1. On this good day I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

2. 2016 had not been a very happy year for us in Malaysia. But the whole world had not had a good year either.

3. I will not repeat the litany of events which made 2016 a bad year.

4. But I note that we still see people killing people. We still see natural disasters occurring more frequently and more severely all over the world.

5. We cannot assume that worse things would not happen in the New Year.

6. We are also experiencing things in our own country which we thought could never have happened.

7. Still we must be thankful that the scale of the natural disasters are at least less severe than those in other countries.

8. But despite all these we can still resolve to do something good in the New Year.

9. Yes we did not keep our previous year’s resolution long. But this time we must resolve to keep our resolution longer. Maybe into the first quarter or the second even if not for the whole year.

10. I have resolved to keep my resolution longer.

15 thoughts on “NEW YEAR

  1. HBT456 Jan 5,2017 7:47 AM

    56. When the dust settled down, the new elected pm will have 5 years to perform the duty IN representing our country and history in the name of malaysia national enthem, NEGARAKU.

  2. HBT456 Jan 5,2017 7:31 AM


    48. The more they want to menegakkan benang yang basah, the more they are exposing themselves into the new danger, atau perjuangan yang mereka belum tahu lagi, of the unknown.

    50. The unknown is in their own prolonged weakness within the organization in the name of malay’s struggle, atau dilenma, to decide who they prefer to be the president that represent them.

    51. This weakness would be challenged within themselves as to lobby enough votes to appoint the pm that favor them to sit in putrajaya in every 5 years.

    52. The conclusion of the macc appointment is akin to some people create their own storm, and when it rains, they get mad.

    53. Boat rocking is more appropriate i would say.

    54. When the pm position is elected, the dust shall settled down for the new years, and this is a universal norm that all men and women can challenge.

    55. No worries, general election would be called in every 5 years.

    57. As the karma says what goes around comes around.

    58. It is general election time and it is high time for politicking.

    59. You as voters, you can either vote ruling atau opposition.

    60. Whoever become the pm, we still need to work.

    61. Whoever become the pm, hakikatnya adalah sama saja iaitu pilihan raya umun tetap akan dipanggil pada 5 tahun yang akan datang.

    62. Good, bad or ugly, no one know.

    63. When the time comes, cast your votes to elect the wakil of the political party that you prefer.

    64. Rukun negara is here to stay for many generations to come.

    65. Good luck and all the best to the future wanabes of the divide.

    66. Unite you stand, disunite you fall.

    67. Long, mid or short term measures, the political parties will do their parts.

    68. As voters, you can only vote.

    69. One thing is for sure, the influence of political parties would be decreased as we move on.

    70. I would say, the overall performance of the economy is good though there are plenty rooms for improvement.

  3. HBT456 Jan 4,2017 10:50 PM

    42. No one is stopping you to go to integrated school.

    43. But stopping chinese race, but not agama and tamil schools, dont you think you have disqualified yourself from being a decent malaysian?

    44. Jika mara nak mintak myr 2 billion, then, let him take.

    45. Flooding issue di kampung pun masih tidak dapat di atasi, then whats the point of building the most expensive mosques and huge stadium?

    46. Stadium terengganu runtuh, dah lupa ke?

  4. BabyHooligan Jan 4,2017 1:33 PM

    Dear SS Lee,

    To answer your question, I would like my children to go to integrated schools so that they don’t feel they are different and isolated to their own race at the very young age.

    Happy new year to you and your family too.

  5. HBT456 Jan 3,2017 7:51 PM

    31. It is really eye opening and shocking to hear dap penang can offer cash payout to chinese school via putrajaya akin to chinese children are not malaysian children.

    32. It is really dissappointed until today mca still wants to beg pmo for chinese allocation as if the party is a beggar party.

    33. We are living in 21st century, not 20th century.

    34. But, if you prefer to be the shadow to them, then, let it be.

    35. If you see the glass half full of water, you will see hope and opportunity.

    36. If you see the glass half empty of water, you will see anger and disappointment.

    37. Do you know mexico borders is full of japanese industries just to cater the northern american market of 300 million population?

