1. The outgoing President of the U.S., HE Mr Obama, made his last speech on foreign soil at the Lima Convention Centre, in Peru on Nov 20, 2016.

2. Najib Tun Razak managed to have a picture of himself shaking hands with his golf partner, President Obama at the conference. The Malaysian controlled media showed this picture proudly.

3. The suggestion is that despite the US Dept. of Justice openly implicating Najib (referred to as Malaysian Official 1) in the fraudulent siphoning of billions of dollars of 1MDB money into his account, the President of the U.S still regard Najib as his friend or at least golf partner.

4. The White House has issued the text of the farewell speech by Obama at the press conference in Peru which covers the U.S position and policies worldwide. (read text here)

5. That long speech includes the following “And so what I would say would be that we all share responsibilities for improving that order and maintaining it, and making sure it’s more inclusive, and deliver great hope and prosperity for more corners of the world. We all have responsibilities – every nation – in respecting the dignity and worth of their citizens. And America can’t do it all for everybody else. There are limits to our reach into other countries if they’re determined to oppress their people, or not provide with education, or siphon all development funds into Swiss bank accounts because they are corrupt. We’re not going to be able to handle every problem.”

6. Najib was there. He must have heard it. He must know Obama was referring to him. I am sure he would still have that fixed smile on his face. He does not know about being ashamed. He probably thought Obama was praising him just as he thought the Bersih massive demo was not well attended.

7. He will now go to shake hands with President elect Donald Trump – another golf partner.

N.B: Obama is right when he says “there are limits to our reach into other countries.”

But the money laundering of 1MDB money was done in the United States of America. Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz and his friend Jho Low bought landed properties, paintings and financed the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, using American dollars and American banks in America with money belonging to 1MDB.

It is the Department of Justice of the U.S. which reported all these.

84 thoughts on “OBAMA’S VALEDICTORY

  1. zulu Dec 2,2016 4:17 PM

    This year SCUMNO GE doesn’t have much fanfare…this shows UMNO lost the ground and only few slaves of Najis with their tongue out for biscuits are showing up.

    The is a sign, grassroots members leaving UMNO. Good for Malaysia’s future.

  2. faridina Dec 2,2016 12:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Mana mungkin seorang yang cetek ilmu agama yang gagal memberi contoh najis mughallazah bila ditanya kanak2 sekolah rendah tiba2 menjadi seorang sarjana Islam.

    Tok Guru Bernajis (TGB) tak ubah macam orang yang dituduh, pergi mahkamah pakai kupiah.

    PAS diasaskan berpaksikan agama.
    UMNO dah nak terkubur baru cari agama.

    PAS didakwa UMNO gunakan agama untuk berpolitik.
    UMNO sekarang gunakan PAS dan agama untuk talian hayat politiknya.

    Sekarang TGB asyik jumpa ulamak sini sana bertanya soal dosa pahala, ketaatan pada ketua, soal moral, zalim, adil, fitnah dll.

    Pendek kata ucapan berani menipu TGB itu cukup sarat dengan terjemahan ayat2 suci dan hadis dengan menyamakan pemunafikannya dengan perjuangan besar Rasulullah s.a. w.

    Sahlah beliau sanggup berbuat apa saja untuk kelangsungan politik rapuhnya namun persembahan agak hambar dan tak sampai kerana beliau sepatutnya pi belajar mengaji Al-Quran terlebih dahulu – pi lah hafal satu dua surah nampak real dan hafal doa pembuka dalam bahasa Arab bukan sekadar Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim (ini budak tadika pun buleh buat).

    Berterusterang kami zahirkan persembahan beliau sewaktu menyanyi Shalala sambil berdansa tempoh hari lebih hebat persembahannya dan seharusnya mendapat pujian.

    TSMY dulu masa jadi TPM barangkali pernah kena warning jangan tunjuk hebat sangat bab agama dari TGB.

    Apa-apapun TGB cukup sedar akan kebarangkalian kehancuran UMNO adalah tinggi berdasarkan ucapannya sendiri. Dan terang2an DAP dimomok2kan dan ditakut2kan sebagai usaha terdesak TGB.

    Cuba TGB lihat senario berikut ;

    1. Onn Jaafar, Tunku dan Hussein meninggal dunia bukan sebagai ahli UMNO.

    2. Tun M bukan ahli UMNO lagi.

    3. Pak Dol isteri meninggal dia kahwin lain.

    4. Najib masih hidup UMNO dah meninggal.

    Wasalam Tun.

  3. zulu Dec 2,2016 10:47 AM

    MCA fed news paper, The Start:
    “Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has survived a challenging year, he is in full control of UMNO and everyone wants to be the president’s men again.”

    🙂 Malaysian Chinese people knew what this news paper is doing to them and how MCA misleading them now.

    The real picture is Najis and his slave thieves are very desperate and hitting at DAP and hugging PAS for their survival.

    They don’t know the common people are very angry about swindling of their hard earned money and definitely they won’t be happy seeing Rosmah doing shopping using their money and Najis’s son buying bungalows in US using their money and Najis and his slaves buying luxury watches worth US1,000,00+ using their money.

    Now Najis again put Malaysians in misery by taking huge loans from China for his election expenditure, as a result China will become commander of Malaysia soon and complete their ownership of those disputed Malaysian islands without any opposition from Malaysian government.

    As of 2 Dec 2016….1 US Dollar equals 4.46 Malaysian Ringgit

  4. Karl Iskandar Dec 2,2016 10:13 AM

    It doesn’t look like DrM is getting anywhere near to ousting Najib in his smear campaign ever since Mukhriz failed to clinch the UMNO vp seat in 2013.

    From being a good negotiator, DrM is now a mere rable rouser bent on vengeance to tear down the UMNO he helped to build.

    It’s a pity and a shame for Mukhriz whose political career could have been a lot better had DrM refrained from his childish emotional outbursts. However, Mukhriz has only his self to blame for not being man enough to chart his own journey.

    DrM knows that PPBM is a false start, trying to replicate the UMNO that he could no longer control like a client regime.

    UMNO wants to be free from DrM, unilaterally.

    But, is DrM willing to let go all his investments in UMNO, of which these self -sabotage acts by DrM seems to originate from.

    Wallahu a’lam

  5. sibotak Dec 2,2016 7:46 AM

    Very Clown of Najib , our Govt to term 1 MDB as an O.S.A
    Official Secret Act
    What is it so Secretive ?

    Its a commercial govt projects involve the people Right
    as in likewise Proton , Petronas , Fama & many others Govt projects that involves
    The Right of The People
    It has to be transparent , lay its foundation on the Table with Open Hand
    It is non Military , None that concerns National Threat

    Simply it is being Misused ,Embezzled by Najib
    It is classified as O.S.A ?
    Simply…What an Idiot ? What an Asshole ?

    Where is the Govt Foundations above all the people directions ?

  6. Ali Akbar Hashim Dec 2,2016 3:05 AM

    Dear Sir,

    Najib days are numbered

    There is no doubts about it

    Sooner or later he will facing justice

    Let see how many peoples are with him that day

    “United we stand, divided we fall”

  7. faridina Dec 2,2016 2:39 AM

    Assalam Dearest Tun Dad,

    Why must there be a certain group of people who are known to be dumb and ‘bran’ly will say yes to their supreme kleptocrat boss but still unashamedly overstayed in a party called DUMBNO?

    Even they might be dumbed they should be braved enough to say no as what the party is made known to us;


    or should they rebrand their party to


    Well who cares ….. you dumb fools!

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s ~ Lebih menjijikkan bila melihat Ijat Bangsar bercium mulut dengan dengan LEMBU. Saja nak tanya kak ijat lembu hang dulu bagi minum whisky ke brandy ke champagne ke ekk? Manalah tahu buleh jadi wagyu atau waklu hihihi..

  8. sibotak Dec 2,2016 1:08 AM

    Rafizi imprisonment 3 years under OSA is not a news
    Rafizi reveals of 1MDB Truth , of money deposits into Najib account
    Is certainly a News , A certainly most shocking embarrassment

    What on Earth money deposits to Najib account
    Is certainly and of no excuse that money is a wrong dirty money
    Malay say Duit Haram
    Duit Haram memang lazat dibelanjakan olih manusia yg tak berilmu ,tidak berakhlak

  9. zulu Dec 1,2016 10:19 PM

    With the mere number present in SCUMNO general assembly, Najis and his slave thieves believe that they have enough support from people…but that’s not the case, people are waiting…

  10. Tanggang Dec 1,2016 8:55 PM

    Assalam Yg Bhg Tun,

    PAU Umno bermula dan disensasi oleh media2 TV sebagai perhimpunan yang hebat. Mereka menyiarkan ucapan pemimpin2 mereka itu didalam siaran berita mereka. Tetapi kebanyakan ucapan pemimpin2 mereka yang disiarkan itu berkisar kepada hanya untuk membidas Tun peribadi.

    Presiden Wanita itu mengatakan comolot Tun dengan DAP adalah kisah hitam dalam hidupnya. Begitu juga dengan Ketua Pemudanya dengan berkata Melayu Mudah Lupa. Tetapi Ketua Pemuda itu lupa bahawa cara dia memenangi jawatan Ketua Pemuda itu pun ada comolotnya setelah 3 kali ulangkira dan mengambil masa sehingga 6 jam. Kemudian dimasukan kedalam peti sejuk selama beberapa tahun sebelum diberi jawatan didalm kabinet. Begitu juga comolot Presiden Wanita itu yang tidak berpotfolio kerana dengarnya ada kes skandal penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh ahli keluarga.

    Mereka seolah tiada halatuju mengenai agenda yang patut diperdebatkan didalm perhimpunan ini. Nampaknya agenda mereka hanyalah membutakan perwakilan2 dan orang2 kampung dengan membidas Tun dengan harapan untuk memenangi PRU14.

    Kenyataan2 pemimpin PM mereka juga merapu seperti “Ringgit Malaysia tidaklah seburuk yang didakwa”. Walhal kadar tukaran sudah sampai kepada RM4.40 satu dollar. Kadar tukaran berapakah agaknya pada pandangan dia yang baru betul2 buruk. Dengarnya ada juga yang merapu mengatakan “kita mesti taat kepada Najib kerana dia adalah pilihan Allah”.

    Nampaknya seperti mereka mempunyai cita2 atau angan2 yang sangat tinggi menang dalam PRU14 ini. Mereka sebenarnya sudah tiada halatuju untuk mentadbir negara ini.

    Salam Tun

  11. Tun Perak Dec 1,2016 5:36 PM


    I wonder , a person who is proud with the name “Karl” in his name is 100% Malay blood. He might not be 100% Malay because of his fond of a Mat Saleh name.

    Karl always like to scold DAP…Najib agent in dealing with 1MDB is Jho Low ….If Jho Low is a member of DAP , do you think which is worst DAP or Jho Low ? Jho Low might be your enemy, so all this while you are sleeping with an enemy.

    The dealing of 1MDB uses 2 or 3 chinese proxies. Some of money to the tunes of millions from dealing goes to 2-3 accounts of Jho Low and Tanore which is Chinese account.Not only that, beneficiary of BSI dealing in Singapore are also Chinese to the tune of millions….. So,… dont quote any criticism on 1MDB as “Anti-Malay”. Like Karl Iskandar, his name his not 100% Malay name, 1MDB dealing is not 100% benificiary are Malay. So, why the rhetoric, wahai Pemakan Dedak ?

  12. HouseWife Dec 1,2016 5:08 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,
    Tun tak kesian ka dengar “rintihan” mereka. Tun dah bercerai talak tiga dengan mereka (putus sudah kasih sayang? hanya Allah Mengetahui), tapi mulut tak berenti2 sebut nama Tun. Mereka dok bicara pasal Tun di “mahkamah” mereka, mencari, menghurai al-sebab Tun cerai mereka. Malangnya yang mereka bicara bukan al-sebab sebenarnya tapi menyampai pembohongan2 yang direkacipta dan disumbat kedalam hati dan pemikiran mereka oleh pihak atasan dengan izin Boss. Habuan yang dah terlampau banyak dimakan bertahun2 lamanya telah mengaburi kewarasan pemikiran mereka.

