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1. There is a group of people who wants to make any objection against Foreign Direct Investment from China as racist, as being against the Chinese.

2. I categorically welcome FDI from China as I welcome FDI from any country. What I object to is the kind of FDI from China.

3. It is not about investing in manufacturing industries in Malaysia. It is about acquiring land in Malaysia, building settlements, towns, and cities which are to be sold to mainland Chinese who will come and live here. They will not number in the hundreds or thousands but in millions.

4. It is this massive immigration that we object to. If the project is by Indians and a few million Indians are to come and live in Malaysia, we would also strongly object.

5. Or if the Russians or Eastern Europeans were to mass migrate into Malaysia we would object. And if Africans or Arabs were to flood Malaysia we would also object.

6. Look at the refugees seeking asylum in Europe. By comparison with the 400 million Europeans, the number is small; only 4 million. But look at how the Europeans react to them.

7. They put up razor wire fence and send police and police dogs to keep the immigrants out. They left these people in the open, exposed to the extremely cold winter so that many would die. They got Turkey to agree to take in millions of these refugees when Turkey has already hosted almost 3 million.

8. Mr Trump wants to build a wall to prevent Mexicans and other South Americans from migrating into the U.S. They have police patrols and guard dogs to keep out these foreigners.

9. That’s how much nations are against mass immigration into their countries.

10. But the U.S. allows Japanese, Korean and Chinese automotive companies to set up plants in the U.S., to employ American workers, and borrow money from U.S. banks.

11. Clearly there is a difference between FDI in industries to create jobs for the local people and the mass entry of foreign people to settle even in the U.S. It is so also in the countries of Europe.

12. The Chinese are welcome to invest in industries in Malaysia. But just as we would not welcome mass immigration of Indians, or Pakistanis or Europeans or Africans into Malaysia we have to adopt the same stance on Chinese immigration into Malaysia.

13. No one can deny that the development of cities like the Forest City is to accommodate mainly mainland Chinese. They have already bought the properties and are coming by the planeloads to inspect and buy the properties offered.

14. In and around JB alone there will be 1½ million foreign Chinese. What about the developments going on in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca and Kuantan, Pahang. What about the housing to be built for the workers and engineers when the East Coast Railway and the HSR are being built.

15. Najib’s boast of attracting more than 140 billion of FDI from China is all about selling prime Malaysian land for the China Chinese to settle in. If he had gone to India or Africa or Europe and sold Malaysian land for millions of foreigners to settle on, I would still not consider that as FDI. And I think Malaysians would also feel the same about it.

16. It is not about being anti-foreign or anti-Chinese. It is about being pro-Malaysia. Additionally these immigrants will not confine themselves to their enclaves only. They will want to go to other places and to do business. They had come in through the powerful companies of China.

17. They will compete with Malaysian businesses. Already many contracts for the construction of high rise buildings have been won by them. The small and medium enterprises will also face competition by them.

18. Local businesses, largely Malaysian Chinese owned, will definitely lose out to those of the mainland Chinese.

19. We have seen the speed and efficiency of the China Chinese builders. They bring in their own workers from China. They can build a 5 star hotel complete with interior decoration and landscaping in 8 months. And they are operating them themselves in the areas they have developed in Johor.

20. Whether the Malaysian business people will admit it or not the fact is that these foreign residents will take a big chunk of the businesses of Malaysians.

21. They need to think about this and stop talking about being anti-Chinese. I and my friends in the new party are not anti-Chinese. We are working with a predominantly Chinese party. Trying to make the Malaysian Chinese reject us is actually trying to support the kleptocratic Najib Government.

p/s I was reported as saying that DAP had asked to have a second Deputy Prime Minister.

I wish to correct my mistake. It was not the DAP but it was the MCA.

Datuk Loke Yuen Yaw was reported by Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia, to urge Dato Seri Najib in 2009 to create the post of Deputy Prime Minister (TPM) and Deputy Chairman of BN to be filled by the MCA President to reflect “real power sharing”.

Appended below is the text of the report in bahasa Malaysia.

Datuk Loke Yuen Yow, Timbalan Setiausaha Agung MCA dalam laman webnya menggesa Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mewujudkan jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri (TPM) dan Timbalan Pengerusi BN untuk diisi presidennya bagi mencerminkan “perkongsian kuasa sebenar”.

Menurut Loke lagi, jawatan kedua Timbalan Perdana Menteri untuk presiden MCA bukan sahaja merealisasikan konsep perkongsian kuasa, tetapi juga menunjukkan kerajaan memberi kepentingan kepada peranan dan sumbangan kaum Cina dalam proses pembinaan negara.

Sumber Maklumat:
Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia (sini)
April, 2009

65 thoughts on “FDI from China

  1. HBT456 Feb 14,2017 11:17 PM

    Big can never fail?

  2. HBT456 Feb 14,2017 11:17 PM

    Whoever become pm, does it really matters?

  3. HBT456 Feb 14,2017 11:09 PM

    Frankly speaking, chinese already give up this country politically decades ago. When they give up this country economically and socially, what will happen then?

  4. HBT456 Feb 14,2017 11:06 PM

    Yes, no doubts in politics everything impossible could be possible. Dap too can agree to disagree just like any political parties and ngos in this country behind closed door. Whether dap likes it or not, they will be tested again and again when general election is called.

  5. HBT456 Feb 14,2017 10:26 PM

    I for sure wont have high faith on guan eng that he would be able to revive our economy with his circle of influences.

  6. HBT456 Feb 13,2017 6:42 AM

    If you are not malay muslim mps, you can always agree to disagree to such ruling, bukan?

    Moreover, the ultimate objective of the akta ruu355 is aiming to upgrade syariah compliance policy to the next level.

    Obviously, the syariah law would overide federal law as we move on.

    Therefore, if you are not malay muslim mp, and you dont feel comfortable with such ruling, then, you shouldnt keep selling this ruling to the public, especially, the non muslim voters at your constituencies, bukan?

    But, if you think such ruling is a fast track of getting rich by exploiting your own race, by all means, go a head with it.

    They said in politics, nothing is impossible.

    Bak kata, siapa makan cili, mereka yang rasa pedas.

  7. HBT456 Feb 10,2017 8:41 PM

    Other states also got such developments too approved by the state governments, is there anything wrong with it?

    I dont see malaysia is a laughing stock because i know we may not be the best, but we definitely feel we are the best. Why? Home sweet home, dont you agree?

  8. HBT456 Feb 10,2017 8:34 PM

    Whats the point of investing in property whereby the bumi cannot tolerate the existence of non muslim, dont you think so?

  9. HBT456 Feb 10,2017 8:20 PM

    Its a property news on attracting foreigners from china to invest in a property development in nusajaya, johor, a strategic location next to singapore.

    We have such property development in putrajaya too, bukan?

  10. Dave Copper Feb 10,2017 7:21 PM

    We object massive immigration of rich Chinese pumping money into Malaysia but welcome massive immigration of poor Indonesian taking money out of our country. Brilliant move.

  11. macvanteh Feb 4,2017 12:09 PM Although it is in Mandarin, please get someone or website to translate it.

  12. bodhi Jan 28,2017 5:09 AM

    ask Tony Fernandez whether he thinks Tun is racist.
    Here he describes how it was like growing up in Mahathir Malaysia
    Enjoy ! 🙂

    “We were Malaysians first”

    By Ding Jo-Ann | 19 November 2009 | Read [11] Comments | Print This Post Print This Post
    Tony in Airasia clothes

    Tony Fernandes (pic courtesy of Tony Fernandes)

    “DREAM the undreamable, believe the impossible, and never take no for an answer.” AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes certainly lives by his company’s creed.

    Under his leadership, AirAsia and Air Asia X have just won the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation award, beating airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Not bad for a company that had just two planes and one destination eight years ago, Fernandes himself notes in his blog The Entrepeneur.

    During a 5 Nov 2009 interview with The Nut Graph in Kuala Lumpur, Fernandes reminisces fondly of flying with his entrepreneur mother, who introduced Tupperware to Malaysia. His childhood memories include poignant moments of composing songs with her in the middle of the night.

    He also remembers growing up in a Malaysia that was “fun” where people were united, regardless of race; and dreams for that to happen again in Malaysia.

    TNG: Where were you born?

    Tony Fernandes: I was born at Kuala Lumpur (KL) General Hospital on 30 April 1964, year of the dragon, Taurus.

    Where did you grow up?

    My first house was just behind Bukit Bintang, Treacher Road (now Jalan Sultan Ismail). The road and house still exist — I just drove past the house the other day. I grew up in KL till I was 12 and then was sent to boarding school in England. I was in England until 1990.

    I went to Alice Smith [School] which is why my Malay is non-existent; I suffer for that. I went there from when I was five till 12. I spent seven years in Alice Smith, I hate admitting it.
    Tony being held by his mother

    Fernandes being held by his mother, Ena Fernandez (pic courtesy of Tony Fernandes)

    Can you trace your ancestry?

    My father was an Indian citizen, a doctor. He was from Goa, but spent most of his time in Calcutta. He came here to work for a short stint and ended up meeting my mum. He had a green card (for temporary residents) most of his life. Just before he died, he got a red card (for permanent residents). He spent half his life here.

    My mother was a Malaysian from Malacca — Ena Fernandez. They both had the same surname — one with “z”, one with “s”. She was a music teacher. She started Tupperware in Malaysia and she was amazing, she could sell ice to an Eskimo. Her parents were Malaysians, about second or third generation.

    So, what generation Malaysian are you?

    I’ve never really thought about that, I just see myself as Malaysian, I don’t look at what generation and all that.

    What are your strongest memories of growing up?

    Subang Airport. My mother used to fly a lot because she was in Tupperware and I used to fly with her. I used to hang out a lot in Subang Airport, meeting her or flying with her when she went to different places and conventions.

    My mother used to compose songs. She would sing and I would sit on the Yellow Pages phone book and play the piano. Sometimes she’d wake me up at 3am and say, “I’ve got a song, come let’s go and compose.” I can still remember the songs like “I’ve got a Tupper feeling in my head”.


    I also remember playing sports with my neighbours. I lived in a street with Indian, Chinese and Malay [Malaysians] all in the same street. We all played football or badminton together — over the gate, in abandoned fields. There was never much talk of race in those days, we were Malaysians. Of course we knew our heredity, you can’t run away from that, but we were Malaysians first. I’ve never thought of myself as an Indian.

    Has the way you see yourself as a Malaysian changed?

