1. Musa’s book “Frankly Speaking” makes interesting reading. Speaking frankly does not mean speaking truthfully. And when talking of things which happened 30-40 years ago, the accuracy of incidents and conversations are affected by current situations.

2. Frankly Speaking seeks to blame me for everything that happened in UMNO and the Government over all these years. Musa naturally does not blame himself for anything. He is as innocent as a newborn child. Which explains why he is so popular.

3. On loyalty. He said I demanded absolute loyalty. On that basis many including Musa, would have felt the full weight of my displeasure.

4. Musa contested for Deputy President against Tengku Razaleigh.

5. Musa came to see me to seek my support for his bid. I am prepared to swear on the Quran that he did this.

6. I was not willing to support him openly because I did not like the idea that I might have to work with Tengku Razaleigh if the latter became Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister should Musa lose.

7. Now Sanusi says I asked him to campaign for Musa against Tengku Razaleigh. I may have but I cannot remember AIDS (Anwar Ibrahim, Daim, Sanusi) trying to bring down Musa when he was the heir apparent. Zam or Zainudin Maidin, editor of Utusan may remember. But I wonder if Utusan carried out an investigation. It often reports hearsay.

8. In the event Musa won and was appointed Deputy Prime Minister by me. But he was unhappy I retained Tengku Razaleigh as Minister of Finance in my Cabinet. He indicated that I should drop him (Tengku Razaleigh) altogether. I could not as I would lose Tengku Razaleigh’s supporters.

9. After Tengku Razaleigh again lost to Musa in the 1984 party elections, I moved Tengku Razaleigh to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. I still did not drop him and I don’t think Musa was pleased.

10. Musa’s supporters named the Government as the 2M Government. I did not object even though it was unusual. His supporters also felt that I should stay as Prime Minister about as long as Tun Razak and Tun Hussein. But I showed no sign of wanting to step down.

11. Then Musa resigned as Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy President. I was annoyed as I thought he was the right person to succeed me eventually as PM. I did not expect to be Prime Minister for 22 years at that time. No one did. Certainly not Musa.

12. A meeting of the Supreme Council was held to discuss Musa’s resignation. If I wanted absolute loyalty I should have expelled him as Najib did for those he thought were not loyal enough to him.

13. Zam saw me prior to the Supreme Council meeting. He indicated that I was in for a surprise that night. He seemed to think that the Supreme Council would reinstate Musa even if I was opposed to it.

14. The Supreme Council did decided to persuade him to withdraw his resignations. I did not oppose the decision.

15. A delegation headed by Wan Mokhtar, Menteri Besar of Terengganu, flew to the UK to personally appeal to him.

16. He agreed to return only as Deputy President. I had no choice but to appoint Che Ghafar (Baba) as Deputy Prime Minister.

17. Musa was obviously not loyal to me at all. But I accepted his decision to return as deputy president of the party only. Later he was to show even greater disloyalty.

18. He went to Davos in Switzerland to see Tengku Razaleigh, his arch rival. Tengku Razaleigh was persuaded by him to contest for Presidency of the party at the next party election.

19. Surprisingly Musa himself indicated that he would contest for Deputy Presidency. In other words if they won he would be Deputy Prime Minister to Tengku Razaleigh as Prime Minister. His assertion now that he would not be in Tengku Razaleigh’s Cabinet is something new. It is absurd. Why contest for Deputy President, who traditionally becomes Deputy Prime Minister, if he had no intention to be a part of the Government as Deputy Prime Minister. If Ghafar had lost against Musa, I would have to appoint him again as my deputy. But will he accept?

20. Despite all these I did not take any action against him. When he did not join Tengku Razaleigh’s Semangat 46, I appointed him as special envoy to the United Nations with ministerial rank. Does this make me sound like a man who cannot and could not tolerate anything but absolute personal loyalty as alleged by Musa.

21. During the campaign for President and Deputy President, many of my Ministers and Deputy Ministers were against me. They included Abdullah Badawi, Rais Yatim, Syed Hamid and Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

22. The record will show that I reappointed Syed Hamid and Kadir as Ministers in my Cabinet. Later I appointed Abdullah and Rais Yatim to the Cabinet. I even chose Abdullah Badawi as Deputy Prime Minister when Anwar left the party. And eventually Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister upon my resigning. Is this how a man who cannot tolerate disloyalty treat people who were obviously disloyal to him?

23. I never behaved like Najib who demoted, removed and expelled leaders for even mildly questioning him about the 1MDB. He did not even allow UMNO delegates to talk about 1MDB and 2.6billion Ringgit in his private account. Those who did were considered as disloyal and have all been expelled.

24. Najib now talks about loyalty to the institution of President of UMNO. He does not allow contests for President as I did when Musa and Tengku Razaleigh challenged Ghafar and me. Anyone not fully supporting him, be they Ministers or civil servants were removed or transferred or medically retired. He is not tolerant as I was. I reserve a right to criticise his intolerance of opposition.

25. Loyalty to a leader is essential if an organisation is to function. But when a leader deviates or commits a crime, continuing to be loyal to him is wrong. In fact it is the duty of loyal followers to advise and even criticise their leader. And if the leader fails to heed the advise, they should stop being loyal to him.

26. I led the country for 22 years. The party and the electorate could overthrow me any time. Elections to the (party) Supreme Council were held regularly. But for five General Elections I led the party to victory with 2/3rd majority. I did not use money. No BR1M even. But the voters decided based on their perception of things, not because of absolute loyalty.

27. If Musa wants to speak frankly, then cite known events or refer to documents, including to news reports at the time. Yes, I did call Mohamed Rahmat “Mat Bulat” because he was stout. I did not mind people calling me “bomoh”. I thought it was a friendly reference to my profession.


1. Buku Musa “Frankly Speaking” adalah bahan bacaan yang menarik. Bercakap terus terang tidak bermakna bercakap benar. Dan apabila bercakap mengenai perkara yang berlaku 30-40 tahun lalu, ketepatan kejadian dan perbualan dipengaruhi oleh keadaan semasa.

2. Frankly Speaking berhasrat untuk menyalahkan saya bagi segala-gala yang berlaku dalam UMNO dan kerajaan sepanjang masa kini. Musa sudah tentu tidak menyalahkan dirinya untuk apa-apa. Dia suci dan tidak bersalah seperti bayi yang baru lahir. Ini yang menjelaskan mengapa dia begitu popular.

3. Mengenai kesetiaan. Dia berkata saya menuntut kesetiaan yang mutlak. Atas dasar ini, sudah tentu ramai termasuk Musa, akan merasai beban penuh kemarahan saya.

4. Musa bertanding untuk Timbalan Presiden menghadapi Tengku Razaleigh.

5. Musa datang berjumpa dengan saya untuk mendapatkan sokongan saya dalam usahanya ini. Saya bersedia untuk bersumpah atas Al-Quran bahawa dia telah melakukan ini.

6. Saya tidak bersedia untuk menyokong beliau secara terbuka kerana mungkin saya perlu bekerja dengan Tengku Razaleigh apabila beliau menjadi Timbalan Presiden dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri jika Musa kalah.

7. Kini Sanusi berkata bahawa saya telah menyuruhnya berkempen bagi Musa menentang Tengku Razaleigh. Mungkin ia, tetapi saya tidak ingat AIDS (Anwar Ibrahim, Daim, Sanusi) berusaha untuk menjatuhkan Musa ketika beliau menjadi pewaris kepimpinan. Zam atau Zainudin Maidin, editor Utusan, mungkin ingat. Tetapi saya tertanya-tanya sama ada Utusan menjalankan siasatan. Ia sering melaporkan khabar angin.

