatan pada setiap masa. Saya percaya ramai ahli2 akar umbi UMNO yg masih mengharap kepada Tun (bekas Presiden UMNO). Mereka sekarang sedang ditekan dan dikawal (silap sikit, rejim Najib akan hukum mereka seperti apa yang dilakukan terhadap Tun). Amat pelik sebab rejim Najib lebih menindas ahli2 dan bekas ahli UMNO sedangkan mereka yang bukan ahli agak bebas berbuat apa saja (ini bod*h namanya). Contohnya, mengapa pemimpin2 Pembangkang tidak dikutuk seteruk mereka (rejim Najib) mengutuk/mencerca Tun walaupun pemimpin2 Pembangkang pun pergi majlis yang sama dengan Tun? Pelik sungguh!

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  107. Sri Sense Apr 19,2016 4:36 PM

    Salam Tun

    Suruh ahli UMNO tu bayar hutang Najib. Kita tak nak masuk campur 😐

  108. zulu Apr 19,2016 4:12 PM

    The fact is, Najib losing his battle as proof of the scandal is coming out one by one.

  109. amd trmz Apr 19,2016 3:10 PM


    Saya megucapkan dengan penuh rendah diri dan simpati kepada..

    Pekerja MASS… yang telah diberhentikan kerja

    Pekerja KIAA… yang telah diberhentikan kerja

    Pekerja Pet ro nass… yang telah diberhentikan kerja

    Pekerja Semsung shah alam… yang telah diberhentikan kerja

    Pekerja Jay vee sii .. yang telah diberhentikan kerja

    dan yang terbaruuu….

    Pekerja Megah stealll.. yang telah diberhentikan kerja




  110. aspenvit Apr 19,2016 2:27 PM

    Tun, I have important message to PM you, how do I do that?

  111. HouseWife Apr 19,2016 2:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, saya terbaca di BH hari ini, Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Umno Parit Haji Yusof membuat usul mengutuk tindakan kumpulan Tun dan pembangkang. Mereka kata Tun cipta pelbagai isu untuk jatuh DSN. Mereka cukup yakin isu 1MDB selesai dengan laporan PAC (yang berat sebelah). Mereka yakin ‘donation’ RM2.6billion masuk akaun peribadi DSN selesai dengan penjelasan pak menteri luar arab saudi (pakai mulut je). Perlaksanaan GST oleh kerajaan DSN sangatlah baik dan tepat pada masanya.
    Isu2 yang sebegini berat mereka boleh tepis dengan begitu mudah!

    Tun, mereka tahukah apa sebenarnya berlaku sekarang? Isu2 ini kalau tak dicerita dengan betul memang susah nak faham sebab ia berliku-liku dan melibatkan berbillion ringgit. Macam saya lah Tun, kena baca banyak10x kali, tanya soalan2 bodoh pun asal dapat jawapan dan faham, nasib baik ada yang pemurah hati hantar links yang berkaitan.

    Tun, mungkin mereka tahu bagaimana 1MDB ini lahir dan oleh siapa tapi adakah mereka berfikir dan bertanya. Apa sebenar itu 1MDB? Kenapa 1MDB wujud? Kepunyaan siapa? Siapa shareholders 1MDB? Dari mana 1MDB dapat berbillion ringgit? Kenapa 1MDB hutang sampai RM50 billion? Siapa untung? Siapa rugi? Siapa yang akan jelas hutang ini? Bagaimana?
    Untuk jawap diatas, tanya kenapa GST dilaksanakan? Untuk apa? Apa sanggut paut GST dengan 1MDB? Ke mana duit kutipan GST ni disalurkan? Kenapa GST dikenakan pada semua lapisan rakyat? Adakah nak kutip seberapa banyak secepat mungkin? Kalau ya kenapa?
    Banyak persoalan belum berjawap, takkan mudahnya kata kes tutup.