    Pihak atasan, these people are the real goebbels, incriminating Tun with slanderous, ridiculous and wild accusations liken Tun and sahabat2 to adolf hitler?! Have Tun make their living poorer? Have Tun make them powerless? Have Tun make the country running havoc and chaotic? No No No!…as mdm ijat feedlot says, her darling MO1@DSN is the best!…who holds all power saves them and him. Mind you umno, now that to you Tun is toothless but his mind is so very sharp. At this age in his gentle way he can shake you, Umno! Tun has keen critical eyes, can you meet them proudly, confidently…without fear? Oya, didn’t your Boss say the days of the living fears of Tun is over? Why then spike Tun with fictitious remarks on stage, do it in front of Tun. Ada berani?

    Tun, what is the beginning of a reputation for personality? One of the guide is to try in every way to have a ready command of manners which make people think ‘oh he’s a likable person’. Right now I can’t find one in umno, if I were to scan all the pihak atasan living today. They don’t have the celebrated star qualities like Tun, magnetic, fascinating, energetic, stunning and glowing. Umno leaders today are so self-absorbed, narcissistic, superficial…flirtatious? flamboyant?

    They are lousy as leaders. Instead of defusing fire, they’re adding more fuel by reinventing racialism and segregation. Instead of loosen the tension that they created, they let loose the monsters in them (the Reds?) to act as…well, monsters of course (this word is brought up by the acting deputy president himself). Tun, why don’t they stop to listen and learn from history. I wonder how they face their brothers and sisters of other races, especially the Chinese, after saying all these racist remarks in PAU. Tun, don’t you find it amazing that they could train their faces into making like “muka tebal” wherever they go.

    They holy speaking Umno is the backbone of the BNgovernment…so then prove the talk, no better still stop talking and act now striving for peace and harmony and work towards togetherness with all sections of people. Don’t push away people of the other side. They may have different ideologies and opinions, but still they are people, they are Malaysians not some kind of aliens. Give them their rights to stay, give them their rights to say, give them their rights to congregate and they will give you their undivided love and respect and loyalty within the scope of the Constitution.

    Umno, stop all the incitement of racism, sludge-mongering, scaremongering and Mahathir-mongering. Stop drumming the calling of wars among your own countrymen. Use your PAU to call upon all to embrace peace, love and harmony. Gather all your brains, energy and money working out this calling. And most important of all, stop acting like a whining “woman” who got cerai talak tiga from Tun. Leave Tun alone.

    May Allah Bless and Protect you and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun. “HIDUP BERSATU!”

  13. amd trmz Dec 1,2016 4:19 PM


    Ciptaan DR Nejib nuan nuan dip in GST,bsc (hons)math,phd in cowBRAIN


    Apa kena mengena tentang kedaulatan negaraku, biar la DOJ nak siasat sesiapa yang melanggar undang-undang amerika, negara mereka

    Buat saudara KJ, hati-hati makan banyak sangat dedak. Tiba-tiba banyak sangat cakap, BERAPA BANYAK DEDAK NEJIB TABUR!!!

  14. faridina Dec 1,2016 2:27 PM

    Assalam Dearest Tun Dad,

    Yeah you can’t have everybody agreeing with you all the time right, well that is free speech a component of democracy.

    Anyway we are okay with all the name calling as long as we can get najis out of our system.

    Ahh.. it feels good bro Odikarl.

    Wasalam Tun.

  15. Karl Iskandar Dec 1,2016 10:38 AM

    What did that DAP man said about DrM at a recent convention in Penang?

    The Pimp and his Prostitutes.

    I’m seeing them here right now.


  16. sibotak Dec 1,2016 5:26 AM

    Tun Mahathir Mohamad Valedictory

    Di mula dengan Minta Maaf Tun

    Amat kecewa , amat merugikan Tun yg sudah terbukti
    Berbakti sebagai PM Malaysia selama 22 tahun dengan cemerlang
    Tiba tiba Tun ingin bersara SEDANGKAN
    Tun masih berstamina , masih ingin berjuang untuk Malaysia
    Dan wujud dalam darah daging Tun
    Alangkah indahnya Tun yg masih segak ,kacak tegap lagi cekap
    Masih jadi PM Malaysia kita Malaysia hingga kini
    Kita UMNO & Malaysia tidak lah bersudahan bergini , Tun
    Sayang sekarang Tun dan Kita kena mula dari Semula…..Start from Scrap

    Obama ,President US memang sudah di tetapkan hanya untuk 2 penggal jadi President
    walaupun saya yakin rakyat US masih akan memilih Obama
    Daripada Trumph atau Clinton
    Trumph atau Clinton sebenarnya bukanlan hajat permintaan US
    Kedua ini memang Big Clown but Better than Najib The Worst Clown
    Cuma rakyat US tiada pilihan

    Di Malaysia PM bolih seterusnya selagi rakyat memangkar undi untuk mereka
    Najib memang nak kena pangkar bukan nak kena pangkar undi

    Ialah Tun nak cakap apa
    Dah nasib Badan , kita hanya bolih berusaha
    Dia yg menentukan sandiwara hidup kita

    Saya kalau bolih nak jadi Superman Islam
    Pakai seluar dalam warna Hijau tak macam Superman US pakai warna Biru
    Tapi saya pakai kat dalam ,Superman Islam kena Sopan tutup Aurat
    Saya akan selamatkan saudara saya yg menderita di Timur Tengah , Rohingya di Burma
    Saya akan Hapuskan kesemua manusia yg menzalimi sesama manusia

    Macamana semangat saya Tun , Ok tak ?

  17. Sharudin Jamal Dec 1,2016 2:02 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I’m not a politician and certainly, I’m not into political polemics. This is the first time I write my piece of mind on our current political scenario.

    I admit, I’m an amateur when comes to politics but even as apolitical as I am, I am peeved with Najib’s manipulations and power play.

    Let there be justice,

  18. faridina Dec 1,2016 12:05 AM

    Assalam Dearest Tun,


    The rakyat thinks it’s about time dearest Tun dad should write an official letter to President elected Donald Trump immediately after he took office sometime end of January next year.

    Writing in what capacity Tun should know better but it must come together with at least 1 million signature of the rakyat petition which can easily be gathered taking note of the last successful CD.

    We should address 4 important issues;

    1. Expedite the DOJ civil suit.

    2. Expose MO1 officially.

    3. Return those assets and properties to the rakyat via a special account at BNM where the present government do not have access.

    4. Take criminal action against Jho Low, Riza and the gang for stealing 1MDB borrowed money which will lead to the exposed MO1.

    This is the only way we the rakyat can witness Najib’s Valedictory before GE 14.

    Tun you are not alone in the struggle to bring down THE SUPER LET GO pee M.

    Wasalam Tun.

  19. amd trmz Nov 30,2016 3:33 PM


    1.Kalah pilihanraya 130 lebih je kerusi, hilang majoriti 2/3, SUPER EGO tak nak letak jawatan, Apa cina mau? kata nejib.

    2.SUPER EGO, BRIM la penyebab wang beredar melebihi pasaran, tak mengaku, SUPER EGO, salahkan ekonomi dunia, salahkan peniaga ambik kesempatan penyebab inflasi. Baca! Teori Ekonomi Fisher.


    4.SUPER EGO, pecat muhyiddin yang cuma tanya 1MDB tu kemana wangnya

    Banyak lagi la tak tau aku nak cakap dah

    Ingatlah kata cendikiawan ini!



  20. faridina Nov 30,2016 2:03 PM

    Assalam Dearest Tun Dad,

    This topic goes specially to dumbno representatives who are on vacation mood here in KL who may understand English (10percent maybe).

    In between shopping, fine dining and hotels set up you might want to read this yeah.


    Najis is head of state turn billionaire.
    Trump is billionaire turn head of state.

    Najis takes salary as head of state.
    Trump to forgo his head of state salary (gonna take 1 dollar a year only).

    Najis takes kickbacks as head of state.
    Trump is fighting and kicking all that back.

    Najis is silent about corruption.
    Trump is vocal on corruption.

    Najis married twice.
    Trump married thrice.

    Najis used to have RM2.6 billion in his private account.

    Trump never have that kind of money in his private account but his net worth (business) stands at US3,5 billion.

    Najis makes don’t know as MO1.

    Trump will make known who MO1 is.

    This list can go on forever but as golf buddies are they ON PAR? huhuhuu..

    Wasalam Tun.

  21. milshah Nov 30,2016 10:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Salleh Kruak recently highlight that you are one of the challenges of UMNO. If indeed Tun is a challenge for UMNO, it can easily be resolved.

    MO1 needs to resign. Settle the 1MDB issue and those responsible be brought to justice. Its a simple task really. Whats more its the right to do. And legions of voters will come back to UMNO as a party that is principled that defend no one that commits crimes.

    But no, UMNO prefer to defend MO1 and recieve all this headache. So be it.

  22. HouseWife Nov 30,2016 2:29 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Tun, MO1@DSN has suddenly found the guts to criticize and ridicule Tun with rage and vengeance…publicly. He intentionally and completely ignored the reasoning behind himself being ridiculed by the people who saw who and what he was. What he’s doing now is just an attempt to gain attention and diverting his grand robbery of the people’s funds, for his and his 1MDB’s consumption, towards Tun and inciting hate with false accusations of Tun being a traitor. He presented himself as a non-corrupted, clean-cut leader, a champion of moral and justice. Justice?! Corruption has eroded the justice system in Malaysia!

    Tun, wasn’t he, as the Mr pm and minister of finance dishonestly conned the Malaysians into believing he did nothing wrong, abuse of power he sacked all his critics, cemented all investigation that pointed towards his 1MDB financial scandals and the billion ringgit ‘donation’ into own private account. How could he have so much power? Where did he get the power? Did the previous Mr PMs have that same kind of power like him, Tun?

    Dear Malaysia, what have you created? What kind of leaders have you created? Leaders of today seem to lack humility and noble-heart. Dear Malaysia, you have created political money-eaters, hypocrites ala gangsters with hearts of stone unable to tame. Elected and selected leaders forget and ignore their first and loyal pledge ie to serve all the people all the time and at all cost humbly and equally.

    Tun, whatever the outcome of this Umno assembly and the coming PRU, the question remains whether Malaysia is willing to face and accept one more time the same kind of leadership and put her fate at his disposal. Malaysia is experiencing financial stress and ringgit kept plunging down, are we willing to take the risk for the next 5 years. The so-called experts in economy and his brilliant advisers, what advises have they given him to help restore the economy and the ringgit, nothing…nothing concrete has been done to remedy this fearful situation, as usual he sings…Everything Is Fine. Voters are not happy with this song.

    Tun, speaking of fine, is LTH fine? Why is LTH relinquishing 20% of its stake in BIMB? Why does LTH need to realize cash from its investments? Does it not have enough funds now? LTH must have valid reason to sell its BIMB stake and we can only speculate. We know pretty well that LTH has spent hundreds of millions of ringgit of pilgrims’ money in buying TRX land. They backed-off from their promise to sell back TRX to regain the depositors’ money, but instead they wanted to keep it and developed it into something so grand and huge that most probably only the rich and famous could afford. Hopefully whatever LTH wants to do it does not go against the Islam Financial Service Act 2013, all its actions must be in the interest of its depositors. As pilgrims’ money is siphoned out to rescue 1MDB, May Allah berkati their ‘deeds’.

    Tun, BERSATU maybe young but in a short time it will be a killer. BERSATU will give intense fight to win. Even if BERSATU may have to face your “bekas anak2 dan cucu2”, nothing to regret about ‘cos the greatest achievement of all is you have instill and renew the spirit of hope and unity, InsyaAllah.