8. Dalam pertandingan itu Musa menang dan dilantik sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri oleh saya. Tetapi beliau tidak berpuas hati saya mengekalkan Tengku Razaleigh sebagai Menteri Kewangan dalam Kabinet saya. Beliau membayangkan bahawa saya perlu menggugurkan beliau (Tengku Razaleigh) sama sekali. Saya tidak dapat berbuat demikian kerana saya akan kehilangan penyokong-penyokong Tengku Razaleigh.

9. Selepas Tengku Razaleigh kalah lagi kepada Musa dalam pilihan parti 1984, saya pindahkan Tengku Razaleigh kepada Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri. Saya masih tidak menggugurkan beliau dan saya fikir Musa tidak gembira.

10. Penyokong-penyokong Musa menamakan kerajaan sebagai Kerajaan 2M. Saya tidak membantah walaupun ini adalah luar biasa. Penyokong-penyokong beliau juga merasakan bahawa saya perlu kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri hanya pada tempoh sama dengan Tun Razak dan Tun Hussein kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri. Tetapi saya tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda mahu berundur.

11. Kemudian Musa meletak jawatan sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Presiden. Saya berasa jengkel kerana saya fikir dia adalah orang yang tepat untuk menggantikan saya akhirnya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Pada masa itu saya tidak menjangka bahawa saya akan menjadi Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun. Tiada siapa pun yang menjangka demikian. Sudah tentu bukan Musa.

12. Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi telah diadakan untuk membincangkan peletakan jawatan Musa. Jika saya mahu kesetiaan yang mutlak saya sepatutnya usirkan beliau sebagaimana Najib lakukan bagi mereka yang dia fikir tidak cukup setia kepadanya.

13. Zam menemui saya sebelum mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi. Beliau membayangkan bahawa ada kejutan bagi saya pada malam itu. Beliau seolah-olah berfikir bahawa Majlis Tertinggi akan mengambil semula Musa walaupun saya menentangnya.

14. Majlis Tertinggi memang memutuskan untuk memujuk beliau menarik balik peletakan jawatan beliau. Saya tidak menentang keputusan itu.

15. Satu delegasi yang diketuai oleh Wan Mokhtar, Menteri Besar Terengganu, terbang ke UK untuk merayu kepadanya secara peribadi.

16. Beliau bersetuju untuk kembali hanya sebagai Timbalan Presiden. Saya tidak mempunyai pilihan selain daripada melantik Che Ghafar (Baba) sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

17. Musa adalah jelas tidak setia kepada saya sama sekali. Tetapi saya menerima keputusan beliau untuk kembali sebagai Timbalan Presiden parti sahaja. Kemudiannya beliau akan menunjukkan ketidaksetiaan yang lebih besar lagi.

18. Dia pergi ke Davos di Switzerland untuk berjumpa Tengku Razaleigh, saing besar beliau. Tengku Razaleigh telah dipujuk oleh beliau untuk bertanding jawatan Presiden parti pada pemilihan parti akan datang.

19. Yang menghairankan Musa sendiri membayangkan bahawa beliau akan bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden. Dalam erti kata lain, jika mereka menang beliau akan menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri kepada Tengku Razaleigh sebagai Perdana Menteri. Pernyataannya sekarang bahawa dia tidak akan berada dalam Kabinet Tengku Razaleigh adalah sesuatu perkara yang baru. Ini tidak masuk akal. Mengapa bertanding untuk jawatan Timbalan Presiden, yang secara tradisinya akan menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, jika dia tidak mempunyai niat untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada anggota kerajaan sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Jika Ghafar telah kalah kepada Musa, saya perlu untuk melantik beliau semula sebagai timbalan saya. Tetapi adakah beliau akan terima?

20. Namun begitu saya tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan terhadap beliau. Apabila dia tidak menyertai Semangat 46 Tengku Razaleigh, saya melantik beliau sebagai duta khas ke PBB bertaraf menteri. Adakah semua ini mencermin saya seperti seorang yang tidak boleh dan tidak akan bertolak ansur dengan apa-apa kecuali kesetiaan peribadi mutlak seperti yang didakwa oleh Musa.

21. Dalam tempoh kempen untuk Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden, ramai Menteri-menteri saya dan Timbalan Menteri menentang saya. Mereka termasuklah Abdullah Badawi, Rais Yatim, Syed Hamid dan Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

22. Rekod akan menunjukkan bahawa saya melantik semula Syed Hamid dan Kadir sebagai Menteri dalam Kabinet saya. Kemudian saya melantik Abdullah dan Rais Yatim ke dalam Kabinet. Saya juga memilih Abdullah Badawi sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri ketika Anwar meninggalkan parti. Dan akhirnya Abdullah Badawi menjadi Perdana Menteri apabila saya meletakkan jawatan. Adakah ini cara seorang yang tidak boleh bertolak ansur bertindak terhadap mereka yang jelas tidak setia?

23. Saya tidak pernah berkelakuan seperti Najib yang menurunkan pangkat, usir dan membuang pemimpin-pemimpin kerana mempersoalkan sedikit beliau mengenai 1MDB. Dia tidak membenarkan perwakilan UMNO untuk bercakap mengenai 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun peribadinya. Mereka yang berbuat demikian telah dianggap sebagai tidak setia dan semuanya telah dipecat.

24. Najib kini bercakap tentang kesetiaan kepada institusi Presiden UMNO. Ia tidak membenarkan pertandingan untuk Presiden seperti yang saya lakukan apabila Musa dan Tengku Razaleigh mencabar Ghafar dan saya. Sesiapa yang tidak menyokong beliau sepenuhnya, sama ada Menteri-menteri atau penjawat awam telah dikeluarkan atau dipindahkan atau terpaksa bersara atas alasan kesihatan. Beliau tidak bertolak ansur seperti saya. Saya mempunyai hak untuk mengkritik sikap tidak bertoleransi beliau terhadap pembangkang.

25. Kesetiaan kepada pemimpin adalah penting bagi sesuatu organisasi untuk berfungsi. Tetapi apabila pemimpin yang menyimpang atau melakukan jenayah, tindakan terus berpaut padanya adalah salah. Malahan ia adalah menjadi kewajipan pengikut yang setia untuk menasihati dan juga mengkritik pemimpin mereka. Dan jika pemimpin itu tidak mengendahkan nasihat, mereka harus berhenti menjadi setia kepadanya.

26. Saya telah memimpin negara selama 22 tahun. Parti dan pengundi boleh menggulingkan saya pada bila-bila masa. Pilihan raya ke Majlis Tertinggi (parti) telah diadakan secara berkala. Tetapi bagi lima Pilihan Raya Umum saya telah memimpin parti untuk mendapat kemenangan dengan majoriti 2/3. Saya tidak menggunakan wang. Juga tiada BR1M. Tetapi pengundi memutuskan berdasarkan persepsi mereka terhadap perkara-perkara, bukan kerana kesetiaan mutlak.

27. Jika Musa mahu bercakap terus-terang, hendaklah beliau memetik peristiwa yang diketahui atau merujuk kepada dokumen, termasuk laporan berita pada masa itu. Ya, saya panggil Mohamed Rahmat, “Mat Bulat” kerana dia gempal. Saya tidak kisah orang memanggil saya “bomoh”. Saya beranggapan bahawa ini adalah rujukan mesra kepada profesion saya.

57 thoughts on “SPEAKING FRANKLY

  1. faridina Sep 1,2016 3:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Tumpang laluan Tun, bagi sahabat2 yang ingin mendengar pandangan kedua mengenai buku Frankly Speaking bolehlah layari blog Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

    M o n d a y , A u g u s t 2 2 , 2 0 1 6
    Sanusi Junid at 10:01 PM



    Memang terbaik dari library berjalan yang banyak menyimpan khazanah negara.

    ★☆▶▶Selamat Membaca ◀◀☆★

    Wasalam Tun.

  2. HBT456 Sep 1,2016 12:53 PM


    36. Indicator for bersih or not, its up to you to decide, maria abdullah chin.

    37. Since you already converted yourself as moslem to enjoy the hak istimewa, you and your children cannot revert back or change your religions for many generations to come.