    No. I’ve been very consistent, look at AirAsia. There is no race in AirAsia. It’s a meritocracy, people all intermingle and do their own thing. I never hear anyone talk about race. It’s never changed in my mind.
    young tony fernandes

    A young Fernandes (pic courtesy of Tony Fernandes)

    What are some other stories that you hold on to from your family?

    My memories of growing up are of having fun. I think Malaysia is a great place, it was fun; we always had fun.

    My mother was a very unique person; she used to have many parties. When [musicians like] The Platters or Ray Charles were in town, she’d invite them over to the house and we’d throw a party for them. In those days, you could just call them up at their hotel and invite them over; it was great.

    I remember jamming with Ray Charles in my house. Later on, Ray Charles was a Warner Music artist and when he came to Malaysia, he was very emotional. He remembered my mum and I was vice-president of a record company and he was performing; it was cool.

    Do you still play musical instruments?

    I’m doing very little music now. Music’s my life, I spend a lot of time listening to music, I don’t play much now.

    When my mum died, something died [within] me, I was very close to her and it brings back painful memories. She died when she was very young. I was 16 so life changed dramatically after that because she was so full of life. I don’t play much, just once in a while. I don’t think my kids have heard me play either.

    How do you connect with these stories as a Malaysian? What do you think is the essence of being Malaysian?

    Our strength is our cultural diversity and being able to be known as one.

    Malaysia doesn’t realise how lucky it is. We grew up learning so many different cultures, we have so many different foods. I always say we have such a strong advantage and we don’t really use it.

    We have every type of Chinese known to [human]kind — Foo Chows, Cantonese, Teo Chew — you name it, we’ve got it. We’ve got every type of Indian here. We’ve got Malays from Indonesia; Thais, Filipinos. It’s an amazing culture to have and it should be our strength.

    We were all together. I don’t remember even talking about Chinese, Malay, Indian, we were all together.

    Do we talk more about it now?

    Ya, definitely. We’re more segregated than we ever were.

    Are there any aspects of your identity that you struggle with as a Malaysian?

    Malay, I don’t speak Malay, I feel bad I don’t speak Malay, I really do.

    I can understand it, I can’t speak it very well. I’d love to be able to speak better.

    Describe the kind of Malaysia you would like for yourself and for future generations

    Firstly, a meritocracy.


    Secondly, for Malaysians not to fear speaking up. There’s talk about innovation and building innovation centres, but unless people are free to innovate and think, they won’t innovate. AirAsia for example has a very flat structure so people are allowed to think and allowed to criticise, including criticise me, without fear.

    Thirdly, I hope government is [less involved] in business. [Instead], government should facilitate business. It should get involved if private organisations don’t have the means for example, developing solar technology or building a transport infrastructure system.

    I hope for the days of seeing Malay, Chinese and Indian [Malaysians] all in one street, enjoying themselves. I hope to see kids playing with each other and having fun. Hopefully AirAsia’s small contribution is a world championship F1 team all Malaysians can be proud of.

    I hope we have more creativity in schools and not just focus on scoring As. I don’t think we should have afternoon school — that should be for art, drama and sport. It’s on the sports field that you have integration and experience leadership and teamwork; culture and drama introduces you to expressing yourself through music and acting; the debating society gives you the power to think.


    I hope there are less exams and less emphasis on tuition. We’ve got to have all-rounded people in our country. They have to be well-rounded so you can put them in any part of the world. It’s a good education (that produces well-roundedness), cream always rises to the top and they will always excel and always stand out.

  13. Mkt Jan 26,2017 6:42 PM

    The fault is lies in the people “MINDSET” like Karl, really.

    Back to the MAIN TOPIC: The TRUTH nothing but the TRUTH of 1MDB. Period.

  14. zulu Jan 26,2017 2:42 PM

    “Najib: ‘Not enough budget’ not an excuse to implement projects”
    “We should make this our priority. Our focus this year is ‘deliver, deliver, deliver’,” he said at the Finance Ministry’s special assembly here Thursday.”

    LOL…deliver by who, Hippo?…

    Now a minister called “kruek” who is a waste, will come out defending the thief.
    His dept can be named “Najis welfare ministry”…

  15. HouseWife Jan 26,2017 9:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Please allow me to jot down few pieces of my humble feelings, Tun.
    Tun, THANK YOU for your nationalism in building PROTON which became the delightful respectable icon of the nation. Whatever ups and downs Proton experienced has transpired and inspired Malaysians to care and love even more to this majestic national monument.

    Thank you Proton for catering to the everyday needs of thousands and thousands of Malaysians staffs and workers and their families. Thank you Proton for having had Tun once as your inspirational pride without prejudice. You have profited from Tun, and Malaysia has profited from you. Thank you Tun for your brilliant legacy.

    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you Tun. “HIDUP BERSATU!”

    P/S: No thanks to 1MDB and its many financial scandals. You are a SHAME to the nation. You marketed your greatest faults to the poor innocent Malaysians, and immediately became the fast-selling failures.
    The irrational and exaggerated statements or views written by a one fella can sometimes be quite piercing, but have no selling values.

    Thank you again Tun.

  16. Karl Iskandar Jan 25,2017 11:56 PM

    DrM after what happened to Proton should revise his business model.

    It’s a misplaced nationalism, as in the case of his local car manufacturing industry, to suffer billions of losses year after year under him.

    All those money would have been better spent on building good affordable houses for the people.

    But now, we have too many cars on the road and too expensive house to own, thanks to DrM. And people are angry when the Chinese build cozy homes by the sea?

    Whose fault, really.

  17. sibotak Jan 25,2017 5:34 PM

    Its ok if you still drives the Good interest for the nation
    Today in the news of US accusations towards you
    We know US always stirs other nation politics with packs of Lies
    Their Lies are Stale and of no value today
    No wonder World now looks at China & Russia
    Russia & China, Business is business
    US will preach their politics agendas while they talk Business to us
    And they expect you to Submit to their Political Agendas
    They are Worst than Kiasuism
    No wonder World will never be at Peace whenever US touches

    So Tun , Be Cool
    Focus of building BERSATU
    As the more you talk , matters does not solves
    You must not allow them to hunt yr weakness as you are of no Authority today
    The more you talk you are giving them ideas
    Yr Hands are Tied today

    PRU shall be the Day of Judgement
    Rest Well today Tun for Tomorrow PRU
    We will be with you . I will look up for you , Tun

  18. Hajar Jan 25,2017 2:31 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. I sympathize with those UMNO delegates who sang the ‘Warisan’ song during last year’s Perhimpunan Agung UMNO. Alahai…

    “…Nenek moyang kaya-raya
    Tergadai seluruh harta benda”…

    2. Sadly, their President, PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor, is currently busy SELLING our precious land and assets to China (but claimed that it’s FDI from China). May be they actually dedicated the song to DSN (‘cara bersopan-santun / berhemah’).

    3. The ownership status of the Forest City apartments is FREEHOLD – ‘Pegangan Bebas’ (stated in several websites). The cheapest (MAY BE only during the launching) is RM 500,000 (the smallest unit; according to one website); but another website states that the price STARTS from USD 170,000 (more than RM 750, 000 – sizes: approximately 517-1862 sq. ft high-rise apartments). I believe only crazy Malaysians would want to stay in a very small/tiny unit in a FAKE forest environment situated on four FAKE islands, where in reality we can have much better living conditions (natural environment) else where within our beloved country (with that same amount of money).

    4. Tun’s detractors accused Tun of lying and throwing slanders about FC, but whatever Tun said regarding Forest City are widely available. Are they saying that the developer (or promoter) is lying? Who brought in the potential buyers from China? Why China? Why not from other countries?

    Remember our famous ‘PERIBAHASA’, “Api, tatkala kecil menjadi kawan, apabila besar menjadi lawan.”

    Thanks Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  19. Ammal Adnan Jan 25,2017 7:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum.. Tun saya Amal Siddiq..
    Boleh tak saya nak jumpa Tun..

  20. freedomfighter2017 Jan 25,2017 12:21 AM

    salam tun, maaf nak lari topik sikit.

    korang kalau baca surat khabar atau baca berita internet. Nasihat aku la jangan percaya semua bulat2. contoh terbaik macam penganalisa ekonomi ke ataupun penganalisa politik.Hulur je duit kat pakar2 ni diorang gerenti cakap 100% ayat manis2.

    Selagi Najis Razak Pee M a.k.a penyamun duit kebajikan rakyat bertakhta di atas dan masih pegang kuasa. Semua berita keluar dari TV,Internet ataupun surat khabar baik jangan pecaya 100%.

    Kita sekarang bukan hidup senang…kemiskinan makin bertambah,pergangguran makin banyak.kerja tak banyak,Pekerja kena buang kerja ada la.Ekonomi elok dalam berita/tv je.Korang semua percaya tak?
    wartawan pun tiada kebebasan.Usah kata wartawan kita sendiri silap post je pun boleh masuk lokap.

    Kita duk bayar cukai.Tak pe la memang patut kita duk bayar cukai tapi takkan nak bayar cukai hari2,bulan2,tahun2.Apa yg cukai bagi kat kita? Brim? tu 6% GST cukai lagi kan?.Nanti menang jadi 8 atau 10% ni memang wajib.lepas tu nanti diorang menteri2 keldai kata Kami ikut Trend negara luar.

    Sepatutnya kita pembayar cukai patut dapat banyak kemudahan macam naik tol FREE of charge! Anak2 ke sekolah yuran free! makan kat kantin sekolah FREE! ambik lesen motor/kereta FREE! renew lesen FREE! baru betul.Ni tak kita dapat BRIM! ibarat seperti terima BRIM kita menhalalkan apa yg kerajaan BN(DUMNO) nak buat.Harga barang naik,minyak,keperluan diri semua makin meningkat.

    Gaji 1000 cukup tak? try fikir berapa ramai rakyat yg pegang gaji 2000 dalam malaysia ni?
    berapa ramai yg pegang gaji 3000 ke 4000 sampai 10000?.berapa ramai dalam malaysia ni? ada indeks tak? graf ke? usah ambil yg kakitangan kerajaan ambik yg swasta.Lepas tu tau la rakyat merana ke tak.

    menang bersorak kampung tergadai. Ayat ni datang dari Umno dulu.Memang tepat kalau UMNO BN menang merana la korang lagi.

  21. HBT456 Jan 24,2017 10:42 PM


    23. Putin is experienced and know the position of his party against his enemies there.

    24. He too know very well, if he chosen to ally with usa, then, russia will break into pieces due to huge debts counted in us dollar, that is 1 russia ruble equals to usd 0.017.