    May Allah Bless and Protect you and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.

  23. zulu Nov 29,2016 7:43 PM

    As I said earlier, in the UMNO general assembly…Najis is using DAP Vs Malay tactics to retain the grassroots. He and his slaves thieves won’t utter a single word that challenge PPBM in the general assembly.

    Also Najib calls on Umno to begin GE14 preparations…for what? to loot more and make Malaysia glitter more??!!

  24. faridina Nov 29,2016 4:04 PM

    Assalam Dearest Tun,

    Yeah.. it feels good to be able to adorn the yellow Bersih 5 tees, not only Tun’s did but HE Mr Obama too.. Well seeing is believing (correction PC was actually done in the White House!) and there is a translation in Bahasa Malaysia too good job – do scroll down youtube comment.

    Not sure if Tun is a pet lover – wish could be one and two.

    However please be patient Odikarl because all the last two three posting will bring us to Najis’s Valedictory coming soon..

    We shall recommend a pragmatic last resort plan when our citizen Daddy is back from Tunisia. 

    Wasalam Tun.

  25. WandyCaswady Nov 29,2016 12:38 PM

    ﻣَﺮَﺝَ ٱﻟْﺒَﺤْﺮَﻳْﻦِ ﻳَﻠْﺘَﻘِﻴَﺎﻥِ

    Maraja albahrayni yaltaqiyani

    He released the two seas, meeting [side by side];

    ﺑَﻴْﻨَﻬُﻤَﺎ ﺑَﺮْﺯَﺥٌ ﻻَّ ﻳَﺒْﻐِﻴَﺎﻥِ

    Baynahuma barzakhun la yabghiyani

    Between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses.

    ﻓَﺒِﺄَﻯِّ ءَاﻻَٓءِ ﺭَﺑِّﻜُﻤَﺎ ﺗُﻜَﺬِّﺑَﺎﻥِ

    Fabiayyi alai rabbikuma tukaththibani

    So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

    #ArRahmaan 19-21

    Baltic sea and North sea…

    Jazakumullahu khairan kathiraa

  26. WandyCaswady Nov 29,2016 11:51 AM

    Karl iskandar is such such a chicken.. fit enough to eat dedak… Hahaha… Seeing your writings here… U can see you only seeks attention n provoke people here… I dunno whether to laugh or to cry seeing you write here in this blog… Hahaha…

    Ni nak habaq mai karl iskandar 😂

  27. zulu Nov 29,2016 10:53 AM

    The Star:
    Najib also highlighted that Malay­sia’s economy was still growing. He said he spoke about this in a phone conversation with US President-elect Donald Trump two days ago.

    “He asked about Malaysia’s economy and I said it grew 4.3% in the third quarter of 2016.

    …while US economy grew only 1%…

    Not sure Malaysians should cry or laugh…LOL

  28. zulu Nov 29,2016 10:48 AM

    Najis Interview:
    Asked to share how he faced the condemnation calmly, Najib said; “I understand leaders like Dr Mahathir, his methods and the message that he uses.”

    That’s not real I think…he is calm because it’s the behavior of a thief. He has to take it, no choice for this crook.

    Najis – the product from removal of sarong at wrong time

  29. Karl Iskandar Nov 29,2016 10:47 AM

    Otak Kuning

    So F.

    No moral agency whatsoever is assigned to you. You’re a pet to be coddled and condescended to.

    You have a problem with that? Well then, you must be a dedak eater.

    The yellow Tees are just so swag, man. DAPig likes to see you wear them. It makes DAPig feel, you know, diverse.

    How do you feel?

  30. sibotak Nov 29,2016 8:29 AM

    Seems World starts to Change its direction

    We have now Israel Burning
    Rude weird leaders like Ducarte of Philippine
    Trumph of United States is rising
    They may be Weird BUT most important they are not hypocrites like Najib

    I hate leaders who are hypocrites
    Hate Elderly who want respects but they failed to earned one
    Hate Uztad who are Good in front Bad at back
    These are the ingredients of a Failed leader that will results in a failed Nation
    Najib is a very Good True example of it . Rosmah & Family is the Disciples
    These will destroy Malaysia

    In a pile of Tomatoes , We have to get rid of the Bad one
    For it will ruin the rest to Bad. UMNO is Ruined .It will go Bad if not Doctored
    In the next PRU , LETS see how Najib can stand his own Seat
    His Seat today are broken , cracks & it will shattered
    Lets have an Ugly Duckling to contest Najib , let it Blow

    Najib knows Malaysia Hates him
    By he has to thicken his face for his seats or perhaps
    Flush his face in the toilet bowl , to refresh

  31. faridina Nov 29,2016 1:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    When asked by a journalist from Malaysia at a PC in Peru recently this was what he answered;

    “Well.. Malaysia has a history of democracy, has to be preserved and I have good relation with Prime Minister Najib and we are close partners and cooperating on a whole host of issues. I think that Malaysia like all other countries not just ASEAN countries but countries like United States has to recognise that DEMOCRACY IS NOT JUST ELECTION.. BUT IT IS HOW OPEN AND TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT IS BETWEEN ELECTION AND SUPPORT THAT FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY AND THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY AND ALL THOSE RIGHTS ARE OBSERVE TO MAKE DEMOCRACY WORK.

    So I, as a general rule I don’t comment on even individual cases in this country much less some other country because I think it’s important for the legal system to work. But I do know that it is important if an opposition leader who is well known has been charged with the crime that that process how that is adjudicated, how open it is, how clear the evidence is, that is all subject to scrutiny because what you don’t want is the situation in which a legitimacy of the process is question and has an adverse effect on democracy as a whole and I think we all have to guard against making sure that there is not a chilling effect on potential opposition and government so you know as I always point out democracy is hard.

    May I, I think that many of the things are said about me are terribly unfair but the reason American democracies survive for so long is because people even they are wrong have the right to say what they think. You know George Washington my first President he complained terribly about some of the foolishness that was said about him but part of the reasons his considered one of our greatest Presidents is because he sat an example of recognising that if democracy was to work then you have to respect the rights even those people you disagree most with because otherwise there’s no way that democracy can flourish over the long term so this were things I said publicly when I was in Malaysia really. I had the option of meeting some community activists and civil society leaders there and this is something that I say everywhere we go.

    And it’s important for America to recognize that we are not perfect either so we have to make sure that we are constantly seeing how do we improve our democracy. The amounts of money for example that are involve in our election this day is disturbing because it make it seems that for few people have more influence in the democracy than the many. And so I would continue to speak out about this issue even with friends maybe sometimes we are even more willing to say something when its friends because we know they can do better.”

    We guess PM, DPM & IGP might have seen and listened to the above PC via youtube and decided to release Maria Chin before that PM’s golf buddy make a courtesy call to him.

    Wasalam Tun.

  32. zulu Nov 28,2016 5:13 PM

    “Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah released”
    So people should be ready for another rally against Najis soon. The scadalous IGP whose daughter is running ammunition business, should be brought to court for keeping her in prison without any reason.

  33. zulu Nov 28,2016 3:14 PM

    Minister Nazri Najis says while talking about PPBM…many of these parties were built around the cult of personality of their leaders without any clear ideologies….really???!!! but UMNO now lead by a thief…do you know that? whats that ideology…
    and your son’s pornography pictures are abundant in internet now and whats that ideology… 🙂

    The thief simply says that he didn’t use the money which he kept in his bank account…yes thats true, he spent it to buy ornaments for his wife, assets for his W2’s son etc…but the money is looted money…and UMNO grassroots knew that…

  34. PakCik Nov 27,2016 11:29 PM

    Salam Tun, and fellow bloggers

    I have a hunch…
    1. najib will steal more and more
    2. then he and his family members, goons will run away seeking asylum from other countries.
    3. he knows the types of charges from law they will get if they stay in this country….

  35. rimba.emas Nov 27,2016 11:22 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Dari pengalaman pemerhatian pilihan raya yang lepas-lepas Rimba Emas dapati suasana rakyat ramai hadzir dalam ceramah kempen oleh pemimpin tidak semestinya satu petunjuk akan kemenangannya bila hari mengundi.

    2. Di contohkan pada mencari pemenang dalam bentuk lain seperti rancangan realiti tv. Pemenangnya memerlukan penonton yang menonton persembahannya memggundi menggunakan telefon bimbit.

    3. Didapati rating melihat rancangan begitu tinggi hanya memihak stesen penyiar. Sementara yang mengundi tidaklah seramai yang menonton.

    4. Rimba Emas timbulkan persoalan ini untuk perhatian PPBM. Sebabnya PPBM akan di wakili bekas pemimpin UMNO termasuklah Presidennya sendiri.

    5. Pada Pru 13 yang lalu ada pemimpin bekas UMNO yang bertanding Parti Bebas kalah kepada pemimpin UMNO yang baru sedangkan ketika beliau mewakili UMNO menang mejoriti besar.

    6. Ini menunjukkan pengundi kawasan itu pegang teguh pada Parti bukan pada faktor individu pemimpin tersebut.

    7. Dari fasa satu sehinggalah sekarang PPBM termasuklah dalam ‘chedet’ kita ini banyak menceritakan kesalahan yang di lakukan UMNO TERUTAMA SEKALI CERITA YANG DI RAHSIAKAN DARI PENGETAHUAN RAKYAT.

    8. Keadaan ini sama seperti Parti-Parti Pembankang yang ada sekarang malah lama dah depa buat tapi masih tidak dapat majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

    9. Agaknya depa terutamanya di kampong-kampong buat macam tengok tv malas nak undi guna talipon syok tengok sahaja. Bila ‘time’ menggundi lupa cerita RAHSIA tu.. tapi undi orang yang tolong bagi duit belanja ketika kekurangan wang belanja. Sedangkan puncanya dari GST .

    10. Rimba Emas berpendapat elok masuk fasa dua pula iaitu memberi sedikit kegembiraan kepada rakyat dengan PPBM BERJANJI UNTUK MENGUBAH SEMUA PERKARA BURUK YANG KITA CERITAKAN KEPADA RAKYAT ITU JIKA PPBM DI PILIH.


    12. Untuk pengetahuan komentar ‘chedet’ bicara Presiden ini akan di adakan di kawasan Rimba Emas iaitu Kepala Batas. Maklumat di ambil dari laman FB wakil PPBM seperti di bawah.

    TARIKH:- 4 DIS 2016 (AHAD)
    MASA:- 8.30 MALAM.

    Bagaimana pun bicara ini kurang berseri sedikit kerana di katakan tampa kehadiran Tuan Pengerusi iaitu Tun berdua serta anakda T.Presiden hanya di beri:-
    1) Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin.
    2) HJ Marzuki Hj Yahya
    3) Muhd Zahid Md Arip dan lain-lain…

    Hibahan ikhlas ini atas tindakan sendiri, harap maaf jika ada salah silap atas maklumat yang mungkin berubah dan tidak lengkap.


  36. Ingat Akhirat Nov 27,2016 6:56 PM

    Salamalikom Tun Dr. Mahathir, Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah, Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi dan Ketua2 Parti,
    Salam Sejahtera En. Tan Kok Wai dan Ketua2 Parti yang lain.
    1)Please allow me to pen down some suggestions with the aim of securing election funds, winning PRU14 and eventually ouster Najib and his penyamun2.
    2)From the famous Najib’s Kleptocracy Scandal, US DoJ is starting to recover back the stolen money but may NOT return the money to MO1. MO1 is the robber and the culprit; stolen money doesn’t belong to the robber.
    3)The stolen money belongs to those Malaysians who are being robbed. However, those who support the robber do not believed it was stolen and hence, the money is not theirs to claim.
    4)Therefore, Lady and Gentlemen, please formalized your grouping. I suggest you name your grouping BB (Barisan Bersatu) or United Front. Allow HE the US Ambassador to officiate the formation of United Front with global publicity. Have a shadow cabinet and budget. Provide some strong argument on the custody of the stolen money.
    5)Once formally recognized, US DoJ will have reasons to transfer all Kleptocracy recovered funds to BB.
    6)InsyaaAllah, Allah bersama pehak yang benar.