    38. Though you are chinese by surname, you cannot force others too to live up to your faith.

    39. I am not a moslem, but if you force me to choose between religion and kinship, i will choose kinship.

    40. Bak kata sibotak, biar miskin takpa, janji semua agama dibela tanpa pilih kasih.

  3. HBT456 Sep 1,2016 8:39 AM

    31. There are no winners if rhetoric politics are continued.

    32. There are only loosers if rhetoric politics are continued.

    33. You can continue to feed them with free stuffs.

    34. Takpalah, jika rupiah indonesia does better, then, you can benchmark myr with rupee india, or any countries that they are so much poorer than us if that can make us better.

  4. HBT456 Sep 1,2016 7:57 AM

    28. Frankly speaking, as long as nep is continued, it will be the dalang that prevent both ruling and opposition parties to transform the economy to the next level at par with developed status country.

    29. After 59 years of merdeka, they still continue to threaten the perdana menteri kita as if other races do not exist at all.

    30. Bak kata pakpandir08, bagi peha nak betis pulak as if the taxpayers must feed them forever.

  5. CintaiMalaysia Aug 29,2016 7:21 AM

    Merdeka hanya beberapa hari sahaja lagi. Di harap ramai daripada kita merdekakan akal dan fikiran dari di jajah oleh golongan yang suka menjajah.

    Kepada golongan seperti ini, jangan lah menjadi bodoh keterlaluan hanya kerana patuh dan taat yang membabi buta.

    Saya mendoakan agar Tun dan isteri dirahmati Allah dan semoga perjuangan Tun tidak sia sia untuk Selamatkan negara Malaysia yang tercinta ini.


  6. joetachi Aug 29,2016 2:42 AM


    Andai hadapan, brtegur sapa..
    Maruah bangsa, panji negara…
    Sambil brpantun, brkorban raga…
    “DAULAT MALAYSIA” ini “janji saudara”



  7. joetachi Aug 28,2016 12:17 PM


    soal dilantun soal…
    yg ditanya sudah dijawab..


    Tanya dilantun soal….
    Sudah ditanya tidak brjawap..
    mungkinkah bebal.? mungkinkah bengap.?


    Kemana menghilang saudara neezam..?

  8. Sri Sense Aug 28,2016 9:38 AM

    Salam Tun

    I tengok sini dah ada komen yang berbaur macam komen2 sipolan polan dulu. You know, sipolan tu, sipolan ini, yang mereka kini dah menghilang diri entah kemana. Mungkin tak lulus kena buang kelas kut. 🙂

    Sekarang sini dah macam kelas malam dewasa, banyak soalan general knowledge nak tanya cikgu, faridina jawabkan. 🙂

    Nak tanya soalan banyak tu apa pasal, nak cari jalan perangi Tun ka, nak test test public opinion sini ka? 🙂

  9. CintaiMalaysia Aug 28,2016 8:48 AM

    Untuk si Neezam72

    Jangan di tanya soalan yang anda sendiri tidak tahu isi tajuk topik yang Tun berikan diatas.

    Adakah anda baca artikel di atas atau anda memang jenis yang suka memprovok dengan soalan soalan yang anda rasakan anda bagus?

    Atau adakah anda seorang yang amat meminati Najib dan 1MDB?

    Jika anda seorang yang cukup akal dan sifat, jangan anda jadi orang yang cacat. Maknanya bukan cacat fizikal tetapi cacat hati dan minda.

    Jangan nampakkan kebodohan anda dengan soalan soalan yang anda cuba provokkan?

    Baca artikel diatas dan kita bahas apa yang ada dalam topik di atas.

    Bodoh di sekolah boleh di ajar tetapi bodoh yang dah berumur agak susah di ajar kerana memang dasar kurang ajar.

  10. faridina Aug 28,2016 8:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Buat neezam72..
    Maap RD saje mengusik tu, ada jawapan ada soalan tapi zam zam ala kazam saya ada jawabannya moga zam gumbira hendaknya -_-;(^.*) .

    1. Ada tak sesiapa boleh tunjukkan sebarang bukti mengenai kesalahan Najib dan 1MDB?
    Sebenornya takde sesape pong buleh tunjuk bukti malah kito patut ucap mah kasih pada PM dan 1MDB nya karenaMu Malaysia sangat fofular di seluruh dunia.
    2. Apakah Tun sendiri ada mempunyai apa-apa bukti?
    Takde Zam ooi, Tun jeles sebab masa zaman pemerintahan Tun pong Malaysia tak sefofular ni.
    3. Kenapa dulu Tun tak suka pada Semangat 46 dan Reformasi Jalanan?
    Dulu Tun cuba jugak nak suka kedua2nya tapi tak buleh sebab masa tu terpegang jawatan PM.
    4. Kenapa sebenarnya Tun nak tubuhkan parti baru?
    Saja-saja je Zam sebab boringlah duduk kat rumah takde buat mende2.
    5. Berapa banyak aset Tun dalam dan luar negara?
    Banyak jugak, tulah kalau Zam ada free ada masa nak mintak tolong kirakan sama2.
    6. Apa sebenarnya terjadi pasal Eric Chua yang dikatakan menjadi ‘kambing hitam’ kepada Tun?
    Hak ni Tun tak ingatlah terlupa pulak Eric Chua nanti sat nak pikiaq ni emm.. kambing hitam takde emm.. kambing golek ada; Chua Chua gua tatak kenai lor.
    7. Macamana Tun ada pesawat sendiri dan
    baru-baru ini ada kereta mewah mencecah sejuta lebih?
    Pesawat tu hak kerajaan Malaysia tapi kereta2 mewah memang Tun punya tau ialah menabung dari kecik sampai umuq 91 memang banyak.
    8. Kenapa Tun tak bertanya pula pada Azmin mengenai isu DEIG dan rm 7.65 b?
    Sebab kes rm 2.6 b dan rm 50 b ni bulum selesai lagi, nanti usai selesai Tun akan tanya Azmin ok Zam.
    9. Kenapa Tun tiba-tiba saja boleh duduk semeja dengan orang yang Tun dulu anggap seorang RASIS?
    Sebab Nazri Aziz cakap Tun bapa RASIS..
    10. Ada Tun buat permohonan maaf pada keluarga arwah Megat Junid dan juga Sultan Johor?
    Emm seingat Tun yang jadi Timb Menteri KDN masa tu arwah Megat Junid bukan anak dia atau keluarga dia.
    Bab Sultan Johor biaq pi lah dulu nor belum ada ilham lagi.
    Tak sukalahlah nak minta maap kena buat permohonan dulu.

    Sekian Tun buat neezam72.


    p/s – Renung-renungkanlah 🙂

    Hadapan santun bersape,
    Panji kartun bebenor,
    Jawapan melantun takpe,
    Janji tak berpantun nor.

  11. joetachi Aug 28,2016 7:07 AM

    RD. tak jawab, tp dia tanya…
    brapa soalan….apa jawapnya..?


    Soalan terakhir…..takmalu ke..?


  12. joetachi Aug 28,2016 6:50 AM

    faridina bukannya Tun,
    Sbb tu, jawapnya buleh melantun..!


  13. neezam72 Aug 28,2016 2:07 AM

    Itu jawapan ke persoalan? Saya tak nampak satu jawapan yang kamu kata mahu menjawabnya. Kenapa?

  14. RD. Aug 26,2016 1:48 PM

    Saudara Neezam72

    Tuan hanya duduk semeja dengan Kit Siang, tetapi Najib tersenyum lebar berselfie dengan anak Kit Siang boleh pula.

    Bukti apa lagi yang Saudara mahu Dr.M tunjukan?

    Sepatutnya Najib saman NY Post, WSJ da SR. Mengapa tak saman? Bukan perlu keluar duit sendiri pun, untuk bayar lawyer.