    Tun, izinkan saya beri pandangan. Sekarang confirm Tun dah keluar Umno kan, bukan ahli Umno lagi. Tapi kesan bekas2 dan sisa2 Tun semasa jadi Presiden Umno dan PM Malaysia, masih melekat dan terpahat di hati kaum Umno hingga kini. They cannot shake you out of their heads. Sebab itulah Tun, mereka asyik gelabah, gelojoh dan tak boleh dok diam, tak boleh tengok Tun bergerak, bergandingan dengan orang2 luar…macam jeles je. Masih nak kacau Tun. Kenapa dengan mereka ni Tun? Kan Tun dan mereka dah bercerai…awat mereka tak sanggup nak lepaskan Tun ka? Rugilah mereka ini Tun, kerana Tun adalah khazanah Malaysia yang amat bernilai.
    Mereka ini semua telah di’beli’ dan dimanipulasi oleh DSN, so mereka akan puji dan puja DSN like god.

    Macam nilah Tun, saya rasa usahlah Tun masuk balik Umno sebab Umno dah hilang rasa hormat pada Tun. Umno dah banyak kali bercakap dan bersifat kurang asam dengan Tun. Terlajak perahu boleh berundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya. Umno ni sudah jadi macam lubuk buaya, siapa dia tak suka…dia ngap!
    Tun, ini pandangan saya yang ikhlas yang hanya risaukan keselamatan Tun.

    Umno bukan ‘tuhan’. Umno juga bukan Government of Malaysia. Umno is just one of the many dots in Malaysia. So Tun janganlah bersedih kalau tak masuk Umno balik ye. Apa pun yang kita rancang dengan ikhlas dan kerana Allah, Allah jua yang menentukan ke mana akhirannya. Wallahua’lam.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Please take extra care and Thank you Tun.

  112. Sri Sense Apr 19,2016 2:00 PM

    Salam Tun

    I sebenarnya tak tengok pun interview video yang Tun sebut.

    I can say this, kalau TV3 yang keluarkan, take with a grain of salt. Mungkin ada sambungan soalan tersebut tapi tak disiarkan – snip and cut. Mungkin juga penanya kurang pengalaman, bukan investigative reporter macam Linton Besser of ABC. 🙂

  113. Sri Sense Apr 19,2016 1:23 PM


    Lagi satu, rasanya Nazri tak payah la promo tourism sebab Malaysia dah terkenal. Duit itu boleh guna bayar hutang, kalau duit tu ada la. Depa ini asyik kata ada duit sana, ada duit sini. They might be telling the truth, but I have my doubts. 🙂

    Tadi I pergi NSK. Supermarket kat Klang ini selalunya penuh dengan orang. Tadi alahai amatlah berkurangan. I tanya pekerja, dia kata orang sekarang belanja sebulan sekali. 🙂

  114. Sri Sense Apr 19,2016 1:07 PM

    Salam Tun

    Ini pula dari jiran kita Singapore

    1MDB in default, declares Gulf fund

    The declaration by Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company, or IPIC, against 1MDB immediately throws into limbo a complex US$3.5 billion (S$4.7 billion) international bond the Malaysian fund raised in May 2012 with full, iron-clad guarantees from the tiny oil-rich emirate’s business entities.

    – Wait a minute, hutang 50B, asset value 53B. 😐

    Tun, kalau nak imagine hutang rumah I 50B tak kena juga, so katakan lah rumah I ada hutang 50K, asset value 53K, ayoyo tak tidur malam. Katakan lah I terdesak I nak jual asset, boleh ke dapat market value? I doubt so, lagi orang tau kita terdesak lagilah depa nak beli harga rendah. What happened if satu orang pun tak nak beli, chances are sipemberi hutang declare I bankrupt la, kan? Just saying. 🙂

    Read More :

  115. faridina Apr 19,2016 11:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Berita WSJ 2015;
    Najib Razak terima pindahan wang sebanyak RM2,600 juta ke dalam akaun peribadinya sekitar 2013.

    Apa kata Najib;
    Satu usaha menjatuhkan kerajaan yang dipilih rakyat dan saya akan menyaman WSJ hari Selasa ni. Dia orang tak tahu saya ni Pahlawan Bugis pantang dicabar tau! (dalam nada menjerit lepas tu lap air liurnya dibibir yang pink).