    Ingat Akhirat

  37. musato Nov 27,2016 4:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Walau sudah hampir basi tapi rasanya belum terlambat saya menambah koleksi buku dengan membeli A Doctor In The House pagi tadi.

    Baru 3 mukasurat baca, tidur sekejap dan dapat sedikit inspirasi untuk menulis.

    Di sini saya berhasrat memberi pandangan kedua berkenaan apa yang berlaku pada politik negara selepas Tun meletak jawatan dan diteruskan oleh Pak Lah.

    Seperti sekarang, Tun juga dipinggir dan diketepikan selepas mengkritik teruk Pak Lah. Tun tiada tempat bersuara dan kemudiannya wujudlah blog chedet hasil dari cetusan Marina Mahathir.

    Kebetulannya alamat blog ini saya ketahui ketika bersarapan sambil baca Utusan di kedai lama berhampiran rumah saya.

    Entah macam mana, di antara beratus ribu pengunjung pertama ketika itu, Tun memilih untuk berinteraksi dengan tulisan saya. Saya merasa ketar lutut jugalah masa tu. Adakah saya buat salah?

    Sebenarnya, semangat saya menulis masa tu didorong oleh bacaan artikel mengenai biodata Tokku Paloh ( Sayyid Abdul Rahman – Ahlul bait keturunan 32 Rasullullah saw) yang dilahirkan di cabang tiga Terengganu.

    Saya terkejut kerana selama ini saya buta SEJARAH negeri sendiri. Dengan demikian saya teruskan menulis bersama ‘semangat’ yang datang dengan niat mahu membalas budi Tun dan tidak mahu memalukan keturunan Tokku Paloh serta Terengganu.

    Kebetulannya masa tu, YDP Agong adalah Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. Malah melalui selidikkan saya, cucu Sayyid Tokku Paloh masih menjadi penasihat agama pada istana. Malah masa hayat beliau sendiri, beliau adalah guru kepada Sultan yang memerintah.

    Setelah beberapa bulan berinteraksi dengan Tun, rasa ‘lain macam’ seperti “kenapa aku pandai sangat berpolitik ni, sedangkan saya tidak tahu sesiapa di dalam keluarga saya yang berkeupayaan berpolitik di peringkat tinggi”.

    Saya mengkaji sedikit sebanyak lagi. Dan dikesempatan ketika duduk di tepi tangga bersama arwah toki dan tok saya, saya menyatakan rasa ‘lain macam’ tersebut pada tok. Saya kata “saya tolong Mahathir tok”.

    Tok kata “tanya toki”. Tapi arwah toki diam tidak memberi reaksi. Malah masa bercakap saya ada menyebut nama Tok Pulau Manis (Syeikh Abdul Malik 1650-an) dan Tokku Paloh (1818-1918).

    Tok beritahu, tu semua keluarga kita. Dan saya mendapat jawapan dari rasa ‘lain macam’ tersebut. Patutlah.

    Orang orang lama ini adalah ulama nusantara. Wali Allah. Malah Tok Pulau Manis dikatakan waris dari empayar Abbasiyyah yang hancur dipenghujungnya. Beliau bukanlah baru di sini, malah sudah ada nenek moyang di sini sebelum itu.

    Jika kita menyebut tentang ulama nusantara dan wali Allah, maka kita tidak akan lepas dari mengenali ilmu tasawuf. Ilmu kerohanian dan kebersihan jiwa.

    Saya bukanlah pelajar pondok mahupun alim dan warak dalam hal agama. Kekadang sembahyang 5 waktu pun terlepas. Saya belajar di sekolah kebangsaan dan bekas penuntut UiTM. Keputusan pelajaran saya tidak sebagus mana. Arwah ayah saya hanya bekerja sebagai buruh kasar.

    Walau bagaimanapun, saya gembira berkerja dan dapat rezeki sebagai baker.

    Dikatakan dalam ilmu tasawuf terdapat persetujuan tentang ‘ilmu laduni’ iaitu ilmu terus dari Allah swt tanpa bersusah payah. Untuk mengatakan saya dikurniakan ilmu tersebut, rasanya amat berat untuk diterima. Malah saya menulis terus terang di sini bagi mudah orang yang tidak biasa memahami mengenai tasawuf. Namun saya rasa itu adalah antara keindahan yang terdapat dalam Islam.

    Berbalik kepada interaksi saya bersama Tun di sini, di antara kejayaan besar saya dalam mengemukakan jalan penyelesaian adalah ;

    1. Mengatasi krisis ekonomi negara mengenai kenaikan harga minyak pada 2008.

    2. Memberi cadangan menyelesaikan bawa balik mayat dan kotak hitam MH17.

    Mengenai pandangan kedua saya mengenai politik negara masa kini, seperti saya tulis di atas, pendirian saya lebih kepada cara Islamik dan tasawuf (kerohanian).

    Disebabkan saya tidak punyai maklumat mengenai ‘gerak kerja politik’ dan bekerja dalam bidang politik, maka tidak mudah bagi saya mengikuti semua perkembangan yang berlaku.

    Saya tidak mengajar Tun, malah saya belajar dari Tun. Seperti mana doa saya pada Allah swt ketika berada dalam kefakiran yang amat. “Tunjukkanlah aku siapa yang boleh aku lihat dan ikuti, kerana mustahil bagi aku melihat Rasulullah saw kerana baginda telah wafat”. Amin.

    Tanpa diduga langsung, Allah swt tunjukkan seorang hamba Allah dari Malaysia negaraku sendiri. Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

    Saya menulis mengenai latarbelakang saya agar jalan politik negara masa kini menjurus kepada kaedah Islamik dan bukan mengikut acuan Barat walaupun sah dari segi undang undang.

    Ini kerana setiap kaedah jalan penyelesaian yang saya berikan InyaAllah mencapai tujuan dan matlamatnya (dengan izin Allah swt).

    Seperti kata Tun, kita tidak akan tahu samada ia berjaya atau tidak melainkan kita usahakan/praktikkan. Test Drive.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  38. furqan Nov 27,2016 4:19 PM

    Salam Tun

    Najib boasted that TDM no longer has that “fear factor” he should be worried about.

    Actually he DOES have that fear factor, nobody needs any evidence on that. The evidence of 1MDB thievery is now being laid bare in SG, bit by bit and soon, more will come out and hopefully the authorities from other countries will also do the same.

    Najib knows very very well that once he steps down, he will have to face the law. He does not learn that tyrannical leaders and their compadres don’t last forever as always proven in human history. He is now undoubtedly living in fear

  39. zulu Nov 27,2016 12:58 PM

    As of 27/11/2016

    1 US Dollar equals
    4.47 Malaysian Ringgit

  40. zulu Nov 27,2016 12:54 PM

    To counter the UMNO grassroot leaders and members in their general assembly, thief Najis and his top UMNO slaves planned to create a play of Malay Vs DAP…by doing this, Najis can hide as usual from 1MDB loot and China deals loot.

  41. zulu Nov 27,2016 12:29 PM

    The Star news paper run by MCA, the party which calls themselves as savior of Malaysian chinese but sides with a thief to persecute the chinese (Ex: chinese woman arrested under SOSMA and Red Shirt thugs and drug addicts attachking chinese people)…is now publishing more interviews with UMNO thieves and the main thief also…

    The main thief Najis is simply giving interview without guilty feelings and as if he didn’t loot the people money and put it in his bak account and his hippo’s account…this could be a style/practice of his lineage which is Bugis pirates.

  42. faridina Nov 27,2016 6:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    26 November 2016
    Kg Kerubung Tengah
    8.30 – 12.00 malam

    Terlebih dahulu sekalung tahniah buat rakyat Melaka yang telah menunjukkan komitmen tinggi dalam menumbangkan rejim Najis & Deris dengan tidak kurang 5,000 orang turun ke padang malam tadi.

    Nampak gayanya pelbagai usaha Dak Deris untuk menggagalkan program PPBM Melaka tetap menemui jalan buntu mana taknya semasa di Jasin bulan lalu bila ada program yang melibatkan Tun M & PPBM, sengaja si Deris adakan acara silat di Stadium Jasin dan malam tadi apabila kami sampai di lokasi terdengar bacaan selawat yang kuat berkumandang hanya 100 meter sahaja dari pentas ucapan.

    Rupanya si Deris takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri dan mengarahkan macai pecacai dia sengaja adakan program selawatlah pulak nampak sangat dia dah desperado.

    Nampak gayanya sepenggal jer lah dia merasa jadi KM Melaka huhuhu itulah lahabau nak ikut sangat si Najis terimalah akibatnya.

    Terharu tengok penglibatan langsung Pesuruhjaya PAS Melaka kali ini yang turut memberi ucapan penuh bersemangat mengenangkan di Jasin dahulu PAS telah menyediakan tapak mereka untuk PPBM.

    Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa PAS Melaka nampak di peringkat akar umbi jika bekerjasama dengan PPBM itu menguntungkan dan kami berani jamin bahawa di negeri Melaka senario untuk satu lawan satu pasti akan jadi kenyataan dan tidak keterlaluan jika momentum ini diteruskan maka KM Melaka yang baharu bakal datang dari PPBM.

    Melaka the land of giant killer bakal dikuasai Pakatan Bersatu insyaAllah dan dengan itu YB Samsyul Iskandar Naib Presiden PKR pula menyampai ucapan penuh berapi dengan mengaitkan pihak tertentu yang sanggup membakar kereta rakannya bagi tujuan intimidasi politik.

    Nah orang Melaka ni cakap lembut-lembut bukan trademark mereka ini kata Syamsul sendiri maka keluarlah perkataan lahanat yang ditujukan kepada pihak rejim.

    Seterusnya TSMY dengan karisma pemimpin yang berani kerana benar dan takut pada Yang Maha Esa berjaya menyakinkan para hadirin dengan hujah2nya yang penuh fakta kebenaran.

    Ucapan terakhir dan amat dinanti2kan para hadirin datangnya dari ayahanda Tun sendiri yang berjaya memukaukan audiiens sehingga mereka tidak berganjak dari tempat duduk masing2.hingga ke akhir.

    Tun sempat berpesan pada pihak yang sabotaj kalau hendak selawat biarlah pada Nabi bukan untuk tujuan lain dan lama kelamaan bunyi selawat itu menghilang dan apabila rakan kami diam2 membuat lawatan ke sana untuk mengambil gambar adalah 50 orang sahaja yang ditugaskan berselawat.

    Tun mulakan ceramah berlegar pada SEJARAH dengan memetik pepatah pujangga barat “Barang siapa yang tidak belajar dari sejarah maka dia akan terus dilaknati untuk

    Eloklah tontoni youtube ucapan Tun yang memukaukan ini dan dengarkanlah cerita Forest City di Johor dan apa kaitannya dengan tipuhelah Najis dalam memenangi PRU 14 nanti.

    Konten ceramah Tun kali ini cukup berbeza dari yang sebelum2 ini dan kami saran tuan/puan dengar sendiri dan gerenti terkejut.

    Kehadiran Tun ke kampung2 adalah menjadi ejen pemangkin perubahan atau ejen penumbang rejim Najis.

    Terima kasih berbillion Tun.

    Wasalam Tun Berdua.

    p/s ~ Cukup terharu apabila hasrat anak gadis kami hendak bersalaman dengan idolanya Tok Det tercapai jua di Melaka terima kasih ayahanda Tun – anak kami sedang bercuti semester menitiskan airmata kegembiraan 😉

  43. WandyCaswady Nov 27,2016 12:10 AM

    I think there is no point of living anymore when you know this country govern by the corrupt human… No point of thinking about the future when you know this country is goin down… What is the point of living when you cant do anything about it… You know pilgrims fees n about age in Tabung Haji right?