    Ok….tak perlu beri bukti, saya tanya, Saudara hanya perlu jawab.

    – Mengapa Najib & Keluarga amat rapat dengan Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & sekarang, Jho Low? (Dari Razak Baginda…Altantuya…hari ini, Sirul pembunuh Altantuya masih menghantui UMNO & BN. Tak serik-serik, bahana Najib guna orang-tengah. Setiap kali PRU, Pembangkang bole guna sebagai kempen memburuk-burukan UMNO dan BN.

    – Mengapa Najib amat gemar guna ‘orang-tengah’ kelabu-asap dalam urusan Kerajaan dan pada masa yang sama bazirkan beratus-juta WANG Rakyat, bayar komisen?

    – Mengapa tak guna khidmat Pegawai Kerajaan yang berlambak tu?

    – Apa perlunya ditubuhkan 1MDB dengan berhutang atas nama Raklyat bila kita sudah ada Khazanah Nasional sebagai Badan Pelaburan Strategik Kerajaan?

    – Kalau nak tubuhkan juga 1MDB, mengapa Najib tidak bawa berbincang dalam Kabinet? Kerana dia PM dan juga Menteri KeWANGan?

    – Siapakah MO1 yang dimaksudkan oleh DoJ?

    Kalau di Negara Kapir, jika seorang Ketua Kerajaan melantik diri-sendiri ‘pegang’ Kementerian KeWANGan, sudah pasti akan menimbulkan tanda-tanya dan banyak persepsi buruk.

    Saudara Neezam72 tak malu ke?, Negara Islam kita Malaysia dituduh sebagai diperintah oleh pencuri-pencuri oleh sebuah Negara Kapir. Itu lah hakikat sebenarnya maksud Kleptocracy, iaitu; Rule by thieves.

  15. faridina Aug 26,2016 1:16 PM

    Salam Jumaat Ayahanda Tun,

    Untuk neezam72..

    Saya ada jawapan untuk soalan hang tu..

    1. Ada tak sesiapa boleh tunjukkan sebarang bukti mengenai kesalahan Najib dan 1MDB?
    Takde, kita terima kasih pada Najib dan 1MDB ada lah kerana menyebabkan Malaysia sangat dikenali di seluruh dunia.
    2. Apakah Tun sendiri ada mempunyai apa-apa bukti?
    Takde, Tun jeles sebab masa zaman pemerintahan Tun pun Malaysia tak sepopular ini.
    3. Kenapa dulu Tun tak suka pada Semangat 46 dan Reformasi Jalanan?
    Dulu Tun cuba nak suka kedua2nya tapi tak boleh sebab jadi PM.
    4. Kenapa sebenarnya Tun nak tubuhkan parti baru?
    Saja-saja je Zam sebab boringlah duduk kat rumah takde buat apa2.
    5. Berapa banyak aset Tun dalam dan luar negara?
    Banyak sangat, tulah kalau Zam ada free nak minta tolong kirakan boleh?
    6. Apa sebenarnya terjadi pasal Eric Chua yang dikatakan menjadi ‘kambing hitam’ kepada Tun?
    Hak ni Tun tak ingatlah tak kenai pulak Eric Chua siapa dia ekk???
    7. Macamana Tun ada pesawat sendiri dan baru-baru ini ada kereta mewah mencecah sejuta lebih?
    Pesawat tu hak kerajaan Malaysia tapi kereta2 mewah memang Tun punya tau ialah saving duit dari kecik sampai umuq 91macam banyak.
    8. Kenapa Tun tak bertanya pula pada Azmin mengenai isu DEIG dan rm 7.65 b?
    Sebab bab rm 2.6 b ni tak selesai lagi.
    9. Kenapa Tun tiba-tiba saja boleh duduk semeja dengan orang yang Tun dulu anggap seorang RASIS?
    Entahlah Tun tak sedar bangkit2 je dari ketiduran ada sebelah orang tu.
    10. Ada Tun buat permohonan maaf pada keluarga arwah Megat Junid dan juga Sultan Johor?
    Emm seingat Tun yang jadi Timb Menteri masa tu Megat Junid bukan anaknya. Bab Sultan Johor biarlah mereka bahaskan dahulu dalam blog ni tapi Tun suka pada komentar Faridina tadi dan sedang memperhalusinya.

  16. neezam72 Aug 26,2016 11:42 AM

    Saya ada soalan.

    1. Ada tak sesiapa boleh tunjukkan sebarang bukti mengenai kesalahan Najib dan 1MDB?
    2. Apakah Tun sendiri ada mempunyai apa-apa bukti?
    3. Kenapa dulu Tun tak suka pada Semangat 46 dan Reformasi Jalanan?
    4. Kenapa sebenarnya Tun nak tubuhkan parti baru?
    5. Berapa banyak aset Tun dalam dan luar negara?
    6. Apa sebenarnya terjadi pasal Eric Chua yang dikatakan menjadi ‘kambing hitam’ kepada Tun?
    7. Macamana Tun ada pesawat sendiri dan baru-baru ini ada kereta mewah mencecah sejuta lebih?
    8. Kenapa Tun tak bertanya pula pada Azmin mengenai isu DEIG dan rm 7.65 b?
    9. Kenapa Tun tiba-tiba saja boleh duduk semeja dengan orang yang Tun dulu anggap seorang RASIS?
    10. Ada Tun buat permohonan maaf pada keluarga arwah Megat Junid dan juga Sultan Johor?

  17. sibotak Aug 25,2016 12:51 AM

    Saya lihat Musa Hitam bukan politik sejati
    Politician sejati berjiwa untuk masyarakat demi negara
    Musa tinggalkan politik ketika beliau sudah menteri
    Tiba tiba henti mungkin di sebabkan ialah isteri orang barat jadi amat sibuklah masa beliau untuk mementingkan perjuangan beliau
    Mungkin juga dengan status beliau sebagai menteri barulah beliau bolih dapat bule putih
    Beliau berhenti politik bukan kerana kesehatan atau sebagainya
    Ini kenyataan Musa dan dalam sejarah Malaysia

    Tidak nampak Politik sejati yg sanggup berjuang seperti Anuar Ibrahim
    jauh sekali Tun Mahathir
    Orang Bule kata….. Fly by Night Politician .Rejected Politician
    Jadi kata kata beliau tidak laku seperti buku beliau juga

    Desas desus , pembodek Najib lebih menyalahkan Tun kerana Tun
    Menubuhkan Parti Bersatu mengugat UMNO BUKAN Mengugat Najib
    Ini ayat penting bagi memahamkan anggota UMNO yg wujud juga Malaysia khususnya


    Seolah Tun mengugat UMNO bukan Najib dan telah menjadi bahan hangat untuk menindas Tun
    juga menonjolkan Kesalahan Tun seolah Tun khianat pada UMNO
    Ingin difahamkan pada umum bukan niat Tun
    Malah juga bukan niat anggota UMNO yg keluar untuk bersama Tun
    Untuk tumbangkan UMNO

    Nak cakap apa …..Captain Kapal Mabuk termasuk klasinya sekali , membahayakan Kapal
    Takkan crew dan penumpang yg lain nak ikut sama . Ini bukan TITANIC

    Satu contoh nyata
    Proton yg di tubuhkan Tun walau belum capai kejayaan yg kita impikan
    Proton masih wujud , enjin masih panas , kelihatan di seluruh lebuhraya Malaysia juga dijadikan reban Ayam Proton Tua , kelihatan di luar Negara juga

    Apa yg kita lihat pada kenyataan , product 1MDB ? Apa ? Bulu Kambing ? Bulu Jembut ?
    Tolong tunjukan saya
    Tidak juga meneduhkan Ayam atau Anjing jalanan malah menjadi beban pada 1 Malaysia
    Berhutang Berbillion hingga tergadai Tanah Nenek Moyang
    Niaga apa ini ?