    Berita WSJ 2016;
    Nazir Razak terima pindahan wang sebanyak RM21 juta ke dalam akaun peribadinya sekitar 2013.

    Apa kata Nazir;
    Saya menyesal dan akan bercuti sementara siasatan dijalankan. Saya telah berkhidmat selama 26 tahun dengan CIMB dan tidak sekali-kali mahu mencemar imej CIMB dan takbir urus korporatnya.

    Apa kata rakyat;
    Padan muka Panglima Bugis bibir pink air liur melecit, adik kamu sendiri pun dah tak percaya pada kamu sebab kamu pun macam nak tabur pasir kat periuk nasinya dan adik sendiri pun kamu aniaya inikan pula kami rakyat marhaen lagi mudah kamu dustai.

    Apa kata Shahrir;
    Siapa saya nak minta kalau bukan Presiden UMNO salah ke? Lagipun RM1juta bukan banyak pun. Mana dia dapat duit itu bukan masalah saya ok.

    Apa kata budak genius Mat Maslan;
    Bapak aku hanya seorang penoreh getah dan aku juga telah diajar menoreh sejak masa kecik2 dulu. Bila aku dah besar tapi taklah panjang, engkau ingat aku sanggup menoreh arang di pokok getah? Kalau korang nak tahu juga aku pun macam kak semah, aku kumpul duit getah skrap sejak aku kecil sampai sekarang dah jadi sebanyak RM2juta tau. Korang jangan bising2 sangatlah nanti aku buat nasi goreng Ridsect kasi korang makan baru padan muka korang!

    Bersabarlah semua, drama abad ni dah sampai ke penghujung.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Tersentuh hati ini melihat rakaman video bagaimana Tun membenarkan belakang badan Tun digunakan rakyat untuk menandatangani borang DR di jalan TAR tempoh malam.

  116. STEVE8562 Apr 19,2016 11:00 AM



  117. zulu Apr 19,2016 10:34 AM

    In a democratic country, if a govt. servant gets donation/gift, he should deposit them in Govt. treasury. They are not entitled to keep it themselves as long as they occupy a govt. position. This is rule of law. This is ethics.

    But instead he deposited in his a/c …LOL


  118. Dr Jafri Apr 19,2016 10:31 AM


    These are the days of plural realities.
    As much as Tun is real, so is Najib.
    To the extent of your belief, will also be your folly.

  119. zulu Apr 19,2016 10:04 AM

    Najib and his slaves treating Malaysians as complete fools…things would have been different, had this happened in other democratic country.

    They don’t want to show the proof but they want them to believe what another country’s minister says. Is he a leader for Malaysian people?!!! What a honest leader Najib is…:) …it’s sad to know that those who are ministers are very crooked and boot-licking for money.

  120. sibotak Apr 19,2016 9:33 AM

    Who is these Minister of Saudi
    The Prince of Saudi
    Or whoever He is The King , The Beggar , The Prime Minister

    Justice did not require their confession
    Justice needs proofs
    Let’s have all paper works , proofs ,the accounting books , the inland and foreign transaction of 1 MDM
    The all transaction of Najib approving to the accounting

    All on the Table and We can Jig saw puzzle for Solution
    Confession ? My Grandmother also can confess anything
    Lawfully who will listen ?

  121. Sri Sense Apr 19,2016 8:49 AM

    Salam Tun

    Harap Tun sihat hari ini. Memang geram tengok perangai depa2 tu. Ada masa macam slapstick comedy dalam 3 stooges. LOL 🙂

    MM I like your profile picture, kindda cute, I have tried several times but I suda lupa password and can’t remember which email account guna. LOL 🙂

    From news portal :

    ‘Instability will give IS a foothold’

    “Let me make this clear that we wish and we want the next president of the Philippines to continue the good work of President (Benigno) Aquino,” Najib said during the opening of the Putrajaya Forum 2016, which was held in conjunction with the 15th Defence Services Asia (DSA) Exhibition and Confe­rence 2016.

