1. Laws are made essentially for the safety, good life and well- being of the people. For the laws to do all these Government must govern according to the laws of the nation. An elected Government must do nothing less.

2. But what we are seeing in Malaysia today is a Government which ignores and abuses the laws so that they no longer protect the people or even provide good government.

3. I list below the abuses of the laws by Najib as Prime Minister and his Government.

4. While the law permits citizens to criticise and condemn the Government, Najib’s Government acts to stop members of his party, civil servants and the media from criticising his Government.

5. Action is taken to expel them from their post, transfer them, demote them, harass them and their friends and force them to retire early etc.

Police Reports.

6. By law when a report on criminal acts are made to the police, the police must conduct investigations before submitting to the Attorney General their findings.

7. Instead the police subjected the person reporting to questioning, detention and charging him for breach of the SOSMA law leading to a trial.

8. The police also questioned the complainant’s lawyer, detained and charged him also under SOSMA and had him tried in a court of law. This is unprecedented and contrary to accepted practice.

9. When 2.6 billion Ringgit was found in Najib’s private account, an open full investigation of the source of the money was not carried out by the police.

The Attorney General

10. The A.G. denied there was anything incriminating Najib in the reports of Bank Negara, MACC and the Auditor General. Instead the reports were made official secrets under the OSA. This is against the provision of the constitution which stipulates that all reports by the Auditor General should be submitted to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong who would then cause it to be laid before the Parliament.

11. In submitting the report to the PAC which in turn submitted it to the Attorney General who then made it an official secret, the Prime Minister who had actually ordered the Auditor General to audit 1MDB has breached the law.

12. The assumption by the Attorney General that Najib had committed no wrong doings simply because he, Najib, said so, the A.G. disregarded due process. A suspect who merely denies that he did anything wrong will not be discharged by the courts.

13. To be discharged he needs to show proof in the form of alibi, witnesses, documents, finger prints etc. to convince the presiding judge and later the appeal courts and Federal Court that he is innocent.

14. Yet we hear the A.G. claiming that Najib in innocent because he says he is innocent. If this is adequate, than all who are charged for criminal acts need only to say they are innocent and the judge will acquit them.

15. By saying this the A.G. and Najib are actually breaching the processes of the law. The A.G. is guilty of dereliction of duty.

16. The police, by not fully investigating the allegations made in the reports are also guilty of not doing what is required of them when reports are made.

17. The official secrets act does not apply to crimes committed while in office. In fact it is the duty of officers to report on any criminal act committed by anyone while employed by the Government. Official secrets refer to Government papers, cabinet papers, proposals, agreements yet to be approved etc.

18. Najib’s directive to the A.G. to put reports on the 1MDB by Bank Negara, the MACC and the Auditor General under the OSA is in fact a breach of the law on official secrets, because what is being reported is not official secrets but on crimes committed while in office.

19. Then there is the early retirement of Gani Patail as Attorney General Najib simply told the Yang di-Pertuan Agong that Gani was sick and had to be retired on medical ground. This is completely improper.

20. For a senior servant like the A.G. who is appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, retirement must be by the approval of Duli Yang Maha Mulia. If the early retirement is due to ill-health, a medical board has to be set up. The report of the Medical Board must be presented to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong together with the request for early retirement on medical grounds.

21. There is no evidence that a medical board was set up. Gani himself claimed that he was well.

22. Yet Najib simply told the Yang di-Pertuan Agong that Gani had to be retired on medical grounds. This is a blatant misrepresentation by Najib.

23. Then he proposed Apandi as the new Attorney General. Yang di-Pertuan Agong was not given any choice. Again this is totally improper.

24. There are many other cases where Dato Sri Najib ignores the law, rules and regulations in the conduct of Government business. In many cases these irregularities breaches the laws of the country.

25. On 1MDB, as far as we know no special paper was presented to cabinet for approval. Because the takeover of the Terengganu Investment Authority failed, 1MDB replaced it and took over the 5 billion Ringgit loan.

26. The loan was not approved by 1MDB board in the usual manner.

27. There is a conflict of interest in this approval because Najib was the Minister of Finance and also the principal adviser to IMDB (effectively the CEO).