    38. In usa, only 1% of the population is chinese, therefore, president usa can say anything that they like on china because it wont affect the election result.

    39. But here, 25% is enough to change the government as chinese apabila mereka tunjuk perasaan, mereka akan undi serentak, tak macam melayu, bumiputra atau indian.

    40. To be or not to be is not a question.

    41. Can or not, you decide.

  6. HBT456 Jan 3,2017 7:28 PM

    27. A deer is a deer, deer can never be a horse, dont you think so, karl?

    28. Mcd fatwa birthday cakes is akin to klectrocratic the non moslem community who contribute epf, socso and taxes, that is prejudice against non moslem including christians.

    29. Jika melayu diplih sebagai committee member to over look speed train project tak cukup melayu dan islamic, then, forget about the biggest financial halal hub in this region.

    30. Only china can produce and export lychee, but rambutan, neigbouring states and countries also can bikin.

  7. Karl Iskandar Jan 2,2017 9:51 AM

    First you pick all the good fruits from tree A and put them in one basket. Then you choose and put all the rotten ones from tree B into another basket.

    If you mix the fruits from these two baskets and put them for wholesale, it will not yield a good asking price.

    It goes to show that some people,the smart aleck, know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    To cut a long story short, one must not cheat to sell lychees when they are actually rambutans.

  8. SSLEE Jan 1,2017 2:42 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Good Afternoon.
    It had been almost 15 hours into year 2017. So for most people how many of yours resolutions had been flushed down the toilet?
    For me, I had asked forgiveness to all I had wronged or hurt intentionally or unintentionally. I am sorry please forgiven me. From today onward I only make one resolution. To Be A Better Man.
    I cannot do it alone myself so please; all the people I had met or haven’t yet to met do inspire and help me to become that Better Man for many years to come. I hope to meet more great people in this year.

    Dear Tun Dr, Mahathir,
    Allow me to tell my first meeting with a great man and his wise wife last year.
    It was a very pleasure and an honor to be able to met Mr. and Mrs. Koon Yew Yin.
    Mr. and Mrs. Koon word of wisdom and his and her advice to my son, Integrity is doing the Good Thing and the Right Thing even when no one is watching. Mr. and Mrs. Koon condemns Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, only saying the Right Thing for camera and political one-upmanship and did not honor his word when the nation need him the most to do the Right Thing, he failed miserably and disappointed all of us.

    Mr. and Mrs. Koon Yew Yin word of wisdom had inspired me to pen the following in dedication to Mr. and Mrs. Koon Yew Yin wisdom.
    With reference to the just conclude UMNO AGM 2016. I am sick to my stomach, disgusting on the speeches they made, shameful of the word they used to praise their so called great leader and disturbing that our so called National top leader resort to fear-mongering and falsified lie-hood to fan racial and religion hatred and intolerance just to keep him in power.
    To UMNO leaders who warn that, Putrajaya will be pressured to cut allocation to all SJK(C) or abolish such institution completely if Chinese continued to shun BN and claim that only UMNO members are qualified to head GLC. Here are my responses:
    1. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me the RUKUN NEGARA.
    Now I am a true Malaysian in Heart and Soul.
    2. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me Mathematics.
    Now I am a Chemical Engineer by profession because of strong foundation of Mathematics imparted to me by my dedicated Mathematics teachers.
    3. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me discipline, hardworking and perseverance.
    Now I am a GM of an Indonesia company as I learned early on success only come through Discipline, Hardworking and Perseverance.
    4. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese.
    Now as a GM I can communicate fluently with my customers coming from all over the world, with my Indonesia colleagues and local government officials.
    5. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to be humble, empathy, courtesy and polite.
    Now I am a filial piety son, a caring parent, a considerate superior and of mannerism of a gentlemen.
    6. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me honesty, righteousness, kindness and justices.
    Now I always keep my promise, honor my word, kindness to other and stand up against injustices.
    7. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me dignity and pride.
    Now I take pride of my work and discharge my conduct with dignity.
    8. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me my religion and respect for other people religions.
    Now I join with my colleagues in celebrating their religion festivals. Carry out my earthly work ethically, fairly and honestly because I know one day I will be called to face my creator and be judged for my earthly conducts.
    9. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me continue learning and growth wise with age.
    Now at age of 55, I readily learned from my juniors and seniors for things that I yet to master. And with age I offer my humble advice to those that had loss their way and trapped in their angry past.
    10. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me selfless self.
    Now I always place the interest of other first before self and total dedication to my job.
    11. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to be visionary.
    Now I set SMART target for myself and others (Target that is Simple, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and with Milestone Time Line)
    12. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to be brave when you are right and say sorry when your are wrong.
    Now I readily apologizes when I am wrong and when I am right I will have the conviction to debate my case with logic, fact and figure and win my critic heart over.
    13. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to lead by example.
    Now I set myself a high standard of conducts so that my subordinates willingly perform to the standard I demand of them.
    14. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me laws are mean to bring justice and for common good of all.
    Now I am a law abiding citizen and support any law that promote justice and oppose any draconian law that oppressed the people freewill.
    15. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to forgive but never forget.
    Now I do not have any hatred in my heart. I do not forget the past, but had learned long ago to forgive all whose had wronged me and especially I had forgive my own sins, mistakes and regrets (committed during my untamed reckless year) because by forgiving, I can free myself of past baggage and start to do the RIGHT THING NOW .
    16. My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me a pen is mighty than the sword.
    Now I am men of peace. I condemn any violence, anarchy and wars. If you have a very strong justified struggle then articulate your argument in letter, opinion, in world TV, in multimedia, in UN, in court of laws and in court of public opinion. Win the heart of the world to your struggle and please spare the innocent civilians from the unbearable suffering of physical war.