    You all know that the houses and lands prices are getting higher and higher… Oil prices will ofcourse will never go down again… Except miracles happens… And talking about oil… Cooking oil…

    Can you all imagine the poor and the needs? Some of them become thieves and robbers… Some become rapist because they cant afford to get married… Killing babies because they thought they cant afford to have them…

    Tell me… Most Malaysian got paid RM1200 too Rm4000 per month… Houses is how much? And you know about agents and middle man… A business houses man… So yaa.. pretty damn sure 70 of you still dont have houses due to personal loans and cars… Because of marriage ofcourse… Rm1200 – Rm 4000…


    So tell me people… Does PTPTN help you all? Not all lah.. but some…

    Women always want rich guys with handsome face… But most Men do not hav that kind of luxury.. so they rape… Babies… N this is actually goin in cycle…

    So my point is… There is no hope left for us younger generation… The status gap is too far between us… You all know… This life will goin to be harder than this in the future … if this kleptocracy doesnt stop here…

    I hope that the one who is responsible will failed in its own plan…

    May Allah always protects us all…

    Allahu akhbar!!!

  44. Sharudin Jamal Nov 26,2016 9:07 PM

    Thanks Wandy.

    Those are cool advice. May we become as stated in the Quran, be friends who meet and depart because of Allah.

    Do keep in touch –

    Love to hear from you.


  45. furqan Nov 26,2016 3:25 PM

    Money is King?. This is the crux issue leading to corrupt practices. Such is the philosophy of Taghut with no real leadership, but only corrupt practices to maintain his untenable position. Imagine, how much money would be needed every day and month, to be siphoned off rakyats coffer, to buy his supporters inc Ketua Bahagian and etc ppl in the power chain. Money is never enough for greedy and corrupt ppl, and thus, this “system” will eventually collapse on its own, due to such inherent negative value. That is inevitable

    Corrupt leaders bring nothing but negative output or destruction/ imbalance – this is the law of nature. Nobody can escape that, even though they wish such fact is not true

    That is why we now we hear Hospitals are short of money to perform diagnostic tests, education funding is cut, essential subsidies are removed and rakyat has to pay GST for basic necessities. This is all due to the negative and destructive practices done by them. There is no barakah/good things from corrupt ppl, only destruction. FELDA mismanagement is another bungled operation done by such destructive people. They will keep on digging the piggy bank in various institutions, to fund their destructive “money is king” operation. Soon, even FELDA kampung folks will not vote them

    Time and time again, the law of nature have shown that falsehood brings nothing but misery (to the ppl and the person committing such activity)

    Singapore court is now showing the proof of the illicit money laundering activity done by 1MDB thieves. The thieves are now in a hot pan like cacing kepanasan. Thus their act of imprisoning ppl who are whistleblowing and highlighting such corrupt practice. They are now desperate and that is why SOSMA is being used against whistleblowers. When ppl are desperate, it is not impossible they will suspend the law, to evade their eventual fate – which is facing up to the law itself.

    When the system is so out of balanced due to corrupt practices, a crisis is undoubtedly the product. A breaking point will eventually appear, and this will force the system to correct itself and those doing the corrupt things that destroy the system will eventually be brought to justice.

  46. WandyCaswady Nov 26,2016 1:48 PM

    But dont be

  47. WandyCaswady Nov 26,2016 1:45 PM

    This is for Sharudin Jamal n to all human readers lah… Since youre all humans including Najib and the geng if they are all people of the book… Do they read books anyway? I dunno them very well indeed… But hope they got my message here in the way to reply to Sharudin Jamal’s… So here it goes…

    But dont let yourself to be

    But dont let your heart to be

    But be

    Last but not Least…

    To others but dont lose your


  48. The Hidden Secret Nov 26,2016 12:43 PM


    Apa agaknya perasaan mereka-mereka yang menyokong Najib? Perasaan bangga? Perasaan bersyukur? Rasa tak malu? Rasa tak kisah? Rasa tak peduli?

  49. WandyCaswady Nov 26,2016 12:42 PM

    Be honest… Read, remember n observe your surrounding…

    Jazakumullahu khairan kathiraa✌

    1. People will leave prayer.

    2. People will usurp Ama’naat (trust).

    3. Lying will become an Art.

    4. There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements

    5. Interest(riba/usury)will become common.

    6. There will be very tall buildings

    7 People will sell religion for the world.

    8. People will treat relatives badly

    9 Justice will become a rarity

    10 Lies will be considered truth

    11. Clothes will be of silk

    12. Persecution will become common

    13. Divorces will become common

    14. Sudden deaths will increase.

    15. The usurper of Ama’naat (trust) will be considered honest and honorable.

    16. The keeper of Ama’naat (trust) will be called an usurper of things given to him for safekeeping

    17. Liars will be thought of as honest

    18. Honest people will be thought of as liars

    19. False accusations will become the norm.

    20. It will be hot in spite of rain.

    21. Instead of wishing for children, people will pray that they not have children

    22. People from bad backgrounds and with bad upbringing will live a life of luxury (material, not peaceful).

    23. Good people, when they try to practice, will be cut off from the world

    24. Previously good people will also usurp Ama’naat (trust).

    25. Leaders will become persecutors.

    26. Ulema(scholars) and Qaris(reciters of thr Qur’an) will commit adultery.

    27. People will wear clothes of animal skin.

    28. But their hearts will smell and will be dead.

    29. And will be bitter.

    30. Gold will become common.

    31. Demand for silver will increase.

    32. Sin will increase.

    33. Peace will become rare.

    34. Ayaats(verses) from the Quran will be decorated and calligraphy will become.

    35. Mosques will be decorated.

    36. And will have tall Minars.

    37. But hearts will be empty.

    38. Alcoholic drinks will be consumed.

    39. Punishments ordered by the Shariah will be revoked and will not longer be implemented.

    40. Women will order their mother around.

    41. People who are with Unclad feet, Unclad bodies and against religion will become kings.

    42. Women will trade along with men.

    43. Women will imitate men.

    44. Men will imitate women.

    45. People will swear by things other than Allah and the Quran.

    46. Even Muslims will be prepared to give false testimony, without being incited to it.

    47. Only people one knows will be greeted with the salaam.

    48. The knowledge of the Shariah will be used to earn worldly things.

    49. Acts, which earn the Akhirah(hereafter), will be used to earn the world.

    50. Assets belonging to the nation will be considered and treated as personal treasures by the rulers.

    51. Ama’naat will be considered ones personal asset.

    52. Zakaat will be considered as a penalty.

    53. The lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader.

    54. People will not obey their fathers.

    55. And will mistreat their mothers.

    56. And will not hold back from harming their friends.

    57. And will obey their wives.

    58. And the voices of the men who commit adultery will be raised in mosques.

    59. Women who sing will be treated with great deference.

    60. Instruments of music will be kept with great care.

    61. Alcohol will be drunk on the highways.

    62. People will be proud of their acts of persecution.

    63. Justice will be sold in the courts.

    64. The number of men in the police force will increase.

    65. Instead of music, the Quran will be used to gain pleasure for its tune and style (qirat), not for what it preaches, its meaning or for rewards in the Akhirah.

    66. Animal fur will be used.

    67. The last of the Ummat will curse those before them (clearly seen today in people who call the Prophet’s companion’s names).

    68. Either Allah will send a Red Storm upon you.

    69. Or Earthquakes.

    70. Or your faces will be changed.

    71. Or a rain of rocks from the skies. Asteroids? Meteors.

    72. Lies will become a habit of the rulers and the rich.

    The Prophet Muhammad Salallaho Alaihi Wa Alehi Wassallam also said:

    1. Alcohol will be called Sherbat and will be considered Halal.

    2. Interest will be called Trade and will be considered Halal.

    3. Brides will be called Gifts and will be considered Halal.

    4. Women will be Unclad in spite of wearing dresses.

    This Hadith has baffled the Ulema for a very long time until now:

    The three kind of Unclad women are:

    1. Those who wear see-through dresses.

    2. Those who wear tight dresses.

    3. Those whose dresses are so short and they expose the body.

    Women will have hair, like the hump of a camel. (This hadith too, bad baffled the Ulema for quite a long time till they saw current hairstyles. I believe it came into fashion about 5 years ago).

  50. faridina Nov 26,2016 12:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Entahlah kalau ada kelapangan tapi tidak mengikuti program ayahanda Tun memang tak seronok rasanya.

    Bulan lepas ikut ke Jasin dan malam ini ke Melaka lagi (don’t mess with Deris Karat) Kg. Krubung dekat Ayer Keroh je.

    Melaka terutamanya Ayer Keroh memang ada memori suka duka sebab pernah duduk atas bukit tu mengingatkan kg halaman ‘home sick’ sebab kena hantau bersekolah kat situ (si Deris puas kena ragging dulu2 🙂 ).

    Sebelah siang ada konvensyen jadi malam boleh dengar amanat Tun M untuk mendapat maklumat terkini.

    Sakit hati bila dengar penjelasan IGP tentang SOSMA untuk menegakkan kepalsuan penahanan Maria Chin.

    Katakannya SOSMA bukan untuk pengganas sahaja sebab untuk pengganas dah ada akta khusus POTA!

    Cakaplah berterusterang bahawa 1Malaysia Di Bohongi rupanya SOSMA diluluskan untuk ganti ISA sebenarnya.

    Wasalam Tun.

    p/s ~ Bro Daniel Noor kalau balik Melaka boleh berjumpa.. La habau celaka celanat lama tak jumpa (Bukan maki hamun ya tuan2 yang budiman ini trademark orang Melaka tak gitu bro mesra manja ala orang Melaka).

  51. sibotak Nov 26,2016 4:40 AM

    Perbezaan Pentakbiran Kerajaan Najib & Mahathir
    Amat ketara & banyak perbezaannya
    Pentakbiran Pak Lah senyap & kurang activity

    Tun Mahathir membangunkan KLCC , Proton & banyak project Kerajaan
    Tanpa mengadaikan Tanah Pusaka Kerajaan dengan project beliau
    mendatangkan hasil walau tidak lumayan tapi nyata ,dilihat ,dinikmati kita sesama Malaysia
    Contoh seburuk Proton Kancil sudah berjasa pada yg si ampunya
    Buruk buruk walau pun di reban ayam sudah meneduhkan ayam perliharaan kita

    Project 1MDB Najib , Hancur Berderai .Tidak kelihatan product tiba tiba menanggung kerugian
    justeru kepada beban hutang sehingga Malaysia bergadai Tanah
    Yg keliahatan Najib sekeluarga berkehidupan mewah overnight adalah
    Perkataan overnight sangat mencurigakan.

  52. sibotak Nov 26,2016 4:13 AM

    Malaysia needs to do more for the Rohingya in Burma
    Malaysia Govt must interfere as it involves Human Right
    The Rohingya is suffering being bullied as minority
    If necessary Malaysia should sent Enforcement to deters the Bullying

    I did nor hear Najib says a word of these in human treatment of these Rohingya people
    Our Govt are in Bad Shape indeed

  53. sibotak Nov 26,2016 3:15 AM

    Good poet Sharudin Jamal

    Apa jua yg Najib perolihi di ini hari
    Beliau di belengu dengan keresahan
    Semestinya beliau rasa sunyi ,takut juga malu di setiap kunjungan belaiu sesama rakyat
    Beliau tidak disenangi , di terima seperti Pemimpin Malaysia sebelum beliau
    Beliau PM yg mengeluarkan cost yg amat tinggi cost keselamatan juga cost keselesaan berbanding denga PM yg lain sebelum beliau
    Najib tidak membuahkan sesuatu yg indah juga menguntungkan untuk Malaysia sepanjang beliau menjadi PM

    Kenyataannya Najib penyebab perrbelahan & perpecahan anggotan UMNO
    Najib punca keretakan di kalangan masyarakt Melayu kini
    BERSATU , Tun Mahathir dan yg lain adalah sebaba musebab sahaja
    Jika Najib Bijak & Cekap , UMNO ,Perbelahan Melayu tidak akan jadi bergini
    Di tambah pula Kebencian rakyat terhadap The First Lady , The Shorty Plum Clown

    Memang watak & akhlak PM Malaysia sekeluarga is a Clown Family
    Muka sahaja mengambil kesempatan melebihi Sultan

  54. joetachi Nov 25,2016 9:58 PM

    Nak sungguh main bola
    Smpaikanlah lawan akhir
    Dapatkanlah julang piala
    Pada jersi masej terzahir…



    Semoga esok berjaya..!
    Tumpaskan myanmar sedaya upaya..!

