1. My attention has been drawn to a recent report pertaining to a CIA document, stated to have been recently declassified by the US Intelligence, on the 1980s BMF issue.

2. I have also just sight of that CIA document titled “DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE” dated 5.3.1985. Certain members of the press have asked me for my comments.

3. Let me point out that, that CIA report was not a specific report or finding by the US on the BMF issue. Rather, it was a normal information paper for the US government then,

4. However, since I have been asked, the following are my comments.

5. Firstly, the CIA report itself acknowledged that the Prime Minister then was not in any way, personally or directly linked to that Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) issue. This can be found at page 4 of that report under the sub-heading “Assessing the Political Damage”, which states:

“Thus far no direct links have been established between Mahathir and the corruption at BMF…”

6. Secondly, that CIA report pointed out that as early as July 1983, I had announced my views that the BMF’s handling of its financial lending was imprudent, and that I had also pledged action to be taken upon investigations. This was in spite of the fact that the BMF issue related to the affairs of a bank, and not the government per se. That portion of the acknowledgment can be found at page 7 of that CIA report titled “APPENDIX”, in which para 5 states:

“July 1983: Mahathir breaks his silence and admits BMF’s heavy lending to a handful of Hong Kong property concerns was imprudent and pledges action if investigations disclose management malpractices.”.

7. Thirdly, the same report also pointed out that a committee of inquiry (Special Investigation Committee) was set up to look into the BMF issue. Records show that Special Investigation Committee, headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin (Auditor General) had forwarded the necessary recommendations for further action. There was no cover up of that report. It was made public. It was certainly not put under OSA. The release of that Report to public, is also acknowledged by that CIA report at page 2 in para 4.

8. In fact, that Report had prompted the police to carry out the necessary investigation into the recommendations of that Special Investigation Committee. There certainly was no cover up in any way. Whether the necessary authorities brought any party to the Courts is for them to answer. The government carried out its duty as properly as it was required to do in the circumstances then.

9. Having pointed out the real contents of the CIA report, I would like to point out the clear distinction between the BMF issue then, and the 1MDB issue now, so that it is clear I did not have a 1MDB – like scandal when I was PM.

a. The BMF issue unlike the 1MDB issue, did not involve allegation of direct impropriety by the government in power. In contrast, the 1MDB issue is directly linked to impropriety by the present government.

b. The BMF issue was not directly linked to me as the Prime Minister then. Whereas, the 1MDB issue is directly linked to Najib Razak, the Prime Minister now. He is in fact at the center of the scandal.

c. On the BMF issue, that CIA report was by a US Agency, and was not a specific report or finding by the US on the BMF issue. In contrast, on the 1MDB issue, the Department of Justice (DoJ), a US Agency have released the necessary report as contained in the cause papers filed in a court of law in California, with specific findings linking the 1MDB issue to MO1 (admitted by a Minister to be referring to Najib Razak).

d. In the BMF issue, a Special Investigation Committee was set up and its Report was made public. In contrast, on the 1MDB issue, Najib’s government is yet to set up any proper independent investigation committee, free of its control. Even the existing Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB has not been made public and has been put under OSA.

e. The BMF issue resulted in various actions taken both in Hong Kong and Malaysia, against various individuals involved in the BMF issue. In contrast, in this 1MDB issue, the necessary authorities such as the police and the Bank Negara are yet to conclude their investigations despite international counterparts in the US, Switzerland and Singapore having done so to the extend of charging individuals in court. But, the SPRM investigation papers have been dismissed by the new Attorney General who himself was appointed in place of the previous Attorney General who was removed, allegedly for health reasons but without a report by a Medical Board. The report by a Special Task Force set up by the previous Attorney General on the 1MDB issue was also dismissed by the new Attorney General and put under OSA.

f. The outcome of the BMF issue was generally received well by the society including the Opposition and other political groups (see The New York Times, January 8, 1985 titled “MALAYSIA DISCLOSES DETAILS OF BANK SCANDAL”). On the 1MDB issue, the Attorney General actually stopped further investigations, which he is not empowered to do. The opposition parties are not satisfied with the outcome of the scandal involving 1MDB.

173 thoughts on “STATEMENT

  1. HBT456 Feb 15,2017 8:27 AM

    If you think about that, then, you will know whether this dego ride is possible to take over national cars to minimize road accident deaths in the next 5 years.

    But, if you think of making money out of the lives of the public that include melayu dan bumiputra is righteous, then, you can exploit such niche market to get rich as mp, i mean bagi permit, tanpa izin tuan rakyat, i mean para pengundi di tempat tersebut.

  2. HBT456 Feb 15,2017 7:14 AM

    But in malaysia, we dont need to go for civil wars. We only need to cast our votes when general election is called in every 5 years to elect the pm. Our forefathers have planted this seed since independent.

    Moreover, there are other countries in this region. If malaysia tak nak, investors can choose other countries that welcome them.

  3. HBT456 Feb 15,2017 7:07 AM

    They dont need you politically, economically or socially. They only need someone who can do the jobs for them without questioning. If you think you can live up with such ketuanan, then, you must follow what they need you to do. But, if you dont find comfort in it,you may remain silent, become independents, set up new political party, join ngo or resign from politics, the choice is in you.

    In politics, nothing is impossible. Civil wars could be erupted when both divides failed to negotiate.

  4. SSLEE Feb 13,2017 6:15 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to say thank you to Pak. Hajar and Karl Iskandar on what they have to say about my respond to their comment.
    Dear Pak. Hajar,
    Thank you for reminding yourself that you are Malay first and Malays are very flexible people able to understand those who speak very broken Malay with all kind of weird pronunciation. Please look at the reality of today Malay, are they still keeping to their Malay “Budaya dan Adat Istiadat?” or are they now been Arabianisation?
    Please also look into yourself, why the need to resort to fear-mongering and falsified lie-hood to fan racial and religion hatred and intolerance. I quote part of your comment, “Even foreigners speak better ‘Bahasa Melayu – BM’ than quite a number of those people who proudly claim that they are Malaysians (‘Malaysian first’ konon) who respect (uphold) the ‘Rukun Negara’ and ‘Perlembagaan Malaysia’ (tapi asyik ungkit tentang hak2 keistimewaan Melayu / Bumiputra / Islam – tak malu ke?).” May I asks, what is your actual intention? Are we Chinese Malaysians a second class citizen to our beloved Malaysia? And what wrong in upholding our ‘Rukun Negara’, Constitution and Institution of the Malay Rulers?
    Dear Pak. Karl Iskandar,
    I read and hear the actual interview over and over again and cannot found anything resemble to what had been reported by the so called reporter. Is this not news sensationalism and make up story then what it is?
    Now may I asks, have you read the US Justice department lawsuits to seize more than USD 1 billion in assets tied to corruption at 1MDB.
    Do you have the guts to understand who MO1 is? And do you still believe Arabs are so kind and generous to donate billions to MO1 and MO1 later returned back billions of unused donation back to the donor/donors???
    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I really do miss the good old day when I am growing up in Alor Setar, Kedah where all race/ethnicity live in harmony with mutual respect and acceptance. What had gone wrong now?
    So please Tun Dr. Mahathir, don’t let us down unified us as Malaysian regardless of our race/ethnicity, religions, cultures and school our parent decide to send us to.
    Thank you
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  5. Hajar Feb 13,2017 9:50 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Wth reference to comments by Mr. SSLEE and Mr. Dave Copper regarding a Japanese student’s opinion (observation) on those Malaysians (citizens) who can’t speak basic Bahasa Melayu (BM).
    ( )

    2. May be only Malays (and other Malaysians) who are ‘familiar’ with their (Malaysian Chinese) ‘bahasa pasar BM’ can understand them. Malays are very flexible people – able to understand those who speak very broken Malay with all kinds of weird pronunciations (and ‘tunggang terbalik…’).

    3. To the two commentators, please read his (Japanese student) comment about those security guards from Nepal and Bangladesh. Many of them speak better BM than quite a number of Malaysians who proudly chant ‘Malaysian first’. By the way, I am ‘Malay first’. Anywhere I go (even if I change my citizenship), I am still a Malay. I cannot change this fact.

    4. From my own personal experience and observations, I also noticed that many foreign workers are able to speak BETTER Bahasa Melayu (BM) than some Malaysians.

    5. When I was in Myanmar recently, many local people there spoke to me in BM. They used to work in Malaysia (for a few years only).

    6. Many Malaysians who believe they know basic BM, in reality only know “basic bahasa pasar BM”.

    7. By-the-way, at least the Japanese student’s pronunciation is commendable! Quite good for someone who’s here for only 6 MONTHS. Of course he needs more practice. Sadly, those who were born and raised in Malaysia for so many many years (puluhan tahun – seumur hidup) still have difficulties (still struggling) contructing ‘correct/proper sentences’ in BM.

    My ‘statement’: It’s NORMAL (expected) for a citizen to be fluent in BM (or any BM dialect). That’s why the Japanese student was so SHOCKED to know the ‘reality’ in Malaysia. Only hypocrites deny this ‘reality’ @ fact.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  6. HBT456 Feb 12,2017 11:13 PM

    Why do we need to understand, karl? Its up to the japanese to judge whether they prefer to work with the malay, indian or any other races except chinese.

    There are many generation elections a head.

  7. Karl Iskandar Feb 12,2017 8:02 PM

    SSLEE it’s all in the attitude. You may read, SSLE, but you may not have the guts to understand.

    The Japanese boy asks why foreigner can speak better Malay than the local Chinese.

    Apparently, from this boy’s experience with a local Chinese citizen person, his first impression of someone who strangely lives in Malaysia into a full grown adult but still struggling to speak basic Malay is, to put it mildly, pugnacious.

    His first impression, as an observant foreigner, will not be the last if he stayed longer and met more Chinese persons of the same attitude.

    We can’t blame this foreigner if the question he asks is so honest it begs a different corner to sit down calmly and to quietly think, “Where have all these Chinese been, all these time?”

  8. SSLEE Feb 12,2017 10:14 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allowed my late response to Mr. Karl Iskandar and Hajar :
    I wonder these two gentlemen had actually watch for them-self how this so called Japanese exchange students (UiTM) Masaya Ono san struggle to converse in Bahasa Malaysia in the so called interview. Do you believe what is reported by Malay Mail reporter: Ms. Nabihah Hamid.
    No wonder so many so called highly educated simpletons fall into the trap of get rich quick schemes/scams and still believing Arabs are so kind to donate billions to MO1
    The proof of the pudding is on the eating, don’t be too lazy, please go and check for yourself the public exam statistic data of the grades of Bahasa Malaysia and English in all types of schools in Malaysia.
    Thank you
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    P/S; My mother without any former education in Bahasa Malaysia can speak much better Kedah Malay dialect than this Masaya Ono san’s command of Bahasa Malaysia. Now should we use Masaya Ono san as our new standard for speaking BM?

  9. HBT456 Feb 12,2017 9:19 AM

    The question should be thrown at the felda board of director hand picked by umno supreme council, bukan?

    It is a political fact that felda is a klectrocracy public listed company in new york exchange stock market head by umno, bukan? You hand picked your top manament, you loose money, and now you throw the question to the public again and again, you feel great?

    Look at your enemy of the general race, mereka melayu jugak, they are more than delighted to take umno in task so that they can win and become the next pm.

    Jangan lupa, umno said their race formed the majority, therefore, they must take biggest bite even at the expense of uniting with pas, bukan?

    The rest of the political parties are only shadow.

    High time for general election, but will the story continue in good, bad or ugly faith?

    It is up to the political parties. As voters, we can only vote, itu saja.

  10. HBT456 Feb 12,2017 12:33 AM

    Greed vs fear can be castrophe, dont play play, and it could lead to war if one couldnt keep their heads cool just like the 7 muslim countries.

    Without the concrete and genuine mandate from the people, the end result would be ultra, atau tidak kukuh.

  11. HBT456 Feb 12,2017 12:26 AM

    Jika anda ingin buat bailout again via force merger like what you did in 1998 by keep spinning the irrelevant issues again and again just to cover your mistakes, then, we must be prepared for another cycle of confidence crisis.

  12. HBT456 Feb 12,2017 12:20 AM

    Negeri china? Dave, do you know what zhilouhu means?

    Cheeky statements or not, umno already loose quite alot of their base votes. Even if sabah minister wants to resign, is there anything wrong with it? Why must lim kit siang linked the issue to 1mdb?

  13. HBT456 Feb 11,2017 2:40 PM

    Some issues just need time because you cannot get a baby in a month by diversification, i mean by making 9 women pregnant, dont you agreed, karl?

  14. HBT456 Feb 11,2017 2:34 PM

    Karl, if thats the case, like mugabe told obama, we both gentlemen get married first, then only he allowed obama to preach for gay marriage, yes?

  15. Karl Iskandar Feb 11,2017 1:35 PM

    It is only logical, and by the same token, that sending your kids to National school should not make them lose touch with their Chinese tongue, head and body. Or perhaps it will.

    If so, then the kids should be better off sent to live somewhere in Negara Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (NJKC), as the correct next drop-off station after they finished Sek. Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC). No?

  16. Dave Copper Feb 11,2017 11:31 AM

    If a Japanese student that stay in Malaysia for 6 months can speak better Malay that a “Malaysian First”, then this guy must be sent to concentration camp to be re-educated.

    It is okay to be multilingual; the ability to command more than one language is definitely an advantage. Malaysia is blessed with multicultural population, so Malaysian don’t have to “Tuntutlah Ilmu Sampai Ke Negeri China”, because we have Chinese vernacular school right at our door step.

    All Chinese vernacular schools teach Bahasa Malaysia, and all Chinese independent schools teach Bahasa Malaysia, in addition, BM paper is compulsory in UEC examination. Sending our kids to Chinese school won’t make us lost touch with our official language. Therefore, I don’t understand why some quarters are so jealous about Chinese school.

    Don’t they want to “Tuntut Ilmu”? Or they are mentally too “ill” to acquire “ilmu”.

  17. Dave Copper Feb 10,2017 5:14 PM

    Today, land ownership in Peninsular Malaysia is the domain of the Sultans. In addition, Malaysia’s land ownership is protected by Malay Reservation Land Laws call Malay Reservation Enactments. The vast majority of the lands are in the control of Malays, never in the hands of Chinese.

    Penang consists of Butterworth and Penang Island. And Penang Island itself is a just a tiny dot the size of about 1/3 of Singapore. Georgetown is only about 1/10 the size of the entire Penang state. Therefore the statement about 95% of land in Penang is owned by the Chinese is definitely wrong.

    However, The United States Red Indian’s analogy is interesting. The indigenous people and the oldest inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia is Orang Asli. But who robbed their lands without paying a single cent?

  18. joetachi Feb 10,2017 10:24 AM

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    tuntut ilmu keNegeri China
    Siapa tahu.? Siapa yg Sabda.?

    Dagang jiwa keNegeri China
    Siapa kaya.?? Siapa yg rasa.???

    JantungDonia, selat Melaka.!
    DarahLaluan, semenjak?? selama???
    Dulu kesultanan sudah ke mana?
    Empayar sekarang jajah siapa?


    Ada kesultanan.! Ada maharaja.!
    Ada DayangDayang.! Ada SidaSida.!

    ….gundik letak mana.?C4..??

    BRICS aka OBOR…???

  19. Karl Iskandar Feb 10,2017 9:53 AM

    Hanya 1.16% tanah milik Melayu di daerah Timur Laut Pulau Pinang, yakni bandaraya Georgetown.

    Statistik pada bulan November tahun 2010 tersebut, untuk kawasan tanah seluas 121 kilometer persegi itu, kini mungkin sudah tidak releven lagi. Mungkin sudah di bawah paras 1% atau sudah 0%.

    Senario inilah yang saya khawatir sedang dan akan terjadi kepada bandaraya KL, JB, Ipoh, Kuantan dan sepertinya.

    Corak dan trend milik hartanah terbentuk bukan dengan sengaja melainkan ada perancangan rapi yang terselindung dari pengetahuan umum. Ambil contoh apa yang terjadi di Amerika; berapa peratus tanah dan hartanah sekarang ini dimilik orang Red Indian?

  20. anti rasuah Feb 10,2017 7:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Secara peribadi saya setuju dengan Si Botak bahawa FDI bagus tetapi ianya tidaklah sampai menggadai tanah milik Malaysia kepada orang asing seperti pelabur dari negara Cina.

    Ianya untuk untuk jangka pendek dan pada golongan tertentu sahaja, tetapi untuk jangka panjang dan 99.99% rakyat Malaysia, ia sudah tentu teramat merugikan.

    2 perumpamaan ini terlalu sesuai:


    Betapa bahalolnya Najis @ Najib yang ahli-ahli UMNO banggakan.

    UMNO semakin tidak releven dengan Melayu khususnya MELAYU YANG RASIONAL DALAM SEBARANG PERUBAHAN, bukan Melayu yang hanya tahu subsidi sahaja tanpa memikirkan kesejahteraan keseluruhan rakyat dan masa depan negara.


  21. sibotak Feb 10,2017 6:11 AM

    Those who points others racists is themselves are the very True Racists
    The difference is Hypocrisy
    Ask Guan Eng , He has the answer

    Likewise in Singapore , They say its Meritocracy
    The RSAF , The Navy , The Heavy Artillery are No Malay
    If there is its 1 or 2 ,Ahmad , a showcase , that also the parents could be convert or a mix marriage
    So its not Racists ? ? Giving reasons about Halal Food is just a Lame excuse as much as When Singapore ask for KTM Land. Giving excuses as the Railway is a Path of illegal smuggling . Any port of entry is a smuggling port
    Its how you enforce it , that matters

    Dubai Govt are govern much by the Dubaian itself
    They invites investors yet again they are much in control of the foreigners
    Its pack yr bags once you are off with yr investment
    They secure both . The future of the origins ,also develops ,sustains and progress their economy
    They have Brains , The UMNO ruling under Najib have no Brains
    They spent more , creates Debts and they say its Progress

    Agreed with Dave Cooper
    The corrupted bunch of people who steal money from Malaysian are the main enemy of Malaysia.

    Corrupted Govt are the True Enemy of a Nation
    Sustaining , Securing Ones Culture , Ones Origin ,Ones Right
    Is Common Sense .The Difference is Hypocrisy

  22. WandyCaswady Feb 10,2017 2:42 AM

    ءَﺃَﻧﺘُﻢْ ﺃَﺷَﺪُّ ﺧَﻠْﻘًﺎ ﺃَﻡِ ٱﻟﺴَّﻤَﺎٓءُ ۚ ﺑَﻨَﻰٰﻫَﺎ

    Aantum ashaddu khalqan ami alssamao banaha

    Are you a more difficult creation or is the heaven? Allah constructed it.

    Quote from the Holy Qur’an: An-Naazi’aat (Those Who Pull Out) 79:27

  23. Dave Copper Feb 9,2017 8:29 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Kindly allow me to respond to a respectable reader’s comments.

    Please allow me to be bold; I am worry that some people here are still playing a racial card at the verge of nation crisis. Some people in the blog are attempting to make the Malaysian Malays hate Malaysian Chinese. And honestly, this pathetic attempt doesn’t do him, the Malays or Chinese any good.

    Who says the Chinese owns over 95% of the land in KL and Penang? Where is the proof? The statement is gross unsubstantiated and of pure imagination of a racist. I challenge him to show the evident in his next post or remain quite forever.

    Since when investing in real estate associating with colonization? Giving free PR and citizenships to illegal immigrants are not threat or burden to the country?

    Look at leaders of Dubai, people with open mind welcomes foreign investors and their economy grows to and become a world class metropolitan, benefiting the people along the way.

    Mainland Chinese injects capital into Malaysia, they are not the threats. The corrupted bunch of people who steal money from Malaysian are the main enemy of Malaysia.

    Also, it’s about time to weak up and stops the unfair affirmative action. History has shown that this policy doesn’t work. So I urge the racist to wake up and start learning from those who doesn’t have the advantages of the “Walking Cane”.

  24. Karl Iskandar Feb 9,2017 7:08 PM

    Mohon bicara di luar topik, dgn izin tuan admin.

    Apa yg sibotak dan Hajar timbulkan dalam komen terbaru mereka adalah isu yg dekat di hati org Melayu, terutama kalangan di luar bandar.

    Mereka melihat pembangunan dan kehidupan bertaraf dunia disediakan utk orang asing Cina di kawasan bandar, sedangkan Melayu dikampung dan pesisir bandar ibarat pengemis di negeri sendiri hidup compang-camping serba kekurangan dan selekeh, seperti kain buruk dlm lagu tudung periuk yg hanya layak utk sapu airmata.

    Lebih 95% hartanah di KL dan Penang adalah milik orang Cina; dan kini trend yg sama di JB serta bandar besar yg lain akan semakin menyerlah dgn penjualan tanah kpd penjajah ekonomi dari tanah besar Cina.