    26. No matter how much the usa president elect political campaign is spent in us dollars, it is a political fact that americans do not believe in voting process, henceforth, a huge percentage didnt come out to cast their votes.

    27. With or without votes the president elect will do what they vowed, and will they be voted in or out depends on their determination to continue or not, but must not be more than 2 terms.

    28. You dont need mathematician or calculator to do the math, just go into search engine and search for the formula, all you need to do is type the numbers in, susah sangat ke?

    29. Will american president mr donald trump insist to wage wars in south china sea in 4 years time?

    30. Look at their war history, one will no whenever general election is call, they will pull out from wars.

    31. The thing is can usa continue to wage against wars to earn what they spent in the past military?

    31. To be or not to be, that is not a question.

    32. Can win or not, when general election is called, we will get to see the result.

    33. Therefore, no worries.

  22. edward Jan 24,2017 9:38 PM

    What would you do if all the businesses or ideas that you thought of ran ahead of you?

  23. edward Jan 24,2017 9:26 PM

    If there is a powerful group of people forcefully experimenting with these kind of experiment and an individual is unable to stop it, do you suggest a change in government for those participating countries? If so, do you think a referendum is the fastest way to change a new government instead of a vote of no confidence in parliament?

  24. edward Jan 24,2017 9:22 PM

    What do you personally think of mind exploration (without consent) and running 24 hours a day non-stop? Do you think it is ethical or do you think it is a violation of human rights? What do you think of these raw thoughts being made public without being consented?

  25. HouseWife Jan 24,2017 5:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Mrs Feedlot marah sangat sampai keluar dari mulut dia cakap Tun penipu besar. Kes duit lembu tu pun dia menang kan. Takpela Tun, rezeki dia. Kita ucap syukur kepada dia je.

    Ni la Tun, orang2 MO1 dah mula tergoncang2. Tun cakap ni bukan saja ikut fakta tapi sebagai peringatan, so depa ni mesti make sure la 700,000 ni tak mai masuk ramai2 barulah cakap Tun tak betul, kan gitu Tun. Bangsa Johor dan kami di luar akan tunggu dan lihat dan chek berapa ramai masuk, berapa ramai kawin sini, berapa ramai beranak-pinak sini, berapa ramai pi balik, berapa ramai mai balik. Hai, banyak sungguh kerja kami2 ni di jabatan imigresen.

    Apakah maksud FDI yang sebenar, Tun? Adakah meminjam duit dari negara luar untuk pembanguan dan kesenangan rakyat negara yang memberi pinjaman? Atau adakah menarik pelabur2 dari luar negara untuk melabur dalam negara bagi membangun dan merancakkan lagi ekonomi dalam negara, dengan tambahan imbuhan2 yang diberi so masing2 menikmati kesemua kemajuan dan pembangunan?

    Ikut fahaman otak kecik saya ni, apabila MO1 meminjam, dan dia buat pinjaman semasa menjadi PM Malaysia, maka pinjaman tu atas nama kerajaan rakyat Malaysia, maka jadilah yang berhutang tu rakyat Malaysia, dan yang kena bayar hutang tu juga rakyat Malaysia, kan gitu Tun. Cuba teka bagaimana kerajaan MO1 nak kutip duit daripada rakyat Malaysia untuk bayar balik pinjaman/hutang kepada negara yang beri pinjaman/hutang? Agak-agaklah sampai berapa generasi baru habis bayar hutang?

    Tun, teringin juga nak pi tinjau macam mana rupa JB-FC tapi tak mampu la Tun. Tv kita ni bukan nak siar story on how, when, why and who on the development of JB-FC or dah ada articles on it ka, how can we get hold on it. I wish we have Malaysian reporters yang berani buat investigation atau survey on any particulars that have controversial issues covering people in higher offices or palaces. Nobody dares takut kena tangkap. Dulu tak silap ntv7 ada buat investigation reporting.

    Tanah besar China is able to roam freely into Malaysia because China knows MO1’s government is weak and ranked among one of the the most corrupted country in the world, besiege with humongous debts, malunya. Furthermore, (I’m sorry to bring this up, may their souls rest in peace), Malaysia owes China an explanation on the missing Malaysian airline with her citizens in it. China has nothing to lose giving her money and support to MO1’s corrupted government. It’s MO1 and his ‘generals’ who should be shameful of their incapability on how to bring in real genuine investors into Malaysia without selling an inch of her land to outsiders. Allowing outsiders to create a settlement of their own on our precious land is like promoting the expansion of a new greater colony – free of Malaysian-Malays, Malaysian-Indians, Malaysian-Chinese and Malaysian-others.

    This is never about racism or anti-Chinese. China is most welcome to invest in Malaysia according to our terms and law and order. But it’s the way how MO1’s government came to an agreement that is not to the country’s advantage, it’s like selling our sovereignty. Hope China would understand our dilemma.

    It’s also unbecoming in the way MO1’s government try to hide, lied and swayed the people from learning or seeking the facts on exactly how he could secured huge sums of billions of ringgit from China. Did China see great potentials in Malaysia or China saw the weaknesses in the government? No one country wants to venture into something that is non-profitable, right Tun. As the saying goes, take advantage of the weak to prosper thyself.

    Well, the people’s perception has come to this, that the billions of borrowings said to be on economic development is as a camouflage to patch the many many holes in the country’s coffers and to pay 1MDB’s billions debts. The damage has been done. Their credibility has suffered. People’s trust and faith has crashed. They should’ve came out clean and clear the air in the first place, but instead all unanswered questions, equipped and ill-equipped facts and figures, information that could’ve shone out the truth, everything was stacked and dumped into MO1’s Top Secret boxes.

    If and when MO1’s government collapsed, the new government will inherits all these secrecy together with the financial mess, is this good or bad, Tun? I don’t know Tun, if MO1’s government is “fully-dressed” then they’re free from being “sick brain” (tumpang kata2 si nazri). They’ve nothing to worry about then, kan Tun.

    Sorry Tun, harap saya tak buat semak di sini. Terima kasih Tun.
    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.
    “HIDUP BERSATU!” Teruskan perjuanganmu.

  26. The Hidden Secret Jan 24,2017 9:55 AM


    FDI Najib yang bijaksana….

    1. Penang 2nd Bridge… Loan dari China, kontraktor pun dari China, pekerja pun dari China, equipment pun dari China. Malaysia dapat apa? China kata… Malaysia dapat jambatan lah!

    2. Forest City… Financing dari China, developer and contractor dari China, pekerja dari China, equipment pun dari China. Malaysia dapat apa? Malaysia tak dapat apa… cuma tergadai tanah. Kedai-kedai kat bawah Forest City tu pon entah-entah orang China akan sapu.

    3. Sehingga ke hari ni, kita tak nampak pun China punya FDI di Malaysia yang Najib kata berjumlah beratus billion hengget. Ada sesiapa nampak kilang-kilang China di Malaysia? Buat apa China nak melabur buka kilang di Malaysia sebab labour mereka lagi murah dari Malaysia?

    4. Power plant… Disebabkan desperate, Najib izinkan China miliki 100% power plant di Malaysia walaupun ianya bertentangan dengan rules & regulation yang ditetapkan.

    5. Bandar Malaysia… Disebabkan desperate, Najib izinkan China beli 60% Bandar Malaysia tapi bayar kemudian. Tak perlu bayar sekarang… Bayar tiga tahun dari sekarang.

    Inilah dia FDI China yang Najib bangga-banggakan sangat. China invest dalam perniagaan ni semua bukannya sebab mereka yakin yang Najib ni bagus. China invest dalam semua perniagaan ni sebab mereka tau Najib desperate perlukan duit.

  27. Kamarulaznan Jan 24,2017 9:37 AM


    At the end of the day, let us ask ourselves whether Malaysians can afford to buy these residential units in Forrest City?

    Nobody can deny that we are already facing issues of affordable homes in Malaysia. Are we creating fear to the people as what the Government accused the opposition of doing?

    Whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian the buying power of Malaysian middle income earners (based on their income alone) is weak.

  28. sibotak Jan 24,2017 8:10 AM

    IT was never against the Chinese , the Javanese or perhaps the Bugis nor the Jews
    nor any foreign investment . Investment is Global . Foreign investment is important only if we need one , as every each of us have our own personal agendas

    It is securing the future of the Bumis,
    The people of Origins that includes The Sultan generations
    The Chinese born Malaysia , The Indians born Malaysian all in one 1 Malaysia
    It has nothing to do as against the Sultan as the Minister of UMNO tried to implicates against Tun Mahathir. Sultan is part of the Constituency , Its Ber Daulat Tuanku
    UMNO , Najib is the elected Government and its duty is to make accountable & responsible decision .If wrong today , tomorrow must ammend immediately regardless of clauses
    The Right Benficial decision is Upmost
    Decisions on part of the Nation NOT on part of its personal agendas that will conclude to being Corrupted
    What’s the point of electing a Govt , then after elect The Prime Minister
    If such cannot secure the importance of 1 Malaysia

    Investment will drives to Invasions
    Invasions will narrow to displacement of the Origins
    As much as a Crimes won’t likely happen if there are none an invitations
    Dressed yr Girl Sexy , she will get cheated or rape
    Dressed her Modesty She will be Respected
    Yes we don’t see it now but for sure the time will come

    Our decision is not about today , it is of the importance of tomorrow

    If its the idea of to select the influx of people to fill our space
    The people that deserves to be invited to our Land , Malaysia
    Is the people in Need
    They are the Refugees of the World
    Mostly from the Islamic nation and also from all in Need
    These are the people that we must Shelter
    These are Humans
    Why should we invites those whom already has a home and needs a Second Home

    We will Shelter them on our Terms with our National Security
    Its Temporary till they are off with their Miseries
    I love to see most of our vacant land filled with Loves
    Rather our Land filled with Material Development
    We will not be Poor
    We will be Bless
    In Islam Its Rahmah

    Today I put up a Challenge to Najib , to Whoever concern
    If we want to utilize our Land , Filled our Gaps
    Filling the Refugees is the most Beneficial , most Unseen Gains

    If you think your are Great
    Then why when you were in the Loo , you don’t pee
    But when you are out suddenly you need it
    I thought the Dick belongs to you and you are in control ?

  29. The Hidden Secret Jan 24,2017 5:27 AM


    Tidak ada kaitan politik lansung bila ramai rakyat Malaysia termasuklah Tun membenci Najib.

    Ini kes jenayah… Jenayah yang dilakukan oleh Najib yang semua orang tau.

    Najib ni bukan sekadar ahli politik tapi dia seorang penjenyah serta penyamun.