    Now may I ask the so called UMNO LEADERS?
    1. In which school did you learn your Ketuanan Malayu and that Malaysia belongs only to UMNO?
    2. In which school did you learn your mathematics that you cannot even do addition and subtraction? (26-9=15?) No wonder you never able to meet budget target and the Auditor General Audit reports year in and year out the sum did not add up.
    3. In which school did you learn that by just boot-licking and sucking up to your boss you are ensured of high position and untold wealth?

    4. In which school did you learn to be patriotic, you only need to learn in Bahasa Malaysia and live in Malaysia? But hypocritically you send your children to study oversea, stay in oversea and help you to laundry your corrupt and dirty money.
    5. In which school did you learn to puff up with false pride and hot air and proclaim to the whole word that your leader is the God chosen one and the best ever? Remember in football even the self proclaim the “special one” had to eat his humble pie as the “beaten one” and was sacked by his boss for not performing.
    6. In which school did you learn to lie through your teeth and proclaim your leader got nothing to do with MO1?

    7. In which school did you learn to be so thick skin and shamelessly proclaim your leader is admired by the late king of Saudi for his great contribution to Islam thus he donated billions in donation for your leader disposal as he see fit? While you trump up security offences act Sosma and locked up those NGO’s received just few thousands foreign funding for social works and studies.
    8. In which school did you learn to misuse religion as a mean to achieve your selfish goal and as long as you carry out your earthly obligation in forms rather than substances then all your sins will be forgiven and heaven is ensured?
    9. In which school did you learn age equal wisdom and proclaim your leader is the wise one with the smarter brain, has all the answers at his finger tips in how to solve our nation problems? Divide and rule, fear-mongering and falsified lie-hood, tax increase (GST), selling off our national assets, borrowing more money and paying bribe to your supporters and your formal critics to silent them and pledge unweaving loyalty to you.
    10. In which school did you learn to only serve your own self interest? Treat GLC position as your right-full UMNO entitlement and misuse your position to enrich yourself rather than honor your job as responsibility entrust to you.
    11. In which school did you learn to give people false hope by your ambiguity and lofty vision T50? With fractional story Firdaus.

