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7 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. hajar Jan 5,2013 11:20 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Tun, may I know what actually happened to the ORIGINAL SITE? When can we have it up and running? Can most of the contents (including comments) be recovered? I believe something bad has happened to the original chedet blog site.

    Regular back-up procedures (daily basis) must be in place so that if another “unscheduled maintenance” occurs, the original site can be recovered fast, and not much of the original contents are lost.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  2. HBT456 Dec 31,2012 10:48 PM

    PM Najib has earned my family’s votes for GE 13th because he is definitely the best person to transform Malaysia into the next level.

    Yes, I will stand by you, and a Happy New Year to PM Najib.

    A Happy New Year to Malaysian bloggers and YAB.

    I am signing out.

  3. HBT456 Dec 27,2012 9:28 AM

    Once the 13th general election is called, I will sign out permanently.

    I do not like blogging to show bloggers how I feel politically.

    If all races in Malaysia still think that they are not ready to give up their cultures and traditions, please vote whoever they like.

    I have decided to vote BN and give them a change to re-think their political strategy in protecting their mother-tongue and traditions.

    If without their hard work from BN political parties, Malaysians can never be multi-linguistic to develop our GDP and GNI via future tax payers’ monies.

    Last but not least, as Malaysian, I do not wish to see Penang, Sabah and Sarawak are separated from Malaysia because of PR’s frustration incurred in 11th GE.


    Because I know that they can never stand on their own due to keen competition from neigbouring states, ASEAN and the world.

  4. fikrisoleh Dec 26,2012 11:17 PM

    i also would like to request the old entries to be recovered. they are too valuable to be missed by the young generations. Tun may not able to rewrote all of them, even he wants to.

  5. sitinur Dec 17,2012 1:07 AM

    fuh…penat duk nak masuk…patot lew…..

    p/s…errr…boleh ker saye guna password saya yg lama….
    pelis pelis pelis…..

  6. Dec 14,2012 5:00 PM


    From the looks of it, this blog may be censored by it’s very own Wed Administration rather than with “arm twisting tactics of the USA and/or Israel.” Who in Malaysia will want to admit that he/her or it will be “arm twisted” by the USA, by Israel or by some Jew at large? No body, right? Malaysia is a sovereign State and Freedom of Expression applies to all citizens, foremost Tun Dr. Mahathir I would think. Who could want to censor or arm twist him?

    Nevertheless a comment I made on Tun’s Palestine posting was the very first one ever made here but it has to-date not been published as yet. In my address there I do to some extent disagree with Tun’s reasoning but without assuming any radical position – appealing to people in the Palestine/Israel region to come to their senses rather and to opt for peace there,

    But it would seem that this Web Administration doesn’t welcome anyone to opposing Tun’s firm opinions. Since apparently a lot of this may have to do with Election Campaigning and being a foreigner to your lands I will thus in future refrain from any further postings on

  7. sudin Dec 14,2012 11:29 AM


    I dearly hope the term “UNscheduled maintenance” is not another diplomatic methodology that Tun aptly used to explain the several similar occurrences of disturbances that also happened earlier in this blog.

    The openness and accurate condemnation of USA/israel on numerous matters together with the renowned “arm-twisting” tactics by USA (mostly under the instruction of the jews) that Tun presented in this blog are causing continual worrisome to them.

    We wish this blog is well protected and “unhackable”.

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