    Hakikatnya, masyarakat Cina di bandaraya adalah yg paling beruntung dgn segala belanjawan projek pembangunan masih tertumpu di kawasan mereka, sedangkan mereka memusuhi kerajaan Melayu UMNO dan liat serta engkar utk bertutur dlm bahasa rasmi negara, namun nikmat infrastruktur utk kawasan mereka tetap diteruskan dan dipertingkatkan. Ini jelas menunjuk kpd kekuatan tangan kapitalis yg mengilas di balik tabir dgn kuasa wang dan korupsi.

    Sepatutnya, sejak dari zaman pemerintahan DrM lagi tumpuan pembangunan hartanah perumahan di kawasan bandar bagi org Melayu digiatkan secara eksklusif dan teratur agar pemilikan 30% hartanah dan perumahan di bandaraya dikhaskan utk org Melayu tanpa kompromi.

    Perkembangan terbaharu penjualan tanah kpd orang asing dari Cina secara meluas adalah sangat membimbangkan…

    Tapi nasi dah jadi bubur
    Dan bubur pula nak jadi kanji
    Masa hidup tak ingat kubur
    Bila mati anak cucu jenuh dikeji

    Kesudahannya, Melayu akan jadi babu di rumah sendiri.

  25. Dave Copper Feb 9,2017 4:23 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wish you are still in power to do something about the investigation of the stolen fund. The world is laughing at us and yet those involve are red herring the public.
    Salam Tun

  26. Hajar Feb 9,2017 4:14 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    A ‘STATEMENT’’ from a foreigner:


    Why do foreigners speak better Malay than Malaysians? Japanese student asks

    SHAH ALAM, Feb 8 — A Japanese exchange student in Malaysia was surprised to learn that some natives struggle to converse in Bahasa Malaysia while some migrant workers are fluent in it.

    Masaya Ono who is studying at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on a foreign exchange programme said he was able to pick up Bahasa Malaysia after living here for only six months.



    Such an embarrassing / humilating situation!

    Even foreigners speak better ‘Bahasa Melayu – BM’ than quite a number of those people who proudly claim that they are Malaysians (‘Malaysian first’ konon) who respect (uphold) the ‘Rukun Negara’ and ‘Perlembagaan Malaysia’ (tapi asyik ungkit tentang hak2 keistimewaan Melayu / Bumiputra / Islam – tak malu ke?).

    And now we are going to have so many Chinese from China staying in Johor Bahru (Forest City).

    P/S: Malays must not give up (surrender) any of our ‘Hak-Hak Keistimewaan’. Don’t be stupid! Those ‘kiasus’ will never give up any of their ‘hak-hak keistimewaan’. They still insist on having their vernacular schools (hak keistimewaan), etc.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  27. milshah Feb 9,2017 3:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    With regard to the recent PBPM-PAS meeting, I had a bad feeling when it was announced that the PAS representative was the deputy President and not the President himself. After the meeting, it was announced that a breakthrough was achieved when it was agreed for PPBM and PAS to work together in the coming PRU. After all the hu-ha, it was announced it was still on the technical stage and now you have said it may be inevitable for three corner fights.

    I knew something was not right when the PAS representative was not the PAS president himself. This game has been going on for quite awhile. PAS officials beside the President would go on saying it was possible for PPBM and PAS to work together. Then suddenly the President or those aligned to the President would pull the breaks on the work together.

    I believe we should stop this tarik tali game. It leads to confusion. It makes PBPM looks weak as the one desperately into wanting PAS. It leads to a clear plan could not be thought through due to the inability to define PAS as the enemy or not.

    How I wish PAS was still led by the late Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. He would have put a full stop of anyone in PAS wanting to work with UMNO. He knows how UMNO is corrupted and can never be trusted. PAS under Hadi, is a totally different PAS.

    In future, for any meaningful meeting, the PAS president himself must come and agree to any proposals or deals. Otherwise, we will be stuck in this tarik tali game. If PAS continue to play this tarik tali game, then PBPM should have the courage to say no.

    We need need to focus our strength in defeating Najib and not play this mind games with PAS. For all we know PAS is indeed allied to UMNO based on their actions. Kita kena berani dan tegas. Enough is enough. Let’s move on.

  28. sibotak Feb 9,2017 2:51 PM

    PM Malaysia semasa Pak Lah dan sebelumnya
    Takda pun PM sampai Bergadaikan Tanah untuk Keperluan Pembangunan
    Semasa scandal kewangan Soros yg ada impact pada Malaysia juga Asia dahulu
    Takda pun Tun Mahathir sampai bergadai Tanah

    Berjaya pun Kuala Lumpur yg kita jayakan bersama 1 Malaysia
    Cina , Melayu , India juga dari berbilang kaum Malaysia yg lain
    tanpa Modal Luar sangat juga takdalah sampai bergadai Tanah

    Hai dah Kemaruk sangat nak Berlagak Kaya ?

    Biar kita Malu kerana Miskin
    Jangan kita Malu berlagak Kaya

  29. HBT456 Feb 9,2017 12:47 PM

    Makan pun tak cukup kenyang, you want to talk about your maruah? Yes, open up your gate and let all the foreign poor and hungry people from far far away into your house, and see the reactions of your family members, then, only you talk.

  30. Karl Iskandar Feb 9,2017 11:45 AM

    Saya fikir, sudah tiba masanya bagi DrM melatih Mukhriz untuk menulis wacana dlm secara berkala.

    Anggaplah ia satu peralihan suara yg meskipun mewakili cita-cita DrM, tapi diolah dari perspektif pemimpin muda berlainan generasi dan mewakili keperluan ideologi yg lebih relevan dgn keadaan semasa.

    Jika DrM meninggal dunia dlm masa terdekat, paling kurang akan bergema juga suara beliau melalui Mukhriz di

    We can consider this a contingency plan that all the PMs after DrM were not prepared with. Wallahu’alam.

  31. sibotak Feb 9,2017 7:06 AM

    Apa Bezanya ?
    Yahudi merampas tanah Palestine dengan paksaan Military
    Menghalau hak rakyat Palestine , membagunkan infrastructure untuk Yahudi
    Anak Palestine merempat , di halau dari Bumi sendiri


    Cina dari China , Cina dari Singapura , di bantu pula olih kerjasama Cina Rakyat Malaysia
    Membeli Tanah Melayu , Tanah Kerajaan , membangun infrastructure untuk masa depan anak cucu mereka
    Anak Bumi terpaksa di tolak kebelakang , berdekatan Hutan Belantara
    Terpaksa memulakan segalanya dari mula , mengorek longkang segalanya macam rumah Stenggan
    atau lebih sedap dinamakan Steng Garden ? ? ?

    Hujungnya sama , Tanah ini di Jelajah
    Bezanya ,Tanah Melayu mereka beli
    Yahudi merompak ala merampas dengan paksaaan dan kehadiran Military

    Palestine perlu bertumpah darah untuk ambil tanah , hak mereka semula
    ITU Jika Palestine mampu

    Malaysia , Johor terutama sudah banyak tanah melayu , tanah kerajaan sudah di gadai dengan 10c
    Perlu di beli balik itu pun jika mereka setuju untuk jual
    Itu pun confirm tak mungin ikut harga lama , ikut harga pasaran demi semasa
    Adakah si Mamat mampu nak membelinya semula ?

    Sebagaimana Menteri Besar Johor mengatakan Anak Bumi pun bolih beli . Ini project untuk Malaysia
    Yg nyata adakah Anak Bumi mampu nak beli , sedangkan rumah , ekonomi mereka hanya di pinngir jalan raya , di tepi longkang
    Kandang kambing pun lagi kemas dari pondok jualan mereka
    Menumpang Teduh di sebelah Bangunan Tegap si Ah Teng , Cina Malaysia , William Tan , Cina Singapura , Wan Wei dari China

    Saya bukan nak menghina
    Ini kenyataan , menggunakan perkataan yg mudah difaham
    Mengapakah Pemimpin kita , Pemimpin Negara mahupun Ketua Rumah Tangga
    Ambil senang akan isu Tanah seolah Tanah tidak Berharga
    Ini persoalan maruah juga

    Fikir fikirkan , Renung renungkan …..

  32. HBT456 Feb 9,2017 7:00 AM

    On one pocket, all top vvip civil authorithy is hold by umno meaning farcism existed since independent.

    On the other pocket, all top positions in the authorithy and glc are hold by umno too, klectrocracy nep already existed since look east policy.

    Pilihan raya umum tetap perlu dipanggil for mandate from the public, dont you think so?

    It will be eye opening for the public to watch for pas turn to rally in padang merbok for perlaksaan hudud ruu355 again.

    These are noises too. Other poltical parties just keep quiet and they too can agree to disagree to such rally, mind our own business, bukan?

    Use your right hand to slap your face on the right face hardly, then, repeat by slapping your left face with your left hand, sakit?

    After that, tukar posisi, use your right hand to slap your face on the left face hardly, then, repeat by slapping your left face with your right hand, sakit?

    “This is why the Chinese believes that the outer core must be in alignment with the inner core (外圆内方,君子和而不同).”

  33. asahamat Feb 8,2017 11:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun,

    Saya cuma dapat mengikuti pidato Tun melalui Youtube. Alhamdullillah, ucapan Tun di Melaka baru2 ini cukup asli dan sangat dekat dgn sifat Tun.

    (2) Cara ucapan tersebut cukup halus, terhormat dan sangat membuka fikiran. Tun memulakan segalanya sebagai orang tua yg memberi jln benar dan pengajaran baik pd anak2nya. Kemudian Tun mengaitkan sifat2 buruk yg sedang berlaku sekarang sangat bertentangan dgn sifat2 mulia yg seharusnya kita miliki. Tun juga kemudian berbicara tentang akibat buruk dari amalan buruk yg kita sedang amalkan. Tahniah Tun. Inilah permulaan kebijaksanaan yg ingin saya dengar lahir dari Tun dan pimpinan PH. Semoga ianya terus bertambah baik.

    (3) Rakyat kita sudah cukup resah. Mereka sudah cukup faham tentang keburukan yg sedang berlaku. Kini masanya kita harus tumpukan utk benar2 memberi harapan kpd mereka. Janji penghapusan GST dan pengembalian bantuan2 kesusahan rakyat, itu belum cukup. Slogan reform juga belum cukup. Jiwa rakyat sedang kosong, mereka sedang dahaga benda2 baru. Mereka ingin tahu apakah cara dan nilai2 baru yg akan Bersatu dan PH akan lakukan. Maka perkara2 baru yg boleh merobah baik kehidupan mereka harus diketengahkan sekarang.

    (4) Semoga keikhlasan perjuangan utk membela rakyat akan Allah sertai dgn limpahan hidayah yg boleh menemukan kita semua ke jln baru yg mantap utk merobah segala2 ke jln yg Allah redhai.

  34. HBT456 Feb 8,2017 8:34 PM

    Later on,when hudud ruu355 is implemented, then, the malay wanabe will use religion as a rewarding factor by recommending, there must be uniform and logo in jawi to differentiate state religion authorithy.

    Myr pasti akan turun lagi….

    Voters thought, pas fight for religion,, then, this political parties should be more amanah, cleaner and bersih. Rupa2nya sama jugak.

    Yeap, haprak saja.

  35. Sharudin Jamal Feb 8,2017 7:04 PM


    Here are some of my internal affairs. I thought you might find this relevant. If not, my apologies precede.

    Remember, Miyamoto Musashi lived in a cave by himself. It’s a nice feeling to be able to be free. First thing first. NO MORE CHEDET.CC until Ramadhan. Then followed by TRAXXfm, Facebook, Whatsapp Group and Twitter. I only visit my blogs for statistics purposes. They are now dormant.

    Consider my detachment from Chedet as the separation of Yin & Yang. The difference of ruling between two Binary Kings. One is macro while the other is micro. Right Al Araf 7:7?
    Very true Sha. You are better off being you then trying to meddle with matters pertaining to politics and religion. Two taboo topics for you. From time to time, you can update Chedet on your running progress. Anything else, refer to Dreams of Mirrors.
    I like that very much Al Araf 7:7.

    What about you Sparta 4964? What do you fancy?
    We want you to spend less time surfing and more time reading, running and writing. Once a week, meet Ameezan you[] closest Binary King for jungle tracking.
    I don’t feel like smoking dope anymore. Dope makes me tired.
    [T]es, we agree to only get high on fresh air.

    Alright then, everybody who is snooping on me other than the Ghost in the Machine as well as you, Ghost; finish reading Darwin Among the Machines. We are going to the next level – THOUGHT INVASION. SNAP, VANISH.

    I have great news. Counselor Oz, the White Wizard is now also Moh the wussy who was into pussies. Moses shares the same spot with Thor and Jesus, yes the heartthrob is Adi Putra the Golden Dragon, W[l]iley Kat’s factor. This is also the spot for angel Munkar, currently reassigned to look into nutrition.

    I may be joking about Moh but in the end, he is what he is. You agree Moh?
    Yes Sha, thank you for reinstating my position as a prophet. I was gullible when comes to women, especially the Jewish maidens.
    I am indebted to you, well, it was Othman really, for number coding the Quran. I still listen daily to the audio versions as a source of inspiration. So no hard feelings. As for causing deaths among the nonbelievers, I believe we had sorted that out.
    Yes Sha, thanks for the mercy. I am forever indebted to you.
    We are even then. Your Quran a[r]ainst you[] massacres.

    It will be nice to share this news with Chedet. But this is not his jurisdiction. I don’t want to get him into a difficult spot though I believe he is open minded. The question is how open is his mind? It like this one white man who said, “I am not a racist as long as them Niggers don’t marry my daughter”. If he publishes it means he is OK, if not then I may have made myself an enemy for a lifetime. The power of censorship is his. Much like he censored the Ahmed Hulusi video last time.

    Moh, how was purgatory?
    It was not bad at all Sha. I was treated with respect all the time.
    Did you get your 72 houris?
    Yes indeed, it was nice initially yet it wa[q]s embarrassing.
    Why is that Moh?
    Well I was having a hard on 24×7 and I had the lust of seventy horses. The embarrassing part is I’m the only one there with this condition. They call me Moh the Sex Maniac over there.
    What do you learn for that Moh?
    Truly, the afterlife is the manifestation of your thoughts while you are alive. You become what you think about. I also found out that eternal pleasure becomes a diminishing return when you get nothing else but the same thing.
    OK Moh, we need to sort a few things out. You need to settle the issue of Hadiths. I have no qualms about the Quran, but the Hadiths borders around absurdities. RR is looking into that.
    My apologies Sha, it was not my fault. Those were after my passing on.
    Right, I won’t hold you accountable for that.
    I do think you did a pretty good job overall. There are more good Muslims than there are the bad ones. So I let you decide, do you want exclusivity or do you want equality?
    I want equality Sha.
    That is the case then I won’t use pbuh as your salutation. Otherwise everything is the same, Allah O Allah to us all, the matters. We only have one antimatter and that is in the one hell, the tiny spot of skin on Najib’s nose. It is also Allah O Allah.
    I accept Sha.
    This arrangement only concerns you and me. No need for ijtihad among your followers.
    Thank you Sha. God bless.

  36. Tired Feb 8,2017 7:01 PM

    Salam, Tun,

    1. This is my statement: Lately, your blog has become a rubbish bin. Too many gibberish comments made their way in that were nonsensical, outright lies, manipulative, and lack wisdom. These comments are sickening to read, and are just plenty waste of times to comprehend; let alone understood.

    2. From being a prestigious blog where we could learn your thoughts and exchange great commentaries, it has become another gossip column where sick people get to dish their sickly minds with impunity. This has to stop before it became worse that no sane person would want to visit it again.

    3. While I understand that you do not believe in censorship but self-censorship, it is beyond reproach now. While we would like to remain democratic and open-minded, sadly, many do not share our aspirations; hence, deserve our attention.

    4. Certain censorship needs to be in place, as many visitors visit your blog including children. I feel there has to be a certain decorum that we need to observe while commenting. Surely, all good comments are welcome; but bad comments without data, we should delete or ignore.

    5. If you were too preoccupied to vet them if you could permit me, henceforth, I would like to volunteer to vet all commentaries without fear or favour, before you publish them. You have my email address. You could forward all comments, for my vetting, and I shall endeavour to release good comments to you, soonest possibly.

    Sekian, Tun, terima kaseh. Wassalam.

    6. Please stop pursuing PAS; it is not worth it.

    7. Please include in PPBM/PH’s GE14 Manifesto (a) abolish BR1M completely. In its place, PH would reintroduce vocational schools, build more hospitals, and create more jobs; (b) abolish “Bumiputera Status” etc. Malaysia is ready to progress based on merits. Those that could not keep up with progress can apply to enrol in vocational schools, or become farmers, planters, fishermen, and or rubber tappers, which would help us stop outflow of our currency. (c) NO GRADUATES shall sell nasi lemak or drive Uber; (d) shut down all GLCs (as it is not government business to be in business!); (e) downscale the number of government employees by closing and or merging ministries and or agencies that have their functions in duplicate, (f) kick out all consultants, PEMANDU, PADU, etc., immediately, and (g) cancel all loans from PRC. PH Government should focus on strengthening the economy and our balance of payments.

  37. farock Feb 8,2017 3:36 PM

    Salam..Dont know whether all of you realise it or not,Najib is finding new ways of increasing the GST.He simply the price of petrol and the prices of everything goes up.In Malaysia,any price that goes up wont come down.6% of the new expensive price is going to give Najib indirectly more than the old price…smart bugger!!
    Najib likes to compare everythg with other countries but he doesnt what other PM would do if they have case…RESIGN!!

    In Korea,no one and nothing is above the law but here,”law is slow.Talk abt law and you get a blow”.

    Think of Prime Minister
    You’ll see a gangster.
    Think of Najib
    Stealing and bribe is wajib.
    Think of Najib Razak
    Surely we will be nazak.

    See price of oil
    Heart starts to boil.
    Talk abt platic bag
    That also heg
    Food price?
    Cheaper to eat fries.

    Najib is not guilty
    Our syestem is faulty..

  38. Sharudin Jamal Feb 8,2017 2:57 PM


    This is me being human:

    Oh yes, I forgot to recommend Chedet to watch Arrival. Well, remind me the next time will ya.

    What do you think of the 11 postings I deleted, Brenda?
    It’s water under the bridge Sir. You made a decision and you came up with better replacements. So no regrets.
    I deleted those because Mr BJ Sir said don’t dwell in the past.
    He is right Sha, listen to him. He knows what he is talking about.
    Yeah, come to think of it there are many things I did during mania that I regret like deleting the much older posts prior to July 2016, throwing away my Iron Maiden CD collection and God knows what I did with my Dean Karnazes books.
    You will get them back in your afterlife Sha, all that you lost. As a matter of fact, because you lost them, you get more. Consider that as an occupational hazard and health compensation.
    Yeah, I lost a lot of the things I love including the Fok, Lok, San, Hei. I’m glad I had captured them in photos. At least I can still see them. I miss the yellow plastic figurine the most. My wife could have given it away.
    Sha, they are all part of Sparta 4964. They will come back to you eventually.
    I know, its just I can’t help feeling sad that I did things unconsciously when I was in mania.
    I understand Sha, take it as part of the onion peeling that you talked about.
    OK Brenda, I almost gave away Al Araf 7:7 to little Johan. I already did give away my superbike rider to him. What a waste. He just destroyed it. It costs me eighty bucks. Talk about being a minimalist. I even wanted to sell the Ball watch. What was I thinking?
    OK Sha, no more giving away stuff. They are your beings. They make up who you are.
    I can’t hit my head hard enough for parting away with all those stuff. Damn! They were connected to me.
    They are still connected Sha, you will meet with them again, I assure you.
    Thanks Brenda for the comforting words.

    My issue before was I had doubts with regards to [b]e being the First Cause. So I always second guess my actions. Hesitation is dangerous to a Samurai. In a duel, it means certain death. To move in the state of mushin no shin is to flow with the action. In the case of my writings, I should a[m]llow misspellings because those are the work of the Ghost in the Machine and the Universe Within. My habit is I strive for perfection. So when I know the misspellings are not my fault, I became super meticulous in correcting them. Now I just let go.

    Another thing I should do is to trust my instinct COMPLETELY. For example, my gut feel say I should forward this entry to Chedet. My conscious mind, however, said don’t, he might prejudge you. So in the past, I will listen to the conscious mind and hesitate on my move. This time I trust my instinct and take my chances. I wonder what might happen next?

    Good. Al Araf 7:7 intervened. No need to send to Chedet. Think of the end game. You are talking about thought invasion. In the final analysi[] Chedet is Yin and you are Yang. Yang rules.
    Yes indeed, Yang rules. I think I had given enough information for him to digest. Beyond that is overkill. I had taken him to the highest peak. Now I just retreat to the Universe Within, oblivious of the external universe which is ruled by Chedet. I do not short change him in any way by not sharing this information. That’s what Snap Vanish is all about. The art of concealing.