    12. In which school did you learn to twists and turns the fact to suit your argument? When you cannot win your argument, you restore to violence and draconian laws to silent your critics.
    13. In which school did you learn lead by example mean you follow what I said and not what I did?
    14. In which school did you learn laws only apply to a commoner? Because you are spare from the laws as long as yours appointed AG say so?
    15. In which school did you learn to spread malicious lies and hatred so that you can divide and rule? Deliberately did not provide your people (UMNO supporters in rural base area) with proper education and values so that they can stand on their own feet and think critically. But had to continue support you and depend on your so called kind hearted and thoughtful handout to lesser their burden and supplement their poor income.
    16. In which school did you learn that loud and brawl is might and play acting to the audience? Now suddenly you are beating your chest loud and clear and proclaim yourself as defender of the weak and oppressed while the camera is rolling. (Rohingya Solidity Gathering). I support the Cause but not yours political grandstanding. When no one is watching you did not give a damn on Rohingy boat people that already landed in Malaysia. No hesitation in ordering yours appointed AG to charge your critics, the yellow shirts, yellow balloons, NGOs, social activists, student leaders , the whistle blowers, the oppositions and even cartoonist with whatever law yours appointed AG can find in the book while letting your Red shirt to run wild in physical threatening and intimidating the peaceful Bersih rally.
    So now the entire parents in Malaysia which school do you want your children to study in?
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  9. PutraKraken Jan 1,2017 2:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Dear Tun

    Happy New Year everyone.

    Though 2016 was not a happy year at all but I am positive that 2017 will be a happy year…first and foremost…all the legal proceedings involving 1MDB will continue (be it in our country as well as the world over) and all the beans spilled out.

    MO1 will be proven a thief in the court of law.

    I only have a simple but with a heavy responsibility resolution.


    Enough with all the lies and plundering…you have failed us and abuse the trust that we have given you.

    Happy New Year

  10. infinity1 Jan 1,2017 1:20 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahatir,

    Happy New Year.

    I would like to know what you think of privatizing more government agencies? Particularly privatizing health care in Malaysia, and about the government providing some sort of medical insurance for all Malaysians?? Can the government afford such a scheme??

  11. HouseWife Jan 1,2017 2:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun, you’re not telling us your resolution? I never make one since…a very long time ago as it was too depressing when I failed myself to give a hard push, I was too relaxed. Now I learned to take life one step at a time, it’s more stress-free and feel like at ease, if you know what I mean Tun. Even if difficult obstacle is right in front your doorstep just stay calm and be cool only then your brain can work out to find solution. And I’m happy with that.

    Can I make a few guesses, Tun, your untold resolution? One it would be, to devote extra social energies to close friends, colleagues, and family, the other it would be, to send a young woman into the country who has nothing to fear and not afraid to fight warlords, and my last guess would be, to stop once and for all kleptocracy from becoming supremacy.

    As a doctor Tun has given his views after diagnosis the unhealthy and bad habits of kleptocracy government. Must get rid of these bad habits that is holding back to a healthy living. Having understood the condition and how to take control, only then he knows how to take charge, do adjustments and do what is best for himself and others. It’s a tough job, he needs to refer to a doctor, like Tun, to clarify his doubts and concerns. Breaking bad habits take time. But should time be spared to make these changes gradually? Or we need to get rid of kleptocracy real fast and now in 2017? Who knows what’s best for Malaysia.

    Tun has given us long-term goals to give us a sense of direction as well as purpose. Tun also makes short-term goals to strive to meet long-term goals. These short-term goals will motivate us to keep going to achieve our long-term goals. Setting goals we have to make sure they are achievable within the period we have set. Otherwise we’re setting for failure and disappointment. This reminds me of Vision2020. It’s still bouncing and kicking, it still has 3 years life-span.

    Not one shame has been put on a stand in the court of justice in 2016. The “role call of Shame” is carried forward to 2017. Are they welcome, should we wish them luck in 2017? No! Be prepared to put totally to rest for good in 2017. A leadership lacking in confidence and trust will lead people into further disaster, funders won’t invest and the country can collapse. Therefore, we must not hesitate to act confidently and firmly, make decisions with whatever facts and data in hand. This is no easy task and maybe there is no best forward but we have to act anyway.

    May you Prosper, May there be Peace and Harmony.


    May Allah Bless Tun and family Always. May Allah Bless us all.
    May Happiness follow us everywhere everyday. Amin.

