Since the debate had been disallowed, I believe Malaysians missed the opportunity to hear Nazri Aziz explaining some of the burning questions I would have asked. These questions are based on known facts and are not wild accusations or speculations.

1. For example the Malaysian Attorney General declared that Najib was not guilty of any wrongdoings.

2. Accordingly all the reports by Bank Negara, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General which were the bases for indicting Najib, were dismissed by him. But they were also put under the Malaysian Official Secrets Act, which means nobody can quote from them even if they had read them.

3. And Najib declares that he had done nothing wrong.

4. On the other hand the Singapore prosecutors have found

i. Yak Yew Chee, former director of Swiss bank BSI, guilty of four criminal charges related to Malaysia’s state investor 1MDB.
ii. Yvonne Seah Yew Foong, a former BSI private banker, was sentenced to two weeks jail and fined $10,000 becoming the second person convicted in Singapore’s probe into 1Malaysia Development Bhd.
iii. Former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei was jailed for 30 months for witness tampering in 1MDB scandal.
iv. Falcon Bank’s ex-Singapore branch manager, Jens Sturzenegger, jailed 28 weeks and fined S$128,000 in 1MDB related scandal.

5. Also reported by the Straits Times of Singapore is Sturzenegger’s ties with Jho Low (Low Taek Jho) a close friend of Najib, “accused around the world of being at the centre of alleged massive money laundering linked to 1MDB”.

6. Clearly Singapore finds a lot of things wrong with 1MDB funds and management. But Malaysia’s famous Attorney General declares there is nothing wrong in the operation of 1MDB money. He does not see any need for continued investigations.

7. It cannot be that 1MDB money flew on its own to Singapore into the hands of the four crooks named. Somebody in Malaysia who managed 1MDB must have sent the money to Singapore. Somebody from 1MDB must have had dealings with the crooked Singapore bankers and the banks involved. Somebody in 1MDB’s management must know about the systematic siphoning of 1MDB money, or abuses of the authority to handle it.

8. But the A.G., the Malaysian police and 1MDB executives are not interested. The whereabouts of the 1MDB money and the siphoning of a substantial amount of it by various people seems to be of no concern to Malaysian authorities. That billions of Ringgit of 1MDB money have been lost is also of no concern to Malaysian authorities, the 1MDB managers and Najib as the sole authority on 1MDB money and as Prime Minister of the country.

9. When the BMF money was lost way back in 1981 the Government set up a committee of three, headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, the Auditor General then, to investigate the management of BMF and the losses, although the money lost was not Government money. A white paper was issued and parliament debated the matter openly. The report was not placed under the Official Secrets Act.

10. Civil suits against BMF officials were initiated by the Government and extradition began to bring back Lorrain Osman.

11. The amount lost by BMF was about USD47.5 million (RM118.75 million at the exchange rate in 1980s), a piddling sum compared to the RM42 billion (42 thousand millions) involved in 1MDB scandal. Yet the Government of that time initiated action against the culprits. In the end Lorrain was jailed and others who were implicated punished or fled the country.

12. In the case of 1MDB and the loss of billions as well as the continued need to pay billions for loans raised by 1MDB, the Attorney General merely said nothing wrong was done and no more investigation needed to be made.

13. This decision by Tan Sri Dato Apandi b. Hj. Ali, the Attorney General clearly seem to be a cover-up of Najib’s involvement in the losses, the obvious possibility that the DOJ’s allegation that the RM2.6 billion ($681 million) in his bank account came from 1MDB is true.

14. Najib’s approval must be obtained for all money transactions by 1MDB, according to article 117 in 1MDB’s Articles of Association. Any loss of money by 1MDB must therefore be placed squarely on Najib’s shoulders.

15. On 3rd June 2015 Bank Negara issued a statement which include the legal provision under which the bank would trigger formal investigations. The provisions are:

i. When monies for which approvals are given are not used for the purpose indicated in the submission;
ii. When incorrect or false information are provided in the submission;
iii. Failure to comply with the conditions in the approval.

16. If any or all of these rules and regulations are breached then Bank Negara would revoke the approval.

17. The statement went on to say “with respect to 1MDB, a formal inquiry has commenced to examine any contravention of the Central Bank’s rules and legislation……”.