    – Bukan pasal donation untuk perangi IS ka? 🙂

    Read more :

  122. Buddies_Man Apr 19,2016 2:02 AM

    ⓓⓔⓐⓡ ⓕⓔⓛⓛⓞⓦ ⓙⓐⓟⓐⓝⓔⓢⓔ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓞⓣⓗⓔⓡ ⓒⓞⓤⓝⓣⓡⓨ ⓦⓗⓞ ⓓⓘⓓ ⓡⓔⓢⓟⓔⓒⓣ ⓣⓤⓝ ⓜⓐⓗⓐⓣⓗⓘⓡ

    ⓘⓕ ⓗⓔ ⓑⓔ ⓟⓤⓣ ⓘⓝ ⓙⓐⓘⓛ

    ⓟⓛⓔⓐⓢⓔ ⓟⓤⓛⓛ ⓞⓤⓣ ⓐⓛⓛ ⓨⓞⓤⓡ ⓘⓝⓥⓔⓢⓜⓔⓝⓣⓢ ⓕⓡⓞⓜ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓒⓞⓤⓝⓣⓡⓨ.

    ⓑⓔⓒⓐⓤⓢⓔ ⓐⓛⓛ ⓞⓕ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓢⓣⓘⓛⓛ ⓗⓐⓥⓔ ⓟⓡⓘⓓⓔ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓗⓞⓝⓞⓤⓡ.

    ⓦⓗⓘⓒⓗ, “ⓖⓞⓥⓔⓡⓜⓔⓝⓣ ⓞⓕ ⓜⓐⓛⓐⓨⓢⓘⓐ” ⓗⓐⓥⓔ ⓝⓞ ⓜⓞⓡⓔ……

  123. Malaikat Maut Apr 18,2016 11:45 PM

    Salam Tun yang dikasihi,

    There numerous ghosts in the English Language, a sentence may not convey what the author wants to really say.Or the reporter might manipulate what the Saudi Foreign Minister was trying to say, or generally the reporter/media might misrepresent or intentionally cause speculation or worse to use it as prove of their stand in support of the lies they fabricate. Political instrument.

    In a spectrum of vast diversity of people, the simple person might literally fall prey to the Journalism and it’s tactics as a Political Instrument to address the agenda for certain Ruling Class, who holds the Coutry’s Media. However, like said, it is exceptionally more difficult to realise this with the English Language, because they contain innumerable ‘ghosts’ what you want to convey may not be accurately perceived, or they may be manipulated in that sense.

    In any case, Friedrich Nietzsche said :

    “There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.”

    This is perfectly applicable here ………. 🙂

    And we most certainly do not want to be in a position of out of the frying pan into the fire, because I most certainly wish its not him too as successor. It will be a complete set of new nonsense, or maybe same one with minor modifications. We want clearly a total revamp, a total fresh beginning an untainted pure clear honest and sincere Leader.

    Sekian Wasalam Tun


  124. Daniel Noor Apr 18,2016 10:50 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Sinxe this Najib lovees to sign documents without him knowing what he was signing for..why not prepare a Letter of Resignation and ask him to sign.

    I am sure he will not read that letter. For all we know he thought he is signing another ‘ donation ‘ voucher.

  125. musato Apr 18,2016 10:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tidak selidik sampai tengok video kisah Pak Arab kata derma 2.6 bil ni. Cuma saya tertanya tanya jugak, ni Tun buat silap macam tempoh hari ke…pasal Datuk Khairudin kena Sosma masa sidang akhbar sama sama dengan Ku Li (Ku Li jangan sorok sorok la niat tu nak jadi PM – masih menilai pasaran).

    Seperti dikatakan saya sebelum ni, saya tertarik dengan penggunaan perkataan ‘bahaya moral’ oleh Nazir Razak dan tiadanya sokongan dari saya iaitu “you are alone” tidak lama dulu ;

    Saya berkesempatan menonton video Dr Zakir Naik yang lama dan saya fikir itulah jawapan kepada permasalahan bahaya moral sekarang dan kenapa saya katakan “you are alone” – sekarang tidak lagi kerana ada deklarasi rakyat ; secara politiknya.