  12. HBT456 Dec 31,2016 8:11 PM

    18. As for perlis, just like johor and sarawak, they too are our fellow malaysians sharing fiat money named malaysia ringgit.

    19. When the old ones dont let go, the new ones can never come.

    20. I am not a member of any political parties, but i can feel their fear and uncertainties in their career from both coalitions.

    21. As voters are educated and become more expose to the world events, the influence of political parties unto them would decreased gradually.

    22. Personal attacks is not something new, but this time, the american voters have proved to the world that such strategy has no place in their heart, and voted mr trump.

    23. You right, karl.

    24. The rich and elites will always lead to protect the chickens.

    25. If there are no such chickens, there wont be such eggs.

    26. We cant change the past, but, we difinitely can improve and make this country a better place to live.

    Happy new year!

  13. HBT456 Dec 31,2016 7:42 PM


    12. I hope after you watch this simple video of even children and buta huruf people could understantd, things would be less less complicated to yourself and those who have faith with you.

    13. The greatest enemy is none other than yourself.

    14. When you feel grateful, everywhere is home.

    15. When you feel anger, even the most comfortable home could be ruined.

    16. When bad things happened, there must be a reason.

    17. Dont forget, sabahan too is our fellow malaysians, dont you agree?

  14. sibotak Dec 31,2016 3:26 PM

    I,m always wonder how its like to reach Tun age , now 91 tomorrow 92
    Yet still standing Strong , Healthy & A Very Sound Mind
    Tun was never Pikun or Nyayuk as accused
    It’s just words to hurt & to pull Tun down

    Happy New Year ,Tun & All
    May every Muslim make efforts , make reality ,make it happen
    ” Hold Fast The Rope of Allah
    Be not Diivded among Ummah ”

    It starts with each every of us , towards our family , relatives , neighbors ,society
    and Ummah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W of the World
    With these Resolutions Muslims World Won’t Go Wrong

  15. SSLEE Dec 31,2016 2:35 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Allow me to say the litany of events with made 2016 a bad year.
    New Year Sharing: 2017 (Doing the Right Thing Now)
    Goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017
    Time fly as another year pass-by and it time for me to write my sharing of thought of what happening in the past one year.

    The year started with Ms. Tsai Ing Wen from Democratic Progressive Party winning the Taiwan President election in January and end with Mr. Donald Trump from Republican Party winning the US president election in November. Both candidates had used the tactics of pitting one group against the other and play up the fear and insecurities of one group against another.
    In Taiwan case: Local and independent minded youth against those older decedents from KMT mainland China.
    In America: White American first against those color people in US and blaming China, Mexico and unfair trade treaties for Americans job loss.

    President Tsai had now suffered the consequence of her action with economic slowdown, massive tourists’ reduction from Mainland China causing airline bankruptcy and many other tourist related industry players struggling to survive. Labor workers strike had become a norm and bull dozer of law through DPP controlled legislator had cause massive street protest. The hateful and revengeful partisan politics of DPP and KMT had seen lawmakers throwing punches, kicking and hair pulling at each other in the full view of camera inside the sacred Legislator Hall.

    For president elect Mr. Donald Trump, he will take over President Obama on 20 Jan 2017 as the 45th president of the United State of America the world most powerful country. I can only pray that his policy will not cause chaos in this already chaotic word. My most worry is his recent statement that he might reconsider One China Policy and with independent mind President Tsai of Taiwan any miscalculation by her part will provoke main land China to lunch confrontation/war of forceful reunification (Surely the forefather would not like to see bloodshed between brothers in any forceful confrontation)

    Back to Malaysia if you had followed the UMNO AGM, you will notice it had turned from bad to worst, sickening, disgusting, shameless and disturbing. Manipulating people’s emotion and fear with racially and religion charge baseless and imaginary allegations. With edited video visuals throw in in-between to instigate racial and religious hatred. Fear-mongering and falsified lie-hood that if BN lose the GE14, the DAP will take over the country and do away the Bumiputra rights, privileges, institutions, institution of the Malay Rulers and ridicule the teaching and practices of Islam. We all have sinned if UMNO falls. Let me remind UMNO leaders that Pakatan Harapan consists of PKR, Amanah, DAP and newly mint Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia as such DAP can never form a government by itself. Just do the mathematics it is so clear to all that DAP do not have the number unless of cause your mathematics is so poor that you cannot even do addition and subtraction? If UMNO falls it is their own doings, they are the sinners and the greatest sinner is the MO1. I pledge with all the voters, please vote the corrupted sinner UMNO out in GE14. You will be the savior of our beloved country and will be appreciated by all Malaysians and be rewarded in this life with better government and the afterlife since you have done the RIGHT THING and redeem your past sins.