18. It seems that Bank Negara did carry out an inquiry on 1MDB for on 28th April 2016, the bank issued the following statement:
“Following receipt of the consent of the Attorney General today, Bank Negara Malaysia has issued a letter of administrative compound to 1MDB for failure to comply with directions issued under the Financial Services Act, 2013. This includes requirement for 1MDB to repatriate monies remitted abroad following the revocations of the three permissions granted by Bank Negara Malaysia to 1MDB in 2009, 2010 and 2011. 1MDB has also failed to submit evidence and documentation specified by the Bank to justify its liability to fully comply with the repatriation order. 1MDB has been given until 30 May 2016 to pay the compound. The payment of the compound marks the conclusion of the investigation by Bank Negara Malaysia on the contraventions to the rules and regulations of the Central Bank.”

19. Conclusion of investigation does not mean no action should be taken based on the results of the investigation.

20. In a news report on 25 May 2016 “1MDB confirms that it has today made payment in full, of the compound, in compliance with the decision of BNM”.

21. This payment of the compound means that 1MDB does not dispute the correctness of the accusations made by Bank Negara that it is guilty of wrongdoings with regard to the approval of Bank Negara for USD1.83 billion for debt management and restructuring exercises overseas.

22. Since the Attorney General had given his consent to the action taken by Bank Negara, he himself has clearly admitted that 1MDB was involved in wrongdoings with regard to the approval of Bank Negara.

23. The wrongdoings of 1MDB must be shouldered by Dato Sri Najib because they cannot be done without his approval (article 117 of 1MDB Articles of Association).

24. How then can the A.G. declare that Najib has committed no wrongdoings when he himself had given his consent to Bank Negara to issue a letter of administrative compound (fine).

25. According to the law the A.G.’s decision is final. In the courts, appeals are allowed. But alone in this country the A.G. holds indisputable authority. But the fact remains that his decision is contrary to his earlier decision to give Bank Negara consent to compound (fine) 1MDB.


  1. JPB Apr 16,2017 11:53 PM

    Salam Tun.

    It is pretty obvious this Karl Iskandar character is a cyber trooper sent by the evil Sith Lord to discredit Tun and cause havoc here in this peaceful blog.

    Or else tell me which nitwit would be chanelling his energy correcting facts which took place close to 40 years ago but be silent about current issues plaguing our beloved Malaysia?

    I wonder how these fellas sleep at night, while the common man on the street is suffering to make ends meet.


  2. Ingat Akhirat Apr 13,2017 7:15 PM

    Dengan Izin Tun…

    Saya nak ketok kepala2 Karl Iskandar dan tagosan4.

    Wei tagosan4 !!
    Hang ingat Syed Hussein tu Malaikat tukang tulis dosa2 ka?
    Hang pi belajag balik rukun2 islam laa bro….
    Bukan Gajah seberang bro….
    Kau sebenarnya orang yang “Kuman seberang laut Nampak, Gajah depan mata tak nampak….”
    You are already confused, no wonder your idols are Najib n Rosmah

    Wei budak Karl Iskandar!!
    Are you nuts?
    You eat too much dedaks….
    Go and play your musical chairs dear…
    …with tagosan4, 5, 6, 7 etc…..

    Ingat Akhirat Bro…
    It’s eternal….

  3. The Hidden Secret Apr 13,2017 1:59 PM

    Pirah Najib Dugong!

    At least dalam blog Tun, penyokong-penyokong Najib Dugong boleh bagi komen untuk hentam Tun.

    Dalam blog Najib Dugong tak boleh bagi komen! Penakut Najib Dugong ni!

  4. tagosan4 Apr 12,2017 9:39 PM

    Sebelum tun menulis artikel ini Tun ada baca buku ‘dosa – dosa che det’ tulisan syed hussien al attas kah ? Gajah seberang nampak , kuman depan mata tak nampaj

  5. Karl Iskandar Apr 12,2017 7:20 AM

    Wayang Tinggi DrM

    DrM after making a false claim that BMF losses were only USD47.5 million, very much less than the factual USD1 BILLION, offers another misleading statement to hoodwink the uninformed readers, #9. When the BMF money was lost way back in 1981 the Government set up a committee of three, headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, the Auditor General then, to investigate the management of BMF and the losses…

    When what actually happened was …

    Under political pressure, Mahathir compromises and established a three-member Committee of Inquiry. This closed-door commission, however, has no legal power to summon witnesses, subpoena documentary evidence from outside Bank Bumi, or require testimony under oath.