28. There is also a conflict of interest in the sale of Government land at RM60/- psf because Najib as Minister of Finance sold to Najib as 1MDB sole executive adviser.

29. The article of association of 1MDB gives sole authority to Najib as adviser to sign all agreements and transactions of 1MDB. But before that the board must approve. Frequently Najib signed before Board approval. Signing seals the approval.

30. The J.V of 1MDB with Petro Saudi was not approved by the board of 1MDB.

31. Subsequently the J.V was dissolved but the 1 billion USD was not returned to 1MDB. It was converted to a loan to Petro Saudi. Again no board approval was made.

32. And now, with the setting up of the security council, laws have been suspended. This include the abolition of the inquest over deaths.

33. Malaysia no longer practices the rule of law. We have become a lawless state.

26 thoughts on “THE RULE OF LAW

  1. vinny Sep 25,2016 5:07 PM

    Im sure most have pointed this out but
    The reason our PM now has so much power is thanks to your actions on making him as powerful as he is

    It is however, understandable, considering the corruption in various legislative sectors,it seems that your decision was right

    Sadly, you have left it as it is thinking that your successors will be as capable as you

    Which is obviously wrong
    We are all responsible for this in some ways, but you have it more than others

    I hope someone capable comes in soon, this is killing the whole nation

  2. HouseWife Sep 8,2016 11:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, this is how I interpret and define law to my understanding.
    Every state has a government, and has some rules which lay down who should govern and how. There maybe a despot who makes his own rules as he goes along. The Constitution is largely governed by law ie Acts of Parliament, decisions of judges and other historical factors. The duty of a ruler or leader is to protect the Constitution of a state.

    The legal system exists today is to do justice between man and man, and man and the state, these two types predominate.
    Tun, we are subjects of this country. Sometimes it feels like we’re living in on unhappy condition where lives have become quite tight and nasty. In order to escape from this situation we surrendered our rights to a powerful ruler or leader who ensured our safety. Yes, our safety, yours, mine, theirs…all of Malaysians. Tun, we have the King as a sovereign and we surrender some of our rights for the King’s promise to keep us safe. Is there such a promise, Tun? What if the sovereign failed in his obligation? When a ruler or leader by bad government broke his contract or oath to protect his subjects, aren’t we free to choose someone who’s willing and able to protect us? If the bad government prolonged its stay who knows what seeds might germinate to produce?

    The elements of a crime is a wrongful act and a guilty mind. A guilty mind is not necessary for certain offences created by statute. Our country’s wealth has been robbed by deception. Doesn’t this construe as a criminal act and the wrongdoer be prosecuted in a criminal court?

    Tun, if we’re not part of the problem, then we are part of the solution. We know who is the problem. He’s not only the problem but he’s also the solution. He’s got to go…that’s the solution. Someone or something has got to wake him up from his ugly and crazy fantasies. We cannot let him go on ferociously rob our country’s wealth and resources as if they’re his for eternity. Until when do we have to keep up with this craziness, ugliness and shameless greed?!

    May Allah Bless and Protect you Always Tun. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.

  3. JPB Sep 8,2016 2:46 PM

    Dear Tun,

    As much as we Malaysians have prospoured under your leadership and wisdom, it is sad to actually digest that it was you who actually put DSN in power.

    We have no idea how you were unable to pick up who DSN “really” was inside. I hope for the sake of the average Malaysian, you resolve this state of unrest and fear we live in.

    We still look up to you and hope for the best.

    Thank you for still struggling for us.

    God Bless both Tuns.

  4. Hajar Sep 8,2016 1:01 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. How can we feel safe when the head of Government is involved in all kinds of bad/negative scandals?

    2. And our top leader (PM) is accused of being a ‘thief’ (crook) with billions of ringgit (the evidence) being deposited into his personal accounts. He failed to explain the origin/source of the money. He happens to be our Finance Minister (a ‘suspected thief’ handling our money?).

    3. In addition, our PM is such a BAD example to the ‘rakyat’. DSN is ruining this country by setting and showing bad examples to the people.