    Najib juga bukan seorang yang bijak. Najib sangat bodoh yang amat sangat. Dia merupakan satu-satunya penyamun yang curi duit berbillion hengget dan kemudiannya memasukkan duit curi ke dalam akaun peribadi dia. Pandai kan Najib ni? Dah menyamun tapi tak reti nak sorok duit samun tu!

  30. joetachi Jan 23,2017 10:38 PM

    Sapa yg beza kuda & kaldai..!
    Sape yg banding Msia & Dubai..?

    Sumber diri dubai berdiri.!
    Rakyatnya mewah..apa yg hutang??

    Selamba diri

  31. WandyCaswady Jan 23,2017 5:52 PM

    Assalamuaalaikum dan may peace be upon you…


    (2:154) And do not say of those who are killed in the way of Allah that they are dead; they are alive even though you have no knowledge of their life.

    “I saw a man, pure and clean, with a handsome face and a fine figure. He was not marred by a skinny body, nor was he overly small in the head and neck. He was graceful and elegant, with intensely black eyes and thick eyelashes. There was a huskiness in his voice, and his neck was long. His beard was thick, and his eyebrows were finely arched and joined together.

    When silent, he was grave and dignified, and when he spoke, glory rose up and overcame him. He was from afar the most beautiful of men and the most glorious, and close up he was the sweetest and the loveliest. He was sweet of speech and articulate, but not petty or trifling. His speech was a string of cascading pearls, measured so that none despaired of its length, and no eye challenged him because of brevity. In company he is like a branch between two other branches, but he is the most flourishing of the three in appearance, and the loveliest in power. He has friends surrounding him, who listen to his words. If he commands, they obey implicitly, with eagerness and haste, without frown or complaint.”

    Descriptions like these were often reproduced in calligraphic panels (hilya or, in Turkish, hilye), which in the 17th century developed into an art form of their own in the Ottoman Empire.

    “Read: In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read and Your Lord is Most Generous…up to….. ..that which he knew not.” (96.15)

    41. The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.

    42. Indeed, Allah knows whatever thing they call upon other than Him. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.

    43. And these examples We present to the people, but none will understand them except those of knowledge.

    Al-Ankaboot (The Spider)

    How can a man in the middle of the dessert… In the middle of nowhere knows about the “clot”? There is no telescope back there…

    How can 1 Book can do such harm?


    Jazakumullahu khairan kathiraa

  32. Karl Iskandar Jan 23,2017 4:04 PM

    Are we so naive to believe that China whose incorruptibility is high on their governance agenda would choose to deal with us if we have a corrupt government?

    China’s massive FDI inflow and their attraction towards doing business with us is a testimony that rubbished all the smear campaigns launched side to side from WSJ and SR to take Najib down on the grounds of corruption.

    Of course, the Chinese trust in Najib is not becos they love DrM less, but becos they love to make good money and solid investments more.

    There should be no ill feelings, it is just the usual business decision based on opportunities and hard facts. It so happens that they are Chinese and not Arab investors.

    For DrM to start a smear/scare campaign against the Chinese in the spirit of political mischief and trouble making, I’d say is a bad call that could drive him and his crony friends further down the alley.

  33. Fariq Islam Jan 23,2017 1:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Isu jawatan TPM diberi kepada komuniti Cina hangat dipertikaikan.

    Mengikut apa yang diceritakan orang tua, sesungguhnya pada masa kemerdekaan, pergabungan parti-parti pemerintah pernah mencadangkan jawatan TPM untuk komuniti Cina. Namun, MCA melepaskan peluang ini, kerana mahukan jawatan Menteri Kewangan, yang dipandang lebih penting buat kaum Cina yang banyak berkecimpung dalam dunia perniagaan.

    Pemberian jawatan TPM kepada komuniti Cina ini tidak menjadi masalah besar. Tak usahlah isu ini diperbesarkan. Kaum Melayu di Sarawak hanyalah kaum minoriti, tetapi kaum Cina juga memberi sokongan yang begitu kuat kepada Allahyarham Tan Sri Adenan yang berdarah Melayu.

  34. zulu Jan 23,2017 12:57 PM

    “Najib: Our GST not a burden”

    Yes, as long as he and his thievery family loot that money…

  35. HouseWife Jan 23,2017 10:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Dari awal lagi saya dah agak Tun akan jadi their main target dengan smear labelling, putar dan belit kenyataan2 Tun dan perang propaganda oleh MO1 dan geng and his new-found friends – parti bulan. They are hunger like crazy for Tun’s blood, almost like zombies!

    The Cina-TPM or non-bumi TPM issue is hot on the plate and their spinners are quick cooking on it 24/7. Their main agenda is to bring you down Tun. They’re all around you, watching your every move, waiting for a slightest slip which can give them an advantage. Personally, I don’t give a twitch of every nonsense they say – they’re only fit for the bin.

    Anyway, Malaysian should be prepared to embrace new changes. Who knows in 20-50 years to come Malaysia has to face that ‘hot new change’. Why cry out their sacred slogan – 1Malaysia! in the faces of every Chinese, Indians, Malays and others if they don’t abide by it. MO1’s government started it in the first place, that 1Malaysia mantra, so of course the others want their fair share of everything…and I mean everything in 1Malaysia! Mo1’s government must explain what are the can haves and the cannot haves in 1Malaysia.

    By now in this new millennium, Malaysians being more educated and wiser shouldn’t be suspicious of each other. But our leaders taught us otherwise. If only all races are gathered together and think as one-Malaysian in one party or organization, maybe this ideology of racism and differences will vanish forever in our indoctrinated mind…just maybe.

    Tun, I believe more in Tun’s concept of FDI than MO1’s. Tun’s concept is more Malaysian-friendly, more realistic and idealistic. Malaysia is still a developing country, right. So therefore, it still needs manufacturing industries for its economy to grow and develop. And location in the right place is very important to reduce logistic cost. Isn’t JB-FC located near the sea, so aren’t there seaports built nearby? If manufacturing industries are built in JB-FC the economy there and its nearby surroundings will booming, right Tun.

    Malaysians are so creative and can produce their own products for export. Our local industry players will be strong and able to compete against cheap imports from China. Can the services industry create and export its own produces to other countries, or again we have to fight cheaper ‘service goods’ from China? What exactly is service industry?

    TPPA was shown the exit by Trump, does this change anything and everything. All those researches, time, money gone to waste. Mo1’s government said TPPA is dead and buried, just because Trump dumped it, that so easy and so powerful done by one man! Now they have to find new ventures to trade. What can MO1 do to compensate for the loss – play golf again to be new buddy? He did say Trump was his old dear friend, so he has got the passport to see Trump anytime, right Tun.

    Now between this service industry and Tun’s old-fashioned manufacturing industry (as said by a one dahlan), which is more reliable and profitable to create jobs for our young generations and those out of jobs? Which gives more economic growth and development to Malaysia? Can’t these two industries work close together hand in hand in one strategic locality like JB-FC?

    Is it true, Tun that more universities from China will be opened in Malaysia? After MO1 government giving them our land – next our education? Is Malaysia depending more on China now to revive her economy? I can’t help feeling that in every aspects of our lives seem to be under the grip of the new conqueror – China.

    Why is MO1’s government opening all our doors to China? No restrictions? Doesn’t this trigger a new economy invasion from China? Maybe Malaysia too needs protectionist policies like Trump. The economic development and well-being of Malaysians and Malaysian industries must be the government’s top and first priority.

    It is very well-known the China-Chinese are very hardworking, adventurous, smart, studious people. Reading the history of their great civilization of thousands and thousands of centuries, anybody would be so fascinated and envious of them. China-Chinese are great civilized people (excluding the cheats, ah longs and gangsters of course). They have built many colonies around the world and have become economically successful. No one will doubt this.

    But the problem is our land is scarce and no matter how much land is reclaimed it will never be enough. Their greed, from both sides, will ask for more. Shouldn’t these reclaimed land rightfully be for Malaysians? Money borrowed in mass billions (unfortunately) from China should be invested for the development and the economic progress of all Malaysians. Instead, money borrowed are for the development and economic sustenance of the millions of foreigners, the new citizens of JB_FC.

    Kata ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia tak ada rumah, tanah untuk tempat berteduh jadi kenapa tanah dan bangunan dijual atau diberi kepada bangsa asing? Tak paham la? Apa jenis mainan politik ekonomi ni?

    Tun and most Malaysians welcome China-Chinese investments into Malaysia but the real problem is MO1’s government gave permission to built colonies and settlements to the millions of China-Chinese, and this will have a great repercussion to our own local businesses, environment and social sensitivities. Right now this is what my mind thinks and afraid of, that we will be the abandoned and forgotten people in our own land.

    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge and Thank you Tun.

    P/S: Malaysian shouldn’t be afraid of the China-Chinese coming to town – stand up for your rights and claim what is rightfully yours. Don’t let the rich and famous, the elites and crown-persons decided on their own as if the land they are standing on, the sea they reclaimed on, the air they breath in are like their ownership. They are answerable to the people.

  36. sibotak Jan 23,2017 7:22 AM

    Amat memalukan dan Dayus Malaysia terutama Johor kini
    Memerlukan Bantuan , Kewangan juga kepakaran luar untuk membangunkan Tanah Air sendiri

    Lainlah bicara sekinya Mlaysia baru lepas musibah bencana Alam atau baru habis peperangan
    Kelihatan Pemimpin sekarang mengambil mudah untuk mencari huraian dan menyelesaikan masaalah mereka
    Menonjolkan sifat pemimpin yg pemalas , tidak amanah , lebih gaya dari buat ,
    nascaya ini semua akan menuju kepada kehancuran
    Dan kehancuran ini sedang bermula

    Apakah semasa Tun dahulu , membuka Proton , membangunkan Twin Tower dan sebagainya
    Ada sampai Bergadai Tanah Pusaka ?

    Hormat juga Ketaatan sesaorang pada Akhlaknya

    Begitu juga Rasul kita , Nabi Muhammad S.A.W berjaya menyebar Islam hingga diini hari
    Bukan keran beliau saudagar kaya , mempunyai Bala Tentera yg Hebat
    Beliau mempunyai Kuasa Nuclear atau F-16 ,GPMJ , AK-47 atau Missiles Berkuasa Tinngi yg dimiliki North Korea sekarang

    Beliau Berjaya kerana Akhlak beliau yg Mulia

    Malaysia akan Hancur jika di pimpin Pemimpin yg Boros , Tidak Amanah , Lebih Lagak dari Buat
    Sudah kelihatan systoms penyakit nya sedang mengular keluar
    Bermula dengan UMNO sudah Berpecah Belah

  37. SSLEE Jan 23,2017 7:16 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me to response to Dear Karl Iskandar posting dated Jan 21, 2017 8.03 AM.
    “20 percent of Malaysian, mostly Chinese, follow of Buddhism a religion that does not believe in a God.” —— “Tan Cheng Lock, Ong Tee Keat, Michelle Yeoh are some of the well known Malaysian Chinese who don’t believe in the Rukunegare#1. The local billionaire Ananda Krishna is also practicing Buddhism.”