    Sudah tentu bila menyebut pasal ceramah Dr Zakir Naik ia dikuatkan dengan dalil Al Quran dan kebetulannya memang dalam ceramah tersebut beliau mengambil contoh orang yang merompak – Mafia besar.

    Saya juga tertarik dan mungkin menimbul sedikit kemarahan dalam diri apabila terbaca berita yang seorang anggota komando Sg Udang berusia 26 tahun berpangkat koperal telah digari silang sebelah kaki tangan dan dicampakkan ke dalam Sungai Timun supaya lemas dan seterusnya mati setelah cedera teruk di muka dengan menerima 80 jahitan di muka dan mata.

    Polis sedang mencari 4 anggota tentera terbabit (mungkin komando amature).

    Pesan saya, kalau nak bunuh orang biar ‘bersih’ dan pastikan mati. Dan ingat dalam Islam ada hukuman ‘darah dibayar dengan darah’. Lagi satu, ajal dan maut ditangan Allah swt.

    Ingat tu baik baik pesan saya.

    Sedikit perkongsian :

    Saya juga tertarik dengan tulisan Pn Hajar pasal Anwar Ibrahim yang kelihatan warak sampai Tun tertipu.

    Selama saya di sini, saya lihat tidak semua orang suka pada tulisan berkenaan agama, mungkin agama hanya dilihat berkaitan dengan PAS dan disyaki yang menulis tidak punyai pengetahuan berkenaan apa yang ditulis. Lebih lebih lagi bila bercakap pasal agama, ia melibatkan akhlak dan peribadi perilaku.

    Seperti yang saya ‘aware’ Tun pernah menulis di sini, “takkanlah nak tertipu sampai 2 kali”. Dan terima kasih pada Tun kerana pernah membersihkan nama saya (sebab tu saya pergi beraya dan salam dengan Tun – untuk berterima kasih).

    Terima kasih Tun.

  126. sc Apr 18,2016 8:48 PM

    Dear Tun,

    You hit the nail on the head!
    Good job!

  127. JPB Apr 18,2016 8:43 PM

    Dear Tun,


    We are glad to know that you are as sharp and as alert as you were all these years. We really need your talents and support from the “old boys” to remove the “clown”.
    Please dont give up until you have put “clown” in prison. We cant stomach the humiliation anymore.

    Thank you n good day Tun

  128. HouseWife Apr 18,2016 7:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Ya, Tun inilah berita2 yang disumbat kepada rakyat oleh media-media yang dikuasai dan dicengkam oleh kerajaan DSN.

    Si zahid kata: ini adalah ‘donation’ daripada arab saudi…
    Si adenan kata: kita ada berita baik. Arab Saudi mengesahkan wang itu (RM2.6 billion) adalah derma tulen yang diberi mereka kepada Najib…..
    BH kata: menteri luar arab saudi mengesahkan wang RM2.6 billion yang dimasukkan ke akaun peribadi PM sebagai derma ikhlas negara itu….

    Dalam semua kenyataan ini membawa maksud wang berbillion ini datangnya daripada kerajaan arab saudi? Bukan daripada Raja Saudi, anak raja saudi yang dirahsiakan? Raja Saudi, anak raja saudi = kerajaan arab saudi ka Tun? Sebenarnya ‘donation’ berbillion ni datang dari mana?
    a) Raja Arab Saudi
    b) Anak-anak Raja Arab Saudi
    c) individu warga anak raja arab saudi
    d) kerajaan Arab Saudi

    Dengan kefahaman saya berdasarkan statemen pak menteri arab ni dan juga daripada pak-pak menteri Malaysia, wang berbillion ini datangnya daripada Kerajaan Arab Saudi dan dimasukkan kedalam akaun peribadi DSN tanpa balasan apa2. Noktah. Macam2 interpritasi boleh dibuat daripada kenyataan demi kenyataan yang berbelit2 daripada mereka ini. I think they are lost somewhere, they themselves got more confused, dont’t you think so Tun.