    4. The laws must be enforced on everyone, including the PM and other leaders. No one is above the law.

    5. DSN and gang must not abuse their power by ignoring the laws and introducing new ‘Acts/Laws’ just to protect themselves from being investigated and incriminated.

    6. DSN can never be Malaysian PM forever. We will see what we call ‘senjata makan tuan’ if he still refuses to resign. Those accomplices must also be held fully responsible for all their wrongdoings in protecting PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  5. Karl Sep 8,2016 10:36 AM

    For a “negarawan” to claim that there is no Kedaulatan Undang-Undang in place is treacherous.

  6. musato Sep 7,2016 10:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Rasanya terdapat undang undang untuk kita menyimpan rahsia.

    Tapi salah satu perubahan ketara pada diri saya adalah saya tidak dapat menyimpan rahsia.

    Tetapi semakin masa berlalu, saya kira saya perlu kembali kepada penyimpanan rahsia.

    Oleh itu, bila Tun pergi jumpa dan bersalaman dengan Anwar Ibrahim bagi saya, ok je.

    Kalau saya, mungkin saya siap peluk lagi bila jumpa rakan lama.

    Ikutlah orang nak kata apa pun kan. Tun dah kata Tun tulis dalam blog ni pasal Akta MKN kan.

    Jadi baca sajalah wahai wartawan semua.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  7. Tun Perak Sep 7,2016 4:13 PM

    In view of the current scenarios in Malaysia, in my personal opinion, the on-going issue on 1MDB would be at the end decided by the on-going case pursued by D.O.J. . Result of DOJ would differentiate whether it is mere accusations or it is proven that the money is truly siphoned. I believe , it will take another one year. Too long time for certain quarters but a quality decision and time for the wait because reading at the DOJ write-up, the elaboration of the case is very detailed and specific. Even when certain points are not direct, it is relatively easy to make inference, for example who is MO1 and etc.

    The amount alleged USD3.5 billions is a lot of money, surpassing the BMF Carrian Group scandal. If George Tan could be jailed, there is highly likely that Jho Low would be hunted by international police. And if that happens, it is highly likely that the PM would need to leave.

  8. rodin Sep 7,2016 1:12 PM

    Masa tahun 1946, rakyat beramai-ramai mempertahankan institusi raja dan sultan. Wajar Majlis Raja-Raja sekarang membalas jasa ini ketika rakyat memerlukan mereka. Kacang lupakan kulit untuk meneruskan generasi mereka. Anjing tersepit yang dilepaskan menyalak untuk ucapkan terima kasih. Anjing menyalak bukit bukan untuk runtuhkan bukit tapi ada benda yang dikesannya. Tumbuhan dan haiwan pun tidak dungu.

  9. Karl Sep 7,2016 12:08 PM

    Something is not right with the law if,as alleged by DrM, it can be easily abused and customized to an individual’s requirement.
    Allegations, rumours, bitching, assumptions, hearsays, speculations are not what rule of law is about.

  10. ismadi Sep 7,2016 11:57 AM

    Salam Tun Mahathir,

    Saya mendoakan Tun berdua sihat sejahtera.

    Undang undang di Malaysia pilih kasih.

    Pencuri wang di beri kuasa dan kini menyalahgunakan kuasa.

    Ternampak jelas dan nyata penyalahgunaan kuasa ini namun kerana hasil curian turut dapat dikongsi, maka sesetengah Menteri telah menjadi buta pada amanah, kejujuran maruah.

    Maruah mereka kini semurah semangkok sayur kangkung yang di celur.

    Rakyat Malaysia tahu kuasa yang ada telah digunakan untuk menutup saluran pengaduan, saluran keadilan dan saluran tindakan.

    Malaysia seolah olah negara mati dari segi perundangan dimana yang nyata bersalah didepan mata tidak di ambil tindakan.

    Hanya pilihanraya mungkin sebagai penentu tetapi sekiranya di peti undi di semua peringkat juga berlaku penipuan, entah apa lagi yang dapat dilakukan.

    Saya berdoa kepada Allah untuk memberikan hukuman kepada mereka yang mengkhianati kepercayaan rakyat.