    RUKUN NEGARA Principles:
    There are two different things when Karl Iskandar said, “Believe in a God” and our Rukunnegar#1: BELIEF IN GOD.
    Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Abrahamic religions) are the three major Monotheistic religions (the belief in only one God), all originated in what is known today as the Arab World.
    We Buddhism believe; Gautama Buddha, commonly known as the Buddha is the awakened one. Or in layman term our LORD/GOD even through Gautama Buddha himself (Tidak pernah menganggap dirinya sebagai tuhan atau dewa apa pun)
    For those interests in Taoism please feel free to Google Taoism.
    WE, Chinese Malaysian regardless of our religions herby pledge our united efforts:
    BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak:
    • mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya;
    • memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik;
    • mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama;
    • menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak; dan
    • membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.
    MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :
    Thank You

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  38. asahamat Jan 23,2017 2:00 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Memang banyak benda2 mengarut sedang berlaku di Negara ini. Keberadaan Tun, adalah penting utk mengenengahkan perkara ini secara jelas. Alhamdullillah, Tun berjaya dalam prihal ini. Namun perubahan adalah payah kerana rasa sangsi tak yakin masih menebal.

    (2) Kita sekarang hendak tumbangkan UMNO-BN esp di Malaya dan Sabah. Penumbangan UMNO-BN adalah penting utk hentikan benda2 mengarut ini.

    (3) Untuk itu, sokongan rakyat adalah penting. Namun rakyat yg menguasai kerusi DUN dan Parlimen masih jauh dari bersama PH-Bersatu. Saya tidak nampak kemaraan jelas PH-Bersatu di peringkat Kampung dan Luar Bandar. PH-Bersatu masih berupa “City Boys”.

    (4) PH belum bergerak sebagai PH yg kental. PH masih berwajah PKR, Amanah, Bersatu, dan DAP (malah Warisan). Kesatuan PH belum teguh. Saya tidak nampak concerted effort dalam kemaraan PH utk mengempur kubu2 UMNO khasnya. Saya melihat, dendam, kebencian dan kepura2an masih jelas dlm kebanyakan pidato2 dan gerakan PH tidak kira dari komponen mana. Itu tidak sihat!

    (5) Saya yakin Bersatu masih bergolak lantaran ianya Parti baru juga parti serpihan UMNO (dan PERKASA). Sikap lama UMNO masih terbawa2 dlm Bersatu. Bagi saya, to come clean not as UMNO belum jelas sebagai pembawaan Bersatu. Bersatu masih bayangan UMNO. Malah ada kelompok dlm Bersatu mulai menjadi lebih UMNO!

    (6) Once we worked hard as one Nation with your vision. Sad to say, now I personally can’t see where are we leading with PH-Bersatu. Memanglah, dgn BN-UMNO selagi Najib MO1 belum insaf dan taubat, sangat jelas ke mana akhirnya kita, but itu tidak dan bukan masalah pokok. Masalah pokok kini adalah ketepatan dan kejelasan Malaysia, rakyat Negara ini hendak PH-Bersatu gerak dan jln bersama. My point, PH-Bersatu kerana terus bernada dendam, benci (dan berpura2) the hope and inspiration for you to be different and the best option for this Nation is still too far from reality.

    (7) It is not I admire Donald Trump, but at least, by his first speech as the President, he is clear of where he wants the American to be. Betullah, itu sebab dia dah menang. But percayalah Tun, because of “your past background” sama dgn Mukriz dan Muhhyiddinpun, it is not easy.
    to come clean. Easy for Trump for he has no political record, but not for you. Maka, wajar now PH-Bersatu to lay something real brave and different sebagai wadah utk diraih oleh rakyat Malaysia kini.

    (8) Frankly, you and many had said what I believe should be said, the only problem is you guys said and keep saying those at your very individual PKR, Amanah, DAP, Warisan and Bersatu paradigms. You guys had not come to a point, let admit the wrong past and now let really be honest, courage and firm. You guys are seen not working as concerted unifying force. Tun, you must now work to pull everybody on board and let present the bold, different and promising future to the rakyat …..

    (9) Allah, adakan Donald Trump sebagai teladan pd saat kita sedang berusaha merobah. Akal harus kita guna utk mendapatkan kewajaran. Hapuskan dendam, hapuskan benci, hapuskan kepura2an, berkerjalah ke jln benar yg benar2 harus kita tegakkan.

    (10) Tun, pls restrategise! Forget your past. I beg you be honest to the struggle to dave this Nation for nothing but Allah blessing. TQVM

  39. umranrc Jan 22,2017 11:07 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Sejarah sebelum penjajahan melihat kedatangan peniaga China dan India dirantau ini untuk bertukar-tukar bahan dagangan.

    Mereka datang dengan niat yang baik, berniaga secara berhemah dan kedaulatan serantau diperincikan dengan sempurna. Tidakkah sebahagian dari mereka terus bermastautin disini? Ya, ada. Tidakkah segelintir dari mereka terus bercampur keturunan dengan penduduk disini? Ya, ada.

    Selepas dijajah, keadaan berbeza, mereka bukan lagi datang kerana ingin berniaga, tetapi dibawa masuk untuk bekerja dengan penjajah untuk mengaut hasil bumi rantau ini untuk dibawa keluar tanpa imbuhan yang sewajarnya untuk bumi bertuah ini.

    Ini sedikit sebanyak membawa kepada perbezaan kaum yang dilihat pada hari ini. Tujuan serta pandangan menjadi berbeza kerana sebab yang berbeza selepas dijajah berbanding sebelum dijajah. Sekali lagi, sebelum dijajah, kita semua sama tujuannya, yakni berniaga secara telus dan kesemua pihak mendapat hak yang serata.

    Walaupun kita kini sudah ‘merdeka’, tetapi selepas lebih kurang 400 tahun pendedahan kepada konsep bangsa yang dijajah, kemerdekaan minda oleh kaum asal tanah ini masih lagi jauh. Secara tidak langsung, pengasingan yang dilakukan, yakni Melayu – kampung dan bercucuk tanam, India – bekerja diladang dan estet dan Cina – melombong dan berniaga terus menjadi tradisi Negara ini. Soalnya sekarang ini, adakah ini kita?

    Tidak, sama sekali tidak! Secara lebih khusus, India, Melayu serta China adalah bangsa-bangsa yang cukup maju sebelum tertulisnya sejarah. Seperti yang saya ungkapkan sebelum ini, hanya dengan kemajuan barulah kita boleh bertemu disini dan melangsungkan perniagaan yang menguntungkan kesemua pihak. Kemajuan pelayaran adalah asas kepada semua ini, dengan menyediakan pelabuhan-pelabuhan yang baik, kepulauan ini menjadi tarikkan dunia dimana akhirnya hancur kerana ketamakkan penjajah berkulit putih.

    Apakah motif penulisan ini? Apakah kena mengenanya dengan tajuk penulisan Tun kali ini? Untuk yang mahu berfikir, selama 60 tahun selepas merdeka, kita, yakni keseluruhan bangsa Malaysia cuba sedaya-upaya untuk mengembalikan kegemilangan tanah ini sepertimana ianya sebelum dijajah kini menghadapi rintangan yang terbaru yakni kemasukkan beramai-ramai sesuatu kaum yang belum tentu lagi mempunyai semangat serta pandangan yang sama dengan warga negara yang sedia ada.

    Adakah ini yang Malaysia kehendaki?

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  40. HBT456 Jan 22,2017 5:58 PM

    56. Here we go again, semua adalah salah kaum cina.

    57. Good luck to the wanabes…..

  41. farock Jan 22,2017 4:13 PM

    Salam Tun
    Just to remind you,Najib cant be pro Malaysian cos he is a Bugis.He himself said he is panglima Bugis,so Malaysia or Malaysians means nothing to this Bugis.
    He has to stop talking abt progress cos in years he became PM,there hasnt been a single improvement in our country’s progress.What has been happening is empty talks of unseen visions of his own.
    He has done nothing but everythg for him and his family.His ass lickers dont realisa they are putting their future generation in serious trouble by covering up for him.When these ass lickers are not ard,will their childre or g/children will have it easy like this lickers?
    Now these people can make tons of money on others misery but will this type of haram loots will last forever?If God knows how to give,God knows how to take it back.”Innal lillah hi wa innal illahi raji un”..”From Allah we come, to Allah we return”..
    If Najib is talking abt progressing by opening door to China,he must remember China have progress with their “Dasar tutup pintu”.China has never depend on anyone to be where they are now.That shows how useless our PM is when he always has to depend on someone or somethg in his duty.He even depend on others when doing all the bad
    things.Very useless person!
    To and yr stupid,baseless coments shows maybe you are the bastard son of you know who.

  42. tagosan4 Jan 22,2017 3:39 PM

    O wise mahathir you riling about chinese mainlander . What about NRD give Ic with bumiputra status to mamak tongkang india who just landed from tamil nedu so in future they fight for malays. Are you denying this happening

  43. RD. Jan 22,2017 1:05 PM

    Now… the ‘FDI’ on Forest City is different. The whole swath of reclaimed land was specifically allocated to woo foreign ownership… freehold or was it leasehold?

    On a ‘Rakyat diDahulukan’ rhetoric, they even came-up with the HSR project. ‘Just a stone-throw away from Singapore’ as an advertising attraction, connecting it with and KL’s Bandar Malaysia, (60% China owned) in 90 minutes. (Then maybe later, buyers can balik-kampung to Kunming and other parts of China via Thailand & Laos, or Cambodia.)
    Najib even said that ‘one can have breakfast in Singapore, lunch in KL and dinner, back in Singapore on the same day’.

    Anyway, lets wait until more and Forest City dwellers go for shopping in JB’s Tesco or Giant with their pet Chihuahuas in trolleys. Then we will see what Bangsa Johor’s DYMM Sultan, Najib or his Menteri-Agama had to say.