    Tun, pak menteri arab ni mewakili kerajaan arab saudi ka, jadi spokesman isu ‘donation’ ni ka? Pak menteri arab cakap saja tapi tak tunjuk pula surat rasmi hitam putih daripada kerajaan arab saudi sebagai bukti mengukuhkan statemen terbaru yang dikeluarkannya. Barulah boleh letak Noktah. We want a sworn statement from the saudian government and from this pak menteri arab to convince us.
    Saja nak tanya Tun, kabinet kerajaan arab saudi ni aware of what their foreign minister’s role in this RM2.6 billion issue? Are they aware of his statement (and previous statements) and the implications brought by it(them)?. Hope he’s not working as a ‘Lone Ranger’.

    Wahai DSN and gang pengipas2, you have made things more complicated for yourselves…not to Tun, not to the Citizen’s Declaration. So the noktah you have put, you yourselves have removed it. And yes Tun will move on fighting corruption, injustices by the current government and DSN’s game of deceit and deception must and will be put to a stop!

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Please follow doctor’s orders, take a good rest. And Thank you Tun.

    d) Kerajaan Arab Saudi

  129. Sri Sense Apr 18,2016 6:35 PM

    Salam Tun

    I terkejut jugak bila baca news menyatakan TSMY dan Zaid, nak Zahid jadi PM. Tapi after I fikir 2 3 kali about it, jadi lain pulak. LOL

    Take care Tun.

  130. joetachi Apr 18,2016 6:17 PM

    Sebabkan dedak, nak tunjuk bijak…!

    ini dedak 1MentriDanBini yg punya….!!

  131. malaysian1000000 Apr 18,2016 5:26 PM


    In Najib supporter understanding, being aware is just enough.

    We Malaysians aware when Najib & Family lifestyle are more than their means. We are also aware that Najib has become a “billionaire” instantly. We also aware that Najib ruling bring Malaysia to a disastrous nation. We are aware that Najib has done a disastrous fraud in 1MDB when he sign and endorse billion dollar fund to fake off shore company, eventhough in his lawyer statements stated that Najib are not aware of the document that he “had” sign.

    Thus, we “believe” by bringing Najib down and put him in a fair trial in court will solve this country issue.

    Does it mean we dont have a very solid reason to fight together with our “Statesmen” dear Zahid?


  132. milshah Apr 18,2016 4:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    When I first read the news, I also thought the way he answer was not an admission the money was a donation. He like many others are aware of the scandal. But after much spinning by the news media I began to believe he did say it was a donation.

    Arabs are known for using words so as not to lie. Being from Saudi Arabia and a muslim it is a grave sin to commit fitnah or lie. So he has to give comments that could help Najib, but at same time not lie. Reporters need to ask the honourble Saudi Foreign Minister again with a direct question. Were the money deposited in Najib’s personal account a donation by the Saudi royalty? A simple yes or no answer is sufffice.

  133. milshah Apr 18,2016 4:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    When I first read the news, I also thought the way he answer was not an admission the money was a donation. He like many others

  134. umranrc Apr 18,2016 4:42 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Question by Tony Pua,
    “Aabar Investments PJS Limited related to Aabar Investments PJS of Abu Dhabi?”

    Answered by Arul Kanda,
    “As far as we are aware, yes”

    Subsequent Note by Tony Pua,
    “we made an agreement with them we should know whether they are or they are not, cannot be ‘as far as we are aware’.”

    The word AWARE means a lot in 1MDB stories… hehehe….

  135. Fariq Islam Apr 18,2016 4:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Since two eras of leadership ago, Malaysians have faced news of scandals concerning leaders. Rakyat do hope to see transformation in mentality, patriotism and culture.

    We do wish that politicians do not take donations of hefty sum, and make the country subject to terms and conditions, to the detriment of country’s and Rakyat’s interest, whether expressly, impliedly or silently.

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