  11. milshah Sep 7,2016 11:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Its been some time you posted this posting on the rule of law. Any comments from AG and IGP? Total silence. Has the Najib silence got to them too?

  12. zulu Sep 7,2016 11:47 AM

    There is utter silence from the new party by Muhydeen, if this goes on, it can’t achieve anything in next GE. Muhydeen must be pro active from now. Still huge percentage of kumpung people are unaware of the scandal and the current status of Malaysia.

  13. zulu Sep 7,2016 11:39 AM

    It’s strange to learn that a person who hold PM post of a country can do these much crooked things.
    He did the opposite of what people elected his and expected to him to do.

    1, He and his wife name’s involved in murder cases (Altantuya, DPP, PI Bala, Jamaludin Jargis, AM Bank chief)
    2, Controversies in defense contracts during his term as Defense minister
    4, Extravagant and royal like spending in his daughter’s marriage
    5, His wife seems to have extravagant life style with diamond rings, branded bags, US$500 per hair style session
    6, His step son financed Hollywood movie using looted money from 1MDB
    7, Hide from ‘know the truth’ meeting arranged by Dr. Mahathir
    8, Banned Sarawak daily and threatened it’s editor
    9, WSJ released news about RM 2.6 bil in his personal account with proof
    10, Replaced AG Abdul Gani Patail who is about to declare him as criminal, the new dummy AG did a comedy by acquitting him
    11, Police raided MACC office and confiscated documents and computers related to his corruption
    12, Police raided Other institutions investigating his corruption and confiscated documents and computers
    13, Replaced deputy PM and other ministers for their vocal opposition to the corruption
    14, Arrested those people and their lawyers who filed police report against him under terrorist act
    15, Bought UMNO members in PAC’s by offering them minister posts. Now Malaysia has so many ministers without portfolios, and gets govt. salary
    16, Removed/charged under terrorism act, those who opposed him within the party!!!
    17, Created racial tensions and converted his problem as Malay’s right issue
    18, One of his slave said “Slap the Chinese” after the yellow shirt rally
    19, Defamation case filed against bloggers who spoke about his corruption
    20, His slaves spoke against Johor royal family who were vocal against his corruption
    21, Malaysian economy went down, currency value down to almost 25%. Malaysia included in corruption index.
    22, Transferred MACC officials who is not supportinve of him and re-transfered
    23, Malaysian rulers adviced the govt. to complete corruption probe as soon as possible
    24, Bought UMNO division leaders and prevented any opposition from them
    25, Prevented deputy president from speaking in UMNO AGM
    26, Replaced Kedah MB who was against his corruption
    27, Replaced deputy president of UMNO
    28, More visits to Saudi Arabia by him and his slaves
    29, Banned TheMalasianInsider news portal
    30, Removed Dr. Mahathir from Petronas adviser post for vocal on his corruption
    31, Arrested Australian journalists who asked questions about his loot but humiliated by action and released them eventually.
    32, Report came out with proof on, US $1,30,000 spent in Chanel store, Hawaii by his wife in a single day
    33, Report came out with proof on, US Euro 7,00,000 spent to buy Diamond ring
    34, His son’s name listed in Panama papers which leaked details about people who invested money outside of their country to evade tax
    35, WSJ released a report on his brother Nazir who helped Najib to distrib
    ute $7 million to various quarters. Until the report came out, Nazir didn’t acknowledge this transactions.
    36, Malaysian AG run away and got admitted in a hospital to avoid Swiss AG team who asked for more information on the scandal
    37, Saudi foreign minister just said “aware of the donation and AG’s declaration”, subsequently he and his slaves tried to interpret it as an acceptance of their version.
    38, His brother Nazir went on leave after CIMB shareholders raised concern about his money laundering
    39, Tun Mahathir’s security detail were reduced because Najib’s slave IGP THINKS Tun M participated in illegal rally
    40, Najis’s pet project 1MDB’s board of directors was dissolved after it got defaulted.
    41, Najis’s supreme council slaves dismissed Mukriz, Muhydeen from UMNO and suspended Safie Abdal
    42, Najis’s slaves asking for support to remove Tun M from Petronas and other honorary posts
    43, Najis’s slave IGP sent his personal to inquire Tun M
    44, Najis’s scandal out officially. US’s DOJ filed case against 1MDB looters.
    45, Najis’s slave admitted in BBC interview that Njib is MO1
    46, Najis’s slaves, especially Salleh crook portray the issue as foreign powers trying to topple democratically elected PM, although people knew the issue is Naji’s looted people money for his family well being.