    Me… I’m not’jijik’ of pigs or dogs, whatsoever. I grew-up in the North where Siamese use to rear pigs as the Malays do, goats in the 70s.
    Therefore, I can even have my own meal at the same table with friends who are having grilled pig-leg.

    However… I’m more concerned of germs on notes(money) and gas cylinders. Only God knows where they came from. Was it from transaction in pork-butcher’s stall or the gas-cylinder, previously being used in a restaurant which fried pork?

    And that was why I got furious when I saw kids playing with filthy old notes, especially if they’re gripping it with their lips.
    And… I insist on buying cylinder-gas on my own too… so I that can wipe its greased shell, clean.

  44. Karl Iskandar Jan 22,2017 11:49 AM

    The massive FDI inflow from China is a testimony of confidence in our government, and coming from the world’s #2 economy, carries a lot of weight especially for the long run of our political stability which may cover more years than DrM will be able to wit.ness

    However, DrM in his ambivalent/insecure outlook on the Chinese Invasion has come up with some good points to ponder and work on.

    Considering the Chinese racist attitude of non-inclusivity in running their business (Chinese staff gets higher wages) and other unfair business practices, it is urgent that the local authorities enable pre-emptive measures before they’re overwhelmed by the foreign bosses.

  45. SSLEE Jan 22,2017 10:26 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I am still updating my memoir titled: The fate of four brothers and a sister: the story of my siblings and myself. My elder brother was born in 1960 followed by me in 1961, then third brother in 1963, and fourth brother in 1970 before finally a younger sister in 1976; all in the laid-back town of Alor Setar, Kedah Malaysia.
    My father sends his 2 elder sons to SJKC Keat Hwa (H) Alor Setar; but then decided to send the third and fourth son to SRK Iskandar Alor Setar. The School Founder Headmaster is Tun’s Father and the school is named after Tun’s Grandfather. (The best multi-racial English School then, but later converted to national school or a typical Malay school.)This makes my father to decide sending his only daughter to SJKC.
    It is the choices made by my parents on which school to send their children to study and the policies taken by the Government of the day (Tun’s decision and policies mostly) that had determined the fate of my siblings. We as Chinese Malaysian had to work extremely hard to be successful in life.
    My elder brother is now a Residential GM of a Malaysian owned Hotel in Changchun, China. I myself is the GM of an oleo-chemical plant in an Indonesian company in Medan. My third brother is a teacher in Kedah. Even-though he graduated from Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid with STPM result of 2A and 2B, he only got an offer to do B.SC. Ed (Bachelor of Science with Education) in USM. My fourth brother is jobless now. He never got into secondary school because by then SRK Iskandar is no more a multi race English school but a typical Malay school and he failed miserably in all his examination. He used to be a very skilful superbike mechanic but due to his illiterate status when technology caught up with IT tech replacing hard-earned skills to do trouble shooting and precision maintenance. He was totally caught unaware and thus became out-dated and unable to pick up this new skill. He fell into depression and got himself into drug problems. My sister is another government servant working as a PTD officer.
    I used to blame Tun’s education policies i.e. discrimination of public university entrance for bumi and non-bumi that had somehow pre-determined the fate of my third brother. I extracted from my memoir; “Sekolah Rendah Iskandar is one of the top English primary school in Alor Setar, Kedah. The school is named after the father of the founder Headmaster Mohammad Iskandar, in honour of his total devotion, dedication and excellent services in making this school a top English school where children from all races were able to study together. Thus my third brother was brought out in this multi races school where he had schoolmate from all races.”…….. “His first choice is Medicine, followed by Engineering. Unfortunately with his mismatch distinction in Mathematics and Biology he didn’t get his first two choices, and was instead offered his last choice of Science with Education in USM. To make thing worse, 1982 is the first year where HSC (GCE A level) which is recognized throughout the world was replaced with STPM. Thus all top students had limited over-sea study options and had to compete for a place in local public universities. Due to the quota system which favoured a particular race, my third brother was overlooked for the much sought after Medicine and Engineering course. My third brother accepted his fate and easily graduated with a 2nd Class Upper honour degree in Science with Education in 1987.
    On my fourth brother: “If the late Mohamad Iskandar, the founder headmaster and true educator is to be alive today, he would feel very sorry for my fourth brother as his days’ education had failed him. Like our father, he would have put the blame on my fourth brother for having no discipline to learn the required knowledge diligently. Even though my fourth brother deserved all the canings on the backside for handing in All red report card, but I think the late Mohamad Iskandar has his right to direct his anger and frustration to the person responsible in turning his once beloved multi-racial top English school to almost a single race national school where students can graduate after six years of primary education without acquiring the basic skill of reading and writing, be it Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese or Jawi. He would definitely give this man nine stroke of the cane at the backside. The person responsible for such change is the then Education Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Do you know what the relationship between these two men is? Mohamad Iskandar is the late father of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. If one day these two men were to meet in heaven I wonder what the father will say to his son.
    On Malaysia racial polarisation: “I still remember during orientation week there was an open lecture where the topic is how to forge unity and harmony in our multi-races Malaysia society? There was this social science master degree student presenting his statistical study on unity through mixed-marriage (The Melting Pot Theory). At that time I was wondering what if Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO had been successful in opening up UMNO to all races. Surely there would have been no race-based political parties and opportunist will not have a political race platform to camouflage himself as the champion of his race and secretly carried out his hidden agenda, planting his cronies in every important posts to strengthen his position, and feeding poison and indoctrinate racial view into the mind of young Malaysians. What will this country look like today?”
    On Tun: “Alor Setar is a mix race constituency. Alor Setar held a very special place in the shaping of Political landscape in Malaysia. It is in Alor Setar that Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had his first medical clinic. It was here also where Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was first elected to the parliament in 1964 and then suffered his humiliating defeat in defending his seat; losing to PAS in the following general election in 1969 because of his anti-Chinese view.
    It is also the place where young Karpal Singh was elected to the state seat in 1974 thus launched his distinguished political career who later to be known as “Tiger of Jelutong” for his unwavering principle and fierce fighting spirit in upholding justice.
    I felt sorry for Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who had stereotyped the Chinese based on his bad experience with rich Chinese in Singapore during his university days and the humiliating defeat he suffered in defending his Alor Setar parliamentary seat which he must have solely blamed on the Chinese. He would have later, when he is in power painted all his view and policy in race colour. I would only want to say to him I do not hate him, but wanted him to know that for better or worse his policy had very much pre-determined the fate of my brothers and sister.”…… “I am not trying to glorify the non Bumiputra contribution but please do note that I am also an equal partner to this beloved country and not a second class citizen. Can anybody understand how we feel? I think the person that comes closest to understanding our feeling is ironically none other than the controversial Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The just concluded UNMO convention implied that Turkey, Thai, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Eurasian or unknown mix bloodline are all Malay. But remember during the heated 1987 UMNO power struggle between Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who was called the “M” word for not being pure Malay, versus Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a pure blood Malay prince. If Dr. Mahathir Mohamad would to lose that fight, I would presume that he would be outcaste from UMNO and his contributions would be just a footnote on the history page. Then he would have understood how we feel now.”

    On my regrets and if only which I have many: “If only Onn Jaafar had been successfully in opening up UMNO to all races? If only the Chinese had well treated Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in his formative year? If only I had help my fourth brother in his primary study? If only my parent had send his fourth son to a Chinese primary school? If only I can prevent the motorcycle accident that befalls my father?”…… “The IF ONLY belongs to the past and the answer I seek will never exist. My time is NEXT TIME and the next time is now. I will do my level best to help my children to develop their full potential. And in time to come I will tell them it is their life and they are free to decide where they want to serve, to live and to stay in this globalized world. As for me, my place is here, I will be forever a Malaysian and when I had earned enough for my family; I would like to serve Malaysia in whatever way I can and help to bring about social well-being/justices to all Malaysian.”
    Now at the age of 56, I do not have any hatred in my heart. I do not forget the past, but had learned long ago to forgive all whose had wronged me and especially I had forgiven my own sins, mistakes and regrets (committed during my untamed reckless year) because by forgiving, I can free myself of past baggage and start to do the RIGHT THING NOW .
    I felt this burning desire and internal calling that I need to do something NOW to prevent my beloved Malaysia from falling into an un-returnable failed state if UMNO under MO1 continues with this current course. UMNO has to be defeated comes GE14.
    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Let us build bridge of friendships across all the society, strengthening and renewing our ties with old friends and winning many more new friends and hearts to our Cause.
    Let us forgive each other of our past mistake’s misdeeds and misunderstandings. Set aside all our differences and concentrate all our efforts to oust the corrupted and sinful UMNO, lead by BN comes GE14. Malaysians desire a much better government.
    I am neither pro or against China. But I object strongly to China history Claim of Nine-Dash Line in the South China Sea (Claim to sovereignty and control over all of the features, land, water and seabed within the area bounded by the nine-dash line). If it did not belong to Malaysia, we will not claim even a single piece of sand; but if it is rightfully belonged to Malaysia I will defend every inch of it till the last drop of my pen’s ink. Tun had outlawed war and I fully support and embraced Tun.

    I repost part of my comment in New Year:
    My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me a pen is mightier than a sword.
    Now I am man of peace. I condemn any violence, anarchy and wars. If you have a very strong justified Struggle/Cause then articulate your argument in letter, opinion, in world TV, in multimedia, in UN, in court of laws and in court of public opinion. Win the heart of the world to your Struggle/Cause and please spare the innocent civilians from the unbearable suffering of physical war.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  46. The Hidden Secret Jan 22,2017 8:24 AM


    Keutamaan Najib desperado ialah untuk menyelamatkan diri dia walaupun terpaksa menggadai kepentingan negara.

    Najib perlukan duit China untuk survive. Tanpa China, dah lama dia lingkup.

    Najib memang pemimpin yang tak layak serta tak ada kebolehan jadi pemimpin. Sejak dia jadi Menteri pertahanan pon amalan korup dia kita semua dah nampak. Tapi kita semua bodoh… Biarkan dan tak ambil tindakan. Sebab kita biarkan… Najib jadi semakin berani Dan confident.