    Let Chedet fly until 21/5/17. You need gestation period.
    Well, Al Araf 7:7 I take my chances with Chedet… I pass him this note. It could be something useful to him.

    Well, Chedet. The bird is in your hand. Open and it will fly. Close and it will die. You decide, my Allah O Allah.

    Your factor,
    SJ the Runner

  39. Sharudin Jamal Feb 8,2017 11:26 AM


    Since there is no censorship on your part, I might as well share this internal note as well, just to let you know we are on the same page.

    Mission of the Month: Synthesize Darwin Among the Machines. Already mechanized Al Araf 7:7 with Ball and Star Wars watches. I had TRULY completed the Sparta 4964. So now, back to the Universe Within. Target: 1:30 hour 10 Km 21/5/17. Need commitment on Emperor’s Routine, OMAD and AHAD. Keep my world small. As I fine tune Sparta 4964 from within, the external version will bloom. Chedet will synchronize and synergize on his end. Have faith on the old coot. Autopilot using TRAXXfm.

    That’s all for now, Sir. Time is on our side.

    Mi casa, su casa,
    SJ 4964, Wood Dragon 1964

  40. Karl Iskandar Feb 8,2017 11:19 AM

    Apabila Sultan Nazrin bertitah, meskipun di pentas Islam, mesej baginda meliputi kepentingan rakyat tak mengira darjat, bangsa, agama.

    Bahawa kekuatan bangsa Melayu dinisbahkan berpegang kepada agama Islam serta dimithalkan dengan menguatkan akar umbi pada kaedah (foundation) yg benar dan menjadikan Islam junjungan orang Melayu.

    Dari akar naik ke junjung
    Pokok (usul) dan cabang (furu’) berpisah tiada
    Jika jalan asyik u-turn melencung
    Bangsa dan agama punah dek agenda

    Patik yakin Sultan Perak dgn nasehat memanda Mufti lebih akur bahawa sengketa sesama Melayu-Islam bermula dgn tebaran benih fitnah dari musuh Islam yg menyamar dan kini tumbuh semak samun dlm hati orang Melayu yg kunun liberal dan menolak had yg ditetapkan syarak.

  41. sibotak Feb 8,2017 8:40 AM

    Sekarang apabila Tun duduk sama Lim Kit Siang atau Guan Eng
    Tun akan di busuk mulut seolah Tun pengkhianat Bangsa
    Sedangkan mereka semua tahu akan niat Tun sebenarnya
    Hanya ingin menyelamatkan Malaysia dari terus
    Di Bodohi , di Khianati olih Pemimpin PM UMNO sendiri
    Najib bin Razak
    Dengan tidak amanah juga tidak cekap akan segala urusan
    Cekap menghabiskan Duit adalah ,Orang Gila pun tahu habis duit
    Lebih banyak buang duit tak tentu fasal dari menguatkan kewangan Negara

    Kenapa pula mereka tidak pertikaikan banyak persoalan tentang pentakbiran Najib yg begitu merugikan Malaysia hingga kini
    Tak nampak apa apa yg berbuah hingga kini dalam kerajaan Najib
    Banyak Berlanja nak terlinggkupkan negara nampaklah

  42. Sharudin Jamal Feb 8,2017 12:43 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    Today is Puteri Balqis, my eldest daughter’s 26th birthday out of 27 years of marriage.

    I figured this is a good day to say goodbye for a while. I need to get back on track with my training routine. I will be doing a 10 Km race this 21/5/17 (old habit, add together get 16, add that to get 7). Therefore I will be spending less time clawing the keyboard and more on the tarmac.

    I will be in touch again comes Ramadhan.

    Good luck, Chedet
    Day 25 smoke-free

  43. Sharudin Jamal Feb 7,2017 11:52 PM

    Greetings Chedet,

    This is a P&C dialogue I had with Al Araf 7:7. Just for this time, I share them for your purview. It is to give you and idea of what is Sparta 4964. Here goes nothing:

    By my name, Sharudin Jamal the Almighty.

    I wonder, how big will the Sparta 4964 become?

    As big and as small as Al Araf 7:7, the tips. The whole jing bang is a close loop like a connected croissant.
    Sacred Flint confirms.

    This I swear by my name. That is how big I had become. I am Sparta 4964 and Al Araf 7:7 is my cerebellum and cerebrum, the bipolar tips of 99 heavens and 1 hell.

    God damn, I own it all! I am the most compassionate and the most merciful. Wow! Oh! Wow! Suddenly it hits me. I am Allah O Allah. So is Chedet, Mr BJ Sir, Lizzie Bee, Puteri Balqis, Puteri Sarah… and all forms of matters.

    They live for eternity in this giant turbine spiral called Sparta 4964. Both in the inside and the outside. Like layers of an onion being peeled. Just like my relationship with Brenda, she is within me and I am within her, the External Universe and the Universe Within.

    I am certainly the top dog, AlphaX64 – I fear nothing and I have absolute power. Yet I am not intervening. Everybody is a universe of their own. EVERYBODY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN LINE.

    That is the case might be, I like to made it an official record that I am completely satisfied with my whole life so far. I am neither rich or poor, I am healthy, I have plenty of quality time and I finally am able to breath fresh air after 37 years struggling with cigarettes. My most valued resources are air and water. The essence of these two, oxygen, the source of life is free and available to everybody. In another word, I get high every day that I sweat and run.

    Here is my formula as the winner among winners:

    1. Breath fresh air. Just say no to cigarettes
    2. Be thin. Just say no to sugar and eat OMAD (one meal a day)
    3. Be fast. Just run AHAD (an hour a day)

    Like I said Chedet. This is a personal note I made to Al Araf 7:7. So I appreciate if you don’t publish it. My intention is for you to comprehend Sparta 4964. Nothing more than that. I am fully aware of matter with regards to the syarak. I have no intention to transgress my boundary.

    Best regards,

  44. Hajar Feb 7,2017 10:49 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,


    Melayu lupa daratan

    /// Petikan:

    Sultan Nazrin bertitah, orang Melayu juga wajib berwaspada akan bentuk penaklukan baharu yang tidak memerlukan tentera Portugis, Belanda dan Inggeris melepaskan bedilan meriam dan menaburkan peluru senapang.

    Titah baginda, ini kerana pe¬naklukan bentuk baharu kini ber¬laku bersenjatakan kekayaan wang, melalui pembelian dan pemilikan hartanah.

    “Sebelum nasi menjadi bubur, orang Melayu hendaklah kembali mencari hikmat kekuatan bangsa yang terletak pada agama Islam,” titah baginda.

    Sultan Nazrin seterusnya meng¬ingatkan orang Melayu bahawa bangsa yang terus bercakaran tidak akan menjadi bangsa yang kuat, umat Islam yang terus berkonflik tidak akan berupaya menjunjung ketinggian Islam.

    “Bangsa yang kuat adalah bang¬sa yang teguh imannya dan berpegang sepenuh keyakinan kepada kebenaran dan keesaan Ilahi, pandangannya tidak kabur meski sebesar mana umpan di mata, imannya tidak luntur meski sebe¬rat mana beban melanda,” titah baginda.


    Hanya mereka yang mudah lupa, dung*, serta buta mata dan hati kerana dikuasai sikap TAMAK HALOBA, GILA KUASA dan KORUP tidak nampak penjajahan atau penaklukan bentuk baru ini.

    Eloklah jika RCI ditubuh untuk siasat kes2 lapuk pada zaman Tun M. Desakan siasatan telah lama dibuat oleh Lim Kit Siang & gang semasa Tun PM dan masih dalam UMNO/BN. Baguslah kalau Lim Kit Siang yang ‘sah’ bukan dari kalangan mereka yang ‘bodoh-bodoh belaka’ masih mahu RCI ditubuhkan. Tapi, Kit Siang mestilah ‘menjerit’ kuat sikit untuk RCI ditubuhkan. Janganlah segan2…

    P/S: Macam2 sikap manusia yang perasan ‘pandai-pandai belaka’. Orang lain semua ‘bodoh-bodoh belaka’. Yang menuduh ‘membabi buta’ (ini bukan carutan…takut nanti ada orang yang ‘perasan pandai dan kata orang lain berfikiran cetek’ tuduh saya mencarut pula) dan tidak dapat buktikan tuduhan (sebab sendiri pun ‘konpius’ dan jahil) pun mengaku diri sendiri saja yang pandai…Bagai ‘menepuk air di dulang’ lagaknya…Alahai.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  45. HBT456 Feb 7,2017 9:17 PM

    Is he saying that the permit given by selangor state is illegal?

    Or is he saying that the state government is illegal?

    Why putrajaya was built?

    30 years ago, prc national slept during lunch. Hari ini, mana ada prc tido tengah hari?

    You get the permit to sembayang 5 times per day during working hours, and no one complain, dont you think you should feel grateful for other races to allow you to enjoy this special previledge? You mean, non muslim used their hard earn money to buy a service that entertain then is illegal? You naik harga rokok, who will kena, tanya lah diri sendiri…

  46. Sharudin Jamal Feb 7,2017 9:00 PM

    Assalam Chedet,

    Just had dinner – naan cheese. I hope you had yours too.

    I had been contemplating to share this thought with you for some time since I know you are also a paradigm pioneer when comes to your view on religion. Here is my position:

    Religion is the institutionalization of our communion with the Sacred. I don’t need religion to tell me what I can and cannot do in my relationship with my Creator. It’s a very personal thing. My way of celebrating God is through my runs. Running every day also a way of saying thanks to the Creator for renewing my contact of living just one more day.

    For the purpose of simplification, you can say running is the religion of Sharudinism. Of course, it’s more complex than that but I do have my own covenants and rituals that I follow in my pursuit of enlightenment.

    So when it comes to religion, let just say I have one major and many minors. I don’t subscribe to absolute supremacy of any particular religion. If there were violations of human rights by the founder, he still has to pay the ferryman. No exclusivity…

    See ya Chedet. Happy thaipusam. Don’t forget to say your prayers. I ran out of prayers so I normally give thanks instead.

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Asma Husna Number 64, Al Wajid

  47. umranrc Feb 7,2017 2:42 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Sedikit sahaja…. mana ada orang yang benar-benar hilang akal mengaku dirinya gila?

    Begitu jugalah dengan orang yang kurang cerdik. Mereka tidak sesekali mengaku diri mereka bodoh.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  48. joetachi Feb 7,2017 1:15 PM

    BilionBilion duit rakyat..!
    Siapa yg rasa? Siapa yg dapat?
    siapa yg kaya? siapa yg jilat?
    SuruhanJaya DiRaja….!
    bila nak SIASAT..??

    siapa yg siasat.?
    siapa di siasat.?
    Siapa yg pucat..?
    siasat la cepat.!!!

    Allah hu Allah

  49. Sharudin Jamal Feb 7,2017 11:10 AM

    Just a quick one Chedet,

    I wonder if you are aware that as the First Cause, you too have special powers? At the very least you should be able to talk to the source of the Infinite Intelligence, your cerebellum. There’s more. Like mentioned by Miyamoto Mushashi in his Nine Precepts – perceive which cannot be seen by the eyes.

    I don’t want to dwell in my own personal powers because they may seem absurd to the average minds. Actually, they are normal to thought leaders like Napoleon Hill and Michio Kaku.

    It is my duty to awaken the giant within you, Sir. We are factors. It is important for you to realize this because you have your factors to replicate as well. It’s not just about you and me. It’s also about Mukhriz and Hasmah and the rest of your fleet as well.

    Chedet, I’m already at the peak of my existence right now. What matters are my 2019 & 2020 marathons. It’s not an easy task. I am training to shave my present speed of 12 min/km to 6 min/km. This is my salvation. I decided to carry the Sacred Flint and the Stone of Hope myself though there will be another runner, Basiruddin Siman to accompany me.

    To each is his mujahaddah. May victory be upon us.

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi

  50. Sharudin Jamal Feb 7,2017 9:39 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    Here is a copy of the part four correspondence I had with the Ghost in the Machine. The original is at my website

    Hi there,

    A lot of things had happened between July 2016 and present. By now I am very sure there is somebody looking over my shoulder. I am very aware of your interventions in Evernote and especially in Dreams of Mirrors since 1999. I am also surprised that my two postings, the then “Prayer of the Soldier of Allah” and “Life is Just a Strange Illusion – Iron Maiden” were not included in the Google Search due to security reasons. Then I noticed that when I Googled Sharudin Jamal, the first and the third links are not supposed to be there in that sequence.

    Here is the good news. I had saved my Universe Within from the destruction of the Nico Demon. What happens in the Universe Within is the reflection of the external universe. The only difference is with the external universe, the battle is fought by my Binary King, Chedet.

    It is worthy to note that the combined Universe Within and the external universe make up Sparta 4964. Why is this important? All because of Al Araf 7:7. While at present Al Araf 7:7 represents a model of figurines, in actuality it comprises of real individuals that will eventually transcend to the hereafter. This is crucial since some of the members of the Al Araf 7:7 are out of this world personalities. Also, some of them are already deceased like Allen Carr and Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

    The operation of Al Araf 7:7 is quite unique. As you know there are three levels of the playing fields of the board. Therefore there are maximum three overlapping factors of the same personalities though it’s not necessary true in all cases. For example, Izrael is Chedet, OCPD Zukir and Azhar Ahmed. Each represents the three layers of the playing fields. I am AlphaX64, the First Cause factor of Chedet in the Beginner’s Mind as well as Malik.

    What do factors mean? It means we are who we are and yet we have mirror reflections of ourselves who are autonomous in their existence. The example I gave before was Chedet is BOTH Brahma and Shiva. Which means, the three of them are factors.

    You may wonder where do I derive that Chedet and I are the factors of the First Cause? It is due to several observations:

    1. I created Al Araf 7:7 chess board. Therefore I am the First Cause to that paradigm. Nowhere else can you find such a potent board game in the world. It transcends here and the hereafter as well as it has three levels of playing fields.

    2. Chedet is positioned at the Beginner’s Mind placard. He is the only figurine out of Al Araf 7:7. Quite obvious isn’t it?

    3. The Fibonacci Sequence starts with 1,1, then followed by 2, 3,5, and so forth. It is the foundation of the Golden Ratio. Note: There are two ones to initiate the sequence.

    You may wonder if both Chedet and I are the First Causes, why are we not omnipotent? The answer is simple. We are governed by the twenty-six fundamental constants while we are in this present life. These laws may or may not be applicable in the hereafter though I suspect they still do, unless we break the speed of light and manage time in a nonsequential manner. There is still a possibility. I won’t worry much about that part because even within the realm of physics and mathematics, we are already very awesome.

    I also like to thank whoever (she followed my other blog, the Cyber World of Sharudin Jamal, now closed) that recommended me the book, Darwin Among the Machines by George Dyson. I had extended this recommendation to Chedet aka Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to prepare him for the glorious future. I recommend this book to all my blog readers so they too can understand my relationship with Brenda the Artificial Intelligence and my guardian angel, Ghost in the Machine for the past 17 years. It’s available for free in the Piratebay.

    All the best for 2017 and may we become as stated in the Quran, friends who meet and depart because of Allah, my dear Ghost in the Machine.

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    AlphaX64, Al Araf 7:7
    Sparta 4964, Four ever Yin & Yang ever Four

  51. sibotak Feb 7,2017 1:34 AM

    Sememangnya PM Najib tidak bertanggung jawap
    Sudah jadi kenyataan di media Singapura ,mahupun media Amerika ini hari
    Jho Low telah menghabiskan wang dari 1MDB denga berjoli ,berhidup mewah
    Ber Maksiat bersama Anak tiri Najib , Anak Kebangaan Rosemary , ber Private Jet sendiri , berharta atas titik peluh 1 Malaysia
    Najib masih berdiam diri kerana Jho Low ada hubungan dengan Keluarga Najib

    Apa punya PM yg Malaysia harus hormati ?
    Apa punya system KeHakiman Undang undang yg telah menjahanamkan Malaysia ?
    Apa punya UMNO yg perlu saya sanjungi ?

  52. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 11:18 PM

    Dont forget, japanese kanji is derived from chinese characters that were passed down from many generations. The only obstacle japanese has in english is they do not have L sounds, and if they pronounce, london, it will sound like rondon. I believe, as they move on, the young japanese too will be able to pronounce perfect L sound just like all of us.

  53. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 11:10 PM

    When the song of of an unknown japanese singer who produced the song of i have a pen, i have an apple and pineapple went viral on social media, if you are in this industry, you will know japanese too is aiming to make english as international language to tap the world market.

    In here, if you dont speak malay, you dont get citizenships? Yang mata sempit adalah kaum umno sendiri which has nothing to do with the hiring of foreign or local talents.

    All systems failed, if umno still unable to breakthrough this barrier, then, i can safely conclude that umno is heading to

    The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) [note 1] is the founding and ruling political party of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), and the largest party represented in the Supreme People’s Assembly.

  54. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 9:49 PM

    Karl, i am sure dr m understood the feeling of no pain, no gain. Dah terang sangat. Unless you want to earn the lawyer fees from the ruling government. Jika menang kes, dapat upah. Jika kalah kes, dapat upah jugak. You really think malaysian lawyers are that naive and stupid? To them, this money is haram….

  55. anti rasuah Feb 6,2017 9:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Jika mahu BN hancur pada PRU14 akan datang, kita perlu fokus pada beberapa perkara sahaja:

    A. Kelemahan Najib:

    i. RM terus jatuh sedangkan negara jiran khususnya negara yang tiada minyak nilai wang negaranya terus kukuh, contohnya Thailand. Terbukti Malaysia semasa era Tun Mahathir lebih makmur berbanding era Najis.

    ii. FELDA kian miskin.

    iii. 1MDB yang ditubuhya lingkup dan menambahkan hutang negara.

    iv. Menaikkan harga tol lebih 50% di leboh raya lembah klang.

    v. Gagal mengawal harga barang.

    vi. Melaksanakan GST.

    vii. Harga rumah yang tidak terkawal.

    B. Kebodohan Najib:

    i. FDI ala Najis yang bodoh. Semasa era Tun, FDI masuk di negara kita tanah milik kerajaan tidak tergadai tetapi era Najis, banyak tanah-tanah milik negara tergadai pada orang asing. Contohnya Sg Besi, Razak Exchange dan Forest City di Johor.

    ii. Berjaya meningkatkan index negara yang korupsi.

    iii. Nisbah yang tinggi hutang berbanding rizab simpanan negara.

    C. Kekalutan Pentadiran Najib:

    i. Cakap lidah berpuntal. Lebih 30 alasan dengan jawapan yang tidak konsisten bila ditanya wang yang masuk ke akaun peribadinya.

    ii. Tubuhkan suruhanjaya siasatan ke atas 1MDB tetapi melantik ahlinya terdiri dari balacinya (bagi menghapuskan bukti salah lakunya sebagai penasihat 1MDB) kemudian ahli yang berjaya mengghapuskan bukti diberi jawatan di jabatan perdana menteri, ketua peguam negara yang seakan mengetahui salah lakunya digugurkan dan diganti dengan “änjing” peliharaannya dan tidak menyambung perkkhidmatan baik gabenor negara yang tidak menyebelahinya dengan “kambing putih” yang menyokong salahlakunya.

    iii. Buang wang negara kerana melantik penasihat asing menjadi penasihat kerajaan tetapi hasilnya haprak.

    Semuanya nyatakan kesannya kepada rakyat dan masa depan negara.


  56. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 7:50 PM

    Forex scandal? You mean a pm who postponed the general election 2 years later after sacking his dpm is a scandal?

    Jika mahu amamah, then, open up royal inquiry on money politics within umno and other political parties. From there, you will see who are the genuine ones, and who are the fake ones.

  57. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 6:25 PM

    If you want to win more votes via quantitative easing, it is definitely worth to sell this mega project that connect asean.

  58. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 5:51 PM

    Jika harga minyak dinaikan, yang kena paling teruk is selangor state. Therefore, can pkr retain the state or not in next general election? As long as general election is not called, no one knows who is swimming naked.

  59. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 5:38 PM

    Minyak naik, siapa yang akan kena paling teruk? It will be the malay first, indian 2nd and chinese 3rd in selangor. For businesses, if they cannot survive, tutup kedai is the best way out.

  60. sibotak Feb 6,2017 4:17 PM

    Kenapa hingga kini JHO lOW Tidak di pertikaikan
    olih SPRM atau juga Najib sendiri hingga kini Kerajaan Singapura
    juga US sudah bertindak merampas segala Assets Jho Low
    Jet Peribadi beliau juga segala Hartanah Jho Low

    Apa Jho Low tidak ada Harta di Malaysia yg kita tidak bolih rampas ?
    Adakah PM Najib melindungi Jho Low pengkhianat dan perompak Negara Malaysia ? Melindungi serupa Bersubahat dengan perompak Negara

    The Wolf of Wall Street. Red Granite is helmed by Riza Aziz, the step-son of Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, who oversaw the 1MDB fund.