  55. Sharudin Jamal Nov 25,2016 4:21 PM

    Poem of a Political Pundit.

    Woe to you of earth and sea;
    For we are all besieged you see;
    By the leader that can ever be;
    Of corruption and kleptocracy.

    He robs, steals and denies thee;
    The rights every citizen should decree;
    Yet he is walking around scot-free;
    As if he is above the law in absurdity.

    Down goes the nation in calamity;
    Not even one sympathize and pity;
    For our prime minister lacks empathy;
    He is only interested in only being a bully.

    Sad to say the apple is rotten to the core;
    Everybody looks forward to settling the score;
    But turn wherever may at yore;
    The things I see, I can see no more.

    Sharudin Jamal
    Brave New World Day 10

  56. z2z Nov 25,2016 12:23 PM

    South Korean Opposition Parties Move to Impeach the President:

    The scandal hitting South Korean president Park Geun-hye pales in comparison to DSN’s 1MDB, yet South Koreans make themselves seen and heard by organizing protests attended by hundred of thousands. Although the scandal didn’t really affect the average Koreans as their economy continues to grow and inflation kept at just 1%, the south koreans show they cannot accept a blemished leader…

    In South Korea (real democratic parliament system), the President’a impeachment procedure requires a simple majority of signatures from MPs. Both the opposition and ruling party MPs are supporting the motion, casting aside their political factions to fulfill the will of the people. The impeachment of President Park Geun-hye will likely succeed.

    While in Malaysia, the many citizens are indifferent, divided, hoodwinked, selfish and intimidated. An opposition party are focussing on rolling out obsolete capital punishment laws and NGOs are fighting for more ethnic rights and greater privileges instead…

    Don’t these people know when their party and the government is overthrown they will be in the receiving end of their very own punishments? Don’t they realise the ethnic privileges they are fighting so hard for means nothing when their country is being sold off at fire sale auction by their very own?

    How stupid and selfish people can be?

  57. milshah Nov 25,2016 11:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Seperti yang dijangka, RUU 355 atau Rang Undang-undang Hudud telah dibentangkan oleh PAS di parliamen. Buat kali ke-2, rang undang ini telah ditangguhkan ke sesi parlimen akan datang tahun depan. Walaupun penangguhan ini nampak sepert biasa, tetap banyak terjemahan kita boleh dapat dari tindakan menangguhkan rang undang-undang ini.

    Pertama, seperti yang saya katakan dahulu, UMNO tidak mempunyai cukup undi untuk meluluskan undi ini. Kuasa UMNO setakat membawa rang undang-undang ini untuk dibentangkan dan dibaca sahaja. Tetapi kalau “put to a vote”, RUU 355 pasti di dapat cukup undi untuk diluluskan. Sebab itulah ianya ditangguhkan buat kali ke-2.

    Kedua, walaupun tidak cukup undi, mengapakah perlu dibentangkan juga pada sesi parliamen kali ini? Ini untuk memberi gambaran kepada penyokong-penyokong PAS bahawa ada harapan RUU 355 ini diluluskan. Walhal, membentangkan dan meluluskan RUU 355 adalah dua perkara yang amat berbeza. Kalaulah “put to vote”, hanya PAS dan UMNO sahaja yang akan menyokong, dan RUU 355 tidak dapat dilaksanakan. Jadi bagi mengelak dari PAS menanggung malu, maka diberi untuk dibentangkan tetapi ditangguhkan ke sesi lain.

    UMNO pula sedang cuba menyakinkan PAS, bahawa ianya mampu merealisasikan impian PAS untuk laksanakan hudud. Ini adalah dengan cara mendapatkan sokongan BN Sarawak. Maka semalam BN Sarawak pun telah kata MUNGKIN akan menyokong RUU 355 pada masa akan datang.

    Hakikatnya, dalam BN, hanya UMNO sahaja yang sokong RUU 355.

    UMNO cuba meyakinkan PAS bahawa ianya mampu melaksanakan RU 355 dengan syarat PAS membantu dia dalam PRU akan datang dalam “three corner fights”.

    Jadi ini janji UMNO. Boleh percaya ke?

    PAS pula cuba meyakikan ahli-ahlinya, kalau nak hukum hudud dilaksanakan, kita kena berkejasama dengan UMNO.

    Katakanlah PAS laksanakan strategy bantu UMNO dalam “three corner fights” dan UMNO menang besar dalam pilihanraya akan datang. Apakah jaminan UMNO akan lak5sanakan RUU 355? Untuk melaksanakan RUU 355, UMNO bakal berdepan dengan pergolakan dan tentang dari parti-parti BN lain sepert MCA, Gerakan, Parti-parti dari Saawak.

    UMNO have won the elections, why would UMNO want to make a hassle and incur the wrath of other BN components just to please PAS in voting for RUU 355?

    Jadi keberangkalian RUU 355 dilaksanakan selepas UMNO menang PRU akan datang adalah amat tipis atau tiada. Kemungkinan besar pada masa itu UMNO akan berkata pada PAS, kami tidak dapat laksanakan RUU 355 sebab komponen lain tidak setuju. Terima kasih kerana bantu kami dalam pilihanraya. Apa PAS boleh buat pada masa itu?

    Jadi mengapa PAS berkeras juga ingin bersama UMNO walaupun tahu RUU 355 tidak dapat dilaksanakan? Mengapa pilih strategy bunuh diri ini, di mana PAS juga akan kalah dalam “three corner fights”?

    Saya telah berfikir dan saya rasa jawapannya ialah kerana marah dan bencinya PAS kepada Amanah dan DAP. Biarlah PAS kalah dalam PRU akan datang, tapi Amanah dan DAP juga akan kalah.

    Agak sedih juga, dimana Pakatan pembangkang sedang bertungkus lumus untuk bersatu. Tun juga sanggup lupakan sengketa lama dan bersahabat dengan Anwar dan Lim Kit Siang, semata-mata kerana hendak menyelamatkan negara kita ini.

    Tetapi PAS tidak dapat melupakan sengketanya dengan Amanah dan DAP.

    Dalam keadaan ini, saya rasa Tun, kalau nak teruskan perbincangan dengan PAS, teruskanlah. Tetapi Pakatan Pembangkang tidak boleh tunggu lagi. The train must move, with or without PAS.

    Amanah kena bersiap sedia dari sekarang, sebagai counterbalance menghadapi PAS dalam PRU akan datang. Saya dengar ramai ahli-ahli PAS telah berpihak ke Amanah. Saya harap ini benar.

    It looks like ‘three corner fights’ is inevitable. We have to prepare for the worst and prepare now.

  58. umranrc Nov 25,2016 10:45 AM

    Salam Tun,

    “Membenci Najib”? Oh tidak sama sekali! In fact rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya menyayangi Dato’ Sri!

    Seriously, oleh kerana kecurangan yang berlaku; belum pernah lagi dalam sejarah Negara ini yang memperlihatkan penyatuan kesemua bangsa dan ugama atas satu sebab sahaja yakni perangi kecurangan dan selamatkan MARUAH Negara di Persada Antarabangsa demi masa depan anak-anak Malaysia seterusnya.

    Penyatuan yang hebat ini tiada kena-mengena dengan pendirian politik seseorang. Tidak mengira samada pembawa atau pembangkang, inilah keindahannya. Dan kerana inilah kita semua terasa terhutang budi dengan Dato’ Sri Najib.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  59. joetachi Nov 25,2016 10:43 AM

    SalamSejahtera rakyat jelata..
    Salam kemanusiaan, ini kisah manusia.

    Hantarkan bantahan & bantulah Rohingya

  60. anti rasuah Nov 25,2016 10:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kenyataan Karl “Kambing Emas Hitam” pada Nov 24,2016 11:46 PM sukar saya terima.

    Nampak sangat “kambing emas hitam” ini duduk di tempat yang selesa dan umpama katak bawah tempurung, kemudian bercerita kononnya pergaulannya cukup luas terdedah dengan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan semua lapisan masyarakat.

    Watak kau ni Karl setaraf bodoh seperti anjing-anjing peliharaan Najib iaitu Ahmad Jaslan, Nur Jazlan ( anak Mohamad bulat ), Salleh Said Keruak, Ku Nan, Azlina Al Jantan, dan ramai lagi.


  61. faridina Nov 25,2016 5:01 AM

    Assalam Dearest Tun,

    Oh my english after so many years now dear Tun taught us a new word valedictory thank you Sir!

    But the big question is whether Mr Kleptocrat will be able to deliver his own valedictory in the near future?

    Anyway correct me if I’m wrong Tun the excerpt you extracted was not from Mr Obama speech but was his impromptu reply from question raised by one journalist Mike Memoli and further to that Mr President said :

    [But the American President and the United States of America — if we’re not on the side of what’s right, if we’re not making the argument and fighting for it, even if sometimes we’re not able to deliver at 100 percent everywhere –then it collapses. And there’s nobody to fill the void. There really isn’t.]

    This clearly shows that Obama actually wanted to do what is right and fight what is supposely wrong by allowing DOJ to go ahead with the prosecution but he purposely put a limit that is not to name Najib directly to give face to his golf buddy.

    However you guys should read to the very end to realize that Obams is in a way try to advice Donald Trump to nail Najib because it’s President extraordinary privilege.

    [And I’ve said before, that’s a burden that we should carry proudly. And I would hope that not just the 45th President of the United States, but every President of the United States understands that that’s not only a burden, but it’s also an extraordinary privilege. And if you have a chance to do what’s right, then you should seize it.]

    See Obama is actually sending a signal to Trump to complete what he has initiated by saying “hey Trump if you have a chance to do what’s right, then you should seize it!

    Sorry Najib – Trump is now a President Elected and he is not going to play a round of golf with you but he wants to play you off your PM seat.

    Remember karldai and Najib – YOU ARE Fired !

    Wasalam Tun.

  62. faridina Nov 25,2016 3:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Membenci Najis, Najis Mughallazah!

    Apa yg jelas kini ialah ‘politik membenci’ telah sebati dengan 95.26 % pengundi dan tercapailah strategi utama Tun M bagi menumbangkan Najib.

    Sebagai seorang Islam, Odikarl Dek-Dak memang patut rasa malu dengan rakan non-muslim nya, bila gelagat si Najis dan kaldai2nya terang2an mempamerkan ‘semangat songsang’ yg bertentangan dengan roh Islam dan sunnah Rasul kerana dalam Islam rasuah dan mencuri itu haram hukumnya.

    Majoriti non-muslim memang tidak percaya kepada rejim Najis namun pengkhianatan Najis terhadap UMNO (kerana Najis lah UMNO bakal terkubur) dikira sebagai satu bonus terpijak dan perlu diperah sebaik mungkin oleh pembangkang tiba PRU 14 nanti.

    Manakala, orang Melayu yg menjadi kaldai peliharaan Najis pula adalah kumpulan simpleton dan gullible dek dedak yang dijadikan sebagai buah p*l*aq pastinya menjadi perisai sebelum terkorban dan tumbang seekor demi seekor.