  47. sibotak Jan 22,2017 7:47 AM

    China Chinese finance & expertise ,plus Singapore Chinese Kiasuim & Cunning character
    With the assits of Malaysia Chinese Willingness


    The Pemalas & The Pemboros Malaysia Malay ,plus also The Pemalas ,Boros , Asal Bolih Malaysia Melayu Najib Govt
    Blends with the Sultan …Oh tidak apa attitude & Relax brother , brother relax

    Will equals to Anak Bumi also Keturunan Sultan Melayu Akan Merempat di Tanah Air sendiri
    Hanya Tunggu masa sahaja

    Jika kita tidak bolih ikut Irama & Lagu mereka
    Ikut cara mereka membangun , membeli Bulan & Bintang
    Berkerja seolah Besok sudah tiada

    Maka Perlu

    Mereka ikut Irama & Lagu kita
    Kita buka Dongdang Sayang berjoget Lambak
    Bukan ikut Budaya mereka nak pakai Kot ,nak Slow Dance konon macam orang Bule

    Ini identity , ini Budaya , ini cara Hidup kita
    Ini Hak kita Tiada siapa yg Bolih Paksa kita Berubah untuk Hidup
    Inilah yg dinamakan orang Melayu ,Anak Bumi

    Tidak jadi Salah , Tidak jadi Benar
    Ini Hak masing masing

    Makan nasi panas dengan ikan kering atau telur kicap pun sedap apa ?
    Sampai juga jumpa usia tua
    Ni Yg nak makan Burger sampai gemuk macam lembu , sudah tu nanti High Cholestrol
    Baru Usia muda dah Jalan

    Jangan lah buka gelanggan
    Jika Anak Bumi masih belum Berupaya
    Tak perlu dengar hasutan luar , mereka ada agenda tersendiri , mengambil kesempatan atas kelemahan kita

    Setiap Kita mesti punyai harga diri
    Jangan kita di sepak dengan ringgit atau dollar
    Hilang Pedoman samapai tergamak mengugat masa depan anak cucu kita

    Sekalai lagi
    Apa Guna Pembangunan jika Pmbangunan ini bukan milik kita
    Anak Bumi hanya menang Shiok sahaja
    Kan lebih Mulia , beratap rumbia , berkaki ayam
    Tanah Pusaka masih Hak & Maruah kita
    Sejuk Bumi Malaysia , Sejuk Perut Ibu kita

  48. anti rasuah Jan 22,2017 7:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    FDI ala Najis a/l Razak khususnya di Forest City Johor sememangnya FDI yang jelas mengukir “lukisan” bodoh yang jelas merugikan negara, Tun.

    Ianya umpama “indah khabar, dari rupa”. Namanya disebut FDI tetapi rupanya adalah masa depan.

    Seperti yang saya kata sebelum ini, FDI bodoh ala Najis, PM Malysia ke 6 yang sedang merosakkan negara. Sedihnya bukan saja sultan saja diperbodohkan Najis tetapi dengan keseluruhan rakyat negeri ini terpalit sama.

    Ini semua angkara seorang PM yang terlalu bodoh mentadbir negara, pemimpin China memuji sedikit saja tentang bapak dia yang ada hubungan baik dengan China pada tahun 70an dahulu, si bodoh ini terus teruja dan lupa segala-galanya apa agenda jangka panjang China untuk mengubah politik di Johor kelak.

    Segalanya bermula dengan penubuhan 1MDB tajaan Najib yang terlalu bodoh dan telah membongkar segala kelemahan pentadbirannya.

    Bila ada orang tegur, dia marah. Bila ada orang puji, orang tersebut akan diberi imbuhan berupa pangkat atau imbuhan keduniaan lain.


  49. HBT456 Jan 22,2017 12:28 AM

    46. There is no way out except to wait it out for the general election to be called.

    47. Once general election is called, the next pm has 5 years to perfom his duty as the head of country.

    48. Therefore, whoever become the next pm, it is his duty to serve the country.

    49. After that, he will call the next general election.

    50. It is still come back to bn vs opposition parties so on and so on.

    51. The thing is americans are not interested in blue collar jobs as they perceived the jobs as no life, repetitive and boring.

    52. Even if mr trump wants to bring the jobs back to america, the global industry players might not want to move their manufacturing base back into america.

    53. Even if mr trump has succeeded in persuading the global industry players to set up manufacturing base in america to increase her tax revenue to run their welfare and warfare, but if the americans in general are not interested in blue collar jobs, the white house has no choice but to issue temporary visa for foreign workers, to work in america.

    54. Putrajaya is doing this by outsourcing manpower in countries who needs to take up such jobs, bukan?

    55. There is no right or wrong, as long as the pm elected via voting process, then, it is legal.

  50. HBT456 Jan 22,2017 12:09 AM

    36. The pm of singapore has declared the candidate for the next president of istana singapura is opened and resrved for the malay, but in malaysia, until today, opposition parties still have not name their next chairman cum pm candidate, why?

  51. HBT456 Jan 22,2017 12:01 AM

    29. Frankly speaking, i am blind when comes to race and religion issues because i accept and respect indifferences.

    30. Maybe you still think china is governed by hard core communists today.

    31. Today, china is named as people’s republic of china.

    32. Meaning, the country will be shared by all provinces throughout china, and outside china to play an important role in stimulating golobal economic growth from the macro view.

    33. May i know why dubai is not possible in johor?

    34. Tdm built putrajaya in selangor.

    35. Dsn build dubai in johor.

    37. As long as the malay, sabahan and sarawakian bumiputra yang beragama islam suka and cast votes to elect dsn as pm, we as non muslim can say no?

    38. Who are we to say cannot, kan kaum cina sentiasa dilabelkan sebagai pendatang.

    39. Today, as pm, umno president and chairman of bn and oic member, he is standing up to say no to myanmar, buddhist majority country, on behalf of rohingya refugees, you should feel happy as he is standing up for muslim, bukan?

    40. By looking at the games and numbers, bn will win.

    41. Whoever become the next pm, we still need to vote and work.

    42. Therefore, as voters, we can only vote.

    43. There are many general elections a head.

    44. Who will become the next pm?

    45. Does it matter?

  52. Tun Perak Jan 21,2017 6:46 PM


    I dont know whether Chinese do meditation before they become impulsive. Some Chinese are very impulsive, some are not.

    Dreaming greater KL become Dubai ? I dare not. It is a city where a visit to a dentist would cost you RM 5,000, and if you cant pay your debt, you will be thrown into jail. That is one of the ways the Sheikh make Dubai the jewel of oasis in the desert. As long as you have a job that pays your lifestyle or you find a way to be a Jho Low, it may be ok to you. Else, once you retired, you will find a way to release natural endorphins to counter pain . The Sheikh of Dubai says…. Hello, this is Service Industry. Manufacturing cant work in the hot desert, so they need flamboyant service industry. That push them to 22nd century. I met an American in Malaysia and asked him about life in New York, he said , I have been there , done that and that is enough.

    Malaysian Chinese being buddhist, is categorically different, they pray to their Latuk Kong or Tua Pek Kong, a diety that they believe in. So, that differentiates between Malaysian Chinese and a total atheist.

    To control an atheist, tough law is required, moral values need to be coded into their head through secular mean. Else, you may see someone pee by the road-side because they think, it is ok to pee in public. That is why capital punishment in China is a shot at the back of head. Religion taught anyone, please be shameful not to pee in public from young age, so government has easier job to control her people. That is only an example…

    An atheist that I met argues that people who belief in religion will always kill each other to support their belief, and i take it as a joke though I frowned initially. I met a communist in China, he said his first wife is the communist party and his wife is after his mistresses. For those who sleep around, they may find his comments acceptable. Those with a religion don’t accept that. I guess Karl find that acceptable.

    To accept expatriates, yes we can. 700,000 of them from a single source or single country ? Think twice, no. Perhaps, the most successful export of China is her people.

    Singaporean Chinese numbered millions was once a part of Malaysia, they were once Malaysian. They were sacked to become an independent country by Tunku Abdul Rahman after they marched and put up massive demonstration in Selangor and elsewhere in 1969. Tunku cant control them, and the easiest way according to his judgement is to separate the land that holds them from Malaysia.

    Trump has a certain policy- “Making America Great Again” and his policy is to shut factories in Texas, move it into USA and prevent Texan from taking the jobs in USA. Does he thinks about service industry so much ?

    Service industry is a term used by consultant to advise administrators to pay them consultancy fee. Consultants are smart. For one strategy made, there are counter strategies. When the contra of the first strategy made the administrators feels dizzy, consultant can give them some counter strategies ideas when needed, and you need to pay him another consultancy fee.

    Trump is hated because he is racist according to our belief. But when a businessman heads a country, he treats the country as his company and he knows what is good for his company. That is what American President is made off and you see S&P 500 and Dow 30 keep on increasing.

  53. zulu Jan 21,2017 5:36 PM

    “Najib: I look forward to working with President Trump”

    He is not like Obama, who is polite even though they call him monkey etc…

    Trump is more brutal. Once he comes to know about Najis’s thievery life, he will distance himself from Najis and won’t entertain him.

  54. milshah Jan 21,2017 5:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Najib was quick to respond on the Forest City, naming you as U-Turn Mahathir. How a Prime Minister resort to name calling to a ex-Prime Minister is so unbecoming. If you disagree, talk with facts and figures. Name calling shows how immature a person is, and that he has no facts and figures to back his argument. I remember I too was used to faced with name calling, but that was way long ago, when I was in primary school.

    If Najib or any other leaders feel the Forest City is the right move, lets have an open debate about the Forest City in live television. Disclose all the contributions, the documents, the beneficiaries of the Forest City. Sadly, I believe it was because of this challenge by Tun to disclose everything, the debate will never happen.

    Look at how Tun quickly respond to any issues. He knows he has the facts and figures to back him up. He knows he is right. This is how a Prime Minister should behave.

    On the other hand, the 1MDB scandal has been long with no closure in sight. The rakyat continue to wonder about the 1MDB scandal. If the response to the 1MDB scandal is as quick as response with name calling, I think this scandal would have been closed along time ago.

    P/S : So it is MCA that wanted the DPM post. Najib was quick to capitalise on this when news spread. Please also be quick to respond to the 1MDB scandal.

  55. HBT456 Jan 21,2017 8:27 AM

    22. It is not about bumi, it is about spending money on your own people.


    24. If tdm is younger by 30 years, and he aimed to run as the pm candidate in the coming election, will ec, political parties reject him?

    25. It is a political fact on usa foreign diplomacy in initiating warfare since ww2 until today, but will they stop?

    26. No one knows.

    27. The future is not them to see as americans.


    29. Chinese believes in deep meditation so that they are less impulsive, calm and cool, before they march into the unknown, tak betul ke, tun perak?

    30. Can greater kl be dubai?

    31. Yes, we can.

    32. But are the local political parties ready to make this happen?

    33. When general election is called, we will know.

  56. Karl Iskandar Jan 21,2017 8:03 AM

    20 percent of Malaysian, mostly Chinese, follow Buddhism a religion that does not believe in a god.