  14. The Hidden Secret Sep 7,2016 9:59 AM


    Kesian Agong… banyak kali Agong kena tipu dengan Najib. Jahat Najib… sedangkan Agong pun Najib berani tipu… Inikan pula kita rakyat biasa.

    Najin berani sebab… IGP dan AG protect Najib.

    Malaysia memang negara rasuah. Nama aje Islam konon… Ulamak semua pun senyap sahaja sebab nak jaga periuk nasi masing-masing. Ulamak dan Mufti di Malaysia semuanya ulamak dan mufti periuk nasi.

  15. sibotak Sep 7,2016 9:52 AM

    The Failure of The Rule of Law in Malaysia
    Has allowed A Clownname Najib Razak with his Big Red Nose & Lips
    Will drives Malaysia to the Drain

  16. joetachi Sep 7,2016 9:31 AM

    patong berhala buatkn bayang,
    Mukti bincang haramkn helang.

    Patong gangsa, semakin dikembang..
    Mukti gebang serupa temberang…

    buat taman beratus juta,
    perindah tugu ataupun auta..?

    Cari teman, berutus dana..
    AgakAgak, sape laa yg bayar..?


    LaLaLaLa…. LaLaLaLa….

  17. HouseWife Sep 7,2016 9:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Ya ya…the thieves, robbers, smugglers, muggers, schemers, swindlers, con-men, hookers, dummies, lunatics…they all feel very safe and sound under this klepet klepot leadership alright! What is this…a cowboy country?!

    Thank you Tun for fighting the injustices together with the people. Please take very good care of yourself. May Allah Bless and Protect you Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge.

  18. Kamarulaznan Sep 7,2016 7:39 AM

    If i have a brother in the family, can i take his money although the family feels generally safe?

    Protecting the people by having laws also includes protecting their interest in the wealth of the nation.

  19. sibotak Sep 7,2016 7:24 AM

    God command Law
    Human made Law

    Man made law changes to its desires . Designed by the designer
    God law is an Order to be Submissive .
    One must prostrate to be submissive to Allah
    Its revealed in the Quran with guide of the Sunnah Prophet Muhammad p.u.h

    If a man disobey God Law ……. What is Human Law ?
    Its the do’s & don’t
    Religion beliefs also helps to guide Mankind to Peace
    No religion teaches Bad excepts Bad politicians

    Most Govt today fooled the people with Law protecting the Govt interest
    Najib learned this from his Master
    So there can never be True Justice in here life

    If only human can behaves
    World needs no Policeman , No Court , No Judiciary system
    Reasons also we human of our fore father was sent to Earth

    Justice , Beauty , Ugly , Wealth and many sights of life
    Is in the Eyes of The Beholder

    I like today President Phillipine Rodrigo Duterte
    He Speaks the Truth . He Dares
    I Salute you , Sir
    Of all time Phillippine has been submissive to US
    Rodrigo dares to make the difference
    Japan , Korean leader & others must learn from Rodrigo

    China , Japan , North & South Korea will mend their Ties better
    With the absent of US
    It was US intentions & interests also to sparks conflicts between neighbors
    As it will the benefits US stands
    It happen in Middle East , Asian & most part since World War played by them

    Whenever US launch its Military Exercise they like to term it as Democratic Right
    Whenever others like North Korea, China , Russia practice their Military Exercise
    US terms it as Provocative Measures, threatening World Peace

    It’s very much seen & seems Whatever US touches today goes into Flames
    Putin say so and I truly agree

    So Lets see a new World Today
    China , North & South Korea , Japan ,Russia , Middle East mus come to one

    Build our World with Love & Care for each other
    Not building Bombs & Bombs made in U.S.A
    Marketed by the West
    Protected by United Nation
    Fooled & Design by Israel