    The other day some colleague in our WhatsApp group sends a picture of Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife sitting by the road side holding vigil for the freedom of Bersih 2.0 chairperson Marie Chin Abdullah detained under the security offences act Sosma. Some comment karma really work, he reaped what he sowed. My heart crying and comment Tun can easily choice to relax at his house and live an easy retirement life but instead he take up this fight in the believe his action today will bring a better tomorrow for all so please respect his choice. (Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir, I am sorry I am not there with you because I am currently working fulltime in Indonesia fulfilling my responsibility to my employer and family. But I promise you this when I had done with my responsibility. I will take up your fight to bring about social wellbeing and justices to all Malaysian. Tun Dr. Mahathir please does take care of your health and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah you are always such a loving and caring wife that most of the men can only dream about please do take good care of yourself and your husband health.)

    I had read some of the memoir written by past leaders. We can keep arguing whether it is Dr. Mahathir that orders the “Operation Lalang” or the IGP did that. Whether former DPM Musa Hitam resigned in upholding his principles or out of political bitterly of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah been appointed to Minister of Trade and Industry. All those arguing will not change anything or improved our condition NOW.
    So to all the honourable past leaders, distinguished retired civil servants and excellent captains of industry:
    You have written your memoir. So do I, but I am still continuously writing my.
    You had your past success and failure. So do I.
    You had your moment of joy and sadness. So do I.
    You have made mistake and learn from your mistake. So do I.
    You have your regrets and things that you wish that you can turn back the clock and start all over again. So do I. But I had learned no matter how much I wish it will never happen. I had learned IF ONLY belongs to the past and when I meet with failure I would say NEXT TIME what, where and how can I do better and the next time is NOW.
    You have well retired to your desire lifestyle. But I am still working hard to fulfil my responsibility to my employer and family. I am worrying sick of what kind of future is awaiting my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?
    You can choose to live in your past glory or past sorrow. But I choose to live my in “NOW”.

    So to all Malaysians, I do not forget the past. I remember it vividly but I had learned to forgive all whose had wronged me and especially I had forgive my own sins, mistakes and regrets because by forgiving, I can free myself of past baggage and start to do the RIGHT THING NOW. I believe whatever action and inaction we do today will have a consequent in the future. We cannot change history but together we can help to shape the future that your, my and our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will live in. So what kind of future you wanted to leave behind for your children will depend on what action you do NOW? Please do not let a 91 years old Tun Dr. Mahathir fight the fight alone for the good of our future. Please stand up, hand in hand with him and take up yours responsibility.

    Dear Pak Lah and the three Tan Sri, ex-MACC chief Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, ex-Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, ex-Bank Negra Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz and even the fourth Tan Sri IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar. No hatred in the heart, forgive other and yourself and free yourself from the past baggage and do the RIGHT THING NOW.
    I only want a Malaysia that truly recognize and celebrate its diversity where all race/ethnicity, religions and cultures can live in harmonies with mutual respect and acceptant.
    A religion practices in moderation that promote acquired all type of worthy knowledge.
    An open and color blind society where issues can be debate constructively on its merit and demerit without fear and favor.
    A government that is Clean, Honest, Responsible, Competent, Just and above all Respecting Human Right.
    Is that too much to ask for?
    If you want me to kneel down and begging you to do what is the RIGHT THING for the nation NOW. Just name the place and time and I will be there. Kneeling down before you begging you for the betterment of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren future please do the RIGHT THING NOW, before it is too late.
    I need to stop here as tear start streaming down my eye. I am sorry.
    Thank you
    Wishing all a Happy New Year.
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

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