    Semasa krisi kewangan Soros , Tun menyelamtkan Malaysia dari berhutang sama Yahudi Sanggup Tun bersusah payah memastikan wang ringgit kita tidak keluar negara
    daripada kita berhutang sama IMF
    Najib dengan sewenangnya berhutang sama Yahudi
    Yahudi, WSJ juga yg membongkar pekung Najib
    Naib bukan ahli niaga , pakar ekonomi apakan pula nak membimbing Malaysia

    Ini bukan mengutuk , bukan kebencian , bukan emosi
    Ini kenyataan dan tanggung jawab kita 1 Malaysia

  18. zulu Aug 24,2016 5:55 PM

    “Youths should not be distracted from their studies by getting too involved in any organised rallies such as the upcoming #TangkapMalaysianOfficial1 rally, says Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.”

    What else to expect from a lady who wear extreme makeup and wear contact lens at this age…

  19. faridina Aug 24,2016 4:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Cuma satu sahaja boleh diungkapkan tentang atuk dari Segamat ni sekarang dah jadi Musa England – kalau bukan kerana Tun naikkan anak didiknya iaitu Pak Dol mungkin dia dah lama bermastautin di England atau AS lantas reput begitu sahaja dari ingatan rakyat.

    Namun Tun orangnya cukup penyabar dan pemaaf lalu dikutipnya geng Team B iaitu Pak Dol, Rais Yatim dan Kadiaq hitam kurang manis.

    Itu kesilapan paling besar yang telah Tun lakukan dengan melantik mereka dalam kabinet bagaikan membiarkan sebahagian dari Musa ada dalam kerajaan. Sudah cukup baguslah Tun tidak melarang atau memecat orang yang berusaha menjatuhkan Tun secara pemilihan parti.

    Sekarang apa dah jadi dengan atuk Musang Hitam bila mana orang2nya naik, bukan sahaja anugerah Tun dia dapat malah anugerah untuk bercakap berterus terang dengan berbohong, menggunakan bahasa England yang sangat England sebagai bahasa pengantar tapi mengaku dia orang Razak dan ahli politik kampungan kunun.

    Inilah satu2nya kalau dia jadi PM dahulu berasal dari kategori anak buruh orang biasa2 sahaja ialah bapanya cuma pembaca meter TNB dan dari ramai2 adik beradik 10 orang bayangkan dia seorang sahaja dapat masuk universiti, kesian.

    Tapi bila dah naik dia mula lupa asal usul sampai malu nak mengaku orang Segamat sikit2 cakap dia orang JB dan mulalah ubah sikap jadi kebaratan cakap omputih memanjang supaya nampak berpelajaran tinggi lepas tu kahwin orang putih seksi gitu nampak urban sikit beb.

    Bab merokok atau minum biasa sahaja kalau tidak, tidak baratlah beb, ini insan hipokrit namanya dan dia suruh Melayu jadi kurang ajar macam orang baratlah barulah nampak berfikiran terbuka macam dia trendy gitu.

    Mamat ni kalau jadi PM mungkin lebih teruk dari Pak Lah yang asyik tertidur sebab malam selalu OT dengan bini baru manakala dia mungkin jadi PM tidak tertidur tapi berjaga dalam keadaan mabuk sambil buat keputusan penting untuk negara.

    Walau apapun jangan pandang sebelah mata anak Pak Itam ni kerana dia bukan lagi berasal dari keluarga buruh sebab dia sudah bina keturunannya sendiri sebagai bangsawan England kelas dunia Harvard jadi mainan dan kini bergesel bahu dengan kerabat raja, Pee M, bekas PM serta golongan elit terdiri dari Tan Sri dan Datuk2 Seri sahaja.

    Syabas Musa kaulah kebanggaan orang Segamat dan Peru selamanya.

    Kita orang Johor pun malu tengok perangai tak senonoh kamu kalaulah Almarhum Sultan Iskandar masih hidup mahu makan penampar tangan kiri baginda!

    Ingat sikit yang kamu kutuk Tun M tu ada Darjah Kerabat anugerah dari Almarhum Sultan Johor ok.

    Pi mabuklah Musa!

    Sekian dan mohon berbillion ampun Tun sebab terpaksa berkasar maklumlah ikut saranan dia suruh orang Melayu berani cakap berterus terang atau dalam bahasa mudah ‘kurang ajaq’.

    Wasalam Tun.

  20. Sri Sense Aug 24,2016 11:00 AM


    I nak kongsi sikit, semalam I tengok CI – Crime Investigation Astro channel. Kebetulan semalam kisah Al-Maunah. I dapat tengok hero komando polis abdul razak dalam menangani hal ini. I juga dapat tengok Tun Mahahtir masa tu. I think its a fair reporting, kerna semua yang terlibat ATM, Polis ada dalamnya termasuk tebusan yang masih hidup.

    Kalau tanya I siapa hero, I kata Polis, so bila pula Polis sekarang nak buat kerja macam polis dulu2 under PM Tun Mahahtir. 🙂

  21. musato Aug 23,2016 10:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Frankly Speaking la…

    Tidakkah orang lain nampak betapa bertuahnya saya kerana dapat menulis sesuatu tentang Tun di blog kepunyaan Tun sendiri? Dan Tun sendiri melepaskan tulisan saya untuk bacaan umum?

    Saya menulis semasa Tun masih ada dan ditulis di dalam harta kepunyaan Tun sendiri.

    Adalah malang bagi Tun Musa kerana dibidas oleh tuan punya diri tentang apa yang ditulis olehnya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  22. joetachi Aug 23,2016 9:57 PM

    Kisah Musa Alaihissalam
    kisah musa hitam….

    hutang 1mdb kisah bualan
    nk buat ujian soal latihan….

    1) apakah raja yg merasakan boleh mmbeli segala gala..?
    2) siapakah nama org tua yg murka..?
    3) siapakah nama cina tembam yg hanyut berpesta & nama melayu anak tiri yg mmbuat cerita lucah di Amreka?
    4) mengapa Muhyiddin memilih utk mengasas parti BERSATU..?
    5) sebutkan 2 nama arab yg telah disebut DoJ Amerika dan kerakyatan mereka ..?
    6) sebutkan 2 nama yg ditahan sosma..?
    7) sebutkan 2 sikap tercela dari kisah 1mdb & jelaskan buktinya..
    8) apakah hikmah & pengajaran berharga yg boleh diambil dari kisah 1mdb..?


  23. joetachi Aug 23,2016 7:09 PM

    ada sorang musa buat 1 buku…
    entah nk baca, entah tak mahu….

    Asalamualaikum Tun,

    Adat melayu kadang berpantun…
    Budaya kita bersoPAN sanTUN…
    terus menerang ambil berkurun..
    bercakap benar, siapakah penyamun..?

    kisah firaun bersama Musa..
    Dibandingan Najib, kata ini cerita…!

    Masa berbaik, dh tegur berkali…
    Sekarang Najib, nk spin lagi….

    jangan lupa bayar hutang yahudi…
    takde duit boleh peras dgn GST…

    hutang yahudi atau kisah derma…??

  24. balance Aug 23,2016 3:59 PM


    Saw you a few days ago and you look so good (handsome), healthy and alert. I am very glad that you are so fine. Wish you all the best in everything.

  25. zulu Aug 23,2016 2:26 PM

    “I won’t meddle, says Najib”…
    …that means if he loot people money, no one should ask questions!!!

  26. mgpunya Aug 23,2016 11:02 AM

    YABhg Tun,

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it – Winston S. Churchill

  27. daeng Aug 23,2016 6:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Agree with you 100%, “Speaking frankly does not mean speaking truthfully”.


  28. Fariq Islam Aug 23,2016 4:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Frankly speaking, Tun Musa is a talented guy who can bring the nation to greater height should he be made to succeed Tun.

    Frankly speaking, Tun Dr Mahathir is a political genius, tactfully bringing down political opponents one by one without failure.