    Wayang sangat-lah DrM. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

  6. HouseWife Apr 12,2017 2:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Pokok pangkalnya, we have a pack of corruptors, liars, swindlers, squanderers, thieves, manipulators, spinners and spanners, cheaters and tricksters, superficial merry-making men in suits managing our country according to their own rule of law for too long till they became like arrogant and narcissistic lot. The people, esp in the rural areas are like being their puppets, to follow and obey at all times. Do we want our children to be like us? I rather dream along with Tun for a better Malaysia and bear the pain and hardships in achieving it than be with they who lied and lied since the beginning of 1MDB and the questionable RM2.6billion into his own private account.

    Tun, I wonder if we were to put together the family tree of 1MDB which, who or what is at the top – is it chairman of 1MDB? or Jlow? or Terengganu Investment? or minister of finance? or goverment of Malaysia? Which, who or what is the creator? The rest of the family bellow – which, who or what hatched first? And who or what ‘feed’ them – kwsp? kwap? socso? TH? And who or what is at the bottom of the tree – gst? Who or what gets the most benefits? And who or what gets the least? We will know when we get the complete family tree of 1MDB. And Tun already knew, right.

    The misinformed, the uninformed and the ignorant are still blur in the history and trials of 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion pak arab ‘donation’, the reports and investigations. Tun, these people need to be fed with new updated infos in the wrongdoings constantly and aggressively but in their language of understanding. They’re good in capitalizing on the uninformed and ignorant so Tun and team has to work extra hard with the inadequate machinery and resources. I believe Tun has been moving around meeting them relentlessly.

    Obviously Tun, there’ll never any debate of the kind. The one who should face Tun is himself, the person alleged with the wrongdoings but was declared by the Ag and himself free from any wrong done without further investigation. What a shame, he should be brave enough to face his fiercest critic. All he did was hide behind his men. Has he sue SR? WSJ? US DOJ? Have you heard any developments on this, Tun? Has Igp completed his investigations? Did Ag and Igp give their fullest cooperation to the Swiss Ag and the US investigators?

    As usual, they’ll say Tun is a senile old man who will fabricate stories to bring down kerajaanMO1 and put your son on the hot seat. Well, this would mean that the Swiss AG, US DOJ, the Singapore investigators and prosecutors were fabricating too? Never mind, liars and corruptors cannot run far from facts and truth. The true rule of law will catch up with them.

    May Allah forever bless and protect Tun and family. May Allah answer our prayers and fulfill our dreams for a better Malaysia. Thank you Tun.

  7. rimba.emas Apr 12,2017 12:06 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Tun sudah berulang kali hendak beritahu rakyat Malaysia supaya menolak PM Najib setelah beliau sudah berada di tahtanya sekarang.

    2. Bagi sesetengah rakyat sebenarnya telah tahu PM Najib mempunyai pasangan hidup baru (yang kedua kali) yang berkawan dengan kawan-kawan bersifat kapitalis mengejar harta bukan sahaja secara halal tetapi juga dengan cara yang haram.

    3. Orang yang berani membuat perbuatan yang di laknat Allah s.w.t selalunya bukanlah seorang pemimpin yang baik walau pun nampak pemurah tetapi menggunakan wang yang bukan miliknya.

    4. Samaada Tun tahu atau membiarkan sahaja sebab terhutang budi yang mana sudah ada cerita wang kerajaan untuk peruntukan Kementerian Pertahanan telah di seleweng lebih jutaan ringgit penipuan dalam pembinaan kapal (syarikat isteri) ketika sebagai Menteri Pertahanan.

    5. Itu adalah tanda-tanda seorang yang akan membawa masaalah kepada ekonomi negara Malaysia.

    6. Malah perbuatannya akan di lindungi oleh kapitan cina yang juga di bantu kongsi gelap di luar negara seperti Hong Kong tanah jajahan negara China.

    7. Perbuatan yang salah ini di bantu oleh pegawai kerajaan yang tidak berani mempersoal segala kelulusan dari seorang PM atau yang melanggari undang-undang negara.

    8. Tun juga ingin mengingatkan bahawa rakyat hanya mempunyai kuasa mengundi untuk menukar kerajaan. Jika kita serahkan kepada penguasa yang di pilih PM maka hampalah rakyat.

    9. Setelah 6 tahun bermula 2012 lagi rakyat hairan tiada tindakan di lakukan oleh kalangan pemimpin dan penguatkuasa.

    10. Maka kini Tun terpaksa berulang kali untuk membuka pintu hati rakyat yang mencurigai pemimpin yang mengambil masa yang lama untuk sedar bahawa 1MDB telah memburukkan maruah negara kita cintai Malaysia.