    But that is not a point to state that they, like many other atheists in this country, are against the Rukunegara #1.

    Tan Cheng Lock, Ong Tee Keat, Michelle Yeoh are some of the well known Malaysian Chinese who don’t believe in the Rukunegara #1. The local billionaire Ananda Krishna is also practising Buddhism.

    Many who don’t believe in god are succesful people who excel in their chosen field of work and life. To hold against them or put them in a spot just because of their disbelief in god, is a dangerous idea to play with.

  57. sibotak Jan 21,2017 7:48 AM

    Its not of the Chinese , Indian or any from other mainland
    Its about the securing of the roots of the Bumis ,The Origins

    The Origins includes the Malay Sultan Generations
    For it will not ends like the Singapore Sultan generations today
    Living in HDB flats , their Istana was owned by the Govt today
    The Sultan of Malaysia today must realise this
    It is now to be seen not later

    As much in Johor
    With the influx of China Chinese, Singapore Chinese working hand in hand with the Malaysia
    Chinese , it is just a waiting time for DAP to come by and out UMNO
    It will A be Bye bye Sultan in a matters of time of their generations

    Likewise in Dubai
    The Smart Govt calls in investors to explore , giving less Taxes
    The Govt was run by the Dubaians itself
    And they make sure these investors are not spreading any roots
    When time retired they have to go back home , even those their women who married foreigners
    are best out with their husband
    Dubai Govt balance up in between
    Development and the Security of their Origins

    Today Najib UMNO Govt are Blinded ,are made Fools ,A Very Weak Govt indeed
    Whom expects Sympathy out of their own wrong doings

    Decisions is not just for today it is also for the future

  58. Tun Perak Jan 21,2017 12:00 AM


    The immigration of Mainland Chinese in large numbers brings significant challenge to the foundation / pillars of the country (Rukun Negara).

    It is simply the fact that the first pillar of the country (RUKUN NEGARA) is :

    (1) BELIEF IN GOD.

    Unfortunately, most of the mainland Chinese, unlike the Malaysian Chinese and unlike those who came from some part of China such as Xin Jiang, are indoctrinated by the communist regime to be atheist.

    So, the immigration of large number of people who does not Belief in God or atheist , into our beloved nation is not congruent with our first main principle, and nobody, within this country should go against the first pillar of Malaysia; the other four pillars are below the first pillar of Malaysia.

    Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. Without Islam as a religion, there is no Sultan. The Great British empire has demoted the role of the Sultan to be custodian of the religion, due to the infighting between the royalties in pre-independent Malaya.

    The populations of Johor is around 4,000,000. Assume, that the migrant is around 1,000,000 , that constitute 20% of Johor population. It is not easy to control 20% of immigrant population in one single state.

    Looking into the issues deeply, problems only starts to show when large number of Atheist settled down in Malaysia.

    FDI is welcomed , but it has to be governed. Demography, cultural differences, belief differences , interest differences could cause medium to long term problem to Malaysian and Malaysia.

    We shall look at several case studies elsewhere in the world.

    (1) Singapore

    It is quite unimaginable that Singapore Chinese are prejudiced towards the mainland Chinese, but that is a fact. Various online forums in Singapore suggested that Singaporean complaints that Mainland Chinese are uncivilized. Reference :

    (2) African-China Relations.

    Despite the openness of African policy towards China investment in African country, due to the effort by China government to make the African who migrated to China noncompetitive, the Africans are discriminated in all ways and had to work tooth and nail – African (1) cant Open Bank Account, (2) cant buy land, (3) cant seek employment, (4) cant start a business in China. The only jobs allowed by China is to export China goods into Africa. What about Malaysian in China ? Do Malaysia gets reciprocal opportunities with what Malaysian offered to China.

    Reference :

    (3) Brazil Thinks China is colonizing Brazil.

    The investment of Mainland China company are huge, but it depressed the local economy. Often China investment drained local natural resources, and Brazilian manufacturers losses market share in several markets because China companies take everything , “Lock, Stock and Barrel” and abandon the principles of sharing.

    Reference :

    I heard that a Minister who came from Sabah said that Dr. Mahathir opinion on FDI is primitive. On second thought, perhaps the Minister has not read enough what is happening around the world at present day such that he concludes an immature and uncertain judgement on this type of FDI.

    Again, FDI from China is welcomed but it has to be governed.

  59. rimba.emas Jan 20,2017 11:51 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Kalau betul projek untuk rakyat sudah tentu PM akan kata saya akan bina ‘ Forest City’ setiap unit rumah adalah untuk si polan atau si polan setiap rakyat Johor khasnya atau rakyat Malaysia amnya.

    2. Jelas projek ini hanya untuk menjelaskan hutang 1MDB dengan menjual sebahagian tanah milik kerajaan negeri Johor dengan hasil wang di bahagi dua dengan kerajaan kesultanan Johor.

    3. Samalah dengan keadaan dahulu apa yang berlaku pada Singapura. Cuma dahulu hanya di pajakkan kepada British tetapi kini di jual dalam unit2 bidang tanah yang boleh di beli oleh orang asing.

    4. Sebagai mana dahulu British mengimport buruh rakyat China dan India, kini lebih ramai rakyat yang sudah di ideologi komunis oleh pemerintahnya di bawa masuk ke Johor.

    5. Keadaan ini pernah berlaku pada pemerintahan Presiden Sukarno di Indonesia sehingga seorang Pendakwah terkenal Hamka menjadi mangsa tahanan Politik.

    6. Ideologi komunis itu akhirnya di tolak rakyat Indonesia dan Hamka di bebaskan.

    7. Di Malaysia ideologi komunis ini di tolak rakyat Malaysia kerana sikap ganasnya pada rakyat dan Polis bertentangan dengan dakwaan awalnya untuk bebaskan Malaysia dari cengkaman penjajah British.

    8. Kini atas nama perdagangan atau lebih tepat lagi WANG PINJAMAN DARI NEGARA PEMERINTAHAN KOMUNIS sekali lagi kita membenarkan ideologi komunis bermastautin di negara yang kita cintai Malaysia.

    9. Sejarah lama kita ketika melawan pihak komunis seperti Peristiwa Bukit Kepong menjadi sejarah. Bagi Rimba Emas ada peristiwa berlaku dalam kaum keluarga saudara yang mana terbunuh sebagai anggota Polis dalam serang hendap komunis juga di negeri Johor.

    10. Dalam al-Quran juga penuh dengan cerita sejarah yang menjadi tauladan dan ingatan kepada umat yang kemudian hari agar tidak mengulanggi apa yang telah terjadi pada umat terdahulu.

    11. Patuhilah perintah tuhan yang menjadikan kita.


  60. Fariq Islam Jan 20,2017 10:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Allahyarham Tan Sri Adenan tidak memberi jawatan Timbulan Ketua Menteri kepada komuniti Cina Sarawak. Namun, kaum Cina memberi beliau sokongan yang begitu kuat! Kenapa? Sepanjang hayat Allahyarham, beliau tidak meluahkan kata yang bukan-bukan untuk menyakiti hati kaum Cina. Polisi-polisi kerajaan negeri Sarawak dipandang adil kepada semua kaum.

    Harus BN atau PH diperingatkan, yang pemberian jawatan TPM kepada kaum Cina atau pertikaian ke atas isu ini tidak penting. Yang penting, jangan menindas kaum lain kerana dasar penindasan ke atas kaum lain bukannya cara betul untuk membela nasib Melayu!

  61. Fariq Islam Jan 20,2017 10:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Secara tulus dan telus, isu pemberian kewarganegaraan kepada warga China tidak wujud sama sekali, memandangkan polisi-polisi yang sedia ada tidak memanfaatkan kaum Cina.

    Apa yang memedihkan ialah penggadaian kewarganegaraan kepada pendatang asing negeri Sabah dulu, yang juga merupakan salah satu sebab berlakunya ancaman penculikan di persisiran. Rakyat tidak boleh memaafkan tindakan penggadaian kewarganegaraan demi undi ini, buat selama-lamanya. Ini kerja derhaka dan dosa kepada ibu pertiwi! Yang lebih mengecewakan ialah golongan ini diberi status “Bumiputra”!

  62. sibotak Jan 20,2017 9:55 PM

    Hi Tun
    Kalau Putrajaya gajikan Penasihat British untuk membantu Kerajaan Najib
    Pembangunan Negara harapkan Kepakaran , Modal China

    Serahkan saja Malaysia Bulat bulat kasi Yahudi
    Biat merempat semuanya termasuk keturunan Sultan , Najib juga

    Yg kita undi UMNO
    UMNO tidak mahu buat Kerja sampai Bini mereka pun suruh orang luar Kejut
    Serahkan pada Yahudi sudah

  63. Daniel Noor Jan 20,2017 9:34 PM

    Salam Tun

    Najis is in a desperate position. Desperate to solve the billions lost with 1MDB heist. Desperate to cling on to power as long as possible.

    Thus he has now willingly unashamed to sell the souls of this nation to outsiders..especially to China.

    Sadly the majority Malays still in dreamland to realise this devious scheme of Najis.

  64. Fender Jan 20,2017 9:14 PM

    The FDI issue is very important to Malaysians and the impact on the lives of citizens in the country.
    The number of possible mainland Chinese immigrants is hard to ascertain for sure as we do not know if they come to stay as holidaymakers or permanent residents with businesses and professions conducted in Malaysia. We know the number of units of the apartment units they bought up.
    No matter how we look at it, there will be consequential economic benefits to the areas they reside in.

    As for putting up competition in businesses and enterprises, this is a real challenge to our local businesses. If they come to invest as MNCs, we should look at like any other MNCs.
    Currently big projects undertaken by mainland Chinese contractors may not benefit much to the locals as subcontractors as they bring in their workforce and even supplies from China. This is a point of consideration.

    We have to differentiate the refugees flooding to Europe from the Chinese we expect they immigrate here if they choose to. As for the refugees flooding to Europe from Syria and Middle East, the response from the European countries is understandable. We cannot just look at the number of refugees, mostly are Muslims. Currently the number of Muslim immigrants in Europe is quite sizeable. Europe is having a hard time to fight and counter terrorism from ISIS and other groups. To the Europeans, it is better to control the number of Muslims coming into their countries even though many of the refugees are women and children. But they have to admit/accept them them as family immigrants if they do take them in.
    Remember the days we had the boat people from Vietnam coming
    to our shores. Did we welcome them to settle in Malaysia?

    Our discussion is to re-look at our strategy of getting FDIs?
    The current government is quite content with the current FDIs. Hence we do not foresee a shift in the policy in the near future.

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