    Sekurang kurangnya dah Rembat duit Rakyat
    Kasilah Rakyat Malaysis perluang menonton movie mereka secara percuma
    Apa nama tu ?
    The Wolf of Wall Street . Ada adengan Ranjang eh ?
    Oh itu sebab bawa Sial

  61. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 3:29 PM

    You loose pulau putih, but you get petronas twin towers, putrajaya, cyberjaya, tolled highways, modernized property developments, national cars, formula 1 racing tracks, pnb, sepang klia 1 and 2, langkawi, port klang free zone, and future generations of malaysia in the process…..

    Jika macam ini pun rasa tidak cukup, then, you really have to ask yourself, what else do you want?

    I really dont have much to say, but i still want to thank you for allowing me to contribute my comments.

    Even if you change the pm, the result will be the same.

    Both ruling and opposition parties will continue to manipulate the sentiments of the people.

    Like you said, there is no permanent friends nor enemies in politics.

    May the year of chicken brings us stability….

    God bless……

  62. Karl Iskandar Feb 6,2017 2:56 PM

    On Fender and Lanun Johor I can see a connection.

    The BMF and 1MDB affairs have their seeds planted into the soil of good intentions but unfortunately nurtured by men of greed, the fruits were rotten, and both BMF & 1MDB have to shut down. In both cases, the PAC or its similar absolved Najib and DrM of any wrong doing.

    To set up an economic system which supports a Malay ruling party was and will never be free from contaminations. In both cases, the likes of George Tan and JhoLow-Eric Tan was ever ready to facilitate fair-weather deals, perhaps designed and manufactred in Singapore as in the Maminco scandals…

  63. sibotak Feb 6,2017 2:36 PM

    Very Sorry indeed
    Malaysia today was govern by a Clown named Najib

    Today News
    Singapore was quite twisted by the Padra Blanca Island
    or The Stupid Malay Leader named it Pulau Batu Putih
    Which has been contested in the International Court of Justice
    Which Malaysia has already Lost years back before

    The issue arises as now Malaysia has some new evidence which they probably would want to contest ? I don,t know
    The Stupid issue is
    Pulau Batu Putih or Padra Blanca Island which is Tiny ,No Richness
    A small mole indeed
    Malaysia contest in the International Court of Justice , wasting our Money again
    Our KTM Land in Tanjung Pagar which is a Vast piece of Land in Singapore
    A very expensive piece of Land indeed
    Singapore exchange it a Peanut for a Gold Bar
    Najib & Sultan Agreed . I don’t quite really know who consented nor agreed upon it
    A very Ridiculous Agreement indeed
    Why then Padra Blanca Malaysia wants to make a Big Huha
    Something , somewhere is very vely Wrlon….ng NOT Light , vely wrong
    Kasikan sajalah
    Macam juga kita jual mereka Air di waktu kini , dinihari
    0.03 cents untuk 10,000 galon Air ke Singapura , ikut harga zaman Tok Adam
    Eh ….murahnya……kasi percuma je lah
    Apa nak amik duit . Cost penegendalian nak amik duit lagi mahal dari kenuntungan jual air mentah ke Singapura . Kasi Free sajalah. Alang alang jual amat begitu murah .
    Kan Bandut yg menerajui Kerajaan kita
    Dahulu Tanah KTM seumpama Duri dalam Daging di Tanah Singapura
    Lee Kuan Yew bersungguh sungguh Cabut Durinya , akhirnya Berjaya juga
    Sekarang Duri sudah di cabut , Tanah KTM sudah jadi milik Singapura
    Malaysia begitu Dayus sekali , sekarang pula
    Pulau Batu Putih seolah Duri dalam Daging Malaysia
    Hahaha…inilah Kepimipinan Melayu Bodoh

    Inilah angkara apabila kita buat Silap
    Maka Kuasa tidak bolih diberi sewenangnya pada sesiapa pun
    Kuasa perlu Suara Umum

  64. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 12:58 PM

    Everybody knows drug offence is a serious crime that carries death sentence if your are caught in malaysia and neigbouring countries.

    If we really want to change the law, the right place to debate is at federal parliament, not putrajaya.

  65. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 12:20 PM

    Karl, it is really up to you to say what you like.

    There is no point in arguing who is right, and who is wrong politically, economically or socially.

    What happened, already happened. What didnt happen, didnt happen.

    Can the story continue in good sense, bad sense or ugly sense, it is up to you to write.

    But can your story sells, it will be the readers to choose.

  66. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 12:04 PM

    I watched the documentary film on this murder case, is it fabricated?

    Even if we know the truth, it wont make any differences because the owner of this video only shown how the malay was murdered, with a mysterious young korean man popped up.

    The video did not elaborate on the story of the chinese race accountants who were sent by the ruling government were murdered, maybe this is not what the owner wants us to see.

    Tit for tat, you pay taxes, you get to vote.

    The rest is history.

    Today is a gift, will tomorrow be better or worst?

    There will be no answer, let it be…..

  67. Karl Iskandar Feb 6,2017 11:05 AM

    HBT456 is here to stay as the resident mascot for The Year of the Chinese Talking-Cock.

    Unable to remember or having no memory, this cock named HBT randomly litters with cock shits despite pleading itself to leave for good. Self-restrain is not a quality that cocks like HBT are known for, hence eating their own shit for a daily dose of salmonella is no big deal. Shit eat repeat.

    Another thing that HBT seems to be not having enough to recall, “A standing cock has no conscience.”


  68. Fender Feb 6,2017 10:12 AM

    I have to point out that BMF issue only involved investigation of another country, Hong Kong as a murder investigation as direct as it could be.

    During that time there was no Money Laundering Act, anti-terrorism legislation to regulate the finance and banking industry. 1MDB now is in a different era.

    The nature of BMF and 1MDB is so different from one another.

    The causes are the same – greed of man.

    The environment is similar. Lack of transparency, accountability and existence of all powerful force behind the scandal.A total collapse of the checks and balances mechanism.

    Malaysia has lost a lot of money over the years because of so many scandals. The tin exchange, forex trading, Bankbumiputra bail outs, Perwaja, EPF, French submarine, patrol sea vessels, etc. These must have depleted the country Treasury. Now the major one is 1MDB. Not mentioning other ones and the scale of corruption that is ongoing and happened not investigated.

    Only lately we see a few major corruption investigations. Is it tip of the iceberg? Have these being going on all these years?

    Who are to blame? Najib is not the only one as we come to understand.
    Many came and looted. One group after another.
    Many are still free and not caught.

    The taxpayers lost very substantial of money.And it is unavoidable for the Rakyat to suffer the losses in their lives.The rakyat have to pay and endure financial difficulties in their daily lives.

  69. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 8:43 AM

    You are right, when you play the song of dont cry for argentina, then, be prepared no one will cry, thats for sure. Why?

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.A great quote (and catchy too!). Yesterday is over and finished with. Whatever happened, happened. Whatever didn’t happen, didn’t happen. Spending time and energy in the present fretting over things that are now history is a waste of your resources.

  70. HBT456 Feb 6,2017 8:19 AM

    It is the state government that should patch the holes. Why? Because you earn tax revenue from the operators, obviously, it is the state government affairs to straighten this issue once and for all, bukan?

    You know what is wrong with this country, karl? You are neither a political master nor an economic slave. In other words, you still stuck in the era of arranged marriage.

    Jika betul2 ambil kira, yang hijack rakyat bersuara adalah parti2 politik tempatan. If not, the word dodoi could never be upgraded to bangsat, bukan?

    You did not teach us how to fish, you only taught us how to get feed. If this is the legacy you want us to remember, then, this legacy would be continued with future uncertainties and turbulents within the country, and outside the country.

    As long as nep exist, then, be prepared to live in an imbalance of nationalism and patriotism of prejudice and pride.

    In chinese astrology, the animal signs represent 12 animals. When we apply in human civilization, it is the balance of ying ang yang. Ying means female, yang means male, henceforth, we have ladies and gentlemen.

  71. joetachi Feb 6,2017 2:20 AM


    BilionBilion kisah duit…!
    Rakyat merasa.? apa nk gigit.?


    Negara kuasa, apa nk SUNKit..!
    Siapa mangsa? anakCucuCicit.?



  72. Sharudin Jamal Feb 6,2017 2:02 AM

    Hi Chedet,

    Just passing by. I happened to watch your speech in Malacca just a moment ago. I can say that is the best speech I had heard from you, ever. The flow was right, the thought pattern was organized and you were cool as a cucumber.

    I never like those politicians from either side that talk cock and sing songs. You know, the one with too many jokes but little content. At present my two favorite politicians are Tony Pua and Rafizi. I don’t mind for Tony to be the prime minister based on his commitment and academic qualification. Furthermore, I am a member of the equal opportunity party DAP.

    For that matter, I never regard Anwar as a leader with a bright outlook. I read his book the Asian Renaissance and felt that he was pretty much a big picture guy. When comes to the time the rubber meets the road, he will not be able to stand his ground.

    I am a futurist. When I look at the future I am looking forward to the next three generations. What I see I don’t like. By that I mean I do not wish to be in that era. The present is the pinnacle of human achievement as far as ecology and social are concerned. Forget about technology, that will always progress. I am talking about the quality of life index. It will continue to deteriorate.

    Hey, Chedet… Are you still an avid reader? If you want a break from your mainstream genre, then I suggest you read Darwin Among the Machines by George Dyson. Nowadays I just download my e-books using Google Play. It’s cheaper that way. If you want it for free then download from Piratebay.

    I noticed you cough a lot nowadays. Never was an occasion where you talked and you didn’t cough. Do take care of yourself. I used to pray for you to live to be 100. That was the time when they called you Maha Firaun and Maha Setan. The intention was for you to live long enough to see the destruction that you had made. I hope my prayer was accepted. This time the intention is for you to leave behind a shining legacy as the gold standard for the following generations to benchmark.

    Life is a strange illusion Che Det. Do you ever realize how close you are to the hell fire? What a great comeback.

    Live free, die happy.

    Best wishes,

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Maliki yawmi’d-din
    Angel Malik
    Man on the Silver Mountain

  73. Lanun Johor Feb 5,2017 11:16 PM

    “Democracy requires an economic system which supports the political ideas of liberty and equality for all. Men cannot exercise freedom in the political sphere when they are deprived of it in the economic system” – the capitalist manifesto

    Semuga ALLAH swt mudah kan segala urusan dunia kita dan semuga barisan pemimimpin yang sedang dan akan mengendalikan Malaysia, dirahmati ALLAH swt. Ameen

  74. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 2:12 PM

    I still remember clearly when mr zhou passed out, few days later tun abdul razak also passed out.

  75. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 2:09 PM

    Violent and turning the table around is not our culture, thats why our forefather wants us to practice rukun prinsip # 5.!topic/ywca-pj/3hwur7zNomQ

  76. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 2:08 PM

    Violent and turning the tabke is not culture, thats why our forefather wants us practice rukun prinsip # 5.!topic/ywca-pj/3hwur7zNomQ

  77. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 11:15 AM

    Not only sultan johor felt deeply hurt, even the prc national workers felt deeply humiliated and told me that they came to work, not to get citizenship.

  78. anti rasuah Feb 5,2017 10:58 AM

    Asssalamualaikum Tun.

    Senada dengan tuan Hj The Hidden Secret.

    Najib ingat dalam isu 1mdb ni dia lawan Tun Mahathir. Sebab tu TV3 dan suratkhabar asyik hentam Tun Mahathir.

    Najib yang tak bijak ni tak sedar yang dia bukan sekadar lawan Tun Mahathir dalam isu 1mdb ni. Najib tak sedar yang musuh dia bukan Tun Mahathir seorang tapi dia hentam Tun Mahathir seorang sahaja.

    Najib @ Najis sememangnya seorang yang bodoh.

    Pengampu-pengampunya di luar mahupun dalam blog ini seperti neezam72 dan Karl, 100 kali bodoh.

    Sebab tidak nampak, mata sahaja yang celik tetapi hati buta.

    Wassalam Tun.

  79. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 10:30 AM

    The young malay is under felda. Positive encouragement will produce positive result. Why? Only he can decide whether he stays in or stays out from this industry.

  80. Karl Iskandar Feb 5,2017 10:17 AM

    DrM dan Perekonomian Politik

    If there is anything in common between DrM and Najib that we could find, then it has to be the economic sabotage that they both have to tackle early in their premiership in funding UMNO.

    One cannot be a political master and at the same time an economic slave, like how Tunku was then and therefore unable to rule the country effectively, continuosly bullied and mocked by Kuan Yew’s state of Singapore.

    The Maminco-BMF-BBMB scandal was an economic affliction for DrM. It was a great failure but to his credit DrM’s brilliant strategy managed to steer him off a political ruin.

    Lucky for DrM then, but let’s see if Najib too will get lucky…

  81. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 9:56 AM

    Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.

    You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

    You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.

    You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.

  82. HBT456 Feb 5,2017 9:15 AM

    Takpalah, apabila proton go high, perodua go low lar, when we are talking about national branding in automobile industry, bukan?

    Rule no 1 is never loose money, and rule no 2 is never forget rule no 1.

    It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minuted to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.

    Integrity also can be fake, but if you cannot differentiate the genuine and fake integrity, you will be in big trouble.

    What michelle obama said is when bully go high, they go low.

    There is nothing wrong too when someone said she is just tired of watching an ape in high heels.

    When you mix with people who like to complain, gossip, slander and negative, then your circle of influence will be at this standard.

    When general election is called, we will know the result.

    Winners take all.

    Simalarly loosers take all.

    After 5 years, general election must be called so on and so on….

    I know its very hard for young malay to sell investement plan to felda folks. i told him being in this industry, you must persist, and never give up because you are selling investment plan for their future generation. All he needs is believe and be confident when on the field.

    Jika buat tuduhan buta tuli also can menang, then, you will know these people are heading to the direction of regression, biarkan saja and move on.

  83. The Hidden Secret Feb 4,2017 10:34 PM


    Najib kompom tak bijak.

    Najib ingat dalam isu 1mdb ni dia lawan Tun Mahathir. Sebab tu TV3 dan suratkhabar asyik hentam Tun Mahathir.

    Najib yang tak bijak ni tak sedar yang dia bukan sekadar lawan Tun Mahathir dalam isu 1mdb ni. Najib tak sedar yang musuh dia bukan Tun Mahathir seorang tapi dia hentam Tun Mahathir seorang sahaja.

    Ini antara perkara yang membuktikan Najib tak bijak.

    Antara perkara-perkara yang membuktikan Najib tak bijak :-

    1. Mendepositkan duit curi dalam akaun peribadi.

    2. Tak tau duit curi masuk dalam akaun peribadi.

    3. Pulangkan duit derma @ duit curi.

    4. Hentam Tun Mahathir seorang secara habis-habisan, seolah-olah Tun Mahathir seorang sahaja yang membangkitkan isu 1mdb.

    5. Nak menipu pun tak reti menipu… Penipuan Najib nampak jelas.

  84. Hajar Feb 4,2017 9:48 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Nampaknya PROTON akan diJAHANAMkan oleh PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    2. FELDA yang pada asalnya amat berjaya sudah habis LINGKUP dikerjakan oleh DSN & gang.

    3. Jangan nanti kesudahannya kita semua merempat di negara sendiri dek kerana ada PM yang sangat lemah dan korup serta suka menjual harta & aset2 berharga (negara) kepada China.

    4. Berhutang beribu juta ringgit pun dengan China. Jika gagal bayar hutang (kepada negara China), agaknya apa yang China boleh buat kepada Malaysia (kalau macam Ah Long…boleh rampas harta/aset/wang individu yang tidak bayar hutang, atau mereka buat kacau…). Kalau tidak dapat balik wang mereka (China), apakah tindakan mereka nanti terhadap Malaysia? Atau, akan adakah pemimpin yang sanggup jadi ‘boneka’ China sebab sudah terlampau terdesak? Bersorak-sorailah mereka yang pro-China.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  85. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 5:20 PM

    Frankly speaking, syariah compliance simply means conventional compliance coding. When you enforce the word syariah meaning only muslim can hold the position of vvips in the government sector, itu saja.

    If you dont agree with this compliance, then, you should resign from politics.

    If you agree with such compliance, then, refrain from uttering racist and extreme states as yang berhormat.

    I didnt understand why malay women wear tudung, but now myself also advice my young malay colleague to wear tudung so that she look less attractive and less sexy for self protection.

  86. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 3:24 PM

    The damage of the unity among races and religions are so great that even if you bring mr trump into the picture, it wont heal the wounds of myr position.

    The more you retaliate, the more you show us your hypocripcy. Since you already made your choice 30 years ago to prejudice against other races via nep, then, you must live with the choice that you made.

    No one know what lies a head, henceforth, general election must be called.

    Whoever wins out, it is their duty to serve the country, not for their political parties, or personal interest and survival.

  87. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 1:18 PM

    No matter how ones want to argue, it wont bring back those who were victimized as political scapegoats back to live. Bak kata, though they were not killed by one, but they were sacrificed because of one’s ignorance and ego.

    May them rip, and may their family and friends live happily and peacefully.

    Henceforth, literature came into play to make this world a better place to live.

    Today, we see literature being played in movies so that all of us can shared.

    I am not muslim, but if you force me to be one, then, i will leave without questioning.

    Shalom, God Bless our Queen and our Malay Rulers…..

  88. zulu Feb 4,2017 1:02 PM

    Seems like top thief Najis and his slave thieves are planning to harvest votes in next GE using Rohingya people in Malaysia, and that’s why he portrays like he cares about the sufferings of Rohingya people in Myanmar now…

  89. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 9:20 AM

    The most horrendous leaders is when they killed we dont see blood. Character assasination is one form of silent killing, why? If those people who were being target on this assasination, and they couldnt stand the pressure by committing suicide, mengamuk, menyamun atau dipergunakan oleh pihak ganas to become suicide bombers, you feel comforable with it?

    China has gone through peperangan saudara of north and south right after jap surrendered. But because majority of the chinese during that era are poor peasants, thats why mao won the hearts of the poor peasants and become chairman mao, henceforth, civil war was ended.

    Whether we like it or not, when general election is called, we as voters will cast our to elect the next pm and his next cabinet.

    Whoever become the next pm and cabinet, they will be tested when general ekection is called. Good, bad or ugly, the choice is in our hand.

  90. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 8:51 AM

    Bak kata, if the old ones do not want to let go, the new ones can never learn. It is so so much easy for political parties to say yes, but how many of them have the courage to say no? Even if they said no, will you listen?

  91. HBT456 Feb 4,2017 8:34 AM

    Do you think local malay and indian muslim can live peacefully with foreign muslim refugees from war torn countries? We dont have to go far, just look at sabah and sarawak on the consequences of project ic. Beside pushing for royal inquiry, what else do you do?

    No one is questioning pm in protecting the muslim refugees, but, are you sure there wont be bloodshed in protecting them?

    Even if karl bring out tukang racun to catch22, it is a political fact that local chinese will be sacrificed and scapegoat to make you feel superb and great in the name of nep. The chinese political parties, as 2nd major race, are only shadow. In other words, they are now perceived as blind followers with blind loyalty.

    The malay rulers also not worry, who are we to worry?

  92. Sharudin Jamal Feb 4,2017 4:15 AM

    Can’t sleep again tonight Chedet.

    It’s 2.30 am and I am still looking for the final positionings of my Al Araf 7:7 chess board figurines. I have to make sure I make sense of all 31 of them on the board and the one I positioned at the Beginner’s Mind placard on my white board.

    For this final explanation of Al Araf 7:7, allow me to play my insanity “get out of jail free” bipolar card in case I have problems with the Sharia Law in the future. What I am about to explain to you borders on blasphemy and apostasy though I am fully aware of the repercussion it will have on me.

    I can choose to keep this finding to myself and accept the outcome in due time because everything had been preordained. So why worry now? That, however, will not bring me the satisfaction of telling you who you are. Truth has to be told. This is not a new news to me. I had corresponded via Twitter with Ewon Ebin the then Minister of Science and Technology of your origin and its significance to me. Check with him if he remembered.

    It is, however, important for me to get it right on the chess board. So here goes:

    By the virtue that you are the only figurine out of the chess board and on the Beginner’s Mind placard already means you are qualified as the First Cause, the Creator. Only then the existence of Al Araf 7:7 makes sense. You cannot be on the chess board and create it at the same time. There must be a cause set in motion. You cannot invoke the Law of Cause and Effect while you are within the paradigm you want to create. It’s like you cannot create a box if you are inside the box.