    Never meant to restore Peace
    In deed to destruct to destroy is the main intentions

    They need to blame & defame Saddam ,Gadaffi , Osama & many other Islamic True Leader
    As to made reasons & to excuse them of their very Ill intentions to Destroy Middle East
    ISIS created by US remember ?
    To create Chaos in Middle East , to Weaken the Government

    Its the Doings that Tells a 2.6 billion Truth
    US words Lies

  20. sibotak Sep 7,2016 5:58 AM

    Yang di Pertuan Agong is also Human

    When Malaysia Government System Failed
    If The Judiciary System was ploy by the Govt
    It is the Duty of the Yang Pertuan Agong to balance up the system
    Its seems these 3 have failed their function correctly

    It a matter of time , things will break
    Respects have to be Earned
    Even the Sultan have to earn the people respects

    A Respectful person is one whom can uphold Truth for Mankind
    Respect cannot be bought , it was never a product

    Respects , Trust , Honesty
    Have Failed Malaysia

  21. rimba.emas Sep 7,2016 12:14 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Dalam undang-undang para penguatkuasa diberi kuasa untuk menjalankan segala tugasan. Sementara rakyat di minta mematuhinya demi kesejahteraan negara Malaysia.

    2. Jelas sudah kepada kita rakyat Malaysia dari apa yang Tun beritahu bahawa ada penguatkuasa yang tidak menjalan tugasannya dengan betul dan ada rakyat yang tidak mematuhi peraturan undang-undang dalam negara kita Malaysia.

    3. Bermakna kita tidak di beri pendidikan atau tiada ilmu pengetahuan yang luas dalam memilih pemimpin yang sebenarnya patut di pilih.

    4. Kepada umat Islam di contohkan dengan Rasullullah s.a.w dan sahabat-sahabat yang diangkat kemudian sebagai khalifah dengan ciri-ciri yang di miliki untuk bandingan pilihan kita rakyat Malaysia.

    5. Kalau pun di praktikan peraturan undang-undang ini tetapi jauh dari logiknya bukanlah satu cara mencari penyelesaian.

    6. Undang-undang dari yang maha berkuasa (Allah s.w.t) adalah yang terbaik kepada manusia di dunia ini.

    Wallahua’lam .

  22. Karl Sep 6,2016 11:16 PM

    The purpose of law is to protect the society. For as long as the people feel safe under a leadership, they will not be moved by speculations and hearsays from rivaling politicians.

    Especially when that politician licks his own spit.

  23. joetachi Sep 6,2016 8:44 PM

    Jerong diagung, Bilis digilis

    Kedaulatan undang undang
    tak terpelihara,
    udang undang rimba makin ketara..

    Sultan & Raja ada kt mana…?
    Raja kita selamat bertahta…!



    *selamat menunaikan ibadah haji
    buat semua Saudara seUgama…..

    Yg pergi pakai duit sendiri..
    Yg pergi pakai duit taja….!

  24. faridina Sep 6,2016 5:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dearest Tun,

    We thought laws are made to be broken but over here in Malaysia broken laws are made to be seen right.

    A decade ago we the citizens never thought that Malaysia will ever be known as a lawless state as per today.

    We thought this scenario only applies to the poor 3rd world country far far away in the African continent but now we realised they are even better protected in all ways.

    We live to cry for our country 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Wasalam Tun.

  25. RD. Sep 6,2016 4:31 PM

    So be it.

    I would rather have a bisexual as head of government rather than a kleptocrat… or being ruled by thieves.
    At least the whole world knows who my PM is. Therefore foreign countries cannot use incriminating evidences to blackmail him, to their whims and fancies.

    With Najib as PM, he will be afraid of the whole world. Of-course… not with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Papua New Guinea.
    Therefore, Najib will be very obedient to countries such as US, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium and even China. He would not dare to go against China that had helped him greatly in 1MDB’s rationalization program.
    Furthermore, China could probably turned a blind eye on Malaysian’s ‘occupation’ of Terumbu Layang-Layang, one of the island in the Spratlys, South China Sea.

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