    11. Di akhirat pasti terubah tetapi ketika di dunia kita semua di uji apa tindakan yang kita akan lakukan sebagai dosa atau pahala yang akan dibawa pada hari pengadilan oleh Allah s.w.t.


  8. paan Apr 11,2017 8:34 PM

    7 buah kereta n motosikal akan jdi hadiah cabutan bertuah pd perhimpunan sambutan ulangtahun UMNO yg akn datang ni..

    Takut takde orang datang ke smpai kne buat lucky draw hadiah kereta?..hihihi

  9. STEVE8562 Apr 11,2017 2:35 PM


  10. Hajar Apr 11,2017 1:00 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,


    Definitely, the answer is YES!

    Thanks Tun for such a detailed description on the ‘undisputable wrongdoings’ of PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor and his goons (including the A.G.).

    Obviously, the PM and Attorney General (and gang) are so confused. Or dung*? (like his ‘para Pemakan Dedak’).

    They have proven themselves guilty by acknowledging that 1MDB had committed some kind of ‘money laundering’ crime (administrative compound – using the rakyat’s money!).

    PM Najib and his goons also FAILED to explain about the money (‘cash’ that transformed into ‘just units – papers’) that they brought back (they claimed) and kept in a bank in Singapore. Gone with the wind?

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  11. Karl Iskandar Apr 11,2017 11:43 AM

    DrM, Whacking In The Wind

    DrM claims that, in #11 The amount lost by BMF was about USD47.5 million (RM118.75 million at the exchange rate in 1980s)…

    I dont know from which one of DrM’s delusions he plucked that figure from.

    But what we know for a fact, from documentary evidence:

    It emerged that BMF had not only played the property market in betrayal of its mandate, but concentrated its lending to just three borrowers, each of which ran into difficulties and could not repay. By the final accounting, BMF had loaned US$800 million to George Tan’s Carrian empire, about US$123 million to companies controlled by speculator Kevin Hsu, and S$40 million to Eda Investments Ltd. and associated concerns.

    You can find that on page 156 of Malaysian Maverick Mahathir in Turbulent Times #

  12. scomadi Apr 11,2017 8:39 AM

    Hello Nazri, as a law graduate claimed by you please be professional and answer the questions above. Never heard of a sissy lawyer before maybe this is the first.

    Debate or online or tweet or blog it is the same medium. People just want answers. But we don’t mind to see the joker side of you hahahahahaha…

    We would like to know your questions too if you don’t mind.

  13. JamalNasir Apr 11,2017 1:44 AM

    Jgn di lawak si Iskandar DEDAK tu…

  14. JamalNasir Apr 11,2017 1:43 AM

    If AG as any aota of integrity or credibility…. he MUST SUE TUN M

  15. The Hidden Secret Apr 11,2017 12:31 AM

    Kaki belit Najib Dugong ni… Eric Tan tu Jho Low la… Orang yang sama!

    Entah bila Jho Low @ Eric Tan jadi Pak Arab… Hanya Najib Dugong saja yg tau!

  16. paan Apr 11,2017 12:29 AM

    Salam tun

    Jutaan terima kasih Tun kerana mnyenaraikan soalan2 beserta hujah/points yg Tun nak tanya tu disini..jadi pihak Nazri n the geng bleh jwb dh..xyah buat debat, xyah tggu polis kata on, xyah layan ‘protes dr masyarakat setempat’ n mcm2 alasan dlm dunia lg dah..tinggal jwb je..

    Rakyat dah tahu soalan2 Tun..skarang rakyat nak tau JAWAPAN pulak..

    Ke nk tggu greenlight dr bos jugak???….

  17. Ariflee Apr 10,2017 10:48 PM

    Salam tun. Buat saudara kaldai iskandar.tolong jawap soalan tun kerana tuan Nazri Aziz tak nak menjawap soalan tun.soalan tun sebanyak 25 soalan.tolong huraikan jawapan anda satu persatu.
    Cuma satu saya tak faham.kenapa lapuran PAC tentang 1MDB diletakkan dibawah akta rahsia.mungkin najib malu nak tunjuk lapuran pac yang najib sedekah RM 2.6 bilion kat raja arab

  18. papan_keyboard Apr 10,2017 10:19 PM

    Salam tun,

    Najis dan menteri2 dungul perlu diturunkan baru siasatan bebas dapat dijalankan. Masa tu nanti baru boleh tangkap semua pengkhianat dan perosak negara. Selagi mereka ada dekat atas jangan harap la siasatan dapat dijalankan. Tengok la berapa kali mereka penyamun tolak bantuan dari siasatan bersama dari luar negara.