    Najis mughallazah kini terlalu digauli dengan penuh emosi oleh sang karldai. Odikarl jangan haraplah kami penyokong Tun M nak tolong jual produk ni dan tergolong dalam kalangan manusia yang rugi. Demi dedak kini manusia dalam…


    Wasalam Tun.

  63. zulu Nov 25,2016 12:25 AM

    Najis arrested Maria under SOSMA since Maria is a chinese woman. This crook don’t dare to do the same to a Malay woman.

  64. Karl Iskandar Nov 24,2016 11:46 PM

    Membenci Najib, Mencinta DrM

    Apa yg jelas kini ialah ‘politik membenci’ dijadikan strategi utama DrM bagi menumbangkan Najib.

    Sebagai seorang Islam, sy rasa malu dgn rakan non-muslim, bila gelagat DrM dan penyokong beliau mempamerkan ‘semangat songsang’ yg bertentangan dgn ruh Islam dan sunnah Rasul.

    Majoriti non-muslim tidak percaya kpd DrM, walaupun pengkhianatan beliau terhadap UMNO dikira sebagai satu bonus terpijak dan perlu diperah sebaik mungkin.

    Manakala, orang Melayu yg menjadi pak turut beliau pula adalah kumpulan simpleton dan gullible yg sebagai buah catur pastinya menjadi perisai sebelum terkorban dan tumbang satu demi satu.

    DrM kini terlalu dipermainkan emosi. Saya harap DrM tidak kena jual dan tergolong di dalam kalangan manusia yang merugi. Demi masa…

  65. KLZhuang Nov 24,2016 9:22 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Please enlighten me that when has the act of stealing, robbing, cbt, money laundering, etc are classified as civil cases. Whereas, the law says they are criminal in nature and should be charged accordingly. Usually when a case is wrongfully charged, it would eventually be thrown out by the court, wouldn’t it?

    Thank you.

  66. asahamat Nov 24,2016 5:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    Cadangan Faradina (?) agar peminat blog Tun berkumpul dan berjumpa dgn Tun itu baik. Cuma saya rasa biarlah agendanya betul dan menepati keadaan dan masa.

    (2) Keadaan dan masa kini adalah keperluan utk tumbangkan UMNO dan BN di bawah kempimpinan Najib MO1. Saya tidak yakin Najib MO1 akan turun dgn kemahuan dia. Jikapun dia turun, Menteri2 haprak tetap masih di sana dan teruskan dasar2 haprak dia. Maka dia turun atau tidak, make no different. Pilihan kita hanyalah tumbangkan UMNO dan BN dlm PRU14. Itu adalah sah dan gentleman!

    (3) Maka politik tidak dpt dielakkan dari tujuan perjumpaan itu. Pokoknya bidang politik mana yg harus kita bincang? Kalau pasal Najib MO1, tak perlulah. Kalau nak bincang strategi tumbangkan UMNO dan BN, itu wajar. Cuma ada strategi yg tidak boleh diketahui oleh terlalu banyak pihak kerana jika itu berlaku, kita pasti kalah sebelum berperang.

    (4) Mungkin terbaik, perjumpaan ini adalah utk
    “raise strategic issues of concern”. Selepas itu Tun mungkin dpt terjemahkan semua itu menjadi “key strategic action plan” utk PH bergerak cepat.

    (5) Personally, jika ada peluang In Shaa Allah saya akan menyumbang di mana perlu demi Islam, Rakyat dan Negara.

  67. syahirah Nov 24,2016 5:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Nama saya Syahirah. Saya merupakan pelajar Malaysia yang menuntut di Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sultan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi, Indonesia dalam jurusan Sejarah Kebudayaan Islam semestar 7.

    Saya mahu menyiapkan skripsi (thesis) mengenai Dasar Pandang Ke Timur yang pernah dilaksanakan oleh Tun suatu waktu dahulu.

    Dosen (pensyarah) saya mengarahkan saya jika mahu skripsi saya diterima, saya perlu berjumpa atau sekurang-kurangnya berhubung dengan Tun untuk bertanyakan mengenai Dasar ini.

    Saya mahu mengetahui sedikit pendapat Tun adakah dasar Pandang Ke Timur yang pernah dilaksanakn Tun suatu waktu dahulu berjaya memberi impak positif kepada negara pada hari ini?

    Saya amat berbesar hati agar Tun dapat membalas komen saya walaupun sedikit untuk saya tunjukkan pada dosen saya sebagai bukti saya ada melakukan sedikit wawancara dengan Tun. Selebihnya maklumat menganai Dasar Pandang Ke Timur ini saya boleh mencari di dalam pelbagai buku yang ada di pasaran.

    Saya memohon seribu kemaafan jika mengambil masa Tun membaca komen saya disini. Sesungguhnya saya tidak tahu bagaimana mahu berhubung dengan Tun selain menggunakan medium ini.

    Sekian, terima kasih. Assalamualaikum.

  68. Karl Iskandar Nov 24,2016 4:01 PM

    And now Obama is alleged to have said something he did not. Lol.

    Tuduhan liar dan delusional adalah satu jalan yg mudah utk mulakan krisis.

  69. Fariq Islam Nov 24,2016 3:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Obama acted in gentleman manner, as a matter of courtesy to sustain US-Malaysia relationship.

    His statement that “There are limits to our reach into other countries if they’re determined to oppress their people, or not provide with education, or siphon all development funds into Swiss bank accounts because they are corrupt.” casts doubt on to which country he actually referred.

    We do wish and pray that the nation be blessed with responsible, ethical and transparent leaders who really place the nation’s interests above all.

  70. zulu Nov 24,2016 11:37 AM

    Najis and his slaves and their media are deviating the people from Bersih success and Maria’s arrest by bringing the PAS’s bill in to focus.

    The whole country is sad and furious on the bad status of economy and RM value going further down everyday, consumer prices are increasing but these UMNO politicians dedicate their time to defend the thief and his family 🙂

    Especially, a minister called ‘kruek’ solely dedicate his whole time to defend MO1 and MO1W2…

  71. zulu Nov 24,2016 11:28 AM

    Malaysians need guts to throw the thief out…or they waiting for economy to go down further???!!

    Had this looting happened in other countries, things would have been different by now.

    I think Najis and his slaves will corrupt the next GE and remain as PM.

  72. tok jangut Nov 24,2016 10:33 AM

    Here’s a video to watch. Najib should sue Youtube for putting him such bad light.

  73. MEGATI DEWANI Nov 24,2016 9:27 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ybhg.Tun dan semua yang meluangkan masa untuk memberikan pendapat dan pandangan yang sangat bijak dan praktikal.

    Saya yang tidak pandai berpolitik (saya bekas tentera)sangat bersetuju dengan cadangan Tuan Asahamat dan Tuan Musato.

    Kita nyatakan dengan jelas dari awal awal lagi siapakah yang akan menerajui PH dan semua yang terlibat perlu melaksanakan satu persatu cadangan Tuan Asahamat.

    Semoga berjaya. Inshaa Allah

  74. Sharudin Jamal Nov 24,2016 7:57 AM


    The emperor got no clothes. Everybody knows but nobody dares to say a word. You might as well be the boy who starts telling people what he sees.

    The truth will prevail. Trump has a stricter policy when comes to money laundering. They will proceed with prosecution though it is a civil case, sadly.

    As for me, I already got the bird in the cage. His fate is sealed.

    Time is on my side,

  75. asahamat Nov 24,2016 6:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun,

    Politik Kelantan cukup istimewa. Rakyat Kelantan, saya kira Melayu pemberani. Mereka istimewa dan berani kerana sanggup menongkah arus. Jati diri Melayu mereka cukup tinggi. Islam mereka jadikan perisai kukuh utk mengekalkan jati diri Melayu mereka. Sebabnya, mereka masih punya semangat Kerajaan Pattani yg pernah menguasai Selatan Siam dan sebahagian Pantai Timur Tanah Melayu.

    (2) Jati diri Melayu, Islam sebagai perisai budaya mereka serta nostalgia @ sentimen warisan Pattani adalah kekuatan Melayu Kelantan yg mesti kita akui.

    (3) Namun, kini rakyat Kelantan juga kian resah. Ekonomi Kelantan tidak kembang pd keupayaan yg ada. Kelantan boleh menjadi pengerak kpd pertumbuhan ekonomi Malaya yg hebat jika Kelantan diurus dengan baik. Bebaskan Kelantan dari segala pemencilan. Berikan Kelantan apa yg mereka mahu dan berhak. Contoh Keretapi laju bukan keperluan
    mendadak di Kelantan. Mereka lebih perlukan jaringan jalan, bekalan air dan elektrik yg lebih sempurna dan cekap.

    (4) Saya melihat Kelantan sebagai sebuah Negeri yg punya harapan baik bagi kemenangan PH. Cuma, caranya harus berbeza. Pertama2, orang Kelantan hormat pd Raja dan Guru. Maka sekali2 jgn kutuk Raja dan Guru terutama yg disebut Ulama di dlm masyarakat mereka. Suka tidak suka, Raja dan Ulama mesti dihormati. Saya kira Najib MO1 sedang bersandiwara dgn strategi ini. PAS berpegang kuat pd cara sebegini.

    (5) Rakyat Kelantan biarpun mereka dhaif macamana sekalipun, mereka punya harga diri yg tinggi. Jatidiri Melayu, Islam dan Pattani menjadikan mereka sebegitu. Hargailah sifat nilai diri tinggi mereka dgn penuh hormat. Dekati mereka spt UMNO pernah mendekati masyarakat Kampong dulu2. Juga berilah harapan kpd mereka tentang halatuju Kelantan tanpa menyentuh kelemahan PAS. Elakkan sikap “gedebe @ agah” ie jaguh ayam Kampong dlm berdepan dgn mereka. Saya perhatikan cara Hussam Musa bertelagah dgn PAS boleh menjauhkan rakyat Kelantan dari PH. Cara lembut tetapi pedas Nik Aziz sangat diterima baik di sana. Cara yg sama terus dibawa oleh Nik Abduh dan MB Kelantan. Najib MO1 tidak disukakan di Kelantan, namun dia punya cara yg “boleh diterima”. Kritik Tun tentang PAS dan “Hudud PAS” juga boleh menjauh hati orang Kelantan.

    (6) Utk PH boleh membuat in road hebat ke Kelantan, saya rasa strategi bersifat “jujur tetapi tegas” dlm memberikan apa yg hak bagi rakyat Kelantan adalah jln terbaik. Kegemilangan pengurusan ekonomi Kelantan di tangan anak negeri Kelantan adalah apa yg mereka kehendaki. Konsep Kelantan utk Kelantan saya kira pasti boleh memberikan harapan baik kpd PH dan rakyat Kelantan. Mungkin wajar semangat “Klate Hok Kito” perlu digerakkan.

    (7) BERSATU jika dapat dijelmakan sebagai Parti beramanah dan professional Islami, saya kira boleh menjadi cabaran hebat kpd PAS n UMNO di Kelantan. Amanah atas sifat mereka serpihan PAS harus lebih hati2 dan bijak jika mahu diterima baik di Kelantan.

    (8) PKR Selangor, BERSATU Johor dan DAP Pulau Pinang boleh memberikan kesan baik kpd anak2 perantau Kelantan yg berlambak di tiga negeri tsb. PH harus segerakan proses memberi harapan kpd mereka utk mereka mempengaruhi pengundi di Kelantan.

    (9) Jika para strategis politik PH kini dpt beralih dari terlalu membantai Najib MO1 kpd pengaturan strategi khusus bagi negeri2 yg boleh dimenangi, saya yakin In Shaa Allah Melayu akan Hijrah.

    (10) Gantikan istilah “reformasi” bahkan “transformasi” kpd HIJRAH. Melayu lebih faham istilah dan sifat2 Hijrah dari reformasi dan transformasi. In Shaa Allah.

  76. rimba.emas Nov 24,2016 12:00 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Presiden D.Trump telah berterus terang apa dasar yang tidak di sukainya. Salah satu contoh dasar TPPA.