  29. anak wawasan 2020 Aug 22,2016 10:25 PM

    Salam YBhg Tun yang dikasihi,

    Hopefully Tun is recovering well and please do take good care of yourself.

    Tun, looking at this whole perspective positively, you are gaining more attention than ever. And this means that for others, including Musa Hitam, for him to write a book at his age sulking, when he should be spending his precious times on more important things in his life, it is incredible. Not only Musa Hitam, other pemakan dedak too..Nazri, KJ etc..

    You are incredible Tun, for stealing his attention. Most of these kutu kurap out there are now agitated.

    The soup is starting to boil. The temprature is getting hotter.
    And the heat is getting into their nerves.
    They are reacting now.
    Out of subconcious minds, depa tengah melatah ni Tun.
    Pedulikan Tun.
    Depa bujlkan lawan Tun lagi. Dont waste our energy on stinking rotten carcass.
    Lets start hunting for the good meat.
    The show is now on!

  30. zulu Aug 22,2016 6:34 PM

    Najis and his UMNO slippers may be thinking of a plan to by pass the new party for next GE…

  31. sibotak Aug 22,2016 5:10 PM

    Class !
    Who here who is humble ,plse raise yr hand ?

    Those who admits they themselves are humble is actually & logically
    Not a humble person
    A humble person will not raise their hand
    Its alike Frankly speaking is not being frank
    They intend to give a different confuse massage
    I saw my Pop student Najib & Musa raise their hand

    Ok ,ok then another question ?
    Those person who stole from 1MDB , Plse ,pleas……se, plse lah
    Raise yr Hand ?
    Wow ! None .Not even one raise their hand . Very impressive class

  32. Kamarulaznan Aug 22,2016 8:55 AM


    “Umno not a one-man party” said our PM. An RM2.6 billion in your private account is not a one-man doing?

  33. daeng Aug 22,2016 6:58 AM


    Dia selalu berada dalam keadaan mabuk…


  34. daeng Aug 22,2016 6:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Musa Hitam adalah individu yang dilantik sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri oleh Tun satu ketika dulu.

    Ingatkah Musa tragedi Memali di Kedah semasa Tun keluar negara, Musa dalam keadaan mabuk mengarahkan Polis ….

    Bila Musa keluar negara, dia bertukar nama kepada Musa Black kerana ….

    Usah dilayan sangat Musa Hitam ni Tun.


  35. RD. Aug 22,2016 1:04 AM

    Yes, Dear Tun.
    I agree.

    “Speaking frankly does not mean speaking truthfully.”

    If Musa was frank, he would have wrote/spoken why and what prompted the police, unprovoked, acted as they did, so drastically on villages in Kampung Memali, November 1985. As Minister who headed the KDN, he must have known about the country’s communal atmosphere at that time.

    My family lived in Balai Polis Baling and I had just worked in Sg.Way FTZ, when Memali ‘massacre’ occurred. Yes its an outright massacre by a well armed police PPH (Pasukan Polis Hutan, now defunct) against the poorly armed villagers, done in a swift manner under the guise of darkness. Had the police besieged the village, starved its occupants into hunger, then overpower them, it would have been justified. Or…Ibrahim Libya had drew the first-blood….before that, he and his followers had murdered a policeman or stormed a police station or so forth.

    My sisters told me how, families living in the Police station 2 (quarters) block were very-very scared, the afternoon after that massacre. About a hundred army personnel surrounded the police station’s fences and were very-very angry with that drastic action by the Police. You know la…how things were between them in the mid-70s ~ late 80s. Many died in cabaret-brawls, especially at month’s end in Ipoh & JB. And….that was why military personnel’s salary was paid before the 25th of each month…..till today….to minimize encounters.

    Did Musa mention about him flying in a helicopter (landed at ‘Padang-Jam’ or clock-tower’s small field, near the Mosque, just beside the Police Station) to diffuse that tense stand-off?
    The soldiers, even armed themselves with a V150 armored personnel carrier.

    Why the need to hastily stormed villagers, armed with parangs and a few ‘tembak-tupai’ shotgun?

    Why can’t the Police wait? (They enter the village at about mid-night and the ‘operation’ ended at dawn). What’s the hurry?

    The Army was not even informed….. To fight the communist, (which is not the army’s job anyway, when a state-of-war or emergency was not declared) their help was very much sought after, but against the helpless ‘orang-kampung’, the Police seems very capable. This made the Army, stationed in Kroh (now Pengkalan Hulu), very pissed.

    Let me state the fact why KDN under Musa hastily stormed Memali… a covert operation to neutralize racial antagonism between Chinese & Malay, heightened especially by the press. Situation was very tense then. Factories stop production due to operators, mainly females, were already afraid to go to work or their parents forbade them. Most were operators who had to take the mini-bus across KL to go to work in Sg.Way. I forgot what caused the hostility, but the day after Memali… all newspapers immediately switched their reports to Memali. Radio and TV played successive patriotic songs and ‘jangan dengar khabar-khabar’ (don’t listen to rumors) messages….just like the aftermath of May 13, 1969.

    The communal antagonism was the same prior to ‘Amok Prebet Adam’ in Chow Kit, October 1987, two years after Memali. This time it was over the posting of Malay teachers in SRJKC. Lee Kim Sai was stripped-of his Dato’ship and Ops Lalang ensued after Private Adam ran amok. Hence the Government should thank Adam for what he had unknowingly done to ‘save’ the country from another racial strife. Wonder what have become of him today.

    Therefore, Memali was a ploy by KDN under Musa, to diffuse communal tension at that time. Coupled with his ‘look-west’ stance, Musa was just not fitted to be a Malaysian leader.

    Musa hanya berani bertindak terhadap bangsanya sendiri. Untuk memberi ‘amaran’ bahawa KDN & kerajaan dibawah beliau tidak akan bertolak-ansur atau beri-muka kepada sesiapa, sebagai pengajaran, bangsa sendiri yang menjadi mangsa.

  36. zulu Aug 21,2016 11:29 PM

    Whatever Najis tells now goes like ‘blowing a horn in a deaf ear’.
    If he want to clear his name from DOJ report, let him challenge one to one debate with Tun M. UMNO grass root members knew the crook won’t do that.

  37. zulu Aug 21,2016 11:24 PM

    “Najib: Dr M is a ‘control freak'”

    Seems the thief is very much agitated now…

  38. zulu Aug 21,2016 1:53 PM

    Seems like many in UMNO are ready to come to the new party. That’s a good sign. This can be understood from the statements of Najis’s top UMNO slaves.

    Tectonic plates shifting under Najis.

  39. Sri Sense Aug 21,2016 1:26 PM

    Salam Tun

    IMAO the book is completely his personal opinion. 🙂 It’s an opinion, it’s neither valid nor invalid. 🙂 Now if you are in an argument, that’s something else. 🙂

  40. rimba.emas Aug 21,2016 9:36 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Apa yang kita kata dan kita buat semuanya akan di nilai oleh tuhan yang menjadikan kita. Kepada yang beragama Islam yang menilaikannya ialah Allah s.w.t dan kita di beritahu melalui al-Quran bahawa semua makhluk yang di jadikannya melalui proses penilaian ini.

    2. Perkataan yang benar atau salah pastinya suatu KEBENARAN yang tepat bila melalui proses penilaian pada hari akhirat kelak.

    3. Ketika di dunia ini perkataan ini pastinya menjadi bekalan kapada tuan yang empunya diri dan yang di bicarakan .

    4. Di dunia ini hanya seorang manusia di katakan maksum iaitu Nabi Muhammad s.a.w yang beraklakkan Al-Quran (di jamin kebenaran oleh Allah s.w.t).

    5. Jadi kita semua termasuk yang menulis sekarang Rimba Emas tidak terkecuali melakukan kesalahan bila berbicara atau menulis kalau tidak berpandukan Al-Quran dan hadis sahih Rasullullah s.a.w.