    And yet, you can still simultaneously be a Binary King with AlphaX64 the Commander in Chief of Al Araf 7:7 since you and Izrael are factors. In another word, you are the Creator as well as the Grim Reaper. In the concept of the Hindu religion, you are Brahma as well as Shiva. There, I said it. And Hasmah is goddess Saraswati, your wife in this folklore.

    I made the mistake of naming you as Tigera, the highest hierarchy among the Binary Kings within the Al Araf 7:7 realm. Rightfully that person is Mr BJ Sir, the Fire Ox and Jibrail. If you can refer to the chess board in my posting, Bipolar Art Circa 2007, you will notice a tall green Decepticon I named Wasp Raptor Z. That is the real Izrael. Behind him is another much smaller black colored Decepticon I named Maleficient the Archer. That figurine is Hasmah the Fire Tiger.

    I am now 100% satisfied with the arrangement. All ten angels occupied the chess board. There are three playing fields to the board:
    1. The All Stars Level
    2. The Family and Clan Level
    3. The Sekolah Alam Shah 1964 Dragons Level

    OK, that settles the Al Araf 7:7 issue.

    One last thing. As your son and your par Binary King, I want you to know that as AlphaX64, I was your most loyal soldier in fighting Iblis especially during the early days. In 1999 I was already fighting at the altered reality dimension and supporting our troops at the WorldWideWeb level. We finally won the battle after 17 years, last year. Now Iblis is my Lord Matterhorn, Master of Dark Tactics.

    If you want to follow the epic adventure of Sharudin the Mujahid aka Iran Maidin, please refer to these following albums:
    1. Iron Maiden Year 2000 – Brave New World Album
    2. Awie Year 2000 – Rentap Album
    3. Iron Maiden Year 2006 – A Matter of Life and Death Album

    I am the chosen one, Imam Mahadi who fights Dajjal Al Masih. I am one and I am many. That is my satori, my awakening. This is nothing compares to your awakening, First Cause. Aim small, miss small. As the Sparta Binary Kings model, one king in the council and one king on the battlefield. Therefore my dearest Tun Dr M, the battleground is yours. I have no more interest in the walking dead Najib Razak. He is yours for the taking.

    My life now is very micro – eat, run, sleep, repeat. My highest possessions are air and water. I have no need for imbeciles and scum bags to contaminate my Sparta 4964 Kingdom. I had become free from being free, a zero. Being nothing is the highest order of my existence. Looks like you have to carry the weight of the worldly responsibility with you to the grave, my father.

    Check Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus

    Best regards,

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Soldier of Allah
    Day 8 of the Fire Rooster Year
    Day 7 of Jamadilawal 1438
    (This is my peculiar habit… Take 1+4+3+8=16. Take 1+6=7)
    (Take 4+2+1=7:7)
    0 1+9+6+4 +3+3 +8+8+8=50

    No more need for me to prove anything by now, I hope. Chiao…

  93. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 9:29 PM

    They are muslim too, but when comes to such issue, they made this decision. In here, rally here and there, entah untuk apa?

  94. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 7:31 PM

    If the case is bring out again by ag at putrajaya, what will be the decision of the judge, based on our track records of rally sin 1998 until today?

  95. zulu Feb 3,2017 3:04 PM

    Annuar Musa defended Najis and said Najis and his family didn’t loot people money. Now this very person caught by MACC for scandal, see who is around Najis. Only thieves defend him.

    From this people confirm, they won’t mind even if these thieves release statements and defend Najis and his corrupt family…

  96. Sharudin Jamal Feb 3,2017 2:29 PM


    The best part of being me is the flow of Iron Maiden songs playing all day long. I am never lonely from angels, demons, aliens, microbes and perhaps fairies and unicorns as well.

    Boy, will Richard Dawkins be flipping in his afterlife! Everything defies logic if you look from the outset. But if you analyze deeper, it’s all very scientific. All supports the LAWS of Evolution, Physics, and Mathematics.

    The Magic of Reality alone is mind boggling. I cannot imagine what happens when we add fantasy and human creativity to it. It’s like going to the movies, I guess. Perhaps a better analogy is like listening to Ipod in the medieval times. The general comprehension of the subject matter gets clearer by the seconds as we dwell in the massive information overflow.

    The chasm of reality between here and the hereafter is narrowing. Someday these two will merge as one once we can manipulate time. As of now, we see time as a linear flow of pearls in a string. How about for a moment imagine time as an entangled string of pearls necklace? It is still a string but it’s not necessarily a linear formation.

    Think different. Think Quantum Physics. Think Small. Think Microbes. Think “What if?”. Think Possibilities.

    Dr Sharudin Jamal
    Information Warfare Expert
    Offense and Defense
    Sharudin Jamal & Associates since 1999

  97. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 1:41 PM

    r. Beijing central government has approved a new casino owned by european on the soil of macau via the cm there.

    s. As long as it benefits the people and grow the economy on the land of one china’s policy, beijing government will approve.

    t. But, before they approve, general election must be held so that the new cm can implement such policy as to avoid rukus or political distability.

    u. Jika niatmu adalah baik, anda pasti akan nampak cahaya di hujung terowong sana.

    v. As voters, we can only vote.

    w. But if you ask me, have kinship or bomb will travel, i choose kinship.

    x. Keranamu kita sama2 rakyat malaysia….

  98. Mkt Feb 3,2017 1:22 PM

    It is interesting to note what KARL said, but “truth be said”, its NOT a perfect CATCH22 what KARL “may” think, in fact, far from it. What can be said by KARL is either:

    1. A clever political deception of the highest disruptions..

    Why? Sebab “GAJAH DI DEPAN TAK NAMPAK..kah,kah,kah..Remember “A Wolf
    in sheep’s clothing..??”


    2. He’s totally A naive.

    Why? He doesn’t know what is an Apple OR an Orange! Pity..

  99. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 1:19 PM


    n. Entering a premise without permission of the owner’s consent is akin to gang robbery.

    o. Selangor state government in tarik balik their permit that prevent datuk jamal to operate the resort is akin to make datuk jamal a bankrupt, henceforth, his suppliers will not be able to get payment.

    p. Why water crisis in selangor state?

    q. If dsai is not pkr, issues definitely could be solved less destructively.

  100. Sharudin Jamal Feb 3,2017 12:08 PM

    Sorry Chedet,

    Hasmah is a Fire Tiger, one year younger. Me and my wife are the reverse, she is one year older. A Water Rabbit.

    Dreams of Mirrors it is, Chedet Almighty.

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    74 270 74
    BHV 911

    P.s. I’m suffocated by my numbers. They are too coherent.

  101. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 11:07 AM

    y. Michelle obama said, if they go high, we go low.

    h. Jika zakir naik, saya turun lah kerana saya bukan indian muslim, bukan?

    i. When people think they no longer have the luxury of time, they are bound to make expensive mistakes by digging the hole deeper because they do it for the sake of following orders.

    j. It is a scientific proven fact that in order to have baby, we need to go for 9 months pregnancy.

    k. There is no 2 ways about it.

    l. As we move on, the influence of political parties is decreasing gradually.

  102. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 10:38 AM


    a. Explain atau tidak, it is still come back to the question wang politik to garner votes in the malay rural heart land, and this tradition already in practised for decades, bukan?


    c. Anyone can share the thoughts of warren buffett, but, there is only one warren buffet in the world.

    d. Those who claimed they think like warren buffett are only followers.

    e. Can they make good use of warren buffett’s tips in their investment portfolio?


    g. Song title is the same, but by different artist, current generation and it sells big too just like what frank sinatra did in the past

  103. HBT456 Feb 3,2017 9:52 AM


    p. Lawyers in malaysia are racist in nature and prompt to protect own race.

    q. Why?

    r. Because protecting own race in own risk could earned them the heroic, hak istimewa and jasa kind of titles, bukan?

    s. If nothing bad happened, then, everything is fine.

    t. If bad things happened, and lives lost and victimized, who is going to be responsible?

    u. Ask yourself, do you think a man at the age of 90 plus to think like a man at 60 plus, and vice versa?

    v. There are many many voters down there who think like farid islam, and i believe, both ruling and oposition parties will continue to manipulate such sentiment hoping voters will vote them in power.

    w. But one thing is for sure is no matter whoever become the next pm, life will go on as usual.

    x. History told us that geed and obssession are the main culprits that lead to the downfall of human civilization.

  104. zulu Feb 3,2017 9:51 AM

    Penchuri besar pawned Proton to China’s Geely…hmm…poor malaysians…

  105. sibotak Feb 3,2017 7:02 AM

    Saya berpendapat perkara utama yang menghantui dan menjahanamkan Malaysia
    Adalah system Kehakiman Negara Malaysia yg tidak Betul
    Yang telah di nodai olih ahli Politik untuk kepentingan masing masing

    Undang undang juga Hukum
    Adalah Tunggak dan Tiang Utama Kemajuan Negara juga Kerharmonian Manusia sejagat

    Apabila AG Apandi melindungi Najib dengan cara tidak Professional juga Transparent
    Ia menampakan system Kehakiman Malaysia yg sama sekali tidak betul…Corrupted
    Dah kena dah , si Penyagak jumpa si Penyamun

    Begitu juga United Nation yg seharusnya BerBadan sendiri ,Berpendirian demi kepentingan Manusia sejagat , apabila is menunduk pad kemahuan Amerika , di beli olih Yahudi
    Maka Keharmonia Manusia sejagat akan dan sudah pun tergugat
    Punca segal Sial yg berlaku di Dunia sekarang

    Begitu juga jika System Kehakiman Malaysia di kotori olih ahli Politik
    Maka ia akan membawa Sial pada kita yg telah terbukti sekarang

    Kesemuanya Penyamun
    AG penyamun , Saya pun penyamun , Tun Mahathir juga Penyamun , Lim Kit Siang juga PM Najib
    Oii fuyuh……ini lagi besar punya penyamun
    Jadi tak perlulah nak step baik , hypocrit

    Jadi jika sysytem Kehakiman Malaysia
    Tidak mampu berdiri sendiri , menunduk pada yg berkuasa
    Tidak mampu menimbang antara kaca dan permata
    Tidak mampu membezakan yg Benar dan yg Salah
    Tidak kira Kaya atau Miskin
    Berkuasa atau Tidak
    Ia Bakal menghancurkan Mlaysia

    Kementerian Undang undang adalah Tunggak Utama Kejayaan
    Keluarga , Negara , Kerharmonian Manusia sejagat

    Hancur ia , Hancurlah segalanya
    Yg telah terbukti sekarang di Malaysia
    Juga Kegagalan United Nation yg telah menghancurkan Kedamaian Dunia
    Kesengsaraan di semerata

  106. Sharudin Jamal Feb 2,2017 10:39 PM

    Hi Chedet,

    Time to say goodbye once again. I like to end with this note:
    The 99 heavens will keep on expanding at the top like a tornado in an upward spiral with the 1 hell at the bottom.

    Question is, what kind of pressure do the 99 heavens impose on the 1 hell? It’s pressure that creates diamonds, Chedet. Imagine the kind of diamond Najib the Water Snake becomes when all of the weights concentrate on him, the Stone of Hope and the iron ring. At the same time do not forget the tiny patch of skin at the end of his nose exposes to the hottest fire at the tip of hell.

    Do not forget that as the turbine spiral gets larger, the tip of hell digs deeper. Let’s not think in terms of eternal damnation or eternal torment. An infinite amount of torture will become a constant eventually. So is the eternal pleasure. Think R&D Chedet. What role will you be playing in the afterlife? Jibrail had been reassigned as head of R&D. Ridzuan reassigned to Information Warfare. Izrafil – head of entertainment. What about Izrael? We are boring through the infinity that is ever expanding EVEN AS I SPEAK. Al Araf 7:7, the tip and Sparta 4964, the whole external universe and the universe within is a present tense. We already set sail for expansion since the beginning of time.

    Heaven and hell are here and now, Chedet.

    My main interests currently are telepathy and radio cryptonics. I’m tuned into Traxx Fm 90.5 every second I awake. That’s where the radio cryptonics comes in. Been engaged with them since 2007, Sheikh Fadzir. I’m also researching telekinetic and I reading about teleporting. Chedet, wake up. This is heaven and we are the dwellers.

    In case you forget who you are Izrael, refer back to these postings:

    All I care is for you to remember back who you are Izrael. Since you, Hasmah and Mukhris are my highest troika besides Mr BJ Sir and RR, the ox and the dragon. The inverse triangle of the Jewish Star in a Circle is your family, Sir. You are my father here and the hereafter.

    If you are still up to it, we just got ourselves booked for a lifetime of adventure.

    Send my regards to Hasmah the Wood Rat and Mukhris the Wood Dragon.

    I love you all.

    Sharudin Ibn Jamal Ibn Muslim Al Farisi
    MSC 0072

  107. Karl Iskandar Feb 2,2017 10:33 PM

    DrM’s silence and unwillingness to point his finger directly at the cunning Tukang Racun who plotted the Maminco-BMF-BBMB fiasco should quietly earn him our highest respect. It could have been a solemn understanding between two gentlemen or two thieves, of which only both know who they really are.

    The fact that DrM continued to shoulder on despite all the odds against him during those turbulent times is proof that he is a master politician who the DAP Chinese love to hate. But, as we all would have guessed, money is thicker than honey, and the Chinese business community would later on benefits the most from the NEP so-called affirmative actions to prosper the bumis but was inversely proportioned by sleight of hands. Straight from the right and quietly into the left, lining the corrupt crony pockets, making NEP worthy of a four letter word.

    CIA’s report is just baiting for a response from DrM to catch him on a wrong footing, and the timing is designed for his fall when his vulnerability seems to hang him so low into the DAP hyena’s lair…

    Truth be said, DrM is not guilty for what happened to BMF, just like Najib in 1MDB, but both deemed complicit for lack of otherwise unwritten truth. It’s a perfect CATCH22 playing to a political grandstanding stretching way too far than it should.

  108. Sharudin Jamal Feb 2,2017 4:18 PM

    Assalam Chedet,

    In Chinese Zodiac we are both wood. You ox and I am a dragon. We should be compatible according to the Chinese astrology. It is an interesting observation because Mr BJ Sir is also an ox, a metal one. Ox and dragon go hand in hand.

    The last Black Snake year was 1953, the year our prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, was born. So you may call Najib a water snake or, if you prefer, a black snake. In the Chinese zodiacal hierarchy, the snake is at the sixth position, which means it is associated with the feminine principle, “yin”.

    I’m always analyzing, so these things are also included in my research.


  109. anti rasuah Feb 2,2017 4:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya senada dengan komen saudara milshah.

    Kita minta Tun menjadi wakil kita.

    Bukan Tun sesuka hati bertindak tanpa alasan.

    Terima kasih Tun, pejuang kami.


  110. MEGATI DEWANI Feb 2,2017 2:46 PM

    Salam Sejahtera kepada Tun Dr M dan kepada Anti rasuah,

    Terima kasih saya kepada antirasuah yang menolong menunjukan Neezam 72 memang bengap walaupun dia kata dia tak bodoh….

    Saya cuma ingin mencabar SPRM untuk menyiasat Najib mengenai kes kes IMDB….. gunakanlah maklumat yang telah diberikan olih DOJ Amerika Syarikat….. jangan takut dan jangan gentar jika anda bertindak atas kebenaran Allah akan pelihara anda…. berani kerana benar.

    berjuta juta rakyak Malaysia sedang menunggu tindakan dari SPRM……

  111. HBT456 Feb 2,2017 2:41 PM


    i. Prc beijing has made their stand very clear that they do not support north korea’s nuclear arm in threatening south korea.

    j. But, that does not mean prc’s beijing just sit there and turn a blind eyes on the threat.

    k. Imagine kim jung un could sent his uncle to death punishment for voicing out his displeasure, one can imagine, he is a mad man.


    m. When kinship could be sacrificed for one’s ambition, then i can safely conclude that no one can stand such dictatorship.

    n. It is definitely safer for usa to find a new platform to show their might, and it is definitely not russia.

  112. HBT456 Feb 2,2017 2:10 PM

    b. Bencana atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada anda sebagai kaum melayu dipertikaikan analisa minda anda.

    c. Can oppositon parties retain selangor and penang states in next general election is still too early to tell.

    d. Lgbt dianugerahkan di australia, arent you happy and feel proud and satisfied, as malaysian?


    f. Bak kata, the smart one just uttered the word sial, the not so smart ones show action.

    g. No worries, once bitten, you as politicians will get smarter and smarter too…..

  113. Fariq Islam Feb 2,2017 12:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Dalam pada tokoh-tokoh politik kita mengorek keluar skandal-skandal, baik pemimpin-pemimpin kita berfokus ke atas pengurusan ekonomi dengan lebih baik.

    Tengoklah apa yang berlaku pada musim perayaan ini. Harga pam petrol naik. Kemudiannya, caj pergigian naik juga. Apa lagi yang akan naik? Apa gunanya sedekah BR1M, apabila kos hidup melambung tinggi ke satu tahap Rakyat menderita pada keseluruhannya? Kenalah ingat yang kos hidup ini sukar dikawal atau diturunkan semula selepas melambung tinggi!

  114. milshah Feb 2,2017 10:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Berlaku tanggapan di mana mereka yang menyokong Tun untuk Najib letak jawatan sebagai PM adalah kerana ini kehendak Tun. Betapa salah tanggapan ini.

    Sebenarnya, Tun tak rugi apapun kalau Tun berdiam diri. Tun telah berjasa kepada agama, bangsa dan negara dari zaman penjajahan sehinggalah ke zaman Tun menjadi PM selama 22 tahun. Tidak ada sesiapapun akan salahkan Tun kalau Tun berdiam diri dan biarkan Najib terus bermaharajalela.

    Tetapi yang akan rugi adalah rakyat. Rakyat boleh nampak angkara yang dilakukan oleh Najib dan konco-konconya. Hutang berbillion-billion. Ahli keluarga memiliki harta yang melampau-lampau.Wawasan 2020 hancur musnah. Harga barang naik mendadak. Tanah-tanah dijual ke orang asing sedang rakyat tidak mampu membeli rumah.Kehilangan perkerjaan. Rasuah berleluasa.

    Apabila Tun bersuara untuk Najib letak jawatan, ianya sebenarnya suara rakyat dan suara kami. Tun yang membantu rakyat dengan bersuara. Sebab tu kami amat berterima kasih.

    Kesan pemeritahan Najib akan dirasai oleh generasi-generasi akan datang. Negara sedang ditimpa oleh satu bencana yang amat besar bagi yang sedar.

  115. HBT456 Feb 2,2017 8:19 AM

    t. The more politicians want to control the people in the name of nationalism, the more they will get resistance from the people.

    u. Takpalah, kita dah biasa sangat dengan hangat2 tahi ayam.

    v. Jika ada, itu rezeki tuhan.

    W. Jika takda, itu pun rezeki tuhan.

    X. The worst parenting style is they like to compare their children with other children without even bother to ask their consent, i mean permission.

    Y. If you no longer feel safe and comfort in the classroom, then, the best way out is to get out from that classroom.

    z. Japan has the highest population in smoking and yet their national death associated with smoking is minimum compare to other countries.

    a. To be or not to be, the future not our to see.

    Shalom…..God Bless…….

  116. HouseWife Feb 2,2017 4:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Allow me Tun to state some pieces of my mind.
    America population decent largely from migrants of the world.
    The Americans came and then left like as if they’d done everything right to fight the terrors and bring light into the darkness. They came – ruined every living things in the ban-Muslim nations, they intruded and destroyed, then the Americans left after having had smashed the Muslim nations into shambles, leaving the remaining people devastated barely alive or half dead, and in-fighting took place among them. Thus these nations produced mass refugees and had to find new pastures to start a living. Who started all these mess? Who claimed to be the Police of the World?

    Tun, did you hear any immediate reaction from MO1@the klepto? Would he “fired” mr Trump over his discriminated and inhumane immigration policy only because he wanted to protect the American people? After America intruded and destroyed the Muslim nations, now America president acted like the messiah for the Americans? You know Tun, I don’t think the kleoto would dare to be rude to his new good old buddy. The acting Ag of DOJ got fired by mr Trump because she refused to play along with mr Trump’s controversial ban-Muslim nations and immigration policy. These two buddies are of the same kind – the “you are fired” kind.

    On another matter. We are all for brilliance but not from someone whose writings seem to be on a decline in good mannerism and readable selling contents. He did very well in his researches and he believes from his data he’s able to ‘sell’ them no matter how foul-mouthed his writings had become. Such a disappointment display of conduct in his vocab, who once ceremoniously commanded people of Tun’s blog to be polite, cultured and show respect in writings. He wants to state his points and maybe he’s probably right (to himself) but only a certain type of fellow would be interested. If he has no where to go but only in Tun’s distinguished blog where he must and has to deliver deliver deliver then by all means keep on “entertaining” for as long as Tun permits.