    2. Hairankan seorang ahli perniagaan boleh menolak TPPA perniagaan global melibatkan negara sedunia termasuk negara kita Malaysia.

    3. Sedangkan beliau juga kata dasarnya untuk berbaik dengan negara China dan Russia untuk perniagaan dan tidak mahu berkonflik dasar sebelumnya.

    4. Terus terangnya dia mengakui tidak suka pada Islam yang pada Rimba Emas sudah semestinya sebab diakan beragama kristian .

    5. Agamanya samalah dengan Presiden2 sebelumnya.Malah yang sebelumnya tetap menyerang negara Islam dan menyokong Yahudi.

    6. Dia juga tidak suka wang kerajaan di habiskan untuk peperangan. Maknanya melibatkan negaranya untuk berperang untuk kepentingan negara luar mungkin akan berkurang.

    7. Jadi Presiden kali ini ada banyak beza dengan bekas Presiden Obama.

    8. Kepada rakyat Malaysia satu petunjuk jika mahu Malaysia berubah pastikan PM itu mengotakan janjinya melakukan sebaliknya perkara buruk yang telah dilakukan PM Najib.

    9. Setakat salam sahaja tidak mungkin dapat mengubah apa kehendak yang telah bersarang dalam hati seseorang itu.

    10. Hikmah tetap pada Allah s.w.t tuhan yang menjadikan kita.

    11. Ingat nyawa Presiden D. Trump dan PM Najib sendiri pun pada tangan yang maha berkuasa. Kehendaknya dapat mengubah segala-galanya.


    u.p – Kepada Tuan/Puan Faradina terima kasih menjemput Rimba Emas ke Forum yang masih dalam perancangan. Majlis tidak di jemput seperti KSS pernah Rimba Emas hadiri inikan pula majlis jemputan. Insyaallah…cuma tidak berani berjanji takut ada kekangan dengan tarikh pihak Tuan .

  77. sibotak Nov 23,2016 11:34 PM

    Donald Trump should be reminded as news
    Najib sponsored US500 Million for Clinton Campaign
    Is it True Mr. Newsman ?

    If so Najib donations to Clinton was a massage I help you Clinton
    But nevertheless , We cannot rely nor hope on outside influence nor intervention
    For our Change
    It is within UMNO members for today to kick Najib out
    For UMNO members to safe UMNO
    ** The issue is Najib was never UMNO **
    So its pointless for UMNO members to contest Opposition nor the Voice of Bersih 5
    which comprises of all the Strong Opposition Party together
    with the Huge Voice of Truly Malaysia

    The Ball to safe UMNO is within UMNO members itself
    The 2nd lapse will be the PRU

    Najib today was like a dog barking & leaking to safe his ass
    He has to go US , He has to go China
    But , He is facing Donald Trump whom will not be happy of Najib supporting Clinton
    Well lets see Mr. Trump for today World

    US is never of The Mr.President
    Mr. President is mere Spokesman whom also have influence of decision making
    BUT Most are Lobbied by Israel , The Jews

    The Wrong of US White House today
    Whatever they touches it goes into Flames
    They felt are Super Power Military , Well it does not Helps
    When they talk Business they also talk politics & want you to be submissive to their interest .Unlike dealings with China nor Russia
    These is where & why World Peace are severed by US
    Never by any Religion as accused by US Politicians , Campaigned by The West Media

    So UMNO members of Today
    The Ball is in your Court
    Most us here change directions not because of UMNO
    It is because you already know & lets not pretend not to know
    BERSATU will go away with Najib

    Do you the think its easy to built a Party for the Bumi purpose
    When UMNO is at our Heart so as it is to Tun Mahathir & us all

    Don’t because like The perpatah Melayu saying
    Just because of one tail mosquito we burnt the Kelambu
    Use Ubat Nyamuk lah

  78. master Nov 23,2016 11:21 PM

    a. Our country is under attack by at every angle & every corner from all over the world. The enemies are preparing & at any time will harm & suck of our wealth to death.

    b. Just because of all the wrongdoings, the foolishness, the stupidity & arrogant of the MO1 & the gang, our overseas debts & investments, international trade & businesses, international relations, reputation, our Vision, people’s hopes & so on are at a very high risk and being condemned as a full of corruptions, abuses of power, supporting & sponsoring crimes nation.

    c. Everyone admits that our country under najib’s “undergarment” is more popular & glamour than during Tun M’s time. It attracts more highlights from the medias all over the world & najib’s government is doing nothing to response to the “misperceptions & accusations”. Now, everybody in the world can read & knows what is going on in this country.

    d. Obama, at the Lima Convention Centre, in Peru on Nov 20, 2016 was indirectly quipped, jibed, condemned and insulted to the thick face najib, but still the Malaysian controlled media was proudly showed us the picture both of them shaking hands. You can’t wrap fire with paper. What a shamed!

    e. It needs a lot of things to sacrifice & of course it will also cost a lot of money that will drag into may be another so called “under table” activities to delete & to forget everything with what has happened in the foreign countries. There’s no way to make this culprit activities simply vanished just like that. The transition of power in USA will make najib face another & more problems to handle. Another cash is king coming in. Najib is already into the snake’s hole. No more god bless you…GOBLOK YO.

    f. I don’t think that najib’s power will last until next PRU. Majority of peoples/Rakyat who are wise & mature are no more waiting, there are no conclusion & no proper action being taken from the reinforcement bodies to curb against these mental diseases people. We must stand together to fight for the rights to make these culprits to get rid of from governing our beloved country. Too many reasons to be blamed on them, we must put full stop on them before our beloved country becomes more damaging. We must do it now & quick to heal & rebuild our beloved country, before it become worst. It is common to have differences between government & opposition political parties, but this time it is more than that, we can’t let criminals to lead, govern & damage this country freely.

    g. To najib & the gang, go & pack your things, better get prepared with some religion & motivation books whereby “TRUTH, RIGHT & JUSTICE” will give some surprise presents where you’re all deserve to take a very long holiday & a rest for sometimes in a very special place (secret) where lodging such as high class hospitality & treatments, privacy, garments, food & securities are provided.

    h. All Malaysians need to get prepared too because very soon we will be having a valedictory party for our most memorable & “out you go” PM in history. GOBLOK YO!!!

  79. musato Nov 23,2016 11:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya ni kerja dengan orang biasa biasa. Saya pun biasa biasa je. Nak bercampur dengan orang orang mewah dan berjawatan saya segan la sikit.

    Tapi apa yang saya tahu, kelakuan Najib ni rakyat peringkat terbawah sekalipun tahu pasal salahlaku dan pasal tekanan harga barang. Bukan 100,000 yang sokong, malah berjuta juta lagi.

    Persoalannya, Tun nak tunjuk siapa dan macam mana bentuk pemimpin pilihan Tun nanti?

    Kalau nak reformasi, lebih baik umumkan Anwar Ibrahim je jadi PM nanti.

    Kalau nak Muhyiddin jadi pengganti, saya tak nampaklah dengan cara Tun tunjuk sekarang.

    Memang kita mahu Najib turun sekarang. Tetapi jika tidak dapat sekarang, diharapkan agar orang disekeliling Tun dapat memikir apa kesannya tindakan sekarang pada pilihanraya akan datang.

    Seperti saya kata, bukan 100,000 malah berjuta juta lagi sedang memerhati dan mengira ngira keputusan yang bakal diambil.

    Jika keputusan Datuk Seri Anwar akan menjadi PM, maka segala galanya selesai. Pembangkang akan bersatu, perjanjian boleh dilakukan. DAP pun akan sokong 100 persen.

    Saya tak nampak masalah di situ.

    Jadi perhimpunan aman adalah jalan yang betul. Sah dari sisi undang undang.

    Dan kenapa perlu tubuh PPBM?

    Sebab saya sayang Tun. Tun dihina, dikata kata tapi tidak berperisai (kuasa). PPBM adalah perisai untuk Tun dan rakyat.

    Rakyat? Rakyat lagi. Kenapa rakyat? Diadakan satu tempat untuk kita berkumpul beramai ramai jika UMNO hancur kita belasah.

    Sudah tentu selain PPBM ada lagi PKR, PAS, Amanah, DAP. Yang dinamakan pembangkang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  80. asahamat Nov 23,2016 10:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    Pakatan Harapan adalah gagasan yg bakal menentang BN dlm PRU14 nanti. Tahniah Tun, setidak2 Tun telah berjaya menyatukan kawan dan musuh2 Tun ke dlm gerakan “Selamatkan Msia”. Kita perlu Selamatkan Msia dari bahana kepimpinan haprak Najib MO1.

    (2) Kpd semua yg menyokong PH, kita jgn sekali2 memperkenalkan diri kita sebagai PEMBANGKANG. Melayu punya firasat tidak enak tentang istilah itu. Sifat memvangkang itu jelek, kotor bagi Melayu. BN hanya perlu memainkan sentimen rasa jelek Melayu utk kalahkan kita. Hentikanlah penggunaan istilah PEMBANGKANG sebagai gantinama kita! Kita bukan PEMBANGKANG. Kita adalah pengerak Hijrah Melayu.

    (3) Kita juga bukan kelompok alternative ie pilihan. Kita harus diperkenalkan sebagai Parti GANTIAN. Kita hendak gantikan BN dan UMNO utk mengurus Negara ini.

    (4) Kedua, tahniah kpd Maria Chin Abdullah kerana memilih istilah BERSIH sebagai gerakan rakyat dalam memerangi keonaran politik Negara. Politik Negara kian kotor. BERSIH adalah agar kita suci. Kita perlu Hijrah dari politik kotor kpd politik bersih. Kita harus Hijrah ke politik suci. Suci adalah teras sifat2 Islami. Jika tidak suci, sholat tidak sah. Jika tidak suci, puasa tidak sah. Jika tidak suci, zakat dan fitrah tidak sah. Jika tidak suci, Haji dan Umrah juga tidak sah. Islam menghendaki kita sentiasa suci. Bersih adalah agar kita suci.

    (5) PH wujud dari keonaran politik Negara. PH bangkit dengan BERSIH. PH mahu politik Negara ini jadi bersih. Politik bersih membawa budaya suci. Dgn itu In Shaa Allah kita beroleh barakah. Barakah membawa kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran. Maka ayuhlah PH kita bangkitlah dlm semangat bersih. Kita bersihkan diri kita dari salah dan khilaf lepas. Kita bersihkan Negara agar kesucian kita perolehi akhirnya demi Allah.

    (6) PH bangkit dalam dan utk bersih!

  81. amd trmz Nov 23,2016 4:54 PM



    Selepas mengugut penjawat awam, sekarang KSN dengan angkuh ingin melakukan tindakan yang bagi saya sangat drastik pada penjawat awam yang cuma terbabit berhimpun secara aman.

    Betul kata presiden MTUC salah kah mereka berhimpun pada masa mereka bercuti dan mereka tidak melanggar etika kerja perkhidmatan awam pun.


    1.Hilangnya keistimewaan pinjaman perumahan awam diperbadankan.
    2.Carum sendiri pencen kerajaan?
    3.Jumud banyak jawatan.
    4.Beban kerja bertambah, pengambilan dihentikan

    Warga putrajaya, warga malaysia


  82. zulu Nov 23,2016 4:39 PM

    Passing of Private Member’s Bill of PAS without opposition from UMNO is a deal striked between Najis and Hadhi Awang. In return, PAS won’t speak or raise their voice on 1MDB loot and other crimes of Najis.

    Minister Azalina said “Don’t speak about Maria Chin’s arrest”…yes, since the hippo pressuring you to say like this…otherwise you can’t travel in private jet with her… 🙂

  83. amir mazlan Nov 23,2016 3:45 PM

    “there are limits to our reach into other countries.” – err..sejak bila us start ambik kisah dengan limit-limit nih? 😀

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