    6. Allah s.w.t menerangkan sifat degil yang ada pada segolongan Yahudi dan tidak boleh di perbaiki lagi oleh pesurahnya walau di bukti dengan mukjizat.

    7. Satu nasihat kepada yang terlalu taksub kepada Parti yang melebihkan kemulian kepimpinan mereka yang lari dari tuntunan seperti kepimpinan Rasullulah s.a.w yang di kehendaki oleh Allah s.w.t.

    8. Ingat kata-kata yang di keluarkan oleh pemimpin ini yang tidak diperakui oleh Allah s.w.t sebagai mana kepada Rasullulah s.a.w tidak boleh kita maksumkan secara membuta tuli .

    9. Kalau tidak kita boleh di anggap mempunyai sifat sebagaimana kaum Yahudi , degil dan tidak boleh di ubah lagi .

    10. Ibarat mensyirikkan diri kepada Allah s.w.t kerana terlalu taksub mengagongkan Ketua Pemimpin daripada peganggan yang diamalkan dalam Parti.

    11. Sama-samalah kita jauhkan sifat ini. Nauzubillahminzalik.


  41. sibotak Aug 21,2016 7:21 AM

    We have a Party now , BERSATU
    BERSATU menuju kejayaan

    Simply we need to ignore all nonsense comes from Musa Hitam , Pak Hitam , Keldai
    Mak Putih or so on . BERSATU will not be in action today
    But the formation , activities is to Live up to form a prepared Party in PRU

    Meanwhile every Malaysians including UMNO members
    Must Eye on Najib
    We must not allow him to do as he wish
    We will gives him a hard time as his decision ,his interest is more of his personal
    Not much of National Interests .
    We must stop him giving to others taking what is ours

  42. Praxis Aug 21,2016 5:08 AM

    What civilization can we build if we feel no shame in pursuing self-interest? Are the Malays constrained by their archipelago configuration not to achieve critical size to feel shame?

  43. HouseWife Aug 21,2016 2:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, you’ve motivated the people to speak up frankly and truthfully on the needs and wants for the country. You are one of the engineers that could change this country into a better place to live for our future generations and are “among the key people in the world”. Tun, you built your expertise step on a painstaking step. We are forever obliged to you. Tun, please not to worry so much on the outcome but to concentrate on the step you are on to try to do it as perfectly as you could when doing it.

    We all must learn to do things gradually and with patience. Some when dealing with them need more patience and understanding. They cannot be changed overnight or accept something which is new or foreign to them instantly. They have been living comfortably, being constantly ‘fed’ that the idea of abandoning ‘ship’ makes them shiver with fear of leaving all those comforts. Can I say this is the fear of the kampong folks and the low and middle income urban people? They are afraid of being neglected and overlooked again and again as usual (given attention only during Prus or when calamities arised) or are under-pressure if they fail to be obedient servants. This is the conflict of the mind they’re facing. How do you tackle these kind of people, Tun?

    Tun, I believe that exceptional performances not only depend on the groundwork we lay but also requires the right working conditions, identify the tasks or knowledge and monitor the progress. Give BERSATU a chance to breath on its own and give it time to sort out. We can’t expect an immediate transformation but we can expect an admirable, remarkable group of people not only charged with vetting ideas but are also the best presenters. How you present or market BERSATU will show how successful or not you’ve attracted people towards BERSATU.

    Tun, as you well know people’s tendency is to follow those in actions, any kinds of actions and are inclined to empower dynamic speakers. But it won’t go far if emphasize too much on presenting and not enough on substance and critical thinking. Every new party need good presenting but also true leadership ability. Tun, you know the political ingredients needed to sustain an organization pretty well. I have my highest hopes in BERSATU. We need our pride and justice back. BERSATU is the answer to our woes, InsyaAllah.

    Tun, I”m so glad you’re fine and up striving your fighting spirits. Nobody can ask you to stay put at home, ya Tun. You’ve the most fullest comfortable luxurious holidays and rests around the world all your life. Maybe you’d say you’ve enough rests. I guess at this age actions don’t stop, they just slow down. Life is too precious to let it slip idly away by doing nothing. Not everyone has this advantage. Allah knows best. Allah is Great.

    Tun, frankly speaking I have entirely forgotten about this chap..Tun Musa who? What has this person contributed to Malaysia anyway. Forget about him Tun. Don’t give him free publicity in your distinguished chedet. Place your time, energy, mind and thoughts on US…the Citizens of Malaysia who need you more than those who have conveniently pocketed themselves with the country’s wealth and resources that belong to the Citizens of Malaysia.

    Tun, you do not ask but we’ll give you what you deserve ie. our love, respect, gratitude, strength and friendships. You deserve the wisdom of the crowds. Someone wise says collaboration has become a sacred concept-the key multiplier for success. You are a great man of wisdom and far-insights, you know what is best for BERSATU and our beloved country.

    May Allah Bless you Tun. May Allah Protect you Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.

  44. faridina Aug 21,2016 1:17 AM

    Assalam Dearest Tun,

    Not to worry Sir, we the rakyat don’t give a damn about this useless ex-politician who once upon a time propagated the idea that the Malays should be “kurang ajar” just like him!

    He is frankly speaking rubbish and we are not going to buy his tell-tale stories of lies.

    I was then a young student leader when you appointed him as Deputy Prime Minister and we never liked him knowing that as a so called “commoner” nationalist he even married a foreigner and acted more like a westerner rather than our typical local politician.

    We felt ashamed as he came from a humble background from a remote district of Johor known as Segamat, his father was just a CEB(TNB) meter reader and he was the only one of ten siblings to have made it to university.

    He never walked the talk and took the task of marrying a Peruvian of Spanish decendant and he who could not even handle that lady ending up with a divorce after having 3 grown up kids while he was still a DPM I guess.

    He is sure one failed family head and we definitely couldn’t count on him to run the country then.

    He claimed to be a hero and an expert in crisis management skills during the famous Baling demonstration in the seventies but try to shy away from the Memali incident also in Baling when he was Home Minister cum Deputy Prime Minister in 1985.

    By then he should have already tendered his resignation as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister as he was directly responsible for the death of 14 villagers and 4 police personnel, it was his call and as an expert of crisis management skills he should be on the ground and not giving orders somewhere in KL doing who knows what.

    This ‘kurang ajar’ Musa doesn’t deserve the title ‘Tun’ at all, just imagine after 20 years out of national politics suddenly when his protege from Team B Pak Lah became PM he was then conferred the highest national title.

    The title ‘Tun’ should have been conferred to the co-founder of UMNO instead that is Tun Onn Jaafar (please Tun if your team were to win the next GE please do so, Sir).

    The other protege of Musa is the 1 million ringgit man Shahrir Samad who in return is Khaled Nordin’s mentor and he has all the say in the Johor MB’s administration.

    HRH TMJ should be made known that his late grandfather Almarhum Sultan Iskandar disliked this Musa so much so that the Sultan even scolded Musa the DPM in public and infront of the smiling Dr M.

    Lately you can see a lot of Musa and Pak Lah mingling with Najib the Kleptocrat.

    By the way Musa how’s your ex-janda Miss Ines Maria Reyna doing? You could actually write a book about your love story and we will surely buy you know.

    “From Segamat to Peru with broken ♥”

    Thanks and wasalam Tun.

    p/s – Najib is so suey you guys should know that, Malaysia could get into 10 olympic finals but because of him we are not going to win a single long awaited olympic gold medal.

    Dear Chong Wei and friends its not your fault you guys have done a great job its KJ’s fault allowing Najib to stay as Pee M.

    So dear citizens please vote Najib out of PM’s office in the next GE in order to win our 1st ever olympic gold medal.
    Malaysia less Najib, Boleh!