    Ps. Karl iskandar noob.

  19. You Me Apr 10,2017 8:53 PM

    One day Najib will be a fugitive. But where is he going to run? Najib, if you cabut bring along i.e. salleh keduak, nazri aziz, siregar dan lain2 yang setuli dengan nya.

  20. The Hidden Secret Apr 10,2017 7:43 PM


    Debat 1mdb tak boleh! Debat kekayaan anak-anak Tun boleh!

  21. Feezajazz Apr 10,2017 5:46 PM

    Dearest Tun,

    Thank you for deliberating these issues to us and help us from become foggy and blur from the truth. Sometimes I just find hard to know the truth. I have expressed this scenario on a specific painting and poem called “Morning Fogs”. Go to

    Gob bless you always.

  22. MEGATI DEWANI Apr 10,2017 4:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    begitu terperinci Tun menyenaraikan fakta dan kejadian yang jelas Najib terlibat dengan perkara IMDB ini, tetapi sayang seribu kali sayang Ahli MT Umno masih tidak dapat membuat keputusan.

    Ya Allah ya Tuhan ku Engkau laknatilah mereka yang terlibat sama ada yang mengambilnya, yang membutakan mata, yang menutupnya dan juga yang menyokong penjenayah ini. Semoga mendapat balasan dengan segera.

  23. ismadi Apr 10,2017 4:41 PM

    As Salam Tun Mahathir,

    I wonder how Nazri Aziz is going to answer you. All are facts here presented and Nazri Aziz may denied without any evidence to support. Maybe he will come out with the statement made by Saudi Foreign Minister which has been widely disputed by Malaysian as weak reason and ridiculous.

    I believed the AG need to answer to your article. It was an open question and Government should not let the people lived in the dark.

    With the world having fast track on information, Malaysia is so unfortunate to be left behind.

    Thank you Tun for this summary.

    Will spread far and wide.


  24. sibotak Apr 10,2017 2:28 PM


    Najib is a Crook
    Not just a Crook as a Prime Minister Najib is Incompetence of our Trust
    Najib has nothing to offer the Nation

  25. z2z Apr 10,2017 2:18 PM

    Najib’s options are running out. GE must be held before Aug 2018.

    Meanwhile sentiments against him and UMNO are not improving, both locally and internationally.

    People are suffering GST, high inflation, plunging forex and unemployment. US DOJ and Swiss authorities are preparing prosecution against Jho Low and others.

    In other countries, Najib and UMNO would have been impeached and ousted long ago. However, in Malaysia a large percentage of the population has been conditioned to become highly dependent on UMNO and have no ability to think and act independently and critically.

    Given that UMNO already lost the popular vote in GE 2013, it would seem rakyat should reject Najib and UMNO outright in the coming GE. However, it is not so now with Hadi and PAS now switched sides.

    Why would Hadi and PAS decide to aid the enemy of the nation? Do they truly believe that the Hudud laws would rid the country of all ills and turn the clock back to the 14th century, when Islam was at its peak? It was an era when Islam culture was open, enlightened and progressive. It was also very long ago when life was much simpler and authoritarian laws ensure the Sultans have absolute control over the peasant societies. These laws are simplistic, blunt and visual. In a time when most people were illiterate, the cause and effect of a wrongdoing is communicated easiest by public executions, decapitations, lashings and caning. Who get caught and punished? How many elites and rich adulterer were punished, let alone caught in the first place? Basically, these laws stood frozen in time when the rest of the world progressed. They are totally inadequate for any modern society. If the laws are so effective, countries practicing such laws would be safest in the world, with lowest crimes. As we know no country adopting any kind of Hudud or ancient laws comes anywhere close for safety or transparency ranking and corruption free index. Reality shows that the lawmakers in the safe and honest countries are made up of moderate secular professionals. These lawmakers may have a personal faith but they do not impose their beliefs on others. The laws and policies are secular and inclusive, not based on any faith and divisive.

    What comes to my mind is: With the rumour of 90 million (or more) donation PAS leaders got, is their goal now to use the Hudud keep the common rakyat challenging the rulers and ulamas? Potential whistle-blowers would hesitate to voice out as they could suffer devastating consequences. PAS does not seem to care about working with coalition partners, softening their stand and getting more votes. Maybe PAS has been bought over and now a covert subsidiary of UMNO.

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