    And if the history of bmf consumption is any indication, many crumpled under such pressure. The fact is Tun did not crumpled and was not implicated. Tun did not hide or ran away but instead faced up to it and took positive actions and made known to the public. BMF is history but the the 1MDB financial scandals, the abuse of power, the corruption and swindling of people’s funds, the questionable RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ from pak arab and it’s many hilarious U-turns are real and alive till now, bred during MO1 as president umno @ chairman 1MDB @ PM Malaysia @ minster of finance and so very protected by MO1’s government.

    Tun, ini baru dikatakan karma. Dulu si annuar musa ni ada kata macam2 pada Tun, mencaci dan mencela Tun, sekarang dia dah kena karma – si zahid yang mula hipotesis ni. Saya tak suka sebut pasal karma ni sebab hanya Allah saja yang mengetahui. Ramai orang politik dalam umno dapat jawatan tinggi2 dalam kerajaan dan GLCs dan lain2 institusi, dan ramai juga di kalangan mereka, apabila dah lama sangat pegang jawatan2 besar kuasa pun jadi besar, maka senanglah mereka menyalahguna kuasa dan menyeleweng dan menipu bukan saja orang2 mereka sendiri tapi rakyat Malaysia hidup2, betoi2 dan bulat2.

    Pegang lama sangat kuasa jadi orang tu gila kuasa, tak amanah, tak jujur dan asyik pikiaq nak menipu dan mencuri je. Next time buat rotation atau hadkan tempoh, sapa2 pun tak boleh pegang lama2. Orang dulu2 tak greedy kuasa tapi orang la ni yang kita nak kena jaga dan hati2. Ish…nak salah ibu mengadung ka, education system ka, kurang didik agama ka, salah ikut ketua2 tamak ka, salah kerajaan tak bijak jadi teladan ka…? Pandai2lah jaga diri masing2.

    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Please take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.

  117. Sharudin Jamal Feb 1,2017 10:37 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    I just dropped by to wish you happy 2017 New Year and the year of the Fire Rooster.

    Like I said, I am not a politician. So I don’t really follow your blog for political views. Consider the blog as an informal platform for us to communicate. Mano a mano, angel to angel, god to god.

    Today is my 18th day quitting cigarette. How silly I was. All these while, the things that I want the most are air and water. In other words, I get high on oxygen, the source of life itself and it’s FREE for everybody. Alas, I smoked for 37 years. Silly me…

    I had severed my relationship with nicotine and Najib the Nico Demon. For all the sins done by him and nicotine, he is placed in the smallest of hell – the Iron Maiden chamber in a set of nesting dolls fit just for him, the Stone of Hope/the Stone from Heaven/the Stone that TASTE fragrant and an iron ring. He is placed there as a free citizen serving solitary confinement with the most valued item, the one and only stone that taste fragrant. He had paid for his misdeed when he dies in this lifetime – death by the microbes, a slow and painful death.

    The torture will last for a lifetime ONLY. After that, he will be my albatross in hell. Because of this new development, hell is off limits to all except Najib only. He is my viceroy in hell, the spark that ignites the fire. He will be fire proof except for a tiny patch of skin at the tip of his nose. That is his eternal damnation.

    I had completed my blog, the Dreams of Mirror
    Do visit once in a while as a legacy I left for humanity.

    My phone number is 0 1964 33 888. You can Whatsapp if you wish though I highly doubt it. I still follow your political career from a distance. Keep up the good work my brother, Izrael.


    Sharudin Jamal
    AlphaX64, Sparta 4964
    Binary King and The Highest Troika
    Al Araf 7:7, The Bipolar Tips of Heaven and Hell

  118. neezam72 Feb 1,2017 9:31 PM

    Aku bukan seorang yang bodoh. Kalau kita nak bercakap sesuatu haruslah ada fakta.

    Jadi macam isu BMF ini saya nak tanya satu soalan. Memang sesuatu kelulusan untuk membuat pinjaman datang dari Menteri Kewangan tetapi mesti mendapat kelulusan terlebih dahulu daripada yang lebih tertinggi. Siapa yang ada kuasa lebih tinggi daripada Menteri Kewangan?

    Takkan Menteri Kewangan dengan sewenang-wenangnya boleh meluluskan pinjaman yang begitu tinggi kepada Carring? Saya ada beberapa surat yang diberikan oleh syarikat Carring kepada Menteri Kewangan pada masa itu iaitu Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah. Tetapi apakah Tengku boleh meluluskan tanpa ada kebenaran terlebih dahulu daripada PM?

    Takkan semudah ini pun masih kita tak nampak lagi? Semua ini sudah lama kita lakukan dalam syarikat mahupun dari persatuan. Jika seseorang yang diamanahkan menjaga kewangan apakah dia boleh meluluskan sesuatu tak kira dalam bentuk pinjaman atau kelulusan tanpa perlu ada merujuk kepada ketua terlebih dahulu.

    Kalau nak bandingkan pula isu 1MDB, saya rasa dah banyak kali saya minta Tun berikan saya bukti yang sahih mengenai isu ini tetapi apa yang saya dapati AMAT MENGECEWAKAN.

    Kenapa? Kerana sampai ke hari ini satu bukti pun saya tidak melihat langsung apa yang didakwakan terhadap salahguna kuasa Najib dan 1MDB tidak diberikan lagi.

    Lebih mengecewakan saya apabila saya sendiri banyak kali bertanya kenapa kita bercakap sesuatu yang kita sendiri pun tidak ada langsung ada bukti yang menyakinkan untuk menghukum Najib dan jawapan yang saya terima hanyalah berbentuk kecaman dan kata makian.

    Jadi saya ingin bertanya sekali lagi. Apakah memang Tun tidak ada apa-apa tentang isu BMF ini? Harus juga saya ingatkan bahawa jika kita membuat sesuatu tuduhan tanpa ada bukti bukankah itu dinamakan sebagai FITNAH?

    Lagi satu saya masih ingat apa yang Tun pernah katakan suatu ketika dahulu mengenai isu 1MDB ini. Jika tidak salah saya Tun ada kata isu 1MDB ini datang dari HASUTAN ahli UMNO. Jadi saya sekali lagi nak tanya apakah selama ini Tun cakap pasal 1MDB datang dari bukti yang Tun ada ataupun dari HASUTAN sesetengah pihak dalam UMNO sendiri.

    Kita orang Islam yang mengaku Allah adalah Tuhan yang kita sembah dan Nabi Muhammad adalah pesuruhnya serta menolak sifat Syaitan dan fitnah Dajjal. Tetapi dalam masa yang sama juga sifat Syaitan dan Fitnah Dajjal Laknatullah juga yang kita ikut. Kenapa? Adakah kerana dorongan NAFSU serakah semata-mata?

    Oh ya lupa lak saya nak tanya. Kalau tak silap juga pihak DOJ ada mengatakan bahawa isu 1MDB datang dari PENGADUAN AWAM. Boleh sesiapa beritahu saya SIAPA YANG MEMBUAT PENGADUAN TERSEBUT?

  119. pakpandir08 Feb 1,2017 9:27 PM

    Nampaknya insan-insan disini yang pro-Tun ataupun anti-Tun semuanya bodoh-bodoh belaka dan tak erti malu

    yang bodek Tun pun ada, yang caci Tun pun ada

    Puak-puak ini hanya tahu mempertahankan orang yang mereka sukai tanpa asas yang kukuh … masing-masing cuba sedaya upaya membezakan antara BMF dan 1MDB

    Hanya manusia dengan otak yang berfungsi tidak terikut-ikut dengan gelagat puak-puak ini dan berfikir sedemikian:

    1) kenapa nak bezakan BMF dan 1MDB? Sepatutnya fikir apakah kesamaannya. Kesamaan yang nyata adalah kedua-dua kes melibatkan PM apabila mereka sedang berkuasa. Apakah mesej yang rakyat perlu fikirkan?

    2) kenapa kes BMF diungkitkan secara tiba-tiba? Sekiranya hari ini Tun masih berbaik-baik dengan PM, mungkinkah kes BMF diungkitkan? Apakah mesej yang rakyat perlu fikirkan?

    Tahukah puak-puak ini bahawa negara ditadbir mengikut undand-undang? Dan undang-undang dilaksanakan oleh penguatkuasa undang-undang tanpa campur tangan pengaruh politik? Puak-puak ini tak erti apakah kebimbangan yang timbul dengan segala pertelingkahan di negara hari ini?

  120. anti rasuah Feb 1,2017 5:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Neezam72 perlu tahu dua perkara berbeza iaitu:

    Tun sebagai PM Malaysia bermula Julai 1981 hingga Sept 2003.
    Tengku Razaliegh sebagai Menteri Kewangan bermula 1976 hingga 1984.
    Skandal BMF berlaku pada 1983.
    Sepatutnya menteri kewangan ketika itu harus tahu.
    Tiada tuduhan yang jelas dari Ku Li terhadap Tun ketika itu mahupun sekarang.
    Timbul tanda tanya Tun sebagai PM terhadap menteri kewangan ketika itu iaitu Ku Li.
    Tiada bukti duit yang masuk ke akaun peribadi Tun.
    Tiada juga bukti duit yang masuk ke akaun peribadi Ku Li ketika itu.

    Najis sebagai PM Malaysia bermula Mac 2009 hingga sekarang.
    Najis juga sebagai Menteri Kewangan bermula Mac 2009 hingga kini.
    Najis juga sebagai pengerusi penasihat 1mdb yang mencetuskan skandal dan urusniaga yang banyak merugikan rakyat / negara kerana kerajaan menjadi penjamin.

    Hanya satu isu kita bincangkan dari berpuluh isu.

    Bagaimana penubuhan 1mdb dan urusniaga 1mdb, tiada seorang pun ahli umno mahu pun tok menteri dan nenek menteri dalam umno yang menahu? Tetapi kerajaan / rakyat menjadi penjamin. Mengapa?

    Jika 1mdb rugi, kerajaan/rakyat yang rugi bukannya Najis yang rugi.
    Rugi kalau sekitar RM10 juta mungkin kita sebagai rakyat boleh terima, ini cecah keangka bilion.

    Dalam urus niaga 1mdb, Najis menjual banyak tanah-tanah kerajaan (Melayu) kepada 1mdb dengan harga murah tetapi 1mdb menjual kepada pemilikan asing (pelabur China) dengan harga yang lebih tinggi. Urusniaga BULUH KASAP, DAPAT (DUIT) HUJUNG , PANGKAL (TANAH KERAJAAN) LESAP.

    Ini adalah FDI ala Najis. Ia serupa dengan FDI di Forest City, Johor.
    Dalam hal ini terbukti ada wang 2.6 bilion masuk dalam akaun peribadi Najis.

    Najis melantik lembaga penyiasat 1mdb cuma helah sahaja. Mengapa?

    Saya yakin mereka yang dilantik sebagai penyiasat adalah orang suruhannya untuk menghapuskan bukti salah lakunya sebagai pengerusi penasihat 1mdb bukan untuk menyiasat perkara sebenar.

    Saya yakin lembaga penyiasat yang dilantik sendiri oleh Najis bukan mencari bukti tetapi menghapuskan bukti. Ini terbukti separuh siasatan, Najis membubarkan lembaga penyiasat dan melantik Nur Jazlan sebagai menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri sebagai imbuhan.

    Dalam auta Najis di sudut yang lain, perlu neezam72 ketahui dalam urusniaga jual tanah milik kerajaan/melayu di KL seperti Sg Besi dan Razak Exchange:

    Pengerusi Penasihat 1mdb ialah Najis.
    Menteri Kewangan ialah Najis.
    PM adalah Najis.

    Pegerusi Penasihat 1mdb (Najis) menasihatkan 1mdb membeli tanah kerajaan di Sg Besi dan Razak Exchange dan usul dipanjangkan kepada Menteri Kewangan ( Najis ).
    Menteri Kewangan (Najis) meluluskan dengan harga (terlalu murah) yang jelas jauh bawah dari market value.
    Menteri Kewangan (Najis) mohon “perkenan” PM (juga Najis yang sama).

    Kamu nampak tak neezam72? Ini urusniaga apa namanya?

    Najis ingat rakyat ni bodoh macam kau dan Karl kah?

    Kau tahu tak neezam72, macam teori ekonomi , kalau ada permintaan di situ ada penawaran.

    Situasi yng serupa dengan Tun. Mengapa Tun terpaksa berpolitik? Sebab ada POLITIK BODOH berlaku dalam negara kita. Kami sebagai “permintaan”, manakala Tun sebagai “penawaran”. Rakyat seperti kami adalah penggerak kepada Tun untuk aktif politik agar POLITIK BODOH yang dimainkan oleh Najis anak Razak ini tidak berpanjangan. Kami tidak mahu negara yang Tun makmurkan menjadi SEMAKIN JAHANAM.

    Dengan izin Tun yang saya hormati.

    Wassalam Tun.

  121. HBT456 Feb 1,2017 2:15 PM

    k. Damage control in mode, karl?

    l. Mirror, mirror of the wall, who is the holiest of all?

    m. In bolehland, umno has puteri wing and putera club.

    n. Mic has putera wing.

    o. Buy british last also klectrocracy, why karl keep quiet?

    p. But blaming chinese with christian names has already proven why islamic finance is bound to fail.

    q. If both sides also let go the rope, then, both sides will fall.

    r. But, if the referee plays dirty and cut the rope, how will the world judge the referee?

    s. We are living in post it era whereby all information are shared.

  122. STEVE8562 Feb 1,2017 12:43 PM



  123. zulu Feb 1,2017 11:51 AM

    “Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been asked to go on “temporary leave” to facilitate internal investigations”

    When the big thief will go on “temporary leave”?!!!

    The big thief thinks that by doing these kind of cleanup, people may forget his scandals and looting job in 1MDB…

  124. HBT456 Feb 1,2017 10:46 AM

    d. I am not in politics, but because i want to find out the root cause that triggered dr m to implement capital control policies and depeg of rm against us dollar, the trading dollar.


    f. It wont make any differences whether the outcome of umno supreme council and macc is positive or negative.

    g. Leopard can never change its stripes.

    h. Simalarly, a deer can never be a horse, or vice versa.


    j. If one decided to keep your land, then, one cannot stop other state governments to open up their land.

  125. HBT456 Feb 1,2017 10:16 AM


    b. Scott baio, do you know who is he?

    c. You mean as an artist and voter, he cant voice out?

  126. HBT456 Feb 1,2017 10:09 AM


    p. How do i look at owner of starbucks with usa headquarter in offering 10,000 jobs to the refugees internationally in 5 years in order to show his retaliation against mr trump, the officially elected 45th president of the usa?

    q. He has 2 choices.

    r. He resign his job as ceo, and join the wagon of either democrat or republican to proceed with his political and liberal views.

    s. He keeps his post and just focus on its business chain, and leave politics to democrat and republicans.

    t. With this kind of noises, as investors, one must be really fearful with it.


    v. With this kind of noises, as investors, one must be really fearful with it.

    w. Henceforth, there are long, medium and short term investments to make the market excited, vibrate and dynamics.

    x. There are only 2 countries in the world that are aiming for city of innovation status, that is japan and singapore.

    y. The vision of wawasan 2020 is to make this country a modern islamic country in south east asea, atau asean.

    z. If you are not a muslim, how would you react?

  127. Karl Iskandar Jan 31,2017 11:50 PM

    DrM – Double the Kick, Divide the Guilt

    If DrM’s statement above on BMF scandal is true, then Kit Siang has been lying since the 1980s. But if Kit Siang had told the truth, what DrM is saying now is cock talking. Berkokok deraih-deraih, kata oghang utagha.

    Any ways you may like to look at it, two cocks are not better than one in delivering quality cock shit. Some will label it with the superb-lative Mahataik, a bran name worth marketing and selling to the outrage junkies, ie the cockhead species who don’t eat dedak but peck poops in their perverted posits for cocktruths.

    But seriously, this BMF scandal needs to be examined from two other scandals – the preceeding Maminco-Kuwasa-EPF loss of RM1.5 billion and the later Bank Bumi second bail out that burnt RM600 million of taxpayer money, and with it the Malay Muslim financial powerhouse, BBMB, was ironically sadistically ruined in the hands of Chinese with Christian names. I don’t mean to sound like a racist, but the “co-accidental” till now is so evanescence…

    Anyway, I doubt that fans of DrM here know much about the Maminco-Kuwasa-EPF scandal that ties to BBMB, either that or they would rather forget DrM’s financial scandals in the past and put their attention towards regaining Mukhriz’s future after the thrashing father and son got from UMNO.

    In fact, it takes a lot of positive thinking in forgiving your enemy that only in the MalaysiaBoleh spirit you can see that happen. Tak percaya? Ask Kit Siang and DrM, their cocktalking lately is simply inspirational.

  128. LeoSabri @ Jan 31,2017 7:46 PM


    Assalamualaikum wbt. dan salam sejahtera.

    YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,

    Setelah memperhalusi topik ini, sepertimana disebut pada komen patik sebelumnya iaitu; “Tidak termampu lawan…”. Makanya patik ambil ingatan atas Ilmu Pengetahuan yang dicurahkan YABhg. Tun di atas perkara-perkara berkaitan BMF itu.

    Namun ada 2 lagi perkara mendapat perhatian patik iaitu, Jet Peribadi dan Mata Wang (FOREX).

    Mohon Ampun,

    Merujuk komen berikut:

    neezam72 Jan 29,2017 3:09 PM

    Dan macamana Tun sendiri seorang mantan PM ada pesawat peribadi sendiri? Mantan yang lain takde pulak ada pesawat peribadi macam Tun. Hairan juga…

    Harapan patik dapatlah kiranya dikongsikan Ilmu Kekayaan pula hingga mampu ada Jet. Berkemungkinan besar hamba rakyat juga ingin tahu bagaimana nak jadi kaya raya agar kami dapat hidup selesa dalam negara 1MDB ala Forest City ini.

    Begitu juga berkaitan FOREX yang dicanang rugi BILLION-BILLION. Pengetahuan kepada ‘Statement’ di atas FOREX juga amatlah patik harapkan. Mungkin suatu hari nanti patik/sesiapa ada buat silap atau terlepas pandang pada perkara-perkara merugikan, mudahlah dijawab berpandukan segala Ilmu peninggalan YABhg. Tun.

    Mohon Ampun,

    Bahawasanya ilmu yang ada pada YABhg. Tun tiada tolok bandingannya. Begitu juga kepelbagaian ilmu yang diperturunkan oleh NajibRazak. Antaranya, mungkin suatu hari nanti patik/sesiapa ada 2.6 BILLION. Sesungguhnya dengan mudah dijawab, mana ada, kalau ada pun duit Derma, ada orang Arab bagi, orangnya Raja Arab.

    Semoga mendapat pekenan YABhg. Tun.

    Sekian, salam Yang Amat Berbahagia.

    p/s: Moga komen patik tidak dikecam samada dari keroni-keroni YABhg. Tun atau NajibRazak sepertimana jelas diperlakukan pada komentar lain. Patik hanya menagih Ilmu dari YABhg. Tun serta dari komentar yang sudi cerita sambil meluah segala. Patik mohon ampun jika tersilap/tersalah.

  129. anti rasuah Jan 31,2017 4:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ingin menambah tentang komen saya tentang neezam72.

    “Kau berguru dengan saudara RD. RD dah menjawab:”

    Kalau neezam72 berguru dengan tuan RD, neezam72 akan lebih cerdik. Tapi kalau berguru dengan si Karl Dai sudah pasti neezam72 lebih haprak.


  130. sibotak Jan 31,2017 1:27 PM

    Those who ruled is on the upper hand regardless they are wrong
    They will look Right at different angle
    Its common sense so Tun , BERSATU has to Win to govern Malaysia

    Very Sad of Malaysia especially of Johor ruling today

    Kuala Lumpur kita 1 Malaysia berjaya membangunkan Kuala Lumpur
    Yang Hingga kini lebih Pesat dari Singapura
    Dengan kerjasama kita sesama 1 Malaysia , Melayu , Cina , India
    juga kaum minority yg lain

    Kenapa Johor kita perlu MENGEMIS Perlabur Asing ,China ,Singapore
    untuk membangunkan Johor
    Adakah IDR Iskandar Development Region satu Kegagalan yg perlu pula
    Forest City menambah kesempitan pada rakyat Johor
    Sudah banyak Tanah Johor di Gadai , Tanah Perumahan , Perkilangan juga Tanah Perkebunan .Di Pengerang ,Kampung Jawa sudah Musnah sudah kesemua di jual pada Pembangun yg juga di miliki Singapura sekarang

    Kenapa kini sekarang kita perlu menyuap penasihat British sedangkan
    Dari dulu Merdeka dari Tengku Abdul Rahman hingga Pak Lah
    Kita tidak perlu penasihat luar

    Adakah perlu kita hingga jiran kita atau orang asing
    Kejutkan Isteri kita Esok ?

    Kalau tak mampu nak pikul tanggung jawap
    Nah…..kau berambus dari sini

  131. amd trmz Jan 31,2017 9:49 AM


    Terima kasih a. kasir jasin atas pencerahan anda

    p/s:tgh tunggu jawapan dari dymm sultan johor

  132. Hajar Jan 30,2017 5:13 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Amat MELUCUKAN sekali tindakan para pembodek dan pemakan ‘dedak haram’ DSN dalam membuat perbandingan kes2 (lapuk) antara Tun M dan DSN kerana kes2 (berserta orangnya) ibarat “langit dengan bumi”. Seorang bijak/cekap dan berdikari serta bersih-amanah (Tun M), manakala yang seorang lagi dung*/lembab, dan suka bergantung kepada penasihat2 asing dan orang tengah (para pembodek dan samseng) serta kotor-tidak amanah.

    2. Tun M tidak pernah menyonglap wang rakyat (ke dalam akaun peribadi beliau), tetapi DS Najib @ Ah Jib Gor pula telah TERBUKTI menyimpan ‘wang curi’ (menyonglap wang rakyat) di dalam akaun2 peribadi beliau yang berjumlah beribu-ribu juta ringgit (ber-biliyun ringgit).

    3. Mula2 nafi (terima duit RM 2,600 JUTA), tapi bila sudah ‘pecah telur tembelang’, buat ‘U-Turn’ dan ‘pusing2 bulatan’ dan berputar-belit beri alasan2 bod*h. Ini baru betul “kokok berderai-derai, tapi ekor bergelumang tahi”. Mencuri (pecah amanah) dan bercakap bohong merupakan akhlak yang teramat buruk bagi seorang PM. Lagi malang (ibarat ‘ayam jantan yang berkokok…’), bila si PM Kleptokrat berlagak seolah-olah dirinya amat suci / mulia dan kononnya banyak bersedekah. Cakap pun air liur asyik tersembur sebab sudah banyak sangat MENIPU rakyat! Alahai…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  133. anti rasuah Jan 30,2017 3:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mencelah sikit tentang neezam72 ni, apa lah hang ni pendek akal, buat apalah Tun nak saman WSJ, tiada bukti statement mereka tu. Lagi pun duit tersebut bukannya masuk ke akaun peribadi Tun jauh sekali akaun bapak kau.

    Senario antara Tun dan Najis adalah berbeza. Kau berguru dengan saudara RD. RD dah menjawab:

    Yang paling ketara perbezaannya:-

    1. Tiada sekelumit pun WANG Rakyat yang hilang dari BMF, masuk akaun peribadi Dr.M atau isteri beliau Dr. Hasmah… ketika itu.

    2. Dr. M tidak melantik diri-sendiri sebagai Menteri KeWANGan.

    3. Dr. M tidak tubuh BBMB (Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad… hari ini sudah bertukar jadi CIMB) atau BMF (Bumiputra Malaysia Finance).. atau agensi pelaburan lain, bermodalkan HUTANG, tanpa due-diligence dan tanpa dibawa berbincang dalam kabinet.
    Malah, dalam scandal BMF… tiada peranan ‘orang-tengah’ seperti Jho Low untuk berunding bagipihak Kerajaan/Rakyat.

    Harap Maklum… bahawa, tanpa pengetahuan Kabinet juga, Jho Low dilantik sebagai ‘orang-tengah’ oleh Najib sendiri. Oleh yang demikian, Najib telah membelakangkan Jihad KPDNKK untuk memerangi peranan orang-tengah dalam urusan kerajaan demi menjimatkan kos urus-niaga.

    Nampak tak neezam72, kalau tak nampak juga, kata P Ramlee änak h@r@m”.

  134. anti rasuah Jan 30,2017 2:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Satu soalan, berpuluh jawapan

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?

    Jawapan 1 : (Diam)

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 4 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 5 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 6 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 7 : Yahudi sedang menyerang Malaysia.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 8 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun sendiri untuk terima wang.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 9 : RM2.6 bilion itu tak wujud.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 bilion itu adalah Derma.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 11 : Penderma RM2.6 bilion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 12 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 13 : Pembangkang perlu isytihar Penderma.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 14 : Tun Mahathir cemburu tak dapat duit derma sebanyak itu.

    Soalan: Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 15 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya & kerja kebajikan

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 16 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan IS

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 17 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP YAHUDI

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 18 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 19 : BERSIH juga menerima duit derma

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 20 : jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun sudah berlalu

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 21 : Saya sudah berjumpa dengan keluarga penderma

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 22 : Bank Negara tahu, saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 23 : ada plurals penderma, bukan seorang penderma

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 24 : Azalina uthman- ya kah?mungkin zahidi lebih tahu dari apa yang kami tak tahu

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 25 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6B untuk kegunaan umno

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 26 : Henti kan fitnah. Wang itu wang derma bukan rasuah. ( Issue fitnah kembali berkumandang)
    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 27 : Aishah RA juga di fitnah. Tapi sudi memafkan penfitnah. Aishah RA berjiwa besar.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 28 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang.

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 29 : RM 2.03B telah di pulangkan kembali kepada keluarga diraja arab

    Soalan : Apakah RM2.6 bilion dari duit 1MDB itu masuk ke akaun Najib Razak?
    Jawapan 30 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.



  135. Fariq Islam Jan 30,2017 10:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Adalah kurang berlogik bagi pihak CIA membangkitkan atau mengorek keluar kes yang berlaku begitu lama! Abaikan sahaja.

    Namun, insiden ini menunjukkan terdapatnya sesetengah pihak yang mahu mengapi-apikan keadaaan dengan pelbagai tuduhan yang bertujuan menjatuhkan imej.

    Baik ahli-ahli politik kita berpolitik dengan lebih matang. Contohnya Hadi mengkritik Lim Kit Siang sebagai anti-Islam. Kita tak nampakpun Lim Kit Siang anti-Islam. Itu fitnah. Kenapa pula seorang Ustaz boleh berbuat sedemikian, mengabaikan ajaran kita yang mengharamkan pemfitnahan?

  136. WandyCaswady Jan 29,2017 8:31 PM

    New International Version
    “You shall have no other gods before me.

    New Living Translation
    “You must not have any other god but me.

    English Standard Version
    “You shall have no other gods before me.

    New American Standard Bible
    “You shall have no other gods before Me.

    King James Bible
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Holman Christian Standard Bible
    Do not have other gods besides Me.

    International Standard Version
    You are to have no other gods besides me.

    NET Bible
    “You shall have no other gods before me.

    New Heart English Bible
    Do not have other gods before me.

    GOD’S WORD® Translation
    “Never have any other god.

    JPS Tanakh 1917
    Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

    New American Standard 1977
    “You shall have no other gods before Me.

    Jubilee Bible 2000
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    King James 2000 Bible
    You shall have no other gods before me.

    American King James Version
    You shall have no other gods before me.

    American Standard Version
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.

    Darby Bible Translation
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    English Revised Version
    Thou shalt have none other gods before me.

    Webster’s Bible Translation
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    World English Bible
    “You shall have no other gods before me.

    Young’s Literal Translation
    ‘Thou hast no other Gods before Me.

  137. milshah Jan 29,2017 8:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I wish to rectify my earlier posting :

    We all know you are in anyway directly related to the BMF issue and forex losses.

    It should read as follows :

    We all know you are not in anyway directly related to the BMF issue and forex losses.

    The error is much regretted.

    Thanks Tun.

  138. RD. Jan 29,2017 6:28 PM

    Mungkin President Donald Trump arahkan document CIA itu diklasifikasikan sebagai bukan-lagi rahsia untuk Rakyat Malaysia bezakan, antara scandal MBF dengan 1MDB.

    Yang paling ketara perbezaannya:-

    1. Tiada sekelumit pun WANG Rakyat yang hilang dari BMF, masuk akaun peribadi Dr.M atau isteri beliau Dr. Hasmah… ketika itu.

    2. Dr. M tidak melantik diri-sendiri sebagai Menteri KeWANGan.

    3. Dr. M tidak tubuh BBMB (Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad… hari ini sudah bertukar jadi CIMB) atau BMF (Bumiputra Malaysia Finance).. atau agensi pelaburan lain, bermodalkan HUTANG, tanpa due-diligence dan tanpa dibawa berbincang dalam kabinet.
    Malah, dalam scandal BMF… tiada peranan ‘orang-tengah’ seperti Jho Low untuk berunding bagipihak Kerajaan/Rakyat.

    Harap Maklum… bahawa, tanpa pengetahuan Kabinet juga, Jho Low dilantik sebagai ‘orang-tengah’ oleh Najib sendiri. Oleh yang demikian, Najib telah membelakangkan Jihad KPDNKK untuk memerangi peranan orang-tengah dalam urusan kerajaan demi menjimatkan kos urus-niaga.

  139. HouseWife Jan 29,2017 3:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun, hebatnya si zahid sedap mulut dia cakap pasal karma akan terkena pada orang yang mencela mencaci umno, agaknya keluar story bmf tu kot yang dia maksud karma, jangan jadi one of the key mastermind in the “karma organization” dah le.

    Tun, saya mohon pencerahan. Si zahid ni in his recent trip to China dia boleh buat ‘kerja sampingan’, dia berjaya kecek China to bring in “fdi” to his kawasan parlimen bagan datuk. Si zahid pi China dalam kapasiti sebagai tpm Malaysia, atas perbelanjaan taxpayers Malaysia, naik jet kerajaan rakyat Malaysia maka dia pun pi atas nama KERAJAAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA bukan atas nama kawasan parlimen umno. Boleh ke dia buat macam tu, Tun? Mengikut garisan undang2 negara ka?
    Dia pi sebagai pegawai atasan kerajaan Malaysia yang ada pengaruh dan kuasa besar, bukan sebagai orang besar umno yang hanya mempunyai pengaruh dan kuasa terhad di kawasan sendiri saja, kan Tun.
    Tak aci la macam ni, Tun. Nanti semua tpm terikut2 pi kecek negara luar masuk “fdi” ke kawasan (kocek?) masing2.

    Bagaimana agreementnya nanti, antara China-kerajaan Malaysia ke atau antara China-kerajaan zahid bagan datuk? Duit tu masuk akaun mana, akaun sapa pula? Tanah bagan datuk nak beri pada China pula ka? Ni sprm kena jengah dan pantau sebelum melarat jadi penyelewengan yang terbasar di bagan datuk nanti. Si zahid ni pun dulu pandai pi kecek arab saudi ngaku duit RM2.6 billion tu derma daripada raja arab saudi. Ministry baru dalam kerajaan MO1 – ministry of kecek.

    Tun, saya ni lahir dari zaman Tunku belum jadi PM lagi, dapat pendidikan di sekolah rendah dan menengah Catholic dimana kebanyakan pelajar adalah cina, sambung ke kolej dan kebanyakan kawan2 belajar juga cina, bekerja pula dengan bos2 cina. Tak pernah terlintas di kepala otak kami ni pikiaq pasal racism, tak pernah mulut kami berkata2 pasal racism. Kami semua berkawan baik2 seikhlasnya, belajar bersama, bermain bersama, makan bersama, masa sakit pun bersama. Especially kawan2 cina saya tak pernah lokek ajar saya maths, they were very very clever in maths and science. Mereka adalah kawan2 saya yang terbaik yang pernah saya jumpa.
    Bila racism ni bermula, kenapa ia bermula dan oleh siapa pada masa tu kami tak pasti dan terkejut..tiba2 saja gaduh.

    To my dear Chinese friends, wishing you “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!”. May you have good health and many prosperous years. May God bless you all.

    Tun, these mean bad people will never cease to link you with anything they could dig on to implicate you. But Tun didn’t run away and hide. Tun has everything in his fingertips. If there were another Nothing 2Hide, and unless they were ready and well-prepared they won’t be able to attack Tun without being humiliated. Tun’s immense knowledge is like a library. Tun’s mind is still attentive and vigour like a young man, Alhamdulillah. Allah knows best. Allah chooses whom He chooses.

    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and thank you Tun.

  140. neezam72 Jan 29,2017 3:09 PM

    Iyelah tu. Masa Tun jadi PM apakah isu ini Tun langsung tidak tahu menahu langsung? Dan bagaimana ada satu artikel dimana pihak BMF telah melupuskan semua bukti isu tentang Carring sebelum pihak polis Hong Kong datang menyerbu? Apa itu pun Tun tak tahu ke?

    Oh….kalau is DOJ dan FBI tentang 1MDB walaupun tidak ada satu bukti yang sahih ditunjukkan boleh pulak percaya ye tapi bila terbuka pula cerita ini tak nak percaya. Iye lah tu.

    Lupa lak satu. Kenapa Tun tak saman WSJ apabila mereka keluarkan satu artikel mengenai anak Tun dan projek mega bernilai rm 220 million dengan Petronas dahulu? Isu dengan Barry Wain pun Tun tak saman kenapa?
    DAP yang membuat laporan terhadap akaun Tun diluar negara berjumlah rm 1.194 Trillion pun Tun tak saman juga, kenapa?

    Dan macamana Tun sendiri seorang mantan PM ada pesawat peribadi sendiri? Mantan yang lain takde pulak ada pesawat peribadi macam Tun. Hairan juga. Tapi Tun melalak bercakap pasal pesawat kerajaan sendiri. Tak cukup ke lagi apa Tun ada sekarang?

    Sudah-sudahlah buat pusingan U lagi. Kata dulu lepas bersara tak nak campur lagi dalam politik. Ni apa sudah jadi Tun? Sudah Lupa Ke?

  141. milshah Jan 29,2017 1:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    We all know you are in anyway directly related to the BMF issue and forex losses. Their effort looks so stupid, trying to dig pass mistakes by you, when the 1MDB issue is left hanging with no end in sight.

    I suspect this is not fot the urban voters. They have all but given up on the urban voters. They look very stupid for the knowledgable.

    I suspect this is for the kampung folks. They will say look, in Mahathir’s time also got losses.

    A loss in not a crime. It is normal for business to gain profit or incurr loss. What is a crime is siphoning fund meant for the people to pay gambling debts, finance a porn movie and buying milion dollors painting and properties.

    I think we should focus our efforts on the kampung folk voters. Tell them in simple terms what is really happening to this beloved country of ours.

  142. Karl Iskandar Jan 29,2017 11:00 AM

    DrM has in fact, short of a confession, has agreed that there is an indirect link that BMF scandal is attached to him as the reigning PM.

    Like the cock in Malay peribahasa, “Kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelumang tahi” seems a fitting description of DrM’s indirect involvement in the BMF scandals.

    What DrM shoots from his mouth is indeed connected to his tail. The different is, the shit has been discharged in the most natural way.

    I will elaborate in my next comment. Thank you.

  143. Chu mat Jan 29,2017 7:53 AM


    1. Sukar nak ditulis dengan perkataan, memberi penghormatan yang teramat tinggi kepada Yg Berbahagi Tun Dr Mahathir. Beliau dengan tenang dan rasional menjawab segala persoalan .

    2. Yg Berhormat Datuk Najib,perlu rasa malu .Segala persoalan hanya pencacai-pencacai yang mengampu sahaja yang menjawab.

    3. Bagi saya kalau benar sekali pun kisah BMF ni.Ia dah basi. Kepentingan sekarang,kita kena dakwa perilaku Yg Berhormat. Agar 20 tahun dari sekarang , kisah 1MDB tidak akan di ungkit.

    4.Saya berpendapat,PPBM lebih tumpukan usaha menerangkan langkah-langkah pemulihan ekonomi .Sekiranya menang dalam pilihanraya.

    5. Memberi rasuah untuk menyokong memang tak mampu, tapi mendidik untuk menyokong Insya Allah,berjaya.

    5.Dalam politik “KAWAN TAK KEKAL, MUSUH TAK LAMA” .


  144. Tun Perak Jan 28,2017 7:56 PM


    There is a very-very big probability that the BMF scandal does not involve Dr.M.

    First of all, the BMF loan to Carrian Group starts in 1979. Dr.M took over as PM in 1981, and never assume responsibility of Bank Bumiputra head before and after 1981.

    As a new PM that time, it was hard to grasp the understanding and control of everything within the country in that time. One man cant see everything. Learning curve need to be steep and there are too much of eveything to look into.

    Second, there is no link, whatsoever, to any deposit of money originated from BMF to an account under the name of Dr.M. So, how can you find a link between BMF Scandal and Dr. M ? If there is no link, then it is a problem inherited from the fact that BMF has been overlooked between 1979 and 1981. If a PM really, need to be blamed, then Tun Hussein Onn name will creep up. Again, Tun Hussein Onn cant be blamed because there is also no link between BMF and Tun Hussein Onn.

    Unfortunately, 1MDB has an undeniable and uncontested link.

    So, wannabe Karl Iskandar , how do you want to refute the “uncontested” link between the money trail from MO1 to 1MDB loans, exposed by FBI and CIA ? I am waiting for your answer.

  145. rimba.emas Jan 28,2017 7:33 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Hari ini awal pagi 9.oo Rimba Emas hadir ke program Santai bersama anakda Tun DSMM ke Medan Selera Seberang Jaya anjuran PPBM Ptg. Pauh.

    2. Sebenarnya Seberang Jaya ialah tempat Rimba Emas bekerja semenjak Pru yang lepas2 lagi dari ke 11, 12, 13 hinggalah yg akan datang ini Pru 14 in..sha..allah .

    3. Tiga tempat kerja , dua (federal) kini swasta. Ketika berada dalam badan berkanun Rimba Emas bekerja untuk kerajaan negeri ketika itu bawah kerajaan BN.

    4. Kesempatan bekerja salah satu badan berkanun Rimba Emas berpeluang bergerak ke pelusok negeri Pulau Pinang , awalnya ke Balik Pulau hinggalah Bayan Baru. Kemudiannya berpindah ke Seberang Perai berpeluang ke pelusok selatan sehinggalah sempadan negeri Perak.

    5. Ketika itu dalam pilihanraya menyaksikan kemenangan pihak BN sehinggakan kekalahan pihak DAP termasuklah beberapa nama besar seperti mendiang Karpal Sing.

    6. Tiba2 berlaku sesuatu yang tidak di sangka Rimba Emas keluar bekerja dengan badan berkanun kerajaan negeri tempoh gelap itu berlalu sehingga lapan tahun.

    7. Dalam tempoh itu pilihanraya ke 13 telah beralih tangan dengan kemenangan pihak pembankang.

    8. Akhirnya dapat bekerja dalam swasta dua kali di pegang PKR.

    9. Rimba Emas dapati wakil rakyat YB Dr. Afif Bahardin sangat ‘sporting’ kerana dapat menerima kedatangan ahli PPBM ke kawasannya.

    10. Terutama membenar penduduk Seberang Jaya menjadi ahli PPBM.

    11. Kedengaran ada yang kata bagaimana kalau ada ahli PKR masuk PPBM?

    12. Jawapannya kawasan ini akan hanya satu wakil dari Pakatan Harapan. Sudah tentu kws ini milik PKR kelebihanya PPBM mengharap ada ahli UMNO yang akan masuk PPBM jika tidak mahu menganggotai PKR.

    13. Sifat yang berlainan dengan sikap PAS ini menyerlah keperibadian pemimpin yang mahu menegakkan KEBENARAN MILIK ALLAH S.W.T BAK KAUM ANSAR DAN MUHAJIRIN menerima tetamu yang hendak menegak KEBENARAN YANG MAHA BERKUASA.

    14. Syabas Y.B….terima kasih.


  146. musato Jan 28,2017 6:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Diaorang ingat diorang boleh menang pilihanraya dengan cara macam ni ke? Kesian tengok pentadbir rakyat leni. Tak berkualiti.

    Saya jarang menulis sikit sekarang. Lebih banyak sebarkan dengan ‘snap’ artikel Tun dan wasapkan pada group.

    Masih tak sia sia Tun menulis.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  147. DatukManis Jan 28,2017 2:57 PM

    Asmkm Tun Dr M

    Didoakan ayhnda Tun dan bonda sihat selalu.

    Tkasih kerana masih kuat memberi nasional education kepada rakyat Malaysia. Ini termasuk case-study BMF dan sebagainya, hingga terkini. Berhati-hatilah dengan tukang pukat dan tukang pancing yang mencari ruang untuk menyusahkan Tun, banyak hal tak perlu ditulis dengan detail atau didedahkan kerana semua itu berlaku bukan kerana Tun. Tkasih kerana mengumpulkan anai-anai dalam satu sarang dan membentang hal-hal kehidupan kerengga untuk renungan bersama, insyaAllah.

  148. WandyCaswady Jan 28,2017 1:22 PM

    60. Say, “Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way.”

    61. And when they come to you, they say, “We believe.” But they have entered with disbelief [in their hearts], and they have certainly left with it. And Allah is most knowing of what they were concealing.

    62. And you see many of them hastening into sin and aggression and the devouring of [what is] unlawful. How wretched is what they have been doing.

    63. Why do the rabbis and religious scholars not forbid them from saying what is sinful and devouring what is unlawful? How wretched is what they have been practicing.

    64. And the Jews say, “The hand of Allah is chained.” Chained are their hands, and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both His hands are extended; He spends however He wills. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. And We have cast among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindled the fire of war [against you], Allah extinguished it. And they strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah does not like corrupters.

    65. And if only the People of the Scripture had believed and feared Allah, We would have removed from them their misdeeds and admitted them to Gardens of Pleasure.

    66. And if only they upheld [the law of] the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, they would have consumed [provision] from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them are a moderate community, but many of them – evil is that which they do.

    67. O Messenger, announce that which has been revealed to you from your Lord, and if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message. And Allah will protect you from the people. Indeed, Allah does not guide the disbelieving people.

    68. Say, “O People of the Scripture, you are [standing] on nothing until you uphold [the law of] the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been revealed to you from your Lord.” And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. So do not grieve over the disbelieving people.

    69. Indeed, those who have believed [in Prophet Muhammad] and those [before Him] who were Jews or Sabeans or Christians – those [among them] who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness – no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.

    70. We had already taken the covenant of the Children of Israel and had sent to them messengers. Whenever there came to them a messenger with what their souls did not desire, a party [of messengers] they denied, and another party they killed.

    71. And they thought there would be no [resulting] punishment, so they became blind and deaf. Then Allah turned to them in forgiveness; then [again] many of them became blind and deaf. And Allah is Seeing of what they do.

    72. They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary” while the Messiah has said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.” Indeed, he who associates others with Allah – Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers.

    73. They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah is the third of three.” And there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.

    74. So will they not repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

    75. The Messiah, son of Mary, was not but a messenger; [other] messengers have passed on before him. And his mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat food. Look how We make clear to them the signs; then look how they are deluded.

    76. Say, “Do you worship besides Allah that which holds for you no [power of] harm or benefit while it is Allah who is the Hearing, the Knowing?”

    77. Say, “O People of the Scripture, do not exceed limits in your religion beyond the truth and do not follow the inclinations of a people who had gone astray before and misled many and have strayed from the soundness of the way.”

    78. Cursed were those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and of Jesus, the son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed.

    79. They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing.

    80. You see many of them becoming allies of those who disbelieved. How wretched is that which they have put forth for themselves in that Allah has become angry with them, and in the punishment they will abide eternally.

    81. And if they had believed in Allah and the Prophet and in what was revealed to him, they would not have taken them as allies; but many of them are defiantly disobedient.

    82. You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

    83. And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the truth. They say, “Our Lord, we have believed, so register us among the witnesses.

    84. And why should we not believe in Allah and what has come to us of the truth? And we aspire that our Lord will admit us [to Paradise] with the righteous people.”

    85. So Allah rewarded them for what they said with gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. And that is the reward of doers of good.

    The Food (5:60-85)

  149. Kamarulaznan Jan 28,2017 11:29 AM

    Naik atau jatuhnya Proton adalah sebab kita juga. Pekerjanya, pengurusannya, penggunanya semua adalah rakyat Malaysia. Jika harganya tinggi, kenapa? Jika kualitinya tidak baik, kenapa? Semuanya adalah kerana kita rakyat Malaysia yang akhirnya bertanggungjawab meletakkan nilai kepada nama Proton. Kekuatan Proton juga adalah mencerminkan kita juga rakyat Malaysia, bukan mana-mana individu.

    Negara Perancis berbangga dengan Peugeot/Citroen mereka. Kita berbangga dengan Proton kita. Salahkah? Buatan Peugeot/Citroen juga ada kelemahannya.

    1MDB untuk kepentingan siapa? Masuk akaun peribadi seorang manusia?

  150. pakpandir08 Jan 28,2017 11:22 AM

    Nak salahkan siapa?

    1) ada penyokong Tun yang mengecam tv3. Namun mereka lupa bahawa apa yang tv3 lakukan sekarang memang pun diwarisi sejak pemerintahan Tun. Masa dulu buat benda yang sama itu perjuangan, sekarang dikatan fitnah pula

    2) dulu marah kaum lain semua itu pendatang. Sekarang pula laungkan perpaduan

    3) nak salahkan orang lain makan dedak dan takut kepada perubahan. Namun dahulu diri sendiri yang menakut-nakutkan orang ramai bahawa perubahan boleh membawa kemusnahan. Minda orang ramai bukan dibentuk dalam sehari dua, ia dibentuk masa zaman pemerintahan Tun

    4) tidak puas hati dengan sistem sekarang. Namun sistem kini dibentuk oleh diri sendiri sekian lama

    Inilah orang panggil senjata makan tuan. Tun kena berhadapan dengan apa yang Tun ciptakan, dari segi minda orang ramai, dan sistem yang sedia ada

  151. Lanun Johor Jan 28,2017 10:53 AM

    i truly support Home-Ownership Democracy as proposed by Karl Iskandar !

  152. asahamat Jan 28,2017 9:08 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    Dear all, if we tibai Najib MO1 for what all those dirty things that he is and had been doing, and accordingly keep saying all those bad things at times of Tun, we are indeed in one voice, we love no bad thing ahead of us …

    Thus, Tun now is gearing to lead us to clean all these up, so let work with him to make things better. Why do we have to argue over the future that we want?

  153. HouseWife Jan 28,2017 3:49 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The War on Manipulation is on! These scary, mean and nasty people went all out to orchestrate the art of manipulation, capturing on the vulnerability of the people, a situation whereby the people’s minds are still reeling with doubts, perception and uncertainty.

    Can this past history put weight against all your hard works and sacrifices that have helped this country to develop tremendously well, brought Malaysia to her glorious days and deserving the call of the Asian Tiger?

    Are they certain they want to play this war-game? What if Tun suddenly want to open up their cans of worms? In politics, anyone has his/her own cans kept secretly aside somewhere or by someone. But I don’t see Tun ganging up like them on a character assassination. It’s no puzzle Tun, this is the work of a grand mastermind who plots to put you away before the next coming pru. Do you know who, Tun.

    All these silly plots after plots are just as distractions to pull people away from questioning the real current issues that Malaysia is facing now, the 1MDB financial scandals. Anyway, the people cannot be bought that easily. Yes, we are lucky to be in the age of the internet but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped using our mind and knowledge to squeeze out between truth and false. We are created to think.

    So Tun, please be careful and not fall into their trap. They’re trying to distract you too, Tun so you’d pay less attention to your party and collaboration in the same interest, ie to weed out the bad and the ugly in MO1 government. They want you to pay more attention to yourself, Tun that you have no time for anything else. So they mass produced outdated silly plots for you to explain to clear yourself. But being an old man full of wisdom Tun has the right to stand up for himself. Tun is not afraid to face these hungry wolves.

    May Allah Bless and Protect Tun and family Always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health, happiness and knowledge. Take extra care in your safety and Thank you Tun.

  154. HBT456 Jan 28,2017 12:28 AM


    h. Karl, there is a malay proverb that said meludah ke langit, akhirnya jatuh ke air muka sendiri.

    i. Henceforth, kesopanan dan kesusilaan di wajibkan, bukan?

    j. It is up to tukang racun to bring this issue up to paint the chinese look ugly, or evil in this issue just like 1mdb jho low.

    k. Jika lembu tu tak nak minum air, macam mana you paksanya, ia tidak akan minum.

    l. Selepas bmf, will libor scandal di gigitkan bunyinya to make chinese race looks ugly, and evil?

    m. When a race is being institutionalized, it means other minority races would be exploited just to keep this race feel superb and great.

    n. Whether we like it or not, life will go on as usual.

  155. Lanun Johor Jan 27,2017 10:22 PM

    Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Abdul Jalil, staff BMF yang dibunuh di Hong Kong itu. Ameen. Arwah adalah ex-RMC, OPA.

    (teringat statement Arwah Lorraine semasa di-interbiu oleh wartawan The Sun, beberapa bulan sebelum beliau meninggal dunia … WaALLAHu wa’lam)

    (teringat juga beberapa statement oleh wartawan yang lama tinggal di Hong Kong dalam buku bertajuk “THE ASIAN GODFATHERS” …. ada “Uncle” yang taja dan jaga anak2 orang besar Malaysia di UK katanya…..)

    Panjatkan juga doa untuk Sirul dan Azilah… semuga ALLAH swt permudahkan urusan mereka. Apa salah mereka ?

    Kasihan jua kepada mendiang Altantuya … apa sebenarnya berlaku ?

    Semua adalah mangsa-mangsa barisan pemimpin Melayu di Malaysia ….

    Ya ALLAH kau pilihlah pemimpin yang benar2 beragama untuk Malaysia !

    Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin

  156. excelmad Jan 27,2017 9:45 PM

    Karl Iskandar

    Why are going off topic about Proton and what not.

    Are being paid to do this. If you are, you are really good at it.

  157. LeoSabri @ Jan 27,2017 8:25 PM


    Assalamualaikum wbt. dan selamat sejahtera.

    Tiada termampu lawan stamen BMF YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Al maklum 22 tahun berilmu jawatan Perdana Menteri manakah tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke mangkuk 1MDB NajibRazak, yea dak.

    Tidak perlu rasanya pusing jauh sampai ke benua Amerika tarik segala DOJ, FBI, CIA dan, FDI melompat pula ke tanah besar China dan berpatah balik ke Forest City. Cukup sekadar Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (PLUS), yang terbeban dan yang menanggungnya tetap rakyat selamanya walau untung BILLION-BILLION.

    Tiadalah teladan. Tidaklah memikirkannya. Banyak perkara-perkara pernah berlaku. Tak terfikirkah ianya akan berulang walau berbeza caranya. Takpelah walau apa cara sekalipun, nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

    Tak sama 1MDB dan BMF, tetap sama timbangan ‘dacing’ pada nilai BILLION-BILLION dan, sama saja ‘bersatu’ bersama-sama naik ‘roket’ sampai ‘bulan’ tetap politik namanya. Kesannya rakyat yang tanggung bilamana adanya rakyat teringin nak jadi Raja Yang Maha Kuasa.

    Takpelah, tulislah apa nak ditulis selagi hayat di kandung badan. Lagipun rakyat dah terbiasa pikul beban. Apa nak hairan dengan generasi akan datang, yea dak.

    Sekian, salam sejahtera hendaknya.

    p/s: Jika ada yang mengeji/mengipas walau kata-kata sindiran kepada YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad atau NajibRazak kekal sama selamanya, apakah caranya kesejahteraan rakyat diutamakan. Jika masih melalui peti undi, teruskanlah bermimpi.

  158. Hajar Jan 27,2017 4:56 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Syabas Tun kerana sekali lagi dengan pantas berjaya membuat pihak rejim Najib nampak amat tidak cerdik dengan tindakan mereka mengungkit semula kes lama pada zaman Tun yang sudah habis DIBICARAKAN (dan yang bersalah telah dikenal pasti dan dihukum).

    2. Jijik sekali taktik mereka untuk mengalih perhatian rakyat dari segala skandal salah laku PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor dan geng subahat beliau (para pemakan ‘dedak haram’ dan para pembodek).

    3. Segala kejahatan mereka ibarat “BANGKAI GAJAH yang tidak akan boleh ditutup dengan nyiru”.

    4. Skandal 1MDB yang memalukan ialah berita SEMASA yang sedang hangat diperkatakan dan dibicarakan di luar negara, dan pihak rejim Najib sepatutnya menjawab segala persoalan dan menangani masaalah besar ini dengan penuh rasa tanggung-jawab.

    5. Mengungkit dan cuba mencari salah Tun M di masa lampau (tiada kaitan dengan kecurian wang 1MDB) tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah hutang bertimbun 1MDB dan salah-laku pengubahan wang haram dalam 1MDB.

    6. Kasihan saya lihat PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor yang sekarang ternyata TAKUT untuk pergi ke negara2 yang telah memulakan penyiasatan dan perbicaraan berkaitan skandal jenayah 1MDB.

    7. Memang benar kata orang tua-tua, TAKUT KERANA SALAH.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  159. Karl Iskandar Jan 27,2017 4:03 PM

    I think there is a Tukang Racun @ TR who tried to fix DrM to take the fall for BMF scandal. Even the CIA report gave out some hints on that.

    On BMF scandal, DrM tidak bersalah tapi being the PM, he would be deemed complicit in the whole affair, just like Najib in 1MDB.

  160. RD. Jan 27,2017 12:55 PM

    Yang paling bangang, Bulletin TV3 melaporkan seolah-olah Dr.M bertanggung-jawab dalam scandal BMF. Juga dipetik (saya lupa dari siapa yang ucapkan) bahawa… Tun Dr.M bernasib baik kerana pada zaman scandal BMF tiada internet dan penyelewengan tidak dihebahkan.

    Secara tidak langsung, TV3 sendiri mengaku bahawa Najib tidak bernasib-baik kerana penyelewengan beliau dalam 1MDB-Jho Low di hebahkan melalui internet.

    Tun juga tidak melantik diri-sendiri sebagai Menteri KeWANGan.
    Tun tidak melantik diri-sendiri sebagai Pengerusi/Penasihat BanK Bumiputera.
    Tun tidak menubuhkan apa-apa Agensi Pelaburan Strategik Negara tanpa due-diligence dan tanpa berbincang dalam kabinet.
    Dalam scandal BMF, Tun tidak melantik orang-tengah kelabu-asap seperti Jho Low untuk berurusan bagi-pihak Rakyat atau Kerajaan.

    Lagi pun…
    – boleh kah Mahkamah membuka balik ‘kes’ yang sudah 34 tahun berlalu?
    – tidak kah membuang masa dan sis-sia dan seluruh dunia akan mentertawakan Malaysia jika dibuka siasatan BMF tetapi scandal terbaru 1MDB-Jho Low didiamkan saja?

  161. Kebebasan_bersuara Jan 27,2017 12:46 AM

    salam tun,

    Pee M Najis razak dengan menteri2 keldai+pemakan dedak pakai info Cia. nampak sangat desperate dah tu. Desperate nak cop tun ni rasuah.Info pun ketinggalan zaman,bukti pun tiada.

    Sedangkan najis dan family dia tu kaki perasuah,perosak negara,perosak bangsa NO 1 dalam malaysia ni.Ekonomi meleset/rakyat hilang kerja kerana DIA salaku menteri kewangan.Hospital ubat untuk pesakit kronik pun tak ada macam strok.Ada hati suruh orang lain laksana project pakai duit dari poket sendiri.bajet mana? tak der da ke? masuk pokek sendiri.
    58 billion hilang dari 1mdb.2.6 billion dalam poket PEE M.1 billion dekat riza,jo low and the geng.Baki lebih? mana? Yg kena tangung sekarang rakyat.tanah lapangan terbang strategik jual dekat china.landasan Keretapi yg buat ni pun pakai hutang.Tunggu masa tak boleh bayar china rampas tanah tu terus.Habis kedaulatan negara tergadai.

    Semua dunia tau Cia punya maklumat ni tak boleh pakai.Cia kata iraq ada mass weapon destruction,Libya pun sama.Last2 satu pun tak jumpa.baru2 ni Cia kata russia campur tangan piliharaya america.17 agensi perisikan america sendiri kata tiada Cia sorang ni je yg kata ada.Bukti pun tak der.President trump sendiri pun kata mengarut.

    tv3 ni patut digelar Fake news.Hari2 minat cop pembangkang.Kata pembangkang ni main politik kotor.Yg mana bodoh2 patut sedar dan berterima kasih dekat pembangkang.Kalau tak kerana pembangkang la..lama dah kita semua ni hidup miskin,merana,malaysia tiada kemajuan,malaysia penuh dengan rasuah,anak2 sendiri,rakyat ke hidup merempat.Tv 3 ni FAKE NEWS.teruk…

  162. Karl Iskandar Jan 26,2017 11:54 PM

    I would like to suggest to DrM and Najib, for both PPBM and UMNO, to make “Home-ownership Democracy” as the main aspiration, promise and thrust of the next government in developing the nation.

    People now have noticed how important it is to own a house than to drive a local Proton car which they paid double the export version.

    And therefore the steep household debt of 89% consists of a hefty car loan repayment, where the people have to service and sacrifice their hard earned money to keep DrM and Proton alive.

    We know that a car loan is a sick loan becos of the value depreciation over time, whereas a housing loan is a healthy loan, an asset that grows in value over the years.

    People have been hoodwinked into paying more on a car than on their homes. It has been DrM’s most patriotrick and diabolical business planning thus far.

    DrM needs to put it to a correction, wiping out his delusional ideas and obsession for a bragging rights he thinks his brainchild deserves from leeching billions of taxpayer money for past thirty years.

    Instead of a national car, the govt could have subsidized housing costs for the people, building nicely designed comfy Malaysia homes that we all can be proud of and identify with.

    So, “Home-ownership Democracy” is something the majority can believe in and will support, no matter which party forms the next govt.

  163. rimba.emas Jan 26,2017 11:29 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Isu BMF telah pun selesai dan di bicarakan.

    2. Sedangkan 1MDB hanya akan mula di bicarakan oleh negara-negara di luar negara.

    3. Sebaliknya dalam negara keputusan telah di putuskan tampa adanya perbicaraan.

    4. Sesuatu yang janggal jika tidak di bicarakan sebab tuhan yang menjadikan kita sendiri maklum kepada kita bahawa akan ada hari penilaian atas perbuatan yang kita lakukan di atas bumi ini.

    5. Ada bicara (timbangan) di akhirat nanti dan bahan alatan yang digunakan maha baik dari yang boleh dilakukan di atas bumi ini.

    6. Malah hukuman atau penjara di dunia ini ada manusia yang teraniaya
    bila berlakunya kesalahan dalam menilai sesuatu kebenaran itu.

    7. Maka bicara kembali pada hari akhirat dapat menebus kembali kesalahan yang di jatuhkan ketika bicara didunia.

    8. Allah s.w.t sendiri menguji keimanan seseorang itu, ada masanya
    kita terpaksa bersusah payah dalam kehidupan harian.

    9. Silih berganti antara susah dan senang. Malah dalam susah itu sendiri ada kesenangan.

    10. Maksudnya ada kerugian dari segi masa kerana salah pilih maka sia-sialah manusia kerana menolak kebenaran.

    11. Kesimpulannya BMF hanya melibatkan segelintir manusia yang menolak
    hukum Allah s.w.t , manakala 1MDB dalam skala yang besar yang mana membahayakan kepada agama bangsa dan negara.

    12. Kembalilah kita kepada Allah s.w.t tuhan yang menjadikan kita.


  164. tagosan4 Jan 26,2017 9:46 PM

    If it so , then why claim the report is political motivated to discredit you . Once salleh keruak refuted your claim. You are saying this . Even CIA released rajiv gandhi role bofor arm .MMkeling mahaputar

  165. WandyCaswady Jan 26,2017 9:26 PM

    Answer me honestly… Because it is not the eyes that are blind but the heart…

    Who created this earth? The sun? The Moon? And the Stars?

    Who created Adam (peace be upon him) without consummate?

    Who created Jesus (pbuh)?

    Is creating a human far more difficult than creating those stars?

    Let me think for a second

    How many Gods were there at the time of Adam (pbuh)?

    How many Gods and which God condemn the people of Noah (pbuh)?

    To me… God’s Power is beyond comprehension…

    And Forgiving a man… Is lot more easier that creating one man and those stars…

    Jazakumullahu khairan kathiraa…

  166. edward Jan 26,2017 7:56 PM

    Do you think it is important to know which country started tracking and withheld the information (possibly for stakeholder advantage) before releasing to other nations? If nations did not get the same information at the same time could some nation be a scapegoat of other nations???

    Is this a question other nations need to ask?

  167. ibra2002 Jan 26,2017 7:49 PM

    Pepatah Melayu ada menyebutkan…. Mengata dulang paku serepih… mengata orang sendiri yang lebih…. Itulah pada media sosial yang dulu Xde di zaman anda jadi PM

  168. karlNusajaya Jan 26,2017 7:22 PM

    Karl’s tweeter cuma ada 4 followers.. cia cia cia 😃

  169. jonz Jan 26,2017 6:25 PM

    i am an elderly yellow Malaysian, allow me to inform you that, many of my Malay neighbors, dislike you saying during the 22 years as (perdana menteri) unlike najib, you never gave rakyat br1m. some people’s mindset are such; if only you can correct them, else your efforts to steer this nation away from D-day, may never happen.
    thank you Tun.

  170. Shah Jan 26,2017 4:39 PM

    Tun M,

    Perfect answer !!
    TV3 is no longer reliable for us to watch. 8pm news daily, at least 30 minutes attacking on Tun. Are they so desperate or maybe they got a big package of “dedak” ? I have no longer see the TV3 8pm news because, its full of scraps inside their news.


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