  45. SemmakPala Aug 20,2016 10:52 PM

    actually he’s makin’ money by selling the book. nothing written in the book except bad story & news but agreat story about him & of course about his great thought. nothing less & nothing more. wasting money buying this kind of book that can’t improve the situation. its ok if just to know the story in it.

  46. adelheid Aug 20,2016 10:30 PM

    Dear Tun,

    It’s nice to know that you’ve been discharged from the hospital. I hope you will take things one at a time and not exert yourself.

    Tun, don’t worry about what others say about you. PM Najib proves he is not a professional everytime he talks bad about you in his ceramah. I cannot imagine the President of the US badmouthing George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Similarly I think Tun Musa Hitam purposely wrote all that rubbish in his unfrank Frankly Speaking just so he could get back at you and nurse his grievances. Moron could also be behind Tun Musa’s writing of the unfrank book.

    Tun, I have to admit that I am not happy with what has become with the country. I do not feel safe. I feel threat and fear have formed part and parcel of the unwellness of this country.

    Take good care dear Tun Mahathir. Goodnight and rest well Tun.

  47. rkmh226 Aug 20,2016 10:05 PM


    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Lets bygone be bygone. Let us look at now and future and just ignore the author of Frankly Speaking. He should be thankful to you and just continue doing good things for our nation building if he concerned about Malaysia.

    Let us all BERSATU. Please take a superb care of yourself, dear Tun.


  48. Buddies_Man Aug 20,2016 10:01 PM

    Frankly speaking, don’t bother about the man with a head full of snakes.


    A malay with a western style, marrying a a foreign wife knows nothing about pride and dignity.

    He is just snakessssssss….

  49. zulu Aug 20,2016 6:57 PM

    ‘Un-Islamic’ to cross the line, Najib tells Dr M….

    Seems like thief is very agitated now on seeing the crumbling of support for him in UMNO.

    Thief talking Tun M being ‘Un-Islamic’, but he forgot that he and his family are confirmed un-islamic already by looting others money and murdering those against him.

    Thief is so angry now that those slaves who support him recently and made statements for him are now hiding from him.

    Thief now portraying that his problem as UMNO’s problem, but people already got what they wanted from DOJ.

    Eventually thief and his family will end up in jail and rot.

  50. Praxis Aug 20,2016 5:35 PM

    How do we tell if one is working for self or the greater good?

    How will Bersatu avoid or mitigate such deception?

    Will man get away with such deception which seems to be in his bones?

  51. milshah Aug 20,2016 4:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I really have no comment on Tun Musa Frankly Speaking. To me, what’s past is past. I am concern about the future.

    Something that is bothering me, is the continued insistence by Najib and his supporters to go through election if they want to change a democratically elected government.

    Who ever said we want to topple the government? How far is this from the truth.

    We are talking about a public offcial that allegedly stole billions of taxpayers money. Do we have to wait for the election for him to be charged? Anything earlier, than its to topple the democratically elected leader.

    Take for example, Dato Seri Anwar. When he was accused for a criminal act by Saiful, there was no question of topling a democratically elected opposition leader. Instead, he was tried and charged in a court of law. His status as member of parliament was stripped. Shouldnt Anwar be allowed to continue to contest in the election and any charges aganst him would be considered as toppling a demoractically elected opposition leader.

    Why the double standard between Anwar and the 1MDB scandal?

    The truth is this has nothing to do with BN or UMNO or the government in the first place.

    Its about one person who is allegedly invovled in the biggest stolen public funds.

    He should not be above the law. Just like Anwar, Khir Toyo and many others, if a crime is being committed he should be tried and charged in a court of law.

    Now because Malaysian official 1 refuses to resign, he has to bring all the BN, UMNO and the government to defend him.

    He loses all these rights the moment a criminal act has been done. A criminal loses all rights to stand in election.

    And now, we have to have Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan to contest against BN and UMNO, when all this should not have happen as it is only about one person allegedly commiting a crime.

  52. sibotak Aug 20,2016 3:29 PM

    The Book
    Is it Frankly Speaking , Speaking Frankly of Prankly Speaking ?
    One don,t need a book , one don,t need to disguise

    As adult
    One slips Fish in the Water
    We already knew Male or Female
    Apa macam Bro ! Pepatah Melayu kita translate English , OK ?

    Musa Hitam is a Failed Politician
    He is a Fly by Night Politicians
    Never Braves the Waves

    Lets see how well he can sell his Book of No Ingredients
    He is never a Writer nor a recognize Politicians

  53. Hajar Aug 20,2016 2:45 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Tun Musa Hitam is a SORE LOSER.

    He can never accept the fact that Tun M is much better than him as a LEADER.

    He envies Tun’s successes.

    Tun Musa is a good example of a person with lots of ‘perasaan DENGKI & khianat’. He is also a good liar like PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    Please ignore him Tun.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  54. sibotak Aug 20,2016 12:36 PM

    Bukan senang nak jadi Pemimpin
    Maka seorang Pemimpin perlu Berkahlak Mulia
    Dengan tidak ada paksaan Pemimpin tersebut akan di hormati dan mudah di dengari dan di fahami
    Pemimpin seperti Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    Walau Tun tidak mempunyai Kuasa
    Tun masih di hormati ,di Sangjungi , senang didengar

    Bukan macam Najib , hai sebut Tun Najib pun dah tak nak
    Malah banyak sebut Najis ,bukan Tun Najib atau PM Najib
    Ini kenyataan , bukan buat cerita sedih
    Hormat tidak bolih di paksa
    Hormat perlu di perolihi dengan Akhlak yg Mulia

    Musa Hitam adalah Politician yg Gagal
    Beliau mengalah dalam arena perjuangan beliau sebagi Politik
    Bukanlah ahli Politik yg tulin tidak macan Anwar Ibrahim
    Jadi Keluhan Musa Hitam tidak perlu di dengar
    Ini politik tahi ayam . Belum Kalah sudah mengundur
    Jadi kenapa kita perlu dengar dari Musa Hitam yg tidak berjiwa Politik
    Musa Hitam tidak perlulah nakberlakon
    Tolong bini kat rumah masak sudah
    Bagaimana kita rakyat nak dengar malah bergantung pada Politik Tahi Ayam
    Belum Gagal sudah Undur .

    Politik Melayu yg Tulin sekarang dan Hebat adalah Tun Mahathir juga Anwar Ibrahim
    Walau Tua , Sakit , walau Anwar di penjara beliau masih berjuang

    Sedihnya yg selalu mengecewakan Pemimpin bukan lah orang lain
    Yg mengecewakan mereka adalah orang kanan mereka ,orang harapan mereka sendiri
    Tun sudah mengalami ,ini kenyataan
    Begitu juga perniaga
    Yg mengecekan mereka selalu adalah orang harapan mereka sendiri
    Walau anak mereka sendiri , hanay tunggu masa
    Masa akan menentukan yg tulin atau yg palsu
    Pemimpin Sejati akan Terserlah akan Terbukti
    Seperti kadang kita beli CD cetak rompak walau dikatakan Tulin akan terserlah kenyataan apabila masa berlalu

    Najib hanya membazir masa ,membazir Tanah Kerajaan
    Tidak nyata malah tidak terlihat Kejayaan Malaysia yg di perolihi semenjak beliau Memimpin Malaysia
    Tanah di Gadai , Hutang Keliling Pinggang

  55. sudin Aug 20,2016 10:07 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Ha ha ha!!!
    This Musa “the black” Hitam, he is not even frank when writing that book “SPEAKING FRANKLY”.
    Perhaps Musa simply can’t behave in a frank manner, or never a good actor when it comes to act like one.

    Most typical characteristic of all hypocrites, they keep on trying to tell people, “I’m very frank”.

  56. musato Aug 19,2016 7:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Takkan korang goyang kot. Kata gentlemen. Orang tulis tikam belakang korang pun kata tikam belakang.